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L f - ' ti gAtUWJtAY, JUMTS 5, 189T. " ; JH
peSesIklay tariff
...r scr7:.v paragraphs of the
Mantlc Occupied Two Maura In Urging the
HtMlll f Tarirr u )Un tVeot-Ths
ttrtol schedule nr ,h Tariff Illtl Com
wlrted n Hie Woo Schedule Token Up.
WASiiiNfTOS, Juno 4. Although the Bonato
nit tU o'clock toaay und did not adjourn
nntllh" post 0. tlio progress made with tho
Tariff bill was very email. That was partly
owing to the fact that tlio flrt four hour of tho
Mtlon wero consumed by two lonir speeches,
Jsiln faor of high ditties on wool by Mr. Man
Hi (Rep.. Moil), and tho othor for a, constitu
tional anientluiont to permit nn Incorao tax by
r Both r (Pop.. N. O.). It was nearly 3 o'clock
when the TnrlfT bill was nctunlly taken up. Tho
Betl schodulo was completed, except as to
those parngrnphi which had already been
Mued orcr, and except thoso relating to lend,
Sea, nickel, and watches, which wcro passed
iter to-dty. There woro only seven paragraphs
jnsjly m ted on to-day when the wood schedulo
m was ronchod. The discussion of tho first
paragraph In that scboduln, relating to timber
tjiwn, sldod, or squared, was not finished when
til Senato adjourned.
Mr. Mantle dlscusaed the wool schedulo, nrgu-
lir In fat or of a high duty on raw wool for tho
Ixaeflt of American growers. "Whllo criticising
thi position of the wool manufacturers, bo was
littrruptcd by Mr. Piatt (Hep., Conn.), who said
thjt the Senator's remarks wero scarcoly fair to
tho groat majority of Uio wool manufacturers.
Wbethor they thought It an advantage to their
frailness to have froo wool or not, he (Mr. Piatt)
could not say. Somo of thorn did, somo did not.
With a Tory fow exceptions ho bellovcd that tho
itntlzuent of the wool manufacturers was that
Ihtrc ahuuld bo a sufficiently protective duty on
Mr. Mantle's speech oocuplod two hours. Ita
dosing Ideas were that no protoctlvo tariff
could exist In this country which did not fully
protect wool; that that was the corner stono of
lbs great arch of protection, and that without It
ths whole structuro of protection would fall to
tie ground.
Mr. Ilutlor (Pop.. N. C.) spoke in favor of a con-
ftS itltutlonal amoudment authorizing tho levying
K of an Income Ux. He had not procoeded far be-
IK tort ono of his statements attracted the atton-
XT tlonof Mr. Culloin (Hop., 111.), Chalrmun of tho
Committee on Interstate Commerce, who con-
1 trsdlcted the statement to the effect that the
I committee had been exhibiting undue haste In
I) the matter of a pooling bill. Mr. Culloin said that
I the committee had only hold Its regular weekly
II Ksilons, and had shown no undue hasto In tho
1' natter. He addod that as the commlttco antic!
rli Mtjwt iho Suoremo Court's lunklnt? a decision
Ithlch would weakon the authority of tho Intor
tate Commerce Commission, one of the prlncl
tl purposes of tho bill which tho commlttco
ras considering was so to amend tho law that
be recont decision of tho Supreme Court would
lot apply to it: in other words, that the com
nlsslon should havo power to say not only thnt
l given railroad rate was too high, but that
knottier rate would bo regarded as reasonable
md Just.
Mr. Chilton (Dem., Tex.), another member of
he Interstate Commerce Committee, disagreed
rith the Chairman as to an abseuoe of a desire
to posh the "pooling" bill. He said that he had
en a member of the committee, but had heard
lothlng of a " pooling " bill until after tho docl
lion of the Supreme Court.
Mr Cullom expressed tho hopo that tho com
nlttee would report a bill which would satisfy
Lbs Benato and tho people.
Mr. Butler then went ou w 1th his speech. He
leclared that the Sugar Trust was an lnftint and
he bundard OU Trust a pigmy In comparison
rith the transportation lines. The proposed
'pooling" legislation was intended to protoct
io railroads from competition with each othor.
a fact, he said, they did not compete now ex
rtpt at terminal points.
It was nearly 3 o'clock when the Tariff bill
ras actually taken up. The load paragraphs
179, ISO, and 181) were passed over.
Paragraph 187, relates to quicksilver. Tho
Rouse bill makes the duty 10 cents per pound,
he committee amendment makes it 0 cents.
r& paragraph gave rise to much discussion, in
xhlch the ownership of tho quicksilver mines
outside of California) by the Rothschilds was
aade tho most of by Senators Stewart and Per
tlns. The commlttco amendment was agreed to.
Mr. Jones of Arkansas moved a reduction of
ie rates on type metal (paragraph 188) from lKi
:ents a pound (for tho lead) to three-fourths of a
xnt, and on new type from i!A per cent, ad
ralorem to 15 per cent. Rejected 18 to H8.
Paragraph 180 (watches and clocks) wis
pawed over at tho request of Mr. Lodge (Rep.,
Um), r
The next paragraph (100), relating to xino, was
modified on motion of Mr. Allison by making
lit duty on zlno In blocks or pigs lh cent a
pound; In sheets, 2 cents, and on old and worn
out zincs, 1 cent.
The wood schedule, D. waa then reached,
i Mr. Allison I Hep., la.) moved to make the duty
7 on timber, hewn, sided, or squared (paragraph
yl92), 14 cenU per cubic foot. Instead of 1 cent.
' Jj Mr. Allison's amendment waa agreed to, but
Ml the paragraph was not completed when tho bill
a! iu laid aside.
U The House amendments to the Senate bill,
B providing a system of signals on vessels In the
I Internal waters of the United States, were
I agreed to, and the Senato, after a short execu
I tire session, adjourned till to-morrow.
I The Hen Lost on an Average ofTlsree Pounds Iu
fi Weight, but Gained forty Pounds la Strength.
(WisniHOTOX, June 4. LieutvCol. Charles
Smart of the Army Medical Department has re
turned to Washington to prepare a report on tho
recent experiments with emergency rations.
Dr. Smart left Fort Sill May 17 with a troop of
cavalry under Capt. O. J. Brown. They had full
rations for two days, and then were placed on
emergency rations, consisting of olght ounces of
sard Dread, four ounces of bacon, two ounces of
pea meat, one ounce of coffee, one tablet of
saccharine, quarter of an ounce of tobacco, salt
and pepper. The party went about twenty-ono
i miles each day. Tho men lost an average of
three pounds In weight, but their tested strength
Increased an average of forty pounds. Another
Irtv. under Lieut. W. H. Osborne, which trav
I tiled the same distance and time on full rations,
I lostan average of one and one-third pounds a
I Dan, owing to tho change from garrison life.
1 I tie Scheme for a Private Clearing Mouse Tor
1 I Iranlt-mnto on Ellis Island.
I I VVAhiiinotox, Juno 4. Secretary Oago has
1 I Tttoed a scheme for establishing a pri ato clear
It 1 lug house fur Immigrants on Kills Island. The
1 1 object of tho persons engaged In the enterprise
H 1 vii to construct a building to bo used as an
tjf trencr for changing foreign money and furnish
W lag Information to Immigrants about opportune
JJ Uesfor settlement and of securing work In vn-
fm nous parts of tho country. Land companies were
H to have exhibits of vegetables, fruits, and other
Products of the sections where they owned prop-
Rty.and maps showing tho routes were to bo ills-
lured. A bureau to engage labor was also to bo
Balntulned. Secretary tiago decided that Hpcclal
kdslntlon was nocessary to sccuro permission
toin the department.
Kl tie brain Stored In New York to lie Hold and
J Ike Money Forwarded to India.
IJB Wasiumitox, Juno 4. The charitable peoplo
j tboitarted thoraotemont to send griin to tho
H hffllne districts of India havo notified tho
H "T Ilenartmcnt to abandon tho efforts to
fecurenshlpto carry tho grain now stored in
H cw York from that port to ports in India. It
H Ui teen dt elded to sell the grain and attempt to
JjHeretliedlstreBS with the monoy secured by
m Brwardlng It to the India Fnmlno Committee.
! AJt r"II"-r has been engaged to carry grain front
&P JJJlTunclsio. and the Navy Doportmi-nt whs
m Swaiorlngto get unothurshlp nt Now York.
m "ureioliuloii of Congress providing for char-
m itrunrtcsnols for the purpose stipulated that
jri'blp (.bartered should havo an Aliieucuii
I i'r' ''ono that gno satisfaction could bo
I IS ni"' " ,vn9 necossnr to adopt nnnthor
i?!0 0t'0i' allowing the department to charter a
tlgn vessel.
H Will l.fnre Uuthluitun nn Wednesday In
"4 iteail ur Thursday, as first Arrnuaod.
Jj WisiiixuroN, June 4, -Anolhor chungo 1ms
I J?" m,"'f I" the PreBldont's proposed Southern
I Va "" "'" loA0 'lero tor Nall'"'e "
u ic,?'la' of "et eek. Instead of Thursday,
m Sin ii l ariwigcd. Several luembers of tho
I SJi. ,l,ct n"(l 'ew other personal frlenilB,
ni '"'"ent ollkials. and others will iiuMimpatiy
I itdnv ir,,.r.,.,cJr ""' travel on tho Chcsupeuko
"niu Itiillrnud,
'le.,ealilriit llotiart tilvfs a llefrpllon.
Vr6itUT0N.i Jllno 4,vico-lrcsldent lloliart
5 LI' ,utl'tloii at hit homo on Ljfajotto
, 2JI- l0 llll!la '" t,,u weiner of tho Semite mid
i I r,te .JI.r".c delegation In tho House to meet
nSL,f I" W K lnlc Kvery Senator in t ho city
YeSS ,Vt'"r"- 'Juay. Penrose. Carter, .Mills.
HtaT 1'roitor were present. Itfiunuoiitullte
ini """ieunli Nun Jersej Itreprcsentatl-o
Attorn.-JV'1 relurles (lage. Wilion, und Uilss,
SK,, cnolal McKcima, and Pension Com.
I IuUb, ' K'ana wero also oresent. fienntor
I ju"f ''nulKtln Louder Hailey, woro a friK'k
I He u'rHcd u straw hat.
Ellis II, Itaberta to (In Treasurer ana Conrad
X, Jordan to lis Assistant Treasurer.
WJkBniNOTOJt, June 4, The Prcsldont sent
theto nominations to tho Senato lo-day:
ijinrenceTowiusndof reunsylranla, to be Hints
ter to Portugal.
GUIs If, P.oberts of Ksw York, to be Treasurer of the
United States.
Conrad X. Jordan of Now York, to bo Assistant
Treasurer of tho United States at New York city.
Wlllttm E. Andrews of Nebraska, to bo Auditor for
the Treasury Department.
William W. ltrown of Pennsylvania, to b Auditor
for the War Department.
Postmasters John Alfred, I-eadrlllo, CoU Charles
E. Dowman, Argentine Kan.i Hlohard B. Oakford,
Unrlntton, Kan.t Nathaniel Darnea, Kaunas City,
Kan.i Harry II, Luck, Parsons, Kan.t Alfred York,
Fort lllley, Kan.t Frank M. Atkinson, Bt. Joseph, Mo.i
lsraj L. llrlnkley, Edenton, N. C. Ueorga II. Sirear
Ingen, Dunbar, 1'a.t lleuben J, Mott, Tort Allegheny
Pa. t Arthur II. illbson. Msreur, Utahl James P. Poi
ten, F.lklns, W. Va,t Edn In Abranis, Lawrenco, N. V.
Navy Commander Richard II. Leary, to bo Cantalnt
Llent-Coniruandera Wm. Swttt and Henry D. Mans
nold, to bo Commanders! I.louts. Herbert Wlnslow
and wm. II. Turner, to be Lieutenant-Commanders;
Lieutenants, Junior Orado, Wm. J, Maxwell and
franklin Swift, to be Lleutonsnta.
Lawrcnoe Townscnd's nomination Is In ths
nntnro of a promotion. He Is Secretary of Lo-
Sntlon nt Vienna, having been appointed by Mr.
Uvoland. Senator Quay says his nomination
la satisfactory to tho Sonators from Pennsyl-
W'illlam K. Andrews Was a member of ths
Fifty-fourth Congress from the Fifth district of
Nebraska and was defeated for re-election last
V. VT. Brown is a prominent lawyer of Krlo, a
Quay man, who has previously hold no publlo
Increase or ths Maximum Otter Weight la tbe
Only Imoortant Chanco EfTected.
Wabukoton, Juno 4. Tho work of the Con
areas of the International Postal Union, whose
delegates started to-day on a ten-day's trip over
tbe ols-Mlsstsstppl sootlon of tho United SUtes,
has been praotlcally romploted, and upon the
return to Washington the formal adjournment
will Bpeedily occur.
Tho principal and Indeed about tho only
chango of lmportnnco effoctcd bv the Congress
In the International postal regulations was tho
increase of the maximum letter weight from n
half lothroo-quartors of an ounce.
PrrrBlU'mi, Pa., Juno 4. Tho delegates to tho
Intornutlonai Postal Congress oamo to PltUburg
tonight and spent two hours In theCorneglo
Stoel Works at Homestead. There the Hungarian
delegate. Von Dcsasally, saw a workman stumble
and fall and heard him utter Magyar swear
The nobleman rushed to pick him up, shook
tho crowd, and, nrra In arm with his grimy com
patriot, inspected the mill. He was delighted
when the workman, out of a greasy pocket, pro
eentod him a copy of a local Hungarian paper.
Rear Admiral Ceonro Drown and Commander
Wlagate Retired tram Active Servloe.
Washington, Juno 4. An order has been Is
sued by the Navy Department directing the re
tirement from actlvo sorvlce of Rear Admiral
George Drown, senior otllcer of the service and
recently commandant of the Norfolk Navy
Yard. Admiral Drownreturns tohls Indianapo
lis home, whore ho is to become a candidate for
Mayor on tho Republican ticket this fall. Capt.
N. H. Farquhar succeeds him at Norfolk. Other
naval orders havo boen issued as follows:
Medical Director T. N. I'enroM and Commander O.
E. Wlngato, Disced on the retired list.
Assistant Engineer J. II. Rowen. Ensign Edward
Stealle. and Lieut.-Conimander E. D. Heald, ordered
to examination for promotion.
Washington Xotea.
Washington, Juno 4. The Senate Commltteo
on Civil Service to-day reported an amendment
to the General Deficiency bill, declaring that no
laborers of any class employed by the Govern
ment shall be Included In the classified execu
tive service It also abrogates all civil service
rules heretofore promulgated with respect to this
class of employees.
The President has signed tho Sundry Civil Ap
propriation bill. It had been reported that ho
would veto it because of certain alleged extra v
ngant appropriations.
The probabilities are that Harry Wilson,
brother of Senator John L. Wilson of Washing
ton, will be appointed Minister to Chill. Mr.
Wilson is now in Washington, and has been as
sured that ho is slated for some good place-In
the diplomatic service. He was a delegate to
tho St. Louis Convention, and was a member of
the Notlltcatlon Committee.
Scnntor Hanna waa a very conspicuous man
to-day as ho walked from the oIQce of the Na
tional Republican Commlttoo in the Glover
building along F street to get a car for the Cop
ilot Ho wore on his round and nearly bald
head a high yellow helmet, the first of the kind
ever known to grace the cranium of a United
States Senator. ,
G. W. White of Norwalk. Conn., and W. T.
O'Brien of Now York city have applied for As
sistant Appralserships at New York.
Senator Foraker to-day presented thirty-five
petitions, signed by 3.(309 railway employoes,
favoring the passage of the bill Introduced by
him amending the Interstate Commerce law and
permitting railway pooling.
Cleorce V. Keado Charged with rata Pre
tence. Embeulemeut, and Rehjpothecatlon.
Philadelphia. Juno 4. George V. Meade, a
banker and broker, was Indicted by the Grand
Jury to-day for falso protenco, embezzle
ment, and rehypotbccatlon of stock. Tho
bill alleges that on Oct, 10. 1890, ho made
a pretence of purchasing fifty shares
of stock of the Metropolitan Traction Company
valued at $5,075, and 5,000 bushels of Decem
ber wheat, vulued at $3,370, for tho account of
Charles Coano, thereby obtaining from Coano
It Is alleged that tho purchases were not made
at all. The bill further charges that Meado re
ceived from Coano two certificates for fifty
shares of Metropolitan Traction stock and a cer
tificate for 5,000 bushels of September wheat
valuod at $8,340, and that ho rehypothecated
them as security for a loan.
Three Rhowmen with Whom tin la Said to
Have quarrelled Arrested.
Portciikhtkr, N, Y., June 4. Henry Smith,
Edw ard Woods, Charles McDougnll,r.nd John
Saunders, Itinerant showmen who are connected
with n "projectlicopo" exhibition which vis
ited Portchester on Frldny, have beon arrested
on suspicion of implication In a murder.
The arrests wore made this afternoon by Pink
erton detectives In the employ of tho village,
who arc trying to find tho murderer of John
Madlgan, otherwise called Holly Hooly, a vlllago
character. Madlgan was found unconscious in
WestLhister a euue at an early hour lust Satur
day morning. Ho had been stubbed in the groin
Hill! l.V U1DU ll MMI.U.
liu hud Leon drinking with some showmen
and is said to have quarrelled with them. Tho
prisoners admit having had n quarrel, but thoy
say that no blows woro struck. A knlfo was
taken from McDnugall. Tboro were blood Btnlns
on the handlo and one of tho blades was broken.
XO $30,000,000 WHISKEY FOOL,
Falsn Itenort nr a Hclirnin lo Iluy Up AH the
Ilourbon Whiskey In Itond.
Loi'ldVILLK, Juno 4. A story was telegraphed
hero by tho New York Journal this morning
that ft $50,000,000 pool hud been organized by
Samuel M, Rico, Prcsldont of tho American
Spirits Couipaiij, to buy up tho 80,000,000 gal
lons of bourbon whiskey now in bond.
The story Is laughud at hrro In the liquor
trado mill, so far as knovui, no ono Is Imjlng
much whiskey. ... .. . , ,
Suliw are nvernglng about 1,000 bnrrcls dally
In Louis lllo and urn bolng mndo at the lowest
prices over known. This morning there was no
adanco In prices.
The story iloubllnss gTew out of the attempt to
bus up tho dlstlllcrlos, which Is now an old one.
It Is claimed that 7!i per cent, ot tho distilling
rapacity Is Hearing mi ngruoncnt thut "111 close
all but twenty-five distilleries. Thero aro 515 of
The I uiitlci Urines Home a .Murderer rrom an
American llrrrbiiut Vraiel,
Noui'oik, Vii., Juno 4. Private Information
rcccli cd huro says thut tho United States steam
ship Yantif, on hor way from South Amurlcaand
duo to nrrho nt tho Norfolk Navy Ynrd
on tho 22d of this month, Iiub on board an Amer
ican who murdered ono of tho crew of nn
American merchant vessel In bouth American
MntorB. Upon tho arrival of the initio hero
tho prboner will bo turned ovortotho United
htntis Court authority nt this port.
'1 he (row of tho vessel ou which the murder
w.istoiiimltted are on their way to Now ork,
and nn their arrival the will be subptenaod to
appear before tho court hero.
Oolo Cleveland by new afternoon train of New
York Central Leave Orand Central Matlon 0:1)0
1'. SI . .rrlro Clorelaud 7iId nuxt mornlnx. Entlrs
day for luilneis. lleturnluK. leave Cleveland 0.00
1'. if., arrive New York 10:30 next morning. Adv.
a,bia.v. i i. -t - - . i ;
Meett Advises And If It Could nuy It
Geuldat Bell ta Braker at Private Hate
To Have a Oonrrrene with the Ownora
on Expedition The Chance el" Motive rower.
Tho question of the city's right or powor to
acqutro ths franchises ot tho Sixth and Eighth
nvonuo roads llnnlly got beforo tho Sinking
Fund Commissioners in an official form yester
day. Corporation Counsel Scott handed ta a
long opinion Informing the Commissioners that
they have no power to accept tho offer ot Henry
J. Ilrakor of f 3.000,000 for tho roads in case the
city acquires them and no power to take stops
on behalf of ths city to acquire them.
At tho best, Mr. Scott says, tho resolution
granting the franchises only attempts to reserve
to the city an option to roqulro a surrender ot
the roads, and he thinks it tuny bo a serious
quostlon, If tho city insisted on tho surrender,
whether It would acquire more than the title to
tho rails and ties without any right to operato
tho roads or to resell tho franchises. Assuming,
howover, that tho city would gain all tho rights
ot tho road, Mr. Bcott la of the opinion that tho
city will not bo in a position to aoqulro tho prop
erty until somo board nuthorUod to represent
It snail determtno to oxerrJse tho option. This
powor Is not among the powors conferred by
law on tha Sinking Fund Commission. Even If
It had the power to roniqulro tho roads It
oould not thon accept Mr. Broker's offer, which
Is a private ngrcemont to buy tho roads at a
flxod prloe and without competition. The only
way the Sinking Fund oan soil city property,
oxcept in cases spoclflcally provided for by law,
Is be publlo auction or upon sealed bids.
Mr. Scott then goes on to reply to thoso per
sons, especially Mr. Broker's attorney, who have
suggested that he wasn't alert In protecting tho
city s Interests. He cites tho case of the Third
Avenue Railroad, which coinpellod tho Commis
sioner of Publlo Works, by a decision ot the
Court of Appeals, to grant permits for a chango
ot motive power, and said ho did not feel Justi
fied In delaying without hopo of ultlmnto success
tbe prosecution of an important public work by
advising against permits to the Sixth and
Eighth avenne roads to chango tholr motive
power. Until the alty puts itself In a position to
sxerciso and enforce its option, it It has one. by
tendering the purchase price of the roads, thoy
belong to their ownors, who are entitled to
develop them In any lawful manner.
Recorder Got! said ho agreed with Mr. Scott
as tar as the Brnkor offer was concerned, but he
did not agree with him as to tho powers ot the
Sinking Fand Commission.
"It the Corporation Counsel Is right," ho con
tinued, "a most remarkable state ot affairs ex
ists. According to his opinion, it the city has a
right to these roads there Is no board in exist
ence which has tha power to enforce It, When
the question of changing the motive power ot
ihe Broadway road cams up In 1 880 the Sinking
'und Commissioners evidently had some such
power, for It was by their action that the city
was able to make an agreement with tho Metro
politan Traction Company whereby the latter
paid Into the publlo treasury the Bum of $150,
OOO a year."
" Do you remember the composition of that
Board ot Sinking Fund Commissioners, Mr.
Ilooorder f" asked the Comptroller slyly.
" I do not," replied Mr. Uoff.
" Well," continued Mr. Fitch, " Hugh J. Grant
was Mayor, Richard Croker was tho City Cham
berlain, and Pat Dlwer was tho Aldurmanlc
" And Justice Bmrth was tho Recorder," put
in Mr. Goff.
"Exactly," said Mr. Fitch, and tho Mayor
It was do eloped that tho Comptroller had
asked both the Sixth and Eighth avenue roads
to file statements of tho cost of their roads per
nillo. and that both had refused to comply with
tbe demand. It was tlnall decided to ask the
officers of the Sixth and Eighth avenue roads to
appear boforo the board nex", Thursday and ex
plain why these statement J havo not been fllod;
also to ask the ofilcors ot the Metropolitan Trac
tion Company to confer with the Commissioner
with a view to reaching an agreement whercbr
the work of Improvement may be prosecuted
without Injury to any tight of tho city.
Inscriptions on Some or Thorn a Translated,
by an Bzaert.
A story was published in The Sun three
weeks ago which told about the finding of a
number ot curious old coins on the Caslna
beach, a mile and a half north of Astoria, That
started men and boys looking for treasure, but
nono was found until Wednesday, whon there
waa a particularly rich And, as already pub
lished. Since then nothing has beon done by the
men and boys but look tor treasure.
Down at tho beach yesterday whore the coins
had been found were groups of eager searchers
when the tide was low, and one man hadadlvln
lng rod which wouldn't work. All day long ho
wandered up and down the beach, giving tho rod
every chance in tho world to strike "pay dirt."
but It wouldn't strike for a cent. It iust wab
bled about in tho most inconsequential way. to
the disgust of Its owner and the edification of
the small boys who puddlod around with their
bare feet, scorning other aids than their own
sharp eyes.
In the mean tlmo the mystery of tho coins
continues to grow. Tbe coins found Wednesday
aro of the same general character as those found
three weeks ago, savo In this case thero wero
three gold colnn In a reiuurkable stato ot preser
vation. The men who found the coins wore
Hans Petersen, Charles Jansen, and C.J. Sulli
van. Liko tho first coins, they were found be
neath boulders at low tide.
There were several mutilated sliver coins, one
of which was evidently Spanish, and another an
Elltabethan half shilling dated 10111. The gold
coins are thin, ot tho sire ot a q uartor, and on
one the milling Is still preserved. On the ob erso
is n king In full armor, holding In the left hand
a globe, and in tho right a sceptre. About it Is
this Inscription:
This may be translated as " Rudolph II., by
grace of God Emperor of tho Romans, King of
Saxony, Gallcln, Hungary, und Bohemia." On
the reverse Is what is now tbe double-headed
eagle of Atntria, with tho Inscription:
Moaning " Archduko of Austria, Luxemburg
and Burgundy, and Margrasoot Mor.ivla."
The second gold coin has on Its obverso a man
in royal robes, with tills Inscription:
Saint Lndlslaus was Ktng of Hungary, but not
at thut time. On tho rovorso Is the figure of a
queon seated and about It Is the Inscription:
Between the O und the I is a sign similar to a
Orcok omega fllled in nt the bottom, which was
often used us an abbreviation for "orum."and
tha Inscription might be mado to read " Rudolph
IL. by grace of (Toil Emporor of the Romans,
King of Gallcia. Hungary, and Bohomla." Tho
AVprobtbly does not moan Austria, for thoro
was no king of that country, and tho letters
probably BUnd for tho Latin " Augustus."
Tho third gold rain has not yet beon submlttod
to an export. It resembles tho other two In slxo
and weight. Ou the reverse. Inclosed In a
square, aro tbe words:
On tho obverso Is a knight In armor, and so
far ns oan bo mado out tho inscription Is:
The date of tlio coin Is 15118.
No adequate oxplutiatlon has yet been found
regarding the coins. Mrs. Koto Woolsoy, the
former owner of tho property, has sold It to a
company which Is converting it Into a plcnlo
But tho coins weronot tho only treasure found.
Upon the hill Is the cellar of ilia old Woolsey
niauslon, which was destroyed by tire six years
ago. Some workmen employed in clearing tho
old pluco up tho other day ran across a curious
sub-cellar in which was a massive wrought-lron
saf o. Tho sufo was brokon Into, and whut seemed
tn lie a solid 1! orcrnw n und n curious old silver
ring, togothor with somo othor trinkets, were
found. Verily, Astoria is a paradlso for treasure
Mrs. IlelMu to Have a lllvoree,
A report of Madison Grant, us referee, has
boon filed In the SupreuioCoiirt, finding that Ub
bocca Wentwort Ii IKh In should Un a nn nbsoluto
dlvoicu from WJlllum Wnyno liolvin, a pro
moter or mining enterprises. They wore mar
ried In 18H1 and sopnraiod In June, 1H00. whllo
thoy wcro living at the Uurlach. liolvin lost his
fortune through the failure of n London house.
Tlio rotcrco found that ho bad kept up bis club
dm s and oilier expenses by " habitual borrowing
from relatives and friends."
Alisolutu illTurcrs woro granted yostordoy by
Justliu llockmun to Hlbjl C. Oreunwuld from
htephen Hrocnwnld. and by Justice Uiwrcnre to
Ellsworth lu Slrlkur from Florence S. Striker,
Justice lluukinan has grunted u limited dUorco
to Cnrollno Y, Boll from Thomas L. I). Bell,
lan.ooo to thnrlty and ICdurntlon,
MoNTiin.iL Juno 4. J, II. It. Molson, Mon
treal's bank millionaire, by his lust will mado
ecenil bequests to Montreal's thurltuble
and educational Institutions. The Montreal
fUncral Hospital receives i(iJ0,0OOs Fraxer In
stltiltf, IrltO.OOO; Milllll University, $100,000:
Bishops Cullogu, H 0,000, uud the Church of
tho Messiah, tffi.tKK). Mr. MoUon also be
queathe! $10,000 lo tho Montreal Cemetery
trust for tho erection of a crematory in
lllsher Prices fur Ferry Irfwsra,
The Sinking Fund Commission voted yester
day to Increaso tho upset prlco of tho Liberty
strcot ferry lease from ifW.000 to 1110,000. tho
West T eiity-thlrd street lot ry Icusu from $10,
000 toaUl.Hlo, und tho Pino street forrj loaio
from 450 tu 500. Tho term of tho lenses was
ulao shortened, and the Comptroller was author
ized to readvertise the sale.
Ths Kidnapper, Probably Her rather, Itlsasw
pears la the Woods with Her,
Modnv VatuJOK, N. Y., Juno 4. Ella Clarko,
8 years old, was stolen from her home on
Traverse street. Port Chester, this afternoon
and taken Into Connecticut. Bho Is a daughter
ot Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Clarke, who, until a
fow woeks ago, lived In 100th street. Now York
Mrs. Clarke recently brought an action for
divorce on tho grounds of cruolty, and. taking
hor throo children, left hor husband and went to
Port Choster to live with hor mother. Clarko
has filed nn nnswor denying tho charges, and
has demanded tho oustody of the children.
The little girl was out playing to- day with
children of the neighborhood, when her mother
was startled by cries of "Mammal" "Mammal"
She ran to tho street and saw a man fast dlsap-
Soaring with Ella In his arms. She ran after
im and was Joined by neighbors.
Tho man crossed the river to Lvon s Point,
whore ho Jumped Into a rowboat nnd gnvo
Oscar Martin, a flshorman. 25 cents to row him
to tho Connecticut slrio. Hero tho kidnapper
disappeared In the woods.
Several nolghliors who saw tho man say that
It was Clarke. Ton years ago. whllo stopping at
a hotel In Port Chester, hornet Jennie Bwope, an
employoo of tho hotel, and became enamored
with her. The couple met In the uftomoonnnd
doped, nnd were married In Now York tho same
Clarko baa been employed reoentlj. as a book
keeper for Young & Co. of 310 Canal street. New
York city.
Secretary IVong Delivers Diplomas to Forty
seven Uraduafes.
Annapolis, Juno 4, Secretary of tho Navy
Long this morning delivered diplomas to forty
sovon graduates of tho Naval Academy. Ths
orator of the day was Capt. John Wilkes, A
graduato ot the Naval Aoadomy.
Secretary Long, In addressing tho graduating
class, said personal character Is essential to
making a good officer. All could not attain tho
distinction of a Decatur or n Farragut: but nil
could do his duty. This should be dono In times
ot peace, as well as in times of war. The honor
ot tho flag should be maintained under ull con
ditions. Tho ball to-night was the crowning feature of
the woek's festivities, nnd was a scone of bril
liancy and enjoyment. Tho armory, whore tho
dancing camo off, being ablaze with light and
Mrs. Cooper, wife of the Superintendent, and
Cadet Robert T. Wood of the second class ro
coivod the numerous guests. Gov. Lowndes to
night entertained at dinner at tho Exeoutivo
Mansion Secretary Long and the Board ot
atxntbltlen or Military Bnsrlneeiing In the Con
struction of a Pontoon Bridge.
Wbst Poimt, Juno 4. To-day tho third class
took up Spanish and French, and sections ono
and two ot tha first class wero examluod In inter
national, constitutional, and military law.
The military exercise for 5 o'clock this after
noon was an exhibition of practical military
engineering, which consisted in the construction
of a pontoon bridgo across a bay In the Hudson
River, by details from the first and second
classes, undor command of Cadet Captain II. S.
Morgan. Eleven pontoons and two trcstlos w era
used, and tho finished bridge was 273 feet In
length, over which the Board of Visitors wore
permitted to walk In ordor to tost Its merits.
To-morrow afternoon at 6 o'clock heavy artil
lery drill with soacoast guns will be conducted.
The Annual Cremation Drains the ltst Com.
mencement Eterclseo.
PiiiLADGLrniA. June 4. The 141st annual
commencement at tho University of Pennsylva
nia will be held noxt Wednesday. Commence
ment woek was ushered In to-night by the annual
cremation exercises on Franklin Flold. In addi
tion to the cremation the students, assisted by
tho Mask and Wig Club, performed a bur
lesque " A Night In Hades; or, Fun with the
Faculty." An Improvised stage was erected for
tho spectacle and the grounds wero Illuminated.
There was also a display of fireworks.
Bach Insists That Her Child Is Burled Under
the Same Bound.
PrrremJKO, Pa., June . Mrs. Stephen Mer
cer of Bellevue and Mrs. W. T. Hurst of Al
legheny have children burled In Bcllovuo Cem
etery. On Tuesday of last woek Mrs. Hurst
was planting flowers on one of tho graves when
Mrs. Mercer ordered her to desist.
"That's my child's grave." said Mrs. Mercer.
Tho sexton was called, and said tho grave was
that of Mrs. Hurst's baby. He explained that
Mrs. Hurst's child had been burled botwoon two
graves belonging to Mrs. Mercer.
A few days afterward Mrs. Mercer again
lsltd tho cemetery, accompanied by two men.
nnd had three graves opened. She Identified
the corpse" of her children by their shoes and
deported satisfied. .....
The Hursts have demanded an investigation
by the trustees.
Mrs. Coos-rove Ilun Down In Broadway at
Tblrtjr-third street.
Mrs. Jane Cosgrove. a widow, living at 120
West Eighty-first street, was run down yostor
day afternoon by a cublo car while crossing
Broadway at Thirty-third street. Tho dash
board struck her on tho head and her body fell
under the platform. Sho was rollod over re
peatedly for a distance of fifteen feet before tho
carame to a standstill. She was then uncon
scious. The Injured womau was taken to tho New
York Hospital, where it was found that her hip
had been dislocated and that two of her ribs had
been brokon. Her scalp had also been lacerated
by the guard In front of tho car whoels. Her re
covery, however. Is expected.
Policeman Gallagher arrostod tho grlpman,
Joseph C McAvoy of 227 West Sixty-sixth
Skull Fractured by Pall rroni Cable Car.
Martin Cauley, who llvos somowhero In Con
necticut, fell off tho rear platform of a Third
nvonue cablo car trailer at Fifty-seventh street
I Inst evening, and received a fracturo of the
Gov. Kllsrbe Orders an Inquiry as to tbe Tres
pass at tbe Hlate College.
CoLUitniA, 8. C, June 4. The South Carolina
Collcgo faculty this evening made n report to
Gov. Ellerbo, and askod him, us Coinmnudcr-In-Chief,
to take action against tho ofllcer re
sponsible for the trespass of the troops on tha
tollego green, which brought about the riot ot a
fow days ago.
Late to-night Gov. Ellorbo ordered n court of
Inquiry, with Stato Senator S. 0, Mnylleld ns
Judge Advocate
Part or the Uld Coleman House Leased,
Matthow J. Ward, u hotel broker at 115
Brondway, husurrangod to leaso from the Gil
sey estate for E. It. Thornton, a part of tho old
Coleman House on the west sldo of Broiidwny,
bctweon Twenty-soventh nnd Twenty-eighth
streets, which has not boon occupied b) tho
Metropolitan Hotel. Tho frontage on Broad
way Is about thirty-seven feet. There will be n
cute and the hotel olllco on tha ground floor, and
the thtrty-tlvo rooinswlll bo let to men, us tho
Iilacu Is to bo run as u barhulor hotel. It will bu
:nown us tho Thornton House,
Milliard railur,
JlAl.TIMOUH, Jutin 4, Mrs. Josoph Taylor,
widow ot Capt, J. J. Taylor nnd a Bister of tho
Hon. James II, Crosswtdl, who was Postmuster
undor Gon, Grant, was married last ovenlng to
Mr. William Henry Hllllard of Now York. Tho
icrouiony was private, taking place at tho homo
of Mr, Aloxunder Taylor, uncle of tha bride.
Mr. and Mrs, Hllllard will spend u few days at
Old Point Comfort and on June 20 will sail for
Paris. Mrs. Hllllard Is OH years ot ago and Mr.
Hllllard 70.
lllitlusulsbed .Men at tbe Irish Pair,
It was patrons' night nt tho Irish Fulr Inst
night, and tho Grand Central Palnro was
crowded, Among tlnno thoro were Judge O, P.
Andrews of the Hupremu Court, Chlof Bonnorof
thu Flro Department, ex-Ma) or Hugh J. Grnnt,
Chief of Pollco Peter Conlln, Coronor William
Dobbs, Abo Urubor, Judge M. J, Kcogh, Flro
Commissioner Le Grange, Edward Iaulurbacli,
Judge Joseph Nowburger, and MagtstratoT, F.
Killed In Prout or a Saloon.
Waller Stoward, 10 years old, n ircgro, of 40
West ninth street, died In front of William
Hoffman's saloon, at 34 West 135th street, at
1:43 o'clock this morning,
Hoffman was arrested for causing bis death,
Mrs. Eugenia Mclntlre of 40 West 135th street,
saw Steward thrown out of l salo and
poundod by Hoffman,
The n Urnnswlek noxer Does Mot Know the
peed with ITblrh lie Vousht Lavlsne
llerker Defeats Hal re atrausa Wlna on a
Poul rrom Ferns. Who Throws Illm Twice.
Eddlo Connolly of St. John, New Brunswick,
fought at won ty-round draw with JnckDalyof
Wilmington at the Broadway A. C. last night.
It was Connolly's first appearanco In tho ring
since his defeat at tho hands of Kid Lnvlgno,
and tho sports expoctod him to win In declslvo
fashion. In Daly ho found a hard, woll-tralnod
pugilist, who knew how to both glva and tako
punishment. In fact, on severnl occasions
Daly made the spectators bellovo that ho
might ultimately win. Connolly did not show
theBpeed with which ho was equipped when ho
mot tho light-weight champion. Ho was oaro.
ful nt all ttmos, nnd did not scorn to enre about
mixing things with his doughty rival. It would
have been an Interesting contest If It had gono
ton finish. The crowd did not number more,
than 1,000. Manager O'Rourko said thnt tho
club ofQclnls had rcconstdored tholr plan of
shutting down, and would run shows this sum
mor while he Is In California with Dixon nnd
Walcott. Tho bouts wcro all retereed by Sam
Austin, who gavo satisfaction.
Larry Becker of Bayonno mot Eddlo Hayes ot
this city In tho first preliminary bout of tan
rounds at 128 pounds. Becker, who had a six
foot floral horseshoe tn his coruor bearing tho
words " Coming Champion," forcod tho issue all
tho way through, and got tho verdict.
Tho second battle was Bomewhat sonsatlonaL
It was botweon Istdor Strauss of Philadelphia
and Jim Ferus of Kansas City, who were to go
ton rounds at 138 pounds. The moment the
first bell rang Ferus rushod In hurrl
cano style, and In a clinch ho throw
his opponont to the floor. For this ho received n
warning from tho referee, and Inspector Allalro
also ordered the men to stop such rough tactics.
Ferus, however, couldn't fight within the lottor
of tho rules nnd threw Htrnuss again, n hereupon
tho bout was stopped by the referoo and Ferus
was disqualified.
Connolly and Daly woro matched for twenty
rounds at 138 pounds. The betting was Inrgoly
In tho former's favor. Connolly was handled by
Jimmy Kelly, Joo Chonskl, Tim McGrath, nnd
Tom Lansing, In Daly's corner were Jimmy
Fogarty, Denny Holloran, Jimmy Howard, and
Charley McGlnnls.
Connolly demonstrated Immediately that he
was far and away tho cleverer tighter. In tho
first round he found an opening for a left on tho
Jaw and Daly's knees doubled up. Jack recov
ered quickly and took no ohancos during the
rest of tho round. Connolly continuod to do tho
work In tho second, Daly sending In severnl
heavy counters tn the body. In tho third Daly's
tactics were conllned to lefts for the hood, fol
lowed by rights for tho body. Connolly soon
mads his opponent clinch by uppor cutting him
hard and pounding him on the neck with his
Connolly forced his man to a corner continu
ally In the fourth and began putting lu bis blows
with more strength and rapidity than In tho
preceding rounds. Daly was vory strong In
countering, nnd Eddie took good care to block
off his heavy right. Daly mot his man In tho
fifth with a couple of heavy heart blows and a
powerful left-haud counter on the Jaw. The
sixth round was very even, Daly meeting his
rival with some powerful punches.
Daly had a slight advantage In tho seventh,
for he mtxod It up and camo within an ace ot
flooring Connolly with a couple of swings on
tha Jaw. In tho eighth thoy mixed It up with
tho result that honors were practically oven.
Connolly cut Daly's left eye open in the ninth,
and the latter began to show signs of weakness
In the legs, as ho fell down tw ice In clinches and
Tha bridge of Connolly's nose was cut In the
tenth, and Eddie rushoc in with several tndv
tmnches and n left on tho Jaw which sent Jack
down. Daly rolled over like a rubber ball,
leaped to his feet, and rushed into a clinch. He
was not hurt. Daly had tho eleventh round,
as he did some effective rushing, and
used a freo right hoavlly on his oppo
nent's ribs. Connolly got tho worst of a
warm mix up In the twelfth, Dal 's punches bo
lng docldcdly heavier and more cleanly deliv
ered. Connolly braced In the thirteenth mid
sent Daly half way down with a couple of quick
lofts In the stomach. He also swung n loft to
tho Jaw. which proved to be a staggerer. Daly
threw in Borne chopping blows, which mado
Eddie's nose bleed again.
Connolly forced tho fighting In the fourteenth
and had an advantage, which, however, was
nothing to boas' of. In tbe fifteenth Connolly
landod somo telling right-handers on the Jaw.
which put Dal) on ths defensive. Connolly put
plenty ot steam behind his swings in tha
slxtoenth, and Daly, who seemed to be grow
ing weak, narrow) escaped being floored twice.
It was oiin up In tho set cntcenth, both apjiear
ingto by n trine tlrod from t heir previous efforts.
Duly did more leading than tho other fellow In
the eighteenth, but neither had strength enough
to land any dangorous blows. Connolly braced
again In the nineteenth nnd had the round. Daly
cut loose lu tho last round and Connolly simply
blocked him off. The decision was a draw and
met w 1th general approval.
Gossip of the nina.
There Is a latter at thla offloo for "Spike" Built.
s. T. B., New York. They never met tn the rtnx,
although they wars matcned to box twenty. nvs
rounds at this cttr.
So 'Thuatait, East Orange, N. J. You can recetv
the necessary tutormailoa by addressing W. A.
Hradr, 1IV3 llroadway, this city,
Billy Whistler, who has a twenty. round draw to
his credit with Tommy White, would llxs lo meet
some one la his class, lit pounds.
A local olub offered a puraa of 84,000 to Joe
Oana,,tho Baltimore eolorod pugilist, to moot Kid
Laviitne lu a tnanty.rouod bout, dans refused to
Xesplio the fact that Jerry Barnstt war defeated
at tne Palace A. C. on last Wednesday night, ha waa
matched yesterday to meat Kddle Brlcker of Broox
In oa next Monday sight at the Empire A. C. of
Troy. Tho mill will bo for ten rounds at ixe
Billy Newman has matched Jack nurse to meet
Bill) Needham In a un round boat as a prellmlury
to the contest between Tatsy Haley and Jimmy
Dover, which is tn be decided at thoM'olu A. C. to
ntglit. Bob uwyer and Al Adams will lurnlsn tno
other bout, also of ton rounds.
Bare Sullivan's linger seems to be alt right again,
and ho Is reported to be In good shape tor his
twenty-round contest with Luxe Purse, vrblca
taxes placo to-ntgut before the Olymplo A. O. or
BurTalo. BulHrac and llurku will tight twenty
rounds for au ssOO purse, at 110 pounds.
Charley UcKearer writes from San Francisco to
friends at Philadelphia that tbe ouly excuse be has
tn oiler for being defeated by Oeorge Ureen Is that
the latte. la a middle weigh!, wutle he Is only in
tee light-weight ranks. MoKeever is eomlng Kelt
axaln and says that he will cnallengo Kid Lavlgne.
Jlns Konnedy has arranged an attractive card for
bta patrons at tho Matronal Mtnirttng Club. Istth
..-, and Vlhtti ainfttm tfl.talffht. Thu itHllmr ,1.
IIWV AMI. ..(aU.W s.uwuu .v-M.,,.... auv ..v... ...-
traction will be a tweuiy. round contest betweea
Oscar Gardner, the "Oman Uld," and Charley
Leopold of ths Clipper A. C, In tbe preliminary
bouts Bearles ot England will face Jim Cauineld
for ten rounds, while Ed Barry of Bosun will go
the same limit against Mite Martin of this olty.
Col. Johu flopxlns who looks out for ths fltlo
welfare or Dau Creadon, said to a reporter of Tint
Bit yesterday thai he did not Know exactly whun
Creadon would come to America and runt Ktd
UcCoy. Ho further sail mat Cresdou would not
tight for m cent less tuau 110, 00U, and that as aoon
as this part of the proposed maton nsi settled
creedon would conio to this country fortuwlth.
The cue of CaHper Leon and others, who have Iwcn
uuder ball pending tho result of the Injuries to Kd
ward ughau, who was defeated by l,on at thu
National Sporting Cluti ou May it, was disposed of In
the Harlem Court yesterday, Vaughau will recover,
und Capt Peery testtfled ttiat not one of thregtila
latlous governing exhlbltlous of thu kind hadlK.ru
violated, but that he arrtsted all perKOue Immediately
cont'rrurd ltcC4Usn ht feared vaugttau might illi.
Upon thu testimony Casper I.eon. James Carroll,
rrrerroi William Mnthens, time keeper; James K.
Kenntdy. uiaiugc r. aud L harles Whlto. John J. Hkully,
William llernun, and Frederick l'addcralr, aecouds,
were discharged.
Kentucky Noiind.Wunef lleuiocrnts to Hold a
Louisville, Ky Juno 4. Gold Democrats
aro preparing to hold a Stuto convention nnd
noiiiiuuto a candidate for Clerk of the Court of
Appeals, tho only Stato otllcer to bo chosen this
2 ear. It Is nlmust (crlulu that former Judi'o
Yost of the Superior Court will bu named, In
which casu ho will be Indorsed by tho Ilepub
caus. Gold Democruts will almost certainly bo
nominated for important taunt) nnd district
Iuflluis. Tho plan U fu ored by all tho louders ot
the Bound-money party.
tlov, firlvsa's f'oarhniau llvbbed,
I'ATKitaoN, N, J., Juno 4. John W, Brown,
colored, reported to-night that while ho nnd his
family wero absent from his home, at 148 Law
renco street, jcslorduy forenoon thieves tit
tered mid stole about t?150. The money bolongud
to tho church nrganlratlnii of which Brown is
treasurer, and wits locked In a trunk. Brown is
Gov. Uiiggs'a ooathuiun.
In Honor or Urorsn lloas.
Lanoastku, l'u., Juno I. A memorial shaft In
honor of George Hiiss, one of tho signers of tho
Declaration of Indcpcndcnce.wns dedicated hero
this afternoon. It stands upon tho spot occupied
until a comparatively fow years ago by tho
house In which George Uoss passed tho greater
part of his life, Mr. Boss's gro'tt-grauddaughtcr,
tho only living llueul descendant, was among
thoso present.
Two li-hour Limited trains each way, every day la
the year, between New York aud Chicago, via new
York Central and lis Michigan Central and Lake
chore connoeUoas.adY,
Is a beautiful poiscsfllon. If a woman owns ono, nnd W uBSLw? IssbbbbbbH V'IsbbbbbbbbbbI
It a Blnglo pearl drops oft tho Btrlng, nho mnkea Invito W JRtVKW GSRsyH taBBBBBBBBaa!
Good health Isnmoro vahmblo possession thnn n s-s' !? lfflal 'bbbbbbbbbbbb!
nccklnroof tho moit beautiful pearls, yet ono by ono rrr xjs VmJLw I i") bbbbbbbbbbbbI
tho jowelB of health Up nwny, and women seem In- BbbbbsW) VVjafety jILsbbbbbbbb!
different until It Is almost too Into, and thoy cannot Hsm S kL IraBBBBaBBaai
To dlo beforo you aro really old Is to under prema- HgH. ' BflHi ' Jbbbbbbbbbbbb!
turo death, nnd that Is a sin. It tn a sin becnuso jOgaflaxtWC'---. Ibbbbbbbbsbi ' IsbbbbbbbbbbbI
it In tho result ot repented violation of nnturo's jHflgHH ' ggauH
Pain, lansltutlo and weariness, Inability to sleep, jLLW gaLeW 'gaBBBBnanl
dreadful dreams, starting violently from sleep, aro all SK wtm JtsBBBBBBBBni
symptoms of ncrvo trouble. ?ttV sb6' 'sbbbbbbbbbbb!
You cannot havo ncrvo tronblo nnd keep your '.W Wy subbbbbbbbbI
health. In ninety-nine canes out of a hundred the 7 5r bbbbbbbbbbbb
womb, tho ovaries and tho bladder aro affected. They ' :
aro not vital organs, henco they give out soonest. ' y ' JsagsBBBBa!
Mrs. Lydla K. Plnkham'n Vcgotablo Com. V 'tgasBBBBi
tgfr. pound, by building up tho ucrvrn nnd restoring woman's organism Vj HH
affiB to Its natural state, reltovcs all theso troublcsotuo utcrlnonvmptoins,
tHf.HR In continuation of this we, by permission, refer to tho following M
jHkoJV women, nil ot whom speak from expcrlcnco : Miss CKLIA VAX H
i:S7lHBi . HOKN. 012 Shurswood St.. Philadelphia, Pa.; Miss Kbbb!
!gWM GRACE COIiLOHI), 11.11 Eastern Ave., Cincinnati, flaH
ubbbRTSI '; Mr' NKWl:i'r'. 00 Hycrson St., Urooklyn, N. ' f
PKV. Y,; Mrs. ISAUKIs OIlKItG, 11120 Chestnut St., Woburn, Isbbbbbbb!
IhAJ) Mass.; Mrs. A. II. COLK, Now llochello, N. Y., ami many iganH
ir For special symptoms Mrs. Plukham has prepared a '''(Ibbbbbbbb!
sfE&Jxsi Sanatlvo Wash, which will euro local troubles. Givo theso Vbbbbbbb!
&V7'"KB medicines a trial. H
iw&t Wrlto to Mrs. PInkham, Lynn., Mass., If you aro not qulto . j t
V Butlsfled; you can address private questions to a woman. H
Tbe Convention Decides That It Shall Us Into
KrTect on June lo.
Wilmikqtok, Dol June 4. Tho Constitution
al Convention, which began Its labors on Dec
1 last, completed Its work thU afternoon, and
fixed June 10 as tho dato on which tho now In
strument shall go Into effect. All of the thirty
members slgnod tho documont oxcept Col. John
P. Donahoo of Wilmington, whose principal
objection was tho Bcctton providing for the trial
of election offenders by Judges instead of by a
iuryj Twcnty-threo of tbe thirty members votod
to promulgato tho documont, but the others,
with the exception noted, appended their names.
Tho Governor will name tho new Judgos next
week for terms of twelve years. It is expected
thnt the presont bench will bo sclooted with one
oxccptlon. Thero Is u proviso that tho Judges
shallnotall betaken from thesamo party. "1 hat
means tw o Republican Judges out of tho thirty.
Janes n. Ireland lias Fifty-nine Living De
scendant. FltANKFOnT, Ky., Juno 4. James B. Ireland
of Stanton. Ky., to-day celebrated tho 100th
year of his life. Appropriate exercises were held
at Sandy Creek Church, where soveral hundred
peoplo gathered. , .... .
Sir. Ireland has thirty-two grandchildren and
twenty great-grandchildren.
Brilliant Sport Antlrlpaled at tbe Hew York
A. C. Spring Uarano.
Society nnd athletics will run In the samo
groovo this afternoon, tho attraction being the
spring games of tho New York A. C. nt Travcrs
Island. The sport w ill open with tho 120-yard
handicap run. In which the two scratch men are
the noted colleglato sprinters, J. II. Colfelt of
Princeton and It. D. Hoffman. Both are down
to carry the" winged foot," whllo tho Knicker
bockers are represented by J. W. Ehrlch of
Columbia, who looks dangerous on the two-and-ono-half-yard
mark. Colfelt has tho post of
honor In tho 250-yard handicap run.
Tho one-mile run, Bcratcb, looks llko being ono
ot the sensations of the afternoon, as It brings
about another meeting between Gcorgo W.
Orton of the University of Pennsylvania and J.
F. Crcgan of Princeton, who rnn first nnd second I
for tho intorcolleglato championship. Tho 4 to- I
yard run, with o handicap limited to twenty
yards, will Introduce Thomas K. BurKo of Bos- j
ton University, tho celebrated International j
champion ot tho distance. Ho is sot to give
starts to tw o or thrco rivals who can do around
50 second', so that a fast and exciting
raco Is assured. Burke is also entered for the
scratch half-n-niile run. Tho high hurdlo rare
on the turf is bound to bo Interesting, with E.
C. Perkins, tlio Intercollegiate champion, on
serutch, and such flyers as Van Ingon and
Thompson of Yolo In receipt of starts. The
throc-mllo handicap run should be another
prominent feature.
Tho field events, which nro alwnys high class
at Tw ore Island, will bo especially soon this
occasion, as a cluster of "cloven footers are In
for tho pole vault, while the greatest broad and
high Jumpers of tho jcur are entered for their
specialties. The redoubtoblo Flanagan will
Jugglo with tho hammer.
A Denont tor tbe De La Salle Athletics.
The students of De La Sallo Instltuto held
what was termed "An Evening In U mnastlcs "
In Columbus Hull, Slxtloth Btrcot, near Colum
bus avenue, last night. In nld of tho Track and
Athletic Association of tho school. For the llrst
time In ten jcars tho school was compollcd to
abandon Its annual track games this season, ow
ing to n lack of noeossnn funds. The proceeds
of last night's exercises wero to go toward
placing tho Athletic Ateoclntlon on a substan
tia financial basis for tbe coming season. Thero
was a good-sized crowd present.
Under tho direction of August Slado, tho
gymnastic Instructor of the Instltuto, about
flftv students went through the Interesting
drill, consisting of club swinging, tumbling,
tho parallel bars, spring board, nnd bigli horse
Jumping. Tho evenings entertainment wound
upnlth n largo p)r.iiuld, which was cloverly
Homing; Plgrone' Hare from Charlottes llle.
Tbe nou milo old lilrd race of the Manhattan Hom
ing Pigeon Club of New York and Ilrookljn. wldi'h
was scheduled to tako place on Mav 111), was post
ponid until last Tuesday, owing to unfavorable wea
tlur The -i'O Idrds fruru twenty nve lofts were ltl
erated at Chnrlnttex llle. Va., at B o'elock In the
morning hy J. M. Murphy, who wired: "Weather
elf ar, and wind from the south." At home It waa
elear, with a stlrf northwest wind blowing Tho re
sult was as follows
Oirner, Uiltt. At Zioiiie. Jier mln.
H J.i'iiiiingford . 808 71 la.uos isni45
c p.suiweuk . aon.lii is si s r.'utin
j. Prior 301 Irt llt.Ko.lT ISO!) .IS
T.J.Clarke SOS Bl lliiailUt 1x01.54
JohnCadoo . .. aOfi Bl lyHllO HUD B& I
! bchurdlng JUS till 18 !IT6I lluvl.ll
Jas Hughes . . ..10141 18:9-8T IlBrt.OU I
Jos.fNCholl 3IU87 1U.270M 11U5B1
I II. (tunning 80I.SW 111 .11 1100 8S
L. W h nuvelll . S0l.S 18 110:8.1 UHs.Ui)
Hy llnAheni ... HOI. IS 18..II Bl 1I8.V17
John Fischer . .1104 80 18 H8.0B llhOSI ,
Clliw Hthaefer U IS 88 ISlSs-W HM.O"-!
T Fred Unldinan soioi 18 113 IB 1IS07!I
Hoorgr Pitman ....not 90 18.IIV10 117W7U
O.W.Arthur 301.UI 18 HI Ilrtll.lIU
Til Llddle . . , !108.(J8 15 to IH 1154 1):,
J.C. Las HOI H8 1 i! 48 Oil 1148.3H
Drown pros . . '1(11 on 18 1.187 liasilj
II Itoberlson .. .fll)J04 18 47-Jrt ll.17.BH
ll.Kenney JOI 83 18..-.II 31 1J88.7"
K. T llnrtman 'in.l VO I mi 4B 1105 01
S corbJtt . . .108 01 II (14 48 M1IH8
OtloWallir 11U1 14 11 M H8 Hftx
The next rurn Is scheduled to be Mown on next bun
da), from Rooky Mouul, Vu n dttlaum of 400 miles.
The Illinois Court tt III llo Ashed to Ilea train V . Bbbbbbbbi
CJov. Tanner from Blg-nlng It. gSBBBBBBBBa
BrnmoFlBLD, 111., Juno 4. Tho Senato psssod ffgnnnn
tho Allen Street Hallway bill this morning by a Bgfl
vote of 81 J et to 1H nays. Three hours later
tho House took up tho niooaure, and after nn Hssbbbi
hour's debate concurred In tho Sennto amend bbbbbI
moots, and passed tho bill by a voto of ti'J to TO. 'SsbbbbI
It Is rumored that tho opponents of tho bill will bbbbbbb!
tako tho matter to tho Supreme Court, and try H
to prevent Its enforcement. Tho contention aBBBBBBBBnl
will bo mado thut tbe bill did not pass the Hen- ILbbbbbbI
nto legally. Inasmuch ns It was not rend three II jIIsbbbbbbI
times tt large In the Senato as tho Constitution 'SSbbbbbbbbI
provides, and n writ will bo asked for to prevent , jgaagaH
the Governor from signing the measure. If ho bsbbbbbi
signs the bill n writ will be asked to prevent tho HIibbbbbbbi
Chicago City Council from granting franchises lgsBBBBBi
under the act. IksbbbI
One or tne Sophomores Who Was suspended lias bbbbbbbbbI
lleen Stricken with rarnlyala. BBBBlBBBBBn
RocnhflTF.lt, Juno 4. A sequel to tho Austin bbbSsbbbbI
hazing cpisodo on tho night that tho University Bsbbbbb!
of Rochester freshman held their class supper BbbbbbbbbI
last January was mado public to-day, when tho , ILbbbbbI
announcement was made that AY. Martin Jones, -bbbbbbbb!
Jr., ono of the throo sophomores suspended for ssbbbbb!
participation tn tho affair, had been stricken iSgann
with parAlysis. Tho stroke Ii Bald by his phy- fJCgann
slclnns to nuvo been directly tnuscd by worry lgaBBBn
ovor the sentence Impose 1 upon him b tho sbbkbbbbb
faculty, which made It Impossible for him to fsBBBBBai
pursue his studies, not onl) in tho University ot hVgsBBBBi
I Rochester, but in any coiloga in tho United (Manama
Slates, for a period of one year. bbbbbbbbbi
I Thu young man is n son of the candidate for ZfBffBm
State Attorney-General of tho Prohibition party, faH
V. Martin Jones. agaBBBBBBa
Knollwood Defeats Tuxedo In a Team Match fganal
Fixtures ror To-Day. 4gsBBBBBn
A team match remarkable for tho good golfing jhbbbbbbi
by every contestant was played at the Knoll- IMbbbbbi
w ood Country Club yesterday between teams of Mbbbbi
six representing tho homo club nnd the Tuxedo SflnBBni
Club, One pair finished all even, J. B. HarrI- TaSBBBBai
man nnd William Kent, nnd Grenvlllo Knno Just sbbbbbbI
managed to defeat his Knollwood opponent. fJaaBBBBBn
All the other matches resulted In favor of tha aaBBBBBBi
Knollwood players, giving the tctory to them jH
by sixteen holes to one. Summary follows: bVbbbbbs
It M. Harrlman 4jlt. Talbot 0 Mbbbbbb
L E VanGtten. b .0. Van Cortlandt 0 SaBBBBl
N. C. Reynal fl'E. C.Kent 0 SbbbbI
J Ponlen Harrlmun .. 0 William Kent 0 H BBBBBI
A. P Kelley uiClrenYlileKan 1 O BBBBBI
J.B. Taller 3 1 Alfred heton, Jr 0 H BBBBBI
Total .Till Total .T ffanaBn
Tbe scoring by strokes was quiet low for a SbbbbI
team match. II. Hnrrimnn was 81 to Talbot's iSJbbbbI
BO. while Heynal mndo tbo eighteen holes In 6 3 bbbbbbbI
nnd Van Etten in PI. BbbbbI
The fixtures for to-day nro as follows: BbvbbI
Uateh between the Philadelphia Countn club and 'anVaBBi
the stateu Island Cncxet and baseball Club, at tbe bbRbbbi
Livingston links. bbbJbbi
Rt Andrew's against the West Point Golf Club, at vBaattBai
Weet Point. IbbWsbbI
Falrdeld County Oolf Club In a tram match at 'sbbv!bBB1
Anlelry. bbubv
Finals In the foursome match that legan on Decora- t bbtWbb
tlon Day. at theltocXAway Hunting Club sPut-9nB)
Members' handicap, at the Shlunecook Hills Oolf Pwibbbi
Club filial
Flt of a series of weeklr handicaps open to tho P'UpiH
members and their guests, at tbe Haltusrol dolf Cluh. sillBBa
l'Ia ror the Jackson Cup, at the Country Club of fit -91
Westchester. KU aLV
Another match In the series for the nerl-ert L. Pratt Jsw -4Tfl
cup, at the Queens County Oolf Club jE2 K
I Men's luontblj handicap for the Wheeler cup, at tbo vl L
I Jluntelalr Oolf Cluh gj H
Finals In the semi-annual contest for tho Chapman Erl tM
cup. the Flsketipeomiwtltlon. and tlio llrst monthly 1' M
handicap, at the Hillside Tennis aud Oolf Club. p Wj
Tho Wlnd.l'p at rinillco. tty
lULTinonx. June 4. Tho spring meeting at Plmlloo M
endetl this af ternoon with threo haruoia events an 1 a vrj M
steeplechase. Tom Medium won the uuBntshed 8.17 fJI Sj
tnt with very little trouble. In the8.:iS paeeSamar- TO H
Itana was plckel to win, but after getting two heats. jr3 H
i 0wj Olrl beat hemut for first money. The know. BJj M
I lugonesinet a similar fate Inlhe 8.3B trot, whhh nai .1
j with bv Vie Wood In straight heats Hulmau, tho PJ S
favorite, fluls'.ied thlnl. The steeplechase won easy Pit
for Little Olant, tho favorite. Tho 8:14 pace was do Kg '
clared off. summaries: f H fl
8:17 class, trottlugi purse 1500: && sjH
Tom Medium, blk, s , by lllley Medium TM
(Pawling) Sill Hj
llnppt f.ad,b m (Turner) 1 u S B rig ,v
WulterHerr, .h g. (Mllbourn) 8 8 :i tl ftS IM
Happr Mlunle, b m. (Seatlirgood) 4 4 3 iV 'M
hlasilatex-ood.b m (Miller) 0 4 8 3 fiS 19
Commercial Olrl, b. in (llramlry) 7 B a 4 iff. 'iM
Troth. I), in. (CUpplngerj 5 b Ur i'A M
Mlada, b. m (Cannon) 8 7 dr. 7vR m
nl... ..,.11.1. O lL. .1 at., U .,1 W B
8.HS class, pacing! purse $100. 'JS iW
Oypsvillrl, hlk m (Isabel) . 7 B 1 1 1 , JE WR
Samurllan.b m (Miller) 1 II 1 n u 8 tr8 ZM
lro,tbury, ch g (Miiltln fi a J 4 fi dr 'HI-'m
31 tun, b. m. (Turner) ... h B 4 8 8 dr 'itM
Bable Solr, blk m tWnn) 3 4 H 8 a Ur d '.M
Ami Avon, g m. illumes' . 10 H .'I 3 4 dr .ftlil
i hlmesUuir.li. in, by Chimes iDwjeria 1 H B dls im
llelmareh b. g lOrnenwaj) ,. 7 10 (I u ilr ! i9
Fgerla. h m (Hues) n t) 7 7 dr St ftl
Oakley Olrl, b m (A. Merrrlleld) ..4 II dls 1 1 & la
W F.br t! ihlmoud) ..11 dr ' fl
Tllne-8 Hi. 8.87Si. 8 88. 8 841,, 8.8l)l, 8'87l.. , ? I'l
8.j.1elius, ironing purse ijliio. r J J
Vie Wood b m ,b i melius (Hancock) lit i Jnifi
Mike, b g (tlreenway) 8 B 8 Sft'I
llulinoii.br b (ll.ii 7 8 a .M ft
l.iiudnn, b s (l'ose ) 5 ; : .1 IJf.E
Wlltou lie. Ii g illughiw) 8 0 4 1-lit II
Cieerlix, blk. in Kidrord) 4 8 7 . SM 1
James It, b, c (bluton) II 7 B JJl
bporl, rh c. vMornll) 3 4dls Pfllli
St Agllis.li in illarni'S) . 1) ills "'I'H
Time i 81 Hi, .' llll.8'8J'4, ilfii
Meeplerhasv, oit full course, uliout two miles and Ml M
a half i geutlt'iueu rldemi pursn s8B0 (nhttl
Utile lllant, h K cV. C Nicholas) I jS i
Patrolman oh g lysoui ,, . , , ,,, ,,,, ..a Hl II
lip, b g, ill. I! TI.ouilnc.il) 8 . J
So lime, fi.H'It
r t "Ati ft
1 Yours for fe 1
I Good Health igf I '
g The danger to dlRestton and health that menaces those who eat M ,1 1
N lard-shortcncd or lard-fried food is happily not found in Cottolene. I ' ffe r ':
id Mndc of the best beef suet nnd the highest p-nde cotton-seed oil. ' i "Mtit '
W Cottolene is a pure, clean ond healthful vegetable food product, con- ' TJS L ,'
a taitiinff. neitlicr tho greasiness or odor of lard nor its indigestible I ' aS. I
p qualities, ond it strongly endorsed by cooking experts and physicians. ' E li
tS Tho genuine Is sold verynhera In one to ten pound tins, with onr trade-marks "CWfo rjuf ' )(
ra ens" and slcxr's hunt lu colon-planl tcrsaiA oa very tin, Kol x uanntaed If sold la I ''vSli tlf
g any other way. Wade only by Y&J fL
j THE H. K. FAIRKCOMPAHT, .8J.'4?! Jj ..M"' 1 'M W
" l mm m
j- Ail

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