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Wr i i M. . , . . , - . i i . . i. ,i i . , ' i ' --- i i i i I.I i j , ., ; n lAW IbiH
I " '' ' 1 '
nt mmt Vtr Ub Mount Harrl. Ball Ma.
S nam Tor. Time, en ' Wk ia j una
' Tnlce-on SiMUlajrsv ant'lhn Tiro C.ianiU-
j .loners " Merited to "Hence It.
' The Klro Commissioners havo decided, n a
; Bjjureof safety, to discontinue tho usg of tlia
old bU tower, a local 'landmark, In Mount Mor-
tl, Park, from which for,maijrj(5ar.aibellhai
beta runs at 8 In tho tuornlnir, nt noon, nnd at t)
In tho evonlnir, but twlco only on Sunday. Tho
old bll tower In tho Harlom pArkMs' V11 known
to ill residents of that, district, moro of whom'
will loam with rturotof the' iTettfrnMnatloiTot
the Commissioners than can ulve any definite
account of tho orlttln of thU bolUowor or ot the
conditions which led,to;the.cs,ta$lltlfmont of tllo
bell towers In Now York and ot which thliU
the only ono rccontly in use.
In old Now York, during tho years following
Its evacuation by tho Kwtllsh troops, thoUiity of
founding an alarm of tiro derolvod upon the
constables or watchmen, who corresponded to
the present policemen. Too duty ot the watch.
Bt or constable was thus defined Toy law: "To
alarm the citlzons by crying 'Flro 1' and men.
Mooing the struct w here it uinybo, so that tho
firemen and citlzons may thoreby bo cciicralljr
directed whoro' to repair." But If It was only a
chimney tiro and the constable was convinced of
that, (he flro bell, on the tower of tho City Hall
and tho hells of tho aovcral churches In tho oity
were not to be rune. If It was moro than a
chimney flro, tho fire wardons, the bell-ringers
attached to tho churches, tho gentry, and the
citlzons Generally wero' to bo apprised of tho fact
by a loud clangor of bolls, and" each Individual
I was to dcrlvo for lilmjolt soruo knowledge of tho
1 whereabouts o! tho lr'c ani prooeod'thoro with-
I o'lt unnecessary formalities.
I In 1835 U.wos arranged that, an oDlclal bell-
I ringor should bo t distantly stationed In the cu
I poll of tho City Hall, and tho tx.il In tho cupola
wastoburunK "duEJnir.tho conttnuanco of the
flre," There w ore reformers in thoso days, too-
progressive, cnllirlitonod, and alert partisans,
perhnrs. and. some of them devised tho plan
vihleh oolalncd tho recognition of tho local nu-
Ihorlltes. a itlan which seems quaint In thoso
days, tor pointing: out tho location of the tire.
l)y dav a da was hunc out in thu cupola of the
fit) Hall in a horizontal position, the point ot
the. stuff of which pointed In the direction of tho
fire, and by night i lantcru hung out,
following an alarm and In the same Way.
Luter, ottk'Ul watclunun, ono in tho To in In.
aint ono in each of the markets, wore hirod nt
f 1.75 a day to rltig alarm, it having been found
that tho-saxtous of tho churches, to whom pre-
vtously (his duty had been delcgatod, were
, negleilful cf their obligation, devotlnz their
attention to' matters which concerned them
more'than tho Hiiirln? of bells. The method of
) announcing a flro. primitive as it was, was
made perhaps rather more Ineffective) by same
S conditions whlih were established. Whou tho
official bell-ringer of one of the markets was
absent from the city no-bell was rung, and on'
- one occasion n watch tower bell did nouring out
"on uexount ot tho sickness of tho Coronorwho
j ll ed in tho no'chborhood and did not wish to bo
disturbed. "
f In 1810 the city of New York wfcs divided Into
five tiro dUtri(-tund a regular syrtcm of elg
rutin wj established; subject always to the .pro-,
vision that the City Hull bell should always
rinir for every lire, announcing "tho section in
which it is raging." Matters so continued dol
ing the next ten years ensuing, though It was
fr not thought at that time nccess iry to sound any
e kiinni in thn- nnrtinn nf the. oltv north of
i' Twenty-third street. In 1850 the . city was
', formed Into tiro districts and bell-ringers
were oftlcially omploycd not merely In the
markets . but also In- other places, tho
Mount Morris tower being thef slgnul
tost, io dres In what is now.t nor region of Har
lem, though It comprised at that time the whole
if the ilty north of Twenty-second street and
east of Sixth avenue, and what is now Lenox
avenue. Thero were' three oflldal bell-ringers
la each district, appointed by the-. Mayor, cs
mpttlreojcu only being eligible. The. salary
paid was o'nginirlly 600. but ivas altcrward
raised to t.OOO, This system continued, with'
somo variations', until thu 'OstabllsBnieut. in
iaoN;'6f thourescnt Flro Department, then called
itbo paid J-'iro Department! and the present tire
alarmsystim has aunerseded tins metholwf an
Viioimctng conflagrations by the ringing qf bells
frnmc,hurub. market. or steeple toners. Thero
sro more than twelvo hundred alarm boxes tor
announcing sire? by tho automatic electrical
system, under which thoro i a great saving of
tlniu-nndtjf-lossov tire.
i For a sentluicnlul rather than a practical rev
Eon an employee of the Fire Department mis
ccn,-ojurustc.l with tho.dutv ot nncinsr the
bR MnimtMorrts curfew bell, as it bus sometime
f lon called, hut such ringing will be continued
, no longer, unless, ocrhnpr. soma of the moro
M jmbllc-spirlto I .ud activn citlzons of ilRrlcm
H coiiibtno'to erect n new towor In ilount Morris
Park or 16 repair tho prdscnb one. The land
IB in irks of old Harlem arc disappearing fast;
Hf thcrj aro only a tcv-ut them left.
m jiujtsoy rv.Y.vM revived. '
H It I Proposed to rtoorexnlln the Conipnnjr and
H Cora:lelo llin Work.
H Mr. Daniel Lord, of the law firm of Ixird.
H Day & Lord, which has charso of tho interests
H of the F.iig'iah bondholders of the Hudson Tun-
H nel .Railway Company, said yesterday that tho
. Inipruvcmont In tho liiianciul situation had been
Bv so g-eat In tho-past few months that nn effort
IH would bo mvI6 at unco to foreclose tho niort-
H' gae oo the property of tho company, rcorganizo
H. thu company, and ftnish thu iiii.ncl. The ttm-
H nel was begun in 1374. und vork on it wns con-
H tlnuM-tmtU 1SS'.', -I.OUO feet lietng dug from
H tic 'oot of rjftoenth stroet. Jersey City. About
H l,503"f"c6t'reiualned to be dug whon work, was
H lutjjwrird. The mortgage wusgivoi in April,
H. IMlCnnd now tho hondholdcrs aro r.nxlous to
H got bftel: toiuo of tho .ViO,fH) they Invested.
They e-mploycd K. J. Iw of the Ilntfsh Fowlgn
H 03co and Chirlcis 31. Jacobs, nn engineer In
j tits City,' to 'inipeit tho orkalrcudy donc.and
rcpoi-t. on tho frcislhlllty of completing it.
j The onirini'ors reported fnvoiably, and plans
for atiinranlr.itlon of tho comp ny were format
H latcl. (i hcci- nt of the dcpreislon in lmal-
cas It Win decided not to bt gin the roorganiia-
tion at that lime. Nr,w thut minoy,ls ejislcr
and good times nave arrived. It lit thought that
the work of icorgenl.-.:itlon can bo put through.
Tie .tnsipecrs cst'mate that the water with
wUch the tunnel Is now tilled urn bo; jinuiprd
out li twi wce'jc;. nnd, tint I ho fhntt ran be
bored to a fMilnt between AVuidilnrtoii squaio
ttA Broadway for l,(Ht(i,O()0. .Mr, I)rd hay
If Is propojed to raise oue-hnlf of the money In
.yrli3d and one-half In ibis ootintr)
The mortgage held by tho bond owners will
Tt forotlOiOd and tho propory will be sold at nuc-
tion. Tho bondholders do not think that thero
will be many lilddtrs against them. It Is
bnpd to forccloso tho mortgage and sell the
priperty this fall. As soon as tho companv U
ttorganiod work on tho tunnel will bo resumed.
It Is thi.,ght thnt within n year It may bo fln-
lihed, Hlr Weltman Pearson, who constructed
the Ulockwdl tunnel In ixindon, will bo tho en-
gincer of tho work. Tiio trustees ot the mort-
pare now aro the. Farmers' Loan and Truat
looiDany and H. T. Droughton Kendall, thn
only ono of four representatives of tho.Kngllah
bomlhoWers who Is acting.
lnnprr Titian (fizrH itr.it, ixcbiiE.
But tun (iTr a iiourt to .itpkp It Odod In Caan
H HtiWila Itcally Imuinr.
I The motion of Mr Harriet N. Trnak to com-
Pel tr'o executors of the estate of her husband,
Benjatjln I. II. Trask, to turn over to her
110,00') (o pay debts Incurred and to meet her
Ivlag evpenses, was grant od yesterday by tho
imitate. Trnnk. left aboitt 1.00O,0OO, tho
laeoine of n largo part of which was to go to
the willow for ft pho says that the executord
have stinted. her allowances so that she had to
j Incur debts to live.
j ib eiN-utor set up tliat they withheld her
monej from her because of affidavits of soveral
Pbjalcians that nho ls'lnsano.' They contended
J tht they tould b held llablo for paying out
H oiey of tho estate to a person who was uqi
,i"HPlstt to dlsuoso of them. In opposition
J v their position .Mrr. Trask presented also am
J "avite of a number of physicians who say that
bi(iissaiie. -
H rtWun-ogatosa that the exocutors were
J ngtt to wlihhold tho money in view of the In-
H ;, vRaVon they received as to her condition
jj mini thoy could get fuller proof or a court order
waich would absolve them from liability. H
:f7,,lla' on the papers ho must give Mrs. Trask
. benefit ot a doubt, as to her mental fitness,
I na In directing that the money be paid to her
1 r'fo'iulrej her to give a bond to the ezeoutors
B K ,lldiinify them if they are ever called upon
1 tUP . 8 tioi' payments out of their own
j llouatlie-aper lleaten and nobbed.
Hobtox, Mass., Aug. 5,-In the lodging bouse
111 Union Park this forenoon Hattle Itond, the
j housekeeper, was assaulted, beatoti nearly Into
j Insensibility, gagged and robbed by. a "man w ho
H d applied Tar lodging. He had paid the woman
h as she' sat at a desk 'making out rei
jH 'elpthe struck, her 'from behind, probablyiwlth
H L,.lindbS .' " Wliu the flor hq atruejf her
H Sft'lIP" tni" Mcked her In the side, after
S'v" P gauged. .Uer with a .towel;' TheiUhe
H lined, the deak; assuring about ViO. and made
saao suaeacapo, . -
isM iba - ifr- m. j
aoHlHot: r v .itrtV''-? .TfkMfPM:-
MA-xniEBXiricExo mis svijxxxms
. l.'Munir Jarrottoat'Mir msTy-HI
' 'Two WJtm ,ln snrU ,(,.f .. ... .-
. Jamos John Mooney Is only 22 years old, yet
tVccVyoung women, ope of bis own age and on,,
other 17 years old.lcharged hlra wlUi bigamy in
Jofto'rson JlarfelVolIco Court yesterday,
Mary FeAneliy, 21' years' ota. of 230 veat
Hlxty-aorcnth strecW was Moonoy's first wife.
He married heron March 17, 18D0, In tho Re
form German church, the Iter. Mr. Loldlaw per
forming the ccrembny'JIoody "hadnbnpprq
clatlonof hhr added-rosponslbllltles Knt) refused
to work or provide for his wife. Ho suggested
to horlho advisability of her oarntngtho money
necessary to supportiilm and hor, and she made '
on effort to do so. 6ho did not meet his demands
fortdoiloy readily onbirgh, and a month utter
thu marriage ho deserted her. , .. ,
Mooney then moved to 440 West Forty-first
street and soon began paying attention to Hen
ricrtacthp 15 yoar-old daughter bt John WetUa;
a saloon keeper, Who ltvod holt door, at 442.
Wottjc found out enough about the youngmnn
to wnrn his daughter against him. bur. she paid
no heed, nnd on Juno ."', throo months after his
marriage to Mary Koiinclly, 3Ioonny "was mar
ried to 'the Wottjo girl In 8U Chrysostom's
Church by tho Kev, Thomns Henry Sill. .
Moonoy. being still unwilling to work, sent his
wlo to borrow mnnov from herf attior's f rlonda.
In. this way Mr. Wcttjo lonrnod of his daugh
ter's wheroabouts, nnd as she was under legal
ago. being not yot It) years old, he had hor hus
band arrested tor abduction. , Itn was held for
tho Grand Jury by Magistrate Flammor. The
Qrand Jury, however, failed to Indict, tho
pleadings of the ilrl wifo, who had. just become
a mother, Ihlluenclng that body.. The baby
dlod ami, afterwards, Moonoy s cruelty became
so unbcnrablo that bis wife loft him and re
turned to her father's house.
Last Saturday night Mooney met his first wlfo
nn tho stroet nnd forcibly took S5 from her
pocketbook. She had moanwhllo heard of bis
second marrlago and taxed him with It. Ho nd
mltted It and she threatened to expose him. He
dcflod hor, and, on the morning following, she
went to Wottje's bouse and told him tho whole.
Btory. She promised to cooperate with htm in
prosecuting Mooney, and a complaint was
When arraigned boforo Magistrate. Deuel,
Moonoy seemed to havo no appreciation of his
position nnd was defiant, and- the tears of his
wives, as thoy sobbed nut their stories to tho
Magistrate, had no effect upon him. .Tho mar
riage certificates of both women wore attached
to tho coinnlaint.
"I don't remember over having' married
'Maine ' Founclly." ho said, when asked for his
statemont, and with nnalr of bravado ho con
ilnuod: "I nevor lived with her anyhow. Sho's
been smosln' or is crazy, I guess. You want to
havo a doctor examlno her."
Wlfo No. 1 said aho had gone homo Immediate
ly after her marriage, but had lived with her
husband lntor. until uho was unable to supply
him with money, when ho deserted her. Mr.
Wottjo said his daughtor hd always been a
good girl until sho camo under llooocy. s In
fluence, from which time ho was no longer nolo
to manage her. Moonoy mado several ineffectual
attempts to speak to his second wife, but she ro
fusod to havo anything to do with him. Magis
trate Deuel hold liini In $1,000 ball for trial.
got "En BAitrAjr-o Ti-E vatxeutoo
Reumraletl Couple Aeree lo a Reunion Arter at
(Irene In Court.
Jennie lirltton and her husband, Charles
nritton, separated last April, and their child,
now Ave montbB .old, has slnte been with the
father.-whoso sister produced fhe child In court
yesterday in obedience to a'.wrib obtained by
the mother. Mrs. Drlttop went and took a seat
beside tllo -infant, but-was waved off by her
sl3ter-In-law, whereupon tho mother, struggling
to get hold of tho fchild, cried, "I must havo
my baby."
Counsel for Mrltton .sata. tnat wnen me
icouple were Jlvjng nt 211. Soventh uvcnuo tho
mother left tho unweaned child" -for sir hours
on April X and on April 8 went off for a three
days' trip. The father had difficulty in getting
tho child fed by artificial moans, and be had
Blnco had the ihild in charge of a nurso. Whllo
tho lawyer was arguing tho mother broko out
with: , j . .
"That is not bo. I novcr deserted my baby.
,They took him away from uie."
Mrs. ltritton, being put on the stand by tbo
Judge, testified that Brltton would not-work,
and had lett her for periods without food, and
wuuJd como home intoxicated! The baby was
carried ott whllo he way. away to see her
mother to ascertain If her mother would take
he." and the- biby home.
On her return sho went to her husband, beg
ging him to tell her where the haby was. and
he told her sho would never eed tho baby again.
On Tnureday night last her husband had
called at her mother's house, and after calling
tno witness names made various threats
against her If sho espoTctT'llDli further in the
Counsel for Britton here broke in with state
ments that ho believed tho parties could bo
reconciled It tho court would suspend tho caso
awhile for them to confer. A conference was
agreed upon, and In a tew moments Mrs. Brit
ton came In smiling, and tho Judge said:
"Have you adjusted your differences!
Counsel replied, as sho nodded an affirma
tive, that the pair had agreed to live together
again and drop tho proceeding.
"That is very good," said the Judgo, and
turning to the woman, added: Now tako
your baby and go home," ...
Tho mother curried the baby from tho court,
with her husband besido her.
Samuel ftnarts Prodnrrs Her ltter a
Ilerrnre In Divorce Irorrdlnar.
Application for counsel fco nn I alimony was
made to Justice W. L. omitli in tho Surrcmo
Court iu RmuLlyn jcsteidny In the euit of
Margaret SarU against Samuel Pwurtz for a
separation. The couple were niftrricd In March,
lft. and lived together until last month. Tho
defendant has a restaurant and saloon ntCentio
and Worth stroeta, anil his wlfo says he Is worth
ntle.vit -50,00(and makes splK) awtek over his
cxpensos. Whllo they lived ot Hath Beach re
tentlj Mrs. SwarU says that her hus
bund bent her and threatened to" kill
her. It was urged In opposition to the
motion that Mr. Swartt was compelled to
deal In diamonds and sp-culaio. Ui .theatre tick
ets lu order to mako a living. He was jijavlly
In debt and had been compelled to ocll his per
soi.al property to pay his debts. Mr, fiwartz,
thedr pnmtiit'b counsel sid, hid luen 'ddlcted
lodrlnhand won In ihohablluf coniiiu homo
drunk, and had threatened to jiolton her hus
band, mil f tor rencat ivl oponulatloimon bis
part ln' had wrlimi lhl letter to huu:
J hrrrby s-vear tln. I will not lak ailriui of anv
tblnlnwxIcatliijrr.T one year, end by tlwttlmowfll
not runt It. Iu f aet. I do not can- for it now. lint
have no mind of my oivn. Will vou ronrlte nw.'
TnU l Ibe lant tlm Nnd e'ver ira: or It aaln. I
am athanird or myself, old oihb. aua I don t blame
you for being dlnKUfted. I did very wrong, llupe
you will orerlook lhl and believe nw
Decision was reserved.
riotbtoK sfnureurrr Mnrgullrs Clemrrd Out
and Kent Word Ho Wasn't I'nralng HorU.. ,
Haniuel Mafgullcs. a clothing manufacturer
nt 'J73 West Klmcry street, Nownrk, is mlsslnir.
His factory Is cloiod up and his wife and four
ehlldrrn aro destitute. Ho owes 250 rent.
$U0 wages to his forouonmti, and fc?50 bo bor
rowed from her before he vtcnt away. -There Is
a mortgage f or $ too op ! Is machinery.
Marvulles w.losurpos'cd to ho Auluga profit
able business, ami ho kept thirty or forty oper
ative. buny. They wcro nil paid off on Hutur
iIhv, Jtili lU.aiid Margullosworit nwayonMon-.
dav, saying ll.nl ho was going to Boston to get
n big order. Ills wlfo worried about him until
Hatnrday. when bho got a abort note, without
dwtoor uddreos, h"t postmarked In thisIty.
" IJkar Fannh" I mil not comlhg back any
more. Do tho lt you urn for tho. children.
Yours fiilthtull) . kkW-'KU
Mrs. Mm nu lies had a search mado for her
huabn.id among bib rWn.tics intnlB,vlty, PHt.
could lenrn noililiu about him.
Bklos on flro with torturing, dlBflBurlna;,
ltchliig , burning, bleeding, scaly, and pimply
liumors, Instantly relieved by a warm bath
with CimcuBA Soir, a single application of
Cirncuiu (ointment), the great skin cure,
and a full dose of Cuwcuiu. Iusolyieht.
' ; BflBV'8 skin ,&BBS'&SZr ?
, . u
t .
apuvE ritox JVSTICB.
Allbouab They Are Autherlaed to Make Ar-
' rrsfii Oalrln Civil CMH Tbey Haled Htm
to Tails city fur SB nnd Fmentea Arter
(he Doil on Pollre Hod Beruurd to Art.
Simon Itchraor, a shoo dealer of 110 First
avenue, called .at the Essex .Market Court yes
terday and filed a notice that he had captured
Joseph Kerchln'aky, a former cafe proprietor at
32 First stroet, for whom ho went on n bond for
$1,000 In April, 1800, whon Kprchlnsky.was
arrested for violating tho Itolnoa law. Kcr
chlnsky fallod. to show up in tho police court,
and tho bond was declared forfeited. Blnco that
time rtehmer has played th'e part of a dotoc
ttve. Ho eapturod'Kerchlnsky In Boston Mon
day. Kcrchlniky was brought to Now York yps
terday Vy Itchmer and two civil constables. Tho
'constables wero sconrely 'shackled tothoiirls
oner, nnd they did not unfasten tho Irons until
Kerchtnsky was safely lockod up In the Tombs,
ltehmer tells an Interesting story of his ex
periences In Boston. After conducting a. soarch
all over the country for Kerchlnsky, he finally
' located him In a house In Charter streot, Boston.
He then callod on Superintendent Eldrldgo of
the Boston police and told htm that Kerchlnsky
was a fugitive from justice Superintendent
Eldrldgo refused to act unless an Indictment
was found ngatnst Kerchlnsky, An appeal to.
District Attorney Stevens was llkowlse futile,
ltehmer then called on Kerchlnsky.
" I want you: come with me to Now lork so I
will save my $1,000," said Itchmer.
"If you want me, tako mo," said Korchlnsky.
Rehmer then found two civil constablos whose
authority Is limited simply to tho serving of
writs In civil actions. According to Itchmer,'
they agreed to land Kerchlnsky in Now York
for $35 and expenses. Kerchlnsky was enticed
into a saloon and the two constables quickly
fastonod handcuffs to his wrists. It was. then 5
ociock in moaiicrnoon, anu mere win no train
lo Now York until 11 o'clock. According to
ltohmcr; thoy then tried lo havo the prisoner
locked up for unfe keeping, but at all thepollco
stations they applied to they were told to gotout.
Tho constables, each of whom had long whis
kers, saw a way out of thedllllculty by proposing
to show ltehmer the town, providing ltehmer
paid tho expenses, and Rehmer did not objoct.
With the handcuffs on tbo prlsonor s wrists
Itchmer was escorted to tho Parker House, and
the spot where Col. Hedges and Col. alker mot
on r nemorablo occasion was Bhown him. Then
they wont to Young's Hotel nearby and 'saw
three barrooms connected with the hotel. They
next visited the Public Library Id Copley square,
,nnd, togctrldof tho crowd that followed them,
'they spent tho rest of tho evening, until train
time. In walking around tho Charles River Park.
Rehmer showod a paper In tho Essox Market
Court yesterday signed by J. II. Rohan, icon
stable, ncknbn ledghig tho rocolpt of t he $:I5 for
services rendered.
Two Women Jump and Are Hurl A Baiter's
Wagon Rmasbed, the Driver Injured.
In a head-on collision between two trolley
'cars in Long Island City yestorday two women
passengers jumpod off. Each sustained a frac
tured ankle. One woman wns taken to St. John's
Hospital, Long Island City. Sbo gavo her nnmo
as Mrs. Bridget Brcdcn of 110 Fifth avenue.
New York. Tho other woman was taken to her
home, at 530 West Fiftieth street. She said her
name was Mrs. Cowan.
Frederick Wetzmann, a baker, was driving
his wagon along Stcinway ovenuo yesterday
morning,' when a trolley car collided with it.
Weizmann was thronn out. He sustained a
fracture Of tho lett ankle'and internal Injuries.
He was removed to the Astoria Hospital and
his condition is critical. Tho .wagon was
wrecked. Edward Barr. conductor, and John
H. Calhoun, motorman of the car, wore arrested
and held in $1,000 bonds on charges Of criminal
An unidentified man attempted to jump on a
Calvary Cemetery trolley car at tho ferry en
trance In Long Island City yesterday. He
missed his footing and fell partly under tho car.
John MoArdiff," who was standing on the cor
ner, grabbed tho man and pulled him out of tho
way. The stranger escaped with a few scratches
and with torn clothing.
Adolph Tube, a baker at 'J209 Second avenue,
tried to cross tho Third avi nue cable road at
101st stroet yestorday morning In front ota car
with a mall car In tow. Before he could drive
off the track tbo corner of his cart was struck
by the mail car and jammed against an elevated
railroad pillar. The wagon was smashed, and
the car damaged. Tabel was thrown from his
wagon, but was not Injured.
Samuel Bender, the conductor ot the car. who
lives at 343 East Slxty-tlf th street, was knocked
off the car platform and his right ankle was
broken. He was sent to Harlem Hospital.
Tabel was arrested and held In $300 ball pend
ing Bender's recovery.
Tho Itav. Mr. fleywood Bay nil Inearaneo
Circular Wsi Correct.
The Rev. Thomas He wood. Chairman of tho
committee of the policy '.holders of the 3Iassa-
chueetts Benefit Life Association, had thistoray
yostcrdaylof the statement of A. Edward Wood
ruff, formerly counsel of tho committee, which
was printed yesterday:
"Mr. Woodruff voluntarily resigned from his
position as counsel to tho policy holder' com
mittee because he could not corn' to their aid
with any definite plan for nctlou. lie said
tn.it his nnmo was attached to tLe timuiilttre'a
circular without his consent. A? a mnttcr nf
fnrt, Mr. Woodruff, In taking tho po.-lllnn of
counsel for u. cxprcsfly Htipulated that his
namo nnd address should lie printed on every
circular or htatement imucd by us. Iln wanted
tho advertisement, ic bn'd,
"Furthermore W oodrujf snld tint my ptnle
ment in tho ireular to tlm -if- that an ar
rangement w us ncnrl made w lii-rchv our polk j
holders would be tranfcrrod 'in body, with
out rc-examlnatloni to an olildii.e company
van untrue. The o'd-llne couipmn- lie said, h id
oecliticJ 'o tako over polic'j liulili r- whuwern
mo'-o tlmn 00 j.'arx o'rt. Mr. Woodruff hail
no light lo hi Ihi-i. Thero is positively no
ago limit. Tho only limit I trrrltnrliil. '1 Lo
pi oof of ' hoVIreulnr 'lilch Mr. Woodruff rriti
clseil "O uiijii-tly w.i.s i!nm-i to the old-lino
cotnpnny, and was approved by them before It
wob M nt wo.' polii v holder-.
"Our eoiiiis''. now nro Iln-tdly, Lauterbarh
& Jnhmjoii In .Ww York mm fiodtrev Morse,
their rorrenjio,idci.t. In llosti n. If u revnis
ceslrablo they will piotect the claims of our
5 lolioy holders agHinsl the Muasnchiiietta Beno
It Life Assoclnlio'i. '
The tiurrlrati Nulrlts Manufacturing fompatij
ti llll lI u I'lant Ihrre.
Tho republic of Venezuela has granted a con
cession giving a Biibstnntlal monopoly for the
'establishment of tho distilling Industry In tho
republic, which, It became pnblli In Wall street
yesterday, was obtained In tho interest of the
American Spirits Manufacturing Company,
Representatives of that companv ha.'e paid a
number of vlllf to Caracas in the last tivelvu
montliB, and tlm company, since tho granting of
the concession, hus sunt one of Its practical men
tobuptrviso the erection of a plant, all the parts
'Of which havo bleu nssembled In this city ready
for shipment.
Venezuelan statistics Bhow an annual con
sumption by that countiy of 0,000,000 gallotia
of spirits and alcoholic beverages, distributed
tunoug a population of about 3,000,000. Tho
import duty Is practically.prohlhllory. amount-'
Ing to SO cents a pound, equivalent to $3.80 a
gallon. Tho concrsvlon. which U for six years,
gives the right to bring In all the necessary
plant and raw materiel froc. It hsb snld yes
turday that the American Spirits Company Is
conducting similar negotiations elrewhore,
which, If cxpccta'lonsnre only partly roalizrri,
will result In a very largo extension of the busi
ness of the company.
HitslneM Trouhlea.
. Aaron nnd Philip Davidson (Davidson Bros.),
wholesale dealers In leaf tobacco at 143 Water
street, made an assignment yeBterday toMtltoii
B. (Julterman of Einstein & Townsend, without
preference. They havo been lu business sincu
1871, and built up a largo trade. Thren years
ago thoy became Interested lathe Commercial
Union Cigar and Cigarette Company of fi'Jl East
Seventy-first street, and thelrfalluro is attribut
ed to backlog this concern. Tho latter company
also made an assignment yesterday to Adolph
ITeyer, without preference. 'Aaron Davidson Is
tbo President. The liabilities of the Mr m aro re
ported in tho trade to be about if 160.000 and
those of the company about $50,000, 'Iho com
pany was formerly tho Nickel-In Cigar Company.
The Messrs. Davidson wero creditors of that
company, and in 1804 took tho business for tho
debt. 'I ho company was Incorparated on Nov.
20, 1804, with a capital stook of $5,000.
.Archibald Fraser, dealer In Bh-ep leather and
morocco nt Ot) Dunne street, mane an assign
ment yesterday to Ambrose O. Mtt'iill, giving a
ptef eremee to Sarah J, Frasef for $4,000.
Deputy Sheriff Slmouson took possession yes
terday of two stor.es of tho Amsterdam licet
Company at 14 anil 137 Amsterdam avenue on
I: executions In favor of Eastuiuus Company of
'(few Yortt- for $830 and the Manhattan Beet
'Company for $J14.
irl!jWSmwV-'f fr3rfete
, bJAjkoxn 1eal2 aox's... ;
Charles n, Peekham or Maiden tone, get sjoera
Since July OT. 7 ) '
Charles II, Peckb'am. dealer In diamonds and',
jewelry at 45. Maiden lane, has been absent
from his ofllc for about ton days. Ho shared,
the olUco with R. S. licrzog. Tho latter said
yesterday that Mr. Pockham had not been there
slnco July 27. As ho was leaving for tho day ho
said thnt he was going away for a wock's-vaca-tion,
as he was not fooling woll and ho thought
he had Inflammation of tho bowels. Nothing
was thought of his absonce at first, as he trav
elled on tho road most of tho tltuo selling goods.
Ho was well known as n salesman, nnd had been .
' In tho trado for a long time, Mr, Pockham left
no word whoro ho was going or when ho would
Bllbcrnian Sulxbcrgor obtained an attach
ment yesterday against Mr. Pockham for $022
on a noto which fell due on Aug. 'J and was not
paid. Tho attachment was given to Deputy
Shorlff Llpsky to serve. It was outlined on tho
ground that he had either dopartcd from the
tato or wns keeping hlmsolf concealed to avoid
'creditors. Tho attaching creditors learnod that
Mr. Peekham had given a bill of salo of Some
diamonds nnd his ofllco furniture to K. A. Nerea
hetmer & Co., loiwhom it was said ho ewed
$10,000". It Was said that a lawyer's clerk
callcd-on tho firm on July 30 and handed them a
letter from Mr. Pockham containing a bill of
salo and somo loose diamonds, which wero
shown to Mr. Sulzberger, who estimated their
valuo at $700. . .. , . ,, , . , ,
Mr: Sulzberger called at Mr. Pcckham's resi
dence, at 108 West 103d street, on Aug. 3 and
found the apartments locked. Tho janitor said
that neither Mr. Pcokham nor any member of
the family had been there since July 27.
It Is said that Mr. Peekham owes at least
$10,000 for merchandise. Ho is reported to
have sold $1.000 .worth of diamonds on July 25
to a dealer for cash.
tie Accuse Detectives or Trjlng to Ilallrnnd
II Ira to Prison.
Walter Kirk, a 63-year-old ex-convlct, who
was arrested on a ehargo of committing a burg
lnrvon July 25 nt tho tailor storo of Victor
Miller, at 435 Hudson streot. pleaded not guilty
yesterday when arraigned boforo Judgo Fitz
gerald In General Sessions on nn Indictment
charging him with burglary, larceny, and re
ceiving btolcn goods. Kirk lived In tho rear
houso at -135 H adson street, and was accused of
stealing ten coats and waistcoats and twelvo
pairs of trousers from Mlllor's store. Tho ar
rest was mado by Detsctlvcs Gcrlghty oiid'Cuff
of tho Charles streot station. The detectives
aescited that thoy found one of the stolen waist
' coats Becretcd under Kirk's coat. Kirk asserted
In a Magistrate's court that he wns innocent,
nnd thathls arrest was the result of a plot on
Detective- Gerlgbty's part to railroad him be
cause ho refused to give. Gerlgluy Information
about a gang or tougus wuo uang nrounu nun
son nnd Houston streets.
While In Iho Tombs awaiting arraignment
Kirk dretv a picture Illustrating his story of
how tho detective, in searching hiin In tho
Charles street station, dropped on tho tloor ono
of the stolen waistcoats, which, ho asserts,
Gcrlghty had secreted under his own cost. Ho
had this skotch In court yesterday', nnd his
couhsel announced that it would form Dart of
tho prisoner's defence. Both detectives havo
denied Kirk's allegation that they had "put up
a job" on blm. Kirk admits (hat he hue spent
twonty-threo years in prison on four different
charges. Ho ivn acquitted recontlv of another
chargo or burglary mado against him by tho
.satuo detectives. He has been out of Sing hlng
sixteen months, and doclarcs thtt ho has since
'worked at his trado as n machinist and1 has
lived with his sister.
Hint. Prober purnrd to Death While Kill Ins
HoachM With Dentine.
Mrs. Frederick Draber. 58 years old. was
burned to death In her homo In Garden street.
Homestead, N. J., early yeterday morning.
Two other persons were also burned but will
Tho Drabers occupied the first and second
floors of a threo-story brick house opposite
Glvernaud's silk mlll.whero Mr. Draber is a night
watchman. Mrs. Draber and her daughter
Nellie, whole 18 years old, were about to retire
at midnight, when Mrs. Dnbor went to tho base
ment to get somo food. Miss Draber remained
in her bedroom. Shortly afterward Wolfold
Schilllnger. who. with his wire and two
children, occupied tho top floor, was awakened
by a choking sensation and found that his
roomswero filled with smoke. Schilling went
into the hall and snwthit the stairway was
afire on tho lower floor. Arousing his wife and
chit ren. he got them out safoly. Ho also
aroused Miss Draber and carried her out of tho
house. A moment afterward the lower floor
was In flames.
Schllllnger tried to beat out the flames and
was bidly burned. Mrs. Schllllnger was also
scorched about tho hcid.
Mrs. Drabor's charred body was found lying
in tho rear ot tho basement neirn refriirerntor.
Beside her was a can In which, so Miss Draber
said, her mother kept benrinc, which she
used to kill roichrs. A partly burned candle
was on tho floor nnd tho cover of thorcfrlccrator
wes open. Miss Draber seiil that her mother
frequently used benzine to kill roaches at iiloht.
It Is believed that when nho went to the refrig
erator sho noticed the ro'ichcs and. with the
cnndlo In one hand, she bepnn to pour tho ben
zine over tho vermin. 1 he lighted candle pro1 u
blv ignited the benzine nnd the flames communi
cated to the clothing of the unlortunato n oinnn.
the A-rir vir.n iwov curves.
It Will lie t the loot or H'oit I'inietb ttreet
rtniis rler-U for II.
The Dock Hoard decided yottcrday that tho
c ond of the ! ' roof gardens shall ho lo"nlud
nt tho foot of est riftlcth ntreet, in the iuiddlo
rf Unit part of the ity i-hleli is n ot ilemely
pipiiliti-d, next to tiio ill-, let ill i.Mch i! lo
oted tin) roof garden recently opened nt thu
fool of C.iFt Vilrd street. F.ngineer-ln Chief
(inenc wns iustnii ted tr lia-u plans prcpnm!
for extendii'g fie i- rif-a li slieet pior,
which Is iovv .'(OO fee- ion -, to the ii" pler'llre,
2IM H'ct liutiier nut. and I irlhe -iiperstrm turn
In b built. . , ., ,
At the siivcMi' n of lie 'or Strong permla
ion w.-.h granted M hii'-'i empl ivco.-, o' the iloi'k
11,'purruiciit n.s mo pi 'in )-r.; of tho (. A. h. .o
i.'tend thu elieninpinent ,n Hiitla.n the wed. Ii
irMiiiiiig Aug. 2.1. , .,. .,
i'i.c r-ei.'rotiirv wnf Instnii'tel to notify the
lt-unitM of tho hullrtlnars mi 't "fleet, mid
way I el ween Ilorat ) and est Mov er.th strr.d.
Ilmi they must get out ncnirc auk. i.'. wnen inn
In 'Miiigi1 are to be sold at nintloii. the lhnd to
bo till-on mr dork improvement...
A letter wo let Iv ed from tl o Penimylvanli'
Fnilroud accepting lb) seltlement proposed by
the board uf h riilt which has been Pumllng for
soveral yi'.ir regarding a bu l:hcad south of
Cortland, 'trcct on the North River. Accord
ing to the Mdtierncnt the rullroad Is to pay
$11,500 u year for tho adjoining land under
Mnoii.hl.iliit- In Wlllett Street.
Bernhnrdt Klsenberg movedlnio the rearbase-nii'-itdt
'Mi V.'lllctt ntreet month ago, and llvod
here with his wlfo and n supposed hoarder
I nnjin-il Morris Bliimonfeld. Keionuo Inspectors
Forti'itn nnd Hnliu wire Informul thnt ho was
running nn Ullclt Kill 'heic. On Wednesday
night thoy got Into ilio rooms thlough a window
anil found e sixty-gallon still In working order
In the looms o'-cuplcd lis hlsenberg. I hern waj
also a worm and eight barrels nf mash. Tbo
mnsh was destroyed and tho apparatus we" con
llacated. Mr. ICWnberg. tho only person fpuad
In tho rooms, thin Inken before Commissioner
Shielis yesterday and released
The Weather.
The bnrom-trr was ni'rmal' or above normal over
all thee'" il"' .' I'slen1-)). 'I was highest ovr- Lake
Superior and lowest over nmlheni lloutaua. rhi
temperature fell In the oer lake region and Kew'
England arul In the Ohio and upper Mississippi valleys,
und roio in tho upper Ml curl Valley and on tho
nurtl-ern fjope,
lnthlsclty(tlieday was cloudy and showery In the
forenoon, clearing In the afternoon. Wind north
easterly! average velocity 14 miles an hour. In tho
earl morning, In the thunderstorm, the wind reached
a maximum velocity at 110 M. of 40 miles an
hour from Ibn northwest. Highest official tempera
ture 1H lowest OS", averata humidity 8S per cent,
Ilarometer, corrected to read to sea level, at a- A. U.
UQ.OO, at.31'. )! bO.10.
The' therroomoter at the United Htatea Weather Hu-
reau registered the teinperatureyrsterday as follows:
18H7, lt-M'. 1607, 1890.
OA.M .08 '" nv-M ,", M
laM...... ,04' MS' lU'.M 00 b4-
5p.it!;,.;., 7' H7-1SSIU.., 05 81-
nuiuxuTON roREcasr roa ramar.
br.Ve'ieKnjrlaadnnrt nutern Ktw York, air fill
&'ufurdagnlanf; ndrthtcrtterly irfnds, btcomittg vari
ant. yor llu) liutrlct of Columbia, eastern Pennsylvania,
Kew Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia, fair
till Kalurdayi northerly winds, looomlng variable.
For western Pennsylvania, western Now York, and
Ohio, generally fair; light, variable winds.
TtiaMirtlnrof ittbo CMaatl V)neta tko Work
t . oMhe Mop Makers.
Jamaioi,' lu' Li ' Ang, C Tho action of tho
ocean upon the beach front of tho town of Horn p
stead will noccssliato a new survey tndotermlna
thb boundary lino of tho Greater New York
across that township. Only n portion of tho
town Is taken Into tho big city, and just where
the tine crosses Is ut present undetermined, Tho
law putting to a voto tho question of Incorpora
tion stated that the boundary line would run
from the extreme point of tho town of Flushing
to the ccritro of tho channel bctwocn Ttocknway
. Beach and Bholtor Island. In order to deter
mine jusfr what oloctlon districts should voto
' upon thoquestlonof incorporation County Clerk
Sutphln caused n, survey tobemndo. Tho map
has since remained on file Slnco It was made,
however; thb channel has shifted about a half
mllo westward from tho point whero It wns In
November. 1805. A fciv vvoks ago Iho Town
Hoard of Hcmpstovd met nnd decided that thn
lino would mil from tho point of the town ot
Flushing to tho chnnnel ns It Is at present.
Mnuy lawyers qucrHon tho right of tho Town
, Bo rd torhnngo 'he lino. County Clerk Sutphln
has petitioned tho Board of Supervisors to au
thorize a now survey. Tho bo ird moets in Long
' Island City to-day, and It Is expectod that the
mnttcr will como up for consideration. Opinion
In' thn county la divided upon tho right of tho
Town Board of Hempstead to change the lino.
It Is contended thnt the Hue ns established by
tho law of lPli.VIs tho only correct line, and
that, nom.itturhowfnr thoihannol has shifted
since thlt lime, tho line remains thesimc. Un
der the decision of tho Hempstead Town Board
tho new -lino .would divide tho villngn of Far
Hoeknway. Tb.it no such division was lntondcd
Is .shown by tho new charter, which provides
for a division" of the town of Hempstead, but
not for a division of any villngo in that town.
Known to Have Killed Vonr Persons Within a
nndltia or n Mile.
New Orleans. Aug. 5. Last month Louis
Selgler was robbed nnd.murdcrod In St. Charles
parish, twenty miles abovo Now Oilcans. Tho
recovery of somo of tho property gavo the SU
Olmrles authorities a cltto which has resulted lu
tho discovery of a gang of negro outlaws and
murderers who have been plying their trado for
nlno months. During this tlmo tho authorities
know of four murders and robberies committed
by tho gang, and thero may havo been more.
Tho murders Included an uld negro named John
son, w orktngnu tbo KUington plantation, n ho vv ns
waylaid and had his skult crushed In; another
negro, name unknown, murdered in the snmo
ph.ro; an Italian peddler natnod Touv, robbed,
murdered, nnd tho body covered in tho hushes,
nnd dually Sciglcr. who was killed near Lullng.
Thcsofour murders wero nil committed within
a radius ofn mile, and tho victim in each in
stnnco was killed In the samo way. Ho was way
laid and his head was crushed in by an iron bar
or ac.
Antonio I'richard, alias Creole, was arrested
ctrdiiy as tho loader of Iho gang. C'reolo con
fessed his crime. Ho Implicated George Wash
ington, alias Wilson; William Morris, nnd two
women. Llr.zlo AlcMinder und Mary Morris, ns
members of the gang, and all four wero arrested.
A considerable amount of tho booty was recov
ered in Washington's house. It is thought that
thero are more mem hers of tho gang, and they
all will be arrested in tho next few due.
Mtenm 1'ncht IlerenUcr on llrc.
KixturroN, Aug. 6. Hy tho blowing out of a
fusible plug In tho boiler of tho steam yacht
Defender of New Hamburg, that has been earn
ing passengers between this cltv nnd I'ough-
keensie, that vessol camo near being destroved
by tiro near JCsopus Lauding this morning. Tho
ashes mid fire w re blown ironi the furnace, and
tha engineer was burned quite badly by tho
escaping steam. Tho engine room caught lire,
butluclvily tho intense heat caused tho water,
gauge lu burst, which flooded the room and ex
tinguished the flnmi s. A tug from Ihlscitj was
despatched for the yacht.
Itcnl Katate Prlvnln Sates.
3landelb&iim' I, wine have bought from the et-te
of Heurj Low ren. "u, 1:14 Eldndse stiiet, a Ue story
brick and Ione tenement house, 2ax75xhS
V. Capiolo has sold to HoU-rt Smith. No. 1 t.'i Ninth
avenue, a four stor brli-k hull ling en lot '-'2 IvlOu
J. 43. 11. 1.llli-ndaht ha 'old hU three story-und 1ase
ment UwelltiiK Ni. 03 Wevt lTiPth street. Audubon
J'art, toKeglnjM 1 rlhain liollon.
Kandotph iluig-nhetnier ha3 purchased from Aup
ut C. Hai-s. y ttie six mory front and fourstorv rfar
factory butid nas. -."xll3. on the nirtli s de of
Twi ntv nlnlh street, 2tll fei t east of Strv enth avenue,
other property being given In part paj ment
Ileal Estate Auction Inlea.
At tho Broadway salesroom sesterdrv I) Phtentx
Incr.'ham A Co. sold N'u 3.11 Fast T.-ilrtv fourth
sltet, flve-i-torv liriek leuenifnt. lot 'J'. lOxu-1',
foreclosure, to the plalntlg, A. Oerlrude Cutter, for
James I. Wells told Nos. Sll and 2 IS West Twenty
third siriet, eren-tory brick trilld nT- I lot 40J:OS.t,,
foreclosure, to the pla ntlff, Ja.oh Hirscli, for Stne.
00; aiso No. 2iS Went Thlrty-evenili tret, five
Hi r brU-lc t-nei.ienl, lot 2r IxP. l', foreclosure, to
the p atntllf, llenjaiulu F Cohen, for i 1.1, -Ul.
OLD Hit. liltlMII.K. ailALifSTt: fNIVEKMTY
ItENl; 3' vear-ia Kiectalliit In itn al -ases of meu.
Lmler OU UK lIHIMll.t'S H-Mitltlu treatment
Mood and skin dteat-, pains hi liuiie. n-d spots,
soie throat and nioutli. uKers paluful vvi-lllnc-, khl
mynnd blaitd -r complaints, sealduie Inflammation,
Kravet. undeveloped orpins wtak haol., lot vitality,
are snceilll, thorouitnly ant per::ian-ntly cureU.
Men alv ut o marry xeoiiltl consult n Oritl. UHIN
HIE Everv Inipv-itlm-'iil remi.ie I MinVreri', Io not
wnAie time Inlllni; IcHHiiKllfiil nlivittelHli- 'tela nih'r.
OLD 1)!! '.IIIMII.K ll-ver falli OFFICE (IVEK 1!V
YKMH- at 17! Weir'thsl. letwien nth i.ud 7th
hv Adi'cefree Melli'tiicvt Hour- ll to li. Sun
uv.li.lllii.1 Noehhrt- lnPsciireil
111,11 lilt, l.lll'.l, 4(1 imn ii :erliill.l In ill
eiini'M ur men onl.v. Cutk -I l erm neut t lire KUiir
ameed n all 'tleaie- or nVorec r.-flnidi-il Illooil poi.
sou, skin dlseaj. kldn-j or blaililir tnaih.. -. enk-nen-.
nervous d"LIIII). eiTon nf . ulti. ---! dH-aind.
weak. liuilewlo .h ornus. Imp" llineai. lo marrlav.
Ae lie 'e. i-onstilt the onlv o'd t-pei-lnll"! lu this
i-lt ut o.oi y Vftli at 1 .i' -ii-v 1 III ' , ni-ar
I'nlou iiiu e. He .ih li fa li; .siui'l n 'In ' m eu
Itn-" treatment s-id advlenfree. l IMne only 'Of
.v. -v.-itl'l ikt i'i:iiiivi:vt I'l'itf:
in dKen.e of men ilnticerotl ,ni-es ntli'llcil, rel '
at once, lima' desiring only m -I r!a, s I uittllo tr.-ut
liietil th iiild call Tlui leading f-lit.lliUt, P' ll'livclril,
1 'V. - yai bt . li to :l Tl.ilt. .Si -ids) ii. 10 to 1
l rK IVSnil'S -AVITAKIfst. 117 '-'t ITtii
. V, st. .forineily 'llih b .). Ti lop mi'" U04 t -'.li m.
Co'e-uUitlan u to P
Orfun rfniufro.
NEW YOl'.K -S'll TIUJII'TON- ,011 liu. -I'arlsl.
he Hag ivr y V Ci.el.iv J' 10 K 51
ST. I.OlIS Aug. 11 ST Ultlf. . .Sept. 1
JAKIi Sub IKl'ltl htvX. i
hT PU'l . ...A"K .ST PH'l. -ep, Ui
.- 1 It. BT l l Wodlli , v
Kin'rton.Allg. II, 3 I M Soullii,tK Sun 3fl 31' M
WiMi-i ll ad, . i tr.lH. noon Nou. Hand Sept. l.n.-ion
Pl"r14snd 1'i.N'ortliItlver nntc illlolliu:Oreen.
riVNAlillMNlllDlIVFItl'OiiI.VIAijI nFN'.STOWN,
I .Mill ".'- ' ' V. K foot Of I iHlki-wll St
I.u .inn v i nu i imp." i. .vuk i, i ia.oi.
l.lrurla . Vu . . S I M I iibrlv Mi- 's, IIP M.
i-vja Auk '.'l.iK'Oii Aiiraul i-ept. 7. noon
vi'INONll Illt'iWNti ' riin.Ae'is, IPiiivlliibflreen.
1 ; , V 'HKW i i-lir.ss from N'ew York m I'lj in
nutliil.'. i nu, Ctierl "l re, Pails, itnl Hai'ihurK
1 llmih. Ailll'.lIMM A. Vl pirla -.i , I V, 0 V VI,
Norman .A'l.'.'f. in JI.II' Phmap-k Sip in.l ia M.
r it'iml.la, sept. 2. ii A. 11 N nmiinui.si j ill ln vi.
HVMII'TdlSEBVI' r.bv Twin tereiv Jlall s S
Per.m .Am i, IK M. "alalia Amr. SI I I tin A l.
Flrl eit ,S;,, Ui,icii:hI cla-d, lll,i.l erag .30.
llMliiliill'-Aiiiern-ull Idlie, lit lliiiudiviiv.
RBAI'K WTB-:AS8Sfli!S 4'oT
uri.iiiiiTi'ir, iter, w iitii'x.
Onlv ihreit line for cottngi" clij, .Mass, . nd port
1 ml. Me. staameik Sail i eh- week d, ej-rept
VI . i , .iln, friini I'll e Nit ..-1. V. It at fi P M . .h K
fsy, riit'l -lilt- , mil NulQlds- ttenuierni!i,pat Cnlta;e
l iv HI U'l.l lbeier -. JOIIX.rSliI.ISsalU lion
Oiivs oinl i rU mi for Poillnud Hi''ei. Connect. mis
ni n lor Ila. la-l r. Old o. char I, Poland oprln.:,
Wiuti Jliiiintatna. ft Jntin.K II.. an t all haMi-mauui.
intri .oris. Steamers title "with ev.rj ni'Mlern lin
irnveiee.it for romfnrt ar.d lunvmteiui'iif tin rlets,
fhe nn. ii'iimmrtahlorn p for nil paints E i-. ne.-i-s.
kltntliig no elitinnra. 'Ilckots n.ay h- mireh wed at
Matae s, s. Cunir om'ii onto-, flu. J7SI Urnalvvay. at
theoiaec No, VK'J soulh at.. oppoHltn lh l'ler, und
TUos, Cook Hon. 'Jni nnd 1225 Unuulwai.
NoiiTn nF.nMAifu.oYfi sixamship co
fiaale,Tn.,Aug. Id. 1UA SI I.alin.Tii.. Aim '.'"A'M.
Trave.Tu..Ang 17. IDA U.illavrl,Tu..Aiig,:il,lu A.M.
OEI.lllCHS & CO.. II How Hue llrei'li.
Sliortel N Trips Out or Jrw 1 orU.
Delightful toura to old I'olul comfort, jorfolk,
Kewi.rl News. eter.lnirK, l'ortsniouth, Plnner'a
Klnt"Klchim.nil, Virginia lleadi.Va. and Washing,
ton. li. C. FrelKht and I'arfi-iiger learners rail from
Her 28. North Hirer, every week dav except Satur
day, nt 3 I'. 51.. and Saturday at 4 1'. Jl.
v" I,; UUIM-AUTJEf Vli-e-1'rjVtaiid Trafllu Mgr.
"white star line.
Pier 4D. North It.ver. SXUS
ulwlov ASDiootcitiit nom
From feot of Christopher st-. every Jlf.'&dajr at P.
JT." coaneltlug wlth-D, o A.Br It.at Hudsoa.
For New London, Wateh Hill, Dlock Island, and East
ern Itesorte, alto Worcester and North of lioaton and
Last, Steamer Cltv of Lowell or City of Worcester
loaves Pier 40 (Old No.) N. It., next Dealirossea .,
week Oar. only at 9 r. M . Orchestra on earh. ltat-s
to 11LOUK lsi.ANfi reduced. Connection made. Week
lists anil Sundays,
For Newport, Fall nivcr. Boston, Martha's Vineyard,
Nantucket, Cope Cod, and all Eastern and Northeru
Slountatn, Inland, und Seashore points. Steamers
l'rlsctlla and l'nruan In comuiloton. Flue orchestra
on each. Leavo J'ler 1h, n. n.. foot of Murray St.,
week days and runda , at .lillu IVil.
For l'rovldoiieo direct, Ucxton and all Inlonl and
ReashorellesnrtsKast nnd North thereof, btoaiperv
Khcdo Island nnd Plymouth. Orvheatra on.eo-ili.
Leavi l'ler 80, N. It., one block above Canal St., vv-iek
dayscnly. at 3:110 P M.
rorMnnlngton, Narragansett l'ler. Watch Itlfl, ftos
ton, and nil points East, steamers Maine and New
Hampshire. Leave l'ler nn, N. It., one block nbove
Canal at., week days only, at 0 1'. M.
1 1 riTsiTOTiYKif nvHSSi Mi iTfl
"MIW lOUlf and "Al.llAW."
Finest nnd rastest river steamers In the woild.
, Dally except fjumloyi
Leaves Drooklyn. Fulton St. (b) Annex).... 8 A.M.
" Now York. Dosbriwses St. Pier 8i40 "
" " Wet red St. l'ler tl "
For AI.1IV, laiidluit at Youkors, West I'olnt. New
burg, roughkecpsle. Kingston I'ulut, Catsklll, aud
IlllllSOli, '
Direct connection outh" Kingston I'olnt dock with
U. and D. trains for Caisklll 3Iountnln points and for
Lakes Mnbnnk and .Mlnuewsaka. At Caisklll with
the Catsklll Mountain nnd Otis I.I. Hallway for CMro
and niuiintaln resurts.
Hallrtmd connectfons at Nevvlmrg, I'onghknepste.
Ilmi son, and Albany for points North, Eust, aud West.
bp clal Saratoga trains.
Through tlckrta sold at lieshrosses st. pier. West
22d st, pier. New York Transfer and other principal
ticket umcen.
from l'ler Hi, Kut Hh or, dally cxcpt bumlav ft-0 P.
M. for ComiM'tlout Hher landltiffs, connettlnp: for
Kprlnp;flell, Worcester, Hostun. uml all Xexv i;nplaud
polot. Hat unlay ezcuritlonft at wducfd rattf.
rop Orient, sStpamerijHliJuticciK'knudMoutBuk
Shelter Iilond leao New ork dally (incept dun
lircfiinnrl da.lft) fit Ti I. M hfituntavs At 1
nouinoin. stunlav' boat ilocn not so to
Fine Harbor, BUx-lc IsUml, and Tuesday's. Ti.ura-
nmt Iny'ti, and Saturdays boat docs not
IlloeU Inland, go to Routhold.
Albany Evening Line.
leaieiinl Pier II. K. It., font Canal t.. at 1. M.
dally (Suudajs excepted), connecting with train for
Hjratnxa, I.nicn Ueorge, Adirondack, Sharon hprlngn,
lUcliileld Springs, Tt outand Islands, Muzara Falls,
and the Writ, hatunlay night Mcauier comiectsi wiih
Pumlay inornlnK train for Saratoga, North Creek.
Culdwcll, and tdeatneron Lake QeorR.
IJAMSprXI I.fNE.reaTnerrTieaTe pler24t N, R-.
-1 foot Franklin st.. fur Cranston', Wont I'olnt, Cold
Hiring. Cornwall, FlthklU Lnndlnpr. ond Nowliurg
week days ( except Saturday) 5 P. M. Saturday 3 P.M.;
Bun day g U A. M.ilaudlnn at I3.,d8t...X R , :30 A. M.
c.TNiiii.ii i:n:h; iTk.
Bteam rn KAATr.KSKILL, and CATbKILI. leavA
every week day at n l M. from f.ot of Christopher
st., .V. II, connecting at Catftklll v.Uh m mntaln
trains. M&toroomB Jlphted.tiy electrlt.it. BJcjcIca
carried free. Hone and carrlafteA taken. Send to
pier or to Catsklll for descriptive folder. .
iiTim. iti icu nticaikii mnv phui'.i.u
Dally (except Mun1as). leading Desbro-wrs Bt. 3:13
T. M (Saturdays 1:4.1 P.M.), Went ;M M. .1:Ho P. St.
(Satu ilaa 2 P. M for CHANsTON'8. WEST POINT,
K'lNllSTOS LINE, West inth st." Dally 4 P. M. Sat
urdays at 1. Steamers HALDWIN and UOMERinr
Cornwall, New burg. New Hamburgh Marlboro. Milton,
Pouehkeepsle, Hjnn Pork, Kjopiis, Kingston, conncc
ln with U. A I. H. It. for all putnt In Catktlls.
"XEW" IIVr.-Fair. 51; EXCURSION, lToo";
Sundae, Excuntlfu, $1.UU. Fast ntfimen leave Her
V5, B. U.wtek dajs, OP. M. and Y midnight: bun
dns, V.30A M nnd '4 midnight; week day aUamers
connect en wharf with trains for Merlden, Hartford,.
PniincneM. aud Lolnts uorth.
Kareioatl resorts north and eist lower than any
other route. C1TV OF TROY or SARATOflA leave
foot West 10th st dally, except Satilnlay. n P. 1. Ex
tiretstra'ns for Saratoga, Lake George. dlronilacks,
Ae. Sunday ste mer lorbes at Albany.
Lehigh Valley System.
Ftatlons foot ot West il(d St. fPenn. R. K.), Cortlaudt
ur DtBbrostB Ut.
Indicates time from West -'3d St. Other flgnrea
show time from Cortlaudt or Deabrotses St.
Oil.". Gi4i A. M. dally Ound.r ft-45, 7 A.M.)
for MAUCH ClICNIJ and luterme-liate station.
7iS.. Nilft a. M. dallv for WILKE8BARRE,
RCRNTO: iHfrk da.THK ELMIRA (week dav,
ARA 1'ALLs. and the West and principal local points;
Ululug car and chair car to RutTnlo.
HiV.t. lotU A. M.. Suudnja only, for BOUND
BROOK and Intermediate statt csh
IDitt.V lUinu A. M. dally, except Sunday, for
MAUCII CHUNK aid Intermediate points
11 155. 1'JiQO noon da.h except Sunday,
Arrlven Buffalo H..V1 P. M Pullman Wstlbul Dsj
CnacUesand ParlcrCap. Bluing C r Sr-rvlce. Meals
a la carte. C nnfcts at Buffalo w 1th through sleeper
to D-trolt and Ch'cdo
lJi'Ji, l'-M4i p. M. dally, excpt Sunday, for
MAt'CH CIXUjK and Iriterniediato poluta.
l-JtAA, Itin V M.. Sundays only. Tor EASTON.
MACCIl C1UWK, and the coal branches.
IiU.1, Iil P M. dally, fxc pt Sunday, for
clpul Intermediate ttatloiM. CnnnLris for all points
lucoal region, chair car for WlUt-sbarre.
'!ti.".., 4tlO p M. dally, excei t Sunday, for
cipal Inure. iliaUtfcUtluiif. Connect for aJi points
lu coal reglous. Pullman Buffet Parlor Car for
fiAS, atl P. M dally for EASTON and Inter
mediate station.
A.5.1. lilt) p M. dally, except Sunday. ExpNss
forSLATINliTONant prim lpal Intermediate statUns.
CmitiPit fur Itt-titling nnd llarrUbnrg. Chuircarto
nia., JnWl'.M dally for BUFFALO. NIAORA
FLU nnd ill point Wt-bt. Puliinuii lteir estl-j
li lie train N V to Chicago Sliriui to Bufialo and
?i." A, Nino P. M dull, rxropt M'nua, stopping
XIj M MVtHClI' K L. ti. i IL'M HON. SAVRL.
l.t-.N'VA. ItOCHCsTFlI. MM. and BL'FFALO.
1 illnnn nleepr Mr BuiT i N'on hut skvplng car
p ttfngcr iMrrK I. lijgag earth d,
Mtt.'A. t.tfMi r M tlnil .ir irilACA. GENEVA.
ROCM,:.sTl H, WVh r., MA .ARA IALL'. and all
imIiiU Wo-i I'lilliiui) sle .rH to Wllkebarrt it1 i
Audtlonnl local train dallv. tx ? t V nday, fur
B'n BUOOK ai'l niteriuedlit pttnta. leave as lot-
1 . i f.'3, ti no A. M., '1 V . ', M 05. I JO und i
i "n. c :t- p 'i '
I 1 1 krtitttitd .'uHniJin iu",ormo,lat!ous at 11!) 'U,
I M, :.:., '.J4, Mi.l ll'.'S Ijroailw x.AI K. 1 I that ,1S
i ' J.'.'r'i H7 Bow ei ,N V , vtO VulMti t , t
tonttki, in B a, n.id B'oukiii Ani". Brooklx n
s Y. It usitr -' win cu I tor wl cbxk bigugii '
from h'Vl or rr3 (i'ti?t i:i:.upli to iliHtlnuM n
Throucli tiullts bavo Ne'v Vork, foot of Ot smbers I
hi . r.s tollows, and live minutes earllT from We.t
2 ; n.:
I i.nn :"- -Vestibule Fspre.a dally fi . Ini.hsm
U.ll'fn 'Viverly, Klnillu, llurralo, KriulluKl, ar-rlti-HiifraloK.ieii'
M ('.innro.ir toliun.il"
Q.l - . M. Vestlliule.l Kxnrersilslls.exeiitSun-
. li ilaj, for Port.lenK 31 intleeilo, J aeKavxen,
llcuiidale. an I Important l al polnttt In t'orntnp.
Dallj lo I'ort Jtrls. riillniau rarlor rs.efor.Mon
l rt'o 4111 I UtilUK
t) i f P. . Nes'lliule limited Fan mall dally
.1 i' Si'f'l trmn for 1'hle.iijoTlrt Chnutami'ia I nVe,
i, .n I'letelaml at ? 4ll A. M (.'hle.icn fl 1". M
Slev'is to 1 nli s , CIe eland, ami Clnelnnatl I'.n
Inn -wr
T.'-l I ! SI, HillTalo nnd Cleveland Vestibule Kx
l.OWjnM f'allv n-riM , nt mittnlo 7 ",', A M,
lir.uforl ".IT A M , ,lamet,in 7 00 A. M.PIeve
1.1. 1 IV Id 1' S. iMwit lollultalonndCI'vrland).
jiia.tln ' dlrr't eiiiu.eiMlon for Iiftlolt, Coleago, nnd
t , v -et rnfei.ioinr f-ir.
Hi I", si, -jum- Via rhnunu'ins Ial'9 and
. I ) Niorrnr 1 Tall M lid tr.i'n to Cnlenno, Mm,
I , 1- tit lloriietlinllle, rtnentrn, aud 0 n,lnr,atl PIiiIhk'
I 'I'll'KF.TP. IOCM. Tlllr TSl'IS ANil I'l'f.l.M.'.S
1 i-iMMfIUlll)NS lit 11 I I 1,1. Sill, 41 .iinilll'if
1 ri. iwiu. 127 1 )"iij Ifiil i:.'t 13,'itli- t . and ill
eri I'ihjU st . l,"iarher uml Wu.l a. Id t ferries.
:...i. vnrit; ":,. and 7'."l F-'lou St., inn Itmnway,
llr itljni Kim lliids-ui M.. KohoMn ,unl .Tersejs mir
stntlf'.l Vw"oi'r,si'iis'iil for jud elivsks ban'
pse trom iioteU anil lehl lenreS todmtlnatldn.
New York and Boslo.1 All Rail,
;. V. N i i. It. 11 11, jud vmiiie lions,
rrutu flrfiid Ciutiu' M4IIOD,
leave. By wsr of Pile,
00 1 A M Si rlu flei I and Worwrter, 0; iu I'. M.
KHiiii A M., X"w London and 1'rnvnlenee, Hmio r M.
lliidilA l., Ne l-ond ui ami I'rotlilriue, 4inn I'. II
lviOUM.. hnrlnmleld and Woreestor, Oilul'. M.
jliOii 1'. M , Air l.lun nnd S, K 11. U . ft o 1' M.
l;0a 1", M New I.011111111 and rrovldenre, 7 On P M
H:lio r. M "New ln Ion and l'rn Meuc . if.uu r M.
4iun 1 Jt "-prliMlleld and IVoie uler, in on 1 M,
5:00 1', 'I.. Ne I.indonandl'iovl.leuee, IMVI 1' M
II (10 1'. Mssinlni:flidiliind IVoreeUrr, ililftA M
llfiiui 1'. I.,New lAWidoii mid I'roilJence, tl iT, A. M,
Uuiisda'lv, Ini'liidluv utida)
may Stum Limited; all arlor ears; fare (7, In
eluding tiitrlnrear seat
IA r L'ne'I United i arrlTes at andileiart from 1'atk
hiiuiire Matlon. lioaton, Iveturn servleo same hour
and Ijv saint route.
TliroiiRti tiarluriind eler ilng ears liy eneti train,
V T. HFII'-1RAD, 0n Paiii, Aitent.
l.eueNevr York. Whitehall 'It rmlnal, Uolly,
CIIIOAIIO, 1-..151' M aud r.'ilOulKht,
flllhHI'HO.iltt.lrx sumlayi i!5Mnn-.tIil0niiht.
fl.MJINSATI. hT. I.Ot !. M'33 .. M , 4:B5 I' 51
WAMI1NQTON. UAI.TIMOIIl'. 7 Br,. 11.35 (Ulnlnf!
far), 1 1 ixa A. M. (DlnliiK far). 1 lift. H-M lUlnlug
Can, 4:3.'i iIMulnifCnr), o 55 , Jl., IVilO'nlulit. Sun
day, P-5fi (IMnlngCarl. II SI A. M. iDlnltut t ar), ItAS
(l)lnlnis Car;, 4SSB iinnlnit car), S:S r M , l!(:lu
.SOKFOI.K. Ut!3 A, M. daily. ,
NKrt UHI.EANB rtlirouah slteri, 4 15 l1. M. dally.
Trcln leave foo( Ulierly st. a intnutej Uler
All trains arelllumluatert with 1'lnt.ch light.
Offlresi I IH. llt.-tm. 4J4,' 11 10 HKiadwsnr; 81 tut
Itth st., 187 Jlowrry. New Yorfci '. H Fulton st ,
Ilrou.lym Whitehall Temtlual Baxgsgt cheijktd from
holrlor rrsldeuc. to vTesflnatlun, 1
r '
&1 ?$&?- . ,;lmmsMMSjMallliril
.(eitr'-'5' II H
" &. HUDSON niVSR R. R?-' tlMJ ItH
innr.iT i.im: i M:it kuw, - - "jIFsiJBlH
All throiiRli trains stop"nt Mimnv, Ctlcn,Hraousr 4 KS1 itfH
Kivliester,' und Biiifrlii. V , V, m fJlH
Trains leavo tlrnnil Central Sl..tlon. 12,1 Strcet.nnd." "l BIS &H
Fourth avenue, as follonat , . ' " , 8 rnH
:OU t..NU IM.ANDM. AN'DMOSitlll-.Al.M'EUIAb.- 'i' if Ol
Unllv.ex et Miudnj ForAillrondaolcMouutalD il HHD
Tlinusnnd lslandi, nnd Montreal. M 11 !1bRKB
8 .Oil A M DMiy.. eiei'pt "uiitUj. TIte-famnua vj fWilH
ICO I'.MI'lKK ? tr. KriUs, I.IMIl Kb. rat.. WiBM
t traluin llrd world. Duo-BufTnliint 4:43 PvSJ,., fj 'flHrHlM
MasaraFallni3 1. M.lprolito !s:iea.M. Till.... fll liEII
train is limited toltsotruliilt. y iJf iUgnH
Cl.-JI M rANTJMir.. IlKllJr Fo-l'oilKllk.eiialVi Ml lfflB
JlOU Allmny. rtlea. S)rnctise. IliXhetter, UutralM . li) nmWM
Moitiir.i r.ul. andCleielanili .. ,. SV llBH
O. IM A. M-AllAli)lKV Al),MON-TnEAl. SPfts M SiswHH
I'MO C1AU Dulls, exerpt MiimIm.v For UntsLUI , f Hi HlH
Moitntidne, Tnir, ';'ritiinn.. I.alio uepue, Oreea1,'- I Ht'i'lH
Mnunlu nx. tiu I Mmitt'eal . nillxsH
i n:ati a. M.ixtiuTii Miionfi mhitku. iut ; wHliniH
J.UIUU aldieut tralh to Clurao sit. Ml.sl.lttau.cn ti imMXJBtM
tr.il route. DunllulTuliti'lu I. M Macr.i Fall.-,-, UHiil) WllS
urani". !., Clilvniro 1:0U A. 31. Carrie sleepluc.- ffl(t!l ifll
and drawliiKroi in eersonlx lK! 'SjH
1 II.UIl A. l.-li,VY F.Xl'lllAS, exirpt Sunday , (Ti H SiH
lUIOl torMillliro.'l: cAtsklll Mountains, ud all ' ItlSlH
Immirtnut New Vork Mate ml. nt ' "' tin R'tKKH
X.Ul,' Fort'oliimlme, I'inuitiuall, liHllsoapnlls, aud. l&RllnlH
S.t.l.oul". miis at Poi,rlil,iet'c. f IMlItllnl
1.(1111'- M.-t'llU Alio vPhCIAL, l."lh--ror Do infllHttH
1 .Ul'trnlt.t levi Innd', loledo, ami I hleat,o. Stops llfEiisKsBH
nt liukrei'Kle aud 'luUMetmh 0 I L et:xf7!BBBH
OtJeept hun(in For riiirrtson (West Point)." I. ii lllf jlflpH
1 imghkeepidi'. Altrany, .ind rrov -,. , milflHiBBH
.fM !' " -I'AKb tllUHF. LLMITU). I)aUy-S4. r Ij1-U1JUbbH
O.WJ hour train to Chleaito, ta r.ske Miore route., Uwr aBBBBl
Due Clevela'id 7 1 .,. Toldo IU 11.V M ClilBairo, j TC 11 VbH
4:ui) P.M. lull trim connects nt Cleveland ror,- $ Hill nsBBBsl
Clhelnuall, dim 4:ri.'t l'.tond el 1 oledo for St. HS)SH
LouKdue lu-13 V. 31., due Knni. city uext. i Hfr ! bH
morning. Carries slieplnt anddravMug rooincarsi" , Mm1 bbbbH
oulv. ul 1 H
6 P. M- Wr.sli:ilN r.SI'UKSS, Daliy-For M, Yi fM
Xlt nu-iiia Falls. Ulevelwid. Toledo, Detroit, Chi- (11 H
caito, Clneliinatl, end St. I.inin.' . jt B
ItjJO hANllISI.AM)t.AMIMp.NrKELI-..PltLlAn i . M
Daily For Adlrondtiel: Mountaluc, rimusand 1st- . Lw
anilM. and Moupenl. 1 ifffi H
7,ln P. M.-MJl'.Tnr.HN KXpHLSS Dally -Fo, Uli H
1 .UI rroj, Piatt jl.urit. llurlluton. Montreal, and,. . :8 H
exeept tstunlay nights, (Ktnn 0 i IS H
r.Ofl 1'., M.-lltJFFAl.O MTCIAU Dallj-tor' V ,f !!
Cleveland, llidlai.npolls, M. Louis, and Ch can H3 nH
9 .(111 '- 21 -4PKCIAL l.I.MlCf'.l) MAIL. Dallr t Hl WM
UW (slcej Intrear pa.ReiiRursoiilvj orM)lnton . WLU KBBbtststJ
Fall Broun llnllna). la l.j nn.. nnd Jorllnrheftpr, s . Km mM
Biltr.1 o, Cleveland, InilHuatoiN, nnd St. Louis il Si rarsTSTSTj
9.1 rp. M -PACIFIC KXI'ltKSS. Dally For Srra-- '. BJIJ fl
.XOeusc, Oswego. Vater(qv n. Ozdenshurg, lluf nt sbtstststJ
'ful'i, Magar.i KalH, Cleveland, Toledft. Cnleaito, . " B.'fil iBBBTtl
nnd except Saturdays far coi.VlD-nt an I His i.m IBH
Auburn roan P 3Cil BbVbbtstJ
1 O. I O SHIHT MDNKHIT EXPr.F.SS. Thealr i ttjra WKM
lZi. LJ tiutn for Chleawfo nntl rjflnclpal points on . Wli ,H
ths Nov orlc Central every flight exeept Sucdar ,K) MM
nights. .Suuda-nights, Chicago sleeers leara on J -Ej H
ll: 1 5 train. . . . . i -M WB
Oion a M and utUftT. M. Dallr.vxcept Sundav, lir' (., mt
l'lUilloil. Ma Hirlem DhMnn , 1J3.I' IH
Uiir. A M. Sunitojsoiilr, toPllisflel I and thellerV-i J tji1 JH
shlroUiil.. via tiiellariem Dlylb'fiu. ) Sw ffaH
"All night" tr Ins rim U-tnceu lf.thbt. and points l $& mM
on the Putnam Division nsfarus'Yookets, In njcnep- ffflft SiH
tion wjth the eleiated road. The on! line nulling' I SjU mjbbbb
"allnlght "trains nut of New ysrlc. . y - i ?i i? VbVtbVtJ
Wagner Pdlare Cnrs on all Ihrouahtraloi. ' 1 t -M iuTaTSTSTj
Trains riiumlnated Ith PintSt-h.light , . t -I t',iB JUfaTaTJ
riekeis and Wasner offices ntilraud Central Stnrnn, ; f,jn lH
111. SHI. 41,1 Urowlway.31 i;a,t.lthal., H42 Broad-. I fitls iffafaTJ
way, 2.13 Columbus ar fll West lJi.Mh St., aud 13AtH . ; I MLtllBBTJ
st. station, New York: 'SBs and 7S0 lulton st , an-t . i .slaVTBTBTBi
Hid KroadH 11)-, K D..Hrooklyn. 1 KfHSI.lH
BaggLue chei Led from hotcLor reslileijce- bj- ti.- V.IIH
Wet-teott I'seressCompany, . 2wS.b.IIIH
Oeueral Maua-'r (jenerul P-iseiutr Agent . ' bb fBlH
Psnnsyiiinsi: IHi
BTATIl'iNS loold vvti-t. lvvu.a,ru bhrt.rt a,.l Dee- ttftfliXBBTBBTj
brosses and Cortlandt atrevts. 1 lfiHH
CPhe leaving time from Desbroases and Cortland.' ' , WIiSibbbH
tr.etslsniemlnutrslaicrthaif that given l-elpvr roe, Pj H'fi BBTsTsTal
Teiitv-thlnl street station." J? B V BTsTsTsfl
1 .. A. M Fast siAIL.--PnItmau Dcffet Parlor ; Brl BBTsTsTal
Car New Yorn to Pittsburg. HlHUllu Car l'ltt-burcl bbH
to Chicago. No-(oaeltes to Pittsburg - - Wim bbtstJ
Hir,r. a. si. FAST LINE Plttshnrs and Cleveland. 91 1.HIH
IMS.1. .1. yt. PENS'SYLVANI s. LIMI rF.D.-Pallmm .jJW M
Compartment SleeDlngi DIiiIdj. snioklng.sautt Qb-' ff tl bbVtbb
servutlon t"ars. For cnlcago. GUselaud, Toledo., - MTf . WtraTsTs.
Cincinnati, !udlnnapoll, Louly)l.'. st Lnnls '' 14Jr9bbTb1
1 1.1.1 v. .si. Chicago aXdst. ixiuis expuess . !3'v!bbTbI
ForXahvllleviaCinelnr.att, Chicago. St. Uluts. aSlBEBBTarJ
S:SS '.. SI. WESTE11N ESPJtF.SS. For Clev aland.; -s B3BBBb1
Chicago. For Toledo, except Saturdai .. , 'STinH
clnnatl, Indianapolis, St. Loti's. V IbbbbhibbtJ
JI.-.5I-. SI. PACIFIC EXPRESS. For Pittsburg and. IMIbVHIbM
Chicago. Connects for Clsvelacd and Toledo excep T - -"t biVTIIbbTbI
balurday VfsBrJ
amii;tiv ad tiii: iixtii. bfV'iJM
7:35. Sjjj. 11 :l','). 9:33 iDlnlng.Car', 10.05 A. 11 . 12:33. 4$'I$9H
1:S5 (3:1." "Coagrei-slonal I.lt.i.." air Parlor and ; MpiflaVTal
Dining earn, 4:as (Dining' Can, 4-53 (Dining Car), 3 HtlaTsTsTi
R 33 P. Jl. .2:10 uight. Sp.uday, rlS. w.i. 1U:S3 iJl-iflBBsTJ
A. M. vii-15 "Congri'slonul Llm ." all parlor anfl IJtntaBBTsTj
Dining Cars). 4.83 (Dlnlhg Cur), 4:33 (Dining Car). '.wlEiwH
-10 P. M . IS-10 night. - liffillBBVl
SOCT1 EKS RAILWAY Express. 4.23 P. 11,12:10 $JP'?H
nlgnt ilapy - Hi JiljlH
ATLANTIC COAST LINE. Exprca. 0:23 A. Jl. awl W tVPtWlM
h:31P. M. dally. - f. Is'BbbsI
dallr S' SSSB
A M. week davs and 7'3" P.M. dallv ... . . J Jf JajSB
ATLANTIC CII V e.tTwen-y-tnlrd St-vet station. ft TtfillBTfl
1 2.i P.M., and Desbroases aud Cortlan It Streets, l Si vvSH
1-noP 51 week ilaya J fi -'SsfafJ
CAPE MAY. West Tnenty-thlril M-e-tstnthn. 12:33 I 'SffH
.tlm.ugh Parlor Car) ard 1.23 P SI. w.ei daya. Su iSiaBsTI
Dehro..s an 1 Cortland'. Street", I 00 and 1 30 Si""!b!H
P. M. week d.,. , SQ iSIIbB
Lng Brau-h. Abury P irk (Inter oVen. Sunlajsj, B'ikIIbTbI
0 eaii(lne.audPolntPlejii.t)t(froni r.nTweut- f? B? IFbVtsI
third Sir -ei statlonl. 7:23, s-33. a .Vi. 1133 A.M.- ' ijj ;'ASB
(12 33Satilr.lavBj)nlVi: 1:33. 2 33. J 15. 3 , 4:35, 1 S JH
iV5"i P.M.Sululas. 7:r,n.l).23 A M . 1 33 P. M. ifronx If, JNjB
D, Pbros-s.iud CiirtlanJt str eti-. :i I". 7 10, u 10, W ;t!B
in, Ou M.. 1 1:0 il:20Saturdajson!y),2-:l'l,K-10, I'-isTJ
8:10. 4:21). 3 10, 7:00 P. M. Suudnys. 1.1. u:45 A. S. SSbbI
M 3:15 P.M. 2, '!
rent rim. sniti. rin 1. X HimM
fi:13. 7:2.1. 7:11. :3. S:35. I- i3 (0:3.1 nna: IJra-. J ,'bfffaV
Ited). Htt&iDlu'lne Car). 10.31. 11-11 A M.. 12:."u, ffi ulSaB
1 :.15. a .11, .1 '.3. 4:21. 4:23 (DIdIii. Cin, I 13 (l)ln-- ft, .-, il?M
Ing can. -1:11 (l)IMlng Cari, 7 in, 7 3.1, -:.v, P. V JJ (JlSH
li nl.ht MiuiIHh, it-i.i, 7-.1.1, 21 i:-l-". n Si, if)"'9 '
.: (1 'mite I) "- lu l- A 51.. i.31.DliiliiCir , ft- ijj B
0.13. ,!i iln In.; .ir), 133 D.Miu Cari. V..13 . JT Vm1M
(nu-ltigc.ir). 7-111. 7 is s -,.-, p ' , li-Km'gnt. - hi ( U IS-VB
Tl kct Wtieea S s l-l.u I. I I ml. Ul I 11, -ml Sill Ri.KHBBsTJ
llrniulnal. 1 ts- ir III" Vesi lu'eblt Ihlid , . jj jiffafj
Kt.titSt.ttl 11; ..11 1 M itl-nl. I"'l of l"l'r ,i.e,nlld K4' llnBBi
Cor.lAntt Sireels 4 I ourl sjie-1 .-i.'i Ful'on Street, tiJafiSisM
He llruana -nn lire ir Aeiw" VI I :'. jirck- Swift SbI
Im. Mtiiui. Jeoij 1 I.. Th.N-n 1 k- 11 m.ter- iP$lTll
r , ,jiani vMl eafl 'm 11' . " e .. . - . u-. from & SbiSsrsrJ
I ll.-l r.nd n-nlilo .- 1I.1.01 ;li tod I11.1H1 f a 'KUJbVI
I .7 II Hlli IllSsy . .1 1: VU.OH, ., a dRIH
iieuet it Mnnax-'r denrrnl la'r gi n. S' Xil 'H
I iirs.s.11 hv. uiiiHinvi -v t;jriMij i el 'li H
11. 11. I fit ill
Million. In "Ken .irl-. luni of llnrel-ir nnd ' T fit IB bb
1 Itl 1 her t-. '. I B, Jit SM
1 s f.siini j ' mtiss, ii.i.sivs iici-'Frrr a l Vfl
in-. rixi-M'ii iit.nr. f, B i.flLaTaTi
1 .ier route to uiirk. I'liNiu i ii. Monteitlr. th... ,K &HH
Cfr.iii-ea sun mlt, lierni'-ii-iUle, Pivk.n Kldge, Mad- ! 'ft HH
liiou. Morrhtow n, 1': - li . Patcrsou, Ho ntnu, Doier, ,- EJ KH
hto . 'I-, Niiitin ' odd s LP'"- La- ilupct-i-ug. fi ' K lllll
V i k itsio 11. .sohi ole 'i 'liuninlu, Washlngtou. "1' 31 4HIH
I'.i.H , siniu. rmtiui, 1 i rfl.f , .!idbt)ij.J, ;.euio ' 3 s! ""(B l
Mi 't.iti, r 1 etui- PJttAtoh, WiliiMil.srr-. ysafl- -j irvf
coke. F'anvtlle, Xorthuinb, rlahd. vtoutrone, IJlng.iam.. 1 i'h
tun Oifi.nl. Non-Mi. WatenlllK, Utlca. Illcuflrld! J jj In'
Sn-liiki.. Cortliiiid, suacune,. Oswegr,, lllucj. Ouhjo, 1 '( -J
I'lnlra. Corulng, Hivlh. Dntisvi le. TJiirf-ilo, and all , k W-f
iiolins Went. N thwi'st. amls.ulliwe-t. - . if' L -?
hi. ) , SI. Hliikliamton vj.sll stbps at principal ; J r.
stations. ... 1 fe $
'initio SI.- C.ife esr) UntTalo. erafttbn, Blnff- IE
hsintou. Oim go, Ithaca, FlMlia Sv r.vuae, and Ot- A M. ,
sgo Exi-n -n Pullman ininvt 1 irlor ears. Con- 3 W
iiietlng e.t J' tre'o with train (or Chleigi and 1 ,(T
ji Mills vv t p 'man parlor ear Niw York to ' a K
llleliiieM h,( I '' ' .. 'i?,
1 ii( !. si. - 1 Mito.i. Ktngjiam.-'D. ai.d-.Elmlra Ex- , a jj J
pus;! Pup" ai 'nirTi't rilrlf-r ei.rs." . s ul
4iin r. .11. si rmitisi, wnkesbarrei and- Plymouth 1 At 41& ;
l.xpr-M- Piiiliiia:iliffeiii mriira ' ' ' i, S, 'n ;
7lOOI. SI. Lullj) ' hh-ago Vi'-.llilli Llmlleil Ex- I ; ' Mi
iirem for s,-r int. r, iiim.li 11111- n V.lml'a, lur.f ilo. .,
P.illm.in imtet tlerrlnmar. Niw York lo Chicago, i jgRj
1 liliilngisruest or lliitTJlo. , ' , M Kk5!
s..ii v. si. -iDallVi llifir&lo r.xpna Pullmau (' B Wfjfc
I4p?r-for rtriiitoiu Illng1isint-tt -Eunlra. Hatn, ,x wjBP
Ml Moi-l-.anil litllTatii. arrMng HilffalnKA SI." UHJM
111:111 i-. is lal!j ) lliiitnlo s rhutoii. WlngKam- J IB, M
t .11. Oiveg .. lih.ica.Wi ra. sua ic. .ind O,.go dlj 111!,
Kira Pullman buffet ltepeiii SUepers Nesr 1 lit !'
Yort to 111. hittlil (rm-. ... . . ' f?Sl
Tlcke s r.nd Pullman a-fommolntlons ,ai Henry i 14 14 W
0,,te A Niili-, LI I., Illiurnann-jv, J i-ik piaof. 1 lyiii'i
and 120 llnmilivav nnd llli I mid way -Tfekets at- IH Mil
lerrv .la-bun. 1 1 1 -HI) ai , i-or 12tli st.: 01 YV . ' m illf,
la.'nii it 2.1 Co'ii'nl ti av.. N-w Vork; U11 ami 723 'Mfi;
Futt'nst., s 1 toil lirivla. Hto trjn. Tlttiiiiabha I Jul M1
giving full .uornution at all stations I ' IS 1J.i1
W loott's Kvt reMl'iinipa iv m ill all f.irn;id.i.b.eclr , 1 t'J nAy
liaggage from hotel or iildi u.- to iti-.tlnannu l (jKtl
Tra.us i' li '( IYe.1 12d V. fulWyri V18 . J Hvl
niluuiesiwlicrfroin raiikimn,i. f lATJ
7ir,r. A. ll., fo Moiium, uirsMllls, Iass Sto- ' f H'jjl
honk ndMliinea.kj Mldlletpwu. llliiir.liHbi.rgu, ! i mfjti
Klituv.lli. llliliiirgii. Hurley iile, l.jke j-Vdsua,. il Wrlll
1.11,, rlv hcrjntmi, Walton, 1) llil, SJdney, N'otnlcn, H ; CJS!
I'tloi. (mella. Fult'ji. imwho . ji . .- H Ifr.i:
IMlft .!., lor 1 aliipl.eil Hall, MKldlenopsrn, f , MO
llluoiiiliigburgh. Wuritb'oro. .ili-nslll, Jloauia'udale,; , iij
IVutreWHe. K-lllalM,IKt- Lake-KlaillOalm, lllirleyrllle, I Jff.J
Liberty lls,UUTlj.VDUe Lake. '. -, 1 ' ' Hf
Ilia r, si. iSniiirda) mils1, fpr Mildfaown,v ,, -s uft
lllooniliubur,,'! M uruhor.i, i:ii nvllli.IntinCaluifale, ) 1
J.entriirtll. I allsb irsli, I nk-Klimiekliii, Hurl.'yvllW, 'i - ft,
IVih.mn-. LU.jrn, Wtv':olu!-e. Purki.i tile, LlvlngM g 'X1
Mi,il".il''.'"5.". ' iumplK-ll nail Likes IfohVnk- I U U';)
and Hiiij-Dii-Uii. MliVlui"iMi,lHooiiiliwliiirgh,-UrTW' j ;? kMo
Ikiio F.ileuUII "iliHiiiiulnilai lr-illi(. "aU i WJ;
burgh. Lake Kluim-lin. lluili j 1 ill' . 1 1 nirtale .Min- j, ; J ,,ffc
t-rl). Whit" Ink.-, IMrk.Mlli. ' iMii.-almr Mindr. ' M).
n"i'oii": si,, for M..11 ip. nn s?l lUjfudQie. ! ifl J8i
llrook. illlli.lde, CimpVIl II ill st '' I !!. I'rjrfUll, J SS 7 f
Hun Mildlidoun, Wlutvrio.1. lil'.iiijiil 1 rglr, rantv ' 1 fit J A
Uil.ll'. si. (KmnMIn -il V. sr,i.(D.llj.', Hf fft
for ( a ni'bell Hall. Midillf low r lltcn. Lvsiluodim -m I
McinT SaiOL.Sldi.e)rNoiwl)liRntlalisvile. llattf- I 63 OIK,
IIiihi, (' tula, luitiin, 0im.,,j. Si gaa.roUii, 4nil , U3 'jj'
points West i Pullman sleeping Cnr, Jlei llr.lug CHs(r 1 jiu 1$
Car seats free throu.-K to Chicago wibouctTa,sff 1 ffl 'V,.
arrive Chlo.go 11:110 P M. - IM 1
Tlcteu und j'ulluiau seats .1371 UroaoTway, a, J, iia ,'A,
, J.g. AHDER80N.0. P. A-, OSUsarnrsl., U.t J3 W
I I i
.1 '.'Jt.i . ,il,.iii.iiiiiiiMBtfci,lirMaSlBBBari1aSaSBSaBBBBBsJBSBSBB

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