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if I THE SUNSATURDAY, OCTOBEft SO, 1897. " i ll
ifv becretart a age sunvm ins
'J , It Prapasea In ne-duce llin .nernnn"nl' Dm
f ' innntl llblliKtlimi, nnd In Amend the
J national Hanking set In Present Ibj
I I'litn-crnnrr lontrarllein nr ihr Currency.
I f, Wamiivotov, Oct. 20 Secretary of the Treas.
I ' tiry tlngo lo do) formnll) submitted to llio Cnb-
I i (not tho plan of currency reform upon which lie
' f has been hnrd nt work for several weeks. At
i )t one or two previous meetings of tho Cabinet
y Mr. (inc.o has talked at length with tho l'rcsl-
Uf , flrnt nnd liin colleagues In nn Informal wnj
fi about his pro oscd llnaiuial recommendations.
J At llnlr suggestion liu prcsintcJ to day In
f writing his iimiplctcd schemo for approval. In
antlclputluii nf making It a part of Ills nnnual
trport to Congress. Mr. Ourcs.ijs
1 "In their respective annual reports to Con-
1! J Bros nij pn.iti lessors, slnco the closo of the
H l late war, hnvn called attention with unfailing
if I regularity to ihumenate to tho public credit oc-
111 casloncl lt tin) cnntlnueil use of tho largo vol-
I I ) tinio of iliiiiinml liabilities represented by tho
H 1 ).j(,iil tender notes, and h no constant!) appealed
H 11 for sin h Ic-islatlio action na would rimnvo llio
HJI dangers pointed nut. Uthough these warnings
H( Ul and npp lis havo not as jet met with tho
S-QI rcsponsivo action that their serious nnturo
WuH justifies. It Is not the. part of wisdom
mHI now to ignore or pass th'in by. In fact, nil tho
H reasons upon which thesi warnings and nppenls
1) were biscd liaro rerilved additiunal forco ns
Fl time bus gono on. 1 hn enormous depreciation
aBfL In tho conimerclal Taluo of sll or as compared
1 with cold has greatly Incroasod tho financial
jHl responsibilities of the Government In Its do-
19 maml llabllitiis.nndnll thologlcnl consequences
HjB of the fact should be boldly faced.
Bgfj "Under tho net of 1878, requiring tho pur-
Ijj chase and coinage of silver, supplemented and
j Jl enlarged is tint net was bv tho so-called Shcr
13 mm net of 18UO, thorn vvero outstanding Juno
All 30, 1W7, the sum of $'l88,8T.r l(!2 In silver dob
f lars, or certificates of deposit representing them.
.HE'! Under Ihontt of 1"'.)0 there wcro also outstond-
IHH Ing?ll I. 07, -SO In Government notes, clothed
HJil with tho quality of legal tender. In tho act of
BJh ' Xur. 1, lH'i.l, repealing tho purchasing clause of
BJjj i tho act of 100. It was dcclarod to bo tho policy
HDl I of tho L'nltcd Mates to secure by safeguards of
BS' legislation 'tho parity In a nluo of tho coins of
WI tho two met lis, gold and slhcr. and the equal
fg power of even dollar nt all times In tho mar-
Mk A Lets and In tho payment of debts.'
B' J " Conformable to tho spirit of this declaration,
!' tho Treasury Department has treated gold and
19 ellrer coins and thu paper representative of both
J If as of equal dignity and value in all Its opera-
is M tions. In tbo collections of Its revenues, whether
J . '( lnthcformofcxclsotnxcsorofcustomsducs.lt
H ) ! has mado discrimination against neither, while
H lit upon the other hand It has held Itself ready to
H U pay to tho oubllo creditor whichever of tho two
J ll1,.' ho might chooso to rccetvo as tho more de-
B ll slrable to him. Kren further than this. It has
J tf j declared Itself ready, whenever necessary to the
HJ B; j maintenance of this parity, to exchange on even
B I terms, at tho pleasure of tho holder, cither form
Ej'l (J of the metallic money for tho othor. These prac-
K 9 tlcal oncratlons and declarations were neccs-
W" Jj I iary, and they have operated to keep In concur-
Kl jl rent circulation, on terms of equality, tho two
Tji kinds of metallic money, notwithstanding tho
I -1 1 Tarying but never censing disparity between
K X the natural or commercial valuo of tho one as
' compared with the other.
IJ "Kovcrtheless, It must bo recognized thnt this
II undertaking Involves a largo financial responsl
' bllity and requires proper nnd adequato leglsla
f tlve provisions for its continued exercise. In
f j Its Dnal definition of Government responsibility
! It means that. In addition to its liabilities for
t I' i redemption In gold on demand of S3 16,000,000
' of legal tender notes, tho Government must also
I hold itself In readiness to redeem In like man-
, I ncr 114,000,000 of tho Trensury notes of 1990
j and to maintain tho free lntcrchncgcabillty
j j through Its Treasury with gold for any pnrt or all
, fi i of $4 10,000.000 In silver now current with our
jk peoDle. Tho aggregato total of these liabilities
' (IV amounts to $900 000.000. It Is not by this in-
'ill tended to convey the idea that tho Government
I A I will ever bo called upon to pay at any one time,
J ' or cven "" ono PCf'od of time, however pro-
Jl I traded, tho total of liability thus shown. It Is,
I , however. Indisncnsablo that tho Troasurr been-
m dowcdwlth tho power and resources ample to
meet all claimants that may como with margin
3 fl sufllclcnt to give full nssuranco to all that do
S l not como that Its power for continuance Is
M unimpaired. Tbo statement that tbo tra-
i ditionnl ono hundred millions of gold reserve Is
Insulllclcnt for theso purposes need not bo sup
1 ported b argument. It is manifest that the
n i recognized Inadequacy of that amount lms on
3 i more tlun ono occasion brought fear and de-
ti j rungement to all intercuts Industrial, com-
if ,i i mcrcinl, and flnnnclnl. The losses suffered by
ll I tho body politic through these derangements,
f! H hiving their origin in tho state of tho public
K&vi I Treasury, cannot, bo named. It Is not beyond
B ll ' "lc "1"'1 of rrasonablo cstimato to say that the
B"" jl total of such losses otceeds tho total of tho
R jl I demand liabilities of tho Treasury as abovo set
fi y forth.
(ft ill' "If it be urged, in answer to these cons'dera-
ihJ I ' tions, that tlie state of tho Treasury Is fairly
vSJil satisfactory now, that gold is flowing freely to-
"Ji I ward tho Treasury nnd not away from it, that
ifjj S there is a good state of confidence In our Unan-
HI j cial status, tho answer must be received as a
RSf1 pcrfectlvcorrcctono. It might bo further urged
Mji with probiblo truth that theso favorable condi-
A i tions will enduro for an Indefinite period. With
W'lM public revcnucM sudklent for public cxpcndl-
Ksfl turcs nnd a roasonablo surplus nccumulnt-
H lng, with trado relations normal, with ample
HB crops cam Ing fair rewards to agriculture, with
no wnror well dctlncd ruinor.iol war, womlghl
guon vIth ngrowiiig eeneof securit). I'nior-
V tun, itel, these good conditions cannot Im ns-
IHj siircil tii in-. Coiiiuiirce and iudustr, HLnsit vo
B I to all unfavorable events, nnd wntchful with
FHfl nniitj iignins I'nngi rsns et unseen, need for
jHH tliuir full n hnbillintion from past reverses nnd
I SI I di nsIun a nnevvid tonlidcnco that tho Gov-
icuiiiiLiit'H llnanctH n ro m be llrmly plnml on
Btrtiiuti r nnd moro injuring foundations than
nou txHt.
"Ah lung as tho Government shall operate to
WA 'i I n 'mpnrlnnt eMint in supplying tho currency
m'WM ofilK. louutrj, tlihi i h llio illrett issues nf its
hBi null's nr b in iliiUinlug, througti Its guarantees
UK I pf iiultv, ho l,ir'u a voluuiL- of silver liionoy, so
I long will then riinnln a stntoof deep depend-
?! ( encv in nil nur trudii and industries upon tho
I; 1 "linn til vtlsdoui, fortnltht, mill cuiiragunn tho
HHI i! pirtnf Cougrisd. Ibis forced dependency on
laK i.l' tin-nuo pin Ixvctb lorrLipuiuling rcsimnsibll-
f 0 I It) on the iilhir. Conslderid from the stand-
HH H juilnt ot iiniiuunliliri-iica tbo nrtuinent is rein-
jH 1 furud. u nppruprluto lullllons to crcato
fi " r, lu, h, through tho genius of
iH1 I Invintlon, inn) spcedil) bctomo obsoleto
"n.'1,, vvorlhliM u npproprittto other
HHl 1 nillllonh .lo prov lilo mist ill icin.es agninst at-
' 1 J"" kH wIitchiiiH) ntvir bt made Suth nrtlon.
tf I t ni lv and wiii ns it limy bo, is Inconsistent
, "' thu Inasurv comlltiuiis so ixlcndcd In n.
l( time of pent., nnil briu.-pinlc nnd nlarin to our
HH It ; ouiipcoi.lu in thu tlrtt Buund of llio enemy's
HI , B'in . In modern duvn a well supplied war
r ilit, Willi mi liiipugnublo credit, Is ns impor-
IHfl', tint ianro w iri.ilpn, phore batteries or rigl-
n nicntHof linn I ho mlv uitagis ofn strong posl-
Hf tlon In tilt- nntiuiiiil 'Ireasurv, with Itsneeoui-
i . paining hem Ills to nil cniiiincrelHl Interests
av j mum Hie-iiruiuorecineni to llio public, creilll,
BaH) rC,"' l)Vl1cyi '" "teiirid wiilnmt n unset-
afB ' l i""K lt'lil"tloi. in ii iiiminor eiiH to bu rnmprc-
lmy liinded b) all, nnd without int to the people.
J9V " lliornoiiiiiiuiilitiiiiis I into the liberty to
liYflk L" ' "'"ust bo construed ns tentative stons In n
W IA rt " lln, whli'h, If loiiplsieiiil) pursued, will
Vim uli iiiaii-lv IimiI tn ciindltions theontlral do-
V AM tu.iiiioi ith'r limn ns being In thtiiKelves Unal
JAW nn i mod iiitli.iii-nil
fJMUt , 1 loniliiimif iho Trei. ury in its relation
WMm 1 li"iiiiiiiuobll.iuliiin ruiulrtri Dint one of two
WMmA btei 1 1 rnU ii Iho nno um bo n largo rein-
ILJn li'j 'iinnlioiiii! norm inent gold reserve. Tho
HH " '" ""V' bv n liiiiior' in' ridmllonln tho
IB J P inn it ie form of llilillilli, Tho Intlcr Is
mWM Inmj iiiniiioii tin iiiuriiiteklriibli.
B i i ;' ",' ' I'loiiiuiciiiliill ,n H Hint proper leg-
mmm f '.,"" 1"r'-l"'tidwhleliwl1st.iblUlii,eparite,
BMmM ,i 'I """tri"i the nrilln in npt rations of tho
H I i.iJi1 ,,r """'! rilnliilorcviniionndtxiiendl-
nLWl ll iy,V ''I'iriiiiiiii to lioilislitimloiUnd known
mWi ' ?ii,i ..,"",'i' '"' l"i"illioiifllvlHiuii Jo this
B j 1 1. , i,v'"iH"m, nf "no hundred niidtw.ntj-
mWJ ' lV """1,,,1 ;''ir"d oin should hosot mi r from
9m9 tl hi ii ml f,i I in thu I reusiir), In ho usi d only
Hi I i 1 ! ,!.', I";,",'l,","rl "",' thitiili tho silver diif
'MUM I lirsiiinv lielllwi leleinpiliiinir tiilvir lerlili-
i.M' I J ' ,,r i .'," ', "" "Unr liiillluii ninl ilnlliiiH
) eoiniil llinrioin iHiuuhl uuile-llinmlof lW'IO,
afaHjSj I l" ,' i I lo tin -11111,111011111
(11 1 . ,.".r ". '" ib miiiuif irjno ooo iKio In tlm
WMI 1 IWiilHndirnoi. otil, I nitid Mutes, kiKiwn
I '". "." '", ' nliilil m hiieiiiallir do
1 1 Scr "' .".; l"i ited ii ihuwild ipartiuintof
I (?,.'.'. "' ! '. ' ""' " " lUhiiriil ilnrp.
,','.' ""i"1'' imlpt In exilimigo therefor
,,i ..Y"'n ll"" nlll""nt of gold io.ii Hucti
, ' ini'! 'J'." V.." ' ' '" lo held III snlddeimrt-
,"lIi, ' P i nf lhi uim nil n df million fifnd.
I lor tWi,, ' 'V nlV"",'! ' lia' provision bo made
i Mr t " of ref undine; louu bonds, payable
after ten yenra at tho pleasure of the Govern
ment, such bonds to bear interest ft tho rnto of
tits percent, por nnnum, pnynblo principal and
interest In gold coin: and thnt tho Bocretiirynf
tbo Treasury bo nutiiorliod lolsstiosuch lionds
anil receive In payment therefor, with nn equit
able allow nnco for the difference in Interest, nny
t!r,t or Ml of tho onUtnnding lonns of the
rnltcd States which mature by their UTnisof
payment In tho years IIMII nnd 11107. Tho
advantngo. involved in this proposed acllon
l1," ..,n .,al,! '"'rst. It removes an urn
blgulty from our contract obligations, an
nnibigiiitv which nfietts iinfnvornlily tbo Gov
eminent i rcriil, Tho word 'colli, now used lo
express thu obligation In tho public debt, is an
ninblgiious word. It Is no doubt understood by
tbo moro discriminating nubile i rcdltor In mean
gold coin, nnd tho solemn nt t nf Congress pledg
ing the mnlntcnnnco of silver coin upon n tmrlty
with gold coin makes It Impossible to construe
tho word 'con' as therein used Ionium any
thing othor than gold or Its full equivalent.
nt, ns tills Is a conclusion nf logic rntlicr than
nclinrstatiiiiinlot fact, the simpler mid mure
humble Investors, or would bo lnvistors, In tbo
public debt aro confused and doubtful.nnd Iho
puhlloerodit is weaker therefor.
Nor Is such a course without nlso prece
dents. Tho earlier Isstios of our Government
bonds vvero pa) able 'In dollars.' with green
bntksn legal lender, with gold and silver on n
substantial commercial pirlt but both at n
largo urcmium vor paptr innnoj-n similar
qucsllnn arose, Whatilo 'dollars' incnn I And
in lsil'l, 'to remove nil dnubt upon tliosubjiet.
an ni t was passed s leinnl) pledging the fallh of
tbo rnltcd States to tho pavment Ininln or Its
oqulv alcnt of nil its luti rt st bcurlng olillgntlniis,
txttpt wheru otbiTwio exprctsl) prot lid din
tho law. Iho toiuiin ulal dlspnrit) betwein
"our legal tender loll irs' nnd 'loin doll in
vvns not then fsscntlallv greater tlinn tho iirep
out eommercial dlsiiarll) IhIwicii silver
nnd gold. This an nf 1M( win Julliltin.
To refund our outstanding bonds pnjabln In
colli, into bonds unvablu In gnld, would
strengthen and lotillrin Iho publli tndlt mid
put us In a position tn command tho markets of
tho world fornurstcurltlcson tho most ndvnn-
lagcous lurnis, ll llinj no uiijerie-u null iii
ndoplion ofnspecltlo form of payment for tho
public debt would bo Inimical to the spirit nf a
qualifying clause In tbo ropcnllng act of lS'J.I,
which re ids:
" ' And it Is hereby dcclnred to be the policy of
the United States to continuo thu use of both
cold and sllv cms standard inoiuj. nnd toioiti
both gohl nnd slhir Into inone) of equal in
trinsic and i vcbnngeable v nine.'
"If thl-objtctlon bo raised It loses nil force
when wo consider tbo onl) two methods bv
which tho gold and silver tolns now in tontnr
rent uso wltli iiscnn bo so continued as to main
tain tho 'parity In tho value of tho two
coins, and the equal power of every dol
lar nt nil times in tbo markets, mid in
tho pajinclit of ill 'Us.' Uno ot tluso
methods is familiar to us since It has
been tn dally uso In our llnamlal svstom slnco
1870. 'I be other met hod would consist In pond
aanclng tho coinngo value of stlvir.by inter
national agrciment or otherwise, ns to lend a,
natural parity between tho two, so that tho
present artificial method could bo sifclr aban
doned. There Is nothing in tho proposition now
under consideration to interfere with tbo pur
posu to secure nu inauguration of tho latter
method. It must, however, be admitted to be a
measure which, if ndopted, will operate to throw
upon tho governing bodj whntovtr measure of
risk mav bo involved in tho xucrlnicnt if
entered upon, and It Is manifestly just that
there tho risk should lie, rather than upon tho
helpless and possible non assontlng creditor.
"To accomplish the objects herein suggested
without unnecessarily contracting tho circula
tion some other form of paper moncv must bo
allowed to till tho vacuum which mlgnt other
wise bo occasioned. The national luvnk note,
now familiar to our pcoplo. Is the readiest and
most practical agent to nciomplish that oblect,
and under reasonable conditions It will be
found responsive to tho call. An enlarged issue
of bank notes thus contemplated would require
a numbcrof amendments to tho present National
Hank act. Theso amendments should be made
only upon such conservative lines as would,
whllo granting tho uccessar) aid to tho business
world In facilitating exchanges. In no vrlo
weaken the system or lessen tho stability of tho
notes to bo issued.
"The complaint uttcrod against tho National
Bank act as it now stands Is not directed to tho
mothod of bank organization or tho absolute,
safety guaranteed to tbo nolo holder. It is di
rt cted to thoso restrictions which it emboJIes.
thnt result In itB failure to accomulish tho full
benefit which otbervvlso would follow. Tho re
quirement of the law nowmnkes it impossible to
organize a bank with n capital of less than JSO,
000, no matter h w small tbo place in which it
is to be locati d, or how restricted the volume of
business there to be transacted. Ileiause ot
this, with the added expense of taxation, both
national and local, man; communities are tie-
Srivcdoftbcnld of banks of Issue, and bur
ened with onerous rates ot exchnngo and
interest tharges.
" In order to obv late to ns great an extent as
possible those objections and mnk the net mora
harmonious with roper business conditions, I
recommend that it bo unionded in tho following
"First. I'criuit national banks to be organized
with a minimum capital of $J5.0O0 in any place
having a population of 2,000 inhabitants or less.
"Second. Itcduco the rate of taxntlon on cir
culating notes secured by deposit ot bonds to
one half of 1 per cent, per annum
" Third. Permit banks now organize lor here
after organized to issue circulating notes to the
par valuo ot the refunding bonds hereinbefore
orovided deposited by them with the Treasurer
of the United fatntes. And. further, allow such
banks as shall avail theuiselv cssf the opportu
nity to deposit ns security with the Trensury of
the United "stntcs grei nbacks, treasurv notc.or
eilvcfcertlflcates to tbeamountofsOij 0011,000,
against which there shall nt onro issut to them
by the Comptroller of the Curnncv national bank
notos loan equal amount, it l-clng further pro
vided that from time to time, at his con venli nee,
tho Secretary of tlio Treasury shall substitute
for tho greenbacks, 'lroasurv notes and silver
certificates so deposited to secure circulation
bonds of Iho same class and character ns the re
funding bonds tirst named, to the amount of
sf'JOO.OOO 000, such londs to be chargeable to
said banks and by them accounted for
nt such price (not less than par) as
the market quotations may in lieato to bo
their fair market value. During tho periol
of tlmo Intervening between tho deposit of
greenbacks. Trensury notes, nnd silver icrtitt
cntcs and tho substitution of tho bonds by tbo
Secretary of theTrcnsurj. t lie circulating uotes
specifically issued therefor shall be exempt from
taxation Upon such substitution of bonds, the
funds rulen'id tlurcbv dial! nl onco bo trnn
ferredby the Secretary of the Treasury to the
Bureau of Issue and Itedemiition.
"Fourth Afler said hanks have deposited
such bonds, greenbacks, Treasury notes, or sii
vcr certificates to the amount of flO per cent, of
their capital they shall be purmitled to issue
bank notes in addition lo tho Ml per cent, thus
provided, to tho extent oftiSpcr tint, of such
deposit, which snid '2' per cent, niaj be unse
cured by an direct pledge of sieurity, but
Issiii d gainst tlio nsscts of tho bank.
"Fifth hxtend the gunrnnteoof payment by
the Government to nil circulating notes of tho
bank, whether issued against deposited security
or against assets.
"Sixth In secure the Government agalnBt
Iocs, if nny, attaching to Its guarantee, a tax of
'1 per tent, per annum on unsecured circulation
shall bo levied to I'euto a safely fund,whlih
fund shall be Invested by tho Si eretary ot tbo
Ti(astir) and Iho Compi roller of thu urrency
In Government, bond". In addition to such fund
the Goi eminent shall be further protieted by
having u first lion upon all assets 1 11 casoof tho
failure of the issuing bunk
" Seventh All miles shall be redeemed in tho
city of Now York nt the Sub Treasury tbtreof,
nnd suth other Hub-Treasuries as tin) be ileslg
nated bv the Comptroller of the Currency, with
thcnpprovnlof the Secretar) of tbo Ireusiirj.
The control of such redi iiip'lon shall bo under
tho direction of tho Coinplrolltr nf iho Cur
rency, and mndo from n roduiiptlon fund of 5
percent., to bo prnvlded by tho banks.
"Klghth Hctrli t tho Issue nf national bank
notes to the denomination of -510 nnd upvv trd.
" An examination nf tlio plan herein suggetcd
will discover that Iho ameiiiluiints suggisttd
aro not of n radical cliaraetir. It Is bcliovcd
that banks ort-anled under llio National Hank
net, wltu theso amendments, wuuld gin , upona
thorough!) sofa basis, tho loimm a dtslrablo
credit current), leading ultiinateli to further
fieedom of issue, as thn result of time nnd ex
perience. A careful investigation of the cum
I iiierelal conditions of llio country at different
periods of thu ) car shows how cismll ll to those
sections, depending upon the prompt moving of
the staple crops of cotton, wheat, and torn,
is a bank noto issue, which enables the local
bank lo supply within tlio shortest period of
tlmuandnttbo lowest coit, Its customers vvilli
the means ut cessary for sin li 11 piirpokii In Illus
tration of tills point attention is cilltd In tho
extent to whkli tbo crop nriidui lug sietiims uf
tho country are now dependent as imrrnwers nf
nione) upon other sections. I ho national banks
nlonu located in the Southern stales liavu an
aggregate capital of iriiM.oUX.iMHi On Oct. II,
lHIMI the) had borrowed, large Is from banks In
tlm K.ast. to assist in handling tbo cottnu crop,
Sq:i,:ilH,(M0. lln Murrli ll following, theso loans
had been reduced to (iJ.MiVJOO. The) succeed,
od In borrowing fur 11 part or their needs only,
but com men lot nceosnlilib required inure,
" With proper banking fni llllies tho necessity
now existing of so largo borrowing would bo
reduced to a minimum. I 11 in inulldcnt that
under nn act allowing a gnntcr liberality of
Issue and less burdensome rales or taxation
these banks would avail thenisi Ivesn' tho op
portunltv and Mini It In tliulr IntcreM to Issue,
Instead of but VlH.OnO.llOu, tlm amount which
they have nt tho pre -tint outstanding, 11 sum
cum! to the full amount of their i.ipllal, and In
addition, In the season of crop nt tiv Illes. an ad
ditional unsecured volume 01 circulation of "5
Liberal (.alas In Itmllih rterllcm,
Sji'cfal Cubit Dnpileh lo Tut Sen.
London, Ort.t!'. The by election held In thn
Ilarnsley Division of the West Hiding of York
shin.)' st ida, tn fill the seal in llio House of
Commons made vni ant by tliuc levailou of Lord
Co ptoii lo the peeriigi, ruiiltt in Iho 1 boko
of Joseph Walton, Llberul, bv a vote of 11,711 to
II, l.'it for James lll)lh. I ohm rvntlve, llio
Liberal mnjorit) In lliu lust tin Hon wus '.',107.
Muuul Morris llrpulillruin. in nrntUTu.NWIH.
There will bo npirado under the auspices ot
tlio.Mount Morris Htnublle.in Club this oven-
I Ing, The start will be miio from tho club's
headquarters, 117th ulrctt mid I'arlt nv enuo, at
8 o clock.
wifjr.vr ixniANB got alt, the
Chtraso Carats Sal Arana thu Trail la Won
iter While thn (travel Cleared thn IJoarrt
and tnrrallrcl Hie nntltes Their nlve
Amatemrnl at This ftnrcltnrn or Hustle,
According to specification, Tammany Halt
entertained the Chicago push yestorday after
noon, Kvory member of tho Cook County
Democracy had It Improssod upon him that ho
was to como loaded and bring his thirst with
him, which would bo n paradox In any other
cato thnn this. They cntno to Tnmmany Hull
special!) prepared, nnd thcro vvns Indeed a hot
time, although the word bad gone forth thnt
thoy wcro to tono things down on account of tho
death of Henry Goorgo, Tho only drawback,
from tbo Chicago point of view, was that allien
tho word vvns givon to begin upon tho viands
tho Tammany ornves Runoundeel the tables in
so solid n phalanx that their guests wore left
out in the cold, and had to content themselves,
nslt wcro, with eating at tlio "Bccond tablo."
Hundreds of hungn braves had collected nt
tho ball when, ntU.'JO, tho Cook county delega
tion arrived, still resplendent, dcspllo certain
cxpcilcnccs of tho night, in their block frock
coats, silk hnls, and jowclrv. Two by two, and
headed b) their famous non union bnnd, thoy
had nmrched out from tho l'ark Avenue Hotel,
up Madison avenue to Thirty-soventh street,
across tn Ilroiidwny, down paBt tho Ilartholdi,
whero theiy saluted tho Van Wyck banner,
tbrotiL-li Twentieth street, and down Irvlinr
pl.ato to Fourteenth street. Passing through
Irving place tho baud stopped plajltig, out of
respect for the memory of Henry Geore, but It
started In again when tho lino reached Tam
many Hall. As tho collection of Cook county's
coonlcst went up thcslairB, the Now York In
dians, massed in tho hallway, greeted them, col
lective!) and Individually
" There's Hlg fcimdy Wheeler." " III, Johnnie
Powers, take ,v our hat off I" "Three cheers for
the Hellions from Chicago." "Look at tho beak
on Coonc) the Fox." "Hooray fcr Cook coun
ty I" "He), Schubert, smoko up I" Mr. Schu
bert Is Superintendent of Smoko Inspection.
"l'lnj tho aco to lose, Hill) Mangier." "Where
jo get It.IIInky Dlnkl" "Did) 011 leave Dead
HorsoJako lu hock I' "Hall here for MikoMc
At this mil much similar airy porslflago the
visitors grinned cheerfully, and some of thcin
resionddl in kind. Civil Justlco Joe Stlner,
who was special escort, led them up Intotno big
hall, where the tables were set out In tho mid
dle, loaded with enables of many kinds, and
seated them around the edgo ot thu room. This
is where thev wcro fooled by superior strategy.
Immediate!) after the in came a great crowd of
Tamilian) Indians, who took their positions an
thu lloor between tho Chicago men nnd the
luticuenn tanleo. No sooner had all those having
badges distributed thimsclves about tho place
than Cant Jim Farrcll. tho grand marshal,
arose and made gestures with n big wititochrvs
antbeuiuiiV also a speech. All thnt was au llblo
In tbo tlm part of tho speech was something
about "7 o'clock, the hotel." and "Harlem."
"Ho says vvo'ro to meet at 7 o'clock nt tho
hotel to go to Harlem. ' tho word went around.
"Will )oubo there I ' veiled tbo grand mar
shal. In a Hunt effort that achieved auHibillty, nt
the risk nt ruptiirlnir nil his blood vessels.
"Mire." sold the Chlcngoans, but thoy said It
half heart edlv, for they wcro hungry and thirs
ts, nnd tho shut on" prospect of the luncheon
tables disheartened them Then Civil Justice
joe miner solemnly went torwnru auci Helped
himself to u sandwich and a plate of salmon.
That was tho signal. As tho devastating locust
lights upon and bliirhts tlio summer verdure of
the forest, so thoe T numnn) men lit upon the
luncheon It was one grand sweet grab and
gulp Never let Chicago sa) again that New
ork is ignornnt in the matter of hustle.
Tho most acquisitive gang to put it mild
lv that the indv City has ever sped
from Its gates with tbo fond hope thnt
It would get side-tracked and nevci come
back. Rat in its cbnirs and swallowed ntr in
large, unsatisfviug swallows A doz-n of the
Western politicians, of that class which is
moro nccutumed to the rough and ready life of
Ihcblungshot and sandbag, than to the flnesso
of second story work and tho delicate touch,
charged upon the home phalanx, hut were re
pulsed in cverv case but one. A tall, lantern
Jawed Individual, who seemed to hnvetitrugglcd
along witli no other nanio than "Slick Aleck"
thus far in his career, made his way to a table,
and nn hour later was still feeding with an as
siduity which established a general bollel that
he had hollow legs
Butitwasvcrj dull for the others. To Increase
their mUerv, the) who were parching were
compelled to en others pour down the fl7?Ing
wine to which they could not attain For tho
Tammaiiyltles knew by what routes thowlno
l would arrive, and collected there in cranirs. fell
upon each waiter as he came bearing bottles.
and despoiled him of his burden. All over tho
hall ono saw Indians clutching bottles to their
bosoms nnd running for a snot of safety, each
fnllonod b) several other Indians with empt)
glioses and expressions that wcro both emptv
unit eager. Down nt tho first table were four
policemen who bad fought their way to tho front
with magnificent toiirage and persistence, nnd
were lltorall) tilling their mouths with both
hands. Thu Cook countvitcs marvelled aloud.
"Sa), talk about us boin' tough!' cried
Stump) Hyan.nlmost weeping with Indignation
and liopo long deferrtd "Wli),!is is a reg lar
brace game. An' de) told ma I' leave mo brass
knuckles t' home even."
" It don't go." declared BIHr Mangier. "It's
a holdup, nnd I don't stand for no holdups If
the) d put us on It wouldn t 'a been so cheesy,
but to run us in here nnd then expect us to put
up 11 light, us in our d plug hats; w hy, it don't
B' 'El I" said Big Sand) Whecle- " Where tho
'ell du vve comu in T N'otndamn bite! Not oven
a damn boltlu I s fellers are gents through 'oil
nnd rolil water, wo are! If n mug a ts us lo
lunch, do wo make a push for hlsvlttlca Ilko n
lot o' damn pernlrio dogs! Noli! Wo keep our
damn faces closed till its damn good and time to
til! 'cm Thal'it us. 'hill '
'"hill" echoed somo twenty or thirty others,
gloomily rather than prof and). ' hlluvagamc!
In the course nf tlmo, tho fierce edge of hunger
having been removed from the hungry Tain
man) men. thoughts of the visitors sprang up
in thu minds of their hosts. Wav Ing u pat6 do
foio gras sandwich aloft In one hand, and ten
derly cherishing a bottle of champagne in tlio
other, loo Miner, who, as Chairman of the hn
tertalnment Committee, had been looking out
fur tbo proper entertainment of the head of
that Important committee, raised his voleo
above the ehampitig of bus) jaws and shouted:
" Hold on. Tuinmnn) Hallbovs! Look out for
A siiicjc shnrp clan Interrupted htm. It was
caused bv TiOil Imnmnn) men hastily placing
their hands upon their pockets.
"Sec that our guists get Urst choice," con
tinued the ( hairman,
' I'ln re ain't an; first cholco left," answered a
mournful volte with a Chicngo nceent.
"I.lvo'em a ihunio!' jelled Stlner; "let 'om
h.ivo a show. llie)'ro our guosts; remember
At tho samo tlmo Richard Croker was ncr
vousl) running from point to point ot the Turn
man) phalunx saying:
"Get awn) from there, you boys, and give tho
otnersu shun. Our bovs arostulilug thcmsolves
civerv where and tlio Lhleago men are out of it.
Hustle around nnd see that they get enough to
Mr. Croker himself saw to It that Mayor Car
ter Harrison, who lind enme in late and vvns
ilistiugiilshnh'r from his fellow s tiy being dressed
In n brow 11 sue k suit and n brow 11 crush hat. got
soiutlhllig tiienl nnd drink. With tlio others It
fared II! That first, long tontliitied onslaught
had all but devastated tho table, Some of the
guests had manned u passago and wuylnld the
bottle-be iring waiters. TlIK SUMiinn saw ono
of Ihou ge iitlemcii, vvlio hud acquired a Isiltlo
of eli impngnn, earnestly endeavoring to open It
Willi his Mill. ,,
"Ah, givo it up I N.cll blow ycr roof off,"
said another dtlig He, who thereupon (.mashed
tlio 111 tk off tho Imtllo nnd served tho wine in
goblets-, which were thrust out lo him in all
directions. Hilly (l llricn of tho visitors, who
hndsuiieediil In forcing his way in an alioady
despoiled 1 inn", was aceosicu a wen rcn Tam
many mail, vvhii iilcki il off mi Ami rlrain Beauty
roe from the inble nnd h inded il to Hilly.
" Wnh !" growled that gentleman, 'What
d'yo think I am, a grcculioujel Trot
up the boue." ,
llcforo lliu visitors vvero half appeased tho
viands had given out. Hero Is a partial list ot
the trugtdy, picked up among the suffering;
run i'Fi and ri, freshed.
IllehsrilCrokirof New York.
John t hlieelinn nt ork.
Ml k Aluk of Cliliagu, ly funs or arms
V iikinlcle Hum cin of Niiw v, ork
tnesiluinir Nen lurk 1 four initallmenta)
lln ml.' MeC'le llau of .New York.
John F Carroll itiw Vorlc
Hlg Tom c-cnllkn of hfw V. ork tons barrel),
larler Harrison uf Lblcaitu (by special arrangt-
ileoritn vV I'lunkltt of New York.
i'i 1. Illvier r New iork
Tc m Sh tionouit 1 of New 1 ork (tlirss off the Ice)
And) VV lilto of .Nw V. ork (one hour by the clock).
Hill Jirown of hew urk and ubuut 600 oilier,
Loot New V-urk
ill! llt.NHUY ASD rAINT.
IllgJlin Kairillof 1 lilcai.0.
lunula! an of I'M "Mi
lion Muli aliy of 1 111 uspi
II. iu) Hluk henna nf 1 uli-axo (oneemell at a cork),
luniiy 1 mil tin ofi Mimic,
lit ul lb re J ike I rt unan of Chicago
lillljii llrli 11 fi til uumone A mi-Mean Beauty rose),
Jill 111I1 Inwunaiil lluutz) l.iiiriiiicerchertif chl
can" nllviJid mo llilrdkiif atauilwicU In alternate
Tnr h !o"lsii of I Lilt ami (fainted In a rlialr).
1 noui-y Hie fox of Chicago (tae bu nr fringe from
charlotte mfca-) ,
hiumpy llyan of Chli ago and about 110 others, alto
o Itikano
When all had been satisfied, those who hadn't
bad any thing to eat betnfr satisfied that there
was nothing left, the meeting adjourned and
the Chicago forces charged In heavy formation
upon tbo noarest restaurants.
Thtr Clve an Rthlbltton or Ilimdjlim Taat
Almost 1X1 to Idol.
Immediately afler tho Tammany Hall meeting
nnd banquet to tho Cook count) gang at Tam
many Hall, Mnyor Harrison started for Wash
ington. Ho wouldn't toll what called him mm),
The rest nf the crowd went buck to tho l'ark
Avinuo Hold tn dinner. They werchuiigry and
thirsty, they saltl .....
In tho evening they went up In Harlem, going
to 125th street bv special tniln lhern thoy
formed In line, andstarlol out for 11 piride.
Henry Whl.c, Secretary of Iho Garment
v oikt rs' Association, was stnnillng In front of
the Citizens' Colon headquarters in 1 1 Kast
1 Until street when iho I hlengo gang manned
past. Sotnobody In tho trowel about him
shouted nt iho marchers, "New orkforNnw
Yorkers! What aro ) oil fellow s doing hero I '
Ono of the parndene for answer swung out his
lantern and struck While, cutting his bond nnd
blackening both Ills ecs. When the irowd
saw how Whllo was Injured tin) set after tho
man with the lantern nnd cried, "Mohhlni."
It looked llko a frco fight nnd the parade
hroko up Whllo was carried Into Iho Columbus
Thcatrolobb). Tho marchers had to slrngglo
on to Lexington avenuo to reform thtlr Uthnes. ,
nivas ox run ihmpauv.
A Trail arllrd I ert In Iho Tenderloin btttmor
Itnrrlenn'a Friends.
Mnyor Carter Harrison's Chicago aggregation
of heelors turned themselves looso In tho Ten
derloin In tho early hours jesterdn) morning.
The) began by starting a tight In a Broadway
restaurant, and nf tern ard brutally assaulting a
man on Broadway under tho vor) noso of a
Another ot tho Windy City crowd tried to
kick In thu door ot a Broadway hat store Ho
was accompanied bv two street walkers, and
wanted to present them now hats. To do this ho
was w llllng lo commit burglary, but he escaped
arrest through tbo vigilance of his 1 ompmiions.
Three of M i)or Harrison s friends wire haled to
tho est Thirtieth street polite station forri
f using to pa) cab rare. Tho rest of tho " push."
who were not in Tenderloin Italnes law clubs
and other disorderly plates, wcro drunk and
paraded up nnd dovviiliroudwa), insulting men
and women alike.
Tn.tcr'1 CALL IO MITT.
Ills Forrerul Hpeech to Slntrn Islander I.at
Gon Benjamin F.Tracy mado his first speoch
of the present campaign In Richmond county at
Prohibition Park, Staten Island, last night.
Eight thousand enthusiastic Itepubllcans gavo
the candidate a royal wo'come. In his trip from
the ferry houso In St. Gcorgo to Prohibition
Park ho was recognised everywhere and
greeted with deafening choers. Tho big
auditorium at Prohibition Park wis packed to
Its utmost capacity, nnd when Oen. Tracy en
tered there was a scene of tho wildest enthusi
asm. Cheer af tor choer rang through the hall,
the wnm-n Joining as heartily In the applause
as the mei . Gen Tracy entered on tho arm of
Hugh Mcltobcrt, tho Itcpubllcan lender of tho
Krncst II. Sechuscn. Chairman of tho Republi
can County Committee, presided at tho meeting.
When the enthusiastic cheering that was ac
corded him had subsided, Gen Tracy said:
I.adiih anii CiLNTiEithN: 1 suppose the Low
fellows will say tomorrow that there was an
other frost In Richmond county last night.
Laughter. It seems tonic that nowhere in tho
country has tho Itcpubllcan party grow n so fast
as over here in Maten Island by. thuiountv
onl) gavo l'rnsldtnt MeKInlcy (1,100 votes last
year, and unless I'm vtr) much mistaken there
nro over? 000 people hero to night. Applausc.l
" My friends. In tho midst of this campaign
there has occurred a sad thing, Tho sudden
and tragic dcnlh of Henr) George, the candi
date of the" JolTcrsonian Democrat v, has cast n
gloom overtheentlroStatcof Now ork. He was
a man of ntrongnnd earnest convicl ions, conv Ic
tlons which ho maintained with tho greatest
courage and abllltj. He nan nn estimable man,
and wo dcepl) regret his untimely death.
"But, notwithstanding tho sad event, tho
contest in our cit) must go on. Wo can
not omit tho duties which press upon
us and will continue to be at our
hands until next Tuesday. You here
on staten Island are particularly Interested
In the present campaign b, cause it Is v our first
nsn part of the great city of Nework. Of
all thn boroughs that will go to make up that
city. I know of none which lias a greater
interest in good government than this
one 01 iticninonii. mis ginne project 01
annexing nil the surrounding eountr) tn Man
hattan Island nnd making it nno great tlty
will certain!) mako or mar to a grutt ex
tent Richmond count). You on Staten Island
want improvements; you wnnt the worth of
the money which is to be spent, and whether
you get the improvements and whether your
contribution to the iltv Is Judlclousl) expended
will depend entirely upon the ne xl administru
tlon. Tho great question which concerns vou
nnd Is the first for ) our consideration Is whether
or not you wnnt lammiui) Hull to rule here.
"You nil know Imnmsny Hall. ltnteiU no
Introduction or description from me. Illstor)
has provided for all of that I might sav,
however, that It Is the cnibo-llment of
all that is evil nnd pernicious in
tho administration of government. If
) ou want its rule here. If ) ou want its infliicnro
pervading ev er section of your beautiful island,
you will votofor Itscanoldnti. If you don twnnt
it you have but one alternative, which is to
voto for the tnndidateof the Hepuqlican party.
Thero is nu doubt on this point; it must no nno
or the other It is n contest between the He
publicans nnd the Democrat nnd tho Indo
pendents nro not in it. Laughter and a cr) of
' Y'ou bet they're not.' J
fYhen Secretary nr the sjavy lie Was the
Cbnmplon or the Sjorklngmaa.
Tho standard of tho Kings County Protcctlvo
Leaguowas planted )cstcrdny afternoon on tho
dockat the foot of Viutli Fourth street, Brook
lyn, nnd over 1,000 longshoremen and em
ployees ot neighboring sugar houses assembled
and for nearly two hours gnvc a pntlcnl and re
sponslvo hearing to tho speakers, who cham
pioned tho cause of Republicanism and Gen.
President John Roonoy of the league said.
In part . "A gloom has been cast on tho political
horizon Py the dentil of Henry George. I had
known Mr. George for over twenty-five
years and over found him nn honest nnd honor
able man. Whatever weight should be given to
his theories, ho was alwa)s sincere. Now that
he lias been removed, his followers should nat
ural!) drift tu Iho support of den. Benjamin F.
1rac, the fearless champion of protection lo
American indiistrlis Ainnrli an labor ami Amir
ran rights. When Secretary of the Navy, Gc n.
Trie) ionic Just ns doen nn interest in thu hum
blest einplo)ee as he did lu tlio highest olllclal
In tho department. Gen. Iraiv an Sjecrctaryot
tlio Navy never fnlltd to show his Interest In thn
rights of labor. W. Inn ho learned thnt men in the
navy yard we ro iccelv ing less wairrs than were
paid for the saiuoelassnf work In privatoyards,
ho had tho rata Immediate!) raised lo the high
est standard. No man over appealed to Gen
Tr cy to have nn Injustice removed or n wrong
righted lb it he did not letelvn a speedy and
fuvorahlei resputisr. If Iho worklngmen want,
as tho Urst Ma)orof thn Grinler Now York, iv
man who will safeguard their Interests, they
will voto for Gen 'I racy next T uesday."
Hpi oelies we ro also nude h) Geurgo ll. Roberts,
Jr.. Waller II Atti rbur), and II. B. I'hllbrook.
Atlhnrloiii of the meeting suvernl hundred
Trac) buttons were ellslribiittd among tlio
workmen. 'Ihreo oilier rousing Protective
Lengiiu meetings were held lu Brooklyn last
umrrA n r.
Major lru R. GltTord died jestcrday morning
at hla home, 33 Plneapplo street, Brooklyn,
aged 81 years Ho served as Postmastor In his
nntlvo town of Bethany, N. Y during Presi
dent Taylor's Administration. In the war ho
served with .an Illinois cavalry regiment. Ho
Bellied in Hrookl)ii In lHllT.nnd had been In
the livery stable business up till tho time of his
death, lie wus a member of II. ft Grant Post
3.J7, U. A. It.
Col, John M, Adams, Mnlno'a nlnncer news
paper publisher, died in Portland in that Hiato
Inst e niiig. For thirty nluii consecutive ) ears
Col, Adams was tlio editorial lie nil of tho .'iisf
rn J riwi, Portland'" Democratic organ, having
quit tho leg il piofesslcnfor the newspaper busi
ness In lH.lu Hn was bom at Hutuford, Mo on
Sold. '."J 1H 11'. Ho leaves n widow. tbreo daugh
ters and a son.
St men Hanford, a member of tho firm of Kstos
& I, nirl it f Boston, elltd at his homo at Wahan,
Muss , iiiiTIiiumI ' night, llo wns prominent
In M.iBonlc circles Ho loaves a widow nnd two
Dark Ituoj llrrp the St, loulaut Sandy Hook,
The American liner St. Ixiuls from South
aiupton was sighted off Firo Island at
i:,ri& n clock yoolerdn) afternoon, but sho
did nut comu up tu (tinrantlno because
tho lights on the elee trie ouo)s marking God
lie) Cniinnel were out, she anchored off the
Dandy Uu-jk Lightship at 7 o clock lust evening,
attack a a ami: wAJtnex axi iiis
rivn llnrlis Killed, One Mertnlll Hurt and
the Rest Ununded-noiilt County, Ceil.,
Atilate--lnninn Shoot Rnel Burn nnd row
tin tn FUht Thera-OOOWtn Urates Coming,
STUMnOAT SriltNOB, Col.. Oct. EO.-Tho
famous ride of Scout Ilnnkln through
darkness and storm to snvo tho com
mand of Major Thornburc, which wns sur
rounded h) snvngos, is nearly equalled
b) tho rldo of Charley McCormlck, who, tired,
clustv.nnd nearly exhausted, rodo Into Steam
boat Springs last evening with ft messago
from Oamo Warden Wilcox nnd tho set
tiers on Lower Hoar River to Sheriff
I Nlcman, calling upon him to rnlso iv
posso nnd como to tholr relief. Near tho grounds
whero Major 1 liornburg lost his llfo tho L Intnh
Utcs nro again pillaging and burning ranch
houses and hay stacks and shooting nt whlto
Hlx Utcs havo been killed by Warden Wilcox
and his deputies In self defence. McCormlck
brought from Wilcox tho follow Ing messago to
Vaughn's ranch:
"Routt Coi'NTV.. Col., Oct, 25. Yesterday
myself nnd ten deputies attempted to ar
rest a party of Utcs who vvero loading
eight pontes vvt h deer hides to send back to
tho reservation. Worked with them four hours,
but as soon as wo would put them on a horse
thoy would slldo off. Finally 1 ordered lariat
ropes bo brought and wns going to tlo them to
horses. Al Shaw grabbod nn Indian and ha
picked up a gun nnd firod at bhavv. Ono of
in) deputies threw nsldo tho muzzloof the gun
and tho bullet lilt a squaw In tho leg.
Tho Indian then knocked Shaw down.
At this timo several other Indians opened
flro and tho light began. At Its con
clusion nil of tho bucks wcro either tload or
crippled. Three, and possihl) five, wcro doad
on the ground. Tlio others wcro wounded. All
the settlers are gathering at this place for
An interview with tho courier, MiCormlck,
elicited the dctnlls of the Btory. On Inst Thurs
da) Warden W cox nnd McCormlck went to
the lower cna of tho counlv to look
for Indian hldo hunters. At Maybcll
Post Olfieo tho) heard that n party of
about fort) Indt is were encamped a fott lilies
below, killing game. On tho next day Wilcox
and McCormlck rodo over to that section nnd
found about 150 Indians nt different camps
hunting. The) found stneks of green hides. nnd
saw carcasses of deer going to waste on tho
bills. Mr. Wilcox rcmonstritcd wilh tho In
dians, but they laughed utlilm. Itctognlrlngtho
futility ot attempting to do anything alone, Wil
cox rode back to Thompson's rancli and despatch
ed a courier to Craig for assistance. Nino men
responded. They wcro Jack White, Tom Arm
strong, A. D llrothcrton, Al Shaw, Henry Trm
pleton, K. B. Thompson, Ames Bannott, J. T.
Overholt, nnd a man whoso nntno could not be
learned. With this sslstnncc on Sundny morn
ing Wilcox rodo tonard the camp ot fatnr, a
Uintah sub-chiof, who appeared to be in chargo
of tho party. About forty bucks and as many
squaws wcro in this camp.
icmpicion anil inompson, ranenmen wno
were acquainted with Mar, went anead to talk
to him, nnd the rest of tho part) remained be
hind. Tho ranchmen soon returned with
tho information that nothing could bo
done, that tho Utes wcro uglv and insisted
thnt tho gamu was theirs, and they would
kill nil they wanted. Thou Warden Wilcox,
who does not know whnt fear mentis, rodo
nt tho head nf his little part) into tho
Indian enmp The wblto men found part of
the bucks out hunting and about a doreu men
nnd a large number of women nnd children In
camp. Mnr was called for and Warden
Wilcox attempted to reason with him. Ho
told the chief that he had been np-
Ii luted to enforce the game law , that ho
mil mndo whlto men ohev tho law, and
now bo would cnfnrte it ngalnst tho Indians
Star told him to "l.o to hell " He s ild that tho
gnmo belonged to ho Indian-, nnd the) would
kill nil the) want . All around thu camp
were green deer hb.es. man) of them hides of
docs and fawns W lleox's instructions were to
tnka offenders before n JlHtUo of the Peace and
havo them lined and remanded to jail. It was
proposed that the agent pav tho tines and tie
unci them from the rod men's annuities.
lie. W'llpnx. nrileri A mun nf thn ileitntle tn
bring up tho horses of the Indians, anil told the
bucks the) must c with him Then tliu strug
gle began Ho first disannul them nnd starched
the camp for weapons, Imt none itiuld be found
Then ho would force nn Indian to mount, but
while he was looking after another, tbo first
one would slittc olf his horse
This f trie- was kept up a long time It was 10
o'clock when thu partv of whlto men rule Inlo
tho camp It wits J n clink vvtun W iltokbeenmo
tired of the fari e and ordered ropes brought.
This angered tlio lmtiins star rushed tow ml
W ileux to strike him with a stick While hn
was held at b t) another Indian gut behind W il
cokwith a knife mid attempted to slab him.
M Shaw saw the movtment and, rushing
in, grabbed tlio Indian round the waist, nnd
whirled 111 in to one side. Just then a
squaw rustic 1 up, took a rillo from un
der her blanket, and gave It to tho In
dian Ho sttppid Imik. tocked tho ritle, and
fired at rdi iw's head at n distnucc nf eight feel.
Another deputv, whoso liiuio Is unknown,
struck thu gun as It was find, and the ball just
misled "-haw head and struck a squaw. At tlm
report of the gun Ihcsqunw rushi el out Willi
rlltes, though where the) wcrenbtni el no ono
know The Indians opened fire at short range
ceing he had missed Minvv tin- Indian brought
his gun down with nil force on Shaw's head,
stiaw dropped like a lor and all thought ho was
dead. Jumping on Mian's IhmIv, the In linn
drew a long knlfo and raised his arm for a
blow. Al that moment thu whole upper portion
of his head was blown utf b) n bullet nt close
range from tbo rlflo of tho deputy whoto name
Ik unknown
Tho lighting becntiio general, liven tho
squaws opined Art. 1 hi-battle was quick and
sharp. lliu whlto men were cowboys an 1
ranchmen trnliiitl from elilldhiio I In thu use of
firearms Aflui leu minutes the smoke cleared
awnv.und ever) buck was found lo havo been
killed or wounded No white men weru
shot, nlthoiigli thero vvero man) narrow es
capes. Fivolndl ins were dead on the ground.
.Star was one of the Injuicd, mid tho deputies
think ho can liardl) mover. No hquaw wis
liu t except the one wuundel bv tbo Indians
bulltt before' thu fight.
The deputies withdrew for reinfnrioments.
Tilt) went to Thompson srnnth anil. Inking tlio
Thompson f mill), mined ou live miles tu thu
Viuigh n ranih, whence couriers were bent out
foi leiinforccnientM.
W Ileux the u c ilkd for volunteers toco tu tho
ranch nf tvvo isolate 1 sellh rs whoso wiv es wt re
sick. A uimi named Gallic, who was cmp!o)t!d
al thu Viiughn riiiiih, lorn Armstrong and Jack
White voluntcon d for dut), mounted their
horses and rodonwnv.
Al 11! o'clntk that night Armstrong nnd White
returned afoot, The) slid thnt iih the) were
ruling nlong the roul about eight miles out tin)
fell into mi amhusctilc. Itlllo bullets sing
nronnd their ears und all thno ran. Armstrong
and Whllo took to tho hills, vviiiln liable, who
lid his horse, mode bark along tho trail, A
doen Indians then appeared ou horseback
and gnvo chase Iho two men lode to
thu top of a hill and found six Indians
nflcr I hem. Tho Indians wiro firing nnd
one bullet went through White's lint nnd ono
through Armstrong's i lotlics They re turned
the lire nnd one Indian dropped. Other Dull ins
vvero sei n e nming. nnd tho whllo men left Ihclr
horsi s and took to llio roi ks,
They last saw Gablo running stendil), and ap
piircntlv gaining ou his pursuers, who wcro
firing. Thai night (t ililu'it hnrso riiino In.
Tweut)-fuur hours had elapsed, but Gablo had
nut ii pin and when thciourli rdcp irtcd.
rdicrlir Niotniii swore In Iwtnt) deputies and
started "I unci for thu si run uf Iho disturb
nut ii 'Iho nun will ride nil night and probably
leach their ilrsllnatloii this noon. From lln).
don llflDi n mi n have gone; from Craig twenty.
five, Mn in ram hiiienari'lurnliigoui, (ineiicport
Isthat all the squaws liavu hi eu n nthaik lo the
rrse nation nnd Hi U WHlhticksiiroun their way
tnhelpllgli ll'i' rinihinin lu tho lower Bear
Rlv or eiiuiil r) . 'I lie rune litni n nro gathering nt
lliu Vuiikbu niiiih mid at tlio Wallllian ranch
for priitu lion. Courlirs weru suit by Wilcox to
warn nil settlers in th it teiiintr).
On .Motida) night tho Indians burned tbo
buildings mill Ine) on thei Thompson ranih. On
Miindav evening up irt) of IiuMaiis was seen
going In liioillriillnu nf tho I.ll) Park ( mil
pan) h rniie Ii. owned by Auditor Juhn W.
Lowell Assistance ll is been sent there It Is
not htlii'ved linn that Iho nsslstnneu of State
troops will lie me lu I
'I he mwlovti and mm hers nro anxious to
fight. 'I hi) know lln country mid will do good
work. Sheriff NU in in nnd W irdiii Wfltnx arn
good leiidtis. Bid Ii are tool, ilcllhuruto and
level headul. liu) know their duly and do
not know tho im inlng of thu word "fear."
Two linii or mm do nut llvo lu thn West. If
Indian reliifonetiu ins ire coming, ns reported,
bow m or. '-Into tnis or legulnrs will bo n
nee mII, and If, in his opinion, Iheynre need
ed, siitrlll Mini en said ho wuuld notify tho
Governor at oikc.
roller Until"' re In lull ror llnnoltlu.
WtHlllMirns, Oi '1 -Word was received at
thn Nav) Dcpnrliiu nt todii) that tho cruiser
Billlniore, vtlili h his b.cn undergoing slight
rcpalis at Han Friiinl.se". will sail this uiler
noon or to morrow for Honolulu, vyheru idio will
serve as thu flagship of Admiral Miller, com
manding tho itullou.
DorrxTonx ritAor ueetisg.
IIIM It, Dutrhrr Tells tlmliim Men Why the
nrnubllran should Uo Through.
8lla3 11. Dtitchcr, llio votoran Hroolclyn Re
publican, vvns tho principal speaker nt tho noon
elii) meeting of tho Comniorclal Men's Tracy
Club yoslcrda). Thero wai anothor big crowd
present, and llio door men lind to glvo tho
"stnnillng room onl)" greeting to everybody
who came nfle r 11! o'clock. Expressions of re
grel nt llio death of Henry Gcorgo were hoard on
nil sldos, Inn iho gloom which thnt sad event
throw ovir tho lucotlng wns dispelled ns soon
as tho speuktrs got to work, and tho namo of
Gen. Trni) was icielved with tho snnio tre
mendous enlhiislasiii that liaa charae torlrod
theso mcilliigi uliun thclt Inception. Mr.
Dull her vvns greeted with upplnuso whon ho rose
to spi nk
The Conimerclal Men's Club proposos to wind
up llio campaign for Gen Tracy to day with rouB
ltigiiicotln's. Ihey will bo kept up all day, ns
111 lu a MW omens meeting, Mlts Helen Varlok
llnsw ell will n si li and Mrs Jne I'lerte will speak.
i vi iiuiiiiiM men's niettlng speakers! Wil
liam )l Itliii i iiarlm U Maker, 1. II. S l'lnchback,
SUtilon thin anil V 11 Meele
11' vi i oiiiiinrtlalTravellers'meetlng Speakers'
Elwanl Hnmii.M J McCann, Montague Letsler,
Issse VV I nn Inn and V A I'urrtnuton.
' SI irraiis" itiii-tlng hneakers Col Charles
If. Hi nti in VV Us in suei . Col. II. I, Swords, Col. V.
J I'arkliisein. anlJ M Wall
ll 1! l .....li.t.,..., .... .,-- ...... I.-... ll It L-
. .in,,.,.,., iiiTvi.i.ff ,i,n"v . ... .
Oliott, Tliomss I. Hamilton, James K O'lTelrne,
VVIIIIitnu llnttv. T, K Tuttla, and Elltbn K. Camp.
4 I' M Netli don Soug Service" Speakerii All
ciuivi rtMo Tr u ) .
5 I' VI Cnrntratulatory speeches by leaders of the
Iteiuliiesn imrtv.uutslilo of New York, now In the
clt) ImliiitMl in thu number will be Danforth E.
Alnswnrtli.i hirles It Moore, neorge II, Malby. F.J.
Kill atrlck, T II swift. Hereno E I'ayna, and others
A lounc Unman Destroys Herselrand Her don
with lolaon In at fljracnan Hotel.
SlHAilgE Oct. 29. Tdo 'lifeless bodies of a.
woman about !I0 yoars old and a boy of 8 vvero
discovered In a room on tho second floor of tho
Windsor Houso In Kast Water street at 2 30
this afternoon by Mrs. Cntherlno Rockefeller,
the proprietor. On tho dresser vvns a bottlo
labelled ' i arbiillc acid" nnd anothor partly
tllled with whiskey purchased of Syracuso
druggists Thn womons faco nnd arms wcro
covered with burns, but tho boy'H faco him un
marked, llo hud evidently taken tho ucld un
susptctlngl). 'Hio woman appears to havo been at groat
pains to lontcnl In r identity. A search of tho
clothing revealed a crumpled scrap of paper
!h' iring tlio name "Hondo Iji Grange, ri35 Mum
ford street, "Jwrlttcn in a woman's band.
Luxnox riEns of gxorge.
Tbo "Chronicle" aj He Was tbo Man to
Lead the American Forces of Dlf content
.spfcea! Cable Dttpatch to Tni Stm,
London, Oct. 20. Tho newspapers publish
long notices of tho death of Henry George,
and all acknowledge his personal Integ
rity. The criticisms of his doctrines follow
lines In ace rdanco with the views of
the individual journals. Tho Times says that
if b) any chanco ho had been elected, Mr.
George, although a scrupulously honest man,
would probabl) have disappointed his dev
otees. It adds that his disappearance will glvo
a great advantage tn Tammany.
I he .Slumlord Bays that Mr. George's opinions
will bo invested with fresh potency Just because
tho hand of Fato touched him suddenl) when
lie hub niufciiig ii supremo cuort.
Tho ( hromcle declares that no better man
or sweeter man has lived for many
yoars. Continuing, It says: "When the great
party of social discontent Is ready for
action ngalnst the powerful forces of American
plutocrncy we can hope for It nothing better
than that it have the guidanco of ns earnest,
upright, simple, and whole soulcd a leader as
Henry George."
Tke German Obstructionists Triumph and
Force nn Adjournment.
Special Cable Despatch to Tns St.
Vifnna, Oct. 2D Tho sitting of tho Reichs
rath, which began nt 7 o clock last evening,
ended at 7 30 this evening. Hcrr Lecher, who
began a speech carl) In the evening, continued
to talk until 0 o'clock this morning, in spite of
the continuous uproar of his opponents, which
most of the timo drowned his voice.
Herr Wolff, who spent most of his time In try
ing to put n motion declaring the session closed,
resorted to every conceivable means to prevent
Hcrr Lecher from continuing his speech, but was
unsuccessful. From midnight until 2 o'clock in
the mornl-g ho kept up n terrific din. aided bv
his followers, but was obliged to desist from ex
haustion, whi'o Lecher kept on speaking at tho
lo of his voice.
The sitting would havo lasted much longer
had not tho German ClerlcnK Intervened to
bringuhoul an adjournment, although no voto
vvns lakin on the Auslro Hungarian Compro
mise bill, the measure that was ostensibly undtr
discussion. Thcsuttcssof the German obstruc
tionists grcatlv i xcitcd the Crochs During tho
fission two Polish Deputies were made ill by tho
long continued strain and excitement.
Tho next session will be held on Tuesday.
A Torpedo Uoat Drtlrojer or the Turblnln
Type In llo Unlit lu England.
bjtectal Cable Detpatch foTur Sex.
London, Oct. 2'l Charles Parsons, the in
ventor of tho steam turbino which was fitted
In tho 100-foot torpedo boat Turblnla, giving
her a speed of J I knots an hour, is
about to construct nt Noweastle-on-Tvno
a i essel of t ho torpedo boat destroyer type wit h
turbino engines. It is stated that Bho will have
a speed of 3(1 to -10 knots an hour.
The Ilrllannle' Hotich lojage.
Special Cable Dfl atch to Trk Sire
Qctenstovvn. Oct. 2') Tho White fetor line
stca i er Britannic, from Now York, arrived oil
this port at 11 o'clock to-night. Thowoather
waB too bolsti rous for her to enter the harbor,
and sho therefore proceeded for Liverpool. Sho
encountered n succession of gales on the passage.
sicKlnlej's Horde or NjmpalhT to the Queen.
Special Cable Despatch to The Irs
London, Oit. 20 United States Ambassador
Hay this af ti moon sent to tho Queen nt lis
moral by telegraph an expression of Preside til
Mi Ivlnlcv's svmpatli) and condolence upon lliu
death otlhe Diuhossof Tcek.
aoo.ooil.lioo Onhig to Npaln's army In tulm.
Speetal Cable Deepatch to Tux Set
Maduid, Oct. 20. Tho pay of tho army In Cuba
is 300,000,000 pesetas, or about $(0,000,0(K), In
Suits for men are on the jump.
One day the suit is in our
stock next day it's walking on
Good things never stagnate.
Satisfaction and progress is our
$10 will buy a very good
Man's best cold-weather friend
Overcoats, Ready - to - Wear,
from $10 to $45.
To order '- less than exclu
sive tailors.
sTiisis oi'i'N i hi rvrvivo
HACICETT, I Broadway,
CAT??-! ART 'i)rnoi nth,
GC LAJt , Neur Chutnbera.
Non-Partisan Government and jl
Its Benefits to the City. Jl
Non partisan municipal government, ns prac 2
tlccd b) tho present Republican Deform Aelmln- ,
Istrntlon, has not benefited tho taxpajors or J
any othor clnss of citizens In nny material way.
It hasbeon narrow nnd blgole d lu nil lis branches: '
It hasflllod thoCIt) ofllces with Inexperienced
and incompetent men, many of thetu nonresi
dents; It lias Increased taxation without visible
benefit. This government, Instead ot being non
partisan, tins been partisan r.nd (notional to a
degree unknown under former administrations.
No man hns been appointed tu nny Important
oDIco because of his Illness. Almost every ap
pointment vvns nn open reward for sumo real or
Imaginary political service. Aflor throo )oars
of fair trial, non partisanship stands rovoalcdaa
a mockery a living llo masquerading under
tho stained and tattered cloak of reform a gov
ernment aiming less nt tho public good thnn the
liberal reward of those claiming credit for Its
cxlstcnco, Men Ignorant of tho laws thoy are
supposed to ndmlnlstcr nnd uphold, tnon ot no
exptrleuco vvhntsoovor In city government have
been placed nt tho bend of important depart
ments, und their Bolo aim has been to take care
ot themselves and tholr friends. Laws have
been ignored or defied In tho namo of roform,
ltod tape nnd usolcss formalities havo takon tho
plnieof business methods In tho conduct of
municipal nlfnlrs
Iho Department of atrcct Cloanlng has been
set up as the one shining oxnmplo of reform, 16
hns been cit c d as a department vv lioro thero rf al
no shadow of politics or partisanship. Tbo ap
pointment of tlie prtscnt Commli-sliinor was the
reward asked and obtained b) the Kdltor of the
"I veiling Host" for his support of tho roform
ticket ot mill, Thocmployniontof tho editor's
sunns nttorncy for corpurntlons doing huslnoss
with tho department inn to called ncnlncldcnco
under a "reform" irov eminent, hutnt anv other
lime It would bo called "n political bargain."
The present government Is cost Ing $10 000,000
a year more than a Democratic government El
cost. It has increased tho bonded debt of the
city $24,000 000. Iho man who pnvs $211 a h
year In taxes now whore ho paid $1711 under J
Democratic rulo may not bo enough of a ro-
formor to nceept tho chiingo without question.
Ileum) bo curious to know In what way ho hai
been benofltcd. If ho Investigates closely ha
will find that he hns not been benefited. Ho will
find that tho cily, as a vv hole, has not boen bene
fited; but it mav satisf) him to learn that a
large number of men, of whom honovcr hoard,
have obtaluol good ofllces; that certnin busi
ness houses hnvo obtained a monopoly of the
trade of the citv , nnd thatmany ambitious younp;
law v era w ho belong to a ccrtnln political faction
have secured easy and lucrntlvo business In tho
wa) of commissions tor tho opening of street
and for acquiring property for various city pur
poses If tho curious taxpayer seeks details ho mlgtot
begin on the water front. Ho will tlndnttho
head of the Dark Dcpartme nt a jpung man who
is almost n stringer In tho city. This young
man was the local agent for tho salo of coal
from the mines of '-cnalor Hhlns of West Vir
ginia. Steamships rtitilrc docks nnd coal. Tho V
coal trodo and steamship business might bo
classed ns allied 'iho dock improvements,
much advertised bv the present Administra
tion, viero planned nnd begun unlcr the
Administration nf n Dimoeratlc Mavor and 1
Democrntic Dock Commissioners Tbo young
man now nt tho head of tho department caused
tho city to cmplo) three expcit engineers to
hunt for flaws In the pi ins I hat had beo i pre
pared bv n Democratic Hoard Thn experts re
ported unanimous! in favor ot the pi ins, and
the report was stippres-ed for months
A carpet merchant vvns placed at the head of
the Department of Charities. All depcrtmente
of the Cit) Government began .it onco to buv f
carpets nt his lorc Tlie Commissioner an
nounced thnt he was out of iho tlrin, but tho
firm namo remained unchanged, nnd tho fact re
mains that thn city had never before purchased
enrpcts at that particular store.
A member of the ( onimittco of Seventy of
lPI Isnt the head of n lnrgn mercantile establishment-
'I he clt) is n hu or of a great variety
of goods. M my of thcno goo Is aro purchased in
small lots, without competitive bidding. It had
been tbo custom of tho city for years, under
Democratic government, to usk tho leading
mcreantilu houses to submit samples nnd prices
of goods needed In this way informal bidding
was secured Ibis vvui- changed bj thu Deform- W
ers, und nil departments in re told tu bu; their la
small supplies from tin store nf thi'mtmberof H
tho Commute enf "-eventv It Iftiniaud Hut I
his Arm h is old the ill - Oil 0(10 lo ? 1, 000,000 I
worth of goods n icur. I
A lueiiibcrof the linn Ihat has a monopoly of !
the busIniMof selling fertilizers in tlie cit) vvn
uuido Commissioner uf the Dcpirlincnt of Cor- ,
rcctlon At onto this iltpirtiui nt of the City j
Oovcrr.nciit begin to buv the fullliers in large '
j quantities, not from tin Commissioner s firm
thnt would Ii iv e been lu'ilnl Iho I iw but from
John -Multli. John Joins, and other persons
never he fori' licanl of in I he tnuli.
This milhod vvn". exlendid to cvir) depart
ment, ructions vvtie open!) icvvnrelel for pn- jj
lilical MrvUes win u appoininuiiis vwo maun; s
nnd when there wire nu intiroolllces to bo div- f
trlbutcd, e verv loan win) Ii id htcn uctlvo hi
putting this (,nvi nunc nt into power sought, awl ij
usual!) obtained puniei Indirect In netll Ilcfore
tlio pre -rut .u'niliiiMrit'nn had been In power jj
six months e Mavor i.l an. a shrewd ohii rvcr, I
said Inn publli spen li " Son pnrtlsui govern
ment Is i fad '
It has bt en a government vvil limit rrsponiibll
it). After Mai or strong had filled nil Iheotlltts
with Im xporirnced ml venturer' or broke n down
nnd di festcd polltitimis, lie iiid, lu a spte hat '
a publli dinner, "I have no Inline inn withniy
own administration, lbobo)-. will not do what
I til! them '
'I his vvns true. Tlio me n appointed 1 "-Irons f
knew tlinl ho was re snonsllilo to no pally or
organization Ihiv km iv tint ho could nut
remove! I hem, nnd tlm result lias Im n n t,uv em
inent divided ugnliiKt Itsilf, 'lime has bron
constant ilnslilng Ictvvefi de piiiint ills, nnd
no unit) of piirpu'o in action for tho publlo
good, Ilonri inci lings In II o Mn)nr s otllreli ivi
hern notorious fur clashes between In ids of ;
departmental verpiiblii business In whlih there
should havo been nulled nitluii for the publio B
goo 1 j
The I'ollio Department, lln Hoi k lliji uiini nt,
the Tu lit pnrliui nt, tlm Depnrliiii ulof I'ulillo j
Works mill limine ii n loi il ou rumen' timo 1
itself, Ignoring tin M ivor, mil vvlllin it ri-i"iii' 9
slblllt) In niivliiid) I Im hi id of i uli ib ! irt- p
me nt has lieciia hew until hliii'ilf. Ills i blcf llin i
having been tu nlrnlii liu lugt-l lui'ihlo no- 3
pieiprinlinii mil spend ill tin miiiii he e uiSlgiL
Hi fore Mavoi Mrung hud bun in ulllu two R
)enrs he was puliliil) ripudlitcd In i vi r) I riy
aiidiirgniiiiiliiiii Unit i-iipimti'd him In lk'H, u
and the n ml He publh in i nun iitlon n fu- il jj
to indorse Ills ndinlni-lrati m Ills idiu'msli i- j
tlon bus been a ills iipiuliiieiil In ln frn u K a
fnllurciisntiexainiili of guodtovi uimi ill ll has
been u patihwiirkguu rniiii ul. win u ore 1 inpei
and mlslii in igeliu ul sun iided liii-iin vi me 111
oils. U!pirllii'. il liavis Ichliiil nu i-ii it work
accompllidicd, nu inatctlol b in lit lo liu cit) III
any wa) In return fur allium in oiiiuino mori
than a Dcmuinitli giivernun in would luvi lost
for I ho s mm pi I In I. 'I ho men who we reropnif
sllilufor It are indium 1 uf It, nnd dl.own IU
That fact alone Is proof that It lus Imuh a
Vole for Hubert A. Vnu Wyck, the Itnula
Democratic Nuuiliicofoi .M ejor, .Mi.

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