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Kl. OUIItara I Re Itetalncd hr lb Philadelphia
Riflt.' Speculation on lbs Mcl'oyCrrednn nnt-
mJfjSi' lie Ctaej-nsiil Talks or Jflftlrt-TDb rsevr
fW,'' aToetball Captains or Ihe "1111 Four."
BK' The clubs of tho National Lcaguo havo made
B0' an unuiually lareo number of baseball dools
Hra this winter, aid tho oml Is not yet. Tho Now (
fear York Club openod tho bull by socurlng Grady
atr and Harfman from St. Louis In exchange for I
ESflD Holmes, Donnelly', and $3,000 In cash. Not j
IK'' satisfied -with this deal, Von dor Alio proceeded
llfr ako another with tbo Philadelphia Club.
mfw which was onc-aldod nnd In tho St. Louis mag-
VaRf nate's favor. Ito unloaded Monte Cross, tho
IsK ' shortstop; "Red" Donahue, tho pitcher, and
ItSf, Doutrlass, tho cntchor, for such seasoned play
WM', as Jack Taylor, Clomcnts, Dowd, and Iavo
j& Cross. "Vondjr" followed this move by trad-
1. tag; Catchor Morgan Murphy for Suirdcn of
wM-'i Pittsburg, and releasing Second Baseman Hall
i?K man to Brooklyn for Shoch. If Von dcr Aho
.t' con now socuro a competent manager to linn-
12$ dlo his team, there may bo joy In tho Mound
I' City, for these player aro on his list:
I M' Clements and Soirdcn, catchers! Taylor, Carsey,
1 Hart Bud hod, and Kissinger, tosaynothlng'of several
I'di minor leagners, pltcharai tally, Oril base! Shoch,
Wm second base! Lava CrOM, abort atop! Donnelly, third
M- bus Dowd, Harley, and Turner, outfielders.
KC Cincinnati hai secured tho best end of a deal
Iot', with Pittsburg, as Kwing has secured Ilnwley
IS and Elmer Smith in exchange for Rhlncs,
I ST. Behrlver, Gray, and McCarthy. Tho biggest
I hL deal of all Involved the transfer of Doyle, ItclU
mt$. and Amola of DaJtiinoro to tho Washington
1 J5J Club for McJames, Do MontroTllle, and Mo-
IjV Gann. Hanlon, as In many past Instances,
IM- made a shrewd movo that Is regarded by base-
mW" ball men as undoubtedly prodnctlvo of better
ig'' result than Washington will enjoy from the
mm.' deal. Doyle, while a splendid first baseman
fond baso runner, Is not more than an ordinary
hitter and Is a disturber. McQann, when he
played Becond baso with tbo Bostons year bo
ms fore lost, was acknowledged to bo a corking
1 batsman, but a weak Holder.
r , in Toronto last Benson bo played flrst base
Ife and devoloped so rapidly that Arthur Irwin,
B'J his manager, believes that ho will lead all
ft' comers In this department of the gauio In nn
Is other year. Do Montrcvlllo is considered
&' Reltz's equal as a second baseman, barring
ffi' gracefulness of stylo, and ho Is generally con
Mm ceded to be a far bettor hitter andbaso runner.
J" McJames. though a youngstor In experience,
Mi showed surprising pitching ability last sum-
H mer, and with Robinson to catch him ho bids
II' fair to turn Into another Corhett. Amolo is
only a fair loft-hunded pitcher wltli limited ox
Kra!t' Jierlence. Hanlon certainly deserves tho tltlo of
M-W "'Champion Deal Makcrl"
KJ. Beyond tho trado of Shoch for Ilallman and
' the drafting of n number of minor longne play-
fii era, the Brooklyn Club baa'dono very Tlttlo yet
. toward changing tho personnel of the team.
jK The chief reason for this is tho dangerous 1 11
BW bttt of President Byrne and tho absenco of
w . Manager Barnlo In California with the "Bnltl--
more and "All America" teams. Bultlinoro's
! disposal of Doyle to Washington knocks tho
m( proposed deal for Jack into splinters, but thcro
.J! Is still some hopo of seenring Jack O'Connor
B from the Clovolauds, Halluiau, If ho takes caro
J' of himself, will greatly strengthen tho Infield,
fmv. but other up-to-unto hustlers anil batters aro
Bui, needed to mako tbo team n winner. In this
mim epidemic of baioball deals tho Brooklyn Club, it
MtViu would socm, might authorize Cnarloy Kbbets to
null tbo wires In tbo enforced nbbonce of Messrs.
Byrne and Barnlo. Ebbots, while mixed up
mi' pretty well in politics, could And time, perhaps,
& to do a littlo corresponding with toino of thopo
S. magnates who aro Itching to mako deal with
'j& anybody and overybodytiuotably.bU Louis and
' Philadelphia,
IK. Oeorgo Stalllngs, by tho way, will bo ro-
W tained as malinger ot tho Philndolphins. This
m. Is the latest bit of Inside Information which
4' aB reached hero from Uuakcrtown. 'In snlto of
r the ouposltlon of tho players and a majority of
f the patrons ot tho tamo. Roach and Rogers havo
1,3; concluded to try Stalllngs once more. This
, manager had so much experience last sum
iff mer thut ho decided to prevail unon Hogers to
Iff sweep out all of the alleged troublo makers In
2- tho Philadelphia team, a plan In which bo np-
&. poars to hue liecn succeatful, in viow of the
m- wholesalo transfer of Quaker players in the
R past threo months. Stalllmra's relations with
S' HJ members of his team last season can bo
j Illustrated by an Incident that occurred at tho
Polo Oronnds when the Philadelphia were
Mm here on their flrst trip. Stalllngs stood In uni-
iw form on the coaching lines. Four members
m4y of the team, in Btrcet clothes sat in the back
m row of the grand stand. Ono of them with a
lt' paper mccaphono suddenly mado Stalllngs
"jU turn around with this remark:
.L"H.By' 70U long-legged lobster, sit down on
the bench and keep out of sight.
ji Htalllngs tried hard to locate his traduccr,
fir, put was unsuccessful. Then another of tho
I fs four took tho mccaphono and yell'd:
' "Fino yourself SIO becnuso T.ijlor struck
out. Ho was hypnotized by you.'
Mm . Stalllngs walked slowly in toward tho bench,
,. looking for tho howlers, but they kept quiet.
Mat V"1 nioment his hack was turned they resumed
ae JSe,r "roast, nnd rci'inrd to enjoy It hugely.
Ihose who saw tho incident needwl no further
:S explanation as lo why the Philudelphlas had
mm ueh nn unsuccessful team. Two of these four
Ik men mentioned above havo been traded to St.
fr Louis.
I J.' Sporting men from vnrlous parts of tho conn-
f try havo arrived in town lo seo tho McCoy.
- Croodon battle 'to bo decided nt tho Long Isluiid
I A. O. to-morrow night. While the odds aro
slightly in favor of McCoy, to Impartial oh
servors tho nifiilr seonm to liu decidedly oven
uj. each man lmvln uliout nn enual chance.
Irlondbof McCoy realize that Creedon is tho best
nnn thnt tho Kid has ever fnvid, but they bneo
their contlilenco on McCoy'u well-known ijulck
neus, his wonderful ability to tWht at long rungo
anil his physical trim. Tliov believe that Cree
don will bo whipped In tho snino manner that
McCoy llnhhcd Tommy llyan and Dick O'Brien
In roccnt encounters, but they recoKnlr.o tbo fact
, that Cierdon la I ho must dnugerous middle
weight in the business, oulslrioof Pitrslmmous.
: Tho Australian's friends, and thcro aro many of
ilium, lioiw to seo lilin HtopMcCcy In short order.
In order to iiccoinpllsh such n feat they i-ny Dan
roust mako a quick light, that ho will havo to
for'0 tho issiiu nnd rush his man to closo quar
ters, where. In n scries of heavy exchanges, lie
can beat McCoy down. Pome of tbo more cool
bonded partisans ndnilt that If McCoy can keep
n way front Crecdon's rushes nnd punish tho
Ausirnllnn nt long range, it will bo tho Kid's
fiRltt. Creedon, ncnlnsi Dick O'Brivii, experi
enced a harder rcslsttuico than McCoy did in his
battle with tho BoHtonlan. But Dnn put
Charity Slrong, tho licavy-hlttlng Newark
fighter, out in practically a punch "lien .Strong
Had mnilo a wonderful showing ngalnst Bob
Armstrong, tho colored heavyweight, in a
twenty-round iilTnir. That light nlono showed
that Creedon is npmtcrfuriilttcrat'lose range,
but slow nnd rather awkward when It comes to
tbo tltiust kind of tciencu.
i? Joo Chornskl, tho lieavytteight pugilist,
E Vo recently fought twontv-round draw with
k Jim Jcftrles In Kan Francisco, was more sur
S prised than anylmdy nt tho outcome of tno but-
ff tic "I expected to tlnUh Jeffries in half u dozen
Mt rounds," said Choynski lustiiiirht, "but I found
him there until Ui limit wnslreachd. It
fe' . would bo iinposlblo for mo to say why I didn't
- beat hlni, except that perhaps l1m getting to
eV l!.. ft ,''",a boon like many others." Tom
Ml ?J,0"rlSf .",l0 "u.w tuo "i-'1"' la that it looked
ftv ' vkJ2 ',' cll.1,'h ,or Uhoynskl to win in four rounds,
I Hr' Jeffries, however, show ed good staying powers.
Muw ' . "an rriinciico snorts," suld O'llonrke, "aro
far' !'r.?nft advoculea of tin hornisiii. They don't
believe In having lights settled on tholr merits,
Sf but uro lofiklng out for the gambling end nil
IKt !,ll0,t !"'? .lhJ7 I'"', UI' " iu t0 I'avo Solly
tf' Smith Iwnt Dixon, Just as thev llxed tho Kltz-
!!' sluimons-Sharkey tlwht. In tho battle between
if Bharkcy and Uoddanl, tho latter wns counted
MR out unfairly, lie was getting up when the
I?, tefcrco counted 'soven,' so that odlcial said
L Jen" as quickly as possible, and doclarod Uod-
E dnrd out.' It wns u raw pleco of business.
S By the way, 1 havo u ttitndiiig offer to inntch
f ' alcott against Sharkey lo light to a tlnlsh.
9: Euarkcy can mnko It unnlruiunt for nnlugo
Mp nlsts who nro taller than ho U, bccnilso of his
Mi roughing, lint ho would havo to Unlit hlow
S fprblow with Wulcott, who cuii lltk him on
B' h, J?,'".e Urlnclplo that iliBinmed of tho lnmciit.
fi ed Mick Dunn at Coney Island a few years
r. ko. A good punch in tho wind would settle
I' tho sailor to all intents and purposes,"
L., .,Tll,! plectlon of Johnny Balrd as Captain of
ft. tho l'rlnccloit football cloven mcito wilh unl-
, vcrsal.niiprovul among nluiiini and undcrgradu.
' ates, llalril. ilurlng tins pust season, plaved
L uuperb lomtinll, but was linndti'iitiiiocl at tho
last moment by Illness, so that his exhibition
St, against uIo was most unfortunate, Ackuowl.
L; Jrtgcd to bo tho best punter and drop kicker in
mtB, the country, Balrd also dqroloped Into u iirst.
Mm class quaiicrhack. In that placo ho showed
i- eo intieh skill in running his team that expert
f Jilckul him (Hit severul weeks ago its the man
-; to succeed Ccchran, There wns sumo lalk of
ml- niaking helley, tho great half back, captain,
mti, but ho was rucognlzwl by his fellow plajors as
Mfl "t the man to toko eliame, for tho exiTllvnt
My, reason that he decs not l.clleto In training
-- hard, and dislikes sternly praiilcc. Tlio scleo-
t tlou of I'hainUerlalii lu captain the Yulo teum
' 'vns itlait well received at N'ow llnvin, and
?!!,,!"1'l',l;t'' although, ninny pcrov believed that
m lie Haulles wniilil ho tho man. 'Ihu liitleuuur.
- ter bm would iiiidoublcdlj liuu been elided
' in.toud of Clinmberlntn, Imit it not been for his
. bnckwai-dni'ss In studies, duo to so much purlici
t latlon in basiibnll mid luothull, Tbo fact that
kx. ho will not he burdened with the extra duties
Of capuiu of the eleven will probably result lu
' I I I. I III III, ,
his being able to play seoond base on the ntn
end also qunrterlbaok on tho football team,
Dlbblee, Harvard s now captain, ha the honor1
of;belmr about the finest half back In the coun
try. If lie Is permitted to have soma say Inr
tho'managoment of Cambrldgo football affairs,
his team may ho more successful than the ono
led by Cabot this fall. Oullnnd, Pennsylvania'
captain while a slur tnaklo, I n rather un
known auantity when ho Is thotiKlit of as a
team's leader. So is McLaughlin of Cornell,
Tho remarkable football season enjoyed by
tho University of Pennsylvania is tho subjoct
of muou comment among collego mon. The
gross rocelpte from game jileyod by tho 'var
sity elovon reached J44,:i73,2ft, Tho expense
woro qulto heavy. The salary of Conch Wood
raff, printing, advertising nnd pollco amounted
to $7,0(10.1)1: botol bills and railroad raros were
$1,1183.80; tho uniforms and other parnphor
nnlla cost 81.-I70.14j tho Mccox Inn expense
footed up $1,477.20: tho training tnblo cost
91,0(111.21), whilo tho.pTnnd stand exinse
reached ffJ.327.14, This mado n total of $21,.
184.67 in expenses, which left tho unusually
inrge profit of $23,188.08. . No othor big uni
versity lu America had a better season finan
cially. A sporting'' man who Is up to snuff said Inst
night: "Tho latest attempt on tho part of Dan
Stuart to nrrango a Corhett-Fltzsimmans light
is simply u scheme. There will be no fight, but
tho parties Interested hopo to work una lot of
talk and renewed public Interest. Fltz will
never fight Corbctt again."
TCHIIam Kelly lnjs SI.QOO rr Ansel Ctaler
Only B00 far Starklrk.
Tho Kellogg sale of trotting stock of Madison
Bquaro Gnrden yesterday demonstrated anew
tho fact that In the present condition ot the
horso market there Is not much demand for
anything except ready-made raco horses and
the very highest class of breeding stock. With
tow exceptions the horses offered wero not de
veloped, and low prices ruled. Robert Bonner
was the principal consignor, selling forty head
from his breeding establishment near Tarry
town. As Mr. Bonnor never starts hi horses In
public raceB, not one of the animals offered had
any publlo record, nnd having employod no pro
fessional trainer slnco John Murphy died, few
ot his young trotters wore fitted to show their
best speed.
Starkirk and Ansel Chief were two notable
exceptions, however, the former having trottod
to sulky In 2:14 on Mr. Bonner's private track,
while Ansel Chief has credit for n trial of 2:15s.
Starklrk is now nearly 13 years Old. This faot
kept his selling price down to 3500, the flguro
at which ho was struck off to Mike McDonald,
a Twonty-fourth street dealer. Ansel Chief is
not yot 8 years old. Ho brought the highest
price of tho day, going Tor 81,200 to William
Kelly, tho well-known Now York horseman,
who owns Dan Cupid, 2:00'. "Knapsack"
McCarthy will probably train and campaign tho
son of Ansel next year for his new owner. Mar-
Sdrlte, a sister of Margaret S.. 2:123, that has
erself trotted a trial in 2:18, looked llkoa,
bargain at 8800, the price paid for her by Capu
J. K. Barnes.
Willinm Rocbcfcller bought for 8475 the
chestnut more, Muslo Dello, a daughter ot
Ansel and Mr. Bonner's noted mare Music,
2:21a, by Mlddletown. John II. Shults, James
W. Daly, Jainos McClennhan, and othor well
known breeders wero nmong the buyers. All
told, forty head sold for Mr. Bonner brought
$10,020, nn average of $250 each.
W. It. Janvier's lot brought very low prices,
only one animal among seventeen soiling for as
much as $200. Besslo Gilpin, the dam of Favo
ra, 2:12, brought only $80. She is eighteen
yenrs old. Wilmar, 2:2()4, for whoso full
brother, Governor Sprngue. 2:20s, J. T. Case
paid $27,000, was knockeil down for $05. He
was foaled In 1875. Following Is a comploto
list of tho horses sold for Mr. Bonner and a par
tial list of tho others:
StarnUht. h. s., 1H9. by Startle Jesale Kirk,
by Clark Chief; It. I'auldlna;. Kust View, N. Y . (05
Lucy Ut'lllourne, kt. m.. 1HU0, by Nuthourue
Lucy Culler, by Cuyler; C. A. Luwerre, Sow
Yori. 100
Sylvanua, br. c, lHUIi, by Starklrk Lucy Cuy
ler, by cuyler: 8. Sanford, Oxford, Conn.... 00
Gilbert. b,g la4. by starklrk Lucy Cuyler,
by Cuyler; J. N. Docker, Far ttockaway, L.l. 00
Alpheros, yr. it. Ihuo, by Nutbonrue Lady
Winfleld, by Edwari Krfiett; W. V. Malloy,
NewKochelle. N. Y 250
Anon, eb. c., 1895, by Ansel Mamta, by Nut
bourne: W. ll.Comaiock. Brrotvlll', Ont... SOS
Hantaan, b. g, 1HU4, by Antel JIMnlo, by
Nutlxiurnci L. Walker. Uoston 120
Anthony, b. o., IKuO, ey Ansal Mamie, bv Nut
bourne: lta'idolph Ctttpen. Scrsotrn. Pa.... 100
Jewel, b. m., 1RW1, by KMrldge 0m. by blo-
tator; J.T. Washburn, Saugartlej, N. Y 290
Qeraldlae, br. t.. lh4, by Ansel Oara, by Dic
tator: Theo T.Maxttelri. Newark.: , 170
ltargarlte, b. m tSWO. by Director May Day,
by Dallam's Caaalus U. Clay, Jr.: Capt. J. K.
Uurnca, New Tork 800
Alvlola. b. m.. 18Ua, by Palo Alto Viola, by
General Benton: Capt. J. F. Barnes, New
York 230
Arthur 8.ble. br. g., 1808. by Sable Wllkea
Knto Arlhurtou, by Arthurton; If. McDonald,
New York 280
Malcolm, b. o., 1H0. by Orion Demlo Wllk-a,
by Unl Wilkes: Jamea Lvwls. Sew York.... 210
Mnslo Belle, ell. in.. I0U1, by Annel MiiHe. by
Mlddlctowni William Rockefeller, Naw York. 475
Tide. b. m., 1802, by Eldtldpe-Orlp. by itara-
brlnoTlmeiM. McDonald, New York 1S5
Morning, gr. m 1H0S, by Anael Daybreak, by
Harold; J. K. Weruer. Drooklyn 810
Aniel HarolA, gr. c., 1KK1, by Antel Day
break, by Harold l J. F. Werner. ProoUyn.... 260
Erne. b. f.. 1H04, by Eldrldge Frill, by Prln-
ceps; J. lterfernan. Brnoklrn 150
Adallne, br. f., 1803, by Starklrk KHU, by
Prtnceps: W. II. I oflus, OlenrtrtRT, K. J 110
FirUlnnud, b. c., 1SHH, by Starklrk Frill, by
Prlncepa: A. L. Thomas. IH'lle Jfead. N. J.... 80
Starklrk. blk. a., lMtt.t. i7 startlie Jesaie Kirk,
by Clark Chief; M. McDonald. New York 600
Ansel Chief, b. s.. 1H00, by Anel Gretchen.
byYorktown; William Kelly, New York.... 1,200
Jcsalca, b, m, 1801. by Ansel Jelo Kirk, by
Clark CMoIs John II, Hhuits. New York S00
Hnstan, b. a.. lHOtf. by Azmoor Itoaamont, by
Pled moot i James W. Duly, Now York 730
Amelia, b. m.. 1SH7, by Anel Addle, by Has-
brourk'n llembletoulan Chief; K. U. F.ldrldge,
Mipleton, S. I 110
tlarun, br. m., 1RIM. by Wilton Mnaella. by
ItaroldiJameaMeClena'iaii.Pori Cheater. N.Y. 425
Panto Wilton, b. in.. Ihiii, by Wilton Patay
T., by Hcrr'a Mambrlnn Pateheu; W, B.
Smith. Worcester 1S3
Itoyal ltuanell, b. a.. Irlb7. by Startle Kuanella,
by Hnroldi F. O. Wright, White Plains. N. Y. 100
Springtide, b. e., 1H03. by Starklrk UuMella,
by Harold; E. W. Conklln, Far 1'wckaway,
L.l 70
Allen, b. e.. 1404, by Lanncelot Ruasella, by
Harolds John II. Shults, New York 140
Joy, br. in., I r.01. by Ansel Halcyon, byCuy-
ler: W. u, Olotte, Klnilra. N. Y 100
Felicity, br. m., lnuo. by Ansel Halcyon, by
Cuyler; John Mctiulre, Now York 175
Hatile, li. f.. lKUa, hy Ansel-Halcyon, by Cuy
U-ri J. F. Clark, Now York 410
Annabal, b. f.. lHUs, by Hansel Haleyun, by
Cuyler; J, Drown, New York 105
Vlmliila. blk. f Irion, by starklrk Halcyon,
by t'uylen O. II. Cliatlleld, New York 80
Laurlnna, eh. f., 1N04, by Ansel Laurs K., by
NclshborUps; K. J. Iteynolds. Catsklll.N. Y.. 120
Lily Ansel, 1 1. !., 1HU3, by Ansel Laura F by
Neighbor Upss C. 11. Cbatlleld, New York ... 150
Drown Ansel, br. g, 1BU1, by Ansel-(larland,
by Cuyler; J. JI Klssam, Queens, L. 1 70
Crow. b. g 1MI3, hy Newbold Ida NorwooJ,
by Norwood! J. W. Stout, ltcd Bank, N. J..,. 180
Plucbe Hale, b. in.. 1801, by Melrn.v Hen
rietta II.. by Arlstos; K. II. Ileynolils,
CaUklll, N, Y $270
Dlreclrcea, 285. br. ni 18fi0. by Director
Aloha, by A. W lllchinondt Cbarleri N. Po?l,
llrnoklyn IS40
Auslulse, b. !., 1809. by Rumor Auranla, by
Gcu. Washington; O. Miller, Now York .100
r.thelLoe, b. f 1B0B, hy Alcantara-John N,
Dinner, White Plains, M, Y 2S0
Carrie March, h. f 1MU5. by Delmareh Carrio
l'renltt, by lied Wilkes; I'. J. Desmond, Port
Chester. N.Y , 200
Ilniarch, b. f., 1H03, by Drlmaroh lltadlc. by
HiraUer's Casatua M. Clay, Jr.; II. Hodges,
I'lilladtlpbla SilO
Ouniareh, h. t.. I8U3, by Delmareh Noneha
Uuce, by Onward; J, K. Walsh, Greenwich,
Conn 400
Chestnut Kehllnf, isen, by Uotinarch Eleo
Irldtv. by lllectloueert James McClenauan,
Port Cheater 650
Leila S..b. m., 1803, by Stamboul Nancy Lee,
by Dictator; J, M. Loir, Ports, France ttlO
Total for HI head 10,M70
Average perhead titoo
A tlne.UeslKii lass or Hionll Schooners.
Tho latest and most sensible of tho ono-design
yachts that will be seen along tho found noxt
summer will bo a small cruising schooner. Tills
elans Is tbo outcoii'o of discussion among sev
eral yachting enthusiasts, who deslroand have
advocated u w holceoino typo o boat that will
not bo obliged to run for n harbor whenever a
littlo rough Heather drives tho racing m.ichlnrs
to cover. Designs far the new craft will be sub
mitted by soreral noled nival architects and
work will bo begun at once. It is expected by
Frank Bowno Jones, hois ono of tho leading
spirits in tho movement, that lu tho neighbor
hood of a dozen of the new class will bo ready
for racing w ben the bejson opens, Copies of the
following letter were mailed to a number of
) ncbtsmen yesterday afternoon, and mooting
will bn culled at en early date for tho purputn of
selectlncu suitable design:
psia Biai I leK to advise you that a movement
lias hoen IhlllluU'd for tbo building or uourdralicu
i'I.i.k of small cru slug schiNiners, vessels ut good si a
tcolug iiualllies, aiuiie ae.'onimodailona, and uant.
crate tost. 1 would bo lad to know wb'ther you desire-to
tubscrlbofor tho building of ateesel for this
clajj, providing thu plans and piteeaio satisfactory.
To Insure completion or thavessala br fore the open'
Ing of the yachting season of 1SUH It la necessary
that all nrrangoineuts be completed with as little de
lay as posalbU. I I here Tore request the ravorot a
reebunw at ywur aarlleat convenlouc). Yoora very
truly, r. Bowse Joxu.
Bevlval'' Bnmeraj TaatTT. C. XTbltney Is
the Pnrehaajer.
Tho mysterious circumstances surrounding
the purcbaso of tho colt Hamburg from John E.
Madden contlnuo to furnish tho chief topic of
discussion in rnclng circles. Scarcely any two
of tbo inlcrested gosstpers guess ollko, and It
the owner remains undor cover another week
tho list of "probables" will begin to look llkoa,
horsemen's directory. Marcus Daly Is tho latest
magnato of tho turf credited with havlngbougltt
Ihe hlgh-prlcod son of Hanover, but tho puzzlo
seems to bo no noaror solution than before. A
clue may bo found In tho ontrles for tho Coney
Island Jockey Club slakes whon they closo on
Jan, 10, and meanwhllo there It a wldo Held
open to tho guessors.
Still thcro is marked unanimity of opinion
among certain usually well-informod horsemen
In croditing William C. Whltnoy with bolng the
purchaser. A statement to that oftoct was
mado last night with considerable emphasis
through an authority who Is seldom wido of tho
mark, and It was also stated that Mr. Whitney
bought the colt for his son, Harry Payne
Burners to this effect havo been In circulation
since W. Lakeland went to LouIhvIIIo last week
ami exchanged a formidable check for tho noted
son ot Hanover. Thoy wore denied as often ni
they wero made, howover, but still there may
bo some significance In tho porslstont fashion
In which tho statement crops up.
Hamburg is going along nicely nt his now
quarters, Brighton Boach. Ho was out for an
airing yesterday, and showod that his todlous
trip from Louisvlllo had not upsot him In tho
least. He was as frisky nnd full of ginger ae a,
fox terrier, and he moved through tho mud in a
fashion that delighted Trainer "Billy" Lake
land. Cincinnati, Dec. 18. Col. Julius Flelsehmann
and his younger brother. Max, emphatically de
nied to THE SON reprosentlve to-ulght thnt thoy
or any rclatlvoof theirs bad purchased Ham
burg. Lasrwood. n. J.. Dec. IS. Mr. Croker said
to-night: "There la not the slightest sclntiUnof
truth In tho report that I havo bought tho horso
A Poer flntloek for the Horacnea'a Protective
A crisis was reached yesterday In racing
circles when tho Horsemen's Pro tectlvo Associa
tion hold a meeting at Its office, Broadway and
Twenty-fifth streot, and tho result docs not pre
dict a brilliant futuro for that body. The meet
ing was called to act upon a letter received from
the Jockey Club, asking that the Horsemen's
Proteetlvo Association disband, ns it was
deemed by President Belmont and the other
momborsof the Jockey Club to be inimical to
the wclfitro ot the turf.
Sixty members woro present when President
nylnnd callod tho meeting to order. Ho mnde
n few remarks, In tho courso of which ho denied
thnt the association was in any way antagonis
tic to the Jockey Club, but. said it was doiog
everything possible to work In harmony with
tbo senior body of racing.
A vote was then taken as to the continuance
ot tho association, und it resulted In a victory
for thoso who favored the conllnunnco of the as
sociation by 40 to 15. When the vote was an
nounced President Ilyland said that he
would resign from tho organization. Ills course
was followed by tho entire Board of Dlroctnrs,
consisting of J, J. Joynor, Fjred Tarsi, J. J. Hy
land, and James Howe.
This action cnusod conttornatlon In the ranks
ot tbo horsemen, but nftor some delay a naw
board was elocted, consisting of William Duke,
J. Dennett, C. Llttlctlold, Jr., nnd I. C. Onrstde.
Tho latter Is also Secretary of tho association.
Tho vacancy caUBod: by Hyland's resignation
wns not tilled.
M'cor vo si en jo TOtrjr.
rtoth Creedon and Tils Itlral Heating Defrire
Their right.
Both Kid McCoy and Dan Creedon have
stopped training, nnd nro resting quietly nt
their respective quarters. Creedon Is located at
Conev Island, whllo McCoy is now In this city.
McCoy will stay at tho Vcndomo Hotel until
to-morrow night. Creedon will not leave Coney
Island until two hours boforo the battle.
Joo Choynski nnd Creedon boxed n fow rounds
yesterday just to keep tho Australian Umbered
up. Creedon seemed to bo quid: ns lightning,
nnd wn9 lookinrr well. McCoy trained hard nil
yesterday, and didnntHhotvanystgnanf fntiguc.
Hn look on Curry. West, Payne, nnd Fnlvey for
Hcparuto bouts, and was not in tho leant dis
tressed. His weight was said to be 1Q5 pounds.
McCoy thinks that it will be n fast tight. He
Bays he will forco things, and won't play a wait
ing game. Cr odon sirs practically tho sumo
thing. Dnn welghod 103 pounds yesterday, and
doesn't expect to tnko any more flesh on.
It is not. definitely known who will act ns
rcferoe. McCov toldn Sun reporter that ho Is
willing to let the club select ono. Ho is not
nverso to Qrorgo Slier. Crecdon's seconds will
bo Tommy Trncoy, Benny Murphy, Joo Choyn
ski. and Ben Fnlk. In McCoy's corner will bo
" Doc" Puynn of Cleveland, Con Ilelllv, Nnto
Fenton, nnd Homer McCov. Choynski predicts
that Creodon will win Insldo of twenty roun ts.
Mayor Gloason saldycMerdav that tlicrn wns
no chance of tho fight being interfered with un
less the boxers violated tho lnw. Ho issued a
llcenso lo tho club, and declared that he would
bo present lo seo that tho law was carriod out
to tho lettor.
Another Attempt to Mntch Fltzatmmona and
Dan Stuart yesterday decided to leave for
Chicago next Sunday night to seo Boh Sltzslin
mons nnd endeavor to Induce him to meet Jim
Corbcttagaln. Yesterday Stuart said:
" Brady nnd I wero to have met yesterday,
hut ho dropped into my office unexpectedly on
TueBday. Naturally wo got to talking, and I
made a proposition to hint. I have several
Flaccslnvlowforthe fight, but prefer Nevada,
may hoar from Fit7alninions on Friday. In
nnv coie. I will go to Chicago nnd one him. He
will bo thcro with bis show next Wcok.
"I Intend to bold n fistic, carnival Bomo time
In the summer. I will mutch tho winner of the
McCoy-Crcodon bnttlo against a good middle
weight, and may havo Pedlar Palmor and Dave
Sullivan, or Dixon nnd Palmer meet to a finish.
I will aleo havo horse races und other sports. I
can't say how much money 1 will offer to Cor
hett nnd Fltzsluimous, but It will be in excess ot
Tho charges recontly mndo by tho Schuylkill
Navy ngalnst Secretary Fred n. Fortmeyor In
dividually nnd tho Executive Committee of tho
National Association of Amateur Oarsmen gen
erally havo created a sensation in rowing circles
throughout tho country. Just what oHcct theno
charges will have remains to bo seen. Among
tho first to announce nlleglauco to tho Nntlonnl
Awoclallon in this Ilulit was tbo I'uaanlo Boat
Club of Newark. Tho other threo Newark
eluliM, itlssald, utand ready to join tho l'lillo
deltihlans in anv more.
'Ihe Ariel Bowing Club of Baltimore and the
Pennsylvania Bit uo Club of Philadelphia have
alsoplnced themselves on record as standing by
tho national body In any light which may unsuo
from the attitude of tbo navy.
Admirers of handball thronged the Brooklyn Club's
court yesterday to see William Carney, thochampton
of tho West, tried out among representative Eastern
players. Phil Casey went lu along with Carney and
the pair were opposed by Jamea Dunne, Jr., and
James Flttgerald. The two O's started the scoring
and made 4 aoes. Then Dunno and Fltigerald got la
for a well-played bunch ot 7. Their rivals went out
for land the youngsters ran their siring up to 10.
Casey and Carney annoit tied them with a cluster of
4, hut the other pair then ran clean away and won by
11 noes.
The second gam was a prolonged atruggle, and ten
Innings were olayed before Casey and Carney reached
21 to their opponents' 10, The veterans atuck to
their acorlng streak and took tbo nnxt game by rive
acta, Dunno and Fitzgerald then ralllod unit r.inout
tbeuexi gametu four Innings nltli a03-oof 81 to 0,
This left the rlvila even up with two games a able,
and the plat era decided on a truce until next Thurs
day at the Jersey City court, when hostllltlej will be
Today the atar players of Drooklyn and Jersey City
will assist at the opcnln; of Urn new court nt
Gloucester, N. J., and from there some of them will
go on to play exhibitions at Balttmoro.
The Metropolitan District Cricket League and the
Now Yoifc Cricket Association had a joint entertain
meut last night at Columbia Hull, on Leiliuton ave
nue, and presented the ti ophlea won on the Hold last
season by clubs and Individuals, The team of the
New Jersey A. C. cams In for articular honor. In
adilltlou to wiunlngthe twumuit of th leurjue, they
ictaln posicsilon or the M tropnlltan I'np, nliaiul.
some, liver trophy, for another year, M. It. Cobb n
cvltrd the lionltug prlre and I'. II. Clarke the batting
Iitle of th'i hanue. Tli aunciatloii brrxentrd tlie,
IriNiklin team with Its pciiuaui, and the Individual
prltes for batting end howling wint too. A. (Illteus
and J. II. West, r apecllvely. The former nlso re
ceived a aeclat prlre bat from Henry Martin for com
piling the highest Individual tcore In association
niauhra. t
Itnakrtball .-Votes.
llotir Vgnaox, X. Y., Dee, 15. The basketball
game at Youkcrx to-night resulted as follows: West
chester County Wheelmen, 5 Fourth beiisrate Coin
pan), 4.
Tho Adelpht Academy teani defeated the Prr It In
stltuto evening olaaa team on Tuesday ulght at Ihe
Adelplil (vmnaslum, Drooklyn. Ibe score: Pratt, V!
points) Adelpht Academy, ul points.
One of tna hottest games ot baaketball ever played
In the famous rruinaslum was decided at Adclphl
Academy, lirooklyu, yesterday ufiiruoou between the
first and second teams of tbo academy, TUe score
was 13 points to 11 la favor of ths flrst team.
xnis rnovosAZ, xo establish a
jvjrion j,sAavjs vxndb fatob.
Changed Condition May Fare Itlstera to Bex
come Etnert Amateur Weebanleo terlona
Klek Against it rioting of Ihe ttaelag Board
Chairman atott'e Weekly Balletln Ifetea.
On orery side the Idea, ot forming a Junior
branch of tho Lcaguo of American Wheelmen
secins to bo growing In favor. "A League
nursory " Is tho way one individual alludes to
the proposed organisation of boys and girls be
tween tho egos of 10 and 18. As tho schenio l
farther discussed in Lcaguo circlet new features
of It which will bo benoflclal are brought
to light. It would bo literally a nursery for
the League proper a cadot corps which would
be continually turning In trained recruits to tho
main division. More than this. It would un
questionably result In an lmmsdlnto and sub
stantial Increase of the Is. A. W. membership.
Tho originators of the plan have been commond
ably wiso In drafting tho amendments provid
ing for the Csdet Corps, particularly In the mat
ter of making each corps distinctly n Stato di
vision affair, and leaving It optional with tho
various divisions whether or not to organlzo one.
" Krory rider bis own repairman" promises to
bo an excellent motto for adoption next year.
Tho abandonment by manufacturers of ex
pensive branch stores In which customers have
been accustomed to have repairs mado will be
sorely felt by the holplers class of cyclists, who
know no more about tho vehicle on which they
rldo than they do of the engine that pulls their
parlor car. Attentions of this kind cannot be
oxpectod of tho big department stores. Into the
hands of which tho trade is now passing. Tho
small retailers are also concluding to draw closo
lines for tbo reason that competition has lowered
prloes so that tbo margins of profit aro too small
to Justify doing much gratuitous work. Ono
large dealer has announced that he will not
Eump freo the tires of even the wheels sold by
Iraself. "The thing has beon run Into the
ground," he says.
Thnt there Is a growing tendency on the part
ot riders to understand the details of bicycles
and do their own work on them seems to be In
dicated by tho increasing number of separate
spokes, rims, and tiros being sold to riders. Two
or threo kinds of tire and rim cement In handy
form for home use havo recontly appeared, nnd
several new "nlpplo grips" for tightening
spokes are being marketed. Ilcpalr kits nnd
tools of various kinds nro alto more in evidence
In tho price Hats of Jobbors, and thoso who deal
In these articles say that they aro selling well
and attribute it to the fact that more riders aro
nltoudlng to tho small Jobs on tbelr whocls
A ruling mado by tho Racing' Boord of tho
L.A. W.,Tn suspending Thomas C. Banner of
Philadelphia from all League tracks, last week,
seems likely to provoko troublo for tbo League.
Benner. who Is a well-known wheelman In Phil
adelphia, held a race moot at that city last fall,
and among the events was a triplet raco. The
starters Includod Starbuck, McCurdy. nnd
Church, the well-known professionals. This
team, which was picked to win, was distanced
shortly after the start and retired without fin
ishing. Only threo tenuis took part In tho men,
although three purses wero offered. Tho meet
officials advised Benner not to award tho third
Srlzo to Starbuck's team, and ns n result he
nds that Chairman Mott of tho 1;. A. W. hna
ruled him off all tho Lcaguo tracks for refusal
to deliver prizes. Benner threatens to suo tho
L. A. W.
Tbo Racing Bonm of tho L. A. W In order to
prohibit women's races. Is imposing a blacklist
upon all tracks where such races are held. This
week tho board has suspended well-known
riders and promoters for various offence. Tho
board has passed upon application for amateur
records and adopted nn official tablo of ama
teur times. The weekly bulletin, issued yester
day, contained the following announcements:
For offering a bonus or appearance money to a
racing man, no fnrther sanctions will be granted to
theflrmofIt.il Kaln ft Cu. until Der.Dl, IBH8.
The Buspenslon or Frank A. llutler, Cambridge,
Jinan., will exrlre Jan. 1, mux.
Future sanctlona will be refused to the owners,
managers, and Icsnecaof the Coliseum, St. I.oula, for
the track at the Colleeum. as women's races have
been held on It after repeated warnluir,
Tho Springfield Cyelo Club an1 J. L. Ormsbee,
Rprlugfleld, Mo., will bo refined sanctlona pending
payment of n prize.
Thtjnne tonve hour records ngalnst time, unpaced,
Oubllshcd In Inst week's bulletin, were mado by
harles W. Miller nt Chlcnun Oct. !, 1MI7.
II. o. Messier, St I.miK ban Iwn placed upon ths
lltt of those to whom sanctions will bo refused, for
promoting women's roees.
Suspended t'eudlng Inventlgatlon J. I'anl Mcltena
mln. W. iillloptc. W. Kerford. u. C. Wallace, c. Joly,
F. II. Coll, O. nrodeapn. J. O'llrlen, F. Kerford, w.
ltonsln. O. Smith. Kngcno ltnymond. W. ltoland, and
V. Holnnd. all of thn Kensington Athlotlu Association,
Philadelphia, and F. T. Lewis, Jlaltlmore.
Susretiilniu Removed ltobert Oamblo and O. A.
Ilranch, Memphis.
Trnvufcrred to tho Professional Class Felix Gait,
St. Louts.
Huspemlrd for Hcpeatedly F.nterlng Users and Fall
ing to Ittdo 1. L. vnudersllce, I'hlla iclpbla, to June
lb. I8H".
F. A. Somern, Cleveland, and W. C. F.merlck. Col
Hnwood, o.. aro suspended from all racing, and also
ruled off track In every capacity for unfair doallng
in connection with oycle racing, to Dee. 0, lHtfB.
J. It. P.. A wins, as tho correct measurement of the
track demonstrated that not Ono of the coutcstanta
covered V.OtHI miles.
A. 8. A wins.
Tho new ofllcer of the Now York State division ot
thai.. A. W wllll-o Installed at the annual business
meetlnr to l he'd In this city on Monday.
Prosldenl Poller will rr, resent the L. A. W. in ths
conference with representatives of the Canadian
Wheelmen's Association to be held at Duflaio the
latter part of tbe month.
There la aomo talk of Fred I'attee of Illinois becom
ing a cahdldato for the ofllce of Second Vice-President
of the L. A. W.
F. V. A wins.
a OEF.
First Announcement or Christmas Day Tour
Unless snow covers the links too thickly, there
will probably bo a number of golfing competi
tions on Christmas Day. Tho Bichmond Hill
Oolf Club Is tho first to mako an announcement,
and it offers a programmo of exceptional inter
est. The prlzo will be tbo Van RcnssclaorCup,
tho gift ot Cortlnndt Van Bensnelnor. Tho
qualifying rounds will be playod on Deo. 18 and
20 and will be nt elghtocn holes, handicap medal
play. Thoro will be n prl.o for ths best not
scoro and tho first sixteen will In admitted to
tho match play tor tho oup. Tho round
may be played on cither day, but tho members
must declare their intention before starting.
On Christmay Day thoso who qualify will pi,
tbe Urst and second rounds for ihe cup at
eighteen holes, Thcro will nlso bo an all-day
bogle bandlcnp nt eighteen boles, nnd tho cards
lu tho tup competition will count in this. If .o
declnred in advance. Tho scmt-tlnals and finals
for the cup will be played on Monday, Dec, 27.
Tho final match to decide tho tie for the
championship of Harvard Collego, betwoen O.
C. Clark, 1D01. and W. B. Cutllng, Jr.. 1000, has
beon won by Clark by 8 up and 1 to play,
Tho Greens Committee of the Wee Burn Oolf
Club has decided to lengthen the links at Noro
ton, Conn,, from 2,077 to 2,71-1 yards. George
Htrsth has planned the alterations, vtblch are
made possible by tbo purchase of an additional
nine acres bordering on tho present property.
Tho changes are already underway, nnd Include
the lengthening of tho first hole from 107 to
2H5 yards by setting back the green. The too Is
put back on tho second bolo. altrrlng tbe piny
Ing distance from 221 to UUO yards. In tho some
wuy the third bolo is to be lengthened ten yurds,
which will mako it 248 yards. The fourth, tho
Orovoholo, will bo greatly changed In its char
acteristics, and the length will bo changed from
10(1 to 322 yards, Thn short fifth hole, formerly
1 IK), will hurcafter bo 1711 yards.
Tho new sixth hole will be in an entirely dif
ferent direction from tho present lino of piny,
for the new fourth too Is to bo in plate of the
presont sixth green, The new line Is uphill and
over tho now property, with a number of stone
fences for bunkers. The new playing length
will bo 407 yards, lt)D yards longorthan tho old
hole, Tho now seventh bole will also bo it great
clinngo, Tho dUtuncn will bo ihnngod from 250
lo47H yarns, tho Ice being noar the now sixth
green and the play tho reverse way, Tho gen
eral lino of play lor tho eighth and ninth holes
will remain tho some, but tho ril'tanco of thn
llrst will bo rhnnged from 200 to 2114 yards, und
of tho home hole from Ull to 327 yurds,
L.mckwood, Deo. 15, In the women's handi
cap sorlcs for the cup offered by George J, Gould,
a now competitor. Miss Parrlsh, appeared to
day, and promptly captured first placo In tho
match, and n point toward tho trophy, with a
net score of 110.
Tho scores nude wero as follows;
l7ross. Uahdteap. AVf.
MUs l'arrbh ,.18ii l!0 no
Mlsslinvls I'J'J II my
lira A. U. Claflln 1117 10 1U7
lira. E. 11. Walker 1BU a Ui
The score In points is now as follows:
Miss Davis, IOi Mrs. Clatlln, Bi lira. Walker, 8Mrs.
Stewart, 4; JJUs Tarrlsb, U, and Miss Ilobcrts, 1,
A very Interesting interrlttb tournament was
held at Ridzewood, N, J for players from the
Passalo Uun Club, I'ussuln Whist Club, Tourlat
Club of Pulorsou, nnd tho ltldg wood Club.
Ilierp were forty competitors In the main eviut.
which was a prouresslvu mutch for pairs, and
tbo following made good scores; Webrhntio and
UiuiiiiB, plus Uj Grace and Orace, H; Molcsnii
and Keneaeton, 7; Dunbar and Palmer, tf:
Dunne!! and Johnson, U.
Unaxaectad BefMta far the aUtaa Tasam ha thfc
American Rational Tamranment.
With two tail-end teams opposed lo tho Lotus
Ore last night it was expected that tho latter
bowlers would wlu two ot the American
national tournament games, bnt tho supposed
inferior teams landed the viotorlts. Thoscoresl
nnsT oiitr.
Lotus-W. Oerdn. lAfl F. Oerdes, 173 1 another,
IBflllUhra, ailsUoenttntrmann. IBM. Total, RBI.
Bl-eokar J. Hearo, 107l Wrajra, InOiDlerelu, 1I
II. Baam. I71t lUller. JOB. Total. 888.
sicoitd aixx.
Lotus W. Oerdrs, 107 F. Oerdes. lnTt (lanthtr,
133 rtehm, 1301 Doemmermann, 18.1, Total, 101.
Oothatn Lnhniann, 101 1 Daobmann, U0 Uellra,
.14 Pctry, 17l Sohllchte, lot. Total, 880.
Ttiuin dime.
Blasoker J. llaam, lflat Wrugge. loai nosh, 16l
II. lleam, 10: miter, ID!. Total, H0.
Ootham Lahmann, lHlt Uachmann, 10r) Ilellea,
103 retry, 104, SohUchte, 11)3, Total, 920.
Ths Weit Shores were easily beaten by tho lUrer
dales and Harmonies In the Uncle Sara national tour
nament at Fraenklo's alleys last night. Ths cores!
ruurr oixs.
niverdale-K. Ehllnr. 1771 II. Kbllng. soil Wendt,
lBSi Dorachel, lttai Cramer, SOO, Total, 874.
West Shore Mslncke, 170: W. Meyer, lOBt Zol
linger, 110) DIokmann. lOOl J. Meyer, 100. Total,
Ecosn OIUE.
West Shore Melneke, 141 1 W. Meyer, 148i Zollin
ger, 144iStelTens, 154tJ. Meyer. IMS. Total, 770.
Ilaruonle Kehwaner, SOSiKlsele. 1741 Inktn, 170
Decker, UXlKllcgl, 181. Total, 808.
Ilarteom and Norwlek, one of the competing teams
In tbe Lltho-Artlst tournament, won four straight
games at the Arcade alleys last night. Tho seoreti
nnsT sxRtts rnurr oattx.
Hartcorn, U84t Norwlek, 181. Total, 4S5. Unit,
iaUMchoUou,18D. Total. 808.
Hartcorn, IS9 Norwlek, 108. Total, ISO. nust,
lSlli Nicholson. 141, Total, SOS.
Bchneeloeb, lO.'li lierlln. 101. Total, tSI. lUrtcorn,
104; Norwlek, 107. Total, 841.
rcoKD amc
Behneeloeh, 147i Berlin, 160. Total, t7. nartcom,
178 Korwlck, 189. Total. 808.
Tnmn sEtuxs rnurr oaks.
Bchneeloch, 144s Berlin, 102. Total, 1240. Rest,
143t Nicholson, 140. Total, 980.
second omc
Bchneeloch, 1701 Berlin, 1B0. Total, 890, rtust,
lBlit Nicholson, 1S4. Total, tOO.
The opening Installment of games In the Lenox tte
publlcnn Club tournament were played on Tuesday
nlglit at ths alleys In West KBth stract. The scores:
nnsT OAHK.
Delvodere No. 1 Newhlrk. 167: Talley, 180
ncllrt. 131 1 Lockwood. la: King. 11IS. Total, 7D4.
Mnnhaaset-Murtaugli, 11131 Kelly, 1D3 Dolts, 124)
Flkc, 10H; Ohniols, 157. Total, 78.
Belvldeie So. t Draun, 109 Murray, 17Si Eagle
son, IHA: Wagner. lnTiIToud, 144. Total. 777.
Manhassct Murtaugh, lttT: Kellv, 131 1 Bolts, lBSt
Pike, 188; Ohmcls, IUI. Total, 788.
Tiimn oaur.
Belvldrro No. 1-Newklrk, 160; Talley, 177 Bells,
182: Lockwood, ISO: King, Ida. Total. 810.
Delvldero No. II Murtaugh. inOt Kelly, 14B Botta,
ISO; llke, 108 Ohmels, 14S. Total. 700.
The Unions won two and tbe Hectors lost as many
games In the United Bowling Club's Section 4 aerlea
at Tbum X Kahladorf 's llarlein alleys last night. The
nnsT oaHB.
Union P. Blrawfeld, 170i Oerhardt, 101 lO. Idols
feld. lulu Bode, 144t Lamprecht. 172. Total. 840.
Owl Walsh, S22i Kluble, 144: Barnett, IDS;
Kruemer, 10; Btearn, 17d. Total, 818.
Owl-Walsh. 108: F.tchle, 184i Barnett, 146
Kraetner, 1(VM Stearn, 1DD, Total, 820.
Hector Urneber, 18"; Meyer. 1:)0 Boschen, 109;
Koch, 101 1 Ktfern. ISO. lotal, 70S.
Union F. Blossfold, 1.17: Oerhardt. 178: C. DIom
feld. 1471 Itole, lilt; Lnmprecht, IS8, Total, 784.
Hector Oraeber, tUUt .Meyer, 1.10! Boschen, 13S;
Koch, 128 Elfern, 117. Total, 712.
Ths champion Amerlcus team of ths New Tork
Itoyal Arcanum further leaaened their chances of
again landing at the top by losing tho first game
played at tbo Village club alleys last night. Tbe
Americas Council Johnnsmeyer. lflOi Dannen
feUcr, miiLolleau, 15Ufcetzcr, 17i; Oatertag, 120.
Total, 770.
r.mplro City Council Kniibel. 140: Bralsted, 188;
Partridge, Ilia; Draper, 1(10; Fuchs, 171. Total, 781.
sEcnin oaue.
Amerk-us Council Johansmeycr. 178: Dannen
fel.ier, lHU;Lel'eau, 1 II); Seller, 180; Ostertag, 140.
Total, Mil.
Chosen Friends Council Krnonkle, 130; Clayton,
10(i;Binckman, 188; Alexander. 11U; Browning, 108.
Total, suo.
Tiimn oaue.
Hmplro City Council Knuhvl, 147; Bralsted, 148;
rartrldgc; ln2i Fiirhs. IH1; Draper. 137. Total, 7M.
Chosen Friends Council Kraenxle, 187; Clayton,
i:iu; Illacamnn, 140; Alexander, 107; Browning,
181. Total, 810.
Page's bowling waa a funturs'of the Harlem Repub
lican Club tournament games last night. Tho aeorest
Phoenix No. 1-Fleldlng, 100: Grose, 100: Tonne
10H: Dalbert, 107; Schsorfer, 167. Total, H42.
WinaorNo. 1 Mcrrltt, 184; Pane. 200; Stuart. 149;
I'almer, 181: Knfford, 145. Total, BS1,
rhconlx N'o. 1 Fielding, 178; Oross, ISO; Toung,
180; Dnllert; 10(1; Schai-tTer, tSb, Total, SOS.
WinaorNo 1. Merrllt. lOHil'age, 220;btuart, 138;
ralmor, 1US; feanord, lua. Total, 012.
Tiunn oame.
Phoenix No. 1 Fielding, 177: Oro-s. 184: Tonng,
1811: Dalbert, IUI: srhaolfer, 200. Total. MH.
WinaorNo. I Merrill, 188: l'oge, lBOiStuart, 1S1;
Palmer, 1U2; hadord, 171. Total, 831.
The Iwwlers of tho Tourist Cycle Club of Patersnn
and Castla Point Cyclera of lloboken rolled two
schedule games In the series of the Associated
CycIltigClutitiof New Jersey Lowllng League at tho
former a alleya on Tuesday idht. Tho scores:
nnsT OAKli.
Tourist Cycle Club Drew, 175; Dunphey, 148
Roche, 21.1; Peidnn, 170; Cowun, 178. Total, 88V.
Castle, Point Cyclers Heymer. 172i Kretisman,
105; Duck, 147; Fucascl. 208; Keller, 171, Total, 888.
Tourist Cyclo Club Drew, lRSt Dunphey, 147;
Roche, lilt s Benlan, lilOt Cowan, 149. Total, 812.
Castle Point Cyclera Heymer. 1S4; Kreuzinan. 1117;
Buck, 140; Fucssel, 170; Keller, 181, Total, 8U7,
The closing games for tho week In the Hudson
County Trolley Uowllng League wero rolled last
night I'otween the reprehentatlvo teams of the Palma
Club ot Jersey City and Newark Bay Boat Club at tho
lattir'a alleys. The scores:
rniST Qiim.
Palma Club James ltleb. 187t W. Dublsr, 180;
James Harrison, 18S; a. W. Lembock. 160; u. e. Vul
tee, 143. Total, 7111.
Newark lluv II mt Club J. K. Vreoland, 170; E. T.
Davles, 1117: A. Woodward, 147l A. UrwTtb, I88 U.
ortr.lth, 170. Total, 84U.
Palma Club-J.F. lllcli. 140; W.Bubler, 147; Jamea
Harrison, IUI); U. wl UtuI ock. 102; o. E. Vultea,
lf:i. Toinl. 70 1.
Newark Hay Heat Clu J. K. Vroel&nd. 107; E. Y.
Davle, inn: A. Woodward, 1IIU; A, urlnTth, 188; M.
Urimta, 171. Total, 812.
Tiunn OAME.
Palma Club-J.F, Rich, 10H William Rubier, 188;
J. UnrrHon, 13:1; a, W, Lemboek, 180; a, B. Vultee,
1UJ, Total. 788,
Newark Bay Boat Club J. K. Vreeland. 178i K. T,
Davles, IAS; O. Woodward, 138; A. Orlmth, 102;
H.Urimth, 147. Total, 778.
Bedford and De Forest councils last night broke
Commonwealth's clean record of victories In tbe
Drooklyn Itoyal Arcanum aub tournament.- Tbo
scores l
rnuvr oame.
Bedford Morris, 180; HhefuVId, 180: Brooks, 127;
Barber, ISO; Waterfaury, 104. Total, 760.
Commonwealth Mcbermotl. 12!li Whltson, 1S3;
Cocroft, 170; Mclieau, 170; Folk, 180. Total, 738.
SKCOSb oaiik.
Commonwealth McDcrmott, 1I4 Whltson, 189i
Oouroft, inili MoKean, 168; Folk. 14. Total. 080.
De Forest ipelr, 04i Martin, 143: McKenxle, 17!
Roche, 140 Marlnor, 108, Total, 740.
Da Forest Spelr, 140: Martin, ISSi McKenite, 12S:
Roche. 147; Marlnor, loll. Total, 718.
Bedford Morris, I48t Bhefneld, 134: Brooks, 1I
Barber, 143; Wutetbury, 185. Total, 700.
TheReeklrk, Universal, and Blltten teams playod
the following games last ulght In Khler'a Oak tour
nament of llruuklyui
nnsT oAMr,
nillsen-nielenberg, 120; .Stacy, 131; Behaefer,
141; Uiienk. lftiiiKngsn, Ilia, Total. 787.
Beeklrk Dede, li HI; Williams, too: Miller. 137t
A. Wlok, 147;T. Wick, 1UB. Total, 714,
Oaino rolled under protest,
Universal 1 Duval, I0H; Iilshnp, IDS! J, Mccor
mick, I Hit W, McConnlck, 170; T, McCormlck, 184.
Total. 870.
lllltzeu lllelruberg, 100) Stacy, lB8iSchaefer, ISSi
Dueick, UBi F-agau, 184. Total. 782. ' '
feeklrk-Dode, 175i Wllllanis, 148i Miller, 131; A.
Wick. lOil; P. Wick, 180, 'iolai, 800.
Universal 1 Duval.lBS; D shop, 188 J.UcCormlck,
v-,,tfc " " " n-rr iaTTTTngy
t06i W. IceOormlelt, tcfti T. WoCormlok, it, to
tal, eot.
Tb-vlran bowlers ot th New Tork AthUtla Club
Invaded the alleys ot th Jersey Olty Ulnb last night
and tried conclusions with the quintet ot stars Nprr
aaotlng th local club In threo aehodnle games in lh
tarlea ot lbs Alhletlo Bowling Loagne. Ttas tooresi
rrrut oahs.
Kew York Athlstlo Clnb-Jaa. Carter, lflliJ. Delt,
130; M. Moore. 124 H. B.Droin. 101; II, Touaialnt,
160. Total. 770.
Jersey City ClubJ. B. Newklrk, 184 1 J, J. Oordner,
173: Geo. Holmes, 1B8 A. II. Brown, 14U O. T. Mey
er, Jr- IDS. Total, 810.
arcom oame.
New Tork Alhletlo Club-James Carter, IBS; J.
Bell, 180i II. More, 147t H. E. Brown, I43t n. Tons
salot, 1S8. Total, 888.
Jersey City Olub-J. B. Newklrk, 188 J. J. Cord
ner, 170! Oeore Holmes. 188; A. II, Brown, 106 C.
T. Meyer, Jr., 1 o 1. Total, 817,
New Tork Athletle Club Jamea Carter, 108: J.
Bell, lBll M. More, 1SA II. E. Brown, 101 ll.Tous
tatnt, 170. Total, 80S.
Jersey City Clulv-J. B. Newklrk, 1PU J. J, Oord
ner, lTilt Otorge Holmes, lilOt A. U. Brown, 17B
C.T. Meyer, Jr., 102. Total, goo.
The games in the series of tbe Jersey City Howling
League last night were all hotly contested, and at
tracted largo crowds of enthusiasts at the various
alleys where the teams did battle. The scores!
HCllo Wheelmen William Chamberlain. 1B0; Phil
Uhl, IB1 Jamea Corley, 14T:A.Taaoh, 10BU. Heye,
SOi. Total, 848.
Lafayettoa M, Dohtmann, 18R Charles Flugge,
lesi Jamtt Brennan, 183; H. Dula, 170; Charles
Btstllng, 148. Total. 780.
sacosn oake.
Clio Wheelmen-William Chamberlain, 1B8I Phil
Uhl. 1B1 1 Jamea Corlty, 174; A. Taach, l3ll,lleye,
170. Total, 841.
Latayettea M. Dohrmann, 172) Charles Flu tie,
107i James Hiennau.aoB; II. Duls, loO; Charles Btel
ling, 141. Total, 833.
AT cio allsts rrasT oame.
Unions L. A. Duke, 130 1 Oeorgo Smith, 146 Wil
liam Twalta, 107 II. Mackay, 20UI A. A. Duke, 103.
Total. 8t4.
Halladays II. Bteffrns, 818t n. Otlarson, 18B L.
P. Vooa. 121( Jos. Daaoh, UBi Oaorga Vlntare, 1D4.
Unlona L. A. Duke. 147i Oaorga Rmlth, 1B8 Wil
liam Twalta, 121; II. Msokey, He; A. A. Duke, 100.
Total, 08b.
Ilatlndays-n. Btarfana, IBOt IT. Ottaraon, 188; L. P.
Vooi, 110; Jamas Daaoh, 112; Oeorg Tlntere, 178.
Total, 888.
Lindens James Perry, lB7Ed Kdlngsr, J0I; Pan
nynn, 140 H. llodlne, 81B Ed Ohestsrfleld, 171.
Total, 80S.
Clintons A. Bucbtenklrk, 137; J. FaalkMr, 187;
A. A. Flxel, 183i James Ruddlok, 1871 Sd Unmphrles,
180. Total, 828.
Lindens Jas. Berry, 170; Ed, F.dlnger, 881; Dnn
?lynn, 1H4; li. Bodlne, 191; Ed, chesterflsld, 804.
otal, 800.
Clintons-A. Bachtcnklrk, ln.1t 3. J. Fanlknar, 171
A, A. Flxel, ISO: Jas. Roddick, 170; Ed. Humphries,
SOU, Total, 000.
The X Bpartant, Bachelors and Castle Point Cyclers
teams met at Wendt's Jersey alleys In Itonoken last
nlgbt and rolled the three Closing games for ths week
In the aerlea ot the New Jersey Bowling Association
tournament. Ths scores:
Baohalora J. Carmlokel, 127: O. Rullhowen, 114:
OusLunlng, 132; Wm. Harksen, 138; W. Kaefman,
102. Total. 894.
Castle Point Cyclers-Charles Buck. 1B9 Witte,
1041 Kreutman, 130; lleyman, 170; Keller, 183.
Total, 823.
X Spartans I,. Kunckner, 147i William Ortlteb,188
William Wllllg, 2li3i Irving Duncan, 1 07 1 Oeorgo
Kunckner, 241. Total. 014.
Bachelors Carmtckcl, 144; Rullhowen, 138; tun
ing, 131) Harksen, 110; Kaefman, 138. Total, 004.
Tiunn OAME.
X Spartans L. Kunckner. 177; Ortlleb, 189: Wil
li K. In7 Duncan, lOHUsorge Kunckner, 182. Total,
Castle Point Cyclers Back. 132: Wttte, 13B:Kraue
man, 140; lleyman, 140; Keller, 107. Total, 727.
Tho bowlers of tho Knickerbocker AthletloClnbot
this city visited tho alleya of tbo North End Club nt
Newark last night and vied for snpremncy with tbo
home team In three achedulo gamea In tho aeries of
the Athletic Bowling league. The scores:
Knickerbocker Athletic Clul Brewer, IA4:Ofrord,
173; Cole, 130; J. Headley, 182; J. Johnaon. 172.
Total, hoa.
North Knd Clul J. Cadiz, 174; II. nooth, 174 II.
Ileltminnn, 170i J. Taylor, 142; "Count" OloJaga,
103. Total, 8B8.
Knickerbocker Ath'o'lo Club f. Brower, 142; Of.
ford, 174: J. Cole, 181; J. HendUy. 1B0; J. Johnson,
177. Total. 774.
North End Club J. Cadiz, 180; J. Booth, 178 1 II.
Hcllzinanu, 143; J.Taylor, 181; "Count" Olotaga,
120. Total, 308.
Tlllcn OARR.
Knickerbocker Alhletlo Club J. Brower, 180;
Orford.133; J. Cole. 101; J. J. Headley, 100! J. John
aon, 178. Total. HSO.
North End Club-f. Cadlr. 178; J. Booth. 100; 11.
Helttmann, 134; J. Taylor, 177 " Count" Olozaga,
100. Total, 832. '
The Indian Cyclers whooped It up last night In tho
Long Island Association of Cycling Clutr tourna
ment, nud won two pnn.es out of threo from ths
Ureater New York Wheelmen. The scores:
Indian Cyclera Qambcrt, 123; Rosenborg, 181;
Lewlx, 182 llagenbecher, 132; Hcrbst, 187. Total,
Greater Now York Wheelmen Volekman, 124;
Magerle, 13U; Weber, 131; Beck, 144; Kpragge, 137.
Total, 002.
Indian Oyelcra Oambert, 188; Rosenberg, 10Si
Iwli, 1S4; llagenbecher, 114; Hcrbst, 138, Total,
Oreater New York Wheelmen Volekman, lofli
Magerle 148; Weber, 118; Beek, 08; Spragge, 178;
Total, 701.
Tiiutn OAHE.
Indian Cyclers Oambert. 100; Rosenberg, 123;
Lewis, 80; Hagenbecicr, 02; Hcrbst, 140. Total, 000.
Oreater Now York Wheelmen Volekman, 1118;
Magerle, 107: Weber, 141; lleue, 103; Spragge,
181. Total, 783.
The first nnd third games of tho Brooklyn Royal
Aicanum loun.amint last night resulted III easy to-
torles for Fulton Couueil. oxford won tbe second
game from Btuyvosant. Thacorea:
r:nsT oame.
Fulton-Brand, 202; M dlcus. 182; Plana, 173:
Lnvell. 17BiTerrntt, 10B. Total, 807.
Muyvesaut Storm, 112; Hlgton, 1A3; Cornsll,
112; Brown. 12 1 ; Adams, 70, Total, 830.
Stuyvesant Btorm, 83; Hlgton, 70; Cornoll, 127i
Brown, 100: Ferry, 121. Total. 321.
Oxford Pbllllpion. 148; Reinnagel. 100; Thomp
son, 12U; Brrckenrldge, 18H; Carey, 132. Total, 048,
Tnuu oame.
Fulton Brand, 108; Medlcua, 1B3; Place, lOSilVor
ell. in I; Terrett, 1B2. Total, 802.
Oxford Fhlllfpson, 127; Reinnagel. I27 Thomp
son, 100; Brccketirldge, 143; Carey, 132. Total, 487.
The twlrlers of the wooden spheres representing
the Union Clubof Rutherford and New Jersey Bowl
ing Club of Jeraey City Helghta measured anna over
the maple strips lant night at ths lattar'a clubhouse,
In a schedule game in the series of ths Amateur
Bowling Association. Tho score:
Union Club O, Lodge, 208 JamaaZahn. 17iaorg
Koch, 181: James E. Hpauldlng, 134; Edward Bewor.
12it; William Hartley, 134 William F. Htavrns, 100;
William II. twuTiKiuniaker, I42 Ailwrt O, Thurber.
IBM; James Arnold, 103. Total, 1,474.
New Jersey Bowling Club Henry Merrllt, 182;
Anthony I-omW.k, I oil; Louis Holler, 188 Henry
Blorcr. 13(1; Charles hojirlers, 124; Martin Sutton.
143; ltcnVrt B. Jordan. 184; Wllllaiu M rrltt, 1li7i
Petur Faber, 130; Albert Lawrence, 100. Total,
On Tuesday night, at tbe Arcade alleya In St, Mark's
place, tbo Commercial Bowling League, recently or
ganized, began 1U tournament. Tho scores:
Amerloan IJtbngrnphlo Company Drown. 189i
Oi-lkars. 183; Young, 140; Maliacher, 188; A. M.
Kenoaen, 137. Total. 814.
American Press Association Hoehlo, 188i Arata.
80: Waldon, 118; Eckel, 188; Brunlng, 1B0. TotaJ
I.adsnburg, Tbalmau ft Co. Martin. 1B2: Krebhar
02; Lanorte, 180; Hake, 08; Hill, "Jo, Total, MT?
Amtl.'".a.n r'l". Association lloehle, IBS I Arata.
101; Weldon, 187 Eckel, 00; Brunlng, 183. Total,
American Lithographing Company Brown. I08i
Oelkera. 187; Young, ls:fj Malzaohsr, lJljA. M
Ksnckeii. 181. Total, 780. ' "' "
Ladanburg, Thai man ft Co. Martin. 117i Krahbor
lll Laporte, 114; Haka, 123, Hill. 143. Total, sto.
Howling (lame To-Nisnt,
VSif!? Natlonal-Einplre, Orchard, and OrlentaL
United Bowling. Section U-8ventaentb Ward va
gunou beventeenth Ward vs. New York City
Unqle Bam Imperial, Fidelia Nn. 1, and Auranla.
ArchalocMan Unlon-St. Monica v;. Bt. Agnea'V
Mary No. 2 vs. St. Agnes, hi. Monica vs. ht, Mary No
B, Bpaldlng No. 1 va. Ht. Mary No. 2, Loyola No 2 ts
Spalding Ko. 8, Loyola No. 1 va. Bt. James. '
KiroInsurauca-OreeuwIchFlroInauraneo Company
vs. Homo Fire Insurance Company,
Brooklyn Royal Areanum. Section 2 Long taland.
Commonwealth, and Acme, " ""'
P'"' National-Arlington No. 1, Monarch, and
JiCopin,Kim,ntCOtaVtUT "Co'nP7 .
Mar""". "epubllcan-New York, Hamilton Bank, and
Crdurnlna?"'01' I'lremn-Indpendont Bteamer and
?.,.'1'J?"r,t 'f n JT"n ""rry Up. and Students.
Casino-.Empire. Fulton and Hayseed.
Jolly Five. Amateur-cyclone, American and
Cominerclal-Patsavont & Co., New York Blacult
Company and Maunlnr. Maxwell ' Moore; '
JoThWurH,y.i"e'?.,LlJeV;.n,-nl,mun "' "odofb. .
UJcSf ..TAVS.7 A'. C.J.eife,a. A' ' "' E""-
&? 8W"0U -""T. Linden and
Jersey City-Lafayette v.. Ocran, t Lafayette at-
yS&xW&tfiSiJ&r1 " Court
Oirora llrala Caiubrldse at football.
k$2tl?'Iee' lR ""T1,e n'inual Hugby football
content between the unlveraltv teuni. it ot.J
no Cambridge loSk place tVdS?! Th?5im
was won by tfxford by a score ot 2 trl.i tS 5.
200 dozen Impnritvls, Puffin,
Knots and 4-in-Htmdn, tho Intcat
in Nookwoar, valuo $1.C0, our prioo I
$1, An ologant lino of stiooial
quality Kookwonr in now oolora
and designs, CO cents.
ISO dozon puro Irish Linon liom
Btitchod initial Hnndkorohiofs.
Importod to rotail for 35 conts
ouoli. Wo boII thorn 4 in a fancy
box for 98 conts.
Silk-linod Cutaway and Albortj
Frookfl and Vests $22 to $30. Silk
linod Tuxedo nnd Full Dross Suits
$2(5 to $32.
Top-Coats for ovorybody, $12 G
to $10,
A haudBomo importod 1898
Calondnr, Taluo 50 conts, with 'w
evory purohaso of 01.00 or ovor. TS
ETorythinpf for Mon'o wear. if
(5 jviEKs VA aJTriTTErJ
Give Glasses
Eye or Opera
or Field or Jlnrlno or any other of nil tho .
rnany sorts that folks look through. If any M
Kvo Glass wearer of your ncqtiolritahco (K
doesn't know the HclmiiiU Clip, it Will bo M H
melromoagiftnahc or she could como by.
KoBlIn, no tilt, no bother 60 cents. Clrcu-
lar K1UCH
Ojultsts" Prraerlptlrms filled. Factory on premises. B
Quick repairing. OPEN BVENIN08. IhoBe 1008-38.
F. G. Schmidt. 1
Optician 16 East 42d St-.'SMSg
Flint's Fine Furniture.
Still many of tho spooial
Christinas novelties. ,.
4in W;t 2tl St.
Racing nt err IIHenns.
Nr.w Oni.EAss. Dec. ID. Four thousand persons via .
Ited the traek this afternoon and sarr Presbyterian, bM
the Schorr eolt, win the preliminary Derby for two- WXm
year-oluslu a canter. Presbyterian opened at 4 too, SaH
but a plunge from the stable backed htm down to 1 aaVJ
toe, nt which price be went to tho poat. Saratoga, aH
formerly owned by John MoCatTrrty, lert tho field of Wi
nine until near the stretch, wbeu he gave way to BW
Dluainore, Presbyterian, well rttden by Tommy Wl
Pnrus, hero eamo with a rush, aud, tnklng the lead la B
tho stretch, won under wrapi by two lengths. Tho Bf
winner reeelveil S3.000. aoconii horse 9o00, third HV
horso JUDO, aud fourth horse (Ulll). Hums also rods KB
two other winners during Hi- day. Huuimarlea: BfJ
First Ilacr Mix furlongs. Ht. lioque. I OS (Hums). 0 BH
to wont Uavo a., IOi (C, Clay), H to I, second!
Dronn Harry, 1(17 (Walker), uu to I, third, Time, m9
Reeon I ltaee Selling! five furlongs. Hen Froat, jK
101 (l-urni), too. won-, Tnlo .simuicns, luu (Aker), HfJ
1 to I, sevondi Lady Irene, 1011 (Schrrrer), U to 10, Hfl
third, lime. 1:117. Bfl
Third ilaee Preliminary IJertrri six furlongs.
PrcslrylerlD, 11M (Din nil. wotii Hurmuunt, 110 ma
(Walk r), 7 to I, aeoondi fnratoga, IDH (Kelierrer), SO BV
to I, third ;DInniore, 1 1 8 IT. I'civers). ao tul.inurth. mm
Time, liSOfcj. Iklleof Memphis yorbu.h, Nancy Till, W ..
Klsle. Uranu.lo, and tlllroy alau ran. ! 1
Fourtli ltax-e Jollln.ti ono mile hen Waddolt, lis H.'-;
(Cnmpbtllb 11 to 1, wont lj-lnnt..n Pirate, Ilia H il
(Null), even, second! (llcnmoyne, lllf iCuinba), 7 to H Kv
l.thlnl. Time, i:Stg. H 1a
Fifth Ila Selllug! one mll. Rrrf. HI", (Dunn). 8 M li
to I. woniOastoii, v (lleltr!). 7 tu l,iie,oiut florldaa, il
09 (Comlu), 7 lo 1, third. Time, U .''. H M
nesulta at Iran Hill. H .1
Innx mix, De:. 13. Tho races hero to-day resulted H
at follows: BI
Klmt llace Klvo furlongs. Equity, n tn 1 and 3 to H
1, wont Mlnuetonka. 7 to io for place, seoondi I'eep HI
o'Dny third. Time, lsUHs. B
Secoud ltaee Hlx furlong. Spcedv. 19 lo I and 5 H
to 1. wons Ferocious. I to fir place, second! Worry BI
hot third. 1 Hue. 1 ill'.'. B
ThIM Knee Six furlongs Tomoin. S tn 1 r.nd 8 to M
I, won; Mohawk, U to I for place, K-condi Hooedala BI
third. Time. 1:3a. M .1
Fourth Kaee Five furlnnga. Hurry, n to 1 and 7 to H , 1
5. wont llnrdottn, even for plrwe, seemidt Hayalue HI f
third. Tlrne, 1:1-1. VI
Finn Haw Hlx furlongs. Cake Walk, R to A nnd a (M
toll, wont btoekhrldge, it to 1 for place, aecondt Bb IP M
loved third. Time, 1:112. A!fl
New from lbi lliirao tVarlrl. BJ
Daivili.i. k'y-. Dee. 19. . A C. r. Cecil aold to-day aifl
to a. M. Tutblll of New Vork thu seven yearela aSr'"T(
paelng tnara Lottie I.uralue, tt:li6,, hy Oamhetta f
Wilkes, (bun Lady Yelnor. for 48.000, HI I
I.exisaTo.t, Dee. IS. Kd A. Tlntnn, Anaconda. Mon.. '
has bought of S. M. tlrnwn, ChHstlanslmrg, Ky., the M
brood lniiro Lady Heel, by Fellowcraft, dam llannla ,?
Oray, by Knqiilreri prloi 3111,000. Lady Iteel la the BwV
iluin of Hamburg. Alao from tho same brooder, Bl
brood maro by lni!. ltavond'Ori Hani's breeding noi 11 '
given! prlro sLoun. John K. Madden baa sold to Btt
liuko & WIshard tbe following: Hay roll by Ima. BlWv
llayon d'Or. dam she: bay eolt by Lisbon, dam by BI lw
Imp. Ht. Dlalaei bay colt, yearling, by Falsetto, data BI ''?l
hy Lisbon. Prices private. Bfi -1
Ilr. Hudson Wins Laurels at thn Traps. fkw.
Dr. O. V. Hudson again led nil competitors In Hi
tho New York German dun Club shoot at Dex- BS
tor Purk yesterday afternoon. It was tho Inst tmW
club contest of tho sonBOti. Nino of the moat ex flW
pert wing shoto in tbo olub partlolpnled, all fmWt
shooting at 38 yards riso. Dr. Hudson weno HBl
through without a miss. His second bird, how- HBl
oyer, strong right tjunrteror. find atilllclent BBf
vitality to carry It out ot bounds boforo io BBS
dropped. BBM
. Thn numerous prlr.es for tho year will ho ills- BHI
Irlbitted on Friday evening, Jan. 21. 1HH8. Ilr. BBI
Hudson Is far In the lead fur tho championship BBS
trophy. He will nlso cnpltiro tho crlr.ofortho BBB
highest Individual scoro and will finish well up BBB
for tho attendance prize. Yesterday's scores: BBB
Dr. Hudson, 88 yards. Ui II. Leopold, 2B yarda, HH
Ss Moeracb. SB yards, 4; M. tlomlen, R yards, BBB
fl; II. Meyer. UH yards, 0 IS. Dollnek, tn yards, 7 BBB
P. Oarms. Jr., 2S yattls, 0: F, Sautr, So yards, 0j W. BBB
Maraenholdor, SS yarda, 7, HBB
Peck & Snyder's H
Ice Skates for Christmas vfl
American Olub Skate All clamp, :ino. Hfl
nlokelotl, 75c.-, welded runncrx, $1.."0 '41
nickeled, $3.00. Bfl
Uest American Club Skate llmnNouielT .BI
engraved and ulcklctl, $,5() uinl $1.00
per pair.
TsRtUca' Half Clamp 7Bc, $I.t)(),$''.0i,
$H.riO, .$l.oo perpitlr.
r Hockey Skates Were $5.00, now $il.UO.
Hockey Sticks, 40c. nnd OOc.
A. G. Spalding & DrosTspaldlng-Bidwell C.
180-1111) Kaasau at. ill, ill, !i:i 41 SI.
1,500 Juveniles. $10 to $20.
98 MODELS, $30, $35, AND S40.
Rill F nail O ramouTd.l, very !""! !'
uua.r UrILLO OOientsperdoreii.
suiit.iui:(t a snw
. l UMtt llrilT.
1?? .TJ?M ' fU w'arraiiTri warrant"'! alf
AJ IlKht, 111.60. MISEItAl.lED ltt.'IIHKH( '-I . ' ' ""
mWJLy Clerniuul, near Myrtle j
WtUSSnKM '"nilM-ArieriiniMl-Keol"- I
MHSbITWI 10-.1K. 2-S. "-' iaU-1
MUMUf Ausiianio.v fi vm
BBBP Inoludlns skates and ooat ehaok,
nualo Ariomooa atfla ,

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