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rnr Lin r it ah government nar.
'jioiilv isoafes defeat.
,. H,, OnlJ nur llejnrltv In the Legislature
A Harel-ronghl temteel. with the Pre.
Mall"" nMannitlau forests Top Home Vae
as the 'lain Against the Liberals.
TniioM ..'Mnrrh 1. -Tlio ltnnly Uboral Gov
rnment of niitnrlo. after being In power for
ticnl) J ""' '"irrowl ''cnped defeat nt tho
'nil . - ilmiH to-day. 'Hirro are ninety
Fu- ,., ,t ii tl o (Intnrio I-oglitlnttire nnil tho
liberal-e ii" il f the.se siitheietit to give them
tiisj nt ' ' '" "' ' r n" ",rtlc''' T" Vnl'
r of li'l"l "ll0 '"""'cr-.' 1'rl enndl
5,f . . muried iiml they will doubtless
lc villi "In in.w,!iuiii'it;niut owing ton mln
uko o' n "! t,lllll'r ,1"'r0 " to
ri In i turn in Ku-iell, which will iirob-
b!j t" ri" lll tlm tr,"K'"1 " 1aJrltJ' l0
Twi ii"1 ' her- of ,ll, l'',,llnc.1 w re. defeated,
i.in liriili ii tlio Mln NH r of Agriculture, wlio
Jo h Outline., mill W lllbnon. l'rovln-luis-ci
. I" m . w Imse oust It ucrn 5 w as in Ilmiill
in 1 1 In onu "alius gullied IM seatsjind tho
UH !. Hie '""' -' r Vrm Inolnl contoBt held
In I anil 1 1 't minis Kirs. 'Ibe Liberal Gov
1 Dlniit nf Hi II ' -s Hard J. the Premier
'ff ". ,,' who Miiceciled Sir Oilier
Mocuii. when, nflir Itniliiig tho Liberal H;v
irSm" ii fr t ' ' Y".,,oUl n brfk .'!
trtlred " cnlct f,,,krnl . iislolmtly
iisYkcd ii the ground Hint ho was adhering
M roll v M f niir the Michigan lumbermen
who wished to net n wings from Canada; and It
I even barged that tho Government re
ueJ in ihiii from tho American lumbermen
S a cnrriil-tlon fund to help earry this clco-
ti!ir 'Tlic li j nil h nt had u mnjorllj of tweh e
i tho" Us nwlimnl tho Legislature.
It was fret is chirgcd In tho campaign that
rtVlIirtly l.oieriiuicntwas nntl Canadian and
wu deulitini: t'anada's most valoablo forest
S;r?; and fiillliiB them to tho Unltod State.
J"J , miiipr", not" Ithitniiillnir tho fact that they
Tooffiit 111111110 Hardy Ooverntnent nhowrd
thutfor tw.ms car the rojenuo from tho
Iileiof timlir outlis to Amirkans and others
id timbleiltlicni to govern tho province with
otl(vjlnrn irencml taxation nndihatnny
low Ontario i Muilior reiorvcs. eycu with tho
rpMit rati of export of saw Iocs to tho United
flutes "OiiM Ht the country for l!iO years.
The Ihrilj Ailmlnldtratltin have, howover,
itcldf A to Insert In all contracts for tho sale of
timber bi-rlli" intered Into by Americans and
eihrrs utter the first of next month a clauso
nsklnir it coiminl'or) to manufacture tho lum
bir in Cinnila, thus cfreclually prohibltlnir tho
exportation of saw Ioks and bcnofltlnir Cana-
ft In Intiri Vtine to noto that tho Liberals have
beld Hie reins of power In Ontario for a longer
eerlod thin ihit ricorrtcd by any administra
tion In the world. All tho election returns aro
iowln. The Oo eminent majority will only be
Dlijlai or P.lrlnllo Airline In the Legislature
llllls I'aMed.
Tbi-stov, Man h 1. Patriotic feollnc was
ilsplnjed In th' Himie of Asiembly this morn
lnir. Lender lileilhill moved the rccoiiBlileratlon
efthevotebywhlih the ring bill was passed to
s third rradinc Tho bill Is designed to prohibit
the ubo of tho American flair for any
sdnrtlslne fihcmo nnd to prevent the
plwioB of any Inscription, design, or device
upon the flag. Mr. Cilodhlll announced that he
uked a reconsideration of tho vote for the
purpoio of off t.rlug an amendment allowing tho
me of the flag as a political party emblem dur
tot a campaign.
Mr. Carroll, who introduced tho moasure,
Itrenuously objected to any such amendment,
tad, mpported by Mr. Allen, ho Insisted Uiatno
party should hu o tho right to approorlate the
fist, Mr. Allen thought It was an Insult to tho
fiigtonto It as a party emblem. The Hag Is
ttcred. ho said. Mr. llcnncy denounced tho Na
tional Chairman of tho Republican party, and
conilu led by sa ing that tho Hag was adopted
lonii before anv party camo Into existence.
Mr. Olcdlilll reminded tho members that tho
Republican part) had adopted tho flag as its
emllcra recently, nnd that it bad led tho people
from finsntlnl ruin.
Mr. UledhlU's motion was adopted by n vote
Cf31to?2. The bill was then recommitted.
Among the bills paBsed bv the Sonato to-day
were the teachers' retirement and pension
bill; thn bllU unnexing to I'nllsudes tonn
hip, Bergen county, n part of Scraalcn
bur; biiorpomtlng Uartleld borough. Hereon
county; proUrilng for tho publication of rec
ord i of New Jersey soldiers in the early Amer
ica wars: permitting sitings banks to invest
money In borough bonds, nnd cnibllng Hobokon
to provide for uavment of the expense lnuurred
'"repairing paled htrtPls.
rjrbo House parsed the Mr. Daly label and trndc-i-trkrtgiKtr)
bill, mid the nale amendment
to the bill niiprnorlutlng money to defray tho
mnees or the Hudson count) investigation.
Among the b lis Introduced in tbo Sonato wore
By gnitor Stokes U 'quiring insurance companies,
berom behlnnliu husluiHi lu tbe btatu, to detosli
wltb thi HaiiklUK and Insurance Commissioner
ltd 000. in aiiprnvtMl hecurltlps, wlilcb sum mav bo
tacreifc-d to 1 100 000 at tho discretion of tho Com
mlIuopr. Bj Smstor Ketrhim Atithorltlng the erection of a
home for Indlu nl, akfd, and lunrin llremen, tho cost
to tied frayed from niunfyii contributed liy lb local
Brrmtn s relief association and from moneys con
tributed ty nro Insurance companies on account of
Ike a per rent tar leled, nbtn built, tbe home to
be manaffeil by thu President of the Nt w Jeroey Flre
moi Auoilitlon, tho Nanking Commlsdoner, tlia
lute Con ptruller, and eight trustees appointed by
toe Oorrrnor
These bills wero Introduced In the House:
By Mr lIoMrum (IIvIiik the consent of the Rtata
loins Northern Hallroail of Sew Jersey leasing Its
property nd franchises to or nurnln? them nlthtbe
By Mr nriulli-y rtequlrlng all salaried municipal
cmoersioiiiruln to the treasurer of tbe municipal
ity a-il fees received by thorn.
Blnard XI. Field's Transfer to Ilrexel, Morgan
A Co. XVni Net Aside.
Aimsv, March 1. Tho Court of Appeals
landed down somo Important decisions to-day.
Judgment U alllrmed with coat" In tPe case of
Norman b. Illko against A. J. Droxol nnd an
other, D exel, Morgan To. were theldcfend
ant rcsponiknts In tho action' brought 'against
Uem bj Illko ns receiver of tho firm of Fiold,
IJndleyWkcbcri & Co.. to ret aside as fraudu
lent against creditors tho transfer of laO.O'Jl
ty EdHard M. Field, eldest son of tho late
Cyrus W. Field, on behalf of tbo Arm, to Drexcl,
Slorgan &. Co. Tho npnuil was from a final
Judgment In favor o defendants by tho unani
mous decision of tbo second Appellate Division,
stunning a Judgment at special term of u,
orifult crtiitt.il by Justice Hartlett. Tho
Appellate Division, lowovcr, granted loave to
tIeal to the tourt of Appuila, tertifjlng that
jutetlons of Ian were Involved which ought to
M rcilevrid. 'J he certltlcato did not specify
Ml particular queatlon as calling for relow.
In tho matter of tho application of tho Major,
TiC;;-r,el!iU!u '" ''"thidrnl I'nrkay. Iow Yoik,
ii?, i. V- "f'y tl "' "PPellants, against Hir
IsViii. " J '.'',' ,,1 orocr of lll in"' court
Sifr. .".'? ll." Ul V0i,- '" H" Proceeding to ac
?.,' """ ,"' lun'18 roijulrcd for Cathedral I'nrlt
Isii i.Lrl,"'" ard:for tbo bed of Hloomlng
usie nail w(ro 1UI0 tj unknonn oners?'
iiic a p, Hants who am tho hi Irs of Nicholas
ie.rs nViri-ni'""1 ,V'reiponItnti.. who uru tho
to -i f u.11!l, N hillock, tlnlimd title tbere
tsM,i 'u,lljim;, "tro rrfirred to a ruftroo tor
5i.ii i!m "i"! .", llls rtt' rt '" ""arils wero
ten.. l.l '" ?' l"" ,,1U claimants. 'I ho tpcclal
el. . ,...".""r"lt'1 .'''" Wun nnil loth seta of
''"" '"' iiipiiiliil lu tho Appvllnlu l)li.ioii,
J.' il i Igiil hat tin. tntlu award nfHJ.-
the 1 ' ",' '." r 'I '""I" '" "'u groiiiui;ihat
rra... . . ""'. ' lM l"'-il to their iiiu.rluiH,
r'm ..',' '", ',""' "'h'laoii hulh bldcif tho
i . i ' ' l l; iippi'llnnti.' nmistur,
au.i i "I."',;1""!"4 vv- i'ovtt nl. iippi Hants,
to.,,, ',. ' InHliiceani tl order dismissing
ip il.is i. uiMd.iiml tho luolmeuilttiil
luil. , . '." ",. I'l'il'altf Ji.il-lim to pass on
c r ri1.1"-' ' Tin in Mini a brought lo ro
dif, "'". 0I"" " "" "lle'ul promlsu b) tho
thn i V '"' ,.' ' nj '""l 'imoiinl of brokerage to
iin1.. '" """I'o-ing tin. linn of Fox, Lion.
tit if ' u,'r',,h ri ndi red In nokul luting
61,1a ,, ',' '" "lr'. ' f """' lc" f'1 I I'lillndi I
U l r ? '. U"l" " ",' '' .J,lri '" """ t,,tt0
Inler, ,'"' "'"hnil for tlm ilrfi iidiini, who
Isu. . ' '" ""'"t'lM. I t 1.1 Ill-Ill ill llllll In Ida
fir , . ,,' ' ,' "mi'biint. I ho.l.ciiiral linn af-
1 u m Jusls-n ; t of i!isinU-.il.
frciii.il ""V1"'1 Iti'lwiij lovi In Itanp'ical
"'"i " H ill mint nt sM.-i.Rtio tu moil iigiiinst It
i;ir. " "r loi inrronnl Injuries una-
Uli. i ,j ,,,,, ,,. i . the breaking of lis, nllol.l
cojiil ,. , blacksmith thop uf tho niilwiiy
a,n",,"u,,ll-J,"V.l",'".t."1,!tl' iHcmnrmcd Is
M? i " .i,",ol-'"i HeUhls llallniuil Com-
' iioci f., . " ",".u, A""" '' i-rli Uois fc.r s J.i,-
rui ,, I'f-onnl iijuiies tmMiilnoit in. being
Urduu,,, l',' i,i1(,.!iollrJ lur '" J',",u" 'ut '"
. An Illll( la onin,,.,) ,llc (aM. of Charles
Mi, i ,, ".',' """l "rt-,, v' Hureii t "I..
frui, ,n "" Wl,i mi npienl b elufmiiliiiits)
I' i. i ""In."""'0 by tho Soh cirktniuiiion
for '","'"' lerin.nf h indict for plnlntllf
HJcaui . . ' lo'i was biiiiibiit In rteoier
Plaint it '"i'lT" 'if, ,1'eraoiml Injuries. The
Wk. . Illlui ""!u" mi llrcmdHiij. New
dver. J B,h"'twi the left sldoiind foot hi an
xelnd i f lu" "A"" Wow down by a high
UmbTA'i Vl"evulud'. roc-C'Vlnir liijurles which
talttd the amputation of hi left toe.
Deed Health rientf to Kat Mlaers Re
taming te Osnus xxlth Rapellr.
BEATTtB. Wash., March l.-Prlvate advlcci
from Circle City are to Jan. 15. The winter np
to that date had been an average season, the
thermometer ranging from BO' to 00" below sero.
Tho camp Was exceedingly healthy and had pro
visions lufTlclont to last till tho arrival of boats
up tho Yukon In tho spring.
Tho miners who left Dawson In the fall for
Fort Yukon nnd Clrclo to avoid a famlno line!
replenished tholr siiDpllos nnd wero returning
with dog teams over the Yukon lco, expecting
to make tho trip In fifteen days, Thceo men
owned claims In tho Dawson district and havo
lost their xvlntor's work, but return determined
to make up lost tlmo. Considerable gold dust
hns accumulated at Clrclo, which will como out
on tbo first boats,
Throo transcontinental linos ovor which flvo
dnlly trains are passing aro pouring an average
of 400 persons n day Into Seattle, tho cut rotes
and railroad competition stimulating travol.
1 ho passengers are mostly vigorous young mon,
wbowlllsook their fortunes In tbo far north.
Tho congostod condition of tho streets lndlento
that tho water transportation is not large
enough to carry them away bb fast as they
In addition to tho large fleet of steamers and
sailing vessels nlroady ongagod In thn trade tbo
following vessels, aggregating BO.OUO tonnaco,
aro duo lo arrive: From Philadelphia, tlio
stuamcrs Illinois nnd Ohio; from Now York, tho
Morgan City nnd Commnph: from Now Orleans,
tho South Cortland, JJrlxhnm, Columbia, Flam
borough, Laurada, and Now Knglnnd: from
Unltlmore, tho Lulnnnw, Curaco, Klihu, Thomp
son, Boston, Japan, and Centennial.
In tbo local shipyards vessels are In various
stages of construction up to tho number of
thirty-two, mostly for tho Yukon Hirer, with a
tonnage of from two to 400 each.
The tlar Department Decides to Akaaden Ita
Proposed Expedition.
Wasiiisoton, March 1. After having mado
elaborato preparations and Incurred consider
ablo expense tlio War Departuient has decided
to nbaudon the plans for Bonding a relief expedi
tion to tho Klondike miners.
Secretary Algtr nnd Assistant Secretary
Mclklojohn hnve reached the conclusion that
tho necosslty for relief has ceased to exist.
Sccrotary Alger has sent a letter to Sonator
ltawley. Chairman of tho Senate Committee on
Military Affairs, asking authority of Con
gress to sell the supplies which have been
purchased for tho expedition. Those Include
tbo reindeer which have Just arrived In Now
York from Norway. Tho Secretary ox-
Jilalns In tbe letter that tho conditions
n the Yukon have changed so as to ren
der the expedition unnecessary, and says
that Gen. Miles and Oen. Morriam Indorse the
Sropoaal to abandon tho expedition. The Cann
tan Minister of tho Intorlor has sent to tho
Secretaryof War information totho smno effect.
Secretary Alger believes thnt tho reindeer can
bo sold for an amount sufllclent to reimburse
tho department. Ho says that nn offer of 81100
each for 100 of them has bcon recolved already,
nnd that this amount would more than cover
tho cost.
The Interior Department would like to take
charge of tho animals. The Senate Military
Commltteo did not take action on the lcttor at
its meeting to-day.
Dig Crowds flee ttie Reindeer and Tbrlr At
tendants start rroin Jersey CUT.
The reindeer, Laplanders. Finns, and Nor
wegians thnt make up tho Yukon relief expedi
tion started from Jersey City at C:'2'2 P. M. yes
terdaj. The reindeer occuplod twenty-two Btock
cars and their attendants wero ncc ommodatcd In
three passenger coaches. The train went out In
two sections, and great crowds wero down at
tho Central stockyards and along tho Pennsyl
vania Railroad tracks to give tbo expedition a
Tho stockyards looked liko an animated
Christmas card all tho afternoon, and It Is esti
mated thnt fully 10,000 people camo to look at
tho reindeer and their nttendnnts. Some of the
malo attondnnts either got or tooknlcae of
absence and visited the saloons in the neighbor
hood. When the expedition started out they
were quite jolly. Dr Sheldon Jackson, who has
charge of the expedition for tbo Government,
had tbcm all gathered la nnd tho expedition
started off in good shape.
racked en as Small Boat In a Otorm with
PlenlT or Itotten rood.
8an Francisco, March 1. Letters from pas
sengers on the wrecker Whltelaw, transformed
into a passengor boat for tbe Klondlko trade,
Bhow that the gold seekers bad a rough tlmo
reaching Pugct Sound. For thrco days tho ves
sel was swept byVaves and at one time tbo
Captain decldod to cut away the masts, but tho
galo subsided. Tho dogs and horses wero put
next to tho meat and vegetables, and tho latter
became rotten from exoosure. There was no
privacy, and passengers who were not well had
to cat with seasick persons all about them.
Finally tho grub became so bud that tbe pas
sengers forced tho Captain to put Into Port
Angeles for fresh supplies.
Mr. NachantTnlte Part or Ills Findings to the
Assay OfDco Here.
J. R. Nachant, who owns thrco claims In tho
Klondike, took two bags of gold dust totho
assay ofllco yesterday to bale It tested. Tho
gold is worth about $300 and was mined by Mr.
Nachant lilmsolf. He, went to tho Klondike flvo
years ago, and when tho rush began ho let his
partners work his claims nnd opened n storo In
Dawson City. He mado money. Mr. Nachint
said yesterday thnt tho field is still n good one,
but that prospectors would halo to open up
new country. No man should start out with
lesi than a yenr's outllt.
When ho left Dawson City on Doc. 1.1, ho says,
everything was quiet there. An Influx of bad
characters Is expected In tho spring. Dut prep
arations havo boon mado, ho says, to curb them
In effectual fashion.
sTour Hundred Men Hall Tor a New and as Yet
Unrertnln source er Gold.
Ban Francisco, March 1, Four hundred well
equipped pastengors, tho biggest crowd of tho
season, left to-day on the steamer Valencia for
Coppor River dcsplto tho fuct that recent
argonauts who sailed for that place havo w rltten
lottcrs declaring tbo Copper River country to
be a dolusion, having littlo gold and being
almost Inaccessible.
Allot tho passengers had at least ono j ears
outllt and many of them hid elaborato outfits
with grub enough for two yonrs. One who ex
cited muih Interest was C. Iluscb, son of tho St.
Louis bruivor, who goes with the Intention of
buying nnd selling inlnos. Tho rich 1'hilii
dclphitins, Kimball anil Conn, also sailed on tbo
same errand. Most of tbo parties numbered
from six to ten men.
DeCr nee of the mother H ho Here Uer Iblld
I'ol.on In Sodis It nlrr,
A defence of Insanity was ibegiin'ycstordny In
the case of Mr. Annu llrnun, who is cm trial In
llrookljn for killing hor 7-year-olcl ton by giv
ing him poison in a plass of soda water In a
drug storo,
Iir, J, J. O'Connell, nn export In lunacy, testi
fied th.it Mis. llrniiii wax suffering from ncuto
mi lane holla. Mm had Informed him that us Mio
dre'w near the drug storo oho heard n xulie
toiiiiiiiindiiig lur to go lu and she obeied Dr,
Oiiirgii K Kicrscm nnd Dr, (leorgo Hunt also
ttttilltd that tho woman wnssiiirorlng fioin
nuiitiil dlsonlir and was not responsible for her
acts. 'J bo c iisu wns'uut eomludeil.
ARitv.srv.u run ,t onti.'s death,
Sluutrli To Urn Into C'usindy After Her Drain,
Following I'pnu 1 ouniirineal.
Albert Munsili of (171) I'nlon plate, Union
Rill, was arrested last nlht on a warrant
issued by tho llcrgon lounl) authorities clung
lug hlmwlth being implicated In tlio death of
Catherine Linbockur, vho died at Silioi Lake
on r-u inla j,
it Is nlliged thai tho girl, who was only lii
j cars old, was criminally iishaulted by Munsih
tl bur hoinu last spring, Shu brcamu n neither
lust week, Peritonitis ensued, causing her
lit itli. Munich was Inknu In Hiiekonsaek uud
lodged in tho llcrgcn County Jail,
Arlors Jilnrrx In tew Jersrr.
Martin J. Ilolli'iii, n member nf Do Wolf Hop
poi's "Kl C.ipltan" cumpuny, nnd Alice A, Carr,
un actress, w ho gnvo her address ns (1.1 J Myrtle
Hionuu, lirooklin, wero inarnud on .Monday by
Justice of the 1'c.ieo Weed, In Jersey City,
Hare a lot of time nnd money. "aiolw-Wernlcks"
SUaf cabinets, Ulobe Co., Fulton aal VtuLMv.
DlsratsUn Betiai ta the Hease est the Lea
roetat Bill.
WiBrtiNOTON, March 1. Under tho order
mado soma days ago, tho House to-day entered
upon a threo-dayi consideration of tho Loud bill
to doprlvo serial publications and sample news
papers of tho privileges of second-class mall
mnttor. It was tho fourth or fifth discussion ot
the question, and nothing particularly new was
I'rnjer was offered nt tho opening of tho
Houso by tho Rev. Mr. Dolllvor, father ot Rcp
rescntntli o Dolllver of Iowa.
Sir. Llnnov of North Carolina called up the
roport of Kloctlons Commlttoo No, 1, In tho case
of Urnttnn 11. Crowe vs. Oscar Undorwood from
tho Ninth Alabama district, and tho resolution
confirming Underwood's tltlo to tho scat from
that district was agrood to.
Mr. Loud opened his formal presentation of
tho arguments In favor of his bill by saying
that tho tlmo had arrived when tho masses ot
tho people should bo protected til tbo pas
sago of tho postal laws. Tboro wero not
to exceed 23,000 publications of nil kinds
in tho Unltod States, admitted to tho privileges
of second-class mall matter: and If all of their
owners wero solidly arrayed against tho bill,
they cut but a sorry flguro In comparison with
tho seventy millions of pcoplo In the coun
try. Thcso soventy millions, ho said, wero
taxed forlv millions a rear to carry on
tho business of 10.000 ot thcso publishers.
Cungross never had tho sllghtost Idea of admit
ting to tbeso privileges publications which
added at least 100,000,000 pounds annually to
tho bulk ot mall carried at pound rates.
Ono necessity for tbo proposed legislation, nnd
a pressing one, was tho demand of tbo neopla
for Increased facilities In tho way of delivery,
which was their right. This demand could not
bo met with tho Increasing cxpenso attending
tho transportation ot tho Bcrinl publications
and "sample copies" under tho present Inter
pretation of tho law.
'J bo hill was advocated br Mr, Perkins of
Iowa, Chairman ot tho Commltteo on Printing
and himself n newspaper publisher. Mr.
Kitchen of North Carolina took tho floor to
mako a freo silver speech, but was called to
order by tho Speaker. A colloquy en
buciI ns to tho enforcement of tbo rules
governing debate, in which tbe Spoakcr
said that ho would enforco tho rule fairly and
oqultably, and had dono so, baling Informed
Republican members that If they undertook to
malto general spcoehos tbey would bo called to
order. At 0 o'clock tho House adjournod.
RecelpU of the Government for the Month Bz
cerd thn Kapendltnres ni.OTa.lOr).
Washington, March 1. Tho customs receipts
for tbo month of February woro 815,010,081,
against $11,687,200 for February ot laBt year;
intornal rovenuo $12,003,310, against $10,869,
4'JU last year, and miscellaneous 81.C28.358,
against $1,025,315. a total for tho month ot
$28,572,358, against $24,400,007 for February
last yoar.
Tbo expenditures for tho month, not Including
tho amount paid out on account of tho Kansas
Paelflc Railroad, wore $20,500,255, bb compared
with $28,700,050 for tho same month last year.
Tho surplus for tho month was $1,073,103.
In the Senate.
WAsniNOTOV, March 1, In tbo Senate this
morning a Joint resolution for tho erection In
Statuary Hall, in tho Capitol building, of n
bronxo tablet to commemorate tbo of
fleers and men of tho battleship Mnlno
who porished In tbo harbor of Havana
wns reported from the Na al Commltteo. Tho
resolution was amended so as to provide that
the tablet bo erected in nny suitable placo In tho
Capitol. It was then passed. Five thousand
dollars Is appropriated.
Tho Houso substitute to tho Senalo Bank
ruptcy bill was taken up, and Mr. Hoar of Mas
sachusetts moved to non-concur and ask for a
couferenco. Mr. Stewait (Pop., Nev.) opposed
any action on the bill, as he considered
It the most atrocious nnd diabolical
bill that could bo concched by mortal
man In tho present condition of the country,
IIo spoke till tbo close of tbo morning hour, and,
when bis spocch was then cut off. ho promised
to take It up and go nn with It whun the next
occasion presented Itself. The Bankruptcy bill
went over till to-morrow.
The Alaska bill, extending the homestead
laws to that district and providing right of way
tor railroads, was taken up, and Mr. Rawlins of
Utah criticized adversely some of Its provisions.
At the closo ot Mr. Rawlins's argument, nnd
without action on tho bill, tho Senato at 3:40
went Into executive session and soon aftem ard
IVomlnated br tbo President.
WAsniNOTON, March 1. Tho President sent
tho following nominations to the Senate to-day:
Ileut. Col William J. Volkmar to te Colonel and
Assistant Adjntant General. Major Arthur U Wagner
ti lie Lieutenant Colonel and Assistant Adjutant
cjeneral, Capt. Ot-OTge An IroMS to bo Major and As
sl.lant Adjutant General
Heitlsters of 1-and omces William A. Merrill at
Lamar, Col , Jehn J. Poles at Outline. Oklahoma.
Confirmed br tbe Senate.
WAsnivoTOV, March 1. The Senato bas con
firmed the nomination of Charles J. Haubort to
bo United States Marshal for tho Eastern dis
trict ot New York.
A Drown Freshman Leaps from a Tug In Vow
port llnrbor nnd Snlmo Anhore.
Pltov ipencf. It. I., March 1, At 3 o'clock this
morning somo twentj-flvo members of the
sophomoro class of Drown University forci
bly entered the rooms of tbo President, Secre
tary, and quartet leader of tho freshman class,
bound and gagged them, and carried them off,
much against tholr will. Tho kidnapping was
due to the fact that tho freshmen wero to havo
n dinner to-night, and tho sophs decided to In
terfere with tho festivities. Tho mon had no
tlmo to dross, but their clothes wero curried off
with them. They were bundled Into hacks and
taken to ono of tho city wharves, whero a tug
was moored with steam up.
Howard A. Collin, the President of the fresh
men, Is something of an athlete, and thero was
qulto a scrap before ho wns ov erpowend. 'I be
tug stenmod down Nnrragaiiselt Hay, nnd about
noon turned up in Newport Harbor. 'I ho craft
was pretty well out when Collin managed to se
cure ii knifo from ono of Ills companions nnd cut
his bonds. '1 ben he fought his way to tho dcek
and, dcspltoltho efforts of those on board, leaiKxl
overboard Into tho ley water und struck out for
shorn. ...
Tho act of the j oung man nearly parnlynod
thoso on board tho tug. limy wero rellovexl
when they saw him rcaeh tho wharf nnd climb
up Ho was In a rhlllcd condition. .Men nn
tho dock hurried him to n warm room, Tho
tophi had enough of their prank und quickly
lauded their other two cuptlvos.
t ofTln Is evidently none the worse for his bath
and returned to tho city this afternoon In time
for the hunquot.
Work Praetlrallr Slopped on the Srndleate
Because of a dispute over the wages of tbe en
gineer for tho pasBcngcr elevators at tho new
Syudlcato building on Park Row more than 300
men wero thrown out of work yosterdny. Tho
engineers struck, thus stopping tbe derricks
nnd hoisting lunehlnes, nod by noon most of the
workers in tho oilier trndei wtro In enforced
Idleness. Tho engineer whoso wages wero In
dispute wanted oveilime at union rates, but the
contractors would not grant this.
Tbn Campaign Tor the Iteduutlon ef Telephoue
The Merchants nnd Manufacturers' Board of
Trade will meet at 12.30 o'clock to-day to ar
rnniro tho details of tho campaign that is to bo
wuged for lower tilephono rates. It Is also the
Intention tocomplotn arrangements for sending
nionimittieof tlilcen business men to Albany
In morrow lo appear before I ho buiute Finance
Loiiiiiiltleo In favor of the bill introduced by
Senator Brush to reuulatu telephone charges In
thu State.
Km lorU rroeh Naools a blrago Polletusan,
Chicago, March 1. Harry H. Dunn, n New
York crook, Inst night dangerously wounded
Pullcrmnu Michael Matter, who, with Police
man John W'.illo). attempted to arrest him for
burglmj. Dunn bud a rnvulver and buri'lnrs'
tools in his poFsisslou, Thu wounded police
man will probibly retovcr.
Where trelerdar'o Fires Were,
A M 4iil, ll Fcut rourlli street, Mosa Illoeh.
damago ISO; 10 00, lbl-HM Worth at reel, C, 8, Dllge,
claiiiauo IIUi 10.0, 1:17 Wist Tweulj ulnlb street,
Abbey Hon, damage S7.V, ) 1 ;40, 313 Seventh avenue
LilralK lb A lleput r, damsgo l.'00.
P M lii Ml, V7 button place, A. Harvard, dam
ego fill il no, 611 Norfolk street, Fanny Begelowlta,
damuito si gl.t, 8.18, 1!3 Iiaxtcr street, Lulsl Pas
qua) 1, no uaiimgei 11:40, 1HJ First avenue, W. It.
liumrt. dauiago !3Ui els48, lilt Wist Twenty-third
sliest, dsmaitu 100i 7UU. 07 Horatio street, air.
Oednry, damago tmtlngi ViOO, 4X7 West TbUty-slxlu
strut, vieorgs oeejtr, aaiust ,
Thn Delar In Awarding the Slate Meet Is Caus.
Ing Much Opposition Phlladelnhlans Op
posed to Sunday Cenlurr Ittine, but They Are
In ravor Iln)nr Tbn I- A, Vt.'m Membership.
The ofllcen and members of tho L. A. W. do
clare that tho reports of tho formation of ac as
sociation to control professional cycle races this
year are without foundation. It Is true that a
number of race-meet promoters, manngcrs, nnd
trainers aro agitating the question of organiz
ing In hopes of causing a rov olt ninong tho cash
prlro riders, but the Lcaguo has ptannod for tbo
government ot professional and amateur rnccs
this yrnr, nnd w 111 not brook Interference from
nny Independent association. Rnclngmcn who
nro satisfied with tho way In which that depart
ment Is conducted by tho League say that
somo riders In tho ranks would liko to
dlctnto how racing should bo governed.
Ono of tho beat known local professionals. In
talking yesterday with a reporter of Tint Sun,
scouted tho Idea that, tho leading racing men
will consent lo rldo under the auspices of any
new organization. Good management, ho main
tains, means a llvollhood for them, and tbe en
trance of race promoters and mnnagors Into tho
control ot racing means tho downfall of tho
Socrctary Bassctt of tho Ij. A. W. announced
yesterday that 301 new members had been en
rolled In tbe Loaguo during tho past week. Tho
total additions and tho standing of tho leading
divisions follow:
New York 70, total 10,80 ll Pennsylvania 98, total
24,70i Massaehusetto OB, total 12,1S7 New Jersey
10, total 8,7111' Illinois 1(1, total 8,7I0 Indiana 3t!,
total ,02i2i Ohio IV, total 3,00(1; Wisconsin 4, total
D.BOOi Connecticut (1, total tt,083i Michigan ll, total
D.0521 atarylanl 0, total l.OO.Ii North California li,
total J74 Iluodo Island 8, total 1,003. Total mem
bcrsblp, 103,142.
The delay In awarding tho annual Stnto meet
is regarded as slgnlflcant by local organizittons.
Tho tact that the ofllccrs of tbo division uro
known to favor placing tho managomont In tho
handset Indlv ldual promoters In this city and are
putting off the award has arousod considerable
opposition. Those clubs which havo submitted
applications to run tho meet and havo received
no reply openly declaro that It Is Imperative for
tho success of the fixture that BOino decision ro
tating to tho award bo mndo nt once. Ihcy
maintain that ns it is the custom to hold tbo
meet early in Juno It Is only in justlco to tho
applicants that tlioy should rccelv o time to pre
pare for tho ov cut. Mcnilwrs of tho Leuguo uro
awaiting tho nward of tbo meet with unusual
Interest to discover whether raco promoters will
rccelvo tho preference over L. A. W. clubs.
The Associated C) cling Clubs of Philadelphia
has taken n decided stand In opposition to Sun
day century ruus. At n recent meeting a reso
lution waB passed to tbo otfect that wheelmen
should dlscournge such runs ns much ns possi
ble. Riders In this cltj who havo Just heard ot
the action ot the Philadelphia association de
claro that n determination to stop runs of that
charnctor Is ridiculous. While it Is admitted
that objection has been mndo In somo of tbo
towns adjacent to the big cities against
opon century runs in which 100 or -0(1 riders
take part, no forceful argument why they should
bo discontinued can be advanced. Four or llvo
years ago riders who covered 100 miles on tho
road insido of twelve or fourteen hours wero
considered to have performed n meritorious
feat. Tho excellent condition of tbo highways
mako It possiblo al tbo present tlmo for riders
ot little experience to make a century within
tho same porlod.
The State Centurion of tho Pennsylvania di
vision of the Century Road Club of America, In
making his annual report for 1MV7, nnnounces
tho loaders in tho century competition ns fol
lows: JobnU Nohre, 258: John II. George. 220; Milton
K. Kelm. Jr.. 228: J. E. Klanairan, 0.. K. J. l-turu-nlckle.
8B:Curttaiifrer. 3D; W. cl. Mlnnemejer. HI;
Madison Rush. 81: William F. Schadewald. .Ml. J. II.
McNelly. 29, K. E. Smedly. 2B. W. T. Hemlng. Sll.
Joseph T. McDowell, 94. L II. Thorpe, 2 J- Hovrndon
Smith. Jr.. lo: Thomas C tr.r, 11; c, M. De Can Jr.
14 ; Burton Downing, la; W J. Harris, i:i; C. C. Dod
der, 18 W". A. Denu, 13. K K. Pierce, 12: Weynmi,
Jr. ia;L. K.Baker, lii. O W. Pelfcr. 11,11 A Ilur
rell, 11; Conrad Klufkee. 10, W. W Maton, 10: Louis
Bykrs. 10.;,. E Uhler. 10. Mrs. H. h. McCltarj, 10,
and Robert A. McClcary, 10.
In the latest bulletin of tho U A. W. Racing
Board olllclal confirmation of tho appointment
of tho following handlcnppcrs wns made:
R V. Kelsey, Hartronl: George L. McCarthy. New
York; A.G. Powell, l'lilladelpbla: 1. K. Myler. ritta
bura, William C. Watklns, Ilaltlmore, C I, vberer,
Memphis; Cbarles W. Meais, clevoland: Charles 1.
Hoot. Chicago, and James II creen, lies Mollies.
Tbo Penn Wheelmen of Heading, Pa., received
a sanction to hold n meeting on Juno 10.
BALTlMonn, March 1. Chairman Mottof tho
L. A. V. Racing Board to day Issued tho follow
ing: Tho following are appointed bandlcappers for 1HU8:
H 1. Kcliter, Hartford. Conn . Oeorgo 1. McCarthy,
New orki A O Powell, I'lillali Ipllla, l'a . T. 1 Mj
ler. I'lttaliurc. Pa . William C. Watklns, Ilaltlniore.
Mil.; C.J hherer. Memphis, Telia ; Charles W. Mears,
Ch-v eland, u ; Charles 1'. Hoot, Chleasfo, III, and
James Ii Ureen, lies Moines, la.
The Pierce Wheelmen of this city has elected the
following onicers: l'resiil, nt. E B ltyder, Vice 1'rct.l
dent, F. HUdobralidt Jr , Reeortllng vcretarv, C.
Norotny, llnanelal Mccre'nry, P. A. Hozlo, Corre
sponding Stcretarc. 11 Cot hrnn, Treasurer, It. II.
Burton, Captain, C H HIM'lirandt. Lieutenant,
E. J DuddenhQUNen and I, 11 Blent.
Tbe Associated Cycling Clubs or Philadelphia haa
nominated the following candidal! s Prtsldeut.
Thomas C. Haro; Vlte President, C A Uenlou and J.
J. Orsselmen, Secretary, Walter Gilbert, Treasurer,
J, A. Carson
Alex Vt rheyen. the German rider, expects to visit
this country lu May.
The Paris Bordeaux road race will ho held on May
7 and S.
The Transvaal Cyclists' Union of South Africa has
applied for membership In the International Cyellsts'
Assoc latlon
Horry Hkes and Tom Usrnariy, the professional
riders, will iiittt In & match race at tho Charles
Klver Park trai k, Boston, ou A rll 111
It Is r iKirtid that tbe managers of the Chart a
Rtvir Park track prupoxo to exjieud 125,000 In pro
moting bicycle rants this vear
The annual Hireling for the eleellon of officers of
the Atalantit V lieelme n w 111 be held on next Mon lay.
The Nominating Committee lira s, letted tbe follow
ing cauildates Prcsldtnt. Chsrles H, Budd; Vice
President, W 11. Smiths Hecordlng St crelnrr, A. O.
AIcAnlsh and C. Olozatca, Corresponding bet rt tnry, J.
C. Itelss and W V llelknap. Trustees, L N Thorne,
V Mien Smith W. A Drabble. H. P.Cook, J. W.
Polnler. C M. Wrlclit, I. Ii Varlan. A. Arrhlhalt, J.
N.iJtt-r, W Ilrlscoll. F.F. Eagles, F. W. Sweet, and
1. N. Jeuulugs.
Trap Shooting.
Matawaic, N. J., March I, Sporting people from far
auid near gathered at the grounda of tho Midway Oun
Club, east of Matawan, to-day and witnessed some
fine work at ths traps Tlio ovent of tbe clay was a
match Itetwren Charles Zwerleln of Vanlvlllo and
I.uke W Stoddard of Matawau at twenty nvo hints,
twenty-five yards rise, for a purse of 80. ywerlelu
shot Hloddard out at twenty -otto birds, Htodttoril hav.
Ing secured but fourteeu Theiest of Ibe daj was
taken up bvswei pstake shooting, In which btoddard
won nre and Brewer one.
Odds and Knda of "port.
There Is a letter at this orn.ee for R. W. Woolley,
The entries for the, erames nj the Twelfth Regiment
on March ri close to day with (1. W. Preieo. Keen tary,
at the arinorv, There are eleven fixtures ontho pro
gramme. Including a relay rare and a two-mile I ley.
cle race ojm u to the Military Athli tlo League only.
A silk banner will bo uwardod to the club scoring
tbe gieatest number of points
The Exclusive Tailor can't
possibly do better work than
we do, for wc employ the
The Exclusive Tailor can't
carry the VARIETY OF
CLOTHS that our larger
business enables us to show.
The Exclusive Tailor does
charge considerable more than
All three facts argue in
favor of letting us make to
order your Spring Clothes.
Broadway and 13th St. Store.
Exquiiite line of Topcoati ready at all
three stom.
HACKETT, (Broadway,
fARHART ; Corner 13th,
o x : Corner Canal,
OS CU. Near Chambers.
. Stoldssfc-v w;i; jtMM)4ttAfcJ ...
tlrrlng Feats of Horsemanship y Use (CaralrT
The loldler honcmen ot Squadron A Increased
their laurola and admirers last night and showed
surprising proflclonoy In all that goes to mako
tho Ideal cayalrym&n. The occasion wai the
annual athlotlo tournament ot tho squadron,
nnd, na UBtial, tho Interesting unction was
largely patronlred by the fashionable sot. Tho
boxes nnd balconies overlooking tho tan-bark
drill floor woro thronged with handsomely
gowned mnldons nnd matrons and stalwart es
corts In military nnd olvlllnn full dress.
The armory was agreeably lighted with n now
arrangement of oloctrlo globes, so screonod ns to
serve their nurpoio without nfTcctlng tho eyes
and nerves of the horses. Most of tho visitors
woro cither relatives or cloio frlcni1 of the com
petitors, nnd every font of nioro than nicrago
merit was hoartlly applauded. As tho majority
of tho performances won this recognition en
thusiasm was woll sustained, and It was
only by mctlodicnl persistence that tbo
squadron band, under tho leadership of A.
licdorhnus, could assort Itself nt times. A
cursory glanco through tho progrnmnio revealed
a decided Increase in tho competitors. The
squadron hns now thrco troops luntuadof the
twowhleh figured nt the previous tonrnc). and
Its rosier shows a lotnl of U50. Trollclency
seems to havo kept paco with tho numerical
gmwthot tho squadron, and over man who en
tored tho nroim last night rodo liko a centaur.
Tho contests wero brimful of Interest, the
many unrchoareod effects tihlch necessarily
crop up In suih n. tourney serving to helghton
tboclToct, Among tho most cnjoynblo features
wero the doublo riding, tho novelty race, the
wrestling nnd tho rough riding. Competition
commenced with tho double riding, which hns
boon often described. It resultod In a clover win
for Corporal A. Wondt and Private V. Biulth,
Tho Ion reach contest. In which riders were re
quired to pick un handkoreJilef s at n gallop, ap
pealed to tho sporting blood of tho onlookers.
I'rlvnto Ilooraem captured tbo honors. Tho tug
of war resulted In u clcaii-eut trlunmh for tho
second troop, largely duo to tho Intelli
gent horse ridden by tho nnehor. Private
It. C. llarclay won tho potato raco by a
narrow margin, gathering In tho domncratlo
vegetables In 1 minute 30 seconds. I'rlvnto
Fruiik b. ltollinn wound up In eocond placo two
seconds later. This paved tho way for tho team
wrestling, which was a treat. Tho opposing
teams wrestled Indiscriminately to n IliilRli. nnd
Corporal A. J. Sladc's team won In short order,
having lost only threo mon while unhorsing
all tholr rivals. Tho conditions ot tho nov
elty raco required each competitor to race
from ond to end, picking un and donning somo
whimsical article of dress on each relay. Artlll
ccrJiidson finished a winner nmlcl screams ot
lnugbler in 1 minute 8 seconds. Corporal Slnde
camo next in 1 minute 15 seconds. Tho pro
grnmnio wound up with heid cutting over
hurdle-, nnd a splendidly fought mClco. Former
Cant. Charles F. Itoo, now Malor-(Jenerjl N. O.
ls V., ofllclatod as rcfereo. nnd tho Judges were
First Lleuts. Holly, O'Oonohue, and Sayre.
Tho Registration Commltteo ot the A. A. U.
wns In a forgiving frame of mind yesterday
and restored tho following baskotboll teams and
plnycrs to good standing: '
University of Pennsylvania Freshmen Mallery,
Crowther. J K. JlcCurdy, Dlefenclorf, and F. s. lie
Curdy Friends ejymnaslum Te am Tlcrney, Dob
bins, II. W bite, Jacobs, and WUlett.
In discussing tbo basketball situation yester
day a prominent member of tbo commltteo re
marked that somo of tho malcontenta wero be
coming as slippery ns tho old school of amateur
boxers. " Whon wo seem to hoo them fairly
cornered," ho said, " tbey bob up again screntlv
under assumed names nnd as reprce ntativis of
n club Invented for tho occnslon. Tho chances
nro that no havo been suspending clubs which
novor existed except on paper. Doubtless thcso
vcrsitilc clolgcrs nro enjoying man henrty
laughs nt our 0T.pcii6c, bin tbey rnntalnays
cscapo our dragnets, and wo will land tbcm
somo tlmo when tbey havo exhausted tho
Sew Hociieli c March 1. Tho second team
of tho Tw ent -third street brnnch of thoY. M.
tl. A. woro tho opponents of tho New Kochcllo
five nt tho Casino lo night. Tho latter had out
their strongest team nnd tho "homo roosters"
figured that tholr team had an excellent chntiro
to win. Tboysiistalni'd thiscoulldcneo through
out tho first half and put up a lino defensive
game, allowing tho Y. M, C A, plaicrs to scoro
only six points. New Kocbello failed lo score.
Thu second half was a hummer from the start,
nnd Twcntj-thlrd street rolled un ten nioro
points on pretty plajs by Molr, Wilson, unit
(irlto. Now Hochello scored four points, mak
ing tho final score 10 to 4 against tho homo
team. Tho opening gamo between New Ito
cholle "llrownlcs" and the Huguenot A. C. sec
ond team wns won by tho former. 0 to 4.
Yovuers, N. Y March 1. Tho crack Cam
elen quintet, generally acknowledged as tho
champion basketball team of New Jorse), was
sounilly thrashed by the Fourth Sep lrnto Com
pany's outfit ot tho Yonkers armory tonight by
a scoro of -0 to (i.
Anchor A. CVa tijniiinstlc lompetlllon.
Tho second annual gymn&stle competition of the
Anchor A. C , under the sanction of the A. A. TJ., was
hell on Monday night at Central Hall, Jersey City,
lle events took place. Tbe prizes wero a gold medal
to first, silver medal to second, an 1 bronse medal to
third The winners follocs:
Hope Cllmlilmt Won by Fd Kunath, Anchor A C,
time, 7 set ouUn. II Nauford, . J A. C , se. ond, time,
7 'J fi atconds, W. bhcer. Pastime A C, third, time,
ll V 5 be com) i
Horizontal Har Won by Charles n rndt Am hor A.
C.IPj p. luu, o Merrm, ewYork rurnWrdn,
second, !- points. J lllsslnger, New orlc Turn
ere In tblrel, J7y iioluts
Parallel liars V on l O strfTen. 44 ".j points;
Charles Hermit second, 4 J points, J Hls6lnger, third,
3 7 Lj points
living llli g Won br Charles Permit, 424 polntss
1 hanfurd sicuul, 4ILj puluts, Kd Kunath third, .11
Clute Swinging Won hj F Metz. Vewark Y. M L
A., he, points, J 1. Mason, Newark Y. M C A . see
on I. 74 points, and 11. Lang, New orkTurn ereln,
third. 71 iwilnts
11 satiford, who holds the championship of the
Metropolitan district for roio climbing, was beaten
bj two Uf ths of a sc eond.
Two very interesting games wero played j esterday
la tbo A. A TJ. tournament In Ives's billiard rooms.
In the afternoon W.J.Arnold defeated Morlan To
bias of the Knickerbocker A. a by Silo to 171. In
the gsmu last evening, II. A Hulahaii. Cathedral A C ,
dcfi-acid J. II Hhaiiiev, Hickory Club, VOO to 1117.
Tbl. afternoon It ll I'orham, New 1 ork city, and
IV, O. Douglas, h Y. A. C , will he tbo contestants.
Amateurs NUnte nl the. Ire I'nlaee.
Max Hornfcek nf the Montrlalr Athletic Club won
the two-mllo amateur handicap akatlng rat eat the
Ice Palace last night by thrco ards He nny Phillips,
tne oraek a lack, of the New York Hockey Club, w ss
second, and W. Ullman, with a handicap of 1V3
jnrds, was third, Ihlro yards ann W II siaulwas
Iirotestcd for professionalism le fore Ihe race, but as
letln'ahed last no aetlon was taken In Ibomaiur.
foai or ilia Itlnr.
J, N' , Plattsburg, N. Y. lie was born at Ban Fran
cisco on he pt, I, 1HI,
C, C. Smith, tho "Illack Thunderbolt," wants to
fight lV'Ul' Maher agalu.
Patsy llrodrrlck Is In Ibe pink of condition forhts
contest with Davo Hulllcan at oukera on next Irl
day ulttht.
Casper I-onn seems lo he In fine trim for his battle
with (leorge Monro, whleh occurs on next Thursday
night at Nuw Haven
Ja. k l.verhardt bas consented to meet Tom Tracer
at Chicago on March in In a limited round bout,
Tiaeey Is al Vi cut Ha len Springs itellliii In eoudltlun.
Lddle Muntzner, the Maten Island fealbem eight,
wants to meet auy I'.'.' pounder, Muuirm r prefers
either Penny Leon, Jack Haunlgau, Jack O'Urlin, or
Austin Hlee,
"Australian" Jlmm Hysn and Jim Watts, tlio col
ored welterweight, who has fnuhl Joe Walcott a
draw, have s fllrel arllcl. s lobx tw inty lotiuds at
thu Kentucky A -'., Louisville, on March 17 The
purse Is JUM.
Kam rlupntrlck and Jack Paly baio started for
Cleieland, wbere Hal Is lo meet Kid I avlgue on
Mareh 17 Iialy i iu line loudlll.n aud will rmulie
only about two weeks' aitliu work to get lulu real
lighting torm.
Jack lleniiltt, tho powerful-hitting Philadelphia
lightweight, an I Iadore Huauss have been iiiabhtd
to box leu rounds nl McKee-port, Pa , cm March H
hiraiixs has fought Jam. MiAulhle, Owen n gler,
Cbarh) McKreccr.auel oilier good men
paddy Sulllwcu, who Is at Cincinnati wlihOscnr
Oarduer, the "Omaha hid," ha. rccicvect uu olTi r
from the Columl us A. C fur a tiv. ntwoiiu I Iniut
between (larduer and I ug lie Pezctiah Sullivan
says he will adept a. soon a urtlcles of acre emcnl
are forwardi-d, f lie club wll1 give- a t'l'lu purse
Lout. Waldron, who formerly mauagid lllllr I'llm
me r wleu tin Hndlsh flulih i was lu thlsoiuniry,
bas r.i lived a letter fioiiil'llmnn i Innhn h h wipes
of his Intention lu come to Aim rlcu again, Waldrou
laming In scciiro a maten for Pill), and If hesuo
ceccls he will send word for PJIuimer toeuuiu at once.
Hilly Ncedhain, brother to liauii) .V'. .Ilia.ni and Jack
Maldrou of mmon ruri'lslucl a llcely bout for
twenty rounds at thu Pilau. A O , Trenien, ou Mon
day ulgbt Waldron did most of the forcing, hut
Nredhamcoumerid hcaiilllully, thus oITm lllng Wal
droii's speedy ru.bes. The verdict, u draw, was a
t,ooci one
Johnny Lavarlc of del elaud aud Jack McClelland
of Pittsburg fought ten lisrd luiindsat Mil. ah-, near
l'llt.hurg, on Mouda) lit ilit llolh mi n were In su
perb shape aud fuught with discretion aud Judg
ment I.avac k had somewhut tbo best uf It from tbe
atari, but McClelland eiened ttilugs up near tho close
and the result was a draw
"Hairier Cliimplon "Joe aoddsrd's daya as a
fighter are etldriilly at au e ml Uoddard met Jim
Jellrlcs, tbo strong aud muscular California heavy
weight, at I os AUkvles ou Mouday night before I lie
I.os Aiikc-les A e In what was to havo been a llfleen
round bout, Irom the slart Jeffries bal thiius Ids
own wa) aud pummelled Goddard hard. The Aus
tralian often went to his km ra lo avoid puntshmcut,
lu ths third round, when It became evident thai Uod
dard would uot laster) long, Joe's seconds threw
up tbe sponge, lloweier, when the referee told
Uoddard that he wouldn't rooelve a cent unloss the
fight proceedad, Uoddard agreed to continue In tbo
fourth round Uodclarl took unlimited punishment.
The contest was stopped al this J uucture and Jeffrie
f el th deeUlon,
MsYii,1hii. iimmcTIm,.! illl',1 Ti IIIMmMni. llll.M,lll
Opening , m
Old Jfyrm in their Wow Storo, $1
'"' tow
Show ffiooms on two spacious floors, Wk
with light tho finest in tho City, ' ' j$M
9ow Soods in every xVopartment, 0,
laluOS exceptional and inoludo racont purchases mad Mm
boforo iast Uariff was pasted. , H TB
pfll goods sold as represented'"' ; fa
misrepresentation not permitted. J
Departments . ...'
jCinons Jill Soods known under that name. 1 j .1
jCaca Curtains-Suitable for every Aind of window. ' TSjB
Upholstery furniture Covering, SPortierea and $m
fabrics for Walls. iM
Broadway and Nineteenth Street, fJ
Side entrances for iPairons in Carriages , vM
a olf.
City riayers Indorse thn mil r Asarrablimnn
Golfers who tiso tho public links at Van Cort
landt I'ark praise tbo bill Introduced nt Albany
on Monday by Assemblyman Weekcs, to permit
in this city nnd UulTnlo all gnmes on Htuuliys at
placos whero they are plncd during tbo week,
providing no admission chargo Is made. Baso
bnll players who havo grounds on unlmprovod
property In tho outskirts ot the city will dcrh e
tho greater bonctll from tho proposed new law,
but it will also boncflt thoso golfers who aro
employed on week elajs and whocnnonlyde
voto Sunday afternoon lo their favorlto pas
time Tho old Hoard of Park Commission
ers closed tho uubllo links ou Sunday.
There uro hundreds of golfers who play ut Van
Cortlandt on bnturdnje, but tbo number would
be increased tenfold if Sunday play wns per
mitted. At tho public links of Edinburgh
03,000 plajcrs wero registered last oar. nnd
under proper encouragement, tlio Van Cortlandt
links, the golfers say, would bo proportionately
popular here. Tho main thing needed is a
cbnneotor tho mechanics nnd clerks or foreign
birth to play on Sunday iftcrnoon. their ono
tlmo ot leisure
The rumor that Mungo Park, Jr., would bo
tho professional nt tho I) j leer Meadow Golt
Club this sonson, as slated In Tin: Sun, was
continued jcstcrelny by the Greens Committee's
announcement of his ciigngomiiit, to take ef
fect on March 111, Ho la a good player and
teacher nnd come 6 from n family of golfers, tor
his father, uncle, and brother havo all won unco
or twlco tbo open championship of Groat
IjAKLWOod, N. J March 1. Golfers havo
been numerous on tho Ocean county links to
day, tho lino weather tempting women as well
ns men to try conclusions In pairs nnd foursomes
of private. irrniigcuiont, Tho scheduled match
for tho day w 14 in tho Cladlu Cud BOrics, an
event in which four golfers participated, and In
which the win was scored bj t'liniiiieoj F. Kerr,
with second mill third places taken liy James
Conicreo nnd C, Tiffany Hlehardson respec
tively. Thu scoro:
OioMg, Wrap. Aef.
Chauncey F. Kerr 11 it Hi tu
JamraConversu ;.I'H 7 PI
C. T. KIc hardiou OH ! III!
alter H. Coles 117 0 li
ft. A. llonner's Trotters VA III He Hold.
Tho trotters belonging to A. A. Bonner havo
been consigned to tho Faslg hale ot March Sl-iM
at Madison SquareGardcn. Mr. llonncr will dls-
S 050 of his entire stud, excepting King ltono,
r., 11:17, nnd two mare. Among the ani
mals to bo sold Is tho noted trotting stallion
Alcantara, 1!:'JJ. by George Wilkes, out of Almv
Mater, b) Maiiibrino l'atchcn. Alcantara Is
tho Blre of more thnn 100 trotters nnd pacers
having records of "JO or belter. Mr. llonncr
puldird 0,000 for, tho hor so ul public sale about
tour j cars ago.
Ileaeilla nt Hew Orleans.
Nrw OnirANS March 1 Ono faorlte won tevela),
while the outsiders captured the olhc r races. Thoso
called talc nt has been greatl out of Hue of late and
tbe bookmakers are recovering somo of their losses.
llrst Itac. -lx furloncrs Massacre. 107 (pupee),
s to 1, won. Iielgado, loll (binlllii. 10 to l.sccoud,
Dazzle, 11) (Turner). J lo I, third Time, l.tsi4.
bee ond Hate six furlongs ellnho 11 , luu (Aken,
i to 1, won. Talourt, 117 (Knutip), 3 to 1, second;
Peuhro.t 1117 (Climbs), ft 10 1, third Time-, 1-lel.
Ihlrd Itace Mile and a sixteenth. lanes-a, 1H
(Thompsoei), 3 to 1, won, lmlammntor, 10.1 (Milllvani,
11 to 1, second, Nannie L s bl.ter, luu (Ollmore), 5 to
l.thlld Time. 1 lie..
Fuurlh 1 ace Mx furlonns Mm W , 107 (Combs),
fi to 0. won, Hrlgiiion, Vi (rhompon), ft to l,se-coiitft
Tlia I'enzuuee, 101 (suultli), 0 lo J, third. Time,
Filth Pace Seven furlongs Hot Stuff, OS (Clay),
6 to 1, won, llorothc III , lus 'llutee), Jtol,secuudl
Orensa, U5 iHo.'), uu to I, third Time, 1 111.
blxth luce One mile Kings I'on, MI (Holdeu), in
to 1, won. Jack of lliarts, lli iCastro), ltf to 1 sec
ond 1 Hub Clampltt, 10V (bnell), 13 to 1, third. Time,
llesulls nt IlarUidnle.
PARKsnaLF, March 1. favorites won their share of
the honors hern to .lay, cajituilug three purscn,
whllethi balance went to well baeed horses. The
races rei.ulttel as followsi
llrst Haee hour and a half furlongs VI lid Puck,
4 to 1 and run. wou. Fduu Pennctt, 0 lu 1 fur
place, ae 1 mil (Ulloier thlid. Time 1:UU.
Second Piece live furlongs He public, fi to 1 and
2 lo I. won. 11-iUam fi to 1 for place, second. Jaek
Locell third, linn, liO.'Hi.
Thlnl llace six fiirloit,s Tribute, 3 to ft and out,
wonj Cashier 11 , to 1 for place, seeoud; Uelle of
hlllnrnej third Time, lu'Pj
rourtb Itace Wx furlongs Monroe Potrlne, 7 lo
10 and out, won, Jouuh While, 1 to 2 for place, sec
ond, Ferex-ieiu third lime WO
llflh llace six furlongs Whlppanc, 7 to ft and 1
to V, won, H si.lo Hrowulug. ft to 2 for place, sec
ond! Nellie h third Time, 1 21
blxtk llaee Ini' furlongs linjsldc, 4 to 1 and
den, won, llariloun II , 2 to 3 for place, aecond,
Leouldas. thlnl Time, 1 .0 1 'j.
sni rrom the Horse World.
Among the latest arrivals at Oravesend Is "Pa"
Dal'aeoml Inatlon of future, bread w tuners. They
wintered well al Hartford, and the green ubove tho
red promises to ho as promluciil as usual mover
night events
LkxiioTu,, March 1. Ed A. Tipton rhlpped a car
load or trotting horsi s 10 night to Mnntnua, the ma
jority of tin annual., going 10 the ranch of Marcus
llalv at Hamilton Among tlio number was tlio slal
Hun Puueo du 1 eon, puretiajud lant week ac auu
tluu at New ork.
John MeCafftrly, owni r, trainer, au.l Jockey, seems
tohavctru k a belter streak of lu katNew Orleans
Mount Washington lieudtd a pure em Moudai.thls
bclug bis second win wnblu a moiilli lh hor.e
slarleil at long odds each lime, hut McCelTcriy's
friends are lni Ing that he cither d lu something
mure than the purse on e ru h ecc ae Ion.
The oniclal limit iilloweil for Iho registration of
two jear obis with th. Jo key i tub was re uc lied la.t
ulcln. and soon luteri sting Innovations lu the line uf
noine uclutiire are now In order, bo far tho palm lor
oilgliialll Iscoueeiled to tlm Mmrlsis, but when the
list are ready for scrutiny ae,eial other urzlea for
tbeshrol wrllirs will prubally lo illseotind,
Kutrles fur the stakes of the Queens Counly Jockey
Club and tbe baraloga llaelug Asscielatluu closed
the FRAUD ot tho day. Wj
See you get Carter's, m
Ask for Carter's, lj&
Insist and demand M
CARTER'S Little Liver Pilla, 1
The only perfeot M
Liver Pill S
Take no other, J
Even if M
Solicited to do so. M
Beware of imitations J
of Same Color Wrapper M
t"M"M""'-M1,'M"''''' T
oltlclallv last night. Inspired by the promised rivalry BL
In thu llghtvri ipht illlloii between Jockeys Sloan r S.J
and Hums, tbe baratoga Assocla.lon proposes to offer I -
a trophy to lie competed fur by the pair. The con-
test will, of course, oe decided by a comparison of the Jh
winning mounts. Jh
Trnlner Illllv Lakeland has a promising string ot "Jo?.
twelve in iiotlvo work at llrlghtou Heach. Tho gom fi
of tho collection Is Marcus Pal) 'a recent purchase, J&
Hamburg, wbo Is rounilng to In good atyle. Aa be, ,
lias tic-en declare d out of the l-ouUville stakes, the mi
presumption is thai he will Ho most of his racing In iu.
the Last, l'eep n' Hay, In Cnurlcy Uxx's stable, la .A
also doing well at Brighton Tho Keeno horses, lo- JJ-
caied at .sheepshead Hay, aro running satisfactorily '3-
lu their preliminary work. ft
English sporting papers havo been paying consider-
abb attention to the American horsca quartered at .rac
Newmarket. James 11. Keene's clever pair of four-
year olds, St Cloud 11 aud Voter, are both entered SX
for thn Lincoln Hun Heap. Critics are dlvldod as to IX
their relative chancrs. and as It Is not yet known ilf
which horse will tie re lied upon by the stable, specu- vf
lators who are anxious to gel a wager down are eon- , i
slderably puzzled. The various reports agree thai I'le,
both horses have been wound up for an early start. &,
51. F. Dwyer has returned from Florida and takan dw.
up quarters nt Oracsend, a ljolulng the stable where s;
his formidable striiigof horses Is located. The train- jj
Ing hi rentier will be done under his persoual auper- g
vlalon He was out early yesterday morning, ond ay
waiened the movements of I Is candidates with close m
attention In looking through the local papers later Sti
ou he was astonished to find himself the subject of W&
scare head stories, which repreeutcd him as being " .v-y'
seriously 111. The facts am lliat the only a'lment OS
troubling him Is an occasional bilious attack, llo hac. .
one of thesci on Monday, but soon got over It.
r-portsmen wintering at nermuda are looking for Jg'l
ward to somo plrasaut outings with the thorough- S
breels this mouth I h annual spring meeting pro ?
moled b the iierniuua Hunt Club Is scheduled for It
March 22. under I nglish JoekeyCl ib rules. Tho red a
letter ovent Is the Hermuda Derby, at one mile, horse An
In carry 147 pounds. Iho high scale uf weights 1 ZU
ndopted In order Hint gentlemen riders may gat a K
chance with tho professionals. Other eventa on the a
0 rd are the ladles' Plate, for all ages, one fi
mile: tho Shelly Hay stakes, for ponies, one mllet .tJJ!
tne Mnilc Makes, for harm-ss horses, rive furlongsi a
the tentbor Plate, ne furlongsi tho flalloway Kl
Makes, live furlongs, and the Winter Handicap, at a V;
inlleand a euarler Tlio meeting, which will take jj
jilaee at the she llv III) race track. Is eiulte a fashion- M
able funclton Much or tho track, which la a half a )
mile In circuit, Is eut through thn a did lock and if,
coral, and to say that the golug ;is hard Is putting tt m,
mildly. ' Sk
rrlcket. j
Tho Manhattan Cricket Club had a large and en- Taj
thuslastle gathering at Its annual meeting at the 'ii
Hotel llrandon, llrooklyu, on Mouday n'ght. Henry Sj
Martin was In the chair The chief business was tbe ' 7ft i
election of onicers Tho only contest was for tho Xjtt
he Captaincy of the seeoud elecen, for which W. O. fe
M llklusou aud II. O, W llktusou, father and aon, were rfft
ncm nuted Those elected were. I Vfti
l'icsldent, Julian Magnus, First Vice President,
Duvld A. Munro, be eond Vice l'rcsl lent, John Ad ami jM
hecretary.T J. O'Hellly, Treasurer, W, Fouwlck; Cap- JS
tain, bamuel E. Hosford, Mce Captain. V. J, Pren- vf
dcrgnst, Caplaln second eleven, W, Adam; VIca- ft!
Cai lain, W O M llklusou, Cat tain nf the Juniors, O. ?fjj
I.. I'.osu, Vice Captuln, A (I, Shlugler; Caplaln of the Jfi
etcrans, W, Iijron Wharlou, Vice Captain, W. O. -r'j
Wilkinson, Kxccutlte Committee, Julian Magnus, J
Il A Mil uro, J, Ailam.T, J, Ollellly, V Kenwlck.J, m
Dixon, 1' J Pr ndergau, aud J Hose: league Dele- juj
gates, T J. Oltellly. Henry Martin, W.Fenwlckj As- !
hoilath n Ueligatcs, T J. O'Hellly, Henry Martlu, and j
o llklnsou; Auditors, J Hlxon, II O. King, II. VI
It ( hlltlck, 1'roperl) Committee, V II. Wharton, T. Vj
J, crib Illy, an 1 A 11 1-nnlor. '$
her ral now me mh rs were el cted, and the Tress- 1
ut r lepoiied ihel ihocluli bad a iiainnca lu hand. Al
The iillliuul in ellligoftlu N c ork Cricket Asao- flL
elation was held al tne I moil a Ass. up ly He ouia on
Mon. lay n ght. lb followltig do eaies 1 1 Ing preaepli
C. II Oweu, l. Hake, aud e.Kuignt, Hrookou C. 0. a
ri c. c lark. , Is. w Jerse A . r (1 llaruurton, II. 1m
1 Hides audi II West, Put irsoni (' 1, T.ddugs .
an I J Uermws Kings Co uuj , J All u and J Htce, i -heani)
aud J, 1 l vans Columbia .
At plications for meinlieislilp wi re recc I vid from t
thu linse cllle, Amerlcu-, and iorkvllle eluls, but as t
thu tsoc latlon Is limit e d lo eight elut s, and there arts
no ri Bigiiatloiis, the matti r csas laid user until thn I r
special mei Hug of Maren .Hi, w hen, If necessary, the 4 I.
constitution cull he e tiaugid sons to Include ti n clubs. 3
It was re solved lo ehalle uge the Metropolitan I.e auo j
to a match during tbnseasoii Iheeieetlonof oftlvere vL
resulii it as loilowsi t
Prisldilll, II A Veiling, Vhe President, C II Owell Tj,
reeiuiary and Ireaaurei, J Harrows, l.xeeutlve. Com. -tt.
lnlttee. el Hale, llroiklli: J I, I. vans, l uliimbl i. A, Vfl
NiikHiti, Kings Count) II O'lUllii. MienhjItauiT. f
tl e larke, Now Jeis-y A (' , A.M. Parker, Kearnvi fflj
1, (I Wariuirlon, Paterson, 1. J, Chadwlck, Bl. V
(leorge's JB
Colrt e55t. Cold Sunt. jjg
(,$&j?tr Hardest things in thu house to clean. Most HKu
HK?pr contrary things lo kee) clean. Most unpleasant HrHaV
WtV&r when not cluneci. Are made clean and kept clean 5BkS 4'
IfW easily with that enemy of oil and grease aud dut 11 '
I hOLkLiSs Washing rE-sJJ f
Chicago. bU Louis. New York, liotiton. Philadelphia, rDfj?ii Z

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