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II $&. ' - . r THE .StJlf; MURDAYrJANtTAHY 1, lg98. 3 .9
JHl K,Trr lUa Any rollllfnl rutar IIIiir-la
lk ItFlurnlnK ' ! Knlur-LTiw
B ,,, .rvVnuld Ilulhr III Hit In Ihe Koae
IB Than Syntpnllili"! Itltb-Ok, t Him Pan.
HB Ma) or Strom; Arrived nt tlio City Halt a llttlo
later (linn tieiinl yesterday nnd Immediately
J) begun to clear tip tlio routlno matte, sui.b ni
1 slit-nine docutncrti v.hlch wcro left for his uffl.
ft clnl sanction. Hie ofllco wns crowded nil day.
"How do Miii feel, Mr. Mrcyorl" nekttt ft culler,
f lltillyl" replied Ida Honor, without looklnc
At 11 o'ctock In tlie mornlnn tho Mayor left
i blsilctk tu ullend tlio last moitlnit of tho Hoard
) of Mrcct Opcnlnc. When it wis over bo re-
ff tuned to his dink and again plunged Into tho
' biam of papers uwnltlnir hint. In tho nftcr-
noon ho piunicd loin? enough to marry ncouplo
echo couldn't lind n Alderman, nnd ho ox-
. ' pressed relict that tho pcrformnnco of tho coro-
j c,on)- v. 11 not his last nttlclal act. Tho conplo
were, r.ml Krumcn.ichorof 00 Klghth street
and Mlis Ilcrilin clinch of ".3 Clinton place.
At 4 o clock IMdlu Hcthcrlon, tho faithful tea
rbroucr, licgan to get tho Mayor's things out of
Ids prlwito olllco. Tho precious ton cups and
uiccn and tins rnso which contained thorn wcro
shipped to Mr. Strong's houso In West Fifty
etcnth sttcet tuvir.il days ago, but thcro yot
rom lined nianv hooks nnd papers which nro tho
Jlivjor's 1 rlnto property. A bo of ton malzo.
f which usii'll) foimo.l tho Eolld part of tho
Major n noomlitv lunch, was dl-itrlbutod among
tho i.illcrs In thu nnto room,
t ft o'clock In- tlio niicrnoon tho Mnyor un
J burdened himself to thu reporters something
if oftcr tlio following lashlon:
y "I think the people! of Greater Now lorkaro
If to he iiingrattiluleil on liavlmr elected n Mayor
of tlielr ou choice. Mr. Van Wyck is an lion-
' fit, conscientious, lovcl-hcudul luiui and ho
will ni.it u an uxccllent chief cxeciitlic, n far
iietlrr ono for Urcnlur New ork than 1 uo.ild
iino mndo h id I hern uloulud la that olllco."
At thi'' point tho Mnyor paused. ,
"l)o cou belleiu n Major cun deal with pub
lic nlTalra as well without n political organiza
tion behind him as with one I ' asked u listener.
r"I certainly do." sajil tho Mnyor. "'lhoro Is
nothing In tlio conduit of this olllco whlrh ro
tjulics political HOEaclty. There is not u sin
gle department in the city government which
leiiulres any political erudition. I felt that
wn tlireo years ngo when 1 llrst took ofllce.
nnd 1 am more than cvti com Incod of tho truth
or It now. 1 have found that tlio heads of do
p.irttncnH wbu proceeded on that princlplo.
hoou who did not bother with polltlcs.mudo their
, dcinrliuuits better in ccry way."
A "How nbout your political future, Mr.
Mnjorl" asked n reporter.
'if I never lind any, repliod his Honor tersely.
1 "Wliat hao you to rcgrotl"
"It would tako mo too long to toll you. In
' . rny oltleinl capacity, howovcr, I regret moro
tliun anything cleo that 1 did not pay more at
tention to tho Sailors' Snug Harbor. I thought
thcro wus n good hoard of trustees down there,
nnd I hardly thought I was culled on to lake
up thai lino. Howovcr, from what I bavo
lcjrncd In tho last thrco months, 1 nm led to
r regret exceedingly thut I did not attend more
closely to tbo ntfalrs of the Hurbor. I hno n
gr. at deal of fcoling f or t ho poor. My heart
naturally goes out to them. I bavo paid
a great de.il of attention during ray ailinlnls
(trailon to tlio various cliuritublo institutions
ot tlio city, nnd I think (buy uro butter for it."
"What uro your plans for the future, Mr.
"I nm going back to Worth street on Monday
morning. 1 guess you will find mo tbcre nt 9
o'clock in tbo morning. I am going lo give
strict attention to tho business widen I havo
been In tor moro than forty years. I might
tolo horo thatl haven't nttended aboard meet
ing of a single tinanclal Institution, railroad,
' or Insurunto company of which 1 am director
sinco the day I bee line Mayor of this city. In
tlio future, nowctcr, I intend to pay Jiioro at
tention to tlicso duties."
"Now, I want to suy to yon boys." continued
tho Mnyor, nddrostlug tho reporteis. "Hint you
tinxo nlwnys treated mo fairly. Von havo had
your fun with mo nnd no one has enJocd it
moro than I, nnd I havo nogrudgo for tbn ad
verse criticisms that hno been written of my
ollicial nets. I enjoyed thnm, too. 1 never
did like tho wonl i.yini.Uhv, anyway, liver
slneo I w ns n boy 1." J oars old I have hated tho
word. I would iathorhn on good squnro blow
between tlio cyc-i. 1 don't like u sympathizer,
but I do lovo u man who vutsupagoodsquaro
Wlien ho had flnislied speaking tho Mayor
turned nnd shook hands with all tho pcoplo In
tho icon., wishing them n happy New Year. A
man slid Into lh i halt- nuar it's Honor's sent
and began tn talk to him In a low voice. Tho
Mayor frowiie 1.
"JJon't oy I promised to do something nnd
didn't-do It." mid thu Mnyor loudly.
n The man in thu chair apologized. Then tho
llor turned to thoicporlersngalu.
1 hat's ono thing 1 wont ou boys to say,"
' ho said. "Mayor Strong never maae a prora-
I Ifo thlit he did not keep since tbo day bo wns
ii elected, nnd no mnn auovo ground can snv
St othcmlFO. My word is us good as n United
BtAles bond."
Tbo Muj or left for homo nt 6:30 o'clock.
Jj To lirep Queens Counir Honda ta tlepalr.
II Tho Queens County Hoard of Supervisors has
l awarded contracts for keeping the now macad-
I " anilzcdroadj In ropair for one year. D. C. Bow
4 ker gol the lontract for the town of Newtown,
I Tuohey & FltzpMrick for the town of Fluhing,
I and Twomblcy & Eldcrt for tho town of Jamul-
I ' ca. Knrnior Aselnblymnn Kugeno F. Vncheron
j holds niontr.ict for sprinkling tho system of
s1 county roads.
V if The Collngo Point Hoard of Health has In-
'l. erentcd tho silary of Health Ofllcer Dr. J. F.
II Mnynard Irom $30 to $00 a month, and that of
Cliik Max Oppcnholmcr from $15 lo $30 a
mouth. Iuincclor John C. Ilnofele has been
nliu'don n ail ry ot $30 monthly Instond of
hc, The officials hold over under th Greater
New York charter until their successors nro appointed.
Appointments by Coroners or Uorourb or
L Jamaica, L, I Dec. 31. Coroner-elect 8. S.
,'vA Gn. of the borough of Queens hns nppointcd Dr.
, D. U, Strong f Lou; Island City as his deputy,
( Coroner-elect Philip T. Cronln has appointed O.
' U Ijimk ns deputy, nnd Coroner Leonard Ituoft
bas named Dr. Timothy Flynn ns his deputy.
Charles Sehuellor of SVwtown hns been np-
pointed chief dork to tho Hoard of Coroners.
I Tiinmis Pronilovllto, Jr., of Flushing has been
' niiulo stenographer to tho board, nnd O, II.
Llndim.in, .lr., clorlc Tbo Coroners will make
their headquarters In this place.
Cloitn; Acta or ItucUanny Otnelala.
ItociCAWAY. I I Dec. Dl. Tbo last official
act of John W. Walnwrlght, President of Hock
awnylicach wns to appoint four moro police
men, Tho last official act of John It. Waters,
' Presldcntor Arvornc, was to dismiss John Len-
fJ ebnn as tounxal for the board,
J Tho Inst otllcial net of B. L. Carroll. Prcsldont
( of Fur Itoeknway. was lo order 4IU30 to be paid
to N. 11, Clement and tlio same amount to A.
L Mntcli. todornnd the trustees nirulnst charges
dodo by Andrew McTiguo and others.
tlOOl A 1'iMB OV 1'JtUSPKItlTT.
Jse I'rrrrntnan or lliialneis Fa II urn Shows a
Mnlirlnl lrorrnrv
According lo Jlriulstriet's, out to-day, the to
tal number of business failures during 1807, In-
eluding bank failures, was 13,000, This, nc
f cording to tho samo authority, was n decrenso
"t of moro IharfS.OOO, or 13.3 percent., over 1800.
This comparison Is alio made with the pnnlo
W year, 181(3, and with 1H01. n year when biiBincrs
'., Wns genunilly very piospirous. By lomparltnii
- villi luiCI, tliofiilluri'H this or wuro loss by 15
V j per icnt. ami with lftlll by '.',3 per icnt. Tho
I., r statement is nlso in ii'otliat tho liabilities of the
firms that inilo.l this scar wero less than they
y have been 111 four J oars.
sso.ooo r.AQU ran sew yzah's.
$t T IU I'airt br llm nir fa I'ull Term Itlin
j Hlrrrl OprnliiK i'uiiiiiilasloitrra.
' Justice Andrew of the Siiurcina Court has al-
, , lowed extra compensation to tho Commissioners
I. appointed for tho idiii street cMeiision. Honl-
'V losllifo'lor.lngtompunsition beyond tho$10
!?', d nhli u oach Coiiimissloner recclvod for his
fj ier Iocs under the stnt;ilu: Charles II. Tmax,
' ' l,,0"nJ"li,' "f tho Suipreino Court, $10,000:
f, MllliaioG, Daiiss, who llllul out tho termor
JustlcoTniBX ns Comniisalmior, U0,0O0: Jo 1
H. Klnhardt and William (i. dilute, $.30,000
e"h for thii'ull torni. Thu Coinmlssluners who
.., pin In the full lorm workod 17e)Uays.
' J-'H.I.VK CAXl'HKht. l'Ull UurKJtXUU.
II n (Minis la llnvn Ihe Nuppart or William
1'. hlurUnii mill IaM II. Illll,
Hurt'tii), Dec, 81. Frank Campbell of Hath
ai hero to-d.-.y looking for delegates to tho
' neX" t,l L'oiivcntlou for him for Governor,
llo had a conferenco with Stnto Committeemen
Jn'tiiuiiy Sniilli and Mulholl.ind nnd other
P'iri) leaders. Mr. Campbell claims to havo thu
support nt William F. hhechan nnd David II. Hill
In i ils quiet liuiit,.und lupous, with Mr. hee
li 'lis inrlitenir, to git nnuiiiliir of delegates in
J it T i Sow orl.. Ills cnnitl.laoy is re.rurdotl
1 1 '. ri ,J'':tlli lo Iliilmnl Cioker'a ului lor
1 " laadcrhlp in dtuu pulltlts.
otTT'ti nBATtr ttATJt yxritn to xorr.
Wtmrr Dratks la Io Than In !, fflta
the Papalatlnn Vtnm 500,000 aaa.
According to tbo report of President Wilson ot
tbo Health Hoard, tho death rate for tho year
ending at noon yesterday la thu lowest ot any
year In the history of thu city, ns follows:
.lfirin(t rural Nnmbtr Imalh
Ytar. jBimliirfon. of Drnlht. Rate.
1CU2 1.7MM.IVI 44,!13U ..lft
1HV I.13M.01II 4t.4Hn SA.HII
1HUI l,B00,Mr,3 41,1711 2t.?n
IHIIA 1.H;,101 4I.4VO VK.lt
IHHI).. 1,9.11,077 41,0 2I.&H
18U7 l,WDO,0ea UH,Hft7 to. oh
"The death rnlo for tho year Is not onlr tho
towcat In the history of the city," continues
President Wilson, "but tho numbor ot deaths
Itself Is tho lowest since 1880, oloven yours ago,
when tho population was nearly 600,000 lest
than It Is to dny. The marked decrease aro In
dlphthrrla, croup, moasles, dlirrhmal diseases,
phthisis, or consumption, bronchitis, nnd pneu
monia. Tho mo ot antitoxin serum In
tho trontmont ot diphtheria, the careful
Inspection and permit system for row
Inline the sale of milk, tho treatment
ot consumption as an Infectious dlsense. the
medical supervision of schools, tho Inspection of
tenement, houses, and the destruction of tbo
worst of the rear tenements, tho cleanliness of
the streets, nnd the general Improvement In the
sanitary administration, ncrount In n Inrge part
for the groat decrenso In tho number of doathi
and tho death rate,"
Stnilr, Dancing, llurnrnlay. and Rpeeeblrlnc
to Wind I'p IflOT.
Some of tho members of tho Stock Exohange
brought on tho floor yesterday n bathtub,
wllh a scrubbing brush, soap, nnd towels, nnd,
seizing upon William Tlicston, who Is noted
for his lmmaculnto nppoarancc, gavo him n dry
bath nnd u scrubbing.
At J:20 o'clock the Sorcnth liegtment Hand
filed into tho gallery nnd broke Into music and
business roniod. A gigantic ring was formed
by tho brokers In tho centre of tho floor. Ex
Actor Hnrtwlg Ttnrucb, whoso stngo name
when ho was lending man of tho Olgn Nether
solo company wns Nathaniel Hnrtwlg, wns
forced Into thn centre of tho ring., while the
brokers imitated tho sound of kissing. In mem
ory of tho famous Netbcrsole kiss. Several of
tho brokers danced more or less gracefully to
tho muslo of tho band, and thero wore football
rushos nnd snap tho whip. A number of
brokers wcro holstod on tbo shoulders of their
fellow members nnd carried around the floor.
It took six men ta hoist up A. A. Housmnn and
they soon dropped him.
It. T. Wilson, .lr., tn a silk bat and lone;
Newmarket, strolled unwarily In. Ill high
bat was sent flying and wrecked, bis New
market wns split up tho back, and bis necktie
wns pulled off.
At 3 o'clock tho bnnd plnyed "America," and
two hlg American flags wore unfurled from the
gallery. Then tho band camo down on tho
floor nnd In procession wns formed which
finally stopped In front of tho rostrum. Chair
man William McCluro wns called upon for n
speech nnd responded by wishing nil the mem
hers a hnnpy New Yonr. Then tho members
filed up tn the rostrum to shake hands with
him nnd tho hand r.layed "Auld LangSrno."
On tho Consolidated Etchnngr there wa
alfo n celebration, nslsted by tho Eighth Regi
ment Hnnd. A gold nnd silver mounted gavel
wns presented hy thn members to Chnlrmnn
Aumistus W. Pctors. President of tho Borough
of Mnnhnttnn. At thu Produoo Kxchongo two
footballs wrro brought on tho floor, and tho
members also amused themselves by throwing
flour bngs and dough balls.
JOr A rxnv T.tVEt,Y ItAT.Z.
Ttie AITalr at Mnritson flqnare Cardan Last
Mrtil Xot as Itnushlr na Anticipated.
Tho amphitheatre of tho Madison Square
Garden was thrown open at 10 o'clock last night
to givo tho lively part of tho town n chance o
big good-by to 1807 and old Now York nnd nt
tho sami tiino to givo vent to their feollnjs nt
tho expiration of "rcform'Tas it Is understood
In tho Tenderloin. Tbo celebration, as plan
nod by tho projectors, wns to tako tho form ot n
Frenih ball, which, it was claimed, vtould re
produro tho general hurrah and fun that
marked tho French balls o'f'ycars ago.
A tip wi tprcad during tho day that orcry
body was to lie allowed to have n "hlgn old
time." with nil that thnt expression might
mom. Girls In very nbbrevlated skirts wcro
secreted In tho unpor gsllcrica lust before rald-nl'.-lit,
masked nnd evidently full of mischief.
The bunds wero playing nnn about BOO men
wcro In tbo boxes, staring nt the polished but
ncnnt dancing floor. W. A. Brady was there
with his familiar smile, and so were n lot of
reform policemen, but up to midnight they had
absolutely nothing to do. It was announced
that tho fun would begin nftcr midnight, and
thnt nt 1 :30 tho "hnndsomost woman in Great
er Now York" would receive n pair of diamond
earrings, nftcr n grand march hud been exe
cuted. Ench of tho competitors for tho prtzo
wns expected to wear a white sash over her
At 1 1:55 the girls in tho short dresses march
ed down stairs, nnd pnrnded in their masks on
tho dancing floor. Then they began to dance,
hut thero wasn't nnvthlng Parisian about their
evolution", except the lowncss of their cor
sages and tho shortness of their dresses.
At an early hour thlB morning thorn had been
nothing to indlcnto that the exciting Bconcs
vaguely hinted at In the afternoon woro going
to take place.
Tbe Crowds That llrard Tbsm Last Hlabt
Mucli Smaller Tbnn ITaual.
The celebration In City Hall Park and the
abominable weather in ule tho crowd before old
Trinity smaller than It usually is on New Year'
There were perhnps 3.000 persons gathered
nbout tho head of Wall Street to hear the
chimes ring out tho old year and ring in the
now. Resides, thero wcro many who came In
carriages. Wall street bolng filled with car
riages and stages as far east ns Nassau streot,
and ltrctnrand Pino having thoir quota.
Thcro was n very largo force of police In
Broadway in front of the church, but they hnd
little tn do, for tho crowd wns content to seek
tho shelter of tbn buildings nnd kep out of the
drh lug rain nnd sleet.
At u quarter before 12, when tho bells begnn
torlng.lt was iilmnit unbrurnble In tho open
air. Tho wind snopt up through Broadway
with n forco that turned umbrellas Inside out in
n Jiffy, thnt playod all kinds of pranks with
women's skirls, nnd sent before It sheets of
sleoi that stung tbo fare,
Tho bells nt times rang uut loud nnd clenr, but
ngnin Iho sounds were caught in thn whistling
gnln and carried nny so that they could not bo
heard above tho clnnglngof tlio uablo-car bcl.a
nnd tho looting of tho horns. The chimes worn
played by Mr. A. Slolslahn. Thero were four
teen selections, closing with "Homo, Sweet
"Auld Lone Syno" wns played just before thn
great hell brpnn lo loll 11! o'lloek, nndwbllo
tho bell wns tolling tbn rbiraesplnied "Fare
well, Dear Old Now York."
Special Prnxera miiiI Itrnrdlrllon, nltb a Dean
tirulMustrnl I'rotrAiiiinr,
Thcro was n special New Year's evo thanks
giving scrvko at St, Putrlck's Cathedral at 8
o'clock last evening, tho first ono that has been
held In many years. It was ono of thu special
sen Ices of tho Confraternity of tho Illensod
Sacrament, established a. ear ngo in tlio Cathe
dral, It consists ot un hour spent In adoration
of tho Blessed Sacrament. To ndapt It to tbo
Immonso longrogatlon tho "Mlscrcm" by
Allegrl wns sung by tho full choir of the Cathe
dral alternating with tho boys' cbnnccl choir.
Tho "Mlacrcro" and tho "Do 1'rofnndls" wcro
recited by tbo pcoplo to Implore forgiveness for
thjlr bins during tho year nnd for tbe souls of
deceased members of tho congregation.
Then benediction of tho Biassed Sacrament
was gltcn by thu rector of tho Cat lied -al, tbo
itev. M. J. livelle, assisted hy tho Hea. T. F.
Murphy nnd II. '1. Ncwcy. A hymn of thanks
giving and prulro wns sung b tbo entire con
irrevatloii. Miss llllko rendered with exquls
Ho ilollcncy tho affecting Cuntlqur A'ocl. "O,
Holy Night," by Adorn, The tinging nt tbo
"Ailesto Fldclox," hy both congrrgutlou and
choir, brought thn service to it close.
1 ho ihlmes were not rung, Tho Her. Father
McMahon, who hud general chnr.ro of tho f-er
vices, said thnt tho experiments with tho eloc
trio keyboards hud not boon satisfactory and
tho chimes could not bo rung-before Kaster, and
possibly not then,
I.Utenlnc lo SI. Andrew' Cblmra.
A crowd numbering nbout 400 persons gath
ered uround St. Andrew's Church at Fifth nro
nue and 127th street to listen to tbo chime be
tween 11 o'clock nnd midnight last night.
Twenty-one selections woro played by J. Urant
Benin, lind at piec-isely 11! o'clock there were
twolvaslrokes of tbe last boll, The crowd wns
orderly nnd lonilned Us born looting, uud yell
liuthkuttt tuowouts between selections.
naux at cut.vitnvs.
A Bar r Blaeanraaraseat rap lha Coaablna
That la Trying ta Brrent Hint atablo
Draerllsna mm lb Oppaattlan ltanbs
Dick Sara lha Haaaa OatlonU I rtrlcbt.
CoLUMnun, O., Dec. 31. The Senatorial devel
opment to-day wero altogether in favor of tho
access of Senator Hannn, both for tho long and
tbs short term. For the first tltno since tho
contest begnn tho hand of President McKlnlcy
was shown in tho manipulations In favor ot hi
chief lieutenant.
The President, In accordance with publlo ex
pectation, throw oft all disguise nnd took n
bold stand for the junior Republican Senator.
Ills efforts wero In the direction ot Inducing
Ropresontatlvo John Jones ot bis own county to
abandon the nntt-Hnnnn forces nnd plant him
self firmly In tho Hanna column.
Acting under Instructions, Judge William It,
Day, Assistant Soerelnry of State, came on to
Ohio and stopped at Canton, whero to-night ho
I In conferenco with Jones. Tho latter was In
Canton, by special request of tbo President, to
hold n conferenco with Judgo Dny,
Jones was nominntod on an oxpress agree
ment to support Hanna for Scn-itor, but after
his election he began lo blow hot nnd cold.
Neither slda wns (satisfied with his position,
though to-night tho cotnblno force hnve about
given him up as lost to them,
Senntor Hanna' nrrival this afternoon wa
unattended with nny ceremony. Tho Senator
arrived from his Clovolaud homo at 1!:3Q P. M
and wa nt once surroundod by his admirers,
whooscortod him to Ills headquarters, whore ho
has slnco remained in conferenco with hi fol
lowers, taking chnrgo of his campaign tn porson.
An event ot unusual Importance wns tho
signed stnteniont of Representative Rcdkey
ot Highland county, tho former homo of
Forakor, that ho wa for Hanna first,
last, and all the time. Tbe comblno has
been making strong claims In bis case, but
bis public nuwn! of frlctirtshlp for Hnnnn wasa
damper from which tbo Kurt contingent was
unablo lo recovor.
Within twenty-four hours thero hare been
doclded Indications of an increasing Hanna sen
timent. At letst thrco members claimed by
Kurtz hare renounced him, nnd declared
their purposo of supportlnglianna. Theso mem
bers aro Representatives Redkoy, 8nldrr. and
Griffith. In addition to Jones, who will likely de
clare himself to-morrow after his lntcrvtow with
Judge Day. Tho Kurtz peoplo claimed Redkey
with contidenco all day until tho latter mado
an unequivocal statement that ho would support
tho Republican candidate.
Tbe blltornossof tho fooling displayed between
tho contending factions wns strikingly shown
tbls afternoon In tbs rooms of Mr. Kurtz.
Representative Smith of Delaware bad been
olasslrloJ as doubtful, though tho anti laid
strong claims lo his vote. A soon ns ho
arrived in the city he mado a call on Mr. Kurtz,
who received htm with a great deal of warmth.
Mr. Kurtz. In exchange fur hi rote against
Roxwrll, tho Hanna candidnto for Speaker,
offered to give him ono ot tho lending chairman
ships. Upon his urging tho matter Mr. 8mlih
grew very angry and exclaimed hotly to Kurtz:
"Yon are n traitor."
No persuasion could shake the determination
of tho Dclawnrenn.
Major Dick to-night had no hesitation In say
ing thnt tbe Republicans would organize both
branches of tho Legislature. All interest is
absorbed In tho caucus to-morrow night.
Thn combine soems to have branches In both
tbe House and tbe Senate. While ihe Demo
crats nro In n House minority, they nro counted
upon to cut as much of a rjguro as
thoir majority hretbron In tho Senate
Major Dick admits that Senator Burke
ot Clorcland may not be here, but ho
Insists that tho Republic ins will organize tho
Senate. Ho refuses to disclose how, but tho in
ference is that somo Democrat hns weakened
nnd will fill tho gap cre.itod by tho defection ot
Four Republican members nt least will absent
themsolvos from tho Houso caucus, although
tbe Kurtz faction say the numbor will grently
exceed this. They aro Brantley and Ala
son of Cleveland. Otis of Hamilton, and
Scott of Fulton. Tho latter asked Box
well for his release from his plrdgo to
roto for blm, but tho lattor refused, on the
ground that ho was the only Republican candi
date, fteproscntuttvo Scott does not say be
will refuse In oto for Hnnnn even If he bolts
the Hanna candidate for Speaker. Tho Impres
sion is gaining ground that Hnnnn will ulti
mately triumph. His forces nro moro confident
and seem to have the whip hand.
At tho hendqunrters of the Democratic State
Committee to-day there wns n Inrge gathering
of DemoornlB from nil quarters of tho Stnlr,
among them being tho Hon. H. L. Clnpnup,
Oiibcrn-ilorinl candidate. Urn. A. J. Wnrnor,
Judge R. T. Hough, and tho Hon. Allen W.Thur
mnn. Their efforts socraod to bo toward getting
the four recalcitrant Democrats in line for thu
combine candidates. Theso men havo so far
Blood out azninst all persuasions.
At tho conference it lonkcd out thnt John R.
McLonn still hns hopes of winning the Sonator
ship himself. The majority of tbo Republicans
nro very bitter ngalnst Gov. Bunhnell and ho is
denounced overy hour of the dny. Gen. Gros
yenor Is on the ground and is making nspoelnlty
ot Bushncll, whom be characterizes ns tho
"nigger in tho woodpile."
Mr. Lannlng Is on tho ground for Hanna. The
entire Statu ndmlnistralion, almost to a mnn, is
ndhering to thn Governor In his tight on Ilannu
nnd secret doslgns upon tbe Stnatorshtp Itself.
The Hannn forces seem to think that they can
storm tho Governor's position by attacking him
In un Interview Senntor Hanna mentions
tho nctlon of tho Toledo convention in
Indorsing Gov. Uushnell for Governor nnd
himself for Senator. This action, ho
sas, was ratified at tho polls nnd
thero Is no reason why it should not bo carried
out by the Republican majority in tlio Legisla
ture. Mr. Hannt refused to discuss tho netlon
of Mr. Kuril. Insisting that personalities bad no
plnco in tho contest.
Mr. Kurtz gave out another interview this af
ternoon In which ho reaffirms his convictions
that Hnnnn It ben ten. Hesays that the combine
strength Is known only to tho leaders of tho
Late to-nlghl Tiik Sun correspond! nt lias pos
itive Information thnt both tlio fusion Ropubll
ran members and Democratic niombort from
Hamilton county will refuse to ote for Mason,
tho nntl-Hnnna candidate for Speaker, and all
I ho forinor will most likely 1 oto for Hoxwcll, tho
Hnnnn candidate.
Canton, O., Dec. 31. Assistant Secre
tary of Stnto Dny, John Thomas, County
Chnlrmnn in tho Presidential election,
and John P. Jonos, Renrcscntntlve-elect
of this district in tbe Ohio Legislature,
were In tho city to-day, and the latter I wncnllod
nt tlio Dar home, hut not together. Neither
would talk ns lo tbn matters considered hy
them, but the populnr bollef is that It lonccrnod
tbo Senatorial question.
Jones hns been entirely non-committnl on tho
subject. Ho came hero from nliimbus into this
ntternonn, nnd returned tn thnt city on tho night
train. Ho declined to bo Interviewed on what
passed between himself and Secretary Day, i nd
also declined to talk of tbo Senatorial matter.
"There nro many Impnrtnnt innttersto be de
cided licforo Hint Isrrncbod," bo said.
As lo Iho organization of tho Houso, ho snld
ho would not attend the caucus to-morrow
night, nnd flint ho wool! not support Hnxucll
for Speaker, Ho savs Boxwell will be defe ited,
and that Mason o' Clovelond will bo chosen.
Judgo Day camo hero oMenslhly to spend Now
Yrar's, but It would not surprlto nny ono hro
If lie nnd several leading Canton Kopuhllcniis
nre found at Columbus to-morrow ulghl helping
tbe Hanna forces.
Appellate Division Illrerla n Heesunt In Ibe
Tho order ot Justice Andrews denytna; a
motion of 1'crcz M. Stewart nnd of Howard P.
Okie, candidates on tho Citizens' Union ticket
for Assemblyman and Alderman In tbo Nine
teenth Aseinhly district that tho Board of Can
vassers bo ordered to innko thoir election re
turns ajtrco with tho tally Blioets, has been re
versed by tbo Appcllnto Division of tho Su
premo Court In nn opinion by Justice Ingrn
luim. Under tho decision of tlio Appellate Divi
sion tho Board of County Canvaasors must
summon the Inspectors of election and require
tho Inspectors to iimoiid thoir return so that it
shall ngrcn with the tally sheets, Tho tally
sheets show that the petitioner wero elected,
but I ho returns olccted Solomon C. Weill for
Assembly nnd John S. Geagan for Alderman,
both Tammany candidates. Tho court says
that tbe mlstnko is clerical and that tbo returns
must agree with tho tally sheets. Tho court
says, referring to tho decision rovorsed;
"If tbo decision uppealod from is correct It
would seem that voting is n useless formality
as It depended upon the will of tbo Inspectors
of cloction as toawho should hold the ottlccs, and
not upon the vote of the people. Tho
luakln t of this original statement of the canvass
Is clearly n ministerial act and the statement is
clearly to contain the ro-mlt thus nnuounoed,
as appears upon the tally sheets kept Hnd veri
fied us prescribed by thn aoi. No discretion Is
thus vested in the Inspectors as to what that
statement shall contain, No ofllcer
was at liberty to duriato from the result as
shown by the tally sbecta and as announced us
the result ot the vote In Ibe particular district."
Justices Barrett, Humsey and O'Brien xgree
with Justlcoingrabam, but'Justico Van Brunt
wrote a dlmenting opinion which In full Is:
"I do not think that the tolly shouts neces
sarily control. T'ber uro evidence, bit do not
tteceaaarily control tho returns,"
SO AVtOXOttT, AYH aallKZ.j
Btrlnrntlan ta Called Sutra Canantar Azant
Havana. Doc. 31, via Key West-It Is re
ported hero thai In an unofficial conversation
with Rafael Madrigal, United Slntes Consular
Agent at Sanctl Splrltus, Gen. Gomez said that
autonomy could never bo accepted by the Cu
bans as It was n solution forbidden by the funda
mental law ot tbe republic of Cuba,
" Even tho Cuban Government, which alono I
authorized by tho Constitution to treat for poaco
with Spain, could not conduct negotiation nvo
on tho basis of Independence," he said) "nnd
should a treaty negotiated by It grant any con
cession to Spain, such ns n monetary Indemnity,
for Instance, or some commercial privileges. It
would havo to bo ratified by tho Assembly ot
Representatives before it would have ' any
Gen. Gomez declared that he was porfectly
satisfied with tho campaign nnd tho conduct of
tho Cuban Army nil over tho Island. In his
opinion tho shnm autonomy granted by Spain
wns Spain's last card.
"Tho Spanlnrds," he said, "either from the
emptiness of their treasury or In consoquence of
tho warning ot tho Unltod Stater, havo only a
limited tlmoln which to end tbo war. Wo hale
no limit; no warning has boen eorved upon us,
and wo havo no extraordinary expenses to ex
haust us. All tlmo Is ours, nnd wo aro resolved
to koep on fighting as long as It may be neces
sary to mnko Cubn frco."
Gomez praised the part of President McKln
ley's incssngo relating to Gen. Wej ler. Ho snid
that It was a Just lesson to Spain on morality
and humanity. Ho wns grateful nlso to tho
President ot tho United States for btsdeslroto
relieve thofaminoof tho concentrados.
Mr. Madrigal bud n friendly reception In Gen.
Gomez's enmp, and was escorted on his return
to tho Spanish lines by 200 of Gen. Gomez's
picked cavalry.
Tho Amorlcnn flag carried by Mr. Madrigal
was choered by tho Cuban forces.
llsbt Gronnds on Whlcli llspee or a Cessallaa
or tbn liar In Cuba Are naaed.
rptcial Cablt DttpaUh to Thi Sun.
Madrid, Doc. 31. The announcement mads
hero that a number of Amorlcnn newspaper cor
respondents would leave Cuba to-morrow, cou
pled with tbe attitude ot the United States
toward Spain, has given rise to a general belief
In Madrid that tho Cuban question has lost its
importance In America and a pacific solution of
the troubles In the Island Is Imminent; that au
tonomy has abolished tho need ot continuance
of tho war; that the principal patriot leaders are
now satisfied and are anxious for peace, and
that they havo hitherto morely opposed tbe
domination of foreign officials who had no In
terest In Cuba.
man n AitTox to no to cud a.
The Ited Graaa Soclstr to Co-operate wltb the
tiavarnmrnt In Secnrlnrr Mnppllra.
Washington, Dec 31. Miss Clara Barton
to-day assured tho State Department that the
Rod Cross Society would co-oporato with the
Government In securing supplies for the relief
of tho starving Cuban reconcontrados. and that
she would also personally go to Havana to give
tho benefit ot her valunlilo experience In reliev
ing distress to Consul-Gcnerai Lee and the local
Director Proton B.llmatra It at 03SO.OOO,
OOO. no Prr Ont. Store Than In 1BUO.
Washington. Doc. 31. Tho Director of tho
Mint, from Information now at hand, say
that there Is substantial cvldonco that
tho world's product of gold for tbn calendar
year 1807 will approximate. If not oxcecd,
$2 10,000,000, nn increasoof nearly SO per cent,
over 1800. Of this total tho' United Stales pro
duced approximately $01,500,000, nn ineroaso
of $.8,400,000 over last yenr; Afrlcn, $38,000,
000, an Ineroaso of $13,000,000; Australasia,
951,000,000, an increasoof $0,800,000; Moxico
$10,000,000, an Increaso of $1,700,000; Canada
$7,D00,0CO, rn imrcace of S4.7C0.000; India
$7,500,000. on increase of &l,4ro.C00; Russia
$2f,000,000. nn Increase of $3,500,000.
Tbo Indications for the United Smtss, snyn
Director Preston, am that Colorado will lend m
the production of colJ for 1897, as Itls esti
mated by former Gov. Grant that It will not bo
loss than S'-'O.OOO.OOD. California will follow
wlthnprodutL of probably $10,000,000. With
tho exception of tbo States of tho South Appa
lachian rnnge, lie hollevos that there will bu nn
lucre. iso In e cry producing Sunto mid Territory
of tho gold products over that of 1800.
Conditional Contract Sfadr for tbe Can or Tea
fee Locoutotlvea.
WAKniNCTON. Dec. 31. A conditional con
tract has been made by tho Wnr Depnrtraent
w itb the manufacturers of an ice locomotivo for
using ten of tlieso uniquo cnginos in hauling
supplies to tho Klondike through Alsskn nnd
the British Northwest. If tho promises made by
the manufacturers nro carried out they will n
relio the amount stipulated in the contract,
Othernlso they will not bo paid.
Tbe lYew Comptroller or tbo Currency Tabes
Washington, Dee. 31. Charles G. Dawes ot
Illinois entered upon his duties a Comptroller
of tho Currency to-day.
Merlins' or IheCnblnrt.
Washington, Dec. 31. The meeting of tho
Cabinet to dny una attended by all tho monitors,
except Secretary Alger, who Is still confined to
his house bv Illness. Only routine matters re
lating to the seieinl executive departments oc
cupied tho tlmo of tbo meeting.
Cold Itrarnr, lflO.730,Borj.
Washington, Dec. 31. Tho yenr closed with
tho gold rcporio ut $H;0.71!(l.aU3. Die highest
nmoiiut sinio November, IHyo, Tho total cash
balance In tho Treasury to-day Is $1!51,327,81!'J.
ttnlrhnsnu Drowned.
Henry Doln of 503 Eleventh avenue, n watch
in. .ii .it the loot of Gansevoort street, foil Into
the North Rivor Inst night nnd wiib drowned.
Ills body was recovered.
The Qrcnt Natural Remedy In Catarrh
of the Stomach, Dyspepsia,
Oout and Rheumatism.
Dr. B. Hofmeisler, in a lecture
read before the London Medical
Society, says: "The usefulnebH of
the Carlsbad Water has been thor
oughly established in diseases of
the stomach. The unnatural mo
tions of the stomach causing pres
sure and belchings, the irritation
of the intestines resulting in
catarrh of the bowels, and the
inflamed mucous membranes arc
the most fruitful of all known
causes of diseases. Out of them
grow most kidney and liver
troubles, diabetes, all rheumatic
affections and gout. I have found
that the unnatural motions of the
stomach cease, the intestinr.!
troubles become soothed, and
health results from the use of
Carlsbad Water. The diuretic
effect of this water, its quiet ac
tion upon the lining of the stotn
tch, and its healing power upon
the inflamed intestines are be
yond all praise,"
Beware of imitations. The gen
uine Carlsbad Waterand Carlsbad
Sprudel Salt must have the seal
of the City of Carlsbad and the
signature of "Eisner &Mendelson
Co., sole agents, New York," on
every label.
MErjtOI'OT.lTAS A.'l TimiDAt'RxVK
Rrarrarniallrra of llnlh dialrin. MM Yr'ter
dar and aixnrd Uoenm-nl- frottslng rar
llm IHaronllnxnncn or All l.lllinllnn nnd
far a I, tine Prare llrlitri-n tbe Cnnipitnlem
Following meetings of the directors of the
Metropolitan Streot Railway Company, of tho
Third Aronuo Railroad Company, nnd tho vari
ous linos connoctcd with thaso Iwosyst'.ms, tho
Presidents of tlicso companies jcMordnj aflor
noon signed, soalod, and delivered agreements
which will result in n discontinuance of nil ex
isting litigation nnd ever) other source of dlfll
cnlty between the two companies which has ex
isted or can exist In thn future, so f.irns thn
oOlcorsof tho companies can now foresee. Tho
meeting ot the directors ot tlio MotropoHlnu
system wns hold nt tho Cubic bull ling, w hllo tho
Third Axonuo directors met nt the olllco ot
Hondly, Lnutcrbnch& Johnron, counsol to tho
compinr, In tho Fanners' Loin and Trust Com
pany building. At these meetings tho Presi
dents of tho companies wero formally nulhor
Izol lo sign tho agreements. This was dono
Inter at the Cable building, the Third Atcnun
representatives ndjourulng to go there to tneot
tho Metropolitan reprcsoutnthen.
Thcro has been moro or less talk for months
regarding the reaching ofnn uiidcrslnudlng by
tb,o two companies, but the nrtotlntloni thnt ie
suited In tho signing ot ycstcrda) 's ugrccinents
hnve only been conducted In I ho last two
months. Under (ho contracts thu companies
ngrcn to go together before tlio . Municipal As
sembly nnd risk for the Klngsbrldgo fruuhlso
on such terms ns shall bo approved hy
the Hoard of Kntlinnto nnd Apportionment.
ThotwurompnnU'S together will nppij lor tho
lloulowird finm lUSth to limth street. Tho
Molroiinlltnn Company alone will iipply lor
140th streot nnd too Third Avemio Company
nlone will npply for tbo Kinusbrldge man, ex
tending from ifiSd street to Ynnkcrs nlcng
Ivlngsbridge road nnd Rtvcrdnlo avenue.
The Intention of both coiiipinles Is to install
tho underground electrical sjstom on nil their
lines. TbuThlr I nvcnuu lonipanv's Hoiilctard
line is perfected o tint nn Immcdlnto change of
motive power to tlio underground trolley can
tako place. Tlio same Is Irunof Its Dry Dock
line. Tho electrical system will bo thu samonn
that which has just been put In on thn Fourth
avenuo line. The Thlnl menue company has
already built n largo olectrieal power houso nt
1110th street.
With tho Klngsbrldgo extension In oporatlon
a passenger will bo nolo to rldo for nnoo-ocnt
fare from tho Post Office or from thoCortlnndt
street or Grand street ferry nil tho wav to
onkors In olectrlcnlly propelled rnrs. Metro-
Solltan passengers will bo nblo to ride from
owntown points to 109th street.
In respect to tho use of the lloulevnrd. If tho
franchise is obtained, it In propo'O I that thoro
shall bo but two trucks. Wbllo tho cars of both
companies will run over these tracks thoro will
ben duplex system of electric il conduits, that
Is, tho cars of oach company will have tbcirown
William Page of tbe firm of Hoadly, Lintcr
bach& Johnson said last night that tho object
of the agreemonts was to securo harmonious
occupation of tho samo territory in such n way
as will best subservo tbe Interests or tho nubile
and tho normal development of tho lines alroidy
in tho territory. Under tho Qroator New
ork charter thoro is no competitive bidding,
but tbo terms of compensation for the
frnnchlses musr bo mkIi as will bo
approved by I ho Hoard of Kslimate nnd Appor
tionment. Tho Amsterdam avenuo route docs
not flguro Intbongreeinents. hornuso the Metro-
fiolltnn Compnnr Is not the ow ner. but onlv tho
cssecuf the Ninth Avenuo Railroad, nnd tho
owners, thnt in. the stockholders of that com
pany, refused toenter Intoan arrangement with
the Third Avenuo Compnnv.
An Expedition Orruiile Fnalioda, nnd Is nnld
to lie llracrndliia tbo Slain ftlrenm.
Special CabU Vegpatrh to TUB Fct.
Paris. Doc. 31. A dispntth from Cairo says
that the French expedition has occupied tho
town of Faahodo. on tho west bank of the White
KHe, and It Is believed Hint thu oxpcdltion Is
rapidly descending tho main stream of tho Kilo.
Fears or Ilia Dratli tmiflrmrd Quickly br the
llnrtli-a or Ilia IIod.
Fpeclal Cable Dtty atch In Till Sur.
Calcutta. Dec. 31. Tlio body of Gon. Hnvo-
lock-Allan, whoso horso was discovered shot
and stripped ot its equipment near Ali-MusJM,
has been found and coin c) cd to I'cshaw ur
Gen. Sir Honry 1U clock-Allan wns a son of
the hero of Cawnporoond I.ucknow, nnd won tho
Vlctorlt Cross while sinipg with his fnther in
the cnmpaigiis of tlio Indian mutiny. In 1880 bo
assumed, by royal liicn-o, the additional sur
nnmcofAllnn. He wns born in Ilentril In 1S3Q,
mid performed mllltaiy -uiwih in Sew Zealand
ns well as in Indln, Kiom 1874 to 1-S1 he uasn
member ot I'rliamtnt inr Siiiiuct anil, an I In
1803 ho was iilprtud from Durham, Houllieiibtern
Division. He was the first hiiunot, his father
hnrlng died licforo receiving tbo baro ictcy con
ferred on him.
Itewnrd or n Ten nm! Pork Mrrrhnnl ITtio
Made Jubltri Coiitrlbtillnn or X-1.OO0.
fiprctiil Cable Drfpntiji ta The Sc.
London. Dec. 31. "I ho list of honors be
stowed on the occasion of tint New Year was
Issued to-night. It is of tho usual undistin
guished complexion, tho uani'-s being con
fined almost enl It ely to tlio-'o of tho Govern
ment sertnntn or iiotoiious Imjcrs of titles.
Among tbn new knights 1; Thomas J. Union,
the lea and pork merchant, who irnvo '.", dot)
for tho l'rluccis of Wales's Jubilee dinner lo
the poorot 1-ondon.
Sir Honuo II. T. Faniuhar. M. P., a dlrertor
of the British ."Miutli Africa Company mid tho
spokesman of tho coiiipnny in tho Hoiiko of
Commons, has brcn elovateil to tho liccrngp.
Prof. Darey Thompson, the Ilrltish llehrlng
Menexpert. rocoivoa thu honor of l.nl.-litliooil'
nsdoosthu Hon. G. W. llurtun, Chief Jiis.ieo of
A Man tVbn Toro n Trin lint Iteriued f.i llo
I'ullnd lulu a Nt. l-utila L'lothlnff Mnrr,
St, Louis. Der. 31. William P. Smith, who
wears long hair nnd n Texas hat, idiot two pull-cra-ln
at a Morgan strut second-hand t lathing
stnro this mnrnln-r. Victor Goldstein la bully
wouniod, but tbo bullet that elite, od Mnrrii
Muiilci's shoulder ranged down Into his aim.
Tho two -vero ti)lug lo pull Smith lino tho
stores of tticlr rcspectlvo cinplojirt-. In thn
slrugglo oaths wero oxchant-oj. and Smith
whipped out his revolver, emptying tl.o llo
chnmU'if. Thon Goldstom knocked Multh
down, slukln; fo the rurth hlimolf n moment
Inter. A mob of Morgan Mieot clolhitrs and
their employees cnugbt Smith, but ho was rc-H-cuol
by two policemen.
A. R. Hlll.l'lll'.nlt HEARD FROM.
lie Tclrcrapbn from Mrxlro That lie Is ttrll
nnd llnnii't Itoin sirb.
Despatches have been received from Mexico
saj Ing that tbn Hon. Alexander It. Shepherd,
formerly ot Washington, D, C, was suffering of
nstrokeof npoplex), Mr, 1.. N, Slovens of tho
Ralopllas Mining Coinu.iiij, of which Mr. Micp
herd is tho bond, received tho following ule
gram jeslordny at lilsolllee, nt HI) llrondwni :
"Uatoimlas, Mexico, Dee, 31, Cannot hi count
for falsehood. Am woll and hae no mi km as.
Ilutrhlua lirnuedT,
Syiiaoubu, Doc, 31, Miss Leila Kennedy,
daughter of Mrs. Ilettte Itloo Krniudy, w
marrlod at 0 o'clock this evening in the First
Presbyterian Church to Martin Jny Hiilchin.
Jr., of New York. The coremony w is performed
by the Rev. Geo. II. Spnnldlng, pastor of the
church. Miss Kennedy was attended only by
her filter, Mies Ilesslu Kenned), ns maid of
honor. She was given nway by her brother,
Howell Kennedy of Chicago.
The best man wns John It. Myers of Now York
and the ushers were A. I'. Fowler, W. McC. lirls
lol and Paul Palno of b r.icuso. Andrew II.
Oreen of Detroit. A. A. Moore or Ithaca. C, l-.
Klllottof Chlengo, and Samuel II. Adams nnd
Oscar K. D.ivis of New ork. After tho cere
mony them wns n reception nt tbe homo of tho
bride's mother, 710 Forman Park,
Ml, Jobn tVnlkrr.
PLAiNriKi.p, N, J Dec. 31,-William W. fit.
John, editor of tho Daily l'rts of this city,
was married to Mlm Ihirbira Walker of New
Haven, Conn.. t tho rectory of tho Llttlo
Church Around the Corner. New York Ity. yes
tenia), tho itev, GeorgoC. Houghton oniciallni:.
0,000 Mro la thn liravasaud liar Yacht
Club tlausr.
The Oraresend May Yacht Club at Twenty
fifth avenue, Uuth Reach, was partially de
stroyed by lire at 11 o'clock last night, Tha
1 damage wa f 8,000, Tbo cause U unknown.
Our Annual 1
Clothing Sale I ZL,S 1
Begins Monday! IS?- j
will be the biggest, broadest, greatest Clothing jfl
Sale ever held. It is not a sale of odds and ends, 'M
but a sale of the new, bright IS9S Clothing Stocks If
ot Bierman, Heidelberg & Co. the fullest, iairest, W
freshest stock of High-Class Clothing ever placed J
on sale at prices so unapproachably low they will, M
ring their own merit throughout this greater city. fti
BlERMfiN, JElELBi & (Jfl.
BROADWAY tW CHAMBERS ST, (Sten-irt Eirld ag.) I
DEt'JOir $44,so4, una
The Itrrrnnra for thr l.nal Nix Mont In Fall
Ni Far Nhorl or Mrellitg Ibp Itxiritar.
Washington, Dec. 31. Tho receipts of tho
Government for tho first six months of tbo cur
rent llscnl j car show nn excess over expendi
tures of &05.4SL Tbo pnjmonts on the Union
Pnclfio nccount nrc, of course. Included In tho
total rccoipts. Excluding tlicso pamcnls tho
deficit would bo 91l,304,U.no, ngalnst $3!V.!9.V
731 for tho samo period last year. The surplus
for the month of Deiotnbcr Is f 1,730,4 '4.
Chairman Dingier of tho Wnys and Mcins
Committee mnkes tbo following stnlcmcnt re
garding the condition of the Treasury after the
first flvo months ot the operation of tho law
bearing his name.
"Tho revenue for Deccmbershows an Increase
of more than $2,noo.OOO over thnt of November
and $7,500,000 ocr that of Scptombcr, nnd
even oxecots tho expenditures for December
nearly 91.7.10,000. Tho official figures for De
cember (excluding thu $31,713,201 received
during tbo month on nccount of tho Pa
cific Railroad sale, nnd the $900,000
paid out to qualify tho Government repro
sentntlvo to bid in en so of tho sale of tbo
Knnsns Pacific) mnko tbo receipts $27,031,454,
expenditures $2i.ll.",000. and surplUB $1,730,
4S4. This surplus, however, arises from tho
fact that there hao hciu almost no Interest
payments for tho month, wh'ch nmkoslho ex
penditures below the average. In Jnnunry tho
quarterly interest will bo due, which will swell
the expenditures considerably nlxivo (humor
ngo nnd lenvo a dellilcncy for tho month, not
withstanding the rcienuo will probably rlso to
at least $211,000,000 nnd possibly more.
"On the basis of the o'tlnmte of the Secretary
of tho Trcanry thit thn expenditures for tho
prcsrnt llscnl jenr will bo $373,000,000
n llttlo over $200,000,000 hiving bjuu al
ready expended the average monthly expendi
tures for tho Fix months beginning Jnnunry
will be nbout $211,000,000. ns tho exiicndllures
for thu first half of the llscnl year are consider
ably Inrgcr than thnso for tho last half, on ac
count of tho susu iiMon of mniiy public works in
tho winter season mid tno largo July paimcntn
of nihilities of tho prov Ions fiscal cnr.
"Thero Is no doubt in Treaurv circles thnt
tbo re cnuo undor the now Tariff law from Jan.
1 to July 1 will exceed In tho aggregate expendi
tures for tbe same period, notwithstanding
January nnd possibly Apt II, the two months for
payment of nunitoily Interest, will show a bal
ance on tho wrong side.
"Thi revenue was only $10,000,000 In August
($7,000,000 from ciistomt). in consequence of
thelargo Imports tloiisln'tw ecu Mnrch land July
20 In nntirlpntion of tbe new tariff. It rose to
$22,000,000 In Hcpti inbi-r $S,00O.I00 from cus
tomsl. lo $24,000,000 In October (nine nnd three
fourths millions irom customs), to $2.'i.000.000
(nine nnd three-fourths millions from eusiouis)
inthesbnrt month of Noiomoer, nnd nnj. rines
to $2S 000.000 In Dei ember (eleven nnd one-half
millions from customs).
"This Increaso will go on ns tho goods Im
ported in anticipation of tho new turllf mo con
sumed. Indeed, tho Ini rensu of leienun tn
which tlio present consumption of imported
snirnrand wool of classes ono nnd two entitles
tho Treasury, hns only bciriin to bo felt, mid as
to sugar and ns to wool will not
bo malcrlillv felt for several months. The In
crcnrd reielptfi from Internnl revi nue tnxes
nro due to the provisions or the new tariff alol
ishing tho discount on hecr stamps nnd inrrcn-.
inc tho t ,x on cicfarettos. and to tlio bottling
iaw passed bv tho Inst Coniriofs ill conduction
wlih the lmnrocement In business.
" While the nniiTent detlcijncy for the first
linlfnf th-' present flscil joirhns been .ibiuit
$11 1)00X00 (the reicnues hiving been new I)
b.l.is.000,000 nnd tho cxucndltiires $202,
000.000), vol It will bo unserved that this
would havo lorn almost wiped out
bv the thirty-eight millions or revenue recclied
from March 1 to .lulyl from iinpoitntlons In
excess of tho snmn period o' Hie proviotm
enr. mndu In anticipation of tho new
tariff nnd Intended lor consumption the
prci-cnt fiscal jc.ir. whlih rev nue wns
necessarily plncid to the credit of the
Inst fiscal year, but In equity belongs to tbls
llscnl yenr: nnd thin does not lake Into nciount
the nlisoluto loss of revenue nrlsimr from antic
Ipatnrv importations which Ihe Troimiy hns
already exporicncid nnl will continue for scv
.cr.il months tocxpcricuco in n loss cligrcc."
Cnpt. James R. Jenkins, nn old Hudson Rlvor
pilot, was found de id in bed yesterday morning,
nt his homo in New burg. Ho was born in Now
Pnllz, Ulster county, and wns HI j earn old. In
tbollftiesbo had etiargo ot boats running be
tween Hudson nnd New York, Dr. Townsond
B'lid lie lind died of old nge. Ho leaves three
married daughters, Mrs. William I). Trnphngou
of New burg, Mrs. Clinrles T. Knight of Monroo,
nnn Mr. Joseph Dnveyof HrooM.wi.
Iteiiben Stoneclfer, tho so called doiibln of .
John Will. i s llooth, tbn assassin of Pni'ldent I
Lincoln, died nl bin home in WHIIrmnnort, l'.i
)C'Stcid,i). Stoneclfer was In Ihe (linei ninelit .
iimilny nl W.ihinglon when Lincoln wns Khot,
niul his resemblance to John Wilkes llomhwis '
en clo-ci III it ho was arrested for llnuissiiHsln. I
and uas not dlsihiirged until relatives from ,
Pennsyluinln proved Ills 1.1 ntlly.
Frank J, Dirllng, n widl.'.nnicii United Stntcs
pension examiner, died in Heading, l'a jc-ter- '
day of n ompliciiion ot iIIsimhps. llo hiis first
nppnlntoi dining President Cleveland's tlrst .
Ai ministration mid n.iu reappointed ilorm.' his '
second Administration. How a bornat M.ibou, '
Midi.. 14 cnars ago, uud leaves n widow and
live children. j
The Ilev. William Dickson, pastor of tho ,
Methodlnl chinch at Jamaica. K !.. dlc.1 on
'Ilium lay at Anliuville, N. ('. Ml.Duksnn was '
born in Ireland, and was a iiicmhcrof Ibe Irish
Mitho'HM Kplsiopil t'onfereine. He limes it
w idoit nod four c lilldn n.
Chnrlcs lloui'lio, nepbiiw of Henry Maill inl,
died at thu Hospital I'r iip.-.iIec on Tlinrs 'ny.
He superintended the Malll id miniut.ii tr.rlpL
buslness, nnd was prominent in the Kreiu Ii col
on) . He leaves n vvlilriw and three chllilri u.
Ctrl llecker. 70 jcmm old, mi nrllt. who lived
nt 12110 I In rdi n strict, Hobnkcu, died .vcnlcnlnv ,
lifter a llii-rei'lii..- nines-'. lie hnd becnareki
dent of HoLokcu for uniiiy )oirs.
II. Aiigustii An-r. n pioniiiiunt Orleans eountv
fmlllli Ian, died h Medina, N Y Jtslerday, nt
ho ago m 10 jc.irs.
N!iyO&?K Commercial I
Monday Morning9
January 3. I
The New J
New York j
o? voim Nnw.sDKAT.r.n. wj
runucATiox office : Jc
106 Fulton Slrcst. M
DowM.va nun umu. st.
D. O. HAYNES & CO.. Publishera. m
New York Cowrcial
HYPoriio niirKs or i.i:ir. and soda wA
for ncak lutiB, ncnoai diieinli, nnd tostrensthco
tlio cvnolo i)crcoii4 uud icituiat isiein. Is a brain, iKfj
litrcc, uad UlooJ fooil
All dr.iutsti. .ffili
. iq f
. ,
WACES ttl' 23,0110 CUT.
flboiln Il md ntiil Cnniiec-tlciil .Stills Follow ,.:
'.Ill Rlter'a Ilelliletlnii. 1
rnoviDn.vri-, It. I Uce. 31. After delaying 'M
their dcelnion to the lait, in the liotio that con- il
dltions mitrlit change so as to render tbo stop $
unucres'iir), Iho nccnt.f of tho Icadlmr cotton ?,
manufacturing corporations In this HtJito de '$
elded to-day to redueo wafres. 'llio cutdown jr
will average uhir.lt 11 por eunt. It ill taka JK
c licet on Jan. Hi nnd notices to that.c!Tcct will ,Jf
ho posted on Monday in thn mills of II. II. and 4
It. Knight, the Lonsdalo Company, tho Man- ri
villi1. Social, uud other companies controlled by 1"
tho Llpplttn nnd thu smaller .corporation
throughout thu State.
.1. XV. Datilelfcin of the Qulnnehnuir Company, Pi
Tocknond Mauiif.ieturlni; Ciimpnny, nnd other -
comojlnni, with rillls In Histcrn Connectl-
c-iit, n!cTniM thu roluetlon oud tako efToo VM
nt his mllli on .Inn. ir, nltlioutrh thonmoitnt of jA
tlio reduction hud no! jo' hem ileeldrtd upon M
Tin) other cistern ('mini client iiirpnriitlnns will 'i
tako similar netion, mid mills operatln,' about -1
J.OOO.OOO upliidle-ihc this r-'tnloiind .Mns-achii- M
setts, mill ciriiiiiurs ht hetneeii ..O.tiou anil 1I5,- jcj
000 operntlies will lm utfei ted hy thlsciccliloa J
of tlio l'rmldeni 1 hkcuih.
Hohert KiiU'hl, the Jlesrs. HcMlilnri, and ji
otherlnlliienti i'iiii 1 ulnctiiic ri-.wcic'dlalncllnrd .a
to rc-Mirt ton ledui lion. -Mr. Knlirht ndioeated M
n fin t her eiirl.illment of roluillnn in a prefer; SBJ
.ihlu alieniitc, nnd doutli-s the mutter would r;,
lui hcoikjpt In nlie; .me '.noiwltliandiiu tho Ste
action of the I'ull ICUer mil imell mill men. m
li.id nn1 tlio Ni' llcilforl coifioratlous decided
to iiuil.c a cut. &'
Cuinpnriitiwly few of the llliodo Island fao- ,S
torles turn nut n irolitrt thu iiimpi n-i with Q
that of the Kali Ulcer inllH. h'lt tin nmjorlty, -8
Includlnir nil tl.o I ca y en ids iiiIIIh. coiiiu hull- ''E
reel cnmpctillo'i wllli Ni ' lledford, and to Xli
wlieti thn mill tioiihiuer'. of that city iiuiio'inced &
tlielrdcelsiou, it ill 11I11 -nuiliir uetlon.liy Ithoda
Inland iiireiila lm eratm. , M'
Nrw lli:nniii, SIiih-., Ihe HI Al 11 meeting M
.if the cotton mill tn i.i-ureri to-d.i It mis ds ifi
idded to cut canes 10 l'cr cent. TliN nctlon hi
will nlfcei Mini') ii.iHitt Diier.itlvci. ' iithorn Wi
1 oiiif itllion does not nlle t Iho ml'o'i cloth M
iiiitpul nl llils eitj to niiv eitiii1. mil iiinse- VJ
ijui-nlly had iiothmi: 10 i! Willi 1:1c dc islon to H
cut w no., 'iho rc'iclion if w.icea In other ,M
iciltui mlilcc-itrei fo cnl N'oiv ilulfiird to fol- SJ
low suit. "WJ
s'.ilii i'.iiiijucuir Urn lieu In "i iicii 111 ill. fifl
llt'ZZMili'rflliV. Mass.. )i. .'II -Aloltcrwa 'f
rerilwl heio lo-ln.c from II ii i 1 1, K. 1 to tha JtJ
elTcct thnt the shin l'oniiieror. Cip'. Ancl I),
Lothrop, Jr., of Itirnstai Ic. from 'iiij'poro for 'V
llo-.ton, wi-s uti ndul nn ll,oMir'i Un 1 111 the it
Mnut of huiidii. .mil mil imiii1 ,1 lu'al nri-clt. a
'llm M-ssel wns Jon Iril'nnhfn arii 1 1 t iplnca, ,,
inl"1 Kiiuili'cr, an I 1 ill ui, consl cnedlo'li mplj
II. I'.ij : Co, of llostnii. "slio cirrnl aircuot f
ICCCIlM OIM IIMO' A'lccle ii c i -a'elv,
I Sji Marion Hariandl'sl
3w Idea of it: g
tt wSx-SUy "Fnma TsrsaeoI sketched Hie en-t of thn 1 icnuo Atrer. rj
ft y?xSiXi$i&v lean Uim linusealfe. II i n l-uic, hony urm, liiund-slilnB JJ 'j
O 3lWlS-!'' a rcrkliirf fryuu pan,"-'lai Hahlaxh. X ('7i
It "-SffN That was in the time when the fryiitj; jnn was always t ,'j
a vo Ucd witli . Before hcnhliy t-fiortciiiiit; and fryjtig g
8 f i wcre n'de cn-JV with CoUolcuc, Uelore Marion j j
J Harlaud decUrtd that
Osr y l "Is purer, more healttifq! end (5jMd?2); g
S Jr economical than Urd." iZjA w
-KUl'imOfnulna Cottotens Is sold eve rrwbfre In one to ten imn-d I gfjf7 i O
2 yetloivtlm, wttliourirailf-iuarlcs-"Cb((on"andr'' OrC? 9
2 ""! tn mltan plant urrrathvu every tin. Not cusr 1 .rVUltnvtJl S
'2 ttsM If sold In any othur wsy, Uade only ly (4 -'lS'XSI W
Ig Chlcaso. bt. Louts. Ifw VorK. ilontresl. ffzZit 2

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