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A Carara Jnry Derides That It Wm Baa t
th rallare T m Sarsean t Kstraot tha
ristst Wad Which the laid Had rtred lnt.
Ill) Hand While Celebrallna on Jaty a.
Coroner Dobbs nnd a Jury held an Inquest
yesterday In the case of ltVyear-olci Abraham
Meyers, who died on July ID at his home at 243
East 12.1il street of lockjaw. Tho Coroner's
offlco was notlded of the boy's death by his
father. Hat, a javroller, who charted at tho
time that the death of his son was duet Im
proper treatment at Harlem Hospital.
The boy, while celebrating with a revolver on
July 6, shot himself accidentally through tho
palm of his left hand. He was taken to Ilarlem
Hospital, where tho wound was dressed. A fow
days later he was seised with convulsions. Ills
father called in Or. Cronson of 223 East 110th
street. Ho consulted with threo other phy
sicians. They examined the palm of tho hand
and extracted from It a piece of tho pistol wad
about a third of nn Inch in diameter and an
eighth of an inch thick. Lockjaw had already
developed, and tho boy died subsequently In
Brest agony.
The first witness called at tho Inquest was Dr.
Cronson, who testified that he was called In to
attend young Meyers on July in, and found him
suffering from lockjaw. He described the op
eration which was performed on tho boy's hand,
and stld that a piece of wadding was extracted
from tho palm. The operation was performed
at the boy's homo ten days,af ter his first visit to
the hospital.
Or. John A. Clark, one of tho physicians at
Harlem Hospital, then took the stand. He Is a
tall, thin young man about 25 years old, who
wears gold spectacles and has an ascetto look.
"When did you graduate. Doctor 1" asked
Coroner Dobbs.
"In March last," replied the witness,
"Did you treat Abraham Meyers when ho
called at the hospital t"
"Yes. sir. I carefully washed the wound out
and dressed It. I also Inserted a probe in tho
palm to find anything that might be inside."
" Did you find anything 1"
"I did not."
"And yet you used the probe I'
"Yes. sir."
Ths witness then said that he sent the boy to
the dispensary attached to the hospital.
B" How long in all did it take you to dress the
wound 1" the Coroner continued.
" Oh. about five minutes." replied the witness.
" And then you turned htm over to the dis
pensary I"
" Yes, sir. that is tho custom."
" Then God save me from ever going to a hos
pital unless I am able to pay well for treat
ment," said Coroner Dobbs indignantly.
Dr. Burton W. Brush, the dispensary physi
cian, said he dressed tho wound and washed It
" Did yoa search for any foreign substance in
ths boy s palm I" ho was askod.
x aid noc-sir, was mo rapiy.
Coroners' Physician Weston testified that he
made an autopsy on the body, and that death
was due to lockjaw caused by the wound.
"Do yon think the boy would be alive to-day If
he received proper treatment at tho hospital f '
asked the Coroner.
" Undoubtedly he would," replied Dr. Weston.
Coroner Dobbs then charged tho Jury. He
aid that the caso was clearly one of criminal
neglect on the part of the hospital surgeons,
who had not given proper treatment to the boy
when he was under their care.
"All I can say. gentlemen, for myself is, God
save me from ever going into a hospital whore
there are doctors of this kind," said tho Coroner
In conclusion.
One of the young hospital doctors who had
testified smiled at this remark, and Coroner
Dobbs, who saw him. got indignant.
"This Is no laughing matter, young man," he
old, sternly.
The Jury returned a verdict that Abraham
Meyers " came to his death by tetanus follow
ing a pistol-shot wound accidentally self-inflicted
by the wadding of a blank cartridge, and
we censure tho surgeon or surgeons at Harlem
Hospital for falling to discover said wadding in
8 robing tho wound and for falling to remove
lie powder also contained in said wound."
Lawyer George R. Simpson, who represented
the Meyers family, said that a civil suit would
be Instituted against the hospital.
1X7111 ar a Catoallo Prteat Who Followed tt
Canned or Perfectlan.
The will of the Rev. James Perron, a Catholla
priest, who died hore on Jan. 24, 1890. was filed
yesterday for probate. He was formerly con
nected with the House of the Novitiate at
Frederick City. Md.. where on May 3, 1886, he
imode the wllL It was not supposed that he left
any estate, but it Is found that about $600 woa
doe him, and a legal representative of the estate
has to be appointed in order to get the money.
The will has these provisions:
" I declare that I havo wished to follow the
counsel of our Saviour Jesus Christ, 'if thou
wilt be perfect, go sell what thou host and give
to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in
heaven, and come, follow me' (Matt., xlx., 21).
Consequently I have disposed of all the
fortune which God had given me in good
works, with the exception of some few
' debts due to me, of which titles are in the hands
of Mr. Merlin, notary, in Paris, 237 Boulevard
Haint Germain, France. I beg, therefore. In the
name of God, each member of my beloved family,
or whoever might suppose he has any right to
my inheritance, not to make any inquiry about
this my fortune, which God had given me, nor
about tho use which I make of it. I myself have
disposed of it in good and charitable works,
such as the relief of the poor, the Christian edu
cation of destitute children, the building and
adorning of temples consecrated to the worship
of God, the support of Christian missions among
the infidels, and others of tho same nature. I
declare that If I have disposed of it among
these above-mentioned works, and not in
favor of my family, it has not been
through aversion to any person of it, but merely
to follow the counsel of our Lord Jesus Christ,
who recommends to me, who wish to be his true
disciple, to distribute his goods among the poor.
Therefore, as no member of my family was re
duced to a state of poverty when I distributed
my fortune, but on the contrary all of them
were either rich or In easy circumstances, I did
not think It proper to distribute it to them."
Father Perron was born In France, but none of
his relatives has been cited, as his executors do
not know who they are. if any survlvo him.
Ills executors are the Kov. Thomas T. Campbell,
President of St. John's College: the llov. KHimiol
H. Frisbee of the Georgetown College, District
of Columbia, and the lev. William Pardow of
Nt, Francis Xavler's College. He leaves his ex
ecutors all he has left.
a windfall ron iuiookztx.
The City Treasury Enriched by tba Trustee or
the Idtchfleld Estate.
Recently the trustees of the Litchfield estate
nnd the city authorities in Brooklyn entered
Into a compromise by which the city was to re
calve at once tho amount due from the estate In
arrears of taxes, and the trustees wero to with-
draw the numerous actions instituted against
the city for damages. Following up this com
promise the Supreme Court last week granted
tho trustees permission to mortgage tho unim
proved property for $500,000 In order that
I money could be obtained to pay tho taxes.
All the persons interested nppearcd In
the Supreme Court In Brooklyn boforo
Justice Maddox, yesterday, when the final
ordef was signed. The order directs tho
Registrar of Arrears to receive 9UJ3.117.47
from the Litchfield estate In payment or all
taxes and assessments levied prior to Jan. 1,
18D4. Tho Comptroller Is also directed to credit
the Registrar with the deficiency resulting
because the amount received by him Is loss
than that charged against him on the books of
the Comptroller, In addition to tho cash paid
In yesterday, tbo city received from tho Litch
field estato while Fredorick W. Hlnrlchs was
Registrar of Arrears, In 1804, $260,000. Tho
heirs haeulso promised to pay on Dec IS tho
taxes for 1807.
Texas's Newly Dlsrovered oil Territory,
ConsiOAif a, Tex., July 20. Two moro oil wells
were completed to day, and aro developing a,
heavy flow of crude petroleum, aggregating for
the two wells about ISO barrels a day. There
are now thlrteon flowing wells In the oil district,
fl whoso output approximates (100 barrels, and a
dozen more wells aru undor contract. The oil Is
almost the same as tho Pennsylvania product.
Senator It. Q. Mills o ns 1 ,000 acres In what Is
I pronounced to be tbo richest part of the oil
I Vesro Nnlndter Mobbed by Women.
I John Graham, a negro who has buncoed col.
I ored women out of various sums of money by
I representing that he would gat them places as
T, palaco car cleaners, was recognised by some of
his victims when he visited an Intelligence ottlco
9 nt 310 West 135th street )eterflny. The)'
chased him when he ran away nnd, catching
him, spoiled his clothes and treated him cruelly,
He was rescued by a bicycle policeman and held
for examination in Harlem Court.
ZAtnoa vxxtKR watxb ax const.
Amplications far lands Alans the Beach That
May Be turaated by the land Bonn).
Albany, July 20. Tho'warnlng note sounded
by State Engineer Adams against the Stato
granting to Individuals any further rights to
land unilor water along the beach on the ocean
sldo of Coney Island was unheeded to-day by
tbo Commissioners of tho Land Office, when
action was taken which practically means tho
granting of all such applications ponding before
tho board. Of tho members of tho board only
Secretary of Btato Palmer, Comptroller Roberts,
Stato Treasurer Colvin, and Attorney-General
Hancock were present. Tho applications which
aro to bo grnntod aro thoso of tho Norton's Point
Land Company, Thomas SIxsmlth, KUcn Kevins,
Anna Woolsoy, Emllo Hubcr, John 11. McPher
son, and Kluilra C. Christian. At tho last moot
ing of tho board tho Stato Knglncer submitted a
report favoring tho application of tho Norton's
Point Land Company, nnd of Ncvlns, Woolsoy.
McPherson, nnd Christian, so far ss thoy re
lated to grants of land undor water on tho
Uravcsend Bay side of Coney Island, but against
all grants on the othor side, except to tho Nor
ton s Point Land Company. As a reason for his
position Stato Engineer Adams said in his re
port: " Coney Island is unique. It Is the breathing
rlacolnnotdays and evenings of summorfor
ho peoplo of Greater Now York. It Is accessi
ble to thoso with limited nurse now, and new
ways of roachlng It nt tho least cost aro con
stantly being pro ldod. It will surely bo sought
by annually Increasing thousands, very many of
whom will go to enjoy tho beauty of Iho sea.
Thov should have the fullost freedom of tho
beach. I think no more limits to thepubllouso
of the beach of Conoy Island below high water
mark should bo made."
The board, howovor, docs not agree with Mr.
Adams, nnd to day ordered appraisals to bo
mado of all lands asked for In theso applications.
Increase or Deposits, Fronts, Dividends Paid,
and Iteoouroem.
ALBANY, July 20. Tho total resources of tho
trust companies of tho State on July 1 last wero
$443,403,020, an Increnso over tho correspond
ing poriod lost year of $-10,548,382. The reDorts
of tho trust companies of the Stato for the year
onded Juno 30 last, as tabulated in tho State
Banking Department, shows that tho cash on
hand nnd on deposit has been Increased 1 3,738.
731, tho deposits in trust have Increased $20.
087,124, and tho goneral deposits havo Increased
$21,1511,174. As corapnrcd with the preceding
year, the profits of thoso companlos were in
creased $631,232, and the amount of dividends
declared was Increased $221,013.
The following figures show the operations of
theso companies for tho year onded June 30 Inst:
Resources Honda and mortgages, SIS. 024, TIB;
stock Investments, $110, 3H0. 208. lotned on collater
als tun 580 268: loaned on pervinal securities,
S17n370.gu: cash on deposit, 57.l,n 123, cash on
hand, $7.1 79,007! other assets. 17.U47.VSS.
LiabMtiu Capital stock. tJO.800 000; surplus
fund. f4t.ig5.2Jli undlTlilfd profits. S7,T17.819!
deposits In trust, 14StulR3: general deposits.
S203 1175 034; other liabilities, 11.583.4t)
.Supplementary Profits during the year. 1 7,838,
008. Interest credited depositors ie.510.ORO. ex
penses. $2,SH2.044; dividends declared, 13,51)3.015!
taxes paid, 1327,841.
Supposed to Have Been Killed and Then Laid
Veslde the Italia.
Asboby Park, N. J., July 29. William Gar
rlty was found dead this morning besldo the
tracks of tho Now York and Long Branch Rail
road, near tho water works at this place, by
Andrew Bennett, the track walker. Garrlty's
skull was fractured on the left sldo and thero
n as no other cut or bruiso on his body.
How Garrity met his death is not known. His
friends say t hot ho was murdered lato last night
and placed beside the tracks.
Coroner Herbert had the body removed to
Sexton's Morgue, where on Inquest will bo held.
Meantime the Coroner Is looking up evidence In
the case. Garrity was seen after 10 o'clock last
night. Tho only train that passed through hero
after that time was tbo special train bearing
Vice-President Hobartfrom Sea Girt camp to
Seabrlght. The engineer svya he saw no man on
the tracks. Engineer Howard of tho New York
train which arrived hero lato says no one wns
on tho tracks. The Jury v ill goover the ground
and endeavor to clear up tho case Garrity was
35 years old and married.
Lena Cberalateln Committed for Examination
as to Iler Sanity.
A dark, good looking young woman walked
quickly along Pike street toward the East River
at noon yesterday, wnlllng and tearing the
sleeves of her dress. One of her arms was bare
when sho reached South street, followed by
more than a hundred boys and girls and a score
of men and women. She was making for tho
Pike street pier.
Policeman Boll of tho Madison street station
intercepted her. She told him In half-coherent
English that she was going to drown herself as
her husband had abandoned her. He had left
her several times before, sho said, at the Insti
gation of his mother, but he had said this last
time that he would novcr return again.
Policeman Boll arrested her. Sho told Magis
trate Brnnn at Essex Market Court that she was
Lena Chcralstein, n Russian Jewess of 227
Cherry street. A woman dweller In the tene
ment, with several little ones of ber own, volun
teered to take care of Sirs. Chernlsteln's young
sters Mamie. 4Io years old: Pinkie 2a jetrs
old. and Willie. 0 months old. Mrs Cheralsteln
was committed for examination as to horsanlty.
Iho philanthropic neighbor doclded at 0
o'clock lost night that she couldn't carry out her
contract, and the threo little Cberalsteins were
takon to the Madison street station. Mamie and
Pinkie wore cared for by tbo Gerry society, and
Willie n as sent to Bollo ue.
Hilled Uimscir with Kjiadannm.
Georgo Wlllors, a salesman, of 2218 Eighth
avenue, bought laudanum yesterday In John
son's drug store at 120th stroet and Eighth ave
nue, and drank the contents of the bottle before
ho left tho place. He managed to reach hie
home and tried to climb the stairs, but fell un
conscious In tho hall. He died later in the Man
hattan Hospital. Ho Is said to have been Intem
perate. Lately hn became addicted to tho uso
of morphine. The polico think he poisoned
himself Intentionally.
Inaccd HlmselrVnder m Horseshoe.
Joseph Stelndel of 708 Third avenue commit
ted sulcido yesterday by hanging himself with a
clothesline, which ho had fastened to tho tran
som of hU room. Tho rope was twisted around
a horseshoe, on which wero the words, "Good
Luck." Stelndel, who was a wheelwright, had
been out of work for Borne time.
Plenty or Work Tor Iho Men Who'll Take It.
PuiLUPsnimo, N. J., July 20. Superinten
dent Danby of the American sheet mill to-day
sent for a committee of striking employees nnd
Informed them that if thoy would accept tho re
duction of wages offered tbem last spring the
mill would be started up again. He said bo had
enough orders on hand to keep the plant run
ning until Christmas nt loast. Tho committee
informed him that they would seo the other em
ployees and report as soon as possible. It is
belle ed the men w ill accept tho terms and re
turn to work. By the strike the men have lost
about $1,000 a week.
tor-Chalner Discharged.
Richard J. Tallon, tho "mllkshnko-nagon
man," of 72 Chambers Btreet, who was arrested
on Wednesday for shacklinir his ten;) car-old
son Jlmmlotoabed with a 17-pound ball and
cbnln. was discharged In Centre Street Court
Most Torturing, Disfiguring,
Of Itching, buniln?, bleeding, scaly skin
and scalp humors is instantly relieved
by a warm bath with Cimcuiu. Soar,
a single application of Cuticuua. (oint
ment), the great skin euro, and a full dose
of Cuticcka Resolvent, greatest of blood
purilicra and humor cures.
Remedies speedily, permanently, nnd
i economically euro, when nil Alio fails.
Potiis Dim isdCbi'm Cosr Knit Front Boston,
as-" ew lo Cult Eviry Skin tod lllood Humor," In.
ii i . t r 1 1
I.da-e Kewharger Orders m llea or "Ret
Guilty" ta Be Knterrd far Each Prisoner
No Time set far Trial Impression That It
May Be Had In Queens Cannly After All.
Martin Thorn nnd Mrs. Augusta Nnck, ac
cused of killing William GleldsensuDpe, wero
taken before Judgo Newburger in Part I., Gen
eral Sessions, yesterday to plead to tho indict
ment of murder in the first degroo. The counsel
of tho accused, Howo ti Hummel and Friend.
Houso & Grossman, refused to allow them lo
enter a plea of any kind, still sticking to their
position, dcsplto tho overruling of their demur
rer, that tho caso is without tho jurisdiction of
the courts of this county. The Court therefore
ordered the clerk to enter a plea of " not guilty "
in each case.
Tho two prisoners were brought into court
shortly nftor 10 o'clock. Mrs. Nack was moro
gorgeously dressod than over. She woro a rich
black silk dress that had very large sleeves, and
a very chipper little bell crown straw hat. The
only difference In Thorn's appoarance from the
time when he was last seon in court was that he
had grown quite a respectablo beard. Both
seemed well and happy, but all the time they
were In conrt they did not speak nor even look
at each other.
Thero was but a small crowd in ths court
room when Clerk Hall called out:
"Martin Thorn nnd Augusta Nack to thobarl"
When tho prisoners appoared Lawyer Howe
" Your Honor, I wish to express in court my
hoartlest gratification at your Honor's decision
on tho demurrer, I shall be delighted to try this
case In this court. But as to tho plea, we stand
mute to tho charge."
"Enter a ploa of 'not guilty,'" said Judgo
Th:n Lawyor Fred B. House arose with a
paper In his hand and sold:
" I wish to enter this as my plea."
Tho paper proved to be no plea at all, but
moroly a repetition of tho demurrer. It said:
"Tho dofendant, Augusta Nack, througn ner
counsol. Friend, House & Grossman, doth
plead as follows:
" First That tho said lndlctmont does not con
form substantially to tho requirements of sec
tions 275 and 270 of tho Code of Criminal Pro
cedure. "Second That the said lndlctmont charges
moro than oho crtmo within the meaning of sec
tions 278 and 270 of tho Codo of Criminal Proce
dure. "Third That tho facts stated In said Indict
ment do not constitute a crime.
"Fourth That the crime set forth in the In
dlctmcntwaecomtnltted in thocounty of Queens,
and not within tho city and tho county of New
York, nnd, therefore, not within the Jurisdiction
of the Court of Uoueral Sessions of tho Peace in
nnd for the city nnd county of New York, or in
any other court having Jurisdiction In sold city
and countv."
Judgo Nowburger informed Mr. House that it
was no plea, but he would allow It to go on the
records, and Mr. House, refusing to make any
plea, tho court ordered tho clerk to enter a plea
of "not guilty" for Mrs Nack also. When this
was done Mr. Howe asked when the case would
ut nut nn th snlnnHrii
"Tho question Is entirely Improper at this
time," said the Judge.
"I wish to Inform tho Court, said Mr. Howe,
In his unctuous, blufllng tones, "that I am
ready to proceed with tho caso to-morrow. '
Although no one knons what tbo plans of the
District Attornoy are. all of tho men about tho
court, including tho lawyora of the defendants,
believe that the trial will tako place In Queens
county. It Ib believed that the wholo caso
will bo worked up In this county, and then
in Septembor. w hen tho Quoens county Grand
Jury meets, tho tno will be indicted over thero
and the caso transferred by order of the court
The chief reason given for this Is that District
Attorney Olcott will not bo willing to bae a
reversal In case of a conlction on tho ground
that the courts here had no Jurisdiction In the
The two police photographers visited tho
Moreue yesterday afternoon nnd made a num
ber of photographs of the pieces of the body of
William Gleldsensuppc, to bo used It evldenco
in tho trlul of Martin Thorn nnd Mrs Nnck.
They wero accompanied by Coroner Tnthlll,
who bos declared that the body shill not be
taken out of the Jars In which It Is kept unless
he is present.
irolfBang Winters of PltUbnrsT Arraigned an
st Charge or nugt'Untf.
Just after the North German Lloyd steamship
Havel reached ber pier at Uoboken yesterday
morning Chief Customs Inspectors Donohue and
Brown noticed a man coming cautiously down
the gang plank. When tho man stepped on the
pier Donohue called htm to one sido and ques
tioned him as to tho contents or his baggage.
The stranger said ho was Wolfgang winters, a
brcner, on his may to his homo in Pittsburg,
Pa. He declared that he hnd nothing dutiable
In his possession. Inspector Donohue, however,
searchod his clothing and found tucked nway in
the linlngof his waistcoat andln his pockets threo
old chains, a diamond brooch, fifteen silk
andkerchiofs. and set en meerschaum pipes.
The lot is valued at 93,000.
Winters was arraigned beforo United States
Commissioner Romalne In Jersey City and held
in $300 ball. He paid his lull in cash.
Frank Elter of Pittsburg, another passenger
on tho Havel, was detained on suspicion by tbo
inspectors. The found but little of vuluo in his
possession, and ho was reloascd after the duti
able articles had been confiscated.
Dlngley Law Inspection of Cabin nastrase.
The customs officials at the North German
Lloyd dock in Hoboken did not meet with much
difficulty j esterday In enforcing the provisions
of tbo Dlngley law. Tho steamships Prlnz Re
gent Luitpold and Havel arrived, but as the
cabin pnssengcrs on both steamers did not num
ber 100. the customs officers mado their Inspec
tion without causing unusuil delay.
'Hie majority of the passengers wore unaware
when the) camo In that the law was In effect,
but when matters were explained they readily
consented to nay the duties. The customs of
ficials expect that they will have to doublo their
forco when tho rush of Incoming passengers
commences In tho fall.
Uustneo Troubles.
Georgo France, merchant tailor at 102 Broad
way, made an assignment yesterda) to William
Harkncss, glting a preference to Leonora Agnes
Franco for $031. Some years ago he was assisted
in bis business by a friend. Tho friend died re
cently and his executors called upon -Mr. France
for repaj ment of the money, which France said
was a gift and not a loan. Being unprepared to
mcot the demand, ho made an assignment.
An nttaebmont has been obtained horn against
Mrs. Hcnrlotta Lutner, dealer In millinery at
1185 Broadway, Brooklyn, for 8200. In favor of
Louis Metzgor, for goods sold and delivered.
Efforts to collect the bill or sco Mrs. Latner were
Judgment for 8107,211 wns entered yesterday
against Mnry 11. Bnrse unil Frances B, Le Fovro
in favor of tno Central Trust Company. They
were sureties on an appeal from a Judgment
against Mills W. Rarse nnd Hponcer 8. Ilullls, in
connection with the affairs of tho Allegheny and
Klnzua Railroad Company.
Where anatrrdaj'a Fires Were.
A. M 7 05,11 Suffolk street, damage 5 8 50,
808 West Forty third street, Jamea Costsllo, damag a
S2I t IB. -ISO Charlton street. C ltarrlison, damage
lOOi 0:40, K3o Eait torty Brst street, N. lierrlck,
damage 910.
I'. M 7.0U, 8 East Fourteenth street, n. rinksb
stein, damage 11,000; ?ilt, 119 Ridge street. Her
man (Ireevesman, damaice Sl.llOU: 10 00, H74 Lexlng
ton arenas, U. Murray, dauiago 10
The Weather,
The weather was fair in all sections of ths country
yesterday except ou the north Atlantic coast, la ths
New England States, and In the region of the lower
lakes, where It was cloudy and showery. The low
pressure which was central orer tha loner lakes on
W ednesday remained nearly stationary, but had de
creased In energy, aud extended In a trough front
south New England to Canada The pressure was
low orer Minnesota and tho Oakotas The tempera
ture remained stationary In all dlitrkts In thu city
the day was partly cloudy, with a sprinkle or two
of rsln The rainfall was 2.B8 Im hes for the twenty
four hours ending at ti A. M.t highest omclal tem
perature. 78", lowest fll'i wind northerly, shifting
to west and south, average t eloclty 8 miles an hour;
average humidity 78 percent) barometer, corrected
to read to sea let el, at 8 A. M, 2U.80, at 3 1', M. 29 88
The thermometer at the United States Weather Bu
reau registered tho temperature yesterday as follows:
1SU7. IPOa.. 1UU7. lHtlfl.
U A. M. ...OH' 7'l HP.M 71 7U
l Jt. . 1." M U l'.M , ,71) 77"
111', St. 7J 84 12 Hid 6U' 75'
MihiuxoToi roaecAsT ton raiuir.
Fvr XatttU-ltuitttl. Ithbde itaml, Connecticut, and
tuUr .Sric l'orl, Aiirsf probably fair in I hi
uttrnoon ; north triads, becoming wtittrly.
For the District of Columbls, eastern Transylvania,
Iew Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia, fair)
1 slightly warmer) westerly winds.
For western l'ennsylvanla, western Hew York, sad
Ohio, fair) warmer) Ugh! south wlada,
i ia II I I
A "an ar n Newark Manufacturer la Jatl
neb si sTharse.
Chief of Polico Hopper of Newark wns Informed
yesterday by Sheriff need of Livingston county,
III., that one of tho young men who mado n bold
attempt to rob a bank at Odcll on July 10 was
Frank P. Lynch of Newark. It wns a great sur
prise to all who know young Lynch, who wns a
son of tbo Into Philip Lynch of tho manufac
turing Arm of Riley & Lynch.
Young Lynch had a good education and in
herited considerable proporty from his fnthcr.
Ho studtod law for a whllo In tho offlco of J. O.
II. Pltnoy In Newark, nnd was thought to hat o
a fine future for a man of 22. About two mouths
ago ho sold a pleco of property in Harrison for
3,000, although It wns snld to bo worth (8.000.
Then he told his friends that ho was going Wost
where he could do bolter with his money than
here. Ho disappeared from Newark and noth
ing wns hoard from him until ycslertlny. What
has becomo of the 8,1,000 nnlmdy In Newark
can guess, but peoplo horo doubt that he could
be drawn Into a bank robbery If ho had It. A
rilcturo of tho prisoner, which was sent with the
otter to Chief Hopper, mado it certain Hint tho
man In question is Frank P, Lynch. When nr
rested ho gat o tho namo of Frank W. Jact-son.
A nowspaper clipping In the letter told how
two men had entered the McWIUInms llnnkof
Odoll late on tho nftornoon of Julv 17 and. pre
senting revolvers, ordorcd Cashier Van llusklrk
to throw up his hands nnd keep them up whllo
thoyholped thomseltcs to tho cnth that lay In
piles on his desk. Tho cashier pretended to
comply with tho ordor, tut borore tho robbers
could roach tho money ho hnd tbem catered
with a braco of revolvers. Tho robbers weak
ened nt Iho cashlor's display of firearms and fled
from tho bank, followed by n rouplo of bullots
which tho cashier tired after thorn.
The shooting nttrncted tho attention of a largo
crowd, and tho fugttltes wero pursued by mon
on foot. In wagons, and on blcjclcs for several
blocks before they were overtaken.
The Lawyers Are ow Wrangling Over ma
ISO.OOO Securities.
Application was made to Surrogate Abbott in
Brooklyn yesterday by Chnrlos II. Otis, i ounsol
for Publlo Administrator Davonport, for an
order to compel Joslah J. White to turn over
to Mr. Davenport 8150,000 of socurltlo, which,
It is alleged, belong to tho estato of Kllza
Trowbrldgo White, late wlfo of tho defendant.
The Long Island Loan and Trust Company, as
guardian of Frederick Hall White, son of tho
defendant, joined In the motion. Joslah T.
Maroan, as counsol for Sir. White. Bald ho had
a lion on the securities for S J 1,000 and was on
tltlod to hold them until ho was paid. Mr.
Otis said tho Publlo Administrator should havo
the securities, and said Mr. White hud per
jured himself In his accounts.
"What would the Supreme Court," said Mr.
Otis, "do with a man who, acting us n receiver,
J roved himsolf a thief, a scoundrel, and a pcr
urorl' "That won't do," said Lawyer Marean
Mr. Otis said he was roforrlng to an imag
inary case, and was not calling Mr. Marean s
client names.
Lnwvors Vocder and Sullivan, formerly coun
sel for Mr. Whlto, were In court, und were no
nused of having noglcctod his interests. White's
lawyer said ho bad twenty letters In which Mr.
White urged them to do something
"Wo hadn't tlmo to answer blackguardly and
untruthful latter," Raid Mr. Veedor.
Surrogato Abbott reserved decision In tho
caso, and after ho left tho bench tho lawyers
had a discussion on the oorps spirit of their
Erofession. Though their.' argumeuts wero
eatod, no blows woro struck.
Jraleus or a stable Doy, ne Attached an Cn
brella linker with a Knife.
Some washed clothing that Mrs. Harry Dunn
of 310 East Fifth street hod put out to dry on
tho roof of the house blew away about 11
o'clock last evening, and fell on tho roof
of a stable in the rear. Mrs. Dunn called to
a boy In tho stable and asked him to
bring Iho clothing back. He did so, and
stood for a few minutes on the front steps of tho
house talking to Mr. and Mrs Dunn. Dunn had
Bcon tho boy before and was jealous of him. He
began to upbraid his wife, and llnallt ran Into
the houBO In a frenzy of rage.
The boy had returned to his work, when Dunn
appeared In a few minutes with n knife.
" here's the bo) t" bo askod his wife.
" He's gono home," said she.
Dunn mistook Andrew Gluck of 113 East
Third street, an umbrella maker, who was
passing the house, for the stable boy, and at
tacked him tlclously, stabbing him several
times in tho head and body.
Gluck was taken lo the East Fifth street po
lice station, and all the detectites and the re
serves wero sent out to search fur Dunn, who,
after stabbing htm, ran nttnt. Gluck is dan
gerously hurt, lie wan sent to Bellotuo Hos
pital. Dunn had never seen Gluck before.
Cleveland Police Thought There Was Something
Rtrsure In a Canine Funeral.
Cmcveuind, July 20. The pet dog of Major
W. W. Armstrong, sx Secretary of Stnto of
Ohio, ex Postmaster and ex-Treasurer of Clove
land, was killed on Wodncsday, and because of
the affection hold for it by the family it was
carried to the old fomlly homestead, OHO Pros
pect street, early this morning ana buried in a
flower lined grave.
The burial took place so early Iwcauso of a do
sire of the family to at old comment. A sert ant
In an adjacent residence noticed the party get
out of a carriage, bur) a bundle, and hurry
away. Her suspicions were tomiiiunlcntcd to
tho police, and Patrolman Murray investigated.
With tho help of anxltiu spectators thegrato
wns oponcd. At a depth of four foot the snot els
struck an obstruction
With a great deal of reterenco the body was
lifted from the grave Tho littlo knot of ex
cited spectators respectfully removed their hats
as the policeman exposed the remains of thedog.
SStlttt Banrri.
It est Hide.
1 TTn ST , 24 WEST, simile and doable rooms. 2d
X I and 8d floor, with board, house well kept
QOD BT. ai-ftM- WK8T 1 arga and small "rooms,
O.J with board, ouvof tonu buyers accommodated i
Q.1TII ST. 27 w. EST llsndsome, oool rooms: er
Ott cellent board) euujmor rates) transients accommodated
uruichra?Rooms&3wartmtt3tOc$rt i
Kaal IIU.s
OPTII ST.. 110 FAST Handsomely furnished largo
ZO and small rooms: all conveniences: private.
- 0-7TH ST.Tof EAST -Halfroum, tl 25: largo
J.JJ 4 room for housekeeping or gentlemen. S3.
West Mile,
1 OTI1 ST . 40 WEST. Onn slngls and doubts room
X.U In quiet, comfortable house, gentlemen only) I
breakfast: reference. I
1 "7TH ST., 00 WEST. Mcely furnished room, with
J- I or without lioard select location: very central.
TTOTlt ST .lCiK WEMT.-Furnlshed large thlrdstory
X. JL 47 front roim, alltouvenlences, private family)
reasousble, references
iflatu anil aiwtmrms So Stt.
rjJiTl-'iVrsi AVENUE,"
Elegant apartment. and 10 rooms and balk)
great Inducements ofTered
Apply to W. .. llolirilTH, Superintendent.
horthwestiorner 7th av and 148th at, one block
from elevated station: finest lo atlon In New York; 4
and 8 large all outside rooms open plumbing) great
Inducrmsuu Items SIB to S28.
Apply on premises
17KANKLIsW,r.'03, comer S aahlngton st 4 new.
' ly painted rooms, unfurnished, til monthly: 3
rooms SO.
To small respectable families only, splendid 4 room
naui all Improvements; elegant entrance: carpetod
halls sud stairs : rent, 18. KlsT tlT ST.i
fiermau Janitor
IFnoysf. ja NhXii hedfohd -single rut,
i large, light rooms: all Improvements: low rent.
1 OKTII ST.. 248 EAM Apartments of three and
JLiiO lour rooms: all light rooms: chssp rent.
Superior apartments, 7 rooms aud batht all Im
provements: st am last: hot water su piled: hand
somely dccoraleil Impure of Janitor orof
someiy occ KpWAB, H n,LIAMH, 1 1 1 llroadway.
gtrrUhtfl llousffl En tt fflitij.
DESIHA11LK HOUSES, furnished and unfurnished.
In drslrahle ! atlonsi rent $1,200 to 88 000
rOLSOU IJHOTIlritS, 8 Iti Ilroddway, cor lUthst.
laTjPnnd ?pnrtmtnt rooitlijn.
3?i ATS to let: 5 nice rooms, range, etc , 111 and W
iuoutbiuoodnelt,nburliood;nuw brl k Imlidlugi:
V4V lo vaa Di) Kalb av , near Sumner av , llrooklyn.
Janitor ou prriuUes
iimislutl eflntislo Jtt.
I?LaWaND APAP.TMENTS, unf urnUhed. furnished,
in desirable locations) rent S540 to f a.uoo.
( 0iJOHDaOTnJUS,o80Urosdwsy,cir. Ulhsi,
iwisiisiiii iiiiimmmfmmimtwmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
iwtlUHrf StowUM -to )tt ffiotmmt.
new house, located In the most desirable part of
the cllyi alt Improvements) an abundance of purs
water from an artesian well.
It. filKftmcK, 10 1st av., Mount Vernon,
1 UOOH ' JIOUKItK JIOUHE, just completed, to
XJ lease for three or flvo years. In Yonkersi situ
ated on line nt N. Y. ann Putnam It It , within threo
minutes' walk of depot; steam heat, gas, water, and
all other conveniences! a nne conntry residence for a
family. Address 1). A., box ISO Sun uptown ufflce,
12(15 B roadway.
Co ctt for gu.stnfua SurpojUjd.
BUILDINGS stores, lofts, offlees, and studios to let
In desirable locations
FOLSOM llllOTIlhltS, 803 Droadway, cor. 13th St.
BUII.D1NOS, stores lofts and oflleos to let) a large
miinber,IlUl.ASI)WHITINO, 0 lleekmsn t.
I7HONTpsrt of store In lilcvcle, hardware, and rub-
tier district. Apply at 41ltarrenst.
1V I.BT-Thrre nneiofls, soitno ft. each" singly or
X toother, In the substantial building, 4'Ih pasrl st t
an ofllee on second floor ca-i 1m had with them If
dettrcd) fluo accommodations for a substantial printer
and lithographer! from such the rent, to a large ox
lent, would ho taken In work! equally desirable to
(almost) any manufacturing business Apply on the
TJ fT DKOADWAY. Choice fronfortlce. alio desk
i J-1 rooms, to let! low rent. Apply Itoom It.
IU nl (CjJtiUe 4;or nle if onrj e?islnd.
Harlem Branch
119 west 12sth street
NORTH SllOUn OF Lev; ISLAND, hour from city,
with flno Tlew of the Sound; a beautiful summer
or vrlntor home fornulo very cheap) nearly new motl
oru houe, latest atylr of archttnture, with 1H rooms
anil cTcry Improvement, ample plazz&M porte-cochere
and toner, tables, carriage cow, poultry houteft,
pigeon corral, Japanrto aummer pagoda and con
aervaloryt SacrtM of finest hleh land, with grand
views of nne country for mllei, nil Utd nut In land
aenpeft, walks driven, flower hedfl, lawns, ahruha,
abundance of fluent fruits, eholco (tardea No rtanon
ablo offer will be refused, and the (creator part of the
firtoo may remain on mo rt pa ire at A per cent t bouse
furnished. 'oMrilon at once rhotottraphs with
THOMAS V, VWSY.. UOUroadway.
ThJa property Is located hlzh and dry. free from
any swamp land. If found otherwise after Inrtstlca
tlon, money refunded: It la beautifully situated with
In about one mile of Centre Moriches on Loot? Island,
aud will bo sold on terms of 9J don n and then S3 a
month, seo about this at once Ad Ires.
60 Liberty tt , N. T.
A FINE LITTI K PLOT OF 5 AC1U S only few mln
uteaualk from Central lallp L. I . for f 150, 95
cash, $1 30 weckb . nolnterest, will positively double
In vnluf within few years, d slrable Investment; laud
free from rode, aut stones and contains no swamps,
soil rich aud productive: beautiful section, healthy
and desirable. lite quick or call
ItlbLLV. n Chamlgn. st
5 ACRES FOR 150.
At Pst liogue and Medford. L 1 teas) terms, f J per
month and un For particulars call or v rile to O. L.
SCHUKNCKK. Land and Investment Company,
57(1 578 Ilrosawsj, .Sow York.
i,al CjdTntc jgor ffalt gtcw gttsty.
Morrlstown and Beruardsvlile property, every de
scription) sale and rent. E. P. IIAM1LTO.S CO.D8
llroadway. N. Y.
l M 11S.nr DISTltlCT! LarieTots 73, terms
f V 50 monthly! hlsh around near houses
V EATHhRDY. 271 Broadway.
gUal Cstnte or ..Sale Urmit. Cits.
or sale or to let. well located In Jersey City) handy
to all ferries anil railroads Apply to
1'. K. WAMsn. IBB Montgomery st , Jersey City.
gtnl (Sjstnte -fox $nt.
SaYETIIK DS.R1ES Two-room houseand lot. SlOO,
larger houses In proportion, easy Installments,
high ground! nice village, 23 miles, fine ojtealng for
butcher, baker restaurant.
SMITH. 230 Droadway, room SV
jfifiit Estate cf or ,$a.r Sroablijtt.
ClMltMli: TltnittrR Th. only Installment
lots In Lanarslc, sta down. 95 monthly, fronting on
Canarsle av., two blocks from tho bay, buy now. For
map sea
Itoirr. P. CltAIO, Atlantic and Van Slclenavs.
ffjor alt or Co Xtt Citii.
"vTttOODLttW nEtOIITS CtTY-Cholce cottages.
V U rooms, all Improvements to let S 1 H per month,
or sold on easy terms. IKtIMI, 115 Madison av,
"IttAT IlAItQAIN Sli 000, termsTasy."a now 3
vX story, hUn stoop prlvste dutiline house open
Llumbluc hard nood onlsh. T. . altOTWELU 291
enox av.
glral .state at Auction.
Great Liquidation Sale
of all tho real estate personal property, and fran
chNea of The Aon by the S.a Lan t and ImproTe
ment Co , at
Un Sulunluy, ilulj :tl, nl 11 A.M.
Great bargatni at last two sales lots sold at 15 to
HO per cent of a-tual values.
AT At'C riON.
The 43 acres, with stono cottage, bam, Ac, for
merly the I roperty of
will be sold at public auction ou the premises at
II O'CLOCK A. M. til,. II.
By order of
Elm IX V. TimOCKMORTtlV, Assignee.
Orran 5tramrrs.
SEW Oltk bOL'TH VMI'TON (I.oudon-Parls).
Sailing every tduiM lay nt 10 A M
ST. PAUL AUU 4 T. nlTI. Aug 25
HT lOL'lh Aur 11 ST IOLMS . Sept 1
PARIS . All..- Ih l'KIS Hit N
I balling i veiy Wedinslav
Frlelsnd .Aug 4. noon wcstirninud Aur IN, noon
1 Kens eton. Auk II. 1 1" M iimitlirk Aug ."VI I'M
riersU and 15. North ltlve- Onl e, Ullowllngtlreen.
i:i txi.uM tit Miiiticniii.
Vckly from IMer 54, J. H , fo it West 24th st
Fthlnpla July al.njon Anchorla Aug 14. noon
till of llotitn . . Kept. II and Oct. O
lor new Illustrated hok of tours aud passage rates
and further partluilars npplv to
HrNUFltsiiN llltOTIIrKS, Agents. 7 Bowling Oreen, '
"l tU.NAlll) MNt,TOM FHIMOI , IA l i NSIOtt M i
V from I'ler40, V, K . foot of I'larkson st I
Umbrla July .11, S l'.M I Hrurla Aug 1 4, 3 I M. I
l.ueanla Aug 7, noon Campan a Aug 21 11 A M ,
NfcltNOVIl BUOWSACO lien Ag ts.4 Uowllng(Ire n j
T IK SCREW FXI'111-Si.s from New York to l'lym
outh (Loud in). Chi rliourg, Purls, aud Hamburg
Columbia. July Jl, IP M Normnnnlu, Ui 2, IDA M.
Kormaunla Aug 5. 10 A M IColuml la sept 2. II A. M
F.lilnmanlc.Ail 10,HI A M I A Mi lorla, Si nt, 11,11 A M.
IIAHRI'IUI r.FltllT. by rwlnScntt Mall S R.
rhn-ulils July II. 7 l A M l'i rsla, Vug 7, 12 l.
First l ab, 675 ll pt second class .40, Htet rage, $ 10,
Hinlnir-merlraii Line, HT llroadwny,
Ill-I ICIITI'I I, (HF4 Tltll'N.
Only direct lino for Cottage City, Mas , and Port
Isul. Me Steamers asll every week da, eioept
Wednesday, from Pier No II h, p It , at n P M Tuts
day, 1 hurwlay. aud Saturday stemin ra.tnp at Cottaga
City in routei tho new 8. 8 JOHN t', SdLIh sails Mon
days and Frldajs for Portland Ulreit. Connections
msd for liar Harbor. 01 1 Onlmnl. Poland Hnrlng,
white Mountains, hi, John Nil an' all Fa(ern sum
mer n sorts Blcamers fitted lth cveiy modern Im
proveuiLtit for tmnfort and iutmnl tue of tourists
The most comfortablo route for all points t nst, necca
sltstlug no ihanges Tickets ma) lie iiirihwed at
JtalnB K. H Company's iifflu, Su 1 Broadway, at
th ome hn 2 .'J houth at . opi olle din Fler, and
Thos Cook Son,2nl aud ISO llroalvtay
IAbTFXl'lirsshn AMUls .,,,
Havel, Tu , Auk II. 1UA M. Trae ru , Aug JJ.inAM.
Basic. Tu. Aug lo 10 AM I aim, Tu, Aug 21,10 AM.
OFI ItlCfIS ft CO . 2 Howling Orel n
Iltll.l IO MlltHII It.
Minrlist Hen Trliw Out of V-n lork.
Delightful tours to Old Vo in Comfort, Norfolk,
Newport News, Petersburg l'orl-iiiNUtli Pinner .
Point, HI lunnnd, Mralula Hewh In and washing;.
ton. I) '. freight an I Passenger steamers .all from
Ptrr .M North Hiver. every weikdai eieipt Hatur
day at '1PM and Haliirday at 4 P M
W I, UU1U.AUHPU, V Ice Pre t sndTramnMgr.
Male.to .Aug 4, noun I Teutonic: Aug IH. noon
Pur 45, north 'thZhVn!V
'"troy boats.
tool l 1MB st dally, except haturday. lip M. Ei.
Dress trains for bsratoga. I ate Ueorge, Adirondack.,
I ix. Sunday ateamec touches at Albany,
f 4
For New Ixmdon, Watch Ilfll.'niork Island, and East
ern Itcsnrts, also Worcester and North of Boston and
Fait Htramer city of Lowell or Clly of Worcester
leaves Pier 40 (Old No.) N. It, next Desbrosses st ,
week days only at 0 P. M. Orchestra ou each Rates
to HlocK island reduced. Connection mado
W cek Days and Sundays
for Newport. Fall ltlvcr. Boston, Martha's Mnryard,
Nantucket, t apn Cod, and all laslirn and Northern
Mountain, In and, and Seashore points ritcsmers
Prlsclllaand Puritan In commission, Hno orchestra
on each. Leave Pier IK. N. 11. foot of Murray st
wiek rtars and Pundavs at 5 no P M.
For Providence direct, Boston and all Inland and
Seashore. Ilesorts I- at and North thereof, steamers
llhode Island and Plymouth. Orchestra on each.
Iaro Pier a o. N It , one block above Canal st , week
days only, at S II) P. M
For btnntnfton, XarMftansett 1'lrr. ntoh HIM, Hos
ton, and all points Fait Steamer Maine and New
Hampshire. Leave Tier HU, N H , one block abore
Canal st , week da) a onl), at OP M.
Ill DM) It I I'll 111 U.W MI.IIT.
rw lOItK" and "IIIIW."
r inest tnd f&Mest river steamer In the world.
Dally except Sunday.
Leaves Brooklyn, tuTton ISt (b) Annex), .,K A.M.
' New ork, IresbrnMca M Her. 8:40
WeatVSdSt IM r I)
For M.IMW, laiidltifrat Yonkera West Point, New
tnir. Poughkecp1e, Kingston Point, Cutsklll, and
Direct connection nn the Kingston Point dock with
U audi) trains for Ca Aklll Jlountalu points and for
I.alti-. Mohouk and Mlnnenaska At Catsklll with
tho Catsklll .Mountain and Otis El Railway for Cairo
ami mountain resorts.
Hall road connections at Newburjr, Pouffhkeepsle,
Hudson, and Albany fur points North, Last, and west.
Sj cilal saratoKa trains
ThrouRh tlrketa noId at Deabrossea at. pier. West
2M st. pier. New. York Transfer and other principal
ticket offleea
for Orient. Steamers Shlnnecock and Mnntauk
Bhrlter Island, leavo New lork dally (except Hun
tlrr-rnnorl. dais) at 5 P. SI. Saturdays at 1
Mihowi '" M from Pier 40. F It.. Plio Slip
nouinoia. satunlsv's boat does not go to
Snc Harbor, Illotk Ifclsnd, and Tuesdav s. Thura-
nntl day's, uud Saturday, boat docs not
Block Island, go to Houthold.
Albany Evening Line.
leaio old Pier 41, A. It , foot Canal st , at n P M.
dally (Mindsys excepted), connecting with trains for
buratora. Lake doors. Adlrondacks bharou Sprlmrs.
Ilkhncld "m-lnns Thousand Islands, Nlsgara r alls,
ami the West Saturday nlsht sttamer connects with
Bun el n v morning train for haratoga. North Creek,
Calduell. and steamer on Lake Utnrgc
Steamers KAATFKSKIt I. and CATSKILL leavo
overs week day at d J. M. from foot of Christopher
St. N'. It, connoting at Catsklll with mountain
trains, staterooms lighted by cloctrhlty. Illcycles
carried free nones and carriages taken, bend to
pier or taCatsklll for drsorlHlve folder.
from Pier i!4, Fast ltlver. dallv t xcept Sun lay at 5 P.
M , for Connecticut liber landings, contacting for
Springfield Worcester, Moston, an 1 alt Nen rtigland
points Saturday excursions at reduced rates
u(uo mKR HTrs-Mrii Mini i'oiikll.
Dally (except KunJas) leading Uesbroiscs st I 1S
P.M C-aturdays 1 4"iP M).est iiii st 1 in P 51
(Saturdays i P M for CltANSTON s t ST POINT,
KISOSTOV I INF, t est 10th st Dally 4 P 51 Sat
urdays at I bteamers HaI.DWIN and HOMHtfor
Cornwall, Newhurg, Nevr Hamburg. Slarlboro, Sllltou.
Pougbkeepsle Hde Park, Fnpus Kluestou. connect
In; with U AD It It for all points In Catakllls
Sundars, Lxcurslnn $100 rast steamers leavo Pier
VB k. It. week, dsvs, IP 31 and 12 midnight, hun
days, U 30 A 51 and 12 midnight, week da sttumers
connect on w harf v. lth trains for SIcrlden, Hartford.
Springfield, and jiolnts north.
Ill D-iO tMM OXNtl KIR IlOVr.
From foot of Christopher st , everv week dav at 0 P.
SI . connecting with tho II 4A.ll.ll at Hudson
"IJAMSDFLlTl INb" bleamefTloave Pier 24. sTS".
XV foot Franklin st , for Cranston s, W est Point Cold
Spring Cornwall, rlOtklll landing and Newburg
week days lexiept Sjiturdav) M SI .Saturday IP SI ,
Sundays 0 A 51 .landing at 1 3 Id st . N. R , V 39 A M
guilt-cm a a.
Lehigh Valley System.
Stations foot of West 23d St (Penn. It It ) Cortlandt
or Desbrosses St.
Indicates tine from West !Md St Other figures
show time from Cortlandt or Desbrosses St.
ml a, ouo a M dally (hun lay -0 45. 7 A SI)
for 5IAUCIK HUNK and Intermediate stations.
T.3&. NHS A. SI. dally for WILKE.SD.ARRE.
SCKANTON' (woek days). kl.MIHA (week days).
ARA FU.1. and the Wi st and principal local points,
dlnltik our aud cnlr car to Ilutlalo
lous. loiiio A SI, Sundays only, for HOUND
BHOOK an 1 Inu rmadlatu stations
ItiiJS. loino A. SI datl), except Sunday, for
S1ALC1I CHUNK and Internaulato tolnts
11iSS, l'toouoon ilally, except Sunday,
Arrtves Buffalo U SB P SI Pullman Votlbule Day
Coaches and Parlor Cars Dining Car Sen Ui. Mcala
alacarte Connects at Buffalo v. 1th through sleepers
to Detroit and Chicago
I-ti3S. ISi.o p M. dally, except Sunday, for
MAL'CIt CHUNK slid Intermediate ollil-
ivtias. itls P. M.bundavs only, for EASTON".
H4.UCII CHUNK, and the coal brandies
lp.11, liSO P M dallv, ex.ept Sunday, for
WILKtSlHKKF. PITTSTOS scitvNTON, and I rincl
pal lutt rmedlate stations connects for all jtolnts In
cosl rrt.lons, chair cur for tlkesliarre
iu, 4tiin P. 31 dally, except Sunday, for
V, ILKE.SUA1I11I', PITT-.TON, SCIHN1 ( IN. an 1 rlncl
pal Intermediate stations Count cts forall points In
coal regions. Pullman Buffet Parlor Cr for W likes
liss. Siia p st dally for EASTON and interme
diate stations
aiSS. mitt P SI dally, except Sundty. Express
fnrsLATINOTON alldtr nclpal Intermediate stations
Connivts for Heading and llarrlsburg Chair car to
HUSH. TiOO P SI dally for Ill't F 4.1.0. NIAGARA
AL1 S, aud all pol its est Pullman sletptr veitl
bule train N Y. to Chicago Sleeiers to Buffalo and
Tion, Nino P SI dally, exiept Sunday, atopplng
onlv at SOUTH PI.A1N1 IH D, I 4.NTON. lirTULb
UfNt. UOCHtsrHt. IHItllt, and BUl'rAIO
lllltmn sleeper fur IliltTalo None but sleeping car
passengors carried No linkage carried
Mi.lA, UiOO P M ilally Mr I11IACA. 0FNtV.
Jiolnts West Pullman ski pees to Wllkcsbarro and
Adlltlonal I xral train ilally, except Sunday, for
HOUND BHOOK and Inu rmidUto points leacc as fol
lows s 35 u 00 A SI , 1 53, i 30, . 35, 4 .'!), aud
5 55. tl 10 P 31
Tlcketsand Pullman accommodations at 113, 211,
87 I. I''1. 014. and 1 U.l llro-ulwa), .11 F llthst.lSo
Y USth st l.7 Bowery, S 00 hultun st . I
Court St ,V Broadway, and Brookljn Aunex, Brook
N. Tranf rCo will call for and check baggago
from hotel or n sldeuco to uestlnatlou
Through Iralni leavi New Sork, foot of t I ambers
st , m rollows, aud no nuuuts earlier from West
O.Ai l M. - i stlbule Fxpress dall for Bingham
eJillvton aerl), Mnilra, Iiiiffali Hn Iford, ar
rlv.s milTa o h on P M Parlor car t 11 iffalo
() I ,r , . Xcftlhulod r xpr silillv, exiept sun
' Ls) day, for Port Jen Is Monlleello, I.a kawaveli,
Ilouesilale, and ImiKirlaul local points to Con lug
l)ali to Port Jirvl. Pullman Parlor Cars forSIou
11m 1 and corning
i) nn r. M, Vestibule limited rat mall dally,
Z.UUmiIIi! train for Chic ago, In thautauqua Iise,
arritis C'loilsnd at 7 40 A. SI Chicago & P M.
Met p rs to Chicago, Cleveland, and Clucluuatl. Din
lug ar
7 OCX I. M. Buffalo and Cloveland Vest bule r x
!OW press dalle, arrlecs at Burfalo 7 0 SI ,
Pra.ford 7 17 A, SI , Jamestown 7.00 A M.cleeo
lanl IV 3JP M. (Sleers to lliinclo and ON wlaiuii.
making illrett eonueetlon fur Dtlrolt, Chicago and
Hie ml Cafe I Ibrary Car
8, X . si. IK1IA la Chautauqua Lake and
.'IO Niagara rails hultllraln lot hleago, Slei p
ers to Hoinellsllle, Chlcigo aud Cincinnati Iilulug
I e.CC05l3lOIlAri()Nsut HI 11.1 Jill. 401, uu 1 H 7
Broadivav, 1J7 Bower, ISO (as! I .'Mil si, and ill
Wert U'Sth st , ChainlKira and W et t list ferrl h,
New torL, J II and 7.MI rultnn si. , I Oil llmadKu),
llrooklyn. Sou Iluilon t , llolHjken nnd Jcn i liy
station Wesleott's Lxpn ssi alls for und t he k. bag
gage, from holds and residences to ilfstluatlon
New York and Boston AlfRaiL
N Y , N II II It II an 1 1 mine) Urns
r rom Ur md Central Station
leacc By way of Due
0 04 A JI, Springfield an I Won eater, t in ! M
10 on A 31 , t'.Non London nn 1 1 roil lenee, .1 Do P SI
10 ol A 31 , Now Iain Ion and Provh' nee, 1 ID P M
I J on 31 . Sprlngttrld an I Worcester, n Dip SI
;i 00 P SI, Air line aud N ) it.lt. II nop M
1 nj P 31 , Ni w lain Ion and Provl tenco, 7 uo p M
SOUP 31 , 'New I onion and Pro Heme, Ii oil P 31
4 on P. 31 , "Sprlngm Id and Wonder, lo no P M
0 (OP SI , '.Neivl. mlonanl Provl lime, II 00 I" M
I I 00 P SI , Mirlnglleld and Won i ter. "1 I 4. M
t'J 00 P SI New London aud Procldence, o J"i A Sf
Runs dall) , lueludlrg suudaj
tt Bay statu Limited, ull purlor cars) fare $7, In
clti Hug parlor i ar seat
V r lino Limited i arrlces at nnd depsrts Irom P-rk
Siiuaro Station, Bostou, Return seruco samo hour
and by same route
Tliruuif It parlor an I sleeplni cirs b e neh train
('. T III3II-TEAD (.en Paes. Agent.
la-aieNcw iiik hlli hallli nnlnal, dally,
CII1CAIIO 1 15 1 M anil.' lOlil.ht
PITTMiUltri I ir ex Mintlntil.Ba-un tlv tonight
CINCINNATI ST LOl Is. II 15 A 51 , 4 V, P M
WASI1INHTON HAI rlMORF, 7 '". V n' Dining
Cir), 11 .5 A SI iDlnlug Car) I ' .1 ."i iDlnhig
tar), 4 51 ( Dlulng t an, 'i V'iP SI W in ulglil Sun
dai, U 11 (Dining ( an II 'S A SI (Iilulug ( an. 1 11
(Dining Car), 4 .15 (Dining Car 5 ri P 51, I.' lu
NOItHUK It J1A 31 da'l)
M OlILFtNs ill roiixhshepir 1 1 1 1' SI dall)
Trtlnleaefoot I.llit si mlniit slater
All trull s are llluinli.eli d n lib rinn-li lU'hl
onhesi 1 1.1 17.', JMI, 4111 111' Hroadj il I at
14th .1, 187 Howe n Newiork .1 111. J4 4 rlill n tt
linHikln. Whitehall Termln il llagjago checked
(rom hotel or residence to destination.
-. . ' -, i riaH
(entral II
- & HUDSON RIVER R. B. 1 '
All through trains stop at Alt any. Utlca, Syracuse, H
Rochester, and Buffalo. ,H
Trains leavo (Irani! Central Station, 4!2d Street and f '
Fourlh Avrnue, as follow : Jl M
Dallj, exiept Sundaj For Adirondack Jlotintslns t l
Thousand Islands, and tlontreal t . 4SSSSI
8,jn A 31 Dill), except Sunday The famous J snH
:)U HII'IHI HTATt ll'ltl,ss (.1J1IT1D last. Vssnsl
est train In the world Hue IlufTslo st 4:45 P. M., 'i, snH
Niagara Jails 5-55 P. SI .Toronto s 80 P. SI. This U. asnsni
train It limited to Its seating capacity. , iotmsmsl
9JnA 31 Pt.sTSIVlL.DaUy ForPoughkeepsle, fsnsnfl
OU Albany, Utlca, Syracuse. Rochester, Buffalo, YrisBSBsl
Niagara tails and Cleveland . T4imB
MUtlAL, Dully, exiept 8unda)-For Catsklll ' IH
Slountalns, Tror, Saratoga, Lako Ueorge, Ureea if.ismni
SJ ointalns anISIontteal v ((.TbTbI
la.nn A. M -NORTH SHORE LIMITED. Dally .' hfM
lu.UU '.'I hour train lo Chicago via Michigan Cen- ;9bH
ttnlroite, Huo IlnlTalo Hilo P. M , Niagara Falls F.tsnB
ti to P SI , Ihliago V 00 A, SI. Carries sleeplnf aSB
nod draee lug room cars only. jUJaTal
Ifl'ld . 31-DVY PAPIttss, except Sundejr- i lH
lu.OU For Slllibrook. CaUklll Stotintalns. and alt . I
imnortant New s ntk state points. ; afafal
I.fin ' 31 -SOUTIIWFSTFltN I.DIITED. Dally If !S
UU for Columbus, ( iiiclmiatl ludlanapolls, and ffi'amfl
st !,ou!a Stops at Pouglikoeisle ! ' 71
I.fin P. -CHICAOO SPFCIAL. Dally-For De- 1 MM
UU troll, Cleveland, Tol do. and Chicago Stops ' ''jH
a Poiighkeetsleand chenectady. i -ilaTsI
.OU tept Sunday For Harrison's (West Point), , I : (JH
!' gliLeeps e. Vlbauy. and Trov ! kM
K.C( P. 31 -LAKh hilOUE 1 IMITED. Dally-34. J 1 H
u.UU hour train to Chle ago, via I ako Shore route. t lH
D n flit eland 7:11. ToUdo 10 05 A SI , Chicago r . H
4 00 p M This train connects nt Cleveland for t JM
t Inclnuall, duo 4-45 P SI , an 1 at Toledo for St. I , TH
1iuls due 10 11 P. SI, dje Kansas city next l'lansni
morning Carries sleeping and drawing room cars lit asm!
on i v. .- nH
6 .fin P M -WESTE1 K FArRESs. Dally-For NL i1. j
.yjyj agar xi alls. Coland, Toledo, Detroit, Chi- B, MM
e afo c.ni Innatl nnd st lands i tl SxTafj
Dally 1 or Adirondack Mountains, Thousand 111- : juH
an Ik and Slontreal f nm
7.nfl ' M NOUTIIFRV FPI "S Dally-For Jj nH
.JVJ Trot, P nttsburg. Burlington, Slontreal, and, y aH
i X eptSlittirla nights, Ottawa A n .TSmll
7,On P. 31-IIUFHIO SPECIAL Dally-For !'' kjMM
i ,0J Itoihesttr. Uuffalo, Niagara tails. Toronto, C ,H
I bveland ludlanapolls, St Iiuts, and Chicago JX 'fAH
,UU (slecplngcar passengers only) For polntson ?, IRami
Full Brook Hallway, via Irons and for Buffalo, -1 aaTfl
Cleveland, Ind'ansp ills nnd St Louis S(S Masl
9.1 fT P 51 -PACIFIC EXPRFSS, Dally For Byra- POM
i cl ense, Oswego Watertown Ogdensburg. Buf- IfciJsTi
fait, Niagara Sails. Cloveland, Toledo, Chicago, 'J )
and except Saturdays for Capo Vincent and tha If IV
Auburn roa.1 k S
I O.i ( Night SlIDN'ianT EXPRESS. Theatra ZM
1-.1U train for Chicago and principal points on -i jfl
the Naw York Central every night except Sunday ,"3 !h
nights Sunday nights, Chicago sleepers leave on 0 .1
V IS train ft S
niotiA.SI andnmsp. SI. Dally, except Sunday, to r3
Plttsneld via Ilarlem Division f I '(
Otis A 3I-Suuitaysonl).toPlttsneldandtheBerk- 'Jt
shire Hills, via the Ilarlem Division S W
"All night 'trains run between 153th st. and points .,J )
ontheS'utnsm Division as far as Yonkera tnconneo- tt IH
tlon with the elevated road Tho only line running j; ;
"all night" trains out of New vork Aft !
Wagner l'alace Cars on all through trains. fef tJfafJ
Trains lltuinlnated with J'lntsch light. l'i $
Tlcketsanl Wagnerofllces at OrandCentral Station, ii S
II 1.201, 41 J Broadway, .11 East 14th st . 842 Broad- 'SaiH
wa. J15 Columbus av ,01 West 125th St.. and 138th 'i
st station. New Sork. !l is and 7JS Fulton st , and , S Mm
1011 Broadway, F D , Brooklyn 1 Q SiH
Baggago checked from hotl or rcaldencs by tba ia rVJ
Westeott Fxpress Company 18 ifl
Oeneral Slanager Oeneral Passenger Agent. la W
Pennsylvania il
STATIONS root of West twenty third street and Dea- A H UH
brosses and Cortlacdt streets t t mm
t7Thc leae lng time from Desbrosses and Cortlandt Sf TflJ
streets Is lie e minutes later than that glveu below for -HJ
Twent) third Slreet Station d
Vtss . M. 1 1ST SI ML Pullman Buffot Parlor i) jf
CarNeWiork tol'ltuburg sleeping Car Pittsburg Is ?
torhlcaco Nocoaches to Plttsl urg yi fafl
Siis t, M, SASTI.INS Pittsburg and Cleveland. Ijnsl
Compartment Slt-eplng, Dining, Smoking, and Oh- g 'S
a reallon Cars Sor Chicago. Cleveland, Toledo, H ia
Cincinnati. Indlanapo'ls. Liulsvllle. St. Iaouls 3 ffl
ForNasbvUIe(viai inctnnatl) Chicago, st Louis. J 1 OjfJ
DISS l. SI. WESTERN SiPHLSS For Cleveland, W H
Chicago For Toledo except Saturday. V(i j
tnor.it, southw ests:rv EXPRESS For Cln- t lijEUB
clnnatl. IndlanaM)lls st Louis ti? .InVI
7iasp.lt. PACIFICEXPRESS For Pltubnrg and ,fl' iH
Chicago Connects for Cleveland and Toledo except Ml dH
Saturday W IB
7 5b, S tt 11 .'S 55 (Dining Car). 10 55A SI .12 85, 'M jm
1 55 (J 15 "Congressional Llm . ' all Parlor and $ Henffl
Dining Cars) 4 J5 (Dining Car). 4 15 (Dining Car). , J Um.
B 55 P SI . 1.' 10 night Sunday, 8 Jl 0 J5 10 55 tj (!
A 31 (1 11 "Congressional Llm." all Parlor and ISy
Din ng Cars). 4 'JS (Dining Car). 4 55 (Dining Car). a 3
8 11 p M, 12 Hi night. , 'i ta
SOUTHERN RAILWAY. Eipress. 4 IB P. M . IS 10 MllM
night dally ' H !SM
ATLANTIC COAST LINE Eipress, 0 25 A. SI and IS ",M
s is p. si dally liB
dall). Q ,m
A SI week da s and 7 55 P. SI dallv. ft ilBl
ATLANTIC CITY West Twenty thlnt Street 8ta- .g M
tlou. 1 J5 P SI , and Desbrosses and Coitlandt J AfJ
streets. 1 50 I M weekdajs ft vM
Ctl'l SIW. Wot Twenty thlnl Slreet Station. ,W
U 51 (through Parlor Carl and 1 25 P. 31 week 'a V9J
davs Desbrosses and Cortlandt streets. 1 00 and ;3 M
I 50 P M eeeekdays fB ,)'
Long Brant h. Asbury Park (Interlaken Sundays), " II
CeaultrovcandPolntPleaesnt from W est Twentv B KM
thirl Street Station). 7 Jl k 11 "11 11 ISA M. ,H ISM
(U 5. Saturdays onU I 1 51 J 51 1 1 1 S 55. 4 65. )
HP M sundays,7 55. V J.1 . 31 . 4 IIP SI (from Jl IH
Desbrosf m an I Cortlandt Streets) .1 JO, 7 40.0 10, "I lM
10 no a M . 12 10(1 JosatunlaHonly).2 SO. .1 10, M ",'M
II 40 4 .0. 1 10. 7 00 P. 31 sundajs, S.IS, 9 45 A. t
31 ,2 ISP M Uf i'fli
run pnii.tiipiruii. ISiifl
0 IB, 7 JS 7 55. H 2.1.S 55 V J1 51 Pt nna LlmlHd), '
P ll(DlnlugCnr) 10 51. 11 154. M .12 51 1 55 2 59, i ,
J 15 4 J.1 4 J5(DlnlngCan 4 IStDlnlngCar) 1 55 J (
(DlnlnjCar) 7 to. 7 15. h 11 p 31. 1 J 10 night. M
Sundaa.H 15 7 15, V 21, H 11 0 Jl 0 35(Llmlled) i (
I" 3B, 10 51 A. SI , 1 11 (Dining Carl. I 5.1. 4 '.5 9, t M
(DlnlnsCar). 4 11 (Dlnlna C ir), 5 15 (Dining Car), "!
7 40 7 lie 55 PM I in night JMwil i fl J
Ticket ofllnsNos 4111. 014. I ll 1.123, 111. and 201 H M
llroielnn). 1 Aslor House. West Tntntv thlnl It !M
Mrettstut'on and stall n foot of Desbrosses and a j '
( urtliii It Streets 4 Court Mrrct.Hiiu liilton street. i 1
OsBrotlwaj und Ur toklyn Annex Slnllon Bro ik- H '
len. Mntlon. I -rsi y cnj Tin n.m Scrk Transfer H VM
loiniune will call for an 1 elie k baggage front flg
hotilsund re. Unices through to destlnatl n ;H im
J. 11 HI Ti IIIN-ON. J 11 WOOD,
(lem ral Slanagi r Oeneral Pass'r Agent, a jJJ
Hll.tAtMlH, M(lltlM .C lITEn S '
it it 'fl M
Mnllons In ev lnrli, rliot or Ilarrlay and H OJ
4 hrlslophe r elM. OlIsI
i-Tiiiiii' Tiii iMiimx inr-FET m Am
I tils I'lXTSI II I II.IIT. Ht
Direct route t NeeearL, llloonituid, Slontclalr tha Isiefll
Orangi. sun nilt. Be mar '.sville. Ilasklug Ridge, Slad- 5 )x)i9
lit n Morrl-toMii I a.ule, Peterson Ittwnton. Doe er, w,H
siatil oh , Neeet lludtl s lake, lake Hopatcong. 4 .(ja
Una itstoeeu, .,hootiys Mountain, Washington, 1 Ctinl
Phil Ii .burg laston, WuterOap '.trouilsburg.PiKouo r, J, gM
Slouiitalu. scrautt it, Plttstou, Wilktsbarre Nautl $sisil
toki. Dune llli Northuinlierlaud Slont rose, Bingham 'sfeV
ton Oirord Noreslch. Wattnlle, I'tlia Rlchnrld f II
sprlui.. Cortland, srscuse. Osveegti lthi.ca, Owtgo, tR m
1 linlrs corning. Hath, Dansvllle, Buffalo, and all !Jj!l
points Wi st, Northevtst, an I "Oillhwest WJB
HiO( t. vi Blughanitou Slail sto)it at principal illm
Ma Ions 'if 1
Iukhi . si. Cafe car) Buffalo Scrantnn, Bine
lamlon, Oteego, Ithaca H i Ira. Syracuse, and Os 1 I!'v
w ko Lxirtss Piillinaii buffet farloriars Con J.r ) t,
ti cling ut Buffalu nltli trains for chtea.o and JJ t
jioluisWist Pullnian parlorcar. New York lo I'Kh- ,3f
neld S rlni,s mti
liitot. si, St ranlon, Blnghamtou, ami Flnilra 1.x H ',
pris Pullman buntt arlor cars tW t
4Ko l, VI Sc ronton Wilktsbarre. aud Plymouth sn ?
Ixprtss Pullman bufft 1 1 atlor cure. wli t
7 Hill I' VI, Dlllv) Chicago tnllbille limited Fx JMj
prihs for St rautou Blngliauiiiiu, I linlra, Burfalo tM ,-
1 ulliiiimbiilTilsleeiilugeur, Nun nrk to c hi ago all
Dining tor eeesl of llullitlo M 'r
Mill) I. VI. illall) l Itiltfaln Itliess Pullman g; i
sit t itr ft r serantou Bliinhauilou. 1 linlra. Path, iHH''
Mt Morris anilBunalo urrlelng Bulltiloi 4 SI YUM
mill) I", tl. (Dally) lluffalii s -anion, ll n ham. 'I illri
lon.Onegt) lihata, Hiiilra, syru use) anlosveego Ulnr
riiio.s Pullman tmnn slei era sleeiers Sew BKJ,
Sork lolllthllild -prluts , , . UB
llileis am) Pullman i omn odatlmis at Henry itljl
Oa)e & son., 1 M , 111 lire ila. Ii Pirk place, J'Bk
and 4 2U Broaheav ami U4J Broitleea). Iltknls at 'ijj
Kern si at It lis. lillllim e..r lsih el nl West QOl
Ultlist . Jill nluinlMK ai , V Sorki lit an 1 7JS sfS
lulloust and 1011 lln n levin lltoikl)li rime tables jUU
gle lug full Inform tilon at nil si ill n TOjl
We etcott's l.xpiois( oinpan) wlllcvll for an I chock 'fJHr
baKfcsgc from hide 1 1 r n Heine to di.tlnatlun Ki
Irnlnshaei fool or West 4 2d bt as folltms (IB , 11
in nuns earlier from Sraikllnst vij ,!l
7 1 1.1 X 'I., r r Mum nil oils Slllls.Ial.es SIo- 1' V.ll
h nk an I SllnneHiiska Slllllrtoveu lllooiuliiguurgh, Vir1
llleuellle Ibllslmrgli liuiljellc 1 uku Maino.lia, J) y
I hero, "erauloi WalMu Di Ihl, Sidney, Nnrnlch, dHtk
I lit a. one Ida 1 allon Osie go fflOfil
till.', 1 11.. for l .ni It II Hall, SlldtlMown, hUoK
Illooinlugburr'li Wiirisbnro Hit u 111 Sluunlaludalo, jitflrT
I iitrtvllb.l llilirb I ikt hlmneslio, llurlejvllle, WA&V
lll.rlv sail. lluro.W ,lte laki f"rVi
lis r. VI. mhiiiiIijs onl) for SIlddletOTsn, . p'i
Iiltainilnaburi.li W unb m 1 1 einlile, MouuialiiiUle, I H
Centreeille lallibirgh I aki haintsliii. Hurlejvllle, Ir
S.rnlale I liMrl), Whlli Lakt Parkse lilt, Lie lugston fj
Montr liiskluiil . Jt ti
mis I. VI , for (ampbill Hall lakes Mohonk il ;;
sntlSllniiHniiska.Mil lUltovi Hloiuolngbtirgli, urts. J. fl
l ni Hunt lie Moutiljlwlalt ( lllrtvlll Stilt K B
burgh I il.t Manual! i HiriirMi Sern lale. I tl. 'JJj.l
trl). Whllulako, Parkntlllt), I uluk.lou Slauor, liif
lino I'. VI,, for Monliina, Orr's 31111s, Meadow . J5
lirtH.k llilillslle, ( nmplii II Hall html) Sorl Cnstul "h, )
I I ii ii Mitldltlowu Wlnltrtiii lilooiiilu.biirgh, Wuils r ,
I, r M nvlllt . ,
in is p. vi. iSrinklin "I nits I' vi. i iDallji, ' ,.
fin ai iplxll Hall MlHIHoeii III. rl) I itlnrttuii ,i
Mini i W lion Mini ' n.lih llm tail lile Ham ,
II u. Oneida, Soil n, wego Nli.ua lalls and Al
p nits Westi Pullliian hi eplnj I vr I et Un ng ( lulr t(
( or seals trio itiroiiii In Lhtesgei nltliont transfer, u" ji
airlttsCliltagol'lloP 31 )
Tickets ami Pullmsii seats at al Broadway, N Y. lit
tl.C. ANDERSON, O. P A , 00 Ucaver su, M.T. ' j
atfJHSgSS'' -'' i,fln.'lnrir"f"J"lnsii -II -.tMj4isWs jj

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