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L m. V I I Mi, yJaraOsBfflM tSl mm ft H. Clearing in the afternoon, with north J&fl
fl ' bbbwobI r H Bb aV. fctHHHH"HHaBHHaBT.Ji sryg jmrnwmmmv Mmm Mr mv4 A.mw
If H W lfiilBjHSfiLEHE r rmV westerly wjnds.
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'l ' . . M,..,.MB,,aasnssmBBBaaa-oaBBBinSB , efU&HHHi
1 Tha 9011,000,000 Worth or Seeurltlra Found
? Intact la the lantt Artrr an Absence or
j Riant Bail, Head Accountant Long Re-
I tarns, SnfTerlna from Mental Aberration,
For seven days, ending Inst 8undny, two ex-
1 pert late breakers employed by a fault inanu-
faotnrer, hackod and chlsolled away at tho thick
combination stool door to tho llttlo vault In
M hlch tho Drooklyn Dlmo Barings Bank's bondi
wM and stock aro kept lockod up In tho bank build-
Urn lag at Court and Romson streets. This was
HjT necessary because Thomas C. Long, tho head oc-
Wvk countant of tho bank, to whom alono part of
Inn tho combination was known, had disappeared.
Ill Tho safe-breakers flnlshod tholr work on Bun-
B I day afternoon, Just a few hours boforo Mr. Lone
Fv" returnod to his homo at 788 Carroll street.
!RA Brooklyn, from which he had boon absent for
iV eight days. When tho vault door waa finally
K swung open tho securities It had guarded were
f& fdund Intact.
Kono of the bank officers had believed that
Sir. Lour had tampered with the securities, and
they wore congratulating themsolves on tbo
Indira Hon of their confidence In him when tho
news that ho had returnod to his homo reached
Mr. Long loft tbo bank building after tho
books had been balanced on tho afternoon of
Baturday, Dec 11. None of his f rlonds saw him
after that, except for a niomont on Baturday
ovonlng, until Sunday evening, when ho went
to his home. Ills absence waa duo to montal
aberration, from which he la still Buffering.
Mr. Long entered tho aervlco of the bank over
thirty years ago, whonhq was a young man, as
a clerk. Ills ability waa recognized and reward
ed by promotion until ho was mado tho
head accountant a numbor of years ago.
111b salary was ono of tho hlchcst
paid by tho bank, and from long associa
tion with Its affairs he becamo familiar with
all tho details of tho business. His promotion
carried with It Increased duties and responsi
bilities, and bis arduous labors In tbo last
tow yonrs told heavily on his strength. Ho
was able to do his work without brook
ing down, however, and his family and
physician, whllo realising the Intcnno strain ho
was under, had no tdoa that It would affect his
mind. Slnco 1800 ho has had sovoral slight at
i?jffc tacks of IllnosB. which were, considered of llttlo
ssal Hi consoquenco. At no tlino did bo show signs of
HI mental trouble, until Deo. 11.
BiJv Tho 80CUr"''es owned by the bank, which la
nil ono of tho rlchest ln Brooklyn, aro kopt In n
H I vault ln the bank safe. Tho door to tho vault
Rn, waa of combination conatructlon, consisting of
Kc seven pistes. Each of these plates was
l it made up of five layers of different
a steels. Three of these layers wero of Bcs-
I'iJ semor steel, and between them wero layers of
Lfy chrome stee). In manufacturing the vault door
Wi tho thlrty-flvo strips of metal wero wolded Into
Vf ono solid piece. Vault doors so constructed
Kg cannot be drilled. The sockets for tho bolts aro
3 punched while tho mass Is hot, and tho doors
1 5 aro as nearly proof against vlolenco as anything
tjb-2 made of metal can bo. '
its Thta door and tho vault, which wne constructed
IIS In tho samo manner, wern built for tho Dime
ijS Savings Bsnk, and a lock of special construc-
Ui tlon was put in. To shoot tho bolts required
nm" four separato operations. Tho President of tho
W bank, B. It Huntington, had n koy that fitted
a? one of two silts in the vault door. J. L. Marcol-
1V lus,hp'!crtnVry of tho bank, had n key that
Hj"' filled another hole.
HJ-- There were two combinations to tho door. Mr.
WV; Long had ono of these The piylng toller of tho
Krl bank, anothor omployeo who had boon with tho
y Institution for ovor thirty years, had tho other.
Bffi If any ono of the four oper-vtlons was left tin-
Htg done, or was not done properly, tho lock would
Ko y not work, and the door could not be opened. So
WT when tho bonds and stocks of tho Institution
WgjjtJ? v ere locked up thoy couldn't bo got at without
feajK tbe cooperation of tho four mon.
WML On Monday, Dec. 0, the regular semi annual
IH examination of the bank by a committee, of tho
EH trustocs was made. Tho rommlttro met in a
HI trdstcci 's room and sat around a big tabic, Tho
Hjl President, Secretary, paying teller, and head
Hfc, accountant wont Into tho big vault, ench did
HBJ bis part toward unbarring tho chamber ln
VmM which tho valuable papers of tbo bank wero
IBM pocked nwoy, and whon tho ault was opened
) a bank employoo took tho bonds and stocks into
HBji tho trustees' room and spread them out on the
BJ,"' tabic.
hW Tho trustees wont to work on tho stuck of
HKX pipers and counted, checked and countcr-
IHj f checked them, and, when the) had finished.
I added up tbo totals. They had seen $22,000,000
WJvl worth of securities. Tho accounts wero correct,
jjjv rnJ tno commtttco meeting ended. Then Mr.
HMwvmu Marcellus called tho bank's janitor, a man who
Btt Vs nlt cr0"" up n"n "10 institution.
BM . "I want you to carry thoso papers back to tho
m vault," said Mr, Marcellus. "Mr, Long will bo
m"i thero, and when you have taken them all to
BS btm you sit down and watch him put them In
B.f the Taultwhcro they belong. Don't leave him
BMy until tboy nro all put away."
BBf This was tho regular ceremony of cutting
BI1 away tho securities, and It was faithfully car-
BLu rled out. The vault was built when the bank
9K' was not ns rich as It Is now, and somo Ingenuity
BJu. was necessary to get all tbe papors Into It. Mr.
BB?y Long had done the work for) ears, Whon he
BH flnlshod It Mr. Huntington and Mr. Marcellus
BB were notified, and they watched the vault door
BB shut and saw It lockod. Then thoy went home.
BBb Mr. I-ong appoarod for business every day
BBJ during tbo week punctually and performed his
BBS duties as usual. Thero was no occasion for tho
BB1 eponlng of the security vault. On Baturday af.
BBjl ternoon the books were balanced up rb usual,
BBw Mr. Mvrcellus and Mr. Long were kept busy
BBm until eory one elso bad left tho counting room.
BBB Loto In tbe afternoon they wont out together,
BBl and tho janitor lockod tho doors. Mr. Long and
BBjl Mr. Marcollus parted at the entrance. During
BK tho day Mr. Long had acted lu his usual way,
DB1 and when Mr. Marcellus left him he was to all
KnH appearances ln a normal state of mind. Mr.
!MiV Marcellus went home.
m KF What Mr. Long did no ono knows. It was his
mtm habit to go to his home and spond bis ovonings
BEfli with bis wlfo and daughter. He did not do so
BBJ on Deo. 11, Neither he nor any ono else, np-
BBJ parently, knows what he did Imraedlatelr
BBW after leaving Mr. Marcellus. It Is known
BBaR that be oamo to New York, for In the
BBl evmlng J, O. llendrlx, President of iho Na-
BBl tlonal Union Bank of this city, met blm at tho
BBI Garrlck Theatre. Mr. Hendrlx spoko to Mr.
BBajl Long, and they chatted for a fow moments.
BBI They spoke of returning to Brooklyn together,
BHhB but later Mr, Hendrlx lost sight of Mr. Long.
BMI I Mr, Long's family became much alarmed
BBI I when he did not return homo on Saturday
J night, but nothing was said about It by any of
JHB bis relations, becaueo thoy supposed that
iV ho would return with a satisfactory ox
W im planation of hia absenco, although ho
1 0 bad never absented himself before without
mBJI sending word to his wlfo. When he did not re-
BBVJ turn on Sunday his family's concern Increased,
BBA' "'' """ no ftctlcm WRS taken In tbe matter.
BVJl Ibe bank authorities wero not told of
BBTV his nbsonco bicauso It was thought In-
BBll credible by his family that he would not
BHjl appear In tlmo to go to work on Monday
BBU morning. On his failure to go to hia homo on
BBW Bundiiy utgbt his wlfo and daughter comforted
BVB thcmaelres with tho bollof that he would surely
BRV beat work at the bank on Monday, and would
HrJj tell them in tbe evening bis reasons for staying
BL9B away from bome.
BftV When the bank opened for business on Mon-
PBJb day, Dec 13, and Mr. Long did not appear at
BB kuj desk, the bank officers decided that bo
wa 111 an 1 that be had been unable to notify
them. After somo hours had passed and no
word was received from Mr. Long, a bank em
ployee was sent to bis home to Inquire for btm.
Whon tho messenger returned with word that
ho had not bcon seen at his home since Batur
day morning, and that no word had beon re
ceived from htm, tho bank authorities wore
thunderstruck. Tho thought flashed upon all
of them at the same tlmd tbat he had met with
an accldont.
A search of the hospitals was begun and tho
aid of tho police was railed in. All of this was
dono secretly. No word of It was allowed to
bocomo publto out of regard for Mr. Long's feel
ings and also out of regard for the bank. The
search for him was carefully mado, and the
bank ofllcors soon loarncd of his mooting with
Mr. Hendrlx. That was tho last trace of him
they could find, nor bare they been ablo since
bis roappearanco to loam where he spent his
time. The detectives who wero at work on tbe
case could not find a trace of htm.
When tho bank directors woro fully convinced
that Mr. Long had disappeared they made up
tholr minds that they had a duty to perform.
None of them bclloved that tho missing clerk
had tampered with tho bank's papers, but thoy
felt It their duty tooxamlnoallof hia accounts
and all of tho papers with which ho had to do.
Mr. Long's accounts woro found to bo correct,
as all tbo dlroctors expected. Then the safo
makers were sent for. Thoy wero asked to open
tho security vault. Thoy said they could open
It ln only ono way. That way, they said, was to
hack tbo door to bits.
The vault Is tho Innermost of all ln tho bank
building and two men woro set to work at It,
Thoy hod to work In narrow quarters and at an
unhandy angle, and they chipped away at the
hardened mass of Btocl patiently, gradually
working their way Into It until, on Sunday
afternoon, they were ablo to get the door open.
Then thu bank officers drew out tho neatly
sucked papers and wont over them. Not one
was rulssh g, and all woro properly arrangod.
Between 0 and 7 o'clock last Sunday evening
Mr. Long went to his house. Ho was mentally
unbalnncod and did not recogntzo his fam
ily. He was induced to cntor tbo house and
to tuko off somo of his clothing. W bile ho
was doing this a telophone message was
sent to his physician. Dr. Itobort Ornuston, of
117 South Elliott place. Brooklyn. Whon Dr.
Ormlston got to Mr. Long's his pallmt did not
recognise htm but seemod to realize that ho was
a physician.
Dr. Ormlston induced Mr. Long to go to bis
. -om. Mr. Long thought bo was In a hotel. Ho
complained tbat he had been badly treated. Ho
aald that "then" moaning hia wlfo and daughter,
bad taken his shoes awav and would not let him
go out. When he got to his room he said that ho
wanted a slnglo room, not n double, room. Dr.
Ormlston tola him that tho double room waa the
best ln the house, and with somo difficulty got
him into bed.
"Mr. Long appeared to bo dazed," aald Dr.
Ormlston lnat niKbt. " He could not recall any
of tho details of hi. week's exDorlenco. Ho re
membered seeing Mr. Hendrlx. At tho tlmo ho
rotllzod that something was wrong with blm.
Ho said that ho detormined to go homo, and In
order tohoeurc thatho should get thero hcdeclde I
to watcb Mr. ITcndrlx. He could seo bis friend's
bead In tbo theatre, and throughout tbo ner
forruuncc, bo said, ho watched Mr. Hendrlx's
bead. But In somo wny that he cannot
understand ho lost eight of blm, and waa
not nblo to find him again. Ho said tbat
bo waited In the theatre until every one
elso had gono out. Then ho Btartod. Ho does
not rcmcnibor much else. Ho stopped at two
New York hotels. Then he went to Now Jersey,
I think, for he mentioned Bayonne several
times. During a rnrt of the tlmo ho realized
that ho was not In possession of all of bis facul
ties. " Mr. Long complains that persona misdirected
blm. I think bis senso of direction may have
been pert ort id, and that. Instead of going rs he
was directed, ho would go ln another direction.
Ills mind xcems to be much clouded,
hut physically ho Is In about his normal
condition. It la orldent from his appearance
that he bad sufficient nourishment, ills cloth
ing shows Iho marks of continued wear. Ho told
mo tbnt ho remembered buying n collar. The
reat of his clathlnu- was not changed.
"On Sunday afternoon ho trot Into New York.
I think ho liHd been travelling around in Now
Jersey, and riding on the ferries bptwpon Jersey
r Ity and Now York. When bo got to New
York on Sunday ho saw tbo entrance
to tho Brooklyn Bridge, and. recog
nlzlni; it. startod for his homo. At
the Brooklyn end of tho bridgo he got on a
Seventh avenuo car nnd rodo to Carroll street,
where ha got off. I think that Mr. Long's mind
waa Bllehtly overbnlnnrcd by tho bard work
that ho has boon doing for many years past. I
(' not think there is anything serious In his
condition, but It Is Impossible for mo to make
an positive statement in regard to that now."
Mr. MnrcolhiH said last night that at no time
during Mr. Long'a absenco from the bank did
miv one suspect him of haing committed any
rliahniicst act.
" Mr. Long has olwoys enjoyed tho confidence
of nil tho officers of the bank," ho said, "and
weopened the vault becauao we felt that our
official dutlos demanded that we should. Evon
bnd wo been Inclined to doubt Mr. Long's hon
est;, tho fact tbat the cooperation of four of
us is necessary to tho opening of the safe would
hno mndo us rest ensr as to tho safety of
tbo securities Of tho 22.000.000 ln tbo vault,
loss than $1,000 000, 1 think, could bo used by
an) person except tho bank's officers. Wohaa
to got tho vault open anyway. In order to clip
off tho coupons that fall due on Jan. 1."
It was unlit nl Mr. Long's homo last ovcnlng
tbat his condition was much Improved.
An Acrtemimt flenched Whlcti Insures the
I'ni.aie or Ibe Ilanlev lull.
WABitmoTOV, Doc 20. An ogrcement baa
been reached belwcen tho leaders of tbe Senate
and the llouso which practically InBiirca the
passago of tbo Hiwloy bill to Increase tho army
by two roglnicnta of artillery. At tho beginning
of tho session it wan doubtful whether tbo
moaauro would mcot with favor on accountot
the expenditure required to carry the schetno
into effect. This objection also appllod to tho
bill to establish tho threo battalion system In
tbo mllltar) service.
Senator Hawlcy, tho father of tbo bill to In
crease the artillery, gave notice of his intention
to push the measure loni oto, and expressed
tho bollof that It would pass. Mr. Hull, tho
Chairman of tbo IIoubo Oommlttco on Military
Affairs, met this with tho stutumnnt that tho
lncroaao would not go through unices It was
couplod with his own pot Bchemo of establish
imr tbo three battalion svstoni.
This stand of Mr, Hull and tho attitude of the
leaders, Including Spoakor Iteod, havo under-
frone n change, and the ardent supporters of the
ncroaso confidently announce that there will bo
no opposition of conseaueuce. Mr. Hull will not
prosa tho thrco battalion plan and will Bupport
tbe Increase.
Petitions of numerous commercial bodies in
fin or of Iho Increase have been largely In
strumental In causing tho change ln the opposi
tion of tho leadors. '1 bo two regiments are ab
solutely nocessary to Insure piopcr garrisons for
the mans now fortifications on tho cooete of the
United States, and tbe spirit of patriotism
amonu tho economists has triumphed over their
qualms concerning tho oxpondltures required.
Supposed rautfl or the Demand aumntrn and
Jam ns OH I'rodurera.
Standard Oil Trust liquidating certificates
sold on the curb yesterday ut 'MSh. an advance
of 123 points compared with tho closing price
on Saturday, The advance waa accompanied
bv arloua rumorB, including a revival of tbe
report that tbe certificates are to be replaced by
nn Issuo of now stock in a new company. None
of theto rumors was officially confirmed. Hop
resentath cb of Standard Oil Interests ascribed
the advance to a demand for tho certificates com
Ingon aclosely held market. Of tho old trust cer
tificates, originully $u7,2S0.OO0, Issued against
u deposit ln trust of tho slocks of the twent) ru
nning, producing, and transportation compa
nies controlled h) the trust, between $(10,000.
GOO and 70,0O0,0O0 hae beon cancelled, the
trustees hat Ing assigned to tho on ncrs tho legal
tltlo to tho stocks which wero formerly hold
intrust. 'I ho iiBHlitninent represents a share In
Iho legal ownership of tho combined properties,
wherous tho old trust certificates represent a
bine Mel nl Interest In tho sume. Both receive
tho samo dividends and both are quoted alike.
It was learned yesterday from Standard Oil
sources that Sumatra and Java petroleum la
seriously tutting Into the buslnoss In tho far
Kant of tbe American oil refiners. Amorlcan
petroleum baa already bcon practically driven
out of tho Dutch East ludlee by the native prod
uct, und Ibe uea of tbe latter Is spreading Into
other Eastern countries.
The Tender Meat or Dalrr-Ved
fat young porkers, daintily seasoned wllb ttlsoUd
spIms, Is usd In Drt oot yarm Sausasu. Try a ine
pound package, and txwara Imltatloos. Adv,
Changes to Be Made with at Hew to Iho in
tension or Amerloan Trals-lhn Consulate
la Be BatabUsbod-Tho roller or Uradtng
Fay by Fees Iteeelved to Be Abandoned.
WAenntOTOK, Dec 20. A now policy In re
gard to consular representation abroad is to bo
inaugurated aa a result of an Inspection trip
made last summer by Robert 8. Chilton, Jr.,
Chief of tho Consular Bureau of tho St&to De
partment, Many Important changos rccom
monded by Mr. Chilton have been Indorsed by
Secretary Sherman, nnd constdoratlon will be
given thsm by tho House Committee on Foreign
Affairs In Its preparation of tbo Diplomatic and
Consular Appropriation bill. Up to tho present
time tho policy of tho United States has been to
pay salaries to consular officers accord
ing to tbo Iraportanro of tholr posts as deter
mined by the amount of fees rccehed. This
system was all well enough In Its way, for tbo
more fees received tho greater tho interests of
the United States. But Mr. Chilton's visits to
consulates nil over tho world convinced him
that many representatives of this country
abroad wero entitled to greater compensation
than thoy received under tho policy of grading
pay by fees. He found that American interests
were frequently of greater ltuportanco at places
where the fees amountod practically to nothing.
At most of these consular posts tho Incuuibonts
were not citizens of tho Unltod States. Tho
fees received woro onttroly too small to tempt
an Amorlcan so far uway from home.
The earnest desire of tho present Administra
tion to extend American trado la ono of tho
main reasons for the Intention to establish tho
now system. Too closo attention has beon paid
ln the past to tho big manufacturing places in
Europo and not enough to tho opportunities
offered for selling goods made in this country
to outlying ports of tbo world, or where other
countries havo held tho bulk of buslnoss which
might as well bo in tho hands of Amorlcan
merchants and manufacturers. This is particu
larly true of South America, and tho changes
proposed by Mr. Chilton and Secretary Sherman
contemplate, lncroaao of Balary to Consuls in
that country to enable the Government to
secure good men. Tbe establishment of a num
ber of new offices Is also recommended.
As Secretary Sherman sas In calling tbo at
tention of Congress to tho policy of extensions:
" In tbo search for foreign markets It seems best
to look to newly developed or nowly opened
countries, such as Africa, South and Central
America, Mexico, China, Japan, India, Austra
lia, jee It la felt that we havo boretoforo failed
to appreciate tho full Importance of tbeso out
lying offices, and the result has been tbat wo
baio paid the best salaries and sent tho beat
mon to countries whoro trado la already devel
oped, rather than to fields whero the opportuni
ty waa greatest for good work.
"Thla condition has been parth tho outgrowth
of the mistaken Idea that tho Importance of a
consulate depends upon tho amount of feoa col
lected, whereas thesa fees, being principally de
rived from tbe certification of lnvoicea, simply
indicated tho volumo of gooda snipped from the
consular district to the United States."
Ono of tho recommendations la the establish
ment of a consulate nt Pretoria, South African
Republic Thla la the outcome of the Jameson
raid Into tho Transvaal and tho arrest of John
Hays Hammond and a son of Qeorgo WUlUm
Curtis and other American citizens. There was
norepjeisntatlrc'Of the United States nearer
the Transvaal than Capo Town, and Secretary.
Olnoy waa obliged to fall back on tho services uf
a British Consul for tho protection of tho Inter
ests of theso men. A large number of Americans
are at Johannesburg, and as Pretoria is not far
away and la the capital of tho republic, it la bo
lloved to bo tbo propel place for the consulate.
It Is also proposed to establish a coraulato at
Dawson Ctt), on account of tbe rush of Amer
icans to tho Klondike countr). A salary of
$3,000 Is suggested. 1 his Is deemed moderate,
on account of tho cost of living.
Mr. Chilton found that tho consular aervlco
In Mexico was not what It should bo, und on his
advice Mr. bberman will endeavor to secure In
creases of salary for the Consuls at Chihuahua
nnd Durango, where there aro many Americans
whoso business Interests nro nssumlng im
portance. Muzatlun Is a feed office, and Mr.
blicrman wants it changed to a salaried place
It will be good news to Jacob Lamb Dot), tbe
United States Consul at Tahiti, .Society islands,
tbat tbe Secretar) of State thinks his sal
ary should bo Increased from 91,000 to if 1,500
Mr. Doty was u page ln the United States
Senate years ago. When ho grow too old for
that occupation ho applied to Mr, Buyard, then
Secretary of Slate, for a consular place. Mr.
Doty was barely 21 and looked youneer, but Mr.
Bayard sent him to a port ln the West IndleB,
whence ho secured a transfor to Tahiti His
marriage to a beautiful Tuhllian princess
created: much comment a f on tears ago Ibe
growing Importance of American tiado with
Tahiti is given as the reason for the proposed
Tho story of the troublo over tho consulate at
Elberfold, Germany, la recalled by a recom
mendation of Mr. Sherman's that tho Consul
shall have his office ln Ilarmin. 1 ho two towns
ore a fow miles apart. When tho now Consul
appointed b) Mr. McKlnloy arrived atllaruien
last spring he was asked by tho incumbent, ap
pointed by Mr Cleveland, not to tuko charge uf
tho office until Jul) 1. Tbe new Consul consent
ed, and on July 1, when ho went to assume pos
session of tbo consulate, he found that tho gooda
and chattels of the United States bad been
moved to Elberfeld. A clauso in the Diplomatic
and Consular Appropriation bill had provided
for tbe tramferof tbe Barmen office to tbo latter
place. The old Consul knew It, but tho new ono
did not. The Democratic Consul declined to
surrender possession becauso his successor's
commission certified blm as Consul at Barmen.
A cablo message to thoStatoDepartmentcauscd
a postponement of thochangound tho new Con
sul got his place after ail. Now Secretary
Sherman recommends that the olllco be retained
at Barmen.
A change of the Antwerp Consnlato to a Consu
late General Is recommended, Budapest will
Income a salaried Instead of n foo office. Tho
Consuls at Bahlu, Para, nnd l'ernambuco, Bra
zil, and Burranqullla, Colombia, arotorccclvo
substantial Increases on account ofthodeslro
to develop American trade in South America.
Increases in salary or changes to salaried from
fee offices aro proposed for tho Consuls
at Cartagena, Colombia; Copenhagen, Den
mark; Santo Domingo; Maracllles, Nantes,
and Nice, France: lnmatae, Madagas
car; Frankfort, Kohl, Mannheim, Munlih,
and Stettin, Oormany: Aden, Arabln;
Belize, British Honduras; Bomba). India; Hull,
England; Ottawa, Ont.; 8U John's. Newfound
land, Suva, Fiji Islands; Guatomulu Cllj;
Genoa, Messina, Milan, Naples, and Palermo,
Italy; Yokohama, Japan; Tangier, Morocco,
Amsterdam, Netherlands; Ixreii7o Marqucz,
Africa; Moscow, Russia: Barcelona, Spain;
Manila, Philippine Islands; Sagua la Grando,
Cuba; Stockholm, Sweden; Aloxandratta,
Turkey; bhas, Turkey, and La Guayru, Vene
zuela, A number of these placcB are unhealthy, and
an adoquato Increase la nocesanr) to Induce
American consular officers to remain thoro. In
the case of Suva. FIJI Islands, a salary of $2,000,
Instead of feoa, la recommended to secure the
aorvlcea of an American citizon to represent the
United States. Many claims of American citi
zens nnd giowing tommerclul lnterosia mako
the presence of a oapablo Consul desirable.
Tbe Minister lo Greece und the Minister to
llayll aro respectively tho Consuls General at
Athens and Port nu Prince, It Is recommended
that tha Consulate General nt Athens be dis
continued, as thero la a United States Consul
there, and that u Consul bo sent to Port uu
Princo to relieve the Minister of his consular
duties, transfers of consulates from Cognac
to La Rochollo, Krnnco; from Fftrth to holln
gon, Germany; from boiinobcrg to Cuburg,
(larniany, und from llorgcn to Auruii,
Switzerland, are retommonded. Now posts at
lainsul, Formosa, nnd Vladivostok, Russia,
aro urgod, Formosa has devoloped rapidly
tlnco Its transfor to Japan, and tho completion
of tbo Truus-Slberlan Railroad, with Vladi
vostok probably tho Pacitlu terminus, makes
that place of considerable importance.
Tbo danger from uprisings is i lied as a reason
for Increasing the salary of tho Consul at Slvas,
Turkey, Mr, Sherman wants tho Hung Kong
Consnlato raised to tho rank of Consulate Gen.
Doerarli, Iho Blcrousblnc Fireman, Improving.
Tbe condition of Henry Doersch, the Flntbush
fireman, who baa been afflicted with hiccoughs
for a week, was slightly Improved last nlgbt.
Ilsato small quantities of food yesterday und
tat up for several hours.
"'TU exMUest." Is the verdict or aonnolsturs re-
srdlnf uallauttne's Pale Air. Barred at Manhattan,
UuSuuui. Waldorf-Astoria, Holland. (J. K.c.lnl. 710
Tlh av.iDsunoulco's, and Murray Hill HoUlavdti.
Haar DeaioeraU at lVorb Alrradr rr Ibe su
preme Csnrl Jnatlce'a Xomlnatlan.
Tho deapatchos from up country say that Su
preme Court Justice Robert C. Titus of Buffalo
would llko to bo namod as tho Democratic can
didate for Governor noxt year. It is a little
early In the game, but it is said that Justice
Titus and his friends aro already working day
and night to bring about bis nomination. Tha
activity of the Democrats, It was argued, has
for a basis tbo bollof that tbo Democrats aro to
win ln the State next year.
Now comos a llttlo Insldo history of what Is
going on ln tbe Democratla party. It has bocn
jealously guarded for more than a month. Many
of tho leading Democrats are now at work, not
only In Greater New York, but throughout
the country districts, to put up the lines
in aft effort to bring about tho nomi
nation for Governor noxt year by tho
Democratic convention of Supremo Court
Justlco George C. Barrett of New York city.
Tho term of Justice Barrett on tbo Supreme
Court bench ends on Doc 31, 1800. It was not
said last night by tho Democratlo loadors that
Justlco Barrett Is aware of the movement In
his favor, but it may bo set down as a tact that
Democrats of Influenco in the Stnto organiza
tion and olsowhero aro now working silently
and persistently to bring about tho nomination
of Justlco Barrett as tho next Democratic candi
date for Governor,
Mr. slater Gives a Mora Fnverable rteport
Than Hs Miners Who Are Canine Out.
A gentleman of this city sends to Tub Sun the
following extract from a letter written by Mr.
II. D, Slater from tbe Yaqul country, Mexico:
"Cmuciiuri-, Mexico, Dec 2.
"Wo havo just returned from a short trip Into
the gold dlitrlct, Ono day's travel from this
placo put us well over thoedgoof tbe region
that is supposed by miners to bo tho best of tho
country the ledges from which procoeds the
placer gold In the Yaqul and Its tributaries, I
obtained somo views In here tbat will be hlehly
Interesting. Ono peak wo climbed was nearly
0,000 foot high, and within tbreo hours we had
droppod nearly 4,000 feet
"We went clear to the bod of tho Rio Arras,
which Is only 3,000 feot above tbe sea. There
wo found great palm trees, and flowers lu
bloom. There Is auro to be considerable excite
ment ln this country as soon as the truth Is
known. Tho region Is Incredibly rich in min
erals, and there Is room for thousands of mines
within a comparatlv oly small circle. Of course,
just now most of tbo prospecting Is for placer
gold, but men are lum'llng for tbe quartz ledges
ln tho mountains not twenty-fivo miles from
Chulchupa, and silver, lead, and copper may
literally be plckod up anywhere"
rtre Department's Gaa Illl'a Wow Moeb Larger
Than IEvar Before,
Last summer a gas metre testing company
made an offer to tho Flro Commicsloners to tost
tbo metres used ln tbo department to Bee If they
were running correctly. Tho Commissioners
bad an averago monthly gaa bill of about $1,500
to pay, so thoy accepted tbe offer to test tho
After a tlmo tho testing company reported
that they found many of the machines running
too fast. ThoCommlssloncrscommunlcated the
discovery to tho gas companies lntarested. and
tho lattor proceeded to do some testing on tholr
own account. Tbey reported that they found
man) of tho machines running too slow.
Tho matter rested until yeaterdo), when tho
department bookkeeper reported to tbo Com
missioners that tha gaa bills sont lnby two of
tho companies for tbo month of Nov ember wero
24 nnd 25 per cent, respectively In exceaa of tho
bills for tbo corresponding month last year.
"W-he-vv 1' ejaculated President bluftlcld,
"That conies of hnvlng the metres tested I
suppose If wo had them tested again our bills
would bo doubled."
"ou know what advice is offered about a
buzz saw," said Commissioner Sturgla "'Iho
same amount of deferenco should apparently bo
paid to a gaB metre."
Clilcaao Alitermrn otn to 4-lre Tlieinselvea
Nerrelnrlea at 91, alio m lenr.
Chicago, Doc. 20. Ma) or Harrison has been
don ned by tho City Council " gang." Ho votocd
the Aldormantc "secretary" salary ordinance
which he regarded as a steal pure and almplo.
His veto was sent to tho Council at to-night's
meeting, nnd tho "gang," headed by "Bath
llouso" John Coughlln, "Johnny" Powers nnd
"Billy" O liricn, promptly put tho measure
through over tho v eto, tho cas being 48 to 10
nayB, more than the necessar) two thirds. In
his voto tho Mayor said that ho regarded tho
measure ns opposed to publlo policy. The
"gang" learned of his intention early in the
any and thero was some lively hustling to got
doubtful Aldermen in line. The ordinance pro
vides thnt inch of tho sixt) four Aldormen shall
bavon necretary at asalurv or $l,f00 As tho
majority of tho Aldi rmnn havo about ns much
uso for a secretary as thn late Mr. Crowley of
Central Park, tho measure was looked upon as
ogoodjoko. It waa known to boa mem blind
for tbo city fathers to pocket ifl.SOO a year
each, as tbo "secretaries' would bo mere stool
pigeons. Yet Corporation Counsel 'ihomton
gave an opinion that iho Council had tbo right
to voto tho appropriation.
Mr, Rarle Kara Hhr, Her Husband, and a Ilr
porter flrote Mrs. Hununr'e Hook.
Cincinnati, O, Doc. 20. Mrs, Virginia Lvn
dall Dunbar, wlfo of the proprietor of tbo Gib
son llouso, has been accused of plagiarism In n
letter published hero to-day by Mrs. Lucy Scott
Earlo of 017 Charles street. New Orleans.
About tbo tlmo of tho "escape 'of MIssCIs
euros from Cuba Mrs. Dunbar published a novel,
" The Cuban Amazon," supposed to be founded
somewhat nn Miss Clsncros's oxporlcnces.whlch,
It Is said, had some sale Mrs. Knrlo declares
that she, her husband and a reporter of this city
were tbe real authors of tho book, with tho ex
ception of a fow sentimental embellabments,
and that tbey Bold It to Mrs. Dunbar. It la also
declared that a number uf short stories pub
lished as Mrs. Dunbar's aro reproductions, al
most word for word, of atorles printed many
yours airo In Peterson h Matmzxne.
Mrs. Dunbar sa)s thoso short stories she be
lieves were road to her when a child bj her
mother, nnd that It Is possible alio unconscious!)
transcribed the substance of them In her recont
Col. Cook I'roIilbllK It In Order, It Is Sold, to
lllop I.lruf. u'Urlen'a Mllr.
ATI.4NT. On , Dec. 20,-Col. II. C. Cook has
forblddon bicycling riding within thn limits of
Fort McPhorson. The order Is general, and it
is aald that It was Intended specially for tho
wlfo of Lieut. Micliiel J. O'Brien. At any
rnto that lady, whllo attempting to enter thu
grounds upon her bit j do was brought to a bait
by tbo sentinel, who commanded her to walk If
she wanted to prucocd further. After a llttlo
expostulation the nfllr-or of tho day was called.
He explained to his brother officer's wife that
tho Colonel had positively forbidden her In par
ticular from thus parading within the grounds.
"'I ho august commander has an aversion to
wheels," said Mrs. O'Brien vv lien she returned
to tho city. "The only paasport to his fuvorls
somo connection with tbo plumbing business, u
trado which be followed before ho becamo a
Justlco llnrllrtt llrdr.UnnKid to the Apprllule
Hunch for Five- Irani.
ALIUNV, Doc. iO. Gov. Black has redesig
nated Justlco Wlllard Bartlctt of IlrooUjniis
an Aaboclato Justlco of tho Appellate Division
of thu Supremo Court in thu First Judicial Do
purtment for a further term uf five ) oars from
Jan. 1 next, und has also designated Justlco
John Woodward of Jauiostovvii asan Aasndato
Justlco In tho samo department for a similar
Christmas week will be enjoyahlo If you havo a
case of Ilallantlue's ludla 1 ale Ala, Order from
Acker, Merrall A Coudlt, 1'ark fclllforili or liobert
Orar, 4BS Wlb av , and Mac tt Jenkins, 07 Liberty st.
Hot He shot Col. Hals, Who Insl.ttd on Coning
lo Him lo Offer Autonsnv. Thonah Warned
by aransurrn Not lo Ilroaoh the Subject
Dalalla or tho Trado Affair Wear Havana.
Havana, Dec 20, via Key West. Tub Son's
correspondent has just returned from Campo
Flortdo, Havana province, having spent Satur
day and Sunday four miles from there. In tho
camp of Col. Nestor Aranguron, Col. Nostor
Arangursn was not shot by Gen. Alejandro
Rodriguez, as reportod in New York. IIo or-
dered his men to shoot Cob Joaquin Ruiz on
Tuesday last, and declares that ho did so only to
comply with the proclamation issued on Nov. 20
and slgnod by all tho leaders of tbe Cuban army
in tho provinco of Havana, including Aran
guren himself.
When Col. Ruts approached him two miles
from Campo Florldo on Tuesday afternoon,
Aranguren said to blm: "It Is a sad duty for
mo to shoot you, but you aro a military man
and you must know what military duty Is."
Aranguren regretted tho necessity of shooting
Ruiz, and was much Impressed by the recollec
tion of the traglo scono. Ruiz was shot, but tho
two men who accompanied him as guides wero
It Is certain tbat Ruiz had told Captain-General
Blanco that ho could convtneo Aranguren
of the advantage of surrendering and accepting
autonomy. "I know his good heart," said Ruiz
to Blanco, "and I can Induce him to abandon
his folly and conio baok to Havana with mo. I
will bring him to your palace." In sovcral tot
ters written by Ruiz to Aranguren, Ruiz bad
tried to Induce tho Insurgent leader to surren
der. Aranguren anivvorod in amlablo terms,
but energetically refused tho proposal that ha
betray tho Cuban cause Ono of Aranguron's
letters said:
"We aro suffering all tho hardships of the
llfo wo aro leading only to make our country
free. We do not hato the Spaniards personally,
but we do not llko tholr Government ln any
form. As a gentleman I appreclato ) on und ad
mire your talents, but In our Intercourse let us
drop political questions."
This latter encouraged Ruiz to answer that
he was suro that "personally" Aranguren
would not refuse to sea blm. He asked Aran
guren to meet blm on Doc 0 two miles from
Campo Florldo. Aranguren sent this lcttor to
Gen, Alojandro Rodriguez, commander of the
insurgont army ln tbo province of Havana, and
awaited orders. On Dec 0 Gen. Alejandro Rod
riguez had not replied, and Aranguren did not
go to tbo appointed place to maet Ruiz. Tbo
latter roturnrd to Campo Florldo In tbe even
lug, wroto auother lotter to Aranguron, and
awaited an answer until 8unday, Dec. 12.
On Saturday Aranguren received tho follow
ing messago from Gen. Alejandro Rodriguoz:
" Do ns you plcaso, but if he offers autonomy
do your duty."
Aranguren sont a copy of this ordor to Ruiz
with thesa words: "If you desire to talk about
tho Independence of Cuba or as a friend I will
see you to-morrow. If not. for God's sako do
not como."
As soon as he rccolvod this letter on Monday,
Dec 13, Ruiz breakfasted at the station restaur
ant In Campo Florldo and started to meot Aran
guren. His guides lost their way and only
found tho appointed place next day at dawn.
Aranguron was thoro with fourteen men. The
two men shook -bauds in- a friendly manner;
Rulr said:
"Nestor, I corns hero for you. Return with
mo to Havana and let us cmbraco ono another
as a treaty of pcaco."
Arnnguron grow palo and Ruiz continued:
" What more do ) ou w ant than autonomy I"
At tbeso words a Cuban advanced from Aran
gurcn's lines nnd said firmly: "Colonel, I re
mind you of your orders " It wasCapt. Acosta,
Arangurcn's second. Then Aranguron repeated
the words quoteU above to Ruiz, and Ruiz was
Acosta himself said that Ruiz died bravely.
He refused to be tiod and faced the rifles of the
four insurgents who killed him without flinch
ing. To-dsj tbo presB censor gives out tho follow
ing statcmont ln H-wana: " Officially the death
of Col. Ruiz Is not confirmed. It Is known, how
ever, thnt tho secretary of tho American Con
Bulato has brought baok from Campo Florldo
clothing which, tho Socrotary says, belonged to
Ruiz. Ho furthermore Bays thaton tho outskirts
of Campo Florldo the porsons ho mot assured
him that Ruiz had been shot by tho Insurgents."
Juan Manuel Chacon, wbo went to Campo
Florldo with Gon. Leo's secretary, also broueht
some documents found on Ruiz's body,
Tbo situation of tho Cuban army In Havana
prnv lnce, as seen by The Son's correspondent.
Is vory difficult In respect of tho food aupply.
Tho troops are compelled to make long marches
to find anything to eat. Tbo country has been
laid waste by Gen. Weyler to an Incrodlblo ox
tent. Many patriots have died from hunger,
and of tbo oxpoditlon landed ln this province
about two months ago under Gen. Ilafaol de
Cardenas, only flvo men survlvo. Including the
In the aouthcrn part of tho province and close
to tho Zapata swamp of Matanzas, tho patriots
havo stored provisions enough, but tbey havo to
go tboro for them and then return to their
operations ln tho north. Notwithstanding this
fact, not a single man Is willing to surrender.
Thoy endure tholr hardships with greatstoldsm
and say: "In Plnar del Rio tbo patriots suffered
the same six months ago and thoy aro all right
now," Tbogroator part of the Cuban army Is
now In tho southern part of tbe province near
Delegate Estrada Pal ma of the Junta discred
ited yesterday tho report thnt Col, Aranguren
has been shot for accepting nutononi). Gabriel
do Cardonas, Marquis of Campo Florldo. who
arrived ln this city two weeks ago from Col.
Arangurcn's army, said:
"Tho last words I beard from Aranguren were
tbeso: 'If my own father should como to mo to
Invite ma lo betray our cause I would carry out
the law upon him,' "
His Heads or Departments Uouud lo Celebrnte
tthrn Ha Jains tbe X Family.
Although Mayor Strong was obliged to aban
don, for lack of popular support, his idea of
holding a wako over tho passing of old New
York, some of his friends ln office aro deter
mined that ho shall not retire from office with
out a celebration. More than two weeks ago tbe
scheme of giving the Ma) or n dinner and a
loving cup was agitated by sovcral of tho heads
of departments, and tbo details wore arranged
at a meeting held at tbo Hotel Mario Antoinette.
Tbe dinner will bo given at tho Waldorf-Astoria
on tho night of Dec. 30, nnd It Is expected that
all the high officeholders of tho present admin
istration will bo present. Assistant Corpora
tion Counsel John Proctor Clarke has charge of
tho arrangements.
IIo Mais Ibe Trolley Company Had o Itlcht
lo Co tbo Nlrerl.
By direction of Mayor Glcason of Long Island
fit) nu unused slreot railroad track on Third
strict, between West and Jackson avenues, has
been torn up Tho track was built two jcars
ago, and belonged to tho New York and Queens
Couut) Railroad Compan), which owns all the
trolley lines In Long Island City,
Major Gleasnn contends that tho company
h id no franchise for tho road, and tbat he will
now sell tho franchise at public auction for a
term of twcntv-tlvo )ears, us provided In the
new charter. The comiany made no effoit to
prevent tbe tracks from being torn up.
A Thrlllina Ilr.rrnt or Illtc' I'rah One
Miner I Ives to Tell at It.
ColohadoSi'Ii!ncs,Co.,Doc20. JooBradloy,
a miner and prospector of Crlppla Creek, was
brought Into this city )csterduy in a critical
condition, tho remit of riding on an avalancho
on Piko'B Ponk on last Frlda). Bradley sa)s
that a man whoso namo ho did not know was
with him coming over tho mountain from Crip
ple Creek to Colorado Springs. When noar tho
summit of tho penk tho way becamo obscure,
and the) climbed to the top of nn omlnonco on
dcnorlng to find tho trail. From this point,
Bradley describes tho affair as follows:
"Thowbolo mountain sldo suddonly soomod
to giro a lurch, and, at a terrlflo speed, movo
downward. After what seemed to me an ago
had elapsed I was thrown against a stump nnd
rendered unconscious. Whon I regained my
senses I discovered, a short distance away, a
prospector's cabin. I could not wulk, bolng so
badly bruised and frozen, but, nftor a prayor
that I might dlo, I dragged myself to tho cabin,
whoro I was attended by tho prospector. My
companion I did not seo nftor tbo starting of tho
avalancho, nnd ho Is surely lost."
Beaching parties havo ondcavorod to find
Bradley's companion, but as yet tho body has
not been rccovorod.
The rarballdrr's Brother Dragged rrom Inside
the tbeela orn niovlnar Train.
Lnv, Maaa., Doc. 20 Tho Rov. Dr. James
M. Pullman, brother of tho late Gcorgo M. Pull
man of Chicago, had a very narrow escapo from
doath in tbo Boston and Malno station this
afternoon, and ho owes his llfo to tho presenco
of mind of a b) slander.
Tho doctor camo Into tbo station )ustns tho
Rockport Express for Boston was pulling out.
Ho jumped for It, but lost his balance nnd fell
beneath tho Btcp, rolling onto tbo track. A
young man saw him fall, and grabbing him by
the leg. pulled him off tho track, tho wheels
just grazing hia shoulder. Tho doctor was v cry
much shaken up and eomowhat bruised, but not
so much that ho was prov cnted from going to
Troy, N. Y later ln tho afternoon. Ills only
comment on his escape was:
"I am old enough to havo known bettor. I
thank God that I learned bolter before it was
too late."
Ho triod to reward his rescuer, but tho young
man would tako nolhlnir nor would ho give his
Stricken with Apoplexy tthllo nt Work In Ills
IIDJcr In Uuiralo.
Buffalo, Dec 20 Tho Hon. Charles Daniels,
former Justlco of the Supremo Court and mem
ber of Congress, fell in a fit of apoplexy whllo
worklug ln his offlco In tho Lj man building, at
Main und South Division streets, at 2 o'clock
P. M. to-day.
Ho wis so ill that It was found Inadvisable to
tako blm to his home, and ho died In his office
at 0 o'clock this ev ening. IIo was unconscious
for thrco hours boforo doath.
Two loung llorarn rte.riu His llomarka About
Ulrla Mho ttnnl lit Dance.
Wbdstek Citv, la , Doc 20. A danco held on
Saturday night In Wright county, just over tho
line, ovokod tho censure of tho itov. N. A. For
rest ln his sermon at tbo Walnut Grovo Presby
terian Church on Sunday morning. Tho danco
"wound up In n row, und ho Bald no woman wbo
thought anything of herself would attend such
a gathering. Misses Lllllo Barstow and Mary
Cunningham, who bad attended tho dance, woro
In tho congregation. The) went to tholr homos,
and, getting whips, returned to tho church,
mcotlng tho minister as ho was loaving. Miss
Cunningham asked: "Did you mean what you
said lu church this morning!"
" Yes, I did."
Tho words wero no soonor out of his mouth
than shoeavo him n severe cut over the face.
His wife, who was with him, Bcroamod and ran,
and Miss Barstow then took a hand. Tho min
ister trlod to protect his face with his arms und
hands from the downpour of blows, but could
not do it effective!). After a fow minutes of
appl)ing tho whip tho young women went to
their homes.
Land ou Lookout slourtnln loMnrk the "lint
llo Above Ibe Clouds. "
Ciiattanooqa, Tcnn., Dec. 20 A deal has
just beon consummated by which tboChlcka
mauira and Chattanooga National Park Com
mission purchase for tl o Government sixteen
acres of land on top and at tho point of Lookout
Muuntaln to bo used for park purposes.
Gen. llojnlon, tho Presldentor tho commis
sion, said tbat a bill has liven prepared for In
troduction In Congress carr) ing an appropria
tion of ?40,000 forlts purchase.
This broperty. ln connection with property
about Cravon'b House, tho silo of tuo Hooker
battlefield, recently acquired by tho Govern
ment, will bo contorted Into n national park.
Tablets will bo placed to murk tho position of
tho troops on cither sldo during tuo famous
" battlo abov o the clouds." Tho old Confederate
batteries that etood on tho summit will bo re
stored, and anuiubcrnf Confederate monuments
will bo located lu tho park.
Surprising Discovery Made br Mr. BIItoii ttblla
Eicnvnllug In Mexico.
Citv Or- Mexico, Doc, 20. A lotter jUBt re
ceived hero from William Nlvcn, tho Now York
archu-ologlst, who Is making oxcav ntions iu a
prehistoric clt) in tho State of Guerrero, says
that he bus just mado a surprising discovery ut
a la) er of human Unies from ten Inches to eeven
feet from tho surface, plainly visible on tho sldo
of a barranca for full) 300 feat, and which
seems In (uutlniie for sovernl thousand foot
more, 'Ibis Golgotha 1b only two hours on
horseback north of Chilpanelngo, and Is near
the southern boundary of tho prehistoric cities
ofOiultlan. He in cxcnvatlng with grcnt suc
cess, unearthing (ibjcits of thograutost Interest
of J ado. brachjle, dlorlte, bouc, shell, and
terra cotta,
ShopglrPa Feraonal Induced the Customer to
llrlurn IU
Soon aftor Maud Frelrchs, a IS 5 car-old girl
emplo)cd as cashier at Koch's store in 123th
street, had wrapped up a pockctbook for a cus-t
tomer on Saturday, anothor customer who had
bought u cheaper pockctbook picked it up by
mistuko ami took It aw a), 'Iho cashier was
told that she might remain at home until the
matter was Investigated,
Feeling herself unjustly suspected, alio In
serted u pcieuual in a Sunday paper, asking tho
woman who took tho wrong pockethouk lo return
it mid siiv 0 a poor girl's honor, Sho got back tbo
pocket book jisterilay ami returnod It to her
emplojer, but has not gopn to work )el, us she
feels Indignant at having 'been suspected.
Tho Squadron on tbn I'nrltlo loaat lo IIo
l,nrgely Iiirrensrtl,
Hav Dieoo, Gal., Dec 20. Tenlny the British
gunboat Darius arrived from Coqulmbo. Sho
stopped at Calluso, Acapulco, mid San JostS do
Guatemala, nnd nflcr coaling will lenvo for
Esquliiiuult on Widncsda), Her officers say
tbe British squadron on tills roast will bo largo
1) incrnisid mioii. Iho commander of thu licet
sa)u that within tho next fifteen days tho
cruiser Lunudi r, 1,'Joo tons. Is dun here on hor
way north, accomimnlut! by thu torpedo do
strojtr Virago.
Ibe I'hai ton Is also on her wn) from England
tohsqiilm mlt and dniiild reach hero In about
two iiiuuths, accompanied b) another torpedo
Henry Sprout Hur Tor Dlrorcr.
PlTTBiit mi, Doc, 20 Henr) Sproul, a million
aire stock broker, lo day brought suit against
his w Ifo furdlv orce, alleging vv Uf ul mid malicious
desertion. Mrs. Sproul Is tho dnughtrr of C'artor
C. Bcgge, another wealthy broker, mid Is living
with her father In ono of the big Now York
hotels, whither tbo Bcggs faiuU. moved a year
Sherhnn In n Hack Rent Prndrnce, Wise I.lsv. i U
eratlt), nnd Liberty Am Promlsrd In lb "kotaal
Yen Anmlnl.lrnllnn, nml with o Allta KsbIbbI
Olltcrhuldera ll Iho I It, ono Invited In. Ipasl
Tamrnan) Hall's General Commlttoo met last ;ll
night, adopted tho call for tho primaries, and 'tSBB
ordored Its publication, and also adoptod an ad- v"aafl
drcBS prosoMod on bohulf of tbo Executive Com PgH
mlttco by fotmer City Chamberlain T. O. T. . ,
Craln. This Is the address, which Is directed la JImU
largo part to tho ono hundred and forty and twJB
four thousand who otod for Van W) ck ln thla llfjjifl
county: .fitH
"Iho Democratic-Republican Genornl Com tiIbbI
mlttco of tho county of Now York nssomblod la -'kVi.saxi
Tammany Hall at Us last mcotlng of tho year, MB
gratefully ncknowlcdgcs tho lojalty and labor "I'M
of Its victorious constituent , nnd congratulate "ifMsl
the pcoplo of tho greater city upon tho election Ytflrfl
of Hon. Robert A. Van Wyck nnd tho other can tflfl
dldntcs choson by tho Democracy In this groat mSflfl
municipality. llBsi
"Tho victory achioved at tho polls on tho 2d ifM
da) of Novembor la In truth n triumph for ths KB
friends of popular government and an cmphatlo) Tyinl
rebuke to tho aristocratic pretensions which. i?l
threatened us with a continuance of personal 4bbI
rather than responsible gov ci nment. Mtl
"Wo are not unmindful of tbo support re- iial
celvod from thoso not directly associated with 'tHa
us ln our organization who. Incensed nt tho in 'pfossbI
tolerant and Intolerable rulo under which thoy '1?aH
had been victims for threo years, determined fnB
that tho greater city was entitled to nn ndmlnls- .HbssbI
tratlon under which tho protection, well being, , ntH
and convenience of tbo citizen should bo ths 'Jnl
11 rat concern, uPmsfl
"Tonllsuch vvoextond a hoarty Invitation to FiB
join with us in momborshlp in our gonoral or IrH
district committees. They will thus bocomo so- 'KsbI
qualntod with tho unceasing rlgilauco and un- 'I inB
tiring offort required to maintain tho people's 'IisbI
rights and enforce tho pcoplo a will, und tboir PbbH
nld and association lu tuls direction will glvu PaH
added eecurllj to tho government docrceeT by 1 mM
tho rotes of their friends und neighbors at our I sxaal
municipal election. tH
"Tho Democratlo platform expressed tho pur- I bH
poso and the bopn of a )tbcrl)-lovlng, law- t H
abiding, progressive, cosmopolitan community, r9ni
Its doclnrutlona found responso in tbo hearta of - 'an
froo and cnligbtt tied citizens. Its candidates MM
had lived tho political truths which it taught, twfl
and now at tho throshuld of their In- '
auguratlon Into olllco, with a solomn ;
consciousness of tho responsibility resting; ?
upon them as servants of tbo poopla and ropro- loxal
sentatlvcs of Democracy, wo pledge In their . B
inline and In that uf our common party to tho i iUm
pcoplo of Greater Now York that tho govern- V (
ment of our city from Jan. 1, 1B1I3, shall bo no- Cnfl
cording to ever) promise nnd over) prlncl- H)Bfl
pie doclnrcd ln the municipal platform of IRbU
our party. Waste shall glvo placo to Msaxfl
prudonce, oxtravnganco to wiso liber illty. In- iPobsbI
toleranco to liberty and tbo alien officeholders ftflH
toourown residents. Thus conducted, our Gov Toxaal
eminent ahull fully roilcct tho highest uspiro- Ijosai
ttous of our pcoplo, American Institutions Bhall I&mW
bo vindicated and tho prosporlt) of our munlcl- MWi
pnllty mado secure br tbo application lu Guv- r;sm
eminent of tho piinelples of Democracy. nUM
" In so far as our platform plcdgos were basod j-il bB
upon future Stnto legislation, wo demand from LC'sbI
our representatives in both .Senate nml Asscm- lUesml
Dl) tho most determined and unltod effort to ,r7B
secure the passago of such laws and tho amend- iinsi
mcuts of Buch existing laws us ma) bo nccos- iMH
Bary to faithfully redeem tho assurances given ittita
their resnectivo constituencies before election, ;((
"Wo also demand from our representatives la 1" tni
tho Municipal Assombl) a faithful adherence to m'B
tho pledges uivon which concern the local logls- ,&
latlve power. Tho pcoplo must find In tho of- i'im
flcial record of overy ono of tbopubllcservants isU
for whom this organization may bo hold respon- ., , ijjffl
slhle. a fidelity which admits of noovaslotirnrocli ffJH
less a betrayal of tho guarantees under which JH
the people rallied to tho support of ourcandi- TH
dates. )
"We Invito tho co-operation of every citizen " "M
In tho effort which wo ure certain vv ill bo mado . Tfl
by the v ayor-elcct and tho citizens whom hs ml
may summon to his aid by appointment lo olll-
cial station to givo to tho greutcrelt) un honest, imu
efficient and popular government worth) of tha .-mm
greatest inunlcipallt) of iho Western world." iMt
Mr. Craln made 11 speech. In which ho Mild: mM
"Novvhoro in tho great city can bo found a ' mm
man who Is Borry becauso of Ilia result of the ro v HI
cent election. Iho proper!) owner is satisfied VaHl
becauso ho known that his taxes will bo lower. -rHal
IIo Is glad that tho Democratic era of economy 'Mb!
bus returned. Thn worklnguinn Is glnd, becauso & HI
ho soes in tho result a triumph of the American -! Ill
Idea that tho people, not an arlstocracv, shall ' ;J
govern. I seo befoio inofacesof men who will WI
bo called on to aid Major Vin W)cL in his ad- iJm
ministration. I wish to sny to such: You will .; f.I
hold tbo honor of Tammany Hall lu )our keep- ;.'
Ing. Palsied bo tho hand or tho tongua ''!(
of the man choson aa a part of that adminlstrn- ul
tlon who Indeed or in word sh ill prove traitor- i-m
ous in tho discharge of bis official duties, lbs) Mm
hlstorj of Tummanj Hall lu municipal ailmlnis- Vl
tratlon Is a proud one. Wo aro going to moasuro Ij ..
up to it in tbo administration about to bo In- ,
Frequent references to tho Mayor-cloct wero ftJlH
greeted with hearty applause. fl
On motion of Georgo W. Pluukltt tho Commit- HjH
toeon Organization mil tbo executive Commit-
teo wero contlntiotl until the) shall bo iipur- JP
seded uftcr tho selection of it he General Commit- mil
teoforlSOH. iijjI
Tho meeting wns presided over by Chairman $!
Augustus W. Potors, President olict of tho if J I
Borough of Manhattan, who mado his first fjlll
nppcarnnco lu laiiimany Hnll slnco ho was laid Ij'JI
uu prior to election h) a wrenched ankle. Mr. it Mi
Peters is still cr) lame. t.jl
John C. Shechan was present nt tho meeting, ,"hJ1
but bo dlil not tako his old placo In the front ill
scats which housed to occup) when ho wns tha fVu
acting leauor of tho organization. "ffl
iijio is lauisn on ball? T'lj
lie Thinks no's n Cundldnln ror Clrrk or lb i
Menalr, but lie Isn't. 4
Charles A. Ball of Wellsvlllo, Allegany county, ' Ji
assistant clerk of the Scunto nt Albaii), who f
has put himself forward ns Hruiulldato for "fj
Clerk uf tho bennto, Is to bo apinkcd nnd ma) bt , V
bo will bo allowed to keep his present pine c and i f
maybo bo will not. f
Tho question among Republican leadors )es- ?i
tcrdny was. who Is egging 011 Ball to maku a j, j
speitaclo of himself I Kt-Asii mbl) man James i
S. Whipple of Callaraue-us eoiiiit), ll was as- ',
sertoil, will bo elected Clerk of the .-en itn If ha r
is allvo, to Mitcccil t ol John '. Ktnvon, Fur- '
thermore!, sonic of tbo friends of II ill nilil )is-
ti rday that tin) nnmu of Hall wuulil unl oven lis jji
mentioned In tha Itiniiblli an iiiuius nt Albany ''
which Is to nam" Mr. Whlpnlo for thophm. ;,l
Of nil tho funn) things in politics. It was said, ,a
ln recent 5 ears has bum tho Hall boom fur Clerk j
of tho Stato senate. p.j
llonry Orders Tor Worn fbnn n Million and a t
llnlrscnt lo Itiirups This vionlli. 'Y'
Tho shipping of tbo Christmas mall for Ku- ( ,
ropo is practically ciulcd.'biit hundreds uf mnl jj
sucks arriving from abroad nro tilled with boll- .i
day packngoH mid money orders Since' tho first ' '
of this month 1 10 1)0.1 luoiiev nrilor, represent- fi,
lug 81,r.fU,N.fl! Ill, huv e been sent from thu Gen-, A
orul Post Dlliiu to hilliipe, nf vvhlih tfTMl,- 3
tl-1,411 went to Gieut Britain and Ireland, V-rt,-
Tll.iW lo fieriiuiii), 77..Vil 70 to Hal), irlt)7,- Z
fU5,31 to nuudoii uuil 17,'J Ml fiJ to Norway, g
DR. mi.LlS Clt A 1(1 1DJUBEB. t
Sinned ror Hit- lniirli VV In re IIo Una to -;
I'rrae-b, but ll II nnd llruUe Ilia lllp. A
Nlll'8, Mich.. Dec. 20.-'I ho Itov. Dr. Willis
Craig, President of Mi Connie k I biological '
Seminary of Chicago, slip od and fell here )cs-
ti relit) morning, dislocating and fnu Hiring Ills
left hip. Dr. ('rule eaiiio horn lo oieupy lb &
pulpit of tho Prib)torliui I linrih, nnd was on fU
Ills way lu Iho ehurili when thu niclilcntoo $1
curred, Ho suffers great pain and will bo con- '
fined ln bed for soinu time. 4
l,ur, lllark to fprnd Tu-llnj nnd To-II arrow 'J'
In Tbl I ll. jjTf
Aiiiaw, Die, 20 Gov, Bind, will tpinil Ice C
morrow and odiiesdu) In Now lorkut). Ho jjj
will boncioiiiimnled b) Col, 'licndvvcll, his mill- t
turj sceretur) 'I ho Govi rnor will Inspect Iho j
Manhattan Mutu Hospital mid olhei publ 0 !.
Institutions lu (Ire iter Now nrk, visiting i
Hart's Island tomorruw, lliivvlll nttiiii 1 Hu S
dinner of tho Nu Kiiglaud Nil lot) of llrookijn 1
tomorrow night, mid will aim buuguoi in t
Wednesday night ut tliudlniim tube mv i iy P.I
tho New Knglaiid hoelit) of Ni w 111l it His ll
Wuldorf-Astorln. 'iho Governor will lolurn to im
Albany ou Thursday, ul
1 fl

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