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F I "I&Bfc " I T?Ta- rJlliJ 'QaVeV l THE WEATHER PREOIOTll
I ITS SO." m W ygfcBgWWT!WMMj JWW W F-iranWjertwj.--.ir. 4KB
sso.ooo ottoman troops are- ix
jax territory.
Y goo.ooo Mare Are In Macedonia Ready to
) wore Over the Border The Sultan Would
I ike la Uhott What rower Will Coder-
take IIib Job r Turning Bli Army Oat.
facial Cable Bit patch to Tng Son.
London. Juno 12. TnB Bvx reporter at Ba
lonlca writes:
"Kuropohad better make up Us mind to a
i prolonged Turkish occupation of Thessaly. The
Balonlca rallronil Is as busy now aa on tho eve of
tho war. Trains convoying troops and stores
bav o been running ocaselesaly for three months.
" Kuropo scarcely seems to understand tho po
' slllon of affairs oven now. It Is this: Thero ore
SSO.ooO Ottoman troops In Thessaly at tho pres
ent moment, and 300,000 more In Macedonia
read) 1 loin them; and the Sultan wants to
r know which power or what combination of
powers Is gulng to undertnko the Job of turning
blm and his soldiers om, Turkish civil and
military officers of tho highest rank are continu
ally passing to and from Constantinople, and all
snap tholr fingers at the powers and say rudo
things of the Ambassadors. Theso ofllcers know
what Is going on In the palace. There Is not 0110
of them who does not lauith to scorn tho Idea of
Hi) combination of tho powers against Turkey."
Hero In London, at tho Turkish Embassy, one
hears precisely tho samo language as the foro
going, with tho addition of the utmost confl
y denco expressed In tho willingness and ability of
i Russia lo help Tnrkoy If tho other powers " drive
' the Gillian Into oxtrcmo courses."
Although 230,000 Turkish troops are In Thess
aly, and the Greek army has practically ceased
to exist as a war factor, thero Is one place in tho
conquered province which still files tho Chris
tian flog and bids defiance to tho Crescent. This
Is the monastery of M eteora In tho northwest
cornoraf Thcsaly, perched upon an almost in
aroessible rock, defended by stout monks, and
well provisioned with a flock ot goat and sheep
on the mountain pasture behind It The place
has, so far, resisted repeated assaults, and the
I Uun and whlto banner still waves proudly In
thebrecie, and every morning and evening the
' monastery bull calls the good Christiana to
matins or evensong. Many of the Christians
lone since tied, and tho solemn sound of the bell
ten ci but to exasperate tha Mohammedan
soldier encamped In tho valley. The monks have
been repeatedly called from prayers to fight, at-
tacking tho Turks w ilh guns and rocks; and thoy
aro calmly confident of their ability to keep the
Greek flag over their roof until, in the provi
dence of God, tho Turks withdraw from Thes-aly.
lettber Turkey Sr England Win Yield a Palat
on the Question or Tfceeaaly.
Rpeciul Cable Despatches to Tax Bun.
Loxdox, June 12. The Eastern situation must
be regardod as extremely ominous, despite the
favorable reports ot the progress of the peace
negotiations. Turkey continues to demand
' Theasaly and proposes to enforce her claim.
; even If England should attempt to drive her
B nt'
j On the other hand, there Is every evldenco
that Great Britain Intends to maintain her
,. p,iiim frr1--jngllahpi-a has not yet
annonnced the positive declaration that
the Salisbury Government will withdraw
from the concert unless Turkey Is compelled
to relinquish Thessaly. It is unfortunate that I
am not permitted to name the authority for
this momentous news, but it would cause grave
disturbance In political and financial circles In
' Europe. It would be realized then that affairs
In the East are In a more dangerous state at the
i present moment than at any time during the
two years of the crisis.
The Information comes from a reliable source
la Constantinople that Russia has been financing
Turkey throughout the war. Large sums of
gold have been sent to tho Russian account
from Paris via Marseilles.
The Constantinople correspondent of a Paris
journal sends a despatch which has an impor
I tant bearing upon the situation. Bo had an inter
view with the Grand Vizier, who gave his opin
ion that an agreement would shortly be reached
on all points of the dlsbute between Greoco and
Turkey If the power would consent to give
Turkey territorial compensation commensurate
with the sacrifices which Tnrkey had made In
men and money.
The correspondent adds that the question
of the evacuation of Thessaly is very diffi
cult. Turkey adheres to her original de
mands. The attitude of Great Britain is
i becoming dally more decided. She seems
to understand that tho majority of the
Ambassadors are playthings of the Porte.
and it is believed that England will eventually
withdraw from the concert.
The most opt imlstio do not believe that peace
can possibly be concluded within two months
! unless one of the powers, by brute force, makes
the Porte yield at all point.
Athkns, Juno 12. Tho Government his de
cided to send a number of high diplomats and
military officers to Constantinople to take part,
stml-offiilally, In the peace conferences of the
representatives of tho powers.
They will pay particular attention to tho
questions of the abrogation of the capitulations
In favor of Greek subjoct in Turkey, and the
rectification of the frontier.
M The Property or Tlieaiallana Will Be Conn.
Mr i aim I'aleaa They Relurn Home.
Special Cable Deepatch to Tns Bra.
Atiiknb, Juno 12. The Governor of Volo.wbo
. was appointed by the Turks after tho can-
ture of that place by tho Moslem troops,
Us Issued a proclamation that Turkey will
confiscate the roal and personal property of any
person who has left Thessaly and taken refuge
W claim here unless such persons roturn within fit-
teen da) s.
Atirlttta RreauM. ih New Canadian Tariff
favors Ureal Urllaln.
Special Cable Detpatch to Tub Sun.
London, June l'J.-The Austrian Government
has presented through tho Foreign Oflice here a
protest ngalnst the now Canadian tarllflnthat
PS t dlcriralnatcs In favor of Great Britain, with
M bich country Austria has a treaty contaialng
V the "most favored nation " clause.
an Knsii.b Train niled with KicunlonUls Is
Derailed and Wrecked,
Sfcctal Cable Deepatch to Tu So.
Iximhm, Juno 12.-A terrible railroad accl-
ntnt otLiirred at Oswestry, Salop, this morning.
m buLIi fourteen persons were killed and
J flTi'ii'Ji" '"J"""1", A heavy train of cars
I A m ni ' furalonlsta was derailed wbllo run.
Lff bir J 'J1'"" rl,t? J Pceu' demolishing a num.
V d I.? ilT !",,r ."v"'1 ""fling many of the ocou.
V oIIl. wlilslio- r" 0f tU" '"J"1'1
""" Melba to Slue Iiurtac Jubilee Week.
Si fiil Cable Deepatch to Tna Sc.
Lummis, Juno 12,-Mme. Meiua to-day signed
co"ir.uiwlth.Miiuriio Orau to slug in opera
here uiiriug the Jublko week.
The Tf hale rreiramma ar Kveats Is at llxee
nd Sevens Conmslea Kverrwkere.
Sjeclal Cable Detpatch to Tnc Bex.
London, Juno 12. As far aa the official pro
gramme ot tho JubUeo events Is concerned there
Is a scandalous stato of unpreparodncsa. It Is
usually the case In this country that great cere
monials in charge ot tho court officials are hope
lessly bungled, but tho jubilee celebration prom
ises to be tha worst ever known.
The oDlclal order of the procession. Issued yes
terday, assigns places only to tho troops. Noth
ing Is yet decided about tho arrangements for
the vast number ot guests who are to appear
somewhere In the parade.
Thero is tho same confusion in regard to the
decorations and Illuminations. Thero Is no gen
eral plan, such as always governs such display
In Continental capitals. Artists ot the Guild and
tho Academy offered to volunteor committees
to tnko the matter In hand and arrange a, har
monious plan, but the authorities refused to ac
cept tho odor, and It Is already ovldcnt that tho
result will bo not only lnartlstlo but positively
The publication ot the programme has called
out to-day a groat chorus of protests. It is
pointed out that tho royal procession, Instead of
representing tho glories of the Victorian era,
will be almost exclusively military, Sclenco,
art, and statesmanship aro all unrepresented.
Tho colonial visitors aro tho only civilians. All
tho rest are redcoats. Tho popular offoct of this
Is well portrayed by such language as tho follow
ing in to-day's Westminster Qatcttt:
"Tho impresslbn which will bo left bv the pro
cession will certainly be that tho cmplro Is the
work ot redcoats in so far as It la not the work
of royalties. There Is only ono exception, which
19 a special compliment paid to tho colonial
Premiers. Otherwtso the black-coated throng
w ho ha e borno tho burden and heat of tho day
in Science, Art, Literature, and cvon politics
will llnd no place.
" Tho statesman who has been a Inrger part of
the two generations to bo commemorated than
any other man living, Mr. Gladstone, will not be
seen on the great day,"
Partisan bitterness ugalnst Mr. Gladstone, by
tho way, has been revived to the fullest extent
by his persistent denunciation of the Sultan
and tho policy of tho powers. His letter this
week suggesting that tho representatives of Tur
key in tho JubUeo procession will not be well re
ceived has been construed by tho Tory press
into an incitement to public insult. This Is
absurd, but even a sober newspaper like the
Olobt says to-night:
" We do not wish to be disrespectful, but really
it would conduco to tho gayety of nations If some
one would, until tho jubilee Is over, put Mr.
Gladstone in a bag, or better still, if the Turkish
Embassy would demand his prosecution for in
citement to commit a breach of the peace and
get blm bound over for good behavior for a
it is difficult to imagine a more striking ez
amplification of the moral degeneration of the
English race than such language by the most
dignified supporter of the present Government
in London's evening journalism.
There are Important reasons of State why tho
jublleo Is to bo, above all things, a great military
and naval demonstration, to the exclusion of the
arta and sciences. Some of these reasons are ob
vious, and I have discussed them in a letter
which will reach The Sun in the course of the
No opportunity will bo lost during the next
fortnight to impress upon foreign visitors the
vastness ot Great Britain's military and naval
power. This display began yesterday, when the
Duke of Connaught revlowed the Imperial
troops, who have come to take part In the royal
procession. ThaspeclaUo has caJlnd,forth vol
language, which is a fair sample of what will be
spread out In the public print during the next
few days:
" Never even In the palmiest days of old Rome
was there a more significant and wondrous
Bpectaclo than that which took place jesterday
afternoon at the Chelsea Barraclu. Ills Royal
Highness, tho Duke of Connaught, representing
the Quoen, inspected and reviewed the repre
sentative contingents of tho army of Great
" There were drawn up In line colonial soldiers
from tho four quarters of the globe. Many
there were from lands and continents unknown
to the Roman Empire. There stood In the ranks :
men from the far north, the far south, tho far
east, the far west; men from Europe, Asia,
Africa, America, and Australasia; types ot
many races, white and black."
Tbey Declare Tnat Our Provision for Onr Iubl
lee Bmbaaay la Xlfsmrdty.
Fjticiat CabU Deepatch to Tax SCX
London, June 12. Certain London journals
comment In a contemptuous tone upon the of
ficial provision for tho expenses of tho special
jublleo embassy of the United States ot Amer
ica and the general niggardliness ot the Ameri
can treatment of tho representatives of tho ro
publlo abroad. It is observed that the appropri
ation of $10,000, which it is understood was
allotted to Mr. Wbitelaw Retd's mission, will
only cover the incidental expenses.
These London Journals quote Mr. Reld's
friends as saying thai he spent twice hi salary
for house rent alone when be was United Stntos
Minister at Paris. They further Instance an at
tache1 of the American Fmbassy here w ho enjoys
a salary of 811,000 a year and spends $40,0uO.
The Idea that diplomatic salaries aro kept low
In order to exemplify Republican simplicity is
hooted at and treated as a mere pretenco to
cover Brother Jonathan's meanness. Thus the
Ttltgraph says:
"The calculating Americans are far from
thinking of raising the financial status ot their
representatives at foreign courts. Thero Is now
and always has beon a rush ot wealthy citizens
of tho Unltod States, all eager to servo their
country abroad,"
Col. Parr has beon appointed by the Foreign
Office equerry In waiting lo Mr. Reld. Nothing
has yet been announcod as the places assigned or
tho part to betoken by the foreign guests in any
of the festivities. Qunrters have been provided
at tho Buckingham Palace Hotel for Major-Gun.
Miles and Rear Admiral Miller, who will be the
guests ot tho Government from June 10 tn June
20. Mr, Rcid, however, preferred private quar
ters with his family Instead of tho hospitality of
tho Government.
Those Ibo Wrote lo the Duke or Huases Are le
lie Hold at Auction.
Fpecial Cable Deepatch to Tna Box.
London, Juno 12. A collection ot prlvato
letters written by Queen Victoria to tho Duke
of Sussnx will bo sold at auction presently, Tho
young Queen wrote In Novcmlwr, 1842;
"Tho Prince of Wales is very well, and will
shortly walk alone"
Thanking the Duke for bis good wishes for the
tenth anniversary of her marriage, her Majesty
"That day roust ever be ono of joy and grati
tude to me, as being tho commencement of the
(Croat est possible happiness to me. Few, if any,
possess such a treasure as ,1 do in my deeply
loved Albort, whose only objoct is the happiness
and well-being of others. May his bright ex
ample of virtue and oxcollenco bo followed by
my son and may he be the Imago of bis father
is my most fervent prayer."
Hkat Do Von Waal I
If It Is furniture or carpets, so to T. Kelly's. SOB Bin
av. lie has rut prices just la half for the balanoo of
thlsuiuatta Carpats, forms rly (1 10 a yard, now 0 So.)
porlursulu, formerly tUO. now S30 others still lower.
lU-frlcrtors, formerly tV. now II. luby carriages,
formerly alO.nnw 5. Kaaoiclld awl orau beds, for
merly so, uo Sl.OU, Everything rise la the stor at
the inu rcdu ed rates. Call and se or write for
catalogues aoJ price lists of what you want. -idi'.
nam vxnsn the rinsr will.
the CTeutd Not Lilt with tier llepmather. and
Her Lawyers Produce a Will Three Years
Old Which I-ert the Widow Xothlna-ner
Curious Abode In an Old House or Uer
Father Ten of tho Thirty Millions at make.
There seems to be a prospect of n contest over
the thirty millions which were loft by Joseph
ntcbardson, tho eccentrlo rich man who dlod on
Tuosday tnhls flvo-foot-wldo "spllo" house at
Eighty-second street and Lexington avenuo.
Tho contest. It It comes, will bo tho result ot a
falling out which happened between tho present
Mrs. Richardson when she marrlod Mr. Rich
ardson fifteen or twonty years ago, and Mr.
Richardson's daughter Delia, one of the two
children that Mr. Richardson had by his first
Tho first indication of acontost came yester
day when Miller, Porkham & Dixon filed the
following will In tho Surrogate's oflice:
I, Joph Illchardson of the city of New York, do
make, publish, and declare this to be my last will and
First I do hereby will aad direct that all my Just
debts be paid as soon after my death as may bo pos
sible. I do bareby (Ivo and bequeath all my rsal and per
sonal property unto my son, Otorge Richardson of
Bridgeport, Connecticut, and unto my daughter, Delia
Orace Illchardson of tho city of Now York, to be di
vided between them share aud share alike, lobars
aad to hold the saina to themselves and heirs forever.
"Third 1 do hereby appoint my son Oeorxo to bo
executor, and my said daughter, Delta Orice Richard
son, to be executrix of this my last will, and 1 do
hereby will and direct that neither of tbam shall be
require 1 to e any bond for the safe performance of
the duties.
Fourth I do herebj authorise my said executor and
executrix or either of them If only one shall qualify
aa such to sell and dispose ot my real estate at either
pnbllo or private sale and to convert tho same Into
personalty and to give good and wholacouTeyanees
therefor and to relates! uiy personal eatat as may
mm expedient.
In witness whereof I bavo sot my hand and seal
this Sd day ot October, 18U..
Josern niCRinoso-c.
Witnesses James D. Jlltcilf. Homer Nichols, Ber
tram Cruger.
Tho witnesses to this will were all In tho
broker's oflice whore Mr. Richardson bad an
office. Mr. Mltcalf has dlod slnco tho will was
Tho later will, dated April 21. 1B97. which
was read on Friday night to tho heirs by Mr.
Mayo W. Ilaxolllnc, who drew It. made the
widow share equally with her stepchildren In
the residuary estate, and gavo $17,500 to tho
Central Park Baptist Church, and $50,000 to lis
pastor, the Rev. llnrry M. Warren.
The will read by Mr. Hardline will be offered
for probate in a few days. It was made after
Mr. Richardson's last Illness had begun. The
existence of the former will seems to bavo been
known to thuso who drew tho later one and
a contest was apparently not unexpected. If
there Is a contest tho person behind It on behalf
of the will printed todaywlll.lt Is believed, ho
Mr. Richardson's daughter, Delia, who will lie
aided by her brother, and tho chief slake will bo
the 910.000,000 or so which the later will leaves
lo the widow.
Miss Delia Grace Richardson is "aid to resem
ble In many ways Mrs. Hettv Green, both In
strength or mind and love for money. While
her mother lived they had as a friend a
Mrs. Mi-loay, the widow of a thrifty Sootrh
man, who had left her property whiih
is said to have been worth between
9100.000 and 9200.000. The site where tho
"spite" house stands was a part of her prop
erty. When Mr. Richardson announcod that ho
was going to marry Mrs. McLeiy. the son did
not seem aggrieved, but Miss Delia, then 30
years old or more, became very angry, and abo
never lived In her father's hour afterward.
She took up her residence ut 110 East Houston
"street, and she lives there to-day. Wl h her aa
companions she has a maiden cousin and
another maiden lady named Betsy Richardson,
who Is no relation to her. Tho thrco maiden
ladles keep honae In the upper stories
ot the old building, and their front
door Is marked by a very brightly polished brass
knob and tho absence of clthcra bell or a knock
er. Whoever wishes to see them must nn
nounoe his desire by rapping with his knuckles
on the door. Two little stor.-s occupy the
ground floor, and the storekeepers aro Miss
Rlcbardson's tenants.
Miss Richard son Is now nbont SO years old
and her brother is five years younger. Hellvts
In Bridgeport and his a wife and one child, a
girl. His relations with his stepmother nre said
lo have been pleasant and his father and she
visited him at times. He Is the superintendent ,
1 of tho Bridgeport water works of which his I
father wns the bulldt-rand themain stockholder.
Besides his children and widow, Mr. ltkhard
sonleaes nearly a dozen half brothers und sis
ters, the result of his father's second mnrrlngn.
Many of these live In or about Albany, and few
ornonoof Lhem. it is said, hate ever benefited
In any way by Mr. Richardson's wealth. Some
of them are very poor.
The change In Mr. Richardson's Intentions re
warding the dlspoiltlnn of his property is be
lieved to have boen brought about largely
through his attendance, in the last year or tw o.
nt the Central Park Chunh. or "tho little
church around the corner," as he called IL He
was originally a member of the Protestant Epis
copal Church.
The first piece of real property which ho ao
qulred in this city is said to havo boen tho house
nt 110 East Houston street, opposite the Episco
pal chupel tbero, and he attended that chapel
wbi n he lived In this house.
Once every Sunday ho went to church, and
for a number of years ho was an attendant at
the Church of the Redeemer while Dr. Shackle
ford was Its rector. Then ho went to Dr.
Hughes's church in Seventy-fourth street, but
this was too far away for blm to walk, and
so he began going tn the Central Park
Church. When young Mr. Warren bocame the
pastor of this church, Mr. Richardson was
ninth Interested In him," and It is believed that
Mr. Warren may have had anmethtng to do
with pointing out to the mllllonnlrn that It
would not be right for him to ignore hlswitoin
his will.
If a contest Is mode the effort to break the
later will would naturally be upon the lines nf
showing either undue Influence or that Mr.
Richardson wns not mentally capable of exe
cuting a will on April 24 Inst. Almost up
to bis last moments. It is said, he was able to sit
up; and tbo dining nnm of bis fire-foot
house, on the ground floor, which he
coupled as a bedroom during his ill
ness, was thronged dallv with men who had
business to transact with blm. His doctor
protested against his occupying hlmstlf with
business affairs, bill in lain. There was practi
cally no privacy In the little homte, and as soon
as men were admitted nt the front door Ihcy
could see Mr. Rlcli.irdtiiin slttlnz on a sofa in
his room, nnd he insisted upon eelm; them.
Wheeler n. Perkhnuinf Miller, I'eckham k
Dixon said list night that 't had not yet beon
decided whether tho 1807 will would tie con
tested or not. ITo represents tho son and
daughtor. Tbo filing of (ho 1804 will with the
Bufrogate wns mere precaution. Mr. Peckham
said that those who expected that tho ovfnte
would come lo 930,000,000 would bo disap
pointed. It would be nothing noar that, he
Tbey Are to ttrplnre llio Present Issue or Onei,
Two, and Vivo Dollar Notes,
Washington, Juno 12. Tho present issuo ot
silver certificates of one, two, and five dol
lar denominations aro to bo replaced by
lighter and tuoro distinctly marked notes. This
was decided upon ut a conforcnto lato this after
noon betwoen Secretary Gugo of tho Treasury
Department and Claudo Johnson, Chief
of tho Bureau ot Engraving and Print
ing, and Instructions were given for tbo
preparations of sketches for the faros of the now
notes. Many objections to tho present note
have been raised by the banks. Some of those
objections aro that tho faces of tbo notes con
tain too great a quantity of Ink, which not only
catch the dust and dirt, but also smudgo, and
that tho quality of the Ink Is had. They also
found fault with the distinguishing figures,
which were not plain enough to avoid confusion.
Their resemblance to a patent medicine adver
tlsepit nt was also urgod against tho notos.
Secrotary Gago sulil bo tuom.'ht there was too
much attempt at the artistic, and the new
notea. will contain less picture, and more promi
nence will be given the obligutlon of the Gov
ernment to pay the bearer. There will be only a
Hllght change In the backs of the new notes.
The scroll work and the new vignettes of promi
nent porsons In American history will remain,
and the color will he green, as at prcsont.
Tho new notes will not bo ready for some
months, possibly not until late In the fall. The
work will be pushed as rapidly as possible, but
it will take some time to prepare the sketches,
and then, after Ihu sulucUeu of a design, to on
(.'rave the plate.
All Building In hns Pari of the ttty Its
nalaa-Elght Native Hilled.
Speeial CabU Detpatch to Tax Son.
OAtouiTA, June 12. Tho residents ot this city
were thrown Into a state ot consternation this
afternoon by an earthquako that was the
severest over experienced hero. Eight na
tives were killed, and groat damago was done
to property. In some porta of tho city nothing
remains ot tho buildings but ruins. The spires
ot the Cathedral were thrown down, and the
Town Hall and tho High Court building were
badly damaged.
Tho shock lasted for five minutes. It woe felt
just before the tlino that is devoted by tho
officials and rich residents to the evening drive,
and among the peoplo who rushed from their
houses whon tho earth movement began woro
thoso who wore dressing for tho drive Theso
did not taketlmo to finish tholr toilet, but
ran, halt dressed. Into tho opon air.
No cstlmalo ha yot boon modo ot the amount
of tho poounlary damage.
Russian Army Officer Itelleved Thena f Hill
tary lervlce In a Remarkable Way.
Special Cafif Detpatch to Tux Box.
London, June 12. A series of trials completed
on Thursday In Moscow shows that Russian
military ofllcers have been guilty of strango of
fences. Tho Russian peasant has long practised
mutilation to incapacitate himself for military
service, but the ofllcers in question devised
means of freeing tho recruit, after he had en
tered the ranks, for sums varying from 925 to
The clerk who made out the returns conspired
with the Junior doctors In charge of the military
hospital to offect the release of privates by pro
ducing certain diseases. A private desirous ot
escaping from military service applied at the
hospital where tho conspirators, by means ot
drugs, produced various slcknessos, ending by
weakening tho heart's action. The chief doctors
then signed certificates to the effect that tho
persons were unfit for service.
Tha plot was discovered upon the death of a
clerk who shot himself, after leaving In writing
a full confession for his Colonel, and naming his
accomplices. Eight men bavo been sentenced
to punishments ranging from civil annihilation
with two years' service in the disciplinary bat
talions, which is regarded as equivalent to slow
death, to a sentence of eight months In the
same service without loss of civil right.
Their Balloon Exploded at a Uelaht or I, TOO
Feet and Uurned aa It Fell.
Special Cable Deepatch lo Tmc Sua.
Berlin. Juno 12. Dr. Woclfert, a noted aero
naut, and his assistant, llcrr Knabe, were killed
this evoning on the Tcmpelhof Field. Dr. Woel
fert had for a long time been Inventing and per
fecting a dirigible airship.
This afternoon he and Herr Knabo ascended
from the Imperial Aeronautic Department In a
new balloon. After thoy had ascended to a
height of 1,700 feet tho balloon exploded nnd
caught fire. As the balloon dropped It looked
like a column of flame. The bodies of the un
fortunate aeronauts were almost calcined.
Why Dae Hot Mr. tTharaborlala Emulate Bl
Ilralthral aad Ploaa Regime I
Special Cable Deepatch to Tax Sea.
London, June 12. Dr. F. E. Clurfc, of Chris
tian Endeavor famr, who has been a (rood deal
lionized this week by his British confreres. Is
now returning to New York, en routo for Son
Francisco to attend tho International gather
ings there. Ho had a good lime In South Africa,
and hobnobbed with President Krtlgcr among
other notables.
He thinks a good deal of the old Boor states
man, who, It seems, goes to bed at 8 o'clock In
the ctenlng, rises nt 3 in tho morning, and
spends from that hour until fi o'clock in private
devotions; all of which contrasts strikingly
with tho habits of his chief diplomatic adver
sary, tbo Right Honorable Mr. Chamberlain,
who retires habitually about the timo I'reaident
ErOger la thinking of getting up, and who cer
tainly does not set apart any know n portion of
his time for devotions, private or public.
Tbey Will Beet nt Berlin to Dlsenas All Phase
or the Dread Dlaeaae.
Special Cable Detiuitch to To stts.
London, June 12. An International leprosy
conference will be held at Berlin on Oct, 11.
The chief purpose Is to bring about an agree
ment for tho scientific treatment of leprosy and 1
the exhibition of objects connected with the j
Dr. Hutchinson of London will lecture upon
alimentation and leprosy. Prof. Virchow will
discuss tne pathological anatomy ot leprosy.
Dr. Nelsser of Breslau will deal with the origin
ot the disease. Dr. Bcsnler of Paris will treat ot
Us otlology. Prof. Koch will discuss the ques
tion whether the disease Is Infectious. Drs.
Kltasulo of Toklo, Mauritc ot Hawaii, During
of Constantinople, and other eminent expert
will attend.
SN FllANCisoo, Juno 12. Private advice
from Honolulu report thet leprosy Is spretdlng
with alarming rapidity In tho Islands. Formerly
it was confined almost entirely to Ibo natives,
but now many whites aro falling tctlms to the
Gideon West, for year one of Hawaii's lead
ing luerLllrtllia, whu la tujvuia uiu. riHXHltl) uo-
veloped leprosy and was romovod toMolokal,
tho pest Island. His wife died brokenhearted a
few days nfter his removal,
George Brouns, an employee of the telephone
company ut Honolulu, has also boen taken to
Molokal suffering from tho disease.
Both Ik Whlto Mtar Hloainer and tho Barnee
uiore Badly Damaged.
Special Cable Deepatch to Tilt Bus.
London, Juno 12. Tho White Star line
steamer Nomadic, from New York June 1 for
Liverpool, came Into collision with the John
ston line steamer Barnesmoro. from Liverpool
for Montrcul, oil Hohheud this morning, A
heavy fog was prevailing, Both vessols were
badly damaged, Tho Nomudlo proceeded to
Liverpool, whero alio was dnrkrd, and tho
Barnesmoro was docked ut Holyhead.
The former Amliaaaador to Franco Will Prao
tlse l-iw lulhla City.
James B. Eustls, former Ambassador to the
Fronub republic, nrrhed hero last evening on
the French line steuiiishlp Lit Champagne, and
went to the Holland House. Ho ha decided to
give up bis residence in Now Orleans, and will
practise law in this city. Ho will become tbo
head of tho firm of Jones & Govln, Mr, Kustls
left his uaughlors In Pans. They will Jo., him
hero lutor,
out lo Jail rur Preaching on Boston Common.
Bostov, Juno 12. The Rev. William F, Davis,
who bus preached on Boston Common whenever
bo has taken a notion to do so, weutto Jail at
noon to-day for three months for preaching
there. Ho served uino months in lblU for a
similar oflTcnce. but began to preach again when
ho gotout. holding that this is a country where
froo sprerh is permitted, Tho prisoner Is about
40 year old, tlo Is u Harvard giadunle.
Rubber Bathtubs rr Tourist
and country use. All slses at Hiker's, Also Hiker
Haaltary Naplrlns for la'llvs' use Indlsiiraisbla while
travelling aud alalltlaic yr, boxagruu. Elilia
btiKklugs, s each. lUi.tr', Oth av., cor, M2 J St. rfv.
The peelat Saturday Prayer Meeting Was
Hearty Boded When She Walked In, Lis
tened a row Momenta, anal Then Drew
is Revolver nnd Fired Hot Identified.
Just a tho Saturday special prayer mooting
at Calvary Church nt Fourth avenue and
Twenty-first strnot wasnoarlng its close, at 1:30
o'clock yestorday afternoon, a stout, gray-halrcd
woman, neatly dressed, walked slowly into tho
vestibule and stood n, moment looking at tho
Rov. Dr. J, Lowls Parks, who was conducting
the sorvice. 8ho hod stood but a few moments,
when Bho Buddculy put her hand Into tho bosom
of her waist, and, drawing out a now 32-callbre
rovolver, raised It to her right tomplu and flroda
bullet into her brain. Tho bullet killed her In
stantly and she fell upon tho vestibule floor.
Sirs. Skluuor, the Janitress of tho church, wo
standing close to tho sulcldo in the vestibule,
and saw her draw the weapon, but was so dum
founded at tbo sight of the pistol that sho could
not move. Sho screamed in affright as she saw
tho woman fall. Tho scream and tbo pistol shot
startled tho worshippers. Usher Martin, who
was seated noar tho vcstlbulo, ran out, and seo
lug what hud happouod hurrlod to the chancel
and told Rector Parks. Tho rector told tho wor
shippers, of whom thero wore thirty or forty
prcsont, not to glvo way to excitement, nnd has
tened to the woman. Ho stooped o cr her body,
saw quickly that Ufa was extinct, and then or
dered tho congregation to disperse quietly. Tha
usher called a policeman, who summoned nn
ambulance, and tho body was removed to the
East Twenty-second street station house.
Mr. Parks told tho policeman that horccoz
nlzed tho sulcido as a woman who had been In
tho habit of attending tho afternoon services,
but that ho did not know her namo. Sho was
clad in a dark skirt of figured silk with a brown
velvet waist. She had a silk underskirt, black
Blockings clocked In white squares at tho Instep
and woro black Oxford tics that wero new. All
her clothing was of good quality and nearly
new. Her bat, also new, wns of black straw
trimmed with pinks and violets. She had a now
hlnck silk sunshade with a solid silver handle.
In tho pocket of her dress was a leather pocket-
book containing $1.54 and a pawn ticket, Thero
were also a pair of stecl-rlmmcd eyeglasses In a
leather iaso and two plain linen handkerchiefs.
Tho woman weighed about 170 pounds and was
well proportioned. Sho looked to be between OS
and 00 years old.
By means of the pawn tickot Detective Conroy
found that a llttlu while before going to the
church tha woman had pawned an old-fashioned
mlnlaturo brooch, perhaps lo get the
mono; to buy tho pistol with which she killed
herself. Tho brooch was pledged at 107 Third
avenue. Shortly before noon I ho woman gave it
to Pawnbroker Loowonlhal and asked 92.30 011
It. Tho brooch was framed in gold. It contained a
locket thatworked on a swivel, with a minia
ture paintori on each side. One was a portrait
of a good-looking woman, about 40 years old,
with dark orct and iron-gray balr, and tho othor
on auburn-haired woman or 25. whose face re
sembled that of the older portrait. They looked
like tho portraits of mother and dausrhter, and
the palntlnirwas artistically done. The pawn
broker objected to advancing more than 92 on
tbo brooch, but tbo woman was urgent.
" I need the money," sho sold, and finally tho
pawnbroker gao it to her. Ho asked what
name be-should place on tho pledge.
" Rellly of First avenuo. the woman re
sponded indefinitely. He asked no more ques
tions, and she put the money tn her pocketbook
and walked out. The tolloc belle", o th.t with
pnrt of the money thus secured she went at
once nnd bought the rovohcr. It was a cheap
weapon of the pattern known as " Young Amor
lea,' Coroner's Physician Donlln ordered the re
moval ot the body to the Morgue. Thero was no
mark on the clothing that gave any clue to her '
Identity. From tbo fact that her eyeglasses
woro bought at an optician's on Fourth avonue
near the church, and the brooch pawned in tho
lclnlty, tho police" concluded that the suicide
w us a resident of the neighborhood.
A eon or the President of the Wheeling and
Lake Krlo Railroad In Trouble.
Cr.EvrLAND, O., June 12. F. J. Blair, formerly
a division superintendent of the Wheeling and
Lake Erie railroad, was locked up In the county
Jail last night secretly, pending a hearing on the
charge of applying property of auothertohis
own use.
Blair is a son of tho President of the Wheeling
and Lake Erie Railroad. He married and for
some time haa been lining at Mansfield. About
four months ago Blair met John Quinn, a well
known man about town, in a hotel barroom,
and tho two, being close friends, bod a
toctal glass of beer. While sipping the
boor Blair told Quinn that be was going out for
a "swell time," and askod to borrow a diamond
ring worn by Quinn. The request was granted
unhesitatingly, as Quinn hnd known the Blnlr
family for a long time. Quinn also offered the
its.t of a diamond shirt stud.
Months went by and Illnlr failed to return tho
ring. It was worth $300. Finally Quinn sent
word to Blair thai tno property must be re
stored, lllutr answered that the ring hud passed
1 out of hl hands. On a warrant iworn to oeforo
Justice Hurt, Illnlr nna arrested, lllalrsaje:
" It is true tlmt I borrowed tho ring, and I
meant to restore it. 1 was in Detroit, got broke,
I and paw-nod it. I never dreamed that I would
be arrested. My father, 1 think, will adjust
matter for me."
P. 1. Medley or Bunker IIIII, III., R hoots John
R. Richards In an Alterratlon.
Bvkefr Him., 111., June 12. Mayor John R.
Richards of this city was shot twice by Cnpu F.
Y. Hcdley, editor of tho Uaittte, at noon to-day
and died early this evening.
Tbo tragedy Is the culmination ot an old feud.
Friends of both men endoavorod to settle tho
difference between them some time ago and in
duced thorn to sign an agreement In which both
agreed to certain stipulation-!, ono ot which was
that they were to spoak to each other in public
While on their way homo to dinner to-day they
met bychanco in front ot James McPherson's
Itlchards asked Hodley why ho did not speak to
him and fulfil his part ot lbs written agree mem,
Hodley replied thul ho would spoak to Richards
whenever tho latter saw fit to address him on
the stroet. This enraged the Mayor, and, II Is
said, heHtruck Hodln). knocking oil his hat. The
editor says ns ho stooped to pick up his hat
Richards readied for a spado noar by, und, in
tclf defence, ho drew a rovolver. Ilrdley as
torts thai Rlchurda tnunlod him nnd continued
lo assume the augreislo, and while retreating
he shot tho Mayor.
Hodley at nnoo surrendered to the authorities,
and was taken to Curllnvillo, where he waived
examination, and gavo ball for 92,000 to appear
at the September term of the court.
Unlraa and Anils In Profusion Taken from a
Man's gtoumcb by uigeeus.
Kansas City, Mo., Juno 12. Dr. Evon Quast
of tho city Health Department has a two-bludod
pockelknlfo with an tbony and brass-mounted
bandlo which wo swallowed ono wock ago to
day by Harry Wballcu, otherwlso the "Human
Ostrich," while giving a stroet performance.
Dr. Evon Quast, assisted by a number of other
surgeons, cut Whallen's stomach open this morn
ing and took out these articles: One lour-bladod
knife, lb inchos long; one two-bladed barlow
knife, four inches long; ono knifo blade, 3"
inches long; ono knife blado, three Inches long;
two knife blades, each two Inches long; ono knife
blade, oneincn long; 32 eight and ten penny
fence nails and spikes, 31 sixpeuny wire nails,
harp pointed; 20 shingle nails, ench one Inch
long; lfl carpel tncks and small w Iro nails, ono
horseshoe nail, tune lsrgo screws, ono barbed
wire staple, and three ounces fluv glass.
The First Sunstrokes or the fteaaoa.
Several cases ot sunstroko, the first this sum
mer, were reported by tho police yesterday,
k. at W, Poraulleo. K. A w,
NuLudu, E. ft W. Kakodaa,
lUitb new effect in high banded collars ddv.
Republican Conaty Convention swinging Into
Line for Hint All Over Ohio.
Columbus, 0., June 12,-RcpublIcan County
Convention woro held to-day In Summit, Cler
mont, Plko, and Crawfordkcountles. Primaries
Instead of convontlonsiflfjJijcld In Washington
and Fayotto couninpSfnil delegates lo tho
County ComontIonsvwcro selected In Mahoning
The Republicans of thlrty-ono counties have
held their local conventions thus far or other
wise selected their dolegatoa to tho State Con
vention, which Is to bo presided over by Con
gressman Charles H, Grosvcnor, nt Toledo on
Juno 22 and 23. This lcavos over half tho 1,052
delegates to bo choson next week, but enough is
known now to tnako It certain that Senator
Hannawlllbe able to do with tho convention
what he pleases.
Tho delegatus already choson aro almost with
out exception for Hunnn. The resolution In
dorsing him as tho party's csndldato to succeed
himself will pass without nn opposition oto. A
small minority of tho 1 ,000 delegates will vote
for tho Hanna resolution merely because oppo
sition w ould Ikj useless and a contest hopolcss.
That Hanna is to bo loft to run things to suit
himself at Toledo Is Indicated by tho report thnt
Senator Forakcr will not attend tho convention.
Tho proposed resolution condemning tho present
Civil Sort Ice law will be Introduced, and If
passed tho responsibility for It will rest upon
Senator Hanna.
lis I,rnps from n Second-Story Window and
Overhauls n Itnnnway Hone.
A horso standing at tho Boulovard and Orient
avenuo, Jersey City, yesterday, was frightened
by a crowd of blcjcllsts nnd ran away. It
dashed up Orient menuu pursuod by a cro-d
of boys. The shouts of tho boys attracted tho
attention of George Smith, a carpenter, who
wns worklnij on tho socond floor of a new build
ing. Seeing the danger of several children who
wero playing In tho streot near Ocoan avenuo,
Smith Jumped to tho ground, n distance of about
fifteen foot, nnd, landing safely on his feet,
startod in pursuit of tho horse. Ho overtook it
after a short spurt, and clung to the bridle un
til ho brought the horse to a standstill.
xEir roLCAxo ix Mexico.
It Suddenly Appear a Short Distance trra
Mexico Citt, Mexico, June 12. Word was
received yestorday that a now i oleano appeared
night before last two and a half miles north of
thetownof Tchuantcpoc. Itwasat tho site of
the village of MIstequilla, nnd In coming to the
surface tho seismic disturbance completely de
stroyed tho village. A Ilka incident occurred In
1830 when tho tho volcano of Jorullo In Collma
came to light.
A Machinist on the Wlllln Drowned In Rarltan
New Bkunswick. N. J., June 12. WUHam
Loo, 21 years old, a machinist, whoso home was
in this city, was drowned by the sinking of tho
tugboat Willie In Rarltan Bay. Just off Perth
Amboy. early this morning. Capt. A. Roller.
Engineer William A. Laws, nnd Joseph Lott, a
deckhand, all of Old Bridge, N. J., escaped In a
yawl. The tug was owned by William A. Laws,
proprietor of the Old Bridge Hotel. It arrived
off Perth Amboy last night with a scow loaded
with bricks in tow and cast anchor about a
qnarter of a mile from the shore. The men,
after stationln- the signal liu-hts. turned into
their bunks. Tho tug had anchored on the edge
I nf the channel and tho tide was going out. The
I aoow was slowly lowered on one elde by the fall
ing water, while the other side remained high.
This continued until about 2 o'clock, when the
scow overturned and crashed over on the tug,
which wa sunk by tho weight of the load of
An Allrgvd Cblraco stork or Art. Coaling- OoO,.
OOO, Uoe to the Junk Reap.
CniCAQO. Juno 12. The Columbus statue In
Lake Front Park was taken to-day from its
pedestal and deposited upon a heap of scrap
Iron In the junk) ard. The statue was erected
under tho patronage of Ferdinand W. Pock as a
sop to the Michigan avenue people, who were
disgruntled because the World's Fulr whs placed
In JackMin Park instoad of near their own
grounds. Thecostof tho statuo was 950.00O.
Crltlra have nlwa) s hooted It and pronounced
I It a monstrocit), while Mr. Peck nnd his ad
herents havo proclaimed It u masterpleco of art.
If It Is ever set up again it will not be upon the
former site.
They Shoot the Conductor and a Brakeman
aad Then F.ecae.
PARKXRSiiURa, W. Va., June 12. This morn
ing at 4 :30 o'clock two negro tramps boarded a
freight train at Charleston aud trlod to take
I charge The conductor showed fight and thoy
, began to shoot. They mortally wounded Con
ductor Coff and Brakeman Mathency, neither of
whom can recover. After doing this they look
I ihargc of the tralnnnd run It setcrol miles and
1 then stopped it and got off.
When the engineer discovered what had been
done he ran aa fait as possible to the next sta
tion anil socured bloodhounds and put them on
track of tho tramps. They havo not been captured.
no nit En ix the heart of bostox.
A Man Crabs STT4 from a Woman Bookkeep
er on Her liar to a Bank.
Boston, Juno 12. Miss Delia A. Lallr, book
keeper for Barker & tarblrd ot Bromtleld
street, w as robbed of $774 on Washington street.
Just below the old South Church, this forenoon.
Miss Lullj was on liur way to deposit the money
In a hank, and wns carrying It in a brown paprr
part-el In hor bands. A young man snatched the
ptckago und ran. Although the street was
crowded at the time time, he got away safely.
A Whnlcback Steamer I,avreaeu Franrlaco oa
an Krraud or Mrrry,
San FiUNrispo, Juno 12. The whalcback
ste-imcr Cltj of Everett sailed to-day with a
largo cargo of wheat and corn for the relief of
starting India. Just before tho riel left tho
wharf rolliilous sor Ices ero hold tin dock, con
ducted by tlic Rc. J. B. Huhbs of Jacksonville,
111. Hymns were Huun-und pra era offered for a
quick und sate o) ago of the bU steamer on It
crruittl of merry.
Coarrdemtra Won't Associate with o. A. R. Men
AuorsTA, Ga., Juno 12. Tho Confederate sur
t Ivors In this city adopted resolulionslast night
declaring Against the invitation of Grand Army
mon to tho Confederate reunion at Nashville
next month. Southern history has engendered
much bitterness ngnliiHt that organization
through the Southern Slates.
Senator Aldrit-u Coea Home a Very sick Man.
WashiNQTOV, Juno 12, Senator Nelson W,
Aldrlch, the Republic nn tarlti leader In the Sen
ate, lofl Washington t lilt monilug for his home
in Hhodo Island 11 terysick man. Incessant
labor for tho past two months has brought on
nervous prostrutlon, and when Mr, Aldrlch left
here this morning ho realized that ho would
have to tnko good uireof lilinetlf If ho expect
to nguln appear In tho Senate this seaslon.
It was nt first bcllcod that tbo Senator was
sintering from dtaontcry, and no teemed to bo
recovering cArl) in the week. An apparent re
lapse night before last led to a further and more
careful exaniliiutlun, whit h developed the fact
that he was really uttllctcd with ulceration of
the bowels.
Standard Oil Touches oils.
Standard Oil Trust liquidating certificate
sold on tho curb yesterday at 324, Tbey rocodod
toward thu rinse ut tho market, when 328 wa
bid, with otters ut 3.24. A prlvato sale of ten
shares was mudo at 325, 1 ho highest price yet
reached ami 3' puluU above the locord made
ou Friday,
Tbey Have Cahlod lo T.lele Corarumtnta A4 K'j
vising the Levying nr Retaliatory Dulles- S
A Burno Ayraa Delegate Say Wo Are Hot jOj
Pair IleUanta Woolnnd llldra to Be Pree, Ml
The South Amorlcin dologatos who ars now 9
visiting this city arc becoming more and morn '4
emphatic in tholr denunciation of our tariff. SB
Thoy declare that tbo Govoruuiont ot this coun- jS
try Is not treating them properly In lev) lug !
high tariff on tho good that thoy scud to the '-$
United States. Carlos Lis Klc.tt ot Buenoa -Jl
Ayres, Argentine Republic, said ycstoiday: ' 3m
" Wo have been received by tho merchants of f
every city through which wo havo possod In A OT
manner that has surprised us. Tho noivspapora ' ftt!
have given columns to us, and everywhere wo rjfc
have heard expressed the hope that the tariff oa 'W
South American goods w ould soou Ira altered, so
as to penult us to carry on a large commerce 1'
with the I'nltod States. Yet till Government M
treats us with contempt, and pa) a no attention .'J
to tho appeals of our Minister. We ate not C
wild men. Our country Is ch lllzod. It is rich, $M
fertile, nnd enn supply Iho L'nllrd Bute with) Jfi
many things that tbey need. Let this countrr l
send a delegation to South America, and it will $J!
then see for ltsolf. '
" In my country wc now allow to enter froo of Kffl
duty machinery and pine, and, with a very light gK
duty, petroleum. Formerly all thoso things '
paid a high duty. Llttlo by little wc have re- -r.
dutod It, until now, with tho exception of potro- 19
leutn, thoy enter free How did this country re- vJE
pay us I By putting a duty of ls cents per If-'
pound on all our hides, goods which during1 ''i
twcnty-flvo years hnd entered this country free $
of duty. You Americans all say that you must .
protect your own industries. This country does 1
not produce one-fourth the amount of wool and i
hides that It consumes. Yot you shut us out. -'&
"Turn about Is fair play, and accordingly w f
havo all cabled to our countries stating the con- 'A
dltlon 0 nfTalrs that exists hero. The result will t
be that the goods which now enter free wUI have) 'f
to pay duty. Our mission here was to see If this f-
could be avoided, but wo can see that all al -S
tempt will lie useless. England and Russia will
supply us with what we need. It is a shame that '-Jt
tills country does not listen to us. The Americas '
flag is soldom seen In our ports. Fortv or fifty
European vessels cntor our ports dally. There is H
no American oanic in iiuenos Ayres, nnd mul
little business we do with the United States
must be dono through the foreign banking f
houses, wlilt h aro ory immcrouf. Let us enter 5Bj
wooland hides free of duty; that is nil. Weds Stf,
not care to Interfere with your borne industries." S3
The delegates visited Brooklyn yesterday. At 'R"
0 o'clock tboy drove to tho foot of East Thirty- ;3g
second street, where they boarded the steam- &
boat Isabel and went to the Brooklyn Cooperage !f-
Oompe.n's works. Mayor F. W. Wurster and .
William Bcrrl awaited the visitors on the wharf. m
and, accompanied by the committee, tho dele- .SI'
gates Idled tho fat tory. A v lslt lo tho United, '
States Printing Company followod. From thero vj
the party w cut to the K. W. Bllns Companv and -1
watched the mechanics at work upon While- '61
head automobile torpedoes. Luncheon upon the '
Iaaival came next, after which the United ,L
States Projectile Company and the Brooklyn 4'4
City Railroad powerhouse were vl&lted In turn. M
Electric cars wire then taken to Greenwood J$
Cemetery, through which the party drove. The) s
next thlu upon tho programme was a drive In i'l
Prospect Park nnd a visit to the Monlnuk Club. j5
tbo delegates returning to the Waldorf via the) jS
Brooklyn Bridge In carriages. 18
Last night the delegates -utondod the opening Jg
of tho roof garden at the Majostlc Hotel. They f&
will leave this afternoon for Fall River. '3
Report That the Cruiser Una Captured a VUs jp
tmater. i?
Jacksonville. Fla., June 12. Lato yesterday ffi
afternoon, just nfter the cruiser Vesuvius had
reached her anchorage at the mouth of the St. T?
John's River, a side-wheel steamer come up and
lay off tho bar. Bhe had tw o tall black funnels $
and had a big head of steam on. She was deep J
in tho water and see mod heavily laden. After ;
waiting there an hour tho Vesuvius thought It
time to make a closer observation. Anchor was .
raised and tho dynamite vessel shot forward to- A
ward the bar. , ,J
The stranger hod been watching, and as soon ,
as tho Vesuvius moved the turnod and put to (j
sea at a spanking pace. Tho Vesuvius observ- M
lng this put on extra steam and the smoke came M
out ol hor funnels In dense clouds. The raco was J
exciting and crowds lined the shures nt Mayport .
to see it. Tho stranger was a fast vessel and
, Kept well ahead. By night sho was out ot sight. ",
L p to 0 o'clock to night the Vesuvius had not i
returned. Tbo vessel was strange to tho waters J'J
nnd the Cubans sa) they know nothing ot the "'
matter. tj
KtusANDiNA, Fla.. Juno 12. A fisherman "f
coming In this afternoon reports seeing the
cruiser Vesuvius off the coast going northward
in company with a largo sldewheel steamer, ''
They were closo together. It has been rumorel
hero to-day that a large expedition was on foot
on this coast, aud It is thought that tho cruiser
ha caught one ot the vessels.
An Kx.Congreasmau and a Xflaaourl Edltev
rnnmel Karu Other.
Sr. Joseph, Mo Juno 12. Ex-Congressman ..
George C. Crow ther and Senator John L. Blttln
ger, editor of the Herald, had a fight on a streot 5
car Just before noon to-day. They occupied the I
I same seat on the open cur and had a row about '
an Interview with Blttlngor, published In the
Jfailu Xttct yestorday. In w hlch he had called '
the ex-Congressman a liar. Major Bittlnger said
the Intorvlew was correct. Ho was then at
tacked by Crowther, who hit him several times
in tbo tare. Blood poured from the wounds
mnde bv the ec I'ongrebsman's fist. The men
frranpleii. nnd the) came near falling off tho car
n their struggles.
The tight w is contlnuod until they were nulled
apart by otbci men on tho car. Crnwthor s face
was considerably scratched, but his injuries are
not serious. Major llitllngor afterward re
, petted his statement that t rowther la untruth
ful. a,id aald ho Is Wiling to meet him again
I with any kind of weapons Cronther mav select.
Tho fight wns n result of iho Post Office con
troversy and the long political enmity that has '
existed between tho two men. Major Bittlnger
aald to-day that he would drlvo Crow ther out 01 1
an lurdlrt I'p to Midnight tn the Murde
Trlal at Mllfbrd, fa.
Mit.voitn. Pa., Juno 12. The Sehulx murder t
ciu-c, which has occupied the attention ot the
Pike County Court the juvst lour days, was sent ;.
to Die Jury at tl o'clock this evening. The court
room was crowded nil day 10 listen to lb sum
mits up ot tho counsel for defence and prosecu
tion and charga of Judge Purtly. Some testimony
was takon in rebuttal when tho court opened, in
which Drs. Emerron, Wenner, nnd Bartklay ot
Mil ford showed thnt tho position nf tho hand
and arm of Mrs, Sehulx which held tho revolver
wuuld have been different had she ahot herself.
'1 he riefrnrn eloped nt 10 A, Mand John A. Klpp
was tho first lo sum up, occupying an hour and
n quarter In his address. Counsellor Van Ktten
followed for tho prosecution. District Attorney
Daniel Vnn Aukcn summed up for the common
wealth, and then Judge Purdy rhnrged. It was
his first murder trial alnio ho waaproaldlng
Judirc. Up lo midnight no vcrdkt uad been ;
Discharged by the Court Arier Hating Bean i
Out Thlrty.rimr Iloura. j
BLOOuaucita, Pa., Juno 12. At 11 o'clock to-
night tbu jury In Uie Wlntersteen dynamite 1
case came into court and declared thoy were 1'
unable to agree and asked lo be discharged.
They had been out thirty-four hours and the
ballot every half hour was eight or nine for o
?ulllel and four or three for conviction. Tho
ury was discharged.
Cms Oaada Mon In Healce.
Citt or Mexico, June 12. Tho green goods
man has invaded Mexico, and thousand of the
well-known circular offers printed In Spanish '
havo been circulated in country district of this
country. The swindlers are operating from this
1 ily and are bcllored to be Americans. Govern,
went detectives are on their track, and If cap.
. . tilted the tnludleri will be m crvly puaUd,

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