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Hi I t'rWa$flW
rr";f 8 . THE SUN, FRIDAY, MAY 14, 1897. - ,
1(1 Ray Tbnt lie and III. Pl Planned to Reb
J ml jf Women or the, Tonn Arter Dragging Them
,'' B! l Ttin I'o'lrn Trying to Prote Pauline Bar-
A K JS nett's Assailant Annta Bock's Murderer.
J;. ft & Tlia j-outlm calling themselves. Henry Weiss
J I nftcl James FlUslmrnons, who were nrrcstodlato
J? li f1 Wednesday night (or tryln(r"to rob Fannlo Vo-
i'.i h pel, a nomnn of tho town, other lodging In Allen
jjl If street, wero arraigned in Essex Markot Police)
I jb Court yesterday mornlnn;.
! & They trlcl to render tho woman uneomeloui by
; m. menus of ether, and when she struggled they at-
. Br, tacked her with n knlfo. The fact that a knotted
ftf piece of clothes line about Ave fcot long was
t j ' found In tho pockot of one of them led to the
W supposition that perhaps they had something to
JF do with recent murders of dissolute women,
S' . $; most of which wero accomplished by strangling,
6 ' JS Although thcro is little to support the theory
jfr B that Weiss and FlUslmmons havo been Impll-
J- ft" rated In murders, tho confosslon of one of them
L , f reveals a startling depth of depravity, Fitxslnv
$ mons told the detectives that Weiss and he had
1 planned to rob women of tho town by means of
j? L ether or chloroform. Weiss, who is tho older
6 E nild more hardoned, sulldly-dcnlcd his confed
' ' m trato's story. ', .
?' i g Fannto Vogcl occnplos n, rear room on the
ra jj. ground floor of an Allen street tenement. Weiss
. I and Fltrslmmons called upon hor at midnight.
r. J They say that sho accosted them from the stoop
', f of her house Suddenly tho wholo tenement was
f ? nrrouscd by an uproar in tho woman's room.
2 Whllo Abraham Goldberg, who lives In the
Y neighborhood, was standing near tho tenement
i. ?" entrnnco Weiss and Fitzslmmons rushed out.
y ; f Ooldberg grabbed Weiss, who had an open
; l knlfo In his hand, but Weiss broke away and
J ,ij ran toward Hester strcot. Detectives Monahan
. ' i and McGownn of tho Eldridgo strcot station,
t ? who bad been Btanding on tho corner, hoard tho
i , outcry and started after Weiss, catching him on
". I J the next block. Fltzslmmons got away.
Jy ,, f. Meantime tho sixteen families who live in
A tho tenement had becotao panic-stricken, and
,; I,i rushodout to tho strcot in various styles of un
g ' tlress, yelling "Flrol" and "Murdert" The
! ' wholo block was In an uproar for an hour. Tho
y $ pollco took tho Vogel woman to tho station
' X houso to uiako a complaint, and somo ono lm-
2 proved tho opportunity to ransack her room and
M. Bteal her cheap Jowelrynnd $30 that she had
2 hidden away.
' S- At tho station houso tho woman said that sho
' ), had never seen Woiss or Fltzslromons until they
55 .J tV rntercd her room. Whilo Bho was talking to
S.v "x & FlUslmmons, sho Baid, Weiss crept np nnd
r t : pressed a wet handkerchief to her face. Sho
Sfc ; struggled to tear It nway, and Fltzsimmons tried
S ! f- to hold her arms. She screamed and fought so
if ' 'i hard that they let her go and started to run out.
fc I i Then, sho Bays, she tried to bold Weiss, and he
V, 1 struck and kicked her and stabbed her with a
, knife. There were bruises on the woman's body
f, I ; and she was cut in hnlf a dozen places. No
IB t n wound, howevor, was serious.
it ; & Tho pollco searched Welsa and found on him a
i'f a big knlfo with fresh blood stains on It, a whlskoy
I, flask half full of ether and the rope, it was this
R' f Inst that caused them to open their eyes and to
(L- III S. Indulge in tho theory that perhaps they had tho
(? UTt man who bad been strangling women. In his
S i root pocket were found letters addressed to
ji It Jnmes Fltz8lmmons,T3 liowcry. Tho prisoner had
S' I f'' said that his name was Weiss. It then dovel-
ij '& oped thnt they had accidentally exchanged coats
' r u In their hurry to lcavo tho w Oman's room. To
f- i -f this fact is duo Fitzslmmons's capture. Oeteo-
h ' ( tlve Cohen went to 73 Ilowcrr, a lodging house,
. 1 ' ft and found the youth in bed. lie took him to the
S 1 ;V: police station.
t S Thcro Fltzsimmons said that he had known
g '5 $. . Weiss for somo time. Thoy wero together in
ff t Lawrence, Mass., where they wero each sen-
-: J jjfc fenced to throe months' imprisonment in tho
:"' ji p House of Correction for defrauding a boarding-
I bouso keeper. After serving their term thoy
ft !( camo to this city, and Weiss proposed to Fitz-
.; I a Simmons, so tho latter Bald, a scheme whoreby
it? a y they could rob dissolute women. Tho ether was
K I X to render tho women unconscious, and tho ropo
ii w as to bind them in coso they recovered con-
& 1 ',-' sclousness too soon. He said It wasn't so much
f& S J plunder they wanted as to cheat the women.
Jf 1 j 1 Weiss denied tho wholo Btory. He said that ho
i & hod bought the ether for toothache, but offered
4 2 no explanation for his possession of the ropo.
i The prisoners wero taken to Police Ilondquar-
S X, e tcrs, where their descriptions were addod to the
-fl, 3 , Itogucs' Gallery. When they wero arraigned In
M'i ' ,nB EflSex Market Police Court they waived ex-
Vm.i Y amlnatlon and wero committed for trial.
1m S 3'ax Zcllner, tho Iiowery druggist who sold
m'A r tho ether to Wcl&s, was summoned to tho pollco
&wA A court. Ho admitted tho sale, but asserted that
' Jj K ho had violated no law in Belling It without
J :, 1?' registering tho buyer's name. Magistrate Went-
ff fit worth dlHcliarged him.
41J j Jacob Tolker. who was arrested after n chase
A'S'-' J' 'n Central Park on Tuesday on tho complaint of
Wt Paulino Harriott, a woman of the tovin, who said
'w& h ho luul choked hor ana robbed her of diamonds
5 MS fe nnd money at ber room in St. Mark's place on
I X s, Nor. 10, mado what Capt. O'Brien called a
a A Oh " confession " yesterday and admitted that ho
k 5 3- hod calleil on the woman, but denied tho rob
?, s flL bery. Not Batisllcd with this "confession,"
6 S, s Capt. O'llrlen tried to implicate him In the niur
U i Ji der of Annlo Bock, a w oman of tho town, who
Si 's was found dead on the morning of Aug.
, S 4 last year. Ab she had evidently bocn
3 A ff choked ODricn concluded that Tolkor might
S 'S t have choked her, as ho did tho Barnett woman,
g fi W so ho corrnllod Bomo of her woman friends to
? A S identify him an the man who had been seen with
J SS her in East Fourteenth street not long beforo
a jp St Bhe went home. Two of them thought he wna
i g T. tho man, but weren't Biire. O'Brien will. If he
3Srai uui, get other friends of the murdered woman
; Is who saw her In Fourteenth street with a man,
' fl in tho hono of proving Tolker her murderer.
' J? f The ordeal to which Tolker was subjected ap
' fi parently caused him to make his " confession."
,s W,
i. M v n's Doora ft" Henomlnotloa to Be XAnnchetf
',' Vt at It Ttcheu as Without Wine.
( S A public dinner will bo given to Coroner Hoe-
' W bcronSaturdoy, May 20, at the Hotel Savoy.
.2 vj Tho dinner, bo tho invitation sets forth, is given
,' 5K by his friends " as on ovldcnco of their sincere
i appreciation of tho services you havo rendered
f VK 8 this community during your administration of
4 tho ofllco of Coroner."
Tp Coroner Hocbcr accopted tho proposition to
y. vfi dine him, and WToto to tho committee in charge
1 W of tho affair as follows :
MM S Ok-ctlekkx: Your very kind letter, la which you
J- ';" anlc me to accent a palillo dinner u an evidence or
31 m your appreciation of mr Mrrlcos to tbe community
JT durtngmy administration of the Offlc of Coroner Is
tjy 3jt very htRhly appreciated.
S if. AlthouKli I am not conscious that I bars done more
'i Ml than my duly, I am sulmprrucd by your kind words
& ,. of i liendihlp that I accept with great pleasure.
M. ' The cost of tho dinner for each guest will bo
fjl )g f3 a plate, "without wine." Coroner Hoeber Is
,4 E, n candidate for rcnomlnation, and it Is oxpectod
43 f ; that his boom will Ira launched at tho dinner.
' & Ur, Motlet's Challenger Held for Trial.
IM Counsel for Gustnv Weinberg, who was ar
il rested last week for having challenged tho Itev.
W ; Dr. Henry Mottct of tho Protestant Episcopal
M ' Church of the Holy Communion to a duel, np-
W pcorod in Jefferson Market Court yestorday and
fffi 3," told Magistrato Mott that nn ugreeinent had
St m been entered Into with counsel for Mr. Mottot
ffS a whereby Weinberg should bo bold for the Grand
irA &. Jury and nulvo examination. Magistrato Mott
$5 ;I flxerl ball at $1,000. Weinberg had previously
H -ill- been held to have his sanity Inquired into.
Sjj M Jury Dlugreoa la a Lynchlnc Caae Trial.
KZ W' IliciiMOND, Vo., May 13. A hung Jury woe
S3 Q tho result of the trial in Campbell county to-day
J5 L of John W. Hosser, charged with participating
ZS t. In an attempt to lynch a negro named Clements.
;K Jb Two Hlmllar cases w era continued.
I E Is Cured Without Pain
j f, or Neglect of Business.
f't It is stated that BO per cent, or the InbabltanU of
-L- this great country sutrer from rupture. Many are the
rVV 6,-C remedies and appllanoes for their relief and cure.
gft The Improved Wutto Truss Co. of h'ew York fur-
yff nlsbes tbe rnojt etfectlTo truss for tbe relief and
Mr run, producing none of tho Injurious result and
$f torturing aunnyanee of other trusses, and It can be
-' worn with ease night and day, thereby etrect-
M trig a radlral and permanent cure Those In
JS terested in the ubJo;t call on or writ and get a
3K latalogue free of charge to tho
?M iMrnoiKD RLtrrio trvs, co., dept, a,
Wg Htlil Broadnny.
Wk Closed Sundays. Be sure or the number, 039
fF Broadna),
j Cor. 12th St., STKW VOim.
W Lady In Attendance for Ltdlet.
P ,w jBXAsuafATio. muft,
' ! I ,1 '
I King George 1
S !f k Appointed 'Johann Hoff as pur-
$ H jrjrj vcyor to his Court, "in consid-
5 5?S( pHf cration of the high excellence
1 M lL 's a Extract," (as stated
$ 4a6aWfc--i in (he appointment.) S
II VUfflk, Johann HofPs
!CTB, Malt Extract
More strength In one dozen bottles of Johann Hoff's Malt Extract
than In a cask of ale or porter, without their deleterious effects,
rp Insist upon the genuine JOHANN HOFF'S MALT EXTRACT W
Deputy RhrriiT Handera Obeyed the Commit
ment Literally and Brought In a Body.
Baltimohe, Md May 13. For the first time
in the history of tho Maryland penitentiary a
dead man has been delivered to tho prison, en
tered on tho books as n convict, with his name,
ago, description of crime and torm of sentence,
and then sont to the morgue. The dead convict
was John A. Color, who killed himself by jump
ing from a moving train on Tuesday.
A commitment to any prison directs the
Warden or officer in chargo to "recelvo tho
body." It is supposed to mean tho llvo body,
but it does not say so. Deputy Sheriff Sanders,
who brought Calor to Baltimore, therefore de
cided to obey tho instructions of the court nnd de
livered his body at theprleon last night. Warden
Weylor gave him n receipt for "tbe dead body
of a man supposed to be John A.Calcr." The
body will be burled at the city's expense.
mrAXCiAj, aitd coaauEnaiAZ.
Sew Tork stock Kiehaage Sale May IS.
84,rj84,c.l907 1 Ala,clusA...107
112Ctll2 3 Trnn set Ss... 83
20TJS4a.c.l92D123 '
Bid. ilhi Bit. AIU&.
Cn Bt Is, r, Un St Bs, r,
at pi of O. 06 10 113 113
Un St 4s. r. Un St Bs, e,
1907 1101 110Ts 1804 113 U34
Un St 4s, e, Un St 8s, r,
IB07 113 1123 1808 104A
UnSt4s,r, OnStej,r.
19SB 12Sj 123 18 107S
Un St 4s, c,
1925 122Ts 1231
16 Ateh adj U.. 46'. 5 LaxeShlit.a.113
0 463 1 I.akeShlit,r..lll
10 46"s 1 Lake8hSd.c..l23,4
6 46 7LakeSh2d, r.,123"
16 46' lOLakeShDlTbdslOT1
3 AtchgnMs..... 80" 1 L&Scn 103s
10 80a 6I.Ngnl 118s
7AmSMe 76 1 Lou & N.N Oft
1 Ann Arbor 4s.. 76h M dlr 1st 121
10 AnsJWlst. 84. 1 L.N ACh lstll4
3Pslt4O.rbr..ll0 3LMoH lit.,1101
2D408W1IU. Q8 2LVTerSs lOS
0 Br El lit 77 7 MftStLcnBs.102
10 764 2ManR'ys 02
6 77 lOMobftOgnl.... 00
1 BrookUnaSs.il 1, 14NorPacT 1st.. 102
3 Ill's 6 Nor P 1st. c....H7's
10 1111! 16 MP prior 4s.... 83
20 Ill 22 8B1
8 Chi ft O cn Bs, 40 881
s20 lOOH 1 1 N Pan go! 8... 63"a
4ChsOgnl4aS 73"s 10 53U
6 73"a 3 63N
6 73" lONortftWcnU 70
IChsftO.n&A 6 00'.
Istcn4 1013 6 004
4C,BQ4s.Nex 013 1 NT 8 lstT.,106
3C,C.C&8tL4t, 10 NYCentlst.c.120
StLd 05 10 110'.
1 Con Qtt of Chle 10 NT,CStL4sl04S
Bs 02 16 104i
OCan Bo 1st. Ill's 10 N Wgol4.e,s20120s4
7 Can South 2d..l06Vi 6NWgold, r....H0s
3ChlcNPlst,tr 41a. 2 N Wd B, SOy.l 1 lj
6 411a 2P.DElit.Ed 02'4
3 41 10Penna4s 112'4
IChloOL&CCo IP, 0 4CM. 0tl08
lit 07'. 4RockblexBs..l064
lCI,8tLCh4s.l01 1 IOCS
10CbE 1st 100 16 lOe-s
4ComCable4s.,1004 3 rteadgnl 4s.... 814
8rj'nP.Olt..ll0,4 7 81's
2DenftROcn 88' 4 81
1 mil IB. 1st... OS1! I8IM0O Wist.... 73U
1 Erlecn 1st 141'4 lOSoPof NHlstl064
36 Erie prior bds.. 80 11 St P ft Ma cn
10 80' 4js lOCa
5 80h lRtLftSPtrBs 80
66 889. 2StLSP4s... 04
2 Enrol Hen 3 4. 02t2 7 0414
3ETenn B lO? 1 RtPgnl 4a 102
11 107s. 3Plit,CP.12114
4Ft Worth 1st... 68g 30 St P 1st, CP,
2 Fulton El lit... 40 Wdlr lie's
10 Harlem lit, o.. HO1 3 SoB'wayBs.... 80'.
4nTOBnl4s. 07 2TPlatBs 80s
11 07"4 3TfxracSdui... 201
1 IllCent4s.l952102,a 2Tol,PWnlil 00
1 111 Cen 4,1053102 1 Third At fl 123
6IKanPcon.tr.. 71ia 1 Unl'aoCT Os.,101
6 Kan Tex 4s.. 84'. 1 Union El lit.... 773
4 84 3 77N
lKanTex2di. 66 1 78
1 H5h 2 77
6 55'. OWabl.t 102'e
2 Kentucky C lit 88 3 Wab 2d 04s
6LE Wilt. ...lie's 4 Writ Sh 4s 100
2 110 1 WNCarlitBs.114'4
2LEW8d.,..102Ia 2 WNYftPalitl07
Total sales or railway bonds (par valuo), 87 1,000,
Open- Jllgh- I.ov- , C;j.(nf ,
Salrt. ina. ill. tit. J1U1. AlUi.
82Ad'sEx.l63 163 161 161 163
20776 Am sn..H4,4 114U 113H 113a 113U
lOlOAroSM. 10"a 10a 10s 10" 10"s
BOOAmSMp 20a 20"a 20 20 20'a
B882AmTob. 7l4 7 TOH 71t. 714
lBAmCOp 60 CO 60 68 6B?
1003 Atch.T
SP'.... lCa 10b 10" lOU 104
8221 Atrh.Tft
SFep.. 20 20 10s 10"s 10
lOOAArbpf 26li 26'a 26lj 26 SCa
400IlsItftO lm, Hi, lit, ni4 xiH
0B0 Day St O 8 "a 0'4 BH 8". 04
100Hr'kP.T 2C4 20'4 20'4 20 21
2B5nUn O.107 107 1001004 107
BOOCbctftO 10j 16a 104 10. 10t
11000 Chic Oaa 81". 82 81s 81a 81.
10C.C. C
St I..... 20'. 20'. 20s 28 28.
42BC.VW106 106 1043 104. 104"a
100CNWpl04 164 154 164 1643
11038C,DQ. 743 74"s 73"a 735s 73.
19008 C.MftStP 74'4 74'4 73 73' 73.
Ppf....l3l 132 131 1313 1323
6284C.mP 04 04'4 033 033 03.
BOFuelp 86 85 86 87
BChJ8V.106sl05's 106s
820 ConOas. 1023 102i 1013 1013 102
87BDftIIud,1064 1063 106". 1063 106"s
220D,LW148'4 148'4 1484 1484 160
800 JidlEI.. 1103 1103 110s 110's lll
lSOOOenEhw 313 314 31 313 31s
BOBIllCfnt.. 03'4 03'4 03 023 03j
lOOIUbteel. 344 344 34'. 33 35
2I.atoSh.lfl3 103 103 103 1043
7100 Lou ft N, 46 468 44 444 44a
8090 Man Con 834 84"s 83s 833 83Ts
CBMIchCSn 00 00 00 00 00
BSOMoPac.. 123 124 12J 124 13
220M,KTp 273 273 27 27's 273
100MorftEsl04 104 104 104 100
100 N J. OIL. 10 10 10 10 11
SOBBNJCcnt 77t 77's 77s 773 774
rJOBNYCent 003 00" 00s 00 004
261NatUad 243 243 24 233 243
82.NatLdp 024 03 02' 024 OS's
aONYNH,1064 1004ieO4lOO 100
CtLSp 20a SOVi 20s Sb SO
Orif JTifV Vrm- . CTsrtas .
Sataa. iaa.(.at. Mid. As.
200 N T. S ft
Wpf... 204 20"4 20". 204 214
2B0NorPao. 12'a 12Ts 124 12 1S4
S210NPaop.. 37 37 304 30H 803
820 0ntftW 14 14 13Ts 13 13
BOrltftN 10 10 10 10 80
800OnNp 46 46 46 46 47
OBOPaoMall 27Ta 27's 27 27 B7Ts
20 P. D ft E a4 s4 1, J
78S0I'hllftR. 10 10 18 183 184
400 Phil ft II
litpr.. 40"a 40 40t 404 40
S00 Phil ft R
2dpf... 24 24 243 244 26
60PulPalC168 168 168 167 167
700 St L ft S
Fist p. 38 303 38 383 38
200 Et I. S
P2lp. 133 13 133 134 ' 13
891BStPftO. 603 603 663 60 60.
228StanRAT 74 74 7 03 O's
200SoPac.. 16 15 16 16 163
SOOSollwy. 8 8 8 7'a 8
1238 So Ry p. 203 203 20 20 203
4442 TCtl.. 103 103 18'. 10 10'4
2000UnPac 7 7 64 0s 0
120USltubp 033 033 034 034 033
4010USLP.. 644 644 62'. 638 634
ISOWabp.. 12 12 12 12 12'a
7375 WU Tel 70 77's 764 70 763
200W4LE. Ill 'a 18
20WUCent 1 1 1 x '4
Total .aire, 146.041 shares.
BUI. Alkld. Btil. Alltd.
Boa ft Alb.. 21 23 WestEIec., 22 24
Dos Me.. .100 OenEleop.. 70
CnlcJcora.101'4 102 Bos Mon..l21 1213
CbloJpf...l05 106s Calnecla370 376
UexCen4i 07 08 Osceola..... 30 31
Old Colony. 1704 177 QulncyM...1073 100
Domln'nC- 0 10 Tatnllln...ll7 120
AmBellTel233 234
Bid. Alktd.l Bid. Ailctd.
OhutbVal. 233 24 CTofNJs 20 30
PennRR... 61 62a CT.V J Oi.. Dla 01
Pa ft n com 0. 0i(JOImpCo 72 723
PaftRl p. 20 1-18 jWOLCo.. 30 40
PaR2p.l2 1-18 12 EtSBcom. 17 17
PRgm4s 81 813lF.lsnpf... 183 20
CPRofl.. 21 22 ;PH.LPo 134 13j
PhllaTrac. 00a 00PII.LPp 31 32
Union Trao 0'. 0 WelaCcom 16 16
EPTC. 00 70 WcliCpt.. 00 02
ItetTrac.lOO 107 I
Bid. Alktd Bid. Ailed.
AmStrtxl.. 20 21jLkS"L" 12s 13
Canal D.. 60 02 N Y Dlscult 40 40
CbBrewpf 32 36 NCbSt Ry.21 1 214
CltyR'way.214 215 WChStlty G6 00
Dlam'd JI..140 141
Atcblon.aap lO'.INorfoIfc ft Wpf, n.. 26.
Canadian Pacific... 6 0' Northern Paclnepf. 38
Chesapeake Ohio. 1730ntarlo West 143
Erlscon.aap 12'l'ennaylvanla. 63
Erie lit pt 3 03J Reading, lit a p.... 0
Illinois Central 06 fit Paul 754
Easaaa ft Texas.... 1 1 South Railway 8
LakeShore 108 (South Hallway pf 27
Louisville Nasb.. 40 Union Pacific 7
New York Central. 1023 Wabanh pf. I3i4
Tllt-RSD 4T, May 13.
The reactionary tendency of tho stock market
was accentuated to-day by advices from Wash
lngton indicating a more serious phnso of tho
general situation in Cuba in ho fur ns this coun
try moybocomo involved. Tho ndicosin this
respoct wero not rcccivod until tho afternoon,
but upon their general dissemination tho mar
ket sold off rapidly and rallied very feebly at
theclose. Thcro was practically no other Influ
ence In the day's market, for with tho correction
of the extravagant estimates as to tho shipments
of gold on Saturday tho bear room traders wero
left without much speculative ammunition,
which probably accounts for tho avidity with
which thoy seized upon tbo revival of tho Cuban
question. Gold to tho amount of $1,000,000
was engnged for export on Saturdny, and at
loust as much In addition Is expected to bo taken
to-morrow, but tho actual shipments will still
fall far below tho general Stock Exchange
estimates of the week. At tho opening of busi
ness tho tone of tho market wns fairly steady
on a renowal of purchases for foreign account,
and tho general London markot was roported
Arm, a reduction in tho discount rate
of tho Dank of Kngland to 2 V cent,
indicating tho final disappearanco of any
dlsquietudo In regard to tho Kuropcan po
litical situation. Beyond tho publication of n
few interesting statements of railway earnings
thoday was bare of nous or of nny additions to
tho situation, oxcept for the revival of tho Cu
ban question ns a Btock market factor, Tho
transactions wero upon a somewhat larger scale
than on yestordny nnd wore rntber better dis
tributed. Sugar Refining rontinuod In tho lead
of tho market, and, together with United States
Leather preferred, suffered tho greatest net loss
of the active stocks. Western Union and Man
hattan wero comporntivoly steady, tho firmness
of tho last nnmod being refcrnblo to tho good
stntcment of comings for tho llrat qunrtcr of tho
Final sales compare with those of yesterday
as follows:
ilav 12. Hay 13. Hay IS. JIavlB.
A,T8Fe. 10 10NPaopf... 37's 30
A.TftSFep 20 10 NYCrnt... 00 00
AmSRef ..114 113 NJ Cent... 77 771,
Am Tub,.,, 72 713 Omaha com 60 60
AmSpUp. 20 20 OntftWeat 13 13
CnftQ.... 743 73 Pao Stall... 28 27
ConOaa.,.,102 1013 Hockliland 03 03
ChraftO... 103 10 Reading..,. 10 18
ChlcOaa.,, 82 81 Read 1st pt 40 40
D.L W..,148 148 btPcoin... 7414 73a,
QenKloc... 313 313fioR'wayp 26 20
KanftTpf. 27 27 StandRftT 7", 7
Lou ft Nash 45 44 T C, I R. 10 10
UanhCon.. 83 833 Union Pao, 7"4 0
MoPaclflc. 13 12U8Leathp 64 63
NWcom...l06 1043 Wabash p.. 12 12
Nl'accoin. 134 12'W Un Tl.. 70 70
Oo eminent bonds firm nt unchanged quota
tions. Hallway and othor bonds dull and heavy,
Tho features wero Brooklyn Union Oas (is,
Brooklyn Klnvuted lsls, Chicago nnd North l'a
Llllc lsts, t. r., Kiinsus nnd Texas '.Ms, Norfolk
and WoBteni consul Is, Union Klevatcd Juts,
Atchison nnd Northern I'uclflo Issues. Tho
moro Important net declines were In Atchison
adj. 4s, m V cent,, to .15: Brooklyn Union (Jus
fi, a, to 111: Brooklyn Klovolcd lsts, i, to 77:
Chicago nod North Vaclllo lsts, t. r., at, to 41;
Northern l'ucllle Terminal lsts, 44, lo 10'J, nnd
general 3s, .h. toM w. und Union Klevatcd lsts,
1 V cent., to 77. 'Uiu noteworthy odvonccH wore
in Kbiisuh nnd Texas i!ds, V cent., to 0.1 tj, and
Norfolk and Western consol 4s, 1 'a f cent., to
Bales of silver bullion certificates for fi.OOO
ounces were inudoon tho Stock Exchnngont (lie.
Commercial price of bar silver In Now York,
(S04.C. Bar slUcr In London closed at 27?gd.
Mexican siller dollars woro quoted at 47j(J
Moaoy on call, ls V cent. Time money Is
K..W-. lfrVifu$(.ta;usJfcMa4
k, ....-.-- .i - ;- ' ' " . -
Quoted as follows: Sixty days, 2 V cent; throo
and four months, Sa V cent.; six months, 3 V
cent., nnd balance of tho year, 3s V cent., nnd
iwclvo months, 4 V cent, on good mixed Btock
:xchnngo collateral. Commercial papor quiet.
Prime indorsed bills rocolvnblo aro quoted nt
0 Vit3 ai ocnU, choice nnd primo slnglo names
nt 3Q4 V cent., and good names at4d0 f cent.
Sterling oxchango was stendy-on allglit busi
ness. Continental exchnngo was quiet nnd steady.
Postod risking rates for sterling, $4.87 for long
bills and $4. 8Sq for demand. Actual rates nro:
Long bills, sM.SOlt $4.809; sight drafts, $4-874.
4.87a, nnd cnblo transfers, l.87iiS4.87.
rrancaaroquotoilnt n.l(l'(35.1() for long nnd
6.15 for short; roichsmarka, 004isti)5se for long
nnd05a05 for short; guilders, 408(340 3-1U
for long and 40 5-10(3 408 for Bhort.
Domestlo exchnngo on Now York: Boston
6810 cents discount, Charleston Buying,
?ar: selling. premium. Snvnnnnh Buying,
li off; selling, par. NcwOrlcans Bank, $1.50
premium; commercial, 25 cents premium. 8nn
jTrnnciaco Sight, 12a cents prcmiumttelegraph,
15 cents premium. St. Louis 75 cents premium
bid, offered nt $1 premium. Chicago 05 cents
premium. Cincinnati Between banks, 40 cents
premium, nnd ovcrcountcr. 60 cents premium.
Tho American Express Company has declared a
semi-annual dividend of 3 V cent., payable July 1,
Tho Manhattan nnilwny Company reports for
the quarter ended March 31:
18117. lPUfl. Chnnail.
Gross earnings 8,RS?,S04 t2.nn2.Hll Inc t24,ni3
Op. expenirs.. 1.II3H.991 1,417,718 Deo, 78,781
Net earnings $l,U48,ni!I 94B,090 Inc. 8103,414
Otberlncome.. 42,300 sn.onn Dee. 7.S80
Total lneome.tl,091,0l!l 8990,171) Ino. 895,834
Fixed charges. 000,021 (110,418 Ino. 04,900
Balance 40S(i tHR4.7Sl Ino. 140,(1X3
Dividends. 300,000 480,000 Dec. 130,000
surplus tissioii def.05.2nu ine.tioo.sas
The general balanco sheet showB cash on hand
SO 1,074 and a prollt and loss (surplus) of $4,40t,-
From July 1 to March 3 1 !
1R97. IflOO CTonof.
Oroas eamlngs..n. 830,993 $6,90.1.118 Dec. 104, 120
Oner, expenaea. 8,948,927 4,148.043 Deo. 1H,'J10
Stearnlngs.,tS,tiB.'i,lfl5 13,790,078 Ino, 9.M1(io
Otberlncome... 1S8.093 100,020 Dio. 84,337
Total lnoome..B,020,85B (3,00,098 Ino. 40,703
Fixed charges.. 3,070.160 3,233,89H Deo. 147.43D
Pslanee 44,n9S tRA,497 Ino. lttB,198
Dividends 1,300,000 1,380,000 Deo. 180,000
Deficit 36B,80a 1903,803 Dee. (338,193
The New York and Canada reports for quarter
ended March 31:
1897. 1890. Chanatt.
Gross earnings.... 1193.864 S1H7.293 Ino. (4,966
Oper.expemes.... 143.UU0 144,034 Dec. U34
Net earnings.... (49,174 (43,374 Ino. (3.900
Fixed charges.... 90.06S 77,893 Ino. 13.198
Deflelt (40.U14 (34,019 Ino. (6.396
The Boston and Albany Tlnllrond Company re
ports for quarter ended March 31:
1R97. 1806. Changes.
Gross earnings.. (3.038,716 (3,073,888 Deo. (48,hs9
Oper. expen.es.. 1,301,077 1,388,058 Doe, 30,070
Set earning!.. (764,039 (787,839 Deo. (32.890
Fixed charges... 134.891 148,168 Dec. 13,371
Burplua (03V.74S (039,361 Dec. (0,013
The Albany and Susquehanna reports for tho
quarter ended March 31:
1807. 1806. Change:
Gross earnings. ..(848,131 (976,013 Dec. (137,481
Oper. expenses... 803,438 433,730 loo. 60.698
Net earnings... .(314.703 (432.883 Deo. (78.170
Fixed charges.... 304,813 298,613 Inc. 7,700
Surplus (40,391 (136,370 Dec. (88,879
The Rensselaer and Saratoga reports for quar
ter ended March 31:
1897. 1898. Change:
Oroas earnings. ..(486,384 (467,101 Ino. (19,383
Oper. expeniea... 053,770 378,366 Deo. 17,396
Net earnings. ...(130,014 (03,733 Inc. (36,879
Fixed charges.. . 303.016 801.224 Inc 1,793 I
Deficit (173.1U4 (307,489 Dec. (3083
The Edison Electric Illuminating Company of
BruoMin reports gross earnings for April of
s(i7,0Sr, an Increase of $4,002 ns compared with
tho snino month of last year, and net 27,809.
an Inerenso of 85.112. For tho four months
ending April 30 tho gross earnings wero f?203,
!M, an increasoof S18.21K1 as compared with
tho corresponding period of Inst year, and net
$124,4US. hii increasoof $15,601.
Tho receipts of tho Government to-day wero:
Customs, $411,707; Internal revenue, $435,1151,
nnd miscellaneous, S23.02H, a total of S970,
040. The disbursements were 81,053.000. nn
excess of expenditures over receipts of s770,353.
The riteinls of the fiscal yeur todatohavo been
$21)5,200,514, and disbursements 321,323.812,
on excess of expenditures over receipts of 834.-
The net asicts of the Treasury at the cioso of
business to-day as ofllclully computed comparo
w ith thoso of yesterday ns follows:
Ja V 12. Jfayin.
Gold coin and bullion. ...(147.908,081 (14M.04H.40a
bllier dollars and bullion 33,391,778 38.738,977
United Statm notes .. .. Sl,lb9,0U2 43,807,014
Other aaaou In excea. of
demand liabilities 24.089.139 33.033.904
Avnllablc cah balance.
Including gold balance.(330,86S,630 (328,707,307
Sioney In London, a Vcent, Rates of discount
In ion imirket for both short and tbrto months'
bill", 15-10 V cent. Tho Bunk of England mini
mum rato of discount reduced a V cent., rato
now 2 V cent. Tho proportion of Its reserve to
to Its liabilities is 51.40 V cent., ugninst 51.00 V
rent, last week and 5f(.00 same week last jciir.
Tho weekly statement of llio bank sho s tho fol
low ingchunges from tho previous account :TotJ
rcservo increased 142,000. circulation de
creased 175.000, bullion decreased 33,131,
"other" securities lmrcascd 317,000, "other
deposits decreaned 31,000, public deposits In
creased 500,000, notes reserve Increased 1 10,
()(H. (lo cromnnt securities uncluingcd. 1'uris
uilvlces quoto 3 V cents at 103 francs 40 cen
times. Exchnngo on London, 25 fmncs loa
ontlmcs. Tho weekly statement of the Bank of
Eranioshons the lollowlng changes from tho
pre ious account: Notes In circulation decreased
2S.700.000 francs. Treasury accounts current
increased 27.875,000 francs, gold on hand In
creased 24,050,000 francs, bills discounted de
creased 4.H25.O0O francs, slher on hand In
creased 1,750,000 francs.
Kleetrlo Stock QuotatlAns.
Hostov, May 18. The closing prices of alectrto
itock:i to-day wera:
Bid. A iked.
F.illsnn Klrctrlc Illuminating 146 148
Oeiii-ralKlectrteeom 31 31
General Electric pf 70
I.anison Con.olldatel Store 8errlo... 20
Weitlsgbouse Electrlo 23 24
We.tfnghouan Klectrlo pf 60 61
Fort Wayne Elec-trio Lt
Fort Wayne Trust (series A) 2 33
Thomson-Houiton Trust (lories C).... 2
Thonisonllouston Trust (aeries D).,.. 3 3
TnunsDAT, May 13. Giiain Wheat Spot
wns higher and In good export demand. Bales
00,000 bush, spring wheat, and 200,000 No. 1
Northern spring on private terms for export,
Frco on board afloat: No. 1 Northern spring.
Now York, SSc; do. Dulutb, SOVtc; No. 3
hnrd winter, 814c; No. 3 do., 83c. Dulutb re
ceived to-day 123,001 bush., ugnlnBt 102,043
last year; Minneapolis 120,030, against 112,81)0;
Milwaukco 0,100, against 21,450; Toledo 50,
050, against 3,200i Detroit l,085,agnlnst 0,818.
Futures advanced sc to 2'4C, but lost pnrt of
this nnd closed c. to fie. higher for nil months
except May, which was lajc. higher, Futuro
Bales 0,830,000 bush., ua follows:
Opening. Illgheil. J.mreit. Ctntlng. KIM.
May 83 H), S2. h0'4 n-4
June 83 W24 H28 8V
July 79 B0i4 711 MHi 7014
Kept 78 7 78 7B4 78
Deo 70 77 76 77 70
Barley Was stronger. New feeding, 38i338'4c., cost
and freight to llurfaloi malting. 88t42o, as to quality,
live Was blghrr. Bute, 4ii(t41e.iKo. 3 Western. 8H(i4
864C., coat and freight to lluffaio. Corn pot was
In rather more demand forexport andsteady. Bales
127,000 bush , liicludlu; 130,000 No. SI mlzadon pri
vate terms f, o, b. anoat for export. No. 2 mixed,
00LjP30c In elevator; ungraded white, 7,000 at
81c. in elevator. Futures advanced o. Future sales
128,000 bush., as follows:
Opening. Highlit. Lovtlt, Clotlng. Sight.
May .. .. S0 80
July 80 Ml, 80 8li nor.
Seitemb'r33 8J4 81 3 113
Oat Spot was firm. No. 9 white, 7c. No. 8 do..
34c. No. S white clipped, 38o. No. 3 do, 27o.
Nn. 3 mixed, 23c.i No. 8 do.. 22u.i rejectod mixed,
21c.i rejected white, 24c. i No. 3 mixed delivered,
21c; track mixed, 3332Se.i track white, 20ut:J2c.
Futures advanced c, Futuro aales 33,000 blub , as
Opening. Illghett. lAnetit, Clotlng. Kluht.
May .311 aus4
July 33 23 23 23 BgsJ
After hesitating at the opening wheat advanced
sharply. Tho early Liverpool i ables were disappoint,
ing and the Cincinnati rrlce Current' weekly t rop
summary waa bearish, imt late cables were firm,
thrre was a good cosh driuaud norted at the West,
and there was aUo good bujlug here for exort
while short, covered The trudlng was active, and
lucludtd foreign urdrrs on both shirs of Hie account.
Ilcfore tbe close part of the Impruit'mpnt was limt on
reallilng sales. I.lieriHXddocllned d, but rallied.
Iterlln advamed -V-. l'arl. adsncrd 3C on wheat
am) 10 to 16 rrntlnuson flour. The Northwestern
receipts were 812 ears, against 863 last week and 263
lost year. Chicago ricrlvcd 7 cars against 22 last
week and 3 last jear. Tbe Northwestern flour out
put last woek was 1I78.HH8 barrels. Corn ami oats
were firmer with wheat, but quiet. Liverpool ad
vanrtd'.d. on corn. Chicago received 134 cars of
corn and 1. 17 of oats; the rrcelpu thtre tu-murrow
aree.tlnialrd at 11&and lOOcara. Chicago, May 13,
" Wheat sjwulathe trailers were Inclined to tbo
lear side or wheat at the otienlng, but wero coin
pellt-d tu abaudou their position vn account of tha
strength In the cosh situation. Duluth reported
sales of 800,(100 hush, cash wheat, and sales
here were 80,000 bush., with 40.000 bush,
taken by mllitrs. To OstaU the situation Is
onlr to reiterate what we have so frequently written
of late. Tne petition of wheat to us seems strong,
and we feel that It warrants higher prices before
another crop. Corn and oats were up to-day, partly
In sympathy with wheat, bnt largely on amount of
continued light receipts, and. In the case or oats, on
account of an active shipping demand. Crop condi
tions are all right, but light arrivals make shorts un
essy, Uerelvera claim that farmers are busy In the
field, and It Is only a question of a short time when
rtrclpta will be libera of both corn and oats."
Flour Was rather more active and atronger. 8ales
11,800 bbls.
Barrel: Sari:
Tlpcelpts 8,730 18,378
Exports 884 18,278
Spring In bul..! No. Sextra,(3.80(i(3.4Si No. 1 extra,
(3 63(43. 76; straights, (3.80(9(4; patents, (4.30(4
(4.60. Mill feed waa firm but do.ll Bran (40 int.).
VI 00 ns., 656160c. i middlings (80 to 100 Bs.), 67
03c. s sharps (fine), 06372-ae,
Cotton. Spot cotton htre advanced l10c., with
sales of BOO bales for export and 1,1120 for spinning.
Middling uplands, 7 I'l-lOo. against 8a lut year)
New Urleatis and Oulf, 8 l-Klc, against 8pc. last
year. Tbe Routhern spot msrkets were unchanged.
Augusta sold 1.031, New Orleans 1,000, Rt. Louis 827f
Norfolk 38, and Sivannah 12 bales. Liverpool de
clined 1-33I. on the ipot, with sales or 8,000 bnlesi
futures there opened partlallv 1 point higher, but
closed point lower to point higher. In Manches
ter yarns were quiet and unchanged! cloths
in small Inquiry. Tho Uomhay receipts for
tbe week wero 48,000, against 03,000 last
yesri shlpmtnl. to great Drltaln none, against
8,000 last yearj to tho Continent 112.000. against
4000 list year. Augusta received tonlsy 30 bales,
against 106 but week and 348 Inst year; Memphis 73,
against 71 last week and 122 last year; Rt. Louis 34,
agslmt 81 last week and 64 last yeari Houston 178,
against 8118 last week and 83't last year. Auguita
shipped to-iloy 1,030, Memphis 200, Bt, Louts 840. and
Houston 1,033 bales. Houston exrects to-morrow
800 tnnon. against 088 lost week and 223 list yesr.
New Orlranst'xpoct 800 to 1.V00. against 1,714 last
wi-ek and 1,011 Isst year. The port receipt to day
were 3,108 bales, against 8,006 last week and
8,880 last year; thus far this week 28.888, against
8(1,711? thus far lust week. The exports from the
ports approximated 4,000 Imles. New Orleans
advanced slightly on Julv. Futures hero at one
tlmo were I to 2 points higher, but closed quiet and
Heady, with prle procttcnlly unchanged from last
night's final quotations The total sales wero 42,000
bales. Tho future trading w as as follows:
Clnilng. Highest. Loirclt. Sale:
May 7 417.43 7 41 7.41 400
June 7.437.1 J 7.43 7.43 4,000
July 7.48'jt7.4ll 7.4 J 7.41 R.000
August. ...:7.:l8(47.30 7.33 7.37 16,000
September. 7.03f7.07 7.06 7 0S 700
Octolwr 0.84i(1.8S 6.88 0 81 4.800
November,. . 83 J6.84 0 81 6 81 2,000
December... 6.86it0.86 n S5 6.84 2,800
January 0.800.00 0.89 0 88 1,700
The cotton market to-day waa absolutely featureless.
Tho trading, what ther was of it, was conOned to lo
cal scaliers, and tho fluctuation. In prloos were few
and unimportant. Llrcrixjl waa dull and Irregular
and the Aveather llurcau reported good general rains
in the cotton belt, but there waa a good demand here
for spot cotton, which had a sustaining effect upon
futures. Tho receipts were light and the Southern
.pot markets, though qub t, wero nrm. A despatch
from southeastern Texas said tbst the outlook
for the crop in that Htato was tho liest
in fifteen years. Alwrtleen, May 8. "Slnco our
last report the weather has been dry, but
temperature below the normal. Fair progress has
Wrn made sowing seed, but the soil has beeu so cool
that germination has b-en very Imperfect. In many
Itxalltlrs tbe ool north wind has killed the young
planta In tho bud; In other cases seed has rotted In
the ground. In some sections cut worms have done
great damage. Tho stand of cotton Is the poorest In
many years and much replanting Is In progress.
w arm, seasonable weather is needed, which would
destroy the cut worm. The crop hail a late start, and
has been further retarded on account of Imperfect
germination." Mobile, Ala., Jlay 11. "Season la tbe
most backward for years. Stands are poor; in fact.
Is difficult In a great many places to obtain stand yet.
A large percentage Is not yet up. Cool nights and
north winds killed out a great deal of cotton and
replanting has Wen the order or the day."
Corrxx hlo ou the spot was dull but steady: No.
7. 8c. Sales 300 bagi No. 7 at 8c.; 800 bags Bucara
manga. 600 bags Central American, and 600 bags
Maracalbo on private terms. The future trading was
a. folluws;
Sate: Ulgheit. Lovett. Clotlng.
February.... 780 7.8o 7.80 7.76i7.80
March 260 7.88 7.83 7.767.83
May 3,380 7.80 7.80 7.487.80
July 1,1)00 . . . . 7.46(7.68
September.. 350 . . 7.687.6S
December. ...3,000 7.78 7.70 7.05(37.70
Futures here advanced 5 to 10 points, closing barely
steady, with sales of 7,000 bags Havre advanced f.
Hamburg sdvared to pfg. nio was firm at
100 rel. advance: receipts, 4.000: stock, 238.U00;
exchange, 7 21-32d,adKllneot .d. Santos waa quiet
and unchanged ; receipts, 9,000; stock 200,000. The
higher European cables, together with a small local
demand, caused the, advance to-dav. Tbe a mall re
eelpta were attributed to wet weather.
NiV.L Stores quiet. Spirits turpentine, 284
28?c.: common to good strained rosin (1.03.
PcTROLEr Crude certlflcatea were unquoted hero
and In Oil City. Iterlnol unchanged.
l'KovttiovR Lard nrm Imt dull. Prime, (4.38.
Pork qutet but steady. Mess, (8.784(0.33. Tallow,
3 1.164380. Butter Creamery. Western. 1 5e. Eggs
State, frr.h gathered. He Chicago. May 13. "After
ruling n little easy early provisions had a small ad
vance, mainly nn the demand from snorts, with also
some busing hy a large packer now on the bull side.
The bulk iif the offerings In lard and rlna camo from
packers, with English bouses selling pork. The cash
demand for meats was .lightly Improved The hog
movement continue, liberal; 23,000 hogs are esti
mated for to-morrow."
Scniu Raw dull but steady; 80' test. 3c: 98" test,
3 6-lOc. Ileflned unchanged.
Cuiuoo, May 13 These were to-day's prices)
"flear; Opening. Illghett. Lovett. Clotlng. Sight.
May.... 74'. 70 74i.j 73". 74s
July... 733 74', 73 741, 78",
Sept... n 70 III) 69 BVs
Deo. .. 72 72 71 72 72
Mar .. 38 25 2f, li 343
July... 21's 23 2" 3.1 38
Stit.... 20 26'4 20 20 26
May . 18. 18 18 IS", is
July.... ISi, 18I.J 18 181, 181,
Sept. .. lSs lb-4 1S le Ib
May.... 3 98 3 95 8 00 3 93 3 931.
July... 3.93 4 0D 3.93 4 00 3 973
Sept.... 4.073 4.10 4.03, 4.10 4.07
Jlay 4 63 4.70 4 O'S 4.70 4 65
Julv.... 4.67i 4 70 4.(1.'. 4.711 4.63
Sept.... 4.70 4.73 4.70 4 72 4.70
July.. ..(8.85 (8 73 ( 62li (8 67 ( 65
Sept.... 8.72j 8.7Jj 8.70 8.70 8 07
Live Ntoek Market.
New Tork. Thursday. May 13. Iteceipt.of beeves
wero 1,011 head, all direct to eiisirters and slaugh
terers. No tradlUK, (it Hug steady Dressed l-eef
.teady at7(A8..c. r1 S. for ;oor to prime native sides.
Cable, from IlrltUli markets quote American steers
at lliil'Jo. y b., dressed weight; American refrig
erated beef at Hit-Oe. f ts. American sheep at lot,
il!lc. ) .. ilreaed weight. Exports to-day 631
beeves. 600 sheep. No shipments to-morrow,
Itecelptaof calves. Including 202 direct, were 701
head, yulet, but fully steady. Not all sold, how
over. eals. poor to prime, (48(3,80 V 100 Ss.
Dressed calvos generally quiet; city dressed veals.
"rtUc. V a.
Itecelpt of sheep and lambs. Including 3 cars direct
to butchers, were 4,722 head; 111 cars on sale. Sheep
weak , lamlis slow. .c. lower: spring lambs ateady.
Clipped sheep. (4a.0(); clipped lambs, (t.80(,t
(5.60; Southern spring lambs, (7(1(7.80. Dreased
mutton, 74(81,0.; dressed lambs, 9iillc.
Receipts of hogs were 1.381 head. IncludlnglRS head
on solo. Weakat(4.10ut(4.30T)loons.forStatehogi.
Ileal Katate Private Nalea.
J. Tlomalns 3rown ft Co. havu sold for Mrs. A. T.
Coveney, formerly Mrs. William J. Florence, No.
62 Farx avenue, a four story brownstone residenct,
17x60, farms private.
F. T. underbill Co. have traded for' Hallaham
and Abearn No. 280 Manhattan aveuue. a five story
apartment bouse, 38x93x100, for Improved prop.
erty In Orange, N. J.
A Mr. 1'arsons of Springfield, Mass., has sold for
the ltueben Parsons e.iate. No. s Barclay afreet, a
two and.a.balf..tory brick building. 85x60, to J.
Meeka for about (80.000. This properly was pur.
chased sixty yearaogo for (13.000.
Tho trusteaa or Vaitar College have sold to n.
Oottgctreao, No, 113 East Fifty slxtrj.'Kreet. a four.
storv. high stoop, brownstone private dwelling, on
lot 21x100.6,
U. L. Crowe and Taylor have sold No. 38 West
End avenue, tbr.eanda half. story private dwell.
Ing. on lot 19x100.
(' and Farley have sold for Mrs. A. Trowbridge
to William McEeam's Sons a plot 75x100 on tbe
east side of I'rosnect avenue, Z98 feet south of
Nineteenth itreet. for (8,100.
W. F. Jr. C. H. Smith have sold for Annie ifurstel
ts Charles Brogan a lot en the east lids of Third are.
nuo. ;I23 fset south of. 171st street, 13x100, for
Fay and 8tacom have sold lo Edward Sparenberc
their flre-siory double flat bouse. No. 270 Oraad
street, 38x87.0, on private terms.
Horace s. Ely & Co.iave sold No, SR9 Washington
street, 28x87. for Matthew Weeks to Woodbury a.
Lsngdon, who owuea adjoining property, for
Francis J, Schnugg has purchased the northeast
corner of St. Nicholas avenue and 113th street, an
Irregularly shaped plot, for immediate improve
ment. Lambert! u dam baa sold four lot. on the south
side of 137th street. 275 feet west of Lenox avenue,
to William Tuokermann. for Improvement.
nenry Flothschltd baa Bold three lots nn tbe north
side or 114th street. 330 feet east of Lsnox avenue,
to Adam Weber, fur Immediate improvement.
Ilameri.-Dlkg ft OppenUelmer have sold for James
Livingston the five itory and basement dwelling ai
140 West Heventy.Bnventh street.
Douglas Itoblnson ft Co. havo sold for Mrs. Bwell
the six story American basement house, No. 14 West
Urty-llttli bt , at (80,000,
Ileal ILtata Auction Males,
At the Broadway salesroom yesterday D. Phcenlx
lugraham ft Co. sold No. 714 1471b atreer, near
Brook avenue, flte-atory brick flat, lot 33x100, fore
closure, to (bt plaintiff, Frederick Foley, for
(17,2801 also No. 831 Madlion atreat, nre-story
brick tenement, lot 33.dx94. 10x29.0x98,1, furs.
closure, to tho plaintiff, F. O. a, Banboru. for
James L. Wells aold No. 169 West Tenth street,
three. itory brick dwelling, lot 32x98. partition, to
the idalntln". II. L. Jourrret. for (13,000,
Jobn 31. Thompson ft Co.;soPi;.No. 888 Third ava.
nueand No. 163 East Flfty.iecond maet. two four,
tory brick tenements, plot 33,8x106.4x33.0x107,9,
foreclosure, to 3. I. ft 8. Jlount for (07,000,
William Kennellysold No.. 10S to 114 and Ho..
38U, lo 390 Stanton street, three cornei buildings
and four-story brick factories, No.. 112 and 114,
two six-story brick factories, foreclosure, to the
plaintiff, S. II, Powell, for (78,720.
II, C. Uapes ft Co. told Washington avenue, wait
Ida 773. feet north or Second street, Plot 73i
78.3x77.0x86.8, partition, to a. Baker for (2,300.
Of the ninety. v lots at Throg's Neck, lu the
Twent) .fourth ward, rcheduled for sale, only twen
ty five Iota were dl.po.ed of. The sal of the rest
wera adjourned. The prices ranged from (180 to
Court Calendars Tbl. Day,
Appellate Division. -Supreme Court Motions. Or
ders Nos, 1. 14. 16, 21, 8, 4. 28, 29, 14, 88.
Supreme Court Spsclal Term Part I Motion cal
endar called at lOtJu A. H. Part II. Ki. parte, mat.
tra. Fart III. Clear.Motlons Nos. I, 3, 8.4. 8. I
0, 7, a, 9, 10, II, 18, IS. Ffsf.rrsd c.uW-Moa;
8770. BS. l'arl IV. No day calendar. Tart V.
5ase on. Auffmordt vs. aotdber. !o day ealsndar.
i Fart TL caae on. Fltspartlck vs. Flu;atrlek. No
day calendar. Pars VII. Case on. Ilalsev vs. Man.
battan Railway Company. No day ealsndar. Fart
HI. adjourned for the term. Trial Term Fart H.
Clear. ITaferre.1 causes Nos. 18193. 12393.
13811, 13344. 13371. 11746. 13178. Tart III.
Clear. Nos. 6013. 8810. 8698.6034, 467B. D77t.
4839, 8889, 0916, 4689, 4638, 3090. 69(13, 4108,
4167. 6804, 8433, I9B3, 8876. Fart IV.C'ear.
Cases from Part IIL Tart V.-case unfinished.
Cases from Tart III. Trt VL Cart unfinished.
Casss from Fart III. Fart VII. Caie unfinished.
Nos. 0709. 1603. 3301. 8470. 4139. 8833, U89B,
1784, 80SS. 8083. 4716. 8833, 3183, 0283. 8338,
0303, 028314, 4380, 6360. 8721, 031 S, 3834, 4874,
8806. 09U4, 6030. Fart IX. Clear. Casts rrom
Fart VII. PartX. Caie unfinished. Cases from
Fart VII, Fart XL Clear. Caies from ran II.
Farts VIII. and XII. Adjourned for the term.
surrogate's Court Trial Term Will of Maria Chit,
tick at 10:80 A. M. Chambers Motion calendar
called- at IOiSO A. M. Will of Jamison D. Brown at
3i80 P. II. For probate Wills of Ann Dermody,
Charles J. Todd, Solomon Tleyman, George McKay,
Rosa Itaab, Da Witt C. Lawrence, Itoger J. Daly,
Augusta P. Tllley at 10180 A. ., Carl r, Broese,
gdward N. Lazonby, Peter Vollmer, 3ra M.flaynes,
Andrew Flala at 3 1". M.
City Court Special Term Motions Trial Term
Tart L Clear. Nos. 1093, 1S1U, ISS8, 1640, 1088,
1687. 4800, 0200, 1669, 1337, 1700. 1697. 1863,
1716, 4248, 1762, 1783. 171. 1728, 1720. 1727,
1729. 1731, 1788, 1736, 1788. 1381. 1739. 1760.
1701. I'art II. Clear. Nos. 3438, 3434. S442. S44T,
3468, 8466, 3476, 3488, 0034, 2144, 1136. 613BH,
0137X. Fart I'l. Case untlnlihed. Nos. 2403,
33382371, 1989, 033, 3393, 3066, 038S, S874.
2012, 444. 2008, 2331. 1173. 2108. 3214. 3633,
3394, 3391. 3170. 701, 071, 3086. 3837, 3638, 3839,
3340, 3048. 2043, 2044, 8846. Fart IV. Case un.
finished. Equity cases No.. (60. 308. 280, 108,
263, 261. Short causes Nos. 0166, 0107, 4SB1,
8371, 0378, 8369, 4473, 031S, 0236, 0107, 0379,
8373. 6008, 0284, 0378.
( 140 Broadway, N. Y.
nm.. J 17B Itemsen St., Brooklyn.
Offices j jj.E.cor.B8thSt.and7th AvoN.Y.
109 West 125th St.. N. Y.
CAPITAL, . . $2,500,000.
SURPLUS, . . $2,000,000.
OlTcrs Its services for tbo safe keeping and
judicious management of trust funds.
Tbo company Is In a position of great ad
vantage for tbo securing of mortgage In
vestments. It can rendor lnvaluablo service to those
who wish their funds, of whatever kind, In
vested in good mortgages.
Tho company acts ns executor, guardian,
or committee j receives deposits, executes
all trusts.
George O. Williams, John S. Kennedy,
Alexander E. Orr. William M. Ingraham,
Augustus D. Jullllard. Charles A. Peabody, Jr..
Charles S. Drown, James D. Lynch,
Louis Wtndmuller, Itobert Olyphant,
John Jacob Aitor, Martin Jooat,
Jnllen T. Davies, Benjamin D. nicks,
William II. Male. William J. Easton,
Cbarlea It. Henderson, John D. nicks,
Frederick Potter, F.llls D. Williams,
8. V. B. Cruger, Charles Matlack.
Charles Richardson.
FRANK SAXLET, Vice-President.
LOUIS v. BRiorrr, Secretary.
F.DWA11D E. SFRAQUE, Solicitor.
First Mortgage Bonds.
A mpetlnR of tho holders of United States Trust
Companr Certlflcatea for Chicago and Northern
PacMo Konris deposited under tho agreement of
December Bth, 1S03, will be held at ROOJI NO. 60,
DAY, MAY 20TH, 1697, AT 11:30 A. M.. for the
ratification of tho settlement made between tbe
Bondholder Committee and the Managers of the
Northern raciflo Reorganization, and FOR THK
for action on auch other matters as may come beforo
tho meeting.
Ily tbe provisions of tbe Uondtaoldera arree
mrnt tho adoption or m Plan or neoriranlzatlon
requires tbe assent of 70 per cent In Interest
or the certificate holders. It Is therefore Im
portant that tbe rote of every certificate holder
should be recorded at this meeting. Illank
proxies for use at tbls meetlna- may be obtained
rrom tbe IWITKD TATI Till NT CO. or rrom
the Secretary or the Committee.
Chairman llondholdera Commltteo.
GEO. P. BUTLER. Scc'y. 34 Wall nt,
NEW YORK. May 1 1th, 1 P7.
To the holders or
Certlflcatea of Deposit or Certificates or Tbe
Fidelity Insurance Trust and Sam De
posit Com pan r lsued upon the
surrender or certifi
cates or tbo
N'otlce Is hereby siren that a dividend of OXE AND
OXK-MALF (I'm) PER CF.XT. on tba aboTernentloned
Cenlrml Trust Company Certincatea or Depo.lt
will bo paid on presentation of isms at tho offlce of
the Central Trust Company of New Tork, til Wall
Street. New York city, on and after May S3, 1897
The transfer books of th Central Trust Company of
New York will not bo cloaed. but tho exchang. of
Fidelity Trust Company'a certificate, for Central
Trust Company'a certlflcatea will be auspended be
tween Jlay 10 and May 27.
VltKOKniC P. OLTOsT. Chairman.
iKHivFxi, p. axon un.
IVAI.TEIt Vrittit'MO.V.
C. It. U. UII.I.IM1S.
3. K. WAIXACE, Seeretary. Bt tVall Street.
NKW YOIIK, Mixy 3d. 1807.
THIS COMPANY, as Tmsteo under the
TItUST INDENTURE, has on hand tho
Bum of Fifty-six thousand nine hundred
dollars (S50.000). applicable to tho pur
chase of bonds secured by said Indenture
SEALED PROPOSALS for tho sale of
TRUST BONDS to the above extent will
bo received by the UNION TRUST COM
PANY OF Nfiw YORK, Trustee? and be
opened at tho ofllco of tho said Trustee at
noon on Friday. May 14th, 1H07, when tho
lowest offer will bo accepted, provided It
does not exceed flvo per cent. (5 per cent.)
premium and accrued Interest.
This notice Is given In conformity with
tho Indenture of trust.
OF NEW YORK. Trustee.
Money to Loan at 4, 4J & 5
Lanre or small amounts.
Apply directly and save expense.
fMOHroadway, N. Y.
Offices J ?7n HrnuH"'! St., Brooklyn.
unices NK.cor08tl, st.&7thAve.,N.Y.
llfiO West 125th St., N. Y.
CAPITAL, $2,500,000.
SURPLUS, $2,000 000.
Mtmbtrs fitw Y ork Stock Bxchtag.
1 Nassau Street, Cor. Wall.
Dlarcln Arcounls. larratinrnt Hernrltle.,
TtJl)hone, Nos. 31(7 aud 31U tirllsndt.
roil NsLK-IU.OOO II ifr"tni, .'lore.uieT
Intervst promptly paid. Fropvrty in good order and
bringing a handsome Income. Address
O. C. WES, 11 WUllaa it.
Savannah, Florida & Western
Railway Company.
to tii it 1101.111:11 of r,
Atlantic & Gulf Seven Per Cent. Bondf." v
This Company has madn arrainreinruts th ih
New York Security ami Trust Company to .. ,,
maturity, July 1st, 18117, tho Atlantic and fliilf ii4k
ortoexchaniro thcrofor the six per nm llrst Mnrt!
(tajro Gold llondi rescnrel for this purKse. In scenM
ancenlth the ternu of the mortuage sccurlne ihi I
same, dated April 1st, 188t, and tho following Mr.r!
tlsement. I
The Interest upon the Itondsthtu exehamrei hu j
been reduced to tiro per cent, per annum (
Savannah, Florida & Western Railway Co. ' I
My II. II. I'I.AT, rrr.idenr' 1
NEW TORK, May 7th. 18U7. I
NF.W YOItK, May Plh, 1S(7 1
nefeiTlnu to the aboro notice, holders of the At 1
lantloand Oulf Bonds to the amount of 11,000 ooa I
desiring to exchange the same for ths Savannah. I
Florida and Western five p.T rent Urst JlortmS I
Qold Donds, will hare the prlTlleno of dolns so unm
June 1, 1807, upon payment of flvo per cent of tha I
amount of 'their bonds, provided they shall notify tha I
New York Security and Tnut Company prior to thai '
date of thUr purpose to so exchange. H
The Bonds ofTered In exchange are a part of tha I
10,000,000 Pirn Mortgago Gold Bonds authorlted tia.
der tha Mortgago of April lit, 1684, with Interest r.. I
duoed to (Ito per cent,, payable April and Oetotf jl
1st, both principal and Interest payable In OoM cola fl
of tbe present standard of weight and flatness, b)
New lork city, and mature April 1st, 103t, H
They are a tint lien on 487 mlleaofthe havannsa. I
Florida and Western Iload, and cover 08 milts aMI, I
tlonaL subject to prior liens of $884, ono (which will H
bo paid off on or before September, 1B00-, at onl H
$18,000 per mile.
The nndertlgned are now prepared to purchase at I
par, adjusting Interest, the Bonds of any holders whj H
may desire to sell rather than exchange. jH
Arrangements will be made to hare the new Bonis H
listed on the New York Btock Exchange u soon as) H
Issued. M
Circulars can be had upon application. jH
New York Security & Trust Co.
Chas. T. Wing & Company, W
or TUB H
Brooklyn Elevated I
Railroad Company, I
First and Beoond nortaraae IloacU H
and Coupons ana Stock or tbe H
sTtnt Hsrtcasrs ttanda and Coapona ana H
Second Mortcaca Incense Banda ef tas) H
First nortsraa-ej Bonds and Coupons f tne H
Tbe Committee hereby announce that tbe ptaa JH
and atrreement dated March 10, 1SOT, haabeeal
declared errectlTo. &
More than EIOHTT PER CETT. er tha) IP
Tarlona lasnee or bond, provided (or nnder tbs) fl
plan hare been denoalted. li'otlce Is hereby 9
Klven that the time for the deposit or tbe above. fl
named aecnrltlea under the plan and agree. M
ment baa been extended to and Including Star H
IS, 1HOT, after which date no aecnrltlea will B
be received except on payment or such penalty H
as the Committee may Impose. Security bold. Hj
era may assent to tbe plan by signing tbe 1
agreement. H
Application has been made to the New York Sloe's: H
Exchange to list Central Trust Company of New Tork
Certlflcatea of Deposit for above securities. H
Copies of the Plan and Agreement may be obtained H
from tbe t'K.VTRAL TItlST lOnP-.ttY OF XBVt H
YORK. 04 Wall Street. New York City.
NEW YORK, May 1, 1897.
F. F. Olrott. Chairman. 1
Jamro T. IVoodward.
barlea Parsons, CTommtttssa.
Ernst Tbalmann,
lieonard aewlaohn. J
Counsel. 84 Wall St. N. T,
acJ & pendleton
DK.SM.1I OFFICES.-j753 FIrrH JLyEsiv1L
gU-iurnilji ana nttrwt. ,
pacific nir, srrKtvitiiir copsjt Wsf
8.1 WALL ST.. NEW YORK, May 11. 1T W
declared a aerol annual dividend of one per cent, oa JHI
tbe Capital Stock of thU Company, payable on an 4 SJI
after June 1, 181)7. at the offlce of tbe Mercantile Ml
Trust Company, No. 120 Broadway. New Yore to tbs Hf
stockholders of record at the closing of the books.
The transfer books will close at the oQce of the Union
Trust Company, No. 0 Broadwav. w York. Hon. HB
day. May 17, 1B7, at three (3) o'clock P. it., tai H
will reopen Wednesdar. Juno 2. 197, at ten, 10)
o'clock A. M. JOSEPH HELLEN. Treasurer '
NEW YORK. May IS. lft7
The Board of Directors of this company has this day
declared a dividend of three dollars (3) per share, H
pavable on and after the arst day of July next.
The transfer books will bo closed on the 5th day of
June, at la o'clock II., and reopened oa the 1M day of
July, 1B07.
By order of tbe board.
CHAS. O. CLARK. Treasurer.
80 Broadnay. New York. April 17. IB7
1 per cent.) on tho preferred stock of this Cumuany
will be paid at this office May IS. 189J.
The transfer books of the preferred stock will closs m
April 30 and reoten May 17. 1607. "Kr"'
L. M. bCHWAN, Secretary and Treasurer.
175 REMbEN ST., BROOKLYN. May 10. 107
HALF PER CENT, haa been this day declared It tie
Board of Directors, payable May 1H, l"li7, tu the
Btockboldera of record on the closing of tne transfer
bookaat H 1". M. May IS, The books 111 lils.tJei
at 10 A.M. May 15, 1897.
ADltHS EXPRKS1 (lllirtji,
BU BROADWAY, NEW YORK. May 111, l-""'
The Transfer Books of this Company will be i'loa1
from 8 o'clock P. H.May 14, lhM7, to the morning o(
June 2. 1897. W. L. HUB1IELL, Treasurer
CIrrtions ana 2ntlu.
NEW YORK. May IStli, l'7
At a meeting or the stiwkhol.lers of the Pelawars
anil Hudson Canal Company, held at the onVe of IM
company In thUcltyou Tuesday, the 11th Inn., it
following persons w ere cKvtod managers forth. 1
suing ear;
It. hOMl'.llh If AYEb. . I
And at a im-itlng of tbo Hoard of Managers, h'1 I
this day, Mr. Ituhrrt M. Olyphant was unanimously rs
elected President ,
By order of tho Board of Managers.
K. M OI.YPIIANT, Si" retary
... . . . NKWYOIIK, Mas II li'
Tim fiftieth annual meeting of stocLlillir.tir fn
Pai'lllc Mall bieamahlp Company will Ik) lit 1 1 at tr-s)
ofllieof the Company, 85 Wall t (Mill, btil'illiii!
tlio city of New York, on Wt-diit-sta). tlm .'nn In) ' ,
Ma. 1HU7. Utniin tiielioursof lvinx'nun.1 .o'i' a
P. M , for the election of Illri-ctur. and tlm irsu. J
tlon of such other business i mny tronrl) ' .
fore It. Thu tramfor lK.uk. of the Cimisn) "111 '
close at tho onion or tho I'nli.n Trust Uiiiiiam a j
Monday, thu l7lhdayof May. 1HU7. at U o cl..'k P M, j
and will reopen on WedueMluv, Juue 'J, lb07 at w 1
o'clock A. M. JOHEl'll HELLENE Actlug Se. n tary j
NEW YORK, May H. il7
The annual meeting of tho holders of Natural " .
Trust tertincati swill be held at SM Ilma.lv.ay. lluom rl
81, New York, on Wrdueeilii), Mn sill, at 11 n '' WK
the elrrtlou of twuTrutiia ami the transaction f 'If.
audi other busluess as may proin-rly co 1 l-efore wis M r f
meeting. JOHN 111 MIM I.I l
S. ( elan I
I TION -Tlm annual 1 lection of trii'li of Un
so latlt.ii will I) held atlLonke, 1 70 Sa.. ill street. IB , ,
Ntw York, on Monday, May V4, 1UU7, from uoon till B , ;
lltlW o'clock P, M. 1
TU0M AB IUTCU0OCK, aaretar, I

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