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r THE SUN; FRIDAY, DECEMBER 24, 1897. ' ;" Y' Tv, fl
i Via Beclaratian r ! Iromaralltr an His
Stiart Tmtlnaant or lb Boa Knlsaae Mr,
Maasdi-lit Aaaalta ami Mr. SathnrH Pralaea
Mrra or Hanacera ifatrs or tho aiaao.
Charles Coghlan's new version of a for
aBerlr familiar fiurons piny nod hli own par-
wk ttoipailon in tho performance tiaTO received
vv. ', kardly anything but pralso froin tho review-
; ' ALt' n, though some of tho writers have Indulged
mi their propensity to rniiko fun of things meant
Mif ; to be aerlout. 'The ltojal Uoi" and Mr.
Mi OoBblan'i acting aro excellent art, and it It bo
wmf' i aT to prove them io by means of customary
m taU that no dissent upon that point has
V (arisen. 'Whether or not tho commendablo
W qualities will, In tho abienco of sentimental In-
&. twest, recommend tho piece successfully to
9. gtnoral audiences Is a question which, let us
H atop will be answered In tho nfllrmatlvo.
B There Is one bad thins in it, however, though
Blj ot ot a noturo to damaeo Sir. Coghlan's
jB' prorjertv. He nave out tho information prior
WW to the production of his work at the Fifth Ave
I,' Bus that somo remarks which ho was going to
St. Bake about tho stouo would exclto discussion.
m And so they should. In tho gulso of a great
T actor, who In tho Dumas original was Kean,
L, . Is visited by a its go-struck girl, whom ho
0T4 advises to glvo up her Intention ot boconilng
F'JH on actress. The arguniont which ho uses
M mainly is that sho will not And it postlblo to
IB A wmatn reputable in his profession. It U not
IIP alono that sho will bo socially disfavored, but
If Also that sho will bo compelled to deserve In-
i (amy. Ho tolls her plainly that her salary at
I , 'first would not nearly pay for tho dresses sho
f would havo to wear, and that it would bo
w necessary for her to becomo tbo wanton of
ft some liberal man in order to get an engagement
HJ at all. To bo sure, tho time of tho play is 1810
W and the place London, but tho passago mcu-
B tloned is an interpolation by tho present adapt-
or, it is spoken by him with especial candor of
m manner, and naturally it is taken by tho audi-
9, cnoo as his own earnest exposition of what Is
i jrno of our theatres to-day. Now, that is a
Ml libel upon tho great majority of our actressos,
ILljA who load puro lives and w..oso morals are be-
jrond reproach. Of course, Micro is a contrast-
Hi r log minority of shatnoloss creaturos, whoso
MWf' niabonavlor Is boldly public and wno aro a
Cj alsgraca to womanhood as they aro to their
ttffi? profession. Hut Mr. Coghlan, an actor, should
JHUj not throw stones If he feols that ho Is in a
IKH, Blass house. Itathor should ho defend his pro-
Hxi lesslonol castlo against Its enemlos.
K The art of Mr. Coghlan in "The Royal Box"
M4 ! admirably brave. Ho did not draw back
jKfj when he saw, as he must have seen, that bo
mm was going Into an "independent theatre" kind.
Bv of venture That is to say, ho could not depend
jBwl atoll on the rousing of emotion In his audiences,
3 nor mako any intentional appeal for laughter,
Bw either. In caso ho met with profitable support
Bw In monoy, it would coma solely from a cool,
mA a calm, discriminate appreciation of an unoxclting
jK-f Play. Moreover, ho took a rink of ridicule in
no tbo episode mentioned in his new title. Tho
royal box as shown in this play is so much like
BKk A factor in many recent funny pieces that peo-
IPff. P' might readily be excused for a mirthful
WMf prejudice regarding it. Tho expedient has been
Hw resorted to tiuio and again In Casino ex-
B travagonzas, Lambs Club gambols, music hall
IB ; burlesques, and vaudovlUe sketches. Actors
IB i placed in tho audience to Interrupt tho stago
Bf? action have become familiarly comic. There-
Bai'k tSJ?- ther. .ns danirer that, when tho licentious
Bfr-t Prince ot Wales, the cuckold Swedish Ambas-
nyy aador, and tho sinful Countess took tholr seats
Sjp in box at tho fifth Avcnuo and assumed tbo
ud parts of interested spectators of the balcony
MJvY, scene from "itomoo and Jullot," the rest of tho
Hf,i assemblage would take It as nn amusing sight.
Bf& uut there is no such mishap. In the French and
KVi perman representations actors are not only put
fs Into a box, nut soverol arc scattered through tbo
H parquet and balcony, to hiss and gibe when tho
;J Player ot Jtomeo, frenzied by joulpusy upon see-
Big lng his mistress and his rival together, forgets
J,5 1 bis mlmlo character and delivers a denunciatory
iffii tirade ot his own. Mr. Coghlan bos sought.
'A and round safoty in an expertly conservative
.'ii treatment of tbo matter. Tbo three actors In
-- ; tbo box romain silent and'do'not become de--
1 ' tnonstratlvo even at tho climax. Indeed, tho
MMy peoplo pay little attention to them, and Mr.
JTrw Coghlan Is easily able to keep their interest
BJ1 centred upon htmsolf.
jHyi Speeches by actors before tho curtain seem
BkI taking on an interest which has hitherto
jK& been lacking. Richard Mansfield, ever alert to
UU; do surprising things, denounced Ntxon & Zlm-
Wt$ merman, in whoso Philadelphia theatre he was
1 playing, as members of tho dreadfully wicked
h Hayman "trust." Tbo ensuing actor in the
B tamo houso was Edward H. Bothern, and, when
HM an entbnslastio audlenco demanded an address
Bjfi at the conclusion of bis engagement he extolled
Biff the same Nixon ts Zimmerman as among tho
iBl't best social and business friends ho had oncoun-
Hif tered during bis eleven years ot starring, and
Br declared that the methods of the wicked "trust"
Br , were conduclvo to the highest purposes ot the
H Stage in America.
Bf-i Several actresses have picked up an idea
jBp (omewhere in thn West for a variation in the
0fK& bouquet business, and wo may expect to see It
BSp -operated hero in New York. Thoy havo bunches
(1 61 of flowers thrown to the staaro from the top pal-
I ' I lery, and, wbllo accustomed to such tokens
bW from the parquet, tbey are much astonished to
V) BM get them from aloft. They express their do-
H light by pantomlmlo kisses, and tho whole audi-
Af rnce becomes enthusiastic.
B The drama Is struggling against adversity in
H J Bait Lake City. BIx successive managements
H ' of the Lyceum Theatre failei miserably, In a
Hi business way, and then some patrons of etaste
BgR art came forward with a proposition to give
if new support, provided that a really able and
B responsible man be put in control. The son of
JS a solU bank cashier accopted the trust. At
If the end of two weeks this man, rinding that ho
H bad only 8300 with which to pay dobts of C00,
i pooketed the money and disappeared.
M& l At the Castle Square Theatre, one of the low.
B prlco houses with stock companies in lloston.
f pmbrellas aro lent to the ulsporslng audlenoe
ml In case of storm. Experience with this seom
( Ingly reckless risk proves that people who co to
Mi, thoatrea are umbrella honost in a surprisingly
r high degree.
' , At Kolth's. In the same city, the utmost po-
l llteness is obsorved in the abatement of the
Jlsi. high hat nuisance. It a woman woars ohstruo-
II five millloery an usher very quietly ellns a card
ngj Into her hand and goes away without attract'
B lng attention to her. Thon sbo reads a printed
fR Copy of the city ordinance forbidding such hoad
VJ U Resr and themanagor'n hult-apologetioyetposi.
It tlvo admonition to remove it.
11 Theatrical souvenirs aro usually ephemeral.
MX Clucks that don't keep time can't keep placo.
Crude Imitations nf urt objects aru not ireas-
S nred by peoplo who pay parquet prices. Things
1 labelled conDplctiously with thn nmnoH of nctors
H al J l'111 are advertising oironces. Hut tho tokens
B SS GJTen away at the one hundredth performance of
H "Tho Llttlo Minister" are likely to bn trentcd as
HOI real keepsakes. Thoy were tlnely tinted and
Jfi gilt-frnmcd portraits of a sweet-facod, delicate,
I soulful girl with abundant brown hair and ton-
per eyes. This is Muudo Adams, and the nlc
Mf. ture needs no dUtiguring Inscription to exploit
i ncrV her or sdoII the reminder of her.
' m Onoofthotravolllnirturcei Is called "A Hired
BaaV Girl," uftor tlio url dnil comlo character, and
K'Hf) when the pleco Has played In Providence, an
) BM understudy ot the uclor was dlsplayoil In tho
' H window of n store adjiiliilni: the theatre, inado
MR PP for the funny hliod girl, and kept busy for
JaWrl houro with suituliio Jioao und puiiUiinlinv.
B,V lretty llttlo AllcoSlelbO , thu singer with tho
tmr Bostonlatis, who loulis mill acts llko a shy
r maiden of 10, Is llguiing litis wool: In Kansas
mm City as a conspicuous 3lI uuwllllng udvortlso-
Bill mont ot tho couipuny. one l u wife nnd mothor,
mti'i Pd. ' taking udvantttL'o of tho vllt to the placo
I Ft Qf her husliand's rttldcnce in bring to trial a
3) divorce suit ugainet him. Ills unino is Ilenja-
I . mill Neutiulg and bo is au-used of being the solo
ifi, offender In tholr iniitriinonlaldinicultv,
m . lt the. Murray Hill li, ru-opuncd thfj week It
I U praptlcft ly settled that McKt-o Hunkln nnd
fff, Nance O Nell ulll not bu coiiucctcd with I lio
Hlix ,t.?ck company. They ulll go into tho vuudo
Bis Tl" thoutrcs.
Byr Ilsarbohm Trco Is to ploy .Sherlock Hatmen
Mfk' In a play br Connn Itorlo, It u us a dctcc-
MS. Hvo that Mr. Tico umdu one of his first notu-
ble succesios.
BkIV Amelia (J lover, now 111 mid broken, was one
1(1,, of the tlret Americans to lmltnto tbo Knsllsh
Wmi) wpmen who camo to this country, Hyhia
Bf.il Qrey and Lottie l.lnd, nnd dnncu with the nu-
mm i merous skirts thnt they wore, bhe never did
r qulto as well as il cy. 1'iuvlous to thnt time,
nj) as Amelia Ulnranah, she hud been In ballots of
Wi' tbo old-fabhlnnoil kind.
mmTi Whon Julia Mailnne olsys "As Vou Like It"
BfJJ'M ft the Knickerbocker Rcorgo V. Anxnii. who
BSM has been unfortunately pl.iceil horu hitherto,
BVe will bo seen as V'oiirofoni'. lln li.ts long acted
Iff thu comedy roloi In tho jhakvupeurciii repcr-
BBvt tolro I" Kimland.
Bfnii 0,1B ' ,uu voi;-actod rfllos In "A Ward of
t.1: Frauco Is Jlclo if, a dandy, but a man ot
mmmj. spirit. It is a purl whicn might easily be ox-
K? sgserated in iu sprlghtllnoss to femininity, or
H made conventionally foppish. Hut Mr. Fig-
iHl nan avoids both extremes and hasthe satis-
Bal H faotlon of playing a, dldleult port extremely
jBBB yt 1 i-rf ' -'7'- ,',,.----,- ..
yrA toir rvqox rosxxit.
Malaa r. O. T. V. ara Protsst Is CSV.
Pawara Asalast His Reasaalatmsat.
BsrrnxL, Mo., Deo. 23. A remonstrance
against the appointment ot tho Hon. Enoch Fos
ter of Dethel as a Jcutloe o! the Supremo Court
of Maine was sont yesterday to Gov. Powers.
Judge Poster has occupied a seat on tho Su
preme bench fourtocn years and has been mak
ing an active canvass torn reappointment at
tho expiration of his present term, which will
end eorly In 1808,
Tho opposition to him comes not from mem
bers of tho bar, but from tho Malno Woman's
Christian Tompcranca Union, whose wrltton
remonstrance, sent to the Governor to-dny,
charges Judge Foster with immoral conduct,
Tho allegation, in tho form of a resolution, is:
"Jfcsolrnf, That v,hllo endoavorlng to exor
cise great caro not to do lnjustlco to tho charac
ter or roputatlon of any publlo ofllccr by any
hasty or ill-conslderod uttornnccs, nevertheless,
after careful deliberation wo are forced to tho
painful conclusion based upon reliable ovl
donce, voluntarily brought to our attention,
that tho conduct of Judgo Enoch Fostor of tho
Supremo Judicial Court of tho Stato of Maine
has been, and In splta ot tbo warnings of
friends and expulsion from tho church, still con
tinues to be so'rrossly Immoral and notoriously
seandalous aa to demand the most emphatic
publlo remonstrance from all thoughtful and
responsible clt lions against his reappointment,
and thnt a copy of this resolution bo sent to Gov.
l'owors as an expression of our convictions and
remonstranoo In this matter."
The women havo not gono Into this matter
blindly. Thoy havo consulted w oil-informed
attornoys and been advised that their tour so
of action is tenablo. A commltteo of the women
camo hero a tow days ago and investigated a
church episode in which Judgo Foster llgured
conspicuously. They coplod from tho records
ot tho Uothol Congregational Church state
ments showing that in tho early part ot 18110
the Judgo was criticised by members of tho
ohurch for his association with n certain young
woman and for spondlng tlmo in her home ;!t hat
ho voluntarily promised to make publlo con
fession to the church, did mnko such confession,
and promised to abstain from tho companion
ship of tho young woman; that it few months
later ho resumed bis relations wtth her, on one
occasion was socn In her compnny at a hotel In
Portland; that he was summoned to appear bo
foro thn.aburuh to answer to charged of "nor
torjout conduct ot a most scandalous nnturo,"
nnd. falling to appear, thnt ho was expelled
from ohurch membership by a unanimous voto.
A copy ot those records, signed by tho Rov.
iBracl Jordan, tho pastor; J. N. Purlngton. tho
Church clerk, nnd Deacon K. V. Woonburv,
was forwarded to tho Governor with tho ro.
monstrance. The latter document wnx signed
by tho twenty-ono Stato and county ofllcers of
tho W. 0. T. U,
Judgo Foster is a natlvo of Uothol.
Vainer Fewer Bar Mr. Janason, Wha Ift
Bias st ssacy, Never Leut Illn SIO.OOO,
At a final hearing In tho contest ot tho will of
Mrs. Mary Johnson, who left hor largo estate
mostly to Catholic institutions and whose will
is contestod by several of her cousins, Father
James W. Power, pastor of All Saints' Roman
Cathollo Church and a legatee under the will,
was on tho wltnoss stand for n short tlmo yes
terday. Father Powor said that he has been a
priest twenty-five years and has been con
nected with this church eighteen years. Ho
had known Mrs. Johnson fourteen years before
her death last March.
"Did you ever havo a loan of 910,000 from
Mrs. Johnson!" he was asked.
"Never," bo answered before Lawyer David
McClure, attorney for the contestants, could
get a ruling on an objection, on tho around that
the witness Is inteicsted iu the will and cannot
testify to transactions wtth the deceased. The
quostion was ruled out. as was tho next, ns to
whether his church had not got a loan ot 93,000
from her. But he answered beforo tbo ruling
that tho church had got such a loan. On cross
examination by Mr. McClure ho was asked:
Q. You say you hold your office as priest of
that cburoh at the will ot your Bishop. You
wouldn't bo removod without cause, would youl
A. No.
Q. Your BishoD is tho kind who wouldn't re
move without cause, isn't hot A. Yes. That
Q, Wouldn't you object if you woro sud
denly sent to somo country parish I A. No;
I would be glad, of lt. .
Q. Havp, you haodsomo ..altars . in jour
ehnrcbT AvAes; they cost about $20,000.
Q. Who paid for them! A. Mr. Lovejoy
and his sister, Mrs. Johnson.
Q.-What was the debt on your chrch in 18011
A About $174,000.
Q. What is lt cowl A. Between 9150,000
and $100,000.
Counsol got until Jan. 3 to submit briefs.
Una Is 11111 I'itnff the Same Blanr, anil Her
Counsel Bais It's Her Rlsbt.
Fredcrio N. Blanc wants to have his former
wife, Elizabeth, who appears on the stage as
"Baroness Blanc," punished for using his sur
name contrary to an injunction against Its
usa in tho decree of dtvorco ho got against her.
Blano sot the divorce from her in 1803. While
sbo was appearing In a theatre as "Baroness
Blano" last May Blano moved to punish her
for contempt, and Justice Russell decided that
sho had violated tho provision of tho decree,
and fined her 950. The bills now announce her
aa "formerly Baroness Blano," the "formerly"
being in microscopic print, while tho "Baroness
Blano" can be read across the street.
In moving beforo Justice Beekman of the
Supreme Court to punish her, Blanc's counsel
said yesterday that fining her would do no
good, and that she should be sont to Jail.
Her counsel, Theodora Caso of Chicago,
urged that the court bad no right to prohibit
her from using the name of Blanc. She could
use anv surname that she chose, ho "aid, and
even the name of tho Judge. Tlioro was no
provision in the statutes ot this State against
a person taking any name, and so the common
law would prevail.
David Oerber, In bebalf ot Blanc, said that
the ltdy bad been exhibiting herself In tights
under the namo of her former husband. Ho
urged that the court was bound by the previ
ous decision of Justice Russell upholding this
firovlslon of the decreo of divorce, and holding
hat the provision as good In law.
Mr. Chase contonded that the matter camo
un anew, nnd that tho court should not Im
prison a woman whoro tho authorities ore clear
that sho can use tho name of lllnnc. Decision
was reserved.
Ua Thinks His Convlcllaa Is Unjust aail Sara
So Frnnlilr.
Mlraboau L. Towns, counsel for Edward J.
Ratcllffe, appeared In Part I. of the General
Sessions yesterday and hold a consultation with
Judge Newbureor and Assistant District Attor
ney Lloyd relative to tho conviction of Hat
cllffo. After the consultation Mr. Towns said
that no chango had bean m ado in '.bo programme
designating Tuesday noxt as sentence day.
When the Jury brought In tbo verdict at 1
o'clock yesterday morning convicting R.-ilcllfTo
of assault In tho third degree, Judgo Nowhurgcr
stated that he would appear In court on Tuesday
noxt for the purpose of attending to RntcllrTo's
caso. and Mr. lonns said tbut ho nould thcu
be ready to mako a motion for a now trial,
Rntcllffo sat In bis coll In tbo Tombs yester
day unshavon and unkempt. "This Isavllo
Elaco to bo." he said, "but I suppose I won't be
ero long, for my lawyer will get a now trial for
me. It's a tuugli placo to spend Christmas, but
it's touuher to be brunded asn u Ifo beater. Tills
will ruin my life. Tho nowspapord havo been
bought up to pound me. The Jury did not art
on the evidence. Ihe DUtilct Attorney's oltlro
has been used to persccuto me, und 1 got it on
all sides,''
Throughout tho trial llotcIKTo maintained
that his wlfo's fathor, Prtcr Do Lary, was tho
Instigator of the cnuinlalnt. Ycstcnlny a rn-
fiort was circulated In tho Criminal Court build
ng to the effect tliatlJr Ijiey uas not imxlous
to sco Hntrlliro sent to tha penitentiary hihI llmt
ho would bo willing to glvo tho uctor &5.000 tu
leuve the country.
Elrrtrte Potter fumptiij rant llrotrr llsni-
aaea fur I'ulea tJlionpeii Down.
Mayor Orant pllod tho nxo In November,
1800, on the polos of tho Eloctrlc Powor Com
pany, which, after ninety days' notice, had
rufusod to tako down Its overhead wlrea nnd put
them In the subways. Thoy cuius down under
tho axe, and the company sued the city for
damages and for the vnluo of the wlro, which
was sold by the city after tho company, ou no.
tico from thu Bureau of Incumbrances, had
failed to remove it.
The company basloitlts caso. Juutlcu Mc
Laughlin of the hiipromo Court, in deciding
jeaterday for tho city, said:
"It is a well-settled principle of law that any
injury to or destruction or property necessarily
incident to tho Jurisdiction to summarily abate
a nuisance. Interferes with no legal right of the
owner, and is not violatlvo ot tho constitutional
prohibition against depriving the owner of hU
property without duo process ot law."
otrx op a a old xr..f bjst that jib
mdX't irA.yrxo takk,
reared the tTlves. Hattierf. and SliUrs ar
Msmear Then Mlsht Bt member This Christ
ninaaod Ills ICIintlrlh Birthday Let !
antlj Than Mr Bat the Bays Prevail,
Tho office employees, from one end of the
Dolawaro and Lackawanna Railroad to ths
other, were very much Interested in tho out
come of a llttlo coremony that was scheduled to
take placo in tho offico of tho Prosldont of tho
road, Samuel Sloan, at 11 o'clock yesterday
morning. Months ago somo of tho clerical foroe
of tho rood recalled that on Christmas Day Mr.
Sloan mould bo 80 years old. Thoy thought It
would bo a gracoful act on the part of all tho
ofllco employees ot tho road it thoy should club
togcthor and buy Mr. Sloan n birthday and
Christmas present. Tho idea took, and this
commlttoe was appointed to decide upon what
form tho gift should toko, to collect subscrip
tions and to mako tho presentation: II, 0. Hicks,
bend of tho freight department. Chairman; W.
F. Holwlll, J, U. Marston. A. H. Schwarx, 8. B,
Foley, A. C Salsbury, A, 11. Storri, G. E. Zip
pel and G, A. H olden, son of the Vice-President
of tho road, Edwin R. Uoldon. Young Mr.
Holdcn was treasurer,
Tho commlttoo decided to'get a solld'gold tea
service ot seven pieces on a solid gold tray.
Tiffany & Co. took tho commission for tho work.
It was completed on Monday nnd VJoo-Presl-dent
Uoldon was chosen to make tho presenta
tion yesterday.
Thcso details having been arranged, lt was
thought best not to tako the vonorablo Presi
dent entirely by surprise so his son, Samuel
Sloan, Jr., was nskod to Inform his father on
Wodncsday night that tho presentation was to
tako placo next morning. Young Mr. Sloan did
ns requested and ho wus quite taken aback by
his father's reception ot tho news. The old
gentleman said:
"What do they want to give mo a present
fori l'vo done nothing to deserve anything
llko this. It I had tliero would bo somo sonso
In tho thing. They can't afford to do this. I
don't wont IN and, what's more, you can go
back and tell those who sent you here that I
won't accept lt."
This was a stunner, and young Mr. Sloan
concluded to let bis fathor sleop over tho mat
ter and tackle him again before bo went down
town yesterday morning. A night's rest had
made no difference in Mr. Sloan's determina
tion not to accept tho gift. Finding this out.
the son consulted Mr. Holden. Tho Vice-President
said he'd fix lt all right, and immediately
repaired to ths President's office. But Mr.
Holdcn couldn't fix it. He labored a long tlmo
with Mr. Sloan, but tho latter wouldn't bo talked
Into receiving tbo prosent.
Coming out of tbo President's office, Mr.
Holden tailed the committee together an I told
them what Mr. Sloan hod said. The commltteo
didn't know v. but to do. Finally soma ono
suggested that when Mr. Sloan went out to
luncheon tbo servico be carried Into his offico
and set upon his desk with a card tolling tho
purpose of the present and from whom lt came.
"That won't do," one of tho commltteo is
quoted aa Baying. "Vou enn't drive tho old
man an Inch, nnd he'1 Just send it back."
Sonubody else suggested that tho servico bo
rent to Mr. Sloan a homo. This was also
thought inadvisable, and at length it was de
cided to let tho matter rest for a tew hours.
Mr. Holden promised to see Sir. Sloan again in
the mean time. He did so. One or two other
officers of tho company put in a word, and
finally Mr. Sloan was prevailed upon to accopt
tbo gift. The presentation took placo In his
offico at 3 o'clock, Mr. Holden making tho pre
sentation speech. Mr. Sloan tried to reply,
but a frog In his throat, or something else,
inado It lmnosslblo for him to say much mora
than "Thank you."
After tbo presentation had been made it was
learned that tho real reason for Mr. Sloan s ob
jection to accepting tho gift was that bo felt
that tho majority of those who had contributed
to lt could ill afford to do so. He is quoted as
"I havo been told that this precent cost thou
sands of dollars. That Is all very well, but
whllo the acceptance ot it would mako this the
most memorable Christmas and birthday of my
life, th i wives or mothers or sisters of somo of
my boys mny havo to go without their Christ
mas that thoso boys might glvo mo mino.
That'a all wrong, and I won't havo It."
The service Included, besides the tray, a cof
fee pot, a teapot, a chocolate pot, a oream
pitcher, a- sugar bowl, and a spoonholder.
All tho plocca wcro in an antique oak caso
about four foot long and three feet high. The;
service cost a llttlo more than 810,000.
And Row tbo nrlde Sara Sho Verily Believes
ne Waa CrniT All the Time.
Anna, wife of Frank 3. McCarthy says he was
insano when sho married him at Princeton, N,
J., in 1881, and she asked Justice Stover in tho
Buprcme Court yesterday to annul the marriage.
McCarthy was sexton of the Episcopal Church nt
Princeton, and was much older than sho.
They lived together eight years. McCarthy is
now in the Trenton Asylum. His wlfo tcstlflod
that sbo had known blm only three months be
fore tho marriage, and had not seen blm often.
She was suspicious about bis mental condition
on the wedding day, she said, but sbo thought
that perhaps ho had been drinking. Ho was
about halt an hour late for the oeremony, which
was solemnized beforo a largo assembly in the
church, and when ho did come he was pale and
his features had a peculiar look. She was
Q. Did bo glvo you any excuse for his late
ness I A. Yes. sir. He said thnt be had gono
home to get ready and was cleaning ud bis
room when tho carrlago drove up to tako blm to
the church.
Q. Did anything happen at tho tlmo of tho
wedding In the church I A. As wo wore going
down tho aisle ho got on tho wrong side. After
tho ceremony tbo minister had a llttlo reception,
nnd Mr. McCarthy upsot a cup or coffee. Ho
got another cup and lt was placed on a stand
for him, and ho soon upset the stand and all.
Within three or four days after tho marrlsge
his symptoms of aberration Increased, sho said,
and he was afraid to cat some things for four
tbey had been poisoned. He said there were
witches in tho trees, nnd ho was afraid to go out
alone. At night he mould wako up and say there
were peoplo outside with guns who wore trying
to get in. Ho spent most of his earnings for
guns, pistols, and knives to protect the bouse.
At last ho bocamo violent. Decision was
Custom Inspectors Complain That It Delays
Their lVork on the Steamship Flrrs.
Tbero Is a vigorous protest on tho part of
tho local customs inspectors against indis
criminate kissing on the piers. Tbey say that
tho kissing and hugging that go on when a
steamship nrrlvos result In much delay in
passing upon tho baggago of the arriving pas
sengers. Tho passengers all hare friends,
each anywhere from two to two dozen, and
tho oQusIvo welcomes taken collectively where
tbcro aro sovcral hundred passengers ontall a
groat loss of time.
By order of tno customs authorities barri
cades mere placed upon some of tho piers to
keep away tho general publlo until the lug
gage could bo Inspectod, but tbo publlo was so
eager to get at Its arriving friends that these
barricades wero overthrown and trampled on
and tho commands of the customs inspectors
wore set nt naught.
Tbo kissing nnd hugging, In which they can
not pirtlclpato, are looked upon as an outrage
and a nuluunce by tho Inspectors, Just what
v. Ill be dono next. If anything. Is not known,
bowovcr. Collector Illdwell, mlioii asked yes
tcrdoy whether ho bellowed In kissing, said
be did most emphatically, but "under certain
I'lrst or iho Cinderella Collllons.
Tho first Cinderolla cotillon ot the winter
was danced last night In Sherry's. This pop
ular series of dances was organized four seasous
ago by Mrs. John S. Barnes of 'i East Forty
eighth street. The guests last evening were
reeolvod by Mrs, It, James Cross, Mrs, Jacob W.
Miller, Mrs. Alfred Pell, and Mrs. John S.
llurnes. As thu namo suggests, erly hours lire
In order at tho Cinderella collllons, nnd nt 10
o'clock sharp ill! whs In readiness for the colli.
Ion, which was lod by Aloxnudcr M. Huildeii,
who danced with Miss Helen Htokes. There
wcro no favors. At midnight, as In tho old-tlmo
tnle, tliodmiclng stopped. Thnn an clabciriilo
supper wus served In tho small ballroom at llttlo
Will or Cbarlr lluilrr.
Tbo will ot Onirics Butler, Presldont of tho
Corporation of New York University, directs
that nil outstanding obligations to thu Univer
sity and to the Union Theological Seminary bo
paid, and that tho rest of his cstnto go to bis
daughter Kmlly Ogilcu Ilutlur. Tho words "out
standing obligations " refnr to further benefac
tions Dr. Ilutlor had undi i tukcu to mnko to the
iimtitiiilons named to which ho guvo much In
his lifetime.
Sin. C. .tilolrUc l,u'uiri to Smith lanriuarr.
Mrs. C. Adolpbo Low of 10 East Blxty-nlnth
stroi t, this city, has donated 93,000 to tho Smith
Infirmary at New Brighton, S. L. to establish a
bed in memory ot Dr. and Mrs. John I. Wester.
Caraner's Jury ays McCarthy's Bsath Was
Due ta Improper Medical Attendance.
An inquest was held yesterday by Coroner
Donba and Jury in the case ot Thomas P, Mc
Carthy, a bartender, of 16 Itauvia street, who
died in Bellevuo Hospital on Deo. 14 ofiaouto
meningitis and erysipelas, due apparently to In
juries 'to th head.
McCarthy's friends alleged at ths tlms that
these injuries woro inflicted In Thomas J, Far
rell's saloon at 84 Roosevelt street by Police
man Thaddeua D, Murphy of the Oak street
Saloon Keeper Forrell was the first witness
called. Uo testified that ho summoned Polioo
ruan Murphy to hit saloon on the morning of
Deo. 7.
"I wanted to make" complaint against soma
boys who wero constantly annoying my prom
ises." added Farrell.
Tho witness then went on to say that Mo
Corthr and a frlend'camo into the saloon while
he was talking with Muroby,
"What happened, next!" asked Coroner
"Well, Murphy and McCarthy had somo
words. McCarthy told Murpby. who waa in
uniform, that ho ought to bo on post and not in
a saloon."
"What did Murphy sayl" t ,
5"What did be sayl Ho struck McCarthy In tho
right eye with his fist." . ..
'Whnt did McCarthy dot '
""'What did he dot He fell in a heap, and I
hardly knew him when ho got up."
"Then what happenedl" , .....
"McCarthy, after some time, picked himself
up, and grabbed Murphy by the . shoulders,
Baying, 'Wbat did you hit me fori' "
''What did Murpby say to hlml". .
"What:dld Murphy do to hlml He simply hit
McCarthy under tbo left eye, and, McCarthy
went down again."
The witness then said that ho told McCar
thy's friend to take htm homo.
'Murphy dldjiot hit McCarthy with his billy,"
said Farrell emphatically,
Mrs. Kate Smlih, ths sister of the dead man,
testified that MoCarthy told her that he had a
dispute with Murphy, who struck h.m In. tho
oyo with his billy.
Maurlco Canty, who was with McCarthy at
tho time of the row, testified that Murphy hit
McCarthy with his fist and did not use a billy.
Other w tnisses were callod, who said that
McCarthy'did not follow;hls doctor's advice and
stay indoors until his wounds bad healed.
They test fled that McCarthy was around at ths
saloon on tho nlgbt of Doo. 7.
Tho Jury found a verdict that MoCarthy
oamo to his doath of "acuta menlngltli ana
facial orysliielas caused on tho 7th day cf De
cember, 1807, following blows stnick by Po
liceman Thaddous D. Murphy at 84 ltootevelt
street.ln the saloon of Thomas J. Farrell. Wn find
that tho death was caused by Improper mcdloal
attendance, and wo exonerate Thaddous D.
Murphy from all blame."
EVDOEX EOtt 1808, $S1,U3,043.
Sot Art-aunt ta Ba Balsed by Taxation, IJTIO,
440 Merc. Than Last Year.
At yesterday's, meeting of tho Board ot Esti
mate tho budget for tho expenses of Now York
as lt now exists for tho year 1808 was
adopted. The total amount so appropriated
la 931,443,043,01, from which is to be do
ducted tho general fund, amounting to 95,010.
000.48. This loaves tho net total to bo raised
by taxation 940,402,743.10, or 8710,145.09
more than tho amount raised this year. The
general fund is the largest in the history of the
city, 92,100,000 of it being derived from liquor
tax fees under tho Raines law, about three times
tho receipts under tho old Exctso law. Tho
figures adopted yesterday aro subject to reap
portionment by the Board of Estlmatouf Greater
New York, and tbo Municipal Assembly will
havo tho power to authorize the Issue of bonds
to cover any deficiency that may arise during
the coming year.
Tbo following are tbo amounts appropriated
for the various city departments:
Departmtnl. 1BBT. 1B08.
Mayoralty S1IM3B 00 US.ISS 00
Common Council.... 01,1)00 00 00.000 00
Finance Department. 031,400 00 8S0.U8R 21
Interest on city debt. 6,eo,flB B8 8,120,801 14
Redemp.orcltydsbt. 4,112,0118 as S.3BS.1B9 US
statetaxos 0,401,110 21 0,704,1,71 fit
HsntS 171,852 00 A 180.031 08
Armories rents 2,760 00 is, 2,700 00
JudriuenU SC0.U00 00 V.230.000 00
Pub. Administrator. 10,090 00 17,890 00
Law Department.... 1U7.050 00 212,000 00
Dept. Of Pub. Works. 8,012,000 OS 0,745.700 in
Dspt. of Pub. Parks. 1,883,190 00 1,440,020 00
28d 94tb wards. V70.7S0 00 1,010,270 00
Dspt. or Charities... 1,260.042 00 1,804,008 00
Dept. of Correction. 471,000 00 488.100 00
Pent, of llesJth 081.808 00 008,770(10
ollce Department.. 0,988.988 08 7.051,(130 18
Bureau of Elections. 323,000 00 819,000 00
Department of Street
Cleaning 2,899,002 40 2,889.009 40
rira Department.... 2,430,820 00 8,008,703 00
Depart'tof Buildings 340,780 00 840,790 00
Depart meat of Taxes
and assessments.. 170,710 00 170,720 00
Board ot Education. 0,931,289 89 0,802,143 82
College of the City
or New York 170,000 00 170,000 00
Normal College 100,000 00 100,000 00
PrlntloR and sta
tionery 230,000 00 220.000 00
Clrll Service boards. 80.000 00 80.000 00
Coroners 07,700 00 07,700 00
Commissioners o f
Accounts 00,000 00 80.000 00
Sheriff 184.BH2 00 11)0.982 00
lleclster 128,250 00 128.250 00
Armories-wages,... 93.855 00 103,090 00
Jurors' fees 70,000 00 70,000 00
Preservation ot rec
ords 40.040 00 40,920 00
Street and park
openings 700,807 80 784,008 80
Libraries 00,700 00 103,800 00
Salaries city courts 87B.000 00 887,000 00
Balarles-judlctary.. 1.4H9.200 00 1.6(10.010 00
Charitable Initlfns. 1,527.051 01 1.67H.017 00
Miscellaneous 021,892 04 837.019 73
Totals .(49,480,297 17 161,448,048 04
Dark noard Consulting Baslaeera Plan a Mar
ginal Way and Subway.
The Board of Consulting Engineers, Gcorgo
8. Morlson, 'William If. Ilurr, and Oen. Wil
liam V. Cralgblll, has made a report to tho
Dock Hoard favoring the Improvement ot the
East River water front. The plan accompany
ing the report contemplates (he laying out of
a marginal way 200 feet wldo along tho bulk
head as far north as Jackson street at Coi
lear's Hook Park. From this point two car
tracks aro carried along Jackson street to
a subway beginning at Cherry street, from
which point the subway is planned to pass under
Jackson streot and Cannon street to Houston
street, and thenco across to tho Intersection of
Lewis and Third streets, where the subway
ends, the tracks rising to tbo surface at Hlxtn
streot. From this point the marginal way,
140 feet wide, follows Lewis street us far as
Eightn streot and tbo line of Avenuo D above
Tenth street. Along the easterly side of this
way aro laid four tracks, which may be con
nected by switches vlth tbo adjoining prop
erty between it and the river front. This mar
ginal way, 140 feet wide, with its four traoks,
may bo locator! above Hunt Tenth street as far
as East Twenty-third street, so as to lenvo a
strip of ground about 600 feot wide between
it and tho bulkhead for warehouse purtiosos.
This general plan, the report says, must be de
veloped and adjusted, as fur as the location
of tho marginal way abovo Third street Is con
cerned. so aa best to serve such wanhouso or
other lntero.t as may deslro to improvo tho
business opportunities offered.
The present Dock Board Is favorably dis
posed toward the Improvement suggested, but
as Its oftlclal llfo ends on Jan. 1, no effort con
bo mado to carry lt out.
It figures la tbe Purchase or tba Loss Island
Water Supply Company,
Argument was bad beforo Justice Van Wyck
In tbe Supreme Court In Brooklyn yesterday on
the application for an injunction restraining
Mayor Wurster and Comptroller Palmer from
Issuing 9370,000 In bonds as paymont for tho
franohlse and plant of tbe Long Island Water
Supply Company. Counsel for the applicant
said that under tbe law tho city's debt must not
exceed 10 por cent, of Its assessed valuation of
taxable reul estate, except for water extension.
He said tbut tbo Indebtedness of the city now
exceeded by 93.000,000 tho debt limit. Corpora
tion Counsel Ilurr said Hint tho bonded Indebt
edness, exclusive of tax certificates issued In
nnticipxtlon ot tbo collection ot taxes, tTasSIl'.',
BH2.478.10. In addition to this was the obllga
Hon of tho city to mty 9570.000 for the plant o f
the Long Island Water Supply Company, nnd
9300,500 for I lie Urnvesend wntor plant, making
a total ludnbtudness of 903.348,078.10. Tbo
amount of this huld by tbo Slnklug Fund was
911.701,033,00, making a total net Indebtedness
of 930,811,022.41. Tho assessed valuation of
the real estate was 9300,130,812. Briefs wero
banded up and decision was reserved.
Translated Dutch Rrcords tnb!lsbed.
Tbe printing of the translation of the seven
volumes of tho old DutcbRocords of Now Am
sterdam, which it as dono at the expense of the
city, has been completed and tho books hare
been distributed. Only 200 sots were printed.
Of these Iho Mayor got soveiity-uve, the Aldor
men seventy-live, and tbo commltteo having the
work In charge fifty. Thu Mayor announced
yesterday that be would distribute his copies
among tho colleges and libraries of this section
of tho country.
trksa It's Orardas tba Bank TTrltaa ta
father llncey and Ha Seats His Slens.
las Than Tyaen Fereclosare rraoefdlag
Are Resnn thn Interest Camas ta Band,
Tas temporal affairs of St. Loo's Ohurch, of
which tho Rev. Thomas J. Dueey is thryector,
aro not flourishing. A reason for thlswas
glvon yesterday by a woll-known banker, who is
familiar with tho affairs ot the church. Ho
"Tho whole trouble with Bt, Leo's is that
Father Ducoy Insists upon doing too much
work. Ho is trylng-.to do what would keep halt
a dozen men busy, Uo wants to preach an(
hear tho confessions, marry and bury tbo mem
bers of his congregation and attend to tho
flnanclaUaffalrs of the church ns well. Now this
is more than any ono man can do well. lis
may bo able to perform tho functions of a priest,
but ho can't, at the same time, do tho work of
an expert accountant. In trying to do both
tbe fathor hasn't Jbeen able to make both onds
"Tho Bowery Savings Bank holds amort
gage on tho church. It's a fairly heavy mort
gage, hut an excellent one for the bank to carry.
Tho interest on this mortgago is payable on tho
1st ot February and tho 1st of August ot each
year. It Is soma tlmo since tho interest waa
paid when lt was due. That doesn't bother tho
bank peoplo much. They're used to lt now,
and, tosldcs, they know tbo property is easily
worth more than the face of the mortgage. The
Interest due last August was paid only a short
time ago and then only after forecloauro pro
ceedings had been begun.
"You see, it's this way: Tho day for tho pay
ment of tho lntorost comes around, but tbe in
terest doesn't coroo. Then the bank folks wrtto
Fathor Ducey a letter a fairly sharp one -In
which he is told that the Interest must bo paid
by a certain date. By way of reply tho Fathor
ends a delightful letter to the bank oftlolals.
Ho regrets that the Interest wasn't paid when
due, expects to boablo to pay lt shortly and
winds up by sending his blessing.
"It Is often necessary to send two or three let
ters to Father Ducoy. That was necessary, for
instance, after last August's interest wus not
Bald. The father promised and' promised, but
io Interest didn't come, so. finally, forecloauro
proceedings wero begun. Then tho interest was
paid and tbo proceedings wero stooped. Tho
bank really doesn't want the principal, but it
inrlsts that tho interest shall be paid. Tho in
terest will be duo aguln in about a month, and lt
may bo that tho bank will have to go through
tbo same procedure again. Howovcr, as I said
before, they don't mind that sort ot thing much
noiv. They'vo got used to lt and thoy always
?ot the Interest In the end. St. Leo's In one of tho
aslilonablo Cathollo churches of tho city, and
many of its congregation a-a wealthy. Thcro
would probably be no difficulty .ibout the
finances If Father Ducoy would onlj let them
bo attended to by some of his flock who know
about finances."
It Has Deen Attached Extensively In Oreen.
wlcb-She Tears Up an 8860 cbaek.
Greenwich, Oonn., Doc. 23. Mrs. Andrew
Yessen, who has ocaulrod notoriety as tho de
fendant in the suit brought to colloct a debt of
917.30 Jfor the board of hor cow at William
Rockefeller's farm, soems likely to loso the
boquost of 91,500 which was attacbed. Tho
bequest was given to Mrs. Yessen by Nicholas
Cassldy for caro of blm during his final ill
ness. As several of tho heirs namod in tho
will were aliens, thero was somo doubt as to
whother the will was valid, and Mrs. Yessen
employed Lawyer Michael Keneuly ot Stam
ford to bring a suit for 92,300 against the es
tate, claiming that amount duo her tor board.
Tho Legislature, howovcr. validated tho will,
and the lawsuit was drooped.
Mrs. Yesson had a number of creditors in
Orconwlcb, who havo been waiting for bcr to
pay them when she received hor monoy. This
was paid Into Lawyer Jeremiah Ticrnoy, tbo
administrator on tho estate, two weeks ago,
and as Mrs. Yesson showed no disposition to
pay, tho creditorH.began lawsuits'attaching the
money. In order that tho woman might havo
something left, Laywer Tierncy gavo Mr.
Kenealy, Mrs. Yessen's counsel, $1,000, but
when he gavo her bis check for 9850. deduct
ing 9130 counsel feos, sho becaino angry,' and
went to seo the administrator, and after ex
pressing her mind In vigorous terms, toro up
the check before the eyos ot the administrator
and then went back to Stamford and hired
Mayor Bohannon, the free sliver advocate, as
her counsel. Meantime several moro attach
ments bave been filed against the bequest, and
by tbe tlmo Mrs. Yessen has them settled and
the legal expenses paid there will not bo much
of her 91,300 left, her friends say..
Cy Vain Freddie Itsslc Alarmed by Iter
Amatory and Tbreatentng Lattera.
Fannie Lesser is unmarried and of middle age.
She is employed as a nurse. Miss Lesser appeared
in the Loo Avenue Police Court, Williamsburg,
yesterday, to answer a charge proferred by
Ocorge Esslg, a liquor dealer at 10 Harrison ave
nue. Esslg has a son, Froddlo, 10 yearsold. Ac
cording to Mr. Esslg, Freddie's psaoo of mind has
been sadly disturbed by tbe receipt ot lottors
amatory, cajoling, and finally threatening from
Miss Lesser, vbo wus formerly a domestic
servant In the employ of tbe Esslgs. It is allogod
that Miss Lesser s manifest fondness for the
lad led to ber discharge, and that recently she
wroto a letter to young Esslg, Imploring him to
call on hor at hor home, and throatenlngdeatb for
him and herself In tbo event of his non-com-pllanco
with her request. This letter, according
to Mr. Esslg, alarmed his son, who sought pater
nal advice In tbe matter. Miss Lessor's arrest
In court Miss Lessor denied having written
tho tbroate.ilng lotter and demanded a hearing,
Justlco Kramer paroled her for one week.
A tuavlnr Cup for Dean Chase.
Tho Junior class of tho Now York Law School
held a meeting after tho morning session yester
day, at which tho morning and afternoon di
visions and their friends, Io the number of 000,
assembled in the law school's rooms in the
Equitable building. Thoinns Engelke, as repre
sentative of tho class, proscnted a largo and
handsome sllvor loving cup to Dean Gcorgo
Chase. Tho cup was Inscribed: " With tho com
pliments of tbe class of 1800 to our beloved
profossor," and was glvon by subscription
among tbe class, which numbers 325 members.
Prof. Chnso wub greatly pleasod und spoke for
nearly fifteen minutes amid groat applauso, ex
pressing his deep souse of gratification at this
display ot friendly fcullng.
Cabin Hoy Who Robbed Silas Pay Bentenoed,
Etlenno Casttllion, tho cabin boy on Miss
Edith Do Forrest Day's steam yacht, who stolo
Jewelry from Miss Day valued nt 90,000. plead
ed guilty In Long Island City yesterday nnd was
sent to Slug Sing prison for three years. Iu
court bo said his real namo was Thomas Coleman.
Sblpplns Mexican Caltle to Tbls Country.
CniniMHUA, Mexico, Dec. 23. Tho Clilrlca
bua Cattlo Company of this Stato has purchased
17,000 head of Mexican cattle, which thoy aro
shipping to ranches In Kansas and Nebraska.
This cattle company Is a New York corporation,
and owns tbo largest ranch In this State,
20 cts. a copy, 20 cts, a copy.
. JANUAItV, 1898,
Contains, among many other Interesting features!
A tUrring ancrtiUon. trltft rjlan, o one u Ntlton't
moitamous Oaflfcs.
XV (Srijutl In " 77i JYduncr of Ztnda.") By AN.
SOUTH LONDON! I. Ths First Settlements. Ily
.fti extremtty interetling itudv. from tht ptn of a
uiaifcr, of Iht curly hUtory and dtvtlop.
vtent of South London.
(Uordou) Highlander.
A drawing, from life, of he Colonti ofontofZng.
fund's grtalttt rfgimtntt.
X thrilling and intenttly drumatio $Kort story of
OSTEtU.EV PARK (niinmn KnaHih family fiaf.)
with lllutratlon$from Sptvial Vhotographt.
I7R0M A CORNISH WINDOW. With Thumbnail
1 Sketches by Marie Zangwlll. Ky A. T. QUILLElt
Sutnpfuouffi und profuietu illuttruttd throughout.
13 00 per year. 93 rls. a copy.
New York!
The INTERNATIONAL NEWbCO.. 88 Duans street.
Montreal! Montreal News Co.
Toronto: Toronto News Co.
"HAVE you area i'RATT's hew Bookstore? flBE
Cltlien orcilalsn, Conn,. Begin an Action In
Iterereaee to tba Moraran Seboal.
New Haven, Conn., Deo. 23. Several well
known cltlicns ot Clinton havo brought art
action In court to havo tho trusteoj of the
Morgan School of Clinton removed. Tho suit it
brouiht by Le0n H. Hurd, Horatio Kolsey,
Charles W. Wollman, nnd John E. Hacon,
against Trustees Goorgo E, Kllot, Androw J.
Hurd, Ellsha IC Redflold, Charles A. Eliot, and
Mary Eliot, otocutrlx ot tbo will ot John. D.
LeOlngwoll. Somo of tho allegations In tho
suit aro that a 95,000 prlxo fund Is lost or im
paired, and that children who havo won prizes
havo not secured them; that there has boon a
loss of 9100,000 on roal estate In Brooklyn and
Now York through ths management of tho
Ex-Judgo Lynda Harrison of this city has
boon retained by the trustees to defond thorn.
In an Interview to-dav ho said that tbo school
1 a prlvnto sohool and 1 not accountable to tbo
town. He addod:
"Theso particular plaintiffs have no moro
right to Institute theso proceedings thnn four
cltlicns would have tlm right to lustltuto
similar proceedings against tlio Prosldont and
fellows of Yalo College, Tho ohargos against
the Integrity of tbo trustees aro wholly untrue,
and havo boon instigated by personal spite and
Charlos Morgan, tho owner of steamships
and railways lb Louisiana, endowed the school.
He died In New York in 1878, leaving an es
tate ot 910,000,000. Uo was a natlvo of Clinton.
Barrlna.Bail-HarvIn Company Attached.
Deputy Sheriff Llpsky rocelved yesterday an
attachment against tho llerrlng-Hall-Marvlii
Company of 31 Chambers street, lt is for
98,000 in favor of Moses Mosler, and a keeper
was put In tho store at 31 Chambers streot. It
was said that tho claim of Mr. Mosler was on a
demand nolo of thu company datod Dec. 20, and
that the attachment wus obtalnod on tho ground
that lt Is n New Jersey corporation. At tho
store lt was said that no ono there could say
any tiling about the finances ot tba company, lt
Is said that tho company Is making arrnngu
ments to sottle tho attachment. A provlnus at
tachment for 90,700, obtntnod by William
Marvin In February last, was promptly lifted.
Sunrises,.,. 7x3 I Sun sets,. 4 fin Moon sets.. D 41
man watxr this dit.
Sandy nook. 7 28 I Oor.IilM. 8 00 I Hell Date., u S3
Arrlted Tiu'iudat, Dec. 88.
Ss Rotterdam, Bonjer, Rotterdam and Boulocuo
Bee. IS.
SsNnniadle, Clarke, Liverpool Pec. 10.
Ss Kenslncton. Roberts, Antwerp.
Sa Andalusia, Hobroeder, Hamburg.
Ke Manitoba, flrlmth, London.
Ss Excolnlor. Mutter. Rrenien.
Ss Cltr of Macon. Savage, Boston.
Ss Cairo, Howe, llamuton Roads.
Es City ut lUrniluiihain. Burr. Savannah.
Ss Quyandotte, Davis, Norfolk.
U"or later arrival! see First Pais.)
inorviD out.
SsTrare, from New York, at Rremen.
SsSpaarndara, from New York, at Rotterdam,
Sa Yverkendam, from New York, at Amsterdam.
sailed xnoM ronxiax roars,
Ss Veendam, rrom Rotterdam for New York.
Ss Oermanlo, from (juaeuetowu for New York.
Re Mohawk, from Lundou fur Now York.
Ss Trinidad, from Bermuda for New York.
sirucn yaou domestic roan.
Es El Norte, from New Orleans for New York.
ocToorso sTEAiisnirs.
Sail To-Dai:
ilailK Clou. IVtel Sufi.
Orliaba, Havana l 00 I' M 3 00 I M
Hubert. Para .... 2 00PM 4 no i M
Andes, Kingston'.....!. .'.... 2 no V M 4 00PM
Alleghany, Haytl... .,.... S 00 I' M 4 00 1 M
Rio Urande, Brunswick 8 00 I' M
Sail To-ilorrow.
Lneanla, Liverpool 11 .10 A M 6 no a M
La Normandle. Havre TOO AM 1000 AM
Rotterdam. Amsterdam... 8 00 A M 10 00 AM
Island. Chrtstlansand 11 00 A M 1 00 1' M
Mesantlo. London
Galileo. Hull
El Sol, New Orlean 10 00 AM
Seminole, Charleston fl 00 r H
Leona, dalveaton 800 P 31
Creole, New Orleans 800 1' M
Sail itonday. Die. 97.
Iroquois, Charleston 800 PM
.. . . I
nxcoarMi STxaiisiiirs.
Hue To-Dau.
8trathesk Havre Deo t
Europe....; London Deo fl
Megantlc London Deo 9
Croft Dundee Ceo 7
Btuttgart., ..Bremen Deo 11
Pontlac Gibraltar Deo 9
Eveline Shields Deo V
Merlda. St. Lucia Deo IB
El Dorado New Orleans Deo IS
Buenoa Ayrean Glasgow Deo 0
Bemlnole Jacksonville Deo 20
Palatla Hamburg Deo IS
Macduff Gibraltar Deo 10
Alamo Galveston Deo IS
Gate City Savannah Dec 21
Iroquois , Savannah Dee 21
But Saturdau. Vie. 25.
St. Paul Southampton Bee IS
Jersey City Swansea Doc 11
Hindoo Hull Dee 11
Charlton Gibraltar. Dec 11
Ralsby Antwerp Deo 11
Tallahassee Savannah Deo S3
Pannma Havana Pro 20
Trinidad Bermuda Deo 23
Santiago Nassau Dec 21
Due Sunday, Dec. 20.
Etrarla Liverpool Deo 18
La Champagne Havre Deo 18
British Queen Antwerp Deo 13
Due JTondav, Dec. 27.
Alexandra. London Dec 15
Oeorglo Liverpool Deo 15
Caracas laGuayra Deo 21
Vulcan Shields "...Dec 21
Hudson New Orleans Dec S3
Bui Tuetdav. Dec. SS,
Obdam Rotterdam Dec 10
blcllla Havre Dee 14
Alsatla Gibraltar Die It
hardlnlan Ola-gow ....Dee 1A
Pociinlc Gibraltar Boo 18
Carlbbee st.Thoinai I)ec21
Alone Port Llmon lire it
Nueces Galveston Doe 23
i?ue irrdnrstffit, Dec. 20.
Werra Gibraltar Dee 30
Vega Lisbon Deol4
Yumurl Havana Deo 25
Ycstmea.h Hamburg Dec 14
Novelties iu wearables, for wl
man or boy ; thoy don't all vrmt m
toys and etchings. ' '
. II
" Jump " at the size, whether ( S
Buit or overcoat, shoes or hat J w'
we'll make it rightaf ter ChristmnSe m
. ' m
Truly a dressing-gown is ornof m i
mental, but just as certainly use f$f I
ful; $9.75 to $20. , ,", ffl
Shoes pinch? Slippers then 1'
not fancy slippers, but useful, W&
comfortable ones ; $2 and more. 5ft
It takes a woman to think, o $
home comforts house coats; 'ffi
$4.75 to $20. ' 1 f
An Opera hat is just the tlliflsf 1 1
to send down the chimuev,; made j$ 1
of black silk, won't soil. $7
usually $8 and $"i0. v
, '
$1 glove-money does the.sanie j
duty here as $1.50 elsewhere J e
higher-priced gloves too. 0
$ Ijj
"What wo do for men, we do $ H
for boys. I Ifl
KooEits, Pket tfe Co jfs
Warren and Broadway. f& )M
Prluoo and Broadway, rii sfl
Thirty-second and Rruadway. M m
Drobera Are Liberal This Christiana, m
It Is on old-tlmo custom wltb tbo members of '- tM
tbe Stock KxcbaiiKo to aubscrlbo a certain sum -ii '
each year to bo distributed among tba employees j
of tbo Eicbanco and tbe Exchange Cloarlnp i'SU
House. For the past tbreo or four years tba Mlai
committee lias nskod for a certain amount be '
cnu90 business was so poor that It was feared aanl
tho irratiiltlos would fall below tbe amounts t.MM
raised In eood years. This year, however, owintf aaal
to tbo fact that most of tbe members feel pros. iMM
licrous, no specified amount was asked for, and ivaaa!
iho amount raised exceeds bylO tier cent, tbo VTW
amount raised last year. There waa about --'f ,
95,000 In last year's fund. W 1
cjjtfflfft? SoUg. $ s
Pearle and all blnda ar Precious StooeQ -'
ot the best quality only. Prices low as anywhere! ;.
here or abroad. ' ':
HOWARD ft CO., 204 6th AY., New York. ft
Only one more business day before Zms. !i '
A Cood Christmas Present. . IS
14 tickets for 10 tor the Russian and Turkish Bath, ( l
is Lafayetto place. Oentlemen only, ,'& t
-- -
Mr. Wlnalaw's Soothing Syrup for children tf
teething! softens tbo gums, reduces Inflammation. aU Jr. ;
lays pain, curea wind cotle. diarrhoea. 23c. a bottle. , ;
A. Fnrat rural Itallnbln Fur. at as per ii 1
cent, less than uptown prices. DUIIKE, 210 Droidway, S .
BOWK). On Wednesday, Dec. 22, Edward F., bo- M i
loved husband of Nora Bowes and son ot John '' ,'
and Wlnfred Bowes, In his 27th ear. r.
Relatives and friends aro Imlted to attend I ha M '
funeral from his late residence, 424 East 77th St., if
on Friday. Dee. 2, at !!30 A. M., thence to St. ,j
Monica's Church, Kast 78th at. ? ;
UK t IIV. On Dec. 22. Margaret Geary. -
Funeral rrom her lato residence, 214 West 10th t., (i '
on Friday, Dee, 24, nt t P. M Interment, f.lvary. .$ v
SMITH. -On Dec. 2a, ISOT, William M. Smith. yjf 'i
Funeral Manila;, Dec. 27, nt 11 P. SL. rrom Christ fc :
Church, Nen ton, N.. I, ft i
gifUrjioitoi 3ottrrr;. ',f:
0 Grseo CliurLlj, Broadway aud loth i.t , at o'clock.
All teats frie. '
. mmmm , " 7" f
Ueiv jguulirntions. ' STlctv gubliciMoiw. 1
ALONE IN CHINA, And Other Stories. Illustrated by C. D. Woldon.
f Post 8vo, Cloth, Ornamental, $1 25. i
One of the very few books which may safely be recommended to the j
student of China as being almost necessary supplements to more elaborate i
works treating of its geography and sociology. Spectator, London. $
K PEOPLE WE PASS. Stories of Life Among the Masses of New York City. Illustrated. 5 s
Post 8vo, Cloth, $t 25. '
? DIXIE; or, Southern Scenes and Sketches. Illustrated. 8vo, Cloth, $2 SO.
2 OUR GREAT WEST. A Study of the Present Conditions and Future Possibilities of the S '.
? New Commonwealths and Capitals of the United States. 8vo. Cloth, 52 SO. K
CHICAGO AND THE WORLD'S FAIR. The Chapters on the Exposition being Collated
X from Official Sources and Approved by the Department of Publicity and Promotion ? ' ,,
of the World's Columbian Exposition. With 73 Illustrations. 8vo, Cloth, 3 00.
ON CANADA'S FRONTIER. Sketches of History, Sport, and Adventurei and of ths , j
3 Indians, Missionaries, Fur Traders, and Newer Settlers of Western Canada. IUus- JS ,-
S tnted. 8vo, Cloth, 2 SO. S ' $
HARPER & BROTHERS, Publishers 1
An Attractive, Interesting, Illustrated Monthly for tho
Entire Family. (In its thirteenth year.) $
To every Xew Subscriber sending us 00 cents for ono year's subscription to THE) 'J
nOMK GUAM), we will send an elcgaut standard Novel or Boole of Poems, elegantly :
bound in bonrdu and KiikIIkIi linen aud profusely decorated on back and sides In 1
sterling silver. V'u make Mil's unprecedented ofTcr to extend our circulation for 1808, tf
Send for list of titles and authorx. To thoso who prefer wo will send a set of elegaub f
Sterling .Silver Enamelled CulT Holders and Stick Pin, latest designs. i
326, 329, 330 Butler Exchange, Providence, R. I. i
1 When you Bend your order mention TUU SUN, M

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