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III. xirrAmxa aiimy to be composed
umW chiefly of fresh 'xbooph.
PBr Gen. TlTOoUm Hommonrd to Washington to
II K Consult with the Tfor OfflcUU llcgnrd.
If Ff. lug th Kxpedltton-Th Tlrtt Army
A J Corps, Witch Ineludes Oen. Wilson's
j Division, to 11 a l'rt of tho Force.
ll v WAsnisotost.Julrl4.-An early sequonoo ot
i tho surrondor of Santiago and the eastern end
of Cuba will bo the Invasion of Torto Illoo with
lb a military foroo nlmost entirely composed of
j m fresh troops from the United States. This
1 W mean a radical chango of poller on the part
I V of the army, for It was expected that the movo-
t ! Bent against Porto Rico would bo mado br
1 jr regiments now engaged In the 8nntlago cam-
1 plgn. It was anticipated that only a fow or-
1 conizations of soldiers would be ocnt to 1'orto
I f Woo from the Department of tho Quit.
I ' Tho OoTemmont rolled on the oxpeoted
I ' 5 seasoned character of tho Santiago troops und
"t It oould not bo foroaoen that tho health of tho
I iii inoa would becomo so Impaired In tho short
6 -v campaign la southeastern Cuba as to rondor
lJ f them unfit for duty In Porto IUoo. It is tho
j present lntontlon of the War Dopartmsut to
I aend ono army corps from tho Florida coast to
' 1 ' participate In tho Porto Woo campaign, and to
t maintain tho Fifth Corps under don. Bhattor In
I Bantlaeo provinoe for tho prestnt. At least two
j 1 regiments ot lmmunes will be sent to garrison
j I ' the city ot Bantlaeo.
" I K Maior-Oon. John It. Hrooko. commanding the
I 6f First Army Corps, has boon summoned to
f Washington to consult with the War Dopart-
p ment officials in regard to tho Porto Rico oxpo
j I dltlon, and he will unquestionably bo plaeod
, second In command to Major-Gen. Mllos In the
v invasion of tho Island. Tho First Army Corps
j will composo tho bulk of tho Invading force.
The President and Secretary of War aro dlsln-
" cllnod to uso a single man from Santiago In tho
' Torto Rico campaign, on account of the dangor
ot spreading yellow fovor among tho other
troops. It Is probable, howevor, that soveral
batteries of artlltory from tho regular army
forces now In Santiago will bo dctallod for tho
, Porto IUoo expedition. Thoro aro vory fow
batteries of artillery left In tho United States.
and tho largo guns aro consldorod absolutely
)nocossary fortho subjugation ot the Spanish
garrison In San Juan nnd other Porto ltlco
1 towns.
1 ' It Is expected that Qcn. Brooko will arrivedn
U Washington to-morrow, whun tho details ot tho
1 1 expedition will bo arrangod. Major-Qon. J. II.
i ;' Wilson has already boon instructed to prepare
, 1 i for the Porto Rico expedition at once. lie is
iml. cow at Charleston. 8. 0., and he will go at the
ffl ' bead of tho First Division ot tho First Army
III Corps with tlio first troops Btartod for tho
liy i Island.
IH ; Tho War Department's plans provide for the
i 1 ; embarkation of the expedition before tho end
BJjj : ef next week, and under the most favorable
IN i elrcamstances the troops will be on their way
U , within six or seven days. Thoro is no doubt
jl that Qon. Miles will command the expedition,
IH and those persons who are acquainted with his
I n ' record as a soldier prodtot a vigorous campaign
v i which will be brought to a prompt oloso.
I'M The Government has available, besides the
In. troops assigned to department commanders, for
M , coast defence and roservo. about 00.000 mon
8 ' for activo serviee. Of those 20,000 are at San-
' tlago. 18,000 at Tamps, 40.000 at Chlckamauga,
H 6.000 at Miami. 11.000 at Jacksonville, and 15,-
(j 000 at Camp Alger. Va.
'J ; It is probablo that tho prinolpal points ot em-
I ' barkation for tho troops destined for Porto
i Rico will be Fornandlna and Jacksonville. Tho
.ili facilities at those places tor embarking troops
i- are oonsldprod especially good and tho War
M I Department is disposed to ohose the plaoes tor
tl . embarkation where the most can be oocom-,
1 Y pUshed In the shortest time.
& f V Citizens Dasply Impressed by the .Desertion
j ' of Their Leaders.
So I is Bptctal CabU DupaUX ( Ts Box.
E !' Hataha. July 14, -via London. Three promt-
. & nent chiefs ot tho Bpanish party. Setioras Calvo
1 1 and Guzman and Judgo Oodoy. have gone to
f i- Bagua to embark on the French steamer Oha-,
! I- teau Lafltto for Spain,
3j I . The incident has deoplylmpressed the Bpan
& $ tab residents ot Havana,
I f; orit AGKsx iy bfaht.
b W Copt. Fernnndox Kept TJs Informed and
1 S lfled Jast In Time.
E Spuitt CcAU Vctpatdi to Tn Bum.
ft I Loubou. July 15.-hoi)ayJVeuu, Gibraltar
B ', correspondent forwards on Interesting story by
v '' mall concerning Capt. Fornandez ot the Seo-
1-; . end Texas rangers, who is acting as conQdon-
fU ? tlal agent of tho United States.
f f He spent woekslnBpalnpassingasawealthy,
6' f pro-Spanish Mexican. Ho was lionized in Ma-
S I arid and Cadiz, and ho took dinner with Ad-
W mlral Camora. Ho inspoeted the latter's
$ fleet and learned Important secrets which he
M. f communicated to Washington, and in his own
J r words to tho correspondent he "groened all
'& I' the Spaniards." He added:
I g " I sent Information ot somo kind everyday.
I , Tho United States know ot the doparturo of
'. of Admiral Camara's squadron a week
I, beforohand. They know to a man the
i forcos on board, and also tho arms and
f ammunition. Thoy know exactly to n ton how
: i much coal tho Spaniards havo. In fact, it my
ft people put to mo any questions regarding tho
I- military and naval situation in Bpaln I think I
t I can answor it"
; S' Capt. Fernandoz escaped arrest by an hour,
I; Tho Bpaniards having discovered his identity,
: S officers went to his hotel at Cadiz to arrost him
1 g an hour aftor ho had sallod for Tangier, whonco
I f ho sailed tor England and homo.
Called to Account for Abandoning nil
I Troops In tlio I'lilllpiilnet.
I' Signal CabU Vtipatch la Tag Bex.
b MiDniD.Julyl. A dospatoh from Captain
s' General Augustln says than Gen. Monet will be
t oourt-martlallod for deserting hlscomtnand and
t going to Manila,
jt Advloes from Manila show that after Gon,
S Monet abandoned his troops thoy woro unablo
r to move Inland. Thoy embarked on throo
w hulks, and the gunboat Leyto was towing them
J( when the Amorlcan despatch boat Hugh Mc
k Culloch captured the Leyto.
J Tho hulks wero cast loose and drifted to
J Esteros. whero tho insurgents captured tho
f, troops, who aro now prisoners at Agonoy, Tho
offloers wlio were uboard tho Iyto and who
I were captured by tho Americans belong to
UiJ Oen. Monet's command.
5" TUB United States Said to Ilnvo nought the
L AuitriUian Btcninor Culgou.
W VAWOOuran, H. 0., July 14. The Australian
r steamer Culgoa ot tho Lund line is reported
ff sold to tho Unltod Statos Government. She Is
F to be lltted out as a crulsor. It is said, and has
E already been repainted. For ten years the
F Culgoa has boeu running between Sydney and
j' London and she had a orew of tlfty Australians,
-C . Eagllshmon, and Amorioans.
. f; Veforo tlio ossd left Bduey harbor to go
W I north, the orow was mustorcd on deck and told
fe" f that the steamer was i" going north, no matter
w. m, whore." Tho nien shouted in chorus:
ft ffi " We'll stay by the ship."
K if Tn.e. P""1 wero told by tho Captain that they
m w would bAeqpsvtod to enlist In the United otates
A S: ltavy. and thoy agreed to a man to do so.
IK Votes of Ohio Soldier Itoys.
g Oolvmuuh, Ohio. July 1. The Ilepublloan
F Ktate Central toinmlttco. In session lioro to-duy,
iiil.iptml a rrroliiiiijn fiillinir upon Gov Dush-
f in-ill i. iini-nntlm I.eK.nlatiireliiuxtriiunlliiary
josMuit,,, i ip iiuniow .( iumiiibuIuw giving
A?,( f!,"'ili !'ri il,0W. '"' front Hio right to
I n xieiyLwitizr" hM ,,ot ,n-
Beaissaw sWslMsfe .... r "' ' ' -l ans
Dukes and Dncheiies Unbend Their Dignity
to Drive l'lfi and Hem.
The Drltlsh nrlstocraey occasionally enjoys
Itself In a wholo-hcarted fashion that is rather
refreshing. Tho latest form of entertainment.
In England, originated at a ducal houso party
In Surrey, and has bocomo popular to a dogreo
remarkable when one oonsldors how many per
sons are afraid of nppearlng ridiculous.
Tho animal raoebas been trlod over horo:
but it takes a gathering ot dukes and duohosscs
and honorables to carry suoh a porformaneo off
with a whoop. On tlio day of tlio event all the
small domcstlo animals on tho premises must
be oorrallcd, nnd. willy nllly, scmbbod to n
stuto of spotless cloanliness. Those aro
troublous times for tho amtablo but unambi
tious little rig ruthlessly torn from his pon,
and the shrieks ot captured hens mingle with
tho distracted quacking of frlghtcnod ducks.
Tho dogs take tho affair calmly, and tho cats
don'tobjectsotiouslysbut tho poaoook'a pride
sutfors. and ho always shows resontment.
Each oaptlvo oreaturo Is decorated with rib
bon, no two having tho same color. When tho
guosts assemble, oach rooolves long ntrenmom
of ribbon, and tlio hunt for pnrtnors begins.
IZaoh guost pairs off with tho animal or bird
whose docorations match his ribbon. Then
comes tho tug of war. A courso ot two or three
hundred yards Is laid out and n prlzo Is offered
to tho first person who succeeds In driving his
partner past thn goal. Tho word "driving"
In omphaslzed. Thoro must he no shoving or
dragging. Tho creatures must bo driven.
Naturally when tho animals are turned looo
dignity goes to thn wall. Kven a duohoss can't
preserve her dignity and chase a )iNtcrlcai hen
that dives frantloally between her feet and
tlnshen around bushes and trees; uud the Arch
bishop of Cuntorbury couldn't drive n tile in a
dignified raatinor. The iIoks nro coveted part
ners and are usually put undor aheavyhuudl
cnp. Tho cnta aro not hopeless, though driving
neat Isn't bo simple n matter an one might
think at first sight. Puss isn't vicious, but sho
has ii discouraging fashion ot chucking prog
ress in ordor to rub up against her partners
legs, and sho Is apt to sit down in a sunshiny
spot and blink contentedly at tho rust of
tlio performers. Tho ducks aro amenable,
though remonstrant: tho peacocks aro
said to bo enough to try tho temper of tho most
patient and wily tactician ; but tho contestant
to whoso lot the pig falls U the mortal who
needs untold skill in strategy nnd diplomacy.
Deauty hns no effect upon tho small porker. A
stately Duchess, a vivacious Honorable Mist, a
Ulsuop. a foreign Minister are all ono to him,
whonlilsobstluuoy is up In arms. Btatesmon
who. In Parliament, have had oxcollout train
ing for suoh an occasion, find ruses and
hcliomot) of uo avail. Ono small pig can bring
the wholo aristocroor ot Groat Britain to grlof ;
and there aro n scoro ot peers and peoressoa
who aro ready to add eommoutarles to Lolgh
Hunt's ossay on " Tho Graces uud Anxlotioa of
Pic Driving."
An animal race ought to be n case for tho B.
P. O.A. To bo suro.no physical injury is In
flicted upon tho animals, l'rom nil accounts
tho physical injuries scorn to be all on tho side
of tho cruel persecutors, and there's a sad talo
told of a plucky baronot who pursued a sout
tllntr pig through a thorn hwlgo and brought
up mnomlnloualy in a goldfish pond.
But, though tho animals aro not damaged
Physically, their focllngs are hurt, and the met
that they share that distinction with the bright
est ornaments of tho British nobility may not
heal tholr woundod pride.
Presentiment Which Drove a Xew York
Woman from the Arkumat Hot Springs.
A Now York woman, who returned a woek
ago. from the Arkansas hot springs. Is excited
over what appears to bo a clovor bit of fore
sight on the part ot her guardian angel. Six
weeks ago sho went to the springs in search of
relief from rheumatism, and was convalescing
famously when sho suddenly had a presenti
ment that 9I10 was to b stung by one of tho
centlpodes that add to the attraction's of Ar
kansas resorts. There was no ground for the
conviction that haunted her. Bho lent a ner
vous or fanolful woman, and she had nover
soen, a centlpedo, but she lived in mortal fear
day and night. The physician said "nerves,"
and the woman reasoned with herself and
proved to horsclf a hundred times a day that
she was In no more dangor from oentipedes
than from tigers, but all tho same she couldn't
shake oft the tear.
Every one in the hotel knew of hor convio
tlqn and laughed at It. She laughed at it her
.self In a tremulous way. Finally tho anxloty
began to tell upon her health, and hor daugh
ter insisted that, while there was no excuse for
the fear.lt would be wiser for her to leave the
plaoe. The woman stoutly said no. The water
was caring her rheumatism and sho wouldn't
be driven away by an absurd fancy, but at last
one night she reaohed suoh a state of fear that
ahe wakened her daughter and said sho was
going away by the midnight train. Bho sent
for tho porter to tako her trunk, 'When he
arrived she said:
"John, lot that trunk alone. I'm an idiot, and
I m not going to allow my foolishness to con
trol me. 1 won't go."
The porter departed, and tho poor woman
dropped baek Into her chair, white utt a ghost,
"rve signed my doath warrant." she said.
That was too much for tho daughter, who,
being a young woman of somo determination,
sent tor the Porter onoe more, bundled hor
mother up. called a earriogo, and took the
midnight train for Now iork, carrying a
snoeplsh but mueh-rollevod mother with ner.
The day after thoy reached horo they hod
n lotter from tho proprietor of the hotel,
no wrote that an odd thing had happened,
and that it seemed so etrango that ho
couldn't resist writing about it. Tho morning
aftor thoir hasty departurg a maid went into
the room at 0 o clock nnd found, lying just be
side the bed, tho largest centipede that had
cvor been seen In that neighborhood. Thero
wore soreens In tho windows, and no one could
offer any explanation tor tho creature's pres
ence in the houso; but thero It was lying, just
whero any ono. in gotting out ot bod, would
have put hor foot upon it.
Tho story Isn't a good hotel advertisement,
but It has mado ono woman a firm believer in
Growing Hetpect for the Stomachs l'ound
Among New York lluslness Men.
Men aro learning that luncheon is a tiling to
boonjoyod and digestion a thing to bo treated
with respect Within tlio last year or two a
number of luncheon clubB havo been organized
downtown, luxurious, quiet places, whero a
tirod man can, if ho Is u member of tho club,
got an oxcellont meal faultlessly served, suioko
an nfter-lunehoon cigar in an inviting easy
chair, look over tho papers and magazines, und
chat with tho friends whom ho is euro to
meot. The lawyers havo a luncheon club,
tho hardware mon unothur. Thoro is
an uptown and a downtown business
man's liinchoon association, nnd thoro aro
othor organizations of Uio same kind Atllrht
busy men pleaded "no time." but gradually
the comfort of tho institution diiwnod upon one
after another, and now. In any one of tlio clubs,
ono may see ut the noon hour a goodly nuuibor
of nrny-halrod men sprawling on divans and
lookingas If the wheels ot trade might bo run
ning very smoothly without their assistance.
Of course, iilyb duofciim heay. and club lux
uries nro only for busluess men whoso income
aro Imposing; but. If tho proprietors of down
town restaurnntH aro to l believed, tho lunch
eon reform Is showing Itself thero. too. Not
long ngo It was a common thing, oven In res
taurants of tho bettor clnss, to sco a mob of
well-dressed men lined up Mx deep before a
luncheon counter and showing uvory sign of
wild I Impatience and hnhto. Wlien a ninu, hav
ing fought his wuy to tlio counter and lunohed
royally on n slab of npplo plo, had thn hardi
hood and appetite to call torn piece of straw
berry shortcake, n muimurof Indignant pro
test went up from tho crowd behind Tilm.
Aoll. I'll lo huiiged, He's taking some
thing moral" growled tho waiting contingent
resentfully, nnd the Inconsiderate glutton,
though he might Insist upon tlm shortcake,
bolted It deBiierutely and miiiluw.iy for u hun
grier man. No self-respecting stomach would
stand such treatment, uud It Is u lucky thing
that reform has set In,
' There's been u big change in tho post few
years," said tho proprietor of a business men's
restaurant. "Men used to rindi In here as
though they were going to n Urn, and orowd
the counter as If nn exti a minute meant life or
death to them ; but now very few peoplo patro
nlre the lunoh counter, unless they nro really
In a hurry-msVinr a train or something llko
that. Everybody wants to sit down ut a mhlo
and eat something hearty They're In a hurry
i'nt. ami keep tho wallers jumping, liuttlioriinli
sn't anything to what it used to bo. 1 don't
mow but "hat I'll clear my luiieh counter out
after a while and mule room for more tables."
Ituiinria Troublos,
Martin 0. Ebel, doing business as Ebel &. Co.,
shlpbroker, at 08 Broad street, made an as
signment yesterday to Thomas 0. Miller with
out preference. William F. Ilandl. his attor
ney, said that Mr. Kiel's business was princi
pally with Port au Prince, and slnco the war It
hud gnno to plecos, Mr l.bol'i. actual liabilities
nrnniKiut CT.OtM, iinil heexpa-ts to be able to
puy creditors iu to 70 cents mi the dollar
rreilerlek II Sehaeier,, baker and eonfeo
tlnnnr, at Southern lloulevurd and Webster
avenue, Iledlord Park, made au usslgutueat
esturday to Louis F, ilrauu.
Insulting Uiprciilons Used nt a Dinner by
JTuyiuoiter Wilcox Concerning Cnpt.
Whiting's Wife airs. Whltlnsj Was One
of the Famous Fong Family of Honolulu.
nosouitu, July 0. via Ban Franolsoo, July 14.
A distressing scandal followod tho arrival ot
the monitor Monadnock at this port. In It
Capt. Whiting and Paymaster Wilcox aro con
cerned. Serious consoquoncos wore oppro
honded at tho tlmo when the Mlowara sailed.
The monitor arrived on tho morning of July
4, In tho oentng a numborot tho naval offi
cers woro tho guosts at a dinner glron by J, It.
Burns, a prominent insurance man, at tho
Jloyal Hawaii Hotel, among thorn bolng Pay
master Wilcox.
Among the wealthy Honolulu families none
Is mora wldoly known than that of Ah Foug.
Thotathorwasonoof the richest mon of tho
Islands. Ho Is a Chinaman. He married a
beautiful woman, who was half native and
half white. Bixtcen girls and several boys
woro born to tho couple, and the girls aro con
sidered among tho first beauties of Honolulu.
Their homo Is one ot tho most beautiful In tho
Hawaiian Islands and has boon especially
noted for Its entertainment ot naval officers.
Tho fntlior returned to China somo yoarsoco.
leaving a blc estate for the support ot his fam
ily. Ho does not Intend to corao back to Hawaii.
Several of tho girls aro married to naval of
ficers, and ono ot them is tho wlto ot Capt.
Whiting or tho Monadnock.
At tho Burns dinner Paymaster Wilcox drank
freely and finally began to say things deroga
tory to tho Fong girls. Mr. Burns, who Ison
gagod to ono ot thorn, protested, but to no
avail. Wilcox, in n loud voice, accused Capt.
Whiting's wife of ualadyllko actions and con
vorsntloti. Tho dining room was full ot guests, and a
friend of CapU Whiting overheard somo of tho
remarks. Ho reported them to Capt, Whiting,
who wns furious, and will demand an explana
tion from Wilcox to-night. Copt. Whiting sont
for Mr. Burns, who was compelled to confirm
what had been overheard. Friends of Capt.
Whiting say that Wiloox can never sail In tho
samo vessol with him.
Third ainnll Expedition tiets to Honolulu
lleforo Oen. Blerrltt.
San FnANCisco, July 14. Tho steamers City
of Para, Ohio, Indiana, and Morgan City of tho
third Philippine expedition reached Honolulu
on July 5, just too late for the Fourth of July
celebration, but In nmplo tlmo for tho royal
woloomo arrangod for the soldiers by tho au
thorities and tho peoplo.
Tho moultor Monadnock and tho collier Koro
mado ho run from San Francisco In ten days,
reaching Honolulu on July 4. Tho Newport,
with Gen. Merrltt on board, and the Valencia,
had not arrived when tho Mlowara sailed for
Vancouver on July 5. Tho shlp3 had a rough
trip, but nobody was injured. All took differ
ent courses on tho run in compllanco with
soaled orders oponed after leaving this port.
Honolulu was decorated with American col
ors. The offlcors called on President Dolo. and
woro warmly wolcomod by him, while tho pri
vates woro feasted on tho Exocutlvo mansion's
On July 5 all tho ships wcro coaling prepara
tory to sailing for Manila on tho arrival ot tho
Tho Monterey and Brutus woro delayed in
sailing owing to an acoldont to tho boiler of
tho collier, compelling them to put back to
Honolulu, from which port they finally sailed
on the evening ot July 1.
naif tho Citizens Wenrlng Flag Badges
with. "Remember the 31 nine" on Them.
Vascodveb. B. O.. July 14. Australians pass
ing through Honolulu on their way to British
Columbia say that tho city is burning with en
thusiasm for tho United States. The display of
American flags Is astonishing. Thero Is
as much Yankee sentiment In Honolulu
to-day to the square inch as there is
In any city ot tho United States. Halt tho citi
zens In Honolulu aro wearing flag badges bear
ing tho lcgond, "Itemembor tho Maine." Tho
natlvo bands at every opportunity play " Tho
Star-Rpanglcd Banner"and "Yankee Doodle."
Honolulu Is wild with now-born patriotism.
The expected arrival of ex-Queen I.llluoka
laui has created a great deal ot excitement
among tho natlvo Hawallans. The question ot
what Icind of reception to give hor is receiv
ing attention on nil sides, uud tho citi
zens havo decided that It must be
a grand demonstration. Ono or two prelimi
nary or eommitteo moetings havo already been
held, and a mass meeting to consider the mat
ter will bo called within n few days.
Tho expressed desire of the Queen that her
arrival shall be without ostentation or parado
has had little Influence, as tho people. realizing
that they ore about to put aside forever any
old idea of royalty, are determined to give tho
doposod Queon a propor send-off.
A Contract with the Sorymier Company
Signed by the Jlnwnllau executive Council.
Ban Fiuhcibco, July 14. Tho Executive
Council of Hawaii has signed a contract with
the Hcrymsor Company to lay a cable from San
Diego to Honolulu and thonco to Japan.
lilt Companions Knocked Down a Man
Who Tried to Arreit Him.
Ono of a party of four bicyclists knocked
down Mrs. Annlo Coinerford of bill East Thirty
fourth street while sho was crossing Eighth
nvonuo ut Forty-fourth stroot last night. Her
left lug was broken.
Tho bicyclist was also thrown. He got up,
brushed himself, looked at tho woman pros
trate on tho asphalt and laughud us ho picked
up his bicycle Then ho mounted his wheel
and started to rldo away.
John Jordan ran out from his houso at 022
F.lghth uvcnuo.selzedtlio bicyclist, and shouted
for tho police. The cyclists companions re
turned, knocked Jordau ovor, und the four roda
awayutu rapid pace. Policeman Manning of
tho West Forty-soventh streot station cams
just in tlmo to seo them dluuppenr up tho
nvonuo. Mrs. Comerford was sent to Bellovuo
lu un ambulance. Kho Is 115 yours old.
O. 11. Trench, Charged with Stealing 8300,
OOO, Itunnlng u Smalt Storo In Tuntpn.
CnirAOo, July 14. Goorgo B. French, tho
embezzling secretary and treasurer of the
Mechanics and Tradors' Building nnd Loan
Association, who fled from Chicago about six
months ngo with 1300,000 of tho association's
funds, has N'cn arrested in Tampa, Fin.
French, It is claimed, robbed friends and
strangers nliko. Tho association had un author
ized capital stock of Sfi.ooo.oiXI and Actual ns
setH worth a million. Its liabilities wero of an
eijuul amount. Wliou tho Htato Auditor took
cliargo of the books it was found to havo assets
of only 700.000
French wus running a smnll oonfeotlonery
store when arrested. He agreed to return
without a requisition.
Dime at the Uotel Orenobla.
There was a ilre in one of the chimneys ot
tho Hotel Gronoblo, ut Soventh nvonuo and
Fifty-sixth stroot, last night. Tho employees
put it out easily by dumping salt down the flue.
A llrenian of Engine Company 53, In Fifty
eighth otreot. hud soon tho flames and called
out his company. The engine banged up to the
dour somo time alter the lire was out, and
scared some of tho people in the dining rooms
almost out ot their w ltd.
Money Order Dualneai of the T-oeal Post
Postmaster Van Cott has received a report
from General Superintendent Elliott of the
monoy order department of the Tost Ofnoefor
tho flsenl your ended last June 30. which shows
nn Increase In business as compared with that
ut the cievlouH sear ol 343.037 transactions,
ropiehoiitiug 3.&54,7tl2.44. Tlio total number
i!r..t,r9!tta!',tJl'I1.B. WBS 4,4U,O00, reprcuenting
An Englishman In Prison nnd Dlimlised
from the Brltlah Navy.
Special CabU Dttpalck to IAj Sun.
London, July 14. Signalman William
Matthews has boon sentenced to eighteen
months' Imprlsonmont and dismissed from the
navy In dlsgraco upon his confession ot guilt
In having stolon confidential documents whllo
he was on board tho British warship Nlleot
the Mediterranean squadron in 1807, .
It la said that he also confessed having boon
a party to dlsposo ot a private signal book whllo
ho was on board tho British training ship
Ganges at Falmouth In April last, when two
American vessels wero being detained at that
port undor the Foreign Enllstmont net,
Matthews deserted from Falmouth on April
20, 1808. It Is presumed that tho negotiations
In regard to the signal book wcro had with
Ritchie Jennings.
filteiat CabU DitpaM It Thb fins.
London, July 14. Miss Iluth Jennings,
daughter of tho late Louis J, Jomilngs, for
merly editor of the Now York Timet, was mar
ried to-day to Charles Rltohlo, son of Charles
T. Rltohle. Presldout of tho Hoard of Trado.
The ceremony was performed In tho presence
of a largo company ot Amorlcan and English
linnet Shoes Now Follalied for n Nlckcl
Bcnbt Take Less-KOect ot tho War I
For tho past few months there has bocn dis
content among tlio oast sldo bootblacks. Bluce
(ho beginning ot tho war thoy havo noticod a
'docldod falllnu-ou In tholr trado, and lately
they havo been forcod to mako reductions in
thalrprlcosln order to obtain any tradu at all.
"Before tho war" it cost a man a dlmo to
havo a palrot russet shoos polished; now ho
can have them dono for llvo conts. This reduc
tion was agreed upon at an Informal mass
meotlngof tho east side bootblacks; but.siuco
then, somo ot tho fraternity havo bocn offering
to shlno shoes for four conts. Tho latter aro
looked down upon by tho othors as "scabs"
who sook to destroy tho trade, and nro sub
jected to all manuerot petty persecutions und
Tho othor dny a thrifty-looking man loft a
Twenty-third street forriboat with his shoos
covered with Ixmg Island mud. Ho was Im
mediately accosted by two oager bootblacks:
, .Hero, boss. I'll givo you a shine for a
nickel." said ono.
"I'll fix you up for fourecnts," said tho othor.
N hlle tho man was hesitating a third boot
black approached nnd offered his services.
Tako me, mister." said he, "an" I'll shino
yor shoes to bont do band for t'roo oenta."
The man Immediately accepted this alluring
offer and placed his foot on tho box. Tho live
cont and four-cont bootbluoks. forgotting their
personal rivalry, stood watching in gloomy
silenco until ono shoo was eomploted. Then
tho four-cont bootblack suddenly seized tho
brushes which the throe-cent boy had laid down
for a moment nnd started off on a run. The
three-cent boy jumped up and pursued the
thlof. uud his customor, after waiting for a mo
ment, ran utter him, shouting that ho wanted
his othor shoe polished. The policeman on
post at Twonty-seeond street and First nvonuo
bow the throe pass him at full snood. Ho im
mediately pao ehaso, and, catching the threo
cent bootblack, dragged him off to tho station
houso in East Twenty-second street, paying no
attention to his tearful explanations or those ot
his customer. It took twenty minutes for tho
thrifty-looking man to mako tho matter clear
to tho sergeant at the desk. After he loft tho
station houso he hurriedly boarded a Second
avenue car. with ono Bhou glistening nnd tho
other covored with mud. The throe-cent boot
black spent tho wholo evening in the station
houso waiting In vain for news of his lost
brushes. Finally tho polloemon presented him
with a purse qf Sl.&O and sent him off resolved
to maintain standard rates in the future.
Teitlmony That She Wns Sinking Eighteen
Knots When folio Wua Sunk.
HAI.I7AX. N. 8.. July 14. Tlio investigation
ot the sinking of tho French liner La Bour
gogne in collision with the ship Cromartyshire
was continued to-day. Tho Cromartyshire's
lookout said it was utterly Impossible, after tho
French steamer was sighted, to chance tho
Cromartyshire's course so as to avoid the col
lision. The Court agreed with this opinion,
and added that had any chango boen mado tho
Cromartyshire would have been sunk. Tho
Cromartyshlro's third officer testified to hear
ing the quartermaster of LaBourgogno say to
Cupt. Henderson that tho French steamer was
pinning at an elghteon-kuot rate when tho col
lision occurred.
A Messenger Arrested on Ills Arrival from
Kentucky nith a Carload ot Horses.
Louis Bchwedcs, 20 yours old, of Lexington,
Ky.. was arrested upon his arrival in Jersey
City yesterday morning with n cnrload of
horses. Ho was wanted for stealing two cold
watches and chains from J. H. Donnelly, man
ager of u telegraph office, by whom ho wo em
ployed as n messenger. Bchwedcs udmitted
tho theft, und explulued that, finding huslncps
dulllu Lexington, he decided to como East and
try Ills luck. He stole the watches In order to
ralso funds to Buoport him while looking for u
business opening in this city. Ho will bo sent
back to Lexington.
Dlckford Judson.
Tho marriage of Miss Elizabeth Condi Jud
son, formerly of Albany, to Mr. Herbert J.Bick
ford of Now York, took placo at tho home
ot tho bride's parents. Mr. and Mrs. Al
bert 0. Judson. at Now Brighton, Btaten Maud,
yesterday afternoon nt 5 o'clock. Tho llov.
Pascal Hurroworpf tho Church of tho Ascen
sion In Wbt Now Brighton olllclutod.
Tho brldo, who was attired in white silk nnd
mousseliuo do sole, was attended byhercQusln.
Miss Henrietta Wright of Albany, and her
nephews, Itulph and Edmund Judson. Mr.
Henry Brownell was host man, and tho ushers
wero the bride's brothers, Capt. Albert L. Jud
son Hud Col. Edmund L. Judson, nnd Mr.
Ueorgo H. Blckford. a brother ot the bride
groom. Only relatives and a few Intimate
friends wero present at tho ceremony. After
an extended trip Mr. and Mrs. Blckford will re
sldo in New Brighton.
Couover .Scranton.
GnRENWicn Depot. Conn.. July 10. Edgar
Enorost Conovor ot Greenwich wus married to
Miss Minnie Irene Bcranton. daughter ot
Charles Hcranton of Now Haven, In tho coun
try seat of tho Bcranton family In Madison this
afternoon, Tho Key. Dr. Watson L. Philips
was. the officiating elergymnn: -Miss Elizabeth
Conovor, sister of the bridegroom, was tho
bridesmaid, and Dr. Milo II. J onus, late physi
cian in Bellovuo Hospital, New York, tho best
Will and Alleged I.oit Will.
A holographic will and a copy of an alleged
lost will of Margaret G. Topham woro filed in
tho Surrogate's ofllco yesterday. The will was
executed Jan. 13, 181)1, and leaves all hor ostuta
to hur husbund, Thomas W, Topham, whom
blm appoints executor.
The copy of the other will Is dated Juno 23
last. It Ijjtt her estate among her threo cousins,
Carrie. Charles, and Bamuql Adams. Carrlb
and hersibtor, Mnry Adams, lived with tho tes
tatrix to her doath on July 4 last, at 211 West
lorty-elghth street. With the copy Carrlo
Aduins llledi nn affidavit Muting that tho will
ot Juno 23 wns executed, but has disappeared,
and Is probably lost. No statement Is given of
tho vuluo of tho ostute.
Unknown Man Dies on the Street,
An unidentified man had a hemorrhngo In
front of IH Montague stroot, Brooklyn, about 5
o'clock Ust evening nnd died before medical
aid rcachod him. The body wus taken to thn
Adumsstieot polloo station. He was about 4f
years old. 5 feet!) Indies tall, of medium build
mid dork complexion. h0 i,aj a inustuelio.
He wore a blue sorgo suit, brown dorby hut.
white and bluek outing shirt, and ton shoes.
In his pockets were sovoral .keys, a knlfo, a
Uulon Ferry ticket, and a pocketbook conufu
lng about t&.
Ilefcrert In Dankruptry for Ilrookljii.
Undor a now law tho Unltod States District
Court in Brooklyn has boon doulguatod as a
Court of Bankruptcy, nnd yoaterday Judgo
Thomas appointed Marous B. Campbell, Frank
S. Reynolds, Robprt J. Tilney, and Augustus J,
oehler referees la bankruptey for thuJorough
of Brooklyn for terms of two years. Tho ref
erees are to be recompensed by fees. All four
are active Republicans. Mr. Campbell being
Secretary of the Republican County Executive
Not Hurt by n l'our-Story Foil.
Whllo seven-year-old Bernard Ilrlnkham was
sliding down the baluster in the hall of his
homo ou tho fourth floor nt 517 East Thirteenth
street last night he tumbled over tho rail and
fell head first to tho ground Boor, lie was
appareuUynothurtbythefiiL "
Dr. Wllllnm Heard, the riillndelphlnMlnlnK
F.xpcrt, Smothered by n Snowillde In ft
Itnce for Ills life Thirty DUguitod Pro
spectors from thn Knst Come Uome.
Tacoma, July 14. Thirty mon hnvo been
drowned In Cook Inlet. Alaska, during the laat
four months, according to passengers on
tho schooner Golden Goto, which ar
rived last night. Tho drownings occurred
In tho uppor part of tho Inlet, whero ton
dorfoot woro trying to find now streams to
prospect. At low tldo tho bottom of the Inlot Is
bare In places, and boats aro rowod about In
tho narrow channels remaining. Tho tides
roll In with great high waves, which swamp nil
boats that cannot get to tho shore. To this fact
tho lnroo number of fatalities reported is duo.
Tho Golden Gate's passengers numbered
thirty disgusted prospectors, Including a party
of ton from Troy, N. Y., and one of ten from
Now Hnvon, Conn. Tlio Troy company was
organized early this year by II. Y. Fuches
to dredgo for gold In crocks running Into
Cook Inlet. Its members say they put up from
$400 to $(100 each, with which dredging ma
chinery was purchased. They found the rlvor
beds full of rooks, through which tholr clam
shell scoops could not get to tho gold in sands
below. The dredger wns then sold for
enough to bring the party down. All of
tho party but ono hnil somu money
left. Two days ago a collection for this
man was taken up on board tho schooner. All
contributed except Manager ruches, seeing
which somo ot his personal belongings were
sol zed nnd auctioned off for $8. which was
taken as his contribution. .
Whllo searching for Copper Ittvor gold In the
Interest of a company of I'hlladolphlun. Dr.
William Beard of Philadelphia met his death
In May on tho mountnln beyond tho valdes
glacier. Hacked with rhoumatlsm brought on
by tlio damp weather, ho made the trip
across the glacier only to become lost
on tho othor sldo, nnd finally ho was
smothered by a slide of soft snow.
W. U. Watklns, a Now ork newspaper man,
who was with Dr. Beard, barely escaped with
his life. For ten days ho was on tho mountain
In the midst of n bllzrsrd, without firo or
cooked food, lie subsisted on raw bacon, un
cooked rlco. and rolled outs. The two
mon had abandoned their outfit when
tho storm began nnd were making
a run for tholr lives when tho slldo oame
that cost Beard his llfo. Watklns Is now at
Valdes. waiting for money with whioh to re
turn homo. Dr. Beard was known among min
ing mon all ovor the world. He went north
representing tho Philadelphia-Alaska Mining
Company of which Dr. Joseph Hancock Is President.
Police Tipped Oft os to Its Whereabouts by
un Anonymous Letter.
A small boy wont Into tho Eldridgo street
station houso early yesterday morning and de
livered to Capt. Btophcnson n letter, whloh bore
no signature, to tho effoot that Mrs. Delia Mo
Donald was oonduotlng an opium joint in her
flat in tho rear of tlio top story ot the tenoinont
at 204 Torsyth street.
" You should go quick, because you will catch
them now," road tho letter.
Roundsman Powers and Detectives Burke
and Leonurd went to tho flat and rapped on the
door. Receiving no response tho policemen
climbed out on the fire escape and peered In
through a window.
They saw two young women and a man lying
on tho floor with an opium layout beside them.
The policemen then went back to tho door, and
this timo thoy suoeooded In rousing one of tho
occupants, who admitted them.
.In the room leudlng from the ono In which
they suw the opium layout they found Mrs. Mo
Douuld and two ot her ohlldreu,ared respec
tively 0 nnd 13 years.
The two young women who were undor tho
Influence of tho drug woro Mrs. MaDonnld's
daughters. Tho man described himself as Wil
liam Cunningham of 51 Loroy street. Ho was
also stupefied, and was aroused with difficulty.
Tho policemen decided to arrest tho entire party.
Mrs McDonald protested nnd declared that sho
had no previous knowledge of the opium smok
ing tliut woo going on in tho other room or ot
Cnnnlncrlmm s nrusence there.
Tho party was taken to tho Essex Market
Court, where Magistrate Olmsted, ordered a
complaint drawn charging Mrs. McDonald, hor
two daughters, and Cunningham with main
taining a nuisance. He held them in $300 bail
each for trial lu tho Court of Special Sessions.
Tho two young children were committed to
tho custody of the Gerry society pending the
trial. Tho layout was ordored conllscatod.
The police subsequently ascertained that tho
two younger children had uever smoked opium
and wero appaiently Ignorant of the fact that
opium smoking wus going on In tho house.
311st Addlss Suffering Nervous Exhaustion
and llourt Spnunis.
WniTKRTONE Landing, L. I.. July 14. A
young woman, aged 18. who gavo her name as
Miss Amelia Addlss and her address as 227
East Twcnty-sovonth street, Now York, was
taken dangerously 111 In the Sixteenth stroot sta
tion of tho Long Island Railroad at Whltestone
vvhilo on her way to New York to-night. A
large crowd cithemd and Dr. Bloeeker was
summoned Hn snid sho was suffering from
uenoiis exhaustion and heart spasms.
Bho hnd gono to Willots Point nudwos ao
eompauled by several membors of tho Twenty
second Regiment, n part of which Is stationed
there. After being in tho railroad station sev
eral hours, sho was carried to Boeder's United
States Hotel, whnro Mrs. Roeder attended hor.
At 11 o'clock last night she was still very ill.
Qet Ont a aianireito Agnlnit tlio aietropoll
tnn Kleetlous llltl.
Tho Citizens' Union got out a manifesto yes
terday against tho Metropolitan Election Dis
trict LIU. The munifesto Js addressed to tho
"voters of Now York." It says tho bill la un
necessary. Inasmuch as tho purity of tho elec
tions In Now York county, os compared with the
rest of tho State, has proved tho efficacy ot tho
present local measures against election frauds.
Tho manifesto says that It would be vain to
hope that, vicious us may b Its principle, such
a law might work well, und that it Is prepos
terous to call lu ono breath for eleotlon reform
In New York city and In tho next to propose
that this bo effected by leavlnc the selection of
captains for tho cruendo to the Governor who
huh already given usAldrldgo andPayn. The
bill, the manifesto continues, violates ovory
principle of homo rule, disregards the constitu
tional provision ilesignod to protect communl
ties ugutust btato interference, and subjects
elections In Now lork to restrictions not Im
posed on tlio other cities of the State.
MuMuchiuetU Ilepuhlleani.
Borton, Mass.. July 14. The Massachusetts
Republican State Convoution will be held in
Music Hull In this olty on Oct. 0 at 10 o'olook In
tho forenoon, Tho Chairman of the conven
tion will bo thn Hon. William II. Moody. United
States ltepresontntivo from Haverhill, and the
Hon. WllUnni 8. Ivnox. Renresentatlvo from
Lawrence, will servo as Chairman of the Com
mittee on Resolutions.
Congressman Hooker Named for at Fifth
..LFnA!f:.NV Y"..Jul 14vT!' Bopublloans of
Vo Thirty-fourth Now iork Congressional
district to-day nominated Warren B. Hooker
for a fifth term.
Brooklyn Water Depnrtinent ICmployees
Theso romovuls from tho Wnter Supply Do
partinout in tho borough of Brooklyn were an
nounced yesterday: Henry Pelletreau and
Charles W. Hlakson, inspectors of rvsurvoy,
and Edwin Bprnghteed. John J. Borger. Philip
l'Oht, David heirs, und Edward Thompson,
meter Inspectors. They are ail Republicans,
and most of them, had been long In the depart
ment. William F. Thompson, a Democrat, has
been npiiolutud Inspector of conduiUuud reser
voirs at a salary of Jl,500 a ycur.
Leases Must lie Approved by Making Fund
Coin minion.
Corporation Counsel Whalon gave nn opinion
yesterday that all leases of proporty mado by
tho Uqard f Education should bo submitted to
tho Kinking i uud Commlhslon for approval.
The board, It Booms, hit) boen making looses
upon Ite own resiionslbillty.
Where l'eiterday's Fires Were,
A. M.-8H0, 203 and 204 SUuton itreot, Aaron Orou,
damtge S2S.
1', M. ano, HHth itreet nd Mett avenue, John
Lwon, rUnuse ssn. 7,oo( Fifty-sixth itrret and
Boenthavniia-, imnoMe lintel, no damme. M no
414 K-isll'ill; ninth .tiitt, Mrs. OnlUalipr, unmans
s.'.h -xr,, ,n J.-iiiio!i atrtft, T K CanUiol. damage
The KceUr Cure la the only sure eure for the drink
lnic aiau. j auaVrtiiK or couHnenitut at tht sUalar
luautuu. Tio JUa si, Xsauk, H. J.-uaiT
Dig Dill's rats May Tteeclra Jersey Jostle
for n Daralary In Newark.
William Mason, the notorious criminal, who
was captured by Detectives Fogarty and Tripp
on Monday, was arralgnod before Magistrate
Flammer at the Contro Btreot Tollce Court yes
terday. Mason Is wnntod on threo Indlotments
from Philadelphia, ono for murdor. ono for as
sault, and ono for burglary. Mason was re
manded to the Tombs prison for thirty days to
await the arrival of requisition papors.
Mason's threo companions at tho tlmo of his
arrest-George Spencer. Thomas Hollly. nnd
James Coffoy woro charged with carrying
burglars' tools and remanded until Monday to
await examination.
Whllo tho four men wero In court Dotoctlve
Borgcant Donovan of tho Newark foreo, accom
panied by Emll Bchnoldor, who has an assay
er's office In Nework, reported to tho detectives
who had tho prisoners In chargo that Bohnol
der's office had been broken Into on tho night
of July 7 and J1.000 worth of gold nnd silver
bullion stolen. Bchnolder asserted that tho
thieves left bohlnd thorn a packago ot dyna
mite, an auger bit and halt a sheet from a
nowspapor. Tho nowspaporwasi found to cor
respond to the one in whloh tho, tools taken
from Mason's gang were wrapped. Bohnoldor
addodthat besldos tho bullion tfioro wero sov
eral packages of nitrate ot silvor In tho safe.
The thieves had opened these packages and
thrown them aside as worthloss. Tho hands of
the prisoners wore examined by tho detpp
ttves and found to be markod with this nitrate
ot silver, whloh. being acaustlo. loaves black
marks upon tho skin. , ,
Donovan and Bchnoldor Immediately returned
to Newark to obtain requisition pnpors for the
prisoners. They deny oil knowledgo ot the
Capt. McClueky made cubllo yesterday addi
tional facts that he had learned about Mason.
This Information was rocoivod in answor to let
ters sont out sovoral days ago. ThoChlotof
Police of PlttsHeld. Mass., wrote thnt Mason
f.nd ono Michael O'Connor had been arrestod
nPlttsfield in November. 18a7, for a burglary
ou n safo in a jewelry itoro. Tho two crooks
rcmolnod in Jail until Dec. 0. whop they filed
through the bars ot the windows ot their cell,
which was on tho fourth tiorot the prison, lty
tying togother tho sash ropes of tho windows
they were able to swing themsolves clear of a
ten-foot irou ploket fence and alight m the
atreot, . ,
Mason was arrested In Yonkors sovon days
later along with Johnny Moore on a charge ot
committing a burglary In tho houso of Vice
President Bradley ot tho Tarrytown Bank.
They woro convicted of this chargo on Jan. 11,
1H8B. and were sentenced to fourteen years
each lnBlng Sing prison. . .
Detective Voirefy on Deo. 15. 1887. arrestod
O Connor on a chargo ot escaping from tlio
PlttsHeld Jail. WhlTo nwaltlng requisition
papers O'Connor, who was in tho Tombs, told
Chief Inspeotor Byrnes that ho and Mason had
attempted to rob a bank at Newcastle. Dol .
about a month before they woro arrested la
Plttsfleld. He said they were surprised while
at work, and that thoy fired at the
man that discovered them, wounding htm
In the mouth. A fow days later Cashier
Cooper ot tho bank called ut tho Tombs and
was Identified as tho man Mason had fired
upon. O'Connor was sontencod to sovontoon
years In the Oharlestown, Mass., Btato, prison
for his escape from tho Plttsllold jail. Ho man
aged to CBcapo from tho Chnrlestowu prison
also, but was recaptured, only to break out
again. He was shot a tew montliB later while
committing a burglary at the Lancaster atoh
Cass Company, at Lancaster, Pu., and died of
his wounds.
Gov. Dlack Approves the Kequlaltlon Papers
ot the Governor of Pennsylvania.
Albany. July 14. Gov. Black to-day approved
requisition papors of tho Governor of Penn
sylvania, received by mall, for tho return to
Philadelphia ot Big Bill Mason, the notorious
and dangerous criminal arrested in New York
city by Deteotivo Fogarty, after a desperate
struggle near the West Shore ferry. A reward
ot $2,500 wus offered for Mason's capture. The
warrant for Mason which tho Governor ap
proved Is based on an Indictment found In
Philadelphia, charging him with larceny aud
with administering a drug for tlio purpose ot
committing larceny. Mason Is respoiiBlnlo for
tho robbery and assault upon J red MHy, a
Market Place bookmaker's cashier, whom ho
knockedaown with a plooe of lead pipe In his
own yard nnd robbod of 91,000 und all his
jewelry. He is also bellevod to be connected
with the murder of Maior Wilson. Uo Is wanted
In Michigan tor breaking jail.
With Its Termlnnl Here, It Will Carry
Pennsylvania. Coal nt Cut llutes,
Tho plans of tho New York, Wyoming nnd
Western Railroad Company, incorporated un
der the laws of Pennsylvania to operate as a
carrier ot anthracite coal from tho Wyoming.
Bcranton. Wllkosbarro and Lackawanna coal
fields to tidewater, wero mado publlo in Wall
street yesterday. The now company's officers
are: E. V. Sturges, Presldont; L. A. Watros,
VIoo-Presldent: Thomas E. Jones, Secretary,
and Thomas U. Watkins, Treasurer. In addi
tion to these, the directors are: John Jormyn,
Joseph Jermyn, Congressman William Council,
J. J. Williams. O. B. Johnson. U. D.Blmraon.
John M. Kormenorer. J. N. Rice, and W, Or,
Puyne. All tho officers and directors are in
dividual coal producers.
It is proposed that, after tapping tho coal
fields, the new road shall run from hcranton to
tidewater ut or nenr Now York, and that It shall
acquire the Lehigh and Hudson Kullroad, run
ning from Belviduru across Now Jersoy to tlio
PougUlEjBPsio Bridge, tliusgulnincanentranuu
Into New England. Nothing but coal is to bo
hauled on the main lino, tho company's organ
izers proposing to refuse any passenger trulllo
or any freight excepting coul. They ussert that
enough coal bus already been guaranteed ut (10
cents a ton from mlno to tidewater to make
the road pay a profit on both stock and bonds.
This rate is said to be $1 a ton under tho rate
charged at present by the anthracite coal rouds,
Tho sale of an Issue of bonds Is Hated to
have been negotiated abroad. The now road's
cost Is estimated ut less tliuu $10,000,000, ana
tho projectors say tliey expect It to bo finished
this year.
The Missouri Pnclllo Acquires the First
Division of the System.
Tho Missouri 1'aclUo Railway Company lias
purchased from tho Reorganization Committee
tho capital stock of the Central Branch Union
PaclUa Railway Company, thereby socurlng tho
old Atchison and Plko's Peak Railroad, which
extends from Atchison to Watervlllo, Kun.,
100 miles. This road, with tho Atchison, Colo
rado and Pacific nnd tho Atchison, Jewell
County and Westorn. formed the Central Branch
Union Paciflo Railroad system, which has been
operated by the Missouri Paciflo torn number
of years, though controlled heretofore by tho
Union Pacific. Tho leases ot the other two
roads in tlio system named abovo were can
celled by foreolouuro of tho Central Branch
Union Pacific Railroad and they will in future
bo operated in the Interest of tho Missouri
Paciflo undor some form of agreement. The
now company, whoso stock tho Missouri Paclllo
has purchased, lias a capitul of $2,500,1)00 nnd
an equal amount ot 4 per oent. first mortgage
The Body Found of nn Klmlrn Man Who
Committed suicide ut Detroit.
Detroit. Mich.. July 14. Lost Friday night,
as the Detroit and Windsor ferry steamer For
tune was approaching tho dock nt Detroit, a
man jumped suddonly from his chair, nnd, be
fore any one could prevent, dashed overboard.
The Captain of tho boat endeavored torcscuo
tho man, but lie was not agnln seen. To-dny
the body was found at Trenton, und hns been
Identified us It. McNeil Hinith, (10 yeais old,
whose homo hns been at Elmlra, N. Y.
Lnst Thursday Smith attempted to borrow
monoy of an umployen of the Detroit and Cleve
land Hteumers, und when refused said that, un
less ho soon found a place, h would muko
away with himself, Hu wrote tills address on
tho hack of a card:
"Jessie i Smith Taylor. 1H1 Clarcneo street,
London, Ontario." Iluremarkod;
" You may want this soon."
Bmlth said the girl wua his daughter. It has
been learned that ho was once wealthy and in
1BJU owned an Interest In tho Elmlra Dumping
und Paper Company. About a ynar ago, how
ovor. tho company failed und Smith lost all hu
Thomas Landers Kllli Himself,
Thomas Landers, .14 years old, a telegraph
operator, who lately had lioon melancholy,
committed suicldo by Inhaling Illuminating
5 as In his apartments nt 1J0 Herkimer street,
ropklyn. on Wednesday ufteruoon. His
rother, committed suicldo la this city about
eluvou duys ago,
Alleged Donkey Poisoner Discharged.
Robert Ennls. IB years old. of .'KiA West Bl.tty
nlnth street, who was accused of poisoning llvo
of tho donkeys used In Central I'urktocnrry
children, was discharged whon rearrnlgiieil n
tho Yorkvlio Couit yi-Mnnlay. Magistrate
Blmms decided that thore was no evidence that
j&inisbwiMttsaUissjjjmali. """"'""
Not ono of tho 300 short 1
trousor suvta thnt nro now marked 1
$4, but thnt will well repay n I
trip to our stores. I
Thoy wero mnrked $8, $7 1
nnd 3C
Can't come ? Then we'll sp,nd I
one on approval; if he doesn't I
want a whole suit wo'll send a I
piece of ono short trousers, H
And we'll send clothes to tho I
boy's dnd shoes, hats nnd fur- I
nisliings, too. I
Koger.9, Peet & Co, I
Warren and Broadway. H
Prince and llroadway.
Thirty-second ainl llroadway.
Bye Ache and I
Headache S
may como from Ill-fitting Eve Glasses. Wo H
havo tho skill and tho will and ovoiyap
pllnnco thnt RCloiice hns dcvlped to produce ft
perfeot work. And tho Schmidt Clip-So j
conts. Open Saturday nttoruoons and even
ings. Circular FREE.
Oenltita' prescriptions Oiled. Factory on premlirs.
Quick repairing. Ol'KN UVli.N'IN'US. l'hono 1UUS-8S,
jF. Q. Schmidt,
Optician 16 East42d St-M10..:
are ruauufucturcrs of
Rubber Blankets, Ponchos, Air Pillows,
Cushions, and Beds
593 Broadway, New York. 1
-nst Lisle Thread BhlrU aa4 W
TTAfl Drawers fl
V at 79C,
fFI ( worth $1.60. Pink and bias, a
13 M Plaid Sox 25c. pnlrf 1
(r u B Imported goods) worth
?Kv ,nnP '" nnndkera
B JT chiefs from Iflro Under
' J writers' Bale
St.OO a dozen fur 2Sc. Handkerchiefs.
70c. a doson for 15c. Handkerchiefs.
Balnnre In Our Favor, 8aiS,395,000-Kxce(SJ 9
of tiold Imports, 8104,0841,383. I
'WisntKOTOK, Juno 11. Statistics published I
to-day hy tho Treasury Bureau show that tho I
foreign trado of tho United States for the yeatf I
ending June 30 was tho greatest in Its history.
The exports amounted to $1,2:11,311.808. as.
Increase over those of tho provlous year ot
$180,318,312. Tho'.lmports. frco and dutiable,
woro $010,052,844. less by $148,077,508 than
those ot the previous year, making tho balance;
ot trado In our ports $015,205,000. Of gold,
in coin, bullion, and ore. thoro was exported
$15,405,301. and imported $120,301,074; ot
slher tho expofts wero $55,105,230, and lm I
ports $30,024,531. I
William II. Blood, ono of tho best known faf
rallroud men in this vicinity, died yostorday at jj
tho residence, of his father-in-law. nt Ozono I
Rark. SInco Mnrch, 1807, Jlr. Blood had booa 1
division superintendent of tho Brooklyn )
Heights Railroad Company. Mr. Blood wns 49 I
years old. Ho had been in tho railroad business I
since ho was 21. He wns first u conductor on, H
tho New York and Now EiiKlnnd Kullroad. nn'l H
then on tho Long Island Railroad. Ho enjoyed
the confldenco und esteem ot tlio late Austin H
Cyrbln, who had a high regard for his Mill- H
ltles. and advanced him through vnrlous offices
In tho Long Island Rullroad until ho heenma
!:onoral superintendent. When Mr. Corbln wns
nterested in tho Philadelphia ami Rendlna H
tullrond ho mado Mr. Blood genoral miiKrln UJ
tendentof that line, nnd from thnt placo he re
turned to tako thesuperlntendoncy of the Lonsj
Island Rutlroud. This ho held until after Mr.
Corbln's duuth, nnd when n chango of mnnngc
inent was mado in the Long Island Rallroud1
Mr Blood resigned. Ho wan averso to lenvinef
Brooklyn and this inlluenccd him to accept the
place of division superintendent of tho Holchts
Railroad. Mr. Blood leaves a widow aud lour
Leo A. Van Fllcdnor died nt his summef
homo In West Fifteenth btreet. Coney Inland,
on Wednesday, ut the into of 58, Ho wns horn
In Russia. Ho served In tlio civil wnr us a
Horgoant lu Buttery E of tho Fourth Artillery,
lor twenty years or muro ho was engaged fa
tlio real estate business In Manhattan and wns
a largo property holder at Coney Island. II
wns married In Washington thirty-four years
ngo and wns tlio father of seventeen children.
Two weeks ago ho hud a parnlj tlo stroko ot tho
heart at hl homo. 417 West Forty-second
street, Manhattan, und was removed to the
Island with thohopoof benefiting his health.
Ills wife, euvon daughters, und ono son Mirvivo
Tho funeral sorvlces of tho Into Wllllnm O. V
Moore. Mnjorand Superintendent of thuMetro-i .!
politan l'olico Department, Washington, yoster. v ',
day afternoon woro hold nt the .New Yorls, HJ
Avenue I'rosbytvrlan Church. Tho Intermenl Bf
In tlio Congressional Cemetery wnt wltii H
Masonic and milltury honors. A battalion ot JL
tollecmeii and delegations from the Loyal Y3
Leulon.WuBhlngton Light Iiifnntryund Knights Jj
Templars worn in the funeral procession Mr. If
McorovvnstSOyoamold. und during the lancllhin, H
serveuns private secretary to tlio bcoretary of
var. Ho was also secretary lo I'lmldeiilJiiim
son. Ho was chief of tlio Washington Tollus)
Department from 1880 until his death I
Henry Aiken, fonnorly Comptroller of Ellra 1
iMitli, n. J illoil at his liiiinii thorn ycMcrduy.
Ho was (H yours old nnd wan one nf the original
members of the New York Htnck Exchange,
lie was in liuslmmH In New York for many
yours. Fivo duughtersturvlvit him. B
Cant Leonurd Mulone, Clilef of Detectives ot I
tlio New Orleans pnl loo force, died tliero on n
)Vediiedny night, lined 77. He was a native of H
County Month. Ireland Ho became it member II
of tho Now Orleans pollco forco llfty-tuo ycais
ago. B'
Oeorco B. Peter. Superintendent of Ptihlis, 3
Purks lu Nowuik. died ut hH Immii lntli.it dty (
yesterday, ugd 02. He loaves one daughter yV
Mrs. r.llruheth Linton, hotter known ns Mrs.
Lynn Linton, it well-known novelist, died la fl
Iondoti yettcrduy.
l'nstinnn Arrested for Dishonesty, H
W.J Oplnii, 33 years old. a letter curlier, was I
arrested jesterday by Iiihw ''or JueuM of the H
1'nt-t Office P 'partuumt. UkiIi-h Ik nceuned f 1
iiimpcrlnK vvltli the mails. Hit iiit usai.lij I
iuvh been on I'ourtli nvonuo. Iln was locked up
ii tho Church street htut tun
N alter hearty eatlns uao fj WB
Horsford's Acid Phosptete I f
I It rcMovoa drow&lncse. j wf
' 1
BssssssssssssTsTainTnTsinsirnrii. mm '

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