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KV -b'- TftE SUN, SATUBDA, JULY 3, 1897. ; 1
H, $73,018,473.08 UrilET.n.
Hi ' Coast's View erflrorse J. Mould' Services The
K$ State and thn Cliy Objrcted to the Eieraptlon
Km ? ! S.OOO.UCO i Itan Kirelra t the
Hu' Valuation or the Htcurllltoi Doth Overruled
Bf Tho Appcllato Division of tho Supremo
Wj Court, In nn opinion written by Justico Wit-
Hjj)'"' 11am, with Justico Ingrahmii wrillnt: ndls-
M& ' tenting opinion, has nfllrmcd tho report of Ap
Kli pralscr David McCluro valuing tbe cetnto of tho
Kl late Jay Ooulil for tho purposes of tho lnhcrl-
V tnnco tnx at $73,015,473.0?. Tho executors of
Kft OouM and tho Slato and City Comptrollers nil
Kx appealed from the decision of Mr. McCluro.
.' Tbo main positions tnVon by tho Coniptrol-
K& lera wero that tho appraiser bud Improperly cv
?. erupted ?5,000.000 to bo paid Gcorgo J. (Jould
KtT (or services, at tho mto of half a million dollars
H?f ' Tear, to his fntlicr, tho Comptrollers claim-
Kx truz that this chanjo was not a debt of tho os-
Kc tato, and they further untcd that Sir. McCluro
p should not havo oicmptcd from tbo tax fS0.-
Be; 000 which was set ajiart as tho expenses of tho
Bn administration of the trust at tho nitoof $10,000
H a year for each of the four executors durlnc tho
K probablo contluunnco of their lives as shown
Kjr by tho Movables. The'cxecutors opposed tho
Bjhi report because tlicy contended that tbo ap-
H pralscr hail Improperly valued tho securities
K, at the Stock KxchaiiRo quotations at tho timo
Wfi of the death of Gould Instead of taking expert
Hb" evidence as to what the securities would sell
?i for if turned into tho market in tho blocks in
? which they were held by Gould.
& . Tho point of tho Comptrollers, that the Ap-
H' pralscr should not havo isdrntttod evidenco of
fe Oconto J. Uuuld about conversations wttb his
HtX, father as to his employment, is overruled.
He? Geortrc J- Gould j born, the opinion proctods.
vk In 1804. and was about 17 years old hen tho
HrX conversations occurred at Saratoga. The father
Hvx. then said ho anted tho son to devote himself to
Hj$ the father's business, and not (peculate. Tho
E court says;
t "He followed his fatlier's directions during
?;. his minority, became famlliarVltb tbo business,
and did vhatccrthofatherdlrected. Hecamo
f ; 1 of ass in 1SS5, and from that time on the work.
H& care, burden, and responsibility of thu father's
; business and Interest was thrown more or loss
upon tho ton. as the father's health declined
B& front year to year. The son had pnwticnlly tbo
HfJe sole charse and management of too whole busl-
H? Boss, nnd. conducted it without the udvlco of
3 the father. Ho alono had access to the safe do-
posit vaults which contained tho lnillluiu of
K dollars of property owned by tbo father. Ho
V acted under a power of attorney f mm tho father
c); almost nnltmltcd In its e!Ies.t. vuis prm-tli-nll)
K,':. Gould hiniself. stood for him. and counsel iw
H3 referred by the father to the son for instntc-
Wtl tlons. During theeo years ho had le care and
Rh disposition of hundreds of millions of dollars of
Wh, cash, of the father, bartnir as much as :&U.000.-
V 000 at timed subject to his sole check, and tho
B)?-. s Income of the estate so uuinngtsl vra from $3.-
K'." 000.000 to $l,Oi0,0O0 annually. Thu estate
Hft had been Increased latvely under the on's
BS management, nnd the trust and lontldenco lm-
fctl posed by tho father in the son had been amply
Kfe justtQed by the results obtained.
' The estate was iculiar in its nature, and the
H&t larpo extent tonhlch it wa invested in differ-
W en, " wavs and diKerent properties required
s' great skill and c-.icitv in the management to
Eri secure favorablo results. Tho capacity and
H&- business ability which safely and successfully
U?-' managed such' an estate and the confidence
which tho father implicitly reposed in such
K,'; manairement, wero desvning of a largo re-
Ut& Tho son received $234,057 in securities from
!S the father arter coming of age and received
H) salaries as otllcer uf ditTercnt corporations to
Mr. which ho was appointed by the father. Ho
;i lived with his father and got at times allow-
S; ances for expenses. At the Saratoga inter-
Et Tiew the father had further given the son a
K .check for $370,000 topnv for a bouse and stable.
K. It is found that tho half million salary was
K& agreed to beyond these Kifts. The sum to bo
paid was not dxed until 1!2. when the father
H33 put the agreement In writing.
Kil The court says that the market values of the
uil stocks were the correct fluurcs to take for ap-
S, praUal and cot the suppoicd values of the se-
H?:i curitics in blocks. ......
B(- X"tJnder the construction contended for. the
Hr' opinion sajs. "the securities inulved In this
K, proceeding might have been shown to be of lit-
mi tie or no value by considering tliat forcing them
H neon the market in large blocks at one time
Mt: would break the market and mako them prac-
m$ tically unsalable at all."
K In dissenting. Justice Icgraham says that the
Ki- f 5,C0u,0x to George J. Gould, while given by
K' tho will In view nf the services, was neverthe-
J a voluntary gift rather than the payment of
Mfi, an iSbligatlon. and so should bo taxeL lie says:
B)A Itwas a bequest to the son In addition to
K that given to bis other children us a rccogni-
K tion of the devotion that the son hail shown to
Kfi his father rather than the distinct rccog-
R't, nition and payment of on existing legal obli-
HX cation."
K)J. Justice Ingraharo alto holds tbat the sccurl-
Hfi ties were improperly valued. He says the cvi-
m:'i denco shows that many of the securities had
R) no real market value in New York at anything
K like the quotation. The Justice tays that the
K report should go hack to the appraiser "with
Kj a direction that where the sales uj-on the Sick
K Kxchange are proved to be bona-tide eales of
K securities which indicated at thu time the fair
K znarkctlvaluc of such recurities they are to con-
J; trot him in fixing their value. Hnt In the cosn
K of those tccuritics whirc it is proved that there
Kj- were no actual transactions, or tbat tbe re-
Vo ported transactions u ere of such a character
fcu- - that they furnlshol no fair Indiiation of the
g -market price, other evidence of -he valno
j&r should be "considervd. and the securities or in-
KSii deblcdness appmlccd nt tbe fair market value
Bftt the value uhich. lonsldcrini; all the circum-
mS- stances, tbo property would have told for at tho
iV time of the death of the testator."
aw . -
K& Th Ulds Dropped la Adjacent Holla and
Bp tbe rarrlas-r told.
K-J Twelve-year-old Harry Htein was found sleep-
Br log In a hall on Kast Twenty-second street on
Er? Thursday night and was arraigned yesterday
B In the Yorkville Police Court by Agent Hutcb-
K; cr of the Geny society. Tho boy at first told
Kj Mr. Butcher that be had been put out of his
K borne at 7 Norfolk street by his father. Herman
E Rteln. Afterward he said ho had been Induced
K;. to run away from borne by Jacob Weiss, 17
HtV years old, who had organized a gang of youth-
H ful thieves that preyed on tbe cast side.
B Weiss, he said, lived somen hero on Stanton
Hky street and was boss of the thieving gang. Ho
Qy taught the boys how to steal without being
Kg caught, assigned them districts in which to
K5 work, and disponed of the ntolen'property. An
H7l a teller he was cot a success, and he got but
K little money for the goods. The gang'i spe-
v dalty was baby carriages.
B$ "I swipcil a carriage on Clinton street Mon-
K2 day," young Hteln said, "and Weiss sold It to a
fif fish dealer for 1 cents."
p "Was there a laby in itl" asked Mr. Butcher.
Hf" "Xaw. W'st d'ye t'lnk wo'd do xriiX ;tho kid I"
RV answered the ljy
5- "Old you steal any carriages when the babies
m; Were in them I" he was asked.
K. "Ye. We drappeil tho kids in a hallway
n', then," be said.
i He added that Weiss tried to rob a drunken
K& man on Kast Houston street Wednesday nigbt
B: and was caught by 1'ollceman Hooner of the
k' Union Market station as he was taking the
t:' man's watch and locked up. Without a leader
R tho gang broke up, nnd ho wandered uptown
g so as not to Le nrrts'L-d.
h Magistrate Holges held thn boy for exanil-
KT nation nnd instructed Mr. Ilutcbcr to Investigate
Kv his story.
K T. ir. Ml'EUS Jt CO. riXIilCATED,
Bkjf Herman Tnpi' CtiarEr Ills missed The Dro
R tiers to Sue Ifliu Tor Mallrlous I'rooeeulloa,
Bj Maglstrato Kudlli-h dismissed yesterday tbo
Hb charges of fraud uhlth vtro recently made by
b Herman Tnppcn against the brokerage tlnn of
HT Tlieodoro W. Myers fi. Co. Tappcn was n cus-
Bm' tomer of Myers U Co., and owes t htm a large
Kt balance. He had tho members of tho firm nr-
B rested on a complaint that his orders for storks
Hfj bad lcn " bucktlcd " by M j era & Co., and that
Ktf bo had been Indui ed by false accounts to pay for
-mj tictitious purchuscs ami sulcs. Several hcurings
'1' were had before the Mnalstrato, at whlih tho
Be books of Myers i: Co. w ere produced. Tho ovi-
HU dciireshocil conclusively that every orderglvcn
K br'fappcn had been rcgdlarly tilled on the floor
l1: of theijtock Kxcbangoilind that there nas no
tt' foundation for tbe clinrta tbat Mere made.
V' Mjers it Co. havo InsJIucted their counsel to
; roiuini'iice proceedings fA nmo against Tappcn
C lorinallrlouspnihocutin'S .Mr. frank II. l'latt,
a, ot Tracy, lloardmau & Ifktt, counsel for Myers,
-. said to a rttiorterof TniWt'.v that various cf-
K forl" ll'1 been made bvlntcrrstcd persons to
H Induce the J'cderal amlState Grand Juries to
H havo Mr. Myers ludlctedSlmt in nil cases they
,' had demanded the fullSt Investigation, and
.,' bad produced their boats for Inspection. In
i every instauro tbo UiargoS had been disproved
K Dd dismissed
m. Ambulance I'pset by a Trolley Car.
& TI10 IiDg Island Collego Hospital nmbnlraice
Wtfi, Inllrookljn was upset jestcrdayln Smith and
Wl llutler streets in a collision with a trolley car,
? and Dr. George Latnont and drlvor W. J, Besrlcs
Ft woro thrown out and slightly injured.
K" Court Calendars TSUs Day.
B1! buprems Court SpecUl Term Part II-Ez-psrU
K msltris.
Hy'' Hurruxsts's Court Chsmbsrs. No day caleDdtr,
Wi ror probste Wills of Andrew r. Uunncr, Oersld W.
BT.' atsnton. Kilt L. Jtock, at 10:S0A.f.
Hv City Court-fipectaJ Trrin.-UoliOBa,
annWanJllitf 11 ' ""' "' " fV'fri'Jtitiyi'llitilsaal
Certaan Insurance ConipanlM Ask to Ba Bs
rmpted from Our Retaliatory law.
8tato Superintendent of Insurance IVmU P.
Toyn gavo a hearing yesterday morning at tho
New YorK hendquartors ot tho Insuranco Do
partment In tho Howling Green ofllccs In the
matter of tho application of U10 Aachen and
Munich FIro Insuranco Company for a rcnownl
of license, to do business in this Slate. Tho com
pany Is a German corporation, whoss Now York
llccnso was cancelled on Fob, 21, IBM. by Super
intendent of Insuranco I'lcrco after tho passago
of an net by tho New York legislature per
mitting retaliation upon tho insuranco com
panies of any country whoso requirements of
New York companies were hostile. Of four
New York companies which had been doing
business In Germany, threo had ceased to op
erato there, tho New York Life, tho Equitable,
and tho Mutual Life, becauso of tho hnrsh dis
crimination against them.
Tho Aachen and Munich was represented at tbo
hearing yesterday by Amasa Thornton, who
also represented tho Interests of tho Prussian
National of Slcltln In tho matter. Mr. Kennedy
of Weed & Kennedy, managers ot tho Aachen
and Munich, mailqastatcmont to Superintendent
Pnyn In which he said that tbe policy of retalia
tion had failed utterly. It had not accomplished
what It was expected to accomplish. Thero
could be no nnlmusln Prussia against New York
companies, ho said, for representatives of threo
Pusslan companies who wero present hail ex
erted themselves to the utmost in behalf of New
York lite insurance companies.
"Our company is as much llavarlan as Prus
sian." Mr. Kennedy said, "for we havo two
charters. It was necessary for us to reincor
porate in llnvarla in order to do business there,
for Havarla is as distinct from Prussia as Penn
sylvania from New York. Had no been Incor
porated here In New York as a llavarlan Instead
of a Prussian company probably nc should be
doing business to-day. as New York companies
nre in business In Havarla. Our Prussian char
ter being tho older, wo were Incorporated hero
under It."
J. KMcr Cady of (Hudson, on behalf of tho
Magdeburg company, declared that there never
had been any actual exclusion of New York com
jKtnles from Prussia. Certain of them bad ceased
lodo business there by their on olltiou be
cause the) did not seo lit to comply with certain
emulations. Thcv objected, he said, to a certain
form of report, but that was precisely the samo
form which was required of the homo com
panies, so tho requirement was not hostile. " I
contend Il1.1t we havo a right under tho New
York law." he said, " to como Into this State for
business. This law was an act ot retaliation;
more. It was nn net of attack, for no Prussian
attack on our companies had been made. It was
an net in restraint ot trade, preventing foreign
corporations with great capital from riolnc busi
ness hero nnd employing people here. Itcforo
you exclude foreign companies we assert that
all the conditions mentioned in the law must ex
ist. Now no exclusion law has been passed in
Prussia against us. True, certificates havo been
refused to some companies there, but it was be
cause such companies determined not to comply
nilh requirements of the PruMisnlaws. I think
the certificate of the New York Sui rintendent
of Insurance has Invariably been recognized by
Prussia. It 1 not pretended that since this net
was Msed a certificate has been denied to any
New York compan in Prussia.
"A New York lompany, the Germanla Life,
whose representative is here. Is doing business
in Prussia to-day under a certificate of tho New
York UK:rlntendent of Insurance. Just ns w hen
the other three companies were there. In view
of these facts, I do not see any reason why our
people should not have thu benefit of tbe capittl
and competition of foreign companies. Our tacts
are unchallenged, and we respectfully ask that
we bo permitted to do business and that a cer
tificate be issued to us."
Mr. Thornton said thnt tho principal point of
dilferencc between the New York companies
and the Prussian Government was as to the
requirement that in the reports ot tontine busi
ness the surpluses In the various classes should
be kept nnd shown separately.
" Tho New York Life. I understand." he said,
' is prepared to go into business there again
whenever President McPall gets ready, upon
filing a report in the form required. The Mu
tual, I believe, has decided not to. This shons
that American companies do not do business
there, merely because they do not choose to, not
because of any exclusion.
Superintendent Payn. in ending the hearing,
said tbat It was fair to presume tbat any compa
nies which objected to tbe adml"ions asked for
would (He hrlcfs. which they might do at any
time within forty-eight hours. He announced
that he would not receive any from them after
this week, and thnt tho petitioners would be
entitled to copies of any that might be received
and to opportunity to answer them.
ennten ror.Ks too xoist.
A West KXobofcea ftaopfaeeper Complain T
CnurehJjr Entertainments.
Otto Stumpf, a dry goods shopkeeper at Clin
ton avenue and Hackcnsack plank road. West
Hoboken, complained to the police yesterday
about tho numerous entertainments given in
the West Hoboken He formed Church, which, ho
said, annoyed him. The church is situated
about ISO feet west of Ptumpt'a shop. Between
the shop and the church property are three two
story frame houses owned by the complainant.
Stumpf alleges that several of his tenants havo
movei on account of the noise of the entertain
ments and tho disorderly conduct of somo boys,
who. he says, are members of the Boys' Brother
hood connected with the church.
"The boys are even more annorlng than the
entertainments," said Stumpf. "They stand on
tho sidewalk and smoKe cigarettes, and when
they arc waiting tor a car theyiro over to a sa
loon opposite my nlace and roll beer krtrs around
for amusement. I often find my ash barrels up
set, too.
"Theentertiinmcnts In the church are alto
gether too numerous. Instead of closing at 10
o'clock, the proper time for such things to cease,
they sometimes last till midnight."
Thf Itev. W. It. Ackert, the pastor of the
chnrrh. "ayshels not perturbed over Stumpf's
" It Is too silly for mo to mike any comment
on," said he. "Our entertainments never an
noy any of the neighbors. Tho hoys who cause
disturbances are not connected with tho church.
They nro of the Pl..nk-road gang,' and tho police
have arrested several of them."
rjXAirciAX. axi commercial.
Xew York Stock Kschanvr ftaleo Julr 9.
I US 4,c. 1007 112i
cxosiNO riticKa or united stated iioxds.
Did. AiUd. I Bid. MUd.
CnRt2. r. Cast 5s, r,
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Total sales of rsllwaj bonJi (par value), 11,480,000.
Open- High- .low- . Clortng ,
Sat',. luff. ft. tit. Dtd. A$ied.
23020 Am Kit.. 127 128b 127 1274 1274
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SOOROWp 45 46 46 46 47
lOORensftSlBO 180 180
700 .St L ft 3
Fist p. 404 464 46 464 464
1100 Et LAS
F2.1p. 104 104 16 164 164
3750 St P ft O. 644 644 64 64 644
xOOStaaKAT 44 44 44 44 6
B50SoPac. 164 164 164 154 16
S62SoRwy. 04 04 04 04 04
SJKoKyp. 204 204 204 204 204
SOOSUftOI 34 34 34 34 34
litp... 304 304 04 304 40
494 TC ft I.. 244 244 244 244 244
100MAtRR148 148 148 140 160
lOOTI'Land 7 7 7
200TxPo. 104 104 104 104 104
eioCnPac. 04 04 04 64 64
IBOUSltub. 124 124 124 124 13
200 V 8 L.... 74 74 74 74 74
44S2USLp- 604 01 004 604 61
200 1Vsbasa. 64 54 6i4 57, g
BOOWsbp.. 16 16 144 144 16
BW.FEx.101 101 101 101 105
1714 WC Tel 844 86 844 844 844
Totalsales. 170.266 mares.
XJIA ftrcj.l B(J. AtUd.
teblsUVsi. 284 aoimpco 734 74
PcanRR... 634 634 W a L Co.. 464 404
CPItofl.. 10 18 Etsncom. 204 21
Phils Trsc. 72 724 FJ S Bpf... 224 23
Union Tru 104 104l'II.LftPa 14 144
EftPTC. 714 714 PII.LftPp 334 34
Met Trac,..l004 1004 WelsCrom 21 23
CTof.VJs 284 20 WeUCpf.. 08 00
CTot.VJGi 014 02 IBsltTract- 10 104
Hid. Jttktd. JJld. Attld.
SB" I."... 40 NY Biscuit 604 61
AmStr'bd.. 284 204 NChStRy.2304 237
CltjlfwaySO 233 WCbM!tyl004 1004
DlamM !.. 1404 1464 JletWS.... 44
Lakes "V 14 144
Atchison, aap 1 24 Norfolk ft Wpf, n.. 30
Canadian PartBs... 07 Northern Pa-mo pfc 414
Cbssspeake ft Ohio. 18 Ontario ft West 164
Ericcon.aap 16 Pennsylvania. 644
Erlslitpf 344 lleallnx. lit a p.... 1x4
Illinois Central 004i8tPaal 864
Kansas ft Texas,,,, 134 nouth Railway 04
Lake Shore 178 8oulh Railway pf 304
Loulirllls ft Naib.. 624L'nloo Pacine. 64
New York Central. 106 HVabasupf 154
FliIDAT, July 2.
The approach of a double holiday doubtless
accounted In part for the marked contraction
in tho dealings on tho Stock Kxehange to-day,
tho total transactions attaining tho smallest ag
gregate for a full business session in ten days.
The tono of tho market was uncertain and tbe
changes In prices Irregular. Itathcr heavy sell
Ing for foreign account was noted in tbe fore
noon, but It was quito ineffective in tho stock
In v blch it was largest, namely Bt. Paul. There
was nothing in the foreign news to explain the
dlsposltlos of tho arbitrage orders, tbo general
Jxmdon market being rcporlcd dull and steady.
In only four stocks did tbo dealings reach a
total of 10,000 shares, and these stocks
furnished considerable more than one
half tho day's transactions, showing an
unusual concentration of speculative Interest.
These wero St. Paul, Bugor Itellnlng, Chicago
Gas and Burlington and Qulncy, which were
actlvo In tho order named. Tbe St. Paul's state
ment for tbo last week of June was a confirma
tion of the recent favorable predictions of the
showing to be made, the averago for the term
reaching the exceedingly large figures of 05,.
300 daily. There was no particular news bear
ing upon the other stocks named nor upon the
general market. The threatened strike of tho
bituminous coal operators bad ft somewhat re
strictivo effect In tbe dealings, but the mining
companies would doubtless r.ew tho suspension
ot production for a tew weeks with composure. ,
SnannMalnanminsuinnnaii.1!1 "' ''tr.",
There was no cold ordered for export by to-morrow's
Final sales compare with those ttt yesterday
as follows!
Jul 1. July 9. July 1. July .
A,TftSre. 124 124 Nat Lead pf 004 004
A.T8Fp 26 244 NWcom... U04 1174
AmSRef. .1274 1274 KPaopt... 404 404
AmSRefp.108 1074 NYCent... 102 1024
AraTob.... 774 704 N Cent... 86 86
Am Spit... 114 114 Omaha com 044 04
DrookRT- 284 SO OntftW... 164 164
Canada So 404 604 Pan Mall... 204 30
C.C.CftStL 26 1444 Polir Car-1084 1084
CDftQ.... 84 834 Roeklsland 744 744
CbrsftO... 174 174 Reading.... 224 224
Chlo Oss... 044 044 Read lit pf 474 474
Delftnud.. 1104 1104 ItPeom... 824 834
DftROpf. 424 434 81 Paul p.. .1304 1304
OenKlec... 34 334 6oR'way.. 04 04
Kin A Tex. 134 134 8oR'wsyp C04 204
EsnftTpf. 314 314 TexssPae.. 10 104
LouftNash 614 614TC.IAR.. 244 244
LMlsdsQss 234 244 Union Tao. 04 04
ManhCon.. 014 024 USLeathp 00 004
UlaaftStL 20 21 Wabash.... 64 64
HftfULxdp 61 614 Wabtshpf. 144 16
MoPaclflo.. 20 10'sWUnTol.. 844 844
KstLesd... 304 30
Uorcrnment bonds steadv nt unchanged quo
tation. Ilallway bonds firm. Tho features
were Ilrooklyn RnpIdTrnnsIt Bs. Colorado Mid
land 4s, t. r., Oregon Improvement 5s. lsts L P.,
Itto Qrnndo Western lsts. Standard Hopo nnd
Ttrlno Os, San Antonio nnd Aransas Pass 4s,
Atchison, Kansas and Texas Pacific Issues. The
more Important net advances were In Ilrooklyn
Ilanld Transit 6s, nV cent., to B1"M! Colorado
Midland 4, t. r., 1 to fl; Oregon Improvement
6s. lsts I. P., 1 to 81; Wo Grande Western lsts,,
I4. to 774, and Standard Itopo and Tnlno Os,
1'4 V cent, to C54. Tho noteworthy declines
were In Missouri, Kansas nnd Kastern lsts. 1 V
cent., to III San Antonio nnd Aransas Pass Is,
s, to D8-a;Texas Paclllo lsts, Oj V cent., to ll'ja.
Commercial price of bar silver In Now York,
no-tic. Bar silver In London closed at 87 O-llM.
Mexican sllvor dollars were quoted at 47vt4B4ic.
Kxporta to Europe to-morrow, 4.30,000 ounces.
Money on call, 14'32 V cent., closing nt tho
higher rate. Timo money is quoted as follows:
Sixty days. 2 W cent.: ninety days, 'JU M cent.;
four months, a-sV cent.; six months, 3 V cent.,
and seron months, 3 V cent, on good mixed
Stock Exrhango collateral. Commercial paper
In better demand. Prime Indorsed bills receiv
able are quoted nt 3 V cent., choleo and prlmo
single names at 34 V cent., and good names at
4t'44 V cent.
Sterling oxchnnge was dull nnd heavy. Posted
asking rates for sterling, SH.ftl-4 for long bills
nnd fi.Pfl for demamb Actual rates aro: Long
bills. 4.S54i?4.80: sight drafts. 4.87. nnd
cable transfers, iM.674. Francs are quoted at
0.17a(35.107s for lonir nnd 5.1D'-33.15 for short:
reiebsmnrks, H3-9W954, for long nnd O.WitODSi
for short: guilders. 40 3-10340Vi for long and
40 3-lft40s for short.
Domestic exchange on Now York: Boston 89
10ccntsdicounU Charleston Buying, par: sell
ing. s premium. Savannah Bu) ing. 1-10 off;
selling, par. New Orleans llnnk, $1.30 pre
mium; commercial, par. San Francisco Sigh',
17-a cents premium: telegraph. 80 cents pre
mium. St. Louls-85(350 cents premium. Chi
cago 85.430 cents premium. Cincinnati Be
tween banks, pur, and over counter, 75 cents
The imports of dry -roods for the week ending
to-day were KM03.1)70. against If3.07(t,384 lost
week and S 1.03.322 for the corresponding n eck
of last year. Tho amount marketed was 94.834.
714. against 3.0-!U.7U3 lost week and $1,550,
41KI for tho corresponding week of last year.
The Chicago, Mllwaukoo and St. Pauliltallway
Company reports gross earnings for tho fourth
Jjcekof June of $$33,308. an incrcaao of ?33.
315 as compared with the corresponding week
last year. For tho month of J line the gross earn
ings were S8.718,58. nn Increase of $110,011) as
compared with tbo same month last year.
Tho Central of Georgia Railroad reports gross
earnings for May of $338,328. an increase of
SI 8.105 as compared wltn the same month of
last) car. and net $68,210, an Increase of 87,
035. For the clevon months ending May 31 tho
gross earnings were Xi.tU8.039. a decrease of
$93,448 as compared with the corresponding
period of last car, and net 1, 574,834. an In
crease of ftil.OOI.
Tho Minneapolis and St. Louis Railroad re
ports gross esrnings for May of $153,073. nn In
crease of $10,703 as compared with tho same
month of lost year, and net $45,7911, an Incrcaao
of fcl.041. For the eleven months ending May
31 the gross earnings were -M.H11.DD4. n dc
creoso of ?30,717 as compared with I he corre
sponding period of last year, and not $748,033. a
decrease of $10,904.
The Rio Grando Western Railroad reports
gross earnings for Mav-of $801,443, a decrease
of $7,035 as compared with tho same month ot
lost year, and net $82,093. an incrcsseof $4,803.
For the eleven months ending May 31 the irross
earnings were $8,818,072. a decrease of s-40,839
as compared with the corresponding period of
last year, and net $7411.800. a decrease of
Tho Oregon Improvement Company reports
gross earnings for May of $3(Ki.C(X), an In
crease of $37,031 aa compared lth the samo
month of lost year, and net $70,579. nn Incrcaso
of $41,712. For the six month" ending Mny 31
tbe gross earnings wero $1.5.3,C.'I5, a decreaso
of $118 as compsred with the corresponding
poriod of last year, and net $802,794. nn In
crease of $187,589.
Tbe PacIHc Mall Steamship Company reports
gross earnings for May of S3aH..T75. an Increaso
of $103,477 as compared v. lth tho samo month
of last year, and net $110,820. an Increaso ot
Tho Orogon Railroad and Navigation Com
pany reports for May, 1897: Gross earnings,
$379,389: operating expenses, $240,300: net
earnings. $139,228; otter Income, $130. Total
not. $139,001.
UratMrett'i reports 7,021 business failures
In tho United States In the lx months ended
June 30, against 7,008 In the corresponding
period of last year, and 0,597 tho previous year.
The total liabilities of the firms foiling In tho
past six months nro computed at $9:1,050,495,
against $105,333,930 In the sime period of Inst
year. It. (1. Dun A; Co. report 241 failures In
tho United States during tho week ending to
day, against 257 In the corresponding week a
year ago.
The rccoiptsnf tho Government tolny were:
Customs. $1,027,091; internal revenue. $43,
108. and miscellaneous, $111,500, a totol of
$1,919,708. Ttio disbursements ere $1,308,000,
an excess of expenditures ocr receipts of
$2,418,238. In the dally Treasury statement
to-day s receipts are combined wilh those of yes
terday, so thnt the figures for tho Uscol year are
tho same as thoso given.
The net assets of the Treasury at tho close of
business to-day, as otllrinlly louiputed, compare
with those of Wednesday as follows:
,. . JunrM July 2.
Ooldcoln and bullion. ...140,7',t, 114 tl40,U47,3tO
purer dollars and bullion DI.Klsi.sss SI,51I,2in
United States notes 35,701,022 88.008,353
Other aF en In exocaa of
demand llabllltlts 30,1.11. 1C8 31,300,103
Arsllsbls cash balance.
Including sold balance.t?37,42,109 S2ti,852,040
-The stock of the recently orgnnlred National
Surety Company was quoted j estcnlny at 803.
Money In London, j Vcenl, Rates of dis
count In open market for lith short nnd threo
months' bills, t.v renU j(ir, mvIccHquote3
V cents at 104 francs 81ij centimes, Kxehango
on London 25 francs IOKj centimes.
The sales of mining stocks nt tho New York
Consolidated Stock and Petroleum Kxehango to
day v. ore as follows :
Opei Utah- Low. Ch$
Sain. Kamt. Ing. ttt. til. ina.
100 Barcelona 04 .01 .04 .04
70 Con Cal ft Vs.... 1.G0 1.60 1.50 1,60
BOOCrrcdeftCCk.. .04 .04 .04 .04
1 00 O Creek con 13 3 j3
800 Gould ft Curry.. ,38 '.30 .38 .38
SKSMoulton 25 .25 .26 .26
200 Mount Rosa n j j jj j
00 MoIIle Olbsoa... ,07 .07 !o7 !o7
S00 Pharmacol jj 'j j tl j 'j
100 Sierra Nerada.. ,02 !o2 .02 .02
Totalsales, 1.070 ibaros,
Friday. July 2.-GnAiN-Whcnt-Rpot was
easier. Sales 70,000 bush.. Including 88,000 un
graded spring and 32,000 bard Manitoba on
private terms freo on board allo.it for export.
No. 1 Northern spring in elovalor 10,000 at
74uc. Free on board afloat: No. 1 Northern
spring Now York. 70370 '4c; do. Duluth, 77ic.;
No. Shard winter. 72tie.;No. 2, do., 71s'471asc
Futures advanced sc. to 4c, but lost this and
declined luc. to 4c. Future sales 1.493.000 bush.,
as follows:
Opening, lltahtit. Lomil. dating. .ViaAf.
July 744 744 744 744 744
8eptmber704 704 ej 7ui: 70!
Dccembrr.714 784 71J 714 714
Barley Waa Inactive. New feeding, 88i4e.. coil
and freight to Iluflalo; malting, 3fn4tt , a to qual
ity, lire Was In fair demand. Bute. SIOe.iNo. 2
JVXiS,"1.' 8Sv co" mD(X lb to Buffalo, hairs
18.000 bulb. Cora-Spot was Drm. B1m 18,000
buih. ungraded on prlrate teriast 40,000 No. 2 nilird
at 804c.. sad 75,000 do. at BOi.aaov., free on
lMU'1, t0I export. No. 2 mixed la Heritor
quoted KHa;, Futures advanced 4e. to 4c. Future
sales 108,000 busb., as follow.; Jtolf
. SiW' m9b!"' ov"'. Cloilng. .Mont,
July 884 irsr, 884 vti 2i
August.. .30 80 30 ju'! !f!
Bptember304 80', 304 304 804
Oats Spot was steady. 8s1m340,000 bush.. Including
800.000 No. a whlM clipped nn prints terms for ex
??" J'Si." wh,l,8tc.iNo. ado..4e.No.8whll
clipped, 8540.1 No. a do., 844o.i No. 3 mixed, 5,000
st 814e,i No. 8 do., gle.i rejected mlxr.1, aoe.i do.
white, 38C.I No. 3 mixed, delivered, 834c.i trick
mixed, 83l8So.i track white, 85,000 at g5(35c.
Futures declined 4a Future sales 0.000 bush., as
follows: Uitt
Opining. Iltghut, Lomtl. dating. Klukl.
ptsmber3t4 814 814 814 -h
Tns speotdstlon In wheat to-day was dull and In the
matnofaloealsealplsgcatura. A nnt prices advanced
sllgbtly. Liverpool was higher, Uorue foreign buying
orders were rvcclrod, ana there was very Utile wheat
$ tAv-!-!.. tll itjiftif,' 'rife'." i--.-s.-j
off sred for sals. When the first pressure to buy had
been satisfied , bowrver, prices reacted In the absence
of support and slowly needed, closing st a slight net
decllna for tne day. Liverpool advanced 4d. Parts
was qnlet and easier. The Northwestern reeeltts
wers larger than last year, being 883 ears, against
887 last week and 107 Isat year, Chicago received 8
ran, against 10 lal wetk and 41 last year.
The Minneapolis and Dululh stocks am ex
pected to decrease 7AU.000 bush, fur the
week. Corn was Orm. Reports of hot winds In
Kanias Induced shorts to cover. 1,'verpool
advanced 4d. Chicago reoelved 4K0car and expects
850 to-morrow. Oats wen dull and easier. Chicaeo
received 833 ears and expects 300 to-raorrow. The
New York Produce Exchange will be closed to
morrow. Chicago, July a" Wheat was nat
urally Inactive to-lay owing to the approaching
holidays. The opening was tarns and unchanged
from yesterday's closing prices. There was a frac
tional advance on local buying on the firmer tone to
Liverpool quotations, which gained 4renC. for the
day, and the higher corn market. Thero was not
sufficient trade, however, to prevent the mar
ket from sagging. A break or over a cent st
Bt. Louts In September caused the Into weak
ness here, early buyers being the sellers. July showed
mom strength than was expected, considering the
lltieral deliveries of cash wheat yesterday afternoon,
885,000 bush, A Wichita special said that them
would be a large movement of new wheat from tbat
section next week. Minneapolis anil Duluth esti
mated a net decrease of HOO.000 huih. In their stocks
this week. Tbe trade Is looking tor 1,500,000 bush,
decreaso In the visible Tuesday, Tho closing
was tame, with prices 4c. lower than yes
terday. Com High temperatures West ami fears
that the Intervening three days might be
dry and hot caused considerable cohering.
Them were claims of hot winds In Kansas, uneon
flrnied. The Western weather seems to be of the typi
cal corn sort. Receipts were 480 cars, with 530 esti
mated for Saturday. Cables wero unchanged. Mani
ples were 4c. blgliert seaboard clearances 334,000
buh. The shipping demand for nata does not Im
prove. The July dls.-nunt Increased 4c today. Sam
ples keep weak. Themis no Important trade either
way. ruber condition! keen faroralile."
Kiovn Waa qnlet and taster, In sympathy with
wheat. Salsa 7,1100 bbls.
UarrtU. Surtrs.
Rrrelpta 7,1!)0 ll.tlfll
Exports 10,817 S2,ue0
Winter, In bbls.: Superfine, S8.n0(tS No. 8 extra,
3 !3(,;i 35: No. 1 extra. 43.40(41:) 55: clears. S3.40
tS3.5Si straights, t3.hl)i4Sli patents. S1..1&.)t4.n5.
Cottox spot cotton here was unchanged, with
nlrsnftist bales ror export and 8.848 for spinning.
Middling uplands 7V. against 7 7-IOc. last yeari
1 New Orleans and Oulf Vc., against 7 11-llle. last
fear, (lalveston advanced 1-1 Oj.: Wilmington, Nor
olk, Raltlmorr. and Kt. Lonta adranccd V. New Or
leans sold Son. Auguita 384, (lalveston HO. and Nor
folk and St. Louis 8 bales. Liverpool advanced l-IOd.
on the spot, w lth sales of 18.000 luleit future thero
advanced 34 to 44 points, closing trely steady.
The LlTerpool spot sales for the week were itn.ooi)
bales. Including 58,000 American, against 411,0110 In
tbe pmrloui week, of which 44,000 were American,
and 60.1)00 last year, including 58.000 American!
atorts 1)44,000. Including 810,1100 American, against
I.0011.000 In the previous week, of which 85l,n0'
wero American, and 840.000 lait year. Including
8U11.000 American. In Manchester full prices viero
In. tiled upon for yarns, but business was small:
cloths, order at low limits. The receipts at the ports
tivday were 771 bales, acalust 8IU last week and 1st
last veari total ror the week. 3.NMI lules, against
8.051 last week and 5,104 last year. The exports
from the ort ssrre 4,080 hales. The total Interior
receipts for the week were 4,084 bales, against H,70s
lest week and Jl.HIS last year: ibtpmenla. 10.046,
agalnit 81,301 last week and 10,587 last year: itooki.
51,838, assln.t AS,U81 last week and Dtl.187 last
year. New Orleans advanced 7 to 1 1 li!uts. Futures
hero advanced ft to 8 points, reacted, and closed
barely steady, with prices unchanged to 8 points
higher for tha day, with lairs of 153,700 bales. The
future trading was as follows:
Clntxng. Utghett. Lottt. .s'ules.
July 7.4MH7.I5 7.50 7.44 7,000
August 7.44(. . . 7.60 7.44 S5.5UI)
8eptember..7.87s7.8H 7.. 7.88 lv.tton
October .7.13iA7.l4 7.1M 7.13 88.100
November.. 7.1047.ll 7.I1I 7.uu 8!,non
December.. .7.13W7.1 1 7.10 7.18 88.600
January.. ..7.1ll.7.17 7.8'i 7.14 88.800
March 7.83(i7.83 7.8D 7.84 8.400
The cotton market waa feverish today and prices
were easily Influenced by a few orders either way.
The fluctuations In prices were frequent, but were
confined within a narrow range, with the tendency
upward. The principal factor lu tbe rise was tho
LUerpool news. Th n. too, further complaints of hot
and dry weather wero received, and nervous shorts
covered. Llrerpool loth liought and sold here and
tbe South sent some buvlng orders, w hlle tbe rise In
Southern siwt quotations also contributed to
strengthen tbe tone. Some operators hero claim that
the complaints of dry weather am exaggerated. At
any rate, there was verj little disposition to make
bort sales to-day and the buying waa of a
good character. Tnere was considerable reallrlng
on tho advance, but the offerings wero readily
absorbed. A few scattered showers wem reported
to-aay, but In most parts of the cotton llt the
w alher was hot and clear. The temp rnturo table
this morning showed minimum temperature ranging
from 70- to 88' and maximum from U8- to 108".
Rofiira the chwe, however, most of Ihe Improvement
v. as lost on free aelltu to secure profits. Hoj.ton,
Tex.. Juno 88. "The dry hot weather the nrst fow
ilnj-s of the week was tnerr!al to cotton In northern
Tcxr.. but sot considered favorable In south and
ceutrat Texas. Refreihlngshowen fell the latter rart
of the week In south, southnest, and central Texas,
Just In timo to make outlook very promis
ing, but were Insufficient in central Texas.
Cuero reports good rain has brokeu excessive
hotIll of past week, and we expect our "first
bale " to como In about July 1 0. Crop generally two
or three sveeks Isle." Navoaota. Tex. Juno 88.
"Cotton Is progressing nicely In this section, especial
ly In tho ItraziiS liottoin. where It looks remarkably
well. Although the weather haa been dry ror the
past ten days. Acids are not suffering for want of rain
yet. Th weather haa been all that could tie desired,
and with somo good showers next month tho yield
wllleual 18114." Scotland Neck. N. C June 20
"To-day we received tho nrst bloom, as against June
81 last year, so we are not as late as was generally
siiprmred. Crop looking well. Had a good rain on
ti.e 8hlh "
The New York Cotton Exchange will be closed to
morrow Conn-Rloon tbe ipot waa dull but steady: No. 7,
J.C Sales 800 bans MnrscalUi on private terms.
Tbe future trading was as follow :
.Wei. JItghrtt. Loirftl Cloilng.
January 60J 7 111 7.10 7.107.13
March 8.0110 7.80 7.80 7.13i7 80
Slay . ... 1.000 . . ,. 7.8OM7.H0
Augut 1.000 6S5 8 85 0.73St0O
Septembcr...4.000 8.U5 B.B3 n PflKil.ns
October 500 ... . . n OKw'.OO
December. ..7.7C0 7.10 7.05 7.03(47.10
Futures here closed steady, with prices unchanged 10
D polnti lower. The sales were 16,750 bags. Havre
declined 4f. Hamburg was unchanged to 4 pre.
lower Rio advanced 1U0 rels, receipts, 10,000; ex
rhinge. 74d., a di-cltne of 1 I8d. bantna svas un
changed: receipts 15.000. European rabies tivclav
were caster, and Enropo sold hero, , nut prices ruled
steady on local surport.
Pnoi-isiow Lard lower. Prime, si. 80 Pork lnae
tlve and lower Mess, $ SAitfc 73. Tallow, a 1-I0
8h.c. llutler Creamery, Western, 15c Egs State
frcsb gathered, Hull 4c. Chicago. July 8. -lTo-visions
were fairly active, w lth a good trade, prices
ruling lower !ecauae of liberal hog receipts and tho
stocks put llshed ihowlng somewhst Isrgrr slock of
rlti here than si as expcclcl. iMtl WM rather firmly
held, with heavy buying by romml.s'on houses.
Pa ken reported some Improvement In tho cash de
mand for mrata; 8.1.000 hojs are estlmat-d ror to
morrow. 83.000 Monday, 170,000 next week, and
630,000 for the month."
Rraan Raw dull, but steady; 80 ten, Sc.: 00" test.
84e Refined quiet.
ToBicro slei of 350 eases 1SP3 Zlmmers nt
lfti-iloc.; lou rases lNiu Wisconsin Havana nt Oa;
850 cases do. on private terms; 800 cases 105 New
England Havana at 17(88c.i 10(1 cases ln05 Penn
sylvania Havana at 84c; 100 rases 18U1 do. at I801
100 rasei lundrlei at B'-!!4e.i 330 bales Havana at
. Oasi.lo Inl-ond, and 800 bales Sumatra In bond at
tl.80'483.05. ""Unas
CiucAuo, July 8. Theso wero today's prices:
Opening. Ulohett. jLouv.t. doting. Ktghl.
Jnly.... Bf)4 804 814 884 84
Sept.... 044 85 844 844 844
Dec.now 084 084 80 60 604
July.... 844 884 844 844 844
Sept.... 864 884 H84 sl jftrl
Dec. ... 87 874 87 874 804
Ours; "
July.... 174 174 17 174 174
Sept .. 174 174 174 174 174
July.... 4.074 4.10 4.05 4.05 4.10
Js.pt ..4.80 4.884 4.184 4.184 4.80
Julr. .,4.83 4.33 4.35 4.374 4.47U
Sept 4.584 4.584 4,45 4.45 4.57?
July....7.B74 7.874 87.374 7.!10 7.874
Sept.... 7.80 7.1J4 7,05 7.;0 7.60
Mrn MlorU Market.
Nrw Vnnx. Frldiy, July 8 Receipts of beeves
wero 8,4,'iH head. Imludlug 811 cars ror export :i7
for slaughlcmn, ami 18 inrs for the mr-itet. Firm
and asliade higher for nearly all gradcs.am II wanted
Hloerasoldat 4.:tlla5.lll f 160 si.oi.iiat S'l HO
(41, bulls at I8.IHK4S4, cow at $4.85it3 85 Cllv
drrieod uatlso rldis, nsiH4v. V . Cable un
changed. Exports to-day none; to-morruw, l,6si
cattle and 4, t;:iqusrtersir lTef.
Receipts of calves svern 378 head. 43.1 bead on sale
Market qnlet and easier, but the peni were cleared
ronr to prime veals sold at tli4tn,184 0(l Bs 1
buttermilk calvil at Sill mixed do. 3.503.684.
City dresseil veali firm at mir i0c. .
Itecelpta of iheep and lamlu. Including 84 ears
direct, wem 8.54H head. There were 36 cars on sale.
Sheen slow and a fraction loweri lambs declined
Sr.St.'.Oc,, and 54 cars were carried over. Poor to
good sheep sold at 8.5(ifl 5 V inn n. ;cuiu us
low as 8; common to extra prime limbs at 4,75it(l.
Iimsseil mutton weak at 3474c-i dressed lamU at
7411040. p r,
llec'lpti of hnji wore 3,818 liead. Including 887
head for sale. Market lower st S3.U0ai4.15 y 100
Ileal I'.sloto Private Sales.
Thooias 8. Krennan haa sold for Gordon Ilrothers to
E. M. Iott the flvc-stcry flat Iioum and 1 tores, 37 ax
88 0x1(10, No. 404 Amsterdam avenue, between
Eighty-second street and Eighty third street.
Hall J. How A Co. havo sold for Mcintosh A Partlno
to Martin Lojjan the nvo-stnry brownitone front flat
bouse No. 131 West 108th street at about $37,000
Mrton A Rogeri have sold f.,r Mrs Hannah A. Illg.
gins to Wright, (lilies ft Uro. of Washington Heights
the block, 800 fret fronting on Tweinh avenue and
810 feet on tho New York Central and Hudson River
Railroad. b-Lwe.n 134th and 131th streets.
Hernhard Mrtirsr haa sold Noa. 88, 830, and 838
East Eighty-fourth street, tbrco four story tint houici
on plot 60 10x108 8i also bai sold to the Ernst Marx
syndicate a lot 86x100, on tho north side of Seientr
llxth street, 148 feet east of Asenue A.
Charles nrtmth Moses haa sold fur the Emit Marx
syndicate No 334 West Kavent) -seventh itreet, S8x
70x103.3, a five-story hrtrk and stone American base
ment dwelling, for S50.000.
Ileal Kstate Auction Ma lea.
At the inroad war Salesroom yesterday Richard V.
Harnett A Co. sold No. 5(17 West Kn I avenue, 88 5
feet south of Nlui ty-thlr 1 itrret. a flvr itory brick
dwelling, lot rum south 8lx84:i.7x southeast V I Ix
817.4X north I3x west 81. 8x north 6.8x northwest
4,tix ive.l lo.llx north 5. Ox west 38 tu beginning
foreclosure silr, to A. E, Daly for Si8,6l4.
l'etor F. SIeer A Co. sold, Wrstcbrster, msp of
Given llomriiead. lota Nos. 1 to 103 Inclusive, and
lou Nos. W.I to 137 Inclusive, foreclosure ialo, 10 the
plalntirr, Theresa Lynch, for SI8I.5I8,
1'hirnli Ingraliam A Co. aold, Amsterdam avenue,
east aide. 183 feet south 133d street. 85x100, vacant
lots, lurtclosure sole, to E, c. Stone, for 17,600.
SA( sSjtlv,- ''iiiim',! ,111 fa)iS ir?'.r'1j
Flvo Per Cent. First Mtgo. Gold Bonds.
itKiirMPTiov AtrrirK.
Notice Is hereby given that tbe Chlraro, St. Louis
and Padncah nallwsy Company has elected and de
termined to call ll and redeem before maturity each
and all of Its Five Per Cent. First Mortgage Odd
Ponds, dated September 1st, 1887, and Issued under
and secured by mortgage of the same dale to Spencer
Traak and Edward F. Leonard, as Tru tiers, and that
It Intends to mako such redemption and payment on
the nrst day of September. 1897. at Its office or
agency la the city of New York, nsmtlr. No. 814
Broadway, by paying to the holder or holders of said
bonds the principal thereof and Interest then accrued
thereon, together ss lth a premium of flvo per cent. 00
such principal sum.
Dated St. Louli Missouri. June Rd, 1897.
Br ardor or tbe lloitrst of Illrectors,
W. V. tltttlKX, Hrrrelary.
MAX H Kit's.
Union Pacific Railway Co.
h Collateraljrust Bonds.
couru&s n 11: ji;i.v i. ihot.
Of nbovoiinincil linndn win bo paid
tin ami nftcr
TUESDAY, July 6, 1897,
The New England Trnst Company
85 PevoiiHliIro St., Iloston, Mans.
tSnvlnjjis $anh0.
ov .Tir.itcuAvrs' clkiius.
A dividend for the six months and the three months
ending June BO. IsiOT.has been declared to all de
positors entitled thereto under the by-laws, at the
rate of Three, and one-balr percent, per annum.
on sums from S3 to $3,000, payablo on and after
July to, lssOT,
Money deposited on or before July lo will
drmvr Interest rront July 1.
Isrpoalls are received from all persons and
net exclusively from Irirrchnnts Clerks.
bank open dally, holidays excepted, from 10 A. U.
to 3 P. 21.; Saturdays from 10 A.M. to 12 noon.
ANI1REW WaHNF.R. President.
JAltr.H M. CONSTABLE. ) vt-.psf.
FKANK M. HUKLIIUT. vlce-Prealdents.
QF.OItOE Q. WILUAMS. Treasurer.
NEW TORE, June 31st, 1SST.
OSnd Seml-Annnal DlTldend.
The Trustees of this Institution have declared ln
tereit at the rate ot 3 ig percent, per annum on all
sums not exceeding $3,000 remaining on deposit
during the three or six months ending on the 80th
Inst., payable on and after the third Monday In July
next. JOSEPH DI11D, President.
rRANK O. STILES. Secretary,
311 and 843 BOWEIIV, N. Y.
The trustees hase declared a dividend for the six
months ending June 3Cth, lt7, on all deposits en
titled thereto under the bylaws, at the rate of Four
percent, per annum on sums of S5Q0 and under, and
on the rzrrrt of S300, not exceeding 11,000 In all, at
the rale of Three per cent, per annum, payable ou
and after July ltitb. 1S07.
Deposits made on or before July.lOth will be en
titled to Interest from July 1st. 1R07.
ANtlHEW HILLS, President.
CflAIlLES MIEnLINO, Secretary.
WILLIAM P. PATTERSON. Asst. Secretary.
Union Dime Savings Institution,
Interest credited July 1st payable Jnly
15th, or any time later. Unto: FOUItpcr cent,
from 5 to 1.(KK). THREE per cenL on tho ex
cess Up to Ifll.lMKI.
Monoy deposited before July 10th draws
Interest from the llrsL
fllAKLEd E. SPHAGUE, President
Oeorok N. llirtnsAU. Treasurer.
FfiANciH M. Lkakb. Secretary.
2C West 34th street (near Eighth avenue).
The Hoard of Trustees have directed that Interest bs
credited depositors on June ao. 18U7, atthe rate of
THREE ANll ONE-HALF PER CENT, per annum oa
sums of $3.00 to (3,000.
Deposits made on or before July 10 will draw Inter
est from July 1.
Tho trustees have ordered that tho Intereit to be
credited lo depositors July 1, thll7, shall be at the rate
of FOUfl PEK CENT. Pl'.ll ANNUM on all mmi from
(5 to (.1,000, Deposits mado on or before July 10
will draw laterest from July 1,
FItr.IiEIIICK lll'OIISON, President.
Itt'Frs II. WOOD. Treasurer.
flMlE DANK roil 8AV1NOS,
JlllV 1. 1H07 1
the usual Interest under tbo provisions of the by
laws for the ilx months ending June a i, as follows:
At tbo rule of FOUR (I) l'Hl CENT. i-r annum on
all sums of . and upward, not exieedlng glt.Uitu,
psyabln on and arter tbo third Monday, twliig the
lliihilay of this month.
The Interest la carried al once to the credit nf de
positors as principal on tho lit Inst., where It Hands
exactly iss a deposit.
It will !o entered on the passlMKiks at any timo
svht'U required ou and after the luth Inst.
MKIlltITT TUIM1II.E, President.
ROBERT sIIOLT. .secretary
Hl'.t HTV.MM'IITMs:SII.t'.l, lllllllKMlT
On and after July III, lm7, lutirr.l at the rule of
THREE AND OM' HALF per cent, per annum lll
be paid to depositors entitled then to on all sums of
tr, to t.l.llOn Mouey de.ttid on nr before the loth,
svlll draw Inten.l from the 1st of Jul) Hank open
from 10 A. M Hi, 'IP M dally, and .Monday evening
from n to s oYloex noses at IV M on atllduy
Assets, t, Olitl. IIIU.-JT, Hiirpln.. H Kl.Otn.sa
A. II ltXF.lt, l-rea.
Vsll.I,ll ;. 4(1M(I.I, Sec.
""harlem savings" bankT"
atttll and M-JHI llilril us., rnr. 1-Jtlli t.
The trustees direct that the usual semb annual dlvl.
dend U petd to all ilriltrir iniHUil thereto, at ths
rate of lul'll er rent n r annum, on all sums from
3 U0 In Sl.OUtl, and THREE per e III. on Ihe excess
to :l,liliu, paiable on or after Jul to. Money de.
posltMl on or before Jul in still drvw Intenst from
July 1 rilAlfl.l'.S II TOOKER, President.
l HOMER HART. M-crrtury. June a. imi7.
SsV'i'fiils anil 3futrrcj3t. "
SI.IISO CiAN AMI Kl.rlTltlf fOIIP.tM-.
JI.VHIhON, Wis., June gOlh. I1-U7,
A dlvhlend of two er cent on IliecAiltnistueg of
IhliCoinpiuy hrui Uen du-lared, pavablo July Joih
1BSI7. lo .tiKkhoi.icrs of rccipl at the closeuf I usl
ness July wth, 117
The transrer limits sslll closo at the rinse of buil.
ness Jul) tub, 1-U7, and rrolxn J'll .'1st, IK07
Checks will bo mailed. W F Imt'THIRT. Treasurer.
Coupons duo July 1. ln7, on tho Ohio Land and
Ilallway Company's l'urchase Money mortgage a tr
cent, bonds n 111 he paid on and after July a, upon
presentation at the ortlce of the btate Trust Company.
100 Broadway, New York. '
N. MONSARUAT. llccelrer
I C0LUU11C8, 0U10, July 1, 7. ""
Sit'ifltmlg ana gnterm. I
Omishis A St. lout, rtallway 4'ompanr. I
On and after July 1. 1HB7, tho Ousranty Trorl
Company of New Yorkwlllpay SI3 on each eertlfl.
S.'"!!,"1 ,'T." Jr. Omaha HI. Isiuli Railway
Orst mortgage londs densi, under the liondhold-
f,rA ",5,c"!', T,"u " Kmlen lUkMevelt, Cornelius
U. OoM. ami Francis Smith. Committee. """" H
Dated June no, 1 HB7.
lly 11. A, MURRAY. Treasure. '
fiats rrnnet.ro .t nrlh Pnrinc ilallwnr Os. H
i siW 15V ! ' "f '.h.' i1""10 railway, maturing July
'J ': .w.'!,Jn11' on ml sfur that dale at the
omcr of LAIIENDtita, THALJIANN A CO.. 40 Wsjl
ct ew ork. M
v. Jll!'.-.''i,or, ll"Tr declared a DIVIDEND of TIIRBB
rF.KCL.NT. upon the capital stock ratable July o.
1"11" CHAS, s. IIAUTOW, President.
SPubHc aiotirrg. I
posT orncE soncr- I
(Should lie read DAILY by all Interested, as changes
may occur at any time.) -. aH
8AfURDAY.-At 6 A M for EUROPE, per steam- I
shlpLuesnlas.slagueeuiKnsn tlelt.rs for Frane
Rtvttirrlaml, Italy. !-paln, Portugal, Turkey.
rsopi, anil British India must Ik- directed "tier H
Lueanla")) at 7 A. SI. for I RASCK. RWITZI.R-
f.OYIT. and llRITWII INDIA, jVr steam.hlp
lJl Touralue. via Havre (letters for other Parts
of KlirofHi nitisl Im directed 'p r L.-l Tourattm"lt afl
at 8 A. M. for NKTIIERLANIi-, direct. ir iteari! ,
ship Ma.tMlam, sla Roiienlain (letters mint
be directed "r Mnasdmr'i; at i A. M. fiir H
OENOA. per itcanuhlp Werra (letters must lie sal
directed "tier Werra "M at lo a M for SCOT- H
LAM) direct, per stsamshlp Cltv or Rome, via H
Ulasgow (letters must bo directed MerCllyof H
ltome")t st 11 A.M for NORWAY direct, per sal
steamship Island (letters must bo directed per H
Island"). H
PRINTED MATTER. Ac. Oermsn steamers sailing 9
onTuosdsyi tak Printed Mailer, Ac., for Oer- H
tiianv, ami Spnially Addn-ssed Prlnteil Matter, H
i. for other parts or Kurie, American and
White Star steamers on Weilnesdass, Uermsa H
sli amers on Thursdays, and Cuuard. yrench and H
Oerman steamers on Saturdays take Printed Mat-
ter, Ac., for all countries for which they are ad-
vertlsod to carry mall.
After the closing ot the supplementary transatlantla I
malls uained sliove. additional supplementary H
malls are opened on the piers of the American,
Engllib, French and Herman steamers, and re- H
main open until within ten minutes otthe hour ot
s&lllug of steamer.
8ATUHDAY.-At R.SO A. Jl. for BRAZIL and LA Dai
PLATA COUNTRIES, per steamship Hrvellui, via
Pernambuco. ltahla. and Rio Janeiro (tetters to
North Braill must be directed "iwr Hesellus")iat
10 A. M. (lupplcmentary 10,80 A. M.) for FOR- M
CARTHAOFNA. persteamihlp Adirondack (letters
for Costa Rica must lw directed "per Adlron- sal
docs")! at 10 A. M. (supplementary 10:30 A. M.)
for HAITI, per steamship Andeij at 10:30 A. M.
CATAN, per steamship Saratoga (letters for other
parts of Mexico and for Cuba must he directed
"per Saratoga")! at 11 A. M. (supplementary sal
1 1 :D0 A. M.l for VENEZUEIJt and CURACAO.
also SAVANILLA and CARTHAOENA. via Cura.
caotier steamship Caracas: at II A. M. for 8T. H
DADOS, per steamship Talisman; at 11 A. XL for
DEMEUARA direct, per steamship TJomo.
Halls for Newfoundland, by rail to Halifax, and 'I
thence by steamer, close at thlaofllce dally at 8:80 .
P.M. Malls tor Mlquelon. by rail to Boston, and Dai
thence by steam. r. close at thlsorrice dally at 8:39 ''
P.M. Malla for Cuba close at this ortlce dally al
7:00 A. M for forwanllng by steamers sailing
(MonCays and Thursdays) from Port Tampa, Fla.
Malls for Mexico City, overland, unless specially
addressed for despatch by sU'amer, cloie at this H
office dally at it::)U A. M. and 2:30 P. M. Ulegls- H
tered mall closes at 0:00 p. M. previous day.
Malls for China and Japan, per steamship Victoria
(from Tacoina), close here dally up to July 18 Bai
at 0:30 P. M. Malla for China. Japan, and na-
wall, per it-amsblp City of Peking (from San
Francisco), close here dally up to July 11 at H
0:30 P. M. Malli for Australia (except West
Australia. Hawaii and FIJI Islands, per ,
steamship Warriruoo (rrom Vancouver), close sal
here dally after June ill) nnd up to Julr
1 at (l.HU P. M. Mails for China and Japan
(specially addressed only), per steamship F.m-
Sress of China (from Yancoavrn, close here
ally up to July l.'i nt 6:30 P. M. Malls H
for Hawaii, per steamship Australia (from Son H
Francisco), close here dally up to July 7 at 8:30
P.M. Malla for Australia (except those for Weil H
Australia, which are forwarded s la Europe), New
Zealand. Hawaii. FIJI and Samoan Islands, per
steamship Moana (from Sau Francisco), close Sai
here dally up to July 117 at 7:30 A M.. 11A.M..
and 0:30 P. M. (or on arrival at Sew York of
steamship Umbrla svttb British malls for Ans-
tralla). Malls for the Society I'landi. per ship
City of Papeltt (from San f ranclsco). close here '
dally up to July 25 at 0:30 P. M.
Trans-Paclnc malls are rorwarded lo port of sailing
dally, and the schedule of closing Is arranged oa tba) H
presumption or their unlnternipted overland transit. H
UtegUUred mail closes at 0 P. M. previous day.
Post Omce. New York. N. Y July 2. 1 SU7. H
able oftlcea for the several branches of the City M
Oovernment now occupying tho brownitone bulla- H
Ing In the city Hall Park, via., the Sheriffs office, tbe
First Judicial District Court and tbe Department ot M
Street Cleaning, the undenilgnrd, a Committee of the Jfl
Commissioners of the sinking Fund, request that pro- IU
pesats for leasing such offices In tbe vicinity of the H
City Hall be transmitted to tbe Comptroller at his H
ofllce. No. 210 Urosdsvay. The amount of space re- B
quired may be approximately aacertalned by exam- H
Inatlou of the omces now In use In the brownstoas) H
ASIIREL P. FITCH. Comptroller.
ANON O. McCOOK, Chamberlain.
Chairman Committee on Finance, Board of Aldermsa, H
gropounls. I
1HV7. M
PROPOSALS for furnishing materials and perfomy
Ing work In tbe erection of an addition to the pub- H
He building In Crotona Park, near Third avenue, H
In the Twenty-fourth ward of tbe city of New
York, nursuant to chapter 404, Laws of 180S. H
SEALED ESTIMATES for the above work. Indorsed
with the above title, also with the name or tne person H
or persons making the same, and tbe date or prcsenta- H
thin, will be received atthe office of tho Comptroller, H
Rooms Nos, 14and IS. Finance Department, htewaii H
Building, No. 2fi0 Broadts ay. In the City of New York, H
unttl 12 o'clock M. on Wednenlay. Julr 14th, ln7. .
at which place and hour the bids will be publicly
opened by and In the presence of the Commissioners H
of the Sinking Fund, and read, and tho award of the H
contract. If awarded, will be made to the lowest bid- H
der, with adequato security, as soon thereafter as H
practicable. Tho person or persons to whom w
ths contract may le awarded wilt be required
to attend at the oflloe of tho Depart- 1
ment of Mreet Imprtivements of the Twenty-
tblnl and Twenty.fourth wards, with the sureties
offered by him or them, and execute the contract
within (lso days from tho date of the service of a
notice to that efrcct, and In easo of failure or neglect
so to do, he or they will be considered as having
abandonrd It, and as In default to the corporation,
and thereuimn the work shall lie roadvertlscd aud re
let, and so on until tho contract Is accepted and ex
ectitid. The svork to commence at such time as the
Commissioner of .street Improsementsof the Twenty
third and Twrntt-fourth wanls mav designate,
N. B. Permission will not lie glsen for the with
drawal of aur Md or estimate, and the right Is ex
pressly reserved by the Commissioners of the SlnklnsT
Fund to reject all estlmatis should ther deem It to
tho publle Interest to do so. No bid sviu lit aoeeptsd
from or contract awarded to any person who Is In
arrears to the Cori-oratleu Uhiu itibt or contract, of
who Is a detaulter, as surety or otherwise, u-on any
obligation to the Corporation.
The entire work to lie completed within one hun
dred and fifty du)s after the notice tnrommsuce work
has been glsen by the Commissioner of Street Im
provement of the Tncuty-th.rd aud Twenty-fourth
The amount of security required is FORTY-FIVB
Blank forms of estimates nnd further Information,
If de.lred. also the form of agri-emml. Including the
aiiec Ideations for tbe work, .-an I- olitalued at the
onk-e of theC'omnlroller, .So. y-li llriudnity.
The plans and netalliil drtis lugs csti U si-en at the
oftlcs of Mr. (leorge B 1'o.t, Archile !. No. 83 Fast
Seventeenth itreet, where all Information rrlutlve
thereto ran be obtained.
For full Information see City Record, New York.
July 1st. 1 107.
JOHN W. liOlF.
ASnilEL P. FITi II. Commissioners
Ciimiitrollrr; of the
ANSON O. MiCOilK, Sinking Fund, 1
chamtMrlalnt -
Chairman Cuinmltteeon Finance,
Board of Aldermen i J
DlhEASF-S OF MEN. OLD DR (HUNIll.F. has lieen
lou.-tr eslulill-litil and liit h.tlinore ixpulciue tbaa !
any nf lit r advertising ph slclan. illy pars prove this,
I'mler his atlentlnc treatment bliss) iid sklu die-ea-i
, pains lit Uiiiet. rid sot.. sore throat and niouth,
ulrin,, painful ini'lUngs kidney and Idaddtr com
plaints, scalilug lunaminatliiti. gravel, undeveloped
urgins, back, Iji Unlit), are sredlly, perma
iieiitt) i-iirtd Men alMiut lo iiim r) should consult OLO
HI. uI.I.MU.F Fvrrj initiiMirui rrm.ivrd '-ufTrrt-n,
do ua v..telliii. l.l iiKlessskllfjl pt.) slclaus. Hs
nirinUr. (il.ii Id ORIMill ri-siir fulls OFFICK
OVFlt IA YEARS al Ul We.t Wtli.t. 'rlween Urn
audilhavs. Adrlrp frr- Mrdh-lLe SI. Hours, U to
V, bunds) , u to :i No i barge unless cured.
"!. Hit. lillKt. 4.1 irsr. u spt-elnllsl lis dls.
easea or meis tnly, iul kest permaneiit cure guar
anteeil la all diseases or mone) r funded IIIimki ik.
son, sklu dl.i as.-., kllnf) and bladder trouble, weak
ness, nervous debility, .irrnrsof jouth, bad drvams,
weak, undes eloietl orgtn. linisdimei.t to marriage,
Ao. He sv.f, consult the ouly old siH-clallat lu this
rlty. Cimivtiser35 yean at 1VU lat 17lh st., near
Union S'lusre. Hours t to Oi suu.lais u toll, tlen
tlfio trratinrut and ailrlco free. Medicine only 50c
' . . MI'IfKruT lrll-)l tKT tl'IIH
In diseases nf men, daigrrous casei lollclledi rtllef
at nncei Ibose tleilrlng only flrilclass sidentlrle Irsat
meut should tall. TheleadlngapMiisiut, Dr. Bonsehur.
127 West VVdst ; Uto3, Utull. buudays, 10 ton,
A-Dlt CO.SRS. D'S SANITARIUM, U7 vYst""-)!!
st. (formerly .14th st.), Telephone V04 86lh ss.
Consultatluu, U to W, '
V A.-A.-DIt. BLfSN'S Saalisxlunl 17T Wesi
iA 47th it, near Broad waji w
ismalaaMaa-. -A. if sijt.... .

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