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V& ... - - - - - - " k J I. 1 , ; ,, M . J . , . ;
K . . . -1 T " I
iy rviiVxrjmjTjVu .ij-n-i.nru-u-ur-i- Li i.n.-.rx-i.V-'in -ir-ir-r-.m-.i-. 0iti''mm,r'' " "
Apraham - Straus
flL 3SXl.OOSLXa'3r3Sr.
I A Very Important Sale of
asT Our February Snle of Table Ware, which begins tomorrow,
M marks tlie formal opeuiug in the new building of our new
H China and Bric-a-Brac Store (Basement).
$- Cut Glass and Silverware Store (Main floor, court).
mfci In point of size and handsome appointments their equals are
$' not to bo found in this country, while the extent and variety of
y the stocks are unsurpassed by any like collections in the world.
i,; Amid such surroundings and with such vast assortments to
mf draw from, the choosing of Table Ware is certainly a pleasure,
If, and when, iu addition, you get the benefit of lower prices than
W those generally prevailing, the opportunity thus afforded for
M supplying your wants in these lines becomes almost irresistible.
5 We accentuate the opportunity during this February Sale by
W offering extraordinary values, of which those quoted below are
Wk specimens :
Hra China and Glassware. Cut Glass.
Sg 100 Havllonds decorated china Dinner Cut glass Salad or Fruit Bowls, largo size,
W, Sct8 of 113 pc complcto service for deep, rich cutting, would bo Kood value
m Dinner, Ten or Bicakfast-four Htyles at M.00 but our price Is ...... $2.05 ca
ife of accoratlon-cqual good sets have Cut gloss V ater BottlcH. new designs, rich
m- never before been offered for lew thau cutting and very brilliant.. . .$2.08 oa
-. $.'10.00, but you can buy these to-morrow 10 dozen cut crystal Tuniblera-nt about
&&, at .. $18.73 sut the price of ordinary pressed glass,
$p Carlsbad china Tea Sets of Ctl pes., in 10c. ca
StSg neat floral decorations $4.23 set .. , - ..
W? A lot of odd Plates of decorated Limoges SlIVOTWarO and Cutlery.
!$' china ail sizes regular prices were 30c. 0f,, n t c-.-,., --,..-. -..
SI?' to DOc, will be closed out at 10c. ca Str""K . a'1," .Tea Spoons, fancy pat-
M, Decorated china Bathroom Sets-soap terns- z- to doz- t . . . .
Mi dish, mug aud brush holder-Imitation of c. ., -, $-.50 for set of six
SK the Dresffen blue onion pnttern..03o. set S'cr"n?s '"f, ?,cTCl?POOnS faDCy pat"
WL 40 doz. imitation cut glass Jelly or Cran- tcrn. 1J " z- t dS?;Va ,- f , .,-,
S borry Dishes, worth 10c, at Be. each c. , , , $-00 for set of six
at-, , Imitation cut glass Fruit or Salad Bowls- Sterling silver Table Spoons, fancy pat-
fe 2 sizes, at.... IBe.ca tun. 17 to z- tod25'nn ,nr , n, ,,.
Ml- Imltntlou cut glt:s Lcmonadu Sets- . ., $8.00 for set of six
It S-'aV"8 2 " ' SVsft S:eerrn;571loT8?Z'ToedozFOrk8 "" Pat"
mk tray at iuc. set $8.00 for set of six
f I nmnn nnH Clorkfl StcrliiiK silver Breakfast Forks, fancy pat-
mk Lamps ana uiocks. tern. 12 to 13 oz. to doz.
m&J, Onyx Banquet Lamps with 0 In. onyx 04 ,, $5.50 for set of six
5SS" columns, rich gilt llnlsh, complcto with Sterling silver Sugar Spoons, fancy pat-
jSS artistic bent glass globe, chimney and c.tcl?,Iatv."',X-.V ;: OOc. ea
L ring, at S2.25 ; will sell Lamp scpn- Sterling silver Call Bells, two styles.
Ill;, ratclyat$1.27, and Globe at 08c. $1.20 and $1.40 1 ca
m? Silk and Laco Lamp Shades, any size or Sterling silver Match Holders, two styles.
color .......BOc.ca $1.75 and $2.75 ea
W Brass Tablo with 0 in. onyx top, complcto Sterling silver Bon Bon Dhhes, various
SV at ...........$1.75 ' styles .- $2.75 to $10.50
6 Delft Boudoir Iimps, complete with Quadruplo plated Tea Sets, four pieces,
'MC . globes to match, wero $2.05 to $1.00, hand chased, at.......... $4.08 set
goat $1.08ea Quadruple plated Crumb Tray and Scraper,
'$& Ansonla'parlor Clocks, enamelled Iron fin. hand chased..... ... 08c. Bet
Ms ished in assorted colors. Louis XIV. Quadruplo plated Fruit or Berry Dishes,
:! Bhapcs 8 day. Cathedral gong strike. ut................ ....08c. ea
ggft, regularly sold from $5.00 to $7.50, Quadruplo plated ! cm Dishes, at
fM at $.08ca .,. .91.80 ea
M: Ansonla porcelain Parlor Clocks, Royal Rogers & Hamilton s Tea Spoons, first
ii.- ' Bonn cases, best Ansonla movements quality, at..... ...... .......OOc.set of six
& would be cheap at $10.00, at..$5 08 each Rogers & Hamilton s Soup Spoons, first
SSS? ' Nickel and enamelled Alarm Clocks, at qualitv, at.. ............. $l.lll set of six
MK1 57c. each Rogers & Hamilton's Dinner Forks, first
Wx quality $1.00 setof six
JS.; CrOCkerV Specials. Rogers & Hamilton's Dessert Spoons, first
fmh. ' ' r quality 85c. sot of six
SC Wo place on pnlo to-morrow an Open Rogers & Hamilton's Sugar Spoons,
lf Stock Pattern of Eugllsh wore, blue under- Butter Knives, and Coffee Spoons, at
ta glaze decoration, gold traced, at about 14c. each
M of regular value : Landers, Frarv & Clark's Dinner Knives,
laf-.. lOOcloz. Plates, all sizes, to goat.. Oc. each plated, 12 dwt. to doz., first quality,
ai 2B doz. Preserves . So. each at 15c. each
i3& Oval Meat Platters (8 to 14 In. Merldcn Dessert Knives, plated blades,
fM sizes) 12c. to 20c. each at 12c. each
Sg ', Cups and Saucers Oc. pair Stag Handlo Carving Sets, English steel
a;- And tho entire line at proportionately low blades, good value for $1.50, at
prices. 05c. a pair
M? Japanese china After Dinner Cups and Merlden Cutlery Co., sterling; silver
ffpft'l Saucers, at 5c. pair mounted stag handle Carving Sets,
English decorated Toilet Sets, 10 pieces, three pieces, in silk lined box, at
largo Bhape. at $1.75 set $3.75 set
New Printed Organdies.
: -, Fourteen thousand yards of the daintiest and prettiest Organ
dies in new Parisian patterns, printed on white grounds, go on
Bale to-morrow at
121c. a Yard.
These Organdies are sold extensively as foreign goods, but
they are in reality American made, aud we take pride in offering
them as such. In quality, finish and designs they closely re
semble the higher priced French productions, yet they cost
,, about one-third.
f; The excellence of these Organdies points to the fact that it
won't be long before Yankee wit will outstrip foreign talent in
the production of cotton fabrics, as it has in the making of
?J5 Bilks.
Ij-qy; New Building, flnt floor.
M All Wool Spring Suitings Extraordinary
SO in. Wide-at 39c. Yd. Embroidery Values.
tf$V All wool Covert SuitiURS. 50 inohoB Wo place on salo to-morrow a lot
wide, in six attractive Spring mix- t tho boat Cambric Edgings and
ture8-matle by an American mill Nainsook Flouuoings over offered
I for retailing at 75c. yd havo for tho money. They're aplond id
come to us for soiling at ttOc. yd. poods in very pretty designs, and
rint floor, Naw Building. tllOy'rO Worth fully OnO-llftlf
ii . , more to doublo our prices, which
Two Strong Values in are
Silk Shirt Waists. 5c- Oo- 15c- & a5- Jd
Black China Silk Shirt Waist, well made, Women's Jackets.
with yoku front nud back, lined through. m r ., ,
out, linen collar, ut. .$1.08 ea Tlie Best ValUCS Yet.
Striped Taffeta Silk Shirt Waists, In pretr;-
Bprlng colorings, yoke back and full f) .nnran von exnncfc n. hnrnnin
front, madoontliu bias and lined through- , coura" J0" expect a Dnrgnin
out, at $i.Hea when you buy a Jacket now, but
Becoud iiuor. you'd hardly expect to get snch
$4150 to $6.00 Down hTgTbe- y0B'11 Gnd the fllW"
Comfortables at $3.19 Ea. 7&JrAb2Si Pw!ThaV.ae
shield front and storm collar and others
A manufacturer rotiring from busi- ily front and nou-hed collar, nil finished
ness closed out to us his entire wUh BOod quullty Batln l,ulnK8' at$4.05
i Stock of domostic and French 8 Jacket of fancy rhevlot. fine kersey
nnfin nnvornit p,i.i i.no and covert cloths, In black, blue, tan and
, COereU Lomlortables green, shield and fl-fronts, lined through,
filled With puro dotvn, full SIZO, out with fancy taffeta silk and satin, at
't - gj kJV 'aV0tb0en ?0lliD? . ' JackeU of heavy curl Persian cloth? wldo
l',. 4.50 to $0.00, at a price which doublo front and high utorra collar, lined
r .; enables as to place them on sale throughout wltn flnB taaer Uff io'o&
W tomorrow at . . .rJ.IOea " koMiioor.
Splendid Silks at
Surprisingly Small Prices.
Colored Silks.
22-Inch all Silk Figured India very neat
and prutty designs In white and cream
only, at -Oc. yd
21-lnch' nil Silk Brocaded Satins, in a
complete assortment of all tho dcslrablo
colors tor evening wear, Including whlto
and cream worth 7fSc, at 40o. yd
21 -Inch all silk fancy check and plaid
Taffetas, a flno bright quality In nil tho
new spring styles and colors, at..Hlc. yd
27-Inch all silk fancy striped Taffeta, an
extra heavy rich quality, now styles,
at I .............$l.lbyi
Black Silks.
22-Inch all silk black Taffeta, very strong
and bright, with excellent rustic, at
00c. yd
22-inch all silk black Figured Oros Grain,
In fifteen new and deslrablo patterns
this Is an excellent quality and It Is
worth 08c, but we'll closo It out at
OOc. yd
22-inch heavy rich quality black Brocaded
Satin and Gros Grain now and exclu
sive designs, at OOo. yd
24-Inch all silk black Satin Duchesne ele
gant quality, rich luster and very heavy.
at $l.l!5yd
Flnit floor. Nair Building.
Fur Pricos Drop Again.
All Furs must go a groat many
havo gone, but thcro are a numbor
of garments loft over from previ
ous sales, and to haston their de
parture wo again apply the prun
ing knifo to their prices small
nook pieces and Alaska Sealskin
Jaokets Buffer alike.
If you want Furs and want to
save money you can't afford to let
this great chance slip by Remem
ber Furs will be much higher next
Sealskin Jackets, XXX quality, perfect
fitting, box fronts, valuo $200.00.
at 9125.00
Forsian Lamb Jackets (Leipzig dyed
Bklns), perfect fitting, box front, value
$105.00. at $80.00
Electric Seal Jackets, samo model as seal
skin, value $55.00, at $42.00
Mink Collarettes, edged with mink tails,
fancy llninRs, value $40.00, at. . .$20.75
Persian Lamb Collarettes, fancy or plain
silk linings, value $24.00, at $1U.45
Misses' Collarettes, in gray electric seal,
value $10.00, at $4.05
Electric Seal Capes, 24 in. long by 120 In.
sweep, with lino Persian lamb voke
and fancy silk lining, valuo $115.00,
at $25.50
Wo also offer very exceptional values In
Men's fur lined and trimmed Overcoats,
at $80.00, $08.00 & $124.00
8oond floor.
Women's $25.00 Tailor
Made Suits at $17.95.
Fifty Tailor Made Suits of fine
cheviot serge in black, blue,
green and brown fly front coats
and new style skirt lined
throughout with Roman striped
taffeta silk thoroughly stylish
and up to date and fully worth
$25.00 go on sale to-morrow
at $17.95 ea
Second floor.
Black Ostrich Plumes, 29c. Ea.
Eecent advices from Paris indicate that
Black Ostrich Plumes will be much in
voguo for bat trimming during the com
ing Spring and Summer This offering
is, therefore, most opportune, for it en
ables you to buy theso goods at much
below value. One of tho boat feather
manufacturers In New York sends us a
lot of flno three-quarter Ostrich Plumes,
0 inches long, of rich glossy black with
full wldo head would bo counted excel
lent valuo at 30c. for selling to-morrow
at SOc. ca
A Matchless
Furniture Chance.
We've seourod for selling at
about one-third below regular
value a lot of manufacturer's sam
ples of tho very newest Spring de
otc, All como to us direct from
tho New York Furniture Exposi
tion. Those samples wero pro
duced to show tho best work of the
leading furniture makers of tho
country, and they were therefore
made and finished with extra care.
Nothing newer or bettor is to
be had.
Tho assortment comprises:
25 Parlor Suits,
50 odd Parlor Chairs,
40 Gilt Chairs,
75 fancy Rockers and Easy
And there's only one of each pat
torn. These specimen itomo will give
you some idea of tho opportunity
that this salo affordB to every one
who needs furniture.
PAIILOK SUITS, mahogany and ma
hocany finished frames, upholstered In
velour, satin damask aud silk tapestry,
made to sell at
$32.00, 40.00, 45.00, 05.00, 00.00
Our price,
$22.00, 20.00, H4.0O, ltH.OO, 02.00
Divans, Window Seats, Reception
Chairs, etc., made to sell at
$7.00, 12.00, 15.00, 24.00, 30.00
Our price,
$5.00. O.OO, 1 l.OO, 17.00, 22. OO
GILT PIECES, Conversation Chairs,
Homan Chairs, Divans, etc., mado to
sell at
$3,B0, 7.80, 10.00, 10.00, 30.00
Our price,
$2.25, 5.00, 7.00, 12,00, 21.00
nOCKKltS somo with saddle seats and
soma upholstered mode to sell at
$0.00, U.00, 12.00, 10.00, 18,00
Our price.
94.00. O.OO, 8,00, 1O.B0, l&OO
SneMyi guvtrtumtut. .. I - 8rMK gMvcrtijfmtKt.
Our business year begins Monday, January 31;
have received many new fine goods from the leading
manufacturers of England, Scotland, Ireland, France,
Austria, Germany, Japan, St. Gallen and our own mar
kets, and we intend to make the year 1898 the most
interesting of all years. Have placed our standard
higher than ever, and our system is fully appreciated by
the people. All goods marked at the smallest possible
margin of profit and on cash basis. Every Lady and
Gentleman invited to our new exhibit.
All mail, telegraph or telephone orders filled
promptly. Our telephone number is "830" Brooklyn.
ppt This $6.00 A BAROAIN IN
3 IjJ Hall Rack, Misses' and Children's
Hf i Shoes.
Sj!- $3.98. $1.50 and $2.00 Kind at
$12.00 kind at 98c
' $6.69: 3) pnlrsof
. , fly Blisses' and
6gp4 513.50 kind at Jt WB
J K $8,75; m , "'"
$16.00 kind at Wwii . ?!
fffi JjS "" "' u " n w V JK Button
ft 1 $11.50; J'J-Hi wW?o oak
41) -J 3JIO.OU. jB round and
China Closets and Side- S tSSLVSEao
Kx -A- on now lasts, finished and trimmed
DOarOS. In tho best manner, and every pair
warranted to give comfort nnd tlior
- ORmIvv Thin Reni Pnri ouch satisfaction. By all staudnrds
' .1, ilr-H' CblOfl Closet. Dl" cn8h Purchase offers an opportunity
l l r for us to place them before you at
I'l I nnnn nil shed less than actual cost of liiatcriulN, all
1 ' ' I, "- Hnufcu, glze8 nnfl w,t1Hi Sz(.s8 to 11( llla
t j' I quartered oak, to 2. Monday while they last, QQ
P large sire, regu-
S4 ,ar price H2.S0; FURNITURE.
J j! limited number
r at Parlor and Library
1 'r Tables,
j $15.98. About One-Half Usual
Dent End China Closet, if 10.00 kind at Prices.
$1 1 1)8
Bent'End China Closot, mirror top, regu- 2L-'tLTZSf H W' 2x
lar price 23.75, at $18.50. & "' '"' in1Vr Sni nofflhSl"
25 other styles from JJ58.50 to $00.00. J mnhoBany nil
Sideboards, swell drawer, S m B ihhed, imitation
fia.50kindat $0.08. if ll inlaid top, usual
!i22.50kindatS15.75. g B ! price $4. OO; spo-
!!28.00 kind at $17.08. JL22SWYi cial at
i S80.00 kind at $19.08. VHf V o? no
$35.00 kind at $24.08. I U U Ibl.90.
Brooklyn's Direct Agents (or the V lSncu'lon a
o a $i.3o. '
New Haven High-Grade Bicycle, so very HandKomo imitation inlaid
Shaped Top and Shelf, usual price $5.00,
fSna'm, 200 One and two of a kind, some forest
green, ox blood, maple, mahogany and
gmaaJL VSlWfcw. oa' n" H'ZCH n,u' shapes.
- ii8!7.rikind,' at.'.'.'.'!!!!!!!'.!!!!!!!!! io!o8
P &&egE$ Inventory Reduction Sale.
Interesting to Bicyclists. pP bouce chevIol "d
Manufacturer's Salo of tho Now -BSS? .. . . .
Haven Ulcyclo Company's SsTO kersey clolll, silk
WHEELS, 1f ""nT arc2u,ar s,2'
all tlin different errades, from the jfflR5Lr
lowest to the hlRliest, for ladles aud tJ 'jUjjl. ,1
gentlcnicii. To mako it all the more sfl6iSRSiSj jtm y
inti-restlnir, wo havo opened the dc- , USvMKi Td C
partmeiiton the tliird floor, adjolulnsr tfiwIV ?SPo 3 ft!5o
carpet department, where wo will V m5 ltS)W
havo on exhibition a full assortment, ..., , ... ,tr , . , . T , .
and all Interested will seouro . Jfa .?a'8 . AlLY&hot Jna&etBl
sizes 32 to 44, black only, valuo .f 0.00, at
RICVCLES. 30o' Ladles' Fine Imported Kersey and
LmV a fta-4-r. Persian Cloth Jackets, host silk and sat In
Vim, Hodcmnn, Straus. Hartford linings, wcrcisi5.00and918.00;iiow!fU03.
and llomo Tires at u better ndvnu- - a nr? o a r- a im
tugo than over before. AVill bo tho tArfc BAKUAirNb.
centre of the blcjclo trade. Fancy . ,, . ,
prollts will not bo allowed, and all ,75Bcft,v.Sr Copes, braid trimmed, were
inuohincs sold on -ash busls. ;pOj while they last. sM.OH.
To accommoduto any who are an- - Ladies elour du Nord Capes, hand-
tlclpatinir niakiiis a purchase iu Bmc'v trimmed, heavy satin lined, valuo
Mnrih, wo will bo wllllnir to sell at 20.00; reduced to 10.118.
tho prices civon below, accepting a ,-i .- .
deposit now, and purchaser will pay Stfll' W r -A c?4-t-w
tho bnlanco tho 1st or March, when 3II1. W dlbLN
wo will deliver the Wheel; no ma-
chine will bo sold except on this plan, On Bargain Counter 150 Ladles' China
unless paid lor In full, an wo do not nnd Taffeta Silk Waists, wero 1.00, $5.00
consider tho Installment plan. and $(1.00, ouo and two of a lot, somo a
NO. I $22.48 little soiled; special at 1. 08.
Mn 4 oa oa. 100 Ladles' Black aud Colored Taffeta
KJ?' i jq'fla Silk Waists, all sizes, were $5.50 and
K'X qa'SZ $5.08; special at $3.08.
NO. 4 ST'ST 105 Ladles' Fancy Taffeta and Plaid
NO, 5 359T Slik'WalHts, were $7.50 to $10.00; now
No. 6 48.64 $4.08 and $5.08. '
Fulton Street, Gallatin Place and Livingston Street, Brooklyn.
Flay was resumed in the Loo? Iilaad Inter
scholattlo handball tournament at tho court ot
tho Adelphl Academy, Brooklyn, yeiterday
morning. Thocoiiteitlnir tonnu wero from tho
"I'oly Prep" and llrooUlyn Latin schools, the
former winning by 5 enmos to 4. The followers
of both schools ore on hand In laree numbers.
It took nlno BBincs to decide the conlost. The
first game, between L. FrothltiKliuin ntld Chad
wick, and the sixth, between Ludlam nnd C.
Frotlilncbsm, were tho best played. In the
latter kriiio Frothlneliam liadn winning lead
up to tho elerentli band, when I.udlnm Horvcd
In urcut style and rolled up six points, u Inning
the eame. Hcorca follow ;
L. Frothlagbsni. " I'oly." at Cbadwlck, Latin. ID.
C. KrotUlnnbaiu. "I'oly." 21i lirrklDB. Latin. IU,
Ludlam, Latui, Sit Uoblnion, "l'oly." til. Chart
wick, Uli C. Frothlinbam, IS. I.. Frutl luvhani, 21)
IlerkliiK. H. Ludlam, X Is C. rrothlnxliain, 17. Hob
inion. all ll.Tklnif, in. 1.. Frolhlnghaui, 81i Lud
lam, It, lUiblDion, i'll CbadwKk, M.
1-plnU" l'oly," ISUs llrooklyu Latin. 138,
Tho record ot the schools in the tournament Is:
iron. Lolt.t Won. Lotl.
Adolpbl 17 1 Drooklyn Latin, ,14 IS
Pratt 8 V Urooklyn High... 0 HI
l'oly Prep It '
Pratt nnd Brooklyn High lost one irame each
by default. The Individual standing- follows;
iron. Loir. Wun. Lott.
Backhouse ....... s 0 O. Frothinj-ham.. 1 a
Ilauekar H 0 Ludlam 8 4
L. Frotbloiham.. B 0 Cbadnrlck. ....... I 4
Itobtnsoa.,..,.,. S 1 liers.n . 2 2
Bd,. .. 1 Uuliai:, . 0
Illfle Hhooiliia-.
The rifle tam nf the New York Bchuetion Corps
hot IU tilth winter match at Zi-ttler's on Friday
night. The special match was won by C. blevcra.
The scorei
IndlTldual Hatch Ten shots, poislble 250 point
F, Faeomprt, S37( Dr. C. Orocb, S80 J.C. IIono.234
J. A. Chrliteu, V!li C. F. OITi rniau, 2!!H( 1 Felsel,
87J. O.ThooIke, V1H; II .Nordtruck, K87i II. Zett
ler, iJll. I). MichaeUon, 285i C. Hteffpna 82IJ, K.
llertmann, 2HH-0 SleTrrs. VSOs N. (.'. L.Uerenten.
2201 A. V. Imcko. 22i Capt MeyiT, 2IU F. Fflil
buaen. 2t7ill. Ko.ter. 210; li 1 Lawrence, 20H: A,
Lrderhaun, 20S. C. Jlaun. 207i H dalle, vol; v.
Wt.Ml, 218(11. ttragge, 2U4 J. Ojbber. 2IH F, II
Kh.n, 20Ui J. lUektMehl. IHUi II, Devker, 1U0: II,
Doehle. lbOg A. lluukauf, 102. J, Caplan, IU.Hi II.
Ilorenbumer, lbll,F hchulr. 1K7J. '.iraiei. 151.
Team Match, aame condition. F Fflcoinpr6'a team
J. Hum. 23i II Zi-ltler, 231 1 Ulchael.un, 3.IU:
Capt.lt ytr, 2J7i (aroiupr, 224s Fclgel, 2V2 Nord.
bruck, 221 i O. F. orfi-rman, 220, (1. Dotlile, villi
Feldhu.eu, '21U: llorrnliurgfr. 210, Koaier. 210,
raradlen, 207i Wiwel, 203) Ix)d.rUau, luu; Klete
ebl. 1U2; Mann, I7U. Total. :i,hd3, J. a Cbrliten'a
team Dr.Mroacn, 230; J U.Tnoelke. 2J(i C.SIerera,
2H3t A W. Imcke. 230i t'brliten. litri; Sterteni.
224i J. (Jobber. 220 Ilerenten, 217i Oalle. 212i
Wragge, 21HKblen. 80Si Decker, 21 7i llerrniaao,
212! Lawrence, 1U5 bchult, 1H5; Ilaukauf, 1b7i
Caplan. 187 Total, 3.B3B. '
llamtlcap llatoh Sleera, 8l0i Offermao, 24Bi
Doehle, 24D Mlcaa laon. 244l TbOllke, 243 1 Wragge,
248 Herrmann, 240 Dr. C. Urokh, 240: Horen
burger, JIIOiLemeke. 80i Keldbu.cn. 23H Docker,
288 1 (Jobber. 87llionn. 23B; Paradlea, 28i Felml.
2aSiKoatsr.S36i Nordbruck, 884i Facouprt, 2 82 1
fe-(-t..'i.iy.it,',y-j ,fyt-y.?js if-MwK'I'f'fT-'W
8wMll ivtxllfimttt. groflMMu &vtxtltmtrt!S.
The Sterling Piano Co.
Announce An
This Week
Age 7 Years,
will entertain the public every afternoon (except Monday), from 3 to 4:30,
Master Wood has been rightly named the " Mozart of America," as he im
provises as he plays and never repeats. Come and hear him for he is a
717" C KT X 3ES DEI.
You are also invited to visit the several floors of our warerooms and inspect
the 200 beautiful
3,000 actual purchasers in Brooklyn testify to the superior quality of this
old and reliable piano.
Special Bargains.
Several Sterling and Huntington pianos that have been in use from ons to
four months at reduction of
$25.00 to $75.00.
2 second-band Uprights, $100.00 2 M(ra "ae Squares, $75.00
I secondhand Upright, 1 25.00 3 vcr ,iae Squares, 60.00
2 -slightly used Uprlgnts, 148.00 6 Kood Squares, 40.00
2 very flue Sterlings, 225.00 4 8od Squares, 30.00
The Sterling Piano Co
Wholesale and Retail Warerooms,
Opposite Montauk Theatre.
V. H. DKSLOV, Manurr,
Largest Retailers.
rTl' (( )) Regular Price
UJ $27.00,
'y I ' 1 - For this Fine Solid I
1 H,l'&j, I iill'VJu 1 Oak Folding Bed.with S
Lftll pMtfe 1 J French Bevel Plates, I
f Hi) 1 . .., J, "i iHeF are ova 'n centre
FJ lfS3Sl IHP Best Woven wire
W I Kiwi (51 Spring, full size, easy
v pWwW)lH 'WA anc simP,e to Pe"
1 ! Emm W r? rate neat Caryin
m WMJJll WA T and Warranted.
Ill ml We have a ln.n-
JiM dred other Bargains.
""Sr -iLlZj"" a" a once anc
""" " J save money.
Complete House Furnishers, I
553 to 571 Fulton St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 1
iir.it uvsuAsn vami: to cnuitou.
Sir.. Ito.s Uilrrra a aiirl.lr suit fainted
Tljouslit II JIu.t II. III. t.ho.l,
nsauiMi, Jan. 25, During last oronine's Bor
vice at tho lliuitlet clmpol ot Mlluiont Sirs.
Ijiuretla Hoto occupied one of the pewe, and
when a man was abowu to the samo pew the
woman uttorcxl a shriek, swooned, and fulnloJ.
The man was her husband, a respectable me
chanic and good cltlicn. He assisted In rcstor.
inar bis wlfu to consciousness, Hbo was then
helped home, w hero at midnight she was ablo
to explain as follows:
, "When I saw the man enter the pew I knew
be looked like my buaband. Then I thought It
was hie abadow. or hU spirit, and that aome-
, thing terrible bad happened to h'p?, probably
death. I knew that It could not ho nn '" 'l
lorliohud not twen iDcliurch In ten H
The Itiislnnd Buys liojutttouk n nu '; S
tocliur li lust nlnlit, hut hud no ldut I'' -id 1
t rluhli n his w ifu In that w ay.
llustuest Treublfa. j
Ocorsro Bombard & Son ((leorne an i ' 'rs
J. Ilcrnhnrd), manufacturers of clothinn ' -"a
and '.'01 Kast lO'.'d streot and 'JOS ami .'" I'-1,1
101st stroot, mudo an asstBninont jesttr 1 W
KranclsA. Wilson, irlvlnira prcfurcmii I' ' ""
B. Htelnaui of Wuco, Tex., for 150 fur " ;
slons. Tbolliiblllttcsaru between HtMH "'ll1
(t().(KK). nnd tho aaauts urn nearly tin' wiiij
Deputy tiberltr O'Oonneli has recemd uii at
tachment uaalnst Morris ltubens, lial umnutao.
turer of 1!&7 (Ireena street and at Newark, N. 1
t rom K. W. Deebo for tS.VVi la f aror of loat)

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