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B , BB I w" SiEMWifapNPCg3Stig Fair to-day ; westerly winds. . ' Jw
Hr vxoi Prices for bonds anow
Hp oonfidexce in r-iarjfyr.
Bj Br All Meant Let Mr. Preedman'a Club Flay
K' -i Baseball an Sunday Editor Btred'a Latter
H(Y, Mr- Creher Poulblllllea af Rapid Trnn-
Mp, " "Oder the Tammany Admlutltratlaa,
Hk Laimwood. N. J Doc 16,-nichard Croker
BfK returned to Lakewood at 3:30 o'clock this after-
BJjj Coon. He declined to discuss hi hurried trip to
BFv Washington, and Immediately wont to his room,
EBA where he remained until the dinner hour. Con
BV trary to tho programme as arranged earlier in
BEt-el the woek. Messrs. Van Wyck, Carroll, and York
BK did not come hero to-day.
B ItU surmised that Senator Murphy found
BYll soveral flaws In tho Brooklyn slate, and that
Bf thsro was some correspondence between Mr.
BjF Croker nnd tho llrooklyn loaders on tho subject.
BV After the Brooklyn slate had been revisod by
V Messrs. McLaughlin and York to suit tho
Br' " wishes of Moesrs. Croker and Murphy, Mr. York
Bjfc Will no doubt revisit Lakewood. probably this
BV, When asked It he had noticed the bids re-
BJ.; eelved by Comptroller Fitch on Tuesday for
BJ over (0,000,000 of New York city bonds, Mr.
Bffv , Croker Bald:
B.'' "I did moat certainly. It was n splendid man-
Bflh Ifestatlon ot the popular confldonco In tho Bern-
H ocratlc administration that will tako hold on
BV Jan. 1. Before the election mon like Pulitzer
Bn: And the reformers of the Cltlzons' Union wore
H ihoutlntr from the housotops that the res-
HA toratlon ot Bemocratlo control would work
BeV ruination to tho credit of tho city. Thoy
BS knew when they mada these statements that
HkI they were false. Bo did the pooplc. Tho
B& Democracy won tho greatest victory In its hls-
BK. tory. Now note the quick result as exemplified
B In this bond sale. Tho $0,300,000 worth of
HYl bonds sell at an arerago price of 106 nnd a frnc-
K tlon. The bids for 3 por cont. registered bonds
H were thd highest on record, ranging as they did
V from 103.20 to lOsMO. That Is n splondld rofu-
BE tatlon o't tho calumnies hurled at Tummany
H dating tbo canvas. It Is well to nolo that theso
B record-breaking bond prices were mado nt tho
Ht end of an administration. In thoroursootwhlch
Ha. At least one bond salo had to be declaro off bo-
IB causo no ono would bid nbovo par, and nono bid
HBl for tbo whole Issuo cvon nt that. It shows that
HBV th,o banking comtuunl ty, llko tho people of tho
Bktvj) greater city lu general, havo full confidence In
BB the Democracy."
HV Mr- Croker. through Senator Orady, nindo
I publlo to-night tho following letter, which ho
H received Irom W. T. Stoad:
B MownrtAT House. Nonrouc Strkkt. Strand,
HbV . , . London, W.C, Dec. 0, 18i7. I
M Richard CroVrr, Klq , .Stir York.
HI Dpab Mil. Crokkii: I mn sending you by this
l-O mail a copy of the result or my study ot tho
. '2i Lexow report. Of course. It is rrv old storj
Hsr-v to you, but as we had n very pleasant timo on
k board tho boat, and as I had tho ndrantnge of
Ll bearing our own Mory from vour own lips, I
K venturo to hopo you will bo interested In serine;
f the war In which I lie Iy-xow report striked onu
jt ". whom 1 hopo you will ndmlt was not an uusym
B pathetic obsorver.
H1 t J It tn0 ,11'tlo interviews with you which
haTO'appcnred in the Now York papers on the
aummsryof my look, nnd I hope you saw my
H, telegram to the New York 11'nrUl. in which. In
reply to tholr question, I atated that I had not
i changed my opinion about you. nor does tho
book relate to you, nnd indeed I iim. as j on will
C; tee from tho closing chnptrr, very much dls
Vt posed to hope that the next four yearn of mlmln
1 titration in your hands may hoimirked by tho
Hk gratifying absence of the scandals which wore
Kv exposed beforulho Lexow committee.
H) Might I also, bafora concluding, point out to
H' 'on ,n,lt' ,n epoaklntf of De-mMirin-f Democra-
:1 cy.' Iin. nonay.whatovcr alludo to tho Dcino-
Hw2jy craAla party, hut to tho principle of go eminent
MTy- '-by-tbe-jlror-'rtTgnietjptattTe-i-ofTtbtt people. If
HaTm 1 remember aright, you denounced tho charter
Ml? I of New York aj faUo to democratic principle
Hal I Quite us atrongly as 1 have done.
Hi -I As I see, tho It'orW 1ms repretontod my book
: j as boing lnconnlstcnt with my iket'h ot
Hrf- you which I miblUhed In tho Jtertew. I have
HIVi requested Mr. Klnlto. who is bringing out
I K) the hook In New York, to ndd tho rhnractcr
-( sketch to tUe hook In mi nnpoudix. so th.a tho
H ( ?i reader m.iy lure both booro him. 1 do not
Ht'i J-'. think you will find ny Inconsistency in my
BW'") joint of view, oltliounh.of courac, ou will find
BM'! n great dlfferonco of opinion between thoOov
Hl","t eminent of Now York hhjoii declared Jttobo
n ,' end tl:u fimlings of tho I.oxow C'ommlttro.
Hit ? Wirhln you n ory happy Chrlstinns, 1 ni,
HP yours tnilv. W. T. Sticad.
iA Ii . Cro'ccr was questioned this evening on
B.l his nttltudo as to tho playing of hiwchall on
fHVI bundny In the Greater New York. Hesnld:
BfA "I do not know of nny so'inri reason why
LiWWh) bssobnll playing should not be ulloKod on Sun
aiiK'S'M ''ay '. '.veil as on nny other day. I nm in
LHSPal f vor of It. Ministers rldo their tricycles on
LiWfM rinndny npd Unci onjoymrnt In It, nnd thoroiiro
aVfBlB thouuindtof citizens who would find good, lion
LK ff tl '' enjoyment lu n snmo of hisobnll. nnd It docs
Hanaa-'. "; niako any ditteronco whether it Is plnycd on
( fliinrtn;. or week dnys, ns there is nothing du
KTaf'l iiiowllilnglti Itimfar oh 1 can scp. There If no
HaW morn harm In It than thero It in bleyclo riding,
HP-oL ik cording to my mind. I bollevo In trusting tho
Hr people, nnd tho more you trust them tho bjtter
HL' they nro in overy way.
Hal1' I " W tod for porsonnl liberty commensurate
Hi with tho law, Wnytio up pcoplo eo tbeyenn-
B not enjoy th'msolves In .i hnimleu nnd health-
Hf' fill way oniindny. Tho rich and tho well-to-do
i" enjoy thcmseU'es every dav In the week wlieu
HS thoiuasesnf the pcoplo nro at work. Now I
Hjr say thnt thorio who work olx days in tho week
Hfi ought to havo tho opportunity of seeing a hall
HaVji rninn on Sunday if tuoy wnnt It. Ynu can trust
I that the poopla will not desecrate tho Sabbuth.
HKS It would simply furnish r.it!onal onioyment. If
5St golf U allowed to bo played on Sunduy, why
HBu- should not baiehnll bo alloweil I"
HaV'i Androw Frcodumu, Mr. Crokor's closo friend,
Haris ' President ot tbo New York Ilnsuball Club.
Hb.3 -i'r i'Vocdmnn's lease of tho Polo Grounds i uns
Hni t,n' several Tears. Jamos J. Coognn. nnother of
HK-t- Ir. Croker s cloio friends, tontrols tho Polo
Hi Orounds for tho Lynch csta'o.
j,1 Tho Ta.nmuny men here who are informed
HMl on tho nttltudo of tho new Adminittration to-
H w.ird rupld transit declaro thnt the proposed
Han J lio)u-in-lhc-ground echrmo is Impogflblo under
Hrl ' the bur. Ono Tammany man, competent to talk
HaVi " ",0 subject, said today that it was bis (in-
n Iiresslon that, no matter what tho decision ot
HK uo Appellsto Division of tho Supreme Court
B might oo In tho ease, tho provisions of
H' the law had swept nsldoall danger of theun-
BaVI derground scheme The law, ns Interpreted by
HK this Tammany man, roqulrca that thecontrncts
V for tho coiixtructioii of tho road shall ho made
Hp& "T the first day of tho year 1808. Tho
fit law requires that advertisements for all
Hkh 'c1s 'or contractu shall be published
MWjj twmty-nno days prior to tho tlnio tho
HaV' co-ilractaaro to go into effect. Tho last day on
HHP fhlch the contracts for the now road should
havo been advertised under this law was Pec.
MK 10' nnrt tnc Appellato Division not hnvlng ren-
5E5& uerndltsdoeislon.thefontractsrannotbologally
Wat!: tnadc, the Tammany man dwlarcd.
y-V Thonuustlonasawbolo will havo tn bo taken
fswilt? un by the Tammany aduilnlstratlon. Tammany
IvgJjR Will ha obllgod, Bald Tiik SPN'fl Informant, to
HH which will havo to bo brought about hy legis-
HK lutlon and tho vote of tho p- oplr. As this whuln
Hf matter, however, is niorrly tho opinion of ono of
HH tho Tammany men, it will have to bo taken for
Hfr what It is worth. ...
Hm, There is onorosson, bowover.to believe that
Haw tho nmv ndmlnlstrAtlon Is unalterably opposed
K to the underground schoinn. One ot the chief
HK -. argunionls of TBnuniiiiy in tho last campaign
VU7 ngatnkt "reform rule "In New York city was
HaaVT the fact that tho Public Woiks Department
HbW hud, through gross negligence iindmlsmniiDgo-
Hav monl, e.iuuod the streets to bo torn up and ills-
V.. nusespronri In conseiiueme. It does not Boom
HafA logical that Tnuiiminy will bravo thocrltlelsui
HV&J Buro '" f'diotv .1 slmil.ir action on their p:trt, ami
Hrfrk on a more glgnntio scale, after having so severe-
H!ri U' dcnouiived tho work of the reformers.
HfcK1 Thu drift of opinion hero is that tlio fact that
HbhJ the extension ot the present elevated roads and
HbOI tho building of third tracks on allot them will
Hi 3 irtvo thecllyrhcaoerandaafcrrnpldtrnnsltthiin
HaTlS could bo ntrorded in years hy any underground
HK'l ' achomo makes It almost certain (hat such will
Hnu to the rapid transit vroposod by Tnminany, Mr,
HbTVm Croker, how over, still declines to discuss thu siili-
Hat.? loot further th in to refer to his known attitude
HaVM axprcsaod on sflveral occasions to the effect tbnt
Haf.r he wne In furor of rapid trnnslt and of tho
HaVv' building of anew rood providing the cost did
HaWi' not exceed tho cnnstltutioniil ilcht limit, wlilih
Hat tho holu In tho giound would surely do.
BJ ' Tbo important statement was made tbl even-
H7 ing thnt as tho now- Mator hns thu power of op-
HatA pointing 11 new It mid Trnnslt oiiuiiImIoii. ho
HKi will only appoint mun who will carry nut the
HKfv wiihrsnf Tainniiny in thuinnttcr.
HfT Mnnhattan Klonted BtoiL on tho Now ork
1 StoekKxcbangu was sinimlicd to-day from 10(1 U
Bj M to IOSHj, and clotoJ at Kii!.
Baamf jG& Bs.Coairreasman Diatim to Prnellro lsw Her.
Bjff Ez-Congreisman William D. Bynum of In
Hgsjft' dlana, who becamo a resldont of Brooklyn
Wm$ recently, has insdn application to the Appellate
(" , JJIvlsion of tus Supremo Court to praotloe law
WM'f- lotUlsStat,
Am Aco4 Widow Murdered Wear Trentaa Baar
Vareei and noaea RansaeheA.
TrtKNTON. N. J., Dec. lB.-Mrs. Klltabeth
Ounn, a widow, about 75 years old, was mur
dcrod at her home In Ewlng township, a north
ern suburb of Trenton, last night. Hor body
was found about 0 o'clock this aftornoon by a
Brocor' clerk, who called at tho house to de
liver groceries.
Tho body was lying in tho lower hallway of
tho flro-room house. A towel had been tied
over tho woman's mouth and she had boen
suffocatod. Tho body was fully cloihed with
tho oxceptlon of Bhocs. An oil lamp was found
on tho steps leading to tho second lloor. Tho
oil was burned out. The woman's bed had ui
parcntly been occupied only for a little time.
These clroumstances Induce tho belief that tho
murder was commlttod lust ovenlng and tbut
tho woman was called up Just afttr nho had ro
tired for tho night, which sho was atoustomod
to do early.
Tho front door had been broken tn and tho
supposition is that Mrs. Ounn hadrofunod to
open It w hon asked to do bo by tho murdcror or
murderers, who left tho house by tho rear door.
Tho detectives havo no cluo to tho murderer.
Mrs. Gunn lived alnno. Her houso Is in an
Isolated portion of tho place Her husband
died about three years ago, leaving a lite interest
In tho llltlo houso and a plot of ground. Sho
was supposed tn bo rich, but n visit to the houso
to-day and Inquiries mado by the detcctlvcd
showod that sho lived in poverty. The houso
was poorly furnished and the woman's cloth
lng was scant and of poor material. Tho houso
had been ransacked by tho murderers, but It Is
not known what booty, If any, they secured.
Lttxn tie. vr ojr un oai it a t.
On Cable nro he The other. Mretrhtd 0 Feat
l)T the Added Strata, Had to II Shortened.
Tho Ilroadway cable road was blocked 5 ester,
day morning and part of tho afternoon owing
to a broken cable on tho section ot tbo road be
tween Houston and Thirty-sixth streets. Ono
of tho tw o cables broko at Astor place about 10
o'clock, and It was after 3 when the road was
itralghtoncd out.
Milton G. Stnrrett, chief engineer of the road,
explained last night tbHt the break was due to
Ibo parting of tho cablo under too heavy a
"Tho road Is run on the duplex system." ho
said. "Thnt Is, thero nro two cables which con
bo used together. The orlglnnl idea w-ns to
keep ono nt rest for emergencies, but traffic has
Increased so greatly that during tho rush hours,
especially at this tlmo of the year. It Is neces
sary to run both cables at once to relievo tho
strain. Tho extra cablo stops after half past 10
In tho morning and starts again nt half past 2.
Both wcro running nt 10 this morning when
ono broke. Tho broken cablo snarled up Ilko
nny rope. Both cables w ere actually at rest for
only nine minutes after the broak. The un
broken cabin Blartad trafllc again, but tbeto
were riclnvs In getting the grips free from tho
tangles, it was also necessary to redueo tho
number of cars to lessen tho strain on ono rope,
iind tho whole road was affected. It was after
1" before tho ro.td wiirf fairly running.
" Tin n at 2 o'clock It was found that the
extra strain on tho cable hnd stretched it over
forty foet, and it was considered safer to shorten
Itb) rutting out n plcco and splicing tho ends
together ngnln. This neccsslt nod mopping tho
cablo for forty minutes, nnd it was after 3 be
fore the cars were well under way.
" A new cablo will bo put In berora morning to
replace tho broken one. Tho other cable need
not bo stopped while this is being done. Br
morning e-orythlng should bo going as usual,"
"There was n loon) block for nbout fifteen
minutes, starting at 8 o'clock last night. Just
nboro Astor place. This was caused by ths
work of recovering tho ond of the broken caoIc,
tn order to splice to It tho end of the new cable
to bo pulled In and tako the old cable's place.
new Crorafi Pranrla Trd Ills Brather rrem
I'ltnlthraent aa a Deserter.
WAsniNOTON, Dec. 15. Senotor Penrose of
Pennsylvania Introduced a bill In tbo Senate
to-day bearing tho simple tltl, '.For tho relief ot
Gconre Francis, who served as Harman Fran
da In Company K, Ninoty-soventh Hegiment.
Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, durlns the
rcbolllpji.".. This bill Involved tho romantic
story of one hrother's perfidy nnd nrother's
unblo sacrifice. Barman and George Francis
lived In n ainiiU suburb ot Phlladolphlawhcn
the war broko out. Harman, tho elder brother,
went immediately to tho front, while Ucorga re
mained home to help support his parents. After
teeing a lltllo service with tho Nlnoty-sovanth
ltcglmcnt. Harman ono day mado bis unex
pected nppcurnnco nt homo and confided to
Goorgo that he meant to iletert. George
pleaded with him in vain, but Harman was ou
i filiate and declared that ho was satlsdod ho
would never make a soldier.
Finding entreaty useless, George, who greatly
resembled his brother, resolved upon a hemic
com-so to presorio tho honor of tho family und
mivc his brothor from punishment as a deserter.
Il donned Harmon' uniform and went to tho
front hlniKolf. Ho assumed his brother's name
and Joined the Ninety-beenth Iteglmsnt, whero
his lmporeonatlon was discovered by his com
rndos. Gcorgo made a gallant soldier and sen ed
until the rloso of the war. Ho wns wounded In
action nnd aftorward rrcchod a pension under
Ills hrother's name. His honorable dlschargo
also bears his brother'n name.
George never revealed tho story during the
lifetime of his brother. Knccntly his brother
Hod nnd now Georgo Francis has concluded
tliut It Is his duty tn hae Justlco dono nt last.
Ho therefore asks Congress to authorize the
Secretary uf War to Itmtio an bonornblo dls
chargo bearing his own name, instead of that of
llnrman Francis. Ho further requests that tbo
pension bo issued to htm under his own namo.
That is tho romarkablo story contained In this
apparently uninteresting prlvato pension bill.
Ilrldal Cauples and Other SlgblsMrs Can Visit
tbo Itaat Iloom Oaly.
Washington, Dec 15. A now rulo that will
causo dissatisfaction nmoug tho bridal couples
and other visitors to Washington, who find tho
White Houso so attractive, was posted thore to
day. It provldos that no visitors shall be ad
mltted to nny of tho rooms of the mansion, ex
cept the Kastltoom, without a written permit
from the secretary to tbo President or tho
officer in charge ot publlo buildings and
grounds. The custom has been to tako visitors
through the reception rooms on tho first floor of
tboWhlto Housr, when tbeso rooms wers not
being used by any member of tho President's
family. One of tho ushers would act as guide.
Tho Lust Itooiii has always been open to Inspec
tion, but although It contains soma historical
liii'turiH. nnd is worth seeing for other reasons,
Mslloiuhavofoui.il tho other reception rooms
muru nttraollt o on account of their closer aasn
elation with tho llfo of tho people whoso faces
und names are familiar to ever) body.
Tho bridal couples who went to the White
Houso to-day wandered around tbo spacious
Ktst Hoom, spent amlnutoortwolnfrontof tho
portrait of Gcorgo Wnahlngton which Dolly
Madison cut finni its frame and carried nway
when the capital was captured by the British,
und sal disconsolately on I ho ihalrs and sofas nn
whkh distinguished pcoplo had sat. 1 hay did
not hesitate to express their disapproval of tho
nmr rulo.
A llrltlsb Sjndlcatu said to lie Barking Coatral
or the Buatneaa.
Gukcnpout, L. I., Bee 15. A report that nn
English syndlcato has taken steps to obtain con
trol ot tho miuhadon bunluob? in this country
Ii being discussed by tho captains and
crews of tho menhaden fleet und by
tho omployrcs of tho menhaden works
all along the Atlantic soilmnrd. It Is reported
hero that at a mooting held n-contly in New
York rnnrostnlatlresof tho pirsent owuem and
ol thu English syndicate ditcuaied tho terms of
tho wholitule transfer of inttieits.
One of the reasons put forward for tho deal is
thut n rcu'ntKngllsh inventor has so revolution.
liod the process of reduclug tho lieli to nil and
lortillror that the American owners uia forced
lu isolf-dcfcuLO to sell out or make a certain
losing tight against foreign competitors. A
well-known New York capitalist is said to
represent the English syndicate in th negotia
Air isw.nxAi, machine tovsd is
Espriis Are Analysing the Contents or a Tin
Can mat Ta racked In Cottan In a Box
Belter That Woyler'a Partisans Tried la
This Way ta Make Trouble for Uen. nlance.
Havana, Deo. 15. An Internal machine was
found this morning on tbo ground floor of the
houso In Cuba street which Is occuplod by tho
Consulate of tho United States. Tho lnfornal
machlno wag a box ot wood containing matches
and cotton. In tho contro of which wns a tin
tube about n foot long fllled with what appoars
I to bo an explosive substance Tho box was de
signed to oxplode when opened.
The police seised it and tho authorities began
an investigation. Tho box has been sent to ex
perts for analysis of the substanco contained In
tho tubo. They havo not yet mado tholr report.
TnE Scn correspondent called on Consul- ,
General Leo shortly after thonowsof thodts
tovory had sproad over the town. Gen. Leo
was unperturbed and doclarod that ho did not
attach much Importance to tho matter.
As previously reported by The Sun corre
spondent, thero is much apprehension horo that
an attack will be mode on tho American Consu
late. A fow days ago the Diario dc la Marina
published an article doclartngthat some Ameri
can newspaper was trying to creato trouble
between Spain aud the United States by causing
an attack to bo mado on tbo American Consu
late In Havana. This report wnB tho result of
the transparent tako sent from here to Now
York about thodlscoory of a bomb, someweoks
ago. In tho Consulate. For some days Gen.
Lee's olllce has boen guarded by four Spanish
soldiers ot tho Ilavana military pollco nnd two
Gen. Loo docs not live, as ha formerly did. In
the building whoro his office Is, but in tho Hotol
do Inglaterra, In front ot the Central Park, and
in ono of tbo most populous districts of tbo city,
whero nn attempt to do htm bodily harm would
bo more difficult. The Hotel do Inglaterra, slnco
Gen. Lee has mado his rcsldenco there, ban been
guarded by two Spanish soldiers.
Tho belief is current in Havana that the In
fernal machlno found this morning nnd the
threats that havo called the attention of tho
Government to the necessity of guarding Gen.
Leo hare emanated from some of the Irrecon
clloblo partisans of the policy of Canovns and
Weylor, who aro trying to put every obstaclo In
the way of tho Government at the beginning of
the new autonomic regime.
It is announced to-dny that tho new Cabinet
of the colony will bo constituted as follows:
President, Sefior Joss JIarta darter. President ot
the Autonomist party.
Jltstster of Justice. Seftor Arturo Amblard, a Re
formist Deputy In the Cortes.
Minister of the Interior, Sefior Josi Ilrazon, Auton
omist and Gorernor of IIaana.
Minister of Finance eflor Hafael Montnro, Marquis
of Montoro, Autonomist anil a Doputy In tho Cortei.
Minister of Publlo Works, Seflor Juan Pablo
Toflarely, Reformist and a provincial Deputy.
Tho Union Constltuclonal, or Spanish irrecon
cilable, party is oxcluded frnm any Important
o 111 co in tho Cabinet. Hcnco Us strong opposi
tion to the Government, and henco tho publlo
suspicion that it is responsible for the recent
threats nnrt the attempt on tho American Con
sulate as a means of fomenting trouble.
The Autonomists and Reformists agreed this
morning to appoint an equal number of Secre
tarjju fjam each party for tho new Chamber of
Representatives of tho colony.
Gen. Blanco revoked to-dny Weyler's decree
In which It was forbidden to send victuals from
Havana to the country or to open grocery stores
on tho sugar estates and farms.
Washington, Dc. 15, The State Depart
ment has no ofllclal Information that a bomb wns
found on the ground floor of the United States
Consulate In Havana to-dny. Assistant Secre
tary Crldlcr, who was at tho department until
0 o'clock this afternoon, said to-night that no
despatch of nny kind was received from Havana
during tho day. Sorrotary Sherman, who wns at
the department ourller In tho day and nt whoso
rcsldenco despatches recolvcd nftar offlco hours
are delivered, said that ho believed no In
formation had been received from Havana to
confirm tho report of dangnr to tho Consul.
Officers ot tho State and Navy Departments,
when asked to-night whether protection would
bo extended to our consulato in Havana in caso
tho bomb story should bo confirmed, replied that
protection did not eecm to them necessary. If a
bomb had been placed in the consulate, this
would not necossarlly lndlcato any cxtcnslro
fooling of hostility to Consul-Genoral Lee and
his associates, thoy said. They expressed tho
opinion that tho placing of tho bomb, If tbo Inci
dent occurred, wns the work of a crank, nnd
ample protection to tho consulato would bo af
forded by tho municipal authorities of Havana.
No ofllclal Information regarding tho ugly foel
lng that has lately cropped out In Havana to
ward the Anicrlcnn consular officers has reached
the State Department, according to the officials
Rome or the BUIr Btorle It Is Printing rrem
Cubn as TVewa.
Havana, Deo. 15, via Key West, The story
publlshtdby tho New York Herald that Men
del Capoto was electod President of the republla
of Cuba, and was then forced out by Gen.
Gomez, who convened tho Assembly of Repre
sentatives again and compelled it to eloct Maso,
is a nonsontlcal fake. Tho otllcial nons re
ceived hero Is that Mas was electod Prosldcnt of
the republic on Oct. 10, and that Mender Ca
pote, who presidod over tbo assembly of elec
tors, was tbo warmest supporter Maso had.
After some oloquont speeches by Mendez Ca
poto In favor of Mato, tho luttcr'a laudidncy
won over that of Gen. Garcia, which was also
very popular.
When tho first news of tho election reached
liavannm iNovom.ioriuojf cram scorrespouaunt
mixed up the President ot the Assembly with
tbo President of tho republic, and cabled that
Mendcx Capoto bad been elected President ot
the ropubllc Tub Sun published tho fact
that tho new Preitdcnt of tho republic wns
Maso, but tho Herald still insisted upon
Capote. Then tho ofllclal news camo. Consul
General Lee sent a despntch to Washing
Ion confirming Tub Sun's report. Now tho
Herald Invents u second election forced Oy
Gomez, although Uomoz was in Santa Clara
provlnro. on the western bide of tho Jucaro
Moron trochn. whllo tho oluctlon of the Cuban
President took plnro atYnyn, In tho 'very cen
tre of Camagucy, on the eastern sldo ot tho
tamo military line.
It was the same with the falsa nows of thu
riouthof Gun. Pntido, After TllfcSUN hnd found
Pundo alive in Mananlllo, tho Herald Insisted
upon tils doath 111 Santa Clara prnvlnin. Of
1 courfn, tho reports printed in tho Herald that
Gun. Callxto U.trcU had committed sulUdo and
that Gun. Blanco had received a lnttcr from
Gen. Julio Sangully offering his services to
Spain were also false.
He Report That the Hrmnlah Troops In tbe
lisst Ar la a Had Condition.
Havana, Doc 12, 0 en. Pando haa cablnd
from Munianlllo asking reinforcements to forco
tho pass of tho Canto Illver, which is guarded
by a largo forco from Gen. Callxto Garcta's
Gen, Pando has Informed Gen. Blanco that tho
situation of tho Spanish troops In IhuKastis
terrible. Ho ban found thu majority of tho sol
diers ueelons for nctite service, wnm out hy
antemtn and fever. Ho asks that the facts bo
reported to Spain.
Baarrsot Farm Sausages.
Mads of the tender meat of dairy-fad, fat, young
porkers, daintily seasoned with selected spiel i. Try
a two-pound psckKV. Beware of ImltttloaiJ Adv.
He Hays Thera Is Bound to lie a ttrrat Rash
rrotn Abroad lr the Haw Gold Country.
Ottawa, Dec. 15. 81r Wilfrid Laurler said
to-day about tho coming Immigration to the
Yukon that ho wns amazed at tho proportions
which the movement toward the Klondike Is as
suming all over tho world. From ofllclal Infor
mation ho was of tho opinion that tho Immigra
tion from abroad would largely oxcocd nny con
sorvntlvoestiraato hitherto jnaUe. Tlio Govern
ment found itself face to faco with a possible
situation little dreamed ot a few months ago.
Although gold had boen ralnod In tho Yukon for
somo years, the news of tho richness ot that re
gion was unknown until Inspector Constantino
gavo It to tho world last sprint:.
Tho Prointor said tho Government was giving
tho situation tho most careful consideration.
Parliament would devote a duo mrtol Its time
to matters connected with the Yukon territory.
Tho attention ot tho Government Is now prln-clp-illy
dlrcotod toward tho permanont settle
ment and development ot tho northern and
western territory, whero multitudes of tho gold
hunters will probably end thelrqucstbysettllng
down nrtor tho gold fovci! has abated. Tho
Government Is actunted by no spirit otcupldity,
and will Impose no groator burdens upon tlio
minors and Immigrants than will bo roasonable
and Just.
Tho full stuff ot the Interior Department, with
extra clerks. Is working orertlmo Just now ou
account of tho pressure of business arising from
Yukon affairs.
Tier Minister or Plnnnce Had ta Lng tbe Bags
or Uold Up n Ship's Ladder.
Capt. Nyborr of tho Dutch West India stosm
ship Ornnjo Nassau, whloh arrived yestcrdoy
from Ha) tt, was in tho harbor of Port uu Prlnco
when i tie Gorman war vessels, Chnrlutto nnd
Stein, compelled tbo Hnytlan authorities to pay
an indemnity ot $20,000 for their troatment ot
tho German sublet, Lucder. Tho Dutch skip
per says bo saw tbo German ships enter tho
harbor and tbnt they did not Baluto tho forts.
Immediately after the Charlotte dropped an
chor her commander sent a sealed noto to Presi
dent Sam of tho Black Republic, dnmnndlng tho
pnjmcnt of tho Indomnity within four hours:
otherwise, tho note bald, the ships' guns would
open tiro on tho town.
Thoolliccr who took the noto ashoro was In
structed to get a receipt immediately and re
turn to the Charlotte. Ho did so. and within nn
hour Haiti's Minister of Flnanco camo nut to
tho Charlotte with tho monoy. $0,000 In gold
in bags, lie wns received In sllonco by tbo Ger
mans, who low ored nn ordinary sea ladderand
Invited him to bring the money aboard. Ho was
forced to nmko several trim up and down, us
tho hags wcro so heavy, notto say precious. that
ho did not care to tako moro than ono at a tlmo
tip the tpcrpendicular ladder. After ho had
hniidod over all the gold and it had been count
ed, ho wns dismissed without ceremony.
Tho Haitians wero Indignant over tho treat
ment ot their representative.
Mr. ttnaPul Aged Clerks on VOOO n Tear nnd
la Arcused or Creating a til It rrnelon Mil.
Wabhinoton, Dec. 15. Secretary Gsge's or
der directing that nil clerks In tho Treasury
Department who have reached tho ago ot 70
yonrs shall be roduced in salary to f.yoo a year
la creating somo criticism among members of
Congress, and thero will probably bo an inquiry
into the right of tho Secretary to establish
whs t somo of the critics maintain Is a civil pen
sion list. Tho reductions havo been made on
tho ground that clerks who havo reachod the
age of 70 years are not fltto.1 to adequately per
form their clerical duties. In coneldorntlou of
their long and faithful service; Secrotnry Gngo
decided not to drop them from tho rolls, but to
contlnuo them at tho rato whlcli, according to
members of Congress, corresponds to a mero
pension. In announcing to a superannuate!
Icrk that his salary Is to bs reduced to $000.
Srcretiry Gago uses a printed circular, the
phniKeology of which tends to confirm tho
claim that ho hns creatod a civil pension list.
Ho liascbtahllshed nn"houornblo seri Ico roll"
foraged clerks thus reduced, and the circular
informs them that their official duties may he
made less nrduouH.
Ono of tho old clerks reduced to ffi'00 received
a salary of S'.'.IOO, another got 'J,000, und
othors $1,800.
Train to Which r. It. Vnmlerbltt'a Car Was
Attached Escapes a Lnndsllde In Tror.
Trot, Dec. 15. Tho heavy rains of tho past
twenty-four hour have swollen the Hudson nnd
Its tributaries, und much damage Is being dono
nlung tho docks, many of which aro under four
or flvo feet of water. Moro than sovonty inched
of water is passing ovor tho Sluto dam to-night.
Tho New York night boats nro compelled to re
rclvo freight and pnssougers at the Adams
etroot dock. Orr & Co.'s mills, tho Boutwcll
mills, aud other mills In the northern part of tho
city bad to shut down this aftornoon on account
of tho high water.
Slnco curly this morning thero have been sev
eral landslides in various parts of tho city.
A mass of clay, gravel, mud, and two trees shot
suddonlydown upon tho tracks of tbo Now York
Central In South Troy Just after a train had
passed, nnd was discovered by a track walker in
timo to prevent a serious accident. Central
Hudson train U'J, which Icaws Troy nt 'J:S(
A. 11.. wont as fur oh the iron workn hofore tho
elide was discovered. W. IC, Vnnderbllt occu
pied private car 101, and C. M. Ilaje-iof tho
Canadian 1'jclflc mad had a prlvato car in the
train, which was compelled tn back to the depot
nnd go down on tho West Shore. There n era
heavy landslides in Liberty nnd Hnosic Htrtcis,
and travel was considerably delayed for a num
ber of hours.
Talk ar a Consolidation or Knamellrd Ware
Negotiations have bcou In progress looking to
the consolidation of a number of tho principal
enamelled waro and stamping companies ot this
country Into ono company. So fnr four con
cerns havo ngreod to tho consolidation. Theso
are tho Bt. Louis Stamping Company of St.
Louis, tlio Kicokhofer Brothers Company of
Milwaukee, tho MatthaMngram Company nf
Baltimore, and the Contr.il Stamping Company
uf this city. At least two oilier concorns, tlio
Hsbermau Manufacluiing Company and the
American Stamping Compati), both of this cltv,
nroHlbollkoly to go Into the combination. Ths
hlx i-ontcrns represent hotweon 40 and CO por
cent, of tho enameled ware und stumping busi
ness of tho country.
Fornior Coucrci-inisn F. O Nr-ldnrliighiius,
President of tho & . Louis SlnmpimjComn.in,
bus been in.'th o in promoting tho pioposodcon
xolidtilon nnd has lately been in this city re
garding tho matter. Tho scheme contemplates
I tho formation uf a now company, which will
Purchase iho other companies. 'Die amount of
its capital stock will probably not exceed
la Twists lteptllea Around Models and Paints
the Combination.
Charles If. Hlgby, known to his friends ns the
snake artist, was tuken to tbo Now York Hospi
tal thteo days airo, dangerously 111 with Inflam
mation ot the lungs. An operntlon was per
formed on him yesterday, but so fnr it has not
scLiiiod to increase tho chance ot recovery .
Hlghy'e studio Is cm tho top lloor ot tho office
building nt 10 East Fourteenth street. The
studio Is his homo. It is also tbu homo of bis
Hiiakos. Now thut the oung mun is iu the hos
pital, thero is nn line around tho building who
cures to show olf the suukis or e en outer tho
loom where thoy nrc kept.
A young woman who seeinod to know n good
donl about Ihem ussurod aht'N man that tiiero
weront UsHl lltteen sniikes lu all. He trapped
mien with whlii l 'rod tiiriu, hc said, and.
whenovcrho was In the room, Jul them run looso
! all over the studio. Ho encouraged them to
' climb up his sltoxiaund urouud bla net L,
'1 h Janitor oi tlio building said that tho artist
twisted tho snakes around modols and painted
reptiles und uiodeU In different postures.
Tblrty.nve Degree Colder In Nebraska.
Ouaha, Neb., Dec. 15. Tho mercury baa
dropped 35 In Nebraska In three hours. A
Borere storm prevails all orer the HtaW. ,
a Beams with Dtllaht aa He Beeslrea tbe
Plaudits or the nourae Rla Trlumphnl Kn
try lata Kiel, Where He dees to Speed Ilia
Brother lleorr on the Way to China.
4pctt CaMs Dtiraleh to THiatnt.
BgruxT, Dec. 15. Tho Kmporor, accompanied
by his third bon, Prlnco Adalbert, started for
Kiel, via Hamburg, at 7 o'clock this morning to
bid farewell to his brothor. Prlnco Ilonry of
Prussia, who l about to sail for Ktao Chou Bay
la command of tho additional squadron of Gor
man warships assigned to Chlncss waters.
Tbe Imperial progress to Kiel was doubtless
designed In tho Interests ot the Naval bill. Tho
"forward " policy In China, as a piecaof theatri
cal management, was clovorly planned, nnd his
Mojosty has o cry roatou to bo dellgbtod with Its
success. Tho fervor of h Is reception at Hamburg,
which city Is particularly Interested In tho
bucccsb of tho navy scheme, could hardly havo
been surpassed. Tho Emperor visited the
liourso, which was an extraordinary ovont.
His reception proved his kcon knowlcdgo ot
whom to beat nhtaln a telllntr nvatlon. The
great hall was densely crowded, and the enthu
siasm mnnlfosted was very groat.
Herr Woerniann of tbo Chamber of Commerco
made a patriotic spocch, concluding with a de
mand for a thundering "Hoch for the mighty
Lord Protector of the German Empire and th
Gorman flag on all seas." Tho multltudo roared
themselves hoarso in response, and the Emperor
beamed with delight.
Subsequently, while prlvntoly thanking tho
promoters of tho demonstration, his Majesty
declared pIb conviction thnt bis brother's mis
sion would result in benefit to tho trade of Ham
burg. Upon his arrival at Kiel bis Majesty mado a
sort ot triumphal entry Into tho city. Orent
crowds had gathered to welcome htm and tho
enthusiasm was overwhelming. Soon after his
arrival tho Emperor and his suite boarded tbo
w arslilp Goflon, the other warships in tbo harbor
tbundorlng forth salutes as tho Imperial stand
ard rose to the masthead. His Majosty inspect
ed tho crew, and mado a characteristic speech,
exhorting them to be mindful of their oath to
their War Lord, tholr flag, and tho fatherland.
Afterward ho Inspected tho Deutschland,
Prlnco Henry's flagship.
Tho Uerliner Nuchrichten draws a harrowing
picture of Prlnco Honry being dragged from
the bosom ot his family at Christmas tlmo to
face the "heathen Chluco" In a political contest
She Plnia the Part ol a M orbing Ctrl la a
llew ft'reaeb Urania.
Special CabU Xisspalcari t Tax Sim.
Paris, Dsc 15. Octavo Mirboau's "Les Nau
rats Bergers" was performed for the first tlmo
to-night at tbe Itonaissanco Theatre Sarah
Bcrnhndt played tho part ot tho heroine, Made
line, a. ulrlot the working class, who dovcluued
Into a Bort of Anarchist of tho Louise Michel
It was her first appearance In such a rftlc, but
she delineated tho character wiji her usual
skill. Luclon Gultry, as tho Anarchist Iioute,
was remarkably powerful In his acting. Tho
play is striking and melodramatic
IjOS-don, Dec 15. The new play, " Les Mau
vals Borgers," producod by Sarah Bernhardt at
tho Renaissance Theatre, in Paris, to-night, is
longthlly treated by English correspondents.
They criticise Mmc. Bernhardt's descent to a
dmgerous sociallstlo role, declaring that she Is
pandoring ta a growing tendency, nnd thnt nor
nctlon is calculated to fire the animosity be
tween the social classes.
Tho correspondent of tho 1'imen complains
against tho inflammatory theories of a Socialist
club being propagated with all the prestige of art
and superior stngo Betting. Ho says tbatMmo.
Bernhardt cortalnly produced an Immense effect
In tho horriblo scono depicting the death of
Madeleine, with which tho play closed, hut, it
is added, "It was painful to see tbe queen of
clcganco nnd grace making horself the spokes
woman for tho ferocious theories of the mob."
rnriEATEXixa iierniiaedt.
Sbe Believes Mine. Klein Intenda to Hill or
DIsdKiire Her.
5jfa! Cable I)4ipatch to Tax Bus.
Pauih. Deo. IS. Sarah Bornhardt some time
ngo was threatened by a demented girl named
Klein, who is now confined in tho Snlpetrlere.
Tho throats havo now boen resumed by tho
girl's mother, and the trngedtenno bus com
plained to tho Judicial authorities about tho
pursistent Insults nnd abuse sho has been sub
jected to from this source.
Sho declircd that Mine. Klein closoly watches
hor, nnd that sho Is convinced that sho Intends
to kill hor or throw vitriol upon her. For this
reason sho never goes to or from tho theatre
without an escort.
jir.itr west not ouiltt.
Infidel Foreman or thn Jury Plende wltb nis
Yellows and Securea nn remittal.
Lexinoion, Ky Den. 15. Mary West, aged
10, who shot and killed William Wilder at tho
houso of Ida Clarko, on Spruce Btreot, ou tho
night of Doc. -1, wns acquitted of the charge of
murder by a Jury this nf ternnou, after being out
nineteen hours. Charles C. Moore, tho infidel
Prohibitionist odllnr, who was foreman of tho
jury, bad pleaded wltli tho three Jurymen who
had held out lor her conviction for hours until
he succcoded In winning thorn over toBlgntho
verdict of acquittal. When tho verdict was
read Maryfclllntohormother'snrins. Sho prom
ised hor mother that sho would abandon tbo
life she began to lead on Inst 1 hankeglving Day,
when Fho went to tho Clarko woman's house.
Will Wilder nnd two Irleuds. all drunk, went to
Ida Clarke's on thn night of thn trairedv, nndbo
cnni' so bnWtcroun that she ordered them nut.
M.iry Wost also insisted ou tholr going. Wilder
inlsid n chair and threatened to brain Mary,
Sho drew n pistol from under tho pillow nnd
11 red a bullet Into Wilder' throat. Ho diod
within ten minutes.
A Movement lo Revoke tbe Cnnadlan Charters
of Iwn Mining Courcrna.
Ottawa, Dee. 15. Tbo Canadian Copper Com
pany, which is nn American concern, nnd tho
Auglo-Aimirlciu Iron Company, also operating
under I'nlted States charter, tho two com
panies conliolling tho outputof the nickel and
conpor mines uround Sudbury, Ontario, enjoy
npeclul legislation domiciling tboiu luCsiiudu
on certain conditions, ono of which was tho es
tablishment of hmi tltln-works for tho reduction
of tho oros. ll is now asserted thut In breach
nf that e-omtltian they have shipped tholr ore to
I thu Uiiltoil Hlatos and had It sinoUct iherc, nnd
that they hire spent in wages nnd freight about
Hl,'J5l,KH)iyoniln this way which should havo
been spoilt In Cuiiids.
A petition hns Just been filed In tho Depart
ment nf Justice at Ottawa hj Mr. 11. II, Osier.
.j, V of Toronto, praying for leao to bring an
action against theso American companies to re
voke their Canadian charters.
Ksraped Prisoner Tired or Liberty Quickly.
ClIAMHCIlAliUHO, Pa Deo, 15, Two of tho
seven prisoners who broke Jail here last night
wore captured In-day nt Greoncaslle. William
Winters, a colored man, who hnd wandered
I eleven miles through last night's dreadful storm.
I wslkuit Into tho telegraph cilllco at Groenenitlu
and scut a lliKHfo to tho Sheriff saylugthat
ho Hnd nmigliof II mid wns tlrotl of escaping,
Tho tiihtr men nro supposed to havo found ro
f ngo in Maryland.
Ilroobbn'a ttnbr."
Tho Brooklyn authorities have decided that
tho "wake " over tho decease of that city as an
Independent municipality is to tnko tho form of
u publlo reception ut the City Hall on Dec. 20.
All tho surviving former Mayors are to be In.
vltod to assist Mayor Wurster at tho reception.
! fiHiliBaM
Three Men Killed and Two Women Wonnded
Mortally la Ueomla.
Macon, Ga., Dec. 15. At a pnrty given last
night at JofTersom lllo at tho residence of W. II.
Cnliff, n fnnuer. thrco men were kiliod nnd two
women mortally wounded, Tho killed wore
Luther Cilirr, son of W. 11. Calltf; Short Grif
fin, a well-known resident of Jcffcrsouvllle, and
Clarence Jonos. Tho women who wore Injured
aro Mrs. W. H. Cnllfl. Ibo wife of tho host, nnd
Mary Potty, tho daughter of tho Postmistress
of JofTorsuiivllli'.
"Short" Orillln and Luthor Cnliff, son of tho
host, wore dilnklng, and a quarrel nroso bo
tween them. Griffin drow a knlfo nnd a pistol,
pursuing t'nllft through tho house. Tho father
approached tlrlflln aud ordered him from the
house. Griffin turned upon him, and Sirs.
Caltft dragged him Into nn adjoining room.
Young Calitr hod secured a pistol, and facing
GrlQIu, hogan to shoot. Both mon shot at the
tamo time. Orlffln was hit nt tho first tiro, and
recolvcd lour bullets In his body. Ho was so
drunk thnt his first bullut went wldo and In
stantly killed young Clnrenoo Jones, who was
attempting to stop tho fight, Tho next two shots
fired wounded Mrs. Calif! nnd Mary Potty.
Griflln's last shot, fired almost as ho expired,
struck young Callff in tho head, killing him Instantly.
A Woman Pound Dead In a Flat (be Leased
Yesterday Arternoon.
San FitANCisco, Dec. 15. News of the mur
der of a woman In a respectnblo rosldonco dis
trict camo to light this evening. Early this
afternoon a woman rented a flat at 803 Guerrero
street from tho woman who had tho placo In
charge. Sho received tho key, nnd went back
to the tint.
Early this evening her body wns discovered In
the flat with evidences nf assault nnd n fierce
strugglo before sho had been overpowered.
The murdered woman, frnm papers found nn
her body, is ovldcntly Mrs. Mnry C. Cluto of
Watsonvllle, Cal, Miss Blnncnnrd rentod her
the upper flat nnd sho had men laying carpets
thin afternoon. About 5 o'clock persons living
In tbe other flat saw a carpet layer leaving by
tho back door.
Just at that tlmo they hoard screams from the
flat. Thoy tried to detain tho enrpot layer, but
ho broke away nnddlsnppcarod, Tho woman
was found In tho room lying on tho floor breath
ing her Inst. Her head hnd been crushed by a
railroad coupling pin.
Tbey Say It la In Montana IT Genuine It Ya
Worth n Small Fortune.
Great Falls. Mont, Dee. 1 5. If itproves gen
uine the last missing coin of the United States
dollar issuo of 1801 hue been discovered In north
ern Montnna. For thirty cars coin gnthorcrs
and museums hao hud n standing offer of from
98,000 to $.10,000 tor tho coin. There nro but
four pieces of this issuo in tho world. It was
brought to light In Tclon county a tow days ago,
when Billy So) incur, a bartender at Chateau,
was counting hts cash. His eyo caught sight of
an odd-looking dollar that had been taken In for
i.u, ,o. kjvjuiuiu luu. luu bum, pulling uu Wl"
dlnary dollar In tho drawer.
Tho following dnv he cxhibitod It to several
frlonds, among whom wns ono wborccognizod
tho dollar of 1804. In a short timo every man
who had passed a dollar over Soymour's bar
that day called to claim tho dollar, having
"passed It by mistake." Seymour refused to
give It up. Several suits nro throntenqd to re
cover possession. Thoro is little reason todoubt
tho genuinenoss of tho coin.
rrro villi am it. eatils.
One Killed Illmseir and Friends or the Olber
Are IVow Astonished to Meet Illm Alive.
Several days ngo a William H. Earl of Brook
lyn committed suicide, slnco which his cousin,
also William II. Earl of Brooklyn, has beon con
sidered by many of his friends to be dead. Tho
Mr. Earl who did not commit suicide Is tho Stnto
Rcportorof tho Foresters of America, nnd lives
nt 120 Gates avenue. After tho death ot the
other Mr. Ear), who lived in Atlantic avenue,
and who was not n Forester, letters and tdo
grams of condolcnco began coming to tho liou-c.
A committee ccn came, brought a floral
wreath, und went away much discomfited upon
learning from tho grlef-striekcn parents that
their bon had not been a Forester.
Mo.witimo tho llvo William 11. Karl wns cre
ating a sensation everywhere he went. Friends
would rush up lo him and cry:
"Why, great heavens, man! I thought you
were dead. Head it in tho papers tho other
Then would come explanations, which boenmo
wearlsoino when they hud been repeated a fow
ocoronf times. Both tho families uf KnrUwIU
bo thankful when tholr friends nrrivo nt a
knowlcdgo of which William II. Earl is dead
und "which Is alive.
Ilov. nrndlry Will Vot Count tbe Coat, He
Snya, to Preserve Order.
Frankkout, Ky..l)cc, 15. Gov. Bradley to
day gavo out a statement in reply to criticisms
on his nation of last night lu sending troops to
Boylo county to protect turnplko property. Tho
public criticism grow out of tbo fact tbnt Gov.
Bradlc) had not called on the county officers or
communicated with them before making tho
order. Gov. Bradley said;
"Tho Slate's property ns well hs individual
lntorosts havo already suffered too much at the
hands of raiders und midnight mobs. County
utllcxrs havo henn negligent In this matter.
Statu troops will be furnished whenever guards
pro u Insufficient, provided cltieus e.in bo found
who havo tho nerve tniitk fortliem. Tho laws
ehall bo rnforcod If thero Is power enough in
Kentucky to enforce them, whatever bo tho
Orders a City Kmplnyee to Ileturn an Alleged
Compulsory Pultllrnl Contribution.
Boston, Dee, 15. Mayor Quiney replied to tho
statement mndn nt thu Itilcy rail) utFanuull
Hall last night concerning an allotted compul
sory campaign contribution, by writing a letter
to tho city emplojno named and peremptorily
ordered him tn return mi) campaign contribu
tion ho recolvod. At tlio rally John II. Muran.
ono of thn Riley slump speakers, exhliiitot what
purported lo be a receipt for a chccl. for $10 re
ceived from Bert Mullen, a mosseiigir in tho
saiuo department. In thu latter Major Oulncy
said that no complaint hud been made by Mr.
Mullen, but ns It was asserted that tlio cheek
was a compulsory contribution for political pur
poses, ho demanded thut It should bo ruturnua.
Tbe Ynunsnst or the family la a Woek Old.
the Oldest About du.
New llEDumi), Mass., Doc. 15. The Houso of
Correction her furnishes a rcmarknblu study In
criminnlog, Tliuro nro now In the place four
generations In ono family, tlio joungest Just a
week old nnd tin eldest, tho Infant's great-grand-mother,
scarcely over threescore.
All hut tho infant were committed to thn in
stitution un r-opt. I) for shoplifting. Ahi-uus
GUlis was arrested after tbo pollco discovered
tho hiding place of toino plunder, nnd subso
qucnllv hi wife, Jennie GII1I-: her mother,
BessluT.ittiin ill, and hor grandmother, Mar
garet Lilaiil, followed Alii'tiiis, nil ehurge'd
with either larceny or tho receiving ot stolen
For n Big Hotel enr the (iraud Crulral Hint Ion
Slnco tho oxtenslvoiiiiproicmenlBwero begun
on the Grand Central Station rumors have heon
in clrcul'itlnn of other building improveiicnls
to be uiailu on a vast scnlo In its vicinity. It
was reported jeslerday thut anew hotel is kuoii
lo be erected ou u silo covering ucuily ,ui eiiilro
block near the Grand Central hlntlou. It is raid
that behind Ibo venture Hiiro is a sndlcitto
composud of soino of iho wealthiest men ot this
city, und thut plaus nearly completed aro al
ready In the hands ot Biuco Price, the arch
itect, Mr. i'rlee would give no dellullo Infor
mation on the subject yesterday, e
He Told Ilia Wife He Intended to Kill Her, iwSB
Their KlKht-Yrnr-Old Dnuibler. and lllm. mpM
srir Mrs. Srbulta Warned the Child .hTIbbI
and Tried to flee-Then Scholia Fired. SSasi
Bernard Bchultz. a wholesale tobacco mer- iIIRbbb!
chant of Jersey City, shot and dangerously 'l&H
vroundedhlswlfo last night nnd then klllod tlfcH
himself at his homo In Clifton Park. Wcchaw- SvM
ken Heights. Ho was evidently Insauo. '?'
Schultx wns 53 years old. Up to two weeks 'jltfl
go ho ovvnodn store ut 13'. Pnvonla nvcnuo, TOjfl
Jersey City, but sold out, owing to bad business. ' iB
Ho had been greatly worried since that tlmo. (!((
At 0 o'clock last night Schultr. wont to his iB
homo, having been in Jersey City nil day. H
Ills wlfo nnd hnr two daughters, aged WM
14 nnd 8 years respectively, hnd nlready ilft'fl
retired, Scliullz went to his wife's room ffiB
and after fumbling nbout In tho darkness $'
awakened he rand struck a light. Mrs. Schults ffiU
saw then thnt something wns wrong with him. j)B
Sbensked him what the trouble wns. S'vB
" I'm tired of all this," he said to hor In a tone KU
that frightened hnr. " ami I'm ,-nlni. n .nri is viyvVml
all. I'm going to shoot you nnd Leslie nnd tlion HB
myself." 'isB
Leslie is the eight-yenr-old daughtor. Mrs. (H9
Bchultz Jumpod from the bednnd started for tho luM
adjoining room, whero 11 1 1 lo Leslie wns slocplng. 4'bbbI
At the same tlmo her husband movo.l toward llt'M
the bureau. Sbo turnod as sho passed thromth (VSI
the door, and sho saw him tnko a I crolvor from U$afl
tbo bureau drawer. IfcSBBTi
Closing tho door bohlnd her nnd locking It. a
she ran to the bed nnd nwiikcmd hor child. ttllH
,," Don't apoak,"aho whispered. "Crawl under $fvHl
thn liod nnd don t mind what pnpn does." ilS H
Tho lltllo girl ohoyod nnd tlio mother then IfWlB
flipped out by another door, turning tho flH
key behind her on thn outside. She I'i'ftIB
ran down the front stairs. Intending i 'S
to escape and alarm tho family nf her mi rrled V'-'lavl
daughter, who lives next door, but her husband i IrdB
heard her movements. f',Si"W
Standing at tho lop of tho stnlrs, ho fired at SftH
her ns sho had hor hand on thn knohof tho outer . HJH
door. Shu screamed and fell. Then Schiilta , KlB
turned the pistol ou hlinelf and put n bullet tn tfanvl
his brain. He dird instantly. ,' f'iHl
Thu shots arouscu thn m-jghbtirs. They ran KHbbbI
to tbo houso and found M's. Schultst uncon- f mH
sclousfrom tho effects of her wound. r-SH
Tho ball had cntored Just ahovu her right hip -Sjsl
Hnd dangcrouslv near tho splno. It Is foaroil iB
thai sho cannot rei ovor. slialSBnt
Cormier Orconleat was notlllod, and went to i.wyiiiB
Clifton Park Into last night. ftBl
Schultz leaves two grown sons, but nolthorot IK IB
them was at homo at thu tlmo ot tho tragedy. ml
To lie Hanged en Jan. 7 What Will Ilia Ita ilil
tornrr Do Now f ' finjH
San Fhancibco, Dec. 15. For tho fourth time MJavl
Theodore Durrant to-day was sentenced to the vH
gallows. This tlmo thu dato of oxecutlon was li'javl
llxrd for Jan. 7, and, ns all appeals to tho State lH
nnd Federal courts havo boen oxhnustcd, his
attoruevs will bo unnblo to delay tho hanging, tIU
unless they hit upon somo now dovlco for ovor- ', ctB
riding tho law. ' JB
After nearly three years of prison llfo Durrant f9
showod little trace of his cxpcrlonco. Ho was Sfefl
calm and was neatly dressed, and took his son- B
tenco without ennnging a muscle. After nis rj-fj
sentenco Durrant talked briefly about his case. 'jfj
Ho said nothing now, except that tho Mlnnlo ',;
Williams caso should lie tried so that any ovl- ,ffi.
donee In his favor might ho brnughtout. Ha jifV
claims to bcllovo that tho trial would rovcal the J-V
real murderer ot the two girls. On Iho other , C'
hand tho police say tho trial of this caso would 3 CV
produca convincing proof of Durraufs guilt, as u
tho evidence is much stronger than In tho (A
Blanche Lamont marder caso. !J
Somebody Knocks nt lie Boor Rrery Ifleaf JJRi
and Tbon Huns Away. ',3ft
Somebody is annoying tbo inmates of tho jff
Homo for Crippled Children in Newark hy " 'JE
knocking loudly on Its doors nt night nnd then VK
running awny. Tbo visits havo boen mado V?
every night for a week nt nny hour from 10 to 81
3. A policeman wns stationed in tho houso '
Tuosdny night Ho hoard rapping Just attor i
midnight on tho back door. Tbo policeman f
went out of tho front door and rnn around tho '
house. When ho reached tho rear door tho
knocking was rcpentod on tho front door. Ho i.
lost no timo in running around tho houso again, rl-
pistol in hanil. but there was nobody in sight. -WE
Ho discharged tho pistol In tho air ns a warning ,.,(,'
to tbo intruder that the houso was being 'y
guarded. .J
Tho Homo for Crippled Children moved into Mi
the Thebcrath mansion, In Clifton nnd Fifth S
avonucs, only a short tlmo ago 'I ho houso Is a '
largo square structure, Hhiiullng on n walled Ji
bank nbove tho avenues. The knocking bognn a m
night or two after tho homo was installed. ,0
Hie Summer Heetdenee In lEnet Somervllle A
Flreuiull Injured. .
SostnitviLLK, N. J.. Dec. 15. Tho largo sum- "3
mer rcsldenco of Senator William J. Keys, In Ji
East Somcrvillc, wns destrojed by flro to-night. Mi
Flames were discovered In thu wost tower nti ,'A
10:15 o'clock, .v-uitor Kevs. whoso wlntor
home Is nt tho Chelsoa In Sow- York rllj.nr-
rived hero thlBnftenioon. At tho time tho flro I jl
broke out l.u was plajlng cards with his nh 0 ."1
In the parlor. Much of tho furniture und brio- '
h-brne in thn lower part of the house wan snvo I. ;
At 10:l.r tho roof of the tuwe-r fell. Fireman
Titus of tlio Central Hook nnd Laddur Company
was knocked from the top of n lltty-fool ladder. 1
He was picked up unconscious, and Is now lu a f
crltlcnl condition. Senator Ivcysstysllieoilgin ,,,X
of the tiro Is n great mv story In him, as It was jifc'
llrBt discovered In tho I uvur, where thuro was MB
neither Urn nor light, 'iho loss Is estimated at j' Jr.
$'J5,000. It Is covered h Insurance. I B
Tho Pargoud and snllu tlllili lio Down In tlm H,
Jill. sN.ll.pl. iVi
Nkw Oihxvns, La.. Dec. 15. The stonmboat '
Pargoud struck a snag In tho Mississippi River,
four miles above Bed Rlvor landing, last night,
nnd sank in deep water, tlio boat and cargo
being n total loss. Tho crow .nd p issengers ca-
I'nped, Tho Pnrgoud wns mi nod bv tho Now Or- 2
leans and WVsti rn Rillroad Coinpan), and was s3
running In tho Red Klvnr trade. Sim was worth, 1
MIO.OOO, and Ii id mini! 11,000 bului ut cotton
ulKiarel. valued ul i?150 0011, ff
ThnHtoamor Stell 1 i lids struck a f nag In the .',!
Mississippi, nlout tnoiity-llvo miles below ,,7
N.itcho, j e'sle-riiov . and sank lu shallow wator. i
The bunt can bo raised Hgiiln. "71
Villi. AShl.lt 10 HOLD A It I IT.
nnhr'e Owner Misting llhrn Iho Ferryboat
Lnndeil-llnbr Nenl lu llelloiiir.
While Annie Wheeler. 10 years old, of i'll tt
East lOOIh street, wns returning to this city ,5
from Hunter's Point on a TI1I1 ly-fomlu street ,J
ferrylmtt jChtiTda) itfie nioon, a vmiiiiuii nsleil ,,i
hertu hold herbj'. furn miniilo, Tho woman 6,
couldn't bo found later. 1. 1 tlio girl took the
baby home.. Shu subdequeiitlv turned It over m
teiiliuKisi 101th blrcut police, who sunt it to ,T
Bellcvuo lloipltnl. 1 W.
Preparing to Hid Tor I1111111I Transit Work. - f
Emerson McMIUIu or Ihnerson McMillln & ajj
Co., whu has been priuiiliu-'itl) hlmitlllod with fli
n number of iccont transactions lor tho pur- 'Jl
clinso or salo of gasiuuking plants, admitted K
yostordny that he was interested In a uilicmo to , j
underwrite or guarantee! a prospective bid fur Jj
tho eon-triictioii uf Hit' iinqergiiiiuiii tunnel. 'ij!
"Wlinoltournitilcicstcil "sud .Mr. Me-.MIIlIll, MV,
"I wiiulil dicliiio to si) oven if 1 know. 1 hare iflf,
not in) self been thu ..etlvo agent 111 tlio matter," i:X-'
Himill III.) Illra ir lljUruphulilii. ' iM
C'l i:vi:i..vM. ()., Dee. 15. Frank It iy, tho 10- W
ye-vr-nld bon ot .Iuiiiih It i of l'l Arth ir strict, 'J
this it. Is dead from Hie elTcels of mad do. a JjL
hiio. Tno months ngo. whllo returning from 1 ,$
butcher shop with 111 at, the bo) was pursued
by a dog, who attacked inn. taunting hi 4
h indB, nriiis, and nodj with ins teeth. On lust ,
lliuisdii) Frank showed simmoni of ludro- f,
phobia. Dr. J. J, Irvlu said it w. "uliuciMM ''
hydrophobia." 1
. A

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