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IBmw cottattonATxos or tub n'naotXTED
Mni cnvnan iir iraur nonoKBX.
fBef-rleas) Ceanaett y ttUbe Trimrsr, Dele.
Ct Martlaelll Kara Kui anil CatHlaal
. Ota Preaches DMerlalloe. el the BdlBcs
Hji 3 Thera wars service of threo hoar' duration
$ fat tha consecration of the renorated fiu Mich-
g Jr aVa Passlonlst Monastery OhoVch in tVnit Ilo-
HWi, boktm yesterday morning. The church has been
?- "T closed for about fifteen month, daring which
tine 1U Interior baa been deoorated at a cost of
$80,000. Tho services began at? A.M. The
war conducted privately, In compliance with a
ttsla bf the Catholla Church, by Xllshop Wig-irer
of Newark. Bishop WUfier yran atitited by
WiV the following: tha Very Hot. Father Charles.
WmK " P" deacon8 Th9 T,T Father Albert, a
tfti& ' P" of Cincinnati, sub-deacon; the Iter. Q. I).
tin' O'Nell. Chancellor of tha Diocese; tho Very Iter.
Ilwl either Joseph, C. P., and the Her. Father Haiti,
I&J3 1' Mtera ot Coromoniea; tho Iter, Father
I'lrv eo' p" Biaconue Custos; the Very Iter.
UaY. Father Stephen. C. P., of Dunkirk. N. Y.j the
full 'I Ver RoT Fntber Peter - ' "t Br, Panl. the
HA 1 i Bov. Fathor Fellr, O. P., of Baltimore, and tho
SB !TK Ker 'Bther Andrew, O. P., of Cincinnati, rello
JE Ji bearers; the Iter. Father Jerome, C, P., thurlfer
Bj ff of altar; the Iter. Father Alexis, C. P., croii
LyT bearer; the Iteri Father Alexander. O. P., book
Iff bearer; the Rev. Father John Francis, C. P.,
l candle bearer; the Iter. Father Cyprian, C. P.,
M iivOroxier: bearer; tho Iter. Father Hilary, C. P.,
rl it?ltro bearer and tho llev. fathers Uenedlct.
3 '., Clement, Jerome, Hubert and JOyrll. C P.,
t m chanters.
UP i The sepulchro containing the relics was
' I aealoil by Brother llonavcmuro. An altar boy
111 . acted as censer bearer and another carried holy
il i Water.
r.l . i After the consecration the church was opened
f St' I to those v,ho had tickets. On the dome Moat-
I iS I " lar?i American Hair, Almost overy seat
VvLi I " lll1 cdltlco caa occupied at 10:30 o'clock,
ftTXa l when Papal Delcirato MartlncllilbeKun the l'on-
Miv tlncal niaes. Cardinal i lbboni prcuoheu on tho
;'Hk, text "There; shall bo ono told and ono fclhop-
4 ' I herd." Ho told how many of the temples of old
Jts-KB were built. Ono king, hu said, noJfU prepare
(Uj'Uxl tho Plani another would elaborate lipou them,
InlimK. nc" nnother nould carry thorn Into effcot. bo
m-Msf (ICwas, ho said, witii at. .MIchaol'M, which has
WiWb been twice nlterod anil Iinprored slnco its foun-
nf datlon. Ho ended by bleselnir tho pcoplo of
'II an West Hohoken and commending them for their
mwm ) afforta in constructing such a maunltlcent edl-
MM I lice.
atSH Archbishops Corrltrnn of New York nnd Ryan
Uk i of I'hlladolphln and u large number of priests
I V- ' from other cltlos wero present. At tho close of
111) . " tDP "lornlnt sorrico thenrlcsts repaired to a
Itll'' banquet at Lyceum Hall in High street.
U' In tho evening, at 7:30, Pontlllcal vespers
R5 wero conducted by UUhop wlgger. The must-
,r ' cal programmo Included porformsnees by eight
ill i , soloists and the Monastery Choir and grand or-
Hi chestra.
1(1 ; Tho interior decorations of St. Mlchool's
J Church equal. It is ealrt, if I hey do not surpass,
I those of any other church in this country. Tho
M palntincs on tho walls and ceiling ar.t the work
UK of the artists Ituby aud ltamhush. The prorall-
M ing colors are Ivory and gold. On either sldo
jfr are two rows of massive marblo pillars. In
the niches are large; statues representing the
A AtHisLles.
ri The main nltar Is ot Carrara marble. On tha
mtjf front, is sculpturedllxonnrdo Da Vinci's "Lost
V Kuppor." Over this altar and supported by four
t columnsof Sienna marble is a glass canopy 21 by
g : Vi feet, on tbe apex of .which is a gilded cross 40
L. feet in height. The cross is studded vlth bril
RT i, Hants. On the nail behind the altar is a repro-
j aentatlon of the rising sun. There aro two sldo
1 allurs, also constructed of Carrara marblo,
Wk over one of which is a representation In alto
g relievo of tbe Sacred Heart and over tho other
Wb a renrosentatlon ot the founder of tho PasMonlst
Ht order, SU'Paul of the Cross, ascending to lieaq-
Vt en. Kach group Is inclosed in n fraco of
Wk , cat ved marble. Two other sldo altars are yet to
i bo erected. They will be or wblto marble.
HI The church was founded by the llev. Father
Cauvlu in 1840. Services wero;flrst held in a
aCT coach hotiso on the cstato of Jnmes Ifcrrlsnn.
mm Tho flrst church was erected at. Clinton nvcnuo
Hi ami Korrigan's lano, now High street, In
B 1851. and wnVknown as Our Lady of Mercy, or
H) Bt. Mary's. In 18(11 tho church was assigned
H to tho Passlon:ets by Uishop.Bayley. A few years
in tor twentv. acres wero; purchased from tliu
Cerr!gaix.estate for tho erection of tho present
Hj adidce.'the corner stone ot which was laid on
MM jtrne 18, 1800. by Bishop Uayley. The dodlca-
HT tlon ot the new monastery occurred 'on Sept.
B 29, 1804, and the 1'asalonlsts took formal
mm charge of"thelr now home, changing Its name
J to that of St- Mlchaol. A new wing has been
m? addnd to the atructuro, and three new bells have
IV. a been placed In tho south tower.
wi' ' While tho. church was boing renorated ser--i-fi
rices were bald in the basement.
$ "'tmSUrisicAX, ixaiDEXTB.
wt An Enterlalnraent far the Itlalae Sailers' Moan-
, laent-ltuatlons In Dramas.
tf The benefit for the Maine Memorial Monu
fif , tnent at Roster It Dial's last night brought out
(I1 tnoro Enthusiasm than any that has preceded
i v ' It. It was the first to occur since hostilities
!t ' commenced, and every Incident that made It
. :. , possiblo brought such demonstrations as no
frt t previous performances have seen. Tho sum of
Juf " (2.500 was added to tho fund. A. II Hummel
IL, ; read from tho stngo with entertaining inter-
K" polationsof his own tho latest bulletins. In
fT... ; one box sat a party of sailors from the Now
Iir V York, who had bought tholr places -as a con-
lj ; tributlon to the fund for their comrades' monu-
2-c'' rnent. It was they who led tho demonstration,
IHL. Vr' ant tholr interest kept tho audience in a
P-Vi: continuous condition of excitement, Tho vnudo-
PHSv. rlllo progrnmhie, which 'was of good quality,
'1& seemed fiko an interruption to tho spirit
il.;' which tho partiotlo music inspired. Victor
if I llerbtirtund his Twenty-second Kcgiment Bnnd
.1 brought tho audience to Its feet with "The
Wf Btar-Spanglcd Banner." That song had been
on the programme once before, when Adelo
f Ritchie ssng It ut thoooeningof tho programme.
i Jennlo Venmans, York and Adams, Msry Nor-
illi xaan. the Rogers Brothers, and Ucorgo Monroo
Mr wero some of tho performers who added to their
iih . customary appearances the necessary elemont
Wi- to mako them additionally popular on such un
ftf oocaslon. Tho audlenco was anxious to share
$', as actively in the evening's work as tho actors,
ESS; ftnd it tried to sing with tho samo zest all of tho
SK ' patrlotio airs which wore beard during the
Pf beuent. With "Tho Star-Spanzird Banner" it
.'iliV luicecded better than any other btncflt which
V &' hns been given In the causa of tho Maine heroes.
'S .' But that was the result of the goneral enthusl-
Z.W' asm of tho occasion, which reuchod tho highest
Vat'i tnnrk that any thcatro audience has as yet
ItJL attained.
Tf E, Tho ability to build up an absorbing dramatic
!W', situation In Itself completely, efrortlvo is not
R,4 the Invariable accompaniment of the capacity
S", to wrlto a drama which shall be Interesting
M- throughout. There never was a play that suo-
iM oeeded through Its separate incidents unless they .
' T stll bore some essential relation to the progress
I ft ' of tbo general idea. If every ono helps the
ML sjtory on and besides la engrossing In it-
ftp aelf. , tho author Jiaa dono his work in
tfv almost ideal fashion, and the success do-
iWi? pends only on the theme. If that bo popular.
1 ; tbo fate of tho piece should be assured. Whan
h ' there Is a failure with separately good mate-
A ' rials, an analrsls.usually shows that'tho author
5 i bas sacrificed tho main Interest to that of Inci-
: ' gents whtoh really bear no vital connection with
' the subject or Indeed ars opposed to it. The
iji tsmptatlon to go astray thus is hard to resist.
In tho closely built melodrama of the day, de-
ti&'rfu Bibndlng tha accumulation of attention. It is
K' difficult to tsll always Just where tho essential
SV leaves oft andlunessentlal begins. But it is'tba
sVS accurate perception of that iolnt that dlstln-
mmw BUlshcs tbs play that Interests aa it progresses
BT from thu first grip ot Interest, makes tha heart
7rIY beat faster, and ultimately solves the problem
h 1 Of tbo plot us tbo spectators' emotion responds
! to the suthusiastiu applause. Such ore tho
I..'- plays that have the vital clement, nnd it Is
W thoio that dorlvo their clfoct, not from particn-
; ,: Jar incidents in themstlves. but from tbo on-
,. '1 ward rush of tbe story. Henry A. Du Bouchct
has the faeulty.of building up separate scenes
1 expertly. Thero was one of them In "Hands
' Down, acted at the Garden tho other after-
? r noon. Tbo fortunes of a family depend on tho
Jii event of horso race. The head of thu
T' house is blind, and when, tbe Jockey
''' shows his sprained arm and tells of the acci-
dent that will prevent him from riding, the old
'w ' man cannot see htm. The boy Is badly Wound-
f 3. Tho old man thluks that ho is about to
eK start for the paddock, and expresses his de-
fcj)' .ir(l to sbaku bis bund beroro he leuvos, Tbe
A ' boy hesitates aa the other's hand is outstretched
II' i toblm. But it is Important that tbe old man
If'-- should bo deceived. A look from his daughter
ifiKr determines the Jockey, aud ho writhes with
"& ' rain as his employur ilrinly grasps his bund and
a&UJ shakes it. Tha situation had positive effect,
mjut and liUtstwl obviously on ono simple rule of
m ' dramatic construction the rule of equivoke.
i'X n'he spectators knew that tbe boy was sulferlng
Dv and so did all thn characters on the stage, ex-
WE- cent the leading flguro In tbe action. ipt lonnr
S' ago Martlia Mortou on tho samo stage exhibited
aW? . her ability t contrhft Just such interesting
Wft situations. In "A Bachelor's llomanio" iv
B young girl was helped down u ladder by a tipsy
WW Hebaucheo, who was In.lovo with her. Thu girl
smwt ad gone up to the roof for no conceivable
bL:' tmrpose axocpt to bo assisted down by the slag-
mWL. Jrerlng follow, who made 11 soom as Uiougli she
mWf would fall. The audlenco know that tho man
il was drunk, but slio did, not.: and thu siisrcusu
mWM'- for her safety u not reilvwi until sho ullglitcd.
mmm Tbft thing. lad no vaiuo In tho story whatover,
saH bofM cm incident It was charniliiu. Morocs-
P )UatUl -nas tha climax of an act In ono of Paul
If l'
aHBaawiteu iiiiByYirli jfcisiin ffHii as aT1fliTiirlsJt1it3''
1 ' i. i , , ' I I I j y
Llndau'a plays Ult winter at tha Irving Plaoe.
On, the Oerrasn stag of to-day It was surprising
to see such a tneatrlcal situation. An actress
engaged to n young man of proud family re
ceived a note ftom her ionnor lover, atklng for
rv meeting before he left the country. It usd
leen arranged that sho should return a blank
sheet ot paper If sho granted hit rcouost, Bhe
put the. paper into the envelope aud de
spatched It by her friend, who believed that
the man had been rejected, but tbe audience
knew that sho had accepted his Invitation and
would go to his rooms. Thero was not enough
ot o-jii-Uly good matter to make tho play sue
Kleonora Duse nlll play in Paris "Tbe Prln
coss of Bagdad," "Nora," "I Passe," by Porto
Rlcho, nnd potsib'y "Itedda Gabler," as well as
Bhakespeare's ; "'Antony and Cleopatra." The
play by Porto-ltlche was written for Barah
Bernhardt, who rejected It aft or tho dramatist
bad occupied a year tn writing it. Later It was
accepted at tho Od6on, anil failed utterly.
D'Annuntlo's "Gioconda" is another new work
In whlrh fihn will nnn anurftr. TThA Hlinlr-'-
spearean play was nt one time popular In her
rdoertolro. The unprecedented popularity of
"Cyrano do Bergerao" has led to an unusual en
terprise in Franco. A company has been or
ganized to net Rostand's poetic drama during
tho next tvo years In the French provinces,
Tunis, Bclzlum. Holland. Switzerland, and
Italy. Tho lending woman s rfilo will be acted
by a young woman who bad never been heard
of until hIio applied for tbo tlaco and made her
claim good by reciting the author's versos so
beautifully tnat she was Immediately engaged,
'the company Mill carry scenery, as well as UOO
costume, '.'00 pairs of shoes, nnd 1230 wigs. A
second company which has rehearsed tho play
will bo in Paris to Join the other actors In naso
of accident, and in addition to that precaution
every actor has been compelled to learn ono of
tbe other rftlcs than his own, to be prepared In
coso of sickness. Such organizations as tbls
aro common enough in this country, but in Eu
rope, whero they are practically unknown, tho
present cntcrprlso bus created n great ileal of
comment. Daniel Hnluvy. tho son of Ludovlo
Ilaluvy. was recently married in Pari?, and so
was Jacques HI-eU son of Ooorgo BItct. tbe
composer of "Carmen." Sarah Bernhardt se
lected forherrcitppcaranco "Lyslane," a comedy
by Romnln Coolus.
"Tho Uclsba" mot Its Waterloo In Paris after
hnvlng proved tho most successful light niusi
cnl production written In years. It was with- I
dr.iwn after n few performance-!, Snrdou's
"Pamela" will gu down to posterity nlong with
"The Crocodllo, ' "Thermldor" and his other
failures. It failed completely in l'aris and will
protinblv never bo acted outside of Prance.
Coquolln will roturn to tho Combdlo Frsn:nlso
uftur two years. It is not lmprobnb'e that
Sarah Bernhardt will ultimately follow his ox
nniplo and return to thn sceno of first IrluniDlis.
vetto Uullbert has lately returned to Varis
after a tour in Ucruinny, which was proof of tho
fact that her great popularity had not declined.
Plncro'a "Tho Magistrate" will soon bo pro
duced nt the Thcntro Cluny. Tbls fnrco is more
closely modelled on French methods than nny
that tho same dramatist over wrote. Germany
!presscd groat admiration for tho acting of
I-orbes Robortson and Mrs. Patrick Campbell,
although the audiences which witnessed them
were not largo, in splto of this Becrbehm Tree
is to be seen in Germany fcr a brief season next
year. Ho has decided not to produce tho ro
vlbtd version of "Tho Victoria Cross" written
by Paul Potter. Forbes Robertson says that bo
may noxt year aproor In Mosoow and St. Peters
burg. Tbe effects or Charlotte Wolter. tho
Viennese actress who died a year ago, wero ro
conlly sold in Vienna. It was found that 2,010
valuable nblects. Inelndlni? fttitiArh 1awa1h and
pictures, wero owned by her. The auction
lasted for six days. One of the most interest
ing oblccts In thn collodion was a ticket for tbo
King Theatre on the day that It was destroyed
by tho catastrophe whlcn resulted in the loss of
so many lives. F'au Wolter was detained and
started lato for tho theatre, nrrlving thero after
Uie tragedy hud happened. The collection left
by Frau Wolter Is said to bo unprocedentodly
Bernard Shaw's "The Devil's Disciple,"
whloti, has not yet been scon In London, will
shortly bo acted by Herbert Waring, a popular
London actor, who will thus make his com
mencement as a -star. Who Is tho young Amer
can dramatist that submitted a play with its
leading figure n physician to Sir Henry Irving
when he was last In this country! That drama
Is said to have suggested to him "The Medicine
Man," which ho is soon to act in London. Sir
Henry Is said to hnvo asked tho American to
writo tho play for him. 61r Henry Irving bas
not played a contemporaneous character In n
long play for many years. The dramatic
"sketch" has reached tbo London muslo halls,
and will soon bo tried tn elaborato form at tbo
Alhambra, which bos abandoned Its famous
ballets. Charles Frohmau has bought for this
country "A Brace of Partridges." which has
recently made a farcical success. "The Con
querors" has'not met with success-in 1ondon.
where- George Alexander and Julia Ncllson un
dertook tho leading roles. Louis L. Parker
has written both tho words and muslo of a
comic opora- to be allied "The Magic Picture."
Mr. Parser la also writing with Murray Carson
a new clay of Spanish life for Olga Ncthcrsolo.
Mr. Parker has also written a comedy for E.
3. Wlllard. Mr. Parker has also made. an adap
tation of "Tbe Three Guardsmen." Mr. Park
er is. to Judge from tho accounts of his works,
more in doniand than any other English drama
tist. Yet he has so far made in "Rosemary"
bis solitary success. "The Mayflower." "Tho
Happy Life," 'The King of Peru," and "Chango
Alley aro some of his plays, and tbo fate of
them is well known. Thoso were all notablo
failures, yet Mr- Parker's achievements, to
Judge from tho records of his plans, might hnvo
been mora successful than thoso ot any other
Kngllsh dramatist. Tho particular1 feuturc of
It. C. Carton's now drams, "Ixrd ond Lady
Algy" is a spectacular episode showing a cos
tume ball in the fashion ot tbo last century.
Tbe English playwrights respect the value of
millinery more and more. The production of
Conan Doyle's comedy has been postponed in
definitely. It Is railed "Brothers." and is now
two years old. Nellio Farrcn will draw an In
como of $1150 a month from tho proceeds of the
benefit recently given for her at Drury Lane.
The "supers" employed n tbo London melo
dramas have recently uttered a protest against
tbe soldiers who take pa-t in similar perform
ances. The authorities have permitted this for
fourteen vears, and tho "supers" my that it is
Impossible for them to compete w ith tho regu
lar soldiers in military plays. They threaten
to go on strike unless the coldlcrs are ds-enarged.
jENitiEO'xriLroTTEn iKor.zz.zrvB
The Blaenttonlst Refuse to Sea Visiters tti
Call at tbe Hospital.
The young woman who, under the name of
Anna B, Porter, was taken from tho St. Cloud
Hotel to Bcllevue Hospital early Saturday morn
ing to be treated for tbe morphine habit, Is
Jennie O'Nell Potter, an elocutionist. Sho bad
been at tbe hotel for about two weeks, and was
under tbo coro of Dr. Warren Adams of S2S2
Madison avenue. Three days ago ber brother
returned to Chicago after making bcr a short
On Friday night she was overcome by mor
phine in a cab at tbo Grand Central station,
and would have been arrested as Intoxicated
bad not a fellow guest at the hotel recognized
her. She refutes to see all visitors at the hos
pital, although a large number bare called on
Mrs. Tfhltner Continues to Improve.
Mrs. William C. Whitney continues to im
prove, and her condition was reported last night
as affording much hops for her ultimate recov
ery. She Is in the euro of Dr. McGahan, who is
with her constantly at her homo. 24 West Fifty
seventh street.
Court Calendar 1 his Day,
Appellate Dlililon Suprtmn Court Itecean.
Kupreme Court Appellate Tt-rm Motions. Appeals
from orders ot City Court Nos. I , It. Appeals from
judgments of City Court Nm. , a. 3, i. Appeals
from District Courts No, t lo 07, lucluslve.
Supreme Court Special Tfroi. Part I. Motion
calendar called at lOiSO A. M. Part ll.-Cnurt
opens at 10:31) A.M. Ex-psrte inatttri. Tart III.
Clear. Motions. Demurrers No. 70, 7t, USD,
007. Prcfarrmt cames-Noi. 4B74, 0878, 07:15.
Part IV. Clear. Lair and fart Noa. 0U13. shh,
0M1W, 01(81,41177. OtSt.lltna, 0141. 80i2. 0260,11010,
UIWO, lli)3. 1,11411, Ut)l4, 011119, "075, OtlBU, U70U.
021, (UVrt, 5041), SSS7, 074(1, OUlrt, B4U, 0010,
01)10. tUIIO, flnSO, 607H, 0730, 07JI, 0770, 0131,
0177, OHM, 0444, IIOOI, 0S2U. U:m, 1)317. 0043,
0010, 06J5. 00J0, 11711.', 0711. 871 H, 04UK, 0II2,
llilul, 43SU. 0246. part v. Clear. Caaea fnirn fart
IV. for trial. Part VI Motions to b tent Irm
ilpi'Clal Term. Part I. Part VII, Cases unfinished.
Elevated railroad caes. Trial Term Inrt II. Cl-ar.
Preferred causes-Sou. tOlHO, 143D7, 10001. IMiOl).
15000, lOSUa, 1B0BU, IO047. lSHtt), 121411, 141)41,
19780, 10113, ISOHO, 13081, 1300V, 1402, 188110,
1071)2.14141, 10709, 10547. 10001!. 13111. 19000.
Part 111 Cm unfinished. Kos, 01.10, 0207, Otitis,
0441, 10037. OtriH, IIIUH, OWfO, bJflO, 781V, 0011.
10007, 11003, 04.13. U37 7.11047, 10007, 8017, OJ20.
VtUH, 0446, 10000. 11140, 30CIO, ODIN. Htittl,
I'arl IV. Cane unfinished. Casta from rart III. foj
trial. Part V, L'aw ueOnlahed, Ouiea from Part III,
for trial, Part VI AUJournad fur tha term. Part
VII. Clear. Not. 7862, U0U3, 04H. 10032, 101HU.
77 1. 1000 1, 774S, 10031, 10317. 117UH. 10UIO.
10007, 1070. 1008, IIOIO, I002S, 83H. 7800
0014. 0180, H-41, 8070, 4001, B008. Inquutt-No.
I ODDS. Parla VIII. and IS. Adjourned for tbs terra.
Part X. Ooaa unflnlthed, Casea from Part VII, for
trial. Part XI. Clear. Costs from Part VII. for
trial. Part XII, Case unfinished. Csssa from Part
II. for trial.
Surrogate's Court Chambers Xn. 1500. will of
Marls . Cleveland, at lUitlO A, M. 'or Probata
Wills of John Uarker, at 10 A. M.I Charles K. llur.b,
Miriam Abraham. Frederick Schmidt, Peter llldeu
baeh, Milton If, Hobartaon. Simon Lambert, at 10;30
A. M.i AUKtiit Etenolf, William llell, at p. 51. Trial
Term-No. 1802, will. f lloia Itaab, at 10:30 A, M.
City Court Hpeclsl Term Couit ouena at III A. M.
Motions at 10:30 A.M. Clly Court Orueral Term
Appeals from ordeit Xos. I. S. 3. 4. 3, 11, 7. Appeals
front Judinielit-yo. 1. 8, a, 4, 0, 0, 7 Trial Term
Part I, Caae uuflulltled. No. 1412,302070, lrB.
30IH, 3H1S. 23 J. S4I, StOOIs, 0W, 8J07. 03m3 11300
4201 4013, 404N, 000. 4HOO. 200, 4t3. 4 74 B0OI
.JffAtlial'MBj. 4140. l7M.ll.0.'02l,0U.'.arts
a,UUaudtV,-Ad4ournaf((rtut.iiu. , ' -
Atrx'ovxcjsuBtfTa nr tub oovxmtr
t, '
natebM far Tvensn rronlasat tn the ehs)
nU-Trara Canteabs r ths alarbsr Dill slBy.
'era Plana at Tfa Din anal sVattanaea
Anaalcnrs Tf ba Ara lrcrnslngat tkedam.
Golf has no, mora nthutlastlo followers than
tbe 'women' nod men of ths Country Club ot
Wast Chester. Tbo women, who Include Mis
Beatrix Hoyt, the chitmplon, form fully a third
of ths regular players, a fact that the Greens
Committee has' taken Into account In preparing
tho schedule ot games for the season. The pro
gramme is ready and provides for one or mors)
competitions each week ftom May to December.
The extended nlno-hol course Is about 3,000
yards In playing length and Is well arranged to
bring out good golf. The putting groent ars
largo and true, while tho general lies aro very
fine. Tbs fact that the courso has bean a park
for some ten years, with the grass regularly cut
and rolled, aided greatly In preparing tha way
for tho golfers. Tbs following Is tbo pro
gramme: May 7 yirst moathly handicap for President's Cup.
May 17 First monthly handicap for the Ladles' Cup.
May BO Mixed foursome handicap for enp pre
sented by Jndgs OtldenleeTS. Ho entranoe feet.
June 11 Second monthly handicap for President's
Jans 14 flenond monthly handloap fer Ladles' On p.
Jans 18 The aildersleera Cup Handicap, madalj
roanfl in morning, ths best scores to play off match
play la ths afternoon. Pott entries, no fas. Cup pre
sented by Jndge Olldsrslesv. ,
June 83 -Choose-up " mixed f otuseme team match,
open to members and gueats,
July Independence Say Cup, open to men and
women members and their tntsts. Handicap, over
July 0 Third monthly handicap for President's
July IS Third monthly handicap for Ladles' Cnp.
Aug, 8 Fourth monthly handicap for President's
Aug. 18 Fourth monthly handicap far Women's
Sept. o Labor Day Cop. Usndloap epaa to mem
bers and guests.
Sept. 10 Fifth monthly bandleap for President's
Sept 24 Mixed foursome handloap, opaa to num
bers and guests.
Sept. S7 Fifth monthly handicap for Ladles' Onp.
Oot. 8 Sixth monthly bandleap for President's Onp.
Oct. 11 Sixth monthly handicap for Ladies' Cup.
Oot. 18, 14 and IB Open tournament.
Oct. S "Choose-up" mixed foursome team match.
Oct. 88 Women's championship of ths club,
eighteen holes, medal play. Oold medal to winner.
Oct. 3D Championship ot tho clnb, thirty-six holes,
medal play, Oold medal to winner.
Nov. 0 Pinal handicap tor Prettdent'a Cup, open to
winners and ruunera-up In monthly handicaps.
Nov. H Handicap, open to membera and guests,
Not. 9 Flual handicap for the Ladles' Cup. open to
winners and runntrs-up In monthly handtcapa.
ThankiclTlna- Day Cut a Mixed foursome handi
cap, open to membera and guests.
The number of events opon to guests of tbe
members is an innovation that should increase
the attractiveness ot the competitions. In addi
tion to the events listed there will also be play
for special cups In May and June, for which
members mny start ns many times aa they de
sire by paying a starting feo and taking out a
new card. The lowest card In each month will
win, irrespective of tho number turned in. A
suitable prize will be given to each winner of n
handicap In tho President's Cup series. In tho
"choose-up" tenm matches n powtermug will
be given to each member of tho winning team.
Tbe play of tho competitors In tbe Lakewood
open tournament was noted carefully by those
who aro already striving to solvo the problem
of tbe amateur championship. In the stylo of
tho men the opinion was tliut. Travis, II. Ilarrl
man. Taller, and Hobblns sbowod a distinct Im
provement in tholr methods of piny, and they
may be looked on as still in Iho advancing class.
Enchstrltcs to play in tho Scotch stylo, devot
ing care to the snlng and following through on
every stroke. It is evident that they bclievo
that no permanent honors will be gained in
golf by tho players who are wedded to
tho "get thero" stylo of gnmo. Klchard
son. after defeating llnrrimnn and Travis
in succeeding matches on Friday, was
naturally rather unsettled In his play on Satur
day, yet he attimes clearly outplayed Douglas,
notablyon the first four holcsof tbeserondulno
bole round, llichnrdson has an oasy stance nnd
n graceful swing, but he stands behind the ball
In driving, to counteract. It is said, a tondener
to slice. lie will be a Harvard freshman licit
year and ho has seemingly a brilliant golfing
future. Ho Is probably n stroke a holo better at
Luketvood than on any other course, for be is an
adept with the wooden putter and knows as
much about tho hollows and llltlo eleva
tions In the grounds as tbo earthworms
under tbe turf. Frequently lost week
Illcbardson used tbe wooden putter after tbe
drive to run tho ball up to the bunker and so
Jnlnachanco to play a raashlo to tho green.
ie also used the club on the short, puts. In situa
tions whero either Whlgham or Douglas would
hnvo changed lo a metal putter, Richardson's
weakest point is on the iron shots, which is
probably why ho favors tho runnlng-up shots bo
much, Douglas had not played since the
autumn, with the exception of a match on
Washington's Birthday, and his success showed
again ne is in a class by himself.
Tho Wee Burn Golf Club of Noroton, Conn.,
of wb'lch John D. Crlmmlns is President, will
open its new course of 2,715 yards on next Sat
urday with the first of a series of handicap
matches nt eighteen holes, modal piny, to con
tinue weekly until Saturday, June So. Tbero
will be two sliver trophies, ono for women and
ono for men. The prlr.es will bo awarded to the
players scoring the largest number ot points,
under tho allotment of 3 for a win, 2 for a sec
ond, and 1 for a third place in any match.
Tho Harbor Hill Golf Club hat arranged tbe
following team matches;
May 7, Powslton Club, at Kewburgi 11, Montclalr,
at Montclalri June 11, Nntley, at Mutleyi 86, Englo
wood. atEoglewoodi July 2, Hillside, at Plalnfleld.
Return matcnee at home Powelton, July Ut Xutley,
July lOt Mootelalr, Sept. 10; Englewood, July 20;
Hillside, Oct. 1,
While tbe course is closed the work on tbe
links is proceeding nicely, and when tho full
eighteen holes nre opened up the lies through
tlio fair green will not lie second to any In tho
country. On tho old nine holes the troes bavo
beon removed, bunkers lengthened, nnd drains
laid down. The courso nnd new clubhouse will
be reopened In Mny, a few days before tbe semi
annual club championships.
St. Louts, April 24. A largo crowd was pres
ent at tbe oponlng of the golf links at tbe Fair
Grounds yesterday afternoon. Tbe weather was
unfavorablo and tbe links In poor condition.
Despite tbls the Foulls brothers. Dire and Jim,
Clayed an exceptionally strong game. Dave
eat the bogie score by 1 stroke on the second
round and James tied it on tbo third. Tbo match
was closely contested. It was for trrcnty-sevoif
boles and James Foulls, tbe open champion of
1690, won by 1 up. Summary follows:
JsmesFonlls 8 4 74 B 4 4 4 441
Save Foulls 8 4 8 8 0 4 8 4 444
Jamas Foulls 8 4 7 8 0 8 8 4 4 18
Dare FjuIIs 4 0 8 8 4 4 8 8 4-88
rami) round.
James Fonlts 0 0 8 8 8 4 4 4 488
Dare Fouds 8 4 8 4 0 8 B'8 448
Total strokes James Foulls, 123: Davo
Foulls, 125.
Tbe accessibility of the links at tbo Fair
Grounds gives promise ot marked success for
the sport here, and the deep Interest manifested
in to-day's contest is a source of unusual gratifi
cation to local golf enthusiasts.
The open championship ot the IT. S. O. A. will
bo played on the Myopia Hunt Club links near
Boston June 17 and 18, not on Juno 10 and 10,
as Ills t announced.
G. P. Morosinl is tbo donor ot tho cup to be
filaycd for soon on tho publlo llnkB at Van Cort
unlit Park.
Tbo Oakland Golf Club season will open on
next Saturday afternoon with a team match bo
tnoeu tbe married and single membors, at
eighteen holes, match play, beginning at 2:10
Golf will continue to be tho chlof occupation
at Lakewood this week, with open mixed four
some contests for turco days at tho Ocean
County Hunt nnd Country Club, and on next
Saturday an algbtern-holo medal-play handicap,
alidwalicrs limited to 11I110 strokes, under tbe
auspices of tbo Golf Club nf Lakewood, open to
lads attending any college preparatt,ry school.
At least thlity schoolboys, it is thought, will
start In this competition.
N. T, V. Athletics.
This will be a busy week among the athletes
at tho New .York University. This afternoon tho
annual spring class games for the bowl offered
by Commodore Banks will be held at Ohio Field.
The events will be as follows) 100-yard dash,
220-yard dash, 440-yard run, 080-yard run, onc
mllo run, half-mile walk, high Jump, broad Jump,
100-yard hurdles, 220-yard hurdles, shot put,
polo vault nnd hammer throw, Tbe classes have
singled out tbe best men they can find for each
ovent, and close finishes will probably be the
rule. The 'varsity baseball team has three hard
games scheduled on Wednesday with Mannat
tan Softtgr. on, Friday with Maryland Cnirtr
sltv, aud qo Haturday with Uutgers at Ntw
" I H ' I ' ' ' I ''
Brunswick As two of the game will be played
thorns tho team will probably came out ahead,
Daring (lis first week In. Mny ths team will
inko ittrlp tip tho State, playing at Albany on
Mar 4 with tbe Sttto Normal School ; with
Union at Schenectady on theSth, and with 8yra
"cuts nt Syracuse on tho.Oth. The to.tfti has, trio
good Wtonors in-Brocket 1001. and Valentino,
'00. 'Tho former is a "southpaw," and, unlike
'most left-handed pitchers, has excellent control
of tho ball. Valentino has considerable speed
and la a good, Steady player. The schedule ot
the team after. May 0 Is as follows: May 11,
Manhattan Collego, at Jasper Field; 1H, Wes
loynn. at Ohio field.
The freshman team will begin the season on
.Thnrsdsy with the Trinity School team at Ohio
Field. Capt fitockell has been Imrd at.work
getting thotnen In trim. On Tuesday tbe team
will probably meet tho 'varsity in, a practice
frame. Manager McKIIUp announces tho fol
owing seJisdulo:
April Stf. Trinity School at Ohio Field 1 May , Brook
lyn fllghSthoolat Ohio Field Id, Berkeley School it
Berkeley OralilC. Montclalr High Hohoul at Mont
clalr: in. N, V. Mllltarv Academy at Cornwall: SO,
"rolyPrfp,"t llrooslyn.
Want, lo Flay Games.
The Oak dale Athletic Club has several Bnnd ays and
holidays for ont-nf-lown teams. Address Kd Powers,
lD7Kast ISrHhstreot.
The Commuter 1' P. II. Club wish to arrange games
for Saturdays and hnllnaye. Address Elliott Under
wood, msnagcr, llldgeneld Park, N. J.
TheComstJI. D. (t. would like to hear from teams
within 100 miles of New Turk, Address William 8.
Hunt, 03 Eighth street. Long Iiland City,
TheBnghtonshaveafew Saturday datas opes for
liberal guarantees! alto July 4 ftwo garnet). Address
N. Brickfield, 407 Clereland street, Brooklyn.
Ths St. George's Athl'tlo Clab would like to hear
from all strong teatna offering a reasonable guaran
tee. Address Samuel J, Rodgers, 807 .ast Sixteenth
Ths Lenox Baseball Club would like to arrange
ftunday games on tbelr own grounds with flrst-olats
teams. Address w". Merit, 1031 Ds Kalb avenue,
The Monoroh Baseball Club would tike to play with
teams with platers averaging 17 years. Address
Frank Rrnnle, In care Dr. Osorgo P. Jessup, Nsw
Dorp. 8. 1,
The Clifton A. C. has erganlred for thsaeaaonand
would life to hear from elubawlthlug to plar Sunday
games. Address Jsmet L. Vail, Rosobanfc Post Office.
Staten Island. ,
The TToward A. C. has reorganised for the aeaaon,
and would be pleated to hear from flrt-elaaa teams
to play 011 their ground. J. Lyon, 801 llanooek
street, Brooklyn.
The Sagamore Bissball Club would Ilk to hear
fmm all teams with rlayera atrraglng 10 to 1ft years
for Hundays end holidays. Address P.dwtrd Jester,
330 Brook avenue.
Th- Owl Pareball Club would like to arrange names
with tcorris whose pMyera ateragn IS vears. Out-of-town
elubs preferred, Addrets Dodo Mcintosh, 833
West Forty-nflh street.
The Star Athletln Baseball Club of Newark hat
April 30 nnd Saturdays In June open for first class
clubs at Newark. Address Charles Smith, lit Jeffer
son street, Newark, N. J.
Tho Extra B. B.C. haa reorganised for tha season
and would I pleased to hear from teams with play
ers averaging 10 to 81 years. Address Wtlljam J.
O'Leary, 85 Ureat Junes street.
The Union Baseball Club of Rldkeflcld Park. N. J .
would like to arrancre a few gams with teams with
players averaging 17 years ror Saturdays. Address
Arthur Moore, llldgeneld Park, N.J,
The Eekfords bate Saturdara In Hay. Jnna. and
July open, which they would like to nil with out-of-town
clnbs offering a sultsble guarantee. Address
Joseph Moore. 331 Eait 110th street.
Ths Osone Baseball Club of Ozons Park haa open .
dates for uniformed teams with players averaging 17
or IS years, for Saturday afternoons and holidays.
Address J. E. noward, Ozone Park, L. T.
Tho Fred K. Manch League would like to arrange
games with all tiutformod teams, those offering guar
antees nr expenses preferred. Andreas Fred S. Mauoh,
manager. 74 Sumner avenue. Brooklyn.
The Lo)0'sA. A has Sundays In Mar and Decora
tion Day open, and would be glad to flit with goo
teams nITerlnv a reasonable aiiarantee. Address R,
F. McMahon, 173 Kast F.lghty-ntth street.
Tho Elk Field Club or WoodiMe, L, T Is arranging
Its schedule for the enmtng season and would like to
hear from drst-class amateur teams. Address now
ard E. Toit, P. O. box 48, Woodslde, L. I.
The Lafayette Itnschalt Cl-ib haa organised and
would like to hear from all teams with players aver
aging 17 yetrt. Teams offering expenses preferred.
Address It. n. Nolan. 320 West 14f street.
Tho Electric Baseball Club It ready to book games
with all nrt-elas amntur clubs for Saturdays. Bun.
days ami holidays. Address D. J. Cooklry. assistant
manager. ,10 PatUadn avenue, Englewood, N, J.
The Arlington A, C. of Brooklyn would like to hear
from all out-of-town clubs guaranteeing expenses for
Saturdays and holldavs. Addr-ss E. Otto Sa?kmann,
Jr., Secretary, 1 10 Arltugton avenue, Brooklyn.
T. C. Wlnnett's Bronkljn Field Club has a few more
open dates for any nrst-elass semi-professional club
In nrout of town offering a sultaVe entrant o. Ad
dress F. C. Wlnnett, 101 Deroe street, Brooklyn.
The Dreadnaugbt Athletic Club la anxious to ar
range games for Saturdays and holldavs with semi.
professional teams offering a r-nsonae guarantee.
Address Thomas F. Lyons, (132 East 130th street.
The Wlnfleld Ba-ebsll Club has reorganised for tha
coining -i-nson and books are open for dates from
elubt giving a suitable guarantee. Sundays and holt
days only. Addrcsa James W. Perry, Wlnneld. L. I.
St. PeterV Lyceum has orgintred s. basebstt team
for the season and woull like to hear from all teams
offering a snttnbl- Tiiarant'e. Address R'ehard M.
Cooley, St, Peter's Lyceum, Grand, nsar VanVorst
atreet. Jeriey City.
The Marions of Brooklyn have organized a strong
team for tho comln z season, and are anxious to ar
range gamea with out-of-town teams offering n suita
ble guarantee. Address Charles Clark, manager, 144
North Trnth atreet, Brooklyn.
The Greater New Vorks team, with playors averag
lntr 17 years, would like to arrange games with all
uniformed teams having rhnlr own grounds, out-of-town
t-nms preferred. Address William J. McCann,
213 East Fortyserenlli street,
TheAmerrfort Field Club has reorganized for tha
season, and la anxious to arrang- out-of-town games
with good amateur or semi-professional teams offer
ing suitable guarantees. Addresa C. C. Remsen, man
ater, Flathush stntlon, Brooklyn.
The Washington Heights Field Club second tam,
with players averaging 1(1 years, would like to hear
from tha Defenders, E'nas, ut. Bartholomew, Jrs.,
and the Greater New York Field Club. Address L.
If. Lennon, 0(10 St. Nicholas avenue.
The Laurel Btsehall Club would like to arrange
gamea with th- following teams: Emeralds of Cath
olio Protectory. Bed Stars, Fourth Street Baaebsll
Clnb, and all teams with players under 17 years.
Addrets E. Bradley, HO Lewis street.
The semi-professional Mrrltt Baseball Club bas
April 30. May 1, 7. and H open, and would like to
hear from good, Strom out-of-town cluhs who are
willing to glv a suitable guarsntee. Address 11. n.
Burroughs, 003 Park place, Brooklyn.
St. Joseph's Jnntor Uuton basoball team have or
ganized for tho coming seaxon, and would be glad to
hear from all teams with ptsyers averaging 10 years
for Saturday and Sunday games. Address Alfred C.
rtuebea. S01 rotary. 1 1 Pine street, room 40.
The Otk A. C. would like to hear from the C. IT. C.
Baseball Club. Suburbans. Watsesslng, Pacific A. C.
Jamaica. owtown Grays, and 'other Rrst-clasa out
of town e)ubs offering a reasonable guarantee. Ad
dress J, Belnhart. 141 Noll street. Brooklyn.
Brldlnc Bros, ft Co. spool silk, employees have or
ganized themselves Into a bsseball club, and have
oien dates from June 1 for all arco! silk houses for
Saturday afternoons nnd holidays. Address William
O'Nell, osre of B.'ldlng Bros. & Co.. 405 Brosdway.
TheOarfildClnbof Newara. N. J would like to
arrange Saturday ga-ties away from homo with all
first-class amsteur or semi professional nines within
100 miles of this cttv offTlng a suitable guarantee,.
Address W. F. Steele, 43 Crawford street, Newark,
The Toung American Baseball Club nt the New
Tork Catholic Protectory would llkn to hear from all
teams with players areragng 18 years, to play any
Saturday or Sunday on tho Emerald diamond at
West Chester. Address Charles J. Ollday, West
Chester, N. T.
Tha Riverside Field Clnb bas a few Sundays In May
and June open, also May DO (A.M., P.M.), Jnne IS
and 25 and July 10 and S3, and would like to hear
from out-of-town aeml-profeslonsl teams offering
snltable guarantee. Addresa T.J. Nolan, P. O. box
102, Manhattan.
The Alerte ot East New Tork have reorganized for
James with semi-professional and amateur teams In
un. July, and August for out of town, n-nson-burst
F, 0 Suburbans, and Jeff raons of Newark pre
ferred. Address Timothy B. Hatpin, manager, 237
Broadway, Manhattan.
Tho Seneca Baseball Club of Harlem would b
pleated to hear from all nrst-elass out-or-townelnba
offering suitable guarantors for the following open
datesi May 7, 14. an. 30 fA. M. aud P. M.), June 4,
IS, 25. July 9, 4 (A. M and P. M.), o, and 18, Ad
dress It. J, Martin, 212H Lexington avenue.
The Kahwaya have reorganized for the sesson of
lBURwllba first-' lass team, and would like to hear
from all cluli' gtrlmr suitable uuarante-s. fur Satur
days, Sundays and holidays Orange A. 0 llacken
ssok A. O. and Hontrlslr A, O. preferred, Address
William II. I'aaach. 07.1 DeXalb avenue, Brooklyn.
Mount Vernon will be reoretented tbls srasoo on
the bssebsll field with a strong team called tha
"Vrrnons," consisting nrinclptlly of last season's V,
M, C. A. players. Th" V M.C. A. grounds have been
secured and are to be fenoed In and a track built.
All nrst-elas aeml-profsliinsl teams desiring games
address J, M. Mclntyrr, Mount Vernon, N, Y.
C'roker Baa (lone.
Although tho main parlor of the Democratlo
Club. In which la hung Ibo nowportrsitof Mr.
Crokor, and the large room In tho rear were
brilliantly lighted as usual, there wasn't a soul
in eltborof them last night at 0 o'clock, Tho
dining room was also deserted. Out in tho ball,
opposlto tho clerk's desk.Mayor Van Wyck was
tailing ft story to President Feltncr of tho Tax
Depnrtmont, nnd t o men snt near by listening
to the tale. In n small reception room to tbe
left of tbe main entrance four membors lounged
about, looking very much bored.
Dlshep Hanscll Prraehra Xlsra.
J. O. Hartiell, Methodist Episcopal Bishop to
Africa, has recently roturned after a two years'
nbsonce, during which time ho travelled In
Africa. Ilo will spend a few months hero report
ing tbo results of his observations to the Bish
ops ond missionary authorities, toaterday, nt
tit. Andrew's Methodist Episcopal Church,
Beventy-slxth street, west of Columbus avenue,
bo preacbod on tbe missionary outlook In Africa,
One Has and nrtcen esersea Durn-d.
Boston, April 24, Ono man and fifteen
horses were burned to death in a fire this morn
ing which destroyed the stablos of thp Walker
Express Company, on Tudor street, South Dos
ton, lion about tJi.000, A
1 ' '' 1 - '
PniLADKLrniA, Pa. To-dny tlio battlo
slilp Koarsartro and Kentucky nro finally
Inspected by Nary Department ofllclals at
Philadelphia. If tho vcssols aro found sat
isfactory thoy will bo given their trial trips
and turned over to tho Government. Tholr
speedy construction is unprecedented.
Men's clothes to order or
ready made.
Quality sensibly good.
Prices in between the high
and the low.
E O Thompson's Sons
rtmtong 245 Broadway
Clerical Clothing above Park Plaos
y ale's siANAnnns us east.
Hasty of thn Alhletlo Undergraanataa Are
Anxious to tight Tor Vnoln Rant.
Nkw Haven, April 24. Yale's athletlo cap
tains aro having a llvolytugot war to prevent
the members of their teams from enlisting. Tho
collcgo captains aio patriotic, but if they should
allow all thn athletes to go to the front, who
havo requested to bo excused from fnrtber
training, they would bo without enough men to
make a respcctablo showing In the Intercol
legiate contents on sea and land. The case at
BanBon Hooker Olllett of Washington is tho
most complicated with which they have had to
deal. Olllett rowed all winter In tbo frcshmnn
crew, and Is rogardod as ono of tho sturdiest
oarsmen in tho boat. When ho arrived hero he
dcslrod to join the naval militia. Ho was en
rolled, und now faces tho certainty of going
to tho fiont. The crew managers havo sug
gested sending a substitute In his place, and
this will probnply bs dono. Frank v. Chappcll
of New London, tho sprinter, is also eager to go.
Chsnpoll has beon nt tho head of tho movement
for ttui formation of an artillery company in tho
scientific department. He went to Washington
to present the sohumo to tho War Department.
Chappcll Is bo enthusiastic that Trainer Fltz
Patrick of the track team is not sangulno of
being nblo to pcrsuado him to send a substitute.
Other athletes aro also enthusiastic, but aro be
ing dissuaded from enlisting until it Ib assured
that tho country's neod for their services is im
perative. Not, a change In the 'varsity crew was made
during tho pxst week by Coach Bob Cook, and
tho oarsmon arc getting nccustomed to tho now
places in which tbreo members of the boat
found themselves a few days ago. Thetuun
agemont is pleasod with tho result of the
chvtiges at bow nnd 12. Until recently Capt.
WbJtnoy rowed 2 and Williams bow. Tho 1st
tor was Injured and has been takon out of tbo
boat, perm.inontly, it is feared. A reduction of
tho 'varsity oarsmen to Blxtcon men, just two
vrewB, has been mndo. Thcso eights villi bo
kept toircthcr until after tbo spring regatta,
which will bo hold in the middle of May. Iho
race will take place at Lake Whltnoy with tho
other class contosts. over tho one lullo
and a quarter courso. It is believed
that Coach Lehmanu ot the Harvard crew
will bo hero to witness tbo work ot
tho crew. Yale will Inaugurate n novel feature
in her spring regattas. Thero will be o long
scries of scrub rates after tho Kngllsh universi
ty system. Beside tho trouble over the expected
lo' of Gillctt In tho freshman boat, tbo manage
ment has hnil lo contend with tbe scholarship
complication1) ot Leonard M. Thomas of Phila
delphia, who has been rowing nt 2. Tho faculty
has notified him that ho must givo up rowing or
bo disqualified in his studies. Ills place in tho
boat will bo filled, for tbo present at IcaBt, by
liormnnn Parser Olcott of New York city. .
Yalo undergraduates are enthusiastic over
Iho showing of their baseball nine. Thoy feared
that they were weak In battery material. Sul
livan has been doing somo superb backstop
work, although weak in throwing, and Foaroy
Is cry effcctivo In tho box. He shut out tho
crack University of Virginia nlnoanct pltchod
out tho .Springfield team of tbe Eastern Lenguu
recently. Tho weak spot on tho nine is third
b.isc. Jlnzen fields Indifferently and throws
feebly. His baso running Is slow. Itobson, tbo
freshman who is his only rival for tbe position,
Is still more uncortaln, nnd tho coacbors realise
that they must mako a rugged attempt to
strengthen tho placo. Tlio team has Its first
hard game scheduled hero for next Wednesday,
meeting Brown University. On next Saturday
Yale will go to Mlddlctown to meet the Wcs
loyun University nine.
jSrlftt SaarfS.
OrCTH ST., lit KA8T (near Madison Square).
tO Handsome targe and small roomst delightful
table board t reasonable.
iet 4ltle.
1701 ST.. SB WEST. Booms, with board t refer
X 4 enccs given and required
'l fMiTSf.. T Wj."ST7-CIean. tidy rooms 1 good
Xts table; central location! Southerners; transients
latent references exchanged.
i"OQD hf;.TuTWEsf.--dtooiiis with board t tabls
X-uO board; summer prlorst references.
&tt JBuart. BrooMBB.
HF.NtlY AT., OP, Heights. Brooklyn, Ovo minutes to
brlCge. Pleasant roomi excellent board) 9
FATREn 'AND BON (10 years old) want board on
Jomey City Heights. Address, with terms and
uarUoul.rs, WILLIAM JOHNSON, box 20. Post Office,
Sew York city.
r, ,.
CinEE.N'WIcn ST.. .118, STAltll HOTEL. Booms
1 00c. night; weekly, (2 upward; gu; reading
HTfl ST., 244 WE3T.-l.arge and small pleasant
rooma; fid floorf private honss; every cou
veutrnee 1 references.
"OTHST., 1 S3 WEST. rirst-olass furnished roomst
.Li modern Improvements! locality and bouse besti
terms moderate. '
1 QTII ST., 40 WEST. In nrst-elass boussi pleasant
XM room 1 private batbt gentlemen 1 breakfast
served; references.
1 Q " ST.', 14 WEST. rhrilclen'i omoei, two larra
UsJ rooms; also floor and suite, with private batai
-flntfl nnrl mutmrntiJ Ho ?et.
At 114 Parry St Apartments, 5
rooms; expose.! plumbing; porco
liuu bath; hot witter furnished;
$19 to $21. Apply on promises.
AT" 639 3d AV.p
FJoors for Housekeeping.
Apply onjiremises;
f PO I.KT, spartiuent,six rooms; light and airy; In
X tha threu-story house, RU.I Sth av., Otth at. i can
tral location refereueei required
QQI) ST., 71 WEST, Elrrantsulta of eight rooms In
Oi) slnglo apartment route; steam heat, hot water,
exposed plumbing hall s'rvlce; overy room has ill
reel light. Apply Janitor.
TfinT" HT" na'WFAT Apartments, 8-4 roomsT
Ivu till to 14 Inducements; seleot. Janitor on
preiii sea,
"1 07T-1 ST., HID UfSl A seVan-rnom and lam
X.A I single fiat; all Improvements, reojanltreas,
not wriiT pin? "St.
Light apartments of four extra large rooms, newly
paint d and pipered, with washlubs, carpeted halls,
so. See janitor, or
J. EltbAll I.KATI'ltAKT, 1S1T llroadwav.
StMlltttn ?iouiiri Co 5 t ettyi.
Isltiil.nifiiil i vt 1:1.1. ISJIJ,
PKitfuiT rnvniTinv
efor ,3nle or Ho gtt gew gewfl,
Harlem Branch
up vf:sT ibbtii iiTUBarr
advkbti'hebV may leave their oudkiu at
S0 J$t4 tor gurtntM Surpotuj.
ee-ie'ss'eVSJ-siiesn tsuwaV-i 'J . sKr al 1 .rti-t.as) '1 J- .n.riil
Ai.40-5S.ft!, West 29.h St.
Vory Dosirablo
Janitor' on Promiaea.
NMAit nan mitKitr,
asjiTiiii.R rort
FLonisT on iionKSRlAtrn.
pick, man nnoAtiWAV.
rpo LKT. Rldgrflrld, Conn., about one rails north
-a. or depot, a furnished house; O bedrooms, parlor,
dining-room, bathroom, kitchen, and laundryi full
water supply; remarkably healthy region 1 ample
grounds and orchard. Apply to 8. BCMEFFEMN
5TBUm,i8. 83 Murray St.. New York.
efet rSnlc.
Have you any OLD LEAD. DTI ASS. COPrEP- WlfO.
and I will call any part city or Brooklyn and allow
you the highest cash prlea.
DOlUiatKlN. lag William St., nsar Frankfort at.
Swpfotw ChnActg.
r' BOLD QUICK best restaurant In city, good lsass,
for little ilshl grand opportunity; chanoa of a
lifetime. Meat market, flos stn av.
1)KIN11NU atafrn-hours' notice; 10,000 circulars,
III oarda and billheads. 40a per 1.000. BDOAn
l'lUNriNO AND BTAT10.NK11Y CO.. GU West 86lh SU
0)ttan tenmero.
From Pier 40, N. 11., foot ot Clarkaon st.
rjmbrla. April 80, 10 A.M. I Hervla. .May 10, 10 A. M.
Luoanta...May 7, 2 P. M. Etrutla..May 14, 10 A.M.
Sailing aa follows at 10 A. SI.
From Pier No. 48, North niver, foot Morton at.
La Normandle,,,, April flniT.a Oascognc May 21
Lallaurgogne May 7 La Ilretagne May lis
LaTouralne May 14La Iiouigogne Juno 4
Oen'i Ag'cy for U. S. and Can,, a llowIlngOreen. N, Y.
DinciT 10 i-sitix. Miin, ssAntiuitu.
F. Clsmarclc,Apr.ll8.UA.M. A.VI-torla, JuneM. 0 A.M.
A. Vleturia May 10, 11 A.M.IF.nismarckJune 30,UA.M.
V. Bismarck. June 'J, 0 A.M. IF Uimarck,Juty 88, 0A.M.
First eablu, 100 up; ttil cabin 4B up; steerage, 130.
TWIN-Nl'ltltVV l,.NKt4lttt HRrttlLB.
.rttV TOnii lISMIIt'llll lllltKt.T.
Phoenicia.. .My 7. 4. P. M.Pretorla.,May Su. 10 A.M.
Fennsylv'la-.May 14. noonll'atrla June 4, 4 P. M.
Falatla....May 111, 4 I. M.ll'hinilcla.Juno 1bV4,P.M.
Also stramshlp Iluasla. April 80, 2 P. M.
First cab., S75 up; second class. S4U; steerage, $16.
nambura-Aiaerlenn a.lne, ny nmndwaj, Hf. V.
cheap nxcsjitsto.v.
00. 00 tn Portland. We. , anit Itetarn.
Btaamshlps John Englls and Manhattan leave Tier
88, East Blyer, foot of Market St., Tuesdays, Thurs
days and Saturdays at 0 I'. M, Steamers fitted with
very moaern Improvement for comfort and con
venience of tourists.
Offlces, 873 Broadway and 828 South st.
IT irir r n.n...i Am...
Trava. Tu..Apl. i'O.lU A.M. I K.W,D.O.,Uay 10,10A.M.
Uavsl. Tu.,May 0. 10 A.M. Lahn.Tu.,ltur 17, 10 A.M.
OKLUICns & CO , 2 Howling (Ircen.
Ol.ll tllsillO I.IVU
DAII.V T4) MIRrtll.li.
For Old Point Comfort. Norfolk, Stewport News.
Petersburg, Portsnioutn, Pinner's Point, Richmond,
Virginia Beach. Vs.. and Washington, D. C. Freight
and Passenger steamers sail from Pier 20, North
IMvcr, every week ilvv. except Saturday, at 8 P. M.,
and Saturday at 4 P. M.
W. L. QUiLLAUDKU. Vlce-Pres't and Traffic Mgr.
Sailing Unrtcr ihn llrltl.h or lielglan Vine
Every Wednesday at noou.
WE8TEttNLAND..Aprll 87 NOOllDIlND May 11
Piers 14 and IB, North Itlvrr OiTlce, 0 Bowling Green.
Oerznanla.. April 27, noon I Itrltannlc.May 11, noon
Teutonic May 4, noon Majestic. ...May IH, noon
The new WHITE STAR LINE cargo ana livo stock
twin-screw steamer "CYMRIC," 12,bo2iona, baring
very superior accommodations for a limited number
of saloon passenger, will sail rrom New York, Tues
day, Msj 17. Juuh SI. and Wednesday. July 87, ac
cording to tide, from Pier 88, X. I:. No Second Cabin
or Steerage. Rates' st!0 and upward.
for passage, freight, and geuerai Information apply
Pier 4B, North River. Offlce, 11 Broadway, New York.
Strain tunus.
Albany Evening Line.
The popular steamera ADIRONDACK and DEAN
RICHMOND irlll leave Old I'ler 41, N. R foot Canal
at., at 6 P. M. dally (Sundays excepted), making
dlrLct connections with trains North, Hast, and West.
Freight received until nour ut departuie.
siTOl:rov 1.1 I!, via stonlngton. Leave Pier
SOt), N. R., one block aboveCanalst..weekdaSonly,
at rt p. M. steamers Maine nud New Uampshlro.
!IUIttlCII l.lK. via New London. Leave Pier 40
(old No ), N. It., next Deshrosses st.. week days only,
at " P. M. .Steamers Clly or Worcester and City of
fat UIVi:it 1,1 K. via Newport and Fall River.
Leave Pier ID. N. R . foot ot Warren st.. weok days
only, at 5:30 p. M. htcamera PHIbCILLA and
PURITAN, Orchestra on each,
BOATS leave every week day at 0 P. M., from foot
e Christopher st, N. R.
K TnusTOnTiNE. West loth St. Dally 4 P. M.,
tlaturdays at 1. Meamers BALDWIN and
ROMER, for Cranston's. Cornwall. Newburg, New
Hamburg, Marlboro, Milton. Pougtikeepsle. Hyde
Park, E.opus, Kingston, connecting with Ul A D. It.
H. for all points In Catsklll Mountain. '
SUIV II.W KSf. Fare el; Excursion. 8l.no.
Fast steamers leavo Phr 2B, E. R dally (Sundaya
excepted), a P. M. and 12 midnight, arriving In time
for trains North and East.
T1AMSDRLL I,rKF..-Htesmers leave Pier 24, N. R.,
XV root Franklin st., tor West Point, Cold Spring,
Cornwall. FlAhklll Landing aud Newburg. week days.
6P. M. jiundsys, V A. M.
leavei West 10th St.. dally, except natuidar, OT. II..
connecting with Delaware nnd Hudson siulFltchburs
trains, hunday steamer touches at Albany,
Lehigh Valley System.
Buttons foot of West 23d bt. (l'enn. IL It.), Cortland t
or Desbrosses 8t.
Indicates time from West Slid St. Other figures show
time from Cortlandt or Deibrosses St.
Olio, fiitto A. M. dally (Sunday o:4o, 7 A. M.)
for EAUTON and Iiitenneulate stations.
7iBO. HUB A. M. dally for WILCESBARRE,
SCRAN ION (week days'. lrilAOA. UKNKVA, ROCH
und principal local points; dining oar and chair car
to Buffalo,
11 tSO. toioo noon dally, except Sunday.
Arrlvra Buffalo Uifir, P. M. Pullman Vestibule Day
Coaches and 1'ai lor Cars. Dining Car Service. .Meals
a la Carte, Connects at BufTalo with Ihroiishsleep-ts
to Detrutt and ChUairo,
lUl'.'O, into P.M. dally tor EASTON. MAUCn
CHUNh-. WILKEbliAltltE, SCRA.VTON (eek days).
PITISTON, uud loal branches. Chair Cur to Mauch
Misd, -I ilo P. M, dally, except Sunday, for
cipal Intermediate station,. Couurcts for all puluts
In coal regions. I'ulliuan Buffet l'-rlor Car for
ili.-so, SiUO P, M, dally, except Sunday, for
MAL'CH CHUNK and Intcrmedlato slailuus. Chair
car to Easton
li.to, mi P. M.. Sundais only, for MAUCII
CHUNK and Intermediate stations.
Si.io, mill 1'. M. dally, except Sunday, for
KASTON and principal luterlitollate stations.
Uiao, 7 Hill P.M. daily fur BUFFALO, NIAOARA
FALL& und all points Nott. Pullman sleeo.r vstl
bule train N. Y. to CUleato. Sleepers tu Buffalo and
Tlio, moo P. M. dally, except F,unJay, stopping
only at K'JUTH i'LAINTlBLO. L'MiTO, HElllLl..
TEH, 1IATAV1A, BUFFALO, nud TOUO.NTO, 1'ul.llian
alecpor for BtiOiilu. None but sk-tplLg car passeugeis
earr.ed. No baggage carried.
hi 30, (li()i p. M. dallv for WILKE8BARRE.
ITIIAf'A. lil.NIA'A, ItOOnbhTllll, IIUl'FALO, N1AU
AHA FALLM. aud all points V, est, Pullman sleeper
to Ithaca.
Additional loeul trains dally, txeepl Sunday, for
SOUTH I'l.AlNHKI.P, HOUND illllKih, an I liit.rrm..
dlatu polntH, leave jv follows; H;ifO, K;0, 1UW),
lUilo, l 11-20, 10i30 tniiudays only; A JI.; '.'ti'O,
11:30, -Jiio, Bi.'D, u.-.MVaiid Utliu P. M
T.clreti and Piitliti in atx-oiuiuodallous at 1 ID. 241,
273. 3.13, U44, and lllVUIIruudwa), Ul I'.. Wtlist., Ifii)
K. 12.1th st., I'.'I Bowery. N. Y., Mill Fulton st., 4
Court st , U U'n ay, and Brooklyn Aunex, Urooklyn,
N V. 1 raniri r Co will rail lor an. I check tmggago
from hotel ur rrildenco through to destination.
Leave Nuw York, Wliltehall Terminal, bouth Ferry
andliMit or Liberty ttieet.
Dally tKn'i-i t Sunday ISuudays.
ClIlOAflll. 4i.'.li A I.,-2:(mP M . and 'ISlIB night.
l'!irDUlt(l, 4-80 A. M 1.3, P.M., 18. UU P. M
12 l.l lllght (4lU(l A :i I lU-rty et. only I
flNCInNATI. MP. I.OUI-. 10:00 A M , B 58 P. M.
WA81HM1TON. UALnMOllR, t7tli,li) Du (Dlnsr),
11-JII A. M. (Dluer), Mil (Dlneij. 8-83 (Diner),
4 iS. (Diner), at&B P M , and 'ISilB nlgbt.
NOIIIOI.I,. .lli.Kl A, JI.
NMV OltLbANa (thr.otghaleep!), t3:2A, 12:00P.M.
All train, arj lllumlnatrd with Plntscfi light.
omcesi 118, 17s, 2111,484, 1140 Ilroadwar, 81 East
14th St., 127 Uowery, Now YorkiSSO, an Fulton si.
Brooklyni Whltehiu Tarmlnal. Bajrsge cbaakad
Cteas hotsl or rssldsno Ssjaftisttoa. Ty
trrMfii i 11T1 Siii - aur. 3M.ua!att,
- - .a. - . --i-nrrnn Tans mi imjuuiJu ''ftj
(ettral I
y & HUD80H niVEn R. R. f--
0a MOtinS TO RlaOAttA rAtXat.
All through trains stop at Albany, Ctlea, Syroctsl jk
Itoehestsr, and Duftalo. . D
Trains leave Oraud Central station. Fourth Avaama .XI
and Forty-seeond Street, as follown "A
8,qr,A.M. Dally, except Bunday. Famons 1
Fastest train in ths werld. Do rratralo Silt,
Niagara Falls B:3B, Toronto 8:2B P.M. Thutrah
Is limited to Its seating capacity.
8,,lfr .!. FASTMAIL,Dally-Forloughksensl. 3
.JtJ Albany. Utlea, Sytaonse, Rochester, BaiTaloJ
Nltgsra Falls ond Clavelsnd. 1
XU.UU 24-hourtralntoChlcagovtaMtehlganOe 9
tral. Due Buffalo 8140, Niagara Falls 080 P. tL, V
Chicago v:00 A. M. Bleeping and drawing room -
ears only. it
1 n.Of 1 A. M.-DAY EXPRESS, except Sunday &
J.OJ For Buffalo aud all Important New YotB 4i
i state points. it
1 .fif I ' u OUTfl WESTERN LIMITED sad COT. 1
X.UUOAOOSPECIAK Dally For Columbus, Cla-' I
innatl, Indianapolis, St Louis and Chicago. - f,
sj J Snuday For Oarrlson'a (West Point), rough- B
aeepsle, Albany and Troy. ' T ,
C,nn ' M.-LaKF, SHOllE UMITED, Daily 14
sJ-UV hour train to Chicago, via Lake Shore. Du 1
Cleveland 7HB, Toledo 10:03 A. M.. Chicago 4 P. at
M. Connects nt Cleveland for Clnolnnatl, due U
4iBB P. M.. Toledo tor St. Louts, due lOilfl p. M. X
Rleep'ng and drawing room ears only.
6 .flfl ' M. WESTERN EXPRESS. Dally For K1- k
W agara Falls. Closeland, Toledo, Detroit, CM- 5
cagn. Clnelnnntl, and Montreal, y.
6.0& P. M. NORTHERN EXfnESR. DallT-Fo 4'
wu Troy, Platuburr, Burllugtnn. Montreal, and, 5
except Saturday nights, for Ottawa. . 7.
7'sl p- M.-UUFFAI.O SPECIAL, " Dally Tot
.tfU Montreal. la Adirondack DItiiIoo, aad,io. f
Koehosti r, Buffalo. Niagara Falls, Toronto. ,1
.sjvr (sleeping car psssengors onlj ) For points oa J5
Fall nrook, via Lyons, and for Rochestor, Buffalo, f
Cleyoland, liidlananoils, and St, Louis. U
9,- FZ V. M.-PACIFIO EXPRESS, Dally-For O- U
XsJwego, Ogilenaburg, nuflalo, Niagara Falls, -,
Cleveland, Toledo. Cnl"ago, (Aid, except Natur J
dais tor Auburn ro.d and Capo Vincent. . h
J.U.A.VS CAOO. Every night except Sunday nights.
hunday night Chicago aleepera leave on Wild , fi
tralu. B
iiAitt.KxiDitiaio.'r. , h'
OHO A.M. and Otis P. M. Dally, except Sunday. - V
toPltuneld. 8uudayaonlyattititOA.il, '
Wagner Palore Can on all through trains, -2
Trains Illuminated with Plnt'ch light. i
Ticket offices at 113. 2B1. 413, and 042 Broadway. V
SI E.ist 14th st.. 2.1B Columbus av., 01 West lOOIhsf..
Oraud Cenlral station. 12Bth at. station. annlosiS S.
at. st -tlon. New Yorkt H3H and 728 Fulton St., and '
10H Broadway, E. D , Brooklyn. f
Telephone "2700 Thirty eighth street" for Now
York Central Cab service. &
Baggage checked from hotel or resldenos by tha 5fF
Westeott Express Company, 51
Oeneral Man ace r. General Passenger Agent.
STATIONS foot of We.t Twenty-third street and '7
Desbrosses and Cortlandt streets. i,
IB Ihe leaving time rrom Deshrosses and Cortland! if
Streets Is ten mluutu later than that given below for V
Twont -third street Biatlnn. 9t
Jiso A. .11 FAST MAIL. Pullman Buffet Parlor ij
Car New York to Pittsburg, bleeping Car Pittsburg; Tj
toCnleago. No coaches to Pittsburg. IS '
sii.id A. .. FAST LINE l'ltishurg and Cleveland. S.
Compartment bleeping. Dining. Smoking and Ob- '- '
servat on Cars. For Chicago. Cleveland, Tolodo. H ,
Cincinnati. Indianapolis, Loulsyllle, nt. IaiuIs. K
ForNsshvlllH (via Cincinnati). Chlutgo, bt Ixiuls. W. I
Si.io l. St. WESTERN EXI'RESS.-For Cleveland, $M
Chicago. For Toledo, except Satunlay.
40 V. M. SOUTIIWKbTERV UXPREbS. For Pitts- iim
burg, Clnulnuatl, ludlsnspolls. St. Louis. . iim
7tso I", ot. PACIFIC EXIIE88 For Pittsburg and ;.
cniCAOO. t'ntin ctaforCli'velandexreptf aturday. iim
SllIO l. .si. 3IAIL AND EXPRESS. PU'mjM lluSet 2M
Hleejilng Car New York to Altoor.a, East Uberty, m
Pittsburg, aud points West, dally except Sunday, ?M
No coaches. 'ftW
7:511, 8:20, 11:20, 0:30 (Dining Car), 10:Bn (Dining M
Car) A. M.. 12:50. 1:BU (J:20 "ConeresstonsI SM
Llm.,"a1l Parlor and Dining Cars), 4:?n (Din ns bal
Car). 4:t0 (D.nlng Car), Situ P. M 12:0S nlkht, .rM
Sunday, tt:2u, 0:2U, ln:BI) (DnilngCar) A. M. 18:20 -
" Congressional Llm.," all Parlor nnitDlnlng Cars), &
4:20 (Dlulng Car), 4:30 (Dining CatO. S:B0 P, JU., ;
12:0S night. - .)
SOUTHERN RAILWAY. Express. 4:201. M., 12:08 I ;!M
night dally. 1 J M
ATLANTIC COAST LINE.-Express, 0:20 A. M. and hM
8:30 P. M. dally. , $
daily. "TfSB
M. week davs and 7:10 1'. M. dally. .'
ATLANTIC CITY". 1 :20 P. M. wier days (Desbrosses :?
ami Cortlandt si... 1:11) P.M.). Through Buffet '!
l'arlor Car and Conilelied Coach. nf
CAIT. MAY. 1:20 P.M. weekdays (Desbrosses And 74m
Cortland t sts., 1 :40 p. M.). iW
Long Bianch, Aibury Park (Interlaken, Sucdsys), &
Ocnn Grove, aud Point Pleasant (from west iM
Twenty-thtnlst. station), .S:o, 11:00 A.M., 3t20, ';
4:3U, ll:lo p. ji Sundays. U:20 A.M., 4:00 P M, ,
(from Desbrosses and Corttandt sts.), 0:10 A. M., I'JH
l:10. !l:10, 3:10, 11:30 P.M Sundays, U:4S A. iL, ',m
0:13 P.M.
8:10, 7:20. 7:30. S:2U, H:Bi). U:20 (U:30 Penns. Llm- imt
Red). 11:30 (Dining Car). lll:C0 (Dining Car). 11:00 .iMt
A. M., 13:50. 1:00, 2:30, H:00, 4:20, 4:20 (Dining ,'
Can, 4:30 (Dining Car), fi:0l) (Dining Car), 7K0, .(
S-M) P. M., 12:03 night. Sundays Hiln, 7-80. :f0. '--w
b:3ll, U:20, 11:30 (Limited), U.Si). 10:30 (Dlulng (
Car) A. M., 1:30 (OlnlDg Car), 8:50,4:20 (Dlnlua H
Can, 4:30 (Dining Car). 0:00 (Dining Car). 7:40, ;
8:31) P. 51., 12:03 night. XWt
Ticket oflleea, No. 401, 044. 119", 1,128, 111, and )
2X1 Ilroudway; 1 Astor House; West Twenty-third fl
Street Utatlout anil stations foot of desbrosses aud val
Cortlandt streets: 4 Court street, S00 Fulton street, ftiM
08 Broadway, and Brooklyn Annex station, nrook smM
lin; station, Jersey Clly. Th New York Transfer sW
Company wlil call for and check bagguge from ho- (Varna
tels and residences through to destination. sbbbbI
Telephone ' 1274 I, Igbteenth Street" for Penusyt ?aH
vanla Railroad fab Service. laasl
J. 11. IIPTCHINhON, J. R. WOOD, jlfl
Ouaoral Managor, Oeneral Pass'r Agenl. aval
II. It. jffl
tatlons In .etv lerh. root or rtarclav anst 1S
Chrlslopber oireela. 1'isBsl
cms. pi.tTxcu i.ii.ut. fiWM
Direct route to Newark, Bloomnrld, Montclalr. ths) JWm
Orungrs, summit, Hernardsyllle, Uaaklng Ridge. Mad 'iSml
Ison. Morrlstowu, I'assalc, Patersun, Boonton. Dover, rasml
Stanhoie, Newton, Hudd's Lake, Luke Hopatcong, asal
ilackettstown bchooiey'a Mountain, Wasblngton. ''WM
Phllllpidmrg. Easton. Waterriep, stroudsburg,Pocona sasal
Mountain, reranton. IMtUtuii, Wilkesiiarre. Nantl- WM
coke, Ijanvtlle. Northumberland, Montrose. BlDgham- sflsal
ton, Oxford, Norwich, Watervllle. Utlea, Rlcblleld 'WMt
i-prlngs, i.'ortland, Syracuse Oswogo, Ithaca, Owego, '
Elmira. Coming, Math, Dansrllle, Buffalo, and all fW
pidnti West. Northwest and houthwest. Zw
NiOll A. .11. Ulnghamton Mall. Stops at principal ':?''
stations. ,g
lttino . M. (Cafe car) Buffalo, Rcranlon, Ding- &1W
bainton, Onogo, Ithaca, Elmlra. Utlea, Syracuse, MfaS
and Oiwegu Express, Pullman buffet psrior cars. isfl
Couuectlng at Buffalo with trains for Chicago ana J . M
ixilnta West ' W
lino I', M. Scranton. Ulnghamton and Elmlra Ex- j Mt
press. Pullman buffet parlor cars. r W
amor, m, tcranton, Wllkesbarrs and Plymouth j m
1.x press, Pdllman buff.'t parlor cars. ' w
TiOii I'. lf. (Dsily) Chicago Vestibule Limited i M
Express for Scranton, BInghamton. Elulra, Buffalo. M 'fl
Pullman buffet sleeping car New York to Ohlosgo, j Wi
Dioliucar west of Buffalo. J asl
aiuu P. SI. (Dallyi Buffalo Exprtss. Pullmaa , Mt
sleepers for Scranton, Blughamton, Elmlra, Bath, ' M
Ml. Morris and Buffalo, arriving Buffalo b A. M. f tm
Oilto V. .11, (I) illy) buffalo, bcranton, Plnghaus. ' W
ton. Owet.o. Illiaea, Lluilra, Syraciisa. Utloa, and J "W
Oswego Express. Pullman buffet sleepers. I W
Ticket aud Pullman accommodations at Henry Qaxf . m
A So'ia. Ltd.. 133 Brosdway, 14 Park place, and 44 ' ;H
Broadway aud 042 Broadn ay. Tickets at ferry stay if H
tt..n. Ill 4ihnv, ror. 12lh st.. HI West 125th BU .(
283 Columbus nv.. New iorki 838 and 733 Fulton t :-M
at., and ion Broadway, llmoklyn. Time tables glrlaa L m
full Information at all stnltons, m
Westoott's Express Coiunany will call for andebaok niaal
baggage from hotel or residence to destination. j
Through trains leave New York, foot of Chamber) imw
at., as follows, and flvo minutes earlier from West & W
2ldstt JKsal
9.rifl s. St. Vestlbuled Express dally forPlDg- 2fl
.UU hsmlon. Waverlr. Elmlra. Uuffalu. Bradford, fitssai
arrives Buffalo !' JI. Parlor csr to buffalo. Wmm
2it V. M.-Vestlhuled limited-Fast mall dally. 'aU'nW
,JyJ Solid train for Chbago, srrliea Cleveland sal
7:10 A M., Clileogn B P. 51 bleepers to Chicago, mimm
Cleveland, and Cincinnati, Dining Car, SiMu
7.QA ' .11. Buffalo and clenland Vestlbuled ',
iOJ Express dnlly, arrives at Buffalo 7:03 A. IL, '.
r I ml fur d 7.17 A. M Jamestovrn 7 00 A. M Clevs Mt
laud 12:80 P JI. (Sleepers to Buffalo und Clevclaud). 4fw
making direct connection for Detroit. Chicago, and iH
the e,t Cafe Library Car. hMm
8,1 ,-r v. si bolld train to Chicago. Sleepers t ItH
VlO llornellsvllle, Chicago, und Cincinnati. Din w
X AL'CIIMMODATIONS at HI, 118, KM. 401, and
037 llrr.alway, 127 Bowery, ISA East 12Stb st., and XfS
Ul West lS!Mn st..L'hamlwrs and West 23d st. ferries, , W
New Yorki ,I'I8 and 72d Fulton st , los Broadway, J (H
Brooklyn i '.'Oil Hudson st , Ilobofcrn, and Jersey City M
Matlou. Westoott's Express calls for anil checks bac tll
gago from liotela au lesldences p-destlnattoa jH
fawloiFanFBoston All Rail. I
N. V., N. il i. II, It It. and connections. f'M
rrom Oraud Central Station. SIM
Leave By v av of Due. lfWi
li:0O A. t.. Springfield ond Worcester, 8:30 p. M. ilMt
10:00 A.M., tt.S'ew LnndonandProvlrteni-e.iisOO P. M, iWM
luioj A. M., New liudon and Providence, 4:25 P, M, !fWm
12 M, bprlngtlrld and Worcester, 3:40 P. L
31:00 1- M, Air Linn aud. N.E. II It. (l:uu p, M. Mm
ltu2P Jl , New London and Pruvldenee, 7;00P M. mm
8;M0 I'. M., New London nnd Providence, u.uO I'. M, ; Mm
siOOP M.'Uprliuilild and Worcester, 10:00 1' M, i WM
0:00 1-, il., New lndou and Providence, II too P.M. MM
lliiio P, M., .-Jiiluj.-llld and 'Aorcesler, OilBA, M. jH
12:00 P, M. New Loudon jn I Providence, OuJ A. M, H
Runs dally. Including Huudjy. . , mm,
11Bar State Limited: all parlor cars; fare (7, In- WW
rludimr parlor (r seat . WW
Ulrl.ln.I.lxlfHlt arrives aud departs from Park H
Square Station, Boston. Jul urn ssrvloe same hois 'UaaB
and by same rouia. 5 mwm
h -km
.atria; ,,... .-...u3&li ui fit-l i jw 1LH

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