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bbH&. u . ... . - '' - J - -'' .... . tv - . IHM
K"'v " aozDXsenaAnHAJLon.v uosvmext
LwWkW- Gen. Collls'. th llnly tils.rntlnc V.lee In ths
Kir'' Commute. Innpproprlnlenr.. of Ine Rite
Eft, Flnt Heleoled S.W Manire.t la All But Hint.
HE " The Soldiers and Bailors' MonumontComtnlt-
Hff i" teo has at last yleldod to tho almost unanl-
l; i moua protest of tho nrtls.Uo world of Now York
KP in tho mnltcr of selecting a si to for tho mono-
HB . rnont. Sorao tlmo ago all tho members of tho
URi'c committee, with tho oxcoptlon of Hecorder
WE& Oorr and Prcsldont McMillan of tho Park Board
ssssstrsWrSt cn' themselves on record as favoring tho so-
BrlP called "Plaza site" near tho entrance to tho
HLK& Parlt nt Flftr-nlnth strcot and Fifth avenue.
LwfSH B '"hen architects vrero Invited to submit
MMuf v models thoy nrers told to mako their designs to
HJKh. - fit, that spot. When It beenmo eenerallr known
EYaK& , that the commltteo was dotermlnod to erect
HB v tho monument within tlio shadow of thrco
HJBi y towering buildings, a storm of protests arose
E-Mf', ' and tlio scheme of tho commltteo was defeat-
PBp ' rd'bjr tho advorio votos of tho two expert mem-
EaWj? ' hers of tho Municipal Art Commission.
HjkgU. ( It was then thought that tho vthnlo project
WP? - of erecting tho montituont would pass into tlio
saaasV.aaaVV1 bnds of the now Art Commission of Greater
KfcT rt New York, hut tho Mayor, who had been all
saKsssaVv' i, 'long tho most vigorous advocate of tho Plata
BafcaBE'V . lto, determined to mako ono rooro effort to
t 'settle the matter beforo his tern) of ofllco ox
" plrod. With this end In view he called tho
Memorial Commltteo together and told tho
KI;A members ho was willing to consider a now slto
K.'B&. if one could be selected that was sure to meet
KiBS with the approval of tho expert members
BBssT'sKif ' tuo Municipal Art Commission.
E' ; K C. W. & A. A. Stoughton, whose design for
mfl ; F? the monument had been previously selected,
K 'f, t wore consultod, and at yesterday's meeting
K( 8f thoy wcro ablo to submit plans for tho erection
Efr '4 v of the monument on tho lawn at Claremont,
B- t. 1,000 feet north of Grant's Tomb. They said
H that tho design selected could be erected thoro
R ;:j without any radical alterations, and the now
H 3 site scorned to meet with tho approval of all
Ky. v- the members of tho commltteo except Gen.
Hk ;i Collls. Charles T. Harney, President of tho
HE L" Municipal Art Soclet7, who is a ember of
llj the Municipal Art Commission, was present,
Bl ,'- and ho approved tho slto without hesitation.
Hjlj- llo sold that ho could not speak for J. Q. A.
Umi 1 1 Ward, tlio other artist member of tho commts-
HM,? :: , lion, but he had no doubt that he would also
P .' . voto for It.
K l All this was done In secret session. In tho
Hff If. . open meeting which followed, a resolution
H8 ', ' was introduced at tho suggestion of tho Mayor
HAi je to reconsider tho voto by which tho Plaza slto
H,' was chosen. Tho resolution was adopted, Qcn.
Hl) 1' Collls voting In tho negative. Then Hecorder
H& , (loll moved that tho Claromont sito bo cliOBcn.
K:' ':, Gen. Collls objected, llo questioned tho right
? : ;. of tho "so-called experts" of tho Municipal Art
BJBP. $ Commission to veto tho Plaza site, which was
Vl' ff selected, ho said, by a commltteo appointed by
VlS V ' the Lcgislaturo prior to tho creation of tho Art
I-) (j Commission, lie said ho would like to have
An f- tho opinion of tho Corporation Counsel as to tho
Wp. J powors of tho Munlclpnl Art Commission In tho
H ) : matter beforo his voto was recorded.
.'-.t , Hecorder GolT opposed tho suggestion. Ho
Is'-i. sold ho would not favor anything that would
H Kls' cause further delay in tho erection of tho monu
B I'-srS ment. "It is rather Into In tlio day to ask tho
B lv l'1 Corporation Counsel for an opinion In thin mat
B sTiiVV tcr no continued. "If tho Art Commission
B KiVi has no sny concerning tho selection of n site,
BH&c'" why, I would liko to nsk, ncro Its members
B Iu7ii'- consulted, and nhy as tho question ever rc-
M'f' fcrrcd to them for npprovall Wo have asked
H Hjiji for their opinion, mid it seems to mo to bo wrong
n Hi to go back on it now, simply becauso It does not
tt' ' suit somo of our liieinbera. Tho plain Intent of
B ffij k tho law creating ho Ar Commission was to
9? r: give tho municipal ottlccrs charged with the
Ih S duty of receiving works of nrt o adorn public
B m& &' places tho bcnoll of thn opinions of tho experts
'; 3 In the artstlc world. In this case tho Lcgisla
K I J V,' turo certainly intondod that tho Art Commls
K 1 ." slon should bo consulted before tho monument
Bfe h, was erected. This commltteo volunturily con
B Sc 'f suited tlirco rocognlzod experts before wo ho
B ' F- lected tho design of Messrs. Stoughton, and tho
H W'' samo uplrlt Khould now domlna 0 our action."
m W jf 4 President McMillan said thai tho Park Hoard
B B L' , dcciuod it n duty to submit nil designs to the
BJ '- - ATt CouimlsHlon, and that ho was In favor of
B '? '' " yielding to the judgment of that bodv. Joseph
B '! ': A. Gouldcn Chnlrman of tho Memorial Com
'S V' ' tultteeof the(. A. It. said ho had no doubt that
' B k tn" Art Commission had the ponor to reject
B',K' - "'o Plaza s to and that he was willing to voto
B IB Sf ' or "lc change.
B' K ' ''1''10 '"'or then callod on Mr. Harney for an
B R & expression nf opinion. Ho sals that In bis
B. Wh ; Judgment tho Claremont sito was in ovcry way
B. Bf excellent anil biiitahlo for tho Soldiers! and
B! 91? Iff Sailor' nicnunient. "Considering tho smnll
" MB Sa amount appropriated for tho incmorinl .never
mi m- V, did consldor thu Pluzu a proper place for It," ho
B'a v added.
ml M& ; "I glvo nntlco now Hint I. ns a member of this
B'Bi'i v commltteo. will ask tho opinion of tho Corpora-
K; , tion Counsel," hnid (icn. Collit ith consldcr
BVBs K n," "srmth. "If there ever was a mibjoct
B ;.'B'.- ra, (olemnly decided It was when o decided to
BvBf fe erect this memorial in tho Plaza. Is it fair
B'lBtt' e now to tlio archltecls who were asked to com
' fcl;' pcto on thn supposition that it was 10 he erected
M S1!, cro 'l"11 they should havo no chanco to hub
E w ,n" Indols for tho new site? I am opposed to
, mf, V v tho chango hccniiBO I am an old soldier. This
m 'i 'Bfv t, monument U not merely Intended to bo nnsthet-m'-sfWi
" or ornate. It will posscsb educational quail
" tl S tics as well, and I want to seo Iterated where
B t' ll ,vl" '"To.il to the greatest number of people.
Bftilrr V ' 't would ho wrong to erect it on a pot whero
Bef BV ? nono but milllonnlros can seo It. It wns not
f'ltt i ' tho pooplo who rldo in rnrrlngcs who saved tho
.'Iw N iJiiion. I had rather that tho monument wore
! lb " placed in tho Five Points linn on tho Clnro-
I !3f mont sito. Our aim should bo to build this
Bs, Bf( tuonument whero tho greatest number of chil-
fRv J dron can tee it."
Bl I Heiordcr lloff took Gen. Collls up rather
-, , m id sharply on tlint nnrt of his remarks which con-
If, Bj S rcrncd inllllunnlros. "I d n't know of nny Bpot
BSr B whero inoro of that class of our citizens o juld
BK' tf 7!ew "'" """"'nient thn in tho Plaza," ho said.
it II it It would lw Mirroiinded by tho housoaof Kuch
f- : men.,n' t'0.llls..1'-, Huntington. Cornelius Van-B-St.
li d:7,'.,."t !l",,. Whridgo T. Gerry. Then. too. tho
B-t?; 61 a Millionaires' Club itselfis just ncros tho way."
BV s ', "You misunderstand me," replied Gen. (5ol
?i f ; r lis. ,"I liavo no objection to thu milllonnlros
Wavt I, C looking at it, but I don't want It erected on a
mV'A ' spot whero tliey can low it uxcltislt civ."
Bi? I1 $ Bovcnil letters were then read from nrt ex-
a IC ?: ports Indorsing tho Claremont bite. Hussoll
mw$ 9 Bturgl wrote:
USf I; '1 ",7ho. accepted design for tho Soldiers and
BU I, l bailors moiunrlal does not bccm peculiarly well
BM W, ? adapted to, tho Fifth avonno Plnza. I 'think
BSM 8 ' 'hat It would bo even better placed ut tho north
1.1 jfc 'J and of Hlvcrsldo Drive."
Sv p p Prof. Waro nruto:
g ' !r "Tho design recommended by Mr. Sturgls.
BK b; 'i J,' """'"n "'id inystlf and adopted by tho
Ea R-l commission scenw to mo In m nv respects bet-
Kra, R ter Bulled to this poiltion (Itiver ldo Drive)
Wrf K- t tli n to that tlr t RUhgesli-d, thoimli In this inoro
WW s exposed po ltlnn It may bo dcslrublo to modify
i , tt in soma of tlio detail . Jt was, elected in tho
?i i Orst place not ns spei-lnlly tilted to thu Pln7a,
lW, f1, I but on account of tho intrinsic nrtlellc merits
fc-ft s which gave It a distinct supeiloritv ocr nil Its
jbC; 4 j competltou. These nierltH would bo tnoio con-
JKF ' " iplcuou In this position Hi n In tho other.
te 1, 5. ..'Mr- Hnmlln neslro ino to cny that ha en-
i iff S- timely agrees with me In thl opinion and In nlso
- Bfi ? i JlilnUng that the nclphliorhood of Grant's
i lv 't Tomb, slnrn It Is not near enough to ho brought
1 Into direct comparison, makes this location a
rg" IV particularly uppioprlnlo one."
!& I? nriico Price, who wa tho consulting nrchl.
gp ( i tect to tho Memorial Cominittee, and who nr-
5 ranged tho details of tho competition, had this
B- A to say about tho proposed chango of slto:
, f, ' .. "In tho matter nf iho removal of tho site of
J g, , ' the Soldlois nnd Sailors' Mnnuinoiit from tho
Kh 1'laza to tho Twelfth nvcniiu viaduct at l'JTth
tm ' strcot, 1 am free to sny that I think the com-
aMf ' V mission Is to lo enngratulntcd, Thu situ is
Kg' J; much inoro dcsirabln than iho ono nt thn Park
E4K, ' 'i- ??ltW- ',. I lliv" nlways held that
, SV ' tho (Plaza) slto was a most unhappy ono for n
' sf- ,1 nionumont of thu character that tlio Memorial
.4 siS f Commltteo could elect. I think I mn on
fc f record as saying I cfuro his Honor tho .Mayor
Jf W a nd ho agreed with 1110 nt Iho time) that to ndo-
,5 ,' v Quatelr commcinornte tho croud purpose of
A - 'i fil Boldlera and Sailor," Monunient at tho
ft iw Plaza slto would require from 1,000,000 to
2 K , Pl.OOO.opo to got anything Into pmh a scale
S , ?A would domlnutu Iho enormous nrchltcc-
I ' & 1 tural "irrnundlngs Hint prevail at tho Plaza
5- IP 'ft1 P''B- "hero you now pronoso to go jou will
It B, , S 00 fi co from aueii unforunau Influences and,
i K , , further, you, will hno n crowning slto In-
R 'M- 'I' read of a pocket i,l'e. 1 Isn most unfortunnto
re K '- thing to set, any monunient In tho pit of a
si ST '' basin os tho Plaza virtually H."
. "i. , ..Thc iwolullon 10 approio tho new slto wns
J".BI,iJ'ldol,lJ.ll'.-M,',5'or Strong, Hecorder Golf,
K S ' ti I'rcjident McMillan, and Mr. Gouldcn voting
Lfl Wf , ' in tho atllrmatlvo. Gen. Collls nlono voted no.
It ii? ?r Tho onlyncmhcr of tho cninnilsslon who wa3
in, ffi I ' not p cscTt was Comptroller Fitch.
W M ' I ln,B,noJv 1, wl now ''0 submitted to tho
m. l& f, Municipal Art Commlsslonors, and It they
M m t approve It nothing will stand In tho way of the
Kft fw !v octlon of tho monument except tho consent
UJi fW 3 of the Park Hon d, whlch'ls awaiting a rcpo t
3 Jgr 1 from the National Sculpture Society on tho
K m, ' artlstlo merits of tho design.
PL 'Mt l "' V" ror u v,ar fur nbllB "to' cat
V Iffi Slelers.
T jg' Charles Holzschul:, who was arrosted on Sat-
ttJW'j tirday Inst for robbing a slot gas meter In tho
If jjp ; ' houso of Mrs. Sarah Ilnlzcr at 811 Marcy
j' RC i avenue, HroukUn, nnd attempting to rob
' ye ' another In a rhiiiesul.itinary on Gates avenue,
f 9,. wss sentenced e.iierday to ono scar's iiiinrlbnii.
5,6. inent In Kings Couiity Pciiiteutlury hi Justlco
2 , -, Worth of tho Gates Aventio PoliceCourt. Tnu
& W miters belong to tho Urooklyn Unlou Oasllght
P f rf3oaipanj-.
A Woman 0cna-Ofcer Tfaesnent Tenants
rlMral With tllnently.
Mr. August Bcbllentz, waa suffoosted In the
moke of a tiro that did (11,000 damsgoln the
fire-story tenemont at S20, East Ninety-fifth
street oarly yesterday morning. The flro startod
In a candy itoro kept by Morris Woroshlll, and
was discovered at 3:15 o'clock byPollcoman
Mahoney of tho Kast Eighty-eighth strcot
station, who, after ringing an alarm, dsvotod
himself to rousing tho ten families living In tho
Tho tonants sought to reach tho roof, as the
balls wcro by this time Impassable from smoke,
and Mahoney and several firemen, who had as
cended through tho adjoining house, gathered
thcro to help them out,
Ono of tho last to .oach the ladder leading to
the scuttle was Mrs. Schllentz. who, from hav
ing broken hor legs about n yoar ago, was al
most bedridden. With hor were hor two daugh
ters, Josephine, who lived with hor on the third
floor, nnd Mrs. Kneel, who, with her husband,
lived on tho top floor, Josophlno went up tho
ladder first and reached back to assist, her
mother, who was also pushed ud by Mrs. Engel.
Hut oven with this double help tho old woman
wns not able to make the ascent. Mrs. Engel
went back for a chair, but the smoko had Be
come so thick that she could not toturntothe
ladder, and was forced to tako refuge on the lire
cscapo ot the rear.
From this tiro escape Mrs. Mlnnlo Strauss and
her fotirtoen-year-ohi daughter, carrying n large
doll, which for somo tlmo was thought to bo n
baby, had just been rescued by Fire Patrolmen
Leonard and Kelly, who lay down on the roof
with tholrhoadsund shoulders over thoedgo,
nnd, while tho llremen who had nono up to tho
roof with thom hold their legs, reached down and
fleked up Mrs. Strauss and Marraret, lifting
hem from tho top ot a short stepladder to tho
roof In safety. . , . , . ,
As soon as this was dono Fire Patrolman
Cloveland went down tho ladder at the scuttle
to llnd Mrs. Schllentz. She was lvlng near the
ladder, and died beforo an ambulanco called
from the Presbyterian Hospital could arrive.
Her husband lind become separated from the
rest of the family before reatblng tho ladder,
nnd found safety on the fire escape of the third
floor, where ho remained until the Are was out.
lie Is Suspected or Committing Horn Than
Thirty DurslarUs.
On suspicion ot being tho perpetrator of more
than thirty burglaries on Staten Island, Philip
Hart, alias John Miller, ot 270 Broome street,
was arraigned by Central Ofllco Dotectlves Heap
and Holland in Centre Street Court yesterday.
Detective Hoap told Magistrate Kudllch that,
under the name of Miller, tho prisoner's picture
was In tho Brooklyn Rogues' Gallery as that of
a convict who had spent five years In prison for
burglary. He and Holland arrested Miller in
front of his home yesterday afternoon.
On Oct. 22 the Drumgoole Mission at Mount
Lorotto, S. I., was robbed and $000 worth ot
church property, including two golden chalices,
was Btolen. On Oct. 25 a horse and wagon,
valued at $100, were stolen from Jacob Wares
ot Pleasant Plains, S. I., and on tho same
night tho dry goods storo of John Lewis of
Woodvale avenue. Prince's Bay, 8. I., was
robbed and 1(1400 worth of goods was stolen.
Tho police say that tho goods from Lewis's
store were carried away In tho wagon stolen
from Wares.
Dotoctlvo Consldine of Police Headquarters,
Staten Island, told Magistrate Kudllch that he
could prove that Miller sold Wares's horse and
wacon for 810 to Louis Stoln of 222 Myrtle ave
nue, Urooklyn. Ho addod that Miller was sus
pected of over twenty burglaries recently com
mitted nt Westfleld, S. I.
Maglstrato Kudllch dolivered tho prisoner
Into tho custody of Detective Consldino to be
taken back to Staten Island.
aisas fob piioxoaitApns.
Jahnssn Alan Whittles the Popular Airs nf the
George W. Jobnson, a negro, was arraigned in
the West Fifty-fourth street court yesterday for
pushing Itaskin Stewart out of a second-story
window at his home at 231 West Forty-first
As the Stewart woman had not been seriously
Injured, according to a surgeon's certificate
from the Roosevelt Hospital, and as there was
no substantial ovldenco against the prisoner.
Magistrate Deuel did not take the matter very
" How do you earn a living, Johnson 1" asked
the Magistrate.
" I sing and whistle forphonograph companies,
Judce, and it's worth more than $10 a week to
" What do you sing 1
"Anything that's called for, your Honor. All
tho popular songs ot the day, most of tho time.
Just about now people want a lot of hymn rolls
for Christmas presents, end onco In a while I
reel off a cylinder full of grand opera far some
high-toned customer who wants to give a phono
graph to his girl."
" Whut do you whistle f"
"Any tuno you want to name 'Tho Mocklne?
Bird' nnd the 'Darkles' Dream' are my whis
tling specialties."
"Can you whlstlo for a bondsman I"
"Not without my notes. Judge."
" Well, I will parole you for a week without
bail to wait for the woman to recover."
$1,000 roB joux j; lewis.
Ue Was One orthe Tlerrleb Road Tally-Uo Vic
tims The Verdict May De Set Aside.
Whon tho jury awarded a verdict ot $1,000
against tho Long Island Railroad Company yes
terday In favor of John J. Lewis, one of tho vic
tims of the tally-ho party at tho Merrick cross
ing accident. Lawyer Kelly moved to sot tho
verdict aside on tho evldcnco and the excep
tions, and " for other reasons." Justice Garret
son denied tbo motion, but granted a stay of ex
ecution for thirty days. Mr. Kelly said be had
heard that two of the jurors visited tho scene of
tho accldont on Sunday last and asked ques
tions of tho residents concerning the accident.
This action, Mr. Kelly boliovcs, will probably
result in having the verdict set aside. Mr.
Ijewls sued for 50,000 damages, hut before tho
caso was submitted to tho Jury his counsel said
ho would be satisfied with $5,000.
Defaulting County Treasurer SI orrliou'a IBonds
inrn to n nelensed.
TrtOT, Dec 22. At a special meeting of tho
Rensselaer County Hoard ot Supervisors this
afternoon thirteen Democrats and two Republi
cans voted to release the bondsmen ot default
ing County '1 re.isurcr Gcorgo II. Morrison of all
liability, and to surrender all claim of the county
to Morrison's securities on thu payment of $1 10,
000. This is In settlement of tho judgmont of
$107,550 recently obtninod by tho county
ngninst tho bondsmen. Morrison's securities
bad a faco valuo of 'JB3.Q0O, and may yet prove
a prolUablo investment for tho holders. TIiIb
afternoon's action of the board has nothing to
do with tho claims of tho county for $105,000
against tho national bank.
Judce Asa IT. Trnnej's Will.
Tho will of Judgo Asa W. Tenney was filed for
probato In tbo Surrogate's office In Brooklyn
yesterday. His estate Is valued at about $75,
000. Ho leaves to his sister, Mrs. Julia M.
Durant of Columbus, Wis., an annuity of 8250.
His nephew, Paul 1). Durant, of Colurubus, Wis.,
is to receive bis gold watch and chain, and an
oil painting of Dnnlel Webster Is given to tho
Long Island Historical Society, Tho remainder
of the estate Is left "to my loyal nnd devoted
w Ifc. Marie K. Tenney." Mrs. Tenney, who lives
nt 100 Washington Park, is named ks tho sole
executrix. Thu will was executed in lHiKI.
It Go Because Policeman Had Clubbed Ulna.
Seventeen-year-old William Cummlngs ot 40
Jane strcot waB let go when arraigned In Jeffer
son Markot Court yesterday for refusing to
" niovo on" nt Oansevoort nnd Washington
streets, becauso the ottlclntlng policeman, lllunt
of the Charles street found, clubbod him. Ills
head was swathed In bandages, and tho police
man's ovcr7calousness nil! bo reported at
Order l
Evans' Ale ma
Christmas JfijL
and Enjoy HH
a Banquet fefl
of Supreme lK?3J
Delight. Wjj&i
Mellow (is did irfiir, clear as i(BoiSsVj
cristal, uparUIno xelih brtl' BKflBB
lluncv, all croiciMd with a froth VBuBJ
1 . . ...ft,'1;-. - -
.I ,
ruiz.jp BinsBZASDSB'a noxva fob
Tn B ClTen an thn Annual Parade Day
tn thn Mnal Deserving Vsllceman CanrnU
lontr siM,n Investigation or thn Kliht
Sllrh Bnulta In ante Kiperl Trstlmany.
The Pollco Board accepted yesterday a propo
sition of Philip Hhlnclandcr to glvo to the
force a medal for bravory skin to tho Bonnctt
modal in .bo Firo Departoht. Tho medal is to
bo known ks the "Rhlnol.ihdcr medal of vnlor."
It will bo of gold, ot the shupo of plain tcrosa
with tho ralsod figure of a policeman In an oval
wreath. Once a yo ir, on p rado d y, tho
M yor, or ono of tho Pollco Commissioners,
will glvo It o he policeman who has mo tdls
InguLhed hltmclf by personal bravery in the
preceding twelvemonth. ,
The only condition mndo by tho giver Is that
the recipient thall "havo performed an net of
exceptional valor at tho porll of his own Uto
and showing a high order ot Intelligence." Tho
Pollco Comml lonor aro to pick out tho man,
but if they can not agree, tho Mayor shall havo
the decldl g voto. fihduld no pollcoman have
distinguished himself ohough i any ono yoar
to da ervo tbo modal, nono shall be glvo 1.
Mr. Hhlnclandcr wroto that It was "tho car
nest desire ot tho donor that this medal shall
be awarded tn tho spirit in which It is present
ed to the deportment." Tho board assured
blm of Its appreciation and of tho gratitude of
the department.
The night stick came up for a hearing. Pres
ident Moss brought it up in tho following ro.o
lutlon: Resolved, That tho use of the night stick bo
discontinued, except on such posts as may bo
designated by tho Chief of Police."
Mr. Moss said thnt he had been misunder
stood. Ho wished to testify to his full appre
ciation of tho good qualities of tho pollco forco,
aud ho was anxious to got for It tho good will
of the people.
"Ono of tho most unpleasant habits of police
men," ho said, "Is that of constantly twirling
their night sticks on their thumbs. It makes a
bad impression on a stranger to seo a big pollco
man twirling what must look to blm Uko a cart
rung by a leathern thong, and tho belief prevails
that thoso who twirl will uso tho club, too, on
slight provocation. Kow.lhcro Is a reason for this
twirling. Tho night stick Is heavy and uncom
fortable to carry In tho bolt, I am told. It Is
easier to carry in tho hand. So carried, when
some suddon emergency arises, It comes down
upon a head easier than It It sat In Its socket.
If it was there, tho man would havo tlmo to
By Mr. Moss a request tho thrco "sticks" of
tho forco wcru brought In and laid on the table,
tho long night stick of yollow locust, tho dny
stick of red rosewood with fancy turned hnndlo
and tho short but cmphatlo "billy." Mr. Moss
took up tho day stick.
"They say, ho commented as ho hewed tho
air with it, 'that thn night stick Is less danger
ous than this, yet, curiously enough, the strong
est pica for It is that to take it from a police
man Is to rob him of his defence. I think my
self that tho rosowood stick strikes a harder
blow, but it stays in tho belt. It can't bo
twirled. This (picking up tho locust) stays in
tho hand."
Commissioner Andrews suggested thnt n rulo
might bo mndo to lit tbo case, but Mr. Mots said
that no rulo would work. There was om now
forbidding twirling. Tho clubs passed from
hnnd to hand. Mr. Andrews wns examining
tho day stick when tho policeman detailed to
his ofllco, Edward Moran, who stood behind
him, said:
"It Is no good. It breaks right here," point
ing to the turned handle. "Ono heavy blow
and it snaps right off."
"Ono minute," said Mr. Andrews. "Hero Is
expert testimony from a man who has car
ried a club twenty years nnd never had a chargo
against him. Toll us about it, Mornn."
"Yes," Bold Mr. Mos, "toll us why the men
don'tjlke to carry the night stick In their belts."
"It Isn't tbo stick," said Policeman Mornn,
"It's the belt they don't like. It sags with tho
club in it, and wears out tho uniform so n man
has to get a now coat when nothing clso Is
wrong. The night stick Is all right. Thcro
is no stick like it to do duty with. Crooks aro
inoro afraid ot that than anything.
Mr. Andrews applauded. "Good for you,
Moran. Speak for your stick," ho said.
"It wouldn't be riirht if I didn't." said tho
champion ot the night stick. "It is 11 good
stick, and it don't hurt thom near as much as
they think. It isn't dead weight, liko this,"
pointing disdainfully to tho stick of rosowood.
"There s Bprlng in tho locust. I never heard of
a man getting killed with It."
"Well," said Mr. Moss, "that Is testimony
Btraight out. If tho heads of departments
would sometimes consult with their men, per
haps thoy would And tilings out. I know tho
men love tho night stick, yet wohnooipcrt
testimony thnt it doe hurt- But I liavo a
personal concern in this. If tho board does
not help me abolish the night stick, perhaps 1
may be dead In tlirco months. I got this letter
Tho President produced an anonymous letter
advising him to lay low" In tho matter of tho
night stick.
"Who nro you, anyhowl" tho lcttor went on.
"Say, what you don't know would mako a big
book. You aro n beaut. I would sign mv auto
graph, but I havo a presentiment thnt it would
be unhealthy, so I remain, unless you llnd 1110
out. A PvruoLMAX.
"P. 8. I suppose you were taking tlmo bv
tho forelock, ou want to abolish tho night
stick for fear you might hocomo too fresh j our
self somo night whon you uro an ox-Comnils-sloncr
and get a tnsto of it. You aro n hairy
old boy."
"You don't suppose now, Mr. President,"
snld Mr. Andrews with much concern, "that
they would tako you by tho forelock, do you!"
Mr. Moss, who Is very bald, laughed.
"They would havo a bard tlmo doing It," ho
Chief McCiillagh hnd enmo up to tako a hand
In tlio discussion. Tho hoard nsked what ho
thought of tho night stick.
"My oxperienco 1b," said the Chief, "thnt It Is
a useful weapon when judiciously adminis
tered. Sometimes, no doubt, it Is not. Somo
men can stand a little hit; others cannot. Now,
let mo show you." Tho Chler, uslnu' Patrolman
Mornn as 0 110-flgiirc, proceeded to lllublrato
what ho could dt wlthiinlght ttleknnd liciwlt
wns usolcss at loso nunrtcrs. Sir. Andrews
said that thn criticism made In tho board waB
upon the twirling habit of tho men. The Chief
responded Hint It was a violation of rulo 152.
'Yes. nnd mom thnn half tho forco vlolntes
rulo 152 every night," interjected Mr. Moss.
"If they do," said tbo Chief. "It will be here
after tho'Captnlns' fault. I told them only yes
terday tn stop tho practice. Tho men will obey.
If mndo to do It, I think it would be wrong to
tnke tbo night stick from them. If a man is
not fit to carry a night stick, ho Is not lit to bo a
policeman. '11m locust Is not hi dangerous ns
represented. Pollco Htirgeim Fliihrcr. who is
ono of thn niiKt eminent surgeons in tho city,
tells mo that ho knows of no cnto ot a skull
fractured by It In his nhnlocTpcricnea."
"What makestlt fo effective, then," askod
Mr. Moss.
"You can stnnd a tough off with It," replied
tho Chief promptly, "this way." Ho mndo a
nweep with thu long club nt arm's length nnd
Commissioners Andrews and Smith, who were
within rnnue, ducked their bends. Thn Chief
smiled. "Ho can't get nt you with his knife."
ho said. "Then you can call assistance with
It. It has a vilce. which tho ruuivood has
not. But Its ha k Is worse than lis blti."
Mr. Moss wanted to know why H)rnes nbol
ished thonlKlit stick. Tho Chief sliiugircd his
shoulders; ho couldn't toll. No doubt Mr.
Hyrncs had his reasons. Commissioner An
drews remembered woll why It wns biought
"it was whon n poliremnn wns snndbneged
and killed In tho Twcutv-flrst precinct," ho
said, "Thnt night when thn men imirrlicd out
with tholr night sticks agnln they struck terror
to tho hearts of tbo toiiKhs.and I here w as penco."
Chief," said Mr. Mot, "tho tontlmunt Is
ngninst my resolution. Will you engage to
mako tho men carry their sticks In their belts.
"I will tuko tho contract," said Chief Mct'ul
lagh. "Very well, wo will let the resolution llo over
torn week or ten dnys.'untll wo seo If the Chief's
promise can bo kept, I do want to wipo out
clubbing, for I think It Is worse thnn taking
money. It 1b brutal."
A hardly porccptlblo wink went around thn
board room. In ten days President Moss will
bo an a.
Sealskin Caps and Gloves.
Coats, capes, collarettes, muffs.
The leading styles in Fox.
Chinchilla, Russian and
Hudson Bay Sable, Ermine,
Stone Marten.
Gentlemen's fur lined
overcoats, sleigh robes,
rugs, mats, etc., at the low
est possible prices for re
liable goods.
.Ylaiiutaelurrr, '
13 ISO v,t 43a Hlreet.
Store open evenings.
-I ,,yV-..v-VTr i.-feinin'.iiiiiiiii''' ..,-.
' .1,11 1 WHaMWy8i wtI if MKvrStSnrFnSvtHiSVB
- 1 - - - - in ' j - n - - - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
Panhandlers Who Held Up Clerk Davidson en
Sunday Right Confess.
Capt. McClusky's men arrested yesterday
Frank Powers and Saniuol Mills os two of tho
panhandlers who on Sunday night held Clerk
Davidson up In tbedrug store at Plko and Madi
son strcots. A mnn known ns Stack had been
previously arrested and Identified by the clerk.
Mills and Powers confessod beforo thoy had
been long in tholr cells nt Pollco Headquarters
that they held up Davidson and exonerated
Stack. Thoy said tbey never knew him. Powers
said in bis confession:
"As wo wcro passing by Davidson's store I
looked In nnd snld to Mills: 'Hero Isour chance
to mako a dollar. I'll put the gun up and you
tako tho damper.'
" Wo went in. I stood in front of tho countor.
put tbo gun at tho man's head, and demanded
money. Ho fell back ncalnst tho shelves. I
held him there until Mills got tho damper. I
saw Mills run out and down Madison street.
The crowd followed me. I fired three shots In
thn air to hold them back."
Thoy got SiO by tho robbery. Mills Is a well
known panhandler. He whb tried for shooting
and killing "Kid" O'Brien, a psl, in a tight in
Chatham equnra afterono of their raids in 1893,
but was not found guilty. The following year
he snot a peddler, and was sent to Sing Sing for
two years and a half. Powors, when arrc3tod
yesterday, had a bullet wound In his leg. Ho
said that his pistol went off accidentally. In tho
afternoon he was sent to Bellovue Hospital.
A Coney Iilnnd Hotel Man Accused or nstnv
Fence for Stolen Stamps.
Charles E. Morson, tho Conoy Island saloon
keeper, who was arrested a week ago charged
with receiving stolen postago stamps, had a
hearing beforo United States Commissioner
Oakley In Brooklyn yesterday. Witnesses in
Morson's behalf testified that tbey hod known
him for years and never knew him by any other
name than Morson. The prosecution Is based
upon tho fact lluttMorson signed for a registered
letter, addressed to Charles E. Morrison, that
hail been sent from Donvcr by ono of the Post
Office thieves, who was then under arrest, and
who warned Morrison to look out for the United
.States olllccrs. Counsel for Morson asked for
tlmo to submit n brief, and the matter was ad
journed until Monday next, Morson Is under
U.000 bonds.
Contractor llosnn'o Explanation or an Allog-ed
"Grab" by a Trolley Company.
WniTESTONE, Ij. I., Doc. 22. Forty laborers,
employed by Contractor Hogan In tho con
struction of tho Now York and North 8horo
trolley railroad, started laying tics nnd rails on
Eighteenth street, this sldo of the College Point
line, oarly this morning. Two trustees, aided by
tho policemen of this place, compelled thn labor
ers to stop work an1 rcinovo tho tics and rails.
Tho contractor explained that his foreman hnd
been ordered to lay tho tracks on the College
Point side of tho line, but had mlstakon his
landmarks. Tho trolley company has applied
to tho authorities of Flushing, Collcgo Point,
and Whitestono for franchises to oxtend Its
line, but tho applications have not yet been
acted upon.
An Injunction nratralnlitr the Payment or
S3B.OOO to Contractor Edward noetic
A temporary Injunction hns boon granted by
Justlco Van Wyck in the Supremo Court in
Brooklyn restraining tho trustees of the village
of Farltockaway from pa) lug $23,000 to Con
tractor Kdwnrd ltocho for Improving and paving
certain streets. Andrew McTlgho. ata pnyer,
who secured tho Injunction, says that tho work
isdcfectlvo nnd not actordlnir to contract. Ho
ulso saj s that tbero Is only $112,000 In tho villsgo
treasury to meet a debt much greater.
oonnn nnd Slnipioa Indicted
Tho fact was made publlo yesterday that the
Hudson county Grnnd Jury on Tuesday after
noon found Indictments against ox-Assistant
Prosecutor Joseph M. Noonan and Lawyer
Alcxnndor Simpson on a chargo of ontcring Into
a conspiracy to eocuro ihoriisihnrgoof a pris
oner from tho county jail In Jersey City for a
consideration of $300. Tho chargo ngninst tbo
defendants wns made by the Jersey City Jour
nal. Klbert Hapnluye. tho mnnnglng editor,
employed Kdwnrd Pldgeon of this city, a re
porter, nnd Louis Deck, a detective, to got evi
dence. The indictments will probably bo pre
sented to tho court to-morrow.
Noonan nnd Simpson havo been requested to
nppear on Tuesday hi fore a committee of tho
liar Association, which Is investigating the
The IVratber,
The presiuro was low and the conditions unsettled
over the country cast of tho Mliilulppl Hirer yeiter.
day. Light snow was fulling la tho btates surround,
lag Lakes Erlo jnd Ontario, la the New Lnglsnd and
middle Atlantic States, and It was raining In tho
outii Atltntlo and coat liulf Statot. West ot the
Jlliilsilppl It was generally fair, with an area of
high pressure reitlng orer tlio Rocky Mountains and
I'acino cant States. It nu unusually cold In tlio
louthtrn California fruit districts. At Lot Angrlet
thu temperature touched two detrees Itelow frreilng,
and killing frost woa reported at San FraucUco.
It was much warmer la tbo Western Statu Jutt cut
of the Rockies, and slightly colder In the lower ills.
stsslFplanl Tennesieo valleys; elsewhere tbero waa
but alight change,
Urate feg eu eloped the coast and lower bay during
tho afternoon.
In thlt city light anew fell nearly all day, with
light fog; average humidity 00 per cent, i wind south
to southwest, average velocity 1 2 miles an hour high
eat omdal temperature, 3V lowest, HO'i barometer,
corrected to read to sea level, at 8 A. M. S0.60, 0 P.M.
The thermometer at the United States Weather Bu
reau regtsterod the temperature yesterday u follows!
1807, 1BWII.I 1HU7, INOn.
oa. M ao- 4i'l up. m n uv
im os 4a1! wi'.m aa at
ai'.it aa iimsmiii . ...ao aa-
for .Vew Kn'jluml and euitern .vie J'orJr, light moio
or rain; iautkitt,terlu irtniti.
for the DUtrlcl of Columbia, eastern Pennsylvania,
KewJcrney, Delaware, Maryland, no 1 Virginia, partly
cloudy weather; cooler; northwesterly win Is.
For western reoojjlraota. western Nov York and
Ohio, generally fair; (reih southwesterly winds.
Treasurer, On Heine Arreatrd for Foraery,
Acrtitea the President,
John E. Jacobs. Treasurer of tho Stodder
Blcyclo Tiro Company, of 58 Warren street, was
arraigned In Centre Strcot Court yesterday
afternoon on a chariro of forgery In tho third
degree, preferred by Horace Do I.lsscr, Presi
dent ot tho company. Jacobs pleaded not guilty,
and after a short bearing Magistrate Kudllch
hold him for further examination next Wednes
day. DeLisser declares that Jacobs, during his ab
sence in Europe, withdrew from tho Stock Ex
change Bnnk fflOO of tho funds of tho'company,
and failed to enter tho withdrawal on tho books.
Under section C15 of tho Penal Code, this fail
ure to enter tho withdrawal In tho company's
books constitutes forgery of tho third degree
so Do Lisncr alleges.
Through htsnttornev, lawyer Kohlcr, Jacobs
alleges thai Ills arrest Is duo to spite. Ho de
clares that ho was arrested morclv becauso ho
blocked n schcino on tho part of Do Llssor and
Leo II. Stoddor. tho inventor of the blcyclo tiro
the company manufactures, to freeze him out.
Jacobs says t hat bo pu t $7.41)0 In tho corpora
tion, in addition tn gotmronn bond personally
for $7,500 inoro. II declares that ho placed Do
Llsscrln chariro as President, ns Do Llsscr had
been employed by him to manneo theatrical com
binations which ho backed. He alleges that Do
Llsscr nnd Stoddor endeavored toscilthopatcnt
for tho tiro to an English syndicate to his disad
vantage although lie wns tho only man who hod
put money Into tho local concern.
The latest and richest In Men's Hats,
Shoes, and Fnrnlshlngj. Prices lower thnn
rf v Kiel) hcarfs, 40c.
Ryj Silk Suspenders, Satin
ViJW Lined, SI. 49.
IL r Imported House Conts,
X'l S3.08 to 813.00.
JJlVv Tartan Silk Mufflers,
K A JrVAl 1 X Reilldeer Glove j,
U fi" JT it Gny Suede Gloves,
S4.00 Patent Leathers at 82,10.
S4.00 Winter Itusscts nt S3.3 0
I4.O0 J:ngllli Enamel nt 83.39-
tWK I Hat
vC A ;d?S ) Onty
5S- ( VJv .y N room In our
Xv -J '0nx - stock) for the
7!s T l,0 commonplace. No
N-s' JSNv J ill middlemen's pruf-
-.5TQ.vt '- llsi therefore ery
W" little prlcoj.
4 V? Derby. ...1.00 to 2.00
y ' Silk IInts..:i.00 to 4.00
A haviim; op si o. ltll'll hit.
Wallace Co.
226 Fifth Avenue.
for weak luugi, 11 rvntis dyip.pftau, and to ntreuit-then
the whole nervous nn 1 gcnorul by.tum. Is a uruln,
nerve, uud blood food.
All druffffltts.
Flint's Fine Furniture.
HTII.I, A Villi Kit t.TOI'11 Ol'
45 West 23d Street.
cDrtnu dimmers.
CIIKtl K.V I ll.l
SII.OI) m I'nrllnn.l, M -., 11 ml Itrlurn.
Rteanuliliu Joi.n EiikU aii'l Manhattan leave Tier
!tn. Eaat Hirer, foot or Ijrct n , Tin .das. Thur
days, and hat Irclors at 5 . M. tlesmrr. line, with
every niodtrn Improvement for ion fort uud con
veleii7Sof lourldn.
i-dlccs, 7I1 uroudway and 23:2 South st
II. HAM.. Orncral Agent.
FAhT EXPIlhv. H1KUIKI'.-..
Kataer. Tu Juu 4. a 1 M.iLalm, Tu Jan 21,0 A.M.
Trave, Tu.. Jim II, PA M lllati-l. ru Kelt. H, V A. M,
OELI'.K'HH ft CO . 'J llnrlliM tin-en.
For Old Point Cumfort. Norfolk. Newport New.,
reteratiurr, roriaimiutli, l'niiirr'it Point, Hiehniond,
Virginia Pouch. Va . aud U'Mitiltutun, I, c' Freljht
and I'uk mn Meauu-ri .all from J'lcr 311. North
Hirer, t 1 rywrek ilar. riept Saturday, at a I. M..
and ssalurdny at -I I' M.
U L. IIIT.,I'D1U', Vice I'rni't ami Trunin Mgr.
Majratle . Di-e x, noon Teutonic Jan, 18, noon
Urrmsulc Jan A. noon Hrltonnl - . Jan. ID. nuuo
Her 4S,Kortn lth.r onti-r. w llroadway. Nw York.
'"""" 1 --.,. ,.
' Cctaa jnenmtrfl. -
1MW OK rt'tit),
Having Purchased the Rtcamsl Ip
" Morgan City,"
announces that she will sail from New- York for
Alaska aa soon as she can be refurnlthed and pro
Tlsloned.probanly not later than January lBth. She
will land pauengers for thn Yukon Oold yield, at
DycaorSkazuay rsrly tn March, at the right time
for rnott easily crosstm either the Chllkoot or the
White ras route.
passengers by thta vessel can reaoh Klondike early
In May.
The "Morgan City" will run between Seattle and
Dyca until the end of Mayt therentt r between
Seattle and St. Michaels, where she will connict with
our river steamboats, the laiteit and most comfort
bio on the Yukon.
ror many jeers a trading steamboat owner abd op
eratoron the Upper Missouri, takes personal charge
ot our Yukon ttlvi r steamboats;
Low rate) for passage and freight will bo quoted at
so simad hiitrr. whit vonu.
but immediate application must te made by any one
denlrlngto avail themselves ot this opportunity as
tho "Morgan City" will sail Immediately sbo Is re
fitted. Mr. Joseph Ladue
will give advice as to best outfit and equipment.
For $490
Yon rnn lent KEIV 1 IIIIK liy ...ft
He 8. aOflMAllXl.t, reb. Itl. una tuko
mi exlritatvo nrftirlnB ttmr ttiroujrh
ant or (II d5-. TlHHI-itr KUYPT. thn
HULY I.XI. I1ALY. lc.. nil travel
llitv rxinra beln v Included. Full
pnrllculnr or thlt nnil timny other
Orlmtnl nnd Amerlmn t ultra rrom
aoi nnoAinvAY, r.v voiik,
or nny T their Ofllrri. Urn tic he, or
Asenrlcs In tho Lulled Hlnifa aud
Balling every Wednesday at 10 A. M.
ST. PAUL Dfc.aO.l'AHIH .Ian. IB
ST. LOUIS Jan. IilST. LOUIS Jun. '.'
NEW YOHK.. ...Jan. la'NEW YOHK.. .Flh. U
Sailing every Wednesday.
Kenslueton.Dec.Utf,UiA.M.Southwart..Jau. 12, noon
Wcstnfnnfl..,Ju. fl, noon,lierlln Jan . y.nooa
Piers 14 and in. North Hler Oltlcf. dHowllng Green.
Intended stc&mshtp tailing from Vancouver
MU'liKbS OP JAPAN Jan. til. April It
Second cabin accommodations at try low rat.
For tickets and f re g lit rates apjily 53 Broadway.
For freight rates only, H3 all (it.. New York.
rrom pier 41). N. 11 , foot of Clarknon at.
Lucanla.Uee.'.1.'), O&uA.M. I Auranla. . Jan., 1 P.M.
Ktrurla . .. Jan. l.noun J Umbrla Jan. ifi. K:3tiA.M
YEBNO.V H.lJKOWWftCO..Qen. Ak'U, 4 UowllpgOnen.
I'll H Ml mm:.
Sailing every ha turd ay. nt 10 A. M,
From Pier No. 4S. North Ulver, foot Morton Street.
La Normandle. ...Dec. 25Ln Oacorfne Jan. 1ft
La Champagne Jan. 1 LaNormaudle Jan. 22
Lei HretajHf) Jan. f'La Champagne . ..Jan. HO
Ut'i'Iai paxsafr N. Y.-Prls a ho. and upwards.
Oen'l Aftency for U. S. and Can,, 3 HowMuk Or'en. N. Y.
Oen'l Weider n Ageiify, 71 Dearhorn St., Chicago.
TWIN-SCltEW EXPRESS from New York to Plym
outh (Lomton). ChertKiurK. Paris, and Hamburg.
P.lliniarck.Kel).,n.nA.M. I Nnrmannl. Men 24,0A.M.
Palatla... .Jan I, noon Prunsla. . .Jnn H, 7 A.M.
1-lnt cati., sun up: acenml class, S4D: steerage, tli.
Ilnnilinrir..tiuertciili l.lnp. III llroNilwns.
toi:tiV i.ik. via Htonlutston. Leave Pl.r
till. N. It,, nno Mock arne Canal St.. weekdays
only, at il P.M Steamrr.Malue and New Hampshire.
Mill .It'll i.lE. vIk Nov London Leate 1'ler 4
(old No.), N.lt . next Dr.brossrs St.. nfekda)only,
at n P.M. bteamers City of Lowell anJ City of
F.tl.l. lllP.ll MVP, via Newport and Fall River.
Leave Pier IS, N. R . foot of Murray St.. week days
only, at B no P. M. steamers Plymouth and PU
Rrlrn. Orchestra on each
cATitii.i.. in im Aii t o.vi iritiiTiiit.t'ri
leavo l'ler 4a. N. R.foot of Chr itopher St., eery
week dny at d P. M.
KINGSTON LINE. Vrt 10th St. Dally 4 I'. M . Sat
urdaaat 1. Steamers IIAI.DWIS and ROMKllfor
Cornwall, Ncwhiirn. New Ilambiirs. Marlboro. Milton.
PoilKlikeepsIe. Hyde Park, Esopun. Klnestnn, connect
Inpilllll'.SIl It U. ftu all points in I'atskllla.
M'.W IIAVK.-Fare. tl; EXC'UltSION, Tl C0.
Kant steamers leave Pier tfA, K. It., dally (.Suudsvti
excepted), :t P. M aud 1 nildiilRht. arrlvlus; in tlu'u
for trains to Merlden. Hartford, Springfield, and
points North.
"AMSIr.I.L LINE. I teamers IcaviTpier 24, N.lt",
-IV foot Franklin St.. for Cranston's. West Point,
Cold Sprltur, Cornwall, Flshklll Landing, Newburjt.
week days ft P. M.i M,nda)a U A. M.
Lehigh Valley System!
Stations root of West Slid St. (Penn. It. It), Corttandt
or Ili-sbrosses ht.
Indicates time from West 2!Jd ht. Other figures show
time fiom Cortlandt or DesliroHses St.
IlltO, tlilo A. M, duhy (huucluy 05. 7 A. M.)
forMACCII CHUNK and Intermediate -tullnni
i.1o. Hi 1 5 a. M dally for U'lI.KKsilARRF..
MMttSTON iweek days). KLMIRA leik davs),
IlllACA. tll'.NEVA, ROClIK-jrhlt. HL'hFAI.O, NI
AIIAKA FALLS, nnd the West and principal local
points: dlnliiKcar anil t hair car to HurTulo.
lliau. 1-Jtiio nnuntlnlly, exc pt Sunday.
Arrle IlutTalo OiAA I'. M. I'lilln-aii V. stiuule Day
Coaches an I Parlor Cars. Dlnlcu Cur Service. It-1
a la t arte, Coune'-ts at IluITalo .tb through sleeiera
to Detroit utid Chicago
Itii'iO. I'Jilil p. M dal y, except Sunday, for
MAIV1I CHUNK ni! Iiilerine Hate points.
r.-ifto. Iiin p si, humlaja only, ror KASTON,
MAUCII CHUNK, nnd Iho, nil brandies,
IiiiL lilu ! M. ilallv, ex. ent Sunday, for
'II.KKsnKKI'. PITTT(IN, SCRAN I ON, and prill,
clpui Internicdlute stations Conn.cts f-r all poluta
In coal ri-gloi si chnlrcurf ir WI1k-.liarre.
:llSI. Hill 1' M dally, . x. ei.t Minday, for
WII.UKMUHItl . l'mslON, SCHANTON. and prill,
clpul liiterm diat s'atloiu ('fiin-cts for idl points
In ual regions; Pullman linnet Parlor Car for
WIH-esb rrc.
Ui.-.o. iiMit p. M. ddly. ex-ept Sunday, for
MAIV11 CHUM; aud lut nuedlatu utitlous, chair
ear to Pethlehein.
Iito. .inn P. M.daly for P.A8TOS ajil Inter
medial., .tttlons,
OlBO, T P. M.dnllv for llfr'KALO. NIAf.ARA
FALLS, anil hII pnliits West Pullman Me, p r visit
biibtranN. Y loChlcaio. isliepui. lo Uunalo and
' Toruulo.
, Hitfi, Niri'i p v. dilly.eitci.pt Sunday, stripping
I IIKNINA. I.ll HhsTKlt. PATAVIA, HI l'I Al.w. mid
TOIvOMO. I'ulliraii sleepi-r lor lltina'o Nun. but
sin ping car pa i g r carried Nn'av-ag eirrbtl.
Hl.1l. IIHIO p. M da I) for WlI.KKrllAIUIh.
Ad A HA FALLS, ni.d alliolnl. West, pullmuu sleeper
Adilltloi al local trains dally, except Sunday, for
IKiUMi JlllOuK and hit run dial.. pu!nt, leave aa
follows - .'0, h-in, in vn. lii:3", IU 20. Iiii.'iu
(Sui day. o-ilyi A M.,2:vo, tfilin, nnd nit, ll !I0 P M,
Tickets llll'l Pull' illll lucollllllidsllous in IIU.IMI,
2711, HAD, IU4. and 1321 llroadway, HI V. 14th St., I Ml
r. I'.'rxli st.. IV" How ry. N. Y i mm Fulton t . 4
Court st . lis H'nay, end Urooklyn Annex, llr ikp
Y Transfer Co. w Hi all for ami cheek tagge
from hotel or residence through lo destination.
f g v York and Boston All Rail.
N. V.. N. II. u i.. It. It, .in 1 connections,
rroiiirjriiiil Central stutlou.
Leave Hj way of Due.
u.iiiia M., Kprlr.sfleld ami Woicestrr. 3..10 I'. 31,
Ill-nil A M-, t,v London .mil I'liivideuce,.! oil ! M.
in ii I A M , New I, n Ion uud l'ro Idi-nic, 4 2A P M,
IV M . Sprlughell snil Wolce.tei, !V III I' 31,
;i no P M , Air Line and N IC. It I.. il:iiu p. M.
1 i'V P M N w l.nn Ion su I Providence, 7 nu I M
!l on I' M . N wIxiiidiiuuil'rold nee, ll mi I1 31.
1 nu I' M. -prmgrli Id uiei Worccsti r, In imp M.
o nil 1' Jl.,ew IrfiiiitonmidProvideine, 11 J i P. 31.
1 1 mi I- l.. -prliirfnelUud W.irctster, illoA.M
IV mil' M Niw ,u dun .inn I'm IKIl e, l):23 A. 31.
Iti us dul 3 . Incpnl u Sunday.
t lljvMute l.liidiedi all parlor earai fare (7, In
tJidiii p. rloriar .eat.
,Air Lli.e Limited, arrlvea at .nd departs from
1'arkSqiiaie station, lloston, llcturu lunce same
hour and by is no route.
Through parlor and sleeping ears by each train,
C. T. HiJJlaTEAD, Oen. Pa. Agent.
'.Wrtfrftss"''!' " "-iiTarat'-trT .-rrfr ' y: '. ' Vu i
j, IMUronfl; Hl
Antral, m
- &, HUDSON RIVER R. ft. K
IIIURir I.IKR Til MIA(lAlt FAI.. jaaasasssB
All through triliu sto i at Allnny, Utlca, Syraout. flHk
IUk'Iii ter and lmriaia. jIbbbbbbbI'i?
Trains leave Uraud Central Statlun, 43d street and ImmmWK
FoU'th avenue, as follows! VHsbbbUE
8.ii A.M. -Daily, exient Sunday. The famotu iTbbbbbbK
toU F.Mi'inKsTATi:r..piiis.i,i3inFn. Fasi.n ,mmw
I ruin HI the woild. Due Ullllalnat 44B P. M nassKl
Niagara Falls oiaa P. M.,Toiuulo Si2p. M. Thl UkV
trinn Islmi.ted lo ,t leslliigrsiailty. Connect RS
at Utlca for Ail rcn tack Mounielns anil Montreal. aasVsS
8 1 - A M. FAST MAIL. Halls For 1'ouBhkeep- KWSB
lit) '. Albany, Uilca. Ntracus , llncliciter. But mSSm
r, In. Niagara Fulli. and C evelan . aWaVl
i n rC v- n. noktii siitmi: i.imitcd. Daily IB
XU.UU ,' i-honr train to Cliinim t 'a Michigan Cen Wtasm-
tru. mute. Due lluftalo Hito I'. 3L. Niagara Fall (W?H
ti.UOP. M.. Chlcao V.UD A. M. Carries sleeping Hva
and draitllig room cars only. uTaassVli
lAiirv, M. DAY EXPHtSH, except Sunday-. nTssTaV
J.U:OU tor Mlllbrook. C'atsklll Mountains, and all Hnv
lumbrtaut New York state points ttsavV
.L.UU For Columbus, Cincinnati, ludlanapolls, and rsassvK
si Louts. Slop at Poualikeei le. lasPVi
1.tV M. CH1UAUO SPECIAL. Dallr-For D- IKflV
iJJ trtitt, Clevi-laud. Toll do. and chk ago. Stop fits?--
,u I'nuffbkr'tteaud hcbeiiectndr, sTaBBsVti
.OUcepl Sunday For Ourrimua (West Point). B-il
I'o ighxeepde. Albany, ami Troy. Htfjl
5 .III i ' m:-laki: mIioku limited. Daliy-i (KB
UU hour tram to Chicago, VI" Lake shore route. haW
Due Cleveland 7I1B, Toledo 10:05 A.M., Chicago "
41.M. Tul train connects ut Cleveland for Clf aafasBs?
elnuatl, doe 4ift0 P. Jt., and at Toledo for St. VsTaTaV
Louis, due 10:t,1 p. M., due Kansas City next F'flr.
morulnj. Carrleasleeplnganddrawlugroamcara UHlw
6,n P. JI. WESTERN' EXPRESS. Daily-For NI- 6.'?
SOU agara Falls, Cleveland, Toledo, Detroit, Chi BiS"
carfo, C.uc.linall. and St. Louis USs
6,i)r P. M SOUTHERN EXPRESS, Dally Toi Ki7-
.J Troy, Plattslurg, IlurlliiRton, Mcntreal, and, ,'JS
i xeeptsstunlsy night', Otia.vn, Hlr,
T.Ufi ' M. I1UKFALO SI'F.CIAL. Dally For Adp U
OVJ roudack ilouutnln points and Montreal, Tla bbbTbbbbI
Ullca. Hoihrsti r, Purralo, Nlsgnra Falls, Toronto, ffflB
ri.velaud, Indian imiUs, Ht. Louts, and Chicago. fllaTeTJ
9.nfi l'- M-M'KCIAL LIMITED 31 Alt. Dally KB
UU (sleeping car pas.enkersuniy) Forimlnteon IrJLBJ
Fall nrook Railway, via Lyons, and fur Rochester, nVasI
nuffnlo. Cleveland, Indlsnapods, and St. Iul. Bmraal
9. 1 r P. M.-PACIFIC EXPHESP, Daily For Sfra- 111
XtJcu'e, Osmgo, Watrrtowu, ogdensburg, Duf aHlasl
mm. Nlagaci r"ulH. Cleveland, Toledo, Chicago. 'HkH
and. except Sundays, for Cape Vincent aud tha laVA
Auburn road. Ha'
Vi.. i.U tra'n for Chicago and principal points on m'A
tho New York Central every night exiept Sunday Wimt
nights. Sunday nights Chicago ale pen leava on i "
ViLt train. -. -jlBal
Diltt A. M. andrnasi p.,'" Dally, except Sunday, to 'I Mm
Plttsnetd, via Harlem Division. Vlwk
OiDU A. Me-Sundays only tu Plitsfleld and the Berk. liasBsU
ihlre Hills, v I. the Harlem Dlv Lion. (
"All night" trains run betw. en 1 Soth t. and polnu WW I
on the Putnam Division as far as Ynnkcra. tn conneo- ignil
lion with the elevatrd road. The only tine running HBsW
"all nlkht" trains out or New York. R&
Wagner Palace Cars on all through trains. .IMsVr
Trains Illuminated with Plntseh light IHli
Tickets and Wagner offices at Urand Central Sta- '111:
ttou, H8. V8I.41M llroadway, SI East 14th St.. 049 !
llroadway, 23SColumbuaav., ill West 123th St., UBth Wm.
at. stntljn, and lltsth at, station. New York: !I3H and iWM
720 Fulton t. and I on tlrnadway. E D.. Urooklyn. ItVIvfl
Telephone "2TU0 Thirty-eighth street" for New Sm
York Central Cab service. Wlmt
Raggage checked from lintel or residence by tb CisWj
Wesicntt Express Company. IHe!.
Uencral 31annger. OciutjI Potsenger Agent. IbsbbbI
Peiinsylvania I
STATIONS foot of West Th eutj -third street and Ds- mV)
browses and Cortlaudt streets. fmyj
rsT"The leaving time from Desbrosses and Cortlandl IWAi
Streets Is ten minutes later than that given below fpr MS
Twenty-third strei i Statlr.n. "flti
IilliA. 31. FAST 3IAIL- Pullman nutlet Parlor K
Car New York toP Ushurg. sleeping Cur Pittsburg mtti
tn Chicago. No enachos to Pittsburg. mK&
Ni.lll A. .il. FAST LINE. Pittsburg and Cleveland. lj
Compartment Sleeping. Dining. Smoking, and Ob- ;
servatlon Cars, l-or Chicago, Cleveland. Toledo, !&
Clnclunntl, Indianapolis, Louisville. St. Louts. ,;
For Nashville (via Cincinnati). Chicago. St. Louis. 'flMi
ftino i. .11. WESTERN EXPRESS. For Cleveland, WJ
ChL-ago. ForToledn, except Saturday. saw,'
tillll-.ll. SOUTHWESTERN EX PRESS. For Pitt- fk
burg. Cincinnati. Indlampolls. St. Louis. !
i to p. M. PACIFIC EXPRESS For Pittsburg and HI
Chicago. Connects for Clevtlsnd.i xept Saturday. bVIt
SlUIIP. .11. MAIL AXD EXPRESS. Pullman Uultet iftl
Sleeping Car New York to Altoons, East Liberty, IBl
Pittsburg, and points West, dally, except Sunday. IIBA
No coaches. J Pn
i ahiiik:ti.y ad Tin: mouth. KUr
7:80. K:20, 0:20. IISO (Dining Car). in:3(l A. M., 12:80, JJl'
1:50 (U:20 Congressional l.lm.," nil Parlor and A, ri
Dlulng Cars).4:20 (Dining Car). 4:30 (Dining Car). JS'
b:80 P.M., 12:08 night. Sunday, H.2H. 0.-2U, lOtbo In
A. 31. (S:20 "Congressional Llm ." alt Parlor and ffl
Dlnln-r Cars). 4:vu (Dining Car), 4:80 (D nlnj Car), I H
S:8IIP. St.. 12:05 night. El
SOUTHEHN RAILWAY. Express, 4:20 P. JL, I2.-0S itt
night dally. fj
ATLANTIC CO 1ST LINE. Express, 0:20 A.M. and I
S:.10 P. 31. dally.
dally. i H
A.M wiek nays ana 7:411 P.M dally.
ATLANTIC CITY. 1:20 P 31. week days (Deabrosse V
and Cortlaudt streets 1 :40 P. 31 ). Through Buffet H
ParlorCar and Coinblueil Coach.
CAPE MAY. 1:20 P. JL week dajs (Desbrosses and V
Corttandt Streets 1:40 P.M.J.
Ixing Branch. Anbury Park (Interlaken. SundayaJ,
Ocecu drove, and Point 1 leosant (from Weal
Tweiit3-thlrd Street station), H:MJ, 11:30 A. JI, gtl
.i:2n. 4:10. I1:I0P.M. Sundays. 11:20 A. II., 4:S) K
P. M. (from D sbrosies and t'nrtlandt Streets), 0:10 V
A. 31., 12:1(1, :t:tu, 3.1U, ll.SUP. 31 Sundays, :B H
A.M., 3:18 1'. M. K
I fill P1III.I)KI.IM1M. M
6:10. 7:20. 7:80. :.(), H:.',o, u:vo (H:50 Penna. Llm- Jl
Itedl. 0:30 (DlnlllgCur). 111:80. 11:30 A.M.. 12:30, ll
lllill, 2:311.. "1:80. 4:2(1. 4. 20 (Dmlng Car). 1 :.".0(lllnllig l-i
Carl. Ii:50 (Dining Car). 7:4n. m.SO P. 31 . 12:0.1 f
bight. Sundays. li:IO, 7-80, h:2(l. H:80. U:20, U:30 ft)
(Limited). 11.30, 10:30 A. 3L. 1 :30 (Dining Carl. :i:50, I I
4:20 (Dining Car), 4:30 (Din ng Car), 8:80 (Dining If
Carl, 7:40. k:80 P. M . I2:ii3 night. M
Ticket unices Nos. 4H1, 4 4, 11 till. I Sill, 111, and 2S1 Ifl
Droadwayi 1 Astor Hous-; West Twenty.thlrd BJ
street Station, and stations font of Deslirossea and VA
Cortlaudt Streets: 4 Cnuit street, nno Fulton ,M
street, lis Rroadway, and PriHiklyu Annex Station, fl
nnmklyn: station, Jersey city The New York M
Trnmrcr Company will call for and check I aggago BJ
from hotels ami rtaldcnccs through to de.tluatloa. .M
(lenrral Manager, Oener.l Paa'r Agent. H
lll'LMVAIlir. I.CK.Wtif',.Bvifuiia? H
II. It. 'J
Stations lit Sew York, rant or llnrclny nnd
4'hrlstnphee Ml. -. fl
VEHTinii.r. tiiii., ii:i.i.vtA ntrpm "m
Direct route to Newark, nioomlleld. Mont -lair. th. I
Oranges, summit, lleruordsvlile, llasklng Ridge, Mad' IJ
Ison, Morilitown, Paisaie, Patermn. llnontnn, Dover, Ik
Stanhoiie, Newton, budd's Loke. Lake llopatcong, M
Hackettstown. Hvliooley' 31uiiutaln. Washington.
l'hllllMliurg. Eastou, Water dan. Stroudsburg, Pocono 1
Mountain, Scranton.I'lttston, WIIL.es! arre.Nautlooka, W
Danville, Nurthumberland Miuiirosi-. lllughamton. K
Oxford. Norwich. Waiervllle, Utli-a. Hlrhnild Snrlngs. 1
Corl land. Syracuse, oivrgo. Ithaca. Owego, Elmlra.
Corning, Hath, DJii-vlile, llurfalo.audall points West. ll
Northwest, and Soutbw est. " 1
Hioo ,. M. 0 luhamtou Ma'l. Stops at prlnclDsl &'
stations. Jh
10iO a. M. (rofoeir) Iluffalo. Scranton, Tllng- I
lijiuton. Onejo. Ptura. Elmlra. Utloa, hvracu. J
and OsHrgo Exprens. Pull man bullet parlor tar. m
Cnnnociln at lluffalo v. 1th trains for Chicago aal
points West. ,
I too i, .11. Scranton. Illn -luinlon, aud Elmlra ll
Express. Pullman iiiirtoi parlor cua. m
iit I". , Mruuton, WIL.e.burrc, nd Plymouth Ik
Expr-ss 1 ullmsii btifle: p iilor cars. II
7iO p. M. (Dally) Cal agJ e.bule Limited Ex- U
Press for Scrantun. Hlugha-nloii, Llmlra. IluITalo, JB
ullmaulniriet sleeping cur New York to Chicago. HI
Dining car v. est of liufralo. Bll
isn r. it.-(Dsily)-iura'n Express. Pullman
sbepers for Siranton, Dlngiiamton. hlinlra. Data. BJU
Ml. Morris, and Ilurfnlo, enl lug lluffnlu N A. M. Hal
onto I'. .1l.-(iially)-lluirnli, Scranton, Ilingbam- BJ
ton. Ow go, Ithaca. Klmira. Syracuse, U ties, and
Oswego Expr-s.. Pullman butTet sleeper.. H
Ticket add Pullman accommodations ut Henry Qoxa Hf
Sdus. Lid., mi llriii.lwuj.il Pa k piaoe, at'd ?0
llroaiwav ami U42 Ilrmdnn) Ticket ai ferry ata- m
tlon.. 1 1 i 4th av.. or I th t., 01 We.t 12th stf.Sss f
?..".m,"J'""Nw Yn,kl3:ls nlld 7as r-ulionst.and 'I
ltiilllrialway, Drooklyi., lime tablea giving full In. I-
funiutioti ul ll stallom. ..-... j
baggvge from hotel or r.ildeice to deailnitlon. I
Through train, learo N. w .,rk. fool ,n Chamber 9
,'-, follows, and nvu minutes eail.cr fnitu IVesI I
Q'O.i ' " Y'Stlluled Expriss daily for nins. ft,
r esMuitalo-P. 31. Par'orcsrliiHiirfViii
' 9.1 Wl1- ' v 'tluued llmlieil-F .1 mill datl
Z .)U H .11.1 train for l.lcago.nrrl. elciivolMd j7d
A M , P ileago .. P. 31 Steele rs tu Chlcaiu i ClIS!
land and cin.-lnn .tl Dluin ca Ln,tu' cl"" ,
730 :K,."l!.,r,'l" n,") Cluvel.nl Vostlbuled
I lMr,1r,f'1Sl,,m", ' "urralo 7:ii8 A. l"
' llr, ill-id ul. A, M Jamestown 7-uii a u ri-w-
!?e?,r;f.sULK',Vc.for "ouo"' CM' i
tS'l!! "-""'hi train to Chhago. elr.-j.rsta i
O.iO Hori.eli.YUl.. Chicago, and CmeiuaiiL oi'"
'I'lLKETS. LOCAL TIME Ct-lDS AM. Pi ..--.st '
1 ACCOM UDATiriNSi l ,i A ani smVAI
.it r:.vH..i: r; s?.'"" '" """" 'w.
NOhFol.i;, 1 1 ii, 'A ', "dl- IS nl tin I
A7iY,.'.n.KeAV.?,,b.ro,,n1-',.'l.S.I-00P lL
Uth .. .127 HowerV N. Y , iiu'TiV;?1 Zu ' U
Ilrooklyui WJ.ll.bLf T.rmi.,.1 J31V. " Pulton st,
to-w hotel o, rmId,aUVoo,fMuSivirM thtck fl
c , i
i""" vsiuirmmkfmmmmmmmmilm

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