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t'y l snrBSTr-rms persons killed bt
ta 1 1 oira TOLi.Br frux mis moors.
' I The Cseehs Plnadrr Many carman Shape aad
f ' Stenaitv DiraiH VTIae Cellars The Firs
I iOrlsada Kept Calleplng la All Parts af-toe
, I City stlelere Wreck lane or Iba ttre En-
' lntw TarrlOed Jews ateeape lajnry ay
(I Placing Cruelflxas la TSjelr TVInsswe An-
I I nrehr Reigns Unchecked Till Martial Lam
,l 'la DeelarMl aad 10,000 Treeps Arrive.
(I I i Ojuefal CmbU Dttpatih l Tai Bra.
j Pjiione. Dee. a In consequence of the con-
j .'jj Unued dleordor in this city yesterday and Tues-
11 day, martial law has been proclaimed and too
jlffl strongest measures have been Ukon to prevent
lifl s, recurrence or the rioting. During yestorday'a
Sj disturbances the American flag was hoisted
M'n over the (Jnlted States consulate.
U: I The proclamation establishing martial law
H I was lade in nil parts ot tho city and tho suburbs
II or Oarollnenthal, Selzkow, Welnberge, and
U Wmlchow. Detachmentaot soldiers, headed bran
A I officer and a Police Commissioner, marched from
V) I lpotnt to point After e tattoo on the drums the
',' jf '' ' 1 commissioner read aloud In Czech nnd German
IL r tho Imperial decree ordering military aovern-Si-
I ' ment. By evonlng the proclamation had effected
C j Its purpose and ordes. was restored, which ha
f I ' not been broken since.
f I II Throughout tho early morning, however, an.
&J I 8 eerchy reigned. As qn tho previous day window
Si I smashing and looting wore Varied with constant
jftl ; fights botwecn the rioters and the troops and
IM t ' pMlco'
!)' i I The shops of the principal German Jewellers
Wlf ll ort Plundered. The rioters drank their
i('l n" '" tho aermaQ wine cellars, and
'f'SvJ 1 then Ict tao C0Dtent ot tDS wine casks
Mill I run out on tbo flaan Incendiary fires
Il were started in many directions, and
(fill I tue "ro Dru?e.dowas kept galloping from one
f 1 ? I end of the city to tho other for hours. When
jf iwll tho firemen arrived at the scene of a fire the
R ! fill mo nould drive them back. In soma cases the
r jiy rioters wrecked the engines.
A, .,11? During tho day spocial trains were employed
f-4 Sim In carrying reinforcements to the troops In the
ft j city, and thero are now 10,000 soldiers here.
KjW t They are all equipped as though for a campaign.
K, I j The olQclal returns for tho twenty-four hours
) preceding tho martial law proclamation show
J I A I that four persons were killed and ISO dangcr-
g& -I I j ously wounded. Three hundred and fifty ro-
fjrtlnl oelved leaser injuries. Twenty shops wore
m!l tmrnedouU
pLnrj j Theauthorltlesnronot confident of the con-
ii I - f tlnuanoa of order, the appetite of the mob hv-
m j lag been whetted by successful plundering;,
vh ' which was dlrcctod In a systematto way by ths
& leaders of the aeerot Societies. Somo Jews
f7 ) saved their premises from attack by placing; a
fjK-V ll ' crucifix between lighted candles In their shop
tj U windows.
B "ViKNNa, Dec 2. It is reported that tho Got-
ll 1 1 arnment has decided not to reconvene the
VI If) Ilelchsrnth, but will prolong the Austro-IIun-
A' t J gnrlan comnrnmtso by imperial decree Instead
Bji ii I of parliamentary sanction.
IK V il These measures are regarded as a suspension
J5; ill of the Constitution for the Cls-Ijoythan territory
Jj--' t il J M (that part of the empire 1) lug to the north of the
Bt' il ll River Ley tlia, which forms part of tho boundary
k, if between Austria and Hungary) and as the be-
ft- j ginning of absolutism. "
W, i The summary procedure decreed in Praguo is
gj-4 Ij'flj known as tho standrecit. It is somewhat less
gjj'fjjl stringent than full martial law or a state of
1( 'i' slego, but the special tribunal administering
jtjF ( the ilamlmht Is empowered to pats sentence of
Wll death, from which no appeal is allowed.
illi ill' Although tho decision of the Government to.
llii III take sharper moisures to suppress the rioting
V-M hi waa known at noon, tbo ttatulrecht was not
BF IV I proclaimed until 5 o'clock. Between these hours
iv J j occurred one of the most serious conflicts that
V v h! I '"" a'cen Placo during the rioting.
itt; vl A mob attacked a German school and was
RV Hilt' Ttted upon by an Infantry detachment with tho
!': PJ.W most serious effect. One roport says that four
3 ' I'liu volleys r ere fired and that twenty-five persons
gf V!m were instantly killed and a large number dan-
i()il gerously wounded.
11 I f I'll Despatches from Prague say that the streets
awl llii this evening are ractlcally deserted ozcept by
K t'li the patrols and the ambulances. Many families
, In are leaving the city. Twenty-eight hundred
mUQri li more troops will leave here for Prague to-night.
(Wm II There have beon antl Czech demonstrations at
J-nR 'i' Brunn, Saaz, Lint, and Innsbruck. The troublo
?P l) seems to bo spreading.
1 ll SUXD BT OXFORD uifirjsnsiTr.
Bl-jr U an Atleiapt ta natiraln IHa Rprdnetlaa ffera
Witi ) ar Ihe Oxrord Dlble.
Wly HI Kor the first time in Its history the University
BTGCfi 'lir "' x'ord ' engaged in a lawsuit. Their suit
JuSMin' ' 0;cr "10 celDratod Blblo which bears the
flf5& 11 I university's name, and Is brought in the United
Um III I Ftatcs Circuit Court to prevent tho use of the
J I R vorii "Oxford" as part of tho descriptive title
HJicj j ll, of any Blblo oxceptlng such as shall havo been
aWsl I u Issued from tho university publishing house in
i I England.
? I The title of the suit is "The Chancellor, Maa-
I I. tors, nnd Scholars of the University of Oxford
j$ j vs. tho Wilmore-Andrews lhiblisUing Com-
WW I pany," a arm doing business in this city, and
I J the complaint charges that the defendants have
Air 1 I 1 reproduced the Oxford Bible In such a manner
ml as to render the reprint fraudulent and ralcu
Wltfl Ia,M to deceive. The designation "Oxford"
aft A a JlibU, thoy claim, means and always has meant
v' itl ' thai the book was printed at Oxford, England,
muj V and any other Hlblo so designated is conse
mil 1 1 quently fraudulent, and thoy ask the court to
fife Yj protect them. To this end they roquest that
IslAV 1)1 an Injunction be issued restraining the de-
mr.v, ill fendanu from using the word "Oxford," and
B S ( ( that they also he required to render an account
H? i 1 1 ln" of tDa Profits already derived from tbo solo
mijK ll 1 of Illblts under that name.
mtr tl T1)0 ca" lm" uocn referred to United States
HI III. Commissioner Shields, as master, to take tes-
mfr', 1 ) tlmony for presentation to tho court, Itowland
Hit- 5II Cox appearing as counsel for tho plilntllTs.
Bfs VI) "t1"'8 reproduction of tho Oxford Ulblo, or
Mm M rather this production of a Bible so designated,
Hlr M' hM "eBn going on hero for several yeare," Mr,
MM: i Cox said yesterday, "and It la a serious Injus-
ti. .1 ,IC8 t0 ny clients. The university has worked
Wm ll' J0. Beneratlons In tho perfection of the Oxford
mWLIAI lib a, and during the last twenty years thero
T ? V bas Docn u standing offer of n reward of one
V-tVl guinea for every mlstako, typographical or
km'50'll otherwise, discovered In It. The university
HEn I 1 has not been required to pay many guineas, hut
Snaw.j..' within the last six months it did pay one for the
dlsoovcry of a typographical error."
The bearing btforo tlio Commissioner will
J be a long onr, and it will be some time before
; ; tho case comes to trial in court.
Ill aaeaia to Vpaet All rormar Tbearles ar Or
, Iieaaslta.
Desvkr, Dec 2. Another big strike reported
from Cripple Creek has upset all former theories
HJ of ore deposits and Is puzzling the old time mln-
Wm ' hfi ln men- The lessees of tho Flourlnt claim oa
Hi M'H Copper MounUIn are the lucky men. The ore
' , ll , deposit lies In the form of a blanket vein, cor
! Ml,. ercl1 oyothln wash and but a tew feet from tbo
H jl'' surface. In opposlilnn toall theorles.the rkher
: V.J str.ituui of this vein lies directly underneath tho
Hr , II wash, while under this Is a layer of much lower
; Hi. ) i gnu'eore,
h jj I ' Ihe deposit varies In thickness from a few
, H Jl . J inches to twenty feet as far as prospected, and
tum A 1 li ' known to extenit about 50 feet in length by
7 il 100 to ISO feet In width. The values run from
y U 910 to Sl.SOO to the ton aul the ore ships at
! ie from 20 to $140. Thelessrcsnronow chopping
BH i ti from the ulankot dopoilt and the process of mln
S. I V I" I" very simple. The loam Is stripped off
BT I i . with a plough and scraper and tho ore Is then
M , L I shovelled into wagons. The cost of production
' I I is small.
B?1 ') Cripple Cretfc's Hrsl StUInc llrrsrd.
$ ) I I Colobado Srm.vna, Col., Doo. 2. The gold
M , output of the Cripple Creek district for Novem
MKl i'I I hor ;wa 91.109.R5O. and for the eleven months
IKM t eidlngllec. I,ll.u2ll.ooa 1 ho November reo-
V Bin i prd excoeda that of any previou inonlh In the
B I l ' ll,,'"'J' ' tue camp,
taxio Jtniaxs in hat a jv a.
Ceasteraatlea Ovar Rrparu ar Insargeat Vie
tarlM A Bta- Brep la Taper Haaei,
Havana, Dec 2. A p&nlo has spread in Ha
vana to-day over tho news of the great bottlo
fought yesterday in Plnar del Bio province,
and also of tho rumors of the death In Santa
Clara of Gen. Pando and the reports of many
other Spanish reverses. Tho paper money
dropped SO points between yesterday evening
and noon to-day.
Tho first pesslmistlo reports began to be
known yosterday afternoon. Tho alarm in
creased this afternoon becauso tho Government
omcially acknowledged that an engagement
has taken placo near Sanctl Splritun between
an insurgent band of 200 men, personally led
by Gen. Maximo Oomcz, tho loyalists having
two killed and eight wounded. Without giv
ing any details tho report added that "the col
umn under command of Gen. Pando also had
an encounter with small groups of Insurgents."
As soon as this report was out paper money
dropped 6 points more, and It Is now at a dis
count of 70 per cent.
In view of tho gravity of tho situation and
the constant calls at the palace of business
men, eager to inquire about tho nows, another
declaration waa made late to-day that "the
panio is duo to false news spread abroad by
tho enemies of the Liberal Cabinet and the au
tonomist policy."
To this statement was added an official re
port from Gen. Bernal saying that in the battle
at Pinar del Rio the insurgents had over 100
men killed. A fact that has Intensified the
panto is that tho name of Gen. Gomez, as tho
Cuban leader in the encounter at Sanctl Spirt
tus, is published by tho Spanish authorities.
The belief is current that Gen. Pando was
killed by Gomez, though, as yet, there Is no con
firmation of tho rumor.
Tho nows has been confirmed that Gulsa, the
suburb of Bayamo, has been dostroyod by tho
Insurgents, which Is another terrible Spanish
defeat. At 0 P. M. to-day tho greatest oxclte
ment was reigning in the city.
It is said thotjln tho engagement near Sanctl
Spirttus a consldorablo number of Spanish
prisoners were made and that Gen. Gomez im
mediately freed oil tho regular soldiers of the
Spanish armyland hanged all the guerrillas.
Another official report Is given out to-night
that Gen. Gomel's forces have been dispersed
by the column of Gen. Pando, Gen. Pando's
death Is not confirmed at the palace.
The importance of the battle at Plnar del Rio
against Gen. Ducasl is acknowledged and tho
financial panio continues. The Viarlo cfe la
Marina energetically condemns the enemies of
the Government in Havana as responsible for
the panic
Ha Sara Plnar del Itla Is Still aa laspertaat
Caatra or tlebeltlen.
tpsctol Casts Dttrateh to Tna Sua.
Madmd, Dec 2. At a meeting of the Cabinet
to-day at which the Queen Regent presided
Prime Minister Sagasts announced that the
operations In the provlnco of Plnar del Rio,
Cuba, showed that the province was an im
portant centra of rebellion, despite Gen. Wey
ler's assertion that he had pacified it.
SeftorSagasta further said that the insurrec
tion In the Phlllpptno Islands had not been sub
duod.but, he added, tho situation was exagger
ated In the private advices received from the
Islands. The Govornor-General was negotiating
with the insurgents.
Sefior Moret, Minister of tho Colonies, garo a
detailed statement regarding Spain's relations
with ths United States. He said that the
United States wero showing great deference to
the wishes of Spain.
Jndae Foate, Iba Kanaae Waader, Fairly Lease
Anions: Oar Fire Uaderarltera.
The Kansas Insuranoe Superintendent's ex
port oxamlner. Judge Foote of Topeka, finished
the task of verifying the last annual statement
of tho Commercial Union Assurance Company
in the oOlco of the company's United States
branch at 88 William street, New York, yester
day. He bad worked single-handed for seven
days from 10 o'cloce in the morning until 4
o'clock In the afternoon, with an hour or two
for luncheon.
The rapidity with which the Judge went
through this company compares very favorably
with that which ha exhibited in his examination
of the Glens Falls Insurance Company two
weeks ago, and demonstrates that he Is able to
maintain his record as an expert against any
who has hitherto entered ths field. The Judge
is not only rapid, but as his charges, when mod
erate, aro $30 a day and expenses at least
that Is what he Is said to havo received from
the Glens Falls company he Is the envy
not only of the clorks In the offices he visits, but
of the examiners of other departments. The
fact that Insurance managers say his examina
tions aro of no value of course cuts no figure.
It Is not yot known how much the Judgo will
charge the Commercial Union for proving its
solvency, but export work comas high.
At Judge Foote's request MinagerSrwall In
troduced the Kansas expert to Manager Eaton
of the Liverpool and London and Ololio Insur
ance Company yestcrdny at noon, and that com
pany Is the next the Kansas examiner Intends
to go through, lie began at once.
It is understood to be the purpose of Mr. Mc
Nall, the Kansas Superintendent, to test the
solvency of all the New York fire Insurance com
panies; but as the Hanovrr Fire has Just been
examined by the New York department, which
employed six clerks Under Chief Kxntnlner
Vandernoel for two weeks, it la believed that
Judge Foote's dellcaay of feeling will promnt
him to spare the New York examiner the
chagrin of a comparison of experlnrss which
bis examination of the Hanover might provoke.
White Sludeaia at nailer Ualrarsltj Objset te
Reberts's Triumph.
Indianapous. Ind., Dec 2. Considerable fuel
ing has been engendered among tho students at
Butler University, near this city, over tbo award
of oratorical honors to a negro student, by virtue
of which be will represent the Institution In the
State contest in oratory, which occurs here noxt
month. The successful student Is Ezra Roberts,
who is about 10 years old ana Is now in his
senior year. The preliminary contest was held
at the university last night and there were four
contestants, Roberts and three white students,
and the honor v, as awarded to Roberts by the
unanimous voto of the Judges, ho standing first
in all the points upon which they were called to
Roberts baa been very ponular with his fellow
students and bna appeared In tno previous pre
liminary contests, getting second place Ineaib,
but It was not until he triumphed lust night
that any feeling was dlsnlnyed. Ills subject,
"Government and Law,' embraced many of
the questions of the day. Ills appearance In
the State contest will be the first time that a
negro student has ever contested for such honor
in Indiana.
llt ar Iba Paatoaa Trlplale Haoint After
Three I'resldraU.
Piiovidence, It. I., Dec. 2. Washington Rem
ington, the last of tho famous Remington trip
lets, died at his home In North SialihUeld to-day
of acute broucbltls. lie was 81 years old, and
had been ill but a few days.
Ths old Remington homestead has been the
home of the Remingtons for upward of ISO
years, and Washington Remington was born in
the bouse in which bodied, the original building
having been erected by bis futhcr iu Revolution
ary days. . ..
lie was tbe son of Henry Remington, and
with bis brothers, Jefferson and Monroe, now
both dead, was born on the same day in the
rear 1810. At that lime three Presidents,
Washington. Jefferson, and Monroe, bad served
their terms, and the proud father named
the three sons after the Presidents of ibe
United States. Monroe Remington died about
ten years ago, and Jefferson about two years
The Rivalry Retweea Two Bine Grass Belles
aa ta VThlch One tball Be Spenser for the
IlattUsblp Kentucky Bccemee lateasa
Sacrnlary sVaafs Letter ta lha Oavernar.
LitxntoTOS, Ky., Dsc 2. Miss Harriet Bain
bridge Richardson, who was selected by ex
Secretary of ths Navy Herbert to christen tho
battleship Kentucky, Is more angry than ever
to-night since It has been announced that Gov.
Bradley received a lottor from Secretary Long,
dated Nov. 20, asking blm to select a sponsor
for the ship. Miss Richardson has bsen doing
some quiet detective work. Bho says she
has found that tbe alltgsd spontaneous
petition from the Commercial Club of
Louisville and tho President of tho Lex
ington Chambor of Commerce was solicit
ed by friends close to Gov. Bradley's family.
Bho has discovered that President Leonard Cox
of the Lexington Chamber of Commerco wnt ap
proached on last Saturday by Col. Wilbur R.
Smith of Gov. Bradley's staff and asked to sign
the petition praying the Governor to appoint
his only daughter. Miss Cbrlsttno Bradley,
sponsor for the Kentucky. In commenting on
the manner In which the appointment of Miss
Bradley was brought about, Miss Richardson
said to-night:
"The honor of christening the now battleship
came to me absolutely unsought. I was present at
a dinner party given at tbe Shorehsm In Wash
ington on the night Secretary Herocrt agrcod
to name the new ship. Just voted by Congress,
formy native State. Us told mo that ho wanted
mo to bo the sponsor for tbe ship. This was
nlso understood by all the company present, in
cluding somo of tho most distinguished army
and navy oOliers nsd men prominent in tho Ad
ministration. The newspapers got hold of it.
and from all over the country I received con
gratulations on my selection. These facts were
known to all Kentiieklans, aud thoy most cer
tainly ware known to Gov. Bradley. The plea
of his friends now that he knew nothing of my
selection fulls a little flat.
" My friends were go certain that tho wishes
of Secretary Herbert, wbo honored Kentucky by
naming tho great war engine for her, would be
re pected by bis successor thai they never mado
any effort to call Secretary Long's attention to
my previous appointment. I understand that
Immediately after the receipt of ths letter from
Secretary Long, Uor, Bradley allowed his
friends to go to work nnd manufactur- tho sup
posed public sentiment in favor of him naming
his own daughter lor the position which hnd
been tendered me nnd accepted when tbe ship
was actually named. The petitions were pro
pared bv a typewriter In the olTlco or a member
of Gov. lln.illej's staff hero In Lexington and
were sent out to Gov. Bradley's closo friends all
over tbe State, who were Instructed how to pro
ceed. Then It was flashed In the newspapers
that the unanimous sentiment of KentiicLinns
was in favor of Gov. Brauley appointing his
own daughter tho Kentucky's sponsor."
President Leonard Cox of the Lexington
Chamber of Commerce, In an Interview to-night,
said: " The petition was brought to mn last Sat
urday by Col. Wilbur It- Smith of Gov. Bradle's
staff. I told him that I thought Miss Richard
son had been selector as sponsor for tho Ken
tucky, and I hesitated about signing his potltlon
until he nBiurrd me that Miss Richardson bad
not beon appointed end that the story of her ap
pointment was simply idle talk. I then signed
the petition as President of tbe Lexington Cham
ber of Commerce."
Louisville, Ky Dec.2. Go v. Bradley declines
to be Interviewed regarding his selection of his
daughter to christen the battleship Kentucky,
but he gave out the following official letter
which he received two weeks ago, and which, ho
thinks. Justifies his action:
TTiiaaOTCS. lUrrfitniiTMurr, Not20, 1897.
To Hit JtXLttUncy tht Governor of Jfenfvcfcy, Yanfr
fort. Kv.
Siri Ths Newport News 8hlpbntMlnit and Dry
Dock Company, contractors for the construction of
the battlciblp No. 0, Kentucky, bar Informed tbe
dipartmsnt tbat tnat vessel will be launched at
their works, Newport News. Va . In tbe m ntb of
January next, tho preclte data to be bert after de
termined. I bare lb honor, therefore, to sucgeit
that you dstignate a lady to be present on the occa
sion uf thn launch for the purpose of ehrlstealug tho
veuel. Tbe date on which tbe launching wlb take
glace will be communicated to you as soon as poiil
le. but In the meantime the department will be
pleased to hear from you as to the name or the lady
who will christen the vessel. Very respectfully.
Jons D. Low, secretary U. S. N.
Immediately after the receipt of this letter
tbe request for Miss Bradley's appointment
came. Lieut Whipple. U. S. A., telling the
Hoard of Trade and others that tbe urging of
Miss Bradley's appointment mould be proper.
Wabhivoton, Dec 2. Miss Harriet Bain
bridge Richardson or Lexington. Ky., the young
woman who says that Col. Hilary A. Herbert
promised her, while he waa Secretary of tbe
Nuvt . that she would act as soonsor for tho bat
tleship Kentucky, will be obliged to conttno bor
controversy with Gov. Bradley over the selec
tion of his daughter for the honor
to the limits of the Blue Grass State
Col. Herbert and Secretary Long will not
be drawn Into tbe social battle which Is
being waged between Miss Richardson and
tho Governor. In a statement which he wrote
out this evening. Col. Herbert, who Is practicing
law in Washington, confirms Miss Richardson's
claim that he bad given her to understand that
ahe would christen the big battleship, but adds
that he Informed her subsequently that as tho
ship would not be launched while he held the
Navy portfolio he would have no control over
the christening.
Secretary Long gave tho selection of tho spon
sor of the Kentucky to Gov. Bradley In the
understanding that it waa customary for tho
Executive of a State to designate the young
woman who would break a bottle of wine over
tbe nose of a vessel named in honor of that
State. A search was made of the records of
tbe Nary Department to ascertain If any
person had been selected to thrlsten the Ken
tucky, but no noto or It was found. There
was no Intention on ths part of Secretary Lang
to Blight Miss Itichardson. aud the authority
he gave Gov. Bradley was In nccordanco with
custom. Tho statement made by former Secre
tary Herbert shows that Miss Richardson Is a
true daughter of Kentucky. She wanted to use
the nathc Ilourhon instead of foreign wlno In
thn ceremony of baptism. This Is Col. Herbert's
written explanation of his connection with the
"I mot Miss Richardson Jn the winter of
189(107 at the home of a friend here In Wash
ington. I founu her very beautiful and attract
ive. Wo had a ploassnt conversation and she
understood that she was to christen the battle
ship Kentucky. She left for her home almost
Immediately aftprward. A short time thereafter.
In December, 1890, Miss Illrhsrdson sent me a
bottle of w Iskcy, whlth she hoped would he
worthy to christen thofehlp, I rcDliel, thanking
her, anil staling that tho ship would not he
launched during my administration nnd that I
should have no control over the christening at
all. And I supposed that wss Ihe end of It. You
will observe that Miss RliliHrilson siys refer
ring to a published statrment that I wrote her
that I 'could not make good my llttlo speech.
AH this whs nearly a yoar ago."
As tho case stands, Gov. Bradley has things In
his own hands, nnd can adhere to his selection
of his daughter or designate any other young
woman he may choose.
Ills Pockets Hilled While lie Was Celng Hone
Late at Xlaht.
Samuel Parkhlll, the aged ticket chopper at
the Manhattan Crossing station of the Brooklyn
Elevated Railroad, complained at the Vernon
avenuo police station yesterday that early in
the morning he was robbed by tvto unknown
men nt Nostrand avenue and Pulaski street.
Parkhlll Is 81 years old. and on Thankglvlng
eve he was married to 21-yoar-old Annie Kirk
land, ticket agent at Ihe City Hall station of the
Kings County Elevated Railroad. According
to Parkbtll's story to the police, he set
out for bla homo at 29 I'ulnukt strcot
shortly after 1 o'tlork, lelt a tram at Nos
trand and Uixlnetoti avenues, and took a
Nostrnnd avenue inr, frnm which ho alighted at
l'ulaski street. While be was going toward his
homo two men who had eneakeil up In hind him
caught bold of his arms. One nun held him and
tbe other rifled his pockets. They took 4 In
dimes anil nickels and nlso his silver watch, but
tho returned the watt h to him.
Parkhlll went on tohlshouseand said nothing
about tbooicurremou til six hours luter, when
hespnko lu his mn nlwut It. The son advised
hlui to go m IliottJllon home.
Mr. 1'arklnll last nlu'lit ul his post at the Man
hattan dousing a lid I hat lie thought tho rou
bcrs came out from n stable "After Ihoytook
m money," ho said, " thoy look my 1 sliver
watch, mi whlih the one-) ear guarautie hud
Just expired, 1 told tho men this, and they
chucked Ihe watch balk at me and wanted to
know why I did not gtt abetter watch. To day
I bought a revolver and ll will go bud with any
other rubbers. I've boen In bad luck latch,
mi) way, 'Ihe young woman I married is being
kept away from mo by mr family jnd I don't
know what to do about IU"
H. X. WltITEr ASD niiSTON a AH.
The Vrhltney-MeMlllaa yndirate Believed te
Ceatroi the Finn.
Bostow, Mass., Dec 2. It Is generally under
stood among those on the Inside that the return
of Henry M. Whitney from New York tomor
row will insure tbe publication of nil ofllclal
statement putting an end to all uncer
tainty as to the status of the local gas situa
tion. Dominion Coal and Gas securities were
especially actlvo on tho Street to-day, which is
looked upon as evidence that, as n result of the
conference held In New York, Mr. Whitney will
be in complete control of the Boston field.
It Is believed that the Whitney-McMillan syn
dicate has acquired the control by purchase of
everthlng In the Boston and Brookllno gas
fields which ths Rogers or Standard Oil parly '
owned. And to this outfit Is to bo added con
trol of the stock of tho Jamaica Plain Gas Light I
Company, the Massachusetts Plpo Line eh a es
and franchise, and the real estate In Chelsea
and Kverett (Mystic Flats), latoly purchased for
the New England Coke nnd Gas Company, on
Tihlch to build 1,200 ovens for the conversion of
coal by the Otto Hoffman process Into coke, gas,
tar, and ammonia sulphate.
The Central Trust Company of New York
finances tbe deal, and will probibly be trustee
for tho mortgage by means of which tho prop
erty will bo paid for. The Now Knglnnd Coko
and Gns Company will bo tho parent or
ganization and will have an authorized
issue of $17,500,000 8 por cent, bonis and tho
same amount of stock. Of tho bonds (14,
000,000 have been underwritten at par
by a svndicato Including among others
Henry M. Whitney and associates of
Boston, Emerson McMillan, Stephen Poabody,
George G. Haven, Anthony N. Brady, Roswcll
P. Flower. II. IL Rogers, and William Rocke
feller of New York, Mr. Pruyn of Albtny, and
Messrs. Widcner, Elkins, Jr., and Dolan of
Of tho londs, $12,000,000 will bo offered for
subscription in Boston, New York, and Phila
delphia, and $2,000,000 more will bo disposed of
One Man Loaee Ills Lire. Others Rscape by tha
Wlndowa aad lUevater.
PrtoviDKNcr, R, I Dec 2. A Are gutted tho
big furniture establishment of tho Flint Com
pany this ovenlng, causing a loss of about
$150,000. Ono man lost his life by suffocitlon
whllo trying to escape, and a woman was taken
from the building unconscious. and is in a precari
ous condition. In addition to these, one man was
rescued from a perilous position by firemen,
two saved themselves by jumping from the win
dows within sight of on excited crowd, and
others were taken from places of peril by the
elevator attendant, who ran his car up to the
fourth story and brought down a number of
persons who might have been suffocated but for
his coolness and bravery.
The building is of four stories, and there were
many persons on every floor. No one seems to
know how the flro caught, ono story being that
a match was thrown into a pile of excelsior.
Another story Is that tho fire caught from an
overheatod furnace.
Tbe flames spread with frightful rapidity, and
one end of the establishment was soon a roaring
furnace, wbllo the rest of the place was filled
with smoke. As the suffocating smoke poured
up tho stairs the peoplo on the upper floors
becamo panio stricken and rushed to the eleva
tor as a means of rscape.
As the fire gained headway the elevator at
tendant realized that tbe people upstairs would
naturally seek escape in this way. Ho cloned
tbe door on tbe ground floor, pulled tno rope,
and through tbe dense smoke started Ills
car for the fourth floor. When he reached
thero several women were there in
an almost hysterical condition. A man
named Berg was also there. He started to get
In, but was crazed with excitement and rushed
toward a window for air. The elevator man
could not wnlt any longer, and hurried his car
down with the women, getting them out of the
building In safetv. Berg's body was found six
feet from a window when tho flro woe extin
guished. One side of the building was enveloped In a
sheet of flame when a man appeared at an up
per window. Tbe crowd yelled to him to jump,
but lust as he was prepirlng to leap a ladder
truck rattled around tha corner, and In another
minute tbe man was taken down through the
flro nnd smoke to safety.
The most Intcnso excitement prevailed for a
while, and It was thought that a number of
Eersons bad lost their lives. So far as known,
owever, Berg Is the only one that perished.
Charara or Fraud Against (ha Head ar tha
Cherahee Ration and Ilia Ceuncll.
St. Locis, Dec. 2. Impeachment proceedings
nre to be brought against Chief Mayes of the
Cherokee Indian Nation and the members of his
council. J. B. Raymond and William Vann,
full blood Cberokecs and members of a special
committee appointed to Investigate charges of
fraud lu the distribution of money realized from
tbe sale of the Cberokco strip In 1890, left St.
Louis this morning with affidavits obtained
here, which they will usa as a basis for Impeach
ment proceedings as soon as thoy reach Tahle
quah, I. T. They did not dcclda to leavo
until ton minutes before train time. They left
the other members or ths r mmlttee in session
at the Terminal Hotel and hastened home, that
no tlmo might be last In filing tho papers before
Chief Mayes and his council could take legal
steps to prevent the action. The (otnmlttco ar
rlv ed In St. Louis Inst night ft consists of J. II.
Raymond, William Vann, John Sanders, John
II. Mi Intosh nnd J. W. I'err). All aro Cherokee
Indians and were appointed by tha Cherokee
Council. Tho purpose or Ihelr visit was to tnko
depositions and obtain aflldarlta procured by II.
C, Adams, attorney for the Delaware Indians.
After a long session this morning the committee
decided that It had sufficient evidence to justify
Immediate action.
A Wlscanala Lawyer the lrtlw A .Newspaper
Woman Arresled an Suspicion.
Oconto. Wis., Dec. 2. As n result of carbollo
acid having been thrown in his face by a woman
last night. City Attorney P. II. L)nch will lose
the sight or one eye and Is otherwlso disfigured
for life. Mrs. Rosa A. Sharp has been arrested
on suspicion of having thrown the acid,
Lynch was In front of tho store of Goodrich,
Martlneau It Co. nnd wns about lo cntor when,
it Is alleged, a woman who wore a black cloak
and bad a black hood over her faco camo
by. Upon passing him tho woman grabbed
a can, which was being carried by a
boy who accompanied her, and threw the
contents Into Lynch' face, blinding him, ire
managed to get Into tho middle of tho road,
where he calle 1 for some one to tako blm to a
doctor. The stuff proved to be carbollo acid, and
burned his eea and face b.dly. He was taken
to Milwaukee on thu first train to bave his eyes
trentrd by an expert.
After throw lug the nrld tho woman turned
and ran. This inornln-- Mrs. Rosa A. Sharp,
owner and editor ur tho Inqutrrr, a weekly
paper published lice, was nrreslcd on suspi
cion Her hearing was postponed until Doc, 0,
Bonds were fixed at 1.01)0.
A Verdict Tor Ilream r rroml.e. Which Caused
he TU-Vrar-Old llrrruilanl Id llrop Dead,
Bath, N. Y., Dec 2.-Mlss Nellie French of
the town of Thuislon, Steuben county, has won
another victory in her suit for breach of promise
against tbe lato Alt In Soamans, who was 70
yeurs old when Ihe suit w, is brought, Tho ciibo
was tried here before Justice Werner of Roches
ter In September, nnd tbejury gaveheraverdlct
of $1,000, Mr, Senmaiis was eating breakfast
at tils home "hen he hrsnl the erdict. He was
so overcome l the nrwa that ho fell out of his
chair and died in a frw minutes.
His heirs runrto a motion before Justice Davy
to have the vcrdlrl set aside because It was ro
telved by Justice Itiunsoy of this village, who Is
a member nt the Appellato Division of the hit-
frrme Court, Hu did so to acomtuodato Jus
Ice Werner, wbo wished to return to Roches
ter on the afternoon tbe case went to the Jury.
Justice Davy has banded down a decision deny
ing the motion, with costs to the inovsfa. '
Sire. McKlnley Slrleken with Parnlyala While
Other Membera or Ihe Family Mept-Tha
Atlendlnc Physician Has Io Hope erilrr tie
coven She Is Comalose and Slnblag Bapidly
Canton, 0 Doc 2. The venerable Nancy
Allison McKlnloy is evidently near dentb.
nnd her son, William McKlnley. President of
tho United Slstos, Is hurrying from Washing
ton to her bedside " Mother" McKlnley. as eho
Is called here, was brighter, more choorful, and
apparently in better health yesterday than she
had beon for a long time, so her son Abner, who
camo here from Now York on Tuesduy, said
to-day. But this morning she walked into the
bed chamber of her daughter Helen, spooch
less, paralysis having deslroyod the power
of speech whllo the family slept. Tbe
daughter was awakened and made to un
derstand that her mother was III, and she
soon placed her in bed. Then the family were
aroused and a physician wss summoned. Tho
loss of speech was at this tlmo tho only ap
parent Illness, tho other physical and mental
powers being almost normal. Tho postman
brought a letter from tho.Prosldont, and when
this was read aloud tho aged mother signalled
that she hnd hesrd and understood the letter.
Soon afterward, hotyevcr. she sank Into a coma
tose state, in which condition sho has since re
mained. The family felt from ths first that the end was
nosr. This evoning, whllo they are still hoping
that n rally will occur antl life be prolonged for
a time, they think sho ts si kingrapldl). The
President kept In telephonic communication
with his brother Abner nil day, expressing nt
ea h interview a dcslro to reach here before tho
end. Mrs. A. J. Duncan of Cleveland, tho Pres
ident's sister, who was visiting her daughter lu
Chicago, telegraphs that sho "ill reach here to
morrow tnnrntnir.
Dr. Phillips, tho attending physician, will not
venture an opinion as to w hen I he end will come,
before to morrow morning, at which time the
patient's condition will fort shadow tho result.
Improvement nt that time will Indicate a rally
for a time, possibly for several weeks; a change
fortheworso by morning would indicate rapid
sinking from that time forward. He has no
hopes of ultimate recovery. The paralvsls. lm
sas. Is produced by senility, and the patient, by
reason of her old age, has experienced general
breaking down, leaving nothing on which to lay
the foundation for Improvement.
The pvtiont takes liquid nourishment nt inter
vals. Her (ace Is distorted to a considerable
extent by the shock, but sho evidently In not
suffering much. If any. She had been sufforlng
with a mild attack of grip, but seemed to havo
recovered from that yesterday.
Shortly after 10 o clock tonight Dr. Phillips
said or Mm. McKlnley: "She ts sinking very
fast. She may live beyond tho morning, hut tho
presi nt Indications nre that she will not."
Should aim survive tho night and show evon a
! Blight Improvement In Ihe morning, the doctor
would thon expodn rally that might Inst some
days and possibly several weoks, but othorwlse
he will expect Ihe end soon. 'Ihe patient, when
Been, was barely conscious. Abner McKlnley
expressed himself as fearing that bis mother
was falling very fast. He snld she barely recog
nized members of the family.
Mrs. McKlnley Will Fallnw ir Mother McKln
ley'a Inndlllea tirews Warse.
Wabihnotov, Deo. 2. President McKlnlev
left Washington for Canton, O.. to-night at 7:20
o'clock, by the Pennsylvania Railroad. He was
accompanied by Judge Day, tho Assistant Sec
retary of State, who is a resident of Canton.
They will make the Journey in n special car at
tached lo the regular train, which is scheduled
to reach Canton to-morrow forenoon. It was
decided this afternoon that Mrs. McKlnley
should not accompany tho President. In order to
spare her tho fallguo of tho long journey.
She will go to Canton, however. It Mother
McKlnley's condition grows worse. It has not
beon determined when tho President will re
turn, tho period of absence depending alto
gether on tho condition of his mother. Tho
President's advices from Canton to-day were
such as to cause him tho grcitcst apprehension,
and considering Ihe ndvnmi'ilageof his mother,
he Is prepared for the worst, Tho latest nows
which the President received before leaving
was no more encouraging than tbo first mes
sago whit h arrived eurly In the day.
Tho condition of publh ljusines made It em
barrassing for thePresldont to leavo Washing
ton. Several minor changes in blsmcssngo to
Congress, which must bo transmitted on Mon
day or Tuesday, woie to have been madonna
tho completed document read nt the meeting of
the Cabinet to-morrow. Tho matter has Ix'cn
left In charge of Mr. Porter, the secretary to tho
President, and It is probable that must nr the
members or tho Cabinet will go tnthe Whlto
House to morrow to consult regarding certain
details or tho mcss.tgo. The Prcsldont left ns
full instructions as he could, and ho will com
municate with Secretary Porter by long-dis-tancn
telephone as often as nocasstry. If Mother
McKinlo) s condition) Improves tho President
will probably return to Washington on Monday,
Tbe stnd or an Arbsnisi Illvalry Hector's
Hill All) I aats Two Llim.
Little Rock, Ark., Dec, 2. The revolver has
been used In Arkansas within tbe last twenty
four hours with telling ertoct. Klvo men are
now lying dend or dying who wore In sound
health at 0 o'clock last night. Will Phillips.
Seth Lowe, nnd John Howard, threo young farm
efB of Huntsv Ille, Madison county, w ere In loro
with Miss Irene Putney, and they selected a
church situated a short distance from Hunts
vllle as tho place to adjust tholr differences and
sco which of tho three should have tbe girl's
Phillips escorted Miss Putney to prayer meet
ing last night. As ho walked Into tho church
door Howar I told him he would like to see him
outside. Phillips seated .Miss I'lilncrand walked
Into the vanl. where hi' found both Howard and
Ixjwe. The thrie conversed briefly. Thon the
lie was given nnd all threo began firing.
Phillips mortally wounded both his rivals and
was himself probably ntally wounded, bis left
arm and shoulder being shattered
Dr, J. W, Smith and his brother Jim went
gunning for W, M linen, n mcrcb int of Horatio,
tn clay and found hlui on the principal strcot.
The opened tire on thn merchant, and after ths
sinnke had cleared awa the cine tor nnd his
brother were found dead nn tho crnund, while
Mlluee was unharmed. 'I ho dllllcully arose
over a bill which Dr. smith rendered to Mllwee.
She Will lie Ilia nearer ar m Utrt from Car
dinal Olbbana lo tba IJaeaa ar Italy.
Raitimork, Dec. 2. Miss Virginia McTavlsb
of this ( Ity, who contemplates giving a genuine
Maryland luncheon In Home, will leivo here to
morrow for New York, and will sail from that
city fur Italy on Saturday nfternoon. Miss Mo
TivIhIi will hear presents from Cardinal Gib
bons te Queen Mnrgucrito or Itai) In return 'or
the pliutnginnli which the Queen snnt th Car
dinal 'Ihe presents for tho Queen nio copies of
llio three luteal works of Cardinal dibbons, en
titled "Thn rulthol Our rubers," "OurChrls
linn Heritage," and "Tho Ambassador of
Chrl"t." The bonks ore medium octavo, and
aro hound In rid Turkish Innroicn. Iheyars
lined with watered silk of cardinal color, and
are packed III handsome times lined with silk.
Hie nvstcTB and terrapin will bo shipped from
this -tain In amide time to renc h Koine nn Jan.
1. lPI'S'" wh en clay Miss McTavlsh will give
the linn henn 'Iho 0)hUt will he paekod In
thrlr e.m lis 'ii mini, and aro rxpected to roach
their destination well preserved.
fdnla larnell lltdi Tllaa Hoar, Whose Kalhrr
Hilled llr, errls.
St. Iu'lH. I'ec. 2. Kciwin 8, Vnrncll und his
bride. K'lhijn, left In night for Cloveland, 0
where they aro lo live. Their miirrlngo yester
day at I' dm) rn, Mn.. recalls one of thu moat
atiisntnin 1 tragedies recorded lu Missouri.
Lint summer Daniel ltoe caught Dr. J. W, Nor
rls lu ihe room of his daughter Kuilirjn after
lulllllli-ht. ,..,,., , ,, . ,
In Ihe Hcilfllo that followed Hose wss wortjed.
A few iln; later llo-ethot and fntnll) wounded
Norris He lilinaclr was wounded In the riuht
nrm, Norrle died several weeks later. Tho
Palmyra authorities refused to prosecute Rose.
Varnell bus known his wife for six years. He
espoused ber cauie at tbe time of the Norris
shooting. j
Mr. and Mra. natter Hemmed la by inew sit
Ibe Monte Crista Mine.
REWnn, Dec. 2.-Mlss Laura KllskaLeet,who
on Oct. IU last was married to Arthur A. Roller,
is having n very unusual honeymoon. Bho and
her young husbtnd are imprisoned at the Monto
Crlsto silver mine. In the Cascade Mountains of
northern Wnahlngton, hemmed In on all sides
by snow. Provisions aro beginning to grow
scarce. It Is probable that tho young woman
will be forced to brave the hardships of a snow
shoe trip of thirty miles to civilization.
No communication between those at the Monte
Crlstomlno and the outside world can be had
except by means of messengers who are sent
over the frozen crust on snowshoes. Those who
hav o made the trip report narrow escapes from
avalanches which the slightest provocation
sendt, rushing down the mountainsides, carry-in.-with
them hugo trees and boulders. Mrs.
Roller Is a fornfer leader of Denver society, nnd
her friends here are numbered by tho hundreds.
I Immediately after her marriage to youug Roller
the co jple went to the MonteCrlsto mine, where
Jeclcey Janes Won the tiara, bat He Hast
M alt a While far Mis BrlSe.
Sav Fiiancisco, Dec. 2. Jockey Eddie Jones
rode a raco for love on tho opening day of tho
race track across tho bay, but though he won the
raco he has not yet got ths bride. Ho fell in love
with the daughter of Dr. Rowoll, a prominent
horseman, who owns Satsuma nnd other speedy
horses. The girl accepted his proposal, but her
father objected becauso Jonea was too young
aod too poor. Finally ho made a compromise.
If Jones would ride Satsuma, who was coming
from Minneapolis, and win tho race, the doctor
Bald ho would be put on the basis of a preferred
suitor. Jones rode the horso for all he was
worth and won, but tbe doctor has told htm ho
must now wait a reasonable time before claim
ing his bride.
A Negro Plaalatlan Hand Kills Three, Strata
TOO, eand Kieapea.
BiitMiNonAM. Ala., Dec 2. At Warren's
Stone, near Greensboro, Hale county, last night,
John SIngley, a wealthy planter, was assaulted
and his throat cut by Bill Scott, a negro em
ployed on the plantation. The negro called
Slngler nut of the house, ostensibly to catch a
horse which had become loose,
A hundred yards from the house the negro
felled SIngley w Ith a club nnd then cut bis throat.
Tho negro returned to the house, nttseked Mrs.
SIngley, slashing her to death and almost sever
ing btr head. Dallas, the 10-ye r-old son of
Slngloy, was next killed In the same manner,
SIngley was found by a neighbor, and he lived
long enough to name bis assailant and to tell
the story. The negro robbed the house, Bteallng
$700 which SIngley received yesterday from the
sale of corn. A largo posse was formed at onco,
nnd a thorough search with dogs is being mado
for the negro.
A Prisoner In tha Plttaford Lacli-ap Baa
Hard right Tor Ills Life.
RocnE3TEB, Dec 2. When Deputy Sheriff
Bird sail this morning openod the lock-up at
Plttsford he was startled to find that there had
been a Are last night in tbe cell of William
Miller, a drunken prisoner, the charred remains
of a cot and the blackened walls showing that
Miller had had a desperate fight for his life.
According to Miller's story, tho night was cold
and ho decided to have a fire to warm his toes.
He recklessly tore his wooden cot to nieces nnd,
dumping the wood in lb centre of the floor, set
It afire. Ho then went to sleep. He was awak
ened by the crackle of llamrs to find tils cell full
of smoke. He sot to work to fight tho fire
as best he could. He scattered the firebrands
with his feet and stamped out the flames, and
then fell to the floor oxhausted, and was only
aroused by tho entrance of tbe deputy.
Railway Station Blown Open as Usual But
Little Booty Taken.
BrtANFOliD. Conn., Dec. 2. The regulation an
nual burglary of the New York and New Haven
Railroad station at this point camo on time this
year. The depot was entered last night and tho
safo in which the ao-ent kent htn mnnrs ml
money belonging to the company was blown
open. There waa very little money In it, how
ever, and the burirlars did not secure much
bnotv. This Is tba sixth time in Ave years that
the Ilrnnford station has been robbed, and the
third time that the sate has been blown open.
Tho Branlord authorities went to work on the
case this morning and some or the railroad offi
cials came down from New Haven on an early
train and are now at work on tha matter.
It Took Only a Day Tor lis Area Co Grew
Tram lit la aa suare Mllea.
Kanaah Citt. Mo., Dec. 2. The proposition to
extend Kansas City's boundaries so as to com
prehend the city of Wcstport and tho towns of
Centropolis, Sheffield, and Manchester was sub
mitted to the people to day anil passed,
Kansas City's area is Increased from thirteen
to twrnty-six square miles, and Its population
Is 2f,000 greater to-day than It wns yesterday.
By the city dircc tory estimate the population is
now over 11)0,000.
Mr. Ilrinn Saya Slrapaan aad ftenator Harris
Sold Out lo Ibe Ilallreada.
Topeka. Knn., Dec. 2. W. F. Brown, n Popu
list member of the Legislature, in a statement
to-duy, charges United Stntes Senator Harris
and Congressman Jerry Simpson with coll alon
with tho rellroad lobby last winter to defeat the
Maximum Freight bill which Brown and Gov.
Lee Is wanted to pass.
Brown says that $5,000 was offered to him to
stop bis right. He says Harris and Simpson sold
out tbe People's party to tbe railroads.
They Loot tbe Ueuse or Iba President ar a
nurslary lasuraara Company.
Boston, Mass., Dec. 2.-Whllo William H.
Brewster and family of Dorchester wcrj
at dinner to-night burglars entered the
bouse by means of n window over the
nC.n.B a. 1.4 .llil. f.lu-l. ..In.il . 0. 1 1 ,11,,
Deluding four diamond rings, three gold
watt bcs. four gold pins, also a sealskin cape,
diamond earrings and a purse containing KM.
There Is so clue to tho identity of the thieves,
Mr. Brewster is the President of the New
England Burglary Insurance Company.
Neaatar Uanna Impravlug.
Cleveland, Dec, 2. Senator Iianna was
somewhat hotter to-day. Late In the afternoon
he was ablo to sit up for a little wbllo, and the
excesslvo pains In the head, caused by a rush of
blood to the brain, a trouble that bad once be
fore given the henator much pain and scared
his friends Into thinking that he mli'lit not re
cover, vunlitbeu rntlrel). Senator Haana has
planned to go tn Washington next week, but as
yet his physician, Dr, ltd ward L. Cushiinr. has
not give) Ills consent to this plan, and will not
unless his patient improves rapidly.
Mora l.likt for firth Aveaeia.
Gen, Colllsnske I the Gus Commission yester
day tonllow him to double the number of elec
tric lights In Filth avenue from Eighth lu Flft)
ninth street, lien, Collis said that Ihe finest
hotels, cliiha, ami restaurants In the world are
on that thoroughfare, which Is alo u great
passagewa) for pedestrians, Ihe matter will
be considered cit a special meeting next Tuen
day. 'Hie estimated cost for the increase of
light there is Ib.ooo.
'Irked a Policeman's Pcirltat,
St. Loi'lB, Die '.' Policeman Robert McCor
mack Is a victim of a plcLpeickut, Thu pollen
man was engaged in keeping the Icelanders
back from the walls of a burning building down
town Ibis evonlng when be was robbod of iMlo.
The piokpoiket ripped open bis uniform coat
with a knife and extracted the money from his
Germany Baa Premised Mat ta Csa Farce, bet ilriBaiaial
tha Hierlea ar Ibe, Taming er Herman Crnb saSaH
era Have Anctrrd thn llaytlana-The Mar FaSaSasi
blehead Will Prabably Sail To-Marrevr. JI-i-H
WAsniNOTON, Dec 2,-Ofllclal information MH
was received today at tho State Department ot TBnsaial
such n disquieting character In regard to tha ''Hfl
situation In Haytl that orders were Issued dt- fH
roc t Inr Cnpt, McCalla ot tbe cruiser Marble- ''tasl
hssd to start without delay for Port an Prlnoe. fljl
The information came from Mr. Powell, the 4BVBai
United States Minister Resident at the capital i&mvH
of Haytl, and while State Department officials 'ifj
declined to say any thing about its details. It waa lfl
hinted that thero Is danger of a revolutionary 'Hnl
outbreak iu the island as a result ot tbe high Bl
feeling over the case of Luedors, who was lm- '''-'bU
prisoned at Port au Prince ror a violation of tba 4eftmH
law, and In whose behalf Germany made do- ItBasal
manil for the payment of a heavy Indemnity. 4bH
It Is frankly admitted that tbe threatened -ainH
hostilities between Germany and Haytl bar $j
been averted. The State Department has neves 0- BbH
beliet ed that serious trouble would result from 'H'mesl
the Lueders Incident, and to-dny it received as- 'i aH
surane es from Dr. Von Hollehon, the German JxH
Ambissodor in Washington, that his Govern- ' H
ment was willing to sottle the incident through smB
the ordinary dlplomatlo channels. For several ' 'xsssl
days, however, the department has been appro- paVaBal
henslvc of a civil outbreak among the liny tlans, tUasasasi
Telegrams rccclvod from Minister Powell f&l
showed that feeling ran high over the ballet lasasasl
that a German warship was approaching Port iuSaSasB
au Prince, with tho objoct of bombarding the MaBesal
town it the Lueders indemnity was not prompt- flS
ly paid. !!
Soon after the receipt of Mr, Powell's latest MasnBmi
despatch Judgo Day, who Is acting Secretary of ukH
State during the temporary Indisposition of Vfimafl
Secretary Sherman, went over to tbe Navy Ds- "'XsaBasl
pnrtment nnd had a conference with Secretary 'XBI
l,ong, which resultod In the decision to expo- 'H
dtto the departure of the Marblehoad, A tele- il
gram was received nt tbe Navy Department aBafl
this morning reporting the arrival ot tha til
Marblchead at the Norfolk Navy Yard. She l-vfl
left Annapolis last night, after participating lexsil
in tha official trial of the torpedo boat WInslovcr, ' bsh
Orders were Issued on Monday last direct- Snsamai
Ing Capt. McCalla to proccod to Norfolk; 'asM
on the conclusion ot tho Wlnslow's trial, to nBasai
make ready for a crulso In tho West Indies, .bbb1
partly to visit tho cn'ony of American laborers 4sasH
at the guano deposits of Navassa Island, and tH
principally to look after the Interests of citizen sisD
of the United Slates In Haytl in the event of iasasal
trouble over the Lueders Incident. No im- j,H
mediate danger wns anticipated, and tho Mar- 4iBB
blchead was to have hnd the usual time to take 3aSaSal
on stores andotherwlso prepare for an extended isasasB
cruise. It was expected that she would leave Jl? nSaP
about tho lOtn Inst, 'ihe orders which were 5't
mailed to hoi comminilor this afternoon direct aBnss
him to prepare for departure as rapidly as possl- 1'i vSnBal
ble, and Navy Dcuartmcut officials think iho SbH
vessel will sail southward from Norfolk by 'al
Saturday. &mW
The Marblchead will go directly to Port au if ifl
Prince. How long she will remain thero will 'fl
depend on the political situation in tbe Island. -jijH
If the present trouble has blown over by tbe ifl
time of her arrival, and this Is believed hern to KlB
be not unlikely, sho will contlnuo her trip to Nap jfl
vassaand a number or West Indian ports. Srnsaa
The narahurser IVachrlrhten aya It Must Bo nfl
Rmphatlrally Opposed. iT&laH
Sptoial CmbU Dsipateh to Tni Sow. assl
Berlin, Dec2. The Hamburger A'achrichtcn. "a'H
commenting upon the instructions that are at- H
legedtohavo been given to Ambassador White) H
respecting the IIuTtlnu affair, says: flasB
"We have the impression that the great -H
rlchos of their country have Induced s K
portion of tho American legislators to over- )H
ostlmato tholr own rights and underestl- ;B
mate tbe independence of other American H
i nd European powors, II is a politic il 'R
necessity that this American presumption, "H
when directed against Germany, should be op- ',B
posed as emphatically as possil Ie."
lie Strikes n Crowd or Nhuw Pronto nnd Jumps wB
Trom tho Matins; Train. jlaU
Keokuk, la.. Doc. '-'. A lono train robber met B
With defeat on tbo north bound St. Louis, Keo- H
kuk nnd Northwestern train w hlch arrived hers ;:H
early this morning. Soon after the train left Ln, B
Grange, Mo., forty miles below here, tho robber. ,H
who had taken a scat in tho smoking car, put a Awu
mask on, nnd, drawing a revolver, started fH
through tho tars, A minstrel tioupo and a 'wH
thratrlcnl company wcro uhntrd. 1'lstul iu j
hind, the robber demanded tho monej and val- 3
uables cif tlio jtasaengers.
Thero whs a scramble) to get out or his way, i
hut some of the men In the coach stood tholr
ground nnd attempted to clisiini tho inhber, .
who fired three Mintx, mine i" which took oiTuct. S
He lost his mask In the sciifllit nnd dually es- Jj
caped to I ne pin I form, frnui which ho sprang to .-,,
tho ground while the train wis going nt full t
speed. He secured nu boot), and his mask Is In A
possession of one uf tha thoutrlcal party.
It AtTrrted Quite n l.urbe ren Many Persona '
Seared, bill Vu other llaiiinge. '
Wichita, Knn , Dec. 2. A light ciithquaks ,
shock startled Ihe citizens nt 12:311 this morn
ing. Messages finm Wellington nnd limine
well, Knn., deecrlhe tho oarthniiako as quite ,-
severe in those cities. It re.ichod south into ,
Kansah Citv, Mo., Dec. 2. Specials from L
Pratt and ICInguinn, K.tn., say slight earth- j
quake shocks were felt at those placas last
night. At Pratt n distinct shock was export- T,
eiierd at 1 A. M. .It was Btrong nougli to cause
furniture to rock ami limps and dishes to rattle.
The disturbance Isatcd nhoiil threo setnnds.
ihe vihratinn-c were trom mirth to south, last
ing nboui leu cecnnds N'odaiiisgn is reported.
AKKASHArf (I1V Kan.. Deei. 2. At 1 this
morning au cartheiuake shn k of considerable
energy wna felt here. Mnny persons wore
alarum 1 and rualin I from Ihelr houses. 'Ihe
shock lasted ten seconds. Nudniuugo resulted.
t.rooin UTi Uriels ll.
Clevfland, Die 2. Frod V. Harris, clerk at V
the Von Doom Iron worka.nas rmrrled last night
to Mrs. Hatllo K. Kuowles of 2112 Outhwalte
avenue, 'lliein Is a dltlercnco of just thirty- T
three yeurs In thn ages of tho lirldo ami groom,
Mrs. Harris Is c.ilund rich, whllo thcginomls
27, He does not uptieir to ha much over 20, A
lieith aro prominent thur'h woruers, Mrs. jj
Kuowles bus li'eu nrciinliite 1 with hor yeiunsr a
litisbanel nearly nil IiIh Ille, As n child lie w is a l
faruritrnf her former hush ml, and afterward j
lived with them at 1 Paddock placo and 11I1J 9
Woodlnnet avenue. Mrs Knowles had been a
widow for u lllllii iiioro than two jcars. Jl
nun, tern Murderer, llanci'd Tlila Mnriiluc. S
HtliTHcini). Cemn , Dm :i (lluau pi Fu In, aa i
Italian, was han.'C.l nt 12 I o'clock thia morn-
Ingln thohtale prlsuii In Wcthersllcld, the uu- "
lomntlo gallows being used. I'lio crluio for I
which lm was hangrei wns t lie murder of bis i
wile in Miiutli N'chw ilk earl) In the war. jl
impiislno, wliei is iu ntcoiiiplleo In the miir- JJ
drr. Is iiinier si nti'iicu In lie hanged two weeks
from iqiIh), rud.1 declared that his wife woe ft
uiiialtliiiu tub. in, i Simla) he mil away sov. J.
nial Iclli lb, .tmiug ciilii'is ono to Ins mother, j
inclosing bis iiintcurj h, i
llorai, llil nnd Wi (abhacra far a Hlrip'r, ij
Pour Jmvi", lid 2 Ihiiiis -plwr.n Now 0j
Jersey farmer, a in Pint JcrvW this morning '
unci trvleil Willi Jcucph Thayer for nn old- ,
fashioned bl )elo, giving In rxtlnuigu a horse, '
twenty-two beads vl cabbsvc, ami rabbit dee;,
ii m.1 mmmmKmmmWmt

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