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- .If, axb rne xi:ir xoiuta at nnooit.
! ; mm h i.rxa x'zat a XMAir.
i iwm '
V (H ( 1 Easplr Hunt liars Catcher Warner a)0 ana
'. Mmt i ' Order lllm rVom f lie Field Blllmre Win
.' ' j Twlc irons la Chicago ansa lnrreaTlilr
Bit f Ieael aa IB, iuaton d !ot rlay Vitus.
i ImU ' Boron Inning and a draw was the result of
i '; I tho New York-Brooklyn gamo at Eastern Park
'. -B ; yesterday. Tho Haltlmores Increased thoir lend
' jR! V ten point by capturing a doublo-header
t tM, J . from the Chlcngoj, while tho Ilostons wero pro-
5 "'jB'A.' vented from tackling tho I'hlladclpblas because
' i sWJlK of rain. Cincinnati, Cleveland, and I-oulsvlllo
' ' lill took tbo other League games. The results:
jj Ill Haw York. 8 Brooklyn, 8 (called).
,! ' I fit Baltimore, 1; Chicago, 2 (first game).
, ' J S Baltimore, lit Chicago, 1 (second game).
I i S 0 rinolanati,!; Washington. 1.
K ' ' I ft ' l Cleveland, 7 fit Louli, 0.
V ; IB A I Louisville, 7i Pittsburg, a.
I'LB At Uo.ton-P.alu.
I Wsl Tnn record.
M Halt. 7 Mi, iron, Mf. ;iu.c!iii ciut.. tron. tut. riu.ctnt
I 111 .1 Baltlmore.88 33 if ,719'llrooklyn.o3 (It 11 449
II , 11.1 Boston ..88 3J 14 .7U3e.'hlcago .30 1)0 111 .445
IT. B t NswYork.73 41 III (147 I'hlla'phlu&l 07 11 .41111
PI. . IJ Clncla'atl 07 4U HI .371 Pitt.burg 30 en 10 .4. 11
It. Ml X Clersland.su 12 14 .600 Loulavllle 611 UU 13 .420
III ' - Waah'gfnBl Hit IS ,4tl2bt. Louis. 117 111 li .222
H, 'Hi V, XEW YOI1K. 8; UIIOOKLY.V, 8.
H H", t There was plenty of fun for tho crowd at Kait-
1 rMK ru l'ark yestorday afternoon dining lliubnltlo
:Hb' I between trie local League teams. Owing to tho
mti '.mWWk I latolinur for starting play, tbuganio draggi-d
Hi'-flH. I until darkness put an end to It, nt the conclusion
l.H 1 of thesueiith inning, tbe sioro being a draw,
J Be The New Yorks pluyrd another poor game,
m HI J far btlow the standard set by them ilnr
S ,HK ing tho last six woeks. Tbey bit Keif
vHB' liody bard, but had tuelvu licn loft on
:ni bases, wbllo errors wore of considerable
J !Kt asslstanco to tho llrooklyns. The failure to
ft' .HI 1 win tould not, with Justice, bo attributed to
J ;BK 8 anT " particular plnyer, for nearly all wcro
' 'IHi S oil in their work, but Jojce, .Meckln, Uettig,
H ;UaVl liernan, Vun Haltrcn, and McCrrnry mado
M'' iflwl plays that wcro collectively fatal. Tho lllook
n, SHI l)ns, on theolbcr bund, llolded beautifully, uud
H tBH' batted with lomndtgrvo of skill.
:HB " L'mpiro Hurst's work whs well-nigh perfect.
J ,mmWt i! When ho consulted Captains Joycu and Urltllu
H, iHHB I before the game thoy told him not to stop play
. BHe intllltwas an utter Impossibility to proceed
Bp flHI because of darkness or ruin, 'lhcj evidently
j' jBHt wanted to have a ilcchho result, so that tho
I' : teams might haonn oil day to-morrow, which
mm;. HH la an open dato in tho schedule. It was not tha
f) iBH umpire's fault, then, that tho seventh Inning
Hf 'HHn was played in semi-darkness, and wbon ho was
r. HHl forced to call gamo It meant tbnt tbe question
I' iflH ' would bo decided at the samo place to-morrovr
Hi .flHE afternoon.
E !' Uurst enforced tbe rules against kicking
HV 'flflitl' when be disciplined Catcher Warner of tbe
f 'Ek' New Yorks. Warner has done ejiellent work
B HHW thlaseuson, but that Is no reason why ho should
' HHT crea e trouble by objecting to decisions. Ho
I iHHiS;'1 Ibould have subsided after bis affair with Don-
Mmv -'flHiit' khue of the Chlcaitos. but it seems to bo tho fact
f- 'Bir that he is slightly in error over bis own Im-
9H ft portancc When behind the bat Warner has a
t iSljb habit of pulling In wide balls and kicking when
f. ;BBh' umpires do not tall them strikes. In tho fourtn
j SHH Inning yesterday he began to do this, and when
f, ' Jlurst refused to be fooled Warner began to
k iBV kick.
f! "I don't need your assistance," said Uurst.
HMf !HHE'i quietly, " and, as you persist in umpiring, I'll
iBB'i JlDo you $'M." Warner said nothing in reply
p. i HHS; Until an innlnc later, w hen ha asked tho umpire:
Hi 'flHBr "Say, does that twenty go r'
tHB "Yes. air," was tho renly.
HHBv' "Well. I don't care bow much you fine me,"
Tm' 'j the umpire declares was Warner's answer.
J '. In tbe sixth Inning tho umpire mado a close
; ', but fair decision at third base. Warnerpromptly
J; Mk raised a rumnus by kicking and attempting to
IMm BHB'' catch hold of Hurst's coat. That was enough
EMi SHM (or tho Judge of play, who clapped on an ndul-
Wmh 9HK tlonoltlnoof $21) and put Warner out of the
IMfS 'MUUUV same. To Joyce's cred t. it must be said that he
HK SHKa 'j n0 kicking, and when bo found out why
l 9HK? Warner bad been put out he abided by tbe
It 9HK ruling with scarcely a word In protest. Copt,
HBt flHK Orlnln made nn uncalled-for rush at the umpire
IHHflBlf-' 'n "10 seventh lnnlns, after Hurst had very
IJH. ' properly declarel a Brooklyn player out, lie
Wfl; HHK ihould havo been disciplined.
ItBVtflHB Ds behavior of tho crowd on tho bleachers
iH''t ''' back of third baso was anything but ordorly. In
US', ,9HB' retaliation for the methods of persons at the
Hft HB Polo Grounds who bellovo In howling to rattlo
Dft Wi- she visiting players, the Ilrooklyn rooters yelled
IVItBH' themselves hoarse in efforts to disconcert the
imtfJtmWg r'ew York. Men with megaphones were per-
I TTSHH'? tuilted to ruko all aorta of remarks to the
I B-jflHB, Players, and tho noise soon disgusted lovers of
HB'jBBKA alr play. It was another proof that the mag-
BjKlBBlS Dates have plenty of evils to wipe out between
BMaBBBy now and next jer.
Bm; " Tho spectators, by tbe way, did something In
ISjV'i BBjl'f H1 seventh inning which has scarcely, if ever,
BB BBjK been seen on a ball field before. It was growing
IBaT BBi . dark rapidly, and the cranks were crying out:
fiBI BBi.'.' . "Call the gamol Call the giunol It's too
Iflt: BBjl darkl"
BH BBl; . Then one man Jokingly lighted a match and
Bt BBjV-s Peli ll above bis bead. Other men on both
BT BBr1 bleachers saw the act and copied it. Then men
Bju BB1 " tns irrand stand lighted matches until it
HP iBBK seemed as If the field was surrounded by twlnk-
Br BBjH Ilnglncandeaceat lamps. Soon matches began
B.1 'BBIr- t ,oo scarce, and newspaper torches wero
OR Bjf lighted by the enthusiasts. The flames alarmed
Wa' BBf " management, and policemen quickly put an
B!-; :BBl' end to the dangerous fun.
Bm 'BBi . Tbe New Yorks made two runs in the first
Br Bit Inning and hod threo men left on bases. Van
BjV BBKi Ilaltren fouled to Shlndle, and Tlernan slnglod.
BjL -BB1 X0?00 drove a clean two-bagger to left, and
l 'BBI'v Oeorge Davis brought In both runners with a
.W BBJ') Jpaie bit to right. Uettig tiled to Oriffln and
Hf BBJIr ZIoCreery singled. Clark's base on balls filled
iB BBjV- thebags, out Worncr struck out. Iuthelastbalf
BBBjl with one out Grlllln shot a three-bagger to left
B BBIr and scored on Swindle's long fly to McCreery.
Bit 'BBli "Droadway" Smith, whoso batting was good
'Bj 'BBh again, doublod, only to be left
Br BBj'- 2Ieekln began the second with a great three-
Hi BB'' bagger to right centre. Van Haltrcn 11 led to
. B' BHIj- tlriffln, who returned the ball sosnlftly and ac-
K. MMum'j curatcly to the plme that Jleckln didn't bare
' IBBJ tlmo to get a start from third. Kennedy gu e
" fT BB'. our balls to Tlernan and Joyce, and Davis's
'M''BK scratch covered the corners. Att IspolntDunn
; R BBj" jnade a pretty running catch of Gottlg's short
B BBI Sy, and tbe next Instant he grabbed McCroery's
;H BB Srounder and Davis w as forced.
; - 'BBj1' In the last half of the third Meekln began to
BBU- Show signs of wlldness and weariness. IIo be
iBf BB' Kn b' Biding bases on balls to Oriffln and
;BjY jBB't Sblndle. McCrecrr collared Smith's fly, and
.Bj BB" JUchance forced Sblndle. Grltiln scoring. A.
'.iBBBBR Jrlld pitch put Lacbanco on second, and four
BHBB1'1. balls to Shoch made It apparent that the big
;BnBB!? pitcher had lost control, liurrlll banged n hot
tBflBBl ' iingle past Davis, on which. Lachance tallied,
BU BBk' and Shoch plugged for third.
(BMBBJ . Hlght hero Cant. Joyce took a tumble. Davis
BBBB'- Bred the ball to Scrappy, who stood in the baso
BBBB', lino waiting to touch Shoch. The llttlo Germun
BBBB1; ran Into Bill like a bucking bronco, and Joyce
BVBBli' 0" backward, head over heels, at thesamctlino
;BHHBrr dropping the ball. Sbocb aald he was sorry, and
IBWBBj uo game proceeded after Hill had picked tbe
rSJItBBu sand out of his eyos. Hurrlll reached second
illEtBB meanwhile, where be went Into a trance, which
Irn If BBk Yras cut short by Warner h tine throw to Davis.
KHH.BBO . hcri the Ilrooklyn took their turn at the
CKl BBjf Pat la the fourth, OcttlgsuccenledMeokln In the
BBr BBli box, McCreery cam in to play second, and WU-
HI BB. tnot went into right field. Kennedy lost no time
HsT BBr- !" blmng the Ijall to the lefl-llclil fuuee for threo
BBr BBU oasea. He scored on Dunn's My to Tlernan.
Ha- BBk a'ter which Gettlg pulled himself together.
KQ BB'( Joyces men iibsuiued what appeared to be a
EM; BjTf (rood lead In tbe tilth. Uettig lilt eifoly andMo
H'HK Bj'! Oreery sacriaced. liases on balls to ('lark and
R'HHBBt Warner put throe men on the bogs and Wllmot
KBB BBfl4 same to tbe rcscuo with a neat single to loft, on
(BjHBK .yblch, Pot'l.' and Clark scored. Wllmot was
ti(IHBB 'forced by Van Ilaltren, and when the Jattrr
F'bF BBlf madaabluff steal Warner ran borne on Iiurrlll's
t It BH yild throw. Sblndle made a run for Brooklyn
l;; f: BB In the last half. IIo doublod to loft, reached
h I BBI' third on a tine one band stop by McCreery, who
T-f I BB' put Lachance out, anil scored on bhoeb's hit, the
It I, BB' latter being thrown out while trying to stretch
t. t BB the drive Into a double.
I f BB) i Davis's base on balls aDd steal, followed by
: i BB1 WcCroery's double In the sixth, gave another
f BrBBi, run to the New Yorks, but the Brooklyns tied
i ' 1 BB- tbv?.La?,rs ln lhe '"" half, chielly on errors.
;. P BB with two men out Jones singled to left, 'lhe
,' 1 BBk fall got away from Tlernan and was fumblecl by
i I BB: Yan Haltren, ao that tho runner landed on third.
I. BB . Oettlg gave four balls to Grlllln. and then
I f ' threw tbe ball to the grand stand while
; 1 BBy iTJaik K.catfn .V.ke "applng. Jones scored
! Bt fnd Urlflln bustled around to third, which
.; Z'BBt be reached on a closo decision. Warner kicked
aBB andwasforced to retlro In favor of Zearfoss.
4 SiBBBv and then Sblndle hit to McCreery. Too latter
111 fiBB' made a good stop, but threw so high that tho
51 IIBB" bauman was safe, Oriffln tlelng the score on tbe
It BB? arror. Sblndle was caught stealing,
' I, MMm It waa quite dark and lhe crowd, as desorlbed
' I' IB' above, began to illumlnato the Held. Van Hal-
i 'a'JHJB tren made a run for New York In tbe seventh, on
' if BaH fe!.10,'?J,,,,. .nnd lnile by Tlernan and Davis,
i KB ben the side was retlrtd the crowd began j ell.
) h Wkm c ln(r ";o w,u1 Indians nnd brandished their flam.
1 t BB' ln" torches. ."Broadway" Smith had his
j IBB ferv? "1'b "lm "d smasheil a "wo-baggeJ
I MM' I?hrlBhS T1"i, hlt. w,"" n,0,l "IT Key, ,,,"
li 1 ' rn0,,il1,"Li.relIlvia ,ullf. "Dd Lacbanco
' . ,t Wi. KliVfA 7!ilh 8,,"R e' .bmllu " 'be score.
,J V 9 Mm- Sf?lVlT.,,M,llV'"',.Bred9," for ruining on
1 t BH l.tl,0."" wj"n Zearfos throw down to noil
J BBv klm at second. Zearfoss also made the play of
1 I Milf K5?mM n,,,.,lia c,"?''l S"u-b at second. Then
1 BH tho umpl estopped play. Uhesinrai
v t U1 "" i?f-r n . . I "OOKLVS.
If 1 HH' i;il'H'n.cf.V 'I'Y'l-'i j0D.., t,r't-S',o
By Jkmm: Blniiirwi ? 2 J vif iii.ir..i 2 o o
W HBl Jfsiiig. no, p.l 1 0 I l Laolinc.,lb.l ilea
If BHL t,?R"""iP" 0 0 0 0 staDeh. ss... 0 lain
I: HH' fij,k. 11.,,,J 0 6 0 0 Ke nns Jr. p.,1 1 o 0 o
I HH yarner. e...t 0 2 I 0 Dunn. A.. 0 0 a n n
HH f cartons, c...O 0 18 0 " V B 0
T 5 HB fc.klu P .1 u o o Totals BiTT 7 7
Xs ! Wllmot, rf 0 I u 0 ol """ B'li!l S 1
. Biff Totals. ... ri8o " "o,
Mf la HH' '"baBcsoutforrunulugoiuof line
w IhH
PBlBEillHMlHBBBtiajM-a-Vr. r "i" Jtar-
hiit hits MMkiVtlWO. irlnrifdy. laerlfleehlt
XeCreerr, stolra bacVvan nsltren, Tlsrnan,
liavls (I) Warnsr. First taM on errorn Drooklyn, .
first base on tiails-Off Meekln, 8 off Oettlg, ll off
Kennedy, 7. Struck cut By Oeltlr. Ill by Kennedy, 9,
Jrton burs Saw York, ICi Drooklyn, 4. Double
play Zearfoss and Davis. Wild pltehc-s Meekln, 1
Kennedy, 1. Time 3 hours. Umpire nnrtt. At
lendanoe 3,800.
biltimorx, 4 cnicaoo, 2 rtarr oaki.
PiLnxORX. Spt. 18 The ohamplona took two
gamrs from the Colts to-day by superior all-round
playing. The nrst game was a pttohert' battle, In
which HorTer came otitlrlrttbeit. Friend's wlldness
contributed to the Orioles' run column. Theseiond
fiame started like a aluggins ennteit, but the Colts
n up on Nops after the first Inning. Prlrgs, on the
ether band, was knocked out of tho box In the third
Innlnc. and Orimth. who suocenlrd lifm, waa bit even
harder than his predecessor. The sooresi
. In. r.o.a. s. iu Is. r.o.A. a.
Mcnraw, 3d liio o'llyan, rf ...1 1 a 0 0
Kieler. rf ..0 0 ft n 0 Callahan, .0 10 8 0
Jrnnlmi M..0 li 3 B 0 l.antte. ff.,.,0 0 8 10
Keller, If ...0 l n 0 Anion lb. ..0 1 a 0 0
Hirniel, cf. 1 0 2 0 0 Connor, 2b.. 0 0 19 0
Doyle, lh.,.,0 Oil II 0 Merman, lr.,0 0 4 0 0
llfilr, Sd ..1110 0 McCer'k, Ub.l 14 0 0
Ttohlnion, 0.0 0 1 1 O.KIttrldge, o.O 0 B 2 0
Horrtr, p.... I n 9 u o Friend, p.... o l l o o
Total .7 "5 87 18 "o Total ,7 "ail 7 "o
nnltlmore 0 12 0 0 10 0 ..4
Chlcaito 0 0 10 0 0 0 1 03
Earned rum Ualtlmore, 2 Chicago, 3. Two-baae
hit Itslta, HorTer. Three bate hit Ityan. Bacrinoe
hit Keeler. stolen bases MfdeM, Ktlley. Double
ptny l.anxe nail Connori Klttrldre and MeCor
inai k. Uric baie on balls on HoITer. 1 1 ort Friend,
li Hit by pltohcil ball-lly Friend I. Struck out Iiy
Friend, 1. Left on baaes Baltimore, Ui Chlctico, 2.
Time 'J hours and C minutes. Umpire McDonald.
siitihoice. Hi cuiuoo, 4 sicoio aiMa.
m. ln. ro.i.E. , la.r.o,Juc
KcOraw, 8b 0 2 0 0 1 Ityan. rf ...,1 10 0 0
Keeler.rf o 0 a o o Callahan, si 1 12 10
Jennluga, u 1 II 2 a 0 I.ange, ot. ..2 19 0 0
Keller, If. ,.2 1 0 0 O'Alxon. lb.. 0 9 S 0 0
Blelirol.cr.. 110 0 0 Connor, b.,0 118 1
Doric, lb....2 2 II 0 0 Herman. If.. 0 0 10 0
lleltr, 2b.,3 2 3 n 1 I'Corm'k,3ba 0 0 0 1
Clarke, c.,.,1 I ft 0 1 Dnnohue, e..n 0 8 11
Hops, p 1 0 0 0 0 Ilrl. p 0 10 0 0
artfllth. p...O 10 10
Totals. ...11 2 13 08
Totals 4 6 12 0 8
Dattlmnre o 9 0 8 ..11
Clileago a 0 10 04
Earned runs nltlniore, 3; Chicago, 8. Two-base
hlt McOriw, Steniel. Three base hits Ityau.llells.
Btolen bases sniou, Doyle, Jennlnm, Keliey (8).
First base on errursllaltunore, li Chicago,!. Flnil
baso on balls off Nops, Oi on Ilrlfis, n.off arlfflth, 2.
lilt by pitched ball-lly Drlggs, 1. Struck out ny
No, 4iby Orlfflth, 7. Left on basrs Ualtlmore, U
ChleaKO, 7, Time 1 hour and 40 lulnutea, Umpire
McDonald. Attendance 0,340,
nscissan, 2 wasiiisuTat, 1.
VCASiitvorov, Sent. IS. MeJatnes lost hit game
today by lending four Keds In a row to first base on
balls In the seventh and forcing In a run. Ths feature
of the game waa the fielding of Uettman. The soorei
WAsanoToi. i oxer atj.
,. .. n. lB.r.o. e K.lsr.o.A.r.
Sclbacb,lf...(i 2 0 0 O'nolllday, lf..o 0 0 0 0
Uettman, rf 0 0 3 0 OtHoy, cf 0 10 0 0
Demoot. 2b. .0 0 3 4 0 Miller, rf....l 9 8 10
McOulre. c.O 0 ft 8 2 Bacikley, lb.O 0710
Tucker, lb.,0 0 10 0 O'llltchle. 2b..O 12 4 0
Leahy, cf....l 10 0 0'Conoran. ss.l 0 110
llellly, 8b...O 12 0 0 Imlu. lib. ..0 0 10 0
WrUley. ss..O 111 0 Schrlver. 0...0 1 8 n 0
Mercer. P....0 0 0 9 (I Khlnea. p....l) 0 10 0
cJatnei. p..O 1000
Totals 3 6 24 10 0
Totali 1 0 24 13 2
Washington o 0 0 10 0 0 01
Cincinnati o 0 0 0 0 0 1 12
Earned runs Washington. 1 Cincinnati. 1. Two
base hit Miller. Three base hlts-Ilellly. Miller.
Left on bases Washington. s Clnolnnatl. 7. Stolen
bases Leaby, Corcoran, Irwin, bchrlver. Double
plays Miller and Ueckley. Schrlver and Corcoran.
Hnt base on balls oil McJames. 3i oft lthlnes, 8.
Hit by pitched ball-By McJames, 1; by lthlnes, 9.
Uruck out Dy McJames. oi by Ilhlnes. 8. Time I
hour and 33 minutes. Umpire Carpenter.
CtrVILAST), 7j ST. LOUIS. 0.
Ci-etxi,sd. Sept. 13 Powell held St. Louis down
to four hits, one of whloh was asarstch, up to the
nlntb Inning, when a batting rally and Sockalexla'a
coatly error let tthe visitors score four runs, with
man on third and second. Powell atruck the third
man out. The score
K. IB. T.O.A. X, B.1B. r.O.A..
Burkett.lt.,.1 8 10 OCrou.ss 1 10 2 8
Cbllds b...l 0 4 9 0 Hartman.Sb.l 10 4 1
Wallace, 8b. 0 9 9 1 0 Turner. rf..l 110 0
Mckean, ss .2 a 2 ft 1 Ureay, lb... .2 2 7 3 1
tfckertng.ct 2 2 2 0 ) Lslly.lf 18 0 0
Socka'xts.rf.O 0 0 0 if llawley. cf .00200
Crelger. o ..0 2 4 0 1 llallman, 2b 0 0 10 0
M'Alllitor.lbl 1 12 0 0 Houe'an,2b 0 0 19 0
FoweU.p....O 0 0 2 C Murphy.c.,.0 17 0 1
Juillioft. p.,.0 0 8 8 9
Totals 7 12 27 10 4 Douglas s....0 10 0 0
Totals .....o"? 24 14 "5
'Batted forUawley ln the ninth Inning.
Cleveland 1 0 0 2 3 0 0 1 ..7
8t.Lot 0 1000010 40
Earned runs Cleveland, 4: St. Louis, 3. Tlret base
by errors Oleveland, 2; St. Louis, 1. Left on bases
Cleveland, 0. St. Louis, 3; First base on balls OS
budhorr. 1. struck out By Powell, 4: by Hudhon", 1.
Three-base hits Crelger, Pickering. Twobaae bits
Wallace. Pickering. Sacrinee hll-Crelger. stolen
bases Crelger, Orady. Double clay budhofl and
Orady. Umpire 0"Day. Time f hour and SO min
utes. Attendance ISO.
loumvolk, 7; rrrTsscno, 9.
LouisvnC Sept. 13. Fraser and llawley had
r Itched magnificent ball and each deserved a victory,
n the last half of the eighth Kelly called Cllngman
safe at first when he waa out. The kloks resulting
caused Hawley and Urodle to be put out of the game,
Padden to be escorted from the grounns. and a fine
to be assessed agalnit Hon melster. Hugbey. who suc
ceeded Hawley. was batted to every corner or ths lot,
only three hits having been made off Uawley. The
rrrrsrrcrto. i Lonsviii .
n. ln.r.o. a. e. b.1b.po. b.
Davis, rf, cf.O 0 10 0 Clarke, If..., I 110 0
Padden. 2b.. 1 oil 0 Stafford, sa..l 1991
E F Smlth.lf.O 18 0 0Wagner.cf..l 110 0
Bothfuss, lb.0 2 9 0 1 'Nance, rf ...1 0 10 0
Hotrm't'r,3h.l 12 0 l'Worden, lb..O 1 B 2 0
Ely. si 0 0 14 0 Wilson. 0....0 1 u a 0
Brodle, cf .. .0 0 4 0 OlClIngni'n.Sb 1 2 3 9 1
Merrltt, O....0 12 0 0 O. bmlth, 2b.l 18 2 0
Uawley, D...0 0 12 0 Frater, p ....1 1809
HUKhey, p...O 0010
Donovan, rf.O 10 0 0 Totals 7 0 27 14 a
Gardner, 2b.0 0 0 10
Totals 2 0 24 0 "2
Pittsburg 0 0 0 110 0 0 09
Louisville 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 7 ,.7
Earned runs Pittsburg. It Louisville, 4, Left on
bases Plttsbnrg. Hi Louisville, 8. First on errors
Pittsburg. 3i Louisville, 8. Two-baae hlta E. Bmtth.
Wanner. Three base hit Worden. Home runs
norfmeUter, O. Smith. Sacrinee hits a. Smith, pad
den. Double play Uawley and Kly. Stolen base
Wilson. Struck out By Prater, 4 by llawley, 2.
Hit by pitcher Brodle. Urit base on balls Off
Frssor, asoft Husbey, 1. Time 3 hours and S min
utes. Umpire Kelly. Attendance 1,100.
Atlaatlo Leaaaa,
Lancaster........ .0 0 114 0 0 0 98 T2 3
Beading 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00 0 4
Batteries Clausen and Both; Mc.5Uc.kln and Hey
don. AT HiliTJOIUJ rmsT OUL
nsrtford 0 0101080 o a "a
Korfolk 0 12 0 0 0 0 0 03 10 7
Batteries Fry and Itoaohi McFar n and 8nyder.
Korfolk 1 0 0 110 0 3 O-o "a l"
Hartford 01000010 02 4 8
Batteries Bowen and Roachi Pfanmlller and Cole.
Newark 0 0 0 0 3 0 2 1 ,. S To "a
Athletlca 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 40 10 1
Batteries Carrtok and Itothfussi Cain and Schauh.
at rATEasos.
Paterion 0 0 4 0 0 0 0 0 04 8 i
Richmond 0 3 9 0 0 0 0 0 ..ft 6 0
llatlerles-Flaberty and Westlakei Schmlt and
Eastern Lea;uew
Toronto 0 19 4 18 0 0 0 lo' 22 i
Hllkeibarre.,,,0 1 0 2 0 1 0 2 0 a 12 4
Batteries Willis s and Snydori Pattoa and Oon
Montreal 2 0 0 1 2 fi 0 0 0 10 ffl B
BprlnKneld S 0 3 2 18 0 1 0-10 14 7
Batteries McFarland and Bergeri Solan and Dun
can. at sTrucuss.
Syracuse 0 0 12 3 0 0 0 0 S ?i li
Protldence 1 OOOtOOOO 2 HI
Haiterlcs-Mullany and Ryaut Ruddcrham and
At Buffalo Rain.
other Clnmea.
M"dn 0 2 0 0 0 0 8 & 10 "4!
Waterbury 0 0 1 0 0 0 8-3 0 4
Don,oh".r,C1'!n"'" ad The-""-l Manttleia and
At Korrlstown Korrlitown, 8i Cuban X (Hants. 9.
tlareball (lames Tu-I)ay,
Ksw York at Brooklyn! Chicago at Ullt.i.,r.
Olnt-lnnatl at Washington, I'hllado ohla uS
Clerrlaud at St. louts? Wtt.burg at ISulsvUle" '
Bcrauton st Torontoi Wllks.bsrre at Montreal,
prluitlsld at Syracuse 1 Providence at Buffalo.
Athletlos at siewarki Blchmond as s.u .. i
folk at llartfordi llead at A-ooafwr. '
aenwegler WU . tbe Iledrorg p.n, TtBnU
The open tournament of the Bedford prk Tennla
Club ended on last Saturday afternoon, when Schwe.
Basefc.il. ,, r.rk( 4 - Te,U, I
Brooklyn vs. Msw York, Adia. tBo. and fiOcui, 1
Ckampten vrklgkam Oas Itraka Behlad tha
Itastern Xipert Drawlaga flsr tbe First
lteuad la the Asaatear Chamaleashlp,
Thteh Bealas T.Pay-"lee Beats Bkllta,
Ciiioaoo, Sens. 18. Oolf week at Wheaton
openod to-day rather quietly- At no tlmo wai
thoro even nn average attendance, not taking
the players Into account. Tha beat waa op
pressive and many players on that account
declined to run any risks and did not enter tho
competition for tho Chicago cup, open to nil
amateurs, eighteen holes, medal play. Tho win
ner turned up In Flndlay 8. Douglaa of lha Fair
field County Club, who went round In 81 easily
ln tho forouoon. Ite played a remarkably steady
game. Ills driving was powerful; his approach
shots were beautifully judged, while bis work
on ths green was perfect. lis was fairly for
tunato, getting only ono dead Ho on the round,
and getting once Into a bunker.
During tha afternoon Champion Whlghnm
mado a grand effort to prevent the oup going
East, but just failed. Uls score was 82. Ho
went out ln forty strokes, ono better than
Douglas. At tho seventeenth hole ho was level,
but mlssod an Iron shot and finished with 82.
Janios A . Tyng might havo done bettor bad be
not known what Douglas was doing. This
unnerved him a llttlo, and he finished with
83. Forgan, tho fourth man on tho list,
playod in great luck, Tlmo after Urns his
ball jumped tho bunkors or lay close to them.
He did not play up to form, being away off ln
his driving, whllo his brassey shots on the green
wero very poor. Good approaches and steady
putting enablod him to finish up as high as bo
did. W. O. Stewart of the Seabrlght Club wont
around with Whlgham. He mado a poor start,
but recoverod and broko thu record for tho sec
ond nnd third holes, getting them In throe strokes
each. At the sixth hole, ho got into tho bunker
guarding tbe green, and had hard work to get
out again. Ho took ten strokes to this hole.
About 4 o'olock ex-Chaiuulon O. 1). MacDou
ald Ballted out to defond Western golf In com
pany with Qeorgo S. Wllletts. Tbo fact that he
would have to finish ln eighty strokes to win
otldently upset blm, as he was far below tbo
form be has recently oxblbited. He "threw up
the sponge" at the twelfth holo and tore his
score card into pieces. J. Q. Tboroe waa one of
tha most prominent Itastern men who refused
to venturo out ln tbe broiling sun.
Hs had a severe headache and thought
discretion the better part of valor.
Most of tho players refusod to hand ln tbelr
scores, which Is anything but a golllng spirit.
On the whole, tho East had the better of tho
argument to-day, and good Judges do not expect
that there will be more than four Westerners In
tbe sixteen to-morrow. The ones named are
Whtgbam, MacDonald, Walter Smith, and
Lawrence Tneedle. Following aro tha best
cards handed ln to-dayi
Flndlay 8. Douglas
Out 0 4 4 B 4 0 B 8-41
In 3 4 0 6 4 B 0 4 ft 40 81
J. !L Whlgbsm
Out 0 B 4 B 4 B 4 4 8-40
In 8 ft 0 0 4 4 6 4 049-82
James A. Tyng
Out B B 3 0 6 6 B 4 444
la 8 4 4 0 0 0 0 3 4 38 88
D. R. Forgan
Out. B B B B 0 7 4 B 8 4B
In 8 0 6 B B 4 4 B B 43 87
W. O. Stewart
Out 7 8 8 B 410 B 4 4 48
In 8 B 4 4 6 B 0 7 ft 48 88
It. H . Harrtman
Out. B 8 6 8 8 0 4 4 448
In 2 0 B 0 0 8 4 4 04390
W. R. Betts
Out B 6 7 8 4 6 0 4 647
In ...1 3 4 8 4 0 4 6 04800
Devereaox Emmet
Out 7 4 6 B 6 7 4 B 846
In 8 4 0 8 4 B 0 0 64580
A. H. Feaa
Out 7 4 4 0 4 7 6 4 843
In 4 7 B 6 4 0 4 6 8-4500
The summary of the competition follows:
Flndlay Douglas, Fairfield County Club 81
n. J. Whlglmm, OnwenUlaOolf Club 83
J. A. Tyng, Morris Couuty Uulf Club 83
D R. Forgan, Onwenula Uolf Club S7
W. o, Stewart Jieabrlght Holf Club BS
W. R. Betts. fhlnnecock Hills Oolf Club B0
A. H.Ftnn, Palmetto (lolf Club 110
Derereaux Emmett, Westbrook Oolf Club 00
II. M.Uarrlman. Knollwood Uolf Club V0
llUMfll Tyson, Chicago Oolf Club 90
Oeors; 8. Wllletta, Chlcaio Uolf Club 90
W. B. Smith, Onwenula Oo.f Club. vo
J. A. Hamlin. Chicago Oolf Club. 97
J. B. Chadwlck. Hloomond County Country Club, vv
11. Alward. Chicago Golf Club 100
J. De Koren Towner, Exmoor Oolf Club 100
llohart Moore, Ex moor Oolf Club ioi
o llockmerer, Richmond County Country Club. .101
W.Waller. Ounentsla Uolf Club 101
S. D. Bowers, OtaepoOolf Club 102
Lawrence P. Tweedle, Ex moor Oolf Club 10 J
V. Shaw Kennedy, Chicago Oolf club 108
W.J. Patten. Allegheny Oolf Club 103
J. Uoorshead. Jr., Allegheny Oolf Club 108
W. M. McCauley. Merlon Cricket Club 108
W. J.Patton. Allegheny Oolf Club 103
J. Raid. Jr.. Sew Haven Oolf Club 103
W.M Murray, Allegheny Uolf Club 103
B. s. norne, Allegheny oolf Club 103
B M. Wilson, Chicago Oolf Club 103
C. P. McAvoy. Chicago Oolf Club 06
II R.Rea. Allegheny Oolf Club no
O. R. Painter. Allenheuy Oolf Club lm
W. O. Carnegie, Allefheny Oolf Club 117
Following Is tbe result of tbo draw for tbe
first round ln the amateur championship:
Moore vs. Carpenter, Horne va. Sweeny.
Rears. Towner, Pierce vs Carnegie.
Chadwlck va Painter. Alter vs flows.
Forgsn vs. Hunt. Murray vs. Coats,
narrlmanvs Stlllman. De Puy va Stewsrt.
Crowellvs Curtis, MacDonald rs Shaw.
Smith vs. Tyng. McCauley vs Leeds.
Douglas vs. Patten. Tweedle vs. IUI.I. Jr.
w hlEbam vs. Emmett. Smith vs. Leroy, Jr.
Flsks vs. Thompson. Hudson vs. Fenn.
Hockmeyer vs. Wallsr. Boyd vs. Morris.
Kedstrom vs. Batts. Keens vs Borden.
lloorchead vs. Kennedy. Painter vs. Breesee.
Frost vs. Bowsrs. Thorpe, a bye.
SniNNEcocK Hills, Sept, 13. This morning
play began for tho mixed foursomes cups offered
by F. H. HottB, tbo eonditlons of weather and
coursj being very good. Tho absence of set eral
players at Chicago kept the entry list down and
oniy cloven couplon were entered. The compe
tition was a twelve-hole handlcop, and many of
tbo matches were so close us to require several
ex ra bo es to decido thorn. Summary:
Mrs. O. S. Drown and A. U. Brown beat Miss Wick
ham and T. M. Robertson, handicap 1 stroke, by 1 uu
In 14 holes. '
Miss Bsatrtx Hoyt an.t A. B. Clafiln beat Mlts Llv.
lnaston and H. E. Cos. handicap S, by 1 un In lftholes.
Miss Godfrey and L. Blaiclen beat Mrs.Hoadley,
Jr., and R. E. Bchtrmer, handicap 7, by 4 up aud 0 to
Miss Oroesbeck and O. W, Parnta, hand'eap 2. beat
Mlu E. W, Barnes and C. D. Barnea bv 2 up and 1 to
Miss J Hoyt and N. II. Lord, handicap 4. beat Mlis
E 11. Clark and O. C. Clark, Jr. by 4 up and 8 to
In the afternoon tho second round was played,
the result being as follows:
MlisJ Hoyt and X II. Lord drew a bye.
Mrs. C. 8 PrimnandA. M. Brown beat MUsOroes
beck and C. W. Barnes, handicap 0, by 3 up and 1 to
Mils B. Hoyt and A . D. Chsflln heat Miss Oodfrey
and 1- lilagden, handicap 4, by 4 up and 2 to play.
Tho finals for the De Luse Cup, for members
also, was plaj cd this afternoon by C. R. Ilrov. 11
whodeleatod H. U. Trevor on Saturday by 1 uo
In nineteen holes, and A. U Morton. The bitlor
displayed his old-tlmo form and beat Brown by
4 up and 8 to play. '
A two-links professional match of tblrty-slx
boles was decided yesterday for a $100
purso between Val Flood or tbo Crescent A. O.
S.nrt. AV.ffu,L 8rhlltz of tha Marino and Field
CIuu. 1 he first half was played on tho Crescent
links and the second on the course of the Marino
and Field Club. Flood won easily. Ho begnn
tho gumeon his home links in surpassing good
form and set a pace that Schlltt could not with
stand. In the afternoon, when on more familiar
ground. Scbllti mado a bettor showing. Tho
cards follow:
Flood , 6 3 0 7 0 4 4 4 6-42
Schlltl 7 4 8 7 8 6 4 7 0-35
Flood 6 3 6 S 6 4 4 6 643
Schlltl. ft 4 A 7 7 4 0 4 447
Flood 4 7 t 4 6 0 4 848
Bohllts , a 6 8 8 7 0 B 8 4-48
Flood 6 6
Bchllts 4 0
The extreme heat of last Saturday seemed to
hat u ndcmorallrlng effect on tho membors of tbo
Monmouth Heach Golf Club, as they wcro beaten
by thoSoabrlghlsby the following scoro:
5.,::.ftd.1!",f; o Alberts iued o
- t' T J lo 8 Corilsndt llowsll 0
JKT .Ve,ani1 10 Walter Watson, Jr 0
5 K.'Ad;,'.'- V. 8iA.Il, Porter..., 0
Paull, Kimball 0 W. 8. EJey .".... 0
Albert Symington OF, A. Potts ....., 4
Total tjl Total 1
At Hair Maat rer tha Lata Osden Coelst,
Tho following bulletin relative to tha funoral
of lhe late Oirdon HooUt was posted at the land-
log station of tho New York Yacht Club, foot of
East Twenty-sixth street, yesterday :
On Ihs day of the funeral of ths lata 0-den Ooelat.
of bch notice will given by lbs dally press, the
club tursMe will be displayed at half mast from
colors until sunset, st the clubhouse, at all stations,
and by all yachts Id oomm Issloa, Byordsr of tha
Col'60MtalJ-""" W". " Captain.
si c ISI -i & if3t.f'4Sti-i.r.
-agllshsaaa Far Ahead or the New Yorkers la
tha First teniae.
The English orlckotcrs, under tho leadership
of P. F. Warner, mado their Initial bow to an
Amerloan audience yesterday nt Staten Island,
and although thoro woro many things disap
pointing about tho play tho 1,500 spectators
teemed to enjoy tho oxhtbltlon. Ono of tho sur
prises was tho falluro of a. L. Jcssop to show
soma of his hard-bnttlng orocllvltlos, but tha
catch which dismissed htm brought down tho
honso. J. Adam, who was away out on tha
boundary whon tho llttlo Gloucestershire man
"skied" tho ball ln his direction, had to run
noarlyflftr yards boforo ho could Just get bis
hands on tho sphere, nnd when the ball stuck
there tho young Manhattan man received an
It. D. O. Loveson-Qowcr did by far tho best
batting of tho day. Ho took no liberties with
tho bowling, for bis placing of short-pitched
balls to leg was dono with so much easotbat
there appeared to be no danger about these
usually risky strokes. J. H. Head nlso played
nicely, 1 F. Wnrncr contributed a steady In
ning, and H. It. Marriott scored i!7 rather frcoly.
M, 11, Cobb and F. V. Kelly both bowled re
markably woll, nnd the I'ngllshmon's total of
11)0 was thought nouo too big for the home team
to face
Tbo Sow Yorks sent in C. II. Clarke and J. F.
Curran, tho two New Jersey cracks, to start tha
run-getting, and from tho manner In which play
started a good stand was promised, lloth bats
men exhibited the utmost conlldonco against
tbe fast bun ling of G. L. Jessop nnd tho slow
trundling of F. O. Hull, and VI went up before
Clarko was bowlod by Hull. Hurdltch, thenoxt
man, was responsible for tho downfall of Cur
rnn's wicket, for when tho latter celled him to
run bo stood his ground and tho Lclnster man
was run out, Hurdltch might have bad to sac
rifice his own wicket bad ho nttempted to run,
nnd bo Immediately showed It was an Important
one by starting In to hit fours with great rapidi
ty. Ills scoru reached only 111. huwevar, and,
with Cobb tbo only other cloublo-llguro scoror,
thoinnitnr was over for 78. This wub only two
runs below tho necessary 1110 which would have
compollud a follow on.
Tho Knglishmeu then went ln for their second
attempt and thoy lost O. L. Jcssop nnd J, N.
Tonga for 5 runs. A. D. Whatman and J. It.
Head then plajod out time, tho scoro having ad
vanced to 33 whon stumps wero drawn. Play
will bo continued this morning nt 11 o'clock,
and. In order lo Induce the New Yorkers to put
forth their best efforts, P. 0. 11. Wonham will
present a handaumo silver cup to tho highest
scorer. It has been arrange 1 that should tho
gamo end to day, a oup-Innliig match will bo
played on Wednosday. The score:
Mrst Inning 0eeon4 inning.
P. F. Warner, b. Cobb S3
II. II. Cblnuery, b. Cobb 10
H. II Marriott, b Kelly 97
J. N. Tonica. b. Cobb 19 b. Kelly 0
O.L. Jestop, c. Adsm, b. Cobb, 4 0. Cobb, b. Kelly. 6
II. D. O. Luvesou Goccur, b.
Clarke 49
R. A. Bannett, b Cobb 8
J. It. Head, run out 39 not out ., 6
F. O. Dull. b. Kelly 8
A, D. Whatman, uot out 10 notout..... ....17
F. W. Stocks, b Kelly 0
Byes. 1U leg byes, 6 18 Byes 6
Total 190 Total ."as
Jlull.. Jfalcfsns. llunt.Wtot4ls.
M. It. Cobh 1(13 6 S3 6
C II. Clarke 03 4 80 1
F. F.Kelly 110 0 68 8
M. R,Cobb 80 1 17 0
F.F.Kelly -JS 1 11 8
J. F. Curran, runout 9
C. It Clarke, b. Hull 14
C. P. Hurtlltch.b. Hull 19
A E. Paterion. c, Whatman, b. Jesson o
M. It, Cobb. U. Hull 11
F.J 1'rtnlerKisi. b Bull o
R. T. Rokeby, b. Stocks A
H.O, Wright, run nut 0
F. F. Kelly, c. Stocks, U. Bull 8
J. Adsm. b. Bull i
II. N. Townt)nd, out out , 0
Byes, 4; leg bye, 8 no ball, 1 8
Total 3s
. . HiiIIm. iSaUltn: Jhinl, Wiokttl.
G.L.Jesaop r,1 a 20 l
P. 0 Bull B.I 3 41 0
F. W. block 30 3 3 1
rnwT iMn.
Engllhmen..23 63 71 7(1 117 123 160 171 103 10
New York. ...84 24 88 44 49 02 03 70 77 78
sr.com rrxeco.
Englishmen.. 6 6.
The Englishmen attended a thcatro party last
night, and to-night they will be the guests at a
suppor which A. E. Itendlo has arranged.
Noted Amateur flwlmm era to Compete.
Tbe swimming championship meeting to bs
held under tho auspices of the Atlantlo Associa
tion of tho A. A. U. next Saturday proralsos to
be a big affair. Tho racing will take p'aco at
tho Wuyno Natatorlum, Dolawnre county. Pa.,
where sotuo very successful contests wcro
brought off last year. Tho promoters have se
cured over ninety ontrles, including such
celebrities as T. Lawless, Ottawa lloat Club, 100
yard chuuipionof Cm n icd a; Donald M. Hcedcr,
..'V, A: c." national li'.'Ojnrd champion, unci
I Jr. Paul Neumann, champion of Austria nnd
llrooce, holder of tho world's Uvemllu record
and tho American one-mllo record. Tho other
candidates nro llttlo inferior In quality and
should be near enough oen in tho scratch racea
to keep tho cracks moving. Tho nrngmmmo
Includes champloiiships at 100 nnd SbO j arils, a
fifty-) nrd race for nuvicos, n 100 j ant I nndleap,
and a special linlf-mllo scratch race. In which
Neumann nnd his rivals will mako an onslaught
on tbe record.
Ilrooklm Outplays rbleaco, but the Merles Tie.
aulta In n Tie.
Honors were even In the scries between the Brook
lyns and Chlcagos, uot ouly In the twelve games, but
In the half dnren c onfllcta on caob ground. That bat
ting and fielding averages do not alwaya flsurn In tbe
result of games Is demonstrated In this sorter. If the
records were to count tho Brooklyns would I cred
ited with the series, as the) outplayed Anion's mtn
both In batting and fielding, leading lhe Western
pla era nine points at the bat and twelvo points In
field work. The rocords follow:
At Hum. Abroad. Tulal
r, ... """ "' I''""- J"'. TOO. Lull.
Brooklyn 8 a 3 8 0 0
Chicago. a 3 a a oe
Brooklyn 4'a 07 14J .310
4-hlosgo 43d bS 134 .307
Brooklyn nil 170 lui' jn'i
Chicago 819 100 48 .018
Baseball IV. o lea.
F. F. O.l. Clark. 2. Jones. S.Davis.
J. Mclleo -On July 0, the New Yorks winning by a
scoro of 7 to ft,
aM;alltJr1u1p', k" t,am8 Wl11 '),:'ed 0tt to"morr0-
Rt ader.-I. In 1RU0. 2. We cannot tell you, 3.
Twenty. 4. About thirty.
Tho Boitoui scored 80 rum and the Clnclunatls 64
ln tbe series between tho tivo teams.
Joseph Hlniint (Is games do not count in the
atandlug, thuiefuro tho pp rceuiagj would be tho same.
.??;il,,en.t ,,',,1l"En",,hwlll neeer again por
slnda l r r an 'xhlbl,lon game on
Tho Washington Club of the National League will
afternoon. "' ' U' 0r'""" 'al lm
Iu the series between the Clevalands and PhlladeP
phlas. tho latter team soored S runs whllo Tebeau's
McCreery's activity around second baso yesterday
wa Iu the nature of a surprlsn. Perhaps ho uilaht
turn out well at third baso. '
"Mont." April 22. Phllsdolphla. B Now York. 1.
April 2J, Philadelphia. iv, New York, 7i Anril 21
Philadelphia, 12,. Sow York, 4. ' '
W, J. Peters The bet shuul I be dix-larcd off, tin.
leas you agreed to let It be eleoided by thu scheduled
gams, which was lhe flrst one played.
The Brooklyns oan take slxih place If they win
""fie straight from the Washlngtona at Eastern Park
on Thursday, Frldsy, and Saturday of thia week,
.i' ' '0F not to start the local League games at 818O
nnwatays, or eveu earlier. It Is a source of ellsnii
polniment to patrons to hare games cut short by
Hhrckard, the Brooklyn Club's new player from
SI'i'.V' "'"' "'' ! Fnjland League In ...I
ting, will repiirttu Manaiier Uarnlo today, and may
Kasterii'S' ' kP Lh"" uti""i tbv J,''w Yor'" at
onoAXizit a arxciAX. oonra.
Tha Promoters Kxpeet to Rnrell Many Aetlva
nitfen Ksceatlsnal Facilities Provided at
the Big nreekltn Armory Meeting or As,
aoclated Cjellnc Clubs Houles and Notes.
Tho steadily Increasing ranks of military
cyollsts wcro strongly reinforced Inst night at
the Fourteenth lteglmont Armory when tho
wheelmen of tho well-known lirooklyn regi
ment organized. A call for a special meeting to
establish a blcyclo oorps brought about sixty of
tbo picked riders of tho regiment togsthor, and
as all were anxious to join at onco llttlo pro
nmblo was needed to effect a permanent organi
zation under the namo of "Tho Fourteenth
lteglmont Hlcyclo Corps."
Tho regiment boasts of 250 active wheolmen,
and nil aro expected to bo In lino within n, week,
especially when they reallzo tho udvantugos to
bo afforded to members of tho corps. It Is pro
posed to equina wheol room who o bicycles may
bocheckod on nlghtsof general drill, nnd to throw
tho main floor open to mombers of the corps for
exclusive drill nnd practtco nftoniard. It Is also
Intended to take an nctlvo part ln civic and
military functions, and ns a starter tbo boys
will turn out on parade on Sept, 18 nnd Join ln
tho celebration of tho Associated Cycling Clubs.
Thoir uniform on that occasion will Includo blue
fatlguo blouse, campaign hat, white glotesand
ducks, and brown loirglngs. As this will bo
their first formal nppoaranco. they will sparo no
effort to present as formldablo a front as pos
sible. Tho meeting elected as President pro torn.
Llout.-Col. A. L. Kline, and pending his uccout
anco of permanent office the following officials
and committees wero appointed:
Secretary, Prlrato James (leliton. Company F
Treasurer, I'rlrato K W. llarlx r. Company Hi Com
lulttro on Byl.uws, Capta Uarcla, Foole, and Steven
son, Battalion (juartermaater Sergeant Belt, and First
bcrgcaut Hautsch, Company At Road Committee
Capt. Garcia, bergeant Beduatl, Company I Sergeant
Klrllu. Company K, and tint Sergeant De Pauw,
Company K,
Tbo wheeling membors of tho regiment are
most enthusiastic over tho new departure, and
even tho old-timers around tho armory last
night wero talking seriously about securing
mounts aud falling iu lino. Thore nro few better
Indoor floors In America for winter riding than
that furnished by tho spacious armory, which
extends from Fourteenth to Fifteenth street and
most of the way back from Eighth to Hoventh
avenuo, llrookljn. and tbe new corps has a wide
field or usofulncss before It ln tho lino of com
petitive drills, intercompany nnd regimental
races and other deslrablo means of tiding ocr
tho dreary season when out-of-door routes aro
Tho recent century runs to Philadelphia, pro
motod by tho Associated Cycling Clubs of New
York, wero discussed at a meeting of tho asso
ciation last night and led to soma lively argu
ments among tbo delegates present, Tbe dole
gales blumed ibe Itace Commlttco for tbe
losses on the runs, although promoted at
their own suggestion. Uebcreaux and Qlbb
spuko for tho committee and laid tho blame on
tho clubs who had no representatives on the
runs. Tbero was talk of "pounding" tbo com
mlttco before any reports of the runs had been
made, and hint wcro thrown out that tho asso
ciation might nut buA o to bear any loss that wo
incurred. Magistrate Slmras happily smoothed
matters out aud tbe business of tha meotlng
went on.
Tho constitution nnd by-laws of tho proposed
United Cycling Clubs was road and laid over
until tho next meeting. Suggestions of a cen
tury run on Oct, 17 and a parado on Thanksgiv
ing Day met with no favor, but a commlttco
wua appolntod to make nrrangem nts for a
bowling tournament. There was some general
talk nmong the divgatcs about attempting to
elect President Slinms to the Chief Counsulsblp
of tho L. A, W. in Now York State.
Frod Titus of this city, by his victory In tho
recent $2,000 handicap race, jumps into socond
place In tho valuo of prizes won by tha circuit
riders this season. Ilald still leads In tho num
ber of victories. Tho standing of tho contest
ants Is as follows:
A'uma. J(r.f. Seconds. TTtlrds. ITYftnlntJi.
Bald 19 0 8 81.739
T',u- 1 0 I 1,100
Osrdlner 7 7 0 1.0D0
Cooper 7 8 8 701
Mertens 4 6 6 723
Kltor 3 6 6 766
Meveas B 9 9 630
Tsylor. 4 4 0 600
? Butler 4 2 9 4Wft
'Iu' 4 0 4 870
Newton 9 4 8 435
Lougbsad Bit oi
Milarlaud 14 1 600
k-'mhl 9 1g ton
Newbouse 18 9 luft
Coleman 114 800
faton 9 0 1 160
htcenaon 0 9 3 180
Wells 110 100
F-Uutltr 110 ISO
Aker 10 0 83
Welnlg 0 9 0 121
The Associated Cycling Clubs of Long Island
will promoto another intcrclub team road raco
during tho fall. Tho Race Commlttco of tha or
ganization has selected Oat. 0 as tho date for the
contest. Last fall tbo team race held under tbe
associations management was won by the Pat
choguo heelmen, w ho socured a haudaoiuo sll
vcr cup. This year tho Kings County, South
llrookljn, Orient, Logan, and Ilushwick Wheoi
men Intend to enter teams for tho prlzo, which
must bo wou tbrco times to become the perma
nent property of any organization. Tho race
will In ull probability bo hold on tho Merrick
Norfolk, Sept, 13. Fourteen hundred per
sons saw tbo first day's races of tho first meet of
tho Twin City Cycle Club at League Park to-day,
run under L. A. W. rules and sanction. Summary :
One-Mil Norloo-Woa by L. L. buumadlue. leor
folk; D. It, Doslsr, horfolk, second. Tluie. 2 minutes
40 seconds.
Half-SHIa Open. Amateur Won by F. A. I Schade.
Hi rndon. Va.: K. L. Wilson. Washlnnton. second, W
I)'..Nje.'.l0,'.folkT' 'b'rd. Time, 1 minute 4 2 3 secouds.
One-Mile Hindi, ap. Amateur Won by I L. Shu
iiiadine. 100 yards, J. J Nelms. Petersburg. Va . 00
yards, second iJ T Vanderbern. Norfolk, 85 yards
third: R. II. Lllllelon, Norfolk, UO yards, fourth
Time, 2 minutes 1 1 seconds.
One Mile Proiesilonal Handicap-Won by William
filmms. Washington. 80 jarlss V F. Hluims, Phlla
dolphla. soratoh. secondi J. N. Mudd, Washington. IS
yurdu, third, lime, 2 minutes 30 seconds.
One-Mile Open. Amateur-Won by F. C. L. Schade.
n . D. Ny second, A. C Moran ihlrd. Time, 2 min
utes 10 aecouda.
On. Mile Tandem-Won by Schade and Nelms,
IIopo and Richardson second. Time 2 minutes b 2i
Two-Mile Handicap-Won by Nye, 133 yardsi
Oeorge E. Smith. ashlugton. 416 yards, second: W.
S. Ferguson. Norfolk. lliSjardi. third: A. C. Moran
ac rati h. fourth. Time, 4 mlnutesso 4-6 seeouils
Arthur A. Zimmerman rodo a half mlloln 03 4-5
p.i!7 Beador To rldo from Twenty fourth street
aud North Hirer to IS.'d alet and Wl'lls avenueVSj
through Twenty fourth street 10 Eighth avenue 10
Fifty-ninth street, to c.ntrsl Park! rid, through ibe
Park to I tutu street aud Lenox arenuoi continue to
120lh street around Mount Mo,7i. Park" to F 1 h .,
nuc. to lJ3h street. 10 the Madlwn Avenue Dridgr.
SfiM iV.' f1" AUtttU atreet. to Willis avenue, to
lUiU olrs til
F. Vincent Bllnkhorn.-To ride from the Roosevelt
Ferry 10 Church street and Bergen avenuo. Jerser
Ulj.go through Janus slip to Cnerry street, to
1 1 ankfor; street, to Nassau street, to Imtit street,
to Vet street, to tho Lunlaudi street Ferry 1 e-rciss to
II. U. C.-Applr to the Sroratary of the American
York otty. A,,ocUtlu,, bt' '" Dulldlug. Now
ept. 80. Eight of ths leading professions!, will
K.W. Psahody and F.J. Morse, ihu vraek Western
amatenrs. will compete In tha Springfield races
farl Klsrr will raoe aaalnst a team of running
horses at Dayton to-morrow. running
The Logan Wheelmen of ilrooklyn has decided ti
partlolpato In the bloyol. parale.To be heW uiuleV
ii,,.Sd"oJ,n:x,,'8,.?urd"yOC,"", C,t'""t C,ubi ' U"'
a uH??,'".? h' Hushwlek Wheelmsn has ridden
4,900 mil-., thus leadlug In hts club mileage contest
A nomlnstlng committee, . oiu sting uf A, k. l" k
F.J MeCaiisland, Jr , J, J. Fm-ltt. N. W. HtarMnl a
" irolhlushain. aud W. B. Unf. has bee, Selected
by the Hansacliusiiiis d vision ol1 thai., a W to ari
range the llek.t for the annual fall .levtion.
rim fledlord Kuuutaln Wheelmen will hold arun
to t'oney I. Uud uu rhursday oreulng.
1 bo Vukou Wheelmen of ihli city baa oleoted tho
rdliiwlng nnioers I'reslilrnl, Ch.rl.-s Drelri VI10.
I re. d. m, a Pieie-e. 11, , uMlu hei-ret.,,. Lou's I .0
rla. ('one. ...ndlng flee-tary. It j Turneri Fl an lul
S.cretar), ll Jl b. hoinbuig; Tr.ourer c'l .rieipera
( aplaln, II, oriia l..w.r,l., l.leuleuaul. () li,!1
buri- and K ? Kell-, , Bugler., II. Ne '., S and J
halt-in lo handloap. two-mllo bandloan arnaiif
otiarnplo-lilps, quartermll., half-mile! ln. !?,""
The Hobo Whoelmen of Ilrooklyn will hold a set of
roud raoe. on (M, 16. ,l"" eior
The Waluut Wheelmen of Urnoklyn ha. rleotod the
Prelud",' . 't,fflw r".' '",,"". "'" " llorih, Vlee
Prrildi nt, J, We.ley llummani Secretary. II Until
Tre-rsurvr, A. K. tief.eri Captm, . Tbniiiaa' v ' Hliaw
IIuoj Cominlttee. j y hlaniuian, Governors-It n1
Taylor. John Murphy nd 11 II Hols "aur" "
rim Drooklyu nleycln club will bold an open eoa.t
l.rV.r.lU.SMl?E?,0e, 8'OU"" "'Walut.
ts eiiluT' "" u"oklJ'n Btoe ClubwlU U held
cfportiJmnnV 6oo&t.
(Worn. 1
a man-ORADR '97 wheel, listino at
The Best Bicycle
Bargain of the Year
Spalding Bicycles, new '96 models,
with '97 iircs and Christy Saddle.
Men's, $501 Women's, 8.
We are headquarters for cyclers,
and besides the Best Bicycle Bargain
of the Year, can offer other good bar
gains. M7 Eft Derby nieyolea, new '07 models, and
U fitted lib Christy baddlt. i without
it Oft (( Jurenllo Iilcyoles. suitable for girls and
PviVvs buys from (I to 19 jear., guaranteed.
Ot Dft "lh tirade Illejoles, ! inolcli. guar
4 O.UU anteed Women's models, 1J0.UU.
Cycling Clothing.
All to be sold regardless of cost.
Crash Suits, 8..5. Crash Pants,
74c. Golf-Bicycle Suits, $5.00;
reduced from $15.00.
Special Weights in Cycle Suits for
Fall and Winter, 85.( up.
Suburban Blcyclo Trip Maps free at both stores.
A. G. Spalding. Bros.j Spaldlng-Bidwell Go.
ISO-iaO Niugnu St. I EH, 31, U3 W. 43d Ht.
room a it..
Th Iyocjil Circuit to tin atrengtheoed by Slang
Athletic Club Tennis.
Tho football season Is coining on apace, and In
another week thoso who play tho gamo will don
thoir paddod cottuuios and begin to practice.
It has been officially announced that the north
meadows ln Control Parle will bo thrown open
to tbo lovers of tha sport In a few weeks, und
that the grounds will bo " grldlroncd." This Is
Indeed good nows, as It will help to keep tho
crowd within bounds.
Tho gridiron will bo ropod In, and thero will
also bo police protection. Tho grounds will bo
ooon every week dny. Tho grcons at Mount
Morris Park will also bo thrown open soon. Tho
parade grounds at Prospect Park will bo used to
advantage by tbo enthusiasts over tho brldpa.
Tbeso grounds have always been In regular foot
ball shape and tho ploy ors wero never hampered
by tho spectators.
That tho game this season will bo more played
by the various athletic clubs Is demonstrated by
tho activity among the clubs, and ln almost
every case teams aro being organized. The
Xavlcr A. A. will bo represented on tho grid
iron this year. Tbo candidates for the team
will start ln to practice next week, and, as tho
material is plentiful, candidates will havo to
hustlo to make the first team,
Tho defeat In athletics administered by tho
Xavler A. A. to tha Now West Side A. C. re
cently Is still fresh ln the minds of the latter's
members and they aro determined to even up
matters on the gridiron. Work ln organising a
team has already begun. Tho West Siders havo
tho advantage of their own grounds to practice
on and tbe work of selecting the proper candi
dates will begin at once. The candidates for the
Knickerbocker A. C. team met at tbe club
house last week and organised with tho follow
ing playors:
II. n. Wethenpoon. Jr.. W. o. Wood. J. T. Tadel
ford, M. 8. Bonford, J. J. storms, n, K Larendon. It.
0. Cornell. T. Brlltan. M. J. Waters, o. H. Miller, W.
p. Klndgen, J. F Curiey. F. C. Martin. P. u. Keown,
L F. VWi.li, T L. Lynch. W. Klnscherf, O. W. Van
Cleaf and W. M. Mclirlde.
Tuesdays and Thursdays havo bcon selocted
for practice at Columbia Oval. The schedule
was partly arranged as follows:
Sept. 86, Twenty-third street T. M. C. A: Oct. ,
Fanwood A. A., for tbo Deaf and Dumb Institute i 0,
Orange A. d 16. opni H. Boston A. A., at Boston:
30, Stevens Institute: Nov. o, Montrlair A.C.I1S,
Columbia A. A., at Washington; 20 and 26, open.
Tho Pastlmo A. C. will try to develop a strong
team. The candidates havo alrcadr begun
practice at the club grounds. Sixty-sixth street
and Kast HIver, and from tho showing already
made tho management Is confident of a success
ful 6eaaon.
The Irving Club football team of Brook
lyn Is perfecting arrat gementa for n pros
perous season. Games aro being booked
with J csloyan. Trinity, Amherst. Colum
bia, New ork University, and Stevens In
stitute, nnd It is not at all unlikely
that tho Orango A. C. Elizabeth A. C. Yalo
freshmen nnd 1 ale consolidated will be added to
tho list. Tho season will open at Lawrencevillo
on Oct, 2 or ft. but a great many of tho other
games will take place at Eastern Park. Syste
matic practice will begin on tbo tonbark floor
of Troop C s armory next w cek.
Tho Orltiiui F. C. of Ilackcnsack will be repre
sented by ono of the stroiigeet teams In this v 1
clnlty. Thp candidates did some light work
on tho club grounds last wcok. Thoy will
open tho season with tbo Manhattan Col
lego toam at Jasper Oval on Saturday afternoon.
Sept. 'JO. The game with tbo Orange A. C. wili
bo playod at Or.-.nge Oval, Saturday, Oct. 23.
This game will decido tho championship of Now
,iVithChadwlck. Yalo'OT: Church, Princeton.
i. and probably I'ndorwood, tbo PIngry
School Hoy as a foundation, Capt. Stlllman of
J.,0' IfJ ct!f '.i0.- ct to placo a strong
team In tho Held this season.
football Sea. on Open, at Cornell.
Ithaca, Sept, 13. Tho football soason at Cor
nell began this afternoon, when about twonty
candldatos appeared nt P rcy Field for practice.
Tho coaching this year Is to be done entirely by
Cornell men. Olenn S. Warner Is to be head
coach and J. W. Deacham will assist. Both men
woro on the field this aftornoon. The candi
dates received light practice, consisting of punt
ing und tackling. Capt. McICcovor. who last
season played left half bnck, will this year play
at right end, for which bo Is better fitted. The
coacbers and captain In a talk with TiieBun
roprcsen atlvo expressed the belief that the son?.
son would shown team of exceptional merit,
Warnor will deoio himself particularly to tie
Incmcn while llB.ichani will look, after the
bucks. Qeorgo Conncrs tins lieen re-engaged to
Klvo attention to tho physical condition of tho
The training will bo rushod as rapidly as pos
sible In order that tho to tin may ho got In shape
forth,, gamo with Lafnotto at Easton on Oct,
18. riiis. It Is considered, will bo the pivotal
gamp of tho season (or Cm nell. A ne.v tackling;
suits wi I dlilur this) c-itr from thoso previously
worn. Ihn stockings nnd sloovcs will o striped
In red and white. All tho old nlam whiYaro
fiitost. V J' crc by u"Jar t the
Twenty I'rlnretonlaue Iteuort tr Football
PitiNCETON, Sopt. 13.-About twonty men re
ported for early football prnctlco to-day, but
owing to falluro on tbo part of tho management
to provide canvas Jackots nnd molotklns for the
Pinters, work was postponod. It Is expected
that all tho men and coachers will bo on hand
to-morrow. Tho players aro In flno form and
show good effects from tho summer's outing
Tho centre men weigh over 'J15 pounds eachami
the forwards aro aboto tho 1 lOpoiinq 1 mark
No new candidates of exceptional ability an?
ponrod upon tho Held today but several Sro
expected to totuo within tl.onoxt few .lay". Tho
schedule of guinea urrangod aro as follows:
Oct. 2, Ihtgh at Prlncetoni 0. Itutgers at Prlnee.
ton: H, Annapolla at Annapoll., 1 1, P.un.vlvanla
Slate Colleg at l'r noetonj 111, Indian, ij iSJIJI!'"'
20 . William, at Princeton, 2.1 corn" at Ill'aeaV" T1
Union at Prlnnioii, 30. ' iiartiiiouih "t "rincetjji
Nov 11, Lafaielteat Pr.ncetoni is. Washington anij
JeiTcrsou at Wlncctoui 20, Vale at New "liven"
foolbull Kolea,
Last week Capt Wcbli. r called out candidate,
wuiilng to try for places on tho Alert football team
and ijullo a number re.pondvd. Ihe-y will t.i,i!t I
HttWunaa? "' " ,b0rt ,,,n0 W"" '"' iveVaglrlg
town teams, averaslng 12S pouud. luif Mn..
The Holy Cross football team would be rdeaatd ,
Pr.f.rrcu. Addre- C. W IUI.itaSJ;,5ali'JJ
1 I
OW," $2750T
's $1 mor.)
t. nowjiTowigaon nnotntr.w,
Hrlng ln your oM whrel anil we will lukkerou
ttbrftfUoTTnc Id trad.
1897 RAMBLERS $65
1897 IDEALS $30 to $50
Islington CycU Co., downtown agents, 20 Veity
iana-A hiiit ti.ai.ili.
Every part tho beat, nnlah and workmanship
OTU-RH 818. 8'-M Si, B2S.
Hut ssrvlcealili. r.ir: j:.
QoUHtindanl Itlojcl, new , .,",... 7, fi,7H
Htn tarJ Modelf. 4 and 44, new , , UN.fto
SjracuiP. new vi.no
CrawforJ. nevT.,,,,, ,,.,,,, w.im
Mmlay. new vt io
bomallj, utt-U ., I i.oo
Foot l'umpi, a.tr, i Dannr or VUth Oritur) I.ttnj.i,
leAAt TruttHer Uu arris, Ir,
Chain I.utirleant. 4 r(.
All flu" out Mall orders department pergonal at
tcntloudf our treaiurer.
7th At., QHth nnd UDMi 1-.,
.m:u iouk.
New Prices.
209 Proadevay, New Vorki 1213 Ikdford av irklyn.
Reliable Quality in Bioyolss $ EjA
At reasonable price la the CRAwTORD. O J
Nov, 7, 14, and lit. Would like to hear from good
out-of town clubs. Address William u. Ualla(l.cr,
mauager, 72 Broadway.
The ban llemo football team has a few oiwn datei
for reputable out-of town athletic club teams 11..
schedule so far arranged is as follows: Sept 23,
MontclalrA. O t Oct. 2, Knickerbocker A. C.: ot 'J.
Plalnlle-ld A. A.t Oct. 11, Cranford A.C.i Tli.uki
glrlng Day. Norwalk A C. Teams neilrltic games
should address Fred A. Wenck. 101 West Klfly-nria
Openlna Day at airave.end.
Racing will be resumed at tho Grsvesond track
to-day with a well-filled programme of six rnees.
The features are tbo Prospect Handicap, for two-year-olds,
with Hamburg carrying top weight,
and the Oriental Handicap, with Iloqultal, lien
Ilrusb, and other good ones likely to face th
starter. The entries are:
Flr.t Haoe Handicap! five and one half furlong. :
Tremargo 120 Ilrawl ,d lis
Trolley 12 Plaudit i
Yemen 126, Malabar 118
Ilugh Penny 181 Cassette Ill
Lambent Its Orion in
Tripping HUAlloe Farley low
Illllalt 117Impe rater 107
Sallle Cllquot llfl.Zarlda log
Second Race Selling: mils and a sixteenth i
BenEder 108 B-rnsrdlllo loi
Buckwa 100 KlngT 100
Hamilton II 104 E.tace loo
Balvable 104 Faaaorer b5
Banlon 101 Loneta Kt
Third llace The Prospect Handicap: six turlocgn
Hamburg 127 Fonaaeannah lo;
Handoall 122iYankee Sam 107
Previous 122 San Venade i 17
Bowling Crook 122 Archduke 103
Olorlan 107
Fourth IUoe The Oriental Handicap mile and a
Ben Brush 127. Ban Holladay Ill
Requital 127 sir Walter 110
Havoc 113 Ben Lder IjO
Lehman 113aurlce W
Fifth IUoe Selling: two-year-olds 1 Ave furlonn
Claret Cup UliBendoran 104
Frohman 107llaadpreaa ii
Warrenton 107 Huh Jinks lui
La Ooleta lOfl'Tent Pin 101
Bliss Hucker 103 Pay Ida lui
BensatlonaL lOiiMary Black vi
Mr I Baiter 103Cherry picker M
Aratoma 102 Attainment lit
Fonaavannah 1021
Sixth Race Inaugural Handicap; steeplechase, two
mllrs and a half:
Lion Heart 168Counsellor Howe 141
Ko)al bcarlat 162 Woodplgeon US
Trillion 1621
now the Tlunners Flalahed at Uu Lonli.
ST. Loos. Sept. 18 Tbe races at the Fair Grounds
this afternoon resulted as follows:
First Raoe One mile and seventy ysrd. Hrlc,-.
S4(ComU). 9 to 2. worn Hill Billy, 84 (Ollmorv,. 10
to l.arcond: Virginia., 104 (Lynch), 60 10 1, third.
Time. 1:4.
Second Race One mile and a sixteenth Itamxi-n,
103 (llllniore). 0 to 6. won: Peter Hill. 103 (Munhrl,
30 to 1. second; Little UllUe. 108 (Hall), 12 to 1, third.
Tim. 1:4U.
Third ltace Tnree-qaarters of a mile Partem, VO
(Stevens). 3 to 1, woni Aquarella, 113 (Snelli. V t.i 1,
seiond, Charlotte M m (Combs), 3 to 1, ttl-d.
Time. 1:10. Joe Halt Onl.hed nrt, but w. dis
qualified for being thort of weight.
Fourth Race Klfteen-.lxteenlhs of a mile Trj
xlllo. 06 (Combs). 0 to 5. won. Sim W., nil .South
.' W ? 10 second: Blthop Reed. 101 ((.llmore S
to 1, third Time. IiHS4.
Fifth Itace Eleven sixteenths of a mile Odds
Rock. 101 (Knell), 16 to 1, wont Lady or tho Wen,
10 (Combs), li to 10. second; benlsl. 101 (Oiliuore),
8 to 1, third. Time. l:0hi.
Sixth Race Thirteen sixteenths or a mile lluth.
101 (Sneli). is to 1, wou: Amelia Fonsn, lop rllink
W), 8 tci I , iiwinil ; Cu I S Em, 83 (Hall), 11 to t,
third. Tims, 1:21... -
Byroa ncCIelland'a Faat Itlle.
CiTcnmari. Sept. 13. Th track at Oakley was attll
fastte-day and tbe card an Interesting one. In tie
fourth race Byron McClelland ran a mile In 1 Sj,
winning easily by two lengths. Only ouo farorit.
won. Summaries:
First ltace Fir furlongs Asuoens. 10(1 (lllin, 5
too. won. Creedmore L., 1114 (ItellT). .1 to 1, .e. nnJi
Wing shot. 103 (bherreri.4 to 6. third, lime. 1 . 4.
Second Race hix furlongs Falroun. U7 illu.t.,in
to 1, won; Lerllr. W7 (William.). 7 10 3. sp-onlt
B?JJJ,r"- ,0 """ 1("0 ' third. Time, 1.1 t
Ihlrd itace Fire and one-half fur.oueii I ght
Bells, no (Sherrer), 4 to 6, won: Jackanai. . in
K1."!' J. ' second; Marcato, 113 (Mathetcs), 1) toB,
third. Time, liiiol.
Fourth llace One mile Byron McClelland 111
(Mathews). 2 to I, worn Meadowthorpe. 107 .It, in).
? I,?.?' --oail s Ilox. 107 (Jones), 4 to 1, third, lime,
1:011.4, H
Fifth Rac-On mile Tonto, 100 (Schnanr "vn I
i' "."".'f,00' i,(Relir). 7 to 10, see-on 1 Mortis I
Reed, 100 (II ui ton), 8 to 1, third. Time. IsllU.
Jcky Blneta Thrown at Fort lErle.
BtrrraLO, Sept. 13. While making the nrt turn U
the aecond race at Fort Frle to-day Honor trlpx-d and
fell, throwing Max Hlrsoh, who rides for the M .r-it
stable, IIo wss badly shskeu up, but uot senm.. y
Injured. Huminsrlesi
First Race Six furlongs P.-rcy F., ion (O I ear. 1.
4 to 1, won; Abundant, 107 (Plggott). 3 to 1, . 1. 1
Konurasake, 111 (Irving), 11 to 0. tlilid Time. I .
.""nd'taoe One lull and tlfiy rant.. thin, u,
103(Forbe), l to I, won; Hlrathrol, 100 (Pirn; it a
to 6, secondi Wayanl, V4 (Neumeyer), 0 to 1, iiiir 1.
Time, liitiLj,
Third Usee Seven furlongs. Wadsworlh, I'l
(Songer). iu 10 1, worn Mohawk Prlncv, niv Me
Nutt), 2to l,.eoond: Alvarado II., 113 (Mclutjr. S
to 1, third. Time, li8l4.
Fourth RacrOne mile and an eighth Dampi-i 'I ,
vUiPowera), 3 to 1, won: Ilannock, uo (SoiiKcr). .".
l.s ecoud;Lako Shore. 1 13 (LewU), 1 to , ttilnl Tn e.
Fifth Race One mile Maxarlne. 103 (Nulli 'U
SiY.?"1 '-u' os (Lendruui), 2 to l.aoconJ.l. U,
01 (Powers), B to 1, third, rime, li4Si.
Hews r tbe Horse World.
The WblU Star freight eteamihlp Ororglc, eehlrk
arrlred yesterday from Llveriool, brouaht .li li k'i
elass hors. consigned to It. t rancklyn.
MinbLKTOWj. N.Y., Sept. 1:1 -An anslj.li of th.
remnanuof food of Harrlmau'a entry Iu the 17 0
two-year-old oolt race arranged with Man-iu p.i.y
showa that the colt was pol.onrd Willi sirs 1 hum...
Ths youngster mads f.star tlmo two days lufum It
race, but waa badly Uaten.
Preparation on a grand scale t. being made, for no
0wn air horse show at the Driving park Iu M r i
towii. N J., on Oct. 7. H aud U. 1 will la.kle y
the Murrl.tc.wn Field Club, a laro aud fa. I.I . 1
O'wnlsatlon.wlileh take, a prominent p in 111 -i '
atleld, Theahow will liho Hint ever h! Id Iu M n.
tonw, aud from pre. out Indication. nrimiUi.i. a
Slice... The urlie ll.t will rnniist of nlmt nr:r
classes, well dltlded Into coniuiidt on. for liar .
bor.es, tandem., four-ln hands, saddle Imru., tr 1
ters. rosd.ters, ponies, and huuters. Th I 1 1'
premiums amount to t9.soi, halfiir whlih l i u
In .peclal prtsea by Indlrlduals, nrms, and elubi,
r.'."I?M! .'li,.i2 H.f Dl' 5- Tu l.secutlre Coin nut.
Ui K lot Hinltb. President: John M, bhaw, boeteUry.
aud Hlohard U. Lyon, Treasurer,
ar the nio.t annoying of .kin disease. Vo 11 stKr
iii? '"J """natologut John 11 Wo-t '
i?.7JVStJa.,.,"J' V can cure In also all .kin ;
If?- .P" .J00' or Beauty Hook aud .ampin f
a liar. V, oodbury'a Facial Uoap or Facial 0rs - '

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