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It I J Qtkfr m y "mrUwmmtmm wr mrw Fair ; cold ; northerly winds. IB
Hut I U
$ J ' outlawed and ronaoTTEN.
W&" I
I? I T War Brake th Dry Caeda Mrs er Baa,
yyrl Bama Valentin la IJ01 -Credlter
Will Hgned a Release, bat Navr Thar AraGoUlaa;
V' i Cheeka Interest Mara Than the Principal.
i Bevsrnl ot tho old Arms, or the sucoessorg of
!j ' old Arms, In tho dry goods district hare re-
OW V cently boen notified by Mr. Amos F. Kno that It
Ss K A I ' bls (,csiro to pa3r hls "haro ot the dobU of tbs
'SHI iH drjr ft"001'8 flrm ot 'which he was n member and
ffi-V 1 14 orgauizrr In 1B60 and which suspended with
. ' ! lares liabilities at the breaking out ot tho war.
mW Tho notlcei hare contained checks tor Mr.
f , J Kno'o sharo ot tho principal of the debt, lomo
Mt 9 to tho amount of many thousands ot dollars,
and In addition to the chocks assurances that
Ty as soon ns tho exact amount ot the debt Is
WmY' known and tho Interest on It can be computed
jk thero wilt bo a further check sent represent Ins
Wj?' tho Interest at 1 per cent, from 1801. Further,
fS'' ' the notices were marked "strictly confldea-
Kft Iff Tho firms that received tho notices nnd tho
fl; '! Inclosed checks vv cro so astounded thut sumo ot
m In them, In splto of this injunction, could not
maI U keep the secret, and thu matter has been the
Wff) (Ft talk of the drj goods district, with many a wlan
Wi' 111 expressed thut thcro might hu other visitations
Fl J of l'rovldenco and old-fnshloned commercial
WE I hone.ty.
v y Kv en after the matter became public, Mr. Eno
j refused absolute!) to sny anything about It. At
F , 1 ' hlsolflce in tho Trinity building, 111 Broadway,
W. I nn effort was at first mado to deny the fact. Then
llnv' I it was asserted that Mr. Eno would not permit
jjK- anybody to speak of it. Mr. Eno himself was
tmf seen at the Fifth Avcnuo Hotel nnd tried to
Wjf , laugh tho matter off with a remark about a "fow
MirXi Southern credits" and tho emphatic declaration
Bfty that he couldn't too that It was a matter ot any
Blyy general Interest and that certainly ho would not
mJfl I cousiut to glvo an Information about It.
WfM I Tho storj that Tiik Sun gives Is gathered
W-"j from trustworthy sources.
if"' I I Mr. Eno Is tho eldest son of Amos K. Eno ot
I .- I J tho Fifth Avenuo Hotel. Amos It. Eno. somo
H 1 years licforo tho war, was tho head of tho Arm
1 9 ; of Eno, Itobcrts, Rhodes &. Co, which wrs In
' the dry goods business. Amos F. Eno was
Ir , U taken Into tho Arm's employ to learn the bust-
jti noss. In 1857 his fattier withdrew from tho
fl Arm and was succoeded by the son, who took
HjPp i his place at tho head. 11 the terms of the
kL I t partnership thero was a dissolution In 1850, and
llayjt 1 on 1ec- 31 "mt ?ear Amos F. Eno beenmo tho
ml- in head of the Arm ot Eno, Buorcn A Valentino.
v rl ttot ' rm ba ca't '" cloaks, mantles nnd
mf I -' the Hkp. Tho new one doalt eiclusH olv In silks
mto m " and fancy dress goods The partners uero
Wifi l Amos F. Eno, George D. Bucren and I)aid T.
rWl 'f Valentine. John Allen was n special partner,
MK! I nno contr'hutod 30,000. and tho firm had a
i rJT special capital of $100,000. Mr. Fno con-
u fm ll trlbuted 50,000 cafch to the Arm. Tho store
Br jJ 1 ttob at 311 llroudwur. Its buslnoss was prin-
() j olpally In tho South. In thoso days thcro were
iHf i no commerolol agenclos anl endita wero
I Judged by appearance. lbo Arm of Eno,
Vmfl I uueren & Valentino had large credits in tho
M 1 I Kouth. Old drr goods merchant, who remein-
W?$ ,. ber U say it did about a million-dollar business.
Mt which in thoso da)s was very larKe. Though
m- war was Imminent there wan little restriction
. if credits between tho North nnd tho boutb,
Sf ' I I juch was the scramble for business, almost up
K' to the beginning of tho wur.
t The flrlng on Fort Hun.ter in April, 1801,
H 1 Was tho beginning of a buslnesK smash as well
? as the beginning of the war. The houses that
i;' 1 had large dealings with tho Fouth and conse
K'r , i qi.BQtl- lurge ctiullu thcro nxnt !o.v,i. '!;,
i Southern merchants would not iay their debts,
fH I and had for an excuse that their creditors Vvere
(V pubUcerretuiea tinit ttmt to gt o money to them
Mi-.-fr I I t ' wnh to aid tho tmbllo enemy of the t onfedcrnto
BU v 1 States. Kno, Ituerrn &e Valentino hung on for
( fl I two weeics attir the Ilring on bumtor and then
n I made an asolgnmuit on April -0, lbOl, toC. N.
! fl I CotHn. Later all that It was possible was real-
! 0 Izod from tho sale of the stock and tho business,
JM If I and tho mone) w.s usixl to pni thodubtsof tho
M fl Arm. The di idend was sm:ill, but thu credit
Mv I urs wero glad to get It and the members ot tho
Wil, Arm were releasid.
'- I lhe rclcate of course settled everything. It
jjHl wiped out foreier nil the debts ot tho Arm that
Vmt 1 wero unpaid and loft them free to ?tart bus!-
ln"T .lU noss atrcsb, Mr Eno, after a short experience
IC Snl ' tho liiinv. did go into business again In tho
ll SI) Urm ut lioailly, Eno A- Co. Ihls was In 1803.
I' 'Bit Hot thv old debts were forgotten by that time,
I. SI nnd prolialily from that tlmo to this, until tho
lettera and checks wero tent out by Mr. l'no.
fit 11 the) were not iwnin thought of bj an one hue
f W IB Mr. l.uo. J hirt six )ear U a lone time in
I Bjl VSJ husiuesx, and btarcclv nny of tho Arms thut
VOB 'B w tro the urlginal crrdltors of Kno, linen u Ac
K mj Valentino uro in business now. Krn whrro
jOjT the original numes were mnlntnlnul the inin-
tm.'ij!"l Ikt.i or tho Arm have changed In man; cases
vmJrAtt "o: ,l singlo member of the original creditor
KMBeMJ lira) aunliij. In some cases tho men in the
fmrra' IB Ann aio gramlehildren of the orlnlnal mem-
HTv m lm turn. In othorj they are nephows oreen moro
flVsH illstant rolativon, nnd In some eases tho mist-
BErXV AaV iw- his passed iuui other handx eutircl) and
1M ttioro Is not a relatiio of tho old partners re
al A Jn mnlnlnc
fl IwV This The Si n Is Informed, Is the condition
Mf fi thut Mr. Kno found wiien hu began recently to
Jll hunt up the creditors of tho old Ann with tho
IB f,p Idea of paying his shnre of tho debt with tho
fmy'fl j lntereot thereon. In no case was thero a man
HP who reuiombiirod that suih a debt oxlstod. In
Jmff I u-r; many cases tho old books had been dc-
Wul utroyed. and there wa, no evidence that thero
WfA . ever bad been such a debt. Hut In no case. It is
Est fc"td, did Mr. Eno hesltato to put tho debt into
WW- the list that ho Intended to pay. Under nil
w ' thee eireuuKtancej tho surprise that ovrrramo
j the recipients of the notices and tho cheekj
H . wliun thu) got the remittances may be Imag-
, . lued, and it Is not much wonder that somo of
Hi. I tnem "leaked,"
j Tiik Hun reporter has talked with several of
f thoio creditors, who saw tho uselossness ot
Wc v! I trying to conceal the matter once it had got
ftu 7 1 out. One man said: "Well, sir, wo were so
J" II, astounded thut we seriously discussed keep-
L' If lng tho cheek and framing It. We were not
) Ja going to huvo It cashed, though It amounted to
My , v, several thousand dollars We tho jght that as
W,)" '' an object lesson In honesty It wb worth a
Btk'K M much as tho cash that It represented,"
Wtt: II in Two or throe men said that they bad deter-
Wtt: J I mlnod to have tho story printed until they
mf 'ill learned that Mr. Eno was strenuously opposed
JBFy l Jolt. 1 hen, in view of the fact that they wero
) II benedciarles, thoy did not fori at liberty to do it.
I,1 fl "I never had heard of Mr. Eno." sold one
fmi ) man. "1 had heard of his father, but I never
HBjV ' had heard of Mr. Amos K. Eno, and neer lm-
JU" aglncd that any person of that name had or
Ki- been Indebted to the Arm of which 1 am a mem-
mmU - ber "
BBt- One of tho older creditors of tho Arm of Eno,
k ' Uueren & Valentino, who did remember the
$ I failure, stirred up his memory, and said he
thought thnt It would'very Hkoly cost Mr. Eno
Ml ' more than half a million dollars to pay the debts
K with Interest to date. Iho thirty-six years in-
W tercst, without compounding, amounts to a
vl i good deal moro than the original debt. At 4
atl & ' l)Cr cent, the Interest Is $1-14 on eicry $100 ot
IW7 principal.
MB'Ttr Instances similar to tho one related that Is,
lytt tho puyment of debts after release when they
(Hjf ) ore no longer Ir.-ully binding- aro not unconi-
WF i I "on to daj, but tho record hero does not show
fTM any other caso of payment with Interest or
VmL I I without after thlrty-slx )ears he elapsed.
IMTili I lhe ritonl does not show eases either where
I5IJL. Tr" 9"1 debts aftor reloaso aro paid of their having
WES' I been puid wltlCso little omntalion. The cue-
S' ternary waj is to hae a dinner with the cred-
BE iJL ors and put their checks under their plates.
fgf fii I reiueii4ler one euso of this kind," said a
l'J rnan with whom 'Ihe Hun reporter talked yes-
Iflyf tirday, "nberu tho host mado nut two chocks
IHy for each guost. lino check was for the priori.
IB , Id of th? debt, and the othor for the Interest.
HI' hcn nil tho guests had turned uter tblr
IBf) Pll(t.e" .,,ie "m" t the end of tlm table, who has
IRi lioltUilgli otllce In the State and nation, turned
JU the check for the Interest face duwn on the table.
iBl 'he other he put in his pocket, 'lhe other
W' Dtiests, h a single exception, followed him,
I J ho execution pocketed both checks. The
ilflj . host watched tlio performanee and walked
Bjf around the table, picking up the cheeks for the
IflBB I Interest that had been rejected. hen ho
fljl i cajne to the place of this alio he glared ut the
m U f,u.le,1 I' 11'lc'1 UP 'he knife and fork and
I I looked under them. Then be lifted up the plate
) and looked under that. Ho pushed the guest
m I forward and looked behind his back, lie did
lAl I ""f,1 cr?nd time, 'ihon he lifted the chair
ma. J A 4 ?' lked unJcr tho table. In the meuutliue
Wt'YY I tno 0,'V "ll"t who had taken things as they
BD 1 1 came looked uncomfortable. Hut ho didn't
K gHeupthelntcrebtebeek. All the other guests
FL- Jsi ?iarFl ?( '''"fl- , "V c,"n "" check, ilnully
JW1 the host went back to the head of the tablo and
W3 ( I P'n.,'e ft little speceh. thanking the guests who
1 d returned the cheeks and Inviting them Into
9H ' I the next room, 'where they oould enjoy their
JBhWi I dinner In eouuenlal eompan),' 'lhe man with
t-fll I Vi' ,'",1er5.'t chot,1' ?K "'! unl went out then.
WW I He took the check with him."
Mita. isELirr sated by rATEn.
Be aatf Bar ramllr Alirlknte Ber liaprava.
seat la lb CklMre or It. Oabrtel's loaool.
Mrs. Adrian Isolin, who became ill at her home
in New Rochelle In the early part of September,
and whose condition a month ago was consid
ered critical, was removed from her country
home last Sunday, and now rests comfortably
at her residence In this city, S3 East Twenty
sixth itroetdFor week Mrs. Iselln's life was In
tho balance, and the doctors despaired ot saving
her. Finally, as sho was sinking lower and
lowsr, the physicians pronounced her case hope
less, and Father Kellner of St. Gabriel's Roman
Oathollo Church was summonod to her bedside
to administer tho last sacrament of the Church,
Ho was conducting tho school connected with
the church when the summons came, and before
departing he requested tho children to pray for
When Father Kollner arrived he was much
surprised to And that tho malady bad taken n
turn for tho better. Tho physicians In attend
ance wore surprised, too, at tho rally, and tho
audden chnngo for tho bettor perplexed them.
Fathor Kellner and the members ot Mrs. Ise
lln's fa nlly consider her recovory miraculous,
and attribute It solely to the proyors of tho chil
dren of SL Gabriel's School. M rs. Iselln hcrsolf
deems It nothing short ot a miracle. Sho has
had no relapse, but has Improved steadily ever
elnco tho Isit of tho priest.
Mrs. Iselln lsadoout Catholic. It was she
who built St. Gabriel's Church at a coat of
8100,000. nnd also ondowed It. She also toundod
In counoetion with It the school, which was
opened on Sept. 8 of thts year. Tho Iselln chil
dren put In a largo stnlnod glass window at St.
Qabrtoi's Church about n oar ago to comma mo
rato the golden wodding of their parents, which
was celebrated on Dec 12, 180D.
Father Kellner celebrated a mass of praise
and thanksgiving for the delivery from death ot
Mrs. Iselln. In his church Inst Sunday. Mrs.
Iselln expects to Uko n trip South In a tew
weeks to spend thewintorlf hor condition per
mits It.
Mrs. Drnilll Uellevee That ller Dllndnrsa Wm
Removed by Praicr.
KAMCAKhK. 111., Nov. 23. During tho forty
hours' devotion nt the ChebanseCathollcChurch
recently Mrs. Michael Urazlll recovered her
sight aftor two years of blindness.
Mrs. Brazill hail prc iously consulted special
ists at Kankakee and Chicago, and had boon
told that nothing but an operation would ro
stoio her lslon. To this she would not consent.
Sho prayed Incessant!) that her sight might re
turn, and had faith that her petitions would be
answored. Sho attended the devotional exer
cises and groped her way to tho altar, where she
asked tho priest, the Hev. Father O'Mara of
Chicago, to lnterccdo for her. Almost instantly
sho announced that sho saw as well as before
she was aflllcted.
A viansffr Cautions a latins: TToman Aralast
Fllrllna with Lawrence Hauler.
St. Ixjcib, Nov. 21 Miss Mary Downs, after
permission to but a ticket to a dot seat at the
Imperial Theatre had been refused her, was 60
icrcly lectured bv Manager Gumpcrtz for her
infatuation for Lawrenco Hanley. formerly
Barrett's loading man, but now playing star
roles in a stock company. When Miss Downs
applied for a box seat she was told that tho
manager desired to see her. She entered Mr.
Uumpertz's ofllce. Tho manager told Mis
Downs he did not Intend to bate brr make a
fool of herself In tho thoatre over Hanley.
"I mean," he -ontltiued, "thatjouojo. en
dangering his situation and your reputation. I
mean that ou are squandering money, bujlntr
dtamonds for that fellow, which is none of my
buMnoss, and that jou are attraction the at
tention of the audloneo lij Alrtlng with him
during performaneee, which is cry much my
huxineis. I don t proposo to hae such things
done In this theatre. I have Instructed tho
treasurer not to sell j ou an) mora box seats,
nnd If jou nttraet attention while sitting in
another pnrt of tho house I will bar you out
-iltoM'lhcr. It ou meet Ilnnley outsldo nnd
bo v him champagne, ns foolish women do some
times wtth actors of his elas, you may rest
luxMircd that It will lost him his position
The )ou"g woman burit into tears. "But I
lou him so, she sobbed "I huvo ghen him
many presents uud have written lilm letters.
When I was 111 not Ioiik ngo I thought I was
going to die nnd 1 made ray will leaving all I
hnu to Mr. I Unit v."
Manager Guuipertz hnd heard that Miss
Dunns is worth 100 000 "What fools you
women arc," iio commented "I'm norry for
ou. Hint man cares nothing for ou Bc-
, hides ho has a wife and two children in Call-
j foruln. You're not treating them well, are
I jou?"
i The oung woman repeated her protestations
of lovo for Hanley and then walked out and
piirchnsid a parquet sent.
I Miss Don us is ii daughter of Hudson K.
Downs, a enntrut tor She is about '11 ) cars of
1 ago and a blonde. Tho Downs famll) live in
one of tho most fushlonahlo blocks In the west
Fat One Uet Blurk In the loal Hole, and Both
Here abbrd
John Doyle and Frank I'lynn priod open tho
parlor window of the house at 233 East Forty
clirhlh street, owned b) Judge Addison Brown,
I early yesterday morning, nnd entered thebouse,
which is vacant. They went down to the cellar
and tried to lea e the place by tho coal hole
In tho sidewalk. Doyle, the stouter of tho two,
got half wn out and then stuck fast.
Just then Policeman Strassner ot the East
Flft)-flist street station oamo along nnd nearly
stumbled orer the burglar's head, as It was still
" Lookout, there!" shouted the burglar warn
ing!). " Don't step on me head "
"What are you doing there I" tho policeman
" Oh, we Just dropped In to see whnt we could
pick up," was the nnswor, "hut the folks have
moved out and we couldn't get nothing,"
'I he policeman ordered him to got out ot the
"IXrish I could. I'm stuck and can't get In
or out," ho replied.
Tho policeman caught him by tho shoulders
and pulled with all his strength. Tho man's
clothes ripped, but he was Anally dragged out,
Ixioklng clown the hole Strassner saw another
man In thoeellir, nnd, pointing his revolver ut
him, ordered him to come up.
r'lynnwnsof slim build and passed through
tho hole without difficulty, A Jimmy was found
In his coat pocket.
Doyle said ho was 17 yours old and had no
home. Flynn gave his age as 18 years and said
he lived at 242 ICaH 1011th street.
They were Inter taken to the Ynrkvllle Court
and held InVl.OOOball each for trial tor burglary.
WarU Dolayed by Htrlkra-It Mill Take rive
millions to lompl.lo 11,
The trustees of tho Cathedral of St. John the
Divine held u prlvnto meeting at the Episcopal
See House yesterday afternoon. Bishop Potter,
Dr. Huntington, and George MacCiillmh Miller
' wero among thoso present, Announcement was
I made of the death of Dr. Hough ton of the Church
of the 7'ransAgurntlon, who was a trustee, and
It Is understood that a committee was appointed
to draw up a suitable minute,
Trustee Miller said, after the moctlng, that
strike! had retarded the work on the now
cathedral, but that considerable work has been
done (in the eastern end ot the choir and the
base of the large tower. It Isexpocted that the
choir will be completed within two ) ears.
Thu trustees are required to provide an en
dowment fund to support the cathedral after it Is
built, and with that obieit In view they hnvo
appioprlated half of all the subscriptions thus
fariueelvnd to this fund. 'I he fl mil cost nt the
entire structure has never been estimated. It
waiisald yesterday, but It will be over f 3,000,000,
It ! said that the trustees expect that the com
pletion of tho choir will exhibit enough of tho
architectural beauty of the design and snf
llelently emphasize the npprourlatenesa of the
site to inspire the religious publlo to contribute
the additional money neoded for the completion
of thebulldiug.
Hello I Hello I Hello 1 Fsch Brotbers, 000 Broad-
ay, Fbotorrsphers. Telephone No. t.tii lsttiea
"The 'World Can Have Hill If It ITnnta
To i It la Welcome to film," Hays Tarn.
mnny'a Big Chler-JIurphy la Sllenl-VThj
Bill TTaa silent Darlnc (he Campalca.
nicb&rd Croker was at tho Murray Hill Hotol
last night. lie said that he bad a few words to
say to the Democrats hereabouts and elsewhere.
A friend ot his, ha said, had put under his nose
an editorial from tho World beaded: "Senator
IIUl In Politics." Tho editorial went on to
glorify ex Senator 11111 and practically attri
buted to him the Democratlo victory In Greater
New York and In New York State this year.
Mr. Croker said: " Hill had nothing to do with
the recent campaign. Tho H'ord can have Hill
If It wants to. It Is welcome to him. No Tam
many man should havo anything to do with the
ll'orW. It does not tell tho truth. It does not
want to toll tho truth. Any Tammany man giv
ing It Information must bo prepared to seo the
U'orfcl lie about tho Information, as well as
About the man who gave It. The H'orfrf Is the
exponent of corrupt and debauched Journalism.
It cannot toll tho truth."
Senator Murphy hns been In town slnco Sun
day night. A representative of The Sun had a
long talk with him on Monday, but Senator
Murphy said at tho timo that there was
nothing that ho carod to say In print
about tho Democratic situation In tho
State. Within tho last twenty-four hours
Senator Murphy, Mr. Crokor, nnd ox
Mayor Hugh J. Grant hav o met an 1 had a num
ber ot conversations. Thcro is to bo a Uttlo din
ner to-night which these and other Democrats
aro to attend. Senator Murphv continued to
pursuo his policy ot sllenco last night.
Earl; in tho day a rcprtsctit tl e of tho Brook
ljn Cittern, tho onl straight Democratlo news
paper In Kings count), bad a talk with Mr.
Croker at his oAlco. Ill Broadway, nnd ns a
result of this talk tho Brooklyn Citizen last
night had nn article which was uoaded thus:
Says Senator Murphy is State
and is "worthy to be.
Mr. Croker read tho Interview In tho Brooklyn
Tifiren very carefully last night nnd pro
nounced It corroct. Hero follows that part of
tho interview referring to Mr. Croker's com
ments on Mr. Hill:
"Mr Croker, do you recognize ex Senator 11111 as
the Democratlo Stato leader?"
Mr. Croker, with the promptitude and franknogs
that are characteristic of htm when a pertinent qucs
tlon la put to him, replle !-
"I recognize Senator Murphy as the Stato leader,
nets a leader Who commands thu respect or cvry
Democrat la the State no Is a level hraded man
Bla iK-lit-a In the United States Senate have the
highest reipeet for him, and he 1. worthy of It "
Posiloly, then, you do not agree with Mr 3te
Laughlln's high estimate of Benator II1U as expressed
Id a cutttn Interview Juit after election ?"
" That's Mr McLaughlin's opinion. lie Is entitled
to It." said Mr Croker. " I shall never think less ot
him for anything he may say ot Mr. Hill."
"I regard Mr. lleLaucblln a. one ot the alile.t lead
ers In the State," added Mr. Croker. "lie Is a One
old gentleman, don't you think so?"
The reporter thought ao, and aatd so.
Mr Croker said be bad no quarrel with Senator Hill.
"If I could do htm a good turn to-morrow I would do
so," h aald.
Immediately nfter election day Mr. McLnuch
Hn, the veteran Democratic leador of Brooklyn,
declared that ox Senator IIUl wnn responsible
for tho Domocratio vletory In Greater New
York and In the Stato Tin HiiN a
few days later printed tho comments of
other" veteran Democrats to the effect that
Senator Murphy, Mr. Croker, and o-Mayor
Grant were responsible for tho Democratlo
victory Following ou the heels of this
statemert nrvny Dcmocntlc candidates for
Governor next )enr popped up Among
tbcm wero nx-Assemhlymnn John B.
Stanchfleld of Elmlrn. Democratic National
Committeeman Fnnk Campbell of Bith. Domo
cr.ith State Chairman Elliot Dnnforthof Bain
hrldge, and others Oldfrlendsof Mr, Stanch
fiel I have regretted, they said, that he has ap
peared on tho Aeld soenrl).for llii reason that
ho mar have thus endangered his chances. Tho
comment" of tho majority of Democrats con
cerning Mr. Danforth nnd Mr. Cnmpboll are to
the effect that they arc not and will not be
"In It."
Recurring to Mr. Croker's comments on Mr.
Hill, it mnv- be said without fear of dlaputo
thit tho Democrats who wero prominent
during tho recent oampalgn advioed Mr. 11111
to remain nt Alhany and keep quiet. They
would not even nllow him to make a snneeh,
either for Alton B Parker or nn) other Dcnio
rratlccundldnto. This policy was pursued, In
the words of a verv InAuontlal Dcuiocrit In
the Stato yesterdny, bectuso "If Mr. Hill
hud made n public appearsnro during the
campaign he would havo bten hissod from
th' platform. Ho deliberately foisook the Judg
ment of his old friends in tho campaign last
year. He went to tho Chicago National Con
vention hind in glove with hie old enemies In the
Democratlo part), and at the convention he for
sook his old friends. On his return to New York
State he was worse than nulesrent. Ho is a man
of very marked abllltv. Hnlsnneot tho ablest
Democrats in the State uf New York. He
Is an honest man. No taint of Jobbery
has over been found on him. lie Is
an ambitious man. Inordlnato ambition
frequently results In personal enrrupton. Vo
such charge can bo mado against Mr. Hill. He
Is a politician for nolltlrs' sako. But lm plays
too flnen hind. His old friends In the State do
not wnnt to forsake him, and ot tho feeling
against him is so tremenriousandsopenotrutlng
that he must perforce remain under cover for
some time to come."
Democrats at the Hoffman House lsst night
coincided with the remarks of Mr. Croker to
the effect thut Senator Murphr Is the Demo
cratlo leader of the State, Senator Murphy did
not attend the Chicago Natlonnl Convention of
1800, whero Rr)an was nominated. Senator
Murphy was verv 111 nt the tlmo at Long
Branch. Immediately nfter Bryan's nomina
tion, however. Senator Murphy caused It to bo
made known through tho columns of the news
papers of New York State that he stood by the
Chicago national platform He was like Senator
Gorman of Mnrvland nnd Sonator Smith of Now
Jersey in this nntter. All theo men. It
was sold, bogged Mr. Illll to stand by tho Chi
cago platform. Mr Murnhv has always been
tho warm friend of Mr. Hill nnd hu advice. It
was said, wis disinterested. Tho Democratlo
testimony nt tho Hoffman House Inst night,
therefore, was that, making due nllnwnnra for
the friendship of Mr. Malisuahlln of Brooklyn
for Mr. Hill. Mr. Croker's statement that Sen
ator Murphy Is the Democratic leader of the
Stato must bo accepted,
Bandits Heoure nn Imtoeme Amount er Plun
der In Canton's Nuliurba.
Tacoma, Wash,, Nov. 2.1, Canton, China, is
terrorised by bandits. Last month n band of
200 robbers attacked Salkln, whore a large
number of rich Canton families of thoclnnl)
reside 'Iho robbers pillaged at will. All who
resisted, both here nnd at Kin Kiang village,
which they robbed next day, were killed, Oold
Jewelry end other rich plunder to the value ot
f a,000,000 wore carried ana),
Theso robbers wero organized by tho late no
torious bandit. Chang Wnn. As the local otll
clals havo taken no steps to suppriss outrages
of this description, the town governments nnd
merchants of Canton a suburbs have applied to
tbo Governor of Cunton to ho allowed to engage
a force of men at their own oxpunseto protect
their property. I'pon pa)me-iit of n good sum
their request will bo ranted.
The bandits, benrlng of this move, decided
upon another raid, but were met by several
hundred anno 1 villagers, who killed nine rob
bers and wounded forty, Tho h.indlts havo re
treated Into tho niuiintuliib to romblnc with
othsr hands and threaten to raid Canton Itself.
Cuiton merchants believe this will lie done and
are preparing to resist.
A Permanent saoaltlsn Tor Chicago.
Cmcuuo, Nov. 23. Twenty-Ave business men,
with John T.Shayne presiding, met this after
noon at the flreat Northern Hotel and framed
plans for the construction of a permanent expo
sition building on tho lake front. Mr. Shr.yne
says that ns soon as the legal tangles coutum
lug the lako front arc cleared away bonds will
be itsuod and work begun.
A Rnmeer or Warships Coin There te (leln.
farce the German Beundren.
Special CViMs Dtipateh lo Tea Bon.
Biroix, Nov. 23. It Is reported that It Is tho
intention ot tho Government to despatch the
warships Deutschlsnd, Knlsorin Augusta and
Geflon to tho China station to relnforco the
squadron of Admiral Dlederleh, which a few
days ago seliod Klao Chou Bay on the Shantung
Tho report soems to be truo, and It 1s probable
that tho vessels will sail on Dec. 10. It Is pos
sible that the barbctto ship Baycrn will accom
pany tho other warships. It Is further alleged
that the new contingent will bo commanded by
Prince Henry of Prussia, brother of Emperor
William, but this Is conjectural.
Whether Germany will retain KlaoChou Bay
depends largely upon tho attttudo ot Itussla,
vthlcn country. It Is understood, hns already
acquired from China tho right for her warships
to winter In tho bay. It nppoars to bo n fact, how
ever, that Germany will not nbandon her Inten
tion to obtain a foothold nt Klao Chou Bay or
elsewhere In China.
It becomes Increasingly evident that the re
cent murder of two German missionaries fur
nished a pretext which tho Govornmont hnd
long awaited.
In faco ot tho mors Important prospects In
China tho Haytlan affair has receded Into the
background. It Is now announced thnt the
training ships Charlotte nnd Clnelsenau are
quite adoqunto to enforce tho Gorman claims at
Port-au Prince.
It is concurrently explained that Count
Schwerln, the German Minister to Ilnyti, will
not demand indemnification for the Empire, but
only for Uerr Luoders personally.
A ftepovt That Saalnnd Mas Mnde a Deal to
Turn Tnem Over te trance.
SpteM Cable fitiratch to Tnn Stm.
London, Nov. 23. The Dally Graphic will to
morrow print a letter from n resident of the Is
land of Guernsey recording a report that is w ide
spread In the Channel Islands to the effoctthat
Great Britain contemplates ceding tho Islands
to France. The writer says that public opinion
In the Chnnnel Islands Is much orcltcd at the
threat of tho Government to abandon tho
Islanders to their fate If tboydo not bring tho
local militia up to the War Ofllco requirements.
As these compulsorlly enllstod forces hnvo
alwa)s hitherto cheerfully done what was
exacted of them tho Islanders cannot fathom
this sudden movement on tho part of tho
Government, which has come as u bolt
from tho blue, except on the supposition that
the Islands aro to be handed over to France ns
tho result of a deal giving England a freehand
In Egypt or In tho Niger territories. Tho w riter
Indignantly doclnrcs that not ono In a hundred
of the population wishes to chango his nation
ality. Tho Grnnatc declares that It Is Impossible
that thero Is any real foundation for the fears
exprcesod by tho writer of tho letter, and ex
presses tho bopo that the Government will
promptly rcasauro the IsUnders.
ITaarlna- nn Old (iold nnd Dlaek Sweater, II
Kleka Off ftor Mlasaurl Alumni.
Colcmwa, Mo , Nov. 23. Tho ntbletlo Aeld
of tbo Missouri University wits tho scene to
day of tho appearance of William J. Bryan In
an entirely new rflle. when ho participated In
his first game of football, clad iuia striped old
gold and black sweater.
It was a practice game between tho 'varsity
and nluninT" teams, and Mr. Bryan had been
persuaded to go out to tbo Acid by the college
boys. Onco on tho fleld. It was suggested that
ho should tako part In the game. At tho eo
licltatlon of Capt. Hill nnd Coach Young, Mr.
Bryan consented to kick off for thu nlumnl.
Capt. Hill offered the Nebrasknn U sweater,
which was promptly donned, and amid a deaf
ening college yell, Mr. Bryan strode on the
The ball was placed In position, and, nfter a
short rehearsal, Air. Bryan planted bis No 10
fairly under the Bphoro and the bull wont rolllnur
clown the Aold for forty yards. Mr. Bryun then
retired to tho side linos and watched the
scrimmage, continuing to wear tho sweater
during tho game. Ho was much impressed
with the Ida), and said that, while tho game
was not played In his college, lie wis certain
that he would have been ou a team had he hnd
u chance.
Mr. Bryan attended a banquet last evening
in the way of an old timo opossum supper, at
which ISO guests sat down.
Competitor In Ita Ulendlho Contest Became
Dart at Ita Iteportrd Huapeaalan.
While Serjeant John Daly of tho West Thir
tieth street station was writing the entries in
tho station house blotter yesterday afternoon,
tho street door opened with a bang and a wild
eyed man rushed lm
" I've found it," exclaimed tho visitor.
"Found what T'askei tho policeman.
" Gleldsensuppe's head," said tho man. " I had
two men digging for it, and tbey found It to-day
in Klatbush."
Sergeant Daly questioned tho man and con
cluded bo wus insano. He said he was Richard
Myers, a bartender nt the Hotel Aulic, Broad
way and Tblrt)-Afth street. Myers admitted
that he wasn't feeling woll lately, and nt
Sergeant Daly's suggestion he agreed to go to
Bellovuo Hospital, lie was taken to tho hospi
tal In nn ambulance.
Myers entered tho Ttlturam's Klondike con
test. He was ono of the lenders in thu eon peti
tion, and when that newspaper's suspension was
editorially announced In the Herald his mind
gavewav. He lost his Job In the Hotel Aulloa
week ago, but hns been hanging around tho
hotol door since, begging evory one he met for
coupons. He showed signs of Insanity us soon
as be heard of the announcement in tho Herald.
Veneaiieus Raid to Have Hold Illm n Twenty-Mllllon-Dollar
Canoeaalon for SNO.OOO,
DttTlioiT, Nov. 23 One of tho closest friends
of Gov, Plngreo In this olty said to-day that
beforo long tho Governor and bis associates
would be tho owners ofa the most valuable as
phalt lake on the eastern coast ot Venezuela.
Tho arrangemouts for the purchase of this
lake, which Is on an Island, wore made during
the recent visit of the Governor, and the esti
mated value of the Island Is $120,000,000. A
company Is to bo capitalized under the Michi
gan laws at $750,000, and articles of Incorpora
tion will be drawn up within tho next (liroo
weeks Thu contracts aro expected by the noxt
Tho island on vvhlih this lako Is situated Is
culled I'oili males, and pure asphalt boils out of
tho earth In great quantities. In ndditiou to
this valuable) concession, the Governor has ob
tained options no vast trnitsof Hnd in Yeiicz
uela, the only condition bolng that he build ii
Whllotho bulk of the stuck is heldbyrapl.
tallsts not ronnecttd with politics, thu Uovir
not 'a politic s friends aro also interested in thu
venture. Home of those In tho deal arnCol, Ell
II Sutton of Detroit, Unllrnad Commissioner
Wossellus of (fraud Ilaplds, Gen. Cbbo or Three
ltlvcrs. Gen. W. I.. White of Grand iltaplds, and
Frank I). Buckingham of Flint,
The price puld loi the Island is 80,000, and
the rest of thu capitalization is for the estab
lishment of the plant nud building of ehlps to
transport tho product from Podernales to New
Another Ills' veneiimlan Confession.
CiEVKhAND, Nov. 23,-Dr. 8. O. Bothwell of
this city, who has spent most of the last thirty
five years In Venezuela, Is authority for tho
statement that before the week is over there
will bo Incorporated under the laws of New Jer
sey or Ohio a stock company to bo known as the
Plriza Hallway and Commerce Company. The
concern has obtained concessions of territory
from Venezuela as largo us tho State of Ohio.
Tho company is composed of Cleveland and
Eastern capitalists and will develop the asphalt
mines of Venezuela.
Th Talk er the Tans,
Mmpton's new Loan Oflloe and Bate Deposit Vaults.
Xii West Xd it , uear Uroadway. Adv
Water Works Men Tried lg a Trench
I'nder the Railway Traeko and Beetem,
Armed with a Bevalver. riaced a Car la
Tnelr Wnj ana Wred Them t Step.
Thero was n lively clash In the Astoria section
of Long Island City yesterday nftornoon bo
twoen employees ot tho City Water Department
and tho New York nnd Queens County Elcotrlo
Itnllvvay, which terminated In tho arrest of
General Manager J. It. Beotem of (ho rnllwny
company. Last Saturday evening tho city
water supply was cut off from tho power house
of tho railway company In Mills street, Astoria,
without wnrnlng. Mayor Qlcason said tho rail
way company was In arrears about 92,000 for
water taxes. Beetem and his mon hustled
around and soon had threo mammoth water
tanks engaged In bringing water from Now
town. As fast ns the tanks arrived at tho power
house they wero pumped out and returned for a
fresh supply.
Shortly after 1 o'clock yesterday afternoon
word was sent to Goneral Manager Bcctem'a
ofTlce In Hunter's Point that omployoes of tho
Water Department wero making preparations
for digging up the railway tracks of tho com
pany sovonty-Avo fcot nway from the power
house. This more would prevent the company
from getting Its water tanks down to the powor
house. Beetem Jumped on nn clectrlp car nnd
was soon on tho scene. He went equipped for
hostilities. It Is said ho had no less tbnn throo
rovolvers. Mr. Beetem, however, si)s he
was unarmed, but that bo placed a revolver
on tbo window ledge Inside tho car. He stopped
his car dlroctly over the spot whore tho tronch
w ould have to go under the track. A big crowd
had gathered by this time. Trouble was an
ticipated. Mr. Bcctcni took his stand on tho
front platform of the car and warned the work
men thnt If they molested tho property of tho
railway company they would do so at their
peril. The men dug up to within about six
Inches on both sides of the tracks and stopped.
In tbo mointlmo tho pollco reserves had
hastened to the scene.
Whllo the railway company was thus holding
tho fort Engineer I.nng hastened to the City
Hall. A warrant was sworn out In which En
gineer l.nng accused Boctcm of threatening to
shoot hlni. Tho warrant was hustled hack to
the sccno In short order. Thon. ns Beetem
stepped off the front of the ear to give Instruc
tions to forne of his men he was pounced upon
by two policeman In plain clothes. Thinking ho
was being attacked, ho threw out his arms nnd
ono of the policemen went rcollng against a
picket fence. Tho other policeman in
formed him thnt he was under arrest, and ho
submitted. Leaving instructions to keep the
car on tbo track and prevent the tearing up of
the road, Beetem left in custody for the City
Hall, where ho was arraigned hotoro Mii)or
Gleason. The Mayor permitted Mr. Beetem to
?:n in thocustodv of his counsel, to appear he
ore n Pollco Magistrate on Friday.
In tho meantime nn understanding was
reached In relation to the digging up of the
street. Commissioner of I'ubl n Works John W.
Moore aesurod Mr. Beetem thnt if he ould
permit tho trench to bo dug under tbo tracks of
tho railway company permission would bo given
the company to shore up tho road and make It
safo for trnAlc. With this understanding tho
work of digging tho trench will probably be re
sumed this morning. In the meantime, how
ever, tho railway company Is prepared for hos
tilities, should any one show a desire to become
At Mr. Beetcm's direction several hundred
feet of Are hose was obtained and attached to a
pump in the power house. Had tho Water De
pnrtment Insisted on going on with the work. It
was the Intention of the company to play a
stream of hot water on the spot where tho
trench was being dug. Everything was kept In
readiness last night to bring the hot water ap
paratus Into ploy in event of a night attack.
Mayor Gleason denies that he Is actuated by
any personal hostility toward the railway com
pany. When the Water Department cut oft" tho
w ater supply from tho power house, two stone
workn. which aro bevond the power house, wero
also deprived of water. It was to make anew
connection to supply theso stona works that the
stroet was dug up )cstrday.
Locked, IlnnaxT, In a Told Itoom When a Po
liceman Took Turlr Mother Awar
Jacob Kummcrman, a baker, who lived with
bis wife and their children, Fanny, 2 years old,
and Do! He, I) months old. In two rooms in G7
Avenue C, lost his work a fow weoks ago. He
left bis homo on Thursday and has not been
seen thcro since.
His wife, Mary, was arrested at 3 o'clock yes
terday afternoon because two watches which
her husband had taken to sell on commission
were missing with him. Sho and thu police
oAlcer, Detective I'M of tho Essex Market
Court, left her children locked in the rooms,
with no Arc and no food.
Last evening nolghbors told the police that
tho children were suffering, nnd then the pollco
sent the bab) to Bellovue and the othor child to
the Gerry soclot).
OnlMv lo a Disagreement Over Water Itatea
In Jersey CUT, 500 vteu Are I.nlil Orr.
Tho announcement that the American Sugar
Refining Company's plant in JcrsoyCIt) would
be shut down unless tho city authorities kept
faitli with tho eompmy in the matter of water
rents turns out not to bo iv bluff. Kiro hun
dred men havo nlnady boen laid off, nnd the
remaining U00 will he laid off as soon as the raw
material In tho factory line boen worked up,
which will probably be before the end of this
No Information could bo obtained at the ofllce
yesterday us to whether the shut down is to ba
pormanent or not. Inquirers were told that
there was no further Information to be given
beyond what Mr. F. 0. Matthlesscn stated on
Monday. Mr. Mntthlesson said that tho works
would bo shut down, 1 hu city authorities have
not taken any action in the matter.
Itlval lloastera Keep Culling; and rutnres Keep
Tho Woolson Spice Company, which is con
trolled by the Havemeyer Interests, has made
another cut In the price of Its brand of roasted
coffee of one-half cent a pound, bringing tho
price to 0 cents, less 1 perient. for cash. The
cut has been met by Arlim klo Bros, of this city
and b) McLuuglijiu of Clih-ugn, The reduction
is nscribrd to iho full in the prices of green cof
fees. It Is the lowest price on record for the
saloof the brand
Itlo No. 7 on tho spot vvivs auoted jenterdny as
O'b cents a pound. new low lecord whs regis
tered fot coffee futures. December sold atn.uS
cents a pound, and closed at 6 cents hid, 5.05
An Arlreaa'a Multa Aaalnat liar Husband and
ller rnllier.ln-I.aw.
CAViiliiiifiK.Mass , Nov. 23. Mary Anderson
Buckiniiieler, nil actress, obtained a separation
from her husband, Harold C. lluckmlnster, In
tho Middli'fot County Court to da), Mrs. Buck
minster pla)su mlnorpart in om of Fi oilman's
" I'nder tho lied ltobe" compnnles In tho West,
S'niing liuikiiilnstcr is tho son of a Maiden
man reputed to hen mllllontilre. Ho married
thu actress Inst spring nir.ilnnt the wishes of his
purontH, und it It nlleired that the) Induced him
to lenvc his wife. Sho is suing licr father-in-law
for the alienation of her husband's affections.
Tralu Wrn k Prevented bv a Illcycle Accident.
Ghkfni'OUT. Ii. I., Nov, 23,- Isaac Osborne,
assistant depot master at Southold, while
riding a bicycle along the tracks near there
last night ran into a quantity of rocks piled up
in the i en Ire of tho track. Osborne was thro an
from the Llcyclo and severed) hurt, Thinking
that tho olistruc tlon might have been put ou the
tracks by train wreckers, he secured assistance
nnd removed the rocks He found thattheob
slruetloiis wero held In place by spikes driven
Into the cross tics. Detectives are at work
upon thu ensu.
au IVvrk lo all with I be Hoard er Estimate.
Maor-clert Van Wyck will bo present at the
meeting of the Hoard of Estimate to day, when
that hoard begins the consideration of the final
I estimate, for 18U. He was Invited by Mayor
Strong to he preoont nt the sessions and sent a
J letter of acceptance eelorday.
Ceaare Cangbt White Heine Transported as
Merchandlao In n Covered Wagon.
Domenlco Cesare. who stabbed and killed
Lorcnro Gnllltlollo. a tenant In tho house 171
Mulbcrr) street, ou Sunday evening, wasfouud
In a bundles jcslcrday afternoon In Jamaica. L.
I nnd nrrcstod, Dotectlv o Sergoants Petroclno
and Krautch woro watching tho homo of a rolu
tlve of Cc8aro at Jamaica. Yesterday after
noon a covcrod vvngoti vvns driven up to tho
plnco ana a good sized bundle was brought from
thehousonnd dumped Into It. 'J hey followod
tho wagon a short cllstnnco, nnd then held lt'up
nnd found Ccsaro In tho bundle.
Part or Algiers to De Abandoned to lhe En
rroncbliig Mlaalailr.pl Itlter.
New Oiiltans, Nov. 23. Tho caving In of
the river binknt Algiers, the trans-MlsslBslppl
district of New Orleans, hns been going on for
several clays. To daj large Assures appoared In
Dolarondo street, nnd sovoral houses wero
moved back to prevent thorn from going Into
tho rlv or.
An examination mado by the New Orleans
Levee Bonrd shows that tho caving la duo to tho
prc'cnco of quicksand under Algiers Point,
which Is holng wnshod out by the river. In tho
event uf a storm and much wave washing, tho
chances aro that a considerable area ot land
would cavo Into tho river. Tho l.ovoo Board
will abandon tho squaro ot ground botvvcen
Morgan and Dclirondo streets nnd tho halt
aquaro between Bercny and begutu In order to
assure asvfo street. It seems probable that tho
ferry bindings und tho rest of tho land of tho
Grand Isle Ilatlroad will cave into tho river.
It Appenro Above tho Surface Tter Itarth
quake, flhorka In llorneo.
Tacoma, Nov. 2.). Earthquake shockB were
felt nt Kuilat, Island of Borneo, on Oct. 21, and
tremors were observed nil along the coast. It
waB followed b) the usual tidal wave, but Its
force was not sutllciciit to cause much damage
The greatest disturbance appears to havo oc
curred In tho ocean, for n new Islund was
thrown up from thu so i onposlto Labuan, be
tween Murapukul and Laml eldun. The new
Island Is composed of clay and rocks. It meas
ures 100 by -.50 yards in size. Is GO feet high,
and appears to bo increasing in size. In several
places It emits an inAnmmublo gns having a
strong smrll of petroleum gas. Flshcrinoii havo
Ignited this gas, causing flames to shoot high
Into the air and forming a beacon v islblo for
many mi'es at boo.
lie llaa Concerned In tbo Itomeyn scandal
nnd Was I ntler Arrest.
Atlanta, Ga , Nov. 23 First Lieut. Michael
J. O'Brien of tho Fifth United States Infantry,
stationed at Fort McPherson, has hnnded his
resignation to Col. II, C. Cook, who has for
warded It to tho Adjutant (encral. It will
doubtless bo accepted, and O'Brien will devote
his time to literature and the law.
Lieut. O Brlcn preferred tho charges which
caused tho Itomeyn court-martial Bomo time
ago. lor the last few daj s ho his been undor
arrest charged vv Ith dereliction of duty. Ho was
graduated third in his class at West Point, and
represented the army In tho Chinese-Japanese
Oh, There Was olnlnc Hut tho Municipal Is
sue, Eh. In the I.aat Cnniimlgnf
William Brookfleld said yesterday that That
ever happens tho Republicans who supported
Seth Low for Mayor a 111 havo n candldato of
their own noxt year for United htntos Sonator,
and ho will not ba tho ltcpubliean selected for
the place by the orgnnizution. Brookfleld said
that bis faction had already organized In seven
teen counties ot tho State with tho idea of
electing members of the legislature who will
refuse to support tho organization candldato
for Senator.
Ilesulla or Klght Anionr eiro (.nmblore
Over la Than n quarter.
Columbia, S. C, Nov. 23. Word comes from
Butenburg, Edgettcld county, thnt three mon
were killed and two others wounded thero last
night In a fight among negroes. Tho mon wero
playing the gambling game of "skin," and the
quarrel arote over tho possession of something
less than a quarter. Several arrests have been
A Uniiposoa Violins r lellon raver Saved bv
lhe Delay or an Undertaker.
New OnLEAhs, Nov. 2D. Rosa Roeti, aged 13
years, was reported as having died yesterday of
yellow fever. The necossary certificate of death
wag given nnd the undertaker was notified to
inter the corpse, the burial of )cllovv fever vio
tlms lu all cases being Immediate
The undertaker vvas unable to go to tho houso
at onco und tho funeral was delayed. In tho
afternoon, when Anal arrangements wuro mado
for tho Interment, tho supposed dead girl
opened her eyes, and It vvns found that she was
not dead. Tbo suspeudid animation had con
tinued for four or Ave hours without piilsuor
other sign of life. But for tho di la) of tho un
dertaker In reaching tho houso the child would
have boen burled allv e.
The Arctlo Circle Fallents In Delleiue breet
t.ladlr the Wlnlrr Wrnlher.
When tho Eskimos undergoing treatment at
Bellovue awoke )esterdny morning and saw the
troes and the ground about the hospital covered
with snow their delight knew no hounds They
ran to the windows and opened them, scnplng
handfiilsof snow from the sills ami Bnnllowlng
It with avidity. They begged to bo allowed to
go out about tho grounds so that they mluht en
joy what they regarded as n special gift from
heaven, Unfortunately, the doctor In cli irgo
decided that n revel In the snow, hnwnvcr
pleasant tu them, would not bo safe, so they
wore obliged to view tho wlntr si cue from
their windows and to griovo as tliusnon grad
ually disappeared under the rays of tho sun.
A Tblrleeii-1 enr-OIrt Itoy Heroines llrlr to an
I'ltnto Morlh JS, 000,000.
ToitONTO, Nov. 23 lhe luckiest boy In
Cannda Is t iwthrn Muloek, tlio thirteen-year-old
son of the Posttiiastcr-Genoral of Canada,
Mrs Cawthri, widow of n prominent business
man In 'loronto, and thu wealthiest woman In
Canada, who dud a few di)s ngo, vv is Imrlcn
to da) 11 her will, the contents of which woro
Hindu pulillt Iodic), Hlii) left, with thu exception
of a fi w leqiioxtp, tho wholuiit an oslatu of
84,000,000 and the hniidsomi t residence In
Toronto to the I id Hn t to receive 10 per
cent, of tno Inioiim of tin ctfilo till hcls'.",
when tho vvhulo of it Is to !, to him dlrmt,
Cawthra had n geiiulnn ho)ih iiirectlun for the
lady, and wao her favorite nephew.
Chlrago PlerlM n. liepublleHii I ongresantan
Ciiicaiui, Nov ."I At lo du)'s special election
in the Sixth Illinois district, to All the vacancy
caused Ii) tho death of Congressman George E.
Cook, Henr) Sherman lloutell. tin Republican
candidate, was dieted. The Iteiiuhliuiu vie
tory was nxpei led but ox Gov Aligeld. Major
Harrison, and others had worked hard for Vin
cent H. I'vrkiiiH, thu Homo nitlc candidate. Tho
votowtis; lloiitelle, 10'JOt, I'irkliib, u.Ut.l.
Knlgble liMicd lo Hie trituration Treaty,
It wsh announced yesterdn) that the Knights
of Labor havo a lopticl resolutions opposing the
proposed Anglo American arbitration treaty.
The resolutions vvere fnthercd h) Michael Kelly,
Secretary of District Assembly 4U of New ork,
and were adopted without opposition at the
Louisville session of the Geuorul Assembly of
the Knights.
pain Informed that the fulled States liar mU
pent Millions or Dollar In Knrurrlng th anni
RoutraltlT Lama, bin Spain lint ern Flit aaaal
hualerlac Expeditions In n Mult'plj InitMlrrs B
Wabiiinoton, Nov. 21 -President McKlalar WM
to-duyvvent ovor a rcvlsod draft of tho not mWi
which the Stato Department will send to Mini U
tor Woodford for presentation tu the Spanish M
Government ns nn answer In part to tho Spanish M
responso to tho originil communication from IbbbI
Gen. Woodford tendering tho good olllces of th laasi
United Statos Govirnment to bring tho Cuban MMU
hostilities to an end. It Is pretty cct WMW.
tain thut tho President was satisfied with th wm
notoas rewritten bccnuo tho revision vvns mad MMW,
by his direction. Ho gavo careful examination 9
to tho original draft, nnd made soma ernBiiro IbbbI
and Insertions, Then the noto was row rlttcn a, 1H
tho Stato Department, nnd the now ropy laid IbbbI
before Mr. McKlnlc) by Judgo Diy. the Atlsb 19
nnt Secretary of Stato, this nflcrnoon. Tho '
spent nearly two hours together In tho Prcsl sbbbbI
dent's oilier. 'SbbI
Just whnt tho new noto contains is n dlnlo bbbbbb
matle zeerct. and knowledge of Its contents ll
accountable for tho air of ni) stcrlnus importnnc bbVAbI
which some ot tho Stato Department officials "sbH
havoaequlrod within tho last fow da) s. Asa 'bbbbbI
matter of fact, thcro Is nothing etirtling In H
tho communication. It deals mainly, if not ,H
ontlrol), with tho verv broad hint givon to tho H
I lilted btatcs in tho answer ot Premier SagnslA bbbbbb
to Gen. Woodford's rrpreicntntlotis, that thla :'bbbbb1
Government had not been ns nrtivo ns It might Mm
havo been In attempting to suppress filibuster vsbbbbb!
ing. Stripped of its diplomatic phraseology,
what Spain told the United States vvas subslnn-
tially this: WWM
"All tbearmodoxpodltlonBlntcndcd to benefit mWM
tbo Cuban rebels uro orginlid in tho United bUbbb!
States and sail from United States ports. Some
of theso oxpodltlons hnvo boen prov anted from WMW
going toOubn, but most of tbcm have succeeded
in leaving America. It there wero no aid from bbbbbI
United Slntcs citizens thcro would bo no lnsur- .Mm
rectlon. The United States can best extend It bbbbb!
friendly offices by suppressing theso expeill- 'ibbbbI
As the United States Government has ex- sbTbI
pendod moro than $2,000,000 In maintaining a U
patrol for the apprehension of filibusters and mU
Is employing special officers to prevent viola- HI
tlons of tho neutrality and navigation lawa HI
In order to carry out to tho letter all treaty H
arrangements with Spain, the Btrlcturcs of tho H
Sagastn Ministry on the subject ore considered H
unjust by tbo President and tho members ot
his Cabinet, Not only has every effort been MM
made to provont illegal expeditions from Sb
leaving this country, but tho merest ru- Hi
mors beard by Spanish agents along tho Hb
Atlantic nnd Gulf coasts and communicated to Ha
thu State Department bv the Spanish Minister H
In Washington, hav a been thoroughly investl- HI
gated, frequently at groat expense, Just to sat- H
lsry Spanish qualms, although it was certain Hi
in many Instances that tho rumors wero un- Hj
There hive been enses whero preparation
for ouo expedition hnvo been ronortod by
a dozen Spanish agents, each behoving that IbbbbI
his information concerned a separata HbbbI
and distinct affair. Investigation by old- BiSai
clals of tho United States his shown H
that all thesu rumors concerned a sinirlo attempt ",
to violate tbo neutrality liws, but tlm Spanish r;lMt
authorities, looking excitedly at the basis ot 1 Hf,
their perturbation in a multiplying mirror, see ifjvaBsl
dozen armed ships sailing awav to tbo shores ot bbbs
Cuba, and Insist thnt where tho United State j
havo suppressed ono filibustering scheme thor ''Hi
havo allowed eleven others to bu succi Bsful. Hj
Just what the Washing on Government ha 'Hi
done and is doing to stop Illegal assistance to) Hj
the Cubans will bo explained in tho uoto. 'I hor Hj
Is reason to believo that tho diplomatic comuiu- Mu
nlcatlon hns not been completed, for a statement
of the number of nllcged expeditions reported lM
and all Information concerning tho ofTorto of !)
thoAmoriian authorities to supprosa them is fjH
being prepnrod at tho Treasury Department at (H
the request of the Secretary of State. This !
statement will bo used in connection with the 'Mm
note, but wbcthoras part of it, or merely ns an .Pj
epoendea exhibit, has not been ascertained. 1
It is understood thattheothcrrepresentattoni mm
In tho Spanish answer will not bo touched on at fl
this time. They concern the condltlouof nffnlra jln
In Cubv nud tho prospect of bringing the M
war to n close. Sunln'a prnmUo to lnstl- m
tute reforms and the concessions granted hr M
Captain General Blanco hnvelndii'od tho Ad-
ministration to allow tho Sigintn Ministry to M
test Its new policy beforo doing nn) thing that M
might fcem to embarrass It in Its seeming en- mm
denvor to treat the insurgents moro humanely m
thanwasdone bv tho Conservutlvis inn Weyler. JH
Tho communication of this Government will m
be ncnt before Congress assembles, nnd mention M
of it will probably bo made In the annual mes- -m
sago of tho President. M
A rumor was curront today tint tho note In , m
course of preparation would request the Span- M
lsh Ministry lo name a d ito when it expected to m
secure the pacification of tho island, but this
could not be verified.
Workmen In tlnrcelnna t.lvn Illm n Siolav Ite
rrpllun nut Iho Onirlnl lim llotila lnof. j
Special Ciible DeitmUh to Tiip Nm j
Bahckiona, Nov. 23 The eteoiner MonUer
rat, having Don Vnleriano Wc)ler, ex Captain
General of Cuba on biard, arrivud hero at 0 30
o'clock this morning.
The cit) vvns be 11 acted In his honor nnd a
number of steamers took off deputations to th
Monlscrrot towelconio him. After exchanging;
compliments with bis visitors, vv hie ll occupied
about half an hour. Gen. We)lerlanded at 10,15
There was adonso rrovvd on the qunv which
greeted him with cheers and pntrlotlo cries.
Weyler saluted the crowd nnd cnllcd for cheer
for Barcelonn, After these vvcie given he cried
"Viva Espana!" " Viva Culn Espanola!" which
evoked wild applause from tho e ruvvd,
Gen, Weyler mado no speech. Shortly nfter
coming ashoro he entered n i arringe with ficn.
Montnner and Honor Piiigbaludrlgns, Consorva
tivo Deputy for Barcelonn, and drove to tho
letter's house, escorted b) partisans on horse
biek, Tho oAlrlal class did not shnrn In tho recep
tion. 'I hero was a great deal of i hccriiig ns th
carriage pissed through tho str' i In.
Arrived at Softor laliidilgia's residence. Gen.
We)ler nppenred on n hulcoiiv, where ho bowed
to tlio crowd, prlne Ipnlly composed of workmen,
which hid ussemblcd outsldo tho houee. He
ngniu railed for ch urs for .Spain, nnd met w 1th a
henrly response. The reieptlon given lohlm
by the workmen wns n vvnrm ono, hut wash) no
moans such nn ovntlon mh vvns i pei tol j
Later tlcn Wi)lcr received a large number J
of hlMiolltle-il friends. He oxpim-ed to them '
hli keen regiet at In In.-rieallct from Cubs II
defended liU polk) lu the Nlnml nnd de lured
that autonoiii) would be dl'iistrutii for th
nutlonal Industr) 'Iho wealth of Culn, ho snlil,
was -pnnlsh When the1 "punish vvoikiiitn, with
llin.r weulth and industi), vniiUhecl tho inihcry
of Culn would In eoliiph le
To utliir visitors Gen Wevlcr disavowed nny
Intention to have it'ntiuu wl'h the ( anists ur
Republicans. Ho ilnlniol tint hi onlv ilis - d
toehntiiplou "paliinli ti.i le and limuslr). He
hnd nln)s been i proloi tiotilat nil I would Je- f
fend lint c iiikc ,
In IiIh viiriuut (Olivets it'ons WVjler gavo the
Idea that lie mulrui to Income tho oiiserv alivo
lender, iiiiiwithrtiiiidii - liib.ivow.il that bo Is ?
no polltli 1 in. Ho iiiso ccins to ilin to Income V
tho horouf the' hour niuoiu tho working class, j
vvliosolntiristM ho prumliL I tu promote ns hu j
had striven tu piomote thoeo of the noldtcis In ',
Cub i, t
Gen. Wp)Ict will go to 1'ilini, Mnjore i, his
home, In tho e our of thownk audwllgo to jj
Madrid about Hu niiddh of J) ceiiil er
Tho oilicinl repoit of tin' icecpijon of den.
We)Icr today at Barcelona si)s that,
although it was not cxpictcd that he I
would receive a popular ovation, his
reception vvas a great deal cooar than all) body

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