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I I v ' i in li I miT -1 til ' i- i ill i 1 i.iil,! inn , 111 I Ii 'I ' i in . i. I mm-mmmm Fa
I abon and bad thinoh in moit'B
I Calient Vun mm Clerrr Artlnc tint with
n laniitnl nmntti nn Inarllitlo Coslumts
(I In "The IloIInt Clrl"-. rantoralme by
'1 Marionettes otr r I ho Foreign ttnse.
!J Klord E. Rice has an nbl'llntr confltlenco In
I tug amusing valuo of a qumlrlllo d&ncod by
alRht women who itrng up their skirts nml show
their stockings. Ho puts It Into ovory succoocl
lntr production with n nMro belief In Us sura
i success. "W'honlntloulitplay nnlmmotleitquail
rllle" Is his motto. He writes music (or It, or
i such An aocompanltnont as tho noisy, tunoicss
tj tuiu-a-tura w h'ch the orchostra'bnngcd out w hllo
Uio elicht v omenManeoil on Tuesday night. Tho
, apoctntora sat quietly tlirounh this performance
and porhaps somo of thorn trlod to computo tho
II umber ot times It had bocn ofTorod beforo In
H aucctaclos, muslo hnlls, burlesques, ai d other
y form of theatrical diversions Mr. Itlco must
n hare hoard somewhere that quadrilles aro not
tlio latest device In since tlaiiolntr, but ho seems
to tmvo forgotten that fart. "Tho llallot alt),"
j.1 txlien n full hour of Its dialogue has been cut
U out, will bo qultr ns tleter us "Tlio rrenob.
gMl Ulold." Comparing tho first performances of
ff j tho two, tho ndvnntneo lies considerably with
I Tho llallot Girl." A thief value of "The Girl
IK from I'arls'' camo ftom Louis Mann's antics un
(V dor (lis Inspiration of bad smell. Tlicro was
il timer .ictln in Hint piece, too, by Joseph
, III Herbert and Clara I.lpmnn, but thoro were)
a jl inor.i arid stroll lies of dulncss In that
ft 11 I.itxo on Its first night than in "Tho
V 1,1 llallot UlrL" Thu later play has no such
rnroporscmil liuniuriis Mr. Mann and Mr. Her-
1. 1 I'erl Drought to "Tho Klrl from Paris." Edounrd
II . ojolsth best of tho actors now at the Mcnbat-
I A tan, and the surprlso ot that comes from till
1 At fact that ho is quite unknown In this country.
If David Lythgoo Is an oxcoptlonally agreeablo-
lf looking hero of musical farco and sings consld-
J orably bettor than tho majority of them do.
J Jioulso Hornor is acceptablo, and Frederick Sol-
Aw ' oinon does a littlo part wall. Th re is an ab-
U bunco ot humor In tho rest of tho comedians,
una Thomas Hlckotts, in particular, does littlo
to add to tho fun of tno evening, Thore Is a
painful lack ot comeliness In the women of tho
chorus. It is customary to dismiss tho cos-
tumor in a plav with a few perfunctory words.
I,, Tho result of that Is the bad costuming that is
f I ornuionly offered to-day in New York. In
b fl xory fow cases is It artistic, but ra-ely is It so
erude, flashy, and tawdry ns In "Tho Pallet
n I tlirl." In tho socond act thoro aro a half dozen
jL U pairs of palo pink and purple bloomors that
i n must have beon designed by the manager's bit.
Ml torest enomy. 'lho colors throughout tho even-
II lng evroro Ht one another so loudly that they
l.U must bo audlblo out In Broadway. Mor of
III I' irltteal atttntlon to tho costuming and somo
' I I thing besides kindly compllm nt would soon
I tiring the Now York stnge in that respect up to
1 tho standard of 1ondon and Paris, lint such
ft tolectlan as those of "Tho llallot Old" aroox-
j 1 c ptlonitl in tliolr lnck of any artistic quality.
I I 'Xhoy are, moroocor, ctt cheap in texture.
I I Tho story of "Tho Hnfiot Girl" Is lively and
ill ,i interesting. Iho nones aro good. There 111
J )' Ihj, with Increased action, plenty of fun and
if harm in the piece. It was not ready for pro-
h duction on tho first night, and tho dances, In
ti particular, suffered from n lack of preparation.
II it was a quarter to It! o'clock beforo tho per
m formanco ended. Hut with tho necessary corn
Ill I presslon, "Ihe llnllet Girl" will bo as amusing
l( VI "' anT English musical farco that Mr. Itlco has
jSJ Y I ever given to us, barring "Tho Girl from Paris."
IHfll Tho Kdon Musoo has a form of Christmas
IV i) Pantomime that "ill flourish here or anywhere
V I where thero are children fo be amused. It Is a
W hlond of "Bluebeard" and "Hu pty-Dumpty,"
(ff and is played In TIll's roarlonetto theatre.
It Thero Is a playbill In wblcb tho actors' names
9 nro Beech, Elm, Staple, and Birch, and in which
ft tho supernumeraries are ot tho Wood family.
JH After theso is a synopsis of JIumptu-Dumptv'
In experiences, which aro 'V. lthout exception of a
I n iinluf ul sort. If ho sticks his hoaa out of a win-
yjl ilow the sash is sura to descend and Imprison
M him. If ho tries to run away with some sau-
fl sagos, they stretch out to tho width of the stago
unci then act as n rope by which tho unfortu
9 nnte is jerked back and slammed against a
B wall. His trials with a donkey aro bono break-
tng, for tho mil nml kicks his master and then
draws his cart over him. Ills gamo of see-saw
sonds btm flying skjward, and after he has
m licon out of sight fully a half minute., ho drops
'J ( hack with a bang. Ills concluding trial Is with
( J n song, and while singing he Is showered with
',1 brickbats, boxes, and barrels. lilucbeard'a
I J J tdoodthlrstliioss Isn't exploited, and the old sav
in I '"ie 'B mMio to do a ligntsome jig beforo ho is
II I lUBmltsed, but thero is ono grucsomo item In
ill tho visit of a skoloton to Jlumptu-Oumptv. It
(1 ilancos. falls apart and dances in sections, and
i It Anally drawn together and sent off waltilncr.
II Jlumplu-Dumptv's wooden shivers aro sulll-
H clcntlr unreal, howover, to keep tho most sentl-
(k live jnungatcr from being frlghtoncd, and
m ihlldren And tho affair a merry business.
k! b Tommaso Sahlnl mado his first appearance
I after a retirement of threo years at a perform-
! nnco In aid of a monument to Modena In Flor-
1 enco. He acted with Noolllln "Tho Civil
H Heath" and was rccelvod with great cnthusl-
I asm. He dclhorod an address on the life and
$&. character of Modena.
Henry Irvlng's pet dog fell through a trap
Hj door and was killed. Simultaneously comos
fUJ the equally distressing news from Paris that
fiH Jano Hading has been sold out and compnllcd
Ip to dibposo of her pet dog's collar for the mlscr-
fl i ble sum of $1,000. Ihus is Sir Honry boroft
W) ii, his dog, while Mme. Hading still has hers,
but Is compnllcd to viow it collarlcsi. Sarub
I llernhardt tows ulio Is in deadly terror of a
VI woman who wauts to throw ltrlol nt her, and
ftl Mme. Ilejane, evidently light hearted, has had
HfMf her photograph taken skipping tborooo for her
UHji children's amusement.
R1 Paris has lately seen two clays based on
u economic questions. One was glion by An-
SW tolne, and that Is not diftlcnlt to understand;
jig but thut tho Hcnaissance, under tho direction
ml uf tho most famous French actress of tho day,
w hhould hao given a socialistic drama Is far
lnuro unutiual. Una of theso works was aleo
acted at tho Ainhlgu, the' homo of melodrama. It
lulled promptlv. Hut "The ileal of tho IJon,"
by r rancols do Curoh.mado a great artistic suo-
c uss In splto of tho fuct that 't was more of a
buruion tlmu a play. Its duvulopmeut was ac-
LOtnplUhod chictly through dialoguo, which was
n debate between a Ho ialist und a man with
Slither ideas as to the Improvement ot Urn raco.
It concluded with the murder of the socialistic
.) y'ount, whose methods of helping his fellow men
'I were not understood. Hnrali llernhnrilt's new
kl driara 'Tho Had Peasants" was undoubtedly
" luggcstcd by llauptmunn't "Iho Weavers,
a. , which r.as nlrcadv bcon actod In Paris.
J) I It Is a l enlist Ic study of poverty among tho
IT lower classes. Tlicro in little or no story In
K thu drama, judgod by tho synopsis sent to this
cu'liitr). It seems a mere succession of pic
9 turc'B. which llnd their climax In the fast
SI Bcene of death and misery. Taking tjarah Bern
jMl liardl as the leader ot tho French stacr, it 1b
Ijlll Interesting to contrast Her adtnuco with that
xTtW "t bir Henry Irving, who has never shown that
II he has tho slightest sympathy with any lntlu
Y I unco of tho drama newer than tho class of plays
u in which ho gained his 11 rat successes n. tne
I I.rccum. This, of course, doos not refer to tho
Hlmkcsuoarcnn performances thoro. Just at
m I Iirencnt ho Is lircparlng "Petor the Great,"
ri which must be, from tho frequent delays in Its
nl .piodiiction, a most cluborato work In tno mat-
I ft trrs of carpentry and upholstery, Sarah Hern-
111 hardt has recently shown a greater sympathy
am with thu )ouug playwrights and tho newer
uchools of dramatic writing than uny other
iF porson In her eminent place.
I George Kngols, tho comedian who artod hore
f ut the Irving Pluco two seasons ago, has writ-
i I ten a cniuedj. Ills llrst work. "Iho Chasto Su-
I Lunnnh." nill soon be glvon in Ilcrlln, wbero
lio Is the iniiHi papular of comic actors.
ill Mario (iiUtinger Is closing u notablo career
ltl liail.ctkall). Mm has lately been playing in
l; Vltiinii, and will coon liu heard at tho Winter
w', (iiirdo , ii Ilcrlln music hull. Mho Is II!) ) oara
1 ' ii d, A wommi nskiil her in Vienna It it were
J'. Iruo thai nit rcall Iber ngc. "If it Is,"
T; I io u piled, "I tuui' tno distim Hon ot being
mi tin iinl.i suubrctti' on tho stage that old,"
; Miss Anna Held, uhojo ingageiuent was to
B Iiiiki closed in xt MituiJity night, has been en
H I JhoJ fur an iidiiltlun.il weeknt Kustor.fc Dial's.
Sjr.v;. ,sj;ui:t''.s it,as.
KUn lnrU with llannspr lllrirhbers and Mar
lliti lilii tu lli'iiiuln lu Amrrlca.
Mme, Marcclla Somhrlch, In splto of rumors
to tho contrary, has mado no arrangements to
roturn to Kuropo, an I it Is nut jet settled that
IB, Ii'r en; igc-moiits In bin 1'ranclsco will bo
iVM Kivcn up. It is nut llkch thut slio will go
IS there, ! ha severed jcsicrda) all business
Ti? lol.illona with II, M Hirsthhcrg, who
Ui 'IIV' iic" 'lur ""u'l-rcr- Mme. rfcintirlch and
IdSl Mr. Hlrschbcrg ugned Unit their mutual In
jSjl torosts wiiulil ho better scried if they sop-
AN) rl' '' fi'' ls nt I"'""'"1- uniloi engage-
ly. incut to slug at tho AsturU next Monday
V' iiisin.ng, and nt th? Frcundschnft Club
T next .Siliir.liiy ovening, bho will appear
fK in "The llirbcr of Sovlllo," condensed
I f.i, theso oeinsious. For her own services
jB she reccl oi IJl.lIJU, and tho siiue amount will
iW ljo paid in her on Jan 1, when she slugs with
ijK 'lluo'o i 'Ihniuiis sonhestra at Chtrngu.
V Mmu uuilirih's futuro ilaus aro unsettled.
fit Mio ha leeuivud un olf r from utiu impresario,
IW viiio lit guuiuiitocd hor lfi.OiM) for ten con-
Kit ioit la lliu sjiring, b gliuilug In April mid
V liilliik- In I lie lillildlu of Ma), and
14 H.O(H) fur twelve com oris toeoiumeiue noxt
V iipi i b, A iiroinlnenl llrm nf muiiiigcrs Is now
A titu ..l.itin- ".Hi hu. foi a luur of this country
next rear and possibly for the rest ot tho pres
ent season. Just which ot theso propositions
she will accept, if any, has not yet beon decldod,
Mmu, Sombrlch's tour has up to tho tlmo
of hor last appearance proved a success,
and it was only her lack of acquaint
ance with American mothods that led
her to feel like returning to Europe Sho
thought that it would be possible to make a so
rlcsot appearances here In opera at the Metro
politan, and la disappointed to Und that, tinder
the circumstances, such a soason is practically
impossible. Since hor arrival In New York she has
rorelvod by cable offers to sing in Gormany,
Austria, nnd Hussla, amr, ns an answer must bn
sent to theso by Jan, IS, sho will arrango hor
plans by that time,
A, 11. Ilummol completed the details of hor
separation from Mr. Hlrschberg. nnd nl present
Prof. V llhelm Stcngol, her husband, Is looking
after Mme. Sembrlch's business affairs.
ntiAxit niTn tins, .roiixsox.
tilln O'Cannell. a Maiden Friend r Ike Dece
dent, Ttstinrs In the Will Conine,
While the contest over tho will of Mrs. Mary
Johnson wnged by her cousins was progressing
In the Surrogate's Court yesterday a complaint
was Died In the Supreme Court In an action to
partition tho cstato ns If she had left no will.
The will left most of tho estate, which exceeds
halt a million dollars, to Catholic Institutions
and to the Rev. James W. Power, pastor of All
Saints' Roman Catbollo Church. The new ac
tion Is brought by Charles Shlrloy and Timothy
Donovan, cousins of tho deceased, and they
name nil the other thlrty-threo cousins and the
executors and beneficiaries undor tho will as de
fendants. They say that tho rents aro bolng
colloctcd by Daniel J. Quintan, ono of tho exoo
utors under tho will, nnd thoy demand that a
rccolrer be appointed to oare for the estato
pending tho suit.
It Is alleged that Mrs. Johnson was of unsound
mind when sho made her will, and that it was
procured from her by tho undue Influence and
fraud of Fathor Powor, Peter Condon, and her
servant, Mary Kelly, ono or all, nnd by other
persons unnamed. Mrs. Johnson died on March
10 last. Her will was executed April 25, 18110,
and there was a codicil executed tho day of her
In the Surrogate's Court Miss Abby O'Con
nell testified yostorday for tho proponents ot
tho will. Sho said sho had known Mrs. Johnson
forty-nlnoycars,and had been hor confidant. She
tostlflod that Mrs. Juhnson had told heron sov
eral occasions that she would not leave her roln
tUes a five-cent piece.
Q Did she over express any opinion about
herrelatlvcsT A. Indeed, shodld. Tho Friday
before sho died sho said sho'd beat Mrs. Healy,
her own Qrst cousin. If sho over came Into tho
On cross-examination the witness was asked
by David McCluro for tho contestants:
Q.Dld I understand you to say that you are
Mrs. O Conncll t A. You did not. I am Miss
a regular old maid.
"Now you have a foeman worthy of your
steel." said Frederlo R, Coudert, for the pro
ponents. " Yes. ho has." said tho witness, drawing her
eelf up in an nagresslve way.
Q. Is It true that Mrs. Johnson occasionally
drank a littlo t A. Mr. Johnson never In
dulged in Intoxicating liquors. Sho took a glass
of beer, wine, or brandv occasionally.
Q.Dld you join her I A. I can leave It alone.
Q.Dld you leave It alone t A. No, sir; I took
a glass of beer.
Q. Did you ever hear her called Crasy Mary I
A. Never. She said her people said she was
crazy. Thoy wanted her money.
The witness said that Mrs. Johnson frequently
complained that sho did not get her rents or a
monthly statement from Lawyer Condon. When
sho needed money she would ask him for It.
Q. Did she say anything about the Catnarlne
street property I A. Sho said that sho had
given It to Lawyer Condon: that he wished her
to give If to htm in her will, nnd It would pay
him for all his trouble. Next day she was crazy
about It.
Q. Did she say anything about Condon charg
ing her commissions t A. Sho said ha charged
her commissions for everything.
Q.-DId sho exhibit feeling t A. You bet sho
did. She used a couple of little words.
Q. What were they I A. Why the hell don't
ho give me my statements, and sho called him
a name.
A few days beforo her death she told tho wit
ness that she had given the Market street prop
erty to Father Power becauso ho had beon a
good friend to hor. The case went over until
Conneetlens bj Wblcb tb Chimes at Ot.
Patrick' Are to De Burnt Mot Vet Coniplctsd.
The Angelus, which is to be rung three times
a day on the new chimes of St. Patrick's Ca
thedral, will not bo heard at Christmas, and It
Is likely that it will be two or threo months be
foro the bells will be heard. They havo bocn
in placo in the north tower of tno cathedral for
BOtue tlmo. Tho dolay occurred In putting In
the necessary connections by moans of which
they are to bo rung.
Wires havo to bo brought down 180 feet to
the main floor of tho cathedral, where tho bells
aro rung by means of a koyboard. Nineteen
stone boxes are jot to bo put In, ono below each
bell, to hold tho working mechanism nnd pro
vent Hro from tho elcctrlo connections. Tho
Intention is to have an automatic keyboard
which will ring the bells regularly for tho An
gelus nnd also allow- them to bo rung at will.
Tho contract for this work has not )ot been
given out. Several firms have offered bids
for it.
This sot of bells was mado in the foundry of
George and Francii Paccnrd. which is over 300
years old, the oldest of its kind in France. Each
boll Is dedicatod to a saint. Tho largest, St.
Pntrlck's, weighs 7,000 pounds andwns paid
for by tho subf criptlons of mombers of the par
ixh. Tho next four, St. Elizabeth's. St. Anno's,
St. Cecilia's, and St. John's, w clgh 4.700 pounds
each, and tho rest vnry In slzo down to 300
pounds. Except tho largest, each bell was
given by an Individual or by a religious society.
Tbe ralnral Pllcht or Philip Miller In an As
toria Boa.
Philip Miller, 10 years old, of 310 West
Twenty-slxtb street, delivers goods for R. II.
Macy&Co. Ho and the driver of the wagon,
William Kont, while on their way to delh or a
packago on Stelnway avenue on Monday night
a little after 7 o'clock, drovo along the shore
road at Astoria. As they did not know tho
roads there very well, Miller Inquired the way
of a man who was passing. Ho advised him to
leave tho wagon in chargo of tho driver ana
make a Bhort cut across what appeared to be an
open field. Miller took the advice.
Ho had gone probably threo or four hundred
yards through some tall grass, when bo plunged
almost to his knees Into a hog. As bo floundcrod
about in the darkness, seeking for firm ground,
he sank deeper and deeper into tho soft mud
until ho was Imbedded almost to his shouldors.
His cries for help wero not heard by Kent. As
tho water nnd mud wero like Ico, ho quickly be
cuino so uiimb that he could hardly cry out.
Kent awaited his roturn for over an hour.
Then, thinking that something was wrong, he
sought for assistance. Failing in this, ho re
turned to bis wairnn, and at length fell uslecp.
At 10 o'clock Mllferwas foiinn by four men,
who rescued him with a boat. Ho was taken
back to the wagon nnd drivou to tho Astoria
pollco station, vvlioro bo was thavvodout and
sent home.
rvssir a.ivsps A Ft he.
Mrs. HcCaulry's Mark at Upsets a Msbtrd
l.timp and la Mlnsed.
Alighted kerosenooil lamp which Mrs. Ann
McCauley of SOU Huron street, Greonpoint, left
burning on the kitchen tnblu when she went to
bed on Tuesday night, was upset early yester
ilnv morning by a black cat. Tho lamp ex
ploded, and, besides burning tho cat, set lire to
tho premises. Mrs. McCaulov was awakened
by thocraBh, and with thonsslstiinco of neigh
bors put out tho Arc, Damugo t'jfj.
Hubert mi lien no.
Miss Anno Van Cleef Itcnne and William
Harris Robertson wero married last night at tho
homo of the bride's pnronts, Mr, nnd Mrs. Will
iam II ltmnc, 7-1 WcstlOlstBtroot. by the Rev.
Dr. Francis f tho ItlverBldo Baptist Church.
Miss Anna Froy was maid of honor. There
were no brldesmaldsor ushers. John Kobcrlson
aitrdas best man for his brother. Only rela
tives and intimate friends wero present.
( mnlc Opera Compuiu' I'nct.
Tnnv, Dec. 'J'J. fonstablo HucMnghan, on n
writ of nttaihincnt, has seized the properties of
'"Ihe Walking Dologato" Comic Opera Com
pany to B.itUfy a baaid bill ot irS'J.40 hold by
Hlgglns & Law Is, nroprli-tors of the ltuvere
House To satisfy tlio claim Manager Aloxun
der Coinstock uf thu connmio gave the hotel
men a bill of Bile of the ilfectH uf tho inuirrn.
"Tue Walking Dologato" Is from Boatou. It
uppearcd ut Rand's Opuru Houso last Monday
Julia Marions III,
Cincinnati, O , Doc 'i'i. Julia Marlowe, who
has been unable to open her engngoment hero
this week on account of illness, 1ms heendirocted
bv hei phjslclaii to cancel hor engagements for
Iho uuxl twowtcksat least, Bho bus a had cold,
with ni'ilailiil inmpllciitloiis. Sho will return
to her homo in New York us soon ns sho is able,
una remain lUuia until sho has recovered.
CLiuaisa niinvssvD.
Mrs. LIBIA Deverrux lllnkr Trlls or the Pros-
ress or Woman's linlrnnchlsement Mrs.
Prlicllla D. llnekalHlT Hot the Pilgrim
Mothers llad a Clrnlm fur Heir-BOnrement,
Two hundred adherents ot tho cause ot
woman's suffrage gathered at tno Waldorf
Astoria yesterday and spent the afternoon lis
tening to encouraging speeches from their lend
ers. The ev ent was tho annual pilgrim mothers'
dinner and was hold by tho Woman SufTrago
Loaguoot this city. The sentiments expiessed
In responses to toasts would Indlcatethatwoman
sufirago has advanced in tho last year to a de
greo littlo suspected by selfish man. Tho news
was rccolvcd by the rank and fllo with hand
clappings, tho waving of handkerchiefs, nnd
much glcaful laughtor. The fow men who gained
admission to tho dinner sat in a gallery and ap
plauded, too, but no one paid any attention to
them. It was a woman's afternoon, and tho sole
prlv liege ot tho men who strayed In was to look
on and say nothing.
Mrs. Llllle Dovoroux Blake, tho President ot
the league, presided nnd made tho address of
wolcomo. Sho said:
"I wolcomo you nil this afternoon to tho an
niversary ot tho pilgrim mothers. Of course.
It's tho annlvorsary of tho pilgrim fathers, too,
butwe'ronot celebrating them. Tboy'vo bocn
sufficiently lnudcd in tho past. Recently lhcard
a man speak of tho fathers as the progenitors
of tho race, just ns though tbe sacrifice and the
loving care and devotion ot tho pilgrim mothers
counted for nothing at all. It is tho women who
will have to rescuo from oblivion the names of
AnuBrowstor, Roso Standlsh, and others, and
you can be very suro wo will bring them back
when It comes our turn to writo history.
"This Is an auspicious period in tho history
ot our country, particularly to those who livo In
this vicinity. We stand on the vorgo of the
wedding of Miss Brooklyn and Mr. Now York.
Strangely enough, though, this is a wedding
whoro tho brldo rotalns hor name, whllo tbe
bridegroom changes his. It will utlll be Brook
lyn ovor tho river, but wo'll bo Manhattan,
Just think of living In a placo tho first threo
letters ot whoso name spoil ' man.'
" Tho appro-ichlng consolidation of women's
clubs, I bellovo, Is going to w ork a groat deal of
good for tho future-. Ihavcdono some Investi
gating of Into and cvon I havo been amazed nt
tho growth of Interest in women's clubs. The
flrsi demand made for woman's rights was mado
In 1818 at Seneca alls by our honored loader,
Mrs. Elizaboth Cadv Stanton. This winter
when wo celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of
the work we will pass the first milestone on tbe
path to success. And what have wo dono In
that time for woman's enfranchisement t Some
may say In their ignorance, ' Not much.' Well,
we'vo got suffrage In four States in tho Union
and partial suffrag o in twenty-tbreo others.
"Thero may bo some here this afternoon who
are opposed to woman suflrnge; thero maybe
somo who are Indifferent to It. How they can
be cither, in view of what it has accomplished
for women, I do not know. When tho work be
gan thero was not a collrgo or u profession open
to women, and tho announcement that a woman
would make a public address would have been
greeted with ridicule. Just think of tbatl
"It was tho advocates of our cause who
brought about tho change. Thy clamored at
the doors ot tho colleges until women were ad
mitted. They opened up tbe professions to our
sex nfteryears of persistent effort. Thoy worked
on with indomltablo energy until thoy revolu
tionized the position ot woman in tbe land. The
fact that we are hero today is a fruit of their
labors. Such a meeting as this could not have
been posslblo fifty years ago, when the only
placo that Lucrctia Molt could And to make an
address in was n carpenter shop.
"And so tho work will go on until we have
gained all that we want. Iho men havo not
been so very bad to ub, after all, but thoy must
glvo vrav as our causo advancos. There should
be no hesitation on their part, for as women
riso men must inev Itatily rise, too. As tho poot
said: 'It is eternnl woman that leads us up
ward and onward.""
Miss Annio S. Peck, well known as a moun
tain climber In this countrv and Europe, re
sponding to tho toast "On tho Heights," said:
"You villi hear It said among thoso of expe
rience that it takes courage to tackle tho Mat
terhorn, wbero thirteen novo already perished
and the slightest false step may send you to In
crease tbe number. It seems to mo that it Isa
far more terrlf)ing thing to face this audience
ot Intellectual women and miikcn speech.
"You have asked mo to tell you something
about mountain climbing. It takes n sound
heart, strong lungs and a steadv head to nscend
the snow mountains like Mont Blanc or Orizaba
in Mexico. But to tackle the Matterhorn re
quires oven more. Abov c nil things Is tho steady
head necessary. Ono must never get dizzy, must
be able to stand on tho very brink of precipices
without Quailing, and must l'.uv o tho strength to
do Uftecn hours' walking in ono da). The
strength required is not so much, though, us to
bar out woman. Some very remarkable featsof
mountain climbing hav c bocn dono by women In
tho past: moro remarkable ones will be done In
the future
"I have been asked to explain the difference
between mountain climbing in Mexico nnd in
Switzerland. In the AIDS tbe requisites aro
more of a gymnast io character. One has to per
form such muscular feats as going hnnd over
hand to reach nccessnry places. If ono has no
fear It le a most exhilarating pastime.
"In Mexico the sound lianrt nnd lungs count
tho most. When I climbed to tho top of Orizaba
I rodo up 14,000 feet, spent tho night In u cavo,
and started out nfoot tho next morning. At
first it was possible to go seventy feet without
halting, hut later we could scarcely do slxtcon
feot, while toward tho end wo sank down ex
hausted at overy step. Threo mon started out
to mako tho climb with mo. Ono quit nt the
cave, another at 1:30 o'clock, whllo tho third
continued to tho end with mo, Tho pleasures of
mountain climbing aro great, moro so in tho
Alps than in Moxico. Tho principle pleasure of
Orizaba is bolng nblo to sa,'I'vo done it.'
Howover, I recommend tho tiractlco to you all
nsamoitoxhilarallng nistlmo."
Mrs. Prlscilla D. Hackstafl responded to tho
toast. "Woman's Inspiration Then and Now,"
Sho said in part:
"Somo time ago I heard an address on tho
subject of tho patriotism and courage of the
Pilgrim mothers, and I asked mj self afterward
what inspired these Christian women to Iho
deeds tboi performed I It could acarcely bo
said to be patriotism and love of country, when
thoy had just turned their backs on tho only
country thoy bad over known. I looked far
down into tlio henrts of tho Pilgrim mothers,
nnd I found in every one of them a certain
talent, amounting In somo to genius. It was a
genius for self cffaccmcnt and for sclf-sncrlflcc.
nnd I knew then that Hint was what iniplicd
these women. It was their lovo of liberty, of
honest lives, of thoir children. It led to patriot
ism then; It Is lending to It to day,
"Ibelievo that tho genius nf womon has de
scended from tho Pilgrim mothers of centuries
ago to the Pilgrim mothers of to-rta), and Is
bclngshown by them ns thoy go blazing their
way through thu fields of prejudice, clearing tlio
way for tho women of future generations, linmo
Is as dour to women to da ns It was In lll'ju,
when the mothers enmo hero for religious lib
erty. Homo Is tho Inspiration of tlio women
vvlio to da go forth nnd enduio contumely and
aspersion for tho snko of pollthal liberty.
"The woman of the present day takes all hu
manltv to tier heart, mid nothing that is human
Is foreign to her. What olenitis woman ni'ics
sarily elevates man. He is side by sldo with her
and cannot get aw 115."
Other spuakers wero Mrs Citherlno Cunning
hnm, Mrs. Cornelia K. Hood, and MUs Harrietts
A. lie) aer.
Newark's Ulsbonrit Miscount Clerk ItrllFTod
from n l.nna Ntrntn.
Discount Clerk Julius A. Brose, of the Stnto
Banking Company of Newark, pleaded guilty In
tho First Criminal Court of that city jesterday
morning to two charges ot emlcz.lcincnt, Ono
was for -00 nnd tho other for130. How us
sent to tho county Jail soon afterward. Hrnso
expressed r lief to one of thndetcctlvos, saving
that tho elrain undor wnlch he had been living
tor two cars was becoming unbearable.
Ho ow ns u bin. ill frame linueoiti Newark, but
it is mortgaged for morn Hum It will bring nt
forced sale, Ycstcrdn) bo was suod foramitii
of only IjUOln the Dlstiict Court bv a 111.111 who
lent him tho mono 1111 (KI.1H, Ills boarding
houso keeper raid csterda) that thotouuguian
w,m alvvii)a short or umiicv, und now ovvod $10
for loan). Hu regarded him as a steady young
1111111 trjlngto live wllhlii his silaryof Sl.fiOD.
Julius StnpIT, Hi" cishlrrof tho'h ink. said that
ho had known Broso si 111 e hu wits a little boy,
und hid iilwuvH thought well uf him
Brose'i books wero short 7.'J(I0, Ho con
fesses that he look at least (11.500, nnd may
havo taken l,000.
(.old f vmlliir fro In Australia.
Advices from Australia roport a renewal of
the shipment of Australian gold to this country,
Tho steamship Alameda, bound for Han Fran
cisco, has on boird 100,000 In gold consigned
to tlio London. P iris, and Amorlcan Dank, of
which Lazard Frcrcsof thlseltj aro tho agents.
It was stated tst rd 1) th it whllo largo quan
tities of wheat hud been shipped from tho
United States to Australia these gol I imports
nro not dlrcvt poiiiiut for vvliciil. hut represent
thoeettlcinoiil mb dunces owe I to this country
ill Ion bin li . cheaper to s'lttlu these balances
by sending gold fiuui Australia than London.
xitZED irnttK-Viito ox ixacr,
Motorman lais Rile Was In tbe Bens
Nhndnw or an Jtlectrle Light.
Just after 4 o'clock ycslerdny morning a trol
lay car of Iho South'Ornhge nnd Newark line
ran over 11 man who was tying on the track In
Vnllshurg, 100 feet wost of the Nowork line.
Motorman John Kcnncy of Newark was run
ning tho car toward tho stable In that city. It
was his last trip, nnd he was not lagging. There
was only one passenger nbonrd, and It was not
likely that thero would bo uny moro at that
hour and In that lonely strotdi of tho road.
Kcnncy was within 200 foot of tho prostrntomnn
beforo ho saw him. Ho says tho v Icttm was
lying In tho black shadow cast bynnoloctrlo
light over his head, and that tho light dazzled
his own cyos. When ho did boo tho man ho did
all ho could to stop, but It was too late.
Conductor Spies nnd Iho pnsscngor wont back
and found tho man quite dead.
Tbocoso was reported at tho Fourth precinct
station by Kcnncy, who submitted to arrest, nnd
tho body was tent to tho Moreno. During tho
day it was pretty thoroughly decided that tho
body was thatof Philip Rtlcr, a dissipated sto'no
polisher, who seoms to havo had no homo or
faiullj tics, and for twenty o irs had led a -vagabond
Ufa. For somo yovrs ho had slept on a pllo
of rngs in Kcnngott's stone- ard shod, hoar
where he was killed. On Tuosdny night Riley
was put out of Robert Korr's saloon, at Mil!
South Orange avenue, by tho proprietor, who
wantod toclosoup. ThU was shortly beforo 1
o'clock. Liter ho was neon In tvvoothorBaloons.
At 2 o'clock a car passed dovv 11 over tho track
upon which ho was killed. Then no moro cars
passed that way until Kenney went by, going
wost, on the other side of the nvenuo nhortly
before 4. He pays he did not see the man thero
becauso he was watching the track he was on.
An effort was made yestordayto work up a
theory of foul play In I ho case, but County Phy
sician Washington thinks thero are 110 grounds
for suspicion. A singular feature ot the
cbbo Is thu action ot William Matzart, a
stablomau employed by George O. Smith ot
Sand ord street. Matzart Is an old man, and
that Is all there is lu extenuation of his action,
or rather want of action. He voluntarily told
the police rcsterday that ho saw a man lvlngon
the truck Just beforo 4 o'clock In tho morning,
as he was walking down from his home to his
employer's stables and that hospoke to tho man,
who was lying face downward with his arms
folded under his head. Ihe man did not answer,
he said, but ho knew that ho was alive, because
he heard him snoring.
"I said to myself," ha told the pollco, "lot
him alone, he'll wnkofaat enough when tho next
trolley comes down."
Shortly afterward Matzart met a milkman
going up and told him about tho man, sa) ing It
would bo a good thing to pick him up. Ab usual,
several w Itnesscs wero found who said thoy heard
quarrelling in the road early in the morning,
and ono who heard somobody say. " I'll fix j ou.
It Is suggested that tho snoring heard by Mat
zart ma havo been tho etertorlous breathing
sometimes caused by npoploxy.
Kenney, tbo motorman, was paroled yester
day. Riley, w ho w as do years old, w HI boburlod
by tho city unless somebody claims his remains.
An Effort to Ilrealc Down Itfra. Ilotehklis'a
mnlements In the Murder Trial.
IlAiiTFOnD, Conn., Doc. 22 In the Sochse mur
der trlnl nt MIddlctown to day tho defence intro
duced much testimony In an attempt to impeach
Mtb. Hotchkiss nnd othor witnesses for tho
State. Lawyer Cbaso, for tho defence, endeavor
ing to provo that the fatal shot was fired by
some person othor than the accused, asked for a
conversation between Vera, tho four-year-old
daughter ot Mrs. Hotchkiss, and Mrs. Hills, a
sister of tho murdered man, but the remark was
not admitted. Mrs. Hills testified that sho was
at the Hotchkiss houso tho night of the murdor
nnd talked with Mrs. Hotchkiss. Tho latter
said sho saw two men after hearing tho shot,
and that they wont down tbo yard on tho jump;
that she did not identify olther, and that she
could not think of any ono who would do It ex
cept "Oeno" Spencer. Mrs. Hills spake of sev
eral who might have done the shooting, but did
not mention Sachsc.
Mrs. Hotchkiss said her oldest child sat on tho
lounge beside her husband, and had blood on her
dress. Mrs. Hotchkiss showed the dress, but
Mrs. Hills saw no blood, bho remained with
Mrs. Hotchkiss for a few nights after the mur
der, and the second night whllo sitting on tho
bed Mrs. Hotchkiss said It was strango ovory
body thought it was Sachse. If sho thought
Sachsc uad dono It, sho sold she would blow his
brains out, Mrs. Hotchkiss further said she
considered Sicliso too big a coward to do tho
shooting. While Mrs. Hotchkiss was away tho
littlo girl, Vera, talked to witness, and she
quicklj stopped when Mrs. Hotchkiss returnod.
LawjcrChaso endeavored to got In evidence
Just what tbo girl said, tho remark being
"Mamma had tlio gun." The State said Mrs.
Hotchkiss was not present when tho conversa
tion took placo and the remark was ruled out.
A gun expert gave testimony about tho differ
ent kinds of guns and shots nnd then tho defence
put in expert medical testimony.
Iteruses tn Removo it Trom Ills Vew Pine tu
ilti or Crniien Mnndntr.
Max GombosBy, who achieved notoriety ns n
Lcxovv witness as wall as a keeper ot concert
saloons on the Bowery, was summoned to tho
Essex Markot Court yestordav on complaint of
Capt. Hcrllhy of tbo Fifth street station.
"Your Honor," said Capt. Hnrlllij. "this man
has opened a divo In my proclnct nt 300 Bowery,
Ho has 11 piano in a back room and colored men
aroemplo cd toeing in the place. Ho has sent
people throughout tho district to advertiso that
tho attendance ot disorderly women Is desired.
Ho ev on had the audacity to hangout signs ad
vertising tint he gave concerts In his place. Ho
has no concert hall license. When my officers
ordered him to close up Ills diva he defied me."
" I do not sea what I can do," snid Mnglstrato
Crane, "until )ou glvo mo proof that ho Is vio
lating tho Com art law."
Counsel for Goinliossy asserted that the play
ing nf 11 piano was not a violation of the law.
Magistrate Crane ordered Gombossy to rcmovo
tho piano.
Ho flatly told the Magistrate that ho would
not comply with this order, and nssertod that
bo was acting under the advice of counsel, llio
proceedings wero dismissed for tho tlmo being.
.txoriiEic itnooKLYx suohtaov.
The Old Counly Town Tax Arrearages Poot
lu rarlr allio.ooo.
Count) Trcasuror-ilect John W. Kimball of
Kings county has learned Hint thore Is n short
ngoof ncirlj 4100,000 In thotuxosof tho county
towns. Former Count) Treasurer Adnms, who
roecntl) died, odvcrtIod l.i four papers that ho
would sell the proper! for non-piumcnt of
tuxes. Ho charged eaih pircel with a foe
of $1. The propert.v owners In arrears ob
tained .111 liijiincllnn rcMriinlng tho County
Treasure! from helling tlio properl) on tho
ground that thu feo charged vv.is excessive,
'IIicso Injtim lions, which wero mado per
manent. Mopped tlio gnlu of tho properties.
No ulhui anion lias since been tnken, Ihe
books In the Comilv Tn usurer's ofllco show that
llio "luriii.-i: In tlio old town of Flntlunds Is
$7. tim.'C: Klittiiisli, 7,201177; Now I'trccht.
$17.4111 07, nun llrm mend, sX12.r7SII.01, making
a tuial of fll.1,117. 1'-'. Assistant Corporation
Counx I IliiiUliiildgo snld jesterday (hero was
not hint-- tn nieveiil tho Count) Tu asurei from
selling thu pruperty it proper proceedings were
7 Ml IFT I Oil UiUlUAi:
A llad ll rvnin Jsr.ei I lly Nltorka Polios
Jnilluo I rnre.
IUhvvay, N J Doc, 22. Jrmes Wilson, 13
years old, ran nwny from his home in Jersey
Clt) with his )iiiiiigi-r bintlier, and was locked
up in Ihu Jail lice lust nlttht. James was sent
to llin Juiiiishur Reform School to da), ns ha
was too fust for tho Italiuay police, lt Jnll, and
Police Ju-tiic I'ra7i. An uncle limit Jersey
City took tlntjiiuiigcr boy homo, but ho said ho
had 110 ut fni J men,
litis mor In.-vvlien JnmcH got the freedom ot
the Jail lorrldor lio took 11 nnil nnd punctiirid
thu tip e of the liloiloof a policeman nnd did
other dam lire, hen arraigned bofnro J micro
I'mci,.! iinu waavory Insolent und profane.
Hosiild he wished ho had broken tlio whole jail
up, and hu (old iho Judge to go to lie)!.
I iiuiid Kind In n Jrrar-r II J llrrrl.
A man was found dead InPnvonla avenue,
Jorsc) Clt), carl) jcstcrilayuornlng. A busi
ness card of J. F. Puiccll, a saloon keeper, 3239
Seventh streut. wns found In hispocket, but Mr.
Pun oil was found allveand well, 'I hum in was
about 45 ) cars old, of modiuiu height and build.
He worn 11 brown overcoat, blai k coat and waist
coat, grn) shirt and laced shoes. He had a
small gripsack with him.
Ilrorve Rlcbnrdsoii sittst Trallfr.
Siirrognlo Fitzgoruld decldod ostordny that
George Kb hardson must testify In the proceed
ing brought by teuiporar) administrator J.
Jaftred lliitlnr as to tho contents of the tin box
In which his father Joseph lllehnsdson Uiptlils
securities. Itlsilalmud lliut llturito Itleluird
son got at this Imx beforo thu linnpor.iry ad
illustrator, who on Ills c. munition found
I lltliu in IU
Only Two Members, NpraU t'p for a ruaolutlan
tn Obstruct the Indorsement or nrgnlar
Nominees A Ilrptibltrnn Ctnb Is Nat a
Political Htndy dub," Bay a Mr. Riaey.
The West End Women's Republican Associa
tion had n warm time nt Its meeting yosterday
In tho West Sldo Republican Club's now houso
nt 477 Boulovnrd. Mrs. Clarence Burns was
in tho chair, and when sho brought her gavel
down nnd called for order everybody felt that
thero1 was somo serious business to bo settled.
It Boon cropped out In tho shnpo of n resolution
which wns offered by Mrs. Jnmes G. Wcntz.
Tho subslanco of this resolution was that tho
club should fndorso no candtdnto unless each
member of tho club should bo notified of tho
moetlng In writing nt lonst ten days beforehand.
When Mrs. Wentz offered her resolution Mrs.
Burna said: "This Is a Republican club and I
do not sco how we can do otherwlso than In
dorso tho candidates named by the Republican
party, but this question Is beforo you nnd after
proper discussion must bo Bottled by your
"Thoro Is but ono Republican party In tho
nation," said Mrs. Goorgo Eugono Poole, "and
tho Republican party nover names but ono
ttckot. As wo nro not suffragists nor lobbyists
we cannot do otherwlso than Indorse tho candi
dates on that tlekot; If wo do othorwlso wo
stoop to electioneering, nnd that Is a thing that
has never been dono tn tills club. Artlclo II,
of our constitution says: Tho object of this as
sociation Is to unite tho women ot this com
munity In educational and soolal influence for
tho maintenance ot the principles of the Repub
lican party In the home, in the State and In the
nation,' I am opposed to the resolution of
fered. It we adopt It and make It a by-law we
will defeat our own object as sot forth In our
Mrs. Poolo's remarks wero punctuated with
genorous npplnuso, and this Boemod to exctto
the opposition. Mrs. Wontz jumped to her feet
and snid with a great show of suppressed ax
cltcment: "Wo stand on Republican prlncl-
Sles, but when It is merely a choice ot candl
ntcs and Mot ot principles, the best Republi
cans dlsairrca. Jinny Republican mon dlsa
frced on Tracy and Low In tho last campaign.
f wo rcfuso to lndorso ono candldato it docs not
follow that any other would be indorsed, hut
wo'd find out whether we favor tho candidate
nominated or not."
"The Republican party nover indorses but
ono candidate." spoko up Mrs. Burns, "nnd any
Republican who fulled to vote for lien, 'lrnoy
lu our lust election failed to v ote the Republi
can ticket."
"It is patriotic to indorse a candidate as
soon as lie 1b nominated," said Mrs. Jnmes Pair
man, "and It Is not patriotic to send out writ
ten or printed matter through the malls to find
out what tbo sentiment ot individuals is be
foro doing so."
"Good, shouted out a little woman in one
"1 think it w ould bo n great ad vnntago to tho
club'to adopt.thls amendmont," spoko up Dr. E.
I. Church.
"Of courso sho does," whispered somebody.
"She worked tooth and nail for Seth Low."
"I think the amendment would bo a great
benefit, so far as individual members aro con
cerned," contlnuod Dr. Church, "It would
educate thu women und tench them batter. I
split oil In tho campaign 1115 self and worked
for Low, but 1 must confess 1 did so on personal
"That Just shows tho narrow mlndcdness of
Bomo women," camo In another whisper.
"I know both Trucy and Low pcronally, and
1 choio the younger and moro brainy candi
date." "'ibis Is not apolitical study club," hastily
put In Mrs. May Banks Stacy snatching nt tho
opportunity. "This Is a Republican club. If
wo want to go to a political stud) club wo have
ono in the city composed of Republicans, Dem
ocrats, Mugwumps, and what not. Those
ho want to learn ought to go there. Wo aro
Republicans, and vvu must, from a Republican
standpoint, stand up for the platform und can
didates Indorsed by our part)."
"I contend that it is not necessary to havo a
choice," said Mrs. cntz.
"No: not if wo are political students," said
Mrs. Stacy, "but it is if wo aro Republican
"As tho lady who offered the resolution not
only admits but contends that a choico is not
noccsbury," said Mrs, Fairman, "I movo that
we lay It on tho tnblo Indefinitely."
Mrs Wentz was ou her feet in n second to
read something about a similar amendmont
having been mudo In a man's club, but quick
as she was she was too late. Mrs. Falrman's
resolution bad received an almost simultane
ous second. Mrs. Burns put It to a oto and
tbe resolution was tabled.
"You havo Hettlcd this question for your
fielv eu," sho said with pleased tatlsfactlon.
"It is lost forever," groaned Dr. Church.
The unnunl club election takes placo two
weeks henco. Mrs. blue). Chairman of tho
Nominating Committee, mado her report. Sho
said that tho committee had made two selec
tions of candidates for all clllas except thoto
of President and 1 rcasurer, and that the two
Kclectod to fill thoso places seemed so admlra
blv adapted to them that thoo mmltteo could
not ngreo on a second chiico Iho folh wing
names were submitted: Mrs. Cornelia S. Robin
son, President; Mrs. Muv Banks Stacy and
Mrs. M. I). .Morton, First Vice-President; Mn.
.lames Futrmnu and Mrs. Gcnrgo Gunton, Sec
ond Vhe President: Mrs. J. G. Wentz nnd Miss
Phllllpi Third Vlro-Prcsldcnt; Mrs. W. II.
Trafton nnd Mrs. J. II. Mclcdith. Recording
So( retur) ; Mrs. Jessie T. Itoglo and Mr S. M.
Cnrv. Corresponding Sccretar) ; Mrs. Charles
O'Cimnoi Irwin, Treasurer.
Miss Helen arid. Bonvvull was present and
read a paper on "Political Current Events"
jiTojinrcil by Mrs. Harr) Wnllerstein. A gen
crul discussion 011 current events followed.
An Important Mecllnr r llnllrond Men tn
This City Irsterdnx trtrrnonn.
Iho Presidents of tho trunk Hues wero In
conference )csterdny at tho Joint Traffic rooms
on Liberty street with tho Presidents of their
chief Western connections and with tho Board
of Managers of tho Joint Traffic Association re
garding tho subject of rntcs, and In particular
tho restoration and maintenance of tho rules
upon east-bound business. The Important oof
tho subject was Indicated by tho full tittcudnnco
at tho meeting. All tho trunk lines wero repre
sented, and among their print Ipal Western con
nections, representatives wore present of the
Michigan Central, Lako Shore, Canadian Pn
cillr, Grand Trunk, Wabash, nnd tho Pcnnsyl
van In. lines wtot of Pittsburg. President
Chauncoy M. Ilcpovv of thu Now York Contral
nnd Hudson Itlver Railroad presided.
Thu t (inference was not completed, and an ad
journment was taken until this morning. It was
s iht that a series of un clings may bo required,
ami that the matter ma) go ovor until nftor Iho
liolldajs liaforo any dcfliillo arrangement is
leached. Thu result, however, is ( xpi 1 tod to bo
n now and vigorous attempt to secure the main
toname of railway tnritl rales on all shipments.
It is admitted thill thu situation has been badly
tlcmornllred b serious ciilllugnf latrs. Lossis
shiiwu by thcstnlcmciilH nf earnings mndo re
cently by tho trunk Hues, lot lulling thoso nf
snuiQ of tho Vaiidcrhilt roads, mndo public yes
tenia;, are use 1 1 hid to lliisi titling of rates, thu
roads having done a very lieu) business sui far
ns tho tralllo which bus passed over them Is
com tiued.
Tho Iltiirtl of Managers of tho Joint Traffic
Assoiiatlon promulgated new rates veslerday
III giain ami gialu pro huts, this matltr having
htieii refined 10 the managers nt tlio meeting of
thu Hoard nf Control of Iho iiKTiclatlnn hut Fri
du), Iho rates tin grain an I gi.iiu pro liiusare
fixed ul 20 11 nln hundred pounds from Chic igo
to this rll). representing art duct Ion of 2. torus,
excepting thai torn I pill am a basis nf 17'-j
coiitH n hundred pounds, Clikago to this tit),
and on export 1 0111 fioin all points on tlio east
bank nf the Mississippi River a piopoi lioniil
ralols fixed of 17'j tents a hundred pounds to
cover slilpuif ills from points lit voni'. Thu new
rates take' ufiict on Ian I.
Mr. Iliitild llnnlra II.
Gcnrgo J, Gould denied )isttrdny a report
telegraphed from Hilt LikoCTty that lio vviutn
retire from the President y of tbo Missouri l'.i
1 inn nn March t and would bo sin tettltil hj s.
11.11 Cl.uk. Thu report was news tu him, ho
Muulauk Indiana FIcIiiIiik rurTltrlr Old Hum.
Iiik i.iininil.
IllVFlillKAli, L. I.. Dec. 22 -Tin Mnnt-uk
trlhoof Indians havo apprahd friuii thu decision
of Jiistlto Mnddox dlfcuilshlii.' ihdrsull against
the Lung Island Riilvvay C mupiii) fur the pos
n salon uf Muntauk Point, tin Ir old hunting
Pl-Cornltera lieltt. tliid Cri'Hinrr H lllftltlrd.
The Kl'igs county Grand Jur), which has luen
Investigating tbo rumors that frail liilnnt In
quests had 1m en hold b) fiiimir Coronet's Kelio
nnd Creamer in tlio viais IH'.ll anil lNilfi,
dropped Ihu invt stlg.illtin vislum.i). It .van
said the Grand Jur) found lliit 110 fi indolent
Inqucsti. hud been held b) theiii.
LHiijrr Prlllusir'a liuwiilall.
Moist Viumin, N, Y Dec. 22. Edward
Pcttlii'cr, n law)cr, who tin jcnrn ago wns it
rtalcstite auctioneer In Nov. York til), and
was tlitii reputed to bo worth 100.000, was
('.ininiillo I to the K 1st View 1'oorhoi so 10 day
us a v ignvnt lit- lout his run unci 1I1 inigh spec
ulations uud had become dloalputcd.
3 HAT $18,000,000 DOND.
Underground Transit Polk Trjlng to Get
Around the mumbling IlloeU.
Tho Ci mmltteo on Contract of the Rapid
Transit ltnllrond Commission which has bocn
designated to find out how nbar any of tho
prospective bidder' for building and operating
tho tunnel road can como to putting up a (15,
000,000 bond hold another mooting yesterday
In tho Chamber of Commcrco rooms. Thero
were present Presldont Alexander K. Orr,
Charles Stewart Smith, Gcorgo U Hives, tho
mombers of the committee, Lnwjcrs Boardman
and Shcpnrd, Secretary Lewis L. Delaficld and
a number of reprejentntlvca ofsuro'y com
panies and of prospective bidders for tho con
tract. Nothing wns mado known to outsiders
of what took placo at tho meeting, hut Hint
progress had been mado satisfactory to tho
Rapid Transit people became ovldont nftorward
by tho calling of a nicotinic of tho Rnpld Transit
Railroad Commission for 10:30 A. M. on Mon
day, At this meeting the. committee. Ii to report,
and it will then bo doclded when tho applica
tion shnll be mado to tho Appollnto Division of
tho Supremo Court for tho entry of nn order
confirming tho report of tbo special commission
in fnvtir of tho building of tlm rond. Then also
must bo Hrnlly determined whut hil1 1k dnnn
In case tho court refuses to rescind tlio condi
tion which It has made, that It will not confirm
tho report uiiIcb tho ltnpld Transit Railroad
Commission stipulates that It will requlro the
conttactors for tho ro-vrt to give n91o.000.000
bond In accordance with section 31 of tho Rnpld
Transit Hallroad act. That tho bond must bo
for tho wl olo term of from thirty livo to fifty
yra-i, which tho contract is to run, has been
practically admitted h) tho Rapid Transit
people, aho contend thnt such nuond Is Im
possible to get. What hopo tbey havo loft
then Is ba'cd upon a belief that tho court may
be convinced thut It was wrong olther In fixing
tho amount nt such a largo figure or olso that
It oxceeded Its powers In requiring that tho
Rapid Transit Railroad Commission should
bind Itself in any way by a promlso regarding
the bond to bo required.
It! has already been Intimated that n way
might bo found to roviow tho action of the All
peltate Division beforo tho Court of Appeals, In
:nso the Appcllnto Division should clthtr refuse
to enter an order without receiving the'stipula
tion or "diould enter nn iulv crso order, but about
thl-t no 0110 enmietted with the commission
would speak yesterday.
Flro Lnuudreisea Made III Arter Eatlna Ten
Cents Worth.
Five women cmployod In tho Sterling Laun
dry at 101 Wost Thirtieth strcot woro pois
oned yesterday by 10 cents' worth of chccco
which they ate at their noon luncheon. Lottie
Eagnn. 10 years old, of 1D4 Weal Twenty
eighth street, bought tho cheese in a delica
tessen shop at 3711 Seventh avenue, owned by
Mrs. Emily Bokcns. bho shared It with Mary
Eagan, her widowed tnothor; Annie Hernos,
18 years old, of 411 Wost Thlrty-sovcnth
street; Emily Wchrcns, 40 years old, of 347
East Seventeenth street, nnd Mrs. Sarah Dona
hue, 35 Tears old, of 542 Wost Forty-fourth
street. Tho flvo women, who nro lroncrs in
tho laundry, all ato frcoly of the cheese.
An hour lutor Annie Hernos complained of
revcro pains in her stomach. Hor companions
Ihi.ghod nt her. and Jokingly warned her not to
ont ehcoso again. Hut when thoy wero all
Similarly nffectcd they became frightened.
Samuel Young, tho mnnagcr of tho laundrv.
telephoned for Dr. J. S. Horslcy of 10 Wcet
Thirty-fifth Btrcet,
! Dr. Horslcy hurried around to tho laundry,
and found tho livo women writhing in pain on
tho floor. Ho gavo them nn emetic. Cots
were provided for the vvomtu, and they wero
put to bed. They avvokti nt 8 o clock.lust night
and wero able to go to their homes.
Tho polico of tho West Thirtieth street sta
tion wero notified wbero tho t bet so was bought
and thev questioned Mrs. lloktns tho owner ot
tho delicatessen store. Shu snld she hud
bought tho checso from a wholesale dealer
curly In tho dav. A short tlmu beforo Lottie
Eagan purchased HCt ruts' worth sho sold to
another woman n fi cent piece, hho gavo tho
rollco eomo of tho diet so to submit to tho
Icalth Board for examination, and tho re
mainder sho will return this uiorniug to tho
dealer who sold it to her.
Tbo letlm or the Wilton Masked Robbers
Plnall? Pnaara (nay.
Wiirov, Conn., Doc. 22. Tho death of David
S. R, Lambert, who was shot by masked robbers
on Inst Frida) night, occurred nt 1:20 o'clock
this morning. Ho died without regaining
consciousness. Tho prolonged light for llfo
saves the necks ot the assailants If they aro
ever caught, becauso, under tho Connecticut
law. If tbo victim of an assault lives moro
than forty-eight hours tho crime Is rated as
manslaughter, which Is only punlsbnble by llfo
Imprisonment Tho an opsy was held this af
ternoon by Medicnl Examincis Gorhnm and
Burke, assisted bv Drs. Tract nnd Mansfield.
Dr. Burke found a bullet imbedded in the brain.
Tho bullet entered tho head at tho buck and
reached tho c( litre of tho lirnin. A slint pene
trated the left lung nnd lodged In the covering
of tho lung. The third bullet was probed for
but not found. It prolnbl) struck tho thltrh
bono and glanced oir. Th' fourth wound, in iho
left arm, was simply supcrtlciil. Two sears on
tho abdomen were evidently caused from two
more shots.
Drclalon Pnvorabln to thn ltnllrond lilren In a
United Mates Court.
Judgo Lacombo of tho United States Circuit
Court handed down a decision yesterday upon
a motion for 1111 injunction In tho suit of Mary
T. Scccomb of Washington, Conn , against
Mayor Wurster, tho Board of Aldermen, and
tho East River and Atlantic Ocean It illroad
Company, all of Brooklyn, to prevent Ihe Alder
men from tlng to pass over the vito of the
Ma) or a resolution grunting tho railroad com
pany a right to constiuct a aurfaco railway
through certain streets. Including llleka street,
on which tho comiilalnnnt owns propert) as
bribed ut 25,000 ''Ihu application for nn in
Juii' tion pendento lite' J-u)s Judge Lacomhc,
'Ta granted as prnjid for, so far ns tho pro
visions of section 7.1, prohibiting tho grant of n
franchise for more than lwc'iil)-llvo vt-uri, aro
comcrmd. In all other respects thu mot inn
Is denied, nnd tho preliminary stay vucutod."
A Cold Hprlnir Nklpprr Arcuaetl or Taking Car
soea or Nnnd SAKhoiil I.rnte.
William Murray, a scacuptaln, of Cold Spring,
L. I , nnd Curl Luorsen, his mate, wero beforo
Justice Nostrand In tho Coney Island Pollco
Court ) csterdnv on it chargo of grand lirccny,
made by II. It. I'lnln), superintendent of tho
Maiilintlan Hindi Improvement Cumpiii),
Flnluy alleges that fur several vvttksllii men
havo been stealing buitluads nf saint from tho
istcrl) end of Manhattan Ileach. Mun i's
schooner, thn Kliniri, wus tnkcu in thirgehy
tho police. Murra) and Luerseii wiiu held to
await trial on Die. 111).
A llrrrree Appointed Io Try lira. Ilitrrowr's
tlhjri llntia to Ihe Itirrutnrfc Accounting.
Hivri:m:vn, L. I , Doe. 22. -The linn. Joseph
M, lltlfiiril was iippo'iued hj funo'ato Potty
to-dii) us referee In the matter uf the judicial
account Im: nf Ihe 1 u lilors of tho ustlll Cnr
I1I11 ttti.lc .Mrs Snna f 01I1I11 Horiiiwuhits filed
a long bill nf obli 1 lions to the ne omit rendered
h) Ihe excciiinis 111 uhli.h slm uili 'ca that In
iiihu) instan. i s Ihu ttucki .mil 1 011 's.ire grcally
Ilerrulloii for lllas Vtlhnllit llatrh.
Mrs.N. W.T. Hatch of lit West FifD-Mxth
street gave a reception and iliviito last night to
introduce her daughter. Miss Nnthuilo Hatth.
Among thopo vvLo in olvtd wcie Mrs II h
tnu Little, Mil. Ililih's 111 irriid d (lighter; Ml; J
Adelaide I'itrrnld. Miss Mlldlcl Kitwlii.,
-Miss liladts I'tii.lnson, Miss hllth Agnsiini,
Miss Kinll) I itiwliiidgf, uud Mit lllinnur I'tl
gtl.tld. .Mining tin guests wiru Ml and Mrs,
Henri Hub ink. Mr. mid Mrs. V.'il'liiiu I an
sh tvvc. Louis 1'it m rubi. Mi. mil Mis lamml
1 liiihitv. Mi- 'llniiii Wiiiiluaiil, Mr mid
Mrs ll.th'i I 11 irisli.nu . i .111,1 Mi I lu ,,1
Wliislu.v I ii- 1. 1 1 urn 1 Mon s Mis. Itiloi
I!i) mil. Mi mil Mis. I ml inUit I'liinml,
Mrs Ariliui I Millh.m, Mis. William l
Mrnng, Mis Itit.i ml L hi nn iiv Mr nil Mis
(iuslav Hiliwul. Miss vlivib. Mi. nun Mis
Hull Win hum. and Mr Jlll.Mis illiani I.an
man Hull
Contract rue Ihe cw t'ipi Unto lllvMuii I nurt
IIiiusi wnrili il
Upon thu rccnmmun litlliiu uf thu Justin nf
Iho Appellilu I)ivi..nii 11 tin nuprimu ( 11 rl
Iho sinking I'iiiiiI ('niiiinlssiiiii iiwurilud jtsi.r
da) Iho .oiilrait for Mm ( ri ( Hon of tin Ir new
lourt hernial 111 T vvi iu llllh sllei I ami Mndi urn
iittnui. In Chillies I' U il.s, whose I. lit was
tcrjs.lltix ihe IU uf Son rim-. Brothers w is
I' nil.liooluwtr Mian thut uf Mr Wills hut lnr
bid und tlio bids of sew ml utlici coiur aitu s
were thrown nut ucausu th -) tveru not in ide lu
proper lorw.
Ktxurtma AtnAiuo rats our. dy
Sunrlvfs... fSI IBuniets.. 4 ST I Moon ssts.t a 'Ul
mun wiTia tiii dat, 'feV
SsnJyltook. 0 84 I Oof.lil'd. 7 00 I Usll Oats.. 8 t aj
Arrived Wkdvmdat, Pee. SB $$(
K)tMtlo, , Liverpool Dec. IS . it7d
Si KaKer Wllhehu drr Orcue, Eufolbart, South- , (!X?t
ttniiton Dec. 10. iWuM
hs Norniaimla, Ilsrcnds dlbraltar. Vjj.Sli
B AtnitFrdsm, Ilikker. llottenlsm. 'ejr.s3jl
Rt Ksn-M City. Jonfs. Ilitatol. mX"!
fc nuance. Dal) , Colon - Wvl
bs lipvclms. stsplcdnn. P.to Janeiro. '4X9I
Bs V'xet lor, Iloyd, Sow Orlsan. MfJmt
B Lvou. Wilder, New Orleans. 9119
tt lllo llrsnil". Staples Uruntnlek. IsFV
Ship Eugclhorn, Shtmmln. Iloiton. TivM
tror later arrivals Flnt P.tj.l iSfM
S St. Louts from New York, at Snithsmpton. ' 'JJefl
HsPhirnl la. frnm New York, at Hamburg jfvfni
Hi Augusts Ictorla. frnm Nen Yon, at Naples. r-TMLiiSl
R Trave, train New York, at Southampton, waff?
81 Workcndam, from New York, at Amiterdam Tllgj
81 Mobile, Iroiu New York, at London. tjHfil
tin tn from ronxiat ronn. ffil
Rs Germanic, from Liverpool for New York, skc;
Bs Alene, from Port Lin nn for New York. 'nVt
sailxd rnon noHCBTic roars. 'oSk
Fi Iroquois from Savannah for New York. 3MS
S million, front New Orleant for New York. iffiS
li Tallahassee, friun Savannah for Now York. sjjjjl
be Nueces, irum elajvciloa fur New York. ,Sq5
Sail To Dai. r iS
Walt$Clo$. rtlttlSaO. ''?
Philadelphia. I.s. Cluijra.,.1 1 0(1 A M 100PM. Q
Ptrathnnl, Cape Colony ,. 10 UO A II It 00 11 ft?
El Monte, New Orlean 0 00FH &
clreclan, Olaigoiv ,,,,, jWH
Sail To'Xorroir. lWs!
OrltRba. rtavana 1 00 I' If gOOPK '?;
Hul.ert, Psia iOOPM 4 0(1 P U Si?
AnnVi, KliifrMon Sim I'M 4 00PM mi
Alkguau), Itaytt S 00 I'M ICOPH tt
Rio Clrande, Lruninlcli II 00 P K ff5
Sufi Saturday, Dtc. S3. JjjS
Liiesnls, Liverpool II HO A )l HID All '
La Norinandle. Havre 7011AM to 00 A M ff
llotlerdsm, Amiterdam.,, 8 00 A M 10 00 AM '11
Inland. Chrlitlaniaud 1100 AM 1 UO P H -Su
Megantlc. l,oai!0B &
(lafileo. Hull , Wj
El hoi. Now Orlrsna 10 00 A K IS.'
Seminole. Charleston 8 00 P II iRji
I euiia, (Inlveiton 800 PM &
Creole, New Orleans 800 PIC if
ntcoMixa BTEAMsmrs. ,$Q
Due To-Dau. $1
fitratheik Havra Deo 1 r"
Andaluila Hamburg Deo 4 4&
Europe Loudon Dec 0 j'fi
Nomadic Liverpool Deo 10 .Wi
Manttotia Lon ion Deo 0 jfi
Uejtantlc London Deo P ?fY
Crort Dundee Deo T ,
Km-lnuMon Antwerp Dre 11 &.
Ptuttgsrt Premei Deo it "i-it
Kottcrdam Rotterdam Decitt .-
Pontile (lltirallar Dee B -Mr
Eveline shlelde Deo O ,jl
Mertda St. Lnela Deo 15 Jli
El Dorado New Orleans Deo 18 jtt
liuenos Ayrean Glasgow Doo 0 1j
Bemlnote Jacksonville Deo BO 'if
Cltyuf Ulrmlngham...8avaunah DeoSO 'ft
line trltlav. Dtc, Si. Ju
ralatla Hamhurg Deo 10 1&
Itaruurt Olhraltar Deo 10 8J
Alamo Clajveaton Dee 19 3k
GateClty havannab Dee 21 M
Iroquoli Savannah Deo 81 Wt
Due Saturday. Dta lio. lM
St Paul Southampton DeelB 'atf
Jersey City Swaniea Dee II 'It
Hindoo Hull Deell il
Charlton Cllbraltar Deoll ii
HuUliy Antwerp Deoll w
Tallahassee Savannah Deoll i
I'annnia Havana Deo 80 . 1
Trinidad P-ermuda Deo 88 . I
Santiago Nassau Deo 21 M
Dus Sunday, Dec. 20. ;
Ctrurfn Liverpool Deo 10 j
La Champagne Havre Deo 18
llrllL-h Queen Antwerp Deo 18 sK
Zitte Xondav. Jfee. 27. xp.
Alexandra London Deo 15 lS3v
Georglc Liverpool Dec 10 jJE$
Caracal La Ouayra Dealt &.;
Vulcan Shields Deo SI m!
Hudson NewOrleam Dealt
ghlglurgg gOttCfll. J
linllhnm ltnlchei. '.?.
The I rit In exliteuco. Eight millions in uie, all K3
keeping correct time. Prices muchloiror, tut quality :mf,
higher than over. Deit ssiortment la tbe countryi '
iniprctlon Invited. jpj
HOWARD & CO , 201 Fifth Avenue, Now York. t1. j
Only two more builnen dayi before Xraa. X
Thn tnn-Iiiiilo Mr. TOZO TAKAYANAOI haaoa &'
aale moit fntereitlng aelectlou or Japanese Art Jf j
Novelties for the holiday! Latent thlnga from Jspaai 'Hfi
"Culeudara for lbtfS" In great varrtleai Oriental 3R
Curios at moderate prices. IS Lait 18th St. flgf,
Carl 41. Srhulls. 44t tat AT., V. V. '?$
Ture and correct mln-ral w atera, manura.-tured froa $K
dUtllled water and CHEJHCAJ.LV I'UHE SALTS. $&1
A. fur.: rural Ilellnble Pure nt 33 per 'ffij,
cent, leas than uptown prleea. DURKE, 210 Broadway. jW;
ysjtl. .
lion Ef On Wedneiday, Dee. SI, Edward P., ba- II
loved huttiand of Nora Bowel and son ot John 5
aud Wlnfri'd Howes In his 27th year. "S :
Ilelatlves and frlenili are Incited to attend tba $
funeral from hli late rrildenoe, 2t East 77th st j?!'
on Friday, Dec. 21, at 0.30 A. M , tbenoe to St. '
Monica's Church, Eait 70th at. "3L
LOW. On Tueiday, Dec. 21, 1807, Jacob A. Low, In (M
hli 03d year.
Funeral aervlcoi at hta late rrildence, Jeffersoa t
ar Rlelimond THU, N. Y., on Thursday evening. (SS-
23d Init , at 8 o'clock. .9
Tviin KFNSICO CFHETERY. Private station. Ha-
. lem Itallroadi 43 minutes' rids from the Orao4 A
Coutrul Depot. Offlce, 10 halt 42.1 it, Jjfr
pcriitl 2Jotirts. J
FltttMII roi'- Tiowrtv. J
T. HDMUEItr. ',8
No 0 Wooiter st. (tour doors from Canal it.;, raano- m
faclurer uf aupernue Confectionery and Chocolatesi j$
all randies ur hli owu mantifaeture are warraot4 M
pure itigar: only llreton'i vegetable colors used 1 also 'i
Importer of Trulls and Marroni Ulaces Kaney Ooxes,
nnnbonulerM, Coitumea. Mottoes Cbrlitiuaa Tree w
Orn tiueuti, etc. N. II Sunday ichnoli itippiled a( -
thclovvtit prices, quality eonsldoredi whohaaleand
retail Original manufacturer of Old Tashlons4 A
Cuocolate Cri am Drojii. q
SCllt.1 RM.LRnV. W
201 T'lflh Aionue. ,.
Santa f fm 1
By Col. Henry Inman,
I.ate of the Uultctl Stntcs Army. A
Third Edition. Cloth, 8vo, $3.50. 4
Pi ofuco by Col. W. F. Cody (BufTnlo J
Bill). Uifrht (ull page illustro-
tioiiH by Fiu:ni:itin Khuinoton. 'I
Initials, etc., and a Map of the
Trail. j
Tlio Fiiat Edition sold out on ,
tho day of Publication. J
From the New York Sun. ig
One of the most interesting and ono M
of the most reniaikable books that ever M
came from tlie pen of an American
army ofiicer. Tf
rrtiin llio New York Tribune. 39
Colonel Inm m's recollections cover a
ivrioj of more linn thirty ears. Henco tj
his book is authentic in itsutau, and tu
presents .1 picture of the Old Santa re , a
ti.ul which luks noihinn o( vensimlli- M
tude ami biirnlne; color lie has, too. a M
stuinlitforwaril and pcrinsie style. g!
No better historian of Ins subject could f'
ne been chosen. y
From llio Chicago Inter-Ocean. 4
1 ho re.uL'r will find the handsomely '
illuM rated volume more interesting than
tlie best romance. Mrs.Ulutn Whtting. i
C6 Filth Avenue( New York.
I Ij'toKIU VI li t. "1'HATI a'uooUi "rnai 3
I Iotm His book buyers. Jul Ota a. J"
LuaijM.,.! . , J ,......... .SsSm

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