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aaaMHU ! t . . , . ' ' ' : ' :i . , "'- -'-
Hm ' s
II H oanada oets more than the sum
B' I air orwinally claimed.
?$ i
Eg j ne Claims ComralMl.n Awards 02111.1)11.
.BfL I -lib Interest at Ir fmt.. Which Will
WM j Increase th. Tnlnl In About DtOa.OOO-V.
'tt' ( MmI Pay Coiin.pl Fee. nnd Espeaor..
PSh f Wasuwhton, Doo. 23. 'Iho United rJlaUs
-Saffl 1 will have tiay n pretty ronny for the solzuro
.11.' t ' Canadian sealing vessel in Uchring Sea
Kl I prior lo Iho 1'arls award of 1803. A copv of
sil I tho dccreo'of the liehring Sen Claims Com-
18 I mission Judge King of tho Suproino Court of
lfiXi ? Canada nnd Judge William L. Putnam of Malno
fK$ i recelvod at tho Htnto Dorartwcnt yestcrduy,
iff f hows that tho amount of damsges awarded lo
iltat' i tho Canadiati'ioalors Is considerably tnoro than
ittaa )42B,006l'whlcli Great Britain wns pre
pared to accept In satisfaction of alltlalmi, but
which Courtcss docllnod to appropriate In
addition lo tho aggregate Bum awarded liy tho
USSSt i Claims Commission, tho United Stales must
MRial t pnx counsel fees and other expenses. Just
'1 SSS f what tho total U nobody at tho State Depart-
$ PI ' ment appears to know. An ofQclal statomont
'1 Hi' ft given out this nftornoon, after Oen. John W.
'.Vt 5$K, f; JToster'had spent most of tho day figuring out
4 hd' $ tiie ftWOunt of tho award, with tho assistance
Tkr $ft ct A,'t,in' Secretary Crldler. doos not clearly
f' iW f? Indicate how much tho Canadians will cot from
'k $ I the United States Treasury. This U tho state
if lV; l" tnent;
JSJ; l "Tho award of tho Behrlng Sea Claims Com-
f :iT f. mission, has been filed In tho Department of
r ' State. Tho claims as presented by the British
r- ifcrt i Government to tho commission, on account of
';, f?' ; Canadian vessols seized in Retiring Sea, ag
& sf, f arrogated, with Interest, $1,500,000. These
Wi 'W I Included, under tho claims troaty, several cases
'" lU not embraced In tho settlement proposed by
K T$ ' Secretary Qresham. Tho award now made
jg 'i' - amounts to $294,131.01, to which Is to bo
v& W f; added interest, which will lncrasa tho total
WjRt x about 50 per cent. Tho awnrd Is final and dis
tji M, poses of all cases beforo It. l'aymcnt under the
S. ft" ' treaty mado bo paid within six months.
J& g This statoment convoys tho lmprosslon that
W "i , tho award Is for something in tho neighborhood
sk 'if -. of 9140,000, but It 1b lcnrurd on good authori
al Ml ' y that t10 'u11 am011"1 will bo a few thousand
h W ' '" cr tt fow thousand more than $-100,000.
(' il'.' i The statoment mado in Ottawa yesterday that
j S . tho award' will aggregato 104,000 is probably
$ '3L , ; correct. Tho sum originally claimed by
t iX ; Canada was about 150,000. A copy of tho
S Sf . award cannot bo obtained from tho Htnto Do
M fS ; partment, whero the Information is given that
. mu tt will cot obtain publicity until It lsrcscnt-
v ed to Congroas. Tho explanation given of
ffiiff j tho failure to furnish the exact total is that
IS MM ' each 'claim hwarded Is entitled tonterest for a
M' L certain period, and thero has not been time to
7J iwhili. flirure out accurately how much this interest
y Wa P" " amount to. Tho rata of interest allowed
-3k & i' Is 7 per cent., dating back In bouio Instances as
; !f I far as 18BU.
g? ! Tho lone controversy which nas endod with
"ft im, tho award of tho Claims Commission began
J$- SS" ' with tho seizure of two Canadian sculors by a
tt ' .-, United States rovenuo cutter in August. 1880.
Wi W Many othor seizures wero mads, on tho ground
iri ?t that tho Canadian soalars had no right to op-
' -f ) crata in Behrlng Sea, whlc)- tho United States
ItC '.f-' Government contended was a closed body of
W; ' water bclongluir to this country. Tho rein-
W '&" tlons of the united States and Great Britain
f; oeoamo severely strained, and when the sealer
'f- j!v lllack Diamond wad taken by an American
ft 4 vessel thoro was danger of hostilities. Thon
S, f" ; tho agreement to settle tho qucstlous involved
5. S-' ! through a tribunal of arbitration was followed
& by a decision of that tribunal in favor of Great
fe Britain.
& 'K Secretary Orosham, pursunrt to tho findings
fW of tho arbitrator!), negotiated with Sir Julian
iSj fauncofote, tho Uritinu Ambassador In Wash-
jfe :, Ington, to soouro an agreement as to tho amount
f 3Jf. necessary to satisfy tho claims of tho Canadian
&' Vs. sealers, and acting on Mr. Grcsham's advice,
uS- i&t President Clovoland asked Congress to appro-
W" 'S? : priato $423,000 for tho purooso. Hut the
i. f' lloaso declined to appropriate tho money,
S 3S ' claiming that It was exorbitant. Further nego-
'?S '' tltions enrued. and tho appointment of the
lx & -" Claims Commission which has just rendered
ffl 'M - " award was tho outcome
' -yS Don M. Dickinson, one of tho Amorlrnn ooun-
pi iw iel beforo the tribunal, which met at iTallfax n
JE - elB; months ago, to-diyjaakes the following
5 W .' tatement:
' kr ; "Thero U no official .announcement of tho
A?t ff' amount of tho award, but whatever It-may be
'& tue Canadian' newBoaners aro clearly "in error.
St-EKS The compromieo offorcd by the Cleveland Ad-
ISi mt ministration in Auguit, 18!tl,.aa stated In Ben-
MA M8 Exocutivo Document No. 67, was $125,000
'iitFl? ct P'tncl "l- M tho Commissioners havo
ifMSK' adopted that as a basis, as those papers rlalm
(iP a legally Impossible theory, however their
I WbX, award mutt havo been for thnt amount and In
LKtt terost, as claimed, at 7 per cent, from thedato
alyij of tho seizures. Tho total sum would be, on
Pi that basis, over $700,000. If interest is given
Si . fniy from tho datoof tho compromise, on the
afi basis of the oompromlso the award would be bo-
tWeon $300,000 and $000,000. So you see if
& tho basis taken by tho Commissioners of jirln
w clpal and added Interest Is as stnted by tho Cana
EK alan papr, tho result mint bo far In excess of
m their guesj. But attcr luedctrjitof thecom
as promise tho treaty was mado under which this
,W Commission of Arnltratlon has been proceeding.
W, In that treaty wcro included largo claims
; L which wero not befcro the Governments on tho
j S ' compromise as, for instance, thoo doslgnntcd
h as additional claims and the item of Great Uri-
E tain's expenses In tho courts. I havo hero tho
p original British rinted schedule of them as pre-
seated to tho Commissioners. Tbo total, with
interest, as confidentially claimed on tho proofs,
f and which undor tho treaty they wero entitled
h toprojent. Is, to bo accurate. .'t.HOO.US.&o. and
L the award that has been rendered gives them
U this, Great Britain la entitled to congratulations,
S Jd their counsel to knighthoods orpoerages.
Ifv t?8 same as' tho othor counsel received after
JH li S pIls ".W1-. .Thl5 British counsel deserved
ftSt'- Mi ff?,a' or. their labors' auywny. for abler men
tiMr ft there are none, and no men over did better or
MW tnoxo laborious servioo in any cause"
ffl Ma XOBdOB Times EiprruM Its GratlflcaUea
i :i Ottr the Award.
jfi ap4timlCatlt OcutjLicMoTnuUvn.
J Iion-Ddfi, Dec 23,-Tho Timet expresses gratl-
float)on o vor the award of tho Bohrlng Sea Claims
fif M Commission, which gives to Canadian sealers
Stf M whose vestols were selzod by tho American Gov-
W S arnment a sum largi-ly In excoss of that which
gf M Great BriUIn vas wllllug to accept in satlsfao-
ffi. on of till claims. The paper says It anticipates,
B Uf It is bound in courtesy to do, that Congress
P V. will raise no objection to the settlement.
h Hrebukes'the British critics for thoughtlessly
V m Ml unadvisedly Insinuating that the United
'' 5' States was guilty of bad faith respecting the
S tf compensation to do paid the owners of seized
Mte" E Canadian vcsiols. It oxplatns that the Paris Trl-
f. E tranal of Arbitration merely settled the principle
'Jf; 9' that pelaglo sealing was legal, leaving the
W amount of compensation for future settlement,
ijfr B Therefore, inasmuch as hlthorto there had
;l ' ft tien no settlement there was no room for any
'j& ft Question of bad faith,
iff W Discussing tho general question, the Timet
H & contends that the great obstacle Is tbo cupidity
:JI." ? lho Amerlcan company In coolly proposing
$ I' that other nations forego tholr polaglo rights in
Pk,' otitT that tho company might pocket tho re-
;-K' i' suiting gains.
"' rr.vsioN in.ivTui.
tm ront Abmes llrganllnc tVldowi reniloas
6- K In Ifae .ir VorU Office.
M I WAnniNOTOK, Dec. 23.-Commlssloner of Pen-
II fions Evans has received a roport from the
f special oxamlner sent to Investigate frauds In the
ft Naw York pension olllco. Tho report shows that
ji s the'actual loss to tho Government will not ex-
ceed a few, thqusand dollars, but that the demor-
g ' allzation among employees of the ofllce and per-
U ' ions who were in collusion with them was
g aerlou". .Edwin J. Whoelor and four others
! gj were convlcteil of defrauding or attempting to
M deiraud the Government, und four othor per-
, 35 sons are undor arrest awnltlng trlul.
ft , Abuses regarding widows' pensions were
' found'to bo most llagrant, and "the , names of
f . several persons then ileud were ipund on the
t ' SSVi"lf?l f ' I.uln.r P'T'no""' 'or which wero
vtjr 1 , ;t"' being made to dishonest lcproscntatlvos of
K ft! . these persons; In tho cases of several pension
P! ra Payments iuadps a losult of fraudulent repro-
& ;eniatloristbo( ovcnmu-ntwlll bo reimbursed,
'p. Jf sothuttliolOMtollioliovcTiiijiont iia u result of
,&, a tbo frauds will he rompirativoly small.
it, utv rnxsou Sin i Surrroil I'rr.ldrul Slurrl-
-J' t sauofilm Inicrilato ommrrro I'oniminlun.
M WauuiNCTOif, Doc. 2a.-Sonator Doboe of
i' S Kestuoky asked tho President to-day to appoint
former Mayor Bapp of Ixiulsv.llo to succeed
.. I William It. Mqrrlsou as Prcsldtrntof tho Inter-
E.ii state Cpminercu pommlssloii. It is understood
fir? a that Mr. Mckinley conltiuiednlicllcf that h.is
iS4 S been preValout t(r bouio tlmo, by tolling Mr.
I' I. Deboe that he had dncldod to name Kdwurd .M,
, ' Paxsonof Philadelphia for the place. Mr. I'.tx-
W., f ffuisa lewyerana u rocclverof tho Heading
M. llailroad. He has oven a Judgoof tho Court of
wr , Appeals and the Supremo Court of Pennsyl-
m vauia.IIo sat on tho lower bench during the trial
m of the UonKucad rioter.
m '
1 ' ' I
The Treasury Brsartment Prat l Aratatt m
UliturkaBea lu the Msj; Market.
WiBniNOTos, Deo. 20. Arrangements have
Teen mado by the Treasury Department to
avoid tho possibility of disturbance in the
monoy market on account of tbo heavy pay
ments for bonds of tho Union Paclflo Itailrood.
Tbr following statement was given out at the
department to-day:
"Tho amount of the principal of these bonds
Is 8211,002,000, and tho intcrosl duo thereon
e?D7,O0O. Up to last night $10,100,120 of thoso
1onds hod been presented for paymont, and
Treasury drafts to the amount of $8,noo,17U
had been issued and sent out from the Treasury.
This lcjiroionts tho actual cash .payments mado
up to date. There wcro up to last night
$2,143,800 proceeds of redeemed bonds held In
tho Treasury to securo olrctilatlon of national
banks. Checks representing tho actual cash
pay moils nlrotuly mado and lo be mado be
tween now and tbo 27th will bo avallablo on
that, duto In tho banks.
"it Is probablo thnt tho amount of cash pay
ments to that will reach $15,000,000. On
iho same day tho Reorganization Committee of
tho Union Paclflo Hallroud Company will pay
Into tho Treasury tho mm of $H,C38,401, and
In order to guard further against any disturb
ance of tho market. Socretsry Gngo has ar
ranged that $4,000,000 of this amount shall
bo ucposltod In tho National City Bank of Now
York upon bonds being turned over to the Gov
ernment for security. Tho balance, $l,03,
401, will represent the actual amount with
drawn from the money market and paid into
the Sub-Treasury at Now York.
"The wbolo amount of bonds falling due on
Jan. 1 will, of course not be presented by tlint
tlmo. There Is usually a certain percentage
which Is slow In coming in, depending mostly
upon the condition of tho money market. If
tho markot Is eaxy, holders of bonds prefer to
let tho money for safety rouialn with tho Gov
ernment, and If the price of bonds Is high,
there is also a tendency to present thorn Blowly
for redemption. Such is the' caso at this tlmo.
Thoro has toon a congestion of curroncy nt tho
money centres, and oxoopt within tho Inst weok
or ten days. Iho monej market has been exceed
ingly easy. Bonds to tho amount of 7,UB0,000
nro now held as security for spoclal deposits In
national banks on account of tho pureh,so of
tho Union Paclflo llailroad, and to this uxtent
there will bo no actual money transaction.
"It will i bo-seen, therefore, that tho meas
ures taken by the Secretary will, so far as tho
redemption of tho bonds Is concerned, and tho
payment to tho Government of tho noxt In
stallment of tho purchase price of the Union
Paclflo nnllrnad Company, prevent any dis
turbance of the money market on these ac
counts. The last payment, to bo mado to tho
Government on the Paolfle Railroad account
will be Jan. 0, 1808, and will amount to
Hsra Cbanro SBsarsted to the Cenmtttea bj
Various aieiubera.
WAsniNOTOX, Doe. 23. Republican members
of the House Committee on Rules to-day contin
ued their examination of tho code to bo reported
for tho government ot that body In this Con
gress. In addition to th chanires askod by Mr.
Barrett ot Massachusetts, the committee has
before it the draft of a codo proposed by his col
league, Mr. Walker, Chairman of tho Committee
on Banking and Currency. To expedite the
consideration of bills, Mr. Walker proposes
that Instead of the three calondars which the
rules now provldo there shall bo ten. This is
the principal feature of his scheme
Representatives W, A. Stono of Pennsylvania
and Grout ot Vermont havo suggested that the
accounts of the Board of Governors ot tho Na
tional Military Homes bo put under the Juris
diction of ono of tho committees In charge ot tho
expenditures of tho several departments. It Is
supposed with a view to initiating legislation
regulating tho control of the Institutions. Mr.
Grout's proposes amendment grew out ot tho
Investigation madolastyearbyasub-committoo
on impropriations, of which he was Chairman.
Soveral members have Introduced resolutions
requiring tho Speaker, when a member ad
dresses the Chair and no other member desires
It, to recognlzo that member. This proposition.
If put Into rlTect, might lead to very embarrass
inc.. not to say troublesome, results, and is not
likely to meet with the approval ot the committee.
The Prasldaat Selects an Onlo alan far District
Attaruey nt VtBBnlBgtoii.
WABnwoTON, Dec. 23. It was definitely de
cided by President McKlnley, to-day, so it was
stated at the White House, that he will appoint
Alphonso Hart, formerly Lieutenant-Governor
of Ohio, who bos mado Washington his resi
dence for a number of years. United States At
torney for the District of Columbia, to succeed
Henry E. Davis. Mr. Davis was first appointed
by President Cleveland, but the Senate refused
to confirm him. Mr. Davis made a strong flgbt
during the campaign as a gold Democrat, and it
was that tlint recommended him to President
Cleveland, bo having been otherwise highly in
dorsed as a lawyer of ability. Upon tho refusal
of tho Senate to confirm him, tho District Su
preme Court, by authority given that tribunal
by Congress, filled the vacancy In that ofilce by
appointing Mr. Davis.
It was also announced that' 0. Aullck Palmor
would bo appointed United States Marshal for
tho District to succeed Albert A. Wilson, tha
incumbent, whose term expires on Jan. 0. Mr.
Palmer comes from Newport, R. I., but ha has
made bis home in Washington for a number of
Judge Ivory G. Kimball of the police court
will undoubtedly succeed himself in spite ot tho
vigorous efforts made in tho intorestof other
aspirants for that ofHce,' among whom was
James I.. Pugb. son of former Seuulor Pugh.
SJlBlster llack tnlU-lbe Attention r the
Japaneae Government o Ilia Crime.
Washington, Dec 23. Mr. Buck, the Unitod
States Minister at Tokio, lhas cabled the State
Department that ha has called tho attention of
the Japanese Government to tbo murder of
Montgomery and Epps, American sailors at
tached respectively to tbo gunboat Yorktown
and tha crulier Olympla, and that an investiga
tion will be made, Mr. Buck had not beard of
tho killing of Montgomery, which occurred last
September, until ho received a despatch on tho
subject from Secretary Sbcrman a row days ago,
after a Congressman had rr"cntod a private
letter giving an nncount at the afTnlrto tho de
partment. The Navy Dopartmont bas rocoived
details of the killing of the two men from Com
modore McNalr. commanding tho Asiatic naval
station. It indicates that the murders were un
provoked, and, coming as they did after the re
centasstult on somn American sailors In Kobe,
the officials of the Navy Department think that
firm steps should be taken to secure prompt re
dress. Commodore McNalr reported the killing
of Epps to Minister Buck, but for somo roason
failed to furnish him with Information about
Montgomery's death.
Be Urges Several Sew VorU Appointments I.
. Ward la Succeed ColUctor Pratt.
Washington. Dec, 23. Senator Piatt visited
the President this morning to recommend sev
eral New York appointments. As a result of
his recommendation and the added Indorse
ments of all tbo New York Congressmen, the
appolntmont of John G, Ward to bo Collector of
Internal Rovenuo for the district which Includes
Albany and n part of Now York city will bo
mndo shortly. Tbo appointment of Henry O.
Burnotttoba United Slates District Attorney
und ot Wllllnm Ilenkel to be Unitod States Mar
shal was also urged. These candidates wore
agrredon last summer hymemhcis of the Re
publican organization and tholr appointment
recommended to the President, Senator Piatt
epnkoot thoappolnlmentor I.'nftoil States Dis
trict Judge to succeed Asa W. Tonney, and for
which Representative Fisher Isa candidate, but
no conclusion was reached.
Ko Pallilral Prlaonrrs Shot la Guatemala.
WABnWGTO!f, Dec. 23. The news recently
published regarding the shooting of political
prisoners in Guatemala is without foundation,
uccordlng to reports received by tho Guatemala
Minister here; They are, be said to-day, a repe
tition of the stories manufactured by the
agents of the robelsdefottel last October; and,
Instead ot tbo atrocities alleged by Interested
parties, great leniency and consideration wero
shown to thoni. Prlvato despatches received
hero say that amnesty will soon be proclaimed.
In viow of tho actual peaceful condition of tho
country, Mr. Antonio Ilatres. njdlstlngulshod
lawver nd former Envoy Extraordinary snd
l'it'iilpotuiitMr ol Uubtcr.inU to tlio Unitod
Slate, has been appointed Minister for Foreign
A Widow In KorwMy Gels m I'enslen, nlth
5,000 Arrears.
Wasiiinotok, Dec, 23. A pension, carrying
with It nearly $5,000 arrears, has been granted
Mrs. Ragulilld Knudscn, n native and resident
of Hoi, Norway. 8he was married to Kud Knud
sen n 1858, and threo years later be emlgratod
to this country. He eullste.l in 18U3 in a Wis
consin regiment, and after a few mouths' service
d ed. The widow, who has never left Nor ay,
did not apply for a pension until 1801. It bas
just been granted, to data from the death ot the
soldier, if
The Baby to Whom They VTero Freaorlbaa
Dies The Pnislolan, Who Aronsea tha Drag
gist, sas Ills Calomel Battle (las Nat Bean
Opened-A Second Child Blea Similarly.
Solomon Levin, tho 18 months' old son ot
Ilyman Levin, a crayon artist, ot 0 Chrystla
street, died at 0 o'clock last night Tho circum
stances ot tho death were such ns to lead tha
father nnd the attending physician, Dr. I.
Ixowcnkopf of 240 East Broadway, to report
tho death to the police of tha Eldrldge street
station. Mr. Levin told Pnllco Captain Titus
that he suspected the baby had been poisoned.
Tho child was taken ill on Wednesday after
noon. Supposing that it was some trivial
nllmont, tho mother did not Immediately
call a physician. As the child soemed to
grow worse during the night. Dr. Loewon
kopf was called shortly after 8 o'clock
yeslorday morning. After examining tho
infant, Dr. Loewcnkoof diagnosed tha case aa
ono of Indigestion, no told Mr. and Mrs. Levin
that thero was no cause for alarm, and wrote a
prescription tor tablots containing a sixth of a
grain ot calomel.
Mr. Levin got this prescription filled at tha
drug store ot Bernard Kohosoff at 18 Bayard
street. Tho dose, according to the prescription,
was one tablet every four hours. The tablets tha
druggist gavo Mr. Levin were about an eighth
of an Inch In dlametor, and white In color.
When Mrs. Levin received tho tablets from
her husband, she followed the dootor's direc
tions in administering them. A short tlmo after
the first tablet was given the child sank Into a
heavy sleep. This was the opposite effect
which she expected the tablets to havo, and
Mrs. Levin tried to arouse tho child. Falling to
do this. Dr. Loowcnkopf was again called.
Ho reached the bouso tho second time at
about 11 o'clock. According to his statement,
mado to a Sun reporter last night. Dr. Loewen
kopf noticed that tho pupils ot tho child's eyos
wero contracted, that there was a pecu
liar bluish tint to tho skin, and
that coma had sot In. On discovering
theso symptoms. Dr. Loewenkoff' asked Mrs.
Levin to sen the tablets. Sho handed him tho
box, and, after looking at tho tablets that were
loft in it. Dr. Loewenkopf said:
"I believe the druggist Ims made a fatal mls
tako here. I want jou to take me to tho man
that tilled this prescription nt once."
Mr. Levin directed tbo doctor to the druggist's
storo and tho doctor wont there. Accord
ing to tho doctor's statement he found
that Kohosoff was a Russian, about 45 years
old, who had been in this country only
about four months nnd who could not speak a
word of English. Dr. Loowcnkopf knowsonough
of the dialect which Kohosoff spoaks to ask the
druggist the following question:
" Did you fill a prescription for Mr. Levin at D
Chrystle Btroi.t this morning I"
Tbo druggist replied that he did, and the
doctor askod what tho druggist had given his
customer. According to Dr. Loowenkopf, Kobe-soft
answered that he hod sold Mr. Levin
tablets containing a sixth ot a grain ot calomol.
To this Dr. Loewenkopf ronlied:
" You did no such thing. Instead of selling
the man calomel, you sold him morphine, and
you havo poisoned his child!"
According to tho doctor tho druggist became
excited atonco, nnd insisted that ho bad put up
calomel. Then Dr. Loewenkopf look one or the
tablets that had bocn sold to Levin from the
box, and told the druggist to dlssolvo a portion
of It In water and pour upon tho solution nitrlo
"That," said Dr. Loewenkopf to the druggist,
according to tho doctor's statement, "is tho
test for morphine. If tho solution turns red
upon the application of nitric acid you may
know that you have sold morphlno Instead of
According to tbo doctor. Kohosoff made tho
test, and got tho red reaction. Dr. Loowcn
kopf waltod for no more, but returnod to
the house to do what ho could to
savo tho child's lite. Tho stomach was
pumped out and artificial respiration
kept up until tho child died, without having
ever regained consciousness. After telling this
Story to the reporter Dr. Ijoowonkopf added:
"After the child's death I went ngain to tho
drug stoio and asked to see the bottle of
calomel tablets from which those sold to
Levin were taken. Let ma say right here
that in color and size there Is no pos
sible way to distinguish tbo morphlno and
the calomel tablets. Kohosolt finally took
down the. bottle of calomel tablets, nnd I
saw at onco thnt it had never been opened.
I asked him to let me ser the bottlo which
stood next to it on tho shelf, and the label
showed that that bottlo contained a sixth of a
grain morphine tablets. I called the druggist's
attention to this and reminded him that hn was
guilty of gross carelessness In not havlngiiolated
his poison from his innocuous drugs. Ho said
that after I had left him In the morning no had
tested for morphine in the remainder of tba
tablet I bad loft with him, and admitted that ho
had made tho mistake of selling morphine for
When the case was reported at tho Eldrldgo
street station. Cant. Titus detailed Dotective
Cohen to make an investigation. Cohen at mid
night had seen neither tho druggist nor tho doc
tor, but had come to tho concl slnn that the po
lice Could do nothing in tho case until nftor an
autopsy had been made. Ho also suggested tbat
it was moro thnn probab'.o that the child had
died of nntural causes.
Kohosoff, according to iho polico, lives In tho
rear of his store. Thero is a night bell at tbo
front door for theusc of customers who may want
drugs after tho Btoro Is closed. A Sun reporter
rang this bell several times just before midnight,
butwat unnblo to get any response. A man
who lives over the store told tho reporter thnt
Kohosoff bad closed up shortly after 10 o'clock
and hnd gone away.
Ruth, tbo 17-months-old dnughter ot Philip
Schulengof 442 East Eighty-eighth street, diod
suddenly yesterday afternoon, nbout an hour
after talcing a powder prescribed by Dr. Julius
I. Moizgerof 133 East Sixtieth street.
In tho belief that somo blunder had bern mado
In preparing or administering the medicine, tho
enso was reported to Coroner Hoeber. Coroner's
Physliinn Shultz will perform an autopsy, nnd
tho remaining powders will be analyzed to-day.
Dr. Motzgers proscription called for pure
phenacctlu In ponders, and was filled nt A.
Sleke's drug storo at Avenuo A nnd Eighty
eighth street. The druggist is sura that ho
made no mistake.
Secretary Case Submits Uitlraatea VTbleh Call
for oi.ajo.aso.
Wabhinotok, Deo. 23. Secretary Gage has
submitted estimates for urgent deficiencies in
the several departments of the Government
amounting to $1,840,250. They include the fol
lowing: Freight on bullion and coin between mints
and assay offices, $25,000; pay ot custodians
and janitors for publlo buildings outside of
Washington, $23,000; paper for United States
notes, $37,380; Fish Commission, including
$11,000 for repairs on steamer Fish Hawk,
$30,040; pay of tho army, allowances for travol,
repayment of soldiers' deposits. Sic, $781,024;
prescr ntinn nnd construction of vosscls lu new
navy, $000,000; machinery and boilers of same,
$250,000; rcpaln In llrooklyndry dock, $25,000;
preservation and repairs ntnavy yards, $40,000;
commission to tbo Crow. Flathead nnd other
Indians, $10,000; complote compilation of rates
of wages paid in principal commercial countries,
Rognrdlng the estimate for pnper for Unitod
States note, tho Chief of Division of Loans and
Currency, Treasury Department, In a letter to
tho Secretary, says:
"The Treasurer of the United States says
that, owing to unusual demands upon his office
for small denominations nf Unllod Stales cur
roncy. It Is necessary to rnvlse his estimate for
PHperforsuchcurronry for the fiscal year 1808,
so that It will call for 14,000.000 sheets of paper
Instead of 12,400,000."
Bieludrd rrom the stalls.
Washington, Dec, 23. Orders have been
issued by the Post Olllco Department forbidding
tho delivery ot mall to tho following;
Franklin Turner Publishing Company, Franklin
Co.. F. Turner Company. i Turnt-r l'uk Compauy,
l'ubllibtr' Company, American Fireside Company,
American Fir sine, at 10 Spruce street, 1U Murray
street. I. O. boin IA&4 and VSVOS, Nnr York city.
Tho Mlchlguii Jlrdlclne Company, Thomrs bister,
C. J. Walker, tho Celery City Mmilclni- Company, II.
K. door. 11, C. olds, tho Wotern Medicine Company,
Dullard's Ucmcdln. J, A. Keener. Jme r. Johnston,
at Kalani too, Mich., and Fort Wayne, Ind.
The rura-Parllla Drug Compauy, rarllla Drug Com-
Sauy, P. 1' Drug Company, Pura Drug Company,
prncer Homed Company, Pura O.unpany, at lis
Third avenue. 117 Third atemie, uo Weil Thirteenth
alrtal, M't West Thirteenth tret, and Station O, New
York city.
Tbo Walter C. Ewart. alias J, S. Wllion. allai Union
Manufacturing Company, at Bcbtn ctady, N. Y.
Fourth-Class I'oatmaitrrs Appointed.
WA8IH.N0T0N, Dec. 23. The following fourth
class Postmasters were appointed to-day:
New York Campbell Hall. Orange county, C, B.
Alexander! Mnnsaup Valley, Hulllvun county, J. M.
Kleratt-di West Hrookvlile, bulllran county, Lewi
l'onnrrtlc-ut Center Uroton, New London county,
A. a l.tner,
I ..iiu Ml Biliousness, sick lur.d
I luPr BIIQ "cbo, jaundice, indlges
RaltfUl lEIO tlon, constipation nrs
cured by Hood's Pills. Easy to take, easy to
operate. Druggists. 25o
Tka Jary Ballevae) tha X-lXaJ t7ad ta toeata
ha Ballot Canoed DaaUa.
EunitA, Dec. 23. At 10 o'clock this morning
tha Jury reported a verdict acquitting Georga
Orma of the murder ot James Panto. Panto
had been Intimate with Mrs. Orma, Punto was
Improving a month after the shooting, when
tha X-ray was used to looata the bullet which
was In the brain. Death followed, and tho de
fence alleged that the X-ray brought about the
fatal result.
Salaries ar O.oso ar Tkasa la Breeklra In.
creased loo.
The' Brooklyn Board of Estimate, which In
cludesMayor Wurstor, Comptroller Palmer, City
Auditor Button, Presldont Stewart ot tha
Board of Aldermen, and County Treasurer Tay
lor, met yesterday' and Increased the pay of
1,700 members ot tho Polico Department and
1)50 members of the Fire Departerant. Months
ago, when tho board was engaged In making up
the budgot for the next fiscal year, the polico
mon and Iho firemen put In a plea to have their
salaries equallxed with those of the members
ot the' reepcctlvo departments In this city. Tho
hoard, whllo admitting the claim was just, in
view of the consolidation of both cities at the
close ot ' the year, decided that it could not
make provision for the increase In considera
tion of tho badly crippled condition of Brook
lyn's trencury. Tho men. however, wore as
sured that If possible their request would bo
favorably considered beforo actual consolida
tion had been accomplished.
Tho Aldermen recently made n formal re
quest on the Hoard of Estimate to reconsider
the mattor. Probably to prevent somo tax
payer from going to tbo oourta for an injunc
tion. Mayor Wurstor and his associates mot lato
yoBtcrday afternoon without any preliminary
notice and in a few moments camo to n voto.
Instead of equalizing tho salarUs with thoso of
tho Now York man, tho board decided to In
croaso thorn as follows, the Increase to com
monco from to-day: Policemen getting $800,
J900, and $1,100 n year to receive nn Increase of
$100. the roundsmen to rccolvo $1,300 Instead
in $1,200, and tho Sergeants S1.B50 Instead of
f 1,750. Tho firemen getting $800. $000, and
1,000 will rccolvo an increase of $100. Tho
engineers' salaries ore Increased from $1,300
to $1,400, thoBO ot tho assistant foremen from
$1,000 to $1,600, and of the foremen from
$2(760 to $2,850.
Tho board voted unanimously to mskn the In
creases, and also instructed thicvheads ot tho re
spective departments to havo supplementary
pay rolls mndo out covoring tho amount of tho
Incrcaso for tho rouainlng eight days of tho
mouth. Tho men havo already received their
December salaries nt tho old rates, and unless
some unexpected hitch occurs to-day they will
each get about $2.20, which represents the in
crease for tbo eight days Intervening beforo
thoy become a part ot the administration of tho
Greater New York. In accordance with the
direction of the Hoard of Estimate, tho money
will bo advanced from tho rovenuo fund.
In New York patrolmen get from $1,000 up
to $1,400, roundsmen get $1,500, Sergeants get
$2,000. Firemen get from $1,000 up to $1,400,
engineers $1,000, and assletant foremen $1,800.
II Tfont OCT at tho Itlsht Tlmo and Two
Thieves Were Causbt.
A burglar alarm Improvised by Charles Stop
pier, who keeps a saloon nt 07 Avenue C, which
consisted of a wire loading from his rooms above
to an apparently full and fresh glass ot beer be
hind the bar in his saloon, was put to a practical
test yesterday. Burglars havo mado a number
of hauls recently in the block in which tbo saloon
is located. Sloppier, who is of an Inventive na
ture, worried for his belongings and determined
to guard against burglars. He filled a glass
partly with beer, and on the top placed a
Christmas treo preparation which lookod llko
foam. Ho fastened a lino wire to the glass and
connected tho other end with a window leading
from his lint to tho Are escape
Shortly aftor noon yestorday, whllo Stopplor
was serving two customers, the burglar ainrm
brer glnss toppled over with a quick, sudden jerk.
Most of tho contents bit tho two customers In
tho fnco. nnd tho glnss danced all around among
tho othor glnssra behind tho bar, causing break
ngo among tho sen oners.
Stopplcr did not wait to furnish explanations,
but rushed upstairs and round two men in his
bedroom. Thoy wero busily engaged In tying up
n packngo containing Stopplor'a best clothes.
Close on Stoppler's heels were the score of cus
tomers who wore in tho place at the tlmo. Tho
burglars were ovoreome. Detective PetorCnrter
of the Union Market station, who was called
in, arrested them. They gave the names of
William Moore and John Rolicrts. Roberts had
a jimmy In bis possession. The prisoners wero
arraigned lator In the Essex Market Court and
held tor examination.
Twa Hansebrraltera Earapa with Dlffloulty
from a llauae In Jamaica Plain.
Boston, Dec. 23. Two girls, Elsie and Mary
Schrooder, wero instrumental in preventing n
robbery lust night in Jamaica Plain. Two men
ontered the girls' home nt 0 o'clock by tho back
door, which was unlocked. They had not got for
when they wore met by Elsie Schrooder.
Both th men turned to go. The young woman
shut and locked the door. They trlod to brush
her asldo. but abe grappled with tbem, and the
noiss attracted her sister, who went for a re
volver. Tho men found that thoy could not escape
through the door, and ono of them broko n win
dow and Jumped out. His companion tried to
follow, but the girl seized him by tho coal and
hung on. While the man on the ground pullod
one way tut girl pulled the other. The m.ni
proved to be tbu stronger and the coat gavo
wav. about half of it being loft In Miss Schroe
dor's hands. Jleforo tho girls could get out of
the houso the men had mado their escape.
T. T. Aahrord, nn alderman r Olranlasban,
Ala., Shoots F. T. Ifrown.
Birmingham, Ala., Dec. 23. T. T. Ashford,
a mrmbor ot tho Board of Aldermon, shot
and mortally wounded F. T. Brown of Court
land, Ala., travelling salesman tor Bettman
Bloom & Co. ot Cincinnati, on a crowded street
hereto-day. Last yoar Brown shot nnd killed
Ashford'a brother at Court land. This afternoon
Brown nnd Ashford mot in front of Roscnthll's
jnwolry store. Ashford fired quickly, striking
Brown in tho faco. The latter run Into the jew
elry store, whero a number of Indies wore doing
Christmas shopping. Ashford fired twice more
at Brown In tho store, both shots taking effect.
Brown will die. Ashford was arrested, but
was released on $1,500 bond.
ifanMBil 1 Death Is looking
IStHM -a. at window
Kflsl aatat thousands of
lr7fi "-llA(ilrB;ke women,
lift? Tatty aV measures would
tjftflJB mvfPf' render healthy and
YfjJJ ZWmmi Aman should know
v'Mm fJrA Vs h e Importance
" jf(jIiiwAV ot keeping In a
rttaUm healthy condition
aflsjan those organs that
. make her a wo
man. If she neglects this, she will be a
burden to herielf, her husband and her
children. She will grow old before her
time. She will lose happiness and love
and life. ! is easy for a woman to keep
herself well and strong: in a womanly way
If one will only take the proper oare of
herself and uie the right remedy for her
ecullar troubles.
Dr. Tierce's Favorite Prescription Is a
boon to suffering women. It cures all dis
ease and weakness of ttie organs distinctly
feminine. It acts directly on those organs
and makes them strong and healthy, It
allays Inflammation, soothes pain and stops
weakening drains. Taken during the pe
riod preceding motherhood It does away
with the usual discomforts and makes
baby's coming easy and almost painless.
Druggists sell it Substitutes are dangerous.
Miss Kdlth Cain, of Clinton, Allegheny Co.,
Pa., writes : "I take pleasure In expressing my
faith in vour Favorite Prescription.' After two
years or suffering I began taking Dr. Merce's
medicine and now I am entirely cured. I had
been troubled with female weakness for some
lime and also with a troublesome drain on the
system, but now I am happy sad well. I will
cheerfully recommend Dr. Pierce's Favorite Pre
scription to all Invalid ladies."
Dr. Pierce's SStois
a i ... . constipation are
cured in a thorough, natural, scientific way
by Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets. They
clear the superfluous bile out of the
blood; tone the stomach and cauie the
bowels to ,f act comfort-
HVadachV! Pleasant g$
four stomach, foul taste in the mouth,
biliousness, pimples, and palpitation of
the heart are all caused by constipa
tion, and constipation is cured positively
and permanently by Dr. rli .A,J
Pierce'. Pleasant Pellet j PelletSa
Bath ataee fatal aa B. Burlag aa the Kzaeeta
tlon era Conllnnod Shortage la Xaropenn
Countries Hearty T.ooo.ooo Buahela ar
Wheal Already stored In Chlcare.
CniOAOOi Dec 23. A question that Is put
ling wheat traders Is whether Loiter and Ar
mour will popl (heir Interests to corner May
wheat Qeorgo French has piled up at least
4,000,000 bushels ot May wheat, accord
ing to' tincolored reports from tho floor.
Armour's radical change of front In bull
ing May wheat Is common knowledge. It Is
equally well known that Armour has a pile
ot wheat bouaht which Is supposed to come
close to the Letter holding. As If to emphasize
tha pool talk, both Armour's and Letter's men
ar buying wheat to-day. Armour's move
ments are closely veiled, but Letter's engineers
make no secret' of the dealings in May wheat.
Already May wheat is regardod by the publlo
as dangerous to handle To-day wheat ad
vanced ls cents beforo tho noon hour nnd trad
ing was vory heavy.
"May wheat Is a long shot," is the answer
glyon by commission men when spproachod by
customers. Up to .luly thoro will bo no new
crop in this country. European countries ex
port a surplus In Argentina, Australia,
Russia, and Buenos Ayros. But the ag
gregate shipments from thoso countries
are regarded as Insufficient lo satisfy
the shortage, in Europe. Tho winter crop
in this country Is not harvested until July,
and, according to the forecasters on 'Change tho
situation has novor been so favorablo for a cor
ner in May wheat as it will bo this season.
Kverywbero the price of May wheat Is on tho
rise, and tho difference betwoon December nnd
May is being ranldly narrowed.
"I am very bullish on May wheat," said Mr.
French, suiting the action to the sentiment by
sending a messenger on the floor of tho Ex
change hall with an order to buy wheat. "The
foreign demand promises to keep up, nnd tho
price of May will be enhanced, I'm sure."
P. D. Armour's, vlows on May whoat nro well
known to the trado. becnuso the veteran trndor
has nt various limes given publicity to his bull
ish sentiment and prophesied that wheat would
yet bring 81.25. Armourllterally "wcntngolnst
his grain when ho bocamo a short In Decem
ber wheat, and those who know him say ho will
redeem himself in his poslilon toward May
whoat, as ho is a bull In theory ns well as In
Whether Lcltcr and Armour unito tholr mil
lions to corner May wheat or pnrsuo Indepen
dent courses tho effect will bo tho same, for
both aro piling up Moy wheat. Lcltcr has bo
far dono all bis grain business through French,
nnd the latter ban been a frequent visitor at
Armour s La fiallo streot ofllce. And dcsplto
the fact that the Lelter millions wero arrayed
against tho Armour strong box thoro nro friendly
relations between tho prlnclnnls of the two
The trado will not be surprised to find that
the clique has stolen a march during tho night
nnd that it will safely get out from under tho
big pile ot wheat which has already been de
livered to it. Within four days tho receipts of
wheat in this city havo amounted to 1.020.
000 bushels and during tho sarao poriod not
more than 23.000 bushels of whoat havo
bopn shlppcdout of tho city. Add to this ac
cumulation 6r tho last week nnother 300,000
bushols of wheat recolycd in this city before to
day. In nnother day the bins of this city will
contain 7.000,000 bushels of contract, wheat,
Noarly all this has been paid for by Loiter at
the rate of from 87 to 00 cents a bushel.
It la a matter of simple arithmetic to find out
how much money tho Loiters havo piled up In
this huge pllo of December wheat.
She Was Divorced rrom John nuaUIn ta Harry
tho Ariler.
Pptntel Cable Denpateh to The Sen.
London. Dee. 23. Lady Millals, widow of
Sir John Millals, tho eminent painter and Into
President of the Royal Academy, died to-day
from cancer of tho throat, the same dlscaso
which caused the death of her husband.
Lady Millals was born Euphemla Chal
.rners Gray of Bowerswcll, Perthshire, and her
first husband was John Ruskln. She was
married to him In 1852. and It was only a few
years later that ha introduced the artist Mil
lals Into his homo in order to paint a portrait
of Mrs. Ruskln. The romantio story which
followed that meeting has been told in various
ways, nnd ono of them dwelt on tho suffer
ings which wero caused by Mrs. Ruskln's ac
tions. But" more trustworthy accounts havo
made it appear that tho writer was satlsflod
with tho nctlon of his wlfo and was. indeed, an
active participant In the ovonts subsequent to
tho time that sbo and Millals met in his homo.
It has, Indocd, been paid that her Mm hus
band suggested the divorco which made it pos
sible for her to becomo Lady Millals.
At all events, sho was divorced from her hus
band in 1H51, and shortly aftciwnrd married
Millals, who was at that tlmo ono nf tho
bnndsotnes,. men In England. Tho divorco
was obtained without dlltlculty. as certain ct
Istliiif physical conditions mado the marriage
between Mrs. Ruskln and her husband void
from the outset.
After her marriage to Millals. Ruskln con
tinued to bo on friendly terms with both of
them, and It has been said that he wa9 present
at tho wedding. Oucen Victoria, whu was then
n grunt pulton of Mlllnls's as well ns tho friend
of Mr. nnd Mrs. Ruskln, was consulted ns to
tho propriety of tho course which RuBkin hnd
suggosled to his wife, and It was with her ap
proval thnt tbo divorco and marrlngo followed.
Lady Mlllnls was before her marrlngo a girl
of llttio experience, and when nho mot Ruskln
admired his position and talents. In splto of
tlio hindrances to their morrlHge, with which
sho wns mado acquainted, her liro with Ruskln
wns hnupy until tho meollng with Millals, who
was nt that tlmo only 2 1 years old, After
tbulr marrlngo sho figured aa tho model for
somo of the artist's best known pictures. Among
theso were "The Huguenot Lovers." "The Order
of Release" and "Tbo Vulo of Rest." In all of
these the woman depleted wns his wife.
Lewis Hall, ono of tbo oldest citizens of Cam
bridge, Mass., and well known for bis participa
tion In the Garrison antl-td'ivery riots, died nt
bis homo yesterday. Ho hnd boen nesoclutod
with several lumber companies, and as ono of
tho originators of tho Icliiucro Hani; of Cam
bridge. Ho leaves a widow and one dnughtcr.
Charles Davidson, a lawyer. 40 years old. dlod
of hoart dlBcase at his otlice at 331 Fulton
streot, Brooklyn, ycslordny afternoon. Tho
body was removed to the lato liflinc ot tho do
ceased at 13 Charles street In this city.
William Besloy. a well-known manufacturer
of nlo in Wnukejran. 111., died yesterday after
a long Illness. Ho was 80 years old.
Mrs. Mary Pouneli Wounded by Ilia Aliased
Accidental Dlarhnrao or n )nn.
Hartfoku, Dec. S3. Mrs. Mary Pounch, 55
years old, a resident of Dozrahvlllc, was shot
mortally this morning at her homo by bor son
James, aged 27. Dr. Patrick Cassldy of Norwich
was summoned and found the woman Inaserl
ouscondltion. Tho contents of ono barrel of a
Bhbtgun entered tho woman's hip nud sho
has been unconscious Blnce. The son James
told the doctor I hat a neighbor, (Irlsnold Mor-
gan, was out with his houmlB fnx bunting, ami,
oaring the baying nt (borings, ho decided to go
nftor tho fox, too, Ho reached up to tnko ills
Biiotguu from tliu pegs whero it was lunging,
and hi doing so It was discharged.
The ch:incos nro against Mrs. Pounrh's recov
ery. Tbo nltlclnls hnve heard Ihnt Iherohas
boen trouble In tbo Pouncb family, and will
make un investigation.
Wbrre Yesterday Plrsa IVara.
A, M. 10:oS, SSI Greenwlcn street, lira. Folk, dam
ags trifling,
P, M. 21-16, a float lying at tba foot of Twenty-ninth
street. North Hirer, damage t&00 3:00, 83 Pelancey
street, Morris Shaerpero, damage trifling! 6H0, 201
East Seeontr-seoond elreet, Ludielg Lelbenhelm, no
damme 7;00, 18V Avenue A, no dunax 7i01, na
Oakltrret, Henry Uorrti, no damage; Tils, 1H7 Lin
coln arenue, John Wauwlck, dam ago slight.
The marriage of Hay I. Thompson to William R.
Thompeon, who la (aid lo bare had many w?ei, and
who dlaappeared soon after hla arreat for ulnauiy,
was annulled by Justice Deoch of the (Supreme Court
Deficiency Judgment for $33,003 was rntsrad yes
terday against Ueorgo II. I'areona In favur o( KlUa L,
Panons on the fori-cloeur,, eals of fiun Fifth av, iiur,
noai forty-keouud mreel. Tho eale lujk place Satur
day, and Ellis h. Persons became tho purchaser for
Deputy Sheriff Duller haa received on execution
against John U. Saalman, taller, of 20 Firth iur,
from il.umeustlel lllrsch lor 'JV3. goods eold by
C. X. Auauordt A Co. When the bbtrlfT went thero
yesterday to make a levy. Mr tlaalinan sold ho bail
Stern a till ot sale to F, A, Jlveif oner, Jr.
n. Ualtlaad Keney, Now York ageut of tho White
Star lino, aald To.tcmajr lhat he did not know whelm r
or hut ho woull roltu. and thai, anyhow, ho had not
drel4ed to do o Just yet. 1 here ho a rumor atarted
aartral monthi ago mat ix-Unlu-4 Htotes Senator
llayard would takoJIr. Kcricy'a place. It woo aald
yesterday that J. llruceiamay, whoatrlrtdon Wod
nesdayou Iho North lierinan Lloyd atramehlp Kaleer
Wllhelm dar Orosso, and who was at work yeaterday
at tbo .While btar om, would bo tha line's agent
bars after, Jan. 1,
Established ' 1 A- 1 Open
m6- HALL. Even,n,Er
046 SIXTH AVENUE (21st & 22nd Sts.) , A
at prices fully 25 per cent, lower than all other houses, ' , 1
Sealskin Coats, Persian Lamb Coats, 1
xxx' ScVx"x $1 JO, $17?, $200 """JstiSt "" $ 2?, $1 SO, $1 7S. I
Fur Collarettes. Fur Neck Scarfs. I
ra Chinchilla 36 JJ. cmjsteii of tails. W
aWicr. Sealskin tin $& Dyed Blue Fox fid
Wff J. Va?jf OCUiMH teaea ePJ,U rf- loKr Ct I C 1 a at lsH
fefeP M,nk 18 fpoW Stone Marten.'.'.'.! !'.!12- M
AKjfc Alaska Sable HO f&9 Mlnk 3Dfcl
S StoneMarten $45 W Vkrh. AUska &ble ,5 H
tmarVSiiUvr. . . u . AfSii&Jm Hudson Bay Sable. .. .$15 lK
wK 18 mvm&sl Peralin sw wo R
Ti7 Krlmmer ....$12 WVnW, RuMlw Sable $50 f
i S Labrador Sable... -.$10 MftOP 'T Fijl"r ,3 I
W . . ... . cfl'Slfafci Baum Marten $25 H
W Astrakhan $8 (ffifo 3a5 Assorted Scarfs
& Electric Seal $8 IlWM Worth$5 $2
Fur Muffs. Fancy Fur Sets 1
Sa::.::::!ffiSSgffi sLeaT.b:::: ii for m.sses and children. I
&::::::fl,a!::::8 &::-::i' I
Caps and Gloves. Kr,mmer' ,0,Th,bet M 1
Sen Gloves $8. $10, $12. $15 A largo assortment of Fnr-llncd W,
SealCtps 8.$10, $16 Overcoats, ConchmciVs Capes, i
Electric Seal Caps...... $2, $3 Caps, Gloves, llobcs, c, fully 25 fjj
Fur Gloves for ladies and men, ' ' J 7fl
$2.60. $3.60. $4.50 Per ccnt lower than pruvailinuj M
Ladies' Fur Hoods, $8. worth $1 6. prices. U
346 SIXTH AVE., 1
Between 21st & 22ad Sts. Telephone Call, 2,544 18th. H
Takes Tbree Ounces or Carbollo Aeia and Cots
an Artery.
Thomas Wilson Dick, 29 rears old, a son of
John W. Dick of 274 West 125th street, this
city, committed sulcldo at tho rosldenco ot Ihls
cousin, Bruce J. Dick, at Prospect Hill, Pel
ham, In Westchester county, early yesterday
morning by taking threo ounces of carbollo acid
and also cutting the artery in his left wrist
with a razor. lie went to the homo of his
cousin at about 0:30 on Wednesday evening
very much under tho Influence of liquor. He
wanted to stay thero for tho night, as ho did
not uifth his wife, from whom lie had sepa
rated, to know that ho bad been drinking. A
room abovo tbat of his cousin was assigned to
About 3 o'clock In tho morning Bruce Dick
was awakened by a noiso in tho room above.
Ho hastened upstuirs to investigate, and found
his cousin lyini; unconscious in bed. A bloody
razor on the bed and an empty bottle on the
floor told I he story. The ruzor had bolonired
to bis grandfather. Dr. Wobhburne bound tho
soverea artery, but could not copo with tlio
heavy dose of carbolic acid. The smell of car
bolic acid was very perceptlblo in tho bottlo.
Uo besought the doctor to let him die. At 6:50
ho died.
A letter addressed to his parents was turned
over to Coroner Banning of Mount Vernon. In
it ho eold that bis family would be better off
without him, that ho had tried to mend bis
ways nnd overcome his bad habits, but could
not. so ho had given up the undoes fight. Coro
ner Banning eld an lnauest at the Morgue in
Mount Vernon. The body is now at under
taking rooms at 160 Broadway, Brooklyn. Tbo
Interment will be at Cypress lillls on Sunday.
The sulcldo was a nephew ot the late Benjamin
Dick of White Plains.
Mrs. HcAdoiT Bopa tba Tall CToata Kill Hsr
at tier llnsbaada Feet,
St. Louis, Deo. 28. Mrs. Annie MoAdory,
who Is dying at the City Hospital, tells tho
story of her leap from a second-story window
late last nluht. Sho sprang to tho snow-cov
crod cement pavement In the hope that she
would die at her husband's feet.
Martin Mc&dory is a bill clerk at the Anheuser-Busch
brewery. In October last he sued
for a divorce. Ills wife acknowledged that sbo
had sinned because her husband did not love
bcr. Last evonlng she called on him and tbulr
children at their Pennsylvania avenuo homo.
There wns a violent quarrel and McAdory loft
the houBe.
Mrs. MoAdory kissed tho children farowell,
opened a second-story window and sat on tho
sill until bcr husband returned. As ho ncsred
the gate sho leuped, falling almost at his feet.
Sbo said sho adopted tlila course In order that
the memory of her death might haunt McAdory
to his grave.
A Young Dookkeeper Attempts Snlcltfe Wnllo
Urunk lie Hut Die.
Emll Steinmsnn of 237 West Twenty-slith
street while lntoslcnted last night lay down on
tbo sidewalk at Nir.oty-cighth street and Lex
ington avenue and shot hinisolf In tho stomach
with n revolver. Somo boys called Pollcomnn
Wood of the KaBt 104th street station, who.
not knowing that wo wns woundod. dragged
him lo his teot and walked him to tbo station.
Thero bis wound was discovered nnd n surgeon
sunt for. Whllo being examined llvo poliiemon
had hi hold Mm. He was conveyed to the Har
lem Hospital In a dangerous condition,
Htelninann is a bookkeeper. He had in his
pockets $U0.51. He is 22 years old.
A YForaan'a Fatal Jump from m Wlndnw.
Chicago, Deo. 23. Mrs. Jane Forrest, widov
of Philip It. Forrest, a former cashier of tbo
Post Ofllco, threw herself out of a, second story
window at 3231 Wabash avenue yestorday
morning snd sustained Injuries from which sbo
died soon utter at tbe Mercy Hospital,
She wns OU years old. For tbree yonrs sho hnd
been subject to nervous prostration and melancholia.
Praposrd Memorial statue to Horatio Bajmaur
In Ullcn.
Unci, Doc, 23. Tho Horatio Seymour Club of
this citr last ovenimr adopted the following
amendment to thu constitution of tho club:
"This club shall use Its best endeavor to In
ducothcrosldentsof tliecltyot Utlca nnd county
of Oneldn, trrctipectlvo of party, to organize a
citizens' committee far tho purpose ot raising a
fund by voluntary subscription for tho oruction !
ot a mimorlttl statue to Horatio Seymour." '
Variation I
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Pulton and P.arl atresia.
n. will Fire at Draaa Cannon Serentr-twa l
Time, and aire a llneeptlon.
Oapt. Henry Hoffman, a Flatbuah millionaire, i
will be 72 yoars old to-day, nnd he Intends ta J
celebrate tho event. There will be a reception
at Ms house In Linden Boulevard to-nigh,t. Hsj
has a brass cannon, and powder to burn. At 0
o'clock ho iutondB to fire off seventy-two shots.
Ho is an old mariner. When only 14 year old
bo was captured by an African tribe nnd held a
prisoner ovor a yoi.r.
Thrro yr.irs hro ho distinguished himself by
ponding j several thousands of dollars In tho
eirort to defeat u cnndldnto for Alderman whom
bn didn t llko, 'Iho Captnln can danco, alng.
ploy oil threo instruments, bor, and run like ii
boy. His hair Is not yet crny. Cant. Hoffman
flics his personal flag dally from Iho top of hi
J.Vfoot polf. Homo of tbo neighbors made a pro
test ngalint thts. but ho said ho would nut ii
dozen trick monkoys upon the polo If It pleased
appointed Cadets at lYrst Palat. )
WBiitNOToy, Dec. 23.-Those young men have J
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Academy from New York Congress dlstrl'cta. !
j Frederick W. lllnrfchs. Jr.l!Ulfn "Secnnrt
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