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ElBBIlWWWflf' . fl
MK ft wfwwru. ... i , ,",',.
V1 f I? i i ii
K B t rutin jrijwir anvzabt jbxiwow a.
JP rpscorxjta Me w'cobbb,
1 a t i. " '
I ? I totter .sin CenrpHesenta Taal Kent Cant.
pSI 'reisttMsiy mastta mwmvw
B J J ' ' ntrlt Barlisr aVaaertsar-tsaeoehsn frees ior.
l , S rsaqf stagsaasy William Jbear, nnd Ottaora.
aijf ItvmaB o'clock yesterday mornlng.before the
jt;J)aflc policeman found hli way out of' the'
J? y Oblnnabla res'tauraot Into the cold 'morning
f'l ralitsof XJnlon Square, The way on t was broad
h and MT,.&lcb wm well, for lome of the'
(jj gray-coat copper vrere very weary. They had.
I A' been awake, many of them, etnce 0 oclock on
n, WMsestUyBsoi-nlng, and much of the tune they
m:. bad been on duty. They were -weary, too, ln the
m& coMcloutneMofafrreatthlnittQeccfifnllrdone,
H9 for Jhe Drt and lest banquet of the sparrow
ES. oops was a whooping, howling gueceis. On Jan.
pS ' 1 they will lie sparrow cops no more, bat regular
kW j, , members' at" the municipal poUoe, of the Greater
$'. New York.
pMv. In Wlj'220 ont.of 830 .park, pollcensn were
K4 there. Samuel McMillan. President ot the Park
RS& BoariS, iraa there.' So woe the Bon. William
lnH tearr, the erudite Secretary of the board.
Kf)vf 6a vreraex-CommlsalonerLane, Superintendent
&' jPartohiJ.'Park- .Burgeon Mareh,' Congressman
Mfif'f' Bradley 'of Pprerty Hollow, ex-Sparrow Cop Bob
Klf i 'tonjy fflltof ot Tammany, Hall, and State Ben-effiratet-'Ja'pouv
Ai' Cantor, -"father ot the- park
By s Tho banquet began at 11 o'clock on Wednes
RTIv flar P'sht, The night relay of the park police
RvL ji soee onuty'at 10 o'clock, and' the 'hour wo se
Rira 'e0' 'or. the conrenlence'of the men who were
RrtfS; rellered at that tlrao. At a quarter to 11 o'clock
piKE the oope began to gather' at the Columbia.
fcjgj T 'Boin'o faid bom i Mount ,,8t,. Vincent, others
1st!, f fronvuafon Square; Just across the street. They
?MS werpftttlfed' in all the known Tarletlos of citi
Fw? "y" ,dotie, from 'dress, suits (wlthvbirds',,egg
IurJflanWds to broad checked sack suits. At .tho
JOCs head'of the stairs to tho second story, sat Patrol
pj., man Henry J. Dwyer, who was visibly opprenod
i'lV- by an aggreaslTO threfrlnch collar. Nobody got
U!;-,1 oy Dwyer who did not hare a ticket. Next to
i j him stood six actlre feet ot 'Irishman in tho per
mi eon Of Mike Burke, described on the menu cards
W-v cut Gerseant-at-Arms. - Mr. Burke has anobllg
ln)1 lng smile; 'he punctuates his conversation with
SCI ' graceful gestures ot bis hands, which are some
1 M. vfhatMen 'in sUe'than the ayerage hero but
ImlcKty in the execution ot the law's, ilr.
Burke's yolce. has the clearness of a fire engine
whletje'and the sonorousness of a foghorn. Alto
. gothtrha proTed an able and efficient Sergeant
etArms. '
Capt'CC. Collins, with his great honest face,
(at at'the head of the main table. One had but
to look ot him to know ho was the euest of
honor. It'waaqulto apparent that the whole
ceremony was embarrassing to him and that h
Whmed' that President McMillan at his right,
or esrOommtssIoner Lano at his left, was the
hero pf (he occasldn. Every time a cheer broke
out at tho mention of his name a deep red flush
etarte,'dunder the back ot his collar and worked
its way over his face until-It was a doep brick'
rod; tllin ho threw up his handstand flourished
pjT them as If tq.boat down (he uproar, and growled:
Ig. Sergeaht.tiillonlwhols said to be the hand
jX; Somest;m'ah that has over worn the gray unl
JK;' formrwai the toastmoster.
hfe I wemt to say, before entering upen my du
gi ties nA tbaitmoter,"'be began, very much In the
' tone and manner that Dr. Depew or Joseph II.
- Choate wolild have used, " that I fully apprccl
1 ate tho. honor conferred upon mo In that I have
" been selected to perform my pleasant duties to
! "' night; I thank you for It Wo are bore, as you
' know, to do honor to Cant. C. O. Collies."
t' With a roar like a breaking dam the whole
crowd', loaned to the seats of their chairs and
, cheeroaV Tho Captain blushed and growled, but
' the m'qn kept right on. Atternwhllo Sergoant-nt-Arnis
Burke walked up the main table to tho
;jjf: middle of the room.
Jrf "Order, gentlemen, orderl" he bellowed, and
IjM flapped his hands "down at them. Everybody
SSr looked at him. "The toastmsster will oblige'
f'( he said, nodded to Bergeant Dillon, and leaped
Q.S- lightly to tho flppr,
& "Our Captain was appointed in 1892," con-
tinued tho to .M master, "and when ho was
sV sworn in bo Issued a letter to the force. It was
f' signed ' Your Friend and Captain." Cheers.
' He hna boen both to every man of us since
that day."
f Mr. Burke's services wore again necessary
bctoro the Sergeant could go on. Ho continued
3? in a strongly worded, manly tributo to tho Cap
ffi Jain ' fairness and enlctency. When ho said,
5 "You. sir, havo proved your right to a belief
Jf?t that strict dlsclplinu can hotter bo maintained
iff' by kindness and frankness than by harsh or
Tu sneaking means." Capu Collins had to raise his
? voice above a growl and resort to sharp, quick
S2?m.nds.- reinforced by cries from CaDtaln
Fitspatrick and Sergennts Dillon and Eng
fc land, before Mr. Burko's clarion tones
Wf uld obtain obedience. The speech ended:
" First Capt. Collins planted the sweet tree of
V contentment in tho Held wblch he was appointed
' F2 "."J"?1?- He so cherished and nourished It
h J"' ' "" borne In glorious abundance roses of
''; love-lovo and respect for him and to-night,
Bentlcmon. the full blown flowers or gratitude
i "!.'' "i feet of hlra who planted the tree."
The men wore very quiet. Sergeant Dillon
t turned to the C.iptaln and in a few words pre
sented to him the gold-framed sot of resolutions
v that had been standing behind his chair, veiled
I with American flags. Tho pent-up feeling of tho
Iowd. oh ' Hut.wh a shriek upon somebody's
yhouUng-Who Is Capt. Collins V' In thunder
ing chorus and the stamping of 'J20 feet of full
' J?i1ilcS."i52.J5r.r.ondered-to thelr Captain the
tribute Bfrrrst ltrwar; first In peace. Drst in
i the nearta,orbls countrymen."
& The Captaln-dldn't say much in his reply.
. . Something was the matter with his voice. If he
had deserved any credit for an honest effort to
do his duty, he said, he had been ten times over-
RrdJyll??1F.nt? demonstration. He assured
-t the men that his feeling ot permanent Interest
, In each and every one of them and his gratltudo
for their gallant support of his authority were
.? Just as sincere as the words Sergeant Dillon had
t Just -spoken. This would always bo true, ho
aid, no matter how much tho force was broken
3, IP by. the new order of things. He looked his
men over slowly, started to soy something, and
then sat down very abruptly.
H Alexander Brown, the humorist of the force,
, was Introduced aftor the noise hi' d subsided and
' "7inewe3 "?" flv8 nes, as oue man or another
llftedhls glass on high and cried: "Hero's to
S?.PSIiM'.Iiro,TU told 8torles t which
everybody laughed.
; " JEJH155 McMillan calledlbls men the "follow
t members of the park pollce,, to their huge Joy.
4fc.iVHId as 8.2on. try to Blld lino gold or paint
i?fc'fc nS f ald' 9 nempt to add one touch
ti to?,, n'J?i? ,0iVr wor,ty Sergeant's tribute
to your Captain. Hecan obtain no honor higher
than Sam McMillan wishes him." "'"r
; h0ern'th.LsnuCSr.."iohw."8mB'f "0nt on D-P
i '"Aftetthe eloquence displayed by our noble
hSRSTn'Jl0.0 "ld. 8ere,l"t Englandwho
I i. SS, w.n th8 fr.ce '?r iwcnty-elght years, " I
rkA.rd'i nn, ' so,ng to swell jour heads'
lLaughter.) ou're all stuck on yourself as It
' InV l1 W"'.fay '"f.1 Dlll0n '' "l" look-
lag man on the po-llce force. I'd like to Vet to
WiorJCf,T!nlBhl8,lc,KOD lh.. man who?nven
ed afterlnner speaking. It's no time to talk,
no It ain't, when a man is chock full up to his
fnnVii1 K"h i"1'1 f luff' We"' " " n that
teX?"1,?1,, pewhes. be was n jay. anyway, and
he d ought to bo sonked. The tlmo wlion i in!.n
- SSfiSSPA"1'11"' '" Wt,e? ' "n the end o "his
; post and tho mau on the next post conies un
t- Km W?lii 'i Jr?U ,lon,t wan,t to "" that whSn
.' Sfi IoMlllo.it Is around. Ixiud laughter and
' fc .Ar.vol.c?: 8ft,u ? ? r'Bht." Mr.Mc-
, Mlllan: (lood for you.") And say. Hilly Loarv
s fln't dead slow either. ICheers! I ft Jlilly
, teary is a irood fellow, and' he Is all rig lit. even
l' U.h0 d??? B've ,l ,0 Tou ln "'" neck if 1 e catches
5 you getting gay on duty. Hilly (lo the Hon. jir.
f IjenryJ. Pvo b;en keeping tabt on jou for a long
time, and you'roo pretty guod lot. '""'
n!A.'d F"' r,?,'ln . "" has made us the
?nne.,ib?Iyo'.po"l'"lnlh.0,,vorld- Henasrop?"
waiulcd us when o need it. but he always done
ill 'ia war. "ot wound our hcrrts or make us
feel bad after wo thought it over.
lllnevor forgut tho Umo when the Hon.
Androw 1. Orecli ihoers) he said tous, You re
J band of gcntlonicn.' Green, he was an awful
fJ?ia,inn,,.1uthe"J"r:ed hatband of gentle
man to beat tho band, let mo tell you. Thirty
fi,vJf.W,ir.l'uU,DK yourfot on a'bench If ho
aw you Qo ii,
"I .im supiioHcd to be responding to the toast.
Our guests.' I ought to say more T about CapU
Collins, but he's got a swellnd head like all the
rest of ou to-night. We nil know him and all
jove him, anyway. Thenthere'r I'arsons (point'
ng to Uio Superintondonl of Parks)! bo's a
man whp knows how to ottond to his own busl
nesi). Here arose, porhaps, the moat extraordinary
demonstration of the nlghu The SiS foSSK
wltboueanolherfqrplacsson tho table, where
!heycOrulaMMr'.Ift,r,0ns while they cheered
him. There j as a lull nfterowhlle and a husky
voice cried, "Here's to the man who Hill walk
a mile 'qross lots and turn his head tho other
way to keep from seolng a copper Jollying a
nurse girl, and the uproar was redoubled. It
was a long tlmo before Mr. Burke's stentorian
admonitions wro heoded and ho wus able to
nod to the speaker and say, " Sergeant England
will oblige.'1 Air. England; paid hfi romplhuenle
flnl U0?" "e 'nvitcd guests before he
Senator Cantor, who Introduced tho bill mak
ing the park police a permanent body, told the
Mn that nV would now try to have their pay
L- '
fs' "ftTifiniii)hiAn' liiii...iWiu,u,.wf.
1 1 I I I I ! I, ! , I III
taade equal to Mt of tketenlveUee'wtBt
whom they were to be merged, .
Secretary Leaty-addreesed CaBt.ConiBWlta
paraphrase oCTommy Atkins, thai:
O Captain. Osptaln Oolltns,
You're a good one, bsars and hand.
Then he turned on Senator Cantor And Said
he was glad to find that the Senator confessed
to being the man who permitted outrages upon
the park polloe embodied ln the charter to be
come law, "It's more, than ,I would want to
stand for," he said.; no announced that he him.
Mlf )was going, to 'Albany on'Jan. 3, wbsn he
would havo no' other .pressing business, and
talk to the Republican liegt stature for the down-
trodden park police and their curtailed salaries.
Congressman Bradlsy.'ex-Cotomlsstoner Lane,
Capt. FiUpatrlck,, Superintendent - Parsons.
Judge Olegsrlch, and President Bergen of the
Park Polloe Association also spoke. For an
hour after the speaking ended the whole com
pany gathered'About the piano and sang. Half
of then!, led by the Hon. Mr. Leary, eang "O
Captain. Captain Collins," and the other half
eang "Bill's a Jolly good fellow."
xniED to poiaotr tub xobsk
Aneale rat late the Bag or Oats Mania's
Hers Was Katlpev, .
Samuel Mallin,1 a' vegetable vender living at
20 Hester street, reported ;at thoiofflcea of the
Society for the 'Prevention' of Cruelty to Ani
mals yesterday 'that one 'of his 'enemies had
Vied to poison his horse.
"I was standing at the Gansevoort Market
at noon to-day," said Mallln, "when I noticed
a man sneak up behind my wagon. My horse
had a feed bag strapped over his nose, and was
eating oats. This man came from1 behind the
wagon and put something into tho feed bag. I
noticed bis, act,, and, took. the. fed bag away
from the horse and examined It, I found a big
ball of all meal, andI havebrought it here now.
1 think It contains poison, beoauso this same
man poisoned one of my horses a year ago."
The superintendent of the society assigned
Dr. Batten to tho caso, and Dr. Batten took
Mallln down to the Health Board rooms, where
the boll of oil meal waaturnod over to Chemist
Ledcrlo for analysts.
When Dr. Lodorle had made an analysis of
the oil meal'he informed Dr. Batten that It con
tained arsenlo in nufllclcnt quantity to poison
halt a dozen horses.
Mnllin. the owner ot the horse, then accom
panied Dr. Batten to Jefferson Market Police
Court, where a warrant was sworn out for the
arrest ot the alleged horse poisoner.
'to jcxbumh una. fleet's sodt.
Cemer Naaea trill laveatlcate liar Death at
the ftreuest r Be r Pataar.
The body of Mrs. Edith Lee Fleet, wife ot
Ernest W. Fleet, who died at her home, 600
Prospect place, Brooklyn, on Bunday and was
burled-In Greenwood Cemetery on Wednesday,
will be exhumed to-day by Coroner Nason at the
request ot John T. Lee, the father of the woman,
whogavottas his opinion that his daughter's
death was not natural.
At the time of Mrs. Fleet's death only her hus
band and Mrs. Warren A. Ketcham of 321 Adel
phi street wero present. Dr. George F. Ketch
am. who was in attanrianr-a nn Mm FIaaIl la a
cousin of Mrs. KetohamAHe certified the cause
of death as kldnoy trouble, duo to excessive
Lata yesterday afternoon Coroner Nason was
visited at his office In Franklin 'street by the
dead woman's father. Aftor Mr. Lee had gone
the Coroner said to a Su.v reporter:
-"From a statement made to me by Mr. Lee,
the father of Mrs. Fleet, I havo decided to order
the disinterment ot the woman's body ln order
that an Investigation touching the cause of
death can be mude."
Officers Dened aid Insulted by the Craw All
th Way to Ran Franclaco,
San Francisco, Dec 30. It leaked out to-day
that the voyage of the big clipper ship Henry
B. Hydo, from Now York to this city, was one
long mutiny, and would probably have resulted
ln the murder or marooning of Capt. Scrlbner
and the first mato if the mutineers had known
anything of navigation. It seems that the crew
was composed of Bowery touehs. Tho mate at'
tempted to discipline ono of tho men on the
second day out, and with Capt. Scrlbnar's assist"
anco gavo htm a beating. Ho retired to the
forecastle and hatched a conspiracy to defy the
two o (fleers.
Patrick O'Donnoll, the leader, openly in
sulted the captain, and it was a common oc
currence for the crew to respond to orders with
gross abuse and profanity. Capt. Scrlbner re
fused to prefer any charges because of the delay
that would result, but he warned tho shipping
commissioner who paid oft the men to-day to
give them a bad record.
A Brooklyn Mao Accused of Burglary Pleads
Drunkenness ai an Excuse.
The cigar factory of Honry Ka'ufmannln the
basement of 162 Central avenue, Williams
burg, was forcibly entered at 3 A. M. yestir-'
day, and a noise which the intruder made
awakened a member of'the clgormokor's fam
ily. An alarm was raised which caused the in
truder to leave. A policeman found a black
cutaway 'coat on a chair. It contained papers
and cards bearing tho name of William Knapp,
122-1 Do Kalb avenue. Dotectlve Drum went
to that address and arrested Knapp, who ac
knowledged that tho coat belonged to him.
Ho said ho had no recollection ot entering tho
cigar factory. He was arraigned ln the Ewen
Street Police Court yesterday and told JuBtice
Lemon that he bore a good reputation. Knapp
said he was 22 years old and for tori years was
employed In a Ureenpoint laundry. Ho added
that upon leaving his place of employment on
Wednesday nlcht ho becamo ill, ami was in
duced to drink some whiskey. lie 'Was. re-
manded until to-day.
Aa to ZAirYEit nisouowa baitity.
The Joatlee Says Ilia Brother Meeds a Cuar
dlaa aa Much aa a Boy or Tea.
Jnsllce BIschoff of the Supreme Court gave
further testimony before tho Sheriff's Jury yes
terday about tho mental condition of Lawyer
Franklin J. BIschoff, his brother. The Justice
said that his brother's wife hud called upon
him two or three times and complained that
Franklin had assaulted her. She showed
bruises in rroof. The father of the Blschoffs Is
suffering from melancholia, with which he first
became afflicted ln 1H95. For a while he was
"..IPil10 retreat, out latterly he has resided
with tho witnors. Tho Justloe said that In
bringing the proaont vroceodlng he was actu
ated by a doslro for the good of his brother,
whom ho believes to l.o Insane. Ho said:
"My opinion Is that Franklin Is ns much In
need of a guardian now as when ho was 10
years old.
The case was not concludod.
Roes nor Courier to an Her money neek.
Julius Ccesar Torslollo, a bandmaster and
courier, has been arrested In an action brought
against him In the Supreme Court by Mrs. Belle
M. Lumley, wlfo of Edward Lumloy of 1772
Madison avenue, for the conversion of a Unltod
Stales aorernmont bond worth $1,250 and S200
In cash. About a year ago she decided to make
a trip to Mediterranean porta, and Torslollo.
Bhe says, was to bo her courier. She gavo him
the bond and 300 to pay for the expenses of
herself and her companions. He wos to havo
$100 of the amount for his services. Ho sailed
on Jan. JO last under an nrrangement by which
he whs subsequently to meet her party fn Italy.
Her children became 111 and sho was unable to
go. She has since been unablo to get her money
Iludneu Troables.
The Henry II. Boll's Sons Company, manufac
turer of eiderdown cloth, knit goods, smoking
jackets, &c, with salesrooms and offices at 704
Broadway, this city, factory at Milton, Ulster
county, N. Y and a placo at Pougbkeepsle,
made an assignment yesterday to M. Warier
I'lutzokof thlaclty. The liabilities areconsiif
crsbly more than HOO.000 and the nominal
assets are much greater. A very substantial
olfer of settlement to the crodltors is expected.
Deputy Sheriff Curraher bas received two
,.,!,on,nllrt. ntWcbmont aggregating
3.374 aganst the Midland Hotel CoTnplnyat
104 and Hid WoslThlrti-fourlh street. When
the Sheriff went to make a levy It was stated
IVmi lu?Jiloc.0 1"111 bcn 8old on Tuesday to the
Midland ltcstaurant Company.
I'roiHolluua orHUIrn land Follromea.
Tho Board of Polico Commissioners of Illch
montl county made Koundsmun Stephen Hannon,
Hugh Canlon and Joaoph Cook Sergeants yester
day.'.. Patrolmen Janus Devlin and John P.
Smith were appointed roundsmen. William
bthmelser and Thomas Bnrko were anno nted
patrolmen. Mounted Patrolman Lambert
O Nelli was retired on u pension of $300 because
of physical disability, and Mounted Patrolman
beymour Leyvero and W. O. Ollby were au
pointed to foot duty. ero
Uurnrd to Ileath In lllailns; BalUlng.
BonnKN-row.v, N. J.. Dec. OO.-The residence
of Frauk Graham was badlydamagedbyflrethls
morning, and Mrs. Anna Fowler, 65 years old
was burned to de.th. Frank Stiles called to
her to Jump from n window into his arms, but
aeTXTa&.Sd W'ndW " "inot
- -., , II.. . x T
6 . i
warn xr, or viaaviax, mm omamkb
Sow Aeons as m WaneorUr Mmteten-ITam'Re
Meets the Aeoe)rioa rinsing a Coost IfM
I Charcee) . with Wire Atanaoanaat
, Makra na Arrant !aeara BonnV'fttjIe.
Policeman George Lang of the 'West Fifty
fourth Street Polloe Court was ordered on'Novi
13 to serve a warrant on James Gray, astoam-'
ship cook,, for abandoning his wife. Gray, was'
then st sea. -Learning that when he was'
ashore Gray played an accordion, for dances
on the.west.slde, Lang doffed bis uniform, and
arming himself with a tin whistle and a book
of popular songs, he made the rounds .of the
saloons frequented by the steamer cook when
Aa the policeman can play everything on a
tin whistle which the instrument la capable of,
he met with a rousing success up and down
the town. After each concert he asked if any
one in the crawd kpew of a fint-claM accordion,
player who would 'do sonfo- duets with hfm at
the New year's reception of the "Early
Dawns." No one was found who would rec
ommend an accordion player as fit to appear
with Lang in a professional capacity, until a
saloon at Tenth avenue and Twenty-sixth
street was reached on Wodnesday night. There
one ot the disguised policeman's delighted list
eners declared that he knew Just the man for
the Job, a friend ot his, he said, the best ac
cordion player In New York.
"Take mo to him," said Lang, doing a double
shuffle on the barroom floor.
One more tuns and another round of drinks
were demandul as the prloe of the information.
Lang warbled "They're after me," as an ac
companiment to the gurgling, of a dotenimoro,
mixed ales, and then followed his guide to 409
West Twenty-eighth street, where he found
Gray ln,a room on the top floor playing "'Tie
swoet to be secure" en his accordion.
. The policeman was Introduced as a musician
looking for a running mate. Lang was willing
that Gray should have a little fun. too, before
becoming a prisoner, so he suggested a few
trial duets as preliminary to their performance
for the "Early Dawns." The policeman piped
tip on "Homo, Sweet Home," and Gray fol
lowed him on the accordion. Then Gray
called for "Who will care for mother nowl''
The rehearsal was brought to a successful close
with "Come play with me," suggested by the
Gray was delighted with the prospect of be-,
longing to a crack musical team, lie felt as'
sato as If there had never been a Mrs. Gray' to
abandon. He even admitted to his new friends
that he had been keeping shady because his
wife was after him.
Long couldn't stand it any longer. Ho took
the man s admission concerning his wlfo as a
cue, and, throwing back his coat to show his
shield, presented the warrant.
Then they both laughed-tho bluecoat and
his prisoner. Gray was so tickled at tho Joke
that he could not resent the arrest.
"I've been nabbed before," he said, "but
you re tho slickest copper I ever saw."
Magistrate Deuel paroled the prisoner yes
terday pending an investigation ot the charge
against him.
The Attarnoy-Cenornl or the Bute Doflnea tho
Provisions or tho Recent Lair, '
IUrmiBDuno, Pa.. Dec. 30. Auditor-General.
Mylan was to-day advised by Deputy Attorney
General Reeder that it shall be the duty of
treasurers ot domestlo corporations to deduct
the State tax of four mills on the dollar of the
value of their obligations held by banks or sav
ings institutions having capital stock made
taxable by tho act of Juno 22, 1897, and that ln
the event of any such bank or savings Institu
tion electing to make payment on or before
March 1 in any year such bank or savings in
stitution shall be required to fllo in tho Auditor
General's Department a return under oath
showing the number of shares and the actual
value or its capital stock subscribed for or Issued
in which the actual value shall be ascertained
ln the mothod pointed out by the act of 1897.
Should'too bank or savings institution elect
to pay at the rate of 10 mills on the par value
Of such capital stock It must, ln that event, make
a return under oath showing the number and
par value of all shares that have been subscribed
for or Issued. 'In either case a return must be
died, and such return must also be accompanied
by an election on the part of the bank or tho
savings Institution to avail Itself of either of the
privileges named In the act for paying the taxes
on or before the 1st day of March.
A Special Scrrloo or Thanksgiving ror the First
Time In Many Tears.
For the first time in many years there will be
special thanksgiving service at the Cathedral on
New Tear's eve at 8 o'clock. The sacrament
will be exposed on the main altar, and during
the exposition the Cathedral tenor, Mr. Kaiser,
wilt sing a new'-'Panis Angellcus." Allcgri's
" MIssrere " will be rendered by the full choir
".1? wJ,1.be rrelted by tho congregation. Tho
"Do Profundls" will be said for the members of
the congregation who have died during 1897.
The "Te Deum" In English will bo sung by
choir and congregation to give tnanks for tho
blessings received through the year. Solemn
benediction of the sacrament will be given, after
which Miss HUke will sing the famous cantlque
noel, "O Holy Night," which she rendered at
the grand service on Christmas Day. The ser
vices will close with the singing of the "Adoste
Fldells" by the congregation.
Burst Water ripen tho Cante Undlteh Rands
rrlsonera to Harlem Court.
When Magistrate Kudllch arrived at Morris
aula Court yesterday morning he found his
office behind the courtroom flooded by the
bursting of water pipes In a room overhead.
The celling hod been soaked through and was
in danger of falling, whllo the water which had
dripped through flooded the room and Oiled tho
adjoining courtroom with chill and dampness.
Pipes ln a room used by tho clerks of the Civil
Court, on the floor above, had frozen and burst
during the night.
Magistrate Kudllch disposed of one drunken
prisoner and thon adjourned the court. He
gave orders that any other persons who might
be arrested ln the district be taken to Harlem
Court, as he did not fool that It was right to en
danger tho boaltti of prisoners and court at
taches by trying to use tho courtroom.
omeors ror Hevr Companies Appointed In
pits fl Crnnne'a Opposition.
In spite of tho opposition of Commissioner La
Grange, the Flro Board appointed yesterday the
following officers for the three new companies
wilch are to be organized some time next'
month: William C. Brnlsted of the flreboat
Now orker, Louis Holner of Engine 17 and
Michael Martin of Truck 13 to be foremen:
John F. Kenlpn of hnglne 13. John Manlev of
Engine 20, Patrick Hanburr of Truck 7
Thomas Hayes of Eualno IS, John Shea of
Engine 31 and Edward Worth to be assistant
Brenklaa- Oround ror Long Island City's ifew
Supervisor Korfmann of Long Island City
broke ground yesterday tor a new Jail ln that
city. The jail is to be put up ln the rear of the
County Court House. The plans woro drawn
by Architect Preston B. Seaman of Long Island
City.and the work will bocarrled nn undor the
supervision of Mr. Korfmann. After tho new
Jail Is completed the cells In tho Court Houso
building will be removed and the space utilized
to enlarge the court rooms. The cost of the new
Jail Is estimated at 9120,000, ami the changes
In the Court Houso are placed at $30,000 additional.
Mission Man round Drowned In the Cnnal.
Benkoa Falls, N. Y Dec, 30. Tho body pf
Fred Brlgnall, who mysteriously disappeared
from his home In this village on Monday last,
was found ln tho Seneca Canal this afternoon
by a party of nion who were searching for the
man. It is supposed that Brlgnall had been
skating on tho canal, and bad fallen into .in
air hole. Brlgnall was n young man of good
standing, and was very popular In social clrclas.
The Coroner's Jury rendered a verdict of acci
dental drowning.
Lawyer Evans Honorably Dlsrbarcod.
Magistrate Slmms has honorably discharged
Lawyer Samuet H, Evans of Bellalr road, Hose
bank, S. I., who was arrcstod ln a Madison ave
nue car on the night of Dec. 19 for alleged dls
?n t WS.t.iVn1, t1',' ' dl:hrglrig Lawyor Evans
ln.lJie..YorjFT"le Police, ourt Magistrate Slmms
said Mr. Brans was doing nothing more than
he bad a right to do when he was arrested.
Car Inspector Hrbuman Injured.
Tbeobold Bcbuman, 65 years old, of 105 Hall
road avsnue, Jersey City, a car Inspector on the
Pennsylvania Itallroad, while passing between
two cars at tho head of Pier E last evening, was
struck by a piece of timber which fell from the
f2L0,,?n.e i th. .. Ula skull was fra
thLTkewitW"' Bt Bu jr"mcU Uo,p't,
.! ! Ai,.) .j, m,,,, Miasmslmla..lip.,..iii.Jii Hinpa.no,
'-.-jfirir pozimrn-ABBA)ta.
i i.
rfUlasH-e'iCommlttoo' Moota st CraasKiee of
i. i ratereoa Ctuaeas.
PaThuow, N, J Deo. 80.-The legislative
committee appointed. at the last session of the'
.Legislature to consider the subject ot the poll
lutloa'ot ho Passato Hirer heldla meeting in
the Ceuptil Chamber of the City Hall last
night tor the purpose of receiving the vlews.pt
the cjtireua -of -Peterson on the sewerage ques
tion. Mayor Hinchllffe called the meeting to
order, am) Senator Ilobert Williams presided
aa Chairman of the joint committee.
There was so disousslon until Alderman lis.
gulre took the floor. Mr. Maguiro objected to
the tax that would be placed on the munici
palities along the Uno of tho. sewer. He said
that if the'property ot the State, which Is now
assessed at $800,000,000, wcro assessed at 1U
true valuation of 62,000,000.000, there would
be enough to build thn trunk sewer proposed
by tho Pasialo Vidloy Sewerage Commission
wlthot t levying any tax at nil upon the cities
and towns, affected. Mr. Maguiro said ho
would have tho Stato pay the debt, but Bona
tot Johnson said that would be impossible., as
the people benoftted would haveito bear the ex
penee. Tho Aldormab'stld that the Stato bad
given away so much of the water of the river
tht'h.er was very little left. Assemblyman
Uledhlll wanted to know how much bad been
jrfvon away, and Mr., Maguiro answered, "All
ln toe upper water sheds."
Senator Johnson said that the water com
panies used only about 8 per cent, of the water.
Mayor.Ulnohllfe asked If the commission had
made any estimate as to what would be the
expense to Peterson tor the trunk sewer. Dr.
Marsh, one of the Commissioners, said that
expert englnoers had figured the total cost at
about $0,600,000, of which Peterson would
have to bear probably one-fourth.
Lawyer lliohael Dunn said that Newark would
not bear its proportion of tho expense, aa It
2S!?SuU.a S00!? "ewer system of its own for
$350,000. It had been decided by the courts
that a city could deposit its sewage wherover
It found tide-water, so that Paterson could
carry its sewers to Pasaalo and empty them
there. The meeting adjourned about 10:10.
James A. Jordan, a rsrmer Spools! Bum
Insr, Arrested for Allosred Bribery.
An arrest which may lead to disclosures of
wrongdoing on the part ot employees ot the
Pension Bureau ln Washington was made ln
Seventh avenue, near Fourteenth street, yes
terday by Denuty Unltod States Marshal
Daniel Hurley and Special Pension Examiner
Connolly. Tho prlsonor is Jamos A. Jordan,
rormeny Special Pension Examlnor, who has
been indicted by a United States Grand Jury
for forgery, and whoso arrest here resulted from
an additional charge of bribery made against
him. Ho waited examination before Com
missioner Alexander nnd Judge Brown of tho
United Stntes District Court, and was held for
romoval to Washington.
Jordan Was Bent West ln 1891 to investi
gnto varlons pension claims. Among them
was an application for an Increase made ln be
half of George W. Van Martor, a former prl
,vato in Company H, First Michigan Light Ar
tillery. It ia charged that with the purpose of
permitting this Increase to be made Jordan
connived at tho forging of the names of Wil
liam J. May and Nathaniel Woodflald to a
statement regarding tho physical disabilities
or. an Matter. Tho fraud wos discovered and
Jordan was Indicted. Then. It Is alleged, ho
bribed or attempted to bribe James H. Fritts.
a clerk in the Pension Bureau, to obstraot from
tho tiles and dostroy tho papers which he had
sent to the department In the Van Marter
It Is said that the Van Marter caso is only
one of a number of similar transactions in which
others besides Jordan have been concerned.
Jordan disappeared almost simultaneously
with tho making of tho bribery charge against
him and eluded the United States olllcers until
jaiaa HAJHimowa presents.
Sue Boeelred a Dead Cat and Una Trash A
Practical Joker Arrested.
Miss Sophie Harrison of 528 Classon avenue,
and who is employed In Kellogg's Novelty
Works on Atlantlo avenue, Brooklyn, Is not a
believer ln practical Jokes, and she caused
Joseph Speclale, 21 years old, of 547 Warren
street, to bo summoned to the Myrtle Avenue
Police Court yesterday to show cause why he
should not be punished for annoying her,
Speclale works ln the same factory with Miss
Harrison, and o week ago he said he was going
to send her a handsome parlor lamp for Christ
mas, It was to go by express, and whatever the
charges were he would pay after she had re
ceived It, When she reached home on Christ
mas eve her mother showed her two packages,
on wh Ich 60 cents express charges had been paid.
Miss narrlson found in one of the parcels a dead
cat, and the other contained an old bottle, a
section of stove pipe, several tin cans, and a
bicycle saddle Miss Harrison accused Speclale
of sending the packages. Speclale acknowl
edged sending tho parcel containing tho trash,
but denied all knowledge of the dead cat. He
thought, however, that "Ed," a man ln the fac
tory, had sent the est. The case was adjourned
until to-morrow morning, nnd "Ed" will be
summoned to appear and toll his story.
Decision In the Elshth Avenue So.Callsd Ihon
liritnr Case to Be Given To-Day.
Mrs. Margaret Ronayne, wife of Thomas H.
Ronayno. a lawyer of 311 West Fifty-fourth
street, was arraigned ln the West Fifty-fourth
Street Court yesterday charged with shoplifting
at the dry goods store of John D. Walton at 853
Eighth avenue on the afternoon of Dec 24. Sho
waa roprosented by her husband and State
Senator O Sullivan.
After taking testimony for two hours Magis
trate Deuol reserved his decision until this af
ternoon. Mr. Honayne presented a long list of names of
men and women who would be willing, he said,
to vouch for his wife. Tho list included the
Hon. Daniel F. McMahnn, Senator Thomas F.
Grady, and Sheriff-elect Dunn.
rrlsaner Broke Away on lOarlaa; Ludlow
street Jnll. but CTns Caught.
As Deputy Marshal Leubuscherneared Lud
low Street Jail at U o'clock last evening with
William F. Borchorbing, whom ho bad In cus
tody, Borchorblng took to his heels. He ran north
thrco blocks on Ludlow street, nnd then ho was
recaptured. Borchorblng was arrested on a suit
of A. W. Homlt for $168.01, alleged to have been
Attempt to Break Out or the I.lttla Valley Jail.
Oj.kan, N. Y., Dec. 30. Another attempt at
Jail-breaking from tho county Jail ln Littlo
Valley was frustrated yesterday by Sheriff
Slgel. Two Salamanca prisoners. John France
and James Johnson, who have been indicted
end are .waiting trial on serlouB charges, were
the instlgatora of the plot, and they are now in
tho Jail dungeon. The mon, with the use of
their hands uud a Btovo poker, succeeded in dig
ging a hole through the coment floor in John
son s cell six feet deep and plenty largo enough
for a man to crawl out or. Sheriff Slgel mis
trusted thatsomcthliigwas up from the strange
actions of the prlmners. He mado a careful
Investigation and found the hole. This is tho
ninth tlmo that an attempt has been mado to
break Jail aim e Mr. Slgel has held olllce. All of
them have proved futilo.
Eaasll Has a Visit from Ills Ron.
Eight-year-old Charles Zanoll, son ot the man
suspected of poisoning bis wives, visited his
father ln tho Tombs yesterday, accompanied by
Lawyer Thomas Dinnean. The boy brought
with him a box of cigars.
"These are for your Christmas present," he
Zanoll took the child on his knee and wept
oyer him while the boy relnted the story of how
he had onjoyed Christmas,
"A lady gave mo o box of carpenter's tools
and some building blocks," ho said. "They are
awful kind to me, papa; but when are you
coming hornet
"Iexpeottobe put In a few weoks," replied
Zanoll: "but don t worry about me."
Zanoll still wept after tho boy had gone.
Ceolldae to Bo Punished 'ror Mot raying
Justice Van Wyck, in the Supreme Court in
Brooklyn, yesterday granted a motion to pun
ish William II. Coolldge for contempt of court
In fulling to pay alimony to his wife, Nelllo L.
9SSidle- iir"' Foolldt received an award of
800 ay ear for her own support, $600 a year
for the support of nor two chlldreu, and $250
counsel fee. Mrs. Coolldge said she bad not re.
eel ved one cent from the defendant, and that in
October laBt .he married the co-respondent, Mrs.
Julia Mahsdy, and that they were now living in
Jersey City.
Denounceo rrnslon Attorneys ns Detestable.
Knoxvillk, Tenn.. Dec 30,-Gen. John T.
Wilder, pension agent in this city, recently ap
pointed. In an Interview to-day denounced the
practices of pension attorneys. He said they
wero the "most detestable people on earth as a
" "" m'.'I...'h.:. . ill ,-. -JJ. , I, ,,',
- . w-
Unseasonable Weather Tho Cause.
Choice of all business Suits,
at $20,
Down from $25 & $23.
Also several lines
at $15,
Down from $J8 & $20.
Choice of all our elegant
tailor-made Overcoats,
at $25,
Down from $30, $35, $40 & $42.
Excepting: a few extra choice
at $30,
Dawn from $45,
Greatest values we have ever
placed before the public
HACKETT, I Broadway,
CARHART Corner 18th
&r"Vs f Corner Canal,
J, ) Nonr Chambers
Ho Makes Merry with Ike rrlsonera with His
Successor Looking On.
Magistrate Hedges made merry with the
prisoners in Centre Street Court yesterday, for
it was his last day on the bench. Willard H.
Olmsted, who is to take his placo, sat with him.
All of the "drunks" were discharged by tho
Magistrate with the exception of three, who
told such preposterous lies that they wero
fined $3 for lying, not for intoxication.
" Will yoo promise me never to be arraigned
before me again!" asked the Magistrate of
Henry Jack ion, who was charged with intoxica
tion. JackBon promised that he would not.
"Then you're discharged," said the Magis
trate gravely, and as Jackson went out of tho
court his face sbowod that he was wondering at
the court attaches' laughter.
"Let mo give your excuse for you," said tho
Magistrate to Georgo Dukes, who was ar
raigned on the same charge. " You have a wife
and four small children, and you havo been kept
up late at nights through sickness ln the family.
You took two or three drinks and. owing to
your condition, tho liquor went toyourhead.
It s the first time you were ever arrested, nnd if
jou are not discharged you will lose your job.
That s it, Isn t it I"
" Yes sir," gasped Dukes.
DIsLharged," said the Magistrate, and Dukes
backed his way out of the court room dum
founded. nr. II. Olmsted Made a City Magistrals.
Job E. Hodges handed his formal resignation
as Polico Magistrate to Mayor Strong yesterday
jt?JSSon,.a.?d tno Mayor Immediately appoint
ed lllard H. Olmsted bis successor. Mr. Olm
sted was sworn in and will begin his duties aa
Police Magistrate to-day in tho Morriaanla
Mayor Harrison Finally Decides That tho
nide-Opon Dens Host Close.
Cmaiao, Dec. 80. After declaring repeatedly
that there was no publlo gambling In Chicago,
tho Harrison administration last night ordered
every gambling place In the city closed. Within
twenty minutes the order was obeyed by the
first to receive It. Otbers bowed in submission
aa fast as thoy were notified. With the. order
went forth another that slot machines must
quit business, and still another that no more
boxing bouts or orlzo tights would be allowed.
Btill further instructions were given that tho
poolrooms should closo, too,
Tho fact that the December Grand Jury Is in
dicting gamblers by the dozen, that a Met
ropolitan Police bill Is pending ln the General
Assembly, and that the Slioritr has boen raiding
poolrooms wero not mentioned In any of the
orders. At 11 o'clock last night every gambling
house ln the city was dark. The gamblers gath
ered in the streets and tried to figure out tho
meaning of the order, which the messengers
had Informed them were Imperative. TheMayor
has but Utile to say.
" I moan that gambling ln Chicago must be
stopped," was all he would say.
Openeer Traak Jt Co. Withdraw Tkolr Bid
Because or Cllla-atlon.
Comptroller Palmer of Brooklyn was notified
yesterday by Spencer Trask & Co., brokers, of
this city, that thoy would not take the $570,000
worth of bonds they bid for ln the matter of the
purchase of the Long Island water works. The
city of Brooklyn recently advertised for bids for
tho bonds, which wore to run for twenty years
at 3a percent. Interest, There were ten bidders.
Spencer Trask Sc Co. getting them at 105.22.
Robert T. Mitchell obtnlnod an injunction
against the consummation of the scheme on the
ground that tho debt limit of the city would bo
exceeded. Justice Van Wyck, In the Supromo
Court of Brooklyn, on Wednesday dissolved that
injunction. Mr. Mitchell's counsel. It is believed
will appeal, and It is thought that the prospect
or o long term of litigation caused Spencer
Trask & Co, to drou out of the transaction.
Coroners Physician Icbullss Ra That Young
llenlrln Died or Apoplexy.
Coroners' Physician Schultze made an autopsy
yesterday on the body of Frank Uenleln, 20
years old, of 122 East Ninety-second street, who
died on Tuea lay at the Presbyterian- Hospital,
Tho police thought that Uenleln, who was
fonnd In a dazed condition on a stoop in Lexing
ton avenue on Sunday, might havo been sand
bagged. His father told tho police that his son
was Injured in a football match eight years ago.
Dr. Silmltze found that tho cause nf death
was apoplexy and said that he did not think tho
injuries received In the football game had nnv
thing to do with tho youth's deatli. Dr. Schultze
also said that apoplexy is very rare amontr
yonng people.
Uall or Records Musoans.
Mayor Strong has approved tho resolution
passed by the Aldermon on Tuesday turning
over the old Hall of Records to the National
Historical Museum for a repository In wblch
the museum's valuablo collection of colonial.
Revolutionary, and otbor relics may be ex
hibited publicly. Tho must-um cannot get pos
session of the building until the new Hall of
Records is ready for occupancy. Tho Aldor
men s resolution will also have to rccelvo tho
approval of the Sinking Fund Commission.
Injured In a Trolley Car Collision.
A trolley car struck one of Patrick McClos
key's furniture vans in Montgomery street,
near Monmouth street, Jersey City, yesterday
afternoon, and wrecked It, Churlos Gray U7
years old, of 44 Bright street, a helper, was
thrown to the pavement and rcceltc-d probably
mortal Injuries. He wus taken to the City llos-pltaL.
Safe Arrival or Ike St. Knveb.
NKWl-oitT Nbwb, Va Dec. 30. The Phconlx
line steamer St. Enoch arrived from Antwerp
this afternoon. She wos eight days overdue
and her owners were greatly concerned for her
safety, The delay was caused by unusually
rough weather. She brought a general cargo.
Usrrlna-Harvln-llall lare Works Closed.
OlMOlNlfAtl, Deo.30.-Tbe Horrlng-Hall-Marvin
safe works, in Hamilton, were closed to-day
indefinitely by order of Judge Nollun, all em
ployees being paid up to date by Receiver Fitr.l
ton with yoney borrowed for that purpose.
1,1, ftr. i , y - - . . . i
' iAa(RRl6A'SGrtaATaTBTrlAaROAD.n
Dinner limb to kiacari mlu
AU through trslns stop at Albany, fjtlca, Syracuse,
Ilochesror and ttuirato.
Trains leave Grand Central Station, sSd street and
Fourth avenue, as follows!
8.Q1 A. M Oally, except Bundsy. Tho famous
train In the world. Dua Buffalo at 4i4B I. M.,
Nlaitsra Palls 0:53 1'. Mm Toronto H:V3 P. M: This
train I limited to Its leatlnj rapacity. Connects
at Utlca for Adirondack Mountains and Montreal.
8,, I C A. M. PAS.T MAIL, Dally For Potixtikeen
.10 t, Albany, Utlca. Hyraciise, Rochester. Bur
fa ci. Niagara Kails slut Cletrland.
1 O.nn A M. NORTH SllOim LIMITED. Sally
JLU.UU j4-baur tratu to Chicago via Mlehlgan Can
tral Mute. Due UutTalo H:0 r. M., Niagara Falls
fl-Oiil' M., Chlrato lildO A. M. Carries stseptng
and drawing room cars only.
1 n.Qfi A. M -DAY FJCI'HESS, except Sunday
XU.OU For Mllltruok. catsktll Mountains, and all
1imrtant New York Stale points.
VJU For Columbus, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, and
t. Lnuls. btopi at l'ointhkeepale.
I.flfi P. M.-ClllCAUO Bl'KCIAU Dally-For Ds
uU trolt. Cleveland, Toledo, and Chicago. Stops
at Prughkeetnle and Scheuei-tady.
OVS cept Sunday For Oarrltou's (West Point),
I'nughkeersle, Albany, and Troy.
C.nn M. LAKU millltE LIMITED, Daily-Si-J.tJW
hour train to Chlcazo, via Lake Shore route.
DueClov laud 7:18. Toledo 10:05 A. 11., Chlcsro
4 P.M. This train connects at Clereland for Cin
cinnati, due 4:.1S P. M., and at Toledo for St.
Louli. dua 1U:19 P. M., duo Kansas City next
morning. Carries sleeping and drawing room ears
UU aitara Palls, Clereland, Toledo, Detroit, Chi-i-airo.
Cincinnati, and St. Louis. .
6 .Off P. 31. NORTHERN EXPRK8S. Dally For
u Troy, Platuburg, Burlington, Montreal, and.
otrept Haturdav nights, Ottawa.
'7-.fl P.M. BUFFALO SPECIAL. Dally For Adl
S 'OV rondack Mountain points and Montreal, via
Unca. Rochester. Buffalo, Nlaxara Falls. Toronto,
9('lTelaud, Indianapolis, St. Louis, and Chicago.
W (sleeping car passengers only) For points on
all Brook Railway. Tla Lyous, and for Rochestar.
9 Buffalo, Cleveland, Indianapolis and Bt. Louts.
.1 K P M.-PACIFIC EXPRESS. Dally-For Syra-
At cuse. 04weg, Watertown, Oirdensburr, Buf
falo, Niagara Falls, Cleveland, Toledo. Chicago,
and, except Sundays, for Cape Vincent and the
Aiili.irn road.
lO.in NlUUT-MIDNiailT EXPRESS. Theatre
4.41. Lj train for Chicago and principal points on
tnu Ahv York Central orory night except Sunday
nlRhts. Sunday nlghu Chicago sleepers leave on
:16 train.
Oil o a. a. and tltaa P. M. Dally, except Sunday, to
Plttsjli-ld, via Harlem DMnlon.
Oiao A. M Sundays only to Plturtatd and the Berk
shire Hills. Tla the Harlem Division
"All night" trains run between lSSthst. and points
on thn Putnam Division as far a Yonkers, In connec
tion with tlie elevated road. The only lino running
"all night" trslns out of New York.
H sKser Palace Cars on all through trains.
Trains Illuminated with Plntsch light.
Tickets and Wagner offices at Grand Central Sta
tion. 1111. liBl, 418 Broadway. 31 East 14th at.. S43
Broadway, 233 Columbus av.. 61 West 186th at., 128th
st. station, and lasth st. station. New York: 8J8 and
780 Fultou st. and 100 Broadway, E. D.. Brooklyn.
Telephone "U790 Thirty-eighth street "for New
York Central Cab Service.
Baggage checked from hotel or residence by the
westcott Exprrst Company.
Oeneral Manager. Central Passenger Agent'
STATIONS foot ul ..i-.t lweutvtii.ru street and Deo-
, bronses and Corttaadt btreeU.
,"""" leaving time from Desbrosscs and Corttaadt
streets Is ton minutes later than that given below for
Twenty-third Mreet station. """
T'? FAbr MAIL.-Pullman Buffet Parlor
Car New York to Pittsburg. Sleeping Car PltUbura
to Chicago. No coaches to Pittsburg. ""
S'SSi' J!' lAsT LINK- Pittsburg and Cleveland,
Compartment nlteplng. Dining. Smoking, and Ob.
sfrvatlun Cars. For Chicago. Cleveland1. Toledo.
Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Louisville, St. Louts.
rorXaahvUle (via Cincinnati). Chicago, Ht, Louis.
Bino . m western EXPREss.-iTor Cleveland.
Chicago. For Toledo, except Saturday.
L ;..W- souTUVhSThRNEXPnESS.-ForPltt-hurg.
Clnclnuatl. Inalanauolls. St. Louis.
i P. SI. PACIFIC EXl'RLhS.-For Pittsburg and
Chicago. Connects torCleveland, except Saturday.
: W. MAIL AND EiPflESS.-Puflinan BttfS,
Sleeping car New Ybrk to Altooua. East Liberty,
Pittsburg, nnd points West, dally, except Sunday.
No coaches.
''W" ':.'Jr: B:Ba tj'ning Car;. 10:60 A. M- 1S:B0,
-lino (H:ao- "Cougrefclonal Lira.." all Parlor and
S.,n,',nSC.arV..ii?.u tDW.ng Car), 4:60 (Dining Oar),
8:511 P.M.. tu-06 night. Sunday, 8:20. U:0, 10:80
A. M. (J0 "Congressional Lira.." all Parlor and
W?cl?hi6lrfil'at Car,'4!S0 (D"Iln "
BfTgullAU'W,AY.-Expreis. 4:80 P. H, 13,06
AnSi? rS0A8T UNEExpress, 8,80 A. g. and
8:60 P. M. dally.
. A' M. week d.ys and 7:40 P. M. dally.
ATLANTIC CITY. 1:40 P. M. weekdays (Vesbrossss
and Cortlandt mrci-ts 1:40 P. M.). Through Buffet
Parlor Car and Combined Coach. ""uos
CAP. MAY 1:80 p. m. week days (Desbrosses and
Curtlaudt Streets 1 :40 P. M.). wo"" ana
Long Branch, Asbury Park (Interlaken, Sundays),
a-ean Grove, and Point Pleasant (from West
IwSn'.3,;,1Unl Street btatlon), :60. il:80 A. M..
8:30.4-60,11:10 P.M. sundiys. ):4o A. H.. 4-50
r. M. (from Desbrosses and Cortlandt Streets), 9:10
- iB,li"s. 0'l. H--80 P. M. Sundays 8:43
A.M. 5:16 P.M.
- . n PIltlitDRLPIIIA.
!.,-'H7!S0;n7:?u.' 8.0. 8:30. mo (8:30 Penna-Llm-Ited).
u 50 (Dining Car), 10:00, 11:50 A.M. 1:1:60.
1:60, U:50,3;30,4:0, 4.0(pinlngCar), 4:50 (Dlnlnc
Car,. 6:30 (Dining Car). V:4U. 5:30 P. u.. iS of
nla ht. Sunuaya, 0:10, 7:50, 8-20, B:80. :s0. 8:60
(Limited). 8:8U. 10:00 A. M ,1:50 (DinlngOar) 8:60.
S!S.ffinlw4,B..n,a"!S5.P"' 6!8 "'
Ticket pnic-oaNos. 4111, Uii. 1180. 1828, 111, and Sl
Broadway; I Ator House: West Twenty-third
Street Station, and stations foot of Desbrosses and
'i?noJ:n,,"'ft,i VX" ?tree, M0 won
Mreet. 88 Broadway, and Brooklyn Annex Station.
Brooklyn; Station. Jersey city. Thj New York
Transfer Company will call for and check haggacs
J mmTMi ii? lcleoc" 'brougb to destination.
Ueneral Manager. Oeneral Pass'r Agent.
Statlona In New York, root or Barclay and
Chrlsfouher sis. "
Direct route to Newark, Bloomneld. Montclalr. tho
Oranges, Summit, Bernardsvllle, Basking Ridge, Mad
Ison . .Morrlstown. Palc, I'at-rson, BoontonT Dovir,
StanluiiH). Newton, Budd's Lake, Lake Hopatcong
Lhfni'!i.li",ow,5j hooley's Mountain, Washington;
Phllllpsburg. Easton. Water Oan. stroudshurg. Pooono
iJ'ii"' K,on'",Ut2n' w'",r,b"re' Nantlooko;
Danvlle, Northumberland, Montrose. Blngnamto
Oxford. Norwich. Water Hie, Utlca, RicnnelJsprlngi
Cortland. Syracuse. Oswego. Ithaca. Owego, Elmlra.
Corning. Hath. Dausrllle, Uuffalo.and all points West
Northwest, and SouthwestT vo'uu west,
H,Valn,''"' "'nsbamton Mail. Stops at principal
'hi'1?' J? (Cafe car)-Buffalo, Scranton, Blng.
hainton. Owego, Ithaca. Elmlra, Utlca. Syraouse.
aud Oswego Express. Pullman buffet parlor cars
pSfnuWes MOnU,,,ra,M for Chicago aid
liOt . M.' Scranton. Blnghamtoa and Elmlra
Express. Pullman buffet parlor cars. ""m
!""' Ml. Scranton. Wl krsbarre, and Plymouth
Express. Pullman buffet parlor oars. ,'Ino"lln
'VMi-u"ylrChHagc Vestibule Limited Ex.
press for Scranton. Ulnghamton, Elmlra, Buffalo
l'ullman buffet sleeping ear New York to Chl?ago
Dining car west nf Buffalo .".
Hiao l. M.-(l)ully)-Buffalo Express. Pullman
vr' K!J ,,or "flfi"!1' Dlnghamton. Elmlra. Bath,
n.iii s?"'A u",4,",li'Iu:', arr""1K Buffalo ri A. M.
'.!!!. ' ,l ("ally)-lluffalo, sersuton, Bingham-n0nZxa-
"aca Elmlra. Syracuse. Utlci. and
Oswego Eiprrhs. Pullman buffet sleepers.
Ticket and l'ullman aocomniodstlons at Henry Oaio
A koiis. Ltd. 118 Broadway. 14 Park placo. and 4g3
J f,na.'1i"l),Ja,'.", VA'1 l"ir. Tlrkelo at ferr Ito.
tlons. Ill 4th a., cor. lvihet.ui West IsSthst isb
Columbus av.. New York; airland 7811 Fulton.t.'iad
New York and Boston Ail Rail.
N. Y N, It, ft ii. R. n ,uu connections.
From Orand Central Station.
JjPftYfi, y WAV (it T
lo'U!! a" m fK'"? e" d 'Worcester, 8:S0P. M.
n-?ii S- yNow 1-ondon and Hrovldonca.B: 00 p 5
0:3 A. M Ne.v London and Providence, 4:8 P M
IT'a'.. .. 'Prlngflelil and Worcester. B40 i u
it no 1 ' m" ?v w ,",'" n1 l'rovldence, 7 ou 1; M
4 0 1 m ' .s:Hn,'S"!,rn ?'. I'rovldener. 0 oi P M
r : !' J! ' !;Prln.n"'d and Worcester, lu 00 p. K
i? m u" J!" ew l-ndon and Providence, J l'mi p r
i i m ' " "V'V nd Worceste?, ' " 5 a! I
dHAS Parfor c'r". '" ""'" "r" '" . '"
aAf fVbelf; stJ'Jet"1" T""""'' ".
JEW ORLEANS (tUrouglisleewr),t.S3 M-onv u
14th t , 1H7 BolveryV " Vi' BaS""?.??',"1 8m
Brook yn; WWuhalT Tirmii.i "fi.84 loa at.,
' , ' Jag
" atattoagg. . I
Lehigh Valley System. !
Stations foot of West Had St. U'enn It, It.). Cortlandi 'U
or Detbruses bt. i
Indlostes time from West aiKI HI. Other llRiires show t
tlmo from Cortlandt or Desbrosses St. V ami
eotlO, OlSO A.M. dally (Suuilay -HUO. 7 A.M.) sal
for MAL'CII CHUNK and Intermediate station, '
t,ai. HUB A. M. datlv for WILKE-H1ARRB. ,
SCRANTON (week days). F.LMIRA (week days).
AUAIIA FALLS, and the Wot and principal local 31
points! dining car and cbalr car to Bunalo.
I I ISO, Itltoonoon dally, exoept Sunday,
' DIjAUK. DIAMOND KXiuuiss."
Arrives Jluffalo ViOB P. M. l'ullman Vestibule Day
Coaches aud Parlor Cars. Dining Car Service. Meals '
a la carte. Connects at Buffalo with through sleepers
to Detro t and Chicago. ,
l'Jiuo, iut40 l. M. dally, except Sunday, fo
MAUCH CHUNK aud Intermediate llnt.
lutst). nla P. )!., Sundays only, for F.A8TON,
MAUCH CHUNK, and the coal braiiMicx.
Ittltt. Ii4i P. M. dally, oxicpt Sunday, tor
clpal Intermediate stations. Connects for all points
In coal rogloaat ohalrc-ar ror Wtlkesbarre.
aiBit, 41 to P. M. dally, exce t Sunday, fos
clpal Intermediate stations. Connects for all polntd
In coal regional Pullman Buffet Parlor Car for
Wl'krsbsrrr. .
Sisu, into P. M. dally, except Sunday, tor
MAUCH ClIUMt and Intermediate stations. Chalf
4i5o, sua p. M. dally for EASTON and Inter
mediate stations.
oioo, nop. M. dally for BUFFALO. NIAOARa,
FALLSrand all points West. Pullman sleeper vestl
bule train N. Y. to Chicago. Sleepers to Buffalo and
iiio, rJino r. M. dally, exeept Sunday, stopping
TORONTO. Pullman sleeper for Buffalo. Nona but
sleeping car passengers carried. No baggage carried.
HBI, OltiO P. M. dally for WILKESBARRR.
AOARA FALLS.and all jwlnts West. Pullman sleeper
to Ithaca. I
Additional local trains dally, except Sunday, for i
BOUND BROOK and Intermediate points, leava as 'i
follows: :H0. 8,ao. 10:S0, io:ro, 1U:J0, 10:Bu .
(Sundsysonlv) A.M.,S:i)0,il:8(i.and 0:ao, Hi30P.lI, I
Tickets and Pullman accommodations at 118.801,
873. 886, 1)44, and 1 8 1) 3 Broadway, ni i:. nth St., IBS
E. 125th at., 187 Bowery. N. Y.t son Fulton St., 4
Court t.. UUB'ws)-, and Brooklyn Annex, Brooklyn.
N. Y. Transfer Co. will call for and check baggage
from hotel or residence through to destination.
Through trains leave Now York, foot ot Chambers Vv
st., as follows, and Ave minutes earlier from Weti
83d st : nl
O.nfl Vestlbuled Express dally for Dlnr.
U.JJ hamton. Waverly, Elmlra, Buffalo, Bradford.
atr Buffalo 8 P. M. Parlor car to Buffalo
2.nfk " M. Vestlbuled limited Fast mall dallA II
.JJ solid train for Chicago, arrives Cleveland 7i4rl
A. M . Chicago 0 P. M. Slerpera to Chicago. Claret
land and Cincinnati. Dining Car.
7Qf) y'- TO. Buffalo and Cleveland Vestlbuled
.Oil Express dally, arrives at Buffalo 7:05 A. Mj
Bradrord 7:17 A. M., Jamestown 7:00 A. M.. Cleril ifl
land 1U:30 P. M. (Sleepers to Buffalo and Cleveland). ?B
making direct connection ror Detroit, Chicago, and Vr
the West, cafe Library Car.
8,4 K " St. Solid train to Chicago. Bleepers ta
TJ nornellavllle, Obleago, aud Cincinnati. Dial
lng Car.
J- ACCOMMODATIONS, at 111. 113, 8R1. 401, and
8B7 Broadway, 187 Bowery. 166 East 185th St.. and
01 West 125th St.. Chambers and West 83d st. ferries.
New York i 883 and 780 Fnlton st, 100 Broadway!
Brooklyn: 800 Hudson St., Unboken, and Jersey CltV
station. Walloon's Express calls tor and cnecks bag
gsge from hotels and resldenot s to destination.
where will why California
"ew mi seml-weehly between cniCAQOt. I
Tla Chicago A Alloa It, R. at. tVonlo. Ires) I
Mt. Jt Southern IT. R. Texan A Paeiao )B
B, It., and Bontberts Paelllo B. ft, fk
Tor full Information, free Illustrated pamphlets, O
maps and ttmo-tsblos, also lowest rates, sleeping-oaf M
tlekata, and naggsge obecked. apply to 0)4O Broads
way, OOI Broadway, or SOI Broadway, at. Ti
an jtuamtrs. I
o Tr.riil,a eTor? Wodnesday at 10 A. JL
gT-MDTS". Jan.B.ST. LOUIS Jan. 88 I
S?W..YOBK Jn- 12 NEW YORK ;..Fob. I
EARI8. Jan.ig'PARIS ... ...."...Feb; I
Salltng every Wednesday.
west nland... Jan. 0, noonlBerlln. Jan. IB. noon H
Sou,.'iWnVii,'f5.?J,e,.noonlJ'oordland..Jan. SO. noon I
riors 14 and IB, North niver. omoo, e BowUng Oreen. ' t. 9
TVrfFrom Jv,er ." N' "" toot ot Clarxson at kf
f trnrta .Jaa , 1, noon Umbrla.Jan. ID, 10:80 A.SI
-.w-,,w's5nE.,!XPBES3 tmm X" York to Plyiat
outh (London), Cherbourg. Paris, and Hamburg:
?'5miFib.-,8?;? A- MJ --ormaunla,Mch.8t:o A.M, ,
fiWfM:80REW MJ"1'8EHVlCK.N.Y.-Hamburgdlreo1
VS1, ;VA"i,n- ' no9u IJPrussIa Jan. 8. 7A.M,
First cab., too upi sec'ond elass, 840: steerage 888.
Uambnrg.Amorlenn IJnr. BT UroadtVay.
r.-00;?? ,?ArI.,I",,d- M'" "na Ketnrn.
aKSIiny,p Ji nn.11! Dd Manhattan, leave Hef
88. East River, .foot of Market at.. Tuesdays. ThntS
iShS?SUua.v' "sr-M- Steamers nttedwul
ovary modern Improvement for comfort and coal
venlenco of tourists.
Offices, 873 Broadway and 883 South St.
II. HALL. Oeneral Agent,
KsUer, Tu., Jan. 4, 8 P. M.iLahn. Tu., Jan. 85. 0 A. K.
Travo, Tu , Jan 1 1. 0 A.M. Spree, Tu . Feb. H. 9 S Sf
OELRICHS A CO . 8 Howling ririlj,' " 1
bLS.14 Po4nti Comfort. Norfolk. Newport Wews.
vfrJSK1SJh0ri,mou,5' aV"" Point. PmohmSnd?
Virginia Beach, Va., and Washington. D.C. Freight
and Passenger steamers sail from Pier 80, Norm
Ed'saV" "'M"CPt ",BBta'' " 3 i: E
W. L. OUILLAUDKU. Tloe-Pres't and Traffle Mgr.
Pier 45. North River. Ofnee. u BroadWayXew Yorlu
7 .vT- . 1,,'.,K' Tl Nw London. Leave Pier 411
21 A. N"0'V.:''2l" De.hro.se. st.. week Ua a only. V
LawrJner.- """"'" c"' "' L"- and City ol M
PALI, ItiVnn MVK, via Newport and Fall River. I
Leave Pier 1 8. .V. It., foot of M urray Tt.. week day 1
only, at 5:00 P. M. Steamers Pilgrim and Pron- i
deuce. Orchestra on each. """ J
1RW IllVIt. Fare, 1 EXCURSION 11 no' 'Kr'
Fast steamers leave Pier 25. F. L. dally (Sundava
excepted), n P. M. aud 1 8 tiildnlght, arrlv ng iS tlms
polnu North? iIcrla'", """"' HprlolSelS. 'and
llAr-.,?.D?.I'L ""B Steamers leave Pier 84, N. R '
rJi?i!'V'.''"a ",'.- f,,r Cratinton'o, West Polat
wX.rlKi'0Sw,l .H'bklll landing, Newburii
week days ft P. M.i Sundays l A, M.
PUfltrnl. m 1
old un. i:mVoi.K, oraduati: u?iv?iisitv:
SfnTJ t?ITV 0' NkW VoiiK.MU.iV AL DKPAUr-
UrS.Tr'niiinl'.".,i"rv'IS1ifll,,,lu "" '"es f men.
i,d llH '""""lU.MM.K selentine treatment blood
;B5ik,n.'J,". pains in Iwiie. nil hh.u, sore tliroal
and mouth, ulcers. iialufulaw. Illnga, kidney auilbladJ
der complalui., acaldlug Inllamui.tm, , , S?JVU u ii dt a
;'ati"'W- bark, ln.1 llalliy. are ai-Mily.
thoroughly and permanently ciirnl. 'jten X W
S,,,rKi,,u,1!M """,m "' I'H. tlHINlil.K Eery
Impediment rrmovi-d hufferers. do mi wmiiiimi
Oltl.SDLK nover falls. OFFICK OVJ-li ; 11 vkaiiS
at 171 West lath .uiwiweennilt "nS "th nT.Adi
vice free. Medicine 1 1 Hours. 9 to I) hundlji, 9 to
8. NocbargeunleslL-ured. '' ra
11,11 nn, sjilKl, 4ajr,i apniirihuTn ,11.:
rr."".".r"":.n 0.',l ll(,"t permanent un. guar,
khluey uud bladder trouble, imjIwm, iicrrous ilnhtl'
?il V,"" ".' "111'' l""1 In-aun. unci, vi'ioi. organi 7
Imped ineiiM to marrlagv. A... B wise. iH.n,uli the '
VSoyv,l,1,l,,'.c,U""1 "' h.' cy Ofnee o.rt 35 years .8
180 East 17th t.. near Union square. Hour, t toBi
Sundays, ii i il. HeleutliKi irVsimrii ; inJ advice
free. Medicine only sou. No cluirno uulew i cured.
iA:.'""'.U,'".,,''',T ltAVKT CltB
In diseases uf men: dangerou. rasra aollrltmti relief
at once: those .le.lrlug ,mly iirst el jit 'i"ii,ini' treat.
i l west ..iii u to 3, 7 to V, Suuda)s, 10 to 1,
)It CONKAD'S SANITARIUM -Private rooruTi 1
VIDNEY aud all URINaryTwiuIiLFS nuiek"l7n
JsLP5.!l8Df'H,'li"- No- " MS I No?7rMu'.u.raa
irv.Voo'a.'i-. VM rsfor.atio,'u." C3
mmmmmmmmmMV!,'rJ )l am Tr- - -njO-a-M

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