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THE SUtt, S0NDAT autfE 19, 1898. 3 1 1
n ..,,,. i I.. m i i ' " ' .' '"' " ' I.. 1 1 i ,. I.
R. rzzEo Jim BEJtznn sao, oxrrnrn-
j aim, rjxisn miitT jlsb axootrn.
,i; I Oraaaaeat, the Bravllr Back aTaverlte, with
flj I (Una Op aad Carrying th Tp TValihl,
llehc j Fraetleallr Fat Oat r tha llae at th
VJ . j pueana r aa IDpavelslattU Delar r
In Raarlv aa (tsar lap na Iledlaslar
I Alia Blilalaiat-Ogelsa Una TTrll
I Twsatr-rlv Thousand Prsa e taa Dig
naaoirap at taa Iheapaaeaa Bar Traek.
j Tfca uncertainty of hor racing wa never
batter demonstrated than by th raiultot the
rich Suburban Uandloap, decided at Sheepehead
Br yesterday afternoon. Twenty-flvo thou
land person had gathered together to iea tha
big turf arent, and tha majority of them were
j Itunnsd with surprise whan tha wlnnr flashed
j put the finish mark. Ornament, with Sloan up,
j had proved iuoh an Impressive Tlctor
J In tha Brooklyn ITandlcap, and tha recent
performance of Imp, by Imp. Wagner
Fondling, had Initllled many with uch
lupreme confldenco that the bookmakers took
111 tone of money on the chances ot these two
animate. An unavoidable delay of fifty-sir
mtnutei at tho post killed the proipecta of
Ornament, carrying tha top weight of 131
pound, while Imp, after runnlnr a fairly rood
race for a little more than halt the dletanre,
was literally run off her feet. TlIIo, br Leon
tu Puritan Lass, owned by Roger fc Ito
and ridden br A. Clayton, at the prevailing
oddi of 15 to 1, tnrned up aa an unexpected
' winner, which waa cauio for much downheart-
dneai among thoia who had not thought
ef him. The capture of aecond place
by llromler tc Co.'e Semper Ego, by
Logic La Sylphide, with Maker up, who
was at 30 to 1 and a rank outalder, acted aa a
temporary knockout upon tho talent. Marcus
Daly's Ogden, by Kllwarlln Imp. Oriole, with
i f Hamilton In the saddle, ran a splendid raoe, but
f , - weakened at the close. Don de Oro, August Bel-
If V oaont'a entry, was beaten out of third plaee by a
I , head, while Ben Holladay, who carried quite a
I I bundle of the smart set's coin, never showed.
1 1 J ' Imp was sixth, Peep o' Day soventh, and the
'I boasted Ornament an Inglorious eighth. Royal
,A Blag, whose good raco the othor day at Graves-
' snd made many speculators believe he had a
' look In, was absolutely last.
It waa an upset for the puhllo that will long be
I I remembered, but it Is one of the vicissitudes of
' the raco traok. The unfortunate delay at the
post was caneed chiefly by Ornament, wha re
' tuved to turn around and also tried to kick
aearly every other horse near him. Sloan
1 could do nothing with him. As Starter
.' Fitzgerald could net very well leave such a neav-
' llr backed fnverlta at the post, a watt, with
WA I Isn false breaks, was necessary until tha stub-
A . 1 bom sen of Order Vlctorlne madenp his mind
M " to break with the others. Ornament' a strength
Hj and wind were practically deadened by the de-
TaaW lay, beoanse of the unusual amount of weight
HL, ha carrisd, but nobody else can be blamed for
'jBV. It. Horses, like human beings, are sometimes
vV recalcitrant, and yesterday was Ornament's
time far xaeanness. Tha race, from a apeotaou-
H lar point ef view, was a msgnlflcent affair, run
I under the most favorable weather conditions,
H and gazed upon by a crowd that was simply
I Immense. But It was the bookmaker who
; monopolized all tha Joy In sight when tha raoe
was over.
"rim , J Bheepshsad Bay Is unquestionably the moat
aj j 1 picturesque raoe course In America, and It conld
M j 1 not have been more beautiful In Ita natural
M I features. The track was In splendid condition,
j j and the grounds were so well kept and trimmed
m I I that the crowd feasted their eyes on the scene
f all the afternoon. The green trees, throwing
f j just enough shade to protect the masses from
the warm sun, tho bracing ocean breeze from
' i aver Manhattan way, tha velvety lawn, bright
I beds of flowers, and a band of muslo provided
I real solid comfort for the army of pleasure
, j seekers who like to boon band when great etaka
jl. races are run. The triple-decked grand atand
It ' waa worth reproduction by a verlacoDO. ss
! varied In colors, styles, and characteristics were
lta hundreds upon hundreds of enthuslaetlo oc
cupants. Pretty women were there In shoals
and their stylish costumes were a striking back
ground for the surging army of men.
Early starts were made from the city for tho
track by the sea. and there were a dozen different
ways patronized. For the first tune the Brook
lyn Elevated road ran ltr trains across the bridge
to the Park Ilow entrance, where crowds took
advantage of this new rout. Tho first train,
which left here at noon, was patronized by a
good load, but the others, leaving at ten-minute
intervals, were jammed beyond all bounds
of comfort. Tho trains proceeded without Inter-
rnptlon until Parkville was reached. Then
they beoame stalled because of some misunder
standing with tke switch-tower men, and the
railroad tracks for at least a mile were covered
with would-be bettors, who were beside them
selves with anger over the prospect of missing
the first race on tho programme.
"Whnt'etho matter, anyway I" asked a nerv
ous little man, who everynow and then counted
over a fat rollofSJj bills. "Are we stuck! Ifio,
how far Is It to the track I I'd Just as lief walk,
XOT ss long as I can get this coin down on Typhoon.
V'j i I've got a system all mapped out to-day and I
; f , can't help coming home with a barrel of tho old
'yf I dough. Ilow far Is It, I say I"
A ' Five mllesl" growled a guard who was sit-
. i; ting on the bank beside tho track. "It's Ave
- tnlles, and w won't do there until about 2:80
Io'oleck. See I Oo Inside the car and haag on
I to your money."
Trains from tha bridge kept piling up, on be-
' hind another, for the next half hour, but still
J there was no progress. Finally a half-empty
j train from Long Island City rolled Into view,
I canting from the epposlta direction, and when
(ll i It had been switched onto the Manhattan Beach
tf tracks aheadef the stalled trains the procession
,jj slowly started for the bay. A mere angry orowd
fl than that on the delayed cars could not have
1 teen found In a hurry, but there wa no remedy
I n sight, aa the guards were swallowed up In the
H Jostling, struggling hordo of passngr tk
I moment the car started.
ifl x wild Ruan von. tub oatxs.
, . Arriving at the station outside the traok there
' 9 was more confusion. The men paid no atten-
I tlon to tha women, who wanted to rach the
. platform. They Just fought their way out of
$) th car, leaped down on to tho cinder, and
! joined In a wild rush for th gate.
"Get your tips hrrel They're th only re-
fM liable! I've got six winners under m hat here!
jjW Only a dime, ten cental" This wa the howl of
$K a man whoa nose looked Ilk a railway dangar
fM signal, and who appeared to be In used of a
K U square mesl.
HbT "My friend," remarked an old fellow, who
H peerod at the tipster over hi gold-bowed epeo-
TjflU tacles, "If you've got six winners undsr your
InL; 'S hat, as you say you have, why In thunder don't
M " 7ou go In there and kill the betting ring I
Wjt There' more money doing that than standing
I out hero selling what you know for the paltry
' sum of lOcentn."
!' "I've got a thousand bet on the races now,"
replied th tipster, "and In the goodness of me
heart I wants te see others get Into th game
with me. Hero they are. Six winners, and only
t adlmf lOcenU!"
( The old fellow fished up a dim and bought a
'i Jilt of the tins which he was seen studying In
' the betting ring later. Not one of tho winners
, materialized, but that was nothing, for the tip-
1 I ster hud a pockot full of dimes,
i It cost 9? toRet Into the grand stand Inolosur
f and considerable more to get out, as th result
(f! k of tho Buburbtn provei. The free field was
open totliepublloat &Ucentahead,andagrat
j throne was there, too. It corresponded to the
'j bleachers at a baseball game on a holiday, and
1 f ua wa rampant throughout the afternoon. A
A tally-bo party drove through the field In front
fti of the crowd packed on the big stand, and wa
dm subjected to all sorts of comments, both compll-
jiff tnentary und otherwise.
jBl I, "Throw us some of that grubl" was th salute
TLi' - received by tho man inside the coach, when he
A was seen to be struggling with a hamper and
I uncorking several cold bottles.
I "Throw out s spring chicken or sob 'bf
sind 'I It' make no dlffersnoo. W'r dead
hungry I"
Then was no ret pons from tha man la th
ooach until a bold f sllow climbed np on the) step
and grabbed a bottle of the wine that cheer
and sparkles. Uefore the) bottle could be taken
out of tha window, however, on of Pinker
ton's men had tho grabber by th collar
and ha wa run out of th traok at top
peed. Hunger seemed to have seized near
ly everybody before the first raoe waa de
cided, and the cafe and restaurant were
overrun. So wa th beautiful clubhouse,
just completed. The caterer, however, was
ready for the onslaught, for he had on hand
enough food to feed the United State Army for
a month. Expensive drink and fragrant cigar
ware also Indemand, but toward the end of th
day, when luck wa not so good, these luxuries
were somenhat neglected.
itrrxnzsT osirrnzD ix rati luarnBirr.
While there were five other event on the card
besides the Suburban, which was the fourth race
to be run, and there was plenty of Interest in all
of them, the chief attraotlon, of course, was the
big race. Oo wherover you might and talk with
anybody who claimed to know anything about
race horses, you would hear almost the sam
stereotyped comment.
"It looks like a cinch for Ornament, and if he
doesn't win It will be because of an acoldent
He's got 131 pounds up, to be sure, but that is
only three pounds moro than he carried when
he won the Brooklyn Handicap. Sloan Is going
to rid him, too, and Tod always know what h
Is about. Besides, the right people ar going to
filay him, and that's another ptlnt worth look
ngover. Ornament won the Brooklyn, by the
way. In a gallop, and wasn't pushed. He s up
agninst some good ones to-day, hut he'll tnako a
runaway of It and get all the money."
"Ornament's a hlgh-clsss horse, said an old
bettor, "but I'm going to keep off. There's
something that tells me it Impossible for a
horse to win both the Brooklyn and Suburban,
and I'm not going to get gay with my money by
barking Sloan'a mount this time. I like Imp.
He ran a great race the other day and Is dan
gerous." "Imp's my choice,' a fat woman replied to a
question put to her by a little man. "I don't
know why I llko htm, but I do. An Imp, you
know. Is suppossd to bo full of mischief, and
that's quite an essential quality In n racehorse.
Ilow much am I going to bet I Oh. a dollar It I
can get It on. I'd bet more only I've just paid
my rent."
The women, as usual, that Is. those who go
regularly to the track to gamble, received all
sorts of tips and bits of Information, and they
seemed to pay attention to everything that was
brought to their notice. A woman, all In
black, was wnlted upon by a boy who rushed
buck snd forth with batting prices. Information
no to jockeys, ideas of trainers and so forth, and
then placed eorno commissions for her that
footed up Into the thousands.
" Put $300 on Ornament to win!" she ordered,
"and $300 for n place. Alro put (BOO on Imp
for a place and $500 on him to show 1"
"Do you think you'll win allthoso bets, lady!"
asked a blonde, who bad a fat pocketbook but
few Ideas as to what horse to play.
"It's llko finding the money in th street,
the woman in black replied, ns she sat down in
a chair and prepared to wait for the time to
count her winnings. . .
"Say. mister, I a niceter give yer a atraignt
tip!" squeaked a little colored boy, who sidled
up to a tough-Iooktng snort with a red and
white nblrt front and a blinding headlight.
"Well, out with ltl Wot are yer waltln'forl"
"It's worth n quarter, I guess, mister, for I's
goln' ter tell Bu'tbln' that's right!"
"Out with ttl" growled the sport. "Out with
it. and ef I like It y e'll get rier quarter O. K."
"Well, ear, It's Semper Ego, as I wants to tell
yer, aud he s been kept under cover, and he'e
gotijn mighty good rh .nor. I wouldn't play him
to win, 'causo dat Ornament, he's a darned good
one. But I'd sort o' put su'thtn' on to get
second or third."
"Get out!" the sport responded, with the ut
most disdain. " That there Semper Ego ain't got
a chance, and if I was to put a bet on him the
' bookies' would all laugh at me. I'm one of the
talent and I knows raceliorso when I sees him.
That there Semper Ego's full of water and won't
be hoard of even when they close the gates to
night." To others the little colored boy, who does
chores about the staules, told of the good points
in Semper Ego's private performancee, but he
was waved off contemptuously, and probably
did not get a single quarter.
"It a a case o con, said one fellow; "th kid
don't know nothln , and only want to get a
toe nonSEii most rANonro.
There were many who fanoled Ben Holloday,
who did Just enough In a previous race to show
that he was getting fit. Politicians who like to
bet figured that this horse was the proper mark
for their money, and he carried a lot of it,
Koyal Stag was also w ell thought of, and there
were many reasons outlined why be ought to
" Did you see Ogden warm up 1" remarked a
slsek-looklng Individual, whose right eye was
painted so as to rover up th marks of some
fracas. " He's a plpo 1"
"A pipe I" queried a novice. "Why what In
the world la a pipe I"
"On the level, oullt Don t you know what a
pipe Is!"
'Why. I think so. But there are different
"Aw, smoke up!" and the eleek one turned
"Pipe and smoke up! Did you ever hear such
language. It must be peculiar to this kind of
sport, though, so I'll have to learn it," where
upon the novloe told everybody he met that
Ogden was a " pipe " and that he'd be " ameked
up" later.
"The reason I llko Peep o Day," a pretty wo
man explained to a friend, " is that my little girl
bas a story book In 'n hlch Peep o' Day is a noted
character. She Is very fond of him and men
tions bis name so much that I Just think I'll
back him to come In third."
"He's a good race horse, said her escort,
" and Spencer le a clever Jockey, but I hardly
think he'll show anywhere. Stlll.lt you Insist,
I'll take a bet down to tbe ring for you."
"There's 810. Do tho best you can." It was
"burnt up," of course, and probably the child's
story boot will be treated similarly.
Don de Oro. with Sims up. was talked of
some, but there was no stampede to cover him
with greenbacks. Hemo parsons mentioned
Havoc nnd others Tragedian, but they were only
those wbo believe In tackling long shots.
The only man who was bold enough to declare
the belief that Tlllo had a chance to win was
conspicuous In a long linen duster an 1 a ps.tr of
black goggles. He looked like an owl as he
wisely vouchsafed the opinion that Ornament
would not be In It, and that Till would get tho
"I tell you," he bawled to a crowd of amused
hearers Just after the third race had been run
and tho names of the jockeys for the big evont
were being hauled aloft on the posts In front of
tho grand stnnd. "I've been snooping around
for the psst week and I've come to the conclu
sion that thero's only ono horse In this race, and
that's Tillol" ...
"Tlllo I Tlllo T mused the hoarrrs as tber
quickly scanned their carda. "Why.theroissuch
a horse In this race, but nobody Is pliiylngblml"
"I saw Tlllo win his first race at Morris Park
this year," said the oracle, "and I picked him to
win the Metropolitan Handicap, but he didn't
start. I've been keeptn' an eye on him ever
since, and he's as fit as a fiddle now. I was
down lookln' at him a while ago, and if he don't
win I'll never look at another horso race again."
"He' got as much chance of winning the
Suburban," was the general retort, "as you
have of succeeding Dewey at Manila."
"All right. boys." the blue-goggled wlseaore
laughed, "all right, but after the race you'll
be sick.''
Then be sprawled out on the lawn and pa
tiently waited. It was now time to make th
much-desired onslaught on the bookmakers, and
tbe crowd poured Into the betting ring until it
was not possible to bresthe. Hats were knocked
ft and trampled on, buttons were lost, and so
were badges. The pencilltrs and their clerks,
seated on stools, wero buffeted about in a mer
ciless manner, but they stood It good-nnturedly.
probably because they felt that they would
nave their revenge later. Touts were nround in
large numbers with tbe usunl Information
which persons swallowed only to bo buncoed.
Crooks were there, too. but Pinkerton's men
were on the wnlob, and so was Capt. McClutky
of the local detective bureau. Commissioners,
carrying money from the big bettor who sat In
the clubhouse and smoked cigars, ruihed
through the mob Ilka half baoks In a football
game. When recognized they were followed
by a fighting, struggling line of men. who
wauted to follow what they termed the "right
money "
"There's Mlko Dwyers commissioner! See
what he's playing!"
The man who was pointed out was quickly
hemmed In and pushed up to a red-faced book
maker. "Two dollars on Pcsp o' Day to win!" be cried
In a high-pitched voire.
"That ain't Dwyors commissioner, growled
thoio who bad followed him. "Dwyer's men
bet tbnusnnds."
Ornomont opened at 'i to 1, nnd the flood of
greenbacks was so great that tho bookies soun
egun rubbing thslr little slates, until 7 to 5 and
3 to S were the closing quotations. lien Holla
day wss cut loose nt A to 1, and the price hold
well until tbe end, when to 1 and H to 5 Tiers
the beet to t obtained. Imp was at 4 tol as
a starter and remilned thereabouts, although In
the majority of books the mnre wns quoted at
o to 1 and 2 to 1 when tbe poat bell rang, Ofrrien
opened at (I to 1 and went up a point. Tlllo
went from 10 to IS to Land Semper Ego Jumped
from 10 to 30 tol, with 10 to 1 for tho place
and K to 1 to show, which proved a gold mine
for any who were lucky enough to play him,
llavoonnd Tragedian were coupled at 13 till,
while Don de Oro and Hoyal Stag cloiedat a
similar figure.
When the bugler celled the horses to tbe post
shortly after 4 o'clock tbe crowd arranged It
self In a dense prulanx along tbe mil from In
front of the judges' stand up th stretch to the
starting gate, where Kltzgerald and his assist
ant wero making ready for the beginning of th
BTeatbatU. From the upper tlr tn the grand
stand a far a th ay conld reach
wa an ocean of straw hats, snd ns tha
wearer moved about ft novel eight was
tbe result. To study the expression on the
different faces was worth the price) of admission
alone. Those who ar "regulars" at tbe track
could be nicked out because of their thoughtful
neas and cool, calculating demeanor. With
field glasses prepared to Inspect evorr move
ment of the racers, they stood In groups and
?uletlr discussed the wagers they had made,
n their own estimation they had made no hap
hazard bets, but bad placed Their money ac
cording to n close study nr th merits
anil deficiencies of the different animals
which wore about to run torn small fortune.
Those who occasionally wager for tho tun of the
tblnr, and who are not students of "form,"
were noticeable because of their nervous hilar
ity, flushed fares and a tendency to aak neigh
bors what they thought of tho chances of rvory
horse In the race. The expectancy of all was
Eredomlnsnt, and when the snlnndld nnimila
egnn to (lie slowly out of the paddock gate the
rtictalors, including the "regulars.' wero
rit with admiration for them. With lllho
limbs, glossv coats and gliding- muscles tho
eleven candidates were now In full view of the
"Thore's Ornament leading tho parado! was
the cry a tho heavily hacked favorite came
along with proud Uttln Sloan silting easily ou
his bark.
"Hooray for tho wlnnerl" the confident ones
yelled, and others joined In with n. cheer. As
Ornament pasaed and Ben Holladay followed
tho crowd recognlred Tarnl. (he winning Jockey
In former Suburbans, and Fred recMved a
round of spplausn, Prniper I'.go an next,
with llnher In tho saddle, but thero wnn
not a, sound as ho walked slowly by.
Silence also greeted Tlllo. ridden by Clayton,
althnugh the man In tbe linen cluster and gog-
?leslotout a ronrnf ilellcht aftorhe had none
urther up th track. Hnroo, with H. Williams
up; Trageillnn.wlth Sullivan as jockey, and Den
de Oro, with the capable Sims holding tho
bridle, followed, but there wa no dem
onstration, Hoyal Stag, guided by Dog
gelt, was only slightly recognlred and there
was little or no encouragement for Peep o' Day
and his pilot, Spencer. Ogden, with Hamilton
up, and Imp, with Clnwson on his back, brought
up tbe rear. Then the crowd began to crano
nocks In frantto attempts to see the start.
"If they get awny quick. It will be nothing
but Ornament," a well-xnown turfman ex-
flalnod to somo friends. "He and linn will run
ho others dead and will then fight It out be
tween themselvea,
The horaes now lined up In front of the barrier
and mnnmuvrrd for u good start. Ornament,
Peep o' Day. Imp. Hoynl Stag, and Don d Oro
began a kicking mntch. which Starter Fitrxer
aid and his untiring assistants workel hard to
quell. After fire minutes delay the first break
whs ninile, but Ornament had turned around
and refuacd to budge. A great sigh swept
through the crowd as the Jockeys took their
horses hack to the post for another round-up,
and thoso who had their money on the favorite
began to worry.
" I hope they get nwaytbts tlmo I" the Orna
ment backers said as ono man, " for that weight
will soon tire him out."
"They're off I" cried thousands as the horses
broko again after the barrier had been swung
up with a quick jerk
"Nol It's no start!" said the "rail birds,"
who could seo hotter than others "Ornament
Is still acting badly."
There was n wait of nearly ten minutes after
that bofnre the horses could be lined up In any
thing lilce docont fashion. Then came another
break, n turn nround and nnother ellgnmont.
Twenty minutes bad been consumed and tbe
crowd ocean to hiss in distrust. Tboae who wore
praying for Ornament to land the money for
them were moro and more convinced that their
money was about to be sot on fire, and when two
more fatso start were made they algnliled their
feollngs by hissing in n manner that, coming as
It did from thousands of mouths, sounded like
escaping steam.
I hree-quarters of an hour passed, and still the
starter and his assistants were working hnrd to
get tho Held off without any flnkrs. TnoOrna
meut followers were beside themselves with
rage as they saw thoir horse kicking and plung
ing about, with S!oan appnrcntly powerless
to govern his temper. A ninth break wns made
and another line-up ensued, whilo the crowd 1
n.ost turned away in disgust. Then. Juat as the
tlfty-slxth inlnuto ended, the tleld got aw at
tlnelr, and the starter's red flag was snapped
dou nward as the signal to go ahead.
"They're off! They're off I" ronred the mul
titude, as a big cloud of dust arose from under
the clattering hoofs of the rarers, and the
horses In a bunch began theli mad dasb down
toward the front of the grand stand. On tin
toe, on tho bicks of chair, climbing on stool a
and even upon tho tucke of friends, tbe frenzied
cro,vd struggled to see every movement of the
thoroughbreds from htart to finish.
Tillo got away in front, but by only a small
margin over ltoyal Stag. Havoc. Don de Oro,
and Ogden were close behind, followed by Orna
ment. Peep o' Day, and Imp bunched a yard or
so In the rear, with the others in reach of them.
They came thundering down the track In close
array, and th crowd had some difficulty in
making out their Identity, the colors of the
Jockey flashing In the sunshine with dazzling
As they passed the sta nd the err of " Ogdsn i
Ogden 1 went up from a thousand throats,
for Murcus Daly's horae was in the lead
br a length, and Hamilton was urging him
along In great style. Peep o' Day, his long
black mane and tail flying In the breeze, was
second, and his stride was long and mighty.
He was half a length in front of ltoyal
Stag, who led Haroo by a length. Tillo was
running fifth at this point, and was In such an
easy st rldn that the man with the linen duster
and goggles rose In his might and let out
another reverberating roar to the effect that it
was "all over." Imp was sixth, nt Tillo's
saddle girths, while the others trailed along
behind. Ornament was in ninth place.
" Ornament's n dead one!" a whlte-faoed man
gasped as he looked at the Brooklyn Handicap
winner pass by.
"Sloan looks sick at heartl" waa another com
ment. " He knows bis horso won't be in it,"
" Don't you believe ltl" came from nn excita
ble man wbo clutched a notebook and cbewed a
lead pencil. "Ho'll gu out In front later, and
tben we'll all cash In."
But he was one of a fow hopeful. The great
majority of bettors who bad staked their all on
Ornament knew tben in their hearts that hla
flight of speed would bo short and labored, and
that their pockets would need now lining be
fore another such ovent could bo tackled
with profit. Ornnmcnt was In trouble, to
close observers, and yet he hud nut gono
moro than a quarter of a mllo. Ills mugnlflrent
stride, which was ahown to such an udvantsge
In tho Brooklyn Handicap, was lacking, ami he
plugged itlong with bis mouth wide open as If in
bodily pain. It was tho weight that was drag
ging him down, and tbe delay at tho post had
killed bis chance to land the rich prize at stake.
Semper Ego clung to Ornament, though, as the
latter followed Ben Holladay, and nobody Inside
tho fences believed that he would be looked nt
when th end wns reached.
"Ogdenl Nothing but Ogdenl" That was th
cry when tbe rushing animals and their whlto
faced jockeys reached the half-milo mnrk.
The Daly horse was still golm; ut a furi
ous rute. but he showed only a head In
front of Peep o' Dny, nhoae speed seemed
to bo incruuslng with oery Jump. Itoynl
Stag was putting on steam, too, and waa
only a brad back, while ho Ind Imp by n neck.
'I illo ws up In this bunch also uuri tho strugglo
wassoul-stlrrlnir. Don de Oro followed wit u a
length of daylight nbead of him, null the others
in tbe ruck apparently, although It waa claimod
that Semper Kgo was merely Indulging in a
practice gallop.
ornament's roon biiowino disiieahtknino.
Ornament's logging was breuklng the hcirts
of thousands, and tho sceno through the crowd
wns remarkable. Men stuod nllll nnd gazed 111
open-mouthod astonishment et the favorlto,
who was dragging their money down with him.
Women shnekod fru nth ally for Ornament to
taku a Draco, Mid Incidentally tno loud, Other
women clutched tho rail of tho balrony and
gaed with marble vU iges at th race that was
making them temporarily poor. All eyes, except
those which had nr interest in him, wore glued
on tbe Brooklyn Handicap winner, who wis
struggling hopelesaly in the rear with nohoiin
to git In front, 'lhero wns grief on all sides
over this unexpected downfall, but there was
also some Joy. Down In tho betting ring the
arurlcious bookmakers, who wnro holding a
large amount of money wagered on Ornament's
rhances, were waiting breatlilossly for tbe ro
sult. "Ornaments almost last! shrieked n clerk
who was watching the rnco from a seat on top
of abeam, '"the wait nt tho post has killed
him, und wo will get all of the Dublin's coin."
The "bookiei" Jumped up at this (.ally and
shook hands with one another, but the j knew
enough not to ho too jubilant, because there was
still considerable distance to travel.
"Ogden leads nt the tbrce-quarter polel"
a man with good field gliiaaes announced, " and
lie'mi length ahead of Imp!"
"Oh, you Imp!" cried those In tbe assemblage
who had pUyed that horso in preference to Or
nament. "Imp will win! was the delirious shout of a
regiment of bettors, wbo were trembling with
exi ileuient. linn wns a head In front of Hoyal
btagaud the latter led Tlllo by a similar nd an
tage, whilo Don dn Oro was running u. id and
clou up. I'eep n' Day had shot his hult by
this tlmu and wis runldly dropping lo the rear.
But Semper Ego, with steel sjaliuta In tils pow
erful legs, wns getting over the ground with
leups that were cutting down tho lead of those
In front of him with every foot of turf covered.
" Oh, what a I'lnota Ogden hasl" said the know
ing ones, as the Daly horse passed the mllo
mark, still n ldigth to Inn good.
"He can't atuud tint pace," commented a
trainer who was watching htm through his
glusses. "Imnought tn wlul '
"It'slnipl He's the wlnnerl"
Just then tho man with the linen duster and
the goggles leaped five feet Into tbe air and
yelled clenrly above the tumult:
"What of hlui I" the bystanders askod,
"Tlllo!" lie roared again. "Ilo'a aecond and
a neck in front of Imp. Iook at that stride!
He's cot n world of speed, and I'vo got tbo
dough. Tillol Tillol"
Don do Oro was a good fourth here, and Ben
Holladay was coining fast, a half length behind.
"There's Somner Ego I He'll be dangerous I
a bookuiaksr remarked coolly.
Ornament, Hoyal Stag and Peep o' Day, with
1 V
IlftToej and Tragedian trailing, formed th rear
guard, and th farther the farorlt wnt tho
loker at heart the crowd becam.
Tho leader turned into th ttretoh well
bunched, leaving & blinding cloud of dust,
through whloh poor Ornament and bis com
panion wero forced to bore their way Ignomln-
" It serves 'em right," the disgruntled lour
said, but nobody heard thorn. The death strug
gle for the money wns now on, and a more sen
sational light oould not have been asked
for. Ogden, tired from making the fear
ful pace all the way around the ellipse,
was now on his last legs, yet ho
fought for his bead and struggled gamely on.
Like a man fighting for his life the Daly horso
strove to keep his handsome head In front, but
nature was ton much for him, although he was
hard to conquer.
Imp was In trouble quickly and dropped back
a If her feet were filled with lead. It waa a
hard blow to the talent that bad been banking
on tho mare to get some of the coin away from
the bookmakers, and when Imp lagged out of It
walls of distress and speechless dismay pre
vailed on almost every hand.
"Tillol" Onro moro the loud reverberating
roar of tbe dustor and goggle man rang out, and
this time the cry wns taken up by hundreds,
who saw Clayton driving the horse ahead with
apt ed that was killing the others.
"Tlllo wins!".
It wns a universal roar now, and It wns
mingled with moro cries of nngulsh. Tlllo rap
ldlr left the bunch n hundred ynrds from tho
end anil, with a magnificent spurt. Increased
his lend to bultn length. Semper Ego. nlsn let
ting out bis reserto slrongtb, set sail for Tlllo.
Clayton heard the 30 to 1 shot hammer
ing awar nthlnd him, and Just in tho
nick of time he cut Tillo looso a little
more, with tbe result that he drowaway again.
Sgdon wns running neck and neck with Somper
go. but his fight was hopeless, so far as the
lead was concerned. Don de Oro, a head back,
was rushing along, too, with vim and pluck,
while Ben Holladay was making ft rattling fin
ish, too.
Thirty yards from the end it was a clsch for
Tlllo, but the battle for tbo places continued.
Finally, ns the borses dnshed, panting and leg
woary, over the line. Tlllo proved victor by a
Sood half lougtli, with Semper Ego socond,
gdon third and Don de Oro fourth, beads
apart, Tbe crowd kept still until Imu
and Ornament had crossed the line. Then
a few cbeerod Jockey Clnyton when he sat In
tbe floral horseshoe. The rent either w ent home
in sadness or took n parting Ming at tbo Jubilant
bookmakers. When Sloan dismounted nobody
lookod ut him. When he rode Ornament to vic
tory In tbo Brooklyn Handicap he was lionized
by thousands. But It must be remembered that
tho nubile Is tickle.
Outside of the Suhurbnn most Interest nat
urally centred In the first running of the Double
r.vent for two-year-olds. Tho stnko was worth
Ki.OOO. and In the absence nf Jean Bsroaud It
was regarded as anybody's race. The va
cancy created by tbe scratching of Counsellor
W.-rnberg was filled by the Oncok Stablo's Ar
niiunent, and tho handy Arid of ill went
around to the start. For the first time this
season threo of the colts woro equal favorites
nt !! to 1 clear Indication thattthe raco was so
open ns to puzzlo the talent. These were King
don, Olenhelm. and Ktbelbert, while 20 to 1
wns on offer against Miller and CO to 1 against
Armament, It ',uis an easy win for Klngdon.
lie waited with hla field after rushing matters
In the first furlong and w as content with fourth
position for four furlongs, when he camo away
and won well In hand by thrso lengths. Ar
mament traliod for most of tho distance, but
moved up with n. rattle In the run home and at
one tlmo got his nose In front. He proved un
equal to Klngdon's challenge, however, land
had lo be content with tbe plaocs.a length in
front of Miller.
Thn snort beiran with a bic-Tunaet. as the talent
figured Typhoon II. to ben 3 to 10 shot, nnd
played hlui accordingly. The Bromley colt was
not as fortunato as usual In getting away, and
Hurry ltoed.at tbe false price of 12 to 1, made all
tho running and won by a length from Isldor.
Momentum, ono of tho outsiders, was third.
In tho second event, a one-mile raco over tho
turf, for " thre-i ear olds, C. Flelschraann's
Sons' Xoncy, with Sloan up, was made a hot
fniorite in a Held of twelve at 7 to &. (leorgo
Dod and Loiterer wero equal second choices,
while thero was a strong play on Turner Broth
ers' Itinuldn. Tho big field caused a long de
lay at tho post, and the fractious ones promptly
wiped out tbe barrier. The etarter tben took
them in hand without tho lining up machine,
and Innlly got all but one oft to a rood break.
Atbsmas propped himself at llagfall and took
no part In the rare. Htnaldo proved the good
thlnglhe waBltouted to be. and won by throo
qusrters of r. length from Nosey, who came
with a brilliant rm.li too late to get betterthan
second, halt n length In front of Qen Maceo.
oosatp or Tim nta hack.
Theso events paved tho way for the stake
races, and after Klngdon took his rivals Into
camp In the Double hvont there wns a rencral
stampede for tbe paddock, whore tho Suburban
Handicap candidates wero being prepared for
the fray. Tho Brooklyn Hundlcap wlnnor. Or
nament, was crowded oy admirers, woo prompt
ly started otf with ronow ed confidence to swnmn
the botttngrrlne. Ben Holladay looked trained
to the hour, and the plunge on him cut bin price
down to -1 to 1. Tbotn who missed Semper
Ego's good race nt Oraveaend tho other day
looked him over critically, hut although he was
In the cnrrsctlo hnndBof Danny Maher, they
Basscd him over. Marcus Daly's grand colt
gden.'who cut such a wide swath as u two-yoar-old,
won many fresh admirers, who were
glad to accept 7 to 1 about hlra. Tbe Western
mareUmp, attracted perhaps the most nttontion,
ns ouulde her startling race at OravcRend ear
lier in tho week, sho was au unknown Quantity
among Eastern rarsgoere. The betting indi
cated tho tirovnlllng opinion of the critlos. Or
nament was made favorite, with lieu Holladay
next In demand on the strength of their form
In tho Brooklyn Handicap. Then the experts
began to guess and they selected Imp "to
show. ' Ogden was rated ns noxt host, bt't for
onro the fii'bfnl igno-id Don deOro, although
tbe Belmont colt had the services of Sims.
After the race horsemen were endeavoring to
figure out how it nil happened and how they
allowed 'llllo to run loose at 13 to 1. Tbe regu
lars also kicked tbemselvjs quietly over their
neglect of Semper Ego who had expojed bis
form as recently ns June lOat (lraeaend. The
consensus of opinion scorned to be, however, that
tbo delay nt the post killed the favorite's
chances and also settled some of tho otherH with
heavy weight up. The starter realized that
every momunt's delay was an extra handicap
on Ornament, but thero was no remedy, as the
favorlto was ono of tho worst behaved at the
gate. Sloan, who rodo Ornament, said tho
groat colt was used up before flag fall. He was
earning over thirty pounds of cold lcud and
naturally rould nor do himself iustlrn. Tnral
hnd fow oxcusos to offer for Ben Ilolladar.
'1 ho pa(i w-ns simply a bit too fast for him, and
when'.ho'mado his bid tho others were Joofar
nwav. Clairton. wbo rodo Imp thought she
did not run her rare and that she would do
better In !a smaller field. 3inis wai rlearlv dis
appointed at getting no cloer thnn fourth
with Don do Oro, but bo took his defeat philo
sophically, knowing that all tho lcpulnr fol
lowers of the game roall70 that tno Don only
trios In spots.
Cln ten was Uglily elntod over his triumph
on Tlllo, und said ttnt ho was prettv confident
all tho way, ai tbu colt s form in bis earlier
races indicated that bo was on edge nnd hnd
speed to hum when called on.
The ntnrtor was confronted vltb another
bard tank Intthe'dssh for maiden two ear-olds
which followed'tber,Suburbin Fifteen young
Hers went to tho nn't, with Hatclurk faiorllo
at 7 to 5. P. J, Dwjer's Half Tlmo. at 12 to 1.
won In a drive by ahead from Satirist, who beat
Trndrosso a ltnulh Trillion, nt;i;to 1, won tbo
jumping rare wlilrh wound up the card. Hoyal
Hrnrlet wns favorite, but although .he fenred
muih better than In his recent races, be just
failed to outfoot Trillion, who squeezed homo
hv a bead.
For sit ages! ttliO addrd, of which (too to second
aid Sol) to thtri penaltlea and allowances! Ore fur
loutfs on mala track:
M.I Pwtt'i K or br. g. Ilarry Iteed, 0, by Illm-
yar Violet, IV! (Mini) 1
MarLualia y'ach r. tildor, , 11 1 trenn) 2
Uouttiacres StatU'i b. c. Momentum, S, 110
ivprncer) . . 8
Typhoon II.. 11 Hall, Itandpreas, Collateral and Lady
Mitchell alo ran
Time, I'M
Bettlnx Twain lo 1 against Harry need. S to 1
Isldor eo to I Hnmrntum, 1) in in Typhoon If., 80 to
1 Hlllall, 40 to I llsnitprtss, 100 to 1 Collateral, 80
to 1 Lady Mitchell.
For thrse year oldsi nun winners of ITOOi selllDgi
weight elgl I pounds 1 alow Hie ai-alei f fiOO adilad,
of nhlcli S100 to aecnnd aud $50 to ttdrdi allow
an rs una inlia ontlietlllfi
Turnevllroa' I., c. Htnaldo, tiy Leonatus Dahlia,
111 (Slurph)) 1
O r If lich matin's Sons' l. e No-r, h (Sloan)
W ( Daly a oh. k (leu Maeeo, o1 (O'Connor). .. . II
Sir Oawaln. ileorrn Mojrd, Lidterer, Athamaa,
llelmadale, Nanoleon Ilonai arte. Long Acre, Plate
Ctiatnlimy aad o'jpt Snillli aim ran.
Time 1 14 n
Petting SIX to 1 against Hlnaldo, 7 to G Nosey, B
to 1 Oen Ma -en, 40 to 1 Mr (lawalo. 4 to 1 tlforr
Pnrri, 4 to 1 Loiterer, 111 to 1 Atliamas, 3(1 tol Helms
rtle, 30 to 1 Sapolemi !!nart', 10 to I LongAore,
80 lo 1 fink t'hambray, .10 to 1 Opt. Smith,
The double event uf Sin.OOO, fr two-year oldai $100
each oronlv $2B If dectar.d out by Apr,l 1.1, nrfW
If by Ma llti starters to pav tlOU aMilloual, which
shall entitle them In atari for Imthe' entei KUSrantenl
rali value of th two orenta tS.OClii each In aarh
e rot tba aecund tore elve 1750 and the third U50i
CI.UOO additional tn plate or ninney, at tho option of
tin ovner. will tva Klvrn should tha two events be
wan l.y the aamr li'raei w Itinera of two raeeaof
11,400 or one uf (3.70(1, a en pounds ritta, maid
ens nover bavin been placed secood fr-r a race of
$l,n00 allonred seven tin ind.. treedlnz allowancuii
guaranteed rush value 43 000 of whloh $4,ono to
The wlnnT, 7ttn to arconil, and IS.&0 to third ilaat
,.,.. .ml a ttalf filrlnn'fti nf tliti l-'lltlirllv PAilnfi
M V. Pwyer'a I. e Klnfcdon, tiy Kingston Lady
nallard. lfSlon) 1
Ou It Stable's b e Armament, TJ (.-paDcar) 9
) j lawyer's b or br. o Miller, 123 (Domett) 3
Olenbelm and F.thalnert also ran
Tlni I 0
llettln-i Two lo 1 against Klnadon, 80 to 1 Arma
ment, 80 to 1 Millar, 2 to 1 Olenhelin, S to I Kthal.
TLe Suburban, of tt 0,000 1 handicap for three-year-olds
and upnardi 200 each, halt forfeit, or only
ID It declared out bv Feb. 21, 1MB8; the winner to
rrrelv 7.O00. the second Y,000. and the third
ai,000 winner after aaaotinoemsnt et welgnu OX
two raoe of 1800 or en of t,0, four pounds
extra; of two of (1,400 or en of 2,700, slim
pounds xtrai of thre of (1,400 or two of 1.700
or on of 9,000, twelve pound sxtrai allewanesi
oae mile anil a quartan '
rtorers A Rest's ti. o. Tlllo, 4, by Leonatos Puri
tan Lasi, no (Clayton) , 1
Dtomley Co.'sb. h. Semper Kgo, 100 (Maher) a
Marous Daly's b. o. Ogden, tOtf (Hamilton) 8
Ornament, Den Tlolladay. Ilavoo, Tragedian, Don
d Oro, Royal Stag, Peepo Day, and Imp also ran.
Time, 2.08 lo.
ratting Fifteen to 1 aaslnst Tlllo. 80 to 1 B.mp't
Ego, 7 to 1 Ogden, 7 to 0 ornament, 4 to 1 nan Holla
day, IB to I Ilavoo and Tragedian coupled, IB to t
Don da Oro, IB to 1 Royal Mag, 12 to 1 Tecp o'Day,
0 to 1 Imp.
riant RACE.
Halittn race No. 1, for two-year-old maldenai (BOO
added, of which 100 to aecond and 50 to third t
colta, 118 poundai miles and geldings. HBpoundat
last tour and a half furlongs of the Futurity C'ouraet
I. J. Dwyer's cli. r. Halt Time, by lUncver Pan
dora, 1 In (Doggett) 1
3 K Beagram'a en. o. Satirist, lib (Williams) .... 2
James itone at t'n 'a rh f, Tendrease, 1 IB (Spencer) 8
Capt -ilgsbee. Oreyfeld, Savory, Chopin, Havelock,
Orcat Neck. Uate, (loldmlne. Halo. Royal Maiden,
Quern's Cadge, and 11-11 of II. also ran.
Mettlng-Twelve to 1 against Halt Time, 12 to 1 Ha
tlrlal, 7 to 1 Tendrease, 10 to 1 Oapt. Slgshee. 80 tn 1
(treyfeld, 12 to 1 Savorv, BO to t Uhopln.7 to A
Havelock, 8 to 1 Great Keck, 80 to 1 Date. IB to 1
Ooldndne, 10 to 1 Halo, IB to 1 Royal iialden, 20
to 1 Queen's nadge. 80 to 1 Hell of II.
Billing ateeplechese, for four year otda and up
waroi 8500 added, of which $100 lo aecond and too
tnthlrdt allowauceai ahort ateenleohase rouraei
W O Haifa's b g Trillion, aged, by King Ernest
Trill, 164 (Callahan) .. 1
F it T Hliclirock's ch. g. ltoyal Soarlet, 0, 142
(llyrne) ' 2
3. P. Dawes's Sir l.aitrnno', 4, 143 (Christopher)... 3
Deospod, Detective, Mclntyre and llaaufort also ran.
Time, 4'2(),
Betting-Four to 1 against Trillion, 8 to B Royal
Scarlet. 0 to 1 sir Lawrence, 4 to 1 Decapod, 20 to 1
Dttectlvs, BO to 1 Mclntyre, IB to 1 Draufort.
0O,S8O fr a Ilanavar rteolare Oalt.
Good prices were realized at the second day's
ale of the llancho Del Paso yearlings at
Bheepshead Bay yesterday. The top price,
3.550, was paid by O. Flolsehmann's Sons for
thn handsome black colt by Hanover Hectare.
The best sales wero:
Dav colt by Imp. Midlothian Memento) S. S.
Williamson , 1,080
Chestnut colt l.y Imp. Midlothian Miss Wood
fonts W. L. Powers S.BOO
riai t filly bv Hanover-Ortawln T. J. He aley 1,100
Chestnut rult by Imp. Dandle Dlamont Phl-
lestai Rurnaft Wat rhouso 830
Bay colt by Imp. Dinar Dlnmont Queen-
fisher, Durns & Waterhnuse 830
Chestnut colt by Balrator Queen's Tastsi Tod
Slonn 1.02B
Block colt by HanOTer Reclaret C. Flelsch-
mann'aUona 8.BB0
Chestnut colt byTenny Imp. Redwarth Roast
J. Mackey 400
Cbeatnut oolt by Imp. Oolden Oarter Re-
presaat Kanalco stable 400
Chestnut colt by Tenny Raket J. White 1,000
Twenty-seven hoad sold for 915,250, an aver
age per head ot (.304.81.
Pink Coat Wins th St. K,enls Derby.
ST. Louis, Jnne 18. Pat Dunne's coed bay oolt
Pink Coat won the St. Louts Derby. Plaudit fin
ished second under the whip. Bannookburn waa an
easy third. Jackanapea was fourth and Equltoroe
waa last. It waa the blggeat race day St. Louis has
seen tn many years. The Mayor proclaimed It a half
holiday, and the baseball game waa called an hour
and a half earlier than uaual In order that the tans
might go aoroaa tbe atrest and aeo the big rao. The
attendasoe waa probably 20,OOOt some estimates
were as high aa tIB.OOO. Anyhow, II was a big bunch
ot people In holiday attire. The Derby waa the nf th
race. Plaudit waa not regarded as the sure thing
that be Ogured on publlo form, and there waa a lively
play by toe email bettors who like blgfodda. Most
vt this money went on Ranuockhurn. who opened
at 4 to 1 aud waa cut to U. Pullt stuck at 4 to A
and Pink Coat at 2 to 1. Jackanapea was IB to 1 and
Equttome waa anything vou liked, They got OIT In a
bunch, with Plaudit leading by a neck from Jacka
napea. Llttlefleld pulled the tnvorlte back to fourth
flace. Aa they passad the atand after half a mile
bey were well together, bqulto.ne waa flrat with all
the othera In easy striking distance. PlnkCoat took
the lead after Ruing a mile and came aa they entered
tbeatretrh. Llttlefleld went to th lead. lie laehrd
Plaudit all tbe way home, nhlla Willie Martin held
rink Coat woll in hand six length In front. They
nnlshed that way. Dunne's colt was not tired, but
tha othera aeemed to be all out. Piaudtt'a heavy Im
post told plainly on him. He nulshad with more
weariness than any of the others. lie was apparently
trained too tins for a brulalng race. Summaries!
First Race One mile and three sixteenths. Anger.
104 (II Wilson), 8 to 1, first; Serf, 108 (R. Jones), 8
tol.seeondi Tago, 104 (Uall), 3 to 2, third. Time,
2 00'..
becund Race One mile. Qeld Band, 100 (llall), 1
to 3, flrati Nightgown, HO (T. Leigh), 8 to 8, aeeondi
Zarlna. 100 (T. Hums) 2 to I, third. Time. 1:43.
Third Pa e One ralla and three sixteenths Wee
nateble, luO (Harrington). B to 1, flrat; Maddolo. 107
(atclutyrr). 10 to 1. srrond; Bob Ullllcan, 108 (Snell),
4 tol, third. Time, 2:04.
Fourth Race One utile and aeventy yarda. Cav
alry, DO (J. Woods), 7 to l, first; Fervor, 100 (T.
Burns). 0 to 10, aecond; Parole d'Or, 88 (T. Leigh), 9
to2. third. Time, 1:40Hj.
Fifth Ilaoe St I. outs; Derby; one mile and a halt.
PlnkCoat, 107 (Willie Martin). 2 to l.nrst; Plaudit.
127 (Llttlefleld), 4 to 6. aroondi Bannuokburn. 107
(Thorpe). 3 to 1. third. Tlmo. 2;S7.
fllith Race One mile Ed Farrall, 11B (J. McDon
ald), 8 to 0, flrat; Libation, 100 (O. Combs), even,
aeooad: Tom Klngsley, 10S (bnell). 40 to 1, third.
Time, l;4So
Seventh Raoe One mile. Onlda nook, 118 (T.
Leigh), 10 to 1, first! Laureaute, 102 (T. Burns),
even, second; Domsle, 88 (Frost), 4 to 1, third. Time,
triaarrs at l.atoata.
CrscnccATT. Juno 18. Doncolln, a four-year-old filly
by Duke of Montrose Spinster, who won the last race
yesterday or a mile and a alxtt-enth and woe added
to tho Cincinnati Hotel Handicap at Latnnla to-day
at the last minute by her owner, Charles F. MoLean,
one of tbe associate Judges of the track, won again
aslly. Mmon W., whu bad the top weight, 120
t'Ouuda. ran the mllo In 1:3d3;, nhen Doncella took
the lead and kept It by three lengths. The net value
of the ataka waa Sl.aoO. Summaries;
First Race Suveu furlong. Jully bon, 101 (South
ard) 10 to 1, won ; Marltl. 102, (Evi rett) even, sec
ond l Sktiik. OH (Brltton). 10 to 1. third Time, I !?..
Hi-cond Race Five furlongs rrank Hell. 108 (Van
dusen). 3 to V, w on , Hardy Pardee, 102 (Dupee), 7 to
10. second; Jolly Roger, 100 (Matthews, 4 to 1,
third. Time, 1 02.
Third Race One mil and seventy yards. Azucena,
00 (Inip'H). B to 1, won : Ranlahed, P8 (Beauchamp),
ntoB. sccnnl , Imp Iddle llurk, 110 (Overton), 4 to
6, third Time, 1 4.
Fourth Race The Cincinnati Hotel Handicap; one
mile and a slxterntli. Domella. U0 (Nutt), & to 1,
won. Rosin ante, 95 (Dup. e), 7 to 1 0, second , Fannotte,
00 (Knight) IS tol, third. Time, l'4tt'.
Fifth Rare Handicap: six furlongs Old Law, 114
(Nutt), 18 to B. wont High Jinks tol (Tteuuchamp), 4
to 1, second, Martha II., 101 (Dupee), 8 to 0, third.
Time. 1:15.
Sixth Race Seven furlongs Krlas Krlngle. 101
(Dupee), even, won; Pan rhann, 103 (Matthowa), 10
to l.aoooud, Hilda, 107 (Nutt), 7 to 1, third. Time,
Tteanlts nt Ifarlesa.
OntCAOO. June IS. There waa a aplendld crowd at
narp m to dav, Warrenton won tha Senior Stakea,
asort of preliminary to th American Derby, easily.
His chances In the greater event are now coasldtrcd
gaud nummary
Urst Itaie Mx furlongs Tenole, 10', (Hotter). 3
to 1, wuu, The Tory, tut ill Ihiiiuii'iin), into 1 aeu
ont l.aly Juliet (Mi Cann),Bto I. third Time, I I IS 4 .
becond Race Threo and u half furlonita l.einoou,
1UD (I. btiilth). 2 to l, won; Oolden O , ln.MCay
wood). (I to 1 secoad, Oreen Witch, 105 (Illo-s), 20
to I, third Time, I'll I
Third Race Ono mile and soventv yards Nathan
son, 07 tltoae), tl to I, won i Dorothy III . 108 (Turn
er), 4 to 1. secoud, Jack of nearts, 110 (lllova), IB to
1, third Time. I HH'4.
lnurlb Race six lurlonga Richard J , 111 (Cay
wooJi.ll to yo won; Hugh Penny, 100 (Turner), 2 io
1. acronit: Bellicose, 107(11 Martin), 8 to 1, third,
Time, itHh.
llftb Race Senior Stakea; one and one eighth
mllce Warr nlun, l4 (Caywood), 2 to 1), won,
Mlolan, 112 (II Martin). 0 to 1, second, Plngree, 112
(J. Hill). 7 lo 11) third, lime, 1:37.
Mi th Race Three and a half furlongs Jinks, 108
(1! Williams), 0 to 1, won; Batten. 118 (J Hill). 4 to
n, second; iluess Me, 10 'J (Blo-s), 10 to 1, third.
Time. 0 4ll'4.
Seventh Race Six furlongs Cherry Flame, 103
(II, Martin), 3 to 1, won; Haphazard. 114 (Turner),
10 to I. arconili Lone Trlneeas, 103 (Itutter), 10 to 1,
third. Tlmo, lilBLj.
Most In Straight Heats nt CamblaatUo Park.
Bohtov, June 1H This waa the last day nf the races
at Combination Park, and a good crowd waa prea'nt.
Th 2 22 Irot nas wnu by Walter J. In straight heats
Woodshed captured Ibn free for all pace, winning out
by a nose In tery heat. Summaries;
2 22 class, trotting; purse (400t
WalterJ.rh g (Clark) 1 1 1
Doctor, b. g ilirown) , 8 2 2
Mella.ch 111 (Moultton) 2 n n
Miss Ilarbie, blk m ciardner) 4 3 4
Ben II ,!). r. (McDonald) B 3 11
Unrlila II., Ii III (limber) 8 4 (I
Susie F , b, m (Kolsom) 7 7 7
Tlme-2.Vs, 2:21s, :22.
Fr-r ror all class, pa-Ins, purse 14001
Woodshed, rh e. (htirllng) 1 1 1
JlmmleB.b ir (Lawrence) 2 2 2
Rellna, gr. m (Muncn) 4 U 3
(leorge (1 gr. g il'ltrrerald) 3 4 4
Tlme-ilb, 2 14'., 2:14.
A rnndettmrd Murderer to Testify,
NoiiitlSTOW.v, a., June 18, Tbo Common
wealth will put Charles O, Kaiser, cnndoinnod
for the murder of his wife, on the w itnoss stand
on Monday. This will be unprecedented. Neier
In thn history ot tbo criminal annuls of Penn
sylvania has a lonrioninoil man testified ngalnst
an alleged associate in crime, ICaifcor will ro
fine hlh taloof hciiig iittniknl by liu-lnv 1 men,
who killed his wlfit and shot him aflor robbing
1)10111 of money and Jewelrv, nnd toll a elory
which wlllcoiillrm I.irzio Dekalb's story Clem
nior, tho accused tn.it), will go ou tbe stand on
The fllval llrldae Commissioners Controversy.
The Appelltts Division of tho Supreme Court
In llrooklyn Is soon to review the judgment of
the lower court declaring that Mayur Van IV ck
had no legal power to remote tho old Commis
sioners of tbe new Euat IllverUrldge, Corpora
tion Countsl Whalen tiled with the County
Clerk In llrooklyn yesterday an order of Justice
(Jurretbon directing a suspension of the entry
ot the Judgment until th decision of th Appel
late Division ha bcon rendtrtd.
Broadway, Cor. ioth St., w$5S8& 4
CAED to the PUBLIC. 1
Hiving received tlie entire stock of uncalled-for carmentt from our many branch store), "&$
the same will be placed on sale at our BROADWAY STORE, corner toth St., opposite Wattt Mi!
maker's, TO-MORROW. There are several hundred Suits, and Coats and Vests, made to M
measure during the present season, and are made from the very finest Yorkshire milled fabrics, '
Including also the celebrated English Wire-Woven Serges, In BLACK and BLUE ONLY. Tha
above suits have been made to measure at from JJ15 to 30 per suit. '
Our Price To-morrow:
SUITS ; - - $10.98 I
COATS AND VESTS - - - $7.98 j
Single and Double Breasted Sacks, also Cutaway Frocks for dress, all at the same prlc
Mibsistiirrr j.eyekb.
AlUtmaata r tk ar.deral Appreciation nasi,
but IVt Aanounoei-
Tho annual meeting of th Mississippi Rtrer
Commission, which began on Friday morning
at the Army Dulldlng here, was concluded yes
terday. The commission is made up of seren
members, rvith llrlg.-Gan. George U Gillespie of
the Corps of Engineers President. Tho object
of the meeting was principally to mak allot
ments of the appropriation for Improving and
maintaining tho lerees of the different districts
along the rlrer, from Its mouth to Cairo, III.
There are eleren districts tn this territory. All
of tbe district superintendents trero present at
the meeting, as wall as United Htate Senator
James II. ltorry of Louisiana; Congressman T.
C, Cachings of Vlcksburg. Chairman of tbe
Hirer nnd Harbor Committee of the House:
Congressman 1. 1). McCulloch of Arkansas, and
State Knglneer Richardson f Louisiana.
The superintendents of the various districts
tv ere present to tail how much money would be
necessary to perform the needed work on tbe
lerees In their districts. No superintendent
was especially modest In the request for bis ap
propriation. Senator Derry mado a speech in
nil (ch lie asked that enough money bo appropri
ated nut only to protect the work already dono,
hut to bring the lerees up to the highest stand
ard known to engineers. Representative Catch
Ings sild that he hoped that the next Congress
would tako complete oharge of th work ot
mi.lntalnlngthe lerees, and that at least 918.
0(10,000 would be appropriated, which amount,
be said, would be enough to complete the work
already mapped out.
Last year Congress appropriated for the main
tenance, extension and Improvement of the MIs
sisslpol levees $9,000,000, to be expended dur
ing the next four years. Just what allotments
were finally made by th commission for each
district ho not yet been announced.
trAjnanjiL siuof uatoii nrxiro,
nvelvr Hreaikt Into Aotlsai at Brsmswlck
Me., by a Slap Siren ts ss Girl.
Brunswick. Mo.. Jun 18. City Marshal
Richard ABhby was killed and Mayor J. 11.
Ilelsle was mortally wounded last night In a
fight caused br n Blap given to a girl. W. J.
Ilelsle, brother ot tho Mayor, Is accused ot
having struck a daughter of tbe Marshal.
Ashby und his son Joseph found him at 0 o'olock
last night In a saloon, and immediately at
tacked Mm Tbe Marshal covered him with a
revolver whllo his son beat him.
Tho Mayor was also In the saloon, and he be
gan firing at tbo Marshal, iloth men emptied
their revolvers. Ashby fired for the last time
as he fell. He was dead before friends reached
him. The Mayor stood looking at his body a
mlnuto and then staggered to the sidewalk.
He had ono wound In his abdomen, and the last
shot from Ashby's revolver passed through his
body, penetrating the left lung and coming out
near tho right shoulder blade. His death If mo
mentarily expected.
Tha Sleayars Iware aad treat to Bleep Aaaln,
knt Awake to Plad Tnetr Beddlar n lira.
A boy with a big firecracker aneaked up n
the roof of the tenement at 152 Essex street
yesterday morning while a dozen or fifteen
tenant were taking their holiday morning nap
there and set It off. They awoke In wrath, only
to find him gone, and bad returned to their beds
? rumbling when one ot them. Levy Horwltt,
umped up with a yell of terror. Ills mattress
was on fire. The firecracker had done It.
Whilo Horwitr ran tho others Joined in an at
tempt to put out tbe Are. Tbey bombarded it
with pillows, with the result ot only feeding the
fire. At last it blezed up so holly that they bent
a retreat nnd called the firemen. When they
arrived tbe fire had spread to the roof ot tbe
next house and set tbo clothes posts on tire. The
firemen made short work of it.
New Jersej'a Share or Slla npawia'a Estate.
When Silas Drown of Second streot, Jorsey
City, died on May 15, 1897, be left $10,000 in
bonds to nephews and neices. The bonds were
In a snfo deposit vault tn this city. After the
probate of tbo will riiirrogate Llllls charged as
tax of $51U,70 against the bonds under tbe col
lmcriil inheritance tax law. Lawyer James
l'almer, representing Catherine Brown, th
widow and administratrix, uppralcd to tho Or
phans' Court to bavo tbe tax remitted on the
ground that tbe bonds, bslng deposited In this
city, wero liable to tax here, and It would be un
just that they should be taxed twice. Prosecu
tor Krwln. representing the State Comotroller,
argued that the bonds were subject to taxation
only In the State in wblch tha estate was admin
istered and Judge lilair sustained that vlaw of
tbe case. m
Displaced Coreaers Sua Tor sjalary.
Ex-Coroner lloeber has notified City Comp
troller Colcr that ho is about to sue tbe city for
k-llittitl ns sularj due him for January. Kx
Coroner Ti.thlll has tiled a similar notice. They
hold that the olllee or County Co-oner has not
been nliollalied in New York counts. Should
tho conteiiipl'itcd suits result In their favor
rlmilnr suits fur salaries for each month will be
tent F.slnle Frlvale Males.
Charles Orinith Moss has aold to C. SV. Wright four
Iota of laud ou the west sldo of.Seamau arcnue, north
of Academy airatt. on private terms.
Max Hart has sold lo harsh A, King, ror about
Snil.OO'l. Urn nrealory double Hat No aeii West
l'JTth alreel, ttPxlOO, anil ha puroliaard from Abel
null A Itosentia'ini for 3J,0U0, No 'JB Last 118th
stient, similar building.
Joseph lilerhoiT lias sold the following: No. 12S
West Hlatlrth street, a live story tenement, 2Bx".0x
loo, for llr. I'mllliis, So 40 West lluth street, a
three story dwelling 0x100. fur T Coleman, and
the dsii Ulna; No ft!) West tatth street, 1U8IIIU.11,
lor Frank Hamllu
l'aul Haj er bss aold for John Flanagan to tha Uern
heinier h. Iiml'li UreliiK Company tbe nre story
tlat, with storrs, at the suuthcaqt corner of Amster
deal nvrutie and luoth street, for about 3,&0ll
lleurv Huthsohlld sold throucb Joaephle, Hon ft
hlmiins for about S27.UUO Hio (lie story flat with
atore, U.'iiIOO, No. liliH Fifth avenue, near 110th
atnet Louis O Levy Is the buyer.
Th Stevens ileal Kstat'i Company sold to Elisabeth
MiKlnla) for Imogen Hart, tho vacant lot ou the
south sldo of luoth street, H85 feet e,i ot Central
I'rk u
J, sejih Ulerhoft sold a plot of eight lots on Eighth
a'l'iniK aud White 1'ialna road, for a Dr. Hploxsr, for
H 000.
It I'shlemann : Son have sold fortfrs C. n.W fiav.
aKi' tbe four story brownslone front dwelling, 'Jtx6S
j 1011, No. JiU Central l'aric Uol, at a purported
pr ce of srs.oon.
llohlrl'lKe Ward have sold to Lowenfald Pra
ger Nor- U7 to 1M.I KHrldge street, a plot containing
three lots. 78xoo, fnrJuhu 1. Klppror to.i.uou
I-rank Fbret Is rpresute I to have aold In Louis
Biern, who una. the adjolutng proiiertv. the south
east orner of tlfth avenue and Llghty nrst atrset, a
plot 7'iitDu
U. P Siangan has sold for Canaroin mothers to
Vallmun Ilrothem two lots on tbe north side of lONib
street Sou fei't rsst or Amsterdam avenue, OuxlOO.
The Ernst Msn N U'i n Compear baa purchased
two lota un tbu en.l side of Klugsbrldxe road, 700
rot north ut Academy street.
I bonus Itosreraus has aold for William II Itey
nelds to II. T Horner Ihrre story frame cottage, plus
Ox I no, on th south aide of Forty ilghili strsst, 20
fei't rat of Twelfth avenue, Ilorough l'ark
John W Stevens baa sold to a client the vacant
ploty&xioo 1 1, sin Ninety ulotli street, .100 feet east
of Ninth avenue, for improvement! price I0.0UO,
Carrlo K Warren has sold I K!i KastTnlrty seventh
atreet, a four atory bronustone rssldence, prloe
II W Williams, Jr , has aold Nna ,'ifi and 6B
Filth aenur for a Mrs Oomfwln. wLo reoeutlv pur
cha'Cil the latter plnu flom a tils. Harper There
Is a belief that owing to the price ipiotcd, SHOO null,
the sa'e must luclude the northwest corner of ortr
alxlh street, No. 652 The buyer's oama Is withheld,
iv snookiyi,
IIa Hand ft Son base sold to a client the west sld
of LerT'Tts plac. 10A feet eait of tlraud avenue, prli
tl.i.'ito sndloVUtor llmlln a residence on losing
ton a.euue. eait of ( lasson avenue, price not given
II li Hedell has sold for W F Hrslnger, to A. F
Uurdner. No hft Sixteenth street, four story brlok
dun le apartment bmi'e, for Il?.no0i also No 1S3
lldert street, twostoryand basement two family
house, ror A F. Oarduer, to W F Hralncer. for
gl.r.Odi also No 37 Itoss atreet, three story brick
house, ter C Itenshaw, to W f lleslngar. for KD.OOOi
also No 37a Harmon street, two story and batemsnti
also No USi uackman street, two story brlek dwell
lag, Hits, te lUTUbsad Saving. Bank, for Il.tT.
3 F
Ceanptratlsr ruroaea ta Fay at Jndcnseat 0sn
rast by tvhalen Tbe crla lasvaleasl. , J
Tbe Westchester Water Company ha a oon
tract to supply SOO.000 gallons of watr dally '
to Hart' Island. Recently It presented a hill j
to Comptroller Colsr for 88.000 for water ssrred.
on a number of day In excess ot the contract.
The Comptroller refused to pay tho bill. He laid ,
that on a number of days the company had no ,
dellvored tbe full 600,000 gallons, and that I
with those shortages deducted thero wa ex-
nctly 9320 du to tho water company from th ji
city. j;
Tho water company thereupon went to Corpo- rv,
ration Counsel Whalen, and tho Corporation
Counsel, without consulting the Comptroller, 1
confessod Judgment for H000, half ot tho 'o
amount demanded. The water company took i
this confessed Judgment to Comptroller Coler, '-
but h again refused to pay any money. Tho f
water company thon applied to Justice ItustoU
ot tho Supreme Court for a mandamus to com- ;
pel him to pay. Justice Russell has set thtoaia
for a hearing on Tuesday next. i
Now the Comptroller has had a taxpayer. Ir
vlng T. Ilusb, apply lo Justice Daly ror an order
requiring tbe Comptroller to show cause why '
he should not be restrained from paying the ,
$4,000 Judgment. Iiotb Comptroller Coler and X
the Wettcbester Water Company are mads d j
fendautsln the suit. The Comptroller said yea- .
" The Injunction suit by Mr. Hush wo brought
with my knowledge and consent. I believe that
It la right and In the Interest ot the city and 1 A
want to see It won. 1 feel that I am right in tho
stand that I am tiklng and I am going to flgh i
tho matter to a finish. The point In this matter
is thnt It anybody who eomes to m with claim
which I refuse to pay ean. by going to tha Cor
poration Counsel, obtain his monoy, w might
a well turn the wbolo city government ovr to "
tho Corporation Counsel's office."
When thecase wasbrougbtbolore JuttlceDaly
fit wa announced that Mr. Hush was th Prest- '
dent of a warehouse company In South Brook
ljn, and made his application as a taxpayer at
thn instance of Comptroller Coler, Lawyer Fred- ;
crick H. Kollogg stated to the Court tbe position L
held by Comptroller Coler In tho matter. Tho Vj
Cornoratlon Counsel's office was not represent- i
ed, and Justice Daly granted the order. ;
' t
Batoher Will's Meek Cat br at Ota ana a ,'
Saleoa IVext Door YVreoked.
A blast on Elton avenue, between 106th and
157th street, yesterday morning did consider
able damage In the neighborhood. Goorco
Ilusshon. a contractor living at 171st streot and -Jerom
avenue, ha been blasting in order to -build
on some Elton nvenuo lots which he owns. :
Yesterday morning the foreman sot off a blast
of two charges. The result wa a shower of 1
stones of various sl7esall over tho block. .
Somo of the stones noured into Philip Will's
butcher shop at 737 Elton avenue, aoross the) ,
road. One stono cut a gash in the butoher's . ,
neck. His legs wero bruised by other. On of
Will' windows was broken, and some ot the) t
stones struck tha outside ot the house and tor ;,
away pieces of the clapboardlng. This building b
Is owned by Frank Stein, wbo has a saloon next -V,
door at 7511. There the plate-glass window
woro smashed, tho sign over the saloon wa
wrecked, and two upstairs windows war
carried out, sash and all. Stein was in bed, but
got up in a hurry when he hetrd the explosion,
and ran downstairs to And his barroom tn con
fusion. Bottles nnd glasses on the bar bad been,
broken by tbe flying stones, nnd some of the fix
tures were broken. Dr. Murphy of FBrdbam
Hospital dressed Will's wounds, which wero no
When tha foreman, whose name Is not known,
saw what damago had been dono he ran away.
In tbe absence of Russhon nnd tho foreman, tha
Morrlsanla police detained tbreo of tho work
men as witnesses. Tbey aro Joseph Salarlno.
Josonh Peraro and Francisco Kits, who lire ai
140th street nnd Morris avenue. While tho
follcs were looking for Russhon he walked Into
he Morrlsanla poltoe station and was made) a
The damage done amounts to about $2,000,
which Includes the falling of ceilings in tha
apartments of William Munch and Joseph
linn ratx nt 700 Ellon avenue, next door to
Itusshon's lots,
nfew Horse Vonataln Iss Draelilya,
Miss Emma Tocdteberg, President of th
Women's Dumb Animal Aid Association, turned
on tbe water in the new horse fountain in Lib- -.
erty Square near the approach to tbe bridge en- ;
trance in Brooklyn yestorrtay. The fountain is J!
twelve feet tn diameter, and has n capacity of ,
H00 gallons. It was substituted for a smaller j
ono which bad been in use since last summer. ,-
' , '
The Weather. '
Fair weatker prevailed yesterday over all tha
country except Virginia, the lake regions. Iowa, and
Missouri, where It v as show ery. There was a storm
of moderate energy moving over tho lake region lato
Canada, causing brisk to high onshore winds en the
Middle Atlantic and New England coaats. Th tm- '
perature waa nstng In all th central States, aad It la
likely to be wanner In this section to-day. ,
In this city tbe day waa fairs highest official tem
perature 08. loweat 50: average humidity 85 per
cent, t wind southeast, average velocity KO nille aa
hour; harometer, corrected to read to sea Url,atS
A. II. 30.1a, 31. M. SUOo.
The thermometer at the United Etatts Weather Bn- f
raau registered the temperature yesterday as follows!
1B0R. 1HU7. 18.9. 18T.
OA.lf 115 8P.M IO-
ia it 73- p. t es- ea
rn', it (IB' 74'lStlld OV ST. j
wAanraoTON ronnciar roa suhday. '
For Massachusetts, Ithode Island and ConneeUa, ;
threatening weather and showers fresh seuth wutdt,
For tattirn A'u York, ihounri anSthundtrlfrmst h
touth trfnds. I
For western New Tork and western rennjyrraala, !
partly cloudy; cooleri light southwest winds, beoMay
rng north.
For eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey, Oursa- ,
enlng weather with abowersi south winds. t
For the Dlitrlot of Columbia, Delaware aad Xatjf- I
land, threatening weather wttb showers- waxmavs i
eouth wlnda. i
6M m llr Hb -
OO modern WATKHH upright (that '
have beou rented n bhort time) from
$ir0 to $200, pajment only $0 per i
RO good second-hand upright, grand, ;
and squaro plunos (taken In exchange 1
for VVATKKH pianos) will ho aold at '
HAIIOAIN PHICKS; $50 and upward '
. for cosh, or on pajinentH of only $5 per I
month. ';
Stool, cover, tuninpr, nnd delivery fre. t
Don't fail to examine our piano,
prices, terms, and InilucomcnU; whsthrjj- .'
you want an elt'gnnt now piano or one) f
of tho lea uxpcnsiivo kinds, Seud postal :
for catalogue. j
134 riPTIl AVE., NEAR loTtl ST. :

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