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H. t . i L , , , , jmmmmm,mMM,MMMMMMMM,MMMmMMMMMm,mw
Re W nansiis on the field op la
B Sv Bemarfcahlol'oTtltade Displayed by Edward
H K Marshall, the Wounded Now York Cor-
H W respondent A Mountain Waste Tenanted
B Mr by Ituiinrds, Lund Crnbi and Cadavers.
W jjt Bieonsi. June 20. Tho first nows of ths first
K Br b&ttlo of the rough rldors readied tlio camp
KjRf here about noon. Boforo 1 o'clock word had
'T Mr come that Edward Marshall, a correspondent of
ff& the New Tork Journal, bad been shot In tlio
If wE tptne and could not llvo throughout tlio day
H jgw Unless he was brought to tha hospital at onco.
tfffl She messenger cxplalnod that tho only Utters
fn that the rough riders had wore nil in uso, nnd
Ba IK that there wero so many wounded Boldlors to
1 be attended to that not moro than half of thorn
K W. could bo brought In before nightfall. In
ffi' Marshall's coso, particularly, every moment
E K counted, bo George Coffin, tho artist:
W PL Btephen Crane. H. Q. MaaNIohol. and two
Hg sailors from t) dispatch boat Eanapaha
mi volunteered to go out and bring him. A etevr-
r ord from tho lied Gross Society and Tns Bun
f K correspondent wont with them. Mr. Crane,
ft Jt Who bad boon in tho battle earlier in the rnorn-
fi K Inir, led tho war. It was a ecorchlng day. and
K tho Ave and a half mllo climb over the ruggod
? ft hills which roll away to within a couple ot
I wt , inlles of Santiago, mode tho two fat men In the
if. company blow hard. 4. narrow road. scarooly
,!,. xuoro than a bridlo path, led to tho Held hos-
!Jj if pltal. which had been extomporlzed about 100
R jt yards In tho roar ot tho battloflold.
, ft. Marshall and n dozen woundod soldiers lay on
f m tho grass. While still aoino thirty feet away.
i r Marshall recognized tho tolco ot ono of tho
i men In his party, and called out, Quito loudly :
! I "Hello, old man 1 This Is a tunny place for
j $ as to moet Last tlmo I saw you wasinLon
" don. at tho Queen's Jubilee."
, f As he said this he raised himself slightly on
jt ono arm. and wo saw that bo was putting away
at a cigarette. 8cclugtliis.it was hard to re
ft. ' nllzo that Marshall was a dangorouslywoundod
rnan. A sight ot his wound, howover, changod
that opinion. Trooper Kenneth Robin
son of tho romgh rldors. who was one
ot the detail nttending the woundod, said:
"By Jovo I that man Is a wondor. I saw htm In
tho action when ho was struck down, and It
wasn't ten minutes later that he was calmly
, diot&ting his will to his friend, Mr. Lalne. and
4' Insisting that Lalne should start at once for the
$ coast. In ordor that ho might get tho first story
I K Of tho fight to the cablo station."
J t FOrtenmlnutesatterthoarrivalof htsfrlonds
It K MarshaH lay In a fort ot stupor. Then he ro
ll Tived, asked for another cigarette, and, turning
Bfc ft toward tho crowd. Raid:
jf 1 "It's good of you boys to como all this way
lv f Just to git omen lift I'm ready to start when
H , J over you aro ; but first of all tell me, la it a girl
Bfib' or n boy?"
JF No ono understood his remark at first until
tjffp Mr. Gofttn remembered that Marshall had mon-
sff tloned the day boforo that ho was expecting a
B'c cablegram from New York announcing an lm
&" portant domcstlo etent in his family. As tho
1 men placed Marshall on the llttor a slight
Ivil 3't y!as unavoidable. Tho wounded man
rflf' at onco wont off into a fit, which lasted
li ; about a mlnuto and a half. Two of the
It men hold him down until the agony was
H' ,'" over. A touch ot morphine revived him
f aulokly and tho procession started coostward.
H 'With Marshall apparently qulto himself again,
1 putting away at still another cigarette At this
point tho correspondent left to go on to
the rough riders' camp, a mllo furthor on. It
was agreed that ho would bo ablo to ovortako
tho llttor aftor interviewing Col. Roosoveltas
tho march back would necessarily hato to bo
made at such a snail's paos that it would take
J at least three hours to xnako the journey.
k i Ono ot tho troopers led tho way across tho
I I battlefield and along a still narrowerpath which
BB ; in itself appeared the very embodiment ot bat-
B f tie, murder, and sudden death. Blankets,
m Jr empty canteens, canvas bags, and all man-
tl?, ner of accoutrements wero strewn along tho
Blc'Vr' "troond. At ono spot wo had to stop into the
L:4 undorgrowth in ordennot to step on tho bodlos
iof two dead 6pantards, which lay directly across
the way. A fow steps further on lay a body
m a dressed in a trooper's uniform. Tho faco was
H J . covered with a pleco of canvas, nnd as wa
j .j passod four troopers from tho camp hurried
' up to take charge of tho body. Further along
H . ' moro troopers were passed carrying another
H C body Into camp, and no less than six dead
B , Spaniards lay within fifty yards ot each other.
H - (Two of the Spaniards wero negroes, tho others
H "whlto. All woro tho little round cap trimmed
H I With red braid, and bluo overalls, such as sail-
B ,. crswoar.
L h. It was well enough to take this walk with tho
H trooper while ho regaled me with details, but it
T t, was quite another story to como back alone
H (done that patli an hour lator, just as dusk was
H falling. Then and not until then you realized
Ej the horror of war. Tho vultures and buzzards
H bad been busy In tho meantime, and two of the
H Spaniards were already little more than skelo-
H tons. It was ono ot thoso times when you
H lf wanted to shriek and yet were afraid to do so
H I lor fear of bringing somo of thoso dead Span-
H lards book to life. Tho prospect ot not over-
H r, taking the Utter boforo it reached tho camp
, proventod ono from walking slowly, and when
Hl you ran the dry undorgrowth made such a
Hj ' crackling nobo that you stopped for very toar
H ; ot the noise you rained yourself.
H k But worst of all wero tho land crabs. Thero
H was no way of escaping from the terror o( them.
m - Built on the lines of the ordinary crab, but
m ; multiplied In size by six, at the ilrst sound of
H L. your footstep theie forest freaks would plunge
m I " Into tho brush tv enty feet In front ot you with
A a crash that mado you suppose that a whole
L1 Spanish regiment nt least was on your trail.
H It took thirty-fhe minutes to catch up with
H 1 the party, but It seemed like ten years. Mar-
H: shall was sleeping under tho effect ot another
H A opiate, but as wo changed off at the litter ho
B'i7 woke and had another terrible spasm. When
Br bo was quieted ho began to sing "The Banks
Hl ot the Wabash." This sounds. I know, like an
Bl extract from a Rhoda Broughton novel, but It
,r is true nono tho less. For nearly halt an hour,
Y aa wo dragged Ute litter along, Marshall kopt
H repeating the chorus of this song over and ovor,
H : When ho finally stopped we could soo that
H cither his pain or his morphlno, perhaps both,
H ' bad mads him delirious. Ho clutched Mr.
H Ooflln by the hand.
m "Ooffln," he cried, "I'm on the city desk to-
Bi Bight, and we'vo got to beat the town on the
H ' story of this fight. Between it and tho story ot
H my falling down that coal hole and breaking
H my back ought tomnke a groat paper to-inor-
H row. Have a hansom waiting for mo on the
P , beach, and we'll drive down to Guantanumo and
H V knock the devil out ot tho other fellows."
H At the end of the fourth mile the two colored
' nallors, who had tramped all the way In their
J paro feet, collapsed, The lied Cross man and
B the comHPondentdoelrtod that tho buut thins
B ' lor them to do wj to hurry 011 to camp. Bee urn
H more hotp and whiskuy.uud get back as soon
. us pctslble. Uronsou Ilea buppllod tliu bottlo
n of'WhlsL.ey.andMr. Uimnlddluund his uolditm
Jolunteeroa to go out vith us and help carry
larshall down the IiIIIhUIu. u bleep slaut of
ully half a mile, liithouieantfmoanoflkqrof
B one of tlio colorcll rcglmonta on picket duty
1 bad met tho party struggling along ubout u
H' mile and a half out. llIiumoillali lyordered
H BiJt stalwart negroes to carry tlio litter.
At tt o'clock wo reached the railroad shed,
V Which had been turned Into u Unuurary hug-
i', Pltal. and found It crowded to the duors,
H but in almost total darkness. Thrco camllos
Sere all uw light that the Kurgtonsand Hod
rosa men had to work by There wasn't oen
ntorolu As we carried Marshall In and laid
H him on the cot which vu hud had sent over
H, from, the uexnatcli boat, ono of thu earrlern
k stumbled and half fell lrom the floor cumuu
Ht'l "For God's sako. don't, old manl" criod a
r Yplee. 'ihatB my Vouudod leg jou'rostep-
r, plug on."
K . All afternoon tho wounded had been hurried
B-? Into camp and tho Hurgeous hud not tmdtlmo
B , and boats enough to carry them to tho OIH ctto
flBK-' before anew crowd hud eomo iu and tilled tho
't shed as full an oer Attuohed to u buttonholo
BHB ot each patient wuh an ordinary oxpross naek-
mi-V PSO tag Vearluc Ids uuiue. his regiimint uud
PL? home. tNhllo the tlmo cuudlori vs eru held o or
ti lilm, MaromillH wound uwo.xitmiiiedbi Dovtur
B: Wintera. lie said that his ehuueert Mnrojust
K tkbout ono in a hundred. Weluld him buck on
' the Utter again and started for the betu.li A
BBBB lifeboat from Uio UlUetto carried him the rest
BH:r bt the way. ,
fc l And the Red Cross steward as he mopped his
T; brow and preparod to start In on another vane.
expltdmedr Mr God, sir, but that man had
ojcr. ixKAiva iromrvKD.
Xlalf of the Spanish Army at Santiago Bo
de Combat Blanco Admits This,
Spnitl CaiU DttpaUA U TBI 8. tTrom Tsittrdsj'a
Fourth Edition.)
Madbid, July a. Captain-Qcnernl Blanco
lias cabled to Minister ot War Correa that
on July 1 tho enemy mado a heavy attack
upon Santiago.
Tho Americans succeeded in occupying
a position upon the heights of Ban Juan,
nftor thrco hours' resistance by the Span
ish forces.
Tlio artillery was saved, though half the
Spanish force is fiori d com&af.
Gen. Linures, commander of the Spanish,
forces, tvna wounded in tho loft arm.
lie transferred tho command to Gen.
Not Any at ths Front at Santiago, Soys Miss
Uarton Gen. Shatter's Appeal.
Stephen E. Barton recolved yostorday this
cablo messago from Miss Clara Barton, who U
with tho army that is besieging Santiago;
" Plata xi Estb, July a.
" Btrton, Wne Yerlti
"Losnor and his forces aro attending wounded
hero. They are constantly coming In. Elwell
and his forco aro lauding supplies from ths
Stato ot Toxas in tho surf, day and night, with
out docks, under great dtQloulties and dangers.
"Gen. Shatter Bonds on urgent appoal from
the front for medlolncs and food. None there.
Will try to send by four mule wagons to-night
and go on ourselves. No telegraph bore until
to-day. No despatch boat ; no Post Office.
This despatch was in answer to ono sont by
Mr. Barton whon he was at tho War Depart
ment on Saturday. Miss Barton does not giro
her exact location, but probably forwarded the
dospalch to l'laya del Esto by messengor.
Miss Barton sent word iu a previous despatch
that the five Red Cross surgeons and the ten
nurses who wore on the State ot Texas have
all been landed. She calls for 100 pairs of
orutches and a (large supply ot light under
clothing tor the wounded. She says that her
supply is on tho Stato of Texas and that tho
Government supply has bean oxhausted. Mr.
Kent, tha Red Gross agent at Jacksonville, has
beon Instructed to purobase those supplies and
send them forward by tho hospital ship Red
Cross, which should reach Jacksonville to-day.
It tho supplies should not bo ready for the ship
at Jacksonville, they will be purchased at
Tampa and put aboard her thero to-morrow.
"Writes to the Queen That Cerr era Is Not
Kqual to Ills Command.
Wasjiinotoh. July 3. News has roaohod
Washington that Captain-General Blanco has
sent a messago from Havana to the Queon
Regent of Spain, requesting her to relieve Ad
miral Corvera from command of tho floct in the
harbor of Santiago, and urging that ho be re
placed by Commodoro Yillamll. Gen. Blanco said
furthor that he did not believe Admiral Cervera
was equal to tho Importance ot his command.and
indicated that if Santiago Is lost to tho Ameri
can and Cuban soldiers it wlU bo duo to his
neglect to take advantage ot his opportunities.
Blanco thinks thnt Admiral Corvera has
allowed valuable opportunities to slip by while
he ha3 been lying in tho harbor of Santiago,
and says ho should hao gone out to meet and
fight tho American fleet beforo tho invading
army had on opportunity to land. At the Bamo
tlmo tho Captain-General's message shows
that he bollovoR. or rathor ho hopes, that Spain
Will bo victorious.
Gon. Blanco informs the Queen Regent that
tho dissension and rovolt amoug tho police and
volunteers In Havana, duo to tho strict observ
ance ot military discipline, havo blown over
and the inhabitants ot tho city, as woU as the
soldlors, aro paclQo and patrlotlo in their ex
pressions and actions. American soldiers, ho
says, are not fit to fight in Cuba, nover having
had any experience la tropical countries, aad
tho intonso heat and peculiar cUmate havo pro
duced much Illness among them. Tho Cuban
soldiers he refers to very contemptu
ously, saying that no decount is to bo
takon ot thorn, and he urges the Queen
Regent to pay no attontlon to American
roports of victories In Cuba, which, he says,
are written for tho sensational American press,
and have no foundation In fact. According to
tho mossage Blanco says that a number of ves
sols loaded with provisions from various ports
have arrived, and that thero is no danger of a
famine. The American bloakade of Havana, ho
says, is absolutely Ineffectual, and the steam
ers llnd no difficulty In running It. A few of
them aro captured, but the majority so far
havo succeeded in landing their cargoes.
It Isn't Talking So Glibly of Koropenn Inter
ference In the Fbllipplnes.
Spinal CaXilt Dtipakh to Tns Scn.
Berlin, July 3. The publlo press has
awakonod to the Inconvenience caused by
Its recent utterances In regard to the
Philippines. The Cologne Oaztttt, In a
long article, ascribes tho controversy to
Amorican nervousnoss arising from tho
rcoklessnoss with which tlio Government hur
ried Into Its present enterprise and the Inade
quate preparations tor war, but says thero is
not tho slightest ground for fearing that " Ger
many might suddenly attempt to balk America
and enrich herself at the cost ot the Unitod
States by an act of violence."
'IUo Rational Zritung, in a.moro unfriendly
artlolo, says: "The Spaniards will lose their
colonies, but the Americans wUl not bo the
only gainers. The abandonment ot the Philip
pines to tho natives would undoubtedly lead to
European intervention. Diplomacy has boon
excessively pollto to the Yankees outot con
sideration to tholr sensitiveness."
Other papers assort that Germany showed
her disinterestedness when Admiral Dlcdrichs
refused to recoivo Manila on deposit from Captain-General
The noynl Scott Arrive There to Help Cele
brate the l"ourtli.
ronTiAND, Mo , July 3 In responso to an
Invitation from the city ot Portland to partici
pate In celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of
tho opening ot the Grand Trunk Railway, tho
Roal Scots of Canada nrrhod hero to-day and
will remain ovor tho Fourth. Tho battalion, un
dor command ot Llcut.-Col. IbbeLson, contains
six companies, numbirlug 3U8 men. Thoy aro
quarterodln tho armory ot tho Portland Na
tional Guard, now at Chlckamauga.
The visitors, attired in tholr picturesque
Scottish uniforms, attended services at St.
Luke's Episcopal Cathedral in tho morning, and
were taken on steamboat excursions nnd trolley
rides during tho day and evening, Mayor Ran
dall delivered an address of welcome at tho
The Alfonso XIII, Damaged nt Cadli by a
l'lro In Her Hold,
.Special CaiU DtlpatcJi la Tue BUN,
London, July 3. A dospatoh from Cudlz,
posted at Lloyds, saj a that a tiro in No, 1 hold
of the cruiser Alfonso XIII damaged the wood
work, Tho hold was flooded mid theflrowaa
nearly overcome
Torpedo Iloat Talbot Damaged,
WllitihoiojJ, N O., July 2. The torpodo boat
Gw In finished coaling this morning and left for
Koy West, Work was commenced early on the
Talbot, which was badly damaged yostorday
by running headlong into the dock, and wlU be
continued nigh; and, day until flnlilml,
- -- 4.
hospitals jy Mtitar, fxjl.
Henry SI. Flagler to Build Them for the
Ited Cross Society,
Henry M. Floglor has slvon tho Red Cross
$5,000 and ths use of land adjacent to his Poyal
Palm Hotel at Miami, Fla., on whloh to croct
temporary hospitals tor the caro ot tho wounded
brought from Cuba. Mr, Flagler, who Is now
in this city, on the- suggestion of Btophen E.
Barton, telegraphed yesterday to a contractor
in Miami to begin work at onco on tho first hos
pital building, which ho promises to havoroady
for occupancy in a week. The building will bo
of wood, one story In height. 100 foot long. 30
feotwido. and doublo roof od to protect it from
tho heat. Such a building wlU aceoraraodato
cots for soventy-flvo patlcnta. Othor buildings
will be eroctod as needed.
Twenty-fho Rod Cross doctors and nursos
will be sent to Miami tills weok with cot, med
icines, and all necessary hospital equipments.
Mr. Barton notified thoBecretnry ot War yes
terday that tho Rod Cross will be ready In a
weok to receive and caro for tho wounded at
Miami. Tho water at tho pier thoro is deep
enough to allow a landing by either ot tho Gov
ornmontiliospltal ships, tho Relief or tlio Bolaco.
" Miami Is altogether tha most acccsslblo and
most sultnblolocatlon for ahospltalinFlorlda,"
said Mr, Barton yestorday, "and wo foolvory
grntof ul toMrFlaglor. MJamlisa very health
ful place. Its water supply is amplo and good.
The placo is easily accessible from Key West by
railroad or steamer."
Mr. Flagler is a momber of the Btandard Oil
Company and tboowncrot several ot tho largost
hotels in Florida. Ho has never before bcon
interested In Red Cross work, but mado this
offer without solicitation.
William T. Wardwell. President of tho New
York Rod Cross Hospital, announced yesterday
that the doraand for nursos is likely to be very
great, and ho urgos that all trained nurses reg
istered by the Now York Red Cross report by
mall, or in porson. at the hospital. 233 West
100th street, how soon they will bo ready to go
South, and whero thoy can bo notified when
needed. Tlio fifteen nurses who left horo Sat
urday aro oxpooted to reach Tampa on Tues
day. Mr. Barton has askod the Seorotary of
War for permission to sond Uioso nursos. and
tio doctors callod for by Dr. Lesser, from Tam
pa to Santiago on tho first avallablo Govern
ment transport.
Mr. Barton went to Washington Saturday and
obtained permission to load nil tlio Cuban re
lief and Red Cross supplies now in tho store
houses here on the Government rctrlgorator
boat Port Victor, which Is now being fitted out
nt tho Erie Basin. The Port Victor is oxpoctcd
to sail on Wednesday for Tampa, whero sho
will tako on fresh beef, and thon proceed di
rectly to Santiago. There are about 400 tons
of Cuban relief and 100 tons of Bed Cross sup
plies on band, and the loading will begin this
His Regiment nns Heen Mustered In One
Fine Company of Danish Ilecrufts.
Omaua. Neb., July 3 Tho regiment of Col.
Bryan Is now In the Federal service. Col. Bryan
actively assisted in tho mustoringin of his com
mand and has been eating from a tin pan for
several days nt Tort Omaha.
Fort Omaha is assuming qulto a military ap
pearance. Tho grounds aro patrolled night nnd
day, and miUtary discipline is strictly enforced.
Guards stand on duty at tho entranco to tho
grounds, and all visitors aro compelled to glvo
an account of themselves to the corporal of tho
guard beforo they are admitted.
Tho recruits aro kept within tho limits of tho
Government proporty and thosaloonkecpers at
tho fort are receiving the patronage of only the
fow who manage to run past tho guard or got
permission to leave the grounds. Peddlers are
not allowod within tho grounds, but a popcorn
boy remains on tho outsido and makes sales of
his goods by throwlngthcm over tho dangcrllno.
Moro than 1,000 men are at the fort now. all
tho companies having arrived with the excep
tion of that from Alma, and It is doubtful
whether thnt company will come, aa at tho last
report It had only forty men enrollod. Of thoso
at the fort Company Dot Omaha has the dis
tinction ot passing tho best physical examina
tion. Major Kocrper has been examining men for
the army since 1831, and In his exverienoo ho
says ho never saw a better sot ot men. Tho
company is mado up chiefly of Danish recruits
from Omaha and Bouth Dakota.
rEXNiNOTON orr for Atlanta.
XJeuts. Welgel and V hltehend Put in Tem
porary Command ot Camp Black.
Hempstead, L. I . July 3 A. C. M. Penning
ton, who has been In command ot Camp Black
for several weoks, and who has been placed In
charge ot tho Department ot the Bouth, left
Camp Black unexpectedly jestorday for At
lanta, Ga. upon receipt ot a telegram from tho
War Department. Llout Weigol and Lieut.
Whitehead havo been placed in temporary
command of Camp Black. They will remain
hero until rel loved by tlio commanding officer
of ono of the now regiments that will be as
signed to Camp Black this week. They will
then leave Immediately for Atlanta, whoro they
will occupy placos on Gen. Pennington's 6taff.
Preparations aro being pushed forward rap
idly to receive the regiments that will bo sent
toCampBlaok nt an early date. The Hemp
stead Wator Company has added another largo
pump to the plant at Hempstead. A number of
shower baths will bo provided for each regi
ment and battery. Tho now troops will occupy
positions in tho largo basin to tlio west ot headquarters.
She May Get Itnck to Cuban Waters Sooner
than Capt. Mgtbee Ilxpected.
Tho whalebout of tho auxiliary cruiser St.
Paul, abandoned at Coney Island by six of her
sailors who deserted on Friday night, was
towed back to tho crulsor esterday by her
steam launch. Tho six deserters, who wero
members of tho St. Paul's crew when sho was a
peaceful merchantman, will probably not como
back, Tho bluojackots serving on tlio Bt. Paul
don't caro whether they do or not. It Is said
that there Is no loo lost between tho two
classes ot seamen. The St, Paul may get away
somewhat sooner than hor commander, Copt.
Slgsbco, expectod when ho put In hero on Fri
day. The war famo ot tho cruiser attracted
crowds to Tompklnsvlllo yestorday, and tho
boatmen reaped a harvest of silver rowing
patriots around the big ship. Only ofllcors and
marines got shore liberty. Capt. Blgsbeo, ac
companied by Ensign Nicholas Kane, spent
most ot tho day In tho city.
Ha Is to He luipector-General on Ilrlg.
ileu. lintler's HtuU.
President McKlnley, according to his Re
publican friends In Now York last night. Is to
appoint the Hon Porry Belmont to bo Inspector-General
on tho stall of llrlg.-Uen, Murlou
C But lor, now Htatlom d nt Tampa
Kx-ltoprescntntlu llelmont. It was lenrnod.
desires to go to the front in fouio capacity, and
his friends havo importuned tho President to
kIo him tho place ot Inspector-General on
JBrlg.-Oon. Butlor's staff
Anxious to Get Aboard tha Chlcugu or
Tho men of the naval reseno on tho old
monitor Nnhant, lying oft Tompklnsvlllo, had
u hot tlmo of It cstordayon her bun-scoahod
decks. They nro Impatient tor uvtlvu dut),
which thoy expect to havo aboard tha cruisers
Chicago uud Atlanta. Thesa two cruisers, It
issuld, will soon bo road)' for sea. Gangs of
300 workmen are omployed without Intermis
sion in twelvo-hour shifts on each of them.
War Tax Forces Up Telrphono Hates In
Boston, July 3 Tho Southern New England
Tolephone Company, on account of the war tax,
has put up Its chnrgosfor night so nice to M5
cents a messago, tho previous charges being IS
cents, but ten minutes Instead ot five will be
allowed for conversation. No ehange in the day
rates is made. k
The tfranl Bombardment of Torts on Mo
dny MorningsHot Work Off Clenfncgoi
-The Capture ot Small Prlies-Wbat the
Men on Hoard Think and Do Diary,
On Boabd ins Yakkeb orr Bantiaoo bb
Cuba, June 10 The report that wo should be
ablo to send mall from Molo St. Nicolas provod
a delusion and snare, and letters from this ship
are now peacefully reposing in the mall bag.
On Wodncsday night, Juno 8, we woro all on
tho aid tiie, as soma friendly insurgont had
warned us that tho Spaniards intended to mako
a dash out of Santiago under cover of a torpo
do attack, and tho wholo floot kept Its search
lights on tho entranoo to tlio harbor. It was a
pitch dark night, tho moon not rising till Into
and the clouds bolng very heavy. Nothing hap
pened, though, and at midnight wo started for
tho Molo.
Tuosday, Juno 14. Yesterday aftornoon tho
Yankeo got herself into the hottest scrap
sho has yet been In. Wo woro hovering off tho
harbor ot Clentuegos when the order was given
to clear ship for action, and we all rushed to
our various posts.
I did not for a moment supposo It was any
thing moro than tho Spanish supply steamer
we had been on the lookout for. and was men tal
ly figuring how much prize money I should be
entitled to. Howover.lt turned out to bo a
Spanish gunboat on our port bow. which began
operations at onco with a broadside and a re
markably well-almod one. too. Thoso Span
iards nro learning a thing or two. She was only
about 2,000 yards from us, although, to me, it
seemed to be about 200, and was blazing away
with a ripping good battory.
No soonor had the gunboat oponed up than
tho fort and battery also oponed up iu a friendly
sort of way. just to show that thero was no Ul
feellng. We had beon artful enough to out oft
tho gunboat from hor harbor so that wo woro
now botweon two Ores, nnd tho worst of it was
they all scorned to have our rango. Tholr shots
droppod all around us and all ovor us, and It
was the greatest pleco of luck that nosholl
burst directly over us. Thero was a continuous
whiz of tho shot nud shell as they passed be
tween tho two deckhouses, and that whiz, while
rathor a pretty sound. Is not at all deslrablo.
Unfortunately wo wore to windward of the gun
boat, and all its smoke and our own blow into
our gunners' eyes, so that wo woro unable to
do her any serious Injury, although wo think
wo hit hor once, for she turned nnd mado a
swift flight into the harbor. Wo then turned
our attention to tho fort, dropping one or two
shells Into it, nnd also into tho battory;
after doing which wo beat a slow and dignified
retreat. One man, ono of tho reserves, was
badly wounded, a piece ot a shell passing
through ono of tho gun ports, tearing away part
ot his ooUarbone and part of his shoulder blado.
Later a gunboat was seen coming out ot tho
harbor and wo immediately gavo chase, only to
find whon wo came up with her that sho was a
German warship, tho Geler. Wo at first thought
it was a wily schemo on tho part of tho Span
iards to send out ono of their boats and got us
within range ot tholr guns on the fort and bat
tory again.
Evorytlmo wo flro off our guns something
breaks loose. Vibration pulls off tho doors and
screws fly In aU directions.
Yesterday's action was by fnr tho worst wo
havo been in yet Santiago and Guantanamo
wero picnics comparod to it. I think thoy must
have some foreign gunnors in their battorios
tho shooting was so good It was a dlsgraco to
the Spanish nation.
Thursday. Juno 10 At noon yesterday, con
cluding that tho Spanish merchantman had
seen tho error of herwajs nnd decldod not to
run ocr to Clcnfuegos. we started for the fleet
at Santiago. Our skipper has just returnod
from the flagship, and it seems that, although
wo wero unable to capture tho lnrger gun
boat nt Cienfucgos, wo disabled her to
such an extent that she hnd to be beached,
which explains her rapid flight Into tho harbor.
Ine-tpllcablo to us at tho tlmo, as sho had put
up such a plucky fight. Thoro Is also a report
that wo dismounted two guns nt tho fort. That
wo did somo damago wo know, as wo saw tha
explosion after tho last shell had dropped.
Friday, Juno 17, off Gunntnnamo. Wo arrived
atBantlagoyesterdayaftornoon about 1 o'clock,
muoh to our disgust too lato to join in tho
bombardment of tho fort and batteries, which
had taken placo during the morning. Wo wcra
pretty well disgusted not to And any mall. Our
recoption here was somewhat different from
what It was boforo. On tho spot where tho
blockhouse was, which wo wiped out a weok or
ten days ago, the American flag floats over an
encampment ot marines, and in the placo ot tho
village wo destroyed thero is now a Cubun
camp with a Cuban flag floating over it. Tho
Oregon, St. Paul, Dolphin, Marblehead and
Solace (hospital ship) aro hero.
Monday, Juno 20. Arrived off Clcnfuegos.
To-day wo partook of our usual Monday morn
ing exercise, adjourning to a neighboring town.
Port Casalda by namo, where wo dlscovorod
a gunboat and Spanish steamer hovering near
the entranco to tho harbor. We oponed flro.
Tho gunboat was small and cheeky, and It w as
somo tlmo before wo drove her under cover, tha
steamer retiring early in tho engagement.
Nono of tho enemy's shot struck us, and I do
not think wo did much harm beyond drop
ping one or two Bhrapnel right into the fort. It
was not particularly exciting for us, as tho
nearest shot was twenty or thirty yards away
from us. Howover wo had our light, and should
havo been very much disappointed had wo got
through Monday without ono.
Tuosdny, June 21. To-day about 1 P.M.
while steaming slowly west ot Cienfucgos, along
tho coast, wo saw on the shore a band of Cubans
and a Cuban flag. Wo Immediately sont a
whalebont ashore und brought oft their Major,
Captain and Lieutenant. They confirm tho
news wo had from the fleot as to our sinking,
last week, tho gunboat that came out to attack
us, killing thrco men and wounding soven.
They toll us that Immediately sho reached
the dock in tho river sho sank, having
been tlrst burnod to tho wator lino.
Tha Cuban leador Is a graduato ot the Univer
sity ot Pennsylvania. Thoy all wear rawhide
boots, their bolts aro made out ot raw leather
with tho fur still on it, and they wear any kind
of clothes. They say they havo fought night
and duy for threo years without ceasing and
a!io that tho Spaniards always kill their prison
ers. What they need most is ammunition. Tho
Marblehead landed 27,000 rounds tho othor
day, but It is nearly all used up. They all ha 0
tho machoto and most of thorn havo Spanish
rlflos and revoh ors. Tho namo of tholr loader,
who Is also Governor ot Matanzos, Is Col. E. V.
Wednesday. Juno 22. To-day wo tried our
bcht to get up Casilda harbor, sending u small
whalcboat ahead of us to mark out tho channel
with buojs; but this wholo coast round horo
is so full ot coral reefs Casilda seoms to bo par
ticularly favored with them that oursUppor
decided It would not bo sato to tako a great un
wieldy thing lll.o the Yankeo up to the town.
Komotlmes tho mon Iu the boat would strike
threo fathoms nnd within u urd thoy would
strike twenty fathoms of water.
Thursday, Juno 23, Still knocking around
between Clonfuegos and Casilda. Wo keep v ery
close In to tho shore, We are all vorynnxlous
to get to somo port where we can get somo
fre.ili provisions. Bait pork and hardtack bo
como wiincii hat monotonous, and our mess has
scurcelyaio thing loft ot tho private stock wo
laid In nt Tompklnsvlllo. Btlll I supposo theso
aro a few of tlio tilings wo have to put up with
during war times and part of tho price ot ad
mission for our fun at Clonfuegos and Santiago.
Prlduy, June 24, oft Trinidad do Cuba. While
skirting tho coast this afternoon wo discovered
a Cuban flag. Wo at once sent off a whalebont
and brought oft a Lieutenant in tho Cuban
Army, who gave us a great deal ot information
relath 0 to tho movements ot tho Spanish troops
and their condition, Wo sent him ashore about
4 P, M., giving him provisions and somo to
bacco At dusk we arrlvod off tho coast of tho
Isle ot Pines.
Saturday, June 25. Here wa discovered
about nj-A several t. mall schooners. Wo fired
a blank shot across their bows, but Its they
paid no attention to thoso wo sent them a solid
ono, to whloh they promptly replied by hoisting
tho Spanish flag and getting oloso to the shore
whoro wo could not follow them, although wo
could have sunk thorn had our sklppor
been so inclined. In tho afternoon wo
sect two whaleboats with marines heav
ily nrmad, nnd also, mounted on ono
of tho boats, ono of tho Colt rapid
flro guns capable of firing 400 shots a mlnuto.
Had our boats mot with any opposition thoy
would have mado it warm for tho Spaniards.
Thoro was no opposition, and tho prizes ar
rived alongsido about C P. M., and wero found
to contain principally fish. Wo brought somo
ot the fish aboard and had thorn fordlnnor.
Tho sohoonors thomsolves were burnod. Wo
captured two unfortunate Spaniards on board,
but llborated them in tho evonlng.
Sunday, June 20. We nro now on our way to
Hoy West to coal up nnd got stores. We hopo
that whon wo got to Koy West we shall wosto
no moro time, but go straight baek to thosccno
of ootlon again. Tho only compensation wo
have for the grub and washing ot clothes is
potting at the Spaniards, and wo should dearly
lovo to go and take another whack at tho bat
teries at Clonfuegos. They cortalnly have muoh
bettor guns and thoy aro muoh better mannod
than at Santiago.
Monday, June 27. Onco again in sight of the
Unitod States, anticipating with much joy many
glasses ot bocrand many pounds of good boot.
Arrived at Key West at 12:30 this morning.
snirs for tuv Philippines.
Gen. Otis Asks Washington for Power to
Impress Steamers.
San Francisco. July 3. Tho steamer Pennsyl
vania arrived to-day from Philadelphia, having
mado tho voyage In eighty-five days. Slio will
bo turned ovor to tho Govemmont as a trans
port for Manila. She will nood to bo refitted
as a troopship : it Is estimated that bIio can carry
1.000 men. Tho noxt addition to the trans
ports will probably bo tho big oolllor Titanla.
The inspectors who examined hor are favora
bly Impressod with hor. The Titanla has beon
engaged carrying coal from Nannlmo to this
port She is ths largost cool carrier over soon
hero. As a transport ship she could carry
4.800 tons of coal In the lowor hold. Besides
this sho could carry horses and cattlo and still
havo room for 1,000 mon.
Tho Governmont finds Itself hard pressed for
transports. Only two voasols are prepared for
a vo ago to Manila. Those aro City of Pucbla
and Peru. Tho Acapuleo is still In doubt, and
the Puclflo Mull Company has given orders for
loading It on Tuesday. They say sho should
not bo impressed, as they havo already given
throo stoamers to the Government and had ouo
Tho Bteamer Centennial will probably bo ac
cepted by tho Government, as It w us shown
clearly that the chargos against her seaw orthl
noss are unfounded. The Centennial, after her
rejection by tho Government, was surv oyed by
three reputable surveyors, and the report of
each was favorable The lost man to Inspect
hor was Capt John Motcalf. Lloyd's surveyor,
and a report from him is ono that commands
attention world over. Tho roports wore sont on
to Washington. Permission was asked this
week to impress stenmors. and If this Is granted,
seiturcs will bo made In such haste as to spread
consternation among shipowners.
Tho cruiser Philadelphia will convoy the
fourth. oxpedltion. Sho will be ready to go into
commission on Friday. It is admitted at Gen.
Otls's headquarters that he is impatlout over
tho delay in getting a sufficient number of
transports, and he has requested tho authori
ties to give him rowerto impress all the steam
ers he may neod. At least fourteen ossols will
bo required to sond the remainder of the Phil
ippine forco across tho Pacific. If ho secures
impressment powers, Otis may sclzo every
steamer on tho coast that is available for tho
He Gives Orders Thnt Cnpt. Stoddard Shall
Not Ho Disturbed at tho Armory.
A trueo was declared yestorday botwoon CoL
Frnnelsof tho 171st Roglmont and Capt. Stod
dard ot tho Seventy-flrst. and tho lattor was
allowed to remain In undisturbed possession of
tho armory at Park avenue nnd Thirty-fourth
stroot. 'When Cnpt. Stoddard was assured on
Saturday night thnt Col. Francis did not Intond
to try to retake the ormory, ho sent most of his
270 recruits to the various places whoro thoy
have beon lodging. Ninety of thorn w cut to tho
Mills notel nud thoy had scarcely arrived thero.
shortly after 11 o'clock, when a roorult eamo
with tho news that Capt. Stoddard and Lieut
Kopper wero being put out of the armory with
their small body guard.
Tho ninety enlisted men started back for the
armory on tho run from Bleecker stroot and
were disappointed whon thoy found upon their
urrival that there was no trouble Thoy wore
sent back again nnd tho Captains loft the ar
mory in charge of Liout Kopper ut midnight
Tho Lieutenant slept on a settee In tho Adju
tant's room, whilo Frank Gruncnthal and
"Texas Harry," two recruits, took a oouplo of
rlflos from their cases und kopt guard at tho
street door.
Yesterday Col. Francis sont word to tho su
perintendent of tho building not to interfere
with Capt. Stoddard or tho recruits, butto allow
them to make uso of tho armory. Most of tho
recruits wero kept away from tho armory yes
terday, but a guard was kept at tho door all day
nnd lat night. Tho recruits had a fow squab
bles with tho janitor and his assistants, but
nothing serious hnpponed.
Tho Injured Cavalry Lender Itefuies to Go
to n Hospital.
Jacksonville, Flo., July 3 Col. Torroy of
tho Second Wjomlng Cavalry, who was so badly
hurt In tho Tupolo wreck, was brought to tho
city last night and taken to tho Windsor Hotel.
It was first proposed to put him at St. Luke's
nospltal. but ho retusod to go thoro and room
was mado for him at tho hotel. Hero ho will got
tho beBt medical treatment possible Col. Maun,
chief surgeon of tho Sov enth Corps, Is doing all
ho can for him. Gen Loo has detailed Major
Duncan Harrison to attond to him and soo that
he is mado comfortable and well attended to.
Gon. Loo Is greatly Imyressed with Col. Tor
rey'A Individuality, and says ho will mako a
good fighter and commandor. The troops also
received his commendation asbclngaflno body
of mou.
Gen. J. W. Kolfer. tho now Major-Goneralof
Ohio, called on Col. Torrey. Tho Second Cav
alry will bo in Gen. Kolfor's division, tho First
with tho Boeond Mississippi.
Thero wore a score ot rumors to-night
through tho camps, all to tho samo effect, that
the Seventh Corps lias beon ordered to get
ready to movo soon. Tho general ofllcors know
nothing as yet ot any such orders, and It Loo
has nny ho has kept thorn quiet.
Col. Hlne, staff ami company oftleotn of tho
Second Now Jersey, escorted by tho Second
Battalion of tholr regiment, headed by the First
Wisconsin baud, uttended chunh downtown
to-night Thoy attondod a special sorvlco nt
tho Presbyterian Church on Invitation of tho
pastor, the Rev. N. L. Lawrence.
Alleged Cuban with Letters from Madrid
Arrives on I. a 'luiiniine.
A steorage passongor on tho French lino
steamship La Tour.ilue. which arrived yostor
day from Havre, told tho Immigration luspootor
who questioned him ut tho Bargo Ollleo that ho
was a Cuban His answers to other uueitlons
wero so uiiHatisfactory thut Commissioner of
Immigration Fltchlo decldod to hold him pend
ing further Investigation. The Ooimnlssionor
was unable totoiumunlcatow Itlitho eocrct ser
vice division, and ho sent tho Immigrant to the
steamboat Narragunsett, uxed nt Lllls Island
for tho detention of suspects From n fellow
raHsrngur of th Immigrant, who Is u Hpuulard,
CnminiHHlouor IrtchliiTuauiedthat huwas born
In Ki'uln A11 oinmlnatlon of his trunk revealed
Pttckuoes of letters w lilch had boon sent to him
from Madrid and Gibraltar. Thero was 110 evi
denue that he is u spy, but he was held for the
secret service ofllcors, who will examine him
iSo-day.' - jt- .
Services In All the BeglmenU-'Treparatlons
to Celebrate the Fourth,
Camp ALosn. Va, July 3. Sunday was spont
by the boys In the same usual way. Sorvlces
wero bold in all tho regiments, tho privi
leges ot tho camp wero allowed tho mon and a
reasonable number woro pormlttod to visit
Washington. Tho heat to-day was not so in
tonso as it has beon, duo to tho refreshing
brcor.o that mado lifo in tho camp bcarablo.
In ovory regiment preparations for proper
colobratlon of tho Fourth havo boen mado. Tho
programme of ovonts in tho Sixty-fifth Now
York, besides Including spcoohmaklng and a
mock parade has field and track ovonts for tho
reglmontal ohamplonshlp. Tho programmes of
the othor regiments aro similar to that ot tho
Through a misunderstanding of orders, about
600 ot tlio mon ot tho Blxth Pennsylvania started
out for Washington otter taps last night to
spend Sunday and tho Fourth. Col Schall last
night told tho mon that thoy would be exousod
until 0:15 on Monday night His Intention was
to glvo tho men tho freedom ot tho camp for
that porlod. His ordor was takon as a general
furlough, and two-thirds ot tha rcglmont
started out in parties of twenty and
twonty-ilvo and oroatod confusion in tho
slumboiing camp by their songs and nolso ot
marching. As soon as tho situation was under
stood, tho entire provost guard nnd Troops A
nnd 0 of tho New York Volunteer Cavalry woro
despatched after them to bring them in. All
but about 100 were roundod up and brought
back to camp. Col. Schall will not punish tho
men. but they can aU oxpoctasovcro repri
mand. Prlvato J. W. Forris, Company D, Sixth
Illinois, has boen commissioned chaplain of his
regiment. He preached his first sermon to-day.
The Third Now York is organizing a band.
Tlio oxpenso is to bo borne by tha commissioned
Gen. Roo and his aide, Llout John B. How
land, woro visitors at tho camp this afternoon
and callod on Col. Hoffman ot tho Third Now
York and Copt Clayton of tho Now York
Gen. Butlor will bo presented with n fine
horso and trappings by tho Sons of tho Amorican
Revolution to-morrow afternoon at 5 o'clock.
Tho presentation will tako place beforo tho
First Division, (Ion. Butler's command, and It
is probablo that the Prostdont and tho Secre
tary ot War will be presont.
Gov. Voorhees Acrept tha Three Compa
nies of Hnlley, Whitehead and Hogers.
TnESTON, N. J.. July 3 Cnpts. Clnton J.
Bailey, Richard R, Whltoheadnnd Bernard Rog
ers rccotv cd a telegram from Adjt.-Oon. Str kcr
jestorday announcing that tho Govornorhad
accepted their proffers of companies to servo In
the Fourth Rcglmcntot New Jersey Volunteers,
conditional on tho understanding that prefer
ence would bo given to members of the Nation
al Guard who desire to enlist clthor individual
ly, in squads, or by oompnnlos. Capt Bailey Is
a graduato of tho military academy at Gran
ville. N. Y. Capts. Whitehead and Rogers nro
National Guardsmen, as will bo the Lieuten
ants of tho three companies.
Capt. Bailey's Lieutenants will bo William E.
Tedrlck and Frederick F. C. Woodward. Tho
lattor was formorly commander of tho Trenton
division ot naval reserves, and lost his commis
sion by reason ot abseuco when tho division
was called out. Capt Whitehead's Lieutenants
will be Gouvorncur V. Packer and Jacob M.
Coward, both young lawyers. Capt Rogers will
havo his son. John M. Rogors. nnd Arthur J.
Herron ns Lieutenants.
The Gov crnor has also nccoptod thosorvlcos
ot tho Morris Guards of Atlantic City and four
companies from Jersey City. Another company
will como from elthor Lnmbertvillo or Newton,
and threo from the Camden Sixth Regiment
Gen. Sew ell has recommended tho appointment
of Col. William II. Cooper of Camden ns Colonel
of tho now regiment
Harry C. Valentino, a Trenton reporter, is to
be Quartermaster. Capt. Bailey Is also a re
porter, and two otherTrenton reporters, James
T. Dnlo and Edward A. Hunt. enll.tid a few
weeks ago in the Sixteenth United States Cav
alry. Hunt is now with Shatter's nrmy.
Col. Thomas S. Chambers. Adjutant on Gen.
Bow ell's brlgndo staff, will bo 0110 of the Majors
of tho now regiment Tho Governor will ap
point flo officers as a board to Inquire Into tho
compotoncy of tho mon who apply for commis
sions In tho new ragiment Ho has appointed
Dr. Wllllam.F. Decker of Puterson and Dr. Na
thanlol W. Voorhees of Elizabeth to examlno
tho regimental and the thrco battalion surgeons
to bo appointed to-morrow. Tho surgeons nre
to examine volunteers beforo thoy aro sent to
Sea Girt. Tho mobilization of the now regiment
will begin on Saturday or Monday.
Athletic Contests, Reading of tho Declara
tion, and Tiring tho National Salute.
Camp Townsend. Ieex8kill. N. Y July 3
Thoro was no mustorlng at camp to-day.
Nelthor woro-thore any drills, on account of tho
day and tho heat. Tho guards woro posted ns
usual, howover, and tho rest of tlio men went
up on tho rocky bluff or ovor In tho woods to
read and keep cool. Tlio touts woro left nlono,
for they woro perfect bako ovens. Thoro wero
a fow straggling visitors, but tho nutnbor was
small until 1111 excursion from Now York ar
rived at 5 P.M.
To-morrow will bo obsorvod as Indepondoneo
Day In due form. In tho morning thero will bo
two games of baseball botwoen four companies.
Tho two winning teams will play In tho after
noon. Lnto In tho afternoon, if tho moroury is
not too high, thero will be a sorlos ot field and
track contests. At noon 11 national Balute will
bo flrod. For this duty Sergeant Mutthow
Johnston, formerly of tho Tlfth Artillery, has
been drilling two dotachmonts tor a week.
Thoy nro well qualified now to man tho two
brass Napoleons which for so manyioars havo
been handled on theso occasions by Sergeant
Janscn aud his squad ot tho First Battery, N,
O. N. Y.
At 1 o'clock tho uniformed companies will
form In battalion order, und 1'rhnte Ernst
Gichnorof Company A will rcclto tho Declara
tion of Independence Compuny F will bo mus
tered In somo tlmo to-morrow, and In tlio even
ing thero will bo a display ot fireworks.
Thoro are now over nine hundred men In
camp, und more are oxpeited to-morrow. If
no mon aro sent Bouth In tho meantime- tho
regiment should bo complete uud mustered in
before noxt Sunday,
To Investigate the Alleged Vlolntlnns of the
Neutrality Laws,
WA8nijaTOV, July 3. Tim Mexican legation
here has reported to tho Mexican Gov eminent
the alleged arrival of tho Moxtcan steamer Villa
Verdo ut Havana with u cargo of provisions,
after running tho blockade established by tho
United States, und also of tlio rumor that two
Spanish officers went to Mexico on tho stwimer
Borcen to tindeav or to enlist tho s in pathies of
tho Moxlcaus for Spain, and If potfilbli incite
them to invado Toxus Boflor Romero,
thu Mexloan Minister, dons not believe
the story ntout the Spanish ofllcors to
bo true It will bo Invcstlgutid, how
ever, he said, ond ony violation of tho neutral
ity laws will bo severely punished Moxlco
Minister HoinerOHild. had all along preserved
absolute neutiality und had neither desire nor
reason to do nn thing to offuid tho United
HtateH On tho contrary, thu Moxlcaus enter
tain the inn-t friendly fooling toward Ameri
cans, although their strict interpretation of tho
neutrality law does not allow thorn to favor
elthor belligerent
Salute of 45 Guns at Governor's Island.
It will be a quiet Fourth of July nt Governor's
Inland With so many ot tho ollleers ami men
ot tho army dead and wounded at Santiago,
there Is no disposition to colebruto ut the head-
auurtcrsof the Department of thoEat Tlio
ay will bo oluiorvml, however, by thu tiring of
aeulutoto tho Uniou ut sunrise of forty-mo
guns, vqualllnic the number of States. There
will be a band concert in the afternoon.
Ho Snjs Wo Couldn't Shoot nnd Hit the
Terror by Accident, nnd Thnt If We K
nndnt Dlinbled Her Sho Would Have II
Done for Vs-The St. Paul Held Up Bt
Ills Ship, You See, nnd He's Grumpy. K
Thoro nro a fow British skippers who do not If
sldo with us In our war with Spain One of Hi
thorn got horo yesterday from San Juan. Porto HI
Rico. Ho Is dipt Lulto of tho tramp stoimslilD Hi
Rnvcnsdulo. which sailed from Han Juan on H
Juno 20 with a cargo of sugar and tolnoeo, and HI
was hold up afterward just outsido tho harbor W
of Bon Juan by tho auxiliary cruiser Rt Paul. Hi
Porhaps this circumstance nnd tho fncttlmt the' ffi
Ravcnedalohadto submit to the. Indignity of H
having a shot flrod across her bow may have H'
affoctcd tho sympathies of Cnpt Luko Any. R
how, ho had no enthusiasm tor our sldo H'
Ho said ho had seen tho engagement hetwiwa Hi
tho Bt. Paul nnd tho Spanish torpodo boat 1. H
stroyor Torror from a hill nt Hun Juan Ha hj H'
not admire Yankeo mnrksinanslilp, vvhuli he H
callod "tho most rockloss ho hud overseen " H
At first ho said that only ono shot from the nt H
Paul had hit tho Terror. Later ho admitted, H
when closely quostloncd. that another im,y H'
have lilt her tunnel nnd that still another may H
have hit hor dock. Ho said ho had heard that H
tho Spanish onclnoor had been i-triiok hy H
a frngmont ot shell that entered th irt H
sldo ot tho destroyer just nlutt Mm H
after or third funnel. This, tha FMp. H
per said, was nn accidental lmt 'nl4 H
engineer was not killed outright by his vvmiid. 1
It disabled him, nnd ho fell into the miving HI
machinery-and was crushed to death 'the 1,. H
Blatant engineer's legs wore cut orr by the shell H
and ho died ashore tho next day, The ma- H
chlnery of tho Terror, tho skipper said, vv ns not H
disabled. Bhotook In a good deal of water H
through an exhaust plpo thnt hail been H
broken by tho shell which hit her on tho rt H
sldo. This shell mado a rent nliout threo feet H
high nud about eight inches wide. 5
" Tho Terror's action In going out thereto H
cngago that big bhlp," said tho ukippcr, "was B
onoof tho pluckiest sights I ovtt saw Shedid HI
not turn back because sho was disabled, but jH
becauso tho engineer and his nritnnt wi i H
the only men aboard who could run her en- IHJ
glnes If the engineer had not been killed the Hj
Bt. I'aul would not hnvo been I1010 to-day Tha H
Terror wns within three-quarters of a mllo of m
tho Bt Paul w hen she w as hit " J
Cnpt. Luke's description of the fight differs a H
good deal from that of the men of tho St Paul, H
who say that tho Terror, when struck, was HI
within about threo and n halt miles nt tho JHl
crulsor. Tho scamou on the Hnvonsdulo. also (HI
contradict tholr skipper on thin point. Most nt H
them said that tho dWtnnco between the two
war vohscls whon the Torror milted thn shell H
In hor side was close upon live miles Allugree Hj
in saying that the Terror w.is not beaelud. hho H
was leaking badly, but tv as able to proceed mi- H
dor hor own steam to tho mouth nf the harbor, H
w hen nnothor war vessel camo nut and towed H
her to dock. Tho men ot tho Ravcnsdalo who HI
saw tho Terror after sho wns towed in say that HH
sho had two pumps going to keep her free. H
Thoy heurd that tho could bn rcpiired in a fow HI
w eoks. JH
Tho Ratonsdnlc's colored conk, E. Aarons, HJ
who tt us ashore ut San Juan, said he heard that HI
the head of tho Terror's unilinear was blown HB)
off by tho bursting ot tho slit. II iu thocnglno H
room, thnt ono of tho sailors had a leg and ouo IK
arm torn oft and six other members of tho crow Hi
woro wounded Tho cook says that just nfter HI
tho Bt. Pnul fired a shot across tho Rat ensdulo's HI
bow and she lay to so thnt an nfllcer frnmtho H
Bt Paul might board her. Capt. Luko called tho HI
mon nft nnd told them thnt they should glvo HI
no Information ot nny kind to tho Ynnkees, H
Tho cook thorouixm went into tho galley und H
mado out a list of thotc"olH In tlio hnibor of H
Ban Juan, consisting of tho Isabel II . tho Con- H
cho, tho Terror, the Alfonso XIII. and two m
small gunboats Tlio cook also wroto that tho H
Bpinish regulars at Kan Juan numbered nlinut H
3,000 Ho put his nolo in a bottlo and threw it I
out of a !ort l.olo so thnt It might bo picked up H
by tho lioat's crow of tho St Pnul. Ho does not
know whether it wuh or not. Ho says that tho
men of the ship urn nil In sympithy with tho I
United States in the s-tnigglo w Ith Bpniu. I
hllo dipt Luko wns nt Molo ht Nicolas
sotcrnl weekn ago ho was Intertlowed by nn I
AmoricJin reiorter. who cabled to 11 newspaper I
horo th it tho sklppor hud called tlio liloekadu
ot Cuba n joko and tho American natnl ofllcors H
aiotoffools The skipper snid Hint the Inter- H
viotv wuh not true, nnd that If It hid been pub- 9
llshcd in England ho would Into sued the 9
newspaper for libel. I
There were eight passengers on the Ravens- B
dale who woro fearful that Porto Rico would be Jj
bombarded again or made tlicscenonf abitlle. j9
They are Mrs. Joseph Knrber. hor six children, fl
and her sister. Miss Julia Pnlmlorl Mrs Kor- fl
bor Is a nutlto Porto Rlcan of French patent- jflj
ago, and her husband Is a Oermnn banker of Hnn mt
Juan. Ho is staying nt hnn Junn to tnkncnro H
ot his business interests Mr. F L Pnlmlorl, HI
brother of Mrs Korbor, was at thoplortomeet Hj
hor, hor little ones, and Miss Pnlmlorl Tho Kj
party wont to tho Windsor Hotel. Mr. Palmier! BE
said for his sisters that when thoy loft Porto HH
Rico thero was a general fearof a bombird- H
motit, and ovcrybody who could wasgottlng H
away. Practically all tho natlto Porto Rlcans, H
especially thoso in business, hopo that tho jH
inland w ill soon bo taken by tho Americans and H
put undur American rule. HJ
Some of the Patriotic. Doings of To-Day H
Cruiser St. l'uul Will Join Iu.
Manufacturers of flroworks report greater H
sales this year than nny other year slneo 18JJ2. H
Thoy predict a noisier Fourth of July than that
ot tho centennial year. Tho sales of Ilrecmek- H
ere nnd torpedoes, thoy say, havo fallen off, B
while tlio demand for set pieces of fireworks H
lias been greater tlian ot or beforo. Pistols ami H
pyrotechnic novelties will bo used more oxtn- H
sltely by tho small boy, and consequently the H
flroworks manufacturers predict many mis-
haps, accidents and cases ot "didn't know It H
was loaded."
Tho only arrangements mado forcelobrating
thoday by tho city has been tho hiring of ban. Is
ot musicians who will glvo concerts In tha I
various small parks and on recrentlou piers vt I
noarlyullot tho soosido resorts arrangements
hiito been mado for giving pyrotechnic exhibi
tions to-night.
Tho Tammany Socloty's eolebntlnn at 10
o'clock this morning In Tammany Hull ineludes
tlio roudlng of the Declaration of Iiideindi nm
by Civil Justice O'Gorman, a patriotic si ooli by
Senator Danlol of Vlrglnlu, and short talks on
pntriotlo subjects by CongroHnmun James U.
Jtlchardson ot Tennessee. Mayor McUulre. of
Syracuse, Congressmen McClullan nnd Hiilrcr
of this city A lunch will bo served, ns has been
tho custom In former yearn Tills Is 'J 1111
mnny's 122d celebration of Independence I)uy.
'1 bo citl7ns of Harlem w ill combine the d it s
celebration with u oulubrntlmi of the onlng
of thu now llilrd avenue lirldgo nerris" tli
Harlem River. The INorth Side Hoard of 'i rndo
ami the Tuypayera' Allluiico will liuto charge
of tho exorcises , ,, . . u. .
Tho eort mony of raising Uio Star? nm! Stripes
at tho Hattery nt sunrluo this year la under thn
auspioes of the AudiirbOii Jouatus,bUt-mepnd
Jttglment. Now York VnliinloorH. and Andiir
Ron.WilllnraPost.U A It Tho colors will bo
flouted from klten rufwid by the lluyonnu hltji
Corns, nnd ulso by E 1. Ilorsmun, who vv II
send up a large AmorFem Aug ott Long ; HenUi.
At the old Juinc Mansion nt lort George.
Audubon 1'urk und the Hamilton drauiio in
tii annexed di-triet. thero tv 111 lie flag rnislngs
aiidHpieehmuking by thubousand Duughtois
of tlio Revolution . ,,,,,, ,
Tho flag mining at the old block houso ill mi
nor (!mtiul l'urk will l under tlio suportlaloit
of Judwm Kllpatrlck post. G A R
At tho various torts ubout Now York "thosa
lutu to thu Union" will bo tired, ouo gun for
each Htala , . . . ,.
Uho uuxllIary.uruUur St. Paul, now In tho
harbor, will be deoorutud with lines and bunt
ing. Bhu will lire a eulute of tweuty-ouo guns.
Celebration llullet Mny Kill.
While Dominion Fuloonas of 23 Grenada
pluco anil sot oral othor Itulluus woro firing re
volvers In celebration of tho Fourth at 22 l'otter's
place lust night. Faloonus whs etruck by a
bullet which onten'd tho abdomen. Howoa
uxou to the l'ordham Hospital uud may die.
It is not known who llrod tho shot .
f J

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