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t "SSnSSS r W ' Light snow or rain ; southwesterly winds. 9
It Was Returned t 1 Cleek This Morning
Arter fflae ana) a. Hair Maura Deliberation
Tks Actor Much Atrecte by the Plrault
HI Lawyer Will Hot tar a Hn TrlaL
The jury In tho case of Edward J. Ratcltffe,
the actor, who is on trial In Part Lot tho Gen
eral Henloni for Tflfa beating, retired at 0:30
o'clock yeatorday afternoon.
At 1 o'clock this morning the Jurymen re
turned a Terdlot of assault In the third degree.
Tho Indictment was for auault In tho second
Tho defendant'! lawyer, Mr. Towns, asked
that the jury bo polled, and each member an
Sewered that ho concurred In the verdict.
Ratellffa seemed greatly excited while this
was going on. His face was bathed In perspira
tion, and ho bit his lips. The court room was
crowded, but there was only ono woman pres
ent, and no one seemed toknow who she was.
Judge Kewberger set next Tuesday for hear
ing Mr. To wn'a motion for a new trial. Ratcltffe
waa takon back to the Tombs prison on tho
Tergo of collapse and looked up.
Assault In tho third degree Is punishable by
imprisonment for not more than one year, or by
a Ono of not more than 9500, or both. Im
prisonment must be tn jail or penitentiary, not
In Stale prison.
Thero was a bljr crowd in the oourt room yes
terday morning when Deputy Sheriff Danlol
Kelly brought Ratollffe in. Ratcllffe'a
counsel. Mlrabeau L. Towns, had ad
dressed tho Jury on Tuosday and had
told the jurymen the charge that Ratcllffe
!had beaten his wife would nover hare been made
If Peter De Lacy, Mrs. Ratcllffo's father, had
not prompted her to make It, Counsel also at
tacked Assistant District Attorney Lloyd. Mr.
Lloyd had his say yesterday, and ho hit back at
Mr. Towns, beginning by saying:
("Gentlemen of the jury, I soe that you all
have survived the ravings of my friend from tho
borough of Brooklyn. To-day a hundred
thousand persons aro awaiting your ver
dict in this case They want to know
y. whether or not a wlfo beater can thrlvo
Ji at his occupation. My opponent has
I ' ranted in his argument to you, but mr claim will
II be that tho record of tho ovldonco must decldo
(! this case. I havo shown you that tho dofendant
idid assault his wlfo. If I have not shown you
this, and provod It. then you must acquit the de
fendant. After he assaulted his wife he fled to
Chicago whero ho claimed ho had a theatrical
engagement. Do you bcllovo ho had such an
engagement I Why ho never let his wlfo know
where he was; ho never wroto to her until after
be had been landed In a nollco station cell, w hero
he properly belonged. Then lio tolcgrnphud her,
"tor God's sake withdraw the charge."
"Ha fought a legal battlo tooth and nail to
avoid being brought back to this city. What
does this Bbow J Does It show Innocence 1 If be
was an Innocent man why did he not como back
voluntarily I
"Itatelitto wont on tlio witness stand and de
nied overythlnir excepting Unit bo bad been
naturalized. Ho did Just an wo oxpectod bo
would do. Ilut how docs tho defence account
for tbo bloody handkerchief which it Is ad
tnlttod was used hv Mrs. RiitcJUIe on tho day
of the assault! Tuc defenco claimed that sbo
was subject to nosebleed, but the only timu she
was uflllcted In that way was when her nose
camo in conflict with the Use of this burly
ruffian. What sort of a man Is ho I Is he to be
believed! Wc caught him in t lie when ho
testified that he hud paid tbo undertaker
for tho burial of his II rut child. Tbo undertaker
went on the stund nnd told you bo had nevor
been paid. Tho only bill ho paid was tho bill for
his last horses. Whllo bo p'tid for bis horses, be
neglected to pay for the liurlnl of hit child."
Continuing, Mr. Lloyd referred to ItitcIIITo as
an imported bulldog who had no loo for his
" I don't know whether any of you nrephjsl
ognomlsts." continued tbo prosecuting nttnr
i ii cy, "but have vou observe! that MUro Jaw
and those thin lip?, and that cruel mouth I You
know what that means. Ho is ft study for a
1" Referring to Mr. Towns, I don't believe he
bis nny morn regard for a woman than his
client. Actors ns a class don't marry n woman
localise they lovo her. A unman Is simply a
a I piny thine In tbclr bands and then thoy cast her
I , overbourd. They haven't the samo regard for
the marriage vows ns you have."
H i Junse Nowburger In his chnrge to tho Jury
l tald that although tbo indictment charged as-
ill : sault in tbe second degree, if tho cridenco
S I warranted It, a verdict uf assault in tho third
n degreo might be rendered. "I cbargo jou,"
said ho, "that the nnrnc of ono Do Locy has no
place In this cajo. You must not consider him.
H I also charge you that you liavo nothing to do
with the question of sentence The law rebu
ffs lates that. The defendant says ho did not
M assiult tho complaining witness so ns to do her
bodily harm. Ho does say that ho pushed her
Ij Into a chair, which act ho says ho was JuBtilled
I In doing. Temper of a person Is no excuso for
I assault. If, after a fair consideration of tho
I case, you find tho complainant was grievously
assaulted, your verdict must be assault in tbo
1 second degrco, if not the third degree. If thero
Is a reasonable doubt in your mind ns to tho two
deprrces, your vordlct must be not guiltv."
The jury retired at 3:30 o'clock. At 7 o'clock
an agreement bad not been reached and the jury
was taken out to supper. At 8:30 the jury was
again locked up.
RatcllITo ate supper in the Tombs, but he did
not nppenr to be hungry. His faco was pale and
his eves sunken. For tho first time slnco bis ar
rest ho seemed to be suffering mental agony.
At 12:15 tho jury returned and naked that tho
portion of Judge New burner's charge having
I reference to Hattllffe's flight to Chicago after
the alleged assault bo re-read to them. This
Of was done and they again retired.
J One linn Badly Hurt In Colli. Ion at tho
Tnenty-elgblh street Cr...lng.
(The first accident of any consequence on tho
Madison avenuo lino since tbe underground
electric system was Installed occurred at 7
o'clock last evening, at Twenty-eighth Btreet
and Fourth avenuo. A north-bound clcctrlo
car loaded to tho gunwales smashed into a
crowded horse car of the Twenty-eighth streot
line, and ono man was so badly hurt that he
may die. The horse car was going cast, and,
ac;ordlnir to tho goneral custom, tho driver
i stopped on tbo west sido of Fourth avenue to
tako his bearings boforo crossing tho under-
I ground trolley tracks. At the samo Instant tho
electric car, which had In tow a trailer with a
burned-out motor, nnd which had stopped at
Twenty-seventh street to lot off a passenger,
started forward at full speed. Kanh of the
electric cars carried u great crowd of women,
and many of them were standing In the aisles.
Emanuel Iluher, the horse car conductor,
tood on tho rear platform and evidently was
unaware that the clcctrlo cars were approach
ing, for he gave tho driver tho signal to start.
Tho driver obeyed. When tho cor was half
way across tho tracks in Fourth avenuo tbo
driver saw tho rlcetric cars bearing down on
him, and he mado a desperato cITort to avoid a
collision. He yelled ut the horses, and they
went forward at n spanking gait.
Tho olectrlo cars, however, were toi fait for
tbem, and the forward me crashed Into the
rour truck of tho Twenty-eighth street car,
throwingit from tho track and bmasblng several
of the windows. Hubcr was pitched Into the
street, and lie struck the pavement In such ft
manner that his pelvis was fractured. When
he was taken to llcllevuo Hospital tho physl
olan who examined him said ho might die.
A passenger w bo ttoodnear him on tbo reor
platform fell backward over tho dashboard,
but bo escaped with a few slight bruises. The
driver and two passengers who stood on tho
front platform were aleo hurled from Iho cur,
but none of them was Injured. Tho shock of the
collision and tbo crash of;tho broken glass
caused a canlo among tho pnssonifers who were
Inside. Two women fainted and in tbo rush
that was'made for the doors several others wero
roughly handled,
(leorgo llefenimn, tho mntorman of tho elec
tric car, was arrested on a charge of reckless
Srlving, and was locked up In tho Kast Thirty
Iftli stroet station.
The cross-town car was so badly damaged
shat It could not proceed on Its Journey.
Although '.ho crossing nt Twenty-eighth stroet
ind lour tn nvenuu is a dangerous rpot, the
notonnen on tho electric cars do not appear
jo bu aw aro of it. A reporter who stood tluro
:or thirty minutes last nlgnt noticed that every
lectrle. car which passed In either direction
frosted tho tracks of the cross-town road at
hill speed. Not one of the rootormon stopped
lis car before reaching tbo tracks to see whether
ir not it wui safo to cross them.
t .gyle . i .
jtjj oor roun itunncns alose.
B.o Ih.t trim arthe rive tlnrctars and Tits
Olbera f nrreadered.
West Winbted, Conn., Dec 22. Martin
Rood, a clerk In a storo in Canaan, fought five
robbers In the dark this morning and shot two
of them, captured four of them, and escaped
without a scratch. Rood is 23 years old.
and is employed In the general store of Jackson
& Kggleston, In tho village of Canaan, in the
town of North Canaan. For ten years ho has
bean a faithful em ploy co of tho Arm, during
which time ho hat had several encounters with
robbers. He sleops In tho store, but nover with
out two revolvers, which he keeps under' his
pillow. Thrco yoars ago he fought thrco in
truders, and they wero lot out of State prison in
last August, Two years ago ho Baw two robbers
entering tho store and flrod two shots nt them,
but they escaped tho bullets and got away.
Threo weeks ago he was detained at home on
account of sickness In the family, nnd tho next
morning It was discovered that robbors had
effected an entrance to the storo and stolon ?1B0
worth of clothing and other stuff. Tbey wero
never apprehended, and Martin Rood said that
he would not sleep again outside the storo.
Rood was awakened this morning by n noise,
and, pulling aside a curtain which bid his cot,
he saw five men in tho north end of tho store
where clothing and footwear are kept. Tbey
were changing their clothing and trying on
shoes. With a revolver In each hand Rood
Jumped rrom his cot. Ho was within twelve
feet of the place whero the burglars wero at
work. He shouted:
" 8Und still or I'll shoot."
The Ave men didn't obey the command, but
etarted for the window through which they had
entered. Rood opened lire, and, after bo had
discharged his revolve, twice, ono man shouted:
" I'm shot."
Rood then ordered the other three men who
remained In the place to throw up their hands.
Two of them refused nnd wero only mado to sur
render nt tbo point or tho revolver. Hood
marched tho four into a small room In tho store
and attor locking them went out doors nnd tired
off his rovolver to alarm tho neighborhood. Tho
first man to arrlvo was Michael Joyce, night
operator at tbe railroad station of tbo llerksbiro
division of tho Now York. Now Raven and Hart
ford Railroad. He summoned Deputy Sheriff
Van Dusen, nnd meantime moro than a score of
villagers had arrived at tbo scene.
The men wero brought out of tho room In the
store and oxaminod and their clothing searched.
No weapons were found, not even a jackknife.
It was found that ono robber, who gave his
name as John C. Davis and who said lloston was
bis home, had been shot through the right
tblgh. Another, who said he was I'crcy St.
Clair of lloston, had a closo escape from Instant
dc&th. A bullet passed through his clothing
and struck a small plcco of solid brass on the
back of bis suspenders and dropped to tho floor.
Ho had a black and blue spot in tbo centre of
bis back made by tho force or the bullet. Tbo
other two captives gave their names aa Thomas
Martin, alias "Whltey." nnd Janus XlcGraw.
Tho men, with tho exception of Davis, who Is
unable to walk, had a preliminary hearing this
afternoon and Justice K. S. Roberts hound each
of thorn over to tho April term of tho Superior
Court under $500 bonds.
The four prisoners say tho man who cicaped
was Dennis HIckcy nnd that thoy met him in
Danbury yesterday. Ho said that ho knew
where thero were Christmas presents and they
rodo to Canaan on a freight train nnd HIckcy
broko into tbo storo nnd uf forward pulled them
in. Tho nollco believe that HIckcy Is ono of a
gang of thieves who broko Into tho samo storo
three venrs ago and was captured later at Fish
kill, N. Y.
iirrrn william ir. kent accused
Charged with nerrnudlno; n Client br Forsina
Iler nme to m satlsrhrllon Piece.
William H. Kent, a lawyer nnd notary publlo
of 13 Mlddngh street, Ilrooklyn, was arretted
yesterday afternoon on a warrant issued by
l'oll co Justice lirenncr of tho Adams Street
Court, on a cbargo of swindling Mrs. Mary 11.
McCuril of S74 Washington avenuo, one of his
clients, ont of $1,100 in a roal estato transac
tion. The complaint is tbst ho falsely nttosted
the genuineness of n satisfaction plcco on a
mortgago mad by Sarah G. O'DonoghUii and
John O'Donoghuo to Mrs. McCord on Oct. 23,
1388. Mr. Kent had long been Mrs. McCord'a
legal advisor, and attendod to all her real es
tato investments. She av rs that in addition
to purloining tho amount of tbo mortgage in
this particular transaction, ho made away with
other trust funds, Including taxes and cash
given to him for investment by Mrs. McCord'a
nlcio and by her servant girl. Assistant Dis
trict AttornoyCuIdweil, who has had the mat
ter under investigation for sovcrul days, snld
Hint ha would not bu surprised to nnd that
Kent's frauds on his clients would aggregate
iU)00 or more.
Mr. Kent hns long been a prominent member
of I'll mouth Church, n teacher In tho Sunday
rchonl, and nn nctlvo worker in tbo Ilctliel
Mission. No suspicion of his Integrity ever
crossed Mrs. McCord'a mind until sho recently
discovered that some of her property was of
fered for sale under the arrears law for non
payment of taxes. On inquiry sho found that
tho taxes had not been paid for sevcrul years.
She say that she gavo Mr. Kent the money reg
ularly as each tux levy came around, but rcer
thought of (Taking him for: the receipted bills.
In tho course of tho inquiry which followed
sho discovered the alleged fraud In tbo mort
gago transaction. Sho lcarnod from thn
O'JjonoithucH that thov had paid the amount of
the mortgage to Kent on lut Nov. 3, nnd sho
as positive thni sho had signed no rocolpt on
that dny. "I am absolutely certain," Mrs, Mc
Cord snld, "that I signed no receipt on that
da). It was the day after election, and I was
to disheartened over the defeat of tho Republi
cans that I remained in the house all day."
Sir. Kent says that bo tent tho satisfaction
piece to Mrs. McCord through tho mails, nnd
tnat It came back to him signed with her name.
Ho never, ho says, questioned tho genuineness
of tho signature. Ho was held In sT,000 ball
for examination on Doc. 27 on n chargo of for
gery in tbo first degree.
The Covernment AnuouBc.es Conditions Meant
ta Itetallate on v..
Ottawa, Ontario, Doc 22. Tho Ontario Gov
ernment has unexpectedly announced its policy
in respect to tho timber question. Licenses
Issued uf tcr April next will contain a condition
that pine timber shall bo manufactured in
Canada, This restriction does not affect exist
ing licenses. Tho condition moans that ull pine
timber cut on ungrantcd provincial lands shall
bo manufactured Into boards, deals. Joists,
lath, shingles, or other sawn lumber, or Into
waney board or square or other timber In Can
ada. Tbo penalty for violation of the regula
tion Is suspension of license at the will of tho
Lleutcnnnt-Govcrnur. Logs Illegally cut can bo
seized and hold until security is given by tho
owner that they will bo manufactured In Can
ada, falling which thoy may be sold to somo
person who will undertnko to manufacture
them In Canada; tbo proceeds after pay
ing debts nnd expenses, to be hand
ed over to tho limit owner or li
censee. It is understood that this sudden
move on tho part of tho Ontario Government is
in consequence of assursnecs from tho authori
ties at Ottawa that tho Wiisblngton reciprocity
negotiations had fallen through, ns well ns to
meet Iho popular dmnnnd for retaliation ex
pressed throughout Ontario, It will docroaso
theprlcoof timber limits In tho future so long
as this regulation stands, and will not serve tho
purpose intended.
Ullllam Auderaou Makes the Climb to the
IllKbrst I'olut In the Cm.
Lower Ilroadway had a eonsatlon yesterday in
a wee moving Bpock of black at tbo top of
Farmer Dunn's flagstaff on tho Manhattan Life
building. Tho speck was a full-grown man,
and It was tho 430 feet of distance from tho
sidewalk that mado him look like a fly,
For 60IH0 timo tbo halyards which hoist tbe
signal flags to tho top of tbe staff havo not been
running smoothly, nnd ono of Farmor Dunn's
young men found that they wero badly worn,
William Anderson of 742 ashingtoii siroet, a
professional flteeplo climber, was sent for and
asked to tuko the job of putting up now ones.
Anderson la 41 soars old, and sajs that bo has
been up the tallest yolos and (hiinneju In this
country, but be hesitated a bit bofore ho under
took this Job. He said it was tho worst ho had
ever tackled. Finally ho decided to go, and at
11:30 o'clock yesterday morning he clambered
up to the ton, rove tho now halyards thruiigh
the block, and got down without any inUliap.
Tho cap of tho dome on which tbo si a If stands
is 410 fectahuvo so. loel anil yno feet nhovo
llroadway, Tho staff Is fiU feet high, and the
tup of it is tho highest point on any building in
this city,
Corn. Fed Pis Pork, Vauui, Trader,
and d.llclom, U only Kind used In Deerfooi Farm Ran
lairs. Cboloa spices tor seasoning. Etware Imitations.
m Dear, Faithful Friend en the Kait," Ha
lays, neferrlne: to the Rus.lan Manareh
Ittitslan Influence Felt Aaaln In China
Bualand'a r.ulble Chauee In I he Partltlen.
Sptetal CalU Dtipatth to Toe Sen.
Rehun, Dec 22. It is reported that Prince
Henry of Prussia, during his recent visit to
London, ascertained that GroatDrltaln does not
regard tho German occupation of Kiao Chou
Day as Incompatible with llrltlah Interests.
Kmpcror William, on his visit of inspection
to tho new fort works at Graudenz, West
Prussia, made a speech. In which ho pointed out
tho necessity for strengthening tho country'a
defences against possible futuro attack. Ho
"But I hope It will nevor como to that, for our
neighbor on tbe east, my doar, faithful friend,
has tho samo political views as I."
This remark Is taken in certain quarters as
proof of a Russian-German agreomont respecting
Pekin, Doc. 22. If, In consequonce of conces
sions on tho part of China to other powers, Great
Urltaln should demand a quid pro quo. It Is sug
gested that this could ho mndo by an Anglo
Japanese occupation of Wol Hal Wei, Germany
refusing to glvo up Kino Chou Day.
It is regarded ns unquestionable that both
Port Arthur and Klao Chou Bay were promised
to Russia by a secret treaty, and the Chinese
nre hesitating betweon peaco and war with
British influonce in China, which was weak
ened by tho fatluro of the negotiations whereby
China cxpocted to obtain a British loan through
tho Hooloy-Jamoson syndicate. Is now a thing
of the past and only Russia is consulted by tbe
Chlneso Government In weighty affairs. Pour
parlers looking to tho conclusion of a loan In
Russia arc now proceeding, and it Is llkoly that
thoy will be successful.
Tho British railway engineers employed In
northern China have been dismissed upon Rus
sia's demand and Russian drill Instructors will
replaco the German officers acting in that ca
pacity In tho Chlneso Army at the expiration ot
tho engagements of the Germans. Russian drill
Instructors hpve already been appointed In the
armies of north China.
London, Dec 22. A despatch to the Time
from l'ekln confirms the statement that Russia
has demanded tho dismissal of the engineers
employed on tho railroads of North China. Tho
Chlneso Government hesitates to comply with
tho demand.
Thodcspntch adds that tho Chlneso are pro
visioning Port Arthur, and will reconstruct tho
forts thero under Russian supervision, Russia
furnishing tho monoy for tho work. This indi
cates that the wintering of the Russian fleet at
Port Arthur Is preliminary to tho permanent
occupation of the place.
The necessity for safeguarding the British
position In tho East Increases. Tho Russian
Chinese Hank, as tho agent of tho Russian Gov
ernment, has offered to supply China with
120.000 Bcrdan rifles, payment to be mado for
them at tho end ot flvo years, and tho oiler has
been accepted.
A despatch from Kobo, Japan, to tho Times
says that the Ministry s disturbed over tbe oc
cupation of Port Arthur by the Russians. Long
Cabinet councils have been held, which woro
nttonded by high military officials. The Minis
try is involved In troublo concerning its internal
taxation proposals, to which the Diet Is hostile.
Vienna. Dec. 22. Tho Pan-Qermanlo Deutsche
Zctiung contends that tbe United States, owing
to Its geographical position, Is far more inter
ested In tho opening of China than all tho Eu
ropean powers together.
It declares that the partition of the conntry
cannot bo effected without tho approval or par
ticipation of tho United States, to whose just
aspirations nnd Interests It advises Europo to
give tlmoly nttcntlon.
Tbe ConcrrEatlonalUt aura It Haa Become tbe
lAiianlng Htock of ZVatlona
Boston. Dec. 22. Tho ConorcgattonalUt will
say to-morrow editorially:
"Dr. Hepwonh'a tour ot Investigation in Ar
menia, under the auspices of tho Sultnn of
Turkoy and tho Now York Herald, already
has becomo tbo laughingstock of nations. We
alluded last week to tho contempt ex
pressed for it by the Constantinople cor
respondent of tho London Speaker. He was
basing his judgment on what Dr. Hopworth
hoped to do. Others are now taking their turn
exposing the worth ot that which he says ho has
ascertained and accompli shod. Thus, in his first
letter from Trcblzond, ho grnvely cited an Inter
view with n prominent individual, who de
scribed to him tho reasons whv tho attack of
Armenians upon tho Ottoman Rank In Constan
tinople caused tbo massacre of Armenians in
"Dr. Strong, In tbo Jffssfonarw Herald for
January, shows that thn Ottoman Rank episode
occurred on Aug. 20, 1800, while tho Trcblrond
massacre occurred on Oct. 8, 180. ten months
earlier, all of which shows that Dr. Hcpworth
is very ignorant and vory gulllblo.
" Hut this id not all. Last week Dr. Hcpworth
telegraphed to his patrons: 'I havo nrrlvod
safely at Wills after a severe eight days' sledge
jouruoy in violent snowstorms and through tho
wildest country never beforo visited by Euro
peans. It hns been a wonderful experience.'"
Whereupon tho Conurcgatlonailst ridicules
tbe statement.
woiinaiE.v vneahtii coin.
Struck nteb Find In nn Old Ilultdlnr on tbe
Rile or tbe Putnam County Dam.
FigtiKiLL Landing, Doc. 22. Whllo at work
tearing down a building near Farmers Mills,
Just over tho line in Putnam county, workmen
found a sum of monoy in tho collar which is
estimated from 1.000 to $1,500. The build
ing was formerly owned by cx-Sherlft R. R.
Barrett, who now resides In this placo. Now
York city acquired the land and buildings
somo timo ago, and tho work of constructing
tho dam for tho storago ot water purposes was
Btarted, The building in which tbo money was
found was a storo and dwelling property, and
In yrnrs gono by. beforo thero wero railroads
and this wna on tbo post road, a bank stood on
tho ulto. There were three or four mon in the
cellar digging. One of tho men struck somo
thing with his pick which gave out a rlntr and
flew somo dlstnnco. Ho picked It up, and it
wis a silver coin. Soon nfterward a koUI coin
was struck. Tho .men !kept on digging, un
earthing bills, gold nnd silver coin, but they
will not tell tbe amount.
A discussion has nrlscn ns to whom Iho money
bakings to. Tho title of this proporty Is In
Now York, but the contractors wero to bao
tbo buildings to bo destroyed In part pnymont,
so thnt they owned the building, The men who
found tho money say that they Intend to keep It.
peculation to How I.eller I. tlolux to more
Ills lloldlnai.
Ciiioago, Dec. 22. Hoard ot Trado men and
curbstone brokers nro beginning to speculate
on who the Letter cllqucis going to get rid of its
enormous holdings of wheat. It was said this
mornlug that tbo l'cnnsjlvanla Company had
been asked to take 1,000,000 bushels to tho
seaboard, but tho prlco offered for carrying tho
grain was too smull, and thercforo tho proposi
tion was not entertained. It wus said ulso that
tho Vandcrbllt lines tno Lake bhoro und
Michigan t-oulhcrii, tho Nickel l'luto.and othors
have us good as .Hindu contracts to placo a
lot of the wliciillun tho seaboard at 0J cunts a
bushel. Tno Baltimore und Ohio bus refused
to tako tbo wheat Kast for the same reason that
tbo Pennsylvania Company declined the low
rutu of freight. Most of tbe Eastern lines do
ilnro that there Is no money In currying wheat
from Chicago to tbo Atlautlo for 0)4 corns, a
Tbo trading on the board to-day was quiet.
The brokers spent most of their timo speculat
ing on tbe outcome ot the grout wheut dwJ
liar Brothers and Bretber-ln-Law Take Bides
nnd FItht About Her.
Valikt Vikw, Ky., Dec 22. A feudexlsta
between Clell Richardson, brother of Dora Clay,
wife of Grn. Clay, nnd his brother-in-law, Will
Bryant, on ono sido, and dell's brothers Will,
John, and Tom on theother side. Will Richardson
nndCloll fought last night, and Will tired Ave
shots nt Clell and retreated undor dell's upraised
bowleknlfc Tho fight had scarcely ended when
John Richardson and Will Bryant had n fight
with pieces of Bcantllng on tho Bouthern Lumber
Company's brldgo spanning a little stream.
They met on the bridge, and John accused Bry
ant of being tho canto of the estrangement of
Dora Clay from her husband nnd of causing
people to talk about Dora. Bryant mado a mo
tion as If to draw a pistol, when John knockod
him down with a ploco ot scantling. Bryant
roso with a scantling In his hand, with which ho
struck Richardson. Thoy fought soveral mln
utos, when Bryant withdrew to got a rovolver.
When ho returned with the weapon John had
gone homo to get his shotgun. Bryant got Into
Ciell's houso beforo John returned, but John
waited on tho outsldo for Bryant to appear.
Bryant, In an lntcrrlew to dar, said that John
probably might " lay him out," but ho is not
afraid. Ho Is heavily nrmod, and seems anxious
for a shooting match with John.
Dora Clay seems unconcerned. Sho takes tho
light betweon hor brothors and Bryant uncon
cernedly. In Bpenklng of tho troublo she said:
"It nil comes because thoy aro mud at Clell on
account of bis receiving money from Mr. Clay
for my board nnd not giving them nny. They
nro road at Will Bryant bocauso Clell lets him
stay hero. Ho hns nererdoue anything to thorn.
I have never said that I would not return to
Mr. Clay. I will go back when I get ready."
Clell s woro out a warrant against Will to-day
charging him with shooting with Intent to kill.
Hryant has not sworn out a warrant against
John. Will's case will probably be trlod in
Richmond the latter part of tho wcok.
John IllchardBon bitterly denounced Clell as a
mercenary and unscrupulous brother who Is
willing to nllow his sister's character to be as
sailed ny ncnndalmongcrs In ordor to get monoy
from Gon. Clay. John Intimated In nn inter
view that Clell was scheming tomnkeblgmoncy
out ot Gen. Clay or those who wlsbod to keep
Dora from returning to him. John said ho
would tell all ho knew if placod on tho witness
stand, hut tint otherwise. He said he had tol
erated Will Bryant as long as ha could.
Veil rrom n nicyele Leeba aa ir Be TTaa
Knocked On In a Collision.
Henry F, Parker, a patent lawyer of 220
Broadway, living at 072 Prospect place, Brook
lyn, died at St. John's Hospital on Tuesday
afternoon ot Injuries rocolved In a fall from a
bicycle on Saturday. It Is believed ho was
knocked down In a collision. It was early In
tho ovcnlng, and ho was riding down Bedford
avenue near bis homo.
A woman living near by says sho heard
shouts and ran to tho Btrcot. Mr. Parker was
lying unconscious In the stroet, and a man who
had Just alighted from a road wagon was trying
to help Mr. Parker to his feet. Sho asked tho
man how Mr. Parker came to fall, and his reply
was that ho had told him to get out of the way
several times, but that he would not do so.
A park policeman enmo up, tbe woman says,
but with tho remark that it was not on his bent
he went away again without doing anything,
Anotbor policeman came ulong later, and Mr.
Parker was carried to a neighboring house and
nn ambulance w as called. Tbe man in the road
wagon drove nwnv without giving his name.
At tho hospital Mr. Parker was found to have
recolvcd a fracturo of tho Rkull nnd other in
juries. Ho never regained full consciousness,
and nil ho could say about the affuir sounded
like " I nover foil."
Mr. Parker, who was 30 yean old, loaves a
wlfo and two children.
Detachment or Mllltla, Guarding- n Tollrate
Fire on Borne Marauders.
Danville, Ky., Doc. 22. Capt. Corn's detach
ment of twolvo soldiers of tho Hardin Rifles,
who are guarding a tollgato on tho Stanford
turnpike, a milo out of town, fired upon what
they believe to hnve been a party of dynamiters
at 2 o'clock this morning. Since tho troops
wero orderod hero thoro havo been numerous
threats that tho tollhouso in which thoy wero
quartered would be blown up, but as no violcnco
hnd boeu offered for several days no alarm was
felt. This morning Sergeant Latta was patrol
ling a beat eeverul hundred yards from tbo
houso when ho heard n party of twelve or fif
teen horsemen riding up. Tbey stopped on
a bill, and Lilt a ran back to tho house
to notify Capt. Corn who was in command.
Lit tn decided to go around tho back of tho houso,
and as ho did so came upon n man who jumped
through a guto and ran. Latta tired at blm and
at tho samo moment another man ran by two
ol her pickets, who nlso II red. Tbo thrco then
discharged thclrgunsat tho party of horBcmcn
who galloped off, Tho soldiers are satisflod that
the men had slipped up with tho Intention of
dynamiting tbe tollhouse, but wero surprised
before thoy could do anything.
Hn. August a. uiIIIubb or Chicago Disregards
Her Husband. Ueque.t to liar.
Chicago, Dec. 22. Mrs. Augusta S. Billings,
widow of Albert M. Billings, tho millionaire
banker and capitalist, has ronounccd tho pro
visions of her husband's will so far as it relates
to herself and has elected to tako her legal ehar
under tho statute of tho State. From a finan
cial point of view it is said that tho dlffcrenco in
tbo lucomo of the widow will bo very slight, but
tho reason for doing this Is for tho purposo of
Improving tho Hillings estate.
Mr. Billings died on Feb. 7 last. He loft an
estate whlcb was estimated at thnt time at
92,000,000 in personal property and $300,000 In
real estate Since that ostlmato wus mado,
however, property in other Mutes belonging to
tho testator has been found, nnd tbo present
vnluo of tho pcrsonnl property In placod at
$7,000,000, tho Increase being almost wholly In
personal property.
lie IVaa earning lha Mall In Yellowaloae Park
and Clave Out.
Helena, Mont, Dec. 22. John W. II. Davis,
a private of TroopID, Fourth United States Cav
alry, Btatloned at Fort Yellowstone, in tho Yel
lowstone Park, was frozen to death on Wednes
day, Davis and Charles Murphy, a soldier ot
tho samo troop, blurted out finm tho I.ako
Hotel on snow shoes to carry mall by way of
tho regular park road to tho 'lhuinb station,
nineteen miles. They bud travelled seven
miles when .Murphy gavoout and turned back
for the hotel. Davis pushed on toward the
Thumb for about thrco miles, when be, too,
becumo exhausted and gave up, Murphy got
back to tho etatlon and reported his comrudo
lost. A searching party sent out from tho
station soon found tho body. Davis'n homo
was in Wilson, N, S.
Mis. Elam Palled to Ha Appointed a Librarian
lu tirorgla mid Took Morphine.
Atlanta, Ga., Dec. 22. Miss Adah Elam, a
candiduto for the olllce of assistant librarian,
upon learning that nnothcr woman had been
appolntod to tho place, took niorplilno yester
day with suicidal intent and wlllprobubly die.
More than 100 women havo entered Into tho
cruinblo for this olllce, which hnd been for
merly hold bv Mrs. (Jen. James lxjnijfitreot. Of
tho number Miss Klam was supposod to bo In
tho lend, but political exigencies called for tho
appointment of Mrs. Mlllvdgo. tho young wlfo
of u Confederate veteran. MIssJJElnm do
clarod her purposo of quitting life, ns thero
wuB nothing to llva for, hut. no ono looked upon
tbo statement ns serious. until she was found
dying in her olllcu in tbe State Capitol. She
was taken to Uia hospital, where she still lingers.
Policeman Ile.euea Four Person, at a Fire.
In a Are caused by a lighted lamp upsetting,
Peter Allanmndlo wus badly burned In tbe attlo
at 03 Jamts street last night before he could be
rescued by Policeman Charles Schultz of tbe
Oak street station.
Rescuer mid rescind fell to a shed just below
after the Itullau had been hauled out of a win
dow, Thu pollccmuu also rescued a woman and
two children.
You may be certain of the exrellcnrsot Ilallan
tine's India Pale Als wben ordered at Dolmonlco'i,
Waldorf-Astoria. Manhattan. Hoffman, Haey &
Jrnklus, 7 Llbi rty t i Holland, and Hurray Hill
UIU. llotllcd at brotvery.-JUv.
Mrs. Walttr Swornabeurne, Formerly Mrs.
ITralphal, Takes Her Four-Vear-Old Boy to
Uo.ton The Father Puranea Tbem to tbe
(irand Central Station, but I.et.Th.m Depart
Four-year-old Arthur Wcstphal, the son of
Ernest Wcstphal. an employee ot tho brokerage
Arm ot Ira A, Kip & Co. of 138 Pearl street, was
forcibly taken by his dtvorcod mother, Mrs,
Viola Swornsbourne, from tho resldcnco uf Dr.
Ilonry Warner, 88A Third placo, Brooklyn, yes
terday afternoon.
Mr. Westphnl was married to Viola Lynn In
London six years ago. They came to this country
threo years later, and about a year ago Mr.
Wcstphal obtained n divorce on statutory
grounds, naming Walter Swornsbourno, a
violinist, attached to tho Boston Symphony
Orchestra, as thn co-respondent.
The child Arthur was awarded to tho custody
of Its father. Mr. Wostpbal and his son then
mado their homo with Dr. Warner, on Third
place. Immediately attor tho divorce Mrs.
Wcstphal was married to Swornsbourno in
Whllo Dr. Warner and his wife wero absent,
shortly boforo 2 o'clock yestordny aftornoon,
Mrs. Swornsbourno and Emll Hanzol, a nephew
of Swornsbourne, vlsitod tbo house. Tho ser
vant allowed tbem to enter the parlor on tho
plea that they had an engagement
with Dr. Warner. Whllo thoy were wait
ing, tho boy Arthur walked through the hall,
and Mrs. Swornsbourno took htm In her arms
and ran out ot tho houso. The servant girl
heard Arthur's screams and sho gave chase.
Whon sho had reuched Court street, she
says, Emll Ranzel told her that sho had
loft tho front door open, nnd thnt burglars
might get In the house. Sho hurried back, and
subsequently Ranrol mot Mr. Swornsbourno
and tho child and thoy boarded a Court streot
trolley car bound for tho brldgo.
Dr. Wnrner returned a few minutes later and
at once telephoned tho facts to Mr. Westphnl.
Tho latter went directly to the Grand Ccntrni
Station. There ho untitled a dotcctlve named
Rheaum of his errand, and thoy boarded
tho train that was to leave for Boston
nt 3 o'clock. In ono of the oars Sir.
Wcstphal found his divorced wife, his son Ar
thur, and Ranzel. Ho demanded that the child
bo given over to him, but the boy's mother re
fused. Mr. Westphnl then asked tho detcctlvo
to arrest tho woman for kidnapping tbo child.
Tho detective said ho would dn so If Mr.
Wcstphal produced a warrant. This ho could
not do. and as Mrs. Swornsbourne rof used to ac
company him to 1'ollco Uoadquartcrs he was
compelled to leave the car as tbo train started
for Boston.
Mr. Wcstphal said last night that ho could not
forget that tho woman was tho boy's mother,
and that to cause hor arrest would bo a disgrace
to tho boy. Ho was determined, ho said, to re
cover tho boy by duo process of law. In May
last tho mother wns very 111 in Boston, and she
continually asked for Arthur.
Her physician said that unless sho could have
tho hoy with her, Bho would die. Mr. Westphal
sent Arthur on to Boston, on tho nromlso that
ho would return homo In a week. This promise
was not kept, Mr. Westphal says, and seven
weeks ago ho had to go on to Boston to rocovor
tho lad.
llenry Shepard Sais lie Committed Burglaries
on X.ong Island La.t Summer.
FAn Rockawat, L. I., Dec. 22. Two Long
Island Railroad frolght cars standing on the
tracks at Lawrence wero broken open and
robbed on Saturday night. Henry Shepard of
Inwood, who was arrested for tho theft, has, ac
cording to Dotcctlve Sarvls of tho railroad, con
fessed that ho committed not only tho car rob
bery, but all the burglaries that took placo hero
and nt Lawrenco and Arvcrno last summor.
Shepard told the dotccth o he bad pawned the
stolen goods. Sarvls drovo with Shepard to
Inwood to got tho puwn tickets, but Mrs. Sbcp
nrd, tho detective says, had burned all tho
puwnltickots as soon as sho learned of her hus
band's arrest.
Sarvis took tho prisoner over to Now York
yestordny, nnd whin ho appeared In tbo court
hero to-day with Shepard, thu detective had six
gold watches, ono silver watch, nnd a silver
mounted toilet set. Tho set consists of a cut
glass ponder box with silver top. bnlr bruBh
and comb, tooth brush, and shaving brush. On
tho ton of thn shaving brush is tbo monogram
"L.W. P." Tho silver watch was Identified as
tbo property of Mr. Do Mott of Ibis village. Tho
other watches havo not been Identified. Thoy
arc In hunting cases nnd two havo chains at
tached. The numbers of the watches aro 234,
022. 1.11)0,180, 141.038, 120.810. 43.072. and
3 030.303. SbepardlB20 yours old. Ho wns ar
rested hero last July on suspicion ot having
stolen sonic w hips, but wns discharged.
Ho says ho did not have an accomplice in any
ot bis burglaries.
Wnltera Uave m Hat tin wltb Right Obstrep
erous Cu.tnmara.
Eight men went Into Rlnnk's musio hall at
Third avenuo and Thirteenth street last night,
and, taking scats near tho stage, began guying
tbo performers. Tbey howled for drinks, nnd,
when tho waiters rcfusod to served them, threat
ened to clean out the hall.
Wben tho Bernard sisters camo on one of the
men grabbed a companion's bat and threw
it on tho stago. Tho sisters kicked it Into
tbo wings. Tho ownor, to get even, threw
another hat after It. Tbo second bnt shared
tho fato of tho first. In another minute
all tho hats wero on tbo stage. Glasses fol
lowed. Tbe sisters fled. This mado no differ
ence. A flower girl's whole stock was seized
and tossod on tho stage.
Proprietor Rubonetejn nppoalcd to the men
to cease their capers. They laughed at him
and broke two of bis tables on tbo con
creto floor. Then tbo waiters gnthorod en
masse and charged tho disturbers of tho show.
Tho howling nuulonce egged tbem on. Thoro
wub a terrlllc fight, and tho waiters won. Wbon
tbe police arrived thoy hnd made four
prisoners. The other four rioters escapod.
The prisoners wero taken to tho East Fifth
streot pollco station. Thev said thoy woro
Louis Prang, cook, of 2fl West Thirty-eighth
street; Eugcno Held, music teacher, of 203 Knst
Fourteenth street: Max .wetels of 270 EHSt
Twenty-fifth street, nnd Bruno Wolflum of 70
Third uvenuo. They wero bailed out later.
It. Louis Labor Men Bay It Mean. Death lo
Tbrlr Untona ir It Blnnda.
St. Lou 18, Dec. 22. Circuit Judgo Klein's ro
cont injunction against tho strikers who had
bcon at work on tbe Fullerton building has
greatly exorcised union labor men. The
Carpenters' District Council ot this city,
backed by all the union organizations
hero, has docided to appeal from Judge
Klein's ruling nnd tnke the mattor to
tbo court of last resort. M. II. Davenport,
Secretary of tho Carpenters' Council, says that
If Judgo Klein's decision stands the purposes ot
labor unions nro at an and. The Injunction was
directed against carpenters who declined to
work wltb non-union men.
Tbe D. tr.lt Ordered to Leave Port au Prince.
WAsniNOTON, Dec. 22. No further troublo Is
expected in Haytl arising from tho excited con
dition ot the people oyer the forcible collection
of the Luoders Indemnity by Germany, and on
information thnt things wero quiet at Port au
Priuco tho Navy Department to-day telegraphed
orders to the commander of the Detroit to leave
that placo and cruise uround tho island of San
Dumlngo and Haytl. The Detroit will visit
several ports of tbe island to show tbo Stars and
Stripes, which hnve not been seen In West In.
dliin waters since the Cuban insurrection
started. When thu circuit of tbe Island is com
pleted tbo Detroit will probably return to this
Mrs. Ilalllnglon llooth'a Coudltlan I'nrhangrd,
Tho condition ot Mrs. Bulllngton Booth, who
is in tbe Presbytorlun Hospital with an aneur
ism of the heart, was unchanged at 1 o'clock
this nioriiiug. She hud rested well throughout
place your order for Pallantln.'s Brown Stout,
India rale, and burton Ale. nltb Maoy 4 Jmklni, 117
Liberty st.i Park ft Tlifnrd. U. Kaeclul, 710 7th av.,
aud Acker, Utrrall X VoulH.-4dv,
D., L. and W. Engine Wreck, a Coach with B
Passengers-Fourteen Persona Hurt.
Patkiwo. N. J Doc 22.-A stago flllod
with men nnd womon on their way homo from
work at tboJWaldrldgo mill atDolawannn,which
Is on tho outskirts of Passaic wns struck nnd over
turned by tho onglno of a fre' bt train on the
Delaware, Wknwnnna and Western Railroad
at tho River road crossing about 0:30 o'olock
this ovcnlng. Tho stago had twenty-five or
thirty occupants, all of whom, oxcept ono nnd
tholdrlvor, escapod serious injury. Tho stage
Itsolf wus uttorly wrrcckod, but'thc horses wero
not harmed. Ono of tho passengers. Charles
Swtnklo, found hlmsolt uuou tho cowcatcher of
tho locomotive, whero ho remained until tho
train was brought to a stop, soveral hundred
yards boyond tho crossing. He was not hurt,
Tho Btngo makes ite trip from tho mill every
night, Tho flagman at tho River road crossing
know that tho frolght train was duo, but bo
thought that tho stage had plonty of timo to got
across tho tracks ahoad of it and ho did not
lower tho gates.
Tho stago driver was taken to St, Mary's
Hospital In Passaic Ho was badly cut up, but
his Injuries aro not dangerous. All the others
went to tbolr homos. An ambulance from
Passaic came to tho crossing, and Dr. Carrolliot
Passnic and Dr. Trotweln of Lyndhurst at
tended to tho Injured. John Fccncy suffored a
broken anklo and Andrew Byrnos got a bod cut
over ono eyo. Of the othor passcngors these
eleven woro Injured slightly: Hugh Torrln,
Nellie Washdyke, Lena Donnls, Margarot
Hltchtus, Mlchaol Ernest, Paul Joffroy, John
Nixon, Samuel McAlpln, Goorgo T. Roberts,
William Roberts and Harry Johnson,
Four Men rrom Chicago Thought to nave Died
of Bapoaure In Arbnnana.
Little Rock, Ark., Deo. 22. A party of hunt
ers, consisting of 1, 11. Dolphin, Sam H. So
vier, John W. Bright and W. H. Hughes from
Chicago fitted out hero tor a big hunt up in tho
northwestern part of this Stato two weeks ago.
They said they were going after big game,
dcor and bear, and passed through Marshal,
Searcy county, early last week bound for tho
Boston Mountains. Word was received hero
to-day that a party of four mon, with full hunt
ing equipment, wero found dead by the roadside
in Dawes Creek bottom, Newton county, early
on Monday morning, and from tho description
tho men ore bolloved to have boon the Chicago
party. It Is believed they endeavored to roach
the settlements this sido of Dawes Creek during
tho blinding- ice storm which provailed last Sat
urday and Sunday and lost their way when
within almost hailing distance of a farmhouse.
Thoy wore driving a covered wagon and tho
mules were also frozon almost lifeless when
nts Foot Caught Under av Door Suddenly
Thrown Open by Ilia Dot.
Chicago, Dec 22. Robert Fitzsimmons.'cham
plon pugilist, was the victim ot a singular and
somewhat painful accident to-day. Ho hod just
finished taking a bath and was in his bare feet.
His 4-yoar-old boy suddenly throw open tbo
bathroom door.
Fitz's right foot was caught under the door
and severely jammed. Ho ycllod in pain. The
boy continued to push, increasing the pain.
Tbe pugilist gavo his foot a jerk to release him
self, and In doing so sprained his ankle.
Tho anklo swelled considerably and Fltzsim
mons was unable to do any boxing to-night, al
though he appeared on the stage and made an
apology for not giving bis usual exhibition. lie
will probably be lame for several days.
Japan ttrcognlses It and 1V1I1 Ifot Press liar
WAsmxoTON, Dec 22. Tho Japanese Minis
ter, Mr. Toru Hoshl, paid a long call on Secre
tary Sherman at the State Department to-day,
and read to the Secrotary the Instructions he
had received from bis Government In regard to
tbo annexation of Hawaii. As already told In
The Sun, the attitude ot Japan has changed,
and the protest mado against tho annexation
treaty last spring will not bo pressod. Tho gist
ot Mr. Hoshl's instructions is that Japan recog
nizes tho right of tho United Statos to annex
Hawaii, but wants assurances that the Japan
ese residing In tho islands will bo secured In all
tho privileges now guaranteed them.
ells Kxebange In tbe City or Sf exlea nt at Lota
of 4 Ver Cent. In Four Daya.
City of Mexico, Deo. 22. The Evening Tele
gram says that William J. Bryan went to the
'Bank of London yesterday, having become
alarmed at tho prlco of silver, and negotiated
somo exchange Had he sold four days ago, he
would have saved 1 per cent.
Two Franklin Caunty Farmers Want to Dor
row 813, OOO on Their Land.
Topeica, Kan., Dec 22. Now York Is now
coming to Kansas to borrow monoy. George
Jordan, Postmaster at Sun, Franklin county,
wroto to Postmaster Arnold here saying that
two farmers tbero wanted $12,000 on S00 acres,
which they regarded as gllt-edgo security.
Sir a, SIcLellen Won a Dlbla In TTtlllamsbars;
a a Child and Ilacal.ed It Yeaterday.
EA8T0JI, Pa., Dec 23. In 1857 Miss Mary E.
Martin, now Mrs. O. F. McLellen of 128 North
Eleventh street, this city, attended tbe Reformed
Sunday school at Williamsburg, L. L, and for
reciting perfectly the shorter catechism won a
Bible, Her parents moved away before tbe
Bible came and she did not get her prize. Last
summer she learned that Tier teacher of long
ago was living In Newark, N. J and wrote to
her. In ber first answer her teaehor spoke of
the Bible Incident, which Mrs. McL'llcn bad
long forgotten, but which the teacher. Miss
Agnes Dunlap, now Mrs. Andrew White, bad
not. Mrs. Wblto said the Bible would be sent,
and today It was received, just forty yoars after
It was awarded.
A Itlrerbead Schoolboy Had Daen Punlabed by
Principal Drown.
Riveriiead, L. I., Dec 22. Arthur Bobbins,
12 yoars old, fainted and fell to tbe floor to-day
after having been whipped by Principal George
A. Brown of the Union School, A physician was
summoned and under his treatment the boy soon
regained consciousness nnd was able to walk
home. Prof. Ilroun declares that the punish
ment was not severe and several witnesses agree
with him. The boy Is belioved to have fainted
partly from fright and partly from the blows.
Aged Mary Dally Fatally Domed While Sew
ing at Her Flraalde.
Babylon, L. I., Dec 22. Miss Mary Dally, 81
years old, died at ber homo In this place this
evening from tbo effects of burns sho had sus
tained while sitting by tbe Are sowing this
afternoon. Her slipper caught fire, and the
flamea spread to her clothing. Her brother
Nicholas, who Is 82 years old, was severely
burned whllo attempting lo savo hit sister's
Blnndarn Oil Certificate, at SOJ.
Standard Oil Trust liquidating certificates re
corded a further advauco on the curb esterduy,
with sales ut 302, tho highest prlco yot. This
represented nn advance of tH-j points compared
with Tuesday's closing price. There was n
reaction to 355 later lu lha day, with tho closing
quotation SS7 bid.
Constable. Break Into Her Hedream statl illiinH
Arre.t llrr on m Charge of Assault She VSB
Refine, to Ilrraa, nnd Artrr Wrapping lles J&H
In Illankrl. Thar Carry llrr to a Carriage. BOssss!
DovKtt. N. J.. Doc. 22.-Mrs. Bullock, the wife) MS
ot Thomas 0. Bullock, a, rlco merchant of New KffiH
York, was arrested this morning by Constables) feW-'sss!
Blnko and Illiinilcll nt her homo In Suocasunntv fr'iB
nnd brought to this city, n dlstanco of flvo miles, ,fSH
in her night clothos, but wrapped in blankets) 'iiSMi
and carrlago robes. Sho had refucod to dross. Istlfl
Tho arrest was mado on a warrant issued at HftV
tho Instanco of Dr. Craft C.Carroll, who charged ffj!tH
both Mr. and Mrs. Bullock with assault. When BH
Constnblo Blako triod last Thursday to serve the IS-M
warrant. Mrs. Bullock evaded arrest by gottlng rllH
Into bod and pleading illness. Mr. Bullock ao jttH
oompanlod tho coustablo to Dovor and gave boll &raKl
for his appearanco beforo tho Grand Jury. SSbH
promising at tho samo timo to bring Mrs, But- SKaH
lock to tho Justlco's court. fffH
Whon Constables Blako and Rlundoll arrived K,H
at tho Bullock houso this morning Mrs. Bullock !S9I
wns again In bed. Both constables broke into Ejmfl
her bedroom, and, despite Mrs. Bullock's vigor- .B
ous rosistanco, lifted hor bodily, clad as she was Hln.1
only In hcrnlght robe nnd stockings, from the fvPcH
bed. Then they wrapped blankets about hr IB-iml
and carriod her to a waiting carriage HSU
During tho drlvo to Dover Mrs. Bullock gavo k$fl
no sign ot yielding, but by tho time Dover was ifM
reachod she agreed to dress at Constnblo Blako's msmi
houso In clothos which tho lattor pro- ltf"fl
posed to borrow from his wlfo. It thus WIH
came about that when sho was taken '(fttaH
beforo Justlco of tho Peaco Gage, sho lookod irVana
presentable Hor tomper, howovor, was still PH
the same, and the scene in the Justice's offloo ij'sss!
wns exciting. It ended by Mrs. Bullock giving llSB
ball for hor appearance before the Grand Jury. ' M'l
Mr. Bullock is the Delaware, Lackawanna) Til
and Wostern commuter who about a yoar ago) ft
was ejected from n train for carry in Darcels, v&fl
and who Bocurnd a verdict for substantial dam- rwll
ages, which verdict, howovor, was set aside. 'H
Tho allegod assault on Dr. Carroll arose In the 'Bu
courso of an argumont over Mrs. Bullock's l.sK'W
attempt to nullify tho salo ot his summer home, ' li-H
Arbor Vitm Lodge, to Dr. Carroll, after the lat- iiS'
ter had paid $500 to bind tbe bargain and had ! '
taken possession. n&
A in-Year-Old Boj'a Tberta He Eacapea Dress M,
av neform School. ,'jl:
About a month ago James O'Donnell, 13 years c3
old. of 308 Broadway, Williamsburg, was ar- 5?
rostcd for robbing a fruit stand. When ho was &
arraigned In tho Leo Avonue Police Court Jus- S
tlco Kramer released him on his promlso to ro m
form. Two weeks later tho boy stole a pair of .&
trousers from a clothing store. Attor a Ions; 4K
chasoho was caught and committed to the DIs- 'M
clpllnary School for Boys at Parkvlllo. He 't9l
escaped from that Institution on Saturday, and (iff-
Scstordny afternoon n saleswoman In John J. &
ormnn's dry goods storo at 227 Grand street p
detected blm, sho alleges, stealing a bottle ot $j
cologne, a pair of cloves, a tooth brush, and a
potato knife. A policeman arrested the boy and S.
took him to tbe Bedford avenue station, whore gSj
O'Donnell declared that no prison was stronir fsif
enough to hold blm. Ho wus locked up, nnd will W'?;
bo arraigned In the Leo Avenuo Court to-day. tj
Ole H. Jensen Drowned from m Xtewboat Lass .i
Wight In tbe Kaat Hirer. .k
OIo It. Jonson of 0 Fourth place, Brooklyn, ffc
was drowned In the East Rlror last night. Its f
was in a rowboat with Henry Hlncs, 17 years M
old, ot S35 Columbia streot, Brooklyn, towing Mi
number of spars to the foot of Columbia street, fM
Whon about 400 feet off the foot of Twenty- fe
fourth stroet, Brooklyn, tho boat wns run down BR
by tho tug William E. Gadwlck. Hlncs bung on life
to the skiff nnd was plckod up by the boat's K
crow. Jonsen lost his hold and went down. His Ife
body was not recovered. JE
Capt. Alexander McEwen of the tug was ar- Wt'
rested and locked up in tho Hamilton avenue i?w(I
police station. His homo Is in Now Brunswick. fflCJ
N. J. He said ho did not Bee the rowboat until J3!
tbo collision. Hlnes admits that he and Jenson ffi
hnd no lights out. Jonsen was SO years of age. Sph
He leaves a widow and two children. At;.'
Spent an Hear In the City on Ula Batnrn rresn j9t
nia Duoblns Trip. K
WASitrNdTON, Doc 22. G rover Cleveland m
spent about an hour In Washington this after aR
noon betweon the arrival of the train in whloh Se
he Journeyed from his ducking trip In South Oar- W,
olina and the departure of the train which took K
him to Princeton. Contrary to bis custom whllo n
ho was President, Mr. Clevoland took a walk
through the business part of the town. Ho walked SS
along F street, the main retail thoroughfare, 'M'
whore the Christmas shoppers were out In foroe. fffl
Few people recognized tho once familiar form. WC
Mr. Clevoland looked very well. His complexion W-.
was clear and bis step brisk. These statements) M
are made on the authority of a man who won a 'at
bet from a group of F street brokers who tab
scoffed at bis cry of " Here comes G rover dere- 9
land," B
The Investigation In Penaaoala, FIaua Has) tm
Draught Forth Mnob Publlo Scandal. sL
Penbacola, Fla., Dec 22. Mayor Pat Mc- fX
Hugh to-day tendered his resignation as Mayor fflv
of the city ot Ponsacola. This Is the second res j
lgnatlon that has been accepted by tbe Board of S5
Aldermen since the Investigation by Pensacola's hJ
Investigating committee was begun some days fS
ago. The other resignation was that of Marshal I'M
E. A. Wallace, who was found to be short In his M,
accounts. Mayor McUugh gave no reason tor (9)
his action. m
Thecommlttcedlscorered yesterday that nona .J
of tbe city olllclals bad filed bonds, as is re SK
quired by law, and this fact places them all In a 'M.
suspicious light, Tbe committee Is holding 'Si
nightly sessions, but it is greatly hindered 4S
because books and records are frequently die j$
appearing, jS
The Entire Outfit or tbe Department or the Sn
Platte Ordered to Djea. jjt
Cheyenne, Wy., Dec 22. Orders were re- ijP
ceived here at 7 o'clock this evening by the OS
Quartermaster of tho Eighth Unltod States In- j
fantry to havo tho army pack train of the Do- gf;
partmentof tho Platte, stationed here, leavo for tra
Alaska at tho earliest possible moment. IX
The pack train Is lu charge of Chief Packer i,iZ
Tom Mooney, He will have the ontlre outfit. M
consisting of ten export packers and eighty MS
trained and drilled puck mules, on tho cars at 7 Kft
o'clock to-morrow morning ready to start. Tbe rOt
destination of tho train is I)) 011. m-
Naw Danba Tor Honolulu. K
Honolulu, Dec IS, via San Francisco, Deo. Ef,
22. Tho Cabinet to-day grantod a charter for JE'
the Bank of Hawaii, with a capital stock of In
300,000, whlcb may bo increased to $1,000,000 Wjf
at tbo option of tho charterers, Tho stock- 9
holders of the new concern Include P. C. Jones, jjH
C. M. Cooke. E. A. Jones, Alexander Young, Mo- 'Hj
Candlcss llrothora. members of tho firms uf C W
Brewer & Co., Castle & Cooko and others. K
Cloo Kim, tho Chinese Commercial Agent here,
bus given notice thnt ho will establish a bank, aft
asolirunchof tho Peking Hanking Company, fff.
shortly after New Yours. 'I here Is plenty ot IK
Idlo money horo, but none to loan on sugar stock W-
socuritlcu, owing to tbo uncertainty about an- WV
nexatlon. B
La.cellt.'e Wire Itnturne to Georgia. H',
FlTZOKltALP, Ga., Dec 22. Mrs. Sidney Las- M
cclles, the wlfo of tho bogus "Lord" Heresford, -1(
the ex-convict and swindler, arrived hers -''J-
into tonight from Mexico City, She do ;
sorted ber husband, and has come to yj
.utile her claim far tho estate ot K
Alexander l'clky, hor father, who died a few
months go, loaving u fortune to his daughter. YJt
Hercsturd duro nn' return In tho I'nlted States, Ik-
us bo Is wanted here on suteral warrants cbaiar u
lug bliu with o IuuMUk. $3

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