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sasassHrV' 4 .... , .. . . i !.,, ' i . - i i i '- " " . i ' 'i ii i i stataatS) UlffiB
flfl- i i"--" I L L-J-
B HsY n Csvsplas Maoaaer Waata the Caralifci
B '"Blvi " ' Mk.Caaotnlaai-KtrM Base
jlK kail sVeatae After Jersey Cltl-As Ineiaeas
B milk " 0tl r """' TH ' !.
B lHl Bob FitulmmoDB, according to a Chicago
B faRI aptoh, still adheres to bit determination not
B trEs o enter tho prixe ring again. A report wm
fl ' A lint out from Chicago on Bundoj which
' quoted Martin Jnllon as earing that Fltislm
fl K Jv mom had at last weakened and would agree to
B i ( take on Corbott for another fight. The cham
B b' W lon. however, declared onco mora yesterday
that he had rotlrod from the ring (or all time.
fl K There It another torj- behind thoso facta
B ft ME which contains comlderablo truth. It Is
fl 8' (ff known that 1'itJ Is sincere in his unwllllngnoM
B I' ? to flght again, for ha wishes to keoptbo promise
fl En be mado to his wife lmmodlatoljr after whip
B h W,' ping OorbetU Hut his manager and brother-ln-
ft Eg' law, Martin Julian, doca not look at tho matter
fl i . .if in the same light, so closo friends of both men
fl a declare. Julian bolloves that K1U should say
fl f 3t that in due time he will tight Corbett or any
fl t SJ body. He also thinks that, from a businosa
fl h 8b, standpoint, Fltzslmmons should not try to
B ' M convlnoo tho publla that ho will never enter
H $ the ring again, but should keep people on edge
B ; 5" -V tto uncertainty of his movements. In a word,
H ' jji' Julian thinks that U Fltzsimmons comes out
fl i i M with a statemont that ha will reconsider his
B I doterminatlon not to fight again, and will agree
fl ' 9J to take on Corbett at "somo future dato," the
fl j 1 Cornlshman will prove more of a drawing card
m W, on the road than he Is at present.
fl V ';' Julian, It is said, roalltes that a retired pugt-
B ''"' Si' llstio champion Is not so attractive as an actlvo
fl i W ono, and the recent talk of Corbett, who says ha
B :, - wants to fight, has served to awaken Julian to
fl f Kg tho situation. It is therefore safe to believe
fl V that Julian, acting on his own responsibility
fl 5p, and with an eye to business, has spokon for
fl j &" Fitzslmmons by saying that Bob will probably
B i t. fight again, Fits', however, mindful of his
B r a promise to his wife and not anxious to fight
B K & anyway, does not back up his manager's state-
B a fjfc tnenta when ho Bays with great posltlveness
B n iHn- ln' D0 w' not Db again under any clrcum-
B g. stances. Fitz also said yesterday that It
B b S Stuart visited him to mako another match the
B I -I f noted fight promoter would not rocolvo encour-
B I '; agement. Corbett and Brady, both of whom
B I ?X Insist that they want to have another fight, are
B k W predicting amonff their friends that Stuart, by
B I' S?- some unknown hyphotlo methods, will compel
B i M; the ohamplon to capltulato. It is tho opinion
B i S?v many sporting men that Corbott, FitZBimmons,
B I 'S' Dl1 Btuart or0 possibly more desirous of a
B I m little freo aderttslng than another meeting in
B ' ftff the ropod arena. But that can be determined
B $ E due time.
B i w Fitzslmmons seems disposed to treat Mc-
i M Coy's victory over Creedon rather lightly, lie
H ; ij says that Creedon ould not have been In first-
1 i" class condition on lost Friday night, and that
H ,-.' McCoy Is not entitled to tbo middleweight
j ."';, championship bocause bo defeated ahelAus
H 1 & trallan at catchwclghta. ;Creodon, however,
H T f.H declaros that ho wa-s In tho best possible condl
kS i Vt tion. and also pronounces McCoy to bo a won-
I' 3J, derful vugilist. Kven granted that tho men
B 5i- met at catchwclghtB. it cannot bo denied that
B I ;L ' McCoy can easily get below 108 pounds, and
S W that, barring Jfitr, thoro Is not a man in tho
H 3 W world considered his equal. If Fitzslmmons
B f 'is' can got to the middleweight limit he should
B i readily accept ony challenge that may be forth
H t ;.i' coming from McCoy. But the latter, if he Is
f wise, will not faeo tbo lanky Cornlshman In
t ., the ring just yet, when there aro other easier
I v - y Holds to conquer.
H ; jb A charge bns been trumped up that McCoy
H ; Jfi. ' did not use fair methods in his battle with
SR, Creedon; that one of bis seconds, "Doo" Payno,
': rubbed resin on his cloves between tho tlfth
' ii and sixth rounds, and that whon the attention
,' ' of Manager O'llourko was callod to this fact
H ' ' by a spectator ho sharply called Payne down.
H rIv The story la backed by tho statement that
B Vj& O'ltourke admits tho truth of It. Thoso who
B IWf svr ,n0 f Bbt will wondor how It was possible
Wi for O'ltourke to mako his way to McCoy's cor
B ilr cor ln order to mako the alleged "call down."
i W There was a double row. of boxes, filled to over
mr. $") flowing, between that corner of the ring and tho
B P aisle, which was lammed, and aa O'llourko saw
B It i the fight from the opposite side of the ring,
B""Pk5"' '. near Creedon'a corner, it is hard to sco how he
B VVw arot around to a point whoro "Doo" Payne or
B E iO" any other second could hoar him. if Payne
B r fl- rubbed resin on McCoy's glovos. it would bo
B 5 i'-vi rather'lntcrestlng to; know what Creedon's soc
B i 151? ends were doing with tholr eyes at the time, and
B I W' what tho referee was thinking about.
E te: Tom O'llourko 1b at Chicago to second Jos
B S Wf, Wnlcott In his battle with Tom Tracoy to be
B l -iii' .pulled off thcro to-night. Incidentally, ho may
E I 3t$ nave a talk with Fitzslmmons about a proposed
B '-?; glove contest to bo held at O'ltourko's new clnb
B WvS Bt Coney Island. With Stuart and O'llourko
B vlf'fc throwing bouquots at Bob, the lattcr's will
t'liS power may be pretty thoroughly tested.
iSrt-" That the Eastern Baseball League Is anxious
B Fr-H' '' secure either Newark or Jersey City as the
B CBt" eighth club Instead of Bcranton becomos more
I 1 1& apparent every day. It was learned yosterday
B M.f that within tho past two w ecks certain persons
B ttftttr' Identified with bnseb.ill at Jcrsoy City have ap
m M proachod President Freedman of tho Now York
B r" eluD asking him to (rtro Ub consent to the plac- I
B ' lnf ot an eastern Lcaguo team In that city. It I
B MP ' OTOn hinted that thoy olf ered a R,000 bonus
B !SjK. ln cosn ln return for tho privilege, but that the
am IgSK offer was refusoiL Mr. Froodman said yestor
Bf 'ITS' da? 'bat ho had been asked to permit the ad
B lIOP' mission of Jersey City to tho Eastern League,
B' ills under the celebrated "five-mile" territory agreo
B -lim mont, but hod been unable to seo his way clear
B 'lISS ,0 ' eo- H d'd not deny that accompanying
B IW ,no request was a financial offer ot the above
' 'fK figure.
B itt A minor league club at Jersey City would be'a
B J Wi" paying venture, so tho promoters say, especial-
K ML' It as It would be posBible to play Sunday boll at
B ': Ml home. With similar games at Newark, the
i SP latter city, providing an Eastern League fran
B K chlso could be obtained, would bo a valuablo nd-
: dltlon to the circuit. In spite of the assertion
tfv ot lrc3l(lcnt Burrow ot the Atlantic League
Jfi that Newark will not loave his organization,
K 'm there is ground for the belief that Tom Burns
3ft" will Join tho Eastern Lo-igue If ho receives a
r chance. If that league could supplunt Wilkes
I ?R ' barro and Scranton with Newark and Jersey
Ik City, tho circuit would be placed upon a re-
fit, markably so and paying basis.
'Mi Qoorge Davis, the New York's great short
m Ve stop, went to Cleveland tho other day to attend
K jm, a weddlsg. His arrival there gave rise to the
m yp rumor that he had come to make some deal for
' !.J tho release ot Ed MoKean, the bulky shorUtop.
"ftSE, '10 story was finally sent out as it founded on
f fact. President Freedman said yestorday that
tL while be recognized McKean's ability aa a ball
'its playor, thoro wus no place for him on tho New
I lg-. York team, and that Davis had not opened his
' K? mouth about a deal of any kind bIiico he left tho
i W ' cltf (or tho 'West, The fact that Davis attend-
Mj ' ad the recent League meeting with Mr. Freed-
Sjf' man gavo rise to a report that George would
lP !on succeed Joyce as manager of the New
i Yorks. Davis w ent along merely as Mr. Freed-
flr' man's guest. "Scrappy Bill" will fill tho same
m place next year that he dld.'last summer, the
gf? club otllclals having great confidence In his
u ability to make up another winning team.
W Tommy Cuming of the Orango A. C. says that
ffi. be was a member ot the Ill-fated "Now York
A' Amateur" team which was taken abroad not
S long ago by Al Lawson.
yjfi1 "we had only seven men when we landed ln
iMi England," said Cuming, "and we were in a ter-
flble stew. Lawson wont outside ot the tavern
n which we were stopping and saw two labor-
fE' ers. Ho asked them If they wanted to earn a
qb shilling oplo, and they Jumped at the chance.
OF lie took them to the grounds where wo wero
L' goiLg to piay inai aiternoon, and made them
mrf put on uniforms. Then bo compelled them to
IK pull their baseball caps down over their ears
6, t , f4 'aces, so that they could not be recognized.
mMf When we got ou the field those two fellows
WS& . 7Ler?. VfifF !ir Y80" '.Vlor ,0 ,ar 0lt ln
Wf .-, the field that It was Impossible for them to get
IBM' hold of tho ball. Then our shortstop was put
fBfr Into short left field, and our centre fielder was
KjW moved around toward right, while the second
VL baseman played practically ln short field, with
!' tho first basemau looking out for most of tho
I latter s usual territory. It was amusing to mo
R! as I stood behind tho bat to hear the English-
men snyi
Sm: .."'What a bloomln' queer way. doncherknow.
, JHR' these llamcrlcuns have ot placing tholr field
iHHV We must loam It and bo up to date, donchrr-
' 5?!aw. Rca-
t iHtK "When tho game was over, and it was the
!' iW. only oue we played, .Lawson left suddenly. I
! " I Br was tho only fellow ln the crowd who had a re-
I RtC turn ticket- Tue others didn't get enough
Ufc money to come back to America fur at least
iB?" two months.
Eg , J..B, Brine, who makes a business of visiting
jBjff the blsr universities and colleges, says that he
JIBR heard several prominent football men at Cor-
iMK Vm speak favorably of sending a request to
h. '.Bat Yalo for a gamo next year. .s Cornell's record
'-' ) ln football, us ln rowing. Is clean, thore avoms
' to be no good roason, acoordlng to Impartial
I' Judges, why tale should not consent to suchu
K. contest. Cornell's games with Princeton, Har-
' Et vard and tho Uulversily of Pennsylvania have,
St mt, ot la,' bcon considered In Uio first rnuk of im-
i ffs' portancc. IfYnle can llud a placo for Coniell
'Ira in her ucxt rear's schedulo the gamo will
. I Bf prooably be plajrd at New Hmcii, as thu Ithu-
I 1 J,' cans aro willing to concede this ikiIiiI,
I Li . The old launch, John Harvard, which has
1 I bcoii used for n long tlmo by oonehcro of tho
; f. Harvard, 'tarslty crows, will not bo used next
tuur, fuLa now luuuvh will bo presented to the
in ii ' '1 i wmmmmmmmm
Harvard oaraaen by PraatdeBs rnk Thomson
ot tba lVnnsvlranla .rUllroad. HblpbaildsT
Cramp ot Philadelphia has started weAon the
boat and hopes to have It ready wheathe Crim
son eight resumes work. on the Carina River
next March. Tht launch rtQ b fifty feet
long, about the same; length aa tho John liar
Tart, but will have a graater beam. The boat
will also draw only three feet of water, and will
bo built very low, so that It will be possible to
pass undsr the Charles Hlvor bridges atlBh
tide. She will bo able to cover seventeen miles
an hour. whch is, much bettor tlmo than the
old boat ever could do. Tho total oost of the
iaunoh will reach 0.000. Mr. Thomson's two
sons are students at Harvard. One of them waa
a 'varsity substitute at Poughkeepsle last turn-rur.
Kad f the Qualifying Baunaaat Ih Rleksaana
Hill Club aceree at Matley,
The qualifying rounds at the Richmond IIIU
Golf Club for the Van Rensselaer cup wera fin
ished yesterday. The cold woatber and high
winds mado low scores Impossible. The follow
ing players have qualified and will compote at
match play on Christmas Day t
01-oss. JTcajj. Kit,
J.J.Msnnlnr 104 80
O. II. Pope. Jr 108 8 eo
B.n. Keliorf toa so na
n. b. uooney loa so sa
Kslion F. Qrlffln 109 0 88
n. i. johDM tot 18 sa
3.X. Ulller lot SO 84
F. J. Btlmson PS 14 84
Arthur Bmlth. 110 A 84
Clarenco Ooadby Ill 2S 8B
W.ltuninsll 1st 88 H
Arthur Mn 10 IH 91
rrsnklrn Paddoek 108 14 08
i. W. VaoVleok 114 SO 04
O.T. Uonnstl 110 SO.. s
Edward Win. 188 SB SS
Manning and Pope tied for tho prize offered
for tho best net soore. and will play oft on soma
future day.
There was no laok of play at tho Nutley
Qolt Club, during the week that ended yester
day, and moat of the tlmo the golfers found tho
turf in fine order. The important match waa
the final for the Morgan Cup for women, be
tween Mrs. W. J. Berg and Mrs. J. V. Bouvler,
Jr., the latter receiving odds of 28 strokes. Af
ter a well-played gamo Mrs. Borg won. by 1 up.
The only cards returned ln the qualifying play
for tho Morgan Cup for men wero by Eugene
Plunkett, 114, 20. 04. and A. II. Larkln, 02, 3,
00. Tbo following matches wero played ln the
championship series:
Qer best T. W. Sstterthwalte by 3 up and 8 to play,
Ubby best Waluotl by 4 up and 8 to play, LIbUy boat
liars by 0 up and t) to play, Bsrg twat watoott by 8
up and 1 to plar, Johnson beat Uourler by 1 up, tier
geslit bsst Bonrler by 0 up and 8 to play.
The following aro tho best cards to dato for
the December Cup I M. M. Michael. 83 and 87;
8. H. Dorr. 85, 01. 84, 02; Alphcus boor. 80. 87;
T. W. Satterthwalle. 8U. 03; F. A. Chapman, 00;
1C. Morgan, Jr., 03, 07; A. Ohrtman, 101, 102.
Tho full conditions for the professional tour
nament, at thirty-six holes, medal play, at tho
Ocean County Hunt and Country Club, on New
Year's Day. wero sent out yesterday by tho
Oreens Committee. A. B. Clafiln, J. Converse,
and W. A. Hamilton. Tho purse of 81B0 will bo
divided as follows: Fifty por cent, to winner, 29
per cent, to runner up, IS per cent, to third man.
and 10 per cent, to fourth man. The first round
will start at 10:10 o'clookln the morning and
tho second at 1:30 o'clook ln the afternoon. Ties
will be doclded by playing one hole. U. S. Q, A.
rules will govern, oxcept whoro they conflict
with local rulea.
lodear Couteata at the IVew Yerk Uolvarslly.
The first of a series of Indoor athlotla competi
tions took place ln the gymnasium of tho New
York University yosterday afternoon. There
were forty entries In all the contests. The high
Jump was won by L. Robertson, 1000, with 0
foot S inches; Bclchor, 1000, Mayall, 1000,
Hyatt, 1001, second, with 0 foot; MacCrackon,
1000, L. Herman, '08, and Delamater, 1001,
third, with 4 feet 11 Inches. The othor contest
ants scored as follows: 4 feet 10 Inches, Dench
field, 1001, Watson, 1000, Smith, '00, and Elder,
'00; 4 feet 0 Inches, Molleson. 1000, Carey, 1001,
Macdonald, 1000, and HID, 1001. The 100-yard
dash was run on a track twenty laps to the mile.
It waa won by Arthur Smith, '00. 114-B seconds,
breaking tho N. Y. U. record of 12 seconds, held
by Wolgntman, '07. McNamara,'00, was second,
12 seconds; Ulcks, 1000, Botcher, 1000. Herman,
'08, Barron, 1000, Van vleck, 1000. and Young.
1001. third, 12 2-3 seconds. The 440-yard dash
was run by some of tho contestants and tho bal
ance will go to-day.
The scoring Is not done upon tho principle ot
first, second, and thlrdAbut according to the
time mado. A performance equalling a world's
record scores 100 points, and the remaining
times are graded until the performance counts
1 point. Tho games ate for the Banks cups
nnd medals for those scoring the lnrgest num
ber ot points. Cups will go to the first, second,
and third men, and bronze medala to the fourth,
fifth, sixth, seventh, and olgbth In each event.
Tho next contest will be held on Jan. 0. Two
events will be decided, the half-mllo ran and
pole vault.
William T. Letts of Hoboken skated an exhi
bition two-mile race at tho Ice Palace last night,
covering tbo distance ln 0 minutes 07 3-5
seconds, paced by Earle Reynolds. August
Fupke, and George u. Hemmlngway. The In
door record was 0 minutes 3 seconds, credited
to Harold McCormlok at the Granlto Rink,
Toronto, four years ago. Tho management of
tho Ice Palaco lllnk has doubts as to the length
ot the track, nnd It will bo survoyed within a
week. The exhibition last night aid not begin
until after 0 o'clock, at which hour tbeblgbulld
lng was crowded with skaters and others,
who bad been attracted by the feature of
the evening. Letts appeared to bo ln fair
condition, and after the Ice was cleared he
shot over the lino, tbo start being a flying one.
After the second lap Reynolds slipped ln and
attempted to make the pace. He waa practical
ly a hindrance, however, owing to his lack ot
condition and slow speed. After another quar
ter of a mile Hemmlngway was tried, but be
also proved Incompetent and retired ln favor of
Pupke. After the latter stopped Letts was prac
tically unpaced until the last quarter, whon
Reynolds again appeared and showed the way
to the finish line. The first mile was dona ln
2:00 and the second ln 3 :02 3-0. .
Meetlna af tbe Aaierlean Torf Cangrtaa.
Cikcinwati, Doc. 20. At a special meeting of
tho American Turf Congross to-day, at whtoh
were represented threo local tracks and those ot
Lexington, Louisville, Nashville, St. Louis,
Little Rock, and Now Orleans, tho following
was the action taken as to PImlico's alleged vio
lation of tbe winter racing rules. In regard to
which tho Congress and tbe Jockey Club have
boon apparently at somo variance:
Dellsvlns that raclni waa given and participated In
at the Plmllco track on Deo. 1, !t, s, and 4. 1897,
under ths Impression that it was not la contravention
ot the laws of the Congress or with the Intention of
violating therat therefore. It Is
Bttvlvrd by the Congress that same track and per
sons and horses that participated In such racing are
hereby reinstated to all the rights and privileges on
the tracks of ths Congress that they berstofora en-
IHtotvtd, further, that by this action the Congress
doea not abate Its opposition to or countenance
winter racing as prohibited by bylaw six, or to rotrlct
Its enforcement tosuppree that evil so destructive
to tbe legitimate sport i that the Congress li wining
to oo-operate with any other authority to utterly de
stroy It, and Invites such co-operation.
The Harlem track at Chicago was admitted.
The rule fixing purses for traces In tbe vicinity
of cities between 200,000 and 000,000 popula
tion at 9300 was changed to allow $250 purees
at tho special request of the Crescent City
Jockey Club of New Orleans, which claimed that
tbo yellow fever scaro had materially cut down
its receipts.
Tho application for reinstatement of J, Bron
nou, accused ot Implication In tbe famous Polk
Budget "ringer case several years ago, was re
ferred to a committee to report on Jan. 10.
luteins: at Aew Orleans.
New OnXEiNB, Dec. 20. Mazarine's victory
in the fourth race was to-day's feature. She
was comparatively an outsider until they had
gone to tho post, when a flood ot mouey reached
tbe ring, and the colt's odds wero cut from 10 to
1 to 2 to 1. The ring was hit heavily on tho vic
tory. Summaries;
First Jloce Six and a half furlongs. Dudley V... 05
(Powers). 7 to 10. wont Mr. Hunt. 0 (Dnix-ei 4 to 1,
second) ualeace All, US (Andrus), SO to 1, third. Tims,
keoond Hare Selling! six fnrlongs. French dray,
100 (Sclicrrc r). V to l.wnni Pontet Canet, 104 (Nam,
0 to 1, seccndi Oypcelver (Barrett), 80 to 1, third.
Time, lilB.
Third Usee Selling! one mile aad twenty yards
Bis Ilrotber (Cay wood), hto l.woniKlkln. V9 (South
ard), 4 to 1, second; Jolly Bon, U4 (Boagfr), 8 to 1,
third. Time. liB. v
Fourth llaee Selling! one mile and twenty yards.
Uaiarlnr, 113 (1'owersl. 8 to 1, wont Charina, 107
(Caywood), H to I, second; What Next, U7 (l)upee).
IS lol, third. Time. tit7.
Fifth llace HellluRi one mile Viscount, 101
(llurni), a to 8. wont llusnnelfls, (its (Qultenes), 30 to
1. second! Hiss Young, 107 (F. Clsy), 6 to 1, third.
Time, li48s-
lleaults at Iron Ulll,
Irov Hum. Dae. CO. The rues here to-day resulted
as follows!
First luce Four and a half furlongt.-nlK Austra
lian. 80 to 1 and 10 to I, worn Llitle W.. 4 to 1 for
pin o. Seconal Wrd of reedoro. third, Time, liOO.
Second Uue Slx furlongs. Wblppsuy, 8 to 1 and
4 too, wptu Aunt Sally, M to 1 for place, secondi
lUrryO.. tblrU. Time, 111 HH,.
Third Usee Five furlong. Harry Urnnelt, 8 to 1
and a to 1. wont (lov. Urlggs, 8 to 0 for place, secondi
Full Riki-J, third. Tlmr.Voi,
Fourth Hace-SIx furlongs. Nlmus. 8 to 1 and 8 to
.,.i""Uor""llt0 fr Plc, secondi Navahoe,
third. Tune, lijO.
Fifth Haoe BJx furlongs The Mantaum, eves and
1 to 8, woui Fotltlear, even for place, second Tele
gram, third. Ttoie, 11V
Haetty relate Caravelled-What the Beaarta
Rabies lbaw.-
At the regular quarterly meeting of the Ameri
can Kennel Club, Secretary A, F, Vrcdenburg
ln the ohalr, tho following dologatei were)
French Bulldog Clcb, W. W, Watronsi Dachshund
Club, C. Motschenbaeher; Spaniel Club, at. A, Vital
Bulldog Club, S. WIUardHobayi Columbus Fanciers'
Club, J, M. Taylor) Gordon Better Club, J. D. Blossom!
Uetropolltsn Kennel Club, 0,11. Carnoohant Beagle
Club, 11. F. Bchellhssst Oakland Kennel Club, Elliott
Smith! Faclne Fox Terrier Club, D. Waters! Pointer
Club, aeorc Jarvlst Ilhode Island Kennel Club, W. O.
Codntani Southern California Ksnnol Club, O. D,
Dernhelmeri Maecoutah Kennel Cub, C. F. R. Drake)
associate members, A. C. Wllmerdlnir, II. K, Blood
good, and O. W. U. nitchle.
Many knotty points brought before the bench
show committees were unravcllod. Ono was
ths cancellation ot tho winnings ot the pugs
Otttrburn Prince nnd Ottorhurn Treasure for
having been entered at Brooklyn and Washing
ton out of tholr class. Qoorgo M. Koasboy, who
entered the Russian wolfhound Olaf at Brook
lyn with a wrong podigroo, explained how the
mistake was made. Ho was excused The
Executlvo Conimlttoo has decided to award
Amorlcan Kennel Club medals to all dogs be
coming champions of record after Jan. 1, and
also that the owners of present champions may
also receive such medals. ...
Tbe treasurer reported a balanco on hand ot
94.1B4, and that tho A. K. C. Is out ot debt.
Tbo report of tho StudtBook Commltteo, In
the case of L. A. Ullrich for presenting false
fedlgrees of the English settor Ty-I. stated that
he off enco had been clearly shown and that tbe
pniy defence was that Ullrich had not sworn to
the pedigree. ,
A matter of the greatest public interest before
the club Is the Investigation ot rabies, or hydro
phobia, ln the United States. At tho requcstf
(he clan a committee of nlno veterinarians have
been conducting soparato Investigations slnco
last June. The reports have Been rooeivod from
all except ono section, and have been forwatded
to Dr. Rush S. Huldekoper. He atnten that tho
reports ahowmoro rabies than he had believed
existed, and that tbo full report would be mado
at tbe next mooting. .
The first bench, show undor tho ncwj-ulcs will be
the inaugural exhibition or the Wilmington Ken
nel Club, at Wilmington, Del. .Jan. 0, U,7,and 8.
K. M. Oldham of this city Is tho superintendent.
The Judges will bo J. Armstrong, Lakewood;
Donald Munro, Allamucby, N, J and James
Mortimer, Hempstead.
Manager Caswell ot tho intercollogiato chess
tournament announced yesterday that every
thing Is ready for tho event which Is to bo
Blayed during next week at tho Columbia
irammnr School, 84 and 30 East Fifty-first
street. Following are tho contestants and sub
stitutes: Columbia Arthur B. lleycr, 1801, and George O.
Seward, 'U8, 8. Hubitltutoe-K. Q. Falk, 1801, 8., and
Q. II. Jacobus, '88.
Harvard James Hewlns, 'B8, and Elmer B. South
ard, Medical. Substitute s-r. V. Long ,'88, and F. E.
Thayer. '08.
Yale Louis A. Cook, 1800, and William H. Mur
doch, '68. B. Substitutes H. Logan and J. O. Pickett,
Princeton David T. Sana, 1801, and William W.
Young.'SO. Substitutes B. 1). Carter, 1800, and O. It.
Tho schedule arrangod Is as follows:
First Bound. Dm. 87 Meyer vs. Ilcwlns. Cook vs.
Dana, Oeward vs. Young, Murdoch vs. Southard.
second Hound, Deo, 88 Meyer vs. Cook, Dana vs.
Ilewlns, Seward vs. Southard, Murdoch vs. Young.
Third Hound, Dec. 20 Meyor vs. Dana, Cook vs.
Ilewlns. Seward vs. Murdoch. Young vs. Southard.
Fourth Round. Deo. 80 Southard vs. Meyer, new
Ins vs. Seward. Young vs. Cook, Dana vs. Murdoch.
Fifth Hound, Deo. ill Murdoch vs. Meyer, Ilewlns
vs. Young, Cook vi. Seward. Southard vs. Dana.
Final Round. Jan. 1 Young vs. Meyer. Ilewlns vs.
Murdoch. Southard vs. Cook, Dana va. Seward.
Referees Eugene Delmar and 11. Helm.
Meeting In tba Iaterest of Unoekabanta.
A mooting of the Advisory Committee of tho
prospective builders ot tbo now American
Yacht Club knockabout class was held at tho
ofllco ot Secretary Scovlllo yesterday afternoon.
K. Burton Hart, Jr., Frank Bon no Jones, New
bury D. Lawton. and A. Bryan Alley were
resent, and tbo changod designs sabmltted by
. B. Crownlnshlold were discussed. The rake
ot the rudder post, which was tbe principal
feature In tbe original design that did not meet
with tho approval of the committee, had not
boon altered enough, nor bad the sail plan so ns
to conform In detail to the other drawings. The
design, bowover, is In such shape that the com
mute Is Justified ln asking for bids from build
ers. Several well-known firms bavo been recom
mended, and definite figures on tbe specifica
tions will bo recolved within tho next twenty
four hours.
Frank Jones has boon nnthorlzed to sign a
contract with any builder he may select for tbe
construction of the boats, and this wllldoubtlees
be done before to-morrow night, at which time
a meeting ot all yachtsmen Interested ln the
matter will be held at tbe Grand Union Hotel at
8:30 o'clock.
What Yachtsmen Think er tbe Mem Bcltoonere.
Tho now fifty-foot wator-llne schooners con
tlnuo tbe loading toploof conversation among
I yachtsmen. Tho doBlgn Is nearly finished and
presents a wonderfully sblppy appearance. Tho
new boats will bo practically small editions of
the noted Yampa and built ln the best stylo that
can be turned out on tbe Maine coast. A promi
nent member of tbe Atlantic Yacht Club said
" Tbey will be little ships, fit to cross tho ocean
In. At the same time tbolr shallow draught
will onablo them to enter any ot tho small har
bors along the coast. For myself, should 1 de
cldo to build, I could think of no moro able boat
tbnn the proposed class would develop. In my
boat I will havo an auxiliary engine offabout
ton horso power, so that I will bo able to
get into port whonever the wind dies out. This
will also bo useful ln tho rivers and bayous of
Florida, where tbo channels aro often too nar
row to admit of beating up againstla head wind."
The promoters are enthusiastic as regards the
possibilities of ths type, and tbo meeting, which
will be called within a tow days, promises to be
an interesting one.
Trotting at Elkwood Park.
Loxa Bsuitcn, Dec. 20. The sporting fraternity ot
Monmouth and Ocean counties was largely repre
sented at Elkwood Park this afternoon to witness a
trotting raoe for a purse ot 8S0. There wera three
entrlrs from Lakewood, namely, La Compters King,
lltgglim's Percy 11., and McCue'a ltuikin Wilkes.
Frsnlc Beard was the starter and Judge. King cap
tured the first end seoond heats handily In 8:31 s and
8.115, with Percy II. second and Iluikln Wilkes third.
Tlia next three heats were won by Ituikln Wilkes,
with King second and Percy H. third. Time, 2-.20U.
8:!J8, 8ii!8'.
The Y. M. C. A. evening class of Plalnfleld defeatad
the Kewark Academy on Friday night by a score of
8 to 10.
Tho basketball team of tbe Urooklyn High School
has urrmurd to play with a team In Poughkeepsle
during tbe holidays.
Tbe game of basketball has now Dccome popular at
the Brooklyn Latin School and ptoctlco Is going on ln
the gymnasium every afternoon.
Tnere Is talk of organizing a team at Madison
School, and everything points to a strong five. Frao
tlce Is indulged In at the Knickerbocker A. C.
"Poly Prep" School promisee to have a winning
team In the neld this season. Many of the players of
last) ear are on hand, and the work up to date iias
been far above the uuual.
There was a game of basketball played on last
Friday evening between thu Clifton basketball team
and the Crescent U. II. team at the former's gymna
sium, which resulted In a victory for the Cllftons by
16 to 2.
The management of tbe Berkeley School team has
selected the following players to represent the acbool
this wlnteri Stnye, rlht forwardi Smith, left for
ward! Forney, centra and captain) Potter, right
guard! Jones, left guard.
Tho baskotball team of the Brooklyn High School
and the Berkeley Schuol team ot this oily were the
contestants In a match game decided at the latter'a
Brmnailum on Saturday afternoon. Tbe score:
rooklyn High, 1 1 boluui Berkeley, 7.
Tho Ijoys of the Manual Training High School or
Brooklyn have organized a strong team. Under tba
directions of Coach Hill all tbe practice is being done
at the Thirteenth Regiment Armory. (Janus are
being arranged with thu leading school teams In this
The organization of a basketball team Is In progress
among the girls of Adtlplil Auadeinr. anil there Is
every prospect of a series of lively oonix.tlttuus. The
candidates at preernt arei Miss K. KMsey, 'UBi Miss
K. beamau, 'UUi Mlw M. Ouauialor, 'liO Miss J,
Thackray. 'Ul;MIsU. Chrlsteiuen, 01 31lss W, An
pleton, Hil.
Pratt Institute Is organizing a team among the girls'
clashes. The candidates practice on Wednesday arter
noon. Miss Ulles, right guard, is captain, and the
other players will probably be as follows: Mlas Sey
mour, left guardi lllia Ci-nley, rentrei Miss Clold, left
forward! Miss Napleston. right forward. Only prac
tice games bavu been played so far.
Nxw Have, Dec. 80 Capt. Peck announced to
night that tbo Yale basketball team would take a
Southern trip, playing as follows; Dec. 88, I'tu
Wheelmen, at Philadelphia! HO, Uermautoun A. C,
at Uermauluwni 81. Washington Light Infantry, at
Washington. Di C The team will be made npof Capt.
W, II. 1'Ht aud (). U. Moore, 'UrJ, guards) J. K. Clark,
lit), and O, M. Clark. 1UU1, forwards! M. W, Rock
well, 'us. nutro. Five substitutes will go on the
trip. This will be the nrsl extended trip ever taken
by a Yale baskotball team.
Thire wero two Interesting games ot basketbull
flu) ed at the Washington Heights branoh, Y M. C A.,
ast Saturday night, lu both of which the home teams
were thtorious. The Unit gamo was between 1I10
second team of the brancu and tho Crraccuts of the
Tweut) -third street branch, and after two 80 miuule
halves of clean aud swift plailug tliuscoru was 7 toll
lu faror of the Washington HelgLta Ths second
game, between the first team of tbo branch and the
Metropolitans, also of Twent)-tntrJ street, proved to
be ailoirlr contested one up to Ilia latter part of tbe
second half, when tbe home Oram bad the game well
lu baud. The final score was 17 to 10 for the Wain
lugtou Heights boys. The second team uf tbe Wash
ington Heights branch. Y M. C. A., baa a few date
opu for Saturday evenlnga and would like to hear at
one f torn teania averaging aboat 188 rounds. Ad
dress O, F, Medtr, Post Offlue box l,8t8,
i -- .ii..i . .
jaXKTXXQ or tjib board op ofjpi.
a Etta or tjjb btaxb ntriaxoir.
Mayer-meet Van wrek aTame at Balacate
to the Annaal Meatiest af the I A, W.
Favorable Aetlen aa tho Parmfttlea at at
Cadet Ceraa Large laeraase In Membership,
The annual meeting of tho Board ot Offloors
of the New York Btato Division ot the L. A. W,
was held at tho Grand Union Hotel last night,
Tho meeting was called to order at 8 o'clook,
tho newly elected ofQoeri presiding. Among
those present woroi
Chief Consul, Walter Jenkins, Duff aloi Vice-consul,
M. U. Beldcn, Jr., and Secretary, W, S. Bull, Kew
Torki P, P. Brunuer, J.F.Clark, E. A. Crow, A. IT.
Curtis, W, K. Doty, T. T, Kckart, Jr., F. M. Froblshtr,
M. Olbb, O. A, ITeaney, A. A. Uousman, E. W. Jones,
L.C.I.0 Roy, F. A. Myrlck, O. O. PenneU, Richard
Peters, O. PlftarJ, W. R. Pitman, lsaae 0. Pottsr.J.
M. RIggs, L. ltosenfeld, O. E. Schemer, 0. E. Sims, Jr.,
F, A. Ware. M. T. Wilbur, 0. D. Yard. D. B.
ITaabrouck, P. P. J, Donovan, 0. F, Reese, R. D.
Morrison, E. Osbersux, E. F, McCormlok, W. M.
Honlg. II. 0. Folger. W. Dlngely, W. H. Maokay.J,
II. Goodwin, E. V. Rrendon, W. 'J. Dond, 0. P.filV
vens. and It. J. Androrette, Kew York! J. F. Clark,
Frlnoees Dayi E, F. Hill, l'eekskllli H. ParpartMount
Ysrnoni E, L. Rodeweld, New Brighton 1 John Darnel t,
N. S. Coblrlgh, C. 8. Cole, It. W. Dye, II. Ellison, W.
U. Fullor, II. D. Fullerton, Michael Furtt, O. T. liar
beck, F. La Manna, W. M. Meserele. 0. A. Roulller. O.
T. Slabbing, and It. t. Stllson, Brooklyn) H. Alden,
Iludsoni F. T. Boland, Albany! M. MeConthe, Troy
R. II. Robe, Albany! W, E. Underbill. Bchentotadyi
Edward Leonard, Auburn 1 W. P. Judson, Oswegoi
Eugene F. Push, U Ileal O. F. Oossum, Poughkeep
let Charles Wgham, Mlddletowni 0. L. Houghton,
lleport wore submitted by tho retiring offi
cers and heads of tho various commtttoes show,
ing tbe affairs of tho division to bo in a pros
perous condition. Ex-Ohlot Consul Pottor In
his report went over tho work of the division
during tho year. Secretary-Treasurer Bull ln
his annual statement showed that tho member
ship ot tho division wns 20,000, an lncreaso of
13,030 ovor 1800. Tho rocelpta for tho year
were $28,700.07 and the disbursements 328,
203.23, leaving a balanco ot $502.8 now on
Chief Consul Jenkins presented a report
touching upon tho various departments. He de
clared that a highway Improvement bill will bo
Introduced at Albany this winter, the depart
ment to be undor State control. A bill will also
be Introduced for tho adoption of a gen
oral Btato law In relation to tho con
struction of sldo paths In different counties.
Consul Jonklns touched upon tho question
of local organizations, and ventured the opinion
that such a movement would materially aid the
growth of membership ln the division, which he
anticipates will roach tho 00,000 mark, ln 1808.
The adoption ot a Junior mombqrtblp In the
division was advocated by Consu Jonklns.
Upon tho subject ot six-day races, tbo new
Chief Consul advocated that the L. A. W. dis
courage and prohibit such contests In tho future.
Us called attontlon to the fact that while the
L. A. W. granted a sanction to the promoters of
tho recent six-day race ln the Madison Square
Garden, the organization ln no senso approved
of the race Jonklns urged that tbe L. A. W.
tako steps to present an amendment to the Na
tional Assombly for the prohibition of such con
tests. In selecting delegates to attend tho annual
meeting ot the National Assembly, tbo commit
tee choso nmong tbo number Mayor-elect Van
Wyck of this city and Moj or Wurstcr of Brook
lyn. Tho following delegates wero named:
George It. Bldwell, P. V. Rrunner, J. V. Clark,
E. A. Crow, A. H. Curtis. Dr. W. K. Doty. T.
T. Eckert, Jr., F. M. Froblsher, Matthew albh,
O. A, Heaney, K. F. Ulll. Arthur A. Uousman,
K.W. Jones. Dr. L. C. Le Roy. Dr. F. A. Myrlck,
Max Parpart, George C. Pennell, Richard Peters,
Will n. Pitman. New York! F. L. Rodewald, Louis
Rosenfeld. O. E. Schemer, C. E. Slrnms, Jr.i P.
B. Tllden. Frederick A. Ware, M. T. Wilbur,
Oeorge B. Yard, John Barnett, N. 8. Cob
lelgb. Charlea F. Cole, R. W. Dye. Huyler Ellison,
Waldo E. Fuller, U. B. Fullerton. Michael Furst,
Charlea T. narbeck, Frank La Manna. Franklin P.
Mapcs, Walter M. Meserole. O. A. Roulller, Oeorge T.
8tetib!ns,R. L. stllUon. Edward IT. Walker, Malcolm
MiConlbe. Richard II. Robe, W. E. Underbill, Edward
Leonard, Wl 11am Plerson Judson, Eugene F. Pugb,
Charles Hlgham. C. L. Houghton. William W. Arm
strong, William II. Baker, W. L. Beck. Charlea M.
Brown. William R. Lansing. R. L. Van Wyek, A. D.
Watte, If. Van Allen. C. B. Benson, W. Honlg, F. W.
Ogden, O, S. Blackham, Mayor Wurster.
It is doubtful it more than thirty of these dele
gates will attend tho meeting nt St. Louis.
A resolution was passed instructing tbe dele
gates to vote for I. B. Potter tor President of tho
L. A. W. Potter opposed the passage ot the res
olution, declaring a preference to have tho men
attend tho meeting unpledged. He admitted,
however, that he was a candidate tor the ofllco
and wanted to receive the support of bis di
vision. Tbe formation of a junior membership or cadet
corps was discussed at length. It was the sen tl
mont of tho meeting that such a department
was calculated to help tbe League and provldo
for the accommodation of young riders. It was
decided to present tbo following amendment to
the constitution at tho national assembly:
Amendment to section 1, Article IU constitution
of the League ot American Wheelman:
Provided, however, that the Board of Officers of any
division may Insert a clause In tbe division constitu
tion or by-laws providing for tho eatabllsbment of a
cadet corps of the League of American Wheelmen, to
be subject to the contrul and management of the Board
of ORlcers of the division, such Cadet Corps shall
consist ot minors between the ages of 10 and 18
yean, wbe are members of families or wards of adult
members of the Lesgue of American Wheelmen, In
rood standing. Each member of the Cadet Corps
shall be furnished with a numbered ticket
ot membership by tba Secretary-Treasurer of
tbe division and also with a pin of appropriate
design, to be furnished free of charge by tbe State
division. Eaoh member ot the Cadet Corps, while In
r;ood standing, sbali be entitled to all of the prlvl
eges and protection afforded to adult members of
the League of American Wheelmen, except voting
for and holding office In the League, or of the
receipt, without charge, of tbe official "Bulle
tin" road book or other publications Issued free to
the members of the League. Thry sball also be enti
tled to hotel and repair shop dlsoounts while touring
in the company and under the control of adult mem
bers of tbe League of American Wheelmen. Eaoh
applicant for membership In the Cadet Corps
shall pay to the becretary.Trcasurer of the dtrl
slon, an Initiation fee of 88 cents and sball also pay
00 cents for annual dues, such dues and fees
to be covered Into the State division treas
ury, for the exclusive use and benefit ot
tbe division. When members of the Cadet Corps
reach the age ot eighteen years they shall. It
eligible and luey so desire, be transferred to the
membership roll ot the League of American Wheel
men, on payment of the membership dues of the
League of American Wheelmen, and shall then b
entitled to all privileges of tbe Lcaguo ot American
Wheelmen, the Secretary-Treasurer of tho division
notifying the Secretary of the League ot such transfer.
Tbe Executive Committee suggested that the
81,200 appropriated for the Chief Consul bo re
duced to $750, but this was defeated.
An Englishman has invented a new way of
fastening tbo rear wheel ln Its place so that It
can bo removed without unbolting tho chain.
This Is done by hinging the lower jnw of tho clot
in tbo rear fork endswhero the wheel fits In.
By moving the v heel slightly forward the chain
can be slipped off over tho sprocket and the
wheel drops down. The dovlce wns designed ln
nld of tho gear case and will save a great
amount tof nnnoyanco In removing roar tiro
to tboso who tiso tho English case. One of
tho points ot superiority ln tbe American gear
cases, however. Is that they are constructed
so that it is not necotsary to take
them oft entirely In such an cmorgenoy. The
section that covers the rear sprocket Is mado
detnibablo and comes off with tho wheel. Two
manufacturers aro known to have adopted Eng
lish cases for 1808. but most ot tbem will use
American models. A Chicago manufacturer an
nounces that lie has Invented a new case of
stamped steel for excluslvo useon his wheels.
Thocaso Joints together by means of tonguo and
groove flanges. It has separata chain runs, and
the spokes of tho main sprocket wheel are ex
posed. Long distnnco riders who havo bocu ex
perimenting with gear cases say thoy travel
2,000 and U.000 miles without touching their
chains, nnd yot ride easy running wheels,
The advantages or electric pane-making in match
races was shown In Paris esrly ln the month. Tom
Linton, tbe Welsh rider, paced by a quadruplet, and
Jacqurlln, the French rider, paced by an electrlo tan
dem inauueil by tho Jailers Brothers, met In a series
of races at ono and nva kilometers respectively at tho
Velodrome du Parcde.Prlticcs. Jacqueflu'e pacing was
decidedly the beat, and he won Loth races handily.
This was the first trial of electrlo aud human pace
makers In a match contest. Throughout the race the
electrlo pacing tram kept pace with Linton and rode
away from blm at will.
At the twenty.Mrst annual bteycle show held ln
Agricultural Hall, lu London, early In the month, a
Rreat variety of bicycles and sundries wera shown,
ut few radical no cltlrs noticed The foreign man
ufacturers have male small alterations In their 1888
wheels from this year's models. One firm exhibited
an eighteen-pound blesele with a frame or tine tubing
arranued on tbe (antlfevrr plan. It Is a road wheel
and excited considerable intertst due to Its .construc
tion aud n eight, A number of novelties were shown
In bleyclo brukes.
Tbraa Braehlrsi Vmsbm Caaapate far Asaarteeat
Betlerial Taaraatasat Heaere,
As the threa Broaktyn teams which attacked the
pins at the, Osrmsnla Assembly Rooms alleys last
night are out of the raoe for either the first or second
prises la the American national tournament, the ae
ries attracted little attention among local bowlers.
The sooreei
Arlington J. Boamsrmann.liSlArps, 177inmsle,
lOOiM-yer, M81 B. Maass, 188. TotaL786.
Pin Knight Pendlaton.UHt Fries. 178 Oahrtsc
187 Flnk'l8l Welch, 107. Totet808.
Arlington J. Boemertnann, 18(li Arcs. 170t Rem
Pie. Ull Merer. 141 1 B. Maass, 800. Total. 788.
Monarch Kromlnga, 187 VanSIyoka.aoBiOadlaiia
108Wallera,ln1k 11. Haass, ISO. Tolai, 8Tf .
Tnian oista.
Pin Knight Pendleton, lB8t Files, 10) Oshrtag,
IBTi Flnk'lMi Welsh, 178. Total. 888.
Monaroh-Kromlnaa, t08 Van Slroke. 117CadIen,
18 Wallers, 187 B. Haass, 188. Total, 807.
Tro West Shore team lost the first game bat won
th'v seoond In ths Unole 8am national tournament
r ititt at Fraenkla's alleys last night. The soorasi
ruurr oakc
West Shore Melneke, I6B1 W. Meyer. 171 1 Bteffeni,
117 Zalltngar. 148! J.Meyer, 188. Total, 788,
uncle Sam Acker, 100 Ahlgrlm, 8101 0. Fraenkla,
1B7 Janska, I881 u. Fraenkle. 178, Total, 844,
secojo omx.
West Shore Mslncke, 174t W. Meyer, leBtEallla'
ger, 1801 Dleckmann, IBBi J.Meyer. 188. Total. 780-
Jolly Brothsrs-Flnek, lilt Lansen, llli Vogte,
118) Boblen, llfii Burnett, 08. Total, 010.
The Utho-Artist tournament was oontlnusd at the
Arcade alleys last night. The aoorsst
nasT sxruxa visit oshb.
Blossteld. I8B1 Lampreeht, 1 VB. . Total, SIS. Hilda
brandt, 107 Steekleln, 187, TotaLllU.
Blossfsld, T74t Lampreeht, 178. Total. BBS. mide
brandt, I8O1 ateoileln, 187. Total, 887.
secoxd sxaisB narr oakc
Bcbneelook, 181 1 Berlin. 188. Total, S18. Bloasfeld,
174 Lampreeht, 14B. Total, 818,
Sohneelock, 187 Berlin. 188. Total, B78. Bloasfeld
188 Lampreeht, 118. Total, 808,
Bchneelock, lB8t Berlin, 110. Total. 888. Hilda
brand t. 118) steekleln, 101. Total, 818.
excoxo out.
Bchneelock, 148i Berlin. 180. Total, S78. nilde
brandt, 188 Steekleln, 111. Total, 874.
Saturday night's games, played by the Lltho, Artist
bowlers, resulted as follows:
nasi sxaixa rnurr also,
Hsger, lb8i Arnold, 188; total, 378. Norwlok, 181
Hartoorn. 178 total, UBS.
eicoKD aaant.
Hater, 141: Arnold. 800) total. 841. Norwlok, 1B0
nartcorn, 171 1 total, 881.
secoxd sebies rnurr oiua.
Norwlck. 138i nartcorn, I8I1 total, 887. Faber,
180: Kltchelr, 180; total, 810.
' srooiro osax.
Norwlck, I78t llartcorn, I881 total. SOB. Faber,
14B Kltchelt, 1BB total, SOU.
tdird semxs rnur outs.
Faber, 14S Kltchelt. 104 total, IBS. Oarer, IB81
Arnold, 838) total. 408.
Faber, I881 Kltchelt. 101; total, S77, Baser. 1B4
Arnold, IBS; total, 318.
The Lotus team ot Brooklyn, which replaced the
Echos In section a of the United Bowling Clubs
tournament, played off three ot the games previously
forfeited by tbe latter bowlers at Tbum&Kahlsdorfs'
Harlem alleys last night. The scores:
host oasut.
Lotus of Brooklyn Costallo. 188: Fisher, 1B4 Ker
rigan. 188 i Sobadt, I8O1 Oebhardt, 147. Total, 886.
West Harlem Koeper, 161 1 Uegbte, I8B1 Back
mann, 11B McDowell, l8i Kuehn, 175. Total, 714.
Lotus of Brooklyn Costello, l8;Flsber, ISO; Ker
rigan. 188; Max, 108; Oebhardt. 80. Total, 887.
Oyolone Ostertag, IBS: Miller, I881 La Beau, 184:
Betzer, 144 Johauameyer, lSlf Total, 830.
THias oaVE.
Lotos ot Brooklyn Schadt, 118; Fisher, 148: Ker.
rlgan. 181: Sax, 1B4 Oebhardt, 116. Total, 000.
Cable Grimm. 104: Spranger.lBSi Runner, lts:
Boehm, 148; Maler, 180. Total, 668.
The aeconegame waa ths only Interesting contest
ot last nlgbVs New York Royal Arcanum League
series at the Village Club alleys. The scores:
riasr oj.uk.
Uornlngslde Council L. Doneonrt, 188Dohm, 181
Duncan, 186 H. Doncourt, 188 Demmlsr, 181.
Total. 704.
Polaris Council Uasey. 14S Flnncans. 130i Mur
phy, 148: Arnold, 14V: Thompson, IBB. Total, 714.
Polaris Council Uasey, 183: Dooley, ISO: Murphy,
100; Arnold. MSiThnmpson, ills. Total. 710.
Samaritan Council J. C Talley, 188 Cornell, 188
W. W. Talley, 178; Ualner, 108; Jones, 187. Total,
THtBD OAsnt.
Uornlngslde Council L. Doncourt, 170i Dohm,
161; Duncan, 173: U. Doncourt, lBOt Demmler, IBS.
Total, 8B4.
Samaritan Council J. O. Talley, 148: Cornell, 1B7
W. W. Talley, 1H6 Ualner, ISO: Jones, 161. Total,
The New York A, O. team barely won out the first
and third game of last night's Harlem Republican
Club tournament aeries and oaptured the second
aame br 1 1 3 nlns. The scores:
New York A. C.-Cartar. 148; Bell. IBB; Wtlrnarth.
180: Brown. 178 Cowperthwalte. 187. Total, 848.
Pbcanlx No. 8 Pearse, 107Buckbee. IBOi McLean,
I8B1 Hamilton. 100; Balrotfa, 168. Total. 888.
New York A. C Carter, 1B8: Bell, 144i Wllmartb,
1B7 Brown. 187 Cowperthwalte, 180. Total, 880.
Phoenix No. 8 Pearse. 140Buokbee. 1B6: McLean,
113: Hamilton, 118; Bolratb. 138. Total. 707.
New York A. C.-Carter. IBS! Bell, 188: Wllmarth,
818; Brown. IBS; Cowperthwalte. 108. Total. 8B0.
Phwnlx No. 8 Pearee, 170; Buokbee, 168 1 McLean,
188; Hamilton, 184 Balrath, 173. Total, 830.
Silver's anchor work for the Manhattans was the
feature of last night's games ln the Brooklyn Na
tional tournament. The acorest
rrosT oahe.
Manhattan-nailer, 1B7 Uaaae, 14Bi Wlngenfeld,,
170; Batch. 180; Silver. 816. Total. 880.
Belvldere Thlelmann, 110 Kofler, 188 Haasa,
178: Fessler, 178; Uraue, 164. Total, 887.
Belvldere Thlelmann. 174 Kofler, 188; flansa,
164 Hoertz, 13: Uraue, 188. Total. 718.
Log Cabin Robertson, 18Si Oraweky, 148 Trau
hart, 184 1 Brand, 148. Total, B 17.
Log Cabin Robertson. 101 1 Oraweky, 177 Urqu
hart, 18U; Brand, 164, Total, 081.
Manliattan-IIoller, 187i Uasse, 144i Wlngenfeld,
166; Batch, 14B; Silver. IBB. Total, IBB.
The Echos defeated the South Paws and Cottnthlana
In the Arlington National tournament of Brooklyn
last night. The scores:
rissT OAJ1E.
Echo Sellers, 172 Smith, IBBi Bannister, 147Ter
rctt. 17B; J, Louusbery, 108. Total. 818.
South Paw Martin, 17B Uedlcus, 140 RendelL
160i Jenkins, IBOi Blershenck, 100. Total, Bll.
South Paw-Martin, 818 Uedlcus, 188 Randsll,
I87 Jenkins, 18: Blershenck. 180. Total. 880.
Corlntnlan-FIynt, 188Multord, 1US Oxley, 181
Walter, llHiMacXellan, 174. Total, 70S.
Corinthian Flynt, I81i Uulford, 188; Oxley. IBBi
Walter. 108i MacLellan, 178. Total, 814.
Echo Sellers, 107: Smith, 1UB Bannister, 1B7
Terrett, 106; J. Lounsbery, 188. Total, 848.
Six councils were represented ln the Brooklyn
Royal Arcanum tournament games last night. The
Fraternltr Uigglns, 110: Stevenson, 03;Cole,131
Hyerle, 148! Orlffln. 178. Total, 680.
Atlantic Steney, 188 Losee. 180; Kofler, IBOi
Forrest, 140: Carr, 174. Total, 768,
Welcome II. Wyant, 1B7 Orosch, 88 F. Wyant,
147! Relne, 1 Wl Bcharfenberg, 160. Total, 080.
De Long Blake. 1!I9 Uerx. IBBi Coolldge, IBS;
Schumann, 14S; Ilealy, IBS, Total, 767.
Pro Patrla-Powles, 185; Biggs, 16ti Pllklngton,
160; tvodrnberger, 108 Kemble, 183. Total, 059.
Acme Teed. USiCuthbert, 133; Heller, 10B Plla
wortb, 144) Blerman, 18V, Total, 661,
The bowlers of the Interclub Lesgue of Brooklyn
last night completed tbe lint half of their tourna
ment. It waa alao the last series of games ot the
present year, Tbe Carleton and Lincoln clubs remain
on even terms for first houors, Tho soorest
Hanover Club Lee, 170: Andrews, 188; Rose, ltti
Cltcbtng, 1U7 (Jroseb, 1U, Total, H88.
Irvlug Club erres, 141: Brooks. 148; Iramoagtr.
160 Edwards, 164 Spencer, 141. Total, 774.
Hanover Club Lee, IBBi Andrews. ltOi Rose, IBOi
Kltcnlng, lBtiOruscb, 180. Total. Bll.
Irving Club Forres, 148; Brooks, IBS) Iramongar,
188; Edwards, 1B1 Spencer, 164. Total, 888,
Aurora Orata Club Parker, IBOi Little, 104; J. R,
Beard, 100; (loodereon, 148; E. J, Beard, 171. Total,
Carleton Club Stoner, 140; Van Slclsn, IBBi Lin
coln, 166 Stebblns, 186; Franklsh, 116. Total, 780,
Aurora Grata Olub Parker, 181; Little, IBS! J.R,
Beard. 100; Uooderson, 168; F, J, Beard, 178. Total,
Carleton Club Stoner, 108; Van Slclen, 16R Lin
coln. 810; Stebblna, I Of); FrankUh, 188. Total, SB 4.
Lincoln Club Rossen. 133; Young, 177) Bureh.
146i Olmstead, 17U; Blelnbugler, 1BU. Total, 784,
Union League Club Uardlmr, lUOi tVlpperman.
103 White, 184) Porter, 1U0; Halt ted, 160. Total.
Lincoln Club Rossen, 188: Young, J88 Biuxh. ISSi
Olmstead, 140Stelnbugler. 188, Total, 788.
Unlou League Club Harding, lot; WIPMnnan.
B3 White, 184) PorUr, lHalsted,lia, Total, 747;
ATjxxicxEasvocxxu rizxn xvs riasr Aarx.
Knlderbocker Field Club-UoNelll, 177 Bollln gar
f There is no
store in New
York where
men who
dress well
can be as
well served
for as little
money as
No ready
made cloth
ing store
gives the care
Tims to think of an Over- arid attention
coat Half Price for E. O. T. to ntlalitv
stock. Tht new one. un-X1 qua,,ly
equaled. style and
general excellence of its gar
ments that this Store does -one or
two high-priced stores excepted,
We make just such clothes as
the majority of good dressers
want. Our sales are large, our
profits are small.
That's the way this new firm
does business.
We can't say all of the aboye
for stock taken from old firm. But
thi3 E. O. T. stock is good in
quality as many well know.
We are selling it off at half
price; Overcoats, Suits, Trousers.
E. O. Thompson's Sons
Wnr.a.r5on,g.ne 245 Broadway .
Clerical Clothing- abovt Park Placa.
Horse I
Sense ii
I ' 1
x is an uncommon thing in bust- ;
v nesa. Common sense is what bos
X bujlt up this shirt business ot ours
x common sense, honesty and J J
? patience. "We'vo got the biggest
a custom shirt business in America. ! ',
X It has been thlrty-ono yoars in J J
4 growing, but tho prlnoiple 1b tho
X same tts it was thirty-one years !
X ago the very best shirt that J
$ money will buy best in finish
X and wear at a price that evory- '
T body can pay, and the prlco back J
to any ono who is dissatisfied
that's the whole story in a few ',
T words. .
5 Keep's best shirts are made to '
X measure six for sJO; if laundered, ', ',
y $1 more. Ready made, fl. CO each. "
:: KEEP MFG. CO., ;;
It B'way, hot. 11th & 13th Sis.
1B8 Flihbock, 170; Boocock, 187 Holmes, 103.
Total. 78B.
Columbian Club Burllen, IBOi Howard, leiillaii
(erty, 172s Judge, 1B8i O'Connor, 18S. Total, 810.
Knickerbocker Mela Club McNeill, 187i BolllSEer.
148i t'lshbeok, 1B7 Boocook, 170; Holmes, 170,
Total. 848.
Columbia Club Burllen, 14B Howard, IBOi lias
gsrty, 181; Judge, 170 O'Connor, 187, Total, SBST
Tho Prospect and Amphlon Wheelmen played threa
Rames last nlabt In tbe class B section ot the Lous
Island Association of Cycling Clubs' tournament
The scores;
first giMB.
Prospect Wheelmen Bohner, 146 Garllchs, 188
Beattle, ISSi Porter, 05; Shannon, 180. Total. 077.
Amphlon Wheelmen Dalber, 137; Dili, 109; Zud
ron, 80; Vlel, 103j Bohl, 184. Total, B887
Prospect Wheelmen Bohner, lSSt Garllchs, 14fti
Beattle, 138; Ilotse. 14Bi Shannon. 101. Total, OSS,
Amphlon Wheelmen Dalber, 148 Ulbr. 114: Stelti.
168; Kollcr, IBOi Bobl, 103. Total, 868
vuinn oaxc
Prospect Wheelmen Dohner, 188t Oarllchs, ISSi
Beattle. 108; Hone. IBOi Shannon, 183. TotaL BBS.
Amphlon Wheelmen Dalber. 173 1 Uhllg. 1441
Stelts, 117; Koiter, 107; Bohl. 163. Total, 703.
The Do Witt Clinton, East New York, and Brooklyn
councils wera represented last night In the Brooklyn
ltoyal Arcanum sub-tournament. Tba scores!
rsT OAstr.
De Witt Clinton TIcbert, II81 Loeee, 1B0 Weeks.
IBSjSmltb, 187iVanName. 148. Total, 780.
East Kew York snlor. 184 Sawyer. 14Rt Cook.
lOSiSackman, 148; Douglass. 148. total, 078.
SEcnvn oasis'.
East New York Douglass, 115; Sac km an, ltOi
Sawyer, I8O1 Senior, 10 Llns. 148. Total, BBS.
Brooklvn Walker, 111; Brouard, I681 Wild, 104i
Cook, 153; Tabor. loB. Total, 781. '
TnrnD oame.
Brooklyn Walker, 1 SB 1 Brouard, 100; Wild, I8I1
Cook. 184 Tabor, IBS. Total, 75. ' '
Do Witt Clinton Hebert, 14H Losee, IBOi Weeks.
108 Smith, 176 Yan Name, IBB. Total, 783.
nonllaar Canes To-Slabt.
American National Lamstedtor, Rosedala and
Unole Sam-Oolden Bod, Imperial and civil Servloe.
United Bowline;. Section 8 Auranla, Lotus of
Brooklyn and Empire
Flra Insurance Palatine Hro Insuranoa vs. Klaxara
Piro InsuranLO Company,
Brooklyn Royal Arcanum. Section 1 Rldgswood.
Fort Oreene and General Putnam.
Twenty-third Regiment Company D, Company I
and Company B.
Commerclal-Ptuiavant Co., Austin, Nichols A
Co. and oxley. Enoa k Co.
Lenox Republican Lenox No. 1. Lenox No. 8 and
Twenty sixth Ward Klondike, Annex and Eccen
tric, at Steinheuser's alleys.
Athletio League Elizabeth A. O. vs. Jersey Cltr
Club, at Elisabeth A. O. alleys. jj vny
Associated O. 0. of N. J.-CIlo Wheelmen vs. North
Hudson County Cyclers, at Clio Wheelmen's allevs.
IUbenstelns Equitable A. America B and Kavarra.
Montgomery. Class A Alpha vs. Y. M. O. A-. Ata
lanta vs. Empire. Atalanta va. Y. M. O. A.
Hsw Jersey Association-Monarch. Hoinestead and
Castle Point.
Trolley League-Palma Club vs. New Jersey A. O .
at l'alma Club alleys: New Jersey Bowling Club vs.
Newark Bay Boat Club, at New Jersey Bowling Olub
Vale Will Ilnve No Professional Baseball Caeveb.
New Haven, Deo. 20.-Capt, Oil Oreenvray of
tho Yale baseball ntno says that although
Princeton. Ilrown, Georgetown, nnd Harvard
will have profossional baseball coacbers noxt
season, Ynlo will, as usual, bo trained bv
former players of the university. Tbo team will
not begin practlco until nbout March 1.
Srooblyn 9,uutrH:mcnti8.
Clermont, near Myrtle ave.
sinrnlua .riernoo UveMlaa.
10-18. 8-8 B-ll.
AuniHHio.'V 'ooe.
Including skates and coat check.
- Muslo Afternoon aunt Xvaalna;,
Wrrlnpitiluy. lire 99, PI I Sf,
' ff portumnn'g (Sooa?.
Ilargnlne for tbe Holidays In High arado
..155:, 18.0,,. Models, reduoed from 7S 00 to
196.001 Road Wheels. 18U7 Models, reduced from
IfrrlS 1 SJ5 ,12' '.'"'"'t ,87 Models. reduoVd from
S7B.00 to S'IB.OOl Juveniles, (80. 8B, IU0; furmerlv
a0,40.50. ' THOMAS 'wAUD. '
Main gTA SSSffr jft8.4 " "" "'L "
Crawfords. Victors. Coluuiblas. Llbenys, Heralds.
Toledns, Ormoniles, Spahllngs, Crescents. Ac. Uai
our competitors; prices before railing on usi wadefv
SoXgu'irSuteTd l"S"t ,,0k ,n " wort1-
110. 118.114 and UB NASSAU ST., near ANN.
BEST 'TIRB8 SB. full warranty! warranted air.
. , . ,.
Jsjrljmni, if goto. Mw
stajsKjiM'assisi..jt,,g.,.iitasssstsa lkJ
Largest stock of Athletic Goods and hM
Bicycles in the city. You will be sura 1&
to nnd some suitable gift at i J9wY
tnzjs 14
Peck & Snyder Ice Skates, ', 1
American Club Skate All clamp, 35o.; J IW
nickeled, 75o.: welded runners, $ I .SO ; nlct t, 15?
eled, $2.00. M
Best American Club Skate Handsomely a 'aB
graved and nickeled, $3.50 and $4.00 ptt flSw'
Ladles' Half Clamp 75o., $1.00, $2.00, Rf,
$3.00, $4.50 per pair. WMi'
Hockey Skates Were S5.00, now $3,00, VaflkM
Hockey Sticks, 40o. and 60o. B
All Leather Foot Ball, 49c. !
Spalding Intercollegiate same as used bj Blt
Yale and PrlncL'on, S4.00.
Complete Suit, S 1 . 5 0 . flH
Spalding Bicycles H
1898 MODELS.
Spalding Chainles! BH
Bevel Dear ds9
Spalding Blue Racer MA
Chain Wheel, he Model Racing Wheal WLW
Spalding Roadster SS
Chain Wheel. Nw and Improved , JaVlT
1897 SPALDINQS x ' K
i. Reduced from $100 to (ftgn lBl
A few remaining, at special priced fl J
Have always sold for $75 ;. now 30 i'S
Good as gold. Price, SB 2 5 9
Lamps, Bells, Tool Bags, etc., nuke accepta- fl-',
ble gifts for the cyclist. The Climax Lamp,M.3S fl?
Uptown store open until Christmas. bS
A. 6, Spalding & Bros. I Spaldlng-Bldtrell Go. flfi
lS-180NassuSt. I a, 111, 33 W. 423 at. Fi
Attoo-KKt B
j Tho Victor, tho Dayton, i
0 " Pierce, " Orient, ',",
" Stearns, " Crawford W
: : bbc YciiEs, : : ., m
. . On our popular plan of monthly ' ' WL
! payments, , K
1 $3.50, $S.OO, $t.2tf. H
0 OAIjIi Oil WUITK. t fll
J 20 BROADWAY, N. Y. J iflj
(TJtird Floor. Columbia JlnUdlng). ' flf
X tlSS Broadway, cor. a5tlist.,N.Y. (fl
(Third Floor, Toumend Jltiildlug). JH
1 The Tlnkhain C.vclCo I W
SHOOSla.?: I ! fl
V, (fifth Floor, Franklin Trtitt Co. n'g), sH
-ThB Equitable General Providing Go, M
" e. a. r. co." i VK
. , Tlio'OBModolaonozlilliltton. V "'
jjp3WBsifliBc,g "pBff A
PRICE $10. I
Wholesale and Retail Agents, 1
033 Eighth Avenue i
(atrar ssili atrrM). jk
Taleuhone, UNO lINlli t, IB;
11.00 Cast Bteel Club Skates , pair..,. nc. .ssssi
H 00 Full Nlrlcelled a1r,..,l.8 MM
o 00 Highly Finished. Top tirade ,,, pair ..LOU SWm
B 00 llwkoj Bkates, hwolal ii:lr..,. I. IO X9
O.oo Hocker SLatis, Full Nickel, , julr ...l.us AfA
8.00 DonofiliiiK Uaclnu Hkatrs pair.. .,.30 if At
10,000 imVeeiier Cyclometers ane. I KiP
SOih Oenturjr. M, ft W. or llsnner Ump I.ae nMm
Ulcycle Watch. L'omplrte, with Holder OSte. I KM
S 00 leather htrlklnRllaf ....OOc.
.00 Leather Dozing Ulorce. ,,,,,.., .....obi.
Whltely's Exarclsera ..1.0S (
Full-slard I'.uiihjr Football .....BDo. 'IHssi
Way's alumeis. All Colors....,, , Ufjav, 'H
1807 Crescent Ilaoers. 35t formerly 7B. jlJVv
1HV7 Crescent No. 1 and No. 4, 3&i formerly 70. aWu
lfcV7 Crescent Jurenllrs, t2n,tvs,e30 KrAt
lteduced from $1)0, (40, 850. M H
An honest wheel at an honost price, and no bettas 9 V
wheel at any prloa, '9 '
16S8 Cresooot models also ob oihlbltlon. I I
ART11UU K. TOUsiriD,
86 John st, near Nauau. I
On one floor only, hut balance not touched. Ready W
torbuslnew. 8,000 Cycles, Juteulle and Adults, al
cut-rate prioes. n

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