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the xer BH.xoBjrr.TTs ros
ttAxnr.nfn the cahs.
Tit Will Osau tka ! r tko RHa4wra
n stalls! Ik Tiara at ttut Hw Yark Tpr
mlaal nritaimt LohtIiib tbcr-statlsn Llhrlr
la CrssM tks Plnm at tk Brsmktfn Kail.
Of tli" olans (or brinuine both tho nleTated
raliroaJ trains anil tha troller cars ot Brooklyn
clsar to tho Saw York end of tho Brooklyn
Brld nothing now remains to bo arranged
eicept tho route 07 which tho trolley can
aro to learo the south roaclwar of tho
brldje on their return to Brooklyn, and
that matter will probunly bo ttxed at
the next meeting of the bridg-o trustees. When
tho contracts were drawn between tho rullron.1
comoanles and the trustees, and approved, some
weeks a,ro. It w to arranged that tho trolley cars
should enter upon and leave tho brtdira at tho
Brooklyn end from outside structures beside
the roivlways. which wero to run alone
side tha bridirs for about -400 feet
before they Joined the roadways at the j
ourro aboTe Prospect street. Then tho cars I
J .fun HmlU On tho north tide tho hi
post will be either moved or removed, and the
lino of tho wirianlnff wUl be straight.
Superintendent Jtirttn says the troller rs
JJ11. conie from Brooklyn on the north side of
tbebrldire. nndaa soon as they are clear of tho
road wiy they will stop to let off passengers.
Then thi-r will move forwnrd to the straight bit
of track In the centre of tho station
J"l wait there to take on paonengers. During
. the time that the. ire stiinilintf, there will be a
"Pato to the south of them on the floor about
1(1 fret wide over which passengers tan baas
to get to their resnet-tlve cars. When
tho cars start nil four ot those- on the
loops will probably move off at about
tho s ime time, anil as they get out on the tra k
lc Minn to Brooklyn on the south side they will
move fons ard at dltTervnt speeds until, before
they pass Ha New York anchorage, they will
hams a tone between eath two of at
least 10 f-ct. ai is rnmlrecl by the
contracts. Tin-maintenameof this spacn Is re
quired so as not to run any risk or overloading
tne bridge. It Is also believed that this spac-
ing will fnnilt ite truffle on the road
wars, for the heavy, slow moving trucks
will ntturnlly seek the reserved space of
i ten feet in width outside of tho trolley cars,
while tight wignnsind bicyclists, all of whom
can travel is fast as the trolloy cars, will sand-
1 wich themselves in tho procession of tars.
It will be seen th it the placing of four lines ot
cars and tracks upon the ground floor of the
station wtll cut oil the present entrance for
j foot passengers to the promenade. and ilso forte
the passengers who want to reach the bridge
1 I p J5J i
I II $ -y ;
I ! ilN - - - Mh i
V :$ U l- tfh ?
w :l vi J rCliv 5 -
I " 1 1 TT Vi
I K 'a
! h ?yy :
1 I o o m ,. p i I -
I t-foZ -i
B wero to run on tracks on tho outafdo edgo
H of the carriageways until they neared the Xew
H York terminal. At this point they wero to bo
H currett outside the roadways again and carried
H along- In that manner an an lndenendenc
B structure until, through tho rise In grade
B of this struct urn and the falling away ot tho
B roadway beneath the tracks could bo brought
B back over the outer edge of tho roadway. Ieav-
B Ing headway for trucks to pass beneath. From
Bj hero the tracks were to enter upon a Soar to be
B laidatarethefloorwherethebridgecarscamein,
B on a dock fifty feet In the air. This deck was to
Bj. hare been reached by a system of twelve ele-
Bj raters, nine reaching' to the ground floor and
B? three to the gallery deck, where passengers ar-
B rlre from the bridge across Park row and from
Bjj the Third avenue elevated trains. ,
Bjj All of this arrangement has been changed in '
B the plana since adopted. Under the new plans
B the trolley ears will arrive and leave upon the
B ground floor of the Kew York terminal, only a
B few steps from Park row. The plana for this
Bt and for the alterations whith will have to
BJ be made In the Xew York, terminal
Bl have been completed to tha satis fac-
BB Hon of the bridge authorities, the railroad an-
B thoritlea. Chief Engineer C C. Martin, and the
BJ railroad engineers, and there does not seem to
BE be any reason for supposing that there will now
Bf be any delay in making tho changes. Under
B the old plan the trolley companies prom-
BK laed Mayor Strong that ho should have
BJ a ride over the bridge In t troller car on Jan 1.
H 1994 rhe new plans are much more simplu,
H and will lnvolvo an expenditure of perhaps
BJ $200 OCX) less than the older ontt would have
H called fiir. and there) is therefore no reason why
BJ the work under them should not be completed
J T even -in earlier lata.
BK , That they offer grr.it advantages to the trol-
BJ 'ey comnanles snd to the miUlona of passengers
J who will use the trolley cars no one can jurs-
BJ oa- To be able to step into a car upon the
BB atrrec level and without walking more than
BJ, from 25 to 10.) feer from the Park row side-
BJ walk an 1 be taken without Lbange of cars mil
HJ' for a single fare to any part ot Brooklyn will bo
BJ groat boon to those who cross ami recross the
Jr bridge day by day. Toarcnniplish thin fault the
BJ engineers have been obliged to exhibit greatskill.
J fr they hod to provide for maintaining proper
J facilities for all other classes of traffic over the
BJ treat trans-river highway. They hod Jo coti-
H nder Droper means for passengers to gee to and
B from the present railroad, whero the cars of all
HJ til8 Brooklyn elevati mods are to run oh fell
as the bridge trains. They wero obliged to guard
H sgalnst making any obstruction to the great
B stream of trucks, carriages, and bicycles waicli
j f OTOr the roadways, and also to see that tho
K - thousands of foot passengers who cross over tho
j ' Promenade dally could rnn'tu 1 1 to do so with- ,
j ; out undne Inconvenience A ) these require- I
Hj ' msnts seem to hare been ne m tho new plans.
B It was evident to tho euir uen at nce, when
H '' was proposed to bring the troller can lnro the
HJ Mew York terminal on the ground floor, 'hat it .
H would not do to bring the cars across the brliigs
HJ jn tracks laid on theouteredgoof the roadwajH.
HJ for this would Involve a crossing of tho cur
HJ riags ways near tho entranc-o which would crearn
H no end or trouble. Under the new plans the out-
side itructnres contemplated at tho Brooklyn
B ud have been abandomd and the rnrs will en
BU' tr upon the roailways directly from Sands
B street, but the tracks there and all across tho
Bfi bridge will be laid on the Inner edge of
1 the carriage ways, next to the trusses which sep
H arate the roadways from the bridge railroad. As
HJ th" tracks approach the Xew York terminil there ,
H will be no need for them to be diverted In any way.
H, nut initeail they will continue right down the
Br foadwiys. still on tha inside next to the station I
H Dulldlng.iintll, with a series of curves, they will .
B sweep into the station, cross Its floor, and sweep
H outside sgaln to make their return to Brooklyn.
H ,.Tn8 currs upon which tho cars will go ,
H through the station will be four In number, earn '
H leading out by switches from the single tracks
H wbich will follow each roadway. To ailmit
H these tracks into the station building a section
' fho side wills on either sido eighty feet long
I win bo removed, together with four of tha
f teel columns on each side which now help to
I jupiwrt the roof of tho staUon In plate of
V a these columns a steel truss 80 feet long in the
B m ?r ,w"' ta Put up on each side, the trusses
B a forming a part ot the side walls ot the building
B I Shn t'llory floor and supporting tho columns
B I ..The drst curve of track will come Into the
B I ,u"'" building just back of the bead of the
B M ?a'n ,tairway, which now leads to the gallery
Wbm m ltle BTound floor In the centre of the
SftP "? The cars, as they go around this curve, '
BB ' .""'T clear the line ot columns which
HI ?S 1 '!"" bcc at tha atalrs. tho centre ot the
BB If, z log designed to bo seven feet clear
B.9 if 1 c columns. The seiond curre will
eisar In the same manner the next set of col
B M SS2 "Mty feet further to tho east, and so In
'"" each track will came Into and cross the
BhB Uation.
BB , Ja "ior to provide a straight piece of track
BB ,'"!' jc lonur In tne centre ot each of these
BBJ t?,op' frora which to start the i-ars on their re-
BJB i ."rner " Brooklyn, and proper curves
BB SLi,t'11 ",l8- the tracks will have to be cur-
BB Vtlii uut ib""t Ave feet further ouuide the
BB S,! .'"alls than if tuey were brought
BB Sit1?' ,l"wn from their positions on the rod-
BB 7.7 ,erund If nothing ware done to provide
BB r5. m-t ttlla the roadways at the en-
BJ SJnM' would be thus restricted. This
W u"" wl'l met by widening out the
BJi 5?" " at either sine of tho entrance
BH C.Vutbout tho same distance, carrying their
BJi S?na,4rte out to tho full width of the bridge
B ?cisrt7 On the south side the big iron
Bl if?!""?11 column which marks tha di-
B ?ll?a bstwa Ula .uirway and the road-
Bl bi1 T,m "J06 b moved, bnt tha widea-
Bl ? Wit Uk u ebUu llu sasU U a
and elevated cars above to use the front stair
ways exclusively instead of r-lying in part on
the back stairways, as at present. To provide
for this several things are to be done. For those
going ta the cars above the main stairway
Is to be made 3D feet wide, three times what it
is now. The present stairway to William street,
on the south side ot the station, will remain.
For foot passengers two new ways will be
opened to tnepromenade. One of these will be
a subway. Id feet wide and about 110 feet long,
which wtll pass entirely under the four loop
tracks. The stairwiy toenterthis will be beside
the main eentr-U stairs. The other route will
be up either at. tha front, stairs to the gallery
deck, and then along this deck to the end of the
station building where this deck joins the grade
of the promenade by going down three steps.
The only change which will have U be made on
the g-illery deck will be to make the landing a
little wider in front of the main cenu-il
stairs, to take the ticket chopping boxes
out of the passageway and put them
1 at the foot of the stairways leading
' to tho upper derk and to open the end of the
station to the promenade. All of these chancres.
It is estimated, will cost only about 9200 000 or ,
S230 000. instead of $450,000. which the older
plan would have involved.
The amngrmenci for foot passengers are be- I
liered to be ample because these number only
about 10 000 or 12 000 a day nuw. anil
it is thought tho number will be decreatHd
vhen one can take a car or train pirectly
for home from the Vew York terminal
The fourth loop on the main floor would cut off
twenty feet of both the men's and women's
waiting moms as they now stand. These
rooms are each sixty feet long. Superintendent
Martin's plans contemplate moving the men s
room enough to the east to escape the loop and
the women 1 room will probably be moved Into
the space now empty to the east of the William
street srair", and otween there and the room
where the elcctriu light plant is now situared.
The problem which is irlll to be solved at the
Brooalyn end of the brid.ru is is o how tne
trolley can -dial! get away from the south road
way ifter they get to the street level it S.imls
street. Two pi ins are before the Trustees. 1
One Is to have the cars i-urre right into innits
street and run from there to Fulton street, i
This Is objectionable, because of the curve and
the likelihood of interfering with carriages and 1
trui ks The other plan, which is favored by
sup nntendent Martin, is to bring the tricks out
In ilraost a itrsighr line across 'he pluzi am '
'hen into Lihertv street. At Liberty street
the tricks wou'd branch into two ets j
and these again a little further along
would spread out into the run us rouus
along whH h the cars would be bound. This 1
nlan would help to prevent a further congestion I
of trartii on Fulton street, which is already
For entering the bridge an Washington
street the plana are lived. All lines of
trolloy cars will be brought into Wnsh
ingtnn street upon two tracks some dis
tance beyond Sands street, and then the two
'racks will join into one before the cars cross
Sands itreet. At the curve of the bridge road
ways, between Sands and Prospect streets, the
roadwa) s will be widened slightly also.
as alliance BitwMS eke Caaaatau a.
A. V.
TonOTTO, Sept. 2fl. The Canadian A. A. A.
wtll Join the A. A. U. of the United States. C.
C. Hughes of New York was introduced at a
meeting of the Canadian Association lust night,
and presented a proposal for in alliance between
the two orginizatlons The mitter was referred
to a committee and will probably go Into effect
at once The Canadian As latum adorned a
very strict resolution dealing with suspected
violations of the amateur rule, and as a result
half a dosen members of the Capital Lacrosse
Club at Ottawa, the winners of the lacrosse
championship this year, have been divested of
their amateur standing.
Model Yarbts Racing,
The postooaed model yscllt rata twetveen the Red
1 Man Sit t. Edward 7 Flynt of the Wave Cn-it
; Miniature Yacnc Club tlie cna lengsr, and tha Water
Witch, A. Moore of the American Model Yn ht club,
the lefnndnr, for the Porptiual rhalleaarfup of thu
amerirao Molel 7a ht Club was ilmi jenter'Uy off
tha lnirtiiui elulhnue fi 111 of rtilrty Mvnnth
llrMI. Soutta Br oxlyo Kd Man was wil handlfil
and won two of the tbne beau soil the triphy The
wind was tady( and ta uur was rut regulation
ba.f mile, dead to windward 4U1I return
Tho nc tor tb 1 omumdure Cup a pretty brans
reprudULtlon or tbn Am-rlia sCup was next alled
The Comet, owned by Tuwnlry I'lggott. wnu hand
. Uy a peWal raia niwu to all boats enrolled la the
ilub, followed The tirlse u pin-e of silverware
presented br VUtM nmmodore Van Se The count
1 sailed was tbrea len each a quarter inlle Ion? This
. wan covered three timm The starters were the Edna,
O L. Urayi Water Mitch, 4 Moore Eayle J C Ben
1 gard, Ptuenlx, (.eor Olnan I( was a nip and lurk
contest for the drtt round Then tevsral of the cr .if t
1 met with act I lenw and the Water Witch finally won
the trophy In I hour 17 minutes and 41 umt
I Baaekall Seles.
Duffy leads the League players In home ruus
I Jones itole ten buses In the laaislgbt fames
rk haai e has nut made a lacfiflca bit In bis 'sat
tJirty nv names
The Bostons n'orni I3u runs agalaii me 3t Louis
team and the latter players cot 04
Eluhty three ruo wer nrd by the Baltimore!
and rirt runs by the ititburva In the erlet between
I them
I More vames were playeit between the Ualtlmores
' a id 1 bl.a.,iwtban between Juy otner League teams.
All ml t. nft"'""! games were played three resulting
m a tie
a aronxT rmsT sxcovxTisn wrrn
Raassaeea si Cerstsml Draworlogo Ratber Taaa
STalt tke CeAaiwlr"a Caavenlewce
His Beaeraetlaaa teCaraell tils rrleadaklD
wttfa KMeSr-Characteristics or the Vlaa.
Tho determination and will power which
brought success to Henry W bags, who died
I recently at Ithaca, and which marked his rise
I from tho canal tow path to the status of a mll
I Uonolre. bail probably no better Illustration
I than in Mr Sage s first meeting with Commo
dore Vanderbllt. Mr Sago wu then In tho
wholesale and retail lumber business In this
city He had made enormous purchases ot
lumber at the beginning of tho civil war and
In the rise of prices hud become rich. He was
a man ot high Influence in Brooklyn church af
fairs and in New York business circles.
Tho wagons ot his lumber Arm were seen all
over town. His snipmenta of lumber by river
1 and sea wero large. He worked early and late
at his business, and at the bi ginning of middle
ago had the right to be known aj a representa
tive cltlxen.
When the contract waa given out to put up
the grand stand and other buildings and fences
at Fleetwood Park, above the Hirlcm, Mr.
Sago's bid for supplying tho needed lumber
was lowest. Ho put the lumber on "overal
schooners and had them towed up the Harlem
River. For some reason Commodore Vander
bllt refused to allow tho draw of tho New York
Central s bridge to be opened to allow the lum
ber to pass. Mr. 9age stormed about the mat
ter and then sent his son William, who was just
uut of colli go, up to Mr. Vanderbllt s office, on
the site of the pre-enC Madison Square Garden,
to learn when tho draw would bo opened.
There was a penalty for delay In the dollvery ot
the lumber. The younger Sago came back and
reported that Commodore Vanderbllt wouldn t
see blm.
"Wouldn't see you. ehl" said Mr. Sage.
"We U see about that. '
Then he ordered his son and a clerk to jump
Into his wagon with him, and away they dashed
to the Vow York Central Railroad office. They
went up tho stairs to tho Commodore's otneo In
a rush. A negro attendant stood at the gate.
"Is Mr. Vanderbllt InJ ' thundered Mr. Sage,
who by this time was fairly In a rage.
"Yes. sir. What is your namo and what do
yon want to see him about! '
"Vever mind who I am and what I want to
ee him about. ' said Mr. Sage. He then said
"Come an ' to tho young men with blm. pushed
the negro aside and strode Jstn Commodore
Vanderbilt's presence.
"Is this Commodore Vanderbllt! ' said Mr.
"That's what they call me." said the Commo
dore, looking up sharply In response to the angry
tones of his caller.
"Well, my name's Sage, Henry W. Sage,
and I want to know when you're going to open
that Harlem River draw and let my lumber
for Fleetwood Park go through."
"So you re Mr. Sago, ore you I'
"Yes, I am."
"WeU, Mr Sage, we re going to open that
draw when wo get damned good and ready."
"You are, are you! Well, you are going to
open that draw before you get damned good
and ready, and in three hours, or IU open it
for you. Come on, ' he added, to his young
I men. and all swept out of the place. Mr Sao
jumped into his buggy and did all the v-iHrlng-
mat wan uone on tne way to Ms omte. it is
sold that he kept muttering something about
If it co-its me S100 0O0. Commodore Van
derbllt. ehl Damned good and ready 1 1'U
show him. '
straightway Mr. Sage went to tho owner of
the stoutest tug he could find that could go up
the Har'em River.
"I'll pay oil the damtges; you da as I say,"
he said to tha Captain.
Mr. Sage was on the tng with his young nen.
They went up the Harlem paex the schooners
with the Fleetwood Park cargo and approached
the draw. They looked the dri over, and Mr.
buire picked out ite weakest spot.
'ow back off. ' be said, 'and hit that draw
at full peed rignt In that place. '
The tug nent buck sume distance and came
np the nter litharush. It hit the draw in the
&pot iniluuted and half wrecked it.
'Back off and give it another, ' cr.eil Mr.
On came the rug at the draw again like a
snorting bull t the second crash the driw
waa torn completely from the bridge, and
tosM-d lu one ide, disappearing In the river
ow tone tfauee schooners through, ' said
Mr. -age
The tchooners were towed in. and on that
very day the lumber for the rlretwood rue
trick was on the ground. It woe four days
afterward that the drt trains o 'he Lcntral
began to run icro-i the Horleiu River again.
AttT wrecking thu draw Mr sage went
straight to his oifli e md his ci n enation with
himself is sold to havo bei n ra 'thing on this
'Open the draw wnen he got damned good
and read I Well, its open now Don t care
what It costs. 1 11 rfhow nim he don t own the
rivers and naitg-ible streams around this
town. '
Ttiero wis 1 big rumpus over the matter md
many thrcits, hut after a time the lawyers on
both sides gor tot ether and a comoromiie was
It w is probably this triit of Mr age i th it
made him bold out to the hitter end in the
rlsko will lontenr, by hu lithe Cornell I nl
verdty llbnrj lot a benueot of l,O0O,0 it
one time Ever since Fzra Cornell's death
Mr uage had be n the buifncss head of Cor
nell I niversity. Only the oueition is to tho
diepueition of a few thousand dollars of Mn.
riike 1 benueit prevented a 1 ompromise Mr
ign tm that Mrs Hake intended toleno
that money to the university. He hail been
her father 1 partner and had kno in her from
childhood. He telleved thac justice demand
ed thar her wlnhps should be carried out. He
hail legal advice U. it the university hud a good
c.ieo His detcnuin ition was rniiiiil. Ho put
his foot down and the cose went on. Cornell
Iot. it was a bitter blow to Mr. Sagu Ho
built the llbnry that Mrs. FlHke s money nould
have built, and he endowed It so far is he felt
himself able He put a marble bust of Mrs.
Flnke beside the main dooniay and erected 1
tablet with a pathetic reference to tho defeat
of ber wishes, and then said he had done all he
could. Tha dedication of the library was one
of the few instances when Mr Sage ever
showed any emotion in the prencm e of others.
It was bis determination alone that fought
the battle against the sale of I ho arnell tim
ber lands In the early eighties. Ezra Cornell
om e carried thoee lands for a long time for tho
university and the burden served to break him
down in po ket and ncalth. In the early eigh
ties Cornell wis in a serious inndltlnn fluiin
cially A tine offer waa made for the choii est
part of tho timber holdings granted to the uni
versity under the Morrill land grant wh ch
President Lincoln slgntd. Mr, Sage said the
lands would Increase in value. ln,'le handed
ho battled in the Board of Trustees. He said
he would carry the university as Ezra Cornell
had done, if ne esnury He won tho tight ind
bu lived to see the property for which hundreds
of thuusands of dollars htui been offered grow
to the value of from two to 'hrce'mllllona
The 1 hief facts in Mr. "age s career have
been printed In his obituary notices His warm
fr'endship for Henry Ward Bieiher "us well
known Mr. Beoi her hail a iirlous habit of
acknowledging su h matters In an Indlrei t hut
none the los pointed way One nstani o of this
occurred in the Oartli'ld ampiiign. Mr,
Iletcher was to open the campaign in in after
noon neeih in the publli park In Ithaia, He
arrived In town tho night Before ind 1 hundred
or mure students of the (luriitld and Arthur
( luh 1 ni idcd on Mr rfoge s lawn to serenade
the Brooklyn pn'aiher. Ihey sang to him and
i lu'ered him. Mr Beei her came out on the
purili, and undir the inspiration of tho mo
ment begin to make an imiussioned speecn.
He hid spoken nearly ten minutes when Mr
igc apprani bed him, handed him his hat, and
whijpered in his ear. Mr Beeiher stopped, 1
grin spread across his face, he boned low, and
"Young gentlemen, Mrs Sage comminds me
to put on my hat to avoid 1 atchlng cold,
Turning to Mr -"agol Mr. ''age, j ou ought to
know by this tlmu that I never taku orders
from any iionian nowadays but ray lfe '
The writer of this, when a Cornell jtudent,
went to sie Mr age to get somi facts or an
article to be sent to a New York newspaper on
the Hske will i ontest. After Mr Hngehad told
what he .li.-h.ln d to have known Mr dago said
"oung man, whnt are you going to do whin
you leave hire! '
'Probably go into newspaper work. That is
one reason wby I came to you to-day I w mti'il
to get some experience in newspaper writing u
that I need not begin life on 7 a week, or some
thing Ilko that,"
Mr, Sage jumped from the chair, and, ad
vim ing toward '.he caller, thrust a Anger into
his fac e and said
"Young man, you begin work on 87 a win k.
Begin on .1, begi" on .'l, or -! 0 1 anything
That's the way Idld, and you 11 never amount
to anything unless you take what you con get
and make the most of it, '
On the outside Mr Ssgo seemed brusque and
hard. Undoubtedly ha mmdo his money by
sticking to strict business rules. Underneath
tho surface he waa gentle, generous, and sus
ceptible to sentiment to an unusual degree.
tilt frUndahips nova w arerod.
Aa4fccn ebmllsa r Caaaee riaxed ta tke
Berlla TransmHt.
Following Is another selection of games played
during the international chess tournament at
Berlin :
ncT Loruz.
wuiwia. TitrniAss. wisawib xitcnMAsv.
Vhitf Blink urtittr Di.ii.
I P-E 1 P-K a iu B-D 5 B-ll
a kt K B J Kt-q D 3 II) B Itt 4 n-Kl 3
3B-K11 Kt-ll I IIP-R3 D B J
4 rastles KtxP 3SBBS U-B J
oq-ita Kt-cj 1 uuxu Rxii
7 H X Kt KtPlll J3 pg. B 4 H-U
HPxr Kt-Kt J in ft ( K)q B B O 2
II Kt-J 4 Castles n B B 3 K-B J
10 R-O CJK in KtB , KK j
1 1 R-lt B-U 4 10 Kt-Kt I R-u Kt
14 kt-al 1 n-Kt : 3 40 Kt x P ell H X t
HP-cJRl P-WR4 IRxB R-Ut 4
14 ij-ej CJ-CJ U R-Kch k-c)J
11 KtJ I P-b a 1 1 r,b)-KiI Riiu xP
lrt H x P i x P II R- -ch k-cj i
1 17 B-K I P-ej 43 ft K)Kll Ch K-U 4
I1SP-IJBI B-l) J llipch K-O 1
lUKt-gJ Kt-cJJ 4 7 R-K P-lct3
MP-UKtl PxP 4HR-Oi.li k-h. 3
31 Kt Q Ji-BIPxP lllll-ll?eh K-Bil
aaa-Kti Q-Kt I in r Bch ic-kt 3
JIB K7 P-B7 3IRXP H-lvt 7
S4 K X P(BaiB RH ij P HI PxP
3 P-kt I Kt-K3 Mtt-Rleh K-Kt
ill kt K 1 Kt-BO o4 RiRI, KB4P-U
S7cj-Kt3 Rxkt 31 R i H R-li 7
SI Cj x kt R-B J 31 ll-kt 4 R-Kt 7
The game was lrawn.
taiio. TicmooBl.s. cno Tscuiooan.
nAlte tielt. Unite. Ol.l..
IKt-KBJ P-i)l I- B x Kt RxB
a P-O l Kt-K I! 3 Is vjK 4 R-CJ
J B-K B 4 P-K 3 IK-CJR4 O Bi
4 P-K J g Kt-CJ J 4 I'-lJ B i Rcj Kt
3QKt-q3 B-Kt 41 ct-K3 B-OS
rt B-Q I Castles 4 ll-n 4 Ull l
7 Kt K 5 P-Q B 4 II R-tt I 2 B J
J P-J B I CJ tit ! 14 It U I U-R4
R-Cl Kt P-B 1 1 i h-K I ij-cl 7
ID B If 4 vjR MH-lll j , Kt
11 R-lt P-O Kt I f v IB R-O
tiP si R 3 O-KtJ 4 iK 4 B KR1
13 Castles P-Q R I III PxP Q X it P
14CJ Ul H-cj 3nkt3 slxOch
13 ci IU Kt-B 11 HU kt OJ
HI P-K ICt 4 B-Kt J 1J P-B II k-B
17 B Kt 3 Kt K T I k-B 1 Rkt
1HIJ-R3 Kt-gJ 34K jBI K-K
ikt-BI B-VJB3 11 -k I It-KR
'.'llktxf g x Kt SclBktJ It 117
Jt kt K ' g K 1-k-ll.' Pct 3
!! g-K R-R3 11 k-Kt 1 R-R
ilK It BiO) R s 11 K I K-O 3
J I R K Kt P-Kt 3 HO Rg fl 1 R J Kt
"UPlH PxP t R-B deb K-k 1
MRxR RxR HIP-ol R-ktrtob
PlP g-Kt 4 rt I k H J Pk 4
iiP kt3 wlP 44P slicu k g
aJ p x p pip ei b g3 H-kt-ch
JU R jk g Ufl eilK ktJ HxPth
Jl R kt S g RSch K- K x P R B7ob
13 K lit 1 g R t - k k I R U 4
J I P K 4 g-B 3 e I B R 3 P B 1
J4 R K4 g-IU Til PxP ktxP
II Kt K B 3 kt x P 71 R B s ch k x R
J8 K x P kt g J 74 B K d ch Drawn
ciciRousKxu bi as i lu inorsxx. sras
nhxtr nhii.k nitiu Miu
1 P-K 4 P-K J I7g-R4 R K
a P-Q 4 P-Q 4 tIS-.t Kt3 P K4
Jkl gB3 kt KB 3 floBxP PxB
4 B-kl 3 PxP ail g R 7 ch K-B
3 ktxP QKt qj JIUlP U-KSch
0 kt KB3 3 Kl- .Jll-q3 cJR l ch
7 .t x Kt cb Kt x Kt 13 K B Q R S ch
n B Q 3 raitles -'llC-g.' g R 4c-b
a B x Kt BxB J3 P-Kt 4 OxPcb
10 Q K 1 P-B 4 in K-K a c3 K 1
It Q K I P KKt3 J" R R I B K J
1JV-ERI I) PxP JS ktR Teh K-Kt
ii cas g r g r 4 - g r c r g-K b s
14 P R i g X P 30 Kt B S on K R
13 PxP RPxP Jl K-USch k K J
10 g B 4 B Kt 1 Resigns.
axTOEa. turn vsroca. arara.
n'Alte. Bl.it'V Whitr BUck.
1 P K 4 P-K 4 1 S B g J P-Q Zt 4
I Kt KB 3 Kt QS3 13 g Kt 3 B H 4
J B-Kt 3 B kt 3 I4UXB Ji3
4 Castles KKt-KJ 118 k 3 g R Q
3 P B 3 B R I UK ft g B Kl t
P-Q 4 PxP 17 kt KJ K-Q 4
7 PxP P-Q I 1 Kt n.t J g B 3
H g R 4 Cutlet l g R J U-R
Pip g x V jo g kt J Q R J
11) Kt 8 3 g-R I a g R i
11 R K P-sl R J Draw red to.
gents's pawn orEMmcj.
atacxatrasx. racm ,ius SLac xocnsx rscniooars.
n i:e Bind JThUc Alar
1 P g 4 P-Q 4 14QKI B3KH B
Kt-K B 3 Kt-K B 3 13 Kt x Kt B x Kt
J B-B 4 P K 1 lil Kt 1C 3 B k
i g Kt-g a p-b 4 17 r k 1 g Kt 4
3 p kj Kt b j 1 g gi r b s
n p b 3 p x p 111 g h k g r-b
7 K P x P B-Q J .'II R Kt 3 g-B I
BxB QxB 11 g k 3 K R
l B Kt 3 c-anlles 11 Q Q 1 P k R 3
10 Caatles B Q 1 2J Kt-Kt 4 K-R 1
11 R K g 83 1 kt K I g k 3
1 J B x Kt BxB -13 R kt l Kr,!nJ
13 Ki K3 Kt ga
GomHb r too Bio.
Tommy West an 1 Joe Burxe-have been matched to
box twenty roun is on nex- Satunlay aUht
Fred Sliirrls. tb Qla, fc Cyclone has reen eniraged
to wlt In the training of Daee Sultlraa fir his com
Inn buttle with Piillar ' Palmer
The mate h between Dl !i Biirtn an 1 Tom Canser
wtll Te tie, ltleil at the BollnrfbniWe Cluh, Lonilon oa
O t. Thu men n 111 bcx twenty rounds ac catcb
PMer Haher si It ts uniterstcsod. has rrele,t ia
I or r in nieet Sharner ta the IV est some time next
January n 1 le thmklna sertoiwlv of mu'eptltu Of
i luurse. berore hu taXes this 4fep he will have to con
suit his manstrer
Bernarrl Premier informs Tax set from Baltimore
that he haa t' e rllnian In iiiw an 1 Is r-nlr lo lo
business for him. Pressler wan's to match riiraan
against Mvsieroils Blll "mltli or Toramy U t
j Cllman pr fers -i t ntet with West
Tut Bran the besvywelKht who Is now in Enaisnil
'i Irlkh by hlrth He Is in athl, t c hullt man ta 1
tanils 1 feet lOCj indie Rjuu left Ireiai 1 many
years ago anil went tn lire, in Atictralla when he was
a Ud iVhea he comes to tlus i ountry he will biut
' Paddy Purtell The Amerlc an boxer has lert a le
pcwlt of 10 with the Lniuiou it irflna .ie to blnii a
mate h with iaj ! 34 p-iun I man In Fact ana Purtell
has a bin ker t bo win nn 1 auy am mat if money
Purtell is w.n th mifhc if since he defeateit La hie
llhoiigti K1U MtPirtUnd and Jack Kverhanlt are
firat t cally mali lied to tlit'it at NewOrleuns McPart
an t in somewhat tlmlit an, tit jolnit 4outn wtn4 to
the se U w fevi r s, sre ihuulit thlncrs shape tnem
-Ives at!sfa. tortlv the maun will unme iff no later
than the latter part f next month
The im lltlono if the eontesr between Eiti It O nt-len
anil Prank Lnu. the nrleni sorfee c eiler are
that i til men shall tip the iSs t tl pciumts
weigh In between I anil 1 Co. k on the lay if the
mill The light I to lie dec lileit 4t the Olympic nun.
Birmingham, on ji t 2" Tie purse l to be llTtdeil.
SI iiiio to the winner an 1 8-3u to the loser
Nearly a hundred ttred aid disappointed sports
eroccned the Meehawken ferry alwiilt I o i-Iim k ye
tenlay momlniiT, after spending all Sattinlay nUht In
in effort to wlin a rtnlsli rtirht between IV ill im
Kelly known as the Hob iken Cylnne, so 1 Itugti
Mel itloiIKh The mill was aniumni ed to take pi u e
in the lm k rod n If a ter salmui near old M nlMr
Parte althouah nearly 1 Ml men were -e-ate 1 iroiiai
the limt the anno inremc nt win made th it tler was
only ( I In the house The man who ri to at t
) as referee declined to OITJi I lie aniens he was paid
for hi serelees The fluhfers ibjectel to this ind a
man was found who was w tiling to referee for noth
. Ing Kelly then claimed that there waa not enoub
money to flirht for He wanted st least 133 MeDon
onh offered to 1st the w nner take the entire re
relpu, hut this was a it latlefac tnrr M the -Cyclone,
and he left the place A col ired wrestler waa In
duced tci spar eiijbt friendly rnuDda wtth itcDoaough,
but the former made a poor showing
iiiricr to
nrusT sioitTi.it. r noxoiiotnuna
miuiotD riinriu,
Xotlre la hereby j;lven that default havtna been
mailn ta the payment of the Interest provided In the
coupons appertaining to the bonds Issued under the
First Mortsacre of the fbesaneake. )lilo and South
western Radroad Company titad January 1 ishj '
arcordtnir to the tenor and effect of such einiponii and
stiLh default havtjij; Liintlnueil for the penud of six
months after demand, the holders of a majority in
amount of the bonds outstanding under said First
itortgage hare duly elei ted an 1 exerrlse i their npttnn
on the Id day of Septemher lsi)7 that the whole ,
1 nrlni lnal nuinnv mentlnne'l In and set it re, I hv the I
wnnteof the said bonds outstanding under said First
Hortttage. tog-ther with the lnrerest art rued thereon, i
become and be const iered as forthwith due an I pay
able, and the same are ac-inrdlnitty auw due and pay
The undersigned ta prepared to pay the principal of
said bonds an i ac cried interest on presentation and
aiirren ter to him of anr outatan ling bond an I cou k
perns appertaining thereto, at his olTtc e sj , jn Broad j
way ew York
Datel few York, September I, 18B7 l
Trustee under salu First M irttiage,
fQ To Loan on Bond and Mort
Btiso Estate Funds. I
S.Vaa Rensselaer CrngeriiCo !
1H7 Fulton street.
Ue8 Broadway, cor 17th St.
WILUAVI ROBISO.f, S Sto. k Exchan I
! Stocks Jonds and Investments.
Investneot Securities a Specialty.
Haw YORK - ODnTOf Mass -
FBOVralOMS, -ua
Boaxju tail sold tor cash ox oa ntargla.
rfU-SlSlliceh-1lyFr..,lWIUfc ec
at BnniDniY, ikw ioiik.
Tftml-r of lb rvr Turk lnrl Rtrhnnfff.
IUm-cIth Kvonnr aad (lepiwltn of Urmn laiilvi ttiftl,
Ac AQt Uiuw Interest on lllr hiii.trii 14
Buy atmt ufi.r cub, or rarry m m.ir-tfn At low
wt rat" if lntirMt oa tlaf Nw irk PMUitHnhta,
Doton .tn I lii('34?u 3n.k Excbanti, "totlti UoqiIa,
drain. Cotton, Ac
llranrh Ofllrfi HtttTmitn lltu,
Mtmbtn Aese York Stock Exensaf.
1 N-usSsiii Street, Cor Wall
Maraln rcoants. InTestmrnt lecarltles.
Tslspllone .N is. US' aa 1 41jI orUM.lt
tliciarnds anil Jntcttit.
nKKIlllsalllltHI.KIT lt.II.4 0 ,
Olllc e r the Kei elser.
NKn JRK septenilier ii ll)"
The coupons lue January 1 l"ii3 fnm the f illow
tnit namel bout win be paid in anlsfter h tober
1 is at the i base Nat nun din N-w Y irk witi
Inti rest thereon ll -he rale f stXPCRCLNT per
ann im fn m late of maturity
rlrst an I -i tun 1 Extenslou 7 percent bonis, dated
1HM sxtendc 1 SM!
-ie ond It irtctae 7 per cent bon Is lue January I,
ISST renewed
First Murttfaiie Tennessee Dir slnn 40 year 7 per
cent bou is
Consolidated Mirt?uc U) reir 7 percent bonis
llllHHSM llwlUU. 1).1..
HKM1U H.S i "ee""""
triSTUfiBDlsl HI.KI TIII4 .t If re. CO ,
IM B way. New Y irk. V -ept 11. 117
At a m etln of the Board ot LMrecti'fs of this Com
panr hell this das It was
RKfcOLVfcD That i viarterlT dlvlclon 1 of ONE IND
THRHCyl VRTaR PER chNT lt per cent upon
the Preferred stock of the mil uany be dec tared
payable on ixt 1, ! 7 to stcs.klolders ot record
and that the transfer books for th Inferr 1 Mm k
be closed on sept J7 1U7 it I I lit k F H., and
openeit on Oct. 1. ts7 st 10 o uliick V M
PH FhRD KOBBE. Treasurer
cniisi.il, no.K 1st inii nii ptTiyic
niiLwii iutip(.
ClUCl ept Hi 197
A dlslden ! of one dollar per soar will ne paid No
vember 1st next to tbssnareuotders it thlscunipanr s
stoi k. n itistered ou the closliiu; if the Transfer bi oks
The Transfer books will be close I on the 1st lay of
Oc t jber, and reopened un the I th 1 ty of Oetuber,
ls- W s Pe'Ri Treasurer
title bl iniiTCi: nn ritisr iu.
US BRc IDWII NEW YORK ept. it 11(17.
ha been this day teclare 1 by the B ispl of Trustees,
payable let ber I, ls- to st k ilders of rtvorl
on the closlntofthe traoafer booas it 1 P 51 in
SyfiiOier J i The book will be opened at 10 A M ,
Sfe EDWARD 0 STVNLE Treasurer
Sl llroaa atreet.
The Board of Trustees hase de 1 irel the usual quar
terly dlTllend of ONE ODONK HlLF PER TENT,
payable to .tin-khoiders of re-ord on Oi tober llth
next The Transfer Booxa wtll rlose October 1 and
reopen ixtoher 1 1
-10CPON NtfllBKRTWO tromthe Oharleston anl
V. estern Carolina Railway company tlrit mort
gaire b,)nd lue lli tober 1st next, w 11 be pul 1 ou and
after that date at the Cb Me National Bank New Y irk
City W AC EWEN Mce-President.
ButTala ItallTtay CtiatMaj, a Per Ceist. De
bentures. Coupons on tne above, maturing Oct 1. l-H7,
will be paid on and af-er that late at the fnce of
CCYLER. aOROAN t CO . 14 Plae at Now Y iri
Vanttd .f 'malts.
Harlem Branch
" A FANCY FEATHERS Exprrtr.nctf-1 meri
- nJ blrl m piintem work fn oat
HEilH ClSZarRii ill Bpesvlwar
TVKr(jr DEH.S Expr1en.f-t hal foUr. bunl
Sf smther. nl Et,lut mjlne e.j..r
W 1T1H. I I Fulton t.
IPEBIFNCPD n vNDSon -wwln-r machIn- CU1 '
11 -. KIRcH UF"r CO 337 3J tlronawftj
EXPERIENCED GIRL on Smyth tamk. vTlng m
chi at- JU Lafayette pi-vv
FIRST CLASfoII coanl tsrwr onts that naJer
UuiJa at sit Inn upeompIlct.til w rn
M.BFRS Jonnt
STRICH 7E 1TUEHS O jh! eu-lra waatl, atetUf
wrJe anl -,on4 p work .rtven out
THOS H WOODttO. tiil Bmalway
OSTPICH FE VTHFRfl Pnpf?m anl wwen on
CHtu .inu p.ani-"t -too! pit -.tly work
RO EN1U!F BRO. lBmitjKi
PAPER BOIEa Exprtenevi haada on rfiun work
an t man on trlu thl
LOCXS H-a.ClCR.3l3,Veit!th t
3amfu Scrvanttf Wantftl.
fifl vMfeERMAlD. f rtxiks ..0 to 4 w llh
iv fD L a.0. Sweilh laiin ir"-w waitr-ssfj.
Udlri OTdi Fri-n u anl (trr-nan nurssfa it rentals,
-Jhiwwh ami tron hit brcm-J Is Mn L. SKFI V
hMPLOYMENT BL'PEiI 4- we id t irvaau
ntrant , 13 J Qth ar ,
'ffantrd St ale 5 Illecttanics. $c. '
I !
CPU tS MFETTN"0 of tamp4-n to-morrow nUht
-v l uitneiia of taiportaa. nitlnti; at 10 P M
all loin.
'ASFD V .fTit .foorman non-tior 4iT Eat
-amrd WXAlts i-XtscftUueau.
BTTLFRS won l Tin number f i-ranta waat
tmmi luts-lr Mrs L 1FFIVS Emplnynirnt Bu
ra H W-iit ti 1 it 9ranto i-nrnnrf l3J !ta av
JPtrst-tTlasi Tiflp -f emalrtf. ,
r'HiMPETEN r cook. waTi ?u tint laaa refer
trrwiH M B box Irtl Sun uptown oft1c, jjr.3 '
Droann ay
rUC iMBERM MD B-it rtty rrfrence S4.fi. thaV
"'! MBERMTlDTnTlTMa7awTr 47 rthar
(iOK Thomutfhly comptent ffonj! city reference"
;o 4th a
1'XPl- IUESi"FD7iipM wlahchar of urntlfniaa
j placn iinttjntu. 1 Uorspt, poultry A goo 1 ac
repair, low wo- f jrtol homi r'fi-rm i
IRTIC 3 Et U t it
P"N rTIiIt proi"tant hamhttrm iM anil an.itr--iej j
j ihr v-4r rMftTrfni' II L-, bt Wm Sunup
town HT). i' 1 Ji.i nroalway .
P"lRrtTCIVS v.hanba-rmit.1, wllRnkt to amtltt -lth !
itlii r rk city rft-rwi e A C bor Hi 3un
uptiiw i offlcn lio3 Broailway
FRFN H nr f tr arowin cblMr-n thr yiarn'
r-frfniH A C , box 130 Sua uptown ornie 1,145
IRL of 0rman parntait, 1H yta- of atfi wlabi
" J a pi ultl n ilo hniinw(rk or mlnl rhtlitrn Ad
itriw Mim TIRKORT. Ill'lmr, Sw Torfcclty
Lit NDRESS -FlritclMt hirt, cuff anl collar
irnnr city nfrenc) E. I, box, 1J7 Sun up
town ifflii1 1 i4o Broa Iway
Miir ami iamjtrj City rerersnen. 11 wipit
Sti W niai, hat city rfarcci L. R-, box lil
Sun uptown office
ilTRESa ThoroiwblT comptT.t 7ooI rt
i-rfncej M D , box 14 Sun uptown ofltt-r, 1343
-trot-CIa "Belp BXales.
VOC;NiJMAV 1-yiin t-jf gtMUl lOnoizrapbtrr
anl typwrltr R4mlDtft.''n llri ponithm In
a ilnt la bualnpM ho in whero hn can makif blm
tlf rurally uitfful can 1 ii if fnm i-i m m
ability and character Mr"H nOSE-ST box 177
sun JiTlCf,
Tr ST IJARTHOLoMKVt S rmplOTmnnt Buraau,
- ..Ou Earn ltt t 4t raplnyieii for m.-r haou
manufai turcn h it. n4 pfvato faiiilllti refer
encw lartiifitail
VuCV(J yiKS liHlm ptMttton m waiuhmaiT,
hljnibr or porter hjil yta of oipwrltuce
tcaiy an 1 ntllahlc an furoUJi A So 1 n fi-p'Oifd
InitUHtiioua au 1 onipteut. LFu LaSK Um Wuhtntr
too at , Brooklyn N V
VDVERTISIVi A youmrTnan of allllty aol x"
pcrleniii (u thH 'n ilfitnt-t a situation with an
al"n y tan fut olh "o 1 nfrtn i
X V Z, box 114 Sin offl.r
BT acolnril mtn, pak1ntc Frnm u, iWmaa ant
lanUb it Hi ir b-M. tinoct uplc l ban 40ml
rffwrtrii w uil tiki r hane from pretnt poul
tlou on a inr f Ionic hour ror a prmancnt ptiun
lnitrygol trm ir Urs omtn bu Mln a asai.tan?
portnr r icfil roan Allr L P , box 1HU 3un
uptown oiT.1 IWi nrotnlwiy
IIMTPF prtor lflira xituaTlon union com
J pctftiC to t ike harit f nm. hln1 A Mrmi
L1VOTYPE hnx 14i)iim iWcf
gT" " iin In liniiiH very rfooii Mty rfcrFaci
wk 31 B, box 131 sun uptown oOlce,
j,i, H iaitw iy
.NrED A poattloa with om larttt hmlnitM
iiiiiwi or bank youtur man i J yeari of aim hia
,i v y an btu.lna rxi)rioi can furnUh Al
u livhi wiin oartut n Ity Ir willing anil
qimI Ailtirira FUTHFrL, box 3l0 iun omrtf
11 -HT HORAE RnilFR, four h n ErlaT eciclnri'
I Jimn tw u -j uidkii ukmi 1 U tn 1 ?X(r-H-nt tia
mIdii alao -itjtlnii" pulltiyt, hantjen, Utltlotf 4uil
a nmw D box liO unonitti
1 Cat Rifh nutcklZ al for Book, '(nventloua Want
OBI nibUyea." Edjfr Tat To . J43 Bmailway, V
"OATEUrS fur tnTntlona pncurl uroiuptlyi low
l mm. 1WED1H i BUIBaiC, daiKaaaUitf.X. y
I sCiUbiuatq loft,
Ai.Jr.' ft, ke(vjale.s ,Xtf k,.i,-$AMIl JKflr)ltlL
.Sflrrt 2osr.
Harlem Branch
119 west i25th street
ht.-l Mtltt.
El'nantly f1rni911.il mom anl bitanl all conven
)OU "T I 7 FST "Vcw EmtianT it ir bu moil
-.O tw prlc-il ruonui, lar-r ami imill, bountiful
I tat ti nfnrnct
O Til st i WKMT Hanl-omely rurniiheil
O t rooms, singly jr en -mite ex 1 ilent boarl rf
QJ.TH ST il EST -siomffliw lniv ir"en
Kjrr sin ir f mrth torv mom iltabb for itintlfmin
ins"l! T 71 VfT-L.lT wtll taki baby to
LVO boanl from 4 mouth to 1 yean R0OEK3
uruwlua Uoms A nartmenta to 5et
r.amt xiilf.
VLR5E fnralRhc! nm lo lt In prtTate hous
iln-rte) 13-M Lrxln4tin it
fMrKSlTY PL V. b, l,opp. AltrTlvlUFlnStcin
v tjuan Lai- Hntly furaihi 1 rootna, connei t
to- irlnrflc all nvinlincfi .vutlfmen
LMVEltoXr"pLArh anil"""ailitnicton square.
O Han Itomuly fnrniahol room 10 Itft, with baths,
tVfor iici.
GREENWICH ?T 1IH -Rooms 30c n(git, 3 iip
wart weokly t-u tallv pap-r reailinc room
irr asrii it. '
FurnJtthM room for Katlcmn rfirffncea.
t f TH 9T 3J W EYT -Satly furnJ-Jhe.lTarat room.
x alio h-ill room moijern Improvement meal
opn ual ternn mottirat- Owner.
30I -T , U WFST -con 1 n,Hir bath TulteTwTth
O prirato bath single room, buarj optional nt
ru n
O 1 ni stTT7 WKt -Han.IomeIy f irntshMt law
0T f r nt PHitn for onrt or two gentiem n, ample
i low u bath a.lJolnln
OQ1 H T- 1 1 fcM" -Elegant Urne room, ultabl
Ou for one ortwo smtWrntn, tooU location, rafer
eacvH iiecg
SiAiS and oartmmt 1X0 let.
" 3AND4
S75 A MOiNTH and Upwards.
Splendid location for convenience
and health I Sth or H9th St, , between
7th and Sth As. Easily and quickly
reached by Elevated or Cable Roadb.
Every modern improvement hand
somely decorated latest style gas fix
tures ' perfect sanitary plumbing.
Spacious courtyards in the rear and
special entrances ror tradesmen. Most
approved methods tor removing gar
bage. Neighborhood restricted to "pri
vate houses, inunn satbtactorv sur
roundings. Whv live longer in high
priced, uncomfortable apartments 3
Real Estate,
lit WEST 13eVTH ST
Miiiihou A' . E. Cor. 4Jolh St.
Attra tlvt apartm ntJ larg ind 4 mall, now ready
for jerupany
Th butlltntr ts Ttrtuilly nw harlmr been r.t?ntly
rebuilt nta n enry moilern lmprtennnt and
rnMnvo. f Tht apartmau ar vlthojt kltrn
ta A flrst claa reitaartnt 1- malntanl In the
nou for th nr of tijnanti therb -artn tht-rn
mui h care and trouble Plan.i and full particulars as
the ode of
l39"5) I MaJnon Ae
$22.00 tO$25.00-
Sanitary Apartments.
Six roojis an 1 bith hardwood j-namel l-athji,
anltarr plumbing nlci-Jr lo)ratid,
with -'rtih.nit itai i h-it
atfa tiT for inail famillrsi
JAMZSR.H4V 7 Wall it nr "VI W rnt Hth t.
"a,,-SbdLE3 .aL."r t iQ3j7
7TII . IIKIK. 10RKtl II1TI3 r.
Nw larip iisth:. airy roomi beautiful view of
pi t ixf ii inrnl Pirk -kctr,c lUht eleTaror
ard all nntf ra cu nt n.e nauoQl" from tl,l4D
to SI JnO n an 1 latht roim in l hath
WamhinsMn viar- 'ith sen moim and batbt
aJl lirfht rfirni r ilrl eJsnltjr
VPMITMENT infurnltbi -iS 7:h ar nrarSsith
i , v n r joniii inlh ith no Hjht thaft or lark
reOmi r-itrii vl t pit it famlll Mr JONES
P'lnvri I vs rtit jf uut r "nLiTT ith-bmlert
l in rT hail r i 4tim hat n 1 all Imrrov
mnti ivtv riiom ha-t ltrct I gm p Iy t Janiti r
on pr mivi l 'Vtt - d it
rV I ET Apann tnt of lx lUht larj pwmi in
j I traliy lifct i -i"m1t 34th tt .pply J inltor
T I Til ST. -o ElVT To ba-aatifil Ilhc tlooi-s
01 riom all lmproviniiat K"nt : and a 17.
ifD "T it - r -5T Dhi ntel ilnjlt ilata, in
) room. . batx all lTiproemnt iJ S-"" Apply
Jntt )r
: r'"111" JJ1 IAT Rpa tahlflatrilTi lx
j I 4 rx)nn1 bath 1 iiproi-niinr fid fo 8-0
Qwni iT T.-M t-vsT Utr-u ttT Put I nxrnid,
0 ? inth raur aai private ba 1 5io-Il -o
J nltor
TII ST 24 tAST tpartnifnts of tbra" and
mmJ four rooms all Uibt ro inu cheap rat
urnifbed f lit Za Zct.
P-ATS .ND iPKRTMEVTs iinfiirnM1!! fum'ihM,
In lfhlrat W u ul m- rnt $40 to t mo
rOLnOM BR jTHFUn 13 Broadway
OOf NKW rlaM n wijr furnish' d six room and
jOl u bath i'iptl maily rin Vpply 31 WiMit
U a -it orJ H. H tV 7 V ail t rffrn "
! Htnfurmstied Saoras Wanted.
'Orr I ADY mpIoyd lIra rr or two un
rami hi 1 roums, Ix Usrron to "th Htn t 3"th
t E JI 1 ii Lxlncton
Unfurct5lifd Houses To 1tX.
1 OJ.TIC T . Ii FaT Thrci-tory I rownatone
l-t hotian rent f'.o Apply for k(y at IdO
Jtrellinfl maxt Sti Ett (City.
DSMR18LF HOUSES fnrnlAbwl and iiBfnrnUb!,
In drrilrabin 101 ation rnt f 1 jdo to td noo
I-uLaulI Bt-oniEP iJ3 Broadway
Ca let for Businrs Purpose.
141 & 143 FIFTH AVE.,
near 21st Street.
In this oevr ind hanclsoma tiroproof butlillnar;
all improvements, passcniTer iml frelitht eln
raturs. ThcsD are sxcre.llntflj lluhc lofts.
umiiuns li, siom.
far purtirucir, apply to
117 1th Its. ncsar iilth at.
Nat. Bank" of Commerce Biding
Xassnu 5c Cedar St.
Tbn r'mslnlnir suite of offlcrs, situated on
the third floor. Is offered for rent at a reason
able rati-, suitable for a corporation or similar
occupation. Will be divided to suit. Llrht si
teptlonullr Brood,
CF.O. It. Ill: All, Agent,
) 01J!EsT..
4 T 5 1 MCHRaT iT a. rtTs-storr bulldlnii to let!
I X lmmedlat posse salon
BCt.AND at WHm'Ks 3 Bsslcmanit.
BCH.Dt.VOS stnn-s Iclfu, offlcea, and ttudloa to let
tn dralrahla lis atlcma
. FUtOit BUOTnZBS.jJa Broadway
i O man si , ni ar iliil I rent tl iuni
lULAMD t WIIUISH aBc-ltman
Watches aud Jturtlciji.
ou DUJluNDu WATinES call ir a I
Mrklr dresa WATCH St m.Y CO IMaldi-n
laj raeue. Iauc, rixjin it All oud uai-auie.cL
gusin!3i ghances.
PBINTIXO At a fjw hours' notlno. 10,000 clrcu
lara. lit cants and blllluada. 40a par X.000. KD
Oava Frtntln and StaUoaerr Co., Oil vrast JU st.
jRrat iffjtate at Sale Xonn isnA 1
5 ACRES FOR $150. II 1
At P-itUiiiif anl Milfirl L I essr terms. JW i
purnici th in I p K r pirtknlan all or writs ta flSj A
) I il IHH KE i.jn.1 mil tnsestment i ompanr, fit' a
STn 1T"C Bri. way N -w York 3j tn
Rt3l estate -fot sale Btuartlga. jl w
Lori At lown t m nthly AJno up buy no. 'fE m
R. K CItAl.i ll4ttlcaway a and Cauanli H. B. $m C
crnnsttipt bran h oftli i 11 J
, if A-
Ileal i? state .far Sale. :
'TO RKVT nit F Ml s it F -Fine dwelllnn with ei IB
I ti-nslnn M"ai n I W'st mtn st r nt II lilil, fi
4,iply n i rinii's s m to 3 to tie sctn sunctayti tK
tluss to iVntral Parte ist sw
I M Ml- UOMLD. 17HEniadway IK4'
ot ale at tfjcchanrie. m
EiR ILF nil Fi U4N ,E -ctnoof the most roiTH Srn "s
jlet sur urhan bciniis in tbe market Iciiataiaa .
i Nc rwailc, i mm in hour fnini New ork hoiisetias m
escry ni ulern ouseuien e and wjs nu It vi itboul 4m
renarl to list by lay s work It ts elosn to depot IB j
cbools hun be u and uut slinrt aisiauc?e froni ?M
Stmnd 1 atbln bcac h lrflltlllrtartll iilirsspply tsi st
11 BK4DLF t'Ubl allun oRlc-e Tbe Sun. Ji
IM j
Ural estate J'ar Sale iSitg. Bj
"T"l VND T I Ea,t i t st tnterti an bawmriit rest vH i
J 1 lem.es tsuliM J Dentley S.ilkr, HOB ways "!'
Ileal estate -for ale Countttu H t
' - m '
r 4i KFTlltfK F4BJ1 me hour from Pbtudelphtss SB
sJcimTenlcut to t to vns and tw Itrrsreut rail B J
pals for onlv SU lown tl ' wwkly bo 4B
Inteivst N-iutlfu b Itualed Inde'lrablnlcs illly rlctt I V
karili n soil purs. t water Ileal c Urn te tit'mediats)
possesion W rite or c.all. BlsLh 1 1 i hamlwraatwww,; iiiuajapiaV
m..iiimi.ivG&3FF iJ?BI
Should bo rad DAII br all laterntit a chant
may ntur t an time 'X X
toi-lJU mailn forth) wf-knllniXt -. 1j7. will T
clow PROilKrL m alLawtrtiat thu enral Poal A :
uQn f Jilon I Ki fc.r iOMT M VILA 0e oam f
hour earlier than tlotli 4 tltn inown b low J.
WErFP t 7 . 31 tntplenifutary fl A. at) J
forFrili'Pfc., ir st aruhlp 1'arli via ,outhamp- H
ton lttt-r fir IrHanl uiut t- 11rctMi ' pr ift I
I arli at tf A 'I for UfcUtlM direct, pr S'
tr niiihlp "-oithwirlc vl t Vntwwrp ?tfr muat S A
b d rH tiM p r otuhwartt at A M mppl- , 5
Dt-ntary I ) JU H for H. HOPE per steamship 4 4"
1 IJ sti Md. (,Uiiatjnu jIbM 41,
Till K-L V - Vt 4. Jo v M forET 1 opt. pr steam- Wm $
hip KjImct tlb-Iin dr Oni- vta Plymouth l
aniOretnen lett r must t llrwtfd p r Kalar &?
Xllbtm der (tro- at 5 io M for EC S
R IE. per sti-amsnip Columbia t Plrmouth Mm $J
Ch r ounr. anlilambur at M f rNETHEIl- !
LANUdlrM.t per tteamiMp Elani via mstf smm
dam i letters mumb) dlrm trnl perEilam'i
SATLRD -Mil M for tRlNCE. &W1T2K1V d
EiPT and HKITWH INDl V. pr wteamihlp l Ji
tnatupatia" UHvre letter for tn-rparof iSW 3
Kur)p must tif 11 rw t I (e La t bimvan")t .xl v
at ri 10 V M f r Hlt"Pt pr st-annhlp Lu- WjbI ll
.anli !a .JU. nst "u letter for Frtnv Swltx- H 1
erland I ily St-' n I irtiuat rurker Lttypt.anit $B V
linr sh lu It 1 must 1 lirtitel ir Lucanla ; j&BBk -,1
at - V 31 fr NLrHfc!JL..pN Hr-tt pr staun l
hip po-i-n lam, Tia Knurrdim lettert must b Wt !
dire ted per ptantdan at 4, M for hB 1
iil'H per steamnlp Viler letters ntuit b B i
dt e tt-d per Mier at 1 1 3L for NORWAY A
Jimt per s'eaiiLshlp wnerlta vletten muat bm I&B -v
dlrei.tl per VinerUa 1W -H
PRINTED MVTTER. c .rman ttemmen aalltnt B f'
ou Tu-iays take 1 rtatf 1 Matter. Ac. for 0r- $"B "
many an: telallj V 1 lr-.vd Printed Matter, $B s
Ac fr othr parts of r irope American ami S"B
W hlte tar tKanten on W dnesdars German
steameri ou Thjrslajn and Cunarl French and -Si
iit-naa steamers on atunlars take Prtntsftft &fll
Matter A f r all lountrU fur which they mxm Wwi J
adertiac l to .arry mill aff V
After the cloitlnic of the supplementary Transatlantta B)?
MtlU natal aUve vlimonal suppleniantaxv sbbB
ma U ar penelon tre piers of the Vmerkan bB
fc.ntisn tren h .and ijerman sttantt-m and rv- ilHf
ma n pen until within Ten 31 mate of tho hourosf $mi
sa:lltio: teamr AtBBT .
V ET I N L Its At, & ff
MfNpv VtltP M frbhUZF.Pmi.TO CORTEX J?,B
an 1 itC VT t 3IALV, ter teamerfoni Now orleaaa, bB
TtJlsUl t l 31 fr BRAZIU per steamship mH
Miiald na Pen a in bu o and "antuH letters for vIIbB
N rth Brazil mu be tinted pvr Amain')! bbbu
MP 31 r jrtitT P1CV, per sti amer from Jftw IbbW t
Or lean- ai K 1' M r.T JAMAICA, per steamer .-'aB '
tr m n ton NH
WKIjNESDW At 1 P 31 for CCUA. persteamaM .-Bf
orizaoa. vta Havana "vB
TUCRaDW -At 2 to V M for PORT NTOMO.pe .b
steam r tr m Htn alelphla at 10 V suppl- vB
ment ry ll V 31 fr LhTRAL MFKICA (tx ?sB
tetCuitaKta jnlOCTHl VflFIC PORTS. pT $&
iteamhlp tluau e, ta . oioq letters for Goal itB
t!ii.4munil lireiteil per Hnanc?"i.at 10 A. 31. Jtsbbv
for VNTlA.o Dl rlv per steamship aaa OBB
.uitln letters fur Venectsela and Colombia mrxit 1B
r- ilrvit-! prsan vuitlu Imm a
FBIDV t .Jl K 31 a rNt.WrOCVDL-s.ND, p nP,;
ot unship lie nan cr m h Lav-Ulpnia. -JSr
BATCiiDW WU 1 v n -polementary 10 A. 32.) fH;
f r -T TH 31 is ST . R AX. LZLW ARD aa4 $(mmJt
UINDUP.D lLNj r temhlp Ma4llan lBl
letttr f ir or nala, frm lat and Tobso mul JB
le lirefl (erJUMjni at HI s M (upcle- JaBl
men irv iim M for FuRTCNE ISLAND, faB
JVMVP V, -a.VNILLV and ORr TOW N, per "B
te.u nH Vllfunany ier.r for Ctta P ca must rfl
tedirvtel pr ilehbany" at 10 A 21 iap WH
plen.etti-v 1 mi v 31 fr HAITI tu Port aa 4m
u Pnn t petit ijnuTi and Ji-remie alto CAR CB
THVdFNV inr iteam-hU Vnde at 10 Jo A M. 'ttmm
fir I VMPFCIIF HIVPV 1 VI lCO, and YU- rf'B
CVTN ir trat ttup H 1 in ettt r for other rsB
P rti jf M xl o a: If ir uiamu-tlv Ir tedpr XlaS
'1 u j in at - 1 31 f r "T I IF11PE 31IQUB- rVB
L' n it-r steamer frim North "v iney B
Hails for NewfounllanI by ml to Halifax and B
thf-n ch tt m-r t 1 e t th )iT.t iu Iv it 30 i3lB
P 3! 31 vil- t r M 1 el. n t rati o B.-coa and M
I ni' n tea irr 1 sr at thn on e fijlly at sB
1 1 1" M. Mallt f rCu ia lo at thti itnrvtla!' 'i'B
At 31 f r f r-irdtT, bv teauiers alllnj Bl
31 nla-nlT ur w fro 1 P ?r Tampd, Ta. iw'BI '
tettir n.aiN for 31 xl liy overlaai un'i-a bB
s.i ul y ad Ire- t for ispat h I y te in.rr clo isBi
at tils iTc lallv at W 0 H pier tr 4 at aH
u 0 v 31 I Retc atcr! malls cioe at rt 00 I 3L Bi
previous 'jv V!H
trvns p.. irrc iir CbB
Mall- for 1 biui Ji m anl i.wi I p r steamship bbk
I ly of Pkln. fr ni ian Fran u cio-e her PbbbI
daily up tn r .nitrt )ip M 3Iatls f jr Htv lB
wail ar stem slur siiitrala (from n Fran iKBI
civ .. i - t.-rr U1J up ti ts-pt JJto.30 "SB
P 31 3Iai.A f r blna anl Japan pclally ad- B
iir iiel mtr per taroship Fti pt tj of India bbI
from V m u r t e here- dily up toOit 14 bH
t i lip t 31 I1m f r mtrini eneit thoaa JaB
f r e.t viitrti whli h are forvarled 1 iB
Fur 1- Ni-w Zealanl Haw .11 tljt aud v C"B
mi an Ni in Is rer i-Hmiti.p 31 ana frum aa bb1
Fran si 1 h here lallr uptoijr 1-it 7 30 3rfl
M I I v 31 an t to 31 or on arrival al B
Ne v . r f st aniihlp Tampanla with Brit lab) SjisB
mn Is r r 1 11 e ill 1 Mlis t )r ( hira and J at an, m
p r it etuis ti it rti r m Ta.oma l(e h-r H
.a , n D-M il it ft loP M 31 it s for A us- VbB
traut ei p W st ViiJitrills n" 7 a I and. 'SbB
II p il ird rtJ1 Nurds, per tteamsblp 3(lf went tLmm
j f 11 in 1 uver 1 re da Iy after Oct t9 -iSLm
ar 1 no h.m 1 1 at h MP 31 3(sl a for the "t '9bV
elt t Iilan Is pfrhlpLliy of Pacettl from Ssa H
FranLiHO clutie b.rt lajly uptoOt J5 at rt 10 ifR
Trans p-utrt malls ir forwarded to port of sail- 5B
lnc da ly an 1 the s beilule of rlotn,x Is arranged oa bB
th- prsuntptl n f their unlnterrupteit overlxml bB
transit R ittti re 1 mail 1 Ii-i at P M previous) llH
day liKNFLXLS Van CijTT Potmutrr &Si
Post Offlee N.jw ork N -ept .'4, liU7 IflB
3iUatcau gB
VrK'-IT'. t- Till ITY Ir Nt-U 1 k 31KUI- "B
D(-r hH ,1- MrN 1 i D Dtt JtINulr uaa leea HB
j longer eit it lUn- t an 1 h ts naal m re expr eno tnaa tH
1 any tthr aiHertllUtt pttviUian ilty paper pruva 11B
tru Ul r hU nu -tin treat ueut t le. and skta vJB
It sew t pains m 1 1 nei rd spota 'ore thro it -ml JB
moutn ul ept i utnf ul iw-Uinrf ktilney an. blaaldar B
I lomptatnu al ttnr irnlanmwiiiiax, sirivfl unlevui al
ope 1 trans weaa 1 a It, li nt vitality ire 4peed.ty,p-r ''iVB
n ai e uii ( ore 1 Men about t in irry sti ul 1 eoqsult ulsB
ll DL nRlNDLF fery uitpedunent rihiovl, m.
"i lfTen r 1 i t a.sr tt 1 e vlltln4 lssstllfiij piiysl- ilB
i clan itemeiitbr uLD toll utUNDIE never faila.
orI F VU 1 hltA it 171 w st Uthst r. H
twifi, dttl an 1 7tlt av AMu "ree Me thine $1, jH
Houn v ta) y Sundays Jt I Noinarti iiilnsjcared. sbbbbI
VIULIfV m tutbrt elehrarel IUIUtt MesIK al la- HB
aUitur wherym tu nitnlt the create, t hlotwt FB
au I nerv, upetiiltL i tne v rl 1 free t rliarsB. "!&B
1 rty ye irt spei ut tu In aii prlvtn ittieaites of uipb, wIB
s. Hill Wit l llf 111 fi 14V ll( blito pillsDjnUtfa iiJB
prtm iry -e 1 n tar 111 1 tertiar i r inently l in Ji ffiB
1 tiheri skiu lii u ko thr at mo it 11 an I hea4 KlB
I pan ul s'llnu hi 1 1 1 r l.i.ry lneaiel out. oB
I plmplei hiuu he toy lufidtbe rm dy fjr ntrvuj iifBI
jeblilt Aeuaueosi f h iiy an 1 mln 1 vjrlrtci7le, ,'lj
weak uideviT p i ,rj ins up 1 in atsi to marrt in m,
ll u rf t re I 1 ear in mm 1 pra tlce make p A
fei t tho)tan Is irdrirU 1 trae li w te (haa ;
an ti r Uiiot fbe ( tllrtT Mtdi a liwti- W.
tute t1rt it. sue nr jnl tieape t llEtldtk Wt
st near id av New ,ra n har" unless curea M
hour 1 to l iun lavs In In let
II II UII f-ltFl, It fenrv pe iBllaMn dl m
. eajra mf mmn on It tidti . penuanHututirt ia af
anteed lu li m uen jr in in y refundHti Blool pole i
son tikln Jtseavei ai p. y ir ulad ter trout le weaa JS
I ciin a rv ia 1 I tl!t rri r it y ath bud dreajjia, &
weaa uu le 1 ,e( JTifiiu in tdi iienu t) marnee y.
I le p w s. m-ult tl mlr i 1 i tall"t in this) i
lty ultl -r I -Mr at t 1- wt 1 7th st near IK
Tu u iu i i II i ir i i i simlas j to J sntene m
i tin treatment udiiUefre MllttnH mlyS'c f
I -.- -ll II KKNT I'KKlllUH l KB jj
I In duea.se )f in n U.1.1 r u isen l cite t relief at 5
nut tnos i siriiisr n v 1nt ions ne it rt tr at w.
nu nt iu m l a I Hie li iUnx sue tallat Dr frm ivir, 4
I iT c -, i -t u i I 1 1 -si; lay Mo I ja
P HiiNi pi ti" litis.'.,' t rw i'thsf nr J?
U ay vli import in t a matron, trained
nurses -' jv
?rapoal4. m
1ttipi L rtill t r teived t the H'treau of iup
his au I i m uiLn Navy D partmeut t u u ajL
tun y ltd l. k niMJii it -i i and Tf
pili iy ue I Liu innately there ft r tt t im x Jg
at the Nttvy VaM VV yniuirft n D C a juantu tt aj
ti c r,uu tioi4i uail st-rews ue ,um er ia S
nt Mipper Uit si tin tub .fiut au 1 steel tubtotf. W
tank prop suds will ) furntatud uptm applicatloa f?
lolha Svy Vanl Waaalnnton. D C. orto thj Uuro fr
EDWIN arii'.VAJtr, Paymaatar CrtQsral, 17, ft. &
aUltV7 i
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