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wii'fl n t , . . . .-. - . H;
I ill ;'
It pii R jvvojacxr nr default against
ri1 '7 It .tjie m is 11 roLvmcrmts.
11 ; J , - r.
K 'I f ir ThriTmrt To, Thy fan tie Hesard
It ' : j ' Merita or Tbelr Claim In Waal la
I tLl Hear Arm a Military Ort-anlaatlan
ifyj Vbla ftseuraiatcftei-vlce ta the Mllltla t
Hf i The caae of Jamei Moran agalnit the Police
Ml - ' Depart mont-of this city came up before Justice
fU l l'ryo'r ' the Supremo Court yoeteniay morning.
, j I Tli 1 1 la an action brought llttln more than a
j i, j! ( year ago against the Police Commissioner,
m jjl after tho Commissioner had refused to urant
I' ' i J tnthe'lrish Volunteer, of which organisation
I' V Mr. Moran la the Colonel, a permit to parade
K , ( tinder arms on Decoration Day, 1800.
, f After tho permit to parade under arms was
B 111 rcfuscil. Col. Moran. on behalf of tho Irish Vol
s' ' I A untoora, aued the Police Commissioners and
B ! -,' j Chief Conltn, demanding Judgment against
B j y IB f them,-"that they bo forever restriilned from
If ' Bv Interfering with any street parade with fire
Bl I Ml " rm wu'co ,aul military org-anUatlon may
li f ,' laT 3 make, and that they be particularly restrained
K ! 7 ' at Bml en-ned from Interforlnii with tho parade
B- I IB i which said organization contemplates on May
B 1 j ;fl, i so, l80n, wltU cost and such other and further
' ., 1 ' rollef In the promises as to tho court may seem
B ,( ' Just and proper."
Hi , ij ' Thechlof object of tho suit was to tret the bet-
B ; i ter of tho Police Commissioners for the time be-
' ', 1 Intrand tomako It possible for tho Irish Volun-
Bj 11', tei-ra to parade. What Col. Moran really wanted
Bh' 1 I I was to obtain an Injunction against tho Com-
i : ' u, . mlsslonors, trinpuriirlly restraining them from
If i ' I Mopping the parade.
Bj, I '-' ;' Since then tho caso liar, dragged along, having
Br i ! ' been ndjournod from tlnioto lime, at the request
Di. I '. If' - of one or (he other parties In Intercut. Uov.
BMv 1 .' r Dlnck and Atljl.-flen. TIllhiKhast havo. however,
Bj, ' teen anxious to have the caso tried, and, n few
BJ, ' weeks ago, the Uovcrnor ordered Major Henry
BJ H. Van lluzer. Jttdgo Advocate of the First
Bj I' , Ilrigado of the National (luanl, to nocinto
H-' I' himself with 1I10 Corporation Comixel In the
H' jt preparation and trial of the onto for the do-
BE j- fendantpi. Therefore, tvlillo the nominal do-
Bk 1 fendanta are tho Police Coiiimlsslonera nnd the
BR. li Chief of Poltco, tho roal defendant Is the Btnto
llj 1 of Sew York, or. rather, tho Cotmnandor-ln-
H' J Chlof of the Htnto militia, who Is tho Ciovcrnor.
IV. ' m The defendants want tho caso ilisnilised nnd
H If tho plaintiff and Ids orgnnlrntion forever cti-
H' (l Joined trotu iiarnditiK under iirmn. Tho ile-
KK, (j fendauta assert that every time the Irish Volun-
Bit 9 B'' teersparado underarms thev do bo In violation
mm 9' m of section 147 of chapter tii'J of tho Un of
ft JH93. which Is dciilgnated the Military Code.
h The tlrntpnrngraphofthls section roads:
Mv " Military parades by unntitliorlicd bodies
K( prohibited. No body of men other than the rcg-
l; H ularly organlred corps of the N'ntlonal Ounrd
.' jl' . and militia and the troops of the United States,
If' 1 ' except such Independent military organizations
It I I as v croon the !!:ld day of April, 18811, and now
Mj' I' 1 1 nro In existence, shall associate, themselves to-
Mi r n gether nun military company or organization.
K If U or paradoin public with firearms In nny city or
w i town In this Stale. Any person vlo-
V i latlng nny provision of tills section shall be
V t H guilty of a misdemeanor."
Bl1 I J TlmdefendantH hold that the Irish Volunteers
U 1 ; were not nn Independent military organization
K) MS within tho meaning of tho.MIlltary Code, that
H. j r & thor ern not In existence as an independent
B w 1 military organization on. April -3. 168:1. and
aJi II I that they wcro not continuously in existence
Bl;' fl I from that untaup toand locIudin)rMay4, lH'KI,
Wt', i, I w hen tho present Military-Code went into effect.
Bit fl I m! defemiauts nseert that to fall to establish
Hfl M 6 any of these throo prnnosltlons aftlrmatlvcly
a! W J would defeat the plaintiff.
HS) H ' The defendants assert tl.nt tho law origi-
HH ffl 9 lnliy specicd, by name, thoso urganlrntions
HM m H j whlin were excepted from the provisions of tho
BEr 1 if section quoted, and they then point to the hls-
! 1 SI tory of tho Irish Volunteers to show that they
BWi 1' H nuld not possibly have becu in exlstcnco con-
M 1 B tinuously from lt;83 to 18113. Ily thoiitUdavlU
BBl I H of a dozen or more Irishmen they show the his-
Hj Ja tory of nil the Irish military organizations in tho
1 jg, city, and from tbeso nllldavlu tho conclution
L Z H dravn is that Col. .Moron's Irish Volunteers have
S 11 botn In exUtcnco only two or thrco years.
HB a Col..JIoran, on the other hand, asserts, and he
HBI S Iwicks up hlrt assertions by a formidable array of
HII1 fl II, nrll'iavttn from persons who say they are mem-
HB) I M Ujrsof tho Irish volunteers, that his organlza-
mmWl m Ml I tfun is not onty an independent military organ-
HS 1 jl izatlon. but that it wai in existence in 1883 and
Bblfl M Jv 't li 14 tvpti ever Rlnrn.
D fl Notwitbatnndlnj; his assertions and his af-
Btl - I ' 'B1- ' ildavlts, hueicr. Col. Moran neither In person
BMt ' ' tffK 110r counsel appeared in court yesterday
tSL S..' ' morning, and judgment wa given lo the dc-
j W fendanta by default. In order that thetaBc may
M , If ', bo riocidoil on Its merits, however. Justice Pryor,
W ' I if ' nt the request of Major Van Duzer, consented to
n K HsMil to tho argument-iot: coiiusct and set the
Ell ' ; . . (ao down for Friday morning. Major Van
S ; lluior will present hla sido of tho case at that
JB9 time. If Col. Moran sees lit, his counsel may
HI I "" argnc nt that time.
Mtw ' '' Since beginning the preparation of the case,
HI' in ' Major Van Duzer has learned that persons, act
U ' ' B ing for the Irish Volunteers, have been engaged
BQ ' ' II ' In the work of discouraging persons from join
Hal ' jl Ing the National Guard. These persons. Major
uB '. M . Van Duzer has learned, have been particularly
BaB 1 ' HI' activo among laboring men, the argument usexl
BBl IS ' - ' Induce laboring men to keep out uf the Na
BH ' m tional Guard being that.tho guard is used chlcrlv
J in to " shoot down laborers." Hero is a sample of
BBl ' a 111" ' the letters said to have been sent out u:i behalf
Hf I jfl of tho. volunteers:
-, p m "New York, AprlllS, 1897.
I t E Bf " Tht Stcrttnrv af Hit Cork Sir n' AtBuclatton, lndt-
H tt ft jKMdrncM nail, yew York,
uf , I if I "Dear Sin: It Is with sorrow I notice tho
SB - 5 ' ' worlclnginan Is still being deceived into Joining
Wm a m ' thoso so-called State regiments. Is he yet so
MM n m dumb that ho don't tumblo to thn fact that there
1 1 '( WL Is nothing in tboo State Nutloaal Uuurd tcgi-
X9j ' &"fi menta but expense, trouble, and Ludlow Street
li! W W -'a" " out ' work and unable to pay bin duenf
Wvt ft M " our countrymen want military training, let
Sa ' B 18 ' them Join Buch an organization as the Irish
U w m Volunteers, where he con resign when he wnnts
BBjj m mi to, and needn't go shooting down his follow
I. m worklngmenlntlmesof strikes. Kindly rend this
K t it 1 letter to your mombera or pass It around to each
BB I' m cne t-'iat 'c mny oct aB " reminder against join-
L- H ' Ing those regiments. Fraternally yours,
... I jB " Owkx SAitsriELU. Itoom 8, Crystal Palace."
BaB y K H- , Crystal Palaeo Is tho name sometimes given,
BBl 11 colloquially, to the Grand Central Palace, the
BBl S Ri t headquarters of tho Irish Volunteers. There
BBPI H ' are our SursHelds In the directory, but nono
BH -': Vi whose name Is Owon. In paragraph a or the
BH ' ffij li aununons and complaint served on the Police
BH ,W, n ' Commlsslouora when Col. Moran brought suit
HBl K K' against them is this statement:
Hi B' Er The said Irish Volunteers was organized for
BBl?, Hfi B tne Purposo of Instructing Its members in the
frUv jKttV use of tirearms and In tho alsciplino and drill of
IHHSIak ' a military organization, so that they might be in
EaaBj T IT ', '" a nt ond Proper condition to support tho rights
IHH II' n an liberties of the people, and to enforce the
HHk liW: m, ,aws of toe Btate of New York If called upon by
HHPill'-IT the military authorities of the State."
aVM T'lr ti ! yo TAX K-r-K3iiro.v.
HHI ' li ot ""- "
aHH ' 11 Clttsens of Waahlngtou Aluit Pay Taxes aa all
ft S Tlielr lropfrt).
BbBmb ttr"
HJ ; I U Seattle, June 3. Tho Supremo Court of tho
IHM ', I !!' Btate.'of Washington has just banded down a
I Hi l I decision that deprives the taxpajers of this
Hal 'Bf H Btato from any tax exemption. This was
jHj J 1 I ft brought about through thouctlon of the single-
'BJ i B j !' ' tax advocates In endeavoring to apply their
,H At' J '- 1 principles by raising tho exemption from WOO
it 1 f. to8S00at the last session of the Legislature.
,Hfl II I Under the old law every property owner was
tmm h entitled to tax exemption on property to tho
-.HB ' i ' amount of 9300; under this decision no general
. H9 iai M property escapes tho assessor or tax gatherer,
. -tm excepting public cemeteries, free public libra-
t Ml AmM rieB, churches, lire engines owned by municl-
I aHfWr palltles or by volunteer companies, hospitals,
:HEk-BK orphanages, charltablu Institutions, growing
1 BBI$hH nursery stock under four yearn' growth, and
''IHH j-EH vessels under construction. There la no longer
,HBr ER modifying clause in tho State Constitution
t 1W 1 llnco the rendering of this decision, and all
tBBLB taxes must be paid, even to one dollar's worth.
HKr- C' ,
IUK ' the Fn.lTJD of tba day.
'tHaKln f ee you Set Carter's,
'hhHIi s for arter's'
fllJ Insist and demand
SI ' GARTER'S Little Liver Pills,
I HI )" The only perfect
jHr - Liver FilL
jK , Take no other,
!hh; Even if
flaHl-il Solioited to do sa
pHH Beware of imitations
Bl! of. Same Color Wrapper,
'HrJ 1 RED '
"aKatJ? - -'- - ..... - - , , , MM -aMaMMgaaaaaaai
rrjBKKzr chop jimzxrnr.
Crawta nardea by tba Cmtlne Oala
Wabiii.notdv, June 8. Tho crop bulletin la
sued by tho Weather Ilnrcau rcporti tho week
loo cool tor growth generally, the only exception
being in tho Southern States. Italn Is needed on
the north Pacific coast. Corn made good prog
ress In tho Southern States, but In the central
and northern districts low temperature ha
retarded growth, while poor stands are reported
In tho Ohio Valley, tho Lake region and Now
England, and somo Injury from froat In Wiscon
sin and South Dakota.
Cotton as a whole Is backward, only a Blow
growth being reported for tho week. Slight Im
provement I reported In Georgia, Arkansas, and
Louisiana, ltcplantlng continues In northern
Texas, though growth Is retarded by cool
weather. Other sections of the State roport fair
growth, with somo Injury by rain. ,
Winter wheat harvesting is general In Bouth
em States, extending as far north a southern
New Jersey, and wlu begin In Kansas In ten
days. Spring wheat retarded by cool weather
and some damage la reported In Minnesota and
the Dakota. Italn Is needed for transplanting
tobacco in Tenncaseo nnd the Ohio Valley. Most
of tho Marland crop has beenplanted. In Con
necticut. Virginia, and North Carolina the crop
Is not doing well, but more favorable reports are
received from Florida, South Carolina, and
Special talegraphla report follow:
Now Kngland Season very backward In main;
seeds germinating slowly; soma corn rotting
In t bo hill; present conditions, causlnr tobacco
plants to turn yellow and die, may result In de
creased acreage.
New York wheat, early rye. clover, and gen
erally oats, growlne finely, but ranch corn and
potatoes rotting: transplanting tobacco begun;
caterpillars greatly damaging apples.
New Jersev Too cool for tender vegetation;
frost of 1st and 2d did some damage; webworms
very destructive In Cumberland county, whero
whole Held of corn have been destroyed; wheat
and hay harvest begun In southern Bectlon;
rains retard cultivation In northern counties.
Pennsylvania Too cool for corn and much
replanting necessary; wheat, rye, clover, and
pastures doing well: oats fair: hay prospects
fair to good; most truckers' crops doing well,
but backward. , ..... ..
Marvland and Delaware Night unseasonably
cold. Checking vegetation; whoat.oat. ryo, and
grass in lino condition: wheat ha headed out
well: tobacco mostly planted: corn improving;
potatoes nnd tomatoes growing nicely; black
berries promise large crop.
new York ntoelc Ksrhaage Aalea Jaae a.
3USli.r.lS07XlOs, 2n84s,c,19124S
Bid. Atklt. Bid. Atktd.
CnSt . r. UnSt 6,, r.
tplnfO. 00 1004 113S 113T.
Cn St 4. r. Un St 5, o,
1607 110S 111 1001 113S 113i
Un St 4i, c. Cn St B. r.
1907 112 118 1R8 101
VJnM 4s, r. CnSt fl,r.
1B2S 124' 124 ! 104a
Vn St 4s, c.
19S5 124S 124-l
30 Atchadj 4.... 40"a! 1 SorP 1st. c....ll8Tt
48 ....i 40ilOfYSl,tro101:,4
32 40U 10.VJCengnl3i.rlOB1
6 49', 1 NJOngnl8i..Hlia
61 AtcfcgnMt S3' C Ill
41 84 1 Nash & Chst cn 08
25 833 10NT,CStL4il04
14 83" 2 104"s
12 83 16 105
1 Ann Arbor 4.. 7D 3NWsfdebS.
aAuitXWllt. 84'! 1932 116
5 84l lSY.OtWrli 03
1 n.C'RSS ltt..l05 lOOrllkX 4 84"s
1 Brook KT 5s... 75 I 7 0reSI.e H9
2 Br wa W Ss... 07! 50SUunen.tr 76
lBrKlltt.tr... 74! 1 Pscof Mo SJ...102
1 Brook UnOB, 11 2'4 1 Peo. D K 1st.. 93
O LIM IK J V.. MO. AAV m. .-.. .., w . A j
0 Cb.lOgnUM 74 5 P. B& I. E 1st.. 103
2ChiftO.RftA 1 1024
ltcn4 ..102 3 103
8C&s&Oflt.l911121V 1 IliPItU lit. ..120
lC.BtJf 5s.. .104 1 0 Rock IslOs.r... 133
12C. BQcnT5s.l03 19 Rock ll ex 6 1 06
4t:,BQ4.Nex 01 3 Readgnl 4i.... 82
4C, UAU 7 120,10 82
11 12042 82
4, 120 lORtoOWl.t.... 73
5P, BQreb5n.l01 6 8t P4Minnlstl30
1 101 2 St PftMlnnen.131
4ronaofChle I 3 131
El 08 10!P;M.MC6121
2 97 5 St P 3I cn
6 07 4V 107
3 Oft Otli At lt.H8 4Stl,ftSFg5. 09
5 rblrAXPlst.tr 41 1 09
6 CI Cantlst.tr 88 12 St bfts F 4s.... 08
5 rrjlc&KIen!5100 , 4 08
4C.I.StI.tCh4s.l01 10 07
1 CJi E 1st 100 1 St P 1st d 105
6 109 3 stl'snl 4s 102
1 Erlecu 1st ....141l20StPcon 135
2 141 1 StrriitltD
24 Erleprlorbds.. 90 ex 130
6 00 1 StPftNorP6sl28
18...." 00 2 St I.SW 1st... 07
1 KrgnlllrnS-ts. 06 lStaaRT6s.. 08
HKTennBs 108 1 07
2BTenn 1st 110' 11 00
0 110 3 00
7 EdIonKIlst..ll3 15SA APlst4 68
2 EillKIcnO..113 1 SoU'witSs.... 91
0 Ft Worth 1st... 00 16 01
8 01 0 91
8 , 00 64 01
1 OaPac 1st ftftsllS 8StJftOIlst.tr 67
1 Hsrleni 1st, r.,110 1 68
2HftTristBi..ll2 4 68
1 111 10 60
9 If TC mil 4s. 08 lTftPlstS 88
HMt lstex4104 1 88
0 III On 4, 10511 10 6TexPc2dla... 22
4Jffers'uRRlstl07 3 22
6 Kan Pcon.tr.. 71 11 22
10 KinftTex 4s.. 83 4Tol ft OCen lstl03
10 83 lOTexftNOcnris 00
IKsnftTexXds. 60 10TC.I AR,Bil 80
6 LacleiteO 1st.. 07 5 81
.2 I. At ft, Pf 1st. 1 IB 5 82
2!.F.&Wlst....U7 12 83
1 1171 2TCIR0s,Td 70
7 r. F. ft W Id.... 1 02 0 Tol. St I, ft K O
11 Lake Mi 1st, c.. 11 3 lst.tr 76
lOI.skeShlit.r. 111 12 74
1 I.ske Hh ltd. c.120 3 UnPaoVSs, tr.104
4 Lou N k 4s... 81 1 UnPae 97s, tr.104
ll.&Ncnl HO 0 Union El lst,t r 74
2 Lou ft K, SO 6 UP. I) A out. 30
JtdlT 1st .,..122 12 UH Loath 6i... 111
1 L,NAUhrn,tr 84 13Wablst 104
i A. U. O, H ,M L, AU A 'g A ..,, IUO'1
3 Man R'y 4s.s 20 03 6 103
2 MobOml.... 07 2Wtb!d 07
IMoPaecn 74 1 07
4MoPao8d 100 4 07
33XPprior4s.. 88 6 07
13 88 6 OB
60 N Pac ml Ss... 64 3WcitSh4i 100
15 66 & 100
8 64 6WUOnlit.tr 32
2 64 6 31
Total sales of railway bonds (par valns), 1,810,000.
Optn- IHq' lw- rClottno ' .
Sain. ing, itl. nt. Bid. Atted.
02SO7 AmSR.118122118122 122
5f.6AmSRpl06 100 106 100 100
400AmSM. 10 10 10 10 10
HOOAmSMp 20 20 20 2D 30
4AmCabt BB 88 88
MOOAmTob. 71 72 71 78 72
Sii ATobpfl06 106 106 103 100
28AiuCOIl 11 11 11 12 13
mOAinCOp 60 60 60 60 67
1700 Ateb.Tft
bKe.... 11 11 11 11 H
7050 Atcli.T
BFep.. 23 23 23 23 28
SSOIIsltftO 10 10 10 10 10
100BrHtO 10 11 10 11 11
200Ur'kRT 20 20 20 20 20
B5nun a. 105 106 105 104 106
STOCsaSo.. 40 40 40 48 40
tOOCanPM. 01 01 01 61 61
lOCapTrso 63 63 63 63
ISOOCbrsftO 17 17 17 17 17
1750(1 Chic Os 80 B0 85 85 80
600 C, C. C
StL.. 23 23 23 23 23
4899CNWH0 110 110 110 110
U018C,BQ. 78 70 78 78 70
14840 C.MftStP 77 77 77 77 77
ISO CM ft St
I'pf. ..133 133 133 133 134
9700C,RIP 00 00 00 08 08
U5ColKuel. 17 18 17 17 18
lOOC.IAWp 40 40 40 40
710ConOw.l00 100 100 100 101
S?BDftlIad.l04 104 104 104 106
I 100D,LV14B 148 148 147 148
egtm. mt- 0ata
aasM. ftaa. ati. aaV W. AtsaaaV
lODftROp 38 3B 38 30 30
lOODMftFD 0 O 0 8 O
83EdlBI..117 117 110 117
100 Ed K I of
Brook.,100 100 100
lOOEftTH.. 20 20 20 18 23
B440OenEIe 32 33 32 32 32
200nrnSM1.06 1.06 1.06
lOOIaCenp 23 23 23
200LEW 14 14 14 14 14
SOLEftWp 03 03 03 02 04
SitO Late Sb. 100 109 100 100 170
100 Long Isl. 40U 40 40 40 44
CnlOLouftN. 48 48 48 48 48
8705 Han Con 87 88 80 80 87
100ietTraollO 110 110 109 110
8870MoPae.. 10 17 10 17 17
lOOUo.KftT 11 11 11 11 IS
7S0M,KTp 20 20 28 28 20
BSf.CftStL 71 71 71
408B K 3 Cent 70 77 70 70 76
1109 NYCcntlOO 100 100 100 100
9l8KtLad 28 28 27 27 27
rOONstLdp 04 04 04 03 04
700 Nor Am. 4 4 4 4 4
J00 N Y. 3
Wpf... 22 22 22 22 22
llONftWp 2B 28 28 28 29
(ISO Nor Pm. 13 13 13 13 13
B860NPoPm 38 30 38 30 30
18BOntW 14 14 14 14 14
100OrBL.tr 10 10 10
BIO Or R ft 10 17 10 17 18
880 O RAN p 63 50 63 60 68
BBOOrSUwl 11 12 11 11 12
S10PoMil 27 27 27 27 27
OBKOPhilftR, 20 20 10 20 20
08 Phil ft R
lstpf.. 44 44 44 44 44
800 rbll ft R
Sdpf... 20 20 20 25 20
OOPulPlC101 161 101 101 102
35PennRR105 106 100
Flit p. 40 40 40 40 40
200 St LftS
F24p. 16 16 16 16 16
(OOfitLSWp 8 8 8 8 0
HBOStPftO. 68 68 68 68 68
ISOStanRAT 7 7 7 0 7
800SoPac.. 14 14 14 14 15
SOOSoRwy. 8 8 8 8 8
B405Soltyp. 28 28 27 28 2B
B100TCAL. 21 21 20 20 21
274 8dATRR160 160 160 150 162
BlOTexPae. 0 0 9 0 0
1100 Cn Pac. 6 7 0 7 7
BSOUSRubp 01 01 60 00 01
10S0HSL.... 7 7 7 7 7
10995UHLp 60 68 60 68 68
200 Wabash. 5 6 6 6 6
710Wbp.. 14 14 14 14 14
lB73BVUTel 70 80 70 70 80
60OW&LE. 1 1
Total sales. 257.263 sbsrsv
Bid. Alked. BH. AHtd.
BosftAIb.,211 212 Domla'nC. 10 10
Has He.. .157 168 AmBIITel220 230
CblcJcom.103 104 OrnEleop.. 74 75
CbloJpf ..100 107 BosftSIon.. 125
Fltcbburgp 04 05 Calft Hecl376
KewKnxp. 00 01 Osceola..... 20 30
UexCent4s 60 00 QulncyM...108 100
OWColony.177 177 Tarn Uln... 1 1 8 120
WEKcom. 77 78
Bid. Atied. Bid. Atked.
OhtthVat. 25 20 ITOImpCo 72 72
PenaRR... 62 62 won Co.. 41 42
CPU of I.. 21 22 El SB com. 10 10
PhllaTru. 00 00 El SB pf... 20 21
Union Trai 0 81'ILLftPo 13 13
KftPTC. 00 00 PII.LftPp 32 32
MetTrac.,110 111 WelsOcom 10 18
CTofNJ 28 20 WeliCpf.. 01 03
CTofNJSi 80 Bait Tract 10 10
Bid. Alkld. llld. Atkrd.
AmStr'bd.. 20 27 NY Biscuit 48 40
ClrjR'wT.232 234 NChhtRj225 220
DUm'dM..139 MbtableC. 16
LakeS"L" 12 13 W Ch at lly 00 100
Atchison, a a p 1 1. Norfolk Wpr.n.. 20
Canadian Pacific... 02 "a Northern Pacinopf. 40
Chesapeake Ohio. 17IOntarlo West..... 14
Erlecoo,aap 13 Pennsylvania. 53
Erie lstpf 32 Reading, lltap.... 10
Illinois Central 08 St Paul 60
Kansas Texas.... 12 (South Railway . .. o
Lake Shore 173 South Railway pf.. 2D'
LouISTllle Nash.. 49rjnlon Pacific 7
New York Central. 1 02) Wabash pf 14s,
TuESDtY, JunoS.
During tho Urst hour or two of business on the
Stock Exchange operators who began yesterday
to play tho market for u reaction continued to
sell mocks with u good deal of confidence. They
were strengthened in their view by the fact that
the London market for American aeciiritics did
not respond fully to the improvement
In prices here during tho suspension of
business abroad the last three da). The
unseasonable weather was also favorable
to the movement referred to. Minor incidents
were the announcement that the Western I'nion
Telegraph Company had sold S-'-'.OOO.OOO par
value of its treasury stock and nd Ices from
Chicago that tho Common Council of that cit In
tends to do Its best to nullify the tins and Street
Hallway Froutago bill recently passed by tho
Illinois Legislature and signed by the Governor.
The success of this characteristic motcment on
the part of the City Council will probably bo
known to-morrow morning. Regarding the
issue of Western Union stock, a summary of ths
application of tho company to the Stock Ex
change to list tho new shares is printed further
on In tills column. Tho publication of the facts
contained In the application, togothcr with tho
announcement that tho stock bad already been
sold, caused a gulck recovery In Western Union,
and in consequence it closed only a lhado lower
than yesterday.
Tho Important news of the day came from
Washington soon after noon and turned the
course of the market. The action of tho caucus
of Republican Senatoru upon the sugnr schedule,
and also upon tho Tariff bill as a whole, con
firmed predictions that have been made of late
that u schedule of sugnr duties more satisfac
tory to the refining industry than that proposed
in tho House bill would be agreed to by the
majority in tho Senate, and that the measure
as a whole is nearer becoming a law than
many havo imagined. Sugar Hefining scored
n maximum advance of more than -1 points,
and, at a fractional reaction from the
highest price, ilosod 3&D V cent, higher
liinn last night, it supplied mora than
a third of tho largest total transactions recorded
elnce tho present upward movement in price
began. The protection given to the refining
Industry by the schedule agreed upon In tho
Senate caucus is 20 cents V 100 tt., which is
73 cents per hundred more than that pro
proposed In the llouso bill and only a few
cents less per hundred than that provided In
tho present law. The decision to striko out
references toad valorem duties Is, It is under
stood, agreeable to all interests engaged In the
sugar trade.
In Chicago Qas, which was second only to
Sugar Hetluing in respect to activity, there was
further realizing by speculative holders who
were apparently disappointed that those most
largely Interested in tho enterprise did not engi
neer n sharp upward movement In the stock In
cidental to tho Improvement in tho status of tho
combined companies, resulting from tbu enact
ment of the consolidation nnd frontage meas
ures. Thero was also soma selling for
short account, based upon the threats of
the Chicago Aldermen to override tho Legis
lature. Covering of short caused unusual
activity In United States Leather preferred
and advanced the price nearly " points. The
trading in the Granger stocks was less active
than for several days past. On tho other hand,
thero was a spurt of activity In General Electric
that left the price fractionally higher than yes
terday. Of the less active shares Oregon Rail
road and Navigation preferred advanced sev
eral points, on the declaration of the first divi
dend upon those shares, while Third Avenue
Railroad lost all of yesterday's material ad
vance on account of tho sweeping decision
against the company as to the validity of
the franchise of Its so-called Klngsbrldge
extension. It Is understood that the com
pany has expended upward of f 1,500,000 upon
that extension, upon which, of course, It has
had no returns pending construction and litiga
tion, and the nltimato disposition of which will
UUUJUtUlMiwilwiswilisl ill nnamin I'm iiW.nsi uaujuui'ii
naturally be awaited with Interest by the share
holders of the company. The decision not only
affects theThlnl Avenue Company's original line
but also lis recent acquisition, tho Doulovard
line, which was also to bo benefited by tho
Klngsbrldgo extension. Third Avenue stock,
on sales of n few hundred shares, closed 0
points lower yesterday nt 100. The remalndor
of the list closed strong, at about tho best prices
modo In tho afternoon recovery.
Final sales compare with those of yesterday
as follows:
June 7. Jkm 8. Junl 7. June 8.
A.TtSFe. 12 llNPoeom. 13 13
A.TASFep 24 23NPopt... 39 30
Am Cot Oil. 11 11 KYCcnt.,.100 100
AmSRef ..118 122 NJ Cent... 77 70
AmSRetp.105 100 Omahacom 68 68
AmTob.... 72 72 Pao Mall... 27 27
AraSpM... 11 10 Pull PCar.,101 101
AmBpMp. 30 20'l'oeklslanl 00 08
BiRft Onto 11 10 ,Keadlng ... 20 20
CansdaSo.. 40 40 Head lstpf 44 44
CanPae.... 01 01VM Pcom... 77 77
C.C.CftStL 23 23 St Paul p.. .133 133
C.BftQ.... 70 78tioH'way.. 0 8
ConOas .. 100 100 soR'wty p 28 28
CbesftO .. 17 17'M J.S Wp. 8 8
CbloOu... 80 65 StandU AT 0 7
Delft Hud. 105 104 Texas Pac.. 0 0
OenEIeo... 32 32T0. 1 R.- 21 21
KanftTax. 11 1 lUnton Pac. 7' 7
KinATpf. 20 28CSRubpf. 00 01
Lou 4 Nub 40 48'USLeath.. 0 7
Lake Shore 100 100usiathp 60 68
HsnbCon.. 87 87 Wabcom... 6 6
Ho Pacific.. 10 17 Wabasbp.. 14 14
NatLead... 28 27WUnTcl.. 80 70
North Am.. 4 4 WALE. .. 1
N Wcom...l 10 110
Government bonds strong. The 4s of 1P.07
closed V cent, higher bid, nnd the 4s of 1025
closed M V cent, higher bid. Railway and other
bonds firm. Tho features were Consumers' Gas
of Chicago 5. Kort Worth and DenvcrClty lsts.
New Jersey Central general 6s, r., Reading gen
eral 4s, St. Louis nnd San Francisco 4s, Standard
Rope nnd Twine Gs. St, Joseph and Grand Island
lsts, t. r., Texas and New Orlears consol 5s,
Tennessee Conl nnd Iron lllr. division. Wnhash
!Ms, Wisconsin Central lsts, t. r., Atchison,
Lake Shore, Northern Pncitio and Texas Pacific
Issues. Tho moro Important nut ndvnnccs were
in Fort Worth and Denver Cltv lsts, V cent..
toOOJt: Lake Shore lets, c V. to 113V, nnd
lsts. r., j, to 111; New Jersey Central
genernl G r.. h, lo 103'a; St. Louis nnd
San Frnnelsco -Is, $, to U7"s; St. Joseph
nnd Grand Island 1st, t. r., 12. to flit;
Toxas Pacific lsts, M. to . nnd yds. :?, to 2'aj;
Texas nnd New Orleans consol Oi, , toi'O;
Tennessco Coil anil Iron, Uir. division. 3. to S3,
and Wabash uds. 1 V cent., to li". The not en ort hy
declines wcro In Atchison ndj. 4i, H Vcent.. to
4!)), nnd general 4s, , to H'.W: Conumers' Gas
of Chicago 5s, 1, to 07: Northern Pacific
Irlor 4s. Hj, to SB's, and general 3s. . loM'a;
leading general 4s, . to S2; Standard Itopo
nnd Twine Us. I'm. to (id"!, and Wisconsin Cen
tral lets, t. r., 1 V cent., to 31.
Commercial price of bnr silver In New York,
flOc. liar Mixer In London cloc 1 nt'JTlt-llW.
Mexican Mlver dollars orc quoted nt 473-lii
?4!te. Exports to Europe to-morrow 470,000
Money on call, 101. tent. Time money Is
quoted as followt: Sixty and ninety da) b, "J 1
cent.; four months. 'Ji-j V cent.: bIx and seven
months, .'I V cent., and nine months, :i"- V cent,
on good mixed Stock Exchange collateral. Com
mercial paper quiet. Prime Indorsed bills re-celx-able
ure quoted at 3p:m V cent., choice and
prime single iwmo at 3iJt( V tent., nud good
names nt 4i5 V conL
Sterling exchange was dull nnd the market
closed slightl lower. Continental exchange
was also dull. Posted nsking rates for sterling.
S-l.801-j for long bills nnd -4.bt for demand.
Actual rates arc: ln bills, 5.1.85V4.t;(j:
elslit drafts, $1,17. nnd cjible transfers.W.TU.
Frnnes arc- quoted at .pb.lUat.'V.lU for long
nnd D.lDa-'rt.iri forshort; reichsinarks. O.VruJ
i).i for long and i."1 ty3rM for hort: guilder.
40 Vt 10 3-1 li for long nnd 10 .V11VM0 4 for short.
Domestic exchange on New York: lloston- fut
H cents illhcount. Charleston Hiiying, par: sell
ing. s premium. Sax annnb Buying. 1-10 off;
selling, pal. New Orleans Bank, SI. 50 premi
um; commercial, 25 cents premium. San Fran
iico Sight, 1712 cents premium: telegraph. 20
cents premium, st. Louis 50 cents premium
bid, offered at 75 cents premium. Chicago TO
tents premium. Cincinnati Between bank.
tV) cents premium, and over counter, T5 cents
1 he exports of general merchandise from the
port of New York for tho week ending to-day
were valued at $(?,12t,Rlf. agninst t5.7l)3.1.rtl
lsst week anil SJ7.421.01T for the corresponding
xienkof last year. The exports since Jan. 1 were
$171.11)5,411). against Slol.4ttt.023 during the
corresiKiudtng period of last year.
The Manhattan Hallway Company has de
clared a quarterly dividend of 1 V cent., payable
July 1.
The Executix'e Committee of the Western
1'r.ion Telegraph Company ban recommended
the declaration of the regular quarterly divi
dend of 1 $ tent.
Tho Oregon Rnllroid and Navigation Com
pany ban declared a dividend of 1 t cent, on ltd
prelerred stock, payable July 1.
liailwny gTOsa earnings for May compared
with those of the same month of lasijcnras
follow s:
Kausatfliy. Mem. Blr ... f-u.isr. In- Sl:i.9
KannanCIU. H Swutt A. Jt. :1.1V Mt In.'. .to.lMit
Nfir York Central 3,l 710 lne 1U1.01D
Nen Orleans 1 ractlou lia.lt" Dec. 4,u27
ortls Mire Traction. .. ll'-.sto m-c. m.jhii
The Chicago and Wcsa Michigan Railroad re
ports grim earnings for April of 1 30,222. un
1 111 rei-c of 5.325 ns compared tilth the same
month of laH e.ir. and net 5-2'..511. an increase
of S-L-IJ'J. Fur the four months ending April
HO the gros.s earnings were 4lH,03-,nn increnso
of $!),735 as compared with the corresponding
IM-rioii of Inst vear. nnd net !)7,0-2. an inert ite
nf22,3lKi. Fixetl ehnrges xvere 1.'IT.11. leav
ing a detlett of $10,T2!, a deTen.c of ?l!).T.p0.
The Detroit, Grand Rapids and Western Rail
road reports gross enroliurs for April of 107,
BIO, nn increase of irln.'.l'.U n lomrared wlili
thesamc month of last ear. and net 21).01J,
an increase of $11,1111. For the four months
ending April 30 tho gross earnings xx ere $31)3.
051. nn Increase of ?37,243 hs toiupaied xxith
the corresponding jwriod of lust jcar, and net
5.74.025. nn increase of $fK).s5!l.
Tho f-olumhus Mreet Railroad reports groa
earnings for May of lil,lTO, a decrease of r,0!D
ascoinpaied xxith thesauio month of last jear.
and net !r2t3.0H(i. adecreaso of SU.0I5. For the
llxe months emllng May 31 the gro-s earnings
xxero $233,0S7, n deorease of aJG.IKlt ns com
pared xxith the corresponding period of last
year, and net 121,410, n decrciiso of stJ.'.iTll.
Tho Western I'nion Telegraph Company has
applied to tho Stock Exchange to list 2,0O0,
000 par vnlue of treasury Mock, xxhlth It has
sold to J. 1. Morgan A: Co. The prlie obtained
by the company Is understood to be Til. This
lssuo Increases the outstanding capital of tho
company to l)7.3T0.OX), nnd leaves f2.03O.O0O
In its treasury. Tho application to the Stock
Exchange stntes that the sal" Is Hindu to
provide for tho part payment for new lines,
addltiuns to the permanent plant, nnd for prop
erty ocqulrod and constructed during the four
llscal years ending Juno 30, 1H!)H. The Items
referred to include 2.0H1 miles of poles and fS.
238 miles of xx Ire that hnx o cost $3. 13:1.050. nnd
a building In Chicago that cost :l,rilit.212. a
total of tM.THO.Hl. Of thin amount fr2.iW7.723
has been paid out of surplus rmrnlmrs of the four
years mentioned. Of tho balance of $2,112,142
there Is prnxldcd by thusalo made public to-day
91,520,000. The mileage of poles and xx ires nod
the expenditures nlmre mentioned do not in
clude tho plant and tlin cost of tho American
Rapid Telugrnph Company, w lit h xx ere provided
for by tho Issue of 5,500 shnres of stock listed on
JulyO, 1!4.
TherecelptB of the Gox-crnment to-tlny xvcre:
Customs, tUU5,0ti4; interiml revenue. 2ntl.U0S,
nnd miscellaneous, JH2.0H2, a toul of y-l I,
HTH. TI10 disbursements xvern fs'21,000. nn ex
cess of receipts over expenditures of $23,074.
The receipts of tho tlscnl year to date hax o liecn
31 8,485,(11)2. and ilisburneuients V:ilt,012.1 11,
an excess of expenditures over receipts of fr31,
1211, 1 10.
The net assets of the Treasury at thetlosoof
business to-day as ntllcially computed compare
with thoso of yesterday us follows:
Jurf 7. June 8.
flnld coin and bullion. ...614:i.r,7S.0i st44,ont),4A4
hllrertloliars aod iiulllou 'jn,vS0,vn6 Urt.x'71,4ai
I'nlled StutM nots . . 33,114,a7S U,7SI1,S0W
Other SuMets In exceej of
dimand llabllltlt 27,010,854 27.018,848
Ax Bllable cash bslanee.
Including gold bslune $'.,30,07.1.48S (990,073,037
Money In London 'j if) cent. Hates of dis
count In open market for both short nnu three
months' hills, 15-10 s? cent. Amount of bul
lion gone into tbu Rank of England on balance
to-day, 4323,000. Paris advices quoto 3 V
tcntH at 104 francs 15 centimes. Kxihiinge on
London, 25 francs 10 centimes.
The Reorganlratloa Committee of the Peoria.
Decatur and Ex'atistilleltailxxny notifies holders
of the various classes of the company's securi
ties that the time within xxhlcli they can de
posit their holdings xxlth the New York Deposit
and Trust Company and make the Btibsrrlptlnns
necessary to protect their interests xvill expire
on July 1.
co3i3ir.uoiAL cosipr.xu.
Tuesday, Juno 8. Grain, Wheat Spot wss
dull. No sales. Free on board afloat; No, 1
Northern spring, New York, 78'ec; do. Duluth,
80bc; No. 3 hard winter, 71c; No. 2 do.,
70bc. Dnluth received to-day 74,714 bush.,
against 170,007 last year; Minneapolis 137,000,
against 123,700; Chicago 21,400, against 8,500;
Milwaukee 41,200, against 88,350; Toledo 10,
080. against 3.488; Detroit 1,282. Futures ad
vanced lo. to lc Future sales 4,805,000
bush,, hs follows:
Optning. Jlta'ittt. .oirfif. Cloitna, Sight.
Jun 75 70 71 7.1 74
July 78 74 7.') 74 78
Sept 70 7ll 70", 711 SU
Dec 73 72 71 72 71
osJWiijmsiuaiftii'xsrtx-f,fs.. sirissa3feipia'frs-r.3sreiAXifi
Barley Was tatttttra. Ktw feadrar. 17tl7e
eon and freight to Batralai malting. Ssasaaato
quality. It Was firmer, fltste, 8DatOa. No. a
Wesrtrn. S(488,4C., cost and freight to Bnffalo.
Com Spot was stronger. Rides SI, bOOmish. None
for export. No 8 mixed E9V. In elevator! 80,000
do. on private terrosj No. 8 yellow, 0,600 at 31c. de
livered! ungraded. 8,000 at SSVaJOe. In tlevator.
Futures advanced a Future stirs 14S.000bush as
Optnina. lltoKut, Loirrst. Clclng. Sight.
July .... . .. i!H
Hcptmtr..30 Sl 30 30 3n
Oats Spot was firm. Ko. 3 white, Sftc.t Xn. ! do.,
gSc.1 No. 8 white, clipped, vdijai No. 3 do, S6ai
No. B ralxtd, l4i2Zo.i No. 3 do., Slc.i rejcted
mixed. Hiie.t do. white, 23e.t No. 8 mixed. u
Ilvered, 83e.t traek mixed, t!2a3c.i do. whlt,
S9S2e. Futures advanced c. Future lairs 40,000
bosh., as followsi
Ovtnlng. IUch'it. lovtit. Clotng. Right.
June it t it fl . ..
July 22 22 22 23 82
Tba trading In wheat xra moderately active, but In
the main of a local professional chirarter Influ
enced by a bullish Iowa Stale report, unfavorable
westher In tho Northwest, small spring wqest re
ceipts, a liberal decrease in the visible supply, snl
covering of shorts prices advanced, the market clnt
lug at about the highest figures of the day. The Iowa
report was the worst In ten vears. giving the condi
tion tin cent. IKrlln advanced c. Pans was
easier. Liverpool wax still closed In observance of two
Whitsuntide nolldavs. The vbtble supply Oecreased
2.439,000 bush The Northwestern receipts were
nat) cars, against 1,01)7 last week and 083 last year.
The world's shipments were 0,700,000 bush., against
S.705.000 la the previous week and 7.033,000 last
year. Corn advanced with wheat, hut lost part of
the Improvement before tba close. The visible sup
ply Incrtued 1.788.000 bush. Chicago received 1.231
ears In two dayst the receipts to-morrow are esti
mated at 076 cars. Oats were also firmer with the
ret of the list. Thn visible Increased 400.000 bush.
Chicago received 307 curs. Chicago, June 8 "Wheat
ruled strong throughout the day's slon, advancing
2c. over Saturday's clore, and maintained the Im
provement. There was a liberal demand for both
short anil long account, mainly from the short side.
The telling wu scattered and largely against
calls. The strength was das to a much larger
decrease In the visible than expected and ap
prehension on account of a reduction of
stocks In store here, which will probably not be much
over 2,000,000 bush, of regular No. 2 st the end of this
week. Heoelpta In the Northwest w ere 330 cars, leas
than half what they wern the corresponding day a
year ago. Advices from there report country deliv
eries 80 per cent, less than they bare been of late.
Growth of aprlng wheat Is still retarded by cold
weather. A seasonable change, however, would bring
It rapidly forward. Locusts, which have made their
apiwaranc in rome locallt'en In 3o-ith Dakota, are
retorted by the state eolomnlogls to be of the Ilo-ky
Mountain variety and capable of d'stroxlcg anr
thing from the t nderest vegetation to tenpemiy
nails. The prlnclpul danger of being short of
wheat Is the light stock, anu there In an even chance
yet for the butl side before the new crop mores. Curn
advanced a cent oxer Saturday's close, short buying
fre'lr on Ibeeold weather nr Sundav and MoDday
and the Iowa Stst crop report for June estimating
the condition at 7H. the lowest for that month In ten
years, lteeelpts were 1,231 cars; estimates for to
morrow. D73. It will be a weather market from this
en for corn Oats advanced r over Svturdav, The
strength was 1 rlnclpally In sympathy with the bal
ance of the market "
FLOva Trade was quiet, but price steady and
slightly higher In sympathy with the rUe In wheal.
bales, H.bOO hbls.
JJarrtls. .9neW.
Rei-elpts 7.021 22.SHS
Kxports 1,302 h.Vil
Winter In btls Superflce, 82.MVSI:); No. 2 extra.
i:i 23MtJ 10j No. 1 extra. $3.3033 70: eletrs. t) 40
I4'I33. straight!. 1103314 25, patents, St.SO'
tl ".". Mill fe4 was firm, hut Inactive. Ilran (40 s 1
per 100 fir.isMI'ic ; middlings (90 lo 100 Cs ;. 37
&5c.; sharps (fine), 05'73c.
Cottox bpot cotton here was unchanged, with sale
of 7 bales for export and B31 for spinning. Mid
dling ut lands. 7 1 1-1 IV-. against 7c. lait jeari New
Orleaux and Uulf, 7 13 I6c.. against 7c. last yar.
Oalxeston advanivd 1 luc. Nexv Orleans sola l.OOn,
lla'.vestcn 322, Augusta 78, and 81 Louis 20 bales.
LlxerpKd km unrnangf d on the spct. with aalex 'f
H.iiOO hales, futt.r there ailvaneed lto 2 polntn.
tloslupllrm In Manchester yaixs and el ths were
dull. Memphis received tfvdsv P3 bales, against 31
Iat week and 30 latt year. St. Louis 75, against 41
last week and 3 last year; lloiistou 12, against 33
lrst week and 773 last year; Augusta 114. acalnst 28
l&.t week and 219 lat yar. Augusta shipped to-day
73 bsles. Memphis 1CP. M Iuts 137. Clnelaaatl 172.
and Houston 104 bales The port receipts were l.lfil
bales, against 2.031 last week, and 2.3W1 laatyear;
thus far this week .1.184. afalust 5.033 thus far last
wek. The exports from the ports approximated
fj.000 bales New Orleans advanced points Futures
here advans-l 4 to 10 points, closing steady, with
sales nr 7t,700 bales. The future trading was as
finning. JJighrnt. Lovt. Salt.
June 7 2:lS7 24 7 21 7.2i 400
July 7 V4(7 21 7 2 722 S.,',00
Au-nt. ...7 24i7V5 7 27 7 ID 22,400
September. ..7.0117.02 7 0.1 4 H.wOO
Octt.ber .. Ce(0M7 a S7 "' 14,400
Noxemher. ..a i4 ftft.Hf, a 70 rt.-r, 12.40U 1
Ieeemlr ..'rti7 -37 -D 7.4110
Jauual-7 0 90 40 91 el u si 7,700 I
March. ... a.tnr7.00 B 8 O.U-J 00 j
Thespeculatlon Id cotton to-day was more active, but I
still of very moderate proportions. The Liverpool !
news was better than bad been expt-cled. some un- I
fa arable crop advices w ere received, and the weekly I
lloTernmrnt report was considered rather bullish.
These factors caucd the rUe here to-day The '
nionthlv Government report w 111 be lasucd cn Thurs- I
day The general opinion seems tu be that the j
r-iort w ill give the condition aa r?J fter cent., against I
Vi at thU time last , vear The weekly report stated 1
that the reports genvrjlly Indicate that cotton has
inaUo but slow growth during the week and that
the crop as a whole Is backward Some Improxe
nienl as compared with lta condition In the
previous week Is reported from Getrg1a, Arkansas,
and Louisiana. In northern Texas replanting con
tinues and the growth has lrn retarded by oool
weather, but In southern sections of the State the
crop has made fair growth, although damaced to some
extent In local!ll-s by heaxy rains. Meridian. Ml-s
Jun 2 "sIbw Ibe 3th ult wecon-lder the weather
hu U-en extremely favorable .stands are good and
weather lias been xery ilrj. root of the plants gained
strength during cool i-rlod Crop lias been splendldl
orked. and erx clean of grn; g-.od copious show.
t r In the 13th lnt will doubtless put tb crop In
po-ttlt,n 10 withstand the hot weather that may
Im- exected lu Julx and Augunt. --'tuatlon
up to the prcneot Is much HLe 1SH4. ex
cept about 7 to 10 days later, never saw crop so
free from crass and weeds lK-fore " XX'ext Point. Miss
June 3 lp :o len dnjs a.-o weather was unfavor
able ftir crop At !mt haie fair t good tands. Sims '
replanting was neee-arj itn account of bad se-,1.
Leave ralRN ard lnM-etH In manv flelds Cottou Is
now from one to eight 1-ichcn blsh Chopping Is about
Aul-htd. and generally plant Is looking very mtHI
Fiettls are i-trau. are nesltng ram badly now. Wiln 1
warm raln our condition will be frlr; alxxutthree
weeks late. Xe thluk a late fall w III b neceary to
make a g.x-d crop. Increase In &t.nage attout 3 ptr
cent cer lafcl year "
i'oi VCE Hlo on the spot was Arm. No 7, 7e.
Sa'es l.aeo bags MaracallK, anil 300 bas Saanlllv
on prli ate terms The future tra.tlng was as follows:
Satf Utghrtt. Loiresf. Closing.
January 23U 7 4.1 7 43 7.3t7.43
Mareh 7M) 7.4.1 7 41 7 4 1. T. 1 1
June 710 7 31 7:10 7 2.147 31
July. ... 730 7 SI 7 31 7.2.V7 S3
September . 3.230 7 3.1 7 3.1 7.3047.35
bwember.. 1,730 7.40 7 40 7 1.V7 40
Futures here declined 10 to 13 points, elosius tiarely
steady with sale of P.60U bas Hare dccllm-d
f llnintfUrg decltnetl i.; to pfg. Klo exehsngtf
advanced 1 lil! Itlo was steadv at 100 rets a-1-xanot':
rc-etplsln two dxys. lO.OoO; stock. 2S7,ooil;
exchange. 7 23-32 J Santo w& u'-Iet at 130 rei ad-
at.,- ret-eipts In two days, l.oOO sloct.. 24h.000.
The lower Kuro-ean cables causetl the decline to-dav.
The receipts at lUo&ud Santos are expected to Increa-
Stxai. Storks Steady, Spirits turpentine, 37a
2Se.; common to good strained rovln. 81.72tl 73.
Pftrolki-m Crude eertlftcates were unciuuied htro
and In Oil City. Kenned unchanged
Paori-sioxs Lard dull; prime. 3.S2Xji3 s7c. Pork
inactive, ttut steadv; mesa. $--.30ii.$-- 73 Tallow.
3 1 lit3-o. Ilutler Creamerr Western. llc.
Kggs state fresh gathered, llij.l2e Chlcago.June
s ' Provision ruled higher on buying for both long
and short account. Inspired by tho strength of corn
aud the talk of iwralble damage to that crop by the
cold weather. Ou the advancw the English packers,
xvho are the heaviest local holders of product, sold
quite freely through brokers, who gave up their
1 ames at the close There Is no change In the altua
tlon. and we look for warmer weather and larger re
ceipts of hogs, to le followed by lower prices "
Sroaa Haw quiet hut nrm; " test, 2e.t 98"
test. JVc. Sates POO bags uiuscotad.x. t9 test, at
2e Kenned unchanged.
Ciiicaao, June 8. These were to-day's prices;
U'Aeaf; One nfni7. Uiahttt. .cicrsf. Ctoting. Xtjht.
Juue. . , ... ., 811 i)7
July .. 67 89 87 89 88
sept 0.1 84 r3, 111 02
I)e-..now rt 87 0U 87 83
cvrn :
June .... .... 24 23
July... 24 28 24 2t 24
Sept .. 23 18 23 23 83
June .... . ., 17 17
July... ls 1R 1S If 17
Sept,.. lH's 18 IS 1M 17
June.. .... ... .... 3.10 8.47
July .. 3.3.1 8 37 S..1B 8 33 S 32
Sept.. 3 81 3.70 8.82 8.83 3.82
June .... .... 4 27 4 29
Jul) .. 4 23 4.30 4.55 4.27 4.22
Sept... 4.30 4 33 4 30 4.32 4.23
June 17 86 (7.117
July... $7 711 $7.77 $7 87 7.87 7,70
bept... 7 75 7.55 7.73 7 78 7.73
Mis Block Market.
Nxw Verne, Tuesday, June S. Iteoelpts of beeves
were 4a3 head, all direct to exporter and slaughter
ers No trading; feeling firm. Dressed beef firm at
7(M!c. V B. for poor to prime natlxo fldca. Cat lea
from Urttlsh markets quote American 6teers at 103
lie. V B., dressed weight; American rerrlgerated
bcetat830c V tt.i American sheep at 1I&120.
a ts,, dreasM weight. Kxitorta to-day, 2,284 quarters
of beef, lo-momnv 3S2 tieexea. 4,974 quarters.
Kecelpts of calves were lu head, yulet; steady.
Veals quot'd at S4lt 100 tts.; buttertullk calves
at $U.30(2$4. Pressed catit a generallj arm; city
dretlfd veals, 7U9C. V "s.
Ilecelpta of sheep aadlamtis. Including a single ear
direct, were 8,639 headl 10 cars on sale all told.
Sheep quiet hut steady; lamb sold freely, and god
grades showed flrmni-as. Two cars of stock were cir
rledover. Poor to good sheep sold at t33$4.37
100 tts ; Inferior to choice lambs at f3.B0(iSo.&u,
Dressed mutton. 7iiSc. V d.i dressed yearlings,
SaiOc.t droased lambs, 912c.
Itecelpts of bogs were 8.788 bead. 164 head on sale.
Higher at $43$4.85 V 100 OS. for Stats bogs.
ileal estate Private Sale,
Mrs. Frieda Hart has sold to Francis J, Schnugg,
through alas Hart, thirty-one lots un the east aide
or Jerome avenue, below 187th street, at a report
ed prloe of $120,000. In exchange Mr. Bchuugg
give tne following fourteen housen Nos, 00 10
to an, Inclusive, East 101st stresi, Nos. 888 to B72,
Inclusive, West 12710 strest, No. 886 Fjiii loom
Itreel and Nn, II West 108th street, Mr, Sennugg's
equity in these nouses waavaluel at $182,000,
Washington E. Connor hat sola through Oeorgs
B. Itead to Jaokson 4: Sum Mo. 88 Wsst Foriy.
fourth street, tlta 83x100.8, adjoralng the plot
purchased hy them last xvstt. ....
nirmm Utnaldo ft Uro, have sold for Lowenfald
Prater to ray ft Btacotn tha old buildings, 83x79,
Kos. 288 and J7I Stanton atreet, southwest corner
or Columbia street. A six-story tenement heusa
wilt be erected on the property,
Mrs. C. r collender has told to James Dutlsr,
southwest corner of Cclomhus avenue and Nloety.
seventh street, nve-story brick flat House with
stores, 23.3x100, for assut $37,300.
J. Clareure'DavIa ft Co. have sold far the Samuel
E. Lyon estate to the Colored Orphans' Home and
Hospital Society, the block, about 870x373, bound,
ed by Concord and iValet avenues. 141st and 142d
ttreats. In the borough of the Pronr. Tne square
will be used at a site for a new Institution for the
use of the purchasing society, which recently sold
Its property on the upper east 'aide.
Thomas ft Colt have soli for Ctrl Emit to Cath.
erlne tlallagher No. 206 West 14Ud street, a threa
story brnwnstone private dwelling.
Marlay ft Davlet have told for estate of MebaM
Arnold the two rour-ttory, nigh-stoop, stone.front
private dwellings. Not. 32 and 34 East rigntr
fourth ttrrei, eoxerlnt lot 34.6x07,2, to Mrs. Mary
A. King,
neat Batiste Auction Sales,
At the Brodi,y Salesroom yesterday Philip A.
Smyth sola Not. S73 to S77 Uronx avenue, north
west aids, 88.8 feet north of North Third avenue,
running wett 70.0 by north 74.11 by eatt 05.4 by
southwest 22.3 by southeast 60.1. three Qve-ttory
brick tenement henset, with s.oret, foreclosure
salt, 10 Petty, Soulard ft Walter ltealty Company,
for $18,300.
rvter r. Meyer Co. sold, wett side, 116 feet
touch of TeMh ttreet, 22xv3, tnrea-ttory brick
bulldlnj, wan three-story brick building at rear,
forecloscra sale, to Annie tlarler, tor $2,200! also
No tf 9 West End avenue, west side, 82.2 ft
south of Nlnety.nintb ttr-t, IS18O, three story
slon Unt dwelling, .'orrclotar sale, to John 8.
Wilton, far $10,000.
D. Pho-nlx In gran am ft Cs. told No. 1 13 East
108th ttreet, north aide, 133 feet east of Fourth
avanue, 83x100,11, four-score Drownstone-rront
teoeracnt house, foreclosure tale, to Louisa Weber,
for $13,183: alto No. 243 But t23a ttreet, north
tide, 137 feet west of Second avenue, 27xl00.lt,
nve-ttory brick flat house, foreclosure tale, to
Emits A. Hsts-r. ror $27,812! also indlh street,
north tide, 333 feet wett or Amsterdam avenue,
23xV3, four-story brick flat house, foreclosure tale,
to Thomas J. Cummtns, ror $14,870,
James L. XVells sold Tlnton attune, east tide,
237. a feet north or lout ttreet, extending tarougn
to Colon' avenue. 32.11x264.3, one and two story
frame building, partition sale, to Peter P. Decker,
for $9,200.
Court Calendar This Day,
Appellate Division Supreme Court Kos. II, BO,
SI, 24, 16, 04, SV, 08, 09, 71, 74, SO, St. 86. HS.
Supreme court Special Term Part L Motion
calendar called at 10:30 A. it. Part II. Kx-osrie
matttrs. Part III, Clear. Divorces Nos. 3246,
4U30, 4731, 4VIU, 4U33, 4332, 483U. 2009, 4920,
4U3U, 4120, 4HS1, 4834, 4118. Part IV. Cat un
finished. Law and fact Nos. 4377. 4822, 4363.
4H8S. 4638. Part V. Cat uufinlshed. Cases from
Pari IV. Tart VI. Cas unfinished. Cases riom
Prt IX'. Part VIL-Cat unfinished. Kleva'ea
railroad cases. Trial T-rm Part 1L Clear. Pre
ferred causes Nos. 11B33. 121S6. 12310. 12328,
1234J. 1289,12010. 122V9, 10323.8601, 11880.
12196, 12281. 11702. 12098, 12320. Part 1IL
Cat-t iir.nnlshrd. Nos. 3831. 4829. 0432, 3933.
3934. 6 13. X333, 2334, 4413. 3647. 4417. 0010.
893, euro. nixo. eooi. o-,i-i, 6346, esS4. 8382,
8139, 6136. 6673. 6734. 8320. inquest No. 8910.
Part IV. AH-oumed until Mondar. June zi. Part
V. Cate unfinished. Cat-t from Part IIL Part VL
Clear. Cases from Part IIL Part VII. Cat on
finished. No. 9223. 1184. 4230. 3333. 4312. 0631,
S3C8. 4706, 0183,6418, 6448, 6441. 6449, 0430.
I 6486. 3493. 6733. 6847. 6-7. -U4. 6897. 69X2.
3069. 2993, 310.'. Inqueti No. 6209. Part V1IL
. Case ucnnlsaed. Caas from Part VII. 2'art IX.
Case unfinished. Cases from Part VII. Tut X.
Clsar. Caset from Part VII. Part XL-Adjourned
1 until Monday, June 14. Part XII. Adjourned for
i th term.
! surrogate's Court Trial Term Will of Alexander
i Buchanan at 10:30 a. X, cnamb-rt Estate of
I Hannah Lewis at II A. SL Estate of WUnelmlna
l D. Schott at 12 11. For probata Wills or Emllle
I Hubner, Cnarlotte tlackett, Jutta A. Woodward.
Helen II. Baldwin. Frederick Hutte at 10:30 A. M.I
Solomon XVell at 2 P. M.
City Court Special Term Motions. Trial Term
Part L Clear. Nos. 1718. lets. 4383. 1846. 1883.
, 1639. 1681. Part I! Cltar. Nos. 370. 19V), 1S87,
1V10, 2208, 203. 922. 232. 2422. 3280. 2331.
2239. 2433. 32 1 It. 816. 1244, 1096. 2183. 4840.
Part IIL Case unfinished. Not. 2346. XtuS. 2342.
, 212M. X220. 21t-7. 2303. 731. 231V. 2321. 23.
, 2328. 426. 427. 21V3. 2012. 2189. 1422. 2191, 32r2,
1 22VS. 2JS2. 3231. 1V37. 1743. 3034. 3304. 2314.
I 3381. 4872. Part IV. Cas unfinished. Short
causes Nos. 3303. 3312, 429, 3372, S347, 3374.
OJfH. 4136. 0374, 5348, 3SS7. 0678. 337. 3473,
3434,34X18. 0123. 5311. 4448. 3629. 3630. 3024.
3648, SJ23, 5214. 3S4S. 5861. Equity cat No.
First Mortgage Fiie Per Cent. Gold Bonds.
Dated April 1, 16-4 Due April 1. 1934.
Interest payable in gold April 1st
and October 1st at the Office of
the Company, New York City.
OUTSTANDING 6 ?, S4,Q5S,000.
Tb fcboTo amount ouutandtax is cow to be In
crevtM by ih fartoer iwu of SX.7&0.000. with in
terest rt-iluetM to five percent per tuznttm. toretlrs
an equal tvraouct of Atlantic ao'i Gulf Railroa-J Serm
Percent, bonds falllns due Julj 1, 1"P7, now a prior
lien on V-'fl 40 miles of railroad (about 46.253 rer
mlie), after which the-e LunJ b-roT:e an absolute
First Mortcajre on a total of 47 io 100 milt There
are rervel tCi.ono cf tte- bnd-t to retire an
equal amount of South fieorcla and Florida Ralhoad
Seven IVr Cent, bondt due l--frv. on ! 30 1 10 n,Kes
When these are thus retlreil thl entire t&sue of
$ 500,000 liimM an atlute First Moni on
, &4"lj mile of railroad, iacludlnc tho extremelr valu
, ablf termlt.4.1 propt?r: tn the heart of the City of
Savannah. Oa. of about s-S arr in eiienll, about
lia.000 per mile.
Application has been tnxit to have thee bonds
llntwl on the New Yort t L. Kxchanr-.
Clivulais can be had u(k.u application
Trice 1m3 anl ineret
New York Security & Trust Co.,
i -IO AVnII Streeu
! Chas. T. Wing & Co.,
IS AVall Street.
Mortgages Executed by Infants.
From X. Y Timet. April 1. 1S97.
" l.Utr A IjXOTKS.
"Mohtcaqes Exkcuted bv ixrjiNT, wno
Sovamieiis the Sloxnv. Set Aside as Ix
VAi.iu K., who bad rocelved from B., asron
slileratlun for two mortgages executed by him
I when about twenty years old. certain moneys
and ii convejance nf real olute, upon attainlnc
hi majority promptly served notice of ulsdla
aftlrmance of iho inortcai-rji. and temlertxl a re
conveyaiu'o of the property ctinveyed to him,
but hailiik- meantiiuo squandctv-1 the money
which bv had rcccUed. l.o did not otter to re
turn it. I'pon niH'.il from Judirim nt for plaintiff
in nn action to tct uMo the mortKace. t ho
l'ourlh Aiipollnto Division ordered an tulinn
ancc. holdliiir. by I'rcslillnir Juftire Harilln. that
the tender was eufllelcnt and that if the mort
Ranee asserted a nubsoquent ratitlrAtion of the
mortifaees after theserlceof the Infant's notic
of his eloction to disaffirm, the burden rested
upon the mortgagee to establish lhat fuct."
Title guarantee
I 14tl limnilwav, X. Y.
onicen. N ,, oorinsth st &7th Av.,X.T.
I 1511 West ILTith St., X. Y.
CAPITAL 52,500.000.
SURPLUS $2,000,000.
3 ioo-Year Gold Bonds.
Holders of our Ititelpta for the above-ruentloaetl
bonds are hereby notlRed that these Iloml. are now
ready for delUery, nnd that we will dellrer the
tame at our office on presentation and surrender of
iucq Kecelpta, at stated thenln
un nuii HTiti:r.T.
wu Jiftun A apKnti.Tr op
Ml-ViIII'K.H .. V, STOlit KirilWUli,
.IJruiber .Veil' I'm li Stork lUchitti'jr.
1 Nassau Street, Cor. Wnll.
Marain Arruunta. litvaalnienl Neeurllles.
Itlephonc, Km. 8157 and 3108 Corllaaai.
Peoria, Decator & Eiansillle Railway. ff
First Mortgage Bonds Peoria Division. f'
First Mtge. Bonds Evansvllle Division, uj
Second Mortgage Bonds. m
Stock. w
Holders of tha above are notified that ths limit of n
time It July 1st, 187. for recelvla-j deposits f boudt W
sad subscription! from certificate holders and ttcei. ft
holders. E
Depotlta and tnhscrlptlont should he made with ths K
Wall Street, Xew York, whors copies of the plan and R
agreement of reon-anlsatlnn can h" obtained, K
irni l. irintirn. hirmari, ek
riititi.m n. rtinciiii.ii, B
jr.tKIK V4.l'lll( it, V-
H. snnin tiR.ttT, "-. I;
niM,ii.ii li. PAV.vr, k
Cernmltir, I"
(Cltrtiouji nud lUrttings.
. , oJ-fjci; OF
TtTRSTitniincrtK klkcthic a in: ro.
riTTSBfKOII. I'eunsvlvanla. June 7 l'vj '
Ta the atoekhnldera or eatlajhou.e I'leclrla i'
Jt naBMfselDrlRC Co.i
The annual in e tin it of the Stockholdrt of ths
Wittlnghause P.lectnc and Manufacturlnr rafT
will be held In the offices of the Cururaur st its
shop In East Plttiburxb. Ia., on "ln1.r, j03,
ZSd, at lu o'tlock A M.. for Ihe election of Iilrectort
and for the transaction of sn?h otber business as mtv
properlr come before tne rneetlnir. Tra&sfr vkt '
will be closed on the 14tb dsjro.' June. l';. til ,
o'clock T. X., and opened on the 74th dar of Joaa, '
18117, at 1U o'clock A. 34
CIIAKLES A. TBIttlT. Fecreurj. M
gublic flotictg. m
(Should be read DAILY br all Interested, as efcaaa-a
ms- occur at anr time.)
loreltrn malls for tb-week endlry-Jon. 15, !(?,
will cIom (1'ltOMITl.Yln ail cases; at tha Ottrii
1-wt Ofnceaa fellows: .
WEDVESDAY. At 7 A. M. (sapplementarv A. K) II
for EUKOPL, per steamship Parts, via fyiatt- 191
arnpton; at 9 A. 1. ror BEUUCM direct. ;-r At
atearasUpSoothwark. via Antwerp (letters ractt '8
ldlrfcted "pr houthwark"! at f A M tup. T
tVinraUij lt:30 A. M.-for Et'llOPE, per lteaj
shlp Germanic, via Q-ientown
TUUKjiDAY. At 4 A M. for EUItOPE. per ltaath!p
Columbia, via Plrinoath. Cherbourg, an! Him
bura KATCIltJAY. At :30 A Jf. for rBAXCE. SWITa.B
EOYPT, and liKITIMl INDIA. r-r stean sL:p L
Br-tn. via Havr. at B-SO A. K for OEKM .Ny,
and HUbSIA. per tteamLlp AUer. via B-mea
letters for other parts of Europe, via Chert-vunc,
must be directed per Aller"J: at 8 A. M fjr
NETI1EBLANDS direct per sttamahlp Veenlta,
via Rotterdam (letters must be dlrd -per
Yeendara"). at 8 A. M. for OENOA. per it-tihlj
Kaiser wilntlm II (letter! must be dlrect-l pr
Ealser Wlllelm II." 'j at 10 A. JL for SCOTLAND
direct. jr steamship Ancborta, via Olavrow iv
term must b directed "per Ari-horla5. at II
A M .tupplerw-nlarT 11S0 A. X for ECT.0FE,
per steamship Etrurla. via Queenstown.
PRINTED MATTER. c German ateamera talllsf
on Tuedavs take Printed Halter. e for GER
MANY and BpedaUr Addnaaed Katter.4u.ftT
otner parta of Europe, American aad wtlt Et
steamers on WcCneadava. Oencan tteamert ca
Thuradav, and Cnnard. Pretich and Gerrsaa
tteamers ocaturdaxs take Printed Matter, se
for all conntrlra for wnlch ther are advertised ta
carry malL
After the closlca; of the Supplementary Traatatlaatia
Mails named above, additional tupplemestarr I
malls are opened on tbv piers of the America-!, I
EnxUsh. French, and German tteamen, and rts- I
main open until withlji Ten Minuter of the hour of I
ealllnx of steamer. '
vrriT ivnir .
WEDNESDAY. At 1 P M. for CUBA, per steamship
-aratoffa. via Uavazia.
steamer from Philadelphia: at 10 A.M. 'tc;r!e
rrentary 11 A. X.) for CENTRAL AMERICA (ex
cept Cosla Rlea) and SOUTH PACIFIC POET X'T
steamship Alllaaca. via Colon (letters for Gut
iDalamust bedlrectol "Per Alltanca"j:at 111 K.
for MEXICO, per staajziehlp Panama, via Procres-
and Vera Crui (letters must be dtretM "Ir
Tanama-): at 1.30 P.M. for LA PLATA COCN
TRIES direct, per steamship Handel: at 10 P. X.
for NEWFOUNDLAND, per ateamahlp Aurr-aa,
frcm Philadelphia.
SATTP.DAY. At 10 A. iL (tupplemertarr 10:SO .4.
VANILLA and GREYTOWX, per tteamtilp Al
Uffany Oettert fcr Csta Rica must be dl
rected "i-rr AUechnv-j; at 10 A. K. rtj
plu.entarv 1 o 30 A. M for CAPE HAITI,
and --ANTA MAETIIA. r-r tteasrjp Kitty: at
and YUCATAN. it steamship Yucatan (lertera
for other parts of Mexico and for Cnna must rs
dlrecte-1 --pr Y'neatan"!. at 11 A. X. (aurple
mentary 11 30 A. M ) for VENEZUELA and CUR
Cnra-aA. -r stearnsblp Veneraela: at IS M. foa
shir Irrawaddv. at ".SO P. M. f or ST. rURRB
MIQCELON. per steamer from North Sydney.
Malls for Newfoundland, by rail to Halifax. ac4
thence by steamer, cloee at this oSce dally at SS3
1' M Mai's for Mlquelon. by rail to Boston, and
tbfnce bv steamer, clote at this oDce ilally at ":
P V Malls for Cnba cloae at this c3ce daHv at
7 0.1 M. for forwardlc by tteamers eaSr&f
X .ndart and Thnrslays from Fort Ttunpa. Fla.
Mails for Mexico Ctt. overland, unleas tpeeially
addretse.1 for destatcn br steamer, cloae at trlt
c.Bce dallv at 3.K0 A. X and S:S0 P. M IRefJ
tervd mail cloeea at A-oo r. M. previous day.
Malls for China said Japan, p-r steamship Ptthaa
ifnm Tacomai. clot bere dally up to June I si
ft so 1" M MjJU for Hawaii, per i tcama;p Aus
tralia .from Ma Francisco i. eK-e here da.lv ur to
June at .so V M Mills for China anil Jatsr,
iter steamship Coptic tfrom &An FTanc.-o e,.-
here dally up to June 11 at 6 30 P M Ma.ls
for China and Japan (specially aidrei
inlr. iht steamthlp Empress of a;-i
(from VaneouTert. clo here dally up t
Jnne 114 at C 30 I' SI Malls for t-.-tralla
,excpt ihoae for Wrtt Australia, whl-fc art
forwarded via Europe . New zalanl. Haws,L
Hll. and smasii Islands, per steamship Mar.;-.'a
from San Francisco . cl.ee here dallr up to . -ts
Ilvat7 30 A. M . 11 A. M.and 10 P M cr a
arrival at Net York of stt-anj.htp Urctrla wta
bntUh mails for Australia Mails fr the so-ieiv
Islands. ptT ship Tropw ltlr-1 ifrom San FrnK"
r.T- here .lally up to .' me 4 at SO P ! 5a 4
for Australia except West Australia Ha aiL si 1
Fill Ilend. ier steamship iVsrrtnn-1 from vn
cxHiv.ri. clf-beredally after Juue lift ana Lr to
July I at 8:30 P M
Traa pacific mail- are forwarded to port of st-!'.2
dally, and the -beIule of clolns Is arranged o". l-t
presumplltm of tbWr unlnlemipte.1 overland tranll.
IRrplst-Tvd n all do-, at 0 P M pre lou .lay
COn.NF.LIVK VAN OOTT. V.vtn-aswr.
Post Otnet", New York. N Y . Junef. 1-T
Room 1.'3. Stewart T.".' a.
No. SSOBrvadviar. Tfrd H.x.r
New York. June '.'PT
Claims for exemption from Jury ,lutv nil. I-,1 hard
by me .lallv tt my odce. frm V K M until iTl!
Thoe eut'tle-1 to exemption are .lerKvmec Isw
yers. ihyslcl-us, surveous. suivetndf ntisis. f f
or or tea her tu a co!le-r, Rcadeniv . r i '3
school, editor, eilltorl&l rtier or rejvrti r . ' d: y
newspaer llceued pharmacvuttst. or 1 1 arr..lu
actualh euxavU lu tb?lr re-.pectte pnfev n. ai J
not followluc an) other caltlrc mlllTai'-ir p '."e
men ana firemen, election officer- r n -e ' 1 1 i
an I elt emplosiM. and Vultrd '-tatf-- t it , I -"i
oftlcers of essels uiaklni; re;nilar tri;. '. -: 1
ptlots actuall following that -alllnt: i.i'f"'1'
dentt. conductors anil enclneers of a ra. -. vt .oti
pany other than a street rallroal (Mintwinv t 1 :!,a
oitersurs actually ilolnptluty as such, (,rao : iecisl.
cally IncapaUeof i-erformtn Jury tluty b n-i-v -f
aeere sickness, .teafneas or other pbysl sl d'- e'er
Tbiie who have not answered as roth, ir lut 'i "r
proved jernianrnl exemption will rr,vlve - "f
enrollmrnt notice " requtrlui; tt in to api ar u ' rs
me this year Whether llaMe or nf su . i i "rs
must be answered iln tersou. If possible a' 1 al IMS
ofnee only, under severe enaltles If exeiuii the
party must brlnjr pnxif of exemption, if 1'j . rs
mutt alo autwer lu person, Kttlus full anl t-r-e.t
name, residence, etc , etc No ntt ntlon i aid t-1 Isl
ters All koo.1 cltlrrns will aid the courw cf msti-e ar.4
secure, rvllsblo aud lt-HVtahle Juries .tnd eqnsi.ss
their diu by servini: iroinpily when stimii. ne't,
allowing their clerks or .ulK'rJIn-tis l,'scre iri-.'l-ln
to me any attempt at ln..'ry or eTailon. anl sii.-
Resting names for enrollment persons r-iw'n
twentyone and seTeiuv T.-ars of str. unin-ne
senteee, persons teniporjril) 111, and V. nltM tia
Jurors are not . xempt
Every man must attend to lilt own notice 't is a
misdemeanor to die an tiry paier toani'" '
answer It Is aUo pun.slia -le t rt or 1 1 i - ''U
ment to slie or receive snv pieseut or bribe u ' ' '
orlndlnvilv In rrtatliinto a Ji.ry senlee. or u"1'
holil ati paivtr u 1111.1.0 hu fsl.e statei tci 1 aid
icri Cd.eiolli) ftilb 1 ro.,vniHl
Commissioner of Ji r. rv
TO TUP IM Hl.lf 1
Candidate, for admission to the Illtl-V Km."'!-
will te eauinlnnl al dittt to In- hereafter rti" '
twoinJuiK iftli anl Jul) 1st.
lur tliettrot . arils the esamlnatlon will ineiudei
F.I'KlLtl uraliiutar, F.l.irllsh ''oinpo.ltl nMil n I'd
Kri(irnli. I' lilted Mutes t.litot. tlr.iw'n paulll
and kiM-ltlfu. ami the rauip if tlie exl.rllHl, o s w II
IwMMiul, aleut of the uralninar -.cl..o, ur
Foradi anced . I.vses 111 tin' I.Uh lol 1 li'T-
will W' esiiiuiiuHl initio sr.iral snule .( r -1
Sfh ol lirrlcul..ltl and alt:it -d In the r i;s ,J
the class fur LI h tli- uro nsicotliel) hi
The studies lu It." sarh.u- ...ure ..' u ' .5
s hools Include, amo'i,: oth r. alsilna .o " 1 .
ulRouonutry. IjiIii. flrc'l.l reiieh erinai. -1 ' r.
ph'slcs. clieiulstry, li'iok-. 1 iull.li III, ml'ir. . 1
eralblslor) 1 and the tipp.lcant for ..dia I i.in 1 4
should state his impress in the soieral .imlir. m
which he wishes to tc etaml'-0.1
1 he place where tl.oc etamluatlolis are to te m 1
will be aiitioiiiicrMl later
The lilill schools will l-,ln m p'cii l - .' 'lh ''
bvs on 1 1th street, lor IrU on 1.' 1. .in. 1 a' 1 ' f
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KKW YORE, Junt 3d. 1697,
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