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B 1 ..- TH'a spjjtDESPAY, Jtltt 13, Mtjiy ' '' t K
KaLP v.nir TOJtK'it continue xnsxn vine
H ; Rati e Cood Batting the Bmhm rr Me
B Jf Vletery Srklyae Orate n by Chicago .
B V ton Oatplay Cleveland Baltimore Defrat
K Jf L le.U Louisville anil WaiblPiUn Win.
I j Xh Now Yorki continued their remarkable
K ft' playing yesterdayliy winning bandllyiromlluck
K 9f KwlBg's Cincinnati. Tbe Ilods bavo born car-
K g rylngall before Uteni of late, but tboy wero no
E ,- match for Amos nusle ood Cnpt. Joyce's men,
&' W As the first game playod by the NewYorks and
fp ; Louisvllles on JunoShasbcenolllclallydoclared
Kg; - Illegal br Prealdent Tounir, the record of tho
K. 5 local team remains tho eamo a on Sunday morn-
K , Inc. Tbe Baltimore), br winning from BU Loul
Hp Is - both on Bundar and yesterday, haro incroasod
K their percentage over the Harlomltcs to a lead
.M of 80 points, Tho champloni have also gained
K ii on the Cincinnati, nntll tbe latter aro now onlr
K 11 point ahead of Hanlon's players. The Boa-
K' ton won en eaar victorr from tho Clorelandt
k(Kl yesterday and aro flfty-clght point In front of
Kit luring' player. The Brooklyn, br winning nt
IJk Chicago on Sunday and losing to Anson yestor-
'K. day, managed to rnoro into sixth place because
?!' th Pittsburg and Phlladolphlas refute to leavo
K!B tho toboggan, tho formor being badly thrashed
EMfe by tuo Washington and the Quaker yloldlng
Hi JR. to the toulsvlllcs. Tho atrugglo botween the
; t?J Kentuoklans and Anson's team Just now for tho
HkKj ninth placo Is very close, tho former holding the
fr' plaoe by two point. Tbs New York will meet
ft the Cincinnati again to-day, and according to
E B- tb Ptchlnc slato tho lied will haTo to tackle
BlB; Meekta. who Is In superb shape. The results!
Hm K? Knr York, B Cinclnntt, 0.
BHf Chicago, IS) Brooklyn. 0.
fi "('" Boston, fi Cleveland, 8.
V- Kj, Baltimore, 0 1 St. Louis, 0.
E' Louisville, 10 Philadelphia, 7,
BE; Washington, 13 1 Pittsburg, 6.
r Br, rr r
mfmfr TTDn.lAit.CtKt. Won.Loit.Ctnt.
K'K. Boston ,.40 17 .780 Pittsburg 29 04 .480
sV-KS Cincinnati ...41 0 .678 Philadelphia. 00 87 .448
BsfrrTti. Baltimore.. ..41 81 .001 Louisville... .86 S3 .410
sW-Hk SW York....8S 18 .693 Chicago 88 68 .434
EhlLb, Cleveland,... 84 80 .081 Washington.. 114 88 .587
Brooklyn.;.. .80 80 .401 St. LouU 13 68 .B00
RJHf; nxw tozuc 8; emcum ati. B.
Kk CmcnwATT, July ia.-Capt." Scrappy "Joyce
jn and his aggregation of players continued to put
Bi'JKs xn the real artlclo of championship ball to-day
RhP tbftt th6r haT0 handled pretty exclusively tbo
Rk past month, defeating Oapt. Buck Swing's Red
& B&s In a well-contested tussle.
K-'Bv "Tno Now York are playing phenomenal
KJL f iv ball," said Capt. Joyco to Tub Bus reporter be-
MF'fi it (ore th game, " and the men are all In condition
KM! to keep It up. Rusto Is a better pitcher than he
H S ever was before. Ho is pitching a heady as well
RsJ 'M as dexterous arm same."
H H Yon aro In It for the pennant t"
HK; "'Well, we're out for place at least. We're
BhM-?, playing to win game strloUy, Holding Ruslo
sWbM,?' until to-morrow or next day, that the announce-
y K- nent that he would pitch could be better ctrcu-
HS M$l iated, would bave brought blggor gate receipts.
WK But bang gate receipt. Ipntltusle In to win
HjHf? games, not for gate money. It we flnlsb this
''' trip one, two, we'll have plenty of gate receipts
svsssw in New Yorker
-.i The Hooslir had pitched hlinsnal preat came.
K HV In the gratia stand were his old father and his
$",--" brother: down from "Ingeannr" on purpose to
m-i H "tl0 the big boy in his great twirling act. Amos
?' Kl alsyused his bat aSectivelr, making a double
K; fc and a single, whlcn wero largely Instrumental In
K f bringing In two run. Warner caught ltuslo
KH .perteotly and nailed every venturesome Hod
ji'ssK- Iryln to pilfer a base. The two little 'tins,
oHir uleasqn and Holmes, were much In evtdenco
KvHH' with their bat. Van Haltron was a constant
Wrf., terror to Vanghn. and stole two bases at critical
KK points of tbe tray. The home team seemed
Kj Hi robbedof all aggressiveness by Ilusie's pitching.
,K, agle Eye Beckler was the only one who ap
KvXH?; peered at all familiar with Busies curves. Tho
K) ;. runs were mad thus:
K;H5' In the fourth, tlhlnes hit Davis, who then stole
Vk second; Qleoson tapped to Beoaler, but beat
K; Rhine in a race to the initial bag. Qleason was
BH caught trying (or second. Warner singled and
KiKu Davis tallied. Clark hit a hot one over second.
sK Bv which took a lucky bound past Hoy, Warner
BBKuBSBK' flcnrtnfl. and CHarlc refttlntr An thlr. from which
Hi Hfe plaoe no viewed Iloy gobble Holmes's fly and
K' Hsr' Corcoran and Beokloy retlro big Amos,
K.'HS- The Reds scored two on Corcornn's double
K Kf ' over Clark's head, a base on ball to Mill", and
KtRft Beokler's double back of third. In the flfth the
sK'-'li visitors made ono on Mlllorsmuff otTanUalt-
VMi" rcn's liner for two bases, Joyce's safe bunt, and
WK Uleason's grounder to lutchlo. TheClnclnnatls
t? rnad one in the sixth on Irwin's double and
' Miller's single. Rusle scored in the seventh on
BtK his double and TIernan's single. In tbe eighth
Kj1 ;?,' three more New Yorkers crossed the plate on safe
H;, rBfo bunt by Qleason and Wamer, Clark's sacrifice,
Hi Holmes s double, and Rusle s single. In the
K K ninth, with two out and the bases full, Vaughn
K? singled over second and two rod legs scored,
Uolllday batted for Rhine and struck out. Tho
Eft- h nw tosx. cncnnuri.
lvH a.la.r.o.A.c a.is.r.o.A.E.
KM vnaltnn.cr.1 0 4 0 0 Barkc, lf.....o 0 0 u 0
KK Tleroan. rt..0 10 0 0 Hoy. cf.,.,.,0 18 0 0
KlsH JoyoBb....O 10 0 1 Corcoran, b.l 1 0 0 t
;lKf PlJ,M.....l 0 18 0 Irwin, Sb....l 1110
t'.'Bv! aiusoa,8b..l 4. a 8 0 MlUer, rt....8 18 0 1
.WM5? Warner, o... 8 9 8 8 0 Beckley, 1D..1 8 10 1 1
BR Clark. 1D....1 111 0 0 Ritchie. ss...0 18 3 1
K'sKu Holmes, U...I 8 16 0 Vtighn, o...O 18 4 0
K, I'V limde, p 1 8 0 9 0 Bblnas, p....0 0 10 0
f lit Uolllday, cf.O 0 0 0 0
Wu MS, Totals., .. 8 1920 14 1
W Totals S 8 87 14 8
KT Wr Bckleyont (or running oat of Hoe.
K ;CR Cincinnati 0 0 0 3 0 1 0 0 89
Kl ;fe Kew York 0 0 0 3 10 18 0-8
Uc Earned runs Cincinnati, 3; Kew Tork, 8. Two-
t Wt has bits Corcoran, Benkley, Van Baltnn, Irwin,
& Vf- Iluale. Three-base bit Holmes, moltn but-DstIs.
SV ;t Sacrifice hits Tatsthn, Clark. Doahls plsys Rlteh-
A Ife; U. Corcoran, and Beckltyi Oleason and Clux. Struck
fi ;" out By Rhlnes, It by Iluulo, a. first bus on tl
Wk' I, OS BhlBes. 2i oft Itusle. 4. int by pltuber Hy
H'.' 1 . IlUlnet, 8 Left on bases Cincinnati, 4 ; Now York. 8.
WhK mi 1'lrst base on error Cincinnati. 1 1 New York, 8. At-
Wfi ii- tendance, 4,000. Umpire O'Day. Time 8 hours.
cnicioo, 13; bbooultk, 0.
Br.;-RJ' Chioaoo, July 12. The Colts won nnlndlfror-
Cl Ufii ent game from tho Brooklyns to-day. Payne
t1 ?? was bit bard In the first Inning, and gnveny
K: Wk:( to McMahon, Tbe latter fared little better, tho
H-' Uk Colt sending his curves to all parts of the fleld.
H-" D& " Danny " Friend olso failed to puizlo the vis-
Be; ( ltors, but their hitting was not so opportuno as
v K1 that of the borrie toatn. Lnnge and Oriffln
mp-, K again carried oft the honors. Anderson was
V ibk:. also a big factor In tho game. Ho accepted Ave
chances and mado four hits. The score:
,V IBv a. lB.ro.i.r . lu.r.o.i.r.
sVt bV Fverltt, 8b..8 3 u 1 1 Oriffln, of... .8 0 4 0 0
:t ?, JloCor'k, ss..l 8 8 0 8 Junes, rf 3 8 0 0 0
re K,'? Lanie, cf....8 9 8 1 0 Anderson. U.8 4 0 0 0
." Ha Ansoa. lb....u 8 0 11 Shludle, 3b.. 0 9 110
V ? Ryan, rf 1 8 10 0 Lachanee.lbO 10 10
f Dscksr, If... .8 10 0 0 CanaTan, 2b.l 9 4 8 1
;, K Connor, lib... I 0 0 4 1 o. Smith, ss.l 19 8 0
H$ fmf' Frttnd. P.....1 9 11 OOrlm, 0 0 0 U o 0
K BbB Dooohue, o..O 0 0 10 Payne, p 0 0 0 0 0
&" H tlullahon, p.O 10 0 0
?. Wt TotaU....181S87 14 0
(',. m& TotaU 814 84 8 1
Bv mm, Cbloaro 3 0 0 10 18 0 ..18
K ? Brooklyn 8 00088900 v
HU W' . Earnsd runs Chicago. 81 Brooklyn, 8. First bass
B aWi; ty errors Cblcaao, 11 Brooklyn, 0, Loft on buses
K (;, Oblcaio. Ot Brooklyn, 10. First bus on balls Oft
Tr UbX Vrtsnd.li off MoMshon, 0. Struck out By Friend,
- aW', 81 byHcUahon, 1. Tbrce-bu hits Jones (8), 11 ran,
', 4"Ht Mnis, Smith, Bhlndls, Brerltt, Mccormick. Two.
Kr sVt' basehlU Anson, Friend. Stolen buo Jonei. Boubla
jr ; plays Smith and CansTani Lachanoe and Orlm.
B DBV. Int by pltchsr 2y Friend, 1. Umplro MoDonald.
E K; tlrns flhonrs and 0 minutes. Attandanos 1,000.
Hf Kt CLsrmDnv July 18-Oreat look and the long side
$. ft some clos declsleas, together with ability to hit
Si IV' VttBfjM the right tints, won the gam for Boston to-
f K-1 day. rheasorat
H;!. tL.ln.ro. i.e. a. ls.ro, a. x.
A Ha BBrksrt.lf.,.0 0 10 0 namllton.of.0 0 a o 0
HT) Obllds, Sb..0 8 j B 0 Tonney. lb..l 1 H l u
K Bock'axls, rf.O 9 0 b 8 Lonir, ss 0 0 8 10
1 ),' lfoKean, u.,0 0 8 9 0 Duffy, It 1 14 0 0
f K Wallso. 8b. 0 0 14 0 Htabl, rf 9 3 9 0 0
Hr Tebeaa. lb..Q 010 O 0 Qolllus, 8b...l 9 9 9 0
b aTsK" p'Coanor, cf.O 00 Q Lows, Sb...,l 0191
v HS Prlgsr, e 1 111 0 Benren. 0....1 9810
H)', 0at' ""? M HlchOlJ, p.,.,1 1110
Wt' Hi bauilsUrji'4 0 10 6 Totals .7 "oaf 8 "l
l H' ToUlA....9 V8411 3
mh" HVr CleT6lao4.........0 0 0 0 0 0 3 0 03
K H BOStoa 0 10 4 8 0 0 0 .. B
H' - H Xamsd runs-Clsrelaod, B Boston, 9. First base by
K K errors Cleveland,, 1 Boston, 1. Left on hues
Brl SK CteTelaad, 8i Boston, S. First baas on balls Off
KH Klohol. t. Struok out By Clark, It by Mohols. 9.
SsTtS-y lloms runs CoUlaa. Mlchols. Thrss-bue hit stabl.
KK Two-bass hit Olillda, stolen bues-Chlld, Ciiiier.
5-- IIU by pltoher Or Clark, 1, Umpire Sheridan.
HpTBi Time 1 boor and 40 minutes.
Hppkl rxiLTmoai, 9 rr. locis, B.
Bi , B' 8t Lens, July H. To-day's earao between tbe
K.'tUV,' sbamploasaad Browns was close up to thij hut t o
w' tV luntags, when the OrlolM got on to Csrsey's dollvory
f H, and batted out a victory. Attendance, 8,000, The
s& sKv soorsi
tf ST.LOCtS. I aiLTixoax.
l.K'- a.l.r.o.x. k lo.r.o.i.ic.
v C Dourlas, c.l 0 9 8 0 McOraw. Sb.u l i a 0
EVSK UarTsy. ef.,,0 0 8 0 U Kcelr,rf..l 9 0 0 0
KK ilarlnua.8b.l 10 8 lJeaulnS,ss..l 0 3 U 1
Kt PrsJr. lb... I 918 0 OIKtUey, lf.,,,9 1 9 u 0
HpjK? tally, 1 1 110 0if.tiniel.cf... J a 9 u 0
VsW ilallmaa, 8b.l 18 0 0, Doric, lb.,,, 1 all 3 u
rr H. Cross, u 0 1 0 0'Uulnu,9U.,,0 0 9 4 1
bVbK-' I louse man.rfU 0 0 Ct 0 CI ,rki, v.. 1 0 11 I o
ft; By- Csrssy, p,.,,0 1 1 8 1 Corbett, p ., 1 t 3 3 1
M''!.i TotaU. ...Is 7 97 83 Z Total !o 11 97 lT
B'BC Baltimore 0 0 0 10 118 3-9
Bt:Bfr It, Louis. ..,,.. , ,1 0 0 9 0 0 0 3 0-3
KK Hsrned runs at. Louis, 9 1 Baltimore, 3. Two-base
B'K bits Lally, Stcnrel (). CorUtt. Three-baas bit
K.' IB?, k'stler. Home run Steussl. fctoUn basos Douglas,
K K-' Oradi Hartmtn, Lally, Carsey, Jsanlnis, KtlUy,
1 ' I
Btenie). -Double play-Cress. Harttnan and Orady,
First base en bslls-Off Carsey, Oi off Corbett. ft.
nit by nltebed ball MoOraw, Struck out Br Car.
ssy,lbyCorbst,. Passed baU-Dooglas. Tims
B hours. Umpire Hurst.
unnsnLU, 10 rnructxniu, 7.
Louurmxc, July 19. Both pltchsr were hit hard
to-day, bm Illll was more effective with men on
bases. McCrrcry's stlok work was tb feature ot the
flame, haTlnt three home runs and a saerlfloe. Dexter
n sibling to third either broke or wrenched his leg.
He was removed to a hospital. There will be two
fames to-morrow, ono being a postponed game from
ho early series. Tbo score:
tocuvnxx. nrruDELrnu.
n,ia.r.o.A.K. n.la.r.o.i.r.
F.CIarke.lf.l 9 10 0 Cooler, ct., ,1 3 10 0
UcUreery.ria 8 0 0 0 Dowrf, rf.....l 3 0 0 0
l'lckerlpc.cf.l 13 0 0 Delebanty.lf. 1 19 0 0
8ta(Iord, M..1 14 4 0 Latnola, lb.,1 8 18 0 1
Werden, lb.,1 8 10 0 0 UuFarland.o.8 10 8 0
Dexter, 8b.0 10 0 0 Ueler, b .,.,0 0 9 0 1
Hock, 8b.,, .0 8 11 1 omen, as... .0 0 9 9 0
Wilson. 0....1 9 0 8 ONash. Od 1 8 10 1
W.Clark, 9b. 1 18 9 0 Taylor, p.,.,0 10 4 1
HM.p 1 1010
TotaU 7 14 97 14 4
Total 10 10 9710 1
LoutsTllle 0 0 118 111 010
Philadelphia 0 000118307
Earned runs LouIstIUp, 7 Philadelphia, 4. First
bue on errors LoulsvUlx, 1 Philadelphia, 1, Lett
on bases Louisville, Ot Philadelphia, 19. Two-base
hit Dowd. Three base hits Wilson. Delehanty,
Home runs Mccreery (8), UcFarland. BacrtAce hits
McCreery, Hock. Mtolen bases Doxter, Hock (9).
fttruok out By Taylor, l) l by Illll.fi, First bue on
bslls-Oa Taylor, 9 off Hill, 9. Time 9 hours and 90
minutes. Attendance 1,300. Umpire Lynch.
wasiuiqto, lot rrmscaa, a.
Piiisuuko. July IS Pittsburg prored to-day that
It was on tbs slide. Attendance 1,800. Tbetooret
rrrrsirtnta, wismnaron.
ru ln.ro.i. r. n.ln.r.o,A.B.
Lyons, lb... .0 0 U 3 1 Brown, cf....l 10 0 0
Leahy, rf.,.,0 8 3 0 0 Helbaeb. lf..,3 8 3 0 8
Darls, 8b..0 10 1 1 Wrlgley, rf..l 19 0 0
Smltb.lf 9 8 10 0 Dcmunt, U..3 9 0 0 0
Padden, 2bl 0 U 0 1 Fsrrell,c 9 10 4 1
Brodle,ct....l 110 0 Tucker, lb.,1 9 11 0 0
Ely, s 0 9 8 4 1 lle'.lly, 3b...l 8 18 1
BURden,o....l 111 0 O'llrlrn, 9b..l 8980
Klllen. p 0 9 0 1 0 Mercer, p.... 1 0 0 10
llutlngs,p..l 0900
Totals.. ..13 13 37 10 0
TotaU 019 3714 4
Pittsburg 0 OlOQoOll 0
Washington.... 9 0 8 0 0 0 0 8 8 IB
Darned runs Pittsburg, 1 1 Washington, 0. Two
base hlti Smith, Wrlitloy, Demont, O'Brien. Three.
base hits Leahy, Domont. Home run Belbach.
Btolen bases Sclbach. Demont. First base on bells
Off Mercer. Oi off Klllen, It off Butlcgs. 1. Struck
out By Klllen, 1 1 by Mercer, 8, Wild pltoh nutlngs.
Tims 9 hours and 0 minutes. Umpire EmsUe.
tlantlo League.
Newark-.... 0 10 0 0 4 0 0-3 R "i
Heading 0 0 8 0 0 0 0 0 03 0 4
Batteries Johnston and Zaarfossi llouaokia and
AT FATX oir.
Norfolk 0 0 90001 0- Fl 8
Peterson. 1 0 8 0 18 10 ..7 18 4
BatteriesBishop and Bnyderi Flaherty and WssV
At Lanoattar Bain.
Eastern aVesurn.
Wllkesham 1 01990010 7 IB 9
Toronto 0 0 7 4 9 0 9 0 03 89 9
Batteries Betta and Dlxglnsi Williams and Boliveiy
sxcoxd out
n, a.
wukesbarra.....l 300001004 01
Toronto 8 0 0 8 18 0 0 111 10 1
Batteries Odwall and Goading i Norton and Smith.
at arentoruLD.
a. . a.
Bprlnrfleld.....l 0 10 0 9 19 9 0 8
Ilochester 0 0 0 0 10 0 0 01 0 0
Batteries Mains and Duncan) Becker and O'NelL
at rsoTinuca,
Prcrldsao. 1 0 00114 00 IS 1
Byracmse. 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 88 0 8
Batter! Braun and Dixon Uulloukey and Shaw.
Sow England nscii.
At Newport Brockton, 7; Nowport, 1.
At Fall Rlrer Fall Rlrer, Hi Pawtuokat,.
At New Bedford Taunton. 4; New Bedford, 8.
Baseball Game To-Day.
New Yprk at Cincinnati: Brooklyn at Chloaxoi
Boston at Cleveland: Philadelphia at LoulsvUi
Baltimore at St. Lotus; Washington at Pittsburg.
Toronto at Wllketbarrot Buffalo at Boranton) BocV
estsr at Springfield: Syracuse at Providence.
Reading at Newark! Norfolk at Peterson Hartford
at Lancaster; Richmond at Philadelphia,
nosetjalt IVotesv
Constant Reader. The run does not count.
J. U. C He was In Cincinnati on Buoday, July 11.
Herman and CarL The New Yorks,haTe not played
In Boston yet.
Wallace of th Cleveland U now oonsldsrsd th
League's boat third baseman.
Shlndlo of the Brooklyns U playing fatter ball than
he has in the past eUht years.
Manager Selee refutes to claim the pennant, but
ays the Bostons win nnlsh one two three.
Arthur Irwin has mado a success of hU Toronto
Club In the Eastern League nnd U coining money.
The veteran Oil Hatfield, formerly of the New
York. U pUylng with tbs Newark of the Atlantic
W, D. B. Abbey bas been with Kansas City, Harper
Is In tbe Eastern League, and McCarthy Is In business
In Boston.
A report comes from the West that Yonder Aha Is
anxious to secure Arthur Irwin to manage the St.
Louis team.
The slump ot the Pittsburgh means the withdrawal
of Patjy Donovan from tbu management, so Smoky
City critics say,
Tbe Baltimore orlpples aro rapidly getting Into good
shape aguln. Capt. Robinson expects to bo able to re
sumo work In about a week.
Joe Sullivan, formerly of tho Philadelphia and St.
Louis, Is dying ot consumption In the Quaker City,
Several ot th League teams have raised purses for
Now that the Clevelands oan play Sunday ball at
home, there wlU be no moru rumor about Boblaoa
suing out or transferring hU franchise to soma other
With a competent second baseman th LoulsvlUee
would bo higher up In the race than at present. II
was a serious mistake tu release Rogers, and the
club's officials aro beginning to realise Ik
Agsmo that Is now being considerably discussed
by The patrons ot the OrangoiOral will be played
there on Thursday, when theOjamre A. C. will cross
bats with the Nowtrks of the A tlantlo League.
The Cblcagos are beginning to strike their gait.
With sny kind of effective pitching they should win
many game with tbelr bard hlttlngandgood neldlnr.
Anson hu had more than hU sbaru of troubles this
year and deserves to win.
Tbe brace taken by Van Ualtren and Tlernan Is en
tlrelr due to hot weather and the good natured
handling of them by Joyce. All of tbs players ssy
that "Scrappy " hu rceu fair and square, and that
they will Oght for him until they get into thai
Temple Oup eertea.
Cmciao, July 19. President Johnson of the West
ern League says that tbe Ronton club Is playing
an Illegal player In Lake, u tbe latter stands sus
pendedby President Johnson, a bulletin to that effect
having tteen Itaund by President Young. Lake was
sui ended for felling to pay a tloO fine for assaulting
Umplru Grave while with the Kansu City club.
Jack Warner bu developed Into a llrst-olass catcher.
Wnuu h came here, after being released by Louisville
lut yaur, be wu algned u a luukeshlft. Frank Selee
onie bad Warner on the Bostons, and bu always re
gretted the day when ho let Jock go. Warner bu
oaugbt In 03 sanies this year out ot ill playod by the
New Yorks, end, considering tbe fact tbat he bu
been compelled to bundle the three swiftest pinners
in the League day in aud day out, bo bas don phe
nomenal work for a man ot hu weight.
Want to Play tlauuea.
The Riverside Baseball Club bu July 17 and IS
open. Address Fred Zlmmer, 70 But loDth street.
The Athletics would Ilk to bear from out-of-town
team offering guarantees Addreu J, atott Uoyku,
1401 M)rtlo avenue, Brooklyn.
The Y. 1L C. A. of Elisabeth has July 1 7 open, and
will allow a guarantee to nrst-cl clubs. Addreu
John Stoddard, manager, Y. M. C, A., Fdltabcth, N. J.
The Centrals would like to arrange games with
teams whose playors average 17 years, for Suturdays
or Sunday. Addreu J. Derapsey, 470 Eut 14Uth
The Manhattan Field Club hu a few open dates lu
August and September for arst cla out-of town
clubs. Address A. C, Fordon, 01 West Nlnoty-slxth
The Kings County A. C. would llko to arrange game
with outof.town teams whose playsri averaue 80
years. Addreu James 8. Irwin, utll Lewis avenue,
Th Clinton Junior would like to bear from
teams vhose players average 15yearaiBatunlaya aud
Suudays ojien lu July, August, and beptemtker. Ad
dress Edward Jester, msuager, SOU Brook avenue.
The Domestic Busball Club of Newark bu Aug.
7, 17, and 9tt open for first class clubs within luo
tulles of this cltr and offering a suitable guarantee.
Address F, Steele, 40 Crun ronl street, Newark, N. J,
The Washington Helitbu Fluid Club bu all Bun
days during July and August npu, and would like to
bear from out of tuwu clubs wbosoplayirs average
lu or to yeurs. Address Frank J, Duffy, manager,
480 West 101st street.
Tbe Wortendyke Bwcball Club would like to book
games with the Nutlfy A. L' Montclutr A C, Morris
town F, C tltaten Inland C. und II B. C, or any strong
semi profenslnnal club, Address G, E. Krecb, Secre
tary, Wortendyku, N. J,
The Ashford A. C uniformed, bu July 18 and 84
open for clubs whose players average between 1 7 and
18 years: Clovers, Empires, .Sonuons, Elms, Venus,
All lues, and lllckorys priferrwl. The Asofonls have
their own grouud. Address A. Kaeminer, 447 Ulrn
tuoro arcuue,-Brouklyn.
Tbe Brooklyn Helmuts A. A, hu the following open
dalci. July 17, 31, aud SI. and would like to hear
from first clan teams. Includlug tho Uuward A, C,
Brooklyn, Cob r d F. C, llayonne F, C Hendersons,
Padnes of Jersry city. Jefferson A. C , and tbe Na
tionals of llroollvn. Address A II, J aggers, manager,
HIT 140 aveuue, Brooklyn.
Tbe Williamsburg F, C. hu a few Sunday dates
opeu to close with Urst-claas clubs offering suitable
Inducements. Tho Wllllamsburn bave beeu strength
ened considerably by tbe addition of nvo first-class
player, two fielders, two pitchers, and a catcher.
The management would like to bear from the Wil
liamsburg A. A., Bay Hldge A. O., National, and Ho
token. Addreu Jatua I atolisal, t Sou Third
Uset, Brooklyn:
Th Friar la Faoe alter una the El t Wile
Is Run l 14 Vatrus TTIns the First At
tempt and nublcon the Hemteit Ststk ee
Barrett Makes a Daring rude em Abase.
Bovon thousand person wero in attondanco
at tho opening of tho Brighton Beach IUclng
Association's nlnotoonth annual mooting yes
terday afternoon. It was close and muggy la
tho cltr. but tho broMofrom tho Atlantlo wa
so fresh that it roso to a galo at one time, and,
culminating with tho high tldo. drovo tho
broakors to the very gates of the courso. Tho
spectators wero forced to reach their trains br
tho low or gate, as the board walk wa ovoral
Inches undor water.
Tho racing wa most interesting, and although
thoro woro onlr three starter In the Brighton
Handicap it was a horse raco of tho first quality
for ovor a mile botwoon Ben Brush and The
Friar. Ben Brush won, and was greeted with
tumultuous applause. Tbo First Attompt Stake
for two-year-olds, at flvo furlongs, wero won by
tho outsider Varus, from tho stablo ot A. II.
D. II, Morris, with tho favorlto. Handball,
second, and Foxhall P. Itcono piloted Rubicon
to victory in tho Hempstead Btako at flvo
furlongs. Tho now courso was slower yesterday
than it will bo attor It ha been raood ovor for a
fow weeks, Tho turn aro gradual and tho
tretchos wide.
It Was not thought that The Friar would be ft
starter for the Brighton Handicap, but tho colt
camo out of his raoe for tho Realisation Btakes
all right and it was decided to start him against
Ben Brush and the rest ot the candidates for tho
652,600 prlzo. Butch Blotter. Howard Mann.
Lehman, Counter Tenor, and Promlsr declined
the lssuo. and Fathor BUI Dolr, always alert,
put up Volley as an added starter, nothing
but death or disqualification barring tho
way to the 13200 which wont to the
third horse br the conditions of the race.
The talent could soe no difference between Ben
Brush and The Friar, and they wore equal fa
vorites in the speculation. M. F. Bwyer was
confident that Brush could defeat the winner of
tho HeajUatton. and BUI Daly whispered behind
his hand that unloss Brush was extra good Vol
ley would win. He didn't fear Tbe Friar after
Saturday's hard race. ...
The Friar was last at the start, but rushed to
tbe front and was at the stand in 30 seconds.
Blms did not let the chestnut open too great a
gap. and when LltUefleld tried to steal away on
the lower turn the colored lad moved Brush up
to within a length and a ball of the flying three-
r ear-old. Volley wo ont oi It long ere this, and
heorowd watchod the raoe between Tho Friar
and Brush breathlessly. Half a mile from homo
Ben Brush closed some ot the gap and Little
field made a move on The Friar, who immedi
ately drew away another bait length. Brush
came on unswervingly, again, however, and
when tho pair swung for the turn the four-year-old
was at the three-year-old' shoulder.
"He's got him," was tbo cry in the grand
stand, while handkerchiefs fluttered. The
cheering wo deafening when Llttletleld want to
the whip, and Ben Brush, drawing away, won
cloverly by two lengths. Volley wo a poor
third. .-.
The first mile wo run In 1:41 by Tho Friar
over the loose footing, and tbe performance was
a remarkably good one. Ben Brush wa a
much better horse than ho bas been at any time
since the Suburban. The mile and a quartor in
2:00 is as good as 2:07 over Mheepsbeod Bav.
Handball and Banders, from the Ilwvor stable,
were odds-on favorites for tbe First Attempt
Btakes, with tho Elmore pair, BlueawaV and
Laudemonn, at 3 to 1 ; Blarneystone, the Thomp
son entry, at So to 1, and Varus at B to L Gen.
Maceo was tho extreme outsider, at 60 to 1.
l'onn had the mount on Varus, and. getting tbo
big colt off In front, hustled blm along so effect
ually tbat he was never overtaken, the son of
Cayuga winning by two lengths. Handball had
to bo ridden out to beat Blueaway for second
money. Taral wo up on Handball, and Mr.
ljwvcr declared In win with him.
Naturally Itublcon was an overwhelming
favorlto to boat Fcrrler and Hodman B. for th
Hempstead Stake. Foxhall Kecno redo the
handsome eon of Itayon d'Or, and, leading all
the way, won in a gallop. Arthur White se
cured second place quite as handily with Ferricr.
The opening dash over the new courso was won
by tho Sensation Htable'a three-year-old Chum,
who beat tbe odds-on favorite. Winged Foot,
hands down. It was no race for the half brother
ot Lucanla, who went to the front at the start
and stayed thoro. Hanwell was third. Charley
Thorpe landed the second event, a dash of
Ave furlonirs for two-year-olds, with J. A.
Barnet Bluebeard. It wa a pretty raco
between tbo Luke Blackburn colt and the
California stake winner, Michael III., by
Islington. Tborpe rode a strongor finish thnn
Clawson and won by a short neck. Mr.
Baiter was third, and tho favorite. Miss Tenny.
fourth. DoUndo, at even money, with Tod
Sloan in the saddle, landed the selling raoe at a
mile, and Abuse, at 8 Co 1. took tbe concluding
raco of tho day at six furlonirs after a suporb
Unlsh with Decide, the second choice, and Leeds
vlllo, tbo 7 to S favorlto. Barrett took great
chances with Abuse, squoexlng through on tho
rail and winning by a head on the post. A nock
only scparatod second and third horses at the
wire. Abuse is quite a shifty performer in spite
of his bugo ankles. Summary follows :
first nice
For three-year-olds and upward: by subscription ot
810 eaeht 700 added, of which 1100 to the second
and 30 to tbe third: six furlongs:
Sensation Htablc's b. c. ( 'hum, 8, by Maxim School
girl, 107 (Mcherrer) 1
Wm. Lakeland'a oh. f. Winged Foot, 0, log (Tborpe) S
W. F. Stephenson's br. h. Hanwell. 0, US (Botber-
sall) 3
Fomperang, Bapelo, Blbley and Butlon also ran.
Time. lil'lV
Betting Two to 1 on Winged Foot: against Chum.
4 to 1: Hanwell and Butlon, each 13 to II Bapelo, 20
to 1 1 Sibley, 40 to 1 ; Fomperang, 00 to 1.
For two-year-olds which have not won since May S
by subscription of 010 each: 1(100 added, of which
9100 to tbe acond and SoO to the third; five furlongs:
John A. Benuet's b, o. Bluebeard, by Luke Black-
burnSecret, 11V (Tborpe) 1
W. M. Hurry's ch. a Michael III., Ill (Clawson) g
C. Flelichmann A Son' b. c. llr. Baiter, 11 11 (II.
Martin) 3
Checkers, Miss Tenny, Ma Petite, Ella Daly and
Widower also ran.
Time. l:03-g.
Betting Against Mlu Teuuy, u to 0: Mr. Baiter, BCj
toll Bluebeard, t-atol; Michael III. 6 toll Wid
ower, 1 to 1; Ma Petite, HO to 1: Checkers, 40 to li
LUaBaly, 100 to 1.
TnillD TtACC
The First Attempt, of (2,000, for two-year-olds: S00
ranb, ortIO If declared by May I, (SO additional to
start; to the winner SI, BOO, u th second horse SSOO,
to tho third 1 800 1 five furlongs:
A. U ft l- n. Moms' b.c Varus, by Cayuga Ve-
ronla, lu(Fnn) 1
P.J.Bwyer'aob. c. Handball. 1U7 (Taral) B
L. Elmore's c. c Blueaway, 12 (Thorpe). S
Banders, Lauuemann, (Jen. Macoo and Blanicytton
also ran.
Time, 1:084.
Betting Five to 4 on Handball and Sander
coupled, against Laudemann and Blueaway, coupled
0 to li Blarneystone, 8-j to It Varus, 0 toll (Jen.
Maceo, 00 to 1.
rounra race
The Brighton Htndloap, of (3,300: for three-year-olds
and upward; (30 each, (Sleacnlf declared by
May 1, (100 additional to start: to the winner
(tt.000, to the second (300, to tbe third (200 : on
mile and a quarter:
M. F. Dwyer's b. b. Ben Brush, 4, by Bramble nose-
vllle. 12A(8lms) 1
A. II. D. II. Morris's ch. e. The Frlsr, 8, 107 (little-
ueld) ' ...9
W.O. Daly's b.g. Volley, 4, ioS (VanKsurun). a
Time. 2;0U.
Betting Ten to 0 on Ben Brush aad To Fiiari
against Volley 30 to 1.
Finn ni.cu.
For three-year-olds and upward! by subscription o
(lOeachi (Youoddedi of which (ISO to lbs second,
and (30 to the third the winner to be sold at auc
tion: one mile:
T. Welch b. g. Dolaodo, 4, by Powhatan Bartdche,
OH (T. Sloan) .,,'
C. Fleutobmann ft Sou's b. g. Wolhurst, 0, 80 (Claw.
on) g
W. C. Daly' b. c. Arabian, 8, 103 (Van Keuren),.,. a
Hoy dtl Ttcrra, Alvarado II. and Declare also ran.
Time, l:2i,.
Betting Against Dolando, even money: Wolhurst. 8
to 3; Alvarado II , 10 to 1; Key del Tlcrra, 20 to li
Declare and Arabian, each, 80 to 1,
Tb Hrmpstead, ot (1,000, gentlemen riders: for
three-year-olds and upuardi (DO each, or 110 If de
clared by May 1 1 (30 additional to start; to the win
ner 87U, to the second (VOO, to tb third (loot
welter wrUbls: horses to be ridden by gentlemen
riders certified by any bunt reoogulsed by tbe Na
tional steeplechase Association or the National Hunt
Association! Ovofurloutsl
(J. E. bmltli's ch. h. Itublcon, (1, by imp. Bay on d'Or
Lily It., 147 (Mr. Kwiuo) i
H. II. Ilunn's ch. Ferrler, agel. 147 (Mr. White) 2
A. 11. Barney's ch. g. Ilodnisn I)., 0, 144 (Mr, Bar-
,W iimWXK '
Betting Four to 1 on Itublcon) against Ferrler, 3
to 1 Hodman B., 40 to 1,
For Ibrce-yrarolds and upward i by subscription of
(10 each, with (3uu wlJcd, of which (70 tostcond
and t3 to third; tho wlnusr to bo sold at auction; six
Foster Bros.' b. u. Abuse, 4, by Plevna Abu Kru,
lis (A. Barrett) , 1
Wm Lakeland's b. h Decide, 4, 11M (Taral) II
1). Oldeon's br.g. U cdsvllle, 3. 107 (Tborpe) 8
Successful, Beaufort, Detective and Sir Play also
Tlmr, tildt,.
Betting Against Lwh.vill. 7 tohiDecid, 9a to 1
Abuse, 5 to 1; bucors-ful, b to li blr Play, 10 to 1;
Detective, vu to 1 Beaufort, 40 to 1,
Katrlra Tor Ilrlgliloa To-Day.
The following Is tho excellent programme for
IlrUblou Dnurli to-day:
First Raw. Purse tOOO; for three-year-olds and up
war 1 that bave not won more than on rao lc
May r); (filing allowances unoinlle:
lireralayer US Passover 100
Bslvsblo J07 Domltor V8
hun i Up 108 Kmutlonal 60
Ed Kearney.. 108 Petrel 01
Befug 103 LochQlyn s
004 Base Puim t000 to aldsa two-ytar-
Zt jtaTAvtlrfe .s-Wpr;.
cldst welxhU tsn pound below th cali Bv fur-
Newburg ...Ill Tyrlan ,...,....111
Olney lit Merlin 119
?ogtown,, 110 Th Dipper. ,11
tgsnta 119 Inspection. 1QD
Decanter...,. 119 DUssfuI', ...,,...100
Bcnnwsll iia Fulano , 109
Mr. num...., nt Syrinx inn
Spencer lit lletleMay 109
Third Base To Kautllns Stakes, ef (J,000 for
three-Tar-oldt entrance, (80 eacht (tarter to pay
00 additional! to the winner (1,000, to the second
hort (800, to lbs third hone (200 1 pcnaltle and al
lowances; on mil aad a sixteenth:
Rlvlde, misunny slop. 109
ensstlaer 191 Templostowe,,.., 00
Chum UtlFiresId 01
Fourth Bace Purse (1,000: for three-year-olds and
upward selling allowanoes; one mil:
Flying Dutchman lie Manchester 104
Premier 110 sun tip 104
Deerslayer 109 Br.Bheppard 109
Tom Cromwell 100 Lincoln II , 07
Cromwell 104 Set Fut 87
Fifth BecePurse (TOO: for two-year-olds that havo
not won (1,800: allowances 1 six furlongs:
Ely Fox 117 I Don't Cl 107
Swango lit KUecn D 104
B to rni Queen 100 1
Sixth Bace Purs (S00 1 for maiden tbree-yearolds
and upward 1 weight A pounds above th scale; 1
tng allowanoes; six furlongs:
Ormont. ISO Motormsn ...10t
Ban Homme in eimonlan. 104
Bin 11S Klepper 104
Xlovarra ,..107 Klasewood., 104
Qreen Jacket. 107 Man sua ,.104
Std Jed 100 Eutortlda lot
lohaH o 104 Diana's Daughter 109
King Bon 104 Mahoney 109
Conej blaad (towards t Beert on Tbe
tTrlar Bonnlng.
Tho following despatch ho boon rocolved from
Assistant Secretary F. O. Hanlon ot tho Jockey
"Tho stewards of tho Coney Island Jockey
Club meeting will report to the stowards ot tho
Jockey Club in tho matter of tho running ot
The Friar nt tho mooting to be held at tho
Brighton Beach raco course on Tuesday, tho
lath Julr.''
On tbe Fort EHe Track.
Dorr Aio, July 18. With heavy going at tbeTort
Brie track to-day, th outsiders had tbe card to them
selves. Summary:
First Daoe Three-quarter ot a mile Will EUlcrtt,
111 (Jon), 4 to 1, won: L. B-, 109 (Nostrand). 8 to 1,
econd 1 Kinney, 103 (Randall), 0 to 0, third. Time,
Second Bace Four and a half furlongs. plantain,
100 (Powers), 10 to 1, won: CoUa Dean, 100 (hos
trend), Bi to i, second: Josephine K, 100 (Mltlburn),
to 1, third. Time, l:01s,
Third Bace 81x and a half furlongs. Stray Step,
108 (McOlone), 12 to 1, won; Friendship, 100 (Irving),
7 to 0, sooondi No Chance, 101 (Powers), SO to 1,
third. Time, l:27j.
Fourth Hoc One and an eighth mile. Dlyssee,
108 (Irving), 1 to 4, worn Old Sangu. 107 (MoOlons),
Otol, seoondi Louis It., 107 (Coyl), 7 to 1, third.
Time, S1O8.
Fifth Itaee Five and a half furlong. Fonts Canet,
103 (P. Avsns), 8 to 1, wont Lady Dorothy, 100 (Lrn
drum), 19 to 1, second 1 Kamur-AsakL 105 (Randall),
A toS, third. Time, U10j.
(lath Ilaee Six furlonirs. Belff. 100 (Kostrand),
10 to 1, wont Desnwood, IOS (Sheedy), 8 to 1, sec
ond: Alice W.. 108 War). 0 to f, third. Time,
Tvinnara at Ot. leola
Br. Lours, July 19. Th races at th Fair Ground
th1 afternoon resulted u follows:
First Bace One mil and a furlong lllnda, 104
(Fstcrmaa). 13 to 1, won; retsr I1U1. 104 (Dean). 4 to
1, second: Sumo, 109 (Fouoon), 10 to 1, third. Time,
Second Bace One mile. Ardath, 103 (Matthews),
0 to S, wont Hlnsrva, lot (Dean), 0 to 1, second 1 Jo
Hart. 104 (Fouron). It to 1, third. Time. H48.
Third Race Uleven-sUteentha ot a mile. aorrow,
107 (Slaughter). 3 to 0, won; Afra, 101 (St vena), 8
to 1, seoondi Saint AlfonautD, 104 (Lynch), 100 to
1, third. Time, 1:094.
Fourth Race One mile. Trilby, lot (Matthew), 0
to 2, won: Lelu Cuckoo, 89 (Stevens), 6 to 2. second;
fcarms, si) (Kltley), 4 to 1, third. Time, li48a.
Fifth Race Three-quarters ef a mils. Elsls Barnes,
04 (Coombs), 3 to , wonist. Augustine, 110 (IUiikey),
0 tot. second! Ferris Hart man. 107 (Slaughter), 0 to
1, third. Time. 1.10.
Sixth Bace One mllo. MadeUne, 104 (Oamer), 0 to
B. won: Attrada, V (Frost), 4 to 1. second) BelvadcB,
94 (Kltley), 4 to 1, third. Tlma, 1434.
Second Choice and Long Shota at Oakley.
CntccrxATi, July It Second eholoet and long shots
a winners marked the sport at Oakley to-day. The
samtn arias:
First Bace Five furlongs. Arcturu. 101 (Bloks), 4
to 1, worn Dan like, 104 (Kclff), 4 to 3, seoondi Fan
Faronade. 108 (Baochamp), 10 to 1, third. Time,
Second Race Seven furlong. Sal settsv 9S (D.
Blaughur), 00 to I, won; Harry u aloes, 93 (Huston),
Stol,scoud Muurplsoe, VS (Burns), 2 to 1, third.
Time, 1:31.
Third Row Five furlongs. LuoylL, 110 (Relff). 8
to 1, won; Einstein. 118 (Plggott). 1 to 8. second; Bob
Knight. 107 (Murphy). 30 to 1, third. Time. liOSc,.
Fourth Raoe One mile and seventy yards. Kl Tore
103 (Bvarett), 8 to 0, woe; Prosecutor. 103 (ItelR), 8
to 1, second; Prince ot India, 100 (Burns). I leg.
third. Tlma, litUV
Filth Usee Declared onT on account ot scratches.
Sixth lUoe Seven furlongs. What Next. 104 (Mtrrr
pby), 4 to 1, won: Mertl Reed, 98 (Everett), 12 to 1,
second) J. P. B, 100 (Morrison), 0 to 1, third. Tims,
Death r Bala.
RicrntorrD, Vo., July 12. Eolus, bay horse,
foaled in 1809, by Leamington Fanny Wash
ington, by Reronue, died at the Ellersllo Stud,
Overton, on last Friday. He was tho sire of
Kollst, St, Xavler, Knight of Ellorslle, Elkwood,
Eon, Dlabald. and Morrello. He was game to
tbo last, and died (tending on his feet. For
twenty years hu has not been seen to lie down
except to wallow.
Mew rm the Horse World.
Lexixotox, July 13. The Kentucky Association's
track wu told at auction to-day by order of the
Court. Oeorge W, Darnell, attorney for Charles
Uroen of St. Louis, wu the purchaser for (28.333.
The sals was to foreclose a mortgage tor (35,000 beld
byOreen. The course la one of th most noted In
America and his been In continuous operation for
seventy-one years. Louis Straus aad A. P. Stole, rep
resenting the second mottitag bondholders, arrived
just after th property wu kno:ked down. They will
ask th Court to Ml aside tbe sale.
Lawrekce Station. K I July 12. A large
number of well-known polo enthusiasts gathered
to-day on tho Hold of tho Itocknway Hunt Club,
at Cedarhuret, to witness tho second of the
series ot gomes for tho Ccdarhurst challenge
cup. The contestants wero the llrst teams of
tho Moadowbrook and Rockaway Hunt clubs.
The game was not only closo, but replete with
brlllfint and skilful plays. Tho Ilockaways
won by two goals. Tho teams and handicap
Meadowbrooks W, C. Eustls, B goals: Harry 11.
Vlngut, 4 August Belmont, 0: Benjamin NlooU, 7.
Total. 91 goals.
Rockaway W. A. Bar an), St F. O. Conovrr, Ti
Oeorge Myers, 4; Blcardo Francke. 4. Total, 17
Too handicap difference of four goals was al
lowed to the Ilockawa). In tho first period
tho Meadowbrooks hit tbree eonls. Two wero
made by Klcoll and ono by Kustls. Frank O.
Conover hit tbo only goal for tbo Ilockaways.
Tbe only goal in tbo second period was made by
Klcoll lot the Meadowbrooks. In the third pe
riod flvo goals wero made. Conover bit two
and Myers ono for tho Rockaway, and Knstl
and Kiuoll encb ono for the Meadowbrooks.
Tho total score was: Rockuway, 8; Meadow
brook, a William Anson was referee.
The six nights' billiard match, S00 points a
night, oven up, 14-Inch bulk line, between
Maurice Daly and Hugo Kcrkau, tho champion
of Germany, was started last night at Daly's
academy on Broadway. Right at tbe start of
the contest it wss apparent to tho exports that
the Oerman was in splendid form, and this wa
borne out by his good pla)lng later in tho even
ing, when his run of 70 points, consisting of a
cluster ot pretty draw and nurvo Bbot. drew
forth applause Daly was in tine trim, too, and.
although pushed hard by tbo (lerman, onoo or
twice, he managed to win out with a score of
800 to 208 for his opponent. Daly's hlgbest
runs were 02 and 61. whllo Korkau run up 70,
and early in the game gathorud In a bunch of 0U.
The Sapphire Club bald Its fourth annual outing
and gomes at North Beach yesUrJay. An Interesting
programme of athletic, sports made th outing a euo
cets. Summary follows 1
73-Yard Dun Won by Herman Wenman, Frank
Edmonds second, Julius Oartner third. Time, 0 2-3
100-Yard Duh Won by James racket, Aaron Wall
Moond, Audred Cronk third. Time, 18 8 3 seconds.
880-Yard Bun-Won by Fred Clinch. Frank Ed
monds second, Percy Oarety third. Tim, 24 8-3
4 40-Yard Run Won by Andrew Lias, JuoobBaylls
second. Herman Wenman third. Time, 1 minute
14 2 3 seconds.
Bao-Yaid llun Won by Jamre Packet. Milton New
wetter second, Audrsd Cronk third, lime, 3 minute
2-3 et-couds.
. Egg and Spoon Raoe, for Girls Won by Jibs Battle
Meyer, 11 Us bora Kent second, Ml" May C'ohu third.
back Haoe, for Pots Won by James Pocket, Jr.,
Frank Blake second. Charles Pratt third.
Tbr's-Lrgged Race Won by Jacob liaylls and Hot
man Wenman, Audred Cronk and uus Livingston sec
ond, Joseph Ludnlx and Frank I'rorser third.
Potato Ilaoe, for Boys Won by 1 rank Wake, Adolph
Newman second, Daniel Hamilton third.
Running High Jump Won by Percy Oartty, with 0
fee 1 1 Julius Gartner second, with 4 feet 7 Inches)
Ptr Fischer third, with 4 left Ot. Inches.
Running Broad Jump Won by (lus Livingston, with
10 test 10 Inchest Joseph Ludwlg second, with 10
feet S Inches; Andrew Lini third, with I feet,
Tug-oMVar Won by Audred Cronk, snehon Her
man Wenman. Frank frlmunds, Louis Meyer, and Ja
cob Baylls. Time. J rntnuu-a. Woo by 10 Incbea.
Throwing lb Baseball Won by Percy Oarety,
with 210 feet 1 Andrew Lius. second, with 203fet
Henry Hamilton, third, with 200 f set,
Holf-Mti Walk Won by Jullu Oartner, Frd
Clinch aeooad, Herman Wenman third. Time, 0
miauls 0 4-8 seconds,
.Prise Bowling Won by Herman Wamman, T(
Tsoob BayUs, 74Fraak Kdmonrta, W.
hose orroBirxoir to tjtjt x. . w.
Tho Xatlenjtl Cyel Track AwocUtlen Hay
nan Thing Without the Consent or the
league Best Veal WaUer Talks About Hi
ntesnatiaratlon-neme BeatM and Kotea.
Cycling has contributed another phraso to tho
already picturesque vocabulary of tho native
sportsman. Tho new term Is tho "blcyclo
blusb," which was sprung by a Coney Island
regular on Sunday after a careful study of the
bicyclist who flitted past tho cool veranda
cornor in whtoh he sot rocking, fanning nnd
refreshing himself by turns,
"Yor can't beat that," ho said. "I never
could swallow thoso yarns about tho hump, and
tho wrist and tho other trimmings that got
twisted by them cyolln" rooters,' but you can't
get away from that blusb. Jest look thom ovor.
Every ono on 'cm, kntcker or bloomer, haB a
comploxlon to beat tho hull push paddling alone:
tho beach. 'Taint sunburn. It might her been
that six wcok ago, but It' gone to tbo
roots now and It boat polished copper out
of eight. When I wns a kid I often
went away an' strotched on a dock, flsbln'
for two weeks straight to bring a color
baok to school with mo that would suggest a
travoller, or a pirate, or an Injun, or somothln'
else romantio, but the best I could evor do was
n crop ot frlxzled skin and freckle. But It
didn't ho v a w hoc), and I'm on to tho gamo now.
Thoro thoy go, every one broniod to boat a now
cigar sign, with tbo glow of health shlnln' out
through nature's paint llko a llko a livin
Hero tho philosopher paused to test the suction
ot two convenient straws, buthls hearers admit
ted tbat tho point was well taken. No better ad
vortlsomont of tho physical bonetlls of wheeling
can bo found than tbo looks of bicyclists. Indi
vidually and collectively, as they pedal to nnd
fro on tbo popular routes nowadays, literally
blooming lu tho tropical sun which Is wilting
their fellow cltlzons who trnvol on foot or rail.
They have all apparently passed tbostflgowbero
summer begins to rub Its stinging brush ovor
tho complexion, and they plunge along through
dust and glare without tuoro than a pitying
glance at the venders of fans and sunshudos
who invito their patrons?.
Frank Waller of Chicago, who flnlshod first in
tbe 100-mllo race at Manhattan Boach on Sat
urday, but was disqualified, was In town yes
terday. In talking with an olllclal ot the L. A.
V. over tbe result of the race, ho stated that bo
Intends to submit a protest to Chairman Mott
of the National Racing Board. It Is tbo gonorul
belief that bo will not rccelva any satisfaction
by taking such a (Up. His noooptnnce of pneo
in tho last mile, almost to tbo tapo. was dlroctly
contrary to the League rules, und whcolmon
conversant with the regulations of the B. A. V.
admit that Referco Pitman's action was lust.
To Trb Bon reporter yesterday I'ltmon said:
"My decision depriving Waller of first place
ha been declared an lnjuettoe. According to
the L, A. W. rules I was compelled to act as I
did. I fully appreciate tho fact that Waller
rode a great raoe, but ho has only himself and
his pacemaker to blame for disqualification,
when the men were paced by several riders for
the last mllo I warned the pacemakors to desist
when a little over a lap from tho Mulsh, and tboy
all retired except Becker. Tbe latter was called
to sovcral times, and the ofllolal announcer,
through bis megaphone, asked him to withdraw.
In tho face of all this he paced right along.
When It is considered that Booker is a member
of tho same team as Waller, his psclng to the
finish, notwithstanding tbs warnings, look sig
nificant. I do not see now any protest against
tho decision con alter tbe case.
At the meeting; of the National Cyclo Track
Association, held in this city on Saturday night,
the oblet topic of discussion was tbo falluroof
the track owner to secure sanctions for race
meets from the L. A. W. Racing Board. It is
well known that there is an element of discord
botween tbe L. A. w. racing legislators and tbo
Firomoters of tbo blp professional races. Tho
act that the National Cycle Track Association
would eventually take a hand in tho govern
ment of racing in this country was polntod out
In THE Sun when the Initial steps wore taken for
!he formation of tho organisation last spring, and
t is learned from an authoritative sourco that
next season tho association may decide to run
races independent of tbe control of the L. A. W.
A well-known cycler discusses tho future con
trol of racing a follows:
"It is woll known that the executive oOlcers
of tho L. A. W. are only lukewarm supporters
of raring under the Leaguo's Jurisdiction, and
their open boast that the department in no
wise adds to the strength ot the organization
show an inclination to sanction any movement
to remove the control of racing from tbe League.
Tbo rovolt of tho racing mc-mbcra In California,
which was characterized by League officials as
a f 00 hie attempt to run an Independent organiza
tion, bus developed into the formation ot n
strong association for tbo control of tbe general
cycling and racing interests in California. Tho
California Associated Cycling Clubs, which was
started several months ago, is now supremo on
the coast, and there is no reason why an nt
tompt to take tho racing control from tho
League throughout the country will not suc
ceed if properly managed.
"Of course officials in the organization will
naturally ridicule such a movement, but my ex
perience with racing men and L. A. W. control
convinces me that such a step is being con
templated. Professional oventa are now con
ducted honestly, and racing lu this class is the
groat drawing card. The cash-prize riders, bow
ever, are not recgnlzed by the L. A. Y ., and
consequently do not bear a very strong regard
for the Loaguo. In the event of an Independent
rnclng movement tho present riders could bo
counted upon to profess allegiance to tbe L. A. W.
until the new venture showed signs of success.
Then It will bo tho organization that offers tho
most remunerative purses thut will secure tbe
big riders.
A blcyclo parade will be held at Brooklyn to
morrow night under tbe auspices of the Asso
ciated Cycling Clubs, in which it Is expected
ovor a thousand riders will participate. The ob
ject of the parade is to eclobrate tho completion
of the asphalting of Leonard street. Tbe parade
will start from Orconpolnl avenuo and Leonard
street at 8 o'clock. The route will bo through
Loonard street, to Ueyward street, to Bedford
avenue, around the fountain, to the Orant
statue, and return.
Justlco Russell of tho Supreme Court has ap
pointed Frank Sullivan Smith ot 54 Wall Btrrct
receiver of tho property In this Stnto of tho
Worceator Cycle Manufacturing Company,
whose salesrooms are at 17 Murray street and
401 and 403 Boulevard, with factories nt
Mlddletown, Conn., nnd Worcester, Mass. Tho
application was mado bv John Byrne, who is a
creditor for $5,481, and owns tno shares of
(lock in the company. Smith's bond was tlxcd
at 910,000, Ho has already been nppolntod
receiver In New Jersey and Connecticut,
The Sheriff has been In possession ot
tbo assets in this city for tho past
six weeks on many attachment". The company
was incorporated In New Jersey in July, 16US,
with a capital stock of (fSOO.OOO. On Sent. 1.
ieoo,lt mado a mortgage to tho Central Trust
Company nB trustee for flOO,(K0 to socuro an
Issue ot bonds, of w blch M'JO.OOO Inn o been Is
sued and are outstanding. Default hns been
made on tbe Interest and foreclosure proceed
ings were recently commenced.
Tho liabilities of tho company are $600,000, ns
follows: Outstanding bonds, $320,000: due for
materials, 893,000: notes tor materials, rjl-l,-000;
notes for advances, 077,000; mortgages on
Slant at Worcestar, C-80,000; at Mlddletown,
85.000. The nominal nsscts are $503,000, con
elstlng of real chUIo ut Mldillctuwn to tho
amount of f 103,000: tools and mntcrlals there,
(125,000; real estato at Worcester, $200,000;
tools and materials there, $25,000; outstanding
accounts. $50,000.
TnBrtTON, July 12. Tho Press Cyders made
their century run to-day to Asbury Park and
return. There wero 112 stnrtors, but only thirty
finished, A heavy thunder shower struck tho
udvant e guard ulno miles from Trenton, and tbe
finishers camo through throo inches ot water in
According to the majority of opinions of the
delegates at the regular meeting of tboAssocl
ated Oyoling Clubs of New York, at tho Oriental
Hotel last night, brakes on bicycles are a nui
sance and without value. Honce tholr action In
passing a resolution Instructing tho Committee
on Rights and Legislation to appear at tlio meet
ing of the Bosrd of Aldermen to-dny und oppose
the proKsod ordinance which would compel ev
ery blcyclo In tbo city to be equlppod with a
Tho Race Committee's suggestions to tho
National Racing Bosrd wero Indorsod by tbo
meeting. They ask that clubs be allowed to pay
tho entry foes ot the riders, thu samo as col
leges; that raoe meet promoters bo allowed
to chooso all thilr own olUclalst that racing
men bo compelled to roglster ut least ten days
before riding under a club's colors, and not lo
ridofor any other club for ut least sixty days.
Tho committer) reporlod progress on Its century
run nnd coasting content, to be hold In August.
Tho profits of tbo MUlburn road raco wero
A lesolutlnu was passed rcquostlnp the Board
of City MiKlstrntes loiiut 11 Imo of ut IcnstlO
en scorchers, nnd tho Commit loo on ritruutn and
ltonils were instructed to request th') ofllcjuls to
light tbo Western Boulnvurd with tho now
lamps, which show the street and numbers.
Fred Keheurs. To ride from IheBrooklyu Bridge to
Kewburg, N. V., gu to Chambers street, to Wi at
Broadway, to iludsou atreet, to Klgbtli aveuue, to
Flfly-aluth sttvtt, and through Central Park 10 110th
street and Beveutu aveuue 1 continue to lldth
Unit, to St. h'lcholu avenue, to Tenth av.
enue, to the Klngshrldge road, to 181st
street, to tbe Washington bridge: crest the
bridge to Featherbed Isne to llaromb's Dvn rJad, t J
tbe Fordbam Landing road, to Bailey aveuue, to
Klugsbrblge; ro through Yoakers, lu the turuplke. t
Olcnwofd. Rulings. Dobbs Ferry, irvhigtou, aud
Tsrrylowu; ride to the ferry aud croM tbe rler to
hyack; continue tu West Nyaek, Nprlnj Valley,
Bameno, Tuxedo, Central Vally, Highland Mills,
Woodbury, Mountain llle, Cornwall, and N'ewburg.
Stanley II. Baoou. lu rldlug from Jersey CI I) to
(Joshsn, N. Y.. follow th Hudson County Boulevard
tu Newark plank road, to Newark; take Bioomudd
avenue toBloon eld, to Moutclalr. to the Valley
goad, taPaUrseo, to th eld Patarsoa read, to Uldgo-
f 3dy M-vi a- s---, -aarts-..
ftxtmfi(6of&t. jr5pcrrtmn'(i (Seo&$. By
$150, I
Selling at Present for $110. I
ZIMMERMAN, Tho Worid'- Champ.on, 1
rrrTSOUCITED, WHITES! "It Is undoubtedly th Ones! wheel that has ever been placed on the mark. A I
glance shows It to be superior to anything w have yt seen.
Oenerel Eastern Agent, .. , .. N.T.clty. M
Catalogue mailed on request. H
MEN'S lk
re are closing ont the balance ef ear OSO.OO
wheel at pao.oo. High Grade, aad wa WlU
ell at sight.
Divided effect la baclii perfect banging both
on and oft the wheel, will not slow ever the
Heavy Twill Cheviots, to order, ST. SO,
cotch Homespun, to order, 19,00.
Ifc Costumes and Outfits for every jjf
v kind of sport. Awr
m W
01-83 WEST SSD ST, Mf
mitiht riticiM ei? Cb
UVKIl orviuiKu. I I a'.
1 bsve just made the biggest deal in Bicycles ever
mads for spot cash. ......
Comnicnolng Monday. July IS, t wUl Mil a high
grade, f ull-slie, Kb-ln. wheel for
$17.49. LADIES' OR MEN'S. $17,491
Just thlnkl a complete Cycle for (17.491
Weldless steel tube, black or oolored ensmel.
Cash offers wautod on all uiy other stock: I wm
Mil regardless of com.
What I Tour Price On
Guide, 300.; World, 00c: Climax. Sl.tSi Beck, ITj-
gtculo Uaddle, tl.U Beok Racing, 1. 40: P. F,
1.40: Brown, (g.4Di Christy, r.70 foot pumps,
800.1 bells. 190. and 0e., ax.
no PAiut now, pit, post orrice.
Bring in your old wheel end we will make you a
liberal allowance In trade. .sm,eA
1897 RAMBLERS $88
1897 IDEALS 835 tO $75
(130-043 E10I1TU AV.. NEAR OSTH ST.. N.Y.
Lexington Cycle Co. downtown agents, 20 Vasay
U N. Y.
rpiItES, SO tialr, best '07s: mil warranty: free ro
wood, Underclirf, llobokus, Waldwlck, Allendale,
Ramsey's, Mahwab, and Hufferni continue through
Haruapo, Bloauburg, soutbrield, Monro. Oxford,
Ureycuurt, and Chestar to Goshen.
J, Kelly. 1 route from Newark to Coney Island
was published In Tun hex on July 10.
The New Jersey Division officer wlB hold their an
nual meeting at .SVw ark to-morrow night.
Klser. Cooper, an 1 Bald will meet at Betrolt on next
Saturday for a Sl.foo purse.
Tbe Oentury Wheelmen of this city bas a member
ship of 4U0.
A meeting of tho Race Committee of tbe Associated
C cling Clubs of New Jersey will be beld on Thursdsy
night at Newark to arrange details for the oentury
run to 1'bHadelphia ou July 31.
The raco m;el of the Hudson County Wheelmen, to
be beld on July 84, will be restricted to amateur
A party of member ot the Massachusetts Bicycle
Club w lu leave Boston on July 00 on a tour extend
tng through Connecticut, hew Jersey and Pennsyl
vania. Tne tourists will be In cliargo of Capt. Peck,
and k 111 attend the L. A. W. meet at l'htlsdelplda.
Buret and Klvlerre. tho noted long distance riders,
will mrtt In a twenty four-hour race at the Wood
Orcen track, near Loudon, on July 17.
Otto Z.lgler, the California racer, contemplate vis
iting Australia in the fall to ra.xj. The fact that he It
not recognised by the L. A. W. may debar blm from
comi etttiun In that country.
There U some talk ot the wheelmen In Oregon form
ing a branch of tbo Associated Cycling Clubs ot Cali
fornia and abandoning allegiance to tbe L. A- W. In
racing ruattera.
Arrangements are being mad for a match race be
tween xtertena aud Mlohael.
The management of tbe Waltham track, outald ot
Boston, Is arranging to hold a 100-mlla race there
noxt month.
J. riatt-Brtta, the English champion, has received
an offer to visit this country to race. It Is expected
that he will accept.
Jimmy Michael will ride at Manhattan Beach on
Aug. 21. Ho will meet the winner ot tbe Titus-Star-buck
There was a throne of players on the links of
tho Scabriffht Golf Club, on Saturday, to com-
peto in tbe first match for the July cup. Tho
cards handed in follow:
Ouf. is. Qron.2reap.Ktt.
Bobert D. Oraham 41 43 88 18 711
A.W.Black 43 6300 18 7a
A.O. bpaldlng 4H VI 100 ti 73
F. A.l'ott 30 Btt V3 14 70
rw. Ulll Wylle 43 4i 88 ID 61
J. P. Kflloc-g 43 D4 US 10 88
II T. Knotlund 40 BO 00 0 64
WluUiropMc'Klm DJ 63114 87 67
J. II. lllioadw,Jr 01 00 111 S3 60
C. L. Kalbrlelsch b4 05100 IS 91
A. II. 1'orter 43 60 00 a 01
W. H, Doadby 61 00111 18 S3
W. W Ilopptn 67 47114 SO 04
J. V. Keruooban OJ 67100 14 US
I. N. Boligman SO 60110 14 00
F.J.Stlmson 6J OS 1(10 to ea
William E. fctrong 00 01-183 87 08
.Walter Watson. Jr 61 60110 8 107
Albert bymlngton 47 72-110 11 103
NOTTLS'onAM, July 12. The Amorlcan crick
eters cave a creat exhibition ot batting1 in tbo
game with tbo Notts county team to-day, 0, 8.
l'atterson and A. M. Wood scorod 102 runs be
twecn them. Wood just not a hundred, but
Patterson remained ot tbo wickets until tbo
close of tbo day's play, by which time his score
had udvitnccd In 137. Tbototulfor tbo inning-,
with only six men out, wus UUO, Tho score:
A. M.Wood, st. Pike, b. Jones 100
B. M. Cregar. b Uuttrldge 0
J, A. I.eattr, 1. b. w , b. Uuttrldge i
O. 8. Patterson, not out 107
J.B King. e. Pike, b bbaw go
F. II. lluliliMi, c and b. Jouea el
C. CouKa, b Ouuu 4
Extras 18
Total 060
rulludelphla 10, 14, 800, 60, 046, 360.
Cricket Notes.
Tbe cricket team ot tbe steamship Teutonlo put op
a good gams against the teteranaof th Manhattan
u, O, eattrdaj al Prosjioct Park, but aurirred defeat
by a aeure of 0.1 to 3u, J, Pool batted In tine form for
the sailors, contributing seventeen. The Manhattan
t sl six irk. Is (or six runs, but they kept their beat
men until tbe lait, II Tattersall and T.J, O'Reilly
gut together and easily surpassed lb visitors' total,
Tattt rsall made tlilrlj -four before ho retired. O'Heil
ly added twrut) -two. aud then W. Burrow cam In
and hit out In good atyle for fifteen.
Yacbtluc Mew Drom City Island.
City Island, July 12. Tho following; yacht
passed hero bound east:
Steamers Otralds, E. B. Renwloki Reooso, B. B.
MeUrrgon Calypso, A, L. Baber; Orients, E, B,
I.aiU-wi Aluiy, Frederick Oallatlni Evelyn, J, it,
liegeman, Jr.i Llula, Walter 'Luttgon; Ncarla, Com,
Inuttore Charles A. llould
bltHips rprl.e. Jamas Balrd.
Tho followliiK passod west:
btruruers Uuocaneer, Vice Commodore William R.
lltar.l; Warhusett, Fran.'U T. Holderi Emellne,
tti-pluu W. Uoichi Cosette, C A latum i Pun 1 sub,
Irederbk L. 11. lluury, Orypbon, U. 1). Miller:
Uloti.F. H.Beuodlot. '
Tho sloop Vision, Mark Hartloy, left horo for
tho onstward, Tbo steam yacht Altbea, T. Kd
win Wurd, camu to anchor here from New York.
Tbe Bchooncr Viator, A. J. lloruun, oame to
anchor from Lnrchmont.
is tbe medical term for redness of tbs ncae and face.
Dermatologist John II. Woodbury, 17 w, IVd St.,
N, Y cures It. Consultation free. Term moderate.
Send lun. for Beauty Book aud sample ot either
Woodbury's Facial boap or Facial Cream.
t tHfrTf. . --Jr-A;Vstxai-aiI
W)'))t)4 I
; J897 MODELS,
;!iss ca.sE3:
. $80.00 XIBT), i , g
j ; rrxxn one team's ouahaxteb. I
'. ', cazz on vrnixB j
II E. G. P. CO., I
29 BROADWAY, N. Y. ;;
1 ' SaUtroon Open JU'eno'ot Evntng '
; Until 9 o'clock.
I 1101 12-1 14-1 1 6 Nassau at., n'r Ann. ',
, ' Lanrest Dealers In Cycles In th World. ' ,
' EXAMINE GOODS. Prior Leu than Auctions. . '
: ALA rw uoom.
' k BHOOi 1,000 Oennlne ELMOBES, OOT.OOi
' , KOQBTS. 0.0O. , ' fl
' , M'f d by CRAWFORD Mfg. Co. Their suarant. , ' '
', 600 0100 nERALDB, LADIES' or HBNTJ, ,
, 9HO.SOI 600 FATBI0TCLE8, OIO.SO. , r
, All new Bleyele. gully cnaranteeSL ,
100 second-hand Bicycles, aU makes, Oo up.
ucnAi n pn iio-ii-u4-n nassad bt. ,
T ntnALU l)Ui Basement, near Ann. ,
" iao pattsbS ' !
Crawford Bicycles.
Men's and Women's fresh, sew wheel, jest from
tory. with 1607 tire and guaranteed one Jtu,
Terms cash only,
! Ll
Can now get on wheels, old or new,
(Operates by a turn of tb. Urtp).
Can or writ, for particulars.
ago Broadway. N. T.
Crescent Cycles
saa Bt. nnd Exlnst.n Ava.
I ,, , , a '
Almost o Rlt at tne EUnsslde.
Trot, July 12. Tho openinrr of tho Empire ,
C. nt Blcyclo Bait to-nlcht was attended by 2,000
parsons and wound up in scenes of wild disor
der. It wo In the eighth round of tbe final
event between Harry Potersen of England and
"Muldoon's Pickaninny." When tho latter struck
Potersen a foot blow during' a clinch, Petersen
remonstrated and so did tho spectator in the
wildest manner. Then Dave Sullivan threw
water on tho "Pickaninny." This caused
another uproar, which broadened to almost a
riot. When the colored man acrain fouled Peter
sen the police jumped among tbe struggling,
yelping', swearing spectators around tbe ring
side, and for a fow moments it looked a if blood
would be shed. Finally tho disturbance was
quelled and the fighters withdrew.
In the preliminaries Oscar Gardner, the
"Omaha Kid," and Jack Hamilton of Syrara.o
fought twelve rounds to n draw. James Gorman
and Eddie Berne, two local pugilists, fought
five rounds, Gorman put Berne oat with ease.
Crtfro and dealer Boa a Ban. da.
PniLADSLPBiA, July 12. Young- Grlflo and
Owen Zleulcr met in a six-round bout at tb.
Winter Circus, the headquarters ot tho Quaker
City Athletlo Club, to-night- Zlegler wa in the
pink of condition, while Qriffo was bog fst.
Zlegler opened up the contest with savage
rushes, but GrlfFo's cleverness stood him in
stood stead, and tho local man could not land
effectively. Zlegler soon tired with his
hard work, and Grlffo was all over him. In
the fourth round Grlffo fairly played with Zleg
ler, sending his left time and again on Zlegler s
noee, which bled profusely. In the sixth zleg
ler tried to make a grand stand finish. Ha
rushed Grlffo all over tho ring, but could not
land a hard blow, and the round ended in
ariHo's favor.
CjMSlp or tn. Etlag.
Johnny Mnrpby yesterday Issued a challenge to
meet any 116 or lie-pound man In the business.
Joe Oaa. and Bobby Dobbs have Den matensd to
box twenty rounds at Bcrantoa on next Saturday
Mike UcManut and Larry Burns are to box before
a club at Albany on July SO. They wlU clash far
twenty rounds
Johnny Oat of the South Beach A. O. said ytr
dty that hs would give a good .lied puna for a
match between Bammy Kelly and any good 116
pound man.
It was rumored yesterday that tbe Palace A. 0.
would soon resume business, but It was stated that
BlUy Brady would not lu any way be Identified wi
th organisation,
Joe Bernstein ha another engagement on hand. Be
wa matched yesterday to box Jack O'Donnell before
th Waverly A. C. of Vonkert on Julys'!!. Tbe con
test is for twenty rounds.
Kid MePartland and Jack Everhardt, It Is ssld, bave
agreed to Sght in th South torn tiro next month.
Everhardt also want to meet Kid Lavlgne and sev
eral other ambitious lightweights.
Johnny Van Hteat has received an offer to go to 1
England. II says ha will accept if be 1 auocessful
In bis contest with Oeorge Stout, which U to be de
cided at Columbus, O, this month.
BBly Pllinruer Is talking of visiting America again.
Billy wa to bave sailed with Dan Crerdon, but
owing to th dubious aspoot of pugilism at present on
this side of the water, he concluded to abandon th.
trip for at least a few months.
The match between Jack MrAullffo and Ja-k Burke,
which wu to have beou decided In tbe South, has
been declared off Stanton Abbott ha been aubrtt
tuusd f or Me Aulirf The newt that Burke and Ab
bott are to fight for a $3,000 purs. 1 not taken seri
ously by th sports hereabout..
Jim Watts of Louisville, who fought Joe Waloott a
draw rocently, hat arrived at Clnolnnatl. Watu says
be will return East In a fw week and tie ready to
Sght any welterweight, lie prefer a oontest with
Tommy West. Tbe latter I prepared to meet Watts,
but cannot Sght until next September.
The announcement mado In The Sot about a month
ago that Peter Maher and Torn Sharkey would Dght
Sudor the auspice ot Dan Stuart was verified yester
ay, W. K. Wneelock, Stuart' right bower, is now
ou his way to 'Frtsoo to make preparations t j bold
the contest at Canon city next fall. Whcslock may
also bid for the MoOoy-Omdoa battle If one it arranged.
How tb. Jolly Tars or the Atlantlo Yacht Club
Wuast Up Their Cruise.
GnKExroRT, July l'J. Tho Atlantlo Yacht
Club' cruise wa flnlshod in Dooring's harbor
this afternoon. A wild and turbulent sea
wolcomod the daring- of tbe tawny crews, natty '
launches, and athletlo swimmers, who took part
in tbo exciting exorcise. The entlr fleet of
yachts, gnyly bodeckod with flogs and bunting,
formed a half circle of ample sire, and within
this space the trials took place. Tbe winners of
first and record prises, a recorded from tbo
deck ot tbe Uachum, were:
Two-Oared Olgs First prts, Illawarrai second,
Launches-First price. Marietta; second. Bachem,
Mughles First prise, Amorttai second. Marietta
Four-Oartai Otgs Nsebem Snlshed first aud Coloula
aecond. A protest enured and the rao undecided
Tu Arnorlta's crew was handicapped, owing to lbs
ruddor being unihlpped soon after the start.
Swimming First price, PrlsolUa: sroond, Viola.
Tub Icaoe Flral prise, Coloula; aecond, Amorlta.
The fleet wUl disband to-morrow uiorulng Imme
diately after colors, which will be ordered al
3Jhf Curf.

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