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moir KANSAS' special insurance
' In Tewa Nan Ktnmlnlnv CetnpaalaaTliat
J Da Baslnasa la 111" Mate and He'a Dranlni
I II e)os llni, but II" Daea Morn la it Da
ill TBaaTeaOrdlaaryKiaralneraDolnaMentli.
Jcdge E. O. Footo of Topeka, Kan., tpeclal
II examiner for the Insuranco Deportment of tho
j BUte of Kansas, li now examining ths affairs
g of tho Royal Insuranco Company at 50 Walt
j street. Judge Foots has already spont flvo
1 days In the ofllco of the Iloyal Insurance Com
1 pany. lte Is nearly through. Within tho last
I few weeks Judge Footo has examined the i-iver-J
pool and London and Globe Insurance Company
I at 5 William sired and tho Commercial Union
i Insurance Company of 58 William street Tub
8uj some tlmo ago told how Insurance experts
I Terywhero were astonished by tho facility
i with which this Kansas examiner (rained what
Mimed to him a satisfactory insight Into the
affairs of ths companies which had como under
1 , bis observation. It seldom takes him mors
1 than a week and never more than ton days to
learn all that Superintendent McNall of tho
Kansas Insurance Department desires to havo
mbodled In a report nbout any given company.
I When the Now, York State Insuranco Depart-
ment feels that It Is necessary to Inqulro Into
the matters and standing of any Insurance com
pany It comes down upon tho company with an
I examiner and eight or ten or moro clerks and
ponds threo or four or six months In going over
the company's books. The admiration and envy
of the Hew York experts for Judge Footo's
ability to site up a company in as many days as
they need months has, therefore, excellent
i grounds.
j This sort of thing Is, of course, very expensive
Car the company examined. Inasmuch as It has
4o pay the expenso of tho examination. Tlio
rate which Superintendent MoNall authorizes
his examiners to charge Is $25 a day and ex
penses. It will bo seen, therefore, that the
brevity of Judgo Footo's examinations makes
them very inexpensive to Uio insuranco com
panies as compared with the moro formidable
Work of tho New York State examiners. It
, 'Una thought that an account of Judgo iooto a
sttethods of accomplishing so much in so little
tlmo would bo of value A reporter went to
tte ofllco of tho Royal Insuranco Company at
Boon yesterday. ,
f I "Judjre Footo Is not In at present," hs was.
told, "lie has gone out to lunch. If you will
come In at about 3 o'clock you will probably
I catch him."
"When did Judgo Footo go outl" the reporter
"A little after 1." ... ...
"When does ho usually come to tho officer'
!"At about 10."
"And when does ho leave for the dayl
I "Oh, when the rest of us do."
I The reporter returned at U: 15 o clock, when
be asked for Judge Footo bo was directed to a
i roan who was sitting in front of a tnblo in a cor
I per of the room. Tho man's chair was tipped
J backward, and his feet wero braced against the
table. lie was apparently deeply interested in
the contents of an ovening newspaper. The re
porter could not quite behove that thlB was ao
1 tnally the llghtnlngaccountant of Kansas in tho
i act of examining an Insuranco company.
t "Go right ahead," tho clerk Bold, "and talk to
bim. lie Is always willing to talk."
The Judgo Is a big man. He has a largo
head. It 1b crowned with a sparing supply of
1 hair, which tho Judgo brushes back from his
forehead in different dlrooUons according to tho
V intensity of his emotions. He has a big, deep
I voice, and during tho last campaign be mado
I speeches in every town of any account in tho
I State of Kansas. Even In the course of his
ft Interview ho made two or threo speeches about
It the dignity of tho Stato of Kansas, tho Btcr-
ling qualities of the character of Superintendent
1 McNall, and "tho dignity of a representative of
H the great department of ono sovereign State
U clothed with full authority to investigate tho
!l great business concerns of another sovereign
I Btato." During those speeches the clerks of
I the Royal Insurance Company stopped work
n and listened.
1 "My mission to this State," said tho Judge,
I "may bo expressed in two words. 'We have no
I Insuranco companies in Kansas. The com-
V panlos that do business thero are our invited
I guests. Idist year Kansas paid out 81,700,000
In insuranco premiums to these people. Every
dollar of thnt money, good, clean money, went
out of the Stato to the insuranco companies.
Wo don't know what ihcy did wl h it, but wo do
know that only $900,000 ever came back In
I he shape of payment for our losses. Now. sir,
when we are doing buslnoss of that charao cr
with a S'ato at such groat distance from ours
as New York, it behooves us to know some
thing about these companies. First, to And
out whether they havo i hc&o enormous sums of
money which are so freely flaunted in our faces
In their public s atements, and next," here the
Judgo waved his nrm over his head and his
roice rose to a high key, "whether they will
, disgorge when the time- comes."
"How do you go about such an examination!"
. Judge Foo o was asked.
1 "I am glad, sir, that you asked that question.
j Any such question as that will always have a
(air answer from the Insurance Department of
the Stato of Kansas, of which Sir. McNall is the
head. Now, Mr. McNall is a Scotchman, and
the Scotch hnve great Ideas of business. Sir.
Beddall of this company and I went out to get
a snack together yesterday, and I was telling
Mm about Mr. McNall, and dwelling upon our
privilege in having a man of his keen business
ability connected with the Insurance Depart-
Ijnent of the Stato of Kansas "
"What method," asked tho reporter, "do you
tuo in verifying the company's bookBl '
The Judge leaned back in his chair and swung
his arm over the table, where there were five of
the company's books. None of them was open.
"I have them bring me their books, as you
eee here," he said, "and I make test cases here
and there. If there is uny mistake In a book
a test uass Is bound to catch it. Then I go into
thelrlosses department, and I Bee how many un
paid claims thoy have, and how many claims
pending adjustment, and I find out why those
claims are not paid or why they are subjoct to
adjustment. That's what wo want to know
out there in Kansas, Blr. Are these people who
want to do buslnoss In our great Stato simply
seeking an opportunity to como out there and
kin us and squeeze us till the last cent hollers!
Because if they aro, we don't want 'em and I
Bay so and I do not fear to say so, when I make
my report to Superintendent McNall.
"How do you cxamlno tho assets" asked the
The Judge hitched his thumbs in the pockets
of his waistcoat, fixed his eyo on the far corner
of the celling and said, calmly: "I go at 'cm.
That's what I do. Yesterday the President of
this company and ho Is a most courteous gen
tleman, let me say at this point, and one with
whom it is an honor to bo associated in any
business went with me to tho vaults. He gave
me a list of the securities held by this com
pany and we went over them, nond by bond and
share by share, and I checked off every one by
this list." The Judge took the list from his
pocket, spread It out on tho table and slapped
ft with his hand.
I "Have you anything else you would like to
ask me, sir" ho said.
i "In the suit brought nrnlnst Superintendent
I HcNall by an insuranco company lately, Irosl-
' dent Irvln of tho Philadelphia Firo Insurance
I1 Company mado aflldarit that u Judgo Footc,
an examiner of tho Insuranco Department or
the Stlto of Kansas, curao to the ofllco of his
company, talked sliver for two hours and pro
j aentcu a hill for $157 for examiner's fees and
"My dear sir," said tho Judge, laying his left
hand on his hoart nnd tapping tho reporter's
i necktie Impressively with tho long forefinger of
' his left hnnd, "you havo no Intention of touch
ing upon that matter, havo youJ Well," tho
1 Judge (milled with near tolornnce, "I do not
Ifear to say to you, sir, that It "us at tho special
request of Mr. irvln that I was very brief in
the cxamlnntlito nf tho affairs of his company,"
Tno Judgo raliSd his ojebrows ho they almost
touched a drwping lock from his legislative
top-knot, and said: "I "ill say nothing moro,
exn.pt that I was firo ilayH In theoflkoof tbnt
company, to eny nothing nf tho time I spent In
workliigowr the data 1 had gnthoml there nflcr
I had relume I tu Tiipckn. I illil my clerical
iwork in Tnptika ho Unit I would nut Incon
venience Mr. Irvln. I am afraid Unit I cannot
say of him that nhich ho wild or mo-that ho
always lonnd mo extremely courteous,"
"I do not think," tho Judgo continued, "thnt
any rciiHoimhlo man will nyurd a chargo nf friifi
a day nn uxi'otalvn price for such nn exnniinn
1 tlon ns 1 a:n m.iKln. Iluineuiher I urn no
mere bookkconor or accountant. I represent
great .Statu in an Imrortniit rapacity of research
I and investigation, and jiiiothing it duo to tho
dignity nf such it position. Im me say on my
own Uhnlf that Huperintenilont McNull has
sent no unknown man on thl.i mission. I nm
perhaps as well known to the p-oplu of my
Btato as any one man In Kansas."
Judgu Kontn said thnt It was not by Intention
I that he picked nut Kngllsh insurant o enmpan-
les as the first inlijccls of his investigation,
. lloforo lie finishes, cvci- innurnncii rmnpniiy
that docs hiiHlncin In I lie Stnta of Kansas will
be investigated, and a report will ho nuidu ns to
whether they should toutimio In tho prlvllcgo
of doing husinosrt In Kansas.
The repruHt'iiUitho nf miu nf tho companies
that thu Jtidito him examined vna asked bow
the Judgo's expenses ran. "Oh," snld tho In
surance man, "hoiloui not IIvo at the Astoria.
I His cxncnccs are ull rlu'ht so far as uu'ro con
j corned,
'Ihe Judgo said tnathe llve.l In it b ardlns
house in West Thlrt fourth street, and that ho
had brought his vUfu and child on for thu tlmo
that he expects to spend here.
i J Slramer Crauia .tarounil.
P I Special CnUU Jifwpatch to TllK Hui.
y l . Loxdon, Dec. as. Tho Ilritlsh steatnorCroms,
i j j from New York Dec, 5 for Iefth wllh a cureo of
I I I grain, flour, nnd tinned meats. Is aground ut
I . InqbkUtb, in the Firth of Forth; The weather
III is calot and tho sen smooth, Tho ship will be
III lightened and floated. The heavy fog which
a'h Y Prevailed when sue struck ba not yet raited.
BI, AX GO'S OltVliZ. OltliKIt.
He mil Try la SbI OK Roaaa la His Hob
n "paalih EmlnarT.
Havana, Deo. 20. Gen. Oomex hastwrlttcn
from Sanetl Splrltus the following letter to a
Cuban friend, under date of Dec. 14:
"Clen. l'ando had to abandon bis campaign
against my troops In this district, in spite of all
his boasts that ho was going to pass through
this territory and reach Santiago do Cuba prov
lnco by land, attacking Gens. Callxto Garcia
and ltabl, after tho extermination of all the
patriots here. Instead of that, when wo had
fought threo hard engagements ho left sud
denly by sea for Manzanlllo, and Qon. Scrrura
did tho satno shortly afterward.
"Thero Is nothing moro like ono Spanish Gen
eral than another Spanish General. They all
seem tho same, l'nndo has dono against mo
what Woyler did, nnd Weyler what Martinet
Campos did. Groat military preparations,
great wasto of men and money, and tho samo
"I am vory much pleased with tho communi
cations I receive from all parts of tho Island.
Tho spirit of tho army Is tho best, and I, am
euro that the law against emissaries from the
Spanish camps who dare to approach our lines
with a shameful proposal of autonomy will be
rigidly enforced."
The cose of Col. Ruiz has frightened the
Spaniards hero, and for the moment all at
tempts to send Spanish commissioners to tho
Insurgent linos with proposals for surrender
have boon ghen up. A cruel order of Gen.
Dlanco Is now to bo executed on a helpless old
man, Jos6 Robau, father of tho woll-knonn In
surgent commander, , Joso Luis Robau, who
mado himself conspicuous during Gen, Wcy
lcr's latest campaign in Santa Clara province.
Tho old man Is threatened with death If ho re
fuses to go to.Sagua.whcro his eon Is'opornttng.
and deliver him a written Invitation tcsurrcndcr
to the Spanish. "Between being shot by us
and hangod by your son, you may choose."
This is the dilemma put to old Robau bv an ad
jutant of Gen. Blanco.
Terror prevails among the Cuban families in
Havana on account of the threatening attltudo
t tho Conservatives. It Is feared that the death
of CoL Ruiz will bo avenged on the Cuban resi
dents of this olty it Gen. Illanco docs not ener
getically restrain the. Conservatives and. tho
Tho hatred of the uncompromising Spaniards
against Mr. Iee has also Increased, and El
Putblo says that It Is a shamo to Spain that the
American Consul was authorlzod to Bend com
missioners to the insurgent camp asking tho par
don of a Spanish ofllcer.
Slareo Oarela, Reaalsfe Oevsraar orSaata Clara,
Beads a Taltiram le lieu. Btancn.
WAaniNOTON, Dec. 22. The Spanish Legation
gave out for publication to-night a cable- mes
sage to SeQor Dupuy de Lome from Dr.Congos
to, the Secretary-General of Cuba at Havana,
giving the text of a telegram condemning the
killing of Col. Ruiz, which Dr. Congosto sold
had been received by Gov.-Gen. Blanco from
Marco Garcia, who was a Colonel under Maxi
mo Gomez and is now a prominent Autonomist
and was recontly appointed Spanish Governor
of Santa Clara province. The message from
Garcia follows:
" The Governor of Santa Clara to the Governor-General:
Not in my ofllclal capacity, but as
a Cuban Autonomist, I condemn with all tho
force of my soul the cruel act of villany perpe
trated on tho defenceless and chivalrous Lieut.
CoL Ruiz Dy a body of men who call thomeelves
Cubans, and who say they aim nt tho independ
ence, not the liberty, of Cuba. The moment bt 9
arrived when the Immense majority of the
Cuban people under the new legal rule, which
is tho rule of liberty and law, protests as one
man against the acts of devastation and cruelty,
which, are an opprobrium to civilization, a scan
dal to tho laws of society, and a denial of all
respect to human feeling. The passlveness
of yesterday should be changed to-day to
unceasing activity, until within a brief spico
tho pacification of the country, recommended to
the efforts of the peoplo generally, is obtained
after tho triumph of tbe autonomist Ideals, to
meet reparation with justice. The generous
blood of Lieut.-Col. Ruiz, immolated in tbe
cause of conciliation and love, will hasten the
moment of peace in Cuba."
Be Seat an Omcer la 190 to OfTer Ulra
Gen. Emlllo Nu&ez, bead of the expedition
department in tho Cuban Junta, said yesterday:
"In 1870 1 had an experience with the Span
lards in some respect similar to that of CoL
Aranguren. The Captain-General of the Island
was tbe same, Don Ramon Blanco, who sent
CoL Ruiz to bribe the insurgent leader. I was
operating with my dotachment at Saguo, having
under my orders Lieut. Pefia. I was then a
Colonel. One morning a farmer named Juan
Bctarte called at my camp and asked permission
to introduca n friend. I thought it was a Cuban
friend and agreed.
" Noxt day ho brought, to my groat surprise,
no less a person than Col. Agullera of tbe Span
ish army. When 1 learned who he was I warned
him not to utter a word proposing any dishonor
to my flag or I would shoot him. He retired In
haste. The next day Lieut. Pefla captured near
my camp two Spanish soldiers, who confessed
that in case Agullera should fall to bribe mo
with $40,000 they were to enter my lines and
kill me. Both were hanged by Pona and I ap
proved his conduct. Had Col. Agullera said a
word about his mission I would have done tbe
sama as Aranguren did with Ruiz. I recall this
matter now as an illustration of Gen. Blanco's
policy of bribing or murdering tho Cubans."
Tne Batlleablp Malar, Now at Key treat. Or
dered ta Walcta for Iler.
WABniNOTOK, Dec. 22. The Government au
thorities have received no report regarding the
filibuster tug Dauntless to indicate that she has
reached Key West, or that she has been sighted
at sea, Tho tug left Jacksonville on Sunday,
and, If she had proceeded directly to Key West,
according to tho declared Intention of her com
mander, must have reached that point two days
ago. The services of tho Navy Department
have been enlisted in a search for the vcssol.
Orders were lssu d to-day to Cant. Bigsbee of
tho battleship Malno, now at Key West, to
watch for tbe Dauntloss.
Information was received this afternoon nt
the Treasury Department that tbe schooner
Donna T. Briggs, which is supposod to havo
been cngaoed In filibustering expeditions, left
Norfolk to-ilay. The Collector at Norfolk was
instructed to communicato to tho department
any information In his possession as to the cir
cumstances of tho schooner's departure from
that port.
Several Katalea TTItblo a Wrtr Milts of Havaaa
Pestrsred by Taem.
Havana. Dec. 22. An Insurgent named
Quifioncs, who surrendered to-day to tho Span
ish authorities, his declared, according to an of
llclal report, that tho Cuban Gen. Mayin Rod
riguez was wounded in the battle fought on
Doc. 10.
Tho Insurgents aro enforcing the decree of
fien,(Jnmc7. which forbids the grinding of sugar,
Tho canntlelds of tho estates Monocal, Men
ocnlito. Cairuaso, Cttallna, and I'aso Sero, bo
twotn Calnhaznr, Cslvarlo nnd Arroyo Naranjo,
a few miles from Havana, wore burned yester
day by tho InsurKciits, Ofilclally it is declared
that it is not yet known If tbe burning was in
tentionally or by accident.
rnovosrn national uxirEnsirr.
The Kieeulltn Council I'rrparluK a Hill to lie
Habmltted ta Conor.
WABniNOTON, Dec. 22. A meeting of Ihe Ex
ecutive Council of the National University Com
mittco was held here to night. Chief Justice
Fuller, Gen. Katon, I'rof. Simon Nowcomb,
forrnor Attornoy-General Garland, Gov, Hoyt,
and Mr. Oscar S. Straus, former Minister
to Turkey, took part In tbo delibera
tions, Thero will bo other meetings of
the council, and n bill far Congress la ex
pected ns noon as I bo roiult. Mr. Htr.ius sild
to-night thnt the nrgument ngainst the pro
posoit National I'nUerslly, ns another stop
toward paternalism, aro founded on a miscon
ception nf I ho uIhii. Unsaid:
"The United Stales University will bo post
graduate) In llsscopo entirely and will not com
pute with any other Instlluilon. It will utilize
the vast wealth of material In the departments
and bureau at the scat of potornniont. It will
need fu buildings., Tho lectures on Interna
tional law and dlplo racv will bo given
In tho Htato Department, for oxample, and
one of tho principal chairs of tha university
will bu thatof International law. We will train
men as diplomats to lompeto with tbo trained
men of Kuropean countries. It is suggested
that the students might oven take employment
In the various departments without pay while
pursuing tbeir studies,"
CkaacIUr Day Aeeaare Ihe Rev. Mr, Reb
well ar PtnUtnntlr Alteaspllag la Black
mail Him In Ceaneetloa with tbe Blsaaa.
reek Ktate-Mr. Itocknelf Rejsladar.
Syracuse, Dec 22. The most sensational
featuro of tha row In Srracuso University over
tbe estato of Bishop Peck's widow doveloped
to-day when tho Kov. W. D. Rockwell, who hs
charged tho university with cheating Mrs.
Pock, gavo out an Interview for publication
which ended with these words:
" I believe thnt tho Chancellor cannot, with
tbo paltry sum of $10,000, buy the good will of
an Indignant public."
On Sunday last Chancellor Day gave out to
tho newspapers two Interviews. Ono of them
was In tho shaco of a slgnod statement. In which
ho accused Mr. Rockwell, who for nine years
prior. to Mrs. Peck's death conducted horbusl-l
ness affairs, of having porslstcntly attempted to
blackmnll him, and nlsorclteratcd tho statement
that Mrs. Peck, whoo entire rstnto was given to
tho university, dlol $1,125 in dobt to that
institution. Tho ulhcr lutcrvlow was tho an
nouncement nf an anonymous gift of $10,000 to
tho Chancellor, as a solsco for tho troubles
through which ho was passing, to bo usod In his
discretion for tbo benefit of tbo university. It
Is to this anonymous glfUMr. Rockwell refers.
" As to tho threats regarding blackmail whloh
tho Chancellor makes, I will not now reply to tho
accusation," says Mr. Rockwell.
Of Mrs. Pock's estate, which the Chancollor al
leges wsb BUlllclont to support her In luxuryt
Mr. Rockwell says: "It has been repeatedly
implied by tho Chancollor that I was tho only
interested one in Mrs, Peck's affairs. To a cer
tain extent I am willing to admit that I was In
terested. I did bellovo that Mrs. Peck was en
titled to good caro nnd fair treatment In her
yours of groat weakness and loneliness. And
now I will glvo an exact statement of Mrs.
Peck's finances, and tho public can judge as to
whethor I have been as mercenary us tho Chan
cellor would mako mo to bo.
" When Bishop Pock died nnd the executors
of his estato will bear me out In this statemont
as I havo before statod, he had about $50,000
to his credit at tho bank, und tho executorof the
estato advancod monoy to purchase a lot In tho
cemetery, pay funeral expenses, doctors' bills,
&c That small amount was absolutely all the
possessions of Bishop Peck. About six months
before his death be left of his salary atthe Book
rooms. In New York, In Mrs. Peek's namo. $1,000.
This was all of his possessions. After a little,
nt her request, tbo executors withdrew this from
the Book room nnd leaned $M)0 of It to tbe Cen
tenary Church of this city, the other $100 to a
gentleman. After a tlmo theso amounts wero
returnod to tho executor, who held them for a
time, and finally Mrs. Peck requested him to in
vest this money, together with Its Interest, just
as ho would think best were It his own monoy.
As he was about to invest some of his own
money in what ho believed to be a profitable in
vestment, ho did invest her money as trustee,
but owing to business depression it proved to be
a poor investment, and while It Is still invested,
she has never bad one dollar of roturns from it.
And from the timo of thu Bishop's death she has
never had as much as $1,000 to her credit at tho
banks. During her last years she haB had
ono small source of ineome, nsldo from
tho $500 she received as a Bishop's widow
from tho Book Concern. Sho permitted tho
university to sell a vacant lot in Harrison
streot. and she recclvod a small Interest on tho
money, amounting to n llttlo less than $80 a
year. Now, any fair mind can see that sho, who
needed nursing night and day, with doctors'
bills. Sic. could not hold out largo Inducements
to mercenary persons."
TheA'orfnern Vinstian Advocate of to-dny,
the ofllclal organ of tho Methodist Church, says
of this newspaper quarrel, which was begun by
tbe Chancellor:
" It Is groatlv to be regretted that such n con
troversy wasposslble. Itismuch more to bere
f fretted thnt It was begun. It Is duo to Chancel
or Day to say that ho disclaims responsibility
for the publication of tho Interview which began
it. It Is duo to the Rov. Mr. Rockwell
to Bay that he is n highly esteemed
member of the Central New York Con
ference, enjoying the conlldonco of his
brethren ana of the community. No charges
made against his character will bo believed by
those who know him. But we can say nothing
which will put tbts controversy in an attractive
Chancellor Day to-night refused to be inter
viewed. It is tho opinion of many frlonds of tho
university that he has said too much, nnd it.is
said that these friends havo been influential in
putting a stop to tho controversy, as far as he
Is concerned.
A Bill la the Chamber or Deputies ABtherlslBc
tbe Sale or tbo Sltas.
Syitial Cable Dtipatch to Tnl Bon.
Paris, Dec. 22. Tho Initial step has been
taKen 'a the long projected demolition of tho
fortifications of tho city. Gen. Billot, Minister
of War, to-day Introduced In the Chamber of
Deputies a bill providing for the razing of part
of the forts on tho west sldo of the city and for
selling tho sites. It is estimated that tho
land will realizo 700,000,000 francs, 4,000,000
francs of which will be dovoted to tho con
struction of a short rampart further out. The
remainder of tho proceeds will be expended on
Testimony to Show Tbat Terrlss's Hnrdrr la
Not laaaar.
5lefal Cable DtMyatch to TltS 8UX.
London, Dec. 22. Richard Miller Archor,
alios Prince, tho murderer of William Terries,
tho actor, was arraigned agnlnln the bow Street
Police Court to-day and remanded for a week.
In the courso of his examination polico officers
testified that his bebavlor had been perfectly ra
tional since ho had been detained in jail. Archer's
landlady was called to tho stand. She said that
at tho tlmo of tho murder of Terrlss, Archer's
rent was two weeks In arrears. He had worried
a good deal becauso of his inability to pay and
having no employment, but did not seem to bo
Archer was hissed by tho spectators as he was
leaving court on his way back to jail, and some
ono threw a book at bim, but did not hit btm.
Norfolk Xever Approached Iflm Aboat Car
dinal Vaushnu and the Lord,
Special Cable Deiatch ta The Sns.
London, Dec. 22. Lord Salisbury, In reply to
an inquirer in Manchester, has written that be
had not hoard the report that tho Duko of Nor
folk, tho Postmaster-General, had approached
him with the view to obtaining tho admission of
Cardinal Vaughnn Into tno IIouso of Lords.
Lord Salisbury adds that tho report isabsolutely
Slate Engineer Adams KatlntnttsTbat S7.000, -OOO
More Will lie llrqulrrd.
Amiant, Dec. 22. Stnto Engineer Adams left
for New York city to day to secure tho approval
of Stato Superintendent of I'ubllo Works Oeorgo
W. Aldrldgo to n statement which ha has pre
pared, outlining in dctnll how much Work re
mains to bo dono to cotnpleto tho Improvement
of tho canals and its estimated cost.
Tbo $9,000,000 originally provldod for this
Improvement has nlreidy been oxpended or
contracted for, and a short tlmo ago It was esti
mated that an addition il $5,000,000 would bo
needed to completo the work',
Assemblyman 8. Fred Nixon, Chairman of tho
Assembly Wnys and Mrnns Comuiitteo, was
heru to-day and bad a confureni o w lib tho State
Engineer, Afterward he said that tho en
gineer now thought it would roquiro nt least
$7,000,000 to complete th work of Improving
theKrio, Oswego, nnd Uhaiuplnln canals.
The question will le considered by the next
Legislature, which will bo called upon to sub
mit tho question to a vote of tha peonle, in ac
cordanco with tbo provisions of tliu State Con
stitution. ., . .i i . a.
Tbe Southern Kxpresa Canipany rays Promptly
Tar Slower Lost While In lla Care.
Tbe National Park Bank, tho local corre
spondent of tho Natlouul Bank of Nowberry,
S. C, received from Ihe President of tho South.
cm Kxproas Comp.iny yesterday a check for
$10,000, to offset tho loss while In transit of
thai amount nf currency which was forwarded
by tho locnl bank last Friday in earn of tbn
Southern Kxprc Coinpiny on an order nf the
Newbeiry hank. It was dl cohered on Monday
by I ho express company that the packago of
money was missing and its detectives are now
trying to trace it.
A trood deal of currency Is transmitted to out-of-town
pointa by locnl hanks by registered
mall, with a policy of Insurance against loss, but
it ordinarily lakes weeks and sometimes months
ito recover In case money is lost which has been
forwarder In this manner,
He Bays Mrai Andrew' Husband Hired Him
to Attempt lo Compromise Iter.
Mrs. Jennie D. Andrews of 250 York street,
Jersey Olty, appeared before Polico Justice
Potts in the First Criminal Court yesterday as
complainant against John P, Foote, 24 years
old, of S3 Schenck avenue, Brooklyn, who
is charged with sending her an annoying
letter. Back of tho complaint is tho unearthing
of an alleged conspiracy on tho part of Mrs.
Andrews's husband, W. P. Andrews, who, ac
cording to Foote's admissions, hired him to spy
upon Mrs. Andrews. Jusllco Potts held Footo
for tho Grand Jury. ....
Mrs. Andrews Is suing her husband for main
tenance nnd support. On Monday sho rocelved
tbo note complained of. Tho writer requested
her to meet him nt Nowark aremto nnd
Grove street on Tuesday at 7 P. M nnd. If thnt
was agrocabto. for her to hang somo signal from
tho window. Tho noto was signed " Drummer."
Mrs. Andrews notified Chief or Pollen Murphy,
who advised her to keep tho appointment
and eald ho would have n deteetlvo on hnnd to
nrrost tbo writer of the noto. Mrs. Andrews did
ns requested, and Footo's nrrost followed.
When arraigned yesterday Footo acknowl
edged that ho was in tho employ of Mr. An
drews. He had tried for several weeks lose
curoovldenco against Mrs. Andrews's charac
ter, ho said, but bad failed, und when lm noti
fied his employer tho lattor told him to set a
trap for her.
w. P. Andrews keeps a furnishing goods
store at G'J and 01 Nassau street, this city. Ho
lives at Richmond Hill. L. I.
Haunted niaeraat Who IJrleved far Ills Dead
stone Aaplle for rtalaatatemnnt.
At tho meeting of the Polico Board yester
day a letter was considered from Dennis A.
Janvrln asking for reinstatement on tbe force.
This application was Indorsed by a note from
Theodore Roosevelt. Janvrln was on tbo
polico forco continuously for twenty-two years.
For ten years ho was In tho mounted squad, nnd
during all that tlmo rode only ono horse, to
which ho boenmo very much attached. This
horse. Old Frank, had a fall InFcbrunry, lB'Jt),
and died of snlnnl meningitis.
Janvrln wns ovcreomo with grief, nnd feol
lng thnt bo could never ride another horse, in
a hasty moment ho made application to be re
tired under tho law giving u polico otllccr the
right to rotire on half pay after twenty years'
ncrvicc. Ills frlmids nnd Commljsloner Roose
velt, who know him ns a (rood policeman, tried
to turn him from this Idea. Ho now ndmlta
that ho regrottcd his action very toon, not being
ablo to find any other work. His application
was laid over.
Indletments Against former Wardman Barn
In Part I. of tho Genoral Sessions, yesterday,
Judgo New-burger dismissed flvo Indictments
against James Burns, who was a wardman con
nected with the Old Slip police station when
William McLaughlin was Captain there. Similar
Indictments against McLaughlin wero dismissed
several months ngo, nnd tho Polko Commis
sioners later reinstated him es Inspector. Tho
indictments against Burns were tiled while tho
Lexow commiltcu's Investigation was in prog
ress. They charged that BurnB bad accepted
five bribes from different builders.
District Attornoy Olcott's reason for recom
mending tho dismissal of the Indictments wns
that no evidenco was forthcoming to corroborate
the statement of the particular builder who
made the charge.
Shortly after being Indicted Burns loft tho
city, forfeiting the $5,000 ball bond furnished
by Janios Lyons, a Bowery restaurateur.
explosion or TwentyrtTe l'onn4a or Dynamite
t'ard In Dlaatlns on Ibo Clrnrwater Ilallraad.
Old Fonan, N. Y., Dec, 2'.'. Bert Scrafford of
West Berne, Albany county, and Charles Clif
ford, n woodsman, were killed this afternoon by
nn explosion of dynamlto nt Clearwater, whero
thoy were at work with others on tho construc
tion of the Clearwater Railroad.
They wero warming dynamito by an opon firo
for uso in blasting the frozen ground ant throw
ing out stumps. Suddenly thero was nn explo
sion, nnd then tho air wns tilled with flying
earth and purts of the bodies of ScratTordnnd
A aDark had floitrd upon one of tho dynamito
sticks, and twenty-five pounds of tho explosivo
had been touched off at onco. Other workmen
noar by wero thrown down br the force of tho
explosion, but nono was injured.
Dr. Depon Speaks at tbe rareratbrra Day
Banaurt In Wabtnstou.
Washington. Dec. 22. Dr. Cbnuncey M. De
pew spoke to-night at tbo banquet of the Con
gregational Club la tho First Congregational
Cburcb, given In honor of tho anniversary of
tbe landing of the Pilgrim Fathers, known as
"Forefathers' Day."
Among thegucsts wero Justice Uarlin.Justlco
Browcr, Representative. Dlngloy and others. Dr.
Deoew mado u speech repleto with witticisms
and told n number of stories. Other speakers
were the Hon. Webster Davis, Assistant Secre
tary of the Interior, nnd tho Rev. Dr. Wallace
ltnacllffc. Dr. Denewrame from Now York this
afternoon especially to speak at the banquet.
Father or Aunt aotiuardlan fur lonag Kearny.
Judge Hudspeth heard argument in tho
Orphans' Court in Jersey City yesterday on nn
application for the appointment of n guardian
for John Wntts Koarny, Jr., who has been
adjudged an habitual drunkard. Lawyer Wil
liam H.Corbln mado tho application, and asked
that Gen. John Watts Kearny, thoynung man's
father, be appointed. Laner William II,
Sneer, who was engaged by tho Marqulio de
ICenuel, Gon. Kearny a sister, opposed tho ap
plication, and asked that In ctso the court de
cides to nppoint n guardian, tho Macqulso de
Kermel bo appointed. Judge Hudspeth will ap
point a guardian this morning.
Vacbtlnir Xote or Intereai.
F. VS. V., New York. Tbe Zlllde Is tbo fastest ves
sel. K Augustus Schemerbora's steam yacht Frre Lance
was placed out of commlsilnn on Monday afternoon.
She will go Into winter quarters at Oreeuport, L. I.
Gardner A Cox. the naval architects of this city, are
at work on drawings for a US footer for member of
the Larobmont Yacht Club. Triey have alio com
pleted designs for three racing cabin calboats.
The Mamaroneelc Water Company of New York
city yesterday niet with tbe BecrMary of Stale a cer
tirlcate of the Increase of Its capltil stock from S?.V
000 to $500,000. The debts or tbe company amount
Tbe Commercial World Publishing Company of New
York city was Incorporated yesterday, with a canltst
of S4U.0O0, to publish newspapers and transact a
firlntloirand publishing busluess. The directors are
lanlel P. Ulble. Oarrett F. Row, and Herbert Clayton
of New York city.
3Irs. Knma Lewis, wife of Albert Lewi, wbo was
burnrd to death in taa I'rattsburg ja 1 last eck,
committed suicide In tbat vlllaxo on Tuesday utiflit
by taking chloroform.
Tha school census of Long Istan I City sbows 10.048
ehlldrtn or school age. Of this numtwr 0,481 ar
boys and 0,407 girls.
Yes, You Will!
Of course, you will take advan
tage of this Bpecial offering.
You'd be foolish not to for it's
not often thnt you can get a
high grade Gentlemen's Winter
Suit at
These are broken lots of our
$15, $10, $18, $20, and $25
Suits many kinds but not
many of ' a kind. Coats you
nothing to inspect them. The
best, go first.
Cbler Offleer Ileaper or Ihe Bark Marlea
Harris Telia How Bha tTaa Wracked an a
Coral Raerorr Cape Ml. Raantt and Bwt
Crew Was Attacked by Katlrea Rarlt Last.
Chief omcer Hooper nnd three of tho crew of
tho Philadelphia bark Marlon S. Harris, which
was wrecked on a coral reef off CapeBUHoque
on Nov. 10, arrived horo yesterday aboard the
steamer IIovcllus, from Uratlllan ports. Tbo
story thnt Hooper tells is tho first detailed ac
count, of tho wreck that has been rocelved. Tbo
story Is not only of tho wreck, but also of tho
attempt on tho part of South American plratos
to board tho ship after she struck the roof and
to mako away with her cargo.
Tho Harris sallod from Now York for Itlo de
Janeiro on Oct. U. For moro than n month after
sailing tha bark was faorcd by fair winds,
Karly on tho morning of Nov. 10, howevor, ac
cording to Hooper's story, a heavy rainstorm
Botln and tho wind dlod away almost to a doad
calm. With not so much as a puff to fill tho
anils tho bark began drifting to tho southeast.
Karly In tho ovening of Nov, 10 CapL Dasey
realized that unloss a wind sprnng up Boon to
counteract thu forco of tho northwest current,
with which tho ship was drifting, sho would
soon be a wreck on tho shore.
All tho crew had bcon called on deck to bo
ready to sot tho sails In a inomont to any wind
that might carry tho bark out against tbo cur
rent. About 8:30 o'clock, while all bands wero
waiting for tho breeze, tho Harris suddenly
stuck hard and fnst on ono of tho coral reefs
that mako tho paths of ships near tho South
American shore so clangorous. Tho sea began
to break over thu ship, but thorn was no im
mediate danger of her going to ploccs, olllcors
and men decided to BtlcK by her until morning.
Karly the neAtdav CapL DiiBey and a host's
crow nut oil for tho shoro for assistance, llctoro
he rclurned the vessel begnn to breakup and
tbo crew set distress signals in tho rigging.
These weru answered In n short tlmo by about a
scora of tiothcs In small boats. As soon ns
thcsuhoaiHgot near enough the natives, with
drawn kiihcs, attempted to board tho bark.
Seeing what their Intention was, Hooper aays,
ho ordered tho crow lo stand by with revolvers,
mnrllnspikt'g. and ctitlnsi-es. The orders were
not to kill unlcs it wns absolutely necessary.
It was not ncccss-iry to lire a shot in order to
keep the pirates from hoarding tho ship, but it
was necessary. Hooper rmjs, lo break several
heads. This the Yankee sailors did with ncat
ncss nnd despatch lultb the spikes. The hattlo
was kept up until well lu tbo afternoon, wnen
tho natives gave up nnd returned to the shore.
Near evening ('apt. Dasoy returned to the ship
with a lighter, but the ciow refused to endanger
their lives lu nn attempt to savo tha cargo.
Therefore! the bark was abandoned nnd all the
crow wero tnkun olT. Tlicv wero landed at
Natal nnd from thero sent to I'crnambitco,
From thoro Hooper nnd threo nf the crew took
passngu for New York on tho Hevellus. Capt.
Dasey, Hooper says, with others of the crew, re
mained at Natiil to look after the Interests of tbe
owners of tho bark.
Tho Marlon fU Harris was built In 1883 at
Krngcroe, Norway. She wns first named tbo
Linda. A few yo.irs ago sho was bought by a
Philadelphia firm nnd her name was changed.
She was of -IKt tons burden.
Epstein Bald lln Could Sot Uet Work In Ilia
Apalosjr Tor Taking lllo Lire.
After two unsuccessful attempts to end his
lifo with morphine, Edwin J. Knstcln took a
futal doo of. chloral in a room in the Mills
Hotel in Ulccckcr street yesterday. Ho was
discovered unconscious by a hotel cmployoo
and died later In .St. Vincent's Hospital. He
left an open letter, dated Dec. 18, saying that
lack of work cnttsed hlm to kill himself. Parts
of It wero ns follows:
"Tho end has' como. Tho struggle was too
uneven. A career Is ended which had every
prospect of helm; n brilliant one. A man in
tbo priuio of life must die who has everything
to Uvu for, nnd ct ho cannot prevent it. It
(-corns almost iiutcdiblo that a man born and
bred in tho city of Now York, of good family,
enjiniug nn education far abovo tho in erase,
speaking set urnl;forign languages, should tlnd
it absolutely luinossibla to obtain employment
of any kind. Will any ono believe It I No!
My education was tho source of infi
nite pleasure whcn;I was prosperous, moving in
the best society, Ac. Hut to bo used as a means
of securing employment It is useless. Any
man who can rend or write that is ordinarily
bright bus, equal chances with inc.
There, therefore, remains but tho Btcp
which I nm about to take. Without money I
must starve. Without employment 1 cannot
make money. 1 cannot oxpect assistance from
nnv source whntcver that would bo of material
and lasting beneilt. My friends havo dis
appeared." Toward the end of his apology for taking his
Ufa tho sulclilo nsked to novo sovcrnl letters
ho had written forwarded'to their different ad
dresses. Ono was uddressed to Solomon Ot
tcnheliucr of 5I Kast Klgliticth Btreet, whom
ho clcscribo.l ns his undo. Mr. Ottcnhclmer
could not bo seen Inst ovening.
Kpstcln hud lived nt tho Mills Hotel about
threo weeks under tho namo of Krving. Ho
hnd not formed uny ncqiinlntanccs there, and
thu pollro hnd not been ablo to learn anything
about his former lifo tip to a late hour last
'Rfra. Sharp V Fourth Attempt at Suicide
I'lovea Huccnsarul.
Josephine Schnfcr wns found dead In tho bath
room other borne at Mil Fifth avenue yester
day morning, of asphyxiation by gas which
cscapod from an open burner to which she had
fastened a rubber tuba leading to bor mouth.
Sho lived wllh Capt. Frederick Sharp, who Is
employed by the Merrltt Wrecking Company,
nnd sho was called Mrs. Sharp bv most of the
tenants In tho house. Aftor her death tho Cap
tain told Detectives Dodsnn and Kennedy that
tbo woman wns not his wife. Kdwnrd Munson,
u cousin of Sharp, called nt tho Iioubo on Tues
day night, and ho nnd tho Captain took Mrs.
Schafcrtoa theatre. Sho was ill on tho way
home nnd dr.tnk somo stimulants.
Sho had tried threo times lieforo to kill iier
sclr, once by drowning nt Coney Island and
twice by gas, Capt. Sharp told the polico.
Where Tosterdny'a Plrea Were.
A. V. 12:33, 3SI Grand street. Epliralm (trlnspan.
damnce trifling; 2::t0, .100 Cherry street, Frank
Levlnr, no dam.u'ci 3:tr, 2211 Hast Ninety-fifth street,
Morris Wnrofhlll and others, damage (2,(100; (I10.
44:1 Manhattan uremic Margaret Miller, damage
!.'!. 3:3 ln.lWest I'orty.nlntli stri-e t, .T. E.lgsr.
dsinaKe 1200; 4:211, 03 Attorney street, David Itusch,
datnsd- Irlfllutf 1 5:U. ') West Tlilrtr-.lxlh street, L.
Stanley, ilanmgo trltllniti 7:10, 87 Tvnth sremiH,
Oniric Peters. da-nas 311I1 N;0, 207 Madison
s'rrpt, David Item 'It In and nthnrs, damage f'tOOi
10:13, ou James street, t'o'er Alleinamllti, damage
Tiffany & Co.,
Union Square.
Open Evenings
until Christmas.
usVrarrirKxfEKNAir amMsfEKKAL remedies
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JmlnrsFl br Nw York anil 1'blUiclpbla Doarda of
Health. lea ling iil.jmtcUtis, fto-l 11,000 teaUmonlfcli.
Tt. icrtateit Ulilufmant and Kcrm dm troy en.
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trototiffCnmme.TlalCnn.panr. iso. MSoutUUroad it.,
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Fu ntts FfN eFurnTture.
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Tbo Hnapanalon or as Irish-merle Union
Italsoa the Rare Issue.
The race lssuo In tho brow-cre' unions lias
been stnrtod by tbo miscellaneous section of
tho Central Labor Union, which has susticnilctl
tho RiiIkMs of Ijxbor browcrs, known ns tho
United Ilreurrs' Association. Tho rcai-on for
tho tusnension was thnt tbo United llrcnors'
Association had fnllcd to drop from Its roll of
membership four delinquent members of
Browc's' Union No. 1,
Tho members of the United nrcwers' Asso
ciation nro nearly all Irish-Americans, while
Hrowcrs' Union No. 1 Is composed principally
of Germans, anil thero Is a Rood deal of rlvnlrr
between tho two unions. osterday the mem
bers of both said thnt tho troublo was not
over vet. Tho Irish-American lirovtcrH bny
that tno miscellaneous section acted arbitrar
ily becauso tho union is not 11 (lermnn ono, On
tho other hnnd, tbo members of the Herman
union cbartro that tho Irish-Americans fnllcd to
drop tho four delinquent members out of jeal
ousy of tbo ficriiiaus. The United Brewers'
Association will enter a protest airulnst Its suspension.
The Called Carsaeat U'erliara Want ta Make
the XIoTiimeat Wallonal.
Meyer Bcbocnfelil, lender of tho Itrotherhood
of Tailors, has bocn commissioned by the United
Garment Workers to visit nil tho larito cities,
beginning on Jan. 1, to agitato far the abolition
of contractors in the clotblna trado In 1000.
Tho Brotherhood of Tailors has already de
cided to rcfuso to work for contractors or mid
dlemen on and after Jan. 1. 1000. but the United
Onrment Workers, with whom tho Jlrolherho'xl
of Tailors Is atllllated, want to lunke the move
ment a national one. Hehornfeld will visit
Chicago, Baltimore, Boston, ItochcsUr, l'lilla
delpbia, and other cities Hliluto aro centres of the
olothlng trado.
The body fouad In Jamtlca Hay at aqueduct, I.. I
nn Tuesday wai litrntlflM yesterday na that of Hugo
KovalevatK)-, a saloon keeper Qof 4'J1 i-ast Main
airt-et, Thu atitojy showed that bo died of heart
din ate.
Judgments nf atwolnti dlrorc were granted In
tbesa rases yriterday: Dy Jmtlco Ueacli, to A. la llom
from Charles A. Huux.anil tuCheva Itaueb from SUx
Tb Charity Orfailratlon Kcelely aeknotvledcrs
thrt followim; ad tlilonal contribution In reione to
lis recent appeal in I elialf of an elderly Kreni.li ud t
"A.I." aau ( II C." Mrachi "H. il. I,," A. M.
H," "Cash." "II It.." Mrs. Wind. Id Feoti. 5 rsihi
Mia. Knnlyre U barker aud "II, u K" a:inihiK.
Otaal, J. T. Iiunuall, sad " Aunrtle." 4a In "J A.
II." and "M E. M.," at aaeh, hufflcirnt inoury for
this case baa now bojn rectlrtd. V
gLai, .....-.;. rii. .wtj . -i.. - ,
ju.tt.g n I
fiSephoning f
saves much
24pOOO I
I" Telephones in aotual umo l ' ti
in Now York Olty. 1 f
ISDeySt. 952 Broadway. lI5W.3SthSt. I i
I'al" miklnaon llolibed. Jk
Dali.ar, Tox,, Dec. 'J'J. James Wilkinson, JjF,
known In sportlni; circles nil over tbo United &E
States as Pat Wilkinson, and regarded as tha M
possessor of more ready money than any other ffl)
man in Dallas county, was robbed last night of Vf
V'J.OOO in cnsli and niher valuables worth aa S
much. Burglars entered his liomc, 'J'JO Kouth ,M
Krvay street. Tbo Money taken wns rent colleo- ug
tious and saloon receipts received after banklnir Jm
hours yestcrdn), 'MA
Gout and Rheumatism. ; i
Gout is well recoijnized as aris-
Ing from excess of uric acid in JK
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the Carlsbad Waters. Jft
Dr. Lustifr, of Teplitz, issued a fo
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