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B f Kr.tr Tonics nix two games ritox
1 Tin: HAi.TiMoiir.H.
H nuslr. nnit MrcUIn ritrh rinn llnll Itoatnna
H , Lend liy llrrcntlnc llrnofclju Clnclnnml
B tlntdsTlitrit 1'Inl'o bi AftinnlMlarcln Uiih
H ' v tuition. I'lilcnlo, una Louisville Also 11 In.
H "!, Ilitsobnll Is full of surprises. AVlicn It was nn-
B E notinccd tlmt tho New Yorkg would piny two
H Barnes In llnltlmoro yesterday tho local cranks
H fift snlrt thoy would bo satisfied if Joyco's men could
B j win one. Two victories appeared to boon un-
B ronsonnlilo demand, but this morning tbo thou-
B If sands of tuotropolllnn enthuslnsts arc rejoicing;
!B b over whnt liiituloubtodly a rritiarknblo nchlovc
B uirnU In spile uf 111" fn tlbnttboihnmptonson
fl m. t tbelr on icrotiu ' ' been carry Inir all
B E- beforn them, tliti N n went "rlghtnt
B ffi them" and won a n n.ui 'do double victory.
B Mv llusloand MccVIn piti In . il.. panics, and tbolr
B 9k- work brink's buck Hi: I memories, whoa llicy
B Mp pitched tho IlaltlmurcH out of tho Temple Cup
B fjf; series. Tho defeats vtcru ti.ost costly for tho
rhamplons, as thoy surrendered llrat placo to tho
lloslotis, who disposed of tho Brooklyn at East
ern Park. Tho Clnclnnatla aro still In third
placo by vlrtuo of their victory ocr St. Louis,
but they aro only eight points ahead of tho liar
lomltes. Tho 1'hlladelphlnB were oaslly defeated
nt Washington and tho Clovclnnds droppod still
lower by surrendering to thelioulsvillcs. Tho
Chlcaeos had an easy tliuo with tho Pittsburg.
New York, 6 1 IlaHlmoro, 2 (first game).
Xew York, 0; Baltimore, 0 (socond game),
ttoston, 1 1 1 Brooklyn, 0.
V Washington, Hi Philadelphia,.
Chisago, 0 Pittsburg, 2.
Louisrllle, Ol CIoTeland, D.
Ctnclaiiati, 8(St. Louts, a.
lYr JVr
Clubt. Won.LoMt.Cnt. Clubs. tt'on.Lcat.Cent.
Huston H4 111 .7:u Cleveland. ...M vu ,47H
llaltlnioro....33 la ,7J3 1'ltlsburg ....21 XI .407
rincluuatl....H 17 .IIKU Wjhtniiton..l8 20 .401)
Now York.. ..27 17 .014 Louisvlilo...,18 Kti .Hill
llrooklyn H3 113 .000 Chloatco 1H VU .SIKH
Philadelphia. 1!3 .IDO'St. Louis 10 0 .204
Balthioiie, Juno 21. Capt. 1)111 Joyco and
his band from Now York clipped a largo slice oft
of tho champions' pcrcontago to-day by neatly
rapturing two games. Tho visitors played in
their old '04, form, and tho games wcro noverin
graro doubt, although tho Orioles threatened to
lnako Garrison finishes. Tho Now Yorks played
all around Banlon's mon, nnd at times modo
them look like pigmies. UlgAmos Uusiownsat
his best. For eight innings tho local batsmou
walked to tho pluto and wont down llko grass In
BlfiS ' R n wlnd'torm. Tbreo scattered hits, ono of
Bm t f. them a bunt, and ono run were all thoy could
Kjv' i tlnd. In tho last inning thoy managed to
Krir" ' iJ gather In a slnglo and a doable, which let them
Ks? 4 ecnro another run. In tho mean time tho visit
f;J3p t ors were plugging away at Nops, who was also
Sra '- doing excellent work. But tho paco sot by his
Rbft f opponent was too muoh for thoyoungstor. and
K)l ( this, togothor with tho poor work of tho mon bo -B$
j" hind him. disheartened him. and In tho ninth
Brc&i I' inning ho went up in tho air and proved
uK? t psachos and cream for tho Now Yorkers. Davis
Bg,s i; put up a great game at short Held and killed
Rjlfi - Inso hits until It became monotonous to tho
tjuj? "' local rooters. Tho champions played at times as
Wgfih s' tfhypnotlied.
Ssji, Tho Now Yorks started on tho road to victory
BK - '' In tho fourth inning. Davis hit a low fly to left
Btt't-- ' Held, which Kelley mutTod after a long run.
BK?' "" tHeason tried to knock the cover off tho ball, but
HRU ' 1 the best ho could do was to pop a rly to Jennings.
K(t ' i Jennings and bteniel then let Warner's fly drop
B?t? ' r between them, and Davis went to third, anil
Bk: V " scored on Clark's forced hit to Jennings. In tho
Wt- " next Inning they tallied again. Tlernan rapped
Bik '- "8 ' ,no r'fht Meld fence for two bases
K'7 and scored on DaU's two-bagger to left
A'R'1; garden. Tho champions got ono in this
jJjSSr- 3 Inning on Kelley'H tvio-baso hit and
fctTOj' l)o)lo'sand Stcnzel'a outs. The New Yorkers
tR&'itr s ilnched tho gany." in the ninth. Ducky scored on
gSyr r JtuHle's hit lolcit forone base, Kelley misjudged
BkI' t ' Iolms's fly and it went for two buses, and
BKil- r an Haltrvn followed with another drive to
Mr' i right field. Ticrnan went out, second to first,
BBl ' I '' Amos scoring. Van llaltrcn tried to score on
Hi '.' Joyce's grounder to Itcitz, but was caught at
Bfiil!' ' lDe Plate. Davis, Olcason, and Warner then
rM ; singled in sin.cessIon. Joyco and Davis scoring.
Km''-: Clark ended the tun with n fly to Btcnzel.
Rhllt, i Keelcr'a sinclo nnd Keller's double netted tho
BRill' ' ' ihamnions one In their half of the Inning.
BK.W In "", second gamo Jouct Mcekln. not to bo
BKff ( If outdone by his old Bide partner, dctenntnod to
BBh i ' repeat the same dose and surcceded admirably,
BBS' i although ho came near Hlipplng up in tho Inst
QB ' -' Inning. Ills support wns excellent, Davis nnd
BcW' V '' v"n llaltrcn being tho particular stars. Dr.
M; i' . I'ond wnsnothlt bardat nny staeeof tbcgamr,
BrjFl'- l '"' 1'"1 "0 vlsltors managed to bring their safe
Btvv'M.. f- ilrivrs together. Doyle was feeling under the
va; ( - woa.her and O'lirien covered Drsttwig and Itob-ViSM-
S inson made his reappearance behind tho bat. The
Bf4I'' ( '" Now Yorks scored first blood in tho opening In
k'.l' J nlng. Van HaltrcnwnasafoonO'Ilrlen serrorin
p' dropping Htltz's throw nf his grounder. He
IWS'H - stolosecond, went In third on a passed Imll, Mid
Kil, I tallied on Joyco's long fly to Htcnzel. Van
b' ! Haltrcn'n ncit bunt, Tiernan's triple to left, nnd
Bi.rH ' aslnulo by Davis netted two mora in tho third.
KiJ;B.. 1 In tba fourth Clark hit to Jennings, who threw
T.wOSB ( to tbo grand stand, mil taking second. Holmes
!i!iB r got a free pass to first, and Meekln followed
kaSrB i ' w"n n sinclo to right field, sending In Clnrk.
l.wKB ( Holmes goin to third and scoring on Van
li'JS&B. : Haltren'd tly to Kelley. Tho homo team also
!;'SfB' t got twoin this Innlngondouhlesby Kecler and
j-SB- 1 they tallied once mom on a base on balls to
i'JBH1 '' Itoblnson. MeOraw's out, and Koeler's single.
fXS Tho New Yorks" last run came In the sixth on
.uBBI IlolnmVH slashing tbree-lMgger to centre, nnd
BBI Van Haltren's single. An ern r by Davis nnd sin-
c5rBBI- gles by Kelley and Htenzcl netted nno run for tho
,?BBI rhamplons In the eighth, and In tho ninth, but
teBka '"r foo'lsb base running by Mcflraw, they nould
&BBI b ire tied tho score. Corbett, who took Pond's
"iSf place nt the bat, singled to left. McOraw
Bk smahod n double to left, scoring Corbett, but
jBBsV" !' Slugsoy was out trying to strutcb the hit into a
'iBB''' triple. Tbo scoro:
'HB .. h. In. r.n.x.r.. n. 1 . r o. a. r.
' -flH Mf-nraw. Sb.Q 10 10 Van n'l'n.cf.0 12 0 0
JCKBp , KHrr,rf....l 110 0 Tlernan. rf,,l 2 2 0 0
iC-H- JfnnlnKa. m.O n a S 0 Jojrco, 3b... .1 0 0 10
' iQIH Kflley. If..,.l 2 10 fDarU. tn ...,3 2 2 7 0
.'iL'iBt ' Htenzt'I.cf...O 0 B 0 0(Jli-Bon, 2b.. 0 2 2 10
iliM. Porle, lh...,0 0 7 0 0 Warner, o 0 2 2 0 n
Bkf-1 t ' lKilz. 2b....O 0 4 7 O'Clark, Hi ...0 0 12 1 0
'V-"M, I i Iowrrman,D.O 15 0 0 Holmes, If... t a 2 0 (I
f-'BBj i,.' Kopa, p 0 0 0 0 O.Klulo, p 1 3 0 4 1
MfiBBa'.; Toists a "a a? nil Totaii. ...."o" in a? ii 1
BeBBsV' Eoltlmorn 0 0 0 0 10 0 0 1-2
Bl;, fw York 0 0 0 110 0 0 40
BDBBT' Karned runi-tlakljnorc. Is Hen York 6, ToIjm
blU Tti-rnan, liatls, Keller (2), Holme". Hacrltlrs
H hlla Warner, Kecler. Ktolenbaaeii UcOraw, Honrer
.. man. Van Ilaltrrn. Klnt liaau oarrrnra Now York,
FjH' Flret Lasa on 11I OIT Kopa, 2, og llute, 2, lilt 1)
7f-H rltchnl tall 11 IIikIb. struck out Ur Sops, Uibjr
ft'IH ituale. 1. t'oaiedlialli ?owennan, v. Irt on base
K,;H Baltimore, oi How York, 11). Time 2 bourt and o
BvBBl' nilnulea. Umpire i.yncn.
BUBBb siLTiMnitt. I sew TOKic.
FVI n. Iii. ro. i.r.l n. Is. po. i. r..
bXsssi JloOrnw, 3li'l 1 1 2 0 Vnll'Ur'n.cfJ 2 4 0 o
KJjH. Sealer, rf..,.l 2 3 0 u Tlenian, rf,.l linn
HfUfsHI Jeunlntrs, u.,1 2 14 1 Joyce, lib.., ,0 0 2 D 0
BA9Bfl Kelley. If..,, 1 1 1 u 0 Darin, an ... 0 2 3 II 1
bJHi i hUnzel. cf...O 1 I 1 0 (iliamn, 2b..o 0 12 1
BHvBBl! : O'lirien, lb,. 0 111 1 I -Warner, e..,.0 14 0 0
UrB , Ilellc.2b 0 u II A OC'lirk, 1I.....1 oil 0 0
P1- SHI ItnWnaon,o..l 0 2 1 Oillnlmrs, If., ,2 12 10
Pouil.p 0 0 110 Miokln,I),..,0 10 10
Corbett 1 10 0 0
BB1' Totaii 0 8 27 10 2
ar-vBJ Tot all S G 24 18 2
I '.BH; 'Hatted for l'onil la the ninth.
t 'BB1 Baltimore 0 0 0 1 n 0 1 1 B
UH CBB1' liirned rum naltlinore. 2 New York, 8 Two-
H mtHMH " tao lilu bavla, Keeli r. Jenntinc, McOraw, Tlim-
Bkrc'HH ; hjuo ldtk larl. Tleniuu, Uoliin-'., . ft mi liaseM
f,. , llaltlmore, 7 hew York, n. filnl'll luuim Van ilr.l
V&Hf ; treu (2), Haiti, llolinoi. Klnt lnai on errnra IIjIii
mVM j. more, 2i New York, 2, Hrt hn on balls (m 1'on I,
iViB t U olT Jteekln. :i. hlruek oill liy l-ond, -.'i by Mmklii.
t!l' " l'd ball Itoblnaiui. Aituniluum U.I17S. Tims
Hi' iHBB 2 hours and 10 minutes. Umpire Lynch.
BmBB-" hohto.V, 11; imooKI.VV, II.
KBlU Kot latlstled Hltli winning Hixteon straight
u)Bv " fumes on their homo grounds from the bK
Bs-iiBBr - i western teams, the Iloslons added another link
. BBkl rni to their long chain of viiioriis by ilcfuatlng tbo
B'V-'mBI V Ilroaklyim yeiturdny afternoon. It was tbo
'Vf.BBB' nominator' llrst niipeuram a or tho hc.inon on
BRBB ' r V ultbor of tho local gruuiiilH. Thoirnwd iuut
BBBB' lt lendancowiiH probubly the largest that 1ms ever
ttfM' IS, 0- wltncssoila Monday game, barring hnllilay, nt
H '.J Eastern I'ark. Thu local rooters woroanxlonn
-DtfBH V i" 'tu ' 'be much-talkcd-of Iloslons, lo
BlfBfll v'i which were added tho hundreds of Now York.
Bi-HrBkH c-ranktwho Journeyed out to Kast New Vork,
B-S'.lflBkl V eager to sen Uarnlu's men wallop tbo IIublte.
Bti'ViWl l4 Tho New Vork and lliooklyn shoutura for tho
BlvVBiH' I2 ' tlmo being forgot thut they vtuio followern of
H i BBM'i.Iivr'V.. to dllTerent cluliB nnd ji-llod at every play
BBtl.likf& V which tended to favor tho hoinnplaji-rs. Tin!
H uiBBB-1- l llostons ou tho gamo bocaiuo thej touiid left
BBCMk' l-S band plti hlng oaali-r lo lilt ihan tho HrookijiM,
2-BBB-Il , W" "ialitolll;(""l! SM nuuilgina loIli.rnloM
BKVBBW-JrV-. kl6r4nii farther Ml m Ibulon tolrler ijulto haul
-. !:. I Dy Aft. l tlmos, hut lliolr batting power uasu'l In thu
Br' MBflU W 3 ,Vf.RUlB cl" "lth 'hut of tho vUlture. In thu
BI flBBaV -5a & V". Innings Puyno won lilt for
Btv 'Mi Ml Mi Clgnt singles nnd two doubles, tho lloatons
L ! ll u "armmr six bf the soven runs. Klshi-r- replaieil
Br'' JBI M'A v. 7.av ia tLo 1,llrd Inning, nnd, whllu ho pltchdl
BI SH Mil fe'lonough to win an ordinary gume, the ilnin
V 4 tt"f,bTd "Ircndy been done, and tho Iloslons
HB 1 "fla "'0, victory unfc throughout tbo nine in
BI f ' ui'.at; '' jTcst' rduy's pbiyiug is taken us a
BI lB'Bl rriterloii.tho Iloslons have n great c-.tlihcr In
Bf BI Bj iijcr. The latter caught to foul IUe lu tin.
Bf- HMB1 iUud 'unl,ig. which brought tbo onlookers to
BJ'' , H Hi I lia.eiu.il, Kattern raru, To.llny, 4 , ftf.
BslVlBMI H 1 BnKk)yuait.Uvtoa. Admliilou, aud 00c Adr,
BfpBBr' -
HBBBB-KaBBBBBBBBBBBB?aV ti r nniTnr r )il j .
IPfSflBK ...
their eetand thopluoky Dackstop had to doft
hi cap. The score:
B.ln, r.o.a.r. n.l.r,o.A.B.
0rlffln,ef,.l 0 o 0 Hamilton, cf.l 8 3 t 0
Jones, rf 1 MOO t 'Tenner, lb.. a 2710
Anili-mou.lt. -J 2 10 OImc, aa 2 2 ft 2 1
fchtndle, Ub.,0 18 1 O.Dufly, it 2 2 8 0 0
I.achaaoe.lb.O 17 1 l'ntlrrtta. rt.,,0 1 2 0 0
Canaran, 2b.O 12 1 0 Ixiwe, Sb ...,0 8 13 0
O.Midtb,sa.,l Oil 1 ColUna, 8b... 0 0021
Otlm, 0 1 14 2 0 Ycager, 0....2 8 5 0 0
I'ayno.p 0 10 0 0 Klobedam.r.s 4 110
rtther, p 0 10 0 0
Total!,, ..ioio 27 "o "o Totals ....U 12 87 10 U
rtrooklyn 3 00008100 8
Iloatou 2 110 0 2 0 0 111
Earned runs Brooklyn. Lit 13oton, 7. First base on
errorii Brooklyn, 1 1 llmton, 2. Left on bates Ilrook
lrn, 7 lloston, V, Tiiree-baie lilts Fltber, Klobedans,
Two-basa bits Anderson, Canavsn, Lowe, Klobe
danz (2), Rtoten baes Duffy, Hamilton, Anderson.
Ilalk l'ayns. Ctrst bane on balls Off Klobrdant, III
oft Kltber, 1. Struck out liy Klobedant, 1 by Plaber,
4. Douhle play -Lowe. Ing, aud Tenney. Umpires
O'Day and McDonald. Tluie 2 hours and 11 minutes.
Attendance 5,0 to.
wasmtarot, 0 rniuDixrnlA, 2.
Wlsintaros, June 21. Thn Benstors put np a terri
fic nluirgtog exhibition to-day, knocking Orth's de
livery all over tho lot, tbs bits including four bonis
runs Attendance 8,000. Tbeaooreii
tsiiiioroi. , rniLADKLrnu.
n. 1 a. r.o. a. r. n.ln.r.o. a. r.
llrown, ef. .. 2 1 () 0 Cooler, of... ,0 0 4 0 0
Nc-lbachrf, 1 1 2 II 0 Dond, Cb....l 8 110
Deinont. m.. 2 2 3 f 0 I.alole, lb.,.,0 2 7 10
HcUuIre, ...! 1 8 II 1 Deleh'nty, lf.0 0 2 0 1
Tucker, lb. 0 2 12 0 0, deter, rf 1 1 tt 0 0
Itellly, h.,..l 2 10 0 Doyle, c 0 0 4 8 1
Abliey. rr..l 2 10 Oidlllen, 8b. ...0 2 10 0
O'lirien, 2U...1 2 4 4 0 Naan, as 0 1 1 8 0
UcJamca p.,0 0 0 8 0Ortu,p 0 110 0
Totaii iouilisTI Totals. ,,T VT24 8 2
Wellington 1 B 0 0 8 0 8 0 .. 0
Philadelphia 0 110 0 0 0 0 02
Earned runs Waahlngton, 7. Lett on baaci Waah
Inirton. ft! Philadelphia, 4. First bass on balla Off
MeJaniM, 3nItOrtb, 1. struck out liy MeJamra, 4
by Ortb, 8. Uoras runs Demontrevllle, McUulre. Ab
bey, O'Drlen. Three-baa hits Selhacb. I.ajole. Two
baas bits Drown, Tucker. Stolen basea nrown.
Tucker, llellly (2) Abbey, Dowd (8). Double play
O'Drlen, Demoutrerllle and Tucker, nit by pitcher
liy MrJamea, 1. Umpire emails. Tims 1 hour and
DO mlnutos.
ciiicaoo, (IjntTsrcao, 2.
rrrrsstma. June 21, rtttsburg met defeat to-day at
tho hands of Anson's enlti. Up until the eighth In
ning they could do nothing to speak of with Tanne
blll't curves. Anson itruck out twice and should
hare bad another one, but Sheridan milled a atrlke.
TUe score!
lirrsnuno. cuicaoo.
n.ls.r.o.A.E. n. in. r o. x. .
Rmlth.ir I 1 0 P.rerltt, 8b..l 1110
Paddcn, 2b..0 t 2 fl 1 McC'rm'k, as.0 0 8 0 0
Davla, llb....0 0 10 0 l.anss.cf 1 2 8 0 0
Dndle,cf,...l 1 II 0 0 Thornton. It. 0 0 10 0
Donovan, rf.O inn 0 Anson. 10. ..3 1 10 8 0
Kly, 11 0 2 2S 2R.yau.rf 1 2200
llerrltt, lb..U lit 1 U Decker. If...t 110 0
suiEden,o,,..0 0 t 1 (i Connor. 2b.. 0 110 0
TonnebllL, p.O 1 0 2 0 Klltredire, o.O 1 4 1 1
Callahan, p..O 12 4 0
Totaii... ..2 8 27 13 a
Totals....-" 10 8713 1
Pittsburg 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 08
Chicago 0 0 0 0 0 8 0 4 09
Earned runs Chicago, 11; Pittaburc. 1. Two-baao
hits Drodle. Lanite. Three-bae hits Donovan,
Nmtth, Lange. Kyan. First bae on balls On Tanne
lilll, 11 off Callahan, 1. Mruck nut liy TannehllL 4
by Callahan, B. Saertllce blto Davis, Sugden. Urn
plre Sheridan. Time 2 hours aud Cve minutes.
Attendance 1,600,
Clevelaitd, June 81. Loulivllle gave every chance
Intbe world for Cleveland to win to-day, but the
Spiders played listlessly and without tystem. Louli
vllle rot the wlunluff run on a scratch throe-bagger,
and a grats-cutter which Burkett lat roll between hit
legs and made no effort to stop. Young pitched a fair
ly good game, whereas Cunningham wu wild. The
k. 1 a, r.o. a. c b. Is. r.o. a. ic
Durkett. lf..l 8 1 0 0 Clarke. If.,.. 1 2 8 0 0
Chllda, 2b. ..0 llsu McCreary. rt.l 2400
Bock'l'xls,rf.O 18 10 Plokerlng.et.l 8 8 0 0
Wallace, b.O 0 3 0 1 Ktafford, ss..l 12 8 0
JtcKean. M..1 8 8 0 8 Werden, lb.,u 0 7 8 0
Tebeau, lb.,1 2 10 0 llllliitler.o 0 1 ft 8 0
HcAleer,cf..l 0 8 0 0 Johnson. b0 1 2 8 0
Zlmrncr, C...0 231 0 CUnKm'n.3b 0 0110
Young.p 1 10 0 0 Cun'gbam.p.a 2 10 1
Totaii ."ol77lu"4 Totala .81127 10 1
Cleveland 0 0 13 0 0 0 1 15
Louisville 8 I 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0
Famed runs Cleveland, 1 ; Louisville. 3. First base
by errors Louisville, 2, Left on bases Cleveland,
18; Louisville, 0. First base on balls Off Young, 1;
off Cunningham, o. Struck out Dy Young. 8t by
Cunningham. 0. Three-base hits Ounnlcghara, Pick,
erlng. Two-base hits Yoang, Uolteaa. Zlmmsr
Johnson. Ba rlAos hit Mccreary. Stolen baaea
lie A leer (2). Tebeau. Zlmnier, Stafford, Pickering,
Clarko. nit by pitcher By Cunningham, 1. Umpire
llurst. Time 2 boura and ft minutes.
CncrrsATT, June 21. Cincinnati won from Ft. Louis
o-day through the line twirling nf Breltenstetn aad
numerous errors of the visitors. The Browna bunched
their bits and mado all their runs In the sixth. Tho
k. la. r.o. a. r.1 a. la. r.o. a. x.
Holllday, U..1 ICO oiTurner. rf...0 0 0 o 1
Hoy, cr 1 0 2 0 OiUallman.ab.O 0 4 0 1
corooran. Zb.O 2 0 8 o tlartman, sb.0 0 14 8
Irwin. 8b. ...8 10 1 0 Douglass, o..l 8 18 0
Ulller. rf....l 14 0 0 Orady, lb...l 0 10 8 0
Peltz. a 1 0 8 1 O'Lally. If 1 2 10 0
ltlehey, a....l 111 OlCroaa. as 0 1882
Beckley. lb.,0 18 0 1, Farley, cf...O 14 0 0
llrelt'cst'n.p 0 10 2 0 Uart, p 0 0 111
Total! ."i 8 27 "5 "ll Totals !3 "(j 24 l"7 7
Cincinnati 0 8 0 10 18 8 ..8
St.Louta 0 0 0 0 0 8 0 0 03
Earned runs St. Louis, 2. Stolen bases tloy,
Irwin 12). Sacrifice bits Cross, Miller, Double
ptay Ilailman and Grady. Struck out Py Brelten
stein, 8. First base on balls Off Breltensteln, D; off
Hart, 3. Left on bases Cincinnati, B; ht. Louui, fl.
Umpire McDerinntt. Tlmo 1 hour aad 03 minutes.
Attendance 3,000.
Atlantte Leaxgae.
a. o. x.
Norfolk 0 0 0 0 10 0 0 01 fl 8
IUcbmond 00200800 ..4 10 1
Batteries Clausen and Hnyderi Cbesbro and Foster,
a. . c
Reading 0 0 10 0 0 11 04 0 1
Pateraon 0 0 0 0 0 10 1 02 B 8
Batteries A mole and Klnsella; Flaherty, Bmlnk,
and Westlake.
a. n. r.
Hartford 0 18 0 0 0 0 1 10 2 3
Newark 0 8 0 0 8 10 0 ..9 14 2
Batteries Bowen and Roachi Cogan and llothfnss.
astern Leasns.
R. R. E.
Syracuse. 0 BOOOOOOO 1-5 10 1
Buffalo 0 02102000 05 U 4
Batteries Lamps and Bhawt Brown and Smith.
. n. .
Ilochester- 8 01002000 8 10 8
Toronto 0 0 0 14 18 0 110 14 8
Batteries McFarlan and O'Neill O as ton and Casey.
R. n. x.
Reranton 2 A 0 0 8 8 0 0 014 18 8
Providence 2 00010011 B 04
Batteries GUlen and Boyd Braun and Dixon.
B. H. E.
Wllkesbarr 0 2 0 0 10 0 0 08 14 4
8pnnffleld. 0 0 6 0 0 8 10 02 10 1
Batteries aheehan and (loading! Mains and Don
can. JVew Bagland taaraa,
At Jfewport Newport, 0: New Bedford, 8.
At Taunton Brockton, IB; Taunton, S,
At Fail lllvsrPawtucket, 2 Fall Hirer, 1.
Otber Games.
Centralla. 0 0 0 0 1110 8-S H li
Cuban X (Hants,... 1 10 0 0 4 0 1 ,.7 8 8
Batteries coultsn and Klelben Sslden and Vfll.
at munis.
Ifsrldea 0 8 18 0 8 8 1 ..IT 14 S
Wsslsyan. 0 10010004 BlU
Williams 0 8 0 2 1 0 0 07 14 8
Amherst 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00 2 0
Batteries Plunkett and Itoiai Johnston, Blake, and
AtFlshklll Landing Colonials, OiDegsrmos, 10,
At New London (ienulne Cuban Ulants, 14 Hew
Loudon, 7.
llaseliall (lames To-Day,
New York at Baltlmorei Boston at Brooklyn l Phlla
delphlaat Wushlugtonibl. I.011I1 at Cincinnati; Chi
cago at I'lttiuurgi Loulivllle at Cleveland.
Providence at Berantuni Siirlngdeld at Wllkesbarret
ltoelieiter at Toronto; Buffalo at Syracuse.
Newark at Hartford, Patirson at Heading! Ittch
mund at Norfolk) Lancaster at Philadelphia.
Newport News vs. Haudolph Macon College, at New
port News.
Tnrrluiiton vs. Bristol, at Torrlngton.
Wutcrbury . Bridgeport, at Waterbury.
Derby vs. Merlden, at Derby,
Itutgors vs Uralnus, at New Urumwlck.
Williams vs, Amherst, at WIlllaMstotvii
llaseball ,otes.
President llyruo and Ed hteln settled their dlffrr
eiuia yesterday, aud thu pitcher ssys howlllslgua
contract lu a few days.
Tli Pilot A. C. wishes to arrange games with out-of-towii
rlulM after Juae 87, Address P. J, Daly. 431
EastKlghty-llrststnei. "
The Harlem Market Baseball Club would like to ar
raugu games for Huudaya In July and August, Address
It u-MJcii, Jr., insuager, 11 Harlem Market
Tho ht, Crolsa of Krooklyn would llko to arrange a
fame for Juno u wlili a team rtlu-f platers averono
7ears. Addr -si K i,.in. UJ i jrilaadt street.
The occupants of the left Held lileaiiirrs at Eastern
Tark wi-ruioinuvvbat eie(tel yesterday wbeu one of
the sH'ituu.rsdlsc-oered that the stand wa ou lire.
Jlarrhtetius vaioa to the rsscui with a Ball of
watyr, i,
t Tt-nr-. ..,ii.L..n--;i ,m aurtiwiLSliii
Sale of
Neglige Shirts,
Value, $1.50.
Wo aro oflbring rogular dollar
and n half MudrrtB and Choviofc
Nogligo Shirts at ?1. Thoy woro
mado in our own factory und aro
porfoct goods. Thoy aro going
protty fast, so if you wunt any
better look sharp.
Wo boliovo wo have tho largost
slook oi roliablo Colorod Shirts in
tho city, and ovory ono of thorn
mado in our own town faotory.
Mado in cloan, bright workrooms
by skilled workpooplo
Broadway, bot. Ilth & 12th Sts.
Owners or Twenty-rooters Preparing for tbe
International Contest.
Among yachtsmen idontlflod with racing of
small craft Interest continues to Increaso In tho
new class of twenty-footers and tho interna
tional contest for tho Beawanhaka-Corlnthtnn
trophy for small yachts, which was won last
year by O. Ilerrlck Duggan's Httlo flyer Qlcn
calrn oft Contro Island, on Long Island Sound.
Of tho boats that will compcto in tho trial
races, from which will bo Bclccted tho craft
to go to Lako St. Louis nnd sail agninst the
best that Canada can produce, aro Mont
gomery Clurk'a lCcncu. Irving Cox's Skato,
both designed by Larry Huntington; Colgnto
Hoyt's Shurk, from tho board of Gardner & Cox;
P. T, Dodge's Asthoro, Charles Olmstead'a Mon
tank, both designed by Olmstoad, and W. W.
Kowartl'i Aranca, designed by Kay, nt Clayton,
N. Y. Dovotccs of tho simrt In this vicinity
havo received a line on tho comparative speed
of theso craft, and the Huntington productions
have thus far provod to bo the fastest of tho
fleet, although tho Shark, ably sailed by voung
Sherman Hoyt, has created a favorablo Im
pression. These aro not the only vessels In tho tiny fleet
that will compete In the trial races off Oyster
Hay, nnd more than tho usual nmouut of inter
est has been taken In the performances of C. II.
Crane's i-rack-a-Jack Al-anka, which has as yet
onlyruccdln Hoston wuters. It will ho remem
bered that Crane, having his younger brother as
a crow, sailed Kl Ilclrlo last year and wns
beaton by tho speody Canndlan. That his new
boat Is fast, and stands moro than nn
ordinary chanoe of being selected lo bring
back tho trophy. Is evident from hur
performances olt lloston. in a racn
In that harbor on ltiBt Saturdty afternoon, after
a poor start, she defeated tho now Ilanley loat,
Oinone, by 4 minutes nnd 33 seconds, nnd tho
Adams Brothers' noted ono-ratcr, rooster, by 5
minutes and 40 seconds. It was Al-ank's llrat
race and at the finish she had fairly lost her
competitors, lliwton experts believe that if
New Yorkers have a foster ono-ratcr than the
Al-anka, they have a remarkable craft. Shi
was originally rigged with alcg-of-mutton main
sail, but In her preliminary work It did not
prove satisfactory, and was replaced by a gaff
The ,Vl-anka will bo shipped to this city dur
ing the wcok, and yachtsmen on tho Sound will
havo an opportunity of contrasting her speed
with that of tlie boats thnt h-ivo already been
tried out. II. M. Crane, brother of tho owner of
the Al-aukn, v.111 also ship his nrwfln-kcol craft,
Plonocr, and tho two boats will be tuned up
against each other In the waters adjacent to
Oyster Bay. The Pioneer has shown eiceiitloual
speed In a blow, nnd Is expected to ho a danger
ous rival for tho Ivcncu and Skate.
W. V. Howard, who won the English canoe
championship last year with his tiny flyor,
Yankee, will also bo a contestant In the trial
races. Ills new boat, Aranca, hns already de
feated tho Lnlage, one of tho Canndlan flyers. In
nu Impromptu raco on the St. Liurcnco. t-he.
has not. however, appeared In a race on the
hound, and what sho will do Is htlll a rnystory.
She arrived by train about a week ago. atidwfU
bo rigged and put In shapo by Olinsteml this
At Montreal, Iho homo of the Iloyal St, Law
rence Yaiht Club, in whose pnrlors tho Seawan-haka-Corlnthlnn
trophy occupies a prominent
tuace, the contest umong tho new boats built by
the Canadian sportsmen Is prnctlcally narrowed
down to two lioats. Tho Avoca, which (I. Iler
rlck Duggnr. designed for himself, Is tho fuor
ite, vthlln the Millie, tho property of llm llev.
AY. A. Kittson of St. John's, which wus designed
by the owner's brother. Is a cloao second rl.nkc.
Designer Kittson, like lluggan. Is nn enthusiast
and an ninatour mnrlno nrthltect. Tho bouts uru
quite similar in general nppearanin und sin-,
both liai.ng long overhangs forward nnd aft.
whllo tho breadth of beam Is almost Identical.
The Millie, turnover. Is entirely varnished, whllo
the Aoca is bright atxivothu water lino and hai
n pot leaded undcrbody. Tho Millie shuwed ex
traordinary speed In two trlnls, both In light
weather. In tho first trial, although thcru was
almost u flat calm, f-lin finished a winner tvu
wide margin, defc-itlng Mx cniiietllors. Tills
fact was tho moro surprising becnuse Designer
Kittson's specialty lias heretofore been heavy
weather boats.
Although It hns not been officially decided,
Duggnn will probably hold the stlik on tho Ca
nadluii loat In tho Intcrnatlonil nuo. Tho
younger clement In the Hoynl St. Lawrence Ynt lit
Club has, expressed u dcsiru that Vim out 1'olle
tier should Pilot tho craft. Although n cluti-r
snllor, I'elletler Is a little too reckle-s to suit thn
older and moro ennservnthu element In tint or
ganization. During tho second trial of his lioat
she tiptsut. and not only lost thu rmo hut tin
Isbcd a poor last. Tbo wind at tho time was
Mowing a stiff hroero, which, before tho yachts
finished, grow iuto it sturm of formidable pro
portions for small boata. Tho littlo fcllowa,
however, made wonderfully gum I weather
of It, although tho majority of them weruon
their bcaui ends nearly all tho time. Tho only
accident of tbo day happened to Uilngo, w hh-li
carried away part of her galf, Hho Is tho To
ronto boat built by Culbbort for joung Marry
Abbott, and has proved somewhat of ,icI1k.i
poliitinent, Sho is not ns yaihty Innpni-irniuo
as o ny of tho other cup defenders, and on her
Inst trial wns wofully under her owner's ex
pectations. As a result nf this race a few feet
will bo taken oil her mast, whllo n i onsldoruhlii
amount of weight will bo added to hur fin. Klio
Is peculiarly modelled under Ibe walor lino, hav
ing a load bulb fin through a slot In which hur
centrelKjapl passes.
The course oter which theso trials wrro mado
on Lnkn St. Louis Is not thn ono that will bo tho
scene of tho International rnies, for tho leason
that tho shoal water seriously Interferes with
some of thn deep boats, ('apt. llniullton's Hit
keel craft Islander was especliilly unfortunate.
Tho courso over w hlch I ho i ontest for tho covet ml
trophy will bn sailed is ou deep wator at tho
other olid of tho lake
Australians Heat the Old-Timers.
Boston, June 1, The Australians had no dlfll
rulty to-day lu defeating a team of old-tlmo Hos
ton Leaguers by t!7 to IX Interest lontred
naturally In tho return In tho diamond of the
pupulnr Idols nf thu '(JOi, '70s, aud 'Pile,
Al Hpuldluir, Luvelt, tho old lxiwell ama
teur, und Tom llond pitched for tho old.
timers, assisted In tho rlimlng Innings
by Prof, lllnlon nnd his pitching i-niumn, wlili h
proved n success In Its Initial appenrnncohere,
even to iiniko a wild pilch, John -Morrill, Andy
Leonnrd, Jack Manning, thu Wright brothers,
mid other elcrans wcio In tho game. Harry
Ayer, for the old-tlmcrx, nci-epled fourteen
rhanrcsnt second without nu error. President
Friedman of tho Now York Lcaguo tentn, mil.
piruil. Tho skiiu:
u. in f
Australians . HI (1 1 il I 4 I 1 . '.'7 '.'7 I
Old Hustons. . J 1 1 0 li 1 U !l I III fi II
Trainer MrMsaters Balls To.llnj,
Jack MeMastera, the well-known Prlni-etou trainer,
will sail for Kuropn on tho cunard llmr Auranla ut
noon to-day, sleuibers if the vU-torlm ball teato
which deflated Vain last Halurdur nil! i.ii on linml to
tee Mm off. Jack has reason to feel proud of tits
lei-nrd at Old Natiau, us tbe Dgers, wliblii I lie pint
tveh e months, haio won a footbull ami two hait bull
ihrniploiisiilu. Iti-Mnslers will return early In the
l.dl to take the football men lu baud.
MiKlilmr Uotr by u Woman.
Vow tlulf
To seen )oitnglud Miss Keiined) of Ithsl -to
all appenruueo not ko ruhust ur muscular us
many of tlioplnjers, reaili tho putting green of
thu up hill fourth hold In two strokes, nnd llnlsh
porfeetly in u four, was an e)ii-opner lomuiiy it
K-rntih golfer, who Is entirely plcnsod whtn ho
pit li register u live, Tho length of this holo wus
i:.':! yards.
TLastii Citi.N JJline '.'I lu thn oieu snlni.
nlng ludtehts held hero from the Iron l r tu the In.
let, a mile tinl a quarter, lUriey 31111 won lu VS
mlnutesi I'eu r Parker, st-coud, Kb uiluutes, and frank
reman, third, IJU uiluutwa.
roiiK Dirjsiox to itr.Tiur..
The Kirn VTbom It Is Alleged Pooled Their
Prise Sloney at Washington Aro fined no
br the narlna- Hoard A lOO-Jtlln Itacn at
the Ilarleui Mheeloien'a Meet tio.slp.
Tho oicltlng occupation of rocord breaking
promises to bo a notlceablo fcaturo of tho sou
son's racing, especially among professional
rldors, to whom every fraction of a second
gained moans a lot. It Is a question whether tho
limit of spood has not been almost reached
for sprints of ono mllo or less, but tho
recent remarkable feat of MIclmol In his
Uflocn-mllo rnco with McDufHo opens up
a wldo vista, of possibilities as regards
long-dlstauco crusades ngnnst tho watch.
Accordingly tho demand for good pacemakers
Is being heard on nil tides, na tho Impression is
Raining strongth that most of tho success at
talnod by tho principals hlngos on tho quality of
tho paco soU Tracks and machines roproscnt
practically no moro facilities for speed than thoy
did a year ago, nor has there been any matorlal
alteration In tho motbods of training pursuod.
Arguing on this basis, w ell-lnfonnod followers of
tbo gamo assort that tho creation of new figures
must depend on tho fashion In which a rider'
latent powers are brought out. and that with all
things else equal the man with the best pacing
equipment is bound to win.
Tho system of "brassard" prizes Is growing
in popularity among professional racing men
and promoters abroad, and may ultimately bo
como a vogue In this country. There Is soma
talk of experimenting with the Idea at tho
Charles Elver Park, lloston, and other Eastorn
tracks. Tho Field of Juno 0 has the following
item on the system:
"A form of remuneration for professional rid
ers, which orlgnnlod In France, where It bocamo
known ns tho brassard, seems to bo sufficiently
appreciated by tho recipients to warrant its
udoptlon In this country. Tbo prizo of which a
brassard is tho token consists la an allowanco of
ten BhlUlugB or 1 a day, which Is paid lo tho
winner until such tlmo as he is challenged and
defeated by another rider under tho conditions
which govorn tho prize. To thoso who gain a
living by tho precarious means of blcyclo racing
a fixed incomo, oven though tbe period of Its en
joyment bo but brief, la an attraction, whllo
from tho point of vlow of tho donor
the arrangement is equally satisfactory, for,
aa such races are keenly contested by tho
but men, ho hns now and ngaln an event of
special Importance to Include In tho programmes
of races ho promotes. ThUB tho principal event
nt a mooting held on Saturday last ut Wood
Urccn was u ten-mile raco laitwccn A, A. Chnso
uud A. Unuge, tbe prize being 10 shillings a day,
to bo paid until Scut. SJO next to tho winner of
each successlvo race, who must accept tho
challcngo of any other licensed professional and
defend bis tltlo within n fortnight in a raco to be
held on tbo same track, or forfeit his claim. Thu
Celtic Fooiball Club Is about to lnstlluto a sim
ilar prizo in Scotland, the reward In this cut-o
being 1 porduy, which will bo paid under much
tho samu conditions."
In editorially discussing tho subject nf "Sport
ns a Profession," tho Jurhl of Juno 11! touches
on pcde9lrlnnlsm, pugilism, football, and
cycling, and refers to tho latter game as follows:
"Tho professional cyclist Is In a separute
category, for cycling presents a large liold of
remunerative operation to tho participant. Wo
may not think highly of thu amateurism of
those who havo used their ability on the
ruco truck lo provide them with lucratito
berths, though It is fair to uesumo tho
poansslou or business capacity iu such
cases, hut Iho cxlsleucu of a distinct Held of
operations in tho cycling world Is undenlublu.
Kveu tho professional rider, who racos for his
lit Ing, hns u future before him othor than ' tho
public house.' Hut tho business of cycling is
carried on In n common-sense, businesslike way;
whereas, pedcstrlaniaiu aud loolbull present nu
such feature."
The Harlem Wheelmen Intend to hold n 100
mile race nt their race meet at .Manhattan lleach
on July 10, Tin: o vint lias received tho sanction
of Chairman Mott of the L. A. V. I lacing Hoard,
and efforts will bo made tu bring together the
fastest long-dlstauco professional men in this
country. Tho plan of awarding tho prizes will
be new and is likely lo Insure Homo now reiords.
Tho first man to finish ten miles will reecho
?1'0, and tbo tlrst to cover twenty, thirty, and
orty miles S'-'O. Thu leader at titty und det cnl y
five miles will roiolvo ."( apiece. Tho winner
of the raco will receive ir-50, Bccond man i?o0,
and tho third ij0.
The nction of tho L. A. W. Kncinglloard In dis
tributing tho national championship races
among hovoral meets Is severely criticised. It
has been customary to award all tho champion
ship races lu thoaununl midsummer mtel of tho
League. This year thu uuut will bo liilil at Phil
adelphia, ltuilng men and members of the or
ganization feel that running the championship
races at different tournaments will deprive tho
national tournament ut its Importumu. Kucnig
men from all sections arraugo tu rldo nl tho
imtininil meet In order lo i ompelo In the chniu
plonshlps, hut thu ltaclng Jioitrd, lu dividing
them, prevents sumo riders frum taking part.
SArtATOOA, Juno 21. Tho cno of tho riders
under Investigation f.,r nlleged pooling of tho
prize money at Washitgton on Decoration Day
has Im-cu settled. AINewhouso of llutlnlo aud
(larrol I). Jack of Heading each paid a .' lino
to-day to A. U. llatcliclder. the Hiuing Hoard
leprescntiitlvo on tho Now York S'tute circuit,
nnd received permission lo compete In thoracis.
Charles Church of Philadelphia will lolluw suit.
Tho Kaiiug liuird found extenuating circum
stances lu Iho ear of thCMi riders, and, after i
IhuioUL'h Investigation, found Hint the rneis
wcru nu tho squaiu, tho money being ditided
equally between tho three and Hllnms. Tho dr
fencii received liberal treatment trum tho board.
It is promised that nny future cases of tho same
nature will mean exile tu California or slop rac
ing for a considerable prrlud.
iTHACt, June 21, Tho Ithnci Oyclo Club held
nn amateur raco meet hcri this afteruoou. Sum
mary: (me Mile, Novice Won by It. J. Colvin. V. A.. Ulna
baintoni Collins HokMUib, 0. A. A., Cortland, second;
1. 11. U-iwIev, Ithaca, third.
One Mile. Open-Won by A. K Hlffondorfer. lling
hatnton; if. I, M.rh. Ithnea, a Condi L. It. Cornish, II.
A. C, byraeune. third. Time, :'.' I .ft,
Tv.o-nitle, Handicap Won liy II. II. Oordy, I O. C ,
louanauda, KO yards) II. V Strong, Ithaca, second
II I.. Marsh, Ithaca, third. 'Mine, fn&U.
Half mllo Open Won liy Karl Hoee. Illntthamtoni
J. J. lluhelow, UcK-liester. second L. 11. Uorder, luiia
wuuila, third, lime, till V-.'i.
Otic-mlte, Handicap Won by T,. II. florder, Tona
wanda, :lu jardliKarl llovee. llhutiainlon. si-riiteh,
second: L Ii. Corulsli, II. A. C, tfyra-'use, lo yards,
third. Time, 2l 13 1-0.
quarter Mile, Open Won by Earl Unreo, Illtutham
ton: 1,. I. Ciirulsfi, i A. A. ('., h raeuav, e. oud j II,
A. hlmlnr, llhiM-u, H.-i-ond Time, n:u 1 ft,
Two-llllo Lap Vt by h. II. (lordi-r, V. I ('.. Tona
w auda, A, V. mrfoudorft-r, lllughauiloii, second,
Haiiatooi, Juno HI. Tho qiinrtrr-uillo nnd
llve-mllo Stuto ehnmtilonshlps worn contested
to-day at tho annual meet of tbo New York
Division, L. A, V atllie hulf-inllo ir.u-klu this
city. 'I ho Columbia College teniii. now riding
iinilcr tho colors of the Now York Alhletlo Club,
failed In scoro, owing to the arduous work
through which llhus passed during the imsttwo
weeks. J. Hcult llutlim uf Schenectady louk thu
tiunrtor mllo nnd A. W. Hughes, who ran him
down In Iho hard fliilxh, wns dlnimullllcd for tho
lialauroof Dm day, Twcltuof llnoen starters In
tho II vo mllo .Slntochnuiplonshlp fell In a bunch,
whllo A, H. Don of Cohoes kopt his wheel anil
placo back of the pan mu Ki-r, running easily tu
victory. Tommy Cooper run thlid to Ilald to
day In tho mllo open, nnd Stocnsnu, tho oil.
timer, ran set nnd tu Ilald. Tho ilnlsli was of tho
halr-rnlslng order, MeParlnnd, tho lanky ('nil
foriiln rider, whoso resembhiuco to Klmiiicrmnn
Isbo iiuirki'd, wonugnlii today, this tlmo from
hi rati li. Mcl'iirlnnd went rii'iud tho bunch nt
thn threc-iimrtors. nnd (loodlimn wint uft'-r
lilm mid trailed him over tho Inpo but two
lengths back. Huld fulled tu qualify in Ids heat,
'iho summitry:
Jllle Oiien, Amateur M. J. Doitlll, IPicheiter, woni
E M. Illnke, Keens, ai-cond A. V. Hughes, Kochciter,
third. Time, ViWU '-B
HsIMlllu Open. 1'rofesilonal Paid won, Btecnson
second, CooH-r third. Time, lild.
Mllo Ilandlrsp, 1'rofesilonal Mel'arland s.-rateh,
won. Cloodmau, KB yards, second Jenny, 4b jardi.
third Iho , -."SO 1ft.
Quarter Mile, i-tste I'lis'iiplnnshtii J, Scott Hut ton,
hi i-lMitidv. niilii l.A.ronell, New York, scionil,
linn', o i-j j i
live Mile Handle, ip, nialpir V. ft. I-e, Cohoi ,
woui I: il, 7.i li-r, KthcuHitaily, ce.-oudi K. V, Itlcht
Jllln llanilli-sp AmaliMir-deorite Itllli, Neiv Vork,
411 arda, wuiii lluy D.iwuon, seraleh, sei-ond M.J.
Hi'Mlil, llw hosier, 80 yards, third. Time, 2 UU.
Haiiatooa. Juno SI. Thirty delegate havo
been In attonilaiiro at thu seiiil-niiiiiial meeting
uf Iho Now York Division l A, V. Houril tif
llllkerniill day at tho Wordcu Hotel lu IliUrltv.
Itoulllio IiuhIiii'bh has been Inn. suited. Isaac II.
!!''."' 'I' I'Mialdeiil of Iho Leogiio or Aniurldiii
Uheelimn uud Chief CiiiikiiI of tin Now Yin k
dlviidoii. pleshled ill tho iiiccltug Ilesldos Ml.
Potter tiiero were nrcsenl V. H. Hull, r! i-rol.iry
u"id 'Ireasuror, anil nil thu other nlll s of thu
division. 'Iho mint iiiiportuiit Item of Interest
gnthorcd In-nlghl Is llio iiiiiiiiiiiueiiiunt by
If llKliI, removed at home by drpllatori i if heavy, by
Vlfl'".1.'.' "II'"?' Iriiiat.ili.gut John II. WwHlfiiirj,
Ut nil St., N. V Use 1 octal Moap. H , i,ri
Nend 111 ceuls for lleauty Hook and samplo of elthsr
M oodbury's Facial boup or f acitU CresuiT
tho Chlof Consul that ho will not bo a
candidate for ronomlnatlon for tho office-,
and wires aro out for a successor to this energetlo
hustler, who has boon Instrumental in making
tho Now York division tho grandest In tho
League, and In tho phenomenal growth of the
hotly In tho past yonr, In his ndilrosa to Iho
dologntes Chief Consul Pottcrsnld thnt the Now
York division had enjoyed nn uninterrupted run
of prosperity, (1,000 now nirmbera having been
rnrollod within tho past yonr. This Is
tho best rqcord any Stnlo over made.
Mr. Potter said thoro was a good bal
nnro In tho troasury. In spoaklng of tho
movement for good roads he said that tho con
test of tba past winter had been n warm ono,
and that tho vote, Inst by but thrco or four,
would rinult In victory noxlwlntor providing
nil joined hands nnd pulled toirelher. Tho tree
Hnggago bill, ho sold, hnd saved Lengun mem-la-rs
iiniiiy thousands uf dollars, whllo Iho rail
road oillelnls were beginning to boo that tho
travel of Iho wheelmen was rapidly Increasing
under tho now rule. Mr. Potter dealt with tho
road book nnd sign-board matters In full,
nnd mado his usually thorough and com
prchcnsUo report of fho work In hand.
Secretary-Treasurer Hull's report showed nn In
come from all sources of (119,-101.13, and an ox
perdlturo of flMlbYJU, leaving the balance
SH.US2.II1. W. K. Vrooman, Bchenectadyj V.
It, Haker, nuffnlo, and K. M. Itoblshor, Now
York, worn elected u Nominating Committee to
put In nutnlnatlon a ticket for tho election of tho
cnrly winter. A committee from tho Albany
County Wheelmen presented n resolution to
tnko tho word " whltop from tho constitution nnd
thus bring about Iho admission of Iho negroes to
tho L.A. W. This was laid on Iho tablo until
Iho meet Ing of next December. Changes In tho
constitution nnd by-laws were made to mako
the NewYorkoonslltutlon and by-laws conform
to those of the national body, nnd It Is also pro
posed to so arrange mtttors that tho election
may be by socrot ballot ontlroly,
CrwerHrTATT, Juno 21, Tho fl.000 cycle race
at Chest or Park on July 0 lias been declared off.
Tom Eck, tho manager nnd trainer of Earl
Klsor, demanded that n purse of $1,200 bo hung
up, and tho Cyclors' Hoard of Trndo rofused.
Tho raco meet Is still a go. and the purses In the
other races will bs Increased with the money
thnt was to havo been put up for Klser ana
Cooper. Arthur A. Zimmerman is expected to
do exhibition riding.
N. C.Tcmpleton. In riding to flrcenport, L. I go
to the Kast Twenty-third street ferry and eross to
llrooklyui rids to Uedford avenue, to the Eastern
Parkway, to Stone avenue, to Cllenmoro avenue, to
liroadway, to Jamaica! follow the Merrick road to
Valley iitream, 1'oarsall'i, Uockvlllo Centre, lllllbura,
Irecjiort, llerrlek, Hclltuorr, ludgswood, Beafonl,
Mauai-equa, Amltyvllle, and Pabyloni continue to
llaylhore, Isllp. I'.ast Isllp, Bnutbsldo Club, Oakdale,
Hayvllle, and HayiKirti take Bsyport avenue to the
railroad, turn tu the right to i'atchogue and go to
Heliport. Drookhavcn, Nouthaven, West Moriches,
Centre Moriches, East Moriches, and Eaatport: cross
the railroad, turn to the rUht, and recross the rait
road to Hpoouk. tu West Hampton, Quo-ue, (lood
Uround, Canoe I'lacei from this polut th-n Is a short
wnlk tbiouith the sunt toSlilnni cock Illlll, but good
rldlnicmer the hills, with a Unevlew of Tecoulo Hay
on the north and r-hlnne-nck Hay on the south then
ko to Southampton, HrldKcliampton, and Pag nartiori
cross out to Hog's: Sick and bhelterlalandaud goto
Vincent Clark. To ride from Newburg to Mtddle
town, N, V., take tho (lArduertown road to Orange
l.ako.to Waldeut continue to Montgomery, to Ins
Montgomery turnpike, across Wallktll llrldKO to
Stony Ford i cro-Mi railroad to Ireland atatlon, tu the
Iron bridge; do not orosa bridge but turn to tho
rluht to l'hllllpsburg, to Mechaulosburg, to turnpike,
to Mlddletown.
W. II. Holmes. 1. The roads to Albany, throut h
Lake Oeorhc, and up to Muntreal, are fair to irood.
. Kuggt-t that you oonsult the various time tablet
before starting ou your trip, as the ached uia of trains
aud boats change frequently.
Chief Consul Poyle of the Pennsylvania division of
the I. A. . has decide I to merge the State division
meet Into the national event.
Tbe Vim llleydn Club of N'ewark will hold a race
meet at hhootlug Park on July n.
lhe second annual century run of the Hudson
County Whntdrneu will be held on neit Sunday to
Eugene II. Randborn. Jamea D. Kelley, and O. ?f.
Jaekson orntateu Island will start tin June 20, on a
triplet, torlda to Ban Francbuo. This will be tbe Aral
attempt of the kind ever made, on this tye of wheel.
The riders expect to make the trip Inside of sixty
Mans have been posted at FnRlowood prohibiting
wlueluten from coasting on Palisade avenue under
lieualty of a SB line.
h rank Waller, the longdistance rider, has liegun
training for an assault on all the mlddlo distance
re ords
W. O'flrlen Jlmmr Michael, V. Btarhuck, Frank
Waller, L. Urlnilil, Fred Titus, A. Wlenlit, E. A. Me
Dume. A. F. Renu, John Law.nu, F. If. Wlliou, A A.
llausi n, W E. Ibi'ker. F. S-choliel, John Wills, F. F.
llwlwav, A.U. WrUht, F. H. (fOulvtln.Toul Linton. C.
Iluret, Luclati Leinu, llonhours H Howl-en, William
tlort n. J. Mlver, l'ontalx Klvlerre, T Hale.
The Municipal Council of X'arls has announced that
thoiiraud Prix meetings will be held at V.ncennes on
July 4 H. anl 11.
KIWirr the French rider, who rewntly won the
Horleaux-I'nrls road race. Is conteuipluilug a vl.lt to
this country.
ArrAnci-ments are being made for amorsler blcyclo
para-le to be heM at lne HrAuch on July 17. Many
of the local elnlsi will be repn-sente-1. The New Yirk
lreuieu'a Club will take, down a complete working
model of a steam Art- engine mounted on bicycles
and gtv e a regular nre drill ou wheels.
salllran mud Sluldoon Make tip.
HoiTON, Juno 21. "I am going to keep after
I itzsimmnns till I get a fight from him or nn ab
solute refusal," said John L. Bulllvnn to n news
pa per man to-daj . " I showed him tho color of
my money at llutTnlo lost week, and now I want
to eco him cover it."
Iho cx-chaiiipion Is looking in better form
than ho has been In many months. Ho has mado
up his differences with Muldonn, his old trainer,
and starts to-morrow for Muldoon's farm in Del
fast. N. Y w hero ho will go into training for
tho next six months, trvimr all tho time to brlmr
... UI, bA.U.A IllUltUI., ,.J4,H .... ...V .IIIIU , UIIIIU
about tho desired match with Kitzslmmons.
nyan tlilpM ;rlfTo.
The Greenpoint Sporting Club held Its fifth
weekly buxing show nt Its clubhouse. Green
point und Manhattan nvenue", llrooMyn, Inst
night. Although Young Grllto was billed to
box Tommy 11) an uf Philadelphia in tho star
Unit, It failed to drawn full house, nnd when
timo was called for tho tlrst bout there was only
nlwiut 400 persons present. Tho refcreo of tho
et ening wns Joo VnId.
Tho first bout was ten rounds, nt 125 pounds,
between Prank Hryant and joung Starlight,
lrnth of New Yruk. This wa a slugging match,
neither mnnillHphi Ing nn silence. It went the
limit, nnd iho refcreo dec iiled the bout n draw.
Tho second bout was nlso ten rounds, between
Johnny Yodng of llroukl; n and Ilnhhr Dolilm of
Minneapolis, at I'M pounds. Dolibs forced
IIiiukh fioui the start nnd fought Yuuug nil over
tun ring. In n lulx-im lu Iho fourth round
Doblis landed o left-hand hook on Young's Jaw.
heiidlug him down. Ho rose cry groggy, and
thureferto slopiiod tliu bout and awarded it lo
'I heu tamo tho event of tho evening, ten
rounds nt calch weights, between Young tlrlilo
nf Australia and Tommy llynii of Philadelphia.
Itynn wont right nt his mini und fought him nil
over Iho ring. In iho third round Griffo quit,
und the refcreo nwnnled Iho decision to Hyan.
,o lloilnir nt tlm Arena A. C.
Thn liming show that was scheduled by the Arena
A.C. for lat night wjs diclared nir, owing to tho
small attendance. This Is the second time within a
few days Hint a local club has been eompdled to
abandon Its show for the same reason. Last night
when 0 u'cliok bad arrived and not mom than
teventy-nvo iH-rsous were present Ihecluli managers
decided that it wouliln't pay tu run on lhe luuils nnd
Hie sieclatnra' money wai re llll led The ixillce tlmt
lined llio dcaerted ring side uearly outnumbered those
BOAHDINO IIOHsF.H waiite,rifor tlio aummeri 1 8
per uiuulhi fer full particulars address
HlCllAltl) hMlTll, box 2HU Newburg, N, Y,
c9l)ort.6mnn'n (Oooils.
and Ntuitt: my roMi'irriTonH.
I NHAI.I, CLOSE Ol'T lir..M UNlNll srtJCK OF
$100 SYRACUSE CYCLES $29.50.
Made by Hj i acuse t'rele Co , h raci.se, N. V.,
for the new Ihlift lamlila A Hie lM'll model. .1(l.
iMim MihIcIj are mado of tnuo Mudrl frames, 1 HUT
tires nnd psrisi aie all clean, fri sh not been made up
oier II months i aro rillly KUarautei di I.silli-a'& Mcn'ai
lllack A Hold, Crlin-um.t UoMi eholi-euf tires.
JIftvii ki.i 1 1 otor n.iiuo Mm i diirliiff ut 2
ycura, A4k thi' rMfMtr llii-y ftro nut thn 1"M ilrpi
inmlt' 1 .i I i k t .riiiM- mi i mliui rU. u nltlifnvi
Mimic 'I1u-. nu nmilu up fiuni Jtim imrtu. iiinlnru
itll ill un, fr. li Ki'tl'.
luil nir ii (t-iMhiit llnrituln,
23 Park Row, Opp. Pot Offlco.
Hut oii 1mimi In thn grc.it
I'nllr i ttiriiu liii'dtMi Nm or
AT 'llll I M'lt iMih, IIOOJIS,
111 itiiotu r,
iiml Iho I. loir Mt.irea
ITS III IKJ IlllOtlUt t t
.' otl.l.S 1MII.V Al' 1 1 Mil AMI . "il.
H'N'I, It. hl'NNflll, Al'l miMKIt
Hjrn.-iis-.i:iiiiriiiilrril ihii,
liartsmiiiraiiterd mill,
Monurili llelliini-n nml oilier".
Remington Bicycles.
;'"'., iitiim;.
SO Inch f Mine, .'Much, flinch, Iturer,
$35 $55 $60 $62
Ml new ully KUnrantied
V'. 1 ,.du' nud i.enllemi-n's
bl CIl.Mi II A Ml 111 MIM1TO.SH A I' !,
tltll.llllMM. I Kill III., .
Leiions, 60c, Tauimauy Uall, nth it , near 3d av
Crescent Bicy dn.'
Crescents are the handsomest bicycles nude, with tested Improvements
that make them the strongest, swiftest, simplest and most durable.
Crescent prices are right not a dollar added for the reputation that
assures their quality and these prices are the same to every one.
GUT $110,
If yon do not thoroughly understand the correct
principles of mechanical construction, iret a graduate
to pass his opinion on this wheel for you. we do not
make any claims. WK LET TUB V.UZZL. SPEAK FOE
K. D. Mall orders muil bs accompanied by money
or Post omoe order.
Tlio World's Champion,
UNBOLICITED, WlUTCSt " It Is undoubtedly the finest
wheel that has erer been placed on the market. A
(lance ahuws it to be superior to anything we bars
yet seen."
TCHN OP THE CltA.NK, Will, brlN OVEIl 19) NINE
Rend This:
IriTlewof the dltBoultlp of ohtatntnfr m
correct decision tu to which FOMTIVEIA
wm tho IlT BICYCLE on the market,
THIS I'ArKll decldud at the opening of the
preteut cycling; louon to make a thoroiiifh
and exhaustlro lnvea ligation, the rviult
of which will bo a deflnlm ami decided n
iwer aa to which wu tbe Tery best Ucjrclo
manufactured, as, notwlthttandlDg nil
claims, there can only be ONE DEST. OUU
re present at Ires hare, therefore, with lea 1
Ing mechanic, given cloo and critical at
tention to all tlif leading makes of n heeU
as found In their catalogues and ai pre
sented by manufacturers and Interfiled
wheelmtn, but unknoun to anj one Inter
ested In this decision. Aa a rrsult of
thorough tents and examinations, the
was In farorof the LUTHY WHEEL, and
was hood upou gmeral and symmetrical
excellence In evrry part of a blcrcle.
coupled with orrcct nnd sclcntlflt. deilgns.
Space forbid the publication of the de
tails of the character or that Investigation,
lmt e rcm.'.rk lu paAlDK that UIIEAT
feTItKSS was lal 1 upm the OPINIONS of a
large nuuiler of PRACTICAL WOHKStEN
wliti hae examined the MECHANICAL
FEATl'HESnf the LUTHY. Western He
vlow of Commerce.
And This:
rhjilclsjn who are equally familiar
with the organization and functions of the
iHxIy, and tne ixcullarly stllful construc
tion of "Tho Lutny Wheel," made bv
Luthy A Co , makers, Peoria. IU., with
Austin Heniin, Oeneral Eastern Agent, lo
catid at moms hOU, SOU No. 150 Nassau
it.. New York city, enthuslajtUcally recom
mend it.
This tlcycle conforms readily to the ex
tensors and flexors of the body, anl In
volve no muscular or nerve strain, conse
quently we consider this bicycle far supe
rior to any other, and when we make such
distinctions, the decision Is not given hap
hazard, butts hased ujion the closest un
prejudiced examination. Probably the
majority of Journals w hlch art dedicated
to the preservation of health, think alike
with these reports, but a careful search of
tho alrrrtlslng columns of such publics
tlons, a glance at the paid advertisements
of the various makes of wheel, will afford
ready and significant reasons why such
Journals cannot declare their preference,
and make public fact which eery one
ho buiit n wheel for health or pleasure
should know.
Happily, however, tho United States
lirnlth Keport. having never ol!clted ad
vertlMng contracts from any bicycle manu
facturer, and therefore halugno Interest
save that of their readers to subserve, are
in n position i mate Known trie irutn,
which is familiar to every scientist who
has ever Investigated, and that Is: the
M Luthy nicycli-" Is unquestionably the
lijglenlc wheel par excellence.
"Vultvd States Health Iteport,
Washington. T. C,
Volume 0, No. 2. June loth.
Generil Eastern gcnt. , Catalogue
ISO Nukshu St., palled on request.
N. Y. city.!
g Installments: tS down, Jto.oo
9 per inontlL Llbenl allowance
$ made for bicycles in exchance for 8
1897 Wintons.
I Wlnton Bicycle Co. i
lil Chambrs BlrMt, IT. T. S
nrmn4 Cirri, n.srevth Bt K.T. I At A W
W llisnsdtonl Asenua.nrooltlTn. vTl
W raetorj.CUiBlaud.Otilo, PW
"" r vivos Thn t TcilT
Will rlonn nut molc, anil prices no object to mora
odd unit t'liils.
Cliok'cnr INtiT Trsr Wolrr. inrrtran, IlrtulnB:
ton. riitrr, rto . HUN tniaT.t.
Alio I'riimi I'ycli's, hvii cflo'i, Indlrs' or iti'nU',
inn Mliiillr., B'js. Ml oil itoiUa (WorcrsUr
Ciili'Col, biuii uliil isua.
l.aily Hint tl tit's .Sliiri'lii., 0119 raoh.
Hanii'. iniit itush.julnt Cjcli's, Wiaraoh.
mill Mislils, 9111 tu J.t. Tandrms, Colnra
blaa, anil others, A5 to Silft.
Huudrlf Wooitin liars. Illlr. I B)S Ilanrjr Thonght
I.aniiM, l.dfti isu Maglo Lniupa, HI. Oi others,
UUi'.i Kmlilli-a, nor,, IHi-.. ami Ml. US, do.
AMI ALL Al auons.
L. C. Jandorf 6l Co..
ll J I Iiruudnnr. '
$10 Down - $5 per Month
rou tub iikst mad miritii made.
Sppolal Inducements for Cnsh.
I'ltit'i's io Kt'iT r.VKUY 1'tritHi:.
I.UXIMiKIN I'll l.t: c(,, lid VKKV 8T
mul l.filiiKtnn av ami Ulst at.
Whole atorli uf 'im mil 'U7 lu lmliu flakes, sulrt for-
I) nt J,li nml I nil,
Mill, H5, HM, HIIO.
Jliney nuti'il lirlim II , o'll iln tlm rest.
co,rsoiiiiiA'n:i cvcmj,
N'J H KS1 lllllllltVA1,
l'onerdil, Unlit. InTlsllile, and rrllnliln l.rake
Tiii; Hi-r.M i:h nn iii:
(0wrutes lijr n turn of tlm nrlto.
Can le flttnl to nujr wlirel, oil ur new I r us nr
thruiiKU your dealt r.
Pull or wrlto for imrtli'iilari
TIIHHI'l'.NrKllllltAKKl'O, llt'illlroaliiin. S V
S24.50 TO S30.
All thu elck'unt Lad Ira or Went' Tyciei tu iM.r lurRO
and varlid Mock, l'liaaii don't luiifuund ihlaiale with
fakti auotlou and dry Kod4 rot
, i;u mtDADw .w
Crescent Cycles
ii'j.tii, a. si niir
Ml Itll till! :, i it..
'.lid Ht, mill l.i'iliik'luii "'
riMltKH, $n imlr. lieit 'U7n full warrant) j MINhllAL
llii.U IIUUU-UC'O., IbClmst. A.iut wuuUiO.
J WE ll.WIt HKCimitn ATAPItH ItTltr.
14TII ST.,
whoso fallura wni announced last week
On account of lack of room to atom aamn
wo offer aliout .75 famous "raU-s " litcyctos
1 8U7 Moilol, for Men or omen, at about lialf
Oolllns's price. v
Mi- 39.75
These aro tho bost bicycles butt t, am hand S
soma In apiivaranoe and fully warranti'd by
I'eorla Iluuber aud Mf. Co., and by uupudtes S
lletter call quickly. "'
; $5 CHRISTY SADDLES, $2.75.
' Brown's Saddles, V.45 lleck Saddli-n, (me v
, Foot Pumps, 117C.I Hells, inc., lllc, SUc.i Too
, Clips, Bc.i lO.OOUMIle "Mandard" Cjclom
etera. 5c. Illuck Enamel, IU0.1 II In 1 r
fLarite) Pacemaker or 11. It., l.r.i Oraphlta. ?
' oo.i TlroTap,Bo.TrouscrUuards,.c.iValte t
' , Cap, Sc.
, Ilanner or M. Jt w. Lanpi, VI. T4. ?
Ol Xnaaau Kt., nnnr Mnlilen Ijine. V
irx; snez
1897 MODELS. Z
J ox a jm rjr.vr or
i S4.J7. 1 I
$SO.OU X.IST.) 4 n
I E. G. P. CO., X
Y Eoosrs CO AXD 07, Titiitn ri.oon, X
Salesroom Open .Voiiilni; Eecntngi 4
Until 9 o'clock.
b When stamped on Athletic Goods xnd S I
c Bicycles means ?
$50 j
5 Spalding Bicycles
Mew 1 (log models. 3Ien'B, .10; Women's, sn C
t 1S97 tires and Chrlstv Haddle. SpaldliiK's guar ?
J antee. Sold on Installments. II
A. G. Spalding & Bros. Spalding-Bidwell Co, )
N ISO-ISO. Nassau St. I 'JB, 31, 83 W ILM St
Balance In monthly payments of $10 each
A PEW SPECIAL HAKGAINS In accond hand wheal,
00 MODK1-S.
BOO Km SOth nt. nnd lira nd (Irt-le.
Are easy riding the (irst d.iv .iiul
every il.iy. Good rubber and
well made. That is the se:u-t !
of their easy, spiinny iidinc
quality and their enduraiu-e it 1
hard wear.
inn Itendn Nt., nn lurU lllil
Hill IVurl Nt., llii.lmi.
,00 IHcj'le Blar-niiis.
(ItMtil, honttt KHxl4a our ftvttrj u u n t
IUmnro ut Vv't ttn nn I n it. i -
Our prltv i-utt eu-r KmU ik .iti
$5, $8, 15, 19, $22.50, 25, 520, S32.50.
ller nre a lew of ll.e male-- e t
BpaldlUK, Cresi'i nl, I'liliunliui li i. r run I rd,
Ulotie, MalFiitle. Mi'nrn h raetiHH i' t i
Tourlit, lluuilier, I Hum i ulion I I I'
For llojs. Olrls, Jllsses, Ymiih, la. i Men.
I'.stabllslied r. lei.l
110, 112, 114, llli Nassau St., '
"PRICES reduced.
Highest Quality Maintained.
1897 IDcALS ..835 to $75
tijli-'l I .ITU .SI-AH Binil T,
;liv II Ulll'MI AN , tlllHilUIA
UnllMtiml'Ji'lol'o, I'll Viscv st ,N 1
Ne l-liil Ji deli v Hi 1" : I i
Men's and Wotiii u's, KUnr mil id mi m i - -'
JlH I'lllln Will i-l 111 in 'i rll i il. t
llin7i rii r. r is ' I o di ' - h
Noexiiu iliurKO fi r H i iiu i'
Iliiraul .'Vic I. en ii aV '..
SOU Hroudiiv, N -, I '1 I li. d ..id ii li '
JUl q clearance sale: .
'J l.iii ul M,- " "
111 IV '--'. IIM ".' 11" "I' 'i'M "-11 '
ii ; i lies t. i ; .. iii iii iiii - . i.
Nnrii il- i ' li ii in ' '
1 M. Ini. e i.li In. i. . . ' -
V.I luud ' i.i ' v '
NONPAiilEL CYCLE'cdl'.' 10 Barclay si ,
tuiurUroadHii) and leirin liaaumcul

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