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" SWfel3iW5Wria !:air; wanner; south westeily winds. li
losu-s ail Ai.osa Tim x.vjr at
Ifirrnl ft ' KtroiiBholde Captured A ntc
stnjof-ltv Aaalnal lllm In Urn County tin-trillion-'-""
M 111 ?nt Have Mnrfl Ttinn K
Thlril or Ilia CUT Cotivrtlllnn Hrlecatea.
Political cxcltcnicntrngcd fiercely for a couple
of hour m llrooklti last night, whin the lie-
I j,upicvn primaries, which wero to seal tlio fnto
I c( th' Hon, Jacob World, wero In progress.
I The Initio I. iged nil along tho lino from start tu
I nri'i. Cure being f-vctloiinl contests In nearly
I ill or net!.:!' election district".
I Tho riMl issiioinvulved wnu Uic choice of dole-
I K,ti to tho County Convention, tho capture nt
I which M urth lias been plotting for tho past
I jp.sr Uthoiigh Worth hntl unfurled tho Low
I banner nth In tho canvass Inonlcr to pain sjni-
I pit' i " itsldo tho ranks of his stonily supiiortcrs
I anil throw ' st In tin iwcsuf tho rank ami lllo
I cl the organization, tho Citizens' I'nlon candl-
I dat cut no Ileum in tho decisive Imttlo last
I r'.h A has been forcshiidiivvcd ntl along In
I Tin l " tlu'drubblng which Worthreiolvcd In
I the County Comniltleo was repented last night,
I Kith the lash oven mnro vigorously applied,
I i 'I he vortli-Hnttllng-Painior combination was
I cotonU beaten In the wards and districts which
I hive .ill alone resisted lis methods, but many of
I Us owns -ongholdsvvcre captured, and In all ell-
I rfCti, ... theio was n shrinkage in tho usual
I Worth vote.
I The Wooilrtiff-Wlllis-Atterbury comb'natlon
I will control not only tho County Convention,
but all tho other local conventions, and villi
I tent a delegation to tho City Convention,
I wh'eli "111 prove) a. bad surprlao to tho howlers
I of .he I itlzens' Union, who hnvo been banking
I on 'h suppuseil overwhelming Low sentiment
I jolirooklwi.
I Out of the fifteen districts In tho First ward
I Worth carried only two.
I The Second ward was solidly against Worth.
B The Third ward, tho control of which was
I captured by 'Worth and lluttling. was recov-
I ered last ulght by Col. Michael Dady. who will
I r.on depose Hugo Hlrsch from tho leadership.
I Dady and Hlrsch wero directly pitted against
I eACh other In ono ot tho districts, and Daily won
I by a vote of 47 to Hi.
I Tho reeapturo of tho Third ward will result In
B the election of Col, Dady ns a delegate to tho
I City C onvention from tho First Assembly dis-
I trict and tho planking of a solid vote against
I Low.
I In the fourth ward, which has hitherto been
I Until) in tho Worth column, there was another
I signal victory for tho opposition, and Hallcck.
BJ the executlvo raombcr from tho ward, who has
been a thick and thin Worth retainer, was
BJ K-sten in his on n district.
BJ In the Sixth ward twenty-two out of tho
J twentv threo districts were carried by theanli-
wo'th Mile, a result largely due to tho great
Bj w"k of Congressman Dennis M. Hurley and
BJ Tax Collector IL ltoss Applctun.
BJ The Seventh ward I also solidly against
BJ Worth, probably with the exception of a single
BJ district out of the twcnt)-scvcn. I) ita up.
BJ posed lo linvc a, strong following in this ward,
BJ lut there was only one district which pledged
BJ itself to his enndidic.
BJ Henrv A. Uanbury carried the Kighth ward,
Bj and whllo ho may vote for sonic of the Worth
BJ candidates in tho County Convention, ho Is
BJ dead ngiimt Low.
BJ The antl-Worth men made some Inroads In tho
BJ NlmhvU.ijiVaiwi-liore.aJao tkerra will Luun nntl-
BJ Worth delegation to tho City Convention.
BJ headed probably by President Charles A. Mooro
of the Moutauk Club, who characterized tho
Cit;' Union s a lot of "howling dcrv ishen."
The Woodruit-WUMs-Ativrbtiry comhlnatlon
I also tnnue gains In thu Tenth and Eleventh
I nnrd. cirricd thoTwclfthwr.nl nolldl). mndo
I inroads on tho 'Worth fore cs in the Thirteenth,
I held on tlrnily to the Fourteenth ward, and won
9 all by. four districts in the ll.tet nth.
J There wero alo intl-Wnrth gilns In the Six
J teenth ward, and Comptroller I'vlmor loit threo
rihir ts in the .Seventeenth ward, hid on n balll
J hi
I In the Nineteenth ward V. orth retained his
BD '0 '
H The Twentieth ward voted solidly against
Jl Worth.
HJ There was the same general result in nil tho
I remaining vvaras, the Worth Ioisos being most
I mirk d la tho Tent-tlfth und Tncnt-slxth
Jl vfsrds.
Jl Jlr Atterbury carried thirty-seven of tho thlr-
H tT-elnhtdUtrletsin thuTwentv-third want.
H The returns from the primaries were received
H by Lleut.-Oov. Woodruff at his headquarter In
H the Clarendon Hotel, and were read off to a
H crowd of visitors, VTho exulted over Worth's dc-
There wm great rejoicing when the returns
B from the Tweuty-necond ward came in nml
H tbowed th a Mr. WooJrutf had recaptured it .
M from Worth bj a safe rnnrgtn. '
H There, was still further Jubilation when tho c
B ej vvas derived that Jitso Krnst, whom I
H Worth In-tilled ns Chairman ot the County I
H Committee, was beaten In his own district in
1 th-v, .ird.
I Although the returns wero far from completo I
H t midnight, the figures showed inenntcstably
H thai Worth was again downed and that of tho
H 109 rK) voles ill the County Convention lio.000
H at lea t could be safely placed In the unit-Worth
B column.
BR ,,Ir. Woodruff, Congressman Hurley, Mr.
"llu and Mr. Applelon nil declared emplmtl-
H (Allyth-.t tho primaries bad gone decisively in
th'lr favor.
M .None of tliem seemed to rnre n partlclo how
Bsl Jv won going to faro at tho Assembly
H uli'rlct conventions on Haturdny night, but
BH t ey all ngrced that not more than ono-
Hj third of the I Undelegates from Jlrooklyn to tho
B CltyConvciitlfin would vote for him xhoulil ho
B heput In nomination. Ihls is howHn impartlnl
H IlKui.r dtatributcd tho ljwund antl-IiOW dele-
1 Ctttci
Bi ru . , An"-i ""
m IHitritti ttvr. jAnciDlltrlcti. T.ok. Jajk.
' ill 1
i . 4 . 14 J
f 4 in b
) J 'J 0,111 M
BJ1 5 7 17 "
" 7 . lib 7
I T1U n
I 4i20 8
,' ftiai h
!' 7 Totals 3U U3
H i1Vlrl,:. rcstordny morning Mr. Wooilruff
Bsl "'"icd the County Convention by a two thirds
H !'. Vm'15- Ho also uild that tlio delegation to
p inei iit t oiiventloii. lenvlnor Low out of con-
H al(ler.itlo!i,us Mr. Woodruff ovldently bellovos
BH ffl"' ''' HI stund lU.'i anti Worth ami '11
oh h
J Worm did not vote ut his primary last night,
H lie m v, .l , Iln ttllnnr. both of vv horn evidently
m am not glaun-d over tho returns, refused to
cknoliilgo thernselvcs beaten, claiming that
H luey would coulrid tho (Niunt) Convention by
H from KWH) to jo.oiM) votes.
H l In li ritnlnrrs, however, virtually threw up
H in kiionco, and now thoy will probably bo
i'V ,'" creai bother to got on tho triumph
fl am me,
BJB ,1'u ", I""' night, after si curing complete re-
H 'rn ,r.r"ui over) dliitrlel in tho count). Limit,-
H J. ! .'"" niff luinplled Hi-. Ilguies carefully
"'Hi fiimid that the nuti-Worth votu In the
H h0.'",',.t'r"l,'"''tlon would Im 7f.ti:i() out of
BJ Si'.1 lf '"""O". thus showing thai Worlh'B
j ueical n a eouiplctu am' eouiDrehoiiblve.
H sioi'VKn any. AiiEityrTiiT.
M 'ollrfnin,, llarn Wouldn't Let tha I'realdeut of
B the llonra lni.
H l'olleeuian Martin Haro of tho Seventh street
B itition id Ji-rboy City was assigned on Monday
H aftciiiooii to the front of tlio lleddlng M. K.
H Church to keep tho crowd back (luring tho
BJ 'uneral mrvlees over Department Commander
f.man icl Sands of tho (1, A. II, Hnic was In-
BBi ! "' "-1' lo allow no ono to pass on tint sldo of
I f'" '"'-ct, a tall, wull-ilrcshcd. ilUtlngnUliul-
BB h i "" "m" "ihiu ulong anil l'lilliciiuii Hiiro
u" li.ru, Jin, mim lookeal nirprl ed.
BB .i '. '' " '" I" t-'" "" thu other oiilo of tho
" ' Aaid thu pulii eiiiaii.
'"", commenced thu man.
vu Iiiiik ulMiiit It," uxi laliucd tliop'illicman.
H an l"its here, T liat'n ill) ordern, and
i. til ns ell go on tho otlii'i' Hide."
m i i i km linn to piise, said Chief Murphy
UJH , ,'i 'bo man lull pasned I lino was In-
BBI '.' ',,'!"' h was (,eu. berncthy, Prceldont
JB "I I'liliro Hoard,
BH a ' ';''uks well for tho inliicT," sold (icn.
I f " U) afterward. "Ho evidently has not
H " i urn the hoard during my term." Ociu
BJBJ , .,,",''" ' "urvlng hU Ufth year iu vi'oUco
Torn Iloahl llsmnils thct Mjln or Arbllratlon
That Ilia Ijincl uirera.
Wasiiinoto.v, Sept. 'Jl. Mr. Torn Hoshl, the
Japancso Minister, ropllcd lo-lilght iu nn Inter
view to tho criticism upon tho conditions
nttnehed by his Government to Its ncccpt
nuco of tho propiMiil to arbltrnto exist.
I'U' dllTcronccs with Hawaii. Ho thinks
nn effort Is being inailo to crcato tho
Impression Iu America that Japan Is not w tiling
to arbitrate and consequently lias imposed con
ditions which Hawaii cannot accept. Nothing,
ho said, was further from tho truth, for the
Government was potfectly willing lo urbltrate
tho po nW In disputo which could be considered
proper subjects for such n method of settlement.
Mr. Hoshl said this might bo Bhowu conclu
sively ny nu examination ot tho voluminous
correspondence between tho two Governments
about tho exclusion of JapancBo Immigrants
from Hawaii. Tho proviso of Japan that arbi
tration should bo limited to spccllle lines
tlons of Hvv. and tho declination of
tho Japanese (luv eminent to consent that
tho questions concerning thu holm lido
possession of $C0 by each rejected immigrant
anil tho applicability of tho treaty of 1ST1
Khould bo regarded as points for tho arbitrator
to decide, caused tho criticism which Mr. Hoshl
contends Is misplaced. He nsso ted that tlio
que! ion of the bona tide possession of $50 bv
each lnborcr was not advanced until long after
the immigrant were expelled.
Mr. Cooper, thu H iwnlliiii Minister of Korolgn
Attalrs, uiblii no reiimncn to this question at
first, but later, said Mr. Hohi. attempted to
shift tho iisuo regnnllng the qiiallllc.vllonsof
the Immigrants Tho point was a. diillcull imo
to decide under the most fuvorablo rircum
stanies. Mr. Hoshl holds, nnd Mr. Cooper's
net Ion rendered u Just and Impirtial decision
practical) litiuosslble.
Thu Hawaiian Gin eminent admitted that
each of the rejected iinuilsmnls was in actual
puiso-doii of SiO, and ilccliired that "posses
lon" was sjnonjliioiis with "ownership."
Consequently tha Japiiuoe Government de
nted that 11 wis vi nn) time iniumbent on the
IninilkTiiiitN m i Inlmnd li Mr Cooper, toprnvu
that tho possession of the mone was bona Itile.
In 1IH tin Japanese Government threw open
the w hule of l.vpan lo the ti,idr, travel, and resl
ileneoof llnwalnvus, without distinction of class
or ciinditiun. For mure Ihun .1 quarter of a cen
tury It had been held that the treat) of 1S71 did
not limit Immigration to tho merchant class.
Mr. Hoshl silit that the Jnpincse Government
could not percelvo that It was consistent with
thoillgult) or tho Interests ot either partv to
submit to arbitration the stipulation of an
international comp.u t clenrly expressed and
hitherto ilcurl) understood.
It la Vnanlmoutl? Untitled by the- llawnllan
H vv Kn vM-isco, Sept. t!l. The steamer Peking
i arrived this evening from Yokohama and llono
t lulu, but no mails vvere allowed to comoashoro
because of tho qunrantluo regulations. He
porters who went out In a bout und talked
over tho rail with tho olllccis loarned that tho
Hawaiian Legislature In both houses on Sept.
10 unanimously r.vtilled tho annexation treat).
ri.ou rws ,s.5,fjo run a t.iiiiiaiiy.
Tlie Contribution Hue Indlrf-ctlr to the 4'aprlcA
orn llalky Horae.
Itiivcv, N. Y Sept. ill. Kx-Gov. Hoswell P.
riowcr, ex Gov. Aloiuo II. Cornell, and Josph
C. Hcndrlx wero driving on tho Cornell Uni
versity campus yesterday afternoon after tho
turcrnlof Henry W. t-'ngo. The couhmniiwas
told to ilrivo them past tho Stnto Veterinary
College. j
This college became a possibility through tho
slgnntuio hy Gov. Flower of a bill which was
passed bvthe legislature in his term appro
priating j00,000 for t nt purpose. A bill was
introduced at thu Kime timo to appropriate i
ir.-vOtiO for a library for the college, but it failed
to pass.
Tim occupants of the carrlagodld not intend I
to Inspect tlio interior nf the building, but when i
they wcru nbrc.iit of the entrance one ot tho
hordes stopped short.
The driver lashed tho horso with tho whip, but
the brute refused to move. The college is alio ut I
two miles from tho town, and walking was out
of the question, so It was suggested that time bo
given the horso to ihnngc Its mind and that tho I
partv wait In the v eterlimvy eollege. Thcvwent '
iiislife. where tnov found Prof. Ivvv, the director, j
Thcllhrar) of thoi ollego consists of just llf-
ti en volumes. Mr. Cornell showed thcu to Mr. i
Flower anil suggested lo him that ft would bo
tilting for him to given llhrnr) to tho co.lege.
Inasmuch ns his legislature failed to do io. Mr.
form 11 mcinl his remark as h Joke, but Mr.
Flower av-ed Prof. Law how much inonrv was
neodod for tho purpose. Imf. Lin o.ilil 1,000.
and then Mr. Flower asloulsbed the parly br
tnkingout hi chick bonk mid making out u
cheek for .,ooo. which ho handed to Prof. Ivn.
The three men then left the building nml ro
turned lo tho carriage. Tho stubborn liorsn, as
If nullified that It had accomplished (omcthinc
toward tho welfare if tho horso world, started
off at n word from thecovchinnn.
"That Is nil right enough," Bald ex Gov.
Flower when tho abov j despatch from Ithaca
was shown to him vesterday afternoon. " I am
a trustee of Cornell, nnd when I was Governor
I sUned the bill thai lunde the Veterinary Col
lege possible. There arc 1.700,000 hornet In
this Mate tint need doctoring and not half
rnnugh men who know bun to attend to them.
So 1 was Interested. We took a walk through.
Gov, Cornell said Iu me- Govi rnor, luiao
people need a llbraiv. Why don't jou whv
don I you 1' 'Whv,' I n 1 11. ' how much will it
t ol I' He said it would rust .",00(). ho I slgued
a check for it. That's all there is toll."
ri:ssi:L.i kept ix rour.
njteninahlpa In Mjavnnnlib and L'bnrlestou In
liread mt the Florida Atorni.
SavvNVAII, da., Hept. til. -Hlnco 10 o'clock
this morning the residents of Savannah bavo
been In fear of a hurricane. Two red flags
with black centres havo been flying from tho
ton of tho Weather Ilureau.
Teligrnms from tho South say that tho htirri
cnuo ii coming this way. HusliicbS has been
almost suspcndoil slnco B o'clock this ufler
noon. A tcrrillo rain storm has ruged since
enrly this morning.
Wether Observer Sherler sent out warnings
this morning for no vcsnels lo loavo port. Tho
stcuimhlp Tallahassee of tho Ocean Steamship
Compmo's licet, whlrh wus to havo Balled at
J o'eloik P. M. for Now York, did not go out.
At Iho ijuarantlno htntlon, fifteen miles down
iho river, tho wind Llew sixty miles an hour all
day. All tho vessels there rAlo tho gale. Tho
quarantine ollleer left liH ,ost 1111111111110 up
to tho ellv. Ho will not go buck until tho
weather clours. The wind blow 10 hard ot
Tvbou Island that the anemometer of tlio
Weithtr llurcnu was blown iivvny.
C'll.vlil it).n, S. C, Sept. '-1. -Tho gale which
Is mining up tlio Florida co.mt to-night line
demnr,illed fclilpplng. The CI) do stLumshlp
(.(liediihd to hull lo-dny lor Now York .mil tho
lro'iuuli-. for Jacksonville, remulned In port
and would not Mint tiro out. All tlio biiiuII
vessels have coiiio In nnd havo gono uu Hie
livers. Tlio Now Ymk steamer will mill to
moriow. If It is sife. Thu gale Is ovpccled to
reai h hero afur mldnluht with a velocity of
sKO-llvo miles uu bout.
t'nl Driver Thrown from Ills Hot and Ilun
Over III Ilia On II Cab.
Ahorse nttathod to a cab without a drlvor
reached Iho Now York end of the HrooUyn
brldgo bl.orlly hi foro midnight last night,
Krldgo Policemen Miaihtoi k and Kent slopped
thchorce, and "s linns hained Ihutthecib
bad . driver when it left Hrooklyn half a dozen
policemen were sent along tho north roadway
to look for him,
Joseph Jnegor, a truckman living in .Steuben
street, llrooklrn, wna found near the llrookbn
lower shouting for help. Jueger told tho police
man Hint tlio ill her of tho rail was liiuonselout
in tlio lontlwu). 1 lo said that tho cab driver,
while driving ut u rapid paio, had run against
bis truck. Asn result the cab driver was thrown
from his box nnd run over !) his rab,
Tho unconscious man was lifted on a truck
nndcartod lo tho New York end of t 0 bridge,
where bo was attended by nu ambulance sur
geon from tho Hudson Hlrcet Hospital. After
I recovering consciousness bo was removed to hit
J tiuuio lo hit cab. His Dtmo is Daruoy McCouucll.
' 1 ' imumnmmi&MimMmmmmimm
jfKixLiivs () lrisitr.s comi:
aj.oxu jir v'A v or JinooicLrx.
Itenubtlcane rblpper Over tbe Itraulta or tha
Prlmarlea Sonio ur Thm lo Iiw Two
!) to Itellrr, Noma Ux, nnd Homo War
lie Will ater llellre Tako lour tholr.
All sorts nnd conditions of Republicans wero
immensely tileancd yesterdny uvcr theoutcomo
of tha ltcpubllcnn primaries tho night
before. Tho icsult of tho primaries dem
onstrated what hud bcou known nil along,
and that is that nil ltepubllcans in tho
orgnnirntlon arc atundlug shoulder to shoulder
In their opposition to tho little coterie, of
Heth I,ow 's friends w ho mot hahind locked do'irs
nnd put him in nomination for Mnj or of Greater
Now York without tho slightest consultation
whatever with the Hcpnblleaii party.
t-ciritor Piatt and Projldont Qulgg of tho
New York ltepubllinn County Committee wero
JolnciHn Senator Piatt's olllco ) etcrday after
noon by Vice-President llobnrl. Senator
l'lutl und President Qulgg oxprcsscd their
gratincatlun over tho result ot tho pr'marlcs,
nnd tlii' wero joined In tbelrrordlnl sentiments
by Vlce-Pieslilent llobnrl. Tho President of
the United Stales and tho Vice-President of tho
United states nro seldom Interviewed for tho
now spa pen. So hedged in nro they by tho dig
nil) of their placca that It has become nlmost
nn imuiutablo rule forilictunottospcnUforpub
llintlon. Hut Ihero nro other ways of speaking.
President MeKliilcy has not hesitated to give
manifest aid and support and comfort to the
Heimblican wnrriois of Greater New York.
While tlio Itepublliuti statu Coiumittco was in
bcsslon on S-vtiinlnv last, engnged 11 proinul
galing lietiubllcan principles nnd denoutic'ltig
the Citizens' Union for their arbitrary conduct
President MeKlnlc) appointed Slbis C Cruft to
bo Survevor of the Port of New York. Yester
day morning President MiKlnlcy appointed
Representative Frauds H.Wilson to bo Post
master ut llrooklcn. This nppointineut cauic
along in tlnx to be tnoroughly under
(.tood by thofo who attended the Hrook
lyn primaries last Might. Tho Vice-Pret-ldcnt
of tho United Stati s has no pntronago
nt his lommand. nnd neither can he speak
for publication. Hut Vlio-Picsident Hohart
has alw.ijs liecn tho .sturdiest kind of
nn organization ltenublicin. nnd it can do
no harm to anuoume that Mr. Hohart In his
conversation with Mr. Piatt and Mr. Quigs )cs
terdny made It vcr clear that he was In huarty
accord with them 111 their determination that
tho integrity of tho ltenublicin organization of
Greater New York shall be niilntnincil.
Viec-I'resldent Hobart li is inn y w a) s of lend
ing assistance to his Iteptuilicsn brethren in
New urk, aud the sUleiiiint "111 not ho gain
aid that ho is even eiger lo it 1 ovor) thing in
his power to bring about Itepubliean hucei ss
It was rejioried to Mimo of tho Itepubliean
leudcrs jesterdu) thnl t-clh Uin woiildlluda
way to retire from he Held. This report
was not credited iu noun ilrclcs. It was
recalled that Mr. Low must have la-en
fully anare that when he aierpted the hasty
nomination of I tie Citizens I nion In the formal
nnnoiincement " to tli" nssonibled Cliirk, ' spe
clul niehsengerof the I Itlzuis' 1 nion at North
e.ist HartNir, bo was not even then tho
unifying force that hi- saiu hu must bo be
fore he would accept the Cltlzins' Union nom
ination. Still, Mr liw quickie- accepted Iho
nomination, and this fact bus led Important He
publicans 10 believe that Mr. !.ow instill hoping
against hope thxt after somo fashion Ileum) tie
able to stay In the raic. The Republicans have
not altered their determination ono Jot or tittle.
The) will nominate their candidates fur thu city
olllccsat thn convention to te held on Sept, 28.
Ono Itepubliean of renown said:
"I havo received Information that Hoth .Low
will retire from Hi" race within two darn."
Another Heptiblienn of prominence said:
"The Information tint comes to me Is that
Mr. Lo w will retire wilbln six da)."
Anotlur ItcpubllcDii. Just as well informed as
tho other two. snld: " Mr.Low will not retire nt
Such unpractical persons in political nffalrs
as Charles Stewart Smith, Mr. Iteynolos,
Mr. Clark, and Mr. Pine havo ns
Mired Mr. I.OW that be cm beat tho
Itrpuhlicau and the Dcmneritli- organizations
and win In a walk. Ho belieics the " babies on
the tiliv ks arc crjlog for him."
T In-foregoing are views given br men en
titled to.oiislileratlon.and Inn time like this one
j can par hts moue) and tnke hi 1 bob r.
.-01111 of the result h of the Itepubliean prima
ries indicate the nomination of certain men for
1 minor places on the tlikct nnd the reti anient
! of 1 ertaln Aldermen nnd Assemblymen.
I These nominations for t oiincilmc-ii seem to 1ms
fiKMirid: Frederick Hahly in tbe Second dis
trict. Hr. P. II. Murphy nnd lldcrinnti John P.
Wlndolph In tbe ITilril, and AlcxiiirierT. Mason
and John ltau in the Fourth.
These nominations for Aonibl)innn nrn said
In be as good ns made- ( hsrles dlrr. renom
inate il In the hlglith: Jeremiah J. MiHlvau in
the Tenth, George C Austin in tlio Twen v
llrst, llnrvcy T. Andrews In tho I'hlr
llrnt. P. W. Iteinhnrd (11 thn Thirty-fourth,
and I) A Mntllu wsiin Iu tho Iblrtvntth;
tiilliliud of Iho Twenty third. Murphy of the
Twintj-tlflh. L-iimhirr of the Twent)-si venth,
Ilrownof tlioTneiity-nluth. nml Degnan of t'io
Tlilrty-thlrd to bn retlicd; Charles Itussi 'I
Jiurko to auecced Lalmbcer. N. A, Klsl rg to
succeed llrown, nnd J hn P, Leo to be- nomi
nated In tho place of Degnan.
vote of coxFiimxvn ix dtaz.
lie tietlrn lo Punl.h All Concurm-d In iba
Arroyo .Harder.
City ok Mi:xico, Sept. 21. Minister Coslo of
Iho Department ot tho Interior appeared
be foro Congress this afternoon and made
his report on tlio Arroyo nffnlr to tbo
ellcct that as toon as Prcsldrnt Dlais
heard of the death of Arrojo, represented
hy the Chief of Police at being nu net ot mob
violence, and that tho guards had not been
armed nor hod tbo prisoner been confined In a
proper place, bn dismissed tho Cblof of Police
andappolnti d the present Chief.
Mililitrr Coslo's roport added Hint It was the
firm Intention of tho President to let tluifoll
w eight of Jnstlco fall on any and all who had been
guilty of tbo crime.
A resolution of confidence In tho Kxecutivo
was adopted by a voto of 185. Hero Is tho reso
lution: "Tha Chamber of Deputies gives n, voto of con
fidence In tha Kxecutlvu ot the Union for tho
energetic nttltudp nssiimed In the ilcarlugiip
of Iho crime committed during the early hours
of Sept. 17, Willi li husalfeetid thu honor nt thn
Mexican people und tho credit of thu republic."
sTAt-Fr.LitAcii iiovsi: nviiXEv.
A Crowd Ilratraja the scene or Mnuy Mur
drra and ItoUberlra.
Oaii.NA, Kan., Sept. 21. Tho first act of mob
violence ngnlnst tho Staffclhaeh family was
committed la t night, when tho old den known
as tho Htnflelbnch house was hurned to tho
ground by Indignant citizens. At midnight
about forty men quietly went to tho seouo
where so many murders, robberies, und other
crimes havo been c uimlttcd, saturated the old
house with kerosene nnd applied Iho torch, No
alarm wus turned In until tho house was nearly
burned In tho ground, and then Iho FI10 De
partment Hindu nn effort lo extinguish thu
The work of searching for the bodies of men
nnd woiiion iiiurilired by tho Statfolhiich family
i.loppod threo ilu)sngo for lack of fund, but Iho
C'ouiitv Attorney has ordered the ihmi'Ii mm
tliiuid in another shnft, and Iho (oiint) will
now bear the xpciisuof prosecuting tbo kciik h,
which has hereloloru been borne by thn Com.
mltteoof Safct).
II Will Noon tin Dune, nnd VI r. Ilrntlerr 11 ill
Then ratal nlrlilulcj'a.
Paihihon-, N, J., Kept, 21. Vli'c-Presldont
Hobart Is glv ing dnlly alttlngs to A, Hcnzlgcr of
.tirkb, Switzerland, wIiuImhU en commissioned
to paint tbo portraits of Piraidi'iil McKlnlcy
and Vice-President Hohart for ihcCnreornn Art
Gallcrv In Washington, Tho pi turo will be
completed tlio latter part of nuxtvveik, It will
le llfo slzo, Iho canvas being sixty Inehes high
and forty Inches wide. It will show Mi, Hohart
standing, Willi his left hand on a tabic. Mr,
Hobart woars 11 wlilto wulsicoal und black
Prince Albert coat, tho light side of which Is
carelessly thrown back.
It Is expected that President Mcivlnlcy will
conio to Patorson and suo the picture on his re
turn from Mussachusettn Thu picture ot Mr.
Mcivlnloy It tube tho tamo sl, and Is to hang
tide by tfdo with that ut tho Vlco-l'rotddcnU
' ' '' mnrfi inn in ------
Tbclr 1'rotett Acnlnat thn Treatment or Their
I'nrorlunatn Slate ra Inn Knnana Town.
ToPKift, Kan., Sept. 21,-Tho wouion of Ash
land, Wis., nro thoiouichly Indignant because
thu Police Commissioners nt Kansas City, Kan.,
recently tcntsouiodlsoidorly women to tho rock
pllo to work out fines. This action was taken
threo weeks ago, but Iho Wisconsin women said
thcr expected to henr of n repetition of tho out
rage, nnd tbcreforo thty met and adopted reso
lutions oxprosjlng thtlr Indignation, Thoieso
lutlons say:
"Men assumo thn vvholo responsibility of
licensing, controlling, and supporting thoso in
stitutions that turn out nn army ot victims of
women nlono at tho rnto ot riyo.ooo n year, and
whoso nvcrugollfo Is flvo years. Wo claim the
snerlllcc Is great enough on woman's part. Men,
ns the Instigators of these crimes, shuuld bo
held responsible.
"When woman, as builder of tho race, is
shown moro consideration mid better environ
ment, then wo can lnl c for nn upward tendency
In thu coming generation. Hut vvhllo woman
must bo silent and tuhmls-lvo. u slavo to man
and mun undo laws, only slaves and tyrants
enn be horn.
"In tho fnco of all Ihls wu demand, for hu
innnlD's sake, that her treatment be such ns to
eliminate the evil that man bus dorrloped nnd
fostered, and to icstore and uplift hot If pu 1
bio to her proier sphere, bv giving her good,
wholesome iiitlueiiccs and loiiditioiis, that her
punishment shall bn of u reformatory nature
and woman's work."
I.AIIVEll miAixsnr jrissisa.
Ilia t'rlenda rear That nme Mishap Una lie
fallen lllm lll.apprarrrt Threo Weelit to,
Tho friends of John W. Ilrnlnsby, a lawyer,
who has praillced In Hits city for a quarter of a
century, h.ivo been trjiug fur thrio wctl.s to
discover his whereabout". They fear that ho
has mot with foul phi). HralnBby vvns born In
Kugland nml Is about oO years old. He hlro.l nu
otllco alltllo over two months ago wllh Lxwjcr
Mllliken, a personal friend, at 297 Hro.idwu).
and nttended to business regularly up lo a
month ago. Thu last tunc that Mr. Mllliken
nnvvlilm was when they went toBOthcron a tlsh
ing icuraion to Jamaica Ilav. They parte 1
after chatting aliuut sonic litigation connected
with tho settlement of a ease Iu which Hrainshy
was attorne). Mr. Milllkei tbo'ight tint
llrelnsby was going to his bo-vrdlng place In
llronkls n, but, so far ns is known, he did not go
nenr the bouse nt that time.
llrainsb) lsn bn helot and somen hat occentrlc
In mnlincr. Hlsot'lie. nlnce his dlsippearnni c,
has been overrun dnllv lr filenis and ellrnls,
who are anxious lo discover his whereabouts.
His friends nro unable to account for his dis
npl oaraiiec. Mr. Mllllk-n thinks that ho mar
have gone abroad, but tin. only reason he has
for entertaining Hint In. lief U that all of
lluilusbj's relative'. Ill" In Unglnii 1. and, being
ciieutrie. be ma) havcih uledahruptl) to v Islt
them. Hrainshy wus temperate in his habits.
rAiiMr.n wood axi a cahh game.
He Loses SI,.ino ATter Plnslng with Two
limna: ilranaera.
HlllKUKW ATKU.SInss.,Sepl. 21. Martin nod,
a farmer living on theoulsklrts of this town. Is
out 7-I.500 iu a bunco game. Two oung men
called on him yestonin) afternoon, nnd ono of
them, calling himself Sanford, requested Mr.
Wood to accompany them in search of u farm
which thev said they wanted to buy. Ho went
wltli them, and when they arrived 011 the out
skirts of the town one ot the men proposed a
gamo ot cards, Thn farmer assented, and tlio
old-timo threc-enrd-monto g.uno was begun.
The victim was allowed to win about W.oimi of
their money.
Thoy naked Wood to continue the game, but
demanded that he xiui tn eonio ot Ma own
money AgalnsMholrs. TheTarmer, excited over
his good fortune, went laick to his houso nnd
took Mimo net Drilled to tho MldilleboroiiKh
Hank. Hu relumed to the plneo of meeting
wilh about tt,niM) He was p-evalled upon to
put this money, with nome more that be won,
in n tin box. After a whiln tho psrt) broke up,
the farmer returning home with Ida tux. When
In-opened the box he found mo stones, nomo
newspaper, and Borne wrapping pancr. Mr.
Wood is alxiul 70 jears old nnd wus wmth
about 15,000.
.irupEi) ,umsr ix time.
111. a Slurptiv nnd Two Friend It ere ItnrelT
lint tir Their Itiinabout When n Trnln atriiek It.
Hl.likiiON, N. J Sept. 21,-MUs Helen Mur
ph), diugliler of Frunklin Murph), thu well
known Itepubliean politician of Newark, vvhllo
outdriving to day with two other young women
narrowl) escaped being killed by a through
freight train at the Cedar avenuo crossing of
Iho New York and Ixing Ilranch llaUroi.il. Miss
Murphy of Heal wan one of the party. Tho
third, w hose name 1 ould not Ik- learned, liv os in
New- York. As Miss Murphy started to drive
mrosstlie steam railroad tracks n south txiund
trolley came along. The continual ilaiiglngof
thn bell scared the horse. The next moment Iho
hor-c "n on the south-bound trae k, with the
npproachlng freight truin only a fun- hundred
feet .uu)
Flagman Kelly left hl post nmr, grabbing Hie
horso br tho bend, told tho occupants of the run
nt-out to Jump foi thidrllv.h. The) obeyed, nnd
Iiono too soon, as before Kell) succeeded in get
ting the horso Into Iho ditch tho fielulit puss,'.!,
wrecking tho runabout mid cnrr)lug hurscaml
man down tho track. No one was hurt.
liar llart'or'a rieaaurn Itt-aorl llnilkrupt
I'rnperty to lla Clian I'p.
JUit IlAiilion, Me., Sept. 21,-Tho famous
Kebo Valley Club Is in a bad way Hu uu hilly,
and practically bankrupt. Itn otllcers have nil
resigned, and the resignations havo been in
cepted by a proxy voto of tlio members. Tlio
dir ctors have decided to allow thn Arcadia
Park Company, tho former owors, to forarloio
on tlio first mortgage' which it holds, and tako
possession of the property.
Tho fiiluroof ICelw as a clubhouse Is uncer
tain. Thu golf links will Iwoiien, however, next
jenr. Tho club bus been in linanclnl limits for
FOinn time, and Interest in It on the p irt of the
members has flagged during Iho Inst few v ears.
It i proposed to convert the clubhouse into a
casino, to bo tho objcetlvu point of cheap steam
boat excursions.
j'inr,Ai)i:i.i'iiiA's has n'oiths.
John slanainakrr, -I. '. Ilullllt and . H. Me
Clura Aelveeale l.ea.lng Them.
PllII.AIiut.rillA, Sept. 21. Three of Philadel
phia's most Influential citizens spoko before a
joint committee ot City Councils lo-dny In ad
vocacy ot Iho len so of tho Philadelphia Gas
Works to6 private corporation, which has pre
sented n builness-llke offer to Hie city to operate
them torn period of fifty )cura,
Tho advocates vveio John Wanumnkcr, John
C. llullitt.uud A, K, MeClure, Counter aigu
liicnU of citizens who are opposed lo tho lease
vvereolsn heard.
The history of the extravagant cam! waste In
Iho muuliipiil manufacturuof gun was uiifoldid
to Iho coininlttce, and thu polltiinl mlsinunagu
mentor tho propert) was portrayed. The coin
mltlca took no action.
An X-ltnz I'liolotrnph showed That It .taa Iu
Mary lloroa t.lndplur,
Mary Iloro, 7 cnrt old, of Dcmntt street,
Wesl Hoboken, accidentally swallowed a small
melon seed soven vvecko ago, A few diija ago
kIio complriliied of severe p.ilim In her III nml
Dr. Wullniii Wlillu dlbcoveiid by imans of X-
ins Hint Iho med was ludycd iu Iho clilhl'a
nliidplpu a few Inches from the throat.
A phiitogrnph wus taken ot tho teed and it
will hu extract! d,
Hatpin Located by X-llajs.
Ix;nn Strlpne, a daughter of August Hlrlppo
of Harrison, N. J swallowed n halplti ov er llv u
Inches long, vv th a black glass hf nil, on Muuilaj .
Mr. Strlppe took tho child lo tlio German llus
pltal In New ai k, and tho iloctors dlsrov ered liv
means of X rays that thheadof tho pin had
entered the stomach, whllo tho point was far
down In tho throat It was deemed be'tlo
mako an incision and removothoplti hoad ilrst.
This waa done succeisfully 011 Monday after
noon while the child was under tho influence of
ether, , ostcrday the child wus doing well and
her parent woro encouraged to Lodo for her
mf 1 if in. 1. 11 " r.rMiir -y'' ,-j- ,MMi,.
mtvaa 1st aonnox hoiihed at pis.
Two llobbert Lout Ilia ahnn tVlillo a Cenreiter
ato flteera Anny Cuatoiaers nnd Krepa III
l-nrliifr. Arr ITnlea, ream Knterlna sir,
links Alao la Theatennd with Heath.
Whllo Anron Gonlon, ono of tho proprietors
ot Gordon A l-'InkB's drug storo nt Madison and
Murkcl .streets, was liehlnd the prescription
counter at 20 minutes to 7 o dm k last evening
two jouiig men intered tha place. They were
dressed Inconspicuously. Ono of them is de
scribed as being about 22 )oars old and hav
ing 11 Enndy mustache. Tho other was about
21 )e.irs old, with a brown mustache. Tho
younger of tho men naked for a package of
"Wo don't keep dgaretles," said Gonlon,"hut
wo soil cigars."
"Give 11s a couple ot good clgara," Bald ono of
the men,
To roach the clgnr enso Gonlon had to go
twenty feet from the proscription window near
which ho stood, passing to Iho end of the pro
scription desk and then turning behind tho sldo
counter nml walking llfteon feet toward the door.
Tho storo door was opon at tho tlino. The cigar
case Is only 11 few feet from the door, and is
built up against the wall nt tho tnd of Iho sldo
counter. When Gordon openod tho case and
took uutn bux of cigars, he had his back tonanl
his visitors. When bo turned to fnco them ono
of tho men held a pistol under tils nose mid
crowded him behind tho counter, saying:
"Get back there till I talk to yon. If you Jell
or miiko trouble, I'll kill you."
The man e'uiight Gonlon bt tho throat with his
left hand and forced him backward around tho
corner of thu picscriptlon counter, Thn second
man, flourishing anothci pistol, pushed along
behind to tho prescription department.
Thero Is a door thnt opens from the prese np
tion department into the labor.itor), which Is
separated from tho i-toro by a wooden parti
tion. To the rli'ht of this door Inside tho labo
ratory tin ro is another door that leads to the
kitchen In tho rear of the storo.
The man vvhollrsl tackled Gonlon forced tho
druggist hack into tho laboratory, and, still
pointing tho pistol, t-ald:
"l want your nione.v ! He quick about it! If
j on make 1 noise I'll kill you."
Gordon was so badly frightened thut ho was
limbic lo do or say mi) thing. The hlghwnymnn
hi Id his pistol iu his right mind while with his
left ho searched Gordon's pocket. He took tho
druggist's watch and hnln nnd r in bills.
In tho mrniillmo tho other robber searched
for I he money drawer. He opened a dozen
drawers, but only found drugs. Then ho dis
covered tho postage stamp drawer and emptied
I's contents Into his isicketn. Passing the door
where bis comptnlon vvns holding up Gordon ho
"Kill him if he don't tell where the money Is
Mrs. Flaks, iho wife of Gordon's partner, who
was nt work Iu tho kitchen, heard this, and rnn
into tlio shop. When she shvv the man with tho
pistol pointed at Gordon she screamed "Police!"
As she reached tho prescription counter alio
was met by the sceord robber, who thrust a pis
tol in her face, caught her by the arm, and said:
"Keep quiet or ) ou dl"!"
Thu woman, trembling with fear, stood still.
Then the two highwaymen buckod out of the
stoic, still pointing their pistols at tbe man
nnd woman, one of them saying:
"Mb) when- you are until wo havo gone."
As -.oou nB Gordon saw tho men disappear
he ran through the kitchen, opened a side door
luni'ing to Madison ctreel, and shouted:
"Munlcrl Policed Hurglnrs'"
'till shouting, ho run into Hirnh's butcher
shop.ue xi door to the drug store, nt 127 Madison
"Burglar', Mr. Hlrsch, burglar,!" he yelled.
Tho butcher picked up a 1 leaver mid ran into
the street.
II) this time Mrs. Finks had reached the side
walk, shouting anil screaming for help, mid n
big irond gathered on Madison street, at the
sh'e door of the drug store,
Whiln tho holdup was taking place in tlio
drug storo a isil of tho robbers outside directed
customers away from the shop, saying that tho
drugkist had gono out for flvo minutes and
telling them to 1 omi-back Inter, While hn was
thus din-cling 11 woman, Ary Flaks, Gnnlon's
partner, eatuo nlung. He nnvv the stranger on
the lorner steering customers nwn) from the
store and 1 ouldn't understand what It meant.
He decided to go inside and nee what the trou
ble was, Tho man oil guard stopped him, sav
ing: "Come back 111 half nu hour; tho druggist is
"I'm the druggist," said Flaks,
"I know )ou aie," said the stranger, still
holding Flnki, by Iho arm, "I know jnu'rr tho
druggist, but there was a man hern to co you, ,
und ho sn'd he'd meet vim right here. He nald
he wanted )ou to wait heio for him."
"Let me go, ' nald Klakn, thinking the man I
was drunk. "Lot go my arm, or I'll tall n
policeman. You ro Interfering with my busi
ness. Lit go my arm!"
Whllo Flaks was trying lo get awny tbo man
who hi Id him whistled to his pals Inside.
TTiev had Just finished their job nnd wnlkeel
t laurel) out The mun who held Flaks now
let go his arm. nu)!hg
" ou needn't get mad 'cnuso n fellow's full."
ITuka walked Into the store as soon ns ho got
away from tho man on tho sidewalk. The
men coming out did not Interest him much
until he saw thorn Join the man who had held
hlni.'and'thsn ull threo started to run up Muikct
street toward Kast Hniadnay,
In tho storo Flaks found all tho counter
drawers open nnd tho Moro empty. He jelled
"Who's here? Wliero urn you ull?"
Tho answer came from the street, whoro he
heunl his wile and Guidon shouting for help.
As ho started to go out hu found a mob of scl
eral hundred pnuplo gathered on tho sidewalk,
with lliitiher jllrsih, who wus armed wilh hid
cleaver, just about lo hunt for Iho robbers,
In the crowd wuro novornl of Iho pxtrons of
tho drug sloru who had been Jleercd uvvuy by
thn mnn who hud stood guard uu tha sldowalk,
Tho crowd believed a murder had born com,
milted, und u rumor to that olfeet spread
quickly over tho loner enst side, In inking thou
uandti of men ami women to tho scene of tho
roblier) ,
Tho policeman ou post Ind been lookln : lifter
a street light two blocks away. Ho ciniikly
heard tho news as did Bovoral oilier jioHeeincii
who gathered from ndjolning posts.
Gordon was so uxillcul Hint ho never btoppod
rutmliw until ho reached tho Mudlnou Btrcet
pollen Motion, wliero ho roporled tho can-, Ho
was no nervous and frightened when he reuched
tho station houso that bo (ould scnncly talk.
Whin hn vvns dually ublo to toll his slim two
ditei lives were sent out lo Invehtlgnti' tho
bold up. Thoy wore Inclined to doubt tho
ttiirv uf tho robbery until Flak? and his wifo
ami sen ml of thu druggist's lustomutH rorin
bor.ilul H- Then Police Headquarters wus
notilliil, mid a general alarm wus sent out
giving n dosciipltuii ot thu robbers, A eluzrn
Central Ghlco ilcleetlvca wero put to wink on
the ease,
Diugglst Fluks remembered having seen one
of tho lobbers III tho drug storo a fow weeks
ago. At thut time the man called to pun huso
a bottle of mngnoslu. This, asldo from n
iltweiiptlon of Iho mau, Is nil that the polite
havo to work on.
The Talk or Ilia Tuna,
IbTiiipson't new Loau OOlee and Safe Depoilt Vaults,
14U West t'U it., ntar Breadwaj.-tlii.
lira. Slettoliorta tr lluiThlo Jumped lulu tbo
N'lAUVHt, Kami, N, Y., Sopl. 21 Al l-over'a
Nook Just ohovo Prospect Point at f o'clock
this afternoon Mrs. Kllzabeth McllobttH ot
Iluffalo Jumped into tlio Nl.vg.11a liver und
was carried over the Kallv
She hnd been seen HtnmlinK ue-ir lliutapldsa
few minutes before. Noonu witnessed thu sol
tide, but that the woman's irtlnu wnseloltbsralu
isprovi'db) tho finding of her shawl, patnsol,
nnd oyeglasses at tho point where sho was last
A bit of paper was plliuod to tbo shawl, and
on It was written tbo nddiess of Mrs Melfob
erls'i daughter, Mrs II. A. .Marks of lluffnlo
Communication with Mrs. Mirks IJonlillod thu
Tha body was aeon but torn moment Just as it
was svv cpl over tlio brink of tho American I'nlls
It wat only a rod from thu shore, but the specU
tors were helpless,
Mrs. ltoherls lived iu Pe-rrv street, liuffalo.
She was 115 yc irs old and insert iod 'Miovvasln
ill health and nielmchoh Sho disappeared
from home at noon lo dny.
Spnln ofllclnll llealn lliat thn .ltusrlean
.Minister lrrpntt-il an I lllmaliilu.
,1 ecfnl Cutis ifiinUh In Trik. Sex
Plliis, Sept. 21 - Iho following Ion t en Is
sued b) a semi ollltlnl ugenu) und.c da'.o of
"The declarations Imputed lo I, riltisj .S'jdejj
Minister Woodford by certain eor.-'spor.dcr.tc
nre olllciall) denied. It Is qui to rt run, Hint (,1
his Interview with the huko ul 'Lluor. ti:c
American Minister fonu'ilalod no ulllrr.nLuni,
and that their conversation, or. tlio contrary,
wan extremely cordial and passed 0(7 lo the
entire satisfaction of both pirhus
" Telegrams, moreover, frou. ."'env orl: nr.d
Washington confirm llilsdeulil hi.iI nlllrm thnt
Gen. Woodford's mission . emllicly psrlflc.
President McKlnlev has no mln:il!r,n r,f treat
ing the Cuban question Iwforn llm oponlngof
Congress In December."
WAsmse.TON.Sept -Jl. Nothing further has
been heard at the Stat" Dipxriuionl from Min
ister Wooilfonl mid nothing h oxiioclnd until
the Duke of Tclunn answers tbo conciliatory
proposition mndo l) tin- Minister in behalf of
the United Slates Government thai Ibis coun
try would llko to assist in bringing tbo warlo
an cud.
short eclipse ix jitooKt,rrr.
Cj Under lleatl Id a rower nouss Ottawa Out
and Mops the Llarht.
All thnt part of Hrooklyn within half ndoznn
blocks of tho bridge, in all directions, was in
darkness tor about twenty minutes nfter 12 DO
o'clock this morning owing to the blowing out
of tho cylinder head of a 1,20() horse-power en
gine Iu the works of the Udison Illuminating
Company in Pearl street, near Myrllonvenuo.
Polire Headquarters, the City Hill, all ntoros
thnt wero open, and all other building whoro
lights were burning wero iu darkness until tem
porary repairs could bo mn le. Although the cyl
inder head fell near where n number ot nion
were at work, no ono was Injured.
Coal llreakar .ear llnxletnn Nrl an Trn
Moldlnra sTork uu the Fir.
HAti-inoN. Pa.. Sept. 21,-Tho Krans coal
breaker at Heaver Meadow, owned by A. S. Vnn
Wlckle& Co., and leaned lo Kennedy & Warner,
was burue.1 to tho ground to night. Tho loss is
sJSO.OOec Tho tiro Is supposed to havo been of
inccndlnry origin. A battalion of tho Twelfth
Ilcglmontnctodft lire luigade. Adjacent prop
erty was saved by destro) Ing trestles nnd bridges
with dynamite.
The sieamsr It.a Hltika In thn Mediterranean
After n 4'olll.lon.
Xl'tcinl Cable Vavtilrh to Tnf si's
Vifsvv, Sept. 21. Tha Ilritish steamer Tyrla
and the Austrian steamer Ikn were In collision
to-day near Flume. The Ik-v was so badly dam
aged that she sank. Seventeen of her passen
gers wero rescuod, but thlrty-lhrco wero
Mr. Ourntt rut I.lltln Trenehea Acro.s Iba
ahlnwalk llrsldr Ills Slorp.
HiDOVti iki.p, N. J Sent. 21. It was reported
bv Committeeman John Lnnrenco.nt the meet
ingot the Township. Committee, last night, that
FroJ c. Out oil, who his n wall paper tore it
thee Tner of Orange nnd Cross streets, hr.d cut
trenches niro t e sidewalk on Cross street
Mr. Uiwrence nald that the I rem bos wero about
ten feel apart and live or six inches deep, and
that Mr. Oucott had dug Ihctii lo prevent wheel
men from riding 011 the sidewalk. Isuallv they
were rovcnsl with boards, no that Mr. Oucott
himself colli. I ride his wheel on the walk, but on
Sntui-ilavH hundreds of vi lirt'lmen attend the
baseball games, mid then tho trenches were un
covered aud the cvellnt wire ininpdlcd to
walk. Mr L-vwrrncn nald that children had
tripped Hi the excavation 1 net had been hurt
"You think It is n pun1 cano of tussednes,
don't ,vou i ' asked Chairman stout of Mr, Law
j cure.
"I most certainly do, ' replied Mr. Lawrence.
1 be pollen wrre untitled tn or lor .Mr Oueolt
to restore the !dc-wnlk to ils original eoi.ditlnn
ut once.
To Hn Held Iteady to 4 nrry loud rrurn Nt.
A ahiiinqion', Sept. 21. Secretar) Wins is
taking a great deal of Interest in tho different
propositions tn extend aid to tho miners In tlio
Yukon regions, who are npt tosuflcr this winter
from a lack of food, Ho directed tho Commis
sioner of Hdueatlim tn da) to hend Instructions
to tbe Teller reindeer tunllon to havo all iho
reindeer which me trained to draw pledges sent
tn St. Mich id. Hi 10 I hey will be kept during
thu ivlnli'i. and If the occasion shoul 1 nrlso tiny
can be utilized to transport provisions lo the
Klondike. The reindeer will dmw yoo pounds
of food a ml travel from fifty to 100 miles h day.
.Silas Untililu. Slailn nn Italian IVdiller, Win,
smashed Her Wheel, lilvr I i 8T.
II) showlngdetirmliiitlon jcatcrday morning
Miss Dobbins of bl Stone, street, Newark, com
pelled an Hall in vegetable poddlor lo tllgorgn
7 lo pit for hor blc)cle, width ho wrecked hv
miming over It with his wagon ns he swlflly
tninrd iho corner nt Onngeund i:ngle streets.
He tried to drive nvv a), but sho held his hor to
until no owdiolloi'led and 11 nollceuian c.ime
The Italian did not halo 7 to pa) for thn
broken hind wheel and chain unid. bill ho srnt
a I oy after thu nionej, mid Miss Dobbins wailed
until hot claim wausillnlled.
I XI VST1XII i.", 01)0, 01)0 IV A..II)A,
In fiiiell.li synilleate Thnl Mill I'vpnii I i..il
I'rodticta In I, rent llrllalu.
Mosninvi, ucpt 21, A ilonpnlrli frmii Toron
to mi) s that Mi-Phcrsoii, CI irk .-. Jar Is, hnrris
lets of Toionto, havo found, led iitgothlions
for nil l.'nellsh S)ndlcnin to Invest $.1,000,000
In Canada, Tho nyiulu ite "III export fond
iirodutts lei Great llnl on and will li.ivuthrt-h
largo waruhoiises In ( n id 1. one lnMonlri.il,
ono In Toionto, nnd niintlp r in 11 e llv -.I'ltnbe
scloetcd. The sriulh in v.,ilnii touilig nln uc
Hour, but will handle nil ullii'l too I pioilucts,
illicit) fruit nml inc.tt.
Kiiuriuoua Mho 11 ihliuui'iita from I.nit.iii.
Toi'hKV, Knn , ''Pi "I 'I'lin nlinit nhlp
nients from Kmis is mo cnoriuoiia. Hip sell
touiit), up to -I'.it, HI. had shlppel 700,IMI0
busUulb, rcullzliu lor H about r "'00.000, or at
least ijido for eiei) man, woman, and rhilil in
tbo count) . Thirty touutlu. Injtho atalo caQ
Iwat thla recuid.
ITI.'lf PTEll. jjjH
Llaht I'vraons Mbit -Mere, uu llenird I'.cnpe la flavJ
the Shore Mia, Mitsun, n Slewnnless. (,ofia i
Hack rur Her Hag and la enrlv tltereuino fll
lil 9muUu lhvu ttnti'iied lrfjsa V4u,f)tiu BJ
Tho tlshlhg bovt .1.11 Sctmjlcr was hurned ,:H
tilmoU to tbe water s edieo hilt lilyht nt its pier &fl
at the foot u! East Twcnt) llflh street. It le l?
practicall) a tot ii los but Is raid to bt full) In- 'jefl
surcd 'llH
A number ot the cicn wcie ii'lccium Isinrd SsPJJ
when tho Arc was discovered, but tin) all s,io- r-'jVjl
cccdcd in escaping. iiH
TLc-icliU)lcr h.is been tiuiklug d.iil) trips to Rfll
the lijhing banks for o.irn. f.verv night she 'H
has laid up at T.,cntv tltth street, ot, thu north i5tH
side of tho dock. L&t tilcla she tied up at 'l
uaunl, nnd most of hot crew vi ho slept ou Ixiirtl sriVJal
went to bed at uu ear ) bout o-'IH
Among them were Sarah Holland of 210 Sul. SiH
llvnn street, Anna Watson of 134 Vtnisivteinth ''H
street, slow ardojsis, Oeorgti Muxwe'l, a cabin Ivl
boy; Gccr;o llcmun, t'.c cngluctr, and t lire its!
deckhands nncla cnblh loj vvliose n urns wire fr-H
cot lcnrr.cd i swJ
Tho r:l;ht v.atcUunvn o! the lant w.u George Hfll
Ijcrrnan. Ko v. as suppotii to t.-m.i 11 on the pJH
i-.i.t all r.i-ht nn 1 see tha: nii'hlni; wi nt miil-s, EiaVJ
kto-t ll.COo c'.ok. while m il.iug 1..- nmiids, tfiB
hz Ccr-rmrco.s sbaottng up from the Im-iiuine k'H
dcckns-ICrti; Ticrhjute.t In .i.d ran htlosr HflJ
to the cr.jlas rcori to vvntn muni r-flJBJ
Tto cr.;inc?r rr.ro.l a f.ofc and going on deck lyfl
"jrr.c-d a stroam rt w.iler on the t'.auit s, bufc ff'H
nJrendT they .vero b.-y,-ind rontiol. I he lire bad 'ifll
eaten Into tho dcci.1 utidcr '.be' 'hairing, mitt 'K'iPJI
vtna running up tbo siduv ;t the nlati rooms. ftll
JTemus kept th?ifroimon tin !i-e l.onever, fi'BJJ
e.xpeetlrg holp to rnmc from i-hote t 1 rj mm- HbI
ute, until he vvnialmn't nverromi wilhsmnke. t'fl
He then mndo his ua? to the Ini.er di. s ii'Bal
Me intlme thu two c-iMn t-nyn tnd in en aw iik- U-BbI
ened by tho alarm ami hid ."irniim u the mii'IiIiisp K.flal
Inmates of tho staterocm The woine ,1 li ibbe el Uliafl
a few outsldo clothea and tied !o the sliore. it- CBbI
caning In safoty. g'Bal
The deck hands also got. out mil running ?fll
nshorc, rnng an nlnrm f Arc All t' m '.mi tho Ft'Bai
flames werosproadtne with gro.iiinpiiiiiv. I'lie tl'Bai
river wan already bcciiminii te i.c lighted up I'JaB
nnd a crowd was flockltig to tho rivers edge to tt'aBI
fiee the spectacle. H
Mrs. Mntson. after ata-.ding nhivrr.ngnti the tflal
dock watching-the vctisel fin nwh.lc suddenly 'fll
gave n kcream and Itartcsl for tho boat. MB1
"My dog!" sho cried as some one trleeltoiton 'flal
her. she plungod into the smoke' .,f 'be lower .BBI
deck before nti) ono had -v chnnicto prevent 7?.B
her Horpet pug dog Johnnlo was nhoard nud ,.
she was going to save tt nt the rink ot her life. t-Bal
r Policeman Corr and Komub'in in vhex of the jisBI
East Twenty-second ntrcrt f-tntlon saw her aa H
slie disappeared in thu smoke, and thev chased trflal
nftcr her. They found her groping about err- -ilBal
ing out the dog s name. Showan all but over- 'jrBal
come and had to be carried out. sBal
She was taken up to the oftlco o! the Consoli- &B1
dated Gas Works, whero she presently recov- i'aal
ered. 'vfll
Hv tbo time tho Fl e Pcpnrtmin' arrived on if'Ssi
the scene, perhaps ten minutes alter the watch- 4.aBa
man had discovered the tire, the whole boat was ';B
wrapped In flames, and it was evident that but 'Tfifll
little could bo dono to Fiv her. ' I'-flai
Aa soon ns the first batt.ilior 'r..ef arrived a 'tlBal
third nlarm was rung because of the proximity tJcBsl
or tho gat works. The rlrcbca- Haverucyer i i?;K91
responded to the call, and several tugs with nro f aBsi
apparatus aboard also gvve their assistant e. ' AwB
Their combined effortn succeeded in saving th? . ilKB
fishing boat Paul Koch, which la) on tbo south 'H
side of the dock and prevented nny real danger 1 H
lo thu cat works. . I '
Tho nre mado a most Tlrturcpquo sight, ns thn "-'cBbI
whole river front was lighted up. -,iH
Tlio burned boat is owneJ by J. W. Han cox, fe-BI
Her Captain Is Henry Lange. llewas not atsa.vrd TmaBI
Insrslgbt. The Iojs is estimated at 3-tt'.IHH'. nflsi
Sheriff nehte'e Wire Hushed la with llrvnlienj j I BJJ
Just in Time. I JH
MsO-e, Mich.. Sept. 21. While Deputf sfl
Sheriff Hall and the turnkey were feeding the ''
prisoners attthe InRhnm Courty Jail lnt nlgtit ' H
Hall noticed that Al S'cr.e, who hud twice cs- v, BJ
caped from Jail in this State, was nisfng from BJ
his cell. The turnkey found him hidden nvvnvr jBfl
in the washroom with : knsfn in cnili hnnd. jBJBJ
Ho threaleaed 10 kill the turnkev I' molested. ?H
I'he turnkey called for .-v-lntnuce, and with fl
Hnll undertook to overcome tbo iirinoner. but fll
Stone threw them both nnd made hi vm.v to .S
thnt pari of the Jnlljwhcre tho lover hangs that ,fl
relensei all the locks. lifll
Just as Stone vvns about :o tbiow tho In or VjBI
over nnd make n wholesale jnil dcliverv, Mrs. ;Am
Itehle, the sherlfl'a wife. ri,shed in with 11 m- "tfll
volvcr in each hand nr.d threatened tn kill htm uHJ
unless he threw up Id hand' Stone obe)e-d MH
and stood there tovcred b) the revolvers until 2tU
Mr.. Itehle obtnincd iiesintniut. Her uuiclc 'flBl
work prevented the ccnpo of over thirty long- -ffli
term men in tbo Jail. rlBJ
Sam dmall Made the 4'loaliii;siM.eeh rromnlertl 3flJ
Loan CIKIO. 'jj'BJ
SpniMiriKLD, O., Sept. Jl The attendance at SfH
tho silver camp meeting to-d.i) was notlnrge, WU
nnd there wnt on uncertainty ..'wr the speaker! ' tU
for tho mornln-r. Col. H-own iutroiuccd ffl
Stephen Douglass WillhiuiH of Grand Hapida, jfl
Jacob Fnrlow of Vnn Wert and Frank C'nntell ot Zvj
Chicago occupied the remainder of thu morning. ?
Judge m.tllev of I'pptr uinduK) wast hair- fall
m in this nfternoon. twin nnll snoke for ov er ;.
two bonis on " What Must Till Nat Ion Do to He i'B
Sxresl ' llefore Ml Small was through talking U
tl -lii etetitvvas being pre nml for rcinnrnl. ;fl
ehecmi mefnluc then closcel. I hi proniotcia U
havuloei $10 J. $
It la Considerably Fvcltrrt liver Judge Poster's sjfl
lirel.lnn In Nnniai, 'fl
U.Miili. Neb, Pert. 21.-The sweeping de- fym
cis.on of Tederal Judgo Foster, 1V1 hiring th jB
Knnas City l.lvo Stock Kxcliange nn Illegal 'B
organization, bus made n great stir here. jjB
The Omaha Kxihunco held n meeting to-day IB
tn de'crmine vvhnt to do. Iluv tolegiiiphed
to the Knnsnn Citv Uxcliaugn olleriug lo assist
In carr) ing!tho case tn tlio coin, of lust resort. iM
They hgure that they mn prevent n tlnal de- mm
e Islon for five eivrn Millions of iloll.us nro 1
indirectly tied up In the Live Slink Kxclmngo '!(
here, and tho I nion Muck vnids Company r,
suys It cnnnolMo business vvilho'it 1111 exchange.
rhrentenlng tn Drive (he Indiana Out. J
PoCATrLt.0, Idaho, Sojit. 21, Mil. h utiensl- A
nets is felt nt tho Indian iigcnc.v nt Hoss Fork: yi
over the news that ncveral hundred Indians In
Cilitereoutity are slaughtering deei and elk for . I
tho pelta nnd that tho settlers nro preparing to 3
drlvo the Indiana on' of Iho count!-) hy forco.
II Is feared there will he nerluus tremble. This
was the c.vuso of the ltn.i.111 outbreak In the (
Jackson hole cuunti) two) earn ,11:0 and of the t-
trojtiln In the Wuud fllvcr countrv thin spring. i
The Indians now Infiisle'riuunt) iiinliulionit)
nnd II itinoc-kb 110111 Fort Hnll nml I'ort Lemhi i
rest rvul ions. 'S
lllehnrd Cioldeii Xinrls Nuiroented,
W.VFllISiiTON, Sept. 21.- ITlchiird(ioldcii, the
actor, who opened hero lift night 111 "the Isle j
of Champagne," had 11 narrow escape from suf
focutlun this Hftcinooii In his room iithoHiggt !
House. He vvns asleep on Iho bed with tho gat
I or nisi nu. )
Ilnstei 11 Lumb, 11 iliiimbfrimlil, noilced the ,
Binell of gn und, 1 1 uilng Gulden's door, nhe 1
lllthtfd n match to Und the leak An explosion
followed It scl Hie in her hull mid binned her
Blxmt the arms und hnnil, Goldiii es. aicd with
uulliijiuy. Thcihamhiimiild will llvi. ,
.xieltlnlev I iiimi.utfa u siurderrr'a Neiiiriien. '
Pvlll, Tex . Si'pt. 21. Pres! lent McKlnlcy ,
hnseoniiinited thu .enteiu e uf 1' LeoAdilingtun,
Iho noted muidcrcr, who was Iodic on Hie seat
told in tills cit) on next rr.dn). In life iiiipilsuu
1111 lit. r
Addiuglmi h ul given iii nil liope of FxecuUve I
1 leliirui), nml vi.is incp.iiiiig fin Uu 1 lid hi
.Iiiiii', l!l,", AddiiiKlon 10 io up In Ihn I, me of
Osini Hotlgus In thu ( hoi law Nation .11m -hot
him down without wniiiin,, or pi o 01 m ion,
l-rnst In the Virlhwi'si,
Clip voo. Sr pi ;'l l'i lit 11 nis f 1 "in vnncut
jnrls of Ihn Northwest my that fiost wss gen
eral last night Ihio.ighii it I, nuns I111I1.111.1,
Michigan, Win-onnin low 11 NeluiuiUii, Muine- i
I sole, and theentlri Nortliv.esi Slight flu 1 n
ottiiuvv vv urn reported ui Michigan, Judhwa.auA n
WilcODIlu, '4
f". , . s

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