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Lw 353 1 1 ' .... ",,.--. v ' rur If . - ,-tj--J.. . , . . . .. . . Wi
H nttvntt whites a xr.mut on tub
rnovosisn blacklist rule.
LB -
H jj H Wnnts Farther Infarmailsn Vpen Which
'J.- In FU a rranltr fur Objectionable Bull
j' S FlKtrr What Is nl r Title ORrr I
H,' fernpH-Crblt find Flls Ficlle Mlrtk.'
H John T.Druth, President of the Cincinnati
Hj ' K Baseball Club, who believes that rowdy ball
j K players should be blacklisted and who hat made
Hi v a proposition (o the Lcsguo embodying tbeaa
1 K MntlmonU, has sent tho following letter to all
Hi W league umpires, cx-umplres, and other persons
HJ JX entitled wllh tho game:
H 3JL At the Uit annual meeting of the National Lewue
H . K held at t'blladelnhla, I Introduced a resolution re-
H j Jwt ffarJInit ladocsnt and obscene ltngusge upon the hall
HI SB Beld, and a committee waa appointed to properly ile-
Hjf tor One the offence, ptesctllie a method of procedure,
HJ t aad, upon concluilxe proof, Impote a penalty.
Hi bCL Mnch haa been aald regarding the action taken by
Hi uJMt "" Lestrilo upon thla aubject, and very manjr peraona
Hf IsjpS have declared agaluit tho proposed treatment of
HJ , eVWT' offences that may arise, upon the ground that the
B' till penalty proponed U too severe This opposition, In
H- uW "' Judgment, Is dun to a lack of knowledge of the
sTi tM ' Pntpoie of the rraolutlou Tho critics who con-
HI' IK demn the meanureverr generally say that the ptnaltjr
HI lfi ta too aavero when expulsion Is proposed forrondy
Hi A, " IVr hall playing, snd tho words "rowdy hall playing"
Bib. fM " ,0 'Dlennlle to describe property what the com-
X JjE mlttee has In view.
K iW A creat many thlnis sre done upon the ball Held,
1 jtVWv' and a great many expressions are uaed, all of which
li f'vr )tnlght properly be claused under the head of "rowdy
HM kVS- ball playlug," but not ono of which ahould l penal
Lm frfe b axpuUlou from tho diamond
H? wJr My statement to the League In presenting thlssub-
H'4 "Isjjp'j Jot was to the effect that I did not proposo to retch
Hlf lsH' profanity, unccntlemanly conduct, controversies l
lt VP$ t ween players of one (tub and another nrbetivein
It feW- players and umpire, or between players and spctta-
''- am, ,9n hat being already subject to constitutional
J '', control), except It Intolred auch obscene and
Hi bm Indecent language na haa been hrard hi several In
H $Pw stances In later yea utKin the bull flittl, and tvtikli
H ltr luust, In my JuilAtixnt, Im tuppreMtd tv extreme
, Wh tnoasurte. It will drive telf repectmg patron frem
&$h ' tLe game and do nure to bring It Intu disrepute than
H- ffi& ,VL the olenres for whloli Lraver, Hall, Devlin, and
H." Wl1 Nictiolsweruexiellrd
Hi tJtit " It Is proposed simply to reirh one particular form
H VzfX of offence and one uub. and that la tne unprintable
Hr '$& ftd unmenth nablo Indeicnt rnnarks that an ix-
HW iiSfv ..Iremely limited iiutnixr uf plniers Indulgt In. and
Hk ilr which magi II uniafe torn geutleman with hi wife,
HH tfi" ii dnughtor, or womnu to wltuirs agame forfearof be-
H n taK ' lux anocked ty tba brutally nutraceous Inueccncy of
H vWffi ubaj; jilaer.
Hil- ' i X delicto that If expulsion alarcd a ball player In
Hl $m " ' 'uce 'ur AU offi ucc of this nature thenffriice
Hr WfB would nettrbOLon muted, and If It wer committed,
u 5- aud the speciritorn wire the offendtd wltneMcs, then
'E 1 am lu raor of soliig to that plajer: "Neerenur
& atiy ball reld under tho prutettlon of tho uatlonal
M& tft? . agreement"
HK My object In writing to you aa I havo Isrnryour
HI IftL asststamo If you choose to give It. so that the com-
Lvi 1& mlttee may ptuimtIj ptesvutlbe needs for m h legls
LV-I W Ik ' r lallon to the league t its meeting mxt spring In 8t.
VJ. $p& Louis 1 wilt aik In the tnti rest oc purification upon
a-1' Klil the hall field ir you will wrltcgllDg to mosuih I lus
B!f.7 llsfr trstlonsor Indiceut langutge as nm rave come to
H 1Vj ouruotkeut different tlnirs. umlrtlng the name of
Hw Iw'f ""' P'ever and the name or lh- club, as I do not wish
Hfiv lf toantagonlie Individuals orclub memlKTs, I ut aim-
K'l HS ply desire to make a presentation of facts and Im I
Hf 357 dents rrom the stalemrnt or this, that or the othir
Biw, v Individual who has knowledge, without Impllratlng
? tT l&F the person or club
B "? ra " 'night bo well In stating Imldents to gle the
W name of theclt whtro the ofleiue occurred, which
If? C would be tuffkleut for the committee's purpose
Wil iVt- ' haveaddritsid a letter similar to this to a mint
A ftjS "bernr umpires, club officials, and newspsper men,
U - e hoping to g t suftlclent light upon the s ihjrtt to
W r- " lusiirv my SLtlou or demonstrjta tho fact that there
y !v r Is uo necessity for It
W ti& " might bo well. In furnishing Illustrations of
B$k ?v" Indecent lauguago of which you nisy hsve brm
1 j,5 ioulsant upon the ball field, If In writing what the
Br? Jl offence was you will give me the drat and last letter
B' T of the word used I will full) understand, and It will
jk-.j, SS enable us to denl with the sub eLt without glomes
B & 'SfcT when It Is preseutod for action I would suygest that
B Wr Tft In writing you use the txpress for sending vour ciuu
Biii' -'-- municatltii, and tbtn you will get the matter liefnre
fmf 'Mfe''1 ine without nil rlrk or violation or postal laws Ml
B &6& lei ters x pre sied to mo at Indlanapolla will Insure
&gft safe delivery.
J in President W. II. Wntklnt of tho Pltlsburp
i x to? Club not only Indorses tho proposed Ilrusli
B, !. black-list rule, but nlso predicts thnt the Lcnguo
Br- 5S will adopt It. "This rule only nijpllo to tlioso
BF. tf- playerH who nro natural blacki;iiurils." snjs
iiitsfiS Watklns, "and by thatl menn ulajcra whouso
f&irWpmK tho foulest kind of Inncuogo to spectnlorsor
WK' tbo umpires within tho hearing of women and
jS&'.Ky3 men. At tho Lcnguo meeting thore was n case
wW TsraP' ilted where, at Ilotton last summer, a certain
s. rfJi plaror usid such abominable language that the
S Hi's club mnnBgcra modo blm npolociio. It is tho
A PF tenttment of tho Ijcaeuo thin such players
i Kw ahould bo cxpcllod, and the coumlttie, conslst-
Jr Wfi 1"K f Hart, Sodcn, nnd Ilrush, will come near
y f& t having tho resolution passed."
ri && . Colleito men woro discusslnr; yestordny tho
iS!T Rs latest propositions made by tlioVnle Nayin
f' & an attempt to induce Cornell to enter tho pro-
p3fc posed triangulnr boat race on the Thames Ilher
Wj ml next summer. Yale's willingness to let Cornell
Mi Rw& take tho "outsldo" course ot Now London,
S Is thereby avoiding anj possible contact with tho
' S "oel Brass," crca' id no end of comment. Pome
t&tj entbusliiBts were inclined to pronounce Ynle's
J K action ns dccidrdl) fair, whilo others showed a
1 Wi tendency to criticise it ndxcrsely. A Harvard
ii, V& nau who has been strictly lmpurtlnl in this
n- jPJft matter Bald:
S? TsM " Ya,B "cn" woll nnd is nctlnff fairly. Iiut
nmm& aputoof ilior propositions nro opn to crftlclm.
5(VKBS Tho inlcNau nnntsurnce with Cornell, nnd
5?HB?& when tho cliallinsowns sent to Ithaca It was
MLWmWh notlntcndid to cmhurrassCorntll. It was be-
&W$i3 lleveclthnt tho Inttcr would bo nblo to row a
&" mPt? tlireo-corncred race nt Now I.onilnn nnd aIi
Wv fS& row it similar race with Columbia and Iho Unl-
ffl fi-SST erslty of l'cnni-ylxaniuiit the sanio place. It
Km was aleo thought Hint if Cornell wonted to end
, WM her relations Willi Micbo coIIcrcb. tho time was
Kf ripe for suih action, us the Ithacnns were not
laif lound bj liny rBrcciuctit to row them npuln.
ftBk "no whole iilcii was to t'ho Cornell
If. t onothei thnnco lo row Ynleund Ilartard, but
rS t' tbelhamcsLourro whs sllpulnted because the
U ftfw lllue nnd Crimson would not row mi) where
I mnU-- ''ec' Tho fair Ihnt New London is almost cqul-
t iVeSi distant from New Hum n Hnd Uoslon, and tho
tesfiR addition ilfuct Hint tho undergraduates of Yale
ItK' Hn llamnd would not ngnln santtlon a rare at
Sit 1&$L HoURhkecpslt. are tho real rcnBonaforlliosc-
13$' r-fS&i ledlunof ilio'iliinuislnsicnil of the Hudson.
feS lft'1' "Tho Invitation to Cornell was siniero, but
Iw"1 toss enemies of nlo liniiiDrtlntelj pronounced it an
&? ISSk nllrinpt to plnio the Illiiians in such a hole
M B5Wi Ihnt the wouldappcsr tobi-bickiniroiil. Cor-
P3S nell. m ihninplon. snw n thiincu to dictnto to
7t vWk the liluo and iriinsun, whonro now thorouchly
1 fiidepcnili nt In HiIn matter, and forthwith came
f' fiS urn maud from Jtlmafor n (ho jcars'nKrco-
' ft'lH Willi or no isio would bo nrr.inired. At first
W'4 titi ui'potrid liko an insinuation that Yale nnd
St. wiw llarriiiil were not lu Im trusted, but it
t,i W$&, wa. fc,)on onrlookcil, Yalo taking: tho ini-
Mr SrtA tiiititi, rctohtil to ninku further efforts to
iSSHw hrliiK about a race, nllbough tho proposition for
iffif yn iiBiccment woh Immidintel) tinned down
rSSii both nt Now Hncu unit CHUibrldge. Y'alo'a
BmSJ Mtist offer lo lit Cornell pick tho best (ourse
WtSSi on tho Thamia was undo in good nltli ns a
,j flllW. r-'ocinl iniluiimciit lotho Ithacnns, nnd the ad-
K KMK illtloiial offer to hut othu New Ixjiidon Hoard of
- liwli Tradopay llio entire ' uxpcnsisof Cornill'miovv
k SaO Is also bona Hilt.. niu Istrjlnr; to nrrnnito a
S W&S'- ' rnoennd Harvard will act, protubb. ns mo 'la-
jf1 bSmT lor bj inlllnKoioiiferiiiiiliinsliort time."
r NW? , 'oiuollniciiboiin to bo dltidcd in their opln-
ia iHuES, Ions, feomo of ilicm loiik upciii rlo,8 altitude
S OK ylllilniro-u-lnufinor. iillbouuli llii silll want
re Mr. toyooaii irreuuintaicuiiilj tho three unit ir-
tf :Wi S!ll,tB' Othirs do not lusitaio lo proiinunte
3 K3P noi nitionj as "mtrclj n ce or politics."
?' IK A promliicnl Illininn onid the otlurdny;
l ffljr ,. alo lins plu ii j) n miarp unmciilltho way
far W lurouBli. llio ;liBlUi,Li.fpnto Cornell una to
B TK. iletoily wonnd Hint tliu liliucinarould not no
WL i.cp.t " ""hout lurninr down tliimsclTes and
3 t lliolrnnponruls at Columbia and I'tiinsylinnla.
Wii Imr Cornell tliiii.snw awaj out of tlioclliHinltv, If
t iilBk t-pmnollcd lo kIu tipu nuo with Colunibiaand
vtJW the Qiiaktrs. in onlir to row Hun rd and Ynlo
&'ly8tf Ik "" liondoii. tho Illmumsiouifhtloprotoit
WiOft' J"0"''cli.'-? ln tho futtiro bj nskltiif lor an BKrco-
MkWLih tiiint. This titiH I em refused, nnd Yule still In-
nWlUE, nUiiponihonuiitiiniuof thoihnlleiiBC, The
frXw wonroraof thobluoiilsoHaj thatCornelknnlme
ZtkWMO:,' Mia lest cinirso on tho Th lines. Does nnybody
?,.WffiaL m1' . 't"' C"'"L ' ",l'!lct opt such propo-
'I ipE M",aJ.i hupposo she did and then won the race.
i MM would thero bo rnjKlori (or her? You can rist
MiW nssurod that Cornill will tint nsk for any such
KM, linor. and if sho consults to row at New 1jn-
W-Mf ilon it will boon an equal basis with Inr Now
Wk l-.nitlanilrlnls. Asfnrns tliu inw'n exbinscB
IIM nro concerned, that set ma to bo n i cr fuir prop-
(i osltlon. hut Ills nsldu Issue," wiirup
h, lllF 1,ml tll. ,hrc0 "iiltcrslllos will meet In a con-
W-fllf' ferencoof bonio kind is remarried asacortnlnty,
W Jl ""d olli;iro ineii who am interisted aiyth.U tho
ft fl liosotlatlonswlllleaitlsfailiir). They also de-
Iff 9m l,ur" lUal ".V!.1"0 w atsltiiiirt two fresh-
m TOE ?" r1-8-"!'! bo rowed on the Tliatnis, Cornell
Grl WS& hiliiB represented In all fourutents.
r MK i fr Brnduntcs of tho unliersltlcs Involvod
''0 ovo that tho row ItiK coiifcreneB should Ihi
r ffl tallidb tho I'niienlty a. C. of this city.
' W .Y,lllcl!W' ' ".fKni'Ued for suih purposes
ii Jhp tilth has in lid with extreme fairness lu the
I iijljiislliicnl of (olloso football disputes, and
II 4 also In handl tiBtho muctliiBS of llio Football
IlulesCoiniiilttco, so that there nppiars lo be
,,A no reason, lit Iho estimation of ollco men,
y fli.f ,,l, ll " 'lub should not hi t as mediator In this
tlleUh cr.u,'"'. ,r I'""", .Yale, mid Cornell
lV$Et vlh ,., ."c" ?. ,1,elr 'IHletinees in a iiuin-
1 fciffi j P01' ""''Ii will not cmtuirnns anybody, they
S iHf !'")." ,T J ', "J'.'1 " ,,'oriiuil reqmst
f WW olhoUnlicrsIl A.C lo eull a uiecllnir lobe
J WW I"d at tho elubliouio, where theio are excel-
j 11 lent mcommodHtioiiu for such a conrlni e. It
f ejw ho tniiytislllcs will ntklhoiltihofllUalBlo take
S !Sfi JhfilnlllitnelH this liistiii,io.ltlsBfinerallybo-
? Ml Hi ted ilmt tho wat will bo pniol for needle-
OMl, Hunt. Iho olllcluls of Ihe ilitu ire willliiBlo
tmiM hi t if thoi nruskked tuilobo, hut tbcv will not
SA1T lake tho first stun. Although tho nlnaj tall
Mi. thniiievtlnusof Iho Koqi lull Itnles Couimitloo,
iBH( Hn) rcfriln rrom tuklnir nllli inl action until
Hirp'' thr) liiitu la on formally rcitn a cil tohjtino or
HB " "'""' 'ho hit; uiilicrsititv,
K rmum I'niv. o 'Ills, UN pin.luhol a story
BBV' Uudlnjif to tliuw nh j (villi) of 1'ilnictvn was
not a snl table mi ta All tho captaincy or tb
foolball eleven. There was no Intention to treat
Keller unfairly, for the story was based upon
the statements of a member of Princeton'
Graduate Advisory Committee, 'Bereral ot
JCelley'a friends, however, (ay that he posi
tively declined to aicept tho football captaincy
when It waa at his disposal because he wanted
the honors IP no to Ilalrd. Kellsy I one ot the
(,'rcateat athletes that has ever worn tho orange
and black, and bis wonderful playing; In the
football ffanio against Yale at New Haven de
servod a special reward. Ills faithfulness to
Princeton hut novor been questioned, although
everybody knows that ho does not liko to train,
Keller will undoubtedly be Ilalrd's ablest as
sistant next fall.
The dltputo betweon Corbett and FlUslm
tnons, as It waxes hotter, Is making many per
sons laugh. Differing1 In ovoryllilng that comes
up, they are now carrying their war Into tho
lithographs with which they nro billing them
solves throughout tho country. Corbett. on
some of the bills. Is pictured ns clinging to nn
American flag, with these words floating out of
hU mouth:
"If I can get this Fltxslmmons Into tho rlnc
again! will hrlng tho championship of tho world
back to tbo United States.' ...
Although Fitzslmmons Is a cltlr.cn of tbls
country, Corbett persists In cnlllng him a
foreigner. Hob gots back, though, on his bills,
ono i f which shows Corbett prostrato on tbo
floor of tho ring, and Fltx, with folded arms nnd
a sarcastic expression on Ills face, standing; over
him. On another bill Fit is represented ns
stnnrilng- on a sort of peilestnl, surrounded by
tho men ho has defeated. Under CliowisUs
picture nro tho wolds' "Knocked out
In four rounds!" which Is not true,
ns Fltx and Joo fought only once, nnd that was
n flvo-round "bo." which was stopped by the
Uoslon polico when Choynskl whb Betting a
shado the worst of tho bnttlo Under Mnhurs
plcturo aro tho words: " Knocked out twice!"
which Is also slightly n rong. In view of tho fait
that Mahcr, In his tlrst llghtwllli Hob. quit nftor
tho Iwolfth round, the open letter addressed to
tltz by Corbett, whlib was prob.ibly written
b) one ot Jim's press ngcnt, In which Fits!
recedes tnrloua offers, ntnouiilliiB In all to
$5,000, if ho will only light, is alio tho cause of
much ribald jesting. Tom O'llnurke. however,
uses an effective Iinmmcr when Iicshib: "Cor
bett nnd Fltz will miet nBnin, pcrsoerot nKrci"
mint, nnd II will bo Corbill's luru lu win.
U Hourke, by tho wa, will miiko no attempt to
Bcitfro theso llstlo hciocs lor his new ilubat
Cone) Island.
Kid McCo) has dot eloped into a spccchmakcr.
On lliursdii) nlfiht. ntlor his Iwg iirn hlner ox
liibition, howasealled Loloru tho iiirtnlii. Tho
Kid uindo his way to Iho tontru of tho stage,
wlicruho bortcd, and raised his right hand to
toinmnnd silence. 'I lien ho mi hi:
"Ladies and Qkntlluln: I supposo jou
wouli like to know something about my future
In tbo rlnir. Well. Mr. FHzsluimoiiR snjs Ie
BOt to light Chojnskl. I'll tight unybody ho
names at tho middleweight llimL but I want
is tho championship of the world, and 1 11 defend
It in; ilnst all comers."
McCoy ncglivtcd to state, howovor. that
Chojnskl cnunot get down to tho middleweight
limit, although behind ibo bccuch ho deelared
that ho would lonsent to IlLht Joe at 10- pound
as 1 HE ht'M has all along nuggested.
At a boxing tournament, held across the Kist
Ilivcr afow weeks ngo, tho polico Sergeant cut
an unexpected flgme. llluoeotitshaoolten In
terferist with the progress of Rlovo fights, but
seldom, if ever, have they eompellod refractory
pugilists to box. On this Lceuslon thcto waa
such u ulliu crowd In tho clubs arena Hint tho
two "stars" rvlused lo light on tho percentage
"If we don't Bot a stated sum we don't AbM.
See I" was their ultimatum, and the managers
w ere nonplnssod. The police Sergoant, w ho had
been on duty slnio curb In the morning, was
prclt) well Hied out, and when ho found thnt
tliu ilclu) wuaeuusud by tho lighters he hunted
tliein up with lire inhlseir
"Look hiri'l" lie cxel iluied as ho hurst Into
tho lighters' dressing room. " I'm not going to
bIii hero all night walling for Jon to settle up
tliN row. You o either got to get Into the ring
or I'll pull .ou both In ns nisorderl) pusous."
"Hut wu want our uionrjl" they protest! d.
"Fight, or mine to tho station houiil" re-
ficilea lliucrgctnt. "I cslood this nonsenso
ung choimlil
Tlicn tbo "stars" got Into tho ring and
"fought, ' each keeping tne) eon tho Sergeant.
Managers of boxing shows havo troubles of
their own, cspcci.il!) when their patrons aro
unreasonable. At IlutTulo not long ugo, tho
ministers beiurcd warrants for twowell-kuown
pugilists und prepared to arrest them Jubtna
the) were about to enter tho ring, 'llio ath
letic club's arena wus well tilled, ami wlun
there wasadelu) the truwd bcg.tu to howl im
patiently. Tho managers nero In u quandary
until a mnn walked up lo them und said:
"Sa, meandnio pnrlncrsis a band o' music,
and we've walked hero to got a chnuca to shuw
der pub'ic what wo kin do. Let us git ln dcr
ring and play!"
" Wh), icrtalnlyl" cried tho managers.
Tho musicians got into tho ring, and as they
tuned up they looked thoiruwdoicr. "Put Mo
Off at Buffalo!" wus tho flrst selection. It was
not received with favor. "Whoa, hmmal" al
most crcatod a panic, and "Attir the Hall"
caused tho "band" lo climb out of tho ring,
tiuddunl) the managers rushed up to the musl
clans again and asked them to play.
"Sari" ejaculated tho leaner. "Wo don't
know a thing. Why, if wo get up ln dor ring
ag'ln dcr mob'll stual our Instruments. Some o
)ou managers got up dcro and throw dor bull
eon Into 'em. Id) 'II stand fer lut, but not fcr
music." 'Iho musicians lied.
The managers of the Polo A. C. nro surprising
the sporting public by plating Iho tiekit turiif
for tlio coming Kell)-itotchforu bout nt $.!, s3.
$5nnd$7. In clew of I he fait that tho last
ebow under the club's auspices did nut pan out
bccuuBO tliu oltetiduneo was slim, this move is
not regarded us consistent. 'I he public will not
pi) big prices an) more except, to si udiampion
ship events between tho heavier pugilists, ac
cording to the lows expressed b) muti) tight
dyraaaslum Dlrrctura rrom Leadlnc Colleges
Fix a LnlrurMi Standard.
A big stride In tho onward march of physical
culture was mudo)cstcrdny by a representative
gathering of experts at the Knickerbocker A.
C. Tho meeting wus called for tho purpose of
organization among tho gymnnslum directors
of the principal colleges and also with a
view to establishing on equablo system
of strength tests. Tho luttcr question
boB long demanded Intelligent legislation as tho
crop of "strong men "del doped Inst )cnr was
so profuse that somo definite system of classifi
cation became ncccssarj. All could not bo
ihnmplons except of their respective institu
tions, but It was almost impusBlblo lo nnaljzo
the rilatlvo merits of llio riinls, ns to-t sys
tems mid apparatus varied nt the discretion of
tho various gmunliimdlrcctoiB
Tliiaviow was taken at an Informal "round
table" discussion imwccnHomo uf Hie lotdlng
lights who mot In this ell) on Not. li last, and
ycbtcrdaj's meeting was llio result. Dr. Wat
son L. S iviigc, who issued tbo call, was agree
nbly surprlacd at Iho extent of tbo responses.
He reicli id lelti rs from the ri'inotcst setts of
learning in the blatcs and Ciinadn, and on call
ing the roll he found tho following authorities
on ph) ska! development lu attendance:
l)r JayW, leaver, Yale, Hr C I'. I Inliart. Ohio
Ftate Uulvtislt). Dr. Idwuid llltclicmk. Amhersti
I)r William (I Audi rum, Yale, Dr J II Cnnslian,
Johns Ilupklut Uiiltcr.lt) . Dr. K II ln.iln. Kutuers
ttllige, lliut II I kochbr. Ui.l Pout Military
AcB'IrmysIir W A I amlM-th. Unlterslly orMrglulai
l)r V. II. Cnrletou. Dartmouth College. I)r C I).
Miller. Unlrenlly or 1'tuimyltanla, George II Villi,
Innlty Collcke, and I'rof, V. II, Cunu, New York
Tho Commlttco on Organization Drs, An
derson mid Llnharl and Prof, C'ann sul
mittcd n constitution und b)-!nws, wlilih
proved acceplab'i', and tho dilocnles pres
cut formally orB'iniid ns "'llio boil
oty of College (i)mnnsluin Directors,"
with tho following ofliieis: Prosidont, Dr. J. W.
f-air. Ynlo; Vitt-Prosldent, Dr. C. P. Lln
harl, Ohio Stuto Unhcrsll); becrctnry und
Treasurer, Dr. W. L. Savnge. Columbia. A
i mini II was also selected, to consist of tho foro
going oflli ers and Dr. D. A. Sirgentof Harturn
and Prof. F. II. Cann, University of Now York.
Drs. .Sargent, beivcr, and hut age, Jocosely
referred to as "tho thrco big H's," then pre
sented then port on strength tosts, which roallj
reprebcnts tho plntformof llio new organization.
It was accepted unanimously, after lurg nnd
careful deliberation, nnd all Its recommenda
tions wcro adopted, '111 In means Hi t hence
forth, or rather after tho completion of tho pres
ent terui, nil colleges w ill buvo n strtctl) uniform
undnccuralo set of strength tests, llulis ore
clearly defined rcgmdlug machines, their use,
nnd tho method of computing points, und the
result will be a thorough solution uf Iho period
hat question ns to who is nail) tho "collegiate
The three experts who nresentod the report
will remain a committee for tho purpose of In
specting nil apparatus und passing on nil
mi thods of testing before a randldato attempts
theorilin). Iho soclct) has a wide field ot use
ftilnesn beforelt, nnd Is oxpeited to do a world
of good.
Jordan slabbed or Ills I'rlsrs.
Alexander A. Jordan, tbo well-known all
around ex-champlon of America, would bo Inn
sad fix just now if the athletic censors called on
him to produco his pilzis. As n matter of fait
ho has scarcely ait) to show, ulthough the rco
ord books are puncluated with his triumphs on
track and Hold In England, Catmln, und the
United Stales,
ThudiBiippsaranrn of tbo trophies Is duo to
the cntei prlao of somo Ihlows who Iroki into
his house. Hi!! K.it Hixl) -second striut. tin
;jitirsuu night. The) located bis choices! Uj.
luctluij of prizis on tho sUoloird In
Iho dining room, and without waiting
tu study tliu hlslono Inscriptions. look thu whole
lot. These very inscriptions wlmli rendtred
tho trophies doubly Precious In Mr. Jordan's
ocs raihrr ullcct their market value, and he
hopes to Bet on Iho trm k of his prupcrt) befuro
U reaehot the lueltlng put,
lively Festivities at the Assntenr Rear
ten a Beta tides r lbs Bridge.
Stag rackets wore the popular escape valves
for enthusiasm among; clubmen last night, and
the " Hot Time " chorus almost ran a dead beat
with "The Star Sparuiled Banner " and
other popular anthems of Yuletlde. At
the bicycle nnnox ot the New York A. C. tho
new year was welcomed ln real old-fashioned
style. The festive custom was observed religi
ously In past jenrs by tho Citizens' IHcyolo
Club, and when that body throw ln Its nlloglance
with tho Now York A. C. It still clung to tho
annual cclohratlon for sako of "Auld Lang
Accordingly when John O. Gullck, one of the
veteran members, passed the word last night
there was a grand gathering ot tho clnn, and
fraternal toasts nnd good wishes flow around liko
snowflnkcs In tho Klondike Uulick arrived
from tho mnln clubhouso laden down with
churchwardon pipes and " matorlals," wet nnd
dry, and tho fun soon bocamo fast and furious,
.Mlloigo horoes unbosomed themselves under Iho
softening Influences ot tho occasion until tho few
llshcrmcn present wero shamed Into silence.
The cluti vocalists nnd elocutionists let thorn
sell cs out ns If their success during tho new
year doprnded on It. and tho only lull for hours
wss when Iho city cblmosbognn to toll tho muglo
hour which marked Iho doalh of 1897.
Tho oldtlmera lingered lovingly ovor their
"stirrup cups," for after next month the popu
lar old annex will know them no more. About
Fobrunry they will movo Into tho now club
palncn fronting tho Park, nnd from then on tho
wheeling dlv Islon will hn n prominent factor In
that wondorttilly diversified sporting nnd social
combination which mokes up tho Now York
Tho members of the Twenty-third Regiment
entertained n big throng nt Ibo armory of tho
command, corner of Atlantic nnd lied ford
nvenucs. Ilrooklyn, last night. Tho enter
tainment was termed "an old fashlonod
stag racket," nnd surh It proved lo lie.
but It eclipsed Iho modest onc-ioom ntfnlr ot the
past as thoroughly ob tho modern thrco
ring circus docs Kb nntlquatcd prototype.
There wni n plonltudo of tlrst-clnss spar
ring by somo of Iho best known professional
nnd nmntcur nthlutes, a scries of very
lively vaudcvlllo turns, nnd n ple-cntlngmntch,
tho festivities concluding with tho marriage ot
Miss Hrookhn nnd Father Knickerbocker. It
was a very interesting and unusual entertain
ment, and served to usher Inl HUH appropriately.
At tho Crescent Athletic Clubs city club
houso Chairman Aldcu S. Swan and on elllclont
Committee of Atmngcniints ontortnlnod tho
members with a very lively nnd Interesting
smoking concert, nt which many artists of prom
Inonro appeared,
llio members of tho Seawanhnka Iloat Club
nnd their guests made mi rry with 't)7'a fleeting
hours nnd welcomed 't)8's dawn most auspl
ilouslv at tho city clubhouso, 134 llroadwuy,
llrookbn. Somo flrsl-claas talent of various
sorts nnd solid nnd liquid mfroshmonts were
among concomitants of a red-hot show.
I bo Iong Island Wheelmen's cos) home on
Ilcdford avenue. Hrookl)n, was thronged, nnd
visitors wero treated loailover vnrlcty show.
Ihe Olonmore Wheelmen of HiuTncnt) sixth
word. Ilrooklin. gavn nn apron and necktie
imrtv nt Iho Turn Hall, 101 Ilrndford street,
llrookljn, where they danced tho nldyonrout
and tho now ono In most ecccptnblv to them
snlc8 nnd guests Tho (Ircntcr Now York
Wheelmen entertained a big crowd at Its club
houso on Bodford avenuo with vuudovlllo and
Member and Cneau liny l.iineh Free at Hie
New lark . V. nnd It. A. C.
Athletic clubmen will usher In tho now) ear
with tholr customary enthusiasm, and there
will be special festivities under tbo auspices of
tho Winged Foot and Cheriy Diamond. Hy way
of an appetizer tho cross countr) departments
of botb clubs will hold papenhascs In tho fore
noon, tho New York A. C. venuo being at
Trnvcrs Island, nlillo tho Knickerbockers will
cut loose from Columbia Oinl, Wllllamsbrldgo.
Then there w ill bo a general stnmpcdo back to
town, and tho hoidquirtcrs of loth organiza
tions w ill keep " open house" for members and
guests from 1 o'clock to 0 o'clock In tho after
noon. Superintendent Duffy nnd tho steward of the
Now York A. C. Inv o been plotting and planning
for weeks with a v low to beating nil records ln
tho holiday catering line, and tho result is a
menu card calculated to tickle tho palate
of oven a chronic dyspeptic. Kv cry thing
solid and liquid from entries to Roman
punch Is, provided on n lavish scnlo
while the setting for tho feast is a troat in Itself.
Tho main dining room is festooned with ever
greens, banners, souvenirs of tho chnsc, tho
cinder path, tho ball Held and every other sec
tion of tliu sporting map which has felt tho
v ictorious troad of tho w inged foot.
Hut tho set pieces aro tho trumps of tbo col
lection The80 arolooccun) plocesof honor on
tho fcstlic board and sntisf) artistic Instinct
whilo tho Inner man is being nourished with
tho good things ln between. The principal orna
ments, some of which, he the wnj.can 1,0 eaten
wllh safety, include. "The triumph of Mercur),"
"A favorite pastiino." "Pimniid of game,"
"Iho horn of phut)." nncl a varict) of sldo
features emblematic of ever) branch of modern
riic wholo dlspla) will be II tin electricity In
nnprourlalo designs and in each wall thu tlguros
lfjtm 1 Rits w ill blaze out through the ui ergreens
us n reminder to members old nnd )otingthut
the club hn,. completed Its thirtieth )nr as the
lending ithlotlc institution of Americn. A fes-
tlicdlmnY will ho furnished b) uicscmanns
full orchestra, which bus been engaged to en
Hi en tho proi ceilings throughout.
The Knickerbockers will also entertain lav
ish!", and whilo the) have prepircd no formal
menu, the) are prepared to nieho callers with
their atcustsinid bnspltalit). An clnborato
luncheon will bo spn ad In tho parlors on Ihe
main floor, nnd thu club i hof lias IiIh btatT work
ing douhlo tlmo to furnish ccr) thing entablo
and drinkable that the niirkct affords. Tho
iih)slciltlcpiirtmi tils havo shut down In despair,
ud training Is not likely to be resumed for somo
ttnlrott Arter Victor.
Kid McCoy's challenge to meet any middle
weight In tho world will not go n begging. It ap
pears, for hcldcs Joo Choinskl there nrosov
eral other boxers who aro Just Itching to wrest
tho Kid's title- from him Joo Walcoit, tho col
ored " wonder," Is the latest to accept McCoy's
ddl, and Is probabl) vcr) much In earnest about
It, loo, for his manager, Tom O'ltourko, yester
day posted fKS.OOO In thU city to bring about tho
mill. O'ltourko, who arrived in town in tho
inornlnv, sild that ho win mid) to match W.il
colt against .McCo) at 158 pounds for a sldo bet
of tycoon O Itourko claims flint before h left
Chicago Hob MtziliiitnoiiK told liim that If Mc
t'o) defeated Wuliotlho (Fitz) would then con
Bent lo face MiCoj.
MeCoi, when ho heard last nUlit what
0 Itourko had tlont1, suld IoThkSiin nporter:
"O Itourko Is looking for a diuup nil. Ho knows
that Wuliott won't fight me, and that I won't
I bothir with him, I have drown thu color lino,
nn) wa, mid Ii iv o done so fui .vears. Let Will-
f ott giiiilicud and bcat'Iomiii) West. I knocked
bun out In two rounds, while Wt-Hl defeated
Wulrott. If 1 11 really niimcil Wulcott, which
1 don t think ho did. ho uuvir llgured that I
wouldn't meit u colored man."
Wall ott teems to bo pleased over tho pros
pect of ii mulch with McCoy. Ho Is nt present
In Hoitiin, but Intends to go to Ihe jlirbndoes
for u fow weeks. When ho returns bo will get
rendi for Mi Lor, in ease tho Inttcr agrees to a
match. U Itourko also aald thnt ha would try
mid luivo the light decided at his club al Coney
Mure Flglit Talk by Julian.
Ciiicaoo, Dec. 111. Fitzslmmons nnd Martin
Julian laugh Corbett'B latest challongo to scorn.
Julian Bays no attention will bo paid to Cor
belt's "bluff."
'Corbett might as woll keep his money In his
pockot," Bald Julian, " ns to post it and keep on
challenging Hob. It was only nftor the greatest
persuasion that I Induced him to reconsider his
determination not to enter tho ring uguln. Now
that I havo succeeded In doing sound wo offer
Corbett terms for a match, be Insists on pnyjng
no nttontion to Iliem. Ills latest offer Is not
what wo wunt at all. It would bo n good ono If
wo were not in n position to hold out for
our own terms No, Corbett would hotter
keep still or do as we sa). Ho wants the battle,
nnd tho only way ho can get 11 Is to show us that
hflisintlllcd to another nicotine', llizslmmons
challenged hliu several times while bo was
nothing but middleweight champion. Ho was
told. In repl, logo out and get n reputation.
Corbett bus beaten nobody but old men snd
cripples. Now wq tell him In beat some good
muu before ho ran expect to get attention Wo
named Pttir Mahcr as a good man for him to
beat. This will bo our position from this lime
Furaes fur Koullsu Fighters.
Hilly Newman yesterday tent n letter to the
London ,1ln or of Lift en) Ing that ho was ready
to gh on $3,000 purso for Will Curler, wbodev
foatrd I'otsy Halei, tu meet nnvbantaiii; $1,000
for Hon Jordan, who vanquished Tomiii) Whlto,
and uver) largo purso for Tod Whilo tocoino
here and unit Kid MeCo), Whilo Is the pugi
list who dflfentid Mi Co) at England In ten
rounds. Whito, In a letter lo Dr. Ordwuy tho
othur ilit), suited that ho would fight McCoy
utaln nnd would fate him In this country if
lieecBSir). Now mnn will ghe substantial ex
pullers, loo, anil says that ho will extend every
courtesy to tho foreigners. Hilly mar hai o Our
ley go ugalust Dmo rjullivuu, who is duo here
fimuKnglaud ver) shortly,
ttACixo nr tub l. a. lr.
me Talk ef tbeCeatury Band Clab or Amer
ica Assassins; Charge VI hat the falter Mra
Think r the Coming Rleellsn Jersemen
Fropese ta Adapt Agarestlre Hnasnres.
It Is expected that tho question ot the ad
visability ot the L. A W. remaining In control
of tbo racing Interest will bo discussed nt
length nt the annual nicotine; of tho League
next month. Many members feel thnt tho
Lcnguo has received undoslrablo notoriety by
reason ot Its Identification with tho rocent
six-day contest In tho Madison Squaro Garden,
and n proposition that It abandon tho control of
racing Is anticipated, Whilo tho ofllcers of tho
organization do not express themselves as op
posed to tho sport, they frankly admit that It Is
tholr belief thnt tho best Interests ot tho Loaguo
will bo served by cutting looso from racing.
An ofllcer ot tho Stnto division ventured
tho opinion vestonlay that ha wished
tho Century Rood Club of America was
strong enough to assume tho control of
trnek aa well ns road racing. Ho na)
that tho club hnsdecldod to admit professional
riders to membership, n movement tho L. A.
V. onlr contemplates, so that Iho Cen
tury Club will really bo In a bettor
position to dlctato to both classes. If tbo
League should sorlously consider tbo question of
abandoning the control ot track racing ln favor
of tho Century Road Club, It Is felt that the
latter would gladly tako tho burden oft tho
shoulders of tho League. A prominent member
of tho Connecticut division, who hns been iden
tified with tho management of some of tho
largest raco meets In this country, says:
"Iho management of Importnnt mcots has
continued to pass from club organisations Into
the bands of Individuals or associations, pro
moting tho events for purely money-making
purposes. This changed condition has unquca
tlonahl) had a good deal to do with the
diminishing of tho old amateur spirit,
although It has been tho means ot furnishing
better sport to tho public nnd hotter opportuni
ties to tho racing men for exhibiting their
strength than wero possiblo under the old
method of club promotion. Tbo marked Increase
ln tho number of events and tho grcnter
tlnnnclnl Interest involved hern created
a situation which can sranelv longer
bo controlled by any L. A. W. Racing
Hoard. Tho necessities of the sport bore, ln our
Judgmont, Increased to a point demanding that
Iho present board bo superseded by a board of
control, oach member ot which should be a com
petent nnd responsible man oniplojed nt nroaB
onablo salary. The condition could be further
simplified by conferring largo powers upon tho
various division racing boards."
President Potter and Chlof Consuls Jenkins
of the New York and Kirckorof tho New Jcrsoy
divisions held a conference in thtscltyycsterda).
Ihe political situation was discussed. Including
tho personnel of tho ticket published In Tub
bl'N )csterdny. Tho Potter tlckot Is now bo
Btrungly fortified that. It is not expected
an) opposition can bo dorelopcd to weikon
nny of Iho candidates. It is expected that objec
tion will be manifested lu tbo West in somo of
the minor ofllcers, but tbo Potter mm do not
nntlclpato that nny independent faction will bo
strongly supported. Consul Jenkins eonterred
wllh Mr. Potter on mailers relating to tbnStatn
dh Ision nfTnlrs, and it is expected thnt he will
announce his now lommittocs early in tho week.
At the nnnml meeting of tho Connecticut di
vision on last Wodnisdny tho reports of the
ofllcers show id tho division to ba in n prosper
ous condition Thu following delegates woro
elected to tho Natlonnl Assembly: H. F. Keley,
K. H. Wllklns, O. II. Hammond, L. P. Case, and
W. A. Wells Tho question of a tax upon blcy
do riders for the improv cment of the highways
was opposed. Chiilrnmi Honnccker ot tho
Transportation Commlttco introduiod tho fol
lowing resolution, which was passed:
Rolirt, That It Is the sense or this meeting that
btcyclts should lio checked aud carried free, aa bag
gage, by all railroad an t steamboat lines, and that
the Transportation Committee take such action as
they may deem necessary to acquire that object,
even to nreparlcg a bill for the next Legislature to
secure that end
Tho Executive Commltteo of the Now Jersey
dlviBlonof tho L. A. W. has decided to adopt
an aggrcssivo policy in pushing tho division
work during the now 5 oar. The Hotel Com
mittee proposes to Inaugurate now rules
for tho protection of touring riders, whilo
tbo Rights and Privileges Committee an
nounces that it will urgo tbo adoption
of a law whereby a rider arrested nnd lined
for violating a bloclo ordinance can lc wo Ills
wnrcl as security when without funds. Tho Kx
irutlvo Commltteo has Indorsed tho proposition
of Chief Consul Kcrckcr to ontltlo tho division
officers to eclcit official L. A. W. hnndleitppcrs
A resolution wns nlso caused indorsing the rcan-
E ointment ot John Wetmoro of JMlzabctb as
tato handicapper.
The annual election or ofllcers of the Century
VVheilmcn will t held on Jan IT
The Hoard or onli en or the MkliUau division of the
L. A VV. Is opiorrd to Sunday racing
A mei ting or the Hoard of lloternors of theProok
lyn lllc)cle Club will Im lit Id on J nil 4
The Associated Cycling Clubs or Long Island wilt
elect new oflletrsou Jan 17
Messrs t-dnards, llanshlldt, Se)iuour, Thur3ton,
aud Dradley lead In th mileage competition of the
Cintury VMiieliuenof thlsclt).
The anuusl meeting and election of nine rs of the
Manhattan I IcyileClub will be In Mnn Jan 17.
J. I- Willows of Toronto and U H ilranger of
Montreal art candidates for the cticlrmanshtp of tho
HuclDg Hoard of tho Canadian VMiet linens Assoela
Articles of ln-orporatlnn havo been filed by the
Namelcsa V heelmen of Brooklyn
There Is tome talk or a bicvele truck lictng built at
Harrison. X. J.
fleorge I- blierman. tho veteran letter carrier ot
Jirser Cltv. won the mileage ciutipc till jii ot the Ifuil
hou County Wheelmen, wh'eh closid yesterday.
During the) ear he rodo 11 111 a lull, s Ilavjuga lar.re
collection route covering ihe Ibrtn and (Ireenv llio
set tlous ot the Heights, It con reidll be tu en how lie
rollid upnuch a t?r-nt uumlM r of milc-i Ills nearest
competitor U Pr. F V. Ilarluw. with a record of
MulOmllei home of the other Naders an Set retary
Howard M Bton r. S.Mt"., OeorM W Williamson,
a 0H7. 1-rank Fvelaud, i! Ills, O il Cohauks, 1,101;
George I1, Hlakeslec, 1,00.!
The Castle Point Cych rs of Ilnl nkrn 1 lccteil ths
fulluwliig ofileera during tho w eel I're-ildeut. Her
man C. l.ange. Vice President, C t ell S Ilasbrouclc,
Treaanrer, William A Kleke, Ileionliug Secretary,
Henry J, Schutt, Correspoi ding -tctiinn. John
-cn.sUckei Captain. 1-dward M Ilrusli, 1. 1 liteuant,
Charles Huck: Trustees, llitor F M)er, )re lerlik
Trautwrln.and Henrj I, lives: l)i linns to the As
sociated Utclliii clubs or K.nr Jn.c). tTilu I' Unci
ker Fr tb rick Stuart, William J. opdtcic, nnd
William Mltlleulorf
f be new oftleerrt of the Three I Ink W heelmen of
.Terse) city are ns followH- President, W V Johnson,
Vlct-Prtaldi nt, M I. I'restont TresHiirtr. ileorge
l'oreppt Financial Seeretar), Herman Peters, Iticord
lug Seeretar), William I arlow : Captain W. W.
Siiiltteiii lieutenant, John K. Iltrgin, horK ant.
Oeorgu Kiiglert Color Bearers. Wlllluiu bnooks and
W. V. (lohlkc.
The report of tho Commlttco on Rules nnd Ar
rangements for tho contests for tho Utlca
troph), which will roproscnt tho pilr champion
ship of tho Now York Stito Association, has
bocti adopted. As this Is tho first nttempt to
pla) challcngo matches for pairs, tho experi
ment Is bolng w atched w ith Intorest bj all w lilac
pla) ers.
Tho rules provido that only four pairs shnll
take part Inn match, nnd they will lodr iwn in
holts, nrtiikcii In tho oidcruf lliiir chullciikts.
Twoiit)-fnur deals will Ikj plu) id, eight against
each of the three other entries, making tlmo
nuitehis at ono Bitting, If tho m itch si ore is it
tie, tho highest trick Bcoro will win. An) club
belonging lo the .Stale Association inn) hi nil In
a challenge, fur one pair unl), nnd llio same per
son is not allowed to pla) for two clubs at illllir
ent times. Mntdius will take plain nine a
week at tho home of tho holder, probabl; nn
Saturday evenings All ihnlloiiges should bo
Bent to Albert Huthbone, 'J5 North Pearl street,
Albany, N. Y,
In the contests fur tho Now Jersey State tro
phy. I) . It. and W. section, thu Orange Whist
Club defeated the Munttlnir CI11I1 liytnolio
trlckc. The winning team was: Foster, Loth
bridge, Wallace, and Ilorrlng,
The fifth round of the intercolleglato chess
tournament was pla) ed yesterday. Mc)orbont
Murdoch, Howlnsand Young drew, Cook beat
be wind, unit Southard heal Dana.
Following Is tbo record of tho tournament:
ll'on. lol, iron. Lotx.
Columbia . 4Hi 6 Hi Yale . . IK, jl,
Harvard, . , B V ll'rluccton J 7
Tho Individual record Is:
ll'i.a. f,cjjf,i iron. Lou
Cook ,,..., a 1! Murdoch e, :i
nana 0 A hewaul . I 4
Hi wins , ,,ll a Southard , C u
)ieer. ,,,, UKi IHilYouug , :i
This Is tho pilring for tho sixth und Inst round
to-day: Young vs. Meier, Jcwns s. Murdoch,
fcoutbard is. Cook, Dunn m, Seward,
I.OUIUIIE, Ky , Deo. ill' Catcher Twlneham of St
Pa-tl. iatcher Dixon of 1'ruvldeniti und Catcher
Fuller aud Pitcher MahafT) of Cedar llaplds wera
drafted tu day by the Louisville baseball Club
blabbed Ihe Mills Uolel WaM-hmnu.
Thomas Kcneul) , a snook thief, wns caught on
tho ninth floor of tbo Mills Hotel, No. 1, early
I hla morning, Michael Roach, tho watchman,
Blabbed hliu and Kenealy Btubbed him ln the
uitn. 1 ho thief was then disaimod and taken
to the Mnvur street police station.
FreBMad Toewameata Bttwsan lk; Plehett
rbamslens erthe Werld,
Tho active policy outlined by tho A. A. V. at
the opening ot ltt present fiscal rear seems
likely to lead to somo exceptional sport In tho
coming soason. Members ot the newReglstra- 1
tlon Committee are vying with each othorln I
formulating schemes for tho advancement of
tho sport, and tbo latest Idea Is to bring about n
sorlcs of International matches. Australian
alhlotcs have furnished the cue by organizing
a team to visit the British Islands noxt yoar
nnd moot tho chosen nthlotes ot England, Scot
land, nnd Ireland at tholr respective champion
ship tourneys. W. B. Curtis, one of the dole
gates at largo to tho A. A. U., thinks tho tlmo is
rlpo for America to assort herself. Ho says:
"This will bo a grand opportunity for Ameri
can athletes. A team selected from the cbntn
f Ions of America could be sent over just after
ho Intercollegiate mcotlng ln Mar, and would
be ln time to meet the roprescntiitlvos of Qrent
Britain, South Africa, nnd Australasia in sev
eral of thoso International meetings. It Is to
bo hoped that tho ofllclnls of tho Amateur Ath
lotlc Union nnd tho Intorcolleilato Athletln As
sociation will realiro tho luiportaneo of theso
meetings nnd organlrn to inis to participate."
Iho Intercolleglato A. A. Is said to bo willing
to Join in any inovuiuont to this effoct. In fact
Frauk Kills of Pennsylvania Is quoted ns saying
that nt tho meeting of tho association next
February n motion will bo Introduced with a
view to pitting our Intercollegiate champions of
next Stay ngilnst the stars of Oxford and Cam
bridge. With the thin end ot the werigo thus
Insertod It would bo nn easy inntter to broadon
tho enterprise so ns to tako in tbofullchamplon
ship sorlcs suggested by " Fnthor Bill."
The other A. A. U. officials, howovor, seem to
take a different vlow ot the matter, their Idoa
being to Invite Iho Australasians to comneto In
tho united States, probably at New orfc, Chi
cago, and Snn Francisco, on either their outward
or homeward trip. The Australasian team has
boon picked from the champions of New South
Wales. Now Zealand, Victoria, nnd Queensland,
nnd should pro 10 n big attraction whorcver It
appears. In inso tho men from tho Southern
Cross cann t see thctr wav to como horo aa pro
posed the Indications nro that tho A. A. U. will
join forces with tho Intercolleglato Association
and tako a genuine championship tonin across
to meet all comers on the British circuit already
mapped out.
Turf .tens rrom Kentucky.
Lkxinotox, Ky., Bee. 31. H. J. Hclnr of Pitts
burg and Sebastian Mueller, bis brother-in-law,
have boon buying horses bore. Mr. Heinz got a
span of chestnut conch horses nnd two flno sad
dlers, while Mr. Mueller purchased a couplo ot
handsome saddle horses. Tho purchases wero
made of Que Rallloy of Versailles and Shelby T.
Harbison of this place and tbo Boworman
brothers of this county.
Mayor 11. J. Thomas baa bought, to be placed
at tho bend of his Hlra Villa stud, the four-year-old
bay horse Dr. McBrldo, by imported Galore
(son or Uallopln). dam Holllday, by Imported
Hopeful. The horso was ownod bv Wlndom
Waldcn of Mlddlcburg, Md., and will be shipped
boro in April. Tho report that Bow Bells, the
notod son of Electioneer and Beautiful Bells, Is
to bo bo sold Is untrue. The horso will likely
remain in Kentucky another season.
Racing at Maw Orleaas.
New Orleans, Dec 31. Tho feature ot to
day's card was tho defeat of Harry Duke by
Gatb. Uukowas tho favorite at 4 to 5. Both
horsos w ero poorly ridden, but the effort on Duke
was the worst. Iho finish was so close that It
was fully three minutes before tho numbers
were hung up. CI rcen li. Morris won his first
raco at tho meeting, bis mare, Sallle Cllquot,
capturing tho fourth event ln an easy manner.
rirat Race Selling; flee furlongs Xancy Till, U7
(Combs). 0 to 1, wont Saratoga, 1U0 (Durns), 1 1 to B,
second, So'utlon, 101 (Caywood) , 15 to 1, third.
Time, 1-03.
becond llace Five furlongst selling Crystalline,
97 (Uurns. J to 1, want Ben Frost, 100 (Ketley), 0 to
1 and a to 1, second, Wiggins, 100 (Campbell), 10 to
1, mini. Time. 1 01! 't
Third Uace Six furlongs Oath. Ill (Wllhlto). 0 to
5. wont Harry Duke. Hi (Comlie). 4 to 5 and out,
second. David, 104 (Aker). ao to 1, third. Tlme,l:la4.
Fourth Race Handicap: one mile and twenty
Tarda Sallle Cllquot, 112 (Illrsch) 1.1 to 0. won,
Tranbv, 10S (reterman) H to 1 and 3 to 1. second;
fclkln. U4 (Southard), 1 to 1, third Time, l:im4
Hfth Uace Helling: one mile. Sister Clara 100
(Kliley). Oto l.won, Terranet, 100 (Smith), sotol
aud IS to 1. second 1 Ultima, 100 (Campbell), 0 to
1, third Time, 1 43't.
Ilesulta at Iraa Hill.
I no- Hut, Dec 31. The races hero to day resulted
as follows
Mrst ltace tour and '.half furlongs King Bon. 5
to t aud s to 5 won. Flash V , el 10 1 for place, sec
ond, Henri third. Time, 1 0.'
So ond ltace Four aud a half furlong Tommy
O , 5 to U and even wnuiTeS'Ie 11 . 4 to 1 tor place,
se ond. l'nntlfex third. Time. 1 02
Third ltace blx and a hair rurlongs flusle Howze.
3 to 0 and 1 to 4, wont kassala, 4 to a for place, sec
ond: Miillahmnre third Time, 1 34
rourth ltace Four and a half furlongs Dessle At
liott, 7 to 1 and 7 to 6. won, Marie Lovell, even for
place, second! Illddenlle third. Time. 1 OJ
rifth Race Hve eighths or a mile Full Speed, 7
to '1 aud .1 to 0, sou Despair, 8 to 5 fur place, second:
bister Myra third. Time, l.ouij.
Thcro Is decided interest In tho scratch ama
teur billiard tournament which is to take place
at Madison Squaro Garden Concert Hall, begin
ning Jan. IX Prizes will bo awarded to first,
second, nnd third men, nnd tbo winner will so
curon troth) emblematic of tho championship.
J. B)ron Stark, Arthur lownBcnd, Ferdinand
Poggenburg. nnd other nmntcur exports have
announced tueir intention 01 entering, ami tnoro
promises to bo a bot struggle. Poggenburg has
rceontly Joined tbo Knickerbocker Athletic
Club, nnd Fred Oikcs. champion of tho New
York A. C, will represent tho Winged Fool or
ganization. Kntrlcs should bo inndo with Bar
tow b ccks ut 100 Hrosdway. who is the
Chilrmnn of tho romiiiittco appointed by tho
Amateur Athletic Union to tako chargoof iho
The mnro Important of tho golf competitions
to bo held to day Is tho professional match at
tho Ocean Count) Hunt and Country Club of
Lakewood. Thcro tire old rivalries us woll as
new ones to bo settled, nnd each player will do
his best In tho hopo of winning. Tho following
is tho full list of entries aud tbo clubs tbo)
W llllo Tucker, St Andrew's; John Tucker, Narra
gauscttc C, Tom Lalng. Crescent A. C , W'lllh Nor
ton SeabrlghtO C, Horace Hawllns, Oeean County;
llairv Hanliiis, Oeean County 1 Willie Collins Hlch
Hit nil loiinty, Tom llarlr). North Jerse) ; Willie
Alllerson I akewood;Tniii Oourley, llaltusrol, Jamea
I lister, Phlladulphla Cricket. Harry (lullaiie I'ldla.
ill Iphlu Country. Hubert Thomson, Uirlon Crl ket,
t harlcs Thornton Troon, bcotland, al Fllcjotin,
Ardsley Club, Will litJohn, Anlsley Club, F. till
John. Ardsle) I lulu V F.Davis Newport nnd Wash
ingtoni II J lleildle, Jtuiselhurg, heotland, Oeorge
l'eitrsoa. Itoikaway Hunt, ham Tucker. D)kcr
Jli a. low; Arthur U Orimth, Wistbrook, Willie Dunn,
tx cimmplon
Other events today Includo n great team
match at tho Harbor Hill (loir Club. In tho
number of pin) ers It Is tho most important team
match aver pln)cd In tho United States, Tho
names of tho plajers follow:
Tiam One M, (Iraham. Jr , (I, Armstrong, J. A.
Morton, A V Killej, W, I). MiKcau, o. Iluekmeyer,
1'. II Cooke, J L. ruber. (I Itwett, II. Van ethti 11.
It M (I. U alter. 1' It King, C. U Hparks. W. Hots
ford. M Carrtre, I. H Carrere. II M Judge. I. H Van
lleusstlacr, J. trench, H I) .Miller, C. V, Anable, t J,
T mi Two J. E Bonner. 11. Tyre, A. It Flllot.
II W. Itlanhnrl, F C bo) nton, C. C Ilo)iitnn C I
ll.iMilon 11 M, Mdeiiherg, II VI Mtrlck.lt Johmnn,
II C Mil er, II OCnunor, J F I.ravltt. J I' Klugnley,
II II ItroHliall, k I Illinium, C II W hltf, Wattir
worth, 11, II Dickens nnd 1. W. Uould
IThcro w HI also boiompotltlons to day at tho I))
ker Meadow, Ardslc), Woo Burn, Nutlo), Rich
mond Hill, Knglowood, Westchester, Wcatclies
tcr Countr), St, Androw's, Wistbrook, Minaow
brook, Garden Clt) and Oakland (Jolt club".
Lakt.wood, N. J., Dec, HI, In spllo of a down
pour (if rain which proiallcd this afternoon,
there wero flvo entries In tho regular match of
tho Mrs, QeorguJ, (lould Cup series on tho links
of thu Ocean Count) Hunt nnd Country Club,
mid tho llrst, siiond, mid third places wrro inp
ut red bv cards which woro well bolow tho 100
mark. The scons:
Onus f'rniD. Aef.
A. W Black Ill 1H IM
W II Coler U7 J U5
Iter II I fcchnartz. . . inn 10 e8
A. II clalllti . . .... I0H ll 100
Jais.r Lynch . , .. IUJ . 10s
Piainfikui, Dec, ai. 'Iho Hillside Qnlf Club
of this illy his bought tho Da) ton-Mellock farm
of 101 11c res on tho famous Short Hills, whero
It will la) out an eighteen holt) course, Ihe
purihnsu prlco Is $10,000. Tho farm contains a
house nnd outbuildings, which will Im utilized
b) tbo 1 lub mid equipped with modern llu
proveinentH. Ample stable room fur tliu turn
outs and p'eiity of room for soelet) in cuts will
bo allium.-the criiilpnienta 'llio farm ialueatul
on rolling ground. '1 lie club, which begun with
with u few members, has increased to lfiO, with
as inaiiv mure on thu waiting list, nnd 11 re
nioi al lo larger quarters was ncccssar). Their
priscnl links is ot nine holes.
1'endlug tbo Improvements now being made at Plsr
IM, w hlch Involve the rrooustruotlou of that pier aud
tha widening of et street, the patseuger steamers
of the Fait IllvarUne will rnmmenolng on Jao 0.
arrive at and depart frem fltr IU, Nunh Itlvtr, foot
of w arreu struct.
cirrr-AiD jtom xox-nxtnxKT nrax.
e80 or Knell rymnfa ta Ihe Hospital
Tar RnptureH and Crippled.
The Cbmmlulonere of Account reported to
tho Mayor yesterday that they found upon ex
amination Into tho financial affairs of tho
1 New York 8oclety for tho Relief of the Rup
! tured and Crippled from Jan. 1, 18111, to Doc
31, 1800, that n very largo number ot over
payments wcrotmndo by Ibo cltr on account
audited by tho Comptroller. Such overpay
ments, they said, would probably amount to
9 10.000, and they resulted almost cntlroly
from tho city's paring for tho caro ot persons
who wore not residents of New York. Tho
examination Is not ) ct completed.
In tbo matter of tho Now York Juvcnllo
Asylum tho Commissioners report that be
tween Jan. I, 1800, nnd Aug. Ill, 181)0. over
payments to tho amount of $.2,323 were motto
upon bills audited hy tho Comptroller.
William B. iBhnm. President of tho Society
for tho Ruptured nnd Crippled, said last night
that hy tho terms of Its 1 barter tho hospital
received from tho city $100 n year for tho caro
of each charity patient, regardless of his resi
dence. Tho attention ot the society was called
to the fact that It wns receiving money from
tho city for non-rcsldent patients more than n
yoar ago and tho practico of charging for them
was Immediately stopped. Mr. Isliam added
that the socloty had not recelrcd a dollar from
tho city In 1807.
An English Syndicate, secure Control or the
Interests on Ihe (Irnnt iAlte.
Chicago, Doc 31. Edwin Corbln ha suc
ceeded In securing a consolidation of tho twenty
corporations controlling tho fresh-wator fish
eries for the great lakes In tho Unltod States
and Canada. The deal was made at a secret
convention hero n fow dnys ago. tho contracts
passing through tho oDlco of tho British Consu
late yesterday.
The business is taken by an English syndicate
capitalized nt $3,000,000. Tho cash considera
tion is $2,500,000, represented by debenture
bonds underwritten by bankers In England and
a group of Dutch bankers headed byNoordjno
of Amsterdam.
The combination will produco and control tho
distribution of IQO.000,000 pounds of fish an
nually, nnd will oporute colu-storaga plants at
Now York. Buffalo. Erie, Cloveland, San
dusky, Toledo, Dotrolt, Chicago, Mil
waukee, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Pittsburg, '
Dulutb, St. Paul, Minneapolis. Kansas Cltv, St.
liouls, and Denver, and freezing plants at the
fishing stations on the great lakes and at Win
nipeg. Manitoba. Tho parties Interested deny
that tho combination will opcrnto as a trust,
Mr. Corbln to-night declined to bo interviewed.
uioiitrAYitEX jioli) vrriro women
They Unark Them Dona and Curse Tkasa far
Mat slaving Mara IQanaj.
Peliiam, N. Y., Dec 31.-Mrs. William
Ilockinr and Mrs. Thomas McQlnnls wero held
up on Thursday night while returning to their
homes ln Polhora. Thoy had Just purchased a
supply of holiday gifts and wero walking along
e secluded streot when they saw two men ex
tinguishing the gas lights. When tho lights
ahead of them were all out tho men crouched
behind some largo inaplo trees and rushed upon
the women as they passed.
They wcro both knocked headlong to tho
ground and tho highwaymen choked them,
whilo they searched their pockets for money.
The men picked ud tho bundles, but finding
nothing ot particular valuo in them, cursed tha
women roundl) for not having more money and
ordered them to go home.
Tho Identity of tho highwaymen Is not known,
as thoy woro masks, but Mrs. Hocking Is al
most certain sho recognized the voice of one of
the fellows, and thinks they are local ruffians
who frequent tho trolley terminus ln Pelham.
Csrbo and Chrlstlano Quarrelled Because the
Dancing Uad aleen stopped.
Okanok, N. J., Doc. 31. A Now Year's evo
danco wus hold in tho apartments of Antonio
Coppolo In Whlto street, Wost Oraugo, to
night. Miss Martha Henncssy, tbo owner of
tbo place, called to collect hor rent. Grustlno
Corbo, who lives on tho first floor, compluluod
to her of the dancing on tho second floor
which bo feared would cause tho ceilings to
Miss Hcnnc6sy went upstairs and requested
that tho festivities cease. Then sho left nnd
vi out to the third floor to another tenant's.
Corho, who bad accompanied her to Iho rooms,
got Into a dispute with Peter Chrlstlano, Cop
polo's son-ln law. Chrlstlano charged Corbo
with being responsible for stopping the dancing
and thoy canto to blows. In iheBcufllo Corho
J lulled a dagger and plunged It Into Chrlstlano's
mart. Corbo nnd olght witnesses of tho mur
der, all Italians, wcro locked up.
Ills Ball Forfeited nt Iiwell Paid rjin.noo
tor Ills Liberty.
Lowei.i, Mass., Doc 31. When the case ot
John Heed, tho aliened confidence man, charged
among other crimes committed ln various
parU of tha Stato wl'Ji tholaiicny of $3,500
from Former Charles Swcetscr of Chelmsford,
came up In tho police court horo this morning,
tho defendant failed to appear. His ball bond,
in this instance a certified check for $7,000,
wns ileclarcel forfeited.
Heed, up lo tho tlmu of his departure, had de
posited us ball for his apj earnnre nt Cam
bridge, Clinton, Brockton, nnd this city a total
nmount of $-18,o00. This amount was vir
tual!) pild as tho prleu of his libcrt), and,
now thut ho has gone, thcro is little dinnce of
his appc irlng nt any of tho otlitr cities or tow us
tu answer to the charges agniiiEt him.
Mnudelbaurn Dlvorcei Hlrk lo-llespondent.
By consent of both parties Justice Smyth of
tho Supremo Court hns ordered a reference In
the enso ot Hlchard Mandclbaum for nn abso
lute divorce from his wlfo Winnlo nnd hasnp
pointed Charles Donohiie referee. J. Wnldero
Kirk, who shot Mandollnum at the Oerard
House, is named as co respondent. Mandelbiuin
Bays that his wlfo bus been liitlin ito with Kirk
at tho Oerard House on Nor. 1.1 Inst and nt
other times. Thn Mandelhauius wero married
In Jrrsc) Cll) in lH'IJ mid liuvo no children.
lilik wasarreoicd for shooting Miitidelbuum,
but ns M indelbvuiu retiioccl to niako a com
plaint against nlin Kirk was discharged.
Illed of Apoplexy In n Police Station.
James Potts, 57 ) cars old, of 007 De Kalb ave
nue, llrookljn, died )esterday in tho Oak street
polico Btntlou, Mr. Potts, who conducted a glass
factory at 110 Walker street, was found uncon
scious at 7 o clock In the morning in tho door
way of tho building ut 8 Centre street. Tho un
conscious man was taken to tho O ik street sta
tion, where he died betoro tho arrival of an urn
bulitmo. His death was duo to apoplexy. As
thoro wcro two gishes on Mr. Pott faco.ro
cuived probabl) in u full, llio polico al llrst
thought that ho might have met with foul pla).
Heath or lllaa Iiiitlle Pulllarr.
Miss Lucllo I'ulltrcr. the oldest daughtorot
Joseph Pulitzer, died irt Chatwold, tho country
homo of her father at Bar Harbor, jostorday af
ternoon. Miss Pulitzer whb lu hn seventeenth
)car. Four inoiithsiigo wlillout Hiirllurbor. she
unlimited Dpbold fever, from tho cflects of
w li ft li sho neier n eov cred. ho w ns the Bit nnd of
Mr. Pulitzer's six ihildteli. Iho bod) will bo
brought to New Yoik on 1 special train (n dnt,
and thu funeral will take place from Mr, Pulit
zer s town house, 10 Kust lift)-!lfth streot.
Juttlce McCarlli) lulls In a Vertigo.
Justlco John Henry McCarthy, whilo entering
tho chnmbcrs of the City Court jcsterdii), foil
In a faint. His jirlvnto sicretui) , Thomas Sulli
van, removed blm toaloungo and a phvsirlnn
wns summoned. It wus said thut JuBtlco Me
Carth) was sulTerlng from lertlgo. Illsbrotliors
In In". Hi rmun mid Abraham Josttili, weru
Bitinuioi cd train their In" olllcis. 'Iho Judgo
roiiivcud siitllcli nil) lo ho taken home. It is
said Hint bis Illness is not serious.
TwciitJ-llve-li nr llrldgo Coittrnel for Hie
Tube Cwiiipnu),
'1 he brldgo trustees yestordaj ratified (he con
tract wllh llio PneuniJllo Tube Company ex
tending the pi rlod from flvo to t went) -Ihe
curs. Thucninpi nsatioii to llio city is neior to
Go less than l,000n)eir.
Vtn York Piial (Ifllic'a lllggral Irar,
Iho Post Olllco business In this city during
1HII7 surpassed that of mi) previous )car. Tho
lotil receipts mo S,14ll,'J7e 07, as against
j.7.7eln,77'.'.7 last )ou, 111 Incrciiso of U00,
fiO.l.HO, or ij per cent, iho net ruiinne for this
to r Is l.87J,Ul'J -l,an increase of 0 per cent,
over lust yeui.
Itllled li) n llruokl)ii Trotter Car.
Henry flilnim. 07 )earB old, of Cedar lane,
Woodbaveti, L I, whilo ilrtvltu along Liberty
f.Tonuo, Hruukl) 11. 1 tsl night was killed b) troi
0) car-'-l of the Nassau electric rnllwii).
Kllsbn IU or, Jr. , to lie n Hanker,
Ellsha Dyer, Jr., will become a momber of the
banking und brokerago firm of Ultnan Bros, of
Ott Kxcuango plate on and after Jan. 8.
Principal Absolutely Secured.
It is more and more difficult
to conduct any small business at
a prolit, because of competition
with large aggregations of capi
tal. The solution of the difficulty
would seem to be to consolidate
individual resources, placing each
moderate investor in the position
of the most favored capitalist. R
The plan of
secures-this result without specu
lative risks. The consolidated
capital is employed in the build
ing and operation of New York
City business property (store
ana office buildings), under man- j
agement of undoubted ability and
stability. Investors have daily
opportunity to observe and in
spect their own properties, which
are paying 6 per cent, at the
start, and are very sure to in-
crease in value.
For detailed information ap- I
ply to
The John Petlil Realty Co.,
No. 30 East 23d Street,
ItCKlstrnr or Stock.
The Institution rr Scarlet Fever and Diphtherial V
la IteeelTe Patients To-Uar, X
Tho' first patient to rocelro treatment at tha H
now Scarlet Fovcr and Dlphthoria Hospital at M
tho foot of Kast SlxUotb. street will bo admitted h
to-day. Tho aim of tho hospital is to furnish fl
a placo whore patients may rccelvo proper caro, jj
treatment, and isolation, nnd at the nine time M
BAoid tho unpleasantness of lying in a ward u
which is full of similar cases. None ottha 3
regular hospitals has boon ablo to caro fir pa- 3
tlents having these diseases, and tho only pint os ')
for their trentment havo beon the Willnrd j
Parker nnd Itoccptlon hospitals nnd N'orth jj
Brother Island. I
Mrs. John W. Jllnturn'of 22 Wnshlnitton (1
Squaro North inado tho first Biurststion nnd i
subscription for tho new hospital, ybo mnde I
tho sutjtj-estion to Dr. J. Y. Uranium and to
others, and soon secured promises of irioo.ooo
to put with her own $25,000. Tho cltj leased j
to tho Board of Governors for ninety nine ear 1
a ploco of propcrt at a merely nominal rent. g
This Bite fronts directly on tho rhcr and Is a !
most desirable situation. I
Thcro aro thrco siparntcd huililltics to tlio 1
hospital, two ii uiliom, ono fen starlet finer I
and the other for diphtheria, anil h twt en tliciu J
a smaller structure coiititltiiiiK ilislnfectliiK nti
paratus, laundry, nnd nuarters for the oiitsiilo
employees. Tho put Hums nro Ij-sliapcil und
ench has aceominodntiutiri fur nhoiit foiirtmi
patleutt us uell at for ull nurses mil ittteni
nts The bulldiuifscmhriicoi cri inotlirii im
proemcnt deemed of use in a lm-nilal, anil re)i
resent the hiKlicst lciel of Hiiitur hiillilinor
cnirinecriiiR. 'ilicro are no iiukIi-. In cat It i
dust, sh e or corner in tho Iminlim,' is roiiiidi 1.
Tho kitchens und pantries and tin: illnltie;
rooms for llio doctors nnd nursi s nre at llio i
north end of cull pnilllon 'Iho ill-cli.irifiinr I
door is nlso at this end. 'llio illi-eliaiirul pi- '
tlent enters llrst n tiled dinroliiiie; room in '.
which ho places Ms clotlim unilir a time el lrotn j
wlilcli runs illslufcclinu; Uuld Itoiii this ho J
steps into a hathroom.Iiind from that Into tho 1
drosslntf room into which e lollies thoroughly
disinfected aro passed. hen drtsscd lio j
lentes tho lmllillnic nt tho north cud nnd may ,
not again enter tho arils.
Tho hospital will hato nnamhulnnro nnd a h
coupf- to bring In Its patients. K I Do, M. (j
1), M. K, Is tho superintendent nnd resident l
physician His assistant has not jet been ap-
pointed Tho consulting stiill Includes Drs. h
K. O. Janon ij, W. II. Draper, A. Jncohi, It, '
II. I)erh. F. 1'. Klnnlcutt. A. A. Smith, J. W. i
Hrnnnnn, nnd II. II Curtis: the I-ltintr stntr, j
Drs It. K Holt. W. II. Katcuilmeli. G. M. '
Swift, K. Jf. Crondall, 1 . K. llrnper, and 11 J.
Carlisle Miss Nctta Van Wormer is head s,
nurse. '
Frank Frssler Held ltesiionslble ror the Death
oTTIiauins l.sneli.
Jacob nnd Frank Fosslcr, brothers, who Hto
at 70 W tho avenue, Williamsburg, ivere ar
raigned In the Lee Avenuo l'ollco Court j ester
day on tho charge of homicide. They ere ac
cused ot infill ting the wounds which e nuscd tlio
death of 'I houias Lynch, at his homo, 118 Ilaj ard
street, two weeks ngo.
Lynch wns 27 ears old. Howas cmplojodin
Tuttlo & Ballo's pattern shop nt the '
a enuo nnd Vorth Llovcntli street. Jacob i'e"-fl-ler
was cniplocd in tho aumo place. On tlio
afternoon of Dec. 11 tho two iimrri Hid. Tint
evening I.jncli and IhiIIi Fesslus met lu llio
street. Lynch, according to soternl wilnesset,
struck Frank lu tho face. Fosslcr Bitctei ded in .
throwing Lncliwlth such Ion oto tliogroiind
that hla head struck tho curb. J.J iie.li died four
dais later.
lour nn n testified vosteidnj that Fnnk Foss
lcr alono was In tho light with I.vmli. Justice
Kramer ills- barged J uob Fesler nnd he'd
Frank toawnlttlio action ot tho Oraml Juty.
Hall wasllicd atif.'iOO.
Ban Francisco Chinamen lleruae In Ober Their
lllnlster nurt t Iihiiuo llio llnli.
Sav Fltltl8Co, Dec. HI. Chinamen here re
fuse to ol the order of thu Chinese "Minister nt
Washington to ehaiigo thodatc of the Now Year
celobratlon from Jan. 21 to Jan 2.'. 'llio Min
ister rciintly found that a miscalculation hnd
teen m tdo In tho date, and warned thu blx n
Coiiipnulis hero In dlstrlbuto new calendars.
'Ihry flulh rifnso tu Huso nnd announce that
tin) will bigin tlieielebratiini on tboi ciilng of
Jan. 21, ns orliriiiiill nl aiini.il 'I his refusal is
taki n an n sign uf illsllko of Hliu Fruncisco
Chinese to the Mlnibtor.
llnwo.l liotiert rucber3 loiiipiinj Inroriioratesl A
OltAMir. NT. J.. Dec. :il. Tliu llrni of HnwnS
Hotter, importers and manufacturers of iluna
and glasswaro, 20 Barclay street, Ne c,
havo com ortedthilr business Into a con ninth n
titular tho laws of Now Jorsc), with lie jru cl
pnl olllco ut Kust Uringo. 'Ihocortillc ite nf In
corporation wits lllud to-elny nt 1 n in on, mut
uroildi s for a capitalization uf 1 'mil inm
'llio linn was founded In Im I mil i mm
rosed of I 'rani is II. lluun, lletin W illi, liiistur
Otto, und Curl F. V, Ilinn llu nitillmia
Iiroildcs that their rontnil Y urnpi m i lilt tt is t
Irewlen, In Hermans ; that tin n Im mrln ui
at Limoges, htiliiMlineniiii. anil I .ililal, in
Hohenilii, with sales houses In l'uis llerliu,
Lundon, und Hamburg,
XliBlstrnln lllimleil on llei k.
Maglitrato Willnrd II. Olmsted performed
tho llrst duties of his now olllco in the Miitrl
sanla Court josterday. On arriving them it U
o'clnckintbo moinltig ho found Inn Iiiuiunse .
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