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i BT'I SHHSBESBBK 4 W Generally fair; northwesterly jales, diminbhlflf. ,!
. iM
Ninety-nine Others Injured in
the Maine Disaster.
An Undetermined Mass Was Seen
to Shoot High Into the Air.
Secretary Long and Haul Eiperls Believe
the Explosion Was Accidental.
Bat the Caw " Disaster Haa Wet Ve
, Ascertalned-A Theory TM Spaata-
roil. Comlmitlon Irom a Ceal Danker
Csraaiaalested a Masaslne. Rased Upon n
nrllllal Kzperleaee orthe Cincinnati Many
NiinllDlilTmcbfn In Spanish Waters
hat Xa 'acta Tel learned to Sustain,
Tkeas-Spaln tends Her Condolence and.
.tracts Uavana Offlclala to Civ All
rsMlble Ald-The AdmlnUtmtlen Dealrea
Ike raeple suspend Judsment Until
lb Facts Are Ascertained Sotblns; Said.
Ak.it the Catastrophe on tbe Flaor or Con.
S ress-Ta Mat r tba Men Who Were saved.
JJiviXA, Feb. la, 4 P. M. Wltneesos ot tho
siploilon that destroyed tbe Malno sayj that
at the moment of conclusion a vast mass was
sen to riie (o a great height. In tho sudden
and bllndlcs light no .one seems to have been
able to dltcern tbo nature ol this mass or
whither It roie from bestdo tbe battleship or In-
aide It.
Up to this time there aro reported 251 killed
and ninety-nine wounded. Immediately after
the report small boats hurrying: to the spot from
all ildei picked up tnenty-elght wounded men
liruwllng In the water. Of these, six wero on
tbi point Ql succumbing when pulled in. They
wire taken on board the City of Washington
ltd. eved for. Gustavo G. Dressier of tho
crew ws completely and permanently blinded.
Andrew V. Erlckson. Andersen, and
Thompson are wounded badly. Not one pf
(hsjroujided In tbe military hospital has died,
"nVtotht hour, but the condition ot several is
precarious. The Mascotta vtlll take to-day to
Key West sotno of tbs Injured who aro in condi
tion to be moved. American Tessols aro ex
pected atany moment to arrlyp for tbo purposo
el rendering any assistance possible.
From the nature of tho disaster and tho testi
mony ot the survivors it appears that tbe line of
rreatcst forco of tho explosion was a llttlo for
ward of amidships. It Is thero that tho worst
damage was done. Tho chief ofllccrs wcra either
well alt or ashore. Thus they escaped unhurt.
Tho teamen and marines by their position
were forced to bear tho brunt of tho dis
aster, and tho frightful mortality was
almott wholly confined to them. Ono of the
junior officers ahould have been on duty on tho
forward deck, and It may have been thus that
MfuL Jenkins. irha Is missing, lost his life. It
js also probablo that Engineer llerrltt, another
tnlsslngnun, was below on duty and went down
itl) the ship. Lieutenant-Commander Tltctmrd
Walnwrlght, who was at first reported lost, is
Five of tho crew Immediately after tho explo
sion ran to the main ammunition storage room
with tho Idea that they might save that from
"ploilon. None of them has slnco been board
ot. It Is almost certain that ther went to tho
bottom, ready at their posts for duty.
lUwxi. Feb. 10-1 i. M.-Burvivors include
i Capt. Blirsbee. Llcuu-Commander Walnwrlght,
tat. Holman. Lieut. Hood, Llout. lllandln.
CMel Engineer Howell. Surgeon Honerberger,
Paymaster an, Lieut. Catllu. Fassod Assls
tant Engiucer Bowers, Chaplain Chldwick, Ca
deti Holden, llronson, and Iloyde, Assistant
Enjlntcr Crenshaw. Engineer Washington,
Owner Hill, lloatswaln Larbln, Carpenter
litloei, isy Clerk Nicholas Caretb.
Capt Slgsbee Is now on hoard tho Ward llnor
.i.u "blngtun, and refuses to speak
"h anybody. When the roar of the ex
plosion announced to the people of Havana
" the Malno was blown up the city
?"n?n w" "t once ordered to tho ship,
ih. , "" (luml ,,ut " " Impossible for
'"""fender any assistance theic. Twenty
si Mi the wounded .vcro trnnsferrod to tho
"eanutlp city of Washington, where they
were properly .itu,,,!,,,, In- Many of tho Havana
pnrslclans volunteered their services.
inrtj-.flve oilier wounded sailors received
""icaiMlcndnnioat the Military llosplt.il.
ino s-panlkl, i,cor t tho cuusonf thonccl
I..h!., l'",ttL"l'f exploded. The Muinesank
" "Hie oterun hour.
Man) tow boats and other vessels Vierebnsy
snee "!'.' lrl"K "' fe'ler all ,,81lblo assist-
Ivih.i "",led wt'rc taken to the hospital
sow !. !",e"- A UrKtt nullf o' t aro
jw leariblng or ,10 ljoa08 of ,uo mlgtiug
tausY.NiA' ,,'tb- ln:i A- M.-Kxactly what
8uu.u?m ?"ruu'"",,0"on on ,l10 United
Urniln, 'v'1'11' M'",", ''" t t been do-
& ; n!ther " ll U,10W "f"""ty
It Is hn ll,e.''rew Mcrn klllcl or wounded.
"redeaT bt"eVC'J that "'" "50 of lhe
Cent ,,eJ1,c,"" u' explosion. CopU
PMtatn h v""!"" ,lt't""tU ,0 tue Nary Do-
i i ii cut jVi!V,rlon-1,1UfC9 Enl,,Ber Mer-
"Oloslon ii u '." X'no'"1 ,ne '"'"'"if. Tho
IWo the . ," "".rre4 in the forward
u" fl "I"1 nt "' tho principal maga
Flr.?n8 al?tuPI'scd.
Cant hi 'rr,,1""l violence.
bnh.eI"ln,''n"elf T "0Unle,1 "
kd.but it "' ""'"! wound in the
b'. He re'mi "?l berlou' Ii 1 disable
' " Uement f 1 f ,"ecU' Co1 "rouhout all
. WnnMR"' moVktA th0 xpIolon,
1 'gr"ltt'lp,lt U thought, will be
total loss. Capt. Blgsbeo himself acknowledged
as much. Directly after the explosion she took
Hronnd burno4so,0roly that It wna only by I
exercising great basto that tho survivors wcra i
a bio to rscapo from tbo ship.
Although thero was groat contusion on tho i
ship aftor the explosion, still perfect discipline '
was malntnlocd. All roportaagroo on this point.
Capt. Blgsbeo himself was largoly responsible
for this statoot affairs.
It was between 0:45 nnd 10 o'clock Inst nUiht
that the explosion occurred, Capt. Slgsboo
was bolow at the ttmo, but with tbo report of
tho explosion ho rushed up on dock In his
sbtrt slooTos.
Thus attlrod he gnre his ordors. Efforts woro
at llrst mado to savo tho vessel, hut when Cant.
Slgabea realised the extent of tho damage, dono
and that many caaualt lea had occurred ho bent
all his energies to assuring the safety of bis
men. The report was heard in the city, and
crowds immediately flocked to tho harbor from.
Flames at that tlmo were bursting from thn
battleship. Tho sreatcst oxeltcmsnt prevailed
among those on shore.
Tbo commander ot the Spanish ship Alfonso
XII. Immediately had boats lowered and annt to
the assistance ot tho Maine. Theso boats picked
up several sailors of the Maine who wero
Rwtmmlng. They alio rescued several of tho
Consul-Qenoral Lee early this morning was In
conferonco with Gon. Dlanco at tho palaeo.
mi! sunriroiia au xo key itest.
Tney Were Taben There Yesterday Artcrnoon
Iit thn Olivette.
Havana. Fob. 10-7 P. M. Tho stoamor 011
vctto loft port at 3 P. M. for Key West with
alt the survivors ot tho Malno dlsaatorwho
could be removed. Eight officers, twenty-six
seriously injurod men, and two marlnos woro
left behind.
Capt. Sifrsbco did not loavo his sinking ship
till every man bad been taken off, and he re
mained in a boat In tho neighborhood as long as
thero was any hopo of saving any ot tho men
who wero in tbe water. He says he haa not
tho slightest idea what oaused tho accident.
Ho was thrown from bis bed by tbe ex
plosion and his head was slightly bruised, but
othorwise he rocelvod no Injury. The first thing
he did was to go on deck and order the flooding
of tho large quantity of gun cotton on board.
The order was promptly carried out. and it Is
certain that no damago was done by this
Lieutenant-Commander Walnwrlght was also
in his room whon the explosion occurred. He
speaks In tbe highest terms of tho coolness
with which Slgsbco and the other oftlcdrs
faced tho tcrriblo situation. No sooner
had two or thrco of tba officers appeared
on deck than an onlor .was given to lower
the boats. Four of them wore immediately low
ered nnd thrco wero filled with men, but tbo
fourth boat wa swamped before it could bo
utll.zed. When tho explosion, occurrod Lieut.
Blandln had charge of the deck.
It Is said that tho men who carried out the
order to flood tho gun cotton failed to return,
and tho bravo men undoubtedly lost tbelr lives
in tho performance of tbelr hazardous duty.
Several of tho officers woro down below to
gether when tho explosion occurrod. and their
thought at once that tho ship was doomed. By
tho ttmo they reachod the deck they saw at
onco that tho Malno was sinking.
A largo part of the crew were In tbelr quarters,
and tna71Toro not aD' cct QUt but went
down with the ship, which sank bow first about
2,000 feet from Fort Atares.
Cant Slgsboo. in all his cnmmQ(8 to-day, has
been very careful not to accuse any one ot caus
ing the explosion. AH ho will say is that a care
ful Investigation will bo made, and It vdll prob
ably determine whether interior or oxtcripr
causes produced tho disastor.
Tho lighthouse tender Mangrove and tho rov
cnuo cutter Fern entered Havana harbor at 3
o'clock this afternoon.
The Havana axanlrlpalltr Orslrrs Id Fay All
funeral Expenses.
Havana, Fob. 10. Dr. Dudley has lust left for
Key West on board tbo Ollvotte, accompanying
tho wounded ot tho Maine. The first officer, tho
chaplain, tho first engineer, tho paymaster, the
surgeon of the Maine, and two naval cadets re
main In Havana with Capt. Slg9bcc.
The cause of tho disaster is, up to this time, a
dark mystery, bocause all who could have
thrown somo light on the affair have perished.
If tho oxploslon had happened an hour later not
a slnglo person would have remained alive,
Tho exact number of killed is 251. There were
on the warship 3S1 persons.
Peggie, a pet dog of Capt. Slgsbee, was
saved, Lieut. J. J. lllandln. who is a sur
vivor of tho Samoa catastropho, also escaped.
Llout. J. Hood, who waB on board tbo Kear
sargo wben she was lost, was saved.
All tbo ofllccrs and sailors who aro now alive
greatly oxlol the conduct of tho Commander
nnd sailors of the Spanish warship Alfonso
XII.. who from tbo vory first gavo
all tho help thoy could to the crew
of tbe Malno and placed a special guard all
night around tbo sunken battleship to rescue
the bodies of tho American sailors.
The Alfonso XII. and tho Spanish gunboat
Lcgaspl have placed thuir flags nt half mast.
Tho Autonomist Cabinet hold a special council
to-day, presided over by Gen. Dlanco, In which
It was rcsolvod that tbo President of the Gobi
not, 8cfior Oalvcz, and tho Secretary-General
Dr. Congosto should call an Consul-General Lee
to express thoir condolenoes, and should also
cable to President McKlnley tbelr deep regret
at tbo catastrophe.
The municipality of Havana alio resolved to
participate in tne funeral and to call on Consul
General Lea and inform him that the city de
sired to pay the expenses of tho funeral a,pd the
entire cost of treating tho woundod,
Tho military newspaper Oiario Jtl KJrrctto la
published to-day in mourning. All publlo spec
tacles have beon suspended.
Gen. Dlanco will assist at tbo funeral cere
monies. All tho wharves nro crowded with people
eager tq hear thu latest news. Many prlvato
boats are skimming over the waters of the bay
loaded with residents of tho city, all cagsr to
sco uud learn nil they can.
Un to this tluio only eighteen bodies haro
been recovered, nnd tbey have boon taken to
tho Moriruo.
Some of the bodies are badly mutilated, and
others aro badly burned,
Tho bodlos that nro supposed to be on board
tho vessel will hardly bo rccovorod on account
of tbe utter destruction of the battleship.
A special Judgo has been appointed by the
local Government to Investigate tho cause of
the disaster.
Tbe Government Kisrou. to Geo. Wootrord
Sprctal Calli Vttpatch to Tnx Sc.
Madiiid, Feb. JO. Tho followjnn seml-offlclal
note was Issued this evening;
"The news of tbe disaster to the American
warship Maine has produced a painful Impres
sion I n Madrid. It was at first fearod that the
catastrophe might be attributable to some rasb
act. Afterward, as the details wero rcoolved,
these fears were dissipated and transformed
into feelings of sympathy and sorrow for the
"The Government bss expressed to United
States Minister Woodford Its regret for the
catastrophe, espeoally In vie uf the fact that
It c-oourted in watr within Spain's jurisdjo
" An Admiral, in full uniform, lias called upon
,- ' hi." . .
Minister Woodford In behalf ot tho Minister ot
Marine and tho Cabinet."
Tbo Oovernmont haa telegraphed to tho
authorities In Cuba to do everything possible to
rtJIero tho, distress ot tba woundod and to giro
tho Maine's oillcera and men evorytblng they
Primp Minister Sagasta went to tbo palace
and Informed the Queen Itegentot tbe catastro
pho as soon as tho nows was received. Minlstor
Woodford first learned of It from tbo Admiral
who visited him to express tho sympathy ot the
Official Calls at Our Kmbanj In Iiaaden
Widespread feeling or Itrsrel.
Sptrlal Cubit petpatc to Tub 8"t.
LoNl)o.v, Feb. 10. The naval attache's ot tba
German and other embassies and legations
called nt tho American Embassy this afternoon
and tendered expressions of sympathy and re
gret to Secretary White, who Is in chargo of tho
Embassy In the absence of Ambassador Hay.
Tbo disaster to tho Maine wns tho absorbing
topla at Lord Salisbury's weekly reception,
which was held at tho Foreign Olllco to-day.
The nows of tho blowing up ot tbo warship
was wired to Ambassador Hay, who is making a
trip up the Nile, from which region a message
was received from him a short tlmo ago saying
that he and his party wero well.
Thero aro widespread fecllugs of regret nnd
expressions of condolonce in London at tho de
struction ot tho United States warship Malno.
Tho Urltlsb Admiralty cabled a message of
sympathy direct to Washington, and the llua
elan, and Italian naval attaches bora called at
tbo American Embassy to-day to express rcgrot
at tho occurrence.
At tbo mass mooting of Irlshmon held
here to-day to honor tho memory nnd doods of
the mon of 'US. which was attendod by John
Dillon. T. P. O'Connor and many other leading
Irish Nationalists, this resolution was adopted:
"A large roprescntatlvo meeting ot Irish Na
tionalists assembled in St. James's Hall, Lon
don, has heard with the deopest grief of tho dis
aster that has befallen the United States war
ship Malno, nod begs tbo President to convey
to the Amorioan nation its deep and sincere
sympathy. Tho sorrow of tho Americans wiU
appeal alwaya to Irish hearts."
Comments or II I ram Haslm and Otbers on the
Origin or tbe Disaster.
Krtal CM Dtttatchet to Tux Sux.
Londox, Fob. 10. In an Interview to-day aB
to tho probable causa ot tho disaster which befell
tho Maine, Mr. Hiram Maxim, tho well-known
Inventor and authority on explosives, told that
it a torpedo exploded closo undor tho vessel It
would have been Uablo to Ignite tho inflam
mable material lnsldo the ship or discharge, tho
explosives In tbe magazine. Some high explo
sives used on warships, ho bdded, may bo ex
ploded by tho detonation of similar subtanccs
at a considerable distance.
Sometimes nltro-glyccrluo exudes from smoke
less powders and forms pools lnsldo the; car
trldgo cases and magazines. Such a thing
might have happened en the Maine. Mr.
Maxim declared that he did not bellovo that
tho disastor could bo ascribod to cleaning tor
pedoos. At any rate, tbo character of tho holo
in (he hull of tho ship would ehon- whether tho
explosion had occurred lnsldo or outside
Sir William Henry White, Director of Naval
Construction and Asslstnnt Controller ot tho
Royal Navy, was also lntcrrlowcdon tho sub
ject. llo'said that so far as a judgment could
bo -basedj, on. tho reports received, lie Was de
cidedly of the opinion that tho explosion had
occurred Inside the Maine.
Tbo idoa of treachery in tho blowing up
of tbo Malno has already liecn mooted
in the London afternoon papers. Tho St.
Jams'g Oazttle, after suggesting tho obvi
ous possibility of accidents to tbe roiscl's boiler
or magazine, demonstrates that this theory is
not supported by the details ns they aro now
known, and snys: "Another possibility really
occurs, '.that the disaster was produced by an
agency outside of tho Maine a torpedo acci
dentally or otherwise exploded. This again
naturally suggests nn outrngo perpetrated by
Spanish conspirators or Cuban insurgents."
Tho Olobe says: " It is impossible to refrain
from tho suspicion that tho explosion may have
been caused by foul means, such as an Infernal
machlno placed in tho vessel's coal. That the
terrible event should havo occurred in the har
bor ot Havana renders a solution of tbo mys
tery of International Importance.
Madiiid, Feb. 10. The Impartial' Havana
correspondent says: "A painful sensation has
been caused here by tho discovery that several
American newspaper correspondents aro tele
graphing that tho explosion on tho Maine was
caused by a torpedo or dynamite Infernal ma
chine! that was mallcioutily placed against her
"It is feared that this InfamouH allegation
may bo amplified in tbe despatches tent by
steamers to Key West and thence tolcgraphod
to the newspapers of tho United States. Thoso
stories are entirely false. It should bo remem
bered that tbe Maine's crew wero a composlto
lot, consisting of Englishmen, Germans, negroes,
and Chinese, besides Americans."
Tbe Awful Disaster la tbe Maine Puts the Ha
lloa In Itlournlntr Publlo Iluslness In Can
Kremm and lu tbo Departments nt n Htanri-stlll-Presldaat
WcHlulrr and secretary
I.aiig Allow Iba Impression to tin Abroad
That Tbex UMIeyo ibo Disaster Duo to Ac
cldenl, and Desire tho People to Suspend
Judsmeut Until Ibe Fact Are Ascertained.
Washington, Feb. 10, Washington is In n
statoot painful excitement to-night, Tho city
has been all day a hotbed of startling reports
and sensational rumors. Publlo business In
Congress and in the Kxecuttva Departments
vt as almost at a standstill bccauio of tho awful
disaster in tho harbor of Havana which c.ausod
the total loss of tho buttloshlp Malno and tbo
death of two of her ofllccrs und "511 of her crew.
Ofllelally tbo nation is n mourning, and social
events scheduled to take place at tho White
Houso havo been Indefinitely postponed, No
such appalling ovent of the sea has occurred
slnco her Majesty's battleship Victoria was sunk
a few years ago by her sister ship, tho Campor
down, in tlio Mediterranean. Tbo commanding
odlrer went down with bis ship, and '-- officers
and 3U0 sailors with him.
The great disaster ill tlm Kamoun harbor of
Apia In 1B80, when tbreo tossolsof tbo United
Ktalea Navy and throo of tho German Navy
were wrecked and llfty-four American oillcera
ami men wero lost, was also recalled to-day
when tho news came that tbo Mulue had neon
destroyed. Hut both of these disasters weredue
to natural causes, wbllo that tn tho Maine ts
shrouded in mystery, Tho Victoria was peace
fully performing evolutions when the received
tbe blow that wrought a great hole In her bot
tom and sunk her, and at Samoa the elciueuU
of wind and water created tbe havoc. Nobody
ip Washington yet knows whnt happened ut
Havana Ut night. In tbo Mediterranean nnd
at Apia, moreover, thero was no pusstblo uauso
pf tho accident beyond what was plainly dis
cernible at thu tlmo, In the case of the de
stroyed Maine, however, the suspicion of foul
play s uppermost In tho mini) of every Ameri
can, and seemingly not without reason,
Technically the Malno was In the harbor of
Hat ana op a mission of peaco tq a friendly Gov
ernment, As a matter of fact, she was thero
for the purpose of protecting the lives and prop
erty of American citizens threatened by tho rt
i i '
Corn-Fed Plat Park, Vun, Tender,
suit uallelous, la only kind uud luD.erfool Farm 8au-jej-Bu)Fj)cesrrifajOBB,
peated riotous demonstrations of, Spaniards, In
flamed against tho people of the United States
booauso of tbelr sympathy with, tho people of
Cuba, who are struggling to b tree. Tho vessel
was blown up In the dead of rdght by some un
seen force in some Inexplicable manner. That
Is all that Is known now and probably all that
will be known until tbe board ot inquiry ap
pointed to-day makes its investigation and sub
mits a report. In the meantlmo theories aro
thick as autumn leaves.
Fowot the lilgher officials of tho Administra
tion and of the leadora tn tho Senate and Houso
are willing to admit that thoy see tho erldenco
ot Spanish treachery In thla tragedy that has
followed tbo long chain ot dramatio tnoldents
connected with tho controversy between Spain
and tho United Stairs over tbe Cuban question.
In their hearts thero is grave fear and dark sus
picion, Dut the consequences of fastening tho
guilt upon Spain would bo so serious and the re
taliation so prompt and severe that they hesltato
to make publlo thooxlstoncoof their misgivings.
President McKlnloy, therefore, has allowod
the impression to go abroad that ho be
Haves tba calamity for which tbe nation
mourns to bo due to an inscrutablo
act of Provldonce, and his words arc ro-ochood
by his Secretary of tho Navy and other Cablnot
advisers. Tbey would bo only too glad If they
felt their utterances to bo sincere. They desire,
abovo all things, to have the American, publlo
suspend judgment until tbo facta can ba ascer
tained. If it shall bo shown ihat tho hand of
Prorldenoo and not the hand ot man caused tho
lamcntablo ovent that hat sent o tbrlH ot hor
ror throughout tho world, no ono will be mora
gralofulthau tho Presldentof the United States.
If it shall bo learned that tho.dcod was caused
by a treacherous onemy of Cuba and of her
friend, the United States, then tho vengeance of
tho Government will bo awl(t and sura Tho
President has taken the ptibllo Into bis confi
dence by directing that all information shall be
given fully to tho newspapers as soon as ro
celvod. Congress has boen held in cbeok to-day by tho
foroed conservatism and tranquillity of tbe
President and tho Administration officials. In
tho Sonato and House the doslro to take action
of somo sort was almost overpowering, but tho
good judgment of tho cooler beads prevailed,
and it was decided to aet tn accordance with the
doslrcs ot the President and wait until tho
truth comes to light.
Not since that midsummer day, nearly seven
teen years ago, when President Garfield was
shot down by an assassin at bo was entering tho
railway station in this city to start upon a holi
day jauut, has a public event oausod so much
horror nnd excitement as the early morning
despatch from Capt. Sigsbeo which the Presi
dent and Secretary of tho Nary were awakenod
from a sound sleep to receive. Tho White House
and State. War and Navy building havo boon
crowded with cagor, anxious, and excited citi
zens all day. Thero wero no scenes such as
occurrod at tbo Admiralty Ofllco in London
after tho Victoria disaster, when relatives and
friends ot officers and men ot tho ill-fated
battleship mado distressing exhibitions ot tbelr
grief, but tho space outside tho ofllco ot
Secretary Long was frequently packed solid
with peoplo anxious to tret tho latest details.
Nearly every naval officer iq Washington, in
cluding a number on tbo retired list, hurried to
tho department for information about tbo fate
of friends on board the Malno. Not ono ot them
was without somo shlpinato who was numbered
among tho list of her officers. Afowmonwho
had brothers or sons or other relatives in
tho crew asked for nows atho lluroau of
Navigation, but made no demonstration ot
feeling, Mrs. Ste&W the Tvifo.iifithccccm-t
rounder, and Mrs. Walnwrlght, the wlfo of
tho executivo officer of tho Maine, bad
boen Informed early In the morning that their
husbands wero safe. Doth women rcsldo here.
I'hey Bpcnt tho day at their homes rocolvlng
congratulations from visitors. Telegrams wore
sent by tbo Navy Department to tho families of
nil officers, excopt those of Lieut. Jenkins nnd
Assistant Engineer Morrltt, saying that theso
two wero tbo only officers missing. Inquiries
camo by telegraph from tho families of Jenkins
and Merritt, and the department was obliged to
tend the distressing nows that they wero re
ported lost.
All w-ork at tbo Navy Department except that
relating to tho Malno disaster was practically
buspendod during tho day. Tbe officials and
clerks nf tbo Bureau of Navigation were busy
cnoucb preparing lists ot ofllcors and crew, an
swering despatches from thoso who had rela
tives and friends on tho battleship, and attend
ing to the ronny other matters which required
immediate consideration on account of tho dis
aster. In tho other bureaus work was nearly at
a standstill. Everybody felt too unnerved to
attend to routine buslnoss, and tno excitement
In tha corridors spread to thu ofllco rooms. Of
ficials and employees ot tho Stato and War de
partments, located In tho tiiim building, were
not exempt from tho general tooling and joined
the crowds who waited for Information.
Tho excitoment In tho corridors of the State,
War nnd Navy building was not duo entirely to
tho tcrriblo nature of tho catastrophe. It was
based autto as much on tho possibility that tho
Malno's destruction would result In war betweon
Spain and tbo United States. Still It was not a
talking crowd. There was an atmosphoro of
nwe prevailing, which effectually suppressed
any desire to Indulge In blatancy. The bounti
ful model of tbo Malno, placed in a glass case
just outsldo tho door to tbo Secretary of tho
Navy's office, wa tbo central point of gather
ing, livery detail of tho ill-fated battleship as
shown tn tho modol was cxamlnod with Inter
est. Whenever a naval officer or some other
person familiar with tho construction of tho
ship would point out the position ot tho maga
zines and tbo quarters occupied by tho slaugh
tered crew, tho crowd would press closer, oagor
to hoar every word. An official walking through
the corridor, hurriedly roadlng a despatch just
received, would bo surrounded by ourlous peo
ple, who would attempt to boo what was In tho
message. Thoy mount no offence In forest had
simply overcome good manners. Occasionally
word would coma from tbe Durnsu of Naviga
tion that thero waB a telegram from Capt. Slgs
boo, and tbe rush of newspaper men down tbo
corridor would bo followed by n frantlo move
ment In thu same direction by tbo scores of curi
ous ones, who, If they wero asked, could proba
bly not oxplatn their presonue in tbe Navy De
partment. Official nows from Havana had been copilug
In irregularly since 2 o'clock this morning when
Capt. Blgebee's llrst despatch was received. Sec
rotary Long had been up nil night. Ho was at
tho White Houso beforo tba President had his
breakfast. He spont tho remainder of tbo day
there and nt tbo Nary Department. Commander
Francis W, Dlckins, the acting chlof of tho Du
roau of Navigation, had not been nsloep since
the first notification of tho catastropho came.
Secretary Long uud Commander Melius had
decided early that the best way to allay appro
henslon in the country was to gvo out tho full
text of all official despatches. This proved to
be a wlso policy, as It offoctl voly disposed of some
wild reports that wero telegraphed from Wash
ington, Naturally tbo first Inclination of overybody
was to bellovo that Spanish treachery had
caused tho destruction uf the Malno. OapU
Blgsbeo had asked, however, In his message re
porting the catastrophe that publlo opinion be
suspended until he could msko au investigation.
The President and Socretary Long recognized tho
wisdom ol this request and seconded It heartily.
Later In tbe day both uxpreised tbo opinion
that tho explosion which destroyed tho Malno
was thu result ot an accident, Mr, Long supple
mented this with a statement that ho would
The New Pennsilvanl United,
Wltb its new equipment, tb Pennsylvania Limited Is
the most eptnolsto asd th haucUwimeaf train la tbe
awatt the resort of a board, ot officers to ba ap
pointed by Admiral Bleard to Investigate tho
affair, boforo coming to, a doQnUs conclusion.
Telec rasas from Capt, SJee and Connl-Jen-eral
Me 981 Men Hleslnc.
Washington, Fob. 10, Summarized brlofly,
tho official now conneoted with the disastor is
ss follows!
Two ofllccrs, Lle,ut. Frtond W. Jenkins and
Assistant Kngioeor Darwin It. Merritt, and 291
men aroinlsslng and supposed to be dead; SO
enlisted men wero wounded, and 24 officers and
18 enlisted men were uninjured. This after
noon all tho survivors, exoopt 0 officers, a prlvato
of marines, 1 eunncr's mate, and SS seriously
wounded enlisted men wero sent to Key West
by tho steamer Olivette, Tho wounded will bo
cared for In the Key West Marine Hospital.
No details of tho explosion wore given In any ot
Capt Slgsbee's despatches. Ho asked for light
houso tenders to render assistance In looking
after wreckage, and tho naval transport Fern,
the llghthouso tender Mangrove and tbo const
survey stoamor Baoho were ordered from Knjr
West to Havana. Surgeons went by thoso ves
sels. Socretary Long tent to Capt. Slgsbee a
message of sympathy In behalf of Presldsnt
McKlnley and directed that no exponso be
spared in caring for survivors und the bodies of
tbe dead. By direction of tbo Prostdent tho
official receptions to bo. held at tho White Houso
to-night nnd to-morrow were postponed.
Just before he went homo from tho Navy De
partment this afternoon Secretary Long tele
graphed Hear Admiral Slcard, commanding tho
North Atlantlo squadron at tho Dry Tortugas,
to appoint a board of officers to Investigate the
cause of tho catastrophe. Until tbo report ot
the board has been received no action in tho
matter wilt bo taken by tho Government. On
that report may dopend tho continuance of
friendly relations bet, ween Spain and the United
At a o'clock this morning Capt. Slgsboe'a first
telegram was delivored to Socrotary Long. It
' Maine blown up In Havana harbor, 0:40,
and destroyed. Many wounded., and doubtless
mora killed and drowned. Woundod and others
on board Spanish man-of-war and Ward line
steamer. Scat lighthouse tenders from Key
Wast for crew and few pieces ot equipment still
abovo water. No one had other clothes than
thoso upon hlu. Public opinion should ho sus
pended until further report. All officers be
lieved to Lo savod. Jenkins and Merritt not
yet accounted for. Many Spanish officers, in
cluding representatives ot Gen. Blanco, now
with me and oxprcas sympathy."
Socrotary Long immediately sent for Com
mander Dlckins, acting chief of tbe Navigation
lluroau, und both remalnod up for tbe rest of
tbe night. This telegram was sent by Secretary
Long to Capt. Slgsbee:
"Deopost sympathy and anxioty. We await
particulars und cause Advlso fully. Spare no
effort to relievo sufferers and learn faots."
Orders woro also sent before daybreak to Com
mander Forsyth, commandant pf the Key West
naval station, and the threo vessel named wero
despatched thero hurriedly. The naval trans
port Fern, under Commnndor William S. Coles,
left, Key West by S o'clock. By 10 o'clock this
morning despatches about tho disaster came to
tho Navy Department at rapid rate. Somo
woro from Capt. Slgsbee and others from news
paper correspondents In Uqvana and from Con-iul-G.cn
era) Lee. Gen: toe sent this despatch to
tho Stato Department:
thprltles. Sigsbeo has telegraphed dotqlls to
Xayy Department. Not yet prepared to report
cause or oxploslon."
Kqthlna about tho causo of tbo explosion was
given In any pf these and It Decani o evident
that nothing could bo ascertained by Capt. Slgs
bco without a thorough lnyostlgatiou. In order
to lose no tlmo in translating cipher messages,
Secretary Long directed Capt. Slgsbco to send,
everything in plain English. Admiral Slcard
was informed of tho tcrriblo affair In a
telegram from Capt. Sigsbeo to Comman
der Forsyth, which was sent to tho Dry
Tortugas from Key West on tho torpedo
boat Ericsson. A number of these telcuratns
wero delivered to Secretary Long nt tho White
House, whuro ha spent most of tha mornlmr in
consultation with tbo President, Secretary
Gngi, and Attorney-General Griggs. Thoy dis
cussed tho possibility of Spanish treachery In
the loss ot tho armorclud, but decided to follow
CapU Sigsbco's advlca to suspend judgment un
til tbo facts (an be aicortalncd.
It was after 12 o'clock before any accurate In
formation about tha loss of life camo from Capt.
Slgsbee. Tbo despatch wob delivered to Socro
tary lifing at tho White House, and immediately
made public. This Is tho despatch:
"Advlso sending wrecking vessel at once.
Malno submerged c.coot ddbrls. Mostly worK
for divers now. Jonkins and Merritt still miss
ing. Little hope for thoir safety. Those known
to be saved are: Officers, 24; uninjured, crew,
18; wounded, now on Ward lino steamer. In
city hospitals and hotels, SO, so far as known.
All others went down on board or near the
Malno. Total loss or missing. 253. With sev
oral exceptions, no officer or man has
more than part of a suit of clothing,
and that is wet with water. Ward steamer
leaves for Mexico at 2 this afternoon. Tho offi
cers saved are uninjured. Damago was in com
partments of crew. Am preparing to telegraph
list of saved and wounded, Olivette leaves for
Kay West at 1 P. M. Will send by her to Key
West officers saved excopt mysolf nnd Waln
wrlght, Holman, Hennebergor, Itay, andllolden.
Will turn ovor throe uninjured boats to Captain
of Port, with request for safo keoping. Will
send all Injured men to hospital at Havana."
About this time Secretary Long sent this tele
gram: ' To Capt. Statbtt, Havana;
" Tbo President directs me to express for him
self nnd the people of tha United States his pro
found sympathy with tho officers and crow of
tho Maine, und desires that no exponas bo
spared in providing for tbe survivors anil caring
for tho dead,"
While Secretary Ixmgwns nt tho White Houso
tboro wero busy timed among tho officials and
employues of the Bureau of Navigation, Clerks
wero set to work copying tho roster uf tho
Maine's officers uud crew for the information of
tho department and tbo press. Other clerks
were engaged in opening nnd reading the scores
of telegrams from anxious rolatlvu and friends.
The roster did not show tho home addresses of
thu ealistcd men, and it was necessary to go
through tho fllos to obtain this and other In
formation nbout tbem. This was tedious work,
and was not completed until midnight. With
tbo papers relating to the services of every man
Is a slip containing tho name of the person
whom be wants tc, be Informed In case ot death
or Injury, It wasnscessury to trauscrlbo theso
slips on tho list of the orew, Wben the list was
completed telegrams woro sent to all theso
persons, telling tlieip ot tbo loss or safely of
those in whom thoy aro concerned. OapU
Slgsbee did not send a Hit of tho missing,
but contented himself with reporting the
names of all those who aro known to bo
uninjured or merely woundod, These numbered
101, including 21 officers, out of a total comple
ment of 3B4. Thu letter of thu Mains showed
that she had 31 officers and 217 wen, but thero
had been some change and tbe total was re
duced to the number given. One of tbo inquir
ers about thoio saved came from Senator Henna,
He bud received a telrgram from a constituent
in Columbus asking shout hU ton, Alamo
Willis, apprentice boy, Tbe name wat found on
Tbs laks Shore (.lulled.
Afternoon ft-hourtrla to Chicago, via Xew York
Central Lap Vbore route. Luavta New York o
P. M. over dwi strives Uldeago f V. M. (text day,
ttoil luxurwiunralu la lbs weria.Jdv, ' ' '
i,. , ii. y-j -lu,''jii';,-Mtsri - V. :', - -I -"
1 ' " ' ' ,!
tho list of survivors and Senator Hanna Imme
diately Informed tho worried parent.
After the list of eurxtvors was received llttlo
additional Information camo and no Important
action waa taken by tho Navy Department.
Secretary Long and Commander Dickon! went
to thoir homo about 0 o'clock to gel same sleop,
leaving official matters In charge ot Lieut. H. It.
Whlttelscy of tho Navigation Bureau, to whom
all messages were sent toulght. Arrangements
wero mado by telegraph (or quartering tho
uninjured survivors at Key West Barracks, and
the Socrotary of tho Treasury divectcd that tho
Marino Hospital thero bo prepared for tho re
ception ot tho Injured. A telegram was sent to
Admiral Slcard directing htm to proceod from
tho Dry Tortugas with a ship to sorvo
out clothing needed by tha survivors. Tho
commandant at Key West wat ordered to
purchase whatever wns needed If tho survivors
arrived beforo tho Admiral. At 7:30 o'clock to
night Llout. Whlttelscy rocolvod this message
from Capt. Slgsbco:
"Havo sent overyono oxcopt, o officers, 1
private, 1 gunner, 1 mate, nnd 2S seriously
wounded to Koy West by Olivette."
The following telegram was recotvod by tho
Secretary of Stato from Consul-Genarat Lea at
9 u'olock this evening:
"Profound sorrow expressed by Government
and municipal authorities, Consuls of foreign
nations, organized bodies of al sorts, and citi
zens generally. Flags are at half-mast on Gov-ernor-Gcnornl's
palace, on shipping tn har
bor, nnd In city. Business suspended
and theatres closed. Dead number nbout
200. Officers' quarters being in roar nnd
seaman's forward, whero explosion took
place, accounts for tho greater porportlonato
loss of sailors. Funeral to-morrow nt 3 P. M.
Offioars Merritt and Jonkins still missing. Bap
poio naval court of Inquiry will be hold to as
certain cause ot oxploslon. Should It bo possi
ble, villi repress excitement aud calmly await
Dnt Mo Itipresslon or Pectins' sade In Open
Session Opinions of Senators.
Washington, Fob. 10. Self-repression was
tho dominant characteristic of mombert of Con
gross to-day, and tho persistency with which
oven tho so-called "Jingoes" ot all parties In
both houses refrained from saylntr anything
that would add to tho excitement caused by tho
nova of tho dostructlon of tha battleship Malno
was at onco reraarkablo and praiseworthy. In
tho open session of tbo Senate no referenco
whatever was mado to the ovont, although it
was uppermost In tho minds of overy momber of
tbo body. Tbo disaster and Its mysterious
features formed tho solo toplo of conversation
in tho cloakrooms, on tbo floor, nnd In tbe com
mltteo rooms, but not ono word of the surprise,
indignation, and bitterness in tbo hearts of all
was roporto d in the official proceedings, either
when the doora wero open or during tho brief
executivo session. For somo unexplained rea
son tho blind chaplain even, always roady to
refer to important ovents of tho moment, did
not refer to tbe greqt catastrophe In his invoca
tion that followed tha rapping ot Vice-President
Hobart's gavel.
At tha Houso end of tho Capitol tho other
blind chaplain wat mora in touch with tho nows
of the day, and whon Speaker Heed called the
House togetbor ho raised his sightless eyes to
heaven and offered up tbo following prayer:
"O Thou who hast shaped and guided tbo
destiny of our nation through all the vicissitudes
of the past and made It great, help ut to cmuiato
all that wat truly noblo and patriotic n our
fqrefaUora,rcwmbcrInjrha Jrhjh tooueness
exalteth"anation,'wn"lle sfiatsnreproaofi to any
pepple. Thatwornay maintain thodignltyofour
past, make us zealous in every good work and
watchful, knowing that vigilance is the price o(
liberty. Comfort, wo pray Thee, In Thine own
way, tho relatives and friends of theso who wero
killed and wounded in that terrible disaster to
the warship Maine."
Beforo tho hour of meeting the Representa
tives gathorcd In groups In the various rooms
and corridors and in the aren beforo tho Speak
er's desk and eagerly dlsrussed tho startling
despatches from Havana, just as tbo Senators
did at tho other end ot tho great building. Nino
of every ten members presont in tho Houso to
day folt that thoro nas grave causa for suspicion
in tha manner In which the proud battleship
went down to her destruction, and many
of thorn did not hrsltato to say so publicly and
emphatically. Tho causa of tho accident was
thu poliu of diecussion In tho Houso, just as It
wns in all portions of tho Capitol building, in tbo
executivo departments, in tho hotels and on the
streets. In prlvato bouses, nnd In every hole and
corner of tho Capitol city. Everybody was pro
lific of theories, ana thoy will increase ralhor
than diminish until the report of tho board ap
pointed to officially inrcstigato thu disaster
shall lift tbo veil of mystery and rovcal tho truo
cauBOOf it nil.
Tha Houso Committee on Nnvol Affairs was
In session during tha day preparing tho regular
Naval Appropriation bill. Hb members wcroln
constant communication with the Navy Depart
ment, nnd received official Information as fast
ob It came. Just before tbo Houso adjourned,
Chairman Boutcllo, nt the direction of tbo com
mittee, presented tbo following resolution to tho
Houso, and it was unanimously adopted:
That the House ot l!crerntatlrrs had learned
with profouud sorrow ot the great calamity which
has caii.rd the destruction of tbe United titatvs bat
tleship Maine, the appalllmr loss of mnro than s!3Q
lives and thu noumllnK of many otbers ot tho gallant
defender, of our flag, and tbat the House exprea.es
Ita sympathy for the Injured and Its sincere oondo
lence wltb tue famlll-;a of those who have lost their
Urea In the service ot tho nation.
Beforo the resolution was put to n voto Mr.
Bailey of Texas Inquired If tliu Committee on
Naval Affairs was In possession of any Informa
tion as to tho cause of tho disastor. In reply.
Chairman Boutelle said:
" Unfortunately nothing as yet has been
learned upon which a conclusion could justly bo
based. My personal opinion would not bo of
value, hut I will say that from nil that bus come
to my knowledge regarding tlio sad affair I am
Inclined to believe that it was of accidental
Mr, Bautcllo's opinion Is evidently not shored
by a majority of Coiigrersmon, although thoy
are controlled moru by their focllngs than by
any direct information In their possession as
to tho real caimo of thn explosion. But what
ever tho Congressman mny think us to how thu
disaster occurrod, It was evident iurlng the
day that they rufrolnod from taking action of
Bomesorton the Cuban question only by tho
conviction that the publlo good would best be
subserved by remaining silent until the Admin
istration could leurn.'nll tha facts. Tho fi lends
of Cuba In both huusis wcru like hounds lu
leash, and all felt that, whethor thu Malno met
her fato as thu result of accident or dcslgu, the
time Is Imminent when tho United States Gov
ernment must Intervene In behalf of Cuba
In tbe face of tbo now calamity Congress en
tirely lost sight of tho controversy over tho
dismissal of tho Spanish .Minister, Dupuy da
Lome, and seemed to lose all Interest In the
further fact that the Secretory of State wits
hourly expecting tho formal dlsutowal by tho
Spanish Govornmont of De l.omo's slur on Pres
dent McKlnley. Tho further fact was appar
ently forgpltcn tbut uoth lio"1" f f-'0"-Kress
on Mouday last puascd resolu
tions culling for the Cuban torrespou
dence on file In thu State Department, nd
that tho documents arc now being prepared
with a view to sending all or a portion of them
to tho Senate uud House. The Importance of
tbo publication of this correspondence, which
will undoubtedly startle tho country with its
revelations of the situation of tbo starving re
concentrtdo and tbo testimony of Consuls
ot tho abject (allure qf SpaMab hutouo-
hv . - f C , Viva. s , t t.
' ! M
nur, sank Into Insignificance bosldo th :$9
awful possibility that Spain haa shown jfl
its hatred, ot tho United, Btet by art act JM
of treachery unique In tho nnnalt of crime. 'ttl
In tha opinion uf many, ot tbo coolest kM
heads In Coogross the publication of tblscorro- '&
spondonca on fllo at tho Stato Department, will 'il
bring about the Immediate passage of un act ,M
recognizing hclllgorenqy, with a consequent jfel
declaration of wnr; and tho sentiment is unapt- tm
mous that If Spain should ba found responsible f!M
for tho disaster to tho battleship a declaration m
ot war cauld uot be delayed a da'. flM
Senator Halo of Maine, Chairman of the Com- fil
mltteo on Naval Affaire, and the most pro- '
nouncod pro-Spanish man In tho Sonato, bad '
tht tq say; fM
"Thero Is no oocaslon for Congress to tako the ijl
lnattcrup. Surely aometblpg should ho lof,t to ''tfl
the Executivo Dopartment, nnd tbls la ono of '$
the things which. In my opinion, should bo. to ujjl
left. It Is of course Impossible, from tbo infor- vw
motion received, to say how tho accident po- t wfl
curred, but I foci confident that the facts whon '' 4J
developed will show that It was an accident. ) S
Tbe Malno was, of course, prepared for action '''M
In caso action should be necessary, and il
had thercforo many vulncrnblo points exposed, fM
A battleship ts llttlo less than a volcano undor 'V
tho most favorablo circumstances, and whoa .
legislating for tho Increase of tho navy I alwaya A
fool that a war vessel may provo to bo almost at
dangerous to thotu on board as to thoso whom it y
might ongago In hostile conflict. For this roa- h
son lorn sure tho affair In Havana harbor will
provo n genulno scnsqtlon In nnvol ctrclot, ?A
asldo from any political nspoct of 1L"
Tho Senator exprcasod tho opinion that Con- ft
grese would take stops to prevent tho decrease JfcJ
of tho navy, but did not uudcrtako to say that S
there would bo Immodlnte efforts to replace tbe ' jf
Malno. Ho said that whatever could have p
caused the catastropho ho wns sure that no J
friend of Spain could havo been guilty of such f
conduct, for tho reason that tho aet would havo Ji
been a very foolish and foolhardy onq. $!
Senator Morgan, tho ranking Democrat on tho ")'!,
Foreign Delation Comnilttoc, sees In tho de- M
structlon pt the Malno the necessity for tnoro
battloshlps at oncp. Ho said: Kb
"In the absonco of deflnlto Information a to k
tho causes and results of tbo Malno catastrophe. ($
I would not venturo an opinion upon it. If It j ,.
was an accident, as the first despatches socra i ,V
to indicate. It was most doplorablo; If wot due j
to treachery, as somo aro inclined to baliovo, it it
wot most helnour, and no penalty woiild be w
too torero for thoso responsible tor it, em
But whother tho calamity was due to '&
accident or treachery, I should like to seo Intro sn
ducpd In Congress to-day a joint resolution pro
vldlng for tha Immedlato construction of two Ml
battleships equal in sizo and equipment (o the $,
Maine, and costing not a dollar less than tho 111- ,?!
fated Malno cost, That resolution I would, havo
passed by both branches of Congross to-day. ,
Such a response as that to last night's calamity ,ft
In tho harbor of Havana, whether It was (?C
due to accident or troachcry. Is the quo vi
to mako In tbo circumstances. One of these S'i
vessels should bo constructed on Ibo Atlantlo W
and the other on tho Paclflo coast," and there p'
should not be tho slightest delay In their build- $
log. Action of that kind by us would Indicate ,
to tho world that whenever or wherever ono of jffj
our tentacles was cut oft two would at onco
grow in Its placo, ' 'f;
"Idonotcare to comment upon tho matter W;
until I am in possession ot tho particulars. It Is ,1
too sorlous a probloin to bo dealt with by wild ."4'
guosslng nnd speculation. It scenes almost out $1L
of tbo question that It was the result of an acci- T,
dept. It It utuu'l (or ft ship pf the Mutqp class U . ., i!l
carry hermgoilac4n."hqrbow-. wb'oro tholax-- 'Ta
plosion seems to. bave.occurred t But I can say ' 151
nothing of that now. I cannot guess and can- (M
not speculate. It Is an awfql calamity. Let us '"L
await tho particulars." HH
Senator Mills ot Texas was emphatic in ox- jjp
pressing the opinion that tbo explosion was not jte'-'
duo to accident. "I would not say," ho said, $
"that tho Spanish word responsible for It, but ,g$
somo one must haro been who had froe access , Sf
to tho waters of tbo bay. 1 don't think It could T!
have been duo to nn accident, and I think Con- s?-i
gross should Immediately take tbo mattor upfor '-4
a thorough Investigation. If tho vessel bad ';
gono Into Ilayana harbor in tlmo of hostilities .
between tbls country and Spain, precautious ;wj
would, of course, have been taken, but tbero j
was no mora roason to oxpect anything of tbe frf
kind thero than thero would be in ono ot our $?s
own harbors. Yea, we should probo tho matter : Jk
to tho bottom." J?
Senator Money of Mississippi, who spent sov- IR
oral weeks In Cubn on a tour of Investigation a 1'5j
short tlmo ago, and who Is familiar wltb tho
harbor of Havana, made tho statement that he jp
knew tha harbor to bo full of torpedoes, and ho &
thinks ono of them may havo been exploded by &.
accident or otherwise, i jft?
Spoakcr Itcod, Chairman Hilt of the Commit- egi
tee on Foreign Affairs, and Chairman Dlngloy, iS
tho Republican loader, would express no is
opinion, aB thoy doemed it best, all things con- ' &:
slderod, to adopt tbo suggestion of Capt. Slgs- JjJ
bee and suspend judgment until all the facta
arc known. P
Tbe Merritt Wrecking Company Directed fe
Send Vessels to llnvaua. '
Wasuinoto.v, Feb. 10. Tho Merritt Wreck- b
Ing Company was directed to day to scud vessels 'f
to Havana for tho purposo of performing the &'
preliminary work of saving property purtoinlng f
to tbo Malno. Several telcgrnma wero rocelvod ?.
by Socrotary Ixmg this afternoon and to-night ,';'
from wrecking companies desiring to contract K,'
for raising tha sunken battleship. It is belloved ''fi
generally by naval officers in Washington that p(
tho propoaitlou to raise tho Malno is quit fi
feasible, unless tho damago to her hull shall
prove to be very extcnslvo. Judging from the .
description contained in i harts nt tbo Navy
Department, tho battleiblp ts lying only in '-7
about six fathoms of water. Probably no vessel . .
of the weight of tho Malno was ever raisod. It Is , '$
possible, however, to lighten the ship matorl- -i
ally by removing her hoary guns und appur- ?
tenanccs of tbe deck and hold. If It should be ' y,
found Impossible lo ralsa tho ship, sho could JI
still bo thoroughly dismantled of materials , &
worth several hundred thousand dollars, ',
Many Tbeorltm Advanced, but Nome .taval Ba- 'ffl
pert llelleve It Waa nn Acvldenl. ;
WAbillNOTON, Fob. 10. Thoorles us to hoir j&
tho Malno met her fate camo with a rush after -
tho first shock had worn away. Everybody w ho J
had read the accounts In the newspaper extras ,"
had some views to express, Thoso of naval
officers, familiar with tho construction of
tho Maine and tho precautions observed J
on shipboard to provont accidents, uro of ,3
course the most valuable. A majority of those ,V
officers with whom Till: St'N roportcr talked 'Ji
said they belletcd that tho explosion ciimu from .
within and not from without thu ship, but a tW
number wero of tbo opinion that tho disaster ?$
was not the result of nn accident. Both Presl-
dent McKlnley and Secretary ln nro Inclined w
to support the accident theory, and their lewt yt
wcru expressed by the Secretary In this statu- )
went In unswor to Tub Mux roporlur's question! $
' Capt. Slgbco bus not jet submitted a rp- .
portastothucausu of thu dlmster, und as lis ;
dots uot express himself, 1 nhuuld not, Tho In- J-
dlcatlons nre that thu Maine's fato wusduu to ft
accident, which resulted In thooxplo.liiii of ibo 2
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