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tf'' 4" ' THE SUN, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 25, 1897. ! I
1 jiiroaaiBhS to n.AT rxarrnDAX's
I souxDVT.rt) uame xttsnn.
I clr.el.lln, Htntttr. Wla Ttar, traltit from
tbe 1-lttSBtirt Balllmsr, Tatse a Close
ft (Jams froMa Chlraso tlndpnalla ftiirrrseftil
at Watatnton-qualiers Double lletnrs.
'2 It was Imposslblo to play ball nt tho Polo
I Grounds yesterday, so Iho Now Yorks ami Clove-
f lands will meat In two (tames t tit n nftornoon.
1 The heavy rain complstuly flooded tho outflchl,
J ao that tho water near tho clubhouao w At a foot
f deop. Ift Held to within n few yards of third
f baio was a lake, and the bltr pond In right field
t wade It necessary to Irnprovlso n sort of pontoon
I brldgo In ordor to reach tho open stntid from tho
I ofllco steps. Tho drains nere Inadequate, and,
us there was no way of draw Inn tho water
I Off, the double hill was declnrod ofT, and
I 8,000 persons who stood outsldo tho sates
I were disappointed. Tho Now York Club
signed a contrail with limn last night
? Who agreed to pump all of tho water out boforo
noon to-day. Tho ftrounets hae never honu
flooded so completely boforo. Over In Brooklyn,
J however, the homo team won three straight from
I Vlttsbunr. Tho Ilaltlmores captured u closo con
1 test from tho Chlcoiroi, ond fouuht a second
I battle to a draw. Tho ClnclimAtU won at Wash-
I lngton, so that both tho Orlolos und tho Hcds
E gained a fow points on tho liostons. Two vie-
torlesby the Philadelphia! over the at. Louis
& team placed tho Quakers at the top of tho sec-
f ond division. Iholloaton-Ixiiilsvlllo irauio was
I preventod by rain. IhoroSullSi
3 trookljn. tOi Plttsburt;. 4.
8 Utlllmure. 3 Cnloajio, a (first (ime)
t Baltimore 01 Chicago, A (seeond gains).
Cincinnati, 0; Washington, 6.
5 JtlUJ'Iphl. 8 St Loult, 7 (first game).
t l'blladelphts, 14) St. Louis, 4 (second game).
S At Kow York Wet grounds.
j) At Duston Italu.
1 Vr Prr
Club ll'orutoil Canf Clubi Won Lvit.Ccnt.
notion . "i nt .otiii Phiudelphia.4U oh .4411
I balllmure ...OS S3 ,0,0 LoultTlllo... 44 C8 .431
j Clnolnuetl ...! .14 ,040 IMtlaburj ,...4J DT .480
I New York. ..00 17 .818 Urooklyu ,...4U r ,tn
VlnTeland....BV 40 131 Waahliie,ton.40 no .41)0
f Chicago .. ,.4I 04 .4711 St, Louis.. . "A ,8S
buookxtk, 10; rirrsnuRo, 4.
I Heavy batting was tho rulo In the game a
Eastern I'urk yctterda), and wnllo tho t'ltts
purgs mado two more hits than the homo tenm
13 utile's players won sotnowhat easily. In tho
first three Innings tho BmokyCIt) aggregation
managed to make some of their hits count, with
tho result that four runs wero scored, In every
t Inning thereafter Fisher was touched up for
, pno or mora hits, but thoy all went to waste.
3 The score:
1 n 1 ro a. h.Ib ro a. .
J Junta, rr V! 1! 0 0 II Uunovan, rf 0 3 1 0 0
f Cirunu.et a 4 0 0 Padden. vb 1 0 3 u 0
r Bbtndle. 8b 3 2 u r Smith, If.. 0 3 10 1
S Anderaoii.lf f II 0 0 Pavu. 1L....0 110 10
H Fjwtjeui'e.lbO 0 10 1 1 Flj.ll ...1 3 111
f Dunn, ill. 0 1 2 I 11 HoITm'er 8b 1 S 0 0 0
I A amltlt.0 0 0 0 0 0 Drixlle, cf .. 0 1 a 0 0
f liurrlll. 0 0 0 4 i 0 8ui(den,o....l It V 0 0
i, aMaher. p 1 a 0 1 O.Klilou. p 0 1 8 4 0
If O Smith, aa 0 18 8 0
v Total- .,..4 IS 34 e a
I lotsU 10 13 87 10 l
is Itruokirn . .. ao4oaoo. in
f tltlaburn I 8 1 0 U U 0 0 0 4
J harnei runa Drouklyu 7. Hlttaburg. V tint baa
1 p.ierrura Unoklu, 1, PlttaburK, 1. Left un baara
Ilrouklvn. S, PIlttburK. 11. Horns run Sblnilo.
i Thro baa-) blu Anarraon, Sbluille. UofXmeUtar.
I Two-base hlta Qrlffln. O Smith. HoBmf Utrr. Stolen
badea Jonea, Paddtn. Donovan. LIT, Snellen Flnt
f tuue ou balls OS 1 laber. 2 i off Klllen. e struck out
;. l)j Klaber, 4, by Klllen, 3 Doable play Laohanoo
; (unaaalateil) lilt bj plteber Jonea Fatsed ball
f, A Smith Umpire Carpenter. Time a hours At-
' tonUauc6-.l,06.
t BiLTlKOUB, U, cniOiiiO, 2 Mail OAHE.
it luiruaoua. Aiu. 84 Tbo champlona and Cblcajoa
plajretl two hotl- contested games lo-daj. the Orioles
- winning one and tlelng the other The flrat was a
plteber s battle. Doyle won tba game In the ninth
ff Inning by making a wonderful run from first but
4 and scoring on a baa hit. The second game the
't Colts had well In hand, knocking Pond out of tli.
(S box la the third, but they could do nothing with
,.i Amote. who snoweded him. The champions had a
'ft batting rally In the fourth and eighth Innings and
r overcame the lead. The score.
if BiiTinoEC. etneaoo.
'J r Is. ro i i a, ln.ro a. k
?i Ilea raw. 3b 0 8 B 8 0 Decker. U...0 0 4 0 0
IK Eeeler. rf. 1 0 0 ll 0 Dahlen, at ..I 0 8 7 0
i' Kelley, If .114 0 0 Lange, cf ...0 19 0 0
tut BumolcJ .oasoo Anion, lb...l l la o l
Kt Doyle, lb... lotto 0 ltyan, rf. ..01101
rj-- - jlelts. 8b .0188 0 Callahan. ab.O 1 S 8 0
C,l: tLln SS ....0 0 8 8 0 M O mlck.Sb.0 0 0 10
f-i Jloblnaou.c.O I 8 1 0 Griffith, p.. 0 0 0 8 0
Ml uoffer, p .00080 Donohue, e..o 0810
Ki Everett, CI..0 0 0 0 0
f' Totals 8 7 87 18 0
4 Totals i 420 14 a
i' Tiro out when winning run scored.
t, Baltimore 8 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 13
X CMoago 0 0 0 0 0 10 0 18
V- Karued runs Daltlmore, 1. Stolen bases Kelley,
;.. MtQraw. Double play Callahan, Dahlen and Anaon.
Vlrst baM on balls-OS IloSer, 4 off Orimtli. 3 Hit
,' by pitched ball Dy Holler, 1. Struck out lly Hotter.
;';' 1 1 by Orlfflth, 8 Lett on bases Oaltlmore, 4 , Chicago,
f 0. Time 3 boors and 0 minutes. Umpire O Day.
J BiLTiaoar, Si cmoaao, 5 itooiD oauc
fi' BALintoar. I cuicaoo
;, H. I8.ro A. E R. lBFOAX
J; McOraw. 8b .0 8 0 8 olDecker, lf...a 1 a o 0
J Kelley, IT.... 0 18 0 0 ! Dahlen. aa ..1 18 8 1
.'. Btentel.cr...0 0 0 0 0 Everett, cf..l 9 8 0 0
ft Soyle, lb....l 1 It 0 0 Anaon, lb... 0 1 e o 0
rf Sella. Sb....O 0 8 6 0 Byan.rf.. ..1 8 8 10
O'Brien, rf.. 3 8 11 0 Callaban.8b 0 0 4 10
V Quins, sa... 1 9 8 B 0 M'Corm'k.SbO 0 0 10
Ti Clarke, 0.....1 8 9 1 OFrlenil.p. 0 0 0 10
Pond, p 0 0 0 0 0 Klttrldge, e .0 0 4 0 0
S Corbett. p. .00000
I Amole. p... 0 10 10 Total S 7 a4 7 1
h Totals... S 11 84 10 0
'l Daltlmoro 0 0 o 0 0 0 S 3
,t Chicago 1 18 0 0 0 0 0-5
S Famed runs Baltimore. 8: Chicago, 8. Two-baao
J; bits ltyan, Anaon, Clarke, O Bl len. Home runa
-' pecker. Dahlen. Double plays tlelti, Qulnn and Do lei
atyan and Anson First base on error Baltimore
i First base on balls OS Amole, 1 1 of! Friend, 3 Hit
n. by pitched ball-By Friend. 1. Struck out By Pond,
f. 1 i by Amole, 9 1 by Friend, 8. Pasted ball Klttrldge
,t Iitt on baaea Baltimore. 7i CIiIcsko, 1. Time 8
'; boura and IS minutes Umpire O'Day. Attendance
. 6.800.
ft Wasbisotok, Aug 94 Brown misjudged ally ball
h after two were out In the third Inning to-day and Ave
A runs followed. The score:
$ 1b ro. a. e 11. ls.ro. i a
. Eelbach.lf.. 1 9 I 1 0 Hoy, cf I 8 7 0 0
brown, cf....l 8 8 0 0 Corcoran, as 0 0 1 1 0
- Oettmar, rf.O 9 0 0 OlDeckloy. lb .4 4 V 0 0
' pemont, 8b 0 0 8 4 0 McPlieo, Sb..8 3 9 8 1
iV Farrcll. o ..18 0 2 B Miller, rf ....1 3 10 0
,', Tucker, 1U..0 8 18 1 0 Irwin. 80. ...0 18 10
V Fot. aa . ..3 1 0 0 8 Burko, If ....0 0 8 0 0
f Wrlgley. 8b 0 0 0 8 9 Peltx. o 0 0 8 0 0
,, Bwalni. p.,,.1 9 0 8 0 Brelt stela p 1 0 0 4 1
Totals..... " 14 8 18 6 Totals. ..3 1997 "5 "a
i. tVuhlngton 1 3 0 0 0 0 0 8 0 8
m Cincinnati 1 0 0 0 9 0 10 ..9
j, Farnsd runs Washington. l Cincinnati. 1, Flrat
baae on error Washington. Left on baaoa Waahlng
ton,8i Cloclnnatl, 3 Hrat baaeonballa Off Swatm,
Kl off Brrlto-ieteln, 1. struck out By Swaun, 8i by
Jlrettenateln. 9 Home run Backley, Two-base bite
Farrell, Tucker, Berkley, stolen baaea-Swalm.
Hor, Ueokley (8), ttcPhee, Irwin. Time 9 hours
.', Umpire Lynch.
rmuoisxraiA, 8i st. ucrs, 7, rrnsT oaks.
f; PntLAUELrnit, Aug. 94 The I'hllsdelphlas won two
tames from St Louis to-day. Tbstovrsti
; B lB.rOA. K B IB, rOA. E
; Cooler, cf...l 9 8 0 o Do'gl'sottlM 1 a o u
, powd. rf.. ..1 8 10 1 M. Croat.it .1 8 8 0 0
; pel'h'ty. If.. I 110 olllartman BbO 8 0 1 0
V Lajole, lb,, ,8 8 18 0 0 Orady, lb.,, (I lilt o D
t Bhugart, ss.,0 0 9 4 0 Turner, rf... 3 0 10 0
. Kaah. lib ....0 4 0 9 OLally.lr 0 0 0 0 0
i L Croas,9b.,8 18 8 0 Murphy c. 1 1 9 4 0
' uoFu-l'd, 0..1 0 4 0 1 Houamsn, cf 0 18 0 0
4 Taylor, p.... 0 0 0 9 0 Hallnian, 8b. 1 19 4 1
r' -. -. Hart, p ..00001
7( Totals 818 971 9 SouthhofT, p.l 1 0 G 0
Totala 7 10s"717'9
'I Philadelphia 8 0 10 0 0 0 08
k Bt LouU 0 0 1 1 0 1 1 3 07
p.. Karned runs Philadelphia, 1 Kt Louis, 4 Two-
if baae hit Lajole Hacrince hltt Lalolo MoFarlaud.
ft Left on baaea Phllalelphla, S St Ixiula, 7, Mruik
jr out Hallnian, HoutbhofX (9). Harlman, Cooley,
, pouble plays Kaah, Croat and Lajolei Hsrtman,
y Murphy and Orady Flrat baas on errors Phllailel
! pbla. ll Bt. Louie, 1, Flrat bate on balls Delrhanty,
.t Bhugart, L. Croat, Taylor, Mcrarland, Turner (8,
- llurphy, lilt by pltchod ball Orady. Patted ball
i, IIoFarlaud. Umpire Kelly, lime 8 hours anl IS
i. knlnutes
4 . K.la.r.o.A.E 11 le.ro a.r
" tkwley, of,. 0 0 0 0 0 Douslaa, If. 1 4 8 1 1
u Oeler, cf ,,.8140 0 M, Cross, sa .0 1 J t 0
! Powd. rf .. .8100 u Hartinau.8b.O 1 0 3 u
.'- Uelshanty.lf 8 9 3 0 0 Orady, lb. 0 119 0 1
ft Lajole. lb. t 8 8 1 0 Turner, rf... 0 18 0 0
V Bhugart, ss..l 1 4 1 S'Murphy. o 11110
I Math, 8b, .9910 Olllnutman.cfO 1 II o 0
L. Croat. 8b. 1 8 18 Olllsllman, 8b 0 0 8 10
It VtoFarland.u.1 0 8 0 OiUart, p 0 0 u 1 0
,. Whseler.p.,1 9 0 8 0
,' I Total 8 10 84 14 8
if Totals 14 13 34 10 8
'( Philadelphia 9 7 0 10 0 4 0-14
,4- bt. LouU 0 1 0 0 ll 0 1 u a
. , 'erne? runt-Philadelphia, 7i St. Louie, s, Two
r ".,,",V:, 9t""' !,"n ) Wheeler Ji. L Crota,
;, I atole. Thnw ba" bit Drlrhsut) scrlPcu hits
kcVarland M Cruet, stolen bateishuiai t Uit on
r baaea-Phlfadelphta, Ilj si Loula, ti. BtriirL uLt-St
'X 8flk 'n'e.1PIy-Bhugart, Croea. and Lajole.
'A first base on balla-flsrt, Oeler. Powd, simian. Vash.
9- h Or0S( Ml""". Hit ly Pltcher-liflehanty
Time 8 hours and 80 minutes tini Ire-Kelly
- i Kaslera Ltasue bampi,
k, putraio o ooooooo o-o I't
;;' boranton. ...,,., ,10080000 08 4 8
f DatUriee-Brown and UmuhartiOUUn and Boyd.
f Bala at other clUea,
S3sBMa!!?,alil " ' ' ' JwT!TilSSiSSiiSSzM
Majj j - r..rr. -
The Cleveland Captain Bays tba BlarT Rat
Sever neen Belter.
Oliver Tobenti, managor of the Cleveland
team, lias borno a rnthcr unsavory reputation
In the past ni a kicker ngatnat umpires and a
riotous player on the field. Lrut yenr howa
hauled before the Lcagna ana was fined, but the
Cleveland Club socured a permanent injunction
restraining- the Lcaguo from collecting; the fine.
Tebenu hns not floured muth In tho troubles of
tho ball field this year, and his players havo be
haved themseh ei qulto respectably as compared
to times In tho past, when they wero sercroly
criticised for rowdyism, notably nt homo. OIT tho
field Tohcau Is n quiet, cool, calculating chap,
who knons biitcbxll, and who can talk common
rensc. Ho Is fearless In his expressions and Is
rcspoctrd by his players. When Tim Bt'Jt re
porter askod him J oslordny nlwitt tho umplro
problem he was ready to discuss tho matter at
"You can say for me that President Younc
noxor hod n hotter stall of umpires, as far as
competency goes, ns nt present." said Tobonu.
" We have had very little trouble with them bo
yond ono or tuo lltllo kicks In oach gnmo, which
nro inevitable. Lynch, Hurst, Emsllo, end
O'Day have umpired splendidly as far ns 1 havo
eoen, nnd MoDoiiald hns ttono well, too. Sic
Dcrmott Is tho onlj ono ho has not been up to
tho mark, In my estimation, and ho Is tho only
umplro to flno any of my plnyors this yoar. He
inflicted fines on Hurkott nnd O'Connor In tho
very beginning of tho season, nnd he was wrong;
in doing so. Young Carpenter, the now man,
appears to be all right, nnd I hopo ho will turn
outABiicccBS, II is u hard matter to And good
umpires, nnd President Young has dono very
well, considering."
"What is the cause of nil tho troublothls
year, if the umpires aro nil right t" asked the re
porter. "Principally tho crowds nnd some playors
who set them on to lnllmldnto umpires," was
the reply. " Thcro is no uso talking, tho umpire
Ioscb his head sometimes and fmors tho homo
team if tho crowd yells threateningly at him.
In somo cities, notably Cincinnati and Louis
ville, tho crowds nro urgod to roast tho umpires
by tho homo plnscrs, who tako advantogo of
popular hacking to Indulge in pugilistic threats
at tho judgo of play. In thoso towns It is n caso
of win, no matter how you do it, nnd tho news
papers thcro aro as much at fault as tho patrons
of tho gniuo.
"Tho Impulso of tho moment has a great deal
to do with kicking. Playors who do not stand
up for their rights aro not popular with tho
crnnks, but I think mysolt that somo of tho out
breaks this year have bcon harmful. Whenever
I kick, it is not my Idea to bulldozo an umplro
co that ho will give mo more than is coming to
me. I simply want to know for my own benefit
why ho has mado a certain ruling. When I havo
received tho desired information that is onough
forme. Of course, wo coma in contact with a
thoroughly lncompctont umpire sometimes, and
then thcro Is trouble.
"Tho bad language used by players on tho
field Is not half so bad as that which wo hear
from somo occupants of the blencherlos and the
grand stand It is an evil which prevails in
over) city. Hut tho greatest mil of all is tho
attempt on the pnrt of spectators to rattle visit
ing tenuis. I'll ndiilt that it has been done in
Clet eland ns well as in other cities. It Is a
nuisance nnd doos no good. Why, It is really
luughnblo to wat h n crowd from day to duy
rising up when the home team Is at bat and
yelling Instructions to tho playors. Just bo
cause a pitcher gh cs a base ou balls, tho cranks
renlly bellevo that they have succeeded in
rattling him. and tho cry goes up: 'Hosup In
tho air I' If these howlers knew how they waste
their strength and breath yelling In such a sense
less manner they d be ashamed of themseh en.
"In ordertonlpe out thceo blotches on the
good nnmoof baseball. It is ncccissary for the
inngnatus to listen to the newspapers which are
against kicking and rowdIsm. If the news
papers can put n stop to rowdyism among
spectators, so that umpires kihI vi'Itlng players
will recelvea fair show In all the cities, I believe
the ektstlnif trouble) will be wiped out."
" Whr ia It that the Clci elntius nro not fight
ing for Temple Cup money this )curl' Tebeau
" We do not blamo the umpires or hard luck.
Cuppy, who has been u star pitcher for us, has
had a weak arm all trie season. If bo hod been
in form I Hgure that wo would hare had at least
twelve more lctorloa to our credit. Then
Young was not himself nil the season, nnd Mc
Aleer s withdrawal was a setback w hlch was
not remedied until we secured Pickering. Tho
fall of Sockalexls was tho higgcut disappoint
ment. He started out like n wonder, hut ho
soon became n lctlm to public flattery and
began to dltslpate. He cut his foot somewhere
about the 1st of Jul, and Instead of having it
treated properly ho put corn plasters on the cut.
Blood poisoning set tn. nnd ho Is at present in
tho hospital in 01e eland. Like nil Indians, tba
sights in tho big cities were too much for him.
"But to go back to the umpires n moment,"
Tebeau continued. "This man Wolf In Louls
lllo is manifestly unfair. I do not for n mo
ment doubt that he gave the Now Yorks a raw
deal, for he deliberately tried to deprive us of
our rights when wo went there to play. It was
simply a case of trying to help his own towns
men to win, which is a blot on tho Loulsvlllo
Club's record. The trouble wo bad with tho
Philadelphia Club at home, with McGlnty um
piring, was due to poor Judgment on the part
of the Philadelphia manager in not taking
Fldcldoutof tho box tn time. Because he was
wild and couldn't get the ball over the pinto
Stalllngs said that McGlnty was unfair.
"I notcr allow one of m plaers to act as
umpire, because of fin experience I had oarlj in
tho season. Wilson, ono of in) pitchers, um
pired ono day, and bcoauso several of bis deci
sions were against us. although they were cor
rect, ho was unfavorably criticised by certain
people. Therefore, I resolved never to let a
player umplro again. Pitcher Donahuo of St.
Louis umpired ono day and gavo all tho close
rulings to us. nnd gave tbotu ns ho saw them,
too, for which hu was threatened with bodily
harm -by tho manager of tho St. Loult tenm
when ho got into the 'bus with the players after
tho game. Thorcfore, I say that persons who do
not mint to sea n man umpire on the level
should bo suppressed."
"Who will win the pennant I"
" I'm out I" said Pntsy. " Wo can't win it. I'm
sure. But you can say this much. Wo will go
to Boston and win three out of four games Just
ns wo took two out of three from tho Baltl
mores. We wanted to play off n postponed
game with the champions, but Hanlon wouldn't
consent. It was to have been a game trans
ferred from Clovclund."
Just thon Cunt Joyce of tho Now Yorks
joined Teboati. They tno been friends from
boyhood, and aro very chummy.
'I was Just telling The bCK man that the
umpires this rear am tho host Nick Young has
over had," said the Clevelander.
"You don't snjr sot" exclaimed "Scrappy."
Then they walked away arguing.
Atlantic Leapie.
B It. B
Hlchmcnd 8 0 0 9 4 8 10 118 14 8
Ileadlnir ...,80001000 08 7 1
Batteries Schmidt and Foateri McMacktn, Ilelney,
and Uaydon
sscotn OAUB
b. n a.
Illclimond 0 0 0 0 9 0 0 0 08 4 1
Heading 0 19 0 0 0 0 0 14 4 0
llatterlea Utluimoll and Totteri Woodruff and
B. U E.
laneaater 0 0 1 1 0 S 0 a 211 11 4
ItorfOlk 0 0010000 18 84
Batterlos Sprogol ond Wente, JfcFarland and Cote.
B. H B
Lancaater ... ,00100019 04 10 7
Norfolk 8 0 0 0 1 1 1 0 0 B 0 1
llatterlea Yeater and Ilothi l'fanralller and Cole.
At Hartford w et grounda
other dames.
Atlantic Clty-Atlantlo, Si Cuban X Olanta, 4
Haarball Uanra To-Day.
xanoiat. ijttare axb ABrnicas amociatiov
Clevelaud at New Yorki Plttaburir at Brooklyn!
Loultrllla at Uittont chlaaifo at lialtlmorei St.
Loult at Phlladelphlai Claolniiull at Wajhliinton
EAtTtnt irttuT
Byraeuee at Sprlngneldi lli cheater at Provldanosi
Toronto at Scrautoni 'ftllkceuarre at Buffalo.
Newark at 1'alersuui Norfolk, at Lancaster! Rloh
inond at Heading (two aamet)
Orllanl F, O vt Orange A. C. at Hackentaok.
The llrookljna Ilnrely It In Their Aeries rroin
the St. I.outa I'lajrra.
Three of the National Leajrue clubs have not had
clear tailing In their games w lih Chris , an Der Aho's
arfgrciatlua of tall eudere Of tills trio the B- o":!jm
aro tie first to complete the terles with tho Jllttou
rlana, an 1 the l'blladelpkltut and Pltttt uri,a will
hare tu win all of their remaining tames iththebt.
Louie pit) ers to top the Brooklyna' reiordof act en
tlctorlie and Ave defeats Hxeept In four games the
atasrball,PoloUrouude,To-lay,aOanea, I Adni.
9 and 4 1', it New Vork vs Cleveland -.di
nateball eastern Park 9 tlamrsTe-Dny
For one admlealon, 8 and 4 P. JI Brooklyn Yt. Titta
burg. AdmUsloa, Sc and S0c.-Jif t.
fTfjjtL' -t''.'ii. -f Jrriitlir, 1 ,,'JYrt f
BiMaasaifii ' ' l""BnBnriiial
1 What Thoy Are i:
X Is moro than how thoy !
look, though both aro Important
I A Bhirt may bo ill looking nnd wear
1 well, or It may bo good looking nnd J J
? M ear bndly. J ',
I Keep's Shirts
aro tho best looking as thoy nro tho
Z bent caring shirts hi America. You ', ',
(should order them because thoy nro;
it good not becnueo the prico 1b low.
J Mado to order, 0 for 0.00 J if lnun-I ',
Jdored, l.OOmoro. JJ
1 Broadwny, bet. 11th nnd 12th Sta. . .
04 404t444
Brooklyns hit the St. Loula pitchers rather hard. In
two games llarnlo's men go 1 7 hits, In one they made
IS, and In two 11. The St. Loula players roached tho
double figures In base bits three times. Payne pitched
In two games and won both, holding the opposing
players down to a batting average of .191. Kennedy
won one and lnat three, the St Louts platers finding
' Hearing Bill" for a batting average of .987. Me
Malum won one In which nn was relieved by Daub
and he alao lost one. Daub won one and loot ens, but
did 11 1 finish either game, Flther and Dunn coming to
the rracuo. Tho other two games wero won by Flaher
anil liunn. Kaper gave way to Hutchlaou In ono of
the games won by the Brooklyn, while Stithoff re
llevril Donahue In one of tbe three loalng games.
Donahue alao won two gamea. Hart won twu and loat
two, Carney won one and Kltalnger loat one. The
record foilowsi
cL.cn nxcoRD.
At if erne. Abroad. Total Total
Won. Loat. Won. Lott. Won. Lott.
Brooklyn 4 2 0 0 7 r
Bt. Louis. 8 3 2 4 D 7
A a n. in.rirCtnt.
Brooklyn 48 7n 117 .873
bt. Louts 410 4B VS .834
r O. A K. TtrCtnt.
Brooklyn. B84 107 89 .941
bt. Loula 018 17S St .938
nnaeball Bote.
Frank McQee No.
C. D Collins 1. Bight hits. 9. We cannot give the
The Brooklyn Heights A. A. baa secured Booth Side
Tark for tbe balance of the seaeon.
The corrected soore of the gsme at PlalnOsld on
Saturday last waei Oreaoents, B West End Field
Club, 9.
Kid alesson laid yeiterdayi -empires like Lynch
and Emails are bound to command the respeot or the
President Byrno or the Brooklyn Club will return
from his eojonrn at Saratoga to-day. He Is not In the
B C K 1. Yea, unleas he strikes at It. 8, The man
on nrat who It forced la tbe only one retired on the
play, aa you descrlbo It.
Tebeau says he hopes to beat out the Cincinnati
He clslms that the Beds are lucky and have been
winning "on suspicion "
Two games will be played at Eastern Park this af
ternoon Manager Donovan nnally consenting to play
off the game postponed at Pittsburg
It la said that President Franklin of the Buffalo
Club. W. A. Brady, and V. T. Powers are at the head
of n scheme to buy out Chris Von Dcr Ahe's St. Loula
The Unions of Canarale hare Sept. 4 and IB open
for games at Canarale with flrat claaa teaine Addrcu
Prca II Campbell, Main road and Flatlands avenue,
Tbe Lmptre A. A, of Brooklyn has Aug. 8S Labor
Day, A M und P 11 . and all Saturdays In September
open. Address Oeo E. AVHUams, 1370 Ostes avenue,
Hike Orlmn says that the unusual rainy season
this aummer hat had a great deal to do with the bat
ting and the work of the Inllelders becauae the dla
monda in nearly all the League clttos have been soft
Instead of hard.
The Mount Loretto I) 11. C. has Labor Day open ror
two games with teama wbote players avtragu Is or
19 years, to be ptarcJ at Mount Loretto. Addrcaa Eu-
fene A Olavtn. Manager. Mount Loretto, Prince s Bay
'. O., Staten laland
I Con Henech The New 1 ork Club was organlied ly
John B. Day to hold a franchla In the National
League The Metropolitan Club, although controlled
by John B Day and others, waa ne er a tmltted to the
League. They were aeparate organisations
In Jnetkc to Capt Joyce It muat lie aald that his
temporary retirement from octlro play la due to a
brulae on tbe baik of hla left hand n hleh looks like a
fracture. BUI says when hla han 1 la well again hewlll
get back on the team. He la needed thero for bis
Indomitable pluck and hla run gettlug ability.
The strong Brooklyn Colored F. C which bss
won the majority of Ha gamea thla aeason. would
like to hear from all cluba baring Sunday datea open.
Wiat New York F. C . Bay Rldite A C , or Nationals
preferred. Address J. Watklna, 103 Fleet place,
The socond game of the series between tho Suburb
ans of Tremont and the FmeraMa of the Cathnllo
Protectory will bo plated on tho grounds or the lat
ter at Wctt Chctttr on buuday. .cue 8M Tho tint
game result d lu a vlctorr for the Emeralda by tho
eore of 0 to 6. An extremely large erond will wit
neaa tbt conteat
A 'palr" or games that will no doubt bo the flneat
attraction of the aeaton on the Orance Oval will lie
plar. d to-morrow afternoon The flrat same tu tie
blared nlll be a cbamplouahlp game In tho Atlantic
League aerlea between the Sewarka and the Pater
sons and the winner of 1 hla gtme will play the Oraupo
Athletic Club The Aral earue will atart promptly at
II 30 o'clock and tl e aecon 1 at 4 MO o'clck.
Tim nurat tho National Lesicuo unpin, who waa
struck on the head by afoul ball at Lantern Park on
Monday, waa confined to hla bed at the Bsrtholdl
Hotel all day -yesterday. V T. Powers and Umpire
Lmalie aaw him In the morning, but es ho waa very
weak and a trine delirious, tbe phyalclan In charge
laaued orders that Hurst could aee nobody for at leaat
three daya Tbe Injured umpire was la the care of
two hoai Ital nureea last night It waa said at tba
hotel that he would recoter In about a week
Baltimore, Aug 84. In attempting to catch a nr
ball lu the first game to-day Keelor knocked a finger
nail off one of his fingers which will put him out of
the ffamo for aome time Jennings a arm Nluamti
condition that heoan hardly move It. and he will not
i able to reaumo play for two or three weeks
Pitchers N'ops and pond are 111. With theae men on
the hoapltal Hat the champion's chances for tho pen
nant are not over bright.
tiosstp of tbe Itlng.
Tommy Dixon of Rochester has been matched to
box Billy Tweedle at Rochester on Oct 10.
Joe Bernstein and Fred Wright of Brooklyn hav3
been matched to box ten rounds In this city on
Bept 7.
Jim Hall has written to Ban Franclaeo asking aome
of the cluts on the Pacino coast to socuro a match for
him vt Ith Aloe Uregftalns
Maurice Rosenberg, a clever 194 poundor. Is In this
olty anxious to meet some good lad. Itoaenberg la
being managed by Hplke Sullivan.
Matty Mstthews of thla city and Frank Qerard of
Chicago, who were to have fought at Buffalo tola
week, have agreed to a postponement of their contest
until Sept 80
Larry Becker of Bayonnr and Joe Hopkins were
matohed yesterday to box 80 rounds next week.
Hopkins it the colored pugllltt who, only a few
months ago, gave Frank Frne tuch a bard tuaale.
Billy Newman has decided on a date for the open
ing of the Polo A. C. The nrat tonteat will In all
probability be tietween Joe Berlilteln and Oscar elard
uer. the "Omaha Kid." or Auatrallan Hilly Murphy
and Bernateln Bept 11 Is fixed for the initial allow.
Bam Flttpatrlck hai taken Tommy Uogan. the
clever Chicago featherweight, under hla vilug and
would like to make a match from 199 to We poun la
with Joe Bernateln Larry UecLi-r, Jack Downey,
Frauk Erne or Billy O Vonnell before the club offer
ing the largest purse
About throe months ago Kid McCoy wrote to Bill
Dohrrty, tbe Australian middleweight, whom he de
feated at Johannesburg, Bouth Africa, to come to
America, as be thinks he would mako quite a hit lu
thla country. Dobertybas seut word lu return that
he will aecei t McCoy's Invitation and sail from Aus
trail a on Sept 1,
" Myttcrlout" Billy Smith, after being Idle ror the
moat part of tho lunmt r, engaged In an eight-round
bout with Jack Power of New Brunawtoa at St
John, N. It. on Monday night. In the first and
second rounds Smith had his man gnlug, but after
that Power held his own and met blow for blow
The result waa a draw. After the battle Smith chal
United any 144 pound man In tbe bualntaa.
Dave Hulllvan, In company with hla brother
"Spike" and Patay Haley, will leave for England thla
morulug. Sullivan goes abroad to fight "Pedlar"
Palmer In October before the National Sporting Club
Tb little Irish bantam will receive quite a aeud off.
noley told a Set reportt r thit while In Fugland he
will try to aecure a match with Billy Pllmmer Spike
alao Intenda to luduce Tom Cantor to fignt him.
A good deal of talk la heard In sporting circles Jnst
now over the toinlng contest between Joe Choynakl
aud Jem JeQrlea. the Ban Francisco heavy weight
InJeffrles't recent encounter with Ous Ruhiln, Billy
Madden's man, he did not show up well. His man
ager. Billy Delaney, thinks that Jeffries It mtde of
tbe rUbt stuff, and that, It he dereate Oboyntkl, he
will bring blm East to light any of the heavyweights
hCHiMCTiDT. N. V., Aus. 84 John Itltcble of Be
Louis and Kid Kerwln of Toledo fought len rounds
before a small crowd at the Flectrlo City A. O to
night. The light waa to be at 110 pounda. but Ker
wln was eight pounds overweight, and looked
twenty. He li half a head taller than Itltcble. Tbe
Ht Louts boy Is much the cleverer man. Ritchie
forced the lighting from the atari, and Kerwln was
continually on the defensive. In the tenth and final
round kerwln awuug short lor Illtchlu a Jaw , Itltcble
cumelaxk with a vlcloua right haudtr and Kent la
started to apilnt around the ring Hu vim still run
nlng when tbe c,ong sounded, and the crowd sot up a
cheer for KHchle Thero was no decision, us both
men were on their feet
To tm EuiroB or Ths Btm V(r. Erra thouxb re
tuetaut to ruth Into print or to fight our battles on
iatr, I feel that lujusileo to ourselves I should not
allow Dave Hulllvan'a letter of Aug 80 to remain un
answered In ni) last Interview with Spike hulllvan.
lu trying to arrange a match with Dat e, he maured
me that they would fight as soon as Daves finger
healed, and although they know I can lie fount at
my place of business dally, they have not material
ised As for bis remark about Patsey Haley, I neod
only say that ray man and his money are always
ready. In regard to the Palmer Hulllvan fignt I do
not ear to prophssy, but there have been exploded
yhenomenons before, and Sullivan may not be such a
ohn Smith after the fight. Yours truly,
JtUxz BlAPn.irnoiB, Manager Bammy Kelly,
&Prf&J&'ifatfffifif. Wr.! I'M?;.; 1
Hlsa Beatrix Iloyt Maintains Her Unpvemncj
remarkable. Scoring by Mies Margaret
Curtis, n I.lllie i, r Thlrtera rre
The Competitors Rifled slowrt ta Right.
MANCiiESTr.it, Mnas., Attir. 2 1. In pitiless rain
tho women uolfcrs who nro to play for tho
championship of iho I'nltod States Golf Associa
tion finished their round of eighteen holos at 3
o'clock this aft riioon. Tho day win full of sur
prises, tho most dlsngrocnbloof which was tho
weather. Tho rain drizzled a llttlo in tho morn
inc, hut ns soon ns play was started it fell In
torrents and prevented tho good scoring that
would othcrwlso linvo resulted. Tho putting;
greens wore slow, and, as part of tho couraols
low, tho golfers often found tho ball nearly un
der water on the fair green.
The socond surprlso was In tho fact that a
scoro of lilt was good enough to qualify, al
though tho rain would partly account for this,
Htlll another surprlso to many was tho fact that
Miss Ucatrix llojt of Bhlnnecock Hills, tho
present champion, was at no tlmo preiBed for
her honors, and j ct another circumstance, w hlch
In a measure ocllpscd Miss lloyt's triumphant
entry into national golf, was tho scoro mado by
llttlo Margaret Curtis of tho Essox County
Club. tiho Is only 13 years of ngc,
hut sho wicldod the driver with su
poru skill, and her approaching was tho admira
tion and on y of many of her older competitors.
It wns nlso worthj of noto that Mrs. V. K. Zcr
rahn, who was within one of getting Into tho
winning olght of last year's medal play, made a
poor score, anil did not hand in her card, whllo
Mrs. William Shlppcn, who wns tn lost year's
eight, could do no hotter than 141 undor tho
conditions to-dny.
There was not a large attendance of golfers at
tho club when the first ptlr started. A rift in
tho clouds at 10 o'clock gavs somo slight hope,
and after half an hour's delay UOO or moro golf
ers went to the Urst tco near tbe clubhouse to
witness tho opening drives. It Bpenks well for
the pluck of the American women Kolfers that
thero was only ono defuult on account of tho
weather. Mrs. Adams of tho Onwentslu Club of
Lake Forest. 111., Mrs. Cbarlos S. Ilrown of
Bhlnnecock Hills nnd Miss Mabel lloardmnn
and Mrs. K. 1 hpauldlm- of Kssox county re
maining out through Indisposition. Miss Mar
garet Curtis took tho place of Mrs. Drown nnd
plnyod with Mrs K. Warren of tho Country
Club. Chalrmun Hubert C Hooper of the Uulf
Cominttteosnnt off the nlajera in rapid order,
and ut l'J o'clock when tho lost pair stnrtc-d tho
first couplo woro Just coining up on their second
Naturally, tho chief Interest of tho day wns
aroused by the pity of Miss Hoyt. tho champion
of Hhlnnocock Hills, und Miss N. C. Surgcm und
Mrs. It C. Hooper of Essex count), upon whom
tho local club, rests its hopes of tho champion
ship. Miss lloyt's work was of a high order,
bhemidon splendid drivo acrois tho brook ut
tho starting too. and followed It with nn
iqunlly lino shot oer tho bank, bho
mado tho sixth hulo In four, which la good pln
lug for any one, and on her second round did the
second hole In tho simo numbor of strokes. Sho
got in trouble w ith the brook haznrd on tho sec
ond round, and raised her first round score of
Blx to ten for that hole. Miss llojt Isperfoctly
self-possessed, nnd hur swing w is tho admir
ation of all the club golfers. Tho dlrtctness
of her stroko was amazing, but her ap
proaching was nut ns good as that of
Miss bargent, while both lost badly In putting
on tho wet greens Miss Hojt's first drltu won
n, round of applause from the onlookers, who
hoped to bco her bcutcti, and she bowed her
acknowledgments of the compliment. Ilcrtwo
rounds were in M 57 109, which has not been
bcittcn by any w umau player on these links, and
with fair weather sho would probably hmerc
dueid that.
Miss Sarecnt, ono of tho club favorites, also
mado a pretty driw nt the Ilrst tco on both
rounds, and was hetrtllj applauded. .She tmido
the first hole in six, like Miss Hoyt. hut lost
strokes in her putting, und ou tho eighth holo in
thu socond round shu drot e Into tho bunker and
cot a cupp) lee. lhero was no foot
hold for a good stroke, nnd with her
uioshie sho barely got the ImII nut of tho
cup. A sliced ballon the next struke went Into
tho woods, and on tho repetition of the stroke
she pulled tho bull out of direction. Comparing
her scoro with that of Miss Hoyt It will Ik: been
that sho beat tho champion oulHo holes and
huh ed live She mude the fourth holo In four,
which is the club bogev, and did not go Into
double figures once, dho made the rounds in
SI bO114, which is not equal to ner lC8t
mark. Sho was especially strong In approuchlug.
Mrs. IL C Hooper plajod n strong game, but
by no moans equal to her best. rihedroe splen
didly end made aomo lino approach shots, but
tho hard ruin told on her and bu got in trouble
at thoslxtccntb hole, which took ten strokes. Her
rounds were made in 50 05 Ul, which Is at
least ten strokes abot o her fulr-n e ithcr score.
Little Miss Curtis, who was onlj one stroko
behind Mrs. Hooper ou tho eighteen holes,
plned a wonderful game for fo oung a plaver,
reminding nil of Miss Hot's brilliant perform
mueat Morristown. Hhe mado two fours ono
onthoercond holo nnd another on the- Hxth.
and beat tho chnmpion on ti c holes, but sho fell
into truuhlo at tho last holu ou both rounde, and
this just placid her out of roach of the medals
wblch were offered for the best three beon s In
todas'splnv, Hcrnoru wns bl on both rounds,
and sho was one of the low who kept hcraerage
in the don n pour on the stcond round.
fter the play to-da) the driwlng took plnco
for thi upenlug match plus rounds tomorrow.
Miss Iiujt will meet Miss Curtia lu this etcnt,
and the match will Lo one of great Interim al
Ihuuih Miss Curt is doi snot expect to win against
her formidable antagonist. Miss t-nrgent plays
agalnt Miss Herron of Cincinnati, and will
doubtless win hor match Mrs. Hooper Is
drawn againBt Miss liristom of tho Merlon
Cricket Club of PhilidclphU. nnd is aleo looked
uiMin to win. 'Iho remaining mntch, between
Miss K. C. Ixingworth of C .iielnnuti and Mrs. J.
Warren Morrill of tho Country Club, promises
10 bo a closo one.
iicsliles tho match play rounds the driving,
I lulling, nnd approaching competitions will bo
icld to-morrow.
I'ollovwiiguro the scores In full of tho first
eight In to da 's pin) :
Situ Beatrix Hot t. Shlnnr. oek llllh-
Klrat a H J i) 4 0 it 731
Second lo 4 8 0 5 d 0 S 717-108
Mitt N. C. Bargent, Fatev r unty
Klrat (1 (( 7 4 0 B B 5 7 04
Second 867(!rt&Bb 700114
Sirs R. O. Hooper, Esaex County
Klrst 8BH30477 n
Second 6370M110B S 0" 181
Mlaa Msrgaret Curtis, Kf i t County
rtrat H i 10 5 h 4 ll 8 10 01
Second. .. 787BSri77 P-01 188
MlaaC.K Longworth. Cincinnati Oolf dull
Flrat B 7 8 0 it .' 7 S 01
Second 7 6 10 0 10 3 7 5 ft 08 188
Mrs J. Warren Merrill, Fatcx Count)
First 8 6 8 B 7 0 7 710
Second U8b0dl)7b 10 0(1 185
Silts Lucy Herron. Cincinnati Golf Club
Flrat 7 0 ll fj 0 n 0 (11037
Seiond 8 0 S U (1 7 7 7 8 73 ISO
Silas F. C. Orlscom, Merlon Cricket Club
Flrat 8 7 11 B li S 7 II 7-81
Seiond 7 8 10 V 0 7 8 7 770181
The cards of tho players outsldo of tho
fortunate eight wero ns follows:
Mlaa SI. I'. Hamlen, Essex County
Flrat 7 (1 t 3 7 7 7 8-80
Second 77U3U7P 7 U 7J 13J
Mlaa O S. Gannett, Fstex County
First 7 OU ;. 0 7 7 B 11-88
heionrt 11 B U 7 l 0 8 8 107.1 18B
Silas Madeline Boardman, Faex County
Flrat 78707H It 7 800
Second B 014 8 S 0 811 7 71' 10B
Mrs William Sblppen, Morrla County dolf Club
First li nil ft 0 7 ti 7 s-70
Second 18 B 8 U tl 7 s 8 871141
Mlaa Ituth Underbill, Quoent County
Hrat H a II 0 7 0 0 7 10 8S
becond BB7 10 7S8B 874148
Sirs. IL W. MoTlcker. Tuxedo
First V7ua7U0n 8 80
becond V 8 14 B ll 0 18 10 U-70 14S
Mlts McArrs, Esaex Count)
Flrat ia 7 10 n B f. 0 7 B 81)
Second lu 8 ia 7 0 0 U 7 7 7U 143
Mlaa T. V. Wlckham, shlnnecook Hills
Viral 7 8 14 4 0 (I l) B 060
Second u 7 10 U 7 8 14 14 M 8 14S
Mlaa Julia Bacon, Country Club-
Flrat h d b rl n f! 0 7 782
becond 10 10 18 7 18 10 18 8 0-87140
Mrs. B. V. R. Crosby, Eiaex County
First 8b(lhC7H 7 88
Second Ji 8 14 7 10 7 U Bll SO 101
Mn. M. D. L. Bradford, Concord Oolf Club
rlrat i 7 0 0 II .1 B H ti on
Becond 16 8 13 0 10 7 0 8 U-S7 163
Mrs J, 11 Dllworth, Allegheny Oolf Club-
flW 8 8 V 1)11 7 0 B S 78
bocond 8 lo 18 U 0 oil 8 1118-164
Mrs. V, Warren. Jr , Tho Country C lub-
flrrt 10 till 0 8 8 till 11 81
"cond u 8 1J ;u 7 18 8 18-88178
Mra.H. c. Chattleld-Tajlor, Onweuula Oolf Club
gbt... 10 Bll 7 III ll V Will 84
Becund u 0 10 10 Did not finish
Miss Florence lloardmnn and .Mrs. U. b.Sllshce
priue tssex Count) Citil) huiiucd in cuds, but
the) wero mislaid. Miss iloanliiiuii did tho
rounds in BV 77-14",, and Mrs. Hlisutu went
round in 7a, Tj-hu.
Mrs. J. r.Llnato mid Mrt". Frnnr L Z.crmhu
of thu Jioosick Whlalck (Jolf Cub of Milliiu
MlasAlleoCrovwilnshlcId Itogtmof the Newport
r. ii 'j1?0 M?" K-ll- Htillgls of Iho hascx Coiuil)
Clubdid not hand lu their cards.
An nnitljsUot tho cards will shew that tho
atemgeof twenty-threo players for Iho second
round was olght BtroLos grcalur thnii tho uver
ago of the Ilrst round. The ruin accounted for
a stroko u holo. und when some of the phi)
erscaiuolnibo) were well nigh uxlttuktid. The
loaders. Miss Hoyt, Miss Sarirml. Mrs Hooper
and Miss Curtis, however. Mulshed in good
shape and seoiuod none tho worse fur tho duy'a
hard task.
Tho pla) ers, as soon as tho luncheon wus ot or,
at ouco went home aud prcparoufur to morrow's
match-plar rounds. Ths doty of tba scorer
waa even less pleasant than that of the players,
for they larked the excitement, and warming-up
exercise. The day was ono of the most unpleas
ant that could bo Imagined for golf, and the
wonder is not that tho sroros wore as high as
they were, but that so many of the women had
tho pluck to tight against tho olomonts for
eighteen holes.
aoLfi-.ns iroitmzn or itAis.
The Aarntoga Toarnamant Opens Under Dls
heartening Weather Conditions.
Baiutooa, Aug, 24. Tho Saratoga Rolf tour
nament openod thlB morning under tho most
unfavorable w eather conditions. A hon v rain
storm cams up during tho night, nnd by the
time tho golfers nrrtvod at the links tho grounds
were thoroughly soaked and almost unfit to
piny on. In fact, most of tho bunkers were
knoo deep in water. Under such clrcumstnncos
nnd with tho rain continuing, all but
tho most bardenod of tho Kolfcra kont
away from tho course Aa a result
only eighteen of tbe forty entries put In nu ap
pearance, nnd tho Oreens Coiumlttco was forced
to reduce tbe qualifying number for tho United
HtHt.es Hotel Cup from sixteen to eight. Tho
scores wero very good under tho circumstances.
The course Is one of tho longest nlnr-holo links
In tho I'nltod States, lis total longth in yards
being S.H'tO, whllo tho bogey scoro Is 1'.'.
Tho following men qualified for tho United
States Hotel Cup:
Jasper Lyneh, Lakswond, 03B D. Bowers. Otsego,
US: John Held, Jr.. New Haven, UUi A K lledatrom.
Buffalo, UU; II. It. Swenr. Allanv. I'lOi O Hyde
Clarke, Otsego, 10t A. SlcClurc, Albany, loot Hal
stead Vatet, Sadauquada, 110.
Tho first round resulted as follows:
Bweny beat Hyde Clarke 4 up anl .1 to playi
Bowers beat SleCluro 0 up and B toplaytlleld beat
Tales 0 up and 8 lo plan lledatrom beat Lynch 8 up
and 1 to play.
This leaves Bweny, flowers, Held, and Hod
strom still In, and to-morrow Held will meet
lledatrom in the morning nnd Swcny will meet
Dowers In tho nftornoon. The two winners will
meol in Uie finals on Thursday.
Tho consolation iiiiilifylnt; round was also
played and tho following uien qualified:
II. M. Llvlnitton, Jr . Saratoga. 104t P. K Tynt.
Buffalo, mill II Van Itenaaclaor, Albany. lUi II. W.
blocum, Btatea laland, HSi J. (J. Averlll ItiKhmter,
Hilt II. IK Urn, alilut,lon. 1 lilt W II. Manning,
Saratoga, Wli t.R Deveiaux, Lenox. 18 I.
The first round In tho consolation will be
played in thu morning.
alp or Thoroughbred Rlork at 8heB-anead nay.
Tho first of tho fall sales of thoroughbred
yearlings began yesterday afternoon lu tho pad
dock opposlto tho Bhocpshead Bay track before
tho raros began. The lots offered woro from
tho Hurrtcunla .Stud, the property of R. Kan ford
6 Sou, ami tho Eltncudorf Stud, tho property of
('. J. Knrlgbt. The sale was well attended, and
ns tho majority of tho youngsters were good
lookers, lair prices were roulized, Tho top prlco
of tho snlo was 1,B00, at which a ha) colt by
J.nureitc I..i rosea was knocked down to J. A.
Dennett. A partial summary follows:
Bay colt by I aureate La Toaei. J. A BennctLll.PQO
Brow n colt ty IN tomac Foil), J A IKnnitt bOO
Br inn colt by Potomac Lavtnlu Belle, Ken-
alio Mat It . 730
llsv tllly by Potomac Flvlrai SI llowen .. (180
llln. k colt I y Potomac lola Oneck Mable .. fio'j
Ba colt by Laureate mdetla; c Gorman. 430
Total for t n lead (3,800
Average per head 630
Cb"Ktnut colt ty Candlemas B ggonet, W.
Heudrlo $730
Ba (Olt ' y Candlemas allerlat J A Bennett BOO
Brown colt by Candlemas Florlo; W. C Hot
Una .... . 800
Ilsv nit by Candlemas Mollis II. B ; Julias
IlAiier, Jr .. . .... 830
Brown colt b) Candlema Utility t W. llendrle 000
Ilrivn colt by Candlemas My Own. J t.
Holers . . 000
lla:. till jr by Candlemas Mlaa Kansoni , V. Hen
drle 223
Total for thirteen head $1,110
Average per head 817
lleaulta at Harlem.
CmcAOO, Aug 24 Time Maker hnng up a new
mark for alx anl a half furlong at Harlem to-day,
running the distance In I minute 10 keconds. Three
OJXldinU occurr d during the afternoon. Roa- Hlley
ran Into the fence and threw the atablo boy over It.
Beuamela etumbted and threw Jockey Uaruer under
the Inner r ill, and Slinmona toaaed Jockey Warren
over ht head Juvt after poaalcg under tbe wire In tbe
last race bunimarlea
llrat Ttace Hce furlongs Innuendo. 109 (T lie
IlLdh). 7 to 10, won; Beatrix, 104 (Lew). 1'.' to 1, sec
ont.Cornetta, 104 (J woodaj, 10 to 1, third Time,
1 nlC.
8. eond Bac One mile and serenty varda Tony
Ilurnln?, UU Donaldaon). 811 to 1, wen, Ilenauiela, 107
(tlarntrj even money. second. Serena, lOttiJ. Uoodsl.
uto 1, third. Time, 1 48
Third Bace lx and a hair furlonra Time Slaker.
10f iT. Slurphvj, f lo 3. won. Irene woods, 110 (Cay
wnod, 8 to 3, a. ond i Imp, 1U3 (P. CUj), 8 to 1,
th'-d. Time, 1 lti
lourth ltace One and a sixteenth miles Grey
hurst. B3 (J. Wooda). to so, won, John Harlln. 107
(Caywood), 8 to p, ae"ond, OHIa L.lll (Flick), BO
to 1. third. Time, 1 47.
Fifth Ka-e Five furlonga Pelle of Corsica. 104 (J.
Wood), 2 to l.won: Joo hhelbT, 111 iCavwoo-1) 6 to
l.etcond, IroHn Oal, 110 (C. Sloan). Il to 1, third,
lime, l.nv'a
Hxth Huee Seven furlon?a Trilby, 107 Morgan),
7 to . won. Foraecn. 10M(Do itadcuui, r to 1, eecond;
Simmons, 10'J (U arreu), 7 to 2, third Time, 1 J8.
Winners at Yewport.
Ctscixvan. Aug 21 The weather waa pleasant to
ds) at Non port and tbe attondan e f alrlv large Tho
ep( rlaw exciting Ihroukhout, and in the fourth race
hi.Meiie icke broke tne track record burin? tbe
calling of the Futurity from the presa atnnd a race
waa beliu run here, but the crowd (a as ao i it rented
In the un at event in the East that oompiratiri
little attention w aa given I V hen Pin ldlt led for a
time the Interest was luteue. at - Br iwu Dick" hat
be. u a contender hereabout ummarlea
First Knee Four and a half furlonra Sauler, 103
(Aker;, 10 to 1, won, Dts Driaeen, 103 i uleDttuej, 3
to .'. coud, bnake, 103 (Williams), 4 to 1, third
Time, n M',
becond Haci? One mile Fannette, 80 (Thornton),
0 to t won Blanton 110 11111 , 0 to , rrcond, Doml
nl(k, 1U Jaime), JO to 1, third Time, 1 42V
Third Uaie Mx and a Lap furlongs Lulu M . 103
(o-tranl). V to 1, won, lied Ducbeaa 103 ,Mat
thewa). 8 to 3 second; Mumlo Doyle, 103 (Ulcka), 40
to 1, third Time, l a.
Fourth Itact One mile aud an elrfhth Eugenie
Wlckea. 97 llllams). 0 to 3, won, Balk Lino 110
(On lion). H to 3, eecoud, bangaluon, 1U8 (Hill), 3 to
1, third Time. 1 SJe,
) Ifth Race Four and a half furlongs George
Kratr. 10.1 lUllllnma), 11 to 3, won. Mont Wayman,
IDjiIandrcn) 8 to 1. second, Africa, 103 lllatthcwt),
3 to 1, third. Tlmo, 0t30
Sackett Wins tbe Stake at Detroit.
Pxtboit, Aug 24 The day waa marked by close
flnlahcsortr a fast track. The only favorite to win
waa backett. who w aa aplendldly ridden by T. Burnt,
who was Imported for tbe purpoo. The leavlug of
Pardon aud Noer at the post In the seoond race
burned lota of money. Summaries
Flrat La-e soven rurlongs Kinney, 107 (Slorrl
sonk 8 to 1. won, Bomlardou, 103 (Smllvan), 80 to
1, second, Indlo, 110 (l'Ugott), evens, third. Time.
1 21V,.
Second Itaoe Six rurlongs Crocua.09 (L Smith). 8
to 1, won. Bill Flllaon, 101 (It Maaoni, 2 to 1, a-condi
Jetebel, 07 (boueer), 8 to 1, third. Time. 2 1.V,
Third ltace One mile Terrailn. 110 (C. ItelfT),
4 to 1, won. Alamo, tlB (McUlone), 8 to 1, aecond,
Elaket, 107 (W. Jonea), 8u to 1, third. Time, l.tvCj.
lourth ltace Hotel Normaudte Stakes value
tl.tlO; alx furlouga Sacketl. 101) (T. llunt). event,
woui Lleber Karl, lis (Helm, 7 to 2, orvond, Our
Chance, 114 iPltgott), 0 to 1, third Time, 1;14
Plnareo Bnlthed tec ond, but wat disqualified for foul
ing Our Chance
Hfth Race-Mx furlongs Don Fill no. 108 rtg
gott). 8 to 1. won, 01 1 Ssogua 107 (Sherland), 3 to I.
ae.oudt Hounding Cecil, lOltj (Slcrrlaoul, 4 to 1.
third. Time, 1.14
rtaclng at Su Ixiula.
bT. Loots, Aug 84 The raoes at the Fair Grounds
thla afternoon reaulted as follows!
Mrit Ha e One mile -I'lantatlon, B4 (C. Comt).
10 to l.woui Lhsrles P. IU7 (Fox. 13 to 1 second,
Tlin irveu, 103 (Bonner), 10 to 1, third Time. 1.48
becond ltace rbree quarters ot a mile .inkee
Hilnaa. 10. vC MaughKr). 4 to 1. won. Ultima. 107
((lllmorc). J to 1, second: Practitioner, 10U (Peter
man), 4 to 1, third Time liltli, niii
Third ltace-Tlirec quartois of a mile Darl-ee. 83
(Itevem). 0 to i. woui Tom Lilly, 8i (O Combs). 8 to
I, second, , Lleba Koto, S3 (C. Murph)), 8 to 1, third.
1111)0, 1'18-a
Fourth Itac- One mile Sliver Set, 88 (Peterman),
Blot, won Slarjirle, 07 (C Coinlia), eveu. aeconi.
Basiuil. lul ill. Murphy), Rio 1, third rime, ihjl,
Filth Base One mile. High Noon. Ho (It Joina),
18 to 1, won; Amlxr lllluta, 110 iloucon) lo to 1,
second, srlua, 1J (C, combs), 8 to 1, third. Time,
Mxtli ltace Five eighths ot a mile Klntella. 113
(C. Comls) ft to 2, wom Bond laane, lOi (Ljucbi. i to
l.setonl; Equltome, 108 (Hiukt)), 2B to 1, third.
Time, 1:034,
Sews n-oiu the Horse World.
Rain prevented the trotting races at Uoahsn yester-
IIostos, Aug. 84, The Orand Circuit trotting nt
fteadvllle to-day -a as poatpuned on account of rain
The weights for the Kl) lug llandl-ap for three year
olCe, at alx furlough, on I he main traoli, to iw run as
tue fourth raoo at hhiepahrad Day on triday, am as
follovaai Votor. I8Ui Typhoon 11, 127t Im Kiaaler
anil Cleophut, 182i (loud Tlmea and Hon aid 8, 117;
bunny Slope. 118. fclklua, lift Ithodeala, lllilnl
Iron, liai Orlmar ami Trolley, 11 li CaaieotUa Tho
Hantaun, Slarltje and Bernardino, UN I a I) Sllti hell,
1011, lliineiatnr, 111), Ualmrivo Uibi Pun em ix, lllili
Otorge (1 Kctcham. U4 hlnJIcullk lUliaruida,
i lO.'iOrlou, lOSi Ba-dlnn I00 III Dadd), UJi For
tune, HOiSt Miliolaall.NI,
I hiKAitsg, N , Aus 21 Five thouaand iveraoua
tciupled the Kiuiid aland at the Mate ralrdrouud
, to (I a) it ti,n Lour clicdulid for Ibonc rd breaking
irlil of John It Ji ulrj end Robert J , but the nn ll
laat night left tho trtxk lu bet coiidlt on un I thu
I cTint ua postponed for n da). The track at tho fair
groiinda li of a peculiar clu,, which, when dry, la i ry
i fast, but when wet la ailckyaml hart on tnofiit.
Tho drivers of Gentry and Rotert J say that the) x
I pect to get records tr no moru rain falls before to
moi row afternoon The entire racing card has been
shoved ahead onu dsy
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lSit-lHO Nassau St. I 30, 31, J3 W. Hi su SO BROADWAY, N. Y. 5
,- . - (r.ttalH$hed 1H91.)
TIltKS, pair. No better are mala Pull waj 4
ranty. all.sLl'.ALIZLII UUUUI It CO, 19 CUS St. 4444-a4444444444-aa44444444s
al BTuitit tun tiiai- laani bt. Dimnotta sun BitotDWir. T
EAiti. Kjsr.n defeats his eital
Blc Crtmd Tnrna Ont at DutTalo to Hee the
Antrd I'rtireaalonal ajurlntrra Btruaale Tur
Circuit llunora Iletaaea-D Cardlner and ftald
Steady tranlh or a. A. V. Membership.
BcrrALO, Aug. 24 Erl Klscr won the urcat
invitation mile race to-day. It took only two
beats for the "Dayton Dumpling" to conquer
IialJ, Cooper, ami Lsiughead and take tho big j
en J of the S1.0O0. There wero 7.500 people at
tbe IiufTalo Athletic Field to-day tahec the four j
bit; racers came on the traeL. Each man looked
fit to do his Lest, olthouRh Cooper had com
plained that he was not w ell. Werick paced the
first beat. Bald caught the pace, with Loug
hend second. Kl'cr third, and Cooper in
the rear. At tho bell Loughead started
to pass Bald. Kiser shot away up around
the bnnUii? and passed Loughead, who was
lcaillnc IiaIi'. and finished half a length to tbe
goo i, LouUicid second. Bald third, and Cooper
lourth. Time, 'J minutes 0 seconds. Tbe
second heat was paced by Bute. Instead of
lighting for tho paectnaker's wheel, each man
rode to get the rear. Bald got the last place,
with Loughead on the pace and tho other riders
between them. Bald rode wide at tbe bell and
well up tho bank. Lougbe id started to catch
him and pulled Klscr with him Loughead '
rode Klcr very wide, crowding him to .
I tho outside of tho track. B-ild went
down the bnnk to the pole with every
advantage on his side. Kier finally worked '
free from Longhead. whopre-ed him larup the
bank. Then the iM.Mon lad came donn tho
binkwilh a lopiu-r print, and it was all day
with Bald. Working with that motion peculiir
to a kangareo Kier pa"cd Bild inch by inch
anil finished flrat by a fojt. Bald wis second.
Loughcid third, nrd Cooper also ran. The
money wis decided on he aecond bett, so Bald
took I .loo and Longhead 20t. '
i llie Now ork Mnto division continues to
rank first in tho membership of tbe I A. V.
lVnnsN 1 inia m ulc but n -.mall gain this week,
while-the returns from other diai-ions aro ulso
I1k?1ow the nvengc. -cv retary Basett reports '
tlic ,-tnr.ilim; of the divisions ns follows:
New orfc. 5!!T. total. S3a51. Pecnaylranla. 248.
i total. J I 074, Jlaasa-hnvetta V2. i nal. 11 S3. New
Jiraey, nn, total. 0 SMt. Ill'nola sn, :mal 3 04;
i Ol lo. .':. total. S.k3. Vflvonatn HI total, i 47.1t
Connectliut li. total. I.Hn Mlii.rl 1 t lal 1 67. ,
MUhlcan 9 total. 1A52. Maryland 45 total 1.745,
North California. V total, f-7 Rhode Island 33. total.
1.04U Tho total uicrabertLlii la now v 7,525
The annual business meeting of the Vcw Jer
sey division of thi i. . V wns held In N'ewark
ou Mondaj night. The renins of the various
committees showed tint tho division ! strong
both llnanclitl! and nuirencaliy. Thi member
ship was reported at 0 J'-O, ns agalist lc than
ft.ootl lai-t ie.tr. Tho rcrort of the Treasurer
estimated the-total receipts of the icar ns 5.
OlW.,14, agtln-t expenditures of y.t.siHI 67. It
was deemed ndvlsab'c for the olilcirs of tbodl
tiilon to Innugurato some methol of increas
ing the membership A new Bond Book Com
mittee, e-onsistlng of J. C, Tat tcrsill, Trenton;
Vv.B. llititdcrson, Merchant! Ule, and J.Salis
bury of Arlington, was appointed,
Arthur Gardiner, tho Western rider, is fast
acquiring u leading position nmong the national
cinuit riders. While K. C. Bald still leads in
the numbirof wins on tho circuit, Gardiner s
work indicates ttiat ho miv supplant the Buf
falo man in n short time. Tbe standing of tbe
men, bhonlngthc number of plaee-s won on the
circuit this) ear, is ns follows:
Talue o
.Name. Urst. Stcond. Tain. Vurtet
Hal, I li h s S1.VU7
elanlinur 0 o a 77d
Coviper 7 8 7U
Mirttna 4 3 4 Cl;
Bterena 3 2 1 flis
KUir 14 6 7t'fl
N. Butler . . 4 1 1 no
Hoyt .1 0 4 iio
Newton II 4 0 800
Itoud-cad. t 1 1 1 tn
Tavlor 3 8 0 gso
N'ewhouie 13 8 IBS
MeKarlina 18 1 833
talon S 0 1 1(10
Jack. J 0 0 CO
KlIliUo 1 1 1 113
Mceuaon .... 0 9 8 113
w Hecker .... 0 8 8 lift
Well 1 1 0 100
Omsnr. N. J Aug -J4. Br tho provisions of
nn ordinnnio pmed W't night by the South
Or.ingn lllnen Board of Trustees, road races
within tluilllngo limits bcreaftor will boanlm
poalblllt. Tho ordiniineo limits tho speed to
tw oho miles mi hour, nnd tontalns no provision
tirot Idlnu for nm iiiiilltUn'lon of this limit.
Iho ordinance- rcqiiliesnt night a lighted lamp
whli h eJin be eeen for HH) lards, a Ih.1I which
mi) bo beard HKifoet distant, prohlblta riding
nlaspoert groiterlh.tn twolo mlloa an hour,
nnd linpotesii flno of not moro thuu $2 for vio
lation of mi prm iolon.
Walter 1 Sihwabe To rids from tbe West Forty
second Hire, t lerry lu 0!en Island go to Elibtb
avenue, to Htt) ninth atreeti rlda throuih Central
l'ara: to UOtliatreet and I enox aaenue; continue to
WOlh atreit, nn.uml Mount Horrla 1'ark. to llttli
aimue, to UMtiafru t. totlieSIadlaon avenue brldsei
eroaa hrhlkB to 13Htb ttreet. to Willis avenue to
ntihe.ter atrnup, to Weat Chesteri keep to'the
left of ellintii roid for one miles then follow It past
Clij lali.nl tu fraiors Ialnndi then cross to Olen
Ibluml 1 he dlstau.e la al out fourteen ndlea
I V lloilnann In rl.le from IVrtJervla. V Y lo
tills i Ity anil llirn to KaybriHik Conn . no to Decker
town twl'oi.i,ion in lira old I'atirsun road, lo Hale
.ton, to ibellBle.li n road, to 1'jtersoni Hie throiiuh
Dniwlio to IUckenak and crews to lkKotaieontlnue
toI..nla to u,., turnpike lo tl, lort U, ?"rry,
, 'ir',Mi.t1ire.'tC'.M tn:,,1ul"01'hJUn.altan atrveitJ
i l.oin ttreet, to Htlh aveniie; from there lake the
r mte tr. til Island i.ubll.i ed In Tl f "t i hU inor ,
Ing nafaraa1raveraWudileavlnifth..la terpla".
Nowlloclielle to the turnpike, to I areliii ont
snd cross brld... to Mamaroneek, 'tiki ti." roai
rou, tliroiuh tr to the Host ,n road house
tn the turn, Ike tu I'ort t'be.teri follow .Main" Iran i
across the- llryan. Itlv i brlda.. to the turn ke" fiThe
I', at road. t.. tint nvt leli, btanifunl. Darleu Norwalk
and huuth Norwalk follow the buore road to the
hsusatuik ehurel. near the rallnai. u lliveNldo
an line, lo tlu We,tH,rt drav.brldVr. V"s IrWiS
to Houthporl t airfield, aud Brl.liiepurTi crnsa tno
ti.' ",u'1 .f.'.,l0,v ,t'" urllk llmKigh btratford
Mllfurd nil I lerw In a l'o rt tu New llaien uVi ti.lirau
ford, tlullfor.1 JIadlaon. Clinton; an" b. "brook
a."7.,riV "C1 w'l"? ,iel11 ,h Waierly track on
ii.'ir,1 . T" '.'"' l"'t l as follows Vniuteur
UUf mile lumllcap, one mllo opsu. two-tullo , Aaad
Biiott In your oU wbet aad w will ciAkayoa
tlberai allowance la tralSe
1897 RAMBLERS $80
1897 IDEALS 35 tO $75
08D-945 ElantH AV.. NEAR 36TH ST K T.
Lexlcftoa Cjcls Co downtown actnU, Kft VeMr
.. V. Y.
ctp, one-n3 4vhBlf-mile handicap tan'leni- Prorloi
al Ouomlle upen.oamli tundIcap,flTiinU4 taadl
cp Kclrldo45CmlVpt. 8 will. C. U. Bad J, box
lb NVwark.
Entri- for th opnootlnr crt&tt of tbe Auo
clit-4 Crcilnff CluU of w York will clo to-dar
Itb E. 0rberaux. 403 Boulerard. eltj. TUc coott
nl 1 take place next Satarda on Car Grove hlU.
which U a mile Ions
E. C. Bald has defeated Tom Cooper aloe teen timet
thi t4aon
The notd SprinrfleldD cycle Olnb toarnment will
te held at Hampdrn Park on IV rt, 14, IS. 10 thi
year X feanre of tb mM will b a twenty mils
Mitch paced race between Lnlan Lrsna and Jimmy
Itlcbaei Tbe Race Com ml tit of to club baa ar
ranged tbe following programme VSept. 16 OnraU
profeftiocal. :10 claaa, cne mile match race on high
wheel between the ola chauiilona Hendee and Rjwt
quarter-mile I A- V. naUunal rhamplonanlp. half
mile open. profeMlonaltoce-tnlle open, am at ear. one
mllfOpen. prnfcalosal: half mile handicap, amatenrt
one-mile handicap pmfaional, twenty mile matcb
race LeanaTt UlUiaeL iept, 1 One-third of a mile
profeaaional. L. A. W. nattonal champiOZaahlpt one
tnlle amateur. S 10 claaa, half mlleoien.proIeailciLal: H
one-mile open, amateur; one mile i rofeaalonal record. I
race, half mile opn, amateur, half mile handkap. ff
XrnfeasKnil: nre-nilU amateur. L. A. national I
cbamplonsblp, two-mile handicap profeniC3iI. 1 I
E:T.r u are hetns mad to trine rl kUer and Fred fi
LougDead together In a one-mtl match race. H
The njute or the century run of the Awoclated Cy
cling CI jba of .Ner Jersey to Aatairy Park nSpi J
will b ft-nm Nrwarfc to BellTille Montclalr, SUll
lurn. P!a ntleld, New Bruniwlck. Old Ilr.dce.JiHi
wan Kol Rank Long Branch and AUiry Pare
J W Stocks, the Engliih rerord ho der. propoae to
retire from tbe path at the end of the preent aeason.
Tbe lri Cvcuut ipaka of the winner of the one
mMe world a profeaa onal ohamplotublp aa followst
W lllte A-end. the rafle profeaalonal champion, ts little
l-etter thu aboy.and haa nMben raclnaa k prof -local
Trry long. He has bad a fairly joow-ful
career ana wtll Imurore He can nae hla head, al
bn Is no mil taking bli ability to get hU Ugt
It U r ported that A. J. Bradstreet, tbe Rochester
I amateur. Intends to Join tbe profeastonal ranks.
A meeting of tbe Naisau wneelmen of Brooklyn
i wilt te held on next Tueaday evening.
An .nterta.nment will be held by the Paramount
Wheelmen of Brooklyn on Sept. 1
The ical.'rsln the mileage competition of the Bu.b
wick helmen are- C. Berger, S U3, C, Segna,
, .71 A F Kecbter. 1,:S4.B AuchelL 1.03!
The Indian BlcyileCIutiof Brooklyn will participate
In the bicycle parade at Mount Vernon ou Labor Da
A meeting of the Aax-clated Cycling Cluli of the
Eastern Detii"t will be held on i-ept II
A meeting of the Parade Committee of the Aaaoci
alM Crcllng Cluba or Long Island will t b U I
nlcht at the Nassau Wheelmen's clubhouse
Tbe St Columba bee Ime n of this city will h li
an open century run during tho latter part of St
The lloarl of Coniuls of the L. A. W. will bold a
meeting In this city to-night.
flanday Ganftoftbe .FmatlnsA A. C Perblddea.
It is not soTery long ago alnce tbe offlcers of Its
raUmeAeC were tn a heap of trouble, owing to tba
eharglngofalraUalontotbelr8unday athletic gan-e.
which were held regularly for mem tiers only Tfce
promoters were arrested and held on the charge '
Tlolatlng the Sabbath law, but outside of putting It.
officers to a great deal of tnconTenlence the case d J
not amount to mm-h, and eTerythln went a.ot)j
swimmingly until an amateur boanv tournaiur I
was luggestad.
Lrorythlng waa made raady far the ofTalr wbtrb
proinled lobe the banner amateur tournament f
the year. A Unit was erected on the clut fir lu,
aud aocomodatlons pro Tided for a large crow a
large lUt of rntrle waa receded, and jutt lifiry
tiling was In working order, notice wu ivo-lre ' r u
the police that tbe tournament iutl tie f
This was Indeed, a haiM plU for the I'a-'lnu-A t
swallow, but the polU1 were deieriulned, at t x
tournament was abandoned, with a heavy 1oj u u
Too olub next decld3 not to charge alnil to
the Sunday games, and tbe last net held -l.waa
free, but ercn this did not tat!f i
thorttiea. and notice has been sent U the wi i tr- i
the Bast SUIy-serenth ftreet police atailnti t it
gamea will testoiped altogether Tlic m-n.N r '
Tery indignant otr this Utet lnterfrm.ee n i a
that aa long aa tbey don I charge admlailon a I
b-lng broken, and furthermore that other..! J
cluba In this city hold regular Sunday gam. uti t tr
not molested A prominent memteroftue ul
The Snt n porter that he taunot undertaul w '
V A. C ihould altayi be made a mark of &it
11 Tea up to all the require menu of tbe ctv U and a a
At the R&st Sixty seventh atrret police Hal u
was oald that Capt, Or ant Is on hli racallou ar l l
tng Captain Fitch waa not in The bergi-tnt i
dtkvta rurprlseil to hear that the Pastime A 0
ever held Sunday gamea.
Football If tea.
X Ia Salle Institute will have practical It the nm m
team thla year that won the New ork Inirn tul JjL
astlo cham i lonthlp last year
Collegiate School has decided to enter the f ail
arena and will plae a squail of men in tralitli l
the earliest possible date. The team will a.i- w
atHut 14fi poundi
There Is every reason to bellsve that the Irv1 u t
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It will be materially r trengthened
The East Orange r leU Club will ajtln enter a t i
In the football field tbts season Mai.ftgrnor '
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team la pleated at the proa pen t of haMn
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tselng rapidly preparrd for pr act lie
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I team lias U-urd a cill for tbe tamtlilati s a' l '
tt em out for tarl jra-tUt fht r 1 t4 '
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that William Oul, CurueU'a noted full biK
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nouM not be In the hunt forfootl allh ii r t
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i WOODBURY' ':".;
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