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1'F IK weak holders forced xo irr eo,
m wv their margins gone.
WW i 1 1 ft
,jH 3)J Metropolitan Traction reads Ik Berlin with
I'itl III J '! ?" . MrBt" mB ,'ed "P Barsntne
jIFj ilt I-ator Wnay Loans Woro Culled nnd an
nUtt Iff ' Avalaaehe or Seeurlllee fall an lha Market.
I'll'' S 'f Uneasiness due to tha strained rotations of
j' I i the United Stntes nnd Spain, which haiboen
K H h growing more and more acute In Wall street
It fi S ff J every day since tho disaster to the Maine, de-
'rYasVr veloped jestcrday morning Into seml-panlcky
I' P.I ff Belllnir of securities, with serious declines regis
K Kj S s tercd in every section of the stock market.
! It i H ' llcforo business opened hero cabled ndvlres
I 11 I .' brought the news of a weaker market In Lon
l til Wt don 'or tno lnternatlonallr listed American
kI V stocks. This was the first time this week that
II )I mi London, prior to our. opening, bad failed to
I J ! H , show decided strength, and nervous holders of
III ttf '' stocks here began to throw oyer their holdings.
' 1 11 ' Another Important factor Inciting to tho
lB sacrlflco of securities wns the course taken on
', iSI I 'Wednesday afternoon nnd yesterday morning
H by several Individual lenders of money, partlcu
i ' lnrly those who lend on narrow margins. One
; M - peclally prominent lender of this character
i ! j on tho Stock Exchange sent word on Wedncs
' JJ day afternoon to the brokers and firms of lira
' w I tted capital to whom bo had lent money that
M they nnirt pay off tbelr loans and tako up tho
. X stocks ho was carrying for them. The loans
f M disturbed ln,'tlils case nlono are estimated at
j' M (17,000,000. Tho resulting sales of securities
j; B ; were very many in tho aggregate.
C jV ' The volume of stock dumped on the markot
H at tli opening of business was enormous, and
j' M there wan for the time practically no support to
f- M values. Within the first flftocn minutes thcro
j' ! bad been declines extending to four and fivo
j J points, and in tho case of Metropolitan Street
j I Jl ' Hallway to twclvo points. In fact, tho local
I ff m traction stocks, which somo weeks ago ad
SI jj Tancod to an unusually high level on tho theory
tj R that tho nw city administration favored ex
j H Isttng rapid transit Institutions, showed special
jit ( weakness. This may be looked upon as natu
1. 1 rnl, however. In view of tbo recent rapid ad
Fl I vanco in theso shares, which advance was fa
re jP vorablo to pyramiding and to tho acquirement of
t, If tnuch slock on originally meagro murglns. Tho
Kg ft . exhaustion of margins and tho uncovering of
i'jj H stop orders helped in tbo demoralization In all
If fi sections of tho fist.
(. r After tho opening flood of selling orders which
f m carried values downward with a rtmb, tho np-
f pearanco of London bouses In tho market as buy-
I ersof the stocks at low prices resulted In a rally.
' 'J ho tone of tho trading, honever. remalnnl
1 If fovsrish and liertnuti, nnd though a number of
m prominent local brokorage firms also entered
I; lf the -market nr bujers of tho storks in nhlch
I IS ,they and their clients ore interested, such as
I m li'ew York ContrnI, Mnnhnttan. IVopIo's Gas,
Hock Island, llrookljn llapld Transit, nna
I ) Villon I'nclfle, It was evident throughout the
I iU day that steady liquidation was in progress,
I 11 Tha slaughtering of alucs, following fitful
f lUH rallies, continued during all the flvo hours of
j llBJ trading. The market closed with material losses
I J all through tho list. Tho moro important net
itittj ' declines compared with tho prices at which tho
la; closing sales were made on Wednesdny were:
LI JPt Metropolitan Street Hallway. H(S points; Man-
II S J I battan Consolidatcd.O points; Amorlcnn Sugar
I I ml Iteflnlng, , Jljfi points; Consolidated (J as. ai
I. I 1 rpolnto; Heading first preferred, !i points; Chi
(in vhgo, ihrrilngton and Qulncy, 8U points; Chl
jl J f cngo, Hock Island, and Pacific. 3 points; Cbl
S, - I U. cngo and Northwestern, -i points. Tbo total
f I J transactions for the day were 730,000 shares.
' I IB On tho curb Standard Oil certificates openodnt
it I W :iU.r, ngalnst 370, the closing price on Wcdnes
, IK day, and declined to 350, rail lng to 370, and
! closing at 3(15 bid.
' 9 V Another incident of the day was an inclina-
l I WL. , Hon- by tho local banks to demand of borrowers
I Br nl)lgberratoformonoy on call. This resulted in
! 'a great deal of readjusting of loans. The rati'.
'j.' which was S per rent, on Wednosday, was
HfJ t qulto gemrally marked up to 3 percent. This
HB . was dono In low of tho continued heavy with-
mtm. drttwAls of moner from this centre by nut-of-
' town banks, which appear to he fortifying them-
Umw ? neU-cs beejiuso nf tha war talk nirntnnt. vmsathlA
II demands upon them.
i Hsmf-. Tll Sub-Treasury yesterday exchanged for
Br-f local banks morn than 91,000,000 of green-
I )- ' backs and currency certificates ot largo do-
ri nominations Into notes of small denominations
1 m which the local banks wanted to send to out-
f M ' ' of-town rorrespondents. It was estimated
', U , that $2,000,000 In currency left this city in this
' Kl way yesterday qnd $4,000,000 has left so far
si (hlsnvook.
I ' Oovcrnment bonds, which have been heavy
. H slnco tho Maine disaster, recorded a further do-
: dine yes torday. The registered 4s of 102S were
. , quoted at V2tM,' 1U per cont. under Wednes-
, day, and the coupon 4s of tho same issue also
at ISSKi, or 1 por cent, under Wednesday.
j 9 ' Celag BtntUbt t Havana Rosn 8b Cats
, M All Her Caal Abaard.
I j ' tlnless the orders receh od by Capt Kulato
M 'ts late yesterday afternoon are changed the Viz-
, I ff cnya will sail out of New York harbor this
i ' afternoon. This announcement Is made upon
- r' J the authority of tho Spanish Consul-General.
I ' ', ; Twenty-nlno machinists, mostly Spaniards,
' ,,' employ'ccs of Krajowaki, Pssanfc & Co., wbo
, .1 B; opornto tho Erie Uasln Iron Works, were put
t' oboanl tho Vircnyafrom the tug McCaldln
i j I ; Brothers early on Tuesday morning and have
I .' i since been at work overhauling her machinery.
, fi , i Krajowskl, 1'esant & Co.'s chief business is tho
ii making nf machinery for use on sugar plnnta-
8 tlons. Most of tholr employees arc Spaniards,
1 I ) ' but somo nro Cubans. Tho contract for tho
1,1 I work on tho Vizcayastlnulatcd.lt is said, that
' 1 rWilK ho work should be completed at fl I. M. yostor-
4. f WL.', day. When tho Consul-flcncral visited tho
IBT vt ,1'.'P nt fi ?loek josterduy Afternoon bo was
JBM told that tho work would hardly he completed
K ' before noon to-day. Just before tho Consul-
K , Dencral went on board the crew of tho Vlrca n
K. had completed a gun drill. Tho guns were all
Bn . ., manned nnd mantruvrod. In going through
,m v 'the drill the guns were sighted, tho marks bolng
JB! , some of the tall buildings In the lower part of
BBj ) ! tho city.
H ! :, hhortly afte.r Sofior Ilaldnsnno went aboard
BjK ; bluojackets were sent aloft to bouse tho tight-
BF I IntS tops and tha big mms were covered with
V , canvas. Tho work of coaling was still going
Bf t on, but it was said that this would be concludod
Bt ! by torchlight last night. A full supply.of pro-
MF - '' Tlslons has been put aboard.
tlfbrews or the fl. A. C. V. Volunteer (laad
i il- i by I'nrle Ram.
L W t 'l he Oerraan-Amerlcan Citizens' Union of tha
k KJ ' Elxtoenth Assembly District has adopted tho
ii ft- m i following resolutions, and has forwarded a copy
u S, IK :; of them to Gov. fllack nt Albany:
n Wi W "' "Ifirrrat, At a meeting held on the 22d day
V m I ' ot FebruarJr 1808- by the members of the Gor
if Bf . I man-American Citizens' Union, Sixteenth As
?mJ ' 3 aombly district, a political organization organ
I; m h Jzedundor the laws of tho State of Now York,
Ik Mi j f nil Its members being from Austro Hungary,
C 9. i and by religious faith Hebrews, ana have tomo
iUi : ', to this country to enjoy tho blessings of civil
PfJ and religious liberty, but cannot forget tbo de
I'M'! - nlalof thODO blessings to our brethren in faith
E t! In many of tho countries of Continental Kurnpe,
LBFJ i ' and. alibough their oppression has been less-F-
K ' ; encd In many of those countries, yet in some
kit . '. they still oxlst:
YsW "And now wlille enjoying nil tho advantages
H ). nhlch we hae found In this couutrt, namely.
V - ' freedom of porson. security of proporty nnd nn
f;lt 'k Unquestioned right to worship our God as we
m. , mo fit, wo fed It .our duty promptly to extend
CfWi It pur services In the dofenco of our conntrv, that
P ., it ias secured to us these blessings both 'by tho
. ''? contribution of material aid necessary id iwar
Win and tho physical support of our arms to defend
;tK T It. Now, thureforo, bo It
Km ffl "JUiolval, That u committee of flvo be hereby
VM i appolnlo.1 to tender to tho Governor of tbo Htato
m, y of,?!ow pt, our services In tne rnnksof such
Mt A military force as may be drafted for tho defence
;(Bi V the nation If war should eventuate between
" Jho United btates and any foreign nation, nna
life If J n.0,,!,,J1 h.' Lxccllrncy the Governor that nt
) -J least aoo.nblo-bodled joung men will be read v
', 2 1" take nl-iirins as volunteers In our national
m: -J! tefm)oiilweiiij.foiirliouriiotltetotheChalf
lWt if nan of lliBCommlttce If war is deilarod."
S '""' "M Tan Adrlpbl Academy Day t lilt
'9; 5 riasimatea,
W iM5f William P. Stewart, a bright pupil of the
JalvrStV Adelnhl Academy In llrookljn, was one of tho
'' speakers before his clats yesterday. Ho wore as
W-BSt a ,K'1 tt 1,'ul)aI,ll Insirlbcd "V, S, S. Maino,"
BTBlj whlth had been prcsonted to him by theotllcers
! of tbo buttleshlpwhllu ho was at Now London
SilS last suiunicr. Aftor reforrlng lo this incident
?1$IS S!tJltj'.. ,i.1i.t, i'10 -Maine, Master Stewart
"I1, ufii mnilothUlliilondiluss;
hSB r'u ,0H" K"u" that tho Maluo was ordcri. I to
I "By ruha In pnitett Amerti. in citizens, and ulnsl e
I "."Kit ISti ''.'"SJho great vossel Is destroed. Uresis
HBff iVVv"'.0,1 rl:,"lt'."t.,,1", heud of our Government
I'llB'. . V ''".nglon. todlcocr how alio came to bo
L ml Wi ?!iroTf aiidunUI wo know the facts the pcoplo
IKI oJihoUnltod States should bo calm. If treaih-
EEVl ?' Proved, the Government should demand
Lal-BiT Proper rodress and tbo American people are
mB b"Te euough to nvbt for its right! and honor."
mwrf 'bVbVbVbVbVbVbVbVbVbVbVbVbVbVbVbb
rimr jjaM.wnr to motet
nwrt la Allaata Tkat Ike Rulmnt Is t
I rurlaa.
ATLAKTa, Ga., Feb. 24. Thera If yery little
donbt here that within twenty-four hours Fort
McPherson will bo vacated by tho Fifth In
fantry and that the regiment will bo on Its way
to Jacksonville and St. Augustine, Flo. Gen.
Wesley Merrltt, who arrived at 4 o'clock, It Is
believed had tho marching orders for the
troops. All the morning Col. Henry C.
Cook has been closeted with railway officials,
and when tho meeting was over arrangements
had been mado to transport tho regiment to
Florida. Tho officials assured tbo commander
that they would put on special trains with right
of way over all other trains, and that if the ne
cessity arose the mon could be rushed through to
their destination overnight. Tho ammunition
and equipment would move moro slowly.
As soon as tbeso arrangements wcro com
pleted Col. Cook called his staff Into conference
and for an hour and a half they talked behind
closed doors. After this conferonco the officers
Immediately began to pack up and remo o their
personal proporty, and tho quartors are now
The next step was tho inspection of arms.
Then the Quartermaster entered his depart
ment nnd served out 100 rounds of ammunition
to each man. Those having In charge tbo Galling
gun Inspected it and got ready the 00,000
rounds of ammunition which nro kept for this
Ono of tbo officers, in conversation this after
noon, offered to wager 8100 that the rogltncnt
would receive marchlngorders between to-night
nnd Saturday, but found no takers. Another
nlgnlncant fact Is that nil applications for fur
lough ha o boon refused, and tho mon aro not al
low ed to absent themselves from the post longer
than half adny. The same officer who wanted
tomnkna bet said that It would not be sur
prising If a train of cars were packed outside
tho fort In the morning in readiness for tho
troops, but added that he thought It moro prob
able that the cars would bo scattered around the
dltfercpt railroad yards In the city, to avoid
causing excitement.
MPT, CJlOirjflNsniELD'S Tit IP.
H Didn't C to Cuba mt All, but to Ian D
mine, t AtUnd t Prlvats Interacts.
WABtilNOTOtf, Feb. 24. Tho story published
In The Sun this morning undor a Tampa date
of the arrival at Port Tampa of tho cruiser
Montgomery, with Capt. A. S. Crownlnshlcld,
Chief of tho Bureau of Navigation, on board,
created a great deal of comment in tho Navy De
partment Capt. Crowninshteld, as tho head ot
tho most Important naval bureau, is tho right
hand man and executive officer of tho Secretary,
and his absenco In this tlmo of activity in naval
circles has caused much speculation. He ob
tained leave in tho latter cart of January, a few
days beforo tho Montgomery sailed, to pay
"friendly visits" to Cuban ports. Inquiries of
department officials since tho Maine disaster
as to his whereabouts wcro answered only with
the statement that ho had gonoofT on n trip with
his son. Tbo intimation was gh en that ho was
taking a rest In tho Maine woods, a strange
plnco to spend n winter vacation. Nobody at
tho Navy Department would tell to day why
Capt. Crownlnshlcld bad bocn ofT In tho Mont
gomery. Tho cruiser left Key West on Feb. J
for Matanzns. Cuba, spent threo daya there, two
days at Santiago do Cuba, and two dars at
Port Antonio. Then sho went to San Domingo
and left thero for Tampa on the lflUi.
Tho return ot the Chlof of tho Navigation Bu
reau on a ship that had been to Cuban ports
naturally caused much Intcrost In navai cir
cles, and many suppositions wcro advanced ns
to his mission. It was the general opinion
that ho bad been nnay on business of great
Importance to tho navy In tho preparations for
a hostile emergency. Tho truth is that Copt.
Crownlnshield has not boen to Cuba nt all, but
has been looking after somo prlvato Interests
at San Domingo, whero ho boirdcd tho Mont
gomery and returned in her. Secretary Long
consented Just beforo he left the department
this nfternoon to make a statement In regard to
tho mysterious absence of his bureau chief, but
(n It ho did not say why C'npt. Crownlnshlcld
had gono or whero ho had been.
"Capt. Crownlnshlold," said the Secretary,
"has not been to Cuba; ho hns been ofT with his
boy on matter in no wlso connected with tho
New Jersey Xeiislatlva Cbaplatn Ephaldi tbe
IVtars and Stripes.
Trentok, N. J Feb. 24. Senator Daly to-day
questioned tbo action of the Senate yesterday in
placing on tbe calendar a duplicate of Senator
Johnson's Grade Abolition bill while the orig
inal was In commltteo. Nearly the whole of the
morning session was given to discussing the
question, and when at last Senator Daly with
drew his point of order It was renewed by Sena
tor Heed. Finally Senator Johnson ended the
incidont by asking that his Grade bill be sent to
tbe committee which is holding up the original
In tbe House the Her. A. Nelson Hollldeld,
who officiated as chaplain, prayed: "Give us
pcaco with honor; but If wo must have war
then give us victory. May tbo glorious Stars
and Stripes never fall or be trailed In tho dust,
but may the flag of our country be borne aloft
In triumph until all lands shall bo Inspired by It
aud enjoy liberty, and all patriots obtain free
dom." Mr. Marnoll's bill to protect the Palisades by
Jroblblllng the blasting of rock within 2,000
cet of any navigable stream was adversely ro
portcd and tho report adopted.
Hills were passed allowing wagon owners a
rebate in taxes of $l.f0 for each wheel having a
tire four inches broad; glting Hnjonnc's Mayor
t100 salary: Incorporating the town of West
New York, Hudson county; onobllng beneficial
societies to pass bj-lnws regulating payment of
dentil nnd funeral benelltB; appropriating $50,
000 annually for fUo years to pay a bounty for
sugar beets grown and beet sugar made in Now
Democratic Leader Allen gave notice that on
Monday next ho would try to get out of the
Hallroad Commltteo's bands bis bill requiring
the weekly pnjment of wagos by manufacturing
and other corporations.
lie Kaia Catholics Should Take l'n Arms
Agalast Tbla Country In a W ar with Spain.
Rondout, Feb. 24. Tho Rev. F. Weber, the
assistant priest at St. Peter's German Catholic
Church in this city, after delivering a funeral
sormon aver tho remains of Frank Martlnolll, a
member of St, Peter's Commandery, Knights of
St. John, mado a political address In which ho
reviled the United States and told tbe members
of the Commandery that It was their duty as
loyal Catholics to take up arms against tbe
United States and fight for Spain In the event of
war. Tbe address caused commotion among tho
audience and several persons arose and left tho
church in anger. Thepriost said that under no
circumstances should Catholics fight against
Spain, a Catholic nation, and regarding Presi
dent McKlnley and tho raombers of bis Cabinet
he said that it would bo an excellent thing it all
woru blown up.
Uy many Father Weber Is regarded as a
fanatic. He has been assistant pastor of St.
Peter s Church about four months, nnd Is com
paratlicly a stranger to tho congregation. An
effort will be mado to remove him from his pas
torate. Asked to day why ho preached the ser
mon which has caused such n furor of excite
ment In Catholic and Protestant circles altLo,
tho priest said:
"Iproacbod a Catholic sermon to Catholics.
It la no ono'a business what I said, I simply
mid Catholics what tbelr duty was In caso the
United States fought with Spain."
Tho members of St. Peter's Commandery to a
man declare that In tbo e ent of war they would
fight for the Stnrs and Strlpos. Tho order is a
religious military Insurance organization of tho
Catnolio Church.
They Could U Preparrd rr Acllv Work
MllUla Twentjrour Hours.
Cleveland, O.. Feb. 2L-Tbo Naval Resorves
aro getting ready for active service Lloutcn-ant-Commander
McKay was busy this morning
getting the affairs of the organization In shapo
In order that it could be ready for active ser
vice In twenty-four hours. Adjt.-Gen. Axllno
was in tho city yeatcrdaj nnd conferred with
Lieutenant Commander McKay regarding tho
equipment of his organization.
"Should we bo called upon for active service
wo could bo in readiness in tnonti-four hours, '
snld Lieutenant-Commander McKa, "Gen.
Axlino asked me how long it would tuko to mus
ter Into service two uddlitonal divisions. I told
him I was certain that enough men would
enlist in threo ilajs to complete the battalion;
tbnt there would bo 350 men in tho battalion.'
At present the rerun es number 120 men. in
two dlr slons. 'Iho military i ode provides for
eights -eight men for each dhislon. The Toledo
battalion, although organized a longer tlinn
than the local urbanisation. Is not as ttcll
equipped as tho Cle eland resen es.
To Perm a llleirl slaual Carpi,
Haltimoiik, Md., Feb. 24,-Tho members of tbo
disbanded Signal Corps of tbo Maryland Fourth
Regiment are reorganizing to form a Hicyclo
Slgnnl Corps, and havo offered their services to
tbo United State Government in caso of war
with h.lToSr.phlniV'0 mD m WeU "tat.
But tbe CbaarM Are Tkat In Case or IlMtllltlr
nhlpi or neutral Kalians Wsnld Kat "ek
rr Letlsra r Marane fram Rlthrr Brill
real Treaty AoTmenli Tsucblag Tbls.
In tha event'of war with Spain the question
of privateering would bo Important. This
form of nttack, which Is practically licensed
plraoy, has not been practiced by vessels of
tho United States for moro than sUty-flvo
years, and it Is probable that this nation
would enter Into an agreement with Spain
that neither sldo should tssua Utters of maruo
to privateers. Whether Spain would agree to
this Is another question. With her Impend
ing national bankruptcy, tho commcroo of this
country would be n golden nllurcment to re
trieve her fallen finances. It Is tho poorer
country always that benefits Jmost by priva
teering, since It has moro to gain and less to
Privateers are defined as armed vessols,
owned, equipped and oillcercd by one or more
prlvato persons, but sailing under a commis
sion usually called letters of marqun from a
belligerent state, whbh empowers the person or
persons to whom it Is granted to attack and
selzo at sea vossols or other proporty of Its
enemy. That Is to say, in caso of war with
Spain she might issue letters of marque to
British, French, or German ships. In tho absence
of specified agreements between those nations
nnd this, whereby those ships could prey upon
our commerce It is probable, howotrr, that In
such event tho United States would do as it did
In tho chll war notify tho European nations
that any ships of theirs caught privateering
would bo regardod as pirates and treated ac
cordingly, Thcroupon tho European nations
notified tbelr subjocts that It would not afford
them protection as prlvateors. Asa conscquenco
all essels of tho Confcdcrato States fitted out
as commerce dostroycrs wore regularly commis
sioned ns part of tbo navy. Municipal laws of
many States prohibit privateering. Both Great
Britain and this nation Impose eovere penalties
on citizens or residents who nccept commissions,
equip pi Ivatoers, or enlist mon for sorvlce la any
foreign war.
In most civilized nations prlvntccring has
been abolished, but tho International agreement
to this effect was not entered into b tho United
States. As nearly as can bo discovered from
tho best authorities Spain stood out also. Tho
declaration of Paris, which did away with
privateering in 1850, after the Crimean war,
was as follows:
"1. Privateering Is nnd remains abolished.
"2. Tho neutral flag covers onomy's goods
with tho oxceptlon of contraband of war.
"3, Neutral goods, with the exception of con
traband nt war, aro not liable to capturo under
nn enemy's flag.
"I. Blockades, in order to bo binding, must be
effectho that is to say, maintained b) a force
sufficient really to proxent access to tho count.
"The present declaration Is not and shall not
bo binding except between Uioso powers wbo
have nccoded or shall accede to It.
England. Franco, Austria, Prussia nnd Rus
sia wcro tho original signers. Nearly: all the
other marilimo powers of the world followed.
It wns becaubo of tho comparative siunUncsa of I
our nny that this nation refused to join in the
declaration. Our stntcsmen hold that In case
of war wo should hao to depend upon prln
tccring to supplement our navy. Secretary of
Stato Marcy offered In return for tho exemp
tion from enpturoof all Innocent prlvnto prop
erty, even tho enemy's, to givo up privateering
and to accept tho other articles. Ibis amend
ment was rejected. As stated abov c. bow e cr,
tho United States adopted measures so effective
in tho clxll war as to render privateering by
foreign ships too hazardous ana uncomfortable
A enlllng for tho Europeans to stomach.
With Spain nnd this country both beyond the
polo of tho agreement, thero Is of course oory
opportunity for citenshe prhatccrlng on both
sides in caso of war. Any swift ship may, by
on outlay of capital so small that tbe first cap
ture will repay It twice oor, bo armed and
equipped as a prhatcor. Any unprotected ves
bcl sailing the high seas under the flng of tho
enemy is ber prey. The captive 1b taken to tho
nearest port of tho nation under whoso letters
of marque the prit nteer sails, and there adjudi
cated upon by a prize court. After being con
demned sho mny bo sold or bonded, as Is dotio
In most cases, to her original owners. The
prhatcer's officers and crew dhldo thoprizo
monc) .
This is n quick way of nmasslrg riches, hut
there is always the danger of being oertnkcn
and sunk or captured by tho enemy's warships.
A privateer is nof suitably equipped for dls
Bcnslons with a warship. Still, tbe bca Is big,
and if tho licensed pirate bo swift sho can koep
out of danger. There are men In Wall street
to day who mado their fortunes privateering.
In tho event of war Knaln would find few
European nations which would furnish ships to
prey upon our commerce. Tho South American
countries would probably not caro to incur our
dislike in this way. Besides tho proventho
municipal laws mentioned aboe, wo bao trea
ties with arloun nations forbidding tho citi
zens of cither nation to furnish privateers to a
third nation with which tho other was nt war.
Thus, when wo wero fighting Spain, France
could not, by tho terms o our treaty with her,
permit her cltlrcns to nccept letters of marn.no
and fit out privateers to molest our commerce.
Whether Spain has a similar agreement with the
European powers.thcrc Is no means near at hand
of know Inc. Hut any way, her commerce would
furnish but meagre Inducements to this form
of legitirantlrcd piracy, nnd her nnty Is mill
clcntly formidable to render tho risk out of all
proportion to tho prospective prizes. In short,
the game would not bo worth tho candle.
It is probable, therefore, that whatever priva
teering Is dono in caso of wnr between tho
United States nnd Spuinwlll bo nlmost entirely
If not quite confined to the citizens of the two
warring nations. Sentiment in this country lias
alw ays licen against privateering as n motbo 1 of
war making, nnd ns our navy is now strong
enough to stand nf Itself, what necessity of
letters ot marquo onco existed for us has passed
Submarine essel orr for a Week's Test at
Princess nay.
Tho Holland submarine torpedo boat Plunger
left Kllznbethport st noon yesterday for her
final private trial. Sho was convoyed out by tbo
tug Erie, nnd will spend about ono week In
manoeuvring nt Princess Bay. She Is under
charge of Mr. Holland, her Inventor, and has a
full crow of six men. A number of dummy tor
pedoes woro taken nlong, and the trial will bo
exhaustive. Mr. Holland also took along a
United States flag and n Union Jack. The
Plunger's trill ntthls time has no warllko sig
nificance whntoior.
Tho Plunger arrived In Perth Amboy harbor
early in the nfternoon nnd began work Imme
diately. Sho dived and came un under a loaded
coal bargo half a mile away, and did a few moro
similar feats. Then she tied up for tho night at
the Rarltan dry dock.
A Call ror Beventynve Volunteers to Serve la
Case or llir,
A provisional division ot tho Battalion of the
East, New Jersey NuvnlRescrvo, Is to be formed
In Newark by Lieut. Goldingay of tho Second Di
vision, Tho men will bedrillod and Instructed,
but will not bo sworn In unless they nro wanted
becnuso of a war botw ocn tho United States nnd
Spain. Tho organization will bo disbanded if it
Is definitely settled that thero is to bo no tight
ng. The cull for tho formation of tho division
lias been sent out. It asks for eevontj-llvo vnl
uutoers, each botween IB und 35 J ears old. ll,a
first nuotlng Istobo hold on Monday night at
ltofovilln Park Hull,
The Admiral lliiggs Association of Naval Vol
crnns of Newark bus adopted resolutions on
tbo Maine calamity and offered its services to
the Government in caso of wnr with Spain.
Bull FKblluc Parly Ksulls Over tbe Bains or
the Slnlne.
Passengers on tho Ward line steamship Con
cho, which nrrivod yesterday from Havana, say
tbnt while tho ship was lying In Hatana har
bor, near tho wreck of (he American battleship
Maine, on Sunday, sovernl parties of Spaniards
In boats on their " to a hull light passed near
llio Mulnu and jeeied at tho AmtrJcan ensign
fluutluir nt linlf-mnst from tho ri'in. Homo of
the men In tho boats threw things nt the flag.
WhiletMoof tho Concho's pnescngers wero out
In n row boat near tho wrLck they beard men
passing in an oxi ursion boat sny in Spanish.
Vo gavo them what they desert od" nnd " Wo
will repeat that if i.ucsuur."
ew IlniuurU IlUtrlbuled at Fort Thomas.
Cincinnati, O., Feb. si.-Col. Co:hran of Fort
Iboinas, acting under instructions from Wash
ington, to ilii) ordered that thu soldiers at the
rifle range, ubout twent) din miles nun), re
turn nt once lo the fort, hitbre batonutsof a
nuHly adopted pattern thai tiin bo usod iu
trenching tools woro distributed, blgiilflciint Is
the fninuency Willi which tho men aro being put
through the fatiguo drill. h v l
Tbo llallnay Trala or the Tnrmletb Century
Is iDdlcated by the Sew I'enmjlranla Limited, Ble
UOKraulisr, stuck reports, lllirary, barbershop, haih
room, au4 a laUici' maid are sumo of It novel tea-H-'.".-
xflrt K,w Vor ,trT morning for tb
AdksrM u the Throry of Aeeldeat Yfbat
Arekblshcp Irflaad Rata,
Senator Mark A. Hanna of Ohio cams on from
Washington yesterday to attend a meeting of
tho Maritime Association to bo held to-day. He
went to the Waldorf-Astoria nnd spent tho
evening there. About the Spanish situation he
aid to n Su.N reporter:
" So for as I know thero Is no reason for wnr
with Spain. Thero Is no chango In tho situa
tion, and nothing that I hat ohcard has changed
my opinion that the sinking ot tho Malno was
aocldontal. I think that tbo sinking of tha ship
wns duo to an accident. That Is merely my
guess. Tbo newspapers know ns much about
tho matter as anybody. All tho information
that I havo heard that tho Government received
has been given to tho press. Congress bcoius
to havo soborod down, nnd everybody Is
waiting for tbo report of tbo Board of Inquiry.
Until that has been recolvcd no conclusions enn
bo reached. Tho ovlrlenco tho board secures
will not bo mado public until the Investigation
is finished, of courso, nnd until thon nothing
can bo determined. There Is no stgnlficnueo In
tho fact that no news hns been received. How
could any bo received at this stago of tho pro
ceedings!" " What will happen In caso it Is found that
tha explosion was not duo to an accldont t" wns
" I won't nntlclpato," roplied Sonator Hanna.
" My guess Is that it w as nn accident, and noth
ing I have board conflicts with that opinion.
Archbishop Ireland of St. Paul lsnt tho Waldorf-Astoria
for n short stop on his way from
Washington to Ms homo. Ho snld last night
tbnt be hoped thero would not bo n war with
Spain or any other power, and that ho could not
bellovothnt tho Spanish Government had any
thing lo do with tho destruction of tbo wurohlp
"Torpedoes aro not set off like firecrackers,"
be said, "and It seems Inconceivable that tlio
ship wns deliberately sunk, I do not think that
tho United Statos would go to war without
right on their sldo, so that their cause would bo
upheld by all tbo nations of tbo world. It war
Is necessary tha country must accent It. but I
am convinced that we will not go to war save as
n last resort, but when it comes, our hands must
bo clean, and right must bo on our side."
President or tbe Slrrllnc Company data Back
from Washington slaws a tbo Maine.
PlTTsnono, Pa., Feb. 24. C. II. Wheeler,
President of tho Sterling Projectile Company,
is positive that tho loss of tho battleship Malno
was not due to an explosion aboard ship. Ho
said to-day:
"You can't oxplodo brown gunpowder at less
than 000 Fahrenheit, and, as tho tempcraturo
of tbo magazines on board tho Maino taken on
Tucsda) oenlng, Feb. 15, nt 8 o'clock, showed
that the temperature was only 50, It seems Im
possible than an boar and twenty minutes later
tho explosion which demolished tho battleship
could havo bocn caused by the Ignition of
powder aboard. I am posltlvo tho ship was
blown up from the outside. In former yearn
tho Spaniards laid Havana Bay wltb deadly
mines. I believe that some Spanish fanatic was
acquainted with tho lay of tho mines, nnd, hav
ing access to the electric wires connecting them
with the shore, exploded one. Of course the
Spanish Government had no hand In themntter."
Mr. Wheeler has roturned from Washington,
where ho was instructed not to put himself out
to deliver tbo projectiles, ordered three months
ago, any faster that tho contract requires.
Hourly noo or Them Declare Tbelr ITIIIInc
nets to Voltst In tbo Itvent or War.
SrnACrsE, Feb. 24. Noarly 300 solid Syra
cusans havo declared themselves willing to en
list as volunteers for three years, unless sooner
discharged, in tho event of war with Spain.
Every man of them has attested his signature
to tbls declaration before a notary public and
stands ready to respond at onco to his conntrj's
csll. The movement is under the direction of
Charles M.A.Smith, formerly connected with
the Commissary Department of tbe regular
army, who has been connected with cverv
brunchof tbo sorvlce except tbo cavalry. All
who havo signified tbelr readiness to enlist aro
mon who can be relied upon. Mr. Smith says
he has no authority from tbe Government, hut
proposes, in case war Is declared, to be ablo to
report with a flno company of earnest men
ready for service.
Iirjssoriir will do her duty.
Gov. fltephona Saya Sbe Trill Be Consplensus ir
a scrimmage Comes.
St. Louts, Fob. 24. Gov. Lon M. Stephens to
day placed himself In line with the fighting
Governors wbo expect a declaration of war
ngalnst Spain. In an interview ha said this
" Thcro never has been any doubt In my mind
that the Maine disaster was caused bv Spanish
treachery. Neither an apology from Spain nor
an indemnity will appease the wrath and Indig
nation of the American people. Wnr to day. in
my mind. Is Imminent, and our peoplo should
Ereparo for the worst. Missouri will do nobly
Adjt.-Gcn. M. F. Bell Is computing the preclso
militia strength of the State.
Tbe Cubana or Tbla City Celrbrata tbe Third
Anniversary or tbe Revolution.
The Cubans of this city met last night in
Chlckcrlng Hall to celebrate tho third anniver
sary of tho present revolution. Scfior Juan
Fraga, President of tho Council nf tho Cuban
Revolutionary ( lub, opened tho meeting. Sefior
Braro y Correoso and Scfior Knrio.no Jose
Varona mado specebos, describing tho threo
years of horoio wnrlaro and tho awful suffer
ings ot tho Cuban patriots in their struggle for
Sefior Enrique Trujlllo. editor of Kl Forvenir,
suggested Unit a despatch be sent to President
McICinle),in tbe name of tho Cuban patriots,
expressing their grief for tlio loss of tho Maine.
Tho suggestion wub unanimously adopted,
amid cheers for America and Cuba Libre.
VS. K. Chapman Went lmterdny with a Der
rickUnderwriter to iio To.liay wltb Another.
Tho Merritt-Chnpman wrocklng tug William
E. Chapman sailed yesterday for Havana ton
ing the derrick bargo F. It, Sharp. Sho cleared
tbe Hook at 0-30 A. M. and is duo at Havana in
about six days. Theoeoan tug Underwriter w ill
start for Havana this morning towing tho
wrecking derrick Chief, which hns been built
up for a sea voyage. '1 ho Underwriter will re
turn for I ho big Iron bariroLono Star about two
weeks bunco nnd will toko her lo Hu ana. 'Ihu
Lono Star will bo usod to roeolvo the heavy
material from tbe wreck of tho Maine,
A Momorlal Service at Sailors Snug rtarbor.
A service In memory of tho dead seamen of tho
Malno was held yestorday In the Randall Memo
rial Church, Sailors' Snug Harbor, S. I., yester
day afternoon. The church altar had boen
draped wltb American flags and crape. Tho or
gnnlst wns James Crnbtree nnd tho soloist. Miss
Anna Chrlstensen, soprano. Speilnl features
wore the singing of '"lhellcroos' March," from
Mendelssohn, nnd the " Funcrul Mnrch" from
Beethoven. Tho sorviccs concluded with tho
singing of tho " Htnr Spangiod Banner " by the
old sailors.
Blanco's Letter or Cnudolenee.
Washington, Feb. 2L The State Depart
ment received by mail this morning from Hu
vnna tbo following expression of condolonco for
tho disaster to tho Malno, addressod to Consul
General Leo by Captain-General Blunco:
"It becomes my painful dut) to express to
ou my profound sorrow for tbo misfortune
which occurred yesterday on board the
American ship Malno. I nssoelato mjsilf with
ull my heart lo the grief of tho tuition nnd
nf the families who have lost some of their
members; and upon doing so I dnnotnnh ex
press in) personal sentiments, but 1 spenk In tho
nanioof alltbo InlinbltiintHof Havana, witnesses
of tho catastropho which has nltllclod uu many
homes. God guard ) on many ears."
First Clnlra for a Mnlno Penolon.
Washington, Fob. 24. An application was
mado nt tho Pension Bureau today for tho
alloiTancoof a pension to tho widow of a lcilm
of thu Malno explosion, the first growing out of
that disaster, 'llio claimant Is Mrs, Harriet
Ariiinis of mis elly, dei"iulenl mother nf ,1, T,
Adams, a coal piisroi. 'llio dslin was sturlrd
riirlit ulnng. nnd within a fun net ksMrs. Aduius
will bo ictehln.'ii petition of $12 a month.
I, ton I'rojeellle ror (he trim finished.
ItlCHMiiMi, Vn Fob, 21. Tho contract for
furnishing 1,100 projectiles to the Hovernnicnt
was completed today by thu Tredgur Iron
Works, four months alicml of time, Tlio llnt
shipment'was mado In September, and live r.ir
loads were shipped to Now York to-dny, 'I ho
largest nro 4 Hi feet long and 12 inches thick,
llioi weigh from 300to 1.000 pounds, huch
projuetila has been inspected carcfull) by A, C.
Meagher, the local Inspoctor of tbo Ordnance
Dopartmcnt. and approved. They are intended
lot tbo army and.nol the navy.
it mpHM t Pay lo Hie Wlvee of tb Mon
leit In the Bnltlethlp Maine or to Tbelr
Parent ar Brothers and Ststora an Amount
Net to Rsceed Twelve aloaths Pay.
Washington, Feb, 21. Representative Hon
telle to-day completed his bill for tho rcllof of
tbo survivors of tha Maine disaster, and to pro
vide for tho w Idows and children of tho victims.
It Is somewhat moro comprehensive than the
moasuro relating to tho loss of tho Trenton,
Vandalla, nnd Nlrislc nt Samoa in 1680. It re
ceived tha npproval of tho members of tho Com
mltteo on Naval Affairs, and Mr. Boutello was
desirous ot securing consideration this nfter
noon. But tho Sundry Civil Appropriation bill
had the right of way, and, after consultation
with Speaker Hoed, Mr. Boutello Introduced it
In tho usual way ond It was formally reforred to
tho Commltteo on Naval Affairs. At tho first
opportunity It will be reported to tho Houso and
action nskod.
It provides that to reimburse tho surrlvors
ot the officers and crow of tho Malno for
losses Incurred by them respectively there
shall bo paid to each of such survivors n sum
oqtial to tho losses so sustained by them, pro
vided that in no case shall tho aggregato sum
allowed exceed tho nmount of twelvo months
sell pay of tho grado or rating held by such por
son at tho tlmo llio losses wcro Incurred.
That tho widow, child or childron, and In esse
there bo no such, that tho parent or paronls,
and if there bo no parent, tho brothors and sis
tors of tho officers nnd enlisted men and others
who wore lost In tho destruction ot ssid vessel,
or who havo died within ono year from thodato
of tbo disaster in consequenoo of Injuries re
ceived in tho destruction of said csscl, shall be
ontlticd to and receive, to wit : Tho relatives in
tho order named a sum equal lo twelve months
scapsyof tho grade or rating of each person
deceased nsnforcBiild; provided, that tlio legal
representative of thedocoasod porsonssball also
bo paid any arrears or pay duo tho doceased at
tho tlmo of their death.
That tha accounting nfilccrs arc hereby au
thorized to conllnuo for n period of threo months
nn) allotments which mny bat o been made In
faorof nny rclntltcBof tho degrees horelnbo
foro enumerated by any of thootllcorsand men
attached to tho Malno who lost tbelr lives In, or
inconsequence of, tho disaster to thatvossol;
provided, that tha nmount nf the allotments so
continued Blinll bo deducted from tbo amount of
twclvo months' sea pay nllowodto such beno
flclnries hy Irtno of this act.
That tho relief granted by tho provisions of
this net shnll bo deemed nnd taken to bo full
compensation for and in satisfaction of nny nnd
nil claims whatsoover on account of loss or
death bj tho destruction of tbe Malno on the part
of tho beneficiaries hereinbefore designated, and
tho mothoJs ot presenting and establishing snld
claims hereinbefore prcscribod shnll bo followed
in lieu of tboso prescribed by tho nctBor pnrts
of acta heretofore cnattril relating to theptc
sontationof similar claims.
That no claim shnll bo allowed under tbo pro
visions of this act which shall not bo presented
within two years after the date of its pnssngo.
That the Secretary of fho Navy bo authorized,
whenever In his discretion it mny bo deemed a
practicable expedient, lo cause tho remains ot
nil or nny of thoio who perished in consequenco
of sucli disnstir to be removed to tho Unltod
States cemetery nt Arlington, provided that tho
relntlves of any such deceased officers and
others mentioned in this net who proferthnt
tho remains of such bo taken to their homes
within tho United Stntcs. shall lmvoiuch prll
lege cxtendod to them, and tbe expenso thereof
shall bo borno by tho United Statos, and tho
sum of $10,000, or so much thereof as may bo
necessary. Is hereby appropriated to carry out
the provisions of this section.
A Bchrneetady Survivor Describes tbo Disaster
to the llatilesklp.irnlue.
Sctienectadv, Fob. 24. Tho fathor of Am
brose Ham of this city, wbo was a Bailor on tho
battleship Maine, and w ho at first was reported
killed, lo day received n letter from his son,
dated at Key West (United States Hospital), In
which tho)oungmnn describes the scene of tho
explosion. Young Ham was on tho watch that
night, from 8 to 12 o'clock. Ho hod strung his
hammock for tha night so as to ha a It in rcndl
nessforblm when oft duty at midnight. Had
he not been on watch ho would bavo been killed,
no doubt, as not ono in tho compartment whero
bo slept w ns sat cd. After snj ing that tho crow
wus having n happy tlmo from ii o'clock till Oin
dancing und hcuiing tho music, joung Hum
"Ihrco bells, or 11:30, sounded, nnd nothing
occurred towurn us of tho accident soon to
happen. About twenty minutes to 10 I v as
standing at the break of the poop and wns going
to turn around to walk further aft, when I Baw
n flash ot light or fire, which bocmed to c elopo
tho wholo ship, then henrd a report, and I was
hit with apioio of iron on the left sldo of mv
faco. Then a second report, longer nnd more
terrible than tho first, occurred, nnd tho big
ship wns lifted out ot tho water and fell back
into tho water, a mass of broken nnd tangled
Btcol that is, tho forward part of tlio ship.
Fifty feet from the stern forward was not
touched. When sho settled b ick Into tbo water
Bbo began to sink. When I recovered from tbo
shock I ran nft to the Captain's boat and helpod
to loner it, and we picked up a lot ot men that
were In the water. We then wero takon on board
tho Ward lino steamer. 1 shall never forgot tho
ecene of that etuloslon.
" Whether tho ship was destroyed bvoutsldo
pcoplo or accident can only bo proven by Inves
tigation, nnd It may can so war. If so, I will do
my best to fight for my lounlry. Wo hno
taken n great deal from the Spaniards, moro
than nny othercountry would havo taken, and
If wo do nothing In tills matter nnd let It pass
by, wo mav ns well haul down the Stars and
Stripes and havo no American nation. I don't
think It was done by tho Spanish Government,
but by tbo pcoplo who nro in Havana and who
caused tlio riot not long ago."
Young Ham has about $1,H00 in bank here,
left by his met her. Ho writes that ho Is doing
uUelj nnd that ull ot tho wounded sailors nro
anxious to get well so that they can go on duty
again If war breaks out.
ITbetber or .Not I ho Maine n Blown Dp from
Outsldr, Klnnd l tbe President.
Russell Sage, tbe financier, was asked last
night If it was Iruo that hehad private informa
tion indicating t lint the explosion tbnt de
stroyed the Malno was an outsido ono. He said:
" What I said to tho reporters this nfternoon
was that I stood by the President. I believe
that this Is a time when evory loyal American
citizen should stund by tho President in what
ever he may do. Ho is waiting for the proof re
garding tha destruction of tho Malno. That Is
what no should all do. It Is true that I have
had private Information that would Indicate
that tho Malno wns blown up from the outsido.
If that information Is correct, then Spain must
pay largo Indomnltlos not only for tho destruc
tion of the bo it, but sbo must pay for tho sup
port nf tho wives und tho families of tbo men
who woro killed."
" What is tlio source of your private informa
tion, Mr. Sago I" nsked tho reportor.
"Ah. I can't tell on tint, "mild Mr. Sage. "I
haven t tbo rln-ht to disclose tbo bourro. nnd if I
had It would not bo proper In llio present ex
citement for mo to do so. Tlio Information wns
conveyed lo mo by u mini well up. by man in u
position to know tho facts, riinco I rocclved
thlB Information I bnvu beon endeavoring to
got further facts that would either proveordls
provo It. 'J hut Is ull I will sa. What tho
Prusldout is waiting for nnd what the country
Is wailing for is tb" proof. If that is forth
coming, then -" Mr. Sage shut hu teeth nnd
said emphatically: "Spain will bo mado to pay.
But let us havo tho proof first. Lotus standby
tho President whatever tho facts are. He can
be trusted."
I'npurliiK Torpedo Boats ror Trial,
HniSTOL, R. L, Feb. 24. Arrangements are
being inudo for tho official trials of tho two new
20 knot torpedo boats Gwln and Talbot, It Is
generally believed that the trials will tuko
place next week. Both boats nro practically
i endy for sorvlce. In a spin down tha biythis
wocl. thoGnlu btitmid lliut Mic hurt both her
torpedo tubes In position and apparently needed
only ber armament and crew, Lieut. 51. A. An
dorson Is hero looklug after the Government's
Senator Allen ftllhdraws Ilia Bosolullon.
Wasiiinoton, Fob. 2 1-Tlio resolution offered
tcstcrdnv by Senator Allen (Pop., Nob.) for ABe
lect committee of llvohennlors to Investigate
affairs n (ho Island of Ciiht wns laid beforo tho
beiiHln, Ah fonu ns It wns read Mr, Allen suU-
"Bclngalllldlrom the Wilo taken venter
di Unit tint tale of this rei-olutliiii itijultu well
suulcd, 1 bc'jr leave to viitbiliavv it from thu fur
ther UJIisi.lcTltilill of llio hellllto."
'ihu Vice-President I'hu resolution is withdrawn.
LOnnrl'c Aro carefu"lr Prepared from
nUUU O pnroly vegetable ingredients,
LP HI R nml Bro mlld yet certain In
effect. They cure all liver
troubles, bllloujuen, headache. Indigestion. 25c
" T . - t
Its Owaers Bad Ba Crladlnc "agar Con
trary to His Order.
IlAVANA, Fab. 24. The Important sugar estate
Canamabo. In the jurisdiction of Trinidad, Santa,
Clara province, owned by Messrs. Smith &
Fisher, has been grinding against tha orders ot
Gen. Gomez. Tho estate had A strong Spanish
The result was that the Insurgents under
Gens. Rrgo and Gonzales attacked the estato
and, oxcopt the house whero the manager
lived, destroyed everything In sight from tho
heavy machinery to the sugar cane in tho fields,
Tho Spanish garrison, It Is officially announced
here, made a herolo defence, though It was
finally overpowered. The Spaniards had four
killed and ton wounded and tho Cubans four
It Lands on a Seboner, Wearing si Rlkben
stamped "If. a. n.tt
Havana, Feb. 24. Tho Captain of tha schooner
It. E. Somers reports from Cardenas that on ths
afternoon of Feb. 8 a carrier pigeon alighted on
tho schooner Collins W. Walton'in front of 8hot
Key nnd Slat Key Bank.
Tho pigeon had n ribbon tied to one of Its legs
with tho Initials " U. 8. N."
Consul Barker III In Cnba.
Havana, Feb. 24. Nows from Ssgua has
beon rocelvod to-day to tho effect that the
American Consul there, Mr. Walter B. Barker,
is sick with pneumonia. Ho Is n very popular
man in Cuba and is highly esteemed by Ameri
can residents In tho island.
A rtrslatont or south Dakota Cowboys.
Sioux Falls, S. D.. Feb. 24. Col. Sheaf a, com
manding tho State militia. Is recruiting a regi
ment of cowboys for service against Spain.
Col. Shcafo said to-night that thoso men are tho
toughest on oartb. They nro Inured to hard
ships, have fought Indians, and he believes that
If they nro turned loose on tbo Spaniards in
Cuba they can whip them In a very short time. '
Crnduatlns; Class or Pbyslclana OErsr to Servo
In War.
Baltimore, Md.. Feb. 24. The graduating
class of the medical department of Baltimore
University, numborlng mors than 100 young
physicians and surgeons, has passed resolutions
offering the servico of all the mombors to the
Government in caso of war with Spain. Tho
resolutions will bo forwarded to Socretary
Bunee Is Von a near Admiral.
Commandant F. 5f. Bunco of the navy yard In
Brooklyn recolvcd his commission as Rear Ad
miral yesterday, and his flag ns such was
hoisted on the Vorraont. The flag was greetod
bj-a ealuto of thlrtoen guns. Beforo thecloso
of tho year Admiral Bunco will retire under the
ngo limit. All tho officers ut tho yard called yes
terday to congratulate him on bis promotion.
Minneapolis Out or tbe Dry Dork.
PniLADELPniA. Fob. 24. Tho cruiser Mlnne
npolls was floated into tho Delaware River at
high tldo this afternoon from the dry dock at
League Island and is lying at ono of tbe piers.
Sbo has a crow of seventy mon thus far. Ills
tho belief nf, tho ard that as soon as her lull
quota nf mon Is obtained her destination will be
Key West.
Tug Underwriter Delaved In Salting-.
Boston. Mass., Feb. 21. The wrecking tug
Underwriter did not Bail for Havana to-dny, ns
was expected, but will probably leave to morrow,
touching at Now YorK to take in tow tho float
ing dorrick Chief. Officials of tho Boston Tow
boat Company refuse to glvo any reason for tho
delay further than to soy that the machinery la
to bo overhauled.
Sons oreterans Willing to right.
Knoxvimjc Tcnn., Feb. 24. The division en
campment of tbo Sons of Vctoransof Tennessee
nnd Alabama completed its work here at noon
to day. Among tho proceedings was tbo adop
tion of a resolution deploring the destruction of
tlio Maine nnd offering the serv Ices of theSonB
of etorans in case ot a war with Spain.
Brooklyn Vetorano Beady to Fight Spain.
The One Hundred and Thirty-first Regiment
Veteran Association in Brooklyn has adopted
resolutions of sympathy regarding tho ilalne
disaster and declaring: "That tbo same spirit
wblch led us to the defenco of our country in
3 801 und 1805 is still alive within our breasts,
nna If nny wrong has been dono we hereby offer
our services toour beloved country and Its flag."
Commotion Canard by an Altompt to Bnrorce
a Freak liaaetment.
From the Nathttlle Baniur.
The caged red bird is just now a causa of seri
ous controversy in Louisville, Ky. And It
all grows out of a Grand Jury nnd an alleged
over7calous young Chief of Pollco.
aovcral years ago u rural member of the
Stato Legislature, in his deslro to enroll his
name on tho scroll of fame, Introduced a bill
prohibiting tho keeping of rod birds, martins,
or other wild song birds in cages, and providing
for a penalty of a flno for t iolatlon of tho same.
Tho bill, by tome freak of statesmanship, bo
enmo a law, but no efforts wero mado to enforeo
it. It was a dead lotter. Recently, however
In Loulevlllo, a Grand Jury that could find no
evidence Bho.vlng tho existence of pool rooms
fnru banks. Blot muchlnos, or ji ncl huuf es, stum
bled on the red bird law, nnd Immedlntoly called
tho Chief of Police. Jacob Haagcr, boforo It and
sternly demanded to know why ho bad not
enforced tho red bird law. The Chief hud nov er
heard of tho law, bo tho foreman of the Grand
Jury took up tho Kentucky statutes und rend
tbo act.
Chief Hanger, who is young, nnd who has
only recentl) had his honors und his gold badge
thrust upon him, left tlio Gtuiid Jury room
thoroughly impressed nnd with bis mind mado
up to enforce tbo law- lo tlio letter. And he has
done it like u Spartan. Ho went to bis own
home, whoro ho had a "Kentucky cardinal"
caged, n beautiful bird that had never known
freedom that wub as tnmo as a kitten the
plaything of tho Chief's children. Ho took the
cage trom Its hook, carriod it out of doors, and
opened it. Thn cardinal emerged, fluttered
around his head n few minutes. Its eyes star
In? at the new world, seen for tho first time
then it timidly rested on tho Chief's shoulder '
Ho stroked It gently, tears coursing down his
weather-hardened cricks, then he did his duty
under the law. Ho pushed tho bird from him
nnd went Into the house. Tho cardinal nwk
wurdlv flow to tho grnpo arbor, where it rested
A neighbor s eat saw tho frightenod bird nnd
stealthily slipped upon it. 'I here was a thump
a flutter, ono wild, smothered scream and the
ciirdinal was no more1.
'1 hat night when tho 300 policemen of the city
lined up for Inspection nnd orders tho red bird
lnvv wns rend to them with duelmprcssivonoss
and they weio told to do thelrdutv. How well
this hum performed was nttcalod by midnight
w hendon ns of t hu Indignant cltlzons called at tbo
Central PollcoStntlon to Icurn what tho outrage
meant. 'Ihej had been ordered to turn their pet
red birds louso and thoy unanimously refused
to do It.
By noon tho noxt day nearly 400 citlzons had
been ordered to lot their red birds go or submit
to arrest und lino, 'ihero wiro many pathetic,
incidents nnd numerous letters on b th sides of
tlio question wcro sent to tlio Chief of Police
Tbo met that nearly all of tho birds would bo
helnlesH If turned loose: that they would starve
to doulli or would furnlbh a meal for predatory
eats or ho pecked to death by pugnacious soar,
ions, cut no figure, 'llio law said the mubt bo
turned looso, and tho law must bo nbeved
Ono poor mun brought his bird to ho pollco
station and lefl It, boo uisc he hud not the heart
to turn it looso. A llttlo crippled toy tarried
his bird to tho Chief ot Police' in hlilfand"tlm
bird being to tamo that It would not fiv awai
Uno of the Captains of police svv ore ho would re
sign beforo ho would turn his red bird loote
Ho propoied to net iiround tho law by piiliding
n room for hli bird In bis homo, thus lctllne- it
Hy nnd not confining it in a cuge.
Ihu clainur became so great that It threat
ened to disrupt tho political party In control of
thu town, fciiforicinint of tho law was bus
nended in order to obtain relief from the Leuls
Inture. now 1 1 siioslon. Itei roioniutivi. Hurry
Pullliim, who Leops bin band in ror inaiiagliiu
th. Lou ivlllo Iliwba'I Club by laklmr li'li'v
part in Ihu ilelibi rations of n belligerent Ltglsla.
lure. Introduced a b 11 repealing itio led hint
act. This bill w 111 in ull probabllty pass be-to: o
.ho end nf tne hecHlon,
'I ho KentiiiKy ii'd bird Is to the Kcntuckluii
what tin; houtlicrn iiioi kingbird is lo the LouUl.
nninii. It is a little lurgcr. possibly, thnn the
mockingbird, mid u much Prettier In look upon.
Its reditu re mo n deep rid. tho wings, lull, and
. rown being tlppi d will. I la, k. As a wi. ,t,'r
It is without n rival tho notes of tho fnr-fiiinod
mockingbird bomg less musli aI. It is Impossl
bio lo intiiuorkce'pueugod rod bird captured
after Ills a juar nil. Tho joutig ones, taken
before tin-) aru nblu tr. 11. uro tbo ones that
are tamed and kept. These, nf course, know
nothing of the friodom they have lost, nor do
tlit know him to tako I'nro of themselveu. 'lo
turn them ,uo-,e, csptcluHy In i)m winter, would
bo barbarous. James ljtno Allen, tho Kentucky
writer. Iibb liiiiiiortallzod thu rod bird b making
him a hero of his i.pv el, "A Kentucky lardiuu K
Published four or live) ears ago. '
Latest Marian Intelllaeueo.
Arrlvod-Ss Frledrlcb dtr Qroste, froa Bremen!
Pocsiioataa. from fllbraltar. ""both
11 I ii iffcK Snow Italtlnf,
rS 1 f iVTT you" woman
J y NWPofnTT c'are ,0 ,un 01t
Vj In tare headed,
V )yyf Mil II Hill "! bare hand.
,2L IU111I1 ed stnU frolic
' YttJjri'v. V-3 na snow bill
v.,4 T 5v i?. whrwlnter.
3 v-SirtnWBsVO W ?he w o I
rJWkWWm& ne muffled up I
A Jtiimm AJ7 " Hke hot-houss
&. IM gKrJ " flower, befora
d$ dti v I'kV"" Bn even "lel
fK V I V. would shudder
AWMI I ' thc thought
JMM ) JcO of rollicking in
WM , l'3s m the snow ns
JeWm their frrand.
The trouble Hes In the fact that too few
women enjoy perfect health and strength.
of the special womanly otganUm. A worn,
an who is not well and strong locally can
not enjoy good general health. Dr. Pierce's
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nervous invalids to perfect health. It is
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Is good for no other. It Is the discover' of
Dr. R. V. Pierce, for thirty years chief con
suiting physician to the Invalids' Hotel and
Surgical Institute, at Buffalo, N, Y. No
other known medicine can take its place.
" I have been troubled with female wtsknr t
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writes Miss Tean Conner, of Catfish, Clarion Co
Ja "I doctored for it and did not get better.
At last I commenced taking Dr. Pierce's Favorite
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A Liveryman's Schema to Vlafae Moner and
Satisfy Ilia Patrons Vanity.
From the Wathinoton Bltnina Star.
"What's a horso clubj" iskod.tho mon in ths
silk hat.
"Didn't you over hear of one!" responded ths
man doing tho bulk of thc tnlking.
"I think not. Go ahead nnd tell us."
"Well, you know It costs moro than a good
many peoplo want to spend to koep a horso and
vehicle, whatever kind it mny be. Indeed, in
tho cities it Is quite beyond tho means ot most.
In the smaller towns of thc country It Is mors
nearly possible, for a horse may bo boarded nc
any country livery stable for (10 s month and
sometimes oven less If dono hy tho year. But
even In such favorable circumstances there nro
many peoplo who don't like to own a horse and
board him at a stable, whore he may be badly
treated or ho may get sick and dlo. or keep hlra
at home, whero ho Is liable to be treated worse
than In a livery stable. That hninir iiunu r
know of a liveryman in ono of the towns I visit,
a placo of 0,000 inhabitants, who Is enterprising
enough to make the effort to meet tho wants of
that kind of peoplo. This man went around
among bis acquaintances until he found twenty
five who wero willing to Day him iflO a month
each for tho uso of n horse Just what they would
pay for tho board of one if they owned it. But
thoy did not want liver" horses, so he agreed
to give each patron tho same horso nlways and
not lot it go to any other person. Then be be
gan buvlng up second-hand buggies and phae
tons and good, sorviceablo horses, until he had
S'.'.Spp invested in tho private plant, ns he called
it. Ho had to hlro only one extra hand, and he
had room In plenty, so theadditonal expense, be
yond feed, was not much. He had ncen run
ning his plant a year when 1 saw him, nnd lie
told mo that tho ontlro expense wns $130 a
month, and that be took in $250 rash every
month, leaving him a not profit on his 2,500
Investment of fl.tlOO n year, nnd overy member
of the horso rlub Wis so pleased that ho bad
booked for another y oar, and there w ere n dozen
applicants for membership.
'Of course ho lost something by putting some
of bis good customers Into the club, blithe got
them for n year that way, and ho was willing to
lose one 852 drive to pick up forty 50-cent ones.
Now, concluded tho drummer, "that you
hnve learned what a horse club Is, perhaps you
might Buggost It to your frieuds In the country
and let them try It onco."
Anstrlan Ilunieon Discovered.
ironi the Lnndon Globe.
The other day It w as found necessary to repair
part of tbe foundations ot an Inner wing of ths
Cnstello of Udlne, a great, square, ugly building
of threo centuries ago, now used as barracks
and chll prisons. On tho flooring being ro
moved, the workmen came upon a small, mis
sive, tight-fitting stone trapdoor. It was raised
with difficulty, and itdisclosed, as in romances,
a flight of steps. On going down It with lights
tho workmen found themselves in n sub
terranean chamber. From one corner of this
ran a passage in tho walls of which were live
low narrow doorways, opening into the uo'l
horrible prison cells imnglnablo. The doorws) s
Btlll held the benvy iron hinges which had sup
ported enormously thick doors, as shown by the
depth of the stono frame work. The pozl of
tbo 1 leges' Palnce nt Vonlco must have been
abodes of delight in comparison. At ths
end of the passage two other cells
wero found, suggestive of still mors
dreadful suffering; for, while tho others
aro of ordinary size, tbeso only measure two
feet four by two footolght aslze thatmsrtelt
Imposslblo for tbo unhappy wretches confined
In them to Ho down. A small hole near the top
of tho doorpost of nil tho cells was used for ths
passing In of food. Examination brought to
light some Inscriptions scratched on the cell
walls. Ono of these was "Giovanni Grlmsnl,
1007," showing that they wero In use in civ il
(zed times; and, more shocking still, as it Is a
witness to the cruelty of Austria, another i in
sisted of the words. " Viva I'ltalla.vlvu 1'Ilalia,"
and tbe signature "Glacomo Moraro."
Apropos or tbe Amen llusb.
From the San Franeleco AVirs Utttr
The now pastor of tho Central Mothodnt
Church, where worship the largest flock of 'ol
lowers of tho loniuto John Wesley, InNin I rin
Cisco, Is most outspoken: and in his vocabulary
a spade Is called A spade. His name is ( hnrles
E. Locke, nnd ho Is voung, vigorous, ml In, lit
When Dr. l,ocko first came to t-nn r'riw "
from tho Kast by wny of Portland be s
both nnnoved and distressed bv the addicted'
ness of bis congregation to tlio unplis j'
habit known In clerical circles ns ' thn an en
rush. Even morn trying to tho divine I "
this sudden tolling of tho worshippers wa- r
Irreverent piepnratioii for escape us the - c
wan drawini; to a rl'ieo.
'I lie numbers of that church retire In a more
orderly fashion slnio ibey wero elcctrl'i' a
recent annouueeiiient,
'"IhosBiif ) ou who do pot got jour ma on
during the cloning pracr." rciinrfcc I 'I , "
divine wltb quiet Irony, "can do so bii I !"
uouiicu thu benediction,"
Tho Colobratoci
Now locuttd in I ho

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