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fmW' ' 4 " " "" ' ' ' ' '"V"' ' '' JftftB SUN, TfltlRSDAY. PECW 2, 18?' ,-ff; -BBg - K: ' "'" , .' . U
KBBKV -TT - - - T i i- ' '", . . "f- 1 mmm fats IHH
WmLmmwY xan iixi nir.LiAnn tovrset.
K Carrcnit Abundant la the Came That
4HH$t' Astra llnnn Wen Jacab leaarrcr nr
hiKft, rowly eteeape llerrat at oearsre Hnttoii'
fmmmft, , naadt-ThefcaHrTrlMBallI.laelurlii.
C1bHm The ex-champloos. Gconro Slosson and Mau-
KssssfsK1'' rice Daly, met each othor In a cue bnttlo for tho
Am ' first time In Ave years In tho big tourney at the
I'ftR iES Madison BquaroGardenOoncort Hall last night.
'-IB ft BloMon appeared In a neat billiard jacket, with
' ; Wf ' ltBTti of ihlnlnj black Uk.
ft (Kb Tha Kama itartod promptly, nnd Daly oponod
$W IWf1 It womlttaglf with a picturesque doublo figure
W jlfflK ran of 33 carroms. It was the prettiest play tho
Ltfi p, M" reteran hai jret done In tho tourney and was
SJUij if r, greeted with deserved applause. Slosson ro-
., fjfa iponded with Just 3 shots and Dalystartcd tho
t If? v. Wv Irorlts off ngaln In fine shape. Tho veteran's
'flll '' $ Itroka at this stage bad aU of Its old-tlmo grnco
t, ley' a '$" knd wrlstlnty, and his play was marked
If" IS S atnidlklt confidence. Ho corralled SO
" ( '' ? lbl ,ocon effort, nnd George picked
I si 'P ou' n "io opcn taD, nmi "ien
' f "' ij is "" t0' P'RJecl 'or doublo figures, cap-
4 ' Ti F T- turlng 31 before ho sat down. This cluster
-; (ft 3 &- was ornamented by sereral correctly calculated
:. .. F llf' drtresof finished execution. A long and daring
'? It '! H isft-handed draw for position opened his fourth
it ft V Inning, which was cut short by failure to got
(' m ''ft".' th" DA"S out of balk on the third shot.
sfB$w Daly, Tvno mi Plk7'n' w'n sdmlrable stead!-
7 iBCkk ' ness, swung round the wlro tlrsl with a string
',''- of US carrouis. Thcro was applause in plenty
.''M'w when tho score was called!
IssssssBnT "Daly, 113; Slosson,!)."
J.B'- Slosson Jumpod up and made & beautiful
VirfKi follow and kiss carrow, nnd stopped again
wHBi,' on S singles. Ills efforts wore twlco cut
&WmW-,i short by falluro to get tho globos out of
M!lassMV balk, playing, as he war, too delicately,
r,B V Meantime IUly was rattling oft carroms
TilsssssT ft, at a great rata ar.d . playing position
vBB p for all it was worth. Ho bunched 43 In lino
:?1mm, iii style In his oleventb, but tlion cracked four
;.; tt n- duck eggs in succession, and Slosson passod his
;, ,;; ant wire with IS. The scoro stood: Slosson,
vVH n 103 J Dalv, HU.
" . f I Then Slosson bogan to piny position very pret-
fmm ir- tlly indeed nndeathered in a bunch of 40, to
' ml SJ which he Imnitdlately added 32 and caught up
rvBf ? With bisrlral. tho to scores standing exactly
h BTi & Tsn ftt 175, nnss mitde from a very dlfllcult
fill f; position stortea the eecond run, which another,
Vf out unluoky, mas6 brought to an end.
'K'lsTtT': t'f. Daly went right to work as If nothing had
;v W-f . -X, happened nnd piled Up another heap of SO
Hi 'r carroms. Ouo of tbom was tho greatest and
A sV v ffi most daring shot of the tourney, a sweeping
vr s "i -S diagonal massa nearly the entire length of the
;V K J & table, from a hall on the right rail to another
ft if S that lay snugly In the corner. Ho went flying
(J;, Ir .) a round (ho eecond wire aud tho scoros changed
M I J ; to: Italy, 214s Slosson, 17C.
:,( l .. v Slosson competed with tho memorablo massi
f, i E With a two-cuBhlon cross-the-tabla enrrora that
-'! J. ? -. Blade everybody entbuaiastlo. It was one of n
, I .- ; run of 32 tbatholpod to put him In the lead
4 1 v for the first time, his score standing 'i'id to
(fr '. ;f Daly's 331. Daly promptly knocked out this
CS w w meagre adrantago with spurt of 37, and
f'f- MP. V ?i Qeorse had to begin over again, but ho went at
H. wi if It calmly, playing alternately with left nnd
f.'1' H ' if tight hand, and caoturod 32 a socoud time, and, I
V IK i ' ounously enough, brought tho scores to an exact
& M v tie again. Kach player bad 308 to bis credit.
H 9sr L Once more Slosson went to tho front, and this
sf fB ,-S Urns he held bis advantage well In band: nnd
K-Bl. M- when he passed tbo third wlro with a well-axe-MB
- euted break of 31 the eroro stood: Slosson, 330;
ill W Daly, 888. tie kept lncrensinu this load, piny-'--f,
f lng at times brilliantly for position, nnd, with a
'5 r V" high run of 47 In the forty-first inning, had tho
5 ; v gams In his hands. But It dragged along wo-
li folly after that.
6 ; f Daly kept up hia flaht for supromacy until tho
4;' I and, ant Slosson slowed down tremendously
t- ' j" and 1st thaarerago goto smash. It was after
i; l ; -.' midnight when tho battlo ended In Slosson's
r' ; j I- victory by a sooro of 600 to 437. The score foi
f R lows:
'v V IA" BloMon-8, 4, 24, 2. o. ii, o. s, I. in, o, qjf, s J G
V f hfih 5. 0, 8, 21. I, 7. tfV, B. 4. 2, 4, 28, 85i 5 ii s 5'
"I lijf S ?btoUo: ' 47- " - - ' o?bViS:
t Ifdg- j. 8- ." i. . ". 9-r'iu, i. 5 1. 1 . a73. ofb. Vf i:
lb? KlVM " "-487. S
&B' ' liOUr,
S,Rlfe i??f5ittT billiards were on view early when
'KjIMmBS-j ,t?oob Schaefer encountered George Sutton in
'.'kmlr the afternoon game Schaefer bad of ton played
tfilt W' pool with the same opponent In tbo years when
HrllsV thoy were both lads aud before Sutton wont to
v!Wk tf Canada to take up billiards Instead of pool.
& - fe The little Wlianl cnllvcnod his third Inning
l 1 1 ,vi with a break of 28, which Sutton immediately
T-i It ' bettered wltn a cluitor of 32 through bis art of
B-I!s position play. Schaefer plared In his sllk-llned
s m ' ;' cardigan billiard Jacket ami used an lB-ounco
' ff &: cue with a twlne-wound butt. A tiny run of 22,
Ars - H rathoredall over the green, placed blm in the
- st ' &V lead, but Sutton nullitlcd It by making exactly
S f '5, 33 a aocond tlmo, lnclutllng some cushion car-
fh"- U, rums of Ingenious doslgn. lie followed tbo
I3J ? " break up with a croup of 17, open-table khols,
W- t '& and patsod the first wire with a total of 103 to
Sfj I B Bchaofer'a 70.
Ifi :t Jage cracked a couple of duck ergs, and made
BV ;?!,' five slnglos, and Sutton was oft ugnin on a
S; U W aouble run or 10. Schaefer suddonly got a
y move on at this juncture and sent the globes
m sU Si scampering gracefully around tho tabic, play-
jjl 'ff lng at lntervul wllb his left hand, and Judging
J? I his position drives with tho greatest nicety,
i t $y lie prolongod tho attrartlve display until he
I jf had netted 45. This run sent him around the
!r I C wlro with 132 to Sutton's 121. Sutton started
SI '5' In pursuit Instantly, and recaptured the lead
S with a cluster of 20, In uhleh wcro Include I
eome of tho dexterous uisa shots ho
f had learned at pool. It was nip und tuck
i: between tbo two after that. Sutton caused
a general amusement by forgetting. In the midst of
' li S a run, which ball hj bad been playing n lib.
II Ilefereo McLnuublin, of course, couldn't en-
pi Z'. lighten him under the rules, and he was in a
:f.- It U queer dilemma until bis adversary Bet htm rlcht.
, S Schnefer turned the socond string directly after-
t, Bt ward with a bunch of Just 13, He bad 207 but-
ma tons to Sutton's 1U5.
S In his twenty-fourth inning Sutton got the
f fly. balls In the anchor space, tbo first tiuio they
Ij; iBi nave been thero since the tourney opened. It
'& mi was a nice position, hut under the rule he
it. m't bad to break uwar. lie played a single cushion
if'-' 'B.'iv 'hot across the table In the noxt Inning, the
accuracy and daring of which elicited great ep
tf 'sflV plause, Tho balls )ir near the top rail and ono
; MU was in the corner, Tho export started to massd,
A g .changed his mind, and, calculating to a nicety,
;"., avoided a, kiss and landed tbo cuo ball plump on
- M rti tho globe In tho corner. It was tho brilliant car-
rom of a bunch of 21, and when ho finished ho
;vT kBIV was within 0 points of Schaefer, his storo being
ys ( ' to 2io.
Si Hut the Vizard ran right away with a dlversl-
1 m& fled Berles of 30, ui.irknd by soino itcftly con-
fy Wmp celved position uarrouis. Ho pllwl 23 ou top of
T: IB-it tnein rfirhtoll nnd swept round tho third wire
? Wm?r vith 322 buttons to Sutton'a22S. Sutton boirnn
! to toy with balk lino nursery play, und did It
,f mmh with ndeptness of stroke in an Inning that
i i llk yielded 3 carroms. Ho was playing better than
' ;S ($' '" n'a opening battle, and his gninu held tho
' IsHq Interest of thn spectators steadily. Two clusters
&, pf 14 and 11 carried him around bis third
iihlMj wlro with 302 to tho Wiiard's 341. Adashlni;
V?BS long inausd by Schaefer thnt awopl the ouo ball
S tB'fc' in an unerring am from ono object ball to tbo
A--Bv, other, was tho notublu achievement In nriniui
XIBi shots that hn made III his thirty-ninth inning.
, ssa,v Ills rival wus iretllnu danirerouslv close to blm
Hv agaln.'nnd be bad to bustle lo save himself. A
riBsTa laugbublo scratch enabled him to Pick out 13
UjHijV all over tbo open table, lint Sutton w as after
,SHlF liliu with a splendidly plajod broil: of 35, and
;"tfll? then with another spurt, that yielded W. he
rW?V caught nnd Imssi-d thv Utile Wixaid. A roar of
! i-iJS applauta hailed tho calling of tho scores:
t 'I ''Button, 3UO; Schaefer, 387."
I t Tbo WUaiU reichcd the litet "Ire first in the
I jv hot chase that followed, scoring Just 4U0 to
-if Sutton's flOH, and then hu flrod volleyof draws
; 1 ,t!1 nndilriveHOf the old-timn sky-rocket pattern,
J 15! and put logethor a radiant cluster of 51, He
fi tripped on uit nstnnlthin iniscue on an easy
draw through over anxiety. The big buni.Ii
come Just In the niikof tlmo and savod the day
forhfiii, For his rival uime back at him in
, fgrmldable stylo with n. iliindy broak ot 35,
3 i packod up ly ulenlynf pluck und grit- Schaefer
H. f l' eqded the ilofcu baltlo with n, bieak otlO, scor-
LI' JKS iug500toSutton'H452, Th" latter had put up
D!! a hard fight and was cnugratulntcd on his show-
Wi lng. Thusioru:
kHi SciiMfirM', ii, 28, o, i, ti, o, ii, 28, o, n, ts, a, r, 2,
rnimU. 82- 2H, ;, , i, 2. 111, 0. u u. 4. 21. uu, t, u, 211, , 4,
1; 7, 4, 1. 7, 1. 12, n. u, 4. 0, 1, . u. i). 11, 0, 1, 0, v,
JSsl1 0, n, 01,0., 1, in. 0,0. u. 17, u, 10-3011.
DXH buttou-l. 2. 10, 82, I. I. 1, 0. UV. 17. 1, in, 1, 20. n,
TOBs . 2. 0. 2, 10, 1. U, !'. 2, 21, 3, H, 4, II, :1H, 14. II, U. 14,
IH , ii. e, u. 4, 8, is. u, i, :i, o, as, a, o, s,:i,s,u, o, o,o,o,
f ;iHi,' B, II. 0,0. 84, 8. 3-itii.
.'. ;B ,, AveraM-Ki'linprrr. 1 r,V 'Hi Button, 7 11-03,
4 .I-', UIkIi Hun S-'htrf r, 51, Kuttoa, 3..
!)'- lufiTe-Ji.vvicl JU'l.nucldla.
H' Tlmenf llauie U I.ouri20 niliiiitcii,
fl HJ.' This aft ernnon lcwl!l play Sutton, and in
mi Hjj thuevculiigS hnofi-r will moot Slosson,
m B Urdraril llruM V. ,1l. C, A. tiawn,
Br.)IH EmKlliot rucords were msils by the mnuUra of
YfMJh th Vsdford llrsnch of the Drooklyn V. M, C, A, on
KVljBj Tuesday night in th monthly Indoor games at tbelr
WrJmv lypiBUluhi. In c(,rtl of tbo evsnts on the pro
iTkW'i gravnuetli stsndanlt setfortlai -ulULttt wtrsrx
M2 M, cMaed, A vry lutercstluf nltLt's sport was lbs ra
in: Mi1 suit.
m4lmr Thcpolutunptodateittixli WIlllamion.BRl; Eut-
'( ('i mouil, ttuiii Luystar. BSOi fsm)en.:i80, K v ClirU
?. W-1 tie, 5'J3iPrrl. OHOiMsjlll, tTUibwin, 4aiiMltibell,
lT'llr CS8(PrlUfoiir. 444 MruD2, 442. sud M, V, CbrUtle,
mvt ID? ' i .
lisV'lHi t,aeraur,
IHr Th dusM Ot 'B8 and 1900 of the Collets ef tbe
T !'( City of Ntw York mt In th Iscrowe match for tb
,J WV banner offtrsd by tb Lacrcsw Auorlatlon at Ctntral
K; - MM rrk on Tussdar atwmooa. Mur Ibsn usual In-
sml. tanst was tnantAstcd lu the gauis by tb student
V. ill 4 Mtasst, a each team bad won a gam la tbo prvsnt
K Omit series. Tb iwoo taa was far superior to IU oppo
r'sH,V' tstmtlMllweahy Ihsauonot etoO.
imi sjsimsjxn ii iftjj4HAMjf'"' rirgig
Tare Wll-riajd Favorlt! Rwar4 Tbelr
Backer at trinlle Mrrtlas.
Daltimohe, Deo. 1, Although no notice waa
received at the track as to'whether or not the
Western Turf Congress would outlaw thoso
who took part In tho races bora to-day, every
thing went nlong as smoothly as usual.
Scratches were largo In the different events, but
good-slzod flolds went to the post In each event
nnd the racing was well contested. Three fa
vorites landod purses.
A match raco has boon mado between William
Hayward's Mont d'Or and Pulslfer & Knrrlck's
Miss Tcnny, which will be decided on Friday.
It Is for 8250 a side, at six and n half furlongs,
Mont d'Cir to carry 103 and Miss Tenny 100
pounds. To-day's summary:
Flnt Itaee Fir furlongs. Princes India. 10S
(Mahcr), 8 lo ft and 3 to 0, woui Taunton. 10S (Hw
Itt). 4 to D for place, leeoudt Uogtoarn, 108 (O'Loarr).
third. Time, l:04".j. Eileen I)M Stay Sail, Cbarmeuie,
and filament alio ran.
Socoud luce iv funongs. Continental, 10S
(O'Connor), 7 to 1 and ft to X, iron! Sataclty, 87 (J.
Hlack), 2 to 1 for place, aecondi High Itoe, OS (Maher),
third. Time, 1:034. Tabaurettl, Father Dill, Mary
Jencs, Oceana, llrantwood. Ill Daddy, Convention,
Th cad, and Itod holder atao ran.
Third llaoe Ouo mile. Volley, 110 (Hewitt), a to ft
and out, coupled wltb llllallU wont The Manxman,
105 (Uaylie). 0 to 1 tor place, aaoondl Dllalll. 110
(O'Connor), third. Time. 1:44. Old Baugus, Bromo,
and Alarum alao ran.
Fourth llace Flia and a halt furlong. Neareat.
01 (Maher), 11 toft and 7 to 10, worn Uen.Maeeo,
04 tO'Conuor). 2 to 1 ror pltce, Mcnndi Judge War
deli. Ill (OLry), third. Time, liOtt. SliterAUoe,
Kenator McCarren. Lady Disdain, and Homelike also
Fifth ruea One mil. Wadaworth. 100 (Oarrlgan),
2 to 1 and 4 toft, wont Debrtde, 05 (Slack), a to 0 for
place, second) Lauadale. 1U3 (Forbes), third. Time.
l:43Lj. Maurice, Her Own, Dalgrettl, Freo Lance and
Loulae N. also rau.
The card for to-morrow follows:
Flrat llc-FIe furlongs Whirlpool, 104 Pink
Chainbray, 1041 F lament. 107i Tauuton, 107 Stone
Htt-p, 1071 Arbitrator. lOTt VapDank, 107: Palmy
Days, 104: Ellerillollolle, 104 Vincents., 1U4; lira.
BeefBK, 1U4.
(Second itaee Six furlong Free Lance, 100; Draw
Lad, 100) Prompt, 100; Tremargo, lit) Master
James, 111: 0. 11. Kelobum, 1171 Uebrlde, lnHt Lam
Uut, ion; Kleptwr, lOHs Hurl. 108s South Africa,
113; Endraror. lUUi Continental. 10.
Third Itaee Plvo and n half furlong) Senator Mc
Carren. Hint whistling Con. 10J; The Cad, lull:
JuUra Wardoll. 1001 Homelike. Ull Ella ltae. Oil
Ella Dalj, uti llalileca, U4; Longaerc, 07: Ortoiaud,
1001 Our Dreeiy, H8.
Fourth Itaee One mite. Sun Up, 100: Bromo. 107;
Plantain, l)7i beuabir McCarren, ul) Campania. 1U0
Debrlde, 100; Uua Tenny, 100; Premier, 120; Chal
lenger, 102.
Fifth Hace Ono mile. Free Lance, 07: Abingdon,
07; Campania, 07; Louisa N 07t James Monroe. U7;
Kluvarra. 1(18; Deati Ideal, 105; Hquan, 107; Couu
tellur Hone, lou; MobawL Prince, 101.
Word was received from Cincinnati late to
night to the effect that all horses, Jockeys, and
owners who took part In the races to-day bad
bcennutlawed by tho Western Turf Congress.
It was discovered that Old Saugus, after run
ning In tho third race, bad been doped, lauda
num being found in his mouth and nostrils,
and n bottloof laudanum was also found in the
stablo. Tho caso will bo reported to tho stew
ards to-morrow.
,o Itxtmialon for the Baltimore Heetlac
The stewards of tbe Jockey Club hold a meet
ing at 3 o'clock yestordiy afternoon, thoso pres
ent being August Uelmont, James Galway, J. II.
Bradford, and Androw Miller. A petition signed
by owners nnd trainers, requesting tho stewards
I to oxtend tbo raco meeting at Baltimore for ten
days wus prosonted, nnd after consideration tho
stewards decided that It would not be for the
best Interests of racing 10 continue tbe present
meeting after Dec 4, the original date fixed for
Its termination.
loan Still Under Contract ts FlalSStmiio.
I.KXLNOTON, DOO. l.-If fad. gloan rldo8 ext
season for the l'rlncq Scales ho will probably
have to accoBh"t for breach of contract to
Chnrlcs fK8chulann0f Cincinnati, should ho
?TPr-'ooslro to ride in America again. Mr.
Kleischmuun engaged Tod before he sailed for
Europe, agreeing to pay him $12,000 for tbe
scasou. bun the London despatch stating that
Sloan had been engaged by tbo I'd nee of Wales
was shown to Trainer Tom Walsh ot the Flcisch
nmnn stablo. ho Bald that Fleisubmann had a
contract with Sloan for noxt season.
Flelscbmnnn hauan option on tbo Rayon d'Or
Sullie McClelland yearling bolonglng to tho
Byron McClelland estate, tbe price naiuod being
ItovrlnE at Harvard.
Cambridge, Dec. 1. Despite tho wintry
weather and rough water the two trial eights
are rowing every day on tho Charles. Coach
Lchmann and Mr. Willis follow both crows in
tho John Harvard launch. Some change has re
cently been made in tho makq-UD of tho crews.
Wood has replacod Robinson at No, 3 In J. II.
Perkins's boat, Thomson, who has been rowing
at No. 4 In Goo rieb's boat, has been obliged to
stop rowing temporarily; Byrd has been moved
from No. 2 to No. 4, and Bull has boon put in at
No. 2. Marvin und Wadsworth of the senior
clas bavo begun rowing. Tbo eights are now
mado up ns follows:
No. 1Dlake, stroke; Heath. 7; Goodrich. 0: Colo
man, 5; Drrd, 4 Dubois, U; Hull. 2; Dobrua. bow.
No. 2 lllggluaon. atroko: Diddle, 7i Perktna, '00, A;
Perkins. 'OB, ft; Drown, ; Wood, 8; Oirrelt. 2;
Adams, bow.
Besides tho oarsmen the only Harvard ath
letics to tako outdoor exerciso at present aro
thoso who enter tho hnro and bound runs. Four
of these runs have already boon hold anil were
very successful. Tho usual course Is out Huron
avenue to Fresh Pond, around tho pond and
back by wuy of Mount Auburn oDd Brattlo
streets. Tbo last run will bo hold on Friday.
Dick Grant aud A. W. Blakeman, L. S., will bo
tbo hares.
Harvard nnd Vale to How at Xew London.
New Havbn, Doc. 1. The Yalo navy gave
out tho following statement this afternoon:
" It has been finally decided that Yale will row
her annual race with Harvard over the New
London course this summer. Poughkccpslo was
chosen last year because Yalo had to row there
in order to meet Harvard, who bad a previous
agreement with Cornell. This year, however,
by the five-year athletlo agreement between
Yalo nnd Harvard. Yule had the cholco of tho
course, and haa definitely agreed with tho row
ing authorities at Cambridge upon New London.
.Matters aro as yet undecided with reference to
Trap flhootlnr.
About 100 spectators were present at the lire-bird
shoot which was held yesterday at tbe llorrlatown
Driving Park, llorrlatown. .V. J. Several of the prom-
Inentwlug shots who had engaged to face the traps
were absent, only four competing In the stellarevent,
a twenty-bird sweepstake, entrance 810, birds extra.
Morfey and Znrerleln, at thirty yards rise, dli ided the
money lu tbla race. Zwcrleln, however, was hand!
eapimd ny a disabled gun. The air was crlap and cold,
while a strmig I rei-a front tbe southwest blew
diagonally acrosa tbe range, making the majority of
birds driven. Tbe scorra follow:
Tiveutr ulrda Sweep, Handicap Kntranro 81ft;
birds extrat money to high guns Thomas Morfey,
!m yards, 17, William TIminona, 20 yards, In; Fraulc
Wolff. 20 yards, lUi Charles Zwerlcln, 80 yards, 17,
Morfey and Zw rleln dlvidej.
Auothur Hneep Waa and Out. Divided by Morfey
aud Wolff. Ktu.li killed 7.
Three rive-bird aweeps were divided between Mor
fey audZwerlelu.
The beat acora In the continuous match of the
Zettler lllfle Club waa mado by L. P, Hansen of Jersey
City, Tbo fifteen participants shot flvestrlugs often
shots on tbe German ring target, and th scores wer
a follows!
L. P. Hansen, 289, 2tn. 247, 247, 247 total, 1,224.
H. Holg.a. 247, 244, 240, 248, 280; total, 1,210. L.
Flaoh. 24U, 244. 2411, 240, 24ft; total, 1.217, H. Dorr
ler. 242. 244,248. 241), 241; total. 1,210. It. Uusse,
2411, 241, 246, 845, 2Jh; total, 1,21ft. O. Zettler, Jr.,
248, 248, 244, 23s, 241; total, 1,202. a. F. Williams,
288,243, 844,280, 28ft; total, 1,108; U. Q. Zottlor.
24(1.2.18,240,288, 22U; total, 1.108. W. A, Hicks
284, V3n, 241, 242, 24U; total, 1,103. II. Zettler, 288,
286, 233, 241, 28ft; total. 1,185. 8. Vucslnl, 224,230.
28,238,212; total, 1.17M. M. H. Engel, 282, 287
2V8. 2JJ, 28Hi total, 1.IS5. H. D. Mullsr, 81U, 235.
288, 225, 2H2; total, 1.144. J. llodenatab, 227, 238,
228, 22N, 220; total, 1,148. I. P, MaeKcSua, 214, 212.
220, 2J4, 228 total, 1,107.
Tb two annual handball tournament of the "Poly
Prep" bebool wro eouoluded yeaterday afternoon at
tbe gymnasium on Livingston street, Drooklyn,
bplendld play was shown lu both events. L. 1'. Froth.
Ingham, C. Frothlngliaru. Jr., If, C. Uoblnsou, aud A.
II. bearlu were selected tu represent tbe school lu all
open aud loterscbolastle tourneys and matches,
Open Tourusment Final Hound. C. Frothlnjbam,
Jr.. defeated A II. Hearle. 21 10, 21 2U.
Championship Tuurnaineut L. F.Frothlngham unn
fti C. truthliiguaiil, Jr., A. 11. bearlu, aud 11. C. lloblu
son each wou 3.
William A, Conover of Red Bank, N. J bis
been matched to meet W, D, Plckford of Pater
sou, N. J., In a serio otlce sprints ou Tuesday
evening, Dec. 7. nt tho Ice Skating Palace,
107th street and Lexington avenue. Plckford
nnd Conover will run over the Ice. using only a
pair or ordinary ruuulng shoes, w 1th very short,
sharp spikes,
Conover has defeated a number of crack
skaters In sprint.4uring tjfe past five years,
nnd once boat a trotting horse on lco over a 100
jard course,
Odds nad Ea of (porta.
W, II, H.-Ten laps.
W. S, 8., Sw Mllford. Th lratloa rtmalus tb
C.Mayer. You can obtain full partleular from J,
2. ttuliiran, Broadway.
, - Q' ;')'. vrj'C'JL." "-.
wnwaainadniniii i iahaiiaai.iSuJiLMiui111"' i mh'j
. i,;,, ',,- ,nlr r i ' - M -
' ss s I . ... - i i"-
Six llaadred Tratter and raesra1 lld for
Abant ja0O Barb.
Tho big sale of trotting stock at Madison
Square Garden ended yesterday. During tho
eight days that tha salo has been In progress
more than 000 horses passed undor the auction
eer's hammer at nn averago prlco of about $300
per head. Tho offerings yesterday, whllo better
than those of the day before, foil far below tho
standard of last week, when an averago of H03
each was obtained for 380 head. Following Is a
list of the horses that wcro sold for fJ200or over:
Gertrude C. 2i314. b. ra.. 1802. by Don Pirro
l.Uile Harkaway, by llarkawayt W. U Voo
hla. New York 1200
TON, N. J.
Clematis. S:214. gr. m., 18S9, by Park la- Desala
Dfiiton, by Major Denton; A. 8. Sherwood, New
York MO"
Cam Long, 2!20. b. g 1H01, by Itochester
1 anlsbUIrl, by Hones! Allen; A.lt. Allu.New
York M10
Lelab W 2:0H4. paclug, ch. m 1880. by Von
Mark Jennie Ivers, by Old George; W, T.
West. Daltlmore 80S
TDOIT. Gul Dsbsr, blk. f., 1888. by Sultan Tana, by On
slaught i F. llanfont. Jersey City (120
Ascertain, oh. g , 1802, by Ambassador Selene,
by Grand Sentiueli J. W. Drlggs, New York.,.. 280
Vera a., 2:14. paolng, b. f.. 1804, by Illinois
Cblrf-Nclly Illy, by a son of Wilbur's nambla
Ionian! 8. b. Hyde. Hempatead, N. Y 1000
Rosaline, h. f, IHUO.br Illinois Chief llosey,
by Highland Chief; 1'. C. Williams, Watertown,
S. Y.7. , 00
Dlek Turpln. Jr , 2:28if. pacing, b. g , 1802. by
Illinois Chief llosey, by Highland Chief; John
Morgan. Jersey City '. 800
Louis II., 2i28Si, paolng, blk, f., 1804. by Per
muda Doy Henrietta, by Dumas; J. Snow, Chi
cago. .,-.,, 880
Adjudicator, blk. o, 1804, by Director Harmo
nv Medium, by Happy Medium; J, S. Ferguson,
New York 1250
ramllcoat. br. g , 1802, by Palmleaf Wild Hose,
by Chorroesi Harry ShulU. East Wllllaton L. I.S2B3
Belfast, eh. g 1H08, by Kenmnre, dam by Cap-
talullortoni W.J.Maxwell, New York 1280
ltOKO. 2:lHi4. by Durangu Dolly, by llegallai J.
Oppenbelmer, Drooklyn 830
Frank Clay, 3:18'i. pacing, blk. ., 1880. by Fel
lowship, dam by 0. F. Clay; O. 8. Vaughn.
Bprlngucld, Mass 1260
Dlnne, 2i249a. pacing, b. m., 1880, br Newmont
Dido, br Ureen'sllashaw; L. Dahlman, New
York 27n
Pattl Clark. 2:17V,, ro. m., 1880, by Patron
Lady Clark, by Mohawk, Jr.; A. L. Handy, New
York 1800
Sterling, 2:10s. pacing, cb. a.. 1887. by Harold
aon Laura Williams, by Ethan Allen I J. W.
Creamer. Troy. N. Y., 1528
Clifford, 2:184, pacing! h. g 1801, by Ormonde
Nina, by General Ooonei J. W. Mlttnacht,
New York ... 400
LaJv Landon. 2:22s, pacing, b. m. 1880, by
Meteor, dam by Ashley's Ethan Allen; J. w.
Creamer, New York ,. 280
Thursday, 2:25, pselng, br. m., 1800,by Noon
day Ingar, by Director; J. Donougn, New
York , Did
. - ' TON, PA.
Blfry,2il74. pacing, b. g., 1802. by Penman,
dam by Gould' Clay; J. 8. Touaey, New York.. 1230
Old Drambls Goes far Oflt.YOO Faner Prloea
ror III rroienv.
Lexington, Dec. 1. Tho series of thorough
bred sales conducted by Woodard & Shanklln
closed this afternoon with tho disposal of
1GS head for $-10,050, an average of about
$2(11. The three days' sales amounted to $108,
010, an avorage ot about $280 for a total of 388
To-day's sale were unusually good, the
Eugene Loigh stud being an Incentive Old
Bramble went to Ilunnymcdo for 33,700. Ono
of his weanling colts out of Lady Wayward
went to Pat Dunne for tho high price of $5,100.
Then Itunnymcde picked up tho colt's dam for
$1)50. John E. Madden bought two good ones
by Bramble one n colt out of Charity for S2.700,
and tho other a Ally out of Ballyhoo for $1,200.
Tho following brought $UOO and over:
Brown eolt. by Bramble Lady Wayward; Pat
Dunne, Chicago 10,100
Dramble. 22, by Imp. Bonnta Scotland Ivy
Leaf; Ilunnymede Stud, Paris, Ky 8,700
Black eolt, by KIngituu f.lbble L.; T. Walah,
Cincinnati 2,800
Cbostnut colt, by Bramble Korthana; T.
Walah 2.100
Bay colt, by Bramble Charity; John E. Mad
den 2,700
Chestnut colt, by Fonso La Relle; T. Walah... l,B2ft
Semper Cars. b. m., 0. by Kin? Alfnnat La
Syiphldo; Ed. A. Tipton, Anaconda. Montana. 000
La belle, b. m., fl, by Onondaga Alleeni Runny-
mcdeBtud 1.S0O
LltibleL., b. m., 10, by Bramble Ermengerde;
A. T. Goodwill, Cyuthlaua, Ky 1,000
Lady Wayward, br. m., IB, by Virgil Lady
Way; Uunnymode Stud 050
Caledonia, br. m 7, by Imp. Burgomaster
Imp. Fandangos Ed A. Tipton 1,000
Cluatnut eolt, by Klugatou Arrowgraas: J. P.
Davlln, Lexluetou 1,000
Bay colt, by Bramble Perhaps; J. 1'. Davlln.. 030
Cathay, ch. f., 8, by Onondaga Ballet; Ed. A.
Tipton 1,000
Bay filly, by Bramble Ballyhoo; John E. Mad
den. 1,200
Tbe boys of the Lakowood Sohool have the use
ot tbo Golf Club links, and Harold Curtlss, Cort
landt Barnes, and C. Tiffany Richardson are
quite export players. They will play matches
with both tho Cutlor and Lnwrencevllle schools
during December. Early In tbe spring tho Lako
wood boys will hold an Invitation school tour
nament. In which the schools of Now York,
Philadelphia, and Brooklyn will be asked to
roako entries. Should tho event bo as well at
tended as Is anticipated. It will lead to the In
stitution of an interecbolastlo golf league.
An Interesting team match will be played nt
the Richmond County Country Club on Satur
day botween the home players and tbe Harbor
Hill Golf Club. The Richmond tenm will bo Q.
F Armstrong, J. It. Chadwlck. James Park. A,
K. Patterson, W. Stuart, and C. A. Fry, whllo
Hurhor Hill will send Malcolm Uraham, Jr.,
E. M. Lawroncc, A. P, Kclley, W. A. Hamilton,
K. D.Crowell, and John A. Morton.
Lakbwood. Deo. 1. Tbo fourth match In tbo
scries of competitions for the President's Cup,
offered by Ucorire J, Gould, President of the
Ocean County Hunt nnd Country Club, was
EUycd to-day on thu linkB of that club, the day
elmr Ideal for the sport. The series Is n wo
man's handicap event of eighteen holes, medal
piny, handicaps bolng limited to thirty strokes,
and tho list of entries la stoadlly Increasing as
tho season progresses. There were five In tbo
field to-day, 11 rat place bolng won by Mrs. K.
Bobbins Walker. Tho cards brought in wcro as
Qrota. U'oap, A7f.
Mrs. E. Bobbins Walker 124 18 108
Mrs. A. U.Clallla 180 12 127
Miss Itobvrt ISO 8l ino
Ml.a Agues U. Davla 134 0 184
Mr. Jobn II. Stewart ,,,170 80 140
The competitors who have won points for tho
cup now stand as follows:
Mra. A.D.CIafllp. B Mrs. F.. It. Walker. 7; Mlaa Agnes
II. Davis, 0 1 Mrs. John II, Stewart. 1 Mlas Roberta, 1.
Boston, Deo, 1, Percy Asbworth, tho English
amateur racquet champion, easily demonstrated
his superiority over Tom Pettitt nt the B. A. A.
in an exhibition match to-day. Ashwortb fairly
played with his opponent and made strokes
that were nothing short of uinrvellouB. He
secured a commanding lead in tbo very llrst of
every game played anil kept Pettitt from getting
nour enough to be dangerous. I'cltlttniioweu
Ashworth 1 points, a handicap that ha should
havo had hlmsolf. Jto showed great lack of
form nnd practice, and, although he mado a gal
iaut stand and made sevoral strokes that called
for wild applause from his friends lu I ho gallery,
ho was clearly outclassed. Thn scoro by games;
10-8, 15-7, 16-2, 10-0, 101.
DswIlnsT (iaines To-lstb(.
American Nat(onl-I'ln Knlgbt, Fidelia and
Fire Insurance Phenlx vs. aerman American.
Uncle bain Oolden Und. Acme and Oriental No. 2.
Arcbdlocvaau bt. Moulca, Loyola No. 2 and St.
Bernard: bt. Agnea, Cathedral aud Holy Crnaa.
Culled Bowling, Bectlon U Black Haas, U ho aud
Brooklyn Royal Arcanum, Section 2 De Long,
Brooklyn and Commonwealth.
Arlington Natlunsla Echo, Franklin and Lotus.
behager Greenwood, Melrose and Echo.
bouth Brooklyn Farn, Casino aud Empire.
Twuoty-tblrd Ueglinenl Company A, Company U
and Company B.
Culno Farmers, Nonpareil and Hsyaud.
Arlluston L gue-SU Uaorge. Auranla and Pioneer,
Btatta laland Richmond Cyclers and Marlon,
Twenty-alxtb Ward Van Slclen vs. Klondike, st
Heigsn's alUys. , .
Amateur Association Newark Bay Boat Club vs.
New jersey Bowling Club, at Newark Bay Boat Club
Jr'ey City I fayttt vs. Teuton!, st Lafayette
Cutrsl-ElliaUth A. C. vs. Roeall Casino, at Ells
abalb A. C. alleys. ,
(w Jersey f ntarclob-Albloo vs. Oritacl F. C , at
Albion allays.
lndstwndeut Forstter Court Hancock vs. Court
Wtit0B, at Court liaueocx aUty.
fzaxxixo ron xext season.
llkeabarr nnd orantsn Wa Besaalis In
tha tlreult-Worrrster, Jaw Haven, nnn
noebrater Beak Franchises Tbo Pennant
Awa.ded I Njracuae, with ToKnlaUefond,
The delegates ot tho Eastern Lesguo of Pro
fessional Baseball Clubs were ln conferoncoall
day yesterday at the Fifth Avenue Hotel. A
largo number ot minor Questions were decided,
but the most Important matters will not be de
olded until to-day. Tho prlnclpnl point to bo
dlscustod Is tho probability of Wllkoabarre and
Boranton remaining In the circuit. Theso two
cities wcro financial losers during tho past sea
son, but tho men In control of tho olubs ore will
ing to remain In tho circuit under certain con
ditions. Tho Wllkesbarro Club lost about $4,100
on the season this year, but tho proprietors aro
more posltlro In their doslro to retain tho
franchise than those who control the Scranton
Club. Tho latter organisation has lost $13,000
In the past two years. Tho leading stockholders,
whllo anxious to withdraw from basoball, aro
still anxious to have Scranton rcprosonted In
tho League. They ore willing to dispose of
their tntorcsts to anybody who will contlnuo tho
club In Scranton, and If unnblo to accomplish
this end thoy will then listen to bids from out
sldo applicants.
Worcester, Now Haven, and Rochester nre
anxious to eecuro franchises, and had dategatos
on tho ground. If Scranton decides to soil, It Is
posslblo that Worcester will bo the purchaser,
although llochestor may mako a strong bid.
Tho persons Interested ln tho latter city were
present ami although they sold out to Montreal
In the middle of tho season, they aeclarod thnt
owing to the possibility of Sunday ball they
would llko to get back into the fold. Many of
the delegates bcllovo that tbe problem will bo
solved by the decision of Scranton to keep ln
tho g mo another year along with Wllkesbarre.
The Board of Directors of the Lcoguo went
Into session flrstat 2 P. M with P. T. Powers
In tho chair. Thoro woro several Important
protests to bo decided. In which tho rulings of
President Powers wcro put to the test, but lu
every Instanco tho faultfindings wcroquashod,
and tbe board dually doeided that Syracuse had
won tho pennant, with Toronto second, Buffalo
third, Sprlngttold fourth, Providonco fifth,
Scranton sixth, Montreal seventh, Wllkesbarro
A number of olubs Bent In protosts against tho
Toronto Club for acting as an alleged farm of
the Washington flub nnd tho board decided
that A. A. Irwin should give an exact slatusof
tho Toronto Club's ownership to tha Lcaguo to
day. Tho delegates to tho regular Laaguo Con
vention w cnt Into Bcsslon at S o'clock, tho clubs
being represented ns follows:
Toronto, A. A. Irwin: Buffalo, James Franklin;
Montreal, Georgo W. Cameron, J. F. Maekle, J. A.
Clarke, and George A. O'Neill fa brother of the one
faraoue player "Tip" O'NellDi Syracuae, Ucorgo It.
Kuntachi Scranton. If. I. Blmpaon and T. 11. Brook;
Wllkeabarre, E. F. Bogerl and C. W. Timmauyi
6prlngflcld, C. T. Hbean and Thumas E. Burns; l'rovl
denoe, K. Johnson and J. M. Battey.
The minutes of the lost mooting wore read and
adopted, and the roport of tbo Board ot Direc
tors wss laid on tho table pending further dis
cussion to-day. As cnpaiui'aDle wirepulling on
tho Scranton and, Wllkoabarre situation was
necessary, tbe delegates finally concluded, nfter
an lnforjr.el discussion, to adjourn until this
norning. Then they began tbo usual button
bole act In tho corridors, which lasted until a
Into hour last night.
During tho day tho hotel entry was well Oiled
with baseball men, among whom wero C. II.
Morton. Tom Burns, who has jusi purchasod tho
Nownrk Club; "Deacon" Ellis, Jim Knowles,
Sam Crnne, Manager Murray of Providence
Sandy Grlftln of Scranton, Dan Shannon,
Charley Dooloy of Montreal, Jimmy Stafford of
the Loufsvllles, who cams to recommend a
youngster to Dooloy; Messrs. Lelmgrubor and
Knglert of Rochester, and many others, Arthur
Irwin made tbo only deal of tbo day when he
purchased tho releases of Pitcher Johnstono
nnd OutUclder Shoehiin from the Newark Club.
Tho delegates will probably conclude their busi
ness to-night.
now Lisa.
Orientals Win rrom theiMetronolltnnsbnt Tae
tn tbe Illeectier.
The game In tb American national series last
night follow:
Oriental Cordes, 182; Coulon. 103; Schulti, 174;
Stumprel, 180 hteln, 178. Total, 707.
Bleecker J. Beam. 198; Wragge. 170 II. Beam,
lS8;Dleroks. loft; Hitter. 177. Total, 828.
SECOn uaxc.
Oriental Cordea, 174: Coulou, 100; Sebultz. 218;
Btumpel. 107i8ieln. aol. Total, 048.
Metropolitan Van Vlocfc. 17J; Starr, 100; Keller,
1V2; Flancr, 201; Lsuly, IV3. Total, 010.
miEO oaiiE.
Bleecker J. Beam. 144; Wragge. ISO: II, Beam,
188: Dlen-k. 176: Hitter, 137. Total, 7r)U.
Metropolitan Van Vleck. 170; Btarr. 177; Keller,
14J; Flancr, 102;Leuly, IB0. Total. 83S.
Tbe Corinthians passed their previous highest acorcs
In the Uucle bam national tournament at Fraeakle's
alleys last ulght. The scores:
riur owe.
Rosrdale Tadman, 147: Mesloh. 170; Scott, 204;
Melnkeii. lnft: Kessler, 187. Total, 882.
Harniiiulo Kllegl, 100; Bchwaner. 150; Becker,
104; lukea, 178; Elsele, 130. Total, 772.
llannonlo Klsole, 212; Bchwaner, lftl; Beoker.
UK; lukeu. lftt; Klh-gl. 18j. Total, 814.
Corinthian Clinch, 1H0; Rein, 140sT. Walter, Stilt
B. Walter. 210; MacLellan, 168. Total, 004.
Ilimn oiux.
Rosedale Tadman. 157; Mealoh. 100 Scott, 180;
Ueluki'li, 148; Keaaler. 174. 'total. H2S.
Corlnthlan-Cltni'h. 1&2; Rein, 107; T.Walter, 199;
S. Walter, 144; MaeLcllan. 200. Total. 812.
Sotnii Oaavoz, Dec. 1. The South Orange Field
Club won three atralzbt gjinea from the lloaevitie
Athletic nub lu tbo buburbau League aerlia to-ntgbt
on the alleys of tbe former club. Hcnres: South
Orauge Field Club, Nft8, 010,813; lloaeiille. 770, 800,
The Lotus team won the first two but lost tho last
game In the Harlem Republican Club tournament
serlea lost night. The scores:
Standard Koehler. 158; Alllaon. tdl i Delrcka, 138;
DIelrick, 187: Wymau, 132. Total. 7S0,
Lotus Hands, 104; Muusle, 218; Church, 100;
Little, 100; Keys, 170, Total, 873.
Standard Koehler, 189: Alllaon. 182 ; Dlercks, 158;
Dletrlek, 151: Wymau, 100. Total, MB1.
Lotus Hands, 145; Munale, lOOi church, 187;
Purdy, lull; Keys, 173. Total, 857.
Hlandard-Koehler, 1M; Alllaon, IBS: Dlercks, 101;
Dletrlek, IU4; Wjmun, 147. Total. 871.
Lotus llauds, I2ii; Munalo. 18b; Church, 178;
Purdy, 132; Keja, 153. Total, 7S7.
The Hector bowlera went to pieces In the last frame
or the first game of last inyht'a United Bowling
Clubs, aectlou 4, aeries at Thum & Kahladorf'a Har
lem adeya, aud wero beaten out Ly tbe Greenwoods.
The scale,:
rmsT aaxz.
Greenwood Ehler, 17Hi Meyer. 08; Ibert, 180;
Tletr, 172 bt-lisffer, 170. Total, 782.
Hector C. Grabber. 17ili Meyer, 170: Koch, 181;
H.Graeber. 110; Mautel, 143, Total, 78B.
si'comi (iiui:.
Hector O. Oraeber, 215: Meyer. 1B2; Koch, OB;
Mautel. 1BU; po.clii-n. Kill. Total, 754.
Oerell-llelmers, 174; otteu, 107; bchults, 105;
Schwedheim, 127; Lubrs, 14b. Total, 721.
Grernwrod Ehler, 1B4; Meyer, 171; Ibert, 17B:
Tletr, lB'Ji t-ehaSer, 100. Total, 8011.
Oerell Haluien, 180; Ottep. 143; Schulti, 170:
Schwedheim. 1U2; Lubrs, lot, 'Total, ens.
"Jack" Gray's phanomuual score of 253 pins In tho
second game saved tbo Nlautlo Wheelmen' quintet
from a double defeat lu their games against the Clio
Wheelmen's tiam In thn serlea of 111.' AisiKlati'd
Cycling Clubs ot tbe New Jersey Boulluu League,
which werj rolled on Tuesday night at lleye1 Pythian
Hall alUys ou Jersey City Heights. Thu scores:
rillST OAMI,
Clio Wheelmen II. Ileyr, 143: Au;. Iluchlcnklrr.
140; AITaaeh. IHU; A. A. Duke, 18U; Ed Humulirlcs,
201. Total, H8B.
Nlsntlo ; heetmen II. Htnley, Ifll j "Doc" Selnow,
17S Jatk Gray, lb7i Al Wright, 13J; SsuiCoffmaun.
123. loial, 778.
6KCOXII aiilE,
ClloWheelmen-II. Heye. 14 Ii Aug. nuchtcnklrt,
148; AITaaeh, 100; A. A. Duke, 118; El Huuiphrlis
IMS. Total, 70H.
Nlsntlo Wheelmen H, Hanlcy, 170; Doo" Sel
now, 05. Jack Gray, 203; Al Wright, 151; aaui Cog.
uanii, 188. Total, MOO.
Only four olsyera represented the Benorolent Coun
cil In tbo how York Hoyul Areauum Leagua tourna
ment gainea at the Vlllauu Club alleys lut bl.'lit, The
r;nT uahh.
. Einnlro City Council Uuubol, 218: Bralated. 180;
I'artililgc. 148; Draper. IHii Fiichu, 100, Total, 877.
htandard Council Donovan, 130i Green, 1U0; Wil
son, 1U1; Maey, I48 Hyde, 141, Total, 742.
secokd oaur.
Standard Council Donovan. 147 Greed, 120; Wil
son. 14.1; Macy, 12U; Hyde. KH. Total, UhS.
Benevolent Council VVard, 181 1 Job, 180; Daunett,
187; Baer, 188. Total, OtO.
Empire City Council Knubel. 108 Bralated, 124;
Partridge, 170; Draper, l44Fucbs, 200. Total, 810.
Benevolent Conncll Job. l88;DeDUtt, 1U0; Ward,
140 Baer, 187, Total, BW0.
The Arcade tournament, la which 128 teams took
Part, csnis to a close at Frercks'a alley last night.
Prlsaa were won by the following tlub lo the order
named; Empire No. 1. Fidelia No. I, HoaadaleNo. 1,
Oruhard No. 1, Cable Vo. 1. Corinthian No, 1, Empire
No. 2, Gulden Hod No. 1, LamitealerNo. 1. aud Ori
ental No. 1, Th Individual prlaea wer wen by Starr
ot the Oolden Hods, Postclof the Lamattdter. end
Uohlor th Empires. On next Monday night the
prlara will be distributed Last nlgnt'a acoro. followi
Corinthian No. 8-Osbrlng, HI; C, Mulford, 08: p.
Woiter, 48; Meckel, 61; Dua. 77. Total. 831.
Corlutblau No. F, CUocb, VS W. WoUtr, 79) 0.
Waller, 8UH,Kael illsn, lOJiF.Brill, 10 J. Tolat,
. Blefc Bajte No. 8-Dllharr, B8i Hunt, li Charles
Hill, 78i Zlnn, Oft Albert Oehnc, no. Total, 04 1.
KrakellaNo. .-Bllmer, 84; O'Connor, 00; Lubrs,
8S Bshrmanu. 28) Woerntr, 70. Total, 81.
The Wallabouts toored a doublo victory In Monlsy
ntitht'a aeries of the Brooklyn Oernunla tournament.
The scores:
' risrr oahe.
S, N.-Itooa, 191; Hern, 118i Roelim. 110 Hoch
wast, l4tllrell, 108. Total, tliv.
Pansy Forfeltod
sxcoxn OAUE,
Wallsbnut Itempel, 182; T Meyer, 187; Itteh
mond. 178; behllck. 145 M. Mejer, 181, Total. H3.
l'anaey Forfeited.
Iiunti OAHE.
Wallabout tlompel, 189; T Meyer. UOt Rich
mond, 187: Sobllck, 188; W. Mejer, 140. Total, 730.
H. N.-Hooi. 187; llerl). I40 Itoehm, 128; ilooh
waat. 144 Qrelt, 141. Total, lltio.
The games In tha New Jersey Bowling Association
tournament, at Wandt'a Jersey alleys In Hoboken
on Tuesday n got, follow:
riast OAME.
. Ilecrcatlons Ch. Bayha, 18; Ph. Kaufer, tR U.
Warncck. 140; W.Croas, 180: 8. Crosa, 180. Total,
Merrya O. M. Erk. 137: A. O. Lehmann, 190: R. G.
Seggol. 181; W. F. Gremplcr, I10;E. Oause, 178. To
tal, 038.
Mcrrya-O. M. Erk, 12fi A. O. Lehmann. 113; ft. n.
Regit). IBB; W. F. Grempler, 131; 11. Clause, 180,
Toia', ilNfl.
Homesteads A. ficliajor. IROi o. Kennell, ism
A. Klahre, 112 J. I.udlnw, 100; J. Kenuelt, 147.
Total, 723.
Titian oasi:.
Homeateads A, Schafler. 102; n. Kennell. 1 lit A.
Klahn, 101; J. Ludlow, 181; J. Kennell, 125. Total,
. Recreation"-Ch. Ilavba. 1C7: l'h. Kaufer, 1B3: L,
Warneekr, 100; W. Cross, 1HS Sam Cruss, 187,
Total, no-'.
The opening series ot thnweekvln the North Side
tournament resulted as follows:
rinsr oame.
Melrose Schmidt. 173; Muatorman, 180i Daum,
laiilliitchlngi. tnt; Cordes, 187. Total. SilO.
Gerard E. Brown, 1H0: Kern, IBIi;McDowell, 122;
Itledcl, 132; Curtis, 201. Total, 7U4.
Metrnae Schmidt, 212; Musterman. 203: Daum,
137; Hatchings, 131; Cordes. 181. Total. 000.
Gerard E. Brown, 154! Kern, 123; McDowell, 133;
Illodel, 133; Curtis, lb3. Total, 748.
Melrose Schmidt, 1811 Musterman. 150: Daum,
1B8; Hatchings, 184; Cordes. 101. Total. fl'Jll.
Garard-E. Brown. 108; Kern, 123; McDowell, 114;
Itledcl, 123; Curtis, 142. Total, 810.
The sixth Ins'allmrnt of games In the Csslno tour
nament resulted as follons:
Sunswlck No. 1 William Smith, 143; Baab, 107;
Rlrhl. 157; II. llrlell. 130; lloyce, 183. Total, 700.
TheClub llooney, 140: Mutllzan, 180;bloane, 184;
Sharkey, 177; F. Brill. 127. Total, 600.
Sunswlck No. 1-W. Smith. 171: Baab, 148: Hlehl.
IBS; II. llrlell. 140; Boyre. 1S8. Total, 78H.
Sunswlck No. 21. Smith. 128; Scott. 143: Ferret,
180; Pitcher, 130; Hartr, 144. Total, 898.
The Club Rooney, lftl; Mulligan. 100 Bloane. 104;
Sharkey, 143i llrlell, 213. Total, 750.
hunawlek No. 2 J. Smith. 120: Soott, 188; Ferret,
139; Pitcher, lbft; Harte. 138. Total, 713.
Tho Phtladelpho. Council quintet has struck It
winning gait 1n tbe Brooklyn Royal Arcanum sub
tournament. Last night th- team defeated Brooklyn
and Adirondack councils. Tho soores:
rinaT OAHE.
Phllailelphos Dewey, 198: Smith, 183: Van Hlper,
1B7: Pnynter. 132: Moffatt, 148. Total. 1t.
Adirondack Simon. 93: O'Rourke, HIH; Campbell,
120; Flntey, 110; Kraft, 163. Total, BOO.
Adirondack Simon. 190: O'Rourke, 123; Campbell.
122; Flnley, 1 40i Kraft. 134. Total. 048.
Brooklyn Walker. 144: Wild, 101: Brouard, 129;
Newbold, 103; Tabor, 170. Total, 660.
Brooklyn Walker, 128; Wild. 117: Brouard, IBB;
Newbotd. 130; Tabor, 102. Total. 722.
Phllailelphos Dewey, 176; Smith. 128; Van Hlper,
136; l'aynter, 100; Moffatt. 102. Total. 818.
The Reeklrk, Crlbb. and Universal teams played
tho following games last night In Ehler' Oak tourna
ment of Brooklyn:
rnuiT oaue.
Seeklrk-Dedo. 104; Williams, 18B; A. Wlok, 172;
Miller. 100: P. Wick. 188. Total. 783.
Universal No. 2 otetnbaueer, 187; P. MoCormtck.
178; Roderick, 144; Blahop, 125; E. McCormlck, 187.
Total, 771.
Universal No. E Stelnheuaer. 170; P. IXoCormtck,
181: Roderick, 188; Blahop, 182; E. McCormlck, 144.
Total, 1UU.
Crlbb McEvoy, 114: Andrews, 148; Simon, 181;
Mv-Matb, 174; Henry. 137. Total, 782.
Tinr.n oahb.
Crlbb McEvoy, 128i Andrews. 128; Simon, 174;
Mi Math, 1711; Henry. 157. Total, 748.
Keeklrk-Pede; 173: William.. HIS; A. Wlok, 178;
Miller, 100; P. Wick, 107. Total, 834.
TheTamaqua Wheelmen defeated tho Indian Cy
clers two games out of thrco last night In the Claaa B
cries of the Long Isl aud Association of Cycling Clubs'
tournament. Tbo soores:
Indian Cyclers Herbat, 138; Llttman, loll Louie,
10U; Miller, lriri; Hatenbacker, 124. Total, 780.
Tamaqua Wheelmen Shipley. 142; Bergeu, 123;
Jordan, lftl; Dunham, 14B; Van Melon, 138. Total,
Indian Cycler Herbst. 143; Gambert, 124: Louis,
12ii; Miller, 117; Hagenbocker. 128. Total. 088.
Tamaqua Wheelmen Milpley. 133; Bergen, 167;
Jordan, 141; Dunham, 108; Van biclcn, llii. Total,
TliinD OAHE.
Indian Cyclers Herbst, 1B7; Oambcrt. 135; Lltt
man, K'-JilloseubiTg, 130;Hagenbacker, 185. Total,
Tamaqua Wheelmen Shipley, 100; Bergen, 142;
Jordan, 155: Dunham, 201; Van Slclen, 130. Total,
By winning from Fulton and Waahlngton Irving
Counclla in lust night's series of tho Brooklyn Royal
Areauum tournament, Fern Council clinched Its posi
tion for u plate lu the finals. The scoros:
rmsT OAHE.
Fern-Ketcham. 101: Miller, 171; HalT, 127; Thome.
100; Si hwartje, 133, Total. 753.
Washlugtou In lng Campbell, 1511; Cordeau, 112;
fihatlor, 102; Morley, 114; Olendcunlng, 149. Total,
Washington Irving Campbell, 189; Cordeau. 110;
Shaffer. 158; Morley, 188; Olendennlng, 137. Total,
Fulton-Brand. lfjBi Wilson, 132; Uedlcus, IBB;
Lovell, 120; Terrett, 174. Total. leu.
Fulton-Brand, 143t Wllaon, 138; Uedlcus, 11B;
Lovell, 201:Tcrrett, 152. Total, 749.
Fern hudtb, 153; Miller. 180; Thome, 139;
Ketcbam, 143; bebwartje, 172. Total, 738.
Tbo games In the Jersey City Bowling League were
participated In by eight teams last night, an 1 attract
ed crowds or enthusiasts to the various alleys at
which they took place. Tbe scores:
Clio Wheelmen-J. J. Carley. 147: PhllUhl, ISO; J.
b'uut, 133; A. Taach, IH'.ll 11. Ill-re, lull. Total, 804.
Clintons A. liuchtenklrk. 145; Joe Faulkner, 214;
JoeFlxel. 181; A. A. Hall, Ibl; Ed Humphries, loo.
Total, UUO.
Clio WhcolinonI, J. Carley. 173: Phil Uhl, 112;
Jo.i Kent, 149; A. A. Taath, 188; II. 11. Heye, 242.
Total. 804.
Clintons A. Buchtenklrk, 192; Joo Faulkner, 190;
JoeFlxel. 187; A. A. Hall, 203; Ed Humphries, 223.
Tolal, U77.
Unlcns-J. Buchlrnklrk, .104; L. A. Duko, 177;
George I-mith. 127: Fred Mackey, 1 0 1 ; A. A. Duke, 1 79.
Total. hH8.
Columbia Charlea Herlg. 130i A. A. Muller. 188;
Ed BUhcof.145; Oeorge Dlckaou.lUl; William Frautz,
109, Total, 848.
Unfons-J. Buchtouklrk. 157; L. A. Duke, 131;
Gcort Smith, IBOtFred Mackey, 13U A, A. Duke,
102, Total, 743.
Columbia! Charles Herlg. 201: A. A. Muller, ISO;
Ed Blschof, laUi aeorguDlckaou, 202; William Franti,
102, Total, Old.
rntsT u tue.
Lindens I. Perry. 198: hd Edlnrer, 182; Joo Nel
son, 172; II. Dodluc, 181; Ed Clusternild, 193.
Total. 00U.
Oeeaus William Roome. 137: J. O'Hulioran, 1.18;
It. Wall. 10tf Joe Ilahn, 141; Charles Uleppo, 102.
Tolal. 774.
Lindens J. Perry. ICBi Ed Idlnger. lt-3: Joe Ncl
sou, IHliH.Bodlue, 191; EdCheitirileld, 19B. Total,
b Oceaua-Win. Roome, 131; J, O'Halloran. 144: M,
Wall, 152; Joj Hohu, 171; Chorus Ifleppe, 194.
Total, 793.
Klondlkes a, msdon, ID.1i George Srlfrrt, 08; J,
Kaller 122; J. Ilurgeia, 123, William Williams, 00.
T'l"laliadaya-ll. hleg na. 08; Al Ilascli, 118; Ous
Voos. 103; U.Oteraon, l4i Veuteer, 121. Tolal, Ub2.
Klondlkee-G, Illsln", 183; George Selfert. 82;
Kaiser, 09; J. Uuige.s. 101; Williams, 104. Total,
6allaila)s-Sleffeis, HOi Ilasrh, 133, Voor, 187;
Oterson, 181; Vnina, 150, 'lolul, 7J.'.
agreeable Shrinkage In tbe rtaclng Beard
The Racing Hoard of the L. A. W, has boon
relieved from a groat deal of work through tho
termination of tho outdoor racing season, row
complaints ore nowrocelvoil ngalnst rider for
violation of tho rulos, and tho bo ird Is enabled
to start to workon modltlcntloni to tlio racing
rules for next season. Chalrmtn Molt Isstiod
tho following bulletin yesterday:
Many claims ngalntt racing men are being pre
sented to mo that hare no equitable foundation, and
no reason Is apparent but a hope that they will tie
paid without question rather than to ha e " trouble "
with th board. Racing men will not l required to
pay claims unless the Indebtedness It proven or ac
knowledged. In this connection, the attention ot
managers and pacemakers It called tn the fact that a
pencil memorandum agreement Is usually possible,
and their own safety lies In making such agrocmenla
In all cases.
Th Waou Wheel Club, Wseo, Tex., will ho refused
further sanctions until the prises duo from the meet
of July 0 and 0 are paid.
Suspensions Removed William llaney and Frank
Butler, Glouoester, N. J.t Teddy Goodman. New York
cltyt II. B. Ililla, Jr.. Providence! Leo Langfolt, Cov
ington, and Will Lowe, Nashville.
Transferred to tho i'rofeealoual Class E. D. Mills,
Buflaloi II. 1) Hills, Jr., Providence; Bert Forrest,
Centro Rutland, Vt. W. 8. Lowo , Nashville, aud 11.
Hurt, Memphis.
Huspeuded for FalasEatry Clifford C. Coppln, Cov
ington, to Jan. 1, 1898.
Bicycle racing has attained great popularity
In BruEsols. professional competition Is con
ducted on a high standard, and keen Interest is
manifested in all bicycle contests. Arrange
ments aro now being perfected for nn Interna
tional tournament, to bo held ut Drussol ln
July noxt nt the Hols do In Camb.t track. In
which purses amounting to $0,300 will bo dis
tributed. Tho following programme Is proposed:
International one mile, open, to bo run lu one
beat, two r in I-finals aud n final. Six mou In lint
heat, six In first semifinal, four In second acini final,
and three In final. -rrlr.es, 11.200 to nrst, S709 to
rcond, and (200 to third,
Multlcyel handicap, five kilometers (578 yarda),
eligible to tandem, triplet, "quad," "quint," and
sexmplet teams Prises, Mrst, 1800; second, 1230;
third, tlRC; fourth. 7..
One-Hour Ra.e. Paced Prises, first, 11, 000; second,
lOOOi third, 10(). If tlio record or 39 miles 1,(184
yards Is broken by tho winner ha will recelvo a apo
dal prise of 250.
One-Mllo Handicap. Professional Prlir. first, 8300,
second, S100: tblnl, 4120; fourth, $100: nrili, 170.
Oua Mile. Prufeaalunal, for "second-raters" only
rnr.es, first, 1300; second, (200; third, 1150; fourth,
The wheolmen ot Boston have taken the flrat
stops toward securing tho L. A. W. moot for
their ell) next season. At a mooting of promi
nent wheolmen, held on Tuesday ovenlng, "Tho
Boston '03 Meet Club" was organized with tbo
following officers:
President, F. II, Porter; First Vice-President, C. E.
Fay; Second Vice-President, C. Wray; Third Vice
Prealdent, II. B. Morlne; hecretary, A. W. Peaaei As
sltiant Secretory, Ralph Moses; Treasurer, George A.
It wrs decided to draft an Invitation to send
to tbo cxucutlvo ofUccrs ot tho Louguo, request
ing their support. Thero Is a strong fcollng
that Massachusetts will stand an excellent
chanco of getting tho meet for next season, in
spite of tho efforts of the Indianapolis wheel
men to socuro this privilege. Tho now club will
bold a meeting next Tucsdny to learn tho posi
tion of tho various clubs and division olllcers In
relation to tho proposal.
The L. A. W. has boen annoyed during the
past souson by parties travelling around tho
country and securing concessions from hotels
on the strength of ulleged membership in tho
League. In Pennsylvania this practice became
quite common, and tho division ofliccrs now an
nounce that legal proceedings will bo taken
against any unauthorised person wearing the
badge or button of tho L.A. W. Itlsexpoctcd
that similar steps will be taken In all other divi
sions of the Lcaguo.
Tho now ofliccrs of tho New York State divi
sion of tho L. A.W. Intend to form local L. A. W.
consulates in all the lending cities throughout
the State, in order to buildup tho mtmberehlp
of tho division and enroll all available riders ln
tho organization. Tbe local consulate ln this
city has been Instrumental ln securing thou
sands of now members for tbe League, and Chief
Consul Jenkins maintains that thero ts a largo
Held for similar operations throughout the
Since the experiments testing draught and
friction In bicycles wero mado by Prof. Carpen
ter at Cornell University, un English expert has
bcon making some similar tests to show how
great Is tho Increased friction causod by grit on
tbo chain, Hu found that with a clean chain the
frlctlonal loss was about 1 per cent., under
rather than over, while with a chain in its aver
ago condition of dirt, tbo loss is from 30 to 40
per cent,
Whether or not moral standards chango with
tho latitude, it isposlttvo that blcyclo behavior
varies with tho weather. A decidedly comely
girl Btood on the Coney Island Boulovard for
about twenty minutes Tuosday waiting to bor
row a wrench and gut somo one to aid her In
straightening nnd tightening the saddle of her
wheel. At least six men, who would have
quickly stopped on any ploasunt day, went by
with that look of not comprehending a man
wears ln a street car when ho Is sitting in front
of a standing woman. The men were riding to
keen warm, and the ldoa, of handling a wronoh
with bare lingers was too much to bo overcome,
oven with tho prospect ot a pleasant now ac-
?ualnlnm'o. The fair ono ln distress finally
ound n person to assist her, but, gallant as ho
was, ho advised her to learn how to do such
things herself and then carry a tool bag.
Owing to the largo number ot accidents that
annually occur to riders upon tbe rood, tho
L. A. W. officials have provided signs to bo
placed at dangerous sections ot country roads,
whore it is advisable to dismount and proceed
with caution. The signs are 0'i by 20 Inches ln
size, and aro made of tbln sheet steel with a,
bright yellow enamelled surface. Thoy contain
the following warning in black letters:
The Danger Sign To Cyclists: I'.ldo with caution.
The League will givo the signs to individual
wheelmen or cycling organizations.
It. Lanxcnau. Yes.
A Sau Francisco paper says: "Itlookssslf Obarlea
Albert Adauu will be tbe Prealdenf ot the Associated
Cycling Clubs of California next year, and under his
administration the associated cluba will probably re
sumo the Important poalt on they occupied before
tho JU-advlted attempt was made to control track
Two Harlemltca. 1, A mile has been ridden, with
pacemakers. In 1 minute 33 2 ft sacouda. fi. a
Weatern rider named Anderson U said to bars
coverod a mile, paced by a locomotive, ln 1 minute
8 seconds, 8. Thero Is no record of any performance
under on minute.
ti.T. n. 1. Yes. 2. He Is 20 years old.
Metropolitan The width at the turns differ. Would
susgc st that you communicate with tha track owners
for particular.
J. II. 11 1. Yes. 2. Yes.
A. II. Chase, the English professional, sailed from
Southampton for this oountry yesterday.
II. W. ott of tha Harlem Wheelman has ridden
over 11.000 mile this year.
The Itlrerslde Wheelmen will present medals to all
niembors r dlug U.000 miles or over this year.
The Dushwlok Whoelmru of Brooklyn will forruollr
opi'U tbelr new clubhouse Hits evening.
The Bowling Green vVbeelnn n will bold an annual
election on Deo. 4. The i-andldates arei I'reaident.
W. Murphy i Vleo-Prealdent, John Mahoney and John
KennyiTreaaurer, Maurice Neabltti Financial Secre
tary, Joeeph II arris i Record lag Secretary. John Kee
ner; Correaponding secretary, Alfred MoranandJ.
O'Neill Captain. G. Atwell an.tlhoma Rvau; llrat
Lieut nant. Frank Mulluiie; Color Bearer, it, Lemcola
aud W. J, Casaldy; Bugler, Charles Krelous
E.G. Bald. t. A. Zimmerman, and Nat Butler will
rlJ.i lu tbusbtirt distance taees at the Madison Square
Garden un Saturday evening,
Two old rivals In atbletlce, the Twenty-third
Strott Branch V. M, C. A, of this city and
Central Branch Y.M.C. A. of Brooklyn met in
a match game of basketball at tho latter'a gym
nasium on Tuesduy nig lit. Aftor a llorco con
test tbo hume team won by the score of 17 toll.
The teams:
Central Orief. right ror ward: Wheeler, left for
ward; Nurr, tontre; Drelnch, right guard i Thompaou,
lelt guard.
1 wiutj-lhlrd Street Kllnck, right forward; Adama,
left forwartl; Ooldev, centre; Burua, right guard,
Foater mid Leeds, left guard,
Goala rrom Fltld-Norr (2), Wheeler, Kllnek,
Aduiiis, Burc (I;, FoUT 12 1. Oi.ua from I oul
Wheeltr (81, Grief, Burua. Time Tvveuiy-iuluule
Owing to cancellation Hit) basketball team of the
WesleheslerCuuiity tVhcolmen hate Saturilny, Dec.
4.opiu. They wilt guarantee expo a a for auy good
t.-amluthla vlclu.ty. Address J. II. Mclutyre, 207
bouth Fifth strut, Mount Vernon, N, '
The lollowlng Is tho echeiliil of tin, Weatcheater
County Wlxelnuut pec. 11, Olimplu II II. I' of New
Yuri; in. Mjuot Morris II. II. ti 3J, Kulcki-riuxker
A, U i Jau 1, Motmpolilan B. II. C ; H, Bay Ridge A.
C.i IB, Kulokerlax.-i.ir A.O.
Two Iml.tlliUll gaino am scheduled for to-n'glit.
Thu (Ircuii otut V M C. A. team meet Adelplil
Acadeui) tit tho latter giji!tialuin, while tho l.aaiirn
in.lr.ctV. M c A und liulckerbjiker A. C. lino up
al Hie termer's gvmuualuiu.
flii' Acuru naakelball team have a few open datea
for games away Iruiu home vvlil.'h ihey would like lu
nil. Addreas .1. Malir, Jr., 311 West Thirl) ninth
Tbe Clifton la.kttlall team, having leorganlied for
thu seaton, would Ittfu in arrange gami'4 vh trams
atersglnk In tbe m-ighborhonU of llApoumla, Ad
dress IV. s. aalmoii, 404 Laal Twi uty-fourth tract.
The WIlllaineburgA. A, Uas urgaals d tnnuiaktt
ball teams. Hie Orange aud tbe Blur, and tuy are
open for games with any Y, M. C. A, or athletlo tlub
teama. Addreaa taiuuel A. Walters, mauagcr, 181
Withers street, Brooklyn.
ThcNailoual A.C. of Brooklyn has formed a bas
ketball team and Is iiasing up a schedule, Address
Oacar Hauck, beeretnry, 1 1 Cedar street.
Yoskeks. Dee. 1. Tha Claremout basketball team
of Philadelphia played Its llrst game of a series, while
on a lo jr through the State. aga.nst the Fo irlb Ssi a
rate team of thu city at th armory to-night. Th
tramhMagainesrhtduled with the crack nvea of
New York city. If to-night's isms Is to be taken as
a criterion, their chimes of making a good showing
are extrenicly slim. Th home team defeated tbem
by a soor of 19 to 0, and could have doubled It bad
tbty u desired,
Sold only In SQUARE bottles, each mj,
bearing ihc Numbered Guaranty Label Bn
of Purity and Original Condition. Eti
Solo Agents for tho United States. Hi
zf allien selecting ibe Wi
J fabric Tor a " full m
Special Drc$s su,t" $m,m e-
r tftcnewncisanfltie m
BepartliKII. slraumiy or the I?
.iii.I. iic wriou$ C,0,I)-T I l
Will) US tbe quality or trlts I
and general fiHitt), I
but particularly tlie competency or I'
the matter to produce tlie Ideal ft
creation a $uit or this Itind sftomd be. l
Special range at $w. V;
35-oz. Box melton Overcoatings, n li
tO $35.
Crouserings (Tmpd.) at $6.so.
Bannock Suitings, $25 to $40.
BurnDam Flbillips
gustom tailoring only.
Cewple gourt Jlnnex, no nassaw St, .
andFaclalOreara.lt used dally, will soften, whiten, II v
beautify, and preserve the skin, prevent freckles, tan, 1,1 .'
and aunburu. These articles exceed lu sales auy aim-
liar preparations, and are sold everywhere. A s implo ., ,
of either sent on receipt of 10c John II. Woodbury.
Dermatologlat, 1U7 West 42d st. New York. If
Flint's Fine Furniture. I
Cushions for Christmas (ilfts. J
All sizes for floor or divan. i?
Factory Prices.
415 lVfnT 211 1 STIIBET. gl
I , I
Seveatls Itesrlnient Game. 1
Tha following- Is the complete list of official J;
to act at the athletlo games of tbe Seventh Reg
iment, to bo held ln the armory noxt Saturday
Ilefereo, Col. D. Appleton; Track Judges, Major A. y
W. Conover, Capt. F. O. Landon, Capt, V. W, Janusen,
and Capt. J. E. Schuyler; Field Judges, Capt, C. B. Ii
Lydecker, Capt. Oeorge W. Rand. Capt. W. 0. risk, ff
and Lieut. W. 8. Wilson Inspectors, Lieut. 1L Orane, (
Capt. W. J. Underwood, Lieut. J. C. Seott, Lieut.
V, E. 8chasty; Itandtoapper, Mr. J, P. Thomtoni
Timer. Lieut. 0. 1L Oarnocban, J. II. Abeel, Quarter- ,
master Brrceant W. H. Wilson, and Private W, N.
Uavlen Scorers. Corporal F. II. Crary, Sergeant W.
M. naUted. Privates P. It. Irving. O. A. Hull; Clerk of
tho Course, Private C. F. Oostwlckt Assistant. Cor
poral A- Y. Prlnglo, 3 D. Thees, Jr.. S. C. Van Hotel 5
Starter, Samuel beet Referee of Dleycllng, Private W
D. Edwards; Clerk of Kecords, Private E. SuMOo.
Thero are 402 entries In tho games, all told.
and. Including tbe trial beats, finals, and ecratc4 J
competitions, thoro will bo thirty-one ovents, if'
These Include bicycle races, sprints, and dls '"
tanco runs, hurdle races, potato and three,
legged races, rollor skating: race, puttlnn the ,
hot, running high jump, and Roman chariot 1
race. The competition will bo very keen. It is It;
soma years since tho regiment has had a roller Jr
skating raco on tbo programme, and ln thu l
event Ferguson of Company A, Clark of Corn I
Sany B (son of ex-Col. Clark), Norrls of Company )
, and Lrask of Company 1) will make a gallant I
atrugglo for the load, Ferguson will attempt to I
break tbe record. ij
Uocliey. II i
Tbe New Jersey A. O. Tlockey team has (wo games Wl
sebeduled, one wltb the Kew Tork Hookey team p4 ff
Dec. 10 and one wltb the Montclalr team oa Deo. 1V M
Manager Walton Is verr anxious to bear from tbs) H
Vale, Princeton, Seventh lleglment, and Naval Us
serve teama. The team will make their b4ada.aarten V
at the Ice Palace during th winter, J.
groohlyu giU'trtiuemtutn. t
aiaasaavaiafcaaaa,aafcas,ss ,a,ajaBaalaaSs1Ss? m
Tlio field is full of briRand8.
"Cutting prices" nuii iniaropro-
Bontntionu aro tlio tricks liy which
thoy hopo to hoodwiuk tho buvinpj '
pnlilic. Dou't bn deceived by" the
niisvoproBentjatioua of hoiiio jqtjv-
chaiita who claim thnt thoy aro M
iviiiR you ' mudo-to-onlor" clotl)- 15
in($ at "ready-iintdo" price-. Thoy I'
do not mnlto u irnrinint thnv nnli. 1
Wo don't have to ntoop to dnvilwgi l!t
of thnt sort. Our Man's Suit i
(810.011 to '25.00). Ovorcoats W
(S10.00 to SM.OO). Uovb Suits Wi
(?2,7 to $lj.00j and OvercoaU
($5.00 to ?10ii0)nio nut !e in our
own Factory, anil ovary fannonfc fl
iH piinniiiloeil to I o iib roprosented W
or monov rt'fuudod, K
Fuhon Si, w. DeKdb Ave. V'
CALEB V. SMITH, Manager.
clemohTave. RINK, I
Clermont, uoar Myrtle av. ' .
MoniltiK ArtirncMiu BvolaK. MBS
AUtllaslOM )kifl
Includlof skate and coat check.' tVS
j Muale Arterno! ad atrlai( B
FvffrrrtitirUmmyiAL ttjt'itassfl

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