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1 , THE SUN, THURSDAY, MARCH 10, 1898. ' 8.
.. rx-wtytSTrn to oerkaxx
" goes io ri: Tnn crAR'
" ,n.r.fnfn..i.-Th.n..l Title I.
,f , l.l.nd cnrnn-Knl'. Altl-
J... " ,lfr 'n",or8 ,",', " '
wrlnf f iM ivinnfcaaa Tns. 8o.
,,.; March 0.-Although the time per
,., rhlna to answer the Russian demand!
"'Mfd M. 1'arloff. the llus.lan Charge
jffalM-.' tllRt he hM not taken
'? action here, the explanation be
f" that on Sunday the Tsung-ll-Ya-
or Hoard of Foreign Affairs. Informed
"' thtt thrj had Instructedlltsii Chlng-gChen.
rhlnfse Minister to Herman, togolmmedl
"V, .Ft Petersburg and seok a special audi.
t.vvlth the c rar, with the view to obtaining
. withdrawal of the demands
MiKoYru. March O.-The Russian title to
r...r Island, recently ceded by Cores, has been
8rmM. J 'Hon continues her preparations
possible war. The mercantile commnnlty
K, to of the opinion that If Great JlrlUIn
floated". ,bo 'tu',alan, mlk3r """"Pr Wel ,ul
vtben the Japanese evacuate that place,
China consenting.
Idon. March O.-lt Is a ourlous alcn of tho
unit In these troublous days, that the Imme
diate 'courao of the tlnanclol mnrketa of the
world depends upon whether the aged lady who
...rathe llrllUh crown starts to-morrow on
k.rliollclav trip to the Itl lera or remains In her
" dominion". If b!ic kuos, stocks will proba
llr bold steady. If Miostajs. evon consols may
lt"s pretty well Known In political circles In
Ibli and other V uropean capitals that the Queen
li firmly reiolved never to sign another dcclara
tJon 0f ar. It Is fondly hoped by British
lawmen lh(lt that aentlment la sufficiently
itroni In tho breasts of the Czar and Kalaerto
Merest them from drawing their aworda
iplr.it Great llrltaln s long as tho present
lortrelgn remains on the throne.
Thereto crcater reason than ever to-day for
inspecting thut Russia and Franco discredit the
lacerity of the Hritlsh threat of war If British
policy and rights In the far Kost and Africa are
Interfered with. The Impression preralla In
tboie countries, apparently, that even If the
Bnt(h Government and people favored a forci
ble protest that thu Influencoof the aged sot
irelpi would ho sufficient to secure Immunity
far foreign aggressors.
Tola Idea. If It exists, has already been fol
lowed to tho utmost limit which prudence por
mitt. Tub. c sentiment in Kngland, regardless
ofrarty, nlll tolerate nothlnc more. The Gov
iromtnt and tho throne Itself will And
It ImDOSslblo to accept without retaliation
another blow against Hritlsh prestige, but there
U little chance thut Victoria will ever bo called
spontoputhernainoto a declaration of war.
Her Minister will certainly be ablo to spare her
that painful duty.
Retaliation against Russia In the present
rills will not tako taut form. It will come in
tho sbape of British action which will be
Bore offensive to Russia than the lattor's
virtual annexation of Manchuria is to
Englind. It la useless to speculate upon what
this action will be, but It will ecfllce to put
spoil tbe Cxar tho onus of beginning hostilities
ercompel him to seek a compromise. It Is some
note of this nature which Is looked for by those
who believe that Lord Salisbury is really in
it rat st In his China policy.
The Queen drove out nt Windsor to-day and
the public mind is being prepared for a further
postponement of her Majesty's Journey to
Francs. Lieut Col. Sir A. J. lligge, private sec
retary to the Queen, telegraphed to the Lord
Major of London to that effect to day, (riving as
its official reason for tho delay that it was
"owing to the unsettled weather and the rough
leu In tho Channel."
Tbe papers this morning print a tolegram
irom.Bt.retcrsburg to a news agency, presum
ably supplied through the official Russian tele
graph uency, which says: "It is understood
that the negotiations proceeding between Rus
lltandChlnaln reference to tho far Kast aro
Rfiriled as being of a confidential nature, and
It Is consequently anticipated that no direct
ipedfic Information is likely to be afforded at
the present moment to the British Government
Isregard to these matters or In respect to the
demands of Russia regarding Port Arthur and
Tbe Times regards the news from Pekln ai
comparatively reassuring. It Bays:
"An interval may occur during which diplo
matic means may be employed to avert the 111
eons'dered action on tho part of our rivals. If
delay of any duration has been actually pro
cared, Sir Claude .Macdonald. the British Min
ister, may be relied upon to make the most of it
la tho Interests of peace.
"In other respoctj tbe position In China seems
as lar from Improvement as the position
in West Africa. If tho report from fat.
Petersbnrg that Russia will decline to
el's Oreat Britain tbe information she has
M Is accurate the nation cannot
U blamed should they put the worst possible
comtrnctlon on tho refusal. Those most farall
larwlth public opinion throughout the country
III be tho first to recognize that the present
temper of the peuple Is not to be trifled with.
"Atnotlme since the Crimean war, not even
't tbe moment when tho special squadron
ai orinni7ed In January, 1800. have
tney been less disposed to brook Infrlnge
its from any quarter on tbelr just
tithts. incy are perfectly convinced
'Jtbejuitlcoof tholr cause and the magiiitudo
Mtholsjiieaatstakobotli in China and West
Africa. Thei believe it may become their duty
w tindlcito that causo In either region,
i If aach duty should bo thrown upon
tliem by the blindness or perversity of
Jt'ers tbey will not flinch from it. We
Jo not make this assertion In nny spirit of
bratidoor from any desiro to rouse thenar-
Uefeellogof tho country. We make it In tho
me interests of peace, because the greatest
Benace to leace lies in tho danger that our
"ra smay f to bellevo that wo aro in earnest
Mil It Is too late.
"Forelgrcr-i do not appear to realize the busl
M view wo take of war as of othei matters
"hero our business Interests are concerned.
conduct is rc.-ulattd malnlj by business con
KMitlons. If tbo prejudice done us is slight
tkV,re'ent U nd rJt P U over rather
i? i. Mrloua losaes. which, as wo
1 kniw. war must at the best Involve
.n!?Vr,d'' but,lf tbo Prejudice done or threat
M is very grave and irreparable, wa are
"'or of tbe two great evils to choose war m
the lesser.
"Wo submitted to action in Tunis and Mada
nscar and Weat Africa which we should
h?" ten quite Justlfled In resist
ft itA WB thought It worth while.
,.,"m' l0 haie boen inferred In aome
garter. on the Continent that wewlllaubmlt
Sir pT"nt of wron without resistance."
aftk Urc Pointed out at the bsglnnlnr
tik. n8!i0n lb,U tllla ,T" a ynr erlo rnla
kaL "UonH abo,u Madagascar and Tunlo,
ooserved, were not of suflUlent intrlnsio Im
fiance to lM,t to a breath of peace between
"o.reat powers.
wTl '"""eni W-H lecomosuch a question, and
lar ""aa '" ll' sa'" category. There
litn.!?" ' 'l0"bt tl,at this Is the view of the
in . i 1 ",T """ally accepted by all partios
,h,1c"",u"','nel"d. March O.-The Man
whlfh .""'"'" e": "A rumor reaches us
the a. . "ln"lllrlf,l trustworthy that within
Ukerl 01 ,ourdasa a Hritlsh floetwlll
WC!,6lnn of one nf the Chinese ports."
""" A'""lotK Sihool n.rptewdewl.
NewLn'N"" U J- :,,archll. -Kdward Fagan of
teadsM. !!" "rPolnt0(l Associate SuperJn
" mVe?ir,,?!,nolu "r " borough of Queens
""aflerooun boro"i.'h Hoard of Education
!mcei;,".pr',,"lIPI'e'ltraln has hern placed In
l,'apiViSr;Si !" t" aim 1'envrr, vl.llic Clilc.ro.
"'catJu I. ,i """'ateru I Int. maklngthe ff
" "i a V 'iV. " ' u,'"a special," le.vc Chicago
"I 'no. ''" : rfiviBgDenvrr 1 Ml ih-following
. Jwr.! I. ..' ,uliln'"""ailunaiJorsII A Uriw..
Mw.'ent Northwestern Uae, 401
L '"'
xnounr,n VBAiiBn iir xA.trj.xi.
White KeyatUia BelanTlielrBeat t laelta tka
Kaaali.i ! RevwtU
ITotot.u lw, March 2, via San Francisco. Maroh
0. Those who keep close watch on the white
politicians In the Royalist campaign declare
that these raon aro especially active among the
Kanakas now, and ara stirring up til-feeling
that may break out at any time In a revolt such
as was planned, but nipped In the bud In 180S.
It Is said that Ac vts that tho United States re
fuses annexation will be tbe signal for an up
rising. Leading business men here are very anxions,
for they know how near to succoss the last con
spiracy came and how merollesa the Kanaka
would be In case they gained the upper hand.
he Cel. Away rrwni Hawaii at iJial wlta a
I.t or Jnll nirda In Her Crew.
HoNOiut.u, March 2, via San Francisco,
March 0. The American ship W. F. nabrock or
tbo Sewall line sailed for New York on Feb. 20
after great trouble with her sailors. The Bab
cock has had about tho worst name of any ship
afloat since T. K. Oakea changed hor name.
Capt. Graham had to acoept twelvo Kanakas to
make up the full crew of eighteen men. Tho
remaining six whlto men only shipped to escape
Imprisonment here. At the last moment one of
the six jumped overboard and swam ashoro
rather than sail on the Uabcork.
At one time It looked as though the Captain
would have no otHrers, as tho mates who came
with blm from Now York asked for their dis
charge, and two who were brought from the
coast refused to stay. Finallv tho Captain se
cured os second mate a man who wns recently
released from the San Quentln Prison, and tbe
crew were all men who had been sentenced to
imprisonment for various offencos and had a
choice betweon serving their terms or shipping
on the Uabcock. One sailor preferred the prison.
On the last voyage out from Baltimore the
sailors on the Babcook declared that thoy had
been cruelly used and on the day they reached
Honolulu they all made complaint against the
Captain. The Shipping Commissioner Induced
them to unload tbe vessel by a promiso of secur
ing them berths on good ships.
The Reason Mlalalar Coopar Cbnaceel nia
VIlwdAlxut Arbitration.
Honolulu, March 2, via San Francisco,
March 0. Much feeling was arousod in the
Housoof Representatives by the demand on
Minister of Foreign Atlalrs Cooper to explain
his sudden change of policy in regard to Japan
neee Immigration. On July 25, last year. Min
ister Cooper, In a short note to the Japanese
Minister, declined to submit the immigration
question to arbitration, but three days later he
sent a second note accepting the proposition.
Thus tbe Government practically gave up tho
fight on tho ove of victory, as Japan could not
hive enforced hrrdemnnds.
Now it hae leaked out tlint Cooper handed in
his resignation rather than nend tbe second
note, but was prevailed on by Prcsldont Dolo
nnd other mombers of the Cnhlnct to remain
and to ngreo to their policy, which was adoptod
because or the fear that Japan would send a
warship to enforce her demands.
opiusr j.v Hawaii.
Tbe Import r the Drus to tie Parmed Oat for
800,000 a tear.
Hrwoi.ui V, Maroh 2, via San Francisco, March
0. Much bad blood has been stirred up by the
passage of tho Opium Licensing bill, which
farms out tbe Import of the drug for 9C0.OOO a
year paid to the Government. Senator Brown,
who champions the measure, declared that un
der tho old law opium was being Bmugzled into
the country in largo quantities and tho efforts
to check tbo traffic were a farce. Hcnco the
Government should fnrm out the Import of
opium, as is done in China nnd other Oriental
It Is notorious that opium smuggling has been
winked at by the customs ouiculs. several of
whom are living In luxury on Bmall salaries.
Ono result of the passage of the bill Is 3i:ru to
be a great increase In tbe consumption of opium,
as dealora, to par tho heavy license, must sell
quantities of the drug. They will send agents
to all the small tovvni to drum up trade, and as
the Kanaka is fond of opium, tbo result Is sure
to be demoralizing.
so xoxAiicJir yon asxexatiox.
The Proposal Mr, Pavleo Makes to the IVatlvo
Hos'or.ur u, March 2. via San Francisco, March
0. An open letter has boen addressed to tho
Hawailans by Theodore M. Davles, guardian of
Princess Kalulanl, in which bo proposes that
natives give up all hopes of re establishing the
monarchy and accept the republic, provided
tbe Americans here cense working for annexa
tion. Ills proposition will not be accepted by
either side. The majority of tho natives of
Hawaii favor the monarchy, while the Ameri
cans and most of tbe Influential foreigners de
sire annexation.
An attempt was made in the Senate to kill the
annual allowance of 4.000 to the Queen
Dowager Kaplolani, but It failed. An item for
the same allowance for Princess Kalulanl was
referred to tbo Finance Committee
nxKPixo vi' its ZTXomxas.
Two More IVocro v letlnio or Mob Violence la
Jelrerwnn Parish, l.a.
New OniEANS, March 0. Andrew Piggett
and William Harris, two negroes from Belize,
British Honduras, vvera lynched In Jefferson
parish. Immediately opposite New Orleans, this
morning, l'lfgett and Harris arrived hero a
wrel; ago. Yesterday evcnltig they visited tho
house of a Mrs. Middloton. Harris, who was
carrying a gun, aimed it at her and demanded
her money, faho caught hold of tho gun audit
was discharged in tbe struggle. The two men
were arrested, charged with shooting nt Mrs.
MIddlcton, and locked up in tbo Oratna prison.
A mob broke in with the intention of lynching
them, but after a struggle tbe prisoners escaped.
Harris was afterward run down by a searching
party and riddled with bullets In an open field.
Piggett was also lynched, but tho body has
not yet been found. Jefferron parish bus long
enjovedtbo reputation of having more lynch
lngs than any other part of the countrv.
At I is o'clock Thl. Mnrnlna- vo Verdict Had
llortu lloaehort.
William J, Koerncr, tbo newspaper artist who
shot and killed Roto Alice Redgate, will proba
bly know bis fate to day. His second trial
for murder, which has lasted three weeks, was
brought to a close at 4 o'clock yesterday after
noon when the case went to tho jury In Part II.
of the Court of Qeneral Seaalons.
Kuerner's counsd, Abo Levy, In summing up,
told the jury that Koorner was Insane when he
killed tho girl. Nine of ills relatives, counsel
said, were Inmates of insane asylums and In
sanity ruua In his family.
Prosecutor Osborne held that Kocrner had
shammed Insanity at tbe time of the shooting,
and that he had been shamming over since.
At 1:30 o'clock this morning tbe jury was still
To Prevent Undervaluations by Importer.
WiSJilNOTOV, March 0. Assistant Secretary
Howell issued a circular to collectors of otistoms
to-day which marka the beginning of a scries of
efforts by tbe Treasury Department to prevent
undervaluations by Importers. Tho circular
calls tbe attention of appraising olllcers to the
section of tbe tariff law which authorizes
them to ascertain the wbolrsalo price of
goods in the United States markets which are
subject to an ad valorem duty or to a combined
ad valorem and specific duty. It authorizes tho
appraising officers, if the wholesale price of
goods cannot b ascertained In the ordinary
manner, to eatlmuto it from tbe price or similar
goods, taking into account tbe estimated duties,
con of transportation, insurance, and other
necessary expenses from tbe place of shipment
to tho United Stales nnd a reasonable commis
sion, If any has been paid, not exceeding 0 per
Uluan- Keller.
Miss Nannotto Josephine Keller wae married
to Joseph II. Kissain at noon yesterday in tbe
Church of tho Incarnation in Gates avenue.
Brooklyn. Tbe ceremony was performed by the
Rev, l)r, J. J. Bacchus, assisted by tbo Iter.
George W. Ilnrhydt of Westport, Conn. The
bride was given away by her brother, Y. Hnzle
wood Keller of 1'lainfleld, N. J., and tbe best
man wire Francis K. Drown.
BaLTlMORK, March 0. The marriage of Mrs.
Holen A. Clark, widow of Mr. Gabriel I). Clark,
to Mr. J. Charles Idnthicum took place to-day
at 1 o'clock at Emanuel Church. The ceremony
was performed by tbe Rev. J. Houston Kctlea
ton In the presenco of a fow fricntU of thu bride
and bridegroom. Immediately after the cere
mony Mr. and Mrs. Lliitbltum drove to tbo sta
tion and left on a Southern wedding Journey,
tjM t1' , ,i ? - --
The Hindoos and Mohammedans Iteaont tho
Plagno laspeetton They Trr to Barn tho
lleopttalt. Assault Many Whites, and Are
Attached with Most Traclral Results.
FrteM CabU Dttpatth to Tna Rtr.
Bomiiat, March 0. Plague rlota have begun
In the native quarters of tho city, with tbe re
sult that many persons havo been killed and
wounded. British bluejackets have been landed
to quell tho disturbances and pieservo order,
Tbe hospital officers have been attacked by the
mob, nnd n plague Inspector nnd threo English
soldiers were stoned to death.
Tho troublo originated from the presence of a
searching party which visited the nntivo quar
ter to ascertain If there were nny deaths from
the plague in the houses of the low-class Hin
doos and Mohammedans. Iho intrusion was
resented, and In a surprisingly short time a
mob collected which vented Its fury upon all
Kuropeans In sight. The polico fired a volley
into tho mob. killing six natives and wounding
many others. Business was suspended nnd all
of tho available troops and artillery wero
called out.
Tho town Is quieter this evening, but a gen
eral feellnr of uneasiness prevails. The town is
now wholly occupied by troops, and more have
been ordered here from 1'oonab. The coopera
tion of the Mohammedans and Hindoos adds to
the gravity of the situation. It Is evident that
the outbreak, which was tho most alarming for
many years, was directed against Christians.
During tho rioting European officer and po
lico were severely mauled. Several civilian
Europsans In the Btreets waro beaten and
tabbed, somo of them dangerorsly. A large
number of plague ambulances were selxed and
burned. Attempt were made to set lire to
the hospitals, but those were checked. The
Jamsetjee Hospital was the sceneof an especially
violent assault, during which an English sur
geon was badly injured. Successive rifle volleys
alone saved the building from destruction. The
number of rioters killed 1 unknown, but Is be
lieved to have been groat.
tin Handwriting Rxporta Want Damages
from film and Perrons.
Sreofa! Cabf. Detprttoh to Tnx tint.
Paws, March 0. A libel action, brought by
the handwriting experts MM. Belhomme. Cou
rad, and Varlnard against M. Zola and M. Per
reux, manager of the Avrore, which paper
printed Zola's famous letter, opened in the Cor
rectional Police Court to-day.
Maltre Labor!, who defended Zola in his re
cent trial, and M. Clemenceau, who defended
M. Perreux, appeared In the same) Interests to
day, and contested the competency of tbe court.
Their plea was overruled, after which the case
was adjourned for two weeks.
Liberal! Win a Conservative Seat.
wjwofal Cakl Despatch to Tme 8uir.
LOVDOU, March 0. Tho bye-election held to
day in tbe Stepney division of the Tower Ham
let to fill the vacanoy In tbo House of Com
mons caused by the death of Frederick Woot
ton Isaacson, resulted In a victory for the Lib
erals, who were represented by Mr. W. C. Stead
man. The Conservative candidate was Mr.
Gordon. Tho Liberal majority wa 20, the vote
standing 2.492 for Mr, Steadman to 2,472 for
Mr. Gordon.
At tbe last election Mr. Isaacson, who was a
Conservative, was returned by a majority of
Brltlab Warships Will Re White or Rlnek.
Special Cable Despatch to Tna Scv
Iovdov, March P. The Admiralty has or
dered that all British warships be painted black
or whlto, abandoning tbe uniform gray color
now in vogue. All of the ships for India, China,
South America nnd Africa will bo painted white,
and the vosaels in other waters black;
Ceelt Rhodes Mar Re-ltntrr Pnbllo Lira.
.'pedal Cable Despatch to Tux cw
Cafe Town. March 0. A representative of
the Cape Timet in an Interview with Cecil
Rhodes drew from him expression on the po
litical situation that are Interpreted as show
ing his Intention Us immediately reBntor active
political life as the leader of the Progressive
SJen. Horace Porter Loirs Homo Jewelry.
Special Cans Despatch to Tni Sen.
Paris, March 0. Gen. Horace Porter, the
American Ambassador, lost a travelling bag to
day containing some jewolry that was valued at
(KK francs. Tbe bag was left In tbe cab In
which Gen. Porter returned to his home from
the railroad station. No trace of the jewolry
has yet been found.
The Ferryboat Mlddletawn In Two Colli. Ion.
Wllbln an Hour.
There were many mishaps In the thick fog
that hung over the waters of yils neighborhood
yesterday morning. The little Government
propeller Atlantic, which piles between Gov
ernor'a Island nnd the Battery, while on bcr 8
o'clock trip to this city was run Into by the tug
C. I. Raj mond, which came feeling her way out
of Uie Kast RIv er. Tbo tug bit the Atlantic on
tho starboard Bide forward, smashing her rail
and stiving a hole in her cabin. Her hull was
undamaged, hhs returned, to Governor's
Island, and bcr passangors, consisting mainly
of school children, wero transferred to tho
steamer Gen. Thayer and brought over to tho
city. Tbo forrybonts Albany of the West Shuro
Railroad and Newark of tho Pennsylvania line,
the former bound to this city and tho latter to
JerteyCily, bumped In midstream and Jarred
thelfliaexengers. The boats were not damaged.
1 ho ferryboat Garden Citv, from Long Ieland
City, while making landing at tbe foot of James
clip, KiHt River, ran Into near float tiod up at
the endjof tho ferry Blip. The Ourden City's
ruddrr chaliib were carried away and sho was
slightly iliimnged otherwise, she inado her
sllri without other accident.
Tho ferryboat MIddlctown of the 'Btaten
Island routo whllo on her way from St. George
to this city collided with tho schooner Carrie
I). Hicks, which was In tow of tho tug Jessie I),
Nichols. Soveral feet of tbe Mlildletown's
guard mil were carried away and her passen
gers were shaken up. An hour later the Mid
dletown had an encounter with an Krle car
float In tow of tho tug Klmlra. Thla tlmo tho
Mlddletovvn lost hor forwnrd rudder nnd sevoral
stanchions. After lauding ber passengers at
the foot of Whitehall street she was towed to
Statcn Island for repairs.
Tho lleamtr Whltlaw Baraad with tbo Oatflt
or All Her Pasaongoro.
Seattie. Wash.. March 0. By tbe steamer
Humboldt, which left Skagway on March S, it
Is learned that the steamer Wbitlaw was de
stroyed by fire on bkagn ay Beach, the Ore be
ing caused by spontaneous combustion In tbe
oilskin sarklngused by tbe miners In packing
Ibelr outfits. The vessel was beached to save
her, but Bhe and ber cargo. Including all tbe
miners' outfits, were destroyed.
Nino men arrived from Dawson bringing
nearly Slto.ooo in (.old dust nnd the tamo
amount in draft representing tbelr geld depos
its In Dawson. The Humboldt made tho round
trip In nine days, beating nil the records over
this route.
City to Treat Hydrophobia Cases.
The Board of lloalth adopted yesterday a reso
lution making provision for free treatment of
persons suffering from hydrophobia, and direct
lng that the bacteriological laboratory at the
fool of Kast Sixteenth Btrcctbe immediately
opened to tho public for tbo I'ustcur system of
Wbera lesterdaj's Plreo Were.
A. M liilu, 267 (Irand street, David Cohen, dam
ana 11,6001 00, 71 W Third a?enur, William ltoaen
bladt, damage IIOOi 8 Jft, I lldd Third avenue, Jacob
Heltl.de, J mi .go tiii ll.icl, 172 Eldrldgo street,
Nathan Levi damajt. sloil.
V l -3 lo. 1117 KM Nineteenth atreet, Ilermlna
Welcklng. damage ellfbt. iiOO, 3411 Eat lorlluth
atreet, Margaret Curry, no damagei n 00. D8 Ann
atrtet. Standard Printing Company, damage trtfllagi
A DO. 7.1 1 wi 1031b atreet. lllchaal McKruna, damage
Unlit. 0 10, at East fhlrlj ninth etrt. Uamuel
llandnrlger. damage iB 7 J 5, Ub J VVe.t Ninety Orst
atreet, Charles W DstIs, damage Btc. B.V3. 1 10 Rut
Uro.dway. Aa:ber aaJliru, damage trlfllpgi Uilft,
I VOO Third avenue, hobtrt 1, Johnson, datdage 0.
Aathoar Cllnchy Ceta a BS.O0O Jon ajalarle
or More City Itmrletrea ('nt,
Anthony Cllnchy was appointed Inspoctor of
Meter Tests In tho Department of Publlo Build
ings, Lighting and 8uppllcs vestcrday by Com
missioner Kenrnev. Cllnchy was formerly
State Inspector of Gas Meters. Four years ago
charges were mndo ngnlnsl him beforo Gov.
Morton nnd Cllnchy resigned. He has been n
Tammany man In politics. His salary In his
new post will be $4,000 n year. O. P. IMwards
was appointed receiving clerk by Commissioner
Keating nt n salary of $1,200.
Commissioner of Correction Lantry has dis
missed John Kerr, who wns the Warden of the
District Prisons In Mayor Strong's administra
tion. A fow weeks ago Kerr's salary was re
duced from $2,500 to $1,000 n yenr and ho was
ordorod to Rlkcr'a Island ns Wnrdcn of tho
Workhouse. Ho did not report for dutj, alleg
ing that tho reduction nnd transfer woro Illegal.
Commissioner Lantry consulted Corporation
Counsel Whalon, nnd acting on his advlco dis
missed Kerr. John J. Mullinll, a keeper, hni
boen dotallcd to do Kerr's work. Commis
sioner Lantry has reduced tho pay of forty ono
keepers In tho Kings County Penitentiary
from $1,000 to $000. The salary of Dr. Cluirlrs
F. Yerer, rcsldont physlilnn at tho ponltcn
tlarv, has beon cut from $1,000 to $7'H. nnd
Dr. Homer L. Bnrtlctt, ono of tho physicians,
nnd five guards hn.t) boen dismissed.
Tho Clinrlllet Commissioners have appointed
Joseph U. Poarco, Jr., Superintendent of tho
Richmond Almshouse at a salary of $1,200 n
year. Ho will bo assisted by the following
BtalT: Gertrude Murray. Port Richmond,
matron, salory $.130; Mnry Ralph, Port Rich
mond, assistant matron, enlnrv $J50; Mary K.
Richards, Port Richmond, seamstress, salary
$.1&0: James Mnra, Port Richmond, foreman
and farmer, salary $100; Frank Dlctrlck, Port
Richmond, watrhuiin, enlary $400: lsoao L.
Mlllspnugh, Richmond, physician, salnrr $1So.
Tbe Board of Public Improvements han ap
pointed William J. Haggorty stenogrnphor and
typewriter nt $1,200 a year. Tho bo in! took
Its axe Into the Topographical Department on
Tuesday and tho nay of 10.1 cmployoei was re
duced, hlphtccn of tho sufferers wero assist
ant engineers, computers, threo draughtsmen,
two assistant draughtsmen, four transltmen,
ton topographical draughtsmen, flvo levellers,
four rodmen, twolvo cnalnmcn, twenty-eight
axemen, two clerks, and a stenographer, and
ono computer nnd draughtsman. The cuts
range between $200 and $20, moat of them be
ing In the neighborhood of $176 a year.
Comptroller Coler has announced tho follow
ing uppolntmonta: , .
Deputy City l'nymaster, David J. Van Win
kle $ 500
l-'llor' of Coupons, Auditing Bureau ftempor
ary), Miss Alice Lamb, $12 a week.
Inspectors in Auditor's Department, William
M. Hornn. $1,200; J. F. Scanlan, $1,600; Ed
ward J. Fltxpatrlrk. $l.n00.
Registrars of Clalmt, In Auditor office, John
II. Uobinion. John B. Gray, $1,100 each.
Examiner In Auditor's Department, George
J. Gibbons, $1,200.
Messenger, John J. M. Cana, $1,000.
Bookkeeper, Edward T. Clarity, $1,000.
Warrant Clerks (temporary), Bernard II. Far
rell, John O. Galhighci, $.1 a day.
Warrant Registrar, Thomas F. Lanagmn,
Cartman. William Delancey, $3 n day.
Assistant Clerk of Accounts, John Hartjen,
I'oymster's Clerk, T. A. 8nedeker, $1,300.
Assistant to Accountants, J. Fabey, $3 it day.
Warrant Clerk In Auditor's Department,
John Carey, $900.
Temporary Clerk, William C. Thomas, $3 a
Disbursing Clerks, John Kuhler, Jamas Car
lin, $1,000.
arrant Clerk, James Carroll, James Han
Ion. $1,000.
The Park Commissioners have fixed the fol
lowing talarirs: V J. Rose, landscape architect,
$2,500; C II. Woodman. Superintendent or
Supplies and Repair', 2,000; P. W. fat. John,
General Foreman, sp.!,O0O.
Contractor Donas''. Ron Compelled to Teotlry
llerore tho Grand Jury.
Assistant District Attorney Clarke of Brook
lyn Is conducting the examination beforo the
Grand Jury of witnesses in tho Investigation
into the charges tbat about $80,000 wns unlaw
ful!) disposed of during tho administration of
City Works Commissioner Willis. Tho con
tractors vv hose names hav e appeared in connec
tion with those charges ara Doody, O'Connor,
Haywood, Frazer, and Finkle.
Daniel I'. Doody. t son of Contractor Daniel
Doody, was called a a witness yesterday, and
Mr. Clarke asked him a number nf questions.
He declined to answer them on the ground tint
he was acting on tho adv ice of counsel. Mr.
Clarke then had young Doodj Hrraignod beforo
Judge Aeplnull and nsked tbe Judge to Instruct
the wltnc&s to answer.
Jerry A. Wernberg, counsel for Doody, said
that tho District Attornev had no right to toko
hU client beforo the jury and uso any part of
his testimony acalunt film
"1 ids Is a genera I Investigation," Mr. Clarke
said, '"iho former Commissioner of City Works
has been beforo the Grand Jury nnd expressed
himself us being astounded atwhat has taken
place. Tho former Mavor, according to docu
mental evidence before us, is astounded. Now ,
between these two peaks Is the rottenness, and
we are sounding the dnpths and shoals. If
every wltncaa can go to some attorney as dis
tinguished as my learned filend here, and on
his advice rcfuso to answer, w'e might as well
drop tbo investigation at once."
Judge Aspinnll said that be would order the
witness tonnawer the questions, and if he again
refused then be was to be brought before tbe
" I hope," said Mr. crnberg, " that when he
refuses tho next time ho will say it is because
the answer might loud to incriminate him."
Mr. Clarke protested at tho remark made by
Mr. Wernberg. und Judge Asplnall said that he
wotiid see that Justice wurt done.
When Mr. Doody again appeared before the
iury bo answered most of tho questions asked
iy Mr. Clarke, but retimed on personal grounds
to answer others.
Tbe Comptroller'. Itrnlr to the Civil llervlce
Il.rorin As.oeljllon.
Secretary Goorgo McAnenv of the Civil Ser
vlee Reform Association received tho following
letter yesterday from ComptrollerColer, In reply
to a communication touching certain appoint
ments: "I havo requested from thoC'orporatlon Coun
sel an opinion as to tho necessity for the ap
proval of tho new rules by tho fatfcto Civil Ser
vice Commission, ihi being the most important
legal point rnifcd In youi communication. As
to the details In regard to employees who, as
you state, have keen improperi) uppolutod, I
beg to thank you for tho Information i oiitului-d
in jour Icttei. Uach instanco cited by yuitvvlll
receive the most careful conslderttlon by tho
Departmtnt of 1'inanco before payments aro
in id e of the salaries of such appointees. I beg
to aaaure on th.it I will at all times appreciate
Bitch assistance of thin character as you may be
able to ofler. with a v lew of protecting the city
and tho Department of Finance from tbe results
of any violations of the Civ 11 Service law, rules,
and regulations."
Mr. McAnrny says that tho stand taken by
the Comptroller Is satisfactory to the associa
tion, which holds that the city civil service
rules must be approved by the State Commis
sioners, and Intends to prosecute any person
who violates the law.
The Civil Service Reform Associ ition's Ex
ecutive Committee met Ust evening at the City
Club. Thirty-tlftn street and Filth ave.iue. and
decided to test in the courts at once the legal
ity of the municipal civil service regula
tions. Secretary George MiAneny said after
the meeting that an effort would no
made to arrange a friendly suit with
Corporation Counsel Whalen and Comptroller
Coler on the question of submitting tbe rules to
the Stato Hoard, The association decided also
to contest the legi'lily of the rules In all enses
whore the) removo from the competitive class
places in which examinations havo been
successfully held, such as superintendents of
hospitals and asylums, Wurdcnsof prisons and
beads of bureaus In tho Health Dsnartment,
and cases vvhero an excess of "confidential'1
appointments aro made. Tho association will
also carry to the courts cases in which emploees
are dismissed nnd places abolished and places
having the same duties are made.
President Cuggeabelmpr's Plan or Gathering
All Departments Under Ono Iloor.
President Guggonbelmerof tbe Council, who
Is a member of the committee of the Sinking
Fund Commission having in charge the ques
tion of gathering uuder one roof all the depart
ments which now have quarters in building
not belonging to tbo city, thinks that the
Problem could he helved by making the new
(allot Rocords, which is to bo built at Cham
bers and Crntro street thirteen stories high,
instead of eight. John It. 1 nomas, tho archi
tect who drew tho plana for tbe building, has
been asked tor an opinion concerning tho prac
tlcabilit) of the proposed change. Ills answer
is expected to morrow.
81,000.000 rtir New Srlio.l nausea.
The Brooklyn School Board ha decided to ask
for the Usue of $1,000,000 for the erection of
new school houses,
mil iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii' "'' ''',
Qorr.Jtxon oe pexxstlfaxia.
Ho Arcrpta tho omlnatlon of tho nualneoa
Hen and Malies a kharp Attack Upon tho
Machine Methods eit qua llepubllran
thnagrment He la Itendy la Vlslit at Oner.
Piiiladrlviiia, March 0. John Wnnamakcr
mado publlo to-night n letter addressed to a
commlttco appointed by n meotlng of Republi
can business men of the Stato In which ho con
tents to enter tho fight for tho Republican
nomination for Governor. Ho says:
"I consent to bo a candidate for Governor, In
pursuance wllh your requcSt presented to me
Feb. 7, M) loply to you has boon necessarily
dolaycd, Thoso aro tho reasons: I havo not
wanted to become n. candldnto nnd add lo
my labors tho duties of personally con
ducting a campaign. I have been endeav
oring to pcrsundo you to solcct any ono
of n dozen men of the Slate nvailablo for tho
place. I ardently hoped that tho leaders of tho
Republican party would nccopt tho notice
served upon them by tho bourso meotlng, that
tho people intended to havo something to say a
to who should bo tliclr next Governor.
"Tho developments of tho past two week
have beon invaluable to your causo and conclu
sive upon me in determining my action. The
crisis upon us Is awfully serious In Its bearing
upon tbo future standing nnd of tho State's
prosperity. Since tho last threo county conven
tions I have had n olraror vision of thedangersof
the situation, nnd now, after taking ample time
to analyze oxlstlng conditions, and having care
fully considered every phase of tho situation
from all political standpoints, I hare arrived nt
this final decision with a comprchenslvo knowl
edge of what tho contest involves personally
and what the chances of success are.
"I am neither deceived nor influenced by
falso hopes, and know full welt what my pros
pects of success nre. with tbo drlegate-electlnr
machlnery in the hands of the enemy, with
primaries and conv cntlons bo manipulated as to
defeat Instead of register tho will of tho voter;
with the samo blgli-hnndcd methods that were
employed to send an almost overwhelming dele
gation to the last National Convention In
structed for Senator Qiny, when an overwhelm
ing majorit) of tho v titers of the Stato were for
McKiuler; with manufactured contests and
bogus clnlins, to bo HUMtalncd by a Stato Com
mlttco that can be relied upon to Beat enough
contesting delegates to give the machine
randiilato i majority ob w as dono at InBt year's
State convention with tho delegates of the
Twcnty-Bcvcnth district of Philadelphia and
tho contest that is now set up. without a scin
tilla of regularity or legality In tho Twenty
fourth district of Philadelphia, Involving six
delegates, and with u hairman who gives
timely warning that the Stato organization will
be against mo If nominated.
" But 1 ftin no moro moved by these conditions
than by the rumored deals of politicians, the
threats of churacter assassins, tho tongue of
slander, or tho tact that nearly one third of all
tho dolcgatcs to tbe next State Convention hava
already been elected.
"I ignore all personal considerations. I ac
cept ) our invitation ns n call of duty, and, nink
lng tho issue ono of principle, not spoils. I am
ready logo forward with vou In your bnttlofor
political emancipation, convinced that the rignt
will ultimately triumph and that tbe peoplo de
siro to nettle the question tbemsolves, and settle
it this very ) ear.
"If this action of vours in bringing me Into
tbe Held creates discord within party ranks I
tnko no blame therefor, ns I havo not solicited
the nomination. Neither is it essential that I he
elected Governor. It will cost me nothing to step
aside at nnv time for such a man as vou and your
associates agrea to who represents something
more than n slate or tho will of a porpetuatlng
boss. I Bimplv hold it to he imperative tbat
somo one shall be selected to whom tbo inter
cslsot the Mate cm be safely intrusted, who
shall rcprosenl the people, not the edict of any
one mun.
"'lhcrcfore. lctthcrobenn misunderstanding
as to where tho rosponsibility rests, and let the
Republican voter demuiid a strict accounting.
With school funds long past due. nnd Dcrsonal
propcrtv taxes withheld from counties to allow
the Stato 'lroiBiirir to farm out millions
of dollars to favorite banks; with a Cap
itol commission hrcaKlng down tho restric
tive b irrlors ' rccted by popular sentiment, and
planning a building that will cost millions
when completed; with tho knowlcdgo that in
demnltv bonds, padded pa) tolls, Lexow hills,
legislative junketings androilcagograbberswlll
be paid out of tho state trcueury. it tbe ma
chine elects Its Govornur, lam convinced from
proofs In my hands from all pirts or tho State
that the people are ready to unlto with you In
driving hack tho bosses and reentering upon
their rightful Inheritance.
"'Iho nctt chief executive of Pcnnsjlvanla
must ho a mun possessing tho fullest confidence
of tho peoplo, without a Lexow collar nnd freo
from ever) stamp of tho machine. When the
people n-e thev -tie nil powerful todeclnre tho
end of misguvcrnmenl of cities and States. It
may take time and toil, but thero must be many
tru men and women in Pcnnsvlvania ready to
takoastand and remain btanding until a new
order of politic s in an accomplished fact.
"Somobod) must begin. I am ready to do my
part. The light iniiat bo fought and foutrht to
tho finish if it takes nil summer, with the
autumn ami winter thrown in. My views In
detail as to tho live issues of the hour I may
have the honor to givo hereafter."
Tbe f II.' New lontral 11 Committee.
TheClti7ons' I'nion's Central City Committee,
which met to organize on Monday evening, told
yosterdny the names of its ofllccrs. They are:
Chairman, Arthur Von Briesen; First Vice
Chairman. A. S. Ilnlght, formerly treasurer of
the Ilrookl) n Committee of Kif t j : Second Vice
chairman, John W. Weed of Queens; Treas
urer. J. Kcnnenv Tod; Finance Committee, Ed
ward 1) Page, I'crclval Knnuth, nnd S. Perry
Sturgea of llrookh n; Nominating Committee,
J. Dc Witt Warner of the Bronx, Fielding L.
Marshall, and T. C. Huntington.
rw lork Town Klecflona.
Sauatooa. March 0. The result of yester
day'a town meetings throughout Saratoga
county is that tho board of twenty Supervisors
will be equally divldod between the Domocrats
and Republic ins. Last vrnr the Democrats had
only fnui members, and they have nude n clear
gain of six. This is tho first tlo in tho Board of
Supervisors since 1878.
Wan lie Pit.brd Into th( ttlver ror lleriiatna
lo t.lfe iilm llee'r stones. Dead.
James Qulnn, n brass Ilnlslier, who, when
fished out of tho North River at Fifty-first
street on Tuesday night, said that he had beon
pushed In by n beggar to whom he had refused
beer money, died at Roosevelt Hospital at 10
o'clock lust night.
When Qulnti a story was told to the police of
the West Fort) seventh Btrcet station on Tues
day night, they laughed at It and said he was
probably drunk. When they were Informed
last night that ho was dead the) becamo lan
guidly Interested and speculated upon tbe pro
priet) of dot illliigadetcctlvuon the case.
(Julnn'u wife cuiiie to tho hospital last night
from her home at 1 l'l Perry street, Pntersnn,
.N.J. She Warned of her husband's condition
from the newspapers, and begged enough money
among her neighbors to lamo to Now York,
She Biid that slio mid her husband were
almost destitute and that bu had left hor ten
dnyHagoto go Won ester, Mass., to look for
work. She had supposed that he was in
?r.4.vr Ei.ErArr.it no ad extended.
Uptown Tfimmnny sien Moo u Othor Notation
or the llnpld Troo.lt Problem.
The Tammany General Commltteo of the
Twenty-third Assembly district passed a reso
lution last night criticising the Rapid Transit
Commissioners for its want of action In furnish
ing rapid transit, and favoring the extension of
tbe Manhattan Klovatrd road on the weat side
asfarns Vonkers as the only solution of the
problem possible vrttblu the coming decade. A
commlttco was appointed to further this end.
Pell Heart at au PlevntrU (Halloa.
Henry Tunkle of 401 West Thirty eighth
street fell dead nt tho 1'iMli street station of
the Sixth avenue elevated railroad at 3:30
o'clock )rsterdny morning. An autopsy snowed
that his deatli wan duo tu heart disease.
IBsakma I
Absolutely Pure. I
One of the Greatest Generals of the War,
Cured by Dr. Greene's Nervura. 1
- 1
The World-Famed Commander of Armies Made $
Well by Dr. Greene's Nervura, Blood and Nerve
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. . . . , . ,, from experience. I linve used It for catarrh iv
war Gen. Longstreet stands out In Drii- an(j jlave (icriveti help.
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sociatd the names of Grant, Sherman ana scason nll(1 cnHjL,t tj,no 0f tI10 ycar in &
Sheridan, so will the pages of history asso- which to get well. It is also nn ncknowl- K
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A Comle Opern Slnarer round Dmn In m Coord
Ins nouae In Dollos, Tex.
Dallas, Tor.. March 0. "Mrs. George U.
Clnrk, whose state nurne vvae Louise Lancas
ter, is believed to hove committed suicide at a,
boarding uouso on Itoss avenuo this evenlnc
She was shot throuifh tho heart. Mrs. Clark
nnd her husband were at tho head of a travol
llnir comic opera company that became stranded
In Oklahoma Territory rocoutlv. They came to
Dallas and Mr. Clark had concluded arrange
ments with the local Cuban Independence
LeBifiio to play a benefit for a " Maine memorial
fmX part of the prooced; to go to tbooncra
comimn nnd part to be forwarded to Now
York for t io " Maine memorial.
borne Trovstery surrounds the .tragedy. Mrs.
Clark was apparently alone. Tersons coming
Into the house found hor dead In the liallwav.
near the front door. A platolwas by her side
and near her hand. She was on y partly dressed,
ller hand satcbol, her stage Jewelry, nod her
bunch of keys were gone. Between the mat
tresses of her bod was found a letter, sealed.
Stamped, and addressed to her cousin, lloyd K.
A. Groec. I'lttaburg. I'a. Tho envelope also con-
,aCoronereSitelton has the letter, and will hold
an innuest to morrow. '1 he rioad onmn is from
Pltutiurg. Her husband is from Uiiltlmoro.
Prerorrod Dfath lo Ibo Poorliooao.
Tauntov, Mass.. March O.-Kdvv nrd Pierce,
about 81) years old. killed himself tills morning
rather than go to, the poor farm. Ho had no
relatives hero, nnd vv bon his snytnirs. amount
ing to SJ.OOII. wero gone, it was di'il'le'l that lio
must io supported by Hie cits. I c left a letter
In which ho gave reasons for the deed.
Alriondar Hecall Commits Suicide.
Dallas, Tex., March 0. Alexander Segall, a
former director of the orchestra at tho Kilon
Muses In New 'V.ork, committed suicidont Hous
ton last night b) taking morphine. Ho vvuaa
native of ltussla, 17 seats old.
THE C. P. It. it. CV1S AQA1X,
Ono nn Travel I'lrat Cloaa rrom Toronto to
Man Franclarn Tor 40.
Totto-vTO, March 0. Tho Canadian Pacific
Ilallrond announced here to-daj, iin was ox
peeled, a further cut In rates to the roabt of
about $5 "II round, nnd it Is expected that the
Grand Trunk will Immediately follow suit.
The cut this time la of a serious character. It
affects not only Ontario and Quebec, but eastern
Canucta and possibly the Kastern Nnlea.
Tlaougli railroad rates are now Uemoralln d
prnctltnllv ull over the continent, and the
Canadian Pacific, which has inado all tho cuts
so far, will, If nee essnrv .drop rates again, for It Is
in a position todoso. When ono can trav el almost
4,000 miles for 'J5 It Is pretty cheap truvrlllni:.
That Is tho position in regard to raid fioiii M.
John, N. 11 , to tho I'aelllo roast. '1 liu t lit from
hero to San IVaticlcco by way of utratner from
ilrltiab Columliin makes the faro III. I Ills Is it
prodigious cut on the present rale, which Is
$74 00 flrBt laai and IK SO second class
Momkfai, March P. Iho llliiid Irunk to
night announces that lo murrmv It will Issito u
now turilT, meeting the r. I' II. It.s cut at all
points 1'urtbcr cuts are expected.
Atlnnln nnd t hnrlntlr sir l.liio Klei-llou.
At the nnniinl meiijiijr yesterday of Iho At
lantannd t'liarlotlo ir I Inn Ilnl.vv i I'oiuptiiv
(Itargn 1'. C.inliild wi a .lotted n director in the
plnco of the Intc It. II. Itlrheslir. Souther
changes were mido in thu board ot in otllccii..
Itanard rur tbe .Murderer r Vt. IN Hun lilna,
Pltnvini'NCi, It. I., March 0, Tho entire de
teetlvo force of tho citv Is rngiigod in militia.'
for the burglar who shut and killol William tl
Hutchiiis, the wealths soung jewelrs inaiiti
fiicturir, lam night. Drapite nil thuelTiiita of
tho police tho man is stlil at large, and It is
believed that ho will uover bucsptuied. Did
description nf tho mania of the moat uieugre
character, and thoiiuthoritlcH hate little In the
way of clua. Iho Masor offered a inw.iriof
$500 this inornlnc; for the apprehension of the
Crown Lavender Salts is M
as fine as chemistry and m
capital can produce. It is
the queen of smelling salts, I
and is refined, invigorating $
and refreshing.
CROWN PrnfTMHRV. CO , Load", Porta. .
I I Mil !! Willi! I1M 1 5"
nj j;-
afjriSvrSSin Evcrsl'ody Wears One.
ifi-i'T'rT& j3v lur new pin. n miniature of igV1
tfeliySjyS' the f minus battln-ahlp Maine. 2f
Tl unit. Hi Itivanalliirlior, mado m
......... 11 -.''rim'llviriri,iildplate.wlta Tf
FREEI I FflEFlwhlUfiioiiiellelliulliindbljrlc ,1
I ,u,u,buii im Mai limitation Wo At
11 wlllKiv(MliiaAnsi),Ll'r.LV
Fltl'.Ktoaiivnnosrn'llngu lu cents In atumps to ,
puyiKiituftr ei , cm the pin ainl nur clcgvnt cata-
fnuitf timplrv Number Isllmtteit Send to-day. if
LtlHTlS, .li:U I'l.tfV O , . Alllel.orn. Man. 3
TIiot lladn'l llnnrd Thai Ihn Trails Morn erf fi
lluril ItnMds lo Travel. S
Sas Fhascim (i, March'.). The strnmcr Moan A
arrived to dus from Australia one day nhoivd of Ji
the schcdulo tlmo Sim brought sixty Klondike V
prospectors fiom tho Coolgntdlo and other weat )
Australia mining camps. '1 licj I. nuw very little $
about the Northern countrs, uml wero much
discouraged when told of tho hardships tbat M
tiinsl bu unit on the trulls
'Iho steamer also hi ought if 1.500,000 in I
rngliith sovereign1, consigned to tho Anglo- J;
('ulifornlu and ,jiidon, I'm J and American V
hi like. ij,
'Iho Zcnlatidln. which nirlvrd tortiy dlrrri fe
from Honolulu, icinirts tho ttuniilpst passage S
knnvn in S'ni". Tiii) mil whs iirrleil away f.
mid in nv j pl.tte glass li im lies thick In a port H
hole writ. Ktituxhi'il h) scan and uuiivo btntcruotni
were flooded. ;
The 42d Street Store J
of E. B. Meyrowitz. v
Oui New l-.vt.tHislmient at 125 W.
'12vl St. ib now open. Residents of ,
the upper W'e A SuL" ami .uijacent $
Milnnb.m distiicts will luul there an
e.Uct coiinU'ip.ut ol tnu 2 id St.
lle.ul.iiaiiers lur eu'lie, spec-
tadei, aiui 1retiM.1l opp.ul, electrical ;
an J plioiu'i.ipnu goods
& TWO 104 EAST 23Q ST.
Ti4 STORES 125 WES7J 42D ST.

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