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HatHr? - '' -"" ...-. I.. .-. . . .. 'usl iPi
iflrv .Jjri xrir.Lr.it nvaura xo the rnosx
E tjlmn mill Blvlerrr. tha Tin Frenchmen,
Ki Well Un Rlea (tiding- with Increase
Hjf Cemlldeiie Hate Klllt reralstenl and rap
Hh ular leveral Olhera llnnsr on rieecbllr.
Kjt Tlie monotonous pedalling of wheels con tinned
K' at the Madison Siunro Harden j citcrtlay, but
Rji' there were o many changes In tho standing of
K. tho riders that tho six days' raco afforded ospo-
B clal Interest. To sco a number of wenry riders
H!k BO around a follow board track, lap after lap, j
HE' Is not particularly edifying or Instructive, but I
Hi' I'iu '" 'ct 'DRt lhe end ' 0VerF n," xrlR Hablo to
iiHeVl 4 causa a breakdown on tho part of some ono of
Hiftf tha contestants mado things so uncertain that
HvIjl the crowd manngod to koep pretty wldo awake,
H'M'l' both after midnight yesterday and during; tho
HM oarly morning hours.
lS' Frank Wallor, tho speedy German, who
U'J Jumped Into the load on Monday and Icopt up a
A; terrlflo pace all night, was a probable winner In
iBi' tho estimation of tho public critics who thought
HjKy tD' kno,v something about tho game. Hut
MBiJ tho sharps who recalled tho fact that in ninny
HH previous rnco Waller, nf tor tall sprinting dur-
K Jog tho first twenty-four hours, gcncrnlly
HJKf' abowed signs of woarlncss, wero on tho nlcrt
LK'raB tt collapse. Tho fact that ho hadono)cd
HkI: km forty-thfee minutes of sleep up to 12 o'clock
HIjti am Monday night was an indication of a falling
HHi' of physical stamina.
Hflf Whon Waller lott tho track, therefore, at 1
Htf o'clock yesterday morning, ho was about ready
f ( to drop thon. Ilut ho received a good rest, and
ttti trainers did their best to put him in proper
Br'C condition to continue. Later ho seemed to bo
'6, hlmsolf again and began to roll oft tho laps in
1 ridiculously easy fashion. Hut tho strain was
HJt rje'gln'nlng to tell on him, and tils faco soon woro
L an ozprosslonof oxcruclatlngpaln. What with
H& the black goggles to keep the glr.ro out of
H bis eyes and tho long-visorod cap that
Hu shaded his sombro features, Waller was any-
fi. ' thing but happy in appearance as ho labored on.
Hj;( Boon ho called for refreshment, and when
Hfll' Bchock, his trainer, did not rospond with avidity,
flK Waller proceeded to pour forth abuso that was
HgH sure sign that bo was growing irrltablo as to
H'JHfe mind and temper. Not long after Waller caught
Bu tight of ono of tha managers of tho raco as he
iRc wneelod around tho Jlndlson avonuo curve.
MfM-l Bay. you can c uo mo, and you know it! he
VflVt, howled.
WtMik " "'' ht was tn0 slgnnl for trepidation among his
, trainers and friends, for thev knew that ho was
'Si on the verge of n collapse Whon Walter llnnl-
! ft ly'got off his whcol and sat down iu a hiudy
, : chair, ho cut looso with:
St 4 ," You pcoplo aro trying to dome hcrc.nnd I'm
'" ; i Wing to stop It. If jou think I'm a fool, you'ro
i j mistaken. You can't mako n monkey of me.
M Not in a thousand."
j Trainer Shock would not stand for such treat-
; i pient. Ho quit Wullcr and Jolno I forces with
J f Miller, who was rapidly forging to tho front.
: . wallor, after that, was oil and on thu track at
;; 'a short Intervals. Ilunppcirod to be all bruken
up. and his followers lost most of their hope.
! .Churjey Miller, tho "flying llulcluuan." who
i ) biulworkcil his way toward tho top during tho
, I A night, took advantagu of Waller's partial col-
'! f lapeeitnd began pedalling In great stylo rarly In
' ' tnonftcraoon. lie soon touk tho much-coveted
' ' load, and soon Increased Ills advantiigo no that
S his followers woro wild with delight. Miller's
I Ji make-up was power Itself. Ills legs looked
- strong enough to stnnrt tho strain throughout
I, y the wpek without suffering from a palu or nn
;L n ache. His face, however, was a bit drawn, prob-
? i ably duo to the fact that ho has secured very
vtS'-i ilttlo Bleep sliico tho rnco began, and believe
ha'i 'bat bo should rontinuo iib long s posslblo
hf without it. Miller's willingness to indtilgo In
.K' sprinting at nny and all liniogiiuidohlm a groat
1 la? Xovorlte with tbo crowd that reached nearly
. 't 0.000 persons In tho evening, and ho was con-
imi tlbually cheered.
' 5 Btcphano, tbo funereal-looking Frenchman,
; i who tins been hanging on to tbo leaders over
L since tho boginnlng, appears to have coma to
-; V stay. Though ratbor alight in build, ho pos-
, $t tosses tho stcoi and wire In hla musclo that
H successful long-dlstnnco men need. Ho also
. . anpears to rido with n system, for ho
' ft nover cuts looao after the sprinters and
I fe S8111.8 In .Perfectly Bound trim alwnys.
; & Btenbano's fellow countryman, Gaston nivi.rrc,
i K IS. y . 'ar tbo more powerful in build.
A Though more than 40 years old. ho is a
; SI strong mnn in tho fullest sense of tho word, nnd
p bit riding dcnotCB bulldog tenacity to tho fullest
i degree. Hlvierre, tvhllo usually following a set
i, SC pace delights in sprinting, and at his best ho
', fl c1!. roach a prcttv lively pace. Ho ns been
' ,f well handlod and his trainers feel hopeful, al
j d though tboy rculizo that tho race is very oung
t ?i . yot.
i f Joo Hlce, tho Wilkesbarrn boy, showed so
' U much improvement during tho clay nnd night
! ; ?k that his friends nnd r.n admiring crowd of
: J. j' "rooters began to ronllzo that ho still had a
In ' pood chanco to land tbo money. Ills trainer,
, ;fi b Mike Murphy, has had a hard tusslo with Itlco
. Si to mako him follow instructions, but Joo has
'A J tlnally succumbed. Itlic, If ho recolvod tho op-
I J s; portunlty to havo his own nay, wmlil havo set
; J P, tho Daco from tho start nnd probably by this
' f. fc time would havo nccn in tho same boat
I I with Waller. Murphy, boc-er. impressed
1 J P upon tho WIlkC8b.irru boj "s mind that tho race
I I I '?; would be along ono; thut it would bo folly to
'. K fir qvorozort hlnikclf during tho first two or thrco
S ".W-Bni1 lhot y '"king it moderately casv un
tw 54 til along nbout to-morrow, Hlce would thin bo
1 v j ln.h.nP9 for ft heart breaking Mnleh. As It is
,' 3 if "Ice s form Is Improving with almost c cry
;f .0, hour, and at 7 o'clock lust night ho was only
i i ilxtoen miles behind rtrst plncc.
I f , Only sixteen miles! That distnnco probably
V foema n torrlblo task to an ordinary wheelman,
r t il put to tbeso hnrdy travellers It Is a mcro baga-
i ll fc, tollo. To illeo it appeared (o bo f o easy thai ho
; i A wanted to cut looso right away nnd captuio tho
f 2 top nouh.
: i ..J,OD'., 5'0U do "'" commanded Murphy.
I V, "There's pleuty of time!" tiu Hliotcttlednown
fg intoasteady piico.nncl doBKo.!Mlllcrwiihaver
rt x lsjence that must have Lecn annoi Ing.
?g J, Frrd,Sihlnncer, the Chlc.igo boy. Is nleo in nn
5 ' ,i ozcellcntplaco to forge to tlio front Liter. Ho
; tf 4. has beon linnillcd with euro and lins receheil a
, ; fi reasonable amount of rest. Lltho in appear-
X : nco, Schlnncor is easily tho naitiest nnd most
'ft i eracoful rider In tho race, nnd Is particularly
$ S, popular with tbo women, who havo been turn-
, f ' ing out in large miinLers.
S uut what of Teddy Hale f Thatscemod to be
,' ? JP the tinning cimslion all ilay ycstordiiv. The
r -. k plucky Irishman was in his tent n couple of
t i hours early In tho morning anil received so
'i much roller that be expressed a strong dosiro to
f & rckumowlml had then becomu an uphill tight.
-A ,v Bo Hule mounted his trusty wheel nnd got out
Is S on the boards early. Ho had not ridden a milo
' f, J hen It was noticed by tho exports that he was
t ,K . J" better condition than on Monday, and ns
ff 1 ho increased his gait tho crowd realized that
i w 'leddy w.b himself iignln, at lonst torn tempo
', S 4, raryspell. liut ho wnsover ahundrod nilli-abo-'3
s hind the leaders, nnd that menntn fearlul stern
-1 viff' chase during the remaining days of tho week In
i'A f order to got oven a pnrt or the purse money.
. a & J'11'?- however, paw that It was poiilblo to ovir
ify haul a number of tho men In front of him. nnd
M t as ho did not force! that lour whole daj s re
ft S main bofore tbo miith la reached, he could not
ft. bo blamed for extrtlng himself nnow.
W , " It yas a OHSCvOf cramim that did me." said
. j t Hle. but I'm ull right now, nnd bopo I'll be in
3 ' Vk'rfl' tbo Hoston rider, continued a steady
j-i V rate of travel all day, und was within hailing
1 olstnmo of tho lop, Ijist joir ho linlshoit
IK p tronJr" nI"1 hero nro many Mho hope lh.it ho
I N fl will do the trick again, nnd bind higher up. too.
ri :(!. (Ircy, tho colored rider. Is fur iu tho renr. but ho
I J V plods along us if ho did not caru w bother KChool
! a ' kept or not. In fait, ho wobbled s'j iniirh lnnt
i. 3 ti nl,Khl "'at Iho crowd oxpeitid to sco him fall in
Y J tvlieapi but heilliln't.
i V. Heading iinividcd tliu most Important with.
'i'i i drawal o; tin; i ay. At Ho'tjotk. In tho morning
5 S the plucky 50ldIer thiuwup tho spongo. ills
S ff thighs wtro so btllj that he tould nu lotigor
K $ S W"'1,1 "'o Pedals, and whou lie left Iho track tor
Tli -iR tbo last tfmolio was hcrtlirolien. Tho veteran,
f ' B JS?i "if' "''"rellrctl at -t o'clock In tho iitier-
. g- noon. Hesal.l that lin had kutti-rnl tntciikoly
? ft I 'ro1j ,ho co1'! al.ml'hoie In Iho (inidcu and
J ii ft could not uso hla llmbH. Diner liders whoio'ulcl
i 1 'I S2,tmtuiV'i,h", B.".,r ",eru ""ifniiliy, lilnkesli-e,
j 8 Hnillh. MiIammI, Mnmiic, nml Hicks, This left
I S only njni-li-ciiinrii still anxious to finish.
I " i. u "'''' i"",3".' Iill l the cwnliig tint
I i u? ! ',!' ho linn been passed by Miller.
I i blephnne, (Ice, Hivlerre. inl Hdilnneer. Ho
,f flilost"?.. dc" "'"' ""Iu woroMu.-ging along ni
?S f Thoiro'wdnt tint hour packed tho bulldlnj to
1 & th" Home, and the air Mi so tliuioui;li!) itMed
8 ff Mlllitoiiiuo inoko th.it It was an a'moit nu-
L , V fc'.0."'"' '??. lo...',ou ,r.""' """ eurvo u the other.
3 ' 1 Through this lil-siiiiliing utii:uplicri ihofimr
j! fUnbiy men woro fonclti) ride, but tl loiro "il
I''. V "idiioiiicrcj.m.d freali ligaramul plprs wer"
'.' f lighludoiiaUldos. It was imniu.lial.'l noliicd
S; K thiitnowlnilo. woio open Iu let tho miiiii.eoiit.
i' ' f nd no ono secmeil (u li io gumption imoiigl!
t S to glvo any rcllei to Uiu plodders. Thocnlhiih '
f ?.0.ra aH ut "n "von higher pllih than at iho
a it time tho rnco sinned. Kury ilder. wliotlier he
I ' h J,..? 'hi.,r2"iJ r w,,s B,r ,"'""' "'""B ' "'" roar,
f ' a ""'A h s admlreia and they undo Homo ho
f, I with their blioiits nt eiuiiiiriuunent, Tlioband
i ' wasdronnod iu tho noisy ildal wave. nnd i,,u
) ' 1 P'u'f'0I'Vvl,o,l'',y,e,,t''',.,,,',ll'rl'''''eior'u.
', i ( looked relleioil. Uiiif. though, when they cm
'. .' V ioo? "'"' "Thcro'll bo n Inn Hue. Kr." ihoi "
HJ ft Waller received a warm welcomo when lio
j j, t,M,0OUlV'"lacntnniifrotsidtlilri.ckict)out
J. I' o clock, but llnicheerIiustoii.H. short, for tlm
.V Uiruimi c! d not gel on his wheel He wi,Hsgooi
V ft' uoutof thojtriirgic-, and his trainers wero m3.
S t tonsolato. Miller continued his rciuarkublu
fi' '5 Iprlntlng. and crosjeo the HOO tulle iimrk
1 ? lS.or.,ljriiJ"crSro i ""cloik. and the crowd
i t, nrentwlld, hicpbunc. though In appai cut pain.
1a I K?.tw.e,?,fw"c? 5cl,luJ N"1" at this sui.-c
, tl fi rrbile Itlvlerre had passed Hico and was plug-
BK ting along oia lively rate. Itlco went Into his
touso to rest, and Bchlnneer began to spurt to
tint down the gsp bttwesn them. Moore, the
atiar-r- jr,,.
Phllsdelphlan, raised Waller at frzo o'clock.
Ha had rested only forty minute sinco Bundar
night. Golden nnd Halo were both mora than
100 miles behind tho leaden at that lime.
Several interesting sprint races were decided
during the aronlng. In tho one-mile match
race, best two. out of three heats, between
O. V. Ilabcock of New York and A. J. Latham
of Mko George tho former won both heats.
Iho first In 2 minutes 20 4-5 seconds, and tha
second in 'i 'minutes i!i 2-a seconds. Joan
(tougoltz, tho French champion, and Fred
Iloylof Springfield, Mass., mot In a match
rnco at ono mllo, best two in three heats
Hoyt took both heats quito cleverly, win
nlng tha first In 2 minutes 20 3-5 seconds.
Onlr eight laps of thoserondhent had been made
and it was run over. Gougollx won by about
three tnchr in 2 minutes Ull 4-5 seconds. The
deciding heat was w on by Hoyt after an exciting
struggle The roforee, however, decided it "no
heat," as Hoyt Interfered with Taylor In the last
lap. Tho heat was run ovor again, and Hoyt
won in grand stylo in 2 tnlnutos and 33 seconds.
There was a storm of applause whon Jimmy
Michael, tho little Welsh wonder, came out to
rldeflvo miles against time. He was paced by
ono triplet nnd two tandems, and tho aix-dar
men were Instructed to hug the Inner rail,
Michael's wonderful skill In dropping nnd pick
ing up his pacemakers delighted the multitude,
nndas he reeled off tho laps with no apparent
exertion hoTTns cheered until the roof began to
shake. When ho finally beat out the triplet on
thewiro tbcro was a territlo yell. Miohael'a
time was 10 minutes 22 4-D seconds.
There wero eleven long-distance men on tho
track at 11 o'clock. Stephnno hod retired in
rathor limp shape, and both Ittvlerro nnd Rico
beg m to pick up mlloa in livelier style than at
any previous timo during tho ovcnlng. Miller,
howeier, was still In tho lead, nnd he hustled so
fan that tbcro was a lively race for half an
hour. Halo was tho roclpicnt of heartfelt en
thusiasm as ho spun around He showed Im
proved form and was in good spirits. "Go it
Teddy." jelled thu crowd. "Remember old
Ireland." Halo laughed good-naturedly at tho
sally and put on a great burst of speed that
swept him around tho big dish ln rare style.
"Ilo'll win yet," was tho cry of a crowd of
Irishmen who waved green flags.
"Yes, If tho rcstof them drop dead," growled
a pessimist, who did not favor anybody In par
ticular. Hoacom, Pierce, Elkes, Golden, King
nnd Entorman Jogged along peacefully, making
nn attempt to sprint desplto roars of encour
agement. At 11:1 So clock it was announced that Miller
had completed 840 miles and that he was78
miles ahead of tho record. Stephana was sec
ond. Rico, Schlnncer, and Rivlorro following
pretty closo behind.
Tho following aro tho scores at 1 o'clock:
illlrt. Lart.i itllf.Lapt.
Miller 873 3 Elkes 733 0
BtrpDsne 880 ulnalo 793 0
IIIco 811 n'Euierman flea A
u. Itlvlerre 811 B Klnt H8B n
hcblnnccr 800 4 aannoa 000 R
Moore 770 0 Julius set) 4
rierco 770 3 Johnson 03!) 0
Waller 7no 1 neacom 010 a
Golden. 734 4lQray 491 0
Important matters to Do Dlseassed at tbo
National Aaaemblr.
Competition among tho wheelmen in the East
nnd West every year to hold tho big moot of tho
L. A. W. has led to tbo suggestion that two
national ovents bo held, ono in the East and
another in tho West. For tho next meet tho
wheelmen of Hoston and Indianapolis aro work
ing to sccuro tho award. It is argued that it
Hoston is successful the West will bo poorly
represented, and it tho fixture goes to tho West
ern city fow Easterners will bo in attendance.
It is proposed that at tho meeting of
tho National Assembly an amendment bo
olTcrod that in tho future two meets ho hold
annually. At tho last ono. nt Philadelphia, tbo
Pennsylvania division enrolled over 2,000 new
members. If this work can bo duplicated at tho
unnunl gatherings each year, tho L. A. W. will
gain in numbers by holding two meetings.
Tho nnnual meeting of the officers nnd Stato
centurions or tho Century Rond Club of America
will bo hold In January. Ono of tho plans now
under advisement will bo tho question of tho
admission of professional whoclmon to moraber
Bhlp. Tho constitution of tho C. it. C. restricts
the membership to nmntaurs. Thosontlmont
nmong tho members of the club favors the ad
mission of professionals. Tho orennization, an
ticipating that tho U A. W. will tako action
upon thequoslionat its moetlug In February,
Intends to do something ln tho matter Itself.
Outsldo of the admission of such members to tho
association, no Dions havo been devised for their
ilusslQcationnnd recognition ln tho government
of the niralrs of tho club.
Chairman A. O. McGarrctt of tho Records
Commlttco of tho Century Road Club of Amer
ica announces that the following new figures
have been accepted:
Washington to New York-Lieut. H. D. WUe, N. Y.
A. C. Oct. 14. 181)7. Time, 37 hours 30 mlautes.
Thirty-Day Conturr Hecord for Wisconsin Twenty
centurlea, made by John II. Coatea ot Milwaukee, be
tween Sept. 4 ana 0, 18U7.
X meritorious medal haa been granted to Mrs. C. V.
8tern of Cleveland for a double-century run made
Bept. 10 and 30, under advene circumstances.
Tho retirement of Fred Titus, tho middle dis
tance professional rider, from the six-day raco
nt the Garden was a great surprlso to raco fol
lowers. Titus has shown good staying qualities
in distance races, nnd his friends were hopeful
that ho would make a good showing ln the Gar
den event. His retirement is ncceptod as proof
that riders who excel at distances from Ave to
twenty-II vo miles sro not alwnys qualified ln
point ot speed and endurance to engage ln con
tests of the naturo of a six-day raco.
The now officers of tbo Good Roads Associa
tion ot Brooklyn propose to inaugurate a vigor
ous enmnnign throughout Long Islnud this sea
son for tho Improvement of tho roadways. Spe
cial attention bns been paid to tho selection of
committeemen, ln order that the work of tho
nssoclntlon may bo pushed with despatch and
success. Tho now committees aro as tollows:
lloal O. F.Rtrlngi-r. Chairman: CO. Ilalmanno, n.
J. Ilarrlnger. W. II. Balwnclr, r. W. llunu. L. V. Cole
man, W, II. Darhee, It. W. Dye. II. n. Fullrrton, A. P.
Hamilton. F. La Manna. Auam Lelch, F. X. McCa(Trr.
E. W. Misirole. F. l. Merrill. E. J. Muller. F. II. Mon
roe. Ojoar N'eubert, Y. F. Shore. W. W. share. F. n.
Vail. I). II. Van Vleck. K. II. Walker, Oeorgo Wll.lami
and W. T. Wlntrlnghain.
Finance W. W. Hhare, Chairman; Frank Jcnks and
C. II. Ehbetts.
Mcmlorli!p B. A'lrlance. Chairman: T. J. Stevens,
Mrs. Charlotte L. Bolton, Mrs. C. M. Murphy, and A.
II. Ansell.
House C. IT. Oreen, Chairman; E. Schwalbach, Jr.,
AiikusC A. Qotlbert.
bpeclat, to organize branch associations throughout
the I-nng Islands towns II. D. Fullerton, Chilrman;
Frnuk Jenks, A. II. Augell, K. Walker, and F. M. Ben
nett. Secretary H.issclt's report of the gain in tho
L. A. W. membership uuring tbo past week is
shown in thostundlngof tbo leading divisions,
as follows:
New York 52, total S(I,7ons Pennsylvania 43. total
34,1188; Hassacbutetts 14, total li,ll8U New Jersey
10. total II.MIO: Illinois 47. tolal :i.7U0; Ohio 8, total
II.OUli; Wliennsln u. Intal SJ.010; Connecticut 7, total
3.017: Mliiourl 1, loiul 1.1134: Mluhlgnu I. total
3,03.'; Maryland 8, total I.tJUo; Itbodo iiland 0, total
J, mix
The total membership is 101,837.
Tho semi annual election of offlcers of tha Prospect
Wheelmen w 111 be held In Junuary.
Tli.-liolHiCjcloClub of Brooklyn baa elected the
follnwluic orllccrst President, John M-waili Vlco
1 resident, Adoiph Volckmer; Treasurer, U. Jayne;
t-ecretur), II. D. llesser. Jr ; Financial fcecretary,
John Derby, Jr.; Captain, L, W. Ldmonds; Lieu
tenant, (leorge F. Taylur.
New officers have iiee i elected by the Comet Wheal
men ni follows: I'r.stlju. Auioa Uanuo: Vice-President.
C. Kr.iiiie.lyi Treasurer. William Baakervllle;
becretary, F. M Melster; Captain, 8. urniuionii Lieu.
tennnts. C. Ilhaeja nnd W r.hasi; Busier, r Her
in n: Color Hearers. William Ilenno.-k and r. Brown.
C J. 1'. I. From a standing start. 3. No.
A. A. Chase, mo Kiullsh rider, has challenged
Jimmy M'oaael to aterlcao thne races, namely i A
pursuit rjc tolhi nnk.li, uup.ce J;as?ratch race, un
paieii, at a dlstaneo to oe mutually agreed upon, and
a r.v at one. hour or llfiv lullcj. paced, Ttio pace
makers are to be limited to to jr t urns per man.
niebnrd t'rnbrr Joins the .leir VorU A. C.
Tho palatial cluhhouso of the Now York A. C.
al Fifty-ninth street and Sixth nvcnuo is rap
Idly bolng finished nnd the halanco of tho work
is being pushed nlong with vigor. A mooting of
tho Hulldlng Commlttco was held at tho head
quarters of tho club last night and satisfactory
progress In all dot Us was rcportel. Tho vari
ous contractors appeared beforo tho commlttoo
on Monday night and guaranteed that the new
rliibhousu wuuld bo ready lor occupancy on
About $30,000 of tho bonds nulhorlzed to bo
Itjsui'd for iho completion nnd furnishing of
tho hoiisn Iihvo been subscribed for, and (ho
b.iliuicu of iho bonds Is now rondv lor deliv
ery. Meanwhile tho membership roll Is grow
ing aii.iii-. nnd tho waiting list attained such
fni iniilnblii propoi linns lust month Hint a special
meeting of tho Ro.ird of (luvcrnors was held on
Nov. 2)1 to relieve tho pressure. 1 ifty now
luenibuiswcio electod, tho "llfo" list includ
ing Hichard t'rukcr.
West rtillndelshtn llont Club Leases lb It,
A. .4, o,
PlIJLlPVU'ill.l, Doc. 7.-Tho West Philadel
phia. Ho it Club to-night resigned from the Na
tional Assoc! it Ion of Amateur Oarsmen. This
Is Commodore Carrignn'a club, and tho loadora
prooso tc. forma new association. II Is expected
th.it nt least right nt tho eleven clubs In the
S hiiylkill Navy will follow-suit. Tho Pennsr.
Minliiind Malm will remain true. Tho Penn
MiiMnl.i Ilirgo Club hclil n meeting to-ulgbt.
It lss.1 1 Hi it Hie club h.is clthor given asevero
renting id ihu Naval Hoard or clso (thus re
signed Irom ibuN.iv).
Anefrorlls lelng loads bv several Boston yachts
men to revive Interest lu the ID fool racing class next
year. A sweepstake race baa already cwen arranged
fur early In the spring, wbUt a cbamylouhlp eap Is
alio one of the pruVaWllilM. r r"v
B. H. Harrlman, Onasr af (be Tonac Tratter,
Asks Ike nrd T netlew ! Decide
ITbelhrr Slrjehnlaa Wss Administered
Driver Katie's Cass of Allegea Collusion.
The Board of Review of the National Trotting
Association met yesterday at the Murray Hill
Hotel for Its annual session, nnd from 10 o'clock
In tho morning until 7 o'clock In tho evening
listened to disputes nnd differences nmong turf
men growing out of tho harness racing season
just endod. Major P. P. Johnston of Kontucky,
the President of the nssoclntlon, presided. Tha
other members present woro Vice-President
David Bonner of this city. Col. William Edwards,
President of the Cloreland Driving Park Asso
ciation; Frank S. Gorton of Chicaco.Treaeurcr of
the American Trotting Register Association; F.
Bower of Philadelphia, former President of tho
Belmont Park Club, and Charles Dana Palmer,
ex-Mayor of Lowoll. Secretary II. Qocbor
was on band with a docket which nromlscs to
keep tho bond busy during tho rcinnlndor ot
tho week.
Two of tbo most novel cases over presented to
tho board camo up for review early In tho day.
Ono of them related to tho alleged poisoning ot
E. II. Harrlman's baby trotter EIslo S by Statu
boul, at tho Ooshon track last August, nnd tho
testimony Introduced brought out a singular
stato of affairs. Horsemen will remember that
Elsies. went through the Or.ingo county cir
cuit last summor, starting at Middletown, Port
Jervis and Ooihen In tho Arden Farms
takes fortwo-year-oldtond winning every race.
In tho fourth heat of her raco at Ooshen on Aug.
25 sho trotted to a record of2:21is. Tho filly
showed so much speed that It was belloved sho
could win tbo $7,500 sweopstakesraco, in which
sho was to start threo days Inter, against Marcus
Daly's Limerick and J. Malcolm Forbos's Nowa
day, on tho same track. EIslo S. became ill tho
night after her first raco tit Goshen, and a
veterinarian said that tho troublo was muscle
soreness resulting from too much racing. Sho
recovered sufficiently to start In tho 87,500 raco
on Aug. 28, but sho was not in good form and
played no part ln tho contest.
A short timo nftor tho race ono of the Ornnorn
county newspapers printed n sensational story
stating thnt chemical research showed that
EIslo S. had been poisonod by menne ot strych
nine beforo starting In tho big sweepstakes.
Owing to tho promlncnco of tho parties Inter
ested and tho amount of money involved in tho
raco, tills story created a commotion ln tho horso
world, but fow turfmen believed it to bo founded
' on fact. Mr. Harrlman, who is the President
of the Goshen Driving Park and tho owner of
EIslo 3., was much annoyed whon tho report got
abroad and ho caused tbo mnttor to bo brought
beforo tho Board of Rcvlow for investigation
both ns to tho truth of the th trges and ns to tho
author ot tho report, JnmesA. L.indey. a news
paper man of Uoshou, who first gavo publicity to
tho story, told tho bo.ird that ho got tho
facts from Ira Hycrson, who nt that timo
trained nnd drove Elsie S. for Mr. Hnrrl
man. Mr. Harrltunn tcstlflod thnt ltjer
son had actod without tils knowledge in
tho matter and contrary to his belief. Ujersmi
himself did not put in an appoarniico, although
he had been citod to appear before tho bo.ird
and substantiate Ills charge. His counsel stated
that It) erson's absence was duo to tbo fact that
he bad started to-day for Europo with a string
of trotters which ho is going to campaign in
Germany nnd Austria.
A rhcmlcal analysis mado by Dr. Ernest J.
Lcdcrlo of tho New York Hoard of Henlth
tended to show thnt strychnine bad been admin
istered to KlsloS.. but the Hon. Ijouls Hcdell,
who presented the case for Mr. Harrlmnn,
sought to prove that if poison was present in
tho matter anal) zed it had been put there by
some ono for t ho purpose of sustaining the slory.
He nsxed tho board merely to render decision on
the question whether poison whb or was not ad
ministered to Elsio S., and if tho charge was
found to bo groundless, then to c-nll upon tho
party who started the story to show cause why
he (mould not bo disclplinod. Tho board re
served decision.
Tho case of tho Now England Breeders' Asso
ciation vs. Fred Noblo took up nearly the e n
tlre nftcrnoon. owing to tho rambling manner
in which Noblo's caso was presented. Noble's
sldo of tho story was told ln Tun Sun last Mon
day. Secretary C. M. Jewctt of thoUroedera'
Association presented the other version of tho
n tin I r yesterday. He mudo tho rhargo that
collusion existed betweon Noblo and
Harry Benedict, the drivers of tho only
two horses In tho raco In question, for
tho purpose of wrongfully obtaining tho
purse hung up by tho Breeders' Association
with a vlow to dividing It. Under tho rules tho
association would havo to pay out only one-half
of the forfeit money received If Valence ulono
had started, whilo with Chester as nn additional
Btartcr the organization becamo liable for tlrst
nnd second money, amouiitlnu- to something
more than SB1.0CO. Secretary Jewell assertod
that Noblo Blurted Chester simply to got second
money, the horso being In no condition to race,
and tnnt tho New York driver dolibcratoly got
hi m distanced In the first heat, having mado an
arrangement to rocclve from llonodlct second
money out of tho amount won by Valence.
A. J. Leo of Hoston, manager of A. A. Van
Dyke's stable of trotters, tcslllicd that ho heard
Noble and Benedict dickering over tho share ot
the spoils each was to rcciivc, and that Hen
ocllctsnidho would stick to his agreement und
gll C&100 to Noblo niter ho Imd shut him out In
tho tlrst hent. Affidavits from Col. John E.
Thayer and two of the Judges in tho raco stilted
that Noble told them, when oil led Into tho
stand for not trying to win tbo first hent. that
he would try to gi-t second money out of tho
race, oven If ho had beon distanced by Vnlcnco
Chnrles Dana Palmer, one of tho members of
the board, nskod to bo sworn, nnd staled Hint
Noblo had como to htm after tho race, biijlng,
" Well, I'm caught again," nnd ndmittlng tho
collusion with llonodlct. Noblo denied tho
statements made. Ho edalmed that Ilcnoiicr,
Ed Ucer. and Joseph II. Thnynr would testify
on his sldo of the case if permitted, and heusked
that tho caso bo continued until ho could pro
duco them as witnesscb.
Harney Domarcst was on hand with a griev
ance ngalnst tho New England Breeders' Asso
ciation, and asked tho bonid for rt ruling in his
fnvnr. Dom crest had entered scvureil horses at
tho Hoston track In 1BUU and ngaln in 1807,
winning about $1,000 nt thomeetlnrr this joir.
hen ho collected his winnings Sccrotnry
Jonetlhcld out ftlTOof Ihonmount to cover un-
Bild feos on horses enterod byDonlnrcst in lfllO.
arney admitted that he owed tho ntnoiiiit, hut
claimed that tho money won In 1897 did not
belong to him personally, but to tho owners of
his horses, henco It ougbtuot to bo Hppmprlntcd
to pay his debt. Secretary aochercnllocl atten
tion to tho fact that Demurest had not compllod
with Iho rulo which requires that owners'
names shnll bo slitod In m,iklng entries, nnd as
tho Hoston driicr had entered ever) thing in
his own name, tho board Bccmod disposed to
lonk with ilttlo fnvor on Ids case.
Bud Murray ot Chester, N. Y.. ronuostcd the
board to award soennd money to him In a rnco
that was trotted at Fleetwood lost June. Mur
raj's horso Glonmoro Boy started against New
burger, and tho latter horso waB drawn after
tho tlrst heat on nocount ot bleeding, Kocond
money reverted lo tho Driving Club under tho
rules, there bolng no other Btartcr, but Murray
could not seo it that way until tho board ruled
against bis claim.
rostlmony was nlso taken In several minor
cases, but no rulings w ere mado.
Trollloc llnrae Breeders meet 1 II. Harrlmnn
8VIUC17BE, Dec. 7. Tl.o annual mcctlngof the
Now York Stato Trotting Horse Breeders' Asso
ciation was held in this city to-dny, K. H. Har
rlman of New York city was oloctod President.
He is proprietor of tho Arden Stock Farm
nt Goshen, tho owner of many valuable
horses, among them Btamboul, and a man
with a national reputation among horsemen,
It wns decided to bold a mooting with big
purscsnott j oar. tho elate nnd plnco to belolt
Jo the Executive Commlllep. Tho meeting nt
Poughkcepsle last oar paid, In spite of rnln
two days out of tho four. The meeting next
jearwill probably bn held at Pnughkcopsioor
Rochester. The full list of utllccrs and tho
KveeutlreCommiltoo chosen at to-day's tuoet
ing Is:
President, E. II. Harrlmun, New York city; First
Mecpreald nt. Jucob ltuupi-rt. New York cliyi Sou
nrut Vice-President, A. B. tlrny, Poughkei nsle;
Third Vice-President, J. II, Burlew. Union birln-s;
Treasurer, II. N. Fclnu, PouiihkecMli secre
tary. Theodoro II. Coloman, itoriirilsvlile. Ex
ecutive committee, i:, il. Harrlman, Chairman;
T. II. Coleman. II, N. Paine, Jacob llupp-rt.J. II. Bui
law, J. il, Clarke or KtinlM, Hatnuf 1 ivlltein of lt"S
1) n, J. W, Daly of Mount Klseo, II. A. Jloycr en-Syra-eme.
Thomas H FIojiI of Elmlru. 11. II, Harrington of
Pnusbkeep.le, A. K.Tia-y of Chatham, II. M. I.lttel
of Macedonia, 8. V. Lues of Itochester, and A, U.
Urny or Poughkeersle.
Driving C'lub'a finances.
Treasurers. II, Clark of tho Driving Club of
Now York yesterday Issuoil to members tho
financial statement for tho your, which will bo
submitted for npproial at tho nnnual meeting
of iho club nt tho Windsor Hotel tn-morruiv
night, Tho st.itemoiit shows that tho nominal
nssols of the club are i?ll,!iiia.O'J, of which
erTJ.Oiiscasliandtlie- rest mainly outstanding
accounts. The liabilities of tho club, which
were 10.11)0 al thu dnto of tho IjbI onnuiel
meeting, are shown to havo been liquidated
from the tiro Ills and receipts of tbo season of
18U7. so that the organization la out of debt.
The principal source of revenue in 1BU7 was
membership dues, aoiiasmberf paying; 7,o2
"mmrrMiliiiiini em.... ', ; ,a .
I jj J Bicycle Announcement I 1
1 1 J Extraordinary! df
Si of Hartford, Conn., Makers of g wM
1 1 Us Columbia Chainless Bicycle, A
i IB desirous of securing for the New York Home of the World's Best Bicycle the foremost Retail ? ff
I Store of the Metropolis, AND . ffef
jf eg ffaaV
sz: being equally desirous of offering its patrons the very best wheels that human ingenuity has yet mmj
Sti produced, have mutually arranged that during the season of 1898 Columbias, Hartfords and j' 1
fc Vedettes, the three famous wheels made by the Pope Mfg. Co., shall be on sale in New York iflf
H: AT1 HTTJIir "QTtf" CJ'in.O'O "E? and at no other Dry Goods or 'm
gE -Ml I FIE!, Dl 'UT O I H.J'JXll General Store in Greater New York. R'
i 1898 PRICES. i W" A I ifip
Models 50 and 51, Columbia Chainless, . . . $125 S s-Ljk Jk: H'
" 47 " 48, Columbia Tandems, ... 125 f jffX zt !!
" 45, 46 and 49, Columbias, . . . . 75 (f X l$r (( . 3 XHI
fc Patterns 7 and 8, Hartfords 50 11 fr il ' K
g " 15 16, Vedettes 40 5 5 ( 3E ;w
" 17 " 18, Vedettes 35 vs- B
into tho treasury, whilo 82,175 is duo from '
clBhty-sovcn others, who foiled to resign or pay I
up. For stall rent tbo club rocclrod $ .003, and
for tho rent of shed occupied by horses belong
ing to members $375 additional. Tho Uraud
Circuit meeting rosulted in a net profit ot
$11,000, according to the Treasurer's roport, tho
nominal receipts forcntrance fees, gato money,
privileges, &c. being $31,013. Tho disburse
ments for purses paid to winners, adv rtislng,
&i'., nmountcd to $25,013. On tho June meet
ing tho club lost $153, nnd on Iho July meeting
Appended to tho Treasurer's report is a state
ment from the Secretary concerning tho leaso
of Fleetwood 1'nrk. It is said thnt the rental
for Ihe; rear was diced at $3,250. provided that
the grounds wero not interfered with bv tho
city during the term of the leaso. In thnt evont
tho Icosn would bo voidable, at tho option of tho
lessee. Ab tbo city authorities tore down ono I
of tho fences on tho north sldo of tho grounds
and began to grado new streets there, tho club
abandoned tho property after the Grand Circuit
nicetlnir, turning tho management of track
and clubhouse over to John Monoghan, who
gave the last trotting m.-eting held thore.
Turf tronuTFss Dlaouaaes tbo Plmllco Case.
Cinctinnati, Doc. 7. Thero was n meeting of
tho Commlttoo on Appeals of the Western, Turf
Congress hero to-day to consider the question of
tho outlawry ot all participants in the Plmllco
racing nftrr Doc. 1. At its conclusion the fol
lowing formal statement was given out by Sec
retary Hopper:
" Tho meeting wns informal and advisory, and
n friendly telegram vcos sent to Mr. Belmont of
the Jockey Clubaboutaccommodating tho situa
tion that has arisen from tho Plmllco meeting.
A responso was received Indicating that tho
Jockey Club had always desired to cooperate
with tho Turf Congress, and expressing a will
Ingness to agrco on tbo subject of winter rac
ing, but reminding tho Turf Congress that tho
abrogation by it of a former atrocmont would
lead the Jockey Club to look for advances from
the Turf Congress. The Interchange ot telo
grams was satisfactory to nil tho gontlemcn
present, nnd tho outcomo promises full accord
eventually between the two bodies."
An ofllcer of tho Turf Congress atatod to-night
to The Sfjf reporter that tho Plmllco situation
n practically unchanged, excopt that tho
Jockey Club had expressed a willingness to ad
Just It In a friendly way some time In tho future
As the Turf Congress rulo In rognrd lo outlaw
ing participants In race meetings held after Doc.
1 was self-acting, tho Plmllco offenders wero
still, be said, to all intents and purposes, outlaws.
Itncluir sit New Orleans.
New Orleans. Dee. 7. Another large crowd
attended the Crescent City Jockey Club's races
to-day. Tho track is fast drying out and a hot
ter cIbbb of horses are promised for the various
ovnnls. Tho Palmetto Hurdle Handicap, worth
$1,000, fixed for to-morrow, has boen postponed
until Iho track is In better condition. Clarence
McDowell, who was In dnng-erof being outlawed
over tho Pirn Ico matter, occupied his accus
tomed position as associate) judg'o to-day. Tho
troublo has beon amicably settled. John McCaf
fertv, with Requital and others ot his string,
bus arrived. Summaries to-day:
First Ilacr Six furlonirs. Carlotla C, SO (Bums).
2 to B, won; btanza, 105 (Walker), ft to I, second:
Hover, ton (tlc-alT), to tot. third. Time, 1H8C.,.
Second ltme rive furlongs; selling La.ly Irene.
10U (Tbompsou), even, worn Frenoh dray, 105
(Hums), oven, second! Laura Hay, 9U (Kerrcom). IB
to 1, third. Time, lUHa. v ''
Tlilrd Hace six furlonrai selling Van Drunt, 118
(Cay wood), 4 to 5, won High Noon. 104 (Aker), 20 to
1, second! Swordsman, 102 (Sbepard), 6 to 1, third.
Time, liuoi,.
Fourth Itaco One mile: selllnj. Ill Dairo, 10S
(Adams), 1(0 to 1, woni Blttten's sister, OH (Combs),
el tie 1, second Dockstader, 103 (Hicks), 8 to 1, third.
Time, i':00.
Fifth Itaco Six and a half furlonirs: selling Part
ner. Ill) (Dura.), 8 to S, woni Imp Wolaey, 99 (Law
rcneo). lift to 1, second Wells Street, Dl) (I'eterinan).
10 to 1, third. Time. 13.
Vaults eat Slnaerlr.
BitoiRM-. Dec. ". Favorlla players had a trllta the
boiler or the argument here to-day, altbougb the
auort beum ominously with tho success of a Icini
shut. The races resulted as follows!
First Itace Five furlongs. Bona Vera, 10 to 1 and
the PKAUD of tha day.
Sea you get Carter's,
Ask for Carter's,
Insist and demand
GARTER'S Little Liver Pills,
The only perfeot
Liver PilL
Take no other,
Even if
Solioited to do sa
Beware of imitations
of Same Color Wrapper
TWTTwrtffliiiTiiiijrTrirtliwiniiwiiiiii iiiwii i iiy i n ruin i n umiii
4 to 1, won; Xavnboe, 2 to t for place, accond; Tor
rrsdalo third. Time, l:103j.
Second Itace Six furlongs. Pontlfex. 7 to 10 and
1 to 3, won: Verna. 0 to I for placo, second', Wild
Duck thirl. Time, 1:31.
Tblrd Itace Seven furlongs. Pennbrooic. 7 to fl
and 1 to 2, woui Harry 31., 2 to 1 for place, second;
lrllmte third. Time. 1:41.
Fourth Itace rive furlonirs. Monroe Doctrine. 4 to
C ami 1 to 3, won; Lueettc, 2 to 1 for place, accond;
Charley Wells third. Tlnio, 1:10.
Fifth Race Six and a half furlongs. Klondike. 8 to
1 and 4 to B, won! Gould. 2 to l for place, second;
Ilessle Drowning third. T.me. 1:31.
IVews rrom the llorae World.
Sporting Crank. dubbins has not sold bla colt, or
at least no such report has reached tbls country.
Lexinotov. Doc. 7 The report that John E. Madden.
the owner of Hamburg, and Charley Patterson. o ner
or Ornament, have rallen out and will ilst.orve part
nership, because Madden wanted to dlscbargo Trainer
Hiram Pierce, ts denied. Hiram plerco wns here to
day, but left this aftornoon for Loulsvlllo to Join
Jladden. Ho saya be will train fur Madden next sea
son. Ira Rverson. tho Orange county horseman whose
presence was desired at the meeting of the Board of
Itevlew yesterdav, sailed for Hamburg via the steam
ship Pennsylvania with a valuable lot nf troltcrB
that he Is gulng to campaign ln Europe. Among the
number were Sam L., 2:14V. by Polonlus; Oreen
Innder Olrl. 811411. by Greculander: Joe R, UtVIOU,
by Sweepstakes: Toniniy, 2:20. by Polonlus: Krish
na, a 2-year-old colt by Statu boul, 2:071n, and Golden
Oateway, by Ouy Willies.
Crosa-Coantrr Ituee by Mcartovi brook Hunt Club.
IlKMrsTEAD. Dec. 7. A cross-country run wob
held this afternoon on tbo north shoro of Long
Island by a largo number of tho friends and
members of tho Mcadon brook Hunt Club. A
moro perfect day for tho ovent could not have
been wished for. Tho run was for ten miles and
over what is known ns tho "hills country." Tho
turf was in a slippery condition owing to tho
recent hoavy rains. C. Albert Stevens wus
thrown from bis horso near tho ilrst chock.
With tho exception of a shaking up and a few
bruises bo was not hurt. Miss C. 'Withcn's
horso shied suddenly just n few feet from a stlft
four-rail fenco noar tho end of tho chase. Sho
was thrown with considerable force ngalnst tho
fenco and was Quito badly shaken up nnd
bruised. Sho took no further pni-t In the ovent.
Tho run led from tho cluhhouso across a por
tion of the Ilcinpstcnd plnins to West bury,
whero tho pack was put on tho trail. Tho scent
lod tho bounds in a westward direction to Kast
llllston, whoro a check was cnllod. When the
trail was again taken up tho pack ran back
again toward Wcstbury anil to the country seat
of Kinsley Mngoun. where the "kill" took place.
Xbolrst to llnish wero It. P. Huntington, Mrs.
E. T. Cushlng. William C. Hayes, Maxle Steven
son. II. L. Herbort, anil the two whips, Murphy
nnd Davy, Tho remainder of tho hunt party
finished iu a bunch a short distance behind.
Flr.t Drag Hunt or tbs Krnson at Lab. wo. d.
Lake-wood, Doc. 7. The first drag hunt of tho
season was hold under tho auspices of tho Ocean
County Hunt and Country Club this afternoon.
Tho woathcr was favorable. The now pack of
hounds, about which thcro bus been much specu
lation and some doubt, proved suporior to nny
hounds over scon by thoso present. Tho
meet wna called at dlondnlo Farm, about
three miles from this villngo, and promptly
on timo tho riders and hounds wero rendy
for tho run. The throw-oil was m.ido on
tho west sldo of tho Fnrnilngdalo road, nnd
so eager wero tho hotiiuls for tho chase, that
they lost n Ilttlo timo beforo taking tho sreut.
After being handily placed right by tho hunts
man and whips tho pack got away together.
I rom first to Inst It wns stltT riding, with plenty
of fence work nnd natural obstacles.
Well up to tho pack was .Inmes Converse,
master of fox hounds. Others In tho hunt were
Jrnnrls II. Ilearel, It. W. Houghton. J. II. fnylor.
Mm. K. Itobblns Walkor. Miss Ilcsslo Whiting,
Huntsman J, J. Dwycr. Klrst Whip Willie
Diyycr, Second Whip James ICclly.nnd Eddlo
Collins, Although tho pneo was fast and hard
not a horso of tho field showed to disadvantage
Tho next hunt will bo on Thursday, weather
Sprint Running on Ic
William A. Couovor of Red Bank and W. D. Plok.
ford of the V, M. c. A. ot l'aterson were tho ronteit
ants In a scrlca of sprint races on the Ice at tbo Ico
Skating Palace, 107th street and I.exlngteeu acenu-,
lat nUlit. Tho first race was at a distance of I'fty
yards, and after a closo race Conorer si on l.v a few
Inches In & 4 0 seconds. Couoror also won the 73.
yardivent In Haeconls, and male. It three straight
by capturing the B0-) art race In 10 seconds.
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ILOiVG CltUfliri'.
Does Kot nrenrer Consciousness Arter tits
Knock-Out by Darn.
Special Cable Deipatch lo Tux Sir.
London. Doc. 7. Walter Croot, tho London
bantamweight, who was knocked out by Jimmy
Barry of Chicago in the last round of a twenty
round contest before the National SDortitigClub
la3t night, died at 8:30 o'clock this morning. Ho
did not recover consciousness after tbo knock
out. It is supposed thnt his death was duo to
weakness of the hoarL
Tho fight botwoon Barry and Croot was orig
inally scheduled 10 tako plnco on Nov. 15, but
was postponed until InBt night on account of tho
sudden death ot John Fleming, the manBger of
tho club, who died in tbo mile-room of the club
on the morning of that day.
In tho last round of tho contest last night
Croot mado a rolscalulation of distance), und,
getting too near Barry, recolvod n sharp right
hander on the chin and a second blow which
sent him to tho ropes. Barry followed thcao
with two moro nunches. which, llko tho others,
wero not returned, though Croot mado nn at- ,
tempt to ward them off. Then came th knock- ,
out blow which sent Croot to tho Moor. It
seemed to nil who wlturssnd tho bout and to I
those who examined Croot's body that he did
not recclvo especially sevcro punishment. Ills 1
body shows no signs of blows.
Two years ago Croot remained unconscious
for a long timo after the close of his contest with
Podlar" P.ilmor. in which, howovcr, he did
not iccclvo hu ivy puiilBhmont.
Hplko Sullivan, tho American lightweight,
who witnessed tho bout InBt night, soys tho '
battle was ono of tho fulrestho over saw, Tho
111011 noro equally matched, nnd Croot had tho '
uiivniiingo 111 times, when bo received tho
knock-out blow his hold struck tho floor hoavlly.
Barry li much distressed ovor the death of
Croot. Hoatonco surrendered himself to tho
police after hearing of his opponent's doath,
and was charged with manslaughter.
Ho was arraigned Inn police court, together
with six olll era of tho National Sporting Club.
Allot tho prisoners wero remanded, but woro
permitted to obtain ball.
Dr. Ordwny who reprcsonta tho National
Sporting Club in this country, discussed tho
fatal termination of tho tight yesterday with a
roportcr of Tim Sun as follows:
"I received n cablo dcsuatcli from tho elub
Into on Monday night, stating that Croot was In
a bad way. I was quito anxious, for 1 rondily
undyrBtond w hat a hitter Barry is and alfi how
weak nnel fragile Crool was, Croot was 11 clever
Loxcr. lie was tall und Inuky, but not very
strong. When I left London, a few weeks ago, I
saw him. Ho did not nppoir to bo ln robust
heallli. Croot told 1110 that ho folt nil right.
. The National Club, which has boon in ex
istence for over six years, nover had nn acci
dent before. In that timo over 'J.200 tights
havo been decided. It. J. Anglo, tho club's ref
eree, who Is a boxer himself, will not totorato
any brutality. As soon as ho boos that 11 man
has no chnnco he Immediately Btops tho bout.
1 be nffeilr ended so suddenly, however, that ho
had no time to Interfere.
The club docs nol employ a physician to ex
amine the boxers beforo entering tbo ring. Had
Croot boen examined, I feol confident flint he
woiilcl havo been rejocted. I don't think thnt
ast night's sad affair will stop boxing in Eng
land, for tho sport is lognllned. Tho club In tho
future will bo managed by A. F. Boltlson. I
fjnnot siy whether tho matches nrrangod by
tho club will bnvo to bo postponed owing to
mOti?.d0''iyi- Dlivo Sullivan and Australian
Billy Murphy aro booki-d to box twenty rounds
thcro on next Monday night."
Cioaslp or tha nior.
There Is a letter at this office for Dllly Newman.
Constant Reader, Rrldgeport. They boxed only
Joo Cliuynskl received M.807 for fighting a draw
with Jim Jertrlea at San Frauoisco recently.
Vrro.W?,U,.NtJT. YorkHe broke hla arm In tha
contest, Prof. Mike Donovan was one of his seconds.
TS.t'y.Cn",5rll)r of I'oboken haa challenged Jim
ac?eTtefel U,l,lmoro to Lox twenty rounds. Janey haa
Joe Walcott has made up hla mind to train for hla
or a "ifo.l" wl,'K Tom '."" Cn00 ""
or at lloitou, aud haa gone West.
Owing to a change In tbo dato, Matty Matthews will
A?hini .S"a,'f,rK"r.onu"t Wondyn7gh7a
Atlieua, la. Matthew a hu been matched to box bam
Tonkins In a tweuty-round bout.
jiM,j..e?!i1.I,'.''ti,.llf 'nat;" bo'WMn Petsr Jackson and
Jim Jeirrlea, which was arranged on Saturday. 11 is
r?.': ' ?lcl.a.Fioff' ""' ,bt JelTrleswlll bSx twenty
rounds with Tom bhcrkey Instead. '
roi'.0 Connolly and pal Hawkins will box twenty
kM 1 Me.?', j?."1, F"cl0 un, !" I"- Tom Lansing.
,'..iMc.t'."V ,0,r",:C, sparring partn.r, baa been
matched to Lox Joe King Iu the preliminary bout.
kFc1"! a.re"' ". 5r8e'"eut for a meeting between
S:.,n,V'i!,M?"..a"?.V.0,",. "'"Jo call for a twenty.
:. . V .; " M.e "Begun. iDoauairwiu como
gjuyub,rancta-nc.i. UrllTo I. training . I
r.n9.n0f"1"K'?" ne,Ul who cM1 himself the 100
P0,1n,ii,cl,7,I,,(m''leni, B challenge to Tux Sri to
iars h.!iUZ .f,,n.? y",1""""" contest. Retti
mo'ssaryV ringside to sign articles If
rol'rii,!l?nJrf,"1',i0'WUOWM defeated byM.ke
J?m V?!' ""-h'ster tho other night, states that he
rtlim?M,'..',?Mnl B,ln ,a I'OUUd.. Hanley
fougTthim. Leo"ri1 "Hied JSOpoundswhenhi.
nlht'kMai,.!!,.Vc.torr OTr Joe Burke on Monday '
EviihardtX v.ri'S'd recelT'd despatch from Jaok
meet fh. ,,0.?'?,,.0'-e'Vttln hat b would not
...i.l, , um. I1" under any c rcurastances. Mo
Partland Is going after Matty Matthews. """""' "
aHtuaftee hn 'J "" hPlder." baa decided to box
5t ii?..ini ,w,T,Df" ,ruI" ,hB rlnK for some time.
At liusttin on Monday be met Mike Hears and arrsni.,
a lM.ut to be hold wftbln a few weeks The e,.i, im
come together for twenty rouilji at 1 18 .wun'ds '"
.,.JV!'en."?J'"Jtl, ,h0 " "famiree Lad," la on bis war
bar.1 tin "..r"i'J",.Bn . . Orlfnn has bad J
bard tlnio of It since be was here last. The welh
ho..".''':0,"? wnnnoel I?. i".u Francesco
lioiplial, where he had to undergo a severe operation.
lllllrllrady was asked last nlulit bv a ,,i.,(
Tut. bts whether then. w aurtblng In "bKDort
that Dan Muart Intendeel to r'heiv cBorts fSri.
Silt ' ri!raor'.'.!dr.e,.,;,,ik)b "'"""n. " 'jfrnt
liraaytwai "ItiuoU tlilutzUoa tii tniu t
offer of bluartV." entertain any I
gptftg, Ciurinptg, jic. WW
FLATOAU & Ca, ?1
372, 374, 376 Broome St., ',"
J uM off Broadway. BI
lVo trevltn Innpeotlon find comparison or anr Bb
unrltiillrcl exhibit or Privates Ciirrlcserrs for lit"
Town need Cnnntrx. aurpnaliec In Variety, W-' Kj
leerm, Qieullt), Mied flnlab anr stock ever HlH
'In"'", miet rullv wnrrnnted, otTereel at tbo HV
I.oweat I'rlrea. HP
Itnrqteets. 1 tk
JIontrkau Dec. 7. Tho first of n series of ox- 1 ( fl
htbltion ruatchoi betweon tho loading profes ?
Bional nnd amatour racquet players of tbo world ' m
was plnyod nt tho Montreal Ilacquot Club's ' Hi
court to-day. Tho galleries woro packed with H
enthusiastic members. Tho players wero Peter y,
Latham, who recently won tho world's cham ' In
I plonshlp from Oeorgo Stnndlng, and Percy Ash- ' I IB
j worth, tho former nmatcur champion of Eng- I W
land. Tho match consisted of seven games, ond , , s a
tho rubber was won by tho champion by 4 ill
games to 3. Ash worth rcce-Ived a handicap ot I II.
soven aces. K J '
The play wbb the fastest that has over been JM
witnessed in this court, tho men starting at E.A.V
noon, aharp. nnd finishing at 1:10 o'clock. Sorao J&Vi
brilliant work wns done by both men. In tho " . WM
sixth gnnio ABhworth eilil some mngntflccn. 7t H
' work nnd fairly outplayed Latham. In tho bov- Ai Bi
nth giemo both contestants oxhibltcd riretty & W
Plav. fho men were even nt 14 ae-os. It wail H
set o by Latham, who won. The scores wore: VsjBI
Latham. in to IB IB 10 i 18-A7 alas
Ashwortln7oes)....U IB 14 la 10 15 18-89 1 UaVi
To-morrowafoui-handcdmatcbwillboplayed. I 3sVI
in which Latham, Standing, and Ashwortb will ' itHf
take part, ffHl
gtohlp SiliTrtlscmcutj!. - jfl
i bbbbbbbB I
Depnrtmont is becoming more pop- mH
ulnr every season. Parents real- .1H
izo that in order to know that !
their Boys clothinR will turn out fl
ns represented they must patron- fl
izo it rcsponsiblo firm. "AS
tnTnTf. tht(u havKai to offer Afl
to the little follows from 8 to 8 - IB
years of age : , E
I First A numbor of broken lots Tfl
of jurenilo suits, formerly sold at Ifl
1 1 t .0ft now selling7 at $3.50 , B
aocontl-Our ontiro stock of
Blouses, marked to soil at $1.00 to
So 00, wo offer at just ono-balf tho I
regular prioes. m fl
Third-A line of Beefors, orici- fl
naUy 8old at $3 00 now offered gat J
.--ail.fS I
r rulion St, cor. DeKalb AveL V '.''IB
clermot"Ive:Wk7 Ifj
Uermont,nearUmi00. ' . ,
"rir'r",'"!!1 ill
AD1IIUIOX BO-. .'ill
MIJrt-ar.eleoV'iir' fll
eeaualo Ariaraceaa Ba ttfaSt faBi

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