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, xitK oLtrETTirs passexokrs mist to
L Etarythlng Possible Ii Being Dons fnr
B Tlielr Comfort All Xtltt Recover and
B Kew Will Bo Crlppled-Ofllcers and Mem,
flf andtheriadefcto Which They Have Been
IP Transferred Interesting Experiences.
If There wore exactly 272 sick nnd wounded on
ft tho transport Olivette which arrived hero from
K Cuba on Baturdny night, and yesterday theso
, victims of Bpanlsh bullets and Cuban ellmato
If woro transferred to hospitals In Brooklyn and
1 on Btaten Inland, Not ono of all these men Is
I going to dlo, and fow will bo permanently
crippled as a rosult of their Imrta. Tliowork
I of (ho American surgeons at tho front has
I been romnrkable, and when they tuniod their
patlonts over to the Ollietto there was llttlo
R needed to bo dono for them but nurso them.
ft Among nil tho woundod just ono has liad to
f undergo amputation. Ills right arm was so
f badly shattered by n Mausor bullet that they
ft cut It off In the field. Ho Is cheerful now, and
t say s that ho's lucky that It wasn't a leg.
Y A htindnil and ono of tho sick nnd wounded
B were transferred to tho marine hospital nt Ollf-
ton, Btaten Island, early yesterday morning.
' Tho Ollvetto was anchored In the lower bay oft
Quarantine, nnd tho men wnro placod on tho
Btaten Island fern boat Weslflold. Health Ofll-
eer Doty and Surceon-Cleneral Htornbcrg made
a formal examination of each man boforo he
was transferred. Tho work of putting tho men
ion tho ferryboat proeoedod slowly, as they had
to cross from tho upper deck of tho transport to
. the root of tho Wostfleld's cabin on a
V narrow gangplank. Many of tho mon wore
able to cross by thomsolies. but those
whose wounds were In tholr legs nnd
those who woro sick had to bo carried across
' on stretchers. Thoro wens moro than n thou
sand persons on tho wharf nt Stapleton when
the Wostflold arrived thoro. and thuy gnio
I threo rousing chocra for the Injured men. Tho
f pollco had to beat tho peoplo back when tho
soldiers Wore landed, for at tho appearance of
each man a dozen of his friends and relatives
would rush forward to grasp him by tho hand
or to say a cheering word to him. Allot tho
mon woro finally landed safely In tho hospital.
It was7 o'clock yesterday morning when tho
Ollvetto arrliod at Dow's Btores, foot of Paclflo
street. Brooklyn, and thoro wero then fully
2,000 porsons thoro. waiting toseotho wounded
! soldiers. Word was Immediately sent to tho
I J Long Island Collego Hospital, bt. Tetor's Hos-
; pltnl and to Pollco Headquarters, nnd In half
' 'f an hour thoro woro twenty nmbulanees on tho
, pier. Almost every hospital In Brooklyn con-
( trlbuted an nmbulnnco or two to assist In tho
, work of transporting tho men. A patrl-
f otlo undcrtakor iilso sent down n dead
t wagon, under tho Impression that tho Ollietto
was a floating morgue. Tho surgeons took ad-
j' vantngo of his mistake, and bundling three men
Into tho agon In a hurry sent them off to St.
rotor's Hospital. Ono of tho men who went
nway In tho undertaker's wagon was Corporal
Walter Faradiso of Company M. Second Massa
chusetts Voluntoors. lib thought It was a great
' joko torn man named Faradiso to bo sent oft
Wounded to a hospital in n dead wagon.
, Tho nppoaranco of each Injured man was tho
, ? signal for prolonged applause on the part of
i tho crowds. Men throw tholr hats in tho nir
t and womon waod handkorchlofs and parasols
; ' nttho ragged soldiers, whlloaseach ambulance
'' w as driven oft tho pier It was Immediately sur-
i roundod by mon and women, anxious to shako
I '' hands with a man who had been wounded
! Y fighting Spaniards.
; Thoro was ono little old man In the crowd
, whoso coat and vest woro so adorned with
' t Amorlcan flags and buttons that only in spots
t was tlio cloth of tho garments visible. He had
f a flag tied to his cane, too, and ho was so full of
fr patriotism that ho couldn't contain himself.
I jl " Hoorny 1 hooray 1 hooray 1" he yelled as each
i f nmbulnnco moved out. Then he would rush
' r up alongside grasp the hand of some wounded
j soldior, and say "God bless you, my boy I" His
enthusiasm was infection", and the most con-
iJ scnatlve appearing men and womon in the
crowd woro chooring tho nppoaranco of each
' h ambulance a few minutes after his nrriial.
a r Fifty mon wore Bent to tho Long Island Col-
lege Hospital, fifty-four to Bt. Tetor's Hospital.
t nnd fifty-eight to Governor's Island. Thoso
who went to Governor's Island wero conia-
lcs,ccnts. and according to tho original pro-
, S gramnio woroto remain on tlio Olivette until
, s they wero ready to go to thelrrespectivo homes,
1 . Dutwhcn It becamo known that the barracks nt
I h Governor's Island woro available, it was decidod
f to send tho men thore, and they wero trans-
? 6 Xerred on n tuglKjnt.
j S Tho mon nttho Brooklyn hospitals were very
i b comfortable whon seen there by n Bun reportor
j yesterday afternoon. Even thing possible wns
1 4 being done for their comfort, and they scomod
f perfectly satisfied. All of tho men had tales to
toll of the fighting In Cuba, but they wero all
nllke, and didn't Miry much from tho stories
I printed In Tnis Bun yesterday, told to a ro-
f porter by othors of tho Injured on tho 01l otto.
i All tho woundod olllcors who woro sont to
Tort Wndsworth woro wounded In tho fight of
j a La Guaslmns, except Cnpt. 31, J. Houry of
I Fhiladolnhta, Assistant Quartermaster, who
i rocolvod a alight flesh wound In the loft
k leg In, tho assault upon San Juan Hill.
i Major Alexander O. lirodle of the rough
I . rldors Iibb n bullet hole In his, right arm.
i ' . Ho is n graduate of West Point, class
t of 1870, having been appointed to tho academy
;J frqp fit. IJiwreneo county, this Btato. After
t .i graduation ho was assignedtotho First Cavalry.
!i whoso men fought along side tho rough riders
j at La Guaslmas. Ho remained In tho service
oven years, reaching tho rank of Tlrfat Lieu-
j t tenant. Then ho resigned, becamo the super-
I lntndent of the Walnut Grovo Water Storage
1 f Company of Phosnlx, Arli., nnd joined the
n rough rldors from there. Major Brodle was
! I the only wounded officer at Tort Wadsworth
fj b' who was ablo to recede lsItors jestorday
I f afternoon. In speaking of La Guaslmas he
i said:
I ft "I'm told that tho first battle of the rough
W rldors was reported as a skirmish. Perhaps It
$ f was, but It lastod two hours and twenty min
9 i utes, and there were 000 of us against 4,000
t Spaniards. In killed and wounded wo lost
I f about . '10 per cent, of tho priiatos nnd about U7
! per cont. of the ofllcors. After tho bnttlo
B or fklrmlsh, or whichever you want
to call It, wo sent somo Cubans In
f! i Bldo tho Bpanlsh lines to find out what had
s! JJ liappouod. They camo back to tell us that tho
q ' Spaniards said tho Americans kuew nothing
j g about tho art of viar, because. Instead of stay
f f Ing Ik-IiIiiU works nnd firing, they continually
i h advanced.
Hj K "It wai tho first tlmo our boys had beon in
f i i battle, but they behaved as if they'd been sol-
F r dioriug all tholr Iles. It was also Col. Boose-
R5- elt' first battlo. I nov or saw anything llko
$i i hlra. Col. Wood and I had seen service boforo.
3 V It was tho business of all threo of us to go
JI 8 along the linos to keep the men straight and
5J tell them whit to do. Wood was cool
I ffl ft Mid soft-voiced and talked ns he might
Sj ft' In addressing n lot of studonts. Itooso-
? velt walked up und down the lines, his tooth
; gleaming ami his ordors coming with a snap
!W that put lm Into all of us 11 u I lots wero com.
!f b Ing IromolUvn snt once. Hut ho pdid no moro
J-j B. attention to them than if ho had been out In a
5 j f rainstorm with n rubber coat on. Thatnmnls
U g daisy and don't ) ou forgot It."
MJ f. It was 1 o'clock In tho monilng botoro tho
II I last of tho 101 wounded soldiers who had been
U assigned to tho Mnrlno Hospital at Clirtou
3 was safely landed within tho Institution. Only
11; obontllttoen of thomeu are coullnod to their
9 T beds by their nounds. Most of-tho romalnrter
' ' "u l'et"c'"I10nt wei scattcrod jcstenlny
3 K over tho shady Inwn of fho hopltnl,
j i which strctohes almost down to tho bay
fb surrounded by crowds of patriotic aiidsymp.v
mi' thetlo civilians who wero eager for tales of
,&'? "how they dldlt ntSantlBeQ." TUemeurpi
WRi ellefl In tobacco, and their enjojruentof flio
'! luxury was accounted for when a troopoi stated
m, tliat he had seen an offlcor pay $47 forafl-cent
-fl package of tho weed before Santiago,
yM "Wwro disappointed at first." ald 8er-
' ' ! " " ' "
geantWundorof Company G. Sixth Infantry,
" biicauso thoy did not land us nt Fortrcsa
Monroe, but now wo are iwrfectly satisflod t our
situation hero Is perfect,"
Tho men are In n bad way for clothing nt
present, but It was said at tho hospital that
their want would probably bo supplied to-day
by tho Women's War Belief Association of
Btaten Island and by other similar organlw
tlons. Shelby F. Ishler of Troop 1) and Edward J.
Albertaon ot Troop F, rough riders, stood talk
tug togothcr. Both men had their right arms
In slings and Ishler was wounded In tho log
also. Thoy were hurt in tho fight at 1a Gun
slma.s. "I was lying beside Capt. Capron of
Troop L In tho field hospital just boforo ho
dlod." Kald Ishlor. "Almost with his last
breath Capt. Capron nskod If tho boys woro re
treating. Wo told him no. Thank God.' ho
said, and sank bick on his cot."
IMward Culver of Troop L. rough riders,
comes from the Indian Territory, and has some
Chorokoo blood In his veins. Culler says that
ho was struck In the left lung by tho samo bul
let that kilted Hamilton Fish. Aftor receiving
this wound Culvorflred forty-flvn shots. Ser
geant Kltno, also of Troop L. spoko In the high
est terms ot Capt. John It. Thomas, Jr. " I
novor saw a gamer man," ho said. "Dur
ing tho Guaslmas fight ho stood on
tho firing lino jelling llko nn Indian.
When ho was struck ho foil against
me, and I tied my canteen strnp around
his legjfo stop tho flow of blood. Capt. Thomas
refuse to go to the rear until two of tho men
picked him up and carried him by main force."
Kline was woundod In tho San Juan fight on
July 1, "Tho bullets wero thick as mosqui
toes." ho said, "but when tho boys hit that hill
they hit It yellln'. Tho Spaniards took ono
look at 'em and then cleared out. Five of our
men went for water and fell in with thirty-two
Spanish cavalrymen, who cut them up. Later
on theso samo Spaniards got mlxod up with
somo moro of our men, nnd when they got
through thoro wero two dead horses and thirty
two dead Spaniards."
Culver saw tho destruction ot Corvcra'B (loot
from tho i)cck ot tho Ollvetto. Ho said that
somo of tho wounded who hadn't been nblo to
movo for days got up on tholr elbows nnd
eliocred when thoy heard of tho victory over
Henry It. O'M.illoy of Company B, Eighth In
fantry, has been ton years in the United States
Army and was formerly n member ottho Capo
mounted pollco In tho Zulu warof 7D-'81, but
ho says ho novor saw such hot fighting as at
Santiago. O'Mallcy was wounded In tho right
arm at tho storming of Y. Cnney.
"Tho Second Massachusetts and the Eighth
wero In nbout tho hottest phco nt our ond of
tho lino," he said. "The volunteers showed
perfect discipline, nnd fired In volleys until they
wero storped becauso of the smoko from their
Bprlngllelds But tho colored troops carried off
tho palm They wero encored heartily by tho
other regiments, nnd that meanH n good denl.
for It Is seldom that regulars cheer ono
"As for tho heat." said O'Malley, "I havobeon
on a target range In North Dakota when It wns
fully as hot as any weather wo experienced at
Santiago "
Private Owen McKallyof Company D, Twelfth
Infantry, eamo from England to join tho army.
He was struck In tho hnnd by n piece of sholb
McNally told of a Bpanlsh prisoner who said:
"Shoot at Cubano he run. Shoot at Ameri
cano ho come on moro."
During tho afternoon religious services wero
held on the Marino Hospital Inwn by tho Rev.
Henry A. Btewart, deacon In St. Paul's Episco
pal Church, Staploton Most of the wounded
soldiers attended tho sorvlco.
It is lmposslblo to describe tho indignation
that has been aroused by tho story In tho Worht
of Saturday charging tho officers and menot
the Seventy-first Regiment of this city with
cowardico In the San Juan fight. Tho men of
tho SKth and Sixteenth regular infantry aro
p-irticularly angry about It, because tho Sovon
t) -first was in the same brlgado with thom in
tho fight. A dozen men who were seen yester
day by a Sun reporter added tholr denials of
tho story to thoso printed, In The, Bun of yos
terday and declared that tho Now York militia
men fought llko horoes all through tho action,
only retiring whon ordered to becauso tho
smoko from their Bprlngllelds betrayed tho
Amorlcan position to tho enemy.
Tho rough riders aro tho particular Idols at
tho hospitals where they are now quartered.
Tho record made by thoso men at the front has
in ado oach Individual among them a hero In tho
eyes of tho pooplo. All the rough riders who
cnino North on tho Ollvetto have bullet wounds
in ono placo or another. All tho men In tha
Brooklyn hospitals are suffering from gunshot
wounds, the sick men having beon taken to tho
Marino Hospital on Staton Island.
Following Is a list of tho injured and tho hos
pitals whoro they aro now quartored. Unless
otherwlso designated, tho men are privates,
and whore a description of Injuries Is not
glvon tho men are suffering from gunshot
Seventh Infantry Lieut. Maubt Nichols, shot In
th foot
First Volunteer Cavalry Lieut. Homes It. Duru-EAL-x,
shot la left arm.
Capt. Joint B. Tnouis, ahot four timet In the right
Tenth Infintry O. O. Lozaki, Co. t WALTita E.
trnoini, Co. O: illuu BiMrsoK, Co. O
Flrtt Canity Caei, 8. Dombtad, Troop I, Jomt T.
Ilirt, Troop K. T
Third Infantry Jouk Cahlhih. Co. D.; Ono
Sc-ww.Co. II
Quartcmiister'a Department Williau R (liuilix.
Tw ontr-flfth Infantry IIooiut towcu., Co. O.
Second Ma4 husetu Volunteers Ueouol Bem
L' OEnancK Dlocxuee, Co.L
First Volunteer Cavalry Corporal Ltrrnsa L.
BTEwanT, Troop Q: Norman Okue, Troop 11, Cor
poral Aibi jit Powers, Troop F, Sergeant STEruiN
A. Pate, IToop A.
Tenth t'ai airy SlirciL Ridd, Troop I; Rosebt
Raaem. Troop C, VVIM.UM jAcxaot, Troop D: Louis
F. Axuriuiof, Troop E, Uiuiobx Oiteui. Troop B.
First Infantry Ihami K. Mobbis, Co. K) IIauei.
Rl TXOLM, Co. 11
Hove ntcenth Infantry Qcoeoe Deuxtt, Oo, Dj W.
P. Kekii.da.Co k.
He conj Infantry Ezba E Vatou. Co E.
Utxth Infantry MohT MAicitrffa, Co. E; Aiaebt
Ghat, Co, B, lUl.ril U. Uowabd, Co, CPavl Kbaoie,
Heriteant .Iamfs J, 1abdkeb, Co. B.
hlxtli CaiahT liuJAM Wbat. Troop Ti Jaxzs
Bhitii, Troop 11, Crro Ukaue. Troop A.
Kiitcdith Infantry Sergeant Ueicrt n. Belseh,
Cn A; I'AttL Haltoman, Co, II
Twenti -necuml Iuf antr Prrxa II.Douv, Co. Ai
At bfbt FirLD. Co F, Ml haei. RniEHT, Ci. L
Ninth CAialrj F.LUin CairrEH, Troop C
he VMith Iiifanto Abthdb F. Drmaw, Co. Ci Otto
MAinrit, Cn. D, Auocht IIaux, Co 0
Thii lecnth Infanir) Fraxe J, LIand, Co. Fj IJoipl
tal Corps, Chaiii e Ledfjixb.
'lhlrtr.thtril Mihlnan Volunteera Aitobe O. Lock
wood. 0 j I) Osn'oral Fbahs Rawiok, Co. tt.
Klahm Infonln Aroi nrt Petebseh, Co. D.
Tifinly aenml Inrantry Michael Bueeut, Co. A.
'I weiii -fourth lufantrj William A. Uuicton,
Co, C.
MiniNE nosriTAL, currow, a, i.
Third Caialrj IIabbt Mittscbel, Troop I; Daniel
J, Kaiun. Troop C.
First Caralrj' fl-rgt. Fiukcii M. Krao, Troop K,
hrateihaiiatloo, Fxijau It, Walls, Troop K, Lovia
llFBTBtnET, rroojl A.
Truth Cavalry roanE K. Braxton, Troop Jl:
Rami ri.Itrini, Troop 1, Tiunx A Milub, Troop B,
Heritt, Amu Iiaistlx, irnop C: Luthfb D Oodlu,
i roup a, Imw rATi-on, Troop I', Mcret. Willis K.
I'k. ti Fi Boritt. WILLIAM I'atxe, Co. E.
Hi i ond Mtllfriy Cuaultb I. McOot, Ilitterr F.
Hiroiul lnfaulQ Cori'onl Jamxi Uiwiuau, Oct
Immuxstbon, Co, 1), heat, Lotna 1ve, Co, A, Beret.
Uljiicii M I'HXETrxB, Co C, heat.
Third Infantry Jonirn II. Mualxwicz, Co. V,
I'ourtli Infantry Pm Iierusian, Co. C.
Hlttli Infmiri (iFiin ,r Haokb, Co, 11, malarial
ten. OeorufB Aluob. Co D, Tiiouas FAifiu.Cn,
II. He rxt. Tobiai uhdeb, Co. U, W hl Afitx, Ui. C,
M imfbfd Munsoi, Cii. C, Celeba Uerard, Co, U, A.
C. Oaiipt, Co E.
HrVintU Infantrj -Joint Elicei, Co, F; William TV.
LiNEUtiK, Co lliMAnTiM Cbokxft Co I). William
J ltoaAs, Co, A, John Much, Co, E( Jodsi McMillan,
1 Jijhth Infantry PETEn O'Cotwos, Co. D; Ciiakleb
V IIum.Ci (i, Hesbx It. O Mallet, Co, 11, TVilliau
Hfi i man, Co 11.
I null lufaiur) CLAtinr K Hau , Co. O,
Twelfth lufautry-OwfN MtNuLTT, Co. F, shell
'thirteenth Infantry-James M, IloDOEtia, Co, D:
Corpnal Ciiablfs (Vife, Co. B, fbtivrant Tuouas
DolvCo K, Joui K KmebtiCo Fi Corporal Uott
U, NatW.Oaxfji. Co II,
hlitienth lurautry rFU rnEOB, Co. D, Ciiablts
Trnnfrt. Co K, Frifiiuicu site, bandi Joux
IlruniiE, Co. li, Jo. cm hilt, Co u, Corporal
, M 11 TniliMAi, Co. K. Serueaut Heniauiii F,
Uaruuox, Co. ii, llrjiUAH Mcolai, Co. F, IIinjamih
JJ. UAuaKrATr.Ci) 1)
Herenteenth lufuitry Lorino L. Eovaud, Co. C.
malarial fsver. WiuiiAnr. llni.wrrt, Co, E, williau
B. Kroibeof, Co. Fi Auovst Lamie, Co c.
Tvratlelh Infantrj Liktox E. W atrocs, Co. B.
1 went! -ant Infantry Jacob .IIable, Co. I), mala
rial fever, lliur.r V HniA-ouBr, CiuuLxa E. Dahl
nxnn, MiciiaflOMealet, Co k,
.Trut-aecuud Infantrj IIicbabdBhefabs, Co. II:
UurAR Meitueb, to, 0, Uoitax IX. Z. ELLuazuii,
Co. At Oforor TV. Faulow. Co. D Coablu at.IlALL,
On, O, Injnrlea to back and Innm. , ,
Tuentr-rmirth Infantrr I'BARf. BonrsLXR, Co. At
Princeton A. Clinton, Co. K: Jonx C Zellxbt, Co.
B Ciiarur Baber, Co. Fi Autifd TnoMraoN, Co. II
James Dati, Oo. Fi Winter Wabbinoton, Co. K;
HtxjAUraJ Uariiman. Co, F.i Uillxks Fbarb, ran
slrlan, Oo. Cj Conioral James ORlwra. Oo. Dl TV IL
liam Claree, Co R: nirpural Daviii HOLtEN.Co. P.
Tventr-Flfth Infantrr lluoii Bwinn, Co. ElftoB-
Flrat Volunteer Cavalrr Albert O. Hartlt. Ttoip
F KllElRr F. Ibhleb, Troop I), Marcxllo P. Mew.
i-osid, Tmop D; Eiiwarii Cdlvrb. Troop L" iaWABT
J. Auimni, Troop Fi Frfd N. IIeai, Ttocp 11,
Ixma Darsxt, lrmip II, malarial feirn Sergeant
Joaxrn Rune. Troop L. . .
Beooncl itaasachusetts Rorert Taft. Co 0, ucatj
Charlfb F, IloAtu it, Cn. Hi Cuaries AinMT, Oo. B.
Ninth Mameehusetls-tli eant M. J. McCARTEN,
Co O
Ihirtr-fonrth Mlehlcan Arthur D. Bcott, Co. M.
Cnlian Voluntiera Jtisio Mabtallifr
Ninth MMchnclt Morris J, Rdrxs, Co. C.
Tlitrtf enlli lnrsntry Beraeant Patrii k Walsh, Co.
Ki FbakxWinteii. Co. II; Charles II. Face, Co, D,
1 rake F. Fash, Co 11.
Bevent) -first Volunteer Infantrr William rtrM
bert, Co. A: Harvxt I Barer, Co. I Beriteant Pat
rice DotiiiiirRTT, Co V,
Twelfth Infantrr John P. Nofe, Co, O: William
H ALEXARpxn, Co, B; James Jxffriib, Co, Ki Kn
WAnn Warp. Co V.
Beronrt MaanarhusctU Volunteers TVagoner AL
rnxiiTiiiFi, On M
Tventr-ntth Infantrr David Bdcxnir, Oo.Oj Jamxs
O Ili-irrn, Co. (1, Amos Jxttrt, Co. C
flecond Infantrj rnsrT E. r.iroN, Co. D.
Biith Infintn- Eiiwaxu Kldo. Co Ci Bobxbts l.
OniiRFT, Cr. I). Hergrsnt HoLnEj) C Kixme, Co. I;
Matthew J Ixino, Co, Bj Leakdeb BiQUT, Co, K;
William Kline.
Hliteenth Infantrr Benami( Labddx, Co. A;
Sheridan D himmois, Co. B, Oeorqe I Brscn, Co.
D, Julius Oratmendics, Co. O, Jonx C, Dennixo,
W. A.
BTenteenth Infantrr Ira Ixwell, Co. Ai Oeorob
Bubii, Co. (',
FJghth Infantrj Corporal Joan Martin. Co. II:
Corporal John T Duns, Co. A; llixni a. Baiter,
Co OiFrakxD. MuDomalu, Oj. II.
tint Volunteer tralrr Michael II. Cotle, Co.
O; IioarxT TV. Rrtn, Co. 0 Thomas r. MEAonEn, Oa.
I,; Join J. UlNTrn, Cj F.
T went) .first Infantrr Williau niTTXR, Co. 0.
Berceant TV illiam Moore, 0). A, Fred II, Clare,
Co A.
Twenty second Infantrj Deuiert E. Hartiell,
Co 0.
Blxth Carnlrj Corporal Harrt Uill, Co E.
Twpntj -fourth Infantrr James v. Stafford, Co.
II, William Howard, Co. B, Fuhkne Cbowder, Co O.
FourtU Infantrr Corporal Jeremiah Bream, Co,
D; ALBrar At bt, Co. C. Caruw E. Place, Co. B.
Ninth Infantry Jamfb J. Qvibr, Co. C.
Tenth Cavalry Benjamin Fiianelin, Co. A; Henbt
MrCoBMicx, Co. E
Third Cavalry Trumpeter JoaxrnA.OoLDxN, Co. K.
Bevenlh Infanto IIomxr Keel, Co. O.
Third Infantrr Damei. McDonald. Co. B.
Umpltal Corps Walteii E, Baird, Albert F.
Bloom fr
Signal Corps MiLLanD P. IlATWABn,
Beeonil Maaaachnnetla Volunteer Corporal Wal
ttr Paradise. Co. M. Rebsel Corr, Co. D.
Thirteenth Infantry Heiyeant William n. Mo
Masfs, Co. F; Corporal John Cuaddlce, Co. Fi
Jameh K. WtLnAns, Co. D.
Hsrcnueuth Infantry John Garrison Co CiJv
Lira Rfiixf. Oo. B, Oforue Ikswonrn, Oo. E; Wil
ii am A. Mattiif, Co F; Cebvelle Tociet, Co. II;
Fbeo Daxiflsox Co. C.
Twrnt) -tlrta Infantry Babxet DocnLU. Co. Ot
Wiluam n. Clark. Co a; Sergeant Frank Coalman,
Kecond Infantry II tnRT W. Btber, Co. E.
Tnelfth Infantry TV illis W. James, Co. 0
Tenth Caislu ."'-ueaut Walter Joukbon, Co. Ci
Bereesnt IIami T ''f-
Iirst Volunteer Ca airy Corporal Qeoroe Bea
vers. Co F, Otto r Mr-nEn, Co. E; Oforoe W.
Detimarc, Co. E-, I.rr McMillen, Co. D, Tuohab
Holmes Lo 1). David A. LfhaiiDeh. Co. h, Walteh
B. Dr.r.nr, Co B; Hodfrt Z Bailt, Co, 1".
Sixth Cavalrj Dr. F. Cartfr. Co. F: Hans Ladti
sex. Co. F,
BtiTenth Infantrj Jamfs B Rilet, Co. Bj ausTAVx
Krether, Lo (1; willums MoMahon, Co C
Twentieth Infanto Scrseant WALTrn II. Belte,
Co A.
EUhih Infantry WIU.IAM OLTtN, Co. B; William
KuriL, Co II: John Rooms, Co 11
TUInl Calrj Milton Ailhacsf, Co Ii! John
MrlklKALD, CO. 11, W ILLIAU A. W'IFLD, Co, E.
Btiteenth Infantrj MirniELKocn, Co. U, OribF.
Dunlat, Co F.
Fourth Infantrj Bert Surra, Co. C, James E.
Twentj -fourth Infantry Corporal William Tate,
Tenth Infantrj Styeont Smith Johnson, Oo. A;
Corpprsl Axdrfw J, Brioanct.Co. E, Qeouoe Oaltin,
Co D, Alfred B. Swift, Co II.
Bitth Infantrj Corporal William MURrnT, Co, n.
Beventy-flrat New York oluntecrs Josefh M.
Smith, ( o. E.
Tlrst Cavalry Ciiarlfs M. Tami, Co. D; Corporal
Warrex E. Ellis, Co. D, TV illum CoorxR, Sergeant
Mich m Barrt, Co. U.
First Cavalry Major James M. Bell, both bones of
left leu shattered, Cnpt. Thomas f. ltxoi, shot
thronch lnnirs. liver, and kidneys
Firnt Volunteer Cavalry Major Alexandfb O.
Brodie, shot In risht arm below elbow: Capt, James
II. MlClixtock, both bones of left leg shattered
Beennd Infantry Bocond Lieut. W. M. Fisccs, ill
with fever.
Capt. M. J. Heirt. Philadelphia, Assistant Quar
termaster, U. 8. V., flesh wound In left leg.
Frightful TVonnils Made by the Krng-.Tor-gensen
lllfle Scare on the Olivette.
Lieut. Maury Nichols of the Sovonth Infantry
nnd LlPUt. Horacolt. Dcvoreux of the rough
riders talked with a Sun reporter In IVoosovelt
Hospital yostorday. Lieut. Nichols was shot In
tho left foot in tho trenches before Santiago
on tho night of July t. Lieut. Devereuxhadtho
misfortune to ho shot in tho left forearm In tho
first tight of the rough riders between BIboney
nnd Rev Ilia He misled tho two days' heavy
fighting which followed. Dovnreux Is a Colo
rado Springs mnn and a membor of tho Univer
sity Club of New York. His nrra wns ' adly
fractured by n Mausor bullet, and it will bo
somo tlmo before ho will bo out of tho hospital.
Nichols's wound wan not so serious.
Lieut. Nichols's regiment. Llout.-Col. Gilbert
S Carpenter commanding, bore the brunt of
the El Cnney fight. Gen. Adna It. Chaffoe's
brlgado was ordered to tnko tho town. Tho
Seventeenth had tho right of the line, tho
Seventh tho centre, and the Twelfth tho left.
Tho fighting began atOln the morning and
continued until late In tho afternoon. Capron's
battery, further over on tho loft, aided In tho
"Tho town was defended by five block
houses," relates Lieut Nichols. " Wo advanced
on tho town from tho north. On our loft, on
tho top of a hill, wns a stono fort, with bastions
on the four corners nnd rifle trenches about.
It was hardly a fort more llko a stono block
house. On our right, on another rise of ground,
was nn ordinary blockhouse. While we woro
advancing through a line of brush they
opened Are on us from both sides, and
our men began to drop. We had to
run down In a valley nnd up to a
another rldgo. Tor some reason I have not
beon ablo to fathom, we were not fired on while
wo wore crossing this open spaco. The ston
house on our left could hnvo annihilated us.
Wo climbed up the ridge, stopping to reBt In n
dug-out road. Tho blockhouso on our right,
on this road, was silenced, but thn
stone house poured n heavy flro Into our
lines, Wo took up n position nlong tho
ridge, overlooking a stream running Into tho
Agundoros. On tho other sido was FJ Caney.
Across tho v alley wo could see tho church of F.1
Caney. which wns used as a fort. Sharpshooters
wero up In tho steeple To the right of tho
church woro two blockhousos, and another lay
nwny over on a rlso of ground to tho
loft of tho town. Wo lay there from noon
to 2 o'clock, and It wns there wo suffered
our heaviest losses. Wo kept peppering away
at tho blockhouses when thoro was anything
to shoot at. Soon tho nrflllery fire on the
stono house drovo tho Spaniards out, and they
ran down tho hill, across tho stream, Into the
town, reinforcing tho troops in the church and
In tho two blockhouses to tho right. Wo could
see them running, but tho range was too great
to mako firing at them effective.
"Then wo ndvanced down Into the valley to
tho town. Tho Spaniards began retreating
from tho church, and as thoy ran our men
plckod them off Afterward I counted nineteen
of them in one bunch killed by our fire. Tho
enemy retreated in tho direction of Santiago,
leaving tholr dead and wounded behind. Our
regiment lost thlrty-ono killed. Including two
officers, and ninety-one wounded. Lieut.
Wansboro of Company 0 was shot through tho
heart while we wero on tho ridge, no stood up
and looked out of the trench, We buried him,
with some fifty others, near tho western block
house. Tho Spanish loss must have been very
" Threo days Intor Sunday mornlng-we re
turned from before Santiago to El Caney to
enre for tho woundod Spaniards In tho church
ticro seventy wounded men. who had been
looked aftor bj tho peoplo of El Caney. Somo
were terribly wounded. Mnny of tho bullets
from our Krag-Jorgonsnn rifles had rebounded
from the stono walls of tho church and made
frightful wounds. Tho wounds wero all much
v. orso than ours from tho Mauser bullets. Out
on the road, where we had ploked off the re
treating Spaniards, we found the dead terribly
cut up by our bullet. They wero burled by
ono ot our officer. He came baok looking
'"Lost your appetite for dinner!' ho was
"'Yes, I hnve lost my appetite for dinner, and
I'vo lost all desire for fighting,' ho said.
"Tho Krng-Jorgcnsen behaved admirably.
It Is not qulto as rapid ius thu Mauser, hut It Is
moro powerful. Tho men had no trouble with
tholr guns, dcspllo the fact that some of them
wero rusty from tho sea voyage and exposure.
I would rather faco Mausers than any other
rifles at Santiago, but tho Spilngflclds nro tho
most dondly. They made frightful wounds, Wo
had no volunteers with us, so wo didn't soo any
of the firing with tho Sprlngflelds."
Lieut. Povereux wai on tho Ollvotto off BI
boney when Cervora's squadron oteamod out of
Santiago harbor. Somo ono wlgwaggod from
tlio shore:
" Four Spanish ships hnvo escaped from har
bor." " I toll you wo didn't fool cry comfortable on
tho hospital ship," sajsLlout, Doxereux, "for
thoy flro on the lied Cross nnd everything elso
down there. Wo heard somo firing to tlio
westward nnd concluded that nn engagement
wns on. Wo waited there anxiously for hours,
Aftnrn long tlmo wo sighted a tugbont coming
fonts. Sho ran up nlongsldo nnd somebody
shouted through n mogaphono:
" 'Tho whole Spanish squadron Is destroyed.'
"Thnt wns good news. I can toll you. It
wasn't so hard to go homo after that, but It was
n hard thing tolio wounded boforo tho renl
fighting begnn. I should have liked to bo in
that two days' fight. War Isn't nnj thing llko I
thought It would be. All thin grand-stand busi
ness tho shouts nnd tho groans and tho roar
of guns Is lacking. Why, a fight Is tho quietest
affair Imaginable. Ilullcts don't bother you
nt nil, unloss they knock you down.
Tho firing of tho onomy sounded llko
llttlo firecrackers, and tho bullots went
singing over our heads with a shrill noto.
Bholls are different. Thoy nro so uncertain.
Whon you see them coming and henr their
shriek you wish you wero somewhere else.
8ometlmes thoyoxplodo ovor you and wound
nnd kill a dozen men, nnd again they go shriek
ing on nnd bury themselves In tho ground. A
Ilrltish Army Captain who was near tho rough
rldors In tho fight didn't mind tho shells nt all.
One camo right ov or his head. Everybody elso
droppod. Calmly looking upward after adjust
ing his raonocle.Jic exclaimed:
"Beautifull Beautiful!"'
All of Gen, Brooke's Men Wnnt to Oo to
Porto Illco.
CnATTlNoooA. Tenn . July 17. Tho question
being genorally propounded ntChlcknmauga Is,
Will Qen. Brooke keep tho First Corps intact In
tho approaching Forto F.lco expedition ? It is
tho plan that Gon. Brooke shall be In Immediate
command nt Forto Illco, just ns Hhaftcr is at
Bantlago. Thoro ore twonty-soven regiments
of Gon. Brooke's command. All tho Spanish
Boldlors In Forto Illco will warccly number
lfi.OOO. Gen. Brooke, however. Is very anxious
to havo with him his entire command whorovor
he goes, nnd may succeed In transporting It to
Forto Illco on the present proposed expedition.
A v cry largo part of his command could lenvo
In three hours after marching orders were re
ceived. All day to-day tho regiment of tho Tint
Corps wero busy completing tholr equipments,
nnd tho chief conversation nmong tho men was
about going nwny.
By express to-day wero received 000.000
rounds of ammunition and over a hundred
boxes of canteens, hnvorsacks. and general
supplies. Tho regiments of tho First Corps
w ill get theso nrtlclos at oneo.
Col. Wlldor, Fourteenth Now York, had din
ner to-day with Gen Boyal T. Frank. Company
C. Fourteenth New York, honor guard nt Gen.
Frank's headquarters, has been highly com
plimented bjy tho General. The general ln
i o.tor says of tho company that Its street and
general condition nro above criticism. This com
pany will gito an cntortulnment next Wednes
day night which will bo nttomlod by tho brlgndo
commandor. Col. Wilder of tho Fourteenth Now
York, nnd by a groat many prominent officers,
probably Gen. Frank and his staff. Tho com
pany street will bo lit up with Jnpaneso lanterns
A feature of tho programme will be several calls
by Mitchell, tho famous New York bugler, onco
of tho Second Battery, now of Company O,
Fourteenth New York, nnd mounted orderly to
Gen. Frank, who is easily tho finest bugler at
There was practically n reorganization of tho
battalions of the Fourteenth New York to-day.
Lieut. MeAulay. Company E, Fourteenth, has
returned from Brooklnn, where ho left n llttlo
recruit bohind Cnpt. Ambroso M. Lock, Eighth
Now York, Is awiy on ton days' loave. Tho offi
cers of tlio Fourteenth spent to-day nt target
prnctleo with pistols. Hr. Carey, chaplain of
tho Twelfth New York, held spiritual services
this morning, preaching on tlio " Banner of
God." Major Ward, Twelfth Now York, has
been notified by thoNntionalltclIof Commission
that hospital supplies for his command nro on
the way to Chlckamauga.
Early to-morrow morning Col. Few's Eighth
Massachusetts will broik camp andmnrchto
Bluosprlng. five mllos. and thore pitch camp,
remaining thore twenty-four hours. Tho regi
ment will carry sheltor tents nnd all of their
outfit which they are to carry into the field.
This regiment has roeelvod twenty-soven
wagons, making up its entire train. The can
vass and other iiaraphomalla of the camp.wlll bo
haulod on theso wagons, whllo tho mon will
leavo tholr camp In heavy marching order.
Tho hospltnl of tho Third Division. First
Corps, has nlmost as many patients as it will
accommodate Inoluded In Its list of patients
aro a number of typhoid favor cases Tho
Ninth Pennsylvania has sent moro than thirty
fever easos to this hospital. In tho opinion ot
Major Weaver, the regimental surgeon, theso
cases are typhoid, but there Is a dispute as to
this, the surgeons of tho division hospital be
ing In some doubt as to tho nature of tho cases.
Bocause o" this dlfforenco of opinion, a test Is
to he made. Tho test to be applied Is what
is known as Wldal'a teat for typhoid fever.
This test consists of taking one drop of tho
blood of n patient nnd plaotng It on the slide of
a microscope on which a typhoid culture Is
placed. If tho germs club togother It Is ty
phoid fever. The microscope and culture for
this proposed test have beon ordered. Major
Weaver thinks ho cannot bo mistaken In his
bpaix's cnuisicn Alfonso xnz.
She Didn't Acquit Herself with Credit In Her
Trial nt Cndli.
Special Cable Deipatch to Tnx Bow.
Cadiz. July 17. Tho Spanish second class
protected cruiser Alfonso XIII. had a trial In
tho bay horo yostorday. Sho mado a very poor
showing, her maximum speed being only
eleven knots. Sho was rathor unsteady, and
her movemonts oreatod tho suspicion that bho
Tho cruiser Yitorla has taken aboard six
more guns.
Tho Transatlantic liners Leon XIIL and
Montsorrat, ladon with provision and stores,
are horo awaiting ordors.
First Connecticut to Move To-Day,
New Haven, Conn , July 17,-Tho mobiliza
tion of tho First Connecticut Infantry Iteglmont
was completed to-day at Nlantio by tho arrival
of Companies F and K from Portland, Mo, To
day vvasspont by the ten companies In com
pleting preparations for departure. They ru.
celvod orders to-day to loavo to-morrow after
noon at 1 o'clock for Camp Alger by speolal
train Hundreds of relatives and friends of tho
soldiers to-day said tlielr farewells to tho vol.
unteers who left their homes two months ago,
butwhohuio been stationed around tho State
nrnl at Portland since.
Okluhomn't Second Quota of Troops.
PzBBr.Oklnhoma. July 17. Oklahoma's quota
of troops under tho second call haabfonmua-
Iteredln and Is now at Fort Bono. Tho troops
consist of four companies of Infantry, Tho but
tallon will coon go to Fort Whipple, Arizona.
mex xoirAnn.
The Spaniards Are In n Pltlnble Condition
nnd Hnvo a Hunted Look They Cnnnot
Vlidrrstnnd the Oentle Treatment Thnt
Is Given to Them Nnraea of the Men.
NoBroLK. Vn., July 17. Dr. C, J. Clebornc,
Medical Director United States Navy, Inchnrgo
ot tho United States INaval Hospital horo.iwas
seen to-day by Tnc Bun reporter, who called nt
tho hospital to secure a list of tho Spanish nnd
Amorlcin sick and wounded soldiers landed
there yostorday afternoon by tho United Btatos
nmbuhtneo ship Solace, It was also desired to
secure nn Intorvlow with somo of tho Spanish
wounded who are prisoners of war thore.
Dr. Clebomo stated that no list of tho
wounded had been prepared as jot, and that
Cnpt D. Victor Conchas of tho Spanish cruiser
Maria Teresa had specifically requested thnt
no newspaper mon bo pormlttod to Intorvlow
any of tho Spanish officers, and thut they bo
permitted to remain In seclusion.
Dr. Cloborno said that tho welfiro of his pa
tients was his first concorn and that courtesy
dictated thnt ho should respect their desire for
absolute privacy, and that he must dccltno to
admit any visitors. Dr. Ctobomo said that tho
wounded wero now experiencing what might
bo called tho second shock, and that absolute
quiet wns noeossary for tholr welfare. In view
of this statement tho rcqunst to bo permitted
to interview tho wounded mon waa withdrawn.
Dr. Klto subsequently offered Tins Son re
porter access to tho books of tho hospital upon
which tho names of every patient nro entered
whn they aro admitted, and from thoso a list
was copied.
Aftor this had boon accomplished an oppor
tunity occurred whereby a reporter waa per
mitted to pass through tho wards where tho
nick and w oumted lay, and by the pormisstoii of
Dr, Cloborno ho was allowed to go first through
the Word where our wounded lay on cots. thon.
skirting the ones where the typhoid fovor pa
tients nro treated, through tho ono where tho
Spanish wounded Ilo. Before the tour began
Dr. Clebomo npkod that In passing Spaniards
tho reporter appear to be not curious to
eco them. Ho said that It angorcd and
disturbed them to bo looked nt fixedly, and
that this is tmo was mado clear liter.
Passing slowly through tho wards In company
with tlie guide It wns noticed thnt tlio wounded
gaio n quick, sharp Blanco nt tho passorby.
nnd when tho challenging look was not
answered turned tholr eyes nway nnd seemed
to rest again. Tho poor fellows as they Ho on
the cots nppenl strongly to tho sympathy ot tho
spectator. There Is In their cyos a hunted look
which tspltlnblo.
Thoso who hav o seen a rat with ono foot In a
steel trap nttemptlng to gnaw off tho confined
foot will know how theso poor fellows look.
They seem to expect to soon be killed instead
of to oxpect tho tondor care which will bu giv en
tho n. They am treated exactly as tho Ameri
can wounded, and thnt means much. They nro
a wild-looking set, though, and It is evident
hnvo undorgono fearful hardships. Almost
without exception tlielr feet wero uncovered
to-day. Tho soles of theso were as black as aro
tho soles of ordinary shoes. It could bo scon at
a glance that tho men have been barefooted for
n long tiino. It Is ovidont that the btorles told
of their mlsorlcfl hnvo not been exaggerated.
Tho officers are quartered on tho floor abov o.
nnd this floor was not visited. Tho fact that
115 dressed chickens. l'JO pounds of round,
nnd ;MM) pounds of roast beef nnd beofsteak
were delivorcd nttho hospital last night Is sig
nificant how tho Spaniards are to faro.
Tho wounded Spaniards nro nominally pris
oners, but no guards appear within tho build
ing, although whlto-clad marines patrol tho
walks. The grounds surrounding tho hospltnl
nro very extensive nnd beautiful. It Is in a
park of 700 acres nnd faces Norfolk and this
harbor. Dr. Huntington, assistant surceon. Is
in immediate charge of tho Spanish woundod,
nnd Passed Assistant Surgeon Kennedy of tho
Amorlcan sick nnd woundod. Of tho latter
there are now 110 under troatmont. Volunteer
nurses Missos White, Piatt nnd Gclsmann aro
on duty at this hospital.
Tlio wounds of many nro very severe, and,
although all were reported to bo progressing
fairly well this afternoon, forty of the rnoii had
to be lowered with block and tackle, lvlng upon
stretchers, from tho Solace to the tug when sho
nrrivod hero. Dr. Cloborno, who appeared to
fuel a bravo mnn's pity for his vanquished nd
vorMiry, snid that the Spanish officers seemed
to fool their defeat very koonly nnd to drcud
tho oj os of tho curious. From what ho snld It
Is ovklent that tho Spanish totally mlsunder
atind the American character and npprehond
being jeered nt In their distress. Ho suld thnt
they nppearcd to dread tho sight of us, nnd
tint ho would respect theirdoslroforseclusion.
The Spanish wounded aro: D. Victor Conchas.
Captain flagship Murin Thoresa: Litis Fujr.rdo.
Ensign: Francisco Arderius, Eus'gn; Jos5
Novak Lieutenant torpedo-boat destroyer Plu
ton; Nocolns Gomez Fame!, second gunner;
Ilafael Garcia Morales, Hergoant gunner; An
tonio Vllata, torpedo artificer; Jnlmo Doltro
Folguero, marino; Alejandro Gonznlcz Garcia,
sailor; Francisco Sanchez Montevo. sailor;
Damlon Nlobla Incognito, sailor; Antonio
Biilsucro Gutlovoez, sailor; Manuel Bravo
Sanchez, sailor; Juan Porcz Blanco, snllor;
Andoes Toanco Martlncs, fireman ; Ignncio
Machias Martinez, sailor: Juan Pantln Dose,
fireman: Antonio Gnrcia Aved, sailor: Ita
mundo Gonzalez Llanos, sailor: Francisco do la
Cruz fl.ircln. sailor; Snliador Vilieny Flor,
mnrlno; Caystano Garcia Beornal, lire
man; Josd Itubro Scvllla, sailor; lticards
Bellas Itlvas. sailor: Damlon Gomez Fer
nandez, mnrlno; Josd Figero Bamlver,
sailor; Josd Perez Perez, sailor; Tranclsco Mar
tinez Mcjios, sailor: Josd Clmolin Bonza, sailor;
Pablo Codol Vila, marino; Joaquin Yille
gas Cuoplan, marino; Francisco Pasto
viza Chapela. marine; Isidore Martinez
Loveclas, marino; Ventuora Mart y Martinez,
marine : Julian Alematn Ivandl, fireman ; Fran
cisco Gomos Planoll, sailor; Josd Fornandez
Carlln, sailor; Juan Avado Toerve. sailor; Josd
Seljo Vava. sailor; E. Antonio Itodrigvies Itoyer.
fireman; Antonio GoldoMertln, sailor; Manuel
LozorLopor, fireman; Martin Hernandoz, fire
man; Francisco Gnrvldo Camacho. marine;
Josd Garcia Lopor.sailor: Acustin Fever Gar
cia, sailor forty-two In nil.
Tho American sick nnd wounded are:
J, Kaiannugh. Boffo Slbort. FrederloMnddon,
George Bnldrldgo, Alfred Heug, Joseph Alfred,
George Lttlnguton, James Burns, Curtis
Thomas nudson, Thomas Irwin Din all, Hugh
Amos I'O, Frederick 1niis Buddie, Goorgo
Francis Million, John J. Simonson, Henry Ban
non. Petor Stephen Sehmlttcon, Jenso Aloxnn
derPaicntrnn, Antonio Michel Mengullu, llar
tholomow Meuownn, William Ilosworth Gloss,
Joseph .Martin, Juines Hovliorry. JnmcH Duvld
Bourke, lMtrlck Long, Jescph Autolno La
ehuprllc. Josoph John limn. John Itian,
Dnild Morris. George Framis Bray, Fron
ds Joseph Kelly. Frank James Mnhnney.
.Ininos Andrew Ilnlley. Arthur Walker. Put rick
1'ninols Carney. John Charles Bird. Jiimes Hal.
Ho treenian, Gnorge Iriing Clark. Chnilcs Ful
ton V an L'loof, John Joseph, Itniirdon, Frederick
Potter, Maurlco Stephen t'lenry. Bavmond Hiih
sell. Owen Joseph MeStnvny. John Francis
I Irnn, Charles Chandon Marley. Albert Hnl
vasn, Wllllhin Andrew Collins, Sngorn Ynnn
naka, Lewis Torren Mogunsson, Lewis Torren
Norman, llobert James I Ii mlng. Balon Parsons
Ki iinecly. llobert Monks Georgn French Cory,
John Simpers Mnuly, Hans lvter Hogcland,
Herbert Palmer Smith, l.uwls F. Boysen.
I.nmlcul Wounded Soldiers and finllors and
Spanish Prisoners nt Fort Monroe.
Tho hospital ship Rolneo arrived yesterday
afternoon from Fort Monroe, where she landed
all her woundod, forty-four ioldlers, fifty-nine
Millors nnd marines, nnd forty-seven Spaniards.
B 10 went directly to the nary yard. Five Span
iarls nnd ono American died on tho voyago
from Cuba.
One of tho Spaniards landed at Tort Mon
roa was transferred to tho Bolaoo from tho City
of Washington, which picked him up In tho
water tho day after Ceriera's defeat. Ho had
been in the wator many hours, nnd had a shot
wound in the right leg, He said that ho waa n
fireman from the Alinlranto Oqucimo.
There nro now throe hospital Hiiw in this
port, the Olivette, the City of Washington, and
the Solace, nil of w hlch arrived within twenty
lour hour. '
I one in I feVlCOS I 0NE.,N I
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A SIllltarT VTnrtMnc the Chief Trent of the)
liny Condition of tho Troops.
Jacksonville. Fla July 17. Tlundreds of
the soldiers wont to St. Augustine to-day. Tho
railroad agent reported that nearly throo thou
sand ivent ovor. In camp It was rather m arm
In tho sun and tho bos took mattors very
easily lvlnu in their tents, readlnc. writing
homo or slopping. Many of tho offlcors accepted
Imitations downtown, as all hnvo mado many
friends in tlio city. In fact, tho offlcors ot tho
Second Now Jersey novor lack for dinner
or supper imitations from frlonds In tlio city.
Hundreds of soldiers crowded tho big Y. M. 0.
A. tent In tho Second Jorsoy camp to-day to
witness tho weddlnR of Private Charles A.
Marcnl. tho Jew York boy In the Socond. and
Miss Annie Maw ot Chicago. Chaplain Jones
performed the ceremony. Many of the officers
of tho Jersey regiment wero present. Capt.
Van Zandt of tho Second Illinois govo tho bride
away and I.lout. Adams of Marcnl's company
was host man.
Tho boys had saved up n goodly supply of rico
nnd throw it at tlio couplo after tho ceremony.
Tho hand of tho Second Illinois was present
ind played tho wedding march.
Much Interest was caused In camp to-day
whon it was learned that Corporal Faxton of
Company K had been married the day previous.
He had Bceurud n piss for ono duy, nnd. taking
adiantage of It. wont up to Qreon Coo
bprlnes. whoro ho was married to Miss Hello
Buddington. a local bello there, whoso parents
aro o.ulto wealthy. Ono interesting feature was
a letter which Miss Buddlncton wroto to Col.
Halne yesterday, hhensked tho Colonel loallow
l'axton a pass, as she was going away and
wanted to soo him. Sho also thanked him
warmly for his kindness in nllowlnc l'axton so
many posses of late, and ended no with:
"And ono thing moro I must ask you. Col.
Halne. I wnnt you to promlso that after I loao
hero you won't allow Mr. Taxton any moro
Tho sudden marriage waa a surprlso to all.
Tho couplo had known oach other only two
Thoro aro four champion bicycle riders in
"A," Socond Jersey, who aro fairly aching to
raco tho Florida boys hero at Panama Park
track. They aro Blackshaw. Carlisle, Crawford
nnd Fniedenthal. They hao sent for their
w heels, and will train up and thon issue a chal
lenge. They belongod to tho raterson Union
Club, and aro star riders.
Thoro are loss than two hundred sick mon In
thodiiislon hospitals hero, and Col. Mauss.
Chlof Surgeon of tho Seventh Corps, feols
highly elatod over the reports. The hospitals
aro in good condition and all tho sick men aro
being well attoudod to.
Services In aiemory of Corpornl Brown
Mysterious Disappearance of n Soldier.
Camp Alcikh. Vn . July 17. To-dny was ono
of tlio quietest Sundays in tho history of tho
camp. Theio woro few visitors, and as a result
of tho order lssuod by Major-Gon. Graham to
the Colonels of tho bp oral regiments, objecting
to tho indiscriminate Issuing of passes to men
for whoso sobriety tho officers could not vouch,
fow men visited Washington. The Issuing of
passes to soldiers of tho Sixth Pennsylvania
nnd tho Second Tennesseo has boon prohibited
by the commanding General. Somo of tho
members of theso two regiments hao con
ducted themselves In a lory disorderly manner
whiloln tho city, nnd the good men havo been
made to suffer with tho bad.
Ben Ices wero held this evening in tho Now
York cavalry s'luadron in memory of tho lato
Corporal Brown of Troop C. who died last Fri
day night In tho post hospital at FortMyerof
typhoid foier Chaplain Harvey S. Fisher of
the Blxty-llfth Now York officiated. Tho
troopers wero all In attendance.
Tho mysterious dlsappearinco of Prlvato
Jcssup EIrkcndall ot Company B, Thirteenth
Pennsylvania, Is tho subjoct of a great many
conjectures by the men of his regiment, and
suspicions of foul play aro expressed by many,
Elrkendall left camp last Sunday with a pass,
and a search of his quarters reicalod tho fact
that his coat was still In his tent. The last seen
of him was at a farmhouse, some distance from
camp, whoro ho had stoppod for refreshments,
One of his comrades said that Klrkendall had
over S7UU on his person lost Sunday, as he hail
counted It out for him. Tho missing soldier
was worth 110,000 and had latelydrawn a largo
sum from his bank. Tho pollco of Hoadloy,
Wayne county, Pa., tho soldlor's home, wero
notified of his nbsonco. as wero the pollco,
throughout tho ontlro country, hut nothing
favorable hasyot boon receded. A detail ot
men from Company B has searchod tho roads
In tho vicinity otthecamp. anda detail has been
sent to Washington, but tholr efforts to loeato
his whereabouts or to discolor any traco of him
haio proied fruitless,
The Arrival of the Paymnster Kcllpses AH
Other Slatters of Interest.
Miami, Fla.. July 17,-Tho arrival of tho pay.
master hai mado all other mattors In tho camp
horo of secondary Importance Whether nnlraal
mattor is contained In tho drinking water or
whither tho Iced liquid in the tanks suppllod
to ouch regiment is fit for consumption aro
questions which had to glio way to tho pay
master, Tho Second Brigade Is doubly anxious to soo
tho paymaster, as tho regiments composing it
did not make tho acquaintance of tho first
financial roprcsentutlio of tho Uoi eminent who
paid an official ilslt to tho Mobile camp.
Itellglous sen Ices at each or tho reglmouts
to-day was tho only feature. To-morrow Gen.
Whoaton will hold another review of tho Find;
Brigade. The latest neneral orders requires
tho Immediate calling In of all officer nnd men
of tho division hospital sentco on furloughs.
This Is thought to ho a good sign by tho regi
mental comiiiundort).
lien, Dufflrld Doing Well.
Wasiukotok, July 17 -Oen Shatter has sent
a despatch to tho War Department stating that
Brig.-Oen. Duffleld, who is 111 of malarial faver
, U doing very well '
. .-- v, . ,
After Telling the CongTegntlon of Tremont I '
Methodist Church tha 8tory ot the Bat H
lie at Smitlngo Ho Contradicts Ons by I
One the Libel Published by the World. H
Tho unusual spcctaclo ot a largo church con. H
irrcgatlon that had but a moment botoro been H
reiorently going through resnonshe cervices H
suddenly breaking Into wild applause, whllo H
tho pastor smilingly upproiod of tho storm ha Hj
had raised, was presented at tho Tremont H
Methodist Episcopal Church at Washington H
nienue and 178th street lost night. Tholtev. I
Dr C. W. Millard earlier In tho wook had an- H
nouticed a patriotic scrvlco. with an address by H
Llout. W. E. Trull. Company G, Sovonty. H
first Now York Volunteers, now homo H
on sick leaio from Santiago, wounded. Iff
Tho church as a result was crowded. Ovor tho iff
organ was draped an immense American Hag, HJ
whllo programmes, printed In rod, whito and H
blue, wero found In each row. Theso con- H
tnined tho words of "America," "Tho Star H
Spangled Banner" nnd "Tho Battle Hymn ot fl
tho Republic " Those songs wero gi on with a nH
im thnt drew words of commendation from g
the pastor. 5rt
" I am not going to detain you long," said Dr. 8r
Millard as ho roso to speak, "as I know you M
nro all anxious to henr tho address of one of our I
heroes from Santiago. I was only nblo to get H
him hero through tho help of his wife. Ho fald H
ho did not want to put hlmsolf on exhibition I JB
want to congrntulnta this congregation, as it is 5
tho first In tho greaterclty of New York to wel
come homo one of the boys in blue. I was going
to offer a hint, but I won't, nnd I will now ask
Lieut. Trull to tako his plnco besido mo hero on
tho platform."
As Lieut, Trull, with his wounded arm in a
sling, stepped on tho platform, tho congrega
tion broko Into applause. Tho women began
wai Ing their handkerchiefs and tho meii ' '.
lowed suit.
"Stand up!" cried Dr. Millard. And tho con
gregation obeyed. The applause lnstod oier
four minutes, nnd Lieut. Trull stood blushing,
at a loss ivnat to do.
" I'll venture that was a harder ongngemono
for tho Lieutenant to faco then Santiago," ob'.
served I)r. Millard. "I seo my hint was nod
"I thank you for this reception." snld Lieut.
Trull. " but you must remember that I am only
n small part of tho regiment. I hopo you will
giio tlio boys oon a creater welcome when
they return nnd march up Broadway."
For moro than an hour Lieut Trull told of
the experiences of tho Beionty-flrst. following
tho snino lines as given by him in his Intenlevr ,W
that appeared In Trie Sun the day following
his return. Ho was froquontly Interrupted by ImI
applause. iftV
' "Aftor this." said Dr. Millard when Lieut. HL
Trull had finished speaking, "you can't mnko HP
me bolloio that thoro is any body in tho Seventy- m
first Regiment thnt didn't walk up to the fp 'tit H
of the lino nnd do his duty. Certainly some- a
body Is miropresonting tlio facts. Men that loft H
New York to fight and who tako prldo In their rji
namos, tholr homes and their regiment are no M
going to bo cowards. It Is ridiculous. It Is ffl
nonsense. I am glad there was common sensa fl
enough in this city to repudiate the story. It is m
hardtogheupthocomtorts of home to fight M
for ohm's t ountry, but It Is mean to subject tha I
men that do to slurs, sneers and Insinuation! I
that are false." I
Tho congregation applaudod loudly. Thoy I
crowded around Lieut. Trull for half an hour ffl
ntter tho sorvices. Then Lieut. Trull found I
tlmo to speak to a Sun rcportor about tho B
H'urM's story of cowardico among tho ofllcera H
of tho 8ei enty-flrst Hoglment. H
"Dr. Mlllird was at my house yesterday," I
said he. "and hsard what I told a World ro I
porter. Let him toll you what I said." I
"It was pretty strong language" admlttod I
Dr. Millard with a laugh, " and I muot say I do I
not caro to repeat It. It was language of which H
I would not approve unless It was addressed to H
a World reporter." jfl
"There never was a moro contemptible, ma- I
llclous lie printed." said Liout. Trull. "Why,
when I was woundod Col. Downs was not moro n
than twenty feet away from me. Ilo was as
cool as a cucumbor, although ho was In moro JI
danger than his mon, for thoy woro lying down .vl
and hu was standing up. Ho was right In tho ijS)
front line, too. I also saw Llout.-Col. Smith.
Major Wells and Major Whittle, who tho H'oi Id j
falsely declares could not bo found. I
"Tho Twenty-fourth Kcgimont did pass I
through our ranks, hut It was only to got to tho M
position asslgnodto thom on our loft. They Vl
never jeored at us. or called us cowards, nor
did they nt any tlmo get between us and tho m
enemy's lire. Why, aftor tho fight regulars In I
the hospital spoko In enthusiastic torras of tho I
vi ay our regiment had acted. Tho fact Is, tho I
World Is Bimply looking for a sensation. I
It know It did not dare to Ilo nbout the entlro H
regiment, so it lied nbout tho officers. The
World will regrot over having printed such an H
outrageous falsehood whon tho roglment ro-
turns, for It will be quickly caliod to account."
Tho llstenors grinned and approved, " That' I
tho talk." said ono old man with gray hair. M
"Borne of tho Now York papers Hod about my JR
regiment's officers In tho civil war, and they lffix
had to pay good damages, too." ft
Yankee, Bt. I.ouls, and Panama do to Sea. H
Non.-oi.jr, Va , July 17.-Tho auxiliary cruiser H
Yunkoe loft tho Norfolk Navy Yard and passed B
this city outward bound at 3 o'clock this after- H
noon. Sho passed tho capos at 5.30 o'clock. 9
destination unknown. Tho United Btatos 3
auxiliary cruiser St Louts passed out tho capt s H
at b:'M this morning. Tho steamship Panama. H
our first prize, passed out Ilfty minutes later Hj
HliotookJOO colored laborers from this city, iflj
who will work on tho docks In Cuba requiring $1
repairs. m
New Jersey Viiluiitrer Drowned Near nigh. (3
land Beach. tm
Thomas J. Lnwler, n member of Company A, AV
Third New Jersey Volunteers, st.itloned at K
Hnndy Hook, was drowned while Lathing near SB '
Highland Beach yesterday afternoon. Lawler's jB
home was In Now Haven, Conn., and ho enlist jH
d at Asbury Park. Ilo vru unmarrUli fjflR

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