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. . , , . " r.-,. -,..' f- &-. - ' t'hhhH
1 ' If mp gou seb it in ll C??t I J?J aiA JR J T L ' I THE WEATHER PREDICTION 'viH
Hanilrrds or Thouand Mad Wo Bleep Lnt
jlleht othrr Thousands Slept Peacefully on
the sidewalk At SunrUe PeepU Were
Trooping to the Point of Vantage Stream
rtrhlclea Pnlng Over the Bouts or the
lloyal Proeeln Crowd That Had Gath
ered Around St. Paul's Made the Street
Ilstcrberate wllu "Cod Bare the Queen."
Special Cable Detpatch to Tax Bin.
J London, Juno 22 V.80 A. Jf. Jublleo morn-
mi hi has ilnn noil, not with cloudless sktcs. but
V warm and with fair hopes of " Queen's weather"
sftcrthosunlsnllttlohlgher. The streots, oven
It t tbls early hour, aro already nioro crowded
H thin Is usual at mtddar. Indeed, they have
H been thronged all night, for sororal hundreds of
H thnu-andg of people In London haro had no slcop
K durlntr the past night. This, howovor. Is not re
H rsrdcd as a hardship, for In most cbbo It was an
B expected Incident of the cclohratlon.
Bi At tho present moment long streams of
B vehicle aro slowly passing over tho routo that
Be will bo followed to-day by tho royal procession.
BJ Carts, cabs, and traps of ovory variety, rrowdod
Hi to the utmost with country poople, pass along.
Hi their occupants sturlog with admiring- eyes at
ssw toe necnnieions.
Hi The West Knd streets aro in possession of
Hi residents of the East End, who. In splto of tho
Hi fsct that they have not had a wink of sleep tho
H whole night through, maintain their proverbial
H cheerfulness. Oirls and men wearing each
Hj other's hats aro trooping through streets that
H ore little used to such visitors, while othors aro
H tnjorlng their peculiar vls-a-vls form of dance
B to the strains of mouth organs and concertinas.
H Uero and thero groups may be seen stretched
H (a apparent comfort on the sidewalks of tho
B itrccts just off tho main route, sleeping penco-
B fully, tho noise and confusion about them hav-
B s no effoct upon their slumber.
B Many people of tho hotter class aro already
B talking their way to tho points of vantage from
B Which they will view tho procession.
fl Altogether tho sight is a strange and unprece-
Pt flentedone,and from it It is now easy to calcu-
jjt Ute the vastness of the crowd which, later, will
B pack every foot of ground along tho routo tho
H Queen will traverse
V, The final rehearsal of the scrvieo that will
B take place to-day was held last evening outsldo
BJ 'Df St. .Paul's Cathedral. Tho cbolr and bands
B rendered the bymns that will be sung, and the
ami inrrniul iho nravcrs that will be used.
K An immense crowd was present. Bareheaded
B snd silent it stood, until tho last amen was ut-
B tervd. Then there was a murmur of applause
K for tho beautiful music.
H Suddenly some ono shouted " Tho Queen," and
H struck tho noto to which all those present were
B strung. From all directions could bo heard
H Toices calling for tho national anthem or cries
H of " Tho Queen. God bless her."
H Then a section of the crowd began singing
H "God Save the Queen." They lacked leadership
B until Dr. Martin, the choir conductor, signalled
H for tho choir to remain and motioned to the
H irowd for silence.
H When this was obtained the bands began plav-
H Ing tho anthem, the choir singing tho words.
H The hymn was taken up by tho whole crowd,
H and an Immense volume of sound rolled into the
Hj adjacent streets, where the throngs joined in the
Hj slnglnguntil tho thoroughfares reverberated llko
Hj tliundrr.
y .Vever was thero such a remarkably spontanc-
mt "sjs outburst of enthusiasm in London. N'um-
j bers of those present were genuinely overcome
I snd sobbed, while tho Influence of the groat
outpouring of praise and reverence wssfolt, cvon
H by tho rowdies in the crowds, who remained sl-
H l'nt and refrained from their customary horse-ami
H Tt (.rnndrat and Moot Mponlaneoua Ovation
H Fi or Wttneoed ta tbo British Capital.
H rptcial Cable Df patch to Tnx Stn.
H Lo.mio.v. Juno 'Jl. To tho great relief of all,
BJ the day js warm, bright, and promising in Lon-
H don. Business throughout tho metropolis is
BJ practically at a standstill and everybody is hoi-
kV May making. Street tratHc is confined to tho
H multitude of pleasure parties and sightseers.
B Completion of tho countlosa decorations and
B, stands is being pushed with tbo greatest energy
Bf everywhere.
B. The Queen, accompanied by Empress Fred-
B 'rick and Princesses Beatrico and Christian,
H srrlve.l at Paddlngton station from Windsor at
1 B, 12.30 P. M. The spontaneous veneration witti
' K which the Queen was treated as soon as she sot
H foot la London was most remarkable. When
' B "" saloon train with the Queen on board en-
H tered the crondod station at Paddlngton every
H head n as bared In ellenco for a moment, ami
r H then the cheering began and was kept up for
H several minutes.
H The Queen, upon alighting from tho train,
H walked slowly up a gently sloping trestle, lean-
B log with her right hand upon a solid walking
I H stick, which had bolonged to Charles I., and her
H left arm resting upon that of a lithe Indian scr-
; H Tat- This was the signal for another outburst
e( loud and long cheering. Then Princess
B Strife raised her mother's veil, disclosing the
JH imlling face of the sovereign.
I wj Uer Majesty was waited upon at the station
by the Paddlngton Vestry, who presented her
L B with an address of congratulation. When the
H Queen rcccUed the address Princess Christian
i, huded her Majesty's reply in manuscript to
H the Queen, wbopaseod itout to Vicar Abbott of
H Padillngton. Tho Queen did not speak herself,
Her Majesty's reply to tho address of the Vestry
j consisted of an expression of her thanks and
H rood wishes and references to charities In
which the lato Princo Consort took deep inter
HJ sit, and w hlch tho felt v, ore equally dear to her
j son, the Princo of Wales.
rH The Queen and her party then entered an open
JM carriaco drawn by four horses, with postilions
andoutrldtrs, and wero driven to Buckingham
) H falace. The curriago was escorted by a body of
H thsIJfo Guards. Tho routo which was taken
I H byway of tho Edgcvt aro road und Hyde Park
s packed with people who had assembled at
B n "rl' ,10ur In the morning, and the vast
H crowds received tho Queen with immense
- B nthusiasru, tho cheering being continuous.
B "" P1Tenient8, balconies, and windows were
" M ,ll(p'"'1 w'tb sightseers who welcomod tho
i H W'erelira royally. Tho Queen's daughters,
I -"prcH FrolnrIck and Princesses Beatrico and
- I. ieno' "" wo" a) ll18 Quuou berself, wore do-
il Hghttd with tho demonstration, and unceasingly
I "i"'"ute1 lholr Brat'f'-ntlon ns they drovo
HJ "jlong the route to tho palace. All four wero
- H Jr'w'd In black. 'Iho Queen woro whlto osprey
HJ "atners In her Lonnot.
Tho vast space frouting Buckingham Palace
- nlledwlth people of all classes, and tho out
I, H jurl of luyulty which manifested itself In
- "W'inlngtheers as tho royal tarrlago uppcared
'b. H ,ho wandest and most spontaneous ovor
- ltDC88cl1 In London. The Queen acknowledged
" H a l'lhui" " llng and smiling, and her
n QSUKhtcrs returned tho salutes of tho pcopl
H "'"'rWl,t animation.
- H .Thi'oal8tandoid was hoisted over Bucking
.. H o ' ;lla,-0 ""inedlutcly upon tho arrival of the
"' 1.0'iO'tlotk, nmld tho deafening choors
BJ ,! L ., "niioiis crowds that occupied every
) iB' " ,Wo "I"1", tho popular ovation being un
H Pieoedtntiij,
7 I r,Ihi" '' t!1 u" n ,lttl0 'atlgucd when she
B In ti ' Wln'1,"'u ''"In "" ho remained
th. ' "-' rcutint; hersilf throughout
W H J?""'1""10"'! until It vu, time to prepare for
" H ti ,l,0,a,",,M!t" he given to-nlgUt.
H nduul,her '1Ur'"lf XU" n"trnuon WM cloudy
aJBgHssMsi.1,..., - tjsJliL-u,
It t Bald Victoria Will Boon Notify the Ration
of Her Desire to Itotlre.
Special Cabit DitpateK to Tn Bex.
London, Juno 21. The Exchange Telegraph
Company circulates tho first publlo report in
England ot the approaching abdication of th
Queen, as follows:
" Hor Mnjosty's own dcslro that the caronv
tlonotthe Prince ot Wales should tako placo
during her own Ufetlmo has frequently boon
expressed to thoso who are In closo attendance)
at court, and It is regarded as certain that tho
Queen will shortly notify tho nation ot her wish
to surrender tho crown to hor son."
A Shorter Mit than Iras Bspectod Few
Title Conferred.
Sptcial CabU Dtpate to Tns Set.
London, June 21, Tho list ot thoso receiving
Jublleo honors is shorter than was expected.
Tho titles conferred by her Mnjosty nro very
few, tho bulk of tho honors consisting of Orders
of the Bath and St. Michael and St. George. A
shoal of military and navnl decorations nro con
ferred, but thoy aro ot no interest to any one
outetdn nf thnnn nnrvlrns.
Searching for something now to confer on tho
Princo ot Wales, the officials havo evolved the
tltlo of Great Master and Principal Knight
Grand Cross ot tho Order ot tho Bath.
Tho Duke of Connaught, third Bon of tho
Queen, has been appointed ColoneMn-Chlct ot
tbo Innlskllllng Dragoons.
Prince Edward of Saxo-Wolmar has been raado
a Field Marshal of the British Army.
llaron Egerton ot Tatton has boeu created an
Peerages of the United Kingdom have been
conferred upon tho Earl of Glasgow, Viscount
Downo. Sir Henry Charles Lopes, a Judgo ot the
Court ot Appeal; tho Bight Hon Ion Trant Ham
ilton, Lord Lloutonant ot tho county nnd city of
Dublin; Sir John Burns, Chairman ot tho Cunnrd
Stoamshlp Company, and Sir Donald Smith, the
Canadian High Commissioner to England.
Fourteen baronets were croatod. Including the
Right Hon. Oconto Faudel Phillips, Lord Mayor
ot London; Sir Blundcl Maple, M. P. for tho
Dulwlch division ot Camberwcll; Sir William
MacCorniac, President of the Koyal College ot
Surgeons, nnd Dr. Samuol Wllks, President ot
tho Itoyal Collcgo of Physicians.
Tho list ot new knights includes twenty-two
names, among them boing Squlro Bancroft Ban
croft, the old actor.niAnurer. and Prof. Crookcs.
Vice-President of tho Royal Society.
Ot tho fifteen new Privy Counclllorshlps. ten
aro conferred upon residents of tho colonies,
which is significant of the imperial federation
idea in connection with the Jubilee. Among the
recipients ot the honor are tho Hon. Wilfred
Laurier, Prime Mlnistor of Canada; Sir William
Whltoway, Prime Minister of Newfoundland;
the Primo Ministers of all tho Australian colo
nic, and Sir Gordon Sprlgg, Primo Minister ot
Cape Colony.
Tho Grand Cross ot tho Order ot St. Michael
and St. George, which is preeminently a colo
nial order, is conferred upon Sir Alfred llllner.
Governor ot Capo Colony; tbo Hon. Wilfred
Laurier. Sir Richard John Cartwrlght, Canadian
Minister of Trade and Commerce and Sir Oliver
Movrat, Canadian Minister of Justice.
Among the other numerous honors bostowed
upon residents of tho colonies are the following:
Knights Commanders of the Order of St.
Michael and fit. Geonre In. Goorco-A Kirk
Patrick. Lieutenant-Governor ot Ontario; Mr.
Sandf ord Fleming, who w as one ot the Canadian
delegates to tho Pacific Cable Conference re
cently held in London, and Mr. E. J. Davis, Sec
retary of Ontario.
Companions ot tbo Order of St. Michael nnd
Ft. George Mr. Louis Frechette (for literary
services to tho Dominion). Auditor-General Mc
Dougall. Mr. John M. Courtney. Deputy Minis
ter ot Finance ot Canada, and Mr. William
White, Deputy Postmaster-General of tho Do
minion. Tho Duko of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha (the
Duke of Edinburgh) is made an Admiral of tho
Fleet. Tho Duko of York, the Duko of Cam
bridge, and tho Duko of Tock receive grand
craves ot tho Victorian Order.
It mil Be Presented to Qneen Victoria br Mr.
TChltelaw Iteld.
Sptctat Cable Dttpateh to Tns Sex.
London. Juno 21. Following Is tho text of
tho letter which Mr. Whitelow Iteld, tho Special
Jubilee Ambassador, will prosont to theQuoon
from President McKinley:
" To Iltr itnjttlv Victoria, Qutrn of Qrtat Britain
and Ireland, Empreit of JndUl :
"Great and Good Fiiirnu: In tho name and
In behalf of the people of tho United States I
present tholr sincere felicitations upon tho
slxtloth anniversary of your Majesty's accession
to the crown of Great Britain. I oxpress the
sentiments of my fellow citlxens In wlshln; for
your people a prolongation of a rolgn which has
been illustrious and markod by advance in sci
ence, art, and popular well-being.
"On behalf of my countrymen I wish particu
larly to rocogniio your friendship for the United
Statos and your lore of poace, exemplified ujhjh
important occasions.
It is pleasing to acknowledge the debt of grat
itude and rospect due 5 our personal irtucs.
May your llfo bo prolonged and peace and
honor and prosperity bless tbo people over
whom you havo been called to rule. May liberty
flourish throughout our empire under Just and
equal laws, nnd your Government continue
strong in the affections of all who live under it j
and I pray that God may havo your Majosty in
His holy keeping. Your good friend,
" William MoKinlet."
" Done at Washington this twentieth day ot
May, A. D. 1H07, by tho President.
" John Shbuman, Socretary of State."
Borne or the Syndicates (live Beats Away to the
Special Cable Deipateh to Tnx Sex.
London, Juno 21. The threaten! crash in
the prlco of Jublleo seats has come and romo of
tho syndicates which havo erected stands In ex
pectation of soiling soata thereon at fabulous
prlcos aro distributing tickets among tho vexed
and disappointed shareholders.
Tho Slock Exchungo this morning presented a
stirring scene. Tbo members congratulated the
Queen and 0,000 voices chorused the national
anthem, "Rule Britannia" and "Auld Lang
Bjnc." Ladles wero prcsoutfor the first time In
the history ot tho Stock Kxchaugo.
Ttaey Will be Set at Liberty In India la Uoaor
or the Jubilee,
Special Cable Vetpateh to Tub Rut.
Londcn, Juuo 21. Tho Government of India,
ntija memorial of tho Jubilee, will release 20,000
prisoners who havo been convlctod of various
offences in that country.
Col. Hay's Coning Parly,
Special Cable DeipatoK to Tns Hex.
LoNDOX, Juno 21.-Col. Huy, Unltod States
Ambassador, will give on official evening party
on July 14. Among thoso Invited to attond the
function aro tho Prlnto of Wales, Mr, William
Waldorf Astor and Miss Astor, Mr. and Mrs,
Cornollus Vandorbllt, Chuuncey M, Depew, and
many other British and visiting notables.
Tarrant's BelUer Aperient cures constipation snd
refruahes while It cures. Due. and (1, All drugglits.
itELATioxs nrxr caxovas.
Tasy Will Support the CovrxTioient In Nothlns
Till the Unke or Tatnan Retires from Oflloa
Welter Must Be Recalled They Denounce
Canovas's Cuban Policy tn Stron Terms.
Special Cable Deepateh to Tnx Sex.
MADniD, June 31. Bettor Bagasto, the leader
of the Liberal party, yesterday summoned the
Liberal ox-Ministers to ft conference, at whloh
the political situation was discussed. A mani
festo was drawn up which In substanco de
clared that tho Liberals would persist in ab
staining from having any rotations with tho
Government so long as tho Duko of Totuan,
Minister of Forolgn Affairs, remained In office.
The Duko of Tetuan, It will bo remembered,
rocently incurred tho hostility ot the Liberals
by boxing tho ears of Bcnator Comas tn the
lobby of the Cortes, since which incident thoy
have ref usod to tako part in tho legislative proceedings.
Tho manifesto further declares thnt tho
scheme of reforms advanced by Primo Minister
Canovas del Castillo is totally insufficient to
pacify Cuba, and that tho Llborals consider that
t'apt.-Gon. Wcyler must be recalled nnd a now
Governor appointed who will prosecute the war
in accordance with tho practices of civlllratlon
and stop tho rolgn of terror and tho devastation
of property which aro virtually delaying tho
pacification ot tho Island.
The Liberal party also considers that It is
necessary to appoint a royal commissary, who
must bo a civilian statesman, and who must bo
fully empowered to act apart from tho military
officers, to effect roforuis in Cuba promptly on
the widest basis of autonomy In political, ad
ministrative, economic, tariff, nnd legislative
matters compatible w 1th the retention of Spain's
sovereignty in Cuba.
The nianifosto expresses the intention of the
Liberals to go very far In tho sacrifice of Span
ish commercial Interests and In sharing tho
colonial war debts it by so doing pacification
can be speedily effected.
Senor Castellano Cannot Hafco tho Spaniards
In Cuba Lllie It.
Special Cable DeepateS to Tnx Sex.
Madrid, June 21. Senor Castellano, Minis
ter of tho Colonies, complains that tho Cu
bans (meaning the sympathizers with Spain in
Cuba aro placing obstructions In the way of the
uoo of the paper currency In Cuba, desiring that
tho expensos of tho war shall fall solely upon
Spain. Ho says that he has received no definite
answer to his request that tho Cubun-Spanlsh
Junta submit a resolution that might end the
Sefior Castellano desired to arrango for the
gradual amortization ot the Cuban debt In threo
or four years, but the Cubans demanded the im
mediate withdrawal of the paper currency or Its
conversion into a sort of Bank of Spain notes,
which would be exchangnble for specie on de
mand. Sefior Castellano refused to accede to
this demand. He proposed a credit opera
tion of C20.000.000, gradually amortizable, with
a 5 per cent, ad valorem duty on merchandise,
and, if necessary, 15 per cant, on Indirect taxes
and bank reserves.
Tho Minister of the Colonies refutes the state
ment that the army in Cuba is paid in paper
money, which loses halt Its face value. He says
that only one-fourth of the pay of the soldiers
and sailors is made in paper. Regarding the
arrears in tho pay ot tho military and tho civil
service, Senor Castellano declares that tbo Jan
uary exponses will soon be paid.
he Was Gains to Cuba When Her Holler
Bant and a Revenue Cutter Xabbed Her.
Key West, Fla., Juuo 21. Tho steamer
Dauntless, with Nunez, Carta a, and others on
board, is reported to be disabled oft Indian Kc).
The bollor burst.
It Is roportod that arms and ammunition are
onboard, bho Is said to havo been on ber way
to Cuba, and to be now In tho custody of tho
revenue cutter McLane.
Holblas to Be Printed tn Havana About Ameri
can Sympathy with Cuba,
Havana, via Key West, June 21. flen. Wey
ler has given orders to the press censor not to
allow any more news to be published concern
ing demonstrations of sympathy with tho Cu
bans In tho United States or In regard to tho
anti-Spanish policy of tho American Adminis
tration, as news ot tills character encourages
the Insurgents.
The press censor has suppresssed a despatch
from New York to a nowspnper in Havana about
the correspondence published In TnB RON, giv
ing details of the failure or the " race war"
scheme conceived by the Marquis of Rabell and
his friends.
In a second engagement at Lomas do la Union,
Havana province Don. Molina's Spanish col
umn was defeated by tbo Insurgents under
Acostn. The column lost fourteen klllod nnd
twenty-six wounded. The Insurgent losses w ere
AtOuraaadoHequlabo. also In Havana prov
ince, the Spanish battalion of Manacas, after a
hot engagement with tho patriots, rot routed In
disorder, leaving on the field nine killed nnd
eighteen wounded. Tho column, carrying with
It other wounded men, took rofugo nt tho estate
La Rosa, protected by the Spanish forts.
A Cuban hospital In the district of Oulnes has
been destroved by Gen. Navarro'a column. 8ov
oral sick nnd wonndod men In the hospital were
killed. A small Cuban guard which was nt the
hospital mado some resistance, killing live Span
ish soldiers and one Captain.
ten Cuba In Open Hoots They Bear Commie,
slons aud Letters to Delegate Palnia.
Col. Fernando Snlcodo of tho Cuban patriot
nrmy nrrtvod horo yesterday on board Hie
steamer Kingston from Jamaica, accompanlod
by his brother Rafael, n boy 12 yonrsold, und
Josd Lugones, a pilot in the employ of tho revo
lutionists. Salccdo left Cuba on May 23 In an
open, fiat-bottomed yawl, which took tho party
to Port Antonio. Jamaica.
BaUedo belongs tn ono ot tho most distin
guished families in Hintlago do Cuba, whoro he
practised law. In April, 18D5, ho joined tho
patriot forcos under Gen, Antonio Marco, ami
was soon promoted for his bravery. Ho brings
offldal correspondence from Gon.t'allxto Garcia
to Delogato Entrada Pnlma, and will return to
Cuba after ho has recovered from sickness con
tracted whllo In tbo field.
Majors Paulino Ilrauiardln nnd Alarcellno
Sloro, CapUIlafael Gutierrez nnd Artilleryman
Michael Walsh of tho Cuban patriot army nr
rived yesterday in Now York, charged with an
Imporliiul romiblsilmi from tho Cuban loaders
In Pinardel Kioto tho delegation in this city,
Thoy loft tho Island on June 111 in boat six
teen foot long, und nttorha Ing boon for two or
throe days adrift woro picked up by tlio steamer
Aane, which landed tliuin ut Mobile on Juno 17.
Major Hlero, a Spaniard by birth, has been es
pecially appolntod to purchase the Instruments
and innterlal ueoessary for repairing Urcarms
and reloading cartridges.
The great Suburl an Kandlrap and Doublo Event to
be run to-dy. Toney Island Juckey Club traor,
blieihead liar. Opening- of Hprlug Meeting. IUcm
couuueuco a.-ao ttli. ytx races each day. Concert
by Lander. Jdv. r
To Marry Mrs. Camden, Wlw Una Been In
dicted an n Charge or Former j.
PAnRcnsnvno, W. Va.. Juno 21. It is an
nounced to-night that tho marrlago ot Gov.
Atkinson and Mrs, Myra Camden will toko
placo on Juno 25. Mrs. Camden was Indicted
recently on charges made In tho naroo of tho
prouocutlng attornoy. Sho is accused of forgery
and conspiracy to defraud in tho settlement of
her husband's estate Thero is but a very
slight chanro that thoenso will como to trial.
The indictment grow out ot tbo fact that Mrs.
Camden Bold certain real cstnto belonging to
Judgo Cnmdan to Joshua P. Owens forfl,800,
giving receipts for tho mouoy in tho Judgo's
Tho death of Judge Camden wsb cry sudden,
and it Is nllogcd that tho rocoipti wero not do
llrored until after his funeral, Tbo heirs Bucd
Mrs. Owons to rocovor the property, and woro
met with these rocolpts.TholndIctmcntfollowcd.
When tho nrrcst of Mrs. Camden on a capias
was made Gov. Atkinson was nt Morgantawn
taking part In tho commencement exorcises of
tho West Virginia University. Ho hurried to
Clarksburg, obtained H10 details, left his
daughters with tholr ftittiro stepmother, nnd
went to tho capital to sco that tbo best law era
In tho Stato were engaged for tho defence,
lint. Altrtninn la 11 wldnwar. 3U voars old.
whote family consists of two sons nnd two
daughters. The prospective brlda Is a hand
some pottto brunette, whoso maiden name was
Myra D. Horner. Mrs. Camden's marrlago to
Gov. Atkinson will bo her third matrimonial
venture, her first husband having been a Dr.
Davis, whoso two sons are now conspicuous nnd
wealthy business men. 8cvcral years after Dr.
Davis's death his widow married Judgo Gideon
D. Camden, 0110 ot tho largest landowners In
tho Stato. By Judgo Camden's death, whlih oc
curred at Hot Springs, Ark., his widow cntno
into a largo fortuno. Sho maintain a lino es
tablishment iu Clarksburg, whero sho passes
her summers, making her winter home In Wash
ington. Sho is tho sister of Mrs. Mary Goff, a
leader In Washington socioty, who Is tho widow
of Nathan G01T, after whom United btatcs Judgo
Nathan Golf was named.
Gov. Atkinson was asked to givo an applana
tion of Mrs. Cumdcn's Indictment by tho Gilmer
County Circuit Court Grund Jury. Ho suld that
It was merely an effort on tho part of other holm
ot Judgo Gideon I). Camden to secure property
which they claimed nnd which, tho fiotcruor
and Mrs. Camden say, bolongs to Mrs. Cnuidin.
Tho Governor said ho bcliovod thero was an
offort alio to humlllato him, but ho declared
Mrs. Camden w ould not a c any trouble In clcar
Inghcrnclf.and they woro to bo married anyhow.
It Is undorstood that tho ckso will bu fought to
ths bitter end, both sides having retained tho
finest lawyers in the State,
AMlstod KmlvrauU Itetum with, m Tale or
Broken Promise. HunVrlns. and Death.
A party of colored folks, consisting of eight
women, flvo men, and three children, arrived
hero yesterday from Sierra Leone ou tho Ameri
can bark Liberia. They wero originally a part
of a company of 1111 black people from Missouri
and Arkansas, who sailod from Saannah in
March, 181)0, under tho auspices of the Inter
national Migration Company ot lllrmlugham,
A whlto agent of the company sailed with
them, but, according to tho Liberia's passengers,
ho deserted them at Sierra Leone. The men ot
the party declare that they sailod under a prom
ise that good farming land nnd Implements
would bo given to them orf their ut rival in
Liberia, nnd that they got nolthcr. They say
that thoy wero sent into tho Interior with a lot
of barbarlo native Lltcrliiii blacks, und that it
was as much as they could do to got a baro liv
ing. They say that they w orked bard and suf
fered much.
About one-half of tho colonists died of fo rrs.
The survhors became so poor that they could
not provldo cofUns for their dead, who wero
burlod in trenches. Tho sixteen blicks who
landed here jeotcrday want to get back to their
old homes in Arkansas and Missouri. Thoy say
they cau noer bo persuaded to go to Africa
Charles T. (leyer, tho Llberlan VIcc-Conaul at
tbls port, said that tbo troublo with most of tho
colored pcoplo who went to Liberia wna tint
they expected to Und It a pradlsc, where ono
might get along without working. Tho hardy
nnd Industriuus ones stajed in thr country, but
usually tho others cntno WW. Tho men had n
tendency to loaf around Monrovia, tho capital
of the Black Republic, after landing, and con
tracted fevers thorn that inndo them unlit for
work in the Interior.
MneUan Practice with the Disappearing nines
at Wlllrts Point.
WIU.KTS Point, Ij. I Juno 21. In the artil
lery practlco at the fort here to-day tho big 10
Intli disappearing rifles were used for tbo first
time in the two weoks" stay nf Batteries II and O
of tho Fifth Regular Artillery. Pending tho
arrival of smokeless powder and projoctllcs for
tbo rifles thoartlllcrjmon hnobcen practising
with somo of tho old guns and mortars hero unci
nt Tort Schuyler. The ammunition came last
night, and this morning two targotswire an
chored out In tho .Sound, one 7,!00 yards
nnd tbo other 11,030 jnrds dltn"t. lhno
shots wore tired by onch battory. Tho
ctatlon ou David's Island ilgnallrd the
stntlonl bcrel whon twain woro ilangorously
tiear tho line of fire, and nlso reported tho
results of the shots. A practice charge nf IIIH)
pounds of Brown prlsinnllu powdor wns used,
the projectiles being of the 1J75 steel nriiiur.
r forcing tpo. Four "hits" wero scored nut nf
he bW shots, the projectllos striking within
twonty-Qvn fuotuftho target, whit.li wns near
enough to have hltnny war vosnel. Ono projec
tile flrod by Battory H struck within two jnrds
of tho target. The ofllcorn In command said thnt
Iho tiring was remarkably good. Tho ottlcern of
the Board of Visitors, who nro making thoseinl.
annual Inspection, said tho urnctlcowus tho best
thoy had ot er neon.
After tho gun praitiro thero whs a full-dress
parade of throe battalions of the Engineer
corps, which was reviewed by the Board of
An Angry Drlfer iJishrs the Itorsos and
Cnitsea a Bad I'pset,
Ketvanee, 111., June 21. Tho graduating
class of tho Neponsct High School )pitcnlny
held a picnic at ICowanoo Ijaku, On tho wny
homo In tho ovenlng, tho driver. Ml, Gimltur,
nskml ono of tho girls to hit ou tho front xcit
with hint. This alio deellnud lodo. Enraged nt
her refusal, (Jurdner throw the line over tho
doublu trees and ludiil tho humt Into. 1 gnllop.
L') hill mid down hill tho linrxi sdtuditd, enrrv
liit; behind them tbo fihjIiKiuHl iritis, lllili
fined wui continued tot- morn than n mile.
Then, at a turn In tho mild, tiiu cnrriiigu npot
and the oeiniuuits wen) thrown nut, huiiiu of
tin in being hurled as far as tlio liedgu by tliu
ruudtldo, whllo Iho wugoii dmliixl nllicis in tho
ground, llwry one of iho girl-t wii- hurt innro
or less, and four had brokrn lionet und wctu in
jured Intel n.illj. Miss .Maude llennuu und
Mix Ioii llurveyuruluaerllieulioudltloii.
Doctors from Kownnti) wtio btiiuiiiunwl and
tho iicnrost fnriiiboiihii win tinned Into uhonpl
tul, 'Jho parents of tho gills will luko criminal
uctiuu ugalust Gurdncr.
Au American and a, Hpaulard Plfbt Over the
Cuban ttucilloii.
atlADAl.AJAlM, Mexico, Juno 21. Hrrndon
Fletcher, an American mining 11 inn, und Iguntlo
llcuvis, a Spaniard, employed in a dry goods
house horo, fought a duel on tho Hallos plantu-
tlon, near here, last evening. Tho affair wits
vpt very quiet, und onl) the duellists, their
seconds und physicians wero present. . , .
The duel wits with pistols, und resulted In
both men being seriously wounded t tho itrst
tire. They hud quurrollod over tho Cuban iiues
tlon and the Spaniard turned u challenge, w tilth
vi us promptly accepted. Tho two men aro so
cretid by their friends to avoid urrest,
Marine rront the Barracks nnd Jackie from
the Warships Made a Uood Fight, bnt
Couldn't stop tho Plre Water Bcnrca Sin.
chine duns Destroyed Damage 0000,000.
One of the ordnance buildings In tbo Brooklyn
Navy Yard, n threo-story brick structure, 250
foot long nnd 00 feet wide, was destroyed by
flro last night. Tho building wns known as No.
13, and wns used principally ns a storehouse and
rooalr shop. It contained valuable machinery,
small arms, sholl casings, stcol guns, paints, and
rigging valued nt $230,000.
Tho building wns valued at 30,000. It oo
cuplcd tho navy yard block bounded by Porry
street, Second street, Chnuiicoy avenuo, nnd
Third street, within 200 fret of the wator front.
At 0:13 o'clock iinmrlno doing guard duty in
tho yard Bavv smoko issuing from a window on
thu second floor of tho building. Ho quickly
turned in un alarm whlih was communicated
to tbo ships lying in Wdllnbout basin.
Thoy woro thu battleships Indiana and
Maine, tho cruiser Detroit, tho receiving
ship Vermont und tho monitors Terror and
Puritan. Tho crows of all Iho ships were called
to quarters, and details wero mado to light the
tiro. In thomeantinioan alarm had boon son t
out to the city flro department, and n third
alarm brought tho Urcbonts Duv id A. lloody nnd
Soth Low.
Tho Marino Flro Corps In the navy yard wore
the tlrst to arrtvo with tholr old-fashioned hoso
carrlugcs. Then enmo flro cutters from tho In
diana w Ith 200 sailors. 1 ho sailors woro armed
with axes, i.ro books, battering rams, and whlto
wooden buckets. They had Just turned in
aboard ship for tho night after halt
an hour's Dro drill. When they ro
spondod to tho call for real fire duty
thoy tumbled from their boats, hatlcsfi and shoe
less. Throo minutes after tho call to ouartors
was soundod two hundred jacklos bad crossod
the Wallabout Bay, and were running in double
tile up through tho navy yard, carrying their
buckets, axe h, and hooks.
When the big doors of the burning building
had been battered down tho sailors wero sent
Into tho building to savo tho machinery and
other things In there. Whllo the Indiana's men
wero at work dragging tons of steol from
tho building with ropes anil rapidly rigged
derricks, tho men from tho other ships wero
landing, la Ing plio lines and attacking tbo flro
with water pumped by ono of tho flro boats.
Squads of sailors with buekols of water were
sent upon tho roofs of the neighboring build
ing. which they saved from tho fliiuicu.
When tbo Brooklyn llrenien got up with nine
engines Chlof Dale found n scarcity ot water,
no that, nntv four nf tho cncincs could
au limb uiii) luur ut tuu uukiui'd ijiiiu
bo brought Into service. Tho plpot from
the other engines wero laid from
the burning buildings to tho water front,
whero tho two Urrboals were brought Into use,
pumping tho water from tho bay. Ilrthetlmo
the llreboals got to work thecntlro building was
In flames, nnd soon afterward tho roof fell in,
making a nolso resembling tho tiring of mus
ketry. In and about tho Navy Yard great crowds had
gathered. When they ho in! tho nolso of the
roof fulling tho) believed thnt It wns the explo
sion of loaded cartridges in the burnlngbullding.
und they scattered In a hurrv. tome ono started
a story to thcelfect that several persons had
been Injured, and ambulance calls were aent out.
An ambulance from tho City Hovnltal on the
way to tho jard collided with a fuol
supply wagon and was badly damaged.
Tho driver. however. and the sur
geon, Ir. Benton, luckily escaped Injury
and continued in the broken down am
bulance to the fire. When thoy got there they
found that only ono man had been Injured. Ho
vrasll. F, Shny, from tho Vermont. His arm
and hand had been lacerated by falling slate
from tho roof, and ho hod received bruises about
tbn back, head, nnd shoulder.
Commodore Hunce. commandant of the) ord,
wltht'apt. Socrry nnd other ofllecrtt who w ero
Inthcvnrd at the time, watihed the wiltormcn
vi ork, nnd admired thu way they did It. When
the ttumen hail been extinguished the jnckles
were marched back to tho dock and returned to
their chips.
The cause of tho tiro wn not learned last
night, but it was believed to havo been spon
taneous eonbustlon.
Tho most valunblo contents of tho building
ronsNteii of u number of Hotclikl-t. Gardner,
and Nordenfeldt rapid-tiro guns stored ou the
llrst floor.
rilht Other Awaiting- Their Fate Yellow
Fever mong tbn Spanish Soldier.
Havana. Juno 21. The Spanish Sanitnry In
apt ctor, who loft Iluvnna to investigate tho re
port of smallpox nnd jellow fever at Sagua
In Grande, cablo.1 his report from that placo to
day. His report In part wns thnt many of the
troops were down with thu disease, and thnt
twenty-two new cases had developed slnco his
arrival, thero being soveutccu deaths and 250
cases on hand.
Tho greatest amount ot sickness was among
tho Reconcentrados. As many soldiers as could
bo spnrcd wero roniovcd )csterday.
Gen. Woj ler left Havana for tho east to-night.
His destination and intentions aro unknown.
Another execution took plnco In Cabana
fortress this morning nt sunrise. Two Cubans,
Iililro Carmuna and Anthony Jordan, charged
with rebellion and liitendinrisin, wero shot. Tho
execution wns publlo nnd n great crowd was
Tho two men died crj Ing "Viva Cuba Libre!"
Your corrcf pondont li-nrni that there aro eight
more to bo executed vvllhlii Iho not iwo weeks,
only awnlting the death sentence) by cablo from
M i.drld, w hleh in v cr fulls to emtio.
Vo lor has started in to worry tho American
correspondents ngnlu. Ho has nuked pormtHidou
from Madrid to hare them expelled from thu
Hand unless all their despatches bo scut by
c ildo.
Must of tliein, besides sending their newt bv
cable, liivo written nt hnrdiiiiiiK lies nnd llp'ird
tlirm aboard the Plant lint) steiiucra for liny
Wc-it. This plan Is what ho objects to, und will
use his utmost efforts to pruvent.
Children Trampled on. nnd n Five earOld
Boy Mortally Injured.
NoitTltToNAWANin, N. Y Juno 21, At tho
firemen's annual Inspection and piirndo In this
city this afternoon, a panic was caused In a
crowd of several thousand spectators by a team
of horses that was frightened by tho music.
Iho team was standing at the corner of Oliver
and Robinson streets, and was attached to n
moving van. As one of thu bunds stnrtod a
lively tune tho horses broke and diiBhcd madly
dow n tbo street. Instantly tho crow d stnmpodcd,
mid In tbo rush to got out of danger children
vuro trampled under tho feet of tho pnulc
btrlrkou p; tiple.
Pmvlny I,go,5 vcnrit old, wns unable toescapn
Ion iilncoof n.ifi'tv nnd ho was run down, tho
mining vuu luiKslngover his body, lln will die.
luliv larnoge containing thu Infant child of
Mr. John Helming wiih overturned, und tho
ihihl vvus tintuplrulun to such an evti nt that Its
it, million in crillml. -Man) other i lilldien were
trodden nude r the feet of the riuvwl,
'Iho team dished lmiithoiloorwn) of a grocery
slum. Wrecked furniture was ni'uttrtcd nil
our the stnel, und It Is n nilraclo that more
people w eru not killed or Injure 1.
Drnounrn Tbuao W liu Put .enroe In Tbclr
Place, but Aro Sol Allowed to Itlut.
CruiurriTov, S. 0., Juno 21. To night the
former white operatives In tbn Charleston Cot
ton Mills, who havo been turned out to make
way for negro labor, hold un Indignation meet
ing, but a squad of police w cut to the hnll to pre
vent trouble This afternoon a circular was
scattered over town, rending;
All who mo not In uimputhy with the bond
holder nnd iingm minister conspiracy nro ur
gently solicited to nen."
Tliroo hundred in u woro present, nnd red hot
speeches won) nuid' Tho presence of the police
prni eiiteil disturb me. Later thu men calmed
down, niul a committee will npply In niurrow to
tho President of the mill ruiuo'tlnghlrn todls.
charge tho ntgroe und give work to tho tho old
while bunds.
Fire! ! iienelleU KlrewurUil"
Order Lofors the ruth. Depot 0 l'erx place. Aiv.
OOO Peasants Blons and Kick a Murderer
to Death.
Special Cable Dttpateh to Tns Bex.
Odessa, June 21. While throo policemen were
conveying a notorious highway robbor and mur
derer named Dudnlk from Novtboug to Kherson
they wero waylaid by a mob ot 300 Infuriated
peasants, including women and children, who
seized tho prltonor nnd cudgollcd, stoned, and
kicked blm to doath.
Tblrty-flvo of tho crowd havo been arrostod,
bnt It is not probable that they will be severely
troated. Lynching Is a very rhro occurrence in
Maine Pop Candidate for Governor Iat
Tear Charge) Bribery and roraory.
Lkwiston, Mr., Juno 21. Prof. I. O. Itateman
ot Auburn, who was tho candidate of the
People's party ot Malno for Governor lost
year, to-day mado publlo two important charges
against W. J. Bryan. Ho says that tho
Populist Congressman Frooman Knowles of
South Dakota, whllo on his recent trip to his old
home in Skowhegnn, Me., Informed a conspicu
ous citizen of that tow n that Mr, Bryan's recent
a-tftnf l.nnn to Ihn I'omilist National Commit-
teo was made with tbo distinct understand
ing that no action against fusion should bo
taken by tho Pooplo's party boforo tho noxt Na
tional Conv ontlon. This, Prof. Bntemon says, Is
nothing inoro or less thnn dlroct bribery. Bate
man nlso says that Bryan has nppcndod his
(Batcman's) name to Senator Allen's lotterof
notification glv en out last September. Balcman
was Secretary ot tho Notification Committee,
but did not sign the letter In question. Ho says
that Bryan's action In printing his naroo to tho
letter in his book Is an act of political forgery.
Mr. Batoman Is a delegate to tho Mtddio-of-tbo-Itoad
National Conference at Nashville, Tcnn.,
ou July 4?aml says he will bring thoso matters
before that body. '
Ilanna Denies Emphatically Rumor or th
Beerotary' Comtns Retirement.
Cleveland, Juno 21. Senator Hanna says to
day that thero is no foundation in fact for tho
report that John Sherman is to retlro from the
olllco of Secretary of State.
" I ought not to And It necessary to deny this
story, which Is published merely for tbo pur
pose of breeding dissension in the Republican
party," said Mr. Hanna. "It is abso
lutely untruo, and a denial ought not to
be necessary. This is tho last time I shall
tako tbo trouble to deny It or any similar re
ports. Secretary Sherman will not lcavo tho
Cabinet, and Judge Day will not succeed him.
Judge Day lias for years txon a trusted
friond of Prcsldont McKinloy. Their relations
havo always been of the closest nature,
and naturally the President consults the Judgo
now as ho did before he was mado President,
but tho Judgo has his place and 8hermnn has
his. Mr. Sherman is highly esteemed by tbo
President and gives tho Administration great
Charted with Nteallns OU.OOO from Gen.
Weotmore Wldw.
New Ohleans, June 21. Mrs. E. Batts,
mother-In law of President Barrios of Guate
mala, was boforo Recorder Finnegan to-dny on
the charge of stealing from the widow of Gen.
Westmore ot tho United States Army f2,G00.
Tbn cjoaxgo Is inade by.Mrf. Adele Smith, the
grandnfecoof Mrs. Westmore.
Mrs. Batts lived with hor distinguished son-in-law
for some time. Sho returned to New Or
leans with her husband some months ago. Mrs.
Smith ea)s that Mrs. Batta called at her house
on Sunday aud stole 9300 from a roll ot money.
On Juno 18 sho again visited tho bouse, and in
tho dining room forced open a trunk and took
from it $2,nOO, Mrs. Smith says. All ot tho
stolen money belonged to Mrs. Westmore, and
a day or so ago sho nnd her niece became sus
picious ot Mrs. Batts and caused ber arrest,
Mrs. Batts denies having taken tho money.
A Mississippi Duel Over an Klopement Flnlshe
tho Principal.
GitKENViiXE. Miss., June 21. At Jamos Cross
ing, a small flag station ou tho Yazoo and Mis
sissippi Valler Railroad, about fifteen miles
south of Greenville, Paul James snd Will Ablo
shot and killed each other on Saturday evening.
James objected to the marrlago of his nclce.
Miss Wright, who eloped with Able. It was
rumored that James hail eald that ho would kill
Ablo If Ablo married his nloco.
Tho two men met, each nrmed. James having
a revolver nnd shotgun ind Ablo n revolver and
Winchester rifle. After some words James llrod
with tho shotgun, thu load hitting Able in tho
right shoulder nnd disabling his right arm.
Able then raised his gun with his loft hand and
llrod throe shots nt James who was killed
Instantly. Ablo lived but a moment after the
Foreign-Born Catholic Have a Itlzht to Join
Kusltsh-JCpenktns Churches.
W.iHiiiNaTON.Juno 21. -Pope Leo.ln a decision
recently received by Mgr. Miirtlnclll, tho Pnpal
Delogato to tho United States, says that tho
c hlldrcn of forolgn-born Catholics hav o a icrfect
right to trnnsfor their membership to English
HpciiMug churches. Tho derision vvus innilo
upon rctiiiiist of tho Delegate, who had received
mini) complaint from all parts of thu country,
sent by tuo prlosta of tJeruian ami French
Canadian parishes. An a result of Iho Polio's
dec If Inn tho prleula of twenty parishes In Cin
cinnati In which tho Gnrmnn liuigiiago wns
ukoiI lime determined that In tho future tho
HiV'liidi language uloiiu shall bu used In conduct
ing their sen Ices.
A Ueorsta Railway O0r to Attract Bxrur-MlnnUt.
Amianv, Go,, Juno 21. Tho Georgia nnd Al
abulia Rutin uy Is advertising a low excursion
rato from all points on tho lino to Savannah on
June 23. To oncourage liberal pitronage, a re
frigerator ear will bo attached to the train
Intdeil wlthSOOlluii lingo watermelons for tho
freo nun of tho oeiirnlnii!tH. 'Iho sumo Induce
ments will bo otfered on thu trip of tho Con
federate Holdlrrs In Nittdnlllo nnd cm idmllur
occasions during the suinuior. Ibis Innovation
In ugllnllng tho gonorul passenger agents of
other railroads.
The Ntory That lie Wn tcurlnc; III Knd Was
Jtiit a World Lie.
A report published In tho ll'orif yesterday
thnt John I, Blair wns dying was denied nt Iho
dfllcnot Illalr & Co. nil Wall street, Mr. Blnlr
was ill two months ugo. but bus qultu rccovcrod,
nnd, although in Ills Oritli jour, Isenjojing us
Kood health as tho mnjnrlo of men twenty earn
is junior,
Heavy Frnl In llronnio County,
IllNGllAUTON, Juno 21. Heavy frosts visited
this set Hun this morning, and cnnslderablo
d imago wus done lo fruit nnd early vegetublos,
Nosuih vvcntlnr baa Ihuii oxpurlnncoil 111 this
litliilty for slMcen je.irn. when the mouth of
June was tiotnhlo for frosts nnd cold weilher,
ThlMiivrnliutlt Is very chill), but much warmer
thuu 1 ist night.
Prreslug Weather Nundar .Mint In the Cat,
KixnitroN, Juno 21, The wenther in tho Cats
kills wus mi Intetikoly cold Inst night that Ico
formed nt htamford, Plmi Hill, and oilier resorts.
'In-day grnto tires wero kindled In all tho moun
tain houses to keep tbo guests warm.
Buotm Vail In tho White Mountains.
CoiAunqoK, N, H Juno 21. A severe frost
occurred throughout northern New Hampshire
this morning, ruining crops. Saow rll iu tho
White Mountain.
"""" f "jH
He I a Gold Democrat and Brother-ln.tovvr of - 'iSHI
John D. trlmmln 111 Acceptance Might LVH
Make a Kirn i aeaney for Frnncl St. Boott '':Vfli
and Another for a Corporation Counael, ''aVoaVoVJ
lender John 0. Bhrohan of Tammany Hall HMaVoB
and his friends, according to tho best Informod JiHHH
Tammany man last night, hnvo begun a move- ti
ment looking to the nomination In tho Popo- ibbHVJI
cratlo City Convention of Justice Morgan J, I itHs
O'Brien ot Now York city to bo tho Popo- (HHHHHJ
cratlo cnndldato for Mayor of Creator iVsBIh
Now York. Justlco O'Brien's term on tho 8u 1'hVIH
preme Court bench will cxplro on Dec. 31, 1001. llalllllH
Justlco O'Brien In n, brother-in-law of John D. JH
Crlmmlns, and In tho McICInley-Brynn battle 5H
last ) car vvus n sound-monoy Democrat. Being lH
on tho bench, ho mado no speeches nnd took no VLVH
active part in tho national campaign agalnss u )fl
tbo Chicago rcpiidlntlnnlsts. vlHaaH
Tho Tammnny friends of Justice O'Brien, it ' e'iH
wns ascertained last night, havo acquainted him HH
within tho last few davs ot tho dcslro ot Mr. i?H
Mipchnn. Mr. Crlmmlns. and othors to brlns? . . i.'TH
about his nomination by Tammany Halt, and It iSVaalH
appears that JuhHco O'Brien Is not favorable to 3hVH
the proposition,' nnd thnt unless ho is pushed to LV
extremities by his friends, whoso good opinions PaH!!
ho values, ho will eventually decllno the prof- "Hl
fcrcd nomination. fH
Corporation Counsel Francis M. Scott, it was vS!
announced, would ilka it very much If Justice IhhV
O'llrlon would accept tho proposition. Mr. HHH
Scott is a candidate for ono of the two K HH
vacancies on tho Supremo Court bench In 1 HsHB
tho First Judicial district. Un Isn't certain :HHJ
that he can bo nominated to succeed Justtoo 4HVHJ
George P. Andrews or Justlco Charles H. Van ; -aHJnH
Brunt, whoso terms expire on Doc. Ul, 1807. and 'Hy
Mr. Scott, fionio of his law er friends said lost iHHM
night, believes that Justice O'Brien would do) . HHH
well to look favorably upon the proposition to HaHHI
Diako him Tammany's candidate for Mayor. I iHHH
Ex-Mayor William R. Grace. Tammany's an- 'HHH
dent foe, has bad frequent discussions with '.HH
" his friends the enemy, apd tbo burden ot tho L 'HHJj
conversation, it wn declared, was the farther T ' HHm
advancement of Mr. Scott. With a general an- - jBHJ
demanding all around, it was added, and " "HHJ
with Justice O'Brien tho Mayor of Greater New '- fHH
York, there would bo a Corporation Counsel to v; HJ
bo appointed. HHB
- - V. ft
A Han Who Died In Mulberry Bend Park Irt 3BHHH
There rnr More Than an llour. tW
Michael Ardel, day custodian ot tbo cottage in 7cLini
Mulberry Bend Park, died suddenly in the park i;i"ibiW
last evening. He was to havo gone oft duty at t 'wfM
7 o'clock, but nt 0:35 n man found him ill on a VsVH
bencu In tno cottage, tie made an cuon. to ;'lH
spoak, but failed, and become unconscious. He ' EB
died a few minutes later. '7 HH
Heart disease was probably tho cause. Jnst HJHH
boforo death Ardel was carried out of the ; HHK
cottage and placed In a sitting position with his tj K
back against tbo wall. HHb
No ono on duty laat night at tbo cottage or at HHI
tho Arsenal in Central Park know tho dead i HHb
man's name. . HHJ
Ardel was a German, about G5 years old. and r HHH
llvcxl ut l!rt Avenue B. Ho was a veteran of ,; MM
the Grand Army. ' HHJ
The body was left in tbo park for more than ' HHB
an hour, with tho co:it over tho hoad and the hat ,. -HHH
placed on top. Hundrods ot men, women, and - HH
children from tho neighboring tenements - MHB
swarmed about the spot, fighting for places at . H!
tho front f rom w hlch they could see tho body. HHJ
Laid Lon In tbn Strawberry Patch or tho Old f fHHJ
People tlome. am
Ciiiuoo, June 21. Jim, the much-wonted - -' HaHH
Lincoln Park hyena that gnawed bis way oat of HBHJ
his cago a week ago, is dead, lie was laid low ,.- HHa
tbls morning with a bullot fired by Superintend- jHaHH
ent Mertcns ot the Old Pcoplo's Home at Har- HH
lem, ten miles wost of Chicago. Jim has led tea HHal
polico and the Lincoln Park authorities a dovi- HHJ
ous chaso ever since his escape. He hod trav- HaHH
clled all over tho northern and western portions HHH
ot tbo city, examining cemeteries and inspect- , -HH
ing garbage dumps, until ho finally wandered H
Into tbo garden ot the Old People's 1 ionic. jHHJ
Superintendent Mcrtens was picking straw- jHHJ
berries in the garden when bo heard u savage IHHJ
growl, nnd, looking up, bo saw Jim's blazing HHJ
eyes onlv a few feet distant. lie ran into ths HI
office of tbo Home, got a revolver, a big bulldog. jMHJ
and John Rcdlicb, ono of tho inmates. The men HJ
set tbo dug on tbo Intruder, and thero was a HHI
battle, which won short and decisive. The bull-
dog slunk nw-ay with its tall between its leg, as '
Imdlj whipped ns If It had been a poodle. Ons HI
leg wns nearly bitten off. Jim ran under soma HI
buriios, but Mcrtens and Redllch. at short KHH
I range, emptied two revolver into him. Two BoHH
bullets lodged In his body and ended bis cajoox. alflaVJ
A Bather Steep story or VI hat the Tonnr Men KuVani
or Athene, On., Plan to Do. aiH
ATneXB, Go., Juno 21. It was learned to-day EVosH
that between fifty and sixty students were at HJHJ
tending a secret meeting to perfect plans to - HJH
visit Cuba this summer to help tho insurgents. HHH
Last winter a Cuban club with an enthusiastic! HHH
follow Ing wns formed for the avowod purpose of H
currying Into effect tbo scbemo indicated. A HbH
considerable fund was in tho bands of tho club's nVw
treasurer. Two hundred repenting rifles and -HJH
4,000 rounds of ammunition were purchased H
and a largo ocean tug was chartered for the B
summer months. H
Gordon Row er of Bainbridge. Ga., presided at H
the meeting to day. but bo would say nothing- HJ
alut it. An il'i' lilcoln tins been chosen ns the HJHP
sailing point of tho cxtimlltlon, nnd it will do- HBH
pnrton July 7, prociedlng directly to some in- laBT
ronspli'iiniiB Cuban hiirhor, where it will be re- BHPfai
cclvcil by eoino of Uomoz s olllcers and con- IHfr
dueled to the insurgent lamp. It is said that Hf?S
tho fnthLrs of most of tho students concerned VfjIsV
havolent their coiiicnt to tho scheme. Every llfH'
mrmlier of tho unlv orslty nthlollc team Is m 1XR
prospcctlvo filibuster. UHf
Cleveland on Tor Gray Gable. El
Phinceton, June 21, Former Prcsldont Clevsv LiHaW
land und family left Princeton to-day by th H
Colonial oxpress on tho Pennsylvania Railroad 'HB
for their sutiiiurr homo at Gray Gables. Tho iMt
purl) vvus iiiado up of Mr. nud Mrs. Cleveland, HH
tho threo little girls mid their governess, and JHUtt
one maid. Tho other servants will follow in a ' klH
few-dujH, nnd tho rrimeton liouso will bo closed HiB
for tho summer, Severn! Iinprovuiucnts will be HHTB
inndo on tbo hoiixc during thnnbscnco of thooo-
cup ints. 'I he ClovcliiinU expect to remain at H
Gray (laid en till l) tolicr, when they will return 'HH
to Princeton. -Mr. t'levehnid reicutly said that) 'HBH
hoi'xpectod tnspetiil the leniuimler of his life In HJHH
hU Princeton home. IHHJ
Wouuded In nn Kflort to-tarlve Out tbo Cows. Hflf
Nkvv OmiEANrt, Juno 21. George BrunUrle, HHJ
Alexander (ireen, nnd John Grcon, bis eon. , HaH
woro shot by nsoasalns at McDououghvlUe yes- ,HJ
tcrduy. Alexander Green cultivates a small Hfl
kitchen garden. Ills fences wero knocked down , sVsw
yesterday and a number of cows woro feeding .HI
ou bin vegetables. Ho wns nfruld to repair his 'HH
fence, for he hud U-en thluatonod with astas- ,, HBW
sluutloii. Encouraged by a neighbor, llruntgle, isiHI
Green, nnd Ills on went Into tho garden to drive HrHi
out tho rows, when tbo As-asslus tired on th TtiiF
purls fiom the iie'lghborlng woods, wouuding; HJ
till three. AfVv
Hilled at the Bat. HH'
Foht Kdwaiiii, N. Y Jnno 21. Inn name ot , WF
baseball between Sandy Hill toams on the Wash- Sv!&bHH
lngtoti County Fair Grounds yesterday at tor liiHYHV
noon Arthur Smltli, aged III yonrs. Was lo- ttVMloW
utantl) klllod nt tho but. Edward MoGulnncts, 'd&iiME'mmm
Iho pitcher, delivered tho ball, and it struck; 'S'iwPIP HHal
Smith behind the left cur, knocking him down, --.JSiisty UMM
He nttempted to rlsu, but fell luck and expired. vSy' HJH
I'hjBlclans wero suiiimoncil, but wore) toomts'yg HMpJ
to render uny usslstunec. M 'W HI
Fire Iu u Vi or Sweat Shops. ,J HHJ
Flro nuii.ed about if'J.OOd ilamago In tut far- KH
tory building nt 12-H Dlv Islou street Uut't v en- Uk'1
ing. it vyiih dlsuivcrcd nt about 8:1)0' o'clock gjffil
and orlglniitott apparently on the.llnrd floor. Kill
When tin llronn.li cnUit'od tbo bullillug they H'l
found Kuliii ut Kuliverre, a wntchni in for Ixniis ,;Mjt!
Frank, elouk tuunufactnror, ovoriomu ' siuoue ivHBhI
In the hull. Hallvcrro was curried l; l' kr,",ti , W'l
whoro ho ntilcklyrovlvod. The entire butldlaf WDM
was occupied by sweat shop. f BlLI

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