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1 ft . . " THE SUN, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 2S, 1897." .- 1
v irrsTVitir itAii.noAns.
I, The VlnPmtilmt Rii They Arr Thoroughly
i , Writ Organised nnd Agxrcsslse anil Tlirr
Think till PMinKr Associations Will
I lie Itrottsht lo Terms Many w Jlmbrn.
Tho Merchant' Ajwoclntlou milled yestonliijr
I ' novrrnl vti'll-known rmnicb to Its list of local
' ' membership. Among Uiciti wcro tho Killfon
Klcotrlo IlliitnlnnUtit; Company, ('. II. Mallory
1 it Cii., nml tho linnkcr J. A; V. HellKiunn .t
ft Co., l!l Itroml street; Nnutnlmnr, Iiticr At Co.,
I 0 Wnll strcof, Clnrk, DoiIro & Co.. 61 Wall
street, ami A. M. Kldrtcr Jb Co., 18 Wall street;
t Josoiih lsotli & Co., rllilion?, fl." (Srcctio street,
I nnd tho National Hlanlc Hook Company, 70
i Duano street.
I . Tho Mioclntloh'ii non'reehlont incmhorshlp la
J growlne ooTitlniiaHv. Tho number ot mich
tnoinbeis Is now oyer L'lt.OuO. There wcro
nbotit aoo applications yotcrday. This non-
lesident membership loprusontsincieiiants sent-
t tcred nil over tho 1'nlleil Htatcs and rcircsant
J ing ovory Statu In tho Union. Thoso who llvo
'J within tho Jurisdiction ot tho Joint Trufllo mid
" Trunk I.lno iifisnciiitlons luivo received cer-
f tain toiicuxsloim by tho rood In thoso nssoohi-
t tlons, which randor It easy for them to ircl to
i ' the uroat trudo contrita of tho country, includ-
Jp Ing Now York. Certain roads) in tho South
nnd certain linos lit tho Southwest havo nurecd
4 to co-ooralo also with tho Merchants' Assocla-
Hon, niakliiK it as easy an possible, fur nicr
ji chants living; on their lines tKot to Now York.
?but tho Western Passenger Association, which
controls tho territory wost of CklcnKO nnd St.
i. Ijouls, has doellncd to Isbiio tlckotH to tho luoin-
Ibers ot tho association at tho reduced rates
naked for, and similar action ban been taken
by tho Houtliwcstcrn I'asscnircr Association,
which controls tlm torTty jvijst of tho Mta-
lsslppl, south ot St. Louis. John C. Jiihrlmr,
First. Vicu-l'rosldeiit ot tho association, said
! ytsterday in regard to this action:
J. "Tho Merchants' Association does not intend
? to stup fur ono moment in tho work which it
Is has commenced. Helluvlnn as thoroughly as
t it docs In tho Justice of its cause, it Intends to
t CO on on tho lines already mapped out, until It
V bliall havo convinced every railroad oiRimlza-
v tlou In tho Viiltetl States that its position is cor-
i lect, and brought them all Into a position whoro
r they can act harmoniously for tho greatest
good to tho irtciitc.it number. All that we ask
,-. of tho railroads Is that they niako it as easy us
I possible, for tho merchants living; throughout
tho country to wet to tho trndo centres of tho
1 country. Wo aro not askiiiKaiithliiB moro for
f Now York than wo nro perfectly wtllluir to ac-
cord to any oilier tradu centre, but wo do ask,
und n shall insist, that Now York bo placed
f on tho eaiuo foothiK as every other trado eontro.
5 AVo havo uHkcd, and wo Intend to contlnuo to
f nsk, that it shall be niado Just ao easy fur a mer-
chant to Ret to Now York as to net to any other
( city, lcavint; it with tho mcrchunt himself to
i tilcct which city or cities ho uants to visit for
I tho purpose of making Ills purchases.
J Bj-Thla refusal on tho part of tho Western and
i Southwestern Passcnuor associations Bhuts out
k from ilia markets, at tho seaboard many thou-
i? sand men. I can only repeat on this point that
t Ave do not intend to Mop for ono moment until
J thoso mcrchnnU shall havo tho privileges to
f which wo bollovo they urc entitled. Trado can
s ho stimulated only liy widening tho facilities
.t for nierchanw to brlnif themsolvos into contact
ff with tho great trado centres of tie country. Wo
i tiropo.o to widen thoso facilities. Wo nro not
1 iittacklnff anybody, nor do wo Intend attack-
J lni? unybody. Wo aro very much In earnest In
S this matter, however, and feel suro that in tho
end wo muit provail. Wo aro thoroughly well
3 crcanized. W o aro uggresBlvc, nnd our oggrcs-
I rlvenoss la bolng stimulated every day by tho
, uddltlons to tho non-resident as well as to tho
J resident membership list of our nsfocintlon."
.f Monday's steamer from Bermuda brought a
p largo number of merchants to Now York, most
A of whom aro members of tho Merchants' Asso-
elation. A number of theso merchants visited
:. tho rooms of tho Merchants' Association and
i signed tho register there. Among them was
i T. 11. LIgbtbourne, dry goods merchant ot
i: l'uget, llcrmuda. lie said:
K "Tho business of Ucruiuda Is dependent upon
, tho crops and upon tho visitors to tho island.
v Bermuda is an army nnd navy station, and lo a
St considerable extent tho visiting fleets contrib-
W nto to the gouornl wolfaro. Tho import trado
'ft of the island is largely Kuropoan. Mcrchanta
$;. purchase all wearing material from European
K markets on account of tho very low importa-
SJ Hon tax. For wheat, stuffs, and machinery,
& however, tho Ilermudans patroulzo tho United
S', B.ates. Tho cxiort business of llcrmuda each
pv year amounts to about 250,000 bushels of
oulans and 100,000 bnrrels of potatoes. Last
t'i- year these exports brought very high prices, and
,' thosamo conditions aro looked for tnls year.
, In New" York city to-dnv thero aro probably
- 150 liermuda merchants, moro than half of
- that number baring como as tho result of tho
': Inducements offered through tho efforts of tho
-jt Merchants' Association,"
y Another Hermuda member, Mr. A. W.
?.- Ucld-Trott. Bald:
!? "This is my first visit to New York city.
Tho Merchants' Association is the direct infill-
ji enco of my visit and also of tho visit of 100
?j other merchants of tho island. Tho steamer
"i; on whUh 1 sailed from Bermuda had on board
', tisty merchants, nelng an increase of forty
"r over tho number who como last year on the
)j." fomo ntcamcr. Business conditions in Itcr-
rf! muda are influenced by tho crops, tho exports,
',-: and tho fleets visiting the stations, and the win-
't ter tourist travel. Tho prospect In regard to
this season's crop exports is very encourng-
f Inc. As largo exports u.a last year aro contl-
$1 dently expected. Wo expoct a large squadron
y In Hermuda ior tho winter. These two things
a bring about In Bermudu a very prosperous fall
and winter."
5) Mr. M. Werthclmer ot Ardmore, Indian Tcr-
rltory, dealer in general merchandise, talks as
i- ronfldently of improvrincnt in his section us
ii do tho Ilermudans. He said:
5f "Wo aro looking for nn improved business
S during tho fall and winter months. Kor a year
m there nas boon llttlo activity in Ardmore. Tho
k crops this year aro excellent throughout tho In-
ft j dlan Territory, and the fanners expect pood
prices for them. Thcro is nlso n flno lot of lho
a stock, for which thero is considerable demand."
t C. It. Williams, wholesalo grocer, of lilr-
s4- mingham, Ala., said: "Business prospects In
if Birmingham aro very promising. A cotton
'4- factory built at a cost of tgAOO.oOO is now in
SJ operation and a steel plnnt has been turning
w out tho very best st?el for two months. Six
..v. trunk lines and twenty local lines touch BIr-
tl' mingham, and they all report increased traflla."
;4 Uanced, Xot I.jnrhMl.
f( rAYKTTEriLI.E, W. Va., Aug. 21. Two thOU-
J (and peoplo witnessed, tho execution of Jerry
Vt Brown, colored, at 3 o'clock to-day. Ho was
A convicted ot assault on Mrs. Radford, white
.rt Tho execution was quiet nnd orderly, notwith-
ft standing threats made by negroes. Albert
.E Vlers, one of the Iiowls gang of murderers, who
, was sentenced to be bangod with Iirown, broke
;';, Jail on last Thursday nnd has not yet been
:j caught.
$$. I'ollce CommlMlonrr Andrews TVelt.
IP Police Commissioner Andrews has quite re-
covered from his attack of diphtheria and tho
,1 . quaranttno has been removcil from his house.
r5 It is expected that ho may show up at Police
W Headquarters to-day to resume his duties, pos-
W plblyfo attend tho meeting of tho board which
h U held this forenoon. Hlsnflho Ims In his ab-
f lenre been thoroughly overhauled and dlsln-
'" fectod, tho plumbing renewed, and the carpets
.', cleaned.
1 i; Court Calrudara This liar,
t f Appollato Dlvlnlon Supreme Court Rrcru.
I ,i Supremo Court Hpeeisl Term Part I. Motion osl-
Br ? endsr callsd at 10:30 A. M. l'.trt II. Ex-psrte mat-
1 4 "
? aurroffatrt's Court Chamber No day calendar
I For probate Wills of Daniel v. Robinson, Harah
Moore. Hose McDonald. Stephen J. Thomson, Kllza
; II. Matthews. Hwly Mcr.nughlln, at 10:0 A.M.
ji ' City Court Special Term MoiIoiih.
$, the FUAUD of the Any.
i See you get Carter's,
V Ask for Carter's,
I Insist and demand
GARTER'S Little Liver Pills,
j The only perfect
I Liver PilL
f Take no other,
: Even if
4. Solicited to do so.
$ Be-ware of imitations
of Same Color Wrapper,
Weather Cendlllens rlt TmIi Wet VaTara
bin to Farm Products.
Wasiunqtov, Aug. 21. Tho crop bulletin
issued today by tho Wcathor llureau says:
Tho wcathor conditions during tho weok In
tho States of tho conlral volleys, lako region,
Now Kngland, nnd over tho greater part of tho
(lulf nnd Southern Atlnnllo States havo boon
very unfavorable to crops, moro particularly tho
moro Important staples, corn nnd cotton, Tho
week has boon marked by exceptionally low
tompcraturo over tho greater part of tho coun
try wost of tho Hock)' Mountains, with light
frosts in tho lako region and upper Mississippi
Valley. Drought continues over portions nf
tho Virginias, North Carolina. Tonncssco, Mis
souri, and southwestern Texas, and Is begin
ning lo he felt In portions of Nebraska, Iowa,
Illinois, Indlnna, and Ohio, wnllo cxcosslvo
rains havo caused dauiaga along the Uulf and
Bouth Atlnntlc coasts.
On ilio Puelflo coast and In lho Hocky Moun
tain region tho week has been gcncrnlly favor
mUo, although unusually warm In Oregon nnd
Washington. Tho condition ot corn In Kan
sas has Improved. In Nebraska It is matur
ing nicely. In Knuth Dakotu It is tilling well,
but. nsgcncrnlly throughout thy central ralley",
it needs warmer weather to hasten maturity
beforo frost. In Iowa. Illinois, Indiana, and
Ohio tho crop, besides sintering tho cltects ot
abnormally cool weather generally, needs rain.
tleneral rains havo Improved cotton n Texas,
except over portions of tho southucstorn part
of tho Htnto, whore drought continues. Cotton
alco needs rnln in Missouri and portions uf Icn
nessee und North Carolina, but over tho great
er part of tho central und eastern sections of
tho cotton bolt tho crop has been seriously In
jured by cxcosslvo rains, und complaints of rust
and shedding nro quite general, while reports of
rolling nnd iViuiiiiro by worms nro numerous.
Hprlng wheat harvest continues in northern
Minnesota nnd in thollakolns, hut has been de
layed by local rnlns in North Dakota, whero tho
:rop has ripened very unevenly, and some of tho
over rltKj has been lost. Harvesting has con
tinued under favorable conditions In Oregon
and Washington. It Is well ndvoncod 1 In Ore
gon, nnd v 111 bo completed In Washington in
about ten days.
Special telegraphic reports: ,.,
Now Kngland Narrow oscnpe from frost on
several mornlngsin the Interior: general outlook
very discouraging: com practically past re
covery and much will hotltpnly for ensilage:
potatoes almost a failure: tobacco slightly Im
proved and cutting well advanced: fruit pros-
New York Cool nnd showery; corn grows
slowly, but buckwheat and lato potatoes bene
tiled; potato blight seemingly Increasing; oat
harvest delayed and considerable- remains un
cut; haying generally finished: ploughing
progressing, soli in line condition; hops and late
oats rusting somewhat: warmer weather and
moro sunshine needed badly.
New JerseyAll crops have niado a slight Im
provement: crnnberry crop will bo unusually
fight: some bogs will not yield over 25 per cent,
of the average crop.
PennBylvanln-Growing crops continue to do
well, but the nights are rather cool for corn; to
bncro cutting in progress, with prospects of a
good crop; buckwheat Is very promising; pas
tures are good; truckers' produce abundant;
peaches plentiful in southern counties.
Maryland and Delaware Corn in excellent
condition: peach crop In line condition in central
and western, and hotter thau expected in south
ern nnd eastern sections; tobacco being cut nnd
housed, crop excellent; largo crop of potatoes:
tomatoes ripening slowly; fall ploughing well
Kew York stock Kicbance sales Am. OS,
1 UBas.e, 1920 126
CLOSINO frickb or UNITED states bonds.
Bid. Atltd. Bid. Atkei.
Cn St 2a. r, On St Bs. r.
atplofO. Q71 104 113". 1134
Cn St as, r. Vn St 6s, e,
1B07 112 1121 1804 113N 1134
Cn St 4, c, Cn St as. r.
1007 112 112a 1898 102
rnSt4a,r. UnStei.r.
J925 126 126" 1890 106
Cn St 4a, c.
1825 12SH 126HI
104, Atch adj 4a.. 67' 1 N Starch m Jit. 104'4
113 67"s 16OMltpd..l02'a
104 67"" 10OSLcn5s 02
360 &7li 1 OS's
24 Atch snl 4s..... 87lJ 10 OBIInca 00"a
60 87s 2 00
6 87"a 10OSI. Inob.... 38
3AmBMs SCa 1 Ohio So gnl.... 16
9 AmCotOU8a..l07'4 SOroSLes 117"a
12 AuaNWlsts. 85 6 Ore Imp 6a 32"a
or. rh Oml4L,! R2' 6 Oro Imp Bs,
20 83 '"P 34"a
12 823 4G 35
1 Ch&Olat, sA.120 15 35'
20 C. ntQcnTBa.llO1!! 10 341
6CBAQ.4a.Xrx 04 10 Pro. DA E lt..l01
10 C,nQdobos.l05 10r,DAK2d,tr 10
4 Can So 1st. 110 10 17
2 110' 14 10
12CftflthATltt.llOs4, 0 Teo A Eaat lit. 784
13ChtoTmllat.tr 44V 3 787s
25 45 10 79"a
25 44 0 70s
6 44". 12 80
10ColMldlat.tr. 05 12 804
10 04V 13 81
16 Col Mia 4a, lit OI'eo&Eait In.. 104
Ip 11'4 8 .20
10 11T 2 204
10 ll' 1 20.
20 COa lly latino 3D 2 renna44 112U
2 38' 2 I,,C.CAStL44,
2 38 arm lll'
10COny2dino. 134 4 Kock Ilrx Oa..l06Ta
4, 13 6 1054
lDenAItOcn... 874 10 Head rnl 4a.... 854
12 Erleprlorbda.. D21 53 86
10 02 1 nioo Will.,.. 7D"a
1 024 6 FoPofCal lat.108
15 Erf llenH-4.. 72 10 SoPof N M 1U0(P
SKTrnnBa Ill 10 SoP of Aria 1st 08"
6H&FMlat.PnBa 78 6 , 00
3 QaPaolat MiUII 1 StPAMa,MO81004
4 Or Bay, deb B.. 07a 1 St P A Ma cn
10 04 4a 106
25 04 6StLA8Fa.. 72
40enF.lecdeb5Jl00 11 724
6HASt Jones. 122 2 724
6 Harlem 1st, r..l 11 6 72
1 lioekValSa.... 654 2Str73-10 1384
6 Iron Mt B. a art 85 3StPirol4s 102s
20IHCen4. 19SSl03'a 2 102Ta
8IowaCeutlit., 004 OSt I.SWM,.,, 31
1 07 1 1 Stan n A T Ino. 171
OKInusCoEl 1st 65s 42 17
6 KP latOBs.tr.il 1 fi 174
3 KanPcon.tr.. 03 1 0 8 A A A I" lit 4i 02"s
0 02s 12 (114
35KPDdaa,tr...ll2' 0 01'
8 1124 4SoR'waTBa.... 04
16 112' 0 03'
6KanATex4a.. SCs, 1 1 TAPlatBa 05'
3 8041282 TexPaoSdln. 32
10 80V 6 324
16 80 6 31a
10 Kan A Tex 2di. 02sil0 31s
16 02s 50 314
04 03 20 31s
3 Kentucky O 1st 87' 7 Tol, St h A K O
6 Laclede O lt.,101' lst.tr 70s
2LouANg4v,, 84 1 UnPwPns 102
1 MftStL en 6s, 100 rj TJn l'aotlcla, t r.l 1 1
6 MorrliAEslat.1424 30 Un I'oo 9H, t r. 1 1 14
1 )lo, K A T of 13 UnPaoOOs, tr.H2
TexaaB 84 21 UnPac ST, t r,10Ds
lOManlt'y 4a 007 30 110
10Mol)AOltN1204 0 100s
6 Hob A O gnl.... 77 36 u I'.D AO lat. 45s
SMoPaocn 024 1 1 464
4NorIMt, O....110 1 UltADellt BslOl
12 NP prior 4a... . 01N 2 Wab lat 100a
60NraornlSa,, 604 0 Wab 2d 75
02 60s! 20 764
77 604 lWctfih4a 1084
6NJCenml6B.,ll3i 10 Weatsh 4a, r,..107"s
6 1134 24WChSKBi.,.,102
3 NaahAChat cnl01s 10WUCcnlst.tr 374
6NY,OAWr4i 08 7 374
1 074 10 304
Total salsa of railway bornla (par value), 12,604,000,
Ovtn- IHqJv Low , eoifnj ,'
Sain. ino. ft. ml. ItUI, Atlrit
R0R1 Am sn1404 1404 147"s 148 1484
6210 AmHM. 144 16 144 144 14"
lOOOAmBMp 344 344 334 32s 33
7l26AmTob, 01s 024 01 014 01s
2fl ATobpfll24 1124 1124 1124 114
SAmKx.,110 11U 110 1164 117
4010 Am COI1 104 20 104 104 204
IHSSAmCOp 714 73s 714 734 73s
4890 Atcli.TA
SEe.... 164 10 16b 364 164
82284 Atch.TA
SKsp.. 334 334 324 324 33
JOOAArbpf 304 304 304 364 304
SD.RAI'p 01 61 01
JOOlirumwk 24 84 24 24 24
Qaaw BteS- as -CIoaMf
Solas. ssav sat. sax. Bid. AiUi
770 Palt A O 1C 1C4 16 IS 164
Itisnaysto 144 144 14 14 144
BSeODr'kllT 34 34 33 33 334
ftooncna. 1204 121 120M204 1S14
OSOConSo.. 664 664 66 06 664
BOOCanPac. 724 724 724 724 73
800 Con fee. 304 37 304 304 37
SOOCIcepf. 86 864 85 86 80
1420ChOtW 184 18s 18 18 184
1080 ChOt W
pf.rt... 22 23s 22 22 24
14(106 ClicaAO 234 234 234 234 234
764SChlc(la1034 1034 103t 1034 1034
4800 C.C. CA
StI 334 34N 334 34 344
7nr.0CANWU94 121 1 104 120 1204
2M110C.P.AQ. 08 084 07 074 07"
44ntnc.MA.Stl' 044 044 03s 04 044
ai)28C,ll lft I' 87 874 804 87 874
lOnocolKuol. 204 204 20 20 204
Vi46C.IAI,. 124 12s 184 124 13
inonclAI.p 344 364 33s 364 30
lBOC.HVAT. 64 64 64 6 64
Bont'AHC. 04 04 04 04 04
7?ACouan. 1804 1804 187 1804 188
USnAHud.llD'a 1104 1184 110 120
700I).I,AW103 103 1024 101 103
7!!8 1nap 474 474 474 474 474
16(1 DM API) 12' 124 12' 12 18
100D.SSAA 34 34 34 34 4
140(1 Erie It It 174 17" 174 174 174
lOOOErlelstp 414 414 41 41 414
fiOErlo2dp 234 234 234 23'
200EATII., 30 30 30 28 30
700 KAMI.. 12s 134 124 124 134
KinK&l'Mp 354 354 364 36
2700UniKliw 374 38 374 374 374
42BHIIClan!n054 964 064 06 054
12COIIIint.l004 1004 1064 1064 100
200 111 Steel. 464 464 464 40 474
KlBIaCen.. 104 104 104 104 104
100K&PM. .08 .08 .OB
20Ol.rAWp 714 714 714 70 724
S401.akeHh.1704 177 1704 176 177
lnnoLacl Qaa 30 394 30 304 40
OlflSLouAN. 014 014 00m 004 00'
2470 Man Conl004 1004 1064 1064 105s
OOOMexNctt 14 Is 14 l' 2
000MctTraol234 1234 122s 1214 1224
BOMlehCcnl 07s 107s 107s 106 107
800 MA St L 244 254 244 244 264
29 M A St L
ltp... 874 874 874 87 88
100 MA StI.
2dpf... 67" 67s 574 67 674
laOtBMoPan.. 324 33 314 324 324
2100Mo.KAT 154 164 16 16 164
258BM,KATp 30 304 354 364 36s
700MobAO 32 32 SI' 314 324
100 N Starch 7 7 7 7 8
sno.Ntlstlp 08 00 08 00 70
BO.NtlStUp 30 30 30 30 36
42BM.OI1.. 224 224 224 224 224
lOBONJCrnt 0(14 904 954 054 00
2IB4NVCrntl074 107s 1074 1004 1074
10810. SatLrad 354 374 36s 374 374
400NatLdpl054 1054 1054 106 1064
495 Kor Am. 6' 5s 54 64 6'
B2.NVANir.178 178 178 178 1704
200 N V. C A
&tl 144 144 14s 144 16
St Lip 744 744 744 74 77
13B0NV,SAV 174 17"a 174 17 174
1270 X Y. S A
Wpf... 304 304 30 384 30
100NAW.. 13 13 13 13 134
76XAYp 354 35" 384 35 36s
BBSlNorPac. 184 184 18 18 184
lI4S5Nl'aop.. 61 614 604 604 604
18UOOAW 17 174 17 104 17
BOOOKANpf 06 054 06 064 07
BlOBPacMall 34 344 334 334 33s
8001', DAE 34 34 3 24 3
214 I'ull'alC1754 1754 176 1744 1764
800 1 C.CA
StI.... 21 214 21 20 21
400JuIcksll. 3, 3T, 34 31, 3s4
200Q,ekllp 11s 11s 11 H4 12s
17240 Heading 274 274 204 204 204
1885BIlradlp 66 664 644 644 66
183SItrad2p 33 334 324 324 33
4K.WAO120 120 120 1104
OOOStLASF 7s 8 74 7"s 74
Flat p. 84s 664 64s 664 60
1B00 St L AS
ysdp. 214 22 214 214 22
lOSOStLSW Q 04 04 04 64
lSS2 6tLSVp 134 144 134 134 14
12 St PAD 24 24 24 244 20
lHOSMPAO. 08s 084 084 084 084
D3StI'AOpl444 1444 143 143 146
lOlOStauRAT 8 8 74 74 8
BOOSol'ao.. 204 204 204 204 21
263SoP.wj. Hi us 11 hi, ni4
tUSOSoP-yp. 354 364 34s 344 344
2B07SUAOI 74 74 7 04 74
lstp... 4B 484 474 474 484
902 StJAOI
2dp... 104 104 15' 164 10
6060 TC A L. 20 204 284 284 284
2BB0Texl'io. 14 144 134 134 14
0480 Un Pa;.. 13 134 124 124 124
6080UP.DAO 6' 5s 54 64 64
575Usr.ub. 184 184 184 184 10
SlSUSItubp 084 084 07' 07 70
nnosusr 10 10 04 04 04
13112 USLp. 714 714 004 00s 004
400 Wabash. 74 74 74 74 8
10.10 Wab p.. 104 194 184 184 10
7710 WUT..! 03 034 024 024 924
017 WAL E. 24 24 24 24 24
40WALEP 104 104 104 104 114
2nwarnnioo loo loo
BOWnOas. 884 884 884 874 884
Total lak-a. 419,427 aharea.
Mil. Atktd. Bid. Alkul.
BMAAIh..218 VCMtEleo.. 26
pos AM..,1034 Gen Elm p.. 80 82
ChlcJcom.1044 1044 Dos A Mon..l43 144
ChlcJpf...l08 1084 Cal A Ilccla420 4224
Fltchburgp 02' 93 Oaceola..... 33 334
NewKngp. 70 76 Qulncy M...1 10 120
Mrx Cen 4a 04 TamMln... 130
OldColouy. 1864 Mutts 204 204
WEP.com. 944 04s Tarn Jr 104
Domln'nC 10 1 04 U S O Itt... 92 03
AnBellTel2374 239 OS0 2d... 804 81
iilt. AUtd. Bid. Alkld.
Lehigh Tat. 304 304WOLOO.. 49 404
PrnnRR... 664 664ElBI)com. 27 274
CPnofl.. 21 niSDpf... 20 304
PhtlaTrae. 734 734l'II.LAPo 164 10
Union Trai 12 124 1'H.LAPp 304 37
EAPTO.. 73 734WclsOcom 22 24
MetTrao...l23 1 231 WelsO pf.. 09 71
CTofNJa 20 294JUalt Tract. 1B4 19
CTofNJBa 044 944 Marsden.... 204 204
0 a Imp Co 704 704'
BUt. Alkrtt.f ma. 4,1,6.
BH"L".... 48 484 LEfL-etfa 164 164
AmStr-bd.. 27 28 NY Biscuit 60 604
Canal D.. 00 NChSt Ky.2434
ChUrowpf 334 344 StHtabloO. 184 10
City Ifnay. 240 V ChstBy. 1 104 1 1 04
Dlam'd M.,147 140 MotWS.,.. 04 74
Lako S "I," 174 17 V
Alehtaon, nap 104Norfolk A Wpf.n,. 30
Canadian I'acino... 744Sorthern Paetnopf, 61s
ChMapeako A Ohio. 244Outarlo A Weat...., 174
Erlecon.aap 174l'uiaylrania. 604
KrleUtpf 424K'adlng, latap..,, 14
Illinois Central 100 Stl'aul 97
Kansas A Texas,,,, It) mouth Railway 114
LakaShoro 170 4i8outb Railway pf,, 304
Loulsrlllo A Nash,, 024 Union Pacific 134
New York Central. 1 lO'alwabaahpf jq
TunsDAT, Aug, 21,
Yesterday's broad and rising market for so
curltles bud apparently a decided effect upon
sentiment, both In Wall street nnd throughout
the country, for the volume of commission or
ders oxecutod durlris- the l'.rot hour or two ot
business this morning was unusually large,
Tho demand for stocks was such that a
number of shares, among- them the C, J,
nnd Q., sold at tho hlKhcst prices re
corded In the present movement. London
was, as usual of lute, n seller. Its sales,
however, were well taken. It Ib understood
that tho Knellsh market for securities was un
settled by news of tho Indian insurrection. The
relation between that disturbance und short
sales of American securities is not plain at this
distance, hut it apparently exists in the minds
of profrssionul operators in Capol Court. In
view of tho oxienstvo selling of American se
curities by London during tho last few weeks
tho approaching fortnightly settlement on the
'Stock Kxchanse there will be watched with
more than ordinary Interest. To-day's cable ad
vices foreshadow an active borrowing demand for
securities In connection with that settlement.
y'aaMIAlir?iWwfiaAAafelfcy.?fil.&fQ;f4'.yTV.ill''.L) .&
Tho foreign soiling In this market was followed
during tho last half of the day by modbrato
sales to reallto profits and also by a fairly vigor
ous demonstration against values by tho advo
cates of lower prices. Thoso last professed to
attach considerable Importance to tho reac
tion In tho grain markets. They Ignored
tho fact that they wore bearing tho
market last week on tho ground
that tho ndrnnccs in tho prlcos of
Vtlioat and corn foroshadowed a poaslblo
shortage of both crops. They wero equally ob
livious of tho fact that tho deollno In grain prices
might Just as logically bo construed as nu indi
cation t o satisfactory yields ot both ccroals.
Tho chances nro that both tho extremo advance
in wheat and today's reaction woro, llko somo
of tho recent fluctuations on tho Stock Kx
clmncc. duo largely to changing spoculntlvo
It Is not Improbablo that tho lmportnnt racing
event this afternoon, which attracted a number
of oporntors from the Stroot, gnvo tho trading
element nn opportunity, which It was not slow
to Improve, to nttack certain stocks. It Is
to bo notod Hint, although tho majority ot
tho list closed lowur than yesterday, tho
net, declines weio fractional oxcopt In tho
caso of United States Isnthor preferred.
Tho market for that stock reflected disappoint
ment that tho quarterly dividend doclnrod to
day waB not Increased. A tow stocks woro ex
ceptionally strong throughout, notably Chcsa
pent and Ohio, Northwestern, Chicago Has,
Hook Island, Hoadlng first preferred, National
l.o.nl, C. U. C. nnd St. Ij., nnd tho American
Cotton Oil stocks. Tlio volume ot business was
nearly ns largo as yestorday, and tho transac
tions fully as well distributed. Tho closing was
strong at a recovery from tho lowest prlcos.
Final sulos compare with those ot yesterday
as follows:
(up. 2:1. Ana. '-'1. 1 Aug. 2D, Aug. 24.
A.TASFr. 10 164 NntLeadpfl06 1064
A.TASFep 33 33 SWioni... 1104 1204
Am Cot Oil. 104 204 N'l'ao com. 184 184
AmSUef ..140 1484 N Pae pf... 604 604
AmTob.... oii 014 NYCrnt... 1074 1074
AmSpH... 14' 144 s J Cent... 054 DO
AmSpMp. 334 331 Omaha rom 084 084
nrookRT.. 344 33 OntAW... 104 17
CanadaKo.. 56 65 1'ic Mall... 334 334
Caul'ao.... 724 72s Pull PCar..l764 176
C.C.CAStL 33' 344 Koeklslant 87 87
C.nAg.... 07s, 974 Heading.... 274 20s
Con das.... 1884 187 Rcadlstpf 644 644
Clua to... 234 234 stl'com... 044 044
CliloOaa.. .1034 1034 Soll'way.. 114 114
ChOW.,,, 184 18 solfwayp 364 36
D.Lft W... 101s 1024 StLSW... 04 04
DARQpf. 474 474 St I. SW p. 134 14
Erie 174 174 TcxaaPac. 134 14
OrnElco... 374 37s 1C. lilt.. 28s 2B4
Illinois Cenl004 1064 Onion Pao. 134 124
Kan A Tex. 164 16 US Rubber 18 184
KanATpt. 364 354USRubpf. 08 074
LouANash 014 004USLeath.. 04 94
LakeShorel70 177 CSLeathp 704 00s
ManhCon.,100 1054 Wabash..'.. 8 74
MAStL2dp 674 674 Wabash pf. 19 184
UoFacinc.. 324 324 WUn Tel.. 02' 024
KatLead... 30 374 WALE,... 24 24
Government bonds strong. The 4s of 1025
and the 5s closed '? V cent, higher bid each.
Hallway and other bonds firm. Tho foatures
wero Chicago Terminal lsts, t. r., Colorado Mid
land 4s, 1st I. p.; Green Ilay debentures H. Oro
gon Improvement 61, 1st I. p.; St. Louis and
San Francisco 4b, Standard and Hope and Twlno
Incomes, San Antonio and Arnnsas Pass 4s,
Union Pacitlc, Denver and Oulf lsts, Wabash
lids, Wisconsin Central lsts, t.r., Atchion. Cen
tral of Georgia, Krlc, Kansas nnd Texas, North
ern Pacific, Oregon Short Line, Peoria and
Eastern and Toxas Pacific issues. Tho more
lmitfirtnnt net ndvances wero in Atchison adj.
4s. ' for cent., to 572, nnd general 4s Lj to
Sh; Krlo prior 4s. j. to ifih, and gen
eral lieu 3-4s. 4. to 7'J: Kansas and Texas
'Ms, L;, to 03; Oregon Short Lino in
comes A, 2, to (10, nnd incomes 11, i, to ,'IS;
Oregon Improvement Os, 1st i. p.. si, to 1114:
Peoria nnd Eastern lsts, ii'i, to 81, and Incomes,
1, to SOU; St. I.otiU nnd San Francisco 4s. ':. to
7'J; Wabash -d, H. to 75, andlWisconsIn Cen
tral lsts. t. r.. hi V cont.. to StlHi. The note
worthy declines were In Chicneo Terminal lsts,
t. r.. k V cent., to 44'm; Colorado Midland 4. 1st
1. p.. 34, to 11 4; Central Georgia lstiiiicouies, 1,
to3H, and'Jd incomes. 1, to 13; (Ircen Hay de
benture II, hi, to tihi Kansas and Texas 4s, N, to
80; Standard Hope and Twlno Incomes, a, to
17Ht; San Antonio and Aransas Pass 4st aj, to
015i, and Union Pacitlc, Denver and Uulf las,
4 t cent., to 45L..
In bank stocks 11 shares of Fourth sold ot
Commercial prlco of bar silver in Now York,
51.0. Har silvor In (lxindon closed at 23d,
Mexican silver dollars wcro quoted at 3'Jljc.
Exports to Europo tomorrow. 500,000 ounces.
Monevon call. Hn'tm.. V cent. Time nionev
easier, und Is quoted: Sixty days, !!.. Vnnt.:
ninety ilays, it ti cent., and llvo months 'Ah: V
cent, on good mixed Stock Exchange collateral.
Commercial paper llrm. Prime indorsed bills
receivable are quoted at 3H."' 4 V cent,, prime
single names at 4 V cent., and Hrt-cln-.s luimet
at 4412 sr cent., and good names at fciyj V
Sterling exchango was weak and lower under
a very moderate inquiry from remitters and In
creased offerings of bills, both hankers nnd
commercial. Continental was dull and weaker.
Posted asking rates for sterling. St. I for
long bills and $1,801-.; for drumnd. Actuul rap's
lire: Ixing bills. $i.wru,. sight draft, $l.f.ri.j,
nnd cublo transfer". 1. ."5 H '1.80. 1 ranes nro
quoted at ri.'.'OVt.VJO for long and n.lA'i
O.lbiu for short; relrhsmnrks, !M7s for long nnd
IiriUoinnas for short; gulMers. 40,340 1-10 for
long and 401si'J40 it-lO for short.
Domestic exchango on Now York: Hoston
I'ar. Charleston lluIng, par; selling, 's pre
mium. Savannah- Ituying, 1-10 off; selling,
pnr. New Orleans -Hank, $1 premium; com
mercial, 50 cents discount. San Francisco
Sight, 3 ccntB premium; telegraph, 7hs cents
premium. St. Louis 75 cents to tfl discount.
Chicago 70 cents discount. Cincinnati Ho
tn ecu banks, 40 to 50 cents discount, and over
counter par,
The exports of general incrchandlso from the
port of Now York for tho weok ending to-duy
wero valued at tfli.tiya.oi 1, against $!i,ioa,07
last week and $fl,'JIMI,.".i'. for tho corresponding
week of last year. The exports since Jan, 1 were
qVjn'.!,4ll,74r, against '.'1 1,150,507 during the
corresponding period ot last year.
The United States Leather Company bos de
clared a dividend of 1 V cent, on its preferred
slock, payable Oct. 1.
(ilueoto Sugar Itellning common opened at
60, advanced to 00a, declined to 55, and closed
nt 5R5((t504. The preferred sold at 05 and
closed at DaWDl's. Stand aril Oil Trust certill
catos are quoted at 300i.jV!307'-j. and Metropoli
tan Street Hallway consolidated inortgago 5s at
Tho Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Hall
way Company roports gross earnings for tho
third woek of August of i?(llil,;ilti. an Inrreaso
of I)i4 1,501) as compared with tho corresponding
week Inst year.
Tho Northern Central Hailroad reportH gross
enrnlngs for July of $517,011(1, nn Ineroasn of
954,534 ns compared with tho same month of
last year, and net $l(i0,258, un Incroaso of JiOH,
O'JO. For tho seven months ending July HI tho
cross onrnlngs wcro $3, 57 1,007, an Incroaso of
$l'J5,2ll(i ns compared with tho corresponding
period of last year, and not $970,407, on In
crenso of f 1!0'J,703.
Tho Allegheny Valley Hailroad reports gross
earnings lor July of ifi'JIH.OM, an incroaso of
S13,'j:i5 11s compared with tho sumo month of
Just year, and not $tiS,U8l, an Incroaso of $110,
0(11. For tliojsoven months ending July 31 lho
gross onrnlngs wore $1,31111, 10, an increase uf
VrjJl!! iib compared with tlio corresponding
period of last year, and not $5i!S,7l!4, an in
crease of $57,401.
Tho Georgia Southern and Florida Hailroad
reports gross earnings for July of $70,0--. a de
crease of $3,011 as compared Willi tho samo
month ot last year, and net $'J0,H50, a decrease
of $1,254.
Tho Kansas City, Memphis nnd Ilirmlng
hntn Hailroad Company roports for yoar ended
June 30:
1SD7. lRUS. Chanot:
Orosaearnlnga..l,24i,so3 Sl.lM'.ilM Inc..t51,7l2
Op, expenses.,, 020,210 0il.1,SU0 Pee. !lu,0h
Net earnings.. l!in,iH.i S'J2n,7Hl Ine..Ul,422
Other Income,,, 25,701 23, "So Inc., II
Totaiino taio,u74 ea te.ri 1 rno..eni,s3
Charges lUN.Oso 170,11113 Inc.. 21,120
Dalsncea (142.HSU 72,34ll Iue,.t70,U43
The Increase In llxcd charges is duo to tho In
croaso in gonoral mortgage bond Interest ruto
from 3 to 4 Vccnt. onMarcli 1.1H1K1: il V cont.
on tho income bonds requires $l'Jli, 00.
Tho roccinls of tho Government to-day were:
Customs, $;153,0'J3; intornal rovoniif, $:i3I),7l)5;
mlscellHiicous, $14,2i!:i; .1 tol.il of $727,011.
lho disbursements woro $1,320,000, an oxcoss
of expenditures over receipts ot ifMPMl"!!. Tho
receliits of the tlteal year to dalo havo Ix'en
$53,722,788, and dlshiirsomonts 7rt,0:i:i.it(H,
81 ie? S08" ot OItl,e"dlturos over receipts ot $2 1,-
The ret assets of tho Treasury at tho closo
of business to-day as officially computed com
pared with thoso of yestorday us follows:
,.. , A 11(1,24, Auv. 21).
pold coin and bullion. ..$14!s.:iHlli)0 1 ia,iui.737
Wiser dollars and bulllou 20,loi,.17 .'H.S70,(i2(l
United states notes tJ7,:i.1,uv(l a7,3s:i,015
Othtr assets in rxecss of
demand ilabllltlis 24,V30,fl20 23,S!1I,H5
Arallable cash balance,
Including geld restore.. 1421, 150,002 1221,102,519
Money In 1-ondon hi V cent. Hates of discount
In open market for both short and three months'
bills. ls V cent. Amount ot bullion guuo
Into tho IUnk of KneUnd on bftlrvnoo to-dfty
10.000. Pnrin ndvloen quoto 3 V cents at 104
frAncs 87ifl centimes. Kxchango on London 25 I
francs 17i ccntlmos.
commeiwiai, coMrisxn.
Tuksdav. Ai.tr. 111. GiiAW Wheat Bpot
was onfty and qulot. S.iIoa fiO.000 bush,, Includ
ing 114,000 No. 1 Northern sprlntr. Duluth,
l.OO, nnd It'J.OOO unuradod. spring on prlvato
tcruia, free on Iward afloat for export. Frco on
board ailosit: No. 1 Northern Hprlnir. Now York,
91.0514; do,, Duluth, JFl.OdM; No. 1 hard sprintr.
$1.07; No. a lmrd winter, 31.00; No, 2 red,
now, $1.02i. Ilocelpts of wheat at Duluth to-day
woro 4J0,UU bush,, nKttinBta43,ao:. a year apo;
MliinoapoHs 122,570, nfrainst 103,770; Milwau
kee III, 150, iiK-ainst 115,000; Chleuo 157,038,
ntfainst 112,205; St. Ijonia 139,000. against 100,
021; Kansus City 154,000, walnst 31,200; To
ledo 210,170, ntfalnst 34.037; Detroit 00,823,
nyalnst 21,813. Futures closed 4V30Jec off,
hut 4c, hitflior than tho lowest. Future sales
10,025,000 butth., as follows:
Opening. Utghtit. Loimt. Clottng. Night
AiiRUst W laa
Rpptfmlier.IOVV 104 U74 074 lU9a
txtohrr... 1111U 101 u vm una 1027,
NovfmlNT.inoij 1004 05j 034 I01i
I)f(finler..lOOa 10i D5-a U5 I01a
Parley Wan dull and catlor. Nrw feeding, 5.tta
Out'., cont nnd frflffhtto nutTaloi .11rtn:o.. coat and
frolKht to New York, insltliiir. 4W(4,,'ftc. Ryn Was
easy, In smpatliy with tho West. Mate, 4T(.M7o.;
No. 2 WoHteni, &:i(4n:i1i.c.l cost and freight to llutTalo.
Com .Spot waaeftiiler, hut morn noiUr, Kales 400,
one htiHh., Including oo.ouo No. mixed at ...V-ii
il'Vo., rroAuti Imaid nnuat, and VU0,U00 at tlifout
portit on prlvfttP trin for ox port. No. 2 mixed,
U.lVNluclptator. ritturcsdcrllncdaVO'-ie. Future
ales HO 0.000 butth., as CuIIowb:
Opening. JItuhett, Lowest, Cloning, Night,
August . a7s
HptfiiitMr.sa'S Ba un m o't
OLioUT....ao4 m 4 i"J34
Iocoinber..l)8 US HO till Ol
Oftta spot wan tp. to lr.lowpr. Salw Iflfl.OOf) buidi.,
In"ludliu 1H0.00O No. 2 clipped nnd 30,000 hoavy
whltf on pruatf tcrinn, frrfi ou b.jard afloat ritrrx
port. No. 2 hlto. 1,000 at 23c; No. n do.. 1 1.ooo at
v414fl24Vo.; No. 2 whlto clipped, 2Ro.; No. .. do,
BSc.l Nc. 2 mixed, 1,000 at 2.U(t24i.jC. No. 3 da,
22'4l23M rejected mlied, 21 tyc; do. white, 2:.c.)
No. 2 mixed, dcltverfd. VWfiUe.x trak mixed,
20,000, 4K.uk2&c.; do. white, 2S(i31c Futures easier.
No tataft.
Opening. Highest. 7x)ifff. Cloaing. Night,
Boptomber .... 23 23a
Wheat opened weak at a decline of Ho., with Urer
pool cable ii'std. to 234d. lower and continued free
bcIIIuk for fonli;n account, became firm and rtuoled
IVc to I-1 C., following the Went and on local shorts
coverlnn; oold otT Me. to 0aC. on heaTy unlovllng
West and here, nlso helped by an Increase of 4U3.0U0
bunh. on both com Is, a reported tiy Jrails(rrei',
with lato rubied easier, heptemlier celling an low as
7.,c. and Deci'iiibfr lo It.". V-. which In c. tu UI4C.
utider tho htghcKt prices reached ouDIonday. Prices
rallied '4c. on local ojverliiff. and the close wan Rteady
at a net lon of IV4C. as eompared with yesterday,
with speculation a:tlve under considerable excite
meiit und lbntiMtlond very Irregular. Corn opened
weak und d ctlned Vc. to 2V, with Lherpool
enbtet lVl. to 24d. lower, also following the
slump at the Weat. with fair foreign selling and local
longM reallrlnir, closing woak, with speculation fairly
active. Ottts were ilull and nominally Hie lower,
with ubsonoa or hulnean. Chicago. Aug. 24. "Liqui
dation In everything was tho p re r idling feature of to
dj' market. There was a manifest chango In the
character of thenhkat trade. Most of tho leading
operator. lTllU havo of lato t eon on the long
side, availed themsclTes of the bulgo on yes
terday and f-aturday to realize proAtn. Tho re
v,a only one conspicuous effort made to
steady prices today, an.! that proved unsuc
cetul. An mo lied eterday. there was a big mar
Kin lietween flSc. an I $1.00 wheat, and after an ad
vancctf 3.V. n reaction was fully due. Liverpool
caniii 4c. to IV luM er. and Paris was also easier. Tha
sealHtaril reported (It) losdn taken for export. Clear
anccs were ono.ooo bush. A further break of half as
much us we hae had In the last twenty-four hours
would probably lead to liberal repurchases by
tho lute rest that sold so freely on top of the ad
1 au . Corn In corn there was a tremendous
realizing, one concern ' letting go In the neigh
txrhood of 4.000.000 bush., causing a decline
of 4 V. from top prlci yesterday. Tho country was
also a heavy seller. The contract stock now in store
hereUnotally D.ooO.Oon bush. Wo think, however,
the break 1 .uftlcteiit for the present. Oats The situ
ntiou In oats was the tut mo as In other grain. Hfg ro
relptx aud general liiuldatlon caused a d eel I no of 2c.
from the top of .esterdiiy."
Kuu'R The trading v,ha quiet. Buyers ware hold
ing oiT. nnd prices closed 13c. to 40c. lower. Sales
If, 100 bbls.
Darrel$. Sack.
Receipts 10.0U7 Bl.H2o
Kx ports 2,724
Winter in bbls.: Superfine, $3.1OC4t3.30; No. ex
tra, 63.:iO(.iB3.70; stralghU. 4.75'ii$5; patent, 9Sft
,')..Mr. Spring In bbls. C'leurs. $4't4.0; straights
4.7.'C0.20; patentc,6S.40.4.".00. Mill Feed-lJran
ipilet and eaiy. Western quoted V 100 as., 40 Its.,
00 rt.. j-o ... S7--j(jtooc.; 100 ns.. flSmsoe.
Cotton The I.Utirpool market opened steady at 6
point h h I vane ami t'luaed barely steady at 5 to 54
fnilnt over j(itplay. New Orleans showed n sharp
advance on Aui;ut, that month In-lng 12 points up,
while lecemterwfu 4 ptlnu off. The local market
n very Irrgutsr an 1 ojmnied unchange't toTi points
ad v Alice, declining Mot points on all month but
August, but rallied again and closed iti-ady, with
Aiuunt Is points oeretcrday nnd other months 2
to 4 points below Tho pharp advance of yesterday
caused some local short of the near mouths to cover
freely, and it 1 eldnt that a corner will
be made nn thl month, as New Orleans
cnntlitUHH to send buytns orders here, and
M it pool appears to be anxious to cover In this
markft. The llureau it port uas not an well an ex
pected, shoeing considerable rut, although the gen
eral out Jnok j for a very large crop. The upot mar
ki t wo quiet and unchanged at .c. for nilddlltiR ujh
land and Uf- for ndddllng ulfs, with sulu of 13
bale to tHpluners ami 00 bals dellercd on eoutrnnt.
Itecclpa at the port, to-ilny, :(,s40 liale. n-atnt
3.t,i).i lle last week and 0,H2fMast )ear, and thus
fur this week 15,.-. against 10.421 l.ot week.
Tho Southern spot market wcro pwerally un
chung"d. although Mobile, havannah, and Charles
ton were --c. hlzber. The Interior movement showed
rccelptH or 14 bile at Augunta. against 133 l:vt
week and 1,011 lant jcur; Miiiiphls. H balen, against .".
latt fk aud3Ki last year; St. Iou!n, no rrcclpi.n,
HKaln-tt 30 laitt wuek and 2 bales last year; Cincin
nati. 3 1 bales, against none last week and 40 laM year:
Houston, h.50.1. against l?os last l k.V.l.Vi l;wt
year Shipments were 23 bales from Augusta. 40
from St. Louis, 73 from Cincinnati and 3,rM from
ll.itiMtt n. The eAtbnale of iicelotn nt Houston for to
murrow uro 2.000 to 3,000 balei. agalnut 4.223 la.it
nick and 4,047 tait year. Augusta, tla Aug. lrt,
t ftel that the largest cotton crop ever grown
In this territory Is practically ns-tured." West
Point, Mini., Auk. 20. "Many report crop has
falle I very much during past fiv days. Con
siderable complaint or shedding. Some good farmers
fay crop will not exceed last year." pome, Ga , Aug.
20."hlncu 30th ult., weather has len favorable for
growing crop, and all are presenting a tine appear
ance and promise nn abundant yield. Cotton plant Is
exceptionally large and licavllv fruited. Continued
rain aud cloudy weather have developed a heavy
weed and thick topgrowtb. Since Juiu practically
no complaints, ana only fear now Is of too much rain
and cool weather. Conditions are favorable for an
excellent staple.' Annlntoti, Ala,. Aug, 21. "Recent
rains are somewhat delaying receipts." Auguita,
Ua., Aug. 21, "Past week decidedly unfavorable for
crop. Heavy rainfall caused oouMderahle damage on
samty lands. Therefore pronpecta for a full yleJd from
iiUmt one-third of our territory are lets fatornhle
than a w eek ago. Damage l immaterial ou remaining
two-third, and with clear weather for next fortnight
we seo no reason why crop In Georgia and South Caro
lina should fall much brl..w maximum yield of the
post. Continued wet weather has delayed receipts."
To voi, (la . Aug. 21. "Cotton crop looking Hue, but
fullv two to three weexs late. Don't look for first
bale befnrn 10th to iftth Sept." Futures opened 1 to
.1 point, higher, but lost this, and declined H to 12
point; recovered the loss, aud In some canes ad
vnnced 2 ioltits, but reactrd. and closed steady at a
not decline of 2 to 4 points on all months 'except
August, which was 18 points higher. Sales, 200,300
bales. The future t rati log was as followtt:
Clwing, UighesU Liwtt, Sale.
August 8.1(irt.U 8.1S 7.1W 4,300
Heptember.. .7.317,33 7.3H 7,S 10,100
OctobT T.lAts.7.17 7,2'J 7,10 4A.300
November.. ..7.0I.( .... 7.09 O.Prt 12.300
December.. .,7.01(47.03 7.10 fl.UO 40.700
January 7.0'7.0(i 7.11 5 7.01 0J,1'00
February 7,11(7.13 7.1H 7.18 700
March 7.ir.a7.t0 7.20 7.0M 0.000
April 7,1H(.07.I' 7.24 7.23 000
May 7.21 (.47.28 7.25 7.10 fl.tOO
Corrxx nio on thoapot was dull, but steady; No.
7.07-0. Kales 300 bags Maraculbo on prlvato terms.
Tho future trading waa as follows:
S'ofs. Highest. Lowest. Cloning.
January.,.. 250 ti.Hft 0.85 O.K0(os
March B.750 7.05 7.00 B..'.(ji7.00
May 0,250 7.15 7.10 7.037.10
Juno tfftO 7.20 7.20 7.15(47,20
Beptember. 8,500 U.45 0.45 0.40c,0.45
(HJtober..., 750 0.45 0.45 0.40(40.45
November,. 2.".0 0.50 0.50 0.4 5(0.50
Hocoiubur,. 4,750 0.75 0.70 0.70a0,75
Futures hero closed soarcely firm, with sales of 20,760
baga. Havre remained unchanged; Hamburg 4 prg,
lower. American warehouse deliveries 13.54S bags,
American visible supply of Pratll 7U2,h50 baga,
against 402,730 Iwt year. Kloumilendy and 150 rets
0 IT; receipts two days, 07,000 bags; stock 424, 000
t'xehungo 7 15-1 (Id., 3-lOd. alvance. hniitos quiet
and 200 rels down, receipts two days, 4H, 000; stock
705,000. Aside from exchanging near for dUtaut de
liveries the market wan dull.
Naval storks steady. Spirits of turpentine. 28G
2a.j0.t common tog(Ml strulued losln. yl.45 ji.50.
Provisioms I.nnl easy. Prime, S4.00(ig4.05. Perk
Weaker. Mm.. aO 'jrTi.l0.50. Tallow. llaVi ltittta.r
Creamery Western, J Be. Kw- Wenterti, 15.. Chicago,
Aug. 24 -"There wasaliige un I general trade m
Provision The break iu grain mnrketi Induced
iKpiIdatlon by the lont, which wm esptH'UIly felt In
pork. It having but Utile support. Kin ami lard were
bought freely on the decline bi lending packers, one
of whom was ahoa Ure buyer of all sorts or cash
meats. Tlio general cash demand was large, 'lho
eloidng waMflrm at medium llgures for pork, while
ribs were n shale hhther than yetderday. We regipt
the b'Glrlmate supply and demand situation as favor
Ing much hkher Matin. Thirty thousund hogs aro
estimated for to-morrow."
snuu-Uaw dull but firm; HI)' test, SUc.i Ud
test, 3 V. H cflm'd oulct 1 ut linn,
W(mu. The Wool Kxclmngo quote domestic wool
In the grease a follows: Texat, spring, 12 mouths,
choice, 12(413. ; spring uterne,l(Cllc.; spring, (t-H
mouths, ll(tl2t',; full t holce, ucsioc fall average,
h3S-yc. Calif ornli Northern sprltu fn, UlAc;
inhldle county sprint.', 12(13c ; soutrern wprlnir. I"6
lie.; burry and dclectlve, 0(.(.h.m free fall Northern,
1 Usl.Ic.i tall houliiern, Oai'ct defective fall, 5jt7o.
Oreijon, J'atvrn Oiegon, choice, 11(4)3.; Kulurn
OreKoti, average, UtilVcj J'-.-wtrrn Oiegou, hiuvy,
t(4lOe.t Valley Oregon. No, 1, 15dil(Jc , Vnl
ley Oregon, No. 2, 10i!7c; Valley urugon. No.
u, 10i:flI7c; Valley Oregon, lambs, l bltV.
Arizona heavy, h(ilOe i average, net 1 Oct choice,
Ktl2c, Territory. I Inho tine, U(sl2e.; Ida
ho fine medium, 1 2. 1 1 3c; Idaho medium. 1 4(4
15c; Kaitnat flue and line ti.cdlum, ll14c; Kansas
iMdlum, 14(4 1. ''Ci Wyoiiilugllue, 11(1 3c, Wyoming
line medium. I5tldc.i Wyoming medium, lA.ltV.;
Utah fine. lH4l3ct Utah fine medium, 14(ftl5c;
Utah medium, ItVfclTc. ; Dakota flue, ll(tl2c.i Da
kota fine mtMlium, 13(4l5e,i Dakota medium, 15
UU. Mont an u rl no choice, 14(4l0c; fine average, lid
Ullc; tluv medium chulce 15(s)i7c.( flno medium
hrmge, 14iale.mdlttitU'liolco, 17tPo.(,m1litm
srerag. lftalTci low Montana, 100170.1 Washing
Km nnc IKilOo.i Washington npa mllam, lll2o.i
Washlnelon nifKtlum. lllaiaci Colorado and Njw
MfxlpolmproTpd. lH817'go.l oosrss and carj. 1(
lncidcorcls snd houthrn. So. The Wool Kxf hangs
roports talcs for Ibewpek si tho seaboard markets
as follows!
DouMTio wtfiTttm asd BOtrcniax WOOL.
Finn torrltorr 1,ii!?,(!S9
'lno mrdlnni territory V-'.SWS'J
Mcllumisrrllnry J',!SM(!
Sdmuj Olitornla ,25ISSS
Kastcrn Oregon 0,.,,!)22
ArUona &. 00
Klnn Hprlni; Tcxaa "''?2
Finn Montana 2sft.n''"
Quartprbioolcomt)ln(toiidclotblnii.. ltioioo
Total Western and Southern 7,fiu:i,000
TLZt.cn f OOL.
Ohio XX nnd XXX 00.000
Ohio'. 185.000
Kentucky and Missouri 140,000
Unwnshrd and unmcrrliautable fierce,. ,. 1411.000
Unclasslfled K.K.000
Indiana 10,000
Total fleeces 018,000
Tairs, odda snd ends, 4o 13,600
ruLLXD wool.
Rupera 789,000
Eitrarnllcd h.'I.OOO
lAir pulled 137,000
Total pulled wool W30,000
Flneeoouml OOP, 000
Medium scoured 34,000
Low scoured A7,OH0
Total acourtd 1,0(10,000
Total domcatto 10,480,500
Korelun scoured ', 702,000
Australian and New Zealand 2,800,000
Montevldoo 14 4,000
Cape 120,000
Cnrxt 050,000
Knuth American crossbreds 148.000
Can ail a 140,000
Total foreign 4,h54,0O0
Total foielun and domestic 15,250,500
Cuicaqo, Aue. 24, Theso wero to daj'a prlcea:
Vrhtat: Opening, llithttt. Jove.l, Cloning. AWcnf.
Sept OS's OH Ml U1, MO
Dec., now.0a 004 t HO' 05.
11a t)04 Qh VIS Ill's 97
Corn :
Sept nOL BO", 281a 2f 81
Dec 113 113 30 30V) B3's
Xl.17 HI'. 35a 33 33 3Sa
Sept J8's 10, 18 18 10l
Oct 10 10"s 10 10
D.'C 20 'JO. 104 IDS SO1!
liar 22', 23 21', 22, 22's
IaxtA i
Sept 4.021a 4.02l 4.55 4.5Tn 4.65
Oct 4.fl7a 4.(17!, 4.00 .023 4.70
Dec 4.75 4.73 4.05 4.70 4.73
Bept B.20 0.S0 5.20 li.271, 3.05
Oct ,3.23 0.271? 0.20 5.25 B.S3
Dec. 3.10 3.12a B.07"a B.07Hl B.10
Bept S8.5B P.(12'3 (H.30 (8.40 IB.BTa
Oct 8.60 8.07j fi..17a 8.43 .ea
Dec. 8.73 D.77j 8.30 8.53 8.73
LlTe StoeU MnrUet.
Kkw York, Tuesday, Auff. 24. Hecelpta of beeTea
wero 040 head, mainly direct to exportera and
slaughterers. Ho trading; feeling Arm. Dresaed beef
firm at 7(8i?c. V IS. for poor to prime natlTe sides.
Cables from Brlttah markeu quote Aoierlcan atesra
at lOij&llc. si ft., dressed weight: American refrig
erated beef at flHifaVUc. s IS. Eitmrts today, 800
beeves and 4,337 quarters of beef; to-morrow, 3,624
Heoelpts of calres were 4b head; 120 head on sale
alt told. Dull, but feeling steads all around. About
100 bead unsold. Veals,!. 50a(7 f 100 Ba. Dressed
cals-ea generally quiet; city dressed Teals, Oxalic.
V B.
ltecelpta of sheep and lambs. Including 3 care direct,
were 4,602 bead; 23 cars on sale all told, l'rlces
about steady, but s dull, dragging market, closing
heavy, with IB cars unsold. Khevp sold at 93.40c,
3.00 V 100 11.', lambs at 11. 50(40. 10. Dreaaed
mutton, Ba'tyc. V ft.; dressed lambs, 7($9Hc.
ItecclpU of hogs were 1.750 head, Includlos 10 bead
on sals. Steady st 4.40(i 4.70 1 00 Bs.
Ileal EaUstei Private Sales.
TT. n. Cammann a Co. have aoll for Sarab J. Dnrky,
to a client, two three-story brick stores and flat
house., Not. 201 and V03 Hudson street; alao to
Mosea Itlank, for the estate of C. A. Cammann. the
three.storv brick store and loft building No. 55 New
Chambers atreet and Xo. 59 lloosevett atreet.
Hobert Appleton, Jr., has closed a transaction In
volving. It Is said, tll.000,000, whereby the Atlantic
Coaat Healty Company acquires the entire ocean
fruntago from Klberon to Deal Lake. It consist prtn
clpally or what is known as Darlington and South Kl
beron, but what waa formorly Deal Itaach. Now all
these names will be dropped and It will be known
simply as Deal. The tract contains stout 700 acres.
Tf.o company proposes to autxllvlde this tract, and
when this is done It will have between thirty-rise ami
forty miles of avenuo and ocean frontage. An Im
mense hotel Is projected, probably to be located &t
Deal Lake.
Ileal Ratal Aactloa Sales.
At the Broadway Salesroom yesterday William M.
flyan sold No. U.John street, five-story bfiek build
lug. lot KlxH-i.4x31xri.u. foreclosure, to William E.
Dodge. plalnUtT. tor 30.000.
William Kenm-IIy sold No. 1004 Bathgate avenue,
two-story frame dwelling, lot 27x120, foreclosure, to
Charles llaenssler for 84,t50.
Philip A. Smyth fold No. 37 Broome street, five
story brick tent-mnt house, on lot 24.9xlo0, fore
cloiurc, to Walter J. Koeensteln for 2H.4.
John 31. Than-p-uin -.old Central 1'arfc West, begin
nln southwest corner of Sixty-sixth street, running
north 1 50. 7 x west KlOx south 50. 2x west BOx north
100.5 tohlxtj-seventh street x west 70x aouth 10U.3x
svest 7.n south 100.5 to sixty-sixth street x eaat 300
feet, known a-s the Durland lots, to tho plaintiff,
Ueorgc W. Jenkins, for S277.BOH.
l'etr F. Meyer A Co. sold Valentine avenue, west
aide, 125 feet north of lll'-th nrTravcrs street, vacant
lot. 23x 1 70, foreclosure, to Martin Oelrler for $530.
James H. Wells sold No. 1503 IIie avenue, two
etory frame dwelling, lot 25x100. foreclosure, toEmll
h. I.vi. for :i.r,23.
Solomon D Walltearss aold Interior lot In centre
lino of block between 119th aud 120th streets, 173
feet east of seventh avenue, nmnlng east BOx north
lO.Dtocentre lino ll&rlein Creet x west BOx south
19.1, In partition, to Jacob Bookman, for ,1,000.
rrrt mitn a rrci.i.TT ov
11, III. IS l; II road HI.
N. T. Stock Exchange, N. Y. Cotton Exchange,
N. Y. Produce Kxchange, Chicago Board of Trade.
Orders executed nt any of tho above Kxchangos for
lnvestmont or on margin. Interost allowed on de
posit account., subject to check nt sight. Act ua FUcal
Acenta for Corporations and for estate Investments.
202 FIFTH AVF... cor. 25th St.
Dranch Ofneea ' "WADWAY. Silk Kx'ge Bldg.
Branch omces H- HUDS0N BT-- Mercantile Ex's.
( 20 COUltT ST.. Brooklyn.
Union Ferry Stock.
St. Paul Gas Stock.
Hew York Air Brake Stock.
Wagner Palace Gar Stock.
Glucose Sugar Refining Stock.
United States Mortgage and Trust Stock.
IWIt in by
H llrond st,
v77cTrATjNCEYTl.OYD.JONES. Memh, N. Y.
WILLIAM BOHIS0N, J stock Kchang
Stocks Bonds and Investments.,
Investment Securities a Snecialtv.
nought and sold for cash or on margin.
mm & STOUT
AUmbtn ftsa" York Stock Exchange,
1 Nassau Street, Cor. Wall.
Ittaraln Arrtinnts. Investment Securities.
Telsphone. No. JIM and 215s CorllsnJt.
AVArlTF.n-To ilrt-"clsss" auviniis'auTr liMnreprVn
T aentattves we Lave good territory In New York
htatB ami IVnnsylvonla at our disposal. Liberal com
mission, paid.
If you are dissatisfied with your present contract
write ua, with n fert noes.
lUKhe.ler, N, Y.
iHfei.Vf,5u,.-. sl&iiiit ,as-.?(Slfc.lT jj u,n-J
eftunnclnl. t 1 1
to ncnuoiiDisYts " fWU
J. B. Walklns Land Mortgage Company, V
Kansas City, Watklns & Gulf Railway. (
At the request of holders ot considerable In amount B
of almvo Iwnds, tho undersigned have consented to
act as n l'rolcctlve and Itoorgsnlxatlon Commutes
for atich ltonil, Note or Certificate holders as roy
subscribe to the plana to be prepared In due course.
In the mcantlmo Interested pnrtlrs sre stroncly
urged to retain possession of their Honda, Notes or
Certificates, and promptly communicate uiiii this A
Committee, giving particulars of their holdings, B
lVII.M.tM II. HIAI.i:, Cliolrn.au. jAW i
President ew llnsland Loan .t Trnst Ce, tsrll
Tin:ito :. HTit;. ife
.tfNIrong Ilnrmois A lrlatherfaon. 1
Address Committee, BV.
No. 15 William Street. New York. 1
Peoria, Decatur & Eyans.lllo RalUay. I-
First Mortgage Bonds Peoria Division.
First Mtgo. Bonds Evansvlllo Division.
Second Mortgago Bonds.
Holders of the above ara notified that the limit for
receiving deposits of llonds and subscriptions undor
the plan of reorganUatlon Is fixed at September 1st,
1B0T. Deposits and subscriptions should be mads on
or before that dato, at ths New York Security and
Trust Company, 40 Wall Street, New York.
HIOKi I- KCl'liDKIt, Chairman
CIIAI1M R. Klincllll.D,
n. nuvDAn uit.WT.
lvu.i.iAM u. r.w.vr.
nonNnLOWEii, dyunb, taylou mixua,
and Philadelphia Securities
Cltctioiw and Uetifl
The Minneapolis & St. Louis Railroad Co. I
Notice Is hereby clren that, pursuant to the bydaws
of ths Company, the annual meeting of the Btocs
holdors of the jllnneaiolli. and bt. Louis Hailroad Co.
of Minnesota and lows will bo held at the ofTlce of H
the Company, In the city of Minneapolis, Minnesota, II
on Tueaday, Oct. 5, 1H0T, at twelve o'clock noon, for H
the purposu of .'lectin Directors, and tho tranaao
tlon of auch other buslnoss as msy legally come be
foro the meetlUK. H
Tho books of tho Company for tho Issuance snd 9
transfer of the stock will be closed from the evening 9
of September -1.1807, to October 0, 1MW7.
Secretary. President. H
CIIICAfiO AU ALTO.X It A ll.ltl) t CUM PAW.' B
CHICAGO, III.. Aug. 4, 1S87.
NOTICK. A quarterly dividend of ono dollar and H'
ceventy-flve cents per ahare has thla day been de- P,
clared on the lreferred and Common Stock of this H
Company, payable on the first day of September A
next, to the stockholders of record at tho close of 9T
business hours on the loth Instant. 9k
The dividend on shares registered In New Tork will Ji
be paid at the office or the C'ompanr'a Agents. Messrs. 9j?
Cuyter, Morgan & Company, 44 Pine Street. New 9r
York, and the dividend on shares registered In Chl H
cagosvlil be paid at the office of the Treasurer of the as
Company. C. II. FOSTEH, Treasurer.
gttblic IJoticrja.
tjostofficTnotice. Wt
tShould be read DAILY by all Interested, aa change. H
may occur nt any ttme.) I9J
Foreign mails for the week ending Aug. S8. 1807. H9
will close (PROMPTLY In all cases; at the Cjeneral H
Post Office as follows: PAHCELS PiwT MAILS clos.
one hour earlier than closing time shown below.
WEDNESDAY. At 7 A. M. (supplementary 0 A. 31.) H
for EUItOI'E, per steamship M. I'aul. via South 19
amptou-.Mt t A. M. (supplementary 10-SO A. M.) M
for ECKOl'E. per steamship nKITANNIC, via BK
Vueenstowntat I P. M. for HELdlUM direct, per HI
steamship bouthwark. vja Antwerp (letters must MM
le directed "per southward "j 99
TIU'RSDAY. At 7 A. M for EUROPE, per steamship 99
Normannla. vlaPlymouth, Cherbourg, and Hatnp H9J
EOYPT and 1IRITIM1 INDIA. I-cr ..teamM.lp La .
Uacogoe. via Havre (letters for other parts of H9J
EurotK,' mUHt I dlre.ted ' j.er La 'la-K-ogne")! at 99!
S A. M. for NETHERLANDS direct, per steamship ssW
Spaarnlam, la Rotterdam (letters must be rtl 9J
rectert per Spaarndam1')! at 10 A. M. forSCOT 99
LAND direct, per steamship Clrcas.la. via Qlas- 9Ja
gow (letters must be directed" per Clrcaasla") t s9J
at 11 A.M. for NORWAY direct, per steamship B9
Island (letters must be directed ' per Island"l WP
at 12 M. (supplementary l:a0 P. 51.) for EUHOI'B. jfr?
prr steamship L'mbrla, v la Queentown. &
PRINTED MATTER, c German steamers sailing
ou Tuesdays take Printed Matter. &C-. for Oor
many. aud SiKclally AddresM.d Printed Matter.
&c, tor other parts of Europe. American and
White Star steamers on Wednesdays, German
steamers ou Thursdays, and Cuuard. French and
Ocrman steamer on Saturdays take Printed Mat
ter, c . for all countries for which they are ad
vertlsed to carry mall.
After the cloelug of tho Supplementary Trans-Atlan- '
tlo Malls named above, additional supplementary
malls aru opened on the piers or tho American,
English. French and Qerman steamers, aud remain
open until v. lthln Ten Minutes of the hour of sail.
tug of steamer.
WEDNESD A.Y. At 11 A.M. (supplementary 11:30 A,
M.) for VENEZUELA and CURACAO, also SAV A- I
N1LLA and CARTUAOENA, via Curacao, per
steamship Philadelphia; at 1 P. M. for CUIIA. per
steamship Seneca, via Havana; nt 1 P. M. (supple
mentary 1:1)0 P. M.l for CAPE HAITI, ST. DO
MINGO, and TURKS ISLAND, per steamship Sag
inaw; at tl P M. for DARBADOS fllrect and
NORTH URAZlL,vla Para and Manaos, per attain- '
ship tlrangtnae.
steamer from Philadelphia; at 1 P.M. for SANTI
AGO DE CU11A, er steamship Santiago de Cuba
(letters must be directed "ier bantlago do
Cuba"):. it 1 P. M. (supplementary 1:110 P. M.-for
UERMUDA, per ateamshlp OriuiK-o; at 1 P. 31. (sup
plementary 1:110 P. M.) for Nassau. N. P., aud
bANTIAOODECUDA. per steamship Niagara, al
S P. 31. for JAMAICA, per steamship Ardandhu
(letters for Belize, Puerto Cortex, and Uuatemala
must 1h directed " per Ardandhu").
FRIDAY At 0:S0 A. M. (supplementary 10 A. 31 ) for
WARD ISLANDS, per steamship 31adlana; at 3 P.
31. for PORTO RICO direct, pirstesinshtp Tberolsi
at II P. M. for I1RAZIL, per steamship (Ireclan
Prince, via Pemambuco aul Santos lUtten. for
North Ilraxll must be directed " per Grecian
SATURDAY At 10 A. 3!. (supplementary 10.80 A.
per .teamst'tp Adirondack (letters for
Costa Rica must be directed " per Adlroud.L'fc " :
at 10 A. SI. .supplementary 10::lil A. 31 i for l'OHT
THAOK.NA, r stenmshlp Andes, at 10 A. SI'
(supplementary 10:110 A. 31.) for CAPE HAITI,
Steamship noUteln; ut 10 .lo A M ' r
TAN. per steamship orlra' a I. iter- for "tl.or
parts of Mexico and for oil u inti-t ! dire, ted
"I-er Orlraba"): ut 10:J0 t SI. for l'OHT Al'
per ateitluslitp I'r'i W lllein l let
ters Mr other parts of 'il.'' " T lub
dsil, snd llrltlsh suit Hut j ,u am ii.u-l l-e dine. v
ed".erPrlns Wlllnui I . nil1 v M. forM-W- ,i
FOUNDLAND,per6tea'i.il.lP""U ,;
Malls for Newfoundland, h rail to Halifax, arl
thence by steniu.r. cl it this omvo il ' J "t .
H:Ull P. 31. .Malls for SlKiurlon to rail I i "' ''
and thenco by sleamer, close at this flic ' il
KtllUI'M. Slall-for Cuba cli".eot till-""" '"''
at 7:00 A. 31.. forforwanllim bj i.ii'uii.r. . ur -
(Slonilii)a nml Thursdavs; frcui I'ort ' " l'"-, ,,t ,'1
Slulls for Slexlco Cll,' overland, un1.'" l ''''"",; a
liMli..i'il lor despatch by etcniner, 1"- at til s m
iffliv dully nt ii;.lo A. 31. ami S M" I' M Ha'.- 3
tercd inullc: s nt 0:00 I'. 31. pri.vlm.sday. '1
Stalls for tne Society I.liunH per ship il illlee from '
ban Kranrlscoi. clo,e here il.sll. up to u. -,a g
11:1111 P. 31, SlulU for Cilllin, .lap.ni, und l.awall. "f
per stcainshlp Coptic ifrom situ Fn.ni'ln'' n"'0 'H
liert.tlallyui.il auk. t!" at rt mi P M M l fr J
China and Japan, cr eifuiiisliiptv lumbia "" "j
Ta.omu), close hero dully up In Aug l-'i a' ,u M
1 ,1 1 .11. .. , I .. ... II ..up.f..iiiti.lilf, All.'lllia HATJ
(froinrMi Fr.iiicUco i mi hem daily up t 1' BE
1 at 0:110 P. M. Mulls for Ausliulla . l' 91
West Austriilln.. II mull und FIJI MK I1H
per hteunishlp Anr.ingl if mm Vaneinner . '
herodall) oricr Mw III au.luploMpt I.' I
P. 31. Stalls fur I'hlliu nml Japan ispe.' il "
dressed only . per steuinslilp Einpreo ' ''''
(riiHii VaiiiiMiMi ..li.e here tlally up to mm ' l'
nt H::io P. 31 .Mall. lor Australia (except t ' "
for West AlMrallal, Hlileli am forrr.i"l ' '
Europi, Ne a a'uinl, Hawaii. FIJI, and sai ' "
Islands, r -ilcalnslilp .MnrlpiHii .fioniSiu Irtu
Cisco), cliwt here daily un tu Sept. II" at 7 .1 .
SI., HAM hiiiI 0 :i P. 31. tor on arrlt . I i s " ',
York ofsti'Mlii-hlp Cainpaulu with lltltlsii ' ' ;
for Atistiallii'. i
Trniis-I'ai'lilc malls am forwarded to nun f-sl"'J 1
tlallt ami tuo scheilult' of i-liuliu is nuio. t r ' ' I
presiimptlniior their uninterrupted uteri. ' " " ' S
IRffclstcred iiikM cIiisih ill ll P SI. ire loll- .i.s J
coltNr.l.U's VAN con. p. -'ii s '' I
Post oni.-e, New York, N. v.. Aug. aU. 1-j
jPt-01) 01.15.
JSItoposAl.N lll be rtt'i'lve I al thBliur-ti. ' '" i.
pile, unit Ai't-oimts. Nuvy I.-i..rt m-'iit. ( f: Bj
ton. H.C. until U i.'clii'k it. ton. Auk i-i '" -
and puhllily opeiifti Ininit'l an It llxr- '", ' ' B
nltti at the N-w York .Nuty Yar a ipiam f : ' l A
fouling und jntlcorroslie I'onipimtl'Mi-. I' ' ii " '
incut, lumber, itmls, tleck uri.l.iiliij ' " ' - , '
rlne, laril oil, iielrolaiiuti. Iin-nult- - i ' , B
liinipK, 1 electrli' geueiftior. salt p-uk -.tli't'' ' ' n
swing silk. Iiluus proi'ii.uls wlh be im.it 'i ' ''
aupllcatloli in III" Navy Pay unlet . v " ' J
WfN STEWART, I'ayinasttMJeneral, U, " H
O-10-U7. I
i.Wlti. lllllSSMSSSSSSsl
SislniiriiaMii.nl aiiiismr-iMMirnnssisnissBllisstsslBsssMsmssssssssssssssl

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