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K ?K
Lmt .? mm zouiariLzxs oo to fixoes
JH 'Hk refore rarnie'b flayers.
'IK V,'B? Mmln rrsvaata the !ew Yorks Mm IMaylag at
LaaaR '"Mf C'lerslasi, bat th BmIoii ana Cincinnati
' B TaVir Jbraillaeaacl and Iafevensl Valuable
tK 1K rolaU-Otbcr Baseball News ana Usurp.
', jK, S'.LK Although tho rnln provontcd tha Now Yorks
K' J Hp- from playing their scheduled Kama nt Cleveland
HH ;. K'? f osUrday, It did not pravoni thorn from gaining
'B JBJV' pr too leaders. Tho Motion were for tho second
vB aLv l'mo outplayed by tho reorganised St. Louis
;9B ijR tallonders and lost 0 points. Tho Cincinnati
saaHl ?"!?' drooped a cloto contest to tho Chlcagos and
BssaV- ' bbV Cam bock to a tlo with tho Daltlnioros for soo-
K J B. ond place. Consequently the llostons load tho
" B ' Bl New Yorks by 88 points, which ta not an Injur-
"BS1 f B4 rnountablo advantage, and oro only 30 points
' Bnt S E- ahead of tho Iteds and champions. Tho Brook-
BBIari W$ lyns won In hollow stylo at Louisville, which
il W enabled tho Chlcagos to clinch alghtb place.
S fc la,n Prarentod tha l'hlladelphlas from tackling
jr K' pie Plttsburgs at tho Smoky City. Tho results:
J,K Brooklyn. Ut Louisville..
Wf Chicago, 4 1 Cincinnati, 8.
' bK b'- Louis, 8 Boston, 8.
, BsVsi K Cleveland-Rota.
vjBK jK At Plttsburg-Rsln.
r SSSSoV isWi "' Per
i mWMk i mfi Club. tton.Liut.Ctnt. Claes. Won.Lott.Cmt.
' aTsnTsK B Boston. 03 84 .etM Pittsburg.... ,8S 40 .497
ijYgassV '.!.' 6oltlmor....4B SO .848 Cblosgo BR 44 .400
flmmW '. mW Ctnclanotl....4l 88 .040 LoulavlU....BB 40 ,488
'ILTgasK ,')& MwTork....40 SO .800 Brooklyn.. ..83 44 .488
ilgasK :K,: Cleveland.. ..4 4 .338 Washington. .88 4 .887
;K IflF Falleaslnhlo.SS 43 .478 St. Louis 10 BO .141
Bsw liBE LoutsmLLH, July 87. Matrea lost control In
tH EgKT toe nltb Inning arid yielded lfl runs of! ten hits
VK cH I? two Innings. Kennedy pitched flna bail all
jB ',WK'i too way through. Tha score:
rfgB S ?'.' sxoosxvx. losbtills.
JsassaK ftKV E.la.r.oi.. a.ia.r.o.A.s.
Jg? :'f,WX arimn.cf..8 3 0 1 0 Clariu.lt.... 0 0 4 0 1
.K lfiBp Jboes. rf.... 1 II 0 6 Stafford, si.. 0 a 8 8 0
V sTssssW l K Anderson. IM 1 8 0 1 UoOreery, rt.l 1 0 0 0
aaosK' ' s iauala. 8..l 13 1 0 Wsnsr.er..O 0 111
- mTB i sK Lacnaaoa,lb.S S 0 0 0 ATsnlsn, lb..O 0 110
'YaT-VaTB ? BhooH. VU...1 0 0 3 0 Duller, c 0 0 1 0 0
;, iB vf.- Sitra. e a voo o WUMU.0....0 o a o o
-lK -'bTK KnnidT.p..O a 0 1 0 Dolui. b....O 0 4 4 8
r nTsB 3-rafi? O.Smltb4a..l 8 5 a 1 Ollnnm'n.8b.l 1 1 a 0
: aTsB t. K, Mane, j.....0 10 11
BBj ,'!" TotaU....1418 27 9 Hlllar, p 0 0 0 0 0
'BBj fj Totals ."a Tamil's
I'BltE BraolOrn 0 0 0 0 7 8 0 0 814
'ASftfly,, LwSriue o oooiosoi8
KiailK BaaMdroas Brooklyn, 3. Flnt basa on errors
' 'STssBVi ,vk' Brooklyn, BiLaaUTllle, 1. Lslton bases Orooklrn.
-.:"" im aiLoufarilU, 4. Two-baa bit Laobanoe, UnmUo-
'. asHp ? "? Oreanr. noma run Sblndls. Baertdce bit Jones.
!, jK' n A Double plays Dolan (unuslstel)i Dolan, 8Ufford
. K ) nt sad Warden. Stolen bases Bbtndle, andenon.
V sssssl'' f Btruck out By lUle, 1 ; by llUler, 1 1 by Kennedy, s.
faTaTsS' 1 i-' Bit by pltcber-Andenan. rint bus on balls OS
K V & McGaa. Staff Killer, lioa Kennedy, . Passed baU
eTsTsB; 1 Ortm. It Wilson, 8. Tims hours and VI minutes.
1, BK ': Utaplrs nuat. Attandanoa 1,000.
'BBI s" Oi CanoAOO.Julja7. BUI STeriUknooked the baU lata
' bV J J be Held seats (or a home run In the tenth Inning, wm-
y s ik nmgtaagame. tbssoon:
immf, v? cmoxoo. caomMTt.
"t' ? B.la.r.o.a.B. .la.r.o.A.a.
,K' ?' Urartts, Sb..S 8 8 3 0 Burke.lt..... 1 0 8 0 0
rkBBKC fe Dablen, SS...1 0 8 4 0 Iloy. ct 1 8 8 0 0
: LmrnWi S Lange.ct....l 8 4 0 0 Corcoran. 8b. 1 118 0
-, ssssH Anson. lb...O 0 10 1 0 Irwin. 8b.... 0 8 18 1
'asssK fe Ryan.i 0 8 8 1 0 nolllday, rf ..0 o 0 0 0
JsssssV i. !' tnaratoa.ir.0 0 10 1 Miller, rt....O 18 0 0
-i H p Connor, tb..0 O 4 S 0 Vaurbn, lb..O 1 18 0 1
i BasV Uv Csllahan. p..O 0 0 8 0 nitoble, ss.,.0 a 0 1
rssssK i '4 Kltwage. a.O 0 8 1 0 Pelts, a 0 Olio
(HI ?, Rhine. P....0 10 8 1
LbbssWbS ("' Totals.... 4 6 30 18 1
BKK 'j Totals S10713 a
J' HH p ewtnnlngrunmadawltbnooneoui.
BMvK il Bblcaca 3 00000000 14
:tKH ?i fclaa... 0 00100080 03
VIBE'S? Cu Earned run Cbleaeo. First base by errors Chi-
lKK''.K S (SCO. 4. Lett on t CbJoago. S; Olnolnnatl. n.
BXsB hrst base en ball-oa CUlaban. 8 off Bnl nee. 8.
fs;slT' i' Itmckoat By Callahan, si byBhlnes, 1. Home run
IfafBSi :; A .-Brerltt. Two-bua mu Ilyan, MlUsr. Lanse. Stolen
t-BKG -rt kss Brerltt. Lang. Uyan. Double plsjs Oor-
faVlK ! ;' raxan. Bitchle. and Vaughn; ZrerlU. Connor, and
THH 1 Una. Paeeed ball Pelts. Umpire sherMan. Tims
lWK k X "1 ho ' sad 83 minutes. Attendance 8,000.
KBfl & S ST. LODO. 0; B03TOS, 8.
K '; "," Dr. Loots, July 87. The Brawns wan their sceond
K$ V lonseeutlTO nctory rrom the Bostons this afternoon,
','Jalalalalalalm t ntplarlng the leaders In the League race both at the
tK? " P sal In tha Held. The score:
BK ii a.la.r.o. lr.ai.su
BBaK ; ft Doturlas, rf..O 110 0 Hamilton, cf.o 13 0 0
BK i -.' narley, ...l 14 0 0 Tesaey, lb..O 0 7 10
'bmk' ' i Hartmaa.Sb.1 18 8 0 Alien, as 0 0 s s 0
BBBm ( U Qrady.lb. I 1 11 1 0 Duffy, If 1 8 8 0 0
BC i ' LiUjr.lt 3 11 8 Bta hi, rf 0 18 0 0
.'TsTsBF .. IlaUan. 2-0 13 4 0 Oolllns. 8b...0 18 8 0
-'BBli' 'Wk Croaa, 0 8 8 3 0 Lowe. 8b.... O 0 8 8 1
,si tWl llurphy, O...0 0 8 10 Bergen. O....0 0 0 0 0
BH ill" umn, p 0 10 4 0 Lrwls. D.....1 10 8 1
BBflK- PK Lake 0 0 111
BBBf'F. Totals-.... S 12 7 HI 8
BBti-7 Totals. 8 0 84 111 3
g K.' g ( attod for Lewis In the ninth Inning.
fro fiBT Boston 0 0 n 1 1 0 0 0 08
BBK'MB2:'' at. Louis 0 0081100 ,.0
BKl K." Earned ran 3t- Louis. Two-base hit Lally. Tbree-
gfaVlL ? base bit Ilartman. Btolen bases Lally, Uart, Lewis.
Bb jTrfl Double plays Colltna and Tenney; Lally. nallman.
E" sMn" ana Oraayitlnrt, Oroes, and Orady. Flnt base on
Bf ?-; ball OB art, Oipff Lewis, 1. Btruck out Dr Hart,
flVlVlVaaBVA t if 8. Time X hour and B0 minutes. Umpire jfoFar
BBK' 3 us
IHUP, , 1 Atlantte lagme.
BEk . it " soaroix.
HK iy ' n.
Bc'B. i Horfoik. 0 ooooioao o a s a
BflPlc Patarson 0 00000008 03 1
BK ' K Batteries BTewton and Snyder; Jones and Toubey.
sLK K' " rroao m t oiks.
HHsr Br? sV1 a. n. x.
BBV ' Reading 0 8 0 0 0 8 0 0 0 0 8 1
BBr-B' : J' llartford 8 0 0 0 0 0 0 8 04 0 4
!.? I ' Batteries nerndon and Beydoa; Fry and Beach.
HrKi F ?' axcoxD ai
lsP m. naitford 0 0 0 10 0 18 04 "a i
Kc -S adlng 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 X 11 1
BMhBM 'Wt Bat terlea aastnght and Eoaon; Amele and
HbM !: 'Is eJU-
BLBav Kc m AT luanl0,n m st amx.
KCIK S Blolunond 4 0 8 0 0 0 0 0 07 11 8
E'' IK' Bf Lanetor. 0 0 0 10 0 18 04 11 1
TiP neons or
r Kr Hv a. B. K.
v-B?Bi P bmond. 0 0 10 0 0 0 0 01 8 8
B'E'w I tar 0 0 8 0 0 0 0 8 01 8 3
Bl Me Kf Saetern Lmisb.
aE Er MLv. ax KOKTU
BE ; Bi, Bf s.
KsK' KontrsaL. 4 0 0 0 1 0 B 0 818 13 8
B F '' 8 aaton. 0 41080011 8 18 4
Kv Ur B Batterlea Becker and O'.Vell 1 Wtlner and Boyd.
bbH'' aP B !Vew Rngland League.
BSsV mW mvl At r'd Hirer-Fall nirer, 8; Pawtucket, 8.
BmIK P'. BC At Brockton Brockton, 4; Taunton, 3.
BK m? bV'h ' A i"'ew B,d'0rd Newport, IB; Now Bedford, 0.
ssK KilV otber Games.
B'K''B iT "UIl0! sraraas.
H';sVvtK Genuine Cuban Qlanu.8 0 8 0 0 4 10 010
H&i Vt- Hr Sharon Springs 0 0 0 8 0 8 0 1 10
'' V Ik. Uaaeball tJauiea TeDay.
l Wi SK- UT10X. IJL1U0S aIi A1UKIC I -1OCI1TI0X.
B sVl Kew Tork at Cl'Teland; Brooklyn at Loulsrlllei
ssE) Er Boston at 8t. Louis; Philadelphia at PltUburgi Cln'
Bff K, etnnatl at Utilcaoj Baltimore at Was ngton.
sr '; "'' KTzaii uuauE.
BsP1 i t Beranton at Montreal: WiUesbarre at Byracusei
MJ-j 1 r aprtagflald at Toronto; Prorldenoe at Buf Talo.
BKfi 9, ' ATUjrria lkaous.
B n ' Newsrk at ruiadelphlat Peterson at Horfoik 1
BBP:' Us 1 Beading at llartford ; Lancaster at lUobmond.
E". Uit K oiuxn aiau.
Br'';B' ' II array nUTs.Domttcj at Far Boakaway.
HhpX $ A Decision by President Teung.
BhK'BJ & Many persons haTa written letters to TncBcN
BBiBI' ' asklug which la tho regularly BchoduUd and
j Which Is the postponod gamo when two games
? n0 plsyod on tho same afternoon. President N.
ss7 K-'W .Young of tho National Lesguo decides tho
Bi' W question dollnltoly us follows:
LLE- bk ft "Tho first garuo of two played lnonoafter-
B Bh ! noon Is tho regular schrdulod gamo for that
mmmv( mV ' onto. Tlio roauon Is that It Is poaslble, and has
Bt& BK "' happened, that thli contest Is prolonged so late
? B- A Pa " ' Imposslblo to piny tho second game, or
mmmf-ffm''- i It uiny be preventod from other onuses. In nnr
swUtt 'M event. It Is not pocslmo for it jiostponcd guino lo
UKDihmVt p tnko tho plaoo of u rogulnr gniue on a schodulod
BfK' - date; therefore It Is ruled that the Ilrsl gamo la
BK S the onoschoUulrd for tlmt date, mid. If Ills pos-
BraJKr k Bible to play unolher, It Is tho postponed one."
K" 'gt, 1.-, B6W Verba llaie ritellm Heslnn and al(t-
K Bfj more on tbe Wrstern Trip,
m W The last Western trip of the National League's
Bk V ', Eastern tcums will end to-day, Even should tha
' sftt W Now Yorks Ioho at Clevoland thlB afternoon
Vr I?' B'-J' thoy will como homo with a hotter record than
mW', Hi either lloston nr Dultimoro, To date they havo
K ; 3 played elgnluou games, of which cloven have
B; . M becn victories. 'Ihoy started oir by winning
K VB thrco straight in PltUburg and then went to
B;,' Bt Cincinnati, where they lost two out 0? three.
BsW K' Intholr series with tho Loiilsvllles they won
KV -B ' tM0 out ot "vo an,) then captured threo strslght
BsT' mW- I from BU Louis. In Chicago Joyce's men dropped
Mm'-'i mX h Jwo ?ut ot. throe, and thoy have already cap-
B; mp r turpi ona of the games from the Clevelands.
BsF Hk j 'ho Ilaltlmores have nlrendy completed their
mWf;-' Mi ', trip. They played eighteen games In nil and
sB B !," ,t0" i tlieni. They lost three stralabt to
WK'l B- " Llnilnimll, broke oveu on two games in Louis
BC Bf '' IHo, capturrdlhrco straight In rit, Louie, on
B m 1 two and lost two Id Chicago, took two out of
'4 s r three from tho Clevelands, and broke even on
MM'- K I four games In I'ltUbuw.
UWk ?' ' The Doston's trip has been anything but euc-
mml K i cessiul according to tbe expectations of their
Bf- M folbb-fsrs. They have ono gamo yet to play In
B m i r " ' l "
IHbIbI "
BB l bS. ., ?'J','lfJlJL?yyl Tytouyvia. VU? rt
? '
Bt Lonls to-day. bat tip to date ther hare Wik
TlotoTlouslnonlr eight out of eighteen games.
They opened with three ooneecnuvo defeats In
Chicago, won one out of three In Clovalnnd,
took two out of three lu Pittsburg, then went
to Olnolnnatl and scored three Tlotorlos In
four games, captured two out of threo In Louis
ville, and havo already lost two straight in tit.
Tho Washington! havo ondod their trip with
7 victories and II! doleats; the Phll&delphlas,
with two games to piny In Pittsburg to-day,
havo won 0 nnd lost 8, wbllo tho Drooklyns.
with ono moro game In Louisville, havo won a
and lost 1
naaeball Ifeteo.
L. B. r..-No. 1 1 Tine street, this city.
llanlon has returned Pitcher Blackburn to the Tsiaa
Manager Joyss of tha Hew Tork Club has released
"Vale" Murphy.
Pitcher Cuppy of the Clevelands says that his arm
goes wrong erery third year.
Shortetop Bhugari, formerly of several League
teams, has beep secured by tbe Philadelphia Club,
President Young has been trying to sooure the Now
England League's star umpire, Connolly, without
Duheny uf the N ew Yorks Is at his borne In North
Held, Vt.. where he Is keeping In shape by pitching
for country teams thereabouts.
Hoffmelster, Pittsburg's new third baseman. Is a
"Ond," from all aooounts. Us uses a bat so hoary
that his fellow players cannot swing It.
Fred Pfeffer recently asked President Young for a
position on the umpire staff. It received tbe Infor
mation that he would bare to serve in a minor league
The present good work ot the St. Louis team U
chiefly doe to the excellent management of Billy Hall,
man, wbo was released by the Philadelphia Club as
"no good."
Umpire Linen will resume his old position on the
Leaguo staff lu a week or so. lie says the heavy chest
firote'tor which bo has worn for years under his
ackit has afTt jleJ bis health.
A ben. fit game will be played on the Philadelphia
tall grounds on Aug. V, the entire proceeds to 10 to
tho veteran pitcher, Bobby Uatthewa, who Ilea criti
cally 111 In a Baltimore asylum.
Pitcher Nichols ot the Bostons complains of rheu
matism In his arm, and Xanager Selee will allow him
tores taMt. If be should be disabled. Boston's pen
nant chances would quickly vanish.
Pittsburg- people are beginning to realise that nan
ion sol the long end of tha Btenael-Brodle-DcnneUy
deal. Brodls's arm has given out and Donnelly baa
been guilty of violating tbe Pltburg Club's rule.
Btensel meanwhile Is playing wonderful ball for lbs
The defeats recently administered hy the Bostons
to the CtnolnnatU killed Ewlng'e pennant hopes, so
they say In the West, for Buck's men do not ezpeot to
make a hard finish during their coming Eastern trip.
If this turns cut to bo so tbe Dint tor the pennant
will narrow down 'to Boston, Baltimore, and New
York. If Joyce's men do not land flnt they will at
least have a chance, for second and Temple Csp
Want ta Play Uamos.
The Young Blver sides averaging 18 years, would
like to arrange games with teams or players of tbe
same age. Address Henry Elmmer, Captain, 78 East
103th street.
The Diamond Baseball Club would like to arrango
games with slubs whose players average from 18 to
10 years; Bunday and holiday games only. Address
n. -cOonlgle, 370 Broadway.
Tbe Elisabeth Volunteers have Jnly 31, Aug. 7, and
Aug. 14 open, and would like to book games with
first class dubs offering suitable Inducements. Ad
dress F. Bennett, manager, 108 Broad street, KlUa
beth. N. J.
The Marlon A. a ot Jersey City would like to ar
range Sunday came with out-of-town teams, uni
formed, whose players average 17 or 18 years. Ad.
drees T.J. bnrder. 403 summit avenue, or Joseph 1L
Brown, 81 Olles avenue, Jersey City.
The St. John's College team wants to fill tbe follow
ing dates with first-class teams offering a suitable
Juarantes: July 81, Aug. 1, 7. 8. 10, 8J, Sis, at. Sept.
, 8 and s (two games). Oot-oMown teams preferred.
Address Harry B, Meyers, 100 Lewis avenue, Brooklyn.
The Monitor Baseball Club's reorganised team would
be plesaed to book games with teams wbose players
average from 18 to 80 years for Saturdays and Sun
days. The open dates are Acs. 1, 7, 14, SI, 88. 28
and 80. Tbe Monitors will play all Saturday games
on their own (rounds. Address Oeorge A. Devoe.
874 Broadway, Brooklyn.
I such of the Koetrcl Stepped by ss Oals and
Heavy Beau
J. B. Mills's cutter yacht Kestrel was not
launched yesterday from Wood's yard at City
Island, as was expected, owing to tho southeast
erly galo and heavy sea that broko on the beach
with a noise like thundor. Sho will, however,
go Into tha water before next Monday, as her
owner has signified his Intention of cruising lo
the eastward with tho New York Yacht Club.
As she rests on her cradle within a few feet of
the high-water mark sho certainly looks like a
powerful craft. Her lines forward of tho mid
ship section are noticeably fuller than thoso of
tboSrco; as a matter ot fact she has no defined
forefoot, but rounds up at the wator lino similar
toQeorga Hill's Akista. The similarity bctfVcen
these two boats, howevor, ends with the linos of
entrance, the lino of her bow being similar to
the Defender, and rising with a graceful sweep
to the knlghthesds. Her midship soctlon Is also
similar to tho champion DO-footer, and her run Is
clean and easy.the lines being carried out straight
to the end of her long counter that ends in a small
transom stern, on which her namoand balling
port is affixed In gold letters. She is flush-decked,
with companion" ay and two skylights, and
stoers with a tiller.
Tho Kestrel looks smaller than tho Syce, In
fact will measure somewhat less than Fred
Iloyt s speedy craft. The sail area ot both boats
however, will be about equal. All her standing
rigging is in place, and i rank Wood said that
within twenty-four hours after she Is launched
and sails bent tha yacht can sail an ay. Her
g"as Is ready, and was out by Ratsey. tho
English sallm aker.
At Plepgras's yards, at the foot of Pilot ave
nue, thero Is a new croft, whose construction
has been kept more or less of a secret. She Is in
the shed back of the machine shop, her short
bowsprit being all that la visible to the outside
world. She Is very shallow and beamy, In fact
a regular skimming dish. U or principal meas
urements are approximately as follows: Lengtn
over all, 45 feet: lol water lino, 32 feet
beam, 14 fset; draught, t! feet 0 Inches.
Her koel Is of lead, and extends from
throo feet aft of her forward point of msasure-
opt .to within a few Inches of her eternpost,
which Is almost perpendicular. Her lines are
full forward, floor almost flat, and bilges low
nod powerful. Her rim Is good, and although
she will hardly bo as fast as The Acushla or Sur
prise, In which class the will sail, there Is little
doubt that aha will develop considerable speed.
Commodore n. M. Ollllg's Venoodor arrived
off Piepgras s yard earlyeaterday rooming, and
work was begun at once to strip the Western
crack-a-Jack. She will recolve a new mast at
onto, tho oldone having sprung during her last
race off Larchmont when her starboard spreader
tarried away. Tho work will be pushed rapidly
forward, and the Vencodor will probably cruise
to tho eastward with tho New York Yacht Club.
Tho moat Important of the repair work going
on at Piepgras sis hanging a now powor wheel
and putting a new stem on Rear-Commodore
Archibald Watts's big steam yacht Golden Hod.
which occupies tho big marine railway. , I).
Burubsm's Norote, Is on the ways having her
underbody cleaned and put In condition for the
wind-Jamming matches next week between Glen
Covo and Vineyard Haven.
$ IV, 000 If OH TUB ALQA.
41 oorge la-i'i Old Yacht naught for Clareooe
M. Uuaob, Owner or tbe Mad a.
"Going at 813,900. Is thoro no otbor bid I
Gentlemen, this magnificent yacht cost $30,000
soven short years ago, $10,000 additional was
spent for alterations and improvements last
year, and she is to-day one of tho most complete
achls afloat. An absolute palace, gentlemen.
Is there no other bid I"
These were the words that closed a chapter in
tho history of tho magnificent steam yacht Alga,
and the speaker was Anotloneer Adrian 11. Mul
len It vtas an unusual ciowd that filled the
dingy old real sstalo salesroom at 111 11 road a ay
at noon yesterday, tho sale that nttractod bolng
the handsome steura yacht Alga, better known
toynchtemon as iho Veto, which wss built In
1800 for Jacob I,orIMard, and afterward becumo
the property of (leorgo Law, whose private slir
nul she flew until his death.
'lbo Alcuwas purchased by Charlrs L. Bea
bury for Clarence M. llusch, Siatn printer, of
Ponnsyhnnla. Tho yacht U now lfiig In the
tore at Now London, mid will proceed to tho
Morris Heights Murks, where sho will bo thor
oughly overhauled und put lu commission, Who
will be used along Long Island Sound hotweon
this city nnd Newport during the suimuor sea
son, and will cruise among tho West Indies and
Jlniiumas during tho winter.
Tho sale josicrduywns madoby the order of
tho administrators of Law's estate. Only a few
pf tho old-time ynchtsnien were present, Jacob
Lorlllard, her fuiiner owner, being one of tho
few wlio did not send u rapresentutiie, Tho
first hid was sja.500, but tho prlto nulikly m.
vunied under Ihu uersuusUo eloouonco of Iho
auctioneer. In $500 bids, until wi.lMK) mis ro
dilveil. 'I hen VAIO hkl nere acieniol uu to
SI'.OOO. after which, in bids of UtHi, nJin nnoi"
rusiuiiul $250, the amount at which tho yacht
was told was reached.
The Alga, wiilih name the yacht bus borne
!F? 9eorgS fw mrried Miss Alga Smith In
1HU1, Is well known to devotous of yachting
aloug tho Sound, Hho U l'JO feet over nil, 100
feet U lnthes water line, 17 feet U Inches beam,
und U feet B inches draught, faho was rebuilt
and lengthened lust year, and at preunt has
four sUlerooms. a richly deiuuited saloon, and
tho usual conveniences to bo fuuud on board
ft modern Ho Ulngpulaco, She is uUu egiilpnud
villi ntouiplctti cTectrio plant, searchlight, s:c.
Clarenco M, llusch is well known In tho indit
ing fruternliy as lbo oh nor of the stouui yucht
Nads, which he purchased last fall from Charles
II. Flint. The Mada will go out of commission
within a wsek and will be laid up at Morris
i '
1 I 1 11 1 f8
The English Crook Wins Only Ona Bet, anal Is
Itenten ta I,ava In the I st Set American's
Exhibition Has Never Been Bsualled In
This Conatry -sad Play All Around.
D08TON, July 27, Larnrd won tho match of
his Ufo this afternoon in the second round of tho
Longwood tonnla tournaraont, when ho defeated
Mahoncy, the best ot the throo English cracks
and a formor champion ot England. Tho match
was tho most important ono of the tournament,
with tho posslblo exception of the champion
ship, as upon It depended whethoror not Amer
ica was to have tho runner up.
Tho gamo played by Lam ml has novor boon
equalled In this country. After the first set,
which ho lost on account ot nervousness, he
settled down and completely outplayod tho
Englishman, defeating him In the hollowest
fnsblon and earning every point ho made.
Whether at tho not or the base line, either in
serving or receiving, tbo Amorican was equally
at home, nnd nt no time did ho show any ten
dency to rolapso into his pcoullarly emtio stylo
ot play. Ills cross court drives and side line
E asses wcro gems and won point after point for
As gamo after pnmo was marked up to tho
credit of America, tho muoh-vuuntod superi
ority of tho English game, as expounded by an
ex-chainplou of Kngland, became Iras ond less
apparent. Mahoncy visibly woakened and
lninlylost his nerve after tha flrat set, while
arned grow better in proportion as his op
ponent fell off.
Thero was a large attendance when the princi
pal match was called at 3 o'clock In the after
noon. Tbe sympathies of those prssont were en
tirely with tbe American player, though
Maboney received plenty of applause whenever
bo made any particularly brilliant play. Both
men wore palpably nervous when play
began, although Lamed appeared to bo tha
worst affected. Tho first gamo went ta
Lamed on his opponent s drives out of court
and Into tho net, together with a pair
or brilliant passes down tho side lines.
Tho American s old weakness, drives Into
tho net, overcame him in tbe second, third, and
fourth gamos, Maboney allowing mm to beat
himself. Tho Englishman also won the fifth
and sixth games tor the samo reason, aided by
some clover passes on his own part to the back
ot tho court. With the score 61 against him
Lurnod rallied, and won tho seventh, eighth,
ninth, and tenth gunes, making tho score 5
all. Mahoney hore rocovered his form, and cap
tured tbe next two games and tbo sat by tbe
icoro ot 70. Score by points:
Maboney 1 4844411S84 844
Lamed 4 3481044081 480
La rood started In to even up matters in the
sooond sot, and won the first gome before
Mahoney had begun to realise that he was up
against one of tbe best player In America.
Larnod was too anxious in the second, however,
and lost It through drives into and under tho
pet. lie oapturod the third and Mahoney tha
fourth. Then tho American struck his gait,
winning in succession tha next threo games.
Ho lost the eighth, bat won the ninth and the
set, Tho points:
Lamed. 4 8 B 0 4 8 4 8 738
ahoaey 1 4 3 4 0 0 0 4 6-37
After this the ex-English champion was never
dangerous, and the next two sets were taken by
Larned with comparative easo. Mahoney won
only two games and scored only Ui points to
I rned's 48. The scoro of the third sot was:
Larned 4 4 4 4 0 4 0 4 34
Uahonry 8 13 14 0 4 014
The fourth and last was a love set for Larned.
Tho score:
Larned 4 4 4 4 4 434
Mahoney 3 0 0 3 1 E 7
Tha O. , Wrenn-Whltman and Itadlonc
Hookor matches were stubbornly contestod,
Wrenn and Uudlong winning out after five lull
sets In each Instance Magnltlcent tennis was
the rule in these matches as woll as in all tbe
others of the day. Mahonoy's compatriots fated
better than himself. Nlsbet polishing off young
Heals Wright and Eaves disposing of Edwards
In straight sets.
As the result of to-day's playing the two Eng
lish cracks. Nlsbet and Eaves, And themselves
pitted against ouch other to-morrow, the winner
to meet tho conqueror In tho Larned-U. L.
Wrenn match on Thursday. The second round
in the championship doubles will bo played to
morrow morning. Wrenn (tha champion) and
Lnrned meeting llruco and Wright, and George
Wrenn and Whitman playing Word and Davis.
Summary ot to-day's matches:
SJnKlesSecond Bound n. A. Nlsbet defeated Bea! a
Wright, 83, 03, 78: W. V. Earrs defeated T. M.
Edwards. 0-0. 2, 63, J. D. Forties defeated K.
Fiticke. 73. 8 4, 00; J. P. Parct defeated N. T.
Wilson. 6 2, 6 3, 60; C. R, Budlong detested R.
tlooker, 4 B, 75, 6 8. 48. 7 3 O. P. Dodg de
feated T. P. Ooodbody. 81, 03. 03: VV. A.
Larn-d defeated H. 8. Mioney, 67, 83, 83, 8 0
O. L. Wrenn. Jr., defeated . V. Whitman, 0 1, 0 2,
9 11. fl 10. 8 4.
Doubles Preliminary Round O. Wrenn and .
D. Whitman defeated Hitchcock and Bishop, 83,
8 1, 00; Ward and Davla defeated Hooker and
Dodge, f 4, 0 4, 76l Budlong and WlllUton de
feated Forbes and cKettrlck, 02, 88, 48, 8 1,
First Round Mahoney and Nlsbet defeated Beckett
and Beach, 01, 0-0, 40, 03.
The Western Lawn Trnnla Cbamplonehlpe.
Chicago, July 27. A series of walk-aways
marked tho third round In singles of the West
ern Championship tennis tournament to-day.
With two exceptions tbo eight matches of the
round n ore very easy for the winners, Fischer,
Ware, S. H. Keel. Collins. Bond and Myers dis
posing of their men In straight sets. The match
between Fischer and John Nrcley was expected
to bo stubborn, but Keeley never hod a chance,
and succeeded In winning only one game in Iho
two sets. Fischer's playing was far the best of
the tournament, and if he does not drop la form
he will probably bo in the finals.
G. P.Sheldon mot H. McQuIston, nnd only won
after a bard fight. He took tbo first set easily.
0 1, lost the next, 0 B, and won tbe third and
llnol, 01. Tho scoro does not show tho even
ness of the match, as nearly all tho games of tho
last sot went to deuce soveral times. Sheldon's
strokes were wild, hut his smashing wasery
good. The doubles tournament has advanced to
the second round after a series of defaults and
very tame matches. To-morrow Fischer and
Neeley play Collins and Wrenn, and Ware and
Sheldon meet the winner of tbe McQuIston Dros.
vs. Johnston and Ityerson came. Summaries:
Nerl beat Hi-rrlok. 60, 8 li Fischer beat Keeley,
60. 8 1 1 Collins best P.McQuliton, 6 1,8 48bel
don beat II. McQuIston, 01, 6 8. ft lj Myers beat
Johnston, 00, 0 3i Bond beat Carter, 60, 64.
Stamford yacht Club Regatta To-Day,
Tbo special mtdsumraer regatta of tho Stam
ford Yacht Club will be Bailed to-day off Ship
pan Point, Tho races are open to all recognised
clubs nnd will bo conducted under tbe racing
rules of tbe Long Island Union. Yachts are di
vided Into threo classes, namely: 01-foot class of
nlooua. 30-foot class of sloops, special, and the
newest class of 20-footrs. A silver cup will be
owurded to the winning yacht In each class
when two or more start. Also if five or moro
yachts start in ono class, a second prize of a
stlvor cup will bo given to tha second boat at the
'Iho starting and finishing Una will bo an
imaginary one between the Regatta Commit
tee s strnmcr Halcyon nnd Cow lluoy, ofT Ship
pun Point. Tbe nrsoaratory signal to start will
be at 11:30 o'clock. The courses will be tri
angular, us follows:
For fll.foot CUs From starting Una to white
buoy, with letter L In black thureon, B W, '4 W, S
mllea: tbusce to bell buoy off Lloyd's Neck. E. i 8.
Bij miles, and return to starting Uae, N. N. W, Oh
miles, leaving committee steamer on port band.
Twice arouuil, leaving all turning points on port
UMul. Total distance, 3(9 nautical mllss.
For 3U foot and 90 foot Cla.nn-Same course, once
around, leaving all turulng points on port band,
Tolil distance, 14 nautloal miles.
The ontries recolved up to last night were:
. Bacfno Length.
Ham and Oumir. Ilacing A'o, rr.
Syee, ITred M. Hoyt K 84 80.S
Carolina, Pembroke Junes N 18 80.00
Mm me, J. if. M Donougb .V 61 go 00
Raoooon, N. D. Lawtun 67 ' 80,00
Keneu, H. Clark 20 00
bhark. House A Hoyt Q 34 yu'nn
Asthore. P. T. Doilun o 00
tloutauk, O, Oluistead wxi
The TblrCy. footer Iluce nt Newport,
Newpoiit, July 27, Tho race of tho 30-footers
to-day was closo and exciting exoept for the
Veda, which made a very poor showing and did
not llnUb, Tho winner was Vaquero HL, sailed
by Herman II. Iluryen, Tho Ilrlg Ledgo course
was sailed, tbe wind being strong from the
eust. The start was inarto at 3:10 o'clock, the
Vaquero being the first to cross, and held first
placo until the end, although at ono point tbo
Kspomnsa nonrly took tha race from her. Mrs.
Cornulliis Vaui'orhllt, Jr., sailed in tho Veda,
Tho official tliuo wus as follows:
Hnilh. Time.
HoiU and Suited Uu. If. u. s. n. u. s
Vaijiurolll ,11. H Duryea ...6 2S 30 3 12 80
1 sin rams, A. H Vanwlnkle 0 22 67 a 12 07
Dorothy 11,11 1 Whitney,,. ft an 06 a 16 00
Hera, It. N. kills 6 27 20 2 17 80
Wa Wa, J A. Btlllinan.... 8 27 42 3 17 48
Veda, C. Vauderbllt, Jr.,,, Did not finish.
Heuwareu ind nnd Unlrr Club to Mold st
Itaee nr nnphtba Iuuebea.
The Seawaren Land suit Water Club, whose hand
some home It at Heawrrn, N J., has arranged a ten
intln Invlutlou race for uaphtbi launches over tho
club ocurse uu Btali-n Island bound, Tbe race win be
held ou Saturday, July ill. the start being nxed st 4
olook lu tbe afternoon, and the prise la an artlstlo
yOD,r.,J"?,"',wl by John M. Raymond. American
YaohtCfub rules will govern the time allowances. In I
tbesvenlng a smoker will be held la tha clubhouse,
far Which soras txoellent talent has Usn sagasc J
Neglige Shirt
$1.50 Shirts for $1.
Tbo man who wants to savo
monoy on his colored Blurts can do
it Lore now. Oar inventory timo
is approaching. We'd rathor havo
cost than tako tho sliirtH in Btook.
No philanthropy about it just
businoss. Wo'ro doing it for our
bonolltnot for yours. But your
benefit is biggost, just tho samo.
Shirts mule of Madras, Cuffs on or
on. three sleeve lengths. Every one
msde in our own faetory. Beg ar
prloe tbU seuon 81. BO now tl.
Bathing suits, $1 to $3.
Golf Btookings, $1 25 to $3.
Dross shirts, $1 and $1.50.
B'way, bet 11th and 18th Stc
honors xtrmr at aqvxdvot.
Favorites and Melder Divided the Spoils yes
terday. Probably three thousand persons saw somo
fair sport at Aqueduct? yesterday afternoon.
The track was again In good shape, considering
tho weather, and fairly good timo was made In
the different events. It was a day ot surprises,
Divide, Juda and Lucid, threo heavily played
favorites, being defentod. Discount, Marshall
and Attainment wero tbe successful favorite
Discount was an ovon-money choice for the
opening dash at about seven furlongs, and ho
won, hard ridden by Scherrer, wbo had his
bonds full to shake oil Langdon In the stretch.
Yankee Doodlo and Nay Nay, both of which wero
some lengths behind on the baokstretcb, wore
right with the leaders nt tha wire. Tenderness
pulled up quite lame, and Michael Clancy, her
owuor, fears that hor racing days are nearly
over. It was Yankeo Doodle's first appearance
In the East since he was a two-yoar-oid, and he
has developed Into a grand-looking, big horse.
Old Marshall, fresh from his triumphs at
Buffalo, whero be was a Hindoo, was seleoted
as favorlto for the mile and a sixteenth selling
race. There were but four starters, nnd tbe
talent figured that Bapelo would be the only
dangerous one in the field. Flames, n rank out
sider, set a warm pace, followed by Bapelo, with
Marshall third, and running under a pull until
tho stretch was reached. At that point
Penn called on the big son of Voltlgeur.
and he oame homo, hard held, tho easiest or
winners. Flames lasted long enough to beat
Bapelo for second money. Counsellor Howe ran
into the fence after tho finish, and threw Wap
shire so heatily that tbe lad was stunned for
somo minutes. Hut, like all of Falbor Bill's
boys, 'VYapshlro is not easily knocked oat, and
he was up again in tbe very next race.
The pretty filly Attainment from the stable of
.8. V. P. Thompson was favorlto for the
dash at five f urlorgs for maiden two-roar-olds,
which oamo next on the card, going to the post at
odds of 0 to 4 on. It was 6 to 1 Tommy O, Ile
Ude. Toril and Sanger, and long odds tho rest.
Tommy O displayed all of the speed character
istic of the Tremonts at the start and bad things
all his own way until well Into tho stretch, where
he was challenged by Attainment and Torii.
Little Corbloy was as cool as lee on tho favorite,
and riding out with bands and heels got home
first by a good neck and shoulders from Torll.
Tommy Oaua fair third. Calculation, as usual,
behaved like a crazy thing at tbo post.
Divide and Arabian were equal favorites for
the dash at one mile, long odds being quoted
agnlnst Storm 1 ng and Thomas Cat, tbe only
other starters. Thomas Cat destroyed his
chances by bolting at the first turn, and when
Divide and Arabian made play for the leader,
Btorm King hnvlng taken tho track at the start,
they could not overhaul tbe speody colt. He
was ridden by a young colored loll namod Porter,
wbo was unknown to the talent, and the layers
figured his jockeyshlp as poor whon they laid
IS to 1 against Btorm III ng. Porter fooled them
all. however, for bo rode much as Sims, Clayton,
or any other good rider of his race would, and
landed Storm King a very handy winner by six
lengths. Divide beat Arabian In a bard drive
for second money.
jnda was conaldorod a particularly good thing
In tha five-furlong dash for two year-olds, with
allowances, but John E. Madden had a sleeper
in Oxnard, and whon the race seemed a cer
tainty for Juda at the furlong pole. Wtlhlte
cut loose, and Oxnard ran past ner with the ut
most esse and won snugly. La Gltana was third.
Lucid was the choice for the final racoottho
day. Third was his position nt the finish.
Father Bill Daly's Qrtoland. hnlf brother to
Octagon, winning with a fancy price against
him. Jno. E. Madden's Chrlatabel, by Strath
moro, second favorite, was beaten a length and
a half.
Summaries follow:
riiisr iuce.
Pone $000, for three year olds and upward t (70 to
second and S80 to thlrdt about seven furlongs:
J, oaale's b. b. Discount, e, by Deceiver Hattle
H , low (Scherrer) l
J. U.Kelly s eh g. Laniilon, 8, 108 (O'Leary) 2
. W Purser's b. b Yankev Doodle, 4, 109 (Penn),. S
Tenderness and Nay Nay al.o ran.
Time, 127 2 8.
Dettlng Against Dl ount. even moneyi Tankee
Doodle, m to Bi Nay Nay, o toll Langdon and Ten
derness, each 15 to 1.
For three-year-olds and upward i selling! by sub
scription of S3 each, with (too added, of which 70
to second and SOD to third i one mile and aslitesnthi
J. 1". Qulgley's b h. Marshall, aged, by Voltlteur
Herd lo-Tell. 108 (ivnn; I
P. 8 P. Randolph's or. g names. 4. S4 (Matin) a
Kenalco etable's b. b. Sapelo, 4, 10s(Wllhlte) a
Counsellor Hows also ran
Time, 1:58.
Petting Two to 1 on Marshall i against Sapelo, 0 to
0 Counsellor Ilowe, 8 to 1, Flames, 2D to 1.
For maiden two-yesr-oldn; by subscription of SS
each, with 1100 added) 70 to second and SUO to third)
five furlongs:
US. W. P. Thompson's b. f. Attainment, byFaver-
dale EsssyesII., U4(Curfaly 1
Ed Kelly's ch. o. Tortl, SO iblanhope) a
J. Kneale'sblk. . Tommy O. US (McDonald) 8
MayFranoU, May Hoeelle, Refute, ganger, Calcula
tion, Peggy IU, nundy, and ltcclo May also ran.
, Time, 1.03.
Betting Five to 4 on Altalorosnti ualnit Tommy
0 Ileflde, Hanger, and Torll, each 0 to 1 1 Calculation,
H to 1 1 May Francis. May HomIIs. Peggy H., and Regis
May, each 16 to 1 Bundy, VO lo 1.
For three-year-olds i by Subscription of $5 each,
wltb 600 added, of which (100 lo second and (60 to
third) one mile:
W. Lansberi's blk. o. Storm King, by Imp. Whistle
Jacket Orenadlne, ll W. Porter) 1
Keuloo Stsble's oh. f. Dl!de. 1'Jl (Siherrar). ....... a
WjO. Daly's b. o. Arabian, 116 (Perkins) U
Thomas cat also ran.
Time, li44Si.
Batting isslmt Arabian and Divide, each 11 to
10) Thomas Cat, 10 to it Storm King, 10 to 1.
For two-yrar-oldsi selling) by subscription of SB
.b'wl" 00 added, of which s,0 tu second sad
80 to Ihlrdi nee furlongs:
J, E. Madden's b.e. Oxnard, by Slratbraore Blolss,
100(Wlib!t( ' i
Keusloo "ttblsYb. f. Juda. 106 (Boherrar)
"..?- ft w- Thompson's oh. f. La Oltans, Bv
(Oerbley)., ....... TTTiT.
Abundant, Olmolne, and St. Ives alio ran.
Betting Five to 8 on Siidei' against Oxnard, 8 to 1 1
Abundant, 0 toll Qlenouie, 0 to DLaOltanaand 31.
Ives, each B to 1.
For msldsn two-year-old si by subscription of IB
eaoh, wltb 1800 sdded, of which 7U to second and
WO to third) Ore furlongs:
w. p. Daly's b. o. Ortoland, byMagnetlsor Ortega),
, 91 (Waptblre) . ... 1
& JLJa,ll' b. f. Ctirlatabrl, 01 (Thompson)., a
"v.' WWden a Bon's b. a Luold, 97 (Stunliope),.. a
Checkers, Eunouils, Mabel D., Beekman, and Con
grave also ran.
Time, liOOli,
Betting Against Lucid, 8 to 8: Chrlstabel, 8 to 1
gunomlia, 6 to 1: Mabel D 10 to 1 1 Ileekman, IS to 1
Ortoland, SO to 1, and Oongrere XO to 1.
favorite Win at Harlem.
CincAoo. July I7.-U was favorltes'dsy at Harlem
and tbe talent lauded quite a bunch of money at tho
expense of the bookmakers. Iloiti r II , st 110 lo I,
was tbo only long abut thul misril ahead lu the six
races, and lie eu not beally I ncLe.1, even at tho
odds. Summaries!
First Hare Seven furloius. I.ad Dlxnu. 101 (Pay
wood), 11 to 6, wont Faustunlo, 6 (bonalilsou). o to
Tl ,,c1?-,a'.DlTUI U8 (Msgnuson), 16 to 1, third.
Hec'ond luceFive furlongi. Hardly, l (Clay). 1
tos, wunillruln, 100 (L. Scott). 18 to I, second) The
Chea'. 101 (Doseman). 4 to I. third. Time, 1 04,
Third Uace-Slx furlongs. The licuc-, 1011 (Ilarrott),
'co-woni Amy Wade, 07 (Oiai), 11 lo , seoondi
Ubttoomb, 107(1,. Soott). blol, third Time, liUSi.
Fourth Race One inllu. sunburst, IU (Oaywood),
8 to a, won: Oracle c . 107 (Robenann). lo I, sec
ond! Overllla, 100 (llariett), to 1, third, Tluio,
Fifth Racr-Four furlonits Domosetta, 117 (Bar
rett), 8 to 6, won: Ophelia Copeland, 107 (C Cla,), 8
Tl ,,,!,in7'JlChlnk')"1' ,0T l0' mo"). 1 ' third.
Sixth Racel-SIx furlongs. Roger a, 100 (Morgan),
80lal,wuaiTherealL, lOHlOouln), 6 tot, second)
Knchinter, no (O. Moan), 4 to 6. third. Time, Ul7a.
1,1) i ivi'.,, M7 't"S, sA-.ftei
Xddle Raid Decline t lUee agnlnst Klnrand
Casper Tbe Membarehlp or tha asrue ef
Amerlma TVheelBien Has neaehr-d BO.OOO.
A meeting was hold at the Indian Cyole Club
In Brooklyn lsst night for tho purpose of form
Ing an association of cycling clubs In the East
ern Distrlot of Brooklyn. Fire clubs wero rep
resented, including tho Buehwlck, Defender,
Creator Now York, Indian, and Em
plro State Wheelman. Tha idea, of the
bonoflts that will accrue to the clubs from an as
sociation embracing; all tho blcyole organisations
in Williamsburg was discussed, and the plan re
ceived tho unanimous approval ot tho dele
gates present, It was finally agreed to
bold a moetlng next week and Invito all the
clubs in tha Eastern District of Brooklyn to
send representatives to tho moetlng, so
that a permanent organisation may bo
formed. The following commutes was
appolntod to draft a constitution and by-laws:
B. Anchell, Bushwlok Wheelmen; J. E. Cllne,
Indian Cycle Club; B. Foster, Dofender Wheel
men; C Wolven, Greater New York Wheelmen,
and W. Barker, Falcon Wheelmen.
Bay: Citt, Mich., July 37. Bald, Cooper, and
KIser will bo seen In no more three-cornered
mutch rscos after tho contest of to-morrow,
which was scheduled for to-day, but postponed
owing to rain. Bald said to-day that he was
through riding against Cooper and Kisar, as ha
considered that tbe pair worked against Urn la
every race. Tho matches arranged for Manhat
tan Beach next month and for the Charles Blver
Park National Circuit meat at Boston on
Aug. 23 will have to be called OH alto
gether, unlets a fourth man is placed
In the contest. Bald and Oardlner to-day
Issued a challsngo to Cooper and Klssr
for a two-mile pursuit race, tha riders to start
from opposite sides ot the track. Cooper will
accept, providing ho may have Walter Sanger
and not Klaer as his psrtner, and to this both
Bald and Gardiner assent, with tbe proviso that
tho side bet be large. Such a contest, It is be
lieved, would be tho -gres tost ot the year. Both
Sanger and Gardiner are vary strong unpoced
riders, and Bald and Cooper ore as evenly
matched as men could possibly be. At tho closo
of the races to-morrow night Bald, Cooper,
KIser, and Oardlner leave here to join the Na
tional Circuit at New York Saturday. They
will remain on tho circuit hereafter.
Tbo membership ot the L. A. W. has reached
00,000. Tho Pennsylvania division continuos
to grow at a rapid rate, and bids fair In a few
weeks to attain the largest membership In tho
organisation. The returns from this State are
small In comparison to the rapid increase last
year. The returns from the leading divisions
are as follows:
Mew York, 288, total, S3,B10 Pennsylvania, 01B,
total 10,687) Massachusetts, 1S8, total. 11,386) New
Jersey, 74, total, 6,818: Illinois, 4, total, 3,086) Ohio,
839, total, a,888) Wisconsin, 18, total, i,30Si Con
necticut, 18, total, 1,880) Missouri, 8, total, 1,708)
Michigan, 64, total, l,8B0i Maryland, 47. total. 1,816)
Rhode Island, 14, total, 1,484. Total membership,
Frank Gately af Boston has been suspended by
tho L. A. W, Ilacing Board from participating
in any track or road races until Aug. 4. Oately,
who Is one ot the leading Boston professionals.
Is charged with riding In ft handicap race at
Provldonce last Saturday and making no offort
to win. Tha Racing Board Is opposed to such
methods. It is the Intention to suspend oil
riders from the track whoso conduct In this re
spect is at all susplolous. Gately Is the first
victim to suffer from the new racing regulation,
but other riders will likely be similarly sus
pended. A meeting was held in Boston on Monday
night to arrange a circuit of race meets for tho
National Cycle Tract: Association. Tbe schedule
was not mado public. It is the Intention to pro
vide distance match raoes and Intercity team
contests. Hpoclal Inducements will be offered to
Messrs. Mlchaol, Leans, McDufjle, and Star
buck. Short dlstanco races wQl also bo pro
moted to enable tbe local amateur and profes
sional riders to compete. Largo purses will bo
offered In all tha races.
H. Dlttmar. To ride to Comae, Long Island, go to
tbe East Twenty-third street ferry and cross to Brook
lyn) follow Bedford avenue to the Eastern Parkway,
to stone avenue, to OJenmora avenue, to Broadway,
to Jamaica: take tbe mala road to Flushing, and go
$I?.U"5 'l""1111' Heights, Uayslde, Doutlaaion. and
Little Neck to Roelyni then ride to Wbeatly, Locust
drove. Woodbury, Elwood, and Comae. Tbedlstano
U about forty miles.
R, J. Utnsaiore To ride to AtUntlo City, N. J pool
ing through Trenton, N. J., and Philadelphia, cross
ore? to Jersey City ond go through Exchange place
to Hudson street, to Yon street, to nsndrnoa street,
to Mercer street, to tbe Hudson County Boulevard, to
tbe bewark plank road, to Newark: rrom Newark
take tbe route to Trenton published In The Scs on
July K8t leaving Trenton. lake Warren street
and cross bridge to the turnpike, to Tullr.
town, to Bristol, to Frenkford, to Philadelphia!
leaving Pblladtlphls, follow (Market street to Front
street, to South street, to tbe ferry) cross to Glouces
ter and ride througb Woodbury, to Mantua, to Mul
Ilea , Hill, to Woodstowni continue to Deerfleld,
Brldgeton, lllllviUe. North Dennlsvllle, Seavllls Sta
tion, and Beasley'a Point) then go through bomer'e
Point to AtUntlo City.
T. O. V. 1. To ride from Pier S5, East River, to West
bampton, L. I., follow Beekman street to Nassau
street, to the Brooklyn Bridie, cross the bridge to
Brooklyn, and lake Liberty atreet to Fulton street, to
Clinton strvet, to Sobermrrborn street, to Flatbusb
avenue, to tbe Eastern Parkway) then follow the
rout to Rlverhead publlaned In Tux Sen on July m.
as far as Weethampton. a. The distance to West
haupsoa U about eighty miles.
A. W. P. To ride to Lake Mohonk. X. T, take the
route to Lenox, Mass , pubiubod In Tax Sex this
morning, as far as Tarrytowni then rids to tbe ferry
and cross tbe river to Nyack) continue through Weal
tyock. Spring Valley, ltarnapo. Tuxedo, Central Val
ey. Highland Mills. Woodbury, Mountolnvllle and
Cornwall to bewburg: follow Liberty street to Balm
vine. Middle Hope. Marlborough. Milton and High
land) then ride through New Plata to Mohonk Lake,
L. A. W. To ride through New Jersey to Butters
and thenoe to WurtsboroN. Y., go to lSBth street,
to the Fort Lee ferry and cross to Fort Lee I follow
the Uaokenaaek turnpike to Leonla, to Bogota) cross
to Ilaokemack and ride through Dundee to Petersen)
take tbe old Peterson road to Rldgswood, UnderoUrr,
ltohokua, Waldwtek, Allendale. Ramsey's. Motawoh!
ond Sufterni ooutlnue through Rauiapo. aloataburg.
Tuxedo, Eoutbbeid, Turner's, and Ureycourt to
Qoeheu. and follow the Erie Railroad through fine
aoenery to Mlddletown j then go to Rockvllle, Purdr's
Bloomlcgtiurg, and Wuruboro. Tbe dlstanos la about
eighty miles.
R. Newman. In riding from Peterson. N. J, to
BetbsL N. y take tbe route to Wuruboro, printed
lu Tux Scs this murnlug, ss far as Bloomlogbunri
then go to Rook Hill, Urtagevllle, Montlcello. While
Lake, and Bethel,
Betb F, To ride from Tlndson, N. Y., to Great Bar
ring ton, Mass., follow Warren street to the trolley
cars and around tbe park, to Oreene street, to the
Columbia turnpike, to Olaverocki continue to Hollow
Marilndole, CroryvUIe, Hillsdale, South Kgreuaont
and Ureal Harrington. Tbe distance la about twenty,
eight miles and the roads are billy, but good riding.
, .'A'.Jr M- To ride to Lenox. Mass., starting fiom
110th street and seventh avenue, go to liotb street,
to at. Nicholas avenue, to Tenth avenue, to Ktnue
brldge rood, to 181st streot, to Washington Urtdgei
arcs bridge to Featherbed lane, to Maoomb'a Dam
road, to the Fordham Lauding rood, to Bolley avanue,
to Klugsbrldgei continue to Yonkers ond follow tbe
turntilke to Ulenwood) then go through Hastings.
Dobbs Ferry, and Irvluatou to Tarritown: follow
Broadway past the Andre Monument to St. Paul's
ju. a. uuroa, to iue turnpixe, to suur smci thengo
i? ."Mr""' i ,no '"rnplke. to Qarrtson's. io
NeUonvllle. ond over tbe Highlands to FUhklll vil
lage) oontlnue to Wapplnger't Foils, and cross the
oreok to Houth avenue, to Poughkeopslei tok the
I 'uroplke topleosout Valley, Wssbtngton Hollow, and
Mlllbrooki ride past Halcyon Hall to UabbltevUle.
Ltlbgow, uind Amsnlat follow the turnpike to Sharon,
Conn, paatthv Soldiers' Monument ta Lokevllle, to
Salisbury, to Main street, to South Kgramonti leave
tbe old mountsln rood ond ride to ataokbrtdge. ond
over Field's Hill, post Stockbrldga pool, to Lenox.
W. P. Staunton. To ride lo Worcester, Mass., store
:?t.tr!nir,r,''.alnU' tret ond Eighth avenue, go
through Central Pork to 110th street and Leaox
svenuei continue to 180th street, to Fifth ovenue, to
186tb street, to the Madison avenue bridge i cross
bridge to Ublh street, to Willis avenue, to West
ebestor avenue, to Westchester) follow tbe Pelbora
road past City Island and Trovers Island to New
Rocbulli-s tako tho turnplku to Larchmont ond cross
the bridge to Monioroiieck) follow the post rood
to the Huston road house, to tbe lurnulko, to Port
ohester: ride out Main street, across the Ryrom
rlvor bridge, to the turnpike, to tbe Poet rood, to
Oreenwlohi continue to Siomfori, to the Post rood to
Darlen, Norwalk, and Mouth Norwalk) follow the
shore road to raugotuck Church, near tha railroad)
then lake Riverside avenue to the Weetport draw
bridge) cross brldre to Bouthpdrt, Fairfield, ond
Bridgeport: proes the river oud take the turnpike to
Stratford, Hllford, Mcrwln'a Point, West Haven, and
Now Haven: leave bew Haven by way of Slots street,
to the cycle path, to Hartford) cross the rtvi-r to East
llartfurd, aud follow Main etrret to Warehouse Point,
Jo Springfield i coutlnuo through Athul Junction.
Indian Orchard, bortb Wllbrahain, palmer, oud Wost
, llrlmlleld, to Weit Warren iibeu go to Warniu, East
Ilruokfirld, Auburn. Jamest Hie, oud Worcester. The
ilUiauce la about Inn miles.
""iT Hder To ride from Bergen Point to Given
wood Lake, follow the Hudson County Boulevard to
thu I'atersou plank road, to Ilutberfonli uontlnue ti
1'Assalo, to the lauk roo I, to Pstersnui go to lleledon.
in the Preaknrss road, to Pomptonitben ride through
Wnnacjue, Mldvale, Ersktne, ond Hewitt tu Uroeu
wood Lake.
L. A. W., Brooklyn. To ride to Beaton. Pa., take
tbe route to Atlantic City, N J through Trenton and
1'hlludelpbs, published lu Tushes this morning, as
far an Newark i theu follow Houth Orange avenue to
houth Oiouge, to Aflou. tu the Oclunibla I urn pike, to
Morrlstcwiii ooutlnue on the Washington turnpike lo
Chester, Oernisn Valley, (Urn Oanlner, Asbury, stew,
artsburg, Phllllpsburir a id 1 OJton,
J.S. K. In riding from MIldlriown.N Y. to North
Held. Moss., follow the turnpike to Mechonlestnwn,
Pbllllpsburg, btony Ford. Muuignmery, ami U'oUcui
oonttuue to Orange Lake, oud follow the Oardner
towurowl toNewburgi then take tbe boot to Pouxb
koepele, ond from there toke tbe routo to Lenox.
Hois, pubushsd In Tus Bex this morning) leaving
),,y -,,,,,,, 1f'ytrnisr iMir)-
tTtytSSfneHtSl W -s -jSUakMki..
f-XOtmP WHEEL, $150, I
Selling at Present for $110, I
' ZIMMERMAN, xho World'. Champion, 1
DNSOLICITFJ), WRtTKSi "It Is undoubtedly tha flnrstwhesl thot bos aver been placed ontht market a
glance shows II to be superior to snytblagws have yet tesn.' H
AUSTIN llEBaSEN, 100 Nsiwu St.,
JMJkJWtt'Er77'li BROS., I
jmai sTonn ion nwt iobth btbkkt. powwtowrw nam BHOAiiway.
' "liE UEtD"
0 ox 5
;;Tho victor, $ioo
;; " " oo
;; " Pierce, 00
S " " 'o
! ' ' oo v
" " BO
1 Crawford. no
i!SS 0.sLsS3:J
) ' 27k Balance May He Divided Into S
I : $8.34 on the $100.
:: 6.25 " " 75. I
:: 5.oo " " 60. I
:; 4.17 " " so,
i ,AllStv lTTitelt and Fully Guaranteed, z
4 Non. 00 and 07 Columbia Buildlnfr, X
J ', 20 BROADWAY, N. Y. ?
;; UPTOWN: f
3 jN.W.Oop.Broadway&25tU8t,,N.Y. X
No. 54 Franklin Trunt Co. Dnlldlne
a Cor. Clinton and Montajruo Sts.
Z 9 F. M. J
The Equitable General PrortiliDg Co J
0 "E. O. F. Co." a
(Ettahlithed 1801.)
Lenox go to Pltuneld, Farnum's. Cbesblre, staple
Orov. Zoar, Cborlemont, Dacklond, Oreenneld,
Riverside, ond Northueld.
J. Fred Wright. To rids from Btockbrldge, Mass
to Wotsrbury. Conn, go to Oreat Darrlngton, fcouth
Igremont, 8 he me Id and asbelyi continue through
Canaan, South Canaan. Summit, Colsbrook. Wlntted.
Burrvllle, Torrlngton, Litchfield, Caropvllle. Thomas
ton and Reynold's bridge to Waterbury. The
roods ore good to fair.
6. U. Qlllesple. 1 , If you are a member of tba L.
. W. apply to them for map and road book of Con-
Sectlcut. t. The distance from tbU city to East
ortbHeU, Conn, la about ninety seven miles.
Use. To ride from Troy, N. v.. to Cos tie ton. Vt..
go to Uechonlesville, Bemla Heights, Bohurlervllle,
and Northumberland: cross tbe Hudson to Thomp
son's Hills, to Fort Edward: continue through Dun
ham. Smith Basin, Comsteok, Whitehall, and Falr
Uaven to Costlston.
The Rutherford Cycler have postponed their cen
tury run to Aug. 1. A time limit of twelve hours has
beau placed on tbe run.
Tbe rainy weather durlagtbe post two weeks has
Induced tbe Bayoone Rowing Association Wheelmen
to postpone their midsummer century ran until
Aug. S0.
Hood runs hovs been arranged by tbe Long Island
Wheelmen for August as follows) 1, Asbury Park) X.
Long beach l 11, WlUets Point! ID. Bye Beocb) Ss,
Far Itoekaway) SO, College Point,
Tbe Williamsburg Wheelmt a have elected tbe fol
lowing omoers: President, William Ohlj Vice-President,
a. J. bmlib) Corresponding bevretsry, L. llur
rows, Ibeoordlng Secretary. F.llerai Financial Secre
tary. F. Uollscber) Treasurer, E. Campbsll) Captain.
C. Uadley.
Arrangements bov been mod by tbe Road Com
mitter or the Woverly Dlerol Club during tbe month
of August as follows: 1. liuguenoti a. Valley Stream)
0. Coney Island) K Long lleacb) 10, Sprmgfleld) 18,
Ulmer Pork) 16, fiockaway Beocb: IT, Valley Stream)
VO, Bath Beocb) 14, Springfield: 37, Coney blond) kil.
Wills u Point) dl, Volley Stream.
The annual excursion of the Williamsburg Wheel
men will be held on Aug. 14.
A bicycle club bos been formed at Lake Hopotoong,
with tbe following officers: Pnsldent, C. W, straubb:
Vice-President, F. Wunster, Jr.) Secretary. Walter
Kremeuut Treasurer. David Kremeuts. The elub
will be known a tbe Lake Hopatcong Bicycle Club.
Joseph Llsnebumer boo beaa eleoted Vloe President
of tbe Logon Wheelmen of Brooklyn, and B. Wil
liams oolor Deorer, to fill vacancies.
W. W. lismllton, who holds tbs one-mile world's
record ot 1 minute 30 1-3 seoonds. Jack Parsons, and
Tom Butler will ride In tbe race at Manhattan Beach
on Sept. and 0.
Tbe leaders In tbe mlleoga contest of tba Logon
Wheelmen of Brooklyn are as follows: W, U. Blume,
D.7bUi It II. chambers, l.ToSi . It. Oarnler, U.0H1;
F. O. Uo&per. 1 0U1), W. E. Bonders. 1,008: W. SohllT.
l.BSSi n. It Tan Dine, l.vaS: F. W. Walker, 1.81B:
C.Wlmpobl. 11.3711: U.Wortmon, l!,H30i W. A. llor
rla,l,Sull J. Keegon, Jr., U.760; 8. McKeax. 1,41U)T.
R. Qoodwln. 3.003) H. Bierllng, Jr., 1,040) B. At
kinson, 1.V93; W. A. Force, Jr.. 1,840.
The Pork Wheelmen ot Brooklyn hove decided to
sward mileage medals to tbe Ave rtdert with the best
reoord ot tbe end of tbe season. Th leaders' records
are aefollowi: A. M. Bobbins, 1,01)5) J, 11. Illgsins.
bS4i J. A. Beekman, 870) a It. Lewis, 03b R. T.
Itelit, 7A4.
Club rum bsv been arranged by th Greater New
Tork Wheelmen a follows: Aug. 1, Oyster Hit; t.
Rockowoy Bescni 10. Coney Island: Si, Long Branch:
Ittf, Valley Btreami Sept. 0. Patchogue) Is, Both
Beachi 18, Babylon) 0, Hoelyn.
Tba Red Hook Wheelmen of Brooklyn hove elected
the following ora-ers: President, O.E. Foster: Vloe
Presldent, IL J, Flood) Treaiurer. F. W. Flnkeldsv:
Financial Secretory, Thomas N, OJobyei Correspond
ing Secretary, E. Navarroi Captain. S. Llebgold) Lieu
tenants. W, 11. Anderson and W T. Nelson i Bugler.
E. E. Emery Color Bearer, A. It. Man me, Jr.
T. B, Crump, President of tbe Union CyeUstt ot
Mexloo, will attend tbs L. A. W. meet at Philadel
phia next week and ooaf r with tb officials of tbe
association wltb the object of entering into an olll
onoe with tbe L. A. W.
Tbe Cyclists' Touring Club of England has a mam.
ship ot 40,000.
A raoe meet will be held under the auspices ot th
Centra Moriches Albletla Assoolailcn on July SI,
On Saturday, Aug. 14. th Orleut Wheelmen of
Brooklyn will hold a five-mile handicap road race at
Springfield, L. I.
A 100 mile professional raoe will be run at the
Willow Orove track, Philadelphia, on Aug, 14. for a
$500 purse.
Tbe North Hudson County Cyclers will bold a series
ot races at tbe Quttenburg track next Saturday.
Maidstone, Kng.. July 87.-Tbo orloket match
between the Gentlemen of Philadelphia and
Kent was resumed hore to-day. It rained In the
morning but cleared up before play started.
Th visitors gavo a poor oxhlbltlon In tho Held
and many dropped catches wero charged up
against them. Welgsll, who scored 138, was
missed by Oregar at 08 and by P. II, Clark at
100. Mllles gave chances to both Bally and
Sonttergood, ana Wright, who scored 21, was let
off by Thayer on the first bull.
Tho Americans bad to faco a total of 484, and
thoy lost Wood and King for 10 runs. The con
sistent Lester, bowover, oaino to tho rosotio and
scored 00. Boblon, too, plnyod au excellent lu
nlng for 40. The total bad advanced to 167 for
six wickets vtben play ceased for tbe day.
The Muyor of Maidstone gavo adlnner'to the
visitors after stumps were drawn. Tho guino
will bo concluded to-morrow. Tho scoro-
J.MwonXLester.. 02!a"T"""rir ""1-""'
J. M Tonge, retired A, M.Wood, b. Wright 8
hurt ,, . . ., 0 J, B, King, b VVrlilit n
The Hon. J II. Tufton, J A . UtSir.t , i1 '.
c. Clark, b. King. .. SO b. Wright ' ar
F. Jln.huit, 0. Wood, If 11. iiobjeL. b". Eaahv' .2
b. Lester 4U1K. II. CrcTar a AtkiV
O.J.V.Welgoll.notour,lHH b Shine :"""' ,0
Mortln. run out L. Diddle, b Sblne 11
"bgrrrf.'.?.1: ,JiJ:feB" S
Auc?0Bu,udi.:b:7cd kl?
Lester 8 J. U. Boaturgood I
Mlllee. c. boottergood, Extras.:, , ' n
b King .. . ., u 8
Wright, a Thayer, I.. Total 7-7
King , si .....mi
E. II stilne, 0, Cregor,
b. Lester 0
Extras 1
Total .,,,,.401
?bfiidWhii70 "10 is, is as "8 s7 "
I Bring In your old wheel and wa wiu make you
I liberal allowance to trade.
1897 RAMBLERS $80 I
1897 IDEALS S35 tO $75 1
98-01o ElallTn A V.. NEAR, BOTH ST.. N. Y.
Lsxlugton Cyole Co. downtown sgents, 8 Vetey
Friday, Jnly 30, at 12:30 o'clock.
Bpsclal Peremptory Bale jH
Oankla Dtaosnd ana tTavablnatloo Tnndeme n
Comprbdng a large assortmsnt of new high grsds H
taudard wbeele, finished In assorted colors, fitted H
with first quolltr tins.
Buyers ran pnrohaee wlih confidence.
About one dosen H
at $40.00 cash.
Not "Day tons," but best vslne aver offered under
i TO Beesao at. H
1HIIES. (5 pair, best 'B7si roll warranty : freer- H
-pairs. MINERALIZED RDBBBIl CO.. 1 SOU ft st, H
asll trield, bat st sVot or QnaUty la Thro H
xtvents. H
Tho fields are small for the opening at 8ora- H
toja to-day, but nobody can Ond nny fault with H
tho quality In nt least throo events. Hamburg, H
Handball. Xiauderaann, Briar Sweet, Loiterer,
and Woodford Ally are named for tbe Flash nt
half 0 mile, wbllo Rensselaor. Don do Oro. On
Deck, and Tragedian are the starters for tba his-
toric Travers Stakes at one mile and a quarter,
Clifford, Hugh Penny, Cleophus, Ilublcon, Liber-
tlno, nnd other llghtnlng-liko sprinters nre to
try conclusions In the opening; dash at five fur-
longs. H
I The programmo In full follows:
First Raoe-Purse: five furlongs: H
Clifford 18U Sunny Slope 117 H
Rubicon 188 Klnniklnnlo lit
1 Hugh Penny Its Kodermond lis H
Libertine USTentlln h-i
Cleophus 117LaOoIeta 61 H
Becond Rooo Selling; for three-year-olds and up- H
wardt ona mils. H
'BenKder 110 Campania fit H
, 8cume loaciiasleD SS
Aco..... 101 Banquet II fj
Joe Miller 101 Domltor 69 aW
Klngstone US W
Third Raoe Th Flashi two-year-olds 1 half mile: 9
Hamburg lSO.Laudrmann 121 'dm
Handball. 118 Woodford nily uu
Loiterer IsslBrtar Sweet no
Fourth Bos Tb Travers Stakes, for three-year- 9!
olds: on mils and a quarter; w
Don de Oro. lStiRensselser 186 3
On Deck lSOjTrogedlon lit
Fifth Race Purse for three-year-oldsi six furlongs: 3
Draw Lad llSiRossO IP O
Domltor no Zaralda 109 MS
Orion llllTrlppIng- 10 P
Batrlre) tor Aeinedaet. i',
Tbe following Is tbo programme for Aqueduol "H
to-day: figa
First Rocs Purse 300; for two-year-olds: penolttos jfA
and allowances; nve furlongs:
Salabor no Hpunwell 103 S3
Mlse Tennv 107 KTlng llox 10J 4fS
lloney Spinner 107 Hearsay lua eW
False Prld 108 Oenaro ioj 5aJ
The Dipper 102 Ileflde yi j.ftl
Beoond Race Purs 400 for three-year-olds: sell- 'M
Ing allowanoes: one mile: p3.
Burlesque lOS.Rey DelTlerra PS W&,
rassover 102 Loch Ulyn 01 M
Savarln U8 Manassas 88 M
III Daddy 90l Slffi
Third Race. Purs tSOO; for three-year-olds and M
Upirard; selling allowances: six furlongs: 3W;
HsnwalL llOIRefugee 104 SSS
Decide. 110 Lambent 104 Srffi
golllea llolPrompt 07 iKE
Bsldemer 113 Suocessful 07 ffi
Jankee Doodle 110 Raiser Ludwlg V3 Wf
Discount 1071Mantle ". so gJ
Fourth Raoe Purs gtOO; for three-year-olds and &?
upward; selling allowances! one mile and a sixteenth! CBJ,
Premier...... llliBarslan SS EtI
Double Quick 104 Savarln S3 SK
Burlesque VDJManstsa. 88 W
Fifth Raoe Purs S300; for three-year-old si selling
allowanoes: Ave furlongs: xS
Btoln 107iTommyO V3 If
Juda 104 The Dipper n H
Parry F 101 Fixed Star t3 SR
Mspetlte 101 Indian Summer SO SB
Tinkler OS Lerste, SO 99
Tovranda 88 1 Wt
Sixth Ra-e Purs t300i for three-year-olds and up- Nt
ward which bar not won in 1890 or 1887; selling al- SW
lowanoes; one mile J ftfc
V- B llSIRodmaa B 101 Kg
Alarum 100 Botonella (ij SR
Fellche.. I07Klnmar Pt WX
Leonwsll 104 Templestow 67 M
Bsndown 101 Hi
Pierre) lorllbard OtaJsUa Socsnd ir the Stew W
ard Cop. Ijfl
LorTDOK, July 27. The Qoo,lwood meeting,
comprising four days' racing, began to-day. The a
Btevrard's Cup, value S0O sovereigns, part In ffif
speelp (given from tho race fund), added to u BS
handicap sweepstakes of 10 sovereigns each, for 3
throo-yoar-olda and upward, the second to re- El
celve 1 BO sovereigns out of the stakes, ihne-
quarters of a mUe, waa won by H. MtCalmonfs i
vi. J, -imPhora, 4 years. Pierre LorilUrJ's f
DIakka, 5 years, waa second, and Sir 8. Scott's
Ardrourlle, 4, years, third. Twenty-three horses
ran. i
,,h. Mf'W wag 100 to 8 against Amphora,
100 toO DIakka, and 33 to 1 Ardvourlle.
Tha Winners at Oakley,
CwoiiWATt, July 87. Abe Furst, the fovortte, irnn
the Press stakes at Oakley to-day with comp.nil e
J"' JjJP.B, whose rroeut races bod put him out 'f
f ovor with the public, won tbe second race at SS lu 1
Humans Society officers wer at the track to liiir.
got; as to alleged cruelty in the use of the spi r 1 f
J 00k vs. Xxsmlnatlon of tbe sldss of home, ftter
rao failed to convince the officers that there "e
grounds for complaint. Summaries:
First Raoe Flv furlongs. Fan Foronade, 104
(Bsauchomp), S to 1, worn Monk Waynion 1
VSP' B-i ' wcndi Incidental, 08 (Everett 10
1, third. Timo, l:0ni.
,fl?&&Oaa mile and 70 yards J 1" M-, '
107 (Morsison). 80 to 1, wont L. w', 84 illustou 9
Tl UoS?' rron,man. 't0 (Dllts), 60 to 1, thirl
Third Raoe Flv furlongs.-MIUstresm. lOtnllllli. i
S,0VlKOl Wilson, 10 (Murphy), g to I, m-. -ill I
Turn Collins, ion (burns), W tot. third. Tim
'oorth Raoe-The Press sukeai six furl. nigs
Furst, 10S (Relfl). 7 to 10, woui Imm 10 1 Piggoti J I
to 1, second! Eugenia Wlekes, 103 (Morrbou , 1 10 1,
third. Time. Ills'.
Fifth Raoe One mile and seventy ysnls What
Next. 101 (Matthews), S bi g, wont Pete Kitchen, 10J
(Thornton), S to 1, second: Nannie D , 8.H (Morrison),
10 to 1, third. Time, 1:30V
Winners at Rt, Ixinls,
St. Louis, July 87. Tb raoes at tho Fair Oroundt
this afternoon resultod asiullows:
..F.,r!.""-E,vnll'ull'of aiiille. Del Mart,
10D (loucon), 7 to 8, wool Chhiulia, 1II6 (June. C
!?. ';,Bond King's Uuaid, ion (llroken, Uu 10 I,
third Time, Ills,
.,"?ai " Threo-quorters of a mile llolsni'
US (Petennan), 10 to I, won: Polly Hattuu, 8i ll 1,
B to 8, sewiudl Rote d'Or, 87 (C0OU.U), S to 1, Hi 1 I
Time, Ijl7,
Third RaceOne mile. High Noon. 107 (Mocji r
i. to ,,..W9J;' Virginia M, 1U7 (Joues), IStol.n " ll
Basqull, 7 (SlanghUri. 8 to 1, third Time. 1 1'
Fourth Rate-one mile and 70 yar.U.-IUiy.U In I s,
108 (Uorner), n to 8. worn Schiller, 110 (hUuglinr),
f'.'-H' ' ""dl Naunla L.'s Sister, 80 (Coombsi, 1 u I,
third. Tim:, li, '
Fifth Race-Seven eighths of a mile Silver K-i "'
(Prestiiu), H to I, won; Can Oalloii, 811 (llalii, it',
seiou.li j. M a, 88 (blaughter), 0 to 6, Ihlni 1 ".
10B (Mitchell), 41) to 1, woui Dunitle, ion ((III ".
5l?.,,,0.ul"1, '" "- 108 l"remn), him I iirl
lime, tin,
Xews rrom tba Horse YVrld.
h SV,":n-S- Y-Ju')r T.-Tbe races at the Up I
bead Driving Park were postponed until to nmrn
on account or rain.
. '"TO'.'ulysl7. E,J,'r,l Courage, the 1 ' ,
eopllalbt, who holds a biavy inortgiiKi- on I '" ' 1 1
sella Horse Esrhange oil Boulb Urooilin n 1 1
city, bos been awar led possession of Ibmir p 1" ' B
a Judgment,
Owing to the rain yesterday tbe C'haril A
trattlug races aud speed exhibitions al H ci - V
I ark were postponed uulll next Tuesday i I
but did not attempt to drlvo over tbo ni'iait, 1 '
IiokeU. lor iM'rdoy will be reoelved at the 1
en nest Tuesday. J

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