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HHHHHHHHw - ' Mb J fywwM"w"
F k If'
HaHHr- lf& jrjv replies to the election
Jail' W- 1A311,1IL1.T3 Oil A ROES.
flflB( R It" Iansnas MiauM Iln Tahon In n Plelo
HHHk ' JC1 silcliliii Kcnar, (.'an'rim lh Allrcea Libel-
HflHM J1 Irr'n Lnwjrr nanii OITxil Llbrl niienhrrn
HflHjt t ' Kal m LIUM on Ihn Rail Sldf. Onlr a JUr.
HflpC i V It took two pollcomcn to keep tlio gentlemen
Hjpflf I from "do Ale," who nro ngltntoil over the libel
HHHM proceedings which Martin Enzcl lias brought
HflpM against Kortioth l'fclfcr, saloon keeper mid poll-
HflpM Uclan, from o crcrowdlnjr the prlvnto oxntnlnn-
HflpK tion room In tlio Ccntro Street l'ollce Court yos-
HjHjfiJ, tcrdny nftcrnoon. It wns tlio third hcnrlmr In
HHHt the case which linn stirred Hie lower (tit side
HjHjHj ;. u nothing lias stirred It In n long time. Allot
Hjpflf ,, the lepra! lights who rhino dully In I ho Essex
HjpB 1 Market I'ollco Court nrc engaged In It, as well
HjHflf I as sous .who nro knqwn In other places, and nt
HlpS' j- each hoarlng thcro Is an outpouring of tho
Hjpflf jL henchmen of tho principals.
HflHl c Mart In Kngol was on tho stand ngnln roster-
Hjpflf I day, Abo Grnbor, representing l'foftcr, opened
HflHJt, j tho pincccdliigs by nBking Kneel how many
HflpJF crook's In his district ho wus personally acquaint-
HjpB 1: ed with. Thoro was n storm of objections, to
HjpjW h which Orubcrropllcd:
HjHjH. V "I'm going to Bhow that ho knows ovory
HflpjT- . , erook In tho Klhth district, that ho has been on
HflHjT H the bonds of dozens of tbcui, also of doiens of
HflpM Sj disorderly house keepers,"
HHHJr p Tho quostlon was not allowed, and thon Law-
HHHk f jrer Qrnber ran down a list of men and women
HjBflT Who had been arrcstod for various offences, and
HHHF i asked Kngol I' bo had not boen on tbolr bond".
HHf" Engcl admitted that he might bavo bean on
HB J. them all. In tho ensos of Koslo llogers, Hadlo
Hlpf Wolf, and flccky llulstcr, who wero arrested
t' !.; In 1803 for keeping disorderly housos at 110
Hflpf U' Allenstrcot, Kngel wasn't so .sure. Ho owned
HjlflY ?, tho premises In quostlon nt the time, he thought
Hjpflf . "How can t toll tbeso pcoplo by namel" ho
HjpflT Mlcf, In apparont dlszust. "Why, they go to
Hjpflf ff bed with one namo and wnko up with another.
flflg J(, 1 go on bondB llko this becauso friends ask
K , me to. It was such cnttlo as Pfoffor here that
f j Orst got mo tu do favors llko this."
H p "Vou wero on tho bonds of Morris Levy and
r I Aba Lovy, charged with larceny, wero you
ssfaB t- Botl"
H K "Iimay bavo been.
MH t "Were they thieves!"
H f "Now, sny, J udKC.ntirt that a foolish qucstlonl"
H aold Kngel to tho Magistrate "Why, two men
f t Cot in a tUrhl on Urund blrcet, aro pulled apart,
HL f and thon go on and ha o each pthcr arrested for
H t larceny. Thut'a thu rcgulnr war of settling
l quarrels over there. Just because men who've
j got a scrap or cull each other thlovos, that don't
tncan they arc. A chargo of larceny don't moan
! anything over there."
: Kngel admitted that bo had been on tho bondi
of hundreds uf peoplo during the past live
t years, but that in nlno cases out of ten be did
bo at thrt request of friends.
j "And I nover ont on the bond of & person
H unless I wns suro ho was'lnnocont," ho addod.
m i . Kngel acknowledged that ho had gono on lots
1 J. of bonds In the District Attorney's olllce. When
H; ; asked aboutonoAiidrowI. Morris, whowas ar-
H rested for Keeplnfr a gumbllng bouse, he said
K ho bad goho on bis bond, despite the fact that
j t lie had never scon or hearu of tho man before.
t "I know ho was all light, though."
HB "How did you know it!"
HH: ; "Why, ltobert A. 1'Inkerton. tho detoctlvo,
H v? jras tho man who asked mo to go on bis bond.
H iVt He ought to know, bocnuso Morris was a ten-
jfB jV ont of nil."
B fA A long lift of names of men and women who
H! ( bad boon arrested was read by Lawyer Uruber,
H f and Kugel adtulttcd that ho had been on tho
B t bonds of most of them. Ho denied, howeror,
t I that he had over rocetved money for such ser-
f Vico.
B Jjiwycr Qrubor asked Kngel If ho thought
a ) that peoplo In "do A to" regarded him with less
1 i respect slnco tho circulation of Pfelfer'a pam-
H , phlot. Kngel said that ho certainly thought
B ho had been very much hurt among his peoplo
St I by 1'felTer s circular.
Kjjf I Kngel denieil that ho had made out a list of
B i all ot tbo disorderly houses in his district for Or.
B I Vorkhurst, and when Lawyer Orubcr said to
H him;" "Martin, you don't really feol put out
I abput the things said about you in that circular,
KVC I do yout" bo snld:
HH j "What I Ho you think I am not to mind being
Ht. called a perjurer, a professional bondsman, a
KSC 4 keeper of disorderly houses, and all tho otner
HH j things, said in that circularl Of coureo I mind.
SB J I'm a rospecmulo buelnoss man, and I'll show
H i tbls.tellowhat tho can't say heuo things about
f j mo. I'll have every l'ollco Captain in tbe city
BBBft ( and Dr. I'nrkhurst, too, in this court to provo
H f hat these tilings uro untrue."
BBBS h j"Whnt aro your feelings toward Pfeff or now!"
B J " "SatnO as toward a rattlesnnkc," interposed
BBHC t , , .one of Kngel's numerous counsel.
h. R ."Judge," HMdOrubor. "all theso things In the
K" i drculnr mean nothing over oil Grand street."
H S "I object," yelled ono of Kngel's lawyers.
BBBS -ou can't mako Kngel an expert witnoss on
BBBj J English as she Is spoke cast of the Bowery,"
K ? sold the Magistrato to Lawyer Gruber.
B- V On being cxnminod by his own lawyer Kngel
BBBR I. Bald that ho started hlstiuslness llfo in Essex
W k Market when ho was 13 years old.
J "And you've never failed, cither, havo youl"
B " asked tho lawyer.
B m, "No, sir."
BBBC , .. "1'!1 hnvo you re8l out "' tho synagogue for
BBS. t" that, said Lawyer Gruber.
H -.V Lawyer Gruber asked for a dismissal at this
BBK J ' F.?'n- 1Ie mM thnl 'bo wholo of the alleged
BBt llbel'was an cast side joke, and so regarded by
BBB- l tbo pcoplo of "do Ate." The motion was do-
BBBF !A meo,v and the caso was adjourned until next
H y Monday at '2 o clock.
H ;;. ozcott succr.Eim va.it wyck.
B. !( 0(irresonden wllh Cot, niack nelatlva to
K T t' th Vacant City Court Judgeship.
m District Attorney Olcott yesterday mado pub-
B I"' Ha the correspomlenco in relation to his appoint-
HL h' it to tbe City Court Judgeship. Got. Black
BBB li iS?,c'rriXE,c5AMD,l:It At-BANY, Dec. 18, 1807.
B I" mh lion. W. if. K. Olcoll. Xtu 1 or J Cltv.
BBB 9' JmIy I)rar Mlt- Olcott: I am called upon to
BBB f i 'St., the vacancy caused by tbe resignation of
BBB I, Jtfdge Van Wyck. Your namo has been sug-
B anted to mo In connection with tbe place, and
BBB Jhbave concluded o offer it to you. Ihopovery
BBS BV10, that you may bo disposed to accept It, for
BBB Ipelievo such appointment will strengthen tho
BBF Wirt and glvo great satisfaction to the public
BBB '. SX. me Personally your acceptance would, bo
BBB ; BBSStagTeeable. I am, vory siucerelr yours,
B A Frank S. Blaoc
K Y Bero Is Mr. Olcott's reply:
B s I DiRTnicrr ATTonxET's OrriCE.1
H 1 Dec. 20, 18U7.
B " &U Ktttlltncy Frank S. Jllact. Governor of the
BBB ittatt of ,tw York, Allium, .V. y.
BBB ViY I)KA" Gov- Black: Thank you exceed-
B fw'y 'or tho honor which you have done to me
BBB 1 wyour letter of tho lHth instant. As I said to
BBB f, 3u..th other day when I saw you at Albany. I
H ; ibUl bo happy to accept tho City Court Judge-
BBB ! sKlp: and certainly your great courtesy causes
BBB e appointment to como to me in tho kindest
B jy possible.
BBB .J.take the liberty of asking whether you will
BBt I mko my commission data from Jan. 1 Inst ad
BBt I ftjrom a piior time. This will pormltme to rin-
BB Wthetcrinof my present olUce, and will at. tbe
BB atnetimo bo tbo causo of no embarrassment
BBB I trhatevur to tho City Court, inasmuch as Its
S fading obango of quarters und tho present
pporary lack of courtroom space harecuused
b adjournment for the proscnt term of throe
H. Its trial parts.
K 'For tho honor which you havo dono roe, as
BBS jrell as for our invarlablo courtesy nnd friend-
BBB linen, I beg to again express my gratitude, and
BB Jam very faithfully and respectfully yours,
j i' W. M, it. OLCOTT.
H ! ullta Titus Would 1,1 ke to Succeed Gar.
H BurrALO, Dec. KO.-Supromo Court Justlco
B ltobert C. Titus would llko to succeed Frank a
t Black as Governor of tbe KmpiroStnto. On Sat-
t urdaylt was montloned freely about tho Iro-
K quols Hotel nnd In other public places that ho
H ho mado up his mlua that ho would llko to
K stand for tho olllce, und ho didn't deny it whon
BB- ,e.',nt M home on Cottngo street last nlclit.
BBB . Wneii tho subject was llrst brought to my
I mtnd,"iMld Justlto Titus, "it camu tliroiigh a
BKi ! Personal friend of mine, who Iniormcd mo that
ho, anil a number of other goiilltmen had ills
BV 1 cussed tbo matter mid hail deeldeii unsk mo to
BB t stand for tho nomination, tjlnto then I havo
BB t Riven It some iinisl.lir.iliuii. It is an elovatcd
BE i omce. one that It oubt bo nu honor furnny iiihii
E tohold.nndlosn fiiinklysay toou that It Is
m. I the only otlli'o In thu tnto that would havo any
B, f charms for nie. or Unit J would make any very
B, b determined effort to secure"
B, fJIcWann Coiiaij', Klcrllou Contest.
BB' u Anorder.rctiirnablaat Putchoguoon Wcdnes-
B' b day. was served on thu ltlchmond county Board
B f of. Catiyassers esterday by tho attorncs for
K'r. Qeorgo Cromwell, the Ilepubliran contestant for
B' f' tboofJlcoof President of tho Iwrough, loshuw
I J . fauso hy they fhoulil not make a recount.
if leaving out tho prolistcil bullols, nnrt mke the
BB i return to thu IVIUo Hoard in .New York us iho
BB i true and origliinl c-iiiitiiss. Tho lloanl of Can-
BB Tasscrj doelared Dr. Kecny, the Democrat.
BB elected by iurt) -ono volts.
PT Vor Urrunrd J. Vurk's Old I'lnre.
B It li understood that Edward J, Doolcy, an
B actlreTucntleth ward Democrat, Is the most
B promising candlduto for tho placo of Special
B Commissioner of Jurors for Kings counti, from
B I which Bernard J. ork has retina to accept ono
BB ?,' the l'ollce CommlsslonerBhlps In tho Oicatcr
B I New York. The appointment will be make In a
H few days by the Apoellate Division of tho Bu-
m prems Court. Tho salary is $1,300 a year.
1 1 77
rxrx drowxkd vj-mzt! attAtxxm.
Tw sds aad a eirl at Taaawaada, a Barn
La be Cams. andAnstber at Batmtsv
Tona wakda. N. Y Dec 20,-Whlle skating
on tho Klllcott Creek, between this village and
Transit, this evening, tbe Ico gavo way, and a
party ot four young pcoplo foil Into tho water.
Three of them were drowned. Tho dead aro
William Kowman, 10 years of ngo Itoso Now
man, 10 years, and Michael Coleman, aged 20
years, all of North Tonawana, Tho fourth
member of tho party, Miss Llzflo Coleman, a
sister of Michael Coleman, was rescued Just in
time. Hho was clinging to the odgo of the ice,
r nd ns she was grabbed by her rescuer she bo
cme unconscious.
It was about 7 o'clock when tbo four young
pcoplo went on tho tea to skate. Tbey wero
warned of the danger by William Blako, who la
a brother-in-law to William and Hose Newman.
Ho told them that tho Ico was thin and that It
would hardly hold their weight. They mado no
reply, but went boldly out on tho creek.
Tho Ico cracked beneath their feet, but tboy
glided on with apparent disregard ot danger.
After passing up and down tho creek In the
vicinity of tho Eastern Lumber Company's
yards several times tho party stoppod opposite
Dear's Icehouse, which Is on tho creek road.
Then there was a load crackling, followed by ,
crash nnd a cry ot terror that was heard for a
auarlcr ot amlto. and tho four skaters wero
plunged Into the icy waters. The strugglo of
tho three that were drowned was short, as they
soon wore drawn beneath tho Ico by Iho current
and boforo help arrived they were dead. Miss
LI ii I o Coleman, howovcr, managed to cling to
tho edgo of tho Ice, and her repeated screams
brought a-slsliince.
Llttlo Johnnie Scbwnrtt. son of Charles
Scbw.irtzof the creek road, llrst heard tho cry,
nnd ran to his home and told his parents. The
fat her rusbod to tho creek with a polo and tried
to get tbo strmrgllng girl to grasp It. Hho wns
already too far gono to help horsclf and
Schwnrtz ran to one of tho neighbors for assist
ance. Adolph Kllngor, a sturdy German, living
about 100 yards from tho scone, brought a long
ladder to tho spot, and throwing it across tho
holo In tho lee, ho ran out on this support to tho
almost unconscious girl. Picking her up in his
arms, ho backed safoly to tho bank ot the creek
boforo tbo Ico could glvo way undor its heavy
burdon. The girl was carried to tho homo of
one of the neighbors, wboro sho was revived.
Within u half hour uf tor tbo calamity had oc
cur rod tho banks of the creek woro lined with
people, who wero Ashing for tbo bodies of tbe
threo jhertons that woro beneath tbo Ico. Cor
oner Edmonds was sent for und bo arrived as
tho first body, that of tho girl, was bolng pulled
out of tbo water.
Tho three bodies had nil bcon tnken out nt 10
o'clock. Michael Coleman, ono of tho unfortu
nate young men, was tbo son ot John Coloiunn
ot North Tonawandx. William and Itoso New
man both lived nt tho homo of William Blake,
tho well-known bicycle rldor. Tbe four mem
bers of tho party woro well known In society
circles on the south side.
Buffalo. Dae. 20. Krvln Wnrren Oohm. son
of Knglebardt Oehm of Lancaster, was drowned
while skating on Lake Como on Sunday after
noon. Ho was 10 years old, a member of the
Lancaster football team, and a student In tho
law oftlco of Assistant District Attorney Hamil
ton Ward. Jr., ot Buffalo.
John Osborno of 711(1 Klk street, Buffalo, 12
years old, was drowned yesterday afternoon
while skating on a pond near his home.
A Chunkr Man fnvadas the Cnlen tlsadoaar
ters and Ueta aTbraahlar.
Another scrap took place yostorday afternoon
at tho headquarters of the Brotherhood ot Tail
ors, 101 Orchard street. Work is scarce Just
now, and the members of the union want to keep
it nil for themselves. At tho samo tlmo non-union
mcntnro continually Invading tho headquarters
In the hope of being hired by tbe contractors,
who occasionally go thero for mon. The union
consequently hires a man named Fox to keep in
truders out.
A chunky man appoired at tbo headquarters
yesterday afternoon, and, calling ono ot the
tailors by namo, shouted In Yiddish:
" You loafer I You took my Job from me."
Tbo man addressed appoarcd at a window Just
In time to be hit in tho faco with an apple, which
tho chunky man picked from a cart. Tbo
chunky man then darted into the headquarters,
and a big crowd gathered.
"Kick him outl Down with the scab!"
shouted tho tailors.
Tho chunky man said he belonged to tbe
union, but failod to produce a union card.
Then Fox tried to eject him and ho showed
fight. The tailors all set on him, but so many
were trying to hit him that no ono could touch
him, and sovcral tailors camo In for blows In
tended for him. A policeman was sent for, and
when be nrrlvod tho coat bad been torn off tbe
chunky man and ho was being propellod to the
door. When he saw thoppllcemanhegot scared
and agreed to loave. Thon the tailors went
back to their rooms and held a meeting.
A nunawnir Car Caaata Doivn a Philadelphia
mil Into One That Is ITaUlas.
PniLADELTHIA, Dec. 20. At twenty minutes
of 4 o'clock this afternoon a car was descending
tho stcop grado on Loverlngton avenue, leading
to the Philadelphia and Reading Railway tracks,
when tbo brakes refused to act, and despite the
largo quantity of sand poured on the slippery
rails, tho car shot down the Incline, gathoring
momentum with every foot.
Motorman Van Fassen worked at the brakes
and sand box and Conductor Justice Layroond
ran to bis assistance, but their combined efforts
failed to check tho flying car.
Just below SUverwood streot another car
stood waiting to transfer such of tho passengors
on tho approaching car as desired for tbe Penn
sylvania station. George Yarnall, the motorman
saw tho runaway car. but too lato even to re
leano tho brakes on his own car. It Jumped tho
rails nt the Hllvcrwood street turn and was
hurled with resistless force partly against the
front of tho "dinky" and partly against a lamp
post nnd tiro nlug standing at tbo curb,
Motorman Yarnall was thrown from his car
and escaped with a few bruises, but the crew of
the runaway were not so fortunate. Conductor
Laymond was the chief victim. His right arm
and leg wero crushed and torn.
Motorman Van Fassen was also terribly cut
on the head nnd nrms. Of tbe passengors on the
runaway car none escopod Injury. Tho wreck
took lire from tho boater, and one of the cars
was destroyed completely.
The anibulanco from Ht. Timothy's Hospital
was soon on tho spot, and the Injured were all
removed to that Institution, where a tow hours
after tho accident all were roported to bo doing
woll, with tho exception of Lavmond and Van
Fasten, who, it is feared, will die.
A Dill to Be Intraduoad to Hake It m Capital
St. Louis, Dec 20. At the next session of the
Legislature a bill Is to bo introduced making
highway robbery a capital crime Thepollco,
from Chief Harrlgan down, favor tho proposed
moasuro, and think it Is the only effective means
of abating tbe cplderalo of hold-ups which has
prevailed hero for mouths. Such a law lsal
ready in voguo In several .Southern States. Tho
police point to those commonwealths and assert
that they aro almost froo from highway rob
beries. In Missouri the crlmrs now punlsbublo by
hanging arc murder In the first degree, assaults
on women, and train robbery.
Assistant Prosecuting Attornoy Johnson nnd
other lour Courts olllelals favor tho plan of
hanging highway robbers. Col. Johnson hss
proparcd a tablo In which It Is Bhown that nn
avorngo of threo persons aro hold up dally in St.
Mutral IHraelar Vrrrr'a I'nlnl llamorrlinaa.
John B. Ferry, 55 years old, of 41 Montrose
avenue, Jersey City, musical director In HU
Peter's Church, remained nt tho church until
0:30 P. M, yesterday conducting a rehoarsal of
tbo music for Christmas.
While Btnndlng nt, Montgomery street nr,d
ttowurk nvcnuu, watting for it car, ho was
seized witlm hemorrhugo. An anibulanco was
called to tnku Mm to tho City Hospital, but ho
dlod before reaching tho hospital, Tho body
was taken to tho .Moreno. Mr, Kerry wns well
known as a musician and composer.
Killed In a Frrlshl Wrack,
Altoona, Pa., Dec. 20. A runaway freight
train of thirty-four cars, loaded nith grain nnd
morcbnndlso, crushed into a second train loaded
with dressed beef opposlto tho Pennsylvania
stntlonnt Oiinthls evening. Samuel Custer, a
drover from Hngerfctown. Id In rhargo of a
carload of hkkens, was killed, nnd Kiigliicer F.
M. Hurl: of this city nnd Fireman William Levcll
nnd thieo tr mips wero Injured. Tho wreckage
piled up as high as tho depot shed.
.Mrs. ark tu I'lnud Uulllr i.r .Miuataiishter 1
Mrs. Augusta Nock will probably bo arraigned
on tbo Indictment for the murder of Gloldsen
suppe, before Justlco Gurretson, at tbe January
term of the Supreme Court In Long Island City
pn Jan, 3. It Is understood that Mrs. Nack will
be permitted to plead guilty to manslaughter in
the first degree
A triDX-orjsv avirDATfia xxa most
Tbe Farmer Kielsa Cammlaalener labmlU His
abstliate for the Italaea lrt ta Mr. Creker
and Slaiar-Kleot Van Wyck Tatmrnaar
leaders at Lakewoad Silent sta ta the slate,
IiAKRWOOD, N. J., Deo. 20. The situation
hero regarding tho sottllng of the appointments
for tho major offices undor tbe coming Tam
many administration In Greater N.ew York re
mains practically unchanged. Tholeaders hare
apparently not jet fully decided who ars to get
tho rich plums, but tho list of applicants has I
been carefully pruned. Messrs, Van Wyck,
Croker, and Carroll spent tho'day quietly In
the hotol and Sheriff-elect Dnnn and District
Attorney-elect Gardiner aro still hors In confer
ence with tho leaders and finishing up tho per
sonnel of their staffs.
Assomblymnn Julius Ilarburger called at the
Lakowood today and had an audience with
Mayor-elect Van Wyck and Mr. Croker In rela
tion to an exclso bill which ho Is roady to Intro
duce at tho next session of tho Legislature
Mr. Harburgor is anxious to tako chargo of tho
oxclse measure which Tammany Hall Intends to
prnposo in substitution for the Raines law.
Assemblyman Harburger's bill advocates tho
abolition of the Haines law and the restoration
of tho old Exclso Board, with discretionary pow
ers In thegrnntingof licenses. He also proposes
to reduce tho price of licenses nnd advocates a
return to the rormor grados. He will advocate
that all oxclse moneys collected be usod as they
woro undsr tho old syBtem, The most radical
section of the bill, however, la tbo clause relat
ing to the Sunday opening. He makes it dlscro
ttouary with tbe looal boards as to whether
tbey will allow saloons, theatres, and concert
balls to kcop open after J o'clock on Sunday.
Mr. Ilarburger left after his talk with tho
Mayor-olect and Mr. Croker.
A delegation of plumbers waited on Mr. Cro
ker today to urge the appolntmont of Gen.
Scott as Superintendent of Plumbing to the
Board of Publlo Works. They wero received
courteously, but got nodoflnlto Information as to
tho appointment. Mr. Croker spent the greater
part of the evonlng chatting with Do Lancey
nath Sldre Claim Victory, but netting Favors
Boston, Mass., Dec. 20. Tho municipal cam
paign In Boston closed to-day. Tho shrewdest
political observers predict tho re-election of
Mayor Joslnh Qulncy by a plurality ranging
from 2.000 to 4,000. Two weeks ago tho out
look favored former Mayor Edwin U. Curtis,
the Republican candidate, but at the termina
tion ot tho canvass the situation Is rovcrsed.
Tho hotting Is all on Qulncy. Odds of 10 to 7
were offered whero tho talent congtegAto, and
It Is said that in some cases 2 to 1 was offored
and acceptod. At tho Parker Houso n bet of
91.000 to $700 was place. I, but the Stock Ex
change was tho best placo for bets to-day. Ono
prominent broker Is snld to havo registered a
bot of $1,000 to 5700 In favor of Qulncy, and an
other offered 8100 to $50 nnd was promptly
taken up. Most of tbe bets, however, were In
small suras, and these were very numerous.
The Republicans will surely elect seven ot the
twclvo Aldermen, but tho Democrats will re
tain control of tbe Common Council. Tho city
will vote " Y'ee," as usual, on tbe license ques
tion. Candidate Tom Rlloy succeeded In mak
ing n very lively scone at Pollco Head
quarters to-night. Accompanied by one
of his lloutcnants ho entered tho room
occupied by Deputy Superintendent Coultor,
nnd in a loud voice declared that ho had ro
cetved nn Intimation to tho effect that the
Qulncy men wero to placard the city to-night at
midnight with posters announcing his with
drawal from the Mayoralty fight.
" I have not withdrawn, ho almost shouted,
"nnd I demand thnt the police of Boston arrest
any man found with such nplacard In his hand."
Aftor denouncing tbo methods employed by
tho Qulncy men to dofoat him, and without re
ceiving any assuranco that his demands would
bo carried out, bo withdraw, muttering all kinds
of thrents as to what bo would do if by any
chance ho should be olected.
Bailey afTexaa Names Bis Presidential Tlokat
ror lOOO.
PrrrsBURO, Pa., Dec 20. Congressman
Joseph W. Bailey and ex-Congressman Joseph C.
Sibley mot here to-night. Mr. Bailey.havlng
come up from Washington on bis way to Chi
cago nd Mr. Sibley down from Franklin, Pa,
Both said tbey met only as friends and not to
discuss politics. Mr. Sibley says he Is not a can
didate for thoDomocrattc nomination for Gov
ernor ot Pennsylvania and would not accept the
oltlconsa gift.
" My platform for 10O0," said Mr. Bailer, "Is
William J.Bryan for President, Joseph 0. Sib
ley for VIce-I'restdont, nnd tho Chicago plat
form. Thero Is, I believe, hardly a Democrat
who docs not bcllove that Mr. Bryan will be and
ought to bo our candidate for President. I Do
llevo our National Convention will meet, nomi
nate Mr. Bryan, and, I hope. Mr. Sibley, and ad
journ all within forty-eight hours."
And Present to nim a Pnneh BowL and to
Deputy Wilds a Loving Cup.
Gen. Charles II. T. Collls, Commissioner of tho
Department of Public Works, gave a dinner last
night at his home, 1055 Fifth avenue, to tho
chief men in his department. Covers were laid
for thirty persons, and the guest of honor was
Mayor Strong, who Bald In a spcocb after the
dinner thnt everybody who drinks water at all
ought to drink to tho health of the Commis
sioner, who has erected an underground monu
ment to himself In Fifth avenuo.
John DInso, brad clerk, presented, in tbe name
of the staff of clerks, a silver service of punch
bowl, two fruit dishes, nnd a enke basket to tbo
Commissioner and a silver loving cup to Deputy
Commissioner Howard Payson Wilds.
Itepabllean Club nfemlaatleaa.
The Nominating Committee of tho Republican
Club reported at tbe regular meeting ot the
club last night the following regular ticket to
be voted for at tho annual election in January:
For President, Chauncey M. Dopow; for VIco
Presldents, Charlos F. Homor. Louis Stern,
William I). Findley; Recording Secretary,
Alexander Campbell; Corresponding Secretary,
Henry Blrroll; Troasuror. J. Edgar Lonycraft:
members of tho Executive Committee. Satnuol
L. Bowno, Arthur L. Mcrrlam. Charles II. Treat,
Thomas B. Odell, Wilbur F, Wakcman, and
Thomas F, Wentworth; Committee on Member
ship, John A, Dutton, Joseph II. Kraory, and
Frank D. Tnnsley; Finance Committee, Edward
G. Bailey, James G. Cannon, John K. Cilloy,
Warren HIgley, and Beth M. Mllllkon.
State Hoard ef Cauvassera Declares theReanlt
or the Bleetlon.
Albany, Dec. 20. The State Board of Can
vassers met to-day and formally doclared the
result of the vote cast at tbo November election
and lssuod certificates to tbo persons elected as
Chief Judge of the Court and as Supreme Court
Justices. All of tho members of the board wero
present except Secretary of Htuto John Palmer,
who loft for Hot Springs, Ark., on Saturday.
Tho Secretary of Sinto administered the oath ot
office to Justlco Parker on Dec. 1(1, fourdnys
before ho was doclared elected Chief Judge ot
tbo Court ot Appoals, and ho may have to sub
scribe to the oath of office ngaln.
Saltation Army Temple Dedicated.
Tnov,Dec,20. Tho Rowe Memorial Salvation
Army Temple was dedlcatod here to-night Tho
building cost over $25,000 and Is tbe gift of Mr.
and Mrs. Win. II. Rowo nnd Col. and Mrs. W.
II, Rowo, Jr. Tho Messrs. Howe are prominently
lilenllllod with plillanthroplo and educational
work In New Y'ork city.
Among tboso who delivered addresses at the
services wero Commiindor Booth Tucker, Mrs.
Kmmu Booth Tucker, and prominent clergymon
of this vicinity.
Rfnyor lluos nnd Ibe Jersey City Water Supply,
Mayor Hoos of Jersey City yesterday permit
ted tho adoption of specifications for a new
water contract by the Board of .Street and Water
Commissioners and tbe Board of Finance to go
into effect without his signature. The specifi
cations nro tbe same as were vetoed by the
Mnyor about thren Hecks ago. The board will
advertise at ouce for proposals. Under the law
no contract can be mado without the Mayor's
Sinbbed While ricbtlusOvara Disbar Prelsels
I'rjiiTlt Amhoy, N. J Dec, 20, John Gorko,
30 years old, who Is employed by tbe Standard
Fireproof Company of Woodbrldge, quarrelled
over some prntiels with several other Hungari
ans In tho saloon of tlenrgu Kardos last night.
Gorko received a stab wound In the breast,
which will probably result fatally.- Two arrests
havo been made, but tho wounded man says he
docs not know who stabbed Mm.
H-js Aro winning favor everywhere
OOU Sas a mild, 'offectlvo family
3jc cathartic They stimulate tbe
a lll uver romove all wasto and
leave tho bowels In healthy condition, 25a.
' i i -
rATdl&MXXBD wtiVJB1 JtABTr, J "
Onaaflha Wesaen Participants tries) as tba
Retail sra Fall.
Two employees of the Now York Termi
nal Warehouse gavo a mixed ale party in tho
engine room ot tho warehouse on Elevonth ave
nue, near Twenty-eighth street, last Thursday
night. They wero Philip King, tho engineer,
and Patrick McAllister, the fireman. In order
that tho party might batanco properly they In
vited only two guests. Miss KUtaboth L. Reed
of 217 West Twenty-ninth street, and Miss
Sadie Lamont of 345 West Twenty-ninth street.
No chaperon was Invited or thought noceseary.
What happened nt tho mixed ale party Is no. a
matter of record, and It is doubtful if It's a
matter of memory, as there was a great doal of
the Elevonth avenuo favorito beverago.drunk
that night.
About daylight Policeman Conklln ot tho
West Thirty-seventh street station found an
unconscious woman on tho stdowalk of Elev
enth avenuo outsldo tho warehouse. Sho was
bleeding profuBoly from tho head. An nmbu
lanco was called, and tho woman was taken to
Bellovue Hospital, whoro It was found that both
her knees wero broken nnd that her scalp had
boon badly lacerated. Thcro was also ovldonco
that sho hod boen drinking heavily. Soon aftor
roachlng tho hospital sho bocamo conscious
and sold that she was Hadlo Lamont. Her talk
was very contusod, but sho said something
about having been to a chrlstonlncr nnd having
drunk a groat deal of liquor. Then sho said
somotMng about having been In the warohouso
onglnc room. Efforts to got any sort of con
secutlvo account of how sho hod been injured
were unavailing.
. "I foil In tho dark." sho said once, "nnd I
know I was hurt bad."
Soon sbo relapsed into unoonsclousncss, nnd
slio died within threo hours after hor admlttanco
to tho hospital. Tho doctors found no marks
that would lndlcato foul play, but said that tho
injuries wero such as could not havo resulted
from a fall unloss from a window or down stairs.
Pollco Captain Brown started upon an lnvcstt-
?ntion. Ho concludod that tho woman hnd
nllon or been pushed from a second-story win
dow of tho warohouso almost dlroctly above
where sho was found unconscious. King, Mc
Allister, nnd tho ltocd woman worn arrested.
After some questioning tho men admitted that
tho two women had spent tho night In tbo on-
glno room, but denied any knowlodgo as to how
adle Lamont camo to her death.
"Wo had all been drinking," snld King, "and
she must havo wandered upstairs and opened
ono of tho Iron shutters. Then, llkoly for air,
she leaned out and fell."
Tho three prisoners wore arraigned In York
vlllo Court yesterday morning nnd sent to tho
Houso ot Detention as witnossos. Coroner
Dobbs went with Cnpt. Brown to tho ware
house and mado an examination of the prem
ises. Neither nf them considers that the pris
oners are responsible for Sadio Lamont' b death,
but they will be held until tbo pollco havo hoc
time to inquire somowhat further.
Eangsheremaa Flaod Aceutaa tils San or
Fraeturlag Ills Skulk
John Flood, an old Irish .longshoreman. Is In
St. Vincent's Hospital with a fracture of the
base of tbe skull, his son Tom Is locked up on
a charge of assaulting htm, and bis wlfo, Mary,
is at home at 010 Greenwich stroet, nursing
various bruises. This Is a result of the old
man's habit of calling himself an English sol
dier and offering to whip everybody, especially
the Irish, whonorer ho is In his cups.
Ho startod out for work yesterday morning,
but returned at noon nnd began r,buBlng his
wife. When his son Interfered Flood picked
up a chair and chased him up to tho roof,
falling down several times on tho stairs. Mean
tlmo Mrs. Flood sought In vain for a police
man. On her return her husband chased her
up Clarkson stroet, whero a policeman was
finally found who arrested him.
Ho was taken to tho hospital, where ho bo
came unconscious. When ho revived ho said
his son Tom bad struck him with nn old-fashioned
broad-bladed axe, and Identified thoyoung
man when ho was arrested and taken boforo him.
Tom, who, although ho has served two years
and a half in tho penitentiary for assaulting n
policeman, has a good namo In tho neighbor
hood, denies having struck his father, and Is
?:enerally believed. Tho neighbors say John
ell several tlmos, both on tho stairs and on tho
ice In the rear yard.
action Bagua In Cleveland Against Ballroada
far lllecat Dlacrlmlnatlen.
Cleveland, O.. Doc. 20. Through the law
firm ot Johnson & Hacknor of this city n. M.
Strauss, prodaco morchant, and other firms to
the number of moro than 100, filed a petition
to-day with the Interstate Commcrco Commis
sion against tho railroads composing tho Cleve
land Car Servico Association, which Includes
tho Lake Shore, Nickel Plato. Big Four, Valley,
Baltimore and Ohio, Cleveland, Loralno and
Wheeling, Cleveland. Canton nnd Southern.
Clovelnnd. Akron and Columbus, Pittsburg and
Western, Pennsylvania, Wheeling and Lnko
Erlo and tho Lako Erlo nnd WeBtcrn. The
railroad companies nro charged with having
violated tho lntcrstato Commcrco law by dis
criminating agnlnsttho small shippers. For
eight years, It Is charged, tho car Bcrvlco asso
ciation has been compelling small shippers and
dealers to pay car servico at tbo rate of $1 per
day forovcry day and fraction thcreor when
cars wero left unloaded on tho tracks, w hcreas
tho Standard Oil Company, Clovelnnd Rolling
Mill Company and other big manufacturers
havo had tho samo storage favors f rco ot chargo.
This 1b prohibited by the Interstate Commcrco
net, which makes discrimination bv railroad
tfflclals a penitentiary offeneo and entltlos those
persons who did pay to get back every dollar
paid, with interest and attorney's fees.
Arrested rr Shopllrilnr. She RaysBhe Saw
Other Woman Staallnr.
A woman about 85 years old was arrested on
the charge of shoplifting in Loeser's dry goods
store on Fulton street, Brooklyn, last evening
and taken to Police Headquarters, whero she re
fused to give her name and address. Sho said it
would only make trouble for hor husband, who
was an honest, hard-working man. He had given
hor, she said, $12 to purchase Christmas pres
ents for their three children. She said that she
saw other women In tho storo picking up things
and walking off with them, and tho temptation
to do the same was too strong for her to with
stand. When searched she had twclvo hand
kerchiefs, a child's dress, three silk American
flags, and a pair of child's leggings. She was
locked up In tho Amity street station, and will
be arraignea In the Adams Street Court this
no JuoiiE cnAitirAitis.
Folle Appealed ta ta Protect This Bride and
Cleveland, O,, Dec. 20. A uniformed po
liceman was dotallod to-day to protoot Fred
Zulan and his new bride from their neighbors.
Tbey wero married Inst week, and are spend
ing tho honeymoon at 331 Lawn Btreet. Zulan
was very popular In tho neighborhood, and par
ticularly so with tho feminine portion of the
population, who roscntod his marrying a
strangor, Tholr lro wns further disturbed bo
cnuso the groom had neglorted a tlmo-honorod
custom of "sotting 'cm up." Tho result Is thnt
tbey have shown their displeasure by placing
all sorts of objoctlonablo urtlclos on his door
step and pasting signs an the house and garden
fence, as well as assailing tho brldo whon she
left the house Tho couple stood it ns long as
tbey could, but appealed to tho police at last.
Open Evenings
. 124- and 126 W.42d at.,
Between Broadway and 6th Av.
Ha Iavre Blagrapbleal Sketeb, Deaerlblna
Blnualr as a Phllaaaphleat Aanrehlit"
Ha Was a Mrmbar at tba Liberal Clnb
and ar the Brooklyn Phllaaaphlcal Sacletr.
A man apparently about 00 years old, neatly
dressed; and of respectablo appoaranco, called
at tho house ot Mrs. Forsyth, at 121 Vnnderbllt
avenue, Brooklyn, ten days ago, and hired a fur
nished room. Ho said that his name was Wil
liam Hanson, that ho was poor, nnd had no em
ployment. Ho spent most ot tho time reading
and writing In his room, and soldom wont out.
Yosterday morning he was found dead In bed,
having committed sulcldo with poison.
On a tablo nlongsldo tho bod thero was a bot
tle labelled "poison" which had contained cya
nide of potassium, nnothor bottlo containing
brandy, nnd two glasses, ono with a mixture ot
tho poison and brandy,
Mr. Hanson left this note for his landlady and
Sdddat Ersxnto, Dee. IP, 1807.
Jfn. Fortvth and Daughter.
Dun LuuiS! Tou know the clreumstsnsS In which
I am placed. My family are objects of charity, and
o am I. As society no longer needs my sorvlcts, and
I cannot gain a llvtltliood. my spirit must die with
my body. Forgive mo for suiciding In your house by
taking cyanide of potassium In brandy and water.
An elderly gentleman, Mr. David Zleloy, will In all
probability oall to see raa on Monday morning or
noon. Plessa do not Inform any one ot my death
until be makes hit appearance. I am profoundly
sorry to make ynu any trouble. I sincerely hop.
honoror. that you will bear that Christian charity
for my afflicted family and myself that circumstances
Delleve me to bo yours with sincere respect and
sorrow. Farewell, William Iiaiso.
Ho nlso left this skotch of his llfo, port ot
which was typewritten:
" William Hanson was born March 16, 1831,
at Huddorsficld, Yorkshire, England. Ho left
Liverpool for the United States Jnn. 10, 1840.
From Now ork ho went with a half-cousin
to Cook county. 111. Thcro thoy hired
a forty-acre farm, with n log houso on
It, and kopt bachelors' hall. Mr. Hanson
ploughed, sowed, renped and mowed hny and
grain, nilluod cows, mado butter, shot and
cookod gamo, follod trees, sawed logs, split rails,
built fences, cut cordwood ndd llrowood, dug
ditches, built houses and barns, dnrnod his own
socks nnd patched bis own trousers.
"Subsequently ho educated himself, taught
school, took n partial collegiate course, ana
married In 18US, slnco which tlmo ho has
worked at tho watebmnkor's bench, that being
tho trade to which ho was originally apprenticed
by his father. v
"Aftor President Lincoln signed tho procla
mation of emancipation ho bream o a citizen of
tho United States. In Elmlra, N. Y In Septem
ber. 18113. Ho has not, however, voted for
twenty years.
"The financial legislation of the Republican
party hns been so Infamous and unjust he ceased
to Biipport It.
" Ha Is a Christian without dogmatic theology
and economically a philosophical Anarchist,"
Mr. Hanson was a member of the Liberal Club,
which moots at 22 East Flftoenth street, and of
tbe Brooklyn Philosophical Society, Hnd hnd lec
tured before each. According to a programme
found in hts mom ho spoke on Dec. 0 before the
Brooklyn Philosophical Soclnty on tho topic:
"The Incompatibility ot Business with Chris
tianity." Mr. Kloley, who Is n broker living atS Glenndo
place, said: "Mr. Hanson was a man of much
refinement and of extensive reading. I bod boen
acquainted with him a considerable time, but
did not know that he was In such poor circum
stances. I will tako charge of his remains and
seo that they are properly Interred. He has a
-lfe and daughter In Towanda, Pa,, and I will
commonlcato with them."
And the Havana Bank Must Make Oaod the
093,000 They iot.
Ban Francisco, Cat, Dec. 20. Judgo Son
well to-day hold that tho Crocker Woolworth
Bank wns entitled to recover $22,000 from tho
Nevada Bank which it paid two years ago upon
a draft forged by a gang of notorious Eastern
crooks. Carl Beckor and James Crccgan, who
committed tho forgery, havo been sent to Stato
prison for life. Tho original draft was for $12
from tho bank of Woodland on tho Crocker
Woolworth Bank, but tho forgers raised It to
$22,000, and ono ot them deposited It in tho
Nevada Bank. When tho draft was sent
through tho Clearing House tho Crockor Bank
finid it, and the forgers drew $ 20,000 on account
rom tho Nevada Bank. It was holiday time;
and ten days elapsed before tho forgery was
Tho Nevada Bank refused to pay moro than
tbe $2,000 balance which they bad on hand, so
suit was brought, Tho Judgo holds that tbe Ne
vada. Bank was guilty of carelessness In not
investigating tho status of tho forger who do
posited the druft, and that tho Crocker Wool
worth Bank paid In good faith a cheek that
had been Bent from u fellow member of tho
Clearing Houso.
The San Bent ta tbe Tombs Because the Father
Forralted Ills Ball.
The case of Benjamin Friodner of 189 Myrtle
avenue, Brooklyn, who Is charged with receiv
ing stolen goods, was on tho calendar yesterday
In tho Criminal Branch of the Supremo Court.
Young Friedner wns Indicted with his fathor,
Joseph. The father did not appear on Friday
last whon his caso was called, and bis ball bond
was forfeited. So yesterday, when tho son ap
peared in court, Justlco Smyth ordered him to
bo lockod ud In tbe Tombs, snylng:
" Young man, your mother s bond for $1,000
Is released, booauso n similar bond given by
your mother was not sufficient to hold your
father, who Is now a fugitive from Justlco. I'll
commit you to the Tombs until you can get a
new bondsmen who will furnish $3,000 for your
appearanco here."
Young Friodner, who had been surprised by
the turn of affairs, burst Into tears when placed
under arrest in the courtroom.
The Pride or Jerusalem Incorporated
Albany, Dec. 20. Tbe American Congrega
tion ot tho Prido of Jerusalem, with principal
office in New York city, was Incorporated to-day
to aid .Indigent American Jews und Jews ot
other nationalities, resident In Jerusalem and
Palestlno, by means ol money collections in
Jewish synagogues and hemes In the United
Statcsjfor distribution by Rabbi Joshua L. Diskln
and the Unltod Statos Consul In Jerusalem, and
toencourago tho so-called Zlonlstio movement
and support pilgrimages from this country to
Jerusalem and Palestlno in connection with this
movement. Among tho directors are Julius I).
Elsenstoln. Joseph Osllrosky, Simon Snur, Mnx
Samuols of how York city, nnd Samuel II.
Isaacs of Bath Beach,
for Holiday Gifts.
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pleasure, and keep tho giver in
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Wo havo now in stock a fow second-hand Wobors, taken iB
In exchange, some that havo been used for concort purposes Iff
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CatomtMlonera Pntnnra and Ulnar mil Seaa
Slalto Their llepert X,nrge Awards.
Boston, Mass., Doc. SO After a week of con
ferences In Boston, Justices Putnam and King,
tho Commissioners for tho United Statos and
Canada, respoctlvoly, In the arbitration ot tho
Bebrlng Sea claims, bavo completed their work
for the presont, and, it Is understood, will soon
bogln the preparation ot their roports to their
respective Governments.
Tho Bohrlng Soa claims, which It was proposed
to settle for 420,000 by President Cleveland,
now aggrcgato more than $800,000, with Inter
est for ton years. That the amount of indemnity
paid by tbo United States to Great Britain will
be much larger than was expectod at first is ap
parent from the ovldcnco already submitted.
Somoot tho claims will be disallowed, but tho
total is likely to bo nearly If not quite a million
dollars In case tho Interest asked Is allowed
by tbe Commissioners. It Is not possible
to tell nt this time what claims have
been ruled out or whothcr or not It will
bo necossary to refer any of the claims
to the arbitration ot a third Commissioner, who
is to bo appointed by tho President ot Switzer
land in case such an appointment is found noces
Bary, but It may bo said In a general way that
the conferences of tho two Commissioners have
been or tho most satisfactory character.
The Commissioners have gono over the dls-
Suted claims step by stop, reviewing theevl
encc ob In the case of a law court. It Is under
stood that an agreement as to tho amount of
Indemnity claimed has been reported In all but
a fow cases, and those are llkoly to be settled
without the nppolntmentof an umpire. An In
formal conference of tho Commissioners may be
nocessary before the reports to tbe two Govern
ments aro made, but It is expectod that a satis
factory adjustment of all the claims will bo re
ported. The amount awarded to Great Britain
will bo paid within six months of the time when
the final doclsion is reported, whether It is made
by the two Commissioners or by an umpire.
A Drunken Motorman Rbaols at Eft Vsrtaer
Landlady ana Ilrr Fattier.
Ernest Freh, a motorman on the Newark and
South Orango trolley line, made a murderous
attack at 8 o'clock last night on Mrs. Emily
Schanccnbacb and her father at tholr home, 00
Garrison street. Newark, N. J. Freh boarded In
tho house until a week ago, when he was ordered
to leave.
He returned last night to get his clothing, and
Insisted that tho woman and her father should
drink with him. Tbey rotusod and told him to
quit tho house. Freh, who was partly intoxi
cated, became enraged, and, drawlnga revolver,
fired two shots at tho woman and one shot at
her father. Nono ot the shots took effect. Freh
then escaped.
Lewis Leland, a member of the well-known
family ot hotel proprietors, died at tbe New
York Hospital yesterday morning. Ha was re
moved from his home, 09 West Nineteenth
street, on Sunday nlgbt, suffering from uremic
convulsions and pneumonia. Ho was a grand
son of Lewis Loland, who built and managed a
hotel in Vermont many years ago. He was born
CI years ago at Landgroro, Vt., ono of a family
of six, live boys and a girl, all of whom have
been connected with tho hotel business atone
time or another. His first hotel vonturo was at
tbo Clinton Hotel on Broadway, In 16-17, as a
clerk in the ofllco for his uncle, Simeon Ice
land. Ho remained hero until 185'.', when
ho went to the Metropolitan Hotel, then
managed by his uncles Simeon, William.
Charles and Warren Loland as room clerk,
for ten years.. In 1802 ho opened tho
Occidental Hotel, San Francisco, which was tho
lending hotel on the Pacllte coast. Assoclntlng
himself with his brother. Charles E. Leland, he
became proprietor of tho Dolavan House at
Albany In 18U7. Ho finally sold his Interest In
this house nnd made a trip to Kurono. The next
season ho was manager of tho Grand Union
Hotel at Saratoga for his uncles, Charles nnd
Warren Leland. In 1800 he managed the old
time Metropolitan Hotel at Long Branch. Be
ginning in 1870, and continuing until 1880, ho
was one of tho proprietors of tho aturtovant
House, this city. Ho then wont to Chicago,
whero bo wns manager of tuo Loland Hotol for
bis brother, Warron F. Leland. In 18U0 he was
manager of tho Ocean House nt Long Branch,
and at Chicngo, during tho World's Fair, be
managed tho Hotel Ilenfost and tho Portland
Hotel. In 1895 bo was manager of tho Windsor
Hotol at Jacksonville since which time he 1ms
lieen connected with his brother. Warren F.
Inland, nt tbo Windsor Hotel, this city. The
funeral will be at tho Church of the Hoavonly
Best. In Fifth avenue, between Forty-fifth and
Fortj -sixth streets, on Wednesday morning.
Stephen Buckingham Sturges. well known In
financial nnd political clrclos In Brooklvn, died
on Sunday nt his homo, 305 Washington avo
nue, after a brief Illness. Ho v,ns71 years old
and was a son of Ebcn Porry Sturgcs, nno of tho
pioneer settlors In Mnnsllold, O, Ho was a
Imnkor In Cleveland when tho civil war com
menced nnd went totha front ns tho Lieutenant
Colonel of tho Cleveland Light Artillery, Ho
was soon obllgoa to roturn homo on ac
count of 111 health, hut aided tho Gov
ernment In various (.opacities until tho cIobo
ot tho war. Ho was the founder and Jong
the President of tho Northwest Nutlonal
Bank of Chicago. Ho retired from nctlvo
business In 1877, nnd soon after ward settled In
Brooklyn, Ho was n director In tho Wllllnms
burg City Firo Insurance Coinp.my, nnd wns In
terested In sovcral other financial Institutions.
He took an nctlvo Interest In polities, and was
closely Identified with the National Democracy.
Ho was n member of tho National Civic Club,
organized last year by tho followers of Kdnard
Jl. Sheimrd. Ho was n mcnibor of Krastus T,
Tofft Post, G. A. It. Ho leaves a widow, two
sons, and a daughter. Tbo funeral services will
be held at tho bouse this afternoon.
William II. Stewart, ono of tho oldost citizens
of nvorly. N, V died on Saturday evonlng at
tho ugp of HO yours. When tho Krio rn id wns
"polled from Dunkirk to Plcrinont Mr. Stewart
was tho conductor in charge of tho first section
of the excursion train to Dunkirk. Theocur
sion party consisted of Millard Fillmore, Presi
dent of the i Lulled Slate; Benjamin Lodur,
President of the Krlo: Charles Mlnot, general
superintendent; Washington Hunt, Governor
of .New ork State; scleral Governors of oilier
htates; tlio Mayor. Aldermen, nnd Chief or Po
llen of :sow Wk city; Gen. Cash of Michigan,
nudothcrs. Daniel Webrlor wns tho orator of
tho day. Mr. Stowart ulso cnjo)cd tho distinc
tion of having run tho llrst train bv telegraph
onthohrlo. the old Morso stylo. In 1850. Mr.
Stowart wns President of tho village of Port
Jervls In 18U1, and a prominent Odd Fellow and
Jrco Mnson. Ho Is survived by bis daughter,
Mary Stewart.
Oeorgii iTi'lfcr. ono or tho most prominent rest
doiiU of Picrmont, nnd a mcinbor of tho village
board, ded at his home thero yostorday morn
ing. Ho Is survived by his widow nnd threo chll
dien. Mr. loiter was a well-known contractor
and builder In this city. Ho was a Freo Mnson.
a member of St. Andrew's Curling Club, the
Caledonian Club and tho Plermont Ilowlng As
sociation, Edward W. Mllllgan. who died nu Saturday at
his home, 1007 Paeltlo street, Brooklyn, in his
6Utb year, was n grandson of Capt. Jacob Mllll
pan. Hhotlgurodln the war of tho Hevnlutlon.
llo was anelectrical engineer, and nibbled Ills
father In tho hoisting of tho turret and ma
chinery on tho Monitor, lie was prominent In
Masonic circles nnd wns an active Hcpubllenn.
The Hey. .Augustus K. Helves, son of David K.
Iloljea of Powell uvcniie, Nnvthurg, died sud
denly nn Sunday morning In Liberty, Sullivan
county, where ho hail been slHtlnncil for trio
months past as paxlorof ihu Baptist church
llierti. He was 40 yeirs old, nnd loaves n widow
and tuochlldion. Mr. He hen graduated from I
CQlgit,i; futvrll iuIBStl.' ""uoajrom
'..."... - &&
Real Diamonds are no better for m
all purposes than the m
Genuine J M 1
BamosJpl'Y t. 1
Diamonds JaC0 I
Ring, Pin, Stud, Earrings H
(Screws or Drops), at Kra
$mi A1&. fi& EARRINGS ABB lift
flllsWl 92 PER PAIB V'F
HSbtW wt
WJMr UP These stones are guarsa A-Jmr
HBaSBfetx '"d t0 retain tbelr lustra "iflHi
tHHlfi? Ja IPLT 'oreTeri "' mountings are '.UD
Hfl n1 J1 III bsavy rolled plat and ars mJBS
cflamlUfaVBI warranted for Ova years. BF
It It can be shown that wa have ever refilled to re- W
pl&re a stona tbat did not give satisfaction.
ItiAlt, OHDP.IM A Beautiful, Drllllant, Oenulna
Ilarrlos Diamond, mounted In a heavy ring, pin or H
stud, will be sent to any address on receiptor One B
Dollar. In ordering giro full directions and state
whether small, medium or large stona Is desired.
CAMIL1.U SEYOAHD, tba Prima Donna ot the B
Walter Damroaeh OperaCo., writes! m
"Barrios Diamonds are lustrous and fall ot fir a. H
Tbey are magnificent substitutes ror genuine dla-
monds for stags purposes."
OAnntE OAT, tba charming actress of tba "ta ,
Tovra" company, writes! , H
' While playing on tba road I fonnd Barrios Dla B
monds objeota ot great beauty and usef nlneis." an
Money promptly refunded It goods H
are not; as ro presented.
HrF" Beware of Imitators, -w I
Address Mall Orders to IH
Sola Importers In tbe V. S. )
Wholesale Offices Edison Building, iW
New w
Holiday - m
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several lines of tho newest things flV
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Top-Coats, velvet piped edges, w
silk lined nnd silk facod to button- m
holes, $10. jJH
Two linos of suporior quality
Blue and Black Montagnao Top- H
Coats, velvet piped edges, silk HF
lined and silk facod to button- IB
holos, $45. (M
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and Full Dross Suits, $26 to $40. H
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937 & 939 Broadway, N. Y. H
Open Evenings until Christmas. H
(Antique Octk or Mahogany Finish), Iflf I
$1.25. m
45 West 23d Street.
'radical Waallinr I'ropUocj. HM
QKEENwicit, Conn., Dm:. -JO.-Sountl Honcta
evidently lms n woatuer propliot, for on Satur- V
.3iri.T.!!!.11' i'l10 barn -lit to tbo siimmor JK
resldenco ot Alclcnnnn Tall of Now York ultv kV
York I fow weoki &" rum"r rou,ova Nw H

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