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mtkw " I HHKSJISv Generally fair; westerly to southwesterly wind,
tnE tort xeuspapers abb lash-
It li .s.rruaed or Dealing In Ilrave riirmn
Mhlch It Pare Not Support by Act The
Liberal Press Amused by tba Violent Ln
(uaso of tho Uovernroent Hupporters.
Svtcial Cable Df patch to Tns 8u.
IisnoSi Fob. 2. Tho Standard, a Tory organ.
Joins in tho outburst of tho Mlnlitorlnl papors
(gainst the Government's backdown In tho runt
ter o( opening Tallcnwan as ft free port. It de
scribes tho surrender, assuming that It It a
surrender, ns a painful anticlimax to tho rocont I
vigorous rhotorlo and patrlotlo sentiment ot
several of tho MinlstctB. It says:
"Tho dlsqulotlng foaturo of tho story Is
tbnt It suggests suspicions of a larger and
wider surrender. Wo all Inferred that a doflnlto
check would bo placed on nny airnrosslYO, revo
lutionary designs In regard to China. Thero
was to bo no disruption, no partition. If that
was not tho signification ot tho Ministerial
declaration it is a pity they wero uttorod.
There. Is really no senso in talking of open
doors if tho doors aro to bo slammed in our
faces. It might have been wiser, it cortatnly
would ha vo been moro dignified, to havo said
nothing at all, rathor than to'havo flllod tho air
with magniloquent phrasos which aro not to bo
followed by action."
Tho Standard then appoals to tho Government
r to sot all doubts at rest, and contlnuos: "Lord
1 Salisbury cannot manags bis foreign policy an
If ho wero a Czar or a Kaiser. The country and
Parliament havo a claim to know what is being
done. It Is a caso for playing with tho cards on
I tho tabic. It our polloy is really as bold and
generous as the Minlstors profess, thero can bo
1 very llttlo to concoal."
On tho other hand ths Graphic, which Is as
stanchly conservative as tho Standard, de
nounces the outcry as hysterical, fatuous non
enso. It points to tho fact that tha wholo
' Tallcnwan story has nover recolvod a shadow of
official sanction, whothor regarding tho alleged
' proposal for oponlng tho port or abandoning tha
This, howover, will bo read In connection with
' a speech mado this evening by Mr. James
Eowthor, M. P. for tho Isle of Tbanot, division
of Kent, who has held Important Govern-
; rnont offlcos, and who is Intimate with
' Mr. Henry Chaplin, Prosldont of tho
- local Government Board, and other mombors
of tho cabinet, sir. jjowinor sua mat mo i
negotiations had been unfairly, perhaps pro- I
maturely, commented upon. There were parts I
of China, ho added, which unquestionably came
within the sphero of Russian lnfluonco rather
than British, and tho Government could hardly
be expected to draff tho nation Into war for tho
purpose of vindicating a supnosod right.
Meonwhllo tho Liberal newspapers watch
their Tory contemporaries lashing tho Govern
ment with much amusement. They doclare
that they are content to wait until evonts prove
whether tho lamentations are premature.
Tho Daily Aries finds it interesting to note
that " the great Salisbury myth seems at last to
bo dissolving now that the paint is oft the lath,
and the rank and fllo of tho Tory party aro con
vinced that their horo has boon making ono of
his ' graceful concessions ' again and sacrificed
tho interests of GreatBritain to his timidity and
want of backbone."
The Chronicle says that if Lord Salisbury has
really retreated after nil the talk- of dragglng
hack British prestige with him. the position
ot the Government will ho perilous,
Tbe Times this morning does not rofer to tho
Tallenwan question.
Too news that Great Britain has abandonod
her demand for the opening of Tallonwnn as a
free port has aroused widespread protest and
exasperation, especially among; tho Govern
ment's supporters. Not a single Conservative
newspaper falls to express sharp dissent. In
deed, tbe Government organs are more severe
than the opposition Journals.
The Olobe says: "For ten days tho Ministers
permitted the country to remain in the amiable
delusion that the conditions telegraphed to Pe
kinwero the terras which they wore prepared
to enforce The Government enjoyed for days a
cheap reputation for firmness and determina
tion, but it 'seems that public opinion has been
entirely misled. Tho Ministers have only them
selves to thank if thoy loso prestige at home
and abroad."
The St. James's Gazette declares that it cannot
believe the report. " It would be too humiliat
ing," tho paper says, "look at it from whatover
point of viow wo please,"
Tho Pall Mall Gazette says: "Now that the
public knows what It has to swallow it can got
its eyateeth and digestlvo organs into order, for
Tallenwan will require some swallowing. Hav
ing put our foot down, wo ought to have kept it
there. 'Graceful concessions' after tall talk
have been too prevalent lately. In fact they
havo become Foreign Ofilco fotlchca."
Brownsville Depositors Cause Ills Brother's
Arrest Tar Accepting Dsposlts.
Adolph ICellorman, who ran the Consolidated
Banking Exchange at Belmont and Tbatford
avenues, In the Brownsville district of Brook
lyn, disappeared on Tuesday. Ills brothor
Charles was arrested last night and locked up
In tho Eastern Parkway station on the complaint
of depositors ot tho exchango, who alleged
that the prisoner hod defrauded them by ac
cepting money after tho exchango had (rone to
pieces financially
Adolph Kcllcrman started in business in
Brownsville two years ago with a partner
named Itoscnfold, and about 100 of tho Bniall
merchants and residents of tho district pat
ronized tbe Arm. Krllcrman Is '.'i! years old.
and unmarried, and lived with his parents at
1-0 First street. In this city. Ho onjoyed tho
confldonco of tho Brownsville residents, and
was reported to bo making money. Six months
ago lie changed tho Arm naino to the Consoli
dated Exchange.
Adolph Kellcnnan didn't appear at the ox
change on Tuesday, and after receiving do
poults in his r.amo until 3 o'clock his brother
Ihnrlcs, who is about 10 years old, locked up
Uio exchango, putting up a notice In both
hnnllsh anil Hebrew that tho exchango was
closed because of tho "sudden slckntss of tho
proprietor,, and would reopen yesterday morn
ing, Charles told tho neighbors that bo had
received a teluphono messago that his brother
nail teen injured by being thrown from a car.
Hie depositors wore furious when thoy found
the doors of tho exchango Btlll clu - yestordny
morning. A number of women Utorly do
nuunroii tho absent banker, and a number of
depositors hurried over to this city and be
sieged kcllerman'B father, who runs a little
whip for tho salo of stoniuahln and railroad
tickets nt 10 Norfolk strocU Charles Kellor
mail wa there Ho told tho depositors that ho
flout know what had become of his brother.
Ills futher conllrmed this. Tho depositors
then declared vehemently that they believed
J ii n-ollonnans know perfectly well where
Adolph hail gono to, and thou thoy denounced
wo latter ns u thief. Homo of tho depositors
ho bad raid over deposits to Charles on Tues
day wcnttoCnpt. Fclierat the Eastern Parkway
elation yestorday nnd niodo a charge of lurccny
asaiiikt Adolph. Two detectives como over to
jni" .Norfolk street shop nt 7 o'clock, ai.d when
i-n trlii) declared that ho hadn't soon nor heard
anything of tho missing bunker thoy put lilin
yni. t urrost. Heveral depositors witnessed
the arrest with apparent delight.
....""irves him right," cried a young woman.
lie 1., a regular swindler. He took a deposit
rum me yi-ttcrda) afternoon."
hi" .'Ici-osltor snld that at least seventy of
J1" neighbors ran accounts with Kellormun'B I
ex lisngo ranging from .M) to ifSOO. He do
J'arnl that onu mankind deposited $ 300 nt
I"u xuiuimo just beforo It clojwl, Tho de
positors fhtiiiiaii'il that Kcllcrman must havo
bad bctMcin H4I,000 and $7,000 of deposits
w hun ho disappeared. His Hither didn't op
al Kir to be grimly distressed over the iibtenco
"','ijo lining bunker.
.,'". "!" 'ulleu ln business," ho said, calmly.
1 J'l lie huj ruined mo. I don't know where he
ia?."-'f,'ic. He was sick."
H t, Afll' . mother said that the banker
ua left Uio house at 3 o'clock on Tuesday
M liJ-'J1!00"1 flw "Oooilby," but without tell-
sasLan. , i. m$ftA!Parj&2M
tie Tells the Saltan rrlnes Oeorce Mnst Be
Usveraar r Crete.
Special Cable De$txtteh to Tni Sirs.
Ixndom, Fob. 2. Tbe candidature ot Prince
George of Gr coco for tho Governorship of Croto
has boon tho shuttlecock ot tho forolgn
correspondents for somo tlmo. A despatch
from Berlin says that tha Constantinople cor
respondent of the Frankfurter Zcttuno now
declaros that M. Zlnovleff, the Husslan Am
bassador to Turkey, has handed tho Porte a note
recolvod from St. Petersburg declaring It to bo
tho unshakablo will of tho Czar that Prlnco
Goorgo bo appointed. Tho note added that his
appolntmont was necessary for urgont political
reasons. If the Sultan persists in his opposition
to Prlnco George, Russia will renounco all
further initiative at tho Ylldlz Kiosk.
The noto seems to havo threatened tho with
drawal of the warships at Crete, by which with
drawal, it was addod, tho lives of all tho Mus
sulmans thero would bo endangered, and, the
noto continued, "Russia will know how to pro
vent tho landing of fresh Turkish troops."
It has been already reported from credible
sources that tha Sultan has twtco positively re
fused to accept Prlnco Goorgo as Govornor of
tho Island, basing his opposition on the tempor
of the Turkish nation. It zooms that something
must soon break.
Admiral Bernard lays the Mediterranean Inall
nsraatn m Vronoh Onir.
SMtoial Calls DetpatcH to Tns Bus.
Paius, Fob. 2. During thodobate to-day on
tho naval estimates in tho Chamber ot Deputies
Admiral Besnard, Minister of Marine, explained
the Government's programme. He declared In
favor of a strong system of coast defence, and
pointed out tho necessity of assuring unhin
dered communication with Algeria and Tunis.
In the course of his statement tho said: "In
fact, we Intend that tha Mediterranean shall
remain a French gulf."
I BusslB Sjaoceeda Oermnny as China's Military
Adviser and lastrnetor.
Special Cable Dttpateh to Tns Sun.
Pxkik. Feb. 2. CoL Woronoff, tho Russian
military advisor to tho Chinese Government,
has begun his duties.
The German military instructors have re
ceived a notification that their contracts with
the Government will not be renewed.
Hr, Hlckey's Kecentrlclty Alarms a Gaiety
Theatre Andlence.
Special Cable Detpaloh to Tat Bus.
London, Fob. 2. Alfred Hickey, who is appar
ently a crank, to-night discharged a revolver
from (ho gallery of tho 'Gaiety Theatre, the bul
let piercing tho celling.
no was arrested. The audience were greatly
alarmed, but the continuance of the play re
assured them.
The Incident is noteworthy as coming amid
tbo almost dally revelations ot threats against
actors and actresses since tho assassination ot
William Terries by Prince, whose example seems
to have turned all tho cranks stage mad.
Btadsats Active In Sparta Unlikely to Bland
Well as Scholars.
C.MIDR1DOB, Feb. 2. President Eliot's annual
report was published to-day, and every student
at Harvard turned eagerly to see what ho had
to say on tho subject of athletics. While not
attacking athletics directly, Prosldont Eliot Is
lukewarm enough in bis references. Ho says:
"It Is very unlikely that a student who takes
an active part in athletlo sports can win good
standing as a scholar; but on the other hand a
smaller proportion of the athletes get put on
probation in Harvard College than of other
students. This remark is not truoof scientific
" The evil of oxcesslve training has not been
curod. Tho baseball toara of last spring was
distinctly overworked, and half the crew gave
out ln the four-mila race. In all probability
tho nervous strain resulting from prolonged
training, many exciting contests and an anxious
senso of responsibility has not been sufficiently
considered. ...
"Tbo Committee on tbo Regulation of Ath
lotlc Sports gavo much attention during tho
year to tbe revision and publication ot tbe rules
governing athletics. Almost every one of these
regulations has been discussed and fought
over for years, and almost evory ono
was at first resisted to tho utmost
by tho main body of tho graduates.
They havo gradually neon adopted, at least on
paper, by the leading Eastern colleges and uni
versities, and at present thoy commend them
selves very generally to the well-informed
friends of Intercollegiate athletics."
President Eliot, also, ln talking of the athletlo
games at Holmes's Flold, complains that tho
Bteol frames of tho banks of seats eroctod there
caused such disturbance to tho magnetic field'
of tbe Jefferson laboratory that they could not
have been suffered to remain.
The Alleged Despsller or Max Ix Bandy Tells
About Ills Past.
The cose of William A. Bellwood, who has
been on trial stneo Monday In Goncrnl Sessions,
Part II., charged with stealing $0,000 worth of
Jewelry from Marcus & Co., tbo Union square
Jowcllers, wont to tho Jury yestorday afternoon
at i o'clock. At 2:30 o'clock this morning the
Jury was discharged, having failed to agree.
Bellwood was on tho stand most of tho day.
He admlttod having pawned tho Jewels ho ob
tained from MarouB & Co. Ho got tbe Jewels
for customers and pawned them bocauso he lost
money on tbo races, oxpcotlng to got the Jewels
out nnd return Ihoin wbon be should win enough
mnnoydodoso. ....
Ho ulso testified as to his connection with the
fortuno of Max Lo llaudy, tbo "Llttlo Hugor
Bowl" of Paris. Ho admitted thut his
real name was Louis Alfrod Uulensl, and that
ho was accused or misappropriating 3,000,
000 of the 17,500,000 francs of tho Lo Handy
estate which was deposited by tbe estato's
trustees in tha Banquo de Cbango, In which
jlullwood was a partnor. Ho donled that ho bad
misappropriated a cont of tbe money, nnd ex
plained that ho fled to this country and changed
tils name becuuso he did not wish to bo Impli
cated In tbe blackmail proceedings which he
know wero to be begun against certain persons.
Had tho defendant been acquitted ho would
havo been arrested by the Federal authorities
and hold lor the French Government In connec
tion with the Lo Baudy case.
aor. evsiixell in all iuoiit.
Seedless Alarm In Ohio for the Barely or That
state's BsMutlve.
Gov, Bushnell's frlonds and neighbors In
Springfield, O., were greatly alarmed yesterday
over a report that Ohio's Chief Exccutlvo and
tho party that accompanied him had been lost
I at sea In tho gales which hao prevailed along
tho coast In the last twoorlbrco days, and nu
merous telegrams wero reielvcd in this rlty
nnxlously Inquiring as to their safety. Jiie
Governor, however, arrived on Tuesdaynlgbt.
slightly tho worse for wenr, and he and his
friends are ot tho Fifth Avenue, Hotel. Tboy
were on tha steamer Yorktown, which got In on
Tuesday from Old Point. At the Fifth Avenuo
Hotel yesterday the Governor was busily occu
pied in limbering bis soa legs and relating the
perils of a stormy voyage.
"Oh. I wasn't lost for a minute." he said,
"but I confess that at times I should have
offered a large reward for the return, of my
By a Vole oral to a the House erBeprrssn
tallies Passes tbe Measure Declaring That
There Mnst Bo No DUcrlmlaallou In Ibe
Belling or Mows by a Partita Corporation.
FnxNKronT. Ky., Feb. 2. The Kentucky
House ot Representatives to-day, by a voto of
01 to 24, a party voto, passod the following act,
introduced by Representative Cooko of Warren
county, to rogulato tbo Associated Press and
compol It to soil Its reports to tho Louisville
Dttpateh, tho Bemocratlo sllvcr.organ:
"An act to rcgulato tho business ot foreign
corporations, Ac.
"Bo it enacted by tho General 'Assembly ot
the Commonwealth ot Kentucky:
"Section 1, That all foreign corporations,
fanned for tho purpose, or engaged ln tho busi
ness of buying, gathering, or accumulating in
formation or news, or of vending, supplying,
distributing, or publishing the same, shall, as
a condition of carrying on any port of Its busi
ness ln thlB State, at all tlmos vend, supply, dis
tribute, and publish tho news and information
bought, gatherod, or accumulated by It to any
and all persons, firms, and corporations organ
ized under tho lawsjot this State, or carrying on
inthlsStato the business of conducting or pub
lishing a newspaper, when such person, firm, or
corporation desires to buy or to bo supplied
with Buch nows and information so bought,
gatherod. or accumulated by such foreign cor
porations, and in vending, supplying, distribut
ing, and publishing the news and information
so bought, gathored, or' accumulated by such
foreign corporation, no discrimination in
charges or pricos shall bo mado by such foreign
corporation between any of the persons, firms,
or corporations doing business in this State
and desiring to purchaso or bo supplied with
such Information and news.
"Section 2. It shall not bo lawful for any for
eign corporation or any agent or omployeo of
such corporation, formed for tbe purposo or en
gaged ln tho business of buying, gathering, or
accumulating Information or nows, or of vend
ing, supplying, distributing, or publishing the
same, to transact any of the business of such
corporation In this Stato after such foreign cor
poration shall havo refused to vend, supply,
distribute, or publish the Information or nows
bought, gathored, or accumulated by It to any
person, firm, or corporation engaged in this
State In carrying on the business of conducting
ur puuiiBiuuif u uonaMopur, nuou buuu yumuu,
firm, or corporation has notified such foreign
corporation or any agent, upon whom process
can be served under tho laws oftthls State, ot
his, their, or Its deslro to purchaso or be sup
plied with sold news or Information so bought,
gathered, or accumulated by such foreign cor
poration, and upon his, their, or its offer to pay
the same charges or prices therofor which aro
exacted by sold foreign corporation against
othor persons, firms, or corporations engaged
ln this Stato ln tho business of conducting or
publishing a newspaper, and any such forolgn
cornnratlon and any agent or employee! of such
foreign corporation who shall transact, carry on,
or conduoL any business ln this State for such
foreign corporation, after It shall have failed to
comply with any of the requirements of this
act, Bhall bo severally guilty of a misdemeanor,
and, upon conviction, fined not less than $100
nor more than $1,000 for each offence, and
each day's continuance of any part of tho bust
noes of such foreign corporation in this State,
after it shall have failed to comply with any ot
tho requirements ot this act, shall constitute a
separalo oSence.
''Section 3. That, inasmuch as grievous dis
criminations are now mado by foreign corpo
rations regulated by this act and inasmuch as
monopolies have been created by such corpora
tions, an emergency Is hereby declared to exist,
and this act shall take effect from its passage."
The bill came up as a special order and Mr.
Cooko made an exhaustive and able speech on
tbo merits of tho measure He went Into detail
on tbe contrasts and operations of tbe Associ
ated Press and tho terms on which the papers
ot the country got its reports. He declared it
to bo connected with all tho big trusts of tho
country. If Indeed, the association was not a
trust in Itself. It was a foreign corporation
doing business ln this State and should be re
stricted and regulated to tho extent of tho pro
visions of tho ollL He declared the associa
tion exaggerated, colored and suppressed Its re
ports to suit tho gold-bug press.
Ho spoke at length on the right of the Legis
lature to pass such a measure, and cited au
thorities and read statistics on tho regulation
of similar corporations. Ho said tbe best legal
authorities had passed on tho measure and that
ho had no doubt ot tbo court upholding the bill.
It practiced discrimination to Buch an extent
that therein lay the trust. Ho advocated tho
measure as a matter of right more than for the
benefltlof tho Dispatch, and appealed to Demo
crats to stand by It as they had other trusts.
Mr. Myers, Republican, of Greenup, beaded
tho opposition against tho bill. Ho declared it
a confiscation of property rights and an inva
sion of private contracts beyond tho power of tho
Legislature. He denounced tho charges mado
against tho Associated Press. Tho bill was a
partisan mcasuro unworthy of support. Ho was
followed by Haswcll of Brecklnrlago, Sargeant
of Christian and other Republicans against,
and Orr and other Democrats for tbo measure.
Editor Enloe of tho Dispatch is bore in tho
Interest of tho bill. He says it will pass the
Senato by a full Democratlo vote.
Tho friends ot tho measure hardly expect
Gov. Bradley to approve tho bill, but say thoy
will pass It over his veto by a two-thirds vote,
nnd that it wlll'bocomo a law. The Associated
Press people are fighting the moasure vigor
ously and say If It becomos a law they wllire
slst it in tho courts. Meantime it Is learned
they have been trying to make terms with the
Dispatch people to havo the bill killed.
Inter Ocean and tbe Assoetated Press.
CniCAOO, Feb. 2. A conference was held this
morning In Judge Dunne's private chambers
relative to the injunction suit of the Inter Ocean
against the Associated Press. The case was set
for to-day. but at tha conclusion ot the confer
ence It was said that an agreement would proba
bly be reached between the contestants, and
time was asked for a conference. Judge Dunne
granted tbe request, and tho caso was set for
Feb. 4.
Tbe Treaty mllb tbo Uannoeba and boahonea
Practically Concluded.
Pooatrllo, Idaho, Feb. 2. The treaty with
the Bannock and ShoBhona Indians of the Fort
Hall Rosorvatlon for tho purchase ot 418,000
acres of their reservation has been, practically
concluded. Mr. C. G. Hoyt ot tho Fort Hall
Indian Commission succeeded yesterday in se
curing tbe last batch of signatures, only a dozen
more signers now being necessary.
The treaty provides for a lump purchaso price
of $320,000, It also carries a provision for tho
payment of f 75,000 to the Indians for tbe re
linquishment of their hunting rights In Jack
son s Hole. Commissioner Hoyt says that at
least 100 mole Indians are eager to sign tho
treaty, though their signatures aro not really
noccssary to perfect the doal.
The lands aro adjacent to the city of Pocatello,
the cut off line belngsoven miles north of theclty.
The troaty Is tho result of moro than a roar s
work on tho part of tho commission. About
one-fourth of tbo land to be sold Is excellent for
agricultural purposes and tbo balance Is min
eral land. Judgo Goodwin of tbe commission Is
now In Washington, and It Is thought that 'he
treaty will be ratified beforo Congress adjourns.
(ieorge Westlntfcsuse AsUs for an Option on
Block of ibe Pblladrlphla Company.
PiTTauuita, Feb. 2. George Westlnghouso
Issued a circular letter to-day to the stock
holders of the Philadelphia Company, a natural
gas corporation capitalized at 4)7,500,000, ask
ing thorn to deliver to him an option on their
stock. Ho promises, In Boiling the stock, not to
accept less than 40 u share and not to dispose
of It lor less than ho receives for bis own.
An Eastern syndicate wants to form a combi
nation of all tho natural nnd artificial gas com
panies in Pittsburg and Allegheny. Tbe Phila
delphia company and other natural gas compa
nies to ho taken In aro capitalized nt $20,700,.
000. Tho Westlnghouse's clroulars sent the
Philadelphia company stock up from -7 to 30,
and that of the other companies increased In
value from S10 to 913.
Tbo stvsnlag Post,
To-dsy will contain an able artlols 00 tbo growth
and dsvelopmsnt of sUotrio straet oar system. It Is
Us years to-dsy slcoe tho am olsctrio ir was run la
the streets el Blclusoad, Va, To-nUUI't tttnlng
feitf-W Jl t
Tba Hentgemen Order la Matansas and
WasniMOTON, Feb. 2. The cruiser Montgom
ery will loavo Koy West to-night or to-morrow
on a mission whloh may properly be termed an
international experiment. She will go first to
Matanzas, Cuba, and If no troublo over hor
presence occurs thero she will proceed to San
tlagoand other Cuban ports. According to an
explanation obtained by The Sun reporter, the
Montgomery was orderod to theio places to
test tho condition of foeltng elsewhore
In Cuba than in Havana toward the
United States. Bo well pleased was tho
Administration with tho manner In which
tha Malno was rocelvod In Havana that
It determined to follow up the advantago
gainod by despatching another ship to Cuban
ports, in tbo hope that, with no disturbance re
sulting from her arrival, this Government
might show to tho world that Spain and tho
United States wero on the best of terms. Every
thing that the Administration can do to Indi
cate that thoro has been a change toward tho
resumption of peace in Cuba is being done.
Matanzas is about fifty mllos from Havana
on tho northwost coast ot Cuba. It is said at
both tbo Stato and Navy departments that tho
sending ot tho Montgomery there has no con
nection with recent riots similar to thoso In
Havana. The cruiser will remain thero proba
bly two days. Then sho will proceed to Santi
ago, on tho other side ot Cuba, for a stay of simi
lar length, and will afterward go to Port An
tonio, whoro ber commander will report to the
Navy Department and wait orders. The Unitod
States consuls at Matanzas and Santiago woro
notified by telegraph to-day by tha Btato De
partment of tho prospective visit of the cruiser.
Tho Montgomery will bo ln Matanzas within
twenty-four hours after her departure from
Key West
It was intended to send tho gunboat Nashville
to visit the smaller Cuban ports. The Nashvlllo
arrlvod at Koy West to-day from Port Royal, 8.
0.. and is now under tho orders of Rear Admiral
Slcard. Uho will be attached to tho North At
lantic squadron for somo time, but will ulti
mately go to Europe. Tho gunboat Wilmington
and tho tralnlngshlpsAnnapoHsandVlcksburg,
now in West Indian waters, may also bo direct
ed to visit places In Cuba it the Montgomery
meets with a peaceful reception.
Commander Forsyth, Commandant of the Key
West naval station, telegraphed the Navy De
partment to-day that the Gorman schoolship
Gelsenau had arrived thero from Havana. Tho
German schoolship Charlotto Is still ln Havana
A Princeton Han, One or tbe Guests. Disturbs
a Church Service.
TnnNTON, N. J., Feb. 2. While tho guests
were assembling in tho First Presbytorlan
Church this evening to witness the marriage of
Miss Emily Booth Fits George ot this city to Rue
soil Fox of Phlladelphia'thero was an unusual
scene. The organist was playing a proludo and
tho bridal party was ready to enter the church
when Edward W. Evans, Jr., who sat about
midway between the pulpit and main entrance,
began to sing. The astonished guests looked
about when Evnns arose and, continuing his
singing, marched forward to tho pulpit and seat
ed himself among the palms that formed the
An usher walked up the aisle and offered his
arm to Evans, who took it, ceased his singing,
and was escorted out of tin church, ondeent to
his homo in a cab.
A few moments after tho Incident young
Evans's father, who knew nothing of it, entered
tho church and took a seat among the guests,
remaining until the end of the ceremony.
Young Evans Is about 27 years old. Ho grad
uated high in his class at Princeton in 1801, and
obtained the degree of Doctor of Philosophy.
Then he went to Germany and studied two
years. On his return he secured em
ployment as teacher in California, and
subsequently became principal of a high school
at Pottstown, Pa., whloh place ho lost when It
became known tbnt he had peculiar religious
views, which ho imbibed in Germany. A pro
fessorship In Lafayette was offered to him, but
recalled when his religious vlows became known.
It is believed he has become Insane becauso ot
overstudy and the recent fatluro of his father,
who Is a lawyor In this city. Young Evans had
written several poems and publlsbod a critical
essay on tho works of Walter Savago Landor,
which was highly praised by critics.
Fonr Men nadir Braided In Jersey City Ijist
Slsht-Boat Tikn Fire.
Tho holler of tho tugboat Isabella Wilbur of
tho Amboy Towing Company exploded about
10:30 o'clock last night whllo tbe boat was
lying at tbe Lehigh Valley Railroad wharf, at
tho foot of Washington streot, Jersey City, and
four of tho crow were badly scalded.
Tho injured men aro William A. Hawkins, the
colored cook, of 322 West Twenty-seventh
street, this city; Edward J. Connors ot Perth
Amboy; John J. Ryan of South Amboy, and
Thomas Cleary of Coxsackle, N, Y.
Copt. James Lake, who was In the pilot house,
escaped uninjured. Tho boat bad run ln to tho
Lehigh Valley wharf to get water. Just what
causod tho explosion Is not known, hut it is said
that tho pipes were frozen and when the water
was turned on the water tank burst. Tho explo
sion ot the boiler followed almost immediately.
The deck roof was blown off and the boat
caught fire.
A telophone messago was sent to Police Head
quarters In Jersey City, and two ambulances
from tbe City Hospital and one from St. Francis
Hospital wero sent down to the nlor. Tbo patrol
wagon from tho Gregory street pollco station
and tho reserves wero also sent down. All the
Injured men, except Cleary, were taken to tbe
City Hospital. Cleary was not badly injured,
and he decided to go homo.
The explosion brought several tugs to the
scone, Including one of tho flreboats from this
side of tho rivor. Tho Wilbur was towed out
into tbo stream. Efforts wero made to extin
guish tho flames, but tbe boat was burned to
tho water's edge, and was beached on the flats.
Tbe loss is estimated at $40,000.
One Bunaway Causes Another Theatre Crowds
James Joseph, a wholesalo liquor dealer of 770
Madison avenue, took a friend out sleighing
last night behind bis team of fast trotters.
Whllo driving up Soventh avenuo tbey wero
mot at 122d street by a runaway tuam attachod
to a sleigh, and there was a collision, Josoph
and his companion were thrown out, and his
team, taking frlebt, ran awar,
Tho horses galloped up Seventh avenue to
124th street, whero thoy turned over to St.
Nicholas avenue, thenco up to 125th street and
back toHovonlh avonuo. Thostrouii were filled
with persons coming from tho theatres, and, as
tho horses turned up Seventh avenuo again tliey
ran across tho slduwalk, scattering the crowd
right and left. , ....
Policeman Malonoy tackled them thero, and
after being dragged two blocks managed to stop
them without being hurt. Thoy wero returned
to tho owner, who received a broken thumb
from hi f-ll. Tho other team was stopped u
few blocks beyond tho collision, and tbe owntr
drovo away without giving bis name to the
Tbe Wire .Vail Coinbluatlou.
Cleveland, O., Feb. 2. It is announced here
that more money has been subscribed for
the purchase of tbe various wire nail plants
than Is necessary and that the consolidation of
tbe wire industry ot the country is now accom
plished. There has been a marked stiffening ot
the prices of wire and nails. Tbe price of wire
is 91.80 a ton and ot noils $1.60. This is an
advance of 10 pr cent., and another advance
of 6 cents a hundred pounds U to U u4t la
Valuable rietnres by ths Celebrated Italian
Painter Allseed to Have IVronsrnlly
Balered at This Perl Baldlnl, IVha Is
In New York, Amaisd at the insure.
Two Custom Houso Inspectors invaded tha art
store of Boutsod, Vnladon & Co., at 303 Fifth
avonuo, yosterday, and seized five colobrated
portraits patntod by Giovanni Boldlnl, tho
Italian artist whose coming to this country sev
eral months ago caused no end of a stir In tbo
art circles of New York, Tho solzuro was mado
becauso It was alleged that tho pictures had
been fraudulently entered at tha Custom House,
and behind it lies a talo ot fierce rivalry between
competing art doalers. Boldlnl is one of tho
most colobrated portrait painters ot tho day,
and ho is considered a figure of magnitude in
contemporary art. By somo ho is rankod higher
than tho great Sargent, and slnco he has been
in New York his services have been in demand
by those who could afford to pay big prices for
On Nov. 22 last thero arrived on tbo steamer
La Champagne throo eases of paintings whoso
value was said to bo more than $20,000. They
were all painted by Boldlnl, and when they
wero taken to the Custom House they wero
released free ot duty, oath having been
mado that they wero not for sale. Charles
Blondin, bookkeeper for Boussod, Vnladon
& Co. mado tbe entry for Boldlnl. This
aotion was takon by the Custom House officials
under section 701 of the DIngley Tariff act,
which permits artists to Import their own works
freo ot duty upon giving bond to export them
within a period of six months from the date ot
arrival. The pictures were then taken to
Boussod, Valadon & Co. 'a store and hung for ex
hibition. Among them were tho portraits of Verdi, the
composer; the Princess Ponlatowski, who was a
Miss Godard ot this city; James Whistler, tho
artist, and Mrs. Adolph Ladenburg. The exhibi
tion drew crowds.
Recontly sevoral rival art dealers began hint
ing that tbe paintings had boon fraudulently
entored, and it was whispered about that any
ono of the portraits could be bought It a suffi
ciently high price was offered. Finally, Col
lector Bldwell got wind ot tho gossto. lie was
told that the pictures were really brought into
this country to be sold here. He was incredu
lous at first, because of the high rank of the
artist and the great value of the pictures, but
at last he determined to msko an Investigation.
At his Instance a woman, who gave her name
as Mrs. Campbell, wont to tho storo whoro the
paintings were hung and began negotiations, it
is said, for tho purchase of tho portrait
of Verdi. Finally the bargain was con
summated. "Mrs. Campbell" agreed, It
Is said, to pay $5,000 for the picture,
and beforo leaving tbe storo she secured a
bill of sale for It. When this evidenco was laid
before Collector Bldwell yosterday he Immedi
ately sent Inspector Charles Traltteur to
Boussed, Valadon &Co.'s storo with orders to
seize all the pictures In sight which wero
painted by Boldlnl. Traltteur lost no time In
executing tho order.
Taking two assistants with him ho swooped
down on tho portraits, much to tho amazement
of tho employees of the storo. Tho only paint
ings by Boldlnl found were the portraits of
Vordi. Whistler, Mrs. Ladenburg, tbe Princess
Ponlstowskl, and Elsie Do Wolf. The paintings
were not removed from the store, but Inspector
Traltteur loft his assistants there to watch them.
The first news of tho seizure was conveyed to
Mr. Boldlnl by a reporter ot Tiie SUN, who saw
him at 10 o'clook last night in the Waldorf
Astoria, where he lives, when Informed that
bis pictures were In the possession ot tha Cus
tom House authorities he seemed 'to' be as
tounded, and the reporter had great difficulty
in convincing the artist that tbo seizure
was not a Joke. Mr. Boldlnl sold
that he bad seen his agent only a
fow hours before, and that be bad not said a
word to blm about any hostile action on tbo
part of the Collector of the Port. The artist re
fused absolutely to make any statements con
cerning tho Justice of the seizure, and he would
not say whether or not the picture of Verdi had
been offered for snlo, as alleged, by " Mrs. Camp
bell." Ho said that he would have to have a
talk with his agent before he could tell anything
about the matter.
Boldlnl hesitated a long time boforo he mado
up his mind to visit this country. For five or
six years he talked about making the voyage,
but when the time for sailing arrived no
always changed his mind. He finally ar
rived here one day not many months
ago on tho steamer La Touralne, and
tbo amount of attention ho has recolvod
has probably repaid blm many times for tho
drawbacks of tho Journey. Ho was born 53
years ago in Forrara. and be inherited artistic
Instinct from his fa' hor, who was n pslnterot
no moan repute. The first work of Boldlnl's
which attracted attention was done In Illustra
tion of Scott's "Ivanboe." Then he went from
his native placn to Florenoo, whero he studied
for six years. Whllo still a young man he began
to paint portraits.
Boldlnl wont to England, nnd whllo there ho
painted the portraits of Lady Holland, the
Duchess of Westminster, and many other nota
bio persons. After that his place In tho art
world was secure, and his success since then has
been uninterrupted. It Is said of him that he
paints men, women and children with oqual
Bay or IT Fonnd Utility In Ibe flecond Degree
A Iteeommeudatlon to Merer
TnmJTON, N. J., Feb. 3. Seventoon-year-old
Clarcnco Doyle of this city was convicted this
morning of murdor ln the second degree and rec
ommended to tbe mercy ot tbo court. lie killed
Amos Havlland, nmlddlo-sged farm laborer, at
Page's Corners on Sunday, Nov. 23. Tho Jury
went out at noon yestorday and came into court
soon after midnight.
Doyle was visiting Havllund's son on tho day
of tho homicide, which resulted from a quarrel
between Havlland and his wife, who were also
nt tho son's bnine. The men had been drinking
hard elder. Tbo murder was committed with
an axe.
Toaehed Off by a Dad Boy Windows rjl-attrn,
but IVobody Hurt.
The Street Cleaning Department's mon oxperl
montod yestorday in Marlon streot with a de
vice for melting Instead of romovlng tbo snow,
which Is advocated by a Paterson company, and
lefta barrel of gasoline In tbostreet. There Is
a public school near by, and while the children
wero passing It occurred to a mischievous boy
that it would be fun to set fire to the barrel.
He did, and It exploded with a tremendous re
port whsn tba boy, fortunatoly, was out of
roach. Happily, so wsb everybody else, and no
ono was hurt. Butthowlndowpancsat (ID Mar
lon street wero broken and a lot of children
were frightened badly.
Japanese Trldlua Over Ibn Mnrarr or Our
Snllor, Rppa.
Ban Fhancisco, Fob. 2. The China steamer
to-day brings nnws tbat the two Japanese who
murdcrod Sailor Epps of tho United States
stoamsblp Olympla at Nagasaki have been con
victed of " Involuntary homicide" and sentenced
to lines of 100 and of 50 yen respectively, Tha
evidenco showed that Epps met his death
through tho roiiulvanco of the Japaneso boat
men, nn offenco which In any civilized country
would have been punished by long terms of Im
prisonment. Tbo English nowspapcrs In Yoko
hama condemn this carlcnturo of Justice,
which Imposes 0 trilling line for what was a caso
of manslaughter.
navasea or Illaek I'lasue In Calnn.
San Francisco, Fob. 2. From Cbun-Khlng, In
Se-Chuen, Cblns, comodetallsoftbeterrlblo rav
ages of black plague. In one village near that
rlty 000 deaths have orcuri cd, nnd so great has
been tbo mortality that tho survivors could not
supply enlllns, nnd the bodies of the dead were
thrown lo the (loirs. This is about 1,200 miles
up the Yangtse ltlver.
llrronriin Fire Kluallns Cnusea Death.
Maggie Holloran, a sen ant in tho employ of
Dr. James E. Tower at 400 Lexington avenue,
kindled tbo kitchen fire Tuosdav morning with
kerosene and tbe oil can explodod. The kitchen
was set on fire and she was fatally burned. Dr.
Tower and bis father put out tbe flames and
sent ber to the Flower Hospital, where she died
last night.
Corn-Fed Pig Porb, Young, Tender,
and delicious. Is only kind used In Deerf oot Farm Bau
sag. Cuolcs spices for Muoninx. llswars Imitations.
I, "
It Is Annonnced That lie Will Take Miss liar.
risen of Kentncky as a Bride.
Louisville, Ky., Fob. 2. Gen. John Watts
Kosrny, son of "Fighting Phil" Koarny, It
was nnnouncod to-day, will wed In Juno noxt
Miss Harrison ot Kentucky and Virginia, who
Is a sister ot Mrs. Upton Mulr ot tills city and
who divides her time between hor relatives In
this Btato and those in Virginia. This Is tho
second tlmo that Gon. Kearny has fallen before
tbo charms of a Kontucky woman. Sevoral
years ago ho married Miss McNalry ot Prince
ton, who dlod shortly aftor he removed from
this city to Now York, Thero Is snld to bo an
element of romance connoctod with the Goner
al's lovo for Miss Harrison, He was greatly at
tachod to his first wlfo, and Miss Harrison re
sembled hor to such n marked degroo that It
was a case of love at first sight when ho mot
Miss Harrison.
The Genoral's flancc'ols about 20 years old,
and Is considered ono ot tho handsomest woman
ln tho South. Gen. Kearny, who Is relatod to
tho Bullttts, Luttleton Cookes, and othor Kon
tucky families, Is turning 70. Tho marrlago
will not take placo until Juno, as it is hoped
that by that tlmo John Watts Koarny, Jr., who
is confined by order ot court In n sanitarium for.
the drinking habit, will bo cured and able to
attend the woddlng.
A Cowboy Who Killed Two Men Promptly
Lynched by Prospectors.
Seattle, Wash., Fob. 2. By tbo steamer Al
Banco news is receivod from Valdos Pass,
Alaska, of the murder of N, A. Call of Worth
lngton, Minn., and William A. Loo ot Massa
chusetts by a cowboy named M. F. Tannor of
Montana, whom they had picked up in Seattle
last fall and outfitted. Troublo arising about
tho division of tho outfit. Tanner wont to tho
tent of bis companions, shot two of them
through the lungs, and whllo searching for
others was caught by thirty-eight men in tho
camp and hanged. Before dying Tannor said It
was his intention to kill four ot his companions.
Tho camp was comprised mainly of Massachu
setts prospectors.
On having Paper He Beads Tbat Be Is
Uelr to 40,000 Marks.
Frederick Alberts, 27 years old, a barber,
arrived In Hoboken yesterday to await tho de
parture of the next stoamerfor Germany. Ho
says he will return to that country to recolvo a
fortune of 40,000 marks bequeathed to him by
an aunt. Alberts said he came to this country
twelve years ago, shipping as a cabin boy
on one of the American liners. On arriving
hero ho learned tho barber trade. A few
months ago ho obtained employment in tho
Scovllle House at Waterbury, Conn. Alberts
said tbat while Bitting ln tbe barber shop ono
day cutting a newspaper Into small pieces to
wipe lather on, he noticed the advertisement of
a New York law firm stating that relatives in
Germany requested information concerning his
whereabouts. Alberts said he communtoatod
with the law firm, and had dccidod to return to
Germany to claim his fortune.
A Ball Attendant at tbe note! Marie An
toinette Crushed.
While John Martin, an elevator boy at tho
Hotel Marie Antoinette, Sixty-sixth street, and
tho Boulevard, was lowering two women from
the seventh to tha ground floor yesterday after
noon, John Q. Smaller, hall attendant, stopped
blm at the fourth floor, asking to board the
frolght car of the elevator. Martin reversed the
lever and opened the door. Smalley Jumped too
soon and was caught between tbo passenger car
floor and tho door. His legs and back woro
He was taken to Roosevelt Hospital, where ho
dlod last night. Smalley was 20 years old and
lived at 320 West Twenty-ninth street.
The Central Itatlroad Bald to Contemplate Put-
ting on n la.Uour Train.
Dethoit, Mich., Feb. 2. The competition for
tbrough-passonger service between Detroit and
Now York has caused considerable fighting ln
Grand Trunk and Michigan Central passenger
traffic It is said unofficially that a twelve
hour train will bo tho next moro of tbo Vnndor
bllt people. It Is Intended to make It possible to
leave Detroit or New Vork after dinner at night
and take breakfast at either city tho noxt morn
ing. Tbe Mlohlgan Central and Now York Cen
tral will exchange pssssngers at Buffalo to avoid
tho faro restrictions on fast trains, end Michi
gan Central trains will take tho Fort Erie divi
sion in Canada to avoid dolays at Nlagaia Falls.
Tbo Act or Two Cnrnly Boys Besalts In Miss
Maddoxa lleslanattea.
Jopltn, Mo., Feb. 2. Miss OHIo Maddox, tho
school mistress at the village of Avlllo, ln Jas
per county, has resigned because ot an embar
rassing Incident. On last Friday she bad occa
sion to chsstlse an unruly boy of 12 years, but
he roslsted so vigorously that tbo toacuor failed
to conquer him.
On Monday Miss Maddox again attempted to
chastise the obstreperous boy, when bis 14-year-old
brother went to btB assistance. Tho two
then gavo tholr teacher a spanking. The affair
created a sensation at Avllla and tho young
woman concluded to resign.
Curious Omission In the Bevlsed Code or Iowa
It Will Bo Bemedled.
Deb Moines, la.. Fob. 2. The discovery has
been made that bigamy and even polygamy aro
not prohibited under tbo Iowa laws. Of courso
thero Is no sanction for a violation of tho laws
that obtain In other States with regard to matri
mony, but as matters now stand there Is no pro
vision here for the prosecution ot a bigamist.
The situation Is due to a curious omission In
the revised Iowa code, which prescribed no pen
alty forblgsiny and dors not prohibit a plurality
of wives. Tho defect will be remedied by the
Tbo Wires Which Fed ths Blrelrle Ilent era Cot
Crossed and Fired tba Waodwork.
The wires which feed tbe electrlo heaters on
one ot the cars of the Union Railway Company
running from West Farms to Harlem bocamo
crossed last night just as tbe car reached the
Harlem terminus at 120th street. Tho wood
work ot tho seats under which the hoators am
placed caught tire, and the blaze scared all tbe
pussongers, but no ono was Injured. Tbo cur
rent waa turned off nnd tho bin re extinguished
before any material damage was done.
Mr. U, C. Frlek Bald to Have Purchased Dag
nan.Ilourrret's Work.
PlTTBnono, Pa., Feb. 2. It wos reported hero
to-day tbat IL C. Frlck of tho Carnegie Steel
Company had purchased In Paris tbo painting
"Christ at Eruaus," by Dagnan-Bouvcrot, for
$75,000 or $100,000. As tho painting, which Is
22 trot long and 111 feet high, is too largo for
Mr. Frlck's prlvato gallery, It is believed bo will
? resent it 10 tho Carnegie Gallery bore. Mr.
'rick has already presented to It nilnllngsot
Andrew Carnegie aud President McKlnlcy,
inui" lls-ve, Aclor and Playwright, llrad.
C'LEVKLANK, O,. Feb. 2. "Oils" Hcege, tho
octor and pla) wrlght, who wrote, slngod, and
nppeared as the star In tbo plaj s " Yon Yonson,"
"Ole Olsen," nnd "A Ycnulne Ycntlerusn"
died here to-night. , ,
He suint several years In tho lumber camps
of Minnesota obtaining material for his iilnja.
" Yon Yonson " vnJo)od a long run In the Iaiger
cities and then prospered on tbo road for sev
eral seasons.
Uiint Marine latrlllgenee.
Arrived 8s Tsutoole, from Liverpool,
Mooot4n Bids Form Dairy wUl remove on ret). 7
Ue VM BUm av. W Wi WaU.JV-.t4f,
'" ' ansaissnssayam -
He Let John ". silver and Frederick W. flrakot &
Have nna, 000 on Collateral Thnt Prost it
dent M Illinois Raja l Practically Worthless &
Milter's Friendship with Bank Wreckers ?
Urabel'a Mining nnd Benl tUtnte Tirol-
Cashier Qulnlnn'a Letter or Iletlsnatlon. !'
Aftor having loanod for his omptoyors bo- (
twocn $200,000,000 nnd $300,000,000 wlthoul rf,
a loss, William J. Qulnlan, Jr., tho cashier of rf.
tho Cbomlcal Bank, has been takon ln and dono
for to tho tuno of 103,000. His taking In and 4
doing was by methods ns old ns tho hills, nnd ,.
ono of tho mon responsible was an acquaintance Aj
and frlond of Pell nnd Classon nnd Blmmons Jj
nnd tho gang of bank wreckers who flourished
somo seven or olght years ago in tho busl- '51
noss ot divorcing banks nnd their money f
by methods other thnn blov g open the safe, !
This man himself has boon mixed up in tho A
wrockage of n trust company nnd tho failure of 'V,
a bank, Mr. Qulnlan has resigned from tha rj
Chemical Bank as cashier, and Francis Halpln, J'
temporarily. He has also resigned as trustee, $
and W. Emlen Roosovolt, a banker nt 33 Wall fei
strvot, has bcon olectcd to succcod hlra. '
Tho story of Mr. Quintan's undoing came to '
light yestorday when tbo fact that he had re- 'J
signed his placo came to the knowlodgo of TlTO
Sun. It had bocn known to Mr. Goorgo O,
Williams, tho President ot tbo bank, and tba "J
directors ot tbo institution slnco Sunday. On !-
Sunday nftornoon Mr. Qulnlan surprised ''i
Prcsidont Williams by calling on him at it
bis houso nnd Informing him that he r
had bcon acting foolishly nt tho bank ,
and that ho had lent a largo sum of money to '(
two patrons without tho President's knowledge,
and had accoptod as securities for tho loans col-
lateral tbat ho fcarod was not as good us ho had s
supposod It was whon ho accoptod It, .,?
Mr. Williams was astounded. Mr. Quintan 4
had beon cmployod by tho bank thirty-six years J
and for years had bocn Its cashier, enjoying tho &
Implicit confidence of ovcty Ulan connected with &
tho Institution. Ho had tho right to mako loans (
of tho bank's tnonoy without consulting Mr. .
Williams when the loans wero ot small amount, r
but when they roachod any consldorahlo figure) &
It was his duty to consult with tbo Prosldent be- 5
foro ho lent tho money. Mr. Qulnlan told Prpsi t
dent Williams that tho two customers of the bank i
to whom ho had mado tho loans oro John S. 811- ;
vcr and FranclB C. Grnbcl. Silver, be said, had
obtained from tho bank $150,000. nnd the bank i-
held as security for tho money stock ln a carbon "l
company, tho manufacturing plant of which H
wasat Kahway, N. Jand of which Silver waa ;
President. Grabol had obtained $213,000 of tho '
bank's cash, and tho collateral tbo bank beld at
security was ln the shape of stocks and bonds of J'
property In tbo West, Including land and gold
mines and town Bites. V
Mr. Qulnlan explained to tho President that M
ho bad not lent this money all at onco to either j
of the men, but that tho loans to Grebcl ox- '
tendod over a period ot somo six months and '
thoso to Silver not quite so long. 'A
Prosldont Williams remombcrod John S. 811- M
ver. Ho had read things in tho papor about him "
beforo, and as an old bank official interested In ,(;
the Clearing Houso ho recalled broken banks , &
that had held Silver's paper, backed upby secux- 'f.
itles of various sorts that didn't panvorth iyJB
cent. Ho was moro than over astounded aft '4
Mr. Quintan's having been takon in by '?
any stocks prcscntod by Mr. Silver. Mr. 'J;
Qulnlan explained to tho President that both ?
Mr. Silver and Mr. Grabel had been doing bust. ,
ncsswlth tho bunk for about six years; that $j
they had each of thorn borrowed a groat deal ot '-'
money from tlmo to tlmo, and that up to about .
six months ago each of them had ofterod tho v
very best kind of gitt-edgod securities as col
lateral, and had always repaid the loans when -V
due. ';
Mr. Qulnlan said to tbe President that he had ;b
not In any way benefited by lending tho money, ji
but ho Bald that on ono occasion, about a year &
ago, six months boforo any bad collateral was
given for loans, ono ot the men whom he thought -i
Is personal friend presented to him a block of '
stock ln ono of tho Western companies In which A
he was Interested. It was a Bniall block, and ''
Mr. Qulnlan said ho had acccptod It. though
now he blamed himself bitterly for having; &
done lu However, it bad nothing directly i;
to do with tbo loans ho had mado, .
although, of courso, It increased his frlendll- "
ness far tho giver and probably made blm mora S
vulnerable than ho might otoorwlse have been. - ;
Mr. Qulnlan snld thnt he hopod his fears ;
regarding tho value ot tho collateral tbat ho had
taken ss seourlty for tho loans wero not well i
founded. Ho still had confidence in their turn- '
Ingout nil right; but he admlttod that It was f
hardly moro than a hope. i:
President Williams asked him about tho so- f
curlties in detail, and mudo up his own mind
that they wero not good. At least, ho was very JJ
certain tbat he hlmsolf would novor have Ion '!
any such amount of money on them. Many of
them wero securities of which bo bad never .'
heard. Thero was a quantity of them. Mr. J
Qulnlan told him of all tbe bright prospects of V
nil of Mr. Urabel's companies as described by ?
Mr. Grabel. Ho told blm tbat not only
had ho known Mr. Grabol as a customer 'J
of tbo bank, but he bad also known him
socially, and believed in him and in bis ;
honesty. He said that Mr. Grabol lived nt the
Waldorf when ln this city, that ho believed him -
to bo woaltby and ablo In make good all tho -v
loans bo bad reielvcd. Ho confessed tbat he t,
had also bcon vorv friendly with Mr. Silver, and
his Information about tho v.iluo of tho stock of
the carbon company of which Mr. Sliver was
Prosldent indicated that It was almost gilt ;
edgod security, oven If tho company was not
extraordinarily well known. Mr. Williams told '
him ugnlu that ho didn't think tho security was .
any good. H
After Mr. Qulnlan had gone Mr. Williams n
sent out notices to all of tho directors of the J
bank asking them to call on him at his houso,
and within a fow hours thero was a meeting held ;
thero. Ho laid tho whole matter before thero
and told them everything that Qulnlan 1
had Bald. Ho also said that he believed '
that thn loans would bo practically a loss. ;
Ho told tho directors that ho did not
bellove that Mr. Qulnlan had Intended any
wrong; he bad simply inndo some bd loans, nnd -,'
then insloiul of reporting tbem, as be should ;
havo dono. had made othurs to Uio same parlies, '
lu tho hopo that tho wholo thing nould coma '.'
out all right, honestly believing all tbo tlmo t
tbat tho oocurltlos vtcro good, 1
All of tho directors agreed with Sir, Williams '
In this opinion of Mr. Qulnlan ; not a single man
Intlui.ited that hn would oritertain'a "Inglo sua- ;
piclou as to Mr. Qulnlan's absolute lioucxty lu !
the mailer. Ho was personally known to every L
mini and Implicitly trusted by each. Thoy
hoped with him that tho opinion of '
the President 11a to tho worthless rhnr- J
actor of tho collateral he bad accepted would
turn out wrong. But thoy agreed further t
thut his long nnd hard service In the bnk, with i
but little n st, bud Impaired his Judgment and -
destroied Ills vnluo ns cashier of bank. They
agreed that ho had overworked lilni.clf In Ills 1
thlrty'Blx ) cars of servlc-o, and that this was re-
sponsible for his fault. Therefore, whon the
President suggested that his resolution should 1 1
beaskod for Ihu suggestion was agreed to. and '.
Mr. Williams notified Mr. Qulnlan that ha
wanted his resignation.
Mr. Quinlaii talked with tho Prosldent obout
it be f ore hu v rolo it out, and Insisted on putting: ,
In his lotlerHll about Ills fault, oven to the ao ;
ccplanruuf stork In a comiMiiy from onu of tha
men. Hero Is tbe resignation: .,
"MW Vokk, Jn 31, JHOH. f
To the Director of the Clttmlcat Sntioiml tlunl.
"UKjLr.MC- Wllliln the lat few months I hare i
made lusna, without coiiiuMIiie tha I'r'ildeiit, lo ths
mount of shout Ihrrr hundred ami nlnsly-lbrsa
thousand (U9U,OOU) dollars on collateral wblcn I
knew Hist you would noi approve, and liruon I have
conctali'd tlirsu loans from jou by methods which ;
wi-r not rlfht
I hsva not loen latrreted personally In Diem ana
hsMinut received 0110 dollar or the prixeedsuf them,
nor lu but ouo nutaiieo received an) bf until from ;.
tliein, and tlion nut forainwlrrst' annum, nor ham
I ever speculated lo tho rxlrnl of a siuglu sharu la t
Wall sir ot My error lis arli"ii from ovsr- t
rmindrur In the reiinwnlallnn.nf Ibono to whom r
tbeas loans were inadr, and, whlia I Imps i initially
no lots will arise from ilieni. I arkiiuviMz the Jus.
t toe of iho request for nij resignation, whloh Is lirs ,
tr presf uled, both as a ulrix-tor and as cashier of Ihu
Chemical .s'utliiual Uauk This terminates a fallhrul ,
srrvlee 1 until tuoabovf 1 or ihlro-tis jeaw to the lu. '
Ultutlon, which hua Justly lii-ru tho prole of my
Wr. Hrspscir ully, WH4.UM J. cJiim.ii, Jr.
It wusngrcod by the officers of tho bank that J
nothing should bo said ubotit tho matter for J
sevcraldays; at least not until every ono of tho 5
securities that Mr. Qulnlun had Accepted and
that tha batik held had been investigated and
It Talus wos known. On Uondajr ths ttm1.o4 ,

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