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Wf 3..y , ' ' ' WE SJI MONDAY &VGUST. 2, 18S7. i ; tMfl
B rsa Rr nal ' ba TtarM th
flal Army ' r.ifCnlM a Feat Which Home
j n.d t.I4 Hln w" Suicidal Call! the)
H Coa therldan Ills rtapld rtlss In Hank.
Hj Q,,!, Sf'tor Arnnfruren li one of this youngest
efflcsrs In the Cuban army. Ho l 23 years oM
I and born In Havana. Mo comet from one
H of thi oldest and beat-known families In tho
I iilsail, "il ancostora bavins always flfrurcd
I " prominently In Cuban politics.
I Araneuren Joined his countrymen late last
I inromer. when Gomes was returning to his
I winter quarters In Las Villas. From the Anj on
which he enllated he was a favorite with all who
I knew him, and In leas than one week he had
rliento the rank of Captain. Gen. Qomez hlra
telf telle how this young "Cuban Bherldan"
wen bla first stars. The old General Is not Riven
I to flattering-his men and when he does so the
I nan deorves tho reward.
I Oooei had reached the district of Santa Clara
and bed camped at Manajanabo. He had made
tjitj farced marches, and, knowing that his
pen and horses were In need of rest, he pub
lished an order that preparations be made for a
week'a encampment. This order is eeldom given
in the Cuban army, as it always creates much
contusion and disorder. The majority of the
sen avail themselves of the opportunity to ask
permtaelon for a two or three days' leave. The
men get scattered, and In case of danger or an
snexpected march many of them are left be
hind. Thla occurred Immediately after Gomes
tuned hla order. Among the first to ask the
Officer of tha Day for leave of two days' absenoa
I was Aranguren.
"Why, you've been In the squadron only twa
cajsl" exclaimed the offlcer.
"I know It, sir; but I have my reasons for
wishing to go," answered Aranguren.
H was retuaed the teavs and told to speak to
H Gomel If he wished any further explanations In
the matter. Few men dare to go to the old
General with a complaint about a commanding
offlcer, hut Aranguren at once went to the Gen
eral's tent and pleaded his cause so well that
the permission was granted him. The young
soldier left the camp Immediately without saying
a word aa to where no was going. The following
day, before the reveille had sounded, Aranguren
reported "back," and requested to see the
" Well, slrr asked Gomez, somewhat roughly.
"General, I have come to ask you to allow me
ten men with whom to capture Fort Compana,"
replied Aranguren.
' Are you aware that the fort is garrisoned by
ISO men, and that It Is almost Impossible to ap-
J roach It I" asked Brigadier Vegas, who was
landing nearby.
Aranguren then explained that he Intended to
surprise the garrison and capture the fort by
strategy. The fort was on the summit of a
small Hill, from which all shrubbery and trees
had been cut. Around the large log house,
which was called a fort, a ditch seven feet deen
and aix wide had been cut. The ditch nas
flanked by two fences made with barbed wire.
At one end of the fort an opening large enough
to admit a man had been cut. This opening was
nsed as a garbage dump. Aranguren s plan was
to conceal hla men In the woods, which were
about 200 yards away from the fort, and to
advance alone on the fort. He proposed to enter
the fortification through the opening and over
power and disarm the sentinel before he could
give the alarm. After that the rest was easy;
Ee would open the door and his men would put
the garrison to death before they awoke to the
fact that the Cubans were among them.
The General listened to Aranguren. and then
told him In his calm, methodical manner that it
was his (Aranguren a) business If he wanted to
commit suicide. He could have titty men If he
wished, but he must report on those that were
left on the following morning.
" If you succeed, said Gomez, " you will bo
rewarded, bat I advise you to abandon this fool
(lardy attempt."
Aranguren thanked the General, and an hour
later rode out of camp at the head of thlrty-flvo
gten, all he could nnd to accompany him, so
opeless did the plan appear. At 7 o'clock that
night the little force halted In the woods 200
yards from Fort Campana. The rain had been
coming down in torrents for the lost hour, and
the lightning, which now and then flashed, re
vealed through the mist the dark outlines of the
fort. Now and then a bolt of lightning struck a
tree and the report would snake the woods.
Aranguren stationed his men so that when the
floor was opened It would be distinctly visible to
them. He cautioned them not to move, no mat
ter what they heard or saw, until he opened the
loor. The boy was coal, and did not appear to
kttach much importance to his act. Several of
the men attempted to dissuade him, hut he
Ingrily ordered them to keep quiet. At 10
I'clock. a few minutes after the guard had been
relieved, Aranguren started on his perilous mis
don. His only weapons were a hunting knife
ind a 32-calibre revolver. He was forced to
trawl on his hands and knees from the very
start, as the only protection he had was the
pall guinea gross, and the lightning which
Bashed continually seemed likely at any moment
to betray him. Aranguren reached the wire
fence which surrounded tho ditch. He attempted
to cut the bottom wire of the fence with his
knife, but the blade was not sharp enough.
After trying several times Aranguren decided
to scramble over the fence. He started to do
this, but, while throwing his right leg over the
topmost wire. It caught, and he fell in a heap at
the other side. The notse of his fall attracted
the sentry's attention, and, following the custom
of tha Spanish army, the man commenced to
Ore at the spot whence the noise had come.
Aranguren was not hit; and the man who had
ot seen anything soon became tired of tiring
tto space and resumed his walk. The Cuban
waited a few minutes and, then advancing slow
ly, let himself down Into the ditch. In another
moment he had crawled up the embankment on
the opposite side. The hardest and most peril
ous part of his Journey had now been reached.
Aranguren hod to calculate his movements so
as to crawl out of the opposite end of the hole
when the sentry's bock was turned. Clutching
his knife in one hand he started through the
small tunnel. At the other end he could hear
the ateady tramp, tramp, shuttle, shuttle of the
tnan'a feet aa he paced to and fro.
Laos; was against Aranguren, and as he shrunk
pat of the hols the sentry turned and faced him.
The sentry was a tall, burly fellow, more than a
match for the alim Cuban. Hut the Cuban did
hot hesitate. In an instant he bad grabbed the
man by the throat, and with the atrength of a
madman had choked him. The man shook him
oft. Knowing that If the Spaniard cried out all
would be lost, Aranguren Btabbcd him.
The sentry fell like a log. Hastily lamping
over him Aranguren felt his way to tho door,
and, opening it, signalled to his men. An hour
later the fort was In the bands of the Cubans,
and out of 150 men who had garrisoned thirty
were prisoners. The rest lay In heaps upon the
floor and beds, the marks of the machete telling
what their fate had been.
The next morning Aranguren reported to Go
mes with over 30.000 rounds of nmtiiunltlon, 200
Mauser rifles, and thirty prisoners. 1 hat after
noon he was called from tho rnns, and before
the whole brigade promoted to tho rank of Cap
tain. Since then he has risen steadily, until he is
Sow looked upon as one of Cuba's most promts
ig oracers,
eorjsnxoit or kaxsas as oozde.
Ha Csadact as Army or Children te the IX me
r tho Capitol.
From th Kantat Citv Tint:
Top ca, Kan., July 28. Gov. Leedr did not
have wind enough left in hla lungs this evening
to tackle a decision In the Wllllo Pells cabc.
Mrs. Leedy came up from Lawrence and
brought a regular army of boya and girls with
her to aee the sights of the State Caplto . They
coiled upon the Governor to guide them
through, and he accented the proposition, little
dreaming what be would be compelled to en
dure, lie took them down into the biifectnent
and showed them the orld's Fair exhibit, the
birds and animals, the Hlxtoncul Society, thu
Board of Agriculture, and us a horrible ex
ample of the fact that Ere it men never earn
their bread by the sweat of their brows, he look
them la to see the Hoard of itailro-td Commis
sioners. "Oh. papa," said one little girl, "show us Mr.
All the other girls dapped their hands with
delight and shouted In chorus, "i'lease, air,
yea, ahow ua Mr, McNull."
The Uovernor wiped away a flood of perspl
mien from his brow and drilled away up ttie
tolrway to Mr. McNeil's ofllce, but he wasn't
The' Governor went downstairs at the head
of the troop six times and climbed up again, and
when be was near hla ofllce he said: "Well, I
gueas we baveaeen everything now."
"Hut the dome, papa," said the little girl.
'Oh, we don't wont to go up there," said the
"Yes we do, too," said a dozen girls In chorus,
and the Governor had to submit. Four hun
dred steps were climbed by the 240-pound lior- I
emor. He tried to turn back after going every
ten etepa, hut there was no show of retreat foi
him, and with sundry rests and frequent mop
plnga of his forehead be urrlvid ut the dome,
280 feet high, mul then tlie glrla could aee not
more than one two thousandth part of hU
Tho Governor says he will noi er go to the top
Of that dome again.
Eoilnrrr Kept Ills Word.
From the Sturrity Ky ) letijrr
Two freight engines collided near Whitlork
m last week, lloth were pntt) badly damaged,
and one engineer wua tired for carelessness una
disobedience of orders. The funniest thing about
the matter was the answer of tho disobedient
engineer to the other, who asked: "Didn't you
have orders to meet me at Whltlock I" " Well,
n It, hain't I met you I" said the engineer who
Caused the head-on collision.
K,j. 1 wa-4'WiMi',- .ainwrfwwx-j- t,,JPgt&liitj-H
Wr In Which It Case Be Baa with Uttta
Cet nnd KtTsrt-
nwn thi American Aaricuiluritt.
A friend of tnlno has pasteurised successfully
by taking any ordinary bottles, Oiling with milk
to tho neck or a little below, placing a stopper
of cotton batting In the neck, then setting on a
thin strip of wood, or Inverted pie plate, which
has been perforated. In a thin basin or pall of
water. Tho whole Is then heated until tha
milk show a u temperature of nearly ICO. Tha
bottle is I on stoppered and the pall and con
tents aro removed to tha back of the stove,
where the temperUura will remain fairly con
stant for twenty minutes, especially If covered
with some non-conducting material, as a cloth
or dry towel or the pall cover. At the end of
the twenty minutes the bottles are removed and
set in vvnrm water, which Is gradually cooled
and then Iced. Tho bottle may Anally be put In
the refrigerator after being partially chilled In
Pasteurizing may nlao bo accomplished with
equally good. If not better, results In tin vessels,
either n double boiler oattuenl conker or two
dishes of sultablo capacity, one with a diameter
two Inches shorter than the other. The water Is
poured Into the outer dish at boiling point, the
milk dish ami contents being set in at once and
the milk constantly stirred until Its temperature
Is ISO. It Is then removed for a moment, while
tho water In the outer dish Is tempered to tho
same, or a degree or two higher. The milk Is
then set back Into the boiler, put to one side and
closely covered and wrapped In order to retain
the heat for fifteen or twenty minutes.
The advantage of tin vessels Is that they may
be plunged from hot water to Ice water without
danger of breakage, and with possible advantage
to the milk.
If the object of pasteurizing be to destroy the
bacillus of tuberculosis a minimum tempera
ture of 149 should be maintained for fifteen
minutes, or 140 for half aa hour.
If milk can be obtained from a herd known to
be free from tuberculosis, or the person has no
fear of thla trouble, n pasteurizing temperature
of from .133 to 140 maintained for fifteen or
twenty minutes Is sufficient to give good keep
ing qualities and to effectually get rid or 95 per
cent, of all bacteria. Including the forms which
produco stomach dlsttirbnrccs, vomiting, and
cholera infantum In children.
In all pasteurizing work the sudden chilling
of 50 or there ibouts Is Imperative. Tho
milk should be kept covered and at as low a
temperature as can bo obtained. Treated In this
manner pasteurized milk will be found to have
a delightfully sweet, pure mate long after com
mon milk has lost Its freshness. On the average
It keeps from six to thirty-six hours longer than
unpasteurized milk in tho same temperature.
The Tenpemrtly Unhappy Ceaple Vtalte4 nt the
Altar far Ulm ta Marry Them.
From the Setma Journal
The participants in a wedding celebration on
Thursday night were placed in a very embar
rassing position on account of the absence of the
preacher who was to perform the ceremony.
The affair occurred In one of Birmingham's most
thickly populated suburbs.
Tho preacher had been notified of the ap-
firoachlng event and had the church brilliantly
lluminated. The organist was there, and the
happy young couple drove up In their carriage.
Tho deep tones of Mendelssohn's beautiful wed
ding march tilled the sacred edifice, and the
bridal party proceeded slowly to the altar.
Upon arriving there they were somewhat sur
prised to And that the preacher was not present.
Naturally supposing that the reverend gentle
man was In one of the anterooms, the couple
gin need anxiously toward the side entrance, but
still tho preacher failed to appear.
Several minutes elapsed and the many friends
of the contracting parties who crowded the
church began to whisper to each other about
the minister's continued absence. Still that
gentleman failed to appear, and the expectant
couple were placed in a very embarrassing posi
tion. Finally some one went to the pastor's
residence, and there they found the reverend
gentleman in the arms of Mornheus. He was
awakened and reminded of the waiting couple.
He hastily arrayed himself and went to the
church, where he performed the ceremony that
made the young couple husband and wife. The
young couple stood at the altar twenty min
utes waiting for the knot to be tied.
After the ceremony the preacher stated that
he had only recently returned from the Epworth
League convention and was entirely worn out.
He bad lain down to rest while awaiting the
arrival of the party and had fallen asleep. He
regretted the occurrence very much.
An Oeeapatlra the Ohjret or Which la ta Brwa
Vim las St. Loult RtpubtU.
There are about half a dozen men in this city
who make a llv lng in rather a peculiar manner.
They have come to be known as "ambulance
chasers," and one or more of them can be found
on the scene of almost every accident.
The occupation of the " ambulance chaser" Is
rather a new one, although the methods he
uses have been used to gain the same ends for
years back. The "ambulance chaser" Is in the
employ of some law er who makes a specialty
of handling dun-age suits.
When an accident of any sort happens the
"ambulnnce chaser " Is right to the front in the
crowd whh h gathers. He gets the name and
address of the person who Is injured, or If the
victim is so badly Injured that he cannot give
bis name and address the lawyer's agent follows
the ambulance to the dispensary, where he
usually finds a way to learn what he wishes.
In a few days he calls on the person who was
Injured and explains to him what a good case he
has if he will sue for damages. If the Injured
person bos not sufficient means to prosecute the
suit, or shows a disinclination to do so. the
" chaser" gets In bis fine work and oilers to find
an attorney who will tako the case and carry It
through to completion for a percentage of the
amount gained as damages. All this at no roat
to the plaintiff, for if the suit Is lost the lawyer
gets no puy. The smooth " chaser " usually suc
ceeds In getting the case on these terms.
Calf STIdawi at newawrt.
From the Sprinafleld Republican.
"The golf widow" Is a brand new phrase of
Newport devising. " What do we think of be
ing golf widows f" said a society woman the
other day; "why, we are not permitted to
thinkjwejuat know we are and can say noth
ing, what does a golf widow mean 1 Simply
drive over to the golf club and see our dutiful
husbands steaming with perspiration in chas
ing a bouncing hall over half tho expanse of the
Island. Then look at us, sitting on our vercn
oas. waiting for them to come home to till a din
ner engagement, and you will understand what
a golf widow means! It's Just the sameeverj
where. They played golf down South last
winter nnd left us to amuse ourselves
there, nnd here they are at it agiln this sum
mer. This game of golf has originated a new
species of men. Our husbands used to think
something of dress. To-day they eat, ride, and
sleep in their golf suits; they make calls in them,
anil actually growl when we expect them to np
peir In evening dress at nlgnt. They play all
any. stay away to lunch, then come home at
night all Urea out and want to alt down to
a supper of beefsteak and potatoes like
any farmer would eat. and say they are
too hungry to trifle with a course dinner.
After that they go out on the veranda and
smoke a strong pipe, talk golf to 10 o'clock,
then go to bed. Oh. no " continued the lady,
tossing her head defiantly, "it is not the young
men I am speaking of: there la some excuse for
youth moving with the fads, but our old hus
bandsmen who should have arrived at years of
reserve and discretion, some of them grand
fathers those are the ones who are tho very
worst! Thev siy the game rejuvenates them.
Mv nwn hnnhand comes home as red an a boiled
lolater, and I am afraid half the time that he
will drop dead with apoplexy. Resigned t Of
cours-j we are resigned, we are simply Patience
on n monument waiting for some game to come
along which can be played on the front lawn,
where we can at least have the privilege of look
ing at our husbands behaving like schoolboys on
their spring vacations."
A Tallleaa lah Tale.
From the Rambler
A few weeks ,igo one of the most extraordi
nary tlsh ever known came to light In Heron.
Bhire. It was n chub, founil In a muddy pool,
and eertainlv It vas as hideous a thing as one
coi d well imagine.
It was Imprisoned in a sort of cage formed of
the roots of nn elm tree th it projected under the
wnter, and It had evidently wormed Its way
into this prison when quite small. Ilclng tinnblu
to find Its wiiy out. It hnd been forced to grow In
the shape of Its uige instead of the natural form
that nil chubs should take. , ,
With no room to develop, the Hah s tall had
disappeared altogether, save for u little in
formed etunip that had wedged Its way between
tho roots of the tree. The back tin bad also
vanished, for there was no room for It to grow
In. The whole body of tho luckless chub wns
distorted, and had grown Into the gnarled and
twisted form of the root cage. Thoscales were
lncrusted with mud, and arranged in layers like
roof elates.
It is n puzzle to imagine how the fish fed and
lived during Its growing jears In th-vt waters
prison nnd whititdli' when times wiro Inrd
and nu food mmo bj It seemed rontented
enough, and was ert ilnlj heiltlr and ttiong
In spite- of Its distorted sh ipe.
til Imllan Mho Will lie llseil
rrvmthr Sprxnuield Jl mi ) HejiuUl tin
Simon I'oLugou, chief of too Pntuu atomics,
who Is dying near St Lou's at the ugi of Ml
ear, mu-it haw h en .1:1 curaui.!lnar man,
lor It la rciordedoi luui thtl lie sUcceedcM in
getting out or Coiigrc-a thu money owed his
tnbufor their lands bi the aiuc methods tho
widow of tho parable kot her pu from the un
just Judge. Besides uhl h. Mr. Polingon has
written a book on old Indian wars, and he gave
1 lectures on Indian hlstnrs in the course of the
Columbian World's Fair, being one of the most
Interesting personages of thu Indian village In
the ethnological exhibit,
Other tatea Have Brawa em Masaaehaset ta anal
Have Caatrthaled la the Sanaa Rati.
Irom Ins Bortoa Journal.
At the data of the national census of 18S0
there were 207.730 persons found In Btate or
Territories other than Massachusetts who had
emigrated from Massachusetts; In 1890 this
number hnd Increased to 271.740. On tho other
hand. In 1880 tlicro were 251,021 residents of
Massachusetts who had come In from other
States or Territories, nnd thla number had In
creased In 1800 to 315.050. The gains of the
State as a whole from other States, as shown In
the census of 181)0, were much gieater than tho
losses of the State to other States.
Confining our analysis to the figures for 1890
only, and taking some of tho States which show
the largest nurabera of poraons moving to and
fro, we Hnd that persons residing in California
who hnd como from Massachusetts numbered
10,738, while natives of California who formed
part of the population of Massachusetts num
bered only 1,038. On the other hand, persons
who had emigrated from Massachusetts Into
Connecticut numbered 25,810, while the acces
sions to the population of .Massachusetts from
Connecticut numbered 25,403, the figures prac
tically balancing each other. In Illinois there
were 18,301 iersons who had come from Massa
chusetts, while natives of Illinois who had como
Into Massachusetts numbered but 3,013. Other
Western States, as a rulo, show much larger ac
cessions of population from Massachusetts than
Massachusetts had gainod from them, although
the figures do not in any case rise ao high as In
California and Illinois.
Comparisons based on the movements to and
from the New England Statesotherthnn Connec
ticut show in Maine 10.38(1 persons who had come
from Massachusetts, while at the date named
there were 80,098 persons In Massachusetts who
had come from Maine. Natives of Slassschu
setts found In New Hampshire numbered 21,311.
while natives of New Hampshire found In Mas
sachusetts numbered 57,745. Vermont had
gained only 7.244 people from Massachusetts,
while we had received from Vermont 34,303.
In Rhode Island natives of Massachusetts found
In that State numbered 25.574, while natives of
Rhode Island found here numbered 21,044.
Iloth Rhode Island and Connecticut have drawn
more population than they have returned.
"rAUST" zost nis clothes.
And the Oreheatra Played Over Time aa Hanr
Ilrfbre the Attlra ITaa Found.
JYom th Chicago Tribune.
The "Faust" performance at the Schiller
Theatre was nearly an hour lata in beginning
last night. The tenor s clothes hod failed to ar
rive. Each Ave minutes after a quarter post 8
brought Increased demonstrations of impatience
on the part of the audience. The orchestra oc
cupied its time In sending special envoys to the
sccno of action, which was. as usual, back of the
stage. They came back shaking their heads.
W hen the minute hand was on the upgrade
to 0 and a thud of feet was making stage thun
der In the balcony, the manager come out in
front of the curtain. Then it was the audi
ence knew Mr. Delemotto. the new tenor, had
been waiting for his clothes, which, as the man
ager cheerfully put It, had at last arrived,
"and he's dressing as fast as he can."
The encouraging news was greeted with
cheers. But the moments grew and grew. Some
one had reckoned wronglr.
An ordinary man can get Into evening clothes
In a pretty brief time. But there are mysteries
about f.iu f' gnlanttlre that are no so readily
solved. The minutes grew, and so did the Im
patience of the audience. Meanwhile Mr. Dele
motto struggled with finery that would get on
tho wrong portion ut his anatomy Instead of
tho right one.
The orchestra, to help out things a bit, played
the prelude, and still the curtain failed to rise.
At last, Ave minutes before 0, tho curtain went
up, and Faust, somewhat breathless, but In full
possession o hla wardrobe, which had gone
astray between Milwaukee and Chicago, came
smiling and perspiring on the scene.
Sslzk, Mass., Aug. 1. On the links of the
Essex County Club this month will be decided
the women's amateur championship of the
United States. The tournament will open on
Aug. 24 and continue four days. In addition to
the women's championship the committee has
arranged a number of otber matches, and the
Indications are that there will be a large num
ber of competitors In the different events. Fol
lowing Is the programme:
auk. 84. 0 30 A. M rirst round of the women's
championship, elgbteen holee. medal play, contestants
Baiking tbe beat eight soorea to play off by match
play on the following- day, three prises offered by
the association for the lowest three scores In thla
Aug. 23. u 30 A. M First match play round In wo
men champlonsnlD 8 P 3f Competitions In driv
ing and appro&chtnff. open only to thoae entered for
the women a championship ; three prliea In eaea
Aug vn, 9 30 Alt aecond round, aeml finals, tn
women's championship. 3 P. Td. Emx County Club
handicap, elshteen holes, medal play, open only to
those entered for women'a championship, handicap
limited to twenty strokes
Aug 37, 9 30 a M. Final round in women'a cham
pionship 8 P. 31. Mixed roiirsomee handicap,
eighteen holes, medal play, handti ap limited to
twenty atrokea. opn only to those entered for
women'a championship and their partners
SoCTHAMrTOK. Aug. 1. Two matches were
played on the links or the Shlnnecock Hills Golf
Club yesterday, the first being between R. li.
Wilson and Col. Bogert, which waa won by tho
former. The afternoon gome was played by
Wilson against W. G. Stewart, the noted Eng
lish crack, and L. E. Laroque, one of tbe beat of
the Shlnnecock platers. Stewart and Laroque
played their best ball against Wilson, and the
match resulted in a draw.
The championship gamea played last week bad a
material effect on the records of the yew York Crick
et Association. The Paterson Club, which previous
to Saturday had not beea defeated, goes back to third
place The recorda follow
xx-ntorouras lzuottb,
Ten rtr
Won lAHt. Ct I tTon.toif. ct.
N J. A. C 3 0 1 000 Manhattan... 3 3 400
btaten Island. ! 1 .300 New fork 0 4 .000
Drawn pamea New Jersey A. C, 1; Staten
Island, 3, Manhattan, 1; haw York. 2.
sxw tobk caicxrr assocunoa.
rtr rer
Won.Loet. Ct. Won-Loet. Ct.
Brooklyn. . T 1 .873 Kearny . a 3 .373
N.JA.C. ..8 1 .H37 Manhattan.. 8 8 873
Paterson . 3 1 "33 Columbia. 1 A .250
Kiaga count 7 3 4 ,4-jm St. George'. ..1 7 .123
Drawn game Brooklyn. I, ;v Jersey A. C , 1;
Paterson. H, Kings County, 1, Manhattan, I; at.
Ueorge a, 1.
sarrixa AvxjuaEa.
A'uf Jrostia
Inge Out. In'vt Runt. Arer.
J r Cnrran.X. J. A. C 4 .! (! Ill 7 no
11 C Clarke, JJ J A.C .. o I '1H ll1 47 HI)
K. T Uokeby, staten Ialand.7 2 'Llv 1U 41 RO
T. B Hope Slmi aou, b I. ...3 'J t 10H 8133
F K. Kelly, N J. A O.. . . 8 2 i7 Ua 3173
A-Gunn. .V. J A.C 8 1 hi 117 2U 21
E. I) Kay. Manhattan 6 3 31 H7 31.73
J. Adam. Manhattan ., .,4 0 ii 80 20 00
M. B Cobb, N J A C . 3 1 -!) ;i IB 3D
II. K.Jackson. Staten Is'nd a 0 87 ll'J 18 US
C P Hunlltch. N. J. A C 9 0 29 10U IS m
II. S SandalU New York 8 0 44 St 1M 00
M K HonYnden, N. J A. O 3 0 24 30 14 (10
N S Walker. Jr , Stat. Ill S 1 'in hO IS 00
J. Mart. Manhattan . ,3 II J.I 79 13 HU
J Dlniiham, Staten Island. 3 3 7 11 IS no
F. J. I'rendergaat. Man'taa..S 0 81 7t 14 HO
A E raterson.Staten Island 0 0 20 hft 14 IS
H a. Bonner, staten Inland 8 0 24 S3 12 so
W Hammond, sew York. .4 t 2S 37 12 Ml
J, Forbes, N J. A. C 8 0 27 JJ 11,1)0
Not out.
owura Avuuars.
JfaW trw. .trer-
IJallt. ent. Runt, ett aaet.
M It Cobb, N J A C 4311 i 111) 20 0.14
II C, Clarke. N J. A. C . Hi) 3 27 1 B -10
II II Coyne, Manhattan .74 1 41 7 on
N.S Walker, Jr. St n M 1S2 A 100 U SSI
II Tattersall.Manhattan sot M 174 21 s 47
F. F.Kelly, ,N J A C 444 20 17J 31 R BJ
I! h Moore. Manhattan 240 9 112 11 Ri,l
II E Jacksuu. St'u Iild 2i4 n UK M b.hi
VVK Jewrtt, St 11 Isl'd 134 U B8 5 II 2D
II V Townsend.st nltl KO 1 m fl 12 no
H s 11 inner, Mateti 1st 44 0 su 3 14 prj
C sneath. seworic 72 1 44 8 IS 00
h VV ftih. New York 207 0 lhj H 22 73
E A Skyne, New York IBS 11 OS 4 2'l 21
V Hughes, New V.ork IJ2 2 U4 4 2.1 Su
I'liini'tLrHU. Aug 1 The Staten Island c C
playel tbe ilermantown Zlngarl eleven at Manhetm
vesterday and the form, r lost by 114 runs it I..
Perot was In great form with the ball for Uennan
town and secur.d 0 wickets for 24 runs vv K Jew.
ett, who scured 19, and It E Bonner, who not 10,
were the only double figure men for Staten Island
W C Morgan siori-d 40, not out, for Oermantown.
and VV VV Suble added 2u Tbe totals were staten
Island, S3 1 Oermantown, 179,
t.oaalp or the Handball Courts.
The "club day" sport at the Jersey City Court waa
spirited aed enjoyable, many or tbe local experts being
nu hand for a turu at the little sphere 1 ue electric
faiia ere running like a factory on full time until
there was breeze enough on thu gallery for a catboat
scientific exhibitions were the onler in the "club
.lav' rcunl' 11 at the Brooklyn H II Caul the star
pl-tjirsput lu .tetrbet Hiss The matihes brought
Miituili u ipular fatorite- as I'lill I , Jn'iu- m
gersid ll" brothers Mi Maliou, VV j, Jonen, Prof
Litggliis. Jud a .mail holt of thu other regulars,
rri'iufutersof tbe MaulmttAiivdle ( rmrt were tn
tlilr tulKiilar) lortllig eln"i ''lb iy 'Charley
O 1 ear at r the lull roiling 1 1 1 wan u rut br
from M J Ctihmin an I VV u.u, He rtgundon
tin winning -n le Hi another match late m tilth P
I Mi'iiath - purimr, the pair IkIIuJ u.,,iu and VV
I DlJLr) i' I 'I M-fil 21-14 rheother 'onteitl
weresoweli oalauc-d that ttui rltu stroke even la
I sevtra! Instaui A 1 the pr'iuilnent rxperu
I treaent were I D I.I .v .truly. J Murrar, VV
Howard, J Y firilrlck, t Klllllea (V O I.-ary,
Martin U Council, M handy, J Flaherty, and M Daly.
WlR.lst, Lanier & Ge.,17 Nistai St., N.Y.City
AFTKR ACOUST . 187! , .
American Cotton Oil Co Debenture 8a.
Bedford. Ind., funding Be.
Marlon County, Ind . County Be.
Pittsburgh. Ft. Wayne and Chicago It'y Co. Tint
Mtg. 7a, serlea B Second Mtge. 7s, Serlta U.
Portsmouth. O . City Ss
Hock Island. Ilia . Water Works Da.
Iltdgevllle.Ind . Public School Os.
IW Key, Ind- School-house 8s.
Sumrcltvllle, Ind , Main St. Improvement Ss.
Traversa City It. 11. Co First Mortgage Ss, Coupon No.
7, duo July 1st, 1896.
August 8.
Cass County, Ind., yundlng Bs.
August 13.
Caat County. Ind., Kenn -I Ditch Se.
August 10.
Grant County. Ind , Oravel Road 8s, County Bs.
Starke County, Ind, County r(a.
Hamilton County. Ind . County 8a.
Arkansaw Water Co. Consolidated Mtire.
Alliance Water Works Co. Consolidated Mtge.
Helolt Water Works Co.
Uraddock Gas & Light Co.
Cornell Steamboat Co.
East St. Louis, City Water Works Co., Con'sd
El Heno Wnter Co.
Elgin City Hallway Co.
Freeport Water Co.
Fort Smith (Ark.) Water Co.
Galena ffafr Works Co .Kansas.
Gloversvllle & Brodalbln R. IV. Co.
Indianapolis & Vlncennes R. H. Co.
JeSersonvllle (Ind.) Water Supply Co.
Kallspell Wnter & Electrio Co.
Larchmont Yacht Club.
Leadvllle Water Co. 0 per cent, coupons.
Lcadvllle Water Co 8 per cent, coupons.
Manitowoc Water Works Co.
Metropolitan Gas Light Co.
M uncle Water Co.
Omaha. City Water Works Co. of, due Au
gust 2d.
Parsons Water Supply : Power Co.
People's Street H'y Co., Luierne County, Scran-
Pittsburgh Gas, Light & Coko Co. (Feb., 1807,
St. Louis Merchants Bridge Co.
Seymour Water Co. .
Sheooygan CltyWater Works Co. of.
Stevens Point Water Co.
Waterford Water Co , 1st Mtge.
August 1. 1897.
Farmers' Loan & Trust Co. (Dividend.)
American Tobacco Co. (Dividend )
August 15. 1897.
Chattanooga, Citv Water Works Co. of,
Pullman's Palace Car Co. (Dividend.)
August 27, 1897.
Mutual Real Estate Co.
in:rT 1ST, isot.
Atlantic. la . Electrio Light.
East Grand lorks, Minn , School District No. 8.
Or ant County, Minn., Independent School District No.
3 (Herman).
nayrs County, Neb., School District No. 4.
Kelthaburr. fit , Water Worka.
King Co , Wash . School District No 73 (W. Seattle).
Kootenai County. Ida., School District No. 7.
Lena. Ill , W ater Works.
Lexington, Ky . Funding
Muskegon and Norton, Mich, Fractional School Dis
trict NO 1.
New Richmond. Wis , Water Works.
Pullman. Wash . School District No. 68.
Rock (alls. Ill , Llectrlc Light.
Sumner. Wash . -chool District No. S.
Terrlll County. Oa., Court House.
Vaughn. Wl.. Town Hall.
VV alnut Townshtp, III , School District No. 1.
Whatcom, vv ash . school District No. 1.
Wtnaxnac ind , school Bulldtng.
4K.14T ItD. ISJOT.
La Moure, N. Dak . Town Hall.
Boone. la.. Ind pandent School District
Park Rapids. Minn . Independent School District.
Et. James. Minn , Water Works and Electric Light,
St. Louis, Mich , Union school District So. 1, school
Sahome, Wash , School District No 2
Hnittij Statts Storigagt & ftnist (Bo
Coupons due Aug tst, 1&97, on the following bonda
will be payable at the office of thla Company on and
after that date:
Brooklvn Wharf and Warehouse Company let 8a
Easrx County, New Jersey, 3 03 Park Bonda.
Far Boekaway 3 per cent. Sewer Bonds
Rome Gaa Company let 8a
Long Island Railroad . 2d 7a
Prospect Park and Coney Island R. R let fla
BAimoAD cojirivi.
80 BROADWAY. NEW YORK. July SI, 1897.
CENT (l1 per cent.) on the preferred stock of this
Company will be paid at this orace Aug 14.1897.
Tbe transfer books of the preferred stock will cloae
July 31 and reopen Vug le. 197
L. M. SCIIWAN, Secretary and Treaaurer.
llSII.tr 41.
The Board of Directors of the Nashville, Chatta
nooga and fct Louis Railway this day declared a
dividend or 0.-K (1) I'FK CENT, on Ua capital
atock, payable on and after the xd prox The stock
transfer books will cloae at 14 M. on tbe 34tb Inst,
and reopen at 10 A. M. on tbe Hd of August
J II AMBROSE. Secretary.
NASHTim. Tenn . July 13. Iw7
First Mortgage Five Per Cent. Oold Bonds.
Interest due on August 1. 1"D7. on the bonda of tha
above mentioned coru any will be paid on and after
aald date at tbe utrlceur
SO Cedar Strew New Vork City
ncDEitiv iiitii.ECOTir.v.
The Board of Directors of the Henderson Bridge
Company this nay declari-d a dividend of TWO AND
ONE-HALF (?iai PFKL'1-NT on Ita capital stock, par
able on and after the 1 tirox
The atock transfer bouks will close at 1 P. M on the
22d Inst , and reopen at 10 K M on the 3d of August.
J II ELLIS, Secretary
ita.ii.vv it so.
No 80 Broadway New Vork, July SO. 1887
Coupona due Aug 1. l-7 of the First Mortgage
Bonds of tbe Chicago an I Indianapolis Division or thla
Company will be paid at the Cbaae National Bank,
No 88 Cedar at , New York
J A HILTON, Asst Treasurer
"" ACOUST 2. f87.
riRKT vtoiiTi. . 1: t:ovw.
Couponsdue August 1st on lh almve will be paid
on and after thla date at the office of the Manhattan
Trust Company. Wall anl Nassau ta . New York city,
f j. Jons m fORBES, Treaaurer
Bntrala Hallway I ompunv first Consolidated
vlttrlarace A Pr I ent. Honda.
Coupona on tbe above maturing August tat. 1887,
will bo paid on and aft?r August 4nd at the office of
4 4 Pine at. New York.
rltrt Soartt.
f-ast Mldo.
LEXINOTON AV., 184 Pleasant rooms, en suite or
single, excellent table, table board ttcrma reason-
able, references.
treat side.
1 fiTTI ST.. 37 WEST. With board, pleasant double
JLU and single rooms, transient or permananti rta
aonabls ratea.
1TTH ST , 4 WEST.-Slngle and double rooms. Id
I and 3d floor, with board , bouse well kept.
QOD ST, 31-3H WFST large and small rooms.
O with board, out of town buyers accommodated)
9 iTU 8T. 87 WEST Handsome, cool rooms 1 ex.
O cedent board, summer rateat tranatenta ao
commodated 5tlct 3oatr rooMgn.
V"'siiAND PLACE. 13, near Fulton st.t superior
board and room S3i Improvements, piano, ren
trait gool home
uvniUed jaooms Spartrntntu to t
" "" "' t est SUe.
fiREENWICII ST, Sl Large rooraa, gaa. reading
I room, dally papers, 60c nightly, ti week upward.
IOTII hT . 40 WEVT Ono single and double room
. in quiet, romrortable house, gentlemen only,
breaktaat, rererencc
QQDRT, 14 WENT Handsome suite, private bath,
OO square an 1 single roomai permanent or tran-sb-i.ts
, relerence LELA.ND.
1 1 OTII ST ,!6i WEST Furnished large third story
lit front room all conveniences! private famllyi
reaauuablei refcrrncea
urniphfil Hoom Wantrd.
"WANTED By a gentleman, furnished room, pri
ll vate uouse Lteen I'oatOmie and 4id st twill
pay II 30 or 4 per we-U UIORtlK, box 1H1 Suu
xflats and auartrntnts" Eo 2et.
'tiik -'irrn avkxli:,"
1017 llMti FliTIl VAFNUE.rtjItNEIt S3III ST
Elegant apartments, V and 10 rooms, ana bath)
great Inducements offered.
Apply to W. noilKIITtt, Superintendent.
Northwest corner 7th av. and Hflth at . on block
from elevated atatlon, lines 1 location In New Yorkt 4
and 0 large all outside rooms; open plum blngj great
Inducements. Rents (IS to IIS,
Apply on pram laea.
"TOLUMBUB AT.. Ml. ft large rooms, Improvs
J meats. I16 Angust free. See Janitor.
17RANRXIN ST., SOB, corner Washington st 4 new
. ly painted rooms, unfurnished, 111 monthly) S
rooms 19;
EiioV ST., SI, NEAR BEDFORD Single flat. 4
J large, light roomai all Improvements! low rent.
ggtKMsTTS-afRI.IKl tu.
To small, respectable families only, splendid 4 room
flats! all Improvements! elegant entrancel carpeted
halls and stalrsi rents, lit), ass Ktfrr 4 1ST ST.i
Oerman Janitor
1 f 1 TH ST , fl WFST. FTegant large B rooms, bath,
1U steam heat, tn, Hee janitor
T ')fCTII ST., S48 EAST. Apartments of three and
1 O four roomsi all light roomai cheap rent,
1 A QT H ST., 310 WEST. 0 Targe corner rooms.
ltO bath, 117. See Janitor.
rfurniJhtd ,f lata 5a ?et.
I.ILATS ANDPARTMENTS, unfurnished, furnlsheX
' In desirable locations, rent 1140 to 1 1,000
FOLSOM BROTHERS, 833 Broadway.cor 1.1th St.
fisUttn floujtB So -Eft Gltg.
DESIRABLE HOUSES, furnished and unfurnished.
In desirable locatlonai rent 11,200 to IS.noo
FOLSOM BROTHERS, 833 Broadway, cor inthst.
Ho 3Jtt for Suisinew gurpojjejs.
BUILDINGS, stores, lot u, offices, and atudlos to let
In dealrable locations.
FOLSOM BROTHLR8,S5Broadwaycor. 13th at.
B UlLDINOS, stores lofts and offices to let. aTargt
Jmber RULAND& WHITINO. S Beekman st
TO LET Three fine lofts, 115x100 ft. each, singly or
together. In the eubetantlal building, 4 JS pearl st :
an office on aecond floor can be had with them If
dealredt fine ao ommodatlonsfor aaubstantlal printer
and lithographer: from such tbe rent, to a large ex
tent, would ba taken Inworki equally dealrable ror
(almost) any manuractutlng business. Apply on the
NEXCELLED light loftet lis up: power, elevator;
all Improvements
WHIFFEN, or Engineer, 177 E 87th st- cor. 3d av,
ltal estate or ,5 alt Jong Inland.
Harlem Branch
119 west 12sth street
TCOmit snoiXE OF LONO ISLAND nonr from
X city, with fine Tie of Sound, a U-auttful mm
mer or winter home for sale ery chtrap, earlr new
modern housf, latett stylo of archUeiture, with lt
rooms and every Improvement, ample iU"a porte
cochere and to tree. tab lets carriage and poultry houses,
pUron corral. Jopaneseiuntmer payola, and tont.erv
to ry. 3 4 acres of flnr-t btjt- Ian 1. with raul views
of fine country for miles, all laid out la landscapes,
walks, and drive, flower beds, lawns shrub, abun
dance of fruit, choice garden INo rea-onable offer
will bo refund, an 1 the j;reater part nf the price mar
remain on mortgage at 5 per cent. Hous Irnlshed.
Possession at once rhotoirrapb with
THOM l PA NE. P Broadway.
This property is located hlph anJ dry free from
any swamp land; If found otherwise after Investiga
tion, money refunded: It U beautifully situated with
In about one mil-of Centre Moriches on Lon Inland,
and will be sold on terras of $ I down and then $3 a
month, see about this at once Ad Ire a
3B Uberty st . N T.
S CUES FOIl 35150
At Pat. hogue and Medford. L. I . easy terms, I i per
month and un. For particulars call or write to o L.
BCHWENCKF. Land and Investment Comiany,
078 379 Broadway, New York.
jBtal Cristate ax .Salt 3ftrsnj Citg.
1 or sale or to let. well located In Jersey City, handy
to all ferries and railroad ppty to
I1. UANbFU, 166" Montgomery St., Jersey City.
L. (. (for nlc or gx Alabama.
IN EAST CFNTRAL ALABAMA. 8u0 feet above tbe
sea, 410 arrs well timbered farming and .razing
land, will (tell or exchange for building lota In the
vicinity of New York city. Dr. W. P. SPKATUSO.
Craig lOlony, Sooyea. N. V.
$ or 5alt or Eo Jet (City.
V rooms, all Improvements t let. Sis pr month,
or sold ooeuy terms. IKYING, 313Madlonav
Seal estate ax ale Htvc 3ereg.
Morris town and Hernardnvlilt proprtv,e'ry de
scription, sale and rent, i 1' HAMILTON t CO, 6
Broad w ay, N. Y
J?ARSl FOR HALE Bargain '-Ma-res. houise. barn.
- Ao , Erie; 1 hour itty hlch an t healthy line fruit,
shade, arid water, 1 10 fruit trees, $? OO.taA terms,
photos and particular-
J T COMMONS, T4 Broadway
T F.W 11 room house for sile, ill the improvements,
- large pint, nal. 3 termf i, cat! or write
W.U VN YslNkLP. Ituthtrfnrd, N J
rLlVlF IklMTHHT' I are lot 75, terms
SS -0 monthly; high Rrtmnd nar houo
Wr.ATm-KU., .'71 Urnadway
SAYETHb UABIFV Two-room house and lot, SU-" ,
lamer houses In proportion fisij lntallm''n.ri,hUh
ground, nice village miles line uii.'tf for
butcher, baker, restauraut
hMITII, 80 Broadway, room ?9
$ral (gjstatt -for 5a.r---Virnuria.
OA ACRES RICH and productive otI Inhealthv nee
-V7 tlon of VtrRtuIr. fur $J" ! down nnd 51 or
more wt-ekly, entirely cm ere 1 with fine large timber,
very valuable, elegant si ream pure water, beautifully
located near station and tun n would male twautlful
farm when cleared. W rite i r Ml for Information.
RIM h, n Chambers st.
Sons, ?rtls, Sit.
5YOUNO St. Bern ard doits for ssle JACOB KOL
BKK, Fast 17.M st , Vanderbllt and ebster av,
For N'ew I ondon. Watch Hill lUo- it Island and East
era Resorts, alio VocMte au 1 North of Doiinn and
Eat steamer City of Ijwrll or I It) of orcettr
leaves Pier 40 (Old So) N' It next De-brosfs st ,
week dais only t tl r M Onhctra on ea b. Kat a
to II LOCK ISLAND reduced. Connection made Week
Days and Sundays.
For Newport, Fall Kter. Rton. Martha's Vineyard,
Nantucket, Cape Cod, and all 1-astern and Northern
Mountalu, Inland, and Sehore poinH Htcamer
Prlsclllaand Puritan In communion Hue orchestra
on each Leave Pier lh, N R, root of Murray st,
week days and huudays, at 5 MO P M
For Provl lour direct, IItton an 1 all lnlanl and
Seashore R-orts Fait and Nurth thereof. Steamers
Rhode Islan 1 an 1 Plytnuutn Or hetra on ea-Mi
Lear. pipr art. N R . one block above Canal st . week
days only at a JO P 31
ForStonlnnton, arraganaett l'ler. Watch Hill, noa
ton, and all points laAt Nteamers Maine and New
Hampshire Leave Tier 3rt, ?, lt4 una block abovo
Canal st , week days only, at n r f
"K lOIIH" aul tMISSIT."
Finest and fastest river ateamera In tho world
Dally except Sun lay
Leave. Brooklyn frultonM by nnez) 8 AM.
hework nesliro-aea t Tier 8 10 "
' West ti-MSi I-ier '
For tl.DI1, laudlnit at Yonkers, West 1 olnt. Sew.
burs, roughkeepsle, Kingston l'ulnt, Catsklll, and
II u fsou.
Direct connection on the Kingston Point dock with
U and I trains for Catallli Mountain points and for
Lakes Mohonk and Mlnnei u,ka At I'al.klll with
the Catsklll Mountalu and Otis Fl Hallway for Celro
and mountain reeorts
Itallroad connections at hewtura:, Tourbkeepsle,
nuilson, and Albany ror p iluts orth. Fast and West.
Special Sarab g-a trains
Throuith tickets .old at Pesbrosses st pier West
2id st pier, ew ur. Transfer and other principal
tUket oRUes
fromPlirSI ra.t Hlver dull) except Miular at B P.
M. for ConuetUut Liver landlnas imine tins for
Hprlnnflell orienter, Boston and all Ve lugland
polnla eeturda) excursions at r dil d ratis
rT"ini rriv. ihf.
Me-im r KWim-KIIL nu I ' tTSKILL leave
eerv nnk dy at I' M fr in f i "r ' hrHtoj her
st N It lunimliiiu a i tdl nltli in tinialu
trains Mttenin llh ed Ij i e trli ity. lilt). Irs
carrl I trie !! res au I earrl i,'i takn N-n I to
ilerorMlstUllfrdrs.rlpt f 'Her
iii i nit ris Trt-tifii siiti iwii-ii.
I)all (en.ft "undas leam I fl rushes t 111
I M -eaiunlasal HI' M ' -M l : 1 1 (i V M
'saiiiidsta .' H M I"r ' imn I N " WFhTl'fifM
t. iYnH ULNrttlU Id. Nf" tlA'IIH III I MH.TtiN.
II li ,HKI H"IF in 'Mm 'T an i ixIMiITON
W.W IIMK.,-"in' 1 1-XllUSIOS, ei SO,
Hun.lsf. Heurslnn 91 " rti sleaniers leaie l'ler
23. r. U,cek i)as II' M Jud I J midnight, Kun
dars. V .10 A M and 1 i midnight week da) .t-amera
coiinecl on wharf with trs lis for Merlden, Hartford,
Sprlnglleld and point north
iiidso ,i roxts-rMiK notTs.
From foot of Christopher st. every week day at 9 P.
IL, oonoectln with B A. R. B. at Hudson.
i,o,Sl i-ij&-ffefe-i. .
far Orient. Steamers Shlnnecock and Montauk
Shelter Island, leave New York dally fescept dun-
s.reenport. data) at 6 V 11 , Saturdays at 1
Koulhold. p M ' from rirr " r" " rlke s"l'
,. tiMfck.. saturday'a boat does not iro to
a llnrbor, niock Island, and Tuea.laya. fburs-
, . mna. 'lay's, and Haturday'a boat doea not
"lch Island. go to southold
Albany Even. ngLine.
leave Old l'ler 41 .V li.foot Canal st . at H P. M
dally (Sundays excepted), ponnectlnn with trains for
Saratoga, Lake Ueorge Aillrondaeks,Sbaron Springs ,
Illchtleld Springs, Tnousand Islands, Nlugara rails,
and the West "laturJajr night steamer connects w lib.
Minday morning tr In for haratoga. North Creek,
Caldwell, and steamer on Ijxke tleorge,
Faro to all resorts north and rast lower than any
other route. UTY OF TUOY or t VIHTOOA leae
foot West loth st da ly, acept at irlay ll P. M Fi
press tra ns forSarati ga. Lake Ueorge, Adlrondacks,
&c. Sunday atciiirr touches at Albany.
KI.SOSTON LINE, Weat loth ! Dally 4Tp M"saf
unlays at I Steamers 11 M.DWt.V and HOMIRfor
Cornwall, N.wbtire New Hamburg Marllmro .Milton,
Poughkeeiwle, Hyde Park, h sopm, Kingston, connect
lng with I' tV.n H. for all tio.nts lu Catskllls
"IJAMSDF.IL LINE. Steamers liie l'ler VI K n,
AA foot Iraukllnst , for t'ranston'e. West Point cold
Spring, Cornwall, Flsbklll Landing, and Newburg
week days (eieept Saturda) )S P 51 .atisrdav 1 1' M j
BundaysOA SI , landing at lajd St.. S 11 , W lu A M
Orran teamtts.
NEW UHK-OUTII VMlToV-iLonJon-Parls).
sailing every Wednesday at ID A M
ST. PACL. Aug 4 ST 1'Al'L Aug 23
ST.IOC1S Aug 11ST.IOUIS sent. 1
Sailing t-very Wednesday
Frlealand. Aug I nooii Westernlind. Aug 18, noon
Kens'gton Aug 11,3 1 M outhwark Aug 23 IPM
Piers U and II, North liner Ofilce, n Ilonling tireen.
i I roru Pier 4U. N It. fiot of Clarkson et
lucanla Aug. T, noon t'amia-ila Mig 31, UA M.
Ftnirla Aug 14. ir M Uuibrta Aug as,, I P. 31
KUMVH IIIIOWN&C i.Oen g t,4 llowllngOreen
T IN SCItEW EXPRESS from N'ew York to Plym
outh (London), Cherbourg, rnrts. and Hamburg
Normaunla. tug 3.10 AM Columbia, sept, 2, H A. M.
F B smarck.lu m.io A M A Ktorla, spt ii, 1A M
Normannla.Au 2rt. 10 t M F nimarck,Sep 18.10A M.
HAMBUUl) 3).KMnK, bj Twin cren ."la'l S S
Persia Aug 7, ISM l'alatla vug 21.11 JO A M.
tlrstcab ,173 up, second cla. f 40, nteerag ,930.
llamlMirg-lmerlcan Line, 37 llrfludwnj.
niAirve: "ntkaikhip co.
DFIinilTFI'l. OCK THiri.
Onljr darect line for Cottagt-tlt, Mas-. . and Port
land. M steamers nail everv week day, except
ednrdav, from P.erlSo 3. K H at T P JI Tuia
day, ThttrsJay, an 1 Saturday Meamer ctop at Co tt aire
City in route, thf new s s JOHN KV. Lis nail Mon
daja and rrhlat n for Pnrtlanl itlreii. Connect'on
male for Bar Harbor. Old Onharl. Poland hprln,
Uhtte .Mountain. St Johu, N li . an 1 all Fa&trrn sum
mer resort.. Meamer flttelwtth Htrv niwlern Im-
?ruvement forcomfurt and connIenre of tourlt.
he moit comfortable route for all Dolnts K t, netes
Hating no thanee Tlckptu may ) purrhacl at
Maine s IS Cviniiany ort'ee. No 27T Broadway at
the ofllce No. --.. outh it . oprnwlte the Pier, and
Tho Cook A Son, 2U and ia.'3 firoadway
Havel Tu,. Au? . 10 A M Trnvf.Tti , u 17, 10 AM.
baale.Tu.Auir in 10A.M I-ahn,Tu .Aur. 24,10 A.M.
OLLRICIIS CO. 2 Bowling reen
Itlll.l TU IIIlrOI.K.
ahortet i Trip, Hut of ew lork.
Pellghtful tours to Old Tolnt Comfort, Norfolk.
Kewjiort News Petersburg. Portsmouth, Pinners
Point. Richmond. MrglnU Death. a., and Washing
ton. D I Freight an 1 Passenger steamers sail from
Pter26 NTorth Hler, every week day except fratur
day. at J 1" M . and ssmrday at 4 P f.
L OVILLAt Dtll, Ice-Pres't and Traffic MgT.
Majestic ug 4, noon I Teutonic ug Is, noon
(erman c Aug 1 1. noon Prltaunlc Aug 2. noon
Pier 43, N'orth I'lw r Offle,, li nroadn av. New ork.
Lehigh Valley System.
Stations foot of West 23d it. (Penn. R It.), Cortlandt
or I).sbro.esM
Indleates time from Hest 28d St Other figures
show time from Cortlandt or Deibrossea st,
iia. tliStl A 31 dally tsunday 'eS, 7 A. M)
for M tL'CII CHUNK and Intermediate stations
7 135. Nils A. 31 dallv for WILKESDARRE.
SOtWTO:. e-k davs) FLMIRA (wek ila).
ARA 1 LLs. and the West and principal local polnlat
dining car and chair car to Buffalo
liti'JS. Itnao a. M, Sundays only, for BOUND
BHOOK and Irtermedlatestatlous
iiii'Jt. to i. to a M dally, except Sunday, for
MAI CH CHUNK and Intermediate points
l 1 i3H. 13iUO noon dalh. except Sunday,
Arrives Itulalo ll T P M Pullman Vestibule Day
Coaches aud Parlor Car-, Dining Cat Service Meale
a la carte C nneets ut Buffalo with through sleepers
to D'trnlt and Ch cago
I-JiSV fli4, P 31 dally, except Sunday, for
3IAI CHt HUNK anl tntermeillate points
l'Jt.1.1. Ilia ' M , Sundays only, for FASTON,
31 L CH CHI N K, an 1 the coal branches
lia.1. lists P 31 dall, nvpt Sunday, for
cl,al lilt, ruiidtate stations Conn da for all polnta
lucoul rtglons cbatrearfor Wlltcsbarre
HiS.t. till) ! 31 dally, excel t Sunday, for
clal Intermidiatt. statlims Connects for all polnta
In coal regions l'ulliuan Buffet Parlor Car for
llktst arrr
Sis.t, .liia p. 31 dally for EASTON and Inter
mediate stations
Sia.t. Uilli P M. dally, except Sunday Express
for si tTIM.TOS an 1 principal IntermMlate stations.
Connet t for Headtug and Harrlsburg Chair car to
Mli.15, 7iOO P 31 dally for nVFFiLO. MWIRI
FALLS, and all point st Pullman sleel r n stl
bule train N Y to Chicago Sleepers to Buffalo and
7iSS, Nino P 3f dallv. except Sunday stopping
HIJI 3ULIH ( HI SK. 1. 1 II JLNCTIOS-, Stllll,
Pullman sleeper for MutTal None but sleeplhsr car
p.wi ngertarrle I. No ln.t,age carrlfd.
MiSft. fimu p 31 dallv tor ITHACA. GENEVA,
ROCHLSTLR, III H M.O. MtWRt t I.LS, and all
folnts Weat Pullman sleepers to Wllkesbarre and
Adilittonal lo, al trains dally, except Sunday, for
no I Ml IIHOOK and InterniHdlate points leave aa fol
lows 55. II '10 A 11 , ! 5', .' B0, :.ii. 4 it and
5 ' 6 to P, 31
Tlik-tsmid Pullman accommolatlons at 1 in. 2fil,
27.1 111, UI4. and 1 li 1 Pnia.lv a) till Hlhst.lSH
i. I'-'Mh ! UT llovvirj s V , M0 lulton at. I
Court st , lis Broadu a , and Brooklyn Annex, Brook.
N Y Transfer Co will can for and check baggage
from hotel or rcldene, to destination
Through train leae ew Vork, foot of Cliamhen
t , in fulloMtt, and Ave minutes earlier front West
2J1 nt
... i - VtrstlbulcExpreni dally for Wnghara
t)JJ ton, Waverljr. Elmlra, lliiiTalo, llralford, ar
rlvfi HuiTaln h on p M Parlor iar to IlulTalo
yl Tl eatibuled xDri tally txceptSun
. ! iliij forPortJirvU Muntl rll. Lackawaxt-n,
Iloutsdale. ant ImiHjrtant loval print to Corn1n.
Dally to Port J n I- Pullman Parlor Cars for Mou
tlielloand i nrnlru
O.nn . vi, etlbul llmltel Fat mall dallv
-.UU Hnlis trim for .'hlo-KO li Chautauqua I-akf,
mrrlm rieveland at 7 u A M ChkMtfo 5 I M
Hr-?i vr to Chicago, Ctc eland, aud Cincinnati Iln
Inji nr
rQ I". M, Buffalo and Llevpland Veatlhtile Fr
i ,0J ireM dallv arrir(t at Buffalo 7 '- A M ,
Braslfort 7 17 A 51 Junittovn 7 uu A M,(le.t
Uml 1.' 10 p 3L (leerei to IlufraloanK leseland;,
tu-kln direct conn. (Hon for Detroit, Chicago, and
ll. ft Cafe I tbra- i r
8, I rr l". M. DAILY Ma Chautauqua Lake anl
lJ Maara ratli hotll train to Ciicajro, Mpj-
ri to Uorne.lsvllie, Chlcogo, and Cincinnati Dining
J ACCOMMODATION at 111 II Jrtl, 401, and WS7
Broalwny, 17 Ilowrry l-d Last iVoth tt . and rtl
Writ Ivitli ut . C hamhera and Wctt .",1 it ferries.
hew Vork, lilaul 7,M r niton t lot, Ilroalwa),
Brooklyn J'i IIU'Uou t , llodoi. n, nl Jersey city
station Uei-t tiit I zpri t alU for an 1 il c bag
KuTO from houl and renl D men to destination
New York and Boston All Rail.
. N II i. II It lu aul eonne tlons
I rum Onud t entrai titattoo
I.eave By way of Due
Ooia 31 , 'prlngtlel 1 aint l oreesfr, 8 10 p M
10 00 A M t.ve igndonandl'nivldenre, 1 no p M
10 n I A 31 , New London anl Providence, 4 10 P 31
W fm M hprlnjtleM and Worcester, 8 40PM
fl nop 31, Air Line aud N I H It. rt on p 31
I HJ I' 31 .Nfw Loudon and Provl lence, 7 OD P M
8 On P M , "New I,on lou ami Provl leute ti on p Jl
4 oo p 31 sprlngflild anl w ireester. In 00 p M
6 on P M 'Sen Lnndonaud Provl lenr-e, 1 1 On P M
HOOP M sprinnil, id and nn-rster dl'iA 31
12 oil I' 31 e Lon Ion an 1 Provl lenre, Ji A 3!
Runs da ly Imludlng suudiy
Tthay statu Llmltel al parlor ears fare 7, In
eluding fiarlor ar seat
tslrl re limited arrives at an 1 departs from Park
Square station lut n l'eturn lervhe same hour
and tiv aiine rojto
Througn parlor and sleeping cars tiv each train
C r IIIMIsTI I n Pis A, -ent
Uirm ,rb W lnt.-h.ill I, rmlajl, .lalh
r IIK'M.o i p )I mi I 1 1 In til. nt
I'll rhlll'Hii l .' "X sun lay 1 I'.sun 15 '"night
l IMiSSMI T I'd I- li ''' M I I 'I
si,.s ni.v i, I TIM Uth ; " v lining
tar II A M Inning I an 1 i'' lilnliik
I ar 4 3 i lUlnln. i ur 3 I 31 I 1 n .1.1 Mm
ilu li 'i i lunliu ar II .'" i im in-i in. 1 '3
ildnliig tan 1 " Dining i ur P 31 I.' in
id. 1 1
N"llPiilK 11 .'It JI.'Ullv
M M OKI! Silliioiik,h .le,r I 33 P 31 dally
rralns li a , f i-it I IN-rly i " nilii later
111 iralus are Illuminate I It: 1 imsi h ll.-lit
,omces llil. 17.'. .'1. I ii 1 1 I" Hroadwuv II Fast
llthsl, 187 Itowery Siw rt J-u !144 rul ut .
Brooklyn! Whitehall Terinlual Baggage checked from
hotel or residence to destination. (
SvRilroaajc. i j ' H
(eixtral ill
y & HUDSOM RSVER R. R. i'.Kfi
uiiifit i.im: to Mtutnt filla. j IfJU'SH
Alt through trains stop at Alhunr, L'tlea, Syracusa, i JBwrrTB
Hixhestir and lluffalo $ KlktWiJaai
Trains leave tiran t t'i ntral station, 4S!d Street and 'BFllt'fta
Fourth avenue, as follows I Jjt'nS
linllv,i x ept stiuda) For dlroudack3IouutaluA, upKV
Thousand islands, and Montreal lStKXHI
C.'i 1 1 M Dalii except Sunday. The famous $ VVtj i
;5U IMI'Illh f rtEXPIU-sN, I 13II1ED. Fast- J $
i-t tralnln Ihenorld Due IlulTalo at 4 45 P. M , 1 SffasJH
Magara I alls .1 SS P 31 Toronto s J5 P. 31. This f !!
tralu Is lltuttitl lolls seating capacltr " laBaf isHI
n.'jn A 31 FAST MAIL Iially-I-orPoughkeepsIs, iHBtflai
tl.Ovf Alhany Vtlca, Njracue, Ilothester, Uutfalc j iBH
Magara tails, and Cleveland v 'IflHHHai
J. IVfclAI, Dallv, except hunday-For ratsklll ' ftXafltflH
3Iountslu, Trov, Saratoga, Lake Qeorge, Ureca iCfiffliHal
31ounta ti, au 1 Montreal . Jt.nJtlnHBl
X VLUU if I hour tr tin to Chu ago vU 3Itehlgan Cen I f ItnaaRa-
tral route Duo IlulTalo 40 P 31 . Magara Falla t4l9H
li 10 P M. Chicago ('("I A 31. Carries sleeplnc ?I(iIL?b1
nn I draw lng room m onl) llhfif J ISaal
1 n.QH A " -HAY KU'HFsi, except Runday wnlV'iMai
XI.I.OU lorMlllbrook lateklll Mountains, and all ftlH'lWal
Important New 3 ork stntc points iili.-)B
Uu torColumlus Ine nnatl. Indianapolis, and fiifiT.B!
st louts Moj s at PoOithkeepsle. srs&siMHI
l.flM1' M-CHRA'io SP1C1AL Dalty-For Ds- 'UffoB
X..'Vi troll Cliveland, Toledo, and Chicago. Stops 5t!5vlt
at Pougrkcepsle snl Sthtnectadv V tMSrlwal
,OV7eept Sutidav lor Harrlon a (West Point), SHftMlaM
Poughkeepsle. (t ant, and Trov , ts&tsSvafli
K.dfl P M -LAhF. siioilL LIMITED. Dally-2- ', Jfii&HoH
tJ.UIJ hour train to Chicago x la Lake Shore route. it ,&Kgv4BI
Due Cleveland 7 IS. Toledo 111 0A A M , Chicago tills itLIH
4.nn p 31 This triln connects at Cleveland for i BhJ ?
Cluclunatl. due I '3 P 31 and at Toledo for St. "HI JgBt CHai
Liuls, due IOI5 P M.nue Kansas City next iJIfSji f. H
tnorulDg. Carries skeplng and drnv lng room cars I iUjlivaa
onlv 1 liktrt luk
6.1 IM P 31 WFSTFRV FXPIIGS Dally-For Sv I igii? 3
.-V.i agara Falls, Clevelind, Toledo, Detroit, Chi- , MIJHV 9 H
cago, ClnUnuatl en I st I.oul mRt- Hal
C;.v-P 31 VIIIKOMlCK Mlll'NTMNS. TIIOO- ( fill ) Hal
Dilly tor dlroti lack 31ountalns. Thousand Isl- lalrlflBB
an'N. and 3Iont ral ' MlbHuJB
7, flM P M. NORTIIFUN rXrRr!, Dally-For Sri HH
l.yiJ rroy, Plattsturg. Ilurllngton, 3Ioutreal. and, 1IH
xiept Saturdav nights, ottnwn 1 ilsull
7 .OH P 3I-DfJFFLO SPICIAL Dally-For n !IMia
OLf Rocherter. llorralo, Magara Falls Toronto, v isfisiPnlH
t levelaud, Indianapolis, st Louis and Chicago wllH
9 .fin '" M eil'LtlAL I131ITID MAIL Dally 1$ luSHI
mUxf isleeplng car pasenrs onlvi lor points on i a f MPfHH
Fnll Ilrook Railway, via Lons and for Rochester, ' fj ififJlH
Buffalo, Cleveland, Indianapolis, and bt. I ouls. 1$ TtlviflH
9.1 P 31 -PACIFIC FPRISS, Dall -For Svrv '(!,.?'
It.) cue. Oswego. Watertown. Ogdensburg. lluf $ 1'?Sf3
falo, Msgar.v halls, tlevtlaud, Toledo. Chicago, 4 vsjH
and except Saturdays for Caic fucent anl th. x ivt&JH
Auburn ronil I rililSBl
Xi. LW train Tor Chicago and prtnelpal points on 12) Mflai
the New ork Central eery night except Sunday " fl It n
nights Sunday nights, Chicago aleepera leave on ,B 3fi SH
i li train ij U
oiou 31 andrtiit-iP. 31 Dally, except Sunday, ta f, t f
Plttsfleld, Ma Harlem Division 3 JH I M
Oils M Sundays only, to Plttsfteld and the Berk- J 2 '
shire Hills, via tni Har.em Dlvls on A 3t
"Allnlghf'tr Ins run lietweeu 135th st and points , Si"
on the Putnam Dlvlelon as far aa Yonkers. Inconneo I ti :k 9H
tlon vviih the elevot d road The only line running f a tfih H
'all night trains out of New Yo-k k d . fU fM
Watner Palaee Carson all through trains ss "S iH
Trsini illuminatml with i'l'itach light 7 'J xli I
rickets and U ngn'r ofHces at Grand CentralStatloB. i. i ryt. tl
113 .'til. 11 I Ilroadway.ai last 14thst 042 Droad- I 3 is 5, !sl
si), .' 11 Columbus av , HI West l'-Tjth st , and lSetn B ' h B
st station New York. .11! and T'-O Fulton at, and S ijjft
ion pnadwa). I H . Ilrooklj n. vj ,!;
Ilai,gage ch ik-d from hotel or residence, by ths o 'SSUH
We-untt Pit r' s Company rPVH
t.eneral Slanager. General Pussepger Agent. ltMliHa
Persnsflvania II
-txijH.os.z. iPISI
bTAT 71 i luot of West lwnl) third street and Des VvtlHa!
bros-e- and Cortlaudt streets HKaifflBi
tsTTThe leaving time from Desbrosaes and Cortlandt Sir fTB
str i Is Is flv e minutes later than that gtv en below for saBflLH
Twenty third street station K
7i.1.1 A. II ast 3IAIL Pullman Duffet Parlor iXHa
Cur New 3 ork to Pittsburg sleeping Car PlttaburtJ riSHHi
to Chicago. Nocoaches to Pittsburg TffnVH
eio3 l. . k-,st iink Pittsburg and Claveiaaa. ,
OiSS t. TI . PLNNs-iLANIl LI3UTED PuUmaa !f Hl
Compartment sleeping. Dining, smoking, and Ob- ff RH
senatlon tars lor Chit ago. Cleveland, Toledo, W CTHHI
Cincinnati. Indlinatmlls, Loul.vllle. St. Louis . fH SL'JS-
11.1.1 I', tl. CIIIl. AllO A.ND ST LOCIS EXPRESS. ij ?
For Nashville it la Cincinnati. Chicago St. Louis. J Iff XK?H
SiSS P. SI. WLSTEHN LXPHLSS. For Cleveland. 11! (
Chicago ForTo'edo. exe.pt Saturdav. llfs 3UHH
clnnatl. Indianapolis. St. Lnu's r X Arttf hbI
liar. I". ti. PACIHC KXPIttSs For Pittsburg and . - NS: 'af H
Chicago. Connects for Cleveland and Toledo eiCCTjJ !AHHHI
Saturday. ' TvffKVR
7:11. S HI. u. 25 01 tDlnlng Carl. 10 15 A. 31 . 1 58, t5Slvf
1 51 (J 15 "Congresntoual Llm ." all Parlor and 'fti'rfv4i
Dining Cars). 4 ." (Dining Car), 4 55 (Dining Cor), 'Si'lftiaaMI
8 51 P 31 . 12.10 night. Sunday, s v;5. u "5. 10 OS SS4ifiMal
A 31. (it 15 -Corgresslonal Llm ." all Parlor and "imlipHI
Dlntng Cirs). 4 25 (Dining Can, 4 51 (Dining Car), l,KlB
s 11 P M , 1-' 10 night. Ji??ycW
SOVTHERN RAILWAY express. 4 i5 P.M. 12tl0 .Kyet
night dally vflixYi-
ATLANTIC COAST LINE -Fxpre.s 0 25 A. M and n1l;M
M 11 P. 31. dallv & til&tnai
dally 1 TsJ3f?M
A M week dsvs nnd 7 IIP 31 dilly I? ilttJRMs-
ATLANTIC C1T3. WcslTwenit third street Station, PJfcSKi
1 i't P 31 and Dethrones and Cortlandt Streets, V a '"vfivncli
I 10 P M v,eV.dnys f?JftJjPH
CM'! 3UY Wist Twenty third 'treet station. IS-58 ii rtu4M
(thniu.h Parlor Can ard I ." P M niek days. J slv4Wim
I.liro... t ant Cortlaudt sirclts 1 00 nnd 1.S0 i vMSTd
P 31 wtel-days. .i I " H5'P!jt
L tit, Ursni u, Asbury I'lrk inlTlnlen. Sundays), , $$!
0 , aiinruve and Pointl'lei, ant (from WestTweutT- u 5S,vf-i?ai
thirl str,et stttloni 7,' - ll u 81 11 15 A.M. f ?4srSi
ill! .11 -atnrdajBonlt , I V ! 1 I 11. 3 15. 4'55, i ii -)
II 11 P 31 Sundays. 7 11 o .1 31 ,4 15 P M (from ? lafiCaB
I)cliri- anl Cortlnnlt ir,tk ,1 n 7 40,0 10, ' S.-tftiSW
lu 00 31 . L'-lo (l .'ii siturdats onlyi, i '10, 3 in, isSSSHsK1
8 40. 4 20. 5 1U, 7 00 P 31 Sundays, e 1,1, K 45 A. f jfiSsim
M . 5 15 P 31 ?&fi5Wl
nut run tun I'm t. (& 'J-rb-'tB
0 11. 7 25 7 11, s i',. f , , ii .-3 ii 15 Penna. Llm- j L SpjjM
Ited) ll 11 iDlnlugCar I" 31 11 "1A 31.12 55, I - JjT jli
1 35 2 33, ') 15 4 21 I ." Dining Can 4 5.1 (Din- 1 , 'iSiSlai
lng Car). .1 33 (Dlulns I -vr 7 4 I 7 11. tl 15 P M , ' f S'5i
1.' 10 nLht Sundays, il 15, 7 11 O 53, 9 S3. . MS-HI
u 15(Ilmtteil). u 55 mi K M 1 HiDlnlnuCar). t,J iS?
3 '.5 4 -M (Dining ( ar i 11 Dining Car). 5 5S f 1W
(DlalngCur) T I", 7 V - -IP M 1.' 10 night. tm 'z.
Tlrkft orrlces.NiM 4ill, H4I 111") l.i."t 111. and sal 1 r
Ilroadwav 1 Astrr II iikc. West Twenty thtrtl '. j'-t-W
Mreet station, an 1 stat ns f oot of Pesbrosses and 3) C2l
Con an ll streets, 1 ' ourt stre, t -oin Fulton Street, tt f iyJOB
us iiroaIna3, anl Iirookin Annex ststion. Rrook- ffiij Sf-iSM
lvn station, Jerst) i lit The New loik Transf.r a)? fi Mill
Company tt ill tall for and rhecl. baggage from pf J I.jHJH
hoti is and resldenitM thrcugh todi-tlnatlon r. ffiftim
J D III Tl HIN-uN J It WOOD. 1; -jKM
en, ral 3I-.nagcr rieneral Paaa'r Agent. fi1?BI
nn tin:, i.ti u ut i t "a. ii i2STKusf 1 1 Viil
' " ricflr3t
Mlnllons In ti tv lork. root or lUrclav and wl Ii Jiil
hrl-liipher nu. f; ji &!
triTiiui.K Tiitits. iMiititsj nirvrr got W 5i
ttii, i-itrsiii i.ii.iiT. nil QJ r,
Direct route t) Nevvwrk. ItliMimneln, 3Iontclal r. th. bS SJfeHB
Oraiuis, siininiit lu rnarilsv HI,, llasklng Ridge. Mad Rrf 1t jH
loit 3Iorrl-totv ii, Psn-ale, Paterton. Boouton, Dover, ''vV js?tH
statiho,e. N'vttiti. Itudd a lake. Lake Hopatcong, Ify, rfl
Ha, k, ttstow ii schooie)'s 31ountaln, Washington. hl t jFSH
Phllllsburg laiton, WAIert, ap, stroudsburg, Pocono Ell trj Wm
llouutaln, s, rantou. Pulsion, Wllkesbarre, N'antl- Hi; ffi lim
toke Iianvlllt Nortbutiilierlanil 3Iontroe, Dlngbam- LSI w fe
ton Oxford, Norwich, Matervllle, Utlca, Illehneld issflif Hi
Strings, lortlin I, striu;u-e, Oswego Ithaca, Owego, VV fi; i
Flmlrn Corn n;, Hath. I avllle Ilurfalo, and all 1 , '81
IKilntsWt.t N irihwest, is a southwtet gj IV
Mill I. tl -lllnghauitol '3Iall Stops at principal t ,r,l i
trlailona j 'r ?;
loiiio t ti, Cafe rari Iluffalo. Scranton. fling- ; It , f
hainton, uvtego, Ithaca, Flmlra, Syracuse and Os- ' Is n
wei.o I stress I'ullmin buffet parlor cars Con i , 1
meting at llufalo wlih trains for Chlca-o anJ f M,
points U,st Pullman i arlur car New lork to , '5 Y?
Rlilill.lisirlig, ' ,J J
liuiir. 'I mnton. Dltichariton, aul Flmlra Fx- '!"! SLJ
presH Pullman buTet l arlor cars. tlJiA tP'
Siiio I'. t.-v rantou, M llkesbarre, and Plrmnulh W;)'iK
txiuei,a Pullman buffi t parlor tars 'I f. K y&i
TlOOl-. tl. -i Hall) i-l hi ago elttrule Limited Fl- ' !
i n-s for si rnnion. Iilnghamti n Flmlra. nuffa'o. . t t
pullmaii lullet sheplngcar, New 3ork to Chicago. liyCf JS,
Dlnliu car west of Hurfalo 1 h'ftfai
rilUO l'. St. Dall) Ilurfalo Ixpnss Pullmao ta!firl
lei.rs 'or Mrinton, llttighainton Flmlra, Hath, t,i- iwM
311 Morris, and IlulTalo arriving IlulTalo H A M Sllni'ia
omit ! si Dallv Hurtalo s. rauton Hlngham, fal?' 9
ton uwegi, IiIiicl, Umiri svra'iise and Oswrgo triSr W
lipre-s Pullman buff' t sltijrs tleiera Netf i3r jiv
1 or to lib hlb Id si rlu. ll ( fl
Tl ki ta und Pullmiiu iv omin'vlatlons at Henry uavHTr
Gaze .t Suns ltd, 1 1 I Hr aw, 14 Park place, Pi-fB?
and 4.H llroalwav mil III.- Hroiilwa Tickets at )V-la"
li rrv stations. Ill 4 1 It u ror I .III st , 111 West lIVl)
l.'Hitt i llColunii uav New 3 org, . I Is and 72 I v'JJJti
lull nt .aul Ion llr'ilwu) lln klyn Tlmo tablea tHii5 (U
gD ng full lllf Tin itlou at all stsllous FlsT.S rii
Mi-tioll Fstn-si otiii an) willi all forandchlt lira $
haggagi from hoti I or retl li me to disllnallon IK C .a;
Trains leave fmit of llest 42d st as follows (10 t uk
uilDutes tarlier fr mliunkllnst iIb&
7 i 1.1 t. si , for 3lont ma, i rr a JIIIU. I akea Mo- i M,
honk and 31lnt!ewaki 311 1 Hi town Illoomlugburgh, ' f nwA
Flknv He. lalltburgn Hurlotlle, I ale Kiameiba, i ,' tf ft R i
I its rtt siTiutnii, U altou Dtlhl, silue, Norwich, f salHI'
L ilea OUflls. hull u I'.vvigo In ff .1 Wit,
ill 1.1 t tl , fur i mm I. II Hall, Mlddletown, 1 MS
Hloimlngburth. Uurtzboro r llrnvlll., Mounlaiudal-, '-!y)I "tj!
iititrerllie lallsburgh Lake Itlamesba Hurleyvlile, i '( n
Lliertv fall. LIU rt) While Lake. ill iP:
till l si, sitirls)s only for 3llddIetown, ? Tl
III Hiiiiinliurgh l uristioro Hluvilte. 31oiintaln'lale, xf .
iii.tr-ni halisbiir.li I.akr Kitineshs, llurletviiie, i' lit ll
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arrive Chi ago U In P 31 1 '1
Tickets and Pullman seats at 371 Ilroalway, !,, s,
1, C. ANDLRaoN, O. V X, 64 Hearer su,at.T. St r
'111 '

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