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Wl ju4 C "" ' , fHE SUN,, PftlPAV,, JANUARY 7, 1608. ' ffl
IiHrctm&lF roticfi ciltEfc
M' .y CDarter TmithiU Deverj rrom Belna Ihn Other
' I How Hb May Bo Made alt taepretor To-
K I Bar York. Trytaa tlellao.aoa'ta, Wnral Old
H )' OBoarlera Mat la 'Came lleforo Him Aaraln.
H ' John McCullsffh was miuln Chief ot Pollca
yierdajrfr qpfomUsIoncr,"ltiinlltohrwed
B ' thefrpjjiaracjft and, Commissioner fJozton sec ,
K' ' ondWK.' TIitt,Chlof( wns.scnj for) nnd ,c'pn
K) , .;, (rratdSilons cnuod.,.,Col.Klpp(8cnl oyt Cor tho
7 ; Jjfjeath Bbok. nnrit'thon .and ihcrpvtho now Chief
If lf " $ ,n' Tncn tho boari1 adjourned.,
I' It vras fully expected that It would lUt tip tho
Kl ranks at yesterday's sitting nnd to nuika ready
B tot; tbo organization ot tho now department.
B' To that end two Deputy Chtcfi, two Impec
B ton, and two Captains will bo wanted. Ap
K parently tho bonrd had Intendod to appoint
jMt? them all, but a bitch occurred In the pvogrammo
Hr Which delayed Its execution until o-day at
Ksf least. Tho hitch was said to bo in tho now
mpfa charter. Tho Commissioners wcro (credited
B.t? with a dcslro to ninko Capt. William 8. Dov
B&1 ery of tho West l!25th street station a Doputy
Bj Chief. Dorcry Is a strong Tammany man, n
UK. personal friend of Air. Crokcr, and Buffered
f much during and since tho Lexow days. This
V was to be his reward. Hut tho charter was
ft found to block tho way. Section 1187, which
Wt prescribes the mode of appointing tho first
W'S-i .Deputy Cblofs of tho now clty.sets forth that thoy
tf Uh ihnji'bo choson from among tho Deputy Chiefs
III 'and tbo Inspectors transferred from tho older
mt eommunittea. 80 with tho Inspectors, who
K' I Shall bo taken from among tho tianefcrrcd In
K (pectors and Captains. Tho trouble was with
f, i tho word "transferred." Dut for that Dovory
52 - might bo mado an Inspector nnd tmiiiodlately
1 rf" advanced to tho grado of Deputy Chief. As It
WM I " 1 stands, hb must stop at tho Inspectorship for
WM the .present. Ho can becomo . Deputy Chief
1 1 . only by way of tho clrll service ladder.
l I Thls.waa what was said In Jlulliorry street.'Tf
bbbbbiI Sf i It it correct, as seems likely, Dcvcry wlllprob
l ably bo mado an Inspeeior to-day. It 1s pro-
Wmm ir dieted that Inspector Mclaughlin will bo ono
U I .of tbo two new Deputy Chiefs. Ho iilso suffered
t) .,. much In tho evil days that followed tho Laxow
f Vv inquiry. Ho was out ot tho den irtmcnt nearly
bbW ' two years, during a part of whit h ho Iny in U10
HP4 Tombs, but fought his way back triumphantly
Vi l, toplaco and pay. ....
.' AT Tne full board eat ntCtbe trials yosterday and
Mi. 111 " President York deal with delinquent po
W.'r -1 llctmon. Mr. York has had experience in court,
tL and gave of It freely. Tho third man who
.'1 camo bofnro him, on a charge of hoing off post.
'1 . Policeman Gilbert Jlolmos of tho Church street
squad, he found by reference to tho delinquent's
24 . "record card" to bo there for tho ninth tlmo
9f , ilnoo last March.
-, "If you come hero ogam leavo your shield at
:-V- ft the station house beforo you start," said he.
fff fi "Wo don't want you."
Ml V The very noxt, William J. Uaydcn of tho
V; , J Oak street squad, was In court tho twontleth
if' , I tlmo, and Ilealoy, who followed him. tho fit
's t 1 teenth time. Mr. York eyed thorn lit dlHgust.
h 1 "What kind of an officer is bel' 10 asked tho
; J) roundsman, pointing to Ilealoy.
Iff- '. II "Very good, very good man," sold tho rounds-
yj", I r ."" Tho roundsman ;bas only the ono'.charac
Hi' r I ter for orerr ofTendor.
,, 1 "Weill I10 has bocn hero fourteen times be-
Si (1 fore. Do you-call that a good man! And you, ,
v Ilealey, the sixteenth time will bo to you a viry
'J j I oxponslvo trip, do you undorstaudt"
a f Itoolcy nnilerstood.
? , il It-wa8 Policeman John 2. Qulnn's eighteenth
tSr 1ffVT'it. and tho board fined him off-hand threo
K? fjO.flay? Wy.
& S a 3 Hpw long do you oxpect to stay on tho
Kj fl'rfbrcqi" asked Mr. York. "When you come
1 S hero again. If the ohargo justifies it, wo will
tit I drop you. This Is a dangerous place for you.
K'V m ' Qumn. It Is to your Interest to steer clear of
l I OCJv- J YOU 'nnd all the rest of you might as woll
i&. B .vvnaentand here that that Is not the kind ot
raS a policeman wo want. There Is no reason why
tk"'" 9 you should como hero time after time, and wo
'a will not tolerate it."
( Policeman Chester I. Soiford's caso capped
I the cllmar. Ho was accused of being twonty-
-'- 1 1 nrttWQninntcs off post In the Howery and said he
"v II V trtB viooklng for af2 bill a man had lost In
& I "5 ? FJynnJs' , Mr. York looked over his record.
;, U (i'ana.'tts'hB did, raised his. eyebrows higher and.
K W higher.
M R1 , Yon have lieen hero forty-eight times," he
- V of4ldo7tn bo finished tho count.
a? & fwWot'V saht tbo pollcomap, "J hayo baen un-
b- iJ fortunate.
u B '.'"' 'Yry," remarked the President dryly, still
S iff JfTrttidytng tho card. "You were dismissed onco
ky m v and reinstated by tho courts. We don't like to
J?' It 1 dismiss you to-uay, but wo will flno you ton
H7 iwiasrs' nayfiad noxt tlmo youcomobero wo will
m?L k wo Toaf llHeld; 7iIr,'.Clcrk,Jut make a reci
i"T ord 01 that.
91' ' Sclford was fined thirty days' pay last week
WW br the old board.
M& lew Assistant ta tba Corporation, Counsel
B Iltttahana Bon Placad.
iS Mayor Van Wyck appointed James Thomp-
wi- .' ).,son a city marshal for Richmond yesterday.
IS & ; Adrian T. Klernan was appointed an Assist-
Wit I Pa;Pnt Corporation Counsel by Corporation Counsel
H I ftft ,Whalen.
krf - James II. Maloney was appointed Doputy
Hf CfO'JCbmmlssIoner of Bridges for the Uronx by Com-
WMI - tn- .mlssIonerBhea.
H -' President Holahan or tho Dosrd of Publlo
saMk ODrwAorovonients appointed his sun Hubert Socrc-
B J; taryto tho board. The salary will bo fixed at
LaBRf' f CJty Clerk Scully appointed Patrick McCor
jf y '"tnaok "Commissioner of Deeds Clerk" In his
I ()Q qfflco.
y -,. - Tll following appointments woro mado by
Wmmtl Ui ithei Henlth Hoard: Hanitary Superintendent,
I fy-,.'Dr,,Ctiarloi P. Itoborts, saUry (1,000; Assist
aaaH 1 nnt fianltnry Superintendent for ttio Uronx.
WAV 1 ffifilDrEugeno Monabnn, :i.0(Hl. Assistant Hegls
aaaaV 1 Mt;tn or Itoconlst Fur Manhattan, Dr. Thomas
H; vU li'TaTlor. $3,000; for Richmond. Dr. J. Walter
bIHS K if-'Woocf. 3.0O0. Assistant to Chief Clerk for
safflt R Borough ot Illchmond, Charles K. Hnvcr. if'-'.DOO.
Hl nlvQu-JDoputy Ilocelver of Tnxcs John Poathcrston
BaaHlTlirOtiilUchmoiul hns appointed Ilcrimrd McDon
fVU.6lfghof West Brighton chief clerk.
K V'I'Bislsnatlons r the Coniultlajt Knslneers He-
9jh ' 'oQv-l celTcd and ccrplcd.
;f - 'i'') The new Dock Hoard, which Is composed of
Bjg .$P' Brgeant Cram, Prosldcnt; Chnrles P. Mur-
W& vj.Pn'ri Treasurer, and Peter P. Meyer, hold Us
B& jI tva' regular meeting yostcrday, ThoComrnls-
Er i W 'jtdners tackled a long schedulo of routlno bust-
ft1?' I n Asss. and finished It In a business liko manner
WE h..Althout a squabble The resignations of Gen.
sBT iV'Wllllam P. Cralghlll. Prof. Wllllnm II. Iiurr.
H,V T nd 0. 8. Morlson, consulting engineers of tho
Kr r,' department, wcro received nnd accepted with-
Wtur ' out-comuicnt. It Is not likely that successors
WMi "" w"' bo appointed or that the recomnicndHtions
;v ' the consulting engineers for extensive lin
Hi' j nrovements along tho oast sidowator front will
l , oe" carried out by tho present Depurlmcut of
H, v(. Docks and Perries.
Ki ,f i, Tbo board directed .Secretary Terry to npplv
& at once to tho Munlclpitl Assembly for porinis-
W J (Ion to let contracts to hent nnd light the rocro-
H Tj "tlon piers t the foot of Kast Third street and
WeS "' tba foot ot Kast Twenty-fourth ntreet.
K, 3j,v, The board's regular moetlDgml)! be held at
Kk " , 9 o clock on Frlduy afternoons.
Bf ' i WABiNa'H deputy heeh r.ix irratt
Wk,t j
K, ' Rumor Thai Capt. lbion Hill lie llapt an as
Ki ' " Isslalant Hlrert Cleaner.
BV -Capt. Olbson, Deputy Commissioner of Stroot
mh, n fCleanlng under Col. Waring, called on Mayor
WmW if Van wyck yostcrdny, and talkod with him for
mk ikromotlme. Tho rumor thai Capt. Olbson was
;;:' y Sfcvtobo retained by Commissioner .McCartney ns
Wh deputy commissioner for tho borough ot Man.
WJtti t hattanwas immediately ravlvoiL lint It could
K not be traced to an authentic soinco.' '
BBBBBBV-ak) ?. ' I
B, 7- 'v peaces ron iwo itr.auhAns.
HH Baldy nnd Wacuer, rsanltallpn aieu, to II
WAW' Prorldrd for,
BV tig tVrederlck Hnldy, n Ilopubllc.in, Is to bo ap-
HBf B6lnted deputy Treasurer of tho Pollco Depart-
H'i OOSisnV'Wlth n salary of $4,000, u ml (Jrorgo W,
HB1" 0tVW48q'.r, another ltepulillcan. will bo rtppolnU-d
1 ,m Eeerelary or tho Aqueduct lloaril. Ills salary
MMm , lHwIU b t,S00. Iloth aro organization Itcpub-
H, 003i Canuertlac Manhaltau nllli I lie llroin,
B' t''Tlis work of connecting tho lines of tho Mnn
mm"h (itftPt-Uty Elevated Hallway Company In tho
Warn ' ijbff18 ot AInn,""tnl "I"1 lis line In tho
H' Ypborpugh of tba Uronx so as toinako tho whala
Kt WthconUniions sjatemuas begun at thu I'Jtllh
K' r( street station yestorday. This point Is now tho
bbbbbB JlitPcrtbern tonnlnus of tho Botoml and Thltd
K Jjvnrenue linos and the southern terminus of the
bbBHh ..iftuburbsn lino. When the changes are 111 nil 11,
M vnirblchaeneral Manager Praiiiioll of the Man
TV hatun Company said yesterday would taku tno
KJix grw??ipbbi'i.bhVt:rc'e,'tloci11 ,,t,rl"",.
PE ' T''&dtiit Wants In Dorraw a Lnwirr.
n. iMjUtUUJt.ttorDey Youngs of Queens county
M called upon District Attorney Oardlner yestcr-
all day to see if Now York county or Now York
II VTptrVsqifJil'lielplilni'oiit, With the new Court
Bl ' 9 O BpeJalvyswwIiS croatoil In Queens by tliuC
1 it- new York charier, ho would bato to liavoun
H m additional protocut lug otllier, ho said. Hu bus
saK M Vily ons'sUtanU Mr. Vouugs thinks the city
cxriD BEnnoit vkbeelia.
lnOrere Trjlag, to Harp On of tbo Tfrl
Coler Warnrd Xof to Pf!y4toarke ana tTnlkor.
Comptroller Cohjr 'recolved yostorday a let
ter from the Civil Scrvlro Reform Association
asking him to hold up tho salaries of William
H. O'llourko, lately nppolntod Superintendent
of Hollevno Hospital In place- of 1 homos P.
Murphy, rcmovod, nnd ,qf;Wllllan Walker,
who was rocontly made Superintendent of
''Itocks'IMplnco M Edward'Si-Afvood.'rtmovod,
on tho groundthat their appointments were
not' lOKAlt'y made, bo'taW tho offices of Super-
'Intondnnt of Hellovue Hospltu) and Superin
tendent of Docks nro In IhA'classlIlod service
Tho letter snld that tho civil servlco rulos for
tho city of Now. York existing on Dec. 31, 1807,
will temaln In full force until tho nowly ap
pointed commission has proparcd a now codo,
nnd Mr. Color Is warnod that If ho Issues war
rants for tho payment of the salaries named ho
will bo sued for tho amount under his bond.
This threat did not seem to frighten tho Comp
troller.. Ho. would not, however, soy nword
.'about the letter.
Contractor Hrady's men flnlsbod yestorday
tho job of dismantling tho ofllco ot tho Clark
ot tho old Hoard ot Aldermen In tho City HtUl,
and tho twelvo assistants who formerly worked
under Clerk William 11. Ten Kyck woro left
shcltorless. Thoy nevertheless nro deter
mined to hang on-to their" Jobs' until thoy get
notice that thoy hivtebcon officially and legally
removed from office. Thoy nro in ,tbo olaBsl
Hod service, nnd they hold that they were trans
ferred to tho service ot tho new City Clerk and
must bo employed by him. City Clerk ticully
refuses to rccognlzo them, nnd yesterday they
employed counsel to establish thotr rights.
Tho new Hoard of City Record, Which Is com
posed of llnyor Van Wyck, Comptroller Coler,
oud Corporation Counsel Whalon, met for tho
first tlmo In tho Mayor's prlvato oftleo yester
day. Mayor Van Wyck wob mado Chairman,
and Corporation Counsel Whalen Secretary,
I nit nothing was dono tonard appointing n new
uporvlsor fur tho City lltcord. Supervisor
McMillan, who was nppolntod last month by
Mnyor Strong when John A. Bletchor gnvo up
tho job, announced that ho was ready to pro
reed with tho business of his ofllco, but tho
Mayor refused to rocognlro him. It Is tho In
tention of Mayor Vnn Wyck, it is said, to ro
qiovo McMillan und anpoint W. A. Hutlor In his
ilaco If tho Corporation Counsel decides that
10 has the power. Tho office of tho Supervisor
of tho City lltcord Is In tho classified BCrvlco.
Tho board designated tho following papers
as tho official Journals of tho now city. Tho
Journal, tho Daily AVirs, nnd tho Ttltgranh
for tho borough pf Mnnhattuii; tho Hrookltn
Citizen for tho borough of Ilrooklyn, tho Star
of West Brighton for tho borough of Richmond,
tho Flushing Journal for trio borough ot
Queens, nnd the Xorth A'eu l'orfeer for tho
borough of Dronx.
Donovan op dhookzyx.
Taxpayers Will Plant a Slew Tax levy Cashier
BZanvel Itealtns.
Fivo prominent business men In tbo Borerdgh
of Ilrooklyn havo retained Lawyer Qeorgo C.
Caso to tako such legal action as may bo neces
sary to prevent a now tax levy this year, and
also to secure an equalisation of tho tax rato
with that of 'tho borough ot Manhattan. Tho
$9,000,000 shortage in Brooklyn's accounts,
it Is contended, should bo regarded simply as
an indebtedness, and Mr. Caso says that ho will
mdko rt flglit in tho Municipal 'Ass ombly and
also If necessary In tho Legislature to prevent
this money being raised by a special tax. Tho
various boards of trado and taxpayers' asso
ciations in Urooklyn aro to unlto in pronounc
ing against such a levy. Tho Twenty-ninth
Ward Taxpayers' Association led off lost night
In such, a protest.
President Orout received a communication
yostcrday calling his attention to tho presenco
of a doublo Bet of railroad tracks In Twenty
fourth street, between Third and Fourth ave
nues, although no cars havo been run over
them for two years, and calling for their re
moval. Mr. Grout has referred the matter to
tho Hoard of Local improvements for tho dis
trict. Business movod along very smoothly in
tho various bureaus yostcrday. No new ap
pointments wcro announced. It is crpoctcd
that all the' minor official plums'wlll bo'dls-"-trlbutcd
within ten days. Fred C. Manvel, who
has been classed politically as a Mugwump,
sent in bis resignation as cashier In the De
partment ot Arrears yesterday, and it was
promptly accepted.
Donovan op queens.
Tracks Most 3o rrom Iona Island City's
Streots Fire Department Arrangements.
Tho Long Island City pollco wcro instructed
lsrt night to order all wagons, trucks, and other
obstructions to bo removed from the streets, and.
If tho order should not bo promptly obeyed, to
confiscate tho property.
Deputy Flro Commissioner James II. Tully of
Brooklyn nnd Queens ssnt a circular letter yos
terday to tho Chief Engineers of tho volunteer
departments in Long Island City, Queens,
Springfield, Nowtown, Hollis, Woodhavcn,
Flushing, Richmond Hill, Corona, and College
Point, informing them that their companies aro
to continue in active servlco for the prcsont and
will receive from tbo city bucU sums as they
formerly recolved from tbo towns or villages.
Thescrtimln Jamaica will bo dealt with dlroct
from tho Now York office Th.ere aro no steam
engines In the outlying territory under Mr.
Tully's control with tho exception of Long
Island City nnd Jamaica.
Troasuror Phlpps of Quoens county was served
with an order yesterday directing him to show
causo In tho Supromo Court to-day why ho
should not turn over to Comptroller Coler tho
assessment rolls and records of unpaid taxes In
that portion of Queens county now a part of
Now York city. Sir. Phipps declined tosurrendcr
the documents or any balance ot cash on hand
on tbo ground that as tho county had advanced
money to pay olalnm audited ngnlnst tho uncol
lected taxes, It still had an Interest In tho col
lection of tbo arrears. Treasurer Phlpps an
nounced yesterday thut ho would rcfuso to pay
any bills against the funds in dispute until the
courts docided what course ho should pursue.
A Bherhan Alan Ulio Mutt (lot On tbo Tarn
man) Bxrcutlre Committee.
It becaino known last nlgbt that Victor J,
Dowllng, tho Tammany leader In tho Twenty
fourth' Assembly district, was to bo turned down
at the mooting of tho Qenoral Committee
on Jan. 13, and that Maurico P. Hola
han, now DowIIng's assoclato leader, will
remain on tho Executlro Committee Mr,
Dowllng Is ono of tho men who wcro
suspected of being In tho movement to oust
Richard Crokor from tho leadership of Tam
many Hall und substitute John C. Shcchun In
his plnco. During tho dlicusslon which
preceded the nomination of candidates for
tbo last campaign, Mr. Dowllng protested
strongly against tho nomination of Senator
ThomnB F, llr.uly for District Attorney, which
Mr Crokor was said to desire, and toIUci .Mr.
Hheehnn wan opposed. Ills apparent friendship
for Mr, Sheohan Is said to be tho causo of the
determination of Tammuny's Icudors to turn
him down.
Thomas Smith, Mr. Shoohan's prlvato secre
tary, tins been at tho Democratic Club a number
of tiuies this week in consultation with Mr,
Crokerund John V, Carroll, ulio, It Is Bald, will
succeed Mr, Slieehan as the Chairman of tho
Tammany Hull Flnunco Committee
Mr. Smith has carried a great many papors to
Mr. Crokcr, and this gao rise to n report thnt
tlio financial accounts of tho organization wcro
being turned over to Mr, Crokcr nnd Mr. Carroll.
Wants a Herclter Tor tbo Uriel-ton Ilrarb
Application was msdo to Justice Maddox in
tho Supremo Court in Ilrooklyn yesterday for
tho appointment of u receiver for tho Brighton
HojcIi. Railroad Company. Tho application
camo from tho Ainorican Exchauga National
Hank, which has n Judgment for $1.7rt).i)2
against the company, which has been returned
unsatisfied. Counsel for tho company said that
nil thu property was covered by mortgages, nnd
thHl under tho law a lerelvcr in such uu action
could not control property covered by mort
gages. Decision wus reserved.
lUpellfil for Ibraabla a Tclllule.
C1.KVKI.AM1, ()., Jnn, 0. Homer II. Halle, a
student at Adelbcrt College, part of tho West
ern Itcscrro University In this city, has been
ekpcllod for thrashing Howard White, a fellow
student, who Informed the father ot William D.
Paw, it third student, that his son was being
drawn Into fast vouipany by Halle, Hallo wus
assisted by two other students who will bo
called before the faculty tu-morrow.
Allesed rorcer atrb-hou Itlluit,
Ci.evui.and, 0 Jan. 0, John P. Mapui, who,
tho polite say, Is ono of tbo clon-rcst forgers In
tho country, und who Is now In thu Cuyahoga
county Jail, hold on clir.ri.-es pf forgery, una
stilckcu with blludiicss to-day. hurly lu tho
nltt-rnoon ho had an attack of heart trouble, and
toward evening became blind. Thu Jail physi
cian sty he bad paralyslsof the otitic norve.
lio Is tlio eon of a wealth)- r4dcnt Cattalla, V
Can't Knlarce If Own NafHelantlr Maclstrato
Ilrann and Joseph II. Ileitis Apalr for Ad
minion Jobn n. notion nnd John B. !oerr
Follow Carroll Out or the Manhattan Club.
Two moro working Democrats loft the Man
hntt'anCliib; yestorday; following 'tho example
'set by John P. Onrroll on .'Wednesday. They
were Police' Commissioner John B. Sexton, an'
intlnmo friend of Mr. Uarroll, and .John H.
Docrr of Flss, Doerr fc Carroll, who Is a
stralghtout Tammany man.
Whllo Democrats aro resigning from the Man
hattan, they'aro rushing into the Democratio
Club, Tho list of ptopoBod new members grows
it the rato of sixty a day, nnd since It became
known that Mr. Crokor intended to mako tho
club his headquarters 000 applications for mem
bership havo bcon recolvod. It Is doubtful It
tho building can Iks enlarged sufficiently to ac
commodate the crowd.
Tho building Is owned by tho Camp estate,
and It was found thnt tho eroctlon of the pro
posed addition would interfere with the light
for tho Buckingham Hotl, which is owned
by the same estate The owners did not
want to consent to the 'building of the
addition, nnd tho club, officers, finding
that any alterations thoy could mako would
not render tho club as comfortablo as they
wished to havo It, havo bocn looking around for
another building. Thoy have In mind tho old
Now York Athlctlo Club building, at Fifty-fifth
street and Sixth avenue, and the old Untvorslty
club building at Twenty-sixth street nnd Madi
son nvonue. A meeting or tho Hoard of Cov
entors will bo held this evening and a now build
ing will ba ono of tho suojects discussed.
Among thoso who were proposed for member
ship In tho Democratio Club jestorday waaCitv
Mauls t rato Henry A. IJrann. He was appointed'
a City Magistrate on June 7. 101)5. by Mayor
Strong to succeed one or tho Tammany Pollco
Justices who wcro legislated out of office. When
ho wns nppolntcd ho was Bald to bo n Oraco
Tho list of proposed members posted yester
day included t no following non-rosfdents : Jnsoph
D. Ilcdlo of Jcrsoy City. Thomas W. Contuell
of Albany, seconded lij Klllot Danforth: Charles
Hart ot Albany, James Korr of Cluartlold.
Pa,; John McCauslaud of Kingston, N. Y and
EugoiioSciiipleof Soittle. Tho resident list In
cluded William N. Coler, Wllllnm N. Coler. Jr.,
and P. W. Coler.
Mr. Crokor, Scnntors Cantor, Sullivan, and
Orndy, Assemblyman Donnelly, und John F.
Carroll, had a long conference In Mr. Croker's
ofllco Inst ovenlng. They discussed local and
Stato affairs. Including tho legislative commit
tees and tho bills which havo been proposed
touching city affairs.
Sylvester Dcarstyno, 00 years of age, a brother
of Chester F. Dearstync, .superintendent of tbo
Albany Penitentiary, died In Albany yesterday
of heart troublo and tho effocta ot wounds re
colved during tho war. Ho enlisted on Sept. 0,
1801, as a prlvato In the Forty-fourth Regiment,
New York Yoluntoors. He participated In tho
battles ot Yorktown, the soven days' fight,
Gaines's Mills, Malvern Hill, and Qroton, and
was wounded In tho nock, near the jugular voln.
Tho ball lodgod In the chest, whoro it still re
mained at tho time ot his death.
Richard Bolster, a Democratio politician of
Stamford, Conn., died at his borne In tbut city
yesterday. Ho was about 40 years old. He was
a member of the Democratio Town Committee,
and had served as deputy sheriff for several
years, having been removed when the Republi
can high Sheriff was elected two years ago. He
was one of the defendants In tho suit brought
by T. H. Porter for damages of $200,000 for al
leged restraint of liberty. The case was de
cided In favor ot Bolster by the Supreme Court
Christian Mennol, Treasurer of the Consoli
dated Brewing Company of Paterson, N. J died
at his home In that city yesterday afternoon.
Ho had suffered with a tumor for some time,
and had been at Mt. Slnnl Hospital, this city,
for a month, Mr. Mcnnel was born on Jan, 13,
1632, lp Auerbach, Bavaria. Ho went to Pater
son in 1872 and became u partner of tho late
Gustave Sprattlor In tho brewery business. On
tho organization of the Paterson Consolidated
Brewing Company tho Sprattlcr & Mennol
brewery becamo a member,
t Dr. Samuel II. McJlroy died on.Wednesday at
his home t 320 Alexander avenue at the ago of
68 years. He was a civil war veteran, having
enlisted In a Pennsylvania regiment at the out
break of the robelllon. After his muster out he
was an acting assistant surgeon 'in tho regular
army. When peaco was restored ho began prac
tice in MottHnven. He was a charter roembor
pf Alexander Hamilton Post, 182, 0. A. H. IIo
was likewise prominent lb Masonic circles.
Edward Baldwin, ono of tho oldest residents
of Utlca, died yesterday at the ago of 73 years
He was born ill Utlca and always mado that
city his home, with tho exception ot twenty
years In tho gold and silver mines of Colorado,
where ho was for a fow years superintendent of
tho mines of tho Cold and Silver Mining Com
pany of New York city. Mr. Baldwin married
Miss Martha Jenkins of this city, whoso death
occurred whllo they resldod in Colorado.
Theodore Smith, one of the oldest printers In
the country, died at his home In MOntrose. Pa
on Wednesday. When tbo city of Scrunton wns
a small village ho founded thu Jlepublican.
which is now ono of tho lending papers. In tho
sixties ho removed from Scranton to Montrosa,
whero ho had since been connected .with the
Independent Ilrpubliean ot thnt place In the ca
pacity of writer and compositor, Mr. Smith
w as 7-1 years of nge.
The death of William French was nnnounccd
on tho Now York Stock Exchange yesterday.
Ho had been a member of tho Exchnnge since
Juno 18, 18G1I, and was formerly a, prominent
trader, having been tho broker of William
Heath & Co., vihoss failure occurred In 1884.
His home was In Ilrooklyn. Ho wns about 00
years old, and leaves n widow, 'son. und daugh
ter. Tho causo of doath wns pneumonia.
Capt. Julius Smith, n prominent brewer ot
Oneida county, died VcBtorday at Ills homo in
Rome, N. Y., aged 71, jearf.. About twelve
years ago hu suftercd a stroke of apoplexy, two
years ugo tho socond stroke, nnd tho third
stroke yesterday, terminating In death. Cant.
Smith was born in Germany and camo to this
country und to Rome In 1830. His widow is the
onlv survhor of tliofamlh. .
-- 1
Charles Schmolio. 02 yoars old, dlod on
Wednesday at his home, 01 Old llergen road,
Jersey City, of peritonitis. Mr. Schmolzo was
tho proprietor of tho lithographing establish
ment at Ponrl and Roso utrccU, this cltr. Ho
had lived in the Greenville division ot Jcrsoy
City for forty years. A nlduw, thrco sons, and
0110 daughter survive him,
Thomas Coles Lyman died suddenly of hoirt
diseaso on Wednesday uuning ut his homo, 8
Kast Sixty-fifth street, .Mr. L man was horn in
Hartford, Conn., but for many years had been
actively engaged In buslnois In this city ns tho
head (if thoT. (', Lyman Company, lirouers. Ho
wus till 5 cars old.
"Aunt" Mnlinda Fulton, colored, died at
Tullahoina, Tcnn., on Wednesday night. Sho
was horn n slave of Col. John Washington,
brother of tleorgo Washington, 112 years ago.
She could give a correct history of tho branches
of tho Washington family.
John L. Ilnllnntyne died at his home In Eliza
L'eth, N. J., jcntcnlay. Ho was tl voars old, and
a 11 itlvuof Kastnn, l'u. Hu wus a well-known
amateur oarsman. Ho leaves a widow and sev
eral children,
Mrs. Kntherlno Worth, tho oldest resident of
ntyport. L. !., dlod yesterday ut tho ago of l3
years. Sho lu.xvo seven children and many
grandihlldren nnd great-grandchildren.
Until C. llnss.wlfsaf thu Itev. JobO. Itasl, tho '
venerable Jail nnd penitentiary chnplain.Micd
yistorduyat hor tiome, 131 Waverly uvenuo,
Brooklyn, aged 811 years.
Mrs. Rhoda E. White, widow of Judge James
W. White, died In this city jrsterdiiy, at tho
ago of 82 years. Sho wis the daughter of Clou.
'I homns U, Waterman. n
John llloodaood Vory 111,
John Bloodgood, wlioio wife, Mrs. "Jack"
Bloodgood, mado her appoaranco In "Tho Con
querors" last Tuesday night, has been seriously
111 for Bovoral clajsat the I'rcubjterlan Hospital,
and when hU wife mado her theatrical dhut
his condition was tonsldorod viry precarious.
Last night It was said that ho wns imiiroing,
Airs, lllooilgood's mother, Mrs. II, J, (loodnin,
is also seriously HI ut a prlvato hospital lu this
H. J. I'liclju Able to Lecture at Voir.
Ni:w Haven, Conn., Jan, (I, All doubt whether
thoho'ilthof tho Hon. Ednard J. Phelps would
allow him to comu to Yolo ot tho beginning of
tho midwinter term next week to glvo his an
nual Iceturis here nil International Jaw wns dlB
pellid to-day by 11 message from him saying
that bo would suuily bo present.
Fire swept over an Inland at Piidnsw, Mich., yciter
day, burning JUO.uuu worth of lumbar.
President 'Hidden of the Traders' Nstlonsl Bask of
Lowell, Must., Dsrtlclpatrd In a meeting of the direc
tors of Ihr lisuk yrttrrday by telephone. He wss ta
Mrs. Kllcu Ferris, 04 years old. who llred at tbo
foot of James struct, Jerey City, nu struck by a
train on Iho .Neir York, husn,utlianua and Wrstcru
llallruad near tier I1011111 ot 6 A. 11. j ratcrday auu In
ataiitly killed.
Herman Hebnor, 35 years old, of 1SD Weiteldo
atenue, Jcrseg City, a deckhand oa Ihe tugboat
Ilayunue, Ml into tho rirer yesterday morning (rum
.tho Cvmrauulpsw tool docks and was donnsd. Tho
rbodjiArM eTertl-
ifly,-.-.. s& t, sflip.tr r ,m f ;ci ftfiTwM, -4 1 j "--1
Knocked Bonn by n Wan or Wham ihe Had
.' Aakrd tbo War-Skull Tertians rraotared.
Mro. Annlo Cronln, SO years old, of 173 Am
'stordam avenue, wns takon to Rooievolt Hos
pital about 10 o'clock last night from Fifty-sixth
streot, near Eleventh avenue, to bo treatod for
a bad cut In tho back of her hoad and possibly
n frncturcd skull, tho result of an assault
which, sho says, was committed uponher In tho
street by, a man, who also robbed her of her
pockotboo'k, containing $10.
Mrs. Cronln had' spent tho evening with her
sister, Mrs. David Hogan' of 420 Wost Forty
ninth streot. After walking up Tenth avenue
to Fifty-sixth stroot, on hor way homo, sho for
got whethor rVmslordamnvcnuo rnn but ot Tenth
nvcnuo or from somo adjacent nvonue. At tho
corner, sho saw a man and nskod him tho way.
"Go down to tho noxt block," ho said, point
ing toward Kloventh avonuo. She follow od his
directions, and wns near Elovcnth avenuo,
when tho ssmo man camo up behind hor nnd
spoko to her.
"Look around," ho said. "There's somo ono
following you."
Sho turned hor head, and, she thinks, saw a
second man bohtnd tho first one. At that mo
ment tho man who had spoken to her struck
her 11 violent blow in tho mouth with his fist,
loosening two of her teeth and knocking' hor
Sho fell upon n pllo ot stones which lsy no'vr
the curb and lost consciousness in a fow mo
ments. As tho fell, sho screamed.
Her cry was heard by Policeman Honnossy,
who was in tho mlddlo ot tho block. As ho ran
to her old ho saw ono or two men run ncroos tho
streot into nn open lot toward Fifty-fifth streot.
Ho blow his whlstlo for holp, and Pollcoman
Ulckey nnsworod. The two trlod to catch tho
fugitives, but without success.
Thoy roturncd, and, picking, up Mrs. Cronln,
sent out a call for nn ambulance. Mrs. Cronln
was still unconscious when sho arrived at
Roosovclt Hospital, but rccovcrod afterward
oud told the story ot tho assault.
Itepnbtlcan Senator IVaim Urlsca'o Nnecesssr
and a Full slate.
TnitNTOX, N. J., Jan. 0. Tho Republican Sen
ators hold tholr caucus to-night to select the
officers for tho session beginning next Tuesdny.
An attempt was made to keep tho time and
placo secret. In order to prevent tbo Senators
from being annoyed by tho ofllco seekers. The
caucus was hold In tho parlor of the Republican
Clubhouse. Senator William M. Johnson of
Bergen presided and will be tho Republican
leader on tho floor. Senator Charles A.' Reed of
Somerset was Secretary. Tho caucus adjourned
at 11 o'clock, when tho following was given out
as the result:
For President, Fostor M. Voorbees, who will
prosldo until after Gov. Grlgtrs resigns to ac
cept tho Attornoy-Genorolshlp ot tho United
Stntca; President pro torn,. Senator William II.
Sklrm ot Mercer; Secretary, George A. Frey of
Camden: Assistant Bocrctary, Josoph C. King
don of Burlington; Journal Clerk, Walter S.
Edgo of Atlantic; Assistant Journal Clork, John
W. Cllftof Union; Sergeant-at-Arms. Samuel T.
Atchloy of Mercer; Assistant, W. W. Binning
of Bergen; Engrossing Clerk, Edgar Williams
of Essox; Assistant, Josoph Shoemaker ot Capo
May; BUI Clerk, George W. Cooper ot Somer
set; Calendar Clerk, W. H. Fischer ot Ocean.
Independents VNn In InTomptils Over the Iteau
lar Democratic Candidate.
MEMrnts, Tonn., Jan, 0. Returns from to
day's municipal olcctlon show tho olectlon of
tho independent Democratic ticket by a ma
jority of GOO. Tho regular Democratic ticket
was headed by W. L. Clapp, tbo prosont Mayor.
Tho independent ticket was headed by County
Trustco J. J. Williams. Tho causo ot the split
was a disagreement as to bow the Democratic
nominee should bo chosen, Mr. Williams de
manding ot "the city Executlro Committee a
double primary, as there wero throo candidates
fortho nomination.
Mr. Williams ran against Mr. Clapp four
years ago and was dofoatcd. Thcro was no Re
publican ticket, and the feature ot the election
was the way tho negroes rallied to WlllIaniB In
fact, he owes his election to them.
The Cook, county Democracy of Chicago has
been hero for two days to help Clapp, but for
onco their mascot was powerless. The election
of tho Independent ticket means a complete up
heaval In tbo city government. There was no
particular Issue between the candldatcs.lt was
simply Clapp's frlendB against Williams's
ICrrrr Ilopo Coue Tbo Prlaonor Maintains Ilia
Svx FnANCisco, Jan, C Theodore Durrani's
last hope of escaping tho gallows to-morrow was
knocked out to-day when Gov. Budd refused to
Interfere, and when the United States Supremo
Court declined to onterlain two appeals mado
by Attornoy Boardman.
Deuprcy, Durrant's cblof counsel, trlod to play
a gamo ot bluff on Warden Halo by serving him
with a bill of exceptions to the habeas corpus
proceedings. Deuprey asserts that this consti
tutes an appeal, but tho Warden says ho w ill be
guided by tho opinion of Attorney -General Fitz
gerald, and Fitzgerald Is known to bo opposed
to theso purely technical points, which aro
urged only for delay.
Durrani maintains his composure very well,
though ho Is Intensely norvous.
District Attornoy Fltzgorald this morning In
structed Warden Halo of Sun Quunttn to pay no
attention to pupcrs tiled by Durrani's attorneys
and to proceed with thu cxef ution.
Washi.no ton, Jan. 0. Lowls P. Boardraan,
tho attorney for Durraut, the now famous Cali
fornia murderer, whoso coming to Washington
was unnouncod last night from Han Francisco,
reached hero ut noon to-day. His errand wns to
lppko tho aid of Mr. Justice ltrowcr of tba Su
preme Court In miction to stny tho elocution
ot Durrunt. Ilxod for 10:30 o'dock to-morrow
morning. Ho wus unablo to sou tho Jusiico
until niter court adjourned at 1 o'clock, and
then found his errand frultloss.
Ho asked Justice Brewer to sign a citation to
tho Circuit Court for the Northern district or
California to perfect an appeal from tho de
cision of that court denying n writ ot habeas
corpus to Durrant, or to issue a writ of error to
tho Supremo Court of tho rilnto.no as to bring
up tho cusougninst Durrnnt lu thu State courts
for review. Justice Brewer heard Mr. Iloard
man for moro than an hour, but was cumuclltd
to reftiso bath requests.
Mr. Iloardman ears to-night thnt ho will on
donor to induce thu Supremo Court us n body
to morrow to Issue u writ of prohibition to pre
vent thu execution of Durrani's scnlenco until
tho mutter or tho appeal Irom tho Circuit Com I
Is settled, 'iho dittereiico between tho tlmu in
Washington and San Franclsio will glvo tho
attorney un hour un I 11 half after tourl con
venes to morrow In which to labor for hlsclleiit's
salwttiun fioin tho Impending doom, but no one,
unlebs It. bo air. 1 iinriiniHii, has any Idea thai ho
will iiicoinplith anything. Unless tlnv, lludd
Interferes Durraut will hung as unnouncod.
Indictment! found Aanlust tho City Clerk und
Iho Elfflil Uemoeratlr Aldermen
' SvitiL'l'SB. Jan. 0. Although tho Grand Jury
hns not yet rlson and its secrets are supposed to
bo carefully guurded. It was given out to-night
as posltlvoby ono who Is in a position to know
tlint Indictments were found to-dsy against City
Clerk M, '.. Haven and tho eight Democratio
Aldermen on tho charge of conspiracy to hinder
and delay publlo business at the iniotlng of tho
Common Council on Munduy night, when Frank
Mutlj was fraudulently declared elected Presi
dent of tbo Board of Aldermen,
A petition to Attornoy-tluueral Hancock for
the beginning ot quo wairanto proceedings was
signed this afternoon by tho cloven Republican
Aldermen. Tho petition recites thu fraudu
lent organization and baliot-boxstulllngiirMoii-da
nights meeting, uud usls lenvu to bring
action in tho name of the people to oust Matty
from tho Presidency of the Council. Attorney
Alexander Cowie will take tbo petition to the
Attorney-General at Albany this morning.
Meantime all city business is tied up, No
publlo work can progress, nor can w arratits bo
drawn for official and other salaries. Tho
Mayor and City Clerk refuse to recognize tho
Republican organization under President Mack
as 1 ho Common Council, whilo tho Democratio
organization under Mutty has not sufficient
members to coustituto a quorum ot the Council.
The Cily Clerk uajs that Mutty hns the power
underuolty ordluauce to compel tbo Jtetiubll
can Aldermen to attend his meetings and thus
secure u quorum, but thU has yet to bo demon
Urulixla n t t y S jrt
:4itajlAgjt! ..Ait ft'.jjjt'j-Vi i, :i J".'" t.v j
Fannd with Ilultel Wound In the Hend In Ihn
lloalhonao nt Ilia Country Home Coroner
Rajs II Wne Accidental II id tleon Propped
from tlio rirm of Punbani, Ilnekler A Co.
William T. Buckley, formorly a member of
tho wholcsnlo dry goods firm of Dunham, Buck
lay & Co. of this city, shot and killed himself
in a bonthouso near his summer residence.
Wnvq Crrst, nt Far Rocknwny, yestorday morn
ing. Mr, Buckloy's family Insist thnt tho
shooting was accidental nnd Coroner Guy Is
Inclined to that belief. Detoctivo Sorgeant
James McCarthy reported tho caso to Pollco
Headquarters as ono of suicide. McCarthy's
report was mado after a careful oxnminntlon
ot the position of tho body when found. Ac
cording to his rensonlng It was highly lm
prnbablo that a wound such as killed Mr.
Buckley could havo resulted from nccldontat
shooting. Tho bullet ontorcd tho right eldo ot
tholhond, a Uttlo back of and nn Inch and n half
abovo tbo ear. It went through tlio head,
coming out on tho othor sldo about hnlf an Inch
higher up.
For tho past two yoars Mr. Buckley has
lived nt Wave Crest. Tho establishment Is A
flno ono, Including clnbornto grounds, n stablo,
kennels', nnd n boathousc. Ho kept sovcrnl
flno horsos and had thlrty-flvo flnoly bred dogs,
Mr. Buckley had n city homo nt 9 Wost Six
teenth street, but had not occupied It for somo
time. Last winter ho nnd his wife, who was n
Miss Fow lor, dnugtiter of tho nonlur member
of tho old dry goods tlrm of Fowler, Crnmpton
& Co., spent Bcvcnil weeks In tho cltv, but
stayod nt tho Waldorf.
Mr. Buckley had but ono child, n son, T.
Townscnd Buckley, who Is a student at Prlnco
ton. Young Buckley hns been spending tho
Christmas holidays with his parents and was
to. havo returned to collego yostordny morning.
On Wednesday night bis father told him to get
up in tlmo to catch tho l o'clock train for this
city. He said ho would rldo to tho station
with him.
Father and son wero both up at 7:30 o'olock
in the morning. Thoy took breakfast to
gether and Mr. Buckley seemed In his usual
'good spirits. After breakfast he told tbo coach--man
to havo tho carriago at tho door at twenty
minutes beforo 0. Young Buckley then went
to bis room to pack his satchel.
1 Nelthor Mrs. Buckley, her son, nor any of
tho servants saw Mr. Buckley leavo tho hotiBb,
Tho llrst intimation they had that he had gono
to tho boatbouse, which Is only a fow hundred
feet away, was when they hoard two shots
como from that direction. Down on tho boach
Mr. Buckley kept a turget for pistol practice
and shotgun, and ho generally shot at it irom
tho boatbouse.
At flttoon minutes beforo f young Buckloy
started to look for his father. Remembering
the shots, ho went down to tho boatbouse. His
father wns seated In an upholstorod choir In a
corner. Blood was flowing from tho wound In
his head, and his rovolvor, a 41-callbro weapon,
was lying on the arm of the chair.
Young Buckley tried to rouse his father, and
falling, ran to tho Iioubo lo.tcll tho nows. Dr.
Carl Schmuck of Ccdnrhurst was summoned,
and also Dctcctlvo McCarthy. Dr. Schmuck,
after an examination, paid that tnero was no
hopo for tho injured man. A few mlnutos
later Mr. Buckley died. , ,
Tba revolver had only contalnod two car
tridges. Four of tho chambers were empty,
and only ono of tho two cartridges had been
axplodea. Ono ot tho two Bhpta heard, by tho
household Is supposed to hnveibecn fired by a
man who was snooting further down tho beach.
Tho chair In which Mr. Buckley was foudd
was not In a lino with tho door of thobonthouso
and while sitting in it he could not have shot at
tho targot without leaning over the left bide of
tho chair.
When tbo story that Mr. Buckley had com
mitted sulcido reached this city men in tlio dry
goods trado Immediately concluded tbut It was
tho result ot his having been dropped from tho
firm with which ho had boon Identified for so
many years. His partnership with James H.
Dunbnm expired on Jan. 1, nnd.ut a meeting
hold by the members of the firm on Jan. 'J Mr.
Buckloy was dropped. No reason'for tho ac
tion was made public. Tho other members ot
thu firm are Charles II. Webb, William E.
Webb and W. A. Little.
Mr. Buckley Is sold to have been desnondent
stneo his departure from tho house which ho
had practically established. Tho members
of his family deny thirt ho has been In bad
spirits, but acquaintances, who decline to al
low their names to ho uecd, say that ho was
A ery dfr-consolutc.
Mr. Dunhnni said vesterdny that Mr. Buck
ley's death was a complete surprise to him.
Ho rould not bcllco that ho had , committed
suicide. Ho declined to give any explanation
of tho dropping of Mr. Buckley from tho firm,
but declared that the best feeling existed be
tween Mr. lluckloy nnd his former partners.
As far as Mr. Dunham knew, Mr. Buckley was
not in pecuniary difficulties. .
Mr. Buckley was -IS jenrs old and belongod
to a number of club', lu this city.
Mrs. Pelera, Who Nbol llsraotr, Maid to De a,
Itrlatlvo or the Xotellat.
Marian A. Peters, 03 years old, committed
suicide yestorday morning nt her homo nt 104,
West Thlrlocnth street, by shooting hersolf
through tho heart. She Is snld to bo a relative
of Anthony Hope, tho novelist.
Mrs. Peters had bcon Bitfforlng somo tlmo
from temporary Insanity, brought on, It is said,
by grief for her husband, who died about a year
ago. Her condition became so alarming recently
that her children mado preparations to commit
her to n prlvato asylum.
Yesterday morning her daughter Sarah,
when M10 went to tell her breakfast was rondy,
found her dead on tho sofa of her room with n
bullet wound tliroucli tho heart nnd a revolver
clutched tightly In her right hand,
David Puiors, tho bon of thu dead woman, re
ceived a Jotter yestciday from England inform
ing him that Anthony Hone, tho novelist, was u
relative, und advising him to cull upon tho au
thor. Mr. Peters whh about to wrlto to Mr.
Hopo and endoavor to traco tho relationship
when ho was Informed of his mother's suicide.
He Wns Once Worlh BJSO.OOO, nut Had Lost
Moat or It nnd Wna lientondciit.
Otto Schultz, -18 years old, who wns at one
tlmo tlio wealthiest man In the northern pnrtof
Hudson count). New Jersey, nnd who lived in a
handsome house at 201 Shlppcn street. Wee-
Competing With
iSreat Capital.
Owners of moderate capital
deprecate the rapid concentration
of all business enterprise in the
hands of trusts and combinations.
But possibly the development of
this modern system is opening
new tields for the small capitalist
if he will but see his opportuui-1
An opportunity to deal in the
highest class of impioved busi
ness property in the heart of New
York city, thiough a concern
whose established business al
ready assures a dividend of 6
per cent, per annum, is offered
for the consideration of investors.
Every opportunity for searching
investigation will be afforded to
all interested peisons by the
management of this company.
John Pettit Realty Company,
( 30 East 23(1 St.,
nrrlpre, near Jladlaon square.
umb "' 93 to 99 Nassau St.
(IK-nuctt bul d ui)
ltcjjlstrar or Stock,
' tirilsjlsini-1, , i,; linn, a '-..--i ,r 1 1"
fiMKfrf " ,,- - Sfrv ' fl .". 4. A ,t'-v,-i r.
hawken HelchU, shot himself ihronrih tha
heart with a aft calibre revolver, at 1 o'clock
yestorday mornlnfr, near tho top of tho stairway
which runs down tho hill from West Hobokcn to
lowor Wcehawkcn. Bchultx mado monoy spoc
ulatlnrr in real estato. He built blocks of
houses In Weohowkon nnd Wost Now York and
somo years arro ho was roputod to bo worlh
over Jfj30.000. In lntor yoars, howevor, his
speculations wcro not so fortunntn nnd ho lost
nil with Iho cxcoptlon of n few thousand link
lars, which ho placod In his wife's mm o. IIo
worried over his losses cont nunlly, notwith
standing the efforts of his family tochoar him.
Ho lelt his homo early on Wednesday morninir
after bidding his wlfo and children nn nireo
tlntiato Rood-by. Nothing wns si-cn of him
airaln until his hotly w,is found by Sereeant
Hnssner of tho Weehawken pollen. Ilassnor
said his attention ai attracted oy two pistol
shots whll he was walklini olonjr nt tho foot of
tho hill. Ho ran up tho stairway, hut when ho
reached the top Scliultr. was dead,
Schultii sottlod In Weehawken thirty yoars
oco. He leaves a widow nnd throo children.
A fulled States Holrtlrr Shoots lllmsr-tr.
Itrct.EK.t, Mont., Jnn. 0. James Kcnnody, a
prlvnto In Compiny C, Second Infantry, sta
tioned nt Port Harrison, three miles from hore,
killed himself to-day whllo in u dospoudciit
mood, IIo usod his on n rifle, tearing u Inriro
hnlo through his brain. IIo had boon lu tho ser
vlco fifteen oars.
A IVennrk Insnrniirn Agent lillli lllmseir.
Frank P. Clari:, an Insurnnco nRcnt nt 800
Itrnsd streot, Nownrk, N. J., committed sulcldo
nt his home csterdny by Inhaling uns. Ho had
been til nnd was despondent. Ho was 115 years
old nnd unmarried.
Wnll Strret Stnrla n Itrport Tor Which Au
thentic Ilaeklna ! I.nhliic.
The report wn circulated In Wall street yes
terday that the Manhattan Elevated Hallway
Company had finally decided to equip Its sys
tem with electricity, nnd that part of tho con
tracts, if not all of them, had bocn let. Tho re
port, ns printed by ono of tho Wall streot nows
aifonclot, wns shoun to Prosldcnt George Clonic!.
but he refused to discuss tho mittcr. Another
olllcor of tho company said thnt ho had no
kiioulcdtro of the letting of any contracts, and
that ho did not think there unci been an v new
developments rcirardlni; tba adoption ot olec-trlclty.
fllnreoat Arrasled the Htrlulna- Cigarette Girl,
but Mho Wna lift f.o In Court.
Mlnnlo Drown, n striking clcarotto frlrl, when
on picket duty in front of Slcdcnbercr, Htlcfcl &
Co.'s factory In Kast Sixty-third street j ester
day, Hughcd w hen a policeman fell down In try
ing to mako an arrest, and chaffed tho bluccorU,
calling him a cop. Tho policeman arraigned
hor In Yorkvllle Court on the chargo ot dis
orderly conduct, Sho was discharged, as It was
held that laughing at a policeman was ot a
' Abrahifm Raeshlk, ono bf tho strikers, H-as
arrested later nt their headquarters, 1210 First
avenue, on tho chargo of bolng concernod in nn
attack on somo ot tho non-union cigarette mak
ers, on Wednesday, at PirBt streot and First
Tbo Ilarmonr Cotton Mills Will Mot deduce
Coiioes, N. Y., Jan. (I. Tho Harmony Com
pnnyulnnounced to-day that thcro would bo no
reduction In wages In tho mills this winter.
This decision was reached after a long confer
ence betweon tho Superintendent and President
Wllllnm E. Thorne, who camo up from tho Now
York ofllco to canvass the situation. . President
Thorne declared that tho Harmony Mills would
fun without profit for a time, if necessary. In
the hope that the cotton business may Improve
before long. There are six Harmony mills, em
ploying am, hands, operating (1,517 looms and
1170.000 spindles. The company says thnt It Is
paying wages IS per cont. hlghor than were
paid in Pall Itiver beforo tbo recont reduction.
Taming Over the Wngo Reduction.
Lowell, Mass., Jan. 6. Thero was a confer
ence hero to-day botwecn cotton mill owners
and splnndrs retarding tho reduction in wages
on Dec 2. Although tho details of tho confer
ence havo not been given out, it Is generally
understood that no concession has yet been de
cided upon on the part of tho mill owners. Tho
splnnors will lay tho results of tho conference
before a mass meeting of tho spinners to-morrow
Hamburg J.tac's Jira UUnt Vrclgater.
EnTTl L. Dons, tho general manager at this
port of tho Hamburg-American line, received a
despatch from Hamburg yesterday announcing
that tho lino hnd ordered n sister ship to tho
tuln screws, Pennsylvania and Pretoria, the
largest carriers In tho world, measuring 1 i, 000
tons gros. The new ship will bo built by
liloliui & Voss, at Hamburg, who also havo tbo
contract for building two other stonmshlps of
10,000 tons each for the line, which now has
under construction. In IJormnny and Kugland,
threo steamships of 10.000 tons, ono of 7.000
tons and ono of 0,000 tonn. When these vessels
nro completed tho lljmbur' line, which has a
larger tonnage than any other steamship com
pany In tho world, will lunou gross register of
Iio8,400 tons.
Want Ihn Slllltlu lo Aaalat nt Court.
Nkw OitLEANS, Li., Jan. (t. Tho I.nw and
Order League of Tangipahoa parish havo asked
tho Governor to hold tho Stato militia in readi
ness for tho approaching term of tho Tunglpacoa
Court, when somo of the murderers and nssas
Bins who have lately infected that parish will
bo placed on trial. Serious lllllculties nro ex-
Iiceted during the trial, nnd tho league docs not
icliovo that thu authorities cun keep tho peaco
without the militia.
.lew York Pre-eminent HUH.
A preliminary report on tlio falling oh In tho
biiBlncbs of tho port of New Yoik was presented
to tho Chamber of Commerce yestorday on be
half ot the Committee on Harbor and Shipping
by A. Foster Hlggins. Tho report snld that cer
tain branches of trade, formerly morp largely
controlled by Now York, havo been more or lets
diverted, but thai thu general and overwhelm
ing prcpondeianco of New York is bllll main
ta ued.
Knocked fltute Nenntor llroiiaton llown.
FllANKFOltT, ICy Jnn. !. Stato Senator
Charles 8. llronstnu of l.ulngton wns sitting In
a poker game at tho Capital Hotel jostcrday
morning when he accused ex-Hcipitor May of
cheating, A fight followed ami May knocked
llronslon down. Ilro-iston nro.unnd Ma) dicw
a revolver, but frionds prevented n tragedy.
Hroimton tried fur two houts tugctnt Muy for
Kx-Mioor Htrnna n tieleaale.
Ex-Mayor Strong has hern nppolnted by tho
Chamborof Commcno a delegate lu thu i-o-enlleil
Moiieliuv Convention to meet ut ImtluiiupollB
on Jan. tin.
Where lealerdn'a Flrea Were,
A M 8:13, 43.1 lirondwar, Proollyn, Drown 4
I.cavltt, dnmaf ssoiii 2:5.1, :uil Wcid Thirty tlxih
street, A, husariuan, damage J'.'.'ii); a. so, I nil A lit u
atrett, B. Ilrcht, ilama;n SIOU, Siir), l&Mtldto street
Max llcritf trlu, damans trill ng.l 1 :(,i). Uil.l 1'iee.iinii
tret I, damans $1.10; ll-tia, all Ve,t load.treit,
C r-clirodrr, damago SIOU.
P. JI -KltS, Mill Mxttl avenue, Mr. KlUHLrlliy,
no ilaiiiuse; I':1B, lili I- til It ii unit, no (luiiuv. j
lltifi, 17n I. udliiw ntreet, llov Id Kn duniai- irlillnii,
4 un, -J.I4 Central I'ark VVui-i, Amir w Mcl.aimlilm,
ilamau 3HI) tniiu, 41 Uri-eiio lutuiu, llrouklju, Mrs.
Mary nulllvuii, dama.-e titi.
Tlio CliamlJcr of Corninerco yeiterdar dlreeted tta
Committee on Internal rradu (o luveuilgjte tlio ex.
pendlturra uu canal liiipioveineiitrt.
JtidKtmnUof absolute divorce wire granted yes
tenia) hy Justice Tru:n in Jntismi V hint fium
a una C. Molt audttolnaai! l.aaes Irom I'etiurah Isaacs.
riioanaual(rieitlou of tlm C'riitral lleiiuollcan
Cluuot me Tlilrlr-llr.t .icm!.l dull let u, lm held
ttiU evening ui tha l.ciliulou opi ra House, 1 Hit.
rlKlith ttrret and Third atenue.
Work on Hie trolley loop, at tlio Noh York ternil
nal of tbo brldiie la prnrcfcalng u rapidly that jt la
rxpectid thoeara tun l ruiiiiiiu on miunr moro f
thu loops 1-y Fnda) aftt-riiuon vr evening.
Itumili hogi tillered a judgment ) slrrday wrnlnit
Jacob (.orlliaid und Jaiui-a A, Miiiii.oiu for k7.Mii mi
a iiote mado by Mr. I.ur I anl on u t .' f, lhM, lor
9,1100, which woi Indorsed hj jr hlinmoai andile-
iiiercu to ir huge.
A gold nnual Ii to be preaentf d lo Alb-rt Diinii, Jr ,
of Ulehmonu Hill, by thu i.uir I. land l.lfo hating
Axoclatlun of ilrooVltn for nriterydl.nlayiiji.il
Juuu V4 luarlng)lr Anna Ycnuotv from tulurun
iUihu by aiieiprt-M, train.
Mrs. Auu Nolan, B"l years ulil.of 721 Myrll avenue,
DrtHiklyu, beeiimo III xtleruny as al.o tvru leatlug
thu e.nilrnloiiul at hi rotnek's Itoiiian Catindiu
Church, at Kent and W'llliniKliby aveuuet, ana Uitd
of hrart d hello In a few iiilnuti t.
It Is announced that the late floorgn Carlotv of 4C&
Cli rinont avenue, llrooklju. tare lu Adi l.l.l CoIIcku
alortly befuru hU death tha sum of c&.oou tneou
allium a itf-riuauent fund lu memory of hi. ami,
(IcorgsK llanotv, m ho uriiduatuil Irom ine Ailclnld
Acaiuny In 187Biuid dlod lu 1HUI, '
lira Alice Freeman I'aliuir. ex l'rc.ilcnt of .
letley Cullr gs and Hoau of thu V omen'a department of
thi University ul Chicaitu, will t,n iim (.uuuol
cuii no of Uciures orrer.d by iho I ublio Kdutatlun
Auuclatlon. at o'clock this afternoon, at SOU Fifth
avenue. Tho subject of th addraw will La "The
ubllenM,utrublloBcUovU," " vo uo
y (""") i jury's---- " i 'B -
Lately, n customer of one of .
New York's best tailors bnniirlit
us an overcoat, saying it didn't 5
fit ; thnt he had deckled to make
us the judge. :,
Such is the result of our
now well-understood policy wo
don't ninko to order, but we
make to lit. 5
Of course, our $10 and $18 $
black nnd blue beaver overcoats, f
nro not of as good material ns -
the $-10 ones, but they lit as J
well as well ns anybody's, at f
any price. 'f
So do our $15, 810 nnd 818 $
suits. j
HoGKiiS; Pj:i:t & Co. 4
Prlneo Slid nroadway. f
Warren and Ilroadwar. -2
Thirl) -necouil aud llroadnay. ,,
I A little I 1
safes much 1
traveling. 1
Telephones in actual use In the fl
Borough of Manhattan. m
contract orriccs y3
S Cartlandt, 15 Dey, 05 Broadway, 115 W. j8th sSI
fN SOc. Scarfs at 19c 1
VrP Pr,ce cut, to effect a $m
wyl clearance. M
rf-fysy MEWS SHOES. 'M
ljly V-Ty,r A First quality, from trie iMB
U J fcv I V (treat sale of tbo United ?9
BvJt J btatos rtul'lrf-r Co.. sold '
rHss.y' last year at 73c.
Extonalon oI Shore BS.OT M
lu Winter Ilusict, Enamel and Calf.
Cloth Top 1'alrnt l.rntliora gl.oa pr. B
mt. rta Mtcr-. . 3si
$ Headaches
5 aro often thofatiltofpoorlyflttlngBlasses. i Yv.
D4 you suffer I Why continue to do so S Mi
J when wo linvo tlio most comfortable spec- f 4
J toclcs made J ? kj
j Call nnd sco them. ? fij
( 104 East 23d Street. S f j
" 104 Wost 14th St. 1
BELBABLE Special Bargains, M
CARPETS, Bagdad Couch Coiers, i
B15 STRIPE . . . $3.25 "j
Long Credit. fl
Mora Lnnd run hated for Ite.ervallon on tho Jm
Nt. I.nnrrnco Itiver. fij
Al.nANV, Jan. 0. Tho Stato Fisheries, Onms
and Forest Commission annoiiiieod to-day that I
It had purchased seventy nercs of land for the
new International I'nrk on tho Kt. I.avvrcnco ',
Itiver established for the moro especial hcntilt
of tho State's ntnaluir fishermen. Tho land is 116
the foot of (jrindstono Island nnd la known as
Ciinoo I'oltit. Tim punhami prlco vvah lJi'O. ;
Homo tlmo hko llie cnmiiilsslim puicliasnd M.
Mary's island for .r,t)l)tl. 'I lit Inst I'Blslatiiro
appropriated :0,000 lopunlum Inml fnrllns
park. Tho coiiiiiilsalon has ulitallied npllonson
other iirnpcrliiH nnd tlio ontlio mmiiinl of
money ntipioprlntfd will lioosiiemled In miikliiir
the pureliaboof lands liefoio tlio tlo-mof the
present letrlblatlve ronslori. A novv iiiipiunrln
tlon will boiibkcd bv thoniiniiiNsloii for ileal
tin; up tho Inuds purchiibcd nnd Innldlnt; lamlliiK
docks fur river ernft and shelters for people
who visit tho park In tho event of storms.
T Invr.tlaaln hleilirn's Pollen.
Si'iti.scini'.iii. 111., Jan. il. emeus of Its
puhllt an . Scnntors this nfternooii, hy a voteof
JR yens to 'J nays, decided tuiulnpl tho l.undln
resolution calling for nn Itivestltfalion of tlio -1
Tollto Drpartment nf ('lileairo tn morrinv or nn J
next Tuesila). 'llie two men wlio vottd uKaliKt .1
the In v est Icatiniilwern Senator i M'liiroeot Juliet J
and Iluiillonof huqiioi. M-niiloi. Mcfloiid of M
Cook nn 1 Littler of riaiuninnii decline I m vote. M
MeClond liilleil) nppoied III" invistluitlmi,
vchlcli he said would prove to hu milium; hut a 5M'
Qliy!W.TrBRT83RFn 1
WrKttDlQ B ivDII I otfBaaas. 9
And rest for tired inothei i in a warm huh 1
with (i nctr.Ab()f,nHdasliiloaiiiloJii"'i
Of ft TICl It A tOllllllieilt,tlil J-TCJl "kill' 'I'' JF
('met iia IU:mi.iiiu nfTord liihUnt nh -f, m
and point to a speedy cmo of tor nlnjr.di
Hsurln:,lniinlli..iiiii!.llcliini; liniiin;.i "'"' ff
Inr;. crusted, scaly akin and m i'i Immori, ' A
with less of lulr, when all r o fads J
roM lhnmhil lli vsrld I'ern. Ha a l Cat g.
Cuiir Kle rici llu.iin . 'Ai
KJ h u.w u C.r hllu-TorurM !'. In M
SKIN, SCALP&11?. r a
ig'. '. , F I -JaaaB

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