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m' ' THE SUN, TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 14, 1897. Yyf XyJ W 9 ' H
I rnrr.vnoMi.wr.vr ass.ooo, on ia,ooo
310 ttE Til AX JX 00.
About T.ooo Children HUH InproldMl Kor,
bal These Mill !! Arcomraadatlona nt
far lh" nd or ,he "' The Sew lllcb
school! Oprn wllh nn Average of BSD.
SotnltbstandtnB tho erection of seren now
tnl'dincs "'' ll" enlargement of tho cnpnclty
of many of those already existing, thcro aro
about T.OOO nioro children In Now York than
can And om ln tho l,ub" "-fiooli. As a re
mit most of the schools ln tho crowded carts of
the city, especially on tho cast side, will bo run
on the half-day plan. Tho same teachers who
handle one sot of youngsters will tako another
it over the same ground ln tho afternoon.
The enrollment this year Is 223.000, or 18,000
more thin ln 1S00. Tho regular rate of In
crease, Superintendent Jasper said yesterday. Is
...-moscu to bo 15.000 a year.
Iteforo the year Is over tho authorities aro
ouite sure that thero will bo enough buildings
to bold all tho children all day. Some of tho
tulMlngs will bo rea iy within a few days. They
are No. 2, In Henry street; No. 34, ln Broome
street, and No. 13, In Houston stroet, which will
be open for half Us capacity within a week. Tho
teachers (or all of these schools haTo been or
dtred to report to Huperlntetulcn Jasper for
special alignments until tho buildings aro
"public School No. 8, ln King street. Is tho
only one that Is known to have been awampod
br the opontnp-day rush of pupils. Tho capacltj
o! tho school is boo. und 030 pUDils were resla
tsred before yesterday. Over UOO more clam
ored to N- taken In 5 esterduy morning. As fast
as mil" le they will he assigned to schools whero
there Is more room. nlthotiirh at some dlstanco
from tht"r homes. Thcro was so much crowding
and consentient dlorder at No. 8 that there vvera
no tit ri "et of Bny kind hold there. At all tho
other silools the classes bang "Atutrlca" nnd
listened to Hiblo readings.
It one vt least of tho three new high schools
there were six full recitations yesterday, nnd
there will bo the full quota of recttatlous In allot
tteni o-ii.i. Tho high schools opened with an
average attendance oi sou. Almost uu or ineso
pnptls are In tho lowest classes. Itwll take
four years beforo thero are four full-sized
ctses in each school. The principals of tho
new schools are Dr. J. T. Uuchanan, formerly of
the Kin is City Hlph School, whohaseharveof
the tcniporarj boys' high school at 00 West
Thirteenth street; John O. Wright, formerly of
tho Philadelphia High School, who has the girls'
school at 'M Kast Twelfth street, and Dr. Ed
nsrd J. Goodwin, formerly of tho Newton,
jjass.. Hixh school, who has the annexed dis
trict school at 137th street and Third avenue.
All hut thirty nine of the high school pupils
came directly from the graduating classes of tho
grammar schools. They Have three courses
cren to them a lollcge preparation, a mercan
tile course, and a general course in letters and
The truant school at 215 East Twenty-first
street nas open tea ready for business, but had
no pupil". Thi f ii-iill boy doesn't think It is
worth while to play hookey before the prelimi
nary settling down is over and tho hard routine
work begins.
Dro-aliljsi Schaola Reopen.
Tho public schools In Brooklyn wore reopened
yesterday, and tho attendance was larger than
on the first day of any preceding fall term. It
is thought that in a week or so all the present
sittings will be exhausted.
flat's Knit Stan ror Bath Bnbber HI Skull
., Fractured Escapes by Trlek.
The Julius Andazer Sick Benefit Society holds
Its meetings In tho basement tinder Tom Ryan's
saloon at 208 Avenue A. The meetings aro
weekly and begin at midnight on Sunday. They
last usually until nearly daybreak on Monday
corning. The saloon keeper Is tho steward of
the society, and is a Tory benevolent man. It Is
affirmed. Early yesterday morning ln the midst
of the session the lights went out and a tremen
dous din, followed by cries of "Murder," dis
turbed Policeman Qensler on his post. He ran
in to see what was the matter.
He found a man who proved to be William
Dempsey of 343 East Twelfth street injured on
the floor, while ln a broken chair was another
with four men holding him down. These sur-
Sndered their prisoner to the policeman, accus-
him of having struck Dempsey. This he de
nied. The policeman took h m to the station
house, while an ambulance carted away Demp
sey, whose skull was said to be fractured.
At the station house the prisoner, who said
he was James Harrington of 163 Avenue A.
obtained a hearing and put another face on the
matter. He said that Dempsey's assailant was
one Tony Sonrahan. who hangs out ln the
saloon. They quarrelled about an umbrella,
which Dempsey said Sonrahan had stolen from
him. Sonrahan knocked htm down, and, when
be saw that Dempsey was badly hurt, he and
three of his friends fell suddenly upon Harring
ton, who had been sitting quietly, held him
down, and shouted "Murderl" Some one else
put out the lights.
A squad of oollce were sent bock to look for
Eonrahan. but he was gone. His ruse hod suc
ceeded, in his stead Harrington was held,
H despite his protests. He said that Dempsey was
H a bath rubber, or, ln the present language of the
silt side, " a Gieldsensupper."
H The Skiff Found at Anchor OfT Stated Island
H Ilad Deen Deserted Some Time Before.
jH The mystery concerning the fiat-bottomed
Hj iklff which was found half filled with water
m and at anchor opposite Mariner's Harbor, S. I.,
Hj eailyon Sunday morning, was cleared up yea-
H terday by II. E. Seeman, the drawtendcr on the
H Central Railroad bridge over Newark Bay.
R Eeeman told the pollco that the boat appeared
H sear the draw Saturday night with two partly
H intoxicated men and a boy ln it. The men wero
H cot skilful oarsmen and the swift current car-
H "jed them against the bridge with great force.
B The boat shipped a quantity of water and the
BB m:n cried out, thinking they were going to
Bl drown.
Hj Eeeman hauled the boy and one of the men up
tm on the bulkhead. The other man drifted help-
BK lesslr awar in the half-swamncd boat, and in
BR order to effect his rescue dee-nan had to launch
H a boat and go after btm. He was brought ashore
Bl ln safety and the party left without saying who
BE they were. The boat was allowed to drift away
Bl with the anchor overboard. The police jester-
Bl day irot a message over the telephone that the
H owners would call for the boat.
j Magistrate Deuel Itrs-retrully Fines His Ctuss.
H User 5.
H When Albert Agulro of 237 West 131st street
Went to Harlem Court yesterday to prosecute
Thomas J. Itadley of 13 West Twenty-eighth
street for assaulting him on Sunday night, Mrs.
Buian QuUley, wifo of Dr. John J. Quigley of
235 West 133tb street, and Mrs. No lie Quigley
f 139 West 139th street, wife of William A.
j Quigley, a cloak manufacturer, of 518 Broadway,
H SRSf""1 "frainst him. Tho women said that
wnile on their way to market, between 0 and 10
j pclock on Saturday morning, Agulro Insulted
Lk m", 'Ir9' san Quigley Is Itadley's sister.
B bus described her lnsulter to him on Sunday,
H i ' !ear-e the fellow's address, ho called
I upon him, and thrashed him In htsown doorway,
.'"B'strate Deuel fined Agulro 810. Itadley
B Mniltte d tho assault, and Magistrate Deuel, in a
somewhat regretful tone, said that it was Ira
B Possible for him to overlook bis breach of the
ffe. and that he would have to fine him $3.
H HI' 'Jdley paid tho fine with tho air of a man
B who had had the full value of his money.
Close or the Christian Alliance Convention.
I N VArK' SePt- 13.-To-day saw the close of the
H Christian Alliance Convention on Nyack
j Hsljhts, "and," remarked Dr. Simpson this
H evening, "its success has far exceeded our
brightest anticipations. We have been greatly
Pleased with the attendance, with the Interest
5Jou1rn'V' '"", nnd with tho liberality of tho
Bl people, rne lam meetings o tlio convention
,k"h . '' to-ilny, anil w ro well attended, al-
;??,Kl" 'he crowds were much smaller than
HI -V . "'"""i- was a praiso s rvlce In the
Hj lan-rna. In this t venlng, and tho spirit of praise
",'' '"'nlfest 111. oiighont the meeting. Those
v .1 "' '""l l?"ls during tho convention will
5,,, h''"' HP ,n tho morning, and uficr that
H in.lr. ,",'nvH 111 resume their operations on the
U i?! -,,,,e b'i"(1 '"' " hieh wl" opened for the
HI tim. i i'f 1.'"'B missionary students some
H fcVil k,ur,l5 ,h? ' Un exlonsivo plans
Hi Srr ,?. i ' " fo"nc,l and will bo carried out on the
H grounds next year.
H ro Ton I.uhiow Sues a Saloon Keeper Wat
j Threw lllm Into the Hirer!.
I JIlNQST0N' KcPt- 13,-Baron Illchard von Lub-
H tow, German nobleman, poor but with wealthy
Hj ,e"ts in his mother country, has brought suit
I hf.'i?" Jojn Wo''i a saloon keeper here, nlleg.
a.giivy ia" . for injuries ruceh ed at tho
K for'; in"..'.'"-'!'' thofeetof Ihedcfendant when
I ion.r ,inl Siwle ,h,B, ,,aroP '.rom "' "a'o""
Jbi ati,7'et"i0' The, "lroP' " B"W. was in-
place 1"'.. " K t' Proprietor of the
I Tgnl'uhtm.. hrew "I"' Into tho street. Haron
B lllllJ Z Wrought up nGeruiany'scapltal
tlciSinr hV.!i5r n'i highly cultured Dlsslpa
M locSiiSi i) m' "nd h,crae to America, finally
Io?t wf i',n ."Iffton. where he has mado a com-
MrtbIo living with his brush and paletu.
Jastlee Llpnlneett Censures It ror It Fnlluro
In the nonte Carlo Case
Jttstlco l.ipplncott. In tho Oyer nnd Terminer
Court In Jersey City, scored tho Grand Jttry on
Inst Thursday for falling to Indict tho mana
gers of "Llttlo Monto Carlo," tho well-known
pool room nnd gnmbllng resort ln tho townshln
of Union. Ho said that ho would bo In court on
Friday, Saturday until noon, nnd on Monday
to recolvo any communication thoy might have
to submit. On returning to tho Jury room tho
Jury decided to adjourn until -l 1'. M, yester
day. Justlco l.ipplncott was In court at 2 1.
M., and was Joined nn hour later by Judge
Hudspeth. Tho Grand Jury got together at
about 4:30 and passed two hours If secret de
liberation. Justice Lirpincott sent down
twice to ask when thoy would bo roady to moot
him. Sergcant-nt-Arms Zellcr, tho first mes
senger, returned with tho Information that the
Jurors would be up pretty soon. An hour
passed, and Justice Lirpincott sent Court
Crier How ley down to Inform tho Ornnd Jur
ors that tho Court wns wnltlng lor them. Ho
cnuio back nnd leportcd that Ihcy would be up
ln fifteen minutes. Tho fifteen minutes
stretched out to half an hour, and then the jury
tiled Into court. When they lined ub boforo
the bunch on which Justlco Llpplncott and
Judgo Hudspeth wcro sitting Justice Llppln
cott asked: "liavo you closed the business
of your term!"
Yes, sir," replied Max Staples, the foreman.
"You wish to bo discharged!" continued Jus
tice Uppintott.
"Yes, ulr," replied the foreman.
"Tho Court has only this to say," remarked
Justice Lluptnco't tu u stern tone, "and It
says it with full, linn conviction, nnd It Is
laying only those things which it is called
upon to sny In tho performance of its duty
as minister of tho law, huvlng only Judicially
tho Jurisdiction and administration of the law,
that ln behalf of the public and the Indica
tion of tho laws of tho State it is impo.-lblo fur
the Court to pass this presentment ln alienee.
'lho Court is convinced, deeply convlnd,
convinced ln such a way that there can be no
doubt of tho po-Ition of tho Court, from the evi
dence prc-entcd to It, that thero should hae
been from a dozen to twenty indictments pro-
bculed ngumst principals, agents, nnd cm
plojeus whobnvo buen cugnged lntonducting
ur.d managing affairs at tho place culled Monto
Carlo, a gambling house on the uvents of horao
ruces, and a gumbllng house In other forms.
Instead of that jou-hiivu presented no Indict
ments. Tho Court has an abiding confidence
that there are those on this Urand Jury among
you who hum been uesirous of performing
thoir duty and who have, in all their acts, con
formed to their oaths. To those tho Court de
sires toexpress Its hearty appreciation of their
ctlorts and to them tho thanks of tho Court aro
duo. But this Court is sorry to say that tho
majority of your body are not ln that situation.
To them the Court must say that thev have not
performed their duty according to their oaths
of office and according to their judgment, nor
according to their own cotclences. You,
speaking of tho majority of the Urand Jury,
have turned aside from tho evidence produced
and laid before you, and have taken counsel of
your own unlawful und evil desires, or coun
selled with men or atrgrcgutlons of men who
have encouraged or advised or directed you to
disregard your duty to the law and your oaths
of oiilce. Your failure hero to present Indict
ments against Monto Carlo absolutely demon
strates this proposition."
T Fit It fer Cse bj the Legislature or the
Greater Metropolis.
Plans for the alteration of tho interior of the
City Hall for the accommodation of the Munici
pal Assembly of tho Greater New York were
submitted to Mayor Strong yesterday by Archi
tect John H. Duncan. The present Aldermen's
chamber will be the meeting place of the new
Council, which will be composed of twenty-eight
members, exclusive of the President. The Board
of Aldermen, which will havo sixty members,
will occupy tho present quarters of the City
Court in the northeast eml of the second floor.
Tho walls between the courtroom and the cor
ridor will be demolished and tho corridor space
will bo added to the room, making It large
enough tor joint sittings of the Municipal
Assembly. The Aldermen's chamber will also
contain a gallery for the public. The Governors'
Itoom wlllnot be disturbed.
Tho room now occupied by the City Library
will be tho office of the Clerk of tho Aldermen.
The Clerk of the Council will have the present
quarters of tho Chief Clerk of the Board of
Aldermen on the first floor.
In ord r that the work of remodelling the in
terior of the building may be pushed along with
out delay Gen. Co lis will ask the Board of
Aldermen to allow him to let the contract with
out public blading.
Summons Them to Police nendunrtera Only
the Small Fry Appear.
A lot of policy men, chiefly small fry, had a
session with Pollco Commissioner Moss yester
day. They appeared ln Mulberry street in an
swer to summonses Issued by President Moss " ln
the matter of the charges against Officer John
Doe," to find Mr. Moss waiting for them,
anxious to pump them on the subject of policy
generally. The "charges" turned out to be a
Sretensc. so far as any one could ascertain. Mr.
loss was mploylng the tactics he used with
such success against the poolroom men. He
wanted to get out of the policy dealers all he
could, and he had c rt-i n Information to start
with, and more of suspicion, which enabled him
to cross-examine them to ad van Hge.
However. Mr. Moss's pump handle la getting
to bo known, and the big fish kept out of the
way of danger. Tho men ho most wanted didn't
come. In their place came a lot of small fry,
who didn't know n uch. Mr. Moss pumped
them dry He refused af terw ard to tell what he
had learned, and said that It was of no conse
quence. But those who remembered his threat
when he was crowding out Conlln, that he
would fix the responsibility tor the rampant
policy evil, took no stock In this. The police
aro beginning to note with horror that there
are two now In the board whose specialty Is
" collecting Information," and that the two are
rivals. Mr. Parker had a monopoly formerly.
The Cnllefl Mates Sfavr omrrr Arrestee ror
Drunkenness In the ntrref.
The man who was arrested by Patrolman
Fannon of the Fulton street station, Brooklyn,
early on Sunday morning at Washington and
Sands streets, charged with intoxication, and
was registered as Louis C Gaines, a mariner, of
231 Fulton street, was fined 3 by Justlco Brls
tow In the Adams Street Police Court yesterday
morning. Gaines was released on li'0 cash
bail, given by Dr. Victor C. B. Means of the
navy, who, on entering the station, askod for
Lieut. Clark of tho warship Detroit. Ho was In
formed that there was no Lieut. Clark u.ider ar
rest, hut ho picked out "Gaines," and after
saluting him and addressing him as Lieutenant,
went on his bond. At tho navy vard jesterday
Lieut. Clark of the Detroit could not bo seen by
reporters, and the officers of the yard were rot
Icent regarding the arrest.
Lieut. Lewis J. Clark is one of the watch of.
fleers of the cruiser Detroit. Ho was promoted
from the grado of Junior Lieutenant on June 4,
1H97. and four days later was nsslgned to bis
present duty. Ho is from Alabama.
sroxrxT rxnxox's ma asxessitexts.
The Total ror Personal Properly Increased
rrom sao.ooo to aio.ooo.ooo.
MorNT Veh.vom, N, V Sept, 13. The as
sessors completed their work to-dav and opened
the roll for Inspection. The total of assessments
on personal property last year was $30,000.
This year It Is nioro than $10,000,000. Among
those who aro rated heavily for personal prop
erly are the Now Haven Hallroad Company, tho
New York and Harlem, and the Now York .Sub
urban Wnter Company, nssessed for nearly a
million each. John Bussing, Jr.. has been placed
on tho roll for $500,000. Mrs. Naomi Diincome
is assessed for $200,000, Edward Hartley for
$100,000, the Martens extnto for $200,000, and
Gouverneur Itogers for $500,000.
Durglars Have m Comfortable Time.
Mount Vekjjon. N, Y Sept, 13. Burglars
held a house party and feast at the home of C, B.
Garit, 137 South Eleventh avenue, during the
absence of the family, Thoy forced an entrance
to tho bouse, lighted tho gas, regaled themselves,
dran . lemonade, and some ono played on tho
Etnno and sung, Tho patrolmen passing tbo
oiise supposed Mr. Oivlt was entertaining
friends. When thu family returned yesterday
tbey found tbo house In confusion and the port
able silver and bric-a-brao gone.
Killed by n Fall Down n Hatchway,
Albert Smith, 18 years old, of New Brunt
wick, N. J., an employee In McDermott b
Howard's leather warehouse at 180 William
street, stepped backward through an open
hatchway jesterday afternoon, and, falling
from the fourth floor to thu street level, was so
hadly Injured that ho died last night in the
Hudson Street Hospital.
Flint's Fine Furniture.
Antique Oak Wardrobes,
TLAXxxxo Monr. jsxovnaioxa.
Merchants' Annotation Efforts to Bring Oar
ers tu .few lark,
Beforo tho visiting merchants from the South
enn all have returned homo, which will probably
not ho until the latter part of October, tho Mer
chants' Association hopes to have a fresh scries
of excursions under way to cnablo merchants
to get to New York ln tlmo to niako their pur
chases of standard goods and novelties for tho
holiday season. Application for further excur
sions has already been mado to tho Joint Trafllo
and Trunk Lino Associations. Tho Joint com
mittee of theso associations will meet on tho
10th, nnd If this now uppllcatlon Is considered
favorably tho Merchants' Association will at
onco move on the other railway associations
even inoro aggressively than It did boforo. Tho
Merchants' Assoilatlon has already sent homo
nearly 1,250 visiting merchants over tho Joint
Trntllo nnd Trunk Lino mails,
At the last meeting of tho Advisory llonnl.
under a resolution which ns Introdmod and
passed utuiiliiiuuily, tho President of tho asso
ciation was requested to appoint a committee of ,
llvo members lo arrange tbo details for a dele
gation to represent tho Merchants' Association
at the Centennial Exposition nt Nnsltvlllo on
New York l)nv, Oct. 13. Subsequently It was
decided tn Increase tho Ire of the committee to
ten. Tho President of the Merchants' Associa
tion, In conformity with that resolution, has an
nounced the following committee: John C.
Juhring, Chairman: Alvali Hall, John C.
Karnes, George C. Mlllcr.ll. Hlumcnthal.Chnrlca
H.Webb. Ludwlg Nlssi-n. l W, Colton, Henry
Chnpln. Jr.. nnd Daniel P. Morse. It Is expected
that tho delegation which will directly repre.
sent tho Merchants' Association will consist of
not less than 100 members.
Colleges nnd .Selioota.
For Beys nnd aounc Sten City nnd Country.
Main Entrance 110th St., bntween Boulevard
and Amsterdam av.
KTIl!CIt EI ISII TIO.t-Sf p. 27 to Oct. V.
.Yf.t.Tltirri.vrio md mttSMTIlATIoSI com
mence Sept. 30
TUB ACADEMIC YEAR commences Monday,
Oct. 1.
for examination schedules and other Information
aprly to tho DUHSAB. room 101). Library bulldlm,
f. E. corner of basement.
S.ET1I LOW, LL. p.. President,
KUtUt-.'UtU ar tH-glu Sept. MV.
Noted for tta sound, common neuae system of la
itrucllon. uuder experteuced teacher. Small clime,
with ptiat Attention to the Individual pupil OraJu.
attMOt DvtUht have leeu admitted with hUh creJlt
to Yale. Harrard, I'linceton, Columbia, and other
colleges. The annual catalogue will lw mailed on
application to Principal. Arthur llllams, U i.YaJ,
77). No ichool hour w ard ln military drill.
iTAnromi, cow.
HOMF. LIFE aul the INDIVIDUAL, the keynotes.
Faeh bov la made a partner ln the companlonabls
home lire la laintht how to study, anil recelea th
personal training most valuable to him.
Thorough preparation for College or Business.
Larite ami beautiful Rroumls adapted to athlettcs
and uuMoor spurts. SOTII YEAH.
WM. J. HlfTTa. SI. . .Yalel. Principal.
"Collegiate school.
Hots pn-pan-d for College. Scientific School, and
for business. I'rlmary department. Well .quipped
Urmuaalum. Iteopena 'EITEJIPER 51.
L. O MYOATT. L. 11 D . llea.1 Master.
gat -) hest m:-VT,.KiEii ST.
(FOIl HO is,), 11T nnd lit tlfil l'JSIb at.
Reopena Sept 23. Twelfthyear t ollese rresara
tory. Intermediate and primary departments. Limited
nuaaber of boarding puptls Catalogue.
WM U HAZES. A. 11.. LL. II.. Head Mmter.
43 Met "ll.t at., Manhattan Square .V
Moat demable school site In New- York. Prepara
tion eoheg and buslneas, chemical laboratory, read
ing room.ymnalnm: llluatrated catalogues, reopens
Sept 30. N. AttCIIlUALD MIAW. Jr . Principal
Tor boarders and day scholars, reopen Sept IS.
Term reaaonable. Send for catalogue.
BERKELEY SCH00L18-24 West 44th St.
Autumn half lth yearrrin begin Monday. Sep 7.
The Head Master will be at tho achool building to
meet parent on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday,
fcept. nth. utb and luth.
Tagred heart academy.
Select Catholic Boarding Schools educational ad
antajrea uasurpaaaed, open all year; fall term begins
Sept. 7. Addreaa Bro. AVllL'sT. Wen Cheater. S. T.
nAlnlSC BOYS. :it West 40th St.
PHECOTT H. YaIL, a .. Ph. D Principal.
Thirty-third year begin' ''P1- J-
P .CSniSO (S Y i Institute" hoarding school ror
boyis E. A. Falrchlld. A. M., H. bchuler, Th.?).,
For Girls nnd Ynunc Women City nnd Country.
Nazart'th Industrial School,
trader fbe cbarif of the flitter or St. Joaepti f
mareth (Kpltcopnl).
Xndaitrlal training for plrl or good character, to
render them self-supporting
Terraa. 8 ISO av yer. So vcatlona.
Notre Dame of Maryland.
College for Younie W omen and Preparatory School
for Glrla. Regular and elective courtei; extensive
' (rounds; location unurpajiped, suburb of llaltlmorei
t spacious building, completely equipped. Conducted
by School Sisters of Notre Dame, Charles btreet
Avenue. Baltimore, Md
MISS 31. F. PF.HRI.N". Proprietor. FaTured by Right
Rer. II. C. Totter. R Oo. R. Van D Water. D !..
and with an AdTlaory Board. OLIVER ADAMS. Sec.
R' iT. Sir. nnd Mrs. (barlea II. S.ardner.
VEW KOCnELLK. Park Side .SchooTreopens Sept,
xi 7: boarding and day pupils. F SKELY. h'orth at.
For Vounar Men and Women City nnd Country
10th st . eorner Rutherford plare. New York.
102-114 Sehermerhom it., Brooklyn, JJ. Y.
OPEN' EPT 21, 1NH7.
Non-sectarian Schoola for Itoya and utrls of all grades.
V' Ethical Culture s-hoMa. fl'iU Malfon a. Ope-na
Oct. Toltton 1200 PEIflVAI. rilClin. Principal,
IJRATT I.VSTrrCTE, lirooklyn, NV Fall term ho
. glna Sept. S7 F. II. PRATT. Beefy.
llualneaa Callrgea.
IndlTldnal Instmetlon. Students can enter at any
tlmo. Call or aend for Pronpcctus.
a. a. PAf KAItO, PreaUent,
101. 10!t, 105 East Had It.
while learning shorthand and typewriting at
Long Island Business College,
lal to 14.1 Noulh nib Hi., Ilroouim.
Day and eTenlng aesiona. Mend for catalogtie.
IIESHY C. WjiiailT, Principal.
formerly PUA1T lTITI TK Dopartrnent
of Commerce, llocklceeplng, peumanahlp and ate
nograpbr, typewriting, langua jea, Ac. Day and even
log. Degln any time. 3UO llyeraon at,, llrnoLljii,
Hen Vorli llraiicn, -JT Ht 441b at.
BEST SCIIOOI. to learn Iiaao Pitman aher""nd,
METROPOLITAN, 15(1 &tb ar.i tndlrldual , uc
tloni all graduates placed.
Law flebools.
NFW YnriK ) Day Mcbool. ISO Rroa-lwar,
a.i nniinni Krenlng Krhool, Cooper Onion.
LAW SUHUUL ,,llngllt Mrlhod" nrlnslrun.
tlon. LL. II. ln two years: LI, M. In three yeara.
bend for catalogue. UEOItdE CI1AHH. Dean,
Tiir. osji.v
Uetw.eu4thar and Irving pi
EatahlUhrd IKitJ, Chartered lhAS.
I'UriWKOW RtCElVtD FnrearsonHthit.
ScharwenlLa ConserTatofy'oI MlsicT
tf& HAMr iriiFptr. '
Fall term Letclmt Heptftulwr lUth.
Write for Catalog uh and particular.
The Private Institution for Feeble-
UIM'ED Vourll offers excoptiunal adrantagrs for
thlsclaas. Claaeifltd Hchuol and Home, 23u acres,
bend for circular.
)E(). A. DROWN, M. p.. Superintendent.
PENNINUTON rN, J hEIUNARY. Convenient to
New York, Philadelphia, llaltlmnrs and Washing
ton! both aexest Brltb year; healthful: beautiful: Id
teachers; 12 courses) 1210 a year. For beautifully
lUtulraiod catalogue, address
lBOllAiJ IIANLOK, V. D- Prealdsat.
jStltrt SoarA.
West aide.
CI.ISTON TLACE, 74. Largo and small rooms, with
or without board) Southerners accommodated!
(ion ST., sl7 WF.ST. New EngTrnd ladyTiaa mod
AO crate prlceil roonia, largo and email) liountltul
tahlei references.
q"TII sT 27 WEST.-IIandsomely furnished
O'X rooms, single or en suite excellent board) refer
ences -
l r'TlI ST., 44 WERT Choice lalile, pleasant roomst
'JOilrslrable location) for couples and young mem
" " " Knst tlile.
UNIVERSITY PLACE, II. oppoilte Washington
square. Elegant furnished rooms) all conven
iences) superior lnnet Kentlemen only) reference.
ijtji) ntTs'IO FAST To let, furnished rooms, with
4t all ImiTovements, forgetitli'incn
Oi-VTII ST . 8IS-4I 1 I' IT Flegini niom.Tf SlTto
OtJ $3 gentlemen, res ei-table i ouples; housekeep
ing, transients accoiniiHHlalisl
MI aiiln.
'REESWICH ST, 31. Rooms 0c. night) S up
V.T ward weekly, gtsioally papers, reading tonm
TH ST.4I WEST. Most deslrnlile nev.lv fur
- nlshed slngl" aiul conntctlug rooms) quIit, re
fined home.
QU SI . 14Wr:sT Second Itonr. bath) suites with
OH private hatbi single rooms, board optional) ref
erences 1 1 OTH ST , !t."i8 WEST ortvate house, near
XXtJ MornlnssPle Park, healthiest and lmwt ni-c-a-slid,
part or West Harlem ) lare room, suitable for
two gentlemen org ntlemau and wife, terms reason
ablet reference exchanged,
,lw and Apartments o glcu
CnUftlsttitit of the Mail rid,
ni-MiiAilit. Hriilna. I.th.Mi.
Salamanca, Valemla, Cordtna, an!
Toloa, lu Construction, Msbt. en til a
tlou, Klegance of .service aud A tuilnt-
meuta the stan-lard ApMrnueiit Jiulldlnff
f the world. The location, Central Pare
south iiVth t. ft"th it. and 7th av.,
U the mor-t detrnbte lu the city.
Con. pauj 'i Onice
In the Lu.Mliii.
14d UruadnaT, oth st. anl ?tu ut., New York.
175 Hem sen St., Urixiklyn, .S, V
Prlcei, rnni and rartlculor Upon application.
$22.00 to $27.00-
Sanitary Apartments.
311 lu SH cit lN(ti .
Six rootni and Imth, harvlw.i enamel batlui
anltary pi u nit. In it . nicely J.corated;
with or without ti'am heat,
attractive for smalt famUlec
JAMES U HAY, 7 Wall st or M West OMh tU
jsi-i u vr jjii mi.
One of the niott de-lrat)le np-rinit nt hou-.es In the
city, at4olutel fireproof, alt imnlern lmprovpmentu;
rentaurant of uierlor eicellem e Rpartments, fur
nished or unfurnUhed. "Ono laro housekeeplns
apartment, partly furnished ' G F Athertou. Mgr.
Tl-ll AV. lllttVK. tOltXKU IllTII ST.
New, large, lldbt. alrr room l-cautlful view of
picturesque Central Park, electric lUht. elevator,
and all modern conveniences, rents only from tl.llu
to tl.20u, seven anil elcht norii and nath.
"l HT ST.. aa"u'EsfT--rExtra jari-TsTnTie flat, six
mX apartments, all improvements, rent 9H.
OlffyFsT , S'.'f)-WEf "even largo Usht rooms) no
.w X shaft , steam beat. Owner In houae ,
OliTH Sf7v!ll to'JJ3 EssT - room apartments. I
ilU $11. 50 to (13 SO, dunih waiters, electric t-ell;
hot l,aths free to tenants wile street; floor dead '
ene.lt lUht and vt-ntllttlon unexcelled Ufflce In V'iJ.
1 MQ1 sT- " ANtM WFST. 7 larire rooms and
J.UO hath: nice alngle flat, steam heat; (3D. In
quire of Janitors
-lO-TII ST.JM-. tAM. Apartments or three and
JmU four rooms ; all lUht rooms : cheap rent
eflnts nnd apartments iroofchja.
F.ATS, (11 and (la month. 5 nice rooms: range,
tuba. Ac; new brick tull.lln.rs. P10 '.153 De Kalb
av., near Sumner av., 8rooal;n See Janitor.
1 J - S;
,f urntsUril .flats Ea Z?t.
Flit REXT Fully furnished corner apartment ln
the Kensington. 102 Kast 37th st.; rent, S'.'il per
month Apply to Janitor
F TATS AM AP .. RTMESTsTunfurelshed. furnished.
In desirable locations rent (30 to (3.000.
FOIOH HltOTIIEP.S. S33 Pruadway.
AoTJ S'EW Fills, newly funaljhrd. six rooms
tSJJ and hath ex, etitlonilly rlne. Apply 34 West
0Sthst.,or J. It. HAY 7 U all St.; reference.
.flats and 3ip.nrtwf nta Wanted, 5'hltjn
A FLAT OF 3 Oil rt ROOMS ln Stuyvesant or Hed
v ford section by rran and wife. Address F box
103 Sun office
ghrt-lUnn 3,otts So 3Crt Clttj.
DFSIHAELE HOUSES furnished and unfurnished.
In desirable locations, rent ,1.2011 to (c.ooo.
FOL-sOM UKOTHERl, 833 Broadway.
ef urnisUrd 2lousrs to ?et Countru.
Halsted St., Fruit Oran-o, three mlutltea' walk
from Brick Chureh station, to rent by the yeuror
longer to a small family of adults only) reasonable
to the rlitht parties, tin- 1-e.t of references reijulred.
Address E. (I 43 Halsted st . East Orange, N J
Uo Itt tor business purposes.
Tho Lansing.
Stores an I onice now ready for
,tris t.
Meat Market.
or other business.
Apply al bull lln, or J. K. II A V, 1 Wall.
Offices especially well alaptnd for Tailors, Dress
makers, and other litre trade.
to i.i.r i i: 7iTsiicssi i)isTiiitr.
I.OITS, 23x100 each, In sutstantlal building 43.S
Pearl st.: otllte on second floorcan liet had with them
Ifdeslred, excellent for sulietantlal printer or lltboi.
rapher, fri'ti. sip h rent tn a large extent taki n In
work, equally desirable for other manufacturing
bjslliess. Apply on premises
BflMUSflK, Stores. Lofts, ami OITlcea" Aiar(e
numter to let on Spruce, Ileekmnn. Fulton, John.
Maiden lane, Dey, Vesey. Ilarclay, Park plaee, Murray,
Warren, Clinmlwts, Keale, Hroadway, Nassau, Wil
liam, Hold, fhrr, Pearl, Water, Front, south, and
many other street. UULs.S'U & WIliri.Nd,
ri Ileekman st.
1 jrff.DT.VOsT storesTTofts, offices, and studios to let
Xj indeslrablf, px-atlons
FOI.-OM imOTHERS. R33 flroadway.
TjKOAIiWAV, Jii.-tchnicB front offltn to let; cheap
J t rent. Apply room It.
gUal estate J'or ale Xoufl island".
Harlem Branch
119 west 125th street
OlMl 1S5 N0 1B0 FIV-K 4CKE FAltMn, nrr '
Central ImIIp, L I., aro n poKlthe bnrnatn; do
not wait until tent aro selivtod, let u ihow you th
prnrw-rty now; nlcel illuated, only few tnlntitf
wnllc from itallon and vIllaKe, rich and rroductlvn
toll, tr from rock, itouet, and ivrumpi, tltU
guaranteed, only 85 cnU rt fUlred on eaMi five
ncren, balance urn all weekly payment, tnveitlcute
quick; ararHolTer. flee lUSI.UV, It) CliainU-r-i itt,
5 ACRES FOR $150
At I'airlioRiio and Mrdford. L. L; eaiy terms, (2
per month, md up For parileulars call or wrlto to
i) I M'llwrsi'KK, Land and Investment Company,
878.57H llroailw ay, New Vork.
1HIMF. HAHOAIS-Honkoukoma, Long Islandi il
miles from depot) MO acres clear poultry farm;
house. I rooms, barn. Man-,, hennery; exchanged for
free city properly, W. II, OP.ACE, 15 Wlltoughby st.,
jKral state J?or ale 3Jciv 3fertjj,
a'EN'AFLV, N. J, Finest residence section near New
Vork; Is-st plots surrounded by nouses and 1m
provemeuts) (vou to (400.
WEATIIEHIIV 1171 Droadway,
JKtnl estate ?or nle Counttji.
TX)lt SALE One Dalrymple farm, 831 acres; eaten
X1 alve bulldlnga) r en soil) located near Gardner,
Cass county. North Dakota) price (.'3 per acre. Also
htldston farm, 010 acres, heavy rich soil) ery good
buildings) price (30 per acre) timothy and paaturo
on both; ea, h near churches and achool. lor firms
write WILLIAM MANN, Owner, Htldston Farm, Oard
urr, -N Dakota.
VAI.I A1II.E FAItM IOH 8.l.h, near' fharlotte,
s North t'urollua, 'ontalns Vi'l a'reaof land, IU0
acres under cultivation, remainder in forest. Thero
la one flerooin dwelling, a new barn and six tene
ment bouses on the land. II la rented until Jan. I.
lnliu, at (800 annually. Will sell for cash or on
time, rrlc, 23,oo. r
OEa W. GUA1I1U, It. D., Cluulotte, K. a
glent (ggtntc.
3 AND 4
$75 A MONTH.
Splendid location for conve
nience and health 13 8th or
I 3 9th St., between 7th and 8th
Avs. Easily and quickly reached
by Elevated or Cable Roads.
Every modern improvement -handsomely
decorated latest
stylo gas fixtures perfect sani
tary plumbing. Spacious court
yards in the rear and special en
trances for tradesmen. Most
approved methods for removing
garbage. Neighborhood restrict
ed to private houses, insuring
satisfactory surroundings. Why
live longer in high-priced, un
comfortable apartments ?
lull PAlirp l I UW API'i V TO
."ij w i.vr i.istii sr.
lt: estate at auction.
Hard V. Harnett & Co., AacTsi
WII I vH l Al AH J....S
TBH.'at..VV, Sop.- 2.t,
at la iiM-h k noon, at the Heal V.tite Kf, liatiie and
AUCtloU Ito-llll, ill to I. Lil'Crlv st., N. Y ,
n (iitidtii nr nn:
IjiiikI ami Iniiiriitt'iin'iit 1'oinimiiy.
AX AltSOlaVB'!' S.VI.B-:
an.1 (1.ry alu.t'ile m,,l ih .lee llll lo. ate I In
Olty of ISTcwSrox'lx.,
i Kill ill i. n lit IliiiHlitl.Tt a, '
KIT! it: i
New Utrecht, 14th and 1 5th Aves.,
58th, 59th, 60th, and 61st Sts.
N ssv.VI' EI.tClltK cuts from the llllIDiiE and
all the rhHHl)'." pais Immediat'.ly In rrout of tho
ib und WsTEP. nn propertv IIS HOUSES al
roailr rrertrd on the V F-T HKOdKLYN inertr.
All.1 NTS. iN Till-, llltid NIj to .how pr petty.
Tin '. I.l iiiimi:i:ii by the 1 PILE ill UlaN
TI.F. AMI Till -r COMPANY aud policy of In.urance
free to pur ha.er
o iu:il l i:T. nf tho pun hise, money may re
main nn morlcitKe for 1 or U i ar ut ft (ht cent
Matisand furthr pirtlculnrs ai the C. ' of tho
4l'tt st .md N," I tie, ht av . Ilrookhh. or tho auc
tioneers', 71 aud 7.1 Liberty bt.. New York
IVcstruc.otcr iTo. property -for nle.
l. 3STo-c"Kr Section.
LOTS $25.
Bargains Never Equalled Before.
KIIOM rilF. CITY lllllll (IHi'lNI), Low TAXES.
.Mitt XFTIIKItl.tMl Ill.tI.TY CO..
'JJ1 UltO Mitt M.
2fl estate -for $it.
parFhiu.0" the Huds
New York's most beautiful
and accessible suburb.
sxo itnotntt tv.
cal Cstntt -for alc Sroohltjn.
Lot ti riown (.") monihlj, SUOO uj, buy now
V. I CIIAKj, Uii-Lanay av. ind Canarsle It. U.
croisinrf, tiraacti ul71c.
or ,8 air or Cxchangr.
FIR SALE OH EXCHANCiK Oueof the mo-.t com
plet dUlMirbin liotne la th raatkie, locate J at
Nonralk rtm , ou hour fnm rv Vork hou-" hai
every rniislprn conviTiifuop ainl m built without r
garl" to cott by day work It li cli to depot,
ichiK.il, Phurt'Iies. ..c. autl but f-hort dlitance from
b;un.i bat hln,; bta'l: V r furibcr partlculani apply to
A II t!cDLF., l'ubli atlouoffli o Th-un.
I xZZFT&y A dfLphtful tall en fail
f. .1,..-" ,w naan TbiUiardi!
1 time TAnLP STrvMi r.-j i.r vi:
(Vrtl4ndIH ri . C, 1 DAM, 3 ", ,110,111,
t - l M Ss. Mil -t Ef k --. ic 1' 11 : A )I (
tt 30,1 0,2.30 tfur m ri 'it .i uij, inu n,
13 n 1 lJ, i i, 4 , V 1 If' K til i W I La Mf li 09.
a u r r in e ,iij coiiian is ,i:'4i eo. r m f r
r.fU.ndl -tt -nnljr J, a,, t V U )rUUn4lasA. EX1HA
i;x'i niov 40 rnTs.
Inrludlni; AtliuUttoi. to al AttrActtona,
I tVDIMl AT T11K IRON riKll.S.
From2Silst ,N I: , Lnurlr from I) V M loBI. Jf.
rromri,'rfSw v" 1. N. It. half on hour later.
From Conej- Inland liuurlj fnim 10.40 A. 11. until
7:11) r.M
K I'lllllt Til KKTI, S5 rn-STSl.
Tlrknta nn sal at all downtown track stations of
th Klpsate.l ll illri'.vls
Manhattan Beach.
Trains leave FOOT KAST SITU ST, weak -lays.
ri'&O, iitio 7 to, u.tM. lljiio A. M., IV'10, and hourlj
from lioto jilul'.Ji.
rl I ltsl(l TirKET, 40 CESJTS).
Trains loave WIIITKHAII. ST , week days, hourly
from i ' M. toil. 10 I M.
I'm rusn tiiketi". -so kvts
isrr i'iiixt. r.i in in;, and nircn.
Ki:ri'sl. datlr sc't'HHil (exr-Hft hunilavsi, l.jr
I'surr Iron Uajr I.lli M ari'ers Vow urk ami Altiauy
from It-Kt.rosais st. pier al h 10 A M. and Wist ".M
it ul V A. M.
Steamer A' I1UKA leives Ao-t U'.M St.. 1 SOP II;
flattery I.tmllnir. 1 15 I' JI . ISrl,!i,- Um'lt, ilrnoklyn.
I! 1' M Fare, 'J5c. aud l&c. hat'Jr.lajs aud .Sututajs,
&ik. and '.'Ac.
"I.m.K UEDUrF.l) Kl.lllmr Hanks ilally, l.v"ea,h
I w ay , Middays '.'Oi each wii ; liny hult on Is at.
Si lilYU.Il.Kat 8Utat 710. luttery, Stlrauklln,
IXCEU.F.NT flshlliB! plenljr sea bass, fluke. porirts
J i eauiiht on last four lrls of aleniner AI. HisTh It.
SF.A HASH FIKIIINU dallr; new Itvln crew steamer
AI. KlSTFH, only lio it nrerliulll for ocean flshtiiK,
liisiirlnic safety, si I, eouiforii lemes hu.t V.'td st ,
"ilOiIiattery, H:V, fare, tl with bait.
etna .s.m.nrrs.
KF.W YUHK-Mil'lll VJIITO.V i.on.loii-l'arls).
halllugrnry Wriliii.iliv it in A Jl
BT PAW, M'l If'hT l' 1. Ot.
HT I.OU1S . S-M J'.' hi1 I.' ' 1 . '"'t 1.1
I'Allls M"" II I'll li l V"
.ulil-iKi'.i'ry W' I""- lu
Keiislnmnn S. .i I:, iinnu suiiilmurk.iiei.t SB, I A M
Wasl'ulaud S. (it 'i! mam N.. ir llatnl o, t n uruiii
Piers U and I j, .Nnrtli iliver utlliv, ll lluwIliiKilrrfD,
Miiiim ni'iiii' iiAii.wtv.
Intenli'd steuiinlili salllim fmm Naiii'n.uer
EMI'IU'.SS OF l.NI'IA Oel ll.Juli M, Mari'h '.M
EUl'lti Mb OF lAI'AN Nor ,. Jan, III, April is
BMI'IHAH uK I I1INA Dee II. s-Vl.. 4H
WAHHOIuO -ept ilMluVKHt ...Oft, 18
AOIIVM1I , Nov 11
Second .'ablil mviiiniiin-lntloin at ery low rates.
For ilrni'is and frelRht rates ap Ij 'l.'i.l Hroadway
For freUni rut'sonlv. tu Wall st , .Now York.
I iIU.i l I.IM. Ill ll.VMIr -I'AlllS-HtA.NCn
I,A llllhlAnM., H'lpe hat " l't IH, ID A. M.
LA '.W IMI.Sfc. Ilamlrlon hal,M-iil 'JS, 111 A. SI.
lute of pussaxe. first I'la.s. N Y to Paris, tins and
up, i all sleallitrs eseept l.u louralue, lucludlOK
railway fire In Paris aud landlug cliarnes. Parlor car
seal Is extra durlDg summarseaauu. bocood class, to
Paris, SI. 76
A. rOUOKT, Otnoral Agent, a Bowling Oraca, ,
renn JSieamers.
From Pier 40 N II , root of Urksnti at
Campsnla.sept 1S.10A M I'mbrla Sept. Vf,, P, M.
Servia sept vl.noiiii.I.iinnln . Oct. V, In A Jl,
VKRNON ll.IIP.UU ,V ft CO ,llen.An'tS.4 Ilowltna Hei n,
HVIS-scltl V I XPIIFSS rrom NrvrrnrklnPltm.
nutli dxindoii), ChertKMirc, Paris, a id llamuure
I" liHiimrck.i-ep 1i.,iia M A Vii-i.irln net. . 7 l. Jl.
Norm.innln.Sei iuiM v iisiun,ek,i t ll.tn M,
CrlllmMa.Sept In tl A l iNnrillillllia IH I.Vl ID V Jt.
IIAMM'Hll -.MiWlT. b Inlnsrri'W Jt II s s
Plniiiiils.seplli.liiv M I Persia s,.pt a.',, 4 I' JI.
First i lib . 7." tip sei'otid elass, mil stierniie. 10,
llnmliiirc. tnierlenn Line, IIT llronilntl.l.
MAIXfr STHAMfl.i;ii CO.
nr.t iiiiiri i i. im r 111114.
onijrdlrpit Him' fi" c taut' lll. M., nml Port
Inn t, Mr 'tt'iiiiii r anl crry i '. s'iii, evpjt
Wf-iu. mla fr tn li r S- .(m. if m - v Tnn
tla lliuilni, in I v itur.A -tpiiriiT'iip;it rutiflKA
ntr rii MUtiMti urn s o!N I'Nol.l ill. SI 'in
itint iiml FrllnH fur I'citUiiil tHn-cl. I'imn 1 1 out
UMlff irtur llnrtitir, II n'hnr.l l'lU-ul hm?,
Whiti' .Miutiilaliir.. vl. Jnhrt S H . nivl nil r.nti'rn
miniintT ti'-.iirtM Mi amcr fltteil v It ti , ir tii'i'ni
Imfrmrnuiit f rrniii',fl a in I onpnli'iii inf limiHl-.
1 Tlir miMt 1 ninfnrint.lp rt'int tut till point l'At.
iipi t.--itn.Mn; iiophniu4. Ttcktt m.iy i' i mOiAAcil
I nt Vnln s ( nmitniiv nnin No tft HrriHilwi.r
ul ttii -im e Nn 'li'i "-outli At . oipxlfp tin l'lrr, a. 1
Thu t'nok Son Kttl nnil IVSS llron'lwdy
V0'T!I (IKIIM VV I t.f -VII sTI' VMHlIU nt
rsr nxi'HKs stk-vi'hs
TraicTu ,sppt.l l,H' A M Krtlsi-r.Tn .M-pt i'-.TAM.
Laliii.lu , Si-pt tfl,.n. M I Snnlr, Til t l()A M.
. I MU IIS . (.ti , tf Ho.M.t'R ilrou,
om iHniiKi 1 ir
Mll. in MllllOI.fi.
l-lhorl pm Trip tit nf iu lnrk
nplli?iitfiilt..iir-it itM ',.int 4ntnfirf. rfilk New-
rmrt Svwm, lMfpl iiiB', 1 rt umuth IMnti'T'-i Point,
tlchiiioinl Irlutt lli'ni'li. n atul U uohliu'ton, I) C
Krt'Uhl n:ul Ppnjpr t,.1tlrf'4 mil from pier Sin,
North HI-1 r, i itv wrk ilnv exrept isatiirJ . ut .1
M Htt1 ittm-ilit nt 4 V M
W I. til II l.U I'M', Vcp-l'rrl nml Tnnir Mr.
TeiitnnP -et 1 .. nnnit i M ,)i .tl s pt L' ii, noon
llrltann'e s. tit .2, no,.tt ' o rmsnie it t rt. neo'i
sn llTIOVI Alllllt.ll liV PAssrvi.Ull srt.AMKIls.
Pier 45 North Hirer. ii"teeMr .ilnr Vev Ynrl:
11 JlAITI.sMlKKIfF.Y. ABelit
ForNVn I..11I.1, WnMilIill Hlopk Mm I .-vn.J Ewt-i-rn
IU'ort ulo ortfr ami Nnrc h of l-nttmi nn I
Kan sii'Miii-r City of LoimU i.r nt of Unn'f't'r
lern Ptcr I i (Old So N II ii-xt Iet r n tl ,
rtpt'k tla onl. Jit tl 1 M iin'httri on ench.
Itatea to 111 tH K lNlaM rt'lucfd. CuntiPLtlom
tnadrs U ri k Day nnd s,utidft .
For Newport. Fall lilvrr HtM.m M.nrtlin Mnpynrd.
Nnntuckpt, Oatf Co 1, and nil I,v.utii an I Northern
Motintnlri IiiIa l. nn 1 hsfflihon pitnln traineM
PrUcHUand Puritan In c tmuUslon l'lii orchntrA
on rai h Ipwao Plpr 1. N 1 , foot of Murray at.,
wtik dnj-and hiimln at mp M.
For Protdtn,'p direct, lln-tun nnd nil Inlnnl and
Se.(d.ori' Ki'iorts Kat aud North thereof Mendum
PI I l run and Plrtuotith nnh. tru in -a. h Lravo
I.r r .in, S H on- Moct ul to tanul t . week ilaya
only, nt 3 '10 V M.
For Stotdnton, Narraitau-sett Plrr, Watch Hill. Bos
ton and all points Fat htcniiKTH Mnliif nnd New
Hanimhlre. leave Pitr .lit, N p., one LlocL above
Canal t., week day only, at tl P. M.
iiriii in-, nt iiv iisii f.iistiiT
P.U iCF II10N U.VY LINE bTh21Mt.
Fluesi and fattcftt rlvrrtianirrii In tLe urld.
Uallr excel t undny
Leaves Urnoklyu, Kultmi M itit Annex). H A SI.
New Vurk. Itp-hriwM't st Mtr h 0
.. .. wot a t pier t
For llalllM, landlukrat V itikert, Wtt Point. New-
bure. 1'ouKtikeeprile. Klughtuu Point, CutsLltl. aud
Hud toil.
Direct connection on the Kinz'ton Point dock with
V anl li. train ft r Cat-skill Mountain po!iit and for
Lake Molmnk and 311nnv.a.kn. At CaUklll with
the Cat kill Mountain and Otis El. Hallway fur Cairo
and mountain resorts.
Hallroad connections at New burg. Pouctakeep-le,
HudBon.and Albany for points North. East, and Vet,
bp clal Rtratfua tr.al
Throuuh tickets sold at pehroies t pier. West
Slfd t pier. New Vork Transfer, and other principal
ticket ofilccs
Fare to all report north and eait lower than any
otherroute CITY OFTIloYor naKaTO() leaves
toot, Went lOth H dall excel t Saturday, 0 1 M.
Kxprea trains for aratoka Lake tieorif Adlron
docks, Jtc bundaj stgnmertourhe; at Albmiiy.
from Pier '? Eat H r. dallv except Sunday, at &
P 31 , for tV!HeitltMit lthrr liudlnRt. eonnerttng for
sprlntftleld. Won't ster. Bom n, and all New England
points, hat unlay excirluu. at reduced rntes.
Albany Evening Line.
will leas hOM l'ler 41. N. li , r.'ot cnnnlst . nt P :i
ilally (l n Ims eieetitiil), mnktnv; illreit concectlODS
with trains ortl), Last, anil t st.
lUshll.!., Ill IS AMI I ls H1R IIOSTS
leav l'ler 411, X. 1'.., foot of Christopher St., every
week t!fl at 0 P. M.
Ill iixi mi'.lt sTi.isit.it si tin rots Ell..
Ilftlle exeejit Sundays, leaving Desl.ros.r's st I f.
T SI (Satur.lavs 145 P 31 ). West a -J I st n v V .
(SAluniais i P. M for C1U NiTON-t, WF-.T POINT.
l'Ol'dllKKr.IIK. P.O.N I). H1. ami KIM.MO.N
KIM.STOS 1.I.VE. est Itilhet Tlallv 4 P M . .Sat
urla at 1 --teanien n tl.DWIN an I KOMKHfor
Com" all, Newhtiri. .New Iianit.iirf:. Iiirlh.,ro, Milton.
I'ourfhke, iMle. llvile Park. Iipu, Klnj,'.ti'il eonne.-t
lnzwIthU A II. K It for all iilnt In Catskllls
r IIA1K1. Fare, Jl. KCl' KMC'V, 1 SO.
Sunday" Kxrurslou, $1 no I at ..learners leare P:er
2S, K. It, week days, 3P M. rml ll! ml inleht. sun
Uas. ti-.lO A M and li nitdnlKlit eek day steanu rs
eonn 't .'ii ttliarf lth tr ns for Mi rlden. Hartford,
hprlntth Id, and taints Norm.
R.OIM-M L LINK ileamers leave l'ler-!! S. It..
foot Kranklln ht . for ( latiston's. West Point, Cold
hprlnir. lornnll 1 Ishklll Landing, and Neutnirfc
weekdays (exeept ftturda i .". P M .Saturday 3P 51 ;
Sun.lai s U V 3! : laudlns at l.l.M t., N P. , M I0 1. M.
Lehigh Valley System.
Stations foot of West 'il 1 M 1'enn, 11. li l, Cortlaudt
or U shros.es t
Indicates time from IVit '.'3d st. Other filtures
show time from l orllindt or I'esl ro.scs si
Mill. I. sli III A 31 dally .Sunday 13. 7 A. 31)
for3lAl'CII i lit NK and Interim dlate strtloi,.
7in.l. Hi IS . M ilally tor WIl.KKSUARRE.
SCIi.VNrO.N week ilays.. I1.MIHA week da)BI,
ITI1.M K. IIFSM V. IHIi'lIlxTm, ITKKAI1. Xlill
AltV KM,!., ami the Wi t and prlmlpal local isilnts;
ill nil's ear ami hair car to Iluffalo
IOiJ., lllillll M, Mindajs iinlr, for IlOl'XD
IUtOdK ntd flitermeillatei,lutloi)e
1 1 i J .-, . llli.1i A M Ualli, , icet.t Sundsjr, for
JI M'l H I'lU'.Sk and Inlermedlaie isitnts
.lli.t.t. 1'jiiio noon dail,ext 1 1 unda,
Arries HulTalo tf.'i.N P 31. Pullman Vrs'lhuli Pay
Coaches ami Parlor I ars Iilnlnu ( ar Sen lee 3Ieals
alaoarte ( oniieels at HiiiThIo with through sleep
rr. to I'etrolt unlChUao.
Itfi'J.t. lailOP M dally, eieept Sunday, for
Jl slcil ('III NK and lulenniillate points
I'Ji.... 111.-. P 31. Hun Ids oiiIv. for KASTOS,
JIAl't II CHI NK, and Iheeoal hraneties
litlA. HI" P 31 dally, except f-un'lar, for
WII.KhslUKlll, PITlsMN, si ItNTOS, ainl prln
clpal tntetmt Unto stations connects for all points
In coal reinns eh.ilr etr Tor Wllkehtiarre.
:li".. lilii P. M dull), i-trriii Sunday, for
Wll.KI'sIIAUIIK, PITr.STd.N. scilASTON, and prln
rlpal Inlermedlaie stjtlo.n Connects for all points
lu coal ri Klon,, PllUinauUurfet 1'arlorC ir forU llkts
.litis, fttia I M. dally, for KASTO.V aud Inter
mediate stations
..I.,.-.. Ililll P 31 dally, except Sunday, Klpresa
for si, tll.NitT'l.N ami i.rln- Ipal Intermediate sta
tlous c uuei ts for Headln; and Ilarrlitur. Chulr
nr to si.ttluifto.i
ill.:., Si,MP 31. dally for III'KFAIO, NIAOAHA
PAI.L.S and o 1 points Vet Pulllmiu eleepir .esll
hole train N Y toChlcjo. SU.p is lo HuITalQ and
fl.-., Nillll P 31 illlly esiept Sun Inv, ktoiplnx
mil) at Slltlll PI.AI.NMI III, IAS1..M. IIi:l lll.K
lll.M. Kill lit Hl'NK. I.. "Ill .11 NiTION. SMti:,
Pullman el, ei-er for Huff ilo. None lut slccplni tur
passenpers carried .No ham n;,. , aril d
Ni.V-i. lllllll P 31. ilnlli for ITIIAl A. OK.NFVA.
HIK'IIIsTI 11, lU'l'KAI.n, VlAIIAKA I M.l.s, and all
polnls West Pullluau aleeirs to Ullkcsharre anil
Ad. Illl. dial l.e'al trains dally, ejeept Sunday, for
III 'I' Nil llltl K nn I Interim ill lie ntnts. I, ne as fol
lows a.i ll on A. Jl , 1,5'.. a ,111, M.lj, 4 l), anil
ft M, in P M
Tlek't and I'llllm in nicnmmodatlnns ut 111, Sill,
a-.l, 111 "I, in I. nnd lil'.M Hroadway. Ill I' I lth st , lftd
K I'.'Sth l . 1'.'7 How en. N V , -i'.ii I lilt, ll it. 4
Court si us H'wav, and Ilrooklvn Annex, Hrookhn
N 3 irausfer Co. will all for and die k h-viraio
from hotel or resilience thrniii;h ( desilnnil.-ii
Throiuh irnlii. leave New 3 oik. fool of hamlsrs
st , as f. iloa s, and llvo iiiluiiiia carlh r tr tin Wi it
a:ii st
O.ni . II. Vcstllnilo I jire.s dally for ll n .ham
il.UUinii, Waierly. Umlr.i lluifelo Il-.ulforil, ar
n M.iffal.i H nil P 31. parlor cur to IP rial
01 "T , SI.-Vetliuleiir.lreilalH on pi Sun
I.J-1 ,I,i) for PortJcnls. Hnnllirlli.. I.a, k ien,
Hon Kltltl. and llllporlal.t llei p. Jl t t, I. 'limit.
Dally o port Jirvhi. Pullmun Parlor Lars for "loiitl
tell ami Cotnllip
.n(i V. SI. Vesllhulo llmlleil -1-ast mall dally,
riWU solid train forCtip'aRo, tlai ha.itau.iiul.ake,
arrhe. ( leveland at 7 411 A. JI , i I.l it" R P I
Slc'isrs to Chlraijo, clei eland, und ( In, luuail. 1)1 u
7..Jn r. 'I. IlurfaloaudCleii'lii I Ve ll-tilx Ft
I ,J I t.ros rlalli, arrlns at HuiTaiii 7 ii-1 A. JI ,
llradfiir.l 7.17 A. SI , Jamestown '" v. 31, (',
laud li! .Ill P 31 fSleetrs to Hull tl.. ml " I ,'l iml i
luakliu direct lomiriiloii lor liciroit, Clilca,.., aii.l
the West. Cafo I.ll.rsri Car
u, I r: '. ll. IIAII.r-Vli i h.n ' oi i uu. Lake at'.l
i i. liJ .Mauara I'alli. Mdlduili i.Chl.nu'o siceje
i rs to llorucllsrllle, Chi ao, uidi'iu li.nnil IHnlru
I ACCOMMODATtU.N's at III. IH cMll, till, nlul
7 Hroadwa 7 lloneri. I'd' rtll"lh-i and
III West IVOIh St., Cht.'lll r, and W est -'.! stferrlta,
New VurEt H.lil and 7'.'d I uln n ! . I ml llnie.pv ),
Hrooklyni KOO Hudson si II Uokrn, ud Jersey ( lljr
station. WMtcott'a Kxpress calls fur ami chucks batf
f if txom botelt and rcsldtocM to dutusuoa.
Sallroaaa. IjH
iititiu r mm: to msi. tut ki,i.s. (aElflHiii
All through trains -t, ns at llmir Ctlca, S) racuss, iVSHHH
H.sjliesier, nn.l lluiiilo '"vCSIsllllHsi
Tr tins leave (Iran. 1 1 ntral station, ISiI Street and XVsllllllH
Feturlii n'en ie, a, 'ol ows 4UsIbIIIIIH
.'tWsWll 1M..M N, VNI'.MoNlr.l 1.sPFXIAU sHHbisbH
l iily.fic'j t situ la) ..r ViliroiiilaekJIouulalna, JsBiiH
Tie hi. and l.lanils, ami Montr.1 il (OsliHalslllllllH
lj oil A M I ill. ' ' pt Sunday The famous IVflUHI
C:.)V' I'MI'IHI s' TK h.M'ltlss, I.1M1TF.T). Fast viIsHbIIIIIIB
est tr llll Ill the world Illl" llulTll.l it 4:15 P. Jt., ,lftiB
Nns-ii ilnl s -i ,. P. M Toronto s j.',p j. This llXmWHM
Iron Is llmll 'd t" It' iMlnt clpwltr i Lil BsssHHHIH
il .11 1 A M -lsr 31 Ml. Mall) -lor Pouithlteepsls, I M,?tV,B
tl.,)l' Mlanr. I'ticn s.m.'iii'. ll. Chester, lluftala. If tfHrHl
.1 .ii, l I nil, nn I i'h M I .lid I j,sMHsliH
I n.MM M.-XiiUTII sll'im: I.tJItTF.D, Dally -1aJKSslBliH
XV'.UU y I hour tn. Into Cnlcatro via 31ichlKanCra tjHH
ti il mule. Hue llurr.ilo s in I 31 . Niagara Falls .E:allllB!BllllsHI
li :l P M . chU'itk-o '" A. Jl. CarrUa slecplns I .s,IHHH
an draw in,: room tar ;BH
ll.) M-l'3 ll'IUst, exce,t Sunday I fvHiH
lUJOV lor Jlillhr.K.k, i (its kill Mountains, ana all tHsH
iionortaul N. w York state Isilnta lsaH
I .fill ' iiCIIIWI sIliiN I.IMITKD. Dally HsxsslH
J..UU F " I oliimliii". Cincinnati, Indianapolis, and ''CslllHstlBtlH
sto.i at l'outthkii'isie, nsllllllsHBliH
1 ,1111 ' 31 i Mil M.i sl'H IM DillyFor D. A'sHIHBtlH
J .1 III tn.it. i leu liud. rid. il. uinl Chicago, stops) ACalHHsslllllH
. l .iit'likc psle iml st liet ci't.l.il VaHEf.issssH
-2.'(M ' 31 lllllV ANIl .StllATlillA Sl'KCIAL, 'if 'BH-stH
0.,) ex. cpt sun lav toriian Isnu'a i West Point), iiKR VJstH
P'ttU'llke. .le, Ml.auv. and Trot ls&Hi $B
".(WI '' M -I.IKI. slloltrc LISIITHD, Dally-St. nalliiHitH
J.WI.I pour iialu t.tt'iicitto ila Lake sl'ore rnula. liBwi. S-B
lnet'l. vilau I 7 I'.. 1oedit Ill-sir. A. JI .Chicago ' Sll
4 01) P M Tl' in. In inuneits al Cleveland for 1'aHsH 'iil
Clii'lnmitl.ilue I ',.". P 31 . und at loledu for St. .ItssHl if
I,.l's. Hue 1" 1,'t P. 31, due I'uhsiu CHyn'Xl MstttstHk .
ni.it .nii Luiros s!i i plut Htul draw 11 room SSA. m
G.IWI I' H -WI'.STI UN l'M'HF.S-i, llally-Fnr Nl- ilil&a
MVJ a '111 I all. 1 leveliind, To.edn, liftrolt, Cbl r 'asHHHHHsli
i Im und st s lH
IJ.'J;!' M M' UiiNDtl'K !' I'NTAINS. THOU H.SB
O. ,; sAMis..MiS. ANH3iiNll'.I.ALKXPKF8S, felHsllllllllllH
luil) For l.llr .u.lnck Mountains, Thousand lal itli.xlllllllllllllllH
li and 3Iontrenl. 'n-llEl
Y.I II I ' ' "'.,"'. r..w tii..'., ii.ii, it., 4nsSaSaSaSaSaSarXffJ
.UUleu PI..II-.I i.it. JiiirllUk-t'.ii, Jlontreal, and. dHHsHHIllllH
Y. . pt eullirda 1 U'lits. Utlltwil ..'iliaHlsssssssssssssi
".( I P 'I HI I'r-AI... M'HIM.. Dally For illH
I. Oil ih h. st, r I. ilTnlo, Ma'.ira lall, loronto, 'iRH
i'i Imid lullmiip lis. St. Louis, aud I hleaito VHsssxslililiH
(Villi ' M --!' IM. 1.13111 1 f MAIL. Dallr ':KI...H
il.l'l ..lei pln; i .ir i-, tuers onl lorpolntsoa HsxHUHHlH
1 ill HriHik Hillii ii ilaLjont, and fu I'.ochestcr, 1)ssbbIIIIIIIIB
l train, CM I mil Indianapolis, nnd "-t I mils. itHHsHmHsli
9. j - P. 3I.-P.M IHi I PliI.SS. Iiallv FijeSyra. t'sllllllH
. I ci.se, O.neiti,, v it. rtown, Cae VlitfKt, Off SsfsHsHIIIIIIIH
il. lislum, IliitTal... Ni.uara Falls. Cle efl al, To- 'VIxiHslllHlllH
1. Iilcat'o, und, ixccpl Saturda)s, f ths) X'islHH
urn sxUmxHUHHllH
Is). Ilk N.'IIIir 3III'NI .HT EXl'HF.SS Thratra IHsislllllH
, I J train for i hi i nml principal points on EsxHsxltlllxlllH
the New York C tltl.il Mry nUht except Sunday isHsaxaxaxaxaH
nights Sunday uUat Chicago sleepers leave on iEssxaxaxaxaH
OHIO A. 31 umllllllA P M -Dally, except Sunday, r ' atHfslllllHsl
lo I lit. Hell, itu II irliui hit slon .-i 9sB.xtxtxtxtxtfl
nun s M sutul.it s onlt t rm-.fl. Mand the Berst- TUbHibIIIIIIB
shire HP s. ila the llarl.m til Mnn J sraBHsltxtxS
" slltiKht " tralui run l tu, tn l.')."tli st.und point iVktslBsttxtxtxtxH
on the Piitiiatn Diililon a. far a. Youkerc. In connect sxtxtHsxtxtxtxtxtxtl
tlon with the -delated roa.l fhe only line running aKsxtxtkasxtxtxtHsi
"nil nltt.t ' trilusout or New i urk fllsxtxtxtxtxtxtl
Wetttiei Pals, e Can on all throin-li trains, rsxtHaxtxtxtxtxtxa
trains Illuminated with Pint, li llt'ht. V'slKsttxtxtxtlslll
Tickets .in 1 Wairner ortlces ut ttrand Central Bta arxtxtxtxtxtH
tlon. 118. urtl 41.1 Hroadway. .11 Kast 14th St., Ut. ; BsxsxsxsxsH
llroadwai. "J.l.'i C-ilumhus uv . 01 West 125th st.. and -"IHH
l.sht t illi.n. New York. 3 i- nnd 7 'J I) Fulton St. 'JiFbisisHsI
an I I ill) Ilroalwav. K. D.. Hrooklin vK'-stxsxslslH
llaccae ehceke.l from hot 1 or residence by tha MtsKsxsLaKsKsKsKsxB
Wet.t .tt Fxpless Companv -'llflKsKtKtsKsKsKsKsxsKf
Jiill.N JI Tul'l KY, OKOHGr- H DANIELS, 'isHsBIsIsIsB
U .n. ral 3Ianaer, Otncral I'A.senser Attcnt. ' skskssIsksskskskskssi
Piin$yBania fl
ETLk.II-ElQa.-0. fiaxixlxlxlxH
STATIONS I,. ut ol .inl L.iulj lu.ru Mire, and DesV SHBsisiHbII
hro.-.es andCortlsii.lt sire is. IbksxskskskskskskskskI
mThe It ai Itis tlmo from Dishrot.cs and Cortlandl . .IxtxstlHsisisisH
streets i n e minuii s later than that given Lelow for !sksksksksksksksksksk.
T elltt llur 1 Street Station. -tlsisIsIsIsIsIsIsIsH
3i.i5 s.. si. 1AST 31A11 -Pullman r irfet rarlor liiilsisisisisisB
tar New -rk to PIttsliuri. sleeplnsCar nttsburz -(t.t.t.t.ftt.t.t.t.H
tnch'ca.u No ion lies tn Pittsburg 'JsxsxckskskskskskskskI
Hi. 1.1. . SI. r 1ST LINK -Pitt.burt: and Cleveland. MsxtlstslslslslslsH
Ui.1S . SI. PFNNsYI.YA.NIA LIMITKI). Pollman sitaxslslslslslslslslsi
Compartment .sleeplu-, titntne. smoklnk. and Ob- iSFKsKsKsKsKsKsKsKsKsKsxl
senatluu i ars For Chtcatro, Cleielaud, Toledo, iskskskskskskskskskskI
Cluilnuatl. IndlanaiMills. Ltiul.vllle. st Louis iskskskskskskskskskH
lir..1l' st, (.UICACO INI) ST. LOCIS EXPHESS sxsxsxsxslslslsH
ForNaihvllle .via Cincinnati), Chicago, st Louis. isksksksksksksksksksk1
Oi...-. I', it. WF.sr. UN l'XPHEss.For Cleveland. .iilislsH
Cht.'i;o For Toliilo, excet.t --aturdar ssksksksksksksksksskI
lllll I'. SI. SOLIUM FSTKI'.N l.M'UtsS.-ForCln- 'jilslsllllxsllllxsfl
tttuintl, Indlatiajioli.. st Lt ats '-?xsksIksksksksksksksks!
i.l.l p. ,ti, PAClFICEXPK.sS. For Pltubun and KaxsllllllislllslH
Ctilcao. Couuects for Cltvtlund aud Toltdo ex J)tl
ctptsaturlai skskskskskskskskskI
7:-,.1. S !5.ll.''...'.i-55iIinln,tCar).10:i3 A Jl.. 18:511, 'iitlsHIIIIIIH
1 r5 ( lit "Coiiitrcitslonul Um.." all Parlor and .sxsxsksksksksI
Dlidln: Cars), 4 -'.'. illlnlllt; Car), 4:SA (DlnlnE Car). .',saB9sxslsH
S:."i-t P. JI . IS lunlftht sundiy, K:25, -WS. 10:S 'IssllslllxslllllsH
A. 31 , i.'l'l.'i "Cotiuresloual Llui.," all Parlor and tIbiskskskskskskskskskI
lilnliiKCirsi. 4 , .iJlutucCarl, 4 33 (Dining Car), iHsxsBsisllH
. 12 10 lilsht !' IsxsHsHIIIIH
SOU in I.N HAILWAY. Express, :2a P. 31., 12:10 rt'lllsxslsllH
ATl.l.NTH CO 1ST LINE. Express, W:25 A. JI. and V'f'aXsHHtsllllllH
' feSKsKsKsKsKsKsKsKsKsKt
A 31 wiekilasni.d 7 3a P. 31. dally. ' H
AlI.lNric CITY West Twintl tlllrd Street Station, ?l ' sIlslltlslllllsH
1 -eft P. 31 . and Iieshrosses aud Cortlandl streets, & M
weikdais 'HsxsllllH
CAI'K 3IAY Lprc-s. li-'-.-tSP M weekdays. ' .r sIslslsIslllllsH
7.0111; Ilrat.ch. Anhun Park rluterlakeu Sundays). HH
tKeautiioie.an.l Point Pleasautifrom West Twenty. IH
third Street station . 7 -'.". s ft, 11.35, 1 I 33 A. 11, f MSI
1:33. il 13. 133, I .'10. ll'SJ P 31. Mindaya. U:23 , K-H
A 31.. I 33 P 31 (from Dshros.es aul Cortlandl V H
Strtvtsi 7 40. 11 10. lu 00 A I . I'.' li', 'J..10. 3:40, -. H
4 '.11.3 10,7 00 P 31. Sundajs, V 43 A. JL, 3:13 y H
nut iMiii.Mir.i.i'iiis. '; H
6 1 7 jo s ".-, s , (t -, Penn. XArft' ? M
ltd . 11 '.. ,l)lu;ii; Or . lo ,11 3.', A. 3! . l-."35, .tl H
I ' ,, .1 fi. 3, l'.'.t il'lnlu,: Cir), 4:33 (Din- 'U 'tB
Iiik'I ar', 3 33 llilulhi Lari. 7 40. 7 33, s:33 p. Jf .Jl H
1-.' In :,l.-u. Mmd.lt . il 13, 7 33, s :;,. s :,:,, i:23p '.1 m
I. 33 1 Limited., U.33, lll'o.i 31 . 1 .'' (I'lDlr.g Car), ," H
II ",. . 4 .'3.1)11 I114 tar, 4 33 ,I'1i,iik Ctrl, 3.35 "! TM
lui.InK Can 7 40. 7 33, s.33 p. JI , ul 11 night. "jl JH
Tl. k. to.fces No. UU. I'll, HUo. l.t-IJ. HI, nndSfll ?j H
Ilr.ia.lwa), 1 Ast.ir l!.iu-e. West Twenty third j fM
Street station, ami -ta'lons foot of Iicr-rossea and ii M
Cortlandt Stieetn It iut stret l. m1ii Fulton Street, J H
lis Hntadwa), ami 1 -mklj n Annex station. Hrook- '.I sxskskskskskskskI
1)0. Station, J, rty 1 Hi The N. w York Transfer .-1 1
Company will .all for' and .tuck haiva? from '1 jH
hotels and r-sldi 11. . through 10 destination 1 tH
J. U. HriCHINsilN, J lt. WOOD, 1 HlsllllH
(lenerul 3Iauat;er. General Pasa'r Agent. i H
nn, itAiir. i,n h vm a. w-tniTEnsi i H
Htatlons In .leii Inrli. r,il or Ilarclay and J H
hrlslopher vl SJH
r.-ITIItlll: lllllll, l'lil.sis. lllFFET I jH
I'liisni 1. 11. IIT. I B
Direct mute t., Newark. Hloi.mneld. Jlontclalr. Ih jM
Oranges, sun. nit, Peru ir.lsl Hie Ilask'lliK KldKe, Mad- '1
tsou, Mi.rrlslown, l'.iKa' . Patersoli, Itoonlon. Dover, M Hl
Stanhope New ten, Hiidit's Lake, Lake Itoputcons, j B
Ilackcitstowti. s tiiH.i i's Jioutitnfn. WahtnRton, m H
Pi lldpsi uru- Kaston, Waterl,ap,sir.tudsljuri. PiK-ono 1 PhH
31ouutatll s rn.ilon. Pitlstoti. WlUeahnrre, Nantl- -y VH
coke, Dani llh. Northuinl.erlT.nd. Montrose, Illnitham f H
ton. oxford. Norwich, Watervllle, Vtlca, lllchflcld I '1
StTliiK8, Cortlan I, Syrnue, t)it.,.o, Ithaca, Owego. ' flH
Klmlra. I .rnliii'. Hath, Hans.ille, HulTalo, and all '' HH
p.diits Ut.t, Northwf st, and stiuthwesi, J HH
Hum , si HIUKhamlou Mall, stops at principal ' JHH
101011 i. M, iCrfe car) Iluffalo, Scranton, Bins flH
h.imt'.n, Oweo, Ithaca. Fluilra. Syracuse, and Os ': H
weto 1 xpre.s Pullman ItufTut pnrlorcars. Cod '
nettllu at Iluffalo with trains for Chicago and '.IbkskskskskI
points U et Pullman parlor car New York to ISBH
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lllllll'. si. -Sfrnnton. lllnsh.imton, and ElmlraF.x. BH
press Pullmati turret 1 arlorcars, BH
ion r. si, scrnnion. ivilkrtharre, and Plymouth iHBiVBl
Ixpre-s Pullman huff, t parlor cars. Oxsksksksksksi
7 mo I, si, -(Dally )-Chlcaio vestibule Limited -aBVH
tin is rur Kcratitnn, Illlntnaniton. Klmlra, Huffal. , fM
r illmtn hufl.'t alt, plni-car New York to Chicago. ' skskskskskskskI
l'liilli.'.ariMst of HulTiilo.
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311 M..rrl. and Hiiffaln. airl. lint HulTalo s a. JI. - BBBBB
liisu I', si. fliallyi HutTalo. ".'rinliui. IllnKham- BBH
1 11, "wc.o, Ithaca, Klmlra. sracit.c, anl Oswego H
l'lpret Pullninn Iniffi i s'eepers. sletpcrs Kevr BBBJ
tork 1.1 III hueld Sprliik-s .
1 1, kets nnd Pullman ac onimolatloiis at Henrr BBB
nare A s .', Ltd , u;i Hroi.'wny, 14 Park place, and BBBBBJ
4'.'U Hr .alway and npj 'r..tiway. Tlcki ta at Ferry ; BBBBBJ
atiiilons. 111 Ithav.. cir I'.'th t . nt W.st 183th st., ' BBBB
SilS Ci.li.inlius ai , New York ;u-slid T'.'ll Kulu.n st. ) BBBBB
anl l".t '"o.. dwa), Ilro.kDli 'Htm! tables living all
full I11I111 111 llloti ut nil st tttou, JnxCTjswsKsl
Mop dt's l.xpressi 01 11 ny will call for andchecat
l.iititue from hotel or rc.i.li 11 e tode.tlnatloii. xwBVsxVsl
New" York and Boston All Rail. H
N. Y., N 11 A 11 It. P. iml ci ut rcllons. '. H
Fiom t-riu.l 1 .'titral statlt.u. ,
Leain II, w ay of Dne ,1' BBBBB
9 01 A JI ,Hirln 'field ami 1','orceater, 0:30 P. Jt. J. VBBBI
in no A M , "Nt w I .tu '. .1 111.I l'rovld,nce,:i no p. M. BBJ
ID "IV 31 ,. New Loo 1. p md Print leme, 4 4il I'. If, .!, BVBVB
K on 31 , sprnui, 11 n, Unn. slur, r.-inp. M. X jBB
Jl 00 P JI . Atrl.lll. and N h. It I.. HOOP. 51. s !)
I o.' p Jl , Now Loo. ion and Pro) idenee, 7 no P 31, JsBBBI
II lln P M . '.New I...11.I. t and I'roi Idenee, (1 00 P. JI. ,j liBBVji
4 01) I' M . sprlimil-id and nrccster. in nil p. 3L ? !
on P M , N, w Lou 1 .1, 1,11 1 Pud .eiice,l 1 no p Jl, -BBBBJ
1 1 mi I' 31 . S rlU4lli'l I and Worcester, 11:13 A. 31, f JBBHB
1'.' oi) P. 31 . New 1 .md. m at.. I i'roildence, n.-ib A. It. ,HH
Huns dull). It.. '111. Up.' siiu.lty, il JBBBB
tiltiv state linift-il, alt parlor jars 1 fare 17, ! i VVBVsxl
eluding pirloi . ir-eai In BBBBI
lAir I.lae 1 P. it. I. nrrlvea at and departs from i "BBBBa
Park Sii.ii.. t. ' oi. L.istou. ivett,ru .mica satna 1 'BBH
hour an 1 ' y -am. mule. - !'
Thr.'U.h parl'.r mul sle plmr ears by 1 act) tratn. 1- 'lBBBBJ
C T III MI'sTK VII, lien Past. Aient ?, ijH
li',... Nt w York. Whitehall Terminal, ilally. I'TvBBfl
Clll. 11,11. I 3 i M aul I'.' '"ii. kIU S iislVBB
I'll rslil U'..'lv!3ex s,ay 1 1:1 sun , ID-IDnlghl. t ,fit-;lsBl
Ni INN 111 ST. l'I'ls. u.33 V M . I 3 P M ,' tUiWM
vsiilNHTiiN. 1 Vl.llMi'HK. 7 33, ti 53 , Dining "flfaVal
Ciii . II ."1 A M iDiuiik ( ar 1 33, .1 '.'3 iDlnlng l (l aBsVsVl
Car., 4 33 tl) lUHtf I ar . 3 .'. 1 M . 1'J I" iiltiht. sum ".IMBBBi
1I.11, .1 ,'iA ,1'lnlr.a Ct 1. ; 1 .3 M .lunlutt Cun, 1.3.1 "laifi-BBBB
il'luli. Can, 4.53 dill, n , tun, 3 35 P. 31 , l'J 10 1 1 1 BBBBBBI
1 !!&
Ni I. All K. II '.'3 A M dalll If.BVBl
Nr ', nltlXVNsdl roiiuh lieii'ri 4 35 I. M dally. IkBBBBI
Train leavnrn .( I.lls'rir si '. iiili.ut .later. JilABBBJ
All Irani are iiluiiilnnl. d w Im pin set. Huh' BWBBBl
Offices, llll, 17V, '.'HI. 4.11, 1140 Hroalwa,, aiEut TrCilBVBB
14th st.. 187 rlowrry. Xw Yorki il.lv, Uit lulloa st. 'IrflBBBJ
Brooklym WblUhall Terminal. Daggaja es-eys BBB
fcom tMit-ia 01 rtiltve t duUsAUatv 'riBWflYfl
TfSl'.ttAf'i-i -.-. ., . ;- . ii'rMBJBWBBsi

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