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i . THE SUN, TKUftSDAY, DECEMBER 1, W97. k rf - T Ijl
i jtAvmaa babrtuobe akd ezita
k, The On a. nirtoria r I rate an tk Other
'M rewlble F.rlune Teller-Chuck dinars
$ ' Tonh Hlhlblt la Berne or the
K. Benerj-Aleiandra VlardK it Jenra.
Maurlco Bnrrymoro and Ellta Proctor OtU
-. J, fs tha striking flBtires In "A Wnrd of Kranoo"
j at Wallaok'a. Tho othor excellent aotora In
', that lively drama, as well as tho authors and
fr managers, should concede unyTuditinsly to
I thoso two much of tho potency of the perform
y Antes. Mr. Uarrymoro represents In a plctur
i esquo fashion tho character tof Jean Lafitle, tho
historical buccaneer, who Is Introduced In this
florid Illustration of pases front tho annals of
Louisiana, This actor has takon many parts.
t 'from Shnkcsponro to compositions of his own,
4 Imt ho baa not or, if wo aro to judgo by applause
i flotio anything half so entertaining. Ills per
;? locality and his accomplishments are employed
to their tallest posslblo value, lie la nn Ideal
J plrato, breezy, audacious, dorll-may-caro and
Ytry handsotno. Tbore Is another hero In the
I ploco. well portrayed by Stophon Ornttan, and
r other mon Important In the action aro given by
Hi. Waiting;, Mr. Fljrman, Mr. Merman and Mr.
y - Osbourno, but their "Ales aro comparatively
!, conventional, and so Mr. Barrymoro con and
does stand out beforo and abovo thom. Tho
g ease it much the samo with Miss Otis. Tho ou-
thors havo put Into their story a quadroon for
k ri tune tellor, and they may cling to tho idoa that
y , tbey are mainly responsible for the material
W with which Miss Otis has made a tremendous
V t bit. bnt tho foot Is obvious that the actress hor
J ' self elves groat distinction to the part. A more
' striking personage has not lately been seen on
' Our stage. This Creole prophotesa ia no has in
j race. Bba is a beautiful woman, rich and
, , - luxurious, with a commandlngr presenoe and a
dominant power. "A Ward of France" ia an
outright tnolodrama, florid, oven turgid, with
- Overabundant matter; but beyond all Its other
CBCcosslul appeals for acceptance, Mr. Harry
tnoro as tho hlstorlo pirate and Miss OtU as tho
' idealized soothsayer are responsible for tho en
' thuslasm which Is aroused by the pleco as per
formed at Wallace's.
, i "Chock," Connors is hoisting tho drama nt
tho Columbus, taking- tho placo In "On tho
Bowery" that was onco flllod by Brldgejumpcr
I' fcrotlle. Ilia elovation of tho ataco is ni.com-
J plUhod by moans of much in speech and gesture
that ia unusual, though'a disclosure of the sumo
quiet' bnt forceful methods was had with the
atige employment of Brodle and John Sulll
,j van. Of tho threo, ic Is Brodlo who wears his
chin furthest in front of his vest, and it is Sul
livan who can swine his opon hand outward
from tho wrist with tho greatest proiulso of car
nave. In olco there Is soma rosemblanco be
r tween Snlllvan ana Connors; not that the lat-
for approaches the other's bark. No human
I betas' has yet cut oil husky toneB quite so ox-
' ploslvoly as docs tho one-time pet of Boston,
and tho only imitation of his epeakintr that ia
all a counterfeit comoa from tho whistle of a
t New York, New Haven and Hartford tug
boat, which has noveryet had a collision bo
causo scows, canal boats, and even sen going
Vessels meekly sink at sound of its tooting.
Tho Connors tones aro faint copies of tho
. other's. Thcro is about them a touch of that
'tsnsklnoos which won for thecomlo lover of
Fixrmy Itrrrlnir's company the uicKiuiwe ot "Uio
,j, uy with tho hot Scotch voice." That quality
jf 'of the cx-champlon's tonos that mado ll possi-
ble to shut tho cj a on bin speaking and soe the
r Janitor ripping carpots Is lacking from the
xaothod ot tho "Mayor of Chinatown." It ia
" missed, too, for the play has him a Bon cry
bartender in a trroegcry that ha describes as a
Joint. Wbon ha bills its untidy patrons cf both
, acx9n to "drink m," of course, tho lack of pen-
s- . r etroting powor In ills tonos makes no dllf crenco,
,but thero is distinct loss ot dramatlo effect
whon ho Inquires of an untidy dnnibol, "Is
youio trylii' to glmmo do dinky dinkl ' All
' ' -tho experienced young person has been seen to
try to do is to toll the othor what to ay as an
, accompaniment to pouring drinks and rinsing
B lasses, but husklncss la fatal to such dramatlo
tervurc. Ic Interferes somen bat, too. with
.& song about a young person who. tho audience
Is mado to understand, is a lady, not a rag.
In Blnging, Connors lays his cigar aside and
discovers that his hanaa aro t o. Thou ho ia
!on tho defensive, arum closo to the body, and
,.. Auusaost-'Of the time foldod oior his cheat. But
7 this for only a moment one verso when a
I waltz follows. Ills partner lays hor head on
his shoulder with her back hair against his
face, bends her book, and lets ber uruis hanu
limp. Ho grappa her around tho hips with
both hands, his flngors clutched tightly Into
.the folds of her dress skirt at tho back. Con
x nors swings u bottlo and threatens to strike a
, taan with it with no lack of realism, and ho
eaeta a glass after a man who is retreating
through tho door of his groggery with rulllclent
forco to ill! tho back drop full of wrinkles, but
I when be promise's to Imprint tho picture of his
It foot in tho faco of a ragged bummer, tho dam
it acim husklness is again folt. It is sad to hear
K the playwright s flno Hues thus weakened, but
1' It is elevating to see that tho bartender does
,' linm Borne of the glasses and doesn't blow tho
1J froth off tho porter.
K. lime. Vlarda's appearance as the heroine ot
K Xloscnthal's gloomy "Deborah" shows no now
By phoBO of her talents. Sho la not so nervous as
F When aho appeared first in "Aloxandra," but
W the deQcioncies and faults which she showed
I then are quito as plain in this second role.
W There are occasional evidences of a certain dra-
H matlo temperament which is unschooled and
E misdirected. Her speech is invariably solemn
Ht In manner and her voice deep and hallow. It
Hi1 ,1s imposBlblo to believe- that she la experienced.
Wmi Her movementa have tho crudity of a beginner
Hj '.and she crosses the stago with as little dignity
) and grace as a person could well exhibit. There
Hi was tho force of earnostness and enthusiasm in
HP the curse sceno, Dut apart from that her acting
II" revealed no commendablo quality. Any corre
spondence with tbo mistaken flattery that pre
ceded her anpearance hero Ii no longer ex
pected. But Bbo doubtless suffers still from
that old-faahloucd method of Introducing a for
eign artist. Her cngagt mont at the b ifih Ave
nue TheatroThas been curtailed, and it Is said by
ber manager that Blie will make no further ef
fort to act In this country, although tlio has pre
' pared tho role of Deborah in JCngllsb.
Ono incident in Mmo. Viurda's acting in the
churchyard tceno will make it clear haw naTvo
her ldes of dramatlo art must be. After
storming at Joseph in tbo customary way when
w the has perceived him with Anna in the church,
the actress carefully nreparos the way in which
he will rocelvo her lovor when ho enters the
churchyard. On ono sldo of the stage was a
cross standing on tho top of three steps. .Sud
denly dropping her emotions and hor heroics,
Mme. Vianla mado for tho cross, and, laborl-
Jiusly climbing tho stops, draped herself about
t. In that attitude she awaited the nppcar.inca
of Joseni. There Is nothing now to bo said of
. Mcsenthal's old play beyond tho fact that it
should never bo acted again, at least In English.
ix'uisiuiy mat if not new, H.VCU saran uarn
hardt could not mnke tbo old pleco vital, and,
under ordinary rlrruinstanoes, it is unendur
able. E. J. Henley's ATathan was splendidly
imaginative and sulitlo. Albert Gran looked
hondless as Joseph, and Ellen Cummins, with
ono brief Hceno as a persecuted Jewess, made a
real Impression. Mme. Vlnrda wore a number
of plcturedque gowns of a kind that ore a vast
improvement over the c-untomnry yards of whitt
cheeso-clath and black alpaca in which actresses
L Aro accustomed to wrap theuisolves vibon they
M appear as Iah,
"The Princoss and tho Butterfly" was acted
at the Lyceum on Tuesday night with an ef-
i feet very different f'om any that it ever cre
ated beforo. At 8 o'clock J. K. Hackctt sent
word to tho theatre that ho was too HI to act.
William Courtleigh, who is his understudy,
' was called upon unexpectedly to net the lend
ing role, with -which he is entirely familiar.
J But in the excitement ot tho moment lio was
1 Unwilling to attempt tho part, and decided to
? road tho text. Bo Frank Mills took Mr. Court-
i lelgb'spnrt and joung Joseph Wheeluck sue-
E ceeded Mr. Cuurtlelgh. Tho chungos were an-
H nounced before tho play began, and matters
Hf wont all right until tho love scene of tho fourth
Hj act, when, grouping J'uy ZuKani to hU arms,
HS Mr. Courtleigh litis to sa, "I lcno you, I lovo
Hf you, I loo jou," Ha vns acting with gro-it
H ardor, nnd he hold Miss Mannerlnj tight in his
KJ arms whllo ho held tho printed hook of hi
H part In his hand. Tho sight nf tilm making via-
Mi lent lovo to J'uy and glancing occasionally at
Kf. the book was too iiuuli for tbo largo uudlenre,
t which, forgetting tho polite traditions or the
,:)5 liyceum, burst Into roars of laughter and ro-
" celled the patslunato lovo tcene with unru-
K: (trained hilarity. Mr. Courtleigh acted the
w rfilo again Iurt night with grat lutclligcnrn,
BF, syiuputhy, and fcrnr. Ho knew tho lines
mm, thoroughly nnd proved hlumeli ono of tho
I '. best rccrulta that tho Lycouui i ompany has had
I .JE) in several scare
5 Tho now pla hleh CI) do Fitch has writ-
IwTf i -u '.r Herbert Kelcey and Kflle Shannon i ill
IKm' ' have for Its third ac t the drama called "Har-
Ur i veatt". which wad given seeial years ago at
m:T, the Theatre of Arts and letters. This was a
H' ranr dramatlo episode in which a woman at
j, w attar refused to desert the man she loved
fcaifi? Wjrayd a rromiin. But when
S?!K8kT u9nin. bl betrothed refused, ,to
SSPLiiHS: V flnt t ot the play wilt dU
fi?Kt?r characters dressed as children in
iTiIViron Bn anut'i dance Riven here last)
a Actresses ara usually ingenious' enough in
nfin5Jntre",n or startling information for
.??! PPt's,but Lulu Qlaser, tho comlo opera
I?.UTtJt ,rem discovered tho most
uooeuru) since the early dayi of Sarah Born
r. Tl co?ln and her lion cubs. When nskod
hoTfas In reality devoted tpcolloctllig books,
itl2?pol?c1 t "o oomplalsant Interviewer:
k. X "ff'O rather coll It n hobby. KvoTboly
naa a nnrjor, you know. I must havo caught
J8, craxo for collecting books from Francis
Wilson. Anyhow, he ha Uught me a great
rteal about rare books. My sneclal hobby Is
"jytholpgy. I hnve actually campllod a myth
ological dictionary for my own use. I suppose
I could buy a mythological dictionary for ft
dollar or so, but thorq's no accounting for hob-
s,,i J0.? "cc ' "tarted in to read tho poots of
Knallsh literature. Kvcry tlmo I ran across
an allusion to mythological characters I would
loot them up. r beoaino so lntoreslcd In my
thology that 1 wanted to know all about tho sul
Jcct, and I found that complllfigmy onnmyth
plogioBl dictionary was tho best way to fnmll
iarlxo myself with the subject,"
Homebody has brought tho Independent The
atro to lire onco more, and n matinee perform
ance will bo riven on tho 30th of Hecembcr.
Among tho plays to bo given will bo one-act
ploccs by (Mucosa nnd Augustus Thomas.
It is said Uint Krneet Coouelln will como to
this country in February for ono month and
give monologues or act or do anything that
orfors In n theatrical way. Ho Is a member of
the Comtdlo Krnncatho and n brother of the
great Coqnolln, who was highly ptalscd hero,
although ho novor mot with any degree ofpop
ular succors. Krnost Coquclin joined tho Com
edlo Francalso In 1870 and became ft sooletalro
in 1870.
.W. II, Funk has painted a striking portrait of
Nnnco O'NoIl drcsfcnl na (Hsmowla. Tho
likeness is good, but critics hato found much
higher qualities to pratso in tho work.
itr.oroit nowBLT, aons to- ja.il.
Bernsta to Par Bla Plar. hut Bomeb4y rata
It far nlm. and lie Was Ueleased.
MoKTionrxo, N. Y., Dee. IB. Tho caso of tho
Rev. Bavld T. Howell of St. John's Church,
arrested for choking his wife, closed last night
at 8 o'clock, and at 11:30, after threo and ono
half hours' deliberation, tbe jury found a ver
dict of guilty, and tho court fined Mr. Howell
or flvo days In jail. Tho rector refused to
pay his flno or allow his frlonds to, and was put
in tho Montlcello jail at 12 o'clock last night.
Mrs. Llzzlo Hon oil, wifo of tho rector, has
brought an action against Mrs. Samuel B.
Grocnc of Montlcello for alienating tho affec
tions of hor husband. Mrs. Greene la tho only
child of the Hon. Thornton A. Niven, and the
only grandchild ot tho lato Qcn. A. C. Niven.
Her mother was a noted hello of Montlcello,
tho daughter of tho late Col. I. P. Tremain, for
many years President ot tho Bank of Sullivan
County. Mrs. T. A. Niven Is also a niece of
Lyman Tremain, known In tho politics and his
tory ot tho State, Tho papers In tho milt wero
served on Mrs. Greene on Tuesday. Former
Judgo T. F. Bush is the attorney of Mrs.
Rector Howell was liberated this morning at 9
o'clock, tbo flno having been paid unknown
to the rector, and although Mr. Howell refused
to leavo tho jail, tho Sheriff Insisted on his go
ing. Ho rested well In his prison coll, nnd
when seen on tho street this morning looked
as smiling and fresh as though ho had passed
tbe night quietly in his pleasant bedchamber
at the roctory. He said to Tub San reporter
that his marital trouble nnd boen growing for
tho past sevcn'yenrs, nnd began soon nitor his
marriage. A new pharo of tho trouble com
menced about a year ngo, when ho found that
M-3. Howell had carried news ot domestic un
happiness outside, and partloularl) to thoso
who had been striving for hts ruin ovor
since he left the village of Warwick and ramo
to Montlcello. He says ho has had this troublo
In a greater or loss degree In all tho parishes
whoro ho had proachod. but hore there was a
faction that continually encouraged his wifo
and put her up to making his life a burden.
"I have novcr had a homo," said tho rector,
and hlCeyes filled with tears and hts nko be
came hiiBky In the recital, "never had a placo
whoro I could Invite my friends or brother
clcrcjnien. My wifo had often said Bhc did not
like church people and that 1 was n liar and a
hypocrite. She has refused to attend my
church sorvlces, alleging this to bo her rea
son." When questioned about the Bult begun by
Mrs. Howell against Sirs. Samuel B. ureono
for tho ollenatlon of her husband's affections,
he said he had just beard of It after ha cams
out of tbe jail this morning. The claim of tho
plaintiff seta tho damages At $50,000, and na
Mrs. Grceno is a wealthy woman, he sup
posed Uio amount was llxed In proportion to her
wealth rather than to the real vnluo of his atten
tions. The rector has been very much o" n so
ciety man since hla residence in Montlcello,
and baa spent much of his leisure tlmo in
playing lawn tennis and croquet at tbo homes
of tils parishioners. After evening service on
Sunday Mr. Howell frequently escorted Mrs.
Oroene to her homo and partook of a warm
supper, and qulto often of a week night he
could bo found In her clnboratoly furnitbed ro
coptlon; room discussing tho poets and favorite
fiuthors, but his visits there, he says, wero ouro
y legitimate and frlendlv. Ilia c alls, ho says,
havo boen as freaucnt at other places as thero,
and bao novor been questioned.
rx-coxricx was nrui.yn the bail
This totaled the Ralnea Ijiw A Mlilake,
aloon Keeper Haia.
A point In tho Raines law was raised In Centre
Street Court yostorday by Cant. Vrodcnburgh
of tho Oak street station. The Clptaln had
summoned to court Nicholas Dee, a saloon
keeper of 80 Cherry street, to explain why a
warrant should not be Issued against him for a
violation of the Rainos law.
Cnpt. VreJcnburgh told Moglstrato Kudlich
that Deo hid a brother James, who, on April 8,
was pa rolod from tho New Jersey State prison
after serving four and a half years for larceny.
James Deo wns sentenced in 1892 to seven and
one-half years in prison for stealing $20,000
worth of tobacco from tho plcra of tho Rotter
dam Steamship Company In Hoboken. Gov.
Griggs paroled blm.ns two men known as Barry
and Hall, who are serving sentences ot llko
length for tho same crime, had inadn statement
that they wero to blame for James Deo' being
implicated In the crime.
'When I (culled al tho saloon a week ngo,"
said Capt. vrodcnburgh. "I found Juines Deo
behind the bar. I asked him if ho was employed
there, and hi said his brother Nicholas hud
left him in charge. My detectives aro also nblo
to swear to the same effect. Non, Judge, sec
tion S3 of subdivision 1 of tho Raines law de
clares that 'no ono who has been lonvicted of a
i rime, or shall bo convicted of acrime, or know
ingi) employs any ono Mho has been convicted
of a crlmo,' shall bo allow od lo traffic- In liquor.
It Is under that section that I want a warrant."
"I never knew that my brother worked for
me," said Nicholas Dee. "In fact, I told him
novor to go bohlnd the bar or do ono bit of work
about tho place. I allow him to stay about the
place out of pure chnrlty, as ho Is my brother."
"You had better bo careful In tlio futurf,"
snld Maistrato Jviidllch. "I will give 3 ou the
benetlt ot the doubt, hut If thero Is any further
complaint from the pollco In this case I will is
sue a warrant for your arrest."
Deo promised not to offend in tbe (uturo.
An Ki-Clrcii Itlder Kills Hrraeir.
Lkadvillk, Col., Doj. 14. Fanny Benton, a
diBreputablo woman, committed suicide this
morning by shooting horself through the heart.
Sho was formerly uu equestrionne lu a clrous.
IVstes or Muslo hveats.
The Musical Arts Society will give the tint concert
of its fifth Kuon this eremag at Carnegie Hull. TbU
programme wilt be len;
"Deatned Virgo Maria" aioraanlQabr1elt(ICS7-1813)
hlx-part motet.
ATcMaili Tumasl-ulsda Vlttorla
Ao Maria J"iuj Vresaelt Ui o-isib)
Uolo, Ajuumnta eit Maria Uiotor Alcliliiger
t uceno Yatye.
Ctirlitmu Bong H.TonHrrzoKenWrg
Ilymu "Tho Morulng Htar oa HUh l (Howlng "
Mlcliast l'raotorlua (I00B)
Bolo, Two iluislau bom,t, j ?,$ua: nm A-aroehanlriof
Eub nti Yaaye,
IJebcalleder. , ..Johannes Ilrohnu
M. Toye w III piny In the rlnt part a sonsta ly
lldulrl, and In Iho iiconrt ritrt " Jlorcla Kunebrc,"
Jtode-Yaajei aria (from tho lulte), Vleuxtemps, and
"Bcheno Tarantelle," Vt'ienlawikl.
The concert of the notion Bympuony Orchestra to
tw given at tbo UxtropollUn O.ura Iliuu to nlglit
wilt be notablu for Uieltrkl performance lu till city
of K'ciardHtr mil's oymptioulo poom "Thui bpalca
Zarithusa " Kor this number tho site of thu orcbeatra
Iiai bero tnereated. lertboren's Fifth Symphony
will be played la honor of tbs annlrnritry of tbe
coinpoier s blrtb. Tbe sololit will be Mr. KneUeL
On Friday aftrrnoon and on Raturdoy cicnlngths
loton Kyuipbony Orckcatra will tie heard at th
Academy of Mutlo In Brooklyn. At tbo matinee on
Hldny Km Id lliaphamwllt be the tolclst, and the pro
iranuui) n 111 I'oiml.l of tbe tj mphoLl) suite "Scheha
razadr," by Nholat Blnuky Koriakon, and Ilurl'a
thtnl lymiibonr, ' In thuWoodi" Mr. Illiphamnlll
be beard In an aria from "Hant Ilolllng." At the
loneert oa Saturday cventug tbo ortlieitral number
will bo prorak'a " From the Mew World" aympliouyi
Orlrg'a "i'nr Cly.it" suite, tad tbe mlouet, waits,
and march from Iierlloi'a "Damnation ot Fault."
Olutepve Campanarl will slag an arts by lUaatL
Mr. ConlA, hn la In Cbnrae, ra That the
m- Wamen mil Pna Along Their Online
When Tbay Hnve tlat tfaonsli Out or Them
Their Coaiume nnd Hoetnl rrogratumti.
About forty angels ot ratroy and mining ex
peet to sail for tho Klondtko to-day. They form
tho lump of femininity with which Mrs. Han
nah Gould ot 230 West Twenty-socond ttreot
expects to leaven the lifo nt Dawson City. Th
steamship City ot Columbia will bear this
precious frolght down thtough the Straits of
Magollan, thoiico to Scuttlo, and thencoto St.
Mlchnel, where tho rivor boats will rccelvo tho
voyagors nnd transport them to Dawson City.
Tho steamer Is advertised to salt at 3:30 P. M.
Mrs. Gould says Bbo Is a strictly business
woman, and that tbo other women aro also bent
on business. Sho gives some details, howovor,
which arenotoxactly commercial. For Instance,
according to Mrs. Gould, when a woman who
owns a mining claim has " got all she wants out
of It " sho agrees to get out aud pass on tho claim
to somebody else. This Is beautifully indefinite,
of course, but Mrs. Gould regards It ns beauti
fully unselfish also. Sho says that no limit has
been set for tho passing on ot tho claim. It Is to
be dono when the owner has got " all she wonts "
out of It, When asked whether Bbo thought
this tlmo would ever como sho exclaimed:
"Why.yesi Don't youf Oh, I think women
aro too noblo-mtndod to w ant to keep on getting
riches when thcro aro so many ot their suffering
sisters who haven't oven enough to cat. Don't
Toil atlnnntA thnl T nflnp T tinit treii tinlF n. mllllnn
t. ,....,., .hhv ., .vu. m .. v. ...... . -....v.
out of a claim, would pass it on to my ncody
sister t Why, thero aro hundrods of shopgirls
horo In Now York who oannot live on what
thoycarn. Do you think I would harden my
hoart against them and not be willing to glvo
them the samo chance I had enjoyed I"
Mrs. Gould did not explain how sho proposed
turning ovor tho claim after sho had secured
her half million, nor how tho deserving shop
girls word to bo put Into the Hold. When it was
hinted that a woman might not bo ready to
turn over such a claim, she said that sho was
thankful sho didn't havo such a telflsh woman
In herptrty.
Mrs. Gould's forty chnrges nro not expected to
denoto themselves exclusively to picking up
half million dollnr claims. Sho hit already
booked most of them for other occupations,
chief of which Is cooking at $1.00 an hour. Sev
eral of tho women aro to open boardln? houses
for the bloated nugget holders of Dawson City,
and fourof them aro going to soothe tho Klon
dlko'i heatod brow nnd tako Its tempcrnture
aud glvo It assortod medicines. Those aro tho
trained nurses, who will work: under tho direc
tion of Dr. Gregg of Pittsburg, who, according
to Mrs. Gould, has gnduatml from "I don't
know how many" foreign hospitals. They are
to tako a portable, foil-lined hospital ot their
own along, and will sot It up tho first thing
after their arrival.
Apropos of tho hospital work Is another ot
Mrs. Gould's uncommercial details. 8he says
that erery woman has solemnly agreed to look
after every sick man she comes across, whether
ho can pay her for It or not. Sho doesn't have
to nurse him through nn Illness, but she
mustcarotor him until sho can send for the
much-graduated Dr. Gregg and bis assistants.
K the woman is on her way to cook a mes9 for a
gang of miners, at $1.50 an hour, Mrs. Gould
siys that makes no difference. Tbo mess and
the miners, as well as tbo money, must wait on
Mra, Gould has about thirty-five or forty men
In the party which sails to-day. About twenty
women and another group of men will follow
on a later stonrnrr or will go overland nnd Join
tho narty nt Scatl Ic. '1 ho Columbia will lay up
at Seattle abont six weeks waiting for tho Ice, to
pet out of th.o Yukon, bo Mrs. Gould say. Tho
pronent party Includes a minister, who will hold
onescrvlco every Sunday nnd stako claims be
tween times. Tho mi not tho party havo agreed
to put up tho hospital nnd tho tents for the wo
men before tbey start out prospecting. Thero
Is to tie a social end to the affair. There is talk
ot a clubhouse, where evening gathering will
beheld, and the oung mon, also tho middle
aged and old men, will lie welcome "as long ns
tber behave thomsclves." Thero will be no
cards for these affairs, and Introductions will
not bo nccessnry. Mrs. Gould says that tho
women aro not taking any "fancy waists" or
finery of any description. They may woar long
skirts to theso social functions, but even that
wilt not be obligatory.
"Each woman will havo an ordinary street
gown; the ono in which she leaves Now York.
Our ordinary costume will bo corduroy waist,
knickerbockers, and short skirts. We have long
covert cloth ulsters, made wnterproof outside,
and lined with sheops" wool. In winter wo will
wear heavy calfskin boots, and In a miner ru li
ber boots. For summer we have denim dresses,
hocause they are stout and yet not too warm.
We will wear felt hats, with leather binds nnd
broad straight brims, so that we can fSBtcn the
mosquttu nets to them. In winter wo wlil w car
fur suits UUo thoe the Indians near. The
trousers are fur lined nnd como to the ankle.
Tho skirt is lined 1th plaid woollen goods, and
tho walBt Is for lined. On our long ulsters we
have fur-llned hoods.
Mrs. Gould was very mysterious about a cer
tain part of tho uork plunned. Sho says they
will caro for all the poor patients thoy can
handle nnd she expects that the number will
reach, twenty or twontv-IIve weekly. Sho de
clined to state who Is furnishing tho means for
this work, but Intimated tint soicrnl philan
thropic perrons nro hicklng the scheme. At
flm, however, slio hesitated over tho Idoa that
the) ero philanthropic; but. If they do get any
thing out of it, Mrs. Gould does not propose to
betray their secret. Mrs. Gould herself is taking
a largo quantity of provisions nnd Intonds to
"grub stake" any needy miners she may como
jr. it. Tnoiivsox's six wives.
Tbe llxtb'a Divorce Null Involves a Vice Point
nr Interatute Ijw.
May Irving Thompson had an action on trial
before Justlto Beach of tho Supreme Court yes
terday to annul her marriage to William Rail
cllfl Thompson. Thompson was arrested on her
couipluint for btgnuiy In September, 1SU0, nbout
a month after tbe nmrriage, and was paroled in
the custody of his counsel for a hearing, but ho
disappeared and has not been found by tbe au
thorities. Ho mado no defenco to the suit yes
traM flionpearod thnt In 1808 Thomppon, who wns
then employed In tho office of Frederick Cook
of Rochester, formor Secretary of .Stale, mar
ried Ellzubcth Cook, n nlcco of his employer,
Sirs. Thompson subsequently went to Hvo nt
Ruselle, N. J., where sho got n dUorco from him
without personal sen Ico of a summons on Juno
21) 1890. Tho plaintiff yesterdiiy claimed that
ns Thompson had not been served by publica
tion und had not uppeired In tho action In the
Now .lersoy com Is that, tho marringo Is a
nulllt), and ho was not freo to marry her.
Justice Death reserved decision.
Francis V. a. Oliver, attorney for tho plaintiff.
Bald that Thompson had married about nix wo
men, tho plaintiff being tho sixth, und ho wns
about to mnrrrasopnthnhcn ho nas arrested.
In tho present action Thompson was nerved by
publication nnd bo lies not anpoarcd. so If Judg
ment on a like eon Ico In iinothir flute Is set
aside nnd a Judgment given hero. It would mako
anlco question us to bow the lotirts of other
States, particularly New Jersey, would act ou
tho Judgment of this court.
The Number Iletweea Washington Arch and
Firii-iilntb Ntreet lo Be Doubled.
The Gas Commission decided yesterday to
floublo the number ot aro lamps on Fifth ave
nue from Washington Arch to Fifty-ninth strrot
Tho lumps, which aro two on a polo, aro now
pUred alternatively on ono sldo of the street
and tho other. A new polo bearing tw In lamps
will be erectod directly opposite ench of the old
Tho commlBSlon also decided to light Park
nvonuo under the elei utiui structure of tho New
York Central Itallroul from 110th street to tho
Harlem Ulierwltu thlrtj-two aro and 12U In
candescent electric lumps.
Tbe Hot, Mr. I'ntler to He Rued Anew ror
Corfisel for thottlfoof tho Rov. D. C. Poller
moved lu tho Supmne Court yesterday that her
action for absoluto dltorco on tho statutory
ground bo dismissed. This does not mean, how
ever, that Mrs Potior is to drop tho suit. New
evldonco Is alleged to bate been discovered nnd
a new petition "111 be drawn embodying tho
particulars. This was ilremud preferable to
amending the original petition.
Ln Touralua aoat One or Her I'ropellrrs.
It wub roportcd yesterday from Havre that
tbe Fionch line steauior La Touralne, which
sallciiioin Vow York on Dec. 4, nrrltcd in a
disabled i nndltlou In tuwnf a Ilrltluh Mcauier,
'1 ho agent of thouiiiiiuu in this (It) uuld yes
terday that this report was Una urate, ax La
'louruliie nas not dlnabled aud mado port under
her oh u fitoiui, Thedeln) nus canted iy tho
loss of her port propeller and by bud weather.
She was due to arrive last Saturday, t
The condition ot Fifth avenue above Fifty
ninth street is such thnt tho f athlonabla houses
ot that region aro praotically luaccosslbln and
tho persons who llvo In them nro quito nnnblo
to extend any hospitality to their friends. Kven
a dinner party, unless It bo given in a bouso
situated on a corner, is out ot Uio question. Mrs.
Astor was compelled for this season to abandon
tho Idea of giving a ball, and as the residents of
this part of Fifth avenuo lncludo many of tho
most fnshlonablo famlllos in tho city, their iso
lation has so far had a very discouraging effect
on tho social season. Ono grntleman who lives
on tho avenuo was lamenting tho other day tho
fact that ho could not even ask lib friends to
dinner, as there was no vnr in vhich a vehicle
could reaoh his door. It Plight lmvo been pos
slblo tor his friends to alight at tho corner nnd
walk to tho house, but that arrnngouiont was
too oomtilctcly dependent on tho weather to
tuoko It safo to send out Invitations. As no re
lief Is promlbod until February, it is likely that
this season will bo remembered as ono of the
least eventful. In a noclal way, that New York
has passed through In many years. Lent will
sot lh soon after tho streets nro In a condition
that makes entertaining posslblo uptown, and
tho wlntor will probably pass with no social In
cident to mnko 11 notablo nnd n much smaller
number nt tbo ordinary cntcrtuInmcnU than
usual. This, of course, means a great loss ot
Iiatronago to tradesmen, nnd that brings a fur
her loss of employment to innuy persons who
aro dependent for their livelihoods ou Just tho
sort of expenditures which como from tho elnb
orato entertainments given by society people.
Thoy nro feeling that this winter to an almost
unprecedented extont, nnd It doot not seem
probable, In vlow of the dolay In opening the
streets, that this loss will bo made good. The
best months of tho winter will have passed be
foro society Is ablo again to spend its money in
tha usual ways.
The former Princess Chlmay, who recently
has been called Mine. Rigo by a Paris court.
Anally has como out ahead of a number ot other
persons with whom slio was associated tem
porarily, and it she was not whitewashed ox
aatly, nt least a roso-colorod glow was thrown
temporarily on the lady, It will bo remem
bered that oho signed a contract with n Paris
photographer, who was to pay her 29 per cent,
on tho money that came from tho sale ot her
photographs. After that part of tho contract
wns Bottled, Mmo. Rigo posod in a great many
attttndes without anything llko n proportion
ate amount oLdrnnory. Indeed, It was stipu
lated thai her picture should be "tnoro or loss
plnstto," nnd anybody who saw romoof tho ex
amples that enmo to this country will admit
that they wero quito plastlq enough to havo
compiled with tho words of tho contract. Tho
ji'ollt out ot tho Investment wns considerable
nod particularly In England, which seems to
have appreciated Mmo. Klgomuro than any
other country dldj Tho Bale of tho photographs
vns enormous. Cargo sums wero forwarded
tij her agent to tho original, hut tho police In
terfered, nnd brought the prullta lo cnterprtso
to nn end. It "us decided that, oven for Paris,
tho business was a llttlo bit too trong. When
Mme. Micro's pictures wero seized a lot of
others wero taken, and the French authorities
decided that hers wero comparatively so in
nocuous thnt thcro was no harm in selling
them. So tho American has had tho satisfac
tion of having her nnme come before tho publla
with the doubtful vlndlcutlnn'ttint even in hor
o n lino there were Homo things worso. Thut
compliment had not been paid to bor for sumo
time, and, coming from tho Palais dn Justice,
it icust havo boen especially gratifying.
Mme. Sombrlch has bcon cngagod for tho Sun
day night concert nt tho Metropolitan, and with
Ysayo oi&he programmo threo ought to be such
nn audlcnco as tho theatro novcr hold even on
a Sunday night. This will bo Mme. Hem
brich's last appearance at tho Sunday concerts,
and when she appears again In New York It
will bo at a song recital. Anton Soldi dis
claims all responsibility for tho recent pro
grammes at tho Metropolitan, and for tho fact
that tho concerts were draggod out to their In
termlnablo length of ncarly.thrco hours and a
half. R. E. Johnston has promised that the
conoerts are to bo shortened to a reasonable
limit, and thlss doubtless duo to tho fact that
on last Sunday night a great many persons left
the building before tho end of tho programme.
Mme. bc-mhrlch bung nt tho Sunday (Ainccrts
because eho roallzcd that there Is no other way
of becoming a popular favorite nearly so
quickly. It wus at theso concert thut Mmo.
Mclba llrst gained her uublk, And Uicy are a
great at of u singer's drawing powers. It wns
not u wholly Unproiitnblo experiment tor Mma
Scmbrlch, as tbe audience nt tho last concert
represented t.OOO, nnd ns sho was giving them
on her own responsibility, that u as c en in thu
duy of hlgh-nrlced singers no uoor compensation
for an ovening's work. Mmo. Seinhrlch'a hus
liand. UuIIlaume Stengel. Is ns llttlo llko tho
customary prima donna's husband na any
man thut c or enmo to this country. Ho la a
musician nbsorbod In ills art, very little ac
quainted witli business, und quito Ignorant ot
English, although ho is un accomplished poly-
flot when It conios to French, Itinmiin, Italian,
lorinan, or Polish. SImc. Scmbrlch sdcoks
EngllHh with considerable fluency, and tho
plcturcsqucness Is not the least damaged by tbe
fact thnt It is likely to bo seasoned with occa
sional words from her lurgo relpertolro ot Con
tinental languages.
An "American novelty," In the form of a
roof garden. Is to bo opened In Ijndon not
summer on tho top of the now theatre which
Charles Wjndham is no a building, and the high
faor In which tbeso Institutions aro held In
New York has been described eloquently In tbo
London newspapers. There wero sevoral va
cant root gaidcns In Now York last summer
which could easlly"have been spared, and thoso
that wero open novcr seemed such resorts of
hilarity that tho public would flock to them
with -f any particular enthusiasm. Tho London
roof garden Is to bo couducted as u variety
Bhow, and how tho scheme will Buccee.1 in a
cllmato so llttlo suited It must depend very
much on tho quality of thu pcrformerc Lon
don bus even fewer out-of door resorts than
New York, and thero Is evidently tho same ob
jection thero to taking one's pleasure in the
open air nun remaining at tho Kama tlmo within
the city limits. Hoof gardens nro built In Now
York now mcicly becaueo they aro cheap. Thcro
has been llttlo or no profit in them for years
here. Every limn who goes to one usually feels
thut ho would favor any plan bv whiili I,omlon
could suddenly become poenctxed of Ml our roof
Hardens and keep them Just us long ns it wants
to. If the liquor and tobacco could bo included
na well nu tbo Ktago progrummos they would
Boon ho roturned.
The members ot tho Rainy Day Club may
havo dovlscd a means of keeping clean tbo bot
toms of their skirts, nnd tbey may not euro a
bit how they look so long ns that groat work Is
accomplished. But some improvement is need
ed in the case ot tho short-legged members who
rldo in cablo cars. In their caBe the methods
nt tho club havo not liecn completely buci use
ful, and ono of thom illustrated this strikingly
jestcrdav whon sho got into a Droudway cablo
car. faho was rather undersized and slout-a
physical condition which apparently predis
poses women to join tho club. Her skirt catuo
to thn topj of her allocs, nnd whon sho walked
uu tbo car there wub nothing ver exciting
about the view. But when cbo eat down every
Pisscugrr onposlto grew deeply sympathetlo.
Ii..- s. ..1ia rt..nl. a. ffnn. i.. ......I
11VI IllUk ll-IIVU tf IWUW.t M.W IIUVI IS PUtfll.,
liicbos, and tbny dauglod helplessly In tbo ulr.
lhe skirt oocu.cd to havo akin a sudden lilt,
and thero wan rev ouled avev a pair of rathor
nonchalant buttoned Hhoos a thin rim of gray
stocking. Every movement ot tho car set the
buttoned ohoec. the gray stockings, nnd tho
rainy day skirt gently swaying to nnd fro.
Iivery pansenifer became engrossed in watch
ug too sight, rnd tho spirit of thaltaluy Day
ady grew gradually less aggressive. Mio wus
almost defiant when ho ontorod Iho car, Whon
she left it sho wis wilted Once she mado an
effort to plant hci toes llrmly on tbo iloor. But
that failed. Try as idio might and sho did
struggle hard too buttnut'l shoe inuved back
ward and forward ns tho car proceeded. AN bed
sho got up to leave, them was ou ppporuit
Coop at tlio knoc, which mndo it plain Hint
fIio wns trying tn get tho skirt as far down ns It
would go. '1 he ahort-lcggud iiiuinbcrs certainly
need especial care.
auiLs Acuvti:i of nvitozAitr.
IHd.Thar IlreaU Into a Canity Slur and not
Mteal AU7 Candy t
Mabel Quander, 12 ye irs old, of 61 Bergen
street, nnd Lizzie Wnlkor, 10 years old, of fO
Bomon street, Brooklyn, w er Jarrcs ted last nlglit
on complaint of Mrs. Loulsauna Vlnglnccrln,
who keeps n candy store in the nclghborhonl.
She accuses thom of forcing an entranco totho
store on Bundny nftcrnoou by breaking n win
dow In the rear nud stealing V7.80 In cash and a
mandolin worth tfl.f0.
Iho mniplolln was found in Mabel's house.
Tha girls won-turned over to thu children's hu
cle ) nud will bo arraigned before Pollco Justice
Bristow in tbe Butler Street Court to-day.
Banker Ilencdlct and Kaloan Heauer Rtubtas.
Gni'KNW it'll, Conn., Doc, 16. K. O. Benedict,
banker, ana James Stubbs, enloon keeper, will
appear beforo tho Fait field County Commission
crb In tlio town building hern on next Monday
nt a hearing on .Mr. Benedict's remonstrance
ngalnat blublH't) saloon. Slubtinsaja his prop
ert is wurth 7,000, and he cannot afford to lot
It iciualn Idle, end Iho only vviy ho can benefit
himself Is by ononlnr tbe saloon, oreu if it la
1 near Mr, Benedict' Indian Harbor residence.
Vlnatn ex tho Horrible Murder" at tha
Thalia Theatre Rnolled hr a Bl Brleo
ttve'a Arreat or (he C'orpar, Wtsaaa Acting
Had Ileen Criticised In tbe Jewleh Herald.
David Krgsler, horo of tho stirring drama
now being plnved nightly in tho Thalia Theatro
Jntllled "Tho HorribloMurdor," which aohlarcd
lnslAtit succoss on tho occasion of Us first pro
duction last week bccaUsa of its faithful pot
trayaTot tho GlcIdsensuppoHragedy, was n pris
oner yesterday in tho Essox Market Pollco
Court, charged with tommltflng a felonious as
sault on Michael Mlntz, tho editor 6f the Jevish
On Monday afternoon Mints got a warrant
for tho nrrcst of Kcsslor from Magistrate
Hedges. He told tho Maglstrnto that he criti
cised Kcssler'B acting by writing nn editorial,
in which Kcssler'B death throes lrCbls part ot
William bithltensuppt wero no moro traglo
on tho atngo than StevO Brodio's jump from
tho bridge was In roaltty. Mint assorted that
he mot Kcsslor and a friend early Monday morn
ing in Grand Btrect and that Kossler hit him on
tho back of tho neck, rendering him lnsonslblo.
The warrant was given to Detoctlvo Morris
Cohen of tho Eldridge street station. Ho u cnt
to the Thalia Thoatro Tuesday night shortly
beforo tho cloeo ot tho performance. Just as
Cnirf. O'Mricn, tho detoctlvo In tho play, ar
rested yAom, Cohen, who was waiting In tho
wings, pulled Oieldstnsujine out of tho bath
tub In which he lay previous to Iho supposed
dlssoetlon of hi! body, thus spoiling tho Inst
Tinrt nt ihnflrAinn Tho nmnniremflnt borrowed
a war clothing flguro from n clothing store pro
prietor in Bayurd street to represent tho rorpso,
but tho gallery contingent discovered tho de
ception and evinced Its displeasure by catcalls.
Kven when Martin Thorn plunged nn axe Into
tho skull ot the figure the audlonco was not
All tho members of "Tho Horrible) Murder"
company were present in tho pollco court
when tbo case wut called yesterday.
Ca)t. O'Brien, tho detective in the play, who
woro long whiskers, tried to get acquainted
with Policeman Burns of tho Court squad. Ha
showed Burns a tin badge inscribed, "Chief of
the Detectives." Burns grabbed O'-Bn by
the coat collar and ejected htm.
In accordance with tho rules of tho Essex
Market Court, women occupy benches on ono
sldo of tho room nnd men aro required to ion
gregato on tho otln r sldo. When Mrt. Nack
took her scat .lfurffn J'liorn left his olaoo and
sat beside her. Court OIUcerB Sweeney and
Hogsn Immediately lnterforod, nnd Tflornwns
cnmpollcd to stay on tho sidewalk during tho
progress of tho caso.
Mrs. Mlntz, wifo of tho complainant, testi
fied ns to tho nllcgcd assault.
"Whon ho hit my husband," sho said, "I
grabbed him, and ha held his face In my hand no
that 1 could not havo been mistaken as to tho
Ike IngoldBby. who said ho played the part ot
Bill Iloxre, testified that ho saw a Ight, but
bo could not Identify tho man who struck
Mintz. A scoro of sceno shifters and supes
who played the parts of Long Island farmers
In the court room sceno guv o contradictory tes
timony. "This enso Is too deep for me. I am sorry tho
Thalia Thcntre Is on tho Bowery. Between
two fctH of Hum, I will glvo one tho benefit of
tho doubt and dismiss tbe caso." Bald Magis
trate Hedges.
Ilia Sixtieth BlrlliJay Honored by the Archi
tectural LpaBtie.
Tho Architectural League celebrated the six
tieth birthday of Gcorgo B. Post, the eminent
architect, by giving a complimentary dinner in
bis honor in iho Vandcrbllt Gallery of the Amer
ican Flno Arts Society in West Flftv-sovcuth
street laBt evening. Moro than 400 covers wore
laid. Tho league took advantage of tho fact
that Mr. Post had been connoctod with tha ereo
tlon of such buildings as tho Produce Exchange,
tho Cotton Exchange, tho Equitable building,
tho St, Paul building the Union Trust and Uav e
mcyer buildings, and the residences of Cornelius
YnndcTbllt nnd Collis P. Huntington to bring
together msny of the men who wero associated
with hi n in tnevi works and also several per
sons who represent tho process of tho metrop
olis. Among the Invited guests wns Mayor Strong,
Andrew H. Green, Maor-elect "vnn Wyck,
Comptroller Fitch, Comptroller-elect Bird S.
Coltr. William F. King, Prosidcnt of tho Mer
chants' Aoclatlon;ChancolIor MacCrackcn of
thu University of New York, President Hubbell
of tbo Board of Kducntion. Col. O. 11. Loring,
President of the Anmrican Society of Civil En
gineers; II. M. rostovln. President of tho
HuHi'lnir Trades' Club; Charles Itolllnsnn of tho
"oclcty of Mural Painters. ez-Jiulcro Henry E.
How land, tho Rov. Dr. Hastings, former Presi
dent of Union Tbeolngioal Seminary; Barr Fcr
ree. Edwin II. Blashfleld. and tho J Ion. James
.i. Beck. Chairman of the Associated Art So
cieties of Philadelphia.
Tho hall was decorated with works of art
chief of which was Mr. Post's own designs, F.
I). "Millet's great lunette for the Bank of Pitts
burg, nnd Mr. Illashfleld's recently comnlotod
portrait of Mr. Post. In thoconrsoof tho dinner
a gigantic birthday cuke, modelled after the St.
Paul building nud Illuminated by sixty Incan
descent lights, was pu-'cntcd to Mr. Post by
llrucc Prleo and lltussell Sturgis In felicitous
The Australian Ilallnt Ilaed Tor the First Time
on Hut Ii nn Occasion
OAMimmnK, Mass., Dec IS. Tho election
for class olllcers ot tho senior class of Harvard
Lnlversity was held to-day In Holdon Chapel.
Balloting was by the Australian system, and
tha polls wero open from S A, M. lu 0 P. M and
308 members of tho class sated. Tlio result
of tho election wns: Secretory, Bnrtlott II.
Hayes, Jumalea Plains; First Marshal, James
H. Perkins, Milton, Mass.; Socond Marshal,
David M. Goodrich, Akron, O.; Third Marshal,
Norman W. Cabot, Brookline, Mass.; Orutor,
Charles Orllk, Davenport, la.; Poet, G. H.
Scull of Boston; Ivy Oiator, Robert Palfrey
Utter, Salt Lake City, Utah; Odclst, Frederick
L Waldo, Bridgeport, Conn.; Chorister, W, H.
llnnd, Jr. Dorchester, Mass.
This was tho llrst attempt at Harvard to hold
a clues election by tho Australian ballot sys
tem. Previous elections have always been
held In tho evening lu MussachusettH Hall.
Tiie -runt lucre aso in tho Bl.o of tho cln-wcs at
Harvard linH rondertd hoiuo ebangn necessary
In too manner of holding elections, and the
new system is the outgrowth of a discussion
start oil a fow weeks ago. Of tho class unices
nt Harvard, tho places of secretary and rla-s
committeemen are for life1. Tho othor oltlcos
cIst on! ou class day. 'Iho office of Murshal
carries tbo greatest social honor. 'Iho threo
most prominent meu In the class are selected to
till these llino po-ltlois. Tho Mnrshil elected
to day, Jiimcs II. Perkins, has been President of
bis class for four stars, and has towed on the
'inrsity crow for tho Inst threo years. He ia
President of th Hast Pudding Club and also
belongs to the Pore elllnn and Institute nf 1770.
Ilavld M. Goodrich, captain of the 'varsity
crow. Dolongs to tho Hasty Pudding and other
societies. Norman W. Cabut. e"-caplnln ot
the 'varsity football cloven, Is a member ot tbe
Hasty Pudding Club.
r alii eiiinn Jlurpbj, Who la Charged with ('lob
bing Hint, auapeuded from Duly.
Policeman Thaddeus Murphy of the Oak
street station, who Is charged by the friends of
1 bornns McCarthy of 10 Ratavin street with
having caused the bartendci'a death by club
bing him In u saloon In Roosevelt stroet, wus
taken beforo Chlof McCullanh by Capt. Vreden
burgh )esterday. He said Hint hokuew nothing
of the iillugid clubbing. Ho wus suspended
from duty pending examination.
Coroner's Physli ian Weatnn, who made an au
topsy on McCarthy's bod), said In his report
that tho man hnditlciliii a eomplbatton of men
ingitis nud facial erjslpilas folbinlng contu
sions on thu houd mid face. Dr. Woston lu cer
tain that McCarthy's death was tho result of
tbesa contusions.
Ueorae Tluairj's llurlnl Delayed a Day by
Illnailng Operation.
Soitii Oiivvoe, N, J., Dec 15. While oxca
vatlng for u grave In the Tingloy family plot in
tho l'rcsbj terlan Church Cemetery nt Union
yesterday tho gravo diggers found a boulder
which could bo removed only by blustlng, This
operation necessitated a rioluy of a day in the
Interment of tho body of Gc-nrgo Tlncioy, whoso
funeral was to havo taken place jestcrcay, 'lhe
blasting wus coucludot this morning, and the
burial took place this afternoon.
Another Kllllnc In Ibe Klielby.Jrnklaa Vend,
Padioau, Ky Dec. 10, Alfred Shelby shot
nnd killed George JenMns In Iho woods near
here yesterday, Tho killing is tho outcome of
the famous SheUiv and Jenkins feud, which has
stnrtcil afresh In Balluid county, iho two fao
t luns met in the woods yostcwluy, and the Jen
kins party opened lire, (jcorgu Jenkins was
pierced by a rlflo ball and died instantly, Tho
feud dale back two yours.
Mr, Iloqtter laia th Day r the Old-raahlened
Picture Star Is tiona Vorevcr.
Charles T. Hooper of 70 Nassau street, who
mado an assignment on Tuesday after having
boen for forty years a picture dealer in this city,
aid yestorday to n Sow reportor that his busi
ness had boon spollod through tho dulncsa
which had oxlttcd for tho post ten yeara.
"Within tho past thirteen years," ho said,
"I havo lost 910.000 that it had taken mo
twenty-soven jesrs to earn. The last $10,000
worth ot real estate that I ownod was gold tbre
yaara ago, nnd I paid thon avery cent that I
owed. Tho picture business has boon dead
since 189-t. Then, when I began to loso money,
Ikopt hoping that eomo chango would corns,
and that pooplo would begin again to buy aa
they had In the paot. But that time never
oamo, and It ueyor will, for tho kind ot
goods that I sold. Tho dealers id flno
Ealntlngs, art I its' proofs, nnd other such worlta
aye Buffered badly during Iho ten years lust
finished. Hut Ihey nro going tn fool n revival
Bhd will get nil nt tholr business back nf lor a
w,hl o. But with copies, engravings, and all
kinds or colored prints there Is no longer any
liopoof an Increase lu tho demind. Even ths
manufacturers aro suffering dreadfully, and
the dorartmont stores have taken tho business
almost entirely out of tho hands of tho small
dealers and thoy are not selling tho pictures at
prl oa which bring them nny profit. .
"I havo a storcful of pictures now which I
could not mako porsons buy nt nny prleo. Tha
other day a stock worth $8,000 was told tat
8760. Ifl could havo gotten nny price for the
pictures I havo on hand It would never hav
been nocessary for me to mnko an assignment.
"The business ot framing has declined just
u much, Thero used to be twelve men in thd
business I'owntown hore. Now there are only
two, nnd I um one of them. A lntib could make
a fortune out of tho business before 1884. I
started in 1H57, and Was wiped out In a Short
time, uy tho following year I had paid oft tujr
clouts aud started in again. In 1801 It WAS n
hard struggle, but 1 got through nil right, and
in 1878 hnd throe stores, all ot them making
rnonoy. In 1881. tho turn came. Since that
tho business in pictures has grown worso year
by year, and now It practically does not exist.
Hard times had more todo with it than apy thing
else. After the hard tlmos In tbe past business
used to pickup. Bat It docs ndt now. All there
is of the picture business the copies, prints,
nnd different kind of reproductions hat gOno to
tho department stores."
election arjnry to Pass an the String Exhibit
The Hanging Committee.
Tho Tegular autumn mooting of the Boclcty
of American Artists was held on Tuc-day oven
Inn. Jobri In Forge, tho society's President,
was in the chair. The voto for tho jury which
will pass upon works of nrt offerod for tho
twentieth annual exhibition, to be held in the
spring, wns taken. The balloting resulted In
tho election of tho'followlng painters nnd sculp
tors: Herbert Adams, Edwin II. Blashfleld, J.
ApplctonlUrown, Irving R.WlIcs, John La Forgo,
It. Bolton Jones, H. SIddons Mowbray, Daniel C.
Frcnch.Wllllnm A. Coflln, Howard Russell But
Ior, Henry O. Walker, George R. Barso, Jr., Wil
liam M. Chnse, Thomas W. Dow Ing, Francis C.
Jones, Goorgo W. Maynard, William T. Hmed
lev, Frank Duvcneck of Cincinnati, Samuel
iBliam. Dwlglit W. Tryon, Herbert Denman,
J. Alden Weir, Robert Held, Frank W. Ben
son of Boston, Douglas Talk, Willlnm B.
Faxon, and It. Swain Olftord. Thoso twenty
liven men, together with Edward Simmons,
Kcnyon Cox. nnd Leonard Ochtman, who wero
chosen for the hanging committee, constitute
the jury. It represents protty fairly all shades
of opinion and method in thn society's mem
bership. Amendments to tho by-laws wero adopted
authorizing tho jurr to mako special applica
tion for nntnbio works palmed within tbo Near,
a plan that whs tentatively adopted Inst season
nnd thnt proved to bo n successful way of im
proving tho quality of the exhibition nnd In
creasing the attendanco. Resolutions on tho
death eif William L. Pit-knell, tho well known
lnnditcapo painter, who diod m Boston last
summer, were ndopted.
Ihonttcndnnco nt tho meeting was large,
and included sovoral members who resido in
Europe, among them Alexander Harrison, who
returns to Paris soon.
Mandelbanm. wbom lloshot. Pnlla to Prosecute
lllin Clrnnd Jury May Tnko Action.
Tlio chargo of felonious assault against J.
Waldore Kirk was dismissed yesterday by Mag
istrate Flammer In tho Wo3t Fifty-fourth
Street Court because of the absence of tho com
plainant, Richard R. Mandelbauui.
Kirk was charged with shooting Mandelbaura
nt tho Gerard Hotel, 123 West Forty-fourth
street, on the night of Nov. 13. Ho was ar
raigned on tho following day In tho West Fifty
fourth Streol Court, nnd held in 2.500 bail to
await Hie result of Mandclhaum's injuries.
There were two adjournments nf'er that be
cause of tbo inability of tho complainant to
leave his room.
When the caso wns railed yesterday Mnndel
baum'e counsel said that his client bad left the
city and gone Wost to resumo his buslnc-Bs as a
whlskcj salesman. He also Intimated thut It
had been Mandelbaum'B wish to withdraw tbo
Co nsel for Kirk moved that the chargo be
dismissed, and the motion was granted.
District Attorney Olcottsald later that ho In
tended lo bring tho caso to the attention or tbo
Grand Jury. The fact that the matter hnd been
patihed up. Mr. Oleott said, only made It more
serious, and ho intimated that some one might
lw indicted fur compounding a felony in settling
tha case.
" I may be called upon to prosecuto all tho
porsons concerned in tho settlement," addod
Mr. Oleott. "but I do not caro to mention any
names. The ease will bo brought to tho atten
tion of thoGrand Jury oa quickly as I can col
lect the lacls. The shruting constituted a felo
nious act, and the Grand Jury will be asked to
pass upon It."
Hedlco.Lrgal Society Electa O me era.
The nnnunl meeting of tho Mcdlco-Legal So
ciety was held last night at tho Hotel Marl
borough, Several papers wero rca I, and the
following oflleers woro olectcd for tho ensuing
year; rt. It McLood, M. I) . President; George
I). Porter, Viie-Presldcnt: Clark Bell, Secretary,
and Thomas Darlington, Trcisun r.
ajtw giujHrntions.
A Hook of "Happy Hay a," called
"The Good Things ol Earth"
"Will tx oa HAle lu tbe book uteres ou SturJr. Dec. 1 B.
Ir will l n Kuttit bank.
It will m a wtiultftoine hook, anil then will h& a Una
train nf humor, pat Inn. unl cheerful phlIiMOjli run
ntui thronuli ll a biography of the bttttr part of
vry (milt's life
ARTHUR GRAY & CO., Publishers,
aaV Jl-SVa JsflL.aCa jflajClk4aaHk j4flkjaajflajila&a.an.ABk-Qk.l
' "- fi'M
wiruTuu atajbianAtntt bir. y?i M
Sunrlae,,,, 7 lTlftuneils'.rtsi MoonrUt.ttor .A
matt WATkt-TBi bit. .','
8andynook.lt BO I aor.tsPd.18 II Ball Data.. J &
Arrlred-WKnlEaPtv.Dso.nl. ' M'm
fit Cetle. Mleol, Liverpool D I. !M
ft Frlealand, Nickels, Antwerp D. 4. Sg iM
. 8a Camtirlan, Wise, London. JjS rkj
Si MaUern, llyile, Liverpool. 'if B
llairow, Caaten, Marseilles. it's
Hi Caatello. Pores. London. Svj
Mtlleatloire Harrta. nnteldl. 'M
fit Jamaica, tirnn, Mnntrgd nay. .flr H
Ha City or washlrraton. Unrlay, rtavaaa, !!
Ri Oran Nstaau. Kroner, La lltiarra. xi '
He Slmnn Dumnls, ltantu. lunchns. All M
f nnlMeln, llonpe, t'apn llayll. 7 i'B
Bs Oneida, stsplea. Wilmington. tt; ,
Bi Lttnpasoi, . Oslfeiton. iS fS
Kor lattr arrivals see First rags.) ,ij
AtMITKD OUT. jlj ',fl
a La Touralne. from New York, at TTavre, 3? rH
fts Ht, Paul, trom New York, at SonthnmctoO. 3tg
Ba Furneaila, from New York, at Olucow. W Jfl
Bs VSSDdam. trout New Vntk, at Itoiterdam.
iittKn rroM nucni remra. '"ll ),H
Ra Knlier Wllhelm der Uresi., from MeatbamyMsl T?)
for New Y'ork, K H
Ba Jtajestto, trom Llrerpool for New York. 'jjf ;
in n mon noHtana roars. M. U
MCnele, from Natr Orleans for Nrw York. $
Bi Leons. from Ualv.aton for New York. jjf VS
octoona sTuiunirs. M ffl
Sail To-Dnl. 1
,.ia. . Half at. retutSaO, M WM
Trinidad, nermuda. 8 00AM 10,00 AM Sstlt
fi Wr'"5.u. i oo p m noo p n 'Mam
KlPaif), New Ot lean i MOOPM jiH
Pomeranlen, Olasgow ,,, ..?,:...., r1H
ball To-ilorroie. iSlrB
liwjuolf, Chirleton .......... ODD 1' M vlH
Colormlo, Brunswick 800 PH W'fl
tTmnrta, Liverpool 8 00AM 19 COM V&fl
La oaseojrne, Havre 7 00AM 10 00 a H S-W
Kms.Oenoa fl 00 A It lOOOAM WrlsB
Hhtopls ntoaeow 1000 A M 1 Jo S SIH
fersta. namuGra ,.s ,. liaOAII Sj"
Linda, Newcastle m fl
FraneHeo. Hull , ; MiJBm
Bfltuh Kln. Antwfrp , .ii.,.Yi 5l fl
MMsaehusetta. Loudon. , , " 'S'fl
Adirondack. KlngHon lonnASt IB MM wl'fl
Itolsteln.IIa.Ttl ,..!!' 00 AM 1S00M 7: fl
Beneea, Havana, 10 10 AM 1 00 P II .sic- fli
Fontsbelle. St. Tliomaa,.,. BBO AM 1100 M T. fli
F.1 rio, New Orleans 000 pM ' mM
Oomsl.oalreston , 100PM '3? fli
IiOulilaiis.NewOrl.ana.i,, .,,i BOO P M fffl flj
iscoiuso srclltSRin. M fl
Dvt To-Dav. M '
Ltndo Bhteldi Novtt ? fl
Cutie. Liverpool bee 3 ifl
Raramanla Oirrraitar ,, Rovtl ii Ifl
Jofa Otbraltar. 8orS S M
Fdam Amsterdam, ,, De t 1i"fl
Rtralhesk Havre i..i....Do 1 'i ',
Fiblopla ..Olawow ,D a ')
Kaiser WllMlm II Oloraltar .... '' ")'U
Stale , .Ureaxn .,pao . t fl
Andalusia ...i.Hamrmra....,..,, ,po s ,
'Weimar , ...rtremen ...tea - Kl ;H
Aranonla. Havre. ......pes .
Hxrrox St Lucia. pea I ,i fl
LIHoiite NewOrleans 5ee1 Wi 'fl
Iroeiuois Jaeksonrtlle Dee in :,'.l !
Gate City Savannah Dae IS ft :H
Due Trlitau. tier. 17. ?; ! fl
I.neanla. Llrerpool IXvll ' fl
llrltannlo Liverpool ,...DM a ifl
ttlnnil Ctarlstlanssnil...., Do 8 ,- 'fl
Ilntiert . . Para Dm Q 3fl
Philadelphia., LaOaayra ,.,..i,.troli ', flf
Pretoria. Kt.Thmnaj , Deoli if, m
Tallahassee fl avail naa ,......Djl H I B
Due Saturday, nro. 18, j 'x
Part Jtontbampton Dae It fl l,fl
Fnropn London ,...,Dao a a T fl
Ma4SAeqiia. Shield .,i...,.,reo 4 !w I M
BanMsrros Oalvestna Deoll t'i'fl
Grecian Olasgow ,,,,,,, .Deo 4 ' l
Dut Svndnv, Deo. 1. '- IH
LaNormandle Havre , Dealt JiiM
Amsterdam Amstaruam Deo 0 viljl
Normannla Gibraltar ,,..peolfi I.H
lielliKla st.LucIa i .ileoll MM
FiSol No-orlen Deal 'wi fl
Algonquin jacksourlll. Dee 10 Iffl
Due liondav. Ilea. 20. ihU
Nnmadlo Liverpool Deo 10 (i 9
Bocuranca Havana Deo 10 .Jrfl
Creole Here Orleans Deo 18 f-fl
Due Tiirldnv. Dee. 21. jll fl
Kalsar Wlm der Urotte.bremen Poo 14, Jl'-'fl
lanltoba , Lonlon .Dee 9 ?&& lM
Uetantle London M Da 0 Hrl H
Croft Dnndee V Deo T fl
Finance Colon ,.., Dto 14 ,lj
Leona Galveston Dee 18 Al
luginf goticeg, MM
Pearl and all binds r Pro.Ua. otaaaa ?H1
tbe Ik at quality only. Prices low as anynnerav nan llViB
or abroad. " fiXM
HOWARD & CO , SSt Fifth Avonu.. New York. !'j fl
Only eight mors bualneu days before Xrau. f 3 fl
' ft M
Mi m
Carl II. ftrbnlla'a PtaUlle4 Carbaala V
la tha best table water. tl
OB nAASLOKF UBIHWOLD. On Wednaadayv glfl
Dec. IB, at tbe Church of tbe Aaeanslon, by tb4 'if,
Ilov. Percy 8 Grant, Loolie, dangbterof thalati M
Ocorge Ortswotd, to D. Ilarald d. Dauloff.
IIMATOt KEIin.-On Deo. IB, at tha residence at ,1 1
tbe bride's mother, 22 West 50th it., by tbe Iter, t, W
Dr. David IS. Greer, Jeannie Hamilton, daughter ,, ta
of Mrs. Hamilton It. Kerr, to Charles Albert ;9
Heaton of New Haven, Conn. ' M
WOOIW-(.ItlPflv.-On Wedneaday, Dec. IS, la ','M
Grace Church vbantry, by Dr. James H. Woods, ! m
n.rhert Richardson Woods and Aline, daughter o
Emily Edey and the late Capt. Barauol Palmes1 'j
Qrimu. . J
mp.tsmv,-On Toosday, Dec. 14, at Fait Orange, .
N J , Morris Edgar, son of Mary Dodd and tha :.p
late George W. Freeman, aged 02 years. i
Relatives and friends are Invited to attend tba I
funiiril aervlcca at his late residence, 129 lUmlU ,- I
ton at , Eait Orsnjte. N. J., on Friday, Dee, 7 1
17. at 9 o'clock P. M. Intermsnt tn Rosedala '
Cemetery, r. ,
COULEV.-At the Sherman Square note), on Tael,
day evening, Dec. 14, VVllllamDlsrKroughOodl.yt f '
Funeral service will be hel I at the Sherman Square " :
Hotel on Friday, the 17th IniL. at 0 40 A. M. In j
terment at Belvldere, X. J, at S 80 P, M. J
nttslPllllMVN. At atorrtltowB, N. J on Tuaaday, ' '
Deo. 14, Uugh Humphreja, youngest aon of Rev.
Dr. and Mrs. Frank Landou Humphreys. 'i
Xnt.rmeut at Auburn, K. Y.
OUI'V.-At hli reitlence. 238 East 23d it , New '
York city, on Wednesday, Deo. 10, 1807, Daniel
Owen, lu his 7Sth year.
Funeral servlcos at hla lata residence on Friday St
H P, M. lutarment prlvato. Kindly omit flowars. t
v -
1MIF. KEN1ICO CF.M-TERY.-Prlvat iUUon, liar. Ifl'
. leiu llallroadi 4J mluutas' rU. from the el rind ,
Central Popot. orOee. lni.aat 48d it.
ARTISTIC, good taate, lieautyt PRATTa Cards, '
Hook If t-, nook, Calendars, Pollers. 1 A) nih av, J j,:
I riftta.! Edition de Luxe
22? & Uniform with Edition dc Lore of " Trilby."
1 jJtS-tkT& & On Hand-made Paper, with Deckel
sfc t !fe Edges the Illustrations in Sepia and
A &!.& tnc T-xt in Black. Large 8vo, Bound 4
&&& in Vellum. Limited to 500 Numbered j 'X
?!&& Copies. $10 00. ;
A delightful romance. New York Herald. J J
d It is a Christmas story for every day in the year. Critic, N.Y. ,j
k In " Tbe Martian " George dn Mautier has given us of his K "
best. Phila. Press.
(In a Box) ''i
I "The Martian," "Trilby," and "Peter Ibtetson": '',
Qoth, $4 50 Three-quartet Call, $9 50 1 f
J Three-quarter Cruihed Levant, $J2 00. 5 "
J HARPER & BROTHERS, Publishers, New York and London J I
4'v''Vva'Vv'(vvsvv j

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